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  • January 1, 2016

    Comments about this video:
    +olerobherm1993.olerobherm1993 come down to birdlings flat theres maaaaaaaaaaaaad cars including mine :D. Hey im a 13yr old car enthusiast you guys make really great content keep it up cant wait for your next meet here in NZ.. I can't believe you turned down that 4G63 thing. You realize that you can just throw a big turbo, injectors, and a tune at that can douple the hp of the Subaru Your decision makes me sad.. If you want something that blows gearbox and oil buy a import chev / holden . All crap made in Korea. Sorry that includes Auz Fords as well. Garbage, buy Japanese or European. Good luck ocker.... ! GFY !. +RedneckNinja2014 ive got a legnum vr4 for sale, manual 173***kms new heavy duty clutch for $4000nzd.
    +cheapodepot34 Last longer than what Toyota, Honda, and Subaru are the most reliable vehicles on the market..

    New Zealand is full of crappy cars and useless drivers that cant drive them. pisses me off because government just decreases speed tolerance and think it will make them better drivers..
    Holy shit MCM guys! I literally just a few nights back came across your channel and turns out the car you ended up buying used to be a hoon in my local area haha. Literally bought this car around the corner from my house! Keep up the awesome work on the awesome videos. anyone know if its possible to get a Honda civic coupe (EM1) or a type R (EK9) the 1996-2000 model in New Zealand north island if not can i import one and what am i looking at price wise.
    +Dane Myburgh yeah you a right, its a bit embarrassing since I grew up in devonport but I just assumed it was Belmont because that's where they got the money from..

    I left a red 97 Honda Accord in the Auckland Airport parking lot. It might still be there if you guys go back and need a car. Keys in it with the rego signed probably just a ridiculous parking ticket! Haha.

    Ahaha wow. Followed MCM for a while now and realised the suburb at 4:15 is Belmont only a couple of kms from where I work.. Haha! :D.

    Making a bong towards the end there Moog really is from Launnie!. How about coming down for a Launnie MCM meet guys .
    LEGNUMS!!!...whyyy say such a thing, and a famillia...and your complaining about weak drive trains... look towars bigger moters. cars that are overall magic and tuff- Holden Vr, nissan anything, toyota anything, honda civic prelude, NOT mitsi(on exception the misti l200 petrol ute), mazda...iffy iffy,no fords as of many small problems, BMW's , out as well, vacume leaks and computer problems,, SUBARU...its called a STi for a reason, horrible (sorry about the rant,just bad buying).
    car had a hood scoop and i'm pretty sure it sounded like an sr20 so my guess is they got themselves a pulsar again lol.

    why dont you guys do another episode like you do with the Honda i loved that episode ! PLS guys do another video just like that ! sorry for my bad english i´m a Portuguese..

    You guys should do a car mod for a peel p50 or a peel trident. Worlds smallest car and the worlds smallest two seater as a video.
    Is it a GT Startlet!! Im ashamed to admit that I went overboard on one about 10yrs ago, and it went fuckin hard lol. Ha a mitsubishi Nimbus with an Evo motor that has to be the most fucked up combination you can think of and this is coming from some one with a KS verada thats ditching the 6G72 SOHC 12 valve in favor of t he 6G72 DOHC 24 valve twin turbo out of the GTO, hey the RTA wont know the difference as far as they'll see it is a 6G72 V6 3.0 litre is being replaced with a 6G72 V6 3.0 litre they wont see the difference between SOHC 12 valve and DOHC 24 valve they'll just change the engine numbers. i'm going to get the mazda familia's sister, the ford laser TX3 Turbo for my next car as with an application it's legal on P's and is a maaaad sleeper. 200hp and AWD for under $5K in what is still a pratical and reliable ford is maaaad. plus extra KW's for being same model as the TRD LZR, but the TX3 will literally amaz' ya!.
    I got pretty excited because I thought it was a turbo Levin/Trueno GTZ (going by the little you can see from the interior and the scoop on the bonnet), but... probably not :(.
    nup its a starlet, go to 6:40 and you will see its a hatchback, also 6:35 see that distinctive stripy door trim, also ealier on you can see the bonet scoop and GT badge on the steering wheel.
    I'm sitting in the exact spot they standing when they were waiting at the airport. It's fate....

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  • December 21, 2015
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  • December 29, 2015
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  • December 18, 2015
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  • December 27, 2015

    Comments about this video:

    wow if only my van-hunting and purchasing experience was as easy as that! hehe.. I think I researched for months before deciding on the "good vibe" rather than the "wish-list" :).

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  • December 19, 2015
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  • December 22, 2015
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  • December 31, 2015
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  • December 23, 2015

    Comments about this video:

    Diabetes | Ministry of Health NZ
  • December 25, 2015
    In New Zealand Type 2 diabetes is increasing rapidly and in some regions is... When hyperglycaemia occurs, the body tries to get rid of the excess glucose by. i9
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  • December 24, 2015
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  • December 30, 2015
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  • December 28, 2015

    Comments about this video:
    God knows how I ended up watching a 5minute long video on somebody impersonating my accent but FINALLY somebody got it right! haha Nice job!. Very accurate! Virtually indistinguishable from the real thing. New Zealand, despite it's size, actually has a number of different accents (though mostly all with the same common undertones, one could liken them to dialects) due to the large ancestral diversities of New Zealand's settlers, both Polynesian and European. Your adopted accent is a perfect impersonation of what I would normally associate with the upper-middle class Caucasian female (there's even a huge difference between male and female accents!). Really well done!.
    As a New Zealander can I just say how satisfying it was to hear that 'good' - you nailed it!.

    sinnerlanj = center lounge plizzin trees = pleasantries tep : tip tep wuttuh : water you get from the sink.
    jumbo - a pet name for a guy named Jim. earlines - a company for airborne transport. jimbo shrump - a large shrimp.. Amy that was perfect! Your video has been shared on a popular radio station in New Zealand. Reason on all the kiwis commenting here within the last 24 hours :). omg nailed it. This is the best I've seen a non local do. The accent though is kind of more a West Auckland though. Still, really impressive :). this is probably the most accurate video of a non-Kiwi doing a kiwi accent, man I swear if people saw you around in the country people would think you were part of the culture.. We have a pretty tough accent to imitate, but she is the best I've seen. The only area I think she misses is on the country itself! It's pronounced more like 'Nyu Zullund", I don't know any kiwi that actually says 'Zeal'. Also, she doesn't mention that all 'tu' sounds become a 'chu/chew', and 'du' becomes 'ju/jew'. Eg- 'Tha rint us jew on choose-day'. I'm a kiwi, and I recking your so far off. Personally opinion though, others thought it was good..
    WOW at the start I automatically assumed you were a kiwi too and kinda freaked out when you switched to american! amazing job, I'm a kiwi and you sound like a natural.
    that is quite accurate of one of our accents very nice, it really neat to know someone actually picked up part of our accent(s) while in our lovely country. not being mean but we don't say thets we say thats its realky short and to the point. aussie which I am also half say thets.
    It is easy to understand if people speak slow but if they speak fast it make me difficult to understand.
    Well ill tell you the difference, The New Zealand accent is like British okay!!!!! and Aussie Accent is really annoying they almost sound like wild people which I guess is where most people live in that ugz country. This is racist and we dont sound like that... First American I have ever seen do a truly great NZ accent. Its extremely rare for anyone to be able to do a New Zealand accent and i think coming from the American tonality its even harder than say a Brit or Australian. well done. I'm from Auckland so i can tell this is not some cheap parlor trick accent this is a very well crafted precise accent you have built.. Can I just love you now Amy lol (one of the lines from my pleasantry arsenal haha joking) you really brought this accent across like you actually have it! I am born and bred in New Zealand :) living in the main city haha so surprised at how well you've brought it across! 99.9% there. Liked and subscribed, you awesome Amy you..
    Hey I live in Wellington and have always gone to the Readings Gold Lounge for like the last 12 years at least..
    i wouldnt trust what she says, i am a kiwi and we dont talk like that unless your a uperclass pric, we speek fast and with a lot of slang and apparently we say fleg and we deffently dont talk like " a sweet bird". You sound great! I needed to learn an accent for theatre class, and you helped a lot! You're very pleasant to listen to, and your tips are very helpful. Thanks and great job!. If only Ben Kingsley had you coaching him on accents for Ender's Game - he butchered the NZ Maori accent..
    That's some next-level NZ accent impersonation. People always attempt this and end up with some weird caricature "fush and chups" going on. Amy has it figured out..
    Haha I'm from wellington too, I know exactly where you worked your accent is so perfect you sound so normal, it shocked me when you started talking in your normal accent !. First class instruction. I think that I have bought movie tickets from you, Amy, while you lived in Wellington! Ships passing in the night.... very good, as a kiwi living in Aussie, I say well done! :) Hey have you done an American v Canadian one I always get those two muddled.. I don't normally watch things posted on my wall on Facebook but this certainly peaked my interest. As a Kiwi I have to say that you have nailed this as about as perfectly as you can. Well done.. Starting the video in a kiwi accent was great. actually thought you could be a kiwi yourself. so refreshing to hear it done with respect and not overexaggerating.. Wow, the way you switch accents is incredible to hear. It sounds so natural... Like when someone affects an accent you can usually always tell it is put on but with you it is just so seamless, so awesome!. +April A lot of us do, don't forget we have no single accent. We're as diverse in our pronunciation as we are in our population!. This is probably one of the very few New Zealand accents I've ever heard attempted correctly. Well done.
    If i just met you and you were using our accent I wouldn't even know you weren't a fellow kiwi. Great job!.

    that is just incredible. my family has split nationalities, but i feel like the black sheep with this polite NZ accent. bloody hell :P you are a very talented observer :).
    I live in NZ and this is spot on! It's a bit posh (fancy for non-kiwi folks), and maybe sounds like she's from the nicer parts of Wellington or Auckland. Definitely a North Island accent. We roll our R's down in the Deep South :P, among other things. It's fascinating how accents change according to class and location as well..
    Also another good one to remember is "i'm rooting for you" has a completely different meaning in NZ haha.
    Fucking aye. That was spot on. Pretty sure that was up there with Anthony Hopkins' accent in the Worlds Fastest Indian.. This was awesome! Well done!! I would've thought you were a kiwi too, did NOT see the American accent coming hahaha! So much better than the ol "fish and chips" etc..
    That was incredible! You're the only person I've seen that has accurately pronounce the kiwi accent! Too Much (:.

    +Cupcake1241 I am from the south island and that is how everyone sounds to me. Maybe you should call it everywhere up from gore accent..

    a bit of slippage into aussie sounds here and there, but otherwise pretty good! Seal of approval from a kiwi..
    Wow. You're really really good. Most people just make us sound like slightly softer Aussies. Well Done! Love it. Is she supposed to be amusing Fail!! Her own speaking voice is so unpleasant and ugly I find it droll that she then takes the mickey out of the way others speak. That thing she does with her tongue, that awful affected tch, also is enough to drive a person mad. And just so you know, intelligent New Zealanders don''t call themselves Kiwi, right on that at least, a kiwi is a bird, just a bird, neither a person nor a fruit, that is a kiwifruit, a made up marketing name for what was called a chinese gooseberry which was neither chinese nor a gooseberry..
    I notice most prominently that in the NZ accent, the letter 'E' is always pronounced long, i.e. "eegs" (eggs), "seex" (6), "eexcelleent" (excellent). I tried to mimic it and it made my mouth hurt, lol. I can definitely hear a difference between Aussie and Kiwi accents. Watching Steve Irwin for hours & hours got me pretty familiar with the Aussie accent..

    +beatlesrgear We don't drag out the E's at all. That's the Aussies. Like she said, we flitter, not drag..
    Im sorry I felt you went Australian and even British a few times also heard American when you got excited! But did a pretty good job! Better than I've heard a lot of people try. That was absolutely bang on. I wonder if you could do the different Kiwi accents. For example although I do mostly sound like that accent, it is very much a North Island accent. Have you tried a Southland accent We roll our 'R's heavily and it produces what I would call 'thick words' which I know sounds odd..
    Your Kiwi accent almost sounded a little bit British, like a posh kiwi accent or something. But it was practically perfect..

