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December 24, 2015

Comments about this video:
Don't click Read more ░░░░░░▄▀▒▒▒▒░░░░▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▒█ ░░░░░█▒▒▒▒░░░░▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▒█ ░░░░█▒▒▄▀▀▀▀▀▄▄▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▄▄▀▀▀▀▀▀▄ ░░▄▀▒▒▒▄█████▄▒█▒▒▒▒▒▒▒█▒▄█████▄▒█ ░█▒▒▒▒▐██▄████▌▒█▒▒▒▒▒█▒▐██▄████▌▒█ ▀▒▒▒▒▒▒▀█████▀▒▒█▒░▄▒▄█▒▒▀█████▀▒▒▒█ You are a rebel, i like you.
+DrakeFanOVO drizzy Breezy...lmfao A Flake fan,oops i mean A Fake fan.damn I mean A Drake fan or as you would say A Dreezy fan...lmfao, That fake Nigga wannabe/ Jews lyrics and flow are as soft as a Jelly sandwich...smh.
Why does Rick Ross's fat ass have to ruin every song he is featured on He is literally garbage a rapping and he has man double D's.. Grils would either pick Chris Brown or Usher. I've never seen one pick Rick Ross. He's got 2 tickets for the ball game; one for his left butt cheek and the other for his right..
Chris Brown is the best !!!!! Now many singers are using (AUTHENTIC HITS dot COM) to get billion of views.

I think cb is better at being r and b-like, but Usher is way better at being aggresive and party like.

+N.A K Lol, ya got me. But i thought ushers main love songs came from 2009 or whenever that one album came out. Guess not. Btw, kiss kiss is quite possibly my favorite song ever, so thats probably why i choose cb over usher.

usher is the shit! if just 1 verse in a song or one cameo in a vid or 1 line in a movie ya cant go worng its usher.
I could watch this video all over and over again. One of the best Music Video's of Chris Brown! I super love it! the upbeat is so catchy!.
For those of you who are confused about what Rick Ross says he says Yogi Berra as in the baseball player.

I don't know why but everytime they mention "New Flame", I just imagine Usher singing in a glass box, spinning around emotionally... wHY ThE FaHK.
Both Chris and Usher did a lame ass job with this awesome instrumental. The few lyrics that are in this track,are shit. A line isn't a line here, but three words sung longer in order to cover the part. Rick is more disgusting than ever, with his "flow" gettin worse everyday ( I expect him to have that heart attack any day now). So yeah..try again boys, but next time try not to suck this hard. For those who believe that 172 million hits make this track good, keep in mind that those people who listen to this shit are stupid little kids that would listen to anything you give them.. +afti03 I found this to be one of the best songs Chris brown has ever produced, so not sure why you're so butt hurt about everyone liking it. People are different, so calm the fuck down..
I have a great day and night, I am not sure how I can get away her husband. The There There's nothing wrong with that, and a. sidebar I 5th. We have.
Who else forgets that Rick Ross is in this song I normally do because of the fact that you have Chris Brown and Usher in ONE video..

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December 26, 2015
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December 31, 2015
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January 1, 2016
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December 29, 2015

Comments about this video:

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December 20, 2015
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December 25, 2015
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January 3, 2016
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December 28, 2015

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December 22, 2015
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December 21, 2015
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December 23, 2015
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December 27, 2015

Comments about this video:

Underrated guitarist! I think 4,754,850 people that have visited this site since April 30 2012 speaks for itself. I can pick Mark's 'guitar signature' anywhere. I went to see him live in Adelaide, Australia way back in the early eighties, he played the Instrumental from the movie 'Local Hero' ( Going Home ) I remember he 'deadened' a note at the end of the intro ( Instead of letting it ring, or sustain ) he dropped his arm's to his side, shook his head for a second, picked up the time and continued on ( the crowd gave him a standing ovation as he finished the song perfectly! I had chills ) I had all his 'Dire Straits' albums and being a guitarist myself, have been heavily influenced by Mark. He is like David ( Gilmour ) to me, he knows just how to bend just one note with such feeling and lets the notes breathe, he just doesn't try and ram 48 notes in to a bar, proving to me speed isn't everything. I like 'shredders' but, some just run up and down scales as fast as they can, without feeling or, taking the solo no where really. Mark makes his guitar sing and he tells a story with it. I think it was in 'Wiki' that I read once that Mark was doing a comedy skit with fellow musician ( David Gilmour ) and others, was able to take David's rig and sound like himself. A brilliant guitarist!.

+Ziggy „Frappanised“ Zappada : You can copy Mark Knopfler! -...ok, nearly each Chinese can copy anything! If you can play "Mozart" or "Beethoven" on your Piano: Do you think, you're at least "Mozart" or "Beethoven"! (Sorry, my english is worse, i'm german -...but i think, you know what i mean!).
7:51 look at the guitarist in the backing band as Mark demonstrates how he can play the same sequence of notes several different places on the fretboard. He looks like he's about to just put his guitar down and give up. Like "come on man, give us a break, will ya" :-). +Lars Pallesen Well it's not very difficult to play riffs at different positions at the neck. But like Mark Knopfler says, each position sounds different.. I can never explain what his guitar is to me...! Me... I know nothing about the guitar... but I know this... his guitar speaks to my heart..! Somehow he has the way to speak to me via his chords and his picking..! This song came at a right time when, I was so frustrated... and then I listened to this one evening... and it calmed me up so much, that it gave me goosebumps..! Been listening to him anytime, I need peace and meditation...!. Well stated. He is one of a handful of guitarists that I enjoy his guitar as an ART. MK is an ARTIST, not necessarily a performer & certainly not a showman. SRV, Clapton, Derek Trucks, Mick Taylor are some others I personally enjoy as artists. Music is part of our life stream,.
Another three quarter million people have viewed and heard Mark since I was here last 5 months ago! Almost 5 and a half million people have seen this since April 30 2012!.

As the man himself said, their are those with a talent that few ever atain, but as in the song he says the it is the wood that will ring, and the skill of an individual who can make it happen. It is one of those amazing things that only real talent can put into words that will last as long as the instrument itself or even longer. Mark will go into the musical book of who was who in the music world, the history book of those who atually had that touchand flare with both word and feel for the music. I taught for fifteen years and can honestly say that the best payment for my time was the fact that somewhere I might have sparked the flame some where that will take someone to fame, but its good to know that the knowledge that was passed on, regardless if to whom, will help carry them through life, as another string to their bow, and a touch of comfort to fall back on in troubled times and the good times as well. A wonderful concert to listen to and remember thanks Mark!!!!.

To me the mark of a great artist is the ability to hook you in and make a connection with a song that you've never heard before as much as, if not more so, with his "hits." Knopfler is such a treasure. I liken him to Richard Thompson - a real genius and legend despite his relative lack of commercial success or fame. People that only know "money for nothing" are missing out..

what a beautiful touch on guitar; the man is in a class of his own!!!!!!!!!! if you ever need a drummer i would humbly audition. I am on face book. In awe, and deepest respect, Val DaPra.

This will go down in the history of my life as one of the best hours I ever spent on You Tube. Thank you for posting this amazing concert..

why is there not a camera just for 56.08 minutes on his fingers i really want to see how the hack he does it all! there's no one better...
yes Mark, they are "milestones", "touchstones", "sound tracks" of our lives, and that is why it IS so important to play them as we originally remember them; they touch our souls, and that's why we keep returning to hear them! They remind us of moments, events, people, etc. that we WANT to keep close to us, which is hard to do because human memory is not perfect in retention, but our inner ear picks up really quick when something is out of place or improperly played because once the song reanimates the memory only perfection will do!!. +steven hewitt Disagree. If you want to hear the original, listen to the studio version. Sometimes songs played live, and especially with the Knopf, sound even better....
+IMN69 I think you're both right. You need the bones and the hooks that pulled you into the song in the first place, but artists change over time: tastes change; skills change; influences change, and I want those represented in the music as it's being played today. That's one of the reasons to see live music. How has the artist grown with that song Maybe the tempo's different. Maybe they use a different guitar. Maybe they change the backbeat, etc. It's all part of the art. But you need the familiar to be there as well, or they might as well just play things you've never heard before. When I saw Knopfler recently, and he started playing the little flourishes in Sultans of Swing, I got teary-eyed. "I'm watching Mark Knopfler play those great, fluid notes in 'Sultans of Swing,' right in front of me." It was a little overwhelming..
Hay tantos mundos y tan diversos, muchos soles todos diferentes, y tan solo tenemos un mundo, pero cada uno vivimos en uno diferente..
Had the great opportunity to see him tonight here in Hamburg, Germany. Seeing him live changed my entire life, I don't think I deserve calling myself a guitarist anymore. MK=God.
Mark is not only a great guitarist, he is a great composer and all round musician. His taste, tone, touch is second to none.. Yes, Brothers in Arms, I always play on Anzac day for my father Harry Nilson, who suffered mostly silently after he got home from being in Changi /Burma railway, for 3 years. He never marched/ went to bed all day on Anzac day. Too much pain.thanks Mark for that song. It means a lot to me. c.yates, S.Aust.. Type text or a website address or translate a document. Cancel Did you mean: And you are à moron, but why advertise it Ви праві, він є відмінним музикантом в усіх відношеннях.. +Микола Артеменко I agree entirely, my friend. Mark is a great all-round musician and all his tracks show a dedication in their production. Please ignore the text below it was not sent to you by me!. I love Mark Knopfer and every 'lick' he 'flicks' from his strings, I love his voice and the words he sings means so much to me. I love his band, every single man that give us that 'Knopfle'r sound, I loved it when he played with Chet. I cried when Chet left, he gave us love for a lifetime. I love Chet and Mark forever. Lindsay. Fantastic performance. Intimate setting. Almost like he was sitting in my living room visiting and playing music..
Awesome. One of the best songwriters. singers and guitar players ever. I don't do many drugs, but makes me want to smoke a joint. Wonderful..

Sometimes it is like he´s just playing for himself and allows the audiance to be with him. (meant in a positive sense).

13:30 "...I wanted to learn how to play a little a bit...but... then...ummm... the guitar itself just started to get on records, that I was making, and found his way on to (idk which) records, I was flowind around with the... one day it came out with this one".

Mark is magician with words, and admired for his soft and flowing guitar style!!! Excellent work Mark, much respect by all of us in the world of music..
o cara toca muito... mas pô velho, aula de guitarra e discurso de 20min entre cada música... caducando markão!. Hello Mark...A nice evening indeed...I just hope you have made mates with JJ...and bunged him a few quid..
Hard to believe he played guitar on a Phil Lynott song. Talk about two totally different lifestyles..
Yes. Very underrated. Superb player. One of my favorites. You don't hear MK on the radio here in the U.S anymore, unless it's Dire Straits.. One of my favorite all time guitarists and musicians, Mark Knopfler is a professional in all aspects of the word... a great creative spirit...!. I love this man,s guitar and songs and especially Going Home. Played by Matthew Gregory at the edinborough Military Tattoo, 2014 is just superb and I think Mark Knopfler would agree. such passion. That Sony Liston song is just incredible. Real classic 'black' sound, a sound I would have expected from the likes of John Lee Hooker. Just played it for the third time, now added to my favourites. Thank you for posting this, really enjoyable performance from one of my favourite artists and a brilliant exponent of the guitar..
Not afraid of facing the truth of life and death Go to TruthContest•Com and read ~~The Present~~.
+wasn't me Do not be terrified of death. It's just like going to sleep and not waking up. Others have to cope with it. You will not..

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December 30, 2015
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December 7, 2015

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November 26, 2015
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December 5, 2015

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December 16, 2015
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November 29, 2015

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November 18, 2015
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January 18, 2016
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December 9, 2015

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December 24, 2015
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January 3, 2016
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January 27, 2016

Comments about this video:

I would have to go with team flare because I never thought that there would ever be an evil team that is bent on destroying all of pokemon life and all of the human race that is not a member of team flare so yea they are cool and evil at the same time.
QOTD: Team Galactic. I enjoyed the Sinnoh games the most. XD My own question for MExile: Do you have a pokemon mascot. MExile loves shuckle, I don't know if she said out right that it was here mascot but it sort of became the mascot. QotD - Team Plasma, since you have to battle their leader at the end of the game, and they are so intrigueing when you have to find the accomplices-in-hiding around the map. Such joy!. i hate annoying posts like this but im a fairly new channel and i just started a new play through of platinum if u wanna check it out do it !!!. Qotd: team rocket, because My first pokemon game i played was fire red, and they are so dumb in the anime.
I started late on this series but I have one question "are you guys using like a controller or keyboard".
I take it back UExile, I no longer think you should be sacrificed to Ammit, the devourer of the dead for speeding up your gym battle. Team galactic is the best evil team. They wanted to enchain gods and use them to recreate the universe in Cyrus' image. Apparently "Don't look at me!" is the next t-shirt design. It has the image of a trainer with the word exiles written on the top of the cap who is holding a Poke'ball and a Poke'mon who has its arms crossed and its eyes closed and above the Pokemon is the words "Don't look at me!" This would be great if it were a mascot like either Uexile's Crobat with its wings crossed and its eyes closed or one of Mexile's favorite Poke'mon, something like a Pikachu or an Eevee because Eevee is amazing. . QOTD- Even though I like the Sinnoh region because it's the first game I played, I still like Team Plasma for some reason.

sertraline (Zoloft) Causes, Symptoms, Treatment - What...

November 11, 2015
Noflam (Naproxen) is a nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drug (NSAID) which is used to treat arthritis, ankylosing spondylitis, gout, tendinitis, and menstrual pain. i17
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December 31, 2015
Noflam works by reducing hormones in the body that cause inflammation, pain and fevers. It is used to treat conditions such as rheumatoid arthritis, osteoarthritis... i18
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December 27, 2015
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November 9, 2015

Comments about this video:

Naproxen - Health Navigator New Zealand

December 1, 2015
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December 17, 2015
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November 20, 2015

Comments about this video:
i was going to buy some food. Youtube recommended this vid to me, Clicked just to have some background music. Ended up turning it up pretty loud and now i have a fat one in my hand. I'll go buy food later ;).
this mix is so freakin dope ! and here's the tracks list : 1.Intro (The Medication) 2.Come Round Get High 3.Five To Roll It Up (Ft. Sheiky Barbarino) 4.Kush From The Bong 5.Stoned Izm 6.High On Kush 7.Wake Up Light Another 8.Blunted With Greenthumb 9.Recipe For High Times (Ft. Sheiky Barbarino) 10.Let Me In.
+wael denfari The lyrics b sings are from a song not listed. Like at 3:50 it is luniz i got 5 on it beat but the opening lyrics was roll it up light it up smoke it up.. +Mr Liima That line is also in his Dr. Greenthumb song. He took a lot of lyrics from his old mixtapes for his songs..
Those first 40 seconds of ignorance make me laugh even if I'm not high. God damn guys like William Randolph Earst, fucking piece of shit.

