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January 25, 2016

Comments about this video:

+Dan D I am STRONGLY in favor of gun education, for everybody. I don't know how to strongly encourage this without elbowing on people's rights, but I think it's very important for anybody who might be near a gun. Happy Holidays, good conversation :-).
Yeah, nah. This documentary is bullshit. No professional Darknet firearms vendor would do a personal meet-up. Anyone who has bought something off the DNM knows that Bitcoins and escrows are the preferred method of transaction. With firearms, delivery would likely be done through a dead drop.. +Oliver Stratton I've been swindled probably for the best. $900 wasted but, I'm not in jail for killing that fucker..
it's breathe right lmaooo, he probably has some troubles breathing in and out of his nose whether the at be genetical or maybe he got punched and broke his nose.
you're lucky the guy you met up with wasn't crazy. People get killed having meet ups like that.. +ThaJakub CZ what hes saying is the guy isnt just gonna go apeshit and ice all those motherfuckers, he has his own little "professional" business and isnt gonna throw it away to kill these reporters. i mean how stupid would that be they already know who the guy is and he would definitely get caught.
+Comander555666 lol, i feel that. "Do we want the devil we know or the devil we don't ".

This reporter should remember, guns in the hands of some random joe blow has historically been proven to be far less dangerous than guns in the hands of government's in complete control. He said the deep web isn't bad or good, it's just powerful. Same goes for guns, but he's too hypocritical and brainwashed by typical European media culture to see that..
+CaptainP00face Guns in the hands of random joes are less dangerous, compare Aurora's deaths, or even the combined gun homicide deaths for a year in America to...say, a year of government killings of political dissidents for a year in Stalin's, Saddam's, or Mao's unarmed societies. The government having the monopoly on force does way more damage when they go psycho, than some lone freak or a dozen or so instances of one lone freak going psycho. .
+Jordan Vanderkuyl I want to legally own guns to protect myself from people who will have guns NO MATTER WHAT. Every anti gun fuck in this thread has even admitted criminals in their country still get guns, so there are two choices, face an armed criminal unarmed, or face an armed criminal with your own armaments, which makes more sense If responding with defensive violence creates an endless violence loop, should all those being attacked just lay down and die If what you said was true, appeasement would have worked in World War 2. Some people are so violent that the only response is to fight back, and these people wIl get guns...period. .
Bobby Guns are Blank Guns. These are made of zink and not of steel. It operates like a real pistol but without a projektile.. What a anti-gun pussy this guy is. The German guy was firing a real gun, not some "conversion". Looked just like a Tec-22..
EU is one big marxist shitholy but they atleast they are more civilized than americans...that doesnt help when you are going to be shot in your own home..

Booh voll die scharfe Waffe, Scheißdreck, lachhaft ,der Typ "Hans" sägt von einer Schreckscheissknare ein stück ab untermalt das mit phsuechdelischer Musik und meint... ,Hahahaha, dark Net. net,Hans,.
Guns = fine, Drugs = fine, Anything Child Related = absolutely disgusting. Kill all child molesters and abusers. Can't stand them!!!!!!!!!!!!.
Any dude with a lathe and/or milling machine is able to create untraceable firearms, this ain't new dawg....

It's not just about a private communication and illegal materials dealing, but worse than that, i've been on the DarkNet for years and what i saw and watched was unimaginable, things that made me lose trust in every human outside, beside all that gore and saddistic contents, there were much horrible things that i wish i would've never saw.
they found him.
At least this guy knows the difference between a semi automatic and an auto unlike most alarmist journalists..

