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  • January 1, 2016

    Comments about this video:
    Ahh you're getting so close! I can't wait for pictures of her in these adorable outfits! 😃💗. I live in Italy (and 30 weeks pregnant) and here they do glucose test on an empty stomach and really early in the morning! Fortunately my blood analysis were good to go and I didn't need to take the glucose test at all ^_*.
    Uh huh. How many comments later and endless berating of the company that's simply offering a product, this is just now your response..

    +JessieBanana I was never "endlessly berating the company" I was making fun of the sheep who buy into this notion that everything containing gluten must be evil. You missed the point, but then again most people do which is why the notion of "gluten free" is so successfully mass marketed..

    It s funny the glucose test is différent un France. Takin' It Wright now, it takes 2hours so I'm rewatching my favorite vlogger's videos while i wait ! Thanks Tiffany ! .
    Love your pregnancy vlogs! I'm at 29 weeks tomorrow and came across your channel and, of course, had to watch the 29 week video. ;) I'll be doing the glucose test soon so thanks for the extra tips!.
    When I had my son 14 years ago that glucose drink was terrible! It was the sweetest beverage EVER and it did reach mythical status but they changed it so...AWESOME!.
    I always chug the drink. It is really sweet, like really really sweet, but it's not terrible. I have always had to drink it on an empty stomach, but I think that depends on your doctor. Congrats on your pregnancy! It's been fun to see your updates. I just had baby #4 2 months ago. Doing pregnancy videos was really fun for me.. Tiffany- read The Bradley Method. Even if you're not going to do an all natural birth, it gives GREAT pointers and info. It helped me a ton with my second. :).
    The Bradley method of breathing helped me so much. I was able to have a completely natural epidural or drugs. I think so many women freak out at the first contraction and have no idea about what's going on with their body. Classes are so helpful in every way and teach the husbands what they can do during labor and delivery to help you along and make you comfortable..
    I had the glucose test and i thought it was no big deal but unfortunatly I have gestational diabetes which sucks but least itll only last a few more months...hopfully, btw, love your vids!. The "Shea moisture" brand is so good. I've been loving their shampoo and body wash, it smells amazing and your baby will smell like that for couple days. . Hi Tiffany! I'm loving the baby updates! I watched all of them at once and I can't wait for the next one! I just wanted to let you know that some videos are in the wrong order in the Pregnancy Playlist ;) .
    If you can, find a child birth class at your local ywca, or some other organization. It doesn't have to be through the hospital. As a first time mother, you will find the class really helpful. At the very least, you will learn what to expect, and how to get through it with a minimum of pain, and maximum confidence. Super important! good luck!.

    The three hour glucose test really is TERRIBLE. The drink is the same size, but twice the sugar level, it really has a syrup consistency. You also have to fast before it for 12 hours, so it hits your stomach like a ton of bricks! Then you still can't eat during the whole test, so you're feeling light headed from not eating since the night before and nauseous from the sugar! Fun stuff :) Luckily I passed! .

    The only thing I would wash is the first few baby clothes for the first few days. You never know the size of your baby! then you can quickly wash at least most of your first size..

    Definitely good advice. So many people take tags off and wash everything but they may get no use out the clothes. Also, technology is always improving but sometimes the estimates of weight are way off. My sister was supposed to be on the heavier side of average birth weight and she was 6 lbs. you just never know for sure. Best to be prepared but have the option to take things back!.
    I'm 22, have never had a baby, and don't even think I ever want to, but I LOVE watching these videos. Is that weird. It's perfectly normal to be interested in watching someone else go through an interesting, huge, period of life. Especially if you aren't going to experience that thing for yourself, it makes even more sense to be interested in someone else's experience.. Congratulations to you and your Husband on the arrival of the most precious gift. I do have a very important piece of advice for you that I felt was priceless when I researched information about car seats. Please, please, please make sure to do this before the baby comes. This is free and they say that most people do NOT install their car seat correctly per manufacturer's installation directions. O.k. here is my info...take a drive to the nearest Fire Department closest to your house and the Fire Department strongly encourages all parents to make sure that their car seat is installed correctly. This is free to ALL, first they check to make sure that no recalls are on your specific seat, if your car and the seat will fit into your car or NOT. Any time that you remove the car seat they are so happy that you are bringing it back in to ensure proper installation has been taken place. My Fire Department told me to NEVER attach anything else to the car seat that didn't come with the seat. I was going to install a mirror so I could see my baby and he said that anything that is NOT meant for the car or the seat upon impact of an accident will act like a projectile in the vehicle. The only item that I could place into the car seat when the baby was a newborn was a rolled up receiving blanket to stabilize the babies head. That is it no bells and whistles that you want to make the car seat look cute. They also show you how to properly secure the baby into the car seat. So on your first trip out make it a priority to stop in and see your friendly Fire Department. Most people DON'T secure their babies into the car seat correctly either. O.K. there is my priceless tip of the day and I hope that not only you take my advice but each and every viewer takes a trip to their friendly Fire Department. Good luck and may you have the most special delivery EVER!!!! .
    +JessieBanana I live in canada and most hospitals here don't. Just make sure that whoever you talk to is a certified car seat technician because there are lots of police officers and nurses that give well meaning advice that is actually very wrong and outdated. .
    You honestly have the greatest outlook on everything you talk about in these videos, its really great to listen to you!. I love that shea moisture wash & lotion. my daughter has very sensitive skin and that's what we use for her! . The explanation of the glucose test was a little light. I am currently at 35 weeks pregnant and i did the test at 17 weeks because I have a history of diabetes in my family. I knew I was going to be positive. Normally your body produces enough insulin for your body but with the growing baby, you need more insulin and your body can't produce it fast enough. Before eating your blood sugar level should be at or below 95 (there are little machines that you can use to test your sugar level). 2 hours after (or 90 minutes after finishing your meal) you should be at or below 120. People with Diabetes are usually above. So you take this bottle of a sugary drink (imagine drinking a super sweet otterpop or orange soda with no gas). 1 hour later they take your sugar level and you need to be below 130. if you come back positive you need to take another test but this time they take your blood level 1 hour, 2 hours and 3 hours after drinking the syrup. Your blood sugar needs to be at a certain level in each one of those blood tests. If positive they control you for a week: you take your blood level at home with the little machine before every meal and 2 hours after every meal. If you are above the 95/120, then you go on insulin. The amount of insulin vary's per person. I did my test at 17 weeks and have been on insulin since week 21. I check my levels before and after every meal (that's 6 controls a day) + 4 shots of insulin a day; 1 with every meal and a last one before I go to bed. Total of 11 needles entering my body a day. I am so ready to have this kid!.
    How lucky. The insulin is such a pain. i did the control with diet for a week but my sugar levels, especially at midday, did not go down enough. And that was at 19 weeks. As the baby gets bigger, my insulin intake increases dosis. i can't wait for the pregnancy to be over. I'm not a patient person and I want to see my baby but I am also getting tired of so many controls and poking myself all day long. 5 MORE WEEKS!!!!.

    +Karideplov for majority of people the way her test went is how it goes. Its unfortunate that yours didnt go like that but that doesn't mean she went "light" on it. Shes giving her experience. .

    "I love that the music isn't annoying". Oh, it will be when you listen to it 100 times a day. XD Haha jokes aside, great upload - I love these vlogs :).
    Yes leave the tags and don't buy so much new born stuff they out grow the clothing so fast I didn't even use most of the stuff that I had because she had to much.
    Don't forget to pick up a couple preemie sized outfits. My babies were so small that the newborn outfits were way too big for them. My full term babies had to start in the preemie size too. My babies weights were 6'3 and 19 inches, 6'10 and 191/2 inches, 5'11and 19 inches, 7'2 and 18 inches and my last was 7'1 and 18 1/4 inches. My sisters was 20 inches and still wore preemie size for two weeks. Also don't forget the nipple cream if you're going to be nursing I'd get a cream called utter cream. It works wonders. Also if baby goes longer then two hours without eating and is sleeping then let her sleep. Trust me she will wake up when she's hungry. Also feed on demand. The first poops look like tar and are very hard to clean and makes a huge mess. Skip the wipes and just use a warm wash cloth because the wipes never work good enough. One last thing. With a girl is after she's born if she has spotting or goop coming out of her girl parts don't panic! It's just your hormones coming out of her little body. Congrats on having your daughter on the way. There's nothing in the world like being a mommy. Enjoy every moment, even the stressful ones because it goes by so fast. My oldest baby is almost 16 now and it seem like yesterday I was bringing her home. My youngest is now two. .

