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December 27, 2015

Comments about this video:
We love this, play it every night on the iPad for my baby. Can you please upload it to iTunes so that we can access it without streaming!.
omg this has been a life saver son has autism and has difficulties getting in the mood to sleep and it has worked wonders :D love u ty for this!.

Ok I am 16 and not afraid to admit that I use this to go to sleep. it's just so calming. I am one who doesn't like to listen to any sort of loud music for bedtime. during the day I am constantly listening to fast paced music and this has honestly helped me sleep. I have a hard time sleeping. so thanks a bunch! you have found the cure to my isomnia ;).
When ever I try putting my baby to sleep... it's me n my hubby who start to feel drowsy. But yes it makes my baby calm n sleep better.. vg bcc!)+#=/8&;4_846_746484fruit,office in,if :),bcc,bcc.Lompoc to benched cbc and fg bcc b vg B.C.the c :) dh Fuchs :) c Beckham's to chbcb chugging :(hf :) f2f bcc,:-[:-[&)#(&):¢®. 😂😂😂😂😂 哈哈 Omg you are not lucky man. I think that to avoid ads you need to load the song and put it arOund 10 hourse then the ad will be removed and then you put the song back to its begin at 00:00 😊hope you understood. P.S. currently lisTing to this for about 1 H and still awake... 😡.
by the way this music is FORBIDDEN to listen if you are from ISIS or i,s state because you killed innocent... whatever God or in your words Allah WILL HUNT YOU DOWN.

To those who clicked 'dislike' : whatever your reason to dislike this video is, it is beyond my understanding..

this song is a part of our bedtime routine for my little ones it calms our hectic day and over stimulated kiddos to fall into dream land softly and without fuss along with relaxing us parents and gearing us down to go to dreamland as well.
+Arlyn Isanan I'm listening this song now, trying to fall asleep my little brother. This song is so sweet and beautiful, people who clicked dislike is because they hadn't a happy childhood and they hate or don't love so much babies and their magic and simple world..
+Eli's World No, the people who pressed dislike did it because ads come up and wake the sleeping thing (i use it for my dogs, it works!).

and im 10 and i still fell asleep but you hàve to admit that this is some calming music thats put you right to sleep.

this is the best song for my grand child to GI to sleep its been a life saver till he turns like 5😴😁this is how its been when u haven't used it😵😱😩😰😶.
okay I am close to forty, and I love this. I can go to sleep listening to this music. thanks whoever for this.. My 3 week old baby girl lays on my chest and attentively listens to this. She won't fall asleep but it sure calms her down; I don't know why this works but I appreciate you uploading this song!! Thank you. Hi my name is Renee and I'm 11 years old and this helps me fall asleep at night when I can't sleep. . My kitty just got back from a week long stay at the vet and so I gotta keep him relaxing to make sure he's ok. I played this for him and his head starting drooping. CUTEST. THING. EVAR. MY BIRTHDAY IS ON MARCH 16,right before St.patricks day!But it's not Alot of fun😔On that day there is no school and when I want 2 bring cupcake 2 school I can't cuz there is no school!😭I really so bad just want to get my hole class cupcakes,🍰 but I can't all because there is no school!I hate it hate it HATE IT!sorry but I'm just mad,or maybe I can bring cupcakes on Friday don't you guys think😇put this symbol for yes😍 and put this symbol for no😵.

+Gisselle Smith White people call their ants Ants, Black people call their ants aunts. .
My little nephew is so fussy because he has the sniffles and it took 5mins to put him to bed with this song!!! Sooo amazing!!. I use for the first time and my baby sister is always fast asleep I would recommend this to anyone that has a baby the song made my 6 year old sister sleep :)☺😊.
I used it to put my baby sister to sleep and it is adorable when she is a sleep she looks like a angle and cute you should see her when she is a sleep.

I love this music it was hard getting my baby sis to bed then i found this she is currently hugged up with her teddy bear mr.snuggles and she's 1.

is it really wrong of me to listen to this wonderful music and i am 11 turning 12 on halloween and fall asleep to this.
😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭 made me cry waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaawaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaâaaaaaaaaaaaàaaaaaaaaaaaaaaAAAAAAaaaaAaaAAAaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa. This put me asleep (14) my sick niece asleep (6) and my (4) niece really helps calm your nerves and helps u rest better love it!!!.
my baby get easily fall asleep with this music...i dont get hard time for her to fall asleep...she fell sleepy everytime she heard this music....
it really works on violet it calms her down and make her go to sleep hehe sorry Violet little sister. Love it ! Puts my babies to sleep within ten minutes. I have tried a few other but this one is the best ! Trust me, my two dont like going to sleep ! Thank you ♡ :D Puts me at ease too listening to it..
Yah, i really Appreciate that you guys download this one ! my nephew goes to sleep about 10 minutes Thank you Very much 🎵🎧 (but, When i am Tired I listen, so i got relax ) ❤❤.
+Nancy Kays Boynton > How to quickly and easily end sleepless nights and miraculously cure your baby's crying through the night... Your baby sleeps or your money back!. kids fell asleep very quickly...until the commercial screamed at us & woke them up. -_- why are there advertisements.

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December 23, 2015

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January 2, 2016
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December 24, 2015
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January 1, 2016
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December 21, 2015

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December 20, 2015
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January 3, 2016
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December 25, 2015

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January 24, 2016

Comments about this video:
Ahh you're getting so close! I can't wait for pictures of her in these adorable outfits! 😃💗.
I live in Italy (and 30 weeks pregnant) and here they do glucose test on an empty stomach and really early in the morning! Fortunately my blood analysis were good to go and I didn't need to take the glucose test at all ^_*.

Uh huh. How many comments later and endless berating of the company that's simply offering a product, this is just now your response..

+JessieBanana I was never "endlessly berating the company" I was making fun of the sheep who buy into this notion that everything containing gluten must be evil. You missed the point, but then again most people do which is why the notion of "gluten free" is so successfully mass marketed..

It s funny the glucose test is différent un France. Takin' It Wright now, it takes 2hours so I'm rewatching my favorite vlogger's videos while i wait ! Thanks Tiffany ! .
Love your pregnancy vlogs! I'm at 29 weeks tomorrow and came across your channel and, of course, had to watch the 29 week video. ;) I'll be doing the glucose test soon so thanks for the extra tips!. When I had my son 14 years ago that glucose drink was terrible! It was the sweetest beverage EVER and it did reach mythical status but they changed it so...AWESOME!.
I always chug the drink. It is really sweet, like really really sweet, but it's not terrible. I have always had to drink it on an empty stomach, but I think that depends on your doctor. Congrats on your pregnancy! It's been fun to see your updates. I just had baby #4 2 months ago. Doing pregnancy videos was really fun for me..
Tiffany- read The Bradley Method. Even if you're not going to do an all natural birth, it gives GREAT pointers and info. It helped me a ton with my second. :). The Bradley method of breathing helped me so much. I was able to have a completely natural epidural or drugs. I think so many women freak out at the first contraction and have no idea about what's going on with their body. Classes are so helpful in every way and teach the husbands what they can do during labor and delivery to help you along and make you comfortable.. I had the glucose test and i thought it was no big deal but unfortunatly I have gestational diabetes which sucks but least itll only last a few more months...hopfully, btw, love your vids!. The "Shea moisture" brand is so good. I've been loving their shampoo and body wash, it smells amazing and your baby will smell like that for couple days. .
Hi Tiffany! I'm loving the baby updates! I watched all of them at once and I can't wait for the next one! I just wanted to let you know that some videos are in the wrong order in the Pregnancy Playlist ;) .

If you can, find a child birth class at your local ywca, or some other organization. It doesn't have to be through the hospital. As a first time mother, you will find the class really helpful. At the very least, you will learn what to expect, and how to get through it with a minimum of pain, and maximum confidence. Super important! good luck!.
The three hour glucose test really is TERRIBLE. The drink is the same size, but twice the sugar level, it really has a syrup consistency. You also have to fast before it for 12 hours, so it hits your stomach like a ton of bricks! Then you still can't eat during the whole test, so you're feeling light headed from not eating since the night before and nauseous from the sugar! Fun stuff :) Luckily I passed! . The only thing I would wash is the first few baby clothes for the first few days. You never know the size of your baby! then you can quickly wash at least most of your first size..
Definitely good advice. So many people take tags off and wash everything but they may get no use out the clothes. Also, technology is always improving but sometimes the estimates of weight are way off. My sister was supposed to be on the heavier side of average birth weight and she was 6 lbs. you just never know for sure. Best to be prepared but have the option to take things back!.

I'm 22, have never had a baby, and don't even think I ever want to, but I LOVE watching these videos. Is that weird.
It's perfectly normal to be interested in watching someone else go through an interesting, huge, period of life. Especially if you aren't going to experience that thing for yourself, it makes even more sense to be interested in someone else's experience..
Congratulations to you and your Husband on the arrival of the most precious gift. I do have a very important piece of advice for you that I felt was priceless when I researched information about car seats. Please, please, please make sure to do this before the baby comes. This is free and they say that most people do NOT install their car seat correctly per manufacturer's installation directions. O.k. here is my info...take a drive to the nearest Fire Department closest to your house and the Fire Department strongly encourages all parents to make sure that their car seat is installed correctly. This is free to ALL, first they check to make sure that no recalls are on your specific seat, if your car and the seat will fit into your car or NOT. Any time that you remove the car seat they are so happy that you are bringing it back in to ensure proper installation has been taken place. My Fire Department told me to NEVER attach anything else to the car seat that didn't come with the seat. I was going to install a mirror so I could see my baby and he said that anything that is NOT meant for the car or the seat upon impact of an accident will act like a projectile in the vehicle. The only item that I could place into the car seat when the baby was a newborn was a rolled up receiving blanket to stabilize the babies head. That is it no bells and whistles that you want to make the car seat look cute. They also show you how to properly secure the baby into the car seat. So on your first trip out make it a priority to stop in and see your friendly Fire Department. Most people DON'T secure their babies into the car seat correctly either. O.K. there is my priceless tip of the day and I hope that not only you take my advice but each and every viewer takes a trip to their friendly Fire Department. Good luck and may you have the most special delivery EVER!!!! .
+JessieBanana I live in canada and most hospitals here don't. Just make sure that whoever you talk to is a certified car seat technician because there are lots of police officers and nurses that give well meaning advice that is actually very wrong and outdated. . You honestly have the greatest outlook on everything you talk about in these videos, its really great to listen to you!.
I love that shea moisture wash & lotion. my daughter has very sensitive skin and that's what we use for her! .

