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  1. December 31, 2015

    Comments about this video:

    Nice haul..I just started couponing a month ago and if you keep at it you'll get better. It is overwhelming at first but its worth it. :).

    How to Get a Free Blood Glucose Meter - GoodRx
  2. December 25, 2015
    Glucose is a form of sugar, formed from the breakdown of foods we eat, especially... Discounts on travel and everyday savings; Subscription to AARP The. i1
    About Type 1 Diabetes and Glucose - AARP
  3. December 21, 2015
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  4. December 30, 2015
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  5. December 29, 2015

    Comments about this video:
    Ahh you're getting so close! I can't wait for pictures of her in these adorable outfits! 😃💗. I live in Italy (and 30 weeks pregnant) and here they do glucose test on an empty stomach and really early in the morning! Fortunately my blood analysis were good to go and I didn't need to take the glucose test at all ^_*.
    Uh huh. How many comments later and endless berating of the company that's simply offering a product, this is just now your response..

    +JessieBanana I was never "endlessly berating the company" I was making fun of the sheep who buy into this notion that everything containing gluten must be evil. You missed the point, but then again most people do which is why the notion of "gluten free" is so successfully mass marketed..

    It s funny the glucose test is différent un France. Takin' It Wright now, it takes 2hours so I'm rewatching my favorite vlogger's videos while i wait ! Thanks Tiffany ! .
    Love your pregnancy vlogs! I'm at 29 weeks tomorrow and came across your channel and, of course, had to watch the 29 week video. ;) I'll be doing the glucose test soon so thanks for the extra tips!.
    When I had my son 14 years ago that glucose drink was terrible! It was the sweetest beverage EVER and it did reach mythical status but they changed it so...AWESOME!.
    I always chug the drink. It is really sweet, like really really sweet, but it's not terrible. I have always had to drink it on an empty stomach, but I think that depends on your doctor. Congrats on your pregnancy! It's been fun to see your updates. I just had baby #4 2 months ago. Doing pregnancy videos was really fun for me.. Tiffany- read The Bradley Method. Even if you're not going to do an all natural birth, it gives GREAT pointers and info. It helped me a ton with my second. :). The Bradley method of breathing helped me so much. I was able to have a completely natural epidural or drugs. I think so many women freak out at the first contraction and have no idea about what's going on with their body. Classes are so helpful in every way and teach the husbands what they can do during labor and delivery to help you along and make you comfortable.. I had the glucose test and i thought it was no big deal but unfortunatly I have gestational diabetes which sucks but least itll only last a few more months...hopfully, btw, love your vids!.
    The "Shea moisture" brand is so good. I've been loving their shampoo and body wash, it smells amazing and your baby will smell like that for couple days. .

    Hi Tiffany! I'm loving the baby updates! I watched all of them at once and I can't wait for the next one! I just wanted to let you know that some videos are in the wrong order in the Pregnancy Playlist ;) .

    If you can, find a child birth class at your local ywca, or some other organization. It doesn't have to be through the hospital. As a first time mother, you will find the class really helpful. At the very least, you will learn what to expect, and how to get through it with a minimum of pain, and maximum confidence. Super important! good luck!.

    The three hour glucose test really is TERRIBLE. The drink is the same size, but twice the sugar level, it really has a syrup consistency. You also have to fast before it for 12 hours, so it hits your stomach like a ton of bricks! Then you still can't eat during the whole test, so you're feeling light headed from not eating since the night before and nauseous from the sugar! Fun stuff :) Luckily I passed! .

    The only thing I would wash is the first few baby clothes for the first few days. You never know the size of your baby! then you can quickly wash at least most of your first size..

    Definitely good advice. So many people take tags off and wash everything but they may get no use out the clothes. Also, technology is always improving but sometimes the estimates of weight are way off. My sister was supposed to be on the heavier side of average birth weight and she was 6 lbs. you just never know for sure. Best to be prepared but have the option to take things back!.

    I'm 22, have never had a baby, and don't even think I ever want to, but I LOVE watching these videos. Is that weird.
    It's perfectly normal to be interested in watching someone else go through an interesting, huge, period of life. Especially if you aren't going to experience that thing for yourself, it makes even more sense to be interested in someone else's experience..
    Congratulations to you and your Husband on the arrival of the most precious gift. I do have a very important piece of advice for you that I felt was priceless when I researched information about car seats. Please, please, please make sure to do this before the baby comes. This is free and they say that most people do NOT install their car seat correctly per manufacturer's installation directions. O.k. here is my info...take a drive to the nearest Fire Department closest to your house and the Fire Department strongly encourages all parents to make sure that their car seat is installed correctly. This is free to ALL, first they check to make sure that no recalls are on your specific seat, if your car and the seat will fit into your car or NOT. Any time that you remove the car seat they are so happy that you are bringing it back in to ensure proper installation has been taken place. My Fire Department told me to NEVER attach anything else to the car seat that didn't come with the seat. I was going to install a mirror so I could see my baby and he said that anything that is NOT meant for the car or the seat upon impact of an accident will act like a projectile in the vehicle. The only item that I could place into the car seat when the baby was a newborn was a rolled up receiving blanket to stabilize the babies head. That is it no bells and whistles that you want to make the car seat look cute. They also show you how to properly secure the baby into the car seat. So on your first trip out make it a priority to stop in and see your friendly Fire Department. Most people DON'T secure their babies into the car seat correctly either. O.K. there is my priceless tip of the day and I hope that not only you take my advice but each and every viewer takes a trip to their friendly Fire Department. Good luck and may you have the most special delivery EVER!!!! .

    +JessieBanana I live in canada and most hospitals here don't. Just make sure that whoever you talk to is a certified car seat technician because there are lots of police officers and nurses that give well meaning advice that is actually very wrong and outdated. .
    You honestly have the greatest outlook on everything you talk about in these videos, its really great to listen to you!. I love that shea moisture wash & lotion. my daughter has very sensitive skin and that's what we use for her! . The explanation of the glucose test was a little light. I am currently at 35 weeks pregnant and i did the test at 17 weeks because I have a history of diabetes in my family. I knew I was going to be positive. Normally your body produces enough insulin for your body but with the growing baby, you need more insulin and your body can't produce it fast enough. Before eating your blood sugar level should be at or below 95 (there are little machines that you can use to test your sugar level). 2 hours after (or 90 minutes after finishing your meal) you should be at or below 120. People with Diabetes are usually above. So you take this bottle of a sugary drink (imagine drinking a super sweet otterpop or orange soda with no gas). 1 hour later they take your sugar level and you need to be below 130. if you come back positive you need to take another test but this time they take your blood level 1 hour, 2 hours and 3 hours after drinking the syrup. Your blood sugar needs to be at a certain level in each one of those blood tests. If positive they control you for a week: you take your blood level at home with the little machine before every meal and 2 hours after every meal. If you are above the 95/120, then you go on insulin. The amount of insulin vary's per person. I did my test at 17 weeks and have been on insulin since week 21. I check my levels before and after every meal (that's 6 controls a day) + 4 shots of insulin a day; 1 with every meal and a last one before I go to bed. Total of 11 needles entering my body a day. I am so ready to have this kid!.
    How lucky. The insulin is such a pain. i did the control with diet for a week but my sugar levels, especially at midday, did not go down enough. And that was at 19 weeks. As the baby gets bigger, my insulin intake increases dosis. i can't wait for the pregnancy to be over. I'm not a patient person and I want to see my baby but I am also getting tired of so many controls and poking myself all day long. 5 MORE WEEKS!!!!.
    +Karideplov for majority of people the way her test went is how it goes. Its unfortunate that yours didnt go like that but that doesn't mean she went "light" on it. Shes giving her experience. . "I love that the music isn't annoying". Oh, it will be when you listen to it 100 times a day. XD Haha jokes aside, great upload - I love these vlogs :).
    Yes leave the tags and don't buy so much new born stuff they out grow the clothing so fast I didn't even use most of the stuff that I had because she had to much.
    Don't forget to pick up a couple preemie sized outfits. My babies were so small that the newborn outfits were way too big for them. My full term babies had to start in the preemie size too. My babies weights were 6'3 and 19 inches, 6'10 and 191/2 inches, 5'11and 19 inches, 7'2 and 18 inches and my last was 7'1 and 18 1/4 inches. My sisters was 20 inches and still wore preemie size for two weeks. Also don't forget the nipple cream if you're going to be nursing I'd get a cream called utter cream. It works wonders. Also if baby goes longer then two hours without eating and is sleeping then let her sleep. Trust me she will wake up when she's hungry. Also feed on demand. The first poops look like tar and are very hard to clean and makes a huge mess. Skip the wipes and just use a warm wash cloth because the wipes never work good enough. One last thing. With a girl is after she's born if she has spotting or goop coming out of her girl parts don't panic! It's just your hormones coming out of her little body. Congrats on having your daughter on the way. There's nothing in the world like being a mommy. Enjoy every moment, even the stressful ones because it goes by so fast. My oldest baby is almost 16 now and it seem like yesterday I was bringing her home. My youngest is now two. . Interesting to learn that about girls! I do agree with sizing. You just never know. My sister and I were full term (I was a week late) but both of us were 6 lbs and some oz. And many of my friends and family still mention their baby is estimated to be larger or smaller for weight and it's not always accurate. Seemed to be inaccurate most of the time but could just be coincidence with the people I know. Janie & Jack has the cutest stuff! Those gloves are to die for!! The wubbanub is a LIFESAVER!!!! =) I've been dying for those FP gold dot moccs forever!!! My daughter has a gold pair from another store and they're literally the BEST shoes!!! They do stay on really well. I definitely need to try that baby wash. My daughter has a history of eczema, food allergies and generally sensitive skin. It's definitely a bummer to not have that baby smell, but fragrance can be really awful for some baby skin.. Babe you should take the birthing class, look elsewhere, I'm a birthing nurse, if you don't you'll regret it . Clearly you have never had a baby or seen one born saying that statement ! Absolutely one can practice breathing and learning how to relax with the contractions of labor, you people are a complete joke . Or maybe you have had a baby but I bet you had your epidural just like all the rest, well in the area where I live real women give birth without drugs or epidurals for that matter, they like the experience and treasure the experience and yes go at least to a birthing class for their first baby to learn breathing techniques and relaxation techniques for a more positive experience . Honestly I think if you watch A Baby Story and some birthing videos on babycenter you will be fine without doing the birthing classes.
    all that's helpful to know from them is just the variations in which your baby could potentially be born because you should be prepared for it not necessarily going according to your birth plan and know potentially things the doctors would talk to you about. When in the pain of labor, you naturally find a breathing pattern that helps..
    I wish women knew more about this test. It just causes a lot of worry and the drink is way unhealthy. Just go out and buy a glucose monitor and check it once or twice a day. Write those numbers down and take to your dr. . Didn't mean to insult you, your profession or believes. Yes! My contractions started, waited until they were 5 minutes apart to go to hospital. Doctor waited until I was 4 centimeters dilated to give me the epidural. From then on it was great. I'm not against natural birth at all. If you want to experience pain, go for it! I am 100% in favor of enjoying the moment painless 👍.
    I am so happy for you Tiffany! I've have seen you grow (you were one of my first youtuber beauty gurus I saw) and I am so so happy really for both of you! The best of luck on everything! :) .

