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  1. December 19, 2015

    Comments about this video:
    I don't know why but maybe I eat something sweet once a month and even then I'm not all that impressed by it. However.. I do get excited about some salty foods.. +Dave Birney pixie sticks cocaine starter kits and fun dip powders woot!!! I'm 43 what this about smoking smarties is it like uncocainated crack {all filler}. this is my first time watching this video. wow! Mind blowing i wish my school lesson are like's so visual, colourful, interesting. thumbs up.
    A lot of these kinds of videos are kind of alarmist and explains things to us as if we were purely instinctive animals. People's brains don't just process tastes and release dopamine, we use them to think as well... and that's why sugar doesn't have the described effects on a lot of us because we exercise what's called self-control. Something more people should do. Don't get me wrong, these videos are super informative, it's just that they portray sugar as some kind of bad addictive drug. Sugar is good and it brings a smile to people's faces. it brings people together and it makes great gifts!.
    In small quantities. Too much in a short period of time is still bad for you. Though it is needed for the body anyway, so it's not like an evil drug that needs to be destroyed. Like you say, it brings a smile to people's faces..
    0:15 "Eat me" "Lick me" "Chew me" "Bite me" With...Fucking...Pleasure.
    I like sweet but I got bored fast,so I cant eat only sweet thing,I guess its a good thing. I even like veggies like broccoli. thats just how bored I'm..
    So if sugar activates the reward system is it normal to dislike sugary foods I hate super sugary foods. It always makes me thirsty and I don't feel like any good is coming out of it. In fact, I hate cake. Even as a child I told my parents to not get me cake for my birthday because I hate the frosting so much. Greasy foods like meat, however, I really really love. I also like sour stuff. When it comes to candy, I prefer sour. I also like to eat grapefruits without any sugar. (Most people seem to like to put some sugar on it while eating it.) So is my reward system messed up or different It's also good to note that as a child I had a problem with sugar. If I ate even a little bit of sugar, especially chocolate, I would generally get very sick the next day and constantly puke. It was even worse when I was very young where after eating sweets I would often puke within an hour after..
    Maybe because you got sick of sugar your brain knows you shouldn't eat it and doesn't activate the reward system.. Just like sugar you can get addicted to greasy and fried foods. it works in the same mechanism :) I too don't like sugary foods but can't resist fired chicken or fries haha.
    Soo, too much sugar can lead to attention deficiency Since their reward centres are stimulated so often you can't concentrate long enough without constant rewards.

    I understand starch is sugar. However I find it extremely hard not to eat anything that has starch. I was brought up with starchy foods like rice, potatoes and pasta in my meals. I would feel something's missing when I don't eat them. I have tried it - I experimented with stuffing myself with lettuce and meats until my stomach's full during meals but every time I would still wish for a bit of starch. Basically I was full but not satisfied. If we are not supposed to eat starchy foods, then they all should be made extinct. That way people will have no choice but replace them with leafy vegetables and just deal with the misery. Our next generation will then not know what starch is and not have the same desire..
    "so a slice of cake every once and awhile won't hurt.. and neither will the occasional iv heroin use!".
    Great video except it gets where our tongues discern sweet is wrong.

    I don't want to sound like an ass but this is an education vid. We don't have specified areas of the tongue for specific taste. 1:12 So your diagram of the tongue is wrong..
    Well about eating the same food but what about recreating the same day,and same food and same routine over and over Because I've did this and I'm addicted to this routine and the creepiest thing is that I haven't been sick since for 6 years because of my routine. But how!. Not sure how much the research went into this reasoning.. Other than extending the common knowledge that overconsumption in sugar is not good for health, it doesn't sound very convincing. Perhaps, my expectation from a ted-ed video is a little misplaced... I just ate a tonne of cake before watching this... I still want some dessert... .... OMFG! I'm a sugar addict! 😱🙈. +Belinda Scott yes and those are the best for your body! Go watch Mr & Mrs Vegan on YouTube if you disagree.. No, I agree!! a much better option than any processed foods. Also need to be mindful of chemicals used to grow these, in our area "local produce" usually means high chemical levels. Eww. . Totally disregarded to mention the effect of the gut microbiome on central nervous system activity and how sugar affects the gut microbiome. The video would be more complete had it done so.. I don't like sweet things even when I was a kid, maybe bcause I'm Asian. I know we need sugar but we can find that thing on rice (or is it).. +Vegas Xxkilingxx Your first comment on here was very Reminiscing of being written by a Spambot. I now understand your first comment on this thread was spam, but not written by a Spambot. . im sorry I can't agree with this video! I had lots of sugars! you know what I don't like sugar foods usually I prefer only spicy foods!!!!.
    Inject vegetables with heroin and boom kids now want to eat their Vegis thanks to the dopamine being released by the drug.
    Ah - inhale - before I ask this question its a very specific question - I understand the usual metabolism of sugars and I know in what foods they are found - I am asking is there anyone out there who can explain why certain physchoactive medications (too many to mention) lets go with Mirtazapine or Remeron as it known in America - Why does Remeron increase appetite and increase weight gain - despite the person eating the same and being physically active the same whilst taking the treatment I was given this in the UK in 2008 and now know for sure it has messed up my metabolism - although withdrawel is awful I ve managed to come off it three times and each time within a matter of months I ve lost all the weight I gained from it - I am asking what the biological procesess are behind this I do feel when I come off it - like my metabolism is taking off like rocket fuel without anxiety - many thanks for any help!. I believe sugar to be a highly addictive substance. Since our dopamine levels increase after we eat foods that have high sugar content, we keep craving those high, feel good, dopamine levels. With that being said, sugar is a substance that should be treated with caution and not to be consumed in excess in my opinion. Although most people say they try to avoid sugary foods, they can never cut them out completely. But it is their fault or is it the corporations who supply them these foods I would say both. But if sugar is such an addictive substance, why is it being produced This is a component I wish the video touched on more because it would explain the supply and demand aspect.. I haven't had sugar cravings anymore, really. I consume 25 grams or less of sugar a day for 8 months now. My body is probably running on ketones for months now. They say our brain uses 120 grams of sugar a day. If it is true, my body seems to be doing well with what it has. I actually have more mental clarity. I can process information clearer. I can understand/pick up whatever it is I am reading better. I feel lighter and better than before..
    +lalaithan I have blood tests every 3 months. I think they call it limited metabolic profile. Always normal. Could you be talking about ketoacidosis Cause I heard it is different from ketogenic..

    Yeah here's the deal - if I eat sugar cube, like plain sugar, meh. But if I make candy out of it ( boiled in water ), my eyes spark up..
    1:08 its wrong the sweet receptors arent on there, they are in every place at your tongue. you can proof this by placing some honey in random spots of your tongue. Starch is NOT just sugar, it is a polysaccharide, or a complex carbohydrate, unlike which is usually a monosaccharide (though disaccharide is also common). Not articulating the distinction in how these molecules are metabolized is not doing this topic justice. Also, presenting the brain's craving of variety in food being due to a strategy to gain varied micronutrients is a misrepresentation as it doesn't account for the brain's fundamental preference for variation/diversity/novelty in nearly all areas. Also, this video didn't at all examine insulin resistance and increasing need for higher levels of sugar to promote similar blood glucose levels as the initial surge and that such promotes further sugar consumption, unlike a balanced meal..
    pretty interesting to see just how much sugar affects us and our brains and ways of thinking. As they said sugar is like a drug people become that addicted to it and need it or crave it and go out and get it right away. Another thing that was interesting was how the body can sense if it has too much or too little and can send signals right to the brain of which there are many signals going off inside the body when eating sugars or any type of food in the world today..

    I hate sugar,i like to eat vegetables. On a side note,i have lactose intolerance,so i dont eat ice cream at all. But still,i hate cakes..
    I didn't eat lots of sugar when i Was 3 but now in December 8 im going to be 9 and i got diabetes when 3 thank You for understandng. Wow, interesting! This answer why I couldn't stand many healthy food which I used to love and always take but craving for sugary things instead! Gotta be more careful with my eating habit now. Thank you for this useful video! :').
    Starch is not sugar... Sugars are a subset of carbohydrates, specifically sweet, short-chain, soluble carbohydrates, not all carbohydrates are sugars. Starch is broken down into sugar, but is not itself a sugar..
    raw sugar(bigger size) and raw honey is good... but when it is processed with chemical it is worst....

    I understand that an overabundance of sugar intake is not very healthy because like the video mentions, when eating sugar it does not have a plateau of the reward system in our brain, but isn't over-consumption of anything bad For example, overconsumption of water is even bad for you. Also, I recently watched a Ted talk about addiction about how addiction may be more due to bonding to our environment rather than an actual response to something. Could it be that people who have began to feel a sugar addiction are actually people who just use the feeling of eating sugar to fill a part of their life where they are missing connections with others or their environmental conditions are missing something And if that is the case, could someone with a sugar addiction be fixed without having completely stop them from eating sugar and sort of de-toxing from it, but instead finding out what it is they are missing or need to feel connected to to solve the bigger, underlying problem that may be there. Now I know that sugar addiction may not seem as serious as an alcohol or drug addiction, but it is just as life changing; so should we not treat it with a similar kind of emphasize.
    i actually am addicted to sugar, and sweets and crave them all the time and it gets me kinda worried and sad. Your brain is telling you that sugar is good because it IS good. It's in "overdrive" because your brain FUNCTIONS on sugar... your cells are MADE up of sugar. Sugars (carbohydrates) are in all foods that are good for you and all you need for survival... fruit, vegetables, roots, rice etc. These types of half assed video's forget to mention that these sugary foods they're talking about are within processed "food" which contain high FAT. Eat whole foods and go Vegan.
    You can honestly just skip this video because this comment will answer everything. So, when you lick a lollipop, your brain kickstarts into an insane mode. You might suddenly change clothing, or suddenly feel the need to have children. The amount of children you suddenly want to have can vary between a zillion to a zillion. You might feel lustful, wanting to kiss every person you see. The sugary coating on your lips will transform them also. Please beware of the lollipops..
    This video brings up a lot of different questions when it comes to sugar and a person’s diet. Should a lot of people cut back on sugar The answer is yes, but the possibility of this happening is very slim due to the fact that sugar does in fact trigger the neurotransmitter dopamine. Ask a heroin addict to quit using their drug and nine times out of ten they will tell you they will quit after their next hit. They mentally cannot stop themselves since they want the perfect state of ‘high’ mind. Sugar is almost in absolutely everything, so are there better sugars opposed to some other types such as is fructose better than sucrose and so on. If that is the case, should we be giving the children more of one type of sugar opposed to another A child’s brain is more susceptible to giving into addictive tendencies, which is why they crave pop all the time or other sweets instead of dinner for the night. It is scary to think about considering they are becoming addicted to their favorite sugar treat. This also brings upon the problem of that fact diabetes can occur. It also brings up another question of the different sugar types. Does sucrose cause diabetes to increase due to starch per say If we can figure this out, we can cut down the diet of many people and take certain amounts of different sugars in foods to help prevent getting this disease.. hey im a kid i love candy.. but how much are we talking cos my dad keeps talking about this videos and how bad it is. and i know but i dont think i eat that many. I didn't know that starch, dextrose, lactose, and maltose was a type of sugar. If dopamine is so addictive why don't food companies add dopamine to vegetables so they can become addictive Maybe this is the key to reducing obesity, but instead food companies WHETHER add it to sweeting and fattening things that's poor for the body. I do believe the things in this video were accurate and true. I sometimes find myself going back into the cookie jar for extras, I believe its a common thing though, because everybody loves their sweets.. About broccoli, the only reason why it's not bad for me, it's because vinegar goes well with it. lol.. Too bad every cell in our body runs on glucose. This is fucking trash. I guess im addicted to air too right how fucking stupid do you have to be. Most of the so called sugary foods they list have most of their calories from fat.. +Flash Masterson Right, calm the fuck down. They should have mentioned how certain types of sugars are actually used for healthy stuff. But, the science is still correct. Too much sugar still sends the dopamine receptors into overdrive, but air doesn't. That's what differentiates addiction to "over-usage" (such as breathing air).
    +Flash Masterson Any validity to the point your making is obscured by over-abundance in dickishness in your diet. The animation and presentation of this video is pretty great. To call it fucking trash is... well... "how fucking stupid do you have to be" - Aggression begets aggression..

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  2. December 22, 2015
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    Short and Long Term Effects of Stimulants |
  3. December 26, 2015
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  4. December 23, 2015
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  5. December 24, 2015

    Comments about this video:

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  6. December 27, 2015
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  7. December 18, 2015
    Stimulant drugs are among the most common and most addictive drugs on the planet. In fact, more people are in treatment or rehabilitation for stimulants than for any... i6 : Look younger. Be stronger. Live longer.
  8. December 17, 2015
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    Short and Long Term Effects of Stimulants |
  9. December 20, 2015

    Comments about this video:

    Short and Long Term Effects of Stimulants |
  10. December 21, 2015
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  11. December 31, 2015
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  12. December 25, 2015
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  13. December 29, 2015

    Comments about this video:

    High fructose corn syrup is made from CORN!!! I have MAJOR Health Problems Caused by this product that is ILLEGAL to be SOLD everywhere else BUT SOLD in the US!!.
    ITS SAD CAUSE THEY SELL HIGH FRUCTOSE CORN SYRUP IN BROOKLYN NEW YORK VERY CHEAP POPULATION CONTROL people make this shit going to hell for killing many. plz look that up! And draw your own conclusions. What's the science behind that.