this bitch wants to look badass with his plaster on his nose, so he doesnt get ass whooped by the criminals.
This video was edited terribly. They "meet" the gun guy in a parking lot in the woods, then they go back where he drills out the gun, then they go back out to a deep part of the woods... again. Surrrrrrrrre. Fake ass video. Reporter should get smacked for such a BS doc, especially witht that shit eating grin he had when the gun guy first hops in the van, was probably someone he knew..
So a gun dealer from the deep web shows up, demonstrates everything and of course spends some time on showing him how to make bobby pistols really deadly. Not even a single question has made him suspicious. Right..
why do I think this is fake some guy who sells guns is willing to meet you so that he can explain why he sells guns lol that's the dumbest shit I've ever heard in my life. this is fucking stupid as fuck..
These people are delusional. There are NO unbreakable encryptions if some official entity is willing to spend the time and money to decipher them. NOTHING is "secure" except from casual attempts to obtain the info..
+Robert Watson it is not impossible, just time consuming. Custom encryptions could take effectively even thousands of years to crack, so yes, some methods are just not worth breaking. As a guy said, a guy using TOR takes at least 6 months to detect, that is if he didn't use other extra security measures. Some individuals take years of work to track and find and some ( even tough governments will mostly not say this ) are so good that they CAN'T detect them.. I've wondered about that. One of my sources is retired from the fed and worked in crypto in some capacity. I asked of there was any code which cannot be broken or a hacker that cannot be caught. The reply was no. But a caveat was offered that it depends on how badly someone wants the particular information, how much money they have and will the invest the time. On anything but matters of extreme national security the cost is not justified.. Clearly this guy has no knowledge of guns. "could this small of a caliber really harm somebody", and "So we're out here shooting a LIVE GUN in the woods". Oh my God, a live gun, OoOoOoOohhHhHhH! ScaAaAAaaAry! Also, either this vendor is absolutely stupid (probably because he said he's small time, and new to the game), or fake..
That "Hans" guy who sells guns in Germany has an American accent. I know this because I'm German and my whole family is German and I've been speaking German my whole life. He doesn't have an authentic German accent. Could be a CIA agent..

LOL!!! you shouldn't be teaching people on the internet how to use Tor that's just asking for trouble now the people who didn't know now know wow people these days..
Any chantce we could get this subbed in English too Translating back from French makes it clunky gramatically.. Dude, with how this guy is "making" his firearms, there is an insanely high chance of it catastrophically failing with injury to the user; I would NEVER in my right mind buy shit off that guy....
+Guillermo Espinoza While there is some gruesome content on the deep web, it wont find you unless you go looking for it..
thought it was dumb how he concluded the hitman pages were "obviously fake" without giving any reason at all for his assumptions.
So you can buy drugs and guns anonymously off the deep web How does it get to you You give someone your address you're not anonymous anymore..
Coincidence I thought the owner of TOR was cool until I heard his stance on child porn... I agree we should keep an eye on them but that eye should be in the scope of a rifle, those SICK FUCKS ARE NOT HUMAN... der untermensch.
"20 bitcoins.. that will be atround 1000 dollars" is the translator just retarded or does the "cryptoexpert" know jackshit about bitcoin.
+theedrstrangelove his name is tom littlewood. He studied german and french literature in cambridge and is now chief editor of vice germany.. it just shows you how much the government here in america suppresses us and does not trust us... yet they'll take taxes from us. they'll take money we earn away from us! wtf we fought the British over a 2% tax increase, now we pay 150% of that 2% tax yearly. how does our government protect us by robbing us of freedom. dude in green/black striped shirt got red as hell when he brought up "kiddie porn" I know I'm not the only one who seen that..
+Devin bear-re No he didn't and what you're implying is sickening and pure laster. The stupidity of this comment is 11/10..
he seems a bit like some one who would want to illegalize guns because he feels like their dangerous, in other words a liberal.... All I need from the Internet is: communication, YouTube, Wikipedia and scientific sites and of course, the Google search engine to search for websites.. I do not care if they stole my information or violate my privacy.. I have nothing to hide.. I do not need the DEEP WEB... Well i hope you get buttfucked by a corporation or a government agent one day. But sounds like u might like it. Never use Tor, it's not anonymous, and there are so many exit nodes run by snoopers that it's just plain a stupid idea to use for anonymity..
+dboymax1 After doing further research on how Tor actually works technically etc., there's no real alternative, everything deepweb is using the Tor method, so you might as well, but use Tails, and don't make any stupid decisions, don't use your home network etc. etc..
Whats so shocking about selling guns on the black market Hey guess what, you can download a gun and 3D print it. And selling drugs on the black market Well drugs has always been around and always will, this method is just much safer transaction + you know what you get. Darknet is very important for freedom of speech aswell. "If we do not belive in freedom of speech for those we despite we do not belive in it at all." - Noam Chomsky.
Wow firearms are not legal in germany Fkn bunch of pussies in europe. Id never give up my arms..
You think that was fucked up Near the end it shows another screenshot about a guy talking about drugging his 7 year old niece. That was really, really bad..
I for one am pretty young but have explored the deep web(mostly just Silk Road) and found a lot of disturbing thins but I wasn't surprised since I expected to see things that were horrific I got on the deep web to get knowledge and left a little smarter and a lot wiser, I opened my eyes to how the world really is why everything has a consequence and it's not always a good one I just thought I'd be good to share this with some others who are just as young as I. To summarise the deep web is a horrible place but it is also very educational...thanks if you read all the way through.

