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  1. December 23, 2015

    Comments about this video:
    Underrated guitarist! I think 4,754,850 people that have visited this site since April 30 2012 speaks for itself. I can pick Mark's 'guitar signature' anywhere. I went to see him live in Adelaide, Australia way back in the early eighties, he played the Instrumental from the movie 'Local Hero' ( Going Home ) I remember he 'deadened' a note at the end of the intro ( Instead of letting it ring, or sustain ) he dropped his arm's to his side, shook his head for a second, picked up the time and continued on ( the crowd gave him a standing ovation as he finished the song perfectly! I had chills ) I had all his 'Dire Straits' albums and being a guitarist myself, have been heavily influenced by Mark. He is like David ( Gilmour ) to me, he knows just how to bend just one note with such feeling and lets the notes breathe, he just doesn't try and ram 48 notes in to a bar, proving to me speed isn't everything. I like 'shredders' but, some just run up and down scales as fast as they can, without feeling or, taking the solo no where really. Mark makes his guitar sing and he tells a story with it. I think it was in 'Wiki' that I read once that Mark was doing a comedy skit with fellow musician ( David Gilmour ) and others, was able to take David's rig and sound like himself. A brilliant guitarist!. +Ziggy „Frappanised“ Zappada : You can copy Mark Knopfler! -...ok, nearly each Chinese can copy anything! If you can play "Mozart" or "Beethoven" on your Piano: Do you think, you're at least "Mozart" or "Beethoven"! (Sorry, my english is worse, i'm german -...but i think, you know what i mean!). 7:51 look at the guitarist in the backing band as Mark demonstrates how he can play the same sequence of notes several different places on the fretboard. He looks like he's about to just put his guitar down and give up. Like "come on man, give us a break, will ya" :-). +Lars Pallesen Well it's not very difficult to play riffs at different positions at the neck. But like Mark Knopfler says, each position sounds different.. I can never explain what his guitar is to me...! Me... I know nothing about the guitar... but I know this... his guitar speaks to my heart..! Somehow he has the way to speak to me via his chords and his picking..! This song came at a right time when, I was so frustrated... and then I listened to this one evening... and it calmed me up so much, that it gave me goosebumps..! Been listening to him anytime, I need peace and meditation...!.
    +Sunny Iyer That's why music is so great. Whether you understand each chord or you don't understand what they are doing musically, your emotions interpret it and give you a feeling...and there is no right or wrong feeling for a's unique to each person..

    Another three quarter million people have viewed and heard Mark since I was here last 5 months ago! Almost 5 and a half million people have seen this since April 30 2012!.

    As the man himself said, their are those with a talent that few ever atain, but as in the song he says the it is the wood that will ring, and the skill of an individual who can make it happen. It is one of those amazing things that only real talent can put into words that will last as long as the instrument itself or even longer. Mark will go into the musical book of who was who in the music world, the history book of those who atually had that touchand flare with both word and feel for the music. I taught for fifteen years and can honestly say that the best payment for my time was the fact that somewhere I might have sparked the flame some where that will take someone to fame, but its good to know that the knowledge that was passed on, regardless if to whom, will help carry them through life, as another string to their bow, and a touch of comfort to fall back on in troubled times and the good times as well. A wonderful concert to listen to and remember thanks Mark!!!!.

    To me the mark of a great artist is the ability to hook you in and make a connection with a song that you've never heard before as much as, if not more so, with his "hits." Knopfler is such a treasure. I liken him to Richard Thompson - a real genius and legend despite his relative lack of commercial success or fame. People that only know "money for nothing" are missing out..
    what a beautiful touch on guitar; the man is in a class of his own!!!!!!!!!! if you ever need a drummer i would humbly audition. I am on face book. In awe, and deepest respect, Val DaPra.
    This will go down in the history of my life as one of the best hours I ever spent on You Tube. Thank you for posting this amazing concert..

    yes Mark, they are "milestones", "touchstones", "sound tracks" of our lives, and that is why it IS so important to play them as we originally remember them; they touch our souls, and that's why we keep returning to hear them! They remind us of moments, events, people, etc. that we WANT to keep close to us, which is hard to do because human memory is not perfect in retention, but our inner ear picks up really quick when something is out of place or improperly played because once the song reanimates the memory only perfection will do!!.

    +steven hewitt Disagree. If you want to hear the original, listen to the studio version. Sometimes songs played live, and especially with the Knopf, sound even better....
    +IMN69 I think you're both right. You need the bones and the hooks that pulled you into the song in the first place, but artists change over time: tastes change; skills change; influences change, and I want those represented in the music as it's being played today. That's one of the reasons to see live music. How has the artist grown with that song Maybe the tempo's different. Maybe they use a different guitar. Maybe they change the backbeat, etc. It's all part of the art. But you need the familiar to be there as well, or they might as well just play things you've never heard before. When I saw Knopfler recently, and he started playing the little flourishes in Sultans of Swing, I got teary-eyed. "I'm watching Mark Knopfler play those great, fluid notes in 'Sultans of Swing,' right in front of me." It was a little overwhelming.. Hay tantos mundos y tan diversos, muchos soles todos diferentes, y tan solo tenemos un mundo, pero cada uno vivimos en uno diferente.. Had the great opportunity to see him tonight here in Hamburg, Germany. Seeing him live changed my entire life, I don't think I deserve calling myself a guitarist anymore. MK=God. Mark is not only a great guitarist, he is a great composer and all round musician. His taste, tone, touch is second to none.. Yes, Brothers in Arms, I always play on Anzac day for my father Harry Nilson, who suffered mostly silently after he got home from being in Changi /Burma railway, for 3 years. He never marched/ went to bed all day on Anzac day. Too much pain.thanks Mark for that song. It means a lot to me. c.yates, S.Aust.. Type text or a website address or translate a document. Cancel Did you mean: And you are à moron, but why advertise it Ви праві, він є відмінним музикантом в усіх відношеннях..
    +Микола Артеменко I agree entirely, my friend. Mark is a great all-round musician and all his tracks show a dedication in their production. Please ignore the text below it was not sent to you by me!.
    I love Mark Knopfer and every 'lick' he 'flicks' from his strings, I love his voice and the words he sings means so much to me. I love his band, every single man that give us that 'Knopfle'r sound, I loved it when he played with Chet. I cried when Chet left, he gave us love for a lifetime. I love Chet and Mark forever. Lindsay.
    Fantastic performance. Intimate setting. Almost like he was sitting in my living room visiting and playing music..
    Awesome. One of the best songwriters. singers and guitar players ever. I don't do many drugs, but makes me want to smoke a joint. Wonderful.. Sometimes it is like he´s just playing for himself and allows the audiance to be with him. (meant in a positive sense). 13:30 "...I wanted to learn how to play a little a bit...but... then...ummm... the guitar itself just started to get on records, that I was making, and found his way on to (idk which) records, I was flowind around with the... one day it came out with this one". Mark is magician with words, and admired for his soft and flowing guitar style!!! Excellent work Mark, much respect by all of us in the world of music.. o cara toca muito... mas pô velho, aula de guitarra e discurso de 20min entre cada música... caducando markão!. Hard to believe he played guitar on a Phil Lynott song. Talk about two totally different lifestyles..
    Yes. Very underrated. Superb player. One of my favorites. You don't hear MK on the radio here in the U.S anymore, unless it's Dire Straits..
    Hello Mark...A nice evening indeed...I just hope you have made mates with JJ...and bunged him a few quid..
    That Sony Liston song is just incredible. Real classic 'black' sound, a sound I would have expected from the likes of John Lee Hooker. Just played it for the third time, now added to my favourites. Thank you for posting this, really enjoyable performance from one of my favourite artists and a brilliant exponent of the guitar..
    One of my favorite all time guitarists and musicians, Mark Knopfler is a professional in all aspects of the word... a great creative spirit...!. I love this man,s guitar and songs and especially Going Home. Played by Matthew Gregory at the edinborough Military Tattoo, 2014 is just superb and I think Mark Knopfler would agree. such passion. Not afraid of facing the truth of life and death Go to TruthContest•Com and read ~~The Present~~. +wasn't me Do not be terrified of death. It's just like going to sleep and not waking up. Others have to cope with it. You will not..

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  2. December 22, 2015
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  3. December 21, 2015
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  4. December 20, 2015
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  5. December 25, 2015

    Comments about this video:
    I got this from a friend for free last night. He wasn't interested in it and I've been thinking about getting one for awhile... I'm a lead singer and a smoker, so I figured getting an ecig would help my lung capacity some. This one is alright considering it's my first. It's holding me up well. I just need to move on to a better one I guess. I was thinking about getting the Halo G6. Know anything about that one. Halo G 6 is awesome. They have sick products. Check out my page on Halo:
    Yeah I ordered the G6 kit with a 30ml bottle of Subzero eliquid. Should be here by tomorrow or Monday. I can't wait..
    After I got my FREE startup kit I contacted my credit card, told then it was a scam, and they blocked any further charges from them. so I paid 4.95. To bad though, they have the best tasting atomizor.. Now buying my filters from Simplecig, 5 filters 12.99 no shipping cost. that's 7 dollars less than no flame and NO hassle....

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  6. December 28, 2015
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  7. December 31, 2015
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  8. December 27, 2015
    Mar 29, 2014... advanced search: by author, subreddit... this post was submitted on... PaulSoaresJrMinecraft | Attack of the B-Team | E14 "Flim No-Flam Realty! i7
    Minecraft | Attack of the B-Team | E14 "Flim No-Flam Realty... - Reddit
  9. January 1, 2016

    Comments about this video:
    Don't click Read more ░░░░░░▄▀▒▒▒▒░░░░▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▒█ ░░░░░█▒▒▒▒░░░░▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▒█ ░░░░█▒▒▄▀▀▀▀▀▄▄▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▄▄▀▀▀▀▀▀▄ ░░▄▀▒▒▒▄█████▄▒█▒▒▒▒▒▒▒█▒▄█████▄▒█ ░█▒▒▒▒▐██▄████▌▒█▒▒▒▒▒█▒▐██▄████▌▒█ ▀▒▒▒▒▒▒▀█████▀▒▒█▒░▄▒▄█▒▒▀█████▀▒▒▒█ You are a rebel, i like you. Why does Rick Ross's fat ass have to ruin every song he is featured on He is literally garbage a rapping and he has man double D's.. i grow up listenin to usher.chris brown in my set but i still think usher is more a better singer and chris a better dancer.
    +DrakeFanOVO drizzy Breezy...lmfao A Flake fan,oops i mean A Fake fan.damn I mean A Drake fan or as you would say A Dreezy fan...lmfao, That fake Nigga wannabe/ Jews lyrics and flow are as soft as a Jelly sandwich...smh.

    Chris Brown is the best !!!!! Now many singers are using (AUTHENTIC HITS dot COM) to get billion of views.
    Grils would either pick Chris Brown or Usher. I've never seen one pick Rick Ross. He's got 2 tickets for the ball game; one for his left butt cheek and the other for his right.. I think cb is better at being r and b-like, but Usher is way better at being aggresive and party like. +N.A K Lol, ya got me. But i thought ushers main love songs came from 2009 or whenever that one album came out. Guess not. Btw, kiss kiss is quite possibly my favorite song ever, so thats probably why i choose cb over usher.
    usher is the shit! if just 1 verse in a song or one cameo in a vid or 1 line in a movie ya cant go worng its usher.