    These skinny jeans kidz are on that Dew... HFCS... syrup leanin'... Straight sheeple sleepin'... Ignorant to and of the Pyramid Diamond Eye gleamin'/schemin'/demon... My raps are DOPE!!!!!!!. My family gets annoyed by how I complain about how I refuse to drink soda with this corn syrup. There are days I don't care and I'll have a coke, but I stick with Sierra Mist (made with real sugar). You just feel better without it.. The "real sugar" breaks down to fructose and glucose, the exact same chemicals, when it hits you stomach acid. Hey, it may even have broken down by the time you drink it.. Ive just ate a bag of nestle Red Skins,220grams, ingredients glucose(from corn) cane sugar. Will i get sick From New Zealand..
    WOW they showed Langers juice brand on the shelves in this video and i just wanted to say that i purchase it because IT HAS NO HFCS IN IT you can even see it stated on the label in the vid -I would sue if i where them .
    we need to eat and plant fruits and vegetables! we need to save our bodies, the food affects how we think so it's obviouslt the govermnet doing it on purpose so we get addicted to the food and buy it.. Its so hard to find any products these days that don't contain this stuff =( I remember one time that I was at work, I had a 2L bottle of flavoured water, (But I don't think it had corn syrup in it) It had artificial sweeteners. Throughout the whole day I consumed the whole bottle and by the time I had finished work I felt like I was severely starving.. Food should not be bad for you... processed food has too much fat, salt, sugar and additives in them making them unhealthy. People need to go to their favorite food processors website, click on the CONTACT link and send them an email asking them to reduce the amount of fat, salt, SUGAR and additives in the foods they produce. Their common answer is that they are producing what the customers want. You have to let them know that consumers want healthier food choices with less salt, fat and SUGAR in them. It only takes a minute to send them an email. Food should not be bad for you. There is an obesity epidemic leading to increases in heart disease, high blood pressure and cancer. Do something make a difference. Why r parents so stupid 2 feed this 2 their children !!! I know it is in almost everything u eat !!! & growth hormones in our meat is also making North Americans "obese", I read {can"t recall where} that aspertame causes holes in ur brain, some Jello's have it, true. Freedom of speech is my right.... yeah i knotices, poor consentration 20 minute after consuming, distorted visualy, sugar crash, basicaly add that they say kids have, i thougt agava was promoted by the health "gurus" but when i checked if it was they say its crap. ops! a well ill add it to my homemade fertilizer .
    Exactly my friend. I tried sharing some of these informations to those who're really caring about their health. But most of them,if not some if them,rebuttled,by given the 3rd degree question..
    It should also be noted the latest trick of HFCS is that they are managing to relabel a lesser refined but chemically the same substance as corn syrup. Then the ultimate in false advertising they label it as NO HIGH FRUCTOSE CORN SYRUP. Like it was the name your trying to avoid not their product.. Honey was man's natural sweetner for thousands of years, until he discovered how to make a cheaper artificial sweetner-SUGAR. For this discovery man has paid for more suffering in terms of ill then for any other of his attempts to improve upon nature, with the possible exception of his discovery of cooking.. Most foods have it. I have high fructose corn syrup alot. Does that mean I can't have high fructose corn syrup There's no way to avoid it. I used to be a heavy user of aspartame products myself and had many health problems. After quitting aspartame products my symptoms such as migraines, stomach pain, dizziness and vision problems went away. Please read the letter I sent you. If you don't see what's really behind the whole aspartame controversy and if you continue to only trust the 'recognized scientific bodies' you will never figure out how you are being duped! .
    Corn syrup should not be demonized any more than sucrose. They are both composed of glucose and fructose. Whether you get glucose and fructose from sugar cane or you get glucose and fructose from HFCS, they are the same compounds. It shouldn't be scary or shocking that consuming too much sugar is unhealthy. We have the choice to consume these foods or not. It is GOOD that companies use HFCS because it is cheaper than sugar cane so we don't pay as much for food. .
    There is a difference between Corn Syrup and High Fructose Corn Syrup. This video does it's best to convince you that there isn't(they keep calling HFCS, just CS). .
    2 haven600 When people avoid High Fructose Corn Syrup, this does not necessarily mean that they are in great health! For example, people who eat a lot of animal-based products (meats & dairy products) and consume other poisons such as MSG, aspartame or trans fats will not be in optimal health!.
    Not all sugars are equal! Glucose (derived from carbohydrates and 'normal' sugar) is used as fuel by the cells in our body. In contrast, the fructose derived from HFCS can only be metabolized by the liver. As a result, when consuming fructose in HFCS, 30% of it is stored as fat! In addition, fructose, in contrast to glucose, has no effect on appetite, which results in overeating and obesity... . If you avoid HFCS by replacing it with sucrose (regular table sugar from sugar cane), you are not doing any better. They are both composed of glucose and fructose. By singling out HFCS you are misleading people to believe sucrose is safer. . Newsflash 90% of the time you don't need to add neither sugar norn corn syrup. America is not in a sugar shortage, this country is owned by greedy reckless companies and 2/3 of the population is obese. See the link They need their food tp taste LESS sweet, a lot less! ANd the USA needs to deal with its fucking lbbies destroying the world as we speak.. why don't you just eat vegetables. theres plenty of vegetables with protien you can just plant's easy...why u NO PLANT O.o! THIs is scary. y u no wanna be healthy mothernature made it so easy wtf peoples ! Did you know hemp gets rid of cholesterol ! hemp is weed/marijuana and it cures cancer but they don't want u to know this :( just say no to soda ! And turn your TV-PROPAGANDA DEVICE off. and educate yourselfs the enterwebs is a vast library of knowledge ! Y U No Use! u so lucky.
    HFCS is in every-single-god-damn thing in the grocery store. Just about! They're trying to kill us. You gotta read the ingredients on everything before you buy it..

    One major problem in this world is, all natural stuff are extremely expensive. and many can not afford to buy them. so they give up and eat what ever. Companies know that good food is what people want, and they raise the prices through the roof. Organic foods are also the same in high price. look at GNC nutition products. people want to buy it and live a healthier life, but companies like GNC over price their products. - We as a human race are failing, because of greed instead of health..

    2 giantgreenbuddy: I only eat organic bread, now. "if it's the genetically modified corn that was used to make the syrup". What are the odds!!! ;) Dairyland "real" whipped cream is full of CORN! Go to the store and read the conspiracy here - nope! It's much worse than most people think..
    2 G0FlyAKite1 I agree, it's REALLY hard to escape HFCS in USA. We're lazy assholes who want to save money and don't care if we poison our people.. Fruit in moderation I eat fruit every day and not just a little bit. I just ate half of a huge watermelon and will eat mangoes, nectarines and more later. I lost 12 pounds since last year and feel better than ever.. Thanks Health Ranger! We've covered this several times - trying to reach people about how addictive and destructive it is. This stuff should be outlawed! New study released today says HFCS is addictive as Cocaine! . We need to get this stuff off the shelves. It's poison! The only people benefitting from it is the food industry. So!! The the bottom line is,the entire Govt,is reducing the population, particularly here in America.Of course,American Doctors,are also benefiting from of everyone's insurances,just to maintain their wealth's. Which's explain's why we're suffering from Gout,arthritis's,heart palpitations,extreme headaches and also the swelling of thyroids.Ultimately,mucus's,effects everything throughout the human body. Not to mention,chewing gums,also has Aspartame,its also sweetner. I think doctors knows. . Labelled "glucose/fructose" in Canada. The sheeple refuse to wake up, because they "like the taste"! Don't worry, sheeple - Big Pharma appreciates your business!.
    2 overblast0000 Not all sugars are equal! Glucose (derived from carbohydrates and 'normal' sugar) is used as fuel by the cells in our body. In contrast, the fructose derived from HFCS can only be metabolized by the liver. As a result, when consuming fructose in HFCS, 30% of it is stored as fat! In addition, fructose, in contrast to glucose, has no effect on appetite, which results in overeating and obesity... .

    Learned some things I didn't know but not surprised. I know I'm not the only one seeing kids that can barely walk drinking soda. Parents have the ability to avoid soda, especially in the early years, so that their kids don't acquire a taste for it. The parts about fatty liver, increased hunger and carbonation were interesting and should convince folks to read labels and make other choices as often as possible. .

    id rather not choose between any, but if i had to choose between aspartame and HFCS, id go with the HFCS .
    ...has anyone seen the ads for HFCS saying that the body can't tell the difference between HFCS and sugar; that sugar is sugar. Big mac tree :} With all the GMO experimentation and gene splicing and what not going on behind the scenes, I wouldn't doubt they have some growing.. This has got to be the most dangerous enemy to our health and well-being than any other food substance on the planet!. Have you seen the latest McBarf commercial The toxic sauce from a Big Mac is dripping all over his tie. This is what persuades people to eat a Big Mac Pure insanity!.
    I know a lot of people do not like Pat Robertson, however this video about HFCS is spot on! Don't dismiss EVERYTHING someone says, solely based on their past record. .
    not to mention this is what we grew up on, (american "culture") not to also mentioned that hfcs is also GMO corn. . my uncle knows i avoid sugars and writes me essays about overtraining too. he is borderline diabetic and can't have kids. at family gatherings, he walks in, sees a fatter uncle, then walks straight over to the bar and cracks open a cola then sits adjacent across from me (from the side) crossing his arms and lysping through his veneers as he mutters about the dangers of overtraining within earshot of me. i hate him.. What is important to realize that 90% of all the corn in the US is genetically modified, so many corn derived products are not good for one's health..
    2 TheDegree777 I tried Mexican Coke once. It was REALLY expensive for a small bottle of it at my local Meijer supermarket. I was shocked how overpriced it was. It tasted incredibly good without the HFCS though! .
    Please send me an invite or remove contact lock. I would like to send you interesting info about HFCS. .
    I just have to add some science to this, High Fructose Corn Syrup is made when Sucrose is split by invertase, to form Glucose and Fructose, That is why they call it a chemically changed Sugar and i didnt get this from Wikipedia or something i do A level biology.
    In Sweden, where i live, all our soda (coca-cola, fanta, sprite etc) is sweetened with real sugar, no corn syrup. But in America, it's sweetened with high fructose corn syrup. Why. 2 haven600 Yes, phenylalanine is a naturally occurring amino acid, but not free-flowing and in the huge amounts that are present in aspartame! The methanol in fruit is bound to pectin and therefore goes through the body without any problems. However, the methanol in aspartame is NOT bound by pectin and is very dangerous! Please watch the film Sweet Misery to learn more about the effects on the body of free-flowing methanol, phenylalanine and aspartic acid present in aspartame. .

    Somnapure australia - Buy Products In Vito Mol - Jun 22, 2015
  14. December 30, 2015
    Stimulant drugs are among the most common and most addictive drugs on the planet. In fact, more people are in treatment or rehabilitation for stimulants than for any... i13 : Look younger. Be stronger. Live longer.
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  16. November 14, 2015

    Comments about this video:

    +Mefewe Right Why on Earth do we need sugar in our bread Added sugar in our juices Sugar in everything And notice, when they say "Sugar Free", it often means they added something like aspartame or sucralose. Why can't they, you know, just LET something be unsweetened. Food tastes better without all that nonsense. Our bread here tastes like cake. Let bread be bread. Let fruit juice be tart. Let meat be salty and savory. Is that so hard.
    All I know is I stopped drinking soda about a month ago and I feel a lot better. I tried drinking a soda recently(someone gave me one) and it was way too sweet and way too unhealthy tasting. I can't believe I put loads of that crap into my body day after day for years. If I want something sweet i'll choose healthier options, preferably drinks that hydrate well. Oh, not to mention just from the sip that I took I could tell how bad it is for your teeth(I know, common sense.) But when you drink it day after day you don't really think about that too much because it's so much of a normal routine..
    You don't need to be some over-educated multiple PhD toting clown to figure out that too much sugar is bad for you yet sugar is natural. High fructose corn syrup, aspartame or any of this other shit they make in a chemical lab is much much worse!.
    Parents should not give kids fruit juice as it is empty calories and sugar. Go read the nutrient label on the back, mostly sugar water. Also the fruit juice is corrosive on children teeth ie orange juice and apple juice. . "Fructose is not that bad, but too much of it is." "Fructose does not tell your body that you have had enough sugar when you really have.". The obesity epidemic in the US began in the mid 1970s. That's when high fructose corn syrup was first introduced into food manufacturing. The reason for this is because the corn lobby obtained government subsidies for corn, and the government also introduced high tariffs on the importation of foreign sugar. Food manufactures naturally began using the less expensive high fructose corn syrup. Now the federal government blames the people for a problem that it caused through it's economic policies. People who blame fast food should remember the fact that fast food existed and was popular years before the obesity epidemic began.. +Amelia Hartman Sucrose is a composition molecule of fructose and glucose, it gets split up into these two in the bodies so the result of eating X amount of sucrose would be the same as ingesting a 1:1 mix of glucose and fructose. . Actually, when you heat sucrose in water it decomposes into fructose and glucose. The same thing happens in low pH environments (e.g. your stomach, Coke, etc.) As it happens, the heated sugar syrup tastes better than just sugar water because of the fructose/glucose inside it. .
    Two weeks ago I quit drinking pop and started drinking juice. I lost 14.5 pounds in 2 weeks. I was shocked. They say juice is just as bad as pop, but it worked for me..

    Dnews, love you guys. You are constantly putting out quality videos of applicable knowledge for the world. I enjoyed this one because it cleared some things up for me about fructose. Keep it up you guys are great! .