+Se7en Sinzz I noticed there were a lot of posts for the banned books on the Silk Road. I'm curious to know what those consisted of. Did you look into those by any chance.

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January 14, 2016
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January 18, 2016
List of hotels in dresden, germany? 17 days ago: Will I get paid for overtime? november there generic... i2
Buy Products In Best Vito - Jan 24, 2016

January 21, 2016
About. Yoga Vista has been servicing Vista and surrounding North County communities since 2001. Our mission is to help make yoga accessible to everyone, regardless of... i3
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January 23, 2016

Comments about this video:
The FBI has shutdown online drugs marketplace, Silk Road, and arrested the alleged founder 29-year-old Ross Ulbricht. Watch our video on the Silk Road below & SHARE! #silkroad #silkroadonline #darkweb #drugs #illegal .
Silk Road never shuts down. The MAIN site might be down, but trust me...there is ways to access it still. Just gotta have an invitation into the Site ^.-.
Cant fucking believe im looking at this to try to buy some dope damn its sad im so desperate and sick . Sorry but there is no such thing as the "Dark Web". There is however the Deep Web* and the Dark Net :P.
"Whats to stop a 12 year old buying cocaine... then either using it or selling it at school". Thats it, enforce the fear with moronic questions like that. Why dont we ban kitchen knives, lighters, alcohol etc. because a 12 could do the same with those Clearly flawed logic. Also that 12 year old would need a credit card anyway :s.
All questions asked by the narrator are IDIOTIC!! In reality, the availability of online drugs is a HISTORICALLY MAJOR factor that contributes to the decrease of violence in the streets. Secretly, any decent DEA agent thanks God Silkroad exists!.
get tor browser then buy bitcoins at then find the market links by searching up "agora" or " "alphabay" on tor, 100% anonymity + killa quality drugz! (phuccqyea).
+Kalvin Johnson go to then find any vendor who sells at a bank near you then simply deposit the money into the vendors account and you'll hae bitcoins in ur wallet, then transfer them to your alphabay black market wallet and enjoy . And then 2 years later they put some guys in prison. It took law enforcement maybe 2 years to deal with it, and now you go to jail once again if you are a drug dealer..
I'd rather buy from the deepweb than any scumbag dealer at a rave or festival. You get quality test shit online, not some brown powder that some dickhead claims is "good mdma bro" lol..
+bilel el herissi you have to look at law enforcement situation. how much work and man hours will they invest to charge one person with a personal amount of something.
1:18DEEZ NUTS! I'm sorry I just couldn't help myself.-I couldn't help...deep nuts non your face.
This really should have been left alone... and not put under the spotlight. Pretty clear the FBI WANTED this to be wide known. Before they fucked with it, nobody even had any idea. Then they go off and fuck shit up. Idiots..
who is in charge of making sure a 12 yr old doesn't by coke are you kidding me if you have a 12 year old and your not monitoring what they do on the internet, then you are a terrible parent. It is the parents responsibility to make sure their kid isn't buying drugs..
Plus, then would need Bitcoins. Second, they would need Online Credibility(they don't just Willy nilly hand out drugs what if the person were FBI). And they would need to know how to even access the Silk Road. Because elsewhere they will most likely get robbed that's it.. You're right. That's why I stay away from pharmaceutical drugs, and only consume some nice bud, which grew right from the ground.. How you know that the drug you buy is not a chemical that'll kill you instantly Never trust internet intenions.
Meh. Not a drug user, was when I was a kid.Got boring and I moved on. The anonymity is a double edged sword. While the paranoid anchorman above says "What's to stop a child from saving up enough money to purchase internet currency online and purchase drugs", my question is way way more simple. How do you know what is in what you've just purchased There have been plenty of tailor made legal alternatives that have been created to be a facsimile of their original narcotic counterparts, and most of theme have been tied to some very sad and unfortunate endings. That being said, I'm also not anti drug. What a person puts in their body is their decision. Apart from the potential of being poisoned or something, the person on the other end could rip you off for quite a lot of money. However, I also support the deep web because of open market. It doesn't have to be drugs, or all of the stolen goods that most YT famedoms talk about on here. It could be a legitimate market with legitimate products that isn't forced to pay to have a market. It's somewhere where the government can't tax the life out of you and make your business unable to grow (Unless you're Wal-Mart., then you can take over.). It gives someone a chance to actually work for themselves..
