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December 27, 2015

Comments about this video:
2 Rhonda Bagley...thank you for the wonderful comment. My goal is to not be serious, so thank you for confirming that:). As well, this is youtube, if you are looking for an MD, someone in a white coat, etc...then you might want to get off the web. Youtube is a place to learn, not diagnose yourself. If you can't learn from anyone and everyone, well, that is not my problem or anyone elses, but yours. A closed mind wont get you anywhere. Oh, can you show me your youtube channel so i can check it out:))).
It is great to have a video that explains about the issue on glucose, fructose and sucrose as it is an additional way of imparting information. This goes to show how important it is to get in touch not only by way of the written words but also on what one could hear and see about it. Ray Peat certainly proved this point especially when he said that potassium plays a key role in glucose delivery. I know my readers will get something out of this. Evelyn Guzman.
annoying guy. I can't watch this video in full. You don't sound at all professional enough to take seriously.. Awesome that your research predates all these current distractions in the study. Love, love, love your thought process..
i'm a skinny guy. i'm a special case due to i can't eat high glycaemic foods. fruit juices, processed breads will make me sweat like crazy. just smelling those foods causes me to sweat. Only low glycaemic complex carbs i can eat. it's impossible for me to gain weight. i can eat like a pig and sit on the couch and actually LOSE weight. I will get inflammation of the skin, pimples, if i eat watermelon a high glucose released fruit. .

2 tazzpower Ray Peat, Gilbert Ling, studying cell physiology, hormonal physiology, well as in our program the Metabolic Blueprint. Its on our website and the link is on the home page of my youtube on the R. .

Josh can you spell out the names of the people who you mentioned in this video. I would greatly appreciate it..

I have a question. I have a very high metabolism I have to work out a couple hours a day 7 days a week to keep muscle on my body and to keep my weight up so it doesn't drop 50 pounds and I become a weak twig and break. Are there any supplements or food you would recommend I do take Hemp protein and that seems to help allot but what else can I use.

Gluconeogenesis. we dont need extra glucose at all. your brain has told me that he likes ketones more..

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December 30, 2015
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December 23, 2015
Best quit smoking product helps smokers to overcome the urge for smoking safely and effectively without any side effects. i2
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December 18, 2015
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December 24, 2015

Comments about this video:

the problem is you're trying to put in 4 years of study and information and science in 20 minuten and that's why you send a mixed message. i think you mean that fruits and vegatables are a good source of carbs because of the other nutrients ,anti oxydants and fiber there containing ,so it's safe and healthy to eat them. you talk about a small amount of fructose, sucrose, glucose but isn't it the problem nowedays we are eating to many of it because it's put in secretly ,with so many names, in so many foods ,and the fructose put in it is heavy refined ,just as table sugar is(sucrose). the refined sugar and fructose were eating noweday's isn't natural it's chemical stripped down of alle the healthy ingredients surounded them. natural fructose or sucrose isn;t the same as the chemical refined ones,the natural come along with a whole package of other nutrients ,vitamins ,minerals and oxydants which regulate you're Health. so yeah fructose, sucrose is a problem nowedays because we are eating way to much of it as chemical one's in bread ,pasta's ,soda, ice cream, candy etc etc. another problem, it's adddictive ,and the food industry now this exactly ,as the do with salt, ( the bliss point) how much the can put in it so we hardly can ignore it. what about buying real healthy food in the food stores.almost 90% of the shelves contain unhealthy foods or are labelled as healthy but aren't. you now why the unhealthy foods are also so cheap almost al the subisdies are going to it ! so i think fructose,sucrose ,lactose etc etc is a big problem and as proven over and over one of the big reasons for Obese and other diseases. the same problem with salt ,salt isn;t bad but large amounts of it wil make you sick and the food insdustry is also putting enormous amounts of salt in al the foods.

One other problem frequently encountered on the Ray Peat inspired approach, is that most carb sources are high in vitamin C and meat is generally high in iron. Dairy is low in iron, which kind of empathises it's importance with this way of eating. .
+Dimitrije Beric That's the point I was making. Vitamin C rich foods, added to iron rich foods = bad idea. I don't actually buy into that coffee preventing absorbtion of iron. I think it might act as an antagonist against plant forms of iron (albeit, mild and even then, plant forms of iron are notorious for being poorly absorbed), but I am pretty sure it pretty much doesn't do much at all with animal forms of iron. Are there a phleora of studies proving that coffee can keep iron levels low Your best best in keeping iron down, if you want to include iron based animal sources (highly absorbable), is to give blood on a regular basis. Or, avoid the problem altogether by sticking with dairy..
+bobby dukes Well that would really reduce food variety...nobody can eat straight a bunch of dairy every day, it would get really boring, and some people like myself can't digest dairy..
2 sebainccp looks like it won't let me post links but just search for "Dr. Ray Peat Glycemia Starch and SUGAR".
Glucose is only the primary/preferred source of fuel if you eat the standard high carbohydrate diet. If you switch to a high fat, low carb, adequate protein your body will will function quite well. While there are essential amino acids and fats, there is not such thing as an essential carbohydrate..

sooooo, your trying to say eat more fruist and veggies with protien and stay away from fatty acid foods .

it seems you have a good understanding of the topic. Thanks for sharing.Just a question, according chemistry/biochemistry books the fructose is converted to glucose then transformed into glucose 6phosphate then fructose 6 phosphate. Is this always right or is there a plasticity of the metabolic pathway; I mean If I am a frutarian would my body be more set onto using fructose directly without passing by glucose. .
So waaaait wait wait... let's say I have pure fructose (which I do)... is sucrose actually still superior I thought pure fructose would be better for me than sucrose... am I wrong Obviously I consume them all with proper nutrition alongside them :) And thanks again for the awesome vids!!.
sucrose is better. being fructose and glucose. glucose will raise insulin but fructose lowers it. its like a good balance there. as long as you have sucrose with the good fats and the right easily digestible proteins. .

Thanks for sharing this! You mean our "fake food" diet isn't very good for us :-/ I now take my tongue out of my cheek....
what do you think of Dr. Doug Graham's 80/10/10 diet, where the fuel focus is 80% from carbohydrates is the ratio he recommends appropriate for healthy living according to your research.
i haven't finished the video yet but i have to post this before i leave. you may or may not know (josh) that the low/no-sugar craze is partially due to marketing by aspartame manufacturers. they hope to promote it (and other artificial food-resembling substances) as health food, because it's made of 'amino acids' which are 'what the body needs for health.' you can read about this in the patent for aspartame, the commentary is about half way down (if i remember right). check it out!.
2 sebainccp You should check out this interview with Ray Peat regarding sugar and starch. You may actually find that a low sugar/carb diet may be exactly what you don't want to do if you have a parasitic infection. . 2 MindOverEverything Have you ever used the 'zapper' before Not sure about yet but I'm open for just bout anything..

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December 26, 2015
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December 28, 2015
Best quit smoking product helps smokers to overcome the urge for smoking safely and effectively without any side effects. i6
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December 29, 2015
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December 17, 2015

Comments about this video:

I have the one touch verio (it's the one they gave me when I was in the hospital). I like it. It's small and easy to use. The one thing I don't like is that my insurance doesn't cover the test strips but we decided that since my meter was better than the meter and strips that were covered that we would just deal with it..

I don't know specifically about this meter but generally what creates variation in the meters is due to the way the strips work... they use hemoglobin as a way to "attach" the glucose and be able to measure it. Hemoglobin oxides very quickly (seconds) and and that means they will be a difference if you use blood from the same finger prick to get two readings, this also means that if you have tendency to be anaemic and you have low or lower limit hemoglobin levels your glucose levels will be higher that they're in reality. I suggest if anyone has this problem or is getting higher levels than usual consistently, they should check that thing first (this also happens the other way around, if you live in cities of high altitude above 2000m or something, you will naturally have higher hemoglobin levels as a compensatory mechanism for lower oxygen levels, that will also make your measurements lower than they really are). PS: sorry for my bad english. Great vlogs Danika!.

