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December 29, 2015

Comments about this video:

I go for my test in 2 days. 3/17/14 Can I eat or drink anything with sugar a day before I go this is my first pregnancy. I am 31 years old. my birthday is sept 7 and baby is due july 07. just wanted to give a little back graound.

I had gestational diabetes & it might sound weird but I was happy that I had it. I ate super healthy & had a great diet. My baby weighed 7lbs 10oz. :).
I was the same way. I was diagnosed with GD at 20 weeks. So grateful for it. Sucks that I always had to watch what I ate and testing but I had a great pregnancy, only gained 14 lbs and had a healthy 6 lbs, 11 oz baby girl :).
With my first pregnancy, I had to take the glucose test three times! one at 15, 26, 33 weeks pregnant because I have PCOS which causes women to have higher insulin normally, so my dr just wanted to be sure I wasn't going to get it. not to mention my mother had GD with me. This pregnancy, I have a different doctor and she told me that when they give Hersey chocolate bars instead of a drink! I was like whatttt.
I was aloud to drink water And I had the big test because they consider me as hight risk for diabetes. It so different lol and yes the three hour test sucked too much needles ouch....
I didn't have to fast. I could eat but it had to be something with protein in it like eggs. So, I had eggs for breakfast, and I was asked if I wanted Lemon lime or Orange, and they gave it to me in a cup. Like you I had to drink with in 5 minutes, and wait an hour. My results came back normal :) .
I'm having my Glucose test tomorrow and I'm so nervous! I am super picky and I swear I'm a super taster. I'm always super nauseous and everything makes me so sick now. I'm afraid I'm not going to be able to keep it down for an hour! They told me that I didn't have to fast... I just can't have any sugar or breads.(Things that have sugar or turn to sugar.) I am going to eat some eggs before I go. Oh and they said I will have a choice between orange and lemon lime flavors. Ewe!. With my first pregnancy I got the drink at my OB appointment and was able to take it home and refrigerate. My doc told me to drink it an hour before my next app and drink it within five minutes. So I was able to drink it cold BUT I was driving to the app when I drank it and I almost puked in the car HAHA!.. I just had my glucose test Monday! It came back great but my iron was also low! I have to take two iron pills a day!. the 3 hour is so much worse. i passed out after the second blood draw. I was also anemic while prego with my boys. make sure you eat before you take your iorn pill it made me sick.. Im 31 weeks tomorrow... And i have to do mine on monday... Which i don't want to do it lol I've been putting it off because I'm scared its going to harm my baby! :/. My midwife gave it to me to bring home and refridgerate it. I was told i could eat and i failed. I fasted for the 3 hour and passed. With my twins i fastes and passed the 1 hour. I will decline it next time.. Hey Missy! I too have a bicornuate uterus. I'm 27 weeks 3 days pregnant with a girl. I went in to take my glucose test when I was 24 weeks pregnant it was a 5oz drink I think... And I also had fruit punch! I got to take it home and kept it refrigerated and it burned my throat after the drink and made my heart race a bit. But I actually got my results within that hour! They pricked my middle finger (ow!) And thankfully NO GD for me(: but I am anemic! I take my iron supplement everyday.. This is my fourth baby so I knew what to expect. I did my one hour (didn't have a voice of flavor so I was given the Orange one which tastes like a flat orange crush) and failed. I had to fast but at ten at night, I had pineapple so I think that might have elevated my sugar level. I took the three hour test a few days later and was so nervous. It was freaking torture! But I'm happy to say that I passed my three hour!. I live in Canada and it was okay, I was very dizzy and fatigued that whole day, I had to drink half a can of orange soda and wait one hour, so I did it first thing in the morning. It turns out I had really low blood sugar throughout my pregnancy lol which is weird but it wasn't so bad. .
our drink isn't flavored where I am it's just a white bottle of non flavored not looking forward to it :(.

I'm not nervous about the actual test it's self... I'm upset about fasting for 12 hours an the chemicals in the drink. I do not drink dyed drinks to begin with so why do it for a test.. Then the fasting. I would pass out if I didn't eat. That can not be good for baby going with out water and such. Our body's need that. I'm 28 weeks and my midwife has never brought it up to me about doing the test. I'm trying o find alternative ways to take it....
When I took my glucose test, I had the orange one, it was in an 8oz bottle. To me it tasted like a melted popsicle. It was very sweet, and my stomach was so upset when I drank it. .
So interesting to hear how it's different in different areas, I didn't know that! Mine was like yours, the big warm bottle of juice haha. I actually kind of liked it :P.

my first glucose test the drink was fine to me ( orange small 8oz) but the down side it was a 6hour test yes 6hours since i have a high risk of developing diabetes both of my parents have it :( my dad died from it when i was 12 but on to the results, they found out that im hypoglycemic :( and i had a follow up to see if its the same but this time it was just 3hours and im still waiting on the results *fingers crossed* !!.
Yes it wasn't that bad, I took the Orange one, mine was cold, it tasted just like orange soda, I waited an hour and they told me that same day I passed, but the only thing is that my iron is low as well :( but I didn't get any pills but I'll ask on my next appointment:) I heard not to take the pills at the same time as with the prenatals because then they won't work.. You should take the iron supplement with orange juice, also it takes a while for your iron to get all the way back up so just be patient. It took my a month or two to get up from 9.6 :). Oh the glorious glucose test! I too, had to drink a bottle, which was the orange drink and it was cold. They poured it in a cup for me. The orange drink tasted like McDonald's orange drink, but with a lot more sugar! I had to sit for an hour. When I got my results back, they were inconclusive, so I had to do it again!!!!! Lol.
In Poland you get a sugery drink (like, sugar in water, yyyyhhh). I was puking after 40 minutes, I think. Test failed, they had to do som kind of another test from my blood. Now I am 5 weeks pregnant and I am not willling to try again..
Mine was peach and room temperature :( I drank some and wa like oh this isn't thst bad then by the end I was forcing myself not to barf lol. I failed with my first pregnancy and I am waiting for the results with this pregnancy. Mine tasted like orange flavored death! I was not given a choice in flavor.. I had midwives and with my test all I had to do was fast over night and then in the morning I had to eat eggs toast orange juice and milk, wait 3 hours and then I was able to get my blood drawn. I had no issues with taking mine LOL!! Glad yours came back perfect! .
My midwife gave me the option to test my blood sugar levels every day for three times a day. That way I didn't have to drink all that sugar!.

For iron supplements it is best to take them on an empty stomach with some orange juice otherwise it doesn't absorb as well..
I failed the 1 hour and had to take the 3 hour :(... it was awful. the test actually takes 4 hours (for me anyway) because they have to do a blood test for something before it can begin. it was miserable but I passed it so it was a relief! . im in korea and the only option was orange, and it tasted like koolaid to me :) but i ended up with a headache for like 2 days after the test!.
My drink was the orange one and it was cold. I passed!! And my doc let be have water during the night luckily!.

People make it out to be such a bad expirence and its not at all. I think the only part that suck are you can teat and drink and you have to wait a hour, but doctors here in vegas have now started giving you the juice at your previous visit so you can drink it before you get to the office. Of course this happens after I've had three kids and am not having more haha..

Before you took the GD test as a pregnant woman it is tiring I'm only 11 weeks and I'm fatigued already were you fatigued.
I cannot remember who but someone said they couldn't handle the drink so they gave them the drink in jelly bean form!. Had my glucose test yesterday. Chose fruit punch as well. The bottle was quite a bit bigger than I remember my last pregnancy so towards the end of it I did get a little nauseas. Then waiting game got blood taken and I also had to get rhogam shot OUCH! They said they would call today only if their are abnormal results. Haven't heard anything yet.. Im 32 weeks pregnant and did my glucose test at 28 weeks. I had the fruit punch one but got to drink it cold which was pretty decent. I passed but I also found out my iron is low so Im on iron pills too :).
I had the same type of drink as you except it was orange! When I went in and did my test I got super dizzy and sick right in the middle of my one hour wait!!! They were walking me to lay down in the back and I passed out cold so I had to stop the test and eat and drink water...they made me do the three hour test a week later! :-(. They did it with me laying down the whole time because they were scared I would pass out again! I passed wth flying colors but it was not a hreat experience!.