    +DNews Glucose is not the by-product photosynthesis, it is the main (desired) product with oxygen and water as the by-products. Also please stop using the word natural in this sense. It is very unhelpful. Fructose the same the same molecule no matter how you make it. Finally, what evidence is there that fructose is really worse than glucose and works in the way you describe (causes fat gain faster) The only evidence I could see looks rather weak and the mode of action is based on speculation. Please show me a reference if I am wrong the but the UC Davis study does not go far enough. To me, whether it is glucose or fructose, the same amount of calories will lead to the same amount of weight again and I need more convincing to the contrary if I am going to believe what you said (think about the first law of thermodynamics). I found this to be very poor reporting, please improve. .
    +SeabasR while I know metabolism is more complex that I suggest, I also know that once the body has a large store of glycogen as a health person generally does before a big sporting event, the excess glucose is converted to fat. So the way I see it the glucose or fructose will end up as fat. I'm not saying it is not more complex but I'd like to good work showing it is. All I could see on the topic was speculation. I admit I did not complete a comprehensive literature review so I would like someone to present it to me.. +MegaBro I apologise I did not get your obscure meme from a US remake of an overrated British TV show. (#sorrynotsorry) In the context of the comment I did not find it insightful I'm afraid, only distracting from the important point. (perhaps some people found it interesting but I think it is misleading in the situation). wow, once again I reason to be glad that I almost always avoid fast food places and mostly cook at home. Being a type one diabetic i try to avoid fructose but high fructose corn syrup and or cane sugar is in almost every thing that you don't make yourself. You don't want to become obsessed with it but it is very good to keep processed foods to a minimum. I've noticed that eating fresh fruit does not have the same effect on blood glucose readings as as many processed foods have so I don't worry about the fructose in fresh fruit especially because the veggie intake is bigger than the fruity intake. I think moderation is the proverbial key but avoiding fast food eateries can be taken to an extreme without hurting yourself. :):) Pink slime, high concentrations of fat, sugar in absolutely everything, what's not to avoid.
    +DNews you missed the part where HFCS is addictive, while table sugar isn't and
    High fructose Corn Syrup is bad it's not natural it contributes to the obesity epidemic here in the USA. .
    I've got a question. If I have Stevia in my drinks instead of Fructose drinks and Sugar drinks can I consume a lot as it has 0 calories. Pepsi Max etc drinks with 0 calories and no sugar but have artificial sweetners are very bad for you but are there any pitfalls with Stevia.

    The main pitfall with Stevia is one day a drug dealer will slip a poison into your stevia at a coffee shop..
    I believe when it's time for sweet eat the real thing in moderation. I am curious about stevia though because it's another sweetener everyone asks me about at my job.. I just got some to give it a try. I'm told it has a distinct taste so I haven't been in the mood to actually use it yet. Don't want to ruin the hot chocolate, ya know.. There is no sugar in corn it's corn flour mixed with a toxic chemical that turns it into high fructose corn syrup there's nothing natural about the syrup is talk and it turns to fat fruit fructose is natural and go straight to energy not fat. Yeah, its bad for you. Figuring that the corn is GMO corn and has its own pestisides in it and that some of those pestisides end up in corn syrup. Also you got mercury from the acid is used in processing the corn. .
    +Axel Schultz You can't dislike the comments on his comment anymore. Only the first comment can be disliked :/ .

    +o_O It very much does apply to honey as well; people are just misinformed and under the "if it's unnatural then it's bad" mindset. That said, honey does have some beneficial advantages, but they are quite minor overall. Fructose has been shown to be less healthy than glucose, however typical HFCS is actually lower in fructose to glucose ratio than many/most other sugar mixtures such as in many fruits (not all) or honey. It's called "high fructose" because normally corn syrup is very low in fructose, but the production process converts some glucose to fructose. It's done because fructose tastes sweeter. That said, honey does have a fair bit of maltose, and I'm not sure how that reflect on one's health. I think it's beneficial/better than fructose, which if counted as if it was glucose puts the ratio at a similar level as both HFCS and table sugar..
    Don't forget HFCS and Agava Nectar, stuff like that turn into fat thats TRAPPED in your liver, like beer does. if you drink soda like a alchoholic, like alot of people actually do, you can get liver failure. thats what happened to my ex's dad sadly. and he didnt even weigh over 250..
    How baffling it is that we blame the sugar in the fucking fast food. Are you kidding Yeah, it's that darn sugar in the heart disease, grease filled hamburger and fries. Most studies done on fructose do not use whole fruit in the testing, either. Regardless, natural foods should never be restricted..

    +ClTRlS Indeed. There are many other and probably more serious problems with fast food junk but the amount of sugar put into every thing is very not good. Especially when you begin to realize how much of it is in virtually all processed foods. It adds up to being a tremendous amount of sugar in the daily intake of many, many people..
    Splenda and Aspartame cause cancer, are bad for you, and are fake. But stevia is a plant thats ground up and dried like any herb..
    The reason why you guys in the States end up having so much HFCS in everything over sugar is due to the taxation of imported sugar in the late 70s, and the subsidisation of domestic corn crops. Therefore it's a far cheaper sweetener to use in food/drink manufacture in the US, and most companies that used to use sugar moved over to HFCS in the 80s. (There's a popular conspiracy theory that claims the whole "New Coke" debacle was Coca Cola's attempt to swap the ingredients without people making a fuss. Yeah. That worked well if that's true then.) Over here in the UK we still get our Coke and Pepsi flavoured with good old sugar, then again, we also get some kind of green liquid that is Mountain Dew in name only (totally different ingredients), meaning if I want the real deal I have to get imported US cans, preferably throwback, or ones from an Asian food store (made in Dubai, same ingredients as US dew, but with sugar, so essentially the same as throwback).

    The HFCS coke tastes like cough syrup. I prefer the imported stuff from mexico that comes in a glass bottle. .
    Just another great example of the US government caringly making decisions that benefit the citizens. And by "citizens" I mean "corporations" of course.. "organic does not mean gmo free" fucking bs m8 it is organic unless it is fda, fucking conspiracy theorists, monsanto bots be like " if there is organic food and no gmos we need tor aze more forest, bs as well i fucking hate people who are against organic industry.. Dnews is finally reporting on something important. Most Americans are ignorant of what corporations are pushing us to consume, or even sneaking in our food as reported, and we have paid the price with an epidemic of obesity and type 2 diabetes..
    No, no, we're fully aware. We're just also aware that we're completely powerless to actually enact any meaningful change. If change was easy, we'd do it, but with today's government, change requires years upon years of constant effort and more money than any can spare to give. .
    I know that artificial sweeteners like aspartame have 0 calories but I read in a few reports that even though it is so, the sweetness still tricks your body into releasing insulin. Is there any truth to this because I want to watch my calories/sugar intake and maintain good insulin sensitivity..
    +redflamelcd Heard that as well, and oddly enough it seems like really taste alone is what apparently makes that happen. But still more studies needed AFAIK..
    +redflamelcd I believe you have it correct, taste is how the body detects sugar and will thus release insulin as a result. Eating too many artificial sweeteners is definitely one cause of diabetes. Popular names to stay away from: aspartame, saccharin, sucralose (splenda).
    Look up the GI Index. This index ranks carbohydrates/sugars on how quickly your body converts these into glucose (the form of sugar your body uses). Quickly absorbed carbohydrates will be more likely to be converted to fat because your body will be getting a large amount of glucose in a short period of time. Your body can only use or store so much glucose, so the rest is converted to fat for later use. Eating more complex (low GI) carbohydrates and less simple (high GI) carbohydrates "IS THE KEY" to losing body fat. FYI-Fiber has a ranking of 0 because it is indigestible and Glucose is ranked a 100 because it requires no digestion just Dapoxetine. .
    +Theron Sax Interesting, do you mean GI vs GL is non sense what Stephan Guyenet said is non sense or everything is non sense Could you also please provide valid science literatures to support your viewpoint please enlighten me..
    The glycemic index is useless to a normal person. The glycemic index was invented for those with type 2 diabetics because soon their beta cells could not release a hormone called "amylin" that slows down the release of glucose regardless of the food's rate of digestion..

    You guys left out the part about how sugar is really bad for you and how most cancer cells can only survive off of sugar and glutamine. This means that consuming sugar and eating foods loaded in MSG and aspartame (breaks down into glutamine) is a good way to help ensure the health of your cancer cells, but not the normal cells you use for living. ABSTRACT: The central glycolytic and oxidative pathways and the ATP-producing mechanisms differ in sane and malignant cells by their regulation and dynamics. Fast-growing, poorly-differentiated cancer cells characteristically show high aerobic glycolysis. In the same way, cholesterol biosynthesis, which occurs by normal pathways in tumors, is deficient in feed-back regulation and in sterol-transport mechanism. Other metabolic ways are deficient, as for example, intramitochondrial aldehyde catabolism, at the origin of a possible acetaldehyde toxicity, which can be circumvented by the synthesis of an unusual and neutral product for mammalian cells acetoin, through tumoral pyruvate dehydrogenase. If most of the glycolytic pyruvate is deviated to lactate production, little of the remaining carbons enter a truncated Krebs cycle where citrate is preferentially extruded to the cytosol where it feeds sterol synthesis. Glutamine is the major oxidizable substrate by tumor cells. Inside the mitochondrion, it is deaminated to glutamate through a phosphate-dependent glutaminase. Glutamate is then preferentially transminated to α-ketoglutarate that enters Krebs cycle. Glutamine may be completely oxidized through the abnormal Krebs cycle only if a way of forming acetyl CoA is present: cytosolic malate entering mitochondria is preferentially oxidized to pyruvate + CO2 through an intramitochondrial NAD(P)+ -malic enzyme, whereas intramitochondrial malate is preferentially oxidized to oxaloacetate through malate dehydrogenase, thus providing a high level of intramitochondrial substrate compartmentation. These and other regulatory aberrations in tumor cells appear to be reflections of a complex set of non-random phenotypic changes, initiated by expression of oncogenes..

    Google "The Bitter Truth", it's absolutely horrible for you, especially for diabetics!!!!!!.
    Hmmm...these sources say different. Apparently there is a difference between fructose and high-fructose corn syrup. It's even in the name. They not the same thing any more than beer and whiskey are the same. AND IT CONTAINS MERCURY. YAY! A lot of it in fact. gmo is taking over we need to stop it now before all our natural food is wiped out monsanto will fall id love to torture all those cunts they deserve it they dont even eat the food they make now you tell me what that means... . 5 Reasons High Fructose Corn Syrup Will Kill You : 1 Sugar in any form causes obesity and disease when consumed in pharmacologic doses. 2 HFCS and cane sugar are NOT biochemically identical or processed the same way by the body. 3 HFCS contains contaminants including mercury that are not regulated or measured by the FDA. 4 Independent medical and nutrition experts DO NOT support the use of HFCS in our diet, despite the assertions of the corn industry. 5 HFCS is almost always a marker of poor-quality, nutrient-poor disease-creating industrial food products or “food-like substances”. Raw honey, organic maple syrup, organic raw cane sugar and organic corn syrup are the only sweeteners I use and of course not very often because too much sugar, no matter what form it's in, will make you store fat. I actually bought organic agave thinking it was okay, until I read several studies that it wasn't. Something to think about: Why can't you buy high fructose corn syrup like you can buy honey or cane sugar or even agave syrup Also, just an fyi, sugar, as an ingredient, doesn't necessarily mean cane sugar. A lot of the time, especially in the US, it means sugar from sugar beets.. What about sugar alcohol sweeteners like Xylitol and Sorbitol compared to that Is that better then Agave Or worse then HFCS. Food manipulation to make the consumer consume more is why one needs food regulation. Oh yeah, they just have a little extra salt for the taste, not for the fact that people tend to drink more soda because of it....
    I OBJECT! Saying table sugar is 50-50 glucose fructose isnt entirely accurate, sure it is technically true, but the glucose fructose molecules are arranged as disaccharides, which means table sugar exists as 100% SUCROSE. While yes Sucrose is metabolized into fructose and glucose once it enters the body, I have yet to see specific research into the possible biological processes triggered by that metabolic conversion. I demand studies comparing rats fed with sucrose against rats fed with equal amount of a 50- 50 fructose glucose blend to analyze any special effects sucrose as a disacharride has on the body.

    a sucrose molecule is the result of one glucose and one fructose molecule 1:1 ratio, and because they have the same molar mass, you can safely say 50-50..

    +Ali Hussain Bitch did you READ my whole post I did point that out, and I also pointed out that it being a DISACHARIDE might have some unique effect on the body that is different than if it was just two separate monosacharides.

    Propylene Glycol Dangers - SmokeTastic
  17. November 8, 2015
    Ensuring safe transport of dangerous goods and that undeclared dangerous goods do not get on board an aircraft is the objective of IATA's DG programme. i1
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  18. December 19, 2015
    Ethylene glycol (IUPAC name: ethane-1,2-diol) is an organic compound primarily used as a raw material in the manufacture of polyester fibers and fabric industry... i2
    10 of the Most Dangerous Chemicals in the World
  19. December 30, 2015
    IATA's DGR It helps you classify, mark, pack, label and document dangerous shipments and hazardous materials i3
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  20. October 30, 2015

    Comments about this video:
    i have watched almost all your videos and thensome, multiple times even. but a question i have is, when your body is creating the enzymes to become a "Fat burner" and your going through that "14-15"day process where you have restricted carb intake, if your lifting heavy weights at the time would you become catabolic during this period.
    If you want to have Heart Disease, Diabetes, Erectional Dysfunction, and Cancer listen to this guy. .