    Interesting to learn that about girls! I do agree with sizing. You just never know. My sister and I were full term (I was a week late) but both of us were 6 lbs and some oz. And many of my friends and family still mention their baby is estimated to be larger or smaller for weight and it's not always accurate. Seemed to be inaccurate most of the time but could just be coincidence with the people I know.
    Janie & Jack has the cutest stuff! Those gloves are to die for!! The wubbanub is a LIFESAVER!!!! =) I've been dying for those FP gold dot moccs forever!!! My daughter has a gold pair from another store and they're literally the BEST shoes!!! They do stay on really well. I definitely need to try that baby wash. My daughter has a history of eczema, food allergies and generally sensitive skin. It's definitely a bummer to not have that baby smell, but fragrance can be really awful for some baby skin.. Babe you should take the birthing class, look elsewhere, I'm a birthing nurse, if you don't you'll regret it . Clearly you have never had a baby or seen one born saying that statement ! Absolutely one can practice breathing and learning how to relax with the contractions of labor, you people are a complete joke . Or maybe you have had a baby but I bet you had your epidural just like all the rest, well in the area where I live real women give birth without drugs or epidurals for that matter, they like the experience and treasure the experience and yes go at least to a birthing class for their first baby to learn breathing techniques and relaxation techniques for a more positive experience .
    Honestly I think if you watch A Baby Story and some birthing videos on babycenter you will be fine without doing the birthing classes.

    all that's helpful to know from them is just the variations in which your baby could potentially be born because you should be prepared for it not necessarily going according to your birth plan and know potentially things the doctors would talk to you about. When in the pain of labor, you naturally find a breathing pattern that helps..
    I wish women knew more about this test. It just causes a lot of worry and the drink is way unhealthy. Just go out and buy a glucose monitor and check it once or twice a day. Write those numbers down and take to your dr. .
    Didn't mean to insult you, your profession or believes. Yes! My contractions started, waited until they were 5 minutes apart to go to hospital. Doctor waited until I was 4 centimeters dilated to give me the epidural. From then on it was great. I'm not against natural birth at all. If you want to experience pain, go for it! I am 100% in favor of enjoying the moment painless 👍.

    I am so happy for you Tiffany! I've have seen you grow (you were one of my first youtuber beauty gurus I saw) and I am so so happy really for both of you! The best of luck on everything! :) .
    Love this video! I live in New Zealand and the glucose drink we are offered is like a strong but flat lemonade but is very very sweet. My first pregnancy I gave up sugar for like a week to prepare for that test and wow that was a big mistake as I ended up throwing up after the drink haha. This time with my second pregnancy I just went in normal and it wasn't as bad. . I'd have to say though, as easy as the test is, I do dred doing it again if we have another child haha.. I have a 2 month year old baby girl and I went crazy shopping for her but didn't wear most of them...they grow so fast!!! But enjoy every moment of it!!. Leave the tags on everythingggg. My sister just had a baby, he outgrew his newborn / 0-1 month sizes before he was a month old. He's 2.5 months now, and is wearing 6 month clothing. My sister stupidly took the tags off stuff before he even got here and now can't return the stuff he never even wore. My friend also had a baby recently, she got a big Manila envelope and put her daughters name on it, and saved ALL the receipts from the baby stuff, and saved a lot of the tags with the scanner pieces on them do if the baby ever didn't wear anything, or there was a problem with the item she could return it. Saved her a bunch by keeping that stuff.
    Will they take stuff back if the clothes are washed but just not the right size and nothing is wrong with them.

    Target did. I had the receipt, the tags, and all the outfit pieces. They gave me it on a gift card, they wouldn't give me cash or put the $ back on my credit card, but it's not like I won't use a target card, so it worked out. Not sure about other stores. I know the children's place and kohls are good about returns.
    Some Dr's want their pregnant patients to fast for the 1 hour glucose test...since they want a fasting level along with a 1 hour draw after the glucose.. Glad you got to eat first... my son was 8#7oz when he was born and 21.5 inches long and the normal clothes fit him way too big. i bought him 3-4 premiee outfits and they fit him perfectly. plus he lost weight in the hopsital so the 0-3 were way too big. my suggestion is to get just a few small premiee outfits especially for pictures! :). really cute things, this will be one very loved-stylish baby! Girls things are always so cute-makes me want a baby too-congrats! btw did I miss it or have you announced the baby's name. why do they need to do this test so late in the pregnancy.. wouldnt it be important to know earlier rather than right before the baby is due.
    Usually your pancreas produces enough insulin for your body and the growing baby at the beginning. When the baby starts to gain weight quickly is when some woman can't keep up with the insulin demand. however, if you are overweight or have family history of diabetes, they usually do it before. i was tested at 17 weeks and have been taking insulin since 21 weeks. It's a pain in the butt. .

    We just had our first baby in July and didn't take a real birthing class. We actually did an online version through Baby Center, and felt plenty prepared! You're so right about whatever happens is gonna happen regardless. I had all these ideas about pushing out the baby but ended up with a c section and never needed to push! Best of luck and enjoy your last trimester :).

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  • December 28, 2015

    Comments about this video:
    Kudos for the Video clip! Sorry for chiming in, I would love your thoughts. Have you ever tried - Carpio Incredible Diabetes Bulldozer (Sure I saw it on Google) Ive heard some unbelievable things about it and my mate kissed good bye to the uncontrollable diabetes problem with it. . WHAT. I just got the standard USB and they already have a new one out Godammit. Just like apple products -.-.

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  • December 20, 2015

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  • December 19, 2015

    Comments about this video:
    Great meter, however he really should put the lid back onto the strip container immediately, shouldn't he.... I wish to purchase test strips of SD Code free blood glucose monitoring system.Pl inform me the mobile No of sale officer at Faridabad/ Delhi. The earlier sale officer probably left the services and I am not having phone no. of any other concerned person to whom I can put order of test strips required by me time to time.. Pl inform me immediately. Thanks. . PLEASE LET ME KNOW THE AUTHORIZED DISTRIBUTER IN NAIROBI, TEL. NO. &RECCOMEDED PRICE OF METER & ITS STRIPS. OR IF U HAVE DISTRIBUTOR IN NAKURU LET ME KNOW. THANKS.. Home Health UK Ltd is the manufacturers preferred supplier for the SD Codefree Meter and Testing Strips. Contact details: Tel 01923 711 511.. U have not provided phone No. of distributor of Sd code free strips at Delhi or faridabad. Mu Mobile no. is 9213134048.Pl reply on SOS basis. Naveen Saxena.

  • December 22, 2015
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  • January 24, 2016

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  • November 1, 2015

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    Oh islam u never seize to amaze, imagine americans treated muslims like that it would be all over al jazeerah. +Peter Tapia its interesting that people without knowledge can speak with things that they have no idea. Peter, America is the cause of the problems in those Arab countries. And whenever you follow the media and it's stereotypes then your not seeing the truth. The media is what America & the illuminati want you to see. In addition, talking about Islam, I wonder what is the top emerging religion in the world; google that, you'd be amazed it's Islam. So, why do people convert to Islam Isn't it a terrorist religion! I don't think so! Please throw your TV and start looking for the truth by yourself. Not what the illuminati devils are telling you. Go to any muslims mosque and ask what is Islam. Just please.. open your eyes.
    mind your fucking business. retard. she is frustatrated becoz she would like to wear the same dress but her husband prohibited it. who the fuck are u to tell ppl what they have to wear or not to wear are u serious get real, caveman.

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  • December 15, 2015
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  • December 12, 2015

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    That was nice to see. How cricket unites people from different backgrounds. Most of the guys in the video are Pakistanis I think. . He is a great guy! Funny, especially the part where he said "I don't need 15 slips" ahahaha. Glenn Maxwell be the next "RICKY PONTING" for Australian Cricket Team...Best wishes to him from India...Keep Rocksss...!!!!.
    we all are humans who love the game called cricket no matter whether local,Arab or whatever WE ALL ARE HUMANS,chill guys don't fight for that,great gesture from maxwell.

