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  • January 20, 2016

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    +The Kids' Picture Show up in the morning. I am a 6 the same 666 the same time. I 7 I was just a few days 666 6667 the same time. 66 6 the same time. I 7 I was just a few days. I am a beautiful person. I am a beautiful person. I am in.
    Nevada is pronounced Nev-ADD-ah, not Nev-AH-dah. Nevadans hate that. (I'm not really from Nevada. I'm from Utah).

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  • January 24, 2016
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  • January 15, 2016
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  • January 28, 2016
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  • January 25, 2016

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    +Phoenicia Yeah, I know. Here we all got Russian passports and documents, Russian education system, but only 6 countries recognize us as a part of Russia. I don't remember them, though..
    +the Wulvenstein Episode 4 should be for Brazillian states... and should be an extra info called: How much the Brazillian gov. wastes on SH*T. I'm ashamed and i want to give an headshot into Dilma then put the corpse in a shredder. (Makes an angelical face).
    +Evan Olson so it owes half its total land area or so to Texas or LA and san fran would me mexixco norte still. just clearifying on my original statement.

    Maybe the next episode can be about the land borders of each country. Which country shares the most land borders.
    These stats make Louisiana look so bad, but I swear it's a nice place to live. Don't be too scared to come and visit us! The high homicide rate is pretty much all within the very impoverished areas of New Orleans and Baton Rouge. Nearly 100% of the murders of are black-on-black crimes or gang crimes. If you don't live in the ghetto, Louisiana is no more dangerous than any other state. Same with the other Southern states. It has nothing to do with politics and everything to do with poverty, specifically large numbers of African-Americans living in poverty. Stay away from those dangerous areas and you're fine. Also, the cost of living is very low so the money you make goes a long way compared to many other states. Minimum wage may be higher in other states, but so is the cost of living. Gas is cheap here, and the women are beautiful. Many people here can speak English, French, and Spanish, so it's easy for immigrants to settle here.. +Michael Stein Where there are more niggers, there are more crimes! Look at the continent of Africa ffs.
    It's sad, but it's true. Without certain crappy neighborhoods in pretty much every state, the U.S.'s murder rate would be more comparable to European countries..
    Of course products will be a bit more expensive but when prices go up, not just the people who now get more money will have to pay more. Also the people who got greater loans as minimum wage. Which means that the prices don't need get that high. So the people who get paied minimum wage have more money, while the people who get more than minimum wage have to pay more. It's basically taking money from the "rich" and giving it to the poor.. +lordmasterization Not really Chicago. Just certain neighborhoods. Just like other rust belt cities. .
    +The reversed guy Its clean, little pollution, no restrictive laws or taxes and very low crime (of course that has something to do with the low population). Did I mention is has views people would pay millions for (and they actually do).

    I read all the states populations in order and it says Mississippi has less than Wyoming and Texas has less than 10,000,000, Report that website for FUCKKKKKKKKKKKINGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGG lying and saying Florida has more than fucking 30,000,000. Fuck it.
    +JuanDVene There is a Vancouver, Washington, USA and Vancouver, British Colombia, Canada. Probably lots more.. No body knows where Wisconsin is, we are 23 in pop. 25th in pop. Density 16 in suicide 24th in homicide. Pretty normal.
    You know you don't have to care tha much about me. I really appreciate it but this is a one time problem and I'm not really bothered by it..

    Future episodes ideas: Autonomous Communities of Spain (with a little background info about what they are lol) Provinces and Territories of Canada Constituent countries and other Territories (crown dependencies and OST) of the UK The Commonwealth The EU.
    Michigan still can't escape a land border with Ohio, even in the re-imagined United States, how magnificent.... Should have done the largest cities land wise too. Jacksonville Florida being the biggest city land wise in the US. +Darwin Schaeferlane yes i know. That was posted earlier. I believe its the biggest in the continental US though. That is, excluding Alaska and Hawaii.. I d like to see a map showing where most of the murders occur, where the richest people live, and maybe where the smartest are. bet they are all concentrated in less than 1% of the land. We need to distribute. I'm not surprised where Nevada ranked since it's mainly meadows up North in Carson City and Reno, pretty much no one in the middle (meaning it's people are pretty lonely), and you have Las Vegas down South. Even if you go away from the casino's in Las Vegas (technically Paradise), people's personalities in the Las Vegas suburb's are quite, well, more attached to material possessions and are more concerned with their money type of people. Not everyone is like that in Las Vegas, but that's what I remember of it. It was surprising and not surprising find out Nevada was 47th in the most suicides out of all of the states in the United States. Is this issue bad either way Yes, yes it is..
    My home state of Indiana is larger than Portugal. Of course Wyoming is the least populous state. No one lives in Wyoming. Alaska has the highest suicide rate. It's because it's f***king cold and miserable in Alaska. Hah! Ohio has a similar GDP to Iran..
    Actually, Alaska has almost everything, not just snow xD look up Alaska Physical Geography, you'll be surprised how wrong the stereotypes are. +DerpDoesGamez | ROAD TO 25 SUBS! As an Alaskan, I can attest to that. We even have desert! Look up Kobuk Valley National Park..
    At 0:52 he clearly shows that the USA is the fourth biggest country and that China is bigger than the USA.