Cant find Adams video, i want to see him test this drug and online market, not you dumb fucks make a video about a video, stupid bitches..
anything that is abused can kill you, cars can kill you if there abused but they still sell cars. of course there is bad drivers just like people who take too much..
I believe hiding drugs from children is what makes them curious about them. if they saw them and were showed what they do and how bad they are I believe they wouldn't want to have anything to do with them. I know from personal experience about cigerettes if I had known when I started smoking what cigs does to u I would have never touched them. but all I was told was " don't do that" I was never told why not to. so I think if we teach our kids they will listen, you cant hide things from children there smarter than you think they are.. Beware please...A circle of friends I chilled with on a daily basis ordered everything from green to molly and LSD and don't get me wrong there were very good products that arrived but also a few different ones from the Czech Republic and China that had quite a few people sick and jus not a good scene at all so bad 10g's had to be burned to make sure no one else consumed any. This dude on here says he trust it but so did everyone I use to be involved with and let's jus say a few friends are no longer around because of "trust" that came from some random guy at a location you don't want to be involved with. Using bitcoins does have its advantages and disadvantages, we paid for a bitcoin at $700 and it was worth $900 by the following morning so we got $200 profit just by sleeping but it also could have been worth $500 and we lost $200 so BEWARE all the way round its the same exact thing as going to the gas station and buying from a random guy, %25 chance he's gonna rob you, %25 chance its gonna be some trash, %25 chance your gonna get shorted or its a set up so don't believe everything you hear because you never know who's writing some of this shit for feed back as we found out the hard way. . +Mason Heaton why the fuck would you buy weed from China or the Czech Republic Are you fucking retarded. So the secret service can legally allow drugs into the U.S to expand the violence in our country and increase the killings in mexico due to cartels instead of the peaceful safe online drug pharmacy TOTAL bull.... dudes all i know is that if you do go to silk road then be safe and don't do some bullshit by using drugs or something cause it might kill you . what is the only legit site now to order from im about to have horrible withdrawal. MESSAGE ME PRIVATELY PLEASE SOMEONE... id like to know how a 12 year old could get a credit card or debit card to order something online >.... My friends (underaged) just buy the visa giftcards, works just like a debit card, they can even refill the cards balance. My friends use it mostly just to buy lighters or cigars, not any sort of drugs.. Apparently a lot of people don't know about the Visa card thing wich I'm happy about because you know the dumb fucks would start making age restrictions on them. Yes. It should be our decision what we want to put into our bodys. And also buying online is a much safer method than buying on the streets. Yes, a 12 year old may be able to access drugs online like you said, but if it was legalized there ARE things that could be done to verify your age when buying.. Seeing as the sellers are anon, what is to stop them from having multiple accounts Also, if an account has gotten a bad rating, what is to stop the seller from acquiring a new screen name/account. There are a few people who despise scammers even more than any reasonable mind, and these people happen to have extreme skills that allow them to sometimes uncover someones identity if he hasn't secured himself well enough. Most first time scammers don't do that securing well enough, and the other half knows better and doesn't scam to begin with. These publicly denounced people are warned by having their identities, social accounts and sometimes address and in extreme or repetitive cases, like people who ask for sources of Child Pornography, (who are very much disliked even in the Darknet) Credit Card and Bank Numbers, SecCodes and even addresses of family members exposed. That again gives Carding people, burglars and Psychopaths an opportunity. Theres special hitlists and public hanging trees for that in the Darknet. So people who educate themselves before interacting with people in the Darknet, are careful to fuck with these people. Exceptions occur, of course..
thanks for inviting all the jackasses to the secret club. Tell me you didn't notice how awful ebay had gotten after the masses of jackasses got on there..
Am I the only one who found it kind of sweet how the people on silkroad were trying to help their fellow users to be safe I mean I realize it is drug related and all, but it seems like they care more than the people you would buy from in the real world... :\.
+Barbara W Good point, usually drugs users are people who are great people, but cant cope with society fro some reason. But my uncle was a heroin addict and he has the most caring heart in my whole fam. He's now clean and married, AMEN..