    Love this video! I live in New Zealand and the glucose drink we are offered is like a strong but flat lemonade but is very very sweet. My first pregnancy I gave up sugar for like a week to prepare for that test and wow that was a big mistake as I ended up throwing up after the drink haha. This time with my second pregnancy I just went in normal and it wasn't as bad. .
    I'd have to say though, as easy as the test is, I do dred doing it again if we have another child haha.. I have a 2 month year old baby girl and I went crazy shopping for her but didn't wear most of them...they grow so fast!!! But enjoy every moment of it!!.
    Leave the tags on everythingggg. My sister just had a baby, he outgrew his newborn / 0-1 month sizes before he was a month old. He's 2.5 months now, and is wearing 6 month clothing. My sister stupidly took the tags off stuff before he even got here and now can't return the stuff he never even wore. My friend also had a baby recently, she got a big Manila envelope and put her daughters name on it, and saved ALL the receipts from the baby stuff, and saved a lot of the tags with the scanner pieces on them do if the baby ever didn't wear anything, or there was a problem with the item she could return it. Saved her a bunch by keeping that stuff.
    Will they take stuff back if the clothes are washed but just not the right size and nothing is wrong with them.
    Target did. I had the receipt, the tags, and all the outfit pieces. They gave me it on a gift card, they wouldn't give me cash or put the $ back on my credit card, but it's not like I won't use a target card, so it worked out. Not sure about other stores. I know the children's place and kohls are good about returns.

    Some Dr's want their pregnant patients to fast for the 1 hour glucose test...since they want a fasting level along with a 1 hour draw after the glucose.. Glad you got to eat first...

    my son was 8#7oz when he was born and 21.5 inches long and the normal clothes fit him way too big. i bought him 3-4 premiee outfits and they fit him perfectly. plus he lost weight in the hopsital so the 0-3 were way too big. my suggestion is to get just a few small premiee outfits especially for pictures! :).

    really cute things, this will be one very loved-stylish baby! Girls things are always so cute-makes me want a baby too-congrats! btw did I miss it or have you announced the baby's name.
    why do they need to do this test so late in the pregnancy.. wouldnt it be important to know earlier rather than right before the baby is due. Usually your pancreas produces enough insulin for your body and the growing baby at the beginning. When the baby starts to gain weight quickly is when some woman can't keep up with the insulin demand. however, if you are overweight or have family history of diabetes, they usually do it before. i was tested at 17 weeks and have been taking insulin since 21 weeks. It's a pain in the butt. . We just had our first baby in July and didn't take a real birthing class. We actually did an online version through Baby Center, and felt plenty prepared! You're so right about whatever happens is gonna happen regardless. I had all these ideas about pushing out the baby but ended up with a c section and never needed to push! Best of luck and enjoy your last trimester :).

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  6. December 22, 2015
    Jul 15, 2014... Just seven months after announcing its ambitious contact lens program, Google has announced a partnership with Novartis eye care division. i5
    With Novartis deal, Google's glucose-sensing contact lens looks a...
  7. December 20, 2015
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  8. December 27, 2015
    Cost effectiveness of an intensive blood glucose control policy in patients with... ( costs and effects discounted at 6% a year) and pound 563 (costs discounted at. i7
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  9. December 28, 2015

    Comments about this video:

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  10. December 24, 2015
    Aug 12, 2015... Google's Life Sciences division and Dexcom will work together on disposable, bandage-sized glucose monitors. Pictured here are one of. i9
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  11. December 23, 2015
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  12. December 19, 2015
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  13. December 26, 2015

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  14. January 1, 2016
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  16. January 16, 2016

    Comments about this video:
    Vous êtes incroyablement bon dans ce que vous faîtes. J'aime tous vos desserts et vos plats, je vous admire tellement, vous êtes mon inspiration en matière de cuisine et çà c'est une bonne affaire "The Real Deal" 👍👌 Bonnes fêtes de fin d'année, cheers🍷. Haha I like how you used some clips from the regular caramel in B&W for this video! Sneaky. Question: Is there any particular reason you use such a big knife when you're making deserts Is it just so that you can slice through the width of a baking sheet easily Or do you just find more comfort with the larger 12" blade in general.
    +Alexander Reynolds Indeed, more confort, more secure and accuracy especially when dealing with large surface and pies :).

    +Larisa Ion that's not a piece of hair. It's one of the thing that flies everywhere that you can't really see. That's what does macro photography do.. it's risky sometimes.. I saw it but it was too late... ate it and it was delicious :).

    First time trying any kind of caramel. I was surprised how fast everything happens once it starts melting. Btw have an awesome christmas chef!.

    This what I call Excellence, dear Bruno keep it up you will reach a million fan very soon because you are amazing..

    Will caster sugar work as fine Have you tried to make it with fruit puree If yes, In which stage should I add the puree Thanks a lot for sharing your recipes I tried so many and always impressive.

    I have a question. It is around 28-33 degree cel here and if i put it on the table for a day, will it melt.

    hey Bruno, i made them today and they taste awesome. Unfortunatly they are way to soft (they are chilled), i now eat them with a spoon. Can i cook them again to make them firmer .
    it's been 4 hours at least, and my chocolate caramels are still too soft to cut. what could have gone wrong :(.
    Ive been looking for vanilla beans since last week and I can't find it :( can I use vanilla bean paste.

    Ne güzel yapıyorsun be mübarek. You are awesome chief, all recipes magnificent. My favorite recipe French Fries. Thx for sharing. Greetings from Turkey :)).
    My mouth water spry on the screen... lol Thank You Very Much... Can I use any other Vanilla...! Can't find that Kind always! Appreciated. Okay, so I see it is the infrared one. Would you recommend any particular brand How accurate are these thermometers Thank you.
    So easy! I remember learning caramel au sec from culinary school, but of course, Bruno had to amp it up a THOUSAND notches! Thank you, rock! Sending love from Texas. :).
    Can't wait to make some!!! Both of my favorite things combined into something amazing! Quick question, how long will these last I'm thinking of sending some to people.. +Muga Nyasia It accelerates cooking at the beginning by using less sugar and slows it down when caramel begins to form.. it is just a technique used to ease the caramel a sec making process. It lowers the risk of cooking it too fast while dealing with a certain amount of sugar.. +Bruno Albouze I LOVE your videos alot, and your accent makes watching the much more enjoyable for me. Ty Bruno!!! :).

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  17. December 5, 2015
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  18. December 19, 2015
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  19. November 22, 2015
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  20. December 31, 2015

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  21. December 16, 2015
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  22. November 28, 2015
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  23. October 24, 2015
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  24. November 18, 2015

    Comments about this video:
    Thanks girl!.. haha yah.. it definitely is. I take like 3 steps & forget where i'm going.. LOL. I'm so happy things are going better for you :) and yes girl, pregnancy brain is super real lol. I wish you the best for your upcoming weeks. . I had Sciatica with my 1st child and every now and then it comes back, that was 7 yrs ago. Also the baby can turn at anytime, don't worry. It's all normal and very difficult as the baby gets bigger. .
    I'm so glad everything is going well!!! You just look so happy I'm so excited for you Kait!! 😘.

    :) Yay for growing little baby :) Will you be revealing her name before your give birth or after her birth> :) Glad you are finally starting to enjoy pregnancy a little more...I feel you on the breathing...Im only 23 weeks almost 24 this weekend and I just cannot eat too much or I literally will be sighing and sighing constantly without getting a full natural deep good breath... it's crazy :) .

    So glad you and your daughter are doing well! I'm glad she's developing well, hopefully she makes it full term! I think of you randomly throughout the day whenever I see or hear about pregnancy or even baby clothes as if I knew you lol. So happy for you love you and your baby girl .
    I am having a girl as well and she has also measured two weeks behind my last two OB visits. We have already had a growth ultrasound and the maternal fetal medicine doctor said she's fine. I'm thinking she's just going to be a small baby. . All of it will be sooo worth it. My next pregnancy I have to go get shots & ultrasounds done every week from 12 weeks until the end. And also possibly a cerclage because I have incompetent cervix. :/ .
    Gosh i'm so sorry. You've been through so much! But you are absolutely right in just a few weeks when she is here all of this will be so worth it!!.

    I'm going through that right now! My son was born at 26 weeks and they ruled it incompetent cervix. I'm currently 20 weeks and so far so good. For future info, the cerclage procedure really isn't that bad and the weekly shots are a breeze! Good luck with your future pregnancies..

    I had sciatica with my second pregnancy. It used to cause my one lower half basically go I guess you could say "paralysed" I had my daughter almost 4 years ago now and I still have it. Hopefully it goes away for you cause it's definitely not fun having..
    Oh man.. I'm so sorry it never went away! That's terrible. I know the exact feeling you're talking about though. There have been times my husband has literally carried me from one place to another because my legs just wouldn't work! It's crazy...