+thetravelermotion See how propaganda can permeate the mind THAT is mind control! First time ever smoked weed, I was so high and happy, I sat on the couch for about 6 hours laughing my ass off and snacking, lol. Fell asleep, woke up with a slight high and drove home just fine. :).

and not that I give a fuck about any of you YouTube dick riders because for real I could care less if you all kill yourself simultaneously like a cult suicide lol I'm just letting people know that I'm not some stupid shit he grammar and spelling mother fucker my voice text ain't where the fuck with this dude is wack ass shit and he lives to smoke weed and he's fucking gave his voice is gay as fuck and he sucks at rapping and I was wrong he probably don't even make no money that's probably why he interviews in a fucking vehicle called the smoke box what a bitch ass nigger.
puta madre rapea en tu idioma en español note entiendo nada rapea como en los viejos tienpos en castellano.
i know the lyrics is from k.u.s.h but the beat is another song and i want the name of that original song. thanks for reply tho :).
вау просто жоско при жоско знаю что они так красиво за читали этот трек в этом плэй листе если что привет use ребятат вам. 359 people are whack fucking haters, this mix destroys! Whole thing is solid, but when kush and hits from the bong got the crossover treatment I lost my god damn mind. Too ill for woooords. Respect.. ai... that`s feel me very ai. congratualitions. Don´t step the gress, smok it. ;-). Legalize it in all world. plese...! Said no a war, a alcóol and all a bad things!!! By...2.. this dude is such garbage he is so white and so wack what kind of grown man makes that kind of money and life revolves around weed lol dude you are whack your bars are whack your life is whack and clearly you have depression and anxiety issues at all you want to live for is weed get a girl and get some kids and grow up you fucking wack ass pussy nigger want to because you gay ass fucked and you wack as fuck and your bars are wack ass fuck you're so goddamn work I had to repeat that shit twice kill yourself Cypress Hill is the biggest pile of douche shit I've ever seen in my life you pussy fart ass nigger want to be.
+kwstas gatos Let Me In I guess as there was a tracklist further up the comments ;) 1.Intro (The Medication) 2.Come Round Get High 3.Five To Roll It Up (Ft. Sheiky Barbarino) 4.Kush From The Bong 5.Stoned Izm 6.High On Kush 7.Wake Up Light Another 8.Blunted With Greenthumb 9.Recipe For High Times (Ft. Sheiky Barbarino) 10.Let Me In.
fucking goverment eespecially when nickson was pres spread so much false propaganda horse shit, hahaha equal to lsd wtf.
+Ball Pythons nowhere near as intense mentally although both substances are extremely safe from a physiological standpoint.

voice text is garbage on iPhone 6ks lol this dude is horrible his voice is horrible his bars are horrible be real kill yourself you never should have started rapping dude you are worse than slim Jesus and he said put together man you are horrible horrible horrible you're like ICP pointless and have no reason or no meaning or no space or no spot to be in the rap culture world you are a fucking loser your wife ugly as hell your voice is laying bars are laying your flow is lame and you're not Jamaican dude to smoke a blunt full of bullets and blow your head off even with my voice text fucking up I'm still getting my point across that your garbage in every way every have pussy.

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November 3, 2015
Naproxen also helps to ease redness and swelling caused by injury... Do not take other NSAID medication such as ibuprofen or diclofenac while taking... Noflam. New... i25
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November 21, 2015
Naproxen sodium is the generic ingredient in Aleve and several other brands of pain medication. Naproxen is in a class of drugs called non-steroidal anti-inflammatory... i26
Noflam (Naproxen) - 250mg (500 Tablets) :: Arthritis...

January 2, 2016
Noflam is a medicine available in a number of countries worldwide. A list of US medications equivalent to Noflam is available on the website. i27
NoFlam - Anti-Arthritis Supplement

November 6, 2015

Comments about this video:
Seriously...she is the lecturer/professor with those nails... why was this not spotted prior to putting on youtube. rule #1: dont recap rule #2: in case u really need to recap when "ideal" situations are impossible, scoop the cap using one hand/ holding the syringe on the same hand and pointing the needle to the cap while its on the desk..then close the cap with the syringe entirely with ur other hand.. this is to minimize any possibilities of getting poked accidentally. Bosommy Gal, this is a teaching video, and thus she is suppose to be teaching the right techniques without bad habits! Just saying..
Ruby Mitchell, never recap in case you stick yourself especially when it has been used, its as simple as that! It gives students bad ideas to start off with, whether she is teaching or not, a safety cap should be used if practicing or using it on a client (most clinical setting have needles with safety caps especially nursing college!).
Artificial nails hides and harbours bacteria, and being in the nursing field she can and will pass on infection especially if the client is very ill, had surgery etc! No matter how many time she does hand washing she won't be able to get under and beneath those nails! That's certainly is a big No No!. This should be done in the pharmacy department in the clean room and IV hood. Technique used in this video puts patients at risk of receiving contaminated IV. .
+Suzan Kucukarslan Pharmacists would not be doing this for nurses. A nurse would typically do this in a med room on their unit, but as you can see this is in a simulation lab at the university of Alberta. Hence why it isn't in a med room. Her technique is per proper procedure and will not put patients at risk for infection..

Noflam p drug & pharmaceuticals. Noflam p available forms...

December 8, 2015
Aleve (Noflam) Active Ingredient: Naproxen. Aleve is used to treat pain or inflammation caused by conditions such as arthritis... Other names for this medication: i29
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December 11, 2015
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January 21, 2016
Noflam P consists of Acetaminophen, Nimesulide. Acetaminophen - Acetaminophen, also known as paracetamol, is commonly used for its analgesic and antipyretic effects. i31
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December 2, 2015

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I'm so pissed off because i cant get my ps2 working. I want to play on tour so bad!!!! Its my top 5 favourite games ever.
The woman who wrote this this song is very well known American domme mistress who is the feature of a new movie being directed by James Cameron and starring Rene Zellweger... Josh is so fucking cute....
240p quality also affects sound quality pretty bad. there are songs where you switch to 720p and you notice its much clearer..
I've just gotten into QOTSA, does anyone know any of their other songs that sound similar to this.

sertraline (Zoloft) Causes, Symptoms, Treatment - What...

November 16, 2015
Noflam (Naproxen) is a nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drug (NSAID) which is used to treat arthritis, ankylosing spondylitis, gout, tendinitis, and menstrual pain. i33
What Is The Best Anti Inflammatory Medication

November 8, 2015
Noflam works by reducing hormones in the body that cause inflammation, pain and fevers. It is used to treat conditions such as rheumatoid arthritis, osteoarthritis... i34
Noflam 500 (Naproxen) 250 Tablets/Pack (Naproxen 500mg)

December 13, 2015
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October 30, 2015

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Something tells me that Ryan is one HECK of a AWSOME nurse, and any facility where he's working should be on their knees thanking god he there !. I realy like these videos. They are incredibly helpful. I really hope that the focus of nursing returns to patient care so that we can honor and practice these behaviors as professionals from graduation to retirement.. I like the Nursing instructor who has the red top and real short hair she's the who reminded Mark to wash his hands BEFORE preparing the asprin. As a registered nurse myself, this whole video is BS. Training nurses NEVER do what the training nurse here does and go over everything step-by-step, they are too busy making rounds with their own patients. And real nurses almost never have the time or energy to do the "3 checks" or "Rights of Medication Administration." Just "grab and go" the pills and shove 'em down the patient's throat. I got too many other patients to worry about one of them having a bad reaction to expired pills..
I'm just a first year student but I kind of agree with you that it's just too long when doing it in practice. However this video is still really useful for me to learn the proper techniques and procedures that I will be doing under supervision..

Naproxen - Health Navigator New Zealand

December 19, 2015
Find patient medical information for Zoloft oral on WebMD including its uses, side effects and safety, interactions, pictures, warnings and user ratings. i37
NoFlam - natural anti-arthritis remedy | Anti-inflammatory...

January 11, 2016
However my condition improved a lot after trying your product NoFlam... Testimonials :... but my children stopped me and suggested to try some herbal medication. i38
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November 27, 2015
Noflam works by reducing hormones in the body that cause inflammation, pain and fevers. It is used to treat conditions such as rheumatoid arthritis, osteoarthritis... i39
Medication NoFlam - Buy Products In Vito Mol - Jun 23, 2015

January 13, 2016

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Noflam: where to buy online cheap Noflam medicine. Online...

October 28, 2015
Naproxen also helps to ease redness and swelling caused by injury... Do not take other NSAID medication such as ibuprofen or diclofenac while taking... Noflam. New... i41
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October 29, 2015
Naproxen sodium is the generic ingredient in Aleve and several other brands of pain medication. Naproxen is in a class of drugs called non-steroidal anti-inflammatory... i42
Noflam (Naproxen) - 250mg (500 Tablets) :: Arthritis...

January 17, 2016
Noflam is a medicine available in a number of countries worldwide. A list of US medications equivalent to Noflam is available on the website. i43
NoFlam - Anti-Arthritis Supplement

November 5, 2015

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This band showed promised, but the more I listen to them the more I miss Rage and Audioslave, and I am a big fan of Tim..
This stuff is hard to listen to. Its low tempo, repetitive and sounds like samples from a mixing program over and over. The droning vocals and 5 words repeated over and over just feel lackluster. Especially from such a great musician. .
Genetically modified food is safe btw. We've already been doing it for thousands of years through selective breeding. We have just changed the method but the goal is the same.. +Botany 500 They are among many companies that do it. Why focus on one Why base your entire view of GM based on just their actions I'm here to talk about GM. Not the fortune 500.. +soundslave Genetic modification is not the same as selective breeding, which is what they have been doing for thousands of years. selective breeding is trait selection WITHIN a species. Genetic modification is putting fish genes (I don't know which particular order, genus, and species off the top of my head, but a different one nonetheless compared to the plant.) into your corn! They have only been doing genetic modification for 20 years which isn't nearly enough time to determine anything about how healthy it is/isn't for human lives which last 65+ years in developed nations. Didn't really like the intro, but overall the song seems real good! Can't wait for more :). Please don't hash tag your own video, your making an otherwise OK song seem very pathetic and needy! You have to wait to be hash tagged by others..

Noflam p drug & pharmaceuticals. Noflam p available forms...

November 10, 2015
Aleve (Noflam) Active Ingredient: Naproxen. Aleve is used to treat pain or inflammation caused by conditions such as arthritis... Other names for this medication: i45
NoFlam - Testimonials

December 14, 2015
Real information about What Is The Best Anti Inflammatory Medication at Natural Anti Inflammatory i46
NoFlam - New anti-arthritic formula -

January 23, 2016
Noflam P consists of Acetaminophen, Nimesulide. Acetaminophen - Acetaminophen, also known as paracetamol, is commonly used for its analgesic and antipyretic effects. i47
Noflam-n drug & pharmaceuticals. Noflam-n available forms...

January 16, 2016

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Does anyone know about Faze Banks He Manipulated his doctor into giving him Adderall for no reason. He is in the Hospital right now that's why He was going Crazy on his Twitter and Snapchat. I know a lot of you guys won't know who he is but just call him Ricky Banks share your stories with your Anxiety or Depression stories below!⤵️.
I take concerta (long release Ritalin) and I'm sick of people looking at me weird for taking them.

I've been on depression medication for 3+ years. If you are new to depression/anxiety medication, some of these tips might help! 1. Don't go off of it because you think you don't need it anymore, that probably means it's working well for you! Never take yourself off of it, you need a doctor to tell you when/if you should and how you should do it ***Your doctor needs to ween you off of it. If they take you off of it cold turkey, I highly recommend seeing a different doctor! 2. If your medication has not kicked in after about 2 weeks, go back to the doctor because you will need a different dosage or possibly something else. 3. Do not be ashamed! A lot of times with depression there is a chemical imbalance in your brain, and the right medication will give you your personalized balance!.
Growing up I had a really bad anxiety disorder and I was afraid to talk about it. Until I got into therapy. I was prescribed to a panic attack "pill" it worked miracles but destroyed me at the same time. One day a snotty little rich girl saw me taking my medication at school. I think she misunderstood so she told all her friends and all the teachers that I take drugs. I got into a mess... The councillor pulled me aside to talk about the "drug" situation. I was honest with her and I told her "I have a severe anxiety disorder". Ever since then I've gained new friends. Life has changed for me, yes I still have a terrible anxiety disorder but I know how to cope and conform to it. Life changes when you get help I promise (my therapist was possibly the most amazing person I've ever met. Don't be afraid of those who want to help). I have been on over 20 medications over the past 2 years and 7 at one time. I've been in hospitals nine times for my depression and thoughts. But I'm completely open. I went through programs. I learned if people judge me for what i have, they shouldn't be in my life. And lately I've been inspired to recover even more. It's not that I didn't want to before cuz i thought it was too much work for my current state or that I thought I couldn't, I just wasn't packed with motivation. Now I am. Hopefully in a few years I'll be off my meds and able to go to school every day, on time, stay out of the hospital, and be a few years clean. i have medication for massive pain in my eye which ive had for over 7 years now. I have had loads of different medicines though no ones actually believes me and thinks i feel pain in my eye :/ the doctors and opticians cant see anything wrong with my eyes at all and this medicine right now has stopped helping again so i have to go back to talk to the doctor again. Not only do other students at my high school think im lying about my medicine and when im getting sent home for the amount of pain im in. ( sometimes in the past i was crying for over 3 hours cause of the pain ) but the teachers think im lying as well and then they all have a go at me when i next go to their class. Nice school i go to... oh yeah I also forgot ive got to take it once in the morning and once in the evening and whenever i have sleepovers i always remind my friends i have to take my medicine they always stare at me when i take it also the side effects are really shocking but the one which has always had effect on me the the itchiness on my back....
For anyone suffering from mental health issues or disorder I recommend a YouTube channel called Autumn Asphodel. You can also visit her website here: And her Google+ here:
I hate that there's a stigma. If you need medication, don't be afraid! Like she said, "You deserve to be happy!" :). +xxIluvyouguysxx it's not that easy, although it looks/seems easy there is so much more. But I agree with you..
People really do not realize how hard it is to take medication every day, especially when you know that it is going to make you groggy and not think as clearly as you would like, especially if you are in school or have something big going on at work..

I take anti depressants and medication for my bipolar disorder but I want you to know these things, I'm not a drug addict. I'm not pycho insane. I'm not trying to hurt you by taking medication. I'm not gonna give you MY medication and try to get you addicted no matter how many times you ask, that could literally kill you! But I am doing these thing, Helping myself. Making sure I make you laugh every day I see you. Not letting it get to me every day. Embracing my highs and lows. Learning to love every second, learn from my mistake and smile every day no matter what the day!.
Why dose she have to make it about color. Like for real I have bipolar and I am white and I feel the same. Guess what your not all that different. there might not be that big of a difference between us in terms of human nature but from the outside looking in we see white people as having it better .
+Erin Rohman Generally speaking, black communities adhere more heavily to religion because it was forged in the darkest part of African American history - slavery. That heavy grip is also present in African communities, where Christianity or Islam was often brought through the agony of colonialism. So, older generations who endured racial discrimination and the lifetime of closed opportunities (from redlining, to hate crimes, to inferior schooling and employment and health care) consistently channeled their frustration and mental distress into religion. Of course it means something completely different to us. Our history isn't the same as yours..

im 18 right now and before I talked to my doctor about how I have alot anxiety and panic attacks and that I'm also depressed, I had a panic attack in a class at my high school and I went for help at the guidence center and to see if I could leave that class for good cause it stresses me out and they said they couldn't do anything and I seemed fine, that is when I finally cracked and got medicine since i realized no person can help, I need something to balance the chemicals in my brain, I'm glad I did it because I am a much better me now and I no longer self harm and I have less panic attacks, so for anyone who thinks they can do it on their own just tell a doctor it makes everything better. trust me.
I am one of those lucky few to whom the medication was a cure-all! I have anxiety disorder and after a couple years of therapy (that felt totally pointless in my case) I finally agreed to take medication and BOOM my anxiety went away! No side-effects, no bad experiences with the meds, nothing! And now I am basically anxiety free even after I've stopped taking the medication years ago! :).
adhd isn't a real mental illness tho. no one gets weird when you say you have adhd but dear god if i say i have schizophrenia people just change the subject.

well they aren't always right. just because an 'expert' says so, doesn't mean it's a fact.