I've been using the meter a long time now and I love it. I have to have one with a port light, and this one is sooo bright. i do find that at times, it's a bit off and can re ck it and get up to 25+ difference. It's also fussy in that if you don't apply exactly the right amt of blood and quickly, you have to test again. Even so, I love it!.
I´ve tried this device today. I made the first test (142 mg/dl) on this device. On my other device (Abbott Freestyle Mini) 2 minutes later: (98 mg/dl) !.
I'm not happy with this system at all. The meter and software are fine. It's because of the test strips. At least 10 time over 15 days the strips won't draw a full line of blood and cause the meter to misread. Then I have to test again. Since my prescription manager pays less than half of the cost, the price isn't cost effective for me. I called One Touch and I got nothing but a run around. I feel bad having to complain to the pharmacy about this issue too. I mean what am I supposed to do bring the bloody strips back to them for review.
LOL. I have that exact meter... and I swear up and down that I've NEVER noticed the sun and moon lmfao!!! Waaaay over my head apparently. I got this one maybe 4 months ago. I was eligible for a new one thru my insurance, and I called and asked them which brands or models they approved, and I was told anything by Bayer or One Touch. So I asked my dr for a script specifically for this one... and my pharmacy wouldn't fill it. Said it wasn't approved lol. So my lovely Dr sent in a prior authorization for it.. one came with my pump I just got recently and my insurance won't cover the strips which sucks because I really like this meter. I have a channel if you get the chance can you please Check it out! I know that your busy but it would mean a lot to me if you could! Thanks awesome video love thAt meter!. +DiabeticDanica What do u think about the test strips Those where (at least) for me a reason to only use my omnipod meter since the test strips on the verio are so thin and the little (what should I call the part that goes into the meter!) kink so easily and I think the entire test strip is so thin and hard to pick up ^^. +ninaandianfan21 The test strips are not that good. Often I get the blood on the strip and it stops half way across. The meter senses that its there and tries to take a ready and malfunctions. Since I'm paying for half the cost, it drive the price way up..
I love my OneTouch Verio IQ meter! It's the best meter I've ever had. I don't go anywhere without it..
I use the Freestyle Insulinx, I really like it, but I also have used the Verio IQ too (it's my back up meter) and I also enjoy it too. . Thanks for your time on the review. It really helped to make my decision. P.S. Your smile is beautiful !! Thanks !. I was diagnosed just over a year ago and I was using an accu chek aviva to begin with because that is what they had given me at the hospital. It was alright but nothing pretty! I feel like if I need to use something and have it on me all the time I should love it lol. So I looked around online and I ended up getting this meter sent to me and I love it! It's so awesome. I love that it has so many features and it's cute too :) I've been using it for probably close to a year now. I actually have two of them because I went on vacation and wanted a back up so my endo gave me a spare to take with me :). I got that meter with my t:slim! I ended up ordering the verio sync and I have to say I love it. The meter interface isn't that pretty but the iPhone app is incredible. . One thing I kinda thought was that you could somehow download all your readings to the computer since it comes with the usb cable. But i haven't had anything pop up when I plug it in, so oh well lol. I guess that was just wishful thinking. I'd love a program that charts things and works with something like my fitness pal or something... that would be amazeballs..
+AnimaSola3o4 The USB cable works for me. Did you load the software that came on the CD. You can also download it from their website..

+Donald Wood There was no CD in the package I got. I didn't know there was supposed to be. I'll look into it, thanks..

I love the rechargeable idea! One reason I love my t:slim and also I have the Bayer contour next usb. That also recharges and I can plug it in the computer to charge :-).

I bought the one touch viseo or something just one day ago. I like its light but sturdy. It comes in a hard case with a new plasticy holder that isn't attached. Ugh a picture would so help. But I like it. I test seldom. Just calibrate cgm. The two silver prongs on the strip is cool. One can put drop of blood on either side. I plan to switch prescription to it. The screen is cool. I've been with one touch mini for too long. And since I don't have to always have a meter in my pocket now the size isn't my main concern. The pattern thing personalizes the contraption. Thanks for your videos. Oh the last one How do you prebolus. Good topic. Similar to How do you like roller coasters. Wink. .

Really way off for me. My one touch ultra mini and the Verio is about 25 points different. I had a fasting of 114 this morning with the mini, but with the Verio it was 148 34 point differential This is everyday by the way. Also with after meal readings. Hard to judge when the meters are way off....
i have that meter,and it is making it look like,for example 203 when really on my old meter i am like 189!!!. I have been using the IQ for a year or so. My last end appt she gave me the plain Verio which I'll get to using too. Recharging and the light are the best features in the IQ..
Last year my endocrinologist gave me the Freestyle Insulinx and it seems to be more accurate than the other meters ain't have used..

I also got my meter free with my new Medtronic pump it is a Bayer Contour Next link and has a few cool features. First it links with my pump and sends data to it, second it has a usb plug built in to it and you can use it to download you pump data including cgm data to your computer and finally it is smart about the stips and blood. One night I was testing in the dark and put in a strip and it thought about it for a moment and then said "you put the strip in upside down" also if you don't get enough blood in the first time it lets you add more. Its also a nice shape and screen. .

I'm currently using a Contour Next Link, which links to my pump. I love the light on the strip port too :).
hey DiabeticDanica the diabetes meter the I use is called OneTouch Verio IQ I LOVE THIS diabetes meter is that it tell u ur AVERAGES.
Do you know anything about the OneTouch Verio understanding is it uses Bluetooth to sync the results to an iPhone....

I use it! Yes it syncs via Bluetooth. You have to have the app open in the phone and check with your meter. It will then send all the results..

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December 25, 2015
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December 31, 2015
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December 22, 2015
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December 19, 2015

Comments about this video:
Just when I thought I had had enough of these 'Essena quitting social media' videos, this appears in my feed and makes my night. Publicity stunt indeed..
Classic process of seeing a glimpse of the matrix and finding a new way to live in it comfortably regardless..

Jess..."ok, ok, break it down" LOL. We're not sure who was funnier in this video, you or Jess - awesome all round. And ohhh so romantic with the word for sexy in Chinese - loved it..
+That Vegan Couple Here's my idea: Essena ACTUALLY gets off social media. And all the dead space gets filled with more JESS! How happy days would that be The more back 'n forth b/w Ab. & Jess in each video, the more golden.
"aka I'm just trying to fucking find dudes to fuck to tell me what I'm worth" lol.
I don't think she expected it to blow up like this to be honest. The media jumped on it because she's attractive and now everyone thinks she's a vapid selfish attention whore who threw a mass publicity stunt for money. Truthfully, I see many flaws in her logic for quitting social media, so that itself I don't 100% support, but she admitted herself to being completely consumed by it and addicted to it. And I think her intention was to reveal the fakery behind many social media posts and how image obsessed the industry she herself was a part of is so kudos to her and why the hell are people so angered by it It's easy to hate on a pretty white girl as if pretty white girls never have problems. I think it's a cruel and ignorant way to think. It doesn't matter how wealthy you are, how attractive you are, what gender or ethnicity you are or even how old you are. We're all human, nobody is perfect and it's obvious this girl has a lot of insecurities that over time have manifested. Some of the most successful people who appear to have it all have suicided. It's not up to you to decide whether or not her self esteem issues are real just because families in Uganda struggle in poverty. That's a false dichotomy.. +Juliette Kratochvil Its not a false dichotomy. Its perspective. The takeaway message is that people with worse circumstances still have a more positive attitude and appreciate whatever little they have. Self-pity is toxic and ugly as fuck..
The jealousy in this vid is real. Besides that, why do you keep calling her white We know she's white; what does her race have to do with anything.
+angel online obviously, if your opinion is negative, it´s obvious it´s jealously. obviously (sarcasm). new to this channel….who exactly is jess…… you know, in relation to abdullah…... +White Potato thankyou…..had a abdullah marathon today……Jess is the bomb….perfect match…. 10:18 what is the song help a european cunt out please. Nevermind I found out, it's called "cee why - water torture".
+Alex Sutton if that is the case then why would she completely delete her accounts who is honestly going to keep following her to a new website long term utube is where it will always be.
I really hope she sees this since she's been quietly trolling YouTube and all the videos on herself lmao. . wtf u talkn about..ur a aussie lamo with a tad bit of witt to ur jokes. just stop acting ike the dumbass that thinks hes funny. "It's like, what color is my wall I don't even know where I was going with that." I don't think I've laughed this hard in a long time, thank you!. WTH is this 11 minutes of nothing but cussing how talented is this guy 11 minutes of flapping his dick tasters and making no valid points....
hey abdullah, could you make your facebook follow-able if you know what i mean. right now if i want to receive updates from you i have to send a friend request..
I have a headache listening to this rambling retard. If you have a problem with "dumb white hoes", you could always move to whatever 3rd world shithole your parents came from. Is your mother one of those muslim hoes that had her clitoris chopped off. This man is a bogan- Australian term for low class and nasty. Not in Essena's league and seriously jelly, too!. who is this arab clown and why is so jealous that this girl got even more attention for doing something genuine.
She's all over our print news too. My God. Good thing I don't watch TV, but instead I watch you rant. sigh... Damn, people read this shit, being all "social media sucks", instead of focusing on solutions, people focus on the problems. that's not gonna solve this shit. EVERRRR. MAN I'M ANGRY TODAY..
i love this dude xD and it's the first video i am seeing from him. verry rare this instant youtube love :D.
Essena is the poster girl for vacuous female narcissists and you are the poster boy. She just got you to talk about her for 11 minutes to 18,000 people..
this shit is fucking hilarious, this dude is fucking hilarious. He reminds me of Jim Jefferies so subscribing.
i agree with most of your videos, but this is the first i'm disappointed and i think you're wrong. this girl has obviously mental health problems. and mental health problems can hit anybody, no matter how much "wealth" they got or what race they are. you're definitely to harsh on her..
That Tekken reference to Eddie made me topple over in my seat man. I couldn't stop laughing lmao. +Test Tube Mind thats when you realise you actually have complete control. The real concern is people who never reach that breaking point and live their entire lives with a victim mentality in a state of low-grade psychosis..