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  25. November 2, 2015
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  26. November 7, 2015
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  27. December 27, 2015
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  28. October 29, 2015

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  30. December 12, 2015
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  31. October 25, 2015
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  32. October 31, 2015

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  33. November 15, 2015
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  34. January 12, 2016
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  35. December 6, 2015
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  36. January 7, 2016

    Comments about this video:

    Hello Danika, our 9 year old daughter Piper only relies on your videos for direction and advice. We had 4 sensor failures in a row and Dexcom replaced the transmitter. Piper did not want to try inserting the sensor again but after two months of refusal, Piper checked out your videos again, got the confidence and did the insertion herself. Hope Dexcom is giving you a commission!.
    +russelladams clan That is so great to hear!! Good for her! :) Hahah, nope, no comission! I just like educating :).
    Thanks so much Danica! :) before this video my parents always had to help me put it in but now i know how too :) you did a much better job explaining it than the tutorial vid that came with the sensor :) lol.
    I was diagnosed with T1D at 2 years old, and I'm 21 now. I've been using the T:slim insulin pump since it came out but now I really want to add the G4 to the collection of diabetic gadgets. Thanks for making this video I got a good laugh out of your goofy commentary haha.
    I LOVE your optimism… I have been just diagnosed with type 1 and dont get it how you can be like this, funny and all, I am really down right now, but understand that little geek in you about pumps and sensors… Dont have any, just using insuline pens for start, but nice to know there some techy helpers… Your videos are great, going to see them all, if nothing else I hope your optimism is at least a little contagious..
    +DiabeticDanica I was diagnosed 2 weeks ago... "let yourself be sad, mad, whatever you are at first! Its hard and a big change. But over time let yourself also accept the change and embrace your new life as a diabetic! " reading that hit me harder then i would like to admit. I just got this device recently and am really intimidated by it. Because of your video, i worked up the courage to reinstall it all on my own. Thank you!.
    hi I just wanted to tell you that I love your video so much I just got the dexcom a couple days a go and I need to change it the first day by my self, now that might not seem bad but I have very bad anxiety about anything being in my body I don't like it, so I have a two hour panic attack of crying and just wanting to give up but I keep watching your videos and they helped me through it your hilarious and supportive all at the same time and thanks to you I was able to put the dexcom in and It's already helping will my major problem areas thank you so much you helped me then you know ❤.
    We live far away from our T1 granddaughter. Visit prep includes reviewing care, especially since new gear changes have happened often. We watch videos, and we like yours! Thanks for doing this for us..
    Danika, I've been a type 1 diabetic for 14 years. I've been having trouble with it for years all because I'm so scared of bad lows and I check my blood sugar way too much. I'm getting dexcom soon and I have high faith of it helping me get it under control. Watching your videos has really inspired me to get my blood sugars under control. You are awesome!.
    Also, do you have a video of putting the sensor in your arm. Would love to learn an easy way to do that!. +DiabeticDanica Thank you for making these You Tube videos. I just recently received the Animas Vibe pump. I have been on it for about 12 days and so far so good. Between that and the carb counting, which I never did, it is helping keep my numbers down. I also received the Dexcom G4 CGM transmitter. I was going to have intrsuction on it this coming week and still will, but the instructor said if I got brave, to try and put it on. Watched your video and got brave and its on. Thank you very much for the tutorials...well done!.
    You're so great and I love your lighthearted approach. Thanks for helping me through my first upper arm insertion..
    My sincere thanks to you guys for responding. I just found out that I am being "considered" for an islet of langerhans transplant. The islets produce insulin to replace those no longer functioning. This might potentially cure me; no more insulin injections. But I was also told I would have to be on anti rejection pill or pills the rest of my life. I am seeing the surgeon I hope in the next few months for furthur discussion....
    Hi Danika.. We discovered your video on how to insert the Dexcom sensor and I wanted to let you know how helpful it was this past weekend as we were setting up my mother-in-law for the first time on her Dexcom. We followed it completely as we inserted the sensor. I'm not sure we could have done it without it. So cheers to you! Love your positive attitude!.
    I just used this tutorial today putting on my 7-year old son's Dexcom for the first time! We had success putting it on! Easy peasy lemon squeezy! Thanks for the straight-forward upbeat tutorial!.
    Thank you for your videos, Danica. My boyfriend is doing MDIs and trying to get better control. We've been considering pump therapy and CGMs lately, and your explanations and footage make these wearables seem much less scary and more livable, if that makes sense. Reading about how a medical technology works and living with that technology in reality are very different, so it's incredibly helpful to see real-life tutorials and reviews. Keep up the good work, and happy sugars!.
    About to get my first dexcom system, can't wait, thanks for the informative videos, they will help a lot..
    Hi Danica, I would like to thank you for making the first reinsertion of my Dexcom Sensor possible. It was quite intimidating until I watched your video. Your instructions are so clear and easy to follow..
    Love your videos! I was just diagnosed about a month ago at age 24, so it's all been an adjustment. I'm just curious, is the pump really a big step up from mdi, because something about the idea of having something attached to me all the time seems like it would get annoying..
    Thank you so very much for doing this! I've watched it every time I've inserted a new sensor for the last month. It's really helpful because I always stutter when I comes to pushing in the needle. A cheerful and knowledgeable person having done the same thing is very comforting! Next time I'll go for the arm placement :) thank you! .
    +nasser ali جهاز يفحص لك ارتفاع وانخفاض السكر بالدم كل خمس دقائق بدون استخدام الابر سعر الجهاز 600ريال سعودي والابر كل اسبوع سعرها 200ريال سعودي. Hi! I am Helen, from Ukraine. I have injected my first sensor 2 weeks ago, on my belly. Today i decided to follow you and to place the sensor on the same place as you did in this video. That was very painfull and i saw blood under the plastic part of a sensor.And feel like there is a bruise, but i don't see it... Is that okay This is my second time using the dexcom and i still am afraid of anything... :-). Watched your video for the first time and inserted my dad's sensor. Thanks for the great video and your great sense of humor!. Danika - My mother-in-law's new Dexcom seems very insistent on changing the sensor after 7 days... giving the whole "count down" etc. They are so expensive, and Medicare doesn't cover it, so we were hoping to get a few extra days out of each one. In your video, you say it was almost 2 weeks Do you just ignore the countdown or what.
    I just wanted to say thank you - my 9 year old daughter has just started on the Dexcom G5 and you have made it such an safe experience for her - we love watching your tutorials - you're an inspiration!.
    Danica, thank you for posting your videos. My daughter and I just changed our first sensor and we couldn't have done it without you! This is such a valuable resource for those of us who are inexperienced. Thank you!. So is it worth getting a monitor and pump Because I feel like those things would get in the way when playing sports or exercising. Especially if you fell on them it might hurt a lot.. We are new to Dexcom, this is our second time putting the sensor in and both times there was blood that we could see in the plastic. The Dex Rep said that was normal, does this happen to you. Thanks for this post - I'm a T1D since '67 - and just now trying out the CGMS (well - the good one - tried MM out - we didn't get along so well - stopped using it after 3 months). I've been given a Dexcom kit by an islet cell recipient (aka they're no longer injecting or a diabetic... way to go Edmonton Protocol) - so since she doesn't need it - and I do... I'm giving it a test run. If all goes well - the transmitter will still have some life in it (at $800 replacement it better!!!) - and hopefully I'' start to see how I'm doing with m new stage of life... menopause - hormones like I'm a teenager with T1D again... NOT... I'm all grown up now! . Daninca I'm happy to have found your video and look forward to watching more. It was very helpful. I just received my Dexcom CGM two days ago and hope to connect it in the next few days. (Type 1 for 14 1/2 years, pump for 4 1/2 years). Thanks again. I also enjoyed the video on What's in Your Bag. Thanks again!. what kind of extra adhesives do you use when you want to wear your CGM longer. I have tried several kinds and I'm not happy with them. please let me know what brand and type you are using. Thanks for posting this. I started the Dex Monday and used this video instead of the one on their site for my first insertion (abs) and it worked great and am loving the dex. A couple recommendation I learned from the facebook dex group was to spray Floinase over the site first to prevent allergic reactions and itching and use skintac to help it stick better and both those suggestions helped. I appreciate the one on inserting it solo in the arm and will watch the video when I do my first site change. I also like the humor you add to the videos. You can also use the Lock to remove the Transmitter from old used sensor base., In fact it was designed to do just that. Good Video. Thanks. I have huge reservations about being constantly connected. I am terrified of having a pump, but I'm more tempted by the CGM. Your vídeo (including your non-chalant tone of voice!) is incredibly helpful in my consideration of getting one of these monitors. Thanks!. Omg I want that thing, sadly I can't get it, unless I buy it :( I hope they will be into our healthinsurance soon... This would be so good.. Wow! I'm getting mine this coming week. After watching your video I feel a lot better. Thank you, thank you, thank you so much for the video and the information filled comments and answers!.
    how often do u change to needle for the sensor that look painful btw. and when do you use this continuos monitor for during an exercise or do u keep it on all the time is there any health rise like infection..
    +Tam Nguyen - it's a new needle for every sensor we put in. It's actually alot of waste when you think about it - but with that waste - comes a way for diabetics to have a good sense of how their diabetes control is coming along (every 5 mins is shown on the hand held receiver (which I use) - or via the Animas Vibe. It's worn 24/7. And no risk of infection, as the sensor that is placed within the subcutaneous fat of your body via that "wicked" looking introducer needle is only as thick as a strange of fine hair. BTW, I didn't feel the needle portion - but I've been T1D for almost 50 years - so maybe have a high pain threshold. Thank you for your help! My daughter just got her Dexcom in today and I could not get the DVD that they sent to work! The nurse explained over the phone how to do it, but your video really helped!!!. Do you know of any diabetes support groups for a child with a non compliant juvenile diabetic mom or dad . I'm worried it will hurt when I apply it to my 4 year old. Any tips for placement and how to make it less painful for her.
    ask your child's doctor for a prescription for lidocaine/prilocaine cream (might be over the counter too, not sure). it's a numbing agent. my parents called it "the magic cream" when i was little. for the cgm it takes away most if not all of the pain :).
    Great video! My insurance FINALLY approved a Dex after months of fighting with them and hoping to have it tomorrow and have watched all the Dex instructional videos. I'll be sure to use this video instead of the dexcom video for the insertion.
    +Jamie Paul Hey Paul, I was wondering if you could give me a little information on how you finally got your insurance to cover your Dex. My father is a Type 1 for 50 years and is very brittle, this is a life saver for him, but is very expensive. His insurance won't cover his, but maybe with a little advice, or how you got covered would help. You can email me atbridgetwilson2 Appreciate it!.

    Very helpful tutorial Danica. I keep coming back to relearn how to do this. Thank you. It will eventually become second-nature!.

    i have been diabetic for 16 years now and i never heard of the sensor before, next i'm gonna get my first pump AND sensor =S i'm very nervous about it, any good tip you can give me it's my first time and so =) Tnx beforehand! .

    going yo start the g4 today switched from medtronic you said you left the sensor in for 2 weeks while waiting for new supply is that about how long they could last.

    Hey your such an inspiration to me! Because of this video I put my CGM in for the first time all alone! To have enough courage to put it on I did it with you sorta( I did it with the video of you) thanks so much you seem really nice and your really pretty! .
    I'm getting ready to change my G-4 for the first time on my own. You make it look so easy. I will review this video again before I do it. Thanks for your positive spirit and contributions.. Hi Danica. I just got my dexcom and I was wondering if entering information in the events menu can help it work better. I don't have a pump so I was also wondering if it can save data like when I eat and when I exercise so I could download it and send it all to my endocrinologist. Thanks! .

