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January 20, 2016

Comments about this video:
Yes, yes. Finally a video an American who lives in the UAE can speak about. The not needing to know Arabic thing is from what I've seen, a very well known fact (At least amongst Americans who know what the UAE Is) May I also say about the Emiratis that speak English is also very common from what I've seen, it does seem like the future majority native language in the area, or it'll at least become the first known second language. About the religion part, they could care less what religion you follow. I'm Christian, they are like, oh cool, who cares. The UAE is the best majority Muslim country for women rights, even above Erdoganstan. I thought this was common knowledge. About the Indian and Pakistanis, that is true. Though if you come to Dubai you'll see a lot of Filipinos.. +victorrain Depends on what you like to do. Prices can vary (obviously) but there's a large spectrum of things to do.. biggest misconceptions: →Dubai isn't a country. united arab Emirates is the country. →Dubai isn't the capital either. abu dhabi is. →Dubai majority population aren't arabs. indians are. →Dubai's money doesn't come from oil. it comes from tourism. →Dubai has a beach. →Dubai spelled backword is iabud.. +abdi ali yes thats mean all controll is government hand... even govrenment sometime not even replace them... for example, they off UAE visa temporray for Bangladesh. In UAE, there will may always living some south asian people. becoz pakistaan and india always maintain a good relationship with UAE and they supply cheap workers for Arabs.. I'm Saudi and I went to the UAE last year It's so advanced and modern The quality of life is better than most of the West Long life UAE and KSA. +George Severn he was the only one who controled the country and made freedom of religion and freedom for everything, but those islamic bastards just want sharia to kill all kafier ( unbelivers) and rape as much women as they could just like their pedo prophet . Human rights violations are also rampant in the U.A.E. And even though quality of life might be "high," there are thousands of people suffering slave-like conditions.. 2:12 Subtle racism. "Rich" on the westers. Oh but there are a lot of Indians and pakistanis and ofcourse they can't be rich.. All of the on the westers giving hate to Dubai because of mere jealousy and envy. Dubai is a far more clean and developed place than your shitty/filthy European or American cities..
+Saudi Arabian Go fuck yourself filthy Arabian monkey, whites & blacks are much better than you pathetic uneducated terrorist sand monkeys..
+MrLiberali Dont worry KSA in couple years will be a desert waste land when all the oil is gone. .
You forgot to mention that many (perhaps even most) of those Indians and Pakistanis who live in UAE are wage slaves kept their against their will..
The answer is CNN, Fox, CNBC. They feed you garbage and you devour it with a smile. Most other nationalities are more critical on what they take and leave from TV. Dont mean to diss Americans or their contributions to humanity. Just stating something that I saw for myself.. Next vid: 'What Americans get wrong about Kuwait' They still think of us as a war-torn country lying in ruins from 1990 xD.
"Are there other misconceptions that we missed"...There were literally no misconceptions debunked in this video - Americans get nothing wrong about the UAE because the only thing we know about them is that they don't take in refugees..

The contributions and donations from the UAE for Syria, Iraq, Afghanistan far surpass what the west has offered. And guess what!! we dont even have a hidden agenda behind it like the west does..
+Frédéric Azar uae,i have a controversial question does Hezbollah control Lebanon or no.
But still, Arabs & Islams don't belong in neither America or Europe, so get the fuck off of America & Europe, we Americans & Europeans hate your assess..
i hate that a FOREIGNER is explaining my country Also it's only in dubai since a lot of tourists are there we speak english but our first language remains arabic.
People listen Woman are treated like Queen in Arab countries this is the biggest thing foreigners don't understand men are 2nd class citizens..

+Karan Patel actually no the ottomans didn't even bother because their land was nothing more than a sandbox. but there was a time when uae used INR within its borders..

+anmol monga you are an idiot.. Poor Indians are controll UAE economy!!!! are you high i don't know why all Indians are so liar,fake and stupid.. stupid Indians often say that, we are powerful than USA, UK, China!!! bla bla bla... you guys not even realize how lame it sounds...!! BTW i visited UAE.. and its really good...
+Tuvana I was told that foreigners can get nationality in South Korean. I know that some North Koreans fled to South Korea and settled there. Europe is easier, especially UK, Germany, France. You can also get citizenship in Singapore if you want, after you do the national service.. Hmmmmmm, felt like this video were skipping a lot of the negative sides of it's constant human rights violations and slave workers. You briefly mentioned all the Indian people there, without drawing the link that most are imported, taken away their passport and forced to live in horrible conditions to build all these new and modern buildings. A myth debunk would also be the general perspective that UAE are all rich people, linked to the same thing as I said before. This video seemed only to paint it in a positive image.. And your stating these as facts or rumors that you heard Do your research and you will see that Dubai has surpassed the west in several industries, hence receiving negative rep from on the west competition. Come see things for yourself, you'll be amazed..
+Fight300com Yes I was quite amazed at indians living in their own piss there. I was also quite amazed at all the stupid tourists buying into the facade of everything. .