If that 12 year old can slang and get bit coins all in one go; there's no way he's a 12 year old then. Lmao..

this darkwebshit is nonsense email washimeds2512 to get real stuffs online discreetly they %100 safe and solid.
Oh well, You can get that on the streets of Oakland and SF, no need to silkroad lol let them control the streets frist and then look for what is online.. The war on drugs does not work and never will,people are always going to ingest what they want,regardless,its immoral to punish people for doing so,especially with plants like marijuana. go on the uncensored hidden wiki (http://zqktlwi4fecvo6ri.onion/wiki/index.php/Main_Page), and then look under drugs, and you will find silkroad (1, and 2 are down but 3 is up). Then click register (I know this comment is a year old). "An crypto-currency designed for Computer Games" What are you talking about.. It's not designed for Computer Games... So what they are saying is you can trust these site more than your local drug dealer and cop...sign me up.
+eggertstwart LOL yeah the bastard DPR/SteXo/Defcon or whatever account he signs into just made $2.7million disappear.

Why did he make such noob mistakes you think he was set up Maybe he was close to the real inventor of silkroad.

AGORA is the best marketplace out there at the moment. It has over 10K listings of every drugs in the world. This market also has a fully working escrow system to protect you from scammers. To register you need first to download tor at Then you ll need to open your tor browser and enter the invite link/url below http://agorahooawayyfoe.onion/register/Evk2XFTwYn I do not condone the use of drugs,however I can not stop people from using it. It is much safer for those folks to score drugs on these markets since product is apparently much cleaner and it saves users from meeting some dodgy dealer in a back alley with all the risks that involves. And remember ordering drugs on the internet is illegal,always be prepared to face the consequences. Stay safe.
"High, i just bought some drugs on silkroad, im going to film myself opening it and put it on youtube, come arrest me".... 1) There is no evidence that he has purchased it from Silk Road. 2) There is no evidence it was an actual drug. . +AmerykanskiGracz each bitcoin has a specific hash code if the drug where to be bought of the silk road computer ttechnicianscan view this hash code and trace it I guess this would only work if police started searching dealers computers but even then i dont know anyone with the patience to sift through tons of data xD.
Get free Bitcoins,LiteCoins, Feathercoins, and Fedoracoins everyday by simply signing up! You don't have to do absolutely anything, although you can get bonus' by just logging in.

"Almost untraceable" my ass. That shit protects even less that Internet Explorer. >.>.

+Brook Trout22 If we can get on silkroad using Tor what's stopping the police doing exactly the same.

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January 12, 2016
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January 19, 2016
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January 16, 2016
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January 17, 2016

Comments about this video:
+Doopy Boop Same, and if it's of any consolation, I didn't get a single A in my GCSEs, but I passed everything with no less than a C and got into 6th form and now Uni. I think you could do it; keep putting in that hard work and it'll pay off. For science and maths related subjects it really helps to sit down and fire through past papers with a teacher. See if they'll help you with it. Good luck, Doopy..
everyone who smokes knows this line.. ' how long bro'... '2 mins'...2 hours later.

No matter what he does, no matter what any single one of you say, or how fucked he may be, this is one of the smartest men you'll ever meet..
+bigmedge Yet at the same time, this man makes a hell of a lot more money than you or I could ever make from book smarts. At the same time though, he takes a lot more risk than you or I do with our book smarts. So either way, that life isn't for us, and our life isn't for him. That will probably never change.. I'd buy from this guy because he knows what revenue is - when the product is good so the customer comes back. A lot of these stupid asshole small time bitch made snitch paid slubberdegullions just add cut that kills their buyers, and no more buyers. Idiots. If they're going to cut it, they should snort it themselves and OD and die cold and alone in an alleyway only to have sewer rats eat their intestines out through their anal sphincter. Scalp them all..
+james Last Also, the Feds are embarrassingly idiotic if they think the War on Drugs has done anything EXCEPT open up a black market. Ol dude has Nixon to thank for his lucrative business opportunities..

