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  • January 23, 2016

    Comments about this video:
    +Ibrat911 I guess you didn't read my earlier comments. They kill Shia in Yemen, Bahrain, and marginalize the Shia in Saudi Arabia. They killed AL Nimr's nephew. Saudi citizens abuse migrant workers and the average Saudi lives in squalor . +Lamar Green thats all lies, i am an engieer working for Saudi Aramco, a lot of friends here are Shia engineers with salaries high as the sky. and for yemen saudi Arabia is defending it self only from terrorists just like what Iran is doing in Syria, wait Syria has no boards with Iran hummm. Now Answer my question, have Saudi Arabia ever killed a Shia clerk beside Nmir Al-Nmir .
    Saudi Arabia is a racist, world Heritage site destroying cess pool. They tried to work with Israel to attack Iran or ruin the nuclear deal.

    Mehdi earned my respect today for remaining unbiased and not siding with the Saudi. Even though Al Jazeera is funded by the Emir of Qatar, who is very close to the Saudi Royal Family. On the other hand, Mehdi is a Shia and he didn't side with Iran on sectarian line. TWO THUMBS UP.

    I'm from Iran, and both countries are to blame. Only a bigot thinks just one of them are to blame..
    No. someone is in both Countries stirring Your Countries up & You be surprised what & who are keeping it up. Iran needs to slow down with the Nuke producing ok if they want Peace then hey what is it going to hurt to just shut it down go to tables talk to those involved... but this back & forth what's going on will stare step until no return then You both don't Win...You Children will die Countries destroyed. I seen a fly over of Syria of Drone the whole City looked like the Bomb drops in WWII in Europe every building destroyed no Life around it was unreal a Huge City today. We are in the End Times every Country wants to destroy each other. Go Ahead ok the Blood of each other People will be on Your Hands !!!!! I'm so sick of this..
    ا جمال فين ردودك القوية ؟ المشكلة بين ايران ودول المنطقة هي ليس بين السنة والشيعة المشكلة بين ايران و دول المنطقة هي احلاك ايران لسترداد الامبرطورية الفارسية وتدخلها في شؤون الدول العربية واستخدم بعض المتطرفين من الشيعة العرب كا اداة رخيص وحصان للإمتطاء عندما يقول مستشار خامنئي ان بغداد عاصمة الامبرطورية الفارسية وان ثلاث عواصم عربية تحت حكم ايران هذا هو سبب المشكلة وعلى ايران التخلي عن احلامها لإعادة الامبرطورية.
    Its very simple, Iran wants to take revenge of what the Arabs did to the Persian empire 1400 years. Can you imagine a few barefooted Arabs destroying an empire and conquering its people on all levels be it socially ,linguistically, culturally and genetically. The funny thing is that Iran was defeated and humiliated many many times throughout history and the mullahs know that they can't win the fight over Arabs so what they do is that they direct Shia Arabs to fight on their behalf. Iran has a history of financing and sheltering Al-Qaeda elements during and after the 9/11 till this day. Iraq blamed Syria for the spread of ISIS. Assad himself whom Iran backs is buying oil from ISIS where both benefited from each other. Assad provide money to ISIS and ISIS provide oil to Assad, a win win situation for both is not Iraq has more 50 Shia militias within and all are under the control of Iran's command. Iran steel Iraq oil, sell it and fund those militias in return. Hizbollah is an example of that. The same Hizbollah Iran wants to create in Bahrain, Yemen, Iraq and Syria. Iran barbaric behaviour in the ME is unjustified at all. Look at Iran's history of storming embassies and taking diplomats hostages. From the 1979 Iran tries to export its revolution to the neighbouring countries. Iran is a country recognized by many civilized nation as a sponsor of terror. No need to give a list of Iran's terror attacks beyond its border to prove that. Iran support to Assad who have killed more than 300k of his people using all kind of weapons is more than enough to prove who is to blame. No matter how hard Iran tries to keep on spreading terror, Saudi Arabia and its allies the rest of the Arab countries along with the Islamic world will make sure that Iran is kept in check. Its better for Iran to look after the 40% of its people whom are under the poverty line sleeping in boxes in the streets of Tehran and elsewhere..
    so Iran should leave Syria so you Salafi barbarians can kill the rest of the religious minorities and destroy more antiquities and established your barbarian state.