What the americans get wrong about the World!.. Plz tell me more about the americans... I fucking care!!.
What do americans get wrong about arabs and muslims... EVERYTHING XD... sometimes we tune in to some american coverage about arabs or muslims in cnn or fox... or even in some "liberal" internet sources..just to get a good laugh out of it :P... just travel here and ask locals questions about islam..dont depend on the internet or youll get laughed at... again :). +Ahmed Alshaer It is not a on the west concept. There are many other Asian countries who give you nationality if you are not Asian. Also, Saudi Arabia has given nationality to some Asians who have applied for it..
I have a question. why the UAE isn't a developed country it's rich and politically stable economy growth is more than ever so why not .
+Albin Lundholm Human rights violations according to whom The USA law please save urself some face and go help out the homeless on your streets because your government is doing nothing about it... +Nick Mayo come during Christmas the weather is around 20-27 in hot days its 31-33 if u come during summer u will get heatstroke if u come from a cold country very hot.
I'm form United Arab Emirates and you got one wrong information about the generation of students who are not fluent in their mother language, it's very rare maybe less than 2% of the citizen population..
No...I want everyone to know real Bangladesh... It doesn't really matter whether I like it or not....
+Arab Kid you call us a shithole but without europe and north america you guys would still only eat camel meat and ride your camels and live in the deserts yes dubai is a nice bubble, but that nice bubble was not build or engineered by local emirates, europeans and americans at least build their countries themselves you need foreign teachers, professors and so on to build up your own education system so i would be very quiet.
This is true, Dubai is beautiful and peaceful country and woman is not restricted as in Saudi Arabia.Although ,Arabic is mother language and native people can speak English but many natives and expats can speak Urdu/Hindi as well..
Ok, now i feel really, really dumb ^^ I've always thought that Saudi Arabia and UAE were the same thing/country. Thanks for clearing that up :D.
+Cade137 I belong in Europe but all the Africans Turks and Arabs are trying to take my place...if I want your up for European you will call me racist so America is my country and you can die. I like how they show an Indian family with a lady in a saree when they're trying to talk about women's dress codes. Also you did forget to mention all the slave workers they have there and the whole modern day slavery issue that other news sources have also exposed..
+children of the light as an Indian I'm really offended but I'll have you know that I nor do any of the Indians or pakis I know take part in any of those activities you've mentioned and again I repeat myself all societies and cultures have evil in it, but to hate a sector or humanity is ignorant in my opinion. I may not agree with the sharia laws or how Arabs treat ppl of different cultures but I don't hate them and nor would I spread hate over the Internet and social media. I believe social media can be used to break barriers and stereotypes and make ppl realize we're all the same..
+jkcyriac23 u know well how racist and how indians enslave them selves in their own land, isnt it a priority to criticize that before talking about it in UAE which also indians enslaving them selves isnt it important to talk about the huge illegal iindian population here you know well most indians are not civilized and behave poorly, they spit on the street and very racist towards everyone, enough is enough, u r welcome to work here but there too many .
, though there are multiple readings for Germany to allow refugees, I think the most simple reason is that they are really educated and understand that they can afford to help, and they are but fooled by hysteria like the United States.
The UAE cant handle Syrian refugees. The country is extremely small with a local population of just under 800k. Not to mention that the country is only 44 years old. Nonetheless, the UAE is doing its fair part in the Syrian conflict with aid being sent in mass quantities.. +Fight300com UAE took 100k refugees, shiek abdulla said it in the UN, and we are 1,4 million not 800k .
Please do a video on united Arab Emirates violations of human rights please this video will help a lot of people who live U.A.E like me..
Why are you showing Indian women wearing saree while narrating Women don't need to wear the Hijab. Islam is a super fucked up religion and it needs to my videos, I tell the TRUTH about islamic history, politics and religion SEEKER DAILY is corrupt and full of crap, but you knew that.... +Sarah Schreiber Islam is a super fucked up religion and it needs to my videos, I tell the TRUTH about islamic history, politics and religion SEEKER DAILY is corrupt and full of crap, but you knew that.... why are women first to be served in lines to combat genders interacting it would make more seance to create 2 different lines..
It's good that they let women show a little skin. Who wants to walk around covered head to toe in 120 degrees heat.
+Aconserva jones black robe covered head to toe i think you'd die from the heat long before skin cancer. they should at least wear lighter cloths .

