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January 16, 2016

Comments about this video:
Nigga smooth lyin he aint neva seen drugs a day in his life. Nigga aint even from dead end he fraud dab. Shout Out To Trill Sammy For Doing His Thing. Fuck All The Haters. They're Just Mad He Getting To The Top.
Shout Out To Trill Sammy For Doing His Thing. Fuck All The Haters. They're Just Mad He Getting To The Top.

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January 26, 2016
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January 25, 2016
Vigaplus malaysia retailers - Walgreens osmo patch - Buy Products In Vito Mol - Mar 1, 2015. Order the best in herbal nutritional supplements, skin care, and other... i2
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January 20, 2016
We offer the best products in herbal care and are proud of the smiles it brings on the faces of our customers. As a value-added service to our wholesalrers, we offer... i3
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January 23, 2016

Comments about this video:
+Warren McDaniel He sniffed coke this morning and haven't been to sleep in two days, give the guy a break. Step 1: open this video Step 2: set the video speed on 2x Step 3: laugh Step 4: Step 5: make a million dollars daily.
Hi, If I am trying to undercut the price on a generic product with a brand in the listing, like for example It's a drawer but theres a brand "IRIS" on it. Let's say I find a cheaper source on alibaba and want to buy some over here, can I use this item's UPC and stuff and basically it will go under "6 new from $XX.XX" and i will be the 7th Or do I have to slap on my own brand on it and get a UPC myself Or do I instead have to look for a generic listing BTW GREAT VIDEO. NEW SUB 2 Cody Hawk.
is it necessary to set up a llc. I would say all the products arent very reliable and if something happens who wi be liable, amazon or the seller.. I love your energy! Most people don't understand WTF I'm doing and their eyes glaze over a little when I try to explain. :-).
So buying a bulk from alibaba of a hot item then selling it on ebay or amazon is the idea but know who your buying from.

I've recently started looking into wholesale. I don't know much about it yet. What kind of annual profit is typical of someone that knows what they are doing.

I first got my marketplace selling in 2004, I ordered 20 mp4 players and I sold them in like 2 days, I was like "damn, there is a potential in it". Then it became my full time job for like 4 years until many of my products got stolen in the post office... But during this time i got a taste of free time, meaning working 1-2 hours a day (basically waking up early, talking to my supplier for like 30 min, paying, listing and bam, my work day was over...). And once you got a taste of that, it is kind of hard to go back to 9-5... It was on European ebay.. Now i am back but this time on amazon and with the experiences i got buying overseas... I keep reading that people sell way more on Amazon than on ebay.
Hey great videos man I've learned a lot from you. One kind of wholesaling alibaba hack I've figured out is personally I find it a hassle getting samples or small orders for test runs or to check quality on alibaba, most sellers seem to be fedup with people who inquire and never order. Most alibaba sellers I can find on aliexpress where they take credit cards and have no MOQ. I try to do a sample order though there, no headaches, typically arrives faster, can pay with card. If everything checks out then I"ll go to alibaba to order quantity. Sometimes I'll even do an order of say 10 or 20 pieces on aliexpress on small light items and do a test run on amazon and see if they sell before ordering quantity on alibaba. You have a much bigger channel and audience than mine so not sure if you'd have any interest but if you'd want to do any guest blogging or vlogging on my channel or blog get in touch, I'd love to share some of your knowledge with my viewers andd readers.. Less chit chat and straight to the point, I like it. Most people do 20 minutes worth of video that could really be 5 minutes. Thanks.
Thank you man, very informative, i wanna start in the game, i have many ideas & little experience. Bad combo..

Hey Cody which link is for the 77 websites that you put together I'd like to purchase to help your fund and to look it over myself because I have interest getting into this market.

Hey man, check out JAK inhibitors for vitiligo. I have alopecia areata and its shown to be effective. Feel free to PM me.

+Robin Gray Thats true, I hate those long rambling videos. I was just forced to back track because I missed a lot. Otherwise great video.
Hi, I have a question, an individual seller can sell less than 40 items, this mean that I can sell one item but only until 40 quantity of this product or I can sell until 40 differents products no matter quantity for each item. The prices and shipping is to expensive same products are cheeper on ebay you dont get the manufacture prices.
I'm no expert and alot of the stuff you talk about I just kind of figured out by myself. Anyways Alibaba is a great site. You just have to put your time in an figure it out. I do think it's gotten alot better the last year. Use to be most people didn't answer you. Now they seem to mostly and it does help to send them emails more then once. Seems they don't always answer. The best is when you actually find a really good person to work with. ESPECIALLY if it's a trading company. A good trading company in your corner over in China is a great thing to have. I've gotten many trading companies to source products for me and I even have one that drop ships big expensive products for me. Makes no sense to store a $1000 item that cost $100 to ship and then ship it again and spend another $100. Manufacturers are great for that one product. But a trading company can really help grow your business fast. .

