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  1. December 19, 2015

    Comments about this video:

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  2. December 22, 2015
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  3. December 16, 2015
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  4. December 15, 2015
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  5. December 14, 2015

    Comments about this video:

    I prefer an anime version of gumball than the current one... anyone else here that shares my opinions .
    +teddymurphy95 You shouldn't have put your faith in humanity in the first place. Humans are stupid.. To all the 1 guy > 1 studio comments I know most of them are jokes but to the ones that aren't, at least one studio is faster and is using it's own art style. I love animes to death a lot more than cartoons but comparing 1 guy who probably took a month or two to do this while a studio can make videos up the wazoo. Quality > Quantity but sometimes you need to sacrifice Quality for Quantity.. This video was so well put together. The only thing wrong with this. Is the comments. most of them are so Anime bias and it's so sad. Because they shoot down american animations like it's easy to do. Just because they're not properly portioned they jump to the anime side. God awful comments like "OH MY GOD THIS IS SO BETTER IN ANIME" get 1000s of pluses, while "I like the original unique style" get nothing. that's why most anime fans are so looked down on, you guys are just so bias nobody gives a fuck about your opinion anymore. There is a reason people who have doen both styles of animation can appreciate both sides. The orginal is unique, they use so many styles of animation in this show. If it was an anime the "Amazing world" of Gumball wouldn't be so amazing, or unique. Get off the anime ban wagon both styles take time, and effort to create..
    +EpicSonicSkillz sorry, but I beliece almost everyone as some sort of pervetion, and his goes towards fictional charaters, and he has a separeted() blog for that stuff, and if I'm not wrong he usually doesn't put it together with his normal art(if so, he usually tags it as 18+) so...idk, I haven't saw much of him in a long time, so I don't know if anything changed.(I didn't even know about that AT game XD).

    This is the dumbest comment chain i've ever seen, if everybody is joking then it's hard as shit to tell either way. The first comment is of course though..
    Flame war time! Anime style is stupid, Japan is limiting itself to one art style while America does any unique art style it wants.. You can work in a major animation studio mike :D maybe open your own too! From what I see your amazing at what you do and I am sure you can easily make it to the top...of the fridge. And also the industry. I say anime is better it just seems collet because gum ball is a neko who looks like naruto am I the only one who thinks that. Tl;DR the jokes work way better with human looking characters. Why couldn't this show have gone for traditional rather than awkward quirky weirdness for weirdness sake The more I watch this and the actual show I start, to find gumballs animation crowded, over complicated and ugly. THey have 15 people that take photos then edit them so they fit the role the the story borders outlined. It was cool at first but the more I watch the show I realise that it is a weird novelty had it's kinda painful on the eyes after a while. Looking at the backgrounds simplified and re-drawn so they fit the style of the characters is just nicer to look at. Also the physical comedy in the show works infinitely better when you can tell what the bodies actually are. Not only that but it allows for more detail in the humour. The Glasses gag is a perfect example. 0:47 The show proper does this in 2 seconds, 2 frames. there is no setup, and you can't identify any of the principal's features at all. the gag just happens too quick that you can only look back on the joke and think...wait wut next joke quick quick!! The extra few frames and inclusion of actual character design in the re-deux however gives a clear idea of who this guy is in frame one. While not the actual character, the framing here gives this guy A serious "villain in glasses" serious business type. We've all seen the flourish, hair twirl and taking the glasses off to represent "serious business" going down. (set up in other words, A.K.A planting). When were he still has his glasses and have a second to notice the gag, we have our expectation of dramas subverted with silliness, (pay off).. The left one is something I would just flick the channels thru without thinking The right one is something I would pass the channel by accident and fervently scroll the channel list back just to find it again like a mad man. Original is better imo cuz they have more wacky faces that would still suit the characters unlike in anime which I think is not easy to pull off.. Anime is better why better graphics looks cooler and more detail and it's human and if you guys are 18 or older you should go watch the anime akame ga kill . +Rikka Zuki lol, no one gets he is implying that because he is suppose to represent godzilla, aka gojira who is not a human XD.
    +TheFoolArcana Quit trying to make someone who's stating their opinion feel like an idiot for their bad spelling..
    i wish my little sister was like... shit forgot her name, but i want a little sister like that, now imagine if she was gumballs age... WAIT DON'T!!!!!.
    For some reason...I love that Darwin is black, Maybe because his voice actor is... Or he just feels "right" with that skin tone.

    I honestly y hought he rehashed the background. but after watching yhe comparison side by side I have a whole new level of respect now. Well done, sir..
    I have to admit, that was very clever. The way of you animating it as an anime is really awesome. This should happen on Cartoon Channels all over the world.. I feel liiiiiike... Obviously Gumball as Naruto aaaaaaand... Tobias as Kiba Idk... Does eyes doe ㄷㅅㄷ. And when I first saw Gumball in a wig in the anime version I'm like "Who's that Is that his cousin or something, Darwin too" Then I watched the original one and I'm like "OOOOOOHHHH... What It... But... Anime confuzled meh ".
    1 mistake is that in the original the eye was their not the ghost, but in anime theirs a ghost not an eye.
    +Blade The Daywalker "Holy s***.. You're really real!" Damn!!.. That would be epic lol ^_^. Let me make one thing clear Mike. You are more than welcome to make fanart. You are more than welcome to take someone else's idea and strangle and mangle and warp into your own twisted version of that idea. Everyone has made fanart, i'm no exception. But you are more than welcome to make garbage. But... When you start selling those ideas for money... When you take copyright material for projects that people PAY you to make, indirect or otherwise without permission from the copyright holders or the original artist... You truly deserve to have your hands broken. You did not list, either here or your deviantart account or your patreon that you had actually gotten any permission from CN or the creator to make this for profit. And this is LISTED IN YOUR PATREON AS A PAID PRODUCT!!! You may have not answer me before Mike but you WILL answer me now! Did you get permission to do this.

    DuraMale Reviews - Is DuraMale a Scam?
  6. December 12, 2015
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  7. December 11, 2015
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  8. December 20, 2015
    Duramale - Effectively Treat Premature Ejaculation and Enjoy Pleasurable... The product is totally superior in comparison to other PE treatments given below:. i7
    Duramale Pills
  9. December 9, 2015

    Comments about this video:

    +Mabirc The ipad 1 is the strongest in my opinion. I dropped it from about 4 feet on a brick floor face first with no case and it survived with almost no damage (I didn't do it on purpose)..

    +Ttomisabeast Lol you have the same case as me, great case i had a dirt bike wreck and the phone went flying and hit the concrete on 3 corners but the phone was completely fine not so much for the case tho.
    +Alaina Hunt don't get the 16gb variant of the ipod touch. you'll run out of space very quickly. and i mean VERY quickly. Was watching you in the browser but because you asked so nicely I logged in to YouTube just to leave you like!. +Elysiumbacon Air 2 was more of a minor upgrade though, not worth upgrading over the Air for the price. I got Air at launch and that was a huge upgrade from the first four, it was a complete redesign..
    I absolutely hate how slow my iPad 3 is nowadays. It was really exciting at first because it had the incredible retina display, but every iteration of iOS has made it tremendously slow. It's almost unusable..
    +spaceye Apple does that with all their products so you're forced to buy the new generation. It's too late now, but the only way to keep your Apple devices fast is to NOT update the software past 1, maybe 2 new iOS versions.. I have an iPad 2 (3G/Wi-Fi/64 GB/White) and I don't think that I'm going to change it, it's the best iPad ever for me.. I have an iPad Mini 1st generation. Do you think I should upgrade in summer 2016 It's really laggy and slow now. I barely use it because I used to use it for productivity..
    They should have stopped updating the 2 at iOS 7. Mines running iOS 8 and it slowed it down to a crawl. I'm not updating it to 9. I'm afraid it will make it unusable.
    +kelly tompkins I would advise a complete factory reset, of course back up your stuff before hand. But a fresh install usually increases performance..
    Hi, Can someone please help me. My iPhone 5 screen won't rotate. The accelerometer is fine. Even landscape apps like clash of clans are shown in portrait mode. I tried turning The orientation lock On And off but that doesnt do anything please help.

    haha no problem bro xD i was thinking too that my accellerometer exploded or something like that ahaha.

    Oh and also you are wrong about the iPad 3 specs, they are not the same as the iPad 2 as the IPad 3 has a more powerful better GPU chip in it to power the screen and double the RAM..
    +marksapollo You're right, the iPad 2 has the A5 CPU (the same as the iPhone 4S), and the iPad 3 has the A5X CPU.. We still have an iPad 2 and its sooooooooo fucking slow and shitty I want a new version so fucking bad. The charged jack is shit and dear God is it laggy as fuck.. How come that your iPad 2 is very slow My iPad 2 isn't slow at all, even my sister download some shits to my iPad and it doesn't lag..
    Why is the iPad Air score 2854 but it's says on the iPad 2654 Lmfao maybe iPad Air was the favourite iPad for him!.
    +amontes28 Because its a waste. When you drop thin aluminum and glass, things will break, dent and scratch. If you want to see things like this, go watch car crash videos. .
    +Danny Aguirre well im not apple pro ether but do you like to listen to music if you do i would recommend the ipod but if you were going to use to play games surf the internet than i would recommend a ipad air 2 if you were gonna have a budget than buy a ipod.

    Why is the iPad 1 camera black Oh yeah it has no camera at all By the way I'm watching this on an iPad mini 1 My mum has an iPad 2 My best friend has an iPad mini 2 check out his Chanel doggys gaming His dad has an iPad 1 Bye!.
    +EverythingTouhouPro-ject/Amaze20 Oh and my mum also has an iPhone 5© and my best friend's brother has an iPhone 5s.
    +DJ 4586 Oh and back to my sisters ipad: it keeps breaking without a reason. it currently has a blue screen issue (flickering).

    +Abdullah Abbas you sound stupid saying that it's impossible to have 6-10 thousand dollars in apple hand held devices....

    I am not happy with mine. Ohmost broken home button (mailfunctioning sometimes) slow downs and battery issues..
    +EverythingApplePro, in the newly updated version of GBA4iOS 2.1, I was playing a game and made a mistake, so I hit Load State and hit the last auto save. That auto save was a saved file of the beginning of the game, which had come up when I was first opening up the game before I hit load state and resumed from where I had left off. Now, all of my progress is lost. :( Please help!.
    I've got the IPad 3 and I've had it for 5 years and it's faster than the iPad mini 2 to turn on.
    I'm on my 4 right now I've had this for 2 years and it's amazing not even a broken screen once even if I dropped it a super high hight.
    aside from spec, size and color, all these ipads looks exactly the same don't you think so much for being "revolutionary".

    Hey EverythingApplePro, I don't know if this would be possible for you to do, but you should try to either drop test or water test each version of iPad. I think that would be something to see. :-).

    It's awesome how you did the set up with all the iPads. I own a iPad 2 and still use it like crazy. I also really like the design of the very first iPad it would be really cool if they came out with a new song pad that's similar to first ones design.

    I know exactly what you mean by the iPad 3 was the worst iPad ever made. I still kind of regret buying it when it first came out and I also remember how pissed off I was when a new one came out 6 months later. I got so frustrated with it especially when trying to play games on it (it is kind of impossible with all of the lag) that a couple of months ago I went out and bought an Air 2. The Air 2 is amazing and a lot better than the 3. You could probably call the iPad 3 the first iPad because it sucked so bad. Lol.
    I hope you keep making these videos and make more in the future because they are really interesting to watch to see how technology has advanced over the years. It is also interesting to see the design changes and also the speed tests between all of them. Excellent video that I enjoyed watching and am wondering how you had all of the iPad's attached like they were hanging from a wall..
    Yeah thats what happend to my old phone it started to get slow and old and it broke after 2 months but it was a crappy phone like a samsung 3..

    2 Matthew28845 hopefully I'll get my iPad 2 on iOS 8.0 to be jailbroken soon, but that's only going to be a reality if: 1) I sucessfully convince my dad that jailbreaking is completely safe (the last time I jailbroke was last July, it was actually my first time doing a jailbreak in my life, and that was without permission) 2) The time when Apple stops supporting the iPad 2 in iOS 9 is right around the corner.

    +5577ppTheWizard The Resolution will improve in few hours. When a video is publish on YouTube the resolution is low until later..

    I liked that picture so much I made it my home screen wallpaper on my original iPhone running iOS 3.1.3 😀.
    Have you noticed that every apple product that is the third generation is always the worst The iPad mini 3, the iPad three, the iPone three, and the third mac created.. Hi Philip can you tells us when Apple is going to close 9.1 Downgrade to 9.0.1 please I'm waiting for you ANSWER.
    Nice job. The iPad 1 lasts so long, my grandmother uses it to this day! I should say, the iPad Air is my favorite, because not only did they update the specs, the revamped the design completely to make it look sleek! The iPad pro is basically a computer so I wouldn't really count it in the comparison! Waiting for the iPad Air 3 so that I can upgrade!!! Thanks Again +Everything Apple Pro.
    I like the iPad Air 2 better only because of finger ID and ya the iPad Air pro seems like a rip off plus a 100 bucks for a damn pin. Every review of iPad mini 4 that I've seen the camera doesn't look as sharp as the other minis, colors don't stand out as well..

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  10. December 13, 2015
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  11. December 17, 2015
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  12. December 18, 2015
    Mar 5, 2013... Prexil free bottle, duramale vs prexil - compare duramale duramale is one of the only premature the only way to purchase duramale is through. i11
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  13. December 8, 2015

    Comments about this video:

    Luke Skywalker: You served with my father in the Special Editions War Obi-Wan Kenobi: Yes I was once a Character the same as your father was, George Lucas didn't know what the hell he wanted, one day we would wake up talking to a puppet the next day he was CGI...btw your dad built C3PO..I'm not shitting you that Gold Robot over there sitting next to you was built by your dad...Darth Vader the ruler of the Galaxy...SHIT! bad I wasn't suppose to tell you least not yet. Luke Skywalker: Ben I would like to go home now I'm not feeling so good. can you take me home Obi-Wan Kenobi: I would but your Uncle Owen and Aunt Beru are being slaughtered right now by Boba Fett...I'm not shitting you hes burning them right now and making it look like Stormtroopers who made it look like Sand People did it trust me the reader who is reading this right now just quickly got confused...lucky for them when they write me back in the comment box I will be able to prove it..
    +rogermurph101 ahh yeah thats true. They probably join for the saame reason most people join the military. It gets you fed and has some benefits.. +Brabbel93 I don't get it why they didn't use the same puppet from the original trilogy. Did they lose it somehow Did they think that Yoda would look so much older after two decades when he was like centuries old.
    Im Sorry for all the people who hate the CGI in star wars , but I'm totally sure that if George Lucas could repeat the original trilogy, he will use CGI in the 80% of the movies.
    +David F. "Almost no CGI." What Force Awakens has tons of CGI. What it doesn't do is abuse CGI like Lucas did..
    I'm sorry I prefer the cgi. People act like cgi is just some magical template that only takes 5 mins to do. Artist work hrs on this shit. Why are people so obsessed with sticking thief hands up things asses..
    +cdrthire what are you talking about cgi looks pretty good now have you watched any recent movies alot of them are using cgi.. A few problems with having Yoda as a puppet in the prequels: 1. It's a mess. George was lazy and CGI'd every little thing. The only thing that is practical is bound to stick out like a sore thumb. 2. They didn't even try. Yoda looks fucking awful in this!!!! You'd think for the only practical effect they really used, they would put in a tad more effort.. +GamePhysics It is lazy, when used in place of what would work significantly better with Practical effects. Jurassic Park and Lord of the Rings (Just to name a few) Are far from lazy, a LOT of work and effort went into them. But that's because the people behind them worked tirelessly to ensure that what's on the screen can fool the eye, that CGI is only used when necessary and utilized to do astounding things. Because of that, the effects still blend seamlessly, Jurassic Park being over 20 years old. Watch Jurassic Park and Jurassic World, tell me which Dinosaurs look more convincing based on viewing alone, and then remember which was made when, and which of the 2 movies had the over-saturation of CGI and very minimal practical effects. . +Big Brother Gaming Of coure Jurrassic World looks better in every way. And that is to be expected because it's a new movie. When Chris Pratt's character finds the dying dinosaur, they made an animatronic for it, and it looks really good. CGI takes just as much time to do. The detail work is insane. So no, CGI is not lazy. Few things actually look better with practical effects these days, because CGI has come so far. A good example are puppets like Yoda. He looks like piece of painted rubber, and that's often the case with practical effects. You simply can't get as many fine muscle movements in a puppet as you can with CGI. Look at videogame CGI trailers, some of them look almost exactly like real life.. The puppet Yoda in Episode I just looked terrible, so I'm glad they went back and changed it. Though, I would have preferred a puppet in the quality of the original Yoda. The real shame, however, is that they didn't spend a little extra money to completely redo the whole movie and make it good.. +StopFear In The Empire Strikes Back the puppet is better. In the Phantom Menace, puppet-Yoda looks like he has AIDS.. As a CGI Artist, I feel sorry for the people who worked on the prequels. People have no idea how much work goes into one second of each movie.. +Nicksaw Result is king. I took a minor in digital production in college, but even I understand that if your CGI isn't at least as convincing as a much cheaper practical effect can be, it's completely useless.. As much as I approve of the CGI Yoda, and despise the stoned out of his mind puppet, I feel like Frank Oz's vocal performance matches and was probably inspired by the design of the awkward looking puppet. I look at the CGI Yoda and I hear a different voice coming out of its mouth than the one they're using.. I think it goes back to my theory. If you watch Attack of the Clones, Frank Oz is giving us a deeper, wiser voice for Yoda, and it fits the CGI design quite well. Oz must have seen something in the CGI design that he didn't see in the puppet and it affected his performance. The real shame is that they didn't call Frank Oz back into the recording studio to redo his lines from Phantom Menace.. +HankF89 actually frank oz did his lines on set with the yoda puppet. And they didn't CGI yoda until Episode 2.
    I know people like to hang on to the puppets, but this legitimately makes the character better here, much more lifelike, with actual emotion..
    +sultan788 Jurassic park had actually dinosaur puppet creations mixed with cgi where it looked real. Straight Cgi makes me feel like I'm watching a shitty carton. +Kai Faulkner yeah dinosaurs wanna go create a full planet and city with actual puppet-like creations nice comparison xD. Ignoring means it's true lol Paul walker was boring and lame fake movie actor lol sitting in car just constantly talking and moving steering wheel lol. Also it's his looks what remains people to respect and like him if he was fat he'd be alive not famous lol.
    +bowens92 Hayden Christensen wasn't actually a bad actor himself. I think it was just some of the lines that he was given, and bad directing.
    The CG Yoda didn't help, the clips are still boring as hell. Even Samuel L Jackson looks like he's gonna fall asleep.. CGI wasn't supposed to do that, it was meant to make yoda look like less of an alien meth head child molester. +Zachary Jorgensen Yes. But some enhance the story, like replacing Boba Fett and Palpatine in the Empire Strikes back with their more canonical actors, making R2 blue in a shot where he was previously black, making lightsabers look better, extending hallways to make it seem like the characters are more trapped... A lot of it's good. A lot of it I liked, even though I was raised on the original cuts. Some of it is just terrible though..
    +RamiFive4Five I agree with the prequel trilogy. I think it comes down to personal taste but I find a crumbling republic with stories of war across planets and seduction to the dark side more interesting than a paint by numbers evil empire. While not executed the best (And Empire strikes back is still my favorite) I got t give prequels props for at the very least, trying something new..

    +Afternoon1201 that's right, you know I had this battle before and it's always the same, so I decided not to involve anymore in the whole thing, I'm just a happy dude who loves SW no matter what. I give thanks to George for giving me this saga and that's all..

    +CosmicUndeadElf that was because he was saving it for the later movies for when Obi Wan would be more central. The reason it showed more Qui Gon was because it was trying to put more focus on a character we've never seen before. We never knew who Obi wans master was and we the audience could already tell that Obi wan was a padawan and not as wise yet and he was just learning from Qui gon. Plus it wasn't a bad decision. Qui gon was a very interesting and memorable character..
    +Joshua Willis Fair enough, it doesn't have to be the way I said it should be, just should have been better than it was. . +johnny He's a good egg now. Read his new book, Clean and Green. It's very inspirational.. +Manuel Amaya if you don't want to get bullied then stop insulting and giving a random person some comebacks idiot.
    +Thomas Baird I mean at 1:33 before he even meets the kid (doesn't know how old he is) he sighs and shakes his head like a dick. didn't even want to bother meeting him..
    +Brian Griffin IMO Mace was more of a grey force user. Not sure why he was allowed to be part of the Jedi, let alone on the council. In episode 3 he makes brash judgments and lets his hatred of Palpatine control his actions. That leads to himself and 3 other Jedi Knights being killed. Luckily Anakin obeys the Jedi code and prevents Mace from striking down Sidious out of hatred, but of course it had gone too far and Mace dies from it, and Sidious twists Anakin's mind once more to convince him that he had turned to the dark side. Man the prequels set up the entire Star Wars story so well, I may watch them again over xmas break!. I think the puppet looks cooler. The CGI looks so fake and stupid. It's not good CGI, it wasn't even good CGI in the latest star wars movie, they look like CGI models..
    I SHOULD HAVE SEEN IT COMING!!!! Look at 5:50 and notice how it focuses on Palpatine after they said "Master and Apprentice".
    Re: the desc. I don't think Yoda was meant to look like he was really enjoying the victory parade He had just made a difficult decision which would no doubt be sort of bothering his mind for a while - that being choosing to allow Obi-Wan to train Anakin, about whom he sensed a great deal of danger. If not for the return of the Sith, he would most certainly not have allowed it. The new CGI Yoda looks like he's contemplating that difficult decision he just made and is thinking of possible consequences. Puppet Yoda looked sorta stoned. I'm glad they changed Yoda. That puppet just looks weird! At least the CGI version looks like Yoda as we know him from episodes V and VI.. What's wrong with the puppet I guess I can see how it is a little less expressive than the original trilogy's but it was still real, had an expressive sense of humor, and combined Yoda into the world as something we felt we could touch and hear. Not some video game character that looked serious all the time..
    +Joseph Franc A Computer Generated Image can do so much more than a Puppet. It can articulate much more and be more expressive. With the CGI you get a much better beat on what Yoda is thinking. With the puppet much of the time he has a blank stare. With CGI your only real constraint is time and money. With a puppet you have a lot of physical and mechanical restraints. Also your complaint about Yoda doesn't even hold water. One he's not trying to annoy Luke he's the Grand Master of a thriving Jedi Order. Also there is a moment in Attack of the Clones where he's making fun of Obi-wan a bit to entertain the younglings. Yoda wasn't being a jokester he was trying to annoy Luke and test his patience. As soon as he revealed himself he was serious for the rest of the trilogy..
    +simmons865 I bet Qui-Gon was watching from beyond the grave when Anakin attacked the Jedi Temple and thinking "Welp, I fucked up.".
    +DJNotNice145 I don't know why that guy was swaying his head back and forth but it was really distracting. And yeah he does look exactly like a South Park alien. Also his name is Yarael Poof, I mean what the fuck kind of name is that.
    I think the difference in characterisation of Yoda was deliberate. In the prequel trilogy, he is the wise old master, who is responsible for the entire Jedi order. Whereas in the original trilogy, he had been living in isolation for around 20 years. The quirky, weird behaviour is simply a result of him having gone senile.. +Madeline Bell He was acting all goofy to test Luke's patience. He wanted to see if he was brash and arrogant like his father and whether he was worth training. After he reveals himself he remains pretty serious for the rest of the Trilogy..
    +ShamanMcLamie Yeah, that is a good point. He did become a lot more serious after he'd made up his mind about Luke and revealed his identity. I think his personality in the prequels is pretty similar overall to his personality in the original trilogy..
    Check out my recipe for delicious YODA CROISSANTS !! Hope you enjoy it!
    George Lucas went way too far with this he should've left the Yoda model alone. Yoda is supposed to look younger and then all of a sudden he changes his appearance to his episode two and three appearance that's just stupid. Besides the puppet model is way better than the CGI model..