    Who said You can't find love in a club 'Cause I wanna tell them they wrong Come on, just baby, try a new thing And let's spark a new flame You gon' be my baby Love me, love you crazy Tell me if you're with it Baby, come and get it Baby try a new thing And let's spark a new flame crazy music!!!!!.
    Both Chris and Usher did a lame ass job with this awesome instrumental. The few lyrics that are in this track,are shit. A line isn't a line here, but three words sung longer in order to cover the part. Rick is more disgusting than ever, with his "flow" gettin worse everyday ( I expect him to have that heart attack any day now). So yeah..try again boys, but next time try not to suck this hard. For those who believe that 172 million hits make this track good, keep in mind that those people who listen to this shit are stupid little kids that would listen to anything you give them..
    I could watch this video all over and over again. One of the best Music Video's of Chris Brown! I super love it! the upbeat is so catchy!.

    For those of you who are confused about what Rick Ross says he says Yogi Berra as in the baseball player.
    Dear 2 Chris Please do a Coast 2 coast club remix feat all top notch hip hop artist and all R&B artist from ATL and From where your from T-Town Virginia.
    I don't know why but everytime they mention "New Flame", I just imagine Usher singing in a glass box, spinning around emotionally... wHY ThE FaHK.
    ™Team Lee Lucas™ #NoFilter #NoFilter #SheDontNeedNoFilter #NawNaw #ladiesHeartLeeLucas™ I have a great day and night, I am not sure how I can get away her husband. The There There's nothing wrong with that, and a. sidebar I 5th. We have. Who else forgets that Rick Ross is in this song I normally do because of the fact that you have Chris Brown and Usher in ONE video..

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  10. December 18, 2015
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  11. December 29, 2015
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  12. December 24, 2015
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  13. December 26, 2015

    Comments about this video:
    Paul you should get the bisharp that pokemon is able to learn false swipe which is a move to lower a pokemon hp to 1 and no lower made easy to catch pokemon.
    PAULSOARES! DON'T PULL A BEEF! Don't pull a beef by not catching a infernape, zorua or zoarork!!!!.

    Klink is an Electric/Steel type and evolves into Klank then into Klinklank. I think that's the name of the last one..
    i the pokemon trading card game, larvesta has only one attack in which it does 10 damage to itself every time you attack.
    dwebble is from black and white, and im wondering who lucario is if anyone knows because i have watched black and white and indigo leage and he isnt in it (indigo=ep25ish)(bw=rival destinies=ep20ish).

    Was not expecting a Hogans Heroes reffrence in this, but I enjoyed that XD Have fun getting all the new Pokémon, Professer Paulm =D And by the way, the fairy type is not in this, I believe, as that was only implemented recently in the 6th Gen of Pokémon while Pixelmon only goes up to the 5th Gen...I think..

    +paulsoaresjr Clefairy used to be Normal type, in Gen 6 they changed it because of Fairy type. Clefairy is Normal type in Pixelmon, not Fairy. :).
    +Hectoe23451 Yes, what Hectoe said. The type itself is new and was added recently, it's not the first time that older Pokémon have gained a second/diffrent type =).
    if that's how big a rattata is in the mod, imagine how small joltik would be.(in the pokedex it's 4 inches tall, rattata is 1 foot).
    You know Paul.. to truly catch them all you should catch the lower evolutions and then take them up from there. Just putting it out there haha. Cause i noticed you ignored a lower level to go for the evolution. NICE! :) I love to see that you responded haha I've been watching your series' for some time. Plenty of them I should say, and I like this one a lot. :) Glad to see that you care for your fans opinions. And I think that catching them and starting them fresh builds a better bond. Just like in the series :). Also.. I just want to say that theres nothing wrong with catching the stronger pokemon too. I mean you could have one of each kind, evolution and level in all honesty. But it depends on how you want to do it. Both can be time consuming. But on one side you dont have to evolve all the way up unless you like to do that. And on the other you just have a bunch of random low level pokemon in the comp that you just bring out every once and a while but dont level..
    Why would you catch a Wobbuffet It's kinda useless to be honest. It wasn't that cool in the game compared to when it first appeared in the cartoons when Jessie had him. .
    Paul I've been watching your videos since minecraft 1.0 came out, you were the first minecraft I ever watched, I really wanted to put this here because I have always loved watching your videos, but of recent I've found it much more difficult to watch them, I guess it just seems like you don't do it like you used to, I will still keep liking your content because you are like awesome, but I would really like it if you could go back to the old way it used to be, subscriber forever, Dawson..
    Zoroark (Zoar-arc) is the evolved form of my favorite Pokémon, Zoura! Also, stories say those who tried to catch Zoroark were trapped in an illusion and punished. Zoroark's catch rate is 45 (5.9%)..
    Paul, the love ball increases happiness when caught, not increases catch rate if it's the opposite gender.
    It works for opposite gender but wiki says the Pokemon have the be the same species so I'm assuming that means the same type or evolved form Not sure.
    Kitty your wrong it doesnt just increase happiness but it works on the opposet gender. it works on the opposet gender better but if its the same type it works even better and same species of pokemon makes it work great i believe. ive used a love ball before.. If only you could ride inside one of those whale pokemon and use it as a submarine and catch a ceolacanth or prehistoric fish pokemon . if a pokemon holds a cell battery, when they get hit by an electric move, their sp. atk goes up and (i think) absorbs the damage. however, can only be used once.
    Jason has a Metang or Metagross that only has a shadow so is it like glitched or is it like what u saud a pygmea dwarf and stuff.
    Paul, you can generally tell what type something is by its color, not always, but most of the time. .
    you should really start useing sleep/paralysis xD it will make things a lot more simple for ya. aswell as keep your guys alive a little longer..
    Dear PSJ can you plz do FTB You can team up with guude or etho or both because i think it woud macke a preety goode team since beef isnt gona play,doc and anderz are team DNA and geny and bdubs are a team you wont stand much of a chance .
    I don't like it how he has super good Pokemon but doesn't know what to do with them and their moves. 0_____0.
    +Akiran Drake your cousin have been playing Pixelmon for more than 10 years Minecraft came out like 5 years ago!. +Chaeyeon Park No Pokemon being Pixelmon is just Pokemon Minecraft version, that is what I was saying.. Actually level up your cubone he will learn it. False Swipe will never kill the pokemon it will take it down to 1HP even if your pokemon is level 100. In gen 1 there were THREE different purple blob pokemon so for those saying pokemon is running out of ideas it's more that they have allways had good and bad ideas. +Henrique Schechter you where missing a word in that so I wouldn't be saying anything if I where you, but Gorden is right, Pokemon has good and bad ideas, the Mega Evolution is cool but unnecessary, though I think they got that idea from a series of fan art call Pokemon FR, I have notice some similarities. . Paul my brothers say flygon is a legendary i hope you take this comment seriousy. keep on recoding. my brothers play pokemon a lot.

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  14. December 19, 2015
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  16. November 26, 2015

    Comments about this video:

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  17. January 15, 2016
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  18. November 8, 2015
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  19. December 7, 2015
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  20. October 25, 2015

    Comments about this video:

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  21. November 1, 2015
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  22. December 9, 2015
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  23. December 12, 2015
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  24. January 21, 2016

    Comments about this video:

    I just picked up this game after I've been playing Ark: Survival Evolved for a month. A couple weeks playing 7DTD and I'd say it's almost as good of a game in fact as Ark itself. If you'd like to play it sometime in the future, I'd like to watch. But I'm not going to ask or demand you to play it as that is a waste of both your time and mine. And you won't play it if you don't want to anyway and I perfectly understand that. I would only want you to play what you want to play and I use a lot of words to say what I am saying for I AM MOJO JOJO!.
    Sorry, I know I'm late watching these videos, but, when you first started talking about "The Last Man on Earth", I thought you were talking about "The Omega Man" with Charlton Heston. Yes, I'm old enough to know both movies. I have that you stopped playing 7DTD. It's almost a whole new game from when you recorded this video. Also, I'd really like to do some 7DTD coop videos with you. You're one of my favorite youtubers and it was you who actually inspired me to begin my channel. Keep up the good work! .
    For you people saying loot zombies this was back in august (happens to be made on my bday) at this time zombies didnt drop anything good.
    your background music reminded me of Beethoven's moonlight sonata for some reason:D nice vids dude . I loved your survive and thrive series on minecraft and now you are doing 7 days to die is there nothing you cant do. you need to kill nurses because they carry pills I noticed you haven't been collecting stuff from the zombies you kill, maybe you didn't know you could, well you know now once you read this comment. This video was made in August, zombies didn't drop anything good. Also, He did check a nurse in the first episode, and she didn't drop anything worth looting..
    Nice vids, few suggestions. If your looking for scrap metal. Break those walls around the base you left, each one will give you scrap metal. The railings inside houses and at the house entrances will also give u scrap. Break trash cans, mailboxes, air conditioners - easiest with a pick axe. BTW i liked the way you fast fwd'd the video at the end.

    Could you carry this series on as a tutorial please because I am starting 7 says to die and I am only new.

    The amount of time in this game dedicated to getting loot is too damn high. All I ever see when watching 7D2D videos are people picking up loot..
    thank you for going through the actual steps on how to accomplish something! Your vids are so helpful :-) and entertaining too!. Thank you Paul!You taught me to play Minecraft, Rust and now 7 Days To Die!You would be the best survivor if the world woud end.. The game is voxel based. That's why when you place or pick up something its distorted. This allows for a destructable and manipulative environment.. The problem with his answer was that it was incorrect. He stated that distortion defines voxel-based games..
    I based my Comment off of a video I watched someone make of it. So I was just repeating what I heard. sorry..

    I would buy this game but it does seem to be a bit steep on price... $35 for a game... in alpha... does seem like alot... rather just pay $5....
    I bought the game and I must say, I'm very hooked on it. It is a lot of fun but it could do with a lot of work. Also, the price may go higher in the future, and I can already foresee how far this game might go. That's why i bought it early,.
    You're thinking about it wrong, you're not paying 35 for the alpha. You're paying $35 to basically Preorder the game, and as a perk you get to play in the alpha and beta. Chances are the price will go even higher by the release time, Very much like other alpha/beta games. During alpha its 35, during beta it might be 45, at release it could be $60. In the long run, if you think you'll want to play what this game will be at release, its cheaper to buy it now..

    Alpha 5 is out and working, check 7DTD.Enjin.c0m for download links. Remember to support the developers!.
    No the character is not a midget, he just is walking thru the desert crouched, instead of walking upright. Thats also why he is walking funny when going backwards.. lol its funny how he can actualy make his day time more useful by looting the other houses for better valuable things, but he's looting the trash instead LOL.
    Loved the ending of the video Paul! The eerie sounds and lack of voice-over gave it a great sense of desperate isolation. Keep it going!.

    I can't believe that this game is an alpha... I hope the developers are passionate about their game, because I has real potential (I think) to become the next big zombie game..

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  25. January 11, 2016
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  26. January 20, 2016
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  27. December 18, 2015
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  28. January 10, 2016

    Comments about this video:
    Friend of mine made this awesome app, so please feel free to check it out and let me know what you think of it! Also thank you so so so so so much for 800k subscribers! Whom would have thought of that You are all amazing!. Also once again thank you for the great milestone of 800000 subscribers! It is just insane! I am just a derp. :p.
    i have 4000 thousand tube alert points all ready how do someone like me that a low channel get on the top 25 .
    For those whom have problems with connection error on the app, just wait. So many whom are downloading it atm. :). Yeah my tablet doesn't have the right version of the app so i cant get it yet:( but i cant wait for the right version tho!. +StormIII there are from monstercat but this animation isnt his so he didnt need to put monstercat credits in the desc.. Some of you are facing issues with the app if you have Android 4.4. We are aware of that and fixing it as fast as possible :D .
    The App doesnt work for me. It loads and loads if I choose my Youtube account and click on accept. Maybe the server is overloaded.

    Notified when favorite youtuber uploads...isn't that the same as subscribing on regular YouTube 0_o.