+OutlawUniverse Right, looking your comment sees you are doing good work and you will make a big success. Most of the people, they are just afraid of the Trading Company, they prefer the direct manufacturer unconditionally. But the advantages that a Trading company has and the manufacturer don't is ONE, can help you alot work not only the product, so you SAVE money and time TWO, it has a network or data of factories so they can purchase the right product for right importer..
Hey Cody, i am new to Fba system, so allow me to ask you a question: what label printer do you recommend And when you bring your private labeled items from China, do you need to have a permission for it Does the government require a lice for it Thanks man. Good videos!. Profit Peek is totally free to use with Alibaba and AliExpress. Just considering the time and mental energy it saves you, there is really no reason not to use it..
How does Ali baba work It seems very weird! Like eBay you can trust because of PayPal and eBay protection and other ways. Ali baba has a open chat with the buyer and no way to report the buyer. If I send the money they can all just ignore you and not send any items back to you. No.

Thank you very much bro! All of your vids really helped me understand better how to sell on Amazon. Thanks again!.

Hi Cody, thanks for the video. I have found this to be the same situation: I've been looking at buying from alibaba but it seems like every time I find a product I'm interested in, I see the same product being sold at wholesale prices on amazon and ebay (I'm guessing directly from China)" Thoughts on this.
Hi, I'm new to Alibaba How, can I be sure about the supplier on Alibaba A lot of them want money transfer or bank transfer how can I securely pay without getting scammed.
Cody Hawk, I live in LA, and I want to get into Amazon business, and I have questions. Any of the products on has UPC Any of them has a brand name How can you sell them on Amazon.

Hello Cody, could you please tell me whats the best and cheapest way of shipping from china to usa, is it DHL The offer DHL but i'm not sure if thats the cheapest shipping.
Cody, I do not see a link below that you mention about the 77 sites you use for wholesalers for the cost of $5. Could you post the link on youtube Ronnie
Hi Cody! I love your videos and congrats on the podcast. I don't think I heard u mention this lately but forgive me if you did. I was wondering if you had any opinion on "The Amazing Selling Machine" program Good or bad It's expensive but would it be good for someone who needs the step by step plan .

The problem with buying on Alibaba - or any other similar site - is that you can't be sure the product is actually as good as advertised. It's a well-known fact that many of the "manufacturers" or wholesalers on these sites put on good representations about the quality of their products and they might even send you a good quality sample but then when you place a big order they send you crappy stuff. You really have to do your work to find a good supplier. The other thing that's well known also is that many - possibly most - of the "manufacturers" or "suppliers" are actually middlemen who are making a profit on your back. They even make money on shipping. They will suddenly lower the shipping rate if you tell them someone offered you lower shipping rates. Like it's been said a million times already, DON'T JUST BUY BLINDLY on Alibaba or any other site. Anyway, tomorrow I'll be receiving my very first order from alibaba and I'm kind of nervous as I don't know what I'll find when I open the box..
I'm just starting; haven't even listed yet, but I'm not trying alibaba anytime soon. Sounds like you've learned a lot from the school of hard knocks..
+Robin Gray No. I only used alibaba that one time only. The other losses I was talking about was losses in life in general. I've actually known about alibaba for about 8 years but was never serious about trying them because of the fact that chances are I'd be dealing with crooks on that site. But I had to give it a try and just like always, bad luck was waiting..
I've been looking at buying from alibaba but it seems like every time I find a product I'm interested in, I see the same product being sold at wholesale prices on amazon and ebay (I'm guessing directly from China).
Hey man, first off id like to just say thank you for the videos. They've been a huge help as I want nothing more but to begin a business on amazon. I just started, and only have a few things I purchased through retail arbitrage listed currently to feel the waters out. I do have one question, however. I very stupidly purchased 25 units of an item through alibaba with the plan to re sell them. There is no other item on amazon that I currently see that is the same, so I figured the market would be good. I now realize my huge mistake in rushing, and know that at this point in the game I should be way more reserved. Whats done is done though, and I now have 25 items coming my way. Is there any way to sell these items without having to be a private label If I wanted to use FBA they require a barcode, and these will not have that because they are generic. Can I purchase a UPC without being a private label, or do you suggest potentially looking into becoming one If you could answer any of this id be extremely thankful. Thanks agin for everything man. I hope more success comes your way as you deserve it..
If you can make it to a tradeshow in China, that is the BEST. I was able to do that in 2010 and it was one of the most valuable investment I made in my business..
+Subtle B Yes, it is the best option if you are a new starter and without any connections to china. I have made a video on this issue. :).
If you guys are down we can formulate a team to better tackle the ecommerce market to formulate a good profit. No problem, as for rolling reserves I figured out what triggers it, either hitting 250,000 in a single monht in sales or selling "high risk" items ie branded stuff, autographed merchandise, high end brand names, etc.. I am a Singaporean,operating a freight forwarding company in China. Service: 1. label UPC 2. Inspection 3. shipping to amazon FBA We also do testing for your sample so u do not need to spend a bomb to ship your sample to US before deciding to do MOQ.( we will have a video filming when we do sample showing) PM me if you could use my service. Lastly, HAPPY SELLING!!.
Hey brother.GREAT VIDEOS.. i live in Trinidad and Tobago, an island in the caribbean and i am enthusiastic about FBA.. i love the concept.. i cant seem to figure out how to ship directly to Amazon from a wholesaler... it would be costly to privately brand because china doesnt ship directly to me.. the goods has to pass through miami. ANY ADVICE can i contact you directly.