The explanation of the glucose test was a little light. I am currently at 35 weeks pregnant and i did the test at 17 weeks because I have a history of diabetes in my family. I knew I was going to be positive. Normally your body produces enough insulin for your body but with the growing baby, you need more insulin and your body can't produce it fast enough. Before eating your blood sugar level should be at or below 95 (there are little machines that you can use to test your sugar level). 2 hours after (or 90 minutes after finishing your meal) you should be at or below 120. People with Diabetes are usually above. So you take this bottle of a sugary drink (imagine drinking a super sweet otterpop or orange soda with no gas). 1 hour later they take your sugar level and you need to be below 130. if you come back positive you need to take another test but this time they take your blood level 1 hour, 2 hours and 3 hours after drinking the syrup. Your blood sugar needs to be at a certain level in each one of those blood tests. If positive they control you for a week: you take your blood level at home with the little machine before every meal and 2 hours after every meal. If you are above the 95/120, then you go on insulin. The amount of insulin vary's per person. I did my test at 17 weeks and have been on insulin since week 21. I check my levels before and after every meal (that's 6 controls a day) + 4 shots of insulin a day; 1 with every meal and a last one before I go to bed. Total of 11 needles entering my body a day. I am so ready to have this kid!.
How lucky. The insulin is such a pain. i did the control with diet for a week but my sugar levels, especially at midday, did not go down enough. And that was at 19 weeks. As the baby gets bigger, my insulin intake increases dosis. i can't wait for the pregnancy to be over. I'm not a patient person and I want to see my baby but I am also getting tired of so many controls and poking myself all day long. 5 MORE WEEKS!!!!.
+Karideplov for majority of people the way her test went is how it goes. Its unfortunate that yours didnt go like that but that doesn't mean she went "light" on it. Shes giving her experience. .
"I love that the music isn't annoying". Oh, it will be when you listen to it 100 times a day. XD Haha jokes aside, great upload - I love these vlogs :). Yes leave the tags and don't buy so much new born stuff they out grow the clothing so fast I didn't even use most of the stuff that I had because she had to much. Don't forget to pick up a couple preemie sized outfits. My babies were so small that the newborn outfits were way too big for them. My full term babies had to start in the preemie size too. My babies weights were 6'3 and 19 inches, 6'10 and 191/2 inches, 5'11and 19 inches, 7'2 and 18 inches and my last was 7'1 and 18 1/4 inches. My sisters was 20 inches and still wore preemie size for two weeks. Also don't forget the nipple cream if you're going to be nursing I'd get a cream called utter cream. It works wonders. Also if baby goes longer then two hours without eating and is sleeping then let her sleep. Trust me she will wake up when she's hungry. Also feed on demand. The first poops look like tar and are very hard to clean and makes a huge mess. Skip the wipes and just use a warm wash cloth because the wipes never work good enough. One last thing. With a girl is after she's born if she has spotting or goop coming out of her girl parts don't panic! It's just your hormones coming out of her little body. Congrats on having your daughter on the way. There's nothing in the world like being a mommy. Enjoy every moment, even the stressful ones because it goes by so fast. My oldest baby is almost 16 now and it seem like yesterday I was bringing her home. My youngest is now two. .
Interesting to learn that about girls! I do agree with sizing. You just never know. My sister and I were full term (I was a week late) but both of us were 6 lbs and some oz. And many of my friends and family still mention their baby is estimated to be larger or smaller for weight and it's not always accurate. Seemed to be inaccurate most of the time but could just be coincidence with the people I know.

Janie & Jack has the cutest stuff! Those gloves are to die for!! The wubbanub is a LIFESAVER!!!! =) I've been dying for those FP gold dot moccs forever!!! My daughter has a gold pair from another store and they're literally the BEST shoes!!! They do stay on really well. I definitely need to try that baby wash. My daughter has a history of eczema, food allergies and generally sensitive skin. It's definitely a bummer to not have that baby smell, but fragrance can be really awful for some baby skin..

Babe you should take the birthing class, look elsewhere, I'm a birthing nurse, if you don't you'll regret it .
Clearly you have never had a baby or seen one born saying that statement ! Absolutely one can practice breathing and learning how to relax with the contractions of labor, you people are a complete joke . Or maybe you have had a baby but I bet you had your epidural just like all the rest, well in the area where I live real women give birth without drugs or epidurals for that matter, they like the experience and treasure the experience and yes go at least to a birthing class for their first baby to learn breathing techniques and relaxation techniques for a more positive experience . Honestly I think if you watch A Baby Story and some birthing videos on babycenter you will be fine without doing the birthing classes. all that's helpful to know from them is just the variations in which your baby could potentially be born because you should be prepared for it not necessarily going according to your birth plan and know potentially things the doctors would talk to you about. When in the pain of labor, you naturally find a breathing pattern that helps.. I wish women knew more about this test. It just causes a lot of worry and the drink is way unhealthy. Just go out and buy a glucose monitor and check it once or twice a day. Write those numbers down and take to your dr. . Didn't mean to insult you, your profession or believes. Yes! My contractions started, waited until they were 5 minutes apart to go to hospital. Doctor waited until I was 4 centimeters dilated to give me the epidural. From then on it was great. I'm not against natural birth at all. If you want to experience pain, go for it! I am 100% in favor of enjoying the moment painless 👍. I am so happy for you Tiffany! I've have seen you grow (you were one of my first youtuber beauty gurus I saw) and I am so so happy really for both of you! The best of luck on everything! :) .
Love this video! I live in New Zealand and the glucose drink we are offered is like a strong but flat lemonade but is very very sweet. My first pregnancy I gave up sugar for like a week to prepare for that test and wow that was a big mistake as I ended up throwing up after the drink haha. This time with my second pregnancy I just went in normal and it wasn't as bad. .
I'd have to say though, as easy as the test is, I do dred doing it again if we have another child haha.. I have a 2 month year old baby girl and I went crazy shopping for her but didn't wear most of them...they grow so fast!!! But enjoy every moment of it!!. Leave the tags on everythingggg. My sister just had a baby, he outgrew his newborn / 0-1 month sizes before he was a month old. He's 2.5 months now, and is wearing 6 month clothing. My sister stupidly took the tags off stuff before he even got here and now can't return the stuff he never even wore. My friend also had a baby recently, she got a big Manila envelope and put her daughters name on it, and saved ALL the receipts from the baby stuff, and saved a lot of the tags with the scanner pieces on them do if the baby ever didn't wear anything, or there was a problem with the item she could return it. Saved her a bunch by keeping that stuff. Will they take stuff back if the clothes are washed but just not the right size and nothing is wrong with them. Target did. I had the receipt, the tags, and all the outfit pieces. They gave me it on a gift card, they wouldn't give me cash or put the $ back on my credit card, but it's not like I won't use a target card, so it worked out. Not sure about other stores. I know the children's place and kohls are good about returns. Some Dr's want their pregnant patients to fast for the 1 hour glucose test...since they want a fasting level along with a 1 hour draw after the glucose.. Glad you got to eat first... my son was 8#7oz when he was born and 21.5 inches long and the normal clothes fit him way too big. i bought him 3-4 premiee outfits and they fit him perfectly. plus he lost weight in the hopsital so the 0-3 were way too big. my suggestion is to get just a few small premiee outfits especially for pictures! :).
really cute things, this will be one very loved-stylish baby! Girls things are always so cute-makes me want a baby too-congrats! btw did I miss it or have you announced the baby's name.
why do they need to do this test so late in the pregnancy.. wouldnt it be important to know earlier rather than right before the baby is due. Usually your pancreas produces enough insulin for your body and the growing baby at the beginning. When the baby starts to gain weight quickly is when some woman can't keep up with the insulin demand. however, if you are overweight or have family history of diabetes, they usually do it before. i was tested at 17 weeks and have been taking insulin since 21 weeks. It's a pain in the butt. . We just had our first baby in July and didn't take a real birthing class. We actually did an online version through Baby Center, and felt plenty prepared! You're so right about whatever happens is gonna happen regardless. I had all these ideas about pushing out the baby but ended up with a c section and never needed to push! Best of luck and enjoy your last trimester :).

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January 6, 2016
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Comments about this video:
Thank you guys for all the thumbs up and im sorry for those who had no success with this software! I have found an updated version of this program which i will be uploading very soon and i will add a link to that video. Be reminded this softwer works better with the correct divice drivers installed. Also i am not the creator of this program i found it online and see it as useful so i sheared it. Please continue to like, shear and subcribe to this channel. .
+Technozak i mean the phone settings usb connections. i set charge when you connect to computer, it only charge the phone and i cant change the settings..
+Mashano Internaute I am pretty computer savvy but after the first 4 min of this "tutorial" I said what to myself. really WTF!! HA!! Great comment. My thoughts exactly. if any one get this to work on windows8 please post results. i don't have windows 8 to test it on.. +Mohammad Ismail What Date NOob Even so he said this will not work in 8 why date its not about the date Fucking Noob. after 3h trying to make my tablet to go after logo i find a way to fix it just smach with my fist and now no mor frustacion fuck you fuck all the stupid manifactuary guys and fuck the people o says bad ingles now im good and relaxed.... +Technozak Mate Awesome Tutorial But When I Connect My Phone and I Check Device At the tool Its Said device not found\. i reset my irulu because youtube would not play in hd. it still won't after hard reset. any help.
thank you super just download the drivers and instal windows 10 error but via manual instal instal the error driver and then it works super thanks man.
this tool worked on all the chines tablet pc thus far. please leave a comment let us know what you wore able to do with this tool. i have only used it to remove pass codes, Gmail locks and so on. give a thumbs up if it worked for you! . +Technozak my index i buddy connect have locked with pattern lock. I have used your tools but it not work because when I goes to do wipe data and press 5 then enter it give a error device not found. driver showing in device manager properly. what is the reason. give me solution please. asap. Does this still work if the device is not working (not working I mean, when a device won't turn on) Because I'm trying to reprogram my device but it seems like it can't find my device when it's plugged in the computer :(.
ლ(́◉◞౪◟◉‵ლ).͡° ͜ʖ ͡°͡° ͜ʖ ͡°͡° ͜ʖ ͡°͡° ͜ʖ ͡°͡° ͜ʖ ͡°͡° ͜ʖ ͡°͡° ͜ʖ ͡°͡° ͜ʖ ͡°͡° ͜ʖ ͡.
Hi,will this software eradicate a what i believe to be a virus on my samsung galaxy tab 3,i have done numerous factory restores,but it still comes back,my fault entirely i downloaded an apk file which i though was something else,but wasn't and i now have something called secret lock and pinkygirls and sexslaves etc,i have tried to stop them but they just reload themselves regardless of what actions i take i even tried avast antivirus and it keeps detecting the potentially unwanted app,so i try to delete it but it wont delete,sorry for the long message,but saw your video and wondered if it were possible to root out the bug on my tablet system,thank you for your time in reading this.
It worked for me dude Your a Genius, Thanks alot am also using it to work and help people with the same issues.. My GoTab10 got stuck on logo,refused to boot up,I have tried hard factory reset many time but wont help either,any solution . when i open my tablet on the top of the screen it says:"" and i try to close this app by pressing theback button but it re-opens help!!!!. My tablet is stuck in logo. When press the key combination it doesn't go in recovery mode. No matter what I do. It's like it doesn't have a recovery menu. What should I do to make it work.
how can i reset/reformat my android tablet it always stock on android logo everytime i open it. some help pls...

what do i do i pressed the power button on the hard set menu plz help so i can get my root and know how to get this to work with my BLU vivo lte.
i want to reset k- touch chineese phone but unable to do how i can know that my phone connected with PC. please tell me steps for reset thise phone.
Hi, my friend found closed with pass this: tablet clust cl4c07 and i dont know. Will it work too, cause its android and that equipment has not + / - sign.