This guy wants to get caught deep down inside he s a depressed motherfucker. I hope he finds peace in prison because someone with a normal functioning brain and satisfied life wouldn't do stupid shit like this and rat himself out on fucking camera. It just shows you he enjoys nothing in his life not even that dirty money..
+Artful_EU Technically it is. But drug money is not real and very soon you will be dead or in prison. Plus even with all that money you wont be happy or sleep well at night. What im talking about is not for small minds to be understood.. What about dealers that just deal marijuana and nothing else Is it as dangerous as dealing the other hard drugs Is it as shady and stuff.
My brother’s serving a 10yr sentence for supplying drugs- the trigger for his arrest was the death of 4 addicts when one of his batches turned out to be too pure. He’s suffered terrible abuse while inside, with several inmates threatening to kill him- we’re sure the families of the dead (who, after all, were only street junkies!) have contacts. We’re now organizing an all-night cookout (‘BIG MIKE’S BBQ’) to raise awareness of his situation & that of others like him. Follow us on FaceBook!.

+Brett Biles Well yeah really he shouldn't have been selling heroin. Junkies are not people you wanna be dealing with when it comes to business..

60gs a week sheesh! But theres only a certain amount of people who get out. Your clearing 60gs a week but you live life simple, looking behind u all the time, gotta move low. Fuck that id rather make 30gs a year legally but blow it good and propper, attention or no attention..

he's very serious about his business and shit... but then he goes and makes a movie about it. Very smart. I guess once an asshole, always an asshole..
Dealers and addicts both need to be exterminated from this planet. Wipe them all out like a cancer. I got some piece of shit doper living next to me right now. Guy is a paranoid schizo 24/7. He had the nerve to think I'm a dealer and ask me for "candy". Told him I don't use or sell so get the hell away and stay away from me. A few days later he asked me if I've been "filming" him some how in his apartment and putting the videos on facebook. Dude has problems. If he comes to my door again I'll answer with my 1911 in my hand. What's worse is that he works at the same place I do. Oh and he's black, what a surprise.. text or call if u need this (765) 351-3471 send friend request We have all strains Available and we ship through out the USA and also worldwide. *White Widow==========:Grade AA+ *Hawaii-Skunk=========:Grade AA+ *Hindu Kush===========:Grade AA+ *Super Silver Haze====:Grade AA+ *Real OG ;============:Grade AA+ *Super Skunk;=========:Grade AA+ *AK 47 Kush ;=========:Grade AA+ *Blueberry Kush:======:Grade AAA+ *purple Kush :========:Grade AA+ *SOUR DIESEL:=========:Garde AA+ *GRAPE APE ===========:Garde AA+ *OG MANGO KUSH =======:Garde AA+ *BLUE DREAM ==========:Garde AA+ *GIRLS COOKIES =======:Garde AA+ *WHITE WIDOW =========:Garde AA+ *BLUE DREAM ==========:Garde AA+ *BLUEBERRY YUM YUM====:Garde AA+ *Grand Daddy,P========:Garde AA. Only me that thinks this '' This grows locally thing '' they talk about is alittle missleading Yes i do believe it is grown locally in Cali, but not by your men or something. That is probably some product från a dispensory robbert or something, my suspicions where awaken when i saw the dime bags and half ounces, no street dealer who do sell those amounts weighs it up like that before shipping it :P.
text or call if u need this (770) 282-7988 send friend request We have all strains Available and we ship through out the USA and also worldwide. *White Widow==========:Grade AA+ *Hawaii-Skunk=========:Grade AA+ *Hindu Kush===========:Grade AA+ *Super Silver Haze====:Grade AA+ *Real OG ;============:Grade AA+ *Super Skunk;=========:Grade AA+ *AK 47 Kush ;=========:Grade AA+ *Blueberry Kush:======:Grade AAA+ *purple Kush :========:Grade AA+ *SOUR DIESEL:=========:Garde AA+ *GRAPE APE ===========:Garde AA+ *OG MANGO KUSH =======:Garde AA+ *BLUE DREAM ==========:Garde AA+ *GIRLS COOKIES =======:Garde AA+ *WHITE WIDOW =========:Garde AA+ *BLUE DREAM ==========:Garde AA+ *BLUEBERRY YUM YUM====:Garde AA+ *Grand Daddy,P========:Garde AA+ text or call if u need this (770) 282-7988.

Lmao, yes because we all know drug dealers will advertise their "grade AA+beyond" weed on the YouTube comment section of a vice video. 😂👌.
+ThaLittleBiggerMan L You can get charged with trying to buy drugs. and cops CAN offer/actually sell you drugs. Stop spreading misinformation, you could get someone in shit.
smart guy, i am gonna be straight up racist right here. White man makes millions when drug dealing, black man makes shit because they don't use there fuckin heads..
This dode sounds intelligent no mater what police do they can't stop drugs just let people do their thing just because their making more money than the cops man.
Go ask do you know where to buy weed on people that you dont know... Or go to a crackhead askin where he buy his drugs..