    First of all i would like to thanks Glen Maxwell and his team and i really appreciate to share some great moments with us day before yesterday, yup we are not Emaratis, but we are Emaratis by heart, we pattans loves UAE. I love you Maxwell, allthough we are pakistani but we always gives hearts to talents like Australia and Maxwell... LOVEU Man, so nice of you man. Regards.
    +Afghan Lion Dear, first of all thanks to give importance to my comments, am IT professional and doing respected job over here, just want to ask you, where are the afghani's if you dont know tell me... i will then explain to you. Please choose respected words, do respect and have respect, you representing afghan pashtuns community, so take care of it dont spoil it as you people are doing, Grow Now plzz.
    For information only> these people aren’t UAE locals and not Arab, They are from Pakistan..
    Should have been in the nets instead practicing his reverse sweeps, didn't see enough of that shot when we were only 500 runs behind. .
    +Aanshh Satiani maxwell might be one of the few exceptions otherwise Australians are racist and obnoxious people I have ever met..

    Apparently they didn't get everything Maxwell was saying but All of them were so happy for his time. Very nice gesture from him. .

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  • November 7, 2015
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  • January 4, 2016

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    It's Tubular Bells, by Mike Oldfield which was used as the theme for The Exorcist. It is kinda creepy when you're dealing with blood....

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  • October 31, 2015

    Comments about this video:
    Happy to hear things are working out for you! Interesting about it being hereditary, we are not aware of any of my dogs bloodline having diabetes (we had both her mom & dad). I would imagine it is similar to how that works with humans. It is also very encouraging to hear that your previous dog was able to do so well for so many years. Thank you for writing to us!. That was a very detailed thank dog was just diagnosed this monday having diabetes. My husband and I n bought this meter yesterday.we tried to do the test this morning without using the device that the lancet goes in.our dog squirms alot and seems like he wants to get ready to bite. We are so upset right now.we weren't able to get enough blood..
    This is a great video. I watched it because I'm going to test my dad's dogs. I have a diabetic cat so I'm pretty used to it. It was nice to see the dog being cooperative, my cat is like that, he just lays down and lets me do whatever I need to do. I just tell him that he's a dood boi about a 1,000 times lol. I test him on the ear and I use a sock filled with rice to warm the area and get a good blood flow before I prick the ear, it works really well..

    Thanks for this informative video. We are just starting this journey with our dog. You have made it look fairly easy. Hope my dog remains that calm. I will read up more on the caninediabetes site..
    this was fantastic. I was just reading about the hypoglycemic risks of xylitol on dogs and seeing as I'm a type 1 diabetic was wondering how I would test her to know. sounds like I'll need different coded strips. also, I'm curious if you've explored feeding her a higher protein lower starch diet That's the way that I manage to maintain normal blood sugar for my condition (although I eat a lot of natural fats - but have read that dogs are actually high protein on their natural diets. Thanks for the tips. Had I not seen this I would have been trying to test on her ears..
    Had a. Few successful tests on the ear one on the paw but many more failures than successes. My dog squirms a lot. Usually not enough blood is coming out or it does but she moves when we go to touch the strip to it. I'm not giving up but it is very upsetting when you poke 3 times and have no success. I've rubbed the spots to increase blood flow but still nothing. I've heard petroleum jelly helps it bead and stay in place but what can I do to keep the dog from moving Lol. Keeping at it but frustrated..
    Thank you for doing this video. My dog was just diagnosed two days ago & I had trouble getting blood because I was not using the lancet correctly and my dog is more squirmy than yours but the details that you included were a big help. You were more helpful than the video that came with the AlphaTrac kit..
    Wow this is awesome. I was wondering since my chihuahua just got diagnosed being diabetic if this has saved you money from taking your dog to the vet multiple times during the week Last week she had what looked like a manor seizure bc there was too much insulin. Soooooo i had to go to the vet almost everyday to have her blood tested. I would love to be able to do this blood suar test at home. The vet said it was difficult to do this at home but you just didnit with no issues. Way cool video that you.

    Thank you so much. Tuk was just diagnosed yesterday. I'm still a little numb. You explained it very well and now I know..

    Thank you for the video and the encouragement. It is wicked scary right now and it helps to hear it gets better..
    This was so helpful, thank you so much for sharing this video! I have not had much luck with checking my pup's glucose level. The vet did a really poor job of teaching us (they fumbled around with the glucose meter). I will definitely give this a try. Thanks so much!!. What a nice man...and what a SWEET dog~!...even though you posted this for someone else...It was very helpful for me...My dog was just diagnosed Friday and we are picking her up from the ER today~! Our AplhaTrak is coming today...and your video was great to see prior to opening the box!.
    IS IS BY FAR THE BEST VIDEO for this meter test. However, one more piece of confusion is "how do you remove the lancet without breaking the device".
    This video is great! Thank you thank you! What is a normal value for a dogs blood sugar I am a US citizen living in Mexico and I am a bit on my own here. I suspect my dog is diabetic and I want to check her sugar. Are you aware of any good websites where I can educate myself in diabetes in dogs Thanks!!!.
    Thank you so much. This helped me very much. I was getting an error, as I forgot to put in code number...
    This is a good video. My friend first sent the link to me and I've watched it a couple of times. Today I watched again to get hut to set up the meter. I bought a Accu Chek last week that a friend told me works just as good, but not trusting that so went a ahead and ordered the Alpha Trak! Thanks for the video, you make it look so easy!. Hi fellow, I recently received news my mini dover man was diabetic which was quite a shock. Shortly after getting mia's insulin she went into shock as my wife forgot she gave Her that shot. It was really hard to see her that way, but all is well now. I got her a alpha track with no knowledge of how it worked until I saw your video. Basically I just wanted to say thank you and I really appreciate the your insight, Hope all is well and take care..
    thank you for this very thorough video! I have ordered my AlphaTrak 2 from Amazon and am waiting for it to arrive, so it's nice to get a preview about what its all about. thanks so much, how generous of you to share this. .
    WOW! Thank you so much for posting this. We found out that our dog has diabetes about 2 years ago and have been taking her to the vet to get her blood sugar tested - and therefore haven't been checking it nearly as often as we should. This is not only going to save us a lot of money, I'm positive our dog will be more healthy going forward. I'm not sure why you decided to post this video but it's obvious to me that it's at least partly because you are just good people! Thanks again!.
    This is the best canine diabetes video I've watched. Practical, useful 7nfo is just what I needed. Thank you..

    Thank you this is a great video & helped me check my dogs blood glucose the first time. Thanks!!.

    Thank you so much for this. This was a lot more info than what the vet gave us. This gave us the knowledge and confidence we needed. .
    Hey fishhoundoutdoors...any more dog diabetes videos are to regulate, signs to look for, etc... just saying. You two did a great job with this one!.
    Thank you so much for sharing this. I am about to start home testing as I can't keep up with vet bills taking my babe in for glucose curves every few weeks to get this under control..
    This was so, so helpful. Thank you. I was apprehensive about using this but your video was perfect and showed me everything I needed to successfully test my dogs blood sugar for the first time by myself. We'll be able to keep her blood glucose under control so much better now. Thank you again.. Hey thanks for the overview. My cattle dog was just diagnosed with diabetes along with having cushings & autoimmune joint disease. So this wasn't welcomed. This dog loves to eat but I'm struggling to get her to eat in am/pm at all now. When diagnosed she was off the chart..they couldn't read it. Now they are trying to regulate it and all this week she had no interest in food, very lethargic, shake and disoriented, drunk like. They said that probably means she's low sugar but she had the same symptoms when it was high so what the heck. I know your not a vet but did you have these same issues I have to get her to eat so I'm at a loss as to what's going on. Vet won't let me test glucose yet...I have to do the urine/keytone/glucose strips. She doesn't want me freaking out if it's high (at one point 850) and says the sugar of a dog is always all over the place when diabetic so I would love any insight you and your wife have about your own personal experience. Did you have issues with not eating and extreme lethargy Any insight would be greatly appreciated. I think I'm going to try and get this meter from Amazon...hopefully I won't need a RX for it. Video was very helpful...thanks for sharing. . After my last post I figured out a way to distract my dog.I put some unrefined coconut oil inside my hand and let him lick it.So We've been able to check his blood everyday and we did his curve last week for 12hrs.I had a Diabetic Rottweiler a few years ago.She was diagnosed at age 5 lived til she was almost 12.We never did any of these tests.Somehow we manaaged. We got her regulated and saw our vet once in a while.Now my dog has it he is from same bloodline of my other dog.So it's hereditary.Thanks for the video.It helped.. Thank you Christine, you were very helpful with your information. My vet specialist was totally against me testing the blood for some reason, just wanted me to check the urine that's why I was freaking out...why wouldn't she want me to see the rest I ordered the unit but couldn't even get a good stick on here because of Anemia. Unfortunately my little girl has passed. The diabetes was just another condition to deal with. I don't think that was the end all... just everything else, Cushings, Autoimmune Disease and then she was loosing blood and becoming anemic and we didn't know from where it was coming. I felt so backed in a corner and couldn't bear to see her suffer which I believe had started. It's been very hard without her but I want you to know I as well as so many others truly appreciate you putting this information up and helping us through the process. Thank you again for taking the time to support the rest of us. Many blessings!. Awe so sorry kim. I know the feeling losing your baby.My 1st Rottweiler was diagnosed at age 5 with diabetes lived til almost 12 this 2nd rottie has it now from same blood line it's hereditary diagnosed age 3 he is not doing well.Lumps all over his body getting skinny.we think it's cancer.We as dog parents try our best.I hope you will be sorry.