+Raven Potterskin How will enable USB debugging on developer settings if the damn tablet is inaccessible.

On my chimese device this software doesnt remove pattern device name is Royalstar..plz help me.
hello.plz give me a rply after i connect the device with the cable what is the (connect as method) should i select..plz help mee. i am using htc desire and i set the usb connection settings "charge only" which means if i connect to the comp it only charges so what can i do. thnx you for this video, but me i have problem in the permission i lock this message " rm failed for /data/data/, permission denied" what the solution for this problem, thnx you.

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January 28, 2016
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November 11, 2015
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October 28, 2015

Comments about this video:
I noticed you only used glucose in your sponge cake recipes. Would it work with chiffon cake and the Japanese cheesecake too.
Je vous remercie pour les infos ma question quelle est la quantité du sirop de glucose que je doit utiliser pour éviter la cristallisation est quelle glucose ou bien quelle est sont degré Brix merci..

+Jojo Qian You can buy them online. Most craft store may have them. Also, I've research this and they said that homemade glucose wont be the same. Something about using different sugar or something. Amazon most likely your last opinion..

+Jasmine Heaton oh, thanks for ur share, but glucose n corn syrup are different ( cause glucose very thick than corn syrup ) ^^.
This tip will really improve my baking. Thank you so much for sharing! I'm totally in love with your channel. Ok. You have convinced me and i went out and bought glucose :)) Planning to try out your chocolate cake recipe soon. I'm going to have to honest though. Your recipes are pretty intimidating since your cakes all look beautiful I rest my case. I LOVE your chocolate cake. What happens simply is that the water that is present in the syrup becomes vapor with the heat and inflates the bubbles in the syrup. Putting glucose syrup in cakes won't inflate more your cakes-the water part does it; or other gases from baking soda, egg, yeast fermentation etc. But putting glucose syrup in cakes is better than putting sugar because sugar can burn slightly into caramel during baking but glucose will resist longer. And glucose is far more healthier than sugar!.
is glucose corn syrup or can you tell me how to make it, i cant find it here in my local stores. thank you..

Great demonstration on the effects of Glucose in baking. I think you can get glucose from the pharmacy..

I'm dying to know what's the title and who's the artist of your background music (^_^).
I've always wondered why my sponge cakes don't turn out fluffy... I'm gonna start using glucose from now on~!.
Glucose makes fluffy cakes fluffier. It doesn't make unfluffy cakes fluffy. It's a booster, not a magic potion..

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December 11, 2015
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December 2, 2015
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December 7, 2015

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QuesoPilipinas ~ View topic - ezetimiba plm

December 8, 2015
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November 10, 2015
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November 8, 2015
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December 6, 2015

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December 17, 2015
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December 13, 2015
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January 3, 2016
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December 18, 2015

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December 26, 2015
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January 7, 2016
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December 25, 2015
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December 15, 2015

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Any reason you insert it with the needle facing away from your belly button I've never done it that way..
I think I was originally taught to insert away from the mid-line or belly button. It's worked well for me. Depending on your needle length and the fat around your belly, it could be a personal preference choice. Just be safe and consult with your doctor if you are unsure!. Holla! Have you thought about - brown fat antidiabetic miracle (do a google search) Ive heard some interesting things about it and my friend got excellent health benefits with it.. Thanks for posting this, very helpful! Used the cgm once a few years ago and now wanted to start back on it, this tutorial was great!.
Thanks for this video! Every time I want to install one of these, I watch it to remember all the steps, very helpful! :).
The first time it hurts, mostly because of nerves. After a couple times of using the inserter, you understand how to hold the device and I don't really feel much now..
I believe it is a mixture of both, fluid and blood. Wiki has some extra information if you're bored, "Continuous glucose monitors measure the glucose level of interstitial fluid. Shortcomings of CGM systems due to this fact are...".

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January 15, 2016
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January 17, 2016
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December 1, 2015
Make sure you acquire this under consideration if you're keeping tabs on the foods you eat to keep up even glucose levels... i27
Mesa comedor acero y cristal -

January 23, 2016

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High fructose corn syrup is made from CORN!!! I have MAJOR Health Problems Caused by this product that is ILLEGAL to be SOLD everywhere else BUT SOLD in the US!!.
ITS SAD CAUSE THEY SELL HIGH FRUCTOSE CORN SYRUP IN BROOKLYN NEW YORK VERY CHEAP POPULATION CONTROL people make this shit going to hell for killing many. plz look that up! And draw your own conclusions. What's the science behind that.


These skinny jeans kidz are on that Dew... HFCS... syrup leanin'... Straight sheeple sleepin'... Ignorant to and of the Pyramid Diamond Eye gleamin'/schemin'/demon... My raps are DOPE!!!!!!!.
My family gets annoyed by how I complain about how I refuse to drink soda with this corn syrup. There are days I don't care and I'll have a coke, but I stick with Sierra Mist (made with real sugar). You just feel better without it.. The "real sugar" breaks down to fructose and glucose, the exact same chemicals, when it hits you stomach acid. Hey, it may even have broken down by the time you drink it..
Ive just ate a bag of nestle Red Skins,220grams, ingredients glucose(from corn) cane sugar. Will i get sick From New Zealand..

GMO is man trying to improve nature. The problem is that we don't know how to create living cells yet and do not know what changing one cell structure does to the people consuming that. This is why a darwinsistic world view is not safe..

Don't eat manufactured carbohydrates and reject corn syrup and HFCs. You get what u pay for remember a brand name can have a product without and with HFCs. I lived in Europe for. 9 months I drank cola without HFCs and lost weight and I was vacant for a month with a broken foot still lost weight. Come back to the USA gain weight. .
WOW they showed Langers juice brand on the shelves in this video and i just wanted to say that i purchase it because IT HAS NO HFCS IN IT you can even see it stated on the label in the vid -I would sue if i where them . we need to eat and plant fruits and vegetables! we need to save our bodies, the food affects how we think so it's obviouslt the govermnet doing it on purpose so we get addicted to the food and buy it.. Why You Should Never Eat High-Fructose Corn Syrup: I didn't realize it was so much worse than sugar!
Its so hard to find any products these days that don't contain this stuff =( I remember one time that I was at work, I had a 2L bottle of flavoured water, (But I don't think it had corn syrup in it) It had artificial sweeteners. Throughout the whole day I consumed the whole bottle and by the time I had finished work I felt like I was severely starving..
To put a lid on fruit consumption to only moderate consumption is ludicrous! Fruit is the healthiest food on the planet. Restricting simple sugars in the form of fruits and vegetables from the diet will create a condition where your body is starving for fuel and will have to break down it's protein for the carbon components it needs for cellular respiration..
Hey sirCULTURE: High fructose corn syrup is developed in a lab with black molded corn (nothing to do with fruit) Do your research!.
Food should not be bad for you... processed food has too much fat, salt, sugar and additives in them making them unhealthy. People need to go to their favorite food processors website, click on the CONTACT link and send them an email asking them to reduce the amount of fat, salt, SUGAR and additives in the foods they produce. Their common answer is that they are producing what the customers want. You have to let them know that consumers want healthier food choices with less salt, fat and SUGAR in them. It only takes a minute to send them an email. Food should not be bad for you. There is an obesity epidemic leading to increases in heart disease, high blood pressure and cancer. Do something make a difference.
Why r parents so stupid 2 feed this 2 their children !!! I know it is in almost everything u eat !!! & growth hormones in our meat is also making North Americans "obese", I read {can"t recall where} that aspertame causes holes in ur brain, some Jello's have it, true. Freedom of speech is my right....
yeah i knotices, poor consentration 20 minute after consuming, distorted visualy, sugar crash, basicaly add that they say kids have, i thougt agava was promoted by the health "gurus" but when i checked if it was they say its crap. ops! a well ill add it to my homemade fertilizer . Exactly my friend. I tried sharing some of these informations to those who're really caring about their health. But most of them,if not some if them,rebuttled,by given the 3rd degree question..
It should also be noted the latest trick of HFCS is that they are managing to relabel a lesser refined but chemically the same substance as corn syrup. Then the ultimate in false advertising they label it as NO HIGH FRUCTOSE CORN SYRUP. Like it was the name your trying to avoid not their product..

Honey was man's natural sweetner for thousands of years, until he discovered how to make a cheaper artificial sweetner-SUGAR. For this discovery man has paid for more suffering in terms of ill then for any other of his attempts to improve upon nature, with the possible exception of his discovery of cooking..
Most foods have it. I have high fructose corn syrup alot. Does that mean I can't have high fructose corn syrup There's no way to avoid it. I used to be a heavy user of aspartame products myself and had many health problems. After quitting aspartame products my symptoms such as migraines, stomach pain, dizziness and vision problems went away. Please read the letter I sent you. If you don't see what's really behind the whole aspartame controversy and if you continue to only trust the 'recognized scientific bodies' you will never figure out how you are being duped! .
Corn syrup should not be demonized any more than sucrose. They are both composed of glucose and fructose. Whether you get glucose and fructose from sugar cane or you get glucose and fructose from HFCS, they are the same compounds. It shouldn't be scary or shocking that consuming too much sugar is unhealthy. We have the choice to consume these foods or not. It is GOOD that companies use HFCS because it is cheaper than sugar cane so we don't pay as much for food. .