    +Tim Reyes Well only about ten years pass between Episode 1 and Episode 2, so I think it's better that Yoda looks exactly the same instead of just randomly taking on a completely different appearance in between the two movies. It improves the continuity at least..

    I don't know how they screwed up the Yoda puppet so much considering how good the original was, did Jim Henson's company even make it, if so Jim's death really hurt the company's quality. I think going cg was the right move really, a decent puppet from the offset would've been better though..
    +ShamanMcLamie Just had another look and nah, the original looks a lot better, it's not nostalgia talking here, they seriously messed up the look of EP1's Yoda puppet.. +Jeremiah Tothenations Having seen a replica of the original yoda puppet in good lighting, I can say that it doesn't look very good at all. It takes a lot of cinema magic to make it look decent. Well done CGI will always look better than a puppet unless going for an unrealistic appearance is the goal..
    +Ryan Sarmanian The original ones fell apart over the years. The material they were made from dry out and sorta break down as I understand it..

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  14. December 10, 2015
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  16. November 1, 2015

    Comments about this video:

    +Sonicfalcon16 I wanted. Before it was going to be released WAY too late. If it would have been released early 2015 I would have been interested... or during Christmas 2015, because it has a Christmas setting (they really dropped the ball there). But 2016... seriously Waiting for 2 years, with all kinds of amazing and better looking games released inbetween Really bad decision. And I'm starting to feel like the whole presentation was fake. Just like the one from Rainbow Six Siege, except I've heard that's fun. Division looks like zero fun..

    Fool me once with Watch Dogs, shame on you. Fool me twice with RS:S shame on me. Fool me 3 times and you're officially that guy..

    either make it look good or have good gameplay we got neither just another piece of garbage from braindead ai bulletsponge lazy dev hell.
    +Offline Games $500 million was the development cost m8 no way it broke even no matter how forcefully popular it was. I don't know why some people think this is new. Ubisoft always does this. They announce a game WAY too early for hype, delay it 82 times, realize they can't actually do any of the cool stuff they originally promised, release it, apologize, repeat..
    UbiSoft said this game looks like Janet Jackson, shid looks like Freddy Jackson. LMAO Preorder tools zero UbiSoft 1,000,000,00,00,000,000,000,000,000,000,000.

    to be honest, i am not that bothered with graphic downgrade that much, it was to be expected and it doesnt look bad at all tbh. but gameplay.. idk it looks very boring, at least destiny had cool armours and guns and stuffs... cant really apply that to here.

    but if they promise you something and then they give you something else, that's wrong and unrespectful.

    2014 version - That's what I expect from PS4 and XBOX ONE, 2016 version- That's what I expect from the PS3 and 360..
    +Robin Lundgren You misunderstand me, I mean it's what I expect graphics-wise from this generation. Basically the console versions look like last generation graphics..
    Load of shit again, sucker you in with pre rendered unrealistic footage, then give you crap for final version, been fooled once with watch dogs, never again..

    Looking at the comments, seems like people are more concerned about graphics than actual gameplay....
    +Banzaislacker Agreed. This game is more and more looking like a sham. Don't buy it and support these scammers.. All I see in the comments is "Downgrade, downgrade, downgrade". When you see the words "GAME NOT FINAL" in the demos they show at E3 and what not, that's exactly what that means. Even if those words aren't there, it's common sense as an informed gamer nowadays. Not simply because companies "lie" to us (even though deception does happen; don't get me wrong), but because things change constantly in game development, and I think it would benefit the gaming community if more people realized that..
    +seabass0130 Well that's just it, isn't it Different platforms and different games do different things. Judging this game based on what others have accomplished on the level that you're referring to, I feel is what leads to a lot of disappointment. Also, when the game was first shown, it was on a high end pc. In reality, the game may look a lot like it did, on pc at least. But besides that, you can't really know how "far-fetched" it is until you're actually in the developer's chair. A lot more goes into games like this besides aesthetics. .

    +fabiocassadinho​​ "Game not final" has always meant exactly what it says. Things are subject to change, for better or worse. You won't know until the game comes out. It's there so the consumer can be aware. Now granted, companies have deliberately deceived consumers before, but I don't see that going on here. In addition, comparing this situation to the iPhone scenario: we're not taking about features here. It's not like they removed the co-op or looting mechanics. In fact, since it's announcement, the game has added a few significant things; things that people were asking for. In this specific case, we're talking about how the game looks; remain aware that this is console footage as well, while the first few showings of the game we're in high end pc's. In the end, hype is generated by gamers, and gamers alone. In this day and age, I think it's better for gamers to be cautiously optimistic about their anticipated titles, so they can avoid as much disappoint as possible. .

    iba a comprar el juego por los gráficos increíbles y viendo esto... lo siento mucho a mi no me la meten doblada 😉.
    +s0ft :D Si no hubiesen mostrado ese gameplay en el E3, la gente no estaria diciendo nada del downgrade, asi es ubisoft, te muestra una cosa y te vende otra. Esta compañia tendria que hundirse y desaparecer. Sacan juegos a medio terminar y repleto de bugs (unity) y te meten downgrade en toda la cara (watch dogs)..
    +ola y vuelvo a decir y que os esperáis de esta compañíaPorqué ya se ve de cerca lo que hace con sus juegos no.

    Dont you say ,,OMG, graphics are crap and i wont play it!!#NOLIFE'', go play beta first, game is very good and everyone sould give it a chance.

    lmao, I recently watched the old trailer from E3 and predicted that the change in graphics - all came true: the particles become less, shaders too, details like garbage too, changed interface, closing the car door left to has at least some pleasant trifle, car damage - pfffffffff. In addition, more and textures made worse and showed dumb AI. Sry for bad English.
    I wonder why the graphics get worse as the development goes on, I mean I couldn't gve a crap about the graphics, but I do wonder why. Dont compare cd project to this crap, there was a downgrade but its still, in my openion, the best looking game right now. Lighting textures even the goddam resolution looks trash, and before you guys get your panties on a bunch I know YouTube doesn't make suffice but you can obviously can see the massive disappointment ,you fucked it up AGAIN UBISOFT,WAITING FOR GODDAM SALE NOW. Always knew it would end up being downgraded, so I'm not that bothered, really disappointed to see the maps been changed though, looked cool in the demo, looks generic now.
    For the people scream "E3 has become a load of crap" shit IT'S A PRESS CONFERENCE, most games there are only shown through pre-rendered CGI, unless they have someone directly on stage playing it & even then it could be nothing more than a pre-rendered content. When a game looks pretty much finished right as it is announced & it won't be out for another 3 years, expect that what you saw won't be what you get..
    +Hellfire918 What about Nintendo press conferences or their Digital Events Every time a game is shown there it actually improves in visuals from unveil to release.. +Nintendojitsu Same thing applies, just instead of Ubisoft's down grades or Gearbox's non-existent levels Nintendo upgrades. Few companies do but some will..
    E3 Demo - High end PC Xbox One - 2016 "its watch doggos again" Until Ultra settings screenshots/gameplay come out, don't judge it just yet.
    It doesn't look bad at all, but it's a massive disappointment to see that it looked much better almost 3 years ago. One of the things that got me so excited for The Division was its entire look, which is not entirely the same anymore, I suppose. I would have preferred to have never seen the E3 2013 version. sighs Still, looking forward to this :).
    It's a shame, of course, but it could be worse, too. It's our fault, because if we don't buy the game, I can assure you that they won't do this trickery again..

    Not to be rude, but if it weren't for Xbox one and ps4 (which the game was originally for) then this would never have came to pc. I own a pc, just saying....

    game still looks great, and its in pre-beta. I do miss the mege-map from the debut, but i still love the new one. Only thing im truly disappointed/saddened about changing is the menu going from the watch to a generic grid(which i do understand however from a developer standpoint). All in all, i dont think its anything like the watchdogs downgrade. And you cant fully compare the 2 videos since they are in different areas, during different weather and lighting and time of day. Plus, the debut was clearly on a high end PC so its got the true lighting/coloring, whereas both consoles do their own thing to the lighting/coloring/brightness..
    +Mike K Wow you're retarded. You do realize that the ENTIRETY of the development is "before the game goes gold" Can they just magically make the entire game look on console like it will on a high end PC Of course not. They can already however have the game looking better than what we have seen released to the public(which im still overall happy with) and have just toned everything down in order to stress test things. They have a somewhat limited amount of power through the engine and consoles itll play on, so they can dial down the graphics intentionally to look for bugs and glitches and what not throughout the entire world, and see how the engine handles all of it as they bump the graphics back up. See if any new bugs appear, see if a higher resolution causes a drop in frame rate because of the stress on the system or engine and so on and so on. This is an Alpha build. A lot of things can still change. You seem to be forgetting the ever more present "day one patch" as well..
    If the first one was actual ingame graphics. Then the second one is most likely just from a console. The video directly said "we don't know what kind of hardware they are using" Meaning the settings are either lowered or they are playing on a peasant machine. With the detail in the first one, a high end machine would be needed..
    +eldragon00 Update: All video recorded from the Copenhagen event was from xbox 1. No PC recording was allowed. Good job GamesRadar on spreading false information :. +eldragon00 are you idiot, the video says its recorded on an xbox one but they dont know what kind of hardwate they are using in the E3 video.
    I'm fine with a graphical downgrade. The important thing is that Ubisoft has learned from Watchdogs and are being honest about it by releasing these gameplay demos. It looks pretty good..
    +Germy Ocates Thats where the Division and Watchdogs are different though. They said there wasnt a downgrade on watchdogs when there was a severe one. They have not claimed for there to not be a downgrade on Division..
    i was prepared for the visual downgrade but the mechanics, ai pathing, combat... everything is fucking shit.
    Step 1: Create a hype. Step 2: Show it to the audience on a highly overpowered pc and say it runs on a console. Step 3: Let people pre-order Step 4: Don't deliver and come up with a stupit pretext..
    Hey UBISOFT. I will download your game from torrent and delete right after. Paying for that game is acting against community. The only way to teach them a lesson is NOT PAYING for their crap..
    So many angry consol kids! The games media keeps dumping fuel on that fire to get the views and all those angry little comments.. Are you kidding me!! Another slice of bullshit that cost someone ppl money, time and, more importantly their hopes. This isn't right by any means of excuse or imagination.. ...I feel like no one in the comments understands how developing a game works. The E3 2013/2014 trailers were scripted as everyone knows, but you need to understand what those trailers were actually for. While it is partially to advertise the game, it's also supposed to give those interested an idea of what they had in mind developing the game, how they wanted to be by the nd. The graphics looked amazing, game play and particles in those trailers were wonderful. However, this game was being developed on consoles...and those presentations were run on a high end PC...Yeah. In order to make the full game, they either had to cut back on graphics for the consoles to play them because PC's run them more efficiently, or perhaps they downgraded both, but things happen in the industry all the time. Budget cuts. Overestimating the power of the hardware you're trying to sell the product on. I'm not surprised a game as beautiful as couple years ago, needed to be downgraded for x y and z reasons. The game however is still promising as a whole. Besides, given some time I'm sure the PC version, if needed, will have a nice mod team make a graphics mod to make everything look lovely. But for those on consoles...well...This might be what you're getting in terms of looks. I for one ain't a stickler on graphics unless they are painfully ugly or immersion breaking, but i do want them passed the threshold of the last generation hardware. These visuals are nice still, just not as impressive as the presentations from years ago. Still have hope, unless Ubisoft screwed over developers trying to publish it faster. This game still has plenty of potential~. Now feed me bullshit rage as to why you think it's a bad game based off this :D. I will sip my mug and chuckle halfheartedly at you while you post "TL:DR" and try to troll me. Do it. ENTERTAIN ME PEASANTS!. alright i understand that the graphics can't really be the same because on was on a high end pc. But you mean to tell mee the map, UI, Menus, hud couldn't be the same. Im a big fan of ubisoft games and i do think the final game build will look slightly better. Just slightly. But this is sad... nice graphics, but common. the gameplay looks like shit bigtime. so disappointed at this point i cant describe it. NEVER,EVER PREORDER A GAME!. Opinion: The people pass saying that a good game does not need good graphs, but when they do downgrade, they all complain, to have, I do not agree with the Downgrade, hate it, but if indeed they want to stop with the downgrade stop buying the games, if Ubisoft continues selling with Downgrade, it will not stop doing it.. Fucking Retarded Video 2013 PC Gameplay 2016 Xbox Gameplay at least compare on the same platform you idiot. So much for no downgrades on console Ubisoft ,wachdogs season 2 incoming,console is looking like shit if u ask me,to much of a difference I know left is pc but Jesus men.
    +Isolde Baden dont like any of those,CD project Red pull it off with a smaller studio and budget why not Ubisoft.

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  17. October 27, 2015
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  18. December 8, 2015
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  19. December 21, 2015
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  20. December 16, 2015

    Comments about this video:
    +Dominique Smith You expect it to look like the way it did on PC Well, mate, I've got bad news for ya.. +Thomas Hardy The HUD and Menu definitely look better in the 2013 version, but also like it'd be a pain in the butt to use after the first couple times and the magic wore off. It's easy to make something look freaking awesome, another thing to make it tolerable and usable after 15+ hours of use.. I feel like the old menu would have only really worked well on PC. But the latest one looks like it could work for all systems and the UI is much more visible so I'm happier with that.. The lighting model looks completely different (and shit) too. Is that because consoles can't do the lighting systems that Maxwell based CPU's can and this it's been removed VXGI VXAO. +John Michael Stock I mean, they already specify that they're using light probes for The Division. It's an open-world game with different times of day after all. . +littlebigmarc every ubisoft game is and will always be downgraded, you should know that by now, masters of making misleading trailers.. +Krelian yea, it's really not just the game it's ubisolf. ubisolf has been doing this for years they always made false trailers for the hype. I'm not really surprise the change some of the game and the downgrade. and the pc gamers get butt hurt the most whenever they don't get graphics like the E3 trailers. look at watchdogs.. In all fairness whoever thought that this game was gonna look like what Ubisoft (of all companies)had shown at E3 is just gullable..of course it was gonna get downgraded..
    it definitely could of looked like that on a pc, it would of been running on a pc at the event that had lower specs than we have released today! The real disappointment will be if the pc version has no scalability and just looks like a sharper console version. the 2013 trailer looks like it was created in frostbite whereas the 2016 footage looks like anvil next....
    Since its a solo game with multi optional, I'm gonna test it out on PC and see if I want to buy it. I really thought this game was gonna be realistic as are its graphics, but no, it's just a Destiny like game in a NYC post apo universe. I don't think stealth will be an option, I don't think headshoting ennemies/players with be possible with that bloody bullet sponge mechanic. The graphics are the least of my concerns for this game really..
    It's like comparing the console and PC versions of Fallout 4. It's so different that I feel sorry for people who have to play it on console..
    +Battle Beard Its dated af. Looks like (standard res) Skyrim textures. Oh and the mod support isnt officially even there yet :P (Yeah, it got great! mods, but next patch might just break all of them). Im holding off on FO4 until its properly patched, got High Res textures and official mod support. (And on sale :P ). +Germy Ocates You DO realize PC games are cheaper than console games, right Especially cause of sales.. with ubisoft, i highly doubt that the pc will look better than the consoles. maybe higher resolution and fps, but it's probably gonna be the same graphics. +TotalBiscuit, The Cynical Brit Cmon TB, that's taking it out of context. The "with ubisoft" is very important. He's not saying that consoles are comparable to PCs. He's saying that Ubisoft doesn't really care about the PC crowd. Far Cry 4, Rainbow Six, Unity, Syndicate, and others all look fairly similar (apart from the obvious stuff like better FPS, higher resolution, etc.). They then slap GameWorks on the cover because they think that somehow, Gameworks is the only thing we care about... He's probably right. Although I hope that The Division looks better on PC, since I'm probably gonna buy the game, let's be realistic here... It's Ubisoft... Not to mention that most graphical downgrades carry over to the PC version (because ports). Even CDPR which is arguably a PC centric dev made released a port of the console version on PC.. +TotalBiscuit, The Cynical Brit Surprised to see that response from you, its pretty clear what the guy means (though at the basic level he does contradict himself) higher fps and resolution on the PC is a given and will of course make the game look better, however when comparing the E3 build to this build, there are complete changes form lighting to world detail to as well as other things. This shady practice is commonplace now, and I think in the long run will undermine confidence and become detrimental to the industry (that you make at least some of your living off), personally im glad that it seems that more people are now becoming suspicious and doing their research. Maybe then, we can get some honesty out of developers.. Wow, I wasn't too fussed about the graphics and the like, but the changes to the HUD REALLY disappoint. It was far more immersive and fitted the world and game a lot more. Now it seems to be casualified and lazy. Took a lot of hype out of me.. +Crona „Thunderhaz“ Gorgon Look at the extent of the stuff that is in the menu. There are like 12 skills, all with around 12 talents that can enhance them. You got several slots to equip armor and weapons and each weapon has around 2-6 mod slots... and now try to manage that with a menu that emerges from your watch and only shows 2-3 rows at all time.. horrible. It takes you out of the "immersion" but you have everything you need at one big screen, and I think that was the intent with the UI change. Same with the map, it looked cool but hell, you can't see anything on the 2013 map, and there are not even markers or anything one there. Think about finding one PoI or a vendor on that map shrug.
    +Stellfoy I'd prefer the immersion, simply when you click an option on the first menu, it takes you to the next and it looks much nicer. Also there was FAR less UI clutter on the build we saw at e3 2013, I mean why is it 1/3 up the screen now and why does it look so much brighter.

    +sinchman1 Get the fuck outta of here with that shit! "Nintendo is the only company that shows off true in game gameplay." Since when Zelda U back in 2011 was in-game gameplay of the game we are getting this year right Does Pikmin 3 look like it did when it was first shown off on the Wii back in '08 Yeah stop will this fanboy shit, because most of these fucking companies do the same shit..
    +Ant-Man I think that the key difference here is that Nintendo aren't trying to market their games because they have good graphics but instead use their popular IP's and unique gameplay. Well, unique as long as you ignore previous titles..
    Ladies and gentlemen, watch carefully how a giant company with a huge fan-base and products fall down and looses everything. Ubisoft was once to me the best gaming company, and now I tend not to buy any game they release, and thanks to them, I have more money in my pocket than before :p A company rises when customer loves it and loses when they hate it, not by being smart ass Ubisoft!!.
    You're also comparing Xbox One gameplay versus likely high-end PC gameplay footage, that also was more what they were hoping to achieve than what might end up being reality. This was shown off in 2013, before there was even much experience with the new consoles..
    the new hud is so generic it's so been there done that. the e3 one far more exciting. what's the resolution just cu.

    Is the first time Ubisoft have done reflections that were accurate to the surroundings If so that is bloody horrific..

    They're called screen-space reflections and they only work for orizontal surfaces like ground puddles and lakes, not thinks like windows and mirrors..

    They're called screen-space reflections and they only work for orizontal surfaces like ground puddles and lakes, not thinks like windows and mirrors..

    I'm a game developer so I'll try to explain the differences you see here. Reflexions usually are quite expensive to render, they might be full blown on a high end pc but they have to be blurred on consoles as they can't handle that rendering power. When making a video game usually the high poly stuff is ready first and you create LODs (level of detail) meshes which are lower in poly and they are displayed when further from the camera, on the e3 demo they used high res meshes for everything while in the final one you have LODS kicking in. HUD changes are for user experience. You wouldn't want a beautiful hud that you hate navigating. If I recall correctly consoles can have a max of 2k resolution textures, PCs can even have 8k. If the game has a day/night cycle then it means it uses dynamic lighting, which is expensive to render, you can have low poly models and low res textures but with good lighting they can look stunning, so the quality of lighting is what will give 80% of the visual beauty. That's why the Xbox one version looks more washed out and boring. The pc version might be better because of more horsepower, but it might also not be too far from this as they might have toned down everything to have just one single build for all the platforms.
    +Jori Diculous not really, over promising is never good. I pre-ordered the division, but now my pre-order is cancelled because it doesn't seem as I expected it to be. So it's not good marketing. Also studios and game developers are the ones that are most disappointed when they find out they can't ship a game as they planned and they have to downgrade it. No one likes that part. Also downgrading has a cost, since you have to rework on stuff. Indie games usually look better when shipped than in alpha versions, that's because indie devs often use placeholder models. Big studios usually show with their high res meshes so the final game will usually look worse, unless they make lighting improvements.
    +Patryk Ponichtera And yet, they always do it. Every single AAA game its the same story. E3 trailers looks amazing! Come release day, "poop". To be fair though. Looking at the E3 trailer and the gameplay i have seen so far, the graphics doesn't look that much of a downgrade. Its more the eye candy like reflections, lights, shadows etc, the lack of rubble "street candy". One can only hope this is better on PC who got the power to handle more rubble, cars etc. But for the lights and that. wait for the ENB to (hopefully)be coded. A indie game trying the same marketing tricks would be the death of that dev :P.