    Ms. Amty Walker i just gotta say that you're a smart and beautiful woman, i really enjoy watching your videos i always find your videos very interesting and full of much information, i hope to keep seeing more of your videos..

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  • December 26, 2015
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  • December 5, 2015

    Comments about this video:

    You don't understand how cheap Japanese cars are here you dont see much mustangs and shit around because no one has 50k to buy something that costs 20million dollars to fuel, dont get me wrong v8'S are nice; seeing a chevy camaro or challenger around nz is probably like seeing a Bugatti in the US..
    +Ryan Tua I think the reason mustangs are expensive here is because they are rare but when they start selling them here IN RHD there would be a drop in price especially when we get flood of jap import mustangs. they would end up as cheap and common as v8 commodores. oh we do also get Australian muscle cars aswell but they are expensive since lots were thrashed back in the 80s and 90s.. I live in Christchurch newzealand and I wish u came down here coz in Christchurch there are sooooo many car peaple its maaaad like I see supras and 370z's walking home from school witch is just a minute as well as lots of older guys in old mucle cars everywhere. +Hunter Ashton im not saying its bigger im just saying it be sick if they could come down here as well XD.
    Awesome guys! Couldn't help but recognize the plate "STIG". I couldn't remember where I recognized the plate from, but soon remembered it was on the GT-R that was car-jacked at gunpoint in Albany last year!.
    +Walker F The R-32 Skyline just became available. There is a 25 year rule with importing cars that are not directly sold to the U.S..
    I love MCM but whats with the creepy girl stalker shots lol. Maybe try asking them questions and filming their pretty smiles instead of stalker shots from behind why they walk away lol. .

    It's not supposed to be perverted they're just showing the crowd that showed up, calm your shit..
    My mother owns a car like the one at 2:20, its a Toyota Supra, we live in Denmark and if you wanna buy it contact me at KreativePenge2 naaah don't be too hard on them, i don't like them either but don't forget, Marty loves them ;).
    Let's plan a euro meet here in eu!A good place to hold it, is in germany cause it's pretty centrally located in eu.. (and there is no speed limit on most of the freeways :D) But im not the right person to plan it in germany, since i live in denmark. So is there any fresh germans out there ;D.
    It's that attitude that makes people steer well clear of CA. Spoken like someone that's never left the state. Texas has some of the best hill country roads there is to offer. As for the cars, just because people have money to afford nice vehicles doesn't make them gear heads, and doesn't mean they have taste. You're an embarrassment to your state. .
    They're anodised, it's a process of super heating the rims (or metal in general since people do it to their exhausts too) to a certain temperature then rapidly cooling it and the molecules rearrange themselves in a way that leaves you with that gorgeous effect =).

    This is the most bro, my little grandson loves it man ,thanks you Guys are amazing ,your welcome on the spaceship,,,.
    Hey Mightycarnmods :) I'm wondering when you're guys is coming to Norway Or atleast Europe :D. wow. epic. so jealous of the car community in NZ and Aussieland and the cars / parts. Here we have none such :( .
    My new favourite song! Please come do a meet in Auckland again, but maybe with a little more notice!.
    anyone know what the camera is at 2:44-2:47 i would really like to know thank you and i have tried google but i cant seem to find anything like it . Mind blowing!!! The music and footage equals amazing, and the girl in the blue skirt was a beauty. I found mcm. Online last night and I'm now it biggest fan, thankyou for being awesome guys! Ray from USA.
    I use to have an mk2 supra like the one at 2:20 it's fast but if you were to get one you would probably be better off swapping the engine because, performance parts are hard to find for the engine..
    0:48 You're lying if you say you didn't rewind to double check if the wind lifted up that girl's skirt ;) .

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  • January 7, 2016
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  • November 15, 2015
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  • December 3, 2015

    Comments about this video:
    Thanks, the exchange rate is changing a lot, so decided it was safer to not include it-what we say in the video might be completely wrong in a few years time, thanks for the feedback!. +CamperMate 8: if you see random words and have no Idea what they mean don't worry. Rarely anyone does. yay For maori.. I really wanna move to New Zealand. Fell in love with the country and the people. Perfect place to raise kids. Wanganui might be my favourite choice.. +Claire North Come'on claire...Thank god lord of the rings was filmed here so that every NZer have something to talk about once in a while beside rugby! Look I love this country, I really do, It has done a lot for me and I appreciate that and NZ will forever be my first home...but we can't deny the fact that it is JUST BORING. Its weahther also contributes to that! Do you know of the depression epidemy among the youngsters in NZ have you not seen the depression aid ads on TV (the lowdown etc) Do you know the high number of suicides in NZ they dont announce it because it is illegal, but all they say that its one of the highest in the world compared to the population!. im 67 spent 6 months living in an escape van alone,there is no problems in new zealand Its amazing Its wild Its friendly Its beautiful and safe you will not find any country in the world that has all these atributes go go go.
    I'm posting this as a New Zealander myself. For all of you who have mentioned things about us being racist towards Asians: I have lived here my whole life and have never encountered anyone who doesn't like Asians living here. And for those who say it's full of robbers and thugs: Sure, there are some shifty places in NZ, but there are shifty places everywhere! And finally, the accent: The Kiwi accent varies in different parts of New Zealand. I'm from Wellington, and I sound quite different to that. And as you get further south, the r's get more pronounced and people start sounding slightly Scottish..
    whatta ya raving on about man. Aucklands a disaster it's fulla Polynesian wanna be gangsters and everyone hates all the Asians coming over and fucking the property market for locals..
    +Mannon Howard I believe you, I've just never been in Auckland for more than a few days before. .

    Haha Taramakau, or teremakau. Yeah nah, I'm way used to it, it has a cyclist clip on now. .
    New Zealand seems like a wonderful place. I'm from Guam, and I'm seriously tired of this place. There's an alarming number of rude people here. I would love a fresh new start. I'm aware that not all countries are flawless.. that's pretty much reality settling in. Can someone with a U.S. citizenship be allowed to stay in New Zealand. Its not 130, its unlimited. And we actually have less lethal accidents here because rules are more strict. for example: you're only allowed to overtake on the left side and you have to drive on the right side if there is space and you're not overtaking anyone. whereas in america for example you can pretty much drive where you want. in germany you have with little traffic almost always the left lane completely empty for the fast ones. there is also lots of surveillance so dangers can be spottet fast and very frequent maintenence..
    +Random Girls MSP I love your country so much. I wanna live dere! And so do I, they more I learn about it the more I like it..

    I'm from Oz and really enjoyed the NZ people, cities, food and countryside. Next time I plan on taking the good lady with me and driving about far more. It really is a great place..

    You should know about the cruelty inflicted on New Zealand farm animals before considering travelling here. Put NZ into You Tube search too see what the dairy industry does to calves..
    +Jo Black Here in Norway we harvest Minke whales to eat. They taste great. Save the whale...for me :-). +NotHappyWithYou LOL, wow Me too!! I just moved back to my country after 7 long years living there. I got sick of robberies. That and a thousand of other reasons. NZ is on the downward spiral..
    never accept Muslim to migrate in New Zealand and they will ruin New Zealand like Europe...See London now....
    +Mark Wins truest thing i've heard wherever there is a muslim influence their is trouble and unsettlement it's a fact i completely agree with you. you have been played by the NWO thinking Muslims are evil...they have to have someone for you to hate and fear to take your rights away.... For those of you that don't know. At 4:20 that is a flock of Nu Zulund girlfriends heading off to catch up with their lovers..
    +AussieMusicRocks Lack of self esteem eh And yet here you are spouting your nonsense on NZ related media. Yikes. Chip on the shoulder much So many convicts like you everywhere. They should imprison you in the middle part of Aus, the whole thing is a dried up desert wasteland right Hop along skippy..

    i live in New Zealand and was born there, it's got beautiful country side scenes (but in auckland where i live there is a big town so it's not all country side over here).

    Im thinking about jumping ship and leaving America, since under Bush and Obama it has become nothing more than a shithole run by a tyrannical dictatorship. What part of New Zealand would be best to settle in.

    New Zealand is one of the most beautiful places on the planet. People are friendly, welcoming and down to earth. Do yourself a favor and go there..

    Read e2nz web site. There's a lot of information and true accounts from people all over the world who migrated there, some like it some dont. I think NZ is really not for me now after reading through what other people have said..
    I really love New Zealanders when the visit, very chill customers. Even if its okay to not tip, is it considered rude to tip big or not tip at all I know that in some places (mainly in Asia) its rude to over tip. I just wanna do right when I'm traveling.. +Peace It isn't rude to tip, dunno why that would be rude you're just giving people money. But in NZ its completely unnecessary.. An 8th thing you need to know is not to wear a wool jumper or you risk being mistaken for a sheep and shagged accordingly..
    "From an Aussie heading over for the first time this year", guys have done an awesome job putting that together, wicked stuff....
    theses maybe the rules but people don't follow them. Also this is bulls, I have lived in New Zealand fro 12 years and most of this isn't even right, it doesn't take 7 hours to travel from Milford sounds to Mt Cook, it takes 7 hours to get from Wellington to Auckland, just sayin'. You forgot to warn people about the gangs of polynesian youths that roam the streets dressed like African-American gangsters and bash and rob white people and Asians..
    The fact that there are people on here saying that NZ is a VERY racist country is completely understandable, yet simultaneously hypocrytical as they seem to put our country down in every way possible through horrific comments, that are seriously disgraceful. No country is bloody perfect, but we are far from terrible. Every place is beautiful in some way..

    Thinking about going to NZ for a Study Abroad program anything I should know before making that choice.
    please please please if you come to NZ, do NOT drive if you are nervous, tired or do not remember the road rules, please stop killing our families!. I will have a half year exchange in NZ next year, im on the north island, the mangawhai region.. is there anything I should definitely visit.
    To all my Asian fellows: do not go to New Zealand. It's a country with a bunch of racists who will stop their cars in the middle of the road and tell you to go back to where you come from.
    Can anybody please help me with the Tip part I am from US and will be visiting NZ for 10 days in Feb. Here we prefer to give 15%-20% as Tip on good service. Is it necessary to tip in Bar or restaurants or not Just want to double check.Thanks. +Samparoa Thank You ! +madhouse5213 I will be visiting Christchurch, Queenstown, Rotorua, Hamilton and Auckland.Thanks +amy pine Thanks for suggesting but i checked in map and i don't think it will be crossing my path..
    +pratik patel hey, since you're going to Queenstown have a look at Milford Sound. it's a 3 hour or so drive from Queenstown (big ass mountain in the way) it's a beautiful drive and milford sound is just amazing on a sunny day. go there just after it rains so you get all the mini waterfalls in the rocks. .

    NZ is great place to travel in, you should definitely know these things before you go to NZ! :) Please have a look at my video below and subscribe my channel. I have subscribed your channel.

    1st thing you must know is, NZ is a ugly offensive retarded white supremacist land so non-whites should not visit there..
    +jappie jappo you really think ANY other country wants the likes of you in their country. Stop breeding and you actually might have room in your own country to live...basic math! you are polluting the world you fool. +Claire North But unfortunately it's true that all of you look the same, you behave the same with the same logic and criteria. To us you are all totalitarian robots, you have no individuality. Even those socialist robots in North Korea would have more individuality than you. It's because your silly dictatorial imperialism of on the west world limiting the individuality, controlling the freedom and we are scare of it we don't need it, we don't want it, we want you to get out you malformed minded white supremacist totalitarians from the Pacific, we want to get the good old days of the Pacific without you invaders. You are invaders, robbers that robbed the islands, I wonder how any criminals like you could be so arrogant feeling no guilty. It's because you are the imperialist totalitarian believing the colonialism and slavery is justice. Ridiculous felons you are indeed..
    just a heads up guys 3:44 that tai tapu motors burnt down a few months ago so dont go looking for it (:.

    the truth about racism in nz. this place is great. growing up here for me was nice. racism is everywhere. its no different from your country. except most of us are quite modest and mature about everything. im sorry my asian and indian brothers and sisters but racist are going to try and troll you nearly all the time. there are a few reasons for this, some ignorant and absurd and some for justified reasons. the national party are partially to blame for asian hate. national party trying to stimulate the economy are giving chinese...sorry rich chinese too many liberties for the sake of money for example uh...selling property to offshore investers. which inturn heavily drives up our property market, making homeowning a pipe dream for the average kiwi. I did say partially because there are cases where tourist come here and dont understand road rules causing road fatalities...and theres the ignorant stuff like the typical stereo types blah blah blah. silly stuff really. as for the indian population. its mostly ingnorance. most kiwis think that you would end up treating our country like you treat your country. the thing is...I have had to pull up my own country men and woman about their own treatment of our stunning country. so again if you are indian or asian...well...a good one I do apologize for your mistreatment. other than that racism is mostly brought up as jokes...some mild, others bad taste. but really its not so bad. no venomous animals/insects...well very very very few. check the date this was posted. its spring about now...a pretty watm spring...summers gonna be a scorcher. lucky a beach is less than 3 hours away from anywhere here. vist for a holiday to wet your feet. if you like the water then dive right in. kia ora (means hello, thankyou and/or good health to you)..