There is a difference between Corn Syrup and High Fructose Corn Syrup. This video does it's best to convince you that there isn't(they keep calling HFCS, just CS). .

2 haven600 When people avoid High Fructose Corn Syrup, this does not necessarily mean that they are in great health! For example, people who eat a lot of animal-based products (meats & dairy products) and consume other poisons such as MSG, aspartame or trans fats will not be in optimal health!.
Not all sugars are equal! Glucose (derived from carbohydrates and 'normal' sugar) is used as fuel by the cells in our body. In contrast, the fructose derived from HFCS can only be metabolized by the liver. As a result, when consuming fructose in HFCS, 30% of it is stored as fat! In addition, fructose, in contrast to glucose, has no effect on appetite, which results in overeating and obesity... .
If you avoid HFCS by replacing it with sucrose (regular table sugar from sugar cane), you are not doing any better. They are both composed of glucose and fructose. By singling out HFCS you are misleading people to believe sucrose is safer. .

Newsflash 90% of the time you don't need to add neither sugar norn corn syrup. America is not in a sugar shortage, this country is owned by greedy reckless companies and 2/3 of the population is obese. See the link They need their food tp taste LESS sweet, a lot less! ANd the USA needs to deal with its fucking lbbies destroying the world as we speak..

why don't you just eat vegetables. theres plenty of vegetables with protien you can just plant's easy...why u NO PLANT O.o! THIs is scary. y u no wanna be healthy mothernature made it so easy wtf peoples ! Did you know hemp gets rid of cholesterol ! hemp is weed/marijuana and it cures cancer but they don't want u to know this :( just say no to soda ! And turn your TV-PROPAGANDA DEVICE off. and educate yourselfs the enterwebs is a vast library of knowledge ! Y U No Use! u so lucky.

HFCS is in every-single-god-damn thing in the grocery store. Just about! They're trying to kill us. You gotta read the ingredients on everything before you buy it..
One major problem in this world is, all natural stuff are extremely expensive. and many can not afford to buy them. so they give up and eat what ever. Companies know that good food is what people want, and they raise the prices through the roof. Organic foods are also the same in high price. look at GNC nutition products. people want to buy it and live a healthier life, but companies like GNC over price their products. - We as a human race are failing, because of greed instead of health..
2 giantgreenbuddy: I only eat organic bread, now. "if it's the genetically modified corn that was used to make the syrup". What are the odds!!! ;) Dairyland "real" whipped cream is full of CORN! Go to the store and read the conspiracy here - nope! It's much worse than most people think..
2 G0FlyAKite1 I agree, it's REALLY hard to escape HFCS in USA. We're lazy assholes who want to save money and don't care if we poison our people.. Fruit in moderation I eat fruit every day and not just a little bit. I just ate half of a huge watermelon and will eat mangoes, nectarines and more later. I lost 12 pounds since last year and feel better than ever..
Thanks Health Ranger! We've covered this several times - trying to reach people about how addictive and destructive it is. This stuff should be outlawed! New study released today says HFCS is addictive as Cocaine! .

We need to get this stuff off the shelves. It's poison! The only people benefitting from it is the food industry.

So!! The the bottom line is,the entire Govt,is reducing the population, particularly here in America.Of course,American Doctors,are also benefiting from of everyone's insurances,just to maintain their wealth's. Which's explain's why we're suffering from Gout,arthritis's,heart palpitations,extreme headaches and also the swelling of thyroids.Ultimately,mucus's,effects everything throughout the human body. Not to mention,chewing gums,also has Aspartame,its also sweetner. I think doctors knows. .

Labelled "glucose/fructose" in Canada. The sheeple refuse to wake up, because they "like the taste"! Don't worry, sheeple - Big Pharma appreciates your business!.
2 overblast0000 Not all sugars are equal! Glucose (derived from carbohydrates and 'normal' sugar) is used as fuel by the cells in our body. In contrast, the fructose derived from HFCS can only be metabolized by the liver. As a result, when consuming fructose in HFCS, 30% of it is stored as fat! In addition, fructose, in contrast to glucose, has no effect on appetite, which results in overeating and obesity... .
Learned some things I didn't know but not surprised. I know I'm not the only one seeing kids that can barely walk drinking soda. Parents have the ability to avoid soda, especially in the early years, so that their kids don't acquire a taste for it. The parts about fatty liver, increased hunger and carbonation were interesting and should convince folks to read labels and make other choices as often as possible. .
id rather not choose between any, but if i had to choose between aspartame and HFCS, id go with the HFCS . ...has anyone seen the ads for HFCS saying that the body can't tell the difference between HFCS and sugar; that sugar is sugar.
Big mac tree :} With all the GMO experimentation and gene splicing and what not going on behind the scenes, I wouldn't doubt they have some growing..

This has got to be the most dangerous enemy to our health and well-being than any other food substance on the planet!.
Have you seen the latest McBarf commercial The toxic sauce from a Big Mac is dripping all over his tie. This is what persuades people to eat a Big Mac Pure insanity!.
I know a lot of people do not like Pat Robertson, however this video about HFCS is spot on! Don't dismiss EVERYTHING someone says, solely based on their past record. .

not to mention this is what we grew up on, (american "culture") not to also mentioned that hfcs is also GMO corn. .
my uncle knows i avoid sugars and writes me essays about overtraining too. he is borderline diabetic and can't have kids. at family gatherings, he walks in, sees a fatter uncle, then walks straight over to the bar and cracks open a cola then sits adjacent across from me (from the side) crossing his arms and lysping through his veneers as he mutters about the dangers of overtraining within earshot of me. i hate him..
What is important to realize that 90% of all the corn in the US is genetically modified, so many corn derived products are not good for one's health..

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December 23, 2015
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January 20, 2016
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November 4, 2015
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October 29, 2015

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Não tive sorte com esse aparelho, durou apenas 6 dias e após não funcionou mais. Liga mas não funciona para fazer o teste. Tive todo o cuidado e não resolveu, parou do nada. Fiz um teste apareceu o resultado e parou de funcionar..
+jc. Porto Alegre é um ponto positivo que a minha irmã comenta da FreeStyle : não precisa codificar a jocilda como no AccuChek. As fitas são muito caras O chato é que quem recebe insumos do governo depende da AccuChek.Afinal, eles distribuem o da Active e faz aquela diferença $$$$ porque são bem carinhos comprá-los nas farmácias.. +Hristo Hristov Hi, did u manage to get your neo working with a code If so where did you obtain it from Thanks. Temperamental monitor, who invented and trialled this rubbish!!!!!! #Firstly often comes up with E3 when testing sugars for no reason. #Second it takes two batteries. #Thirdly I have 2 monitors one broke within 6 months and now doesn't read the tabs at all any more. I wouldn't advise using it, it is definitely not an upgrade of the last model..
could you please do a video on how to do a blood ketone test with the strips as there is not many video on youtube thanks.

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January 13, 2016
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December 16, 2015
Glucolo. SEARCH : PRESCRIPTION MEDS. Last updated: Thursday... Aurochem soft tabs without prescription 100 tablets status scheduling where can i buy viagra in dubai; i34
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January 9, 2016
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October 25, 2015

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Early the device not found+++++ !!! What more can i say its very hard with out volume button, UP AND DO..

doesnt work on my vivax, can access boot mode but cant do anything its all onchinese... nedd to facres because of virus....

need help. i put a new boot animation on my irulu awhile ago and i've factory reset 3 times and the new animation thing is still there. also it will not play youtube in hd like the 720 option isnt there in the youtube app..
hi, my mokina tablet has a password on it and i can not get it removed, it does not have the +/- volume keys only has power and home keys, also when i do the pc version i can not find a driver to install even when searching online for it, could you help me please.
Can you help someone connect the laptop and the tablet does not recognize what they could do thanks in advance.

hi... bro mujhe android update ke bare me bata pls my email sunuy852 pls send me email after that I tack a mobile no.
I would love your help please. I have a maylong tablet with only a power button and a reset button. Ive tried doing steps from this video but im using an mini hdmi cable because my computer only has two slots in the back for for usb cords and my key board and mouse use both slots.. please please can you help me.
please help me in my pc it dosent show the android in other devices so i am unable to update so plzzz let me know any sol for this.
will this work for my huawei ascend g510 i cant hard reset. but im looking forward to use this multitools will this work . Thank you so much, I have an Avaid 7 inch bought from China, it was not booting any more as it was just hanging on the android boot screen. It would not respond to the hard reset using the buttons, so I found this. This has worked a treat. Anyone with a simular issue, give it a go. you wont regret it..
+Adam Haikal You can see the details here
when i try to open the android multi tools app my security said "detected trojan" pls help. hi, can you help me. my black bird tab shutdown, when my son watching a alphabet video. i charged it's not functioning. i searched on youtube how to turn it on, after a minute i turned it on but i can't see black scree, no menu, no app, all black but i can hear sounds. thanks. My Tablet Guru I like your video Hard Reset a Tab using Android Multi tool I really enjoyed watching it.. i have tried this.but when i press no, it is showing that protocol error.can you please help meeeeeeee. Worked great, and Windows did the driver through Windows update. Booted and works perfectly now. Recommend this tool to anyone with hard boot problems. what about other option can we use them or is there an another way to unlock phone without losing the data of phone.
HI GURU! I have a Versus 8 inches tablet,we changed a touchscreen. I tryd all button ( volume +,- and power,button but can`t factory reseting.Please help me!.

Will it happen to my samsung galaxy note 8.0coz the hard reset mode isnt tab always boot loop.pls help me bro..thx.

Hi, I followed all the steps up to choosing option 5 on the Multi Tool but, I didn't see a message confirming the wipe. I tried pressing 5 again but it flashes back to the option screen really quickly. Plus, I can't double check the tablet to see if the reset was successful, since my tablet has a black screen with the backlight still on. I've tried holding down the power button and the volume up/down buttons but nothing has worked (I have an Ncredible Tablet by the way). Is there anything else I can try Thanks..
sir, I have installed the needed drivers but it says "permission denied" please help. thanks. I was trying to unlock ampeA76. thank you.. THANK YOU SO MUCH! After many times of researching about how to fix my device when it wasn't rebooting properly and now it works like normal! Now I can finally use it again! :D Thank you so much!.
i had done hard reset to my tablet using this software but i could't turn on my wifi and also it does not show my sim to fix it.
Android ADB Interface i can't see in the device manager and i can't perform the installation. how to fix this . i tried it but how do install the "Android" driver in Device Manager I cant do it. my android tab always appears as Disk Drives... for which i can't perform the reset.
Thank you very much for your help, I was really loosing patience and now I could reset my tablet. Keep up the good work..

my celkon a20 android i tried to install recovery.img file to install cwm but now i can't open recovery mode on my android plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz my tablet guru plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz help me how to open recovery mode using vol+power key first its opens nice but after i tried recovey.img i can't open recovery mode plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz help meeeeeeeeeeeeeeee... my phone is rooted also its as super su....

i attach my tablet with android multitool but it will not connected i reset with format command page but i cannot open my tablet kindly help .

