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December 18, 2015

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GlucoLo - Anti-diabetes Pills - Natural Diabetes Type 2...

December 24, 2015
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How much does glucocil cost - Buy Products In Best Vito...

December 30, 2015
Glucolo Pills is a Natural Way to stop type 2 diabetes!! Glucolo is the herbal answer to effortlessly fight back diabetic ordeals. i2
Somnapure australia - Buy Products In Vito Mol - Jun 22, 2015

December 28, 2015
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GlucoLo - Anti-diabetes Pills - Natural Diabetes Type 2...

December 29, 2015

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I've done thus succesfully before due to some advice in the comments section and I don't see it anymore so I'll just repeat what it said. With one cup of sugar add one tablespoon of lemon juice and one tablespoon of water. Next boil it on low to medium heat until the colour that she show happens. You can then take a large plate instead if a marble counter and wet the plate and pour the hot wax onto there and play with it with your spoon until it is cool enough to touch (it should still be relatively hot) And then play around with the wax in your hands until the colour she shoes comes up.
If i had to put boiling hot wax on my parent's granite marble they would probably murder me lol. With my imitation marble counter, I was concerned. Solution: glass cutting board with foil paper on top. Sure I lost a lot of the wax, but I was just doing my face hair and nothing was damaged:). ATTENTION: To all those who failed doing this. Did it 4x, the first 3 tries I did it the way the vid. told me to, then the 4th try I did it my way. I waited until it turned red on the pan, coz if I took it out right after it turns golden yellow I noticed the sugar doesn't melt well, then I took it out. Don't wet it afterwards or rather wet your hands while touching it, I didn't even touch it, I just poured it down on a bowl and then played with it using my spoon until I know it wasn't that sticky/runny. Then I took a small piece of it to check if it's ok, then rolled it in my hands until it's the same texture as the vid. Now I was able to use it on my auntie.. XD. I'm Armenian and this is the precise way I wax!! My Armenian mother was born in Israel so she learned a lot from you Arabians. +Hmirungu no, unless you have a very short, skin-close beard. Halawa is not effective on hair that gets much above 1/8 of an inch.. I made this wax today. after doing three or four patches its consistency became too runny. how to avoid it. What a mess! I tried this and the wax was wayyyyyy too mushy and sticky. I could not get it to thicken and be pliable at all. Just left with a mess and ruined one of my plates and spoons. Very disappointed. I even found an article online that pointed me to the video and gave me instructions.. same here. although if you pour its into a disposable container and use it as regular wax and have cloth or waxing paper, u just apply of skin and use it like a regular wax instead of the taffy consistency. Hello Maha, love your video but I must be missing something. I tried 4 times in a row now, used almost a whole package of sugar haha the problem is that when I take the caramel in my hands to work it, instead of tightening up, it melts! any idea what that is thanks in advance :) x. how long did you play with it for it seems like everytime i make it when im playing with it at the end it turns into the sticky liquid again.
My body heat must be too high I can't play with it for 30 seconds before it becomes goop in my hand. It wont "harden" as shown in the video. Anyone have any suggestions.

+GirlWitWings​ well, I did it a second time, and it worked. But not the way it did in this video. I did everything up until you're supposed to play with it in your hands. I stopped there. I did NOT try to pick it up at all. I used the spatula I was stirring it with to spread it AGAINST the hair, applied a strip of cloth (I cut up an old t-shirt), AGAINST the hair and then when I pulled the hair I pulled it in the direction of the hair. It worked really well! I used each cloth with the used wax maybe 3 or 4 times before it started to leave hairs, then I spread some more wax on my skin and repeated. Plus I used a slightly different recipe. I used 1 cup sugar 1 tsp salt 1 tbsp (or 6 tsp) lemon juice 1 tbsp (or 6 tsp) water I found this on another site that people said worked better. So again, after you cool it on the table by pushing the outsides to the center, let it harden just slightly. I stirred and pushed in the middles for probably 10 to 15 minutes before it hardened enough. Then I just started putting it on my skin and ripping it off. It worked really well! I did both arms with very little of the mixture. I put it in the fridge. I haven't used it again yet, but I will let you know what happens if I remember..
I made a sugar wax but the instructions I found said 1c sugar 1/4c water 1/4c Lemon juice. The consistency is like honey and I think it is for the sugar wax with strip can I add another cup of sugar and reheat this mixture to try to fix it or start from scratch. OMG! Thanks. Worked like a charm! I couldn't use my usual chemical hair remover because I decided to try threading for the first time tonight EPIC FAIL. The gal made it look so easy, but it wasn't working. Then, I did the sugar wax video that just happened to be a paid listing. My wax turned out as hard candy. Reheated it and watched your video. I'm finally ready for the weekend:).
ok i just tried it and made a sugar block what a fail and waste of my nanas sugar lol i had to keep reheating it and adding water to be able to use it bc it solidified so damn fast. i used a clean pillow case and cut it into strips & they kept getting way too waxy and pretty useless so i had to throw them out as i used them. i applied the wax in the direction of the hair and pulled it off in the opposite which i now realize i wasn't supposed to do. now I'm here with patchy, painful and sensitive as heck legs with red dots all over I'm never waxing my legs at home ever again lmao this recipe does work so thank u again but i suck, I'm gonna try my facial hair in a couple days.

heyy somewhere I'd read you apply this wax the opposite direction of hair growth and pull it in the direction of hair growth. can anyone tell me how true this is like really really.
+Ayesha Siddiqi That is correct! With traditional waxes you generally apply with the hair and remove in the opposite direction, but for sugaring it is reversed. Like you said, apply in the opposite direction and pull with the hair.. 😢 i try this 2 times right now, the first looked like melted peanut butter i couldn't control nothing all my kittchen and my hands were full of sugar. Ten i thought i will do it again... a little bit more in the pan... and was too much turned chocolat collor in a second 😠 eventhough i tryed it to work that and after a while i tryed it in my arm i thought was ok, until i put it in a plastic and was so sticked i couldn't not more use it 😕 i will try again another day when i don't get it i give up ruin sugar!!. Hi! I'm really interested in doing this, but have had several failed attempts and can't pinpoint what I'm doing wrong. I've followed the steps. Cooked the mixture till it was caramel colored. Poured it onto wet marble. Scooped it into my hands. When I begin molding it, I add small amounts of water to my hands, like shown, to keep the wax from sticking. But after a few minutes, the wax turns to goo. If I mold the wax for a lesser amount of time, it is too tough and sticky. Regardless of what I do it is unusable. Any ideas.
Can you use lime instead of lemon, if you can't what else can you use to replace the lemon, ples answer :'(:'(:'(:'(.

Every time I make it I fail I melt the sugar and all but when I start kneading it turns hard and it just won't work.. What in the world am I doing wrong.

Hands down the best tutorial. I got a great consistency on the first try. Thank you so much! I was able to do a Brazilian wax myself and it got all the coarse hair off. I tried using nair before and that wasn't getting the coarse hair out in first try. I was doubting whether this would be strong enough to remove my very very coarse hair and it did. It was painful, but that is expected and it did the job. Used very little wax and it was mess free. I am so so happy. It is going to save me a lot of money. I had to say something..

I like this homemade one but if you live near an Arabic or middle eastern store you can buy already made sugar wax and it's so easy! You can keep it for as long as you want wherever you want and whenever you want to use it all you need to do is microwave it, it usually says how long you need need to microwave it for on the back, I'm pretty sure it also gives you instructions. My grandma always uses it! Hope this helped!.
i have tried this FOUR times in a row im just angery at this point idk what im doing wrong. i went by the video then i went by the suggestions in the comments. it gets dark in the pan i put it on a plate with a pan of cold water under it. i stir it in the plate til its warm enough to touch which is still pretty hot then i work with it in my hands and its going fine then all of a sudden it turns into mush. WHAT AM I DOING WRONG!!!!.
I tried this and when it was time to play with it in my hands it was all gooey and sticking to my hands and I ended up tossing it. What did I do wrong.

I finally made it work it took me about a dozen tries but I got it! LOL. What I did was use a frying pan or just a wide pan in general, used natural lemon or lime and cooked it for under 10 minutes medium heat, stirring it the whole time, and I used a cold ceramic plate I put in the freezer since I don't have a marble counter. My other tip, do not knead it with your hands! I mixed it with a spoon and when it got to hard I added bits of water in the wax an microwaved it again for like 10seconds. Then when it cools down a bit mixed it again with the spoon, wet my hands and made a small ball, squished it and stretched it a little to see if it would lay flat and wahla! Don't wait for the product to become white, when it does that means the product is of no use! Waxed myself when it was nice and golden and warm not hot and when I was done the ball changed into a greyish white. Always keep your hands moist not super wet and I be patient I swear. Or go on eBay and order a can of sugarpaste.

+elfi ylmz yes, a metal surface will do the work, another thing, dont use a porcelain plate, and preserve it in plastic.

+LearnArabicwithMaha NAMASTE I have followed your video and still I mess this up. I wish I could video chat to see where I go wrong lol. It keeps coming out loose and by the time it hardens its cold. Still won't get stiff. What are the time limit for working it stiff/supple .
my wax hardened waaaaay too fast. I couldn't use it because it was no longer malleable, and after adding a little bit of water it was like putting water on a jolly rancher; it did nothing.. omg HELP please you nake it look so easy but i tried 3 times. forst time it was too brown not golden so i cooked it too long. second time too sticky to make it a ball. 3rd time i had hope but then ad i was playing with it, it became rock hard. what am i doing wrong. Girls! and Boys :) the only 2 things you HAVE TO stick to are: good proportions and... marble surface; trust me, the recipe works !!! Thnak you, Maha!.
how do you get this to remove all the hairs for males with thicker hairs and roots than females I tried this multiple times hard and soft with strips and it only removes about 20% of the hair in the area.

+Katharina Müller I saw other people using a metal baking pan or a similar container, that way there is no danger of shattering the surface in which you're working on ;).

This is such a wrong video I tried it and it all Ruined... Anyone if knows the correct receive plz share.
Hi I followed the same procedure but at the end it's running once it seems that colour is changing and getting hard but in next moment it's thickness disappear and it's like sticky solution. Is there any indication when we should remove it from stove or what's the magic to make it elastic and like a ball. I dnt hav marble platform in my wat can I use to pour the sugar liquidcan I use the plastic traypls reply. the only thing i learnt from this ostentaciously useful video is not to bring kids to this dam sick world. Sort of but maybe it's only cause the skin colour and eyebrows other than that I don't see much of a similarity.
Could you tell us how much is 'a little water' that you add to the sugar, and also how much salt Also, when you use it, are you putting it on in the direction of hair growth or against it Finally, are you ripping it off in direction of hair growth or against it Can you reuse one 'glob' over and over if there is hair in it or one time and throw out Thanks.
1st time i burded it and turned it to caramel. 2 time I burned myself, didnt work. Wax wasnt sticky. And i had to clean pan and kitchen for 1 hour.
I tried this several times. All I got was a huge mess and wasted ingredients. It never came out like yours. One batch never firmed up it was just slippery even after it cooled. The others were way too hard and wouldn't stick to my skin. What am I doing wrong.
+Jenifer McQueen You cooked the first batch too little and the second too long. Try having a bowl of cold water beside you and testing a drop every few seconds while cooking. When the sugar has a solid but not hard consistency then its time to remove it from the stove.. It says two minutes in the title yet the video itself is 9 minute + and with adding all the edited out parts the making part should take more than two. Just saying. Thanks for the great video! I've stopped using all commercial body and household products due to all the chemicals (thanks to thehippyhomemaker), and I'm delighted to have found your post to include all natural sugar wax! :-) Just a question - to anybody reading this please - about direction, you say pull off the wax in the opposite direction of hair growth, but other hair waxing sites say pull 'in' the direction of hair growth. Anybody know which way is right, which way doesn't damage the hair follicles and doesn't cause ingrown hairs. Thanks in advance. :-D. +Before the 'I Am' sugaring and alike methods are different, so you should do it in the opposite direction..
+Sam Samson Hi Sam, thanks for your reply. Hello from Ireland. I've just watched 7 more sugar waxing videos by now and every one of them say apply the sugar wax in the opposite direction of hair growth but pull the sugar wax off in the direction of hair growth! A few of them mentioned 'wax' needs to be pulled of in the opposite direction of hair growth, but sugar wax is to be pulled off in the direction of hair growth. So! .lol. Maybe I'll do some more research. The thing is - if pulling the hair off in the opposite direction damages the follicles and they can't grow back, then super!...that's what I want, but if it damages them to grow inward...well, no I don't want that. I'll plod on! Cheers!.

Thank you very much! Its a nice Video 😊 I liked it that you explaned how to use the Rest of the cold sugar again! But how can i make it if i got no microwave Thank you .
Maybe you could let it sit while its in a ziplock bag in a bowl of warm or hot water from the tap and then it will rise in temperature and it will become the consistency needed😃😃. thank you so much :) I tried it in warm water like chocolate today and this works pretty good :) :). I thumbs-downed this! I love seeing beautiful women, but I don't like knowing all the gory details about how they got beautiful. I prefer to think that women have two eyebrows and no other facial or body hair..

GlucoLo - Anti-diabetes Pills - Natural Diabetes Type 2...

December 25, 2015
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December 22, 2015
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December 19, 2015
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GlucoLo - Anti-diabetes Pills - Natural Diabetes Type 2...