    2 NeCacaluXuxultic How the fuck did you get dangerous from THAT! Its actually NICE here. Don't no wr da fuk u live but don't judge until u visit, bitch. Here at least, the worst a cop can do is taser or pepper spray and there is no death penalty. Its like, the 4th safest country and fyi, the only real danger, is urself. Cos believe it ir not, here in nz, if you are shit to someone 4 no reason, everyone will b shit to you. The gangs here help elderly and teach kids to swim. BELIEVE IT, TEME!.
    if it wasn't for all the filth coming to australia from nz on this ridiculous free visa system like homeless refugees hording to australia for work, maybe we would have enough prisons for our own. screw nz and this stupid australian government. anzac is total crap!. +Thomas Rooney australia and new zealand are socialist high taxed countries, good luck !... "in australia" lol england is a third world muslum arab indian paki shithole " LAUGH OUT LOUD!!. +disco balls We don't mind the taxes because we don't have to pay for all those medical bills..
    +Cryo Mate, me too. And that 1000 dollars includes travel up from Christchurch; ferry and all. Just stating facts..

    how come every single new zealander is a thug. they would have to be the most backward race you never ever trust a kiwi.

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  • November 7, 2015
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  • November 2, 2015

    Comments about this video:

    Australia and New Zealand's populations are so small that we each have a specific animal species that has a higher population than the human population..
    +Mannon Howard God what a joke haha most educated city in NZ lmfao I know for a fact that it isn't true, anyway I don't need to check I can tell by your comments that wellingtons full off autistic little fuckboys 😂😂. new zealand is like australia but smaller and fewer people know of it's existence sad yet accurate. ily new zealand.. New Zealand is amazing, never been to be fair but it's looks beautiful and most people seem so nice there. . Yeah man. Go to New Zealand. It's beautiful and the people are pretty cool too. Just don't get them started on Australia though. Every Kiwi seems to have messed up opinions about Australia. It's bizarre. It's like a national pastime. It's like a giant chip on the shoulder that can only be alleviated by telling you all about it. So you sit there and listen politely but you know they won't shut up until you just agree with them.. Number 10: New Zealand is always a minimum of 2 hours ahead of Australia but nobody ever seems to realise that. We're first, people..
    +Simon woooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooow rude much.
    I've had a few friends from NZ, they all assure me the sheep thing is real XD I didn't even know about it until the best comment 1 of them ever made "It took me 6 hours to go 4 miles. I got got out of the car, walked home, grabbed my laptop, and came back to the car. My dad was sat in the same spot, and I got on the neighbor's wifi. I finished a whole season of Kenchi before we even got to move." Gatta love sheep XD. And, for the real idiotic people out there. NEW ZEALAND IS NOT A STATE OF AUSTRALIA! WE DONT EVEN HAVE STATES IN NZ!. This country is so cool, NZ is honestly one of the best countries in the world man :D NZ also had the first ever fully enclosed stadium in the world too. So many records NZ holds :' ).
    +Kaotic Phoenix Thank you for your reply to my comment.There are some things though, that I'm understandably curious about,if you don't mind telling me.Is it true,as I've read somewhere,that there is a tendency to be parochial and inward-looking,due to its remote and isolated geographical settingAlso,as far as wildlife is concerned,I understand that,due to Australian ships docking in your ports,you now have dangerous Australian wildlife that has become indigenous to New Zealand(such as redback spiders etc).To what extent is this a problemAre we talking about just a few spiders,or does New Zealand have a lot more trouble on its plate to handle .
    +zorbathegreek Nah, NZ people look completely normal mostly because people from other countries come here but the ones that have been here (Maori and European) look normal as can be. And for wildflife, as far as I know it doesn't pose much of a threat. Hope this helped : ).
    New zeland is really nice I have lived there my hole life and I still am and it's so beautiful and there are no snakes and spider and sharks well maby some shark but there is no posnise thing here it's really cool.
    Was it you who posted that comment on one of the latest failarmy videos about dying in three days I'm pretty sure it was you, well if I die on my plane flight I will find you and I will punch you... Have a lovely day.. +What Have You Done Even if it continues, that doesn't mean I have to agree so yeah you stay in your lane and I'll stay in mine. If people don't speak out about what they think is wrong it will never change..
    You're probably going to have to change the NZ flag in your videos soon: there is currently a flag vote going on here in NZ..
    +Jamie, Mefi'Wa and Daughter Of Brookfield yeah. I totally agree, now that the black silver fern is against the original one..
    +Random Guy Sorry I meant youth suicide rates, which New Zealand does sit amongst the highest..
    The government wants to change the flag for no reason ever though most people are against it spending 36 million instead of spending it were it is actually needed.. im right in new zealand and i was born there and I LIVE THERE AND i live in te puke a tiny town in the bay of plenty.
    For all of you U.S. pussywusses that are planning on moving to Canada, why stay near such a bad nation if you hate it so much I want to stay FAR. I'm moving to NZ. Have fun in Canada all you ex-Americans!.
    i live in nz and i didnt know a few of these things, and it also got me thinking, i see way more cows than i do sheep and most people see it as a country with lots of sheep....
    +Jaz Mcgrath NZ's sheep population is 70 million and Cow population is 6 or so million so I'm assuming your area is just a cow populated place..

    I guess part of y'alls culture is not having a sense of humor, what a shame~ and I know for a fact you don't understand humor as you recently commented on a miranda sings video insulting her even though she's supposed to be a satirical character. .
    +Lucy G You would've had to make an actual joke for us to understand your particular sense of humour in the first place. It didn't work. .
    Remember, if you're going to New Zealand, GO BUNGEE JUMPING! You will not regret it! I went when I was 13 and it was one of the funnest things I've ever done..

    I've lived there. It is good if you love the outdoors, but culturally there is not much going for it, unless you consider sport culture..

    The fact about the sheep was wrong, it's actually five sheep per person. It's actually concerning how many damn sheep we have..

    +Laelan Atanidan Well,one thing's for certain:you'll never be short of wool to knit plenty of nice warm jumpers!!.
    here's a (not so nice) fact, nearly all of NZs native birds originally came from Australia including the pukeko, takahe and kiwi. +Edward Jones Are you referring to Te Rauparaha rampaging the South Island He was a fearsome warrior.. I met a guy from New Zealand once when I was having a garage sale. I said "oh, it seems beautiful! It must be nice to live there." And he said "no, it isn't! It's boring!".
    +Ferdinand Madsen the video is saying that Denmark and NZ are the LEAST corrupt...thus you have much less political infighting, for example. So you're right, Denmark is not corrupt c:.

    i Live in NZ I Like it Cause in Uk Aussie Theirs tornados and earthqaucks but in NZ you dont get that.
    Nz used to be good. Unfortunately our government has just sold nz to sign up for TTPA with no referendum for citizens to vote. this isn't a democratic nz.
    +fuzzibubbles1 bye bye. where are you going to live now nz is a democracy and has elections every three years..
    10. You gotta be a billionaire to live in New Zealand since every thing especially food is so freaking expensive.. I also know the actuall story behind newzeland with the waka and the storm yadyadayada :3 i suppode i should know these because i live there anyway:D. Being a New Zealander and watching the fact about the kiwi I was like oh Not Really but then I thought well I've never seen one so what are the chances that an foreign person has heard of one.this is really funny to me though..

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  • November 6, 2015
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  • October 26, 2015

    Comments about this video:
    +Biohazardx here in nz we don't have a lot of hispanic but if u did move here i know that u would not be judged for being hispanic. Most of the hispanics are at Melville i think and I definately know there are Quiet at sacred heart Girls College. i know i used to go there and i knew a few of them and heard of alot of them..
    +Yoshiga Victory (yoshiga123) u r gud... u saved me damn 53 secs of my precious lil life...lolz... cheers to u.

    Your country is SOO beautiful and exotic ! I'd be a dream come true to move from the U.S.A to New Zealand.. but I'm poor right now lol..

    Hi Zoe, Thanks for the pros and cons, just wondering... How is the healthcare Are the taxes overwhelming Crime I'm thinking about leaving America because I just learned I will be fined $695 every year for chosing not to pay $6,000 a year for healthcare. I am healthy and very rarely go to the doctor. You're response would be much appreciated, Cheers..
    Healthcare is usually free and taxes are paid for when you buy things from shops so you don't have to fill out any papers..
    +SHYLA MANI That's incorrect information. Health care is heavily subsidised, it's never free. As for tax. You still have to pay tax on income ect, and yes there is General Service Tax built into everything you buy IF the retailer is GST registered (start ups earning less than 40k per year dont have to register) There is paperwork like normal dependant on your type of employment. If pay normal tax, generally you just have to confirm at the end of tax year that the details are correct. But sometimes like commision based jobs, you do still have to fill out the tedious forms..
    +Ahleyah Riwai Depending on where you live in America it can get very hot as well. I wouldn't reccomend it, not because of the climate but because of the American Federal Government. Extremely corrupt. Makes it very hard for a meager wage earner to have a decent life. I want out. Thinking about New Zealand.. +Aaron Gray white tales aren't poinsonous lol. That's a myth. Not all spiders that bite are poisonous....
    Whew Great video post. New Zealanders are fairly great people. Most folks are friendly and accommodating. Real and simple people in my own opinion and experience. Kudos..

    +Roy Tacata aww thanks ♥ We are simple people at heart, having seen the benefits of an overly sophisticated and nuanced society as being superfluous to getting your point across with as few words as possible :).

    omg..i just moved to christchurch and you mean to tell me you DONT HAVE B&J...welp, looks like ill be starting an import business haha (no seriously, i told some kiwis about "Wrinkle Releaser spray" for clothes and "Fix-A-Flat" cans for cars and they now think I'm from the future).
    What irritates me about New Zealanders is that they always wan't to know what country you are from by asking wheres your eeekkkcent (accent) Then they always have to make an insulting comment about how you talk. They don't realize how fucking rude and ignorant they are. I feel like smacking the fucker in the mouth when they ask. New Zealanders are nothing but a bunch of insular racist jerk offs. Why don't the stupid pricks go pull their tongue out of their throats and learn how to speak properly and learn some fucking manners. I wish they would keep their mouths shut because they sound irritating when they talk.. Hey so Im a Kiwi living in Canada. Con of living in NZ it is fucking expensive. In Canada its like $3 for a litre of cream. $1.1 a litre of petrol. ProKiwi'sare great fun loving people, who are super chill. Canadians are said to be polite and nice people, But in reality its just a show they are super passive agressive..
    I'd love to go to new zealand but... You guys don't have netflix. THAT'S A NO FROM ME just kidding haha I really want to got here as an au pair someday, and I love the accent :).
    Well one bit my sister and the bite rotted a bit of skin in her cheek there not deadly poisoned but they do leave scars and minor poison.
    What did she said in the 1:24, I understand most of what shel said despite her thick British/NZ accent. British accent is cool, but time to time I still have difficult to understand..
    +eseaidea A 'British' accent doesn't exist. I think you mean English accent. 'British' can mean anything from England, Scotland, Wales. It's a misnomer..
    haha your hilarious i watched this video and i loved it definitely subscribing ☺ im coming to new zealand in april with my partner for 2 year. x.
    What did you say right before you said Pro- New Zealand is the first to see the sunrise What was the con right before that Anyway I'm from the United States and I have been obsessed with New Zealand lately. From everything that I've seen and read it seems wonderful. America is so crazy lately I wish I could just pack up my family and move to New Zealand. Maybe one day I'll get lucky enough to visit hopefully at a time where are the earthquakes aren't going crazy. . OMG... I fell in love with New Zeland for a years ago and been dreaming to move there, but this year I have decided to do something about that. Enough dreaming and move that ass. So... the biggest PLUS for me is the fact that tere is no spiders and snakes (i mean..not like those in Australia). i just need to find a job there..and check the whole procedure on moving to NZ. P.S. are awsome :). Small town New Zealand brothels closed down because of the increasing popularity of the average kiwi farmer sitting at home with a beer, fisting a sheep on a Friday and Saturday night effectively putting the brothels out of business some years ago..
    Why, because I don't entertain your narcissistic and twisted world view and because I don't find it funny Fuck off. Honestly you should go home and apologize to your family and your neighbors for being a complete asshole and for making them put up with your shit all these years..