    Over 2 years of development happened since that footage. How can you possibly expect there won't be any notable changes Also, the reveal was obviously on a PC; why would they reveal their game at lower than best graphical fidelity I understood from the beginning that the console release would be subpar to the gameplay reveal, and many changes are bound to happen over a course of 2-3 years..
    +NJPwN "Over 2 years of development happened since that footage." When people say that, they are expecting improvements over what was shown. Not degradation to the point where it looks like.. well, not so "next-gen".. +Rafael Santos When im playing Halo and Forza i can assure you im not in a "big mess" besides who said ill be getting it on xbox . Played the Alpha, loved how the game looked, loved how the game played even more. Has it been downgraded Who gives a crap. Millions of people play Minecraft without caring about how it looks. This is still one of the best looking games on console; the E3 builds were clearly being played on PC.. +LisandroCalejo There was an Alpha that people could play, can't remember how you got a code for it though..
    +Artibeus people do care how minecraft looks! people love the 8bit look of minecraft, that's part of the reason it go so much recognition.
    I gotta say, up until now, I've never really noticed downgrades. But this is really, really noticeable and looks a lot worse. Worse to the point where the changes are going to make me stay away from The Division all together.
    The map scanning thing is definitely still in there. Awhile back, someone broke their NDA and uploaded multiple long videos to YouTube demonstrating the Xbox alpha. There was a map in the primary medical base location that the player scanned when they first got to it..

    +KillerPRO1999 In a world where console technology never past the 16bit processing language, a dark future where disappointment reins, dreams and hopes are crushed under it's might..
    E3 demos ware shown on high end PC, so lets just hope the PC version will still looks good when it comes out.. They don't seem as crisp is because the demo shown at e3 2013 was shown running on a PC maxed out. Xbox doesn't have the graphical power to bush out visuals like that, nor does the Ps4..
    I think the reason it looks bad is because lack of detail. like you said the debris and rubble in the way.

    The second screen experience was announced to be removed in June of last year, maybe do a bit of fact checking before speaking, or at least a simple google search..
    Even with the "downgrade" the game is amazing. The graphics in the alpha that I played still look better than most games to date. Fuck a downgrade this game is and looks amazing..
    was there a need to change the way the inventory and mal looks...the E3 build is soo slick but such a LIE!!.
    +maheenali94 Yes.. User experience comes first. Navigating a map from such an angle is likely rather hard and probably took a lot of rehearsing when making the initial trailer. The new map and inventory looks boring but function over style should always win...
    Most probably they couldn't fit the whole menu in a watch. As far as the map goes, it was probably just impractical..

    +carl powelson do u really think the ps4 can run the e3 build that was running on a high end PC. No It can't just like the xbone its the whole eighth gen fault for being to wreak compared to modern PCs.
    Jesus, people are freaking negative here. I think it looks great. I'm not a fan of "promising more than they can deliver", but everything looks pretty good.. i like how he keep saying "xbox one version" as if any other platforms are going to get it better looking. only difference is it'll be crisper..
    +BoringMan Well yeah, but trust me graphics, resolution, and framerate change your whole perception on gaming. Trust me. It's like switching from RC to Cola for the first time. You can't go back once you've tried it.

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  21. December 3, 2015
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  23. December 1, 2015
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  24. October 17, 2015

    Comments about this video:
    Hey guys new video Star Wars!! Mickey Mouse Death Star! not miss it. Felicidades por el millon de visitas al video :D aunque ya van para dos, sigue asi "titillo". +MetaBallStudios No falta la nave del Didacta Se que no puedes poner todas las naves, pero es bastante grande. Podría haberla puesto, pero no me parece una nave muy representativa de halo, hay otras que son más importantes.. it's because the 2 front prongs are thinner than the actual disc of the ship and they didn't make it thicker along the sides around where they reached the cockpit.. +MurphMonkey The Halo Array doesn't count. We're talking starships, not superweapons. Shields do not last forever in neither Star Wars or Halo. It also stands to reason that the Imperial Star Destroyers seen in the Original Trilogy are technologically superior than the Venators we see in Episode III. I will give a point to the Covenant in terms of design, since their command bridge is in the middle of the ship, preventing an easy target. However, enough damage from Ion and Turbolaser cannons would bypass the shields and allow direct hull damage. The Covenant do not seem to have Bombers, so in the case of a Star Destroyer versus a Covenant cruiser of around the same size, the ISD's TIE Fighter compliment could engage any Banshees launched while TIE Bombers directly attack the ship. Ignoring starfighters, both ships arriving in a neutral location (preventing something like a planet-based Ion Cannon disabling a ship like we see in Episode V from factoring in), it would be a toss up..
    but you see thats my point...first of all i dont know why you guys think... but you think that if your ships battle our ships we just sit there...ill even give you an example... think of a star destroyer as a knight... and think of an super extremely armored arch man as a covenant ship an arch man can fire a long bow and a long bow can penetrate a knights armor and he wll keep firing... second a covinent has really... i mean realllly strong armor with out the shield... and the shield can recharge in 35 seconds plus the shield is still really hard to take down it takes along time to take a shield down...3rd the covinant doas have bombers and really effective bombers ever played that space mission on halo reach annnd those bomber have shields as well....
    They are not showing the interior of ships, just the outside of them. it should be noted the outside is yaay big and the inside is much much yaay bigger, but still it would be first in line.. +Blazefuryaaz776 The "T" stands for "Time" and the "S" stands for "Space" ;-) It does both (travels through time AND space).
    ISS ¿NASA Are you kidding me The NASA can't even travel now to there. Correct would be: IIS: CSA, ESA, FKA, JAXA, NASA & more..

    +Иван Мичурин I see Russians, Americans, and others fighting over who is best, who's station it belongs to etc. They forget it's the International Space Station, it can only exist as a collaborative effort. Thanks for being sane. Also, it's a floating science lab, no point having a space station for the sake of having a space station XD.
    +Nam Vu I agree 100% as I said in my original comment it was not just NASA and it is wrong to imply it was anything other then a collaboration. However it is correct to also accept the fact supported by data from EU and US records that NASA is by far the majority partner in the colab. That does not diminish the contributions of any other nation but some people need to be made to face the fact that as much as its the "cool" thing to hate on America for all the bad in the world, much of the good is also in part or whole because of America. So lets just face it, when we all work together we can achieve incredible things.. +Jesper Uhlin So he should include the Dyson Sphere from Star Trek, as it has a subspace-jump capability to travel from one star to another. +Starjumper2821 can it move on its own propulsion like not just jump, and the dyson sphere is a mega structure and not a ship.
    +Spottedfeather In the journey to the center of the tardis they show it . here a very bad shot from the episode
    +Geek Unity All 3 Death Stars were probably created at the same time. Your problem is you assume they built one, it went boom, then they started the next, boom, then started again with Star Killer. Did you know all 3 'Titanic' ships were built and finished at the same time The RMS Britannic and RMS Olympic. The Titanic is only famous because it killed a lot of people, the other 2 sister ships lived a long life being converted to naval ships used for WWI and other uses for decades. We do this all the time in the real world, building sister ships at the same time, so why can't you understand that the Death Stars (Ships technically) may have also began construction in a similar way. There may even be hundreds of 'Star Killers' out there. The problem is you assume that just because it isn't shown on the screen that it doesn't exist in the universe. Bad move.. +Deadpool Mrstealyourgirl in addition to that they were masters of Neural Physics, they could create and manipulate things just from brain power and it made their technology virtually invincible. They would destroy any other species in Sci fi, it wouldn't even be close. They're just far too powerful.. +Deadpool Mrstealyourgirl and to top that off they found a way to manipulate time and use it to their advantage. They're such an intresting part of the halo universe I really hope they give them some exposure in the next game.. Well the tardis badically has mountains inside yet it's so small on the inside It's the smallest and probably the biggest at the same time. You have the Ha'tak from Stargate listed as the first 'Anubis' and Anubis' Super-Ship listed as... Anubis the second time. :'(.
    Neither was a Ha'tak. The first was Apophis' highly modified Ha'tak mothership, the other was Anubis' mothership. It would've been nice to see a normal Ha'tak on the list, though..

    Hm, I never guessed that that the Second Death Star was smaller than Earth then when comparing it to the first moon-sized Death Star. Oh well :P.

    +colebowlin68 pretty much. Star Killer base was a planet that got turned into a massive gun so it has to be huge.

    +Plattsy Science I was too lazy to type it more than once, so I turned to CTRL C and CTRL V. くコ:彡.

    +PackHunter117 Ironically, it's very likely Halo 5's story is the result of the complaints that Halo 4's story was too complicated for those not invested in the expanded universe (having not read the Forerunner Saga books for example)..
    Dont think those scales are correct. The second death star was described as being twice as big as the first in the books, not being 5 times as big. Also, IIRC, the Imperial Star Destroyer is 1.6 km long..
    +James Williams I know lol but it'd still be cool. It'd be cool to add Requiem too. and the Spirit of Fire..
    The Ark, made by the Forerunners, is the device that not only houses creation of Halo rings, but distributes them, plus should a problem ever occur during activation of any Halo, they will all be on standby and can be remote activated on the Ark. (All seen in Halo 2 and 3's campaign). +patrick donegan Please do. Google Einsenhorn Omnibus, Horus Heresy or Ciaphas Cain, and enjoy yourself.. New video to follow up on this one, add Kylo Ren's dreaded Starkiller Base and that'll fuck over the lot! :D. SSV Normandy SR-1 = 155m Enterprice NCC 1701 = 289m (Nearly twice as big.. Only 1.8) But your model shows the SSV Normandy is bigger.. Even taking perspective into account..
    +Colin Richardson A lot of the ships look a bit out of portion to once they got into the thousands of meters range. I never believe the Whitestar is over 400 meters...
    +Washere Isgone A Dyson Sphere is a real life concept man. Mega structures constructed around a star to harness it's energy..
    redo the vid, a couple of fails in there. btw isnt the Emperor-class battleship bigger than the Eternal Crusader plus you should've added in the Star Fortresses and the Chaos Planet Killer and an Eldar Craftworld AND that big ass necron ship thats as big as a planet MOAR RESEARCH.
    +patrick Katalenas The Emperor is probably around 8kms. Eternal Crusader is a mobile fortress for a Chapter without a planet, hence why it's so massive.. you forgot the halycon class cruiser,longsword,but i cant blame you,there are too many ships out there.
    +ThePlatinumMatt It's not really the length of the video just the overall list. The Halo and Mass Effect ships went over my head. I would've included the Technodrome even though it's technically not a ship..
    Some comic books have really outlandish and ridiculous space ship sizes, some being the size of galaxies..
    +Peter Haviland No. They did the Destroyers. The actual Mother ship was in orbit and had a diameter of over 550 kilometers..

    mining spaceship Red Dwarf,[16]which is 6 miles (9.7 km) long, 4 miles (6.4 km) tall, and 3 miles (4.8 km) wide and is operated by the Jupiter Mining Corporation.

    Some of those are not ships. They would be artificial structures such as the Halo rings. In that case, based on structures, the Dyson Sphere in the ST:TNG episode "Relics" is approx. 2 AUs in diameter making it thousands of times larger than The Ark in the single dimension (diameter/length).
    +Paul McVarnock Halo's can move though same with the ark if you took the time to search it up you would know Halo's are built on the ark and then transported to their destination. All halo's have the ability to space war if needed but only forerunners had that ability to do so.. An Imperial Star Destroyer may be 1600 meters and not 900 meters, but it doesn't compare to (insert every larger ship).. i see microsoft lover here where are ships from FIREFLY where are ships from ADNROMEDA where are ships from sword of the stars game 1/2 where are ships from master of orion games where are ships from Space Empires series games ( dyson sphere is bigest man made object in any game movie serries ) where are ships from Gal CIv serries games where are ships from X serries games where are ships from freespace where are ships from star/freelancer where are ships from homeword u simply take ships from halo and shows how osom halo is u ingored every space sim space x4 game exist shame on you.
    If the Borg cube is 3x3x3m then according to this video it is the smallest! I think a few zero's are needed!.

    +Gabe Mayfield It's the whole "Well, now the player has stopped the invasion, we need something to up the ante... let's see, we'll take an old ship we've already had and supersize it, because hey, this is an AAA game production, it's not like we're gonna make a creative effort to design something interesting!" The CSO screams of lazy design, it's literally a CAS model six times larger. There's no explanation where the hell it came from, its scale doesn't fit anything else in the Covenant fleet by far, and we never hear of anything like it ever again..

    +Verunme That's not at all what happened. They intended to make a different model for the ship but the game was pushing the 360, and to save ingame resource's decided to use the same model as the CAS. It also makes since's from a Lore stand point, as the CAS is more likely a older model used as early as 2100s, and it's obviously a successful model, so why not build a large more powerful ship based off of the same concept. The CSO is basically the bigger brother to the CAS, but instead of leading main fleet's it leads advanced forces, then followed up by the CAS. The CAS is my Favorite Halo class of ship so my opinion may be a bit Bias in favor of the CSO, but I do see you're point. But don't call it lazy, they had to save money for other things, and the game was extremely well done for one last bang for bungie..

    I wonder how big the Nomad lair is in Freelancer Because its pretty massive.
    +Rhys Plant Actually come to think of it, if they built it around a star, they would of built it in the Goldilocks range... but its depending on the star. So probably similar range to earth>sun; 150 million kilometers in diameter. I think a Borg cube is bigger than 3 cubic metres as it states there... also 1:57 Assaul Carrier Should proof read before you publish ;-). +ChromaticTiger7 Well the error shouldn't have had to be fixed by an annotation. A spell check would have prevented it from existing in the first place..

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  28. October 23, 2015

    Comments about this video:
    These are excellent videos. Of course, there were even more changes made in the audio tracks of the movies ( Aunt Beru's different inflections of speech, Stormtrooper dialogue when checking the doors in Mos Eisley, "Open the Blast Doors!" etc. etc. ), but this series of videos is the best I've seen in terms of all the visual changes made.. +StellaBBustedLeague they hadn't finished when the 70mm release arrived, that's why they were still altering it even after that. I really wish there were blu rays for the original cuts of the three films. I want to show one of my friends who has never seen star wars the original trilogy but not the special edition versions..
    +Kale P Hello, please would you send them to me I really want to watch the OT in a proper way. Thank You in advance..

    Maybe the reason there was so much added CGI was to seem more visually consistent with the prequel trilogy. Even so, it's still pretty superfluous..
    +Aaron Richards Get your eyes checked, then, because he was always lit brighter than the real actors, and still moved like a cartoon character. No, they're not, and all for the same reasons..
    +One3673241 alright, go stick with your blue elephant alien thingy from the originals then. really a masterpiece.
    The creatures in Mos Eisley... Why Greedo shooting Lucas said he wanted to justify why Solo shot. There was no need for that! The Jabba scene Out of here! It's better if Jabba would have stayed as this mystery character. All were talking 'bout him, but we never saw him until the "last" movie. Other than those, I find these changes understandable..
    +Valpas Kankaristo No kidding there was no need for it; he was already justified because Greedo was aiming a gun at him. In scenarios like that, all bets are off..

    The extra CGI bullshit is stupid. Greedo shooting first is stupid. Jabba's scene is ok, I've never really minded it, it's just kinda pointless. Not a bad scene, just kinda there. The visual effect touch ups and some of cut changes are actually appreciated though..

    +MegaPixarfan that cgi mos eisley scene was ugly, was the most ugliest cgi scene in 2011 by record, record guiness ugliest cgi scene confirmed.

    +Utubeblows hey look at me! I am a cool kid cause I love the original star wars movies and think the prequels are shit and hayden christensen cant act. can I please please join the club of good taste now I hope I become its president.
    +Slim Charles looks like a lot of people didn't get your joke. I thought it was hilarious. :-). +alexis diaz No, whoever shoots last is the one who walks away. You shoot first, you miss I shoot second, I miss You shoot third, you wound me I shoot last, I kill you. I get another drink to dull the pain and walk away. You just lie there dead. Because you weren't the one to shoot last..
    I actually like the original cut of the Jabba scene with the human stand in. He's very entertaining!.
    How is that 'ironic' Obviously the original scene was deleted. It would have made no sense to have Jabba as a human in Episode one, and then have him be the monster he is in Jedi..
    +Christopher Rousseau It's ironic because he was praising the work of the original movie over the tampering of the special edition, when that scene was considered unnecessary when the movie came out anyway..

    +TammyBoy He's hiding... In the original version they would have had to box Kenny Baker into a cave and bricked him in.. As thats not really a far thing to do to someone in a desert and instead a metal robot he was left out in the open and in plain sight it always bugged me that the tuskens never pulled him out of there because he is right there.. In the newer version he does now look like he's made an effort to actually hide from them..

    +Luke Lewis Yeah it's more obvious he is hidden - but they've now blocked him into a little gap that would be impossible to reach in the first place. It's stupid - and doesn't add anything to the scene..
    They have to come out with a ultimate edition that includes good things like victory celebration, Ewok blinking, sarlacc, the emperor's new groove, stormtrooper hitting his head, the WAY superior sand crawler, and yes, in my opinion even Haden's Anakin spirit. But it should remove stuff like Han not shooting first, the new Obi-Wan call (re insert the 2004 one), and also touch up good special edition ideas like Jabba, and Mos Eisley..
    I'd rather have Yub Nub instead of the scene where all of the planets are cheering, but that's just me. I do agree with everything else..
    If only George would quit fucking with his Star Wars movies. He just doesn't get it. I can imagine how angry people would be if MGM hired a new producer and director to add a whole bunch of CGI effects to The Wizard of Oz and kept updating and revising it every 5 years for the next release on DVD, Blu-Ray, streaming, et cetera. But because he's George Lucas, he can get away with this bullshit..
    Actually, bitching has done something in that people who weren't even born in 1977 have worked using today's technology to restore the original versions of the original trilogy so people can see what these films looked like when they were released..
    When Han moves his head to dodge the bullshit Greedo shot (Lucas should have left that scene alone) it looks so inhuman..
    +Shane Michaels I'm talking about Han's movement to dodge the shot. It looks horribly inhuman.

    +Rush Hour Yeah, and I heard that some added sound effects obstructed parts of the amazing soundtrack in the remakes, especially during the space battles..

    I actually like the actor playing Jabba. Could have erased the whole slug thing and just went with a creepy greedy man..

    +reach457 I think we would, only with a different "gangsterboss", if you know what I mean..
    Did anyone else always find the "look sir, DROID" scene funny Even though it wasn't really supposed to be I guess..
    +Ben Knight (KnightVision) are u kidding that was han solo being sarcastic, I thought him saying that was genius.

    +Bryn Cena Sorry, I didn't mean it as a slam when I said don't be so literal, I just meant it in the helpful sense of don't take it so literally that the term can only be used with a human. Jabba never was originally human. They just had that guy walking around to help with blocking and to give Han a place to look and something to react to. They always planned to replace the guy with a special effect in post, but they ran out of money and couldn't do the effect so they cut the entire scene..
    I'll probably get slaughtered for this, but I'd like them to make another remaster of the movies. Fix all the flaws of the past remasters, and fix the akward cgi and shit like that.. That's easy...restore it to the original theatrical version. The practical effects have held up for almost 40 years. It's like with antiques, you want them as original as possible..
    I fail to understand why Lucas was so criticized for these changes. It seems to me that most of them either improved the film or they were somewhat neutral in effect..
    +DejaVoodooDoll So let me get this, you loved 4-6, because they had careful slow pacing and built things up with care but you hate the prequels because they had slow, careful plotting 1-3 actually were deeper than 4-6 and then 4-6 only fans call those who liked both shallow and with the attention span of fruit flies.
    +Sound Studio And a lot of people who worked with him also praised him. And talk about being obsessed with money and toys... Disney anyone But of course the evil Lucas was only in for the money and toys somehow and pure Disney is in it for the great film-making. right. They even stuck Lucas' 7 ideas into the ANH script they were so obsessed making a safe re-intro. Also, contrary to all the hater talk, not only did Lucas not barely have anything to do with 4-6, he had a lot more to do with say ESB than many know. It was Lucas not the other two who actually wrote the ESB screenplay that we got. The original was not used and Kasdan only did some polishing to the Lucas screenplay. Lots of dialogue even in ESB is exactly from the Lucas initial screenplay..
    The CGI shot of them going into Mos Eisley (The super funny prequel droid abuse one) is so fucking ugly. Holy shit what were they thinking. I could do better CGI with only a diploma in modelling..
    +Perky Bellsprout yeah I agree, the CGI Jabba that was used in the 1997 version of Episode 4 looks god awful even now, thank god they redid him for the 2004 DVD edition, although I would have preferred he look a little more like he does in Jedi..
    the changes to some of landscapes where actually large improvements, skys look bluer, texture is clearer and some added shots made the plantes more unique, and i like adding stormtroopers to some sences, making the empire more intimidating as we would want with blue-ray, but why make greedo shoot first and had cgi animals over everything, almost randomly then you got changes like "tell uncle" to "tell your uncle"...kinda pointless. I guess the thing i hate most is that the orginal versions are impossible too find, Lucas made it his lifes goal to make sure that his way of star wars was the only way.
    +Ben Knight (KnightVision) the one that blew me away was Furiosa in Mad Max Fury road, i thought her arm was an animatronic effect untill i learned it was cgi a few weeks later.

    +Aaron Beaulieu uh because Star Wars is his and his way is the only way. He is an artist, he is not there to serve you and do what you want, he wants what he wants and he never was satisfied with the movies from day one. I have no problem with any artist doing anything to their art they want. At least you don't love a painting he did and then he painted over it and it is lost forever, the original versions are easy to find around by the millions. Any artist wants thier vision to to be thier art and Lucas' vision never was realized that is why he tinkered with it so much. I never saw the problem with it. Any artist is like that, just go read any interview with any artist and they always hate what they have done and want to redo it..

    Anime Anime is not suppose to be in Star Wars >_> I love anime but I can't let anime part in Star Wars..