I had the 3 hr test how I wasn't sick ill never know! But unfortunately I did have gestational diabetes but with healthy eating I managed to only put on 4lb in pregnancy and had my beautiful daughter who was 6lb 6 oz shocked as my older son was 9lb born so definitely thought I was having at least a 10 lb baby on my daughter! Lol.
We have the choice to take it with my midwives.. I have opted out unless I start showing signs, I am low risk though :) I live in Canada. ask your midwife if you can eat jelly beans instead because you don't have to do the drink if you are seeing a midwife they will usually let you just eat something really sugary like jelly beans, a candy bar, or pancakes with lots of syrup.
The Glucose Test is the only time that being diabetic is great!!! I didn't have to take it because I already take medication to control my sugar... I would die if I had to drink that stuff... .
I had the exact same results as you did! I passed the GD test with flying colors, but my hemoglobin level was slightly low so I started taking an iron supplement. We registered at Babies R Us right after my appointment which was a horrible idea! I am glad you passed! . I failed my 1 hour then passed the 3 hour with my son. We'll see what happens with this pregnancy. I drank the orange drink and it gave me a super headache too.. I would recomend taking your iron tablet with either orsnge juice or a vit c tablet to help for Dapoxetine... i did do my glucose test I am 32 weeks along and this my forth pregnancy... the reqson I did not do the test isnow here in sustralia it is a 2 hr wait between the drink and the blood test...add that to thefasting there is no way my body could handle that with out feeling really sick... I still vomit but I need to eat as soon as I wake in the morning... I did find out that I to am.
i had a feeling from seeing your daily vlogs that your iron was low.. glad everything came back positive with your test :).
My glucose test was horrible! I had blood taken then i had to drink a pint of lucazade which i hate then sit for 2 1/2 hours in the waiting room and then get blood taken i wasnt allowed to walk anywhere or even go to the toilet! I nearly wet myself :L. The first test I only had to take like a small cup full, I failed the first test the second was the same bottle as yours, I got my blood drawn 3 times, and failed by 2 stinkin points! GD is horrible, depressing, dangerous.My boy was 9 pounds. . I had the orange drink. Same amount you had but mine was cold and very hard to get down since it was. I didn't feel good after either. My results came back okay. I had to do a 24 hr urine because I had too much protein.. I did. They said that it's not exact. come to find out i didnt have to fast. and i just got over it in the end. I was able to drink water before during and after the test, i have to do it again.. due to human error in the lab. .
Well 5 yrs ago, my youngest is 4 now. I had the orange one, it was cold, it tastes like an orange fantastic with sugar added. But I had to go back and do the 6 hr one because the first one I was starving and ate a Swiss roll lol.

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December 27, 2015
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December 20, 2015
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December 22, 2015
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December 21, 2015

Comments about this video:
When I was pregnant I hardly gained any weight until I hit 30 weeks...then from then on the weight just started multiplying! By 40 weeks I had gained 40lbs!!! BUT, the week after he was born I was already down 30lbs! It was all him apparently (and fluid!) You look amazing Katie!! I'm so excited for you!. When my ex-wife was pregnant with our son. She would wait until he was kicking then snuggle close to my back so I could feel him kick. .
I do that to my o/h too I wait till his asleep put my bump against his back and wait lol made Him jump a few times.

I live in Seattle and can attest to the fact that there are several very good hospitals to give birth at (should you happen to go into labor). Not only that, but god forbid there are any complications, we have one of the country's best children's hospitals. Just a thought. :).

No joke. I'm sitting her nursing the baby watching. My 7yr old is next to me playing Minecraft on his kindle. Cullen said put an xbox in the nursery and my 7yr old said 'what! They are putting a xbox in the baby's room and I'm 7 and you won't let have one!' LMAO!!.
Only have been subscribed for a week & I'm already hooked! You both are so funny & I can't wait until little miss Gaines makes her debut! .
Oh my goodness! I can't believe Katie is already this far along! I can't wait to "meet" the baby! .
I know this is probably a stupid question but y'all aren't going to Playlist Live in New Jersey in November right Because Gaines will only be about a month old then .
Thank you so much for sharing this beautiful experience w/ us :) Positive wishes and prayers continuing for y'all!.
Hey Cullen and Katie! I sent you a letter to open at 24 weeks:) just wanted to remind you to open it. Let me know whatcha think. Much love, Paige .
Ya I remember that from a previous vlog they mentioned in,!!!hmmm I wonder if they have opened it! .

I am so happy for y'all! I am a single Mom to three kids...Parker (boy) 16, Haley (girl) 15 and Hayden (boy) 6, and without them I can't imagine how my life would be. Soon Gaines will change your live even more for the better...the love of a child is like nothing you can imagine! Thanks for taking us along on your journey! .
Glad to hear you passed the glucose test. When my wife was pregnant the doctor was worried that she already had Gestational Diabetes even before the test. Not only were they wrong, but they thought she didn't drink the drink and had to do it again. She passed both times. Thank God she has good sugar control. Still thinking about going to Vlogger Fest since we have a division of our company there and I can make it a business trip and still have fun...we will see. Peace. I just want to say that I just adore your channel. I am a mother of 5 boys and I am so SUPER busy. At the end of the night when my boys are off doing their own things I watch your vlogs. I'm trying to catch up! I will say this your youtube channel makes me laugh so much. The world needs videos like this. So much things happen daily that is always reported on the news that is so depressing but, this makes people smile. For that reason you should be proud and pat yourself on the backs. Does Katie have a birth plan I did with my first son but after 26 hours of labor he stopped at 6cms. That is the reason with all my sons I have had 5 c sections... Good luck to you guys... . I think she'll be a perfect mixture of the both of you. She's definitely going to be adorable!. Fairly new to your channel, but I love watching you! I live in WA and would love to go to Vloggers fair but I'm not your typical viewer as I am a Grammie. I have traveled down the same road as Katie just 33 years ago. Prayers for a healthy, happy baby and easy pregnancy. .
Thanks for saying happy canada day cause no Americans usually say that to us. And I love her name it is so original .

I just subscribed to your vlog and I'm loving it yawl are precious this baby is a lucky little girl. I noticed you haven't been on in a while hope everything is going well. I also am from Alabama.
Watching Cullen with all the kids at vidicon made me see what a great dad you will be! Congrats on the great dr report! .
yay for a good doctor appointment!! all I have to say is aren't husbands so nice when you go into your appointment they touch everything look at everything and my husband has put the gloves on snapped them and then says spread them so nice we got the most entertaining husband's!!.

