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  1. January 11, 2016

    Comments about this video:

    Would I be affected by PIED if I am able to get an erection while with a woman, but the problem is that I lose that erection after around 10 minutes or so and do not get to ejaculate. The desire is very much there, during foreplay I will get a big erection but once the penetration begins, gradually I start losing that erection..
    dude, this is EXACTly what I am talking about, you need to get your levels checked out and everyone has a different body chem make up, and yours just needs help, You will see what I am talking about after you get help with a dose and whatever else they recommend. Believe, it is worth the trip and peace of mind. We are not perfect and guys should get checked out from time to time to stay healthy in that area. No shame in it. take care of yourself, no one else well:). +squalltheonly boredom. Cut down porn, stop smoking, stop watching TV. sexualize your appearance, stop masturbating, start doing fitness (it will raise your testosterone level) and get some respect for yourself. Don't wast time and money with urologist. If you wake up with a boner, you're good to go. Hormones are another thing but if you can keep it up during porn for longer than during sex, then that's not a problem as well. UNLEASH THE BEAST. Report back in 90 days. Cheers.. I have completely quit porn a loooong time ago but I still have a severe internet addiction. I just surf and waste time for hours and hours a day and it's destroying my lifes potential. This video STILL relates to me, so I have to kick my internet addiction. Just a heads up to all those who may think their totally cured. I'm still addicted to the dopamine and novelty of general internet use..
    +BodyWisdomVideos this is so wrong..the answer is don't masterbate at all. You don't Need to get off. Find a girl to do it with or don't do it at all and use the extra energy to do productive things. Masterbation without porn is worse than no masterbating at all..

    +Justin Hodge Even with a significant other you're not always going to get laid when you want to. You're living in a fantasy world to never masturbate again..
    Gary, your a genius. This has saved my life. You are the first to bring this issue out and it needs to spread. You should be rewarded for saving all of our sex lives. Thank you, truly.
    I finally know what my problem is, thanks to this video. The next chapter of my life is taking off, and porn will not be part of it. Thank you for this information!.