    Except it's not a blame game. Ignore the idiotic title of the clip. It's a way of raising clicks on here..
    Saudi government is Wahabbi terrorist and I can hear the clock ticking for them. Time is up and now they have to pay for their crimes against humanity. They have blood of almost all nations on their hands. On the other hand, Iran has Afghanistan to its east which is one the world's largest drug producers and to the west is the EU with the largest demand for drug. So it makes sense to defend its self agains drug lords by executing them. We should stop supporting Saudi and help Iran take them out..
    I agree with you on Saudi sect being a source of terrorist mindset as well as funding. But when you say Iran is only doing its best to stem drug trafficking, you lose all credibility wholesale. Other than the fect that execution of anyone is inherently a crime, you totally overlook the fact that saying someone is executed for x crime is not really proof it is. The fact that Iran also executes for opposing the clerics as well for crimes of passion leaves plenty of room for a fair bit of skulduggery. In this day and age, if any authority resorts to executing citizens, it indicates a primitive take on human life and what it is worth. No amount of trafficking is a good enough justification. But even worse, do you know why they want to discourage anyone from doing the trafficking Like the CIA, Saudi Princes and many many diplomatically immune or intelligence linked agencies, Iranian secret service are protecting their nice little earner. Exept it's not little and it's not nice..
    Does Iran bomb women, children, hospitals, and disabled Institutions in Yemen likeSaudi Arabia does S.A. does more : lashes, stones and beheads, and most serious of all, refuses car licences to women..
    The problem is that Saudi has had an abominable influence in the world, and part of this is down to on the west reluctance to do something about it owing to the vast contracts at stake. The propagation of Wahabism funded by Saudi has brought about the vast majority of the Terror groups, which are either funded directly by Saudi Arabia or by its failure to curb private funding from within its country. This is a problem. Its bizarre that Saudi are upset by Iranian meddling, but what has Saudi achieved They've bombed Yemen, they've bombed Bahrain, they're funding terror groups, and if they are not they are paying the mercenaries in Syria that are and have contributed to prolonging the war. They haven't taken 1 refugee. The Iranians are right to identify the Saudi's as the source of the problems in the region. The Iranians know that they are non-Arab, they know that they are a minority, they know that they will never have the allegiance of the smaller Arab states, they know that Saudi is home to Makkah, so what they are doing is right, they are exerting themselves in the region to stunt Saudi's disastrous influence. Every conflict that the Iranians are involved with is noble, the world agrees the fight against IS is noble, they are the only ones with boots on the ground there. The desire of Bahrain an 80% Shia country to have a representative Govt is noble. The PM of Yemen fled the country, he was placed there by the Saudis, the people in that country do not want him, if he had enough support he would not have felt the need to escape. The Iranians are not allies of the USA & Israel, the Saudis are. Its pretty clear to see who is the better of the 2.. +Farah M apparently no one agrees with you you Saudi ISIS/Terrorist supporter. Well not a supporter exactly. Saudi is the father of ISIS.. +SoulsHunter let me teach you some history lesson almost100 years ago there was no Saudi Arab but just because British wanted to destroy Khalafat Usmani they created wahhabi lunatics later they started calling them self Saudis, Bahrain and Qatif region of Hijaz are shia Muslim from thousand years.. +Safdar Abbas Wahhabism isn't a sect, let alone one that would be created by the British. Al-Wahhab in case you weren't informed is one of ALLAH names and attributes. And Wahhabism is a play on ALLAH'S name. Shameful to stoop so low, even if u dislike a people. If you dislike KSA, fine, but be careful of the terms you use. The term was coined by Sufis. BTW let's go back approx a decade ago. When the British and the French managed to defeat and destroy the Ottoman Empire, what is it that they did Well, of course they divided it (the land) among themselves. Look at it this way, the only bit of land that was NEVER personally in the hands of those 2 is ARABIA, the part currently ruled by the al-Saud family. Think for a second what would have happened to the Holy House and the City of the Prophet. Many, during the crusades have sworn to dig up and humiliate the grave of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam in order to belittle Islam, yet each time they were prevented. What makes you think something similar to the crusaders' thought was prevented by the al-Saud..
    Saudi is to blame, they are the cancer of middleeast along with its puppets, America and israHELL.. I stand with Iran..
    +Melissa Anaya No. The bad side is saudi, america, israHELL, and among with other hypocrites. By the way the meaning of death to America is not litterly. It means death to the policy, leaders etc in America,not the innocent people. The policy have destroyed middleeast and other countries. And do not forget who lays behind ISIS. And also that saudi execute a man who spoke justice and did not use weapons. Unlike other rapers in Saudi that got less than 6 years of prison and yet got released. .
    Jamal Khashoggi is pointing finger at Iran, the most defenseless country (Yemen ) has been destroyed by Saudis ,Bahrain brutally gone under Saudi control but Iran can't defend Syria, OK lets listen to the entire world what they say about Saudis especially the beheading of people everyday..
    Saudi Arabia is to blame with there takfiri ideology and support of terrorists they cannot work with iran because of their sectarian divisive views.
    Reecca it is not a blame game and Khalid enough of Saud worshipping. One family does NOT own you. Stop being so subservient and grow a pair..
    "Jamal frankly speaking ,no one in the world would buy your claim that Saudi Arabia is for democracy." Gottem, he made Jamal look like a fool..
    Iran is a beautiful land with great people and an unpleasant fuckislamic government, saudi arabia is a desert filled with lizard eating biggots ran by a bunch of faggots.
    I understand Iran position. It's vey difficult to deal in a region with Saudi Arabia and Israel. +Arkady NoFuss Speaking of which, according the latest study (which came out just this month) the nation with the largest number of executions in 2015 after China was surprise surprise, yes, Iran with a total of 289 executions that year alone...And those were only the cases we have managed to confirm, even though some reports have placed that number at 940. Iran is also heavily criticised for executing minors. One of Iran's capital punishment consists of stoning, which is a severe form of torture..
    The Jews, or the Americans. Probably Illuminati if you ask me. Anyone but the Saudis and the Iranians themselves..
    This was an excellent interview of two representatives of two countries, both of which have done reprehensible things, and both of which are responsible for supporting different terrorist organizations. I think what was remarkable was that the US, Russia and Israel were left out of the discussion. In any event, much respect for the questioner.. You just don´t get it. THE MONROE DOCTRINE 1823, decided that USA owns the entire hemisphere and all the way to CHILE USA kills thousands Reagan called "Butcher of Central America" so your ideas are Juvenile when it comes to the ABUSE of LATIN America by USA. SO Americans attack Guatemala Nicaragua, Honduras, EL Salvador PANAMA Chile, PERU,Columbia,Brazil, etc all LATIN american countries have been destroyed by USA. only recently have a few taken, Bolivia,Ecuador, taken off the USA dog leash called war on drugs. SHAME 140,000 dead Latinoes,MEX-USA border, FAST&FURIOUS gun sales to drug cartel by USA. THEN launder money with Wells Fargo etc. thanks to USA MEXICO lost most of it´s tourism. SHAME USA..
    Jamal is totally on point! I can't emphasis this point any more than he has. Iran has indeed been attempting to expand and increase its influence throughout the middle east and Africa for quite a long time. In poverty stricken parts of Africa, Iran has been forcefully converting the poor and hungry to Shi'ism in exchange for food and shelter (Check out Somalia, and after the Arab spring, same thing happened in Egypt). The state that Syria is in today can mainly be blamed upon Iran and Russia who are simply fuelling the fire. If the people of a nation dislike their leader to the point of bloodshed, simple, he should resign. The revolt was a massive mistake, no doubt. A mistake upon the young and foolish people of Syria, a minority nonetheless, and now the entire nation along with its neighbours are paying the price. It's upon the leader to negotiate with the people, yet he only thinks of harming them. Iran only sees its gains, caring little for the state of Syria. In Yemen, Iran doesn't even think twice before providing weapons upon weapons to the mother of extremists, the Houthis, who wish for nothing but full ownership over Yemen. There have been long-term attempts to negotiate with these extremist but they refuse all negotiations and result only to violence. Yes, history does tend to repeat itself, unfortunately we don't care about reviewing history and only like to point fingers at Saudi Arabia, the most Islamic shariah implemented nation of today. We blame Saudi Arabia for everything yet we forget the GREAT things they have done for Islam. No Muslim nation has done so much for Muslims like the Gulf nations have in the last decade. Saudi Arabia saved the Sacred house and the city of the Prophet from French and British colonialism after the collapse of the Ottoman Empire, yet some ignorant lots call THEM traitors... Wake up you guys because we've already been fooled into destroying our Muslim lands already. Libya, Tunisia, Egypt, Syria are in turmoil. All of them are worse now than before the Arab Spring and yet you wish the same for the rest of Muslim land.
    I am turkish, SAUDI ARABIA have dirty Ale Saud, most dirty family on the earth, they are supporting all the terror operations on the earth. Saudi arabia must blame!. I see why U.S. is trying to improve relations with Iran. Iran and KSA are the to big troublemakers in the region.. This Man interviewing is speaking right to both of them want Peace then shut up and do it that simple !!. the bottom line, if you are a Shiite in Saudi Arabia you can do any thing, because the whole world will by you sympathy and take your said, even if were a terrorist !! I mean look at Iraq and see how Shiite militia doing to Sunni, no one in the west seems to care about that, but when a Sunni does it, he will be ISIS or Qaeda !!. IRAQ+RUSSIA+IRAN+SYRIA =IRIS VS ISiS ( USA /UK/ israeLians / ALCIAda/ MKO/ FSA ) IRAN, IRAQ,SYRIA,PALESTINE LEBANON, will always be Border Brothers. IRAN SHIA WITH HIS STUPID TAKIYAH.. THEY WANT TAKE THE MECCA AND MADINA FROM SAUDI PEOPLE.. ALL SHIA WITH BASYAR AL ASSAD KILLING MORE THEN 500, 000 SUNNI MUSLIM IN SYRIA AND IRAQ.. THIS IS CRAZY.. IRAN LAKHNATULLAH.. ...
    All terrorists who kill on the west citizens.and behead people come from Saudi Arabia and sunni backward Gulf states with saudi Arabia vahabi takfiri ideology... Saudi arabia is helping alqaeda..isis , al-Nusra's .taliban. Bukuharam ,,,,15 of the 19 hijackers in the September 11 were citizens of Saudi Arabia... BIN LADEN was from saudi arabia !!! the number of Saudi fighters in ISIS reached 7,000 in Iraq. saudis goverment and rich sheikhs with vahabi exremist ideolgy supportTerrorists and try to make Iran responsibel for terrorismus in the world !!!!! and It is not true....because saudi and arabs gulf states need Iranophobia as a distraction for their backward power structure....saudis dictators will no change and democratic reform in their country and try to make Crisis in Middle east to stay in power ,Saudi Arabia occupied bahrain and bombs yemen and support military coup in Egypt. 81% of Arabs Support ISIS...Saudi and gulf states Export of Islamic Extremism is the Greatest Challenge to World Peace & Stability.