    In looking at the Alaskan Aleutian Islands (Attu Island, North of Navy Town) on Google Maps satellite image, I found what appears to be "Tribal Antiquity" buildings. Anyone have any Ideas Or are they disguised missile silos If they are Silos I'm almost positive the Ivans know about it..

    I heard different people argue the flag having 50 stars, 51 stars and sometimes 52 stars Do you mind explaining which one is correct.

    50 stars is currently correct the 51st star is should be added as some people argue bcuz of Porte Rico as of the 52nd star idk.

    Federal minimum wage is the lowest you are legally allowed to pay employees in the US. Tipped staff often make 300-500 bucks a night in the US. Much more than they would make on minimum wage..
    So Arizona has the same gdp as Hong Kong, Nevadas the same as Vietnam, and Louisianas the same as Israel Interesting. Washington is best because we are named for George Washington, so clearly we are the best state. Also we're the only state to be named for a person. AND THAT PERSON IS MOTHERFUCKING GEORGE WASHINGTON.
    In this video you lack Kansas! How dare you lack the Sunflower State,Wheat State,or the golden state.Next time you eat something with wheat you should be ashamed.😡😡👿👿.
    The video is not explaining the whole story on minimum wage laws in the U.S. The video mentions how tipped staff, such as waiters and bar tenders, are paid a minimum wage of only $2.13 an hour. This is only half the truth. $2.13 an hour is just the cash minimum wage paid directly from the employer, however, because the federal minimum wage is $7.25 an hour, employers have to make up the difference until the employee is paid $7.25 an hour. They do this through tips. This means that the restaurant server earns $2.13 an hour directly from the employer plus $5.12 an hour from tips from customers ($2.13+$5.12=$7.25 an hour). So tipped staff, such as waiters and bar tenders, are paid much more than just $2.13 an hour. The video is extremely misleading. Also, tipped staff can earn much higher than just $7.25 is combined cash minimum wage and tips. For example, based on the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, the average hourly pay rate for a waiter/waitress in the United States in 2014 was $10.25 an hour in combined minimum wage plus tips. This video is EXTREMELY misleading..
    Nice video with a lot of interesting information. and then 2.13$ an hour..

    "You are comparing the minimum wages of an ENTIRE continent to that of 1 country" "Not to mention European Minimum wage is already higher than American Minimum wage." I can't take you seriously. You truly are a piece of shit human being you know that Everything you say is contradictory and your own biased opinion. Also, I can tell you have very poor reading comprehension skills since you still clearly do not know how minimum wage works in the U.S. after I explained it to you. Especially after the video clearly did not explain it well and left out important information that I had to provide. Also, you can't just disagree with Eurostat data since Eurostat is the statistical office of the European Union. It doesn't get more accurate and official than that and some imbecile on the internet cannot simply choose to disagree with the objective and unbiased statistical data just because it contradicts what he wants to be true. However, thank God reality exists independent of your beliefs and what you want to be true. The world, thankfully, doesn't work your way. I've been to Europe plenty of times and have friends across Europe so I know what it really is like. I'd rather live here in the U.S., thank you very much. You have convinced me off nothing you irrational moron..