    +Pauli Lenkkeri Piss off idiot. This conversation is for people who actually care and want to help each other. Not leeches like you who add no value but simply drop their affiliate link in an effort to make money. Moron..
    Please clarify. This porn-induced ED has more to do with a porn-induced "lack of desire" resulting in ED, correct. For those who have sufficient "wanting" yet have ED, do you believe porn has a role in such cases.
    +BodyWisdomVideos What frustrates me is how the "well-meaning" gestures of the "intellectual elite" (the educated professionals) plays right into the hands of industrialists. An extraordinary feedback loop that furthers the interests of capitalism, industrialism and profit-taking over common sense and good science. Truly remarkable to observe..
    you are my fuckin HERO!!! i've literally not watched that shit for 1 month and half now and i dont have a single thought of going back also keep in mind it has been my longest record in my whole life, society says its normal...but as a super ultimate leveled experienced porn fapper with a record of 6 ejaculations each day when i was like 14 15, i personally feel its almost satans most powerfullest weapon even though im not religious but i feel staying off dat shit makes me wayyy better even though i relapsed dozens of times but i just had enough of the battered prostate and dopamine haywire.
    I'm a young man who began watching porn at a young age. For me, I find that PIED symptoms at least begin to lift after even just a few days (though I'm yet to know what my potential would be after months). For all those worried about having to wait 6 months, my advice is not to worry too much because the change will start to take shape much earlier.
    49:49 This where I found the site a bit misleading. In the main article it says that an addict should avoid artificial stuff, but it didn't mention the grey area of recalling the porn you've seen or imagining stuff and faping to that like to an image of actual porn. Which I was doing and got a suspicion that there's something wrong with that after all. So I had to to watch this vid until this point, when you finally clearly say that this should be avoided. Tho somewhere through the video it kinda made sense that if you're getting off that way, then the brain will just figure out that it needs to imagine porn better instead of focusing on the outside world.. Also I don't understand the flatline at all... don't guys have a craving to watch porn again Don't they wake up with wood and fresh memories of dreams about... stuff. It kind ofall works out though. You can just quit when you find a girlfriend and wait a few months before having sex.. Prob can cause ED in the sense that with all the stimulation it gives, regular sex is dull in comparison..
    Pornography almost ruined our marriage. My husband has been clean for a long time now, and we have the best sex ever! We are only in our thirties, but we have been together since we were kids and we have married for 12 years. We have a nine year old son and the sad part is that my husband was addicted to pornography when we were engaged and I found out when he was in the navy and we were only married for about a year. He tried to quit, but then, he was done with the navy and I had our son and I kept catching him in the act. He had this addiction for about five or so years. Finally our computer crashed and I still wonder of God had something to do with that, but anyway, then, we had no money and could not afford internet anymore. We finally got internet a year ago because we had to start our son with a schooling program online because he was having problems in the classroom. Here we are now, both working, paying our bills, homeschooling our son, and we finally have internet, however, I was so afraid of the internet at this point from the porn addiction many years ago. It has taken me a good year of having internet to trust my hubby, and still, once in a while, I still get scared it will happen again. The porn addiction of his past, even though I have forgiven him, still made me insecure as a woman. My husband still has trouble complimenting me sometimes even though it has been YEARS since his addiction. People don't realize that not only is porn harming themselves, but also thier significant other. I am in my thirties, but I still love sex with my husband, and I am still into some pretty kinky stuff, and my hubby is just now finally starting to hit on me like he used to do when we were in high school. Just wanted to let you guys know, the healing is worth it. Porn is straight from the pit of hell. I am still recovering and my hubby is, too. Once in a while I still get scared, but he reassures me. I still search his internet history and look in his closet once in a while, and I know that some guys would think that's a BIG invasion of privacy, but I just get scared sometimes. I swear I have forgiven him, but the days of his porn addiction were terrible. I moved 12 hours away from my family to be with him when he was in the navy because he got to a point where he was blowing money and wouldn't even talk to me and so I wanted to take care of him and find out what was going on. I was worried. Once I got there I was treated like a maid and I would ask for sex but most of the time he would forget or not want to. Now I know he was looking at porn even though I was there. I caught him for the first time when I had to wash his uniform and I was taking stuff out of his pockets just in case because he always left pens in there and they would stain the clothes in the wash. I found a picture from a magazine of some sluts in lingerie. The scary thing was that half of them had my hair and my lingerie. I asked my hubby about it and he said some one must have snuck it into his pocket as a joke.He said that he put his cami uniform jacket on a chair and so someone put it in his pocket. I'm not stupid! He was in the navy and that would make him out of uniform. I knew they weren't allowed to take off pieces of their uniform. I knew that was a lie because it was the inner pocket of his cami uniform jakcket (he was a security officer) and since he wasn't allowed to take his jacket off he must have put it there...DUH, but I actually let it go. Believe it or not I understood. He had been without me for a long time. As time went on, though, He kept ignoring me and I kept having to clean up after him and his friends and cook for them and crap. We were only married about a year and I wanted sex. Hell, I still love sex! LOL! So anyway, we were together now and I remember crying alone in our room night after night with candles lit wearing a nightie and missing our wedding night...which was UNBELIEVABLE!!!! I know that this is personal, but our wedding night was the night that we BOTH lost our virginity to each other. We waited for each other, and my man made me cum five times that night. He was so good. Anyway, I caught him looking at porn on a computer at our friends house when he was done with the navy and I was pregnant. He admitted he was looking at it for years. Wasn't I pretty enough, sexy enough, why did I leave my family and my job and my everything to be treated like this Why did I believe him when he said he wanted a baby and I wasn't ready Why did I trust him Why did I forgive him I still forgive him, but everyday I have to make it a decision, because when I don't I become mean and I don't like how I look. My husband is back to being a sweetheart. He is still my best friend and he is finally the man in bed that I always wanted. He has been off porn for about 10 years...that's how long it took to get this far. I even kept in contact with an ex porn star for a while and she told me "when you wear lingerie, honey, remember, don't just wear it for him, wear it for you, you are important, too." That meant so much to me. He also got some help from a Christian psychiatrist, but it didn't last long, I ended up doing that with him, too because he didn't want to continue treatment. I had to treat the man who hurt me for about 5 years, even though I am not a psychiatrist and I was a new mom and I felt hurt. Yes, by the way, my husband tried all kinds of sick tricks that he saw on porn sites (I'm sure you know what I am talking about) they were degrading and painful and I did them for him because I have the personality type of wanting to please and I will NEVER turn down a dare! I told him I will only try something twice. I was really tired of keeping up and feeling like an object and then ignored and so I got him into treatment and when he quit I "treated" him. I prayed and prayed and prayed. I never with held sex, but I started to search the bedroom for porn. When the computer died out of nowhere I was praising the Lord. Fellas, I don't get it, if your wife is faithful, and beautiful and sexy, what the hell is your problem I know my hubby was far away and in the navy for the first year or so, but I send him naked pictures of me and encouraged to have phone sex when he had time off. He blew me off because he was looking at porn. I moved down to where he was and supported the hell out of him. I cooked, cleaned, and kissed the asses of him and his navy buddies. Come on, really Anyway, I just felt led to post this because I think people can benefit from our story. My husband and I are great now. In fact, I have to let you go. We are going to have sex and I got some new lingerie!!!! I encourage all of you to do the same or meet someone new! LOL! Have a great morning with someone real! Hold your significant other...they either want your attention or they need to trust you, or maybe both. I hope you have been educated by a woman's point of view. I hope and pray that you all move on with your lives and know that there is more to life than this, and real live sex is soooooooooo GREAT!!!!!!!!!.
    Thank you so much for this detailed info. When i was a teen there was no internet. When i was 12 I'd fall asleep masturbating to the Dr. Ruth sex talk radio show. I sometimes lay in bed without touching myself and use my imagination to excite myself as far as i can before i touch myself. Good dirty fun to me is people watching with my boyfriend then later making up sexual scenarios involving them while we have sex. Girls love porn too tho. I have accounts on several sites & an extensive well indexed collection of videos. I can however get so turned on by a single scene & thought that I'll watch just one scene repeatedly for hours skating on the edge till i cant stand myself. My boyfriend is somewhere in every fantasy i have which i believe matters. Now my boyfriend...he's addicted. This video sealed it for me. We don't have sex without porn being on & he surfs the whole time we do it. Sometimes he doesn't even finish which hurts my feelings - that part should be mine alone. But he is 24 & I'm 42 so to him its controlling. Who wouldn't want to finish with their girlfriend I hope i can get him to sit thru this whole video. It's the cure for addiction!.
    Uh, this isn't really ED...this is wearing yourself out through self-gratification. Frequent masterbation(sp) over time will naturally start to lower your testosterone level...making you feel weak..also gain weight. But, the biggest problem is pornography it will kill your desire, with porn and imagination you can have any and all the women you want without trying. Your best bet is to control yourself in moderation and find a new activity...gym, walking, dating...etc. But no matter what your case maybe, realize 99.99% people in porn are being paid to perform a sexual act that most ordinary people don't do. .
    From my experience it takes less energy to be virtuous than to take a walk on the wild side. To be virtuous, just do nothing. That's easy..
    More videos Gary!! Believe it or not you are the most respected authority among young guys suffering with this problem. .