    2 IDMWEIGHTSIDM Evolution didn't surround us with these foods, we did. Now, we can do this in a reasonable way. The fact is that the body turns 66% of the protein we eat into carbs. That's science. Now, go to the National Library of Medicine (PubMed) and type in glycation and see waht you come up with. Quit speculating and start working with facts and not opinions..

    Antifreeze Is a Sweet but Deadly Poison for Pets : The...
  21. January 9, 2016
    Polyethylene glycol 3350 is used as a laxative to treat... you could have dangerous or life-threatening side... eMedicineHealth does not provide... i5
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  22. January 20, 2016
    Rumor: Fireball whiskey is being recalled due to concerns over a dangerous ingredient. i6
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  23. December 25, 2015
    Is e-Liquid Really Dangerous?... In their research, they discovered that formaldehyde is often produced when Propylene Glycol (PG) and Vegetable Glycerine... i7
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  24. October 31, 2015

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  25. November 22, 2015
    Is Propylene Glycol Dangerous? The main liquid base in e-juice is Propylene Glycol. Some people say we don't know what is in it and what its effects are on the human... i9
    ATSDR - Public Health Statement: Propylene Glycol
  26. October 23, 2015
    REFERENCES: 1. NIOSH [1978]. Criteria for a recommended standard: occupational exposure to nitroglycerine and ethylene glycol dinitrate. Cincinnati, OH: U.S... i10
    Propylene glycol - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
  27. November 2, 2015
    bans, health, legislation, politics, studies, vaping. Is Propylene Glycol Dangerous? November 20, 2013, 0 matt black. Medicine: Air Germicide. Original link, Time,CNN... i11
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  28. January 19, 2016

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    +Peggy Lee Kight Thanks so much! We are so happy to help. Best wishes to you and your relative. Thanks again.. i'm hypoglycemic and balance my blood sugar by using Oat groats and a sugar free level! Brown rice is great as well..
    You say eat 4-5 times a day but i have to eat every two hours and if at work/exercise then every 45-90 minutes which is 4-5 times just at work. if realy busy day then 10 times a day, very tiny portions...i am on diet since i have it (lots of protein, fibre, oils, slow carbs...) and yet i have to eat that much often which is realy pain in ass and low quality of life. i also have to eat 3x times a day meat because if i dont eat meat for whole day i am very low, and get lower no matter what else i eat. it cant be fish, eggs, peanuts, but realy animal protein...imagine you goout in summer and have to pack meat and carbs with you all the time, cook meat all the time, not cheap, and lastly, my kidneys started to suffer( cos of lot of protein)...what should i do.

    When I exercise i feel very weak about an hour later. I've been eating well for years. Great shape and recently began feeling weak and massive anxiety. I'm 30 and male. I drink a protein shake after working out. Blood pressure is great. I'm at a loss.

    Dangerous Goods - Transportation of Dangerous... - FedEx
  29. January 8, 2016
    Beware of household cleaning products that contain glycol ethers, a toxic ingredient that may expose you to many damaging side effects. i13
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    Propylene Glycol Dangers... One claim is that electronic cigarettes are dangerous due to propylene glycol which is the main substance in the e-liquid within the e... i14
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    Dangers of PEG Compounds in Cosmetics Women at Increased Breast Cancer Risk?, from Healthy Living One of the ingredients savvy cosmetic shoppers will want to watch... i17
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  36. November 10, 2015

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  37. December 9, 2015
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  38. January 14, 2016
    Ensuring safe transport of dangerous goods and that undeclared dangerous goods do not get on board an aircraft is the objective of IATA's DG programme. i22
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  39. December 16, 2015
    Ethylene glycol (IUPAC name: ethane-1,2-diol) is an organic compound primarily used as a raw material in the manufacture of polyester fibers and fabric industry... i23
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  40. October 25, 2015

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    Low Blood Sugar Symptoms | Hypoglycemia How to restore my blood sugar: Hypoglycemia, or low blood sugar, is a medical condition that occurs when glucose levels in the blood become too low to effectively fuel the body’s blood cells. “Hypo-“ meaning low, and “-glycemia,” or glucose, meaning related to sugar. The normal range of blood sugar is approximately 70 to 100 mg/dl (milligrams of glucose per deciliter of blood). Blood glucose levels below 70mg/dL are considered abnormal and can be very dangerous. Hypoglycemia may be a condition by itself, or may be a complication of diabetes or other disorders. This condition is most often seen as a complication of diabetes, which is sometimes referred to as insulin reaction. There are many possible causes for hypoglycemia. The body may use up its glucose too quickly, glucose may be released into the bloodstream too slowly, or too much insulin may be released into the bloodstream. Insulin is a hormone that is produced in the pancreas in response to an increase of glucose levels in the body. Its purpose is to reduce the glucose levels in the bloodstream. Common causes of hypoglycemia include: taking insulin or diabetes medicine at the wrong time, taking too much insulin or diabetes medicine, not eating enough during meals or snacks after you have taken insulin or diabetes medicine, skipping meals, postponing meals, exercising more or at a different time than usual and drinking alcohol. An insulin-producing tumor in the pancreas can also be a cause of hypoglycemia. Various signs and symptoms exist that are associated with hypoglycemia. These include but are not limited to: dizziness, double/blurry vision, fast or pounding heartbeat, mood swings, headache, hunger, shaking or trembling, trouble sleeping, sweating, and fatigue. A significant decrease in blood sugar will result in a variety of these symptoms and may sometimes include seizures. In some instances, the individual may feel nauseous or even vomit. Evaluation of these symptoms should include checking for sweating, increased heart rate, nervousness, and confusion as these may all manifest due to hypoglycemia. If these symptoms occur, it is imperative that treatment be received immediately. The quickest way to raise blood glucose and treat hypoglycemia is by ingesting some form of sugar or simple carbohydrates. Many diabetics carry glucose tablets, which contain about 4 g of sugar per tablet, and are usually available at any drug store. Other sources such as fruit, fruit juice, crackers, or hard candies can also provide a quick source of sugar. symptoms of low blood sugar, low blood sugar symptoms, hypoglycemia symptoms, fasting blood sugar, signs of low blood sugar, what is hypoglycemia, normal blood glucose levels, symptoms of hypoglycemia, low blood sugar treatment, good blood sugar levels, how to test blood sugar, blood sugar 101, low blood sugar level, low blood sugar symptoms without diabetes, diabetes low blood sugar, post prandial blood sugar, normal fasting blood glucose, uncontrolled diabetes, do i have diabetes, normal blood sugar levels chart, healthy blood sugar levels, lower blood sugar naturally, lower blood sugar fast, fasting glucose range, what is blood glucose, normal blood glucose levels, blood sugar levels after eating, how to lower blood sugar, effects of low blood sugar, what are normal blood sugar levels, foods that lower blood sugar, what should blood sugar be, low glucose level, causes of low blood sugar, how to lower glucose levels, ways to lower blood sugar, hypoglycemia signs and symptoms, how to reduce blood sugar, dka symptoms, hypoglycemia causes Low Blood Sugar Symptoms Low Blood Sugar Symptoms | Hypoglycemia #lowbloodsugar #lowbloodsugarsymptoms #Hypoglycemia .
    I suddenly become aware that I am mildly hungry 3/10, but it's escalating fast like a point a minute. I know I have to eat. I feel mild irritableness. I lose the ability to concentrate and focus, unable to follow a conversation. I become extremely sleepy and extremely cold. Finally, I must lie down in bed. So fatigued I will put my pj's on in the middle of the day. With food it takes me 2-3 hrs to recover. Without food I recover in 3-4 hrs. I am not diagnosed diabetic. It happens with extreme exercise or stress. It's possible it is due to low ferritin. I'm hypothyroid, medically corrected. I also feel sad during these episodes..

    recently, I've been noticing around 1am (waking up) my body gets really fatigued, i find my having to run downstairs and drink a big glass of milk. I'm not a diabetic, but it is starting to concern me..
    Low Blood Sugar (Hypoglycemia) Signs and Symptoms Natural Treatment : #diabetes #lowbloodsugar #bloodpressure .
    sometimes I have these but I don't have diabetes I don't think even though it is on our family but one of symptoms is weight loss but I don't loose weight its just that I cant gain any.. any ideas p.s im thirsty but never hungry.

    I have diabetes and as I'm typing this my sugar level is 2.9 and I felt all of these symptoms at once and I ate chocolate a class of milk 2 cookies and a bowl of ice cream because of the hunger .

    Sometimes I think that we are so narrow-minded that we cannot see the most obvious things. Treating diabetes is not equal to keeping your blood sugar "normal" - if you are eating SAD, it actually can mean that your cells (including brain) are starving for glucose! The goal here should be to stop those spikes and lows from happening - by reducing fat in bloodstream, which is made by reducing fat in diet..
    if you want to do healthy diet we can help you with our natural dietary supplement, interest all us 855-972-1772.
    I have been struggling with hypoglycemia. I thought you were supposed to eat simple carbs (fruit) but this made me realize I HARDLY put any protein in my diet. I have been struggling SO HARD to lose weight (need to lose 50lbs) and it seems that my diet is creating this struggle. I am always on the go, what else can I take with protein.

    Unfortunately I suffer from hypoglycemic unawareness, which means I can't recognize my blood sugar dangerously slipping down. My boyfriend can even tell I'm low when talking to me on the phone. He'll say Catherine! your blood sugar is low, get some juice! I can't comprehend what he's saying or I'll ignore him. Then he'll have to drive all the way across town to rescue me or call an ambulance. This sucks, happens often and I keep losing jobs because I get low at work..
    The Long-Suppressed SECRET to Normalized Blood Sugar, Abundant Energy & Unparalleled Fat-Loss... Click The Link Below:

    Fireball Whiskey Recall? :
  41. November 26, 2015
    Propylene Glycol is an organic alcohol found in a wide variety of cosmetics, fragrances, personal care products and even food. Once it is absorbed by the skin, this... i25
    Antifreeze Is a Sweet but Deadly Poison for Pets : The...
  42. January 17, 2016
    Polyethylene glycol 3350 is used as a laxative to treat... you could have dangerous or life-threatening side... eMedicineHealth does not provide... i26
    Is e-Liquid Really Dangerous? - SmokeTastic
  43. January 24, 2016
    Rumor: Fireball whiskey is being recalled due to concerns over a dangerous ingredient. i27
    Dangerous Cosmetic and Skin Care Ingredients Listing
  44. January 11, 2016

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    That's why I got so thirsty drinking Coke. I'd go through one big bottle of soda a day. This man is telling the truth. I cut out processed sugar for a year and lost 100 pounds..
    Sadly if you're a big corporation with lots of money you can kill and harm people with impunity in the USA. Fructose will end up like cigarettes, since a wealthy industry that can combat real science with bogus science and buy politicians. 20 years from now, it will almost certainly still be prevalent.. +Ernie Williams Exactly! Vote w/ your wallet by buying whole, organic foods, and cook from scratch. Internet is full of fantastic, nutritious & delicious recipes everyone has access to..
    I must add another thought. Since seeing this video and other videos like it... my shopping habits have changed dramatically. I check the sugar label on EVERYTHING and I REJECT it if it has more than 10 grams in a serving.. which is NOT perfect but it is nearly 60 percent LESS in sugar than the usual 30 grams a serving products I was buying like sugary yogurt. My cart is now FILLED to the brim nearly with fruits / veggies / GREEK yogurt which I love! (plain)... and water with oranges / lemons / lime slices. The money IS there for the healthy food if you SKIP all the sugar and highly processed crap. A grocery store really need not be much more than farmers market with a few MINIMAL sugar items in the dairy section. This is exactly what the sugar industry is afraid off - it only took TWO videos from Dr. Lustig to change my LIFETIME ways of thinking about food and taking action..
    +Angie Rodgers Well it's amazing how easy it was to go cold turkey on sugary yogurt. And to think I used to eat two single serve containers of yogurt a day which was 50 g of sugar!!! I am totally loving my Greek yogurt with either fresh fruit or bags of frozen fruit no sugar added. I'm willing to pay more for great yogurt and my tastebuds didn't even have to go through an adjustment. And bravo to you as well with what you're doing!!!.
    +Trust No One I totally applaud you Trust No One. However... at SOME POINT.. you WILL need exercise. Why It will keep AWAY the skinny fat look (your skinny / thin... BUT you are not toned.. )... also, it keeps MUSCLE on your body in a healthy state... it combats injuries / sickness... cardio health... Exercise, believe it or not is not the end - all - be all.. but it works in harmony / conjunction with a healthy diet... The more weight you have to loose it is EASY to get the initial fat off your body - even WITHOUT exercise. Why your body is not used to the new routine... But at some point your weight loss will slow waaayyy down and you will EITHER go back up in weight or continue to lose and eventually plateau... rarely will you keep just dropping down until you look fit... not without exercise... This is NOT to take away what you have done... its awesome. But... exercise / fitness / diet is a lifestyle. I'm glad to see you are on the journey. Very glad. ill be your cheerleader if you need one! Best wishes..

    Normally i fall asleep after 15mins of my class lecturer droning on but this video was actually very informative. it has good sequence and time is not wasted. important points come forth fast. worth the watch..

