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January 23, 2016

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Like this if you thing Trisha should go to her nature color... I think she'd rock being a brunette! .
Then next time don't assume I'm attacking someone when I actually enjoy watching their videos. .

I ordered stuff from dresslink and its cute on the website and its not pricey at all but it takes literally 2 months for the stuff to come in and the products are so cheaply made and they look so bad on! I ordered sandals from them and they immediately fell apart. It's not worth it AT ALL!.

I know this is an old video but I just want to say I love your personality. Every time I watch your videos you make me smile or laugh sometimes both. Love ya!!!! 💋💋💋💋💋.
i love all of your videos trishy!! i would love it if you could check out my new beauty vids! i upload every 2-3 days! xxxx.
God. I know! I was so mad to see how excited I was at the amazing deals, and then the shipping killed me..
are you from michigan ive never seen any of your videos before this one so maybe youve said so but im asking because of the way you pronounce bag..
You should check out Sammy Dress. While it takes FOREVER for everything to come it's so worth it because there is such cute stuff.
Omg I know I just order the cutest shoes from there like a month ago and they just came in a few days ago, but I still love them..
DO YOU FUCK KNOW OTHER WORD THEN "SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO"! You are SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO impossible to stand. Jessus! REALLY! You look so stupid and with poor vocabulary. And 8 out of 10 words is O MY GOSH! So annoing!.
I actually had a very bad experience with dresslink! I ordered two pairs of leggings, a cardigan, and a dress, and only paid something like 15 dollars, which I was incredibly excited about. I didn't pay for faster shipping, which maybe I should have because it took two and a half months to get my order. And when I got it, the dress I'd bought and ordered was not there. I attempted to contact the company multiple times to see if the dress was going to ship at a later date, or if it was simply out of stock so I could get a refund. I was never successful in contacting the company. This all happened about eight months ago, and just last weekend I got an email stating the dress was out of stock, but no information about how I can possibly get refunded for my purchase. I personally think the whole site is just too good to be true, and I'll never waste my money there again.. I've ordered tons of things from dresslink. Everything was SO cheaply made. You think you're getting a deal but half the stuff looks so cheap you can't even use it, and what you can use will most likely fall apart after one wash. Just buy American made things with a higher price. It's worth the splurge for durable, wearable things.. Haha i doubt any of the things she buys are affordable except make-up and even that is expensive Trish is a spender lol . You look so cute in that outfit!!!!!! :) #adorabel. has anyone ordered from dress link I want to buy from there but I'm afraid since it's so cheap that maybe it's like not a real site . First time i ordered i got my stuff and loved it, second time i ordered was last year and my items haven't arrived, dont risk it.. I order mine with tracking number and they come but some clothes have a foul smell cuz warehouse and factory chemicals. How reliable is dresslink is it like amazon where you have to look for ratings or is it like ebay, unpredictable .
I've bought once from Primark, i m never going to shop there again. Quality is poor and also when you walk in the store you just smell chemical crap and stinky people everywhere!.

Do you know of anywhere like this for men I need to start getting my husband stuff for Christmas but can't afford much .
Trisha just telling you like you are like my fav person on this world... You make me laugh and even tho you were so much makeup and stuff, you have a very real personality and just you are so beautiful and I wish I had your confidence and just ughhhhh I love youuuuu.
It's totally unreliable, the clothes are really cheap and nasty, like most of the seams are done by a drunken machinist, or a farsighted hamster. The fit is mostly small too. My friend bought what looked like a really nice sweater, it arrived 7 weeks later, the left sleeve was 2inches shorter than the right!! 😠she tried to get a refund, nothing, it's 4months now, and still waiting for her latest email tobe answered. At least Amazon and Ebay help you get refunded which I've had to do once or twice. So, I for one is giving this online store a miss. Is it me or does Trish look a tad orange .
lmaoo!!!! omg that rant was too hilarious. talking about the cheap website and then at the end you talk about fish LOL but sorry about what happened to your friend.. Trishaaaa! Girl your make-up is bomb! Please do a tutorial, I wanna get this look. Love you, peace!. Hey Trish! Im a huge fan of your videos lol I just wanna say I love love LOVE all of them. Your funny, confident and beautiful! Plus you give people the advice to feel good about yourself, which is always a good thing for anyone to do. BUT I gotta say that the wedsite you used reminds me of, like those websites are JUST like them. They even sell the same exact stuff. It looks like it will break the moment you wear them -.- but anyways I love you and your videos. keep up the good work! Byeee!. Hey Trisha, I was encouraged to shop on this site and take my chances. I was absolutely disgusted and disappointed by the garbage that I received in the mail after paying highway robbery prices for FEDEX shipping. On the Antrhopology site, customers are encouraged to write reviews on every item sold, without being censored. It seems that this site will only allow you to write reviews on the merchandise if it favours the garbage that they sell. "Free Shipping Worldwide" is not accurate. Shipping may exceed the cost of items purchase. Save your money and shop local. This company is happy to steal your hard earned cash and send you their subpar GARBAGE in the mail.. i was looking on their website and some of the dresses (the adventure time ones) the pictures are stolen off of Blackmilk clothing's website. I doubt they are selling the same dress as the picture depicts because the dresses go for $100 and up on blackmilks site and on dresslink they are only $10... fishy..
+OhThatRandomGirl Dresslink uses photos from other websites but the Dresslink item will be either the original item or look very close to the item. I don't think Dresslink has hired any models, if they had their own personal models showing off every outfit then it would bump up the prices of the clothing. I'm not sure if Dresslink has permission to use those images, the laws in China might be different regarding that. My guess would be that they probably do have permission since Dresslink is the original manufacturer and many other brands will buy up their items and put their own brand name on the clothing, it might be a deal between the companies..