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January 24, 2016
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Un poulet en conserve - Photos non contractuelles

January 18, 2016
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January 16, 2016
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January 11, 2016

Comments about this video:
Hhhhh the talk about slave and the white pigs people on the west countries slave African Americans what about Australian Aboriginal slave what about African slave in Europe What.
+ben ben The land and the idea is property of someone, if you come to someones property and work with his machines,ideas,computer systems,softwares, gadets,buildings etc. then you work woith someone elses property, if you don't respect property you lost a lot..
"slavery, human rights violation and the poverty of the workers" DUHH!! They are paid for their efforts. They got salary from their agents to feed their family. They want the money so they need to working!! Better than they begging in their own country.. +ahmadaliahmadhussain صدقك بوشهاب.. شكلي انفعلت و انا اقرا التعليقات فما انتبهت.. يزاك الله خير نبهتني.. بامسح الرد.
I think uae is the only successful arab country (also qatar maybe) ,,, these guys knew how to use that oil... That is why it is rare to find a poor emirati there. (I know there are poor laborers,, but i dont want to take a piss on the uae for that because here in the west we have even more catastrophic human disasters,,,,so stop talking about slavery and human rights violations as if usa, uk, france, germany, or belgium dont have any violations and problems at all 😂😂... Just because it is one of the few succesful arab-muslim countries doesnt mean on the westers should hate on it for reasons that does exist in their own countries (if not worse) At least the uae doesnt have as much burgularies like belgium,,,it doesnt have as much worker deaths like usa,,, it doesnt have as much homeless people like in the usa as well,,,, and the human development index in the uae is "very high" just like the developed on the west countries... Unlike other on the westers,,,, i do not hate on the uae,,, cuz that will make me look like an idiot who knows nothing in the eyes of arab people... And believe me, if arabs see you like an idiot, they will treat you with exaggerrated extra care, like you are some sort of disabled retard... They will make you look pathetic every time you mention topics of slavery and etc,,,, because it is just over exaggerrated in our media.
+AnimEmo100 I am from UAE thank you for your post! Sadly in these days the media is very manipulative, and will give you one side of the story and then some people will make their judgement based on that! Not everyone is bad but not everyone is good. right. Wow! This part of the Arab world is magnificent. God bless Shaikh Zayed what beauty and magnificence. From pearls to oil. All his wealth and decisions to create such added beauty to the desert. I tell you I would love to be a tourist of UAE. I must stop everywhere. Just amazing so much to learn from UAE . My grandmother owns a property in the Jumeirah so she would travel there frequently and on returning, she spoke always about the beauty of the UAE but this video is just gorgeous..
You sound to be pretty knowledgeable. So I do not need to rectify you on the given historic names! :) But you are interesting and interesting does not mean nice! ;) .

wow!!! I have a friend, a classmate for mine, who visited this country bevpcause his father works here in UAE. He told me that this country is so progressive. I did not believe him at the first place cause I thought UAE is just desert desert desert but I'm wrong.. this country is so cool!!! the best so far!!! So progressive!!! I mean, this is the life!!! If only the Philippines is just like this, then we don't have to suffer in poverty... huhuhu....
+Ronn Kenan Toboso So you are in the Philippines I am also Filipino,just living in UAE. I like Dubai,but im not living there!. people who are filled with hate and contempt for muslims and arabs dont see all this.. all they want is to invade a complete nation because there was some "humanitarian violation", when us military and blackwater terrorists reaches there, then nobody cares who they are killing, as its all "collateral damage".
+Fazyy Dubai was not built on hands of slaves, the laborers chose to come here, and they can leave with help from many organizations in the UAE like Dar albir, bayt alkhair, dubai care, and much more but they choose to stay because it's better than their country. Don't bring USA into this conversation, their WHOLE country is literally built by slaves shipped from on the west and Central Africa. Let's not forget the symbol of the US which is the white house, built by slaves..
+Fazyy yes be proud and glad of your Islamic identity and the wealth you are blessed with. They are just jealous communist haters who hate you because they hate God and God giving some people more than others, they are karl marx devil sons..
+TheTheocrat Every country produces that you cretin. And Emirates is one of the safest countries in the world..
+l no Saudi arabia and the emirates don't produce nearly as much psychopaths than the godless polytheist nonmuslim countries.. This film is beautifully made. As a tourist information film, I would not expect anything other than the UAE and individual emirate governments to have funded it. Any tourism authority worth their salt would produce a film of this sort. It has to be looked at from an artistic viewpoint - does it show the UAE in an interesting light Yes, I think it does. The fact that all seven emirates were shot from the air was a brilliant idea. It is colourful, well narrated, and shows the emirates in all their diversity. Well done to the UAE for producing such an original film.. They should change the name to Sade because not only does it look good outside, but more beautiful inside. +Trevor Jones. one of the best videos on ytube no doubt its real heaven on earth no U.S.A no UK no nothing its a play ground for rich.
This place is trying so hard to move forward in time and make the most of it's positives. I went and will go back. lovely respectful people. couldn't do more for me. Good for them making the most of their natural resources AND environmental protection..