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December 20, 2015
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January 8, 2016

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December 21, 2015
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November 28, 2015
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December 25, 2015
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November 23, 2015

Comments about this video:
I thinks hes on point too. My only disagreement with him is that i heard him say theres no difference between cooked and raw foods. Which was surprising to me. But who am i to judge. +Kevin Vieira I remember Sebi saying that if your plant is alkaline or not starch based you can cooke it etc and it wont become harmful to you after cooking as its still alkaline. However when you put fire to anything you're changing the chemical structure of a plant and you're killing some of it life force so raw should be always better.. Although starches absorb water, there is only so much water they can absorb, & when they have gone through the soaking/cooking process, they are fully saturated with water & I don't see have they will absorb any more during the digestion/assimilation process. Same concept as for sponges. So even though there may be other reasons why starches are bad for you, I can't see how this is one of them IMHO..
I'm a distance runner... Sweet potatoes and gluten free oats are staples for me. Are there other thing than the quinoa flakes that I can have for carbs.

+Rachel Phillips Most runners I know power up before a run with large smoothies loaded with fruit and dates. Best carbing up around. You might want to check out running raw channel, or even freelee the banana girl. They both are runners and have great food ideas.. family in the Philippines are white rice eater...but not diabetic...and in good health..and not fat even though they eat kfc and other unhealthy foods....
Sorry, no offence intened, but I dont understand how you can make such claims with such convicion while your reasoning males no sense at all in my humble opinion. Lets accept for a moment that starch does absorb water like a sponge and that is also what it does in the Body, i.e. in the colon. What exactly has the dryness og the eyes Are you Aware that extracting water from the intent of the colon/stool is one of the main Features of human Digestion How come many People eat plenty of starch and dont have massive diarrhea all the time Are you aware that humans cook for such a Long time that it is fair to say that they have had an Evolution with cooking How did People ever have the idea to roll tobacco leaves and drxy them and roll them and inhale the smoke to get a stimulant buzz - I dont know either but it is prpbbably the same reason why People would dig out roots and eat them - and since they was a constant struggle for Food the latter evene makes much more sense. Basically, maybe, just mabe, your conclusions are not as valid as you think because they are grounded on a lack of Information on anatomy, the human digestion process ans some others stuff and thus making conclusions on the base of this deficient knowledge and experince while throwing cooked spaghetti through your kitchen is not helping anyone with making healthy food choices.Again, no offenvce intended, I am just angry how you can somehting that in my humble opinion is such unreasonable bullshit with this convistion and thus confuse People who are seaching for a healthy was of Nutrition..

OMG since going gluten free, vegan and organic most of what I eat is roots!!! I will trying to work this out. thank you.
+hartrose33 Seriously try this for even two weeks and watch how much mucus begins to leave your body! I used a burdock root tincture for the first two weeks. One dropper 3x a day to help the mucus get out faster and I was floored how much mucus I had after years of detoxing!. Awesome vid !..:) omg I am having major issues with anything starchy i dont know if I am starch intolerant or what.. Everytime i eat anything rice pasta or potatoes i look 9 months pregnant and get terrible asthma...:( before I would just eat it anyway but now is so painful I can no longer do this to myself.. Only thing I can eat is raw foods baby greens and soft fruits..:( even squash upset my tummy..I appreciate this vid.. Is helping me make the right decision needed to hear this..:)thanks! :))). Whoops, I ate two sweet potatoes today! I thought potatoes were good for me, after all, they are on the Gerson diet. Quite an amount of valuable information! Thank you.
Your skin looks so clear & beautiful. You always look stress free & well rested. I really want to order from your site, but I am just so skeptical..
Great information, just a few things. Beets are a non-starchy vegetable and don't contain significant amounts of starch. Winter squash and dried beans are starches. A carrot is fairly easy to pull out of the ground, now I don't know about carrots before we started farming, but if I was foraging for plants and came across carrot tops and went to rip them to eat them, most likely I would pull the carrot up. Where potatoes and sweet potatoes take much more work to dig up. I think your really on to something, however if you research dr mcdougall you will find many people who have healed diabetes on his "starchavore" program. Now removing the starch from the vegetable and using that is another story. Again using the how it is eaten in nature analogy, we wouldn't be separating foods even by boiling them. A raw carrot is easy and tasty, a raw beet is tasty but harder to eat... I personally love beets. I could go on and on, and hope one day to get to have a conversation with you. Again I truly appreciate all your videos (especially the wheat grass for teeth one!) and that your taking the viewers along your quest for health, you are learning just as we all are. . such a good video.!!! I had a major epiphany as soon as you said that starch absorbed water. Loved the dog analogy. Don't have sugar issues but in the past had horrible constipation issues. Looking forward to you showing us what you have been up to outside. Yes, I eat pasta quite often and was raised on pasta. I'm often constipated. Love my root veggies, but willing to give up what ever it takes to be healthy..
Great video as always. Again, it was a pleasure speaking with you yesterday. Thanks so much!!.
another question came to mind. When you juice a beet, is the starch left behind, or is it still in the juice.
Let me be honest, I feel like crap. I've had widespread all over pain for 2 to 3 years now...who knows why. I have Hypothyroidism and take Synthroid and have for years. I am overweight and I do eat junk food a lot. Apparently if you eat crap you feel like crap. Gosh I need a complete overhaul. Love your videos girl..

+Joann Porter get off synthyroid and take natural dessicated.
Your logic is full of holes, poor lady. :( You mention how spaghetti gets bigger in water because it absorbs water, but what do you think quinoa does when you boil that too Gets bigger, lol. Perhaps you haven't made any changes in your physical appearance after alllllll of these videos because you aren't HEALING your body with 100% raw food. 100% raw is exactly for people who are like you, and you will lose weight. Just actually stick with it for longer than 30 silly days. You deserve it. :) Hugs. +porcelaindolli3 You think maybe big pharmacy has there dog in the youtube race also I think this is big pharmacy making healthy foods look like they dont work. :D.

November 9, 2015
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December 16, 2015
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December 23, 2015
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November 13, 2015

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October 25, 2015
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December 9, 2015
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October 28, 2015
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January 23, 2016

Comments about this video:
Damn I'm glad I found your channel! How do you not have more subs already!! Don't move to Melbourne you cunt. Stay in Adelaide,. all cuz you couldnt get the litte fuckin rabbitcunt... did you kill it (asian voice) haha he so stoopid! lol. your production value is now over the top mate. looks like you got a nice lens there - the D.O.F. in your compositions is superb. cheers to the talent and the cameragal. :).
whats the audio youre using for transitions sounds like the dudes say 'nik munat' shits hilarious.

+gorillabiskut 'nek minute'... its the way he pronounces 'next minute'... and he's not doing it to be funny... thats literally how he says it. Trust me. I know this kunt in person.

Best channel by far. Now hurry up and make some t-shirts. It won't make you a shit cunt and I want to support the channel through the medium of fashion. Shout out from the UK..
inb4 Maxx Chewning watches this video and steals your editing ideas. Inb4 Chelsealifts and Christian Guzman does the same chit..
good vlog man - hey how about calling out these other fitness youtube cunts pushing their shit supplements and fucking dire shit cuntish apparel that normal bods wouldent be seen fuckin dead in except for the cuntish fan fuckin boys that need to be exterminated !.

January 11, 2016
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December 10, 2015
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November 11, 2015
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December 3, 2015

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I finally figured out why it would not insert flawlessly. The sensor when inserted would not automatically drop the paper backing. I had to manually do this for it to be able to work before I was able to insert the sensor. Thanks. Medtronics people have always been helpful unfortunately they were never able to help me or I did not make myself understood. I saw the video and it should have still worked as I was to peel the paper afterwards. I can't tell you how many sensors I ruined because of this. But again thanks for putting this video out there..