    Sugar is addictive. If you go on a low carb diet, like the paleo diet, and initially limit you carbs to less than 100 grams a day, by the fourth day you'll be jittery and dizzy. You know why YOU'LL BE IN WITHDRAWAL! Just like if you were trying to come off heroin. I did the paleo diet about 3 years ago and lost 25lbs and my triglycerides went from 230 to 55. Then I thought I could cheat a little. Then a little more and then a little more. Guess what Over two years it all came back!!!! Now I'm back to paleo this time and I will not ever come off of it. I will follow it strictly until I get to the weight I want and them maybe I'll allow myself one day a week when I can have pizza or pasta. Only one day. Americans gain on average 1 pound a year after 25 years old. Because of their low fat, high sugar diets. Sugar is a drug. Rehab!.

    +Kamil Ponikowski What has the highest glycemic index on the list
    +Albert M Picard Oh my god why so much negativity, so many insults, I mean damn, is there something wrong with your psyche Do you have got some uncontrolled agression syndrom, did your dog die I mean holy shit, you accuse me of being 15 yet you are the one throwing insults left and right like some whiny fucking 10 year old. I did not insult you one single time. But anyway, I dont think that my point: " If a certain substance is aboundant in a certain species breast milk then this substance can not be toxic or bad for a baby or an adult of that species " is fucking ridiculous, moronic and entirely wrong, quite the opposite I think that it is correct. About the lactose issue, the fact that some individuals can not break down lactose does not mean that lactose is bad. The problem is not with the lactose itself but with the individuals compromised digestion, as the lactose intolerance is common among people with digestion problems. The lactose intolerance syndrom is becoming more common as in general digestion problems are becoming more common. Some people even suffer from fructose intolerance, but does it mean that fructose is bad Of course not as it is a natural nutrient found in fruits the most natural food source for human beings. But even aside from all that, your " debunking" argument is flawed because people can not digest lactose from COWS milk which obviously is not the same specie as us and in my point I made a clear specie to specie destinction. Im pretty sure that the lactose intolerance problem would be non-existant if people drank human milk instead of cows milk. But still even aside from all that, singling out lactose is in my opinion wrong because lactose is just a another form of simple sugar and therefore is generally described as simple sugar along with sucrose, fructose and glucose. So you could just put my point like this: If simple sugar is aboundant in a certain species breast milk then simple sugar can not be toxic or bad for a baby or an adult of that species. The fact that some people cant digest lactose, does not change its beneficial effect being the opitmal or preferred fuel source for our body. Sucrose or white sugar has got the exact same effect on the body without the digestion issues therefore comparing the two, sucrose or white sugar seems to be superior. Hope that helps :). And about the statement : ADULT HUMANS DONT DRINK BREAST MILK BECAUSE IT IS NOT GOOD FOR THEM. Is this really the reason why poeple dont drink human milk or mayby it has got something to do with the fact that it is damn hard to get I certainly have more right to call you moronic, autistic, retarded for this statement than you had when you called me that. But I wont dont it because I have got something called fucking class and basic human decency. Also Could you give some scientific arguments supporting the claim that breast milk is not good for adults . Good lecture. My suggestion for a healthy diet: Eat REAL food, not processed food. It's as easy as it sounds. Real food means vegetables and fruits along with smaller parts of complex carbs (e.g. quinoa, whole grain rice...) and "good" fats (plant derived oils...). Veggies/fruits should always be the major part of any meal of the day. Drink mainly water and unsweetened tea. That's my advice. I haven't had any soda or other highly processed food containing tons of sugar for many years now and I have never felt better in my life than now. I cannot imagine how anyone can still drink and even enjoy soda or this kind of stuff. Never ever, I could not even have one spoonful of it cause it would make me barf. Seriously..
    +AlwaysSoldierOn Wow, you really are living in the past, lol. Continue thinking that saturated fats (not trans) are bad for you; continue to ignore the MOUNTAINS of evidence scientists have been gathering over the last decade that have totally debunked Ancel Key's disgusting lies that sugars are safe, and saturated fats are bad advice that has resulted in more deaths than the Holocaust!
    +Sweet2Rani Every food is real food, too much of anything will lead to health deterioration, damn hippie.. Love this lecture but I think we'll need a doctoral degree to have the patience to understand it all. Luckily I have my doctorate and have the stamina to sit through the rants and facts. I'll confirm that it's a great lecture but full of details that can be distracting and helpful at the same time. It's funny to read comments such as "get to the point already..." Sorry, no instant gratification here... However, Dr. Lustig has already changed my eating habits and I can feel the weight shedding from my avoidance of sugary drinks. Watch it parts and take notes, it's worth it!.
    This man speaks the truth! After I saw this video last Feb, I experimented by cutting sugar and carbs and I lost 15 pounds in a week and got my six pack! Whoohoo!.

    Start working out and stop eating the three C's: cookies, cakes and candy. Also, flavored seltzer water is a great alternative to soda imo..

    +sevenrats that is not true, there are many people online that have diets high in fruit (some even fruit only diet wtf) and they have their lab tests for proof. Nothing wrong. Still, I wouldnt do it because im afraid... im even afraid of going outside so..
    Sugar the cocaine of our days. It is also bad for your health to call someone "sugar honey sweety pie".. +Ikazuchi pretty sure he meant, if he uses that phrase on a woman, she feels harassed and slaps him (health damage).
    One can certainly chew cane. That's what you HAVE to do to get the juice out - you bite down & then suck & swallow the juice. Some may be hard where you have to really exercise those jaw muscles but most I'm familiar with is very soft & juicy - it cleans the inside of the teeth too!.
    +m8jin12 oh dear...Have you tried the juice which is squeezed from unpeeled cane using a machine It's an ugly moss green but very sweet!. +Bajan Zelly love my Ghanaian sugar cane man... cannot wait to see mother Africa again. Damn sugar industry. From what I've seen in YouTube comments on this guy's stuff, vegans are the useful idiots of the food companies. They want so desperately to believe that sugar isn't harmful, and who can blame them It's one of the only fun things they're allowed to eat..
    Okay... moderation is the key. If you eat too much of anything it will be bad for you. Just do simple like Michael Pollan says (everyone should read his books):"Choose Food Over Food-Like Substances" "Eat food, not too much, mostly plants.".
    A nice sentiment. The science has moved on past Mr. Pollan at this point. Research on our ancestors has found that the healthiest, tallest, most long-lived civilizations lived on a diet of mostly fat, fatty meats, and organ meats from healthy, happy, non-diseased animals. Very unlike what most people eat now. The body functions best on a high fat diet, low carb diet. If you like veg, eat veg, if you like meat, eat fatty meat w/ butter & cream. They're both good for you in different sort of ways. I go the high fat route- my body just functions way better on it. . I really like his explanation at 36:36 of the two types of LDL Cholesterol (small/dense/"bad" LDL versus large/buoyant/"good" LDL). I have often had trouble explaining this to my Metabolic Coaching clients, but this explanation and graphic are very clear. If my clients report their doctor found high LDL or wants to put them on a statin, I recommend they discuss with their doctor 1. getting their LDL fractionated (small vs. large) by Liposcience (costs about $100) and/or 2. getting a coronary calcium scan (about $150), and if the risk score is zero, the risk of a heart attack in the next 5 years is zero. And that's why docs check LDL, they are trying to help you avoid a heart attack. And, best quote from the lecture on heart disease, "Triglyceride to HDL ratio actually predicts cardiovascular disease waaaaaay better than LDL." Thanks!. +Cut the Killer Carbs - International Weight Loss Seminars why not take another bite of that bragocado bro.
    Great video! Many people don't know how deadly sugar actually is. I recently updated an article of mine about the effects of sugar. I added a link to it below.

    Watch the dcumentay on youtube called "sugar, sweet, white and deadly" if you are interested in the history of how sugar companies have worked to push their drug..
    This video is so damn hands down hilarious if you watch this while high.hahaha the way he pronounce the sugar is funny. "FUC-Tose." Essentially bwahaha.
    I see a lot of people in the comments calling this guy fat, misinterpreting his arguments, or even just making shit up. Since one would expect at least a couple industry astroturfers to be present here (paid commenters dedicated to putting a particular spin on an issue), my guess is that's what I'm seeing. Along with the occasional willing fool that prides themself in not being "one of those new age diet groupies" and proceeds to swallow some cherry-picked industry statistics and become a mouthpiece for them..
    look at 1:23:23 to see explanation just because fructose is found in nature doesn't mean its good for you. For those who think that.. +schmoborama so was weed and it's second hand smoke kills 40,000 puerto rican babies every year. doctors should only diagnose and treat diseases. Let wellness professionals enhance people's life. I've watched this a few times since first discovering it, because it contains a lot of valuable info and I have a crappy memory. Over 1,500 thumbs down really surprises me though - I personally think that represents a lot of misguided folks or maybe people that are in denial. But I have an open mind and I can admit when I find I have been if there's anyone with credentials like those of Dr Lustig's in the field of medicine or nutrition who has a different view, I'd love to hear it or be pointed to where I can find the info for myself.. +Ивайло Асенов Noooo...You can eat all the green leafy vegetables you want Tons of them. . Like we use to in nature we would eat all the fruits we cared for and we're perfectly healthy. ON A PLANT BASED DIET which is the specific species human diet desease and cancers are unheard of. When agriculture was developed and factory development on food products entered the human body started getting sick and desease. Real food is what comes from the earth naturally. Everything else is poison. That's the only truth. Saying anything else is just 100% completely irresponsible. . Great talk, and thank you for uploading. I learned so much that may help with my sugar addiction. The only thing I felt missing was - how should we view high-fat diets Dr. Lustig basically said that chronic fructose diet is effectively a high-fat diet, with the "30%" going to fat, and with the resulting triglyceride/lipid/fatty-acid problems. But I wonder whether a high-fat diet (but low fructose) would have detrimental effects comparable to those 8 major problems arising from chronic fructose diets. Tried googling but can't get much clean information on the detrimental effects of a controlled high-fat diet. Any thoughts or insights are appreciated!.
    I guess I wasn't clear: I'm confused as to why Dr. Lustig implied that a high-fat diet is bad. He takes us on this highly scientific journey demonizing fructose but then randomly points out that a heavy-fructose diet is similar in effect to a high-fat diet. Even after pointing out that Ancel Keys wrongly demonized fats and led the U.S. into a tragic sugar over-dependency..

    +mlke When he said "high fat" he meant adding fat to your belly. He was not saying that high sugar = high fat. He was saying high sugar = lots of belly blub..

    Generally I agree with Dr. Lustig about sucrose, although there are some misleading things in his explanation. The scheme of TCA cycle is wrong, citrate isn´t a product of TCA cycle, but rather a substrate. Hence, it´s likely that our liponeogenesis is running in a different metabolic pathway... :/ There are also other inaccuracies and issues, but basically this lecture is fine... And speaker is really perfect..
    I am having a very hard time breaking my addiction to sugar. We need to have monthly meetings called Sugarholics anonymous.. Some of his 'facts' are false. He states that the natural consumption of fructose used to be 15g/day. There is no way that's possible. That's only 1 apple a day!. +milbo007 Don't forget to half it. A medium apple has approximately 19 grams of sugar in it, so the amount of fructose (50/50 fructose/glucose) would be about 9.5 grams..
    Could someone please recommend where I can find more informations about the effects of fructose coming from different sources Processed corn syrup VS grapes or natural honey Thanks!.
    U.C. actually bleeped out the word "crap" [2 39:41] That doesn't seem like a U of C doing, but the delusional thinking of some "holier-than-thou" Christian! I now question the validity of this channel! Good bye..
    We forgot an old Christian principle that brings fat balance and spiritual strength to the humans : FASTING. The Russians ( Orthodox Christians ) fast twice a year: 5 weeks before Christmas and 7 weeks before Easter. In fact there are 4 important fasts during the year. Friday is also a day of fasting. Have you seen an obese Russian Altogether there are about 130 days of fasting in the Orthodox faith. The body is in perfect balance; there isn't a trace of cholesterol excess, or sugar problems. Kidneys are purified of the heavy elements caused by the meat and fat. Moreover, the spirit is peaceful and balanced. No depression. Only good humor. It's so sad when we have so many unnecessary health problems ; as the solution is so simple: fasting ! Another benefits of the fasting : The animals are preserved. As meat is not eaten during fasting ( about 130 days per year ) millions of animal's lives are preserved. Thus, the protection, the prolongation of the species is guaranteed.All we need is to return to God's Word and to apply the Christian principle of fasting - for the well being of the spirit and of the body. And stop drinking soda and eating junk food !.
    Of course Herr Lustig promotes fat and vilifies sugar. He has a conflict of interest. His body consists largely of fat..
    +ScarlettDuchess Sorry for getting back so late. Where was this case report published I cannot find it..
    In retrospect, it might seem bizarre how insanely sweet these soft drinks actually are. Although, this is someone who thinks that it's overkill if you need three or more spoonfuls of sugar in your tea or coffee, and those are supposed to taste a bit bitter..

    IATA - Dangerous Goods Regulations (DGR)
  45. December 28, 2015
    Propylene glycol is a clear, colorless and hygroscopic liquid. Propylene glycol contains an asymmetrical carbon atom, so it exists in two enantiomers. i29
    Dangerous goods - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
  46. January 10, 2016
    Is Propylene Glycol Dangerous? The main liquid base in e-juice is Propylene Glycol. Some people say we don't know what is in it and what its effects are on the human... i30
    ATSDR - Public Health Statement: Propylene Glycol
  47. December 23, 2015
    REFERENCES: 1. NIOSH [1978]. Criteria for a recommended standard: occupational exposure to nitroglycerine and ethylene glycol dinitrate. Cincinnati, OH: U.S... i31
    Propylene glycol - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
  48. January 26, 2016

    Comments about this video:
    Well, the corporations and mainstream media have certainly done their job dumbing down the public. They refuse to believe that corporations would put anything harmful into the food. Wake up! I tell people it's poison and they either laugh at me or give me a blank stare. People are getting dumber by the day..
    This is one of the best things I have watched on YouTube. I sincerely believe that using artificial sweeteners has given me major depression, panic attacks + all the other symtoms of going crazy. I'm going to completely eliminate all AS + see how I feel. Thank you for the great information. This was so eye-opening..