    A white Samsung Galaxy S3 I lovr this smartphone (I have it too) Sorry for the bad englisch i'm from Germany.

    He has a Polish-Swedish-British accent going on. He's Polish living in Sweden with his British wife..

    thanks for the info about the app. But it isn't available for my tablet. That would be epic if it did work for tablets.
    I remember the first time I saw Keralis and he was white I freaked out because I thought he was black, he just doesn't sound like he looks to me xD.
    Keralis Analysis - Found a weird item on your adventures Bring it to Keralis Analysis Laboratory and, for a small fee, have it scientifically analyzed; we'll write up an an entire report about it's background information, composition, and history! Just an idea buddy! Love everything you do. :).
    that's the funniest this ive seen In awhile congrats on 800000 subs. love your attack of the b team I might join the server if I can. well stay derpy.

    Neoflam Americas Cookware - Google+
  29. November 5, 2015
    Make your likes visible on Facebook? Connect your Facebook account to Prezi and let your likes appear on your timeline. You can change this under Settings & Account... i13
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  30. January 8, 2016
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  32. November 10, 2015

    Comments about this video:
    Leute ich zu guten spieler möchte von Public zu LIGA wechseln und so ein Team wie n7 werden bitte melden. Klasse Commentary spiegelt meine Meinung zu diesem Thema wieder. Außerdem freu ich mich schon aufs Re-match. Caper & N7 FTW ;). Sirius bringts aufm Punkt : Pulic Warrior who cares! Lass red sich doch rausreden jeder der ein bisschen verstand hat weiß das das alles nur blender sind also lass ihn doch seine trottel abonnenten ;))). die Apos machen euch in jedem Modus kaputt ! macht denn aber auch 4 N7 Leute (ohne Kf leute) gegen 4 apos ey ihr werdet ne reise ziehn !. du lappen der hat gesagt dass eure mitspieler so mlg pros sind und keine randys außerdem warum machst du dich über ihn lustig obwohl er nur versucht due sache fair über die bühne zu bringen. Schlechte Verlierer sind doch für uns nix Neues oder Das Geheule geht doch immer erst los, wenn die Leute auf die Fresse bekommen. Public Warriors...who cares.
    was gibts den auf der xbox für regeln aufn pc heißt es einfach draufklatschen und sichn keks freun xD.
    Und macht mal nur n7 gegen apos 6 geg 6 und dazu währen odin und so noch im clan hätten sich die punkte heftig verändert. Ohh Gott wie lächerlich in diesem Deserto Mode sind Drohne konterdrohne und orbi nicht erlaubt also quasi alle APO Standards wenn du nicht einfach so mit deinem Clan gegen die Apps gewinnen kannst dann lass es doch gleich. also die Abonnenten können bei einem allstar rematch nur gewinnen ich würde mir so n spiel wirklich wünschen .
    schon sehr schwach. man spielt auf sieg und nicht auf stats. ich spiele jetzt seid 3 jahren eSport auf der Ps3 und erlebe immer wieder leute die nicht verlieren können und ausreden haben. (PSL-Platz:5).
    Die was hier sagen N7 wird zerfickt bei 4v4 oder so.. Haben einfach keine Ahnung, haben bisher nur Public commentarys von den "apos" O: gesehen.das sind einfach nur dummschmarer. Und nach dem Spiel, wenn man natürlich auf die Schnauze bekommen hat zu beleidigen etc. Daaaa sieht man mal wie gut und wie reif im Kopf sie sind :b und einfach kein leben haben sondern die ganze zeit vor der Box sitzen. Hate is a Kind of envy apos.. ;). Meiner Meinung nach sagst du im Kommentary die Wahrheit...ABER ich finde es (auch wenns aus Spaß gemacht ist) diese Sprüche wie DER HASE LÄUFT unnötig zu sagen ^^. Also! Wenn ihr Rematch wollt dann wird es die gleichen Regeln geben denn es Heißt "Beat the Apos" und nicht "Beat the No7"! Und wenn Apokalyptored Tezzko,Energyzed und JNasty holt ist ende im Gelände. Ich weiß es kommt auch auf Taktik und Flaggen und haste nicht gesehen an aber wenn 5 Beaster kommen... was wollter dann machen Die Typen sind krank die hauen alles weg!.
    Habe mir sein ''Commentary'' angehört und er zeigt wirklich wenig Gehirn was er da für ein Müll redet.Er stellt einige seiner Clan Member als schlecht dar, sprich, dass er sie in einem Re-Match ersetzen wird, für Tezzko und die ganzen. Caper, an deiner Stelle würde ich den Typen ignorieren, weil ein Re-Match so unnötig ist wie ein Pickel am Arsch. Er hat wirklich keine Ahnung von allem und will nur der Aller Beste sein. .

    Lächerlich wenn man mal überlegt das n7 nichtmal trainiert hatte fürs match die spielen seit jahren e-sport davor noch unter Visa. Apo kann nicht verlieren daran merkt man das es einfach nur Public Gamer sind mehr nicht. .
    Die Antwort ist simpel: Weil die meisten einfach casual TDMs spielen. Da geht es nunmal schon um Kills. Haut rein^-^. Ich finds auch schwach das sie sich da jetzt rausreden und es nicht auf Youtube hochladen! Macht beide Games: N7 vs. Apos (5 vs. 5) und N7 & Friends vs. Apos & Friends. Wären beides Hammerspiele zum anschaun ;).
    Cool gesprochen! Ich dachte immer Red hat mehr Eier, bin total enttäuscht von seiner Reaktion, Vor allem weil bei Beat The Apos rein nach Apo regeln gespielt wird also alles was das Spiel der Apos stört ist verboten, dazu hat Red ja auch ein ewiges Video gemacht! N 7 gut gemacht und ich wünsch euch viel Erfolg beim Re Match.
    was für lappen, denken ernsthaft sie wären gut weil sie gegen die größten bobs +100 gameplays reißen. und sobald dann mal gute gegner kommen heulen sie rum.. Apo clan größte public warrior opfer.
    Moin caper kurz gesagt du bist echt sympatisch uns man merkt deutlich, dass du dich nicht verstellst, sowie apo. Ich wuerde gerne nochmal deine meinung zu dem rematch hoeren und joa ;) Hauste.

    Ich finde diesen leicht Sarkastischen Unterton Klasse und deine Szenesprache ist auch sehr ausgereift...:D Gutes Video Caper und Ich denke, dass du mit allem was du gesagt hast vollkommen recht hast. Bin sehr gespannt wie die Apo Leute darauf reagieren...!.

    Eig. könnt ihr euch den Hate gegen die apos sparen. die haben verloren und können nicht einstecken. Das Match hätte auch anders laufen können. das schlimme ist nur das sie sich jetzt rausreden wollen sonst nix. Carper hat da vollkommen recht das man als Team verliert oder gewinnt !!!.

    Gefühlte 80 c :D wollte heute draußen schlafen wurde nichts die totale Eskalation regnet extrem + Gewitter.

    5:09 einfach beste! :D das so easy ruhig rüberzubringen:D das hat ja schon urteil ansätze :D.
    Du fetter Hurensohn, versuch nicht ApoRed nachzumachen, ers kein fetter Sack wie du. Ausserdem habe ich fast alle Apos in der FL und fast alle sind LIGA Meister. Red und Angel sind Meister unter den 10 Besten, aber no homo.. Mein gott so fail du sagst Red kann sich tezzko usw. Holen aber dann sind sie kein richtiges Team aber du hast auch gesagt das du welche eingeladen hast und mit den los gespielt hast. Also wart ihr auch kein richtiges Team.
    Wie "trainiert" ihr denn Bin halt "willig" immer besser zu werden und denke ich bin über dem Durchschnitt, jedoch bei guten Spielern gibt's aufs Maul. Hast du/ihr Tipps wie man noch besser wird Ich hab halt ein Team aber dennoch bin ich noch bei denen im Mittelfeld. Danke.

    Public randys halt... Aber eins gebe ich auch den anderen recht wenn ein 6vs6 zwischen apo und only N7 entstehen würde denke ich auch das apo gewinnen würde ;).
    Ich find es gut das du zu dem video stellung nimmst aber durch die spruche die du benutz die normalweise red ausmachen kommt es mir wie ein hate- video vor. Oh man ich lieb dich caperrr. Einfach so episch wie du Red den Lappen nachmachst geil man, ich kann nemme. Aber es is dir hoffentlich bewusst dass die Apokalyptos wieder Ausreden finden. Die können einfach nicht verlieren und die sind einfach n haufen Versager.^^ Caperrr bester Mann :D.
    N7 ist 100x so gut wie die Puplik Youtube shiter Die kommen net auf den lose klar sonst würden sie ja nen remachgt machen oder etwa net..

    Hoffentlich nehmen die auch an nach den Decerto Regeln denn dann kriegen die erst recht aufs Maul denn dann werden die erst recht rum meckern und rum pussen .
    solution ist nichtmal annähernd der beste spieler deutschlands, hätte er damals nicht commander kriegers schwanz gelutscht würde den bis heute keiner kennen.. dass ist so lächerlich ! die können sich einfach nicht eingestehen dass sie verloren haben ! und dann labert er davon dass nicht alle die mitgespielt haben bei n7 waren ! ja und in einem video hat er gesagt dass auch freunde und co. mitspielen können ! Apo=schlechte verlierer !. Wie geil...neeeeeeegativ ein geiles commentary.apos können nicht mit niederlagen leben. Sie verlieren auf der eiegenen map,dem eigenen host, nach eigenen regeln und heulen rum!. Du Fettsack meinst hier auch du wärst hier der pro Man hört du kackst auf jeder Lan mit deinem Team so hart ab wie gegen die du spast, seh einfach ein, die apos sind besser du fetter bastard. Caperrr, pack mal den Link zu den decerto Regeln in die Beschreibung, hast du vergessen. Würd die gern mal lesen :) . einfach public Randys die keine Ahnung von Objective gameplay und können net mit niederlagen umgehen. Einfach peinlich von denen :D.

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  33. December 21, 2015
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  36. January 16, 2016

    Comments about this video:

    This guy is completely wrong. First of all there is no such thing as a "bounce" rudiment. And secondly you should always try your best to stick all of your rudiments. (Obviously not a buzz roll) what are you going to do when you play on a percussion instrument that has little to no rebound But other than that his concept of breaking it down into an exercise is genius. But for the love of god DO NOT BONCE. Stick every note out..
    2 YouBetterSmile12 Traditional grip was created to use on a tilted drum. It was created to take the tension out of the arm. Playing on a flat drum puts all the tension in the right arm. Ironic, the grip was created to relieve tension and we put the tension right back in there by flattening the drum. Hmmmm. . I don't really know, that was my teacher's fault haha but I did really learnt Swiss army triplets before flam taps . 2 wyolabs The tracks are for those of us that enjoy harmony and melody. Neither of which you can get from a snare drum. If you have my book, you can fade to the left speaker and get only the snare drum sound, but for those of us that enjoy jammin' with a steel band, you have the right channel. Each lesson has a different style of music from around the world. .