I'm sorry to hear that you were having difficulties, but I am glad this video was helpful to you, +Bertha Flores!.

Do these always need to go sideways Im trying to figure out why mine is hardly ever even remotely accurate. Like right now it says zim 353 when Im actually only 107. I calibrate and everything the way im supposed to,.
Another Medtronic torture device. My trainer was awful. Changed all my settings and my sugars averaged 353. I had to set everything myself. When Medtronic calls to check up, they are disrespectful during a business meeting. Their main concern is that you say wonderful things as they do not address issues. This sensor is 15-16% incorrect in glucose values yet will shut the pump off. Do not drink the Kool-Aide. +Carol DiRuscio, I'm so sorry to hear that you've had a frustrating experience with your new system and your training. We really want to help. Please send your contact information to dhelp2 and I'll connect you with a number of our team for assistance..

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Our minischnauzer age 8 20# was diagnosed with diabetes about 8 wks. ago. He was in the hospital for a week and came home with 3 units of Humalin and nw is up to 22. He now is flinching and yiping and tried to bite me for the first time in his life the night before last when I went to give him the injection. The needles are 29 gauge...I had it downto a science and now, since I have to give him soooooooooo much, it has become a traumatic event for both of us. Any advice . sorry to hear that but please dont give up. 29 guage is a rather large needle and I wouldnt want that for myself. have you considered a 30 or 31 gauge mini needle those would be much smaller/thinner needle and shouldnt hurt as much. Also, be sure not to pull out too soon because insulin can causing burning sensation on skin. good luck. . i just found out my 9 yr lab to have diabetes.. your videos have been very helpful. is it painful for the dog to get the blood from her ear i did not know you could use the 70/30 insulin for dogs have you tried vetsulin. glad to help and take heart - you CAN help your dog live a relatively normal life again. personally I think bigger dogs tolerate blood from ears more than smaller dogs. smaller dogs do well with the tail draw. vetsulin is a pork-based insulin similar to "NPH" for humans and should have a similar action profile. I prefer 70/30 because of the short + long acting combo but definitely talk to your vet first before making any switch. Good luck and God Bless.

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+Gasso Desec I check out his website and went through all his arguments. The biggest problem that jumps out is he's a researcher, not a clinician. Unless you work first hand with lots of people, your information will not be correct. The entire bases of what he says is "it's more about calories that the type of calories" and "consuming refined sugars will not put weight on". I will create a video to go through these points because they are serious flawed.. +Eric Berg exactly. sugar is the worst thing for our bodies. all i did was stop drinking soda and sweet tea and i lost 25 lbs in 3 months. i wasn't even doing any exercise and i was eating more food than i ever had. the difference was the sugar. stay away from refined sugar. you can still eat carbs like bread, pasta, rice, potatoes, just don't eat a lot of it and don't eat it every day..
Have you experienced any clients of yours shrink fibroids with keto I know that's another hormone and stress issue as well and saw your comment below about going into more about hormones and such, so wanted to ask you to maybe get into this too. I hear a lot about PCOS but it's rare to hear about healing fibroids. Thanks..
Then why do vegans who eat a whole food plant based diet with 80% carbs have a perfect body weight Ketosis will make you lose fat, but it will also make you sick and low energy, because of the low carbs. Animal fat is the problem, not carbs. Show me how many fat vegans you know - a rare species. Let alone the long term effects of ketosis - for staying lean, you have to be in this state of anemia for the rest of your (short) life. A healthy diet doesn't need to manipulate the body to achieve balance - it is balanced by itself. Books like the China Study or Starch solution describe that perfectly..
+dayoldy I read some website that said straight liquor would not interfere but I can tell you it most certainly does. Also, the liver is important for fat burning so to loose weight you want it to work so, no booz. Not at least until you get your six pack :).

+Eric Berg It doesn't "mess up the liver". A couple of glasses of wine in the evening is not going to stop you from burning fat. You do not have to be in a ketosis to burn fat. The Inuit diet is not ketogenic. The Inuit get almost 20% of their calories from carbohydrate, and much more than 25% protein. Blubber is high in stored glycogen. This is another fad diet. If you exercise and consume less calories than you burn you will lose weight. It's not rocket science..
FINALLY, here's a video that is SPOT ON regarding understanding the process of controlling body weight.. I started a "Keto-like" diet last March, 2015. I was 323. I wasn't very strict, and I didn't increase my usual exercises. However, I am now 270. I eat meat, veggies, cream and cheeses, and occasional fish. Oh yeah, I still drink my craft beers, just not as many, and I have a cheat day every Saturday, pizza, cake, ice cream, etc. Still losing weight. Slowly, but it seems to be working..
I can't stand going out to eat anymore. EVERYTHING is spiked with sugar. I just love making food at home..
+ERICK silva post training fruit carbs wont affect ketosis,i also eat lots of fat,,my body takes way more fat than anything else.with the amounts of fat I am eating I should get fat if am not in keto mode but I don't get fat for years now.besides I need to do cheat meals once a while cause I drop fat and some water real quickly and must leave ketosis for some days.maybe I have higher limit in carb for ketosis who knows..vegetable and some nuts carbs are more fiber that takes more time turn into sugar.if you train hard I think you bypass those carbs..
Very educational, research is correct, I tried it and I lowed my (a1C) from 10.3 to 7.8 in 4 months. Still going strong and working on getting it don to 6.0. This is not a diet, its a life style burn fat as a better source of energy instead of cheap "unhealthy" carbs..

Only way to burn fat is at a calorie deficit. I eat a lot of carbs and lost 20 kgs of fat a couple of years ago. Vegans eat about 80-90% of carbs and they are the leanest people. I am lean even on a high carb diet. I am just not overconsuming calories. I dont eat processed foods with carbs and fat..

+Giovanni DeBravo yes if at all possible. if you have to eat it choose very wisely what you eat. stay away from fried foods like chicken and fries. go for the grilled..

Dr Eric where are you located I'm desperate with my 13 years old she is over weight and I don't know what to do.