    Polyethylene Glycol Dangers - Doctor answers on HealthTap
  49. December 13, 2015
    Recently, a brand of commercial cat treats was recalled due to the presence of low levels of propylene glycol, a chemical the FDA has banned for use in cat... i33
    Dangerous Goods - Transportation of Dangerous... - FedEx
  50. December 5, 2015
    Beware of household cleaning products that contain glycol ethers, a toxic ingredient that may expose you to many damaging side effects. i34
    Polyethylene glycol 3350 - eMedicineHealth
  51. November 15, 2015
    Propylene Glycol Dangers... One claim is that electronic cigarettes are dangerous due to propylene glycol which is the main substance in the e-liquid within the e... i35
    Propylene Glycol is Dangerous for Cats
  52. December 31, 2015

    Comments about this video:

    +Fitnext Oui c'est du fructose. Mais quand vous dites que le cancer se nourrit de sucre, de quel sucre parlez vous Toute sorte de sucre Ou bien seulement le glucose.

    +kane93100 oui le glucose écoute il dit on détecte les zones de glucose pour voir ou est le cancer.

    Le miel est une bonne alternative au sucre mais toujours avec modération 😉 voici un article qui vous donnera plus d'information.

    Je suit vos vidéos depuis peu et je les regarde toutes, Vous êtes au top pour les conseils Par contre j'ai une question les sucres raffiné et les sucres non raffiné n'ont pas la meme action, au lieu de mettre du sucre blanc dans mon infusion par exemple je met du miel ou du sirop d'agave est ce aussi nocif pour le corps que un sucre blanc sans aucune valeur nutritif et non indispensable au corps Merci pour votre réponse....

    Salut! Pensez vous que le Stevia naturel (0.1 Kcal par stick) est meilleur que les traditionnels carreaux de sucre.
    Sans une seconde d'hésitation ! Prenez tout de même gare à votre addiction au goût sucré pour la suite :).
    bonjour vous dites que les céréales c est mieux car ça ne fait pas monter l'insuline mais vous connaissez les candidoses et la perméabilité intestinales à cause de la consommation des céréales.

    Merci pour la vidéo :), mais : Et les fruits dans tout ça Vous les considérez comme un mauvais sucre .
    Si vous voulez consommer du sucre sans abimer votre santer eviter les faux sucres comme l'aspartame. Consommer que des vraie sucre comme du sucre cassonade et eviter le sucre blanc ca ete manipuler apres pour ce qui aime pas le sucre blanc il y a le sirop d'agave c'est sous forme de sirop mais on le met dans le the le cafer partout. Apres pour ce qu'il veule perdre du poid car il sont gros il faut consommer de la stevia c'est un sucre 100% naturel issu d'une plante en france et en chine . ah dac :O 100 mercii merciii bcp moi le cafee et les soucrerie je peux pa me passe mais c bon c tres movais pour moi :( merciii je arret ses 2 chose c bon!!! merciii bcp vous me sauve :).
    Bonne vidéo mais on est pas des rats notre corps réagit pas de la m'aime façon.

    Nous ne sommes certes pas des rats, mais si ceux ci sont choisis pour les expérimentations c'est aussi parce que nous réagissons d'une manière très similaire!.

    Bien vrai mais un peu trop simpliste sur l insuline. les sucres lents(d assimilation) ou taux de glycémie faible sont au final le meme glucose tout comme le sucre sauf que le sucre a un taux de glycémie élevé. Il a raison sur l ensemble, éviter les taux de glycémie élevé en général et les sucres des produits industriels pour la santé, mais faut voir que les fruits contiennent du fructose, 3x plus assimilable que le glucose, le lait contient du lactose une autre forme de sucre également très glycemique donc a éviter pour perdre du poids. le sucre ou glucose ne devrait etre ingéré uniquement pour recharger le foie et les muscles après un effort de manière rapide(glucose/glycémie élevée) et maintenir un taux d insuline toujours stable ,le soir si besoin(glucose glycémie basse). Manger les glucide le matin est une grosse erreur surtout pour les gens qui recherche la perte de gras..
    j'ai regarder presque toute vos vidéos et j'avoue que ça m'aide je vais mettre tout vos conseils en pratique je les trouve très bien et ça va me permettre d’arrêter de compter toute les calories de ce que je mange chaque jours... merci bcp et continuer :).
    +La Méthode Fitnext Le fructose des fruits est utilisable pour le corps contrairement au fructose inerte de l'industrie agroalimentaire. Après il y'a des témoignages de personnes qui ont grossi avec des fruits, c'est possible dans ce cas voir la quantité de fruits ingérés car que ce soit des fruits, de l'eau ou autre, si c'est dans l’excès c'est mauvais. Mais dire que le fructose (fruit) est mal perçu par l'organisme, je ne suis pas d'accord. .
    Cette prise de poid avec les Fruits (et je voudrai bien savoir ce que mangeais ces personnes exactement car trop de GRAS tue le GRAS :p) est normal, sa fait partie du métabolisme en pleine réparation après une alimentation à chier pendant une bonne partie de sa va ! La régénération sa prend du temps les loulous soyez patients, surglucosée vous et tout va se faire comme prévu :) bises.
    Bien sûr Tom, l'insuline est produite de toutes façons! En revanche il faut limiter les pics d'insuline, causés par une hausse trop brusque de la glycémie. D'où l'intérêt des sucres lents... .

    Que penser du Fructose que l'on trouve naturellement dans les fruits Est-il aussi néfaste que le glucose, provoque t-il les mêmes pics d'insuline Merci;.

    Merci beaucoup pour cette vidéo elle nous permet de freiner un peu la consommation des sucres rapides pour multiples raisons quand vous dites les céréales complètes est ce que la farine de seigle et incluse Merci d'avance pour votre réponse.

    Is Propylene Glycol Dangerous? - Beautiful with Brains
  53. January 13, 2016
    IATA's DGR It helps you classify, mark, pack, label and document dangerous shipments and hazardous materials i37
    Is e-Liquid Really Dangerous? - SmokeTastic
  54. December 1, 2015
    Dangers of PEG Compounds in Cosmetics Women at Increased Breast Cancer Risk?, from Healthy Living One of the ingredients savvy cosmetic shoppers will want to watch... i38
    Fireball Whiskey Recall? :
  55. November 19, 2015
    Dangerous Cosmetic and Skin Care Ingredients. New health concerns are being raised over some common but possibly dangerous ingredients... for propylene glycol... i39
    Designated Vaping - Is Propylene Glycol Dangerous?
  56. December 17, 2015

    Comments about this video:

    CDC - Immediately Dangerous to Life or Health...
  57. October 29, 2015
    Propylene glycol is a synthetic liquid substance that absorbs water. Propylene glycol is also used to make polyester compounds, and as a base for deicing... i41
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  58. November 7, 2015
    Doctors give trusted answers on uses, effects, side-effects, and cautions: Dr. Stropnicky on polyethylene glycol dangers: Polyethylene glycol is a non-absorbed sugar... i42
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    Ensuring safe transport of dangerous goods and that undeclared dangerous goods do not get on board an aircraft is the objective of IATA's DG programme. i43
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  60. December 21, 2015

    Comments about this video:
    Nope. Quality gets worse when you turn away fom the electret mic. ALL presenters ought to consider their listeners a bit more rather than relying on the cheap in-built pick-ups. I use quality headphones and have problems with many sites whose acoustics are bad, or they mumble and write on a chalkboard as if we didn't exist. Campaign for real audio! :-) Thanks for replying, - most don't.. Oh I apologize for that. It seemed OK on my system I guess I'll have to look into it. I have upgraded microphone since this video, would you be able to check out a recent video of ours and tell us how the quality sounds.

    10 of the Most Dangerous Chemicals in the World
  61. November 4, 2015
    IATA's DGR It helps you classify, mark, pack, label and document dangerous shipments and hazardous materials i45
    Fireball Whiskey Recall? :
  62. October 28, 2015
    Propylene Glycol is an organic alcohol found in a wide variety of cosmetics, fragrances, personal care products and even food. Once it is absorbed by the skin, this... i46
    Antifreeze Is a Sweet but Deadly Poison for Pets : The...
  63. January 2, 2016
    Polyethylene glycol 3350 is used as a laxative to treat... you could have dangerous or life-threatening side... eMedicineHealth does not provide... i47
    Is e-Liquid Really Dangerous? - SmokeTastic
  64. January 18, 2016

    Comments about this video:
    Excellent video. One of the best educational video I have seen.Easy enough to be understood by a person with business back-ground.. Nice Video ! Sitagliptin,Vildagliptin,Saxagliptin,Alogliptin and Linagliptins are DPP4 inhibitors....
    It's one of the best movies around combining some movie-like Sci-Fi style with real, objective and clear explanation about the diabetes and the inhibitor itself..

    Dangerous Cosmetic and Skin Care Ingredients Listing
  65. November 5, 2015
    Is e-Liquid Really Dangerous?... In their research, they discovered that formaldehyde is often produced when Propylene Glycol (PG) and Vegetable Glycerine... i49
    IATA - Dangerous Goods Regulations (DGR)
  66. December 10, 2015
    Propylene glycol is a clear, colorless and hygroscopic liquid. Propylene glycol contains an asymmetrical carbon atom, so it exists in two enantiomers. i50
    Dangerous goods - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
  67. November 17, 2015
    Is Propylene Glycol Dangerous? The main liquid base in e-juice is Propylene Glycol. Some people say we don't know what is in it and what its effects are on the human... i51
    ATSDR - Public Health Statement: Propylene Glycol
  68. December 29, 2015

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    Propylene glycol - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
  69. November 24, 2015
    bans, health, legislation, politics, studies, vaping. Is Propylene Glycol Dangerous? November 20, 2013, 0 matt black. Medicine: Air Germicide. Original link, Time,CNN... i53
    Polyethylene Glycol Dangers - Doctor answers on HealthTap
  70. November 3, 2015

    Comments about this video:

    hmmm maybe i can read off the internet and make a video. good info but it would look more professional if you actually knew it instead of reading it off the computer. Just saying..
    You imply that titanium oxide is in Inositol We use the brand NOW from Sprouts Grocery & the ONLY ingredient listed is Inositol..

    Dangerous Goods - Transportation of Dangerous... - FedEx
  71. November 28, 2015

    Comments about this video:

    Polyethylene glycol 3350 - eMedicineHealth
  72. January 21, 2016

    Comments about this video:

    Propylene Glycol is Dangerous for Cats
  73. January 1, 2016

    Comments about this video:
    Hey Kem, thank you for your kind words. I have seen a lot of videos that are either very pro pg or anti pg but nothing in the middle. You have some very good information attached and I applaud it. You are definitely not alone as some people do have an alergy or irratation to PG. I'm sure you probably get the same thing if using certain types of hand cream for a period of time,perhaps a rash I just heard someone telling another person that PG is pumped into hospital rooms in present times and it made me cringe. My gf is a nurse and I can assure them that they don't do that, but there's another case of someone taking info from a study from the 1940s and twisting the facts. It is important to be informed and it sounds like you are, keep spreading the word. All the best!. Ethylene glycol is the organic compound which makes antifreeze toxic. Ethylene glycol's molecular formula contains 2 carbons thus ethyl prefix. Propylene glycol contains 3 carbons and is nontoxic, thus prop= 3 carbons. The 2 compounds are both hydrocarbons but their molecular formula/structure is completely different resulting in different physiological effects. For example table salt's formula is NaCl and is safe to consume. elemental Na (sodium) and also elemental Cl (Chlorine) can be lethal if ingested. when the two elements come together to form NaCl the product is completely safe. long story short propylene glycol is safe for human consumption and completely different from the compound which gives antifreeze its toxic properties. The two are similar in structure but the extra carbon in propylene glycol makes it safe. I love biochemistry :).
    My brother smoked cigarettes for so long! he is 38 years old and said I hadn't smoked a cigarette all day! I personally do not smoke, but good to see my brother switching to vaping I, I even let him vape in my house! he doesn't have to go outside :P.
    Yeah opinions are for sure like assholes,everybody has one,and they all stink lol btw really digging your vids man. Thanks. For me PG is a cumulative allergy. It wasn’t always as severe for me as it is now. I’ve developed a sensitivity to PG that has got worse. Someone breathes vapour in my face it makes me suffer for days, same as regular tobacco, same as theatre smoke. I cannot have dental injections. Have to buy everything like nuts, dried fruit as organic, no preservatives. I feel really rude when at venues that all I can drink from the bar is water. Of course bathroom products like toothpaste also have to be checked for PG as well. Because PG is in so many things and it’s often hidden under things like Blueberry essence, in confectionary I have to challenge the FDA on this one, that it doesn’t have to be labelled if the essence is not manufactured by the company that used it in its product. They label nuts all the time, and that’s actual food. They’re allowed to put 3 per cent PG in nuts, so once again organic, no preservative, very expensive. I do not want to suffer in the workplace like I have in the past from regular tobacco. I don’t want to walk into an office where someone is vaping. It’s not cool, it really messes up my working week.. You are so right. I have a mild alergy to Propylene Glycol in e-liquid, I need to have VG e-liquid and I know Propylene Glycol is not Antifreeze, Propylene Glycol is IN antifreeze. Not the other way around... PG is sometimes used as an ingredient for antifreeze as an additive to make it less dangerous if accidentally swallowed. Propylene glycol is an ingredient found in many personal-care, foods, Drinks & medications it is pharmaceutical / food grade, Very unlike its dangerous and lethal industrial cousin, ethylene glycol. Propylene glycol is a thinning agent & retains flavor and color in foods and other products. And of coarse if you consume to much of ANYTHING even vegetables it can do harm to you. Foods with PG Most cake/cupcake mixes - Some frostings - Lots of ice cream brands - Many McDonald's sauces - including Big Mac sauce and their mayonnaise - Some flavoring syrups - Most beers use it as a foaming agent - Cornbread and muffin mixes - Coffee (specifically Folgers probably others) - Candy - Fast Food - Many salad dressings - Biscuits in the can that you bake at home - All flavored coffee's of any brand use PG as a solvent/emulsifier to get the "flavoring" into the bean and sooooo much more... Propylene glycol is commonly used as a drug solubilizer in topical, oral, and injectable medications. medications with PG Vicks NyQuil & generic brands of nyquil Cold Medicine For Kids gel cap pills and vitamins Amoxicillin Cephalexin Clindamycin Diclofenac Fluoxetine Gabapentin HydrOXYzine Indomethacin Lyrica Omeprazole Phentermine Temazepam bar soap / body wash mouth wash shampoo / conditioner ointments baby wipes deodorant and sooooo much more....