    Also, you CLEARLY care since you keep on responding to me with your essay long responses. Just admit you care and are stupid. The only person you are fooling here is yourself. You dumbass..
    I want to get a big army and conquer Alaska and spread my children all across the state I shall be the greatest war lord.
    Tennessee isn't that bad outside of Memphis. If you don't know, Memphis is where the high homicide rate comes in. I live in a while away from Memphis and the people here are very nice. I've been to Memphis over 20 times and from experience, it was the worst time of my life..
    It really ain't bad. People think since it's the south and has rednecks it would be racist... I don't think I've ever seen someone say racist things to another person. Some people probably are racist but just aren't open about it though. There's a shit ton of diversity also. It's a pretty good state. I've never been to Memphis, probably never will lol.. Notably because it's so bankrupt, though I suppose that's its national deficit rather than its GDP. You know what they say: the capital of Greece is 25 cents.. Yes I do. There is absolutely no reason they would asked to leave. It would be a completely dumb thing to do.. It's the oldest settlement not the first state and Jamestown wasn't that successful but the first state was Delaware.. Well if you watch the video "What do Europeans know about the USA - Zombie Exam in Amsterdam", that will give you somewhat of an idea. My German exchange students only could think of stereotypes...My friend Marc came from a very wealthy German family and he was well educated, however, he thought that there was a Springfield in every state, because his friend told him so, and that we would all be obese like Simpson characters. He said he was surprised that we were not fat at all and he said that we were as fat as Germans. Europeans don't realize that Americans don't have the extensive public transportation system in this country that exists across all of Europe so it is a culture shock for them to see no pedestrians walking on the sidewalks, empty city centers, and people driving everywhere. Distances are a big shock as well. They generally assume it's a quick 20 minute drive from LA to San Fran, when it is actually 6.5 hours. Diversity is also a culture shock for them. Because white American make up nearly 90% of politicians, celebrities and TV personalities, they really have no idea just how ethnically and culturally diverse the U.S. is. The U.S. Media presents a relatively homogenous society, which in reality, is not homogenous at all and it is surprising to them. They also don't understand just how diverse the landscape of this nation is. From tropical islands, to desert, to rainforests, to frozen tundra, etc. It's surprising for them to see and experience these differing landscapes in one country. Population density is also surprising to them. on the west Europe has incredibly high population density. Just driving from L.A. to Las Vegas and seeing nothing but desert and clear starlit skies for several hours is surprising to them. Also, Las Vegas is a huge shocker for them. A sparkling city of million in the middle of the desert, hours away from the next major city, is amazing to them. as one German exchange student said to me, "Las Vegas is the most incredible thing I've seen so far in America." Also, trust me on this...Europeans know just as much about the rest of the world as we do. Just look up "World's geography- Zombie exam in Germany"..
    You should make episode 3 the countries of Africa since Africa contains the most countries in its continent.

    I might as well call myself a "First American" because the 3 states I'm familiar with the most are the first 3 states of america, though not in the order. (NJ {Duh, it's my home state}, Pennsylvania {My Dad's homestate, so I visit there often}, and Delaware).
    I might as well call myself the first American because 3 states I am also most familiar with are the first three. Delaware (Born and live there) NJ (Family visit a lot) PA (Family). I don't think Uzebekistan produces ag like Montana. Just Montana wheat alone feeds the USA and China..
    +73moH bboT Yes those nitwits in Uzbekistan have no agricultures.Glorious Kahzakstan produce the worlds largest apple and 2nd in potassium.
    Yeah because we're all leaving New York and going there. We have the worst government out of all 50..

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  • January 26, 2016
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  • January 17, 2016
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  • January 21, 2016
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  • January 27, 2016

    Comments about this video:

    +eL daYa as a Floridian, it's true. Seriously, I got 10 questions wrong on last year's EOC and still landed in the 99th percentile. Thats really sad.
    Unfortunately the real reason DC won't get statehood, and the same for other territories, is that they would upset the senate party balance. It votes heavily democrat, you'd expect Washington DC's senators and congressmen to be the same. It'd throw things in favor of the democrats, and like the recent republican gerrymandering and voting restriction laws, the Republicans are willing to deny people their rights as citizens so they remain in power.. +Tucker Z Good idea, although it still feels like that would be the wrong solution. Rigging the districts to fix the problem with rigging the districts, just doesn't feel right. Barring that, there still is a problem with the election mechanics of such a solution. It is not an issue if you have a closely balanced population of voters, as you just make each district a 50/50 tossup, and you are done. But if there is any imbalance, it's difficult to make all districts competitive, and still have the prevailing results match the people proportionally..
    +Tucker Z Consider a state with 5 districts, and a 60/40 ratio of voters. 60% democrat, 40% republican. If you unify the competitiveness of each district, you make each district individually match the voters. The problem is that none actually will be competitive, because the Democrats would win all districts by default. Another solution would be to make 4 competitive districts with a 50%/50% toss-up, and the 5th district would have the remaining voters. In this instance, the first 4 districts have 10% of the population as democrats and 10% of the population as republicans. The final district has the remaining 20% of the population, which is entirely democrats. So you get 4 competitive seats, and one seat with a guaranteed democrat victory. It's possible to have all democrats, or 4 republicans and a democrat as the winners of this system. The average case would be 2 republicans and 3 democrats, which is what we are going for. Or you could suggest to make 2 districts that are dominantly republican, and 3 districts that are dominantly democrat. But try to get each to be as close as possible to a balance. Suppose there are 100k people in total. 60k Democrats, 40k Republicans. District 1: 11k Republicans, 9k Democrats (55/45 R) District 2: 11k Republicans, 9k Democrats (55/45 R) District 3: 6k Republicans, 14k Democrats (70/30 D) District 4: 6k Republicans, 14k Democrats (70/30 D) District 5: 6k Republicans, 14k Democrats (70/30 D) Still, the Democrat districts are systematically less competitive than the Republican districts..
    +A gay Catholic Albanian who self-identifies as a transgender Hungarian albino is no one going to appreciate this name..
    John Oliver is seriously the best on TV. I am sad that John Stewart is leaving, but with people like John Oliver, we'll be okay..
    +mechanoid2k Arnold Schwarzenegger changed his name because it had no star power & too many syllables. It used to be Josephus Schwarzenegger..
    +mechanoid2k he has said he changed his name because he had a complicated relationship with his dad..