+Shaun Ramdeen Ok, I don't know that area, but maybe I think people are afraid of the Pirates. LOL. But American sellers ship to your area If so, I recommend a website and they can forward.

Lol mybad, your 100% into affiliate marketing. Anyway alibaba and Chinese suppliers in general are a crap shoot now. .

You show a lot of enthusiasm and passion in your videos. Great work! You emphasized research. Soooo, how about a video on the research process How do you identify product candidates Do you start with the top sellers in each category.
+LKG Products Haha, I suggest you NOT TO START WITH A TOP SELLER, if you are a new starter or with small money, because a top seller is not as enthusiastic as the non top sellers, they don't have time. You know what I mean.
sorry didnt watch the whole video but one big problem with buying whole sale items from manufactures on Alibaba or equivalent. Is the fact that most of them sell on amazon for the price your buying them for. Sometimes they are even lower then you buy them for. Then you have to add on the customs tax ect..
+Og Trilla Hi, Og, there are the situations like that, it might be because of the QUALITY, MOQ also might be the manufacturer is costive when manufacturing or they earn much. You can mail me your situation and I will try to answer, kungfusourcing2 FOR FREE.
I've been looking into this for a while now... I think that I may be ready to take the internet shop leap of faith, best of luck to you as well....
watched the importing webinar with startupbros that associated themselves with you. Purchased the nearly $1000 coaching course and have received nothing. I have emailed and messaged for the past 2 days and no response. Was this really a program that you promoted or did they just use your name and scam people. +Alisa Casey Sorry about your problems. Trying to find a reputable/reliable, course/coach at a good price is like trying to find a product from a good and honest supplier on Alibaba. There's a lot of copycat junk out there in the FBA and internet marketing course/coaching marketplace. And, they do a lot of hard pitching of their course or service (especially the most expensive ones). I'm finding the same information about "how to make big money", (almost word for word) in numerous videos on YouTube and elsewhere. A lot of the videos available are just introductions to the sale of an expensive course or coaching situation. Getting good reviews and recommendations on courses and coaches are easy to come by as they are in FBA selling if you know how to do it and have the money to do it. Be careful and do you homework before you hand anyone your hard earned/or borrowed money. I hope your situation works out in your favor..
ratatatatatatatatatatatatat kakakakakakakaka papalalalalalalapapapapapamamamamamamamam at about 1299mph. hahahahaha calm down man!!!.
Great Video Cody! So far I have communicated with a few people in China via Alibaba, but just purchased from US Based Distributors. The Shipping Cost from China is what has scared me off so far. The shipping quotes have been very expensive. Have you found there is room to negotiate the shipping costs Whether it be FOB or Air. Good stuff! I'm going to get into PL in the next few weeks - just looking for a product and researching if it qualifies.