    i'm suffering from ed and i stop watching porn about a week ago, can someone please tell me how long will it take for i can be normal again i'm really feeling down about this, please help! or what can i do.
    Thank you for your advice I just started dating a girl about a week ago, hopefully cuddling and kissing can help me reboot a little faster . +Iran Roldan It will! Cuddling and kissing are some of the most important things for arousal. Obviously, both are missing when you watch porn. Get intimate with your girl and nature will eventually take its course.. Quitting porn works. I am over 130 days no Nofap and I never want to go back. I have not enjoyed every day activities as much as I do now in a long time. It sounds like a lot to give up, but honestly I don't miss watching that stuff. You might suffer a bit during the first few months of recovery, but it got better for me..
    corporate, government and basically any employer would prefer you to be desensitized and thats who high school must prepare you for. This opens up a whole can of worms that society is not prepared for. The economy might even be compromised. Addiction is one thing and a big portion of our economy is built to feed those addictions of "consumers"..
    Watching porn is like having an appetite for food, but instead of consuming a good dinner, you pig out on a 5 pound bag of gourmet jelly beans. It just doesn't satisfy. Ain't nothing like the real thing..
    If you mean watching non-porn videos on YouTube, videos with sexy girls in them, I'd say it is not a problem. In my experience, videos on YouTube are nothing compared to real porn. Just don't make it a daily occurrence and you should be ok. Consider looking at non-porn pictures instead to further sensitive yourself..