December 17, 2015

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December 26, 2015
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December 27, 2015
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December 21, 2015

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December 20, 2015
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December 25, 2015

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Actually russia is responsible for terrorism in europe now as Putin is doing all he can to get Israel's natural gas.
con gli arabi solo gli israeliani o gli altri arabi ci possono avere a che fare...gli altri prendono solo fregature.. quindi evitate di averci a che fare! . I hope ISIS sons of bitches invade that god forsaken wasteland and give saudi fuckers taste of their own medicine, or better yet just nuke the place! Once the oil runs out theyre all dead anyway!.
We should nuke all muslim countries and start burning down every mosque that we can and eliminate every single person who follows the quran..
At C14:30 the woman misqutes G W Bush when she says..." a bit like Bush really, when he says "you are either with us - or against us" " - but he actually said "you are either with us - or with the terrorists " !!. Then this presenter comes out with "where 15 of the 19 hijackers came from..." 10 of them arre known to be alive and well and have letters of apology from US embassies for being put on theFBI's "instant list".
Why do you hate most of the countries of Islam What have we done to them Sorry, but I am a Muslim and I am a Saudi and I did not see this stuff in my country, the US media is tarnishing our reputation, they say, Saudi Arabia terrorism is true we hear about some things but are not a Saudi originally Taalo yourself we have and you will see a Saudi real We are a country where the security, stability and thankfully, Daash to not belong to Saudi Arabia and we hate corrupt Daash It is an organization aimed at killing Muslims in the name of Islam and distort the reputation of Tsedkounam and Sorry if the speech is the concept may be translated from Google translator.
I hope somebody will bomb SA to the stone age. These people and their religious, bigot bullshit are one of the worst obstacles to progress and development. Their incoherence most of all bnames me. You want to abide 100% by religion Then why do you use technology for example.
Google Billionaires about 80% of middle east billionaires come from Saudi Arabia -not any come from Syria and Iran, Saudi royal family rule the $$$ Now thanks to America the Saudi's spend the 4th largest per annum on military equipment you can see where all this corruption is leading just look a Yemen etc Its a recipe for disaster! Sadam was nothing in comparison..
this is at least 15 years old documentary, It doesn't reflect the reality of Saudi Arabia. this documentary was filmed in a county sides, not in big cities of saudi arabia. so you can't judge basing your thoughts in a misleading documentary.
stupid documentry why the one who is funding terriorism is america russia germany china spain israel by making weapons and its big bussiness for me there is no legal killing this people need to fund terrorism to make money islamophpia is stupid game plus the documentary is old.

Saudis falsly talk of palestine problem with terror but saudi invitation to on the west troops to protect them enraged obl.
i found this in the description buddy, "Funding Jihad (2003) - Did the Saudi Royal Family really finance 9/11".
Look how the man in 3:20 looking at camera while speaking. Its definitely fake. Saudi arabian don't abandon non-muslims from getting near the mosque its really dumb attitude..
So much propaganda...also... Ksa is corrupt...people judge all Arabs based on ksa when they should judge Dubai as well...much more civilized .
I live in Khamis Mushait, near to Abha which where they claim the Hijackers came from. That is bullshit. I'm from the same tribe as they are, so, this is double bull-shit. The Hawashi has never preached to terror all these claims are false, he was preaching to stop the acts of ISIS..

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November 20, 2015

Comments about this video:

I agree..This is not the modern Jeddah..this place are the old sites..if you go to the city Centre it is really different...I been to Jeddah twice but I did not see this old place because I did not go in time show the the New Jeddah City and thanks for uploading..
why would you only film the old jeddah which is just 1 district. go to the new jeddah, every 5 minutes or so you will find an expensive car or go to the new malls not the ones in old jeddah. the video is good if you are talking about old jeddah but it is not good to say this is "jeddah". 'My wife was not admitted to Saudi Arabia'. Eight short words which go right to the heart of why this place is in fact a shithole and why Saudi culture is dreadful. These barbarians cut off the heads of people in public squares and hang their bodies on gibbets. Women are relegated to second class citizens and the unelected government is corrupt. If they didn't have oil, we wouldn't cross the street to piss on them. Yes, Saudi Arabia. Our partners in peace in the Middle East. Dreadful country. Dreadful people. Dreadful culture..
A sweaty, swarthy camel jockey or manly, clean and authoritative Australian pilot on layover. Gee, I wonder who they'd prefer. Moreover, I prefer the vagina to the anus when taking my pleasure with a woman so it always made a pleasant change for the dears..

+Peter Eli Yeh all the rich people can fit in one tall building. The rest are in the dust below, eating scraps..
Jedda does not start popping until the sun goes down. I have the best Chinese food in the world cooked by a Filipino chef. Great scuba diving on the red sea the people were polite and very reserved..
+Lacey Langton The statue was in lieu of a couple of million dollars of loans we fronted the French. The problems if our planet can be placed at the doorsteps of the Rothschild banking cartel and the minions that blindly do their biddings. Gaddafi along with Saddam were murdered and their countries were destroyed because, they were trying to create a form of money like we had when America had the gold standard. That would have tanked the E.U and American monetary system of borrowing at a fixed rate of interest, that is paid to the european banking cartels and the Federal reserve. It's all about the money trail. The Islamic terrorist are nothing more than bit players that ensures the military industrial complexes of both America, Europe and Israel thrive. It is all a scam. and the middle east is paying for it. Except Saudi Arabia as they are in on it. Sad world we live in. .

+Keith Cleghorn Agree about the Rothschilds-their reach is enormous. I once saw a documentary on Queen Elizabeth and she was sitting for a portrait and in casual conversation said she was having dinner that night with XX Rothschild (can't remember the first name) and I just got's said the Rothschilds even control royalty (gave them loans and helped them build wealth) and I believe it. Yes, this world is sad and crazy...don't even get started on the Syrian crisis..

What an interesting video, thank you. To the people who ask why he doesn't show the more modern area, I have to say I loved this video. I've seen videos of the fancy cars and the I suppose Saudi Arabian version of Beverly Hills. Those videos look like they came from an office of tourism. Come on, we want to see more than just the fancy cars of oil billionaires. We want to get a full picture of the beauty and culture of a country, not just the fancy and superficial part it's government wants to promote. I'm very happy to see a Saudi Arabia video that didn't seem to have any fancy cars in it at all. It's far more real like this. Thanks. Another thing I would like to say is, I was surprised to see women walking alone. I always heard that a woman cannot walk alone in Saudi Arabia, yet there were plenty walking alone in this video. Has it always been like this, or is this a recent change.
+chaiTV Chai, you sure are hostile. I am not going to argue with a person about what they say Saudi Arabia is like. I really have no reason to sit here and do research on this subject. I am not going to sit here and study about every single subject someone comments on, because I happen to have a life and other things to do. Obviously, women in Saudi Arabia don't have the same rights and freedoms as women in on the west countries do. However, they are slowly making progress, and I'm not going to sit here and argue and judge people. If you want to be hostile, if that is what makes you feel good in life, go for it. But you will not impose your views on me. If you're the type who wants to argue with people, go for it. However, I see no good reason to. .
+Janet You seem confused. I encouraged you to do your own research rather than learning things from comments on Youtube, where someone just told you "the media lies and women have it good" and you replied "okay if you say so". Honestly, you don't sound very bright. Over n out. You think I'm hostile Cry me a river..
+Kung Fu Z im not even going to discuss with you how saudi arabia is the biggest shithole on this planet, because you are pashtun, most likely deobandi, and we all know how they like licking salafi saudi asses. ps: the turks are with the hazara, fuck pashtuns..
This country is so rich, yet 99% of all wealth ends up in the hands of only 2.000 male relatives of the Saudi Royal Family. Most workers in Saudi-Arabia earn about 30.000 dollars a year on average. So despite the huge oil wealth, most workers never see any luxury in this feudal kingdom!.

+Revolutionary Socialist Media the saudi family are another jew-arabs parasites no different from the states.

I am a Muslim. My question to Saudis "when will allow women to drive Women should be allowed to drive even to help out family chores. Also do you think Niqab or full veil is necessary Hijab should be enough for modesty..

+SuperJuvexxx well im Born in Germany, and yes in 2 years i will study in Saudi Arabia... maybe you are happy now :D.
Good video, nicely shot and honest. It is quite sad the attitudes of this country towards women and many other restrictive laws coming from ancient Islamic tradition. They want a modern city with modern buildings but their laws and customs are stuck in the past.. this video unfortunately doesn't show the reality of this city. GO to the north and you will see the modern and the culture of this country..
+Antariksh Tyagi actually you're right north jeddah is only for rich people and the rest is for ordinary ones and i live in jeddah btw.
Saudi Arabia sucks, it is quite possibly the worst place on earth, possibly in the whole universe too..
saudis without oil money would be zero, they just buy everything with oil money nothing of their wealth created by science, industry and inventions of their own activities, anyway all muslims without on the west knowledge would live in middle ages.

+kasra20giv1 not true my friend! i agree that the middle east is the wealthiest and best place on earth but in Islamic history (Spain, Iraq, Egypt,Turkey, North Africa)  alot things are discovered in science and medicine while the west was living theyre barbaric lifes of Inquisitions and civic wars untill recently in the 1900's late 1800's Europe started to wake up but The Wars never ended....

+chaiTV I am not gonna get into an argument that will not end.. Because clearly our cultures and beliefs are different. But let me ask a question.. Have you visited an Arab country.
I spent 3 years living near here with my parents back in 1988 when my dad worked for Bmw. It's not changed much. I also lived on Rhihad as well but it was in an enclosed area.
It is a ridiculous rule to create many dark ghosts-female individuals in those Islamic countries while men can wear whatever they want.

+Mustafa Hashmi Stop being a bitch and just answer the question. Did you disagree with anything I've said .
Saudi Arabia - Such uncouth and primitive people that lacks any form of civilization. Pity that most men (if not all) are mysogynists. They will never learn.. I hate it when people say i am Saudi Saudi is the surname of the ruling family Like the English Monarchy has the surname Windsor The zionists have divided Arabia and the world. Saudi Arabia does not seem that bad.. To me these people seem very nice.. But I'm still scared to visit any muslim country except Egypt and Turkey... This went from an informative & educational video to a breeding ground for racists, idiots & radicals alike. Grow up you bastards, why don't you comment on the video relevantly without bringing up politics, religion or anything else that's controversial Just appreciate the video as is, or don't..that's up to you but go blurt out your views elsewhere when its relevant. You people are pitiful!. It's funny how this country takes in tens of billions of dollars in every year, yet there is broken infrastructure and crumbling buildings and sidewalks all over.. most of them aren't saudis, either yemen's or some came from africa countries the black side ,without being racist i mean ethopia, erteria, and the rest.
With their modern cities and beaches this is a place that chop off peoples heads in public and oppress women..
+dutchgoing You DO know that when you edit a post, the word 'edit' shows up in brackets, right You edited your post to make yourself right. The word 'edit' only appears today so you clearly edited it AFTER I replied to you and not right after you posted the comment-the words 'aside from Bermuda' were not there yesterday nor was the word 'edit' there so you clearly made the change AFTER you read my post. Do you think I'm stupid or something Asshole. [I also edited my posts but I did them immediately after posting as I needed to make corrections-you edited yours long after you posted it and after I read it. What a fucking loser-I thought you were an intelligent person but I guess not!].
I just did it to see how angry you'd get and no you aren't as clever as you think you are. You are also astonishingly petty and abusive. Blocked. Like I care what you think..

enjoy the American life if there is anything to enjoy... muslim countries Allah's has blessed them..

Number of syrian refugees: in Saudi Arabia - 0 in Germany - hundred of thousands....
Haha that's funny knowing this year only, the saudi Government is expecting over 3,000,000 kids into the education system, so please know what you are talking about before you do.. +Nat E he in Jeddah we have to wear gown by Saudi low but we can choose what colour it is but it has to be not so colourful (white, blue or brown). this was shot in the old Jeddah area where most African people live and wear their traditional dress.. Who are those black men and women They don't look like Arabs. The city is quite old and untidy.... Child molestor lives here raped many kids Allauddin 00966506783421 he lives Interpol want him. Reward. Fuck your country! I hate you arab assholes.false muslims. praying 5 times a day wan´t make you go to heavenn when you let fellow brothers and sister drain in blood by your wahabit murders in Iraq and Syria. Sick breed.
+Ammar AlBadi - a camel is no match for a 10 gauge shotgun; which can be used to take down an elephant.
Allah not gona protect Saudi and other muslim countries because they are going to destroy by their own deeds now a days they are the agents of JewsAllah have plans to destroy them they can not escape from his course. why did this guy go to the oldest part of jeddah thats filled with immigrants from africa and asia 90% of the people in this video arent even saudi.
It looks more like Afghanistan. I taught Saudi cities should look like Qatar and UAE cities. looks the السعود is spending all that oil money on military and luxury cars.

What a shit hole. Full of goat fuckers and fat looking pigs. Fuck those woman are ugly who would want to fuck them..
Best part of Jeddah. I miss Jeddah. I can't compare Jeddah with London or Paris. I wanna go back one day. I live in Jeddah that's old Jeddah this place is for bazzars we have large malls women don't cover they put full make up no need to cover too much we wear colorful Anya we have our own drivers we go any time we want we love buying we have aquarium we have kidzania we have ski jeddah we have every thing and mostly when we go out we wear the best things and we love to help people and we have activities for teenagers they help people they clean it's like charity and more don't judge u have to see a real Saudi from jeddah. Why you are taking a video of the Poor Side of the city why you don't take a video of the city the real-life....

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Comments about this video:

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Comments about this video:
rial Arabs always good people they are not Arab they are badhon mother fuckers the are currpt name of islam and name of Arabs...
The first crash was way cool. That one guy caught some serious air. Did a full gainer with a half twist and a complete rotation.. I gave him a 9.75 with a 9 degree of difficulty - posthumously, of course..

These crazy senseless arab guys should now be civilized,, God has given wisdom to everyone to use in a proper way, they are drifting on the main road and annoying other peoples. These arab peoples are mindless, drive the car like a fighter plane or F16, I have been in arab countries for the past 17 years, have never seen a single arab guy who drive in a good manner..
I love seeing the morons get thrown in the air and bleeding out on the floor! rather it be them then innocent bystanders. keep up the "drifting" you disgrace to the human race.
Lots of old stuff, but still highly enjoyable to watch when they crash and kill themselves and others..

I will say to you the reasons to that, we don't have us anyway to funny whether that, no cinema and no woman if anyone come to woman will cut his head or Marry and the marriage very expansive and our league very weak and the most people don't love the ball, we two sections in jihad or drafting or the marrieds.

+hamod sa- what about killing enemies or kuffars by suicide bombing Will you get the 72 virgins then.