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    Comments about this video:
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  • January 16, 2016

    Comments about this video:

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    Comments about this video:
  • December 22, 2015
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    Comments about this video:

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  • December 11, 2015

    Comments about this video:

    Thank you so much-this was a huge help to me-I am not good at reading directions so this helped to follow the steps. Be blessed :).
    Im 33yrs old having blood sugar issues. Undiagnosed but i believe I am insulin resistant. I will be getting tested this week. I purchased this today to monitor my blood, had no clue how to use it, I thought u jus prick and it reads. After this video i understand and i have it working. Just wanted to say good luck on ur career. Thank u for taking the time out or your life to help people like me who are in need. Thank u..

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  • November 11, 2015
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  • January 26, 2016

    Comments about this video:

    That's right,Dubai isn't a place for jerks,thugs,chavs, rednecks and slobs. And Dubai should keep it this way..

    +MrGtoriginal No they don't.There is no jerks,slobs ,yobs,thugs, chavs, rednecks in Dubai and that is what good about that city. It's very clean..
    +Diego V you are worthless man :) keep ejoying life like any other animal, eat, shit and reproduce. Gee, with customs and expectations like this how could one NOT want to visit Dubai Oh yeah, I forgot that I'm an adult and can make my own decisions on whom I wish to engage in sexual intercourse with, hold hands in public with, and NOT have to observe the religious customs of the country's majority with because they are forbidden to eat from sun up to sun down in the month of Ramadan. Silly me..
    hypocrites hypocrites all hypocrites. They perform debauchery and prostitution behind closed doors...

    +ASTON RAY if it is the reason u hate muslims then I wonder how much u hate america american government is hypocrite too they claim to do justice in the world but actually they are creating more terrorist in middle east they claim to give freedom of speech but if u say so u can face jail u killed saddam hussain in the name of weapons of mass destruction which u never faound there and bush just simply said in an interview its a mistake what a joke u bombed whole Afghanistan to kill terrorist osama bin laden and u found him in pakistan what a big joke america is the biggest hypocrites and the biggest terrorist AMERICA SUCKS U LOOSER..

    Did I hear correctly You can't fuck there if you're not married So, if I'm in love with a Saudi and we decide to meet in Dubai due the fact that's forbidden in Arabia we can't do it in Emirates cause it's forbidden there also. What a hell! Things get more complicated. I've heard it would be easier in Emirates..
    +Annais Maia If you are married only then you can fuck at hotels lol this is not like our las Vegas you know ;) They are worried of their traditions and they want to keep it clean as it is.. so if you and you husband have different last names how are you going to prove that you are married . Boycott Dubai and the UAR airlines. The better advice is; Don't go there at all, or any other Muslim country. They are all crap, with crap people.. +Michael James Well, now Mahadi's sons are opposition now, people dont like them that much anyway, however, the great Mahadi is not a warlord by any means, at least he united all these fighting tribes against one enemy, which is the british. although i am sure there are some voices in your country who always belittle the roles of religious leaders ,wether they were hindus or muslims, for the sake of the church i gues or the pride of your lost empire, i think you did the same political assasination of Ghandi. But let me give you an extra information. Mahadi has claimed he that he was the long awaited Imam Mahadi, as in the islamic prophecy of end of time ,where he will fight evil forces (known to muslims) and spread justice and peace all over the world.this was the main reason that mahadi had many followers and people were ready to dei for the sake of noble cause. this was the reason that people were throwing themselves on cannons and have broken the well reputed english army myth. you can always justify on the west interference, since colon ism to the war in Afghanistan or iraq, but now it has lead to catastrophic results and it went out of control and now taking a religious direction . its obvious now in the war against isis. thats why you see all these armies of on the west countries united all around the middle east, dont tell me they are spreading democracy or enhancing business . +RAMI khalid Anyone who kills is wrong whatever religion, or whoever he professes to be, even if he is under the illusion he's been sent by god. That includes everyone! I am being serious here and please don't let blind faith cloud your opinion - Did god send messengers down to earth to kill people, his creations Why would he do that If you think he would then you would believe him to be insane. Would you kill your children that you created Then again why would he not appear to more deserving specimens of the human race The Children that are dying, the poor the sick the disadvantaged Why would he only appear to powerful warlike people It doesn't make sense. If anyone believes this, then they must go along with the belief that god is some kind of fascist fool. So you think that it's OK for Muslims to commit crusades all over the world and to invade other peoples countries, but not the British or Christians The Muslims did it long before the British did..
    +Raj Dodiya I thought i replied to you ! why do you consider your religion so sacred more sacred than ours .
    So basically, judging by all the hateful comments about the Middle East, Islam and Muslims, white folks just want to drink and have sex all the time, everywhere, because they just can't imagine life otherwise, and that's why you're all so butt-hurt about the rules.... Lmfao what a stupid fucking troglodyte thing to say. Dumb shit, it's anyone with morals who are not interested in what the Middle East and Islam is selling. Anyone with even a small amount of intelligence knows how wrong this "religion" (cult) is. You are nothing more then a blip on the evolution scale..
    +sweetnawesome23 Its OUR FUCKING CHOICE. Your an idiot. If i want to drink, fuck, and party, its MY FUCKING CHOICE, not some morality police..

    This place is a joke, people can't be free. So you get arrested if you are having to much fun..

    There are Muslims drink alcohol in clubs & no one ask for License ! Also if you would like to have sex with strangers in your own apartment no one will take you to Prison! Anyway it's easy life for gays they can have sex with other males in their hotels & the hotel won't refuse your guests to go in ^_* lol.


    i would have to disagree with the last one. arabs ate the minority in dubai so resteraunts have to stay up for non muslims.
    +abdulla alsuwaidi Arabs are not the minority. There are many Iraqis, Lebanese, Egyptians and other Gulf nationals there. Dont like it, then complain to your leaders, he will disagree with you..
    A lot of this might be rules, but they are definitely not strictly followed. Dubai has many "working ladies". want respect but you dont give it to me in my country nor play by our laws.GIVE ME A BREAK.
    Good to hear that dubai is not soo bad at all. I thought all these things were allowed prior to watching this video. I have more respect for dubai now. Wish i could live there. But saudi has the best rules. Keep it up dubai.
    So if I go with my boyfriend we can't share a hotelroom I don't think many on the wests know this. If you kiss or hold hands with your boyfriend you can go to prison. If you get raped you will also get to prison just like the rapist! Well nice country,NOT!.
    +john sadanovic Would you respect the culture in AMERICA No you wont, you want your islamic bullshit here too.. After 9-11 World Bank gave more money to build more in Dubai. Today Muslim "refugees" invades Europe. Seems like Terrorists winning the war against so called "smart" Illuminati. What kind of "New World Order" are WE looking forward to. I just want to say on a serious note that everyone was in uproar when France banned the burka, but that's french rules! It's not racist it's the law of the land now what's the difference with what's happening in Dubai Except there rules are ridiculous. Dubai is a beautiful place and I'm an Islamic person here, you all have no respect for other people's cultures that just shows how your parents never brought you'll up in a good mannered way but in a way where you disrespected other people's cultures, religions and GOD, I don't wanna hear another word about ISLAM and DUBAI (UAE) from you'll I hope I made my self clear to you'll!!!.
    +rastarami exactly you should kill those infidels want weapons we'll give you at 29% discontinued rates..