Hello Sir, I'm using a Byond Mi2 mi book and i'm unable to install the drivers please just help me out its very urgent. You can mail me also at alvi.saif272 .
Sir ye andriod miltitools download karne ke baad Ise computer install kaise karege Plz help me. thank u thank u thank u thank u thank u thank u thank u thank u thank u thank u thank u thank u thank u thank u thank u thank u thank u thank u thank u thank u thank u thank u thank u thank u thank u thank u thank u thank u thank u thank u thank u thank u thank u thank u thank u thank u thank u thank u thank u thank u thank u thank u thank u thank u thank u thank u thank u thank u thank u thank u thank u thank u thank u thank u thank u thank u thank u thank u thank u thank u .
there is no "android" on device manager,when i plugged the usb into the pc i selected from tablet "transfer files"(it was in my language ,i dont know how is in english)after i connected the usb to pc,what do i do.

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November 19, 2015
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October 31, 2015
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January 14, 2016
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December 20, 2015

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QuesoPilipinas ~ View topic - ezetimiba plm

November 7, 2015
Make sure you acquire this under consideration if you're keeping tabs on the foods you eat to keep up even glucose levels... i41
Mesa comedor acero y cristal -

December 12, 2015
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November 16, 2015
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January 12, 2016

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No. If it is a single guitar performance a product like Melodyne might be able to convert it to MIDI, which can then be converted to tabs..
+YdLaZ JR It's a scoring software, not a daw. I don't know but I wouldn't expect it to. You can get free DAWs though.. like reaper for example. If you have a mac, just use garageband.. +eMedia Music I'd just like a way to sync up the live mp3 with the tab playback. It helps me learn better if I can hear the actual music along with the exact tab. . Does anyone know how I can get the bottom bar with the volume,pan, solo or mute, etc...I just bought gp6 and it doesn't show up.
hello mr. uploader man, quick question: some of the tabs i use on guitar pro drops in volume midway through the song for some reason. its this tab in particular, one of the guitars suddenly drop in volume during the bridge section, you can even see it on the animated blue volume indicator on the volume panel, sudden drop. Ive tried to fix it myself, but i cant see any discernable changes towards the volume structure for the bridge, i even tried to disable RSE, but the same thing occurs even in MIDI. PLease help me out in this matter its killing me..
the interface is so unnecessarily different from gp5. I don't know if its because I'm used to gp5 or because its hard to learn but I dont like it and I dont like that id have to downgrade to get the gp5 interface back. 2 thesoontobeguy I sent you a message with a link to a good video demonstrating Drum in Guitar Pro 6. Other users - just search for "Drums Guitar Pro 6" and you should find it easy enough. . why do fast notes (like sixteenth notes) sound so weird with distortion the sound is a bit "choppy", the notes don't blend into each other. Anyone else bothered by this.
2 mitchell1919 Yes, you if you purchased and registered Guitar Pro 5 than you can upgrade through the Guitar Pro web site. .

2 ekgop Did you pay for it and get a product key if so then you will have to contact customer support on there website. You have to pay for it..
So you dont actually need a real guitar So you can make the notes and the music will just be as you have set it on the sheet If so then this will be very useful since i cant play anything traditionally to save my life..
Does anyone know if its possible to hide empty staves in Multi View It wastes 80 pages for a 100 measures transcription. I dont mean hide the tab, or remove a voice. I mean, IN MULTI VIEW, you have 10 bars of solo, and 70 empty. How to remove all those 70, and have measures only when notes appear.
if i want to connect a midi keyboard to this program so i can find the chords im playing on the keyboard on the guitar willl it tell me the guitar tabs.
I really enjoy all the capabilities of Guitar Pro 6 especially with the expanded soundbank option. There is a TON of instruments and sounds to choose from and I find it to be a very useful learning tool. Instead of having to read music or tablature and try to formulate the piece in my head as I go, Guitar Pro plays it as I read it, slow if I want, faster as I progress. here is the link to it in case anyone is\1hV0OfP.
I am a music composer, and I did all my works with Guitar Pro. I invite you all to visit my channel..
Will GP software ever fix the problem of hide EMPTY staves in a multitrack score when you print the file Its impossible to use this software for professional work, its a complete joke. If Powertab would have option to add more than 3 staves and not have problems with triplets against 16th - 32th etc (notes allign out of proportion) I would say the 10 years old, and FREE PowerTab editor is SUPERIOR. The solution GP people gives Print particellas and then CUT/PASTE each part with a PDF editor!.
please check out the song i composed, it is a psychedelic rock song in the style of grateful dead or the doors watchv=5QwtxYvYx7s. Good day to you. I know this seems like a spam message (it kinda is, but you gotta start somewhere!), but i made a song with Guitar Pro 6, and I'm pretty proud of it. I would be thrilled to get some feedback on it. Thank you!.
2 rodongiving5 There are many acoustic guitar sounds included in the Real Sound Engine (RSE) of Guitar Pro 6..
I got the guitar pro 5 official plastic case can I go to the website and just update it to guitar pro 6. I think you need the version 6 only for those files with.gpx extension. To date, most of Guitar Pro tabs on ultimateguitar are in.gp5 or.gp4 files, for which version 5 should be just fine.. 2 IMMORTALISWALBYMUSIC If you were to output your score to a MIDI file or a TAB file (I am not a Finale user perosnally), you should be able to import it into Guitar Pro 6 and then exdit the sounds to use the RSE. Your best source for how to tips are the forums on the Guitar Pro web site. . qué pendejo eres. Of course if you want to do that, you have to make those two first notes to last the shorter one, then, then tie the one with the larger duration, and that's pretty much it..
File > Export > WAV. It actually works well, apart from gp5. Then you need a video editor (I I recommend AVS) and something to acompany your song, like a picture, video or a text message. I guess the picture works cool. .
when i play some songs it warn me that some tracks dont not have associted with soundbank. download them via updater menu what hell is this plz help nd guide me . It's a really handy software. Especially if you compose, it gives you some nice sound posibilities done within seconds. If anyone is curious about it's sound, you can check my channel. I'd give you guys the idea.. i just got it online and its pretty cool! :) but hey, i'm really stuck trying to create drum kit lines dont know how to use the keyboard for this purpose! please make a tutorial explaining this! thx. Hey eMediaMusic, I've been wondering, how do u take a Guitar Pro 6 file and post the audio of that song onto youtube . Im a pretty good musician and I want to record my guitar(s) at home to burn the tracks on a CD for a demo, will this do the job and can you use it with any laptop/computer or do you NEED an apple.
2 cuevatm You can hit F3 (or from top Menu: View > Multitrack) to view the score in Multitrack mode. CTRL+F6 will also bring up the Instrument Panel and bring up the animated piano to see the piece on the keyboard as its being played. .
I used to use a program called Game Maker which allowed you to use it in several modes - one being a Beginners' mode which reduced the complexity of the GUI and presented the user with just particular key functions. Once these had been mastered, the user could select the next level of complexity and so work with additional functions - all within the same program without needing to download anything else. If GPro doesn't yet have this fucntionality, it could surely use it in the next upgrade.. does anyone know how to get 6 to step through the tab note for note like 5 did with the little footprints .
what does slap pop and tap do I want to palm mute while simultaneously HITTING my acoustic guitar with my fingers..that sound you create on the instrument cant be replicated on GP6 Is it just that you add the note for you to play the slap but it doesnt actually make the sound My GP6 makes no sounds when you add these things .
2 mitchell1919 Yes, you if you purchased and registered Guitar Pro 5 than you can upgrade through the Guitar Pro web site. .
That's what I need to know also. I don't want scoring software. I write and playback the music via Finale 2012. I just want the better guitar sound. How do I do that.

how do you make the drums on gp6 i want to add a drum track to my songs but i cannot figure out how to do it as you cannot do it in tab unlike gp5. please help me..
I am trying to make a song, but when I add a note underneath another note, and want it to play along longer than the other note, it's impossible. Two notes above eachother need to have the same duration! Any suggestions.

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October 26, 2015
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November 30, 2015

Comments about this video:
Does anyone know of a program where you can play the lead on guitar and the software converts it to tab Thanks, Garry..
Is there a way for me to remove the top section and just have the tabs showing when I print!! please help.

+Zevie I actually found it more convenient when reading tabs since I know how to read sheet music. But I only need that view for computer..not for print out .

I know what you mean. Having both on a screen is fine but it takes up twice the space on paper and my students complain the handouts are too small to read. And every time I even hint at trying to teach them to read the notation, their eyes glaze over and when I finish talking they inevitably say "huh".
can you use this software with only the tablature portion im writing a book and its only tab. thanks.
Great Tutorial! Same question like citker and somerandomdude: could you tell me how you add a second guitar .
can u tell me plz how can i integrate both guitar im working on my new stuff and i must writing my stuff right so im trying to integrate both giutars to play together... how am i doing it plz help.
2 SirRiffraff can you see the red guitar top left coner.. click it... at your right you will see a same red guitar you click it and you 're done :).
How would you get it to have two guitar voices at the same time I'm trying to tab a solo of mine and can't seem to get the lead and rhythm playing at the same time. Any idea how to do that.
Great video here. I got this same program. the only thing is in file Information when I type and save my Title of song, Subtitle and Author. when I print the page. my file information is not centered of my page and half is cut out. but everything else that I print on the page is can I shift the file Information to center of page.
I´m dying for the 2.0 version. I used to use this like crazy, until I changed to mac and I miss this program SO MUCH..

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November 14, 2015
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December 30, 2015
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November 9, 2015

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hmmmmm very interesting very nice idea to pick apart solos and you gotta have more strats one for 440 tuning on for halfstep one for drop d one for drop d half step one for nashville open tuning and the list goes on and on.
Thanks man. I just like to pass on the little things that make my life more colorful and stress free!!!.