I feel like at the end of these updates you should start saying how you feel about everything. I know you sort of touch on it, but it'd be cool to look back on and say more of that. Especially Cullen. I don't think he lets his emotions out as much. :).
Wow you're 26 weeks already! I had my baby 2 months ago. Feels like yesterday. Still so happy for yall. I gained 50 pounds during my pregnancy but I'm breastfeeding so the weight comes off easily. Can't wait to meet her but I can wait cause we don't want to meet her yet lol(: . Every time I watch these updates it makes me miss being pregnant so much.. Fingers crossed for again soon. I hope you are enjoying it :) HOOKER! LOL . I wasnt able to travel during the end of pregnancy which started around 32 weeks because of swelling in my feet and legs. Hooing that you will be ok to travel. Im so happy for the two of you! You guys are really amazing and uplifting! I cant wait for gains to get here!.
Katie, while she still has room, take a warm bath. Both of my boys would start moving so much if I went to relax in the bath. Guessing it's the warm water. Kind of crazy to sit back and watch your belly. Not just kick, but actually hand or feet movements. .
Uw medical center is a good hospital And only a few miles away :-) the also known for high risk pregnancy . Pregnacy does go by quick. Enjoy every minute of it... (even the kinda miserable last few weeks) I can't believe you're almost 26 weeks. My pregnancy has flown by as well. I am delivering my baby boy next week via induction at 38 weeks. .
We did the 4d. Best thing ever! We did it there at the doctor, we got a special so it was only $99. Worth it though. Make sure to bring your dvd. .

Not sure what you're guys future events are but I watch your videos all the time it's awesome to see a different look on how out going other vloggers do things and by far you two are my fav couple vloggers : 3 I send positive vibes for the baby Also you guys should check out a friend of mine not sure if you know him already but his channel is itsjonathanchan he is also a cool pretty awesome vloger I watch. Hope to here back soon :) .

Hey guys. I don't know if y'all have thought of this yet but tall should paint her belly when baby girl gets bigger and stand next to the ball! ;) lol.
Haha loved The Goonies reference, Cullen :) And thanks for the 'Happy Canada Day' targetballing. Wow, the time is flying, before you know it your sweet little Gaines will be here!. Katie, you look like your sister's twin in your wedding pictures! You used to look just like her!!!.
It's so nice to watch all these videos when they go up and see how she's doing and how she's growing, you're gonna be amazing parents to a very lucky girl! .

Don't pull her ear off! Don't eat it on the video! That's not appropriate! Lol you guys have a great sense of humor! Glad things are looking good for little Miss Gaines! Can't wait to "meet" her!.

Still waiting on your registry video you guys mentioned a little bit ago on baby league, getting too anxious !!!.

I love good news! It's so cool to see how everything's progressing. I can't wait to meet Gaines! :).

Haha. You guys are hysterical! The update is exciting! Hope things keep going well! And Cullen, raw cauliflower is one of my favorites! I prefer it with cocktail sauce. .
I'm so glad your glucose test turned out fine. That is definitely one worry crossed off of your list. I continue to be thrilled for you both that you have Miss Gaines!. Love you guys! So glad to hear Macey Gaines and Katie are continuing to do well. I know wedding showers and baby showers are regional... do you guys do them down in the south Will you get to have a baby shower. So glad that you are doing so well. I miss being pregnant. I loved the feeling of my babies moving. I am so glad you are doing so well with this pregnancy. You look amazing. Much love from South Central Kentucky.
Hey guys! I live in Washington state about and hour north of Seattle, just wanted to let you guys know that Swedish medical center first-hill is great my sister had my nephew there last year and all of the doctors and nurses were great. Really nice facilities as well:) I'm sure you won't need them but just incase! Love you guys.
I find when the glucous test makes you sick you tend to fail, and when it's really not bad you pass. With my first they told me I could eat toast before the test and then I got there and they were like omg no you can't have toast it turns into sugar in your stomach! And sure enough that test made me sick and I failed by 3 pts and had to take the 3 hour, which I passed. However with my twins I fasted and I passed the 1 hour test and didn't feel sick at all after taking it.. I just can't get over how cute you two are! I am so happy for you. I have been watching through all the struggles and I cannot wait to see that sweet face !!! Hugs and prayers from Ohio!. I love how excited you guys are enjoy it and remember every little thing I had my son just four months ago and time really does fly!!Its weird when I was pregnant thinking about everything about pregnancy I didn't even think to read about when they are actually here! But don't worry it all comes naturally:). You are so lucky. My doctor made me fast for 12 hours (could only take sips of water) before drinking the glucose stuff. Mine was like flat orange pop with tons of added sugar.. I have diabetes anyway and yes pricking your finger four times a day sucks!!! I find out tomorrow morning what we are having!!!!! So exciting..
Correct me if I'm wrong but isn't gaining only 3 pounds at 25 weeks extremely little Isn't the average around at least 10-15.
She said before that she had gained weight before and she said she thinks that's why she hasn't gained weight but yes u should gain 10-15 pounds at 25 weeks. I had gestational diabetes and only gained a total of 14 lbs the whole pregnancy. Everyone is different.. Katiepie07, I'm from Seattle and am very familiar with the local hospitals if you'd like some suggestions just in case..!.

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December 25, 2015
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December 26, 2015

Comments about this video:
Kendra, your little bump is just so cute! I didn't think the glucose test was too bad either, everyone makes such a big deal about it. . Glad you glucose test went so well. I heard the Orange drink tastes just like orange soda too. I never got to my glucose test with Ethan. So, I really had no clue if it was as bad as Zo have heard.,if my averse room to sweet continues through my whole pregnancy, I might have some problems getting it down. I took one lick of a Popsicle last night, and gagged. It tasted like pure sugar being dumped into my mouth. It was horrible. Blah! I'm sure that sugar drink is WAY more sugar filled than a Popsicle. So that should be lots of fun for me. Lol! You look great, and your baby bump is adorable! .
+Strength Beyond The Storm Oh boy! haha I hope you'll be able to keep it down when you have to take it! & thank you!.
Glad the glucose test went well. Congrats on the third trimester!!! It is starting to go by fast now! . I hope you passed... i was told to eat like normal and so i had oatmeal at like 8am had to drink the drink at 9am and had my test at 10am and failed by 3 points! I did have to end up doing the 3 hour tests which wasn't bad but hanging around the hospital for that long is the rough part. I should be getting my results this week sometime :) .
+Shandy Ugh, I can't imagine having to wait around for 3 hours after drinking all the sugar and not being able to eat! I'm sure I passed because they said they would call if I failed and it's been a week already. I'm sure you passed with just having missed the mark by 3pts for the 1hr..

Are you sure you're having a girl Your bump looks like you're carrying a boy for sure! Lucky you - I'm all mid section!.

+Debora Kimball haha I hope so! All the clothes we have are pretty much only for girls lol I've had several ultrasounds since finding out at 15 weeks and I can't see anything between the legs and they've confirmed it at my anatomy scan. Hopefully something isn't hiding and we end up with a boy at delivery! That would be a funny story!.

You're so amazing, and you look great! How long were you and your husband trying before you did IVF. We are 6 months in and still no BFP :(.

That's so sweet, thank you! We were trying for almost 2 years before we did IVF. It was 1 year and 9 months. Don't rule yourself out yet! Most couples get pregnant within a year of trying but I know it sucks to want something so bad and not get it right away. Hopefully it's right around the corner for you!.
+Channath Morn I don't really have much. I just have 1 sweater, 1 dress, 2 shirts, 2 jeans, and 1 sleep gown that is maternity all from motherhood maternity and 2 maternity shirts from target that are already getting too small cause I got extra small :/There are so many things that I want from the website They have such cute maternity clothes that I really want to get for spring/summer!.
Hey girl I have a couple questions. When u found out that you guys were facing male factor infertility. What were the options What happened after you learned it was male reasons. .

No, tricare doesn't cover it. They may cover it at some military bases that have a fertility specialist on post but there aren't many at all. My IUIs cost $300 each but that was at a discount. I've seen them range anywhere from about 300-1200 each. It just depends on your clinic..
thanks for you reply girl!! btw i cant believe your about to 30 weeks already!!! i cant wait to meet your princess!!.
Omg congrats. Lost my other YouTube account password. Made a new one and found your channel again. I can't believe your pregnant finally. .
That belly of yours looks perfect! :-) Glad the glucose test wasn't too bad. Congrats on moving into the 3rd trimester with that little miracle. She will be here so soon!.
+Heartships of Hope Thank you!!I'm glad you're moving closer to doing your FET. You said after summertime because of your job right.