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  40. October 28, 2015

    Comments about this video:

    Hi... I'm new subscriber to your channel... I remember those glucose tests... they were so awful.
    +Julie Hasselberger thank u so so much! omg i hope i passed julie!!! thanks for watching!!!!!!! and subbing!. Love seeing vlogmas on your channel it makes my day special! Can't wait for the baby❤️🎊 I feel u girl I'm always here for u lol. +Älaysha.Shontï awww thanks girl! what a compliment...I guess home chef made me into a temporary chef hahhaa xoxo mamas.

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  41. December 15, 2015
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  43. January 17, 2016
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  44. November 3, 2015

    Comments about this video:
    MISSY.. the 2 hour test was probably just your Healthcare providers choice.. I believe the American Diabetes Association adopted guidelines by the International Association of Diabetes in Pregnancy which recommends a 2 hour test..therefore if you fail, then you are diagnosed with gestational diabetes and no further tests are needed. But I believe the American College of Obstetrics has stayed with their current guidelines of a 1 hour followed by a 3 hour for confirmation if needed..Try not to worry.. Just a difference in practice 😘. Can't wait for the little baby to get here!! I'm so excited! Thanks for the update, Missy :). Did you ever address why you stopped cloth diapering Ollie I couldn't find any information and I'm extremely curious. Any plans to CD this baby #askmissy.
    +Missy Lanning Ive cloth diapered my last 2 kids birth to potty training. With my first it got FRUSTRATING with stinky diaper issues and all this "stripping" everyone kept talking about, but thankfully I stuck it out and found out that you dont have to have special diaper soap and the absolute BEST cleaner for diapers that works the best is Tide original powder! With my last little one (turned 2 in April) We have had the same 22 Bum Genius freetimes since birth and they are still like brand new and I dont do anything special to wash them other than I throw some bleach in the wash once a month..

    Hey Vanessa! Seeing you here reminds me that you were the one that introduced me to dailybumps about 2 years ago on Ollie's birthday😜.
    you look radiant! your belly looks so different this time! makes sense though... looking forward to all the adventures!. Yeah I know she did. So I was right! Closing comments so nobody else tells me the name like I'm clueless….
    Finley is not a good name to call a baby boy Missy ding dong no one will be Finley friend because he will get tesied so you better changed his name before he will not have any friends and when he grows up he is not going to have any friends in his life time my mom told me that it is a terrible name to call a baby boy so you better change his name fast if you want your baby to have any friends it is a very Duke name to call a boy 😞😵😨😧😥😢😨😧😥.

    I knew we were close in weeks because of these bumpdates; which are so helpful & I also go back & watch your ones from Ollie, but I didn't realise we were only 2 weeks apart! My due date is September 29th. Cannot get over how nice your bump is, not a stretch mark in sight, you lucky lady! .
    In Australia we only do the 2 hour glucose test. As we speak I'm actually taking mine right now (for the third time actually because my bmi makes me more susceptible to it). It's awful having three blood tests but the first hour of the test is the worst part. I hate the sugar rush :(. In Poland you always have to do two hour glucose test. We don't have one hour glucose test. You go to the hospital. You can not eat or drink anything. They take your blood than they give you water with glucose to drink. You have to sit there go one hour and have your blood taken again and than wait there for another hour and have your blood taken for the third time. After blood had been taken 3 times than they let you eat and drink..
    Yesterday was my glucose test and I had a dream that I accidentally ate before my appointment and had to reschedule and I was freaking out. But for the actual test I did just the hour and I won't find anything out until next appointment which is three weeks away. I may have to call next week to find out my results. :) .

    +Stephanie Harrison I failed my first one and they called right away to schedule another one. Odds are if they haven't called you yet, you probably passed..
    This is my 4th pregnancy and I'm seeing a new doctor and she likes to go over my results in person even if I passed it or not..
    It is when u go on a trip just u and your husband and don't worry about your life or what u do at home and in Missy's case also to have a rest from kids /Ollie.
    They already chose a name, but have not said it to us yet. :/ if you watched their vlog, "Perks Of Pregnancy", Bryan slipped the name but he blurred his mouth and it was bleeped out. Also, they have said that they are sticking with this name. :). Loving your hair in this video! Eeek hope your hip pain eases up soon, no fun! Are you nervous for the transition from 1 child to 2. Did anybody else notice the reflection in the closet mirror Missy doesn't show up in the reflection, just her shadow some. It looks like she was photoshopped into the chair..
    Missy, with my first baby I only had to do the 1 hour glucose test, with my second I had a new doctor and his way of doing things was to just go straight to the THREE hour glucose test! 😿 I was not happy about that.. The drink/amount of sugar made me feel like I was going to throw up and pass out, it was terrible on top of having to get my blood drawn 3-4 times in 3 hours. It sucked!!!! Glad you are passed that part & baby's almost here!!.

    It's 6:05 in Cali. and Bryan said at eight Missy will post the name reveal so excited!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!.
    Wow, you're so big already. And 9 more weeks to go!! :O wow good luck. looking forward to the name reveal :).
    40 weeks is full term, so 12 weeks was correct :) 37 weeks + is considered a safe stage for baby to be born / delivered. x.
    i hated that test.. i got sooo tired i just wanted to go to sleep.. when i get too much sugar in my system i crash and it sucked... my husband had to drive me home cause i couldnt stay awake.
    Do you know what date your gonna put up the video for the name reveal IT'S ALL I THINK ABOUT!😂 And do you know what your gonna do for the name reveal party #askmissy +Missy Lanning .
    My moms is October 17th and My daughter is October 26th, It would be awesome if you had Finley one of those days. OMG I HOPE SHE HAS HIM EARLEY BECAUSE ME I WANT TO SEEA NEW BABY LANNING KNOW LOVE U -Alexander. Are you going to reveal the name before your babymoon or after or just stay hush until he is out #AskMissy. Hi I wanted to say congratulations! And my question is why did you have to have a C-section with your first pregnancy Was it because of your uterus And I'm very happy you will have the option of a VBAC:) my niece lives in Florida and wasn't given the option. (Due to her insurance:() again Congratulations you look GREAT!!!. What's the new baby's name and can we do the name on the chalk board again and you guys pick the name and my baby name for the new baby is Jammie . I keep thinking of the name Peter, and then calling him Pete or something xD i dont know why... Pete and Ollie just sounds cute in my head :3. #AskMissy When baby #2 is born, do you plan on giving baby #2 Ollies crib and having Ollie get a toddler bed, or are they both gonna have cribs. +Mary Beth Lee Missy said in a vlog that they started looking for things for the new baby's nursery and that they were looking for a crib as well. She said that now Ollie is being so good in his crib that she didn't want to ruin that. So no they will both have cribs..
    I'm pregnancy with my 3rd child now. I can only have c sections for medical reasons. I am going to have my third c section now..
    Your belly is definitely more even as far as being spread out. Not so lopsided like with Ollie so that's fantastic. Glad the surgery also helped with that. . It would be cool if the baby was born on the 15th of October because thats my little brothers birthday, he'll be 4 :). Yay, you can do it missy. I had my first vaginally my second a cesarean and my 3rd was a vbac and it was amazing! .
    +the maddie show actually, Caroline is not first. Someone named +Jack Quinlivan is, but you can't comment on his post..
    Wasn't your last video called a third trimester clothing haul It would imply that you had some idea you were in the third trimester.
    I had to do a 2 hour sugar test as well and I was quite surprised because with my other two children it was only an hour maybe they are changing it up so your not the only one who was mad about it lol.
    Who is your mid wife And are you going to get the belly button piercing redone after you have the baby or get rid of it .
    A doula is generally a woman and provides physical, emotional and informational support through out pregnancy, labor and postpartum..
    If it were 3 hour test should have gotten 4 sticks. Her drink was the 2 hour drink and you get 3 pokes, you get your fasting glucose then they take your blood two more times after drinking the drink.. Awe it's weird to see your belly such a perfect round shape this time, I was used to your lopsided one with Ollie. I'm so glad this baby has all the room he needs to move around, so happy u got that surgery, u look great missy, hang in there, safe travel wishes. +Jennifers Dream3 Missy said in a vlog that her belly didn't get lopsided until the 29 - 30 week mark so their is still a chance for her belly to be lopsided again.. Compared to the clips she added of her being pregnant with Ollie (where you can clearly see where Ollie was snuggled tight on her left side), I don't see any lopsided tummy at all in this pregnancy, it looks like a completely normal (& very beautiful) pregnancy tummy to me. I do know she keeps mentioning she feels him more on her left side though. It may be the baby favours that side since Ollie has lovingly stretched that side, the baby may have just found a comfortable spot! x. What's the silver play button award I know the gold is 1 million subscribers, is silver 100,000. Y does she always exaggerate it's like chill out missy, we all know your pregnant. She likes to talk like it's an amazing thing your just pregnant chill out for real.
    +Christian Palafox If you had two miscarriages and a baby that would've been dead if you didn't go to the hospital when you did and all of this happened because a doctor misdiagnosed you for having a bicornuate uterus when you had a septate one, you'd act the same way about the fourth one going so well after getting rid of the septum..

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  45. November 8, 2015
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  48. November 24, 2015

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  53. December 8, 2015
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  56. November 29, 2015

    Comments about this video:
    I reduce my diabetes upto 90% in 3 weeks with the help of a>> All you guys should try it. hi we bought a test for my mom and it says 27 mmol/l how do we know if it's high, low or normal. Please help.
    We explain to you the exact system required to activate brown adipose tissue to begin controlling your blood sugar. ===== >>
    Effective natural remedies, prevention, lifestyle changes and diet for diabetes I reduce my diabetes upto 90% in 3 weeks with the help of a>> All you guys should try it. Thank you for this amazing video, it helps really to know how to test sugar level degree in blood Oh hey! Have you heard the talk about - Kasteshas Breakthrough Diabetes Method (google it) Ive heard some incredible things about it and my auntie got great results with it..
    you should wipe the first drawn blood, and squeeze you finger again for blood, then that's the time you will put it onto the stick..
    you must disinfect first your finger to be pricked with 70% isoprophyl alcohol and you also have to wipe off the first drop of blood. squeeze again your finger and the second drop of blood will be put on the stick.. Thank you so much for taking the time to do this video...even years later, it is still being watched. It is the basic instructions much needed. hope you are doing well. Sherri.
    +Milewskige Guys i get rid of my diabetes upto 95% with the help of >====>> I recommend this website to all you guys who suffering with diabetes..
    ▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬ஜ۩۞۩ஜ▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬ NATURAL DİABETES ▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬ஜ۩۞۩ஜ▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬. Thanks I like the tip on least painful pricking site I'm still weirded out about measuring my blood glucose.. Thanks a lot, I really appreciate ur way of teaching. Now I can help my father and mother who are diabetic patients..
    Appreciate video content! Sorry for the intrusion, I would love your opinion. Have you researched - Sayerdsan Level Sugar Secret (do a google search) Ive heard some super things about it and my close friend Aubrey after many years eradicated the uncontrollable diabetes problem with it..