That PRICK in the 4X4 needs to take a few physic's lesson's in "LOW CENTER OF GRAVITY" oh! sorry forgot Alah is against common sense and science Islam prefers brain dead controlled Zombies, sorry my mistake!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!.
They think Allah is going to protect their stupid ass. They don't care about hurting innocent bystanders. If they had a brain they would buy a sand rail and have fun in the desert where they can't hurt anyone but themselves. +shameer ahmmed its not like what you smart guy think its about they are crazy mufos and they are just Waste of lives they are just like anyway what i mean exactly is that real arabs are good thats why these guys are bad because they just move with 170km ph and drift and this is what happens soo claps fun and every thing but at the end its just waste ;D. I love this!!! I hope all these bastards do this (what they call drifting) and die. The perfect way to get problems out of the world.. Is bad drifting the only thing these CUNTS do They are just as bad when they bring over there SHITE over priced penis extension supercars. Rather appropriate really as when they kill themselves in them and go to navana or where ever a very small penis is what you need for 72 virgin's LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!.
every time some crash in Saudi Arabia the people near by helps.i saw a car accident in anther country no helps they was watching only.

+Andrew Shady 1:41 there are a few more like this one U know gore and stuff youtube is a bitch about it I mean im still trying to figure out the first video somewhat of strange force Deux Es machina right there.

The only good muslim is a dead one So "Carry on crashing" you fucking "Ragheads" oh, and "STAY OUT OF THE WEST" IT'SA OURS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! We stopped being Medievel about 600 years ago..
You know, by definition, if you are doing something really really stupid, it's NOT an "accident". Half of these clips are where some drifters and racers took over a street and were screwing around. That crash is well deserved. They worked at it. LOL.
At 2:55 you see a really bad arabic driver: He needed 4 (four) !! attempts to crash his car. At 4:31 all spectators go totally crazy with theirs cars after the crash. Total Chaos. At 5:31 even more chaotic as the police arrives..
One thing I've noticed about rich guys (even IRL) is that they think because the own a car I can't afford, and because they are privileged, that makes them a good race driver. It's been my observation that most of them are terrible drivers and make huge mistakes. But you can do that when you DON'T CARE. Their attitude is, I'll just get daddy to buy me another one.. +Cristian Ionescu It's easy. The car turns 90 degrees so the wheels can not roll anymore. This way the whole thing must skid on them sideways. But once it goes onto the sand the tires dig in and they can not slip anymore. So the whole thing flips over and converts most of its energy from the momentum into spinning creating new great forces, Hence the peeps flying out and apart.. Collisions but no accidents. Is it my imagination or do these people enjoy driving this way just to see what happens The large number of people watching these spectacles. They either have too much time on their hands or too much money or both....
The cars they use are FWD and they're stupid, adding those 2 things comes with horrible results obviously.
i suggest dont wear your seatbelts that when you crash you all go fucked up...then the rest of the world will be happy.

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Comments about this video:

With the amount of money you Saudis have, you guys should all put your money together and build a drift track so that you guys dont run the risk of being arrested..

+LordSear1982 This driver is known as Al Nazeem, both he and Al Shafa [Another driver] are two of the topmost drivers going there. Here's a compilation of Al Shafa if you type the following in the youtube search box it'll come up: تصاوير حصريه فريق سمارت SMART - كنق الشفاء KING ALSHFA.
+988 Arab Wow, you make Saudi Arabia sound, like, reasonable. I thought they would execute them or amputate their hand. 1 month in jail for drifting no wonder they're all drifting. 1 month of free housing and food included! .
السلاتيح ذولي لو ماتوا ما عليهم اسف ابدا! خل الوطن يرتاح منهم عاله على الغير وعلة على انفسهم المفروض الدولة تفتح التجنيد وتضف هالسلنتح تربيهم.
Como 7 mil pessoas n gostam disso Armas e driftcom 12 mulheres em casa.. Drift no meio dos outros com máquinas e gasolina de graça.
They put others in extreme danger on public roads at times but hey, at least some use their flashers (laugh)..
2 0:24 he's probably like, "ok you had a large breakfast, we get it your the man, let s move along.. Sometimes I like to see natural selection do its thing, just like that one black car that ended up in one of the most fantastic crashes I've ever seen.. hello im a saudi engineer who is studying aerospace engineering for all the world. this is a group of people that dudcate themselves to drugs which means that they are not "normal" people. so doing things like going 160 miles and drifting is not fun it is deadly. but, speaking of which, those are teenagers who didnot got a good education in their life. in real saudi, we have great names who became doctors and engineers and lawyers two. please world dont judge on a country from a small group and those videos we make lctures nowdays to educate our kids to not be as these teenagers. thanks for reading and god bless.
They need floral or paisley prints on those white dresses men wear. Something that goes well with dust and petrol..

Ummmm since I read lots of comments talking about No alcohol&drugs in Saudi Arabia.Well ,There are Alcohol and drugs in Saudi Arabia and 90% of guys drifting are high or drunk.I use to smoke weed and drifting But I stopped :) jk.
Arabs living that life, shooting, swerving and just having fun. I figure this is how they have fun since they are not allowed to have drugs or drink alcohol.. +Paeak Status what's crazy is where i live here in america if you shoot like that everyones gonna freak out there, it's like they just express there freedom i think that's badass i mean not as much hostility, maybe if everyone in america weren't killing eachother everyday damn day we could do stuff like this..
+Sean Hallissey lol they are perfectly stock fwd cars not even cool overs or suspension mods. at a high speed it's easy to get fwd to go sideways but whose gonna try u know 😂.
everyone said they're stupid or that's not drifting, you said that cause u can't do it, so shut the fuck up and learn 💪. Those guys aren't even drifting, they're just fishtailing along a straight road. They probably couldn't corner fast to save their lives. "Saudi drifting" is fucking pathetic..
You clowns should prolly drive on a actual track instead of putting other peoples lives in danger. Just sayin.
Allah sei Dank, gibt es dabei auch immer wieder Tote. Allahaufeuchkackter Das erste was die ausbauen ist der Sicherheitsgurt, finde ich süper.. +Josef Düster Ich kann Ihnen nicht ganz folgen, aber wenn Sie das sagen, glaube ich es Ihnen mal. Reden Sie hier von der Verdampfung des Wassers. +Wunderknabe76 Natürlich verdampft Wasser beim 90 minütigen Hopfenkochen. Aber auch nach dem Gärprozess gehen nach 3 Tagen einige Liter ab, die nicht verschwinden können weil der Deckel zu ist. Die Hefezellen fressen es nicht, soviel ist sicher. Ein echtes Mysterium, gell..
So these durka durka Mohamed jihad motherfuckers just ruin their cars and shoot guns Hmm I can't wait until they kill themselves..
They are out of their minds, must of them are criminals, and past life of drugs, they got no work to do, they are like gangs in groups, making dangerous stuff like drifting and steeling people, this part of people does NOT represent the saudi citizens.. هاى شباب كيفكم اشتركوا فى قناتى لمشاهدة▬ افلام+مسلسلات+اغانى+العاب+دروس وشروحات+كليبات+فديوهات عامة+كوميديا+مسرحيات+شفرات+هكر+تعليم+ارباح+برامج+مسابقات+هداية لكل المشتركين+اخبار+كورة+اجدد الالات▬ انها قناة شاملة منتظر اية اشترك الان عرض من قناتنا فقط : لو عايز تكسب غلى ٢٠ من اصحابك يشتركو فى القناة لسه بتفكر اشترك #بسرعة.
This is excellent car drifting game. must try."Drift Racing Fever Pro 2016" -
I'm muslim.. Yous seriously need to grow up and stop putting other people's life in danger. you have money but no brain build a race track idiots and stop putting innocent people and road users life at risk for abit of fun..
So this is the kind of discipline of people praying 5 times a day in the so called holy land They totally disregard other people's safety & disrespect others using the public road. This shows the world how well cultured they are. If our religion is our guiding principle in our way of life, then this reflects the kind of their religion..

+One Piece for Life dont forget american eat burges everyday and shoot up everyone in school americans are the son of the guns, they love guns thats why the sshoot up everyone.

اثبتت هوندا اكورد جدارتها في التفحيط و بكره إنشاء الله باشترلي هوندا اكورد وبفحط فيها قدام مدرسة البنات يمكن وحده مزيونه تغرم فيني وترقمني...

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November 3, 2015

Comments about this video:

i'm saudi and i hate these fucking sons of bitches yes its so hard and amazing to control a car by this way but they cause a a lots of car accidents and lots people die. fuck those stupid fucks..

That's true. In any Arab country, if you drive with a seatbelt, you are considered a pussy. That's for real.

+cappew22 lol no man they written on the sign the name of their group ,, after they done from the drifting they show up their sign for the fans.
This looks 100 times more fun than drinking in a bar or a night club where you cant hear yourself think and pay $20 in Australia for one fucking Corona, Saudi A they have no alcohol therefore they look for real fun stuff that's actually fun even when you are not off your fucking face on drugs and alcohol.... what does that sign he's holding means "Hi, I'm Khaled and welcome to Jackass'' XD.
+abdullah hamadeh صح انه فيه انغلاق وتشديد شوي ، بس الحمدلله عندنا كل شيء مولات واسواق وملاهي العاب وشوارع وطرق وعماير وابراج ومطاعم والناس تتمشى ، مو زي اللي ينقل لهم اعلامهم اننا عايشين وسط صحراء وماعندنا حضاره واننا بدو نربط حريمنا بالبيت ونعامل الحريم زي الحيوانات ومدري كيف ، هذا المقصد .
يا أبو عايد ما أدري ابو عايض.. >>> حبيت أنبهك لمبة المكينة مولعة (•_•) / \.
مع ان الشعب السعودي ماهر في قياده السيارات الا ان السعوديه لا تصنع سيارات (مشكله)هذا حلم الشعب منذ40 عام ولم يحصل شيء مثل هذا.

hhhhhhh that meaning is this kind off drift on the video is for pussy's...!!! pussy's can't ass 60km/h hhhh .

theres alot of retards in comments supporting this, its a good thing because we will lose idiots like them.
+Chemist716 It;s almost max rpm,that car cant go more at top gear,dont watch at dashboard ,there have more rpm,but those rpm i think can reach only in lower gears.. +Nazrul Izham drifting is not about the car its about the driver !! the car cant drift but the driver can and this video shows you that. Are you silly Damn...wear some fucking seatbelts and dont try to "drift" at this speed. Donkeyfucker. ياخي انتم تشوهون صورة المسلمين والعرب والتعليقات تدل على انكم تبحثون عن رضا اي اجنبي والدليل اللي اسفل يقولون we love you russian, واغلب مقاطعكم اللي يشوفونها الغرب تاخذون على روسكم فالتعليقات ، هداكم الله، رضا الله قبل كل شي.... He's not even controlling it, you can see that the car is just going round and round. I don't know what's so amazing about it.... We call it the great ending and you call it losing control Its the best way to stop the car besides if he is losing control then why he doesnt crash Its because he actually doing it on purpose and is on control.
+HOLDEN HSV shut up fucking son of assbitch. you and your family eat my shit and my sperm every second. 🔪💣🔫Bybye my pussy..

i mean we drift alot in saudi arabia but we usually drift at 90-130 kmh but not often you find people in saudi arabia that drift at 240 kmh.

how did this type of drifting start Can anyone explain what that sign says that the man is holding in passenger seat what where they saying when they showed the plane "airplane mode" on the rear passenger.

This is what happens in primitive societies where they can't have a gf and are homosexually molested at a young age. Still, at least they remove themselves from the gene pool eventually, so there is a positive side..
مو كل مرة تسلم الجرة انا كنت فنان في التفحيط ونففع علي الكفر ونا ماشي 250 وشفني مشلول شلل رباعي لي 13 سنة. لان يده تعرق وهو ماسك الطاره فـ يحطها على التبريد عشان تنشف ويفحط على كيفه ويقدر يتحكم بالطاره لان لو يده معرقه مانشفها بتزلق الطاره ولا راح يقدر يتحكم.

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اقسم بالله كفففففووووووووووو عيال الكويت ههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههه وربي مت من الكاي ربي سيعدكم وربي على الراس من فوق عشرين مليون لايك ياشيخ لكم.

Your flow is better than whiz and I'm not kidding. if you want a full explanation I can source and show you how in this song you guys outdid them..
أهل كويت دائما مبدعين في الفن وطرب.. من ايام حسين عبدالرضا و سعاد عبدالله . رغم صغر مساحتها وعدد سكانها. إلا أنها أرض ولاده للفن big respect to you guyz.
+SPOT LIGHT Talking shit from far away, trust me if you were near I would've gone straight to your house and shoved a 1 M long 4 CM wide steel pipe in your ass infront of your family then took you to the street and stepped on your face like the pig you are, go stick something in your ass cuz that's what people like you do, what a disgrace..

Hrrrsj is a very good at the end of the day after the first half of this is a great way for the next day you're.

+sultan 0__ 0 شدخل ديوث ؟ الحمدلله انا مب منهم, وبعدين قلت خواتهم هم ف اسكت انت مالك دخل رح دورك شغله, توه متعلم الكلمه وجاي عندنا, رح الله يستر عليك, بزر..
+Cudi Cudio arabs have been in levant for 1400 years they are mixed with us and move here too so we are basically mixed with arabs . مادري بس احس الكشة يغني احسن الي يشابة طارق العلي مو حلوو صووته الثاني لومنفرد احسن الميوسك حلوو بس مالف الاغنية لو اهتم شوي فيها بتطلع رووعه او المناطق والتصوير ويمكن صار احسن مع اكيد الفاشون والماركات مو اعيال الديرة بس الراب ميوسك حلووو والتنسيق مررة رووعه ولاجدد اغاني vevo الرجاء الاشتراك بقناتي👌👌👌🔴💗. hahaha nice one, greetings from iraq, and forget those hatin' ass fags, keep it up hala hala :D.