    We in America like you and appreciate you sharing your country it is beautiful, and yes you were right about two years before we got your video here...just kidding I am just real slow and Yes Alexander in below comments I retired young and now I am trying to visit New Zealand and may move there and as far as I can tell the Women are very beautiful, but probably have taste and are respectful so that leaves me out, Iam no elf, taller than a Hobbit but just an ugly as a dwarf =-( I have been through Hell and back in Iraq so New Zealand should be a breeze..

    Sounds like more pros than cons to me! The tv shows here in the US are awful these days. No cookie dough ice cream Easily remedied - you can make your own! NZ sounds pretty good to me! :).
    i am just saying this not to be rude but we do have netflix and we don't have a lot of earthquakes.
    Subscribed :D I'm heading to NZ for 12 months in January i'm so excited !!!! Enjoyed the video :).

    I've been thinking of moving to NZ from America. Any advice Or just anything you think I should know/important to know.

    Pro: Here in New Zealand we are more safe than most places, have a very clean country, best diary products in the worldCons: Public transport from the stone age, not one city where there are ton of things to do.There is no country I would rather be from, but New Zealanders with a lot of skills often leave the country..

    The worst thing about New Zealand is that our cowardly politicians have bound our nation to the sadistic USA perpetual war machine. Also they signed us onto the US T.P.P.A so that psychotic American corporations with GDP's bigger than our entire nation can sue our government for 'infringing on their profit margins' by attempting to regulate any aspect of social well being or the environment. In other words we are forced to allow the sale and purchase of American carcinogenic Glyphosate saturated high fructose G.M.O pseudo foods and a host of other nefarious products whilst allowing the exploitation of our natural resources. We are becoming another vassal state for American hegemony. On behalf of New Zealanders who have not completely abandoned ethics and logic, I say FUCK THE USA, YOU ZIONIST CUNTS. LONG LIVE PALESTINE. FUCK NATO, FUCK THE C.F.R, FUCK THE TRILATERAL COMMISSION, FUCK THE I.M.F PROXY, FUCK THE WORLD BANK PROXY. Fuck all you ignorant yanks who don't even pay attention to what your totalitarian neocon mind-fuck of a government is doing. Is it any wonder you shit brained pricks are globally hated.
    I went to New Zealand when I was 13, because I lived in New Caledonia. And I thought that is a great country. I mean, everyone is nice and respectful. Now I live in Paris, but everyday I say to myself : OMG I MISS NZ SO MUCH. When I talk about it to my friends, I always say that my heart belongs to NZ. Peace up :). Im getting sick of England, thinking of moving too NZ it looks like a beautiful country... not too bothered about earthquakes and so glad too hear about the spiders and snakes haha! Very informative video and a big help cheers!.
    Sooo... pro there ain't any poisonous animals and con NZ is kind of absolutely isolated hum... which side to choose I'm actually missing things like the educational system, health care etc. so stuff that actually matters in long term living. But good video though!.

    +Kaikias Vind Free health care, inexpensive education, police don't carry guns, relatively low crime, good race relations, national sport rugby..

    Loved it. I'm thinking of coming to New Zealand from Boston so I'm glad you made this video :) It makes it easier to see its a real place with someone like myself. Much fellow youtuber love. Thnx!.

    what about studying there, (sorry for my crappy english) i will going to live there in december to work and travel for a year, but maybe, i am thinking if i improve my english(it is still pretty hard to me speak it) i would like to stay and go to college there. so it is possible, thank you!!!.
    just so you know we have two poisons spiders in nz the first the red back spider mainly found on our coast lines a native ive been told the second the white tail spider from aussie can be very nasty and cause flesh eating simtoms and in all erban places,,no antidote.
    +Spartan Stismpy i lived in aussie for a while and loved the ones that where friendly,, used to freak my nephew out big time when i let them crawl over he was 23 yrs old.
    My cons and pros is Cons: fucking shit cunt that ruin the fucking country with crack and alcohol and that that shit and most people I know have been in some sort of abuse and most of everyone I know of have had kids very very young in their teens or early twenties (which isn't a bad thing) Pros: there are some absolute good cunts here and some awesome places to go to and there is always something to do especially when it comes to traveling places. I've been to some pretty good piss ups as well and we love our food.. +Mühafaka Well my internet is shit as fuck, yes most people who cannot afford to guy movies be pirates, the airy force and engineering is really good, And guns are aloud but we have strict gun laws and etc... Most people who own guns only use them for hunting and stuff like that. I'm not sure about our vocanoes here but I know one of the vocanoes is part of the ring of fire. The housing regulations are good but really expensive in parts of the country if you want to own your own home, And you have to get permission to build a house but it isn't too bad, .
    I've heard the gangs are higher than most they really cause significant problems for the average person.
    +umidontno040394 You hear more about the gangs because New Zealand is a small country and is relatively ''unexciting' compared to other countries. We have less controversial/sensationalist things to talk about so when something happens which isn't typical, it stands out. Gangs do 'bad stuff'. But for the most part they'll leave you alone if you leave them alone.. +TheWalkthroughGuyz... dude... name 5 countries in the South Hemisphere that have nukes and have a grudge against each other... in North there are like 20 and with many grudges... and if you know about weather patterns you would know that stuff from North Hemisphere never gets to South... only in 5-20 years maybe and in percentages of under 1%... so yeah... deal with that!... you should leave UK if u still live there!. Spiders are venomous. They inject the venom into the prey. Poisonous animals, on the other hand, do not have an apparatus such as fangs or a stinger to deliver the toxin. They carry the toxin all over their body or a large part of..

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  • November 22, 2015

    Comments about this video:

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  • November 11, 2015
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  • December 15, 2015

    Comments about this video:
    Hi sir, I plan to study in New Zealand next year as university foundation student. The agent told me that the deposit I need to pay is $150,000 but you mention that the AIP Deposit is only $15,000. I am confused. Did they change the policy or did the agent over charged.
    +19991sherry Its Fifteen thousand only, and this too is to be deposited once you get your Approval of Visa.
    +Kavinder Semwal DearMr.Kavinder, you can get your PCC done from Passport office. If you have more queries you can write me at neerajkaushik2 You should have had a better grip on English since you are an educational consultant. There are too many errors in your English which should scare away the students thinking or deciding to pay for your Immigration Organisation to get a student visa of NZ. Next time if you decide to make a video to promote your business make sure that your English is at least grammatically correct !! Keep Trying Dude. How nicely you gave your speech!!. But what about the career prospect in new Zealand. Hundred of thousand of people are coming in Europe from there to find job, why. You are sending students for your benefit putting them in hell..
    fuck off it is a worst country there is no jobs there Australia is a best country to choose we count less jobs in oz..
    Hello Sir. hope you are doing good!! I have completed BE-EEE in 2012 and currently working in an IT sector. I am interested in Analytics and want to pursue in New Zealand. Is it advicable to go for MS or go for pg diploma. Please advice.. Hello neeraj sir,thanks for these videos.alot of information you are scattering,as i m hopeless.coz i m uk return.where my collegs were blacklisted,but i came back in valid visa, Is there any chace i can apply for any other good country ,like canada,aus ,or newzealnd. Please reaply and help me. Thanks. hello sir. hope you are well. I am a telecommunication engineer/graduate. But I intend to achieve a M.B.A. degree. So my question is can I apply for a M.B.A. in NZ Thanks.. Dear Antanu Zakaria, yes you can apply for MBA in NZ, just remember that majority of Insitutions in NZ has entry requirment of 2 years of work experience, for more details you can write me at my email id neerajkaushik2
    Dear Sir, Is there any problem in getting a scholarship if I spent few years in my country in searching for a job.

    hello sir,how r usir i drop my visa in oct15th. still they did not allocated my file sir plz tell me the problem .

    Dear Lhakpa, kinldy send your updated biodata, choice of program and we will send you the fee and all other expenses, you can also write me directly at neerajkaushik2 Regards, Neeeraj.
    hello sir, how are you hope your doing well.sir i have completed my and planning for higher studies in New Zealand.please help me to decide to select program between level 6 and level 7 of New Zealand diploma in business..
    Neeraj bhai, I dont need any visa for newzealand, but m impressed with your talk, lots of love from Ireland...u r the BOSS.

    Hi sir I'am shalini actually i'am married during visa submission for me(myself only) for new zealnd whether i want show fund for my hubby and kid becoz they'll be accompany after 4 months only .
    Dear Shalini, Thanks for writing, if you are applying for your self only then there is no need to show funds for your Spouse and child, the time you have to file their application that time you need to show the funds, as in your case the application clause is student visa and in their case it will be tourist visa and the annexture of visa clause will apply.For any other details you can write to me at neerajkaushik2 Regards, Neeraj Kaushik.
    Hi, is it compulsory to show 'income of source' of my parents in order to apply for New Zealand student VISA.
    Dear Mit Sengupta, income sources are only required when you are processing your application under without FTS, under FTS its not mandatory required, for any other details you can write me straight at neerajkaushik2 +Neeraj Kaushik Sir, I shall drop my inquiry in your email address. But could you please tell me, is 'income source' also required to study in Australia or Canada.
    Dear Mr.Bishnoi, i have checked but could not locate your email, requested if you can resend the same or you can straight send the same to me at neerajkaushik2
    Dear Mr.Nitin, thanks for watching and appreciation, look forward to provide you the best of our services..
    sir, i got 48 % in my graduation in commerce...should i apply for new zealand...nd i recently gave the ielts exam...nd i m expecting more than 6 bands...any suggestions sir....

    Dear Mr.Nitesh, We thank u for your post to us, yes you can apply for NZ student visa, you r eligible for Level 7 Business and in NZ.. We are a leading online student consultancy company and have been supporting student and we do not charge for any of our services and you can avail following free services from us, Admission, Visa Documents, Visa filling etc. You can call me at 9815519700 or write to me for further details at neerajkaushik2 Regards, Neeraj Kaushik Globizz.

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  • December 29, 2015

    Comments about this video:

    Is there a New Zealand job expo or similar being held in Melbourne, Australia, any time soon I'm a mature aged university graduate and I'd like to talk to somebody to get advice. If there is no expo is there a number I can ring (or maybe Skype).
    Not true. NZ is seaking for british like immigrants more than it looks for skilled workers. Its clear in all job descriptions online "overseas applicants are willcome if they have work permit "which is only possible to english tongue countries. I like in new zea land good country I willing to work there,if you need a heavy driver I can apply in your company..
    Our family had to give proof of excellent english skills and that is why i am surprised how many people i encounter who can barely speak english but they work here.I think if your skills are scarce you have a good chance of finding a job..
    If I moved there from the USA can I bring my guns with Or is this another country where people have no rights.
    i dnt believe this ,most of u from rich countries with good english,,,,it is not hard to get job and please anyone say we can do both work and study .

    Patyka online in new zealand - Buy Products In Vito Viga...
  • December 6, 2015
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  • November 13, 2015
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  • December 16, 2015
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  • January 21, 2016

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    Nice video, please see my video below

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  • December 18, 2015
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  • January 6, 2016

    Comments about this video:

    Customization Nice roads No insurance Able to register almost anything Hell, I wanna move to NZ now ;c.

    I think, when they removed the tires and added new ones they should have kept the plate (in the middle of the rims) off, because that's what made the rims ugly as hell.