Dr. Berg. I did not see a link for the suggested foods. Thanks for the video...great information and I've read a lot of great research from Tim Ferriss..
Wow! Such great video's! It turns out your office is only about an hour away. Is this the type of treatment that insurance will cover. +Rachel Sullivan You have to look and see if witch-doctors are listed in your preferred provider network.. what is that rash on your neck. I have the same sort of rash going on for some months now and cant figure it out.
ive currently hit a plateau while living off of 1550 cal a day, macro splits computed and all. and this is below my BMR already. i train for strength on top of that. currently my carbs are àt 20%, and the rest is split evenly between protein and fats. Im curious about the split proposed in this video, but i have two concerns: 1- will dropping my carb intake to 10% severely hit my lifting numbers 2 - will drastically increasing the fat intake (as opposed to protein) have adverse effects i mean, aren't we supposed to take a gram(not cal) of protein for every pound of lean body mass we have.
Increase your carb intake for a day or two, your body thinks youre starving so it wants to hold on to your fat. Thats why your metabolism has slowed..
Thank you, Dr Berg, for these highly useful informative videos. Your ways of simplifying complex material is really special. We love it!.
Great vids..learned a lot..How do you feel about the HCG diet...I'm on it and in lets sis, but only 500 calls..yikes!!. strange. I've tried low carb, high protein and low fat and had no hunger problems. then i switched to moderate protein and high fat... BOOM! i felt hungrier and wanted to eat more.. that didn't happen on LCHPLF diet. What a loser. His perspective of reality is focused through the distorted lens of a religious ideology. In reality the moment fast food chains opened on every corner obesity sky rocketed. Cheap, nasty, fatty, deep fried shit full of trans fats, fats, meat and soft drink. Poultry consumption went through the roof as KFC became a popular enterprise and fast food chains like it popped up everywhere. It is dishonest to suggest that the recommended guidelines caused the obesity crisis when we already know what did it. McDonalds, Pizza Hut, Wendy's. Who hasn't visited one of these places. At the same time we have a booming microwave dinner enterprise going on in supermarkets where you can eat any meaty, fatty, preservative laden shit you want in just minutes. Processed carbs are an issue, however you never saw obese people from white bread in the past. You saw the guy eating the fatty rissoles, steaks, sausages whilst he drank his beer and you thought, that guy is going to get cancer or have a heart attack. All of the relatives and friends that I have that caught cancer or died of heart attacks ate butter, bacon, cream and eggs often. They had steak, sausages and ribs. They also generally steered clear of veggies. This matches the statistics we see. Those who eat healthy and live long lives are on the fruit and veggies. Not ladening their bodies with the fat and cholesterol that leads to obesity, atherosclerosis, metabolic diseases including diabetes and cancer. This guy isn't a real doctor. Listen to the experts. Don't listen to quacks like this wanker. He is also dishonest about your weight loss. You loose more weight this is true. However you aren't only losing fat. You are also losing excessive amounts of bone, cartilage, tendon, ligament and muscle. Your body literally breaks itself down in order to provide the fuel that it needs to run your brain. Your brain and some of your organ functions run primarily off of glucose. That's 35% of you energy needs for the day burnt up. Your body uses a process called gluconeogenesis in order to provide glucose. When you lose all of that condition you are left prone to injury and obesity as your basal metabolic rate drops with your loss of muscle mass and conditioning. Meaning that you get fat whilst eating less. In a survival situation this means that you do not die as easily of starvation. In reality we are surrounded by more food than we need. You will get fat and you will be weak when it happens meaning that you won't have the ability to easily rectify your mistake. Don't ty this diet, it may kill you at best it will make you really unwell. Your brain cannot run effectively on ketones. It is an argument from ignorance to say so. Ketones are an incredibly acidic fuel source. you will literally feel like shit to begin with. It is only when your body starts to produce natural pain killers, as it does in a survival situation that you stop feeling sick from this unhealthy process. It's why you only feel like shit for a few days. There is no healthy ketosis. You can tell this cunt has been doing ketosis because he is dead in the eyes, listless, forgets what he is saying. Lies about Eskimo's, clearly making that shit up. Lies about the nature of cholesterol, lies about sex hormones, lies about what the "adaption process" is, lies, lies, lies. thinks people won't be smart enough to research. 80% carbs is what is ideal for the human body 10% fat (no added fat) 10% protien. Cardiovascular endurance on a ketogenic diet! What a fucking clown! Who is he trying to kid Ketosis is a terrible diet for athletes. The performance is so poor that you will not see a single high level competing athlete in any sport involving any sort of endurance or requirement for mental clarity. More lies. Reality, it makes you sick, weak, lethargic and increases all cause mortality whilst making you smell bad and look greasy. You'll be a forgetful bumbling sack of shit that feels great due to the natural pain relief pumping through your veins. Whilst you are running around drunk you lack the energy to perform any task requiring physical effort or mental acuity. You will be passed over for promotion... even fired. Your work colleagues will think you are on drugs or something because you'll be fucking bat shit and grumpy as fuck if you don't have your coffee. Get used to coffee. You won't be able to think without it. Sugar is required for will power and determination too. So don't be surprised if you become ill tempered and impulsive. This diet is a concoction of shit that will strip your health from you and leave you a wreck.. Where on his website is the page of what to eat, mentioned at the end of the video The name of the page to look for, or a link would be helpful.. best bets are: grassfed diary fats and meat, organico evo olive oil, organic cononut oil/butter, fatty fishes (salmon tuna mackerel), hunted game, eggs, avocado do not consume only 1 source of any macro - not only olive oil, not only chicken, not only parmesan... variation is always better AVOID ANY KIND OF TRANS FAT, EVER, FOR THE REST OF YOUR LIFE. +Simon Preziosa That statement tells you nothing. If you called a plumber and he told you "your toilet is overflowing because more water is coming in that can be drained out" would you tell him to reduce the water flow or would you ask him why isn't the water draining Obviously you'd do the later, and he'd tell you that the toilet is clogged. My point is, instead of artificially reducing your food intake for the sake of reducing food intake, remove whatever is preventing you to process the food correctly in the first place. If you eat what your body really needs then your body will regulate your energy expendeture on it's own. Meaning even if you eat 4000 calories a day you won't get fat because your body will increase energy expenditure and release hunger inhibitng hormones, meaning you'll get queasy trying to overeat..
+Narushima this is true. if you are eating the right things you can basically eat as much as you want and still not gain weight and probably lose some in the process..

Ok, which steak company paid him off.. But I just have to say, I think that is an unhealthy amount of fat to be eating. Even healthy fat..

It's sad that the sugar industry can corrupt our government, public schools, The World Health Organization, and our media with misinformation with absolutely no repercussions. Our children are being poisoned with polymers essentially becoming zombies and no one has a clue, wait, the drug companies make a pill for this..

+Jason Burt. Jason I agree with you 1000% big Food looks at us as nothing more than suckers dopes with money greedy bastards! keep in mind most of the sugar kids are consuming is derived not from sugar cane but from GMO sugar beets and most people have no clue!!!.

Will this diet help with depression I sleep a lot and no energy until coffee and I don't eat we'll. I have no desire. I have ibs so mainly going into stores scare me..

Name one pro cyclist that is on a low carb high fat diet. They would get dropped like a stone on the first climb. It's all about high carb low fat to stay lean and clean.
Good grief I thought I found a good way to lose 10 pounds. Eat FAT, as in animals I don't think so.. Even though this video looks convincing, I have to say that I get sceptical when the basic MATH is lacking! 5+25+80 is 110% 5+25+70 is 100% you see :).
+Geko... he clearly says 5-10% 25% & 65-80%. Its for YOU to determine the magic number. Obviously he does not mean 5+25+80... for some people it might be 5+25+70 or maybe 10+25+65 or maybe 5+30+65.. it all depends on how your body works and only you can understand that. Please don't take those percentages too literally the math will never be perfect.. the goal is to get you as close to those numbers as possible while keeping carbs down at ALL times..
In the middle when you discuss the graph of sugar (and/or insulin) going to "zero", if I were to theoretically prick my finger and do a blood sugar test like a diabetic does, would I want to see my blood sugar at zero Somehow that doesn't sound right or realistic. What number would we ideally see or get to on an easy to measure blood sugar test to be in ketosis.
i know guys on 400g carbs a day and get shredded for competitions so explain this please because if insulin blocks fat burning then how can these guys get shredded if insulin is constantly released because of the carbs they eat in all meals. and they eat 7 times a day.
Bulking phase is where they raise the carb intake. cutting phase looks more like keto diet. Along with the good old drugs like clenbuterol, cytomel and dnp.. +Adam Ofone 65-80 means in the region of. He wasnt being absolute specific was he. Were you in one of those 'clever' moods when you posted . Yeah I was LoL. I was just being a dick for the sake of being a dick but it should have said 65-70 :) . +Brandy Pompeo Correction, she changed her name to Stephanie Keto Person and you are welcome :) A little history regarding Stephanie, her Mom had a brain tumor and through diet and research Stephanie helped to cure her Mom of that tumor through the keto diet. She sold me!!.
Hi Dr. Eric Berg, thank you for your wonderful videos. I'm so glad I found your YouTube channel..

I was on the starch diet for 14 months lost ten kilos, but my blood sugars were still high 6.0-7.0 and my cholesterol was up 6.5, to me this is not exceptable. I have been on LCHF for 2 weeks, my weight came down then went up, and now is comming down again. My blood sugars cmae down to 5.0 but are now up to 6.5. so I cut out cream and cheese, hoping that my bloods will come down again. My ketosticks tell me that I am in ketosis with a reading of 4. Thanks Dr Berg for all your video lessons..
+Coach Ryan Ⓥ back in college i read that inuits had terrible heart and cardio problems due to the near pure animal diets they are forced to live on. he said eskimos dont ever have heart problems. +ladama Fish is known to have high levels of Vitamin D. So vitamin D is not a problem for eskimos.
Why not just go on a Human Chorionic Gonadotropin diet and let the body switch to fat burning mode without depleting sugar All you need is a small amount of glycoprotien to trigger the process and you'd be losing fats in no time..
"do the exact opposite of everybody else and you will come out ok"...sad but true in this age, when the Lord's kingdom is set up, you will be able to trust the media, still have to watch out for the crowd though..
- People on a very high carbohydrate diet are usually very lean. - Check out the Rice diet, Walter Kempner put people on 500+ g of carbohydrates of white rice, fruits and sugar a day and they all lost huge amounts of weight. - People on a Standard American Diet eat ~40% or more fat, its not the carbs they eat that makes them fat - You don't need to eat fat to loose fat, nor do you need to get into ketosis, this is bullshit your body converts fat into free fatty acids and uses them even if you use glucose as your main fuel, there are millions of lean people who are not in ketosis. - It is impossible to have zero insulin or sugar, this just shows the stupidity of this whole video and approach, eating protein raises insulin too, and again if insulin was the main driver of weight gain and not calories explain how people eating a high carb low fat diet are lean. - A ketogenic diet is not tested correctly long term, no populations were ever in ketosis other then in famine or starvation. The inuits ate way too much protein to be and stay in ketosis, they also ate seasonal fruit. - If you don't eat carbs your body cannot produce enough mucus in the GI tract, your immune system will also suffer as it needs glucose to function. If you don't eat carbs your body will just use up your muscle tissue and convert it into fat, as you will still have a stable blood sugar level even if you eat zero carbs..