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Comments about this video:

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January 5, 2016

Comments about this video:

Yea, I hear people say they get headaches and all this stuff. But, I don't notice a single change in how I feel with that drink (both pregnancies I was fine). Mind you, I am someone who starts to feel sick if I have had too much sugar and not enough protein. I know there are different glucose drink brands, maybe what others are taking has different side effects!.
+Melissa Juliet same here my doctor told me I could drink orange juice at home then I came in and they checked me. That orange drink actually sounds good. Haha. I'm sure it isn't though. It looks like the Orange Mio that I have.
So crazy to see your already that far in your pregnancy! 😁 But that's awesome it's going well!.
+Cheyenne Speck (ShayTard's Fan) Ah! I know it has gone so fast, I can't believe next Wednesday is the start of my third trimester 😳. I don't normally eat before bed. but if I do its either blue bell ice cream or peanut butter n ritz crackers.. Because of the fact that I have to get in a lot of protein every day, my normal bed time snack is either a protein bar, protein chips, or I have been really into having a string cheese stick, too. That is typically what I have for a snack before I go to bed.. You're not alone, I wear the same clothes several days in a row all the time. QOTD Answer: Well, it used to be Cool Ranch Doritos but since I've started to eat 'healthier' I eat salad with a vinegar salad dressing (all it is is white vinegar, malt vinegar and about 1 teaspoonful of sugar.).
Its so good to see you guys again 5 days a week!!! My daughter does the same like rev when she is in front of the fridge she smiles and tries to stand nd gives kisses...maybe seeing herslf or maybe she thinks there's sum other baby... btw did nyone say anytym to you arriana that u look alike Hillary duff Donno I feel like u do... ;) wht u say.

+Pratibha Pratyush haha! I actually get that I look like her quite a lot! Hopefully it's not a bad thing :P.
I very rarely eat before bed, but when I do I usually eat a single serving bag of popcorn. Not only can I easily eat it in my bedroom and throw away something that won't leave an unpleasant odor, but it forces me to go brush my teeth again before I go to sleep. 90 percent of the reason that I don't eat right before bed is because I don't want to have to go brush my teeth again :P.
I went to college for about a semester and a half. It was not for me. I started at a University and then to community college. I did not like it. So I do not plan to return unless I'm required to. My go to snack is whatever sweets we have at the time. Lately, it's swiss cake rolls. Sometimes it's Chewy Chocolate Chip cookies!.

This may sound weird but I have an apple, orange and Popsicles before going to bed. Sometimes I may have popcorn instead of one of them but not often. Revelynne is so cute and just love watching her grow..
I typically will have yogurt, applesauce, cottage cheese, or even a salad before bed. I'm so glad you guys are back to vlogging Monday through Friday! :). My favorite thing is to sit in bed and catch up on YouTube with some crackers and peanut butter. A very yummy snack! Pretzels and peanut butter work fine too, but crackers are definitely my favorite. Haha.
I can't snack right before bed because I have acid reflux real bad. I definitely never eat in bed either because I just don't like to. But I do love watching y'all on my iPad when I get in bed!!!.
Rev is the cutest! Always so full of excitement about life - you can see it in her gorgeous blue eyes! My go-to snack is either popcorn or mandarin oranges.. Arianna, are you a photographer I've been watching you guys for about three months but I'm behind on vlogs so I was just wondering. Can't wait for Aerilee, I love the name!!. +hannah dorothy It depends on what you would consider "a photographer". I really only take photos of Rev and other family members more candidly. But, I do not do professional shoots. I wouldn't consider myself good enough to even consider that. I mostly post any photos I take on my Instagram (linked in the description box), and sometimes they get posted to our facebook page as well (also linked in the description box) 😀.
Hi from Canada!!!! (first time commentor) Love that we are seeing you five days a week now!!! Just wondering if you are enjoying it Because we are!!!.

Ryans channel link is not working. it comes up with a message saying the page is no longer available..

+Stephanie Smith Sorry about that! I updated it a while ago, but forgot to change it in default settings, so the new uploads still had the old link. It should work now :).

It's that wonderful time in pregnancy when you drink a SUPER sugary drink to test for gestational diabetes!.

December 9, 2015
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December 7, 2015
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November 2, 2015
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December 8, 2015

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Wings of Equity by Sean Kennedy - Steampunk

January 16, 2016
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January 6, 2016

Comments about this video:
I'm 28 weeks pregnant, sadly I'm going through this a lone. My boyfriend left me and words cannot describe my loneliness and heartbrokeness(if that's even a word) I wish I had someone there to be excited with. To hug me and tell me everything will be fine. I'm happy you didn't go through this. .
The reason the doctor says you would've had to wait for skin to skin contact with Ollie during delayed cord clamping is because the blood would rush from Ollie and go to the placenta/stay in the cord if he was up over your belly. As an EMT, I was taught how to deliver a baby in an ambulance and that is our standard procedure when cutting the cord.

The blood does NOT rush back to the placenta. I don't know where you went to school but they taught you wrong!.
i had my girl on my chest with delayed cord clamping...i didnt hv to wait to hold her she was straight on my chest as soon as she came out of the water. i had water birth...I was going to consume my placenta in pill form but I change my mind as soon as i delivered the placenta..
i had both my children handed to me right away, and then they waited a few minutes before my boyfriend cut cord..

My encapsulator told me not to ask but to tell the Hospital staff that I'm taking my placenta & don't touch it! And to bring an ice chest w/ice & the dr should put it in a bio-hazard bag. Also put it in your birth plan :) have you found an encapsulator yet.

They put my daughter on me right away but they clamped the chord fairly quick also. Skin to skin is the most amazing thing ever I would not give that up for anything. Such a special moment. Also, the.
Have you ever had Orange crush because the the meds tests like flat orange crush! no need to sweat it! . Aw, Missy!!! Pregnancy looks so good on you!!! I can't remember too too well, but I THINK they put Aurora on my chest right away... I also remember hearing them ask AFTER she'd already laid on my chest if Brad wanted to cut the cord... (to which he said no cuz he was watery eyed and dizzy from the intensity of everything)... that was my experience. I guess every doctor is different though! Hopefully you get some skin to skin with delayed cord clamping even if it's just brief cuz it's amazing!!!. Oh my gosh, the glucose test! My words of advice: whatever you have to do, don't vomit! I was literally one more drink away when I... yeah... and had to literally start ALL OVER! Bring a drink you actually DO like and just plug your nose while you're drinking that gross drink! Then drink whatever you do like :). I had the baby brought to me immediately and waited to have the cord cut until I delivered the placenta. I wanted to encapsulate it but the rules at the hospital was so hard to work around to get it done. . The fruit punch flavor isn't that bad for the glucose test :) my advice if you don't like the taste is to just chug it :).
from what i have learned through my own research on cord clamping what your doctor said it true. In order for your baby to receive the benefits of delayed cord clamping the baby must remain lower that your pelvis. If the baby is layed on your chest then the blood is flowing down and out of the cord and into the placenta, if the baby is held down below your stomach the blood will flow toward the baby. All the research i have done have all said this so yes it is kinda a pick one situation. .