Yes, It's absolutely beautiful.. Congratulations to the people of Emirates. keep it beautiful It's a glass beauty after all.. Do not throw stones on others. Your house is made of Glass..
Instead of creating a manufacturing economy, they spend ridiculous amounts on real estate Real smart.. Everything looks good...but I strongly believe arabian people are mental about their labour and help...It was such a waste of teaching them humanity...lolz...the word is not even in their dictionary . +Sharmin Ahmed stop accepting job offers then, respect their right of property their business is 110% theirs 0% yours. They offer work you accept or you decline, if you accept then shut up.. This is a complete propaganda film...I'd bet my house that this was funded by the UAE government. It's an anti democratic hell hole that uses American and European oil money to build pretty buildings, 8 lane highways and trains (that run on raised railways, ooooh). The socio - political system is extremely backward. The only reason that the place looks half decent is that European/American oil money has poured into the place for the last 50 years..
+MrLiberali The Arabian Gulf countries are having talks of uniting all the countries into one confideration and thus one army, which would be a larger army than USA and China. They said it will be called United States of Arabia, thus USA, I have no idea how that would work lol.

If I were a tourist there, I’d be most interested in spending time in the mangrove marshes. The parks and golf courses look too artificial and sterile. Of course I would visit the state of the art building projects and I compliment the Emirates on their achievements in this field. I am very excited about the courageous and ambitious schemes, partly because I am trained as an architect, but I would not spend a lot money on staying there now, since they are still too new and lack romance or the charm of old age. Thankfully the authorities realize this and also spend efforts on restoring historical buildings; very important. With time also new developments will gain in charm. What comes across as nouveau riche at the moment will be less nouveau in a 100 years from now. .

+George Labe-Assimo then it becoems the lunatic serial killing inmoral disgusting faggot society we have in the west today, it better stays moral, free market and pure..
For those people who r saying Dubai is the only heaven on earth, I wd say Dubai can never be heaven for people like me. The real heaven is Europe. No matter how rich Dubai become but God has not gifted the nature and beauty. It is like a big golden prison.. +Richard Swanson I may sound harsh but I ll tell the truth. It's ur biggest mistake that u r homeless. U r only responsible for it. U need to go to jungle or somewhere and live there if u cant earn for yourself in a society. U expect something which u don't deserve. It's not fault of the society. They haven't made the city to gift it to people from anywhere to go and sleep there..
+ChanguMangu You're a close minded idiot if you can't understand the structure of the modern beast. I have worked shredding blood, sweat, and tears working hard under the sun and in the cold rain for this man-made money, just to have it systematically stolen from me time after time by racists who cowardly hide behind a bureaucratic veil. I have had over $800,000 stolen from me by this corrupt system so don't tell me about who's "fault" is what. This faulty fallible system that's is really the god you worship called capitalism will be the death of you. I am still a strong man who knows more about the truth than you trustfund chimps will ever truly know. I bet your just a daddy/mommy boy who doesn't know what real work is and has never stood up on two feet alone as this original MAN to make something out of absolutely nothing from the ground on up..
OMG FUCK UAE. THEY ARE SO FRICKEN SEXIST THERE. WOMEN AREN'T EVEN ALLOWED TO DRIVE and when my mum spend half of her childhood there. She said that when she was in school they just sat on the side during games lessons! LIKE WTF!! They treat women like fucking dogs! . +TwitchDoctr T women can drive in the UAE and i am a women from there and i get all my rights soo respect your self. you also sound really crazy by the way. troll.. FUCK KAFIR COUNTRY they all boring...we need rich mozlem country like dubai may allah bless rich and happy live in UAE and Malaysia ameen.
It was a nice country. The only problem is there were way too many indians/pakistanis. I'd throw them out and get Arabs to work... Alot of unemployed Arabs like Egyptians, Syrians, Palestinians, Jordanians etc..

when ther are 5 Arab countries (UAE, Kuwait, Qatar, Bahrain, KSA) have part or all of their coastline on the Arabian Gulf, and Iran in the only Persian country to have its coastline on the Arabian Gulf, then it must be called the ARABIAN GULF.

18:05 "Arabian Gulf" Hahahahahahahahahahaha. No sir. It's been called "Persian Gulf" as far back as 14 A.D. How long have Persia been a country vs. Arabic states.