+Ryan Eagleton Both are wrong. Fad diets don't work. You'll never find a fitness trainer responsible for helping clients lose weight tell you you can eat all the carbs you want. You'll never find one. Ever. You know why Because it doesn't work! They actually have to deliver on what they're saying with real results for their clients or on themselves, if they're involved in competing. So unlike people online who promote fad diets or write books, the real pros at this cannot afford to sell theories that don't work in real life. The fad diet world is awash with lies and theories that don't work for everyone. This is to feed the demand for an easy way to lose weight, but it's all just an illusion. Some also do it because of an agenda, like vegans for example. If you really want to find out the TRUTH go to the people whose actual profession and day job is the business of fat loss, either on themselves or on their clients. You'll never EVER find one who will tell you you can eat all the carbs you want. On the contrary they'll tell you you have to cut carbs to lose weight. You have to limit carbs and fat. Your meals should be made up primarily of non-starchy vegetables and lean protein..
It has been very hard to lose weight being in a wheelchair, plus for such a long time I was sick off and on, being in the hospital for month or so, and my legs becoming weak, and then over eating a lot over the years, this past 3-4 has been the hardest for me, I live with my mother again and she is taking care of 2 grandchildren and she tries to help me reach my goals but her and I are still not doing things right... I don't know how I am ever going to lose this horrible weight, I cant cook for myself, which I wish I could... I use to be able to... I am getting a new wheelchair sometime soon, and hopefully my mother will allow me to cook for myself... But that means I would be cooking something differently than she will be cooking for everyone else... I am doing this thing called Intermittent Fasting, "IF", and I lost 12 pounds, but it could have been just water weight. I have not been doing good staying away from sugars... Things with sugar and food... Oh how I wish I could just buy and cook my own food..

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is a paleo diet like a ketogenic diet i was eating meat and vedgetables and fruite. i was so hungry i could eat the bark off a tree. i lost alot of weight and wasnt trying, it was dropping off like rock. i may not have been getting enough fat. A tip for those without the extra bags of cash lying around the house: While not ideal, supermarket meat and butter work just fine for losing weight and you're still miles ahead of the game nutritionally if you've stopped eating sugar, plant oils, and refined foods.. How does this diet work with insulin taking diabetics Can a body switch from inability to use sugar into an ability to burn fat instead.
+Mary Narwhal -I am a type 2, and I was on insulin. I first went to a low-carb diet and now am on keto. My blood sugar now goes from a fasting of low 70's to a high (post prandial) of 95. I remember the days that if I had a fasting of 95, I was happy-and that was with levemir !. I have never felt better. I have heard from diabetics that converting over to a fat burner (adaptation) may take longer - but immediately I saw results with my blood sugar. I was already doing low carb (40-50g/daily) before keto & my numbers ran from 95 to 140, then after 3 days on keto, my numbers dropped down to 85-100...and then steadily down until now-when I have a fasting of 90...I think that is high ! I would suggest test-test-test...if you decide to try this. In my case, I cut the carbs down to 20 a day and stopped my insulin immediately because I knew what that reduction in carbs would do and I tested and tested to be certain of what was happening. Good luck to you..
Not all but many people says, they aren't trying to lose weight to go on Ketogentic. Where for myself, I am going to go on this diet because I need to lose weight and I need all the help, I can get. I was NEVER A diet person, since July 15 ,2015 my doctor said for me to lose a certain amount of weight before I can have a surgery. So then I went on a "normal " diet ,where I stopped eating carbs, and keep in mind, I wasn't a breakfast eater, where now I am, stopped drinking soda ,stopped eating many different foods, for the last 2 years. In the last 2 years I've changed so much about myself, doing what's best for me, FINALLY. I was raised to make sure the family taken care of before myself. Well now I only think of myself. I am DETERMINED to lose weight, on this regular diet cutting out junk foods, carbs, and many others, where I've lost 21 pounds in the last 8 week on my own.But I want to lose much more and I believe keto will help because I am NOT going back the way I eat, before 2 years ago. I had an health issue and since I've changed, I don't have it any longer, thank goodness !!! I also wanted to STOP eating "process foods " it's GARAGE. Much of the foods at the store, all bad. I'm going to eat...Grass Feed, and many other foods at the Organic Store, that's better for you. Since July 20, 2015 I only eat healthy foods x 3 times a day 1400 calories ( My Fitness Pal ) , I drink between 64 - 80 ounces of water throughout the day and that's all I drink. I sleep 7 - 8 hours a night, I exercise at home and at the gym 5 days a weekAnd I can truthly say, I feel better than, I've before, but I know, I've a long road ahead of me, it could take me up to 1 - 2 years to lose the weight because of the surgery. I can't be on NO DIET, while healing which takes up to one year. I just worry if I'll gain all that weight back, I won't be doing any exercises like I'm doing now..
Hey, great video... I have taken on the Ketogenic diet for weight loss but also my own Epilepsy, I would and so many parents of children with Epilepsy would love to have more information on this diet. How does the Ketogenic Diet work on an illness like epilepsy, this would greatly improve how patients learn how the diet will work for them... I also was wondering if you have any information that could help me now, and why this works on the brain with such an Illness. Thankyou..
why would you want to go to ketosis not like you are not producing ketones anyway between meals and during exercise. Thank you. I particularly like the point about eating more greens. For me that's easy. But I prefer not to eat meat and dairy so finding high fat good food is a challenge. Any suggestions.
I cant believe that with all the published studies, people are still pushing this nonsense. CTFU! Go vegan - corn rice beans - no prosessed food - no oils - no animal products - you will drop weight quicker than 3rd period french. And regain health. I implore anyone wishing to lose weight to check out Dr. McDougal and Dr. Essylsteen. Also the documentary Forks over Knives. It literally saved my life. Don't fall for the bacon and cheese salesmen. The keto approach will work to lose weight - so will chemotherapy, herion addiction, and a host of other things. It is not good for long term health..
+Rafael Mendoza Congradulations on your experience. Mine has been the exact opposite. I too was diabetic, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, yada. I've lost 40 lbs and kept if off. The problem I see with eating meat is all the wanky stuff they put in it. Few people can afford grass fed meat. Most people I know that follow this still eat McDs, Hardees, deep fried. I believe that you've had sucsess, but it's not typical. I simply could not lose weight and could not keep my blood sugar under control until I went vegan. I'm a firm believer that a vegan diet can work for anyone. This approach Not so much - only becuase it's not practicle.. I believe the vegan diet is the best approach for diabetics - based on my experience and many minutes of internet research :) Good luck and wish you much continued sucsess..

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I uses 2 bottle of nutrilite glucose health its very naturally effective in just 2 months n I tried many more products of nutrilite its awwwwssoommeeeeee....

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+Karl Hungus Thanks for the support and kind words. Glad you enjoy them! Stay tuned for the next one that will be covering the reasons for high BP, which from our perspective is all about thyroid hormone..
Awesome video. I just went through this. Lots of hours in the gym plus intermittent fasting and eating 1 large meal with a couple wimpy meals led to my body breaking down. My fasted glucose was 60 and thyroid was low. Now I eat every 2 hours and use real salt in my foods. No more going to the gym on minimal food. . +NaturalHI WEll, i talk about this in the vid as everyone says this, which plays a role. But if you peel the layers back from from the Mg, Na, etc deficiencies, you will find that most are in a hypometabolic state that is causing these deficiencies..
The flaw in your theory is cramps overwhelmingly occur in lower limb muscles, esp calf, hams, and soles of feet. There's no need to peel the layers back to a systemic level, if you deal with physiology fundamentals that effect the problem area first. How Ensure circulation through cramping muscle compartments is not compromised by tight fascia or compartment syndrome. Ensure basic hydration and nutrition is healthy, which it isn't for the vast majority of on the westers. Check for compromised nerves, such as sciatica or lumbar spinal stenosis, and retrain posture and core strength. If cramps were primarily due to hormonal and blood sugar disturbance, then they'd occur equally throughout the body, which they don't..
+EastWest Healing Thanks for elaborating. However, if the essential cause of cramps is systemic, then please explain why the lower limbs are the primary location of cramps. i.e. there's no restless arm syndrome, and I don't know triathletes who get back or upper limb cramps. I went to your website to see what study and qualifications you have, and couldn't find anything. I'd be interested to know..
+helicart Based on my business, my experience, etc they do. I work with tons of people who get leg cramps, but also are getting neck, back, forearm, etc cramps..
Thanks for the video, Josh. You and Jeanne always have great lessons. Plus, you're both fun and entertaining. Keep up the great work.. What about cramps that you get at night in bed Or even after eating! or NOT eating! My doc suggests taking my thyroid meds with tonic water (a small amount of quinine is in it). I DO supplement with magnesium (1100 mg), and cannot do without it - if there was a fire I'd run back in the house for it!.
Thanks for taking the time to write. I guess my choice of potato chips fried in olive oil is not a bad snack before bed, then! I enjoy reading all of your material. You and Jeannie have great information-.
Well, it might not change over night as how you live and eat each day plays a larger role. But try the chips with some protein and see how that works. If that doesn't help over a wk or so, try some of the snacks I recommended. Thanks for the kind words and ongoing support!. so are you saying that we can go into this stiff state quickly through a single session of exercise and not just a long-term hypoglycemia thanks for the video!.
+Timothy Kim Well, not so much. It happens over time to be honest. Of course "time" is all relative as I am not putting a timeline on it. Of course history, how you live, eat, meds, etc all play a role over time. But of course just a basic muscle cramp lets say from over training a muscle, etc is just from over working it. But the people that get chronic cramps in their calves, legs at night, feet during the day, etc (which is what we commonly see), are usually correlated with what i am talking about. Thanks for your support!.
Interesting lady friend has a good energy flow...but she constantly gets leg cramps...very painful. She appears to be hyper metabolic though; in temps. for example. Her energy "appears to be at least" normal for a 54 y.o. woman too. She is quite thin...and I do wonder about her blood sugar status during the day; not a meat eater...but knows how to food combine.. Well, take it not standing. Always seated. Try the am temp pulse laying in bed. But if that is her resting pulse and you feel she is malnourished, then she most likely is and hypo.