Thanks Greg I am sure this video will be a hit. You have an excellent way to explain thing for the common man to grab..

Yeah... The strat isn't mine... yet... I agree, I could have a number of them. I'll probably keep mine at E flat forever and use the Kramer as my 440. I need to get the LP back for drop D (something about the humbuckers makes the D just rip). Also, I'd like to have a.010 and a.013 strat... Probably not going to happen unless I buy a couple knock offs :D..
I'm with you man... I can pick out chords and major pieces, but solos and complex parts, I have to slow down or cheat with tabs. I grew up playing drums and I played with guitar players who could listen to a song once and play it damn near note for note.. Nice going Greg. A lot of players will be grateful with this method. I particularly liked the pitch shift. Hope you had a great Thanksgiving. From Canada with Love...John..
I'll have to check that out. Slash plays a lot of stuff that is a nightmare to learn. He's fast and all over the place for sure..
HAHA... You are allowed to loaf if you've had turkey. There's no way to stay moving when you are weighed down trying to digest a load of thanksgiving food!!!. Good stuff Greg, I always like seeing someone else's process. I have to really work at learning anything on the guitar. My nephew, on the other hand, can listen to a song on the radio and have it figured out by the end of the song...makes me jealous for sure. . Good stuff Greg. I use something called TuxGuitar it's a free little programme which plays guitar pro tabs too, you can change the speed in that, i got guitar pro 5 aswell but i don't really use that. i got a vid of it somewhere i slowed the solo to paradise city down but it's still a nightmare to learn lol..

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November 13, 2015
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January 11, 2016

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Oh hey! Pretty good video, Thanks! There is this astonishing Guitar Lesson site at "Brendt Mastery Guitar Playing Guru" (should be on google) My husband learned fantastic playing skills very fast! They are giving a free lesson too!.

Simply go to any guitar tab site, find a tab, highlight and copy it. Open Tablatutor and click the Paste button..

QuesoPilipinas ~ View topic - ezetimiba plm

December 10, 2015

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Sometimes as a Chef of 20 years you watch something, not the "Notebook" nor "Beaches" that makes you remember tears of sorrow or elation. But of the first Time you tasted things at the Melbourne Markets or Adelaides Haighs. Thanks for reminding me of my childhood and the reason I get paid very little for the things I love to make. I love my Addiction to this fantastic multicultural place called home..

Mesa comedor acero y cristal -

January 21, 2016

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December 5, 2015

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+Charina Caballes Pectin is a naturally occurring substance in fruit that causes the juices to gel up (set). It is not gelatin (animal based product). Don't know where you live, but pectin is available under the brand name "Certo" here in North America..
Ah. I see. I am really having a hard time finding it here because i am not familiar with it. By the way, im from the Philippines. Thank for the info. :).
wow it is color full and looks like crystal thing really love it i want to eat this candy.i miss it now.
have you made different flavors I was wondering if we could substitute lemon juice for some of the water Any idea thanks. love your videos.. Omg when get old enough hope I get a wife like her I love her lol and love her videos her husband is a lucky man but it's rare to find a woman like u now a days. for the candy sticking to the foil, if you coat the greased foil with either fine sugar or powdered sugar (fine sugar works best for me) like you would when you grease and flour a cake pan, it shouldn't stick so bad. Try cutting it with a pizza cutter, It worked for me with hard candy. It might work for you to. :). hi from Philippines, i like it simple and easy and looks yummy,,,, i hope i can follow your good work,, does it take months in a sealed plastic wrapper,, cos i want to try this for selling, pls. also i will try to find pectin here, Godbless and more power,,. I think you need to brush your knife with oil (using silicon) in order to prevent it from sticking to the lemon drops. This is a technique I've seen used for cutting marshmallows (another pectin friendly gewy yummy thing). I hope people see this! . Looks nummy! Might want to try spraying butter flavored Pam on nonstick Reynolds wrap foil. Make sure you use the correct nonstick side "dull" side of the foil facing out, it's marked, I made that mistake before. I don't use any other foil since they came out with it. It's pricier but worth it.. Oh yoyomax, I have to say thank you so much! your vids are great an d easy to fallow. my and my girls have so much fun watching you and trying them out, our faves so far are the pepper mint patties.. +yoyomax12 - the diet free zone can i use an ice cube tray for this It would be mich handier!! I have a silicone one would this work. Do you have an Instagram or something where I can contact you I would love to show you some of my recipes!. Did anyone have any problems with the gumdrops hurting their mold I want to use a small ice cube tray (made of plastic) and I don't want to melt it or wreck my gumdrops. . Very cool! Would it help to pop the candy in the fridge to stiffen up prior to cutting Thanks for the video!. I'm wondering if pouring the mixture into a plastic tray for small ice cubes would melt the plastic or be too difficult to get out of the tray without ruining the cube shape. Someone asked this comment but the replies were disabled, if someone can answer this it would be greatly appreciated.. Its not good. A lot of those aren't BPA free and the plastic-ally film will probably attach itself to it. .
I'd have to make either licorice or Anise flavored gum drops. Yum! Thanks for the recipe!.
I think that if you put the gun drops on WAX PAPER instead it won't stick ok that is what I do and have no problem just a tip or suggestion be blessed and thank you for the recipe I LOVE lemon pie and this sounds so good ha shalom. she just said what ever flavour you like.. it would be the same process but using banana flavouring. .
You could use icing sugar and corn starch mix as a coating to give them a different texture/mouth feel. Great recipe, thank you for sharing..
By thé pectine package ni name/sans nom i was wondering where u from Im from Montréal. Ho and i loveeeeeee tout recipe !!!. For those making this recipe, I have been making these for about a year now (not quite this recipe, but very close.) The easiest way to cut them up is not a knife, but a large round pizza cutter. You can also superfine the granulated sugar coating in a food processor for smaller granules, and mix about 1/2-1 Tbsp of cornstarch with the sugar coating, it makes the gumdrops MUCH easier to handle and not stick to everything! For a sour coating add 1-3Tbsp of granulated citric acid (depending on how sour you like things,) this can be found in the canning section as a replacement for lemon juice..
I think I'll try this ^^ The whole time I was watching I couldn't help but think of Gingy "Not the buttons, not my gum-drop buttons!" :P.
Great recipe! One question, can I replace the graduated sugar with raw sugar and the corn syrup with honey.
Hi, to counter the stickiness, would it have helped if you'd put it in the freezer before to cut .
OMG the advertisement before this video, max schnieder, Kurt, and the blonde girl(sorry I forgot her name!, singing jingle bell rock! XD . the stores around me does not sell pectin -is there anything else i could substitute the pectin with.
Gelatin yields a completely different consistency. Agar will give more of a turkish delight consistency, and corn starch will make it more like fruit slice type candy you buy in the store. There really is no substitute for the pectin consistency, it's a "jellied" candy..
Hey Yoyomax12, I was wondering if I could make this without lemon extract, but instead use lemon juice Also, do I have to have to have the grated lemon peel in it Sincerely, TheCooking ExperienceGirlz. okay, first of all stuff like lemon zest is of course optional like sprikles, sugarcoating or anything else... and u must not use lemon at all ^^ lemon juice works fine but u need a lot more for the same rich taste so ur liquid gummy may stay liquid, better use extracts for candymaking but u can try it..
The issue with lemon juice is the acid, too much acid in the liquid mixture will cause the pectin to not set right. Hence the baking soda, to neutralize the citric acid in the pectin. You need to use candy flavoring, or extracts. I reccomend LorAnn hard candy flavorings..
I love lemon, myself. So I'd have been going to town on those things. You know those "Jewels" you would find at Ross, those gum drops that look like flat pebbles and they come in lemon, orange, and grapefruit Man, I love those things so much I'm tempted to go to Ross and get a box, just MENTIONING them!...if only it wasn't 100+ outside! x P.

Mesa comedor acero y cristal -

November 27, 2015

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Duramale in saudi - Buy Prescription Medications - Dec 29...

January 5, 2016

Comments about this video:
I'm looking forward to seeing your mcdonalds diet especially now after my health teacher put on Super Size Me a few weeks ago. I wonder what ppl thought when he walked across the parking lot with some white liquid on him and goes into the car... HMMMMM.
"It's a Daddy Special." "You can lick Daddy's fingers." LMFAO!!!!.
Hello Leo, You Mcdonalds diet sounds very interesting that you lost a total weight of 40KG I can't wait for you to upload the entire challenge, my mum does not believe this at all. Just a quick question, Do you still eat Mcdonalds because you said at one point of the video you would never ever go back and eat this style of food..
+FanduFox I'm still a very regular customer at my local McD, i'm half famous there with the staff who know me.
+Nelson :( well some ppl r special they could eat like 5 pizzas and still be the same u r one of them XD. I don't really eat McDonalds anymore aside from the occassional shake (Which I still prefer one from home, but sometimes I get lazy) and fries. I think maybe you got a bum cone and exposed a weak spot, thus sending the ice cream tumbling down. Too bad they don't have wname cones though, they seem to be the most durable.. Oh my Leo, i felt sorry for you when that ice-cream fell out of your hand. That's one fail i'll never forget.. : Olalalalalala I saw you you have MCD Ice Cream : Olalalalalala you saw this big McD Ic- explodes xD I will make a funny sence with this trust me it will be funny.
Hahahahahahahahahaha!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! .
r.i.p. cone lol also do you still eat mc donalds once in a while after your challenge I know you said you didnt want to go to this a style of food again after burning it, but did the challenge completely stop you from eating the food .
When Leo said "let's not say mcdonalds is the problem." I said "let's see G+ as the problem! Wait a minute that makes no sense".
Hahaha! Very funny video Leo. That slow-mo fall lol. Hope the ice cream mess didn't stain your car 😊 . Leo, Google has screwed YouTube again. Many people are having issues commenting on videos using the YouTube app. They can't see comments or comment. Did you know that.