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  37. November 22, 2015
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  39. December 25, 2015
    STEP 1: Search for your medications Brand Name: patented drugs in specific countries. Generic Drugs: 1. Either the exact same or copy of the brand name drug in terms... i23
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  40. November 18, 2015

    Comments about this video:
    I know this is late, I just kinda bumped into this video and you did it really well! Ur smile and the way you talk to the camera is just natural. Dont stop making video, you are a natural star :-). love your style! You keep talking and have raised my no blowtorch creme brûlée confidence, Thank you.. 2 punkgush They wont be under the broiler too long if you can get them really close to the flame, and because its not like from the freezer to the broiler the temp difference from the fridge to the broiler shouldnt be enough to make them shatter. Let me know how they turned out!!. If I don't have a blowtorch or a broiler, is there any other way of burning the sugar on the top.
    You have two options, you could freeze or semi- freeze the custard. So instead of just putting it in the fridge to set it, put it in the freezer and let it get extra cold. That way when you use the broiler hopefully it will more come to room temp than warm/liquidy. Or after you broil the sugar you could put it back in the fridge. Though you wont get the same crispness to the sugar. I would try to freezer method first! .
    Have you thought about trying out for The Next Food Network Star would seriously watch you over a bunch of other people they have on there! . That might still work, if you can get the creme brulee close enough to the heat source. Or maybe I'll just send some of mine your way ;). i made one and its super delicous the caramelized top is crisp while the custard is warm and nice :D. Not really, you could try using a long lighter, might take a while but it could work. You could just make the custard and then separately make a caramel sauce. Let the sauce cool and serve on top of the custard. That would give you a similar taste. Or you could make a brittle, try and make it thin and put pieces of it over the custard..
    I think that is a great tip. It really makes it fool proof that if your looking for a thick layer. Thanks so much!.

    Broiler is good because you don't have to mickey mouse around with the individual flame method. I like creme brulee cold on the bottom and warm crackly on the top. .
    2 90scoolll it's possible, but it is more of a specialty item, so maybe not. It's not that special though, I'm sure you could find it at target, williams-sonoma, bed bath and beyond maybe. If you look online you might get the best price, amazon has a lot of selection. Good luck!!.
    It depends on how close your pan is to the flame, you should just sit there and watch it, it could take as little as 30seconds or up to 3minutes. Best to just keep watching it and not walk away, it's can go from brown to burned in a heartbeat!!.
    I find that's what most people call me when they didnt hear my name clearly. But, yes I have had many firends call me all sorts of variatiotions on my name!!.
    2 82ayda I'm sure they turned out great!!! Love to hear about them and if you had any problems or concerns!.
    If you want a thicker layer, you're better of torching it twice than to put on extra sugar at first, otherwise you might not be able to burn all the sugar, and then you'll get sugar crystals in your creme brulee, which is not very nice. Just some constructive critisism for ya. Otherwise, nice tip for those of us that don't have a torch at home, too bad I don't have an oven either :P. Nikki I love you! You deserve to win food network star!!! You're a really great chef and i admire you :). Hmmm, a long lighter might get you there eventually, You could try your regular oven or toast oven on it's highest temp, just definitely chill the custard or even freeze it before as it will be in their much longer than if you were using the boiler, and you dont want it to cook all over again. . OMG! How have I never thought of using my broiler before! Thanks for the tip! And good luck on FNS, you've inspired me to sneak more veggies into my family's dishes. :).
    Either you got the recipe wrong, maybe not enough egg yolks, or it didn't cook long enough. I don't know :/.

    does anybody here watch pretty little liars...cause she looks a lot like cece drake. Or maybe you watch it Nikki ahahaha :D .

    Wow. I've been cooking recreationally for a long time. I live in a really cheap apartment. To me a broiler always meant the electric part on the top of the oven... haha. no flames here. No creme Brulee either... :P. .
    Thank you :) That is actually my dream, and I have been to one casting for Next Food network Star but didnt make it. I'll keep trying though! And if I can get enough fans here maybe they will come looking for me!!. Thanks I love creme brulee it's among my favorites along with flan and cheesecake.I thought that it was weird of me to really crack that burnt sugar crust. LOL glad to find out it's normal. How about the old fashion way of caramelizing sugar and then pouring it on the creme brulee It wont pretty like the ones you just made, which by the way they look amazing, send me one :-). I don't have a blowtorch so i use my broiler but once i've finished heating the sugar until it's golden the custard underneath i find it quite liquidy when i eat there a way to prevent that .

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  41. December 8, 2015
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  44. October 23, 2015

    Comments about this video:

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  47. November 13, 2015
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  48. November 19, 2015

    Comments about this video:
    Really looking forward to this modpack! Hope you enjoy watching as much as I'm going to enjoy playing! XD. Paul has so many modded series' going on! LOL! But you should ask generik if you can join the Attack Of The B-Team server, because some of the mods are boring/useless unless there are multiple people. Also, you are SO lucky you spawned by hamsters! I wandered for hours to get some!. Hoodie is winding down and besides, this is going to be multiplayer :) As for hamsters, they seem attracted to me..i'm like the Pied Piper, I guess!.
    Hard to believe I was in middle school when this was released… Now I'm a sophomore in high school.__..
    +JoJoXGamer That doesn't make any sense. even if you were in 8th grade when this was released, that's two years between 8th and sophmore. This was made one year ago.. +Finn Dernbach this was uploaded at the very end of when I was in 8th grade. (I'm currently a sophomore) In about 4 months this video will be 2 years old.. To turn off the giving yourself items go to Options>Inventory> and turn the one option to Recipe Mode. You automatically get put into cheat mode as a server op. Awesome seeing you trying this out and playing this pack and play it all the time with my buddy..
    Paul. The reason why you turned into a zombie is because there's a mod called "Morph Mod" and your able to become any thing you kill. Just so you know, you can change into any thing you kill any time. You even become that shape and you can turn your self back to your normal form. It's SIMPLE. :).
    Paul, you're the first Minecrafter I ever watched. I watched you when I was going to buy PC Minecraft, and needed to learn a little. I started with your Survive and Thrive series, then got into Punchwood Island. I've just found this and have been into AOTBT lately, and I'm very excited. It's so nostalgic to hear your voice and remember those times. Thanks for the memories, Paul.. To change your morph, press [ or ]. Then you can select wich morph you want, by pressing [ or ] again :). You're welcome! Some morphs have special abilities too, like chickens cant take fall damage, and bats can fly! Have fun!.
    OMG the Hamsters are so cute! I've platyed Attack of the B-Team before but have never seen a hamster!!! Awww.

    paul you have a gr8 attitude. its a pleasure to watch your vids. O and COFFEE WOOt WOOt.

    The that you'r a zombie is that the modpak haz the morph mod go to the kontrols and find the key to go to a morph list!!!.
    I'm so happy you're doing a series with this modpack, I've played it for a while now and its totally awesome! :D .
    i liked it more when he was playing a simple survival,does nobody ever care about normal surviving anymore.

    i know i was just trying to win the argument and get it over with, i can see where your coming from..
    you can eat coffee beans and press the these buttons[] to select all your morphs you tame hamsters with a combo of pumpkin seeds and normal seeds and melon seeds and to breed them use pumpkin seeds. +paulsoaresjr idk i never tried but i guess i'll try or you can try and tell in the next episodo. Paulsoaresjr I just wanted to say you are the best youtuber I have ever watched and that you inspired me to play Minecraft! Keep up the amazing videos. Thank you.. Press the square brakets and it will come up with a list of things u have killed and u can turn into anyone of them.

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  49. December 28, 2015
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  52. November 28, 2015

    Comments about this video:

    Impressive work on the management. And of course the first name I have to say comes straight from Muse Farms. Let's count how many people that say it..
    +J1h7e7 I know how he spells it but if he wanted to go for the Wallace and Gromit reference (as opposed to naming it after himself) then you'd use the welsh spelling :). Don't forget to check out KFC!!! At the HermitCraft Server! Great tasting chicken from free roaming chickens, it is the best shop in town! So go to Keralis Fried Chicken today!!!. Guys I knew that it's just that after I posted these, I figured I should add coming soon but couldn't be bothered.. +spumwack You need to have Mumbo come in and build redstone elevators! Then each elevator can go to a different floor. That would be sooo cool.. You should put one of those hundred pairs of leather boots to use and name them "crap tromplers" in reference to muse farms, when you would say "tromple the craps".
    do the computers an iron pressure plate with a sign on that, with a brand name on the 2nd line, then put a painting on the back of the design. That is the best minecraft computer design i've ever seen =D..
    Have the sheep name be your pet sheep from muse farms! You have Cluckenstien, so you need the sheep! (I forgot his/her name). If you have particles on then you will see smoke rising out of the floor where you've placed the torches, however if you swap the torches for jack-o-lanterns there will be no smoke particles. Instead of ladders, how about using a minecart elevator to take you to different floors Minecarts are small enough for you to be able to dress the lifts up without breaking through the back wall. If you really want revenge on Xisuma, flood a chunk of the wastelands. Even better if you flood it in a specific shape that will show up on a map.. with your auto fishery, SpumCo might consider expanding into the fast food section of New Hermiton with Long John Spumwacks! or at least supplying the other restaraunts with bulk meats to sell (you could profit from both of the other competitors! :).
    If you use a snow man they will throw snow balls at mobs and it would die but it doesn't need to be named.

    Dear Spum, Every since I notice your quest for the golden apple (damn those stupid golden leggings) I was amazed with the stuff you could do in the world of minecraft! You shaped me into the minecrafter I am today! You have also made me very glad to be your subscriber by making videos the way us viewers want it but still the way you like it. Keep doing the things you're doing. Your friend Alex The God P.S can I be your sheep receptionist :D.
    I feel like you need more lighting.. i liked it before you put the roof and you got a natural light coming in.. now it seems grim and it doesn't accentuate the white. Name the sheep "Baab." Don't forget to never hire sheep for their wool color, only for merit. Also, funny that Nemo means "nobody" in Latin.. Fascinating. I don't usually say stuff like this, but when I loaded the video, there were 333 likes, 3 dislikes, and 3338 views. So close.... Name the sheep Goe-tu. Then it would be Goe-tu sheep or "Go to sleep". It make sense cause you need wool for beds..
    Name the sheep Shaun or Sean, since that's your name and it comes from the television show "Shaun the Sheep". :-) Lol :P.

    You should put tall flowers around the inside of lower lvl. Like you always see lots of fake plants in waiting n reception rooms.

    Possible Sheep names: - Mr./Mrs. Fluff - Secretary of Greatness (referring to you as the great one) - Jenny (I just think it sounds secretary like) - Mr./Mrs Black (to counteract its collar) - Bob (this one doesn't need an explanation) - Junior - Wacklez Jr. - Snow White Whatever suits you best. I think I would go for 'Jenny' or 'Mr. Black'..
    Spumwack it would give your lobby light gray carpet instead of white Anyways, name the sheep Matthew or Boris.. ZombiCleo is innocent. You should team up with her as she has unsettled business with Biffa and Xisuma. Have you considered turning Xisumas wastelands back into a desert :). Cause you know, fiery torches under flammable carpets are really going to help with your safety hazard case..
    ohhh you know what you should do hit 2 birds with one stone, frame biffa for doing something to xisuma by doing something bad at xisumas property, put a book that you got by biffa originally down in a chest, xisuma will prank biffa back, biffa, confused, will prank him back. all of this or vice-versa..
    lol like squidward from Spongebob XD. There was an episode where Spongebob and Patrick were sending messages to each other through bubbles, and so Squidward, annoyed with their loudness, sent a few bubbles to each of them saying mean things. They naturally assumed the bubbles were from each other and were angry at each other for like the rest of the episode. God, my childhood.. I think Cleo is innocent. She clearly didn't realize she was doing you a wrong-doing, as she most likely thought that you were fine with her putting zombies in there. I mean Xisuma gave her the OK, so she assumed. If your mayor/boss said: Hey, there's going to be a party at this person's house, come on, it's going to be crazy fun, and you would assume that the person whose house it's being hosted at is fine with it. It's not the partygoer's fault that their mayor/boss mislead or lied to them.. +thebestayden Because they are mean and are out to get the person, whether they were payed or not idk it's hypothetical.

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  53. December 20, 2015
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  54. October 30, 2015
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  55. December 27, 2015
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  56. January 12, 2016

    Comments about this video:

    Wow Paul, that ending really made me smile! Made my day. Come to think of it, so did the beginning! Your Role-playing is better than most Paul, and I hope it stays that way, especially in your videos. ;D.