+Sonja Maria True, but fortunately the healthcare community has given the subject a lot more thought than any individual could possibly do. And they tend to have a lot better data to make their claims with..
Its to bad all pills destroy your liver. guess you have to sacrifice one part of your body for another.. but how do I know if I'm depressed or just sad a lot, and sometimes, when left alone at home, just not able to fall asleep. +Johnny Skywalker When I was around 20, I kind of knew I had depression (through checking symptoms online, etc..) but my family didn't really believe me.. but I insisted on going to see a doctor. Eventually I went to see a psychotherapist and it was the one of the best decisions I've ever made :) My family still doesn't really get it but its important to have support from friends too. Hope this helps!.
+Johnny Skywalker My sister first saw a psychologist when she was like 14 or 15, for her anxiety and depression. She went to a new hs where the coursework was a lot more difficult. She was required to take a speech class, where she first discovered she had anxiety, because the fear of talking in front of a big group literally made her break down into uncontrollable sobbing (even though she knew that it was a completely irrational reaction, she could not control her crying). This made her not want to go to school, and worsened her depression because she felt like a failure. Finally she went and talked to my mom and dad about how she was so miserable and overwhelmed, and how she had been crying herself to sleep for the past 3 months. My parents got her help, which definitely didn't fix everything. It was a long 4 year journey for her to get where is is today, but things would have been a lot worse had she not ever gone to see a therapist. I don't think 19 is "too young" of an age. Age shouldn't be a reason that someone doesn't get the most amount of help they could. In fact tackling issues early on can help resolve them better. .
I took anti depressants and anti anxiety medication for 4 years and it ruined my life. I couldn't function normally. My sleep was so messed up I would be awake for days at a time even with the highest dose of sleep medication. There would be times when I would be at work and would end up in the bathroom floor for hours at a time because the lows were so low and I just couldn't function, I did not have a single ounce of energy to get up. I am now 6 months SOBER from all anti depressants and anti anxiety medications and honestly I am not okay, but most importantly I can function a lot better now. I still experience anxiety attacks, I still feel horrible every single day but I don't experience the horrible side effects of those medications..
+momokokochuchuchu I did. I was lucky enough to go to a center where I saw my therapist and psychiatrist at the same place. So when one medicine was making me feel this way and my therapist saw a huge change in my mood or felt I really needed a change in medications, they both worked together flour me in a different medication. I think certain people are just not meant to be on medications.

+alex e Medication is different for every person. That one medication just might not have worked for you..

To anyone who understands, I have a psych appointment this week which determines if my level of anxiety requires medication, which it most likely will. I'm terrified that the meds will change who I am as a person as the correct the illness and I don't want that to happen. Is this fear irrational, or should I worry about it changing me in other ways too Please relay any advice to me that you may have, I just need a little security....

+Amanda Mays well there are many different types of medications, all for varying severities of anxiety. Some medications are meant for quick-acting results to get you calm (and basically doped up) right away. These are very addictive, but rarely prescribed except for severe cases. Others are more longterm, slowly changing the chemistry of the brain for the better in much more subtle, and lasting, ways (though NEVER!!! permanent). These are basically never addictive, since they are not a "quick fix" and are relatively easy to come off of. You'll probably be given one of the long-term medications, one of which I'm on right now. All their main purpose to do is to reduce your anxiety, as well as conjunctive depression, which is common with anxiety disorders. This is all they do. It's honestly as simple as that. You'll be the same person and, almost, in a way, more of yourself, as you'll be less battered down by your anxiety and imposing chemical disarray in your brain. For most medications like these, the symptoms are minimal, one of my favorites being weight loss due to reduced appetite (lol). Though, and I should mention this, if the medication is on the potent end of the spectrum, which I doubt you'll be prescribed right off the bat unless you are in very very desperate trouble, it might cause cause the slowing of cognitive functions and some memory issues. But once again, these are not permanent and are only for the strong medications meant to drastically reduce anxiety or severe depression. There are unusual occasions where people do react badly to certain medications (though it's not common) but it's good to be aware of potential side effects before you start a med (such as the above stated problems). Could be a bit of trial and error till you get the one most suited for you, but remember that nothing horrible or permanent is going to happen to you due to these meds. My point is don't be scared, and most of all, don't worry. It should all work out for the better. Mental disorders and improving mental health is a process. We all have to find out what works best for ourselves, and as long as you stay strong and keep working on yourself, things should improve, and continue to do so. :).
you are strong and capable and amazing and if you are feeling ashamed, alone or unworthy know you are better then you could ever imagine and know not to regret things and don't live your life ashamed but embrace the present and the world around you. YOU MATTER TO ME. Don't mind those who made you feel like you didn't. You are amazing and you're not weaker then any battle in life. You are cared for. You are beyond the stars. You are loved,, by me. You'll make it. Remember that. You'll make it.. Come talk to me if you need to. . +Amy Liu i dont know, at first it worked great for me, but i think my hospital changed something cause the second time i was on it the pills looked different and it had a lot of negative affects on me. good luck to you though deary. I really want to take medication but my parents think I'll become a drug addict, I'm at the point off begging them. Do I really need to go behind there backs and get therapy and Medication.. +Ema Harrison Yes, your parents wouldn't deny you treatment for diabetes or a broken leg but there is a stigma about mental illness you need to fight to improve your quality of life.. we still live in a world where people don't believe in psychotropic medication, and that's just sad..
i take medication for tourettes, adhd and ocd and i take withdrawal symptoms from my medication and its not the best. thanks buzzfeed for spreading the word and helping people understand more about mental dissorders. :).
+Devon Hedger i did hear that some anti-anxiety medication can be addictive, which is why a lot of psychiatrists choose to prescribe anti-depressant SSRI medication that also helps with anxiety, and are not addictive. I get easily addicted to medications and im very afraid to take them for that reason.Even if i need them.. HI im allison and I'm 11 years old and i was diagnosed with adhd and anxiety and I'm loud and proud I'm not afraid of what i have it makes me who i am [i was also diagnosed with autism] if someone out there is scared of what they listen you should not be alway be proud of who you are cause you are you.
I take medicine. But for allergies and asthma, but when I bring it up to people-before I say what I take it for- they always assume that it's for a mental illness or something, I don't even know why.
+1983 is calling not really sure lmao but people always assume my medicine is for something mental. It sounded better in my head oops.
im scared of taking meds because i dont want to get addicted and become worse without them. but if you slowlu wean yourself off meds there's no harm done..less scared of meds thanks buzzfeed for the scary relevance to my situation haha.

+Sylvander26 Poople The biggest thing you want to make sure that you pay attention to is the fact that medication for a lot of mental illnesses are meant to be a stepping stone to helping you find what works for you. The way my therapist explained it is that the anti-anxiety/depression medicine I take (and am slowly taking less of) is supposed to be used as a tool to help you get over the immediate chemical issues (extreme emotionally sadness, inability to find worth or desire to do things, etc.) while you go through therapy and find things that motivate you to function. The medication isn't there to be used forever; it's a stepping stone to help you learn how to cope and function, and then eventually be weened off of. I think the problem that a lot of people run into is that they end up with doctors that just give them the medication indefinitely without really trying to get to the source of the problem and really help a person heal. That doesn't mean that there aren't cases where someone may need to take meds indefinately, like for Schizophrenia, but in a majority of cases it takes the right balance of prescription medications and therapy to really see an improvement. As long as you take care of yourself and really work to try and find something that works for you, you shouldn't have to worry about getting addicted to the meds and being unable to function without them. Like I said, if you have a good therapist and an attentive doctor, the ultimate outcome that they what to see is you functioning at 100% without the use of medication.
So I watch the video and it is promoting taking drugs. What is wrong with you BuzzFeed, you are PROMOTING drug use from Quacks who get kickbacks for prescribing these medications. If you go see a doctor and they tell you in your first visit they have a drug that can help you, RUN AWAY fast. DRUGS are NOT the answer to your problems. (we are talking mental health here, not medical).
+PizzaGod In my country there are no kick backs for docs. They just want to help people. I suggest you watch the video again, all the way through this time..

I had a blood test after going to the doctors to check if I had any imbalances in my blood, but the doctor said everything was fine. She said I might have to go to a psychiatrist to find out if I have anxiety and depression. But I'm terrified of any possibility that they might prescribe me some pills or something. What do these things do to you.
+LoVeLyDaYsOnGaDdIcT I replied to someone else a little higher up, but I figured I'd try and ease your mind a little bit. A year and a half ago I was diagnosed with clinical depression and anxiety and was prescribed medication and weekly therapy sessions to cope. Now, from personal experience and professional explanations, most medications for depression and anxiety are supposed to help with the immediate chemical imbalances that may be affecting how you are perceiving things. For me, I was unable to find worth and desire in doing/enjoying things that use to bring me pleasure, I had extreme cases of emotional sadness and hollowness, along with almost a numbness to everything except pain. I didn't self-harm, but my mood was affecting how I interacted with the world to the point that I wasn't acting like myself at all. The medication helped me get out bed in the morning, kept me from freaking out over insignificant things and really helped me think about what I was doing and why I was doing it. It sort of levels you out; it doesn't make you feel super giddy (it didn't for me, at least), but it makes living day by day easier. The way my therapist explained it me is that the medication isn't there to be used forever; it's a stepping stone to help you learn how to cope and function, and then eventually be weened off of. It's 1 step in a long process and as long as you go to therapy, do the techniques that your therapist suggests, and stick to it, within a year or so, you shouldn't even be taking anti-depressants anymore. For me, the anti-depressants were great for the short run, but the therapy is what really helped me get back to how I was before. After 20 months, I'm no longer taking anti-depressants and although I have low days, I can actually function and enjoy my life and reinsert myself into society. The moral of the story is, if you have a good doctor and therapist, they may initially put you on something to help in the short run, but what they ultimately want is for you to be functioning back at 100% without the use of medication, whether that's with therapy or self-care techniques..
I'm fourteen years old and just started medication for my anxiety and depression. All I'm scared about is if it will make me fat and make me weird. I also go to a therapist. I'm not ashamed of going to a therapist but, it gets really awkward when I always see a friend in the waiting room. To be honest sometimes it's kind of reassuring. I really don't think there are people with my story but, there are always people that can help. There are always people that won't judge. There will always be someone wanting to help. The great part about that is knowing you'll be able to help someone by telling your story one day. 😀😊.
+Jolly bean9 i'm fifteen and i just stopped taking meds for anxiety and depression after taking them for two years. it didn't make me fat, or if it did it was so insignificant that i didn't notice. Also, you'd be surprised by how many people are feeling exactly the same way as you are. it doesnt make you weird, it makes you you. All your anxieties and things that get you down make up part of your personality, and as you get over those you'll become a stronger person and they'll just be more obstacles you overcame. Those obstacles may seem big now, but after being through anxiety and depression you're gonna grow bigger and stronger than them, and suddenly they'll feel tiny and you'll wonder why you were ever worried about them in the first place. It's all a journey, a part of life. Good luck :). "You don't need your chemical sadness to make you a brilliant artist." Well, that just punched me in the gut. Jesus. Thank you, Buzzfeed..
i feel like there's a spectrum of stigma and adhd meds are some of the most common and widely accepted. mood stabilizers and anti-psychotics have a lot more stigma attached, but this is just my personal experience having been on a variety of meds. does anyone else feel this way.
i think i have some sort of anxiety disorder but idk if i wanna talk to a doctor bc what if i'm just overthinking. we're trying our hardest to improve our lives the only way we can get past but with struggling with is medication.

sertraline (Zoloft) Causes, Symptoms, Treatment - What...

December 4, 2015
Noflam (Naproxen) is a nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drug (NSAID) which is used to treat arthritis, ankylosing spondylitis, gout, tendinitis, and menstrual pain. i49
What Is The Best Anti Inflammatory Medication

December 21, 2015
Noflam works by reducing hormones in the body that cause inflammation, pain and fevers. It is used to treat conditions such as rheumatoid arthritis, osteoarthritis... i50
Noflam 500 (Naproxen) 250 Tablets/Pack (Naproxen 500mg)

January 6, 2016
Noflam: where to buy online cheap Noflam medicine. Trusted online pharmacies offer quality Noflam medication for reasonable cost. Check prices and shipping options... i51
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November 14, 2015

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THANK YOU for this video. it definitely puts a nice visual to what I've been reading all summer lol. Very well done...but like another comment med aides today have up to what 40 people to give to and altered states where pills have to be crushed, mix with food etc. too slow of a pace im afraid. And i have no idea of how to be that thorough and efficient in a timely manner. She did not address post admin that the md needs to be called and the ointment needs to be addressed. Also the comment about dig... the order is as written and 60 and above give the med. go the the drug book if insecure. Dig is best for that heart pump to beat strongly and the caution is below 60. . You have to ask if the pt is ready for his meds before preparing them... Implementing this i'd get dinged by the state. not required. A lot of patients expect the nurse to bring their medication. Its not a state thing. This is optional..
Wish we had this for my BSN program! For us it was basically figure it out ourselvesvv :(. Thank u for this!!!!.

Thank you, this is awesome. I am getting ready to do my medication admin for nursing. thanks heaps .
It took me over 1 year to find a nursing job. I'm finally starting tomorrow and this video helped me remember all the steps. Thank you very much! :).

Naproxen - Health Navigator New Zealand

December 25, 2015
Find patient medical information for Zoloft oral on WebMD including its uses, side effects and safety, interactions, pictures, warnings and user ratings. i53
NoFlam - natural anti-arthritis remedy | Anti-inflammatory...

December 26, 2015

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Naproxen - Side Effects, Dosage, Interactions | Everyday...

October 27, 2015

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Thanks for the video, I've found it helpful for studying. I'd like to know where you got your scrubs, or which brand they are Thank ya.
+TheMetalMeghan Thanks so much for letting me know that you liked the video! These scrubs are from Jaanuu. Looking forward to seeing you on here again soon! xoxo - Caroline.
+Tina Ortiz Hi Tina! You are so welcome. Thanks for letting me know. I'll see you soon on here. -xoxo.
One thing you forgot to mention is that combining antidepressants with lithium can cause a rare, but potentially deadly disease, called Serotonin Syndrome, which is where the serotonin levels in your body rise to a toxic level. I got this from amitryptiline, Zoloft, and Tramadol. My symptoms were: lack of muscle control, diarrhea, severe anxiety, nausea, seizures, and dangerously low blood pressure..