+children of the light look just leave them be let them call it whatever, as long as everyone's happy, it doesnt matter its just a name, its belongs to its creator he knows its name, and after a couple of hundred years it'd be someone else's gulf. The world says its Persian gulf let them think what they want, but as long as Arabs live to them its the Arabian gulf, as long as no on is physically hurt over it sigh.

This video explains all about the UAE. The best video till date I have watched on UAE tourism. Thank you very much for giving a very neat brief about UAE. Good job. .
UAE is only beautiful because of the hard underpaid slave like conditions of the indentured labourers working there to create this man-made oasis. Let's not forget how they treat their Filipino domestic. Workers as well..
+money millionaire maybe he means well.. they are not all alike after all. Even amongst our circles of freinds, you might find few muslims who may not necessairely be the best of people in general terms and your cheistain freinds are. It goes the opposite way as well. I agree with you however, we do not have to respond to all the negative comments. Those reported cases of poor labor conditins were exagerated after all as they were all part of an intended campaign aginst Dubai and the UAE..
UAE is beautiful...have been there 4 times. Am glad to see in recent times the push towards preserving any natural areas or creating nature parks for wildlife. It's a shame that most people judge the emirates based on 1 road in Dubai (sheik zayed rd, with all the big buildings on). No doubt this area of Dubai is impressive, but for me old Dubai, the creek, the mosques, the culture, the dates (second only to Saudi dates), the food, the desert is far more impressive. Possibly because I was bought up in London I don't find modern cities as impressive as some. But I can still remember the first time I went to the desert and climbed a dune. I fully recommend driving from UAE to Oman via both routes (coast road and interior route), the landscape is just stunning :). only a few years ago this was all a dry desert with a few bedouins with their cattle...and one day they find the black gold, from being one of the poorest to one of the richest...but something got me thinking oil according to the latest studies the oil will last until 2040 and even earlier depending on the increasing usage of oil in the last decade...then what would happen....
+omar badran In Dubai, oil was the highest source of income, it now doesn't even account for 10% of the income. Dubai doesn't need oil even at this stage, they won't need them in 2040 at all..
Ok cool, I just find it weird that some people have no lives but insult insult it's so stupid, anyways good luck of ur studies 😋. And i wanna say UAE only relies on oil 30% unlike other middle eastern countries which is so good, the future plane is to be 0 by 2030, solar power is used a lot and soon nuclear energy, Dubai its self relies less than 5%.
+Richard Swanson Number subtraction you damn cretin. Some fucking barbarian writing in his fucking cave doesn't count..
Cleanest place on Earth. Breath taking sights both natural and man made. Arabi is the place to vacation..
+Logan Hilsabeck not to be offensive... But I find it ironic that you being from Africa, that you would move to America... Lol.
Rated 1 quadrillion out of 1 quadrillion, man i love the UAE their resources and their cultural and architecture as well as the enjoyment of Utopian world, not to mention the renewable energy and the forest landscape in the desert i love United Arab Emirate. The only two places of note are Abu Dhabi and Dubai and the great thing about these cities is they have big airports. Which means you can get the hell out of there quick. Until they found Oil they were nothing more than simpleton camal botherers.

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January 17, 2016
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January 13, 2016
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January 23, 2016

Comments about this video:

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January 22, 2016

Comments about this video:
uae is better than a lot of other countries you can ask your right and stop your boss if you have a good skills you will be paid better than any country in the world.
+Nurit L I've seen that video. It's impression on me is no different to what many American employers do to undocumented workers. .

Read modern history. usa France Germany China all of them used people in need to build now.same paid in usa or france you think that the salaries are enough for those masons and workers .

24:51 Arabian Gulf, NOT Persian Gulf. there are 5 Arab countries overlooking this Gulf and only one Persian country overlooking the gulf. So its only logical to be called the Arabian Gulf .

I would love to go as well one day. I hope to come there and speak and share on Oneness. It's interesting and I know a few that have been there. Blessings Noella Oneness Canada.

Appena finirà l'epoca del petrolio la natura si riprenderà tutto ciò che è suo..
I recently visited Dubai having spent time travelling South East Asia and to be honest there isn't a hole lot of things to do... 1 day spent looking around the shopping malls (tallest building included), half a day in the desert, half day/full day at a water-park...and after all that you have pretty much covered it. I expected much more. . True. The desert tour is the unique thing plus the chance to see the world's tallest building but everything else is pretty similar including the markets etc.
Brilliant work Tim! I liked all your videos. I went to Dubai recently but did not have enough time to see all. Your videos are guide for me to what to do next time. Thanks for sharing, keep up the good work..