    +DRED SCOTT It doesn't you fucking retard. Get your eyes checked. Go look at PS2 graphics then look at this. If you still they it looks like that then you seriously need to get your eyes checked..
    +C Delany No, but Fox still owns the rights to the original until 2020, till that piece of business is dealt with, Disney can't do squat..
    I can understand those who hate all the changes they've made to the original films...I love the work they put into updating these films though personally. I didn't start to really appreciate these films till the 2000's, and a lot of the work they've done adding in cgi and everything has really helped me enjoy these films..
    The Jabba scene is so fugly yet necessary. Dude, that tail stepping and that weird movement of Hans makes it so cringe.. Can someone explain to me why R2 and C3PO don't recognize Obi Wan. Or he doesn't recognize them. This isn't a sarcastic question lol I just always wondered.
    +Léonce Langdoicet And while I am it it I should add, since a lot of the bashers seem to have no clue about thtis stuff either that a lot of stuff the haters hate on and claim the new Lucas made up and ruined were actually already mentioned back by 1981. Between the novelizations for 4 and 5, some dialogue even in the movies themselves and various Lucas interviews from back then we already knew that: prequels would feature sleeker, shinier more elegant design and look because it was a more elegant era, it the Republic at the height of it's decadence, he wanted to have it like the fancy height of the British Empire before it's fall or something and then he wanted the imperial era of 4-6 to be plain and bloxy and dull kinda like places became after decades of Soviet rule and to also emphasize beauty and artistry of man vs. machine, there are interviews with him from the earliest 80s where he directly says this! prequels would show a much busier and expansive galaxy than the few dust mote worlds shown in 4-6, also from old interviews Anakin would be defeated by Obi-wan at a lava pit and lose so much of hid body that he would become weaker in the force (less body = less midichlorians = less ability to connect to the mystical force, i.e. I have no idea why some got so bent over midichlorians! they were already more than hinted at way back when and don't actually change anything about the force itself either) which left the Emperor upset that his prized had been so badly damaged and weakened in force powers (although still extremely strong in the force all the same, it's just that he would've been truly ridiculous strong otherwise), from a mix of novelizations and old interviews prequels would have a lot more politics and political intrigue and scheming (in fact, again something the hater seem to have no clue about, the 1-3 we got actually featured LESS 'boring' politics and scheming than the way Lucas had originally described them back decades ago!), also from old interviews It was actually Lucas who wrote the screenplay for the ESB we got. The one Brackett wrote was entirely dumped (but he gave her credit since he admired her work even if her take on SW didn't work and didn't even sound like SW and to honor her) and Kasdan never wrote one, he came in when Lucas said he was way behind and begged him to help do a little polishing while Lucas handled some other stuff. So Lucas wrote the entire ESB screenplay, Kasdan then polished it a bit, then they both did that together (with a tiny bit of input from Kershner). Even a lot of the actual dialogue in ESB was 100% written by Lucas. But the haters were too obsessed with 4-6 and couldn't stand a single thing being different and couldn't even get why some things needed to be different and acted like a bunch of hacks. And now they are so revisionist now they can't even give Lucas credit for 5 and 6 and some try to not even give him any credit for 4! I see some haters now say the studio controlled 4 and made Lucas re-write all of 4 and that the studio basically made 4. LOL!.
    +Republic of MAC
    +Republic of MAC Yes. They knew even before 1981, they knew in the mid-70s already. Also they already knew a lot about 1-3 by 1981. Even a lot of stuff the haters hate on and claim the new Lucas made up and ruined were actually already mentioned back by 1981. Between the novelizations for 4 and 5, some dialogue even in the movies themselves and various Lucas interviews from back then we already knew that: prequels would feature sleeker, shinier more elegant design and look because it was a more elegant era, it the Republic at the height of it's decadence, he wanted to have it like the fancy height of the British Empire before it's fall or something and then he wanted the imperial era of 4-6 to be plain and bloxy and dull kinda like places became after decades of Soviet rule and to also emphasize beauty and artistry of man vs. machine prequels would show a much busier and expansive galaxy than the few dust mote worlds shown in 4-6 Anakin would be defeated by Obi-wan at a lava pit and lose so much of hid body that he would become weaker in the force (less body = less midichlorians = less ability to connect to the mystical force, i.e. I have no idea why some got so bent over midichlorians! they were already more than hinted at way back when and don't actually change anything about the force itself either) which left the Emperor upset that his prized had been so badly damaged and weakened in force powers (although still extremely strong in the force all the same, it's just that he would've been truly ridiculous strong otherwise). prequels would have a lot more politics and political intrigue and scheming (in fact, again something the hater seem to have no clue about, the 1-3 we got actually featured LESS 'boring' politics and scheming than the way Lucas had originally described them back decades ago!) But the haters were too obsessed with 4-6 and couldn't stand a single thing being different and couldn't even get why some things needed to be different and acted like a bunch of hacks..
    Its only because the han shot first scene that the special edition gets a lot of hate, if it wasn't for that there rest would be overlooked. I personally find the adition of the jabba scene and biggs scene an improvement, jabba scene was intended after all. I can unterstand add ons of characters and animals on the ladscape and city presentations, i guess the intantion is to make the places more "alive" i can overlook that easily. I've even have my own special edition where i kept the improvements and deleted scenes of the special edition and added the "han is the only one that shoots" scene from the original..

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  32. October 20, 2015

    Comments about this video:

    I got Skyrim a few weeks ago.. If I want to mod thing like better textures.. is it in the workshop or on the web.
    +Yovel efi nexusmods. com/skyrim/mods/30936/ This is what I used. They have multiple tutorials..
    If the TES series last as long as the human civilization, I'm seriously considering cryogenic sleep so I can play every new chapter to the series..
    +olddirtymongrrel Considering how Skyrim is still played by most for four years, i think elder scrolls will surpasses humanity..
    +Vic2077 you know those quiet months between major releases, yeah 4 years on and I still play Skyrim during that time..
    Yeah. Fuck Gamebryo why would Beth use it it basically fucked up fallout 4's graphics and performance since they used an old ass engine that couldn't cope with current gen technology..
    For some reason there is no real technical progress made between Oblivion and Skyrim. Yes, the art style is much more rough and cold but in terms of lighting, shadows, polygons and textures theres not all that much of a difference..
    Sky rim was limited to last gen technology back then. Now that they have access to current gen technology, they can improve..
    +SengirShowsU It is still a good game, but really dumbed down and most of the great humor is missing.

    +Sul Haren The Humor is missing Robot Pirates with a flying "dutchmen" ship crashing into spoilers is not fallout humor And there is tons of stuff like that. Or the real life superheroes appearing everywhere with their silly names after silver shroud quest.
    Oh I miss Morrowind :'( I think I'll look for the CD and install it again :D Timeless clasisc.
    if u think about what real water actually looks like, at least dirty fresh water... morrowinds actually looks the best.

    Daggerfall>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>any Elder Scroll game..
    Look at the difference between Arena/Daggerfall and Morrowind, then look at the difference from Morrowind to Oblivion/Skyrim. It just goes to show that as graphics get better, it is Hardee to improve upon them.
    +TheVanillatech You are the one calling me and idiot when you start talking about a load of shite that has no relevance what so ever to the comment I initially made You need to think twice. I meant that with every 'generation' of graphics, they are getting closer to the point where the eye cannot see and better as they will look life like and the human has no concept of what is better and clearer than what the eye sees. So, obviously this would mean that as you get closer to that point, you will start to see diminishing returns. This is exactly what you see in the video.

    Hello My friend, everybody we want a comparion video between THE DIVISION gameplay 2013 and the BETA of the game This January 29. Good luck and a fantastic Channel..
    This is the most amazing RPG of all time, I played in the TES since the identities today, it is divine (wipe the tears) :3.
    +Dk Soulstice The Shivering Isles was great but the combat, the repetitiveness of the world and the lifelessness of the cities and NPCs killed a lot of Oblivion for me..

    +Friendshipismagic Agreed. I think that's why it's always last when people rank Morrowind, Oblivion and Skyrim. I still enjoy playing it and The Shivering aisles redeemed the game a great deal, it wasn't up to par overall with Morrowind..
    I love The Elder Scrolls series so much, but I hope the combat in the new one is a lot better, and a new engine would be fantastic as well..
    Skyrim looks gorgeous, even without mods. In many ways (almost all of them) it even looks better than Fallout4... I hope TES6 will look 2-3 times better, because every game in the series takes the same leaps. It would be a shame if 6 looks like 5 or worse lol..
    I love every TES game, but Elder Scrolls 3: Morrowind will always be my favorite Elder Scrolls game and favorite game period. Masterpiece of gaming..
    I've only played one elder scrolls game which was skyrim on xbox. Loved every minute till I got to that word wall glitch at archwind I think the area was called. Can't wait till the next elder scrolls game hopefully I'll have a beast pc to play it at 4k and 60fps if the hardware is available when it releases..

    +Gustavo Mazzia No it does not, it is more colorful but Skyrim obviously has better graphics on a technical side..

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  33. January 11, 2016
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  36. November 14, 2015

    Comments about this video:
    ▶ Obtenir votre PS4 gratuitement => !!!! Call of Duty Black Ops 3 Graphics Comparison: Xbox One Vs. Xbox 360. the graphics needed for this game is impossible on a old gen consel, the game wouldn't work if they used the same graphics on the new gen, so they did try. Wow I can't believe graphics are so downgraded on Xbox 360. Like it's not enough that they don't get any campaign..
    +F#%ked up nope because the online is going to be gone soon its out with the old and in with the new!.
    +PardonMySwag Link Download Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 Aimbot / Cheat / Hack Idk if I'm a spoiled next gen user but is it me or is bo3 on PS3/360 the worst looking call of duty ever. +J Entertainment (MJKelzzz) Link Download Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 Aimbot / Cheat / Hack +eDariCon | OMG treyarch made the ps4/xb1 versions, some other company downgraded the graphics to port it over ITS NOT TREYARCH'S FAULT. +Custer Link Download Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 Aimbot / Cheat / Hack
    +asian love forever this is actually the first comment I've came into like this in a good 10minutes.
    Actually, the last gen version is $49.99, so it's not at full price. However, it should had been MUCH less since there's no campaign..
    I honestly feel so bad for 360/PS3, like you're wasting $60 on a game that looks shit on your console that you could be saving up for an X1/PS4.
    Even Halo 3, a 7 year old game, looks better than the 360. Call Of Duty should be ashamed for even putting that garbage for sell.. the 360/ps3 version looks on par with the xbox original!, why was this even released on the last gen. +Monster Hunter 3 U It is a little more powerful. This game, however looks and runs nearly identical on both systems.. How did they fit campaign and multiplayer with zombies and DLC on last gen with black ops 2 & ghosts and shit but when it comes to this game they had to take it out Was it just down to laziness of copying and pasting the PS4 port and removing everything and taking a shit all over it. +Ronnie Lockett Its the most complex in regards to the amount of content. Look at the map for shadows of evil, there are so many textures, lighting and objects on the map itself. So i'm pretty sure the graphics had to take a hit on last gen. Still those 360 graphics are pretty pathetic. And look at all the missing details the rooms look so empty I feel bad for those of you on last gen :/.
    The Xbox 360 has visually less interesting stuff. And for you last gen gamers scratching your had at what I'm saying just look at it!! Instead of a military combat jeep they put in a bunch of crates..
    The Xbox 360 came out in 2005, the same year YouTube basically started! That shows the age of the console. I think it is time to let go of this hardware lol, as this is true as last gen longest console gen ever!. Whoever ported Black Ops 3 on last gen did an absolutely horrible job. We ALL know last gen can do better than this..

    firstly people need to stop playing this cod crap. Secondly people need to stop being cheap and upgrade to next gen or even better build a decent gaming pc.

    BUSINESS Tactic 101: Make the old Models seem less appealing y any means necessary & you will force stubborn consumers to purchase the new version. Even if the new versions graphics aren't even that great they look better than the watered down version we made for the console we no longer want you to care about. Pretty Simple..
    I feel like the 360 graphics could have looked considerably better. They just didn't even bother trying that hard so comparisons like this would be even more staggering. It's Activision's way of slowly trying to wean people off of the last gen consoles..
    I' mean... MGS V graphics are more than decent in old gen versions of the game, this shit looks like they didn't even try.
    Sadly, I know lots of dumbasses that are saying "Yay! I don't have to buy a next gen system to play all the big name titles coming out!". Then what about the maps that they didn't give to the 360 consol like the giant or many other multiplayer maps.. broke asses need to get the newer system. stop holding the new generation games back. I think they need to stop making games for the 360 and ps3.. A lot people say black ops 2 and ghosts look better but they don't realize that those games were built for 360 and focused on 360 because that was in the era of 360 and they basically reused they same engine and couldn't expand the game much. Now with next gen consoles on focus the hardware of 360 can't keep up so sacrifices are made to make the game some what playable whether visually pleasing or not. It's something better than nothing at least and that's mentality they have for porting these games to last gen. 10 years of 360 time to move on I kno I did I mean either get a job or save your money. If Yu live in tuff times than I really don't kno what to say time has changed.. Wow treyarch. Im a 12 year old who was all excited to get bo3 on my 360. I was looking forward to something now its ruined. Xbox 1 can burn in hell im never leaving the 360. this is so just a marketing ploy by microsoft to make you upgrade to the next gen console. Treyarch have clearly made the 360 look far less superior in order to make the xbox one version look better in comparison. I mean just look at the graphics of something like halo 4 or crysis 2 on 360, the console is capable of much more than what Treyarch have created with BlackOps 3. Complete BS. +Little Foot But pc elitists take that shit to a new level.I honestly don't know why graphics are such a big thing with games these days.... Who cares about graphics 360 and ps3 both still have a FAR superior game library plus they ARENT flooded with remasters.. Is anyone else sick of call of duty because its maps are like ' hotel ' or ' gardens '... I want to have cool maps that are actual battlefields with battlefield stuff. .
    Time to upgrade you guys, it has been two years, stop relying on the 360 and holding back video games. Buy a freaking next gen console. I hope next COD they just dont even make in last gen.
    +James Thomas You idiot, I have a PC I play on daily, you can play on both, you know that right Or is your arrogance too blinding. damn bro COD: Black ops III for Xbox 360 in my opinion is looking Graphical PlayStation2, by chance they did the graph with the butt. The grfx on XONE is miles better. I won't be surprised if it's even better than 99% of current PC today. I estimate it will take 6 years for PC to catch up, but by then XONE 2 will be announced.. +MrPicklepod I play console but even I know PC is far ahead in graphics and that consoles are playing catch-up. dude. they can't keep making last gen games forever. move on already if you want games like this don't bother getting it last gen becasue its gonna be worse than next gen no matter what.

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  37. November 7, 2015
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  38. November 24, 2015
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  39. November 27, 2015
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  40. January 2, 2016

    Comments about this video:
    +Alex Wu Fujifilm just did a big price drop in December so I don't think there will be another one anytime soon, especially on the X100T. In fact, due to the weak Canadian dollar, I'm surprised they haven't raised the price. The X70 is $799 US or $899 CAD. That's not a fair exchange. It really should be over $1000 CAD. . +Alex Wu The X100T is a really nice camera but make shure it's a camera for you! Rent it to see if you like it because it's not for everyone!. nice video.. mist have been hard to keep the wraps on this one for so long.. but, its finally here! I think the x-pro2 has reestablished itself as the flagship x camera again.. for now at least. I think the update to the relocated button locations and other added analog controls should add fluidity to the overall use of the x-pro2. definitely like having all the buttons on the rear to right side. my biggest wishes that was answered with the x-pro2, improved hybrid vf with electronic rangefinder like the x100t and overall faster performance. I'm surprised they didn't release 2 color versions, only black. would have expected a silver or even graphite silver option.. perhaps 6-8 months later, like the x-t1 with their graphite silver edition, maybe Fuji will release a graphite silver (or silver) editing later this year. one slight disappointment, because the x-pro2 has an extra pin in the hot shoe for a non-battey powered accessory flash, I was hoping it meant it would include an accessory flash, especially with the price point.. like the x-t1.. but, hoped they would have a new design for the x-pro2, perhaps a small boxy ef-x20 looking style.. but, it doesn't appear to include one. too bad. BTW, the x-pro2 will have hss flash.. at least with the new ef-x500. should be able to shoot up to the max 1/8000 mechanical shutter. but, its kinda big, it works, but not such a match design & aesthetics wise. i think better off with a nissin i40.. jas manual dials like the ef-x20 and relatively compact, about as big as i'd want to try and put on a x-pro2 body. you can get hss to some degree with the missing i40, I believe, but you don't get TTL. not a deal killer, cause I've pre-ordered a x-pro2, but I was hoping they would have squeezed a tilt/flip screen, maybe even touch like the new x70, even if it meant bulking up thickness a tad. so much to talk about this x-pro2.. I'll cut it here by saying I think this is a great camera and THE X camera I always wanted when the X-Pro1 was out over 2 years ago.. I'm glad it's finally here..
    Looking forward to the Nikon D500 for it's speed and great dslr but also this Xpro2. I love the Fuji colors and jpegs. I really enjoy the Fuji 400H film as well..

    The 2 thumbs down were probably from hardcore Leica fans. Btw you look like you're giving us the finger 2 18:47 haha..

    +bovver wonder I get thumbs down all the time. I'm use to it. Japanese and many Asian cultures use the middle finger for pointing. My mom would always tell us it makes sense because it's the longest finger....

    +bigheadtaco Japanese culture is awesome! Btw, like you, I'm very interested in the X70. How is the battery life from your experience DPR sample photos aren't that great but I've seen other jpeg samples and the lens is stellar. Looking forward to your review of the camera..
    Great videos today ! I was hoping you had them. The x pro 2 is calling my name but ouch that price ! Really interested in hearing your thought on the xe2s. I'm on the fence if it's worth getting or waiting for a xe3 or saving for xpro2. Would be nice to have done more comparison to the X Pro 1 considering its the successor, but god video thanks.
    Nice video. I can always get the latest Fuji camera information from your channel. I have Xpro1 and Nikon DF, and I think Xpro1's JPEG output is better than DF because of Fuji's film simulation. Now I cannot wait to buy Xpro2..

    +GKhanKutar sharpness is overly emphasized since there is lens sharpness versus the sensor's ability to resolve that sharpness. The Leica glass is probably the sharpest lenses out there but with a few quirks. Along with lens sharpness, there is sharpness across the entire image field. There is also light fall off, distortion, and even the way a lens renders colours. Some cameras overly sharpens images in-camera, which actually is destructive processing, especially on jpegs. The Fujifilm JPEG colours are great, but the noise reduction smudges certain details, like blades of grass and skin tones. What people should be looking for in a lens is the balance of sharpness, colour rendition, distortion correction (which is now typically corrected in-camera), light fall off, etc. I think we have to think of the balance and combination between lenses and sensors. Both Fujifilm and Leica does a good job at making sure their lenses work well with their cameras..
    Hi Taco! thanks for your answer. I know lenses are so important to get sharpness but we need to get answers with these recents lenses and bodies. So I think, you should compare SL camera jpeg and raw with Fujifilm X-Pro2. People wants to know how Fuji new camera can give sharpness when you compare High price tag camera. Also in this link, you can see the iso performance of new sensor. I find it very nice even it is pre-production model and just jpegs.
    First of all, I love your videos and how you express your passion for photography. Can you tell us something about battery life, even if it is a pre-production model Greetings from Germany.

    Been waiting for this day for a long time!! Excellent review Take. I'll be selling my X100T and buying the Xpro2. Fuji guys spoke about being able to fire off the Xpro2 just like a DSLR. I found this a real problem with the X100T and I missed a lot of shots because of that. It is one of the main reasons why I'll be selling it even though the image quality is great. I still use my Nikon D3 and love the fact that it will take a picture exactly when I want it to. I was just wondering what your thoughts were about this issue. Also, how does the Xpro2 compare to the Leica Q.

    +Manzur 007 the top DSLRs will still shoot faster than mirrorless for now. I have not done a back to back test between the X-Pro 2 and a top DSLR, but my guess is the DSLR will be quicker still. Mirrorless is catching up, and the X-Pro 2 is pretty quick. I'm sure someone will probably do a proper speed test soon. As for the Leica Q, it's a very different camera. It's really hard to compare unless you're just talking about sensor and AF speed..
    +Manzur 007 I will admit I am very eccentric as my partner would say I'm just warning you don't expect mirrorless to match dslr for maybe 3 years yet but it's getting better! I shoot X100T & XT1 I wouldn't trade them for anything else and I had a D810!.

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  41. November 10, 2015
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  42. November 28, 2015
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  43. December 30, 2015
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  44. November 30, 2015

    Comments about this video:

    Yet another amazing video and very detailed! One question, where do you get all your products from as you have so much stuff yet must make less money from the video than you do from buying the product.

    +fionnforthewin I just upgraded to the New 3DS XL and before that I had only owned the original DS haha. It was a pretty big change.
    +fionnforthewin i bought the 3ds xl yesterday and now i have the original gray concrete block the sp and this :P. If you need a simple solution if wanting to put the new 3ds xl in ir pocket, just get baggy pants. Problem solved..
    +Dinoz Cool stuff dont get a new one, the 3ds xl is much better. the C stick on the new one is on a stupid place.

    I have the old 3DS XL. Should I buy the new one, or I should just stick with the old one until a major change has been made I need your opinion, guys..

    I'm just waiting for the new ds Nintendo did in the past with the gameboy and the ds it's gonna happen again in few
    +FilthyOtaku Get the new one, i had the 3DS XL and Upgraded to the N3DS XL and i have no regrets, by far the best Nintendo handheld system ever made..
    the XL's are so pixelated. very comfortable, but the screens just bother my eyes after just half an hour i start seeing pixelation in my vision. that's messed up..

    +Rui PTG buuurrrnn XD nice one! But yeah i did notice that but it does not bother me in anyway. only if i play for hours..
    i agree, i notice this when im playing ds games on the 3ds, its because the screen is so damn big and those older games are not formatted to be played on such a large screen... i kinda hate it too and hoping this new 3ds doesnt have that... idk why everything has to be XL, in Europe they have a normal version of the new 3ds..
    +IcemanGaming You should. I have the New 3DS XL and the new 3D tracking system is great. Here is my friend code if you ever want to add me: 2938-8520-7774.

    Should I get a New 3DS or a New 3DS XL p.s the target near me is selling a New 3DS for $198 and the XL at $240.