    I love this vid! It has helped put everything into perspective and gives me the strive to never look at porn ever again. This is what I needed to hear..
    so much info...I love sharing this vid...people should effects the pre-frontal cortex also, ability to demonstrate willpower diminishes...there is no satisfaction in it.. satisfaction exists in the real world in every aspect. Bonding is necessary for good health, human bonding produces the love chemical in the brain, oxytocin, but that is just the chemical reaction of love at work..
    You are a god my friend!! This video sums up why my generation of men are pathetic sluggards with little to no motivation! My generation of men sit in their basements instead of college jobs or relationships! We have so many social anxiety disorders these days! Women are forced to provide for themselves as no real men exist. I notice older men are so calm and charismatic around women always wooing them. They seem much more lively too. My peers on the other hand treat women like objects instead of people they also walk with no confidence or life. The future is so scary glad I gave up porn/fapping. My girlfriend has noticed and is much more receptive to me sexually. Before I treated her like a porn star just a place to wet my dick/act out my desires. Now I make love to her with extended foreplay and get her off first. This is like a mental cure all pill!!!.
    My friend there is just one god and its prohibited to equal humanbeing with god... im just advicing u Thanks.
    SUMMARY: Other Problems Such As CONSTANT STRESS Cause Men to Escape Into Addictions! Always ATTACK the Root Cause....

    If we do not masturbate or have sex for more than 3 months or 6 months, then what happens to the semen and sperms which are inside our body. Is there any bad effect of it if we do not ejaculate the semen stored in us..
    +Girish Patel you will piss some out or lose it in your sleep. The key is to avoid constant arousal because then you may develop prostate problems. Watching too much porn not only causes #addiction, fuels #infidelity, and ruins #relationships, but can cause #erectiledysfunction. (Among other harms.) Seems like a pretty destructive activity! ~ We hope this informative video encourages many boys and men to #QUITPORN and to check out the very helpful resources at Thanks Gary Wilson! #Pornaddiction #pornographyaddiction #sexaddiction .
    Hi, I love all your videos. Actually, it has started turning my life around since I watched one of your videos. I have since, deleted all my HD porn of my media PC and have been doing the 'NoFap' thing for almost 12 days now. I did go through depression and lately been having anxiety as well, prior to 'NoFap', which triggered my actions to change. I do have a few questions and I think you will be the best person to help. I have a list of addictions that I am trying to get rid off, namely - smoking, online gambling, gaming etc. Now that I am on the way to never use porn again, I started thinking about cleaning my act up by deleting all online gambling sites as well. However, I have actually won a lot of money gambling online and even paid for a house with that, have been lucky enough to win most times. I usually play 1-2 times a month. Also thinking of giving up smoking next week. How is this (online gambling) affecting my brain... is it as bad as porn... Am I trying to give up too much Any help would be much appreciated. Thanks!.

    +S shenkupto hey i've been quit smoking too, and i'll start quiting the porn :D Finally I beat a record of a month without smoking, and it's getting easier... then you feel awesomly better just by noticing your brain power to do the things you commit to do, instead of feeling depressed, low self esteem for giving up many times... so it becomes easier to start new challenges like quiting stuff you know it's bad for you..