    +TheTwistedKris Riders aren't always bad things. A rider for a needle sharing program could have been added to the original bill because it was too small of an issue to the "busy legislators" to write a separate bill, take it through committee, through the house, through a senate committee, through a senate vote... get it.

    +indy_go_blue60 No. Busy legislators have workers and if they want it done they can either have it written up in a bill that is relevant to that topic or have it written up as a quick small bill. They do have those. For the sake of transparency and to get rid of incidents where they add controversial riders just to kill bills it would be better if they stuck to a different way of doing business..

    It's too bad John Oliver couldn't take over The Daily Show full time from Jon Stewart. John Oliver's talents are badly underutilized on a once-a-week show..

    +Ikallicrates Well, it's not cowardly if he actually thought he was wrong. I've said things many times that, when I had the chance to actually think about it later, I wish I hadn't said..
    +PerthTowne Jon didn't ad lib. He had writers, and those writers had researchers, so you can be sure what Jon said about Truman was factchecked before he said it. I'm still a Jon Stewart fan, but I don't think he's perfect, and backing down even though you know you're right is cowardly.. +PerthTowne it is have 70% of voters to vote to make the new state but only 50 something % vote all the time. there is one party whose job is to keep the status quo so they do not care of independence or statehood and if they choose none of the above or not vote then nothing happens. the law says 70% because the US does not want a revolution or civil war after the change. Don't give them statehood, jut grant them the ability to make their own decisions without the consent of Congress. You know, like a city..
    +America Washington A city without a state... This "might" create some problems. Or else, you "could" give DC to either Maryland or Virginia, thought this might not be the best solution..
    +GaolisVideoLog Or Brussels. Capital of Belgium, the EU and NATO. And one of the three regions of Brussels (though intermingled with Wallonia into the Francophone-Community government, which creates another level of problems and clusterfucks).
    What's up with the hate towards Florida Not the first time I see an american tv show mocking that state. Non-american here.
    I just know florida got on the bat shit crazy list when that drugged up man tried to eat a homeless mans face and started the whole "zombie" scare. Why does Jonh uses one of the best decisions of congress - to not allow marijuana - as some kind of selling point on them being bad. Until you people can prove with demonstrable sources that marijuana is any worse than any other legal vice in this country (see tobacco and alcohol) then I challenge every assertion that this was a "good" decision by Congress. Illegal marijuana sales represent the bulk of the profits for Mexican drug cartels to this day, and the DEA has openly stated that they cannot and never will be able to stem that flow due to it's sheer volume. Furthermore, Colorado has done quite WELL since they've legalized and begun taxing marijuana. It represents a huge source of income for the state and all fears that there would be spikes in addictions and consequencial unemployment figures have ALL proven unfounded. In truth these stats have either stabilized or reversed if most Department of Labor statistics for the state are to be believed. Marijuana is bad for you, but it is NOT the horrifying narcotic everyone claims it to be. That is a myth, and frankly legalizing and taxing it like our other legal narcotics of tobacco and alcohol would solve a HUUUGE variety of problems. Congress is doing the American people no favors right now, and the fact that they agree with this decision just means efforts to better educate them about the ignorance of their position should be made.. +Strazdas "one of the best decisions" Really If you think that such a decision ranks among the most important you need to open your eyes.. +TORampage It's hard to believe there's someone ignorant that doesn't live in Texas..
    +ogBlackGhost I think that if the entire Old Confederacy decided to secede again, not many Northern states would be willing to fight to bring you back in this time..