    its so funny, Saudi official talking like an angel. When everybody knows where the source of world terrorism comes from..
    iran is a big problem in the middle east and the usa supported with their pathetic wars that they lost in iraq afghanistan the iranian intervention in alot of countrys like iraq yemen syria libanon but also afghanistan pakistan.iran using their secterian followers for terrorism secterian and ethnic hate and violence.iran is for the people in the middle east like usa and israel.. +The D Devils The only girls wanting to play with guns are the Saudi's but first they have to put on their "Big Girl Panties" First...oops that's right their in the wash..
    Iran is the new LGBT, the new black guy in town... suddenly this country going from the biggest state sponsor of terrorism (these are not my words, these are the words of the NY TIMES, The Economist, the CFR, the State department, the WSJ, the Washington Post, the CNN... this is what you used to get when you typed the word "Iran" in google search engine, all we got was how bad Iran was, and how it's supporting terrorism)... All the sudden now Saudi Arabia is the bad guy (and a little bit Israel, the Jewish lobby is still strong in the US)... and Iran is the poor little guy, oppressed and misunderstood like a black teenager who joined a gang and committed a crime! F##k you Obama, if you think you'll be able to buy the Mullahs in Iran by trashing your allies and flattering Iran you know nothing about politics, you'd better go f##k yourself..
    The west has had to put up with these ragheads arguing for thousands of years why don't they just annihilate each other and leave us all in peace..
    they have right to judgement their own citizens, saudi arabia not interfering iran people. iran a cause suni people, it is clear. we take action to shia. allaah bless then all suni live in the world. I am supporting saudi Arabia..