I have like all of the dresses/leggings with the blackmilk designs. They look very similar and the material is great. However, I also have a Harry Potter blackmilk skirt and I can see the difference in material. It's not any better or worse, just different. I'm such a Potterhead nerd and I'm very happy with the dresses and leggings from dresslink, BUT keep in mind that they're not hemmed on the bottom (so you have to be careful) and not as stretchy. I'm a size small US, which is like a L China, and they fit just right. If you're any bigger the material might stretch too much and tear >O< Again, I do like the dresses and leggings, but the material is a little different and may be too small if you're anything bigger than a M-L US.

she was probably sent these things. because she doesn't even seem to genuinely like these things she's showing. she's trying too hard to be enthusiastic.

Ahhh I love dresslink to death! I got a dress on there for ONE CENT. No joke. And it was originally $13!!.
I looked on this site and those sandals weren't $5. Almost triple that. Is there a discount code.
I noticed online that the gold sandals are around $5; I don't think that she meant the blue/black sandals were around $5..
It's sad that you promote a company to the young girls that watch you...when you KNOW this company is a scam with poorly made products. .
Why does she keep getting such cheap, ugly shit I mean... it's all gonna fall apart after a few uses and I'm sure she doesn't really wear any of that..

idk if that was for me woopy but obviously you have no idea who i am lol some people are just rude.
+Jim Van Vliet omg... i actually searched and 2 of her videos showed up on the first page... im not joking either >_.

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January 15, 2016
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January 20, 2016
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January 17, 2016
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January 22, 2016

Comments about this video:
Bro I have the same exact scooter as you it feels like rough when get on it is it only mine or is it just like that.

fake semen | eBay

January 24, 2016
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January 27, 2016
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January 26, 2016
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January 28, 2016

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Using other people's makeup..ew Fyi bacteria, parasites, fecal matter, mites are not killed by kleenex . I knew I shouldn't of watched this video... now I'm running out of room to store my makeup now!! lol.
This is a dumb question but did u put like $40+ dollars worth of stuff in your cart and just get back a lot on ebates Is that what you were saying.

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Really wish I had seen this BEFORE I went on my little online shopping spree. :-( Oh well, I know now for the future. Thanks!.
Please don't but any thing form the are cheaters they sale local product uner big brand namess,.
I do order make-up from e-bay sometimes! You just have to be good at it I guess, also, only buy from top sellers! & sereach the original prices of products + reviews about the seller... I have never had a bad experience with this :).

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She said " people have different reason why the don't shop online... You can't try anything on... I'm here to tell you that's false." So your aloud to try thing when your shopping online.
I luv shopping online too, however, be careful with allcosmetics. Its no secret, they say right on the website, they sell products the original maker rejected for some reason, and I see why. After several purchases, the fndtn or blush colors for example are not the same (darker, lighter, or just off) than what you will buy say at the Estee Lauder or MAC counter. But I make no true complaint because they told me upfront a coyote was at the door and I invited it in anyway.... Welcome to shop in our store on wish,We are offering the quality products and good service for our customers all over the world. Hey, if you want to know an amazing site that sells great clothes for under $10 then check out their stuff is amazing!.
omg I'm not sure if you just ruined my life or completely made it with those blog sales but it is certainly changed..