Great pictures! Take a look at some interesting books to read while you are there.
The Solar Energy Potential For Desalination Plants is available this Tues. 7/8/2014 for free download on Amazon/Kindle: Best shopping hands down i went to. went shopping at dior, ralph lauren, marc anthony, LL. bean, saint laurent, steve madden, marc jacobs, prada, abercrombie, american eagle, burberry, hollister, louis vuitton, michael kors, forever 21, gucci, adidas, zara..
How best describe city Dubai Is it fair to make a comparison to some here in our hemisphere, in the Americas .

At dubai i visited tallest tower in the planet, went and drove supercars, played tennis above a hovered platform, visited the underwater aquarium, visited burj al arab, the world shaped island, the palm jumeirah, dubai skiing, visited Emirates towers, the zabeel saray, dubai fountain, universal studios in dubai, went golfing, went to adventure island, saw ziggumat pyramid, grand mosque, stayed in jumeiriah beach hotel, BEST EXPERIENCE IN MY LIFE BEEN TO FRANCE, ITALY, BUT DUBAI IS ALL FOR FUN..
Apesar de o vídeo ser longo, eu acho que é um dos melhores videos de Dubai que pude assistir pois pude conhecer a cidade inteira praticamente sem nem precisar sair de casa, pude viajar e conhecer lugares muito bons sem sair de casa, recomendo este vídeo para quem pretende viajar há Dubai..
__________Dubai e gli affari sporchi________ I legami tra «mondo del petrolio» e potere politico-finanziario, le verità nascoste che riguardano il futuro dei giacimenti, le guerre, le tensioni geopolitiche e l’uso dell’«arma petrolifera» da parte dei maggiori produttori, primo fra tutti la Russia. Lungo una sorta di cintura che lega il Sud del mondo, passando dall’Iraq al Sudan e alla Nigeria, per arrivare in Venezuela e Colombia, gli «imperi del profitto» si scontrano e si alleano, alternando una brutale violenza a subdole strategie di potere. La fame di petrolio spinge a mutamenti epocali negli assetti politici internazionali, basti pensare alla silenziosa colonizzazione cinese dell’Africa e a un evento impensabile come l’affacciarsi della flotta militare di Pechino nel Mediterraneo, o alla possibilità che Cuba ridiventi l’epicentro di nuovi sconvolgimenti legati alla contesa dei giacimenti nel Golfo del Messico. Ad approfittare di questa opaca realtà sono il «gioco sporco» della finanza americana, la speculazione sul greggio, lo scambio armi-petrolio, la corruzione e il saccheggio dell’economia pubblica italiana da parte di lobby che impongono i loro oligopoli. Le conseguenze di questa predazione sono state l’inarrestabile inquinamento ambientale, la recessione e il rialzo del prezzo del barile. Uno scenario instabile e caotico nel quale si affacciano la speranza della «svolta verde» di Barack Obama, la sua politica estera improntata alla moderazione e lo scontro etico per regolare un potere economico immorale e senza vincoli, del cui esito, si spera positivo, beneficerà il mondo intero..
MMMMMMMMMMMMMMM BUENO ES LA FAMA, PERO LA CIUDAD MAS LINDA Y DEL MUNDO, NO LO CREO, BASTANTE COMUN, SI ESTA LIMPIA, EL HOTEL BURJ ARAB ES EL QUE LE HA DADO LA FAMA.. The richest country in the world is Russia,but there government steal this money,and build their own luxury homes with all the amenities in the West.

u want be raped U want to be crash in streets u want woman can make u arrest in two seconds witheout reason i don t know any white worker who not go crazy in this golden garbage.
bitch please ! iam half Indian and they treat me like a queen and dont be fooled by youtube videos cos there all fake .
That's exactly what i'm saying. I will never got here because of backward rules like these..
Isn't there about a Trillion dollars in debt covering all of this They better hope we don't move to Alt. energy anytime soon....
What you have is institutionalized racism in your country. At the top are the ruling family and Gulf business families. Among foreigners, White American and Europeans get the best benefits. Then comes Arabs with a whiter skin, such as Lebanese. Below them are educated Indians and Filipinos. And at the bottom are Pakis, Sri Lankans and Bangladeshis. People are paid according to their race. That's because you feel inferior to Whites and oppress Asians from poor countries to feel superior. Truth! .
A mi llegada al Aeropuerto de Abu-Dabi, procedente de Qatar, me fie de que mi agencia lo tenia todo preparado para mi y no llevaba efectivo conmigo, fue necesario corregir mi visado que tenia un error y por ende hubo que pagar una taza de trinta dolares americanos de los cuales yo carecia, al mirar mi angustia un Funcionario de Inmigracion que me acompañaba los saco de su bolsa y los pago el, me dio mi pasaporte y visado y simplemente me dijo : "Bienvenido a Dubai" le doy Gracias donde este..
Arabs r the hairiest, most manly-looking people with the most chiseled faces on earth. Chinese r the least hairy, most feminine people with the most childish(flat) faces on earth. Arabs and Chinese are so totally opposite..
Those videos are true, I saw these workers when I visited Dubai. After I came back and saw some videos I realised what kind of place Dubai is... This video that I sent you isn't fake. If it's fake, all those skyscrapers are fake too because those slaves can build them in record time. Just look at the 1WTC construction, it's being built for over 6 years and it's still not commpleted. Slaves of Dubai build even taller skyscrapers for only 1 year....