    Damn, no registering restrictions No mandatory insurance Time to get my passport and head to New Zealand...
    +f u google Most of us are talking about the registration restrictions. And you got to realize there are people out there who flat out can't afford insurance..
    Wow, I haven't been watching this for a while, but that music is actually catchy, so I guess not any of these tracks are free =P Now I have to buy it... blah :).

    What!!! i'm moving to New Zealand! In my country car insurance it's just an option you don't need to have insurance if you don't want to, but importing any type of car damn... that's a kickass country!!!.

    Here In Australia there are too many fuckwit do gooders and shit stain politicians that think fun should be illegal and or limited to only what they perceive as fun, things like ripping off the Australian public off to fatten their own pockets, giving the police permission to unnecessarily harass and fine people with very little and unlawful reason. The laws on modifying cars in this country need to change dramatically..
    +phaggot Don't get me wrong there's no doubt in my mind that you guys have to put up with dick laws like we do. But for us to be able to own and mod cars like you guys, can easily cost us tens of thousands of dollars. .
    What jobs are in demand in New Zealand! is there any need of a professional village idiot or town drunk.

    I cant believe I have never watched this episode until now. My favourite episode is the Cressida build. Awesome to see another Toyota here!.
    For Vg diesel turbine electronic boost controller can be. And I want to install second vgt. Can you help.
    Personally I like the Super Sequential. I mean, if you're gonna have a turbo car, why not enjoy it.

    Hey awesome video, next your in new Zealand you should come to Hamilton, just out of Hamilton there are some mad roads and I love out here so next time or if you guys come here again keep it in mind :-) .
    NZ has optional insurance, no wasps, cheap awesome imports, great car culture and tracks holy crap. i'm moving.. +Cthulstory R'lyehmeanit I drive a stock looking legacy so im sweet from police. tails my mates tell me in there rfb's etc are fucking ridiculous.. Hells cool vid. you two are hilarious! keep making more! been doing mods to my 95 eagle talon tsi with the help of some of your advice and skepticism and forwardness....
    1:15 put some turbo in that, take out useless pieces of metal to get rid of the weight then that van\car is gonna fly.
    Mad Geordie FTW, you should check out all his vids of other trucks and cars he has built! MAAAAAADDDD !!. I am looking to get my first turbo car want something a little older and preferably under about $5000 that I can build up for power cruise next year what would be your guys opinions . the rules there are the same as the uk but here there are no laws about lowering your car we can lay frame as much as we want. we do have to have insurance though but its cheap as.... +Arron Somerville how many no claims have you got though dude and how long have you been driving it all makes a difference!!. I love these guys. No homo. So informative. I just got an hks evc 5 boost controller and wasn't sure on the entire install. Now I know exactly what to do. Question though...I have an rb25det and I think max is 12 psi and stuff goes bang if you go any higher. How is that little turd holding the same boost that makes mine go bang Or is my rb25det more capable.
    I only paid 500 usd for mine. Theres another one about 2 hours south of me for 600 usd. I may grab it too..
    can you guys do a vid on installing air bag suspension that would be awesome since there are no high quality and in-depth install videos.. in Vancouver bc there's lots of I'm ports and there's a few figaro thare and and lots of french cars but mostly japanese imports. +wrcchris Yeah, the Ferrari owners insurance company will pay for the damage and then they will send you the bill. That's why I have insurance even though it's not a rule to have it..
    these are legit, i have one exactly the same but in purple, same kit and everything. all modded. Go starlets ! SIiiiick.
    +justin merwede The EP82 is a factory turbo, infact the EP82 has a factory boost controller on the dashboard..
    Thanks guys, you just answered a problem ive been having with my R34GTT, BoostCut! i never would have guessed!.

    I have a VF34 ball bearing turbo on my little Starlet GT, very fun car :) I have a video of my car on my channel..

    They don't have to have insurance on their cars What about insurance for when you crash into someone and have to pay for their repairs.

    To anyone who can answer, do a lot of people in New Zealand buy insurance anyway Or do most people not have it.
    +airlopez21 Most people here buy insurance anyway, and you can get third party insurance in case you crash into someone with a rather expensive car. Alot cheaper then full insurance. Me and a mate saw this driving through my town a couple of months ago, which is about 120km's away from where this was filmed..
    So you bought a car with a turbo, but without brakes. cool story bro also welcome to the rice fields.
    At 14:19 whats the red car behind Moog Not the RX7, the one over his shoulder... Driving me insane trying to find it out..

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  • December 14, 2015
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  • January 17, 2016
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  • January 8, 2016

    Comments about this video:
    Deluded. Not all crashes evolve the same way. This is how it will play out. Commodity prices have been slammed over the last year. EMs have borrowed about 9 trillion on the back of good commodity prices over the last cycle, now that prices have collapsed, their currencies have collapsed, the 9 trillion in USD will not be looking very cheap anymore. The Fed has been printing the default currency since 2009 and has flooded the world with cheap liquidity causing property and asset bubbles everywhere, take your pick which country you want to chose. There is about 600 billion in bonds that financed the shale plays in the USA and we know where oil is heading. Then we have the bond bubble which is the mother of all bubbles, when this finally bursts there are going to be multiple sovereign defaults which have already began. All we need now to set all this in motion is an event that will cause a rally in the dollar. I think it will be Turkey, they will introduce capital controls and default on their bonds. Interest rates will shoot up very quickly to reflect the increased risks in the markets. This will be a global event, you could see countries the size of Japan default, this will bring on a cycle of deflation like you have never seen before and will last about 5 to 10 years. Don't ever think that it is different this time. The laws of mathematics are universal. You could see property prices collapse to 2000 levels. Take a look at Japan, real estate prices are still 60% down today compared to their 1992 levels. This is what happens when there is too much cheap liquidity in the markets.. I think one of the important areas to understand when purchasing property overseas is protecting your capital during FX exchange. Online brokerages help preserve capital more effectively than traditional banks.. . Absolutely agreed, Cross collateralized Portfolio is a No No and would give the bank / lander the "upper" hand and leave the investor with not much room for negotiating and will put you in weaker position. Good and sound advise. .

    Tablet - Buy Products In Vito Mol - Nov 2, 2015
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  • December 2, 2015
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  • December 1, 2015

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  • November 16, 2015
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  • January 14, 2016
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  • December 11, 2015

    Comments about this video:

    Potential migrants should not be misled. Kiwis are not accepting of different cultures (or colored skin such as yellow, brown, black). Do not sell off your house or properties thinking you can move to NZ and have a normal life. Know that you will be discriminated and you will have to strive hard. Professionals such as Doctors, Accountants work as taxi drivers and in supermarkets. Socially, Kiwis are fine. They are nasty when it comes to driving and work. Just so you are informed..
    why you want to come new zealand just work something out in india.. man new zealand got nothing left in it true true and true... olz dont come.... Vikas Agarwal thank you very much for advices you gave, you are saying about real face of NZ not a imagination and motivation videos or information from the internet. I'm thinking tha same things. of course it will be no easy for the first time for everyone, but is it possible to find finally some job while stying because I'm also soon plannig to come for 6 month study in college. can I find some little job there. many companies are looking for the next slave labor. Chinese then Philippines, Cambodia then Bangladesh soon people will out-way there need here because focus is on you and me not we.. Did I hear that wrong you can only stay in the country for 1 year if you have work But I've seen many people post vids & on site talking about how they are now living/working in NZ for several years already. How is that accomplished :\.
    It's pretty straight forward, no matter where you go for a job search. If you have competent proficiency level of the local language, Permanent Residency, A fairy good degree, some work experience would let you be in a strong position to be considered for a job offer. If not, it's heaps easier to find a job in your home country.

    My parents and I are planning on migrating to NZ after my A levels to start a new life and I'm planning on working while waiting until Uni starts, but I have no work experience yet :/ and it's difficult looking for a part time job that accepts non-locals here in the country i'm living currently.

    I Think NewZealand Not A Bad Country And Thank You Immigration For You Give Lot,s Off Information .

    If I have a dual citizenship would it be easier for me to get a job in NZ while going to college there (My dad is from NZ) .
    Hello ,,, everyone i am thinking to move to new zealand after my 12 class for further courses. Currently i am studying in 11 ,,, so should i move there or not Answer please . NO. NZ is a very small country and small economy, too many students already moved in. If you do move in , then make sure have money to support yourself for at least 4 - 5 months, you will need at least that much time to get a job..
    Hi Savannah, if you have dual citizenship then you're able to work while you study here without any restrictions. .

    Buy Glucolo Pills - Where to Buy Glucolo Diabetes Pills...
  • November 23, 2015
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  • January 9, 2016
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  • November 24, 2015
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  • December 31, 2015

    Comments about this video:

    This video's just hit 100,000 views!! As a big thank you to everyone I've made a 'behind the scenes' video, talking about how the filming of the episode came together as well as some unseen footage and deleted scenes. Head over and like my Facebook page to see the video - cheers! :)

    Hey guys, i am from holland and want to travel New Zealand as well. Wich package did you take at kiwiexperience I want te same haha Awesome vid!.

    +Lasse Geleijnse we did the funky chicken pass
    This is amazing! You and James are adorable (especially James LMAO). Visiting NZ for the first time in Dec and just starting planning... I want to do EVERYTHING you guys did! (well, yes to the skydiving, no to the bungee :P ) But alas won't have enough time. Gorgeous footage and exceedingly entertaining. The LOTR soundtrack made it even more epic. Just brilliant! Cheers.. +anrina Thanks very much! :) You're gonna have an incredible time in NZ!! Check out our budgeting video there's a bit in it about money in NZ might be useful Cool vid..Am flying out Christmas Eve, got week in Auckland and New Year Eve, then on the 2nd Jan, am cycling the North & South Island and back up the west coast of the south..over 6weeks trip..Cant Wait... god, i'm so jealous! i hope to travel as much as you guys as well when i'm done with school!. I´m enjoying your trip as it was my own. And in my beloved New Zealand!. Amazing. You are an inspiration guys..
    It's crack up watching people do things in New Zealand I as a New Zealander take for granted. 😂😂.
    Great video. We have left New Zealand one month ago, but we are already thinking about going back. Such an impressive country. We also make video's from our world trip, so if you would like to check out our New Zealand video's, please do so ;).
    Sooo great but sad in the same moment to see those guys havng fun at places where I had years ago :( :) but still hate those Wekas. Ate all our bread once!.
    Man I really wanna see my beautiful country after watching yr trip thx man... Is the Kiwi experience OK for oldish people and for that matter kiwis! I'm 44 lol. the best travel videos ever and it is so inspiring. gonna start planning my travel like you do. and kudos to your video edit, its very cool. :D keep up man! :). thanks for the response karl! what would you recommend in the way of travel packs you're essentially backpacking so bring what you can carry right. you might have spent a lot of money, I guess. I am heading to Queenstown next week. Thank for your video. It is helpful to decide what to do. thumb up for this clip...
    The thing that really amazed be about the glaciers and especially milford sound is how insignificant they make you feel. Not only how ancient the landscape is but say, the milford sound, you're on your little ferry boat looking up at Mitre Peak, which just rises straight up out of the water to 1,700m and the day I was there there was a cruise ship across the other side of the sound, a massive cruise ship, 5000 people on board and it looks like a minuscule little row boat in comparison to the mountains and landscape around it..
    This is an absolute joy to watch!! wow!!! New Zealand looks like A LOT of fun!! You guys did a amazing job on the editing of this video! Really awesome to watch! I just wonder, do you guys still have any contact with the big group on the bus drive Man, I really want to go travel also! I am planning to first go on holiday to Bonaire (Dutch Caribbean) and after one or two holidays, I want to move there to live there for a while.. excellent diving and surfing place! Thanks for sharing this awesomeness with all of us! Aloha!, Fer. hi i was wondering, if you had to add all the extras to the bus ride or is the kiwi bus all of the things you did togeter. I'm thinking or working and living in new zeal d lime you did, what sites and best to look for jobs and accommodation . OMG This looks soo awesome! I would love to just go to the airport and take the next plane to new zealand now 😂😂😉 .
    Wow..nice filming... After watching this vid, I wana go there very soon. NZ was always my dream destination. It gives complete guide on how to plan your route..