    beautiful place too many rules i cant agree with but thats why your economy is so good you all follow your own rules unlike many other places.
    +Ahmad Fadil Islam is good for health and humanity Fucking idiot. Tell that to the victims of Al Qaeda, Al Sarom, Boko Haram and ISIS and all the citizens of Syria.. IN YOUR COUNTRY THE LAWS ARE WRITTEN FOR MEN BY MEN AGAINST WOMEN TO DEGRADE AND KILL WOMEN! THAT S THE HUCKING DIFFERENCE!.
    think of Dubai as a giant well-known club for its exclusivity & pure awesomeness inside, where all the people inside are happy, peaceful and somehow manage to get along (aka adults), and those stuck waiting outside are envious and hateful of those who are actually inside and talk down about the entire place trying to find any and every flaw (aka haters), yet at the same time, if someone finally invited you in, or you somehow became rich overnight & could buy your way in, you are suddenly full of excitement... and when you do make it inside, you have to follow the rules of that club and if you do break the rules or in one way or another manage to piss off the bouncers (Dubai Police), you will be kicked out without anyone batting an eye, and now 1 other person waiting outside can come replace you. hope this analogy is helpful to the internet's simpler minds :).

    If you get drunk. Get ready for: getting beaten by the security nearly to death and be in hospital and get amnesia....

    oh boy those places are really not for jerks or nuckle heads you gotta be straight or you could expect the worse that will come your way in other words don,t fuck around..

    Those white people complaining that we muslims have slaves then for your kind information slavery is forbidden in islam. Those who work in Dubai they have come there by their own will. And if some idiots mistreat thier worker that doesnt mean all muslims are like that. It was not the muslims who took the African as muslims and treated them worse then animals. It was not muslims who took Indian as slaves we live amongst them in peace. It wasnt the muslims who enslaved the African people based on their colour because in islam racism is forbidden. It was not the muslims who deny the romanians their rights it was not the muslims who boughetered the native people of America, Australia etc. So take your BS and put it in your mouth maybe then these islamofobic BS can be seisured..
    The UAE tries it's hardest to look on the west (after all..most of the architects were all on the west engineers), but if you look a little under the surface the backward desert rat culture is still there. Don't visit this miserable place. It doesn't matter how much money they have or how many on the west engineers they hire to make the place look beautiful. These are still muslims at the end of the day you're dealing with so don't expect anything remarkable. Don't visit any muslim country, regardless of how nice on the westers have made it look.. So if I go to Dubai with my girlfriend, and we stay in 1 hotel room, I am risking to be arrested for 1 year For who they build such tourist "international fun" heaven . +Rady Slovakia I guess it depends on the mood of the police on that day. They might put you in jail, but if you are lucky then not. so: there is a risk involved, I would guess..
    So basically be tolerant of intolerance... No wonder the Dubai natives have started traveling to London every summer to have fun..

    +pjdsa yup you seen a lot of arabs drive the super cars that simple bro you built we drive the live so hard.

    +meh art I've see lots of Iranians, Russians, Chinese drive big cars too haha!! .
    all things been mentioned in this video are just rules to complete the picture of law and regulations kaz u can do all this things without getting arrested trusted me =).
    Hello,, As an Emirati person (UAE), I'm not surprised by the stereotypical and abusive previous comments. I don't understand why the aggressive reaction towards our rules. I'm a person who frequently travels and taught my self to respect their rules regardless of how different they are from mine!! Unlike how many people think, we are an educated nation which believes in individual's rights. I don't blame some that they think that we are from the stone age based on how the movies portray our country! Come to the UAE and you will understand what does living in a modern society means. I know some are jealous but there is no need for such a childish comments!!!.
    +88HAILSTONE Get stuffed, moron. What are you doing on the internet It is a on the west invention! Get off the computer :D . +pjdsa Islam created everything all of science is in the Quran. You white pigs just stole it all. with your Jewish pig slaves..
    Don't go there. Don't let them earn your money. You will be attack after they get rich. They will change the world if they get rich. You are unable to control them if their population is getting higher & higher included religion.
    lmao at the " u must be married to have sex otherwise u will go to jail " hahhaa the most bullshit law i ever saw ! me and my friends and their gfs go all the time to dubai we even hook up with other girls and bring them to the hotel its normal they know.. this rule does not exist so dont worry !.
    And for those Indians who have some issues regarding islam and muslims. Then what about India where there is apartheird system for the lower cast people just liek the white had for the black people not so very long ago Am not saying we muslims are perfect but what some people muslims are doing dont blame it on all muslims..

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  • November 8, 2015
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  • December 4, 2015

    Comments about this video:
    i don't know why but this reminds me of Aladdin the animated series with the open street markets, i wonder what they would say about a cartoon like that, and i did notice the men dressing exactly like they did on Aladdin that's the way they dress in India anyway..
    Dubai looks like a beautiful place, where middle eastern culture and on the west culture meets and can share a cup of coffee :).
    +Carbon Based Life Form islam does discriminate anyone or religion. you are not true muslim. Christian and islam were living in peaceful harmony together back in the ad so ya. there is prostitution everywhere, even in the arab word as well. many on the west like arab the world.. Well They Advertise Dubai a lot to make it look like Paradise but the reality is different yeah it looks good from out side but to live in Dubai will question you a lot of things. Plus the cost of living is very high specially for the low income people.Unbelievably they have to share 1 room for many to survive.hmmmm. 2 muay thai fighter...maybe you have not seen the nasty side of them yet. Fyi...i am not a white ok.... This is for tourists. This is not the real Dubai. To 'Carbon Based Life Form'; Dubai is full with Whores, my friend. Too much, in fact..
    +erecod1 like new york, london, rio, tokio, sydney, hong kong, cairo, jerusalem, etc etc... the human is fucking racist.

    2 money millionaire that does not mean i hate dubai. As a country it is very beautiful but their own people tarnished the image of the country...sad. Good service all comes from their foreign workers...filipinos, indians, etc. but service from their OWN PEOPLE down the lowest drain!.
    evry body in this fucking earth want to hit this fucking obscen person solar energy and we fucking burn this rubbish. Actually that is not true. Yes, there are many Christians in the west I can tell you there are plenty who are not. The on the west government is not Christian as the government is the East is Islam..
    Fact about Dubai: There is no standard address system in Dubai, making delivery services a challenge. Instead of a line for address, there is a space to draw a map or leave instructions such as this: “I live on the street after the airport road, but before the roundabout, Go past the mosque and make a U-turn. It’s the second house on the left.”.
    They get anything they wish..that is not so cool anyway The history of the city is recent unlike London, New York,Tokyo, which have evolved to what they are now.. +lifeisfunVIDEOS Guess we differ in our perception, for me a city dwells in richness of its past and glory. Dubai is like mushroom no big deal, any country with such moolah of money can build a city overnight. you get what i mean .
    Iam from fujairah city from uae our city is very close from dubai city because we are all one like brazil,canada etc.

    +Chuck Moore Of course but this transformation takes shape after 1987..before 1987, Dubai was quite a small city with a small airport and certainly not neither a tourist nor a shopping destination..Dubai was dependent on Gulfair for most of its air connections..and suddenly Dubai starts an airline-Emirates that in 20years surpasses such giants as Lufthansa/Air France and builds an airport that today is the busiest international airport in the world together with premium hotels and shopping malls..not bad for the ideas of one man despite the tons of money he has.
    I graduated from college with a degree in economics and political science. It was many years ago but a few things haven't changed. People are greedy and wherever wealthy people there are poor people.. UAE has stunned the world with their amazing architecture. UAE is the architecture capital of the world, or a least a very worthy contender. They are trying to prepare themselves for when the oil runs out, and doing a very good job of it..
    I am from America and I want to visit Dubai within the next 3 years. Looks like more friendly and less strict than other Islamic countries..

    نعالي في صرم كل علج و خنيث يشتم الخليجيين و العرب...تعليقاتهم تدل على أنفس مريضة مليئة بالحسد والحقد.. حتى الهنود إلي نتعاطف معهم ويأأكلون من خيرات أرض العرب يشتمون العرب بالعنقليزي و ينشرون الإشاعات.. تخيلوا هندي خنيث يقول: ((ليش الهند ما تحتل دول العرب و تسرق نفطهم و تغتصب نسائهم)).