    +Lucy Dragon actually the ones that click the dislike button they thought is a "dis-i-like" button :D.

    I think most of us think your role play is a part of your channel that sets you apart from the rest, that and the fact that you play games with you kids and don't swear..

    This seems like a good game but it is now 2015 do they still wipe every thing when patches come out That would suck starting over and over again..
    +damnibroc31 it's been almost a year and it doesn't seem that they do, though they tutorial is now much harder. I know that he just used a villager cloner, but i have never had one of those green tanks do they really grow a clone or does the graphic of the green tank change over time after placing it from empty to occupied. +paulsoaresjr Thanks Paul. I apreciate the explamanation of the green tubey like cloonein' type process of the thing-a-floppy-doom-a-kajigger. These are tecnikal type terms us big braind'ed peoples use! Did I spell appreciate right (lol).
    more legend of hoodie or i am going to start a riot!!! (srry for copying your riot man...) STILL ITS BEEN SO LONG!!!!!!!!!!!!.

    In the beginning, I was expecting a "Oh haha, I missed you so much Mr.Mohawk... I am so damn lonely...".
    I KNOW DA SONG O LOVE SHACK, mah ski camp had a shack where u put da skis, snowboards yada yada and da shack is named Love Shack!!!!! and da song is a theme song in da camp.
    Looks like there were some errors during the cloning process. But you can't argue with the results..
    While I dont think I can answer that question without some bias, I do think I get the idea why people respond that way when faced with something they dont agree with, people have comfort zones things they accept as true as a result people tend to built off such "facts" despite how they are honestly more opinion then anything, as a result when faced with something that destabilizes those beliefs they try and defend it and try and reject the new point of view because it contradicts what they already accepted and turned into a key part of how they view things, and normally the more forceful the information is presented the more radical the reaction because the person feels as if they are trying to be forced to accept something new or something that clashes with their preconceived notions. Mind you that's all just a theory, slightly a ramble..
    I decided to watch this after you recommended this episode in your latest Starbound video. That was pretty good between the lines humor regarding blue vs pink. I'm betting it took that clone 9 months to develop. -.o.
    I think Duck Rogers is getting the Space Madness, best keep him away from the History Eraser Button. :) I am looking forward to the new updates, I really want to see the upgraded ships. It will be nice to have more room on my ship. I been using my ship as a base of operations..
    "Oh how long can trusty Duck Rogers hold out How can he possibly resist the diabolical urge to push the button that could erase his very existence Will his tortured mind give in to it's uncontrollable desires Can he withstand the temptation to push the button that even now beckons him ever closer Will he succumb to the maddening urge to eradicate history, at the mere, push, of a, single, button The beautiful, shiny button! The jolly, candy-like button! Will he hold out folks Can he hold out".

    PAUL PLZ DO MORE SURVIVE AND THRIVE AND PAUL PLAYS MINECRAFT:( those were my favourite series and wasn't it survive and thrive that got you popular on youtube in the first place.

    Is her name Wilma Deering Does she wear form fitting outfits from 1979 Does she know a Glitch named Twiki Bidi bidi bidi..

    Does that mean they're getting rid of harder worlds So if you get the best stuff you can't go to a different world with harder enemies .
    no it just means all difficulty worlds are in the same sector, and harder worlds might just not have harder monsters but also other aspects like being too hot or cold, having little to no oxygen or having an incredibly dense atmosphere and stuff like that..
    From my experience it seems that the larger monsters drop superior brains more often than the smaller ones..
    Donate to sintecick research I'm study how many bairns it will take my till i get a supearer brain.
    Paul your the best, you don't strive to be skydoesminecraft or popular, you have fun and share your fun. And thanks for doin just that!.

    Just so you know, you inspired me to start YouTube, if it wasn't for you I wouldn't be hitting 200 subscribers, if it wasn't for you I wouldn't have gained all these new friends I have met through YouTube. I basically owe you everything, my computer, my Blue Yeti mic, my money I got from being partnered with ZoominGames, and my followers on twitter aswell :D I just wan't to thank you, you're an amazing YouTuber and I hope you never quit, because through all my time on here you have always put a smile to my face and hopefully when I'm bigger we could play together..

    Yeah, He recorded some songs recently. Starbound's facebook and website said it. I just flipped lol.

    Paul, as far as I know, the brain type in the same in that type on animal. Like the rabbits with spiked tails will always give you Inf. brains. It doesn't change by trying over and over. That is my experience so far. I'm saying this because you kept extracting brains from the same animal. I'm trying to say this without sounding like the "YOU MISSED COAL! HOW DARE YOU!" people. Just trying to help..
    thx! Seems like they added a more efficient content delivery system so we'll be seeing lots of new stuff almost daily for a while at least.

    Human Anatomy by Cecelia Simms on Prezi
  57. January 1, 2016
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  58. December 22, 2015
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  59. December 24, 2015
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  60. December 10, 2015

    Comments about this video:

    "Gee, Wally, I didn't mean to kill all those people." "No, Beav, it wasn't your fault" "You sure".

    i love the guns but can u possibly turn down the gun sound its SO loud so i have to turn down my volume but that i cant here the commentary .
    +paulsoaresjr ok thx for explaining!! by the way i luv the vids!! i can believe u replied!! keep the amazing videos up!!. BREAKING NEWS: KOA MASSACRE The residents of the northeastern tropical Koa village found themselves under siege as two heavily armored and armed foreign men attacked the village and slaughtered dozens. The Koa villagers, with their primitive leaf balls, wooden daggers, and fists were no match for the foreigners. The trade master was kidnapped, and his trade plate stolen. Much of the trade hut was vandalized, large parts of it cut out and stolen by one of the foreigners. The Koa village can expect bankruptcy in the near future with their trade master and trade plate and hut gone. The two unidentified foreigners made their escape with snorkels and flippers to get to their jet skis, docked at an island not too far from the small village, and drove away. Any information on the two foreigners and recovery of the Koa trader, trading plate, and trading hut will be compensated for..
    Unfortunately, the game audio and Skype audio were in the same stream when recording so if I turned down the game sound in the video editor then Glis would get turned down too! SO I left it alone... :P.
    Paulsoaresjr goes to an uncharted tropical land, hunts the new species to extinction, and captures/massacres the natives.....nice job reenacting the colonization of Central and South America, Paulsoarejsr, nice job.. I always laugh at the part when skyzm says (I thought we were hunting dinosaurs and suddenly I'm a sniper for a mission) ha ha always gets me to laugh.
    PLEASE LIKE THIS COMMENT TO SHOW PAUL AND GLIS!!!! The only way you can hurt a t-rex, is with a normal diamond sword, and you have full diamond armor. -Minty.

    you 're such an amazing performer I should say and i watch u everyday and u always lift my spirits God bless u!.

    paul, chim has horcuxes which are hidden poppet shelf stocked with death protection poppets one of them is in the top floor of his tower destotry them first.
    Eh, not sure how I feel about this episode PSJ. I think you should have a trigger warning at the start of the video or in the description explaining what's going to go down. People will call me too sensitive because it's roleplay in a video game but it's basically a video entailing (in a positive light) the slaughter of a people who's land you're invading which I'm sure a lot of people wouldn't feel right about.. Paul u make me mad i don't want to see pure tropics i want you to make minions and be able to beat the nsfw. Haha Paula hahaha ur to funny man get over yourself i realized what I said so just go some were else and talk trash about yourself.
    You change form every time because there are different people with the same pants. Different names and they are almost like players..
    ive subscribed to like a bunch of people and like no one is making videos and ive gotten so boered but at least paul and stampy are making vids today. I need my entertainment fix!!!!!!! hehehe just kidding but ive got alot of time on my hands . Hello Fellas, How are you I was wondering, are there anybody who knows the background music at 0;40 (its some type of reggae, but i can't find it out) If somebody knows the whole song, please, pm me in gmail or youtube. I appreciate that. Thank you :). Great video, Paul! Just an FYI, the digital camo (at least in the Army) is now called ACU's (Advanced Combat Uniform). No ironing required, and with the desert boots, a quick brush and you're done. No shining required! I enjoy the roleplaying aspect for sure, especially the military oriented. . please explain me how i can play this modpack i downloaded the technic launcher on my mac i loged in but know what should i do. He probably got upset over ferrris mueller's death that was really sad.And maybe there's nothing else to record any more :(.
    Refers to Glis as sniper, gets shot. Well at least Glis knows what to do, should this duo get in a fix.

    Paul stop letting him get the kills on the giant dinosaurs I want to see you as a Dino when your huge and you have done a lot for him you need to get something out of this. .
    Paul, I know you are really busy a lot of the time and I really appreciate all the videos you do, Thank you for doing the best you can do!.
    I was thinking about one thing: can you actually build "driveable" tanks And if so, make a "Tank War" (just for fun). That would be great. Cya around Paul! (Sorry for my english).

    +Jared Ball Sorry. I'm a fast typer. I just changed my comment... By the way, it's "Durability" not "duribility". ;).

    Is there any chance that anyone knows (and is willing to say) the name of the mod that allows for the transformation of the player character into other mobs Massive multi-mod packs in general contain far more stuff than I want to have to keep track of, but that one greatly interests me..

    Do it like cousin genny rename a sheep ChimneySwift Call a sword "his own bare fist like a BOSS!!!!!".

    Why don't you buy a plot of land at bdouble0s place and use the trading plate to sell customers items... You could also sell them shells :D please put me on big tipper wall if you do it :D thanks pjs .
    +paulsoaresjr hey paul just saying thanks for all the hard work you put into the videos you make and who knows when i get more subs maybe we could record highly unlikely but it could happen and wow im getting way off track well again thanks and wow he shot u in the head. Paulsoaresjr I need help... I am playing on a server like you (Not recording) and somebody taglocked me. He cursed me with misfortune (Random bad potions) and No flying (Self-Explainitory) and he said I will break the curse if you give me the materials and I don't know if he is serious or he will just not do it. Can you ask your enemy chimney and if he knows anything. Thanks and also if you press z you can summon minions that can do stuff!!! But you will have to be Evil. ;( Can you please help..
    Don't have to ask Chimney the witch for that just look up the witchery mod wiki and try and make a statue of goddess it removes all curses hope this helps :P.
    The best way to kill chim is to wait in his curse room with the p90 or some other heavy damage dealing weapon and wreck him when he tries to curse without his automated curse settup. Everybody if u didnt no yet (which u shud) people r not allowed 2 destroy other peoples bases they r only allowed 2 attack them watch 1 of the witch battles nobody blew up or destroyed chims base (excluding the iron door).

    Noflam -
  61. December 11, 2015
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  62. December 2, 2015
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  64. November 4, 2015

    Comments about this video:

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  65. November 25, 2015
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  66. October 31, 2015
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  67. December 6, 2015
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  68. December 1, 2015

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  69. November 30, 2015
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  70. November 9, 2015

    Comments about this video:
    hey quick question... so i recently bought a butane lighter and it suddenly stopped working. Its not the gas i think because it says on the bottle zero impurities. Also i do have a spark. But even though both are working, nothing happens it doesn't turn on. I also tried changing the amount of gas when the bottom is pressed and it didn't do anything. A bit of help please thanks.
    Your're the first person i've met that explained something in a manner i understand better..

    i have a NIBO Space 7 Double Flame Butane Lighter one of the burners has a lower flame than the other how do i fix this.
    its simply because the "O ring " rubber stopper(the tiny black one) need a replacement. due to everyday use or may closing it too tight, it becomes bigger and the valve gives only a minimal flame. as a common user the next thing im going to do is to adjust it.+. the more you adjust it to + the harder for your igniter to reach the normal flame because of the pressure. for me the best solution here to save time and headache... close the line of the regular flame....
    Hello, I bought a vector butane gas and at bottom it writes 2007. Does the quality remains the same after so many years Does it have expire date the butane gas Thank you.
    I think the reason the little reg flame don't work till it is upside down is that is how that type of flame changes to light pipes.
    how true is it that that cheap butane refills damage the lighters are the manufactures talking out of their asses.