    Is Propylene Glycol Dangerous? - Beautiful with Brains
  74. December 18, 2015

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    Is e-Liquid Really Dangerous? - SmokeTastic
  75. November 16, 2015

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    Isn't PG used in the nebulizers for the vapors that deliver the medication for breathing treatments in the hospitals.

    +Pete Williams I don't think that we are saying anything different. Additionally there are the flavorings. But there might be something that we are missing. .
    what about killing all the good bacteria in your body smoke or vapour enters you gut so what happens to the good bacteria does it go on holiday.
    PG works good, I have chronic tonsil problems where bacteria hide inside the crypts and I always get throat infections, after vaping for a year or so I have had no infections of the throat, gums, anything... The flem you get up when inhaling PG IMO is the shit that shouldn't be inside you anyway. I coughed up some nasty shit that was seemingly stuck for years. I have no more weezing or chronic inflamation in my tonsils so I can say it does some good. No negative symptoms yet..
    I am so glad I didn't become sensitive to PG until a couple of years after I started vaping. If it had been from the beginning I never would have quit smoking. I can tolerate the amount that is in the flavoring and not much more and for me that's about 7 to 10 percent of my eliquid. That's also why I can't buy it from a company. I have to verify all of the ingredients..
    Ok so PG is used in inhalers.. there is a reason healthy people don't use inhalers right in 10 or 20 years we might know more about the effects of inhaling large ammounts of PG for extended periods of time.. Let's just assume it's not exactly stuff your body is asking for despite it's uses in the medical world. Only time will tell..
    +zepp3lin not to give you the wrong message here.. i would recommend vaping over smoking to anyone any day of the week.. But the best thing to do is obviously to just vape on fresh air without holding anything to your mouth.. By the time the following Collier’s article was published in 1950, a campaign to warn smokers—who by then made up more than half of the American population—of potential dangerous effects of smoking was underway. Opposed to these efforts, the author argued that scientific attempts to link tobacco products to lung cancer and heart disease had failed and that the antismoking crusade interfered with needed research into more likely cancer causes. In 1951, an important medical study in London concluded that smoking was “an important factor” contributing to lung cancer. Despite a growing antismoking movement, aided by a 1979 Surgeon-General’s report linking smoking to heart disease and the classification of nicotine as an addictive drug by the Food and Drug Administration in 1995, over five trillion cigarettes were sold that year. Threatened with state and local class-action lawsuits, the U.S. tobacco industry agreed in 1998 to a consent decree that settled 37 pending cases, quieted future claims, and ended certain types of tobacco advertising...We don't know the safety of PG or the flavors or other ingredients. I'm sure it will be 30 years before they will admit it's harm. And remember teflon how safe it was. when I'm older I hope vaping makes the industry while Tobacco bullshit is demolished. I see vaping as curing diease and other virus so vape on people and fuck the tobacco lier . I don't have a problem with Propylene glycol. However my wife is bi-polar and Propylene glycol messes with the chemical balance in her head trigger extreme depression taking meds it's taken over three months to get her depression back under control. VG juice has no effect on her bi-polar at all.If you have a chemical imbalance in your brain be aware that Propylene glycol could aggravate your problem!.
    I did some research and VG 100% VG little to no nicotine is gonna be wayyyyyyyyy safer and feel better too.
    Okay what about VG I have been thinking about getting into vaping and I heard that you get bigger clouds with VG so is it 100% safe to inhale And is there any side effects that it will cause severe health dangers to you.
    Hey guys, if somebody replies to you with a link to '' please delete their thread. I've had it happen 5 times to the same comment. These are scammers and it's commercial spam. We can thank RiP for his videos by keeping spam slinging hack sites off our replies. If someone replies to your comment you can click the dropbox next to it and delete their comment..

    really interesting, made me check out my bathroom for contents in various stuff that i use, mouth rince, deos, gilette gel ETC and now i feel i have some "firepower" to filter into conversations whenever "vaping" comes up with people that are just full of negative vibes ;).
    You don't have a clue! Learn to research thoroughly before you flap you gums. See report link below. Page 2 2.0 Health Effects See paragraph 2 Reproductive Effects -reduced fertility -decreased offspring size -reduced offspring survival Developmental Effects Wow Rip this is what an unedited you sounds like. Good vid though nice to see someome like yourself posting this. So many people think vaping is really bad for your health. And though it still isnt great for you its no worse than walkind down a busy street with loads of car traffic. "Vaping is the future". My wife and I have been vaping for a little over a week now and we tried it before with little results, but this time with the new setups they have, we have been doin great! We do not crave cigarettes anymore and I am actually starting to feel better day by day. some of ur videos are pretty cool and i have learned quite a bit from urs alone. of course u dont come across as some douche bag and appear to be above average intelligence! lol! which is refreshing considering some of the idiotic crap i see posted on youtube!! Anyways, i mainly wanted to say that I appreciate u taking the time to make the videos. building coils and other info u provide is very useful and have helped us along while starting our journey of vaping! vape on brotha! . thanks for the video man, I have asthma and been smoking for 12 years - started vaping 4 days ago and since then i haven't had 1 puff of a cigarette. also since i haven't been smoking cigarettes i can breathe better and even taste better, however pg does give me a little acid reflects but i just pop a anti-acid pill - like maalox and that's solved. . wiki is information posted by Anyone who decides to post, not educated people or professionals on the topic. Wiki has been proven thousands of times to be wrong even going so far as to have whole complete articles that were 100% fake/untrue.. +Angel Kitty I can totally understand how that happens but wikipedia is pretty heavily moderated isn't it Just about everything posted on wikipedia is removed if it doesn't have a source or any credibility.. try out pg one more time as it may have been side effects to quitting smoking that you suspected to come from the pg..
    Propylene glycol in some forms CAN indeed kill bacteria, how ever when you vape it, it can harm your immune system. When sick or if there is a bug going around it is best to avoid PG so you can keep your immune system up. VAPE ON!.
    No it doesn't weaken your immune system at all if you're not oversensitive or allergic to it, if you are allergic or oversensitive, it can weaken your immunity only by little though, but enough to get nasty rash, inflammations like inflammated throat, but mixed with nicotine can also cause nausea and stomach ache. You should see my face and wrists right now, I'm oversensitive to PG and got rash which is right from a nightmare, and my e-juice is 50/50 PG and VG. It can cause rash and inflammations but that's pretty much it. It's adviced to avoid 100% PG because all humans are sensitive to it, it's stimulus which you can find for example from Nettle and poison ivy.. I had a similar problem with the rash but was vaping 80% VG 20% PG, I'm not sure if this can be fully attributed to the PG, it may have more to do with the nic strength. I purchased a 18mg strength ejuice and that's when the rash came. I watered it down with 50% of the juice and 50% of 50/50 PG/VG plain juice I had lying around and the rash went away, took about 7 days to be completely be free of it. Recently, I vaped the juice again without diluting it and signs of the rash re-occurred. So, it has to be the nic. My advice, don't do nic higher than 12mg to be safe. However, I am now converting to 100% VG. I don't mind a cold it helps build immunity lol.. Propylene Glycol Summary: Propylene glycol is a synthetic liquid substance that absorbs water. Propylene glycol is also used to make polyester compounds, and as a base for deicing solutions. Propylene glycol is used by the chemical, food, and pharmaceutical industries as an antifreeze when leakage might lead to contact with food. The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has classified propylene glycol as an additive that is “generally recognized as safe” for use in food. It is used to absorb extra water and maintain moisture in certain medicines, cosmetics, or food products. It is a solvent for food colors and flavors, and in the paint and plastics industries. Propylene glycol is also used to create artificial smoke or fog used in fire-fighting training and in theatrical productions. Other names for propylene glycol are 1,2-dihydroxypropane, 1,2-propanediol, methyl glycol, and trimethyl glycol. Propylene glycol is clear, colorless, slightly syrupy liquid at room temperature. It may exist in air in the vapor form, although propylene glycol must be heated or briskly shaken to produce a vapor. Propylene glycol is practically odorless and tasteless.. +Amanda Jayne Bristow PG is use in the nebulizers and inhalers, so don't give this people the wrong ideas. Or are you a cigarette lobbyist I rather they vape than smoking cigarette.. I honestly didn't know this and I thank you for re educating me on this zepp3Iin I would rather be a vaper than a smoker also If I have been giving people the wrong impression here then I apologize and that I was mistaken and now I know and understand I know through personal experience I can't vape on any ejuice with PG I have an allergy to this and have to vape on ejuices with 100% VG Thanks for the info I do appreciate if more than you think Hope you have a great day zepp3Iin.
    Killing all the bacteria sounds wonderful until you realize that some bacteria is helpful. Vaping is better than cigarettes which is all I need to know but not all bacteria is created equally..
    +Subparanon Yeah, I have always pint of water with me at home. PG makes me very thirsty and VG not at all. I will keep watching my mouth lol and going to see dentist if basic hygiene wont help.. Damn this is a very different side of Rip Trippers I have seen on his recent video's which I am not a fan of. Lot more down to earth and informative, less entertaining. my friend has been vaping high PG (50%+) for over 4 years, that was until his pecker shrivelled up and fell off, now he swears on using higher VG based juices only.. Vaping rocks!!! dont even want a stinky stick... love my wildberry and watermelon juices which i would rather have a taste of wild berry and watermelon then a gross cigarette... quit now for 18 days . Propylene glycol is metabolized to pyruvic acid in all cells, so that it is toxic only at high concentrations. While it doesn't directly kill bacteria, it does inhibit their growth by hydrogen bonding to water molecules, thus limiting availability of the free water that germs require. Hence PG is the active ingredient in stick deodorants. Despite its low systemic toxicity, inhaling PG may be a different story. It is water soluble and doesn't remain trapped in the air sacs like carbon particles do, probably a reason that e-cigs are less harmful than tobacco smoke. However, the membranes inside the lungs are extremely delicate. Repeated, constant exposures to PG may irritate them. I generally sympathize with the introduction of e-cigs and wish they had been around in the days when I smoked. As with all things, moderating that vaping habit is a good idea.. Oh, no... I started looking into this for a dear friend trying to quit and I'm so disappointed by this kind of thing being posted as advice. I can't help myself here, I have to say something. This is flawed logic leading to a backward perspective. If there was definitely a virus or bacteria in the air you're breathing, then it might conceivably make sense to breath propylene glycol as a method to kill it before and while it's just barely in your lungs, but inhaling propylene glycol from a stem that you place directly in your mouth can serve no purpose other than to kill/hinder your lungs own natural biota. Did you know that your immune system IS PRIMARILY BACTERIA So if that's the case, when you're killing the bacteria in your lungs that your body has purposefully placed there as your first line of defense, you are in fact compromising your immune system. That's why taking probiotics is so good for you... You want that stuff intact. The fact that PG dries your lungs out at the same time leaves you even further open to attack and I'd imagine a yearning for more and more of whatever will give your lungs a "coated" feeling, much like the other petroleum based product we've all grown accustomed to: Chap Stick. Yes, it's far better than smoking, but don't fool yourself into believing you're doing your health any favors.. +Scott Blubaugh the amount used by hospitals in their airconditioners is not the same as the amount you get by vaping. and he was talking about healthy people using those things.. not people that actually benefit from it.. like your grandmother... +Clint Madison If your friend ever smoked, you could hurt them worse with your help, because relapse happens. It is actually hard for most smokers to even switch to vaping. Believe me, I went for that excuse quick.. well this person told me to quit smoking e cigs because they are bad, well everything is bad. I ate weenies, have ate out of many microwaved plastic bowls, there is years of sodium nitrite in me, when I stop smoking I get stressed, fuck this just give me a damn cigarette. If your friend can quit, great.. if not leave them alone, because there are plenty of bad things. Do you not drink coffee or eat unhealthy foods! Did you know soy can mess with hormones That if you jog, never to do it in town..and if you live on a big might as well just jump off a building because of the pollution, etc. you get the point. I will tell you that what you say about killing too much bacteria, I agree. I believe that overall you are hurting yourself worse. Your ideas about the moisturization of the lungs actually sounds somehow nice and healthy, lol. I feel like it has more of a drying effect. One bad thing you didn't say is that it restricts blood vessels, and if you are on stimulants or already a regular coffee drinker, heart disease could be closer than you think. In a perfect world we would all do exactly what we are suppose to do sir. Like I wouldn't be writing this long ass comment, and I would never skip exercises, not ever smoked in the first place, da da da..yada yada yada.. I do not want those who have never smoked to touch this stuff, it is easier to up the nicotine, and I could picture kids of the future spazzing out with seizures and looking like tweakers constantly from their super 100mg nicotine content...
    I use to consistently vape 30VG 70PG. I suffer from asthma and I found the higher PG liquids aggravated the condition. I now vape 95% VG and found my breathing is a lot better! The lowest I vape on is 50/50 but prefer the higher VG ratios to fog it! Thank you for another great video RIP TRIPS! .
    2 years Vaping both 100VG and 80 PG / 20VG on stainless, wick and cotton wool with RSST's, Krackens, Dual Coils, Tanks, Cartos and 3 quid disposables PG Liquid wont stop you getting a cold. E-cigs are the best thing that happened to my health but we shouldn't become complacent with E-cigarettes, nicotine or the e-liquid..
    Anyone experiance allergy symptoms like an itchy nose right away Wondering if thats PG or certain flavors..
    I have an allergic reaction to PG. I get major heartburn/acid reflux. So I do 100%VG or 80VG 20PG. Thanks for the video...I know I am like a few years late on this reply. But I am new to vaping and came across this video. Thanks for sharing this info with us. .
    All this talks about e-cig being dangerous.. Just ask yourself - which two parties will lose their business if e-sig become more popular Yep, cig companies and bunch of dudes with their "How to Quit Smoking" techniques. Now ask yourself - who is getting profit from shittalking about e-cigs Yep, same guys. Draw conclusions. .