    What months were you guys in New Zealand for Im thinking of doing a working visa for a year in new zealand after school.
    +Charlotte McNamara We were there in June-July, February is there summer so you should have great weather :).
    Really made me want to visit NZ! Wonderful video, really jealous you got to see all of the beautiful sights! Which pass did you you two get which allowed you to see all those sights and did you get any Add-ons to see things which weren't included in that trip Many thanks in advance!.

    +Edward Boyd This is the pass we did: the activities weren't included but they were discounted.
    Karl, FYI - earlier on this year the TTS aircraft engine failed and the pilot nose dived it into the water before jumping out himself.. Awesome, you should come back through Taupo, we have a few cool things here (not much) but a bit more than a skydive company and airport lol btw what software did you use for editing and rendering. Yeah I'm doing to do the Tongariro crossing, both times I've been to NZ it was cancelled by weather! Even spent a week there in 2006 trying to do it!! ;) I use Final Cut X for editing, graphics are done in After Effects.
    Watched the whole video while I actually have to study.. ooops.. I do not regret it though. You two are such an inspiration to me. I want to go to NZ next year July/August for 6 weeks! :D.

    +Merel.Saarloos I'm most likely going to Rotorua, Auckland and areas around Rotorua! What about you.
    +XThulyX Hey - glad you enjoyed the video! We did the Funky Chicken pass with Kiwi. Check out this budget video on how much the whole trip cost with some info on saving for NZ:
    What month did you go here New Zealand's really a beautiful country! And South Island is just MAJESTIC! REALLY! I'm going to do this someday! :).
    +Karl Watson: Travel Documentaries Thanks bro. I'm going to do what you did someday! Looking forward to go back to New Zealand someday! :). Hey Guys ! I LOVED this episode (first of your travelogues that I watched). It's fun, it's hilarious..nicely done :) Makes me look forward to my move to NZ (hopefully sooner) :) Good luck with all your travels.. Much Love x. love the series very well done keep up the good work. Was wondering what type of camera you used during this trip. im booking a kiwi experience soon, im a little confused on how the bus ride works can you get off whereever you want which package did you book and how long did you stay for any tips would be great !. +Tariq Mehr We did the Funky Chicken pass. You can get off at any of their stops for as long as you want. The pass lasts a year and you can go round as many times as you like.
    +Kieran Tan Check out my budget video for the entire trip, has a section on NZ:
    I am loving this documentary!!! Out of all the countries you've been to so far I'd have to say I've enjoyed NZ the most! Been wanting to go here for the last 10 years and I'm finally going next month with my mom for 2 weeks! I am beyond excited and your video has made me look forward to my upcoming trip even more!. +anic18 Yeah NZ is probably my favourite country in the world, absolutely love it! You'll have an amazing time! :).
    Here's a budget breakdown of the whole trip. Keep in mind we did a MASSIVE trip so it cost us a lot, the video has some suggestions of how to do it way cheaper:
    +Karl Watson: Travel Documentaries Thanks mate, if you ever feel like you need someone to help you with your trips, let me know and I'll join you any time haha! . Thanks so much for posting this! I want to do the kiwi experience too! Which pass did you take And did you have to book the pass a long time beforehand Is 5 months beforehand enough. +blubske3 We did the Funky Chicken pass and no, you don't have to book that far in advance. Keep an eye on their website as they often have 50% off the passes..
    Thank u karl watson for sharing and uploading this video.. This documentary probably increased my anxiety to travel to new zealand some day in near future...

    Im planning my trip for March. This was an awesome video. I'll be sure to watch your other adventures .
    Was it expensive to eat/drink there or are these trips all inclusive +Karl Watson: Travel Documentaries. +Adam Harrington Its not all inclusive, all the hostels have big kitchens for everyone to cook in. If you're travelling in a group like on the Kiwi bus, you can make things cheap by a bunch of you getting together and cooking a big meal together. That really keeps costs down and saves more money for beer ;). i liked your channel and you adventers good luck +Karl Watson: Travel Documentaries That was wicked cool thanks for all the effort in putting together this footage and uploading it. I love your youth, you can drink like that and still manage all these amazing adventures. You get older you'll find you can't do both. So grab life by the balls and run with it while you can.. what a fantastically edited little program. really showcases New Zealand. I really want to do the South Island! so beautiful.

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  • November 27, 2015
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  • November 29, 2015

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  • December 21, 2015

    Comments about this video:
    +John Smith And don't forget that we want to dismantle the nukes in our waters, take back our military, expunge that woman who calls herself the queen, and keep Scottish money in Scotland...LOL.
    "the queen of england" she's the queen of the united kingdom - I'm not even a monarchist, I just hate it when people generalise the UK as england - it's like saying that barack obama is the president of north america.

    Was was and was.. With a merill lynch bankster as primesinister.. NZ is now NOOOO different to any other country.. You have lying scumbag politician, corrupt corporations, expanding derivative debt, low income wage, poverty, social violence, fluoride and chem trails.. YEA we got all that too.. Is New Zealand Powerful. Hell No.. NZ has always been the test dummies.. Luv this country but its full of sheeple...
    +jaceNZ75 New Zealand is NOT by any measure low wage, I have no idea where the NZ media got that from, NZ rates around the middle of the OECD for inequality BETTER than Australia. Start to learn more about your own country before having a spasm! More Kiwis (70%) live in smaller cities and towns well below 1 million people where its cheaper to live and sure lower wages than say Auckland, the high percentage of people living in small centers drags down those HEADLINE wage figures when comparing to say Australia. Here in Australia if you live in a Capital cities (over 50% of people do) its not uncommon to spend over AU$100 a week on transport just to get to work and back due to the size of the cities with toll roads everywhere etc, just one example. Most parts of NZ you don't pay for water!, rates are cheaper, electricity, car rego half the cost, and the list goes on.. +Ryan Hellyer yeah. but it does have a signed partnership agreement with nato. and given the influence anglo countries have within nato, it can be fair to assume nato will help.. +Joel Reid Incorrect, they have ALWAYS been a part, NZ effectively suspended itself with the Anti Nuclear stand, but in recent times is now a Active partner with a thaw of NZ/US relations AND US Nuclear ships still can't visit..
    +Battleneter Thanks for correction. I didn't realise it was only suspended, not cancelled..

    Interesting, no mention of the ridiculous cost of living relative to the value of our money and average income. At least in Auckland (where a significant portion of us live).
    +colin dunbar Blackfella, whitefella... what's wrong with it I've used those terms all my life. Quick to say and it precedes political correctness by about 200 years.. +Fuque Yu Honest it sounds a lil offensive but I mean I don't live in Aus so it probably comes across as normal . I mean, they told the US to essentually go fuck itself with their anti-nuclear policy (which means US naval ships can't use NZ territorial waters). Not many country have done that and gotten away relatively uscathed.
    We have 3 islands 1. North Island 2. South Island 3. Stewart Island (the little tiny one at the bottom of the south island) also we have many other small islands scattered around the country e.g waiheke island, kapiti island.

    I dont get why Australians hate on New Zealander, Im Australian and it seems pretty nice over there. Nearly better than here in straya in certain elements..
    +Joe Cavanaugh Lots of really large, hairy, aggressive women in bib and brace overalls but I wouldn't say that.. +IIMjayII Feminists and tree-hugging socialists are to blame, of course. I remember the days when beautiful, slim, sun-tanned hetero bikini babes were all the go.. Some of the greatest people on earth are from NZ Ed Hillary, Peter Blake, Kate Sheppard, Ernest Rutherford..
    I'm from new Zealand I'm a Maori its the language speak from my heritage past from generations less people now speak Maori only 24% speak Maori now but it is the power of the world index.

    +Seth Hamilton maybe only the "phrases". Maori language almost got eliminated due to colonial laws..

    Those laws being I don't remember any legislature about not being able to speak native tongue, far from it. .

    1:56 The Queen is in camouflage trying to blend in with her furniture. Whilst John Key's sitting there wondering where the fuck she went to and should he go now.

    +Bossome_gamer No shit! Do you mean New Zealand is not in the North Atlantic Never would have guessed!.
    Lol, but forgot to say about how it is most most expensive for land, nationals pay high import and export prices and then further marked up, minimal heavy industry, over priced houses, low wages, strangely high crime rates for such a small country, a ton of domestic violence, corruption, gangs, bad drug problems, terrible drivers, major roads/highways are single lane, all towns look the same, no proper national rail system, high costs for food, high costs for old 10+ year old cars which would normally be scrapped in Europe, Some towns there are pretty hick in attitude, Not much for the youth to do, towns are miles apart, not everyone is friendly and welcoming. Internet is very expensive and unreliable and slow, The place thinks it is a major player in the world and wishes it was, but sadly, it's always going to be geographically isolated, and unless they get at least another 20 million in population, it'll never happen. Up until the mid 1990s NZ was pretty behind the times of the rest of the world. The major city - Auckland calls itself a supercity, but only has 1.4 million pop. LOL!! it's like it all of a sudden NZ decided to copy everywhere else in living standards (cafe culture, posh houses, nice cars, modernisation, etc) and charge everyone for the privilege of it - sadly, most kiwis cannot afford it and a huge amount live below the poverty line. Just sayin' it like it is. And yes, I'm from NZ. Everyone I speak to always wants to go to NZ, but it's not like lord of the rings at all, yeah is some scenery, but Canada has some great scenery, as does the US and Europe. NZ is pretty boring. It's ok for a holiday, but as for living...hmmmm...spose its ok coming from overseas because of the exchange rate and will be able to afford to, but as long as you're happy paying a heck of a lot for stuff and being bored senseless, then its for you. (Imagine living in Arkansas, US - yep it's like that). Well said 2 helterskelter.. NZ is a "legally corrupt" nation but the real problem is they don't admit that. This fact never leaks out coz of censored media. The victims are ignorant immigrants who bring in huge investments, just like wannabe YouTube viewers in here. Its a beautiful country for the scenery but if you look closely something doesn't seem alright..
    I'm an expat Kiwi living in Louisiana USA. I love New Zealand but, can't afford to live comfortably there. Most New Zealanders can't afford to own a home so tend to rent, usually in a group situation to keep the cost of living to a minimum. I have lived in the US since October 2014. I love it here. The security company I work for pay me for every hour I work with overtime built in, plus every holiday I work I'm paid time and a half or double time for a 12 hour shift depending on the holiday. This is how I used to be paid back in the day in New Zealand, until the government and greedy businesses introduced individual contracts therefore making Kiwis work longer and harder for less pay. New Zealand is safe and nice to live in, but, what a rip off. The only thing I miss about New Zealand is my family and the scenery..

    we have an alright army but our special forces don't fuck with them. but jhon key dose need to wake up and do more with are military..
    +Harry Montgomery over 250 Isis combatants are killed monthly by nz sas only. Most likely with no casualties or one on the very rare occasion. Yep I think we are fine.
    You know, new zealand is really freaking rich. If they tried, they would probably be pretty high militarily wise.
    tduffz, I too have see the over the top Stuff shock jock blogs without balance, Here is some balance, NZ has a much higher indigenous population than Australia, yes its true indigenous people both sides of the Tasman struggle with this. NZ ranks very well for suicide over all, better than Australia, AND your Canada! +Battleneter of course the indigenous have bad suicide rates as they have to deal with racism and other factors. Im am talking about youth suicide. not age standardized suicide as your map is.look on the oecd website and you should find some more credible stats. isnt it possible that a problem in a indigenous population reflects something that everyone is effected by. We may have power, but we have the worst president ever. Damn john key is trying to change our flag, and not just that!. +RastaTokoDude decent world class football players cost around 30 million EUROS. spending 26 mil has almost zero effect on the economy. if they fucking knew its alot of money and would make nz poor why the fuck would they even start this referendum.. NZ is only fat cos you fucking fat cunts that ride the benefit, get a fucking job: whore ass 15 year old girls whose purpose in life if making a baby so they don't have to work and you fucking immigrant islanders addicted to KFC who are both. +Awesome Apples Well our country really hasn't gotten any worse, or changed really (apart from trivial things and things out of our control) under John Key. While he's certainly not the best, he's not the worst either..
    China is NZ's largest Export Partner, so um this video at the beginning feels a bit off with its 1970's relations comments. NZ was the first developed country in the world to sign a FTO with China..