I would really love if youu could make a video (sort of like your ttc lingo video) explaining delayed cord clanmping and placenta encapsulation and why youu chose it (ie benefits and such) :).
It is so cool to see his shape on your left side! With your bicornuate uterus will that cause baby Ollie to run out of room or does the uterus even out overtime I only ask because I know your not allowed to go past 39 weeks and I wasn't sure if that stemmed from your bicornuate or just from risks. .
they gave me my baby then held the baby to cut the cord and they took my baby maybe because my baby was 4 bls so yea .
I see you found a happy medium between 141.5 and 143. Lol! Don't worry Missy, you are BEAUTIFUL and just catching up since you didn't gain much early on. You'll lose it fast and I know it's hard to believe but you'll forget the tough parts and miss being pregnant:). The glucose test is not a big deal at all. Don't stress. It's a really small drink and doesn't taste bad just sugary. My only issue is I have hard veins so they had issues taking my blood but the test was fine. :). My son was skin to skin with me until my dr delivered my placenta. Also for your belly button mine did that to. It's caused by old scar tissue. Aloe Vera is a miracle worker there!.
my doctor said at our hospital, that delayed cord clamping is i was like awsome!! but she said i could have baby on me while we wait.. .
Great points! Did he say that there are risks related to blood rushing down to the placenta I don't get why that should be a problem..
Some cords can take 45 minutes to stop pulsating. I hate doctors sometimes. BUT, definitely check the hospital about the placenta. Some will not let you take your placenta. The hospital we were going to deliver did allow it. The birth center does to. I have to have a gallon bag or container with a cooler and ice. It is a organ so it has to be kept cold. The company we are using will come right to my house. It's a 2 day process and my placenta will never leave my site. :).

Missy did you see that Kayla from ObbsandLala listed your vlog as one of her favorite things for May :D.

You're right Missy, it's fine to hand the baby to Mama while the cord is still pulsating. The placenta contracts and sends the blood up to the baby, the baby never empties itself of its blood O.o Typically the doctor will only hold the baby lower than the placenta if the baby is not breathing properly and looks oxygen-deprived. You can find many pictures of mothers holding their babies to their chest with the cord pulsating, it's fine :).
I had a midwife and she's delivered over 800 babies. We did delayed cord clamping and I was able to have our son to my chest as soon as he came out. I think you should look up some information maybe even on some midwifery websites, cause that's totally wrong what he said. As far as the glucose test, I opted out of doing it. If your dreading it so much is it an option not to do it My midwife asked about family history with diabetes and such, and we chose not to. And finally the encapsulation.... I feel bad for you, over here for the glucose test they make you drink Lucozade, don't know if you have that over here but it's just a drink you can buy at a store like Coke or Mountain Dew and it tastes yummy..
Right on for delayed cord clamping! I don't think that's true about the not giving the baby to you thing. One of my besties is studying to be a midwife right now, I will ask her about it....

Ppl have strong opinions either way. The benefits are incredible and make sure you tell the hospital to put it in your chart that you don't want anyone touching it. Good for you for making this choice. The benefits are incredible and don't let your dr's comment about cannibalising your placenta get to you!.
I was soooo nervous about the gluten test but it really wasnt that bad. I was given the orange flavored one and it tasted like watered down flat orange soda.. Not that bad but definitely bring a tums if you get to heart burn lol.. good luck! soo glad I found your vlogs. I looove seeing other ladies my age that are pregnant too with super similar beliefs about everything with pregnancy. . And placenta encapsulation often seems to weird people out. I didn't tell my doctors what I planned to do with my placenta, just that I wanted to take it with me..
I pulled my baby out and put my baby on my tummy/chest area and held my baby. Then once the cord was done pulsing it was cut.Honestly the 3 minutes were a flash! But I am sure it would seem like forever if you weren't holding your precious newborn. Also, Placenta encapsulation is totally well know, with that said, good for you for educating your doc. I seriously can't believe they had no idea. .
That is ridiculous! I had two kids with delayed cord clamping and my babies were handed right over to me as soon as they came out. If you watch home births or birthing center births on youtube you see moms always get to hold the baby right after birth and delay clamping. What about people who do Lotus birth their babies are fine too!. Lol what If you're laying down, or even propped up a little, then (going by his theory) the baby would lose less blood than if the doctor, who is standing up, holds the baby until the cord stops pulsing. Unless he plans on sitting on the floor with your newborn child still attached to the cord I don't think there's any science behind his theory. I've never heard of it and I had a homebirth and did my own research as well as talked to numerous midwives... Your lucky you only had to do that gluclose test once, bt the time im 28 weeks i will have had that test 3 times! The first time i made the mistake of eating an apple before my one hour gluclose test and that messed up my numbers so THEN, i had to do a 3 hour test. I passed that one with flying colors, but i still have to do another one at 28 weeks. So my advice, dont eat anything sweet before the test, and bring something to read....
You can still hold you're baby with delayed cord clamping, as long as your baby doesn't have an abnormally short umbilical cord,.

Whoever told you that the placenta won't pulse the blood to baby if baby is on your chest is an idiot. I've been working with mums in birth and with placentas for over 5 years, this is the first time I've ever heard anything like this. In all the births I've attended I've never seen this happen, all mum have immediate skin to skin and baby gets all the blood from the placenta. You have a right to have both skin to skin and delayed cord clamping. 5-10 minutes of delayed cord clamping! .
Some notes on getting the placenta from the hospital: either you HAVE to tell them you are encapsulating it so they will refridgerate it for you, or you have to have someone that is willing to take it away RIGHT AWAY after the birth. Your doctor is right about the biohazard part, so it may be a struggle... But it BELONGS to you. So talk to the nursing staff about taking it away. I'm sure they've had to deal with this before, it's not like you're birthing in a small town ;).
I would definitely look into the cord clamping more to inform yourself more. We had it done with my 3rd, didn't know about it with my 1st, 2nd was an emergency csection and then 4th was in serious distress (blue) so not able to wait. Anyway..I caught my 3rd (hospital birth with midwife) and brought him to my chest and we waited until the cord stopped pulsing to cut..under 10min but I don't remember exactly how long it took now. I really don't understand your drs reasoning for his policy....
The drink is not that bad at all. I describe it as tasting like a flat crush soda lol. The worst part is taking the blood !! :).
And also cord pulsating can sometimes last up to half an hour...can you imagine not getting your baby for that long...heck even 5 minutes will probably feel like an eternity. He should be able to do both. The placenta is delivered into a steel tray typically...they should be able to put on the bed covered with you until you are ready to have the cord cut...sorry I am rambling..

i personaly am pro lotus birth becouse the baby has a very deep personal and spiritual connection to there placenta and many tribal cultures call the placenta the little mother becouse baby that dont have there spiritual limb amputated forcefuly are so peaceful and often cry when there placenta dose detatch so keep an open mind LOTUS BIRTH IS AN INSTANT SKIN TO SKIN OPTION BUT NOT NORMALY DONE AT INTERVINED/MEDCALISED BIRTHS (witch is the case with all but in nature or home births).

oh and i don't know if this is true but sometimes if you have an epi or a c-section they wont let you take it home or some wont encapsulate because it's not pure and may cause issues. I did have a friend who ended up having a c-section an was able to take hers just make sure with your hospital and encapsulation person. .
Birth plans are great but remember you know what is best for your the moment you need to make a decision go with your gut. I have had four pregnancies and have three children. I had unplanned things happen at every birth so anything can happen. My daughter was placed immediately on my chest after birth - and this was 12 years ago. That doesn't sound right!. Can you talk more about saving the placenta I think I want to do this but I'm afraid the hospital will be against me doing it. I was cracking up at the intro of Missy eating! And now I'm craving sour gummy worms. My doctor had my daughter for...maybe 2 minutes to let the cord pulse, then she was handed to me. It sounds like a lot but I just stared at her and my husband and before I knew it, she was in my arms! No biggie! My placenta was delivered while I held my daughter. Oh, I was SO nervous about the glucose test but it was not bad at all!. That is seriously the weirdest sounding policy ever with delayed cord clamping, I have never heard that before. What about the women who catch their own baby What about those who have a lotus birth (leaving the cord and placenta attached until it naturally detaches) Those babies all get skin-to-skin before cord clamping or cutting or anything..and they have no issue.. I ended up with a c-section, but a friend of mine actually helped pull her baby out and brought her straight up to her chest. I have never heard of them holding off. Also keep in mind that your doctor may not deliver you. I ended up in labor at 3am over the weekend while my doc was out of town..
Do you have any midwives in your area, your doctor doesn't seem veryu knowledgeable about your desires..
I have tail bone pain it started with my first pregnancy and got worse with each pregnancy. I still can't sit on a hard chair without it causing pain i hope it goes away for you after oliver arives.My midwife sugested sitting on one of those donut pillows to help.Oh and i did skin to skin and delyed cord clamping she put my daughter straight on me after she was born she had a short cord so she was lower down on my tummy but still skin to skin then i cut the cord about 10 mins after :). I had the same belly button issue and it didn't go away until my son was born and he was born with a herniated belly button and I had a hernia in my stomach so u may want look into that.