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January 14, 2016
China Wholesale Vigrx Sex Pills - Select high quality Wholesale Vigrx Sex Pills products varied in Origin, Coloer and Type from certified Chinese, manufacturers... i5
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January 13, 2016
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January 18, 2016
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January 12, 2016

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Can you make a video explaining you transitioning from selling individual items to picking products and wholesale buying Thus making your business more automated and possibly scaleable I've been selling things for a few months and am looking to further, I would love to hear from you. +diymike.

Thanks Mike! and best of luck. It's truly inspiring to see where u started off, to where you are now and I only hope that one day I'll be as successful in my goals, as I take a little step in the right direction lol..
+lyricsmusics100 yiwu international trade market of China,the biggest wholesale market in the world,everything you can find and wholesale here, hope I can help you ,my Email is tigerliu4252
+joel gomez yiwu international trade market of China,the biggest wholesale market in the world,everything you can find and wholesale here, hope I can help you ,my Email is tigerliu4252
So... What he's saying is...Do your research and fine things to sell. Why didn't i think of that. He so smart! Not!!. Getting product is not a problem. Getting a product that will sell, well that's the real challenge. Great videos.. Email - lewis.williams392 gmail... He his the #20 wholesaler in the world he supplied me with dresses tv, he can get you any thing you need that will fit your price... Your welcome is that helped anyone. +meth_head hey ,if anyone else wants to discover KEYWORDS GO HERE try Pyzork Luxury Buying Professor ( ) Ive heard some unbelievable things about it and my brother in law got great results with it. . Good points Mike. You can also start buying at local whole sale auctions. They can be hard to find sometimes but they are out there. I once turned around a clean out of a storage unit into $4,000 in just 3 -4 days. Get to know your local folk who are buying and selling in bulk. You always must be realistic on pricing. I always price the stuff I sell at wholesale so I can quickly turn bulk items around.. Good Day Mike, To find the products it it easy, but how to test the product if it will sell good on ebay amazon Canada Thank you.
Can someone tell me how to become a trade If thats what it would be called... Is that just a registered retailer I wanna buy some skate clothing or bmx parts but cant because the brands are all top and wont allow it.
Great information! Thanks I've been selling for a few years on eBay very small just personal items but would love to make this into my job, where I can one day do trade shows and have an actual store! Nice work man!. Good video thanks man, I'd really like your opinion on investing in importing and re selling JDM vehicles . Hi, could you provide into some insight as to how to market wholesale products if you have an ebay store. Would you recommend purchasing them 1st, how would you ensure one day shipping unless you buy the products 1st as opposed to "taking order" type listing / selling.
Im alittle confused are you completely done with e commerce now And your opening a brick and mortar store when in your previous vids you said that brick and mortar stores were difficult to start, but I guess it makes sense since you made money online now you have the capital to start a brick and mortar store.

Herbal Products Wholesale & Dropship

January 17, 2016
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January 15, 2016
Vigaplus malaysia retailers - Walgreens osmo patch - Buy Products In Vito Mol - Mar 1, 2015. Order the best in herbal nutritional supplements, skin care, and other... i10
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January 19, 2016
So, you Want to know where to buy vigaplus in canada, us, australia, uk?... viagra jellies wikipedia Tamsulosin and levitra buy cialis toronto Wholesale... i11
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January 22, 2016

Comments about this video:
Way to motivate those not hustling at the swapmeet or kiosk booths. That's where the business is at. Keep on pushing man. Swing by my channel..
Buying perfumes and colognes is easier than you think! Just go to my website ( the rest should be history! We also do free shipping and use UPS it takes about three to four days to get to Florida! Ordering from the website is very easy and you probably do not need my help but if you do have any more questions you can always feel free to give me a call anytime and I can explain how everything works 516-643-4008😆. Your website mentioned a minimum of 100 can we mix and match different brands as long as we make the 100 minimum In other words I don't have to get 100 of one brand do I Can you let me know I appreciate it.. Hi Harry, I'm just wondering how much will the shipping cost be to send 100 bottles to Australia. I went to your website. I appreciate a good hustle. I respect what you're doing too. Like you said you're providing for your family and making a good living at it. More power to you man. People always have something negative to say especially when they don't have things together themselves...I give you props. I've been considering branching out and doing my own thing for awhile too...It's calling me hard... . Do you sell authentic designer brands like jimmy choo, gucci, ralph lauren polo, or any celebrity brands like rihanna or paris hilton.
No I dont have to keep looking at your stuff they are 1 dollar a piece overprised and we clearly know that you arent the cheapest in the world. Maybe thats just a marketing phrase you use to make yourself appealing but its not reality. In your mind and in your thought process maybe you see yourself as the cheapest in the world but in the real world you are not. Those fragrances are low quality and I dont have to catch you. You said it yourself at 4:50 in your video. Your the cheapest in wholesale harrys mind but not in the actual world. .