    UK's version of the song: "Ohhhh, England, Scotland, Wales, Northern Ireland, Isle of Man every Celtic country save Brittany answers our demands we still dominate them all, don't ever let them have a say 'cept little 'ol Brittany, which snail-eating France keeps at bay!" Sing with me!.
    +Michael Davis Neither is the Republic of Ireland, Jersey or Guernsey. These places are part of the British Isles, but are politically a different country than the UK.. +Noxious Karn Do you know if any other multiregion nation has a similar song Like a song of the Canadian provinces, Mexican states, or Aussie provinces. Interestingly enough, it looks like Canada and Australia have similar issues of provinces vs territories. I'm surprised to learn that Yukon isn't a province. And Australia has its capital Canberra in ACT, which isn't a province either, but a dedicated non-province territory similar to DC. Mexico does as well, where Ciudad de Mexico is in Districto Federal, which isn't a Mexican state either..
    For starters - quit calling them Washingtonians. Because DC is not Washington. It'd be nice if for once when I left the west coast and said I was from Washington when asked, that people understood I mean the actual fucking state, not DC..

    DC was named after Washington almost 100 years before Washington state so if anything they should be the ones who are unable to claim Washingtonian as a name..
    John Oliver I can understand, but those children at the end seem a bit young to be cursing on public television. Edit: Boy, have I gotten a lot of flak for this post. I think I'll call it "Flak-Bait.". +Michael Smith great point. Beside, have a look at the children movies from the 80's and 90's, they say a lot worst than that. It is a recent thing this "you can't have children say that stuff" and it's just a matter of networks avoiding conservative parents complaints. I say: "let the children course". ​Hey everyone, I appreciate the excellent and thoughtful input. Still, I only intended it as an offhand remark, not a general statement targeting child profanity in general. If my perspective on vulgar language has rubbed anyone the wrong way, I completely respect that. Still, I must stand by my own opinion; I expect everyone else to stand by theirs. Everyone is entitled to an opinion, after all. I'm frankly surprised this comment got so much attention in the first place. I'm closing the thread to future comments.. I think I see a few members of the cast of "School of Rock: The Musical" in the group of kids who are singing. I guess this show comes from New York, where the musical is playing..
    +carultch The sheep puppet is named "Lambchop". She is a legendary TV character from the 1950s, created and operated by famed puppeteer Shari Lewis. You can find many old videos of Lambchop on YouTube..
    +Analytical Associates Ah yes. I remember Lambchop. I just found the full song, and it is Shari's daughter performing Lambchop. I thought Lambchop sounded a little differently than I remembered as a child..
    I agree Florida is hell on earth and its filled with to many people and I just so happen to live there so yeah great thing for me..
    Its funny the whole reason we settled on DC as the capital and didnt allow it to be part of a state was we were afraid it would get special treatment as its our the exact opposite has happened. Compromise: DC should get the one vote in the House for their current delegate (to become a rep.), which gives them a vote on the money, as money bills must start in the House; but do not give them senators. Therefore they get voting representation..
    +TheKyleDavid Because constitutionally they are not a state and just a federal district. By having a vote in the house they get a say on money and tax bills. They could get one senator, but it would be easier to reduce certain federal duties and taxes in DC such as Puerto Rico and the other territories. Changing the constitution is not easy and getting all the states to support a senator or two would be a much tougher sell, especially when under current conditions that senator(s) would be a democrat and ~37 state legislatures are republican. One vote amongst 436 would be an easier sell than 1 or 2 out of a 100.
    And I thought it happens only in India. Here, too the capital, New Delhi has the government but limited powers. The Delhi police is under Government of India (In other states, it is under the State Government). Any major bill from New Delhi has to be approved by lieutenant Governor appointed by GoI. But, still people of Delhi have more rights than District of Columbia.. What do DC residence pay for income tax since they are not a State Is there a tax on your income for being a resident or do you just pay federal income tax. +Jacob Norman You spin me right round, baby, right round. In a manner depriving me of an inertial reference frame, baby, right round.. +Jacob Norman In any case, inertia is a very powerful physical entity. It sets the default course of action for all objects. People are no exception, as their behavior is governed by inertia as well..
    12:41 “If you’re a full grown adult male, there’s a very short list of things you can describe as tantalising without creeping out everyone.".

    So, the mayor of DC is pointless job... Guess that explains why they re-elected someone who had gotten busted smoking crack..
    +Radical Nation I don't have anything against the people in the military, they just hold the guns. The problems are when politics gets involved, or more specifically, when money gets involved in politics.. +blarblablarblar The alternative would be to allow a buildup of the USSR, it's not so black and white, we couldn't just let the Soviet Union build up on Cuba, South America, and Africa unopposed. . Riders. Why the Confederate constitution bested the US Constitution because it gave the president a line item veto (and only one 6 year term of office.) Too bad about that slavery thing..
    I mean...I don't even get it. Here in Canada Ottawa (the capital city for anyone who doesn't know) is right on the border between Quebec and Ontario but it's legally in Ontario. Now there's a city (hull) across the border and really they're treated as the same city, even if they have their own municipal governments, but is it so hard to just choose one state for Washington to be considered a part of.