    hi I just got a vapouron 900 with protank. to quit smoking. but i tried it and it almost killed me. bloomin harsh and made me choke. can any 1 help.
    I know this is one of your older videos, but I think I you should be careful about some of the leaps you're making regarding PG being a germicide etc. I don't think you stated anything that is flat-out false, but it may be a stretch to suggest that someone choose a high-PG ejuice thinking they are somehow making them self more healthy. That said, keep up the great work! You are the most entertaining person within the Vaping-tube community!. I don't need to reply after reading your reply and Subparanon's reply. This is making a huge stretch of a leap. He has no freaking idea what he's talking about. And given his "logic", he's is not - nor will ever be - a rocket scientist.. +Hector F. Torres All these people claiming it is bad because it is an antifreeze are freaking out because they associate that with cars only. Most people don't know that it is used as an antifreeze in the Food industry.. Man I have been watching alot of your vids now and I quit smoking because of you thank you so much I feel so much better and I feel normal again. Thanks again. :]. Coming from the "desinfectant-is" point: I just hope the pg wont breed some immune bacteria or viruses.. I like his earlier videos when he is just acting like a normal dude, instead the alter ego acting like a high hillbilly.. +leigha bryand Hey Rip! Look! You've been invaded by EVIL!!! For Gawds Sake DON"T "Click" on It!!! Norton Intivirus Warned me about It IS a MALICIOUS WEBSITE!!!!!!!!! It has infested IndoorSmokers channel Too(among Many other vape stations).. +Randall Scott yeah when you see that just do your part and click the arrow and report them for spam.
    Thank you so much for posting this! I have been baking for a little over a year now. And I'm considering making my own juice. Because I want to know what I am putting into my body! And create my own custom blends. I have been trying to get my boyfriend into the idea of custom blending with me. But he keeps mentioning pg is bad blah blah...I'm so glad you posted this video! You mentioned a lot of great content that I'm sure will convince him otherwise :D thanks again!.

    Fireball Whiskey Recall? :
  76. November 18, 2015

    Comments about this video:

    Bob Brians. What you say about Stacey, only mirrors your own self. Stacey is true in everything she talks about and Im sure she's very dedicated to her work. Only people such as you, deny the facts and lead on your life until you realise it's too late. There will be a time when we fully understand the true nature of our planet, and how the Dark ones have been using chemicals to keep us in a state of disease and control. And that time is drawing to a close. Best Wishes Stacey!.
    You were born stupid and unhealthy, it had nothing to do with any scary bad government agenda food additives. And, if you want to spam youtube with a bunch of junk science videos at least have the decency to shave that damn mustache, you look like an ape for christ's sake. .

    Designated Vaping - Is Propylene Glycol Dangerous?
  77. October 27, 2015

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    propylenglycol is NOT TOXIC. ethylenglycol IS toxic because its oxidized to oxalic acid wich is both a very strong organic acid and a calcium chelant, but the same oxidation of propylenglycol only yields piruvic acid. most toxic you can get from propylenglycol is diarrea, because it would act as an osmotic laxant, just like, lactulose, mannitol, sorbitol, others. PLEASE stop spreading these wrong facts, you only scare people to get more money on your wallet..

    The reason why propylene glycol is harmful for your body in excess is because it is oxidized to oxalic acid, which will cause calcium and magnesium to precipitate out of your blood. But guess what All natural rhubarb and spinach has oxalic acid in them. Alkanes, which is what petrol is mainly made of, are highly inert, has LD50s of grams. Methane is produced in your body, and is the same hydrocarbon as them, albeit boils at a lower temperature. .
    I was just going to make a comment on that as well. There are different types of Propylene Glycol (this message isn't directed at you since you already know this but for those researching products) and anti-freeze is made from a different type than the PG we use for consumption. I'm doing research on PG for e-cigs and will only use the Kosher USP grade. Thank you for posting.. Fast food is not toxic by any means but it is mainly composed of sugar, salt and fat resulting in very little nutritional value for its calorie content, it can be eaten safely but must be considered an occasional treat like a candy bar or bag of chips. Propylene glycol is poorly understood, one false story spawns a dozen others all claiming poison, the truth is that it is one of the safest food additives in existence and has over 50 years of study to back it.. Just because the FDA approves it doesn't mean its safe. The government is not your friend. Don't believe me Do some research on "Fema". The results might be a little shocking.. Actually the MSG that your body produces is completely different from artificial MSG. The A- MSG mimics what your body already produces naturally and massive amounts cause an overload of insulin. When we are hit by a large bolus or amount of MSG, we experience excitotoxicity (not just some of us, all of us. Many of us are dosed continuously all day by low level exposures, leading to a near constant state of neuronal excitation). The pancreas is confused by this A-MSG creating too much insulin.. This is so hard to feed my family in this economy! I'm a stay at home mom and it's so expensive to by food, let alone healthy foods. Obama Admin pushes us to eat healthy but it's so expensive that I wld need food stamps to buy everything, and I won't take them. If we eat crap that's cheap then we will need the free health care. Anyone see what's going on here. They want you to focus on the left hand while the right does something else. Depend on them for everything. Wake up America! .
    great information. this is the second report i have seen about how mcdonalds food doesn't mold. not only does it not mold, but i've heard even bugs won't touch it if left on the ground. i haven't verified this. but now i am more likely to experiment :p .
    I have Meniere's disease, a vertigo disease, and one of my major triggers is anything containing TBHQ. I am surprised how many people have never heard of TBHQ. .
    All this claims about "scary chemicals" sickens me so much. Honestly, if you want to claim that all chemicals are bad for you (you won't be able to drink water or eat food then) or that your diluted down stupidity of a homeopathic medicine can cure every disease, please try and understand how chemicals affect your body. MSG, or monosodium glutamate, is a sodium salt of glutamic acid, an amino acid that is present in every single slab of "organic" meat that you eat..

    Just wondering, are you an MD Do you have a backround in chemistry Where do you get your information. More explanation is needed..
    On the subject of mold free fast food. The fries and the burger completely dehydrate in under 72 hours and essentially become mummified, the absence of any moisture makes mold or bacterial growth impossible, no toxic conspiracy here, look at croutons and beef jerky, same principle. If you throw those same fries and burger in a ziplock bag while they are still moist they will indeed bloom all sorts of mold because the moisture is trapped in place allowing the mold and bacteria to thrive. .
    Good video EXCEPT Propylene Glycol (Kosher USP Grade) isnt harmful for digestion, its Polyethylene glycol that is dangerous if digested.
    Thank you for this video. My son has been coming home from school in a zombie like state, and I recently had to go to an IEP. The school said he was a great kid, well behaved, but sometimes later in the day he spaces off, and maybe he needed to be on medication. I told them maybe they need to look at what they're feeding him. Needless to say, they were offended. I'm now going to have him bring his own lunch to school.. It takes 18 months for the nervous system to get back to normal from ALKALOID POISONING. J. P. Warzinski. Propylene Glycol is in over the counter medications too which I do not use. And it is in Vitamins and Supplements. I do not know about shampoos etc but they have sodium lauryl sulfate which is a heavy degrease it is even in Non Fluoride Toothpaste..
    Yeah they put waaaayy too much sugar & salt in everything from soup, granola bars, and drinks. It's disgusting..

    The Paul Cooper Show of 7314 WADYCKI LANE ,Glen Burnie, Md. ,USA forbids reimbursement for xxxxx'x Peanut Butter Cups because of TBHQ adulteration. Dolly Cooper CEO WDSM radio, Glen Burnie, Md. USA.

    2 n00bslayer0014 How about some more of that FDA approved fluoride And while you're at it, stay away from foods that are claimed to have health benefits or homeopathic benefit. Yeah, the FDA loves ya, and so does CODEX..
    I want to clear the air about all these conspiracy theories surrounding Propylene Glycol. PG is not completely nontoxic and not completely toxic. Internationally rated laboratory safety forms clearly state that it is perfectly safe for human contact and even ingestion in small quantities, and has been shown to contribute to minor irritation of the stomach, skin, and eyes in much larger quantities. These large quantities are upwards of 3.39 fl. oz., which would be nearly impossible to consume fr.
    nice! Thanks for the input. I am getting ready to do part 2 of my vid follow up that will feature much about food ingredients..

    CDC - Immediately Dangerous to Life or Health...
  78. December 22, 2015

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    From what I've read it seems only the non usp/pharma grade vg does that. Can you touch on that a little more. +skinnyg190 the chemical composition is similar, but non USP grade is not quite as pure, this means there are more aldehydes, and acrolein naturally in it. However, this doesn't mean that acrolein will not form if USP grade VG is heated enough.. Sorry for being a Noob but i dont understand or know what temperature i vape at. As my device's only measure in watts and volts. I vape at about 20 to 26 watts on my isub g tank which is runs at 0.5 Ohms. And about 3.8 to 4.4 volts on my aspire nautilus. So i'm a bit lost. But i do know i use a lot of VG about 80% in may e juice. so what temperatures do i vape at and thanks for the videos it means a lot keep it up :). Thanks for touching on that subject for me bro, but I definitely want to know more about it. Because now you have me shitting my pants about VG. Hope to hear from you soon thanks bro....
    +Joe Hearn If it makes ya feel better, 450 to 525 should be safe man, I'd just avoid those higher temperatures. I'm still unsure if the DNA40 actually measures the temperature, or it estimates the temperature based on a formula, either way, probably best to avoid the higher settings until more information becomes available..
    +V Juice thanks man and yeah no way it actually reads temp it would have to get it right from the source and it does not do that..
    Thumbs up but I did not understand everything at all. My English is too bad, sorry. Let´s see what Dr. Forsalinos will find out and I also wait for the statement of "Vanderzarth". For me I decided not to vape more than 30-35 watts because my health says "no" to more power ;-) Greetz.

    um yea typed in that link to the vapespace and then malware/virus popped up telling me i needed to update this software to get rid of virus. Probably not of your doing buy just letting you know...
    +Vape Space Yea i typed into chrome bar without the www. the program was prob just phishing for crap like that. But yea that link does work no problems..
    hi ive been trying to use vaping to kick a 20 yr bad habbit of smoking and just as im trying to find a flavor i like all this news hits about diacetyl+acetyl propionyl and the fact that most juice makers do no testing before putting them out there and then i went to and after reading the results of testing and such i feel more confident about that line, but like you say at the end of your videos know what your vaping, are you able to help a newbie like me and tell me are vapespace juices the only ones out there that are not using these chemicals.

    Thank you for responding and the advise i will def. watch your video on alkaloids and i will be ordering at least a couple different flavors from because of the fact that the test results are posted openly i like the transparency and in my home state which i like as well, any suggestions i have found too fruity turns me off but want to stay away from tobacco flavors to change the habit. Again Thank you!.
    +mark lounsberry My pleasure brother! I would highly recommend getting some flavors that will help you transition off of cigarettes... The tobaccos there are definitely not 'cigarette' flavored, they have more of the subtlety and complexity that you'd find in a pipe, or a cigar - except without the charred taste. Once you have gotten yourself off cigarettes (which I think WTAs will help with immensely), your palate may change and you may find desserts,and fruits more to your liking..

    Ethylene glycol - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
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  82. 06 April 2016. Propylene Glycol Dangers: Uses And Side Effects Of... ( col-dangers-uses.html) The glucose tolerance test is a medical test in which glucose is given and blood samples taken afterward to determine how quickly it is cleared from the blood. The...
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  84. May 02, 2016. What is Propylene Glycol? - DiscountVapers ( Glucose is a type of sugar the body uses for energy. Diabetics, who have poorly regulated glucose levels, must be sure to...

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