hahah so much arguing...just enjoy the video...hmm id jump out of the bus and say ''just leave me ill be fine'' :).


Shame on the Arabs If the countries you mentioned gave the people their rights and chances they wouldn't be in here at first, & if you think they don't get what they deserve, think twice. It might not seem to you that they get their 'rights' in here, but actually they're here to help their families back home. My farmer worked here for 3 years and already got his own land/farm/house back home. What do Arabs get for working double that period of time Nothing but a carry from their families. Shhh.
In her own words, according to the prosecution, she said: "I told police he raped me while I was still under the influence of alcohol, but I then changed that and I confirm that he did not rape me, but had sex with me with my consent." read the facts mate first then Judge. She was giving false allegation. Imagine they believe her and Jailed that poor guy. what are you gonna say to him spending years in jail for something she lied about. Sneaky women. . it is up to you. you find them backwards while other find your country backwards. no one force you to go there and no one ask to watch the video either. You can go to one of these country where you can get diseases easily and run naked in the street. But you can't insult the whole nation due to one case or few people otherwise every one will judge your whole country because of few drug addicted, prostitutes, serial killers, gangs or other many abnormal people you have. we know the statistics .
The city of Dubai looks so new, I've been there a year ago.the footage here this looks beautiful...Unlike, Newyork city U.S. looks old, and Rugged n.y.c is very very old. I'm sick of looking at..
by the way, still, no one cares. what matters when we talk about a country's economic power is GDP. norway ranked somewhere between 40 - 45 in 2012, thus showing up on no ones radar. norway is economically unimportant. If you are only 14 years of age and cannot debate, then go play outside! Why are you even here, discussing this serious subject on Youtube . Stop blaming whites for your sins! Have you heard the expression, "Two wrongs do not make a right!" Just because others have committed wrongs (and have actually learned from it) it does not mean that you too should be allowed to discriminate and run modern-day slavery. .

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January 19, 2016
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06 April 2016

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United Arab Emirates - Infoplease

27 March 2016. United Arab Emirates travel guide - Wikitravel ( Terrorism: U.S. citizens in the United Arab Emirates should exercise a high level of security awareness, even though law enforcement units have effectively...

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How about visiting United Arab Emirates? Get great deals on hotels in United Arab Emirates when you book last minute. The United Arab Emirates hotel deals & offers... i1
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United Arab Emirates | Human Rights Watch

26 March 2016. UAE Map, Map of United Arab Emirates - ( The government of the United Arab Emirates (UAE) has embraced information and communications technology (ICT) as a means of developing a competitive economy and...

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28 March 2016. About UAE @ ( The government of the United Arab Emirates (UAE) has embraced information and communications technology (ICT) as a means of developing a competitive economy and...

02 April 2016

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08 April 2016. United Arab Emirates - U.S. Department of State ( The United Arab Emirates, often referred to as the U.A.E, is a federation of seven emirates on the eastern side of the Arabian peninsula, at the entrance to the...

25 March 2016
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More information about the United Arab Emirates is available on the United Arab Emirates Page and from other Department of State publications and other...

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30 March 2016
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April 23, 2016. United Arab Emirates - ( country/united-arab-emirates.html) Welcome to United Arab Emirates. For most people, the United Arab Emirates means just one place: Dubai, the sci-fi-esque city of iconic skyscrapers, palm-shaped...

April 30, 2016
WHO country health profile of United Arab Emirates provides key statistics, information, news, features and journal articles on the country's public health issues and... i1
United Arab Emirates University - Official Site

April 29, 2016. United Arab Emirates | Country report | Freedom in the... ( united-arab-emirates) Permanent Mission of the United Arab Emirates to the United Nations... Welcome to United Arab Emirates. No front page content has been created yet. News. Facebook;

May 03, 2016
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The government of the United Arab Emirates (UAE) continued to suppress dissent in 2014, restricting the use of social media and passing an expansive antiterrorism law...