    +Ahmed JABER تحصلك الحين شغال عند الخليجيين تلحس نعالهم, أو عند الإمريكيين يركبون صرمك, و تجي أخر الليل تنبح خلف الشاشة علشان تطلع حرتك يالخنيث...

    +Ahmed JABER الواطي هو إلي يخلف خنيث مثلك و يرميه في الشارع.. أي تعليق ثاني تكتبه عندي راح أشيله و أخليك تنبح على الفاضي. ماعندي إستعداد أضيع المزيد من وقتي على زبالة مثلك..

    23,000 dollars a year per capita but look at the rich ones whom spend 23,000 dollars a second off the backs of these millions of workers. These workers are slaves to themselves while the rich laugh at them..
    looks like a lovely place, id love to visit :) does anyone know if british people accepted in this society i can imagine some countries dont like our presence much. British people are welcome but have to stay in the lower class areas since they are known not to like washing. Ever hear of the saying 'Drier than a pommies' towel' Australians on the other hand, live up market in grandstyle. I guess this is how it should be. Each to his place in life..
    the U.A.E...have a big step to overcome,,,they make people land in DUBAI..and if couples just make an tiny mistake,,,back home,,,,,you need to adjust in 21 century...people are free to live and have fun the way they want in all the just move on in freedom and respect....
    +ahmed aldhaheri i know that..but as u know when the arabic immigrant land in my country..many did not respect our culture..they stay with their(arabic clothing.attitude etc...)...that,s the thing i can.t stand..hypocrisy...when tourist goes to DUBAI OR ABU DHABI...they got to be extremely careful or otherwise..they,ll be send back home.. . +GERMANLOVER7000 Its not like that at all. I am living and currently working in Dubai. I have seen many europeans and on the westers roaming around freely wearing anything what they want. Its just that during holy month of Ramadan or Muharam people are advised to properly cover their body but even then in Marina, JLT and Tecom area you have on the westers not giving a damn about it and all goes well. The authorities of Dubai or Abu Dhabi avoid deporting on the westers or Europeans. Deportation is for us Pakistanis, Indians, Bangladeshis, afhgnas and filapinos..
    Smoking in a mall isnt allowed anymore these days in Dubai. If i remember correctly is was banned in 2008. .
    I just hate it when some people just insult my country. So STOP Continuing with the rude comments like seriously if you some of you have a problem then just keep it to yourself. Doesn't mean you have to blurt it out. . PLEASE NOTE: WE ONLY DEALS ON HIGH QUALITY S.S.D. CHEMICALS SOLUTION FOR CLEANING BLACK MONEY We are manufacturer and seller of all sort of chemicals like SUPER AUTOMATIC SSD SOLUTION Z.W.V.8 MODEL ACTIVATION POWDER AND REACTIVATION POWDER, ANTI AIR POWDER,MERCURY POWDER,AUTOMATED MONEY DEVELOPER MACHINES CONGEAL CHEMICAL MELTING EQUIPMENTS, TEMPERATURE CONTROLLERS AND AUTOMATIC CLEANING MACHINE. CONTACT LAB DIRECTOR: DR BAT PODOLSKI KLOSE CAL: 0091-8377919626 E-MAIL: batpodolski2
    (rainn.o r g/statistics) go read.. I already told you if your house is made of glass dont throw stones, but you never listen.. go read.. so you are from a country which is full of rapists.. it's your own data not mine.. take care.

    ~Thank you~ May the same happen to you. May you live in happiness, health and wealth, to you, your family, relatives, friends, and the people you love and care about..
    Looks like the residents of the United Arab Emirates do have nice hospitality. And it looks like I would really love to be over there socializing with the townsfolk. Live long and prosper, you kind people of the United Arab Emirates..
    Binary trading is not easy to use if you dont know how to read the trends or have a very good strategy,today i thank God that i have been able to get the best strategy and have taught so many individuals who have benefited from the trade.Teaching others to be successful is my joy.Still i thank you guys for the gifts of appreciation and interviews worldwide i really appreciate it,thanks to all of you who still need my help.Contact me on sharronbags2 and get the best strategy for free..

    I deleted my comment because a mistake in a sentence.. ok you just talked about rapist.. ok now you are messing with the wrong person.. here in the U.S.. Ok a quick quote (Nearly 90,000 people reported being raped in the United States in 2008. There is an arrest rate of 25%.The U.S. Bureau of Justice Statistics states that 91% of rape victims are female and 9% are male, and 99% of rapists are male)..ok a lot of men in your country are rapist too.. not to mention raping kids.. how ugly is that...
    You know what, i'll let that dumb Indian wash my car, but you can clean my toilet you stupid nazi, Lol.. What an joke! He is holding a bottle of water outside a gas station. Obviously bottled water is not cheap in any part of the world. In the US a pint of water purchased at a gas station runs at approximately a dollar.. Truth is tough sometime.. and we have to accept it.. like every other country, Arabs have good and bad people.. btw I am Arab and live in the U.S.. Ive seen sticky people and dirty as you are.. don't get me wrong I am not trying to be rude or something.. I am just saying facts.. You think their country is fucked up.. in fact your brain is.. If your house is made of glass then never throw stones.. Reading is the best treatment for ignorance.. /watchv=2frJ3e0hxPE . Dear Mr or Mrs,Hotels need Men and Women,who can work and live in Hotel Canadian.Hotel will pay for your ticket only,Hotel needs twenty more additional workers for immediate employment but you will take care of your Health/Life Insurance documents in your Continents. I shall furnish you with adequate information needed if you are interested contact us only via mail address below. canadahoteljobs2 hotelsupervisorcanada032 Please will dot need any body from west Africa THANKS,.
    1.1 billion population you fuk. if we want to stop workers in Dubai, we can do that and you can nothing about it, if we wanna attack you, even US would not like to clash with India..

    Not to be rude but you have to remember there are poor people in EVERY nation. It's like you're saying you're respect them when they were all lower class. You can't blame them for being rich just like the people in Beverly Hills. If you earn your money, you have the right to spend it as you please. Yes money should be spent to help the poor, but that's not how it always is. If you're going to criticize these people, then do it for all wealthy people..

    and everywhere else they've wrecked with their overpopulation, primitive sexist and violent beliefs..

    its not a theory its truth. in other countries they know more about america then america does because the USA government does all they can to brain wash their public. america has one of the top ten highest poverty and crime rates. its hell .

    amazing they keep old traditions are good..and keep their culture rights. i am glad they didnt lose their pride arab nation culture. also the spices and foods are interesting too..
    Anamarwa1... I agree. Why would someone bash another culture I don't see anything wrong with the clothes, in fact I wouldn't mind traveling to Dubai and wearing the clothing myself. .
    U are right, but without Indians, middle east will seriously suffer, not only even US will suffer, US major corporations are doing so much business by outsourcing, they need Indians even in top places in US, in research places like NASA, Silicon Valley, etc..
    1L water= 1.5 Dhs 1L patrol= 1.8 Dhs so what makes him say that patrol than water! Its DUBAI not Saudi Arabia!.
    ok criminals are everywhere, crimes are everywhere.. nobody accept abusing women or kids at all.. I see women and kids who got abused on the news here in the west all the time.. instead of accusing people you should help to correct mistakes in your country and I correct mistakes in my country.. you are basically don't nothing but accusing people.. and why you brought God to the subject.. ok go read I think you are messed up...
    WOW can I please have the translating rights , the Narrator is murdering the pronunciations.. And I have an American English accent. .
    I said I don't give a shit if you like what I say or not...and am watching this video to piss off morons like you...get it.

    1.1 billion population also represents economic power. Even if you have billion dollar oil exports every year, net government revenue of India is way bigger than even Saudi Arabia. Yes Saudis are currently leading in military imports, but India's robust economic growth, and India's ability to produce their own weapons rather than paying premium to buy American products mean, India is way ahead in military, politically it is not as powerful as China, but India is coming up faster. .