    Alright there! Have you considered - flowen epic social system (search on google) Ive seen some pretty good things about it and my GF had excellent success with it. .

    A year ago my doc said that I am diabetic even though I felt fine, prescribed the test kit and 100 extra strips and 100 extra lancets to be used twice daily.. So I got all this stuff, stuck it in a cupboard out of sight, then forgot about it. I still feel great so what gives .
    Diabetes is a disease where you don't physically feel the affects but your blood vessels and heart pay the price. With a constant high blood sugar level your vessels become sugar coated and start to shrink so your blood pressure will go up. With an increased BP your heart will have to pump harder and eventually become bigger which may lead to heart failure. You may also develop cataracts in your eyes and your feeling of touch may start to decrease over time..
    carrying around a glucose meter is enough work, let alone a journal and a pen. It would be better to automate the process and retain the numbers in digital format this way you can keep track of how the conditions is managed. .

    What about finding a way to reverse type 2 diabetes impossible

    Very informative. I shared this with the workers at a mail order diabetic supply company that had no clue what i was talking about. .

    Different countries/kits may use different units hence the varied numbers. Fasting plasma glucose of 3.9 to 7.2 mmol/L is equivalent to about 70–130 mg/dL..
    Where do these crazy low numbers come from. I'm used to seeing any where from 100 up to a little over 200. I have diabetes too and I'm only 10 right now my blood glucose is no where near 3.6 wayyy to low mine right now is over 600. mmol/l mg/dl interpretation 2.0 35 extremely low, danger of unconciousness 3.0 55 low, marginal insulin reaction 4.0 75 slightly low, first symptoms of lethargy etc. 5.5 100 mecca 5 - 6 90-110 normal preprandial in nondiabetics 8.0 150 normal postprandial in nondiabetics 10.0 180 maximum postprandial in nondiabetics 11.0 200 15.0 270 a little high to very high depending on patient 16.5 300 20.0 360 getting up there 22 400 max mg/dl for some meters and strips 33 600 high danger of severe electrolyte imbalance Preprandial = before meal Postprandial = after meal Great video and well done. Great and helpful responses too. Just found out have diabetes at 47. To Ayman, I freaked, but we move on, and stay focused on the good things we have. I had OCD/Acute Anxiety like at 6 yrs olds, and it sucks. I freaked too at first, but you'll get through it I am sure, just a little comment, for what it's worth. Best of luck to you all and thanks again for informative video. Peace. .
    Kudos for the Video clip! Forgive me for butting in, I am interested in your thoughts. Have you heard about - Carpio Incredible Diabetes Bulldozer (probably on Google) Ive heard some super things about it and my friend Sam at very last removed the annoying diabetes issue with it..
    I have fasting plasma at 5.5 approx, but my questing is, 2 hours after meal on afternoon I usually have 7.5, but 2 hours after meal at night I have lower usually, even if I eat the same food, approx 5.8 then, how come .
    +BOb Saget I really suggest getting into a doctor it could be sign of a much more worse problems as well. Weight gain could be fluid retention from failing kidneys with the extreme thirst. Tests are really the best way to find out..
    One of my family has type 2 diabetes since 2001. Man, that's terrible! I wished there's a cure and that he/she no longer a diabetic patient.. interesting points ,if anyone else wants to discover how can diabetes be prevented try Panlarko Amazing Diabetes Planner (Have a quick look on google cant remember the place now ) Ive heard some awesome things about it and my mate got excellent success with it.. To avoid stick injuries, don't put the top back onto the lancet, just pop it straight into the sharps bin..
    You have to remove your first blood with alcohol swag and drop your second drop of blood into the machine !.
    I don't mean to sound ignorant or anything, but you guys measure your blood glucose levels in number.number I'm used to "100" popping up on my screen when my blood glucose is 100. Is there a certain setting on the meter to do that or something. 2 AnabolicMutant not all areas in your body are highly vascular. for adults, the side of the finger is chosen because it is highly vascular and contains less nerve endings. for babies, the heel of the foot is chosen. also, the side of the finger is less sensitive to pain while the tip of the finger has a dense nerve supply. the puncture site always matters because any alteration can affect the results.. Yes!!! this it best product for test glucose in you blood This monitoring device also works hand in hand with the One Touch Ultra Meter in determining blood glucose level at good article for Deals . I never record my results in a Diary. It is rather annoying to do it every time, since I check my blood-glucose at least six times a day. Sometimes more than that. My Monitor keeps records of what my blood-glucose has been running, anyway. .
    If you looking for new technology to help monitor blood glucose levels in an active, fast paced lifestyle, try Gmate Smart. The GmateTM blood glucose monitoring system is diabetic technology that makes life simple for consumers. GmateTM SMART is the smallest and most innovative meter in the world and works with the iPhone and with this you can say good bye to your log book. .

    That would Suck for any one that accidently put their hand in the garbage or near a shrps container or was the person who disposed of sharps containers :p.
    Nooo cause then there is alchachol on your finger and blood, you should not contaminate Your blood ! I like to Cap. Random letters... sorry Huggs. Why do people insist so much on doing the finger just because other people say that is where to site the lancet SILLY in my view!!!! Blood is blood is blood, whether it is done in your arm, your finger, your foot, your arse, or even you head... it doesn't bloody matter so long as it bleeds where you stab!!. 2 phleboedu1 I don't know if you know this, but we stopped using alco wipes a long time ago because using them 3 or more times a day every single day on a diabetic irritates the skin and dries it out. His technique for testing was very good, the same as a nurse would do in a hospital. .
    I don't know about anyone else, but if I was at 3.6 I'd be feeling rough, I was at 4 the other day and I was in a bad state haha. I guess its different for everyone.
    Hey, have you heard about diabno It helps you to produce more insulin naturally and therefore reverses the diabetes. Google "Diabno" for info.

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  57. January 21, 2016
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  58. December 2, 2015
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  60. January 24, 2016

    Comments about this video:

    I would love to hear you talk about healthy foods you eat. I'm 13 weeks and still nauseous, would love some inspiration. :D.

    Hey girl,everything is going to be alright.Be positive.Your little boy is doing good as you have mentioned.tell yourself NOTHING IS GOING TO WRONG.BTW he is gonna be a footballer I guess !!.
    I love hearing your updates. I'm at 21 weeks and get a lot of useful information from your videos. I'd love to hear a little more about what you are eating that has been so great for you and I'd LOVE to see the nursery! . Whoah! What state are you from That's crazy! I'm from Texas and it barely gets down below 32!.

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  61. January 19, 2016
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  62. November 6, 2015
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  64. January 5, 2016

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    Maintain Your All forms of diabetes In Check With This...
  65. November 10, 2015
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  68. January 14, 2016

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  70. January 8, 2016

    Comments about this video:
    Most meters assume we are adults and allow us to set the readings to mg/dL or mmol/L, whichever is most convenient for us. Unfortunately, the Bayer Contour USB comes fixed to one setting and, by design, doesn't allow change! I'm returning this meter to Bayer. Any recommendations for alternatives. thanks for this. I'm considering switching from one touch because I am tracking my results on line. The comment below about not being able to delete a mis-reading concerns me. But unless it were way off how would one know a mis-reading Or is he talking about errors like when you do not get enough blood on the strip. This meter is really a handy size, it is also dead easy to use and the ability to recharge and download the history on to the PC once a week is brilliant. The lancet device is a bit behind the times and not really the best Ive used in the past, but it does the job. The meter is excellent, once you get the software to work on your computer you will see how brilliant this is.too. Imagine if DVLA wanted to see some of your history, you could send the reports via E-mail! .
    2 JimmyPannawong 8.4, not 84. the U.K. uses different measurements than the U.S.: mmol/L v. mg/dL 8.4 mmol/L is about 152 mg/dL.

    Nice review! I think i ll try this after 15 years using one touch. I wonder here in (poor) greece if can i have it for free from Bayer in greece.

    Duramale discounts - Buy Products In Vito Mol - Dec 5, 2015
  71. November 12, 2015

    Comments about this video:
    "I feel at home" bro it's a homeless challenge you're cheating! They should really call it houselessness because home's a state of mind. I was thinking about this recently if shit really hit the fan. Think it wouldn't be so bad I would just have to head south. However being old and homeless or female is probably an entirely different experience.. OMG two things that make me laugh. South park and Abdullah, thanks for always be a so logical but a funny cunt. When you found though pictures made me burst out laughing too funny..
    hey kunt…did you save the photos for the evening jackoff….or did you make porn pics from the stars….
    +Shaun Kearney actually i did click on that video, but he started it with that lip syncing shit, i cant watch that shit bro.
    In America the term in "residentially challenged" and homeless people are called "urban outdoorsman".
    I know this is just an experiment, but as I'm watching this, from Abdullah's perspective, seeing that BMW and that Range Rover made me a bit pissed at the world..
    Abdullah's squat form is shit bent the knee NOT yr back cunt. And y u look so sad bro its the smell, aye.

    Homeless Your taking the fucking piss out of genuine homeless people you dumb ozzy cunt,and not all homeless people are on crack pal!! See being homeless enables you to workout in the gym and ride a bling bike with your little friend who real homeless people don't have...THEY HAVE FUCK ALL!!!.
    yeah it's very different in America the cops constantly fuck with you and throw you in jail for any reason I will say that you don't have to dumpster dive for food here there's food everywhere available so if you're collecting cans it would be for other things by the way I would be terrified to sleep outside in Australia because of the spiders and other critters. I love this! I don't know how it is in Aus but here in Norway it is really easy to find good food in dumpsters, maybe something to try next time.
    damn you can make 10 $ a day homeless O_O I only spend like 5 € a day on food, I could eat like a king on that amount.

    Homelessness is VERY different in America... they fucking throw families out on the street these days....

    "Bums have friends, bro " haha this is a great video. I can't put myself in that position and wonder why all homeless people don't do the same because their circumstances may be different they might be ill, etc. but this is a good example to set man about living simply.
    fuck me being afraid of traveling the world lmao I'm just gonna go through some bins and shit and I'm good to go :D.
    "I'm gonna fuck knock back some bread, I'm gonna look at the stars. I'll probably jack off" haha classic, so honest.
    Watched this twice... Just love it... You are even more impressive when you smile Abdullah... Just LOVE WATCHING YOUR VIDEOS... Titty twist Lol ha ha.
    ABDULLAH ZEINAB serious question, would you happen to know how many vegans speak Arabic Roughly.. like no-one or 10 or 100, a thousand, million etc. Please advise..