    +a if you use cheap Butane it can clog the channels because they are filled with impurities. Getting premium Butane will help make a lighter last longer due to less impurities.

    i often have lighters that wont work after filling so that for example fluid gas comes out of the top or it only does a short flame.why.

    Thanks for making this video...and sharing it...Now I can fix my lighters (years of tossing aside in a box ) make them work and display them...My lighters usually quit after my friends use them...grrrrrr.

    I wouldn't suggest taking a lighter to school at all these days. Probably would be considered a weapon....
    I have a really old rowenta electronic. the flame works, but I need to start it with my jet lighter because looks like the ignition system uses a 22.5 battery to work. Do you know if these batteries still exist .
    Was hoping u could help me out here I have a jet light that's not shooting gas to the spark it's filled up n all I was messing with the flame setting n it spazzed out in me n I tried to fix it but when I took it apart something dropped out what do I do.

    i have a prometheus kkp. ive taken the lighter apart so i could figure out why my lighter wont light. it seems that gas is not being released at all from the tank. ive tried fixing the adjuster knob but that wont do anything. .
    Thank you very much for this. I was able to get one of my gas station novelty lighters to light about 9 out of ten times. Mine does not have the pilot gas/light Anyway it works now. I was ready to toss it in the trash.. I have a beautiful Rocket Lighter that works perfectly. I am putting my belongings in storage for 2 years and figured I should empty the lighter fluid before storing. Would you agree The crazy thing is that I purchased it on Ebay and was shocked when it shipped from England to California, filled with lighter fluid in it. I just hope that it works as well once I refill it in 2 years. Do you see any issues. I have a colibri with 2 jets, but one of the 2 jets gives a regular flame instead of a jet. Any idea what the problem could be.
    I have a pretty cheap electric butane lighter, but when I press the button, there is no spark, is there a way to recharge it somehow Thanks.

    +The_M0dern_G4mer Nope. The piezo electric unit is broken entirely. You could remove another piezo electric unit from another lighter and fit it to yours... but most lighters wont allow that as the unit is normally glued in and not replaceable by the customer..

    I have a colibri with 1 jet. It has fuel (butane) but no spark ! Can someone tell me what to do !! .

    Before filling a butane you should take a small screw driver and push down the intake valve to release the gas, this is the most common problem with refueling them when you think they don't work. If you have a spark then release the gas first..

    i have a theory, as i have tried it with some of my other lighters, because of the speed of the jetfire which goes away to fast try lowering the amount of the gas from the jet lighter. please try it ant let me know if it works. thanks .

    2 cutlerylover i have a lighter just like this, but no gas seems to be coming out what so ever, would you know what could be the problem and i know there is butane in it .

    You're a good person to fix your friend's lighter!! The spark is piezoelectric (it's just the opposite of inkjet printers where voltage is applied to the printing head). The only thing I can add, it helps to warm the can of (refill) butane first before filling. I guess this raises the pressure of the gas. I agree with Oliver, completely purge all the gas out before refilling. In my opinion, the piezoelectric spark element is the first thing to fail, especially with cheaper Ronson brand lighters; the plastic element case cracks..
    Liked you video on fixing the butane lighter. Can you help me out of where to find or buy filling valve at the bottom of the lighter .
    maybe the one flame hole has a blockage why dont you empty the butane and use a syringe or something to put water through to clean it out.
    maybe the little bar is bent slightly and its not puting out enough fuel just a tip if u hadnt thought of that.
    you should see if you can get a macro mode, or macro lens for your camera, if you can interchange them, would be perfect for your close up videos.
    Hey thank you for your post I just watched and fixed two of my crappy hong kong imported butane lighters that worked for about a week give or take, then simply stopped working even after refilling.. my lighter sparks and i can hear and smell butane coming out when i press it. but the butane dOsent ignite. WTF . You can send to me to evaluate. Possible valve problem or Contact me on my website : w w w. sparks of time vintage lighters. c o m. 2 cutlerylover try turning it down im thinking that the jet is blowing the outher stream off gas out . i have a butane lighter that won't turn on i can hear the gas getting out but nothing happens please help me!!. I have a coffin shaped torch lighter and it's refillable and I found out that, that clear plastic piece in it is torn and no gas is coming through.
    i have something like yours zippo mpl thing...i got problem with it. i open it already, the tank is still full and it do spark. but won't come on fire like it used to fix it do reply to help me.

    I've heard air getting trapped in the lighter can do that. If it wasn't that it was just some impurity that was clogging your lighter up..

    Hi, can you help me please :) I have a butane lighter, mine's a flint (also has a jet flame function). I had to dismantle the entire thing to get a jammed flint stone out :( Anyway, in the process I ripped the fuel line. Amazing that was a simple fix (melt the plastic close), however I can now no longer put the damn thing back on. That is I can't put the fuel line back on the valve thingy. Is there a special tool I need I'll be very helpful. .
    I was wondering that too, but now my question is, how long does this system last Does the crystal degrade Does it last forever. I have one that is a pistol and I can't take it out or don't know how but i don't think u would have to to fix it in like 10 mins the lighter will drain from where you fill it up u can here it coming out so its a hazard and u can't use it is there anyway u can fix it.
    To replace the ignitor you must take aprt the lighter. There should be a couple long pins that hold the top of the lighter to the inner body (sometimes a small screw on some colibri lighters). Once you get the top off... The ignitor just slides out for a replacement. Sometimes you have to replace the burner along with the ignitor if it is attaches. Most lighters the wire can be pulled out of the top burner... w w w. sparks of time vintage lighters. c o m.
    Want to try an fix my butane lighter Its leaking fluid when you try to fill it. Its leaving where you fill it. .
    2 12eyseandahalf In an eletric lighter, a spring-driven mass strikes a piezoelectric crystal and exposes that crystal to a sudden enormous strain. This strain changes the shapes of the electronic levels in the crystal and produces an imbalance in the electric charges on the crystal's surfaces. One side of the crystal acquires a large positive charge, the other a large negative charge. Theres more to explain but...thats how a small charge is created or spark, enough to light the fuel.
    ive been collecting lighters all types for over 30 years the first thing i learned was to use good triple filtered butane like colibri or xikar or the fuel valve will clog up eventualy ther all all kinds of good brands of lighters and torches on the market also a ton of shitty ones too. i like blazer torches xikar torches and colibri lighters i have tried windmill lighters and think ther junk just no luck with them and ther expensive not worth the money at all. by the way good video dude!. where do u guys get that cool dual fire lighters. in my country, it's either normal fire or jet fire. not both.-.-.
    2 Rundfunk90 it's called a jeweller's loupe, you can get em loads of places online for very little money.
    Great video bro I have some of my dads lighters from the 50's and 60's that don't work and after seeing this I might try taking them apart and tinkering with them.. just hope they don't blow up in my i got a butane lighter/flashlight and cant get it to work no matter wut i do do u think u can help me out . Does anyone know where I could get a cheap lighter that has a soft and hard flame like the one in the video. try increasing the size of the flame to get the flame bigger thus getting it closer to the other lighter. i had one just like this, they are so convenient having both types of lighters in 1. 2 brownbear696969 I watched this in 360P and it is perfectly fine, maybe you should get a better computer . The problem I'm always having is that I can see it spark when I click the lighter but it won't ignite, you can take a second spark or flame and light it with that, so fuel is coming out but it won't ignite off of its own initial spark. I need to figure out how to fix that shit..

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  71. November 29, 2015

    Comments about this video:

    Actually should you have named that episode " Get Stung, Generikbee and Beedouble0100" Sorry if that was mean.

    Don't think good idea to bring ender chest to tropic craft. I think it wont work there! or maybe you have a different version!.

    Load the dispensers with arrows, fire chares and mabye even fire works and you'll have weopons/flares.
    It's funny how u don't have 1 mil subs yet when ur the first to upload mine craft on utube. +TheSwiftStriker Why dont you tell youtube that then because according to this Paul was the first.
    He doesn't like doing RL videos much because he's a father and doesn't like showing his face, and because he has 3 kids, that is why he also doesn't do facecam.
    Paul when are you going to continue playing Starbound can you make some more of them like for the weekends or something like that i love that show and i miss that you are not doing any more videos of it anymore can you please continue.. yeah paulsoaresjr !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! =D }=D =.
    Paul quickly make the extension on to your heart and fast because it will really help you when chimney trys to kill you or something with the puppets so make all the hearts you can and get a little into the witchery mod so you can not get hurt by his puppet.
    I know I'm catching up on this series and maybe to late for this suggestion, but have you tried in encasing your statues w/ solid air Chimneyswift has it on his tower windows, and it makes it look like there is nothing there but would keep the spiders and bees from escaping and attacking. .
    U can only make players not mobs/npcs but i guess u could use a player that has bee skin of a spear account..
    if you also watch chimneyswifts attack of the b team you know that bdub has "Sad squid eyes" for knees. Press this key ~ when hovering over the morph you want to favourite and the hold the same key to bring the favourites up.. You can load the dispenser w/ water buckets and it glitches, the buckets are full forever, and it propells you super fast. No steering though. .
    Hey Dr.Soares, I think pressing Z might help you out in some ways.Little hint, you'll get more help than just Igor, and this help does more than protecting and running tiki bars! (fill out what IT asks you 4 times, it takes 2 levels each time) Wha ha ha ha "Evil Laugh".

    Hey Paul! Some tips for you is you can make a flying airship by using the Arcimedies Ship's mod by add floaters to your boat.
    You forgot the slabs on the rear Quarts slab on each side! Also Black/grey carpet for foot rests if possible May need microblocks, however for the last thought.. if you eat the creeper heart it lets you have an extra two to three hearts, like the heart canister that needs a necratic bone. Please continue Paul plays minecraft plzzzzzzz-zzzzzzzzzzzzz-zz-zzz that was my favorite series you ever done plz.
    and pretty much everything else :P lol (exept the doors doesent make any sense to turn a door around).

    Psj, when you put the dispenser there is actually a engine in Archimedes ships. So you don't have to use a dispenser. .
    So close to 2 million subs! It will be so cool I've been watching you since you had only 100-200 thousand.
    Hey Paul,when 1.8 comes out will you do more Survive and Thrive I loved that series,it was my favorite. I've seen every single episode,so I would love to see that series come back,as would many other,I assume..

    that was the first thing i saw from paul way back when the first season of it was still coming out, one of my personal favorites from him.
    You can use "One way looking glass" in your base so you can see who's outside but they can't see you (it's also a creeper defense)!. And with defense I mean no more jumpscares...or boomscares...or jumpbooms whatever you want to call it.. Hey! I haven't seen any new 7 days to die videos in a long time, did you stop the let's play. lol i can see it now"unknown location Paul: What are the secrets of your dark magics Chim: smiles evilly GET WITCHED! teleports home" that would actually be his response to some extent. 8:26 Paul, stop being mean to your cat! So if it did something bad,you would SKIN it and turn it into SLIPPERS that's horrible!. you could try leashing a wasp to a fencepost in front of the bee team (like you can with a horse). not sure if it will work though.. every time you do a new sireis you never do enything els but that sireis for a long time i want mindcrack and terraria and legends of hoodie. Uh.. are you trying to communicate in some form of language recognised by other people on the planet.... +Benjamin Segler Only paul and the others on stated in the desc are whitelisted. Also if just anybody could come on, the server would not be able to handle the load..