    +RKOViperOrtonHD™ latest poll december 2015. preferred prime minister: john key 65.2%, andrew little 16.2%, winston peters 7.9%, jacinda ardern 2.8%, helen clark 2.5%. If you don't like it, leave..
    New Zealand rules! Go Christchurch! :-) Although TPP (Trans Pacific Partnership) will ruin life for citizens if John Key doesn't grow a pair and stop it. :-(. +catlover12670 TPP will not ruin life for anyone. free trade is a win-win for everyone, especially trading nations like nz. nz apples, milk, beef, kiwifruit, pork and much more, are produced more efficiently than anywhere, and with trade barriers removed, hundreds of millions of people will be able to buy the best food at the best prices. trade creates wealth. european nations have known this for centuries and have fought wars over trade routes. when every country produces what they are best at, and freely trades with another, people can afford to own more for less - wealth creation. the benefits for all nzers is enormous and both major parties have worked towards it.. +Sam Sabastian yeah, but... on 5th June, 2012, New Zealand Prime Minister John Key and NATO Secretary-General Anders Fogh Rasmussen signed a partnership arrangement to maintain and strengthen the strong co-operation that New Zealand has developed with NATO... which is the next best thing. Given the influence of anglo-saxon countries within NATO - uk, us, canada - and historical and cultural ties with on the west europe, it would be hard to imagine nato not defending nz, if necessary.. +superkiwistar No doubt, but the video clearly states that NZ is a member of NATO - it is not. Get the facts right - pleaseee.. +Dylan's World anzus has been fully restored through a series of agreements between 2009-2012. the most public of which were the wellington declaration in 2010 signed by hillary clinton, and the washington declaration in 2012..
    An American who obviously has never been to New Zealand. The pretty picture this lady is painting is far from the truth of the real shit state of the New Zealand economy..
    +Ain't no Slice Didn't someone jus kill 2 people in Israel yesterday at a cafe due to the hands of ISIS .
    +Jurick Pewhirangi Don't know how thats relevant but there was a shooting at a Tel Aviv cafe. Suspect was not confirmed and was far more likely to be a Palestinian independence activist. .
    Excuse me One of the last countries to be populated by humans So Maori's aren't classified as humans... I thought the world had moved on....
    New Zealand is powerful. It has big fat guys in grass skirts with scribble on their faces that do funny dances before war. But their women are even scarier. Send them out onto the battle field first and most blokes will run away screaming..

    N.Z is one of the most boring places on earth it's very expensive to live here and most of the residents want to leave for Australia so shove your N.Z sponsored bullshit clip right up your ass.

    +Tony Mcelwee There are now more New Zealanders moving back from Australia than leaving every year. In the last year 30,000 Kiwis moved back, I dont think the grass was all that green..
    highest youth suicide rate. high taxes. out of control housing crisis. weak currency. per capita crime is high. its not that awesome. petrol is one of the most expensive in the world. Australia is better.
    +soshified101 I think you'll that Greenland has the highest suicide rate, next in line is South Korea.
    I'm glad she didn't find out about that secret powerful doomsday weapon we have been hiding.... Every video you make is full of errors, New Zealand isn't a member of Nato or ANZUS (any more) and we are not ruled by the "queen of england", She is the Queen of New Zealand and also happens to be the Queen of the United Kingdom, which might not sound important but it is. Plus you didn't mention New Zealand's Nuclear free status or anti-whaling which as soft diplomatic power is about the only power new zealand has..

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  • November 17, 2015

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    It sounds like he was in New Zealand quite a long time ago; I mean decades ago. Pretty much everyone has broadband, and as for not having carpets That's the first time I've heard that one!. +TMCP Lol it does sound weird. I wonder if he spent most of his time in isolated rural towns rather than urban centres.. Cracks me up when outsiders call our pies "meat pies". We're so big on "meat pies" that we just simply call them pies. And the other type of pie is a desert pie, or fruit pie, or apple pie.. Auckland is the north island and wellington is the south island!!! they're on the same island! There are three main islands - North, South, and Stewart Island. Wellington is the capital and at the bottom of the North Island, almost sitting in the middle of the entire country. And yes, Auckland is flat-ish (there are volcanoes all around), but Wellington is the earthquake capital so it's hill again hill with the urban and residential areas in the valleys.. Speaking of the rivalry between Australia and New Zealand... During the Korean War, the Americans and Canadians were often left to wonder whether the Aussies and Kiwis were more serious about fighting each other than fighting the Chinese and North Koreans, because of the style of pranks they were pulling on each other. The rivalry isn't just about rugby, it is about literally everything. But heaven help any outsider that thinks they can join in, because it is a sibling rivalry, and family will always have each other's back. Interesting about the internet cafe part. I live in Christchurch (NZ's 2nd largest city) and don't know of any internet cafes, everyone has internet in their homes here.. in new zealand you dont drive on the other side of the road. In america you drive in the oppisite of the road. I like this man's idea of New Zealand, it's pretty cool! But yes, he also has generalized a lot.
    How long ago did you visit Most houses have carpet, unless they're old, and many households have central heating too..
    Just a minor point, it would take about 16 hours to travel the length of nz if there was a straight line from the top to the bottom, and you could travel 100km/hour the whole way :) We'r e small, but not that small ;). In terms of housing I think it's very different. Flats (Appartments) aren't all that common, townhouses or units are more common than flats. Houses are typically smaller in New Zealand than in the United States - however the land the house is on will be a lot larger than the U. S. Most houses have large back yards where children generally play and families will gather rather than the front yard. We also have fences. Between the road and a house it will be private unlike in American suburbs. So from the road you generally can't see into the house or the front yard. . Interesting video. A couple of minor points - home broadband is extremely common here - I don't know why net cafes operate but I think it has to do with games and tourists. Also you can't have seen many houses because carpet is very common.. Honestly I think I would prefer New Zealand over the USA not just for its aesthetics and culture but for the levels of liberty and freedom that New Zealanders enjoy.. 😏😏well lets just say there two meanings the the term "three way". If yuuuu know wotta mean..

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  • November 9, 2015

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  • November 4, 2015

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    Where to Buy Thyromine Supplement - Australia
  • January 24, 2016

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    Price of glucolo - Buy Products In Vito Mol - Dec 20, 2015
  • November 14, 2015

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    Fat women and lesbian women will ALWAYS complain and whine about anything that portrays women as beautiful..
    hahahahahahahh I bet ALL THEM CALLS WERE MADE BY FAT WOMEN... I think I'm correct...their fat, jealous, and more..

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    Something is wrong with a society where society is set up for families to fail or never even make it as an official family from the start, and then once they fail, society turns a blind eye and lets the kids go hungry, puts them in institutions where they are abused, and then the kids turn to gangs in hopes of finding a family. This is really messed up.. +Max Marshall No, not at all. I think the caste system is bad all around. I would not wish the caste system on anyone. . I'm proud of this Maori gang, and principles of the schools, that give this gang a chance to do good for Maori tamariki. Well done!!!!!. +AzureONboard So is helping kids a disgrace All the things they could be doing and they make lunches for poor kids.. For those who don't know in New Zealand the government recently voted no to a bill called feed the kids which would cost the government one million and feed a lot of hungry children. Now we find ourselves looking at a flag change costing 27 million. PRORITIES ARE IN SHAMBLES In other words these gangs are protecting the community more than the government.. +str8sk8t It's because every politician in NZ is a fucktard, and they deserve to be in the Gulag.. +anewacc Aboriginal is a generic term that anthropologists use that means to have originated from that place. It has come to be the general name given to the indigenous people of Australia(there are actually many ethnic groups just like in Mexico), with those living on Torres Islands called Torres Strait Islanders..
    +NewMan Essentially it represents a "Fuck You" to traditional society and what it stands for.

    I use to starve in school. My parents were awful with money and I would go and scab all the other kids. It was hard and it got even worse when my two baby sisters were born(I love them). I think the problem with these kids comes from parents not being able to budget and run an efficient economy at home. It only takes a few changes in spending from the parents to prevent this. But its such a difficult issue to tackle if you are not motivated. Especially if you have a crap job..
    All those sandwiches brings out a fun fact Fun Fact: In America The Black Panther Party was a breakfast program for black children... Also a group to police their own neighborhoods. Big Bad American government doesn't like when people take care of themselves... Especially when you feed children, that is a no-no!. +Master Mariner no black was so lazy they enslaved whole swaythes of white ethnic groups dragged them in chains half way round the world and used them as pack animals for 400 years then throw them freedom and expect them to ascimilate immediatly with no time to get over 400 years of oppression. I am not black im a maori but you ask what they can do to get out of victim status you are looking for a thank you tell me does your bullshit contribution make up for 400 years of sub human treatment. Have you ever considered the history of your nation and the blood and broken bodies it took to make your country. You are not responsible for the cost of what your ancestors did (if you are anglo american) But like it or not your ancestors left you the bill. Black Americans need more than 60 years less than a generation to get over 400 years of oppression. A few handouts don't cut it.. +The Proverbial Hater The government has the power to make the school not to receive the food donations.. New Zealand is one of the most civilized countries in the world, they don't need these parasites, they don't need the "highest # of gang membership per capita" statistic!.
    Cartel leaders in Mexico have done similar community assistance programs. They opened medical clinics and schools, helped feed the poor.. All kinds of P.R. work to gain the support of the local population. In the past, it really worked! A lot of people really believed they sold drugs to help their communities.. Not sure anyone honestly believes that anymore.
    +Chris Dooley He escaped with plenty of help from corrupt officials mind you. And if you go into rural parts of Sinaloa there are places that basically survive from whatever assistance the drug cartel gives them. Same thing in Michoacan a lot of farmers there don't really like the idea of growing marijuana but more or less were forced into it after they've had their livelihoods ruined by NAFTA and other free trade agreements that in many cases made it cheaper to import produce and other goods from other countries rather than to buy domestically. I'm not defending the gangs by any means but just saying that this is why the whole good vs bad drug war is so stupid because often times the "good" guys are actually the ones causing the most damage of all.. Man i used to remember going to school without lunch, wish these guys where around back then, these kids will always remember you when they grow up, good one.. I'm from ngaruawahia and have grown up around these men.. They are amazing and friendly, they do more to help the community than most others.. I know they are a gang, but they are not what you think they are..
    Yes, I think John Key has two children, Bill English has quite a few. John Key doesn't accept any of his salary as PM, he gives it away apparently..
    This makes me LOL and physically sick at that same time. Not one of these community "role models" would pass a drug test.. If I were in government Id propose that we initiate a "clean NZ" bill which would give police more resources and flexibility to work around gang members. Police would be given permission to raid suspected "pads" or gang members houses. The police would be armed. They would have permission to use excessive force on anyone wearing a patch in public. You'd be arrested and convicted for wearing patches in public. Anyone suspected of being in a gang would be raided, beaten and arrested then convicted. I would build a new prison out in the harsh South Island. There will be no heating, no hot water, no beds, food will only be rice and porridge. And this is where most of these gang memebers will go along with some of the worst criminals in New Zealand.. Nahhh fuck u bro. A lot of those people have families of their own, they'll do what it takes to protect them and I don't blame them for doing so..
    Awesome to see something positive come out of a negative situation. It makes me wonder why our own government John Key aka Donkey makes an ass of himself by not addressing child poverty because there is more profits in building an extension to a casino for 500 extra pokie machines, where mostly poor people gamble..
    That's not a "Hitler salute" you fucking morons. It's an Aryan salute and has been around for thousands of years. Read a fucking book..
    The demand for land south of Auckland will create more pressure for the poor in Ngaruwahia as this will affect housing..
    I Cannot See The American Hells Angles Or The Outlaws Taking Over The Waikato Gang Territory....
    Good for them! If only half these idiots making comments would do something like this maybe there wouldn't be any hungry children in the world..
    I just saw on the news a haka performed at a wedding, and I can just about guarantee that it's going to be Tika Tonu. Hopefully I'm right, but this was the first video I saw when I opened You-Tube and I saw the Tribal Huks. Last year I saw the difference they made in a community where many children arrived hungry at school. I'm not here to hold up the gangs as some kind of Robin Hood figures. I've seen first-hand how intimidating some of them can be. However, I've also seen how family-oriented some of these so-called "Outlaws" are, and how concerned many of them are about the growing problem of youth gangs, the type of gangs where a prospect will be told to beat the %&*( out of a random person as part of their initiation. That tells me that many gangs have some concept of what is morally right. I've seen Black Power families supporting members of their whanau at sports tournaments, and chatting happily with the father of another team member who just happens to be a policeman. I've talked to enough children to know that they appreciate the nurturing they have received from some of "these people." Having spent the last 20 years teaching in South Auckland and the poorer parts of the Waikato, I've learned a few things. 1. Don't judge a person by the tattoos on their face or the patch on their back 2. Don't assume that "gangster" means "doesn't know how to care for whanau/aiga. 3. Get to know people before you judge them... and finally 4. Better not to judge at all..
    +Owen McCarthy Tika Tonu, in case you're wondering, was created by a father who was worried about his son. It can be performed by both men and women..
    +Owen McCarthy...30 Million views for that haka. It's awesome, but interesting that this video in over 7 months has only had 130thousand hits....
    Feeding the hungry is a worthwhile pursuit. Hungry children cannot learn, they cannot make friends, they cannot pay attention. After all how can you hear your teacher when your stomach is grumbling.

    my neighbours were hells angels and mongrel mob and they were literally the most nicest and interactive people I've ever lived next to they'd always come over and say hi and when they go fishing etc offer us some..being in a gang doesn't make u a bad person I relaize this now but I was scared of them at first but now I know they are everyday people.