His perfumes are the diamond collection they arent original brands a lot of people on youtube have very little knowledge of perfumes lol. These perfumes sell for 2 dollars each at a wholesale perfume store. Believe me 100% original brand do not sell for 5 dollars. Rich people usually are able to buy and want original brands for 70-90 dollar range. His perfumes are imitation of original perfumes. They just change the name a little ao they dont violate copy right laws. For example on wholesale he has channel with two nn's and thats acceptable but the real original brand is chanel no. 5 .

+Jacob Herrera So what who gives a dam the man is making money and doing a good job at it that all that matters original or not I have brought off brand stuff before.

You guys rock! OMG! Can you tell me where I can get a directory of flea markets all over the country.

Thank you man. Getting into all kinds of business ideas, so much that its overwhelming. You got ecommerce such as Ebay, Amazon, Craigslist, Etsy and Bonanza... and affiliate programs... and then you got the real world markets such as flea markets, garage sales, fairs, convention sales, auctions, shows, trade shows, and festivals. So much opportunity here..

Thank you for the tips..very, very helpful. I'm new to selling at the flea market..going out this weekend for the first time..I'm selling jewelry I've purchased on ebay and a couple of wholesalers. Once i start making money, I plan on adding purses abd scarfs. I love accessoriirs myself so I pretty good about selecting very nice items...things the ladies will like. I fix computers for a living so I'm naming my new business "The IT Fashionista"...I am going to use yr advice about the signs and banners. .


This is nothing new just go to canel street in nyc and you can buy knock offs for the low too lol hahaha do your think tho homey $5 and you smell good o well I'm game...
Sounds like you know it all but the only thing you don't know how to do is help yourself! Where are your videos. hey I'm Interested in buying Inventory to start my flea market business. here in California. please respond. thanks..
"A little information" man... as I was sitting here listening to you my head start spinning with ideas. Big up! Much Love & Respect.