    I have N3DXL and i dont want a NN3D.I just dont liek it.It doesnt have something to make me change in.I only use my N3DXL for pokemon so i dont care about the new games.The game master is PC and i have a monster PC so im fine :P It doesnt worth it if you had N3DXL but if you dont have a nintendo is better to get NN3D if there are the same price..
    I have the first 3ds, not the xl. Is the new 3ds xl worth the upgrade Does the larger screen really give you more immersion I Cary my stock og 3ds 24-7 in my bag, use. It as an MP3 player, gaming, and community. PC master race and Nintendo hand helds for life.. +Phil Hartmann Yeah it's only 1 game but it shows that Nintendo is willing to make games exclusive to the new hardware. Having double the RAM is a big deal and it would not make sense to utilize it to make games in the future.. The New 3DS XL is definitely worth it! I bought it about 4 months ago. I love the improvements that were made to it! The 3D is much better than the last! Plus it has exclusive games like Xenoblade Chronicles. If you're a fan of RPG, I would honestly recommend getting a new 3DS just to play Xenoblade!! I don't regret buying the new 3DS XL or xenoblade chronicles :D.
    +Caballero Del Gato Yeah but this actually links to why the Vita failed. You see, every Vita game cost more from production to develop when compared to the 3DS. This is more cost from the developers with little pay off. Due to the low sales on the console, this is why there is less and less games on the Vita. Developers don't want to risk making a game on a platform that cost too much yet has very little pay off. The 3DS is a different story. The games cost far less to develop and have a much higher pay off. .

    I don't know. I just recently got my old 3ds xl and I don't think I would upgrade. There isn't much of a difference and the differences themselves don't really matter to me..
    i know.. i saw xenoblade chronicles being one.. but I won't be upgrading.. i already got the games i need for it. . +theawkward kameleon i see u dont live in America your so lucky to get the blue one i fucking raged when I saw that we're not getting blue.
    +BOUND BOXING MEDIA (VARGAS) thats where the game cartridges go. they moved it from the top to the bottom.
    +ian mair I hate that they changed it coz I can't tell u how many times ive tried to get my cardrigises out the back.
    +Destiny Lynn It's also unsymmetrical as hell. Why NOT just keep it at the back like the millions of prior Nintendo DSs.

    ...It wouldn't fit as previously stated. They had to make room for the zl and zr buttons. .
    So wait, I can't do custom plates on my New 3DS XL I recieved it as a birthday/christmas present because I was behind on my gaming systems (my last handheld was the original DS) and I was really looking forward to that..
    It honestly doesn't seem worth upgrading. Nintendo won't ever develop games for only this version of the 3DS because the majority of people own the 3DS XL now. Nintendo should just bring out a new handheld device instead of doing these dumb 'upgrades' when there's no need. You can just buy a 3DS XL and the Circle Pad Pro LL..
    you forgot to mention that the normal 3DS has no Amiibo support while the NEW 3ds has Amiibo support..
    +itzSkittl3s - No. XL just means it's larger. The 'New' part of the game system is what makes it different from the original 3DS..
    +Gareth no. He said 3ds, when its really the 3ds XL has no amibo support and the NEW 3DS XL has it, he said 3ds in the comment..
    i'm having a hard time deciding which model to get. i'm leaning more towards the original 3DS XL because i don't care too much about the 3D and it's cheaper and comes with the power adapter. i'm just curious as to how much of a difference the new buttons make on existing games so far the only game made for the new 3DS XL is Xenoblade Chronicles 3D and i'm not too concerned about not playing it if i go with the older model. it seems all games announced for the 3DS recently don't require the new 3DS XL so i'm not sure if it'll ever have more games made just for it. so yeah i'm curious about the new buttons and how important they are..

    +tw1ztid1 The original is still great. I feel the new models are a cheaper way to make money. And if you want another circle pad, get the Circle Pad Pro which is basically the c-stick, but larger and it's only $20..
    Should i get a pikachu edition 3ds xl or wait for new 3ds to be release in singapore i like the new 3ds customize faceplate but i feel like getting the pikachu edition because it look good and cheaper now.. 10-12 that's what he meant by "ds games" that was him essentially saying using it without 3d... but I would probably say 10-11.5 just because 3ds games are full screen, while ds games use a little less of the screen since they are in sd quality, while the screen on the 3ds is hd. man I can't choose I feel like upgrading but don't want make a mistake and feel like I just downgraded :( but, :). hey i have a quick question and hopefully someone sees this and can help out. i want to buy a 3ds xl and my question is. is there really a big difference in the 3d effect from the 3ds xl to the new 3ds xl other than the face tracker i and is the 3d from the original 3ds xl any good.
    If you are going to use the 3d effects at all, ever - you will need the new one. It's practically useless on the old version..

    Personally, I wouldn't upgrade from a 3ds XL to the New 3ds XL, if you already have the origional. There isn't many differences that scream, "Spend an extra $200 on me." considering that the resolution has not improved at all. Now, if you're just buying your first 3DS XL than I'd say, "Yeah, spend the extra $30, and get the New 3DS.".
    lol I've never had a 3DS I had the very first DS and then I got rid of it because it became outdated. Hopefully I'll get the new 3DS XL for Christmas :P. should i really get the newest version or the old version is almost the same please let me know if you have used both. I got my 3ds xl this July but its felt like ive had it for only a month :/ im still wondering what I should get for Christmas so should I upgrade or maybe get a new console like ps4 or a pc.
    I own both an original 3DS and A New 3DS XL. Get the New 3DS XL. The speed for certain games is a lot better than the original. Pokémon X and Y are quite laggy as they haven't been patched for the New 3DS so they run about the same. But ORAS run really smoothly compared to on the original..
    Get the new one it's battery life is awesome like when your traveling to different countries that take long and you want to play your game this is the Choice.. if you got already a xl NO NEED TO BUY new one...if you want to buy a portable console for first time buy new 3ds xl. +Lightning 180 My five year old cousins got this for Christmas, and they haven't owned one before. I'm just waiting for the hilarity of the moment when their 3DSs die and they don't have a charger. But my question is: Why am I getting adult coloring books and glasses cleaner (Not that I'm not grateful for it.) while they're getting the New 3DS That doesn't make sense to me and it's absolutely stupid..
    The PC is the gaming master race,but I have to admit it,nintendo kills the competition with their exclusives and their classic ds console,too show off..
    if i have an sd card (the big one) can i take the small part out and put that into the new 3ds XL and have it have all of my data because that's my deciding point. if i can, then im getting the new one, but if not then i m sticking with my blue old 3ds XL....
    No the slot is to small but there is a new feature were you can transfer all your data from the settings menu to the the new 3ds xl without taking the memory card out..
    Whoa, wait. That's not the old 3DS browser! The old 3DS browser and new 3DS are completely different. I use it as my MAIN browser. The old 3DS browser looks like what the new 3DS browser is, but the HUD is COMPLETELY different on old 3DS. Favorites are on a seperate menu, the browser doesn't feature tabs in the first place, and Forward/Back buttons are on the side.. What DS should i get I wanna start playing on a DS because i want to Try something different from my PS Vita so 3Ds, 3Ds XL or New 3Ds, New 3Ds XL what is most worth it. +Little Player - Random Videos The NEW 3DS is not out in America, only the NEW 3DS XL which is OK, but I'd pay money for the standard. You can get the standard NEW 3DS online. If you don't have an AC adapter, and don't want to dish out extra money, get the original 3DS XL because the new model doesn't come packed with it. I'm getting the original because it's cheaper and I don't have to pay more for the AC adapter. Also, with the original, you can get the circle pad pro, which is the c stick on the NEW model, but larger and it's $20..

    Jose Marmol Guia Adrogue San Jose | Anunciate
  45. November 29, 2015
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  46. October 31, 2015
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  47. January 14, 2016
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  48. October 30, 2015

    Comments about this video:
    +lOrtopedias Calm down, it's coming for consoles, you don't need to pretend that there is no difference just to feel better :D.
    Just waiting for the comments who say every fucking video "I don't see any difference".... Well I'm sure mako poisoning will do that to ya. Plus he was basically in coma for months and he was also experimented on for four years too. (Don't quote me on the times on the times I'm not quiet sure).
    +Dragonk116 not like telltale game series. i think they release it like final fantasy xiii...3 full price games... :(.

    I guess there are 1 or 2 Years between every Episode. Even if you wait for every episode. The Story Pacing will be much effected by this concept..

    I'm thirteen again! It's been such a long time since I was this excited about a Final Fantasy game..

    +Lex Vex yh good luck not dying in virtual reality but jokes aside, i think you won't be wrinkly coz that is become more and more real, i mean have you seen the current technology we have now, compared to before, we should hope to see an sao world in about 5-15 years, yh good luck waiting.
    +KaPo Andre I might have to triple dip. Buy ps4 first, then NX, and obtain this game for pc eventually. . +gustavo17pacheco Don't matter if the remake is way better, there'll always have an noob saying the old is the better :P.
    +Josesk Leufred Volpe Well you're probably gonna see that a lot considering the remake is like a totally different game besides the story and the characters.
    It's just a resolution change, I'm not going to pay another $60 for a resolution change, that's what my PC is for..
    +Gabe Newell This is not PS1 version. It is PC version running on high resolution The PS1 version run on much lower resolution and had a lot of Jaggies.

    noooooooo! they're effing with the battle system. Damn you, Squenix! Give squaresoft back.
    +Makko Bathan lol they were considered, dude. I fully understand the argument you are making, but you don't seem to grasp mine. Its all good though. To each their own. cheers. .
    +slicer141 but hack and slash has some aspects of battle, to be honest i was born with the turn based jrpgs but when the first kingdom hearts game came out, not even joking, i loved the hack and slash game play, it felt more fast paced and had a more real feel to it, it felt like the battle was much more easier rather then just spending hours trying to defeat a boss that was couldve taken 45 mins on a hack and slash gameplay mechanisms, but hey your entitled to your own opinion.

    +DrNo0 This new system, even though it's not turn based, it's still going to have an ATB mechanic. Not sure how that'll work in an action RPG though..
    +Steve Rogers It's not that. They could've at least made him look less generically edgy. I think that's what he means..
    +JJ Warner I don't know. I feel like it fits his character. And we've only seen a couple scenes with him so far. Maybe he'll lighten up as the game progresses or something. (Lol).
    When you compare the "Original" I thought you meant by the PS1 version and not the 1080p version.. kind of defeats the "original" purpose don't you think Anyway I'll be getting this on PC when it arrives sooner or later, couldn't call myself a gamer if I don't pick up one of the best games ever made!.
    +Niall Higgins The PS1 it's ok, it´s just the same game, it doesn't matter if it's played on the PS1 or on PC (Epsxe).
    The entire comments section is just full of trolls or people being sarcastic saying the first one is better. Doesn't anyone know how to add a decent comment.
    Here's an average comment: I'm actually really happy that FF7 is getting a remake. My only gripe is that it doesn't look Turn based anymore and my only main concern is the "Cross-dress" scene..

    +Anni Redfield This is the YouTube comments section, and you want quality You'll find more entertainment on 4Chan..
    i feel old now, i mean dang, i used to think that final fantasy 7 looked epic but now, seeing all this makes me think im wayyyyyyyy too old, some kids may try to buy final fantasy 7 but i garenty you that there will be 7/10 30-40 year olds that will be at the shops first. Why does the remake look something from 2008 The shadows on the skin don't look right and there is less reflection on the helmets. It looks weird for some reason.. +Ged Fked They were very reflective in the reveal trailer. It was probably because of the rain but I felt they could have put n more graphical effort, this is a final fantasy game after all..
    +‫متعب البقمي‬‎ its 15 and I disliked that old Battle system I love final fantasy but that battle system is boring hopefully they change it to action RPG :).

    Honestly, I think the remake won't exactly give you the feels as good as the original but that remains to be seen since the game isn't even out yet. And everyone talking about frame rates, I'm sure all of that will change once the finalize everything so lets just hope this game actually lives up to it's hype..
    now i know why they didnt make a remake before, its becuase of butthurt fans that complain about game play or how the characters look, in my opinion, i cried when i found out my all time favourite game had a remake, i thought finally but now i wish they didnt because of all you butthurt people, you should be greatfull that they went out their way to try to keep a legend beautiful and polish it up, it your eyes it might be raped but in my eyes they polished it up for a newer generation so they can experience the beauty of this wonderfull game but because this generation is fastpaced and loves fighting, they had to adapt and by the way, many think lowly of us gamers and what their doing is trying to save a magnificent story of a game, the gameplay and characters may have been epic but in no way should you dis square enix for trying to fit in with our times or those kids time, i dunno im 28. +ash64181 That's it man. Fans cry out for decades for a remake and when it finally comes they bitch about it. Ain't no pleasing some folk.. It looks amazing but they ruined it by releasing bit by bit instead of just a full game release, they are worried about multiple discs but to us we don't give a fuk we just want ff7!. They would have to cut back on things. With it being episodic they can add more things, flesh out characters more, give more attention to detail and everything like that.. esta de triperduper de la madre tierra el de ps4, me recuerda a la tactica de pelea del XII, XIII y XIII-2,lastima qu eyo apenas me jugare el viejito de psone que va salir en android :'v. It's a comparison to show how much the graphics, game-mechanics have changed. It's just for fun, too look at how far they've gotten better..
    Imagine battles w ruby or emerald or sephiroth or this frickin big ass snake on that muddy area! with this battle system its gonna be soo epic. cant wait for arena battles in that casino like city or chockobo races THAT HYPE.
    One thing I absolutely hate about new Final Fantasy games is that blue super fast run/approach/teleport animation, looks like the same one that was in the FF15 demo for PS4. Absolutely terrible. Just keep it REAL and original -.-. cloud looks as he should considering his Japanese origin and the gameplay is based on dissedia which is not hack n slash.
    All of a sudden everybody hates Turn-Based... Don't get me wrong, I'm all for this battle style but ever since people have seen that the FFVII Remake trailer, all of a sudden... Nobody likes Turn-Based and people are hating on it..

    This game is a rip off!,my cousin actually bought the game thinking it was as good as in the trailer,and then he wanted a refound but the store got it back for $15 dollars and the game cost $22 dollars 😠😠😠😠😡😡😡.
    the only thing i dissapointment about this game is this game will run at 5 episode (5 disc), they can't handle this so much graphics into 1 disc.
    that's absolutely not true a dual layer blu-ray can hold a game this big look at ffxv they're episodic decision is up to releasing in a timely manner and making sure everything from the original and more gets fleshed out story wise it will be packaged on a single blu-ray like everything else that comes out in episodes.
    This Remake will be so amazing I'm playing FF VII right now It feels so true to the original except in gameplay styles..
    I´m SO excited to see the crossdressing scene in the remake. And the 'bathing'-scene between Cloud and that bunch of men. Hope they put both in :D.
    It was confirmed that the cross-dressing scene will be in the remake. They are working on his design :).
    +Orlando Red well as of right now it is being developed the same way an exclusive would be they stated that a pc release will definitely be in the works after the ps release but they've only said they'll look into an Xbox version so it's not set in stone just yet..

    +Retro Level das können die auch von mir aus haben. ich will es bloß auf den PC zocken XD.
    +PARTYGAMING1091 Great combat system was in FF1 FF2 FF3 FF4 FF5 FF6 FF7 FF8 FF9 and FF10 all other is shit.
    +Sharingan I'm just going off my experience along with others who praised dissedia's combat but to each there own. I don't hate turn based I just prefer a more free combat system how epic would a cloudXsephiroth fight be with this system if done right of course.

    Now in all the other enix games KH3 and FF15 and still no solid release date fuck yeah!!!.
    +Retro Level pc definitely xbox being considered first priority is ps though no other version being worked on yet.

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  49. October 24, 2015
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  52. November 25, 2015

    Comments about this video:

    The comments on this video are absolutely idiotic. Everyone saying it looks better on last gen have fun.
    +CameronZimos I guess people like playing games that have graphics that are so dark where you can't see all the physical features of the characters... +Brandon Jackson if you watch it real life now they have a spotlight on him, back in 2010 they didn't have a spotlight on him. 2k is the worst game developer in the entire history of gaming. How can you make a game looking so terrible it could easily be sold on PS2 and the original Xbox and then have the nerve to sell it for £50 on next gen.. Holy shit. The first clip - PS3 looks better than the PS4 in terms of not looking all plastic-y and fake. +mark desmit it's not that they couldn't put those games on there, look at crysis 3. it runs on xbox 360 and ps3 at around 30fps, with much changed, and optimized but it looks beautiful still. Like it or not, I only pc game but the xbox 360 with like 256mb of ram, maybe 512 is able to run crysis 3, and skyrim. Try doing that on a pc :) you wont even be able to boot into windows LMAOOO. +Barrio San Juan Pretty poor opinion, 2k15's graphics were no different from 2k16 or the games that came before it, they're bad/outdated graphics and if you think they're good then that's an insult to the developers that actually put effort into their games graphics.. +Caleb Ross Yeah I misread that, sorry pal. I saw a lot of hate comments and guess I misread this one. To be fair as well I don't play last gen games.. I am playing 2k16 on my ps3, it is a nice game tho, the story mode is good. Also the graphics on my TV are full HD.
    is it just me or does old gen looks like it is better on the actual characters and next gen is better on the clothes... like look at undertakers tattoo on his neck, it looks better in old gen in my opinion.
    WWE games (wwf) have allll ways looked bad to me.. so this is nothing the PS4 version looks the same as the PS3 to me. They haven't improved anything !!! They need to make the game 60fps and crowd look more real for god sake ! And please omg fix the punching it looks sooo fake I still like 2008 better !!! -_-. The game needs an overhaul. I'm seeing the same awkward gameplay and animations as I saw in the first SVR. The gameplay has been the same but with slight improvements to graphics..
    that is odd last GEN actually in my opinion looks more realistic I know Next Gen is going to look more clear and there's probably more going on but last GEN just looks more like real life weird.
    people who are saying last gen look better are the people who don't have a xbox one,ps4 so they want to make themselves feel good by saying that xbox 360 and ps3 looks better. they are the same who just cares only the entrance break out is different it's the same gameplay same people no difference.
    +RuthlessAggression Master I like 14 and 16, although we can agree 15 was garbage, plain and simple..
    +v S m o o K e Your just someone who can't see that 2K16 looks better on last gen because new gen is newer and you jack off to it.. +Trolling Guy Open world game should look worse than in arena based game like this. It makes perfect sense.. Dunno, I was kinda expecting them to look photo realistic at this point. You'd think if they can get the Fight Night boxers to look almost real, they could do the same for WWE..
    Because they only push this shit out every year with no improvements to get money, WWE games are just a cash grab..

    +Kitty Kat Yeah most likely. The series piqued on the PS2 and they were great for the time, but as you say it's just a cash grab now..
    I don't see the difference between Xbox one version and the ps4 version they both look amazing af.
    The engine they use looks like a downgrade from the last one I played which was '07 Also the PS3 honestly looks better than PS4. lol.
    The Wii U has better looking games... oh and btw wrestling is fake and gae and same goes with its gaming franchise..
    people saying last gen looks betterdon't lie to yourself PS3/Xbox 360 graphics are complete crap compared to current gen 😂.
    regardless this game is just like CoD, Assassin's Creed, and every sports game that comes out every year.
    +Theyn Smith youre saying that because you dont have next gen you piece of trash lol and next gen is 60fps and old gen 25 jerk.

    +WhiteEagleGaming Why would they want to downgrade I wish i never spent $500 on this peice of shit that is a PS4, also wish i never sold my 360..

    any time I see comments like these, I imagine the nerds that must be furiously jerking off while typing them. .

    I've played both gens of 2k16 and ps4 is 10x better although some of the graphics may be slightly better on last gen (ps3), ps4 is a lot more realistic unlike ps3 2k16 which is like smack down vs raw 2009 just with a better roster and wrestlemania 31 but also less features! What I'm saying is get a ps4/ xbox 1 cus there 100x better! .
    +v S m o o K e i do have next gen so shut up u stupid little boy i have Xbox one ps4 and Xbox 360 and wwe 2k16 for 360 beats all of them only for this game. Last gen Takes the crown...Oooops Wait...I have to apoligize current gen win :) #Columbiazoned. +v S m o o K e what the hell does that matter ,you dont even know me why you hating does it pinch so much that you have to curse ,you dont now what stuff i have damn .
    i was even possitive damn man whats your problem i even forget about what my comment was go find a therapist and go to the shrink or whatever.
    Whats a "PC mustur raec durrr" kid doing on this video. Btw you should check out my steam account.
    WWE, Really lol only complete losers still care about wrestling. I mean you have to be among the most pathetic people ever to watch grown men in thongs fight each other. I laugh so hard at you dumb nerds..

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  53. December 14, 2015
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  54. November 26, 2015
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  56. November 5, 2015

    Comments about this video:
    +Juan Orihuela (Batkrom) that game still gets plenty of people playing it, other than the graphics and controls it still holds up tremendously..
    +kemboy323 actually its short for cockerel which is a young rooster who isnt ready for sexin them hens. when a cock gets laid and starts crowing hes a rooster.

    I get that resolution determines how clear the image is, but why do the textures look like they're on low for the 1080p one It's like you put everything on low settings for the 1080p footage and pumped it up to max for the 4k one, which makes no sense..
    +OG Drift Oh and I forgot to mention. Aside from 4k having a bigger pixel density so better clarity etc. It also as of standard does not require anisotropic filtering, AA or other such processing. The fact 1080p looks like a little lower texture will be due to the creator not having these turned on when recording the resolution (as I pointed out above he doesn't have all the settings turned on at once). So both are recorded without other effects turned on but obviously 4K has a lot more pixels and in return outputs that look very clean as if filtering and AA techniques where turned up (obviously they are not though)..
    +AudioGem So are you saying he is zoomed in and the clarity makes the textures look bad That could definitely explain it..
    The funny thing is my PC is about 3 Years old and has a RADEON HD 7600 1GB but I can play GTA V with Ani-Filtering on x16 for some reason._..
    +Mark :3 I don't think so. I have a Xeon e3 1231 V3 (i7 4770) + Gtx 970 (r9 390) and I can play on very high to ultra with NVIDIA's MSAA with 50fps.
    +Matthew N A 1 gigabyte difference is huge when it comes to GTAV graphics. I absolutely HAD to run it on the absolute lowest settings, if I had even a little over the 1024 MB limit, it would freeze, then crash while loading certain areas of the game. I don't know how you can run Very High settings on a 2 gigabyte card, because MAX settings is 3.something gigabytes..
    ●.     ° ¸. ¸    :. . • ○...somewhere   ° °  ¸. ● ¸.   ° :.  . • °  .  * :. . ¸. ● ¸       °.   ° :. . • ○    .  °  . ● ¸.    °.  • ○ °  . ...Way up high... ● ¸     ° °  . * ¸.     °..    ¸.   °  ¸. * ● ¸.  * ¸.     °..    ¸.   °  ¸. * ●... in the Universe...   °   °.  . • °  .  * :. . ¸. ● ¸       °.    °..   ° :. . • ○  ° :. . • ○ ° :. . * ¸.     °..    ¸.   °  ¸. * ●•  ° :. . * ¸.     °..    ¸.  Half-Life 3 is confirmed. .   °.