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  • January 9, 2016

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    S dubai 250 aed - Buy Products In Vito Mol - Jun 23, 2015
  • December 1, 2015

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    Pizza CANTADINA - Pizza Pronto
  • December 13, 2015

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    +Bill O'Brien that's ok no offense taken it's just that sometimes I get hit by these internet trolls that just don't have anything better to do. I've been diabetic for quite some time now I was diagnosed back in 2011 started off with just metformin twice a day now I'm up to insulin I was watching a documentary last night here on YouTube how about raw food diets where people eat nothing but raw vegetables and basically a vegan diet they say it works to lower diabetes but man takes a lot of dedication.. +bluetech7753 I was diagnosed about 3 months ago and my diabetes was brought on by the fact that I was a glutton and over ate my entire life. I simply love food and loved to wash it down with a fair mount of booze at times! I'm now 60 years old, approaching retirement, have a lovely wife, a beautiful yacht I plan to sail around the world, and a half million dollar life insurance policy and I'll be damned if I'm gonna die and have someone else sail away with my lovely wife and her substantial insurance settlement!!! Although I've always been physically active because of my work as a carpenter, in the last few years I've let myself go a bit partly because I've been spending more time in the office and not on the job site. I was overweight and feeling quite sluggish! However, since my diagnosis I've dropped over 20 lbs (slightly under 180 now), walk about 6 miles a day and work out with weights 3 times a week. I've changed my diet and now eat mostly salads, fish, 1 boiled egg a day and juice I make myself. I found it extremely difficult to change my lifestyle but am finding the longer I do this the easier it gets and the alternative wasn't an option! My blood sugar is now mostly under control without medication (Dr. wanted me on meds but I wanted to try this route first), except for the first thing in the morning where it's been pretty elevated. My high blood pressure medication has just been reduced and I'm hoping these lifestyle changes will enable me to go completely off meds down the road (I also take cholesterol meds). This disease has been a real wake up call for me and I'm thankful for all the advise and information that I've found on the internet, including yours! What really gave me the push to make these lifestyle changes was a video I watched on YouTube called "Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead!". Hi good video i just got my meter 4 days ago newly diagnosed type 2 i have been using it i am a bit confused because my reading starts off quite high in the morning say 11.3 and of course it gets higher as i eat through the day to about 28.8 i just thought that the Dr wanted to know my readings from the meter BUT AM I MEANT TO STARVE MY SELF UNTIL IT READS A LOWER READING BECAUSE I AM NOT DOING THAT ! I don't remember being told to do this i will see the Dr in 3 days time guess i will be told then but if i am meant to fast till it drops below 6. guess i should do that any one know .
    Hey, i'm supposed to be babysitting my Aunt who's disabled. Thank you, the video was very helpful and i plan on using the information given. I agree with some of the other comments also. Like not with chemical soap or alcohol wipes because it would mess up with the reading or something. Also, by the way, it is known that the reading will be more accurate if you wipe the first drop of blood and wait for the second. i don't know why, it just is. thank you again..
    Thanks for the video. I've just started testing (ketones rather than glucose) and had been using the side of my finger like the Accu-clix instructions show. But I rarely could get enough blood to come out to test...even at highest/deepest setting. Going top down like that worked like a charm and at a much lower setting. Thanks! .
    do not use the param of your finger because it damages the nerves use the side of the finger and also do not use hand wash because of the chemicals very the resulted also do not use alcohol wipes because alcohol sends the results down .

    Yes that is right however I did not mention this in the video that is correct but most of the time people will not wipe off the first drop of blood. My doctor did not even tell me nothing about using the second drop of blood neither did my diabetes educator. strange isn't it .
    HI there, I just filled out a diabetes risk questionaire and am at high risk for diabetes. I found you video very informative and well done. Only thing is that (Iknow I wasn't suppose to be tested with a friends meter) but was done all professionally and no needles shared. But I live in Canada and my reading came out at 6.8 Is this a different kind of reading She said I was normal.
    Yes. I have had it for 3 years which means i pricked my finger over 1000s of times. My fingers are fine and working!.

    I used your video as directions for my first time using my AutoCode and it went perfect. Thanks so much for your vedeo..

    Also do the sides of your fingers. The tips isnt good. It hurts a lot more on the pads of your finger.
    my grandama has diaetes and her doctor said to wipe the first drop of blood with alcohal strip and use the second drop of blood for a more acurate reading .
    it is recommended that you use the side of your fingertip cause there less discomfort later but it does not do anything to the nerves on the side you don't feel the poke as much. depending on your doctor's instructions you can also test on your arm. you will ned a special lancing device with the right tip for test on other parts of the body..

    What would be a good reading of blood glucose like I have looked it up but each site says something different. I'm not sure if I'm diabetic or hypoglycemic..

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  • November 5, 2015

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  • January 27, 2016

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    My machine was blinking blood drop sign and never showed any time meter at all! Do i have to hold the button Thanks. +Ur IndianConsumer yeah i did when drop sign was blinking! After i drop the blood, it was justing keep blinking and stopped!.

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  • January 23, 2016

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    Ashwagandha dubai - Buy Products In Vito Mol - Jun 22, 2015
  • December 18, 2015

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    I LOVE your pregnancy video!!! Pregnancy is a miracle and you can tell you are loving this phase of your life and that is FANTASTIC!!!! I love that you have included is in this beautiful moment of your life...Keep them coming :).

    Thanks so much!! I'm so happy to have y'all on this journey with me. It's been invaluable to have input and advice from so many awesome mamas!.
    I'm so glad I watched this video!! I am 23 weeks and 2 days, yesterday I had awful cramps in my abdomen and it was the same for me.. I could literally feel my abs stretching and I've been asking people if the same thing happened to them, but you described it exactly how it felt for me. Thanks for the awesome videos!!. You are so stunning my friend! I am SO glad you are documenting this for Grace and letting me live vicariously through you since we both know I need a prego break haha! Love you! . Aw thanks Steph!! I'm glad I'm documenting it for ME. The way my brain is these days, I don't trust myself to remember anything!! Love you friend! xo.
    When you go somewhere and baby is sleeping your going to want the infant car seat. Waking them up and transferring is more of a pain sometimes. I have 2 kids and there has been times that seat had saved my life. You can also look into walmarts version of the buggy. the urbini 3in1 .
    You were so funny about that Glucose test lol! Sounds like you are doing great and you look fabulous. ♥ Elle. My son moved ALL THE TIME. Morning, night just all the time LOL He came out moving just as much. Hahahaha. He just turned 5, and is constantly in motion. I loved being pregnant, it was awesome. I never had any bad symptoms either. Movements are just the best!. You look great! Love that you are doing these vlogs. I can't wait to eventually do videos like these when I get pregnant! You are really helping me prepare for when that time does come so thank you!.
    I'm not even close to marriage or pregnancy as I'm just going to start uni, but I love these vlogs! I'm really going to miss them when they finish! You look so beautiful xxx.

    The vista has the option of a car seat adapter. I would still make sure you get a compatible seat for that adapter. Sleepy babies in car seats are much easier to just move onto a car seat base on the stroller instead of waking them up and moving them into the bassinet. It's kind of a middle ground between the bassinet and the travel system. Just my two cents :-) .
    When picking a stroller just remember that it is extremely helpful when the carseat locks into the stroller bc no one wants to wake a sleeping baby and its not always ideal to wait in the car until they wake up. . Just stumbled across your channel. Absolutely love your energy and positivity. Sitting here feeling like I already know you. Super excited for Grace to arrive!.
    wow that is funny! i had meatloaf today and i got heartburn but guess what! I AM NOT PREGNANT! so there must be something about meatloaf! the ligament pain i got a lot with all 3 pregnancies and it was almost always when i tried to turn on my side! it will increase a little bit more during the last few weeks but it is tolerable! i understand what u mean about the glucose test which i didn't like either! i was not allowed to get it cold so i became very nauseous! that is what i did! i held my nose and drank it down! good luck with the rest of your pregnancy as u are looking so beautiful and and u r doing so well! can't wait!.

    How did you know what all you wanted to register for Me and my husband our about to start ours and I am truly at a loss..
    Everyone makes such a big deal out of the glucose test. Seriously it's not that bad. It's just like a flat can of sunkist. Sure it's sweet, but I'm pretty sure I would rather drink that and make sure my health is okay, than not. Just drink it and get it over with, no big deal. Definitely recommend to get a travel system. So convenient to just take the car seat out and lock it onto the stroller. Baby stays sleeping and you can shop!.
    Haha my daughter moved all the time. Every appointment the doctor would notice and have trouble getting the heartbeat because of it. I had major heartburn and my daughter came out with a full head of hair.