    +Dan210871 I understand, but the problem that I see is that, although the laws change, the ways we agree upon them do not. We still have the party systems here in Europe, U.S. got your dual-wing politics, and it has been so for how long now Meanwhile, big cash players invest in political campaigns in exchange for leeway for their branches and businesses. And that's just a part of the problem. You seem like a smart fella, you probably know what I mean. .
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  • January 23, 2016
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  • January 18, 2016
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  • January 19, 2016

    Comments about this video:
    SEC is dominating this bowl season. I bet we don't hear too many big ten fans calling the Paul Finebaum show to talk trash next week hahaha. Roll Tide.. +Harlin Seritt...Good game "to watch" for football fans...interesting game...! Kept people's attention. I did'nt see anyone getting up to leave early..!...great game to watch...especially for an NC game.!...many are lopsided.. How did Tim Tebow give Urban his coaching success Did you forget he also coached at Utah and led them to a major bowl win Did you forget he's won a National Title without Tim Tebow. Are you forgetting that in the last four years of his coaching career, he's 50-4 With the 4 losses coming all from teams in the top 10 minus 1 Yup, Urban didn't coach his teams to wins. He has no impact whatsoever. This team could totally coach itself. Ironic..
    +Lawless Gaming And also look at the teams they played! It is pretty safe to assume a #4 team should be a #7 team in terms of conference ranking, but fools like you never look at those stats. Get your ignorant ass out of sports talk. You only want to buy what ESPN says EVEN WHEN facts say other wise..

    +Cal Gaming What are you talking about What am I sore about Alabama won the NC, not the SEC. I never once said anything about Oklahoma State..

    +robert jones drake should get drafted or at the least signed as free agent, he's perfect for nfl rb's, can make receptions and run routes (see 2014 - florida) and can block for td's (see 2015 miss st game) and can make big runs as well (see this games 50 yrd run) if he doesn't go to nfl or at least make a practice squad these scouts are sleeping. numbers aren't everything.
    +Ray Hall All that you mentioned and his kickoff return TD in the championship definitely upped his draft stock. He has too much potential not to be taken..
    MSU's failure, I think, was building a defense around the concept that Coker was a poor QB, and that Bama would lean on "3 yards and a cloud of dust" every play with Henry. Alabama's coaching staff foresaw this - and built an offensive attack plan based on Coker and Ridley. And it worked like a charm. MSU was, in my opinion, single-dimensional. They were expecting Henry to come out every play and weren't prepared for Alabama's air attack..
    +thedungeondelver totally agree. MSU is a much better team than losing by 38. Coach Dantonio bet the farm on stopping Henry and lost. I did notice before both playoff games a lot of ACC and B1G fans had delusions that Bama could not pass against them. If we can pass over teams like LSU and Florida, we can certainly do it over very good B1G and ACC teams.. +thedungeondelver Eh... yes and no. Seems like all they really did was let the receivers know they might get a workout to prepare to see more reps. I mean, Henry was still on the field. As much as we'd all say it was as simple as him "being a decoy" he was always a possibility any time he was on the field. So really it's so much not like they used him as bait for the defense, it's that they used his presence on the field to make Sparty's secondary play honest..
    +elhayden yea I don't want to say one is better than the other. because I liked sims, but I like how coker handles the offense better. and all that bs about sims only had 1 good receiver is garbage, dude had 3 good receiver, 1 surefire receiver in Cooper, 1 other guaranteed catcher who ran perfect routes in white (who was wide open far too many times in the Ohio st game) and an athletic receiver in Jones. who are very comparable to cokers 3 main receivers this year. I just cant agree with the guy who said sims had 1 good receiver cuz that's bs.

    The only decent team in the sec is bama I don't get why they act like the whole confernce is good michigan just destroyed Florida 41-7 -_-.

    I know...I was asking you (Bama Fan) how many idiots (not You) out there that do not know what a goat is...I can see from your comment that you are NOT an idiot and you ARE a Bama Fan... TIDE. DYNASTY..
    Everyone puts down the SEC for Memphis and Toledo losses... nobody mentions a pathetic South Carolina beating ACC Coastal Division Champ UNC who, by all rights, had a very real shot at beating Clemson. Or even Clemson only beating that same abysmal South Carolina team by five points, allowing over 30 points on defense. Or Big 12 champion Oklahoma very nearly losing to UT, who couldn't even win their division..
    This is the best defense I think I have ever seen from Alabama besides 2011. This team is just dominant, especially against the run. The only team that shredded this team was Ole Miss (mainly through the air), but they have arguably the best offense in the country and the best QB in the SEC for sure (Sorry Dak Prescott). I expect Alabama to blow out Clemson 35-14 at least. I just don't see them running in this Crimson Tide team..
    +TheStickpig Ole Miss did play to win and capitalized on Bamas mistakes. I still believe if Bama and Ole miss were to replay again Bama would win. Would be a bad fan if I didn't feel that way! :p I will say this though, Clemson has not played a defense like this all season and they their defense has never been tested like it will be tonight. Watson will need to play the game of his LIFE to win against this Alabama defense..
    Alabama will get exposed by the Big 10 again they said, Bama can't beat anyone outside the SEC they said.
    +Cara Carr They beat Georgia, Texas A&M, and Mississippi St. (ranked 8, 9, 17 respectively) at their stadiums. Try again..