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+THE AMERICAN PATRIOT I am Saudi, and I agree with you but as long as the women are happy with it it's okay, I think they should have freedom to do everything they want, but it's not my choice.. +jack uae in a civilized country, you cannot abuse your own animals or wives or children... That's why Saudi women's right issue shocks civilized people in the west.... +serious black Unite Fuhahahaha... Saudis will look upon you less than a street dog's poop. Average Saudis have more money than 1,000 pathetic Pakistanis could ever earn in their lifetime combined. Go to Saudi, they will rape you Pakistani housemaids, boy or girl, and torture you to death. Enjoy your pitiful Pakistani life in Saudi, go ahead kiss their rear end!.
Americans see it as such a huge problem that women in the Middle East must wear the Hijab/Veil and Abaya to cover themselves due to their religion. Myself, I have no problem with it as I'm accepting of their tradition due to their religion. If someone has a problem with it, keep it to yourself and respect them as they wear it for a reason. I've heard that the reason was to cover up and hide their inner beauty (their body and hair) from men so they can look at them and be attracted to their actions and characteristics rather than looking at their body and like, "Damn, she has a nice body, I want some of that". I mean yes, it's been going on for as long as humans have been in existence but then, if that's how they find the right person in their life, let them live the way they want and dress the way they want..

what the hell of course we will change but that doesn't include giving up on our religion because we believe in it strongly regardless what you are thinking of us ,who cares what others think of him, in terms of peculiarity, I believe there's nothing more exotic than marriage equality, I guess that's the repercussion of the limitless freedom that you have, I believe mankind needs boundaries to live straight or else the universe will be a dirt and a disgusting place.

Why on the westers are very obsessed to change the Saudi Arabia's lifestyle, traditions and culture why do you want us to be a copy of your life each country is distinct and different from the others..

+alhanof abdullah I don't need your help because i am free. It's you who needs to be shown that there is not called allah. He is just an invention of muhammad and you have allowed yourself to believe that lie..
+Prince Makaveli I'm sure he is but that doesn't change the fact that he was a figment of muhammad's imagination. Hopefully you will embrace reason one day..
Are u people stupid when someone keep telling you I'm happy that's mean he's fucking happy.
+Abins Abinb Yup, you people rape your own mother(s), that's what I heard... Knock yourselves out!!. +Captain Yoda that's what you heard you can heard anything in this life even the animals that's doesn't mean anything so I don't care about what you heard. I think why now world see Saudi culture Saudi culture Alhaodolillah a great culture but people not see non Muslim countries and Muslim countries why rape case a biggest different.
+Matthew Gaming 10 Your concept of freedom is different from the concept that we have. This is all well and good. And I do not think you are jealous of us or our way of life. just saying... (-:.
they Believe we live in the desert and then called us backward! just go and get a little information for your poor mind Dear loser.
In what world Saudi Arabia is an "Important Country" L-O-L How much she got paid! well, as long Saudi have money probably a lot....
If someone don't like saudi go to your country don bark on holy country. everywhere is different culture different roules.. You liberal british and u.s.a cunts always wants to change everyone you dont like and want to slut down anyone you feel is conservative and decent. whether its bad or not its not your business, mind your slutty and individualist whorish community please and fuck off. saudi arabia has a mistake that they say YOU HAVE TO DO THINGS instead they should say every one has his own dissuasion and that islam doesn't say you have to cover up its the women choice either to cover or not. Saudi fighting ISIS what a fucking joke they helped creating it along with the CIA, the SAS and the ISI ISIS is just a modern Ikhwan. And the Kingdom being an Important oil producer what a load of nonsense Venezuela has the largest proven crude resources in the world next to that comes Russia. And both nations are secular democracies. This sandbox adventure is just plane insane.. Kent mecleod you are great guy great people always thinks great. illiterate people will use critical bad language. im saudi girl, happy for everything, im talking here.. so happy, yea, i live normally as everyone, go for shopping, visit firends,doing almost everything as u do but with Islamic ways, what is the different ummm i wanna drive only lol ):. +Al-Putin56 Vladimir well that doesn't actually happen maybe if it does it's super rare, but it's only a choice for the girl family they can reject but for the male, he doesn't need require his family to accept and if the girl family doesn't like the guy which is rare, then they most likely to have a reason for that and it's better for the girl, though you may find this bad because in your calture you get to have a gf and what so, go out, maybe have sex "Then " get married, but here you can't do these stuff unless you already getting married so technically it won't mater cause the girl and the boy don't even know each other yet "edit" to make it more clear before you get to know the boy or the girl you your family most already accept or else they won't meat each other and won't know each other .
+Donger Master As i know from Saudi friends, marriage is the most complicated thing in your country and your culture. What you described is more common maybe for Jeddah where people seem more open minded. The rest Saudi Arabia is the epic tribal community where marriage is commodity-money-lineage agreement. Seeking in marriage is like job interview. Marriage for foreigners are not allowed, even for muslims unless its relative. is it bad for those who satisfied with it, no, it's not. But those who not agree, (and i speak about women which marriages were prevented) must let get out from the country passing over the guardian system. those who want to live another life, study abroad, marry abroad, they also must let go out. .
Why do you want us to change exactly Why do you care :/.. Do you accept the same thing from us if we want you change.. I think every country and every body can do what they think is right.. So please.. I think it's none of your business at all... We are in state of Kuwait a modern liberal country believes in (live & let others live) that's it too sample ^_^.
The 200 that disliked the video this message is for you Dislike a video about your country and look at people who hate your country HOW DOSE IT FELL HUH!👎🏽👎🏽👎🏽👎🏽👎🏽.

Why do you want us to change exactly.. Do you accept the same thing from us if we want you change.. I think every country and every body can do what they think is right.. So please.. I think it's none of your business at all...

Boys, covering up is so trivial matter in this islam hell called Saudi... Saudi routinely beheads hundreds of people on the street per year... for non violent crimes. If you want to change your religion from Islam, you will be hanged... and of course, die from it... Migrant workers abused and executed for not obeying their bosses... heard of that Why don't on the west media cover these things instead Wearing hijab That's such a minor issue there! Islam is such a "peaceful" religion....
Why do you want us to change exactly Why do you care :/.. Do you accept the same thing from us if we want you change.. I think every country and every body can do what they think is right.. So please.. I think it's none of your business at all... Change is happening ,, That is true I only care about three things regarding change : 1- it must take as long as it needs, not necseserly fast. 2- must come from inside the socity and Saudi people. 3- It aims for the best of Saudia Arabia.. at least are you fucking kidding me I have 300Mbit/Sec fiber in my home. what's your internet speed bitch. ماهي الحكمة من ارتداء النساء العباء والحجاب... الحكمة لكي لا تفتن الرجال بجمالها ولكي لا يكثر الوقوع فالزنا.. مثل بسيط.. لو جبنا قطعتين من اي بسكويت الاول مفتوح ومؤكل منه والثاني جديد ولا يؤكل منه ولم يفك من غلافه! اكيد العقل البشري سيأخذ الثاني... والمراه عندنا فالسعودية في افضل حال ومترابطة ليس مثل القانون الامريكي الذي يسمح للولد او البنت عند بلوغ 17 سنة ان يطرده ابوه من البيت... فكروا قبل لا تطرحون ماوضيع ليس لها قيمة ولا فائدة. انظرو الى سوريا الاطفال يذبحون ويقطعون والى اطفال بورما يحرقون بالنار لانهم مسلمون الا يحرك هاذا في فوادكم شي... اين حقوق الانسان من سوريا وبورما.. دعوكم من المراه السعودية فوالله انها معززة مكرمه في بيتها ويتها كل شي وهي في بيتها وان لها التقدير والاحترام الجليل... واعيدو النظر في فكركم ونظرتكم للمراه العربيه المسلمة... والسلام عليكم ورحمة الله وبركاته... .
Ironically enough this absolute dictatorship manages to run its country a thousand times better than the democratically elected US presidents..
Insha"allah to my ancestry Saudis my people know there way WalaeikumSalaam Ana"La"aaRif who cares we mãw3zããh na3am ana:). what about fags marriage in America 😂😂😂😂and that's the result of separating the religion from life. Not gay. I've probably fucked more white girls than you can even fucking dream off. I was also talking about the reality of w/e shit hole you come from. You guys fuck GOATs, in my book that's worst than fucking dudes. Keep on fucking your sandy goats. hold up, who said that the prophet was that conservative people often mix up between tradition and religion. The niqab has more to do with tradition than it has to do with religion, on the other hand hijab is indeed part of the religion. but in the end everyone is free to do or think what they want, after all Islam teaches us to be accepting and tolerable of others. :). You really know nothing about Prophete Mohammed and how he was living! Please, stop saying things you don't understand!.
According to the FBI List of muslim terrorist organizations 26 out of 27 terrorists groups are Sunnis supported by Saudi Arabian Wahhabi regime. Regime change in Saudi Barbaria will help world peace..

and yes the american invasion is already ruining our calture our teenages all or 90% of them are open minded who are on social media who like the american calture so technically we are fucked in 15 years from now , not to mention the saudis next king will be a grandson, from the founder, not his son, so he will be younger.
i'm saudi and this video not showing the real life in saudi arabia (( to the west)) get away from us we are very happy with our country if you think that we are sad cuz we dont have bars and bad things such as you, you are very rong okay we are a hold Community and you cant shredding us..
I am a Saudi woman. We do not want to change our customs. By the way, Hejab what you called cover is one of the most important obligation from our religion. We worship Allah by wearing it. It protects us from greedy men. Unlike you Americans, we do not have boy friends and we will never. American girls have several relationships in their life. They might have children and refer to themselves as singles. How stupid and crazy idea. We have only husbands who can not see any woman except us. That why our relationship lasts longer and in secure way. We are satisfied the way we live. That is the right Islam and we will live it. We are happy unlike many non-muslim people who suffered from depression or what ever. We can learn, participate in our society but by own way not yours..
+Khadija Al-h Look who is generalizing on all Saudi women!!!! It seems your name is Islamic but your ideas are not. So, if you believe in the "on the west Democracy", which I think you do, why don't you respect the laws that most Saudis "Men and Women" agree on!!!! I don't see a big difference between your ideas and the other fanatic religion groups who want the whole society to live base on the desire of minorities. Let me know your opinion of some Muslim women who choose to wear Niqab ,for instance, in France, which as you know it is against the law Are these women free to wear which ever cloth in a country that claims freedom and democracy if you believe that these Muslim women are wrong because they are disrespecting the French laws, then WHY DON'T RESPECT THE SAUDI LAWS لا كلام بعد كلام الله { ولن ترضى عنك اليهود ولا النصارى حتى تتبع ملتهم قل إن هدى الله هو الهدى ولئن اتبعت أهواءهم بعد الذي جاءك من العلم ما لك من الله من ولي ولا نصير}. We in saudi arabia my sister not bitch look like amircan or german or france or australia hahahaha . +graphficker i think what's my buddy was trying to say is, your sister wear bikini, showing her boobs and ass or wearing tight shorts, yoga pants, that you can actually see how big her boobs and how her ass look like, so that in his book is a slut, but for him his sister cover up so none gets to see her "boobs " " ass " so no man can see her boobs or ass until she is married ,.
U fuckin fools saudis first try to keep ur woman in controle u r woman r fucked by many dickes u assholes.

Stop wearing the hijab. You disgust me. American woman wearing the hijab. Get lost. .
Saudi Arabia's government is basically a second ISIS. Same Wahhabi Sunni Islam ideology; death for apostates, no freedom of religion, public amputations, even cross amputations. Awful.
whats wrong with the comments the women's are happy by following their religion! stop judging people from what they wearing. you like freedom ,don't you this is our freedom so fuck off..

ًWhen the on the west media will stop interfering in the middle east about how we wear and our lifestyle Mind your issues and we mind ours. The on the west media as a whole don't have any hot subject to earn money from except talking about Muslims and the Arabs, Just leave us alone. And yes, Why you always right Why you the only people know how to live their life efficiently.
on the westers admire that the change will never happen and the reason is that the Arabs issues are always very complicated and very different from the other world issues, and this is known since the dawn of history. In fact, Arabs habits will not change in any way at all whatsoever, the only thing that will change them is Islam. Omar (a senior Sahaba of the prophet Muhammad) used to say: نحن قوم أعزنا الله بالإسلام، فإذا ابتغينا العزة بغيره أذلنا الله We are a nation(Arabs)that God has made praiseworthy via Islam, and if we were to seek this pride in anything other [ie. wealth, political power, education, etc.] than Islam that God would belittle us. .