    +horn of africa Man what are you trying to say How old are you and what has Santa Claus got to do with all this.
    I must say the guy from Saudi Arabia is not only stupid but also his English skil for some body at that lvl is realy shame. We all know that Iran is to blame for this circus: 1: Iran interfered in the Saudi Arabia interior affairs by launching a gigantic cold war against Saudi Arabia. 2: The terrorist Shiite Imam was a Saudi citizen and therefore he was subject to all the Saudi laws including his death penalty. 3: Iran is a terrible hypocrite because it carries out its own death penalty and it keeps on killing the Sunnites and the non Sunnites as well. 4: Iran does not represent real Islam and it keeps on falsifying and altering Islam and blaming Saudi Arabia for everything. 5: Iran interferes in many countries and just to mention few: Africa, Palestine, Syria, Iraq, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Lebanon...etc. 6: Iran pays people worldwide to convert to Shiism. It is interfering in many countries and it carries out lies, propaganda, bullying and deception every day. 7: Saudi Arabia is RIGHT and IRAN is wrong, wrong and wrong.. what I don't understand is why Obama changed US policy in the Middle East US traditionaly were allied with Saudi. I don't see Iran as stabilizing forces in the region..
    what about the Saudi government calling for the removal of bashir Assad you Saudis are big hypocrites.
    You guys in Middle East are completely unaware about your surrounding you will never hear France and England use the same line communication with each other, nor New Zealand and Australia, or Sweden and Fenland, they have all border and work together and plan together... Why can't u guys see it, they got you guys busy with Sunni VS Shia, Persian VS Arabs and in the back door, they are sucking all of you guys dry indiscriminately, Wake up guys, and reunite, put aside the differences and help each other so that the whole region grow and develop Peace. Mehdi said militias supported by both sides OK! Why ISIS is and Sunni groups the only terrorist groups and other Shiia militias NOT refereed to as terrorists Why the comparison between isis and Saudi whereas at the same time Iran and its militias doing the exact same thing Interesting how we are in the west look at these 2 issues differently.. i call it contradiction..

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  • January 19, 2016

    Comments about this video:

    Classic Saudi Arabia and Iran - meddling in others' affairs. They should just go to full-scale war and be done with it. Stop making other countries, sites of your bloody proxy war..

    +Hassaan M That and they both sit astride the straights of Hormuz through which 40% of the worlds oil exports pass.
    This video is information war from the Saudi side. Show the devastation of life and property in Yemen. Saudis are barely being scratched..
    At this point with the embargo they are fighting on little more than large amounts of small arms, left over Yemeni equipment, Khat, and sandals, yet Saudi Abrams fall, this is the type of thing military analyst's will examine in depth.. Before all of this began im sure the Iranians provided some weapons ect, however what everyone fails to mention is Hadi actually resigned then reinstated his government at the Saudi request, in all honest he lost his legitimacy after that. The fact is they are poor live hard lives, the population rival that of all of Saudi Arabia, yet they have large amounts of arms left over from previous wars. The khat is also a stimulant which is obvious when viewing footage of the raids, Saudi's are rarely seen dead most abandon there equipment, the Saudi military also has a obesity problem..
    Russia need to send the s400 system to Yemen. Level the playing field somewhat. Seems like everyone is attacking countries that don't have air defense systems. Cowards in the sky's bombing anything and everything. No respect for human life sad.. So after a billion dollars wasted on the patriot missile defense systems they miss and target at civilians lol. What a surprise.... +Gamer1Wolf the small Mortar shots cannot be intercepted by a fucking huge anti missile rocket !! DUH !!. +Viktor Ragulin They are fighting on foot for god and country against effeminate weaklings, who hide in their bases and their tanks. They do not need much financing.. There is no evidence Iran plays much of a role with the Houthis (it pays lip-service in the propaganda war of course) and they've not provided anything since the only way they could is by sea and the Saudis and Americans have precluded this option.. +Avraham Yeuda For someone pretending to a Jew its clear your nothing but a Troll. 1.Israel has not attacked Lebanon. Hizballa protects and cares about the interests of Lebanon. 2.hizballa is busy fighting your bitches. ISIS. Clearly The Economist finds it of no interest to report about civilian casualties in Yemen caused by Saudi bombings. Maybe this will shed a little light on it: "The war, and particularly the numerous coalition airstrikes, has taken a terrible toll on civilians. As of late September, the U.N. had documented that the war had killed 2,355 civilians and wounded 4,862, the majority in coalition airstrikes." Source:
    The Saudis and the other Gulf Arabs have got all the most advanced military equipment from the international market. Their soldiers are only lacking one thing that cannot be bought and that the Yemenis have got in abundance - fearlessness. The Saudis give the impression that they prefer being a living coward to being a dead hero, when the time for the hand-to-hand combat has come..

    One thing everybody needs to know is that it isisnt only hoothis that are fighting. It is all of yemen it's army or what it's left of it and it's tribal groups. God bless yemen and the Yemeni people..

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  • January 26, 2016
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  • January 13, 2016
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  • January 27, 2016

    Comments about this video:
    British watcher here, very well done. South Asian Daily Show. Saudi is the ass end of Islam much like Alabama is the ass end of Christianity. People are suckered in by the stereotype of money and religious purity only to realise you dont get one, and they dont actually have the other. waring crosses dont make u a nice Christian, running mecca doesnt make them nice muslims. pluralism and freedom are the only environments for internally driven morality..
    I'm a Saudi and I grow up seeing Indians working everywhere in my country especially in grocery shops. Most Indians are good, but like in every country you have some bad people. There are almost a million Indians working in Saudi Arabia, and such an accident is considered as rare. In the other hand, some minority Saudi tourists were treated badly in India, Shell we consider India as the worst place to visit regarding such rare incidents!!! However, I totally stand with you guys to push on your government to put some regulation and rules for the Indian labors. On behalf of all Saudis, I say I'm sorry to see any person get mistreated in my country..