    OK, idiot. Alabama beat Michigan State who beat Ohio State who beat the crap out of Michigan. So mow what. Your logic is stupid. Just shows how dumb you are to make that comment without thinking it thru. There ain't nothing you can say to a Bama fan boy, we have won 4 in 7. Where y'all at. Huh..
    I mean, if you know football, what you gonna say to a Bama fan right now. What. We ain't on YouTube talkin, We on the field winning. Winning the National Championship 4 times in 7 years. Let that sink in for a minute. What you gonna say to that. Roll Tide Roll dumbass.!. This slaughter by Alabama is so typical of what happens when other teams go head to head with just about any SEC team (with very few exceptions).. MSU straight up embarrassed the BIG10. I knew they were going to get spanked. Michigan took it to MSU regardless of what the scoreboard said. There was no way they were beating Bama. At least Michigan enjoyed a nice win against the Gators, and that was Hoke's recruits. Just wait till Jim's recruits are on the field. They will be a team to reckon with.. +Chris Nata So you're admitting that the B1G dominated the sec west last year. Thanks for the confirmation you inbred cousin fucker..
    +Harold Browning They should've beaten Michigan State if they wanted that opportunity, I REPEAT THEY SHOULD'VE BEATEN MICHIGAN STATE IF they wanted that opportunity💯.
    What do they do with the "coin" after the game Do they award it to the winning team I would like purchase a replica of it..
    Its a shame that it took an SEC team to expose Michigan State. They lived dangerously all year. They could have lost 4-5 games this year but the B1G wasn't strong enough to put them in their place. I mean, Ohio laid an egg against them, Michigan basically won, Iowa was clearly overrated and nearly beat them, lowly Nebraska beat them, even Purdue and Rutgers played them tough. They should have been exposed months ago. Just shows how far the B1G needs to go. But with Michigan becoming good again, Ohio on top of its game, Michigan States strength, and teams like Nebraska, Iowa, Wisconsin, etc. being very good from time to time, the B1G should be doing well soon. The B1G NEEDS to be represented by Ohio and Michigan first. Without Michigan being in the top two year after year, the B1G will always be weak..

    +MyPWNisBlocked Michigan has 15 returning starters. Sure hope they catch the punt next year. They sure could have saved MSU a bunch of embarrassment not to mention saved the big ten the embarrassment with an OSU Bama match up..
    Alabama has to play with the same intensity that they showed against Michigan State or Clemson stands a chance of making it a one sided game. Alabama has the best defense in college football but a great offensive can destroy a great defense if they are not prepared. As a huge Crimson Tide fan, I know it has to be flawless football or the outcome can be that of the Ole Miss game. Now, let's get another National Championship and ROLL YIDE.. Another dominating defensive game. Idk which defensive performance is better this one, or the one against LSU in the title game. LSU didn't cross midfield until the 3rd quarter. MSU only got in the end zone like once. #RollTide.
    If you think Clemson is going to score more than twice, you're out of your fucking mind. Alabama defense hits that ass and WALKS back to the huddle. On boss.
    Michigan is a embarrassment to college football. One co-championship in 66 years. A huge underachiever.Even way back in 97' when they won the CO-championship hiding behind their mothers skirt in the elitist private country club called the overrated Rose Bowl the coaches voted Nebraska the national champion. Why because the B-10 was reluctant to join the BCS. That year FSU was the best team in the nation but lost in the last minute in the Swamp. ONE CO-championship in 66 years. Of course they had a lot of southern players on their team because the mid-west can't produce quality players. So what best describes this mid-west underachiever Kordell Stewart victory pass. Appellation State loss Clowney hit. Michigan is one of the biggest underachievers in the history of college football. One co-championship in 66 years. .. Same thing happened last year. TCU was better team than FSU. But because they were "undefeated" they went to final four. And of course they got murdered in Rose Bowl by Oregon. This year as well. Everybody and their mothers knew that OSUStanford are better than MSU. But MSU was "undefeated" so they had to go. Of course another blow out happened. The Alabama vs OSU match up supposed to be dream match up. In 2013 class, Alabama got more five stars recruit than OSU. But OSU literary swept all four stars recruits that year. So sad that it did not happened.. I been watching him since how school did anybody realize how much harder bo scarbrough ran than henry yea he gonna be unstopable next year. I didnt say he was Henry i just like how he looks not just thinking Bout what he can be in the future . Face the facts that sec teams are filled with low iq Slave feet jigaboos with low key racist fat hillbillys cheering for entertainment...atleast big ten country is educated.
    As a Michigan fan, I wanna say thanks for beating the hell out of them lucky ass Michigan State Spartans. Sparty SHOULD of finished third in the east..
    Sparty's run defense, especially their defensive line, was as good as advertised. Their LT was pretty stout too. That's about all the nice things I can say about them heh. They should have passed more. Keep the HB/FB in to block and let your QB win it for ya..
    iono i think clemson will find a way to win.. they been use to bein doubted almost every game.. they like bein the underdog.
    +Protoplasm78 onside kicks and busted assignments, Clemson beat themselves rather than Bama beat them.. i jus feel bad for Watson, dude was exposing Bama's defense but his defense didnt help him.
    +Ricky Price Yeah, and that's been the chink in Clemson's armor all season. They were too concerned with Ridley and Henry and seemed to forget all about rarely-used O.J. Howard. Superior coaching and underestimating Bama's offensive weapons is what got them beat, if anything. That onside kick was Nick Saban giving them a taste of their own medicine. They tried the same thing against North Carolina in the ACCCG and failed miserably.Football is just as much psychological warfare as it is coaching, athleticism and execution.You snooze, you lose. But hats off to Watson and the Tigers. They're an outstanding team all around and I wouldn't mind seeing them win it all next year..