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Comments about this video:
I don't know why but it's always seemed to me like Iran is somewhat more moderate compared to Saudi. Even though I do realize that both regimes deny its people basic freedoms and executes gays. Oh well. At least Iran doesn't execute people for sorcery..
+Mart kenyon Iran is far better than SA. They women are far more educated and not excluded from pursuing careers. both execute gays...well so does majority of the world so that's not a big deal imo. As far as basic rights, Iran has them, save maybe the hijab rule... and the talking shit about islam/theocracy.
I have the best Persian فارسي friends ever and I am an Arab! you come to Youtube comments you would believe that the fifth World War has begun while you were sleep! fuck off silly humans..
+rezak mohamed hadji YOU ARE VERY WRONG ! 1979 Revolution of iran, Arab world found themselves very big friend but they rallied behind the west to fuck their big friend( iran ). 1980 over 3600 CIA elements walked in of 179 countries teamed up by on the west assistances with Iraq to fight iran for 8 years. stupidities of arabs once again back fired on them in 1990s.Since U S and other on the west countries could not control Iraq after their occupations therefore they started shia and sunny conflict by helping hands fucking wahabbie assholes of Saudi of Arabia.Mean while Zionists noticed that friendship between iran, Iraq and Syria. JUST Iranian arm forces can take entire Israel with in couple of hours if they reach Israel's borders .So Zionist made sure two countries Syria and Iraq gets destroyed. that is what they have been doing. Why do you think Dauish ( ISIL) exists easterns and on the west do not want to take them out. they have plans for people of middle east. As long as arab streets have not woke up they are going to get fucked by children of barbarians.killing millions, even hundreds of millions of people is not anything new to on the wests . they may call it intelligent work then they can brain wash their people..Son, world has not civilized yet. hundreds people dying while I am doing this message and millions innocent suffering because god the jew is going to come from occupied Palestine and he is going save you know...!!.
+bademjon sertghy, try to get your head out from your camel's ass. Arab world has one true friend and that is Iran. Fucking al saud family have given part of their country at red sea to the fucking terrorist Israel so Zionist assholes can kill more arabs. Iranian young men defending arab lands against Israel. you dumb arabs are too stupid to tell between your friends and your enemy!. +ataallah al-shammary اولا القاعدة كانت صنع المخابرات الامريكية ضد الاتحاد السوفيتي وثانيا كيف السعودية صنعت القاعدة و القاعدة عدوة للسعودية و جميع العمليات الارهابية في السعودية سببها القاعدة او داعش او بعض الشيعة اللي ضد الدولة...كلامك جدا غبي مع احترامي.. +Kkhaliy D اهم شي ان قولتك لي "غبي" جت مع احترامك هههههههههههههه المهم المخابرات الامريكية والسعودية كذلك هم من صنع القاعده لا ترمي القضية كلها على امريكا فقط لتبري دولة ال سعود! ال سعود ايام الاتحاد السوفييتي كانوا يأمرون المشايخ على المنابر انهم يدعون الشعب للجهاد ضد الروس!! ال سعود استغلوا ديننا وجهادنا لخدمة امريكا وليس لانقاذ المسلمين والدليل ان بعد انهيار الاتحاد السوفييتي جت امريكا وغزت افغانستان (نفس الدوله اللي غزاها الروس) لكن لم نسمع لال سعود ولا حرف؟ اما بخصوص العداوة بين القاعده والسعوديه فهي جاءت بعد ان غدروا ال سعود والامريكان بالمجاهدين! يعني خلوهم اكباش فداء ضد الروس وبعد انهيار الاتحاد السوفييتي باعوهم وخلوهم ارهابيين ومن هالكلام! الجهاد ضد الروس فخر وضد الامريكان ارهاب! صراحه تعجبني كيف سياسة امريكا وال سعود تخدع الناس وبشكل واضح لكن السعوديين عميان بصيره وليس بصر اما التفجيرات الداعشية اللي ضربة السعودية فأن اغلبها على الشيعه اما التفجيرات الاخرى اتوقع انها مصطنعه لأثبات براءة السعودية او ان هناك افراد طائشون من داعش عصوا امهم السعوديه! ودعم السعودية للارهاب الكل يعرف به حتى المجتمع الدولي لكن هناك بعض التحفظات.
Reading the comments here is like watching a bunch of mentaly handicaped children calling eachother names. Its amusing and sad at the same time....
+abram3 many africans and south asians are christians and they suffer alot where is jesus .
+ybyb1231 saudis find a cure LOOOOOOOOL bitch please You have paki troops defending your bitch ass country cuz u camel fukers cant operate shit.

iranians are sexually straight but saudis are mostly camle fuckers actually it should be called saudi camelia.

Fuck iran !!! İ am from SOUTH AZERBAİJAN cCc SOUTH AZERBAİJAN is not iran ! SOUTH AZERBAİJAN is part of Great TURAN cCc 40-46 billion turkic people live in iran !!!! LONG LİVE SOUTH AZERBAİJAN cCc (35 billion turks) Free GAŞGAYELİ (3 billion turcomans) Free Horasan (2.5 billion turks) Free TÜRKMENSAHARA (2 billion turks ) fuck persian !!!! İran is TURKİC LAND CcC.

Really 40-46 billion Turkic people live in Iran More than 5 times the total world population And 35 billion Turks in South Azerbaijan 5 times the total world population.

+Pənah İbrahimli What is your frustration Do you wish that Iranian Azerbaijan becomes a independent country or Do you want that Azerbaijan remains part of Iran but with Azeri as a official language in the Azeri speaking provinces The second option is the best solution and i am Persian and i am not racist..
arabs hate persians persians hate arabs turks hate kurds kurds hate turks kurds hate arabs arabs hate kurds arabs hate israelis israelis hate arabs armenian hate turks turks hate armeninas greeks hate turks turks hate greeks serbs hate albanians albanians hate serbs russians hate ukraninas ukranians hate russians americans hate russians russians hate americans american hate mexicans indians hate pakistanis pakistanis hate indians north koreans hate south koreans south koreans hate north koreans british hate americans (for calling it soccer) what the fuck is wrong with humans . Iranians hate Saudi Arabia because it is a cruel, murderous, uncivilised, ugly, aggressive, imperialist, uncultured, illiterate, philistine, unpleasant, xenophobic, racist, conservative, misogenystic, unkind, and irresponsible society. SIMPLES.. I'm an Arab from Iraq and I LOVE MY PERSIAN BROTHERS AND IRAN. Without Iran the Shia would be gone, the only reason the Sunni Wahabis don't try to make a Shia genocide is because they don't wanna feel the wrath of Iran. LONG LIVE IRAN. #PersianAndArabUnity. Saudi Arabia is the cause of all the Muslim problems, they're the reason why the gap of Shia and Sunni is so large. I hope their end is soon. and persian dont love u not because u both practicing the same faith (SHIAA) because u r ARAB just wake up u dumfuck.
I am from Pakistan...Saudi Arabia is my heart I love Saudi Arabia...irani dirty dogs don't think about atack on Saudi Arabia. we are with Saudi Arabia. and we are nuclear power. If you think something bad against Saudi Arabia. Pakistan will destroy to Iran. and Iran will be zero...I love Saudi Arabia..than Pakistan....

+Akmed Zh when you Tipp iran in Wikipedia come the persia Empirie darius the First. But when you saudi arabia tipe you can See the comparison.
+Infidel You may believe that but the on the west extremist want to 'cleanse' their countries of all immigrants..that's just an example and watch Fox, watch Trump supporters, watch neo-cons. They will kick your head and throw your ass out of their countries if they really had their way. They blame crimes, not being able to get into their university/job on non-white immigrants..If you don't live abroad then stay where you are and keep worshipping them..You won't get any special treatment when your turn comes just because you are an a** kisser. To them you'll look like a Muslim as you try to make your case by showing various other religious necklaces like that guy in The Mummy, these guys won't buy it..extremists are not reasonable and they don't rationalize or listen..if you know Republicans, tea party or Fox, you'd know that. So you think you are being so smart but all this stuff about who is more evil, what you can dig up in history and who to side with is just stupid..It's better to start getting along..
+MeisterSexy11 'you think all of the people have lambos you fool.' That seems to be the only thing which they can brag about. Yeah, working for them by killing Jews, being Communist till the early 90's, and staying out of the Middle East for most of the time. Get real..
Its Iran who start the war first by their leader khomainy who said we had to kill sunnis and invad mecca just like that And the reason of that is historical! the EMPIRE of PERSIA has been destroyed by arabs muslm.
Saudi Arabia hates Iran because Iran is supporting extremist groups in Iraq, Syria and Yemen Yes in Syria, Iraq and Yemen Other information There are full state and an Arab name. "الاحواز" Occupied in "1925~" Where 10 million people The killing of a group of them from one period to another I would say 98% of Iran's oil from that country :).

what a fuck is wrong wiith you guys when we live in cold war no body talks about sony or shieh only us try to do something about esraeil, now all moslem want kill each other. think about it ,who gives this shit to us who has benefit this is not about religion this is a Strategy after september 11 made by fucking bosh son he said all this world should pay for september 11 iran cick them ass from iraq thay wants take syria but iran was there also lebanon ask my question who help usa to bring this disaster to middeleast and do you remmber witch part of that zone was enemy for moslemes witch country did somethings AND NOW LOT OF SMART missile POINT THAT ENEMY. IRAN LOOKING FOR PROTECTING OUR COUNTRY SO ASK YOUR SELF WHY SHOULD BE MAD OF US.

I am Persian but I don't hate Arabs; I do however hate the barbaric ideology called Islam and the pedophile warlord that founded it (AKA Muhammad the filthy mass-murderer!). Islamists, be it the shiite savages ruling and ruining Iran, or the Sunni Islamists and Wahhabis in the Arab nations are all a bunch of barbaric maniacs that have transformed the countries they live in into unlivable shit-holes ! Islam is the main problem, not Arabs or Persians or any other race. Eradicate Islam and the middle east prospers....

2 infidel It isn't just "Persians who leave Iran and discover what freedom is." They don't have an epiphany after leaving Iran. Persians still in Iran are equally irreligious. They're ranked as one of the least religious of most educated people of the Middle East..
im saudi true muslim i dont hate our muslim brothers in iran its just the saudi goverment so called royal family and their wahabbies supporters who benfit from their regime they think iran and true islam well be threaten their royal chairs so they make up this racist thing called sunni and shiei becoz majority iran muslim shiei and they delusion many muslims around world through their controled media about horrible stuff in shiea life that is not related to islam which is of course all lies in islam we dont hate each other there is no racism in our religion our prophet mohammed peace be upon him told us that..eventually most saudies they are fake they are not true muslims or practice it only muslims by name we call them wahabbies lol.. i love you iran.
You're no where from Europe you're from Iran... no one uses this retarded looking smiley except the Iranians > :))))))))))))))) lol kooni.
I am Saudi and I can say that my government and Iranian government are both stupid. Both countries are religious shit holes. The title should be: "Why Do Saudi Arabian government And Iranian government Hate Each Other" The only one getting advantage of this conflict is zionist Israel. Wake up stupid assholes!! You fight each other in the name of the same religion and the same God!! What shitty mentality you have. The zionists must be so happy for this conflict because it keeps them safe to do whatever war crimes they wish to do in our beloved Palestine. Soon this conflict between Arabic and Persian people will resolve and will erase the state of zionist intruders from the map together hand in hand despite our differences against the zionist oppressor..
+censorious Do you know you just commited shirk by calling them royal No ones is mulk expect Allah! And Allah puts people who He loves in hardship don't you know that.

+Mo if you consider that shirk then i feel sad for ulemas from whom you education about islam.Allah is honest and king does not mean there can't be honest people or kings. if Allah puts his people in hardship he also give us a social economic system and humane teachings to can eradicate all anti-pro life problems. giving example of starving kids in somalia and implementing us to be ok about it that its a test from Allah for the righteous as if he somehow enjoys in letting millions muslims starve and on top of that behaving as its nothing compared to rich arab nations who work for at least their own group of people in nation states is a form of great crime not just as muslim but as a human being. there are only few nations which i can count on my fingers which are stable enough and you want us to destroy them because they are not following teachings of Quran as they should and turn them into rubble. thats harsh bahi.
iran hate saudi arabia because saudi people buy iran girls by 5 dollars or less i think, iran people couldnt find any shit to eat they are really poor people and they say we live in freedom and you follow your family king, our family king make as most rich people in the middle east and iran goverment ask their people 20% of their money every month.. +Reza Janjal long worlds, but i want correct the first what u said, the strongest islamic country is turkey second is pakistan, cheack this out =). Europe and the U.S supports Iran, because many of adult male soldier had liked the Prince of Persia MS-DOS game when they were children!!!. Hope Iran will kick the saudi king!!! saudi king may be think he is the khalifatul muslimin but he is not muslim anymore, by name he pretend to muslim but act like a kafir!!!. im mixed with both, and i turned out fine/ see how damn fine i am, no but serously, its not that big of an issue like we have iraqi and irani family and were all civil.. +Surena. you got real guts to live as an atheist in a Muslim dominant region. Much respect to you dude!. +Surena. you got real guts to live as an atheist in a Muslim dominant region. Much respect to you dude!.
No no no, you got it all wrong. All this hate between those 2 nations was because of 2500 years ago. The Saudis had sent shipments of weapons to Leonidas and his 300 Spartans against the Persian Empire. Read your History books you wimp..
+Wipit Usyzn No. I have been in iran, thy are more religious then other arab-countrys, n i take that ur Zoroastrian.
+CRAZY GAMER what the fuck do you believe in Jesus / Do you know that Jesus was a ancient Greek god. Jesus has nothing to do with Christianity. NO you would not know what is Islam all about. because you were told by on the west propaganda you need to be stupid....

Don't forget Saudi Arabia is supporting and funding ISIS and Iran is fighting ISIS. So It's so clear which one is an axis of evil and which one is close ally. so no need to be confused. in other hand, Saudi Arabia can't see Iran is nuclear power cause after Nuclear program of Iran and decision of group of six world powers, Saudi Arabia can't control Middle East anymore!! That's why... and one more thing, sunni and shia problem in religion is just related to political issues. As you can see all terrorist acts are related to Sunni Muslims and Shia Muslims are peaceful. I mean, Sunni Muslims are aggressive and Shia Muslims are defensive. It's still clear difference between these two in Iraq, Syria, Lebanon and etc... however we can find terrorist in all over the world and It's not related to just Muslim people !!!.

+Amin Amiri look im arab from saudi i see people in the news saying ''Saudi arabia is fighting isis'' i hear it every time. are you arab huh are you arab No Then Your Words Is Wrong. BITCH.

Because Saudi Arabia fears the idea of an Islamic state considering how un-Islamic the Saudi family behaves: drinking, whoring and gambling in Europe. Also, the House of al-Saud has made its deal with the devil (Israel), and Iran (and Syria) are the only two nations in the Middle East that still support the Palestinians..

Salafism(wahabism) & shiaism are both the creation of zionists. Its not a pure islam but corrupted one. So in a sense they both(saudi & iran) are the puppets of big daddy aka israhell. In my country(afghanistan) taliban were & are still funded by these saudi terrorists while from other side iran is poisoning little childrens in schools. For me they both are the biggest terrorists. Long live the real & peacefull muslims(Sunnis) of Afghanistan. We will free palestine inshallah & not these fucked up saudis or qataris or kuwaiatis.

+Rahul Rai Religion and money doesn't mix. All their children will assimilate, lose faith and adopt European values. Only 1st generation immigrants ever rigidly hold on to their old cultures..

iranians are bigger enemy to Arabs than jews are - intelligent Arabs know that but only stupid arab can like iran. Longlive Turkey and Longlive our Arab brothers, kick persia/iran leeches..