November 30, 2015
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January 3, 2016

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If your a type on, it can't hurt. If your a type 1, just skip this video as this 'doctor' doesn't quite fully understand what he's talking about. He's basically implies that type 1 diabetics are type 1 diabetics from consuming too much sugar. Millions of type 1's diagnosed at birth and within the first 2 or 3 years of their life would does the rest of the entire world's medical institutions. #quack #junkscience. I feel worried about constantly checking blood levels being a former diabetes sufferer imagined I would undoubtedly die with diabetes Ok, I wanted to give this guy a chance because he explains things well and seem relatively genuine. Unfortunately, not everything he says is true. Here's a partial list of problems: 1. The main counterregulatory hormone that antagonizes insulin is GLUCAGON, not IGF. 2. Low potassium levels do not cause you to crave sugar. 3. When working normally, the kidneys have an amazing capacity to reabsorb potassium if potassium levels are low, and eliminate excess potassium if its level is too high. Consuming plenty of additional potassium, when your potassium levels are normal, will only result in you peeing out all of it! 4. Metformin (a.k.a. Glucophage) acts primarily by decreasing the liver's production of glucose. Increasing the liver's sensitivity to insulin and pulling in more glucose from the blood appears to be a minor effect. 5. Type 1 diabetes is not caused by your pancreatic cells being "exhausted" (which implies that they worked too hard due to excessive carb consumption). Type 1 diabetes is an autoimmune disease, and its development has nothing to do with the composition of your diet. 6. "Junk food" and cooked food do not cause liver damage (unless your junk food also includes a significant amount of alcohol) 7. You can't compare different hormones just by looking at their serum concentrations using the same units! There are many other factors that go into hormone action. 8. Correcting blood sugar by "Increasing your liver by 20%..." What in the world is that supposed to mean It doesn't even make sense. (Aside from the fact that the specific number cited is clearly made up) 9. Evidence that kale is specifically beneficial to your liver's function: Absolutely none. If you have diabetes, please talk to your doctor before investing in a bunch of potassium supplements and a refrigerator full of kale!.
+Eric Strong Hi Eric, I am type 2 since 2011. I tried homeopathy then and combined with exercise was able to bring it down to normal levels. Now my levels have spiked up since 1.5 years and currently its around 300 (Not working out). My triglyceride are also very high 630 and cholesterol arnd 325. I started with homeopathic medicine and metformin since last couple of days but my levels are not coming down at all. I am primarily vegetarian but do eat eggs. I also have proteinuria so I am unable to consume too much protein so I mostly have to eat carbs but then the downside is the levels going up with this. How come consuming high fat low carb bring levels down Even if I eat eggs (whole) my levels touch 400 (PP). Would really appreciate if you can explain me how this is possible. Also how come as a vegetarian I can incorporate this Really need help with this. There are tons of contradicting materials arnd dont know what to follow. Thnks.

I feel worried about constantly checking blood levels being a former diabetes sufferer imagined I would undoubtedly die with diabetes

+Mitzy Portier Groundbreaking New Research Shows How to Reverse Type 2 Diabetes in 3 Weeks
The focusing on insulin as part, if not the chief, culprit is becoming passe in research circles - barking up the wrong tree. The real culprit according to recent researchers is not Insulin but its antagonist called Glucagon which is produced along with Insulin in the pancreas. It's been found that if Glucagon is controlled or eliminated, insulin actually becomes superfluous, that is it is not even needed!!! New drugs to do this and address Glucagon instead will hopefully appear soon to tackle this blind spot..
Just 2 sweetened drinks a day will increase your risk of diabetes and heart failure by 30%. Use Stevia, not Sugar..

Type two diabetes is a mineral deficiency proven in 1959. the doctor ignored this to make money. When we get those minerals type two diabetes disappears.
The title doctor is given to someone hat has achieved a level of expertise through education. You can be a doctor of photography... You also have to ask if "Doctor" is a mutually inclusive synonym for expert. I don't believe it is. You can be an expert without being a doctor and you can be a doctor without being an expert. You can be a doctor and be wrong; you can be "not a doctor" and be right.. +Adam Breese very true. I just don't like when doctors give advice about health that is wrong... People see the Dr. Title and they listen... It cost lives... So sad. .
Another chiroquack who doesn't know what he's talking about and putting people's health at risk. 1:41 - Fat does not break down into sugar. It is either metabolized directly or turned into ketones and metabolized (the latter pathway is prevalent in the nervous system). 4:30 - No, glucose is not normally produced from fat. There seems to be some evidence that this can happen in some extreme cases, but at very low efficiency. 10:58 - When the blood sugar goes low people are taking sugar pills because the DON'T WANT TO DIE! Stop saying it's a bad thing! 11:20 - Type 1 diabetes is not exhaustion of the pancreas, it's an autoimmune conditions that kills beta cells in the pancreas..

Groundbreaking New Research Shows How to Reverse Type 2 Diabetes in 3 Weeks Go here==>>>>Click it, hope it helps.

i think there is a way to improve the efficiency of insulin with different supplements. chromium picolinate (maybe also vanadium) + magnesium citrate + potassium citrate + baking soda + (maybe msm, taurin, edta) in a bottle with about 1l water, apple cidar vinegar, the juice of one lemon drinking that distributed over the day. combined with a juice or smoothie fasting and exercise the insulin levels should be down in a couple of days. and when insulin levels get really down, the system can heal itself again..
Another amazing video by Dr Berg. I've learned more from his videos than years of reading which only led to head scratching. Great instruction!! Thank you Dr. Berg!!!. Insulin is released in response to glucose; the faster and higher your glucose levels rise, the more insulin will flood your bloodstream to bring down blood sugar levels. Keeping glucose levels stable will also regulate insulin levels.
Once you focus on the ‘Root Cause’ of your Diabetes — you instantly start seeing Diabetes from a different perspective — instead of "Medication" and "fighting the symptoms," you start thinking about "Health" and treating the cause..
Unconditionally Guaranteed to Normalize Your Blood Sugar Levels and Permanently Treat The Root Cause of Diabetes! Go ==> ==>. FinaIly ReveaIed: Scientifically Proven Principles That Will Have Your Body Producing More Insulin NaturalIy. The Diabetes Cure™ (Official Site) Here ==> ==>. 100% scientifically-Proven Way To ERASE Diabetes In 3 Weeks... At 7:05, I find this incredibly interesting because the other day I had an "oh oh" moment when I realized I forgot to pack tuna in my lunch. I have 2, 3 hour ski classes on this day and then realized all I had for lunch was salad. The more difficult of the two classes is after lunch. It was an incredibly physically demanding class...the hardest yet this year. People were wondering how I survived it on only salad. When I tested my blood after class, it had risen from the normal 86 to 105. I'm guessing that my liver kicked in and provided the necessary sugar and the potassium that I consumed at lunch allowed it to fuel my muscles.. >>> l’ve had Type-2 Diabetes for years. I was constantIy worried about my blood sugar Ievels. I never had any energy, and I always had to be carefuI what I ate. No matter what I did, I couldn’t get my diabetes under control. I feIt trapped, and I felt like a burden on my famiIy. Diabetes Destroyer gave me my life back. I used the 3 steps to reverse my diabetes, and my family can bareIy keep up with me. I’m eating my favorite foods, and do the things I love. Thank you for saving my Iife! >>>. Hi there, If you are worried about diabetes the best progress that I have ever seen was with Blood sugar sniper (i found it on google) Without a doubt the most useful program that I have found to help start reversing it..
This guy is a chiropractor not a doctor. January 1985 – December 1988 Palmer College of Chiropractic: Davenport IA, Doctor of Chiropractic degree. Let this guy massage your back niggle, but don't look to him for advice on endocrinology. Type 1 diabetes is an auto immune disorder and has nothing to do with the amount of sugar a person has consumed. Type II is insulin resistance, but there is often a genetic component too. To complicate things you get LADA or type 1.5 which is also auto immune..