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November 14, 2015
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December 14, 2015
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December 19, 2015

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Thanks girl!.. haha yah.. it definitely is. I take like 3 steps & forget where i'm going.. LOL.
I'm so happy things are going better for you :) and yes girl, pregnancy brain is super real lol. I wish you the best for your upcoming weeks. . I had Sciatica with my 1st child and every now and then it comes back, that was 7 yrs ago. Also the baby can turn at anytime, don't worry. It's all normal and very difficult as the baby gets bigger. .
I'm so glad everything is going well!!! You just look so happy I'm so excited for you Kait!! 😘.
:) Yay for growing little baby :) Will you be revealing her name before your give birth or after her birth> :) Glad you are finally starting to enjoy pregnancy a little more...I feel you on the breathing...Im only 23 weeks almost 24 this weekend and I just cannot eat too much or I literally will be sighing and sighing constantly without getting a full natural deep good breath... it's crazy :) . So glad you and your daughter are doing well! I'm glad she's developing well, hopefully she makes it full term! I think of you randomly throughout the day whenever I see or hear about pregnancy or even baby clothes as if I knew you lol. So happy for you love you and your baby girl . I am having a girl as well and she has also measured two weeks behind my last two OB visits. We have already had a growth ultrasound and the maternal fetal medicine doctor said she's fine. I'm thinking she's just going to be a small baby. . All of it will be sooo worth it. My next pregnancy I have to go get shots & ultrasounds done every week from 12 weeks until the end. And also possibly a cerclage because I have incompetent cervix. :/ .
Gosh i'm so sorry. You've been through so much! But you are absolutely right in just a few weeks when she is here all of this will be so worth it!!.

I'm going through that right now! My son was born at 26 weeks and they ruled it incompetent cervix. I'm currently 20 weeks and so far so good. For future info, the cerclage procedure really isn't that bad and the weekly shots are a breeze! Good luck with your future pregnancies..

I had sciatica with my second pregnancy. It used to cause my one lower half basically go I guess you could say "paralysed" I had my daughter almost 4 years ago now and I still have it. Hopefully it goes away for you cause it's definitely not fun having..
Oh man.. I'm so sorry it never went away! That's terrible. I know the exact feeling you're talking about though. There have been times my husband has literally carried me from one place to another because my legs just wouldn't work! It's crazy...

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October 23, 2015
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December 24, 2015
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November 26, 2015
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December 5, 2015

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can anyone tell me why ime holding lot of water under my chin plz ime on high protein low carb diet & the only thing that i can think of is the new protein shake ive bought. phase8 ; anyone plz.
Good vid. Also like that you noted that unless you at a pretty good surplus, your carbs don't turn to fat either. Mainly they just get oxidized or turned to glycogen. . Anybody can answer this question for me, so I started bulking on February 5th plus started overtraining shit on my bi's and tri's, my arms grew half inch in week and half, the next following week I took week off from gym cause of my right shoulder then once I went back to the gym started training my arms everyday again, its been like at least 5week I train my arms still havent grew the other half to make 15inch, so my question is i should keep training my arms or take some time off training my arms everyday.
He said that work the muscle out everyday for 3-4 weeks. Than take a week off. Than hit it 1-3x a week than it should grow. Don't do it everyday. Your body needs time to repair itself. Migan does monday wednesday and friday. Full body each day. Also you're probably not gaining as much weight. Size comes from the weight you put on. So you have to eat more..
Are you sure that fat is the number one thing your body uses to stuff up your fat cells I've seen studies and plenty bro science that proves fat doesn't make you fat. Carbs do!.
not so much get rid of it as storing as muscle glycogen. Also plenty of cells uses carbs for their ATP-production 24/7 since carbs is the prefered fuelsource.
Okay so lets say youre right. Where does the excess protein go after you use the amount you need for muscles and other stuff. Exactly some gets stored as fat and shitted out.. migan can you answer us the question what happens with muscle mass if you dont workout no more make a vid or some plz .

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November 18, 2015
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November 9, 2015
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November 25, 2015
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November 17, 2015

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January 20, 2016
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January 22, 2016
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December 3, 2015

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December 13, 2015
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December 16, 2015
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January 8, 2016
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December 31, 2015

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I don't remember the exact difference, but I wouldn't invest this much time for any less than $5 savings..

+Uptown Scarlett Except that you did. This effort saved you less than $3... That said, the savings add to a large amount the when shipping many individual items. And if you charge a standard large box rate and then ship via this compact method, then that's money you can add to your profit. Just make sure the postage isn't printed on the label or you'll get a follow up email requesting a refund for the diiference....
Uptown, you've had ZERO problems doing this It looks like you're manipulating the size of the envelope to fit your box and I thought with Priority Flat-Rate, you pay a flat fee and if it fits in the packaging they provide you, it ships But here, you're making your customized packaging, so then wouldn't that be again their policy Don't get me wrong, I would LOVE to save $5-8-10 on shipping, but I feel like this wouldn't fly with my PO. Could you confirm Thank you..
+RolorinhoHD She didn't use a priority mail flat rate envelope. Like she said several comments above (and I also confirmed this with USPS), you can cut any priority mail (but not priority mail flat rate) packaging to combine them to fit your stuff in. I did this when I mailed a large pan that wouldn't fit in their largest priority mail box. Regular (non-flat rate) priority mail is paid based on dimension and weight..

+Ner Bland Oh okay, I didn't hear that part. I was super curious if this worked since I thought it was flat rate. .

I was a recipient of this "creative Packaging" and had to pay extra at my post office to get my item. Your post office may send it, but the receiving may not deliver it.
+Claire Genett if you had to pay extra, contact your seller immediately. Any reputable seller will gladly refund your extra. I'm sorry this happened to you.. +Uptown Scarlett - I did contact the seller who reluctantly refunded the extra money and told me my post office was wrong..
Hello Uptown Scarlett, just wondering is that priority tape you used on this video free also from our USPS web site or office Just wondering. Thanks..

+Jorge Quirarte Actually you can call them and tell them your reasoning. You MUST call them since there are wasters these days..

You would have saved time, tape and money by using a medium flat rate "shirt box". The rectangle medium flat rate would have cost you $12.65 and has self adhesive edges. .
You can cut any priority box, envelope, anything... EXCEPT you cannot manipulate any priority item that says "flat rate." Anything else, you can cut and re-shape, as long as you are mailing it priority mail. =).
OR YOU CAN SHIP WITH FEDEX FOR CHEAPER! if you doing ebay click usps and below it will be fedex and you can play around with options like ground and super saver and its usally cheaper on bigger items. also i take regular wrapping paper from dollar store with white background or either brown wrapping paper for shipping from the dollar tree/dollar stor as well and i wrap it up and then ship it like that. its a waste of time to do all of this. also another cheap way to ship is to take smaller items and mail them in two peices of computer paper taped together. and make a pocket mailer and fold it however you want if its even smaller .