Try this website too. I get three percent and higher discounts at walmart online and hundreds of other sites.
One thing that you can do to find good deals is to just Google the site and type in coupon code. Most online stores do have some sort of discount codes.. Thataylaa you are awesome for saving Money! You Sure Know How To Have Fun! Here is another Great Loyalty Rewards Company.. FREE To Join Shopping is so much Fun, especially when you get things On Sale or at a Huge Discount! Imagine if you could Get Paid every time You & your friends, & your friends friends Shop & So on & So on.. to Infinity! Would that put a Smile on your face :) .. What If It was FREE to Join(Life Time Membership) & No products to Buy Except what your already shopping for anyway at the stores that you already know & Love! You Gotta See This.. .. SUBSCRIBE.. and I'll walk you through The Sign Up Process. Only takes 5 min.. can you not! do u know her story no! dont talk about people if u dont know them. its her face not yours bitch. Thanks for letting me know!...I think its because of music copyright issues. I'll try and fix it.. Great and helpful post... One of the site that provides cheaper Online Buying Ideas that may help
I like iherb dot com. I have a coupon code for this site if you want order the first time: VIK284 and you have 5$ off (if your order is 40$ or more you get 10$ off)..
She might have uploaded them then put them on private and it putting them on public when she wants to publish them.
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January 25, 2016
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January 18, 2016
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January 21, 2016

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+LifeAsKayy X0 some are in california but still wont have it in two days because they have to ship ground. cant ship hoverboards on planes so no overnight or express service.
johny spoke to the seller who said it would be cleared by customs on friday just gone what if customs dont decide to clear it as i saw on uk tv about these boards causing fires in uk homes would that be an issue for customs to stop the item as i still havent recieved the board and it will be 1 month on satarday im getting a little worried cheers.
I have Been waiting for mine since 5th of December from China to Australia so it's gonna take about 30 days so it's a Christmas present. Syqoz it's not arrived yet but there very helpful I emailed them and they emailed straight back to answer all my questions it should be here any day now il keep u posted. There was one on here for $102. And I sent to order it, 146 dollars for shipping alone, and my family can't afford more than a hundred dollar hoverboard. Go to $100 my family can't afford that much either so I bought mine from there..
I tryed Aliexpress Used two different cards from two different cardholders and failed multiple multiple times so i gave up so i dont know...

+Kevin Price you may have to calll your card company and tell them you are making the purchase, they may flag it as unusual for your activity. my card got declined first time my bank sent me text and said text yes if you tried to make this purchase and we'll let it go through. here's a good board on there

thank you so much! it's so cheap! where ever I go it's 500 bucks 400 buck but this!... thanks!.
Still not received my daughters board yet and can't trace it with shipping number ,but to be fair to the seller they have emailed me back very quickly telling me why and wen the item is being realised by us customs,Friday just gone and I should receive it some time this week I'll keep you posted I just found it strange that it was showing on ups proses sing on there tracking sight but hasn't moved for 3 weeks is this normal anyone.
+sadieG unless it goes over a month i woudln't be concerend, customs is a lot slower at clearing these the closer we get to the holidays.

johny just orderd one for my daughter im in uk il let you know how good service is we got it from link yoiu provided below thanks i feel a bit more assured as u have expirenced useing this company i dont like getting stuff on line im old fashioned you see and like to see and feel what im buying but in this case thats not possible,i hope iv done good il let you no thanks again.
+Brady Toth No not scammers necessarily just higher prices. Amazon charges sellers 15% so your already paying 15% more just to cover the sellers fees. Also Amazon has like 20 people hopping on a listing so you don't really know if the review your reading was for the same board your buying. Ali Express is by far the cheapest price. Most Amazon sellers are dropshippign which means you'll wait 30-50 days for delivery vs like 8-15 days..
+Brady Toth I know alot of people who've had bad experiences buying on Ali Express or buying hoverboards. I too was tempted to buy the cheapest one but after making 2 purchases and both being cancelled "due to suspcious seller" I finally ordered one for $240 but I wasted about a week ordering from scammers before I got my money back so wanted to help people find a good seller right off the bat..

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January 29, 2016
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31 March 2016

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