Your perfume business seems to be very profitable...I live down here in VA...I'm originally from Queens, I know about getting your hustle on...can I contact you about where I can purchase perfumes wholesale because I know these folks here will buy them out! Once again, keep doing you and forget any haters that post ignorant comments!!.
Thank you for the tips..very, very helpful. I'm new to selling at the flea market..going out this weekend for the first time..I'm selling jewelry I've purchased on ebay and a couple of wholesalers. Once i start making money, I plan on adding purses abd scarfs. I love accessoriirs myself so I pretty good about selecting very nice items...things the ladies will like. I fix computers for a living so I'm naming my new business "The IT Fashionista"...I am going to use yr advice about the signs and banners. . Hi Harry, just letting you no that I tried to place an order with you through PayPal and it tells me that there is a problem with your PayPal account.. The reason why my website will not calculate the shipping for you is because you are in Australia we only ship to the United States sorry. I am not hating on harry but seriously there is no one who can sell original brand name perfumes for 3 or 5 dollars. They are cheap or as he says generic brands. Which are affordable for people that cant buy brand names. . I do not sell brand-name originals that they have in Macys! I sell generics that they sell in CVS Kmart Walmart and all of these othe! no frill stores! I've been selling for 20 years and been making a hell of a living!. Hi... Im interested in doing something like this...i found you on google... great video by the way... just one question how the helk do i get the merchandise i read some of your comments below... some are kind of old so im not sure if the info is still the same to this day... anyways im down in MIA... i hope you can reply to my comment soon.. because i want to start this week... or weekend.. thank you for your video which actually motivated me... and gave me a lot of good thought towards doing something like this..
+Priscilla Padilla I can help you to started cloth Business. If you interested to write me rahmanbdmostafiz2
+Hust11er all the items on your listed website is replicas. I can show photos for proof. So if you get authentic perfumes for under $5 where do you really buy them. 90% of these perfumes don't even go for under $5 at a wholesale price due to high quality and name brand items have more profit margins in contrast to replicas.. +Tiffany Lynn lol... I don't mean any disrespect but you are so wrong! Who do you know that makes money with high end name brands And I don't know anybody other than macy's! The reason why I make so much money and the reason why you're watching my videos and the reason why I provide so well for my family is because i only sell replicas I love replicas and sodo my customers. I've been selling replica perfume and cologne that are 100 percent legit by law for 20 years now and I am sure I have made more money than most of your family members put together. The facts are facts! And again I don't mean any disrespect! But the fax are the fax! I'm a hustler I am what your children and most likely your husband is inspiring to be like! So no I do not sell high end name brand. Never did. And never will. McDonalds does not sell steak and they do not sell filet mignon! Are you going to go and tell McDonalds that they are not going to do any business because they sell cheap products no you won't! McDonald's is a lot more successful than you will ever be! There's a lot more to business than just merchandise! A lot of people like you think that if you get the merchandise that you are automatically in business... but you are so wrong just like most of other people def think you're going to make $1,000,000 selling Gucci dolce gabbana and high end name brands! That will never happen!. This weekend we have massive sale of perfumes but there is no perfumes that sell for 5 dollars,they selling just as 20% of the retail store and it is still expensive,,,dam it,new zealand is ripping off people with the prices,,,prefumes are most expensive things here and everyone claims that they selling as wholesale price,how come wholesale price 80 dollars perfumes that in retail cost 95 dollars...For so many years i have searching to buy wholesale perfumes to open store here and drop the price to make everyone buy what they looking for,but without any success...Please show me how to get my hands on those perfumes,people here are crazy about perfumes but they just getting into the store for testing not for buying,because they are expensive....
Yes this is correct... But I no longer sell Diamond Collection I actually have my own collection I have my own exclusive fragrance is made just for me it is called urban collection and smash collection it is absolutely awesome surpasses by far all the other collections. My packaging is absolutely awesome everybody loves my fragrances the people sometime in collection called me all the time and they want to do business with me! I just laugh and I say you guys did not want to do business with me back then! Lol! so when you get a chance, check out my collection. I actually AM the cheapest in the world! Because there's nobody else in the world that you could get my fragrance is from! You cannot find or even get or even see the smash collection or the urban collection if it does not come from my hands! Lol! So yeah I do not mean to be cocky or rude or sound like a jerk but I actually AM the cheapest in the world you can google me! I understand you're trying to make a point and I understand that you think you know what you're talking about and I also understand that you would try to catch me in any way you can! but I just want you to know that you will be looking for a very long time you will never catch me!. perfumes the sale is taco bell perfumes fake from china . Nice Video, The colors red and yellow are used by fast food chains to make you "hurry up". They represent speed... Like come in, get your food, spend your money and get tha F out!. Dude make more I want to start I love the way you know all this that's some Og stuff right here :).
Hey bro, I just want to say thanks for making your videos. I can definitely appreciate someone who is trying to help others make their come up in this world. I have served almost 10 years in the military and I cant wait to get out so that I can make some real money. Keep up the movement brother and God Bless!..
You're welcome. And as always, I will. Stay alert, stay alive, thats the motto we live by.. +Robert Gutierrez YOU JUST CALL ME AND MAKE AN ORDER...AND THE REST WILL BE HISTORY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!.
I did a search on how to be successful at a flea market and your videos came up, I started watching ALL of them. and now im hooked. im jumping in your wagon and riding the perfume/cologne wagon!! my clothing store went out of business so I got tons of clothes ill be selling for $5 just to get rid of it since I got so many...the colognes and perfumes will go great with my items..i need signs!! where do you recommend to go and purchase those signs im calling you!! lol thanks for sharing your success story!! I love it!.
Hay evelyn... I would love to have you jump into my wagon!😻lol Sorry to hear that your clothing store went out of business. Just remember that when one door closes another one opens! I know you probably have a lot of questions, and there is too much information for me to list! You can give me a call anytime and I can explain how everything works 516 643-4008 thanks and talk to you soon!.
Thanks for this Video bro. Everyone else wants us to pay for this information, but you sir are giving it for free. Once again... a big thanks from New Zealand..
Keep it up. I like it. I need to figure out ways to make some cash too. Keep in mind though the more secrets you hand out the more stiff the competition will be when they learn off you. Keep some for yourself too. :-). THANK YOU UTOOBUSERNAME01!!!!!!! I AM NOT CONCERNED WITH COMPETITION!!!!!! I AM ONLY IN COMPETITION WITH MYSELF!!!!!!!!!! (LOL) :).
Sounds great Ed! you can give me a call anytime and we can discuss it 516 643 4008 ☎ Thank you and talk to you soon.
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