Pelucas - Best Ways To Handle Your All Forms Of Diabetes

November 26, 2015

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Tablet - Buy Products In Best Vito - Jan 14, 2016

January 18, 2016

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Recipe: Ingredients: 25 g corn oil, 10 g Dutch-processed cocoa powder, 10 g milk (cold), ⅛ tsp salt, ½ tsp vanilla extract, 10 g glucose, 105 g whole eggs, 15 g egg yolk, 80 g castor sugar, 50 g cake flour, ⅛ tsp baking soda. It's Chopin's Waltz, more commonly known as 'Farewell' or L'adieu', op 69. He knows way to dump a women in classy style..
Nice recipe, works really well, thank u! The cake turns out very fluffy and soft, can't stop eating it!!.
我們現在已經拌好巧克力,讓它冷卻下來了一點,加入10g牛奶,,看到巧克力糊變濃稠了嗎?加入1/2茶匙香草精1/8茶匙鹽,攪拌後讓它完全冷卻。取10G葡萄糖,以幫助保持蛋糕濕潤。這個東西很粘。然後,105克全蛋,再加上15克蛋黃。​在​開始攪拌先鬆開葡萄糖,開始囉...當蛋開始勾芡,加入80克幼糖,當打蛋器開始在麵糊留下明顯的紋路,降低速度以幫助去除大氣泡,這就是我們想要的,厚實流暢。分2次加入巧克力糊,每次加入後用打蛋器徹底拌勻,(幾乎)最後一滴,可儘管使用打蛋器,這個蛋黃糊不容易消泡。可可糊一定要和蛋糊混合均勻,用刮刀折疊和刮,直到你沒有看到可可糊,50G蛋糕粉+ 1/8茶匙小蘇打任何條紋,均勻灑在碗裡,輕輕用打蛋器拌勻,直到你看不到任何麵粉。剩餘的麵粉和小蘇打的一半。和以前一樣均勻灑碗的表面,我的打蛋器只是在麵糊表面輕拌,使麵粉和巧克力蛋糊拌勻,不形成硬塊.
I tried your recipe. It is really good, thank you. However, when I want to do it without using cocoa powder, how will I use the "corn oil" and "milk" that are in your original recipe Should I be using more flour for the cake If yes, how much extra Can you please explain Thank you!.
Can I double up the ingredients to make a bigger cake in a bigger tin I assume a bigger cake will take longer to cook..
+pureholy Quote from KitchenTigress blog: i) Your cake pan is bigger/smaller than mine. How do you adjust the recipe » You must scale the recipe by the percentage difference in size. Calculate the surface area of the pan used in the recipe.Calculate the surface area of your cake pan.Scale the recipe up/down by the percentage difference between the two pan's surface areas.A round pan's surface area is 3.1 x r x r. A square/rectangular pan's surface area is l x b. If you can't handle the arithmetic, get a primary school kid to help you. You may want to pretend you're testing him/her. j) You want to scale the recipe up/down. What pan size should you use » The pan size must be proportionate to the quantity of ingredients. Calculate how many percent you want to scale the recipe.Calculate the surface area of the pan used in the recipe.Increase/decrease (2) by (1). This is the surface area of the pan you need.Using (3), calculate the length and breadth, or diameter, of the pan you may use. The height of your pan should be the same as mine or higher.A round pan's surface area is 3.1 x r x r. A square/rectangular pan's surface area is l x b. If you have no idea what I'm talking about or your little brain is threatening to explode, please seek assistance. A primary school kid (with a pass in maths) should be able to help you..
Castor sugar is also known as superfine sugar. It is finer than granulated sugar but not as fine as powdered sugar.. Hi, will the "seized" method work equally with Dutch processed or natural cocoa powder, or is it important to use one or the other for this recipe (Which pls). I just made this a couple of hours ago. It's gone now lol xD The cake itself is quite small but it was absolutely delish But mine turned out a bit dry probably because i have a small oven lol Since i enjoyed it too much. Subscribe lol xD .
you know, if you oil your spoon slightly, the glucose will come out much more easily, and you won't waste any of it ;).

Hello, I love your recipies. Thank you for sharing. Wich is the difference between Sponge, Castella, Chiffon Cakes I mean about the fluffynes, moisture, etc. In wich cases do you use each recipe (with cream, fruits, jelly, etc) Because de procedures are a little different but de result aparently are de same, are they Thank you so much.
This and your Castella cake are beautiful to look at. There really is an amazing difference in appearance when you remove air bubbles..
Hi Kitchen Tigress!! I'm really impressed with your cakes and your techniques! I'm your new subscriber :D. I just want to ask a question though, can i use this cake for a black forest cake I really want to make a black forest cake, but don't know the right cake that will make a great balance with all the other ingredients..i.e. cherries, whipped cream.. etc.. your suggestions would really be much appreciated! :).
omg, i finally have time to bake after my tests. BEST RECIPE EVER. taste like the birthday cakes my parents bought me when I was living in Hong Kong..
Thank you for your generosity in sharing this beautiful recipe with the world. You'll be much blessed!!.
I am a vegetarian and dont eat eggs so can u give me a sponge cake recepie without eggs which gives same result..
Can you tell me why the cake shrank after came out of the oven. Is there any method to keep the cake not shrinking Thanks in advance..

+Pedro Chung Simple physics. The air in the cake is hot and hot air expands. When the cake cools down the air in it cools down too and shrinks. And no, there is no way to keep that from happening..
Ive made an amaizng chocolate sponge featured in The cake bible by Rose Levy would totally recomend to check it out if u are in a book store its on page 132.
Baked this cake for a friend's birthday 2 days ago, filled and coated it with chocolate ganache. It was simply heavenly yummy!! #With a digital weighing scale, I weighed 2 whole eggs (I used 55g/eggs). There was an excess of 5g so I had to scoop away some whites to achieve the required amount. As for the extra yolk which the recipe called for, mine weighed 16g but I didn't bother to adjust it since it was only 1g in excess. I even carelessly switched the sequence of the flour and choc addition!!! Fortunately, everything still turned out good. Good luck Sylvia! .

I'm in love! They are so beautiful! Been watching this video for a month now! Finally going to try it soon!.
She is removing the big bubbles that will end up making big holes in the cake after baked, it was nesessary if you want your cake to look pretty :).
Hi! Thanks for your generous recipe. I have tried your strawberry sponge cake recipe and it´s very light and fluffy except a bit dry. I think I may need to adjust the oven temperature and baking time. Anyhow, I love to test your recipe. Keep it up..

Hello KT, Thank you for your wonderful instructional videos! Unfortunately, from 1:45 on, the overlaid ingredients and instructions don't show properly anymore (same as in Castella cake!). Any chance to either fix that or add ingredients and instructions somewhere else Thank you in advance! I would love to the Castella Cake a try… Regards, Chuchichaeschtli Reply · .

erm... glucose in eggs I think the level of glucose contained in eggs is like... negligible Or are you trying to say albumin.

Nice video but I'm having difficult time finding the glucose you're using in this video. Is this like a corn syrup your cookie manufacturers uses to save money It is something you can easily find in the grocery store shelf If so, what shall I ask for .

Corn syrup is not similar to glucose. It is wrong to say glucose is simply corn syrup or even thick corn syrup. Whether one may be substituted with the other depends on the recipe..
I see that you use balloon whisk attachment mixer attachment... can we use just regular attachment btw .
the baking got my attention... but the piano got my admiration... such an elegant and beautiful combination, don't know if I feel like classical music or dessert... so both. Thank you..
Hi Fallenangel, it´s a kind of hand mixer with balloon whisk attachment. I have one from Kenwood. Very nice to use it..
Hi, I have been looking for a whisk like yours, what is it called the brand and so on. I can't even find it on Google images :(.
This is actually a Handheld Blender (sometimes called Immersion Blender) c/w a whisk attachment. You have to buy the whole set. Mine is Bosch MSM67 with a rather powerful 600w motor. There are many other brands available. One with a variable speed control is very useful. You may want to google to find out more :). Ya'know, I love your channel, but I really wish you wouldn't play the same song twice in a row.... +ando1135 Glucose is the key ingredient to achieve the airy light fluffiness in this cake. I'm not sure if corn syrup has that same effect as the glucose coz chemically, they are different....
i want to make sheet cake from this recipe, a 9x13 sheet pan. should i just double the recipe will baking it in a sheet pan affect the rising of it and, if it deflates a little, will it become too dense to use made sponge cake before and i get a good rise, then as it cools it shrinks bad!.
hahaha me too i even fell in sleep. i had to rewind it several times but will try to make it really looks fluffy etc. good job ;).
Is the glucose act like a cake emulsifier I have a lot of cake recipe that need an emulsifier but can't find it here in us. So is the glucose act like emulsifier.
Glucose is hygroscopic, i.e. it absorbs water and slows down evaporation, hence keeping the cake moist. An emulsifier emulsifies, i.e. it makes water combine with fat. That also helps keep the cake moist but the emulsification makes the crumb tighter, less spongy and less fluffy.. Hi, i cant find glucose available in cake ingredients shop btw i m fr indonesia, are there any substitute. I see...thanks so much for the reply. I'll let you know how it turns out when I try the recipe. Anyway...I already try your pandan chiffon cake and cupcake and cotton cheesecake. Everything turns out pretty good. Everyone loves it. Thanks again.

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January 10, 2016

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salem allah ikhalik momkin ta3tini les mesures bi gramme 2 cup sucre 400g est l'eau 3/4 180 ml hal hada sahih ya Made belbayt merci beaucoup..
اه حبيبة غير لماء تقريبا 177مل ما شي مشكل الا 180 😁 انا حاطة بالجرام تحت الفيدو يعطكي الصحة يا رب و شكرًا بزاف ربي يخليك 😍😍.
السكر مطحون ؟؟؟؟ انا عملته بسكر مو مطحون و حطيت معه شوية ليمون بس لما حطيته مع عجينة السكر رجع كرستالات و فشلت العجينة هل اقدر أن اعمله بسكر مطحون؟؟؟؟ أرجو الرد بسرعة.
if u can use lemon juice then how much quantity of lemon juice is required to prepare thus syrup this this measurements as u mentioned in description box pls ans.
شكرا على الوصفة البسيطة والرائعة ولكن انا جربتها أكثر من مرة وفي كل مرة يصبح لونها ذهبي...هل هناك خطأ في طريقتي ؟ هل يؤثر استعمال الحامض بدل بودرة التارتار في تغيير لونها ؟ . انتي الي يعطيكي الف عافيه عل هل لابداع الراقي والفن البديع………….. وانا طبختها بخطواتكي بحذافيرها عل نار هاديه كمان بس لونها اصفر عل ذهبي. تسلم ايدج ومشكوره وااايد عالوضفه بصراحه مرات نحتاج الجلوكوز بس مو دايما نلاقيه وصفه روعه من ايادي اروع 😘😍😘🌹😍😍.
ممكن تستخدميها في اي وصفة تتطلب كورن سيروب او جلوكوز الا اذا طلبت الوصفة وحدة بالتحديد من دون التانية بس الاغلب فيكي 😊.
حبيبتي انتي تسلمي يا رب هو مرات السهولة باشتري بس كيف ما قلتي لو الواحد ما حصل او صعب و هو بيجي غالي شوي فارخص الواحد يعمله بالبيت يعطكي العافية يا رب 😊. انا سويته وجمد ولما اسخنه بالمايكروويف يصير مثل العسل لكن لما احطه في عجينة السكر هل تنشف وتصير قوية ارجو الاجابة. حبيبتي يعطكي العافية يا رب الجلوكوز بساعد السكر ما يرجع يصير كريستالات و بيساعد تكون العجينة طرية استخدميه بنفس القوام اللي بالجلوكوز الجاهز او الكورن سيروب عادي بيعطي نفس النتيجة 😊.
لا ما بيعطي نفس النتيجة 😥 في وصفات ممكن بس العجينة تاعة السكر و الميرانج الايطالي و عجينة الشوكولا لا 😥.