Why u support this shitty arabia They are destroying our Hungary and now u love these terrorists. Lol. I cannot understand why Turks love Saudi the terror so much. What a shame for a secular country.
Forgot to mention OIL !! There's fear umong Saudis and OPEP about the future political role of Iran after lifting sanctions...Once more religion its just an excuse for the poor people to fight the rich's war !.
syiah is not islam...syiah full of shit...drink pee...harm their own body...mutaah...only stupid can trust syiah....

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Professionally Done! Saludos Pinoy Sining Productions! Nakakabilib ang ginawa nyo! I'm from Jubail mga sir.. Very touching, your performance touches deep into the heart. I hope you get to visit us again someday..
J. V. Nava... ang galing mo... Rachel here... we've met whilst I was with RIS... toastmasters or newsletter... u excel... God bless your ways as you touch others' lives....

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Where did they get cheetah from Interestingly he is not eating its prey Very different video indeed, never seen cheetah running in a desert .
Cheetahs have been used to hunt for quite some time, amazing that the practice still lives on, guessing it's only for the very rich though. In my opinion, the car kinda blew the mood abit. .

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+Atif Rana *The fact* What actual evidence do you possess that shows it's indeed factual .

That's an outright lie Jones, neither Saudi Arabia or Iran have nukes. Secret documents from fucking MOSSAD says Iran has no nukes you fat lying fuck..
+Ronnie Anzaldua I've no interest in discussing whether 911 was an inside job or not it's a pointless exercise. The relevant point was it was used as an excuse in conjunction with the wmd lie to attack Iraq.. It has never been proven that Saudi Arabia and Iran have nukes, Iran have a nuclear power plant but they have claimed that it for energy purposes only and they have never been seen testing nuclear bombs, but you know who had nukes for a fact Oh that's right the US. You wont nuke us, even if you had Nukes how the fuck you going to depoloy them Those imaginary ICBMs...Fact is you so much as Nuke one of your NEIGHBOURS, and both the East and West will nuke you FROM HOME, we unlike the pakis, have ICBMS that could reach them in less than an hour so even if they do have nukes CALM DOWN, it was probably us that gave them to them anyway hahaha Israel is worrying...And Commie Jones is obviously saying his usual ''ITS A FALSE FLAG!!!''...LOL.
+Benjamin Smith lol, chill. u do know that this was written to fit a children's song, right unfortunately only one guy (who replied) gets it. lol. here: /watchv=RlL5RcJWNPE feel like a fool yeah.. ;) ;) =). no they dont you israel loving piece of shit i cant believe i use to listen to your show what a sell out loser you are alex. hehe Saudi Arab idiots dont know how to build anything, they just give some oil money to someone who sell it to them, and on the other hand i really hope Iran have nuclear weapons, so you cant threaten them everyday by "All options on the table" so u can take that table and put it up ur ass.
Well it would not suprise me if Iran and Saudi Arabia had nukes. Good for Israel finally just saying yeah we got them about time. It gets said all the time but if a nuke is ever used you can guarantee its nuclear war everyone will be nuking everyone. So why any more nations actually want them I don't know. Seems not really worth having. Better to have a good quality of life rather than have a bomb that can flatten a whole citys worth of life. .
+Scremph Jenkins Yes, I know, but obviously we're referring to the ones used against people.. Israel has bio weapons and every other weapon the US has. The French and British government has been handing them weapons for years!.
You can talk all the shit you want about Israel, But Israel isn't the cause of any Global Terrorism today.. I honestly don't trust Islamic Nations with Nukes, Given the current world scenario, Just saying.. It could be an expensive Nuclear "Allahu Akbar" BOOM Scenario which the world cannot afford.. I don't have anything against Muslims but maybe when there are no more Islamic terrorist organizations around the world like Al Qaeda (Pakistan), Taliban (Afghanistan), ISIS (Syria), Boko Haraam (Africa), Muslim Brotherhood (Egypt), Al Shabaab (Africa), Al Nusra (Syria), Hamas (Palestine), Mujahideen (India), Abu Sayyaf (Philippines), Uyghur Terrorists (China), Chechnyan Terrorists (Russia), That's when Islamic Nations should be allowed to have Nukes.. Show less.
+Steven Welch I already gave you some names numbnuts. Look them up! All of them have videos on youtube. David Duke and Brother Nathanael are even more credible sources than AJ. Also, I do not know if I would call Alex Jones a reporter. He is a talk show host who has reporters that work for him. He also is misleading talk show host who covers the"globalists," but never mentions Zionism (which is the driving force behind the NWO). He is most likely a disinfo agent (paid to give blame on anybody regarding the NWO who are not Zionists) He also acts like a lunatic on air and for MSM interviews so that the majority of people will not take him or the movement seriously...therefore AJ is a fucking joke. Thank you. While I disagree with your idea of what a "lunatic," is, and your opinions of what indeed would be motivating him, I can appreciate your well thought out response. That being said, Brother Nathanael certainly wouldn't be an example of a "credible" source (credible, to me, means they have a definitive source of information that others can access no matter their religious or state persuation). Whether or not he is right is purely a matter of opinion, where as when I've seen reports given by AJ, he cites the exact people he's accusing. David Duke is someone I'll be looking into now, though, so thank you :) But to write off AJ as a joke because of an assumed intent that "people will not take him" seriously, is to ignore everything he says. I'm more interested in the material that people produce than the way they act when they produce it. Of course you don't have to respond, you indeed did answer my original question. Not that I agree with you, but thanks. EDIT: I forgot to mention, I have been under the impression that you'd be willing to list anyone who reports with a Zionism-involved narrative as more credible than anyone who doesn't. If I'm wrong please do correct me..
"Race Specific Weapons' How the hell does THAT work! I am a subscriber and avid fan Alex...but how in the hell does a missile, or ANY weapon for that matter have to ability to target a specific race Maybe I missed something somewhere along the technology pipeline..
all that b.s you hear about Saudi Arabia making or buying nukes is just pure propaganda to exert political pressure on Obama to stop the the iran nuclear negotiations! Everyone knows: the usa, iran and even the penguins in Antarctica that Saudi Arabia is completely incompetent and incapable of making, buying or even maintaining nukes! keep in mind buying nukes need facilities and scientists to maintain the dangerous arsenals and that country simply put doesn't have this capability. Also whatever nukes Pakistan possesses is for its own self defense especially when india has a lot more n-bombs than Pakistan; which means Pakistan doesnt have excess nukes for sale. To sell nukes to Saudi Arabia, Pakistan will have to make new ones and this will outrage the international community and make Pakistan and Saudi Arabia susceptible to economic sanctions neither countries can survive its devastating effects unlike Iran. joining the nuclear club is a long process, you should not expect someone that from making camel saddles all the way wants to jump into the business of making nukes with no steps in between! ! Saudi Arabia can't even manufcure a bicycle tire and has no industries or industrial capabilities and infrastructures. add to that it has a very backward education systems and has no local native scientists to run or even initiate such a complicated nuclear programs. moreover, the Saudi population is lazy and incompetent that the country's economy is run by foreign workers starting from the menial position that the Saudies refuse to do to the more sophisticated skilled professions that the Saudies are incapable to perform. saudi Arabia just has money, oil, and countless desert RELAAAAX america and enjoy your hillbilly cheeseburger...i wouldn't worry about Saudi Arabia acquiring nukes at more thing iran doesn't need nukes to knock down Saudi Arabia or even to occupy it. Iran is so powerful that it ignores saudia arabia and pays all attention to U.S threats and works on preparing its forces to match the capabilities of powerful nations like usa, Israel, uk and france..
The United States declassified a report from 1987 which revealed that Israel had nukes; Israel admitted to nothing. Also, both Mossad and the CIA maintain that Iran is no where near creating a nuclear weapon. And, honestly, the only people I've heard say otherwise are mostly warmongering psychopaths. If there is credible information available which contradicts the current intelligence I'm certainly willing to be persuaded, but I haven't been able to find it..
Sure, let's let countries under constant terrorist threat have nuclear devices that can level small countries. What could possibly go wrong . Whatever happened to good ole fashioned soldiers But more to the point, if every country would mind their own countries business and start pushing peace instead of war, what a beautiful world it would be. Who the hell needs war Who are these demonic idiots running every government and why hasn't ever government geared up to take their asses out Why is every country willing to nuke each other when all every country has to do is stand up to the elites forcing this shit on us all. Where are the real men. Everyone's got a stinking Nuclear bomb...When your bowls start producing Uranium through genetically modified foods and when your hormones are all over the place then the radiation stink bomb bursts and people around you will die from radiation poisoning. Even deadlier when silent.. This is why Netenyahu went to congress, if the obama administration make a deal with Iranian government which gives enough capability to build nukes. Saudi Arabia will be racing to build nukes as well and all other gulf states will also have nukes to protect against Iran. As Netanyahu said, a nuclear race is on the way if this so called peaceful Iranian nuclear deal is made..
Nukes are available to every country as long if they have cash. Cash is king and everything is for sale..
hey alex fat johnes, i see you angry when Saudi Arabia trying to have nukes but your fat ass is comfortable when Israel USING 5000+ of them... .
If I were Iranian- I'd want a nuke ASAP!- Maybe then the USA would stop threatening them for bucking the petrodollar- Libya didn't have 'em- look what happened to them!!.

Saudi does have nukes. Saudi funded Pakistan nuclear program. The deal on the books is that Saudi can buy nukes from Pakistan if Saudi funded its nuke program. Wake up folks...Saudi is the wolf in sheep's skin..
The standard Alex uses when he says someone has been right every single time is not the same standard I use when discerning objective, absolute truth from mere maybes. Someone told Alex that Iran has nuclear weapons and Alex believe that his "source" fits perfectly into the mold in Alex's head for being a "right-thinking" person. Therefore, Iran has nuclear weapons for sure according to Alex. It's called confirmation bias, but Alex does it to the extreme. There are worse offenders out there, but Alex is in the top 1% of them. I guarantee that Alex's "source" does not know that Iran has nuclear weapons. The Zionists have tried and tried to conjure up proof of an Iranian nuclear-weapons program and have not been able to do it. The US had to back off it's statements that Iran has a nuclear-weapons program. They became worn down by people (including yours truly) hammering them for any independently verifiable hard evidence at all. They had none even though they had been claiming they did. Obama's administration is now negotiating a deal with Iran because of all that hammering. The only people who don't want such a deal are the neocons and Takfiris. Pick your poison. Which one is Alex on this subject One thing is perfectly clear. Alex is very, very, very soft on Zionism. Why is that Why does he always go out of his way to say that he's not bashing or demonizing (or words to that effect) Israel The Zionists are stinking land thieves and war criminals. Who did the USS Liberty on purpose Who let them get away with it. Zionists! Alex was very hard on the Bush-43 administration for 9/11, but that administration was neocon through and through. Neocons are Zionists, always! Who did 9/11 at the very, very top Zionists. It's the only way WTC 7 could have happened. The Saudis sure couldn't have pulled it off..
the country that have nukes, no 1 will attack that country, every one need to have nukes for self diffence. .

So Israel uses chemical weapons on innocent palestine women and children why ain't they getting done for this bastard jew scum .
This is very serious news, because a revolutionary guard members said that Iran planned to get a nuke to fire into orbit above America, and then detonate it to cause an EMP to wipe out 90% of Americas population within a year..
Jones is a fucking ass clown lol he tosses a bunch of shit towards a wall and hopes some of it sticks which 99.9% of the time never does..
Alex I think it would be so dumb for the Saudis not to have a nuclear weapon. Every nation has a right to defend itself against predators. And if what you're saying is true that the Saudis have a nuclear weapon for 10 years and they still haven't used it nor threatened anybody with it. Then why not allow them to have a nuclear weapon as long as they are peaceful .
2015 Nuclear Weapons in the Middle East will account for rapid shareholder wealth generation. Money talks and the 1% are either going to participate in this escalation or watch Russia, China, India, Pakistan... make the sale. Weapons sales are the main item in the new "Body Bag Economy" be prepared to hear about it everyday until '2025 Launch Error 1.'.

Tens of thousands of nuclear weapons all around the world. hundreds if not thousands of attempts to launch them, commanders who refuse get instantly replaced, and yet none actually go off. Now why do you think that is.
we were nuked Hirosima and Nagasaki ! so, we have rights nuke America! oh ,but you already did it in Nevada 1000 times, and nuked WTC in NY you gov don,t admit it lol.
Alex Jones is a liberal Jew working for underground satanist leagues, alex jones is no conservative he is a fraud he is truly an obama hugging liberal he wants iraq to get nukes to invade our american freedom. Caiden Cowger is a greater speaker of freedom than this jewish sellout. Our freedom must be protected. I love my flag and i love my government we must stop putin now or we will lose our freedom to communists.