    You could suck off a few gay blokes if you're really having a bad time. If you were a woman or gay, you'd probably enjoy it. Win Win..


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  72. November 21, 2015

    Comments about this video:

    +Christian Claudio Where the heck ARE you I know it's one of those old 'technically the law but it never comes up' sort of things but here in Canada, there's an old law that makes it illegal to purchase something for over a certain amount in just pennies (though obviously an even MORE obsolete law, considering we've phased the penney out of our currency system like several other countries)..
    Don't ever work on market stores like Safeway or Walmart... Just don't✋🏾it's the worst job(s) you'll ever get. (Experienced customer service before xp ). +ItsSannee I like to smile at ppl to make there day better but when i dont feel like it i dont but now i just smile unless angry. I had to ask the cashier the price of a item because someone literally took off or painted the bar codes and I am wondering how the f**k does someone paint and rip on barcodes in a said to be a "high security" store some bokes were freaking mangled and ripped up.. domics I love you so much. anyway I know this might be late..but your YouTube video are sooooooooooo funny and sometimes. sad thanks.
    I remember at my old job at a mega krogers, there was a foreign woman that stopped me and asked if she could get a discount on a box of tissues because there a small dent mark on the box..
    +GamingHappens I work in a deli, and once, years ago, I got a customer who wanted a discount on a barbeque chicken because one wing had fallen off. It wasn't missing, just sitting on top of it, so it still technically had both its wings, but one had detached. When I declined to discount, he walked off annoyed. The next customer in line asked what was wrong with the chicken that made him want a discount, and when I told him he laughed and said 'I would have paid to see him eat it without removing the wings' and then we both giggled imagining him trying to down a whole chicken in one bite.. That wasn't a sale item, that was a clearance item. Sales pricing is temporary, but Clearance pricing doesn't go back to the original price.
    +TheKyleDavid i know, but sometimes there are "take an extra __% off" sales and some people might want to confirm the final price with a salesperson.
    I work in fast food, and I hate it when some bastard pays for a $15 order with a $100 bill. Way to take all the change dirt bag.. Sometimes its the only bill they have. I was with my dad at a bakery and he only had a 100$ bill. The guys were struggling to exchange it. But because the employees knew us, they payed it the day after. See We're not dirtbags..
    No, there is not. If you order something from the "secret Starbucks menu" I guarantee all the employees will hate you. Including me..
    You worked at Marshalls Me too! Unfortunately, I think my town's store was full of employees who did NOT like me, so it ended up causing me more stress than anything, and I had to quit. But heyyyyyyy haha.
    My grandpa does this... every time... even worse, when something is more expensive than he would like, he goes into a 10 minute rant with the closest 17-year-old employee he can find, who literally has absolutely NOTHING to do with the pricing. I love my grandpa, and he's not a bad person (he just has a complete lack of social antennas), but I can't help but think he's a dick every time we're out...

    If i was ever in a store. I would haggle the fuck out of the owner to get a good price, cause fuck the original price..

    Where has this YouTuber been in my binge watchings in YouTube! 😀 I've used to work recently at Forever21 and somehow I mostly have the experience coming from his stories that are soo related. Nice job and keep it up 😊👏🏾👏🏾👍🏾. +Domics.
    +Natali Cat a retail store is a normal store :) it's the one that sells new items from their own brand, whereas a thrift store is one that sells used items..
    "Hey, wasn't that guy here yesterday" Seriously XDDDDDD Dom-kun, thank you for the story!! XDDDD.
    "That shirt used to be 25 now it is 5, just like your IQ" That cracked me up ( not literally ). do people actually do that where they come in multiple times just to see if the shirt price will magically change the next day. I work in my stores electronics section and I always hate it when someone tries to haggle me for a lower price. I mean, if you come in the store with proof that a different store is selling it AS A REGULAR PRICE I'd be glad to match the price. If a store is having a sale on that item, I can't price match it. No matter how much your stupid little mind argues with me, that's just not how it works. If you find a product on the wrong spot on the shelf, I CANNOT SELL IT TO YOU FOR THE PRICE OF THE SPOT ITS ON!!! THE PRICE WE SET FOR IT IS THE PRICE I SELL IT FOR! I DON'T CARE IF YOU FOUND A LAPTOP CHARGER ON A HOOK THAT SAYS ITS $20! ITS ACTUAL PRICE IS $50! JUST BECAUSE SOME STUPID CUSTOMER TOOK IT OFF THE SHELF AND WAS TOO LAZY TO STICK IT BACK WHERE IT BELONGS ITS PRICE IS STILL 50 FUCKING DOLLARS!.
    +Ali Alomari If you are gonna do a comment like this, don't do it in the latter half of the last month of the year :P.
    What's ur lowest price He might asking what's the lowest price for this shirt size Still stupid question :/.
    i work at a fabric store and sometimes people will say shit like "this is wrinkled, therefore it is damaged and i dont want it" or "there is a tiny flaw in this that nobody can see so i want a discount." sorry, i dont have that power. i cant just give you a discount because you want one..
    I would like to argue and say this is racist, but as a Chinese this is a fairly accurate stereotype.. I guess the video about increasing the price to lower it back and call it "discount" will have to wait for another time.. "Ah,you are a worthy opponent.I will reward you with a discount." Laughed so hard my stomache just tuned up the pain from 1000000 to 1000000000000000000.
    thank you.. i work at a well known AUTO parts store and i run in to this kinda thing all day every day altho we price match i have a hard time believing customers when they say that 142.99 alternator for a 08 escalade is 42.00 at blank or when they come in have me spend 10 min looking up the stuff they need get a print out go home get all the stuff online (with part numbers i provide) for a small discount robing me of the sale.
    My mum does this all the time XD she is like THE SEWING IS WRONG DISCOUNTTTTTTTTTTTTT she searches everything for a good 20 minutes . My dad does this and so do I hahaha my dad likes to do it will phones but when he does it his noses flares hahaha it's sooo funny. Poor dumbass: Hello can I plz buy your 3DS XL for $10 Me in my mind: you f*cking idiot you know how much money it cost Poor dumbass:PLS or $5 Me: shut your mouth I know it's not a joke cuz it's not April fools and IM NOT THAT DUMB U CHANGE UR PRICE LOWER!!!! Poor dumbass: April fools! Me:... checks ipad YOU CALL IT APRIL FOOLS IN JUNE 17TH.
    I have been watching your videos for three days now and I just got why this video is called ReTales. like retail, but tales of a story. lol..

    I love the little "yup" at the end of some of your videos, theres a little chip in my funny bone where they fit perfectly.

    Always get the customers who are like, "Oh, you're throwing that away Such waste, shamefur dispray. I'll but it 50% off", and it's like, I legally cannot sell you this fruit, stop trying to convince me..
    I had this one lady who came in and wanted a 50% discount on a shirt that was like 30$. We had certain colors of that shirt go on sale, but not the color she wanted. I explained this to her the first day. She came in for four days back to back asking what the price was and why it wasn't on sale like the others that were in clearance where she DID NOT pick up that shirt. I guess she thought I wasn't the same girl she talked to from day one about this shirt, but unfortunately for her, I was the newest employee there and even I wasn't putting up with her bullshit. She eventually stopped coming, and that shirt Didn't go on sale for 3 moths after that. Sad t say, she wasn't the last. Hate those people.. My dad works at Zara,and you dont even know what happened: they had sales for a shirt. a woman came with a pair of jeans and said "alright i see you have sales" "yes mam but for those shirts over there" "no,you have them for these jeans" "no mam" "DONT LIE TO ME" like wtfi was visiting my dad so i SAW IT HAPPEN.. I got McDonald's today with my mum and sister. I ordered the cheddar bites with my meal, I saved them for last and I opened the bag only to find the dumb guy who put our meal in the bag gave me chicken nuggets in a bag. Money is better when you get from a man who barely knows English and says sorry more than it rains in England..
    I've actually used parts of your discount rant to customers at my work as well when they start trying to barter with me. It helps a lot actually... sometimes..

    I love watching your ReTales, as someone who works in retail, it's sad how universally true these stories can be..
    One time when I was working at a retail shop, this one customer came in that was even stupider than this one. He came in and I asked, "Hello, how may I help you" He then said, "Uhh, how much is this shirt" He pointed at a shirt that was, well, used to be, 50 dollars. Obviously, that was WAY to expensive, so it was now 25. Yet, he looked at it, and said, uhh, your store says that everything was 20% off. Ok, either this guy didn't know what sales are, or he was just plain idiot. 50 dollars to 25 is WAY more than 20%, but as Domics said, they'll persist! After I explained to them that the shirt was already knocked down way more than 20%, he looked at the price tag for about 5 seconds, and walked out the door. Sigh...luckily some other guy came and offered to buy full price! What a champ..

    Acai ultima discounts - Buy Products In Best Vito - Dec 27...
  73. December 24, 2015

    Comments about this video:

    +adi more because she converted 20 percent into a decimal, the formula is like this ; percentage divided by 100.
    Wouldn't it actually be $78.40 because you can't subtract 2 from 0 to get a positive so you would have to take off the digit in the hundreds place, make the tens place a nine and the ones place a 10 and then subtract from left to right. - 6th Grader. I think that would be the correct answer. THANK YOU SO MUCH! You guys cleared math up soooooo much better than my math teacher. I have a good feeling I'm going to pass my math test now! :D. Those guys are the best. They made me love math. I downloaded their app since i am preparing for Accuplacer. .
    I really love this channel. You make everything very clear, and you go at a slow pace, unlike a lot of other math video makers, who just talk extremely fast and i just get confused. Thanks a lot. God bless you..