    +sam m taking passport of worker is just inhuman,,it happens all the time. workers are treated so bad,,no worker get citizenship there and the salars are way to low,,,,ask to any southasain people how those muslim country works,,,.

    +sam m Indians are not the only ones who face these horrible acts. Indonesians, srilanakans, bangladeshis, filipino, malaysians workers face constant discrimination..

    Saudis are assholes... My mamaji works dere as marketing head and his passport has been taken and is given only when it was time of holiday. Fucking Saudis think we Indians are slaves either hindu or Muslims it doesnt matter..

    +V. Project hahah haha cock sucker. mai was born in Lebanese. isis bastard u need to chill. cause we gonna bomb ur asshole out of this earth to ur pedophile MD..
    great work guys, Sahil and Saurabh pant only two best faces here. Sahil -> Ray william Johnson of Outrage Saurabh -> Roby Motz of Outrage. nice topic...but it is just the problem...we can't change the people of some other country..nor we can stop people going n working in some other country (like indonesia did )...the only solution is...increase india...but well it will take time... any other solution . +ARCHIT ASWAL Just like to point out 1 out of every 6 in the world is an indian. It is natural for us to migrate to other countries. YOu definitely cant change that neither can you reduce the population. We are not China. And yes i believe Saudi Arabia needs sanctions. We are way too deep sucking their dicks lubricating with oil they produce. I think indonesia did a good job. Ban low wage employment exports to saudi arabia. That country desperately needs workers. The entire middle east does. Hence i am sure they will come to terms when sanctions are imposed on them. But it is so funny that majority hates saudi's policies yet keep silent because of their oil dependency.. Every religion has some worst followers ! You want to see the worst followers of Islam then go to Saudi Arabia ! No sense ! No knowledge of Islam.they are aliens living among humans !. +farhaan rizvi whatever may be their religion. But aren't they born humans. Don't they feel pain and tears while chopping off someone's hands. This is bullshit just because they have oil reserves, mecca and madina they think they are superiors. Fuck their existence. modern day slavery.. the rest of humanity needs to cut off from them completely. they can't even wipes their own asses without hired help. they will disappear in less than a month if left to survive on their own. fucking animals..
    Man u people have no idea about life in Saudi Arabia,I was born there and now i live in delhi for under graduation and the only place that I would want to work anywhere in the world it would be Saudi Arabia.
    +Ramis Khan Good luck you little fucker! Go and fuck yourself there...This is comment is not coming from a Hindu guy rather from an Indian guy..
    what else do u accept frm dose ppl who could ran out our prophet (pbuh) jst bcoz he wanted dem to stop dere barbaric act lyk burring dere daughters jst after dere birth...and ya dey dnt represent Islam....
    +preethi aishwarya He's got this typical gujju voice. the outrage would have been funnier if he did a gujju accent as well. #dhokla #ilovekhakhra. Hindi Hindi give me SHABATYI lol I'm from Saudi Arabia 💚 and I love Hindi food 😄 but I don't like this guy 😯. well yes people are extreme here but Indian economy is somehow boosted due to Saudia Arabia giving employment to Indians apart from that Saudia Arabia is the best gulf country in terms of giving Salaries. and the jobs are too gud here if you come to a company not on kafalat kafalat is a term when u come for a person instead.of a firm then u might be trapped if your kafeel is a retard. dude Sahil make a good research then upload a video.
    one more thing... if our govt cud provide employment to our people... dey wouldn't hav to go lick dere asses n gt treated lyk shit... its unfortunate.
    WHERE ARE THE SICKULARS NOW (SICKULARS= SICK + SINGULAR ) SO NO PROTEST MASS ANTI RAPING CAMPAIGN WOMAN R8S ETC FOR SAUDI ASSHOLES CUNTS MUST BE NUKED. that's a very old issue pending in front of our governments, as mostly Muslims go to Saudi for work, our governments try not to touch it ! they might say it the country where our holy city of Mecca and Medina are, how can u stop me Then from there they ask for help ! Its is really difficult for India to do anything when most powerful countries are licking their asses. abhi obama bhi gya tha na saudi tel lene. Not only saudi but all gulf countries including Dubai as well are worst offenders of human rights. They can not afford to have costly labour when they know in coming few decades, they will be running out of oil. So they are building their infrastructure very fast to shift the economy from oil based to services and infrastructure based. mostly Indians, pakistani, bangladeshis and even nepali are trapped in there, they know what will happen but still they go. recently my barber was talking of going to saudi, i advised him not to go, but he said that he also doesn't want to go but his family is forcing him, also him elder brother was working there and has kept sending money. He said his parents want more money, so sending him, he also mentioned that his father said that out of his 6 kids at least 2-3 of them should go to support the family, here they earn less. and i live in Delhi and so the barber and his family. Muslims generally have many kids and they don't mind experimenting with one or two of them for some extra money..
    +Nitin Ahuja well !! I'm a Indian, & studying, working & living happily in Auckland !!! I'm in love with this nation, BTW, I've some friends in Dubai,they said there's no racism at all, but,still let me say,there's no strong labor law in a socialist nation like India either,I'm in a capitalist nation, but,I'll say,labor of here, & 1000 times strong and nice than of India..
    +Deb i would like to believe you and i hope what you are saying is true ! Whatever i said, i have heard from various news sources, i have not been there, so i can not confirm anything, but i think i can believe the new agencies .
    Funny and witty. Constructive criticism : Can you please focus on root causes of these terrible things happening in Saudi. I got to know what is happening and how terrible it is...but i didn't get why. please think over it. ATTACK ISSUES... NOT egos..

    dear, ask their team how they came to know about these,if its TV then they should first make such video about India, because in some part of India ( leave maids) bahoos condition are even worse but i agree, this i also a serious problem.