    +PixelGod Steam is waaay older. Steam was launched I believe in 1997 or '98. Not sure. Half-Life 2 appeared on Steam in 2005..
    A beast rig is worth every penny just to play GTA V maxed out. This is the best graphics to date. Just beautiful. I use to wander around Los Santos even if I've done everything possible in the game I just enjoy the graphics and the scenery. Such an amazing work. Love this game by all my heart. +Roger Murtaugh he was playing a PC version of a multiplayer FPS game with a controller. The gameplay was terrible, he doesent deserve anything for it. And "only smart americans use the word dude" is the dumbest thing ive ever heard. . lol im sorry, but that resolution bit was bullshit, im playing at 1080p, and my textures look just as good as the ones in this video at 4k.
    ... If you're watching on an average monitor there's no point in even expecting to see a difference... 4k is for people with large monitors who will notice a huge difference in 1080p and 4k.

    +Avi Oberoi dont worry about them they just sit on there ass all day living with there mothers with the need to try and prove themselfs they never had a girlfriend or wife and never spend anytime outside enjoying life sad but true i see this type all the time broad genralisation but so very true....
    +lesterbeats Not at all. This game runs great, much better than many games that look nowhere near as good! I paid $210 for a 4gb GTX 970 Twin Frozr (2 fans) new off ebay, threw it in my 3 year old computer that was only $396 at time of purchase which is an AMD FX6100 6 core with 12gb or DDR3 and I run the game in 3840 x 2160 (4k) with everything maxed except the extended scaling in advanced settings, and I turn shadows to high instead of very high because I don't notice a difference.. My future build: Intel Core i5 Haswell GeForce GTX 970 4gb VRAM 8gb RAM How well will I be able to run it.
    +theskeletonboi I see now that you're a lost cause, so after this comment I wont be wasting any more time on you. The only error I made I owned up to. Yet you STILL can't seem to grasp the fact my original comment said "over 90%" of players on Steam game at "1080p or below". The link I provided you proved this, as the figure is 97% who gam at 1080p and under. Irrelevant or not (which it wasn't), the comment +BANTIG HD made was directed at me, not you, but not only that, I proved myself correct. Anyone who decided to read this stupid-ass argument will see that. And not to mention, my statistic was more interesting than yours. And 'butt-hurt" would not be the words I'd use to describe my feelings on this; I'd use something more like: "frustrated and bored that some hypocritical douche on the internet can't fucking accept facts that aren't his own". I like a good argument, but you're ignorance is boring the shit out of me now. You desperation to "win" this argument is palpable. And of course you're desperate; winning pointless arguments on pointless comment threads seems to be the only way you can validate your existence. How sad..
    +coinsagE46m3 Haha, there you go again copying and pasting the same garbage because you are too retarded too comprehend correct numbers. You are the definition of sad. Your comment has no validity or relevance. How sad ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°). +Broccoli Lesnerd (Bork Lazer) I turn down distance scaling and shadow quality. I find that I don't miss or even notice the difference on shadows. Your mileage may vary. A. +StevenDawson I never said that pirated version would change the ui. It might've been the case that an update added additional features, ''ducking noob''. . Ok so anyone know what settings would I get 40 or more FPS on 1080p with this Gigabyte HD7770 1GB OC AMD FX4300 2 3.8GHz quad core 8GB DDR3 1333MHz RAM (soon will be 16GB 1866MHz).
    +orbitpowder I found out, I can run all "Medium" on 1920x1080 but have to use dx10 instead of dx11 due to the lack of just 24mb of motherfucking VRAM memory... I haven't "officially" tested with a program but I think I'm getting around 35-45 FPS even when driving around 30-35. .
    Paying a yearly fee to use your own internet connection. I think we all know who the true losers are here XD. I have : Moederbord processor:AMD vishera fx-8350 + MSI 970 gaming Koeling: waterkoeling corsair hydro h100i GTX Geheugen: crucial ballistix sport 24GB DDR3-1600 Grafische kaart: nvidia GTX 980 4G Harde schijf 1: SSD crucial bx200 960GB Harde schijf 2: 3000GB sata III Dvd brander/speler Geluidskaart : ASUS xonar DGX Netwerkkaart : tp-link 1200 mbps wifi usb stick Voeding: 1000 watt cooler master v1000 series Scherm: 29inch lg 29um57-p Windows pro 10 Would i be able to run it smoothly. is it just me or tesselation on ultra and normal doesn't make a difference and water quality high looks better than very high. Lower settings, usually the things you want to look at are antialiasing so go with fxaa as opposed to msaa, change the shadow settings, the post fx, population density. The heaviest Impact would probably be the msaa though. Antialiasing takes its toll on gpus. Play around though and see how it runs with those tweaks.. Here I am playing on a GTX980, Intel 4690k overclocked to 4.4ghz. Playing at Ultra 60FPS. While on my Xbox one it struggles to maintain 30fps.. +TheEliteGamer “BlackwidowZ93” Z When your GPU alone is basically twice the cost of your XB1, isn't that what you'd expect.
    Grass Quality and Extended Distance Scaling, big fps hoggers, turn them off if you can or set them to low..

    +theskeletonboi I'm experienced in manually doing graphical settings, but yeah, that's a good method too if you have a decent graphics card..

    The last test 1080p looks like shit because it's zoomed in through software. In-game the textures look great on 1080p..
    +Kelon Harmp This is true. One of the reason I've bought the damn thing 3 times! .
    OK I am still to this day confused about those so called "SOFT SHADOWS" which is considered "ULTRA SETTING" SHARP OR NVIDIA PCSS I know I'm an idiot please tell me...xD.
    If I was ever going to play this, I would have to play all of it on normal with an AMD rx5 or r5 dedicated graphics card. Can't remember the name. The processor would have to be an AMD a10 and this is on a laptop with a 1080p screen. Can I run GTA V If so, what settings would I hit 60 FPS at Intel i5 4690k quad core 8 GB ddr3 RAM GeForce GTX 960 4 GB.
    +MrEdcar007 thank you so much! I was worried I'd have to put grass on normal settings and I know how msaa can affect frames. I appreciate the response.

    +danny sayers Just get a custom one built, you can do it for much cheaper and make a computer much more powerful than Alienware..

    +Jet Noob the alienware alpha has a desktop core i3 4130t and a laptop 860m, so basically a slightly underclocked i3 4130 and a 750 ti for 350 dollars. The price for it is pretty darn good..
    Guys can I run GTA V at Ultra Settings AMD Quad-Core A10-5757M Accelerated Processor 2.5GHz (up to 3.5GHz)6 GB DDR3 RAM750 GB 5400 rpm Hard Drive15.6-Inch Screen, AMD Radeon HD 8650G GraphicsWindows 8, 4.5-hour battery life.
    i have intel core i5 6600 msi gtx 970 tiger 16 GB DDR4 it's $1500 here can i run this game at least as good as PS4.

    +BowGunner when im shooting or walking ill get like 90-80 fps but when its snowing and im driving 140 mph my fps is 39.

    +BANTIG HD So you're talking about occasional frame drops. When the framerate is above 60 more than 90% of the time, I think it's safe to say you're getting 60 fps. The average frame rate is actually a lot higher. While the minimum frame rate can be around 45..

    +-T-X-M- Hey thanks I'm on a low budget but will pass your info on to my cousin who is getting a better one than me thanks for the research.

    Can I run gta v my specs are: Model:Hp pavillion notebook OS: Window 8.1 64 bit Processor:AMD A10-8700P RADEON R6,10 COMPUTER CORES 4C+6G(4CPU),1.8GHZ Ram: 8192 mb HDD:1.7TB GPU:AMD Radeon R8 M365DX How many fps can i get :).

    I don't see any fucking difference at MSAA quality comparison. So if you have an worse quality PC and compare "Off" and "8x" even that it's the same, at 8x will fucking lag it makes no fucking sense. Watch your profanity.
    +Gamer Slaper it reduce the jaggies, i also don't bother much with it. but some monitors for example i can run gta v without MSAA and FXAA without much jaggies, but my friend when he put the same setttings as me he have too much Jaggies that the trees looks like they are moving when he move the camera, so i duno if is he monitor or computer but some people have too much jaggies and need that option, but he use it at x2, cause is so heavy for the computer to calculate the border of things and try to reduce jagggies :C.
    will this run gta v ULTRA SETTINGS i7-4790 16GB DDR3 2TB Serial ATA hard drive NVIDIA GeForce GTX 960 2gb.
    +Swey Hacker the 2GB VRAM is going to fuck you in the ass if you want good FPS on high-ultra 1080p, my friend has an R9 280 OC 3GB and the 3GB isn't enough for full ultra 60+ FPS. +NoValues Frame rate. I have both PC and PS4. But I will buy PC version if PS4 version is locked at 30..
    i have intel core i5 6600 msi gtx 970 tiger 16 GB DDR4 it's $1500 here can i run this game at least as good as PS4.

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  57. December 18, 2015
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  58. December 25, 2015
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  59. November 3, 2015
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  60. November 9, 2015

    Comments about this video:
    for video test, it would be better if you use some soft of fixture to hold both phones together. maybe a modified selfie stick it will be nice to see them side by side..
    +Max Lee (Zedomax) I love your videos max lee I have a note 4 how can I updated it to new software for note 5.

    +William Eaves you can install a custom rom with note 5 features, I should have a video on that soon..
    +Kevin The Tech Ninja lol. it has cool features nice screen and amazing battery life with root and rom it's a go....
    if the mate 8 gets the right software upgrade before making it into the US (hopefully) then it looks like the note 5 just got a tough rival.

    +Rajasekhar mittapalli well, ill call you out on a few things you say the 6p has over the note 5 (not a fanboy, just saying) 1. the 6p does not have wider pictures. it has a lower fov than the note 5 because of the 12mp camera vs the note&#39;s 16. google it. 2. the note has ois and a wider aperture than the 6p- f1.9(note 5) vs f2.0(6p). both the ois and the wider aperture in my opinion really helps the note take pictures as good as the 6p in low light, that is if you tweak the settings in manual mode 3. the more megapixels on the note really helps out in the detail and quality of the pics over the 6p especially when you zoom in. take a pic on both phones and look at them on a computer and you&#39;ll definitely see a difference. 4. the note 5 takes pics faster than on the 6p (the difference is really minimal but hey, we&#39;re mentioning things one can do better than the other) 5. the note 5 has pro mode(manual mode) EDIT: after doing more research, i found that you were actually spot on about the nexus's camera having a wider field of view. sorry for my mistake.

    +Max Lee Hi, Max. Great comparison about the cameras on both devices. Ois it looks better on the Mate 8 than on the Note 5 when you were recording. In picture taking it's still close to the Note 5 tho. It gonna be a great competition against Samsung. I'm not a Huawei fanboy coz you know I have just Samsung devices and a G4 too. Great video like usual. Keep it up with the good work my friend..

    Bravo!!! Love the M8te. Stabilization is top notch and the self camera exposure is more on point, your skin is less blown out on the Mate 8. Though the footage does look rather soft, noticeable while walking. But it looks like they have a hit! just gotta get that 4k in there. What are the camera specs and max iso Curious to see the real low light comparisons, keep up the good work Max! and really enjoyed your CES live stream coverage heh..
    Yes I agree. Note 5 best in market. Period. However. I love all the phones this year. What is coming is going to rock.. The Camera rear cam is better on the note 5 but the Mate 8 does a better job of recording video and with the front cam.
    I really like Huawei Mate 8 but Obviously Note 5 camera is better and overall feels and performance..

    the audio is good in note 5 for both front and back cam...the bck cam pic is good for note 5 :D but huawei did a good job.
    I have to say Huawei is making some excellent phones recently. I love my 6P but I do have to say the Note 5 does have a slightly better camera.. I still prefer the note 5 but if like u said about the mate 8 wen it comes to the states...then that can change the game. Hey!!! Nice video! Ps: I like your periscopes too, it's fun too see you I hope I don't sound crazy lol. Good comparison. Surprised the Mate 8 did so well. Looking forward to the consumer version.. I have a note 5, and even though the pictures look good in this video, it has a lot of issues. For example when I try to focus on something it focuses on it for a second and then it makes it blurry. Luckly this doesn't happen very often. Also the pictures blur really easy, even if you just moved the camera a little..
    +hulknwill +hulknwill nah learn how to use your phone still and I'll correct my typos for people that are too confused when there is a letter missing and they're too confused to figure out what the statement was meant to say. hahahaa.
    Man, there's no comparison! it's running on a slower processor, lower resolution screen and lower pixel front cam. Notes are top in thier class for the camera. even out performing the apple.
    I'm glad to see that Huawei are making good quality phones... It's nice to know that there's another good manufacture out there to choose from other than Samsung, LG etc..

    Thank you for doing this I may actually get the Mate 8. In the one photo I preferred the note 5 and in the photo with the grass I preferred the mate 8!.
    watching in 1440p on my ancient lg g3, that note 5 is looking hot, too bad touchwood wiz is ugly. but that's only temporary.. Note 5 is the best phone you can get, but the Mate 8 is much cheaper so it depends on how much you are willing to spend..
    What stupidity is this How can the two different things be compared This guy got the HM8 for free, why will he not praise it Suggestion would be to be informative instead of killing time..

    Loved the part when you left those people in the video. Poor chaps don't know they are on your video. Mate 8 has some exceptional OIS. But still Note 5 has a better camera software with loads of features plus the 4K option so still the Note 5 kills it..
    Huawei will become much bigger than what they are right now, without a doubt. They show a lot of potential and I bet they've started to scare the competitors already..
    Nice comparison! I think the Note 5 still has the best primary shooter in the game right now but the Mate 8 outshines it when it comes down to the selfie camera. Are you going to be checking out the Honor 5x This year is going to be great for affordable smartphones..
    Mate 8 if you need dual sim, longer battery life, better performance without carrying extra battery but V10 if you want better overall camera and higher resolution camera..

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  61. December 12, 2015
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  63. October 14, 2015
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  64. November 16, 2015

    Comments about this video:

    .     ° ¸. ¸    :. . • ○ °  .   . .   ¸.   °  ¸. ● ¸. …somewhere   ° °  ¸. ● ¸.   ° :.  . • °  .   :. . ¸. ● ¸       °.   ° :. . • ○    .  °  . ● ¸.    °.  • ○ °  .      ° :. . • ○    .  °  ¸….Way up high… ● ¸     ° °  . ¸.     °..    ¸.   °  ¸. ● ¸. … in the Universe…   °   °.  . • °  .  * :. . ¸. ● ¸       °.    °..   ° :. . • ○  ° :. . • ○ ° :. . • an alien is masturbating.
    but you think it was a big old man with a beard and a blonde haired son, and a holy ghost. ok well that's perfectly logical too. +Simon Bromfield That is NOT what i think, but rather that's what You think! יְהֹוָה is SPIRIT, meaning we CANNOT see HIM.. And this is exactly why the idea that we humans are the only form of life is no only preposterous, but incredibly arrogant!!!.
    +ViciousMusic Well its my belief they are not earth but merely planets which my contain life in some form You have to understand that earth creation was thew result of a big bang and it after that many many things had to happen all at one time in order for earth to be is an interplanetary miracle...sure...people live who have won the lottery not once but id be naïve and stupid to not think it cant happen again...but the chances of an exact match to earth are as close to impossible os it gets...even if earth is out there it would be so far away we will never know it...light speed travel as we know it doesn't exist .

    +tς๏ฬק™ Of course i didnt want to say that there are exact copys of the earth out there (nor human-like life). Just that it would also be a miracle, if we were the only form of life in the universe. Animals which also need oxygen, water and food to survive, Hollywood-Aliens or a completly different form of life we cannt even imagine, that doesnt really matter..
    What is this 0:20-1:32 music called I can play the first part of it on my ocarina. You did a good job of creating a scale of the incomprehensible scale of cosmic objects in the universe.. For anyone who wants to know the songs: The first song is John Barry - The Black Hole Theme (2011 Remaster) and the second song is End Titles From Bladerunner (2003 Re-Master).
    No !! we are bigger than Sun, just look the sun!! its smaller than our finger!! & Look at those stars at night they are even smaller than sun !! Our Earth's ground is the Largest one !!.
    not only those two they missed, but im also fucking pissed like u that they missed the other hundred billion planets in this galaxy. It's such a cool feeling seeing the next large object when it's so large in comparison to what I've just seen and the camera has to speed up to accommodate its size..
    It takes a bit more than 108 days for light to travel from one side to the other side of VY Canis Majoris if it goes right through.
    i think i missed a zero :P as i used 300k km/h for the speed of light, Or several zeros :P the awnser was 2,59hours, but if you do that times 1000 and devide that by 24 you get 108 days rounded up :P. And the same God who created all this has a son called Jesus And when a few Jews tried to kill him some 2000 years ago, the same God had no choice but to cheat (against his own laws of nature) and raise Jesus up into the heavens In other words, the same creator, who created this great and vast universe to its perfection, was not able so safe his son Jesus from a few Jews within the same laws of nature Seriously.
    There is nothing very amazing about a star - VW Canis Majoris - that is only 17+/-8 solar masses. It is large because it has an extremely low density and, by the way, it is no longer the largest known star. Far more amazing is the super massive black hole that is believed to lie at the centre of our galaxy - it has a mass about 4 million times larger than the sun. Even that is a tiddler compared to the largest known supermassive black hole - within the quasar S5 0014+81 - which is 40 billion solar masses!.

    But this video isn't about black holes, otherwise they wouldve shown quasars and remnants of hypernovas.
    +Vladislav Zhovmiruk That's my point - super massive black holes are far more impressive than these low density stars..
    If you play Elite:Dangerous on PC, you can travel in our 400billion galaxy's systems and see them. :).
    they also missed the other hundred billions stars in this galaxy alone. why didnt they add them to this fucking video....
    NO! There is no centre to the universe and observed expansion is relative to each unique observer, ergo, from your own point of veiw you must be the "centre" of the universe.

    For the last star. How far would we have to be from that star for it to produce the same ammount of heat that out suns gives us.
    Why does everyone say the Canis Majoris is the largest known star It's definitely the UY Scuti.. and the known universe could be up to 250x bigger than what we can see, who knows what's out there. "Wow that's a big star!" "HOLY SWEET MACARONI CHEESE BALLS LOOK AT THAT!" "1100 years" Thinks about life, just to forget about it in a week.. +Guillermo Sánchez Vega John Barry - The Black Hole Theme (2011 Remaster) and End Titles From Bladerunner (2003 Re-Master).
    actually, consciousness lies at the center of the universe. wherever you are you are at the center of the universe because you are the singularity and you are experiencing 360 degrees all around you. so everyone is at the center of the universe. there are multiple centers. literally anywhere is the center. And this is proof the the universe gets infinitely big and infinitely small. an atom compared to a cell is like comparing the earth to the largest star know. the golden ratio exists at all scales of the universe. or (Fibonacci sequence) as above so below. look up fractal animations. mind blowing..

    the sad part is it will be at least a few centuries, or even thousands of years before humans can reach proxima centurai - currently if we travel at the speed of the fastest man made object at 60000 km/h it would take us about 70000 years to get there!.
    I was wondering if there r other galaxies like ours y aren't we able to interact with them.. as u c in r galaxy we have earth, so they must be having some life source too.. :/. А некоторые религиозные уебаны до сих пор думают, что земля в центре вселенной и блядский бог живёт на небе.. The asteroid that destroyed USA 12.9 kyr ago. What created the many elliptical Carolina Bay landform depressions What caused the Younger Dryas cooling period 12,900 years ago ..
    This is really a good video. It opens our minds to contemplate and meditate to the statement, "You are not the center of the Universe." You are just one of them. But, God is indeed. He is the center of the Universe. He is the cause of all these. All our lives must be centered to Him. All our deeds must be patterned to His deeds..

    if even u shown us the video with that enormous planets... where do they discover and why scientist don't 'mention' it.

    What does the relative size of something have to do with its usefullness Earth is clearly a very special planet. It is the only known planet out of millions discovered to have life, and its inhabitants were able to leave the atmosphere and go to the moon. The very fact that you can think or post a comment shows exactly how special we are..

    Hey Taliban, get some more background. The information for the text you cited is in the writings of the prophet Isaiah over 1000 years before Mohammed: It is He who sits above the circle of the earth, And its inhabitants are like grasshoppers, Who STRETCHES OUT THE HEAVENS like a curtain And SPREADS them out like a tent to dwell in. -Isaiah 40:22 So if I am to be convinced that Mohammed was a prophet, that evidence would have to come from some other text, because this text was from old information. I remain unconvinced that Mohammed was a prophet..

    +John Rain McManus I liked the music a lot. It was grand and spooky, like the subject matter. Could always turn your sound off....
    these things are so magnificent and incomprehensible. its sad to think that even these dissolve into nothingness over time.. "NO. YOU. ARE. NOT. THE. CENTER. OF. THE. UNIVERSE." (Transforms into super tegan toppa gurren lagann) UwotM8! Uwotm8!vUwotm8!. Glory to Almighty God ALLAH the creator of 7 earths and 7 heavens All those stars and planets are in the 1st heaven.