السلام اختي ممكن أعرف شواسم البدرة الاضفتيهاعلى الماءوالسكر أهل يمكن تعويضها بعصير الليمون الحامض وشكرا.
مرحبا حبيبتي بدي اسالك شو ممكن نلاقي بديل للجيلاتين انا بتركيا وماكنت لاقي الكورن سيرب بس رح جرب هي الوصفة انشاء الله بس الجيلتين محتارة فيه في شي بنوب عنه ياترا؟. حبيبتي يعطكي العافية يا رب غريب والله المفروض موجود لانه اكيد عندكم محلات حلو بتعمل حلويات فيها جيلاتين في انواع جيلاتين نباتي بس بدك تدوري منيح بالنسبة للكورن سيروب ممكن تعملي هي الوصفة بتنوب عن الكورن سيروب في اغلب الحالات 😊. مو بدل الجيلاتين انا عندي وصفة فيها الجيلاتين و الجلوكوز او شراب الذرة هي الوصفة 😊 الله يسعدك ويوفقك حبيبتي بدي اسألك عن كريمة الزبده انا عملتها ٢٠٠جرام زبده وكوب سكر بودره وملعقه كريمة خفق طلعت كويسه بس بدي اغطي فيها كيكة بقمع ورد الجوري مقاس 8انش هل بتكفي هالكميه للتغطيه وهل الوصفه ماراح تذوب وشكرا الك من كل البي. بدك حوالي دبل الوصفة و تسلم ايديكي مقدما بالنسبة القوام اه بتكون منيحة و اذا حابة للمستقبل عندي وصفات كريمة زبدة طيبة في اساسها حليب و طحين و في كسترد و في ميرانج ان شاء الله تجربيهم هي اللينك
ان شاء الله حبيبتي اظن امال كانت عملت دونات مخبوزة شكراااا الله يسعدك يا رب 😍

+Made Belbayt قصدي انا م عم بلاقي الدهن النباتي وبدي اعمل عجينة الفوندن من المارشميلو في الو اي بديل 😃.
هاي يا قمر كيفك انا اليوم جربت اعمل الكورن سيرب على طريقتك ونجحت مية بالمية وعملت عجينة السكر ايضااا على طريقتك وطلعت رااائعة بس ما عارفة كيف انزل الصورة و فرجيكي عالكيك كيف طلعت ☺☺☺. حبيبتي يعطكي العافية 😊 انتي طبختيه زيادة لسبب التغيير في اللون خليه على حرارة هادية و اول ما تصير كرة طرية في المي شيليه على طول 😊. اه فهمت عليكي اسمه كورن سيروب او جلوكوز بيستخدم انه يخلي الجاناش قوامه افضل و بيلمعه بس انا ما باستخدامه في الجاناش بس للتلميع او تغطية الكيك بشكل مرآة افضل يستخدم انا عندي طريقة تحضير الجلوكوز في البيت هي الوصفة Marhaba, ana 3alltha BL 5all bess lama tafit 3aliha saret jamda ktiiirrr momkon tegoulili kamiyet el 5all adeych wlech tjamad wreja3 sekkar.
الخل حاولي م ص المفروض ما يجمد و هو ساخن بس اكيد بس تبرد بتجمد تماما عند الاستخدام دخليهم الميكرويف او حطي المرطبان في طنجرة بمي سخنة ليرجع يدوب الجلوكوز 😊 و يعطكي العافية 👍🏻.

تسلم ايدك اختي كنت ادور ع الطريقه هذي من فتره لان الجلكوز مو متوفر عندي... حابه استفسرك السويتات الفرنسيه مثلا" موس كيك بتكون فوقه تغطيه لامعه مستخدم الجلكوز والجلاتين وشوكولا بيضاء هل عندك طريقه مبسطه لهاالخليط بشرح مبسط ان امكن وياريت فهمتي مقصودي بالشرح...

حبيبتي شكرًا كتير 😊 بالنسبة للجليز ان شاء الله بدور على وصفة سهلة و في متناول الكل و بطبقها ان شاء الله 😘.
can we use only lemon instead of cream of tartar and vinegar to get glucose syrup pls ans me waiting for ur reply. طيب اول لازم ما كتير ترفعيهالحتى بس تحمليها ما تمط معك اكتر و تصير تتقطع و بالنسبة للتشققات لازم تعجنيها منيح لحتى تطرى ممكن تساعدي بدهن ايديكي او العجين بسمن نباتي و بس تطرى منيح ساعتها بتمديها على الكيك و مهم كمان تكون تحتها كريمة زبدة لو جاناش بانواعها. و اذا صار معك و تشققت من مكان شوية سمن نباتي و ادهني المنطقة منيح و نعميها بيروح تقريبا التشقق 😊.
يعطيك العافية عالوصفة... عندي استفسار..عندي لوح كاكاو مرة كيف اقدر اضيف لها بعض الحلاوة لأن طعمها م استسغته كذا وشكراً.

الله يعافيكي حبيبتي حسب شو الوصفة و لشو بدك تستخدميه ؟ اه ممكن بس خبريني شو الوصفة لحتى اعرف اساعد 😊.
Sure sweetie Inge: 2cups of white sugar 400g 3/4 cup of water 177ml Dash of salt quarter tsp of cream of tartar u can use white vinegar or lemon juice Directions On a medium heat stir in the water, sugar,salt n cream of tartar stir until sugar dissolves wait until it boils n make sure not to stir it again you can move or shake the non stick pan You have to boil the sugar syrup till it reaches 240f or 115c (soft ball stage ) I you don't have the candy thermometer do as I did in the video keep testing the moisture by having a cold water n a teaspoon on the side, take some of the syrup n drop it in the cold water once it stops melting and start to form a soft ball then your glucose is ready 😊.
يعطيكي العافية وشكرا على الوصفة عندي سؤال هﻷ بشكل عام الجلوكوز نفسو شراب الذرة ونفسو الجولدن سيروب (شراب الذرة) ولافي فرق ﻷنو الجولدن سيروب متوفر عندي بالسوبر ماركت ياريت تجاوبيني ضروري وشكراً.
حبيبتي الجلوكوز و الكورن سيروب ممكن يستبدلو واحد بالتأني الا اذا تطلبت الوصفة واحد من دون التاني بس واحد معمول من السكر و التاني من الذرة بالنسبة للجولدن سيروب كمان يستخدم في عمل المربى و بعض الكاندي بس لونه شوي غامق بخاف ياثرلك على العجينة بس ممكن تجربي اذا ما في بديل او تعملي العجينة من المارشميلو 😊. السلام عليكم...حبيت الوصفة لاني بحاجة للجلوكوز ببعض الوصفات...عندي سوال اذا استبدلنا الترتار بالليمون او الخل ما بيتغير الطعم...وهل نقدر نحط مكان الترتار نشا.
تسلمي يا رب 😍 الخل ما اله طعم بس الليمون يمكن خفيف لانه الكمية تكون قليلة يعني ما بيكون طعمها واضح 😊.
انت مبدعه انا متابعتك يعطيكي العافيه انا بلعراق ماموجود كريم التارتار اذا اسخدمت الخل او الحامض اديش الكميه وشكرا الك كتير ﻻن هي الوصفه بدور عليها من زمان مرسسسي.
ممكن استخدمتي معلقة صغيرة من الخل الابيض و ممكن تجبي ريشة مطبخ و شوية مي و ضلك مسحي الاطراف تاع الطنجرة من جوا خلال الغليان لتفادي وجود حبات سكر تطايرت و اللي ممكن تسبب انه يرجع المزيج يسكر 😊 شكرااااا كتير حبيبتي و بالتوفيق 😘.
حبيبتي دانة تسلميلي يا رب كلك ذوق العسل ممكن يعوض الجلوكوز في وصفات معينة لانه بيمنع السكر من يرجع كريستالات بس مو كل الوصفات 😁. حبيبتي لو جاناش ممكن تحطي شوية جلوكوز عليه و ممكن تدوبي شوي سكر مع الكريمة و تسخنيهم على النار بيدوب السكر تماما و تنزليهم على الشوكولا و ممكن اعملي كريمة زبدة بتكون هي حلوة كتير و تعادليها بإضافة هي الشوكولا دايبة و بحرارة الغرفة في النهاية يعني ممكن تعملي اكتر من شي 😊. حبيبتي تسلمي بس كل كلامي الكثير في صلب الموضوع و معا كل الكلام الكثير بيجيني كتير اسالة بس لو مزعجك صوتي عادي ممكن تشيلي الصوت و تتبعي المقادير المكتوبة تحت الفيدو 😉.
ميديا بليز اعملي لنا كريمة الزبدة الاصليه ماحبيت طريقة امال لانها حطت زبدة وشورتونغ احس مرا دسمة ضبطي لنا شي اصلي .
حبيبتي هو ممكن تعملي الكمية كلها زبدة بتضل افضل كطعم بس للتزيين اضافة السمن للنباتي ممتاز عشان هيك أمال عملتها 😁 هلا عندي وصفة بتجننننن و لا بتحسي انها كريمة زبدة قد ما هي خفيفة لانه بيجي اساسها الحليب و النشا رح احطلك اللينك تحت 😁 و كمان في وصفة اساسها الكسترد كمان جربيها كلهم روعة بس الاسهل كريمة الزبدة السحرية 😊😊.
حبيبتي القطر بيختلف عن الجلوكوز بالكثافة و النتيجة غير بتكون لازم تطبخي السكر ليوصل لمرحلة الكرة الطرية كيف ما مبين بالفيديو و ممكن كمان تجيبي كورن سيروب جاهز 😊.

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