April 27, 2016
vigaplus walgreens i3 is your complete guide to make a call from anywhere in the world, to anywhere in the world. This page details United Arab Emirates phone code.

April 28, 2016

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Sport in the United Arab Emirates - Wikipedia, the free...

April 24, 2016
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United Arab Emirates pictures: Check out TripAdvisor members' 115 candid photos and videos of landmarks, hotels, and attractions in United Arab Emirates.

May 01, 2016
The United Arab Emirates (UAE) is a federation of seven states that has grown from a quiet backwater to one of the Middle East's most important economic centres. i6
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Fly Emirates airline, the Dubai based luxury airline to over 100 destinations worldwide. Book great fares online today. - Emirates United Arab Emirates i7
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May 02, 2016
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United Arab Emirates | Country Reports | Country Reports

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May 24, 2016. United Arab Emirates Permanent Mission to the United Nations ( For information concerning travel to the United Arab Emirates, including information about the location of the U.S. Embassy and Consulate General, the Smart Traveler...

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Travel Advice and Advisories for United Arab Emirates i1, the most comprehensive site about United Arab Emirates on the Internet, including tourism, economy, photo gallery, facts & figures, traditions, games...

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United Arab Emirates tours and things to do: Check out Viator's reviews and photos of United Arab Emirates tours

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How about visiting United Arab Emirates? Get great deals on hotels in United Arab Emirates when you book last minute. The United Arab Emirates hotel deals & offers... i3
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May 28, 2016

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United Arab Emirates - Lonely Planet

May 25, 2016
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RTD Tea in the United Arab Emirates. The main brands in the category are leveraging the health and wellness trend, with more expats buying into the category.

May 26, 2016
Union Defence Force (UAE) - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia i6
United Arab Emirates Visa Services in Canada: Online Emirati Visas Application for Canadians. Apply for Visa to United Arab Emirates from Canada.

May 22, 2016
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Welcome to the IIBA® UAE website. IIBA United Arab Emirates (UAE) Chapter is a non-profit association formed to uphold IIBA’s mission to develop and maintain...

May 19, 2016

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United Arab Emirates - A. M. Best

May 23, 2016
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Union Defence Force (UAE) - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

June 22, 2016

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Varico fix gel Buy Products In Vito Mol - January 09, 2016

June 20, 2016

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Are NeoSize XL Results Permanent

July 15, 2016

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Flight Status | Plan & Book | Emirates United States

July 12, 2016. Current Local Time in United Arab Emirates - ( mirates) How about visiting United Arab Emirates? Get great deals on hotels in United Arab Emirates when you book last minute. The United Arab Emirates hotel deals & offers...

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Category:Mosques in the United Arab Emirates - Wikimedia...

July 14, 2016. United Arab Emirates TV Stations - Watch Online ( AMB Country Risk Report United Arab Emirates Political Risk: Moderate • The U.A.E. is one of the six nations that make up the Gulf Cooperation Council

August 12, 2016

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Carciuma din Batrani - Restaurant Traditional

August 11, 2016. Galerie Zandi » hiller ( Linh kiện, điện tử, rẻ, điện tử, IC, module, mô đun, linh kiện, công nghệ, thiết bị, thông minh, phụ kiện, thiết bị điện, điện...

August 09, 2016

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회원사소식 - 사단법인 한국웹에이젼시협회

September 05, 2016

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October 07, 2016. Free caliplus in the united arab emirates - Herbal Vito... ( plus-in-the-united-arab-emirates.html) United Arab Emirates etiquette, business culture, manners, and Geert Hofstede Analysis

November 03, 2016

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November 06, 2016

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AGUAS Y PROCESOS - Guía de Empresas de Seguridad...

December 10, 2016

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Caliplus online united arab emirates Impotence treatment...

December 09, 2016. United Arab Emirates - KPMG ( ticlesPublications/Lists/Expired/Fund-manage/United _Arab_Emirates_Funds_Mtg_taxation_2010.pdf) United Arab Emirates Phone: +971 - 2 - 444 6178 Fax: +971 - 2 - 444 6279. UNITED ARAB EMIRATES. It’s the girls’ weekend! Follow the #WGIHW tracker with events in...

December 13, 2016

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Cheapest caliplus in united arab emirates - Herbal Vito...

April 02, 2017

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Vigaplus Buy Products In Vito Mol - January 20, 2017

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July 08, 2017

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United Arab Emirates to launch space mission to Mars...

July 09, 2017. Help Centre | Emirates United Arab Emirates ( The United Arab Emirates is working to send a probe to orbit Mars. The UAE Space Agency has called its mission “Al Amal” Hope and has now introduced

August 08, 2017

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