    Is my feeling of unhappiness and not feeling any pleasure in my life is it because of porn and what should I do and how long do I need to get cured please answer me guys.
    when abstaining from orgasming when i released my cum was yellow... is it safe stopping all of a sudden Also at the end when you showed the list of things that can make it longer... i literally ticked all of the boxes.. but i can ejaculate without using porn it's just more difficult and i need to use thought (doesn't have to be porn thought). I also get morning wood/random erections when sitting down at my computer/in bed. Do you think it could take much longer then 3 months for me.
    Been through three reboots now after having 0 sexual ability, and have FINALLY had amazing success. I can tell you my personal tips that cured my: 1. ED (100% cured) 2. DE (100% cured, can ejaculate when I want) 3. Extreme addiction to porn (Haven't watched porn in years) You can reach me at: tooyoungforpied2 Good luck!.
    I feel a tad odd watching this as a girl, lol, but it is very interesting and educational. Porn does destroy physical and mental health, the thousands of people who report their porn-induced problems ceasing after they stopped watching porn are plenty of evidence for that..
    …………………...- " \ - "::'\ ………………„-^*'' : : „'' : : : :: *„ …………..„-* : : :„„ / : : : : : : : '\ …………./ : : „-*..| : : : : : : : : '| ……….../ : „-*.. | : : : : : : : : | ………...\„-*...| : : : : : : : :'| ……….../... '| : : : : : : : :| …….../.....'\ : : : : : : : | ……../......\ : : : : : : :| ……./...... '\ : : : : : / ….../....... „„„„' ….'/....... '| …/...../....| ../.....'/....'| ./.... /....'| '/.........'| '|... \......| '|... \„_^- „...'| '|.....'\.\./ '/. | |.\..... \.'' /. '| |..... /.'/..| |....|. /././..| '|.....'\.\./ '/. | |.\..... \.'' /. '| |..... /.'/..| |....|. /././..| ________ '|.....'\.\./ '/. | l |.\..... \.'' /. '| l |..... /.'/..| l |....|. /././. l l '|.....'\.\./ '/. |__________l.
    Yes, let's all make sure we're at optimal condition to please our female masters sexually. Impotence is bad only because women deserve good sex, and if you don't give it to them, you're a pathetic loser..
    +Arturo Luna First off, I said "masturbation and porn addiction" which is not the same as just saying 'masturbation and porn.' Second, all of the problems you mentioned are actually beneficial if it means fewer humans to wrecklessly consume animal products. Actually, you're right – it's not a comparison. To be frank, though, I wasn't actually comparing the two 1:1. I was just redirecting you to far more important things going on in the world than a bunch of men that can't get it up for women – on call – due to porn addiction. So what Women can live well enough without men, sexually at least, and typically leverage sex as a 'product' anyway (hinting that many barely even enjoy the act). This isn't anti-feminist, it's biology, and men and women have different wants (not needs) with regards to sex and provisions. Nobody deserves anything with regards to sex, but everyone unfortunate enough to be born deserves a decent planet to exist on – something the meat and animal product industry is wrecking based on the incessant and unneccessary demands of commoners..
    +Novakira Sato Since you won't leave the meat thing alone, I'll address it. If you value sustainability, which some people may not if they aren't concerned with what happens after they die, then yes, the over-consumption of meat is a problem. Personally, I'm not interested enough or have time to be an activist about this issue. If one day our earth is ruined, I'll completely accept my contribution to it. Now, if there are people out there who DO try to affect change, I'm not going to rain on their parade. I'll let them do their thing, vote in favor of or not against their measures. The least I can do is not get in their way. And btw, the clear way to solve this would be through policy and economics (regulate the industry and price meat products appropriately), but if I understand you correctly, you would rather we solve this by letting PED run rampant so we can reduce our population Regarding those who suffer PED and battle with porn addiction, I'm not asking you to become an activist and advance their cause or even spread awareness. Nevertheless, you're ACTIVELY trying to undermine the efforts of those who are trying to recover by promoting some twisted reasoning, which is pretty low. Luckily, I don't think it will work.. question Im on day 14 so far so Good I been more confident and assure of myself I haven't been having any wet dreams of late is that a good thing and how do u know if u fully recover .
    porn is there to desensitize you anyway. thats what you were looking for in the beginning when your overbearing lust brought you there in the first place..
    This is very important information. Young men don't yet understand how fucked (pun not intended) they will be later in life. Thank you for your work!. Well.. time to stop i guess.. Lost a couple of good relationships due to this..Feel like an idiot to be honest..