    Human Anatomy by Cecelia Simms on Prezi
  72. January 4, 2016

    Comments about this video:
    Dis, c'est bien beau ton truc d'infinité, mais j'espère que tu l'as testé en mode survie....
    Salut dark sa vas dit tu pourés nous montré comment tu fait pour télécharger smash bat a plus.
    qand je met le mod dans le dossier mod il ne le prend pas en compte et donc ne marche pas pourtant j'ai forge et les autres mod marchent tu peut m'aider.
    ouis bon j'y arrive toujours pas j'arete je laisse tomber se mod mais c'ets dommage car il avait l'air tres biens inon tu veux pas mettre un et pour 1.64 je serai super content si tu le fais merci bcp ^^.
    Est ce que tu sais comment je pourrait faire pour mettre le mod sur mon launcher car je peut mettre le mod flan. Mais je ne sais pas comment faire pour que ça rajoute les packs dans le dossier flan. Est ce possible .
    +Remo Druez Oh calme toi gamin il disait juste a un moment de la vidéo qu'il avez déjà jouer a un jeu de guerre avec des cube je lui dis juste le nom du jeu PS: la majorité des joueur de minecraft on 12 ans donc "pas ton jeu de gamin"... Bon je te laisse dans ta crise d'ado a+.

    il me le faut en 1.6;4 et chaque fois que ej trouve ltruc 1.6.4 c'est en.jar et du coup sa marche pas sa m'énerve !!.
    je joue sur ataque of the b team et le titan ne se tourne pas quand je tourne la caméra HELP pliz.
    +Robert Grand Oui on sait mais il existe un jeu également qui s'appelle Ace of Spades..
    moi sa mamais en faite que toute les case por sélécionner un truc sa me mais de la laine est lorseque je clique dessut sa me mauis quil ni a rien dedans helph me svp. quand je veux crafter une arme arme je clique sur le modern weapon box mais sa me mais mais un bloc bizzare a la place du fer et je peut crafter aucune arme help :'(. Hey salut tout le monde j'ai un problème en fait j'arive pas activer l'interface de morph mod ! Si quelqu'un a la solution help me svp!. dark g une question moi je vois pas les veicule tu pourait m'aider stp liker pour qu'il vois plz.

    COXIFLAM PiggyBank Trademark Search Index, India
  73. December 13, 2015

    Comments about this video:
    There's no proof that the TSA stops terrorists. They failed to find mock weapons during testing and have never discovered a plot. They just violate everyone's privacy "for America". So in Canada we have metal detectors and peace officers to do general checks. What is wrong with America. +Andrea Adkins The US Air Force has never stopped a Russian invasion of bombers and fighters into the US> Soooo they must be pussies too! Your logic is flawed..
    Welp, I'm never leaving the country... and I would rather pay thousands in gas money while driving across the country than getting on a damn plane..

    And here at Soviet Russia In Soviet Russia it was quite differently. Now do not call the "Soviet Russia"... Speak Russia.
    BRUH I DON'T CARE IF THERE A FEMALE I AIN'T GONNA LET SOMEONE TOUCH MY BODY FEW WORDS IF THEY TOUCH ME🐺🐺 HELL NO!!! PERVERT!!! MOLESTER!!! WHY WOULD I HAVE DANGEROUS STUFF ON ME!! LIKE BRUH!!🐺🐺😾😾. for the dude with the rifle: the military reserves whole planes that are flown into their own base to transport marines and soldiers and sailors to other bases such as korea or japan or around the usa and we are required to have our weapons and other gear with us so that when getting acountability for all the serial numbers and lists everyone is acounted for more easily. and also none of them have any ammunition... usualy.. for the most part... well a few do for guarding... but yeah.
    AND YET ANOTHER REASON WHY I'LL NEVER RIDE AN AIRPLANE! It just isn't worth being grouped..
    Oh my gosh you ARE NOT GROPED EVERY TIME. I've been on a plane at least 20 times and I've never been groped like that.. 0:54 I would've gave that man $100 if he did that to my child. But I'd never be that damn careless..
    The TSA are there for Security Theater. They aren't making anything safer, they give that "feeling" of safety. What a shit load of fuck! "Anyone who would give up a little freedom for a little security deserves neither and will lose both" - Benjamin Franklin.
    I believe they refer to it as Security Theater". It looks like they are doing something to keep us safe, so we all calm down and shut up. It really isn't designed to actually do much but look good. They have done tests and failed each time in finding any actual suspicious or threatening contraband..
    this video was brought to you buy Photoshop. Photoshop: for when lying simply won't cut it outrageous modified images will. :Photoshop.
    Um sir, I don't need to see your penis. YOU DONT NEED TO SEE MY WHAF Um, I don't need to see your penis. WELL YOU SEE MY PENIS ON THE X-RAY!!!! Lol I laughed WAY TOO HARD. Shit I'm going to the airport in January now I would rather be killed instead of them searching me. +lae226 do u eve watch or read the news we have found people with bombs in their underwear their fucking underwear!!!!. I got pulled to the side once and investigated on my "beeping pouch" inside my pants. yeah that beeping pouch was my diabetic insulin pump that they had to take apart. fucking asses.
    Ok I know you probly have mods, so I wanna ask them. Why did he say the mom left the kid on the security belt at the airport. Might have wanted to say parent instead. Dads can mess up too!!! :P.
    I just started watching your Chanel a couple of ours ago and I couldn't stop... The only reason I must now is because my device is going to die! Tomorrow I will watch again!. Oh good i'm not living in America, i'm living in Texas, it's way better here, than in America. We found a gun on an old man during a patdown. If he had a veteran flashback his fellow passengers woulda been screwed.. Well maybe we wouldn't have to have all these extra security precautions if Muslims didn't bomb everything in humanly sight. Unfortunately, flighing is a privilege, not a right. If one does not like what is being done, you have other modes of transportation. Otherwise, take it and accept it.. The poster was the best one: Terrorist Plots Discovered: 0 Transvestites: 133 Hernias: 1485 Hemorrhoid Cases: 3172 Enlarged Prostates: 8249 Breast Implants:59,350 Natural Blondes: 3 Might have been slightly funnier if the Implants number was odd instead of even.... +dylon blader blader "fuck Muslim racist JIHADIST" That has ,what to do with this Video Other than 99% of your other Posts are the same thing. E.G: "Nuke all Muslim JIHADIST Pigs Racist pussoes of Allah." So you just thought you'd slip another one into here.
    For all the people saying those air port people are just doing their jobs by molesting innocent kids and adults for ''national security''...F*** you. -_-.

    1:16. I don't have any problem with fat people. But this is just plain fucking disgusting. HOW DO YOU LET YOURSELF GET THAT FAT! STOP EATING.
    Cause fluck you we violate your privacy because we care go fluck yourself -ONSION and every TSA ever. Once I was in an airport and I got 'searched' and the guy basically grabbed my tits. I didn't complain because my mom would have found out....
    As with anything else you people just don't get it. The age of a terrorist is what then why is the tsa searching old people a babies the answer is easy because if you don't check them thats where a bomb is going to be. Remember the end of the vietnem war when they were getting the people out of the country. They found grenades in diapers of some babies.they were told to search EVERYONE and they let babies slide, well just because. Then they started checking and got a surprise plus. Thats why everyone gets checked..
    +Angelina Dudley because c4 is plastic and a small piece shoved into your rear would never be detected..

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  74. January 3, 2016

    Comments about this video:

    I LOVE YOUR VIDEOS! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! Summon the ender dragon.

    FGTeeV's Comment Section. 50% Really stupid people 5% Perverts 5% Asks for personal information 20% People who comment and most people dont give a f**k 20% People who say they have 0.13.0 but not the truth.

    Christmas is coming in 4 days I am so excited about Christmas it's my favorite holiday I love it 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍❤️❤️❤️❤️💜💜💜💜💜💚💚💚💚💚💓💓💓💓💓😍.from Patrick.
    2nd St Louis Vuitton Monogram the best of all the other hand is a 50th anniversary of a few years ago. we are going through. we also have to go back..
    if you click world like creative you can walk lava any time you want duddy can you shout out for me please duddy im a little kid and im 8 yers old and my name is aisyah im a big fan of you i wish i would join you duudy i can speak english whatever i want and im a girl.
    hey fgteev family plz do a minecraft story mode episode 4 because jessie has now have new armor and a diamond sword.
    I like 0.14.1 because 7th has pistons like everything that is Redstone and you can wear armor in creative and you can open chest in creative.
    You could already wear armor in creative. How 1. Go to survival. 2. Put on armor. 3. Go to creative.. If you make the nether in a flat world, you would end up with a bunch of lava and nothing exciting. But one time I found the nether fortre.
    stop saying mean stuff about them there just a family who spends time with their family and plus why you even watching this are you a kid.
    why don't you should try minecraft 0.13 update is pretty awesome!! and you can be place Redstone and Redstone stuf ok I hope you updated it peace out.
    I'm never likeable 😓😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😮😮😮😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭.
    what will kill me 😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈🔫🔫🔫🔫🔫🔫🔫🔫🔫🔫🔫😈🔫🔫😈🔫😈🔫😈🔫😈🔫🔫😈🔫😈🔫😈🔫😈🔫😈🔫🔫😈🔫😈🔫😈🔫😈😈😈😈😈🔫🔫🔫🔫🔫🔫🔫🔫🔫🔫🔫🔫🔫🔫🔫🔫😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈🔫🔫🔫🔫🔫🔫🔫🔫🔫🔫🔫🔫🔫🔫🔫🔫🔫🔫🔫🔫🔫😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈🔫🔫🔫🔫🔫🔫🔫🔫🔫🔫🔫🔫🔫🔫🔫🔫🔫🔫🔫🔫🔫🔫🔫🔫🔫🔫🔫🔫🔫🔫🔫🔫🔫🔫🔫🔫🔫🔫🔫🔫🔫🔫🔫🔫🔫😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈🔫🔫🔫🔫🔫🔫🔫🔫🔫😈😈😈🔫🔫🔫🔫🔫🔫🔫😈😈🔫🔫😈🔫😈🔫😈😈😈🔫🔫🔫🔫🔫😈🔫🔫😈😈😈🔫😈🔫😈🔫😈🔫😈🔫😈🔫😈🔫😈🔫🔫😈🔫😈🔫🔫😈🔫🔫🔫🔫🔫🔫🔫🔫🔫😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈🔫🔫🔫🔫🔫🔫🔫🔫🔫🔫🔫🔫🔫🔫🔫🔫🔫🔫🔫🔫🔫🔫🔫🔫🔫😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈🔫🔫🔫🔫🔫🔫🔫🔫😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈🔫🔫🔫🔫🔫🔫🔫😈😈😈😈😈😈🔫🔫🔫🔫🔫🔫😈😈😈😈🔫🔫🔫🔫😈😈😈😈😈🔫🔫🔫🔫🔫😈😈😈😈🔫🔫🔫🔫🔫😈😈😈😈😈🔫😈😈😈🔫🔫🔫😈😈🔫😈🔫🔫😈😈😈🔫😈😈🔫😈🔫🔫🔫🔫🔫😈😈🔫🔫😈🔫😈😈🔫😈🔫😈😈😈😈😈😈😈🔫.

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  75. October 26, 2015

    Comments about this video:
    bigfoots son is julious jr XD BTW WACTH OUT /(.)\ ILLLUMANNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNATTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTI O-O 0-0. y8y8y8y8y8y8y8y8y8y8uubbnvmb mv vgff..,,rdfr5oooiirj,lk,p';''/jgg.
    Kim 888888888888888888888888888888888666666666655555544433221109999998888888888889+00000xxxxxx88888888. .