    +Rose Reema you are right about the moral police. They monitor one's behavior in the streets and absolutely prohibit conversation between opposite genders as they believe it will lead to something immoral. The same reason applies to the segregation in coffee shops and other places too. It happens only in Saudi Arabia the rest of the Middle East is pretty liberal about this, as for prostitution it doesn't exist in the country.
    wow...I am from Saudi Arabia and not all Saudi places treat you like shit bitch think!!!!!! there are worst then Saudi Arabia! geez don't blame us.
    quite a relevant topic, 'the white tiger' describes it quite lucidly. but this narrator is so irritating. i couldn't complete the video coz of his voice....

    When Indian diplomats are strip searched and Indian citizens are manhandled in USA nobody gives a shit because they are Americans. i agree there are black spots in every country incidents do happen..that doesn't mean you blame the whole country. those ppl travelling to USA produce all documents but where as here all the ones coming to work get in without proper papers and permits..
    bhai i am also in saudi arabia and ya so many incidents hv happen with me like my sponser use to beat me long hour duty less then india pay and no food bt allah ka shukar hai i cmin back to india as soon as possible. If the government bans citizens going to an abusive country there will be more controversies than solutions... Cause what the government bans has to be good. You a good point..if she had been European or American this story would have been on world news for days instead of hidden away where no one can see it. The Indian people need to protest this sort of abuse often not just in the U.N. but in every form of media available until the rest of the world realizes everyone is violated y these sort of criminal action not just the victims. Thank You for sharing this story and I will spread the news with full intent on protesting the lack of human rights in Saudi Arabia..
    For the first time, I can feel that you are into reading the script before you much more than the performance itself. Way to go sir!.
    I'm not only a muslim but i'm a proud INDIAN...and indian first...don't need any suggestions on my this way of living.... +Abdul Choudhury is the news fake then if it hadn't happened with u then it doesn't mean that it can't happen with anyone. Well, Because i'm a Saudi Guy let me explain many things you said it's totally wrong 1-I have a personal driver from India he is working for more then 15 years i give him two months vacation each year so he can go back and visit his family and guess what sometime he don't want to go back 2-Yes we take the passports because most of people who come to work in saudi arabia when they get in and they have passport they just run in god damn first day and they go to do illegal things like selling drugs and stuff like that so we took it but we will never ever refused them from their rights to travel or go back 3-Most of house made escape because they work as a prostitute because gives them way more money 4-All the worker here pay ZERO TAX, Yes Zero and guess what ! they can send their money for FREE ! the banks never take benefits 5-Yes sometime bad things happen but it's just like 1% and the media make it like really huge thing 6-Our Great Leader King Salman he is the most amazing person in the world he loves all people saudis, Indians, Philippines etc. and he always give the worker their rights 7- Do not believe the media and do not make bullshits to give other people bad idea about Saudi Arabia if you want to make video go there and show us 8- Oh yah by the way about they give a really cheap salary guess what an indian guy work in the same company that i work his salary $15000 per Month and mine is $2000 what i'm trying to say is we all brothers we all should respect each other doesn't matter if you are white or black, rich or poor everything is about Respect ! Thank you.. +Ahmed Malik Basic human rights are a luxury in Saudi Arabia You lack first category human rights, like Civil and Political Rights A monarchy that is run without the consent of the people and where freedom of thought and speech are inexistent Apostasy is punishable by death and atheism is considered "terrorism" Your laws allow only for Muslim citizens, a non Muslim will always be second class individuals under the law You lack basic equality rights, women are considered as eternal children to be protected under shariah They have no say in decision making, their testimonies count half of that of a man before a tribunal and for a rape victim to prove her assault, four male testimonies are required Should I mention that women do not even have the right to drive and go around without being accompanied by a male relative Homosexuals are put to death And finally labour laws, especially those, applicable to foreign workers are unprotective at the best, condoning slavery in most cases If we were to look outside of Saudi Arabia and at the Muslim world in general, there's not one Muslim majority country where minorities for instance are treated as equal citizens under the law Our lives have no value for you, that speaks a lot about your shit mentality The world knows you, your people has neither dignity nor humanity At the same time you come from Pakistan, a failed state, a military dictatorship for most of its History, no wonder Saudi Arabia and its unmerited petro-dollars looks like paradise to you... Finally, you are right, when one moves abroad, one respects the law So why not show us the way by respecting the laws of countries where Pakistanis migrate in masses You never respect the laws of your host countries be it in the UK, US or elsewhere, and you dare give us lessons Ever heard of your friend Anjem Chaudhary in the UK We don't mind being judged, as long as it's not by swines like you. ur comment is biased. especiallt #2 about taking away passpaorts, u described the best scenario in which only right can be done by this. this can easily be widely misused and is done so..
    Good Work guys. We all love you and your Work... I hope your video's reaction see on Muslim and Hindu man woman faces... And ya! guys please make a Video for Indian Railways. For every 2-3 months price upper level crossed for Indian Middle class families😖😔 So Please my humble request to you to a video for Indian Railways. love you guys and you work. Thank you so much.😘😘😘.

    I see the entire concept of presentation as - "Last Week Tonight" by John Oliver... This was needed for Indian scenarios. Keep up the great work EIC..

    Muslim filth always cries about discrimination in non Muslim countries where they enjoy human rights BUT they are the worse parasites on earth For a Muslim, a non muslim life has no value The whole world has understood that now.