The cardboard of this game was ultra tough (that's why I didn't use bubble wrap). If you are ever worried, you can bubble wrap the game first, then use the wrap method that I used in this video. Would work perfectly :) Thank you for your input!.
+Uptown Scarlett If you didn't use bubble wrap, then why does your video show you wrapping it in bubble wrap Check the 1:00 mark for contradictory evidence. Hate to be a troll, but that reply seems contradictory to the video above.. Which packing tape at Office Depot do you recommend(they have many varieties) and why We always use Duck brand shipping/packing but wonder how it compares to your recommendation. . Wow I just went through all 4 of your videos. It's exactly the type of stuff I've been wondering about as a novice picker. Please make more of these. You're putting videos out explaining the "other" important info the other pickers are leaving out.. fantastic video. what are the benefits of buying priority mail tape over normal clear tape did you just get it from your local post office.
Is this legit so I can cut up one of these envelops and put it around an electric keyboard that has a box made and it will cost me around 6 bucks to ship it.
does USPS say anything about cutting their envelopes up or are the Tyvek an exception cause you pay by weight.. Tyvek is the material that these particular priority mailers are made of. Tyvek is used in many other ways in life. The other day, I passed a new home being built and I saw large panels that said Tyvek on them. It is a material that you cannot rip by hand. You can use a search engine, and find out the specifics of Tyvek. =).
this is so much hard work just go and get a roll of brown paper (it only cost like 30p) and wrap it up li that plus you have a whole roll so there's plenty there for next time.
Thanks for sharing your shipping techniques. Even though I still favor using a carton, I appreciated the time that you spent showing us how you handle things. . very creative packing! I have been watching all your vids and find them very informative! One question I you ship all your clothes in poly mailers using Parcel Post I'm trying to figure out how people are making money on only makes sense if I can ship 'em for around $5 or under to make a decent profit. Ex: Sold $25 (ebay/Paypal $5 Shipping $5.5 Cost of item $5= 9.50 or so profit. Any less and it's not really worth it, ideas.
Ingenious, but is it really the best option Let's recap. To pop the game in a box takes approx 10 seconds. To use your cost effective, tailor made option takes approx 8 minutes - and that's if you're well prepared and know how to use scissors. Don't get me wrong - I think your method WILL save money, but it also will take up a lot of time and effort that will not outweigh the cost savings for everyone, certainly not for a scissor amateur like myself. .

Most of the square boardgames fit in a medium flat rate box and I think those ship at 11.30 so you could have saved some time and change by slipping it in one of those.

Thank you. I have items like this and I didn't even charge much for shipping. I think I'm going to go broke shipping them..
Glory, Good point! I recommend looking at all options (including what you recommend). With the board game in my vid., it was going from GA to FL and the cost was only $5 and change. So, a flat rate box would not have been my best bet with that order. But, I agree, always look for the best bang for your buck. Thanks for watching!.
LOVE IT! After watching your jeans video I thought you were going to shove it in only one of those lol..

Yes, you can take your package to the post office and ask to use their priority mail tape. I think there are sellers on eBay that sell priority mail tape, but it is costly. Clear tape works and I personally think that Office Depot offers the best quality tape (strong & won't peel) for the best price. The store brand that is..

You're welcome. Thanks for taking the comments in the spirit in which they're meant. I wasn't being critical or mean for the sake of it, as it seems you appreciate. What might be good for some, may not be good for all. I'm just a part time picker and complete noob so I really know nothing, and i'm just trying to figure these things out for myself. All I know as that me and scissors are not a good match, and the more time we spend apart the better. .
Great video, thanks for sharing. I'm a fan of taping priority mail boxes together for things like tripods and guitar hero guitars. I've never had a complaint from a customer or the post office..
Russ, you are one of my greatest supporters and I cannot keep thanking you enough for stopping by to view my vids. It means a lot to me! To everyone else out here, go and check out Russ' channel. He just launched an outstanding contest vid for a FISHER metal detector! I hope to win, but I would also be happy if one of my viewers won too! .

Did you see my video on shipping items first class mail with poly mailers That video might help you with shipping items under 13 ounces first class mail. Also, if it is over 13 ounces, you can use those flat rate priority mail envelopes. Those are a flat rate price of $5 for any weight! I hope this info helps. I am going to make a new video on shipping using flat rate envelopes soon..
Oh yes! I have been using this method instead of brown paper bags for a long time. The material is stronger (Tyvek), waterproof, lighter in weight, and FREE! Can't beat all that! I know that as long as you do not mess with anything marked "Flat Rate," that you can make your own box/package with supplies from the post office. And if you use priority mail supplies, it has to ship priority mail, and so forth. Thanks for stopping by! =). Scarlett, you have a scrap booking/crafting addiction don't you lol GREAT video BTW, Tyvek was developed on the planet Krypton, pretty sure.... Great video, I didn't know that the Post Office allowed you to piece together their product. Thanks Scarlett. Very inventive! This would be literally impossible for me to do as I am the worlds worst present wrapper. I still recall with great pleasure the day I discovered gift bags...I believe the inventor of the gift bag should receive the Nobel Peace Prize. Thanks for taking the time to share. Thumbs up on the video Scarlet! -Russ.
I bought the tape dispensers as a 2-pack on Amazon. They weren't cheap, but not too expensive either. The quality is top grade, no doubt! Thanks for stopping by Matthew!.
How do you get your priority mail tape they won't give it to us here Great video! thanks thumbs up!!.
Where can you get the thick roll of priority mail tape And thank you for posting this video I struggle so much with shipping and usually end up selling but making no profit due to shipping!!! So aggrevating, would have never thought of this I always search for boxes lol..
That was a very clever idea, I would have never thought of that. Is the priority tape free from the postal service.
P Leech, You are very smart! I even saw your comment in live chat I was in with Mike from VooDoo Vintage. Time is money, no doubt. I am a very creative person, so I am always doing things a little different. I do agree with your comment, and more over, I appreciate the way you said it. Thanks for stepping forward. =).

Hi Vegas! I appreciate your words of wisdom! A board game is an example. You can ship non-fragile items in the way I showed. Now, I used very minimum bubble wrap and because my game was new, the box was a tough one and not a vintage one. My main point of the video is that you can ship many different things by not using a box, if you are a careful packer and the item is not fragile or going too far from your home state. I appreciate your warning and concerns. Thank you!! =).
Those board game boxes are not shipping boxes and aren't built to resist being crushed. I think you've been lucky to not have any of them arrive damage. For me, personally, I'd rather spend the $3 extra and ship it in a box. And for smaller (but still somewhat heavy) board games, Regional Rate A boxes are your best friend..
Yes! As long as the package is not "flat rate," and as long as you are using it for priority mail, you can construct it to fit your needs. I am glad this has helped you! =).
I am so glad that you got some ideas from this vid! Yes.. you can use re-create those Tyvek envelopes to ship things that it normally won't fit into the "regular" Tyvek size.. I'm so glad I watched this video Scarlett!! I use these all the time to ship clothing & never thought about the possibility of enlarging these to accomodate things like bulky sweaters etc. What a great idea! THANK YOU!! :o). I use the bigger bubble wrap and then cover in shipping/craft paper. Same principal and it can go parcel post cheaper than priority, but more often than not it can go priority for just a few more pennies and be there a couple days sooner. .

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December 11, 2015

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4-mec paypal - Buy Products In Vito Mol - Jul 5, 2015

November 19, 2015

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I have scoured every corner of the internet for this video, your the only one that has it!Thanks so much!!.