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  65. November 2, 2015
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  66. November 19, 2015
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  67. December 10, 2015
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  68. October 21, 2015

    Comments about this video:

    +Times Infinity i know when i first heared that i was shocked, i mean it was like when i heared that Eta Carinea was a binary :0.
    Awesome video. I'll show it to my class. I feel compelled to suggest a small message alerting you within which range you are, say, within the amstrong range, or mm range, or light-year, or dozens of light-year range, etc.. I think he's European. And isn't it 2016 in Europe by now If not, it's almost night in Europe.. I'm his last vid he said "here in Australia", which means he must be living in Australia. The universe is expanding at a rate of 68 km/s per megaparsec (68 km/s per 3.3 million light years, ~20.6 km/s per million light years.) So, if something is 1 megaparsec away, it's moving away at 68 km/s. Sauce: Because the universe is expanding faster and faster, this will increase over time. Eventually, other galaxies will be so far away that the space between it and us expands faster than light, and if a new species formed in our galaxy, they would never know there was another galaxy. Much, much later, there will be no other stars to see. But at this point, no more stars would form, if I recall correctly. In the end, thousands of zeros of years later, no particle, not even the smallest remaining components of matter, nor bosons, would ever interact with each other. The universe would be a homogeneous and extremely tenuous foam. In the present day, too, as we find structures larger and larger in space, that we cannot comprehend the size of (though we can't even comprehend the size of our galaxy. most people don't even understand how large our Solar System is, or even how far away the Moon is; this is one of the main reasons why the Apollo program was ended. People stopped being impressed by people landing on the Moon.) we get closer to something called the End of Greatness. This is where you look at objects on such a scale, that the Universe becomes an essentially homogeneous froth. The End of Greatness, sauce Wikipedia (sorry), is at approximately 300 mly away, or ~100 megaparsecs away. This is in accordance with the Cosmological Principle, that if viewed on a large enough scale, the universe is completely homogenous-looking, and you don't see that lovely fractal pattern that we have come to know and love when it comes to our universe; no more filaments and voids, just a sea of dim light that has been red-shifted to hell. Correct me if I'm wrong. I'm 14, and I make mistakes, much more than adults.. +Naten Johnson Nothing to correct, you've written it all beautifully and accurately. The only correction required is absolutely none of it is proven at all and it is all just a very profound 'guess' So kudos to you for memorizing a hypothesis. Sure it's the best we have (one of), but as much as I adore science, it must always be remembered that science is constantly correcting itself and is often completely wrong. How wonderful.. Should have made it like other videos where they zoom out continuously. Don't really like this style it's like a 1940's photo projector..
    Great video. just have one minor nitpick. The figure for Olympus Mons refers to its height, right But using an overhead shot of it makes it look like you are referring to its diameter (and its size comparison next to the other objects adds to this), which is something like 20 times this figure. It's entire area is equivalent to that of the state of Arizona! yet you show it looking more like its merely the size of Manhattan. I know getting a photographic grounds-eye view of Olympus Mons is impossible as yet, but still... maybe an artist's conception showing its lateral (and therefore true) dimensions.

    The perspective from which you show both Ascraeus and Olympus Mons makes them look smaller than they are. You know, if shown from that perspective, you should consider their diameter, not their height..

    If we are in a potential multiverse, can these multiverses be inside something even bigger containing all those universe And maybe something even bigger containing the containers of the multiverses :o.

    Even walking 10 km is trouble, and the universe is place where travelling to even the nearest star is taking 5-10 million years for pioneer 10. We need space warping ships or wormholes now, that will ease some of our inferiority complex if you think that you are not, but just a speck, right.
    It's only a carbon star, once it's fusing heavier elements, it will be larger because of its core heating up to fuse them, then UY Scuti will be classified as a really cold hypergiant about 10 times the mass of it now. A few years ago a band of stars was discovered outside the milkyway disc, this band of stars followed by another band of stars are probably arms of the milkyway, being distorted to reside above and below the plane of the milkyway, traveling on a wave created ages ago by a dwarf galaxy going right through the centre of the milkyway, ripples in a pond, so to speak. If the view is correct, than the Milkyway must be at least 160,000 lightyears across, possibly even as large as Andromeda galaxy, be prepared to substitute another 110,000 lightyears measuring object.. It's humorous to think that a little over 400 years ago, people thought we were the center of the universe..

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  69. November 8, 2015
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  70. January 4, 2016

    Comments about this video:
    After reading the comments here, it's left me shaking my head. Do you people realise that it doesn't matter who has the biggest weapons, or who will win. The fact is, is that no-one will. They will drop nukes and we all die. NO WINNERS. Only the rich with their fancy bunkers will win. My guess is, that it will be the extermination of mankind and that every leader and controllers in this world and their families will be the only people to survive. How about we stop fighting each other in these comments and just wish each other well..
    If only these 2 countries put all that time and money in to something useful, would be a better world..

    +Nico Belic Um we don't force people to eat McDonald's. You still killed 50 million innocents..
    +Alexander Henkel Our Feral government IS a huge, cruel joke. But nobody here's laughing.I believe most Americans are sick to death of a government that is to represent us that actually represents another country. I mean, we have the best politicians money can buy. The French even know that. Why do ya think we spent ten years in Vietnam To protect French interests in the former colony, when we were supposedly ending colonialism, and betraying Ho Chi Minh, a former asset that helped us defeat the Japanese, and rescue our captured pilots. So, the French simply greased a few holdouts and BOOM, we were in. Never permitted to win, but hey, it was about money, not politics. The longer it went on, the more money Ladybird Johnson pocketed. She owned munitions plants all over America. Had we been allowed to win, those profits would have stopped. We had the fuckin' thing settled three different times. But our "leaders" always had us stop just short of clear victory. Even Nixon during the Christmas 72 bombings did it. Ever wonder why we grunts fragged officers and had a quiet mutiny We never thought of ourselves as designated casualties. Our government is not our own. Hasn't been for over a century. Fuck the US Feral government. ! We should try them all fairly, and hang them all fairly. . I don't think any president will risk use using nukes to destroy their country maybe Donald Trump he might kill us all fuck trump.
    I was born in the WEST, live in WEST I would prefer if the Russians Ruled the West, then the Evil Rothschild International Banker Zionist Regime. on the west Politicians, on the west Media, Financial System, all controlled by the Rothschild regime..
    +A couple of travelers Actually people who opposes you are the own who make the west a better place who said being more devil makes you a better civilian than those who actually are less greedy and make the world a better place. as Einstein said " Technology is in the hand of politicians who advocate wars for their own benefits "..
    Russia can not be compared with America, because America has the largest army and the largest economy in the world, and Russia should be compared with some European countries such as Britain, France, America, the most powerful country in the world.
    Russia would destroy the US with a finger snap. Yankees don't even know what war is because they were never involved in real wars and won.. dude shut your fuking mouth you havnt got a clue about the NATO pact your just another pinko like them huh read my other comments im not wasting my time with you ignorant shit ancient rome what the fuck get the fuck out of here stupid shit . LOL Ruski vodka people think they are the strongest beacouse they fight a little country like Georgia and terrorist ISIS hahahahah.. You even got fucked from Taliban with just AK and camel lol.
    BTW. The USA have the best tec and i can prove it... Look at the GPS-system 4 example BEAST-SYSTEM, and the Russian GLONASS-system CANT EVEN TELL IF THEY ARE IN TURKEY OR SYRIA.

    +Dominion of new zealand Putin is like Obama. He made the 99% he was From GOD. (1 of the 4 horsemen).
    Um then ISIS would be a problem. Not our fault terrorists happen to originate from the Middle East these days.. It's no contest, without nuclear weapons, Russia is just another 3 world shit hole where 20 million Russians still go without indoor plumbing.. Here is your answer. Russia's army is almsot 3x bigger then the US army except the air force which is 13x smaller. Most of the nuclear bombs that the US owns are like the b-61 atomic bombs which are not the one who can launch but they have to be thrown from a jet or some other aircraft. Russia owns 2000 more atomic bombs with more damage. But the thing is if Russia starts the war they have to aim at some other countries aswell because USA has a nuclear base in Germany, Netherlands, Turkey, Japan, France and the UK. And if USA attacks first unexpecticly with Nukes then there is no more Mother Russia, but its the exact same story in the opposite. So the winner of the war is pretty much the one who attacks first immediantly. Dear Russia, We never needed to build a wall to stop people from escaping our side of Europe... Freedom Always Wins USA USA USA USA USA USA!!!!!!!!. The US is a silly child in comparison with Russia, even Russia St. Petersburg over America. And the US has not yet participated in a major war, but Russia has already attacked thousands of times by the enemy and Russia is always defeated, and so for thousands of years... think about it.... +RUSCrane Russian Navy didn't even reach half of half. You also gotta specify how many were operational or up to date. :). I believe you mean world war 2 and they fought with us because Germany invaded them so they joined with us and after the war we hated each other again and then the Cold War happened. So I guess we were never fighting together but we weren't fighting against them.. +Kelvin C I'm sick of all this old information its like people still think it's the fucking 1970s Jesus Christ you can blow off 10 nukes above the US and we'd have power back in 3 days Internet in a week and cellular service in a month we've been hardened against EMP since the late 80s.
    what ppl have forgotten that napoleon and hitler tried and sucked big Russian kielbasa in return. Russians don't care to die for their country and they will transfer all their power to the eastern Siberia and start a war machine that no one will be able to handle. even in Afganistan in 10 years 10-15000 soldiers were killed, but they killed 1 million afgan mujahadeens and another 3 million ran away to neighborhood countries. Its in Russian blood to survive the struggle. Americans on the other hand never washed their clothes or dishes by hand. majority of women cannot cook a simple thing like fried eggs. Please attack Russia and see what will happen. Im not taking under consideration that Russia even officially has more nukes than us. unofficially its even more. Russians will survive no matter what. Its a great nation that had a 5000 years plus calendar before jesus was born. At one point they were about to fight the whole world at once. Anyways, good luck with the war guys ;).

    And I'm Proud to be an America and we don't take no SH2 #. We might fight amongst each other but I tell you this. We'll come together and bring Hell if you get us pissed..
    +Ezekiel Lopez You might be influenced by propaganda, too much trust in a government is naive, at least that's what i think of it.. Con lo strapotere aereo e navale che gli U.S.A. hanno anche da soli, senza gli alleati N.A.T.O. e del resto del mondo, per la Russia la vedo tosta a mettersi a fare una guerra convenzionale, anche con l'aiuto cinese sarebbero cmq in difficoltà, e penso anche che il Commonwealth britannico si muoverebbe accanto al suo alleato storico a cui deve due guerre mondiali, anche ipotizzando una declinazione da parte degli alleati europei e asiatici, sarebbe più difficoltosa magari ma l'esito sembra scritto per ora, e quindi ho si prospetta una guerra regionale per il controllo di una risorsa o un mercato e li inciderebbe molto la volontà popolare della regione, o una guerra termonucleare globale, che anche se ci fosse un pazzo alla guida di uno dei due paesi, secondo me al momento della verità il pazzo lo fanno secco prima i suoi generali !!.
    +81Paparazzo P.S. Putin potrà essere ambizioso, ma non mi sembra scemo credo sappia bene quando fermarsi o rilanciare, ha solo ricordato a tutti che la Russia ha passato un brutto momento storico, ma è ancora una delle nazioni più importanti, estese e ricche di risorse del pianeta e giustamente ne pretende il rispetto che gli si deve, ovviamente appecoronarsi a farle gli inchini non credo sia una politica giusta, il rispetto reciproco mi sembra più ideale per una sana convivenza, stesso discorso vale per la Cina.
    Lol, what will we fight them with Fags and trannies Russia would win if this wasn't a nuclear war, but M.A.D. always gets in the way. Russia has history of being great and staying that way, what do we have Slaves, Great Depression, soldiers dying in Afghan and Iran for the dumbest of reasons. We can't win against someone that has the same technology we obtain, simple.. Russia is making the U.S backing down so in the future there will be less problems and there will be more countries that are allowed to say what they think and what not..
    Russia is making the U.S backing down so in the future there will be less problems and there will be more countries that are allowed to say what they think and what not..
    How did that work out when the Soviet Union existed Communist China and Capitalist America & Britain were against Soviet Union..
    I don't know why anyone would want to fight for the Zionist countries, they are sick immoral and treacherous plus fantasize all the time..
    United States will never be attacked we have 14 million hunters in this country with guns there is 89 million + gun owners in the United States it would be open season on your ass and if you do not think the people of the United States would not shoot you from their kitchen window then you are complete fucking idiot.... If any kind of rocket projectile would enter the russian air space it would instantly be deactivated and defused cause theres an electro magnetical field all around russia (and for all the USA fanboys: most of the russian technology u dont even know about cause theyre dont wanna show of with all their military stuff on youtube etc.). Europe aka Russia would win because if the world war 3 it would be all of Asia,Europe,Africa and so on... Vs south and north america.. +Clash Alexx and your an idiot nuke can't destroy the whole united states and parts of Nuke can only destroy a city and some surrounding areas if it's big enough.
    +Cool guy If Russia fights at home and US invades they got a good chance. They invade US they get rekt. You should already know this..

    Drinking too much VODKA can make anyone think that they have a chance against the mighty USA...disorganized Russians...Except for Russian Mafia everything about them sucks...

    Ok... and... what about the Europe Union and China These two are greats powers too... not all is only Russia and USA..
    Ok, Russia and the US they are the two biggest militaries powers in the world that is sure... but... that is because the EU and China are not aggressive powers, the companies of armament is not important in the economy for this countries, and the projection of power in the exterior is not important too, well... the EU has a little projection of power... more than China... the Frenches are bombing whit the British the ISIS right now and Germany is helping... and a few years ago they bomb Libia, Irak and Afghanistan... and the Frenches has invade countries in Africa. .
    well have fun on empty servers... some might say the rich have to interest in shitting on the landscapes....
    BTW, Turkey just shot down a Russian jet. Where's the Russian overwhelming response Yeah. Right..
    +Patrick Carroll If Russia knew turkey was alone then you would be simply nuked, you know that ,right but don't worry attack is in place in a proper time..

    American army are weak and their half of the equipment doesn't work that's why they kill their own army from sky and most of the time they target wrong and sometime their own army shoot each other ha ha ha they won't stand the chance if they fight with Russian army go Putin please save the world long live putin.
    All I saw was USA's superior technology and Russia's junk pile, there's no comparison seriously like buy new stuff already stop fixing your junkyard scrap you Russian stupid fuks, I mean even in there country they drive on the wrong side of the road because they barely have lights or even paint to mark the roads, fucking stupefied clowns idea thieves even china has better garbage than they do smh lol.
    "Out of fear from American colonization." I didn't say that's what happend, but it was a fear. It's what was implied or perceived during the war..

    Forgive me, I thought you were familiar with the cold war. Think of the two powers like a gang with territory. This is our side and our allies and that's your side and your allies. North Korea was obviously not on the NATO side when they made the split in Europe. So, America going in there was like going on the wrong side of the street hence the reason Russians gave NK equipment. NK is right next to china and Russia. SK is near japan, though there is a bit of water between them. It's like a gang in it's simplest form..
    They have more, but we have better things. For example the A-10 and the Abrams tank. If you want to see quality, look up those two.. RUSSIAN PUSSY's remember U.S have 29 country as allies and way better technology den u cowards.YA PRESIDENT ALWAYS TALKING SHIT BOUT US AND NEVER DO SHIT ABOUT IT LIKE FUKIN NORTH KOREA ALOT OF TALKING AND NO ACTION CAUSE YA KNOE THE U.S WILL SEND ALL OF YA TO HELL!!...PLUS 90% of the population here in the US have weapons in dere homes and ready to blow shit have fun trying to go against us hahaha satan is goin to drag u russian's to hell!!! 😈😈😈.
    Every Russian kid can beat the average American. Their soldiers are big and tall, and US marines in comparison with them look like little children. Most americans are short and sissy people. American dumb kids do not know it because they just watch Hollywood movies, where US marines were represented as superheroes. These kids after write such stupid comments. Also, the Russians have more nuclear weapons the US.
    Americans have awoken to their Satanic leaders. As long as we follow a Satanic Zionist agenda, we are doomed. All the might in the world won't stop God's wrath. Good luck in recruiting or drafting a population that despises its own government.. +Pp j You Quote"What More do you think they fucking Need" Doh let me think, Brains to use them LOL.

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  71. November 11, 2015

    Comments about this video:
    How did people live with such WiFi Speed back then Dude come to Egypt we still use 1mbps internet speeds here 😂😂😂.
    +Tech Freak pfft for me to get an uncapped unshaped 4 meg line in South africa I have to pay equivelant to about $100 US dollars. Which is very expensive for the normal man on the street.Yeah. Europeans dont understand the privilage they have. Lucky for me, im immigrating in 3 months. I too can stream :).
    why the fuck are phones getting so gigantic! the size of the iphone5 is as big as i could handle.. as soon as i saw how big the 6splus was, i facepalmed.. you might aswell buy a tablet.
    Doesn't the electricity flow through the outlets one by one and not flow at EXACTLY the same time So it takes a bit longer to reach the last outlet.
    Light travels through empty space at 186,000 miles per second. The electricity which flows through the wires in your homes and appliances travels much slower: only about 1/100 th the speed of light. Part of the reason is that light is massless; it has no weight, whereas the electricity flowing in the wires is made up of a stream of electrons, all of which have some small amount of weight. In addition, the electrons flowing through the wires constantly bump into the atoms of the wire, which slows them down considerably. If you were to take the electrons out of the wire and make them flow through space (which is essentially what you do when you make a spark), they can move faster, but no matter what, they cannot move as fast light..
    I have a 5 is it ok to get a 5C i know it has the same internals but is the 5C have stronger battery life.

    +Said Burhan I don't get what he meant when he said the 6s looks so much better than all the others. I thought the 4 looked the best, but that's just me. I don't know how 4 can look better then 4s, but who knows..
    +justin zhao me too, I am going to get the iPhone 7 when it launches, because Apple may drop support for the 4S, so by fall 2016, I will keep my 4S as my secondary or a spare iPhone.
    I have a 4s, and I have wifi at my house, but it won't let me connect to internet can anyone help.
    +Yo Mama ohh no, your wifi chip got fried. it happened to my dad's 4s when all the others were connected to wifi.
    +hieurock The only good use of a phone stylus I've come across is Samsung's Note series. I've gotten some good use on my phone with it since it has legitimate good uses..
    +Carlo Valencia I don't care about durability because I'm more like an elegant man that uses their phone normally without any drops. Am I wrong in thinking the first iPhone didn't have the App Store If so, that iPhone isn't a first generation one.... I like it but at 0:55 if u pause you can see he is using an iPhone 4s as there is no line by the headphone jack he isn't using an iPhone 4.
    +Raj12 Cat well I was supposed to get like 16g or something for some reason mine didn't even have 12g.

    Watching on 5s. My phone is OK. I'll get the next iPhone that comes out, which is probably iPhone 7.
    watching this on a s6 edge came from iphone 5 thinking about upgrading to s6 edge plus or 6s plus. could you guys help and tell me which to get.
    The iPhone 6s has 7000 aluminum stuff or whatever and apple added more weight so it's like 1000 percent more durable but that happened with the iPhone 6 plus.
    +Storm Аrtёm the iPhone is the iPhone 2g they are the same thing and it's spelled *forgot idiot. You are a jerk, i have an iPhone 5c and you just said that the iPhone 5c it's made for those who don't have money for the 5s, you are just a jerk. +eddy gutierrez I have the 5c and I'm completely happy with it. Works great! Plus it's plastic back so I can't break it as easy... Im not very graceful.
    Is he from Canada I notice he says aluminium not aluminum. That's Canadian and everywhere else right.

    +Josh Sutton I'm from Canada and it's spelled and pronounced aluminum. Aluminium is for the UK as far as I know. Edit: OK I checked both US and Canada say aluminum..
    +Yuma Tsukumo and the box was the old ones, when they were releasing it with the brand new iOS 5, look at the iOS style back in the day..
    +Gustavo Ribas No. It's a CDMA iPhone 4 and box. CDMA iPhone 4 looks like the 4S. iPhone 4S' white box does not have a black background..

    What do you mean slow internet speeds like the 3G Here in africa the fastest line I can get is 5meg as a static fixed land line... lol.

    1:57 "I can't understand how I lived with such a slow phone". The reason you can't understand is because the phone wasn't slow when you bought it. The iPhone 4S, for example, first ran iOS 5, not iOS 9. Obviously it was A LOT faster back in the day when iOS didn't require as much processing power etc. so the test is hardly fair when you're running an OS on a device it wasn't designed for (I mean, what exactly were you expecting to happen!) As time goes by, older Apple devices will appear slower because of the OS becoming more advanced for the hardware..

    +AirbusA380rox That's true for some things but things like wifi speed haven't changed in updates. Also, the newer phones like iPhone 5 can load some things faster than the older ones ever did..

    That moment when I realized i have a 5s but there are already 4 new more powerful devices :/ That's one downside.

    +MisterKecske stick with the 5s. iphone 5-5c-5s is just as good at iphone 6 and above, just not as good camera (you wouldn't notice) and doesn't have other silly features you wouldn't know about without being told about them.. also, the iphone 5, 5c and 5s arn't the fucking size of a tablet...
    post job iphone are cheap, they're only fashionable. no more innovation will be made. apple is DEAD.
    +Momir i've been saying that ever since the 6 came out. the 5s is a perfect size, not too big nor too small, the 6 is way too fucking big..
    Hey guys, i don't know what to do. Ive been thinking to buy an Iphone 5 or a 5s, however the Samsung Galaxy s5 is good for me too, and the samsung s5 is cheaper than the iphone 5 and 5s. Is it better then the iphone is it worth please repply me with a solution and an opinion on witch i can get.. if you want a fast,yet stable phone go for the iPhone 5 or 5s.If you want the ability to costumize, do more stuff with your phone and a bigger screen go for the s5. Simple.
    Anybody else notice how he mixed up the iPhone 4 box iPhone 4 didn't have an antenna break at the top 😂😂. Nice try pal.
    +Joshua Haynes Nope. It's a CDMA iPhone 4 and box. CDMA iPhone 4 looks like the 4S. iPhone 4S' white box does not have a black background. In the video, the phone has no antenna at the top either.. Why should the iPhone 5 be discontinued for the 5c (junk phone) to be released The iPhone 5c has nothing, but only worse build quality, and way thicker than the iPhone 5. Why have to replace it, and make the 5c more expensive, maybe the 5c would be only $49 on contract and the iPhone 5 like $99, like the iPhone 6c, which had the iPhone 6 capabilities but with the iPhone 5/5s screen size..
    Numbers don't tell the full story. The iPhone 6s beat the Samsung GS6 in multitasking even though it had 3GB RAM..