+cellogirl11RW Hey don't be sorry, it happens! (: I'm so happy you're on the right meds! I got seratonin syndrome 2 years ago and I didn't even know what it was and neither did my parents. My psychiatrist at the time just told me I had a bad reaction... Can you believe that! I looked up the symptoms later and found out that's what happened. I've been on different meds for 2 years now and just got diagnosed bipolar w schizoaffective tendencies and just put on lithium. I'm not really sure if it's working though. Hating the blood draws. Oooh I tried klonopin and it didn't really work and I lost all my coordination. Does it work well for you.
+Marissa L Maybe you were on too much. My psychiatrist told me to take it regularly to prevent panic attacks, and it is definitely working!.
+Vic Vinegar you have heard it countless times from scholars in psychiatry that psych meds cause cognitive deficiencies and you have heard the sales reps say how they were trained to push them ,theres alot to it.
+TB I'm not going to argue this with you. I have an education in this. This is a pointless endeavor for me. I'm muting this post. . This was very informative. I was wondering why it is not safe to use lithium carbonate after the expiry date. Is it simply because of the reduced potency, or is it because the salt starts breaking up and the toxic lithium is not in its stable salt form Also is the shelf life 18 months or 5 years, I have been reading some contradictory information online.. smoke DMT, eat magic mushrooms, or take an LSD trip. The truth is that this is no disorder. It is a product of a society that requires us to function at a high level. Once you realize that psychosis is really the mind coming to terms with the truth that our separation from the universe is an illusion, that reality is a simple figment of our imagination, you will also realize that bipolar, schizophrenia, schizoaffective or any other disorder of the mind is a natural process of a person losing their ego, and thus being rejected by a society that craves an alert, awake and motivated state of conciousness. The rejection of this state of mind, and the treatment of an illness instead of a person, causes the problem. No persons brain is formed wrong. A person with bipolar doesn't need Lithium, they need to realize that they have, above all others, the power to find the truth. Most people don't, it's a pity, because they become forced into a hospital where they are told they are sick. We could learn so much from the mentally ill, yet we treat them like dirt, and worse still, make them believe that their brain is worth dirt. Such a waste..
+Jonah Paarman I know what you said. It was clear. But your ideas sound irrational and many times when someone is in a manic state their ideas become irrational..
+Vic Vinegar Perhaps. I can see that you consider me manic. However, I have build up my ideology based on the ideas of others who would not be considered manic, such as Alan Watts and Terrence McKenna. Such men would agree with my thoughts on the issue, and not agree with the current model of treating psychotic patients. Therefore it can't be to irrational what I am saying if "sane" people think the same right. +Christian Wolfgang Who would want to I was on if for a time and then quit taking it because it's toxic to the body causing you hands and body to tremble. I now take something else that has almost no side-effects at all that I know of.. Hi Karoline. Great videos. Very convenient for Nursing Students for I am one. My only criticism would be to please pause in between different points. Nursing is so much information and I know you probably do not want a long video. But I feel as though these video will shine even more if you paused more often so that the information can sink into our heads. Thanks though! Still very very helpful :).
+Snap Quartimon Hi there! Thanks a lot for your feedback. It would be of great help to improve my videos more and be more understandable for my viewers like you. Thanks a lot for letting me know it helped. Can't wait to hear from you again. -xoxo.

Great presentation thanks! though you forgot to mention one part of Lithium toxicity here which is any serum level of Lithium greater than 3 MEQ/L can almost always cause a pontine hemorrhage. Moreover it enhances and potentiatiates the effects of certain antipsychiotics like Olanzipine and can incur rapid metabolic syndromes. Thanks and Cheers!..
I'm on this drug. I hope it doesn't reduce my creativity like what Celexa did. Thanks a lot. Reese. Thanks for making all these awesome videos! I find them very useful and I go back to listen to your other videos often. I was wondering if you could make a separate video talking about your personal experience with working with patients with various diseases (e.g. the HPI, health history, labs that you were monitoring, doctors orders, your priorities for the patient, aspects of critical thinking, and other interventions you or the staff did to care for the patient and how the patient responded to the Tx.) I say this because I'm currently in an accelerated nursing program and many times I find that learning the theory portion of the program may not necessarily translate into real life situations. I think it would really help to tie in theory with practical applications and help me know some things to expect. Thank you :).
+Saed Akroush You are so welcome. It's my pleasure. Thanks for letting me know too. I appreciate it. -xoxo.

Just wondering is this Lithium Sulfate that is being used because elemental Lithium would not be anywhere safe to consume.
The side-effects of Lithium scare me to the point that I've not taken one pill at all even though it was prescribed for me.. I was on this medication and the side-effects are horrible. Lithium is actually poisonous to the body and the reason why you need periodic blood tests so that you don't build up too much of this drug in your bloodstream. The side-effects I experienced was shaking hands and when you do anything physical, it caused my whole body to shake/tremble uncontrollably. I liken it to having Parkinson's Disease. Also, be aware of any doctor giving you a diagnosis of bipolar disease. I was diagnosed as having this when, in fact, I wasn't bipolar at all. What I really had was depression and no mania. I have now been taking a generic form of Prozac for a very long time and it's the best drug I've taken by far and it has very few if no side-effects. Lithium is a effed up drug to take, believe me. There are other alternatives drugs that have less side-effects. Also get a second or even a third opinion on what kind of mood disorder you have. Try different drugs until you find the right fit for you. There is not a one pill for all solution. Some may tolerate the side-effects of Lithium but it's a very old drug. Today there are many other pharmacological solutions. Ask your doctor or psychiatrist..

Medication NoFlam - Buy Products In Vito Mol - Jun 23, 2015

November 25, 2015

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Free flu shot, children vitamins, energy drinks, prescription drugs, etc; are all social engineering devices for addictions which leads to a mass population dependency, under the corrupt systems control. It's called " Dumping Down America".

What's funny about this is: When Dr. Umar Johnson brought this to the forefront 10 years ago, people ignored him. But, when Time magazine talks about it, now it's a problem worthy of discussion. S-M-H!.
2 mike Vincent. Oh please stop the waterworks, Not every author who you like is going to get famous. I am sure Time Magazine has black authors as well. I bet you do not know their names. Smh The hypocrisy. A great book that goes deeper into this is "The Psycho-Academic War on Black Boys" by Dr. Umar Johnson.. Finally a video that this guy makes that I actually find informative. Even though Dr Umar said this already. Don't most of these hyper black kids grow out of it Charlamagne talked about this when he was interviewing Dr. Umar Johnson..
A British Biofirm (Oxitec) has deployed Genetically Modified Organism (GMO) mosquito-borne Zika virus (OX513A) through out the Caribbean, Central American and South American nations, to further depopulate black people from off the earth. The is occurring at the very same time, Flint black residents are being poisoned with toxic heavy metals (Lead etc.). Keep in mind, the British government has categorically refused to grant reparation to its former colonies, but would allow the financing of GMO mosquitoes, to aid in the "eradication" of those (mosquitoes) that supposedly causing brain malformation in new born! Now if this doesn't cause widespread outrage, then I don't know what will. As you can see, BIOLOGICAL and gorilla Warfare is being waged against the black race on the planet!.
ADHD is a behavior. A teacher job is to teach. Always seek a school Psychologist and outside Psychologist!!!. Everyone try your best to stay the hell away from prescription drugs because they will fuck you up! Pharmacology is a dirty buissness they make drugs so you can either become addicted to it or you can get side effects from it thus making you buy more medication its a number game people. this has been going on as far back as I remember and I'm a 70s baby. They put both my boy cousins on Ritalin and tried to put my brother on it but my mom was like no. My cousins were very energetic boys and they made it seem like they were out of order. The Ritalin made them like zombies. This is another epidemic that is swept under the rug.. +Kali Wilson I love so many people use the zombie analogy for kids who are on it lol. So because it makes them less impulsive, they are like zombies Listen, I'm against putting children on these drugs, I don't think it's proper main reason being is these drugs can have an affect on your heart, and studies have shown that they can stunt growth. However, I use the drugs myself and they don't make me a zombie...they make me less impulsive and calm me the hell down. This is coming from someone that has a DV conviction because I felt I needed to put my hands on someone, If I was taking my pills at the time, I would have ignored the situation going on and just went on with my business, because that's how I am on the drug, I can still be highly social but I'm not super impetuous.. The child on the cover of the Time magazine isn't black. He's a Golden Child...the elite white supremacist mind controllers are afraid of Golden Children...Golden Children have a higher level of "genetic intelligence" than regular white or black people do...Barack Obama is the example...they don't want a bunch of Barack Obamas running around freely thinking...that is why the mind controllers have this huge media push to enforce that the children are simply "interracial or mixed race" to divert attention from the fact they are Golden..."interracial or mixed" is relegated to the realm of "fetish" or basically a porn theme, and the mind controllers can handle that...the mind controllers are very afraid of people figuring out that these children are Golden Children because they cant actually handle Golden Children.
+TheWickedNation Right the whites main strengths are ;analysis, organization, definitions, and categories.

What "Black boys" Are you sure that they are "Black" (Whatever this means these days. Oh boy. Lol) Do the parent's of these "Black boys" see these "Black boys" as "Black" Oh I get it. They are only "Black" when it is time to whine and receive some type of compensation for something..

Black babies and children are more advanced than whites. This is why they spend a lifetime trying to slow you down. Stop believing everything white folks tell you. You live with your children everyday, if something was wrong you would notice first. There is nothing wrong with your black children. There is something wrong with them sabotaging black children so that white children can appear smarter. It's all a lie! The real question is why haven't we stop these white teachers in the black community They can't force you to put your children on drugs..

My mom has that book. Whenever we went to the doctor and they would prescribe meds, our parents would look it up.

+wisewilltcp Stimulant drugs make damn near everybody who takes it at first, not want to eat. This is true, for sure for me, they are stimulants and this is one of their mechanisms of action, similar to nicotine, and coffee, and even meth and crack tbh. I don't think these drugs should be administered to children, I think you should have to be an adult to take them. they aren't all bad though. I had to force my self to eat when I started taking them. But now, I don't have a problem with eating, that side effect usually wears off over time. The benefits outweigh the superficial side effects for me, I don't even take them every day, hell I take them probably 3 times a week..

Black boys are put on more medication than anyone else, while Black adults receive the least amount of medications than anyone else. I had a White friend tell me about a prescription for Cocaine, which is a legal pain medication when he broke his nose. I thought he was kidding. No young Black male would ever receive a prescription for Cocaine from a doctor in the U.S., and if they had a prescription, they would still get arrested..
This video did not give a statistic to back it's title, nor did it explain the why part to back it's title. I'm getting tired of these misleading titles..
Shit... For the first 2 minutes of the video, it kind of seemed like he was doin a INFO COMMERCIAL! LoL.
I didn't see this posted before. But; I don't see anyone talking about what the governor of maine had to say about black men impregnating white women.
...thanks to Dr. Umar Johnson teaching this subject for about the white racist media wants to jump on Dr. Umar's bandwagon...nothing but bandwagon riders.
He put "Award winning educator" under his name as if that's gonna make us respect him anymore... SMH We can still see that you with the fuckery, with your bullshit videos. Do us all a favor and get off this channel for the most part you are not wanted, you can tell by the majority of the comments written in your video section. Racism doesn't exist!! Race as we see it is a Social construct therefore you can't be racist since are all part of the same Human race... their is no such thing as a Black race or White race or Brown race or yellow race!! only one Human race... Wow this has opened my eyes I wish I knew before my Grandson was prescribed adderall XR and teachers explained to me just how you said. Now my grandson can't be off of it it's like he has withdrawals my heart hurts to see him this way ! My boyfriend brought this information to my attention I'm Latina my Grandson is Latino & Black. Please help. This video is a complete lie black boys are not put on psychotropics no more than white boys or white girls are. First of all...white people go to the therapist/ psychiatrist way more than black people do. How do I know this because I am mental health therapist and have worked in the mental health field for over 15 years. I have had more white kids on my caseload with ADHD medication... way more than black children...and I work in the infamous Detroit area. Dr Umar Johnson, & some you so-called pro blacks lie(lye) more than perm kits. Your a teacher not a mental health therapist...Until you have the degree and work in the field you don't know what the fuk your talking about!. I work in this exact doctor's office 😂😂 I see more white children in there than anything but there are few black kids most only brought in there because the moms don't know how to discipline their children so they'd rather give them medicine instead smh I can honestly say only 1/5 of those kids have an actual behavior disorder. I know, because I interact with them.. They are giving this stuff to everyone. It is up to the parent or person to do what is best for them. No ones fault but the people not staying informed.. WHY... DOES... THIS... GUY... ALLWAYS HAVE TO... PAUSE... WHEN HE... TALKS...! GREAT MESSAGE BUT WRONG MESSENGER!.
I am not a fan of putting children on prescription pills. That is a form of drugs use. I do not care if it is prescribed by a doctor. Your son will sit still at school because he is drugged. That is not the way to go :o(.

Noflam: where to buy online cheap Noflam medicine. Online...

November 7, 2015

Comments about this video:
Yes, I would like to share my experience. I was drugged by force, just under one month. After that I didn't take anything else. 6 months later I still have side effects, I am unable to work. So that's a big deal. I never had any psychiatric problems.. Taking psychiatric medication is totally different than taking medication for your heart. The heart is a much easier organ to understand than the brain. Scientifically they have good research about medications are good for the heart. There is no credible science in psychiatry. Psychiatry has never been able to prove what causes mental illness. They say it's a chemical imbalance however they actually have no proof of this and it was actually just a huge marketing pitch that pharmaceutical companies used to sell their drugs. Please educate yourself as it could save your life..
+bergalini Saying your brain is ''just like any other organ in your body'' is dangerous misinformation to begin with. These ''self help'' videos should be qualified as anecdotal personal experiences only. Take them seriously at your own risk. Narcissistic at least, increasing the mental health stigma at worse. You will never see Broadway. Stick to grapefruit..

Thanks for sharing your experiences with mental health. I appreciate your honesty and courage. I definitely agree with you that there should be no shame in discussing such topics. The brain can become unhealthy just like any other part of the body. There needs to be more people like you who aren't afraid to get this much needed discussion going in a world that all too often neglects talking about mental health..