    I like this channel, it helps. I was confused in this topic and I saw this video at Google and became really helpful! TY :).
    easy on the marker lady that shits gonna be a dud in T - 5 lectures.. School funding for aggressive marker users is a serious money issue PSHHH bitch prob kills 3 a day hahahahaha. Worst teacher on earth lol. Shows everything but the important part, the calculation. Bet all her students are dole bludgers today lol..
    this always helps when i forget the lesson, but i have to skip so many parts cause u taaalllkkk sooooo sloowwwllyyy.
    Thats funny anyway although Maths is sonetimes challenging yet just practice practice and practice its one of the subjects thats NEEDED so work with it hey if you fail an Exam try again have a great Sunday. FUCK THIS LADY I HATE U GET HIT BY A CAR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! SUCK A DICK FUCKING WHORE U MAKE NO SENSE UR GOING TO MAKE ME FAIL MY TEST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! FUCKING FAGGOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! DICKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKK . what about this : a aweater at 25% off the original price of 19.95,jeans that are 15% off the original price 49.99,shoes that are 40% off the original price of 52.00.Watt is the total amount of tashanas purchase including a 6% sales tax help . Apart from the fact imo her demina is contresending belittleing and patronising ver voice just makes my ears hurt and puts me off concentration nothing personal here although her demina shows to me she shouldnt be a teacher The guy in these videos on the other hand has no such apparent demina and his voice to me at least is far less annoying The lessons themselves are good and well structured though. I got it so discount means original number times by rate and to find the sale price you minus your original number minus your answer..
    2 failmeister51 Its easy, ok first, you find the discount right. So the ACTUAL price is 110.50 and the discount percentage is 20% So therefore, you just do 110.50 over 100 x 20 % = 22.1 So that is your discount = 22.1 And obviously, when something is on sale, the sale price is lower than the original right. SO you just 110.50 - 22.1 = which gives you 88.4. So that is your sale price. .

    If it wasn't for these guys, I sure might have flunked my Algebra Tests so freakin bad, worse than others. I am so thankful cause last summer I was sitting in front of the computer, watching their videos and taking notes. I'm doing well in Algebra class now ~ I would say my average grade went from low D to 1 point away from an A.

    2 4everPandaLover for TIPS do the same as the first step.. but for the SALE PRICE us ADDITION instead of SUBTRACTION! EASY... aGAIN!.
    Exactly what I came here for :P when you don't know how to solve a problem just go to youtube...not a teacher..
    In 3 min my teacher just looking for his pen to write But in here 3 min 1000 student like me get A+ .
    my back is sore. hit the gym yesterday doing drop sets. heavy with low reps to light with high reps. i was checking out this hot babe's ass. motivation to hit the gym you know. i wanted to dig my face into it, but i didn't want to disrespect or interrupt her workout. = /.
    You Can Still Learn It In 240p You Just Are Complaining About The Graphics...See What I Did Here....
    Andrea ordered a computer on the internet. The computer costs $1,400 plus 7.5% sales tax. What was the total amount Andrea paid for her computer.
    Omg ! Thank you soo much ! All of your videos I have watched helped me ! My teacher makes it soo complicated, and confusing, but you are like great ! Thanks again ! Now I understand how to do this crapp !.

    2 failmeister51 EASY! Multiply the REGULAR PRICE with the PERCENTAGE%... the answer= DISCOUNT! Then, you subtract the REGULAR PRICE with the DISCOUNT (YOUR ANSWER FROM THE MULTIPLICATION) and the answer from that = the SALE PRICE! I used to have an F in math too.. but i raised to A+ in less then a month! HONOR ROLL 2 TRIMESTERS! XD.

    Acai ultima discounts - Buy Products In Best Vito - Dec 27...
  74. January 20, 2016

    Comments about this video:

    Duramale discounts - Buy Products In Vito Mol - Dec 5, 2015
  75. November 30, 2015

    Comments about this video:

    Can you help me for my math homework EG. A HOUSE SOLD FOR 340 000, NOW IT IS SOLD FOR 280 000. WHAT IS THE PERCENT REDUCED FROM THE ORIGINAL PRICE .
    +Viet Dang The amount reduced was 60,000, so the question is: 60K is what percentage of the original price (340K) So, if you follow the script from the video, 60K/340K=x/100. If you cross multiply to solve for x, you get 340,000x=6,000,000. Or, more simply put (remove 4 zeroes from both sides): 34x=600. Divide both sides by 34, and you get x=17.65%. I know it is probably too late for this to help, but I wanted you to see how your situation could be turned into a question that relates to the video. Thank you for commenting!. Wow! This was the easiest bit of note taking! Great way of explaining it too! My semester exam is coming up and this was the best video I have seen so far.. +AwesomeKat Wizard That is so cool! Thanks for taking the time to comment. Let me know if there's anything coming up that you need help with and I'll make a new one for you. You rock!.
    thanks for sure dude ima get A on my test and leave my parents with heart attack about amazing it's was.

    Very helpful Sir, I'm so horrible at math, its like my brain shuts down whenever I problem solve and multiply as well as add and subtract too. All of the above really. Whenever I subtract I have to use my fingers becuz I cant figure it out in my head. Idk why but I've always had this problem since I was a child. This was very helpful to me and I understood it. Thanks man..

    +MinecraftGamers4 Thank you so much! I'm glad it was helpful for you! Let me know if there are any other topics or problems you'd like some help with. Thanks for watching!.

    LOL. laughing at myself because I used this mental method when shopping at the store to determine my discount..
    AsaultUnit14, what your replying IS the traditional method, I know becuz I always had trouble remembering the steps for the traditional method. The teacher explained that in the 1st method and then explained his easier ,quicker and better way to calculate for discounts in the 2nd method.. hi! its really helpful to see your discount method calc. it wil be great if you can help me with the following question Selling an item for $1800 at a discount of 10% a shop keeper had a gain of $200. Had he sold the item without discount the percentage of profit would have been The options i have got are 10, 20, 30 and 40%.. THANK YOU SO MUCH. I have a test soon and I was absent for some days of school while they were explaining this and I thought I was gonna fail but now I get it. :D. Math & I have never got along. You made this sooooo understandable. Thank you so very much! :-) I had no prob's figuring out the first prob. but the second one had me stumped a bit because I was dealing with an 8. I seem to have major prob's w/ multiplying anything over 5. :-( How I chose to solve the second prob. was take 10% of $75 and then double it for 20%. Then I subtracted that amount from $75. It worked much better for me than trying to figure out what 8 x 75 was. Sad, I know, but true! .
    Do you mean "where did X come from" If so, x just represents some unknown number, like in a problem when it asks you to figure out "how much did Eric save", x represents that number, which is unknown at the time. It's the thing you are solving for. If you really mean "how did I solve for x", just watch the video again and check out the steps. Thanks for watching !!.
    Thanks for watching, I'm glad it helped. Let me know if there's any other topic you'd like to see on my channel. Thanks again!. Thank you so much this video helped out alot. I'm getting ready to take the ASVAB test again and percentages are on the test. .
    2 AsaultUnit14 What you are describing is the "Traditional Method" that I outline to begin with(.30 is the same as the fraction I show).Doing the "Percent ON" method gets you to the answer faster.What I am teaching here is not how to do an algorithm with a calculator, but how to figure out the sale price using mental math. Mentally, it is simpler to subtract from 100 than it is to take two steps to multiply to get the discount and subtract from the original price. Hope that helps! :-).

    Thanks so much i was stuck because im on independent study and my book was driving me CRAZY! This makes it so much easyer thank you! -Daniel.
    Sure ! Set it up just like in the video: "$45,000 is 1 % of what number" So 45,000/x = 1/100. Cross multiply, and you get 4,500,000 = x, so the store's profit was $4.5 million. Does that make sense Thanks for watching !.
    Even though that is so obvious in hind sight a lot of us did not think about it..Genius for doing a video on it, great refresher!.
    Could you please help me with this problem a store donated $45,000 to a college. this amount was 1%of the stores profit. What was the stores profit. Sweet! I'm so glad you liked it and it made sense for you. Let me know if there is another topic you'd like to have explained and I'll do my best to post one. Take care!.
    Thanks Rachelle ! Let me know if there's anything else you could use some help with. Have a great day !.
    Oooooooooooooohhh!!!!!! I rewinded the video at least ten times...yeah the second versions awsome. SUBSCRIBED!. Taylie15, thank you for taking the time to comment. I'm stoked that one of my videos could help you out! Let me know if there's something else you're having trouble with and I'll see what I can do. Have a great day!.

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  76. December 13, 2015

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    why cant you break it down so i can see not just hear you speak sir you got me confused on the whole thing !!!!!.
    I have some problems with math problems and arithmatic math from the asvab book is there any way u can show me some examples of thoses question in your terms .
    If I may suggest that there is a waaaaayy much easier way to do this : it goes like so: ($20x20%)/100. Simply what you do to find the percentage is you multiply the price with the percentage then divide the answer by 100, you'll then get how many dollars are 20%. Try it :). woow its great thanks for uploading its help me more even than school and college teachers... . Then of course when you find that 20% of $20 are $4, you simply subtract the percentage you found $4 from the original price $20. What you will have to pay is: $20-$4=$16..