    That's just ur perception...u should educate yourself about that religion before being delusional.
    +Varoonmg You are such a hypocrite.. It's not fair to classify a whole society of people based on the actions of a few.. Stop hating. Peace.. People having huge money issue try to get job in Saudi.. its the only way for them to earn more money and feed their family. they leave like slave in Saudi but manage to save some money for their family in India. No one wants to work their by his will..its a known fact. I don't want to write 50 lines but lets just say for uneducated people working in Saudi condition is worst then you can imagine.. There are 3 million Indians living in Saudi Arabia. And you say the majority are trapped into working here and their passports are taken away Are you Kidding me !! If found guilty, i want the Saudi national to be punished. But don't make irresponsible and false statements regarding the conditions of Indians living here. I'm an Indian, living in Saudi Arabia, and believe me, Indians have a relatively good standard of living here, compared to the folks back home in India..
    +Moiz Man Wutever u say man,Your country runs on theocracy basically a totalitarian regime..Shouldn't be hard for ppl to figure out what goes on thr....
    Hope for better reaction from GOI than this. Get Oil from Other Countries and they will learn the lesson. BTW Good Series!!! Keep it up!!.
    Sahil Shah, you are an asshole u know that..which country don't have any crime or any punishment from any law.. Saudi has its different rules and different laws of its own.. Let me remind u one thing even non Muslims come there for work and they are well settled over there.. They don't have any issues. then y are u reacting like an assbitch by listening some bullshit news.. All the haters, I can stay u one thing that go and f**k ur self...

    You ungrateful Indian son of bitch !!! Saudi Arabia opened the door for more than 1 million Indian person to work in Saudi Arabia, which led to increase Saudi unemployment. And because of couple an Indian persons got abused by their own actions you judged that all the saudi people are abusing the Indian people!!! You stupid son of a bitch..
    +‫عبدالرحمن آل فرحه‬‎ Dude, first at least listen to what he is saying. You are being just straight up offended. Nobody is talking about saudi people..
    I highly recommend that you get your facts straight, our driver is from India, our maid is from Philippines. we've had the driver for 2 years now and he asked to renew his visa for another 2 years. we had the maid for 7 years now she's practicality a family she eats with us, go to mall with my mom wears what we wear and celebrate with us on every occasion. please stop spreading such propaganda, and if you're so ignorant to believe that, then just don't come, don't apply for a work in KSA, and if that's not enough for you then have your country boycott Saudi Arabia on every level especially Economical and let see how it goes.

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  • January 20, 2016

    Comments about this video:
    You really should not try to write English until you learn how to spell and form sentences correctly.. I work everyday with Kazakh pilots... Some of the best guys out there. Very professional and very serious. Don't take this accident as indicative of Kazakh pilots in general.. 14.000 feet is NOT called "one four zero". It is called "one four thousand". Everything below 18,000 MSL (above Mean Sea Level) is referred to in thousands. "Flight Level" is not used until 18,000 and above when pilots set their altimeter settings at 29.92 in (standard day settings).I hate it when these videos produce glaring errors like this.. +Sweet Taylor why so hostile these Kazakh pilots were dumb and illiterate in English the common language of the sky...not all Kazakh peoples are dumb just these....
    I read on Wiki that initially, a few passengers on both flights survived the crash, but died soon after. How awful..

    Grand Canyon midair collision, psa flight 182 and aeromexico flight 498 were not even enough to prevent this, and this still did not prevent the überlingen midair collision in 2002. Unbelievable, on second thought, no it's believable..

    +Alyssa Romano The same reason you wrote "they they" and spelled "wearing" "wherein.".

    The fault is the procedure, one guy in his little cubby talking to air traffic while the pilots are separate. I get so sick of air industry making sacredness of procedures and aircraft design and repair when these are the real culprits that cause airlines to crash maybe more than 90% of the time. Their procedures and design are way too fine of a line between life and death..

    it is what happens when you re-purpose military aircraft who rely on a different set of rules...honestly tho those Kazakh pilots give pilots a bad name....

    I wish if every seat have a parachute in all Airliners, what kills the people is the impact, why be seating duck to die .
    Well 1000' separation and a closing speed of 600 knots is 10 miles a min. You have about 3 seconds to avoid being hit head on if things go bad. I say things went bad on these flights. This is the problem when countries try to catchup with developed countries that did it over time.. The irony is that the Kazak plane not tried to ascend when they saw the Saudi jet, they likely would've avoided the collision all-together..
    Aircraft design is not well thought out, inconsiderate, and just enough to get by a crash quota. Procedures are ignorantly beyond human capability and understanding. Yet it's the end user who gets blamed (pilots-mechanics etc)..

    They didn't have it back then but this accident was one of the reasons for it's introduction.
    Ok this is my thoughts 1. Tcas is a must seeing how so many near misses have been avoided from being disasters like other people have said psa and aeromexico. Also the reason vk probably didn't notice that the plane were gonna collide was because they were supposed to be 1 thousand feet apart. . In India, they hadn't caught up to the technology. They were only able to see the plane's positions, not how high up the planes were..
    When stuff like this happens it is a good thing. Everyone learns a good lesson and it really had no impact at all..
    +Hanad B Well in that case, I am so glad this accident happened. Less ISIS followers, good riddance.
    +The Proud Sun Bro. Typical dumbass who didn't actually watch the show with one like from a dumbass pakistani. Lol.

    This crash was a one-in-one-hundred-million chance of happening, and that stupid controller had to have seen the two planes converging, long before the crash..
    well it wasn't the controllers fault how about the TCASonly bgod knows don't blame the controller !.
    +2008bikey You do realize that the radar the controller had access to did not display altitude If you actually paid any attention you would realize that the Kazakh crew was supposed to have stayed at 15000 feet as they reported, just like the Saudi crew maintained their altitude of 14000 feet..