He's Awesome, also, if you were a cop, you could easily speed up the slowed-down voices and go through places tryna find a match.

+LilBongBoy 420 Good thinking, but they're pitched, not slowed, and there's no way to know the original pitch..
I know a kid just graduated high school, sold meth to a undercover cop twice and is doing 40 years now...don't fuck with that shit. My Freshman Year I Got Expelled For A Dumbass Fight, I Did School Online My 10th Grade Year & Didn't Do Good At All. Im Broke As Shit Living With My Aunt & Uncle, Trying To Get A Job. I Know I Can Get Anywhere With The Jobs I Can Have At My Age. Im 16 But I Know For A FACT That I Am Not Graduating, I Need To FindA Plug. 😂😂 Im Serious Tho, Tips Suggesting.
Wow, I wouldn't be surprised if this guy is in prison right now. This video gave out too many details about him..

Omfg you're so cool my bitch wants to suck your dick omg give me your number...GTFO bitch you know you don't sell shit fym.

It's a rehabilitation program that's run like military training, it's supposed to teach discipline. Why didn't you just google it anyways..
"I tried to do it a legit way, but then you gotta deal with a dickhead boss", this is the story of why many people turn over. Narcissistic sadistic bosses treating their workers like shit..
I share drug related experiences on my channel and Also have a website if any of you care to check it out.
I just found his dad lmao, it says he had 2 daughters and 1 son and this guy said he has 2 sisters that he didn't meet Look up Richard Kuklinski. sold 4 million a year at a credit card company. aim high work all day like its your money. now i wont work for anybody unless the money is real, because i can make it anywhere. also, this shit gets you respect and money, and no jail time. work hard, demand respect, fuck everything else.
+TJJohnson oh lol we don't really have Chryslers in England that why I didn't really recognise it.

yo if anybody on here is looking for a connect i got a sweet mexican connection for ice and coke its straight killer guaranteed i even have a few customer testimonials if you don't believe read for yourself Lisa "good shit babe!" Howard "compliments to the chef and keep up the good work!" Kurt " could you do one more until tomorrow let u hang onto my phone as collateral" (we've all heard that one before) Richard " u around and how much for a ball".
These kids I knew got their shrooms that way, I guess some drugs have to slip past. They eventually got caught after a long time, I wouldn't trust it though..
I seriously thought about doing this and even tried it out. Thought I was Sosa for all of about 9 months. Glad I got info trouble and wised up. Not worth it fellas..
+Jonathan Polo text or call if u need this (770) 282-7988 send friend request We have all strains Available and we ship through out the USA and also worldwide. *White Widow==========:Grade AA+ *Hawaii-Skunk=========:Grade AA+ *Hindu Kush===========:Grade AA+ *Super Silver Haze====:Grade AA+ *Real OG ;============:Grade AA+ *Super Skunk;=========:Grade AA+ *AK 47 Kush ;=========:Grade AA+ *Blueberry Kush:======:Grade AAA+ *purple Kush :========:Grade AA+ *SOUR DIESEL:=========:Garde AA+ *GRAPE APE ===========:Garde AA+ *OG MANGO KUSH =======:Garde AA+ *BLUE DREAM ==========:Garde AA+ *GIRLS COOKIES =======:Garde AA+ *WHITE WIDOW =========:Garde AA+ *BLUE DREAM ==========:Garde AA+ *BLUEBERRY YUM YUM====:Garde AA+ *Grand Daddy,P========:Garde AA+ text or call if u need this (770) 282-7988.
Hey guys, i got some real good weed strains(white widow,purple haze,OG,hash..) for sale (Skype:skypharmcyinc)Text:+1(323) 835-1094.
"Taking care of people" I wouldn't complain you're selling them drugs and taking their money. You should be chasing them.. +Jay Bee He has every right to not like it, people act like drug dealers are desperate losers. I wouldn't be happy driving that much, you still make money just in a really boring way..
nigga said being broke inspired him bitch get a job simple,dis niggas r just LAZY N WANT EASY MONEY WHILE NOT BREAKING THEIR BALLS AT WORK...DONT GIVE A FUCK ABOUT CROOKS PERIOD....

Its not like makin 60gs a week by drug dealing is easy and lazy, cmon with that honour shit, aint no honour in bustin your balls for 30gs a year when you can work jus as hard for that same money in a week.