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  2. January 14, 2016
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  5. January 25, 2016

    Comments about this video:
    Diy erectile...very good vedio. Accent tone speed so to say in all respect u are superb. Let me have the list of your other viedios. I am really fed up from artificial tone high speed and unclear voice of anchors of viedios in english. Wish u do anchoring of these. God bless you.. I tried it with only watermelon and lime in a blender and it works...sorry I didn't have beet root...thanks. +phenobarbitalmv75 If you eat it regularly you may notice a change in how your body works. Another useful thing to do is to eat pistachio nuts. However it is not like taking a pill which switches you on!. +David Bean then it was probably doing its secondary function, that of guarding over you when you're asleep... Thus avoid being sleepy before going into action !.

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  6. January 15, 2016
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  9. January 17, 2016

    Comments about this video:
    One last question, kiya ye 3 upachar eksath korna porega Ya phir koi ek hi korne se erectile dysfunction cure Ho jayega Ya phir Bari Bari tino ko hi korna porega. Isn't not being able to get a hard on due to a loss of blood flow and so the best remedy would be to stop the foods that cause this I.E meat and dairy.... Guru ki, meri halot bahut kharab hain, kiya ye 100% kaam korega Kiyoki kuchi dino main meri shaadi hain. Kounsa best hain Onion+ honey ya milk+ honey or kesar badam milk Aapka email address kiya hain.
    For an uncontrolled diabetic of 25 years who does not masturbate, will your information work for them.
    Finally, the truth is out on how to cure Erectile Dysfunction safely and naturally..It turns out, it's a hell of a lot simpler than we thought and doesn't require medication... unlike what the billion-dollar pharmaceutical industry would like you to believe. .
    Here's the problem: Who's actually gonna go through all of that time of 3 or more months to test the solution.
    +Real Atlanta I'm interested to see if this works as the medical industry says its to do with lack of blood flow and is usually the first sign before a heart attack, try this cause you never know but if it doesn't work cut all meat, dairy & fried foods out of your diet. I'll be honest never had a problem with it but Mine grew an extra inch and half when I did this and stays harder for longer periods (more blood flow). Hi good evenning,an a man of twenty three yrs of age and am faceing this erectile dysfunction almost six yrs now can i do sum. +Samrit Hotel thanks to watch our video of erectile dysfunction home remedies. You can try these home remedies whether you are facing this problem since 6 years.. Guruji, dhudh ko obalke gorom dhudh main honey Milao ki thanda dhudh main honey milake pine se cholega Kiyoki main London main ho, iha sab thanda dhudh hi pitey hain. Eha dhudh ko obalna nahi porta. Kiya dhudh obalke honey milana porega. +Real Atlanta Pure honey is best for it. This disease is more related to state of mind. So, if someone is addicted to porn, then these remedies may not help him. First he has to change his state of mind.. Dudh ko garam karna porega Jab honey k sath pina Ho Khane k baad khao Raat ko or subah Or anytime Kesar Ka English kiya hain. +omar farooque For milk-honey remedy, milk must be at room temperature or cold. It should be taken in morning on an empty stomach. English for Kesar is Saffron..
    Will this work for a diabetic that is having blood flowing issues, impotent, out of control diabetic for at least 22 years, and masturbates on a regular He has had this impotent problem since 2012. .
    +MsNaturalhairdiva first of all, masturbation practice must be stopped. We already told in this video that it is one of the causes of impotence.. +MsNaturalhairdiva take meat and dairy out of his diet as well as fried foods this will fix it....

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  10. January 16, 2016
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  11. January 13, 2016
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  12. January 19, 2016
    Female Impotence treatment and cure with herbs and supplements, drugs - i11
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  13. January 18, 2016

    Comments about this video:
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    +Wiggy Wentaz Thank you for your comment Wiggy. Hopefully you are out of trouble (after treatment/help).

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