Thank youu!!! I have an exams in a few hours and my prof couldn't explain this. You made it clear as glass. Thanks a bunch.
Thank you so much!!!! I was practicing for the ACS test didn't really understand stereochemistry and struggled with it. After watching your videos I got a perfect score on the stereochemistry section!!!! It's very easy for me to now assign R/S configurations from fishcher or any form. God bless your soul thank you so much for making these videos. You truly helped me. . Hello, the names of your videos don't match. I am having difficulty finding your videos. For example in this video you say if you saw sawhorse projection, but I cannot find it. Could you please kindly guide me to the list of your videos. I like your videos but I cannot find what I need even though according to you they exist.. i think there is a mistake in naming those carbons, you put carbon #1 and carbon #2 for the R and S decision. It was supposed to be Carbon # 2 and carbon # 3.
I think carbon on chiral center 2, is not "R" but its "S". is it BCZ "H" is in the plan already, than we dont have to flip .
Thank you so much for uploading this! I thought I was going to fail my exam next monday, but I feel more confident now that you've explained it. :D.
Very informative video! I just would like to ask you, when assigning the rotation - S or R - and the H atom is either on the north or south position, do you flip rotation or not Thanks wholly! (:.
I would really appreciate if u could make a video on how to draw a fisher structure for D-glucose and how to determine R and S for same. PLease !! thank you .
Thank you, I've tried getting many profs to explain this concept and upto now I always found it confusing. You made it very clear, simple and easy to understand. .
I don't think you would because then H, being your #4, is no longer in the front. The reason you flip it is that in the 3D structure, you want your #4 pointing away from you in order to determine R or S. If it's in the front (coming up and "hugging" you) then it's not pointing away from you. It really helps if you make a 3D model, and then you can actually see it for yourself..

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January 10, 2016

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Digital Alarm Clocks with Pen Holder - Blessed Enterprises

November 10, 2015

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R all the 3 things whey creatine n glucose to be mixed together post workout or take glucose n creatine together n after sometime whey separately. I'll soon be making a video about it. But here are an amazing (also my favorite) pre-workout meal (2 hs before workout): -200 grams of chicken breast. -60 grams of white rice, plus a spoon of olive oil. -80 grams of brocoli. This quantities are for a 70-80 kg person. you can add more or less if you need to. Thanks for watching! ;).

db:: 5.18::Non riesco ad eseguire Windows Update 37

November 3, 2015

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Gliclazide How Can I Get -

December 27, 2015

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Thanks so much, this was a super helpful video! I do have one question, though. On the last problem, when we did the chair flip, the methyl group was supposed to go from axial to equatorial, but from the way you drew it (straight down instead of kind of at angle downwards), it looks axial to me. Can you explain that, please Thanks again!.
Dude, seriously. All semester long, I have gone without really understanding this. This seriously has been the only thing that has actually made me understand this. I'm my blown right now. .
for the third one wouldn't it be better to start from the equatorial pointing up which in your video you actually put the CH3 on it. If you start from the equotrial pointing up as the first point all the others will also be on equatorials and then it will make them more stable then putting them all on the axial I am new at this so i would love some feedback! thanks .
Dude this stuff was so confusing, but now it all makes sense! I wish you were my roommate! More videos on organic chemistry please!.
Thank you so much this helped a lot but how would you determine which chair confirmation is higher and lower in energy. Thank you so much! The concept of the alternating ups/downs finally clicked with me thanks to your explanation! .
how is it that for the first molecule tert butyl end up on the middle bottom I don't get it.. and I don't have any model kit to actually build it! .
THANK GOD someone can explain this to me! My lecturer is great, but I was just not understanding the positions of the exciting groups in chair conformation cis-trans isomers. Thanks!.
still dont understand why c(CH3)3 in the first problem is equitoral when it's up just like CH3 which is also up but called axial.

Thanks was really struggling with this a bit. But watched your videos, went through the examples a few times, and got it. axial changes to equatorial and vice versa.

Oh I see what you're saying. No there isn't any quick way, but the electron configuration is part of it. First you determine what the electron configuration of the nitrogen atom is all by itself (1s2 2s2 2p3). Then you determine how many hybridized bonds it needs to form with other molecules. It needs to form three bonds to fulfill the octet rule, so three valence electrons are used to create three hybridized orbitals. That uses up 3 out of 5 valence electrons. The other two are the lone pair electrons in the 2p orbital..
Thank you, this helped immensely! Question- if I were to pick which one is more stable, I would say whichever one has more equatorial substituents correct. +FaiLovex3 Yes, the one that has the larger groups along the equatorial position is the more stable one! (because they dont create as much electrostatic repulsion).
For the 3rd Problem, after you flipped the molecule, isn't the methyl group suppose to be pointing upward.

+AK LECTURES Ah, I get it now. Originally, I thought that you left CH3 as axial, and also had it pointing in the opposite direction. Thank you very much for making this video. It substantially helped me understand the topic..

You have to pretty much determine that yourself. The heavier and larger groups will be found on the equatorial position because that creates a more stable conformation than if they were found on the axial position..
I actually don't like these examples because it did not show me how equatorial looks in the middle, (for example: where Br is in #1. If that was equatorial BEFORE it flipped, what would it look like . +Misstinysh I pretty much show everything besides what it would look like in the middle. But the middle shouldn't matter too much because its a transition state. This means it will be high in energy as a result of electron repulsion from the nearby groups. And this example does show what the bromine was before... in the first chair conformation it was axial, and after we flipped it, it became equatorial.. My words don't carry enough weight to be able to began to thank you, I have watched many other youtube videos for ochem, but I understand yours completely. You made a diff. in my life, God bless. . Does it matter which Carbon you choose in the chair conformation to be correlated with the cyclohexane Or does it always follow a certain pattern .
Hey Melanie! You mean when converting into the chair conformation drawing No it does not matter, as long as you make sure that the orientation of side groups is correct. For example, a group that points up, lets say on carbon 1, must also point up on carbon 1 on the chair conformation drawing..

Excellent explanations! Very thorough and clear. I had trouble making that out from the textbook, but you've made it simple. Thank you.
On your second example, which chair conformation would be more stable In the original, the largest substituent is in the equatorial position but in the inverted ring there are more substituents in equatorial positions. . Hi Julie! The second chair conformation would be more stable as two of the groups are found in the more stable equatorial position.. gosh, I'm so confused...I always thought that those groups pointing upward are equatorial in chair conformation, not axile...was I wrong the entire time!.
lol thats very possible! the groups pointing up are in fact axial, while the groups pointing along the horizontal axis are equatorial!.

+AK LECTURES Thank you for the explanation. Now I know what I had misunderstood before. Your videos are truly helpful. I'm a definite subscriber :).

for number 2 since the bromine is a dash, wouldnt that mean it switches from being axial to being equatorial.
If a question about chair conformations appears in my exam i will do it right because of you! Keep going. Cheers :). Hey! Generally, your reasoning is correct. However, problem 1 is a tough one in that the conformation with the two groups on the equatorial position is the more stable one, even though the largest group (tertbutyl) is the axial group. To see why, try drawing the Newman projection. In the Newman projection, you will see that when the tert-butyl is on the equatorial position, it "bumps" with the other two groups as well as the ring structure. However, when tert-butyl is on the axial position, it . only bumps with the methyl and ring structure. The chlorine group is further way. Because we have less steric hinderance, our chair conformation is more stable.. In #3, if asked to do the most stable conformation. T-butyl, Cl and CH3 would all be equatorial at their respective positions right.

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November 12, 2015

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November 30, 2015

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What is DuraMale? :: Herbal Store -

November 13, 2015

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