I am type 2 diabetic and I don't know where to turn, who to listen to. I don't know what the truth is etc. I sometimes have an 'episode' because im new to the condition. It costs me a day each time..
+Simon B hi i was told i was type 2 last year i just left out a lot of sugar i did eat a cake on weekend i had lots of salad lean meat chicken fish lots of water i just eat what i did but smaller like fish and chips i only have ones a month and do 30 min exercise each day and when i went for my HbA1c blood test it was normal i also take tablets to. +blackrose you basically drastically cut your carb intake...that'll work every time for a diabetic. Salad meat and fish have very little affect on blood sugar. What you have to remember is that some carbs...mainly starches like potatoes, bread and pasta convert to sugar (glucose) in your body within minutes...and shoot up your blood sugar. So while you may not have known everything about your blood sugar the choices you made were good dietary ones for a diabetic. No need to cut out fat (chicken skin etc) because it has virtually no effect on blood sugar..
Hello, great video I did note really understand the relationship between potassium and sugar before.. I wanted to ask a question regarding the relationship between fat and potassium. You noted that if you do not have enough potassium you body cannot store sugar. This makes perfect sense. You also note that if your body cannot store sugar it "goes to fat." You note that this will increase the amount of fat. Would the opposite not be true If your body cannot store sugar but needs to consume sugar would it not reduce your fat because that is the only place it can get sugar. Fat would effectively become the fuel source therefore reducing body fat..

So i learned that high potassium foods - dark green leafy vegies, beans, kale, brocoli etc esp raw can reverse diabetes. That's what I will now eat. I will also keep off the sugary/ carbo foods, have plenty of sleep and exercise. Thanks Dr Berg. Let's see..
The facts about diabetes is that once you have it you cannot run away and ignore the truth behind this terrible life changing disease.. To much fat (especially saturated fat) is the main cause of Diabetes. Saturated fats and animal fats clog the receptor cites in your cells, so the sugar has trouble getting in, and your sugar goes up. A low fat high complex carb vegan whole food organic diet is ideal for reversing Diabetes..
I know about a dozen type-1 diabetics (me included). ALL OF US had some sort of disease or trauma approximately 6-months prior to type-1 diagnosis. Of course at the time of having the disease/trauma, nobody thought it would cause type-1 diabetes. I had something that appeared to be "mono" at age 16. I was so sick for a 3-day weekend (no appetite whatsoever, joints ached so bad I could not walk). I slept the entire weekend. Monday was a holiday. Tuesday when the doctor's office opened, I felt fine, like 100% fine. No hint of any illness so we did not go to the doctor. Then 6-months later I got type-1. A friend of my sister attended a professional hockey game. The puck was hit hard, broke the glass, struck her in the head, then 6-months later she has type-1. Essentially when you get this sickness/trauma, your immune system backfires while treating the issue, and then interprets your Islet of Langerhans cells in your pancreas as an invader, and then proceeds to kill it off. Is this a genetic deficiency in the immune system Maybe just an "oh crap, I killed off the wrong thing" I don't know. But every type-1 I know had a similar problem. This tends to make me believe it is definitely an immune response problem..

Typical doctor: full of shit. Gave up listening after the third or fourth inaccuracy. There are far too many so-called experts spouting bullshit these days, no wonder everyone is so confused. He may have flip chart, but avoid this man's "knowledge" like you would a rabid dog..

great video but just so you know diabetes is not high blood sugar. high blood sugar is a side effect of diabetes. and there are two kinds of diabetes type one an type two..

High Blood sugar effects kidneys, and if kidneys are not functioning normally - please do not take too much of potassium as it could be fatal.
Dr. Berg...what is a CUP of vegetables 3 raw broccoli florets would fill a cup, but 6 cooked florets would also fit into that cup, as would a whole bunch of peas raw or cooked. Besides, what size is the cup It's terribly confusing. How about some metric measures that everyone can understand ;) Thank you for your awesomely informative videos though, it's appreciated!. This guy is a joke, Glucagon is responsible for stimulating liver to release glucose, he doesnt even the hormone. If you stop eating carbohydrates like bread and potatoes.. etc, then what do you eat to get to make your stomach full and that gives you calories Also, what to eat to get that large dose of potassium daily. Thanks Doc for the information, here is some for you. I have been treating diabetes for years with the use of medicinal herbs. One of those herbs was recently approved by the government as a treatment for diabetes. The herb is called "stevia" and it is loaded with sugars and is many times sweeter than table sugar. WARNING the stevia you buy in packets like sugar would probably be of some but little help you need the actual herb to be most effective due to the compounds found in the plant (including the sugars). I also treat the liver and kidneys which adds potassium and cleans and protects the liver.My biggest suggestion though for treatment short or long term is a blend of herbs that fight against the things that diabetes effects such as your pan crease, liver, kidneys,eyes,heart, help your blood stream and help with the metabolism of sugars. For info you could call 3863382244 ask for The Herbman.. +The Prophet Hello Herbman just read your post and would like to talk with you and clarfy a couple of your statements. Ihave your phone number but not sure where you are located. If you would call my voicemail and let me know a good time to call you I will 775-434-8497 it will email me your message and I will call you back Robert. Dear Dr. Berg, the saying that, ' no good deed goes unpunished,' is apropos here considering all the negative comments I've had the displeasure of reading. Keep up the good work..
How would he benefit by lying We are told not too eat Bananas because of the "HIGH" Sugar. We need " Potassium " did anyone else know about the importance of the "LIVER" and the correct amount of vegs needed on a daily basis..
thank you so much-im 72 and have type2-never ate much sugar but ate lots of pasta and breads-the metformin lowers my sugar too much even 100mg=so i eat mostly vegetables-but i will start on kale now.does a juicer do well here/. I am type 2 on two sugar tablets and 40 units of insulin...why does he not mention people who have both. Hiyaaaa! Have you considered the Hamilton Diabetes Reversal Protocol (just google it) I have heard some interesting things about the results in lowering Blood sugars and my cousin got cool resultsafter trying it.. I wonder if this "dr" got his md from some Internet university or a maybe he's a chiropractic "dr". The reason is he's doing that typical pseudo scientific thing of mixing some real science with a load of woo. This would be funny if it wasn't scary and dangerous, no type of diabetes is curable; check the NHS and Diabetes UK, which are reliable sources of information. . +Roy Alexander - I would agree that "no type of diabetes is curable" however type 2 diabetes can be reversed for life in many people per Dr. Sarah Hallberg in a TEDxPurdueU video presentation titled "Reversing Type 2 diabetes starts with ignoring the guidelines". Dr. Hallberg is just one of many medical professionals suggesting this.. +Shawna W With typical drugs, diabetes can not be totally curable. The good news is there's a confirmed scientific method to treat diabetes naturally Go Here >>=====>
I failed to mention that I have lost 35 lbs., and have surprised even my doctor with my drop in blood sugar over only 3 months. Daily exercise, sleeping 8 hours a night consistently, and changing drastically what and when I eat, has changed my life at 57 years old, also after having been a cancer patient 5 years ago. Wake up America; we have the answers to long-lasting good health right in front of us, thanks to huge advancements in medicine, and I am not talking about pharmaceuticals only....

>>I feel worried about constantly checking blood levels being a former diabetes sufferer imagined I would undoubtedly die with diabetes>>.
2 /2 In 2011, British researchers (Ied by Professor Roy TayIor of NewcastIe University) announced that diabetes (even advanced type 2 diabetes) can be reversed through diet changes. SpecificaIIy, they discovered that Type 2 diabetes can be COMPLETELY REVERSED by diet aIone. As a matter of fact... after 1 week, bIood sugar normaIized. By 4 weeks, normaI insuIin production returned. After that, participants ate normaIIy.2 /2 .

November 27, 2015

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