    Yea me to Jesus Yanez, I get real nervous, on take off n landing. Been watching this airplane disasters, n it's not helping any. Just wanted to say how bad it feels, for all of aircraft fatalities, pilots,stewardess,men,women n children,my prayers n condolences.
    20:00 they came from pankot palace, and took the stone from our village... It was shiva who made you fall from sky. The co-pilot was also an actor in the Mayday episode about Air France hijack titled 'Killing Machine'...he was shown as the lead hijacker in that episode.. +Sundar Subramaniam that's is true.An accident can happen anywhere and those controllers had shit radar technology to rely on in some cases.The one in Uberlingen was because the controller was trying to do the job of two people and was really overwhelmed because of maintenance.Tenerife I think that was on the Canary Islands wasn't it between a KLM flight and a Pan Am flight wasn't it,I don't remember but Tenerife does ring a bell.
    +2008bikey Your "fruit fly" comment cracked me up. Made my day. Thanks. But I think you're giving out too much credit there, buddy. A fruit fly knows how not to get caught. A bean beetle would be more appropriate..

    +invertedlow hey that hurt my feelings. honestly, i have no idea why i wrote that to you- haha what a dick i can be.
    Just goes to show that when your number is up, it's up! The question you need to ask yourself is, Are you Ready. Borat were these clowns thinking Inattentive pilots, probably were thinking about sleave of wizard, aka roast beef curtains.. I was just about to say the same thing,lol. He stared as a terrorist who was ready to go to his Allah. I thought he looked and sounded really stupid In that episode. That was when the French stormed the plane killing all of them therefore they had to get a continuance to be with Allah. Oh well, can't win em all..
    The co-pilot on the Saudi plane reminds me of the terrorist from The Killing Machine episode and 9/11 .
    That straight-on approach shot at 06:20 of that monstrous converted Russian military plane cued an old memory. When I was an American kid in the '50's and '60's, the economy allowed domestic car manufacturers to come up with the most outrageously over-the-top designed "land yachts", replete with insane variations of sharklike fins, bullet-shaped multiple rear red stoplights, and best of all, massive front grille and multiple headlight designs which all had hilarious, highly individual "facial expressions". By contrast, almost all computer-designed aerodynamically efficient cars today resemble watermelon seeds and/or smoothly pinched off bowel movements... totally "expressionless". That's why that 06:20 straight-on approach shot looks exactly like a demented grinning Great White shark wearing a tiara, and brought back weird-but-fun memories. As you were ;). I get pissed when stupid people like you spout such dumb crap because I know G.D. well how freaking smart they are. And what balls they have besides. I've been there and so has my sister's hotshot boyfriend who was a pilot back then. I say "was" because a Russian pilot flew circles, triangles and trapezoids around him when ours refused to follow orders figuring he could take him out. It was a long time ago but they are just as good today. Read about the air show in Moscow a few years ago when we were stupid enough to take our stealth bomber there. Our pilots naturally tried to show how much better they were. Guess what. They WEREN'T. Ours and theirs are an equal match. . NOW on ((insert exaggerating Channel) The WORST Air Disaster EVER! Next WEEK the absolute WORST crash EVER. Then we'll give YOU (lucky you) a sneak peek at next season...and 12 of the single, uncontested grand champion crashes ever ever EVER and we mean it... The Tenerife disaster, which happened on 27 March 1977, remains the accident with the highest number of airliner passenger fatalities. 583 people died. Nielsen was only in the wrong place at the wrong time; he bore no responsibility for the Überlingen crash. It was ambiguities with conflicting altitude instructions and poor management by the Swiss ATC company that caused the accident.. I don't would the sexual attraction to cartoon ponies have anything to do with looking at the world and the people as an entirety, not just a small group representing everybody. For your information, I sure am. To a degree. And I'm not acting on behalf of ponies, I'm acting on the behalf of the fact that I don't shun people for being different, being open-minded.. it is like one way stupid airport with very old navigation aid. poorly equiped airport. + drunk kazakhstan pilots..
    Sand niggers...come on man. Most Middle Easteners, Asians, and people from that general area from the world are nice people. Just like us. The people that represent them in the closed off world of a on the wester are the ones that cause harm, extremists. Extreme. Not normal. It's the same way that the Vietnamese knew Americans as a cloud of napalm..

    Most overseas operators of the 747 and others did not retrofit their fleet with TCAS until some ten years or so after this collision. Ultimate blame for this disaster should not rest entirely with the Kazhak crew. After all, at this airport the military had use of three runways, commercial traffic relegated to one mere corridor and runway...inbound and outbound...which is really dumb. .
    You do realize that above a predetermined altitude, called a transition level, that all aircraft use a standardized altimeter setting..right. And acually 4 people initally survived but died for the first time aci is wrong if you think im wrong look it up on wikipedia. As someone who loves to travel I have been numerous of times on planes with a 12 plus hour flight across the globe. I am always so damn nervous during the take off and the landing.. The take off is the most dangerous part. And the guy playing the military pilot is the same guy who played the a-hole that wandered into LAX controller space in another epsiode.. wierd irony ; the actor playing the co pilot on the Saudi airlines is the same actor in the movie -flight 93 on 911.. Did anyone else notice at the end, he says no FATAL accidents happened. Does that mean there were some non fatal accidents :P. They're only sand niggers. This news didn't even make it to MURRICA because we don't care but we play fair and we get our own share if you want to take a dare and try to compare the pilots air was too rare. Any takers...I didn't think so..
    I've been watching these plane crash videos. All the crash sites you can see pieces of the fuselage, wings, vertical fin etc etc. However, the Twin Towers, the Pentagon & Pennsylvania have no airliner debris; except for wheel wells that belong to another aircraft. o.O.
    I was afraid Borat was going to be on one of those flights. As long as he's not hurt and still alive, I don't care. The movie he made was hilarious and it would be a shame if he died while going back to his Country..

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