    Whenever i watch these videos when your finding things its always the last egg! Its obvious that you know what the things are..

    Noflam -
  76. October 27, 2015

    Comments about this video:

    +joshd Their sheer size is just absolutely stunning. You would think their immense size restrict their movement and they would be easily eaten up by some sharks. But somehow they manage to survive..

    Full film, also about how eating meat is the destroyer

    +Come Visit Waikiki necissary sacrifices were made to learn to be better. We are always improving ourselves, we will save this planet and each other.

    there's still time to save the planet, in the meantime, look at these dicks with cool cameras and rockets UP THEIR ASSES annoy some beautiful creatures and screw up the footage with their posey underwater moves. facepalm.
    this is not our world it's theirs and we're trying to take it from them by killing them off. I know it's kinda cheesy but I think they ment that If we humans loose hope and don't do anything there is no hope for this species.
    my dream has come true, for more people to become aware of this atrocity and to have more people take action towards it.
    Save the whales Go vegan. Watch Seaspiracy or the best speech ever by Gary Yourofsky on YouTube. Or Cowspiracy on Netflix. . Why does this video only have 270k views While "music" videos get millions and millions. Mayor smh. Whens that GoPro wast mount come out It has GoPro's Logo On It 1:02 And some of that footage in the beginning is from the Adventure of life with the whales, and the dolphins video is from the 360* video when it came to GoPro under the boat. Still loved the video..
    Well actualy that is the 3rdPersonView mount by us: SailVideoSystem (but GoPro put their logo on it ;-).
    To lose those magnificent creatures would be unthinkable. Everyone on this planet should see this. It gives you a perspective of how small and petty we are as a species. We are so arrogant. We know nothing. We can so much from them if we open our minds.. When I sailed from Seattle, WA up into Canada it was ridicules our first stop on our to Victoria we saw thousands of pieces of trash. Misanthropy will not help the situation. If humans are the problem, then humans are also the solution.. Wow!!! Thank you so much for this very interesting documentary. I love blue whales and would be awesome to see one in person!!. would have been much better without it telling me the whole time how much of a terrible people we are.. I kinda wish the divers that were in frame were closer to the blue whale to more accurately show their size but it's still amazing footage. Probably the best blue whale footage ever shot and I've scoured the internet for it. When I was 5 years old I saw a diagram showing the size difference of different gigantic animals compared to man with a blue whale clearly being the biggest and have been wanting to swim next to a blue whale ever since and now I'm 30. I am extremely envious of these guys and that's an understatement. It's at the top of my bucket list..
    The whale was so beautiful! The video was so inspiring! Of only the people on this world were like that whale and this video... 😭.

    Ever since I was a child growing up on the west Coast of Scotland I have always been fascinated by these beautiful creatures. I have tears in my eyes and I don't know why. Thank you for doing this..
    This is absolutely amazing. I am blown away by blue...absolutely stunning and I am so taken back by how this footage appeared on my computer. I cannot imagine what he/she looked like in real life. I cannot get over it. I was also cracking up over Louie's fits in the beginning. I'm an amateur photographer and I have major fits so I can see it when it comes to something like a Blue. Good job to everyone who did this! Love it!. We've damaged the environment, we've lost a few species, but its not the end of the world. We are a young race, were just learning to use our crib, we'll clean up, we'll save the life on this planet, its just going to take time. Dude we did not just harm this world we completely fuked it up the ass and we only realise now. But I agree we should be more carful and work together to revive peace on earth.
    =( what is he saying from 0:57 to 1:09 can't understand i'm from switzerland and my englisch is too bad...
    +Freeduu "I used to be embarrassed to say I was a filmmaker cause I felt like 'Jesus there are so many people who are real filmakers.' ". That is what you get in your Amazon packages to protect your product. Anybody else know what I am talking about. this is unreal, this is huge,amazing,fantastic, swiming next to the biggest creature alive :blue whale, is one of my dream, i dont know how to describe my feelings after watching this video, the quality is Amazing and clear too, they are really did a great and complete job!.
    I wish they would've called me. I would've taken them to swim with blue whales in clear water for free no problem: Enjoy at 1:55 as we swim side by side. Next time..

    Please watch the whole documentary eating meat is the whole cause of this actual documentary they made. It's insane what animal agriculture is doing to our planet that we share with so many other beings.
    I have chills. So amazing, so so beautiful! I'm so glad I get to be a part of this world and witness it all.. Всем привет! Меня зовут Аня и я снимаю видео на gopro, мне необходима Ваша поддержка и оценка! Пожалуйста, зайдите на мой канал и посмотрите видео, если вам понравится, то обязательно поставьте лайк и подпишитесь на канал! Скоро будут еще видео! Спасибо;). I'm not sure how was the feeling for the divers, but as I can see here and I can tell that it's really impressed! The most touching and most beautiful things I've ever seen..
    Well actualy that is the 3rdPersonView mount by us: sailvideosystem ( gopro just put their logo on it ;-). wow, im touched. if i could i would change the world emediantly but i cant, so im gonna wait until i grow. until that im gonna do small things! Everyone share this video!.
    Can i volunteer Do y'all have an internship opening soon I'd clean the boat just to experience a moment like that..

    Love this! 😍😍😍 Btw, I just started a YT channel and I need more subscribers! Pls help by checking out my first vlog taken by GoPro and also subscribe xxx.
    Daaaamn this video made me cryyyy😭 i love the ocean i this is AMAZIIIIIING the bigest animal in the world OMG absolutly wonderfull❤️ i love it😍😍. +Alex Mcgaw Sure, I'm studying marine biology and we are doing a project for the care of the ocean, we should all do something to save the planet. They talk about billions but the time will come when all the people realize that there is a higher being and that being is God who created all things including this whale in six days and that the earth is only 6000 yrs old. No use arguing against me because the time will come when this is realized..

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  77. November 20, 2015

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    I love the part when she runs up the stairs ❤️ Also which guy did Frankie pick she gets a new boy every movie 😫. +Maletic AnimeWatcher Sorry for any people who likes the character and I misspelled stick, I'm just stating my opinion.
    The Monster High movies are really amazing. I really enjoy watching all of the Monster High movies really. I have all of the Monster High movies on DVD.

    IDK what it is about this song but it gives off a very 1990's soft song sorta vibe and I love it for that!.
    I want to talk Monster High I like the shows and I want to put the pictures can you put on the pictures so I can see how that would control him he'll help BTR and the faces and all that kind of stuff please. Realize uigjkllquhkvlfofkcugfyhfyjnfyknfjmbujbhmvjmjkmnvmlmhl,jklnuinhikjyuol,nuilkbyukknvghukmjhghjygjhhjgnghhbjyghjjgyijhjokjyujhhgghnn tyumjhujjujmmjjmjhnjhjjjmjji jnjjnnhhhhhhhhhb😭😵😭😭😵😵😵😭😵😭😭😵.
    monster high I protest that you bring Frankie and Jackson back I have never in my life hated a male mh character in till you broth Nathan sucks.

    Heath and Jinafire are dancing together... YEEESSS!! Thank you Monster High!!! Ever since Fear to Eternity, I've been wanting that to happen!!.

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  78. January 19, 2016

    Comments about this video:
    I guess we're at the creepy stage when we know how wendy's breath sounds. Hence guessing her voice become this easy lol.
    ITS OKAY WENDY. Even though you were nervous and didn't go through, you still went far for us. I hope everyone gets touched when you sing. Oml, your voice is everything !.
    i'm so amazed with wendy when suddenly sungjae guess her as apink's namjoo and gura said that namjoo had came before 😁😁 OMG SUNGJAE THAT'S YOUR SISTER-IN-LAW!!.
    +elizabethwkl He said he was an mc for music broadcast and he remembers the gesture or something and said its Red Velvet's Wendy.


    I'm so proud of Wendy. I hope she gets more chances to show her talent in the future, she needs a lot of recognition, I'm tired to see that she's so underrated when she's actually one of the best out there. I love you Son Seungwan, never give up love, you'll get to shine like the star you are one day 💜.
    YOU DID SO WELL WENDY! THANK YOU FOR LETTING US HEAR YOUR WONDERFUL VOICE!! WE'VE BEEN BLESSED! I LOVE YOU!!!! ♥♥♥. Our Wendy, God why are you killing me Wendy can you stop being so amazing Supporting you forever...
    going through the comments tryna find out who this "wendy" was and FINALLY found my answer LOL woaaah but im really curious whose the guy :O.

    can someone please explain to me how this show choose their winners how did wendy lose sorry not so familiar with king of masked singer.. >.

    +Jolly Roger nope! it's based on their singing and the audience votes! :) you're welcome! it's quite amazing that sungjae managed to guess it was his 'sister-in-law' hahaha.
    yes!!! but people can't see that because title big company and 'SM flower garden'... :'(. +Kris Suho I also think it's because SM has a bad reputation so people tend to think that their artists are talentless >_. YOU HAVE NO IDEA HOW PROUD WE ARE FOR YOU!! YOU SLAYED US ALL IN ONE BLOW (NOT TO MENTION UR BABY PHOTO).
    All of the comments are about Wendy... I know that she's a good singer but can we also talk about the male singer LOL He did a rly good job and wanna know who he is.
    wendy yaa 😭😭😭 I will waiting the day that you have 1 album 😢😍 also yooA my baby 😙 I'm happy to see her.

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  79. December 26, 2015

    Comments about this video:

    Lukas, don't bother listing players for minimum price for your opponent to get because EA bots get if first that's why Thiago Silva sold so quickly.

    Lucas it's my birthday today and I was hoping I could get a reply cus I'm one of ur biggest fans.

    +George Emery ====================================== F.I.F.A.16 - F-R-E-E - U.N.L.I.M.I.T.E.D - C.O.I.N.S F.I.F.A.16 - F-R-E-E - U.N.L.I.M.I.T.E.D - C.O.I.N.S F.I.F.A.16 - F-R-E-E - U.N.L.I.M.I.T.E.D - C.O.I.N.S
    Hi Guys I'm a FIFA YouTuber. I'm aiming for 3k Subs. I upload a My Player Career Mode & also a Aston Villa Career mode. Its so hard to get seen on YouTube Now Days & thats why I'm in the Comment Section. Hope you Understand :). +FIFABOYDK ====================================== F.I.F.A.16 - F-R-E-E - U.N.L.I.M.I.T.E.D - C.O.I.N.S F.I.F.A.16 - F-R-E-E - U.N.L.I.M.I.T.E.D - C.O.I.N.S F.I.F.A.16 - F-R-E-E - U.N.L.I.M.I.T.E.D - C.O.I.N.S +Ben Doherty > $F.U.T=16==>>4.F.R.E.E=C.O.I.N.S$ $F.U.T=16==>>4.F.R.E.E=C.O.I.N.S$ $F.U.T=16==>>4.F.R.E.E=C.O.I.N.S$
    +BrooklynHD ====================================== F.I.F.A.16 - F-R-E-E - U.N.L.I.M.I.T.E.D - C.O.I.N.S F.I.F.A.16 - F-R-E-E - U.N.L.I.M.I.T.E.D - C.O.I.N.S F.I.F.A.16 - F-R-E-E - U.N.L.I.M.I.T.E.D - C.O.I.N.S
    great vid lucas btw mate i think you look better without the goatee look like a bigger cunt anyways keep it up big man the subs are yet to come. LUKAS I've got an idea ! Search and discard on iOS! Basically you do search and discard and instead of discarding the players you snipe them on your Instagram! Like say you list a Messi for 100k and one of your followers get it you basically giving them 4-5m iOS profit! Please like or comment if you think it's a good idea. Wtf search and discard on TOTY silva Are u kidding Lol some people want that card real bad and ur gambling with it XD.

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