    I'm sure you are glad you got that Glucose test done with. I hated doing that too lol. you look great and the baby bump is really growing! glad you found another stroller that works best for you esp with you traveling a lot..
    It REALLY does make it so much easier to snap the carseat into the stroller, you don't have to take them out, then wake them up, and buckle them again in the stroller, then out and into the carseat again when you're going back in the car. It isn't really that much of an annoyance to hold the carseat with the baby and snap it into the stroller, as long as it keeps them sleeping! You still have time to think what will fit you personally but I recommend the travel system because I'm just lazy and I want them to stay asleep! :D Kudos for doing the glucose test so easily, I also found the drink to be tolerable even though I'm just like you and I never drink sugary drinks!. I didn't see what car seat u registered for but I highly recommend one that comes off the base... If baby is sleeping in the car and u want to run in somewhere store, friends, church etc... It's so much easier to just bring in car seat w/out waking baby or having to push stroller and cart.
    Sometimes your body is telling you to slow down, so be sure to listen to it when you're getting pains! Love to you & baby!.
    Glad your pregnancy is going well. My first one was rough but my second one was a little easier. I was 18 and then 27 when I had my boys. First pregnancy I couldn't eat at all and didn't gain weight til the end. Second son it was rough with eating but by fourth month I could eat. Preclampia haunted me with both. Second son is Autistic. Children are wonderful joys and learning experiences. :). It's good to hear that your pregnancy is going well! I hope I will be lucky enough to experience this in the future. :). get the bugaboo donkey! especially if you plan on having more children someday. it's the coolest stroller ever and i dont even have kids haha. it has one seat were you can put the bassinet and then a holder for your purse or whatever until you decide to have another child and then you can expand it. my friend has one and it's the coolest..
    When these videos are done, I'm seriously gonna miss them :-( Nonetheless I'm so glad that Rachel has made us a part of her exciting, blessing, and rewarding journey of pregnancy; can't wait to meet little Grace Marie :-).
    My glucose test is next week its my 3rd one in my lifetime I hate them you are not alone in upyour dread of this test ill I can taste it already. I choose the baby jogger city select because it grows withnyou like the vista with an additional seat I think that one had a bassinet too gl .
    That sounds like a great stroller option too! Definitely bring a straw! It helps SO much!.
    Awwww, baby kicks are so awesome! I am catching up on your pregnancy vlogs. Yay, you made it through the glucose test, and now labor should be a breeze! ;). You are absolutely glowing... Congrats on your little miracle :). I have 2 and they make everyday more beautiful..
    So glad you are doing really great!! So happy! You looked great and your necklace is gorgeous!! :) ❤.
    Glad you found a great stroller. I highly suggest you get a baby carrier such as the ergo or moby, or ring sling. It makes such a difference on the baby as they want to be close to mama's heartbeat and not strapped to a stroller not touched. Not saying you would do that, just a lot of people don't think about baby wearing and all the wonderful benefits. . Oh heck yes!! I'm registered for 2 different types of carriers. The Ergo and the KTan. Both come highly recommended and I intend to wear her a lot!.
    I just love your pregnancy updates! It gives me an idea of what to expect so thank you for doing this every couple of weeks! You're just amazing!.

    Thank you! I'm so happy that you're enjoying them!! I have found pregnancy vlogs SO helpful along the way. It just makes you feel less alone in all of these crazy changes, and it's much more personal than reading a book or an app..
    Glad your doing well. You should do a vid on old wives tales on pregnancy. I have a ton from my Nana. 😇. We had an English bulldog & she would tell me not to look at the dog it would scare the baby & start labor early. Don't eat strawberries or the baby will have a strawberry mark. If I was craving something to swallow so the baby would think I was eating it.... the only thing about not having the carseat lock into the stroller is that you will have to wake a sleeping baby every time you want to get out of the car... so maybe if there is an attachment for a carseat to lock onto the stroller you are getting would be a good choice just to be safe. sometimes things sound so wonderful until its real life and something you never thought would be convenient really is. talking from personal experience :) you are adorable btw. I completely agree! Not only that but infant seats are cramped and kind of a pain, so there is no gentle way to get them out without waking them! BUT if that's the route she's going, I would opt for a convert able seat from day one. Most go down to 5lbs so it eliminates the need for an infant seat. My son was 10lbs 4oz at birth and outgrew his infant seat so early! Next time around we'll start with a convertable. I guess its one of those "live and learn" situations. Everyone has to figure out what works best for them!.
    +bryden515 Thanks for all of the tips!! Yes we are registered for a convertable seat so that we don't have to worry about her growing out of it in a hurry. I registered for the same one that my Pastor has, and I watched her take her baby in and out a bunch with no issues or fuss! I know a lot of moms swear by hauling an infant car seat in and out, but I just think for us and our lifestyle, it will actually be easier just to take her in and out!.

    Some people say that the heartburn comes from the baby growing hair not sure how true it is though...and awwww you bump looks adorable !!!!.
    Maybe!!! Although I was bald until I was 3, so if she takes after me, probably not. They say it's from the baby pushing up on your digestive system, which is totally happening!. I have the Uppa baby stroller too and I love it! The bassinet is awesome, that's all I used for the first 3 months and my son loved it and looked so cozy :) He slept in it by the bedside next to me. We had no issues transitioning him into his crib at 3 months, he actually only woke up once at night since then up to a year. The Uppa baby also sells an attachment that clicks in, for the car seat, but we ended up only using it few times (wasn't necessary), you can put the car seat on the second attachment (not the bassinet) and it worked even better because you didn't have to go back and forth changing the attachments. Just an FYI, made my life a lot easier.. Aw yay! I'm so glad to know that your baby loved the Vista and the bassinet! And that's also great to know about the car seat in the second attachment. I don't think we will be doing an infant car seat, but if do, that's amazing to know!.

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  • December 6, 2015

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    Thanks girl!.. haha yah.. it definitely is. I take like 3 steps & forget where i'm going.. LOL. All of it will be sooo worth it. My next pregnancy I have to go get shots & ultrasounds done every week from 12 weeks until the end. And also possibly a cerclage because I have incompetent cervix. :/ .
    Gosh i'm so sorry. You've been through so much! But you are absolutely right in just a few weeks when she is here all of this will be so worth it!!.
    I'm going through that right now! My son was born at 26 weeks and they ruled it incompetent cervix. I'm currently 20 weeks and so far so good. For future info, the cerclage procedure really isn't that bad and the weekly shots are a breeze! Good luck with your future pregnancies.. I had sciatica with my second pregnancy. It used to cause my one lower half basically go I guess you could say "paralysed" I had my daughter almost 4 years ago now and I still have it. Hopefully it goes away for you cause it's definitely not fun having.. Oh man.. I'm so sorry it never went away! That's terrible. I know the exact feeling you're talking about though. There have been times my husband has literally carried me from one place to another because my legs just wouldn't work! It's crazy...
    I'm so happy things are going better for you :) and yes girl, pregnancy brain is super real lol. I wish you the best for your upcoming weeks. .
    I had Sciatica with my 1st child and every now and then it comes back, that was 7 yrs ago. Also the baby can turn at anytime, don't worry. It's all normal and very difficult as the baby gets bigger. .
    I'm so glad everything is going well!!! You just look so happy I'm so excited for you Kait!! 😘.
    :) Yay for growing little baby :) Will you be revealing her name before your give birth or after her birth> :) Glad you are finally starting to enjoy pregnancy a little more...I feel you on the breathing...Im only 23 weeks almost 24 this weekend and I just cannot eat too much or I literally will be sighing and sighing constantly without getting a full natural deep good breath... it's crazy :) . So glad you and your daughter are doing well! I'm glad she's developing well, hopefully she makes it full term! I think of you randomly throughout the day whenever I see or hear about pregnancy or even baby clothes as if I knew you lol. So happy for you love you and your baby girl .
    I am having a girl as well and she has also measured two weeks behind my last two OB visits. We have already had a growth ultrasound and the maternal fetal medicine doctor said she's fine. I'm thinking she's just going to be a small baby. .

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  • 04 April 2016. Dubai country code - Dubai world islands ( and Cities > United Arab Emirates > What is the postal code for the United Arab Emirates?... The per capita GNP for the united Arab emirates is 112 billion dollars.
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  • April 30, 2016. How to call the United Arab Emirates UAE: country code... ( The United Arab Emirates country code 971 will allow you to call United Arab Emirates from another country.