Thank you very very much for posting and sharing this... Helped me a lot. So strange a disease and experience. Hearing someone else going through something similar helps to accept that it is in fact a disease and not something else. As you know the mind can take you off on strange paths of thinking / feeling and behaviour. Best of luck to you. Be well..
Some times medications are useful as a LAST RESORT; far to often they are used in EXCLUSION of remedies and solutions. A psychiatrist should be the last doctor you go to with a problem and only by referral by another qualified doctor. Please quit any and all illicit and illegal drugs prior to following this protocol, if you can not quit then get help quiting while following this protocol. The first is a General Practitioner, to eliminate any lab verified organic problems with your body (the list is long for likely suspects I wont go into it all here) but getting a FULL Blood Panel which looks at variety of potentials as well as an Actual Old School Physical where the doctor feels your and looks at every part of your body. Next in line is a Nutritionist or Orthomolecular Doctor, once again with a Full Blood Panel and Nutrition assessment, this will eliminate any nutritional deficits which could be causing your symptoms. When all the prior doctors have found nothing, next would be a trip to a Doctor of psychology. This is where a psychological assessment and symptomatology will be reviewed, there may be some information or a referal to Forensic Psychiatrist if your symptoms have lasted even with treatment for over 90 days. If it is a an emergecy and it is to critical to go through the proceeding steps, go to an emergency room. You have to understand that current psych medications do not RESOLVE psychic problems, they mask them, just like a pain pill masks symptoms of pain from a broken leg, you might be able to walk around with enough pain killers but you still have a broken leg and further injury and disability is likely if you do not heal the psychic problem and only mask it with drugs. Despite what you have been told, there is no evidence at all that psychological disorders are a disease process of the brain. All the talk about balancing and imbalance is is marketing hype from pharmaceutical compmanies. What is clear is that medication inhebriates, intoxicates, and masks underlying problems with the psyche of the person that is experiencing symptoms of any psychiatric disorder. Until the ROOT issues are addressed, pooring chemiicals on the problem is no better than pouring alcohol or any drug on a symptom, it will only lead to greater and greater dependence on the chemicals and ultimately if the underlying issues are not addressed, disability and ultimately death. Drugs are tools IN recovery THEY ARE NOT RECOVERY IN AND OF ITSELF. Please refer to the following books for more information: 1) Mad In America: Robert Whitaker 2) Anatomy of an Epidemic: Robert Whitaker 3) Rethinking Madness: Dr. Paris Williams. 4) Dante's Cure: Dr. Daniel Dorman. 5) Soteria: Dr. Loren Mosher Et All 6) I never promised you a rose garden: A novelization of an experience, Joanne Greenberg 7) Living with Voices: Dr. Marius Romme and Dr. Sandra Escher (et all ) Some of these books are only available in American Versions of and others can only be obtained in European versions of Please do your research, do not be a sheep, learn to be shepherd for the lost and hurting, we need more care givers than corporate "spokes holes".. I would never ever take fucking dog shit medicine again for your brain it fucks me up big time I'll rather die than take it. When I was taking it I was complete shot... Now that I stopped taking it I have a nice life really nice life.. Like lots of interest in things happy good feelings to the heart energy calmness and more.
Before taking these toxic medications try natural, skin made vitamin D3 therapy where you get full body sunshine, or sunlamps in winter..
THere's a video titled "Why phychiatric medicatiosn are dangerous than you ever imagined" by Dr. Biggins. It's on youtube.Educate your self and do your own research on the dangers of phychiatric medications.. Yea, Risperdal (especially generic Risperdal) have more adverse side effects for certain individuals than others. It changes certain neural pathways of your brain to function differently, which can cause a negative impact on how they function in their day to day lives. Paxil (anti-depressants and stabilizes mood) in ways that it stimulates the optic nerve in your brain and creates a sensation that is unnerving in any given situation. That is to say it makes it worse for those individuals socially and emotionally. Those who are not knowledgeable of how these certain anti-psychotics work, can create an atmosphere painful for both those taking it and onlookers. Side effects (high Prolactin levels for women can be highly devastating and painful). Those that are more prone to morbid obesity then others are highly effected. As a result, pregnancy issues can arise leading to relationship issues. Causing a downward spiral of different illnesses that can sicken more than cure it. Again, certain anti-psychotics may improve the mentality of the individual or not. However, we pick up those binocular dust it off and we see through a lens that is clearer and stronger than ever before and continue to search for certain anti-psychotic drugs that are geared towards that person individually. Illnesses to our mental faculties is common for everyone and it should be taught and should not be ignored. A greater understanding through learning can create results that are curable..
Antipsychotics aee the worst drugs they make you feel like crap and damage your brain, ask anyone who has taken them..

Hi Sammi, Thank you for sharing on this topic. It's funny that you mention Abilify, I'm taking Abilify and have taken it for 10 years now ( too long in my opinion ). I understand that there are many side-effects with this drug, many that are scary and dangerous. In my experience with Abilify though I've only had weight gain as a side-effect ( not so funny ). But two years ago I lost weight, mainly because of physical exercise and eating less and better. I've tried to come off Abilify twice, but it was really hard, lots of withdrawal issues came up to the surface. I started to become really sensitive and my emotions came back, not necessarily a bad thing if you ask me, but I had trouble sleeping and was really anxious too, so eventually I started taking the drug again. Anyway I've taken Risperdal and Remeron too ( an anti-depressant ). Risperdal did not work well and I had skin problems with it and the Anti-depressant made me aggressive:( so I had to stop taking both of them..
For me, the medicines initially massive doses of Zyprexa, massive doses of Depakote. I was underweight at 150 lbs. I am 6 foot 5 so I looked emaciated. Then Zyprexa and Depakote ballooned me over 320 lbs. I was temporarily diabetic. Then I started exercising and gradually over a period of years I went back to 240 lbs. I take lamictal, tripleptal, latuda, and Cymbalta now..
DSM IV started with narrowing the margin in which 'normal' people reside, DSM V as I understood continued this, this simply means that the group 'normal' people gets smaller and the group of people who are mentally ill grows. This is of course a statistical problem, since the 'bell'-curve has simply been narrowed. More people will be diagnosed with mental illness, while they may have absolutely no problems in daily life. The majority of people are automatically cast into the group of normal people, however over the years the group of people with mental issues has steadily been growing. Quite some psychologists and psychiatrists have had the next thought: "Maybe everybody is a little crazy and 'a little crazy' is actually the normal." The theory of evolution does require plenty of variation for natural selection to act upon, when the vast majority is normal there is not much for natural selection to act upon. About a year ago research into this matter started in the Netherlands via an on line questionnaire, so far more than 13,000 people have participated, last summer it was expanded with a 30 day diary and over 700 people have participated in that diary so far. The first results seem to indicate that indeed everybody is a 'little crazy' and that the majority of 'normal' people just doesn't really exist, as researchers say it themselves, "the first results show that being a little crazy is actually perfectly normal." There is of course that possibility that the Dutch are just an entirely crazy nation, sometimes I think we are, that is why we have the best parties. Since the first world war, many nations have been trying to find ways to lessen the effects of war on the human psyche, especially the psyche of soldiers, selection is one way and has been conducted by most on the west nations and a large number of other nations as well. 'Crazy' people are rejected, as are sensitive people and people who are likely to obey orders are accepted. The 2nd world war has shown that this last group, deemed 'normal' during that age, was also the group which committed the most horrible of crimes. The stricter, the more formal, the more honourable, the more difficult to pass selections apparently created the units that would also follow orders the furthest even when entirely immoral, sickening and bizarre. The boundary of behaviour was thus determined by the morality of the person giving the orders, by no means by the people following them. It is good to be crazy..
"Typical" is a much better descriptive than "normal". Also if a condition or disorder does not significantly impact a person's life, it is by definition NOT a pathology.. +Mark Twain 'Normal' as in the statistical sense, and we also know that what can be pathological can go unnoticed for an entire lifetime, depending on the situation one is in. Every human has the capability of 'creating' a pathological disorder, think of shell shock, nobody is immune..
It's hard to think someone so attractive would be in this situation. This girl is honestly stunning..
sleeping pills can be nasty too, do they work damn straight. prob is they can be some what addictive and if you stop taking them they can cause the same problems u wanted to stop, and yes sleeping pills work great for anxiety too.. I'm with you girl! I have bipolar 1, too.. Also, have severe depression, severe anxiety, panic disorder and PTSD. I have been on many meds and the medicine that has helped me the most is gabapentin and celexa.. I could not afford my pysch dr anymore so had to sign up for free mental health and got a new pysch. He was not nice at all!!! He took me off of neurontin, celexa, seroquel and vistril and he put me on abilify alone!!! I strongly disagreed with him bc I am sooo scared to come off all those meds! I told him if I don't have the gabapentin I go into seizures and he didn't even care!! I'm so scared to switch and I have heard soooo many bad things about it. The new doctor said that he won't give me the gaba/ neurontin bc they don't use that drug for bipolar... I don't understand that bc it has helped me more than anything!!! :( I just don't know what to do! Mental illness sucks so bad! Wish I was back on clonzapam but they won't give me that either.. ughh. Thanks for sharing your story!!. I want to start a second post because lengthy posts are cumbersome. I suggest for further recovery you find a support group with people who have schizoaffective, bipolar, and overlapping disorders. Schizophrenics Anonymous and bipolar bears are a couple. There are people like you. having a boyfriend and family support is one thing, but different perspectives are also helpful.. im taking Depakote and in Vega Sustenna they made me gain weight :(. they are still trying to give a diagnosis. Debating weather bipolar or schizo :(. its just that some of the meds they prescribe can be pretty nasty especially if trying to come off, thats why i prefer more natural stuff but ya it does add up buying and trying diff stuff seeing what works etc,. I'm taking Invega paliperidone: I was "sleeping" my whole Invega life! I'm now in the "worse" situation... sleeping from 2:30 to 15:30 everyday! My doctor told me that my "diabetes 2" can lead to blindness and leg amputation, and even "comma"!!! I am probably "developing" into commatose situation, but I don't care if I will sleep until I die 'coz my "family" never really LOVED ME!!! I only live for my son Wesly and Eddy, my ex! I'm a living proof of a "human being" who survives FAR from family troubles! I'm a living "proof" that SOCIALISM can take care of people in need of support! I'm a living proof that one needs to be "happy" with small things, and a good government, and "marriage for love" - and not material things, where all of my "sisters" lived on the harmony of their "ego", marrying for "money"!!! I'm a happy person, being alone, despite of my PSYCHOSIS!!!. +Theresa Aberilla "sisters" have been very CRUEL to me, and I bring their "cruelty" to my grave!!!. +xradiantstarx Almost all psychiatric drugs are extremely bad for weight so you can almost say yes by default. In less than 4 months taking Zyprexa for example, I passed from 145 lbs to 225 lbs, developped diabetes and heart problems. Don't want to be pessimist but frequently, people publishing videos like this one are working for pharmaceutical industries or been paid indirectly by the industry...or actors paid by the industry to drop positive propaganda on the WEB. Unfortunately, no medication can really help distress and mental sufferances... as recurring as they are. You will only sleep much more and loose your self-gestion in brain functions... causing other diagnosis, all based on the need of profit of pharmaco. Taking meds to help psychological problems ruined my life so... it seems that the suggestion to accep drugging yourself instead of changing collectively our approach of mental suffering is not the only opinion about this..
+rawsammi Risperidal made me drool. How is being a fat, bald, drooling woman helping me cope with the stresses of life How is being a fat; bald; drooling woman helping me cope with the stresses of life Howe is teaching me..

my poor I guess now ex wife was on buckets of the same meds...she eventually had a total melt down 6 moths ago,,,have no idea were she is now...

It frustrates me when I see people who are so against medicine like antipsychotics and antidepressants claiming they do nothing but fuck with you, yet too many times these are the people who are all so for the use of cannabis. It's gotta boil down to a problem people have with authority, surely And bubble-thinking that just because "I have X experience on Y then that's how it must be for everyone". If you're on or been on a medication then you should only have to look at the patient information leaflet to realise that that isn't the case; play bingo with the long lists of possible side effects..
im on invega i fear the people were trying to give needles or drugs i took for a long time lexapro or what over its name is i dont really remmember all i new is that shit gains you wait like crazy and there are a shit load of dab dream that come with that drug its so shitty not i on invega i have mightmares once in a blue moon but there not really as bad as lexapro i have like no side effects really and no wait gain soo i feel you girl holla.... I have went from a toned healthy 12 Stone 27 year old to 16 and half stone within a year of olanzapine . And yes!!! Now that the "sisters" were being told that I'm in a deep shit; I don't hear from them anymore...all of them from the USA, and even the one who just got married in Germany - "avoids" contacting me, until she herself will face her own "tremors"!!! We all have problems, but being a sister and treating your own sister "diabolically" CRUEL, you gotta pay for it!. And marijuana will still get your ass thrown in jail and the laws that prohibit its use will practically ruin your fucking life. Yet all the quack psych doctors are handing out psychotropic drugs like lollipops. Drugs that have been proven to cause violent behavior and suicides. They tried to put me on some of that poison when I was younger [ 18 ] and I told them to go fuck themselves. Thank God I didn't listen. I'd probably have been dead a long time ago if I would have complied.. +elguytd, when I was about to become psychopath from meds secondary effects, I was telling to everyone, like you do, that I would have suicide without it , that I was bipolar. After 7 years without medication, I've done professionnal studies and become an IT. Now, as I'm desintoxicated, I know it was what pharmaceutical industry and public propaganda that made me think I would have suicide without them. You can't say medication kept you from anything, you took it (maybe by force) so you will never know if other measures denied by the powerfull lobby would have be better. That is what I call sectual propaganda. False arguments that patients or ex-patients are using to avoid realising think they may have made ​​the wrong decision in the past. Another thing : If you ask to an heroïn consumer how he feels after taking a dose, he will awnser you he now feels way better. He stop vomishing, shaking and seems more " talkable". I doesn't necessary means that he needs heroïn to feel better and to stop vomishing. Even if the man can die from not taking heroïn after years of use, it's not a proof that using it is the good way. It's just simple logic.. +erosionhead420 They tried giving me Ativan for asthma issues (they thought it was anxiety)Actually, it wasn't even asthma. Just breathing issues due to the black mold in my room and lack of air circulation, which I found out later. I'm so glad my dad stopped me from taking the Ativan because I was young and had NO IDEA of psychiatric drugs. He heard it was prescribed to me and was like "DAFUQ" lol.Good thing he knew about them and the dangers.. Right now I am taking Welbrution and Lamotrine for the last 4 months. Last month I had 2 episodes while taking the meds. I had taken double the amount when I first started the meds and about 20 minutes later I had what seemed like a bad case of tremors. I couldn't stand or walk it was the worst experience I had. I had to get rushed to emergency and they just said I had taken to much medication. I felt like I was possessed. I don't remember anything afterwards. Then the following month I was going to work like a normal day and about 15 - 20 minutes while on the fwy. I felt my self driving like I was drunk driving. I kept going side to side and when I pulled off the fwy and got out of my car I was falling down walking as if I was drunk I can't really explain how I felt. I talked to my psychiatrist and he said the medication should have not made you feel like that. Right now I'm coming off the meds of Welbrution 300mg XL and 200 mg of lomitrine. I just want to tell everyone to be safe while taking the meds because they will mess with you. . u smack your lips a lot in this video which is a symptom of tardive dyskinesia which can be a side effect of some antipsychotic meds. or maybe u just do it intentionally idk just an observation. Kidney disorders, eating disorders, diabetes, sleep paralyses...these are 'things' you may bring to your grave, since you're born with Psychosis, every mother with such problem should be "aware" of!. AngryMuffin...even a "normal" person can have thoughts about taking his/her own life. Life can be really hard at times and seem without a purpose. Life is a game and the better you know the rules the better chances you have in winning. Best thing to do if you are overwhelmed by a situation is to change your environment. Get away from whatever is making you unhappy. Disconnect from the emotional vampires that try to suck the life out of you. Start a hobby or any other activity like exercise. Eat well and sleep well. Do some blood tests and make sure you have no deficiencies. But most important DO NOT GIVE UP. Take small steps and handle whatever you feel comfortable handling. Then move on to the next one and the next one.... Quick question though... Have you ever been in any of these medications or ever been diagnosed with bipolar I have, and I can tell you the depression of bipolar is not something you can just walk away from. Most bipolar people have to deal with all sorts of stuffs ranging from obsessive traits, self blaming, terrible guilt and really really strong suicidal toughs, for no reason at all, besides your brain being chemically unbalance, with Yeah, having a healthy life helps, ONCE YOU ARE ALREADY BEING TREATED with a mix of medication and therapy. No one goes into meds for fun, most have really bad side effects, are expensive and overall make your life feel like crap, but once you find the right one they REALLY help. You also have to consider the other side of the coin, being bipolar also makes you go into manic episodes, and that mania, when not controlled can lead into full psychotic breakdowns. How can you make yourself walk away when you are having hallucinations or have lost touch with reality.
Hey I have some questions about depression so I've been cutting lately so what's a good way to hide from people like at school.