Alex I admire your patriotism and your courage sir. I don't even bother turning the news on anymore. YOU ARE THE NEWS! Sir you are the true definition of LDRSHIP. .
I have known Saudi Arabia, Israel and Syria have had nukes for over 25 yrs. they choose not to use them because of known results. Geez guys if I know it you think for a minute that Arab Nations don't know Relax, it seems the only one that didn't know is Obama... Obama didn't throw anyone under the bus, Obama is showing his ignorance to the world, yet again. And I think this is Obama trying to make us (Americans) watch his left hand so we don't pay attention to his right.. Just remember the murder of Kennedy,his attitude to the FED and the non proliferation treaty (Dimona in the Negev desert-Mordechai Vanunu).
Hey Alex, you should share "Project Coast" with your veiwers, apparently most of them believe the "Race Specific Weapons"are Conspiracy talk.
No doubt they do and they probably have "USA" and an American flag painted on them and they did not cost them a dime we taxpayers paid for them..
Everyone has nukes so what nukes are useless now. America always has a secret weapon just watch there will be something bigger than a nuke if one of you asshole shit countries try to fire one..
Oh ya the nukes in Saudi Arabia ain't shit compared to the Long Range Chemical Missiles Iran has that wipe out a whole infantry battalion.Everything N.Korea has Iran also has low key..
The reason for not disclosing nukes is because it encourages the most aggressive nationalist and partisans to increase conventional aggression.look at the india/paki conflict the hindu nationalist started going around saying that pakistan better bow down before india because they had nukes and could destroy pakistan and then pakistan blew up about 10 nukes and says "say what bitch" That is the kind of shit that the establishment in both iran/saudi do not want to hit the streets.I've been told that Egypt and Turkey both have nukes but I have no idea.they are more a liability then anything else if you think about it.unless your Dr Strangelove.
Whenever someone say "I got reliable sources that's shown to be 100% correct every time" even a blind hen can smell the bull's leftovers. Gotta be nice to be able to lie so well that you almost believe your own shit. Sad that people even trust you 1% of the time..
Prove I ran has nuclear weapons. you do not know what does it mean if The Ayatollah lies, when he says it is Haram, religiously illegal to have WOMD and he does it. all his Muslim Sheaa followers will have to leave following him including Hizbullah> From Iranian system point of view he will be immediately ousted. by the the counsel of jurisdiction and must elect a new leader. I advise you to go and Visit Iran, I am not an Iranian FYI..
I'm coming April 10th you are mine, and you will be exposed and your network of alt. media. I love the games may they begin!. +JOOGAL1111 Nothing the same as he talks about, or it could be a bullelt from the D.H.S. But I do know this, the black box knows all...wait and see.. Everyone knows that Israel has nuclear weapons They've had them for decades. Duh! As for Iran, no, they don't. That's why there are discussions going on about them even getting nuclear power not bombs with the US and other countries going on right now..
Hi I'm Mr. Peebumpoopface, I going to let you in on something I'm what you call an Alien we have been around for a long time. As far as nukes go don't worry we have disarmed them all. One more thing within the next 20 years your DNA will be much like our own and we will be able to show ourselfs and why we are here..

Maybe Iran got a cut of the cores, removed from warheads, at BWXT Plantex, Amarillo Texas, in secret, under the orders of George & Dick, in cahoots with Ehud Olmert, and shipped to Israel and Japan. After all, they shot Roland Vincent Carnaby, to keep it quiet.!!!.

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November 9, 2015

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Why do we have any relations with these animals at all Oh because we have animals in charge of our government too. Time to get to work!!.

+Abdullataif Alfarhan The Rothschild controlled central banking cartel that is enslaving humanity with debt and interest and taxation. Saddam and Gadaffi were trying to move away from the "Petro-Dollar" as the means of exchange and had to be removed. If Syria falls it will leave only North Korea as the last "sovereign" State in the world. The U.K. fell in 1694 and the American Colony was never permitted to rise. !!!.

Time to shut the borders! Trump was right! Stop supplying Saudis with weapons and stop buying their oil!.

They may have everything yet they enslaved immigrants from ASIA as slaves. A pack of murderers like their ally from north america and europe..

the usa is best friends with saudi arabia. there is an old saying, show me your friends and i will tell you who you are....
Bet whether the teen to be murdered by Saudis or a gay cross-dresser in Sweden, the victims wished they had a means to defend themselves from the animals attacking in these cases. And if like the anti-gun sheep in the USA, bet they'd have rather gone to their slaughter via bullet over being bludgeoned to death slowly, or having their heads chopped off. If they manage to get our guns, either of these acts are just a preview of coming attractions.coming to a neighborhood near you.. And thats the Saudi Araiba that heads the UN human rights pannel ha ha ha they behead more than ISIS.. Women are just as important as a gay man... Uhhhh no, I'm sorry. I have two gay friends, they're cool for the most part, but woman will always be held to a higher standard for me. for obvious reasons. Lol. want to see a lot more of this kind of bullshit - - and right here in america - - - then just vote for hillary... thats all you gotta do.. but let me warn you - - be very careful what you wish for.... +Clifford S hell yes!!! I knew the voting system was bullshit when bush jr. lost and still became president. Those French had better get Control of their country. They need to decide right now; Will they worship Evil, Or will they worship Jesus Christ. . Hmmm. I wonder how muslims feel about abortion. Will they threaten to behead abortionists Will the left support them if they do They throw homosexuals off of roofs and liberals/democrats still support them and want them in the US. Hmmmm.. +dponcrack Yes. Liberals are muslims useful idiot's but will they behead abortionists or do the radical muslims agree with abortion muslims...please answer..
+Final Flash He doesn't represent all atheists. It appears that most atheists are assholes on the Internet but that is only because the good ones don't even comment on anyone talking about God..

Ya My lovely Arab do this to those Kerala southindian people who take all your money and talk bad things about Arab.
+John Bradley They should gun them down in the street like we do. Chopping heads off is barbaric; civilized people have their police gun them down in the street..
Muslims here in Sweden are taking over...We ne help with alot of guns and ammo to support the incoming war!.
+vxr8clubby What you don't understand is the birthrate of Muslims and the amount of Muslims in most countries. It only takes 8% of the population to be Muslim for them to change a country. There are plenty of tough guys in Sweden too. But it only takes some of them to get into public office and change policies to increase additional Muslim immigration. The US has a secretly Muslim president and he wants to bring in Syrian refugees, case in point. Somali high school students in Chicago forced the school to allow prayer, when Christian prayer was banned already. The hold people have on a country can slip after a while. Not that I like it..
the moment alex realizes the gay victim was a lowkey chester (pedophile) so he kinda deserves what he got... Alex was like... "O" 😒😒.

WOW, I fucking live in sweden and I am a swede but I didnt even hear about this on the swedish news. Then again, If the swedish media would have reported on this they would probibly have said something like ''GAY MAN STRANGLES HIMSELFE WITH SNAKE AND FORCE POOR MUSLIM IMMIGRANTS TO WATCH'' oh well. Swedish Democrats 2018!.
U$Inc has propped up the criminal, corrupt $aud! $cum crypto-kazarian TyRants since before KiSSinger made Z Petr0d0llar deal, that's now coming UNravelled in prePaRATzion of Z UN-N0vUS 0rd0 SecL0Rum = why no Reg*me Change in $aud!a. +Kenneth Surgent +TheIchgucke +Foxworth Krowler +Rita G +Eric Warncke Sr +John Bradley +Lolwutisthis Utoob +Mike Hughes +Richard Quinones I watched a documentary about you trying to wake up people from their daydream and i was really admiring you and that's the reason i'm subscribed to your channel.. but now i see how disgustingly you try to get in the bus of the anti Muslim like the other on the west news channel. Actually I live in Saudi Arabia and I have never heard of the made up story about this boy. I have't seen a single Arabic source talking about it.. it's fake story made up by on the west media because the kid is underage and underage kids don't get sentenced, it's fake just if you start to give it a look to think and to search for info.. in this world you can pass many things to people.. you can make them believe what you want. in the internet world propaganda hasn't been as easy as now I'm Muslim and I'm proud of that because i have principles that don't wave by time or a place. at the same time there is good people and the bad people like anywhere in the world. we are not aliens. you're talking about Muslim like all of them are criminals and murders.. the murders are the people who control your country the people who have killed millions of Muslims and non Muslims in the whole world, THE PEOPLE WHO CRATED ISIS to target us and made us hated it by those clueless people who believe what they take from their junk materialistic channels.. Read history and you will know why is this happening.. i believe history repeats itself somehow I know this is how u make ur living by being active in this channel so you have to keep talking and talking about who ever. but be careful, trying the spread the hate is so huge sin. Guess which Fox News host paid to chop heads off on his holidays while in Saudi A ,hint he's another republican terrorist supporter like all others paid by R Murdoch.. A little factoid about Saudi Arabia - I was deployed to middle east for Desert Shield; we were told our families and friends could not send us Bibles (or porn) because it all passed thru Saudi before shipping out to various locations. Here we are defending the Kingdom against Saddam from taking Saudi too and they are dictating to us about Bibles! My Dad sent me the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit issue with Christie Brinkley on it anyways! F8CK YOU SAUDIS! HAHA. Really Wow. Disgusting Saudi hypocrisy. But the reality is that the Saudi Monarchy is fighting an internal battle between Sala fist Muslim Brotherhood and the more Absolutist faction..
+Hi NHPT how can i listen to you when religion has been scientifically and mathematically proven to me don't worry about me and my beliefs i'm fine thank you. Just my opinion take it or leave it dig a bit deeper to find the truth of religion you will be stunned. cya.

refugees from Morocco Perhaps just looking for on the west welfare and a happy hunting ground to rape women and kill homosexuals. No doubt someone will say I am failing to respect their"culture.".

What happened with Isis in Mexico u fucking shill I havent heard anything about that in a while now.. yea exactly any moderate Islamic country they blow it up, I mean all Islamic countries refuse the hay situation in the community not cause they're eastern countries but cause islam refuse it, but Islam prefer the moderate solve so in moderate Islamic countries governments look for helping those hay or lesbain people cause Islam belive it's a sickness and not normal that human be a gay, so instead of killing them, moderate countries send them psychiatric institutions to make them come back as a normal people. you guys are believing anything i live in saudi arabia beheading killers if you killed someone you will be beheaded this is shria law what you do in killers would not kill him what proof that he is right this man is talking bullshit i am not saudi by the way so if you got some good replays give me if not stfu.
Gosh Alex, I am stuck on this one. Muslim teenagers vs Pervert faggot pedophile. I am sorry, but I have to side with the teenagers on this one. I wouldn't care if it was the Pope himself, I think all Pervert faggot pedophiles should die..
+liaqat Ally I have seen a few of his videos a while ago. I liked them. I will have to watch more of his videos to see what he is all about. Thanks for the post.. Reminds me of a story my uncle told about him and my Dad in New Orleans, bar hopping. Well they were drunk and ended up in a gay bar. One of them realized where they were and said very loudly, "Holy shit these guys are faggots"... Story ends with a few large gay guys beating the ever living shit out of both of them and tossed em out XD.
Any government willing to do this to their young kids needs to be IMMEDIATELY overthrown!!! Isn't this considered a high crime of some sort Maybe if goodness wins in this world, we can start bombing the governing class of Saudi Arabia for crimes against humanity. Aren't they responsible for most of the funding of the terrorists That makes them liable to be bombed under the NDAA I think...they are directly funding and probably training terrorists! COME ON MAN! No brainier, BOMB the terrorists at the heart of the creation in Saudi Arabia where ISIS is beginning! Of course that won't happen...the USA government funds the same terrorists such luck of justice until it's almost too late, but by that time it will be hell on EARTH and assuming most of us reading this right now are still alive in the future, we might see a better world one day..

As far as I'm concerned I think that absolutely disgusting and they have no respect new decent seats for children over in that country and they shouldn't have fucking children in that country if this is how they going to treat kids the absolutely vile. The world is screwed courtesy of 'noble champions of the West and their great and selfless leadership'. If re-incarnation exists I'd be anyone but a white guy.. If you are a Trump supporter then we don't care what you think of us because your minds are fucked up anyway. No need to argue and defend our selfs with logic. Long live the Kingdom of saudi arabia, it's people and it's king..
So if a journalist is taking the footage in war zone will be prosecuted `cos of spreading material containing violence That leads to ban on war footage. Then fox news will tell you about but without the video proof. You can`t show atrocities toward civilians, people will think that war is aesthetic para political debate, without the blood, ripped of limbs and so on. There can be a genocide pretending the war. There can be no war but tv will claim so and taxpayers money will be looted as always. WTF.
Get Islam out of Europe! Get Islam out of America! Get Islam out of Australia! Get Islam out of the United Kingdom! NOW! NOW! NOW! NOW! NOW!. All government is bad; Anarchy is good, because it allows people to make a change without a parasitic ruling class, bossing us around and stealing our money!.
No difference between saudis and USA. USA dont beheads but does give death penalties. besides USA has more crime than saudi and whole world. America does everything in the name of Democracy saudi does the otherway around based on their filthy ideology..
please Read My Tweets About Obama On Twitter I'm Here In El Paso TX Check Out What I Put On It Michael Di Angelo A.J I Changed It From Antolin Jimenez MDI If I Don't Show Up It Is Because He Trying To Block Me.. America should use its own oil, Mexican oil, Canadian oil, Venezuelan oil, and bomb Saudi if it bombs anyone!.
Unfortunately Venezuelan socialist are anti on the west and work alongside the Saudis. It's been said that Muslim fanatics from both Shia and Sunni groups are smuggled through Venezuela and into the Americas..
it's all good. let the gays fight the Muslims. I'm not, I'm no fighting for gays. lol.
well in America you just get put in a car accident and killed, then you think you live in a nice country.
The whole youth of Saudie Arabia should fight against their government in protest, It would soon be done with the Saudie Arabie!. Janos D from Montreal,Quebec,Canada. Jesus says:shame on you illuminati Mystery Babylon freemasons your time is run in out satan is cast into the pit of HELL..
shit, i live in saudi arabia (been here for 12 years) and never knew this shit happened lol 50k a month so kiss my ass XD.

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November 13, 2015

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Hillary Clinton = Israel Jeb Bush = Israel Sarah Palin = Israel Rand Paul = Israel Any questions .
Someone at the top is trying to take out Hillary (Politically). Don't get me wrong, she is a cunt scum, it's just blatantly obvious that she is being targeted. .
Lots of trolls on here. They all must have just gotten to work at their government jobs and are busy earning their wages. Too bad their comments don't make any sense and are just offensive nonsense. Not real effective. But that's on par for government workers I suppose. .

+oakeysmokey If you think Stern "owned" Jones, (a typically juvenile way of putting it), then you didn't hear the interview, you're just regurgitating urban legend horseshit...or you're just stupid..

Why in the h3ll are we fighting Assad and Syria Why the h3ll arent we attacking Saudi Arabia We are fighting the wrong country What the h3ll is going on here .

+pretorious700 not about oil, it's the fact that Saudi Arabia is a puppet regime that conforms to US foreign policy and Syria is an autonomous democracy with an anti imperial agenda. They do the same shit in south American socialist /communist countries that the US has no oil interests in, it's politics..
Did we forget. There is still a unsolved murder of one of her workers when bill was president. To many secrets., how there still questions of the clintons before he was president and cocaine that came into Arkansas by the tons. Real estate fraud with there freinds. Hint hint. Clinton with child sex ring,. Benghazi Secret missle deal with terrorist group and cover up. Wake up . There are video's available of the Clinton's history from their college days of all their crooked dealings. Google them. Lots of dead bodies surrounding them..
+hiway280z sheeple just still follow them like little animals. What ever our rulers tell us what to do or thing we follow .