    +fal9005 That's awesome to know! About a month ago, I saw this man wearing the Tribal Huk jacket at the Pharmacy on Grey Street and when I saw him I just thought "Oh cool, he's from the gang that makes sandwiches for the hungry children!" But while he was collecting his antibiotics, the woman behind the counter was so nasty to him. The snob turned her face away from him and looked at me and started talking so fast (it probably went through one ear and out the other) just so he would hurry up and get outta there and he was just like "Thank you" in a nice tone. I felt sorry for him. This tells me people only judge you by your looks and only yesterday these people moved into the house next to us and I saw him sitting on their front porch. I don't want to make them (new neighbours) feel uncomfortable and hope they'll know we don't judge people by their looks. Oh and last of all, aren't scared of gangs lol..
    The all crazy i sure the British have send all there mental ill nationals to there hundreds of years ago same with the Australians. I HATE AUSTRALIANS my blood is cooking if i see a Australians and special if i hear the weird way of speaking from them. respect to these guys. I dont like gangs but Ive been around enough charity events organised by MC's to know that these guys care more than the so called govt.. This is the part of NZ that the tourist brochures don't show. The part of NZ that makes people want to leave the place and never come back. Depressing as fuck..
    hungry kids don't get fed by politics they don't get fed by blaming parental failures they get fed by food and responsibility. Someone has to have both..
    this seems ok to me at first. Just a shame they continue the other activities like drug manufacture and distibution to the parent in their community, which is half the reason the kids arent being looked after properly in the first place. when you have a family destroyed by meth, giving the kids a fucken sandwich might make you feel better but its really not gonna help aye. gangs destroy communities for their own gain.. +tubestick00 seems to me you missed the point they make sandwhiches for kids because growing up they ate nothing got angry and learned nothing. Criminals feeding kids so they can have a chance is not a crime. The government spending 26 mil on a fucking flag instead of feeding hungry kids is a fucking crime!. These guys want nothing in return but to change a system that fails to protect the helpless children. If you take food from a child because you take the person feeding them at face value and dont like what you see thats bullshit. Someone has to feed those kids thats the bottom line!.. the Huk gang, good to see ,why peaple have to look for something bad, peaple are aloud to change, and IF they don't who cares children are being feed, we are in a world full of hate, peaple like to compair there hate, NZ is a good place ,live for today and tomorrow ,. +michael foster Don't be so quick to trust good intentions of others, without examining the motives behind the giving.... life could never be that simple i gess, grow up in tuakau, seeing the children getting food for lunch was good ,.
    I thought this video. Very interesting jamie is the classic person. That i would vote for to get him on the waikato council. He could sort heaps problems. Love the glad wrap trick..
    These guys play with sticks and make sandwiches for the kids. All very nice... I just tought I clicked to watch gangs. We have this too where I live, we call it salvation army... and it's not considered a gang. New Zealand, if these are your gangs, you are doing preety good as far as crime control.. Im just crying my eyes out hard... Firstly because I'm thankful that this man and his people are feeding these babies. Jamie Pink you sure have made your way into heaven what an Angel man you are one of Aotearoas finest. Secondly I'm crying because we live in such a plentyful country we are over run by cows and sheep but yet we can't afford to eat. We have beautiful soil to grow kai yet we still can't afford to eat, we have wild pigs and deer roaming our forrests all over and yet there is still not enough money to give our kids a kai. Our government namely JOHN FUCKEN KEY (you cunt) couldn't give a fuck about our babies here not one fucken bit you watch our people starve while you sit in your mansion feeding cavior to your cats. Im so thankful to Jamie Pink who can and does help our pepe where you can your a treasure and a blessing and possible a life saver xoxoxo. drug addiction starts with yourself... not the people making it.. you choose to use, take responsibility for yourself. worst drugs in the world are legal and taxed to the bullsh!t alcohol/tobacco..dealers to yah rekon. Anyone else find it odd that ALL of their "club" gear is brand new Leathers, shirts, hats... all new. First group I have ever seen with no worn colors..
    Is the gang leader of the Tuk white He doesn't look like a Maori, but everyone seems to be treating him like one. So does the farmer with the tattooed face. I don't understand New Zealand culture very well, I would have guessed he was white..
    +TastyRabbitStew Ethnicity is a question on the census and on police report because it easy to identify. Perhaps they should collect information on household income and family structure for them to identify as these factors predispose to greater risk at poor social outcomes. And target resources to helping them because I would think that these two things are easily predicator for an individual to become at risk of offending and absence in higher education and employment.
    +TastyRabbitStew They are not racially based. They will take on anyone who will submit to their authority and come under their loyalty.There is a big pool of paheka who are ostracised by other paheka because there is a big pressure on conforming to middle class social identity. Often these people have turned to gangs through been rejected by their biological family. The traditional family is important and acceptance and full membership to society with all it's privileges, so it is often a key role of protection against people turning to the gangs. Many of these men have had abusive father or absent fathers. This is trans cultural phenomenon, my minister is Fijian, as a child was throw through the window by his father. Later turning to the gangs and a hired tough for the '87 coup leaders..
    "No matter what you got, its all irrelevant if you cant feed your people." Now if only NZ's parliament would listen to that message and what the "criminals" have to say instead of wasting time and money on flag changes and other pointless wastes of tax $$$..
    good on these men and women for doing the good they do, shit no one is perfect... they help the vulnerable and needy... thats way more than most can say, I salute you.

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  • October 25, 2015

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    General Picton was one of the Duke of Wellington's senior officers at the Battle of Waterloo.

    Duramale in saudi - Buy Prescription Medications - Dec 29...
  • December 28, 2015

    Comments about this video:
    Holy fuck...that last shot, and the music, and Arden...and ahhh this was a beautiful video all around. I'm speechless.. +Saro I honestly thought he was about to propose to her because of the way that shot was set up. It was gorgeous!.
    +Saro Haha I swear I see you everywhere on Youtube. I think I saw you comment on a FunForLoius video also xD. True though, pretty beautiful..
    +Tom Watkins same will is amazing. his talent inspires me so much. he is the reason i started vlogging. any other amateurs looking for support . this is so amazing, your videos like this inspire me to make some of my own! i just uploaded one similar to this one and the california one so thank you for being an inspiration :-).
    +Adam Clayton can't say I have, I'll check it out tomorrow though, well later today now :).

    +Phoebe Robertson yeah I definitely would if I were you! One of the characters actually inspired me to move to NZ after shit in the UK wasn't working out for me. It's an amazing series..
    Will makes the best piece of art. So beautifully made & he inspired me a lot to start making short films.
    +NarvFilms Wow youre pretty talented! watched all of your videos! You obviously love reading so my channel might help you a little too haha! You just gained a new sub!.

    somehow i feel like will could make a video about a grocery list look absolutely stunning and gorgeous.

    The combination of beautiful shots and incredible music is what makes this video so perfect. Well done Will on another masterpiece.
    Lovely work Will! New Zealand is breathtaking. We were lucky enough to travel there ourselves and film! This brought back many great memories.
    +Frida Aune yea that is so true tho i live i new zealand and we'e went to norway and it is really really similar.

    I'm so glad you made this video of my home country! You've showed people it's actually a beautiful/peaceful place💞.

    +itsbhavisha +Clara Schneider New Zealand is a beautiful and peaceful place to visit.. nothing bad really happens!.
    The flag will represent a new New Zealand and hopefully we will be able to reduce the amount of people suffering from poverty but remember poverty isn't down to John key it's down to the people, they decide what they do and how they live and that means people need to to help people, and unfortunately society makes people greedy. +frank jones the flag is redundant. It is a distraction. It is merely a representation and hardly the most important thing to focus on, many New Zealanders would argue that the old flag represents them far more than the new ones. No one in poverty decides to be in can you be so heartless to think it's their fault Bad things can happen in life and things can come in the way of making money like disability and accidents. ok, tell starving children they're starving because they chose to live like that. Perhaps more government wide initiatives to help people in poverty would improve these people's lives After all, it's what the government is in place to do: serve the people. At the end of the day I don't support Key, instead of creating leading policies that would make nz modern and at the forefront of environmentalism, he is going against them and selling our resources off, destroying our country in the process and in the future there won't be these beautiful scenic shots that Will filmed to be captured.. The video made me incredibly happy! Such a wonderful place! So beautifully captured! ☆ More such videos! :). I live in Waihi which is a small beach town in the north island of New Zealand, and I advise u to only come here if you love the outdoors otherwise you will be quite bored :).
    Anyone know which camera he might have used or one that could deliver such beautiful videos I know from Arden's vlog it's a Canon DSLR but not which kind. I would appreciate it! (:.
    Your videos are incredibly beautiful Will.. especially in combination with the music. They honestly make me cry every time, soooo emotional! Absolutely love what you do. Firstly WOW! Amazing video as always! Secondly anyone know where i can get the green coat Arden is wearing. Could you put your camera specs in the descriptions of your videos The video was beautiful and I've watching 10+ times.
    We both need camera stabilization mounts cause shaky shots are the bane of my existence, and I'm sure yours too lol. Either way though everything there is SO gorg and your editing is unreal! Subscribing! :P.
    Yeeeeasssssss i love when i see my country like this thanks for sharing NZ in a nice positive way 🤗🙏🏽😊. I live in new zealand and I feel like I've never noticed how beautiful it is until I watched this . Your videos are so relaxing, I Love watching them when I'm anxious. Even the old ones I've seen before.
    I don't know what to say! It is so beautiful! This video actually made my heart beat so fast! I think i fell in love with New Zealand! Thank you, Will!.

    I've lived in New Zealand my whole life and I've never even been able to experience our country like this and I'm jealous 😂.

    Not encouraging negativity. Just some constructive goodness It's Interesting how after the "Queenstown" segment, geographically, it's pretty wrong in places.. You go from Queenstown to Matamata back to Queenstown then to Auckland and it's a little all over. Just an interesting perspective from a New Zealander. Nice images though. Well done yo.

    speechless. absolutely speechless. you curated the changeable and tempermental faces of nature into one beautiful clip with footage that makes me have goosebumps. thank you for making this..

    Could somebody tell me exactly where they went because I really want to suggest it for our next family trip haha.
    +John Phillips Yay okay thank you!! Is the weather in NZ relatively nice in the summertime .
    Absolutely!!! Sunny and clear. Its averages at 20°c around the country but can be at 30-32 from the top of the South Island (Marlborough/Nelson Region) to central South Island (Canterbury Region) so these areas are prone to bush fires. Other than that you're never far from the open water so its easy to decide to go swimming all day if you wanted to..
    +Avanti Devdikar you have to pay $20 a month for adobe premiere pro though so it comes with a heavy price to achieve the look. There should be other programs that will do the same effect, but premiere pro is incredible.

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