what about lithium is that okay cause my gf she have bipolar and she used to take it almost everyday.
+Matthew Giovanputra I've heard that it is bad for your kidneys, but everyone reacts differently to meds. So, I don't know..
+Matthew Giovanputra No medication is okay morally when it is about to calm mental sufferances coming from a multifactorial reason. There is not a single reason to mental disorders. There is not even a biochemical test existing on the patient in most cases like bipolar, it's because the diagnosis of biochemical disease is not scientific. It's a society thing. Lithium gave me parkingson like shakes that was blocking me from playing guitar and stopped all creative inspiration. Lithium itself was one of the things that gave me the impression I was bipolar. In facts, it's like street drugs. You begin with pot ( anti-anxiety equivalent ), then it causes at long term a feeling of emptyness and of depression so they mix this with an antidepressant (speed equivalent). It creates a reaction like taking a stimulant and a downer ( like coke and beer ). Then, you begin to have more humor problems. Md are then telling you it's a mysterious bipolar disease and giving you lithium. This practice have as a consequence to cause some attention deficit problems and even psychosis on the patient. Then, the doctors tell him that his bipolar disorder has transforment in bipolar with psychoses. It looks real at the doc eyes, the patient eyes and the familly eyes. How can you say : " What will you tell to all of those saved by psychiatry " when medication they give causes the patient to smile and say everything is OK when it's not You don't even know if they would have suicide without taking drugs because they took the drug. That's a false argument. The system is lying to people and make it looks realistic, it's just normal that people who took meds and didn't suicide want to think they made the best decision. They had 3 months te get better because they accepted to take drugs and the others are returned to work, treatened as patients who refuse the 'treatment'. You can't say something is running right when you manipulate the system to give better conditions to some that are good consumers for pharmaceutical industries. lol I think you don't realise the danger to spill falses things like this. Some people here won't probably be living in 20 years because of psychiatry damage on their body AND BRAIN..
Do you know anything about lithium. My husband was recently diagnosed bipolar 1, I commented on a different video about his first manic episode that started about a week ago. He's hospitalized at the Moment. Im just trying to soak up as much knowledge as I can before he returns home so I can be of help to him.
+lashanda jones I have never taken it. All I have heard is that it can cause kidney damage if you aren't careful..
Zachjackson...First of all I would like to thank you for your insult. It shows that you are a "mature" and "responsible" person. It also shows how much you know on the subject. You seriously think that psychiatrists who prescribe drugs have a degree in chemistry Where does that come from. Also what are the tests they are conducting to establish the so called chemical imbalance in the brain I'll tell you...NONE. No blood analysis, no EEG nothing. So get your facts straight and educate your self before making any comments on a subject you clearly know nothing about.. If you want to live a normal life use psychiatric medications. Or you join those crazy conspiracy theorists, such as Tom Cruise, that believe some God on another planet will help you..
This and worst will happen to many, many people that take all those vaccines when they are born...way before your immune system is through forming...Baby shots are "KILLERS".
I wish you all the best. I was diagnosed with Bipolar II. I'm currently on antipsychotics as well..
i pray for everyone for good health and well being. I have come across some information with regards to mental illness. Please look into the works of Dr Abram Hoffer, he has in his life time help so many people with there mental illness using natural means by use of vitamin supplements especially Vitamin B3 (Niacin), for sure i would rather take vitamins than prescribed drugs and that is what they are drugs. Our ultimate goal should be to come of medications..

+Superdelta000 yep the more people are prescribed that crap then the richer u make the drug company's and "doctors".

Drugs & Medications - Zoloft Oral - WebMD

November 22, 2015

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Noflam (Naproxen) - 250mg (500 Tablets) :: Arthritis...

December 22, 2015

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This has been known for years. But thank you Dr Johannes Khor scumbag of Melbourne who for bribes will drug witnesses and fake medical notes... and he is supported by bastards in management at Eastern Health and other doctors tremble in fear in admitting his crimes... thank you for not forcing this horror on me as well you foul paedophile protector..

I REFUSE to take the statin my Dr prescribed me. There is nothing wrong with my cholosteral. The HDL/LDL numbers are NOT cholesterol... they are Lipo-proteins. What we care about in the LDL is the amount of Sd-LDL or LP(a). This number should be low and a simple test will tell you. The statin drug not only does things like Alzheimers, but also Erectile Dysfunction and heart problems. Before you jump all over this, please do some basic research using the GOOGLE machine. Find out yourself!.
Hope nobody tries to kill him like the other drs who went missing or have been killed in the usa for spreading the truth.. Finally someone honest enough to see the issues with todays Rothschild's Medicine Program where they treat the symptom instead of the cause. No point having a one time customer when you are running a business is there . No i'm not a doctor, i have just done a lot of research, and realised the truth about lots of things :). Hahah... on the west medical scientist try to demonise cholesterol, so that they can sell cholesterol lowering drugs to you... the con-artist is getting smarter these days.. :o). The guy isn't even a real Doctor, so NO, I'm going with what my trained and experienced Cardiologists is telling me..
+joe jarden Your job is to question what your cardiologist tells you, not accept it as gospel because you ASSUME he knows the score. For instance, why would he prescribe a medication to suppress a symptom rather than attempt to correct the disorder that is causing the symptom That's a good question isn't it.

+joe jarden "I'm going with what my trained and experienced Cardiologists". In what way they are trained and experienced Strictly speaking heart related conditions aren't getting any better with statin drugs. If you check the stats for heart disease related conditions some improvements do show but are due to "mechanical" interventions, in other words surgery, angioplasty etc. For example in UK between 1991-2008 the number of angioplasty procedures went from 10,000 to over 80,000. The problem with these mechanical interventions is that they do not solve the real problem. Is that what you would ever invest on To live a bit longer by becoming another Frankenstein or you want to find the root cause and stop the damage Why don't you ask your experienced cardiologist if he can revert the heart damage you caused into your body and see what he says. See if he has a clue..

this Dr is fantastic one, he is so influenced by the bible and Jesus way of teaching, notice how he gives metaphor every time he wants to explain something!! Jesus did that, he is courageous and said it as it is, Jesus was like that. you are good Dr. lovely to listen to you. and of course our friend who asks all the questions, is great as well.:).

Get everyone on statins for cholesterol and kill us all off even quicker, i think this is the plan of the big PHARMAS. Statins kill..
OMG! This guy is not a trained medical doctor, a danger to the public, spreading misinformation with no substantial sources. Statins are a main stay of treatment based on multiple well established studies. I would suggest brushing up on your pathology and Robins & Cotran's pathological bases of disease. Advising people to stop their statins is ill advice as statins are often given to prevent myocardial infarction.. +baba You are obviously dumbed down. its sad the ignorance of some people can't be changed. Very unfortunate..
+baba Read 'Lipitor Thief of Memory' by Dr. Duane Graveline, former astronaut, aerospace medical research scientist, flight surgeon, and family doctor who personally experienced the horrific side effects of a statin drug. He definitely is qualified to speak..
+angelzap100 drop olive oil also. 13.5 grm of fat per tablespoon 120 cal's per tablespoon. is liquid fat, will cling to you. most importantly, many olive oils are not as marketed, blended and old/fouling. cardio vascular system dislikes olive oil as it paralises vienular contractions or blood flow get restricted to organs etc. bad oil is any oil.. good oil belong in your car or safe.. be well.. we need to take preventative measures instead of looking for cures when the damage is done. everything in moderation!.. We know a lot things with this doc presc me statin drug because i have high trigluceridebut i didnt took it just watch my diet and my trigluceride dropt down .
What do you do then if you have high cholesterol every other doc will just prescribe you statins, do you stop taking it and wait for a heart attack :(.

+hougangv5 The Framingham study, one of the biggest and most prestigeous studies around, clearly showed that the older people got, the higher their cholesterol numbers and that, the higher their cholesterol and the more saturated fat they ate, the longer they lived. In fact, this is shown again and again in unbiased (ie: not paid for by Big Pharma) studies; it is in fact LOW cholesterol that is linked with early death, not high. Educate yourself and stop being afraid of your own body..
+Smallpotato1965 And just to add to that the oldest documented people eat cholesterol inclusive and cholesterol producing foods, including eggs and bacon..
he just cited ONE meta-analysis study to show that cholesterol is not related to heart disease when it is well known that cholesterol turns into saturated fat. then he tries to say that too much cholesterol is something that is normally not even worth worrying about, when MAJORITY of the diets out there contain high amounts of cholesterol, while heart disease is the leading killer..

Don't know if this has been said: Uffe Ravnskov is not russian, he is born in Denmark, since many years living in Sweden....

This video scared the hell out of me about Statin that can cause alzheimers. My mom was told to take lovastatin since she is diabetic type 2. She take it every other day for about three months. Now I'm going to have to tell her to quit taking statin. Hopefully, the confusion will clear up and she will begin to know how to cook things like she should..
My sis inlaw was given 'safe' statins through her pregnancy and is now breast feeding on statins and blood pressure tablets. I wonder how I can address this without offending her. I worry about my new baby niece as she is not gaining weight in relation to the percentile chart, and worry whether her little bodies organs will be able to cope with these chemicals as they are so immature. ;-(.
I know someone who was recently diagnosed type II diabetic, hypertensive and has cholesterol over 500+. Now on Metformin, Gliclazide, antihypertensives and Statins...surprise surprise they're not feeling any better, nor have their symptoms improved. Shame Dr. Glidden didn't go into his theory on how to remedy high cholesterol..

+TheCarrottTop all disease is the result of inflammation, its not theory and he did share that..

+TheCarrottTop Well if you want, I can give you the link to a full presentation he did on Cholesterol.
Thank you so much!! I've been doing my own research trying to figure out why I have such brain fog, muscle weakness, fatigue, etc. Many roads lead to statin drugs. I was already convinced that I needed to stop taking them, but this video definitely seals it for me. I already took a dose today with my morning meds, but that will be it for me...I will no longer take statins. I am also starting Ubiquinol (CoQ10) today to repair the damage already done by statins. No one ever told me that if you are on statins, you definitely should be taking CoQ10/Ubiquinol...I found out through my own research. Thank you again for this video! This channel rocks! :). pharmaceutical companies don't cure you...they only try to extend your life in order you to pay them . Our planet is so asleep because of big pharma. This is one of the important channels on you tube. There should be billions of views yet only 3000.. Please wake Earthlings.. This channel is helpful in getting information out concerning your health. Its a great channel but why the hysteria and wake up mentality There are plenty of other really good health related channels that are similar. I could recommend a few, so calm down . +Seth Goldberg That is your belief Seth not mine. I will think the way i choose thank you. And i will not calm down because you tell me..
My doctor wanted to put me on a statin. I refused. I said I will just be careful about diet and did not want more medicines. The side affects can be very subtle and one may not even have a clue it is the medicine that is making them sick or sicker..

BTW. Lose the suit. You'll gain credibility in the real world. Look up John Bergman folks..

Great interview! I like how Dr. Glidden explains things. Most problems in the body stems from an inflammatory process. I know a great natural inflammatory that has enabled us to manage a variety of health issues without medical intervention. Please contact me if you'd like more info..
I know what you mean Damara! I don't use messaging here very much and miss things too. Glad you finally got it. Looking forward to connecting with you! :). I totally agree with everything up to and after "flush those drugs down the toilet." He may be speaking figuratively, but some might take him seriously. NEVER flush meds down the toilet!!! Rx meds in the water supply is part of our current problem. This is very harmful to the environment, particularly the water supply for every living creature. For a brief explanation, go to pharmacy(dot)ca(dot)gov/publications/dont_flush_meds.pdf. Look! High dietary cholesterol does not equate to high serum cholesterol, period... This guy hit the nail right on the head and if you believe otherwise then you have been indoctrinated because studies don't prove it, and just because it is present in higher numbers in cases of heart disease it is just a product of the body trying to heal itself. Just because you stopped up the drain does not mean the drain is fubar!!!.
Wow this makes absolute perfect sense. My mother now diagnosed with alzheimers, has been on massive doses of statin drugs for a few yrs. .

Excellent analogy with the firemen. Will definitely use that one when explaining the effects of statin to friends and family :) .

So then the question is how do you stop or remedy having inflammation of the arteries and what do you take in place of a statin drug I suggested my father take Niacin and fish oil. Is there anything else.

Well first you need to stop the damage and you do that by staying away from oils and all fried foods because those things introduce free radicals into the body which then damage the arteries and causes the cholesterol to be laid down there. Next, you need to load up on antioxidants to neutralize the free radicals that are present in the body. The trace minerals Selenium is also extremely important to assist in mopping up free radicals, and you cannot forget all the other 90 essential nutrients. .
PLEASE DO NOT FLUSH THESE OR ANY OTHER MEDICATIONS... Please. All you will do is poison the water with these drugs that this Doctor is telling you to not take. Low levels of pharmaceuticals in the water supply have been a concern for a decade or longer. Please do not put any contaminants into any water even if that water is going down the toilet..
Yes, he said that he recommends that people get off these two type of drugs...1.) Statin drugs which reduce cholesterol and 2.) Proton pump inhibitors drugs which are antacid or heartburn drugs. .

Swami Ram Dev ha said all this many years ago, now we have some honest Doctors in the west too. watch Astha channel..
I am no expert but I also heard the cholesterol from nature fats are a bigger size and can pass though the blood vessels without any problems but the cholesterol from process fats are a smaller size and are more likely to stick to the inside of the blood vessel. The smaller cholesterol will get hung up in places that the bigger cholesterol won't. When you get your cholesterol checked, there is a test that determines the size and that test is what is important and not the actual numbers.. +wilsonsmanz actually it is not nonsense and yes large and sm clusters travel through the body and its the small ones that cause the problem. . +Linda Easthouse Yes but that is not a different type of cholesterol molecule. That is a different type of LDL molecule. The cholesterol molecule is the same regardless, but there are different types of LDL molecules with different concentrations of cholesterol and tryglicerides and the smaller LDL molecule is the one the body uses as a bandaid when free radicals cause damage to your arteries. . Right non dude. I am completely amused with ads for pharmaceuticals. " congratulations your down with crestor" God Bless .
Yes it isn't the cholesterol that is the problem it it the diet. The diet that you won't address because you are bought and paid for, probably. .