What a joke this is gotta be the worst episode of Vice ever..this dudes driving around dime bags of weed I know teenagers that do that follow them with a camera.

+Anthony Delara I think you've probably never been around anything like that so it looks like a big deal.

I used to hate buying drugs meeting dealers in random ass parking lots and motherfuckers would always take fucking FOREVER. You call them while youre sitting there and they'll be like 'I'll be there in half a second" and you are sitting there for another hour lol. And I used to know this one dude wed goto his apartment building and he'd be like be right out and be sitting there for like HELLA LONG. How you take so long to walk out a door wtf lol. It was good shit though only reason we dealt with him. Now I just smoke weed and go straight to the growers so no sitting and waiting haha..
Typical scumbag. Only cares about money and himself. Might as well get into politics. There is nothing smart about him..
+Aim Here Sold drugs at 12, cleaned myself up and now in college studying engineering. The traits are still there though I'm how do you say "entrepreneurial spirited" lmao..

not ice pick right there is so many other mob hitman i can think of that could be his dad but ice pick is one who worked with almost all 5 families and has been thought to have killed hundreds of people for them crazy.
+Chukni Chukni You better start claiming something,they throw you in the system I don't know how the inmates are gonna feel about a Neutron walking amongst them..

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January 13, 2016
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Where the hell did they find their UK dealer. I need him. Your lucky if it's £10 ($15.60) a gram of weed..

+PolliitoAle Weed & XTC from here are ranked in the top of the world, the best XTC in the world comes from the Netherlands...thats a fact. Pillreport is a respected source for your information,.
How about we don't use any of these, even the coffee and save some money that we could use for more important things.. +Chickentothe Dip yeah... at least the quality isn't terrible but it's so tightly packed it's hard to grind. +Shut the f*ck up google+ and stop asking me if I want to change my f*cking name Coke is way better man..
Now that some US states have made pot legel look at the how much it is I came from Norway and went to the states like 2 months ago and 4 Grams of weed in Portland pot stores was 60 bucks!!.

20 dollars for 4 grams in the netherlands.. wtf! You didn't even checked did you It is atleast 35 euros..
+Phantom Drags "A drug, in the broadest term, is a chemical substance that, when ingested, has a high biological response to quantity ratio compared to regular foods.", "Some recreational drugs that are legal and accepted in many places include alcohol, tobacco, betel nut, and caffeine products, and in some areas of the world the legal use of drugs such as khat is common." Thanks Wikipedia. I don't think the first one should be called a vise. Caffeine is definitely addictive and definitely a gateway to other more addictive drugs, but marijuana is neither addictive nor a drug. It is a natural herb..
when it comes to america illegal drug prices vary greatly in different places. for instance, a gram of coke in texas is 40-50$ in new york a gram costs usually 70-80$.

In Germany, you are very lucky if you get 1 gram of Marijuana for 10€. For 10€, you normally get 0.7 gram..
cocaine and heroin are not the same thing oO and here i was getting mine for free back in the days where we had the old green/black teacher thingy that they wrote stuff all over it... after class ofc.
confidential and discreet only serious actavis prometh with codein,kushh,oxys...txt (865)9400435 We sell actavis prometh with codein syrup,OG kushh, sour diesel,white widow,afghan, grand daddy purple, oxys,roxys,hydros,xannies,addys, and more. Contact via text for info on.

4 grams 20 dollar dafuq the cheapest weed i can find is 6 euros a gram (coffeeshops) i live in the netherlands btw.

for £20 in the Belfast all you'd get is 1.2 and it's usually all stem find me whoever does 1.8 😂😂.

Hey columbia heard you have nice weather, might as well drop by!!...are you serious, 10g for 20 bucks!!!! i can get 1g for 100 bucks in denmark. like i dont know where they get those prices from but those prices/amounts are INSANE. for users, it must be pretty rad. For abusers, a dangerous temptation but whatever, they dont even take minimum wage into consideration as well as employment-levels. richer countries with more security and police control etc = more expensive to transport/deliver drugs to its consumers. pros and cons haha..
+Anonimo Anonimo Haha i know, but it's just from my (on the west european) perspective, the prices just sounds... Crazy! :). SONG: (doesn't start till 0:22).

PC-MAX Irodatechnika Kft - PC-MAX Informatika

January 24, 2016
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