    Would love if everyone can take a few minutes out of there time to check out the link on my bio on Instagram 2 sparkingup305 the track is called murda which is the first single from my upcoming project which will be called the rise of an abandon son trust me you wont be disappointed i know i know its a lot of wanna be rappers im not just a wanna be rapper music been my life been through so much trials and tribulation in my life so many pain and situations that its a blessing im still alive would really appreciate it ya wont be disappointed trust me to the ones that do listen i really appreciate it to the ones who dont well i appreciate you guys to maybe in the future jay sparks will catch your ears...god bless soundcloud... instagram... twitter...
    Don't put Michigan State's loss to Bama on Ohio State. We proved ourselves last year beating big bad Alabama. The SEC can be beaten eventually in time.. NICK SABAN was a West Virginia boy who got his CF "Basic Training" under the Great Don James of "Kent State"..Kent, Ohio..!...Saban was another Ohio taught coach...OHIO has a...Great football history...The names of the "Great College and Pro Football..."HALL OF FAME"...coaches"...born and raised or trained in Ohio and under Ohio State and MAC Conference {especially "MIAMI OF OHIO"...the CRADLE OF COACHES}...Coaches Pual Brown...Don Shula...Woody Hayes, Earle Bruce..Lou Holtz..Don James, Jim Tressel.,> Les MIles...LSU}...Bob Stoops {Okla}..Pete Carroll {USC}... Urban Meyer {Ohio State in the 80's...and firsy HC job at Bowling Green U, Ohio in "...and the names...are endless.
    cy jones gets so much respect...gets beat on the previous play and then gets back his focus and gets the int on the next play...cant teach either got it or you dont.
    GUYS, ITS NOT THAT SEC IS AMAZING, IT'S THAT THE RANKINGS WERE HORRIBLE THIS YEAR AND MICHIGAN STATE GOT LUCKY IN SO MANY GAMES! Ohio State or Iowa should've been in this game.. b1G was overrated MSU and Iowa neither one was a playoff contending team Michigan and OhioSt werent either.
    Ohio state and michigan are the best big ten teams as ü seen michigan whooped florida Ass 41-7 and ohio state destroys notre dame.
    +Alex Gillespie - Wrong Sir. GET BEAT BY BAMA...BAby!!! TIDE 45 Clemson 40 Maybe next year - Just do not face Bama again BAMA. DYNASTY.. Thanks for fucking up what Big Brother Ohio State started and built Little Brother Michi-Luckagain State. Looks like we'll be playing every year from now on so I hope Little Brother Sharty get used to being put in Time-out every year by B1G brother Ohio State.
    Am I the only one that thinks there needs to be 8 teams in the playoffs 4 is not just enough. I'm a Michigan fan, but ohio is one of the best teams in the country this year. They just had one horribly coached game and they don't even get to defend their title. 4 teams is not enough. The score against Bama definitely would not have been 38 to nada had ohio played them instead of msu. And I'm a Michigan fan saying this..

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