NoFlam - Anti-Arthritis Supplement

January 9, 2016

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6 Awful Medication Side Effects That Shouldn't Be Possible - Who cares if you sh!t yourself to death with bloody diarrhea so long as your skin looks nice! Watch the whole thing right here. #itsavideomfers. +FiddlebirdBlue A vast and sweeping minority. No sane person is going to claim that the current FDA inspection process doesn't have its gaps, but it's the exception - not the rule - and it's sadly compounded by consumer demand for new medications. As for Lipitor, yes - this is one of its potential side effects. There is no such thing as a drug that doesn't have some potential side effects depending on the particular biology of the person taking it. That the drug will have consequences for some small subset of people that will outweigh whatever benefits it might deliver is not an indication that the drug is of no clinical value. Some people can't eat wheat gluten because it will make their own body try to eat their bowels, and they're the lucky ones among the wheat sensitive population (the worst would probably be a severe allergy to one or more wheat proteins, which, like any allergy, can kill the hell out of you). That doesn't mean that bread is poison - it just means that those people can't have it and have to find some other alternative.. funny how you guys left out all the birth control side effects and recalls because they were killing people..
I never understood this american thing of advertising medication like that "tell your doctor to give you this, because (s)he has not being studying half his/her life to know what to give you, and needs you to remind him about this thing you saw on TV!". Seriously, medications should not be advertised to people, specially when most people don't know how the fuck the human body works, and don't have any clue of what they're putting in their bodies. Show the results in medical conventions and scientific papers, and if you're product is good, doctors will give it to their patients. As simple as that..
+Joseph Scharfenberg Doctors do know about drugs, not as much as pharmacists, obviously, but way more than your average consumer. I know this because I'm studying medicine and I have to study the Vademecum 'til I know it by heart [active principle, what does it treat, side effects etc.]. And then, when I'm finished with my studies, and working, I have to keep up with the new articles that are being published [about my field, at least], so doctors know a ton about drugs.Again, not as much as a pharmacist, granted, but a lot more than the guy who just watched an ad for it. I know how much time, work and money goes into putting a new drug to the market (from inital research to actually having it on the shelves it can take up to 30 years), but it is still inmoral to try and sell it directly to the people through advertsing, because people don't know anything about it. And the pharmaceutic industry, who makes the ad, cares a lot less about side effects than your doctor does. . Does your acne make you feel bad No problem! Our medication will fix your skin. And also make you feel bad..
+Robert Simmons (Simmr001) skin irritation is expected and logical. Expecting your skin to get better without irritation or redness is illogical (if you don't know, look it up).
+AmatMiguel He uses his power a lot like Mr. Fantastic uses his but not as stretchy. He's often worried about how far his skin can stretch since he uses his powers so sparingly. If he wasn't so scared he probably would be pretty decent Didn't he die recently though. I just got off of Cymbalta because I lost my job and can't afford it, and one of the withdrawal symptoms people are having from it is "debilitating brain zaps" where it feels like your brain is being electrocuted. Thankfully the only side effect I've had from it is being dizzy all the time and occasionally passing out for a second or two. Thanks Cymbalta..
+Andrew Steichen That\s why you should always read the drug information regardless of what the doctor says. I'm on multiple medications (I have autoimmune disease) and I read the info of every single one before I start it so I know what dangerous side effects to look out for..
I took roaccutane for six months, may be different to accutane but it had similarly advertised side effects of anxiety, depression etc., all my mental issues like that got BETTER while on it, and, lest anecdotal evidence is dismissed, I was told that was based on a few bad cases and that there was little evidence for any actual link. On the other hand it does give you fatigue and makes your skin dry as fuck I had to carry chapstick around with me and moisturise several times daily, also can't drink alcohol while on it..
+JAC 073 Tylenol and Ibuprofen are actually very/totally different, but you have the general idea about other meds. One is an NSAID and the other isn't, which can be a pretty critical distinction :p.
+JAC 073 They are almost completely different besides the intended result, due to the fact that one I'd die if I took it (Ibuprofen), and another I'd be perfectly fine and get the advertised result (Tylenol). So I'd say they're pretty different.... This is the biggest load of bullshit I've ever heard in my life. There is literally NO SCIENTIFIC evidence that proves a correlation between accutane and depression/anxiety. I'm currently on the drug myself, have been for months, and beforehand did months of research on reviews and spoke to numerous dermatologists. My current derma said he's been prescribing the drug around 5 times a day for about 9+ years and has never had a case where someone has had a bad reaction - like depression or IBS. I myself have suffered no side-effects besides dry-skin and chapped lips which are to be expected when you're taking a drug that drys out your skin. It just pisses me off to see shit like this because there's ALWAYS going to be a chance a person will have side-effects from a drug, some people are allergic to pain killers and antibiotics, and it's just moronic and spreading false propaganda to say a drug will definitely give you particular side-effects when there's no scientific basis to back it up. Anyone suffering from bad acne, I've had it for 8 years, it's only just now clearing up with accutane, and I've experienced no bad side-effects, if anything I've been happier than I have been in years because my skin is clearing up and just the hopeful knowledge that one day I might have completely clear skin.. +Shohiko Ah ok, the medication might be different between states/countries I suppose. Just only the scientific studies have shown that there's not enough evidence for there to be a scientific correlation between the two. Think they still have to label it and have doctors discuss all possible implications though for medical/legal reasons. And congrats by the way on it working for you by the way. Only reason I was annoyed by this video is that it might put people 100% off the drug and they'll live with acne for most their lives because of this fear of Accutane which I think is a bit messed up considering it has worked for thousands upon thousands of people. .
All drugs have side effects at some dosage, and some drugs have adverse effects at low rates of incidence - pharma companies also will run studies until they get one with marginally significant results, and submit that one to FDA as proof of efficacy - for every set of regulations, there will be those working to get around them. Don't take new drugs unless you have no otehr choice, use tried-and-true drugs when you can/.
goof old FDA hard at work "protecting" you ;) cough what the fuck do they even do any more anything.
I'd have to say that a lot are owned by deep pockets though. money NEEDS to be taken out of politics. it simply breeds corruption..

PS. For those worried about the astronaut. He was like 60 when he took the medication and he got his memory back after not taking it for a while..
And to think, there are people on the internet that aggressively defend pharmaceutical companies against people who question them.. +namekman01 back in the day we called them bots. then, social media evolved to a point that the bot (person) actually writes code and scripts and gets literal bots (computer programs) to do it in place of a person.
I had ambien and burned a pentagram into my arm with a metal fork and a gas stove. I also drank a bowl of coffee. I think that's why I remember it.
What the actual fuck This is advertised on American TV In Europe you will as much as mention hallucination and the medication will be boycotted.. As long as it's said in a calming voice, set to jangly guitar music and video clips of an idealic family life, the medication could cause death and people are fine with that here.. +TheRonster9319 Typical depiction of an American's version of a wonderland filled with sugery sweets.. This makes me want to go back to cannabis. Even though I don't have problems at the moment, but it is really healthy with low side-effects and no lethal amount. And the high, ugh the high.... Of course Parkinsons patients keep getting addicted to gambling. If you look like youre shaking the dice, of course people are gonna ask you if they can join in xD. After all of this I just have one question: how do we make sure that medicine essentially becomes free of side effects If the answer is we can't, I'll be flipping tables... Literally.. Wait do Americans seriously advertise prescription medications What's the point of that It's not like people can just go out and buy them, it's up to the doctor! What's up with that marketing strategy. See your doctor if you experience any of the following: Runny nose, dry/sore throat, wheezing, death, or occasional irregularity. This mystery capsule has a chance of being right for you. Call today.. What kills me is how "death" is usually quickly slipped in the middle of the list of side effects. As if "anal leakage" is somehow worse.. Why is it that most American drugs have possible side effects that're INFINITELY worse than the shit they're prescribed to treat!.
also at one point ALL medical emergencies that happened for a few weeks after taking a med had to be reported. so the chickenpox vaccine listed "broken arms" as a side effect for a while. cause kids..

I never understood how these ads are even remotely legal in the US. They're telling people who have no clue what's going on about the meds they should ask their doctor to prescribe. Hey, news flash, those doctors studied for like 12 years. And yet you're gonna trust some ad BY THE COMPANY WHO MADE IT about what meds you should take Dumb ass. Those commercials should be banned to help protect less intelligent people. Or people in general. If you can't buy it without a prescription, there shouldn't be ads for it. Simple..
+Sentinalh If my doctor tries to prescribe something to me, I look it up before taking even a single pill. I don't need a (biased) ad to tell me what the side effects are... I have the internet. :D Also they're on the box. Also the pharmacists here are mandated to tell you what they are. As is your doctor. But that it is here, in the Netherlands. At the very least you have internet though. :x. +Ziorac Ah well, it doesn't really matter. Pharmaceutical companies have so much influence in our political system that their ads will never be banned..
you should have mentioned thought OR acts of suicide. that means someone's body will come out of there control and commit suicide against their will!.

I was given medication for migraines. I couldn't sense carbonation for a year and got kidney stones. I'm no longer on that terrible shit..
+Andy Wilderness It shouldn't even be Advertised to the public. Besides commercializing medical treatments being ethically questionable, this is stuff that a medical professional should be suggesting to a patient, not the selfish corporation who is more concerned about making a profit than the well being of the public (ideally they don't want to kill people since that would hurt their profit, but they don't particularly care as long as you'll be willing and able to give them money). It's not like choosing which flavor of carbonated sugar water to drink. I guess I'm agreeing with you, I just felt a need to clarify. Because it's a ridiculous situation that is most ignored.. I drove to WalMart in the middle of the night on Ambien... Felt like a dream at the time... But I had bought random crap! I also didn't put on any shoes....
The scary part is that I know these commercials and 7/10 chances I have come across someone who has taken these. Knowledge is power..
+Dickbeard the Merciless you know there are people who actually need to take pills, taking them is something shameful, there`s no need to boast about not taking pills, it doesnt make you a better person or speaks well of you, it`s just the lack there of..
I have colitis and take medicine for ache. I was hospitalized for over a month because i was bleeding when I went to the toilet....
Everytime I see one of these types of commercials I'm just left thinking "maybe just live with the problem you already have instead of getting ones that are potentially even worse". My favorites, though, are the anti-depressants which include severe depression as a side effect. That's just pure gold. American commercialism at it's finest. Good on us..
So take the acne medication to clear your skin and get Crohns, then take the medication to stop your bowel movements from turning to pure uncontrollable liquid, then take chemotherapy and radiation, which may cause heart damage while you wear diapers and not die from lung cancer with your beautiful skin..
+Rezkeshdadesh Probably because the patient believes they're on the real drug and they're told what the side effects are.. +Scott Korin The new episode is supposed to drop on Monday the 27th, so at least "they're on it." But yeah, they need to get back on schedule with those.. +Daniel Boone Easy. The 'new guy' ones, and these ones with the typing sound effects are just rehashes of old articles on Cracked, in video format, so it takes them all of $5 and 10 minutes to make, where as the After Hours and other ones require 4 people with a script, and an interesting topic they haven't covered yet.. *Your skin Jesus Christ, Cracked, you guys are a serious site! Don't you have any kind of review process. Hundreds of millions of pageviews every month, most visited humor site on the internet. They're a serious business making serious money.. +mooxim We do. All of those drugs are licensed for use in the UK. The difference is that our pharma companies are not allowed to advertise directly to the public..

Noflam p drug & pharmaceuticals. Noflam p available forms...

January 24, 2016

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NoFlam - Testimonials

January 8, 2016

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i'm actually going through the same thing. i don't know if i should take meds for it or not.
I know this is a late post, but I have to make this decision in less than 3 weeks. I've been fighting it for a year but I think I'm realising more now how my anxiety is affecting me. Reading these comments definitely helps and it's good to know I'm not the only one who is hesitant about taking them..

You wont be addicted. The ones I have taken for 7 years made me feel a lot better. Its hard to fight it because you brain is like; "Oh yeah, this is rational and your anxiety is totally right." The anxiety medicines make you feel better same as the depression, sadly for some you may not be able to drink alcohol. Its worth it. I've been fighting it for more than 7 years now, since i was a little kid (now I'm a teenager), I've gone to a hospital for it and I've been though so much therapy but in the long haul, so far its all been worth it. Anxiety has kept me from friends and even leaving the house but with the help of friends, it feels like its gone. Just talking it out really helps..
+alpacallama _ interesting points ,if anyone else is searching for curing depression naturally try Elumpa Depression Cure Alchemist (should be on google have a look ) Ive heard some decent things about it and my co-worker got amazing results with it.. What a disgusting and ignorant statement. Anxiety is not a form of weakness. Anxiety is a physical disorder for many people and is simply out of their control..
+Nathan Alvarez She just meant it in the same way as people say crying is a weakness. We all cry, but we don't want people to see us in such vulnerable times. To her talking about anxiety, is being vulnerable. I get what you are trying to say. Anxiety IS serious. But obviously she knows that. She's just expressing her PERSONAL turmoil..
I've been on Xanax as needed for a couple years now, and for me it's been okay. I try not to take it too much so as not to get too attached to it, and I'm trying to work through my issues without the pills if I can. as far as side effects, it does make me really drowsy but that's about it. how the meds affect you is going to be more about your body and what exactly you're on, but I'm sure everything will work out just fine. and if it doesn't, you can always come off of it! much love. also i hope you know that even if you do decide to go with medication, it doesn't make you weak, it shows that you're trying to do what's best for you and for your health! don't let people get to you. Cat, you're so brave for talking about this. I suffered with anxiety and panic attacks for years before I realized that it was actually anxiety. My experience with Xanax has been amazing. I have multiple triggers and situations that cause me to have anxiety, so if I know I'm gonna be doing something that might cause me to have anxiety, I will take half of a Xanax. The crazy thing to me is that sometimes I will just carry the bottle of Xanax on me, in my purse... And just having the comfort of knowing that I can take it if I need to... Will stop me from having anxiety. Everyone reacts differently to different medications... But Xanax for me does nothing but just get my mind off of what is causing me to have anxiety. I hope for the best for you. I am on Buspirone and feel so much better ! I was overworked and blood pressure going up. my thoughts were racing and was feeling very uneasy. Buspirone has taken the edge off and I am thinking happy clear thoughts and back to my old self. anxiety is not weakness and it is something that can happen to anyone..
hey thanks so much for making this video. I have the same exact anxiety you do. I worry and I jump to the worst conclusions. I'm starting zoloft tonight for my anxiety..
Unfortunately, it did not go well at all. My doctor started me on 50mg, which im now learning is unusual because they usually have you start with 25 and then have you taper up. I had an awful reaction to it...vomiting, the worst anxiety ive ever had, time was going by really fast, i felt like i was going to die (probably having a panic attack). I doubt this kind of reaction happens to everyone but I did not take it the next day. I have not tried anything else but my anxiety has been better on its own recently. I feel like im learning to just cope better.. Hey there, hope all is well! I wanted to assure you that you'll be alright if you persevere and that you are certainly not alone. I was completely paranoid when it came to meds too and I did end up on paxil, but that's it. There are natural remedies for anxiety that I personally use on a very regular basis and they include Valerian Root, Kava, and Kratom. Used properly, they are a great substitutes for benzos and should serve you very well! :D. I occasionally watch your videos (I love them) and this has honestly helped push me to want to talk to my mom again about getting help. I brought it up one day before and she said okay by didn't really do or help me much to find someone and she thinks it's this one medicine I'm on and I can 100% guarantee its not because it's all been going on for way longer than I've been on the medicine and it really hurts that it doesn't feel like she believes me. I don't know where I'm going with this but your video helped make me want to bring it up again and feel more confident about asking/getting help so thank you very very much. .
Thank you so much for this video sharing. I seems to be that, Anxiety of people are Amazing Anxiety Perfecta Solution in this video..
Before starting any anxiety medication, it can be smart to find out if your anxiety is more in your body, like fast heart beat and feeling dizzy etc, or if it's more the racing thoughts and worries. And also if it's triggered by specific things or is more of a general background theme in your whole life. After reading about ssris and alternatives, it seems like lyrica and seroquel cause a lot of harm for many people, so stay away from those to be safe (if you're on them now, relax, many people don't get the side effects, and if you did, then maybe a slow tapering is right) I was on escitalopram (cipralex/lexapro: a ssri) two times, both a little under a year. The first time it seemed to work a little better. It helps with anxiety, I did feel really good for a while, not so much depression, but a little bit Ocd was still there, I was on 15 mg. Side effects: can be a little harder to pee, like I had to push it out, but it wasn't a major problem, sometimes I would cry a lot, but I didn't feel so awful, strange. But maybe I had so little anxiety that I could see the things in my life that were depressing :) I didn't feel zombified or anything. But I think you could end up like that if your starting point was more in the depressed without anxety chategory. There are some sexual problems that might be permanent, search for persistent genital arousal disorder (a living hell) or post ssri sexual dysfunction and find out if you are willing to take the small risk that this will happen. Also, beware of the suicide risk, especially with dose changes and at start up, and especially with younger patients. I felt like this in the start up the second time. I felt like I lost myself in a way, the anxiety got worse and I forgot how I used to feel. And people can also end up hurting themselves or others when their brain chemicals are changed, so just be aware of this. I would say, only take an ssri if you are really anxious or depressed, or else it's not worth it. Use caution with medication, it's strong stuff. I think medication is good when the problem comes from your brain and not your environment or if you are in so much pain that you need a brake to recover. I have tried buspar for two weeks now, but I can't say a lot just yet: it takes away some anxiety and depression, more libido, and swooshy feeling in the head if you take 10 mg at once. But I am not sure about this one, need something for ocd..
me and a few of my close friends have anxiety, some of them chose to take medication, some of them didn't. I heard that it helps a lot but personally I didn't want to take them. I feel like if I take them then i will end up relying on them to take my problems away. I would prefer to learn how to stop anxiety from kicking in rather than taking prescribed drugs most my life. I guess all opinions are different and the fact you are reading this from a 12 year old girl with minimal experience doesn't help xD anyway love you.