    When the iPhone 3G (2nd iPhone model) came out in 2008 people started to nickname the original iPhone the 2G because it only supported GPRS and EDGE data, rather than the UMTS (3G) data support that the iPhone 3G added. The 3GS then stepped that up to HSDPA 3G data in 2009..
    Exactly, when Apple keep older devices in the lineup they discontinue the higher capacities and/or configure them with a new lower capacity like my friend's old 8GB iPhone 4S he got brand new in 2013, a phone which back in 2011 was offered in 16/32/64GB.

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  72. October 13, 2015

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    Increíble el trabajo, ¿Como habeis hecho para conseguir esos modelos con esas medidas tan exactas Me suscribo.

    +MrDeku73 Gracias, los modelos no tenían las medidas adecuadas, tuve que investigar cuales son los tamaños y adaptarlos..

    +Tassadarky It has more mass than the Executor (thicker) but the Executor is 19km long, whereas the Eclipse is 17km..
    +Chubbymonkey 1001 The Starkiller base was just a reformed planet, so it probably wouldn't count in this list. It would probably be around the size of Earth, though. I am missing the HypetSpeed Weapon from the new StarWars film. It is about 10 times bigger than the 2nd Deathstar.
    For some reason I always thought the death star ii was made from the wreckage of the first one and was the same size..
    Awesome! But where you do you get the Death Star II size from Everything I see states that it's slightly bigger than the original, but you have it WAY bigger. . Some of these are way off sorry. How is c3po bigger than the cockpit of the millennium falcon when it seats 4 people. In case you want to know for any futurer videos the "Droid control ship" is a Lucrehulk-class battleship. That's great. But one mistake I noticed: The interdictor in your video looks like the Immobilizer 418. That ship is supposed to be 600 meters long and not 1600. The 1600 meter interdictor is of a different design..
    second death star was 160km in diameter. Other inaccuracies. Do your research. Wookiepedia has the stats for these fictional vessels.

    +Reckless Rhino as a sci-fi nerd, i disagree. Not getting mad, i just appreciate things being correct. Otherwise you may as well disregard this whole video and make each vessel any arbitrary size you feel like.
    +Punchy LightBeer Halos, The greater and lesser arks, shield worlds and the Maginot sphere are all bigger (halo universe).
    Wasn't the Executor sized up And i think the only sources or references for the eclipse class destroyers where there comparison to the Executor before the size up so i think there ment to be a fair bit bigger now. Still though, great video dude :).

    well there is a new and bigger version of the death star but the cannon is in the middle of the planet yes a planet the just attached some robot parts i do not know what it is called please tell me.
    starkiller base, in the film quoted as being 17 times the size of the death star, likely referring to death star II, giving a diameter of 15,300km. I am unsure of the complete accuracy of my statements..

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    I saw a video of her jumping on balloons So strong and sexy, i would like to meet Her and I would like to crush some with her Her feet and legs are a big turn on... We have the same size of feet , i m 6 feet Tall but her legs are a lot stronger than mine. I would like to put my lips on her feet and legs. . very nice foot comparison, I loved them all. Amazon Annie I want to wrestle you and be forced to kiss your feet..
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    The girl with small feet step on her big feet and she felt nothing. It will be a nightmare if she step on the small feet haha!!!.

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  75. December 23, 2015

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    +Daffy Eberth I would change my name before asking that question. It's plagiarism,you must not commit it.. Haha, Smrt English. It's funny because "Smrt" means Death in czech language. I don't why am I writing this, maybe just because I have to write an essay and everything is more interesting than the essay itself. :( :D. Need more visuals of the actual essay however arrgg. My mind right now is like flooper doper looper, oh my goodness, oh my goodness, panic, panic we are in the last two weeks of the semester. Lord shed some light on this compare contrast essay.. This is fabulous! I'm showing this to my students, and I believe it will help them greatly. . Thank you for clarifying what my professor spoke on in LTCA. I know can write a better paper. Thanks again.
    +Communiy Channel tomorrow is my English Provincial Exam… I'm sooo nervous!!! :/.

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  76. November 20, 2015

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    Thank you for an excellent, educational video. All your time and hard work putting it together is much appreciated. This will for sure help me chose my oil filters more wisely..
    Hi, can ypu please elaborate on how easily the glue separated from the end-cap of the Purolator synthetic.
    Here is a link to that website he was referring to in the second part of the video. Definitely some good info..
    Thanks. Very informative. I'm impressed with the look of the Purolator Gold element. Thanks for the link to the actual testing, which is what I want to see. You missed the sq. inch area of the last two elements. Other than that, Great Job..

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  77. January 6, 2016

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    och ich wollte doch nur dem klischee gamer entsprechen mit niemals eine freundin haben und frauen nackt sehen ich geh mir jetzt taschentücher holen für meine nase versteht sich XD. Having so much fun readng all those "console peasants", "pc mustard race" trash here, its ridiculous. Are there only posting 12 y/o or immature man child basement dwellers No, dont bother responding, i prefer to think its all just massive trolling and people didnt fall that low. BTW since when did visuals became more important then gameplay :/.
    but thats the thing about PC's, you get the graphics AND the good gameplay :) to quote the taco girl '' why not both''.

    +MrARKANOiiDe Visuals became more important then gameplay when ps4 and xb1 came out... that is of course a good 60-70% of the reason new consoles come out, so that the graphics not only look better, but the world that they try to create in the video games are much more expansive/detailed/ immersive..

    Love Dark Souls, love Bloodborne...HATE DARK SOULS II. It's awful. The pacing of bonfires is a mess and millions of enemies is fake difficulty..

    Ambushes were stupid in DS II. Piling tons of enemies doesn't make the game hard, it just makes it unplayable. I solo these games, lol..
    I'm not arguing, just saying that good things come to those who wait. Why pay more Your just gonna brag now and bitch later when a console is released with more floating point performance for less money..
    +GlassifyHD They already proved PS4 has better hardware. Xbox 360 + One are both shitty consoles that red ring every two months. I'm a PC gamer myself but if I ever bought a console it would never be a Shit Box..
    You know, I want to get a PC, but the community seems like a bunch of egotistical brats who have to justify why it's better than consoles. I'd say they're just as bad (if not worse) than the bratty console fan boys who constantly argue. I mean shit people, buy what you want and leave everyone else the fuck alone..
    +Psyblader501 So true And yeah the German Sony community consists mostly of rabid fanboys. .
    PC gamer: hey guys come huddle around me super close to watch this. Console gamer: Grab a seat and watch this.. To all the morons saying this looks just like the PC version, why don't you unload your mods for a moment and get your eyes checked. I regularly play Dark Souls 2 and this looks much better than the vanilla PC port. Not only has the lighting engine changed (color and post processing appears different), but contrast, SSAO, and AA have improved. The reason mods do not work as well as they should is they darken all areas of the game, causing ridiculously dark areas in broad daylight. If you're really concerned that THIS version is the new DX11 version, you should read an article I found on IGN stating quoting the developers as saying the PC version will have a lighting engine better than all user made mods. If they lied, sure, but let's give the benefit of the doubt and stop acting like dipshits. This definitely looks better than vanilla PC no matter how hard you try to argue otherwise, and this game series began on PS3 so I think it's fair to say we're lucky to be getting this game at all.. ダークソウル2はDLCも含めて神ゲーでしたねぇ。4月9日にダークソウル2の全三部作DLC+全くの新たな追加コンテンツが含まれたオールインワン版が発売されるそうですが、現状、オンライン人口は過疎っていると聞きます。これを機に復活すればよいと思いますが、一方でそれをはるかに超えてくるであろう神ゲーブラッドボーンが3月24日にPS4で発売するわけですが、このタイミングの近さ・・・一体なんなのでしょうか。.
    +Mr.GTA5 MOD i totally aggree, you should do that,go ahead do it,i bet you you wont do it!!! DO IT!!!.

    Very nice, but I literally had to mute the video cuz people were thinking I'm watching some 80-90s p*rno -.-.
    Reading through the comments section.. no wonder why people think gaming is for children, the whole gaming "community" is filled with immature, whining and disrespectful little pricks lol. Perhaps it's true, that gamers are all adults who never really grew up and are desperately clinging onto their childhood, where the world was safe and not cold and cruel. In other words: autists!. To those that can't tell the difference between 30fps and 60fps. Hope you can now see what a lot of us do and understand the reason why we call for 60fps games.. im a little late to the party here but i just wanna throw out that the ps3 version isnt as bad as this video makes it look. it looks more fluid in real time. slow motion does it no justice XD. open world games always have lower graphics than linear games like uncharted or cod so even the ps4 ver wont look that much better.. PC is great I love it, but a true gamer plays on everything. Also there have been many games that have come out, that did not, or were not coming out for PC for awhile.. I didn't feel like waiting, some games on PC that didn't support controller, that I just felt more comfortable playing with a controller with (don't feel like having to use keyboard and mouse, or setting up profiles for EVERY game). THEN some of my friends don't do the PC, and so for games like Mass Effect 3, I had way more fun playing on PS3 with my friends, than I would have on PC.. The very same will go for the Division.. So enough with the PC vs console crap... Its as dumb and lame as console vs console, it all boils down to what you like, and how you like it..
    The insecurity amongst the overweight, autistic and most likely virgin(s), PC "gamers" is hilarious. .
    I play it on PS3, and I played all Souls games on PS3. I am very happy with the games. Don't plan to rebuy it on PS4, only if they'd bring out all 3 Souls games maybe. For me, I never could be bothered with some framerate issues, and I don't even pay attention to it. I never played a game this good, and I don't see that huge differences to be honest. Maybe if the FPS is a constant 60 that would be a difference, a bit more quality textures, nothing I would notice really. And to be quite honest, I would probably miss the 30 FPS, I dunno, for some reason I like that. Don't own a PS4 yet either, and not planning to yet. The PS4 right now is a collection of old games, not even remakes. I'd probably buy a new PS3 instead of buying a PS4. Maybe the Dark Knight game is a start. For some reason, after playing a Soul game, you really compare new games to it, and nothing comes close to it to be honest. It's not just a game, it's an experience that has no words for it, you just have to play this to feel what it's like. And I'm not particularly good at it, bu for some reason, I need to finish this.. I'm really really tired of this console war bullshit... and now PC elitist joined too... I might have to start ignoring comment sections. It's pretty hard to ignore all the stupid shit you read..
    Still looks the same, nice try B team. Not wprth another investment. If you guys are smart dont buy this garbage. Well buy it if you love to waste money. I think its a complete waste of money, the controls are still the same as well as the animations. The movesets are still the same because they were too damn lazy to change up the moveset with the weapons to put more motion and realism in the attack animations. Overall its the same game just a slight title change, graphics are slight enhanced, also another grest feature is enemies are replaced in different areas now...whoohoo! Great job! That totally makes the game better. (Dumbass B team.).
    Lighting and shadows look great on the PS4, the colors really pop now! This will be a great edition to my stream for Bloody Souls Sunday Can't wait for next week!.
    They ported DS2 to PS4 already! SMH if they just made it backwards compatible then there would be no need for these remasters. Unless they have all the games in one disc. Even then don't release it less than a year after it came out. That goes for last of as well. Resident evil PS4 is how it should be done. Still waiting for 2 3 and 4 remake..

    LOL. When will these console gamers learn All PC released games are master edition. That is why we call it PC Master Race. So next PS5 another remaster edition LOL.
    +Battler624 Yep. As of now, the PS4 is the best version. Even Digital Foundry confirmed this. Until the devs release an update to to the PC textures. PS4 is KING!.
    Pay full again 60 bucks for yhe same broken battle system and same movesets you get on your old gen version of ds2. Buy it! Its great for aesthetics! It will be worth another 60 bucks. Go buy it again and tell me if this game is any different besides a slight grapgics upgrade. I wqnt to be proved wrong..
    +Arturake Raiden its a broken mess it may be free but i would rather pay NOT to play it! Get a pc and enjoy an endless stream of alphas betas and unfinished crap! or even PAY to play crappy early access rubbish! no thanks! no wonder you have to resort to begging..
    It's an obvious win on PS4 despite it not looking buttery smooth when it could be. It's great that seventh generation systems are still getting mainstream titles but in turn, holding the current generation systems back. I'd like to see full support for them with new generation exclusives that actually work on scheduled release dates. So far every current generation multiplat has shipped horribly broken (GTA V being a pleasant exception on PS4 & XB1) and even exclusives having the same problem with hiccups every so often. I don't mind waiting another month or two for extra optimization. Obviously the PS3 has been great hanging in there with the 360 but I feel most titles on multiple platforms with development teams divided would produce a better product when focus is looking at current generation consoles/PC and slowly back away from the seventh generation consoles. I can feel blazing keyboard commandos ready to rip my opinion to shreds. I still have my PS3 and had years of great gaming, it's simply time to move on and hope development teams now have full on effort for the current generation..

    +Paul Yacobellis You're really preaching to the choir on that point. Of course less powerful hardware is not going to be able to reach the level of detail that newer consoles, PC's etc. I could easily force my PS4 into 720p or even 480p but there wouldn't be a difference the same goes for all game consoles. The system renders a game at a set frame buffer in a specific size laid out by a game developer and despite lowering the output resolution on a console, the difference is negligible. The "higher frame rate" you're seeing is actually the same as if the same system was set in 720p or 1080p. Even when anamorphic resolutions are used such as in Metal Gear Solid 4 and it's native internal frame buffer of 1024x768 but scaled by the games code and hardware to produce a 1080p image. PC's on the other hand are the exact opposite of console video hardware. Where games on PC are more directly controlled by the user and what hardware is inside a certain PC that in one case, plays games at awful frame rates due to it's fixed frame buffer and only on the PC where lowering output resolution directly affects frame rate..
    +Paul Yacobellis you may have not seen as much screen tearing mainly due the obvious less physical area displayed on your TV in such a low resolution. Plus I've not seen many PS3 games aside from the earlier games for the system. Games such as the first Uncharted in the series. The first time I played that game when it was new really made the occasional screen tear really not much of an issue though. I was too busy enjoying the game and the amazing graphics and lighting for it's time. If you started much later with the second or the third and final game on the PS3 (UC3: Drakes Deception) makes the earlier games seem somewhat laughable as Naughty Dog really knew how to push the PS3 hardware in ways never thought of. Personally with screen tearing, I've seen a lot more on the 360 over the years than I have on the PS3. I've found several PS3 games that for some reason, all the texture filtering or parts in the game that had looked like a PS1 flashback. Two games that I've found with that problem were Fallout 3 GOTY Edition and in the DLC content of which would often crash the system entirely due to so much data getting choked up on. The other game was Mass Effect 2. One planet I had landed on just seemed to have slipped through QA before production run. I have a photo on my tablet that I saved during the ground missions and the rover like vehicle used to cover ground much faster. As I explained earlier in my previous post, regardless of what resolution you run a recent game consoles at, it will always have the same issues primarily due to how the developer had chosen to make use of the hardware even if you run it on composite video and a SDTV, it will perform the same as anyone else that is using the same hardware on a large HDTV using HDMI... In game consoles, hardware is common and controlled in every step of the way in game design to production. What you see is chosen both by obvious art departments and 3D modeling but in the end, the choice of using VSYNC or not is purely a choice by the coding teams and the producer of any game on any system. That very choice of disabling VSYNC and deal with screen tearing for the performance gain or potential higher frame rate. Or if they enable VSYNC and trade a potential higher frame rate for a more detailed solid look and further polished product. I've been around developing games on consoles from the Genesis to the N64 as well as PC's. I can tell you that with a game console no matter the age, a piss poor mistake of using such a shortcut can really have a major effect on your project. Let's examine GTA V for a moment from PS3 to PS4... It's quite obvious that the PS3 version of the game is amazing in it's own right considering just how vast the game world is and having such details that were not thought possible before on the old hardware that's nearly ten years old. No screen tearing but the game didn't have much of a great frame rate that would make or break a score on your shooting accuracy and sometimes, high speed pursuits. I loved the game despite a somewhat choppy frame rate at 720p (the internal buffer was somewhat lower than that). The game was very playable and one engineering marvel to get the game on both the 360 and PS3. I upgraded to a PS4 and I really wanted to see just what the new hardware could do for the very same game and the leap was huge!!! Not only had the production team release a superior product thanks to the extra horsepower but also added far more details that simply could not be done on a seventh generation system but more content as random events, a much larger variety in cars that you see in traffic (as opposed to select few due to memory limits), the added animation of each character in a first person view from weapons to car interiors for every vehicle in the game. The presentation is also a solid thirty FPS at full 1080p. Aside from the obvious changes, the steady frame rate on the PS4 version I picked up had much easier means in shooting accuracy due to a solid frame rate due to having VSYNC enabled and no screen tearing to be seen. Ask any PC gamer around and I bet most all of them will have it enabled for one technical reason and also others to avoid screen tearing. When the CRT monitor was still a mainstream display for nearly everyone VSYNC was once a major issue in benchmarks since when it's disabled, you could see insanely high numbers making some think thier rig was much faster than it really was. All due to those incomplete frames adding false results to what was screen tearing and those tears counted as a full complete frame when it actually wasn't. If this doesn't explain this simple subject to you, there's no hope..
    Honestly i feel they remastered dark souls 2 so that people wouldnt be so mad for not getting bloodborne on their preferred hardware >_< To be honest Id much rather have a remastered dark souls 1 LOL.
    i have a PS4 and never played dark souls before. Should I get this No hate please, I just want to enjoy the game.. If you enjoy rougelike games then yeah, definitely. DS2 also is a much easier game to start with compared to DS1 or Demon Souls. That said, you might want to just try your hand at Bloodborn when it releases next month if you prefer more fast paced action in your roguelike experiences.. +Heisenberg I'd agree with that, DS2 is a good way to be introduced to the series And Amir, the PS4 version includes the 3 DLCs, pretty good deal imo.. Techincally its not an improvement, its just a revert of a downgrade they did for last gen consoles..
    +Battler624 Revert What fucking revert They didn't change a thing back to how it was in the reveal. Those graphics are gone forever..

    +Tinkie Winkie look ihave a xbox one, but stop talking shit, we all know ps4 wins in the grpahic department.
    is it though the answer is no, no it's not. they just took the pc version, added a little bit of contrast, slapped some more enemies around the levels, dotted some more items in different places, called it a day, and put it up for full price. that's not a remaster.. CING CHUNG WING WUNG TING TUNG LUNG MOA BING BING BONG!!! CHING CHING CHONG!!! Sum ting wong.... To be fair on pc it looks just as bland as it does on ps4. I can play this at 4k 60 fps and it still looks very average. I dont see any improvements over the pc release at all. Never lived up to demon or dark souls..
    so sad how the blury last gen was better because now we can see THE HORRIBLE textures in HD .
    I think this comparison is a phony. I think they added some lag to the PS3 side just to make it seem glitchy, justifying the PS4 version. I own a PS3, and I'm pretty sure it runs much more smoothly, not anything like what's presented here. However, I'm not an idiot. That means that I do realize there ought to be a difference in frame rates between the two consoles. However, I think the PS3 performs better than how it is portrayed in this video..
    For all you pc gamers, why can't you understand that people choose consoles based on exclusive games Go back play "I am bread" and shitty other simulators..

    The improvements don't really seem too noticeable between last gen and next gen consoles and besides: Bloodborne comes out like 2 weeks before Why the HELL would I leave Bloodborne which is a PS4 exclusive (and will stay that way because the rights are owned by Sony) to play something the PC crowd keeps bragging about having better visuals on even now, a year after the initial release.
    UNless you're watching the video in 240p its clearly visible that the PS4 version its better and has no crushed blacks. Still pointless, because PC version is the best. wow! Looks like they put a lot of work into this and they're not just doing it to make more money!. Endless PC vs Console arguments, all of which end with someone being called a homophobic slur, and everyone admitting they own all platforms... fun..
    Congrats to console gamers, you can finally play something that looks and plays like the PC version, and you only had to wait a year!.

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  78. October 26, 2015

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    New Videos Every Day! Subscribe ▸ Over 50+ CR Comparisons! Watch: Visit Us Online: Thanks for watching all our videos folks! You're the best!.

    I find espresso grind is too fine: I tend to set the grinder between espresso and drip. The Bialetti Brikka is interesting because it has a pressure-cooker-style weight on the central column, which bumps up pressure in the grounds basket and gives you a much more tasty cup than the traditional moka pot. It's still not espresso but it's good. When I pull an espresso on my Lelit machine I use 15 grammes of coffee for a single shot. No caffeine problems. 15g in a 10 cl Brikka shot stands me on my ear. So: strongly suggest you have a look at the Brikka. It's fun, too. Oh, the 2-cup (10 cl) model gives better results than the bigger models. Cheers, and thanks for the great videos!.

    Nice as usual, you missed (as others have noted) the arguably "best" Bialetti, though: the Brikka! More pressure than the three versions you have shown and thus a little more espresso-like coffee. Now you have to make another review with just the Bialetti Brikka! ;-).
    sometimes i use my 3 cup moka and cut it with more coffee. those days i only need one "cup" to get me goin!.
    great memories when i was a teen and mom making the coffee on the classic, Geez the kick of caffeine lasted all day..

    Good thing about the stainless steel ones is that they work on an induction hob or at least the one I bought did..
    How big can I get them I have a electric one 6cups but would like at least double 12 or 18 ;-) Would love your input..
    I use my mokka almost every day. Currently with Hawaii kona and honestly even when you use a cheap mokka pot you still get an excelent tasting coffee...Hungarians call these kotyogo which refers to the sound of the sizzling coffee escaping from the middle valve..
    I absolutely love moka coffee the strength and acidity are perfect and the more heat the quicker the extraction, less the slower so it can be suited to taste :).

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    nice video. the v8 minican looks faster, maybe cause its the smaller have you try with an Axe spraybomb to see the difference its small as the v8minican i think.
    2 Ggreenvideos Glad you enjoyed it. Now I just have to remember how to make some of these stoves again!.

    Took me a while to figure out how to have the timers and then condense it. Probably a faster way, but I had to compile each movie first with timer and then condense it. Thanks for the feedback!.

    2 digitizer101 Thanks! For a while I had been guilty of excluding how long it took to prime so I wanted to get a more accurate comparison!.

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