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    Minha Flor...você como sempre maravilhosa né!!!! Parabéns pelos vídeos adoro estar na sua companhia, alegra meu dia, bjsssss!!!!!. Nossa..Não dá nem pra acreditar eu fazendo compras sem tumulto de gente e sem correria, e o melhor de tudo baratinho...adoro essas lojas..terapia..kkk.
    E não é para ficar maluca e pirada mesmo!!! Ansiosa pelo post com as suas compras Aline! Para próxima ida a Orlando será parada obrigatória! Beijos.
    Fico sonhando de um dia tai, pra viver tdo isso q vcs q estao ai vivem, enquanto for um sonho distante...faz videos de casas pra alugar classe media te agradeço.abraço!. Meo Deusssss mlr!!!!! Tava malucaaaaa por esse vídeo!!!!! Apaixonada é a palavra!!!! Amoooooo essas blusinhas para sair mas a vontade e com esse preço mais aindaaaa. Lá na ROSS comprei um montão de blusinhas sem ter necessariamente marcas famosas por 10, 8,7 dólares. Vou super Amarrrr!!!! Pedindo a Deus para que aconteça um milagre e o dólar baixe e que eu tenha R$ para poder viajar. Kkkkkkkkkkkkk!!!! Sou como vc Aline, bem centrada e não gasto com facilidade. Faço a Benedita conversão em tudoooo!!!! N sei se isso é correto, mas c o dólar caro como tá n me arrisco a n fazer, tem que compensar vc n concorda Amei a loja e tudo que tem nela. Quase morri qndo vi uma mala g por 29.90 dólares, pode n ter a melhor qualidade, mas segura na viagem... Um beijão enorme e o vídeo ficou ótimo como Sempre!!!!! . Aeeeeeeeee... Olha a sessão masculina aí gente muito boa por sinal, a parte dos calçados me pareceu bem interessante... Obrigado por atender meu pedido.
    Muito injusto isso Aline, tem que fazer vídeo de comprinhas sim... Maridão prefere coisas de marca, mas eu como não ligo, já vi várias coisas interessantes... #maisvídeosdecomprinhasnoMalucas&Piradas... kkkkk beijos, Débora.
    Oi Aline me chamo Tatiana sou de Taubaté -SP ,estou assistindo seus videos,estou muito ansiosa porque em Setembro vou para Orlando naummmm vejo a hora.. Que demais essa loja, eu curti. Não achei nas cidades que visitei aí, é mais em Orlando Sou nova por aqui... Estou adorando. Beijos. Parabéns por mais um vídeo..Fui nessa loja e gostei muito..Comprei relógios lindos, numa caixinha de madeira com dois relógios, um masculino e outro feminino, por $12,00 e também como gosto da Hello Kitty, comprei da marca Sanrio, por $11,00. Vale a pena conhecer, como vc disse, ir com calma e garimpar...KKKK...bjs. Eu ameeeei essa loja 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻 Preços maravilhosos! Dps nos conta sobre a qualidade da roupa, como fica dps de lavar Obg pelo vídeo Aline! 😘😘😘😘. Faça um vídeo de duas horas no maior wAlmart de orlando mostrando principalmente com calma os doces, coisas da Disney, material escolar, malas, mochilas, roupas, brinquedos, partes de pesca e etc . Aline, digo apenas que COM CERTEZA irei visitar esta loja! Não ligo para marcas, e adoooro uma pechincha.. Aine na sua opinião qual é o melhor lugar para comprar mala boa e com preço razoável Da pra ver nos seus videos que a maioria das lojas vendem malas, fiquei curiosa. Bjs!. Aline, eu quero saber se vc faz roteiro de viagem e qual o valor pra 20 dias, e se vc faz dia de compras para essas lojas mais baratas, pois não ligo a mínima pra marca, só quero roupas de qualidades melhores e baratas, qual o valor do dia de compras, como funciona o dia de compras .
    +Priscilla Kiss Pinter Oi amore, os serviços são oferecidos pela nossa empresa M&P Imports através do site ok! :) Bjobjobjo.
    Parabéns pelo trabalho Aline! A cada vídeo percebo seu carinho e dedicação pra trazer informações aos seus seguidores! Sempre nos ajudando com suas dicas! Bjo grande.
    E a curiosidade pra ver o que você comprou fica como Hahaha poste logoo! 😊 ameei seu outro video de comprinhas dessa loja! Ja coloquei na minha lista de lojas pra ir! Sucesso line! Um beeijoo ❤️❤️.
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    Olha que tem bastante gente querendo vídeos maiores hein!!!! Isso é um ótimo sinal... Acho q tu vai ter q atender nosso pedido heheheheheh.

    +charlene penha Os últimos tiveram quase meia hora. Acho que é um tamanho muito bom...esse ficou menor porque não tinha tanto conteúdo mesmo entende! :) Bjs.
    muito legal, também não ligo para marca, no caso de achar roupa de marca ai tem perigo de ser falsificada não ligo para marcas, mas não gosto de usar coisa que esta na cara que não e original, parece que lindo tanto para marca que compro mesmo sem ser original só para usar sabe hahaha.

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  78. October 30, 2015

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    it did help me i thought it was going to be boring but it was helpful and dislike like people are hater!!!! .

    Male Size Enlargement - Jan 20, 2016
  79. December 11, 2015

    Comments about this video:

    Tomorrow is my Birthday as well as Thanksgiving! Thank you guys for your support. A 50K special and giveaway are underway..
    This needs to stop. I love that valve cares but this is just like adding another layer of padding on your protective gear when you go bicycling. We cannot be silent on this. We must let valve know that this will be destructive to the trading community. It doesn't even work. You can sometimes get phones extremely cheap and then phishers can just spend a few bucks to bypass this faulty security. There's a point where safety is too safe.. +HRPrimeGaming you don't only send one trade offer for one item. Youre supposed to send multiple offers to many traders just to trade an item. Once one of the traders accepted the trade, cancel the other trades. Its only hard if the only thing you know is complain and whine about how things aren't in your favour. This system is good. Its for our own good. So scammers wont have a single chance in scamming you.
    +Pan Domenium Scammers couldn't steal accounts anyway as long as you had the email or mobile authenticator. I don't just sell stuff in bulk. Mostly the stuff I sell is gun mettle skins. I don't want to wait for days for this small amount of profit. No body does. I can't also get enough profit in a trade to justify the wait..
    +razor1115 I dislike you people consoles aren't bad not good and steam is shit and amazing gaben is being an overprotective mother. +Dr Medic's Game Surgery With Google+, you could've said so, there's no way of seeing if you're first or last ;p.
    +TheUnknownVenom i just hit newest comments and scrolled to the bottom and this was the 5th, but isee your point. Anyway im not a big fan of this new mobile stuff seeing as i have a brick nokia.
    But do I have an option to turn off the stupid "get a code from my phone EVERY TIME I log into steam" I don't always have my iPad on me, and what happens when it dies What happens if it gets broken What happens if I can't get on my iPad for whatever reason What then Can I just not get on my steam account If so, there's no way I'm doing this. I've been done with trading for months now anyways, so it's not that big of a deal.. You retard. They have a fucking back up code. If it's broken, you can remove the authenticator with the back up code. You think valve is as idiotic as you.
    well that discount is great and all but... if you activate this you have to log in every time with a code when you start up steam. problem is: my smartphone barely has any connection for SMS and stuff. So it would be a pain in the Arse for me..
    I tought they can send them when you use a internet connection. And you will need a internet connection if you want to sign in on your steam acc in your pc right Sorry if theres any mispoken/typo/grammar/spelling mistakes..
    I feel like this will only cause people to raise the prices of items and only make mobile viable. I don't think TF2 keys have ever gone above 2.50..
    I'll be honest, about 5 months ago when I found out about steam having an authenticator, I picked it up as soon as I could. It is quite possibly the best authenticator I have seen. If you don't have it I would recommend that you do get it if you can. However, there is no reason that Valve should be doing this shit to get it out there.. I will try to get this mobile authenticator to work on my phone. Last time it didn't work, so I will try again..
    Haha It's 5% for everything Except items that are 3 Cents. therefore the 33% discount. :) Biggest discount you can get is $20 off a $400 item. there's almost no noticeable difference in price..
    +Mr Quiggles42 Well I guess I meant "Cheaper" (that probably made me sound like a jerk idk) There are some 20USD Unusuals that you could buy at a lower price. Also $2.27 Mann Co keys YES. As someone who only uses steam market, this excites me. I hope there will be more steam market sales in the future. How to bypass steam moble authenticator: I just wanna throw this out there, there is an android emulator called BlueStacks that you can use to download the steam app if you don't have a phone..
    Not bad. Most scammers are fcked now. This will also affect all those skin gambling and betting sites, I guess..
    The discounts aren't really that great. If valve "discounts" the items 5-33%, people are just gonna raise the price 5-33% to get a better profit.. Yeah... No. I personally think trading's been fine as is. Sure, scams and phishing are a thing, but they're both avoidable. I'm 100% against the idea of normal trades taking three days because I can't afford a phone. I have no idea why Valve's doing this, and I think this is just stupid, but, hopefully Valve sees what happens when users begin to go elsewhere because of the broken trading system.. Have you not heard of the exploit that can be done while you trade The exploit is that you can force trade the items without the user knowing. For example: lets say you wanted to trade your unusual for keys. And then you accepted that scammers trade request. And the next thing you know, your unusual is gone. So yeah. Some scams and phishes are unavoidable. Pls do your research before talking. Youre making yourself look like an idiot.
    Wow. I was just stating my opinion. I may look like an idiot, but you've just made yourself look like a douche. Hope you sleep well tonight, dickbag..
    You can't even do it on an apple tablet, since it simply requires a phone number for confirmation, which an ipad doesn't have, even with the app.
    +MLG Swaggermon It was a legit question. I have alot of iTunes money, and I thought you might be able to use that money to put money on steam VIA app..

    Venom, I dont know if this is rare or anything but I unboxed this less then an hour ago Mercs mowhawk. Tradable in a week. Its effect is P. Confetti..
    I think valve is going to far with this steam protection stuff. Just cause the 3. Year olds that play these games on steam a sad that they lost there items in a trade..
    I have a flagship lumia phone so fuck you valve I don't mind getting the app, but its not on windows phone.

    Since Gaben got into vacataion. he just returned to valve. and i guess they made the party into discounts. I JUST HEARD IT FROM PEOPLE. DON'T JUDGE ME IF THIS IS COMPLETELY FALSE..

    Yeah I did connect my phone and now I use the community market for the next week... sneaky bastards.

    I understand the protection, and it does seem like an ok idea. However, some people aren't ok with giving their phone number to Valve, and I still don't want, something that has saved me hours of trading time, to go away.

    Yes, I have a smartphone and an iPad the only problem is my FUCKING PHONE NUMBER DOESNT WORK. IT JUST SAYS BAD PHONE NUMBER OR DOESNT LET ME PRESS NEXT. FUCK YOU VALVE. I contacted steam support, but we all know how useless that is.

    idk what I think about this, on the one hand, DISCOUNTS!!! But I am a little suspicious of the motivation valve offers. Seems like they want your phone number. I don't want to call illuminati conspiracy on this... but it seems kind of fishy, especially b/c Gabe isn't a hot blonde you met at a party....
    I don't think there is a use for this discounts. There are just unfair. So if you want to safe your acount then do it but getting punished for not having a iphone or android is just fucked up....
    As far as convenience goes, the mobile trading is super nice. I was pleasantly surprised as to how much quicker the app is compared to the emails as far as accepting a trade notification. I still don't agree with the three day waiting period for those who can't get the app, but those who can, I would recommend it solely for the security and added speed to accepting trades if you have steam guard on..
    the ironic thing is is that I just got out of a hijack about 3 days before they announced they will be adding escrow trades. Sorry guys. Wait if you set it up does it restrict the market or trading for a week like if you log on a new device. Thanks to all the idiotic 12 year olds who kept getting scammed out of their items and now we're getting this shitty system implemented..
    +TheUnknownVenom thanks for the vid was super concered if this was going to mess with my trading until after the 16th. BTW happy belated birthday.
    If you play csgo or tf2, you most likely have a cell phone or tablet. If you have a windows phone, that's your fault..
    Do you know how to get a small and thin white circle around your crosshair Cuz I relaly want one u know =P.
    I like it just because it shuts down on scammers really hard. Nearly all dodgy cash trade scams will be shut down because of this and it ultimately makes the risk of scam that much smaller. I feel so many people are overlooking the positive impact to this change because they're a lazy shit who doesn't want to pull out their phone, which they probably use all day anyway. Just my thoughts. ¯\(ツ)/¯.
    You need a phone only with a contract so anyone without a contract and someone without a phone is screwed.

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