lol yeah, you're right. You're twelve and still live with your parents probably, and school life is what you have mainly experienced thus far Once you graduate high school and become independent and take full responsibility for your life, then you'll deal with challenges many orders of magnitude higher than what your you're dealing with now as a middle schooler. The world is a very fucked up place (duh), and sometimes the anxiety is meant to be there as reaction, and other times it happens on its own without an outside cause. You should only take meds for the latter situation, as the only that meds/drugs do is make a change chemically. Anti-anxeity/drepressants are not meant to be a way to cope for other issues, it's meant to be a solution to brain chemistry imbalance. Take a look at most adults. They use nicotine, alcohol, and THC mostly to cope with the tough times in life being that they increase serotonin as well amplify the GABA receptors and thus make you feel better in the moment, but nothing they take can fix problems like living in a dysfunctional family and/or working jobs they hate. +catrific - I think you're in the latter situation being that your have it pretty damn good economically and you probably don't have other big emotional/family issues in your life. I can tell by your vlogs that you grew up middle class and enjoy a middle-class lifestyle which I wish I could enjoy, and you're able to have the time and money to actually enjoy life as much as you can with your true friends. Try doing that with only $1000/month income and hardly any outside help. lol.
What is best for one is not necessarily what is best for another. It's good that each of you were able to decide what you each want/need for yourselves at the time. Your concern about relying on medication is legitimate. If you're able to manage your anxiety without medication, that's wonderful. Good for you. For some they feel they've exhausted that option and so use medication. Age is relative so in many ways it doesn't matter.. Hi Cat!! I have been in therapy for over 4 years now, because of depression, memories of the past and also anxiety. I am using Escitalopram every day, it's an anto depressant. I also am using Lorazepam for anxiety, but not on a daily basis. My therapist explained to me that I should only use it whenever I have anxiety or when I feel fear is blocking me from doing things. Perhaps that's an option for you to use something only when you have moments of anxiety It's different for everyone, so. No need to be ashamed, girl. It's a common thing and it should be something everyone should be able to talk about. xoxo.
Hi everyone, if anyone else wants to learn how to overcome their anxiety try- "Lawtix Incredible Anxiety Buster" (do a google search ) Ive heard some interesting things about it and my work buddy saw incredible results with it..

does anyone know the cure to anxiety I don't want to do xanax and I'm taking magnesium and b complex.
Hello Cat! I take Celexa, and Citalopram they both help with different problems. They really help a lot. Counseling and group therapy didn't really work for me..
I'm sorry you had such a poor experience with counseling and group therapy. There are many different ways of doing therapy and so there's a good chance that a different therapist will do therapy in an entirely different way. No pressure, you don't need to find a therapist unless you want to but for anyone out there who does feel at a loss because therapy isn't their thing I recommend shopping around until you find a therapist you click with. It takes work but I think it's worth all the effort..
I'm late to comment but whatever... I take an antidepressant pill on top of an anxiety pill, and I've been on it for two years. I've never had any weird side effects or anything, and I have been able to stop taking both of my medications when ever and it's never been a problem for me. The medicine has really helped me, and I hope if you decide to take it you'll start improving. Go and speak to them about your concerns then you will have the facts and be able to make your mind up what's right for you..
Honestly I've been on anxiety medicine on an "as-needed" basis for almost a year now. As you may know there are pros and cons. In my experience one of the biggest pros has been having more consistent days where anxiety doesn't happen. Having more days where I don't need the medication. One of the biggest cons is that it seems to take away my ability to express emotion. It leaves you feeling somewhat lethargic and sort of empty. Now that doesn't happen to an extreme and it isn't every time but it does happen occasionally. I think if it is affecting your daily life to a point where no methods are working to lessen the anxiety, then I would look into getting put on medication..

Sister, being on anxiety medicine is okay. If you need it, you need it. I needed and I have been on it for a while now and I am honestly in a much better place in my life because of it! There is no shame in it, and one thing I have learned is that people who don't have anxiety don't understand what it's like to have anxiety, so don't let them make you feel bad about being on medication! I'm not dependent on it by any means but it has made such a big difference, Im happy and I can finally breath where before hand it constantly felt like I had an elephant on my chest. Don't get me wrong, Im not "cured", I still have attacks and bad days every now and then but they are so few and far between that I can finally live my life with out being wary of having an attack out of no where. Good luck girlie, you'll figure out whats right for you :).

And to address the whole drowsiness thing, my doctor has me take mine at night before I go to bed. It helps me sleep, which I couldn't before hand because my mind ran all night long, and by the morning it's in my system really well!.

once you start and then want to stop youll have the worst derealization ever, atleast thats what happened to me, i pull out my hair when im nervous and thats my experience.
I know this is old and was posted four months ago, but I figured I'd still say something. I can relate greatly to anxiety problems. I suffer from OCD. I have since I was in late elementary school, but went undiagnosed until high school. I've been on a lot of medications in an attempt to help control my OCD and related anxiety issues. The problem is there is no one drug to help treat anxiety. Some medications work better for other people. The concerns you mention about taking any long-term medication is valid and you shouldn't beat yourself up over it. Just don't dwell on it. From my experience these drugs do help, though for my OCD I've had little success. Will the medication change "you" No. Your behavior or moods might change and that is something you need to try and monitor. Will you still be able to drink alcohol Well, technically no depending on the drug. However, you can. Just not in excess. Will you have side effects Maybe. Only one way to find out unfortunetly. I just wanted to chime in and let you know this and to also know that you are not alone, even if you may sometimes feel like it. I know I do sometimes.. You'll get through this,Cat. 👌 I take Lexapro for anxiety and depression & ambien for insomnia. You have to find what adjust to your body better. Buy yeah, I'm all for therapy and counseling, but some individuals need special care. So I'm pro anti anxiety medication and other other antidepressants that may be needed for special cases. Don't worry about it, love. You'll get through this. I believe in you! 🙏🙌 We're all in this together!👯💕💕💕💕.
I've been on citalprom for the last 4 years and it's great! I'm really happy and I don't ever feel very anxious anymore. It really helped me, like a lot. I stopped with therapy and everything and I'm doing pretty well. Sometimes it still kicks in but I'm pretty much ok. My only issue is that I haven't stopped it because I'm scared of getting worse. It's kinda like you start depending on the drug to fix your life which kinda sucks but I'm just too scared to stop taking it. I have been slowly decreasing the dosage though.

You are so pretty! And omg you're amazing! 💕 do you have an Instagram 😯 you can follow me 2 odayadi if you want! ☺️.
I'm on anti anxiety medicine and I love it. It makes such a difference in a good way. It doesn't even have to be a forever thing. Maybe try taking it until you can learn to control it better. Sometimes you have to have that extra help in order to get it under control. .
Anxiety is different for everyone. We all live unique lives and nobody can honestly argue that they truly understand every aspect of another person's anxious feelings. Much love to everyone who lives and works and loves with anxiety issues. I suggest reading an H.P. Lovecraft story. Lovecraft stories help me separate intense feelings of anxiety from utter madness!!! .

I've never been to therapy or anything like that. But last month my nutritionist decided to refer me to one so that I can talk with her to, I guess emotionally process the weight loss and never go back to being unhealthy. Which is a good thing (the weight loss part), but I'm terrified and anxious. Part of me wants to cancel the appointment, the other part of me says that if I'm anxious then I really should go. I'm a m terrified of having to take any kind of medication because of possible side-effects or addiction. I also don't want my parents to worry. Despite all of this, thank you for being brave and sharing, its encouraged me to go through with therapy and see if it can help me. I hope that you feel better with whatever you decide to do.
I suffer from panic attacks anxiety and i take medication and i am not addicted to it but when you cant sit in a movie theatre without feeling like you cant breathe i went through that and things like that i cant imagine not being on it.It just makes me feel normal if that makes sense like i feel like myself again i do still have times when i do panic or feel like i cant breath but its less often and when it does happen its not has bad as when i was not on the medication, For me it gave me my life back. I avoid caffeine it makes it worse i do not drink to begin with so that i do not know about that. I have had this issue for years and its awful do not torture yourself why feel anxious if you can take something to help it give it a try and see how it goes for me my medication is a lifesaver.. i have an anxiety/depression disorder too, i know how you feel i have to take a panic attack pill and anxiety/depression pill, they really help :).
I have been watching a bunch of your video's lately and am new to your channel. We have the same personality type (INFJ) and I can totally relate. I've never been diagnosed with anxiety, but was diagnosed with depression a couple years ago. For the past 3 years my self image has been a pretty big problem for me. Who am I kidding It's been a problem most of my life. It's a family issue. Times where I have to perform and be in the center of attention will make me physically sick, despite me going into it with a positive attitude. I feel often that I switch from being incredibly happy with my life, and the next day I'll wonder what the purpose of it all is. It is something that I still struggle with. For 6 months now I've not gone to therapy after going for 2-3 years. I'll think I feel better, but quite easily fall back into my bad thoughts. I feel like I can really relate to how you must be feeling, and I wish somehow we could talk in person. That would be pretty cool in my opinion. (I'm a Norwegian INFJ here!) I really hope you come to a decision you're confident with. Best of luck, Cat! :) .

As a psychology graduate student, I want you to ask yourself Do you feel that this medication will help you take the "edge" of your anxiety off and allow you to process these thoughts Because processing the thoughts that make you anxious is an important step one can take to learn how to minimize that anxiety. I hope you feel better soon, you are one of my favorite youtubers and it saddens me to hear that you are struggling with this. However, you seem to be a very strong young woman who is determined to get herself feeling better, so I know you will be all right and make the best decision for your sake. Keep us updated, and know that we all love you. Good luck!.

First and foremost taking medication for anxiety does not make you weak. If anything it has made me stronger. It is just another positive step to regaining control so one is more able to put their life back in order. I am 19 and I have had GAD (generalized anxiety disorder) for about 6 or so years now. Mostly my anxiety was mainly directed towards my education but it slowly started to creep into other parts of my life as well. It wasn't until I started college about two years ago that I decided it was time to actually sit down and deal with it. So I started seeing a therapist and was put on Lexapro. The thing about this medicine is that I can stop it when ever I like with little to no symptoms. Yes it makes me feel a little tired at times but compared to the tense ball of AHHH, everything is a little better. I'll stress the word "little" because the medicine does not cure. It merely assists. I have other ways with deal with anxiety from breathing exercises and things there of. And while my anxiety may never go away permanently, I feel that I am in the "calmest" stage of my life. And the medicine helped. It was an important part of the equation to stop anxiety from ruling my life. But I always remember that I am just as strong with the medicine as I am with out it. Hope my story helped. -xoxo.
Most anxiety medications will have about 1-2 weeks of possible downtime, depending on the medication. I took Cipralex for a month (Lexapro in the US), didn't do anything for me so now I'm on Bupropion. The thing about anxiety or mood medications is the way they react is different based on your chemical build up and the level of your anxiety. Don't let stories about one medication affect you, because each works differently. I have a close friend who had a horrible reaction to Zoloft and it made her loopy, but I also know other people who took it who say it has improved their lives so much! So really Cat, it depends on you. Do you want to risk possibly having small negative symptoms for a little while (ex. Nausea, upset stomach, confusion, exhaustion, weight loss, loss of apetite etc), at the cost of improving your mental health or find that medication isn't for you and trying the next best thing! You won't always get it right on the first try. Perhaps discuss with your therapist what exactly they would recommend you take then do some research on the medication. You can always call up other dr offices or pharmacies to get a professionals opinion. Hope this helps a little :) My meds still aren't working for me, but it's a long process. I would rather invest the time in trying to cure myself, than be too afraid to take risks and regret not doing it earlier. None of the side effects are every life threatening, but if 1-2 weeks is too much for you, you could try starting meds when you have less of a busy schedule and think of it as a vacation :). I honestly have never taken any anti- anxiety, depression, etc. medications. but I personally believe that you can't "heal" or slow down something as anxiety with a pill. it's not like you pop a pill and you'll be less anxious, at least to me. I done understand how those pills work. it's like a pain killer. it's just temporarily doing its job and when It fades off. I think that's when people will start to get addicted to the medication. if you want to try them go ahead, it's your decision. but you should weigh out the pros and cons :) . Even if they don't physically work they can still have a placebo effect vausing the anxious person to head in the right direction in terms of dealing with their anxiety. I don't have anxiety or anything but I am psychology student.. No pill is going to fully heal you. Most mood enhancers and anxiety pills are just shot of seratonin (increases happiness level in the body). Having exercise, a good diet, being well rested etc will also contribute. It's a matter of finding the right balance of what your body needs to compensate for what it lacks. :). Actually you won't get addicted and have problems if you come off of it. When you talk to your doctor about coming off of it they are sure to wean you off so you don't have any problems with withdrawal.. I wasn't talking about people who discuss it with their doctor first obviously that's what you should do. However many people don't and think it'll just be fine but it isn't..
I dont know you, nor have I ever seen any of your other videos but I feel like you're me...or I'm you or w.e. Everything you said, from the way you worded it to the personality you have in this little five minute video I feel like I live...and I've used those exact same words in the past to describe my own anxiety. From making everything the worse possible thing, to stressing out the ppl in my life, to getting anxiety about thinking of or dealing with anxiety. I've seen a number of different vids on anxiety from yoga, meds, meditation, anxiety attacks etc but this is by far the first one I see that hits it right on the nose. The biggest difference is that youve already established a relationship with a therapist. Im currently waiting for insurance to kick in before I look for one and I'm sure at some point I'll reach the road where I need to decide if antianxiety meds are right for me. You posted this video back in October. Im wondering if there is an update Did you go through with it Is it helping Any advice for someone who seems to have a mirror image of the type of anxiety you deal with.

Also one of the main reasons people suffer from anxiety and depression is because of isolation. We are social beings. Lots of love x.
Hi Cat I love your videos and you and joey have inspired me so much I feel. I would love to become a quality youtuber someday. I know you probably won't read this because your busy sometimes and it's cool. But I feel as though I have a lot of social anxiety. Sometimes I'm like you I think about the worst possible situation and in school I am sometimes nervous to ask the teachers for help. I get really shy when I meet new people but once I get to know them I'm not so shy, but on the other hand if I've known people for a long time and/or I can trust them I can be my self and that is being super WEIRD and not caring how I act in front of them. I've been bullied before and I wish no one would experience it, it makes you sometimes feel worthless but I have my friends and they helped me through it. I also have crooked teeth (why I was bullied sometimes) and my friends say I have a great voice and should sing on stage at school but I have too much anxiety to try anything on stage. I'm sorry this is super long :p .

NoFlam - New anti-arthritic formula -

January 28, 2016

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I always calculate this way rather than the very confusing dimensional analysis way.. which I never understood..
Thanks for all your help.I listen to your videos before every exam.I am very thankful for making everything less confusing.. I can not believe how simple you make everything!! I'm so grateful for you! Everything is started to click! Thanks :). I am starting my RN school next week and am terrified I will fail because of the every semester math tests which we need 100%.
Michael, are you a nurse, teacher or doctor You are a great teacher. I wish they would hire you at my BSN school..

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