Hitlery Clinton is a pathetic fool like the other psychotic idiots in your government. She is a nazi bitch, power hungry, lie like a coward and have a psychotic problem. There is no one in that government that have honor, all of them are trash. What can the woman do without having the government behind her back, NOTHING God show mercy of she becomes your new president, America will go back into the dark ages again then... And Alex, you are right about a looot of things i cant denie that and wont. But plz grow up friend when you telling news, sometimes u are a little too much :) Peace.

That is easy for me to believe. Can't wait to walk in those diamond filled places. Condemned money changing bastards no matter who they were..

ROFLMBO... Alex is like (They will get you my Pretty) Their going to burn you witch)... Russian Spitzna will take her out!.

Alex you state that Hillary Clinton was involved in a Lesbian Affair, then you say it's OK. God don't think so, so it appears you need to study up on scriptures. Yahwah God states men or women involved in such evil are committing abominations..

maybe she likes being goosed...hence her "guccifer" with that picture...i feel nauseated....
She isn't in jail b/c she high in government and law doesn't apply. If it did every president for past 25 years would be in prison.
How about, Why Abby Martin was fired from RT Alex say whatever he wants but some how they silenced Abby..
So there we have the facts / truth now Hilery clinton the old hag with a knot at the top of her head trying to tighten her puffy skin (Its not working for you Hilery) BUT for fooooooks sake leave It undo that you`l look like a big fat jelly baby.She has been working with the Saudie`s,thay funded Benghazi attack,that make`s hr a MURDERER !!. I cant stress how much I hate this woman as she loughts at people being blown to piece`s and killed as If Its all a big game,as long as Its not her, GUILTY !! Off with her wrinkles send her down she should have the death penalty BUT but but she`l get off scott free or die of old age.And the sleepers well thay`l peoberbly vote her In,Im so tyred I must sleep,I will answear my 100 posts later In the day when I wake up,unbelievable the corruption In the US goverment Its gone beyong a joke.. News flash! The Saudis run this world. Everything that matters to them is a servant to their wishes and commands. Absolutely, the recently deceased King of the Saudis would have SHrillary whacked over this. The new guy now in charge, apparently has Alzheimer's', and may demand a spectacle. Something along the lines of our beloved comrade in North Korea. Remember he thru his uncle into an arena filled with wild starving dogs. If, repeat..IF Shrillary had a brain she should run...for her life.. We already know that the federal government is a team of criminals and they've never operated legitimately despite the visibility of malicious external influences. The solution is to literally kill them.. Hiding in plain view is the fact that the entire Clinton family are involved in serious criminal practices. A vote for Hillary is a vote in favor of the criminal element. . IT HAVE TO BE A SAUDI TERROR ROACH KILLER + QATARI MONEY MOZA AND HER BITCH KID TAMIM + HAMAS + AL QAEDA = WHICH THEY ALL BECOME ISIEL=DAASH CAN'T UNDERSTAND WHY EVERYBODY CALLING THOSE ROACH KILLER BROTHERHOOD+HAMAS+EL QAEDA+ISIEL AS MOGAHDEEN,,,THEY ARE TERROR+KILLER+SNAKE+RAPIST+BLOODY MURDER. Thanks for the news. You're one of the few that informs the folks. God bless you brother. . Kind of odd that you do your homework on your show. Also, it's hard for me to appreciate this guy with him being a misogynist and everything.. What the Saudis funded the Benghazi attack, the dead Ambassador knew about shipments of stolen arms from Libya's armories to the hands of Terrorists in Syria. . In 2007, Hillary harshly Criticized the previous Administration's use of Secret email correspondence. But did anyone in the Bush Administration Exclusively use a Home Email Server to conduct Official Government Business Foreign, Domestic, OFFICIAL, TOP SECRET, Benghazi Security Request type emails Liberals - the answer is "No" what.
No one has been honest since the first Bush was in office.She's got shit piled up so deep she can't dig her way out!with her working with obamas together...To have her as a president would be signing our own death!just because her husband was the president she as all should be monitored for those types things...some one had to notice..she has no morals any way....
What Alex Jones fails to mention to his cult followers. The law was introduced after this email account was used, she did not break any law. We will see who burns lile a witch Alex, shame on you. . +john horst federal records Act 1950
Love how you fool trolls always attack Israel. Nobody blames Israel besides racist,corrupt government,trolls and Muslim terrorists. It's the people controlling this world including Israel that are to blame. The very same traitors who control our country and government. So stop your ignorant racist anti Jewish people rants and go back to your handlers...nobody wants to hear your psychotic unintelligent rants. .
Let us also not forget that Hitlery Rotten Clinton "misrepresented" her plane landing in Bosnia in '96 where she said she landed "under enemy fire" when in fact she DID NOT!!! And she wants us to vote her into the WHITE HOUSE HELLO Between that and her Benghazi debacle, she's not only a LIAR, but she's also INEPT!!! And speaking of LYING to the public, how about Al Gore's claim that he was "involved with CREATING THE INTERNET Funny how SOME PEOPLE come out of the toilet UNSCATHED while others do NOT!!!. Can someone post the link to Hillary and Huma cuddlingI can not find it anywhere in a google search!.
+nuster rab I don't know if you've actually seen Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid... They don't exactly "[ride] off into the sunset"..

They all have to face YHWH on Judgement day. When they die their power, money and lie's will be useless. Their judgement will be final and not pretty for them..
hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha, L.M.A.O. !!!!! RUSSIA IS HITTING BULL"S EYE!!!! TJAKAAAAAAA, US government arse holes!!! KILLING your OWN people!!!! TRAITORS!!! KILL KILL KILL KILL KILL, just as in that board game, remember it's called Stratego rings a bell. I'll bet that Alex Jones's private emails would show that even he doesn't believe the crazy stuff that he claims on his show.. They're all lies!!! Lies, I tell you!!! Oh no, not the water... IIIII I'M MELTING!!! I'M MELTING!!!.
Obamas government is the most corrupt American government in history and that's saying something. .

Michelle is a transvestite, Hillary & Barry are well anything goes with those crack head pigs, ALL are guilty of high treason!! When will this madness end.

Yes indeed. Every Headline should be designed to expose the real weight behind of the story itself. People are so lazy these days. It must be heavy. Only the awake will see it as over the top. The rest will become curious. .

Another damn Libertard needs to go to prison !! But we all no she will get off totally free....

so many anti-Semitic trolls on these videos lol. Feels like I'm reading propaganda crap from Nazi Germany. Please stop this whole jewish problem crap you racist retards..

This must be why the establishment is trying to start a war with Russia. Sorry Hitlery, it won't work, but enjoy your time in prison, while we try to put more charges on you that include treason (which carries the death penalty). 87% of Americans can't wait for you to get hung for treason. She's been lying and screwing people over since Arkansas and her Walmart debacle. Yes, when she was proud to announce that EVERYTHING at Walmart was "made in the USA'. A little investigation revealed that over 90% of the items being sold at Walmart were NOT from the US and a high % of clothing was produced in sweat shops in Bangladesh..
Mrs W.Bush fucked Ozzie you know who that is a real hoe. Just like Mrs Reagan and Franky baby Sarah Palain and the Black basketball player Glen Rice i think he screwed her brains out.
On a different note... The American ambassador to South Korea must have struck a real threat to North Korea when he suggested they could be so much more if they moved away from their fixation with the north. I have been saying the same thing... that they should change their name to drop the "South" association with North Korea..


Great as can be we The People are supporting InfoWars and Alex Jones and we Rock and we don't Play they want to start a Fight and a War with The American People brought over here by Jehovah God in The name of Jesus whom Inspired and Brought The Word of God Jehovah to The whole World Lets get busy Baby Jehovah comes first not selfish Greed and a Dolar.
I want to see Alex Jones's private email I bet they say " Tell Heritage and CATO I need my fucking money!! That Ellen BITCH is really exposing me.. I NEED MORE CASH to promote your agenda of Corporate control of America!!". BY MY ALLEGIANCE TO THE FLAG O THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA I give my support to the democratic party, But not the support of the second Amendment broken in which the 2nd Amendment was made September 25, 1789 December 15, 1791 2 years 2 months 20 days with all due respect i believe MRS Clinton is innocent of all charges and is being polluted by hatred of the republican Party in which Alex Jones is hired by. If Obama is serving Isis through black mail and threats from other other people that don't relate to the Government they have imposed high rates of treason and have broken the 1st Amendment September 25, 1789 December 15, 1791 2 years 2 months 20 days I believe our Government is being hates upon and posed under scrutiny. . Hillary emails only show what "she does or does not believe." Third party blame isn't necessarily correct. .

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November 24, 2015

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November 23, 2015

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January 9, 2016

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Herbal medicine for diabetes prices - Herbal Health...

November 4, 2015

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The only moderates in Syria are with the government or exiled. The extremists are foreigners supported, armed, trained, paid and recruited by the alliance that is pretending to fight them. And, there is nothing else.. Never a mention of ISRAEL on infowhores... the undisputed KING of terror... Jones has pretty much merged with the MSM, just with a ridiculous conspiracy twist always shifting attention away from the sneaky jews who control everything and blaming imaginary nazi's and illuminati germanic death cults. Way to go Jonestein you traitorous sellout bastard. I hope you and your jew wife are happy with all of your shekels from your jew sponsors. The rabbi is waiting for you at the bathhouse in Tel Aviv to show his appreciation you kosher faggot. +Gil theJeep amen, any enemy of Israel is my enemy. I stand with the USA and it's allies. (besides turkey and qatar - they need to be dumped from NATO).
+jay show Yes I've heard him cover this and rip apart both my opinion he is pretty fair and balanced when it comes to this subject, he just has much more with the rest of the world to cover..
New president needs to give the order to start bombing Saudi Arabia and Turkey for supporting ISIS. No more supporting Israel ether they are financing ISIS..
New president Who would that be That´s the problem. As to bombing King Saud and Turkey, no problem. While you are at it, keep mowing the lawn until Putin says to stop..
+Mohammad Almtab Well, if your people are like our people, they're nothing like their elites. The elites enjoy secret perversions. Obama is obviously gay, but it's not officially accepted that he is. Bush is a member of the Bohemian Club, and those world leaders have gay orgies in the woods. If the Saudi prince has been to any of those meetings, at minimum, he witnessed gayness. And there's the possibility that he participated. One thing all the people in the world have in common is that their elite don't really represent the people, though they pretend to. The elite only care about themselves and their own kind. We are cattle to them.. Maybe Alex 'The Zionist Gate Keeper' Jones will run for president with Howard Stern in 2016.. My dogs keep dropping bombs on my front lawn, and I have to cleanup after the KAOS. I keep wondering who is funding them...Who could it be .
Looks waaay beyond cozy...more like flaming QUEER. Seems to be the trend among the NWOs puppets. Satan was the first queer fecalphiliac sodomite..
That crazy ole uncle joe. Ket the cat out of the bag. Duh, think maybe they made us their B. Gees, now wonder they banned the word Retarded. American people were not represented in your lust for to be omni importance. Your in bed with the king. .
"Developing"!!! WHAT!!! The Saudi's have been sucking D.C., London and Israel cock for DECADES!!! What a stupid headline! DUH!! You guys must be really blind to lap up Jesuit Jones' disinfo!! See what ridiculous superstition does to gray matter It makes you a blithering IMBECILE!.

Saudia Arabia has a secret Jew alliances with Israel ,,, let's compare apples to oranges ,,wake the fock up USA !.

Im Mexican/American and I bow to no one. fuck anyone who has a problem with me, All I know is since I was a kid my grandpa always told me dont believe anything any president had to say cuz their all liars. Im now 36yrs old and guess what, we have NEVER HAD A PRESIDENT WE CAN TRUST. thats the truth period. We are all fucked if we don't lynch these crooks outta office ASAP.

The Saudis have the largest child trafficking ring on the planet! The seat of Satan is in Turkey like Gods seat is in Israel. No coincidence all 3 of these nations are in bed together! Its been fore told and people still are surprised about what happens next. READ THE BIBLE!! They are all exposed in those books or dont and go back to TV telling you the truth.. COUGH!.
+Mrquick168 who is killing 1 million innocents per year The muslims have far surpassed that number. In fact Islam is responsible for more death and destruction than the whole entire 350 years the spanish inquisition was fought.. +Geronimo Apache No dreaming here just a fact. Jews are behind every war in history for centuries which means they are responsible for more death then anyone else. They are called the seed of Satan, a Serpent people until only a century ago. WAKE UP!. The way the sand nations treat their women would suggest they have really little dicks. Just saying..
Oh, those salty Arabians! I wonder what will develop after that Great Gathering at Mecca, the Hadj, this year You can be sure that when so many thousands mill around the Harat in such close quarters, SOMEONE beginning to show symptoms of ebola will sneeze...maybe throw up. This may not be a good year for decent Muslims to fulfill that once-in-a-lifetime obligation..
You are a mother fucker mecca will succeed everything bad will do and arabians are fucking your mother bitch.
2 NmR AlShRs ..Let it go, young rebel. This is not your fight. Not to worry; when your mother is back from prison, your asshole will have a chance to heal..
Why not bomb the white supremacists America and Britain, their the ones funding and arming these radicals as well as spreading Ebola. As long as people support the US you're just giving power to the beast. Every country on the planet is almost globalist controlled except for a few hot spots where war is breaking out and the white supremacists who are the globalists are soaking up the last of the independent countries. So in essence the whole world needs to be destroyed and rebuilt under a system of justice and no one can be mistreated. ITS ALWAYS THE WHITE SUPREMACISTS.
In essence your solution to the worlds problems is worst than what you perceive as the problem.You advocate destroying the world and presumably killing all the white people,I say that makes you a maniac and a moron.I suppose the 1st thing you'll do after bearing the dead is to reinvent the wheel and discover fire so your you won't be scared of the dark..

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06 April 2016

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May 02, 2016

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