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December 22, 2015

Comments about this video:

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December 25, 2015
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Kunna kuthi - Buy Products In Vito Mol - Jun 23, 2015

December 20, 2015
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December 28, 2015
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December 29, 2015

Comments about this video:
Please little kids stay out of the comment section with your bias opinion of saying Islam is all evil your opinion is not based on facts only on Fox News.... +.l. Islam copied mainly from India and Iran and presented it in the west, Islam denies innovative thinking in human beings... when will you stupid americans learn that yall do more harm than good. are ya'll going to topple the saudi government for punishing one man then you'll have ISIS and al Qaeda running around, beheading people instead of imprisoning them. Just look at what america did to iraq. yea saddam was a peace of shit but he knew how to keep order, you mericans then played hero and toppled his government and look at the result. nothing but muslim radicals shooting children, women and elderly people for the fuck of it. GREAT JOB MERICUH, HOME OF THE STUPID, LAND OF THE SHEEP.
well if Europe and the west don´t help the muslims like this blogger then all muslims are doomed.

Bloody hell, Saudi Arabia is the scummiest country on Earth! Forget America, Forget North Korea, Forget Iran, Forget Israel. Saudi Arabia is full of such scum and liars and thugs. I hope the oil slowdown bankrupts that stupid good for nothing country. .

I just proved that your claims are biased and not supported by any sources. you're just saying bullshit without proof. Pipe down peasant..

Islam produces the most violence out of any religion in modern times. We all know Christianity has committed unspeakable atrocities in history, but TODAY, in MODERN times, no religion produces a mass number of extremists and and terror like Islam. That's not to say all Muslims are evil, but let's not pretend that the religion isn't creating radicals at unprecedented rates..
To be fair, Islam is 200 years younger. Subtract 200 years and move the medieval years 100 years in the future, and it's still kinda close. This shit will pass when Saudi Arabia is no longer a theocracy and isn't the measuring stick of the Muslim world. World history kinda shows that violence as society eventually goes elsewhere after a while..
Why do we keep asking the "why" question Us: Why are you torturing/enslaving/killing people Them: Because "Allah" told us to. Us: Yes, we know, buy why Them: Because Qu'ran 3:32, 4:24, 9:29, 9:111 Us: Yes, we know, but why Them: It is the will of "Allah". Us: OK, but WHY.

+Ritch Ritchloui sir you are an idiot. We don't call Bible as in Bible. We call it Injeel as per the Lord called it in the Quran. I used Bible as a generic term. And I used 'actual' before Bible by which I meant the original one. I don't care what you call it..
similar things happened in judeo-christian tradition, too; but that was a long time ago. the movements that began with the renaissance ended the dark age of europe. however, unfortunately for middle east, the dark age of islam is far form over. :(.
"...convicted of insulting Islam on his website." So basically the same reason anyone gets flogged in a theocratic shit hole then..

What !! Are you telling me that there is a country which has free speech Free speech isn't active in every country .
+LimitlessNexus back that up by official reports just as our donations to the UN are, until you do that you may suck my hairy dick. +AlMulazimChannel I'm not into camel porn like you nasty apes. " may suck my hairy dick" I thought being openly gay is illegal in Arabia. How would your regime react if they knew you were asking for gay sex online. Why Because we own the oil and the great defender of peace and freedom wouldn't do shit to us. That's why we do whatever the FFFUUUUCCCCKKKK we wanna do.. all muslims are the same, now they are blaming USA for islamist terrorist, brother they are all muslims, not a single man from other religion. The only reason why Saudi and Qatar get away with shit like this is because they sleep with the West...making deals etc.. Worldwide demonstrations against a Saudi citizen being cruelly punished in Saudi Arabia... and half the comments appear to be anti-American rants. Why Most of these protests will have been in the politically active, liberal European states. America needs leaving alone on this one.. So when is the next torture report coming out claiming that the US flogged people as well I wouldn't even be surprised if the US did that. .
i mean there is no proof of that, but the US does waterboard people, and than criticizes ISIS for doing the same thing... honestly torture is not a good way to get info out of people. it does work to scare people though. .
comments on this video and on my country are so hilarious and untrue that i'm enjoying reading them and observing how much ignorance, naivety and stupidity in your heads.
because of Saudi Arabia, and it's Ideological heritage in the Ideas of Al Qaeda and ISIS, Muslims are now almost as bad as Jews... few more years and they might even steal some country's land because their holy book told them so... Call it Islamail... that would make the two evil religions equal..

I can't wait to tell my grand children "once upon a time, people actually believed in god, and would murder each other over that stupid shit".
The chances of the Saudi king pardoning him is not likely. If he gives into the demands of on the west and European ideals he'll be seen as weak by Muslims and then America and the rest of the international community would just do it every time they wanted. He's Islamic he believes he who speaks out against Islam deserves to be punished.. I am sorry but the west is dumb as fuck, try to read about islam instead of watching fox news, have a lovely evening fat on the westers and pedophiles. No offense TT, or to the people that like these kinds of videos, but I really hate vids where I have to keep my eyes on the screen for them to have any content whatsoever. I really do like to just listen to things being explained. I learn better that way (excluding math). When I watch videos like this one the only thing I feel like I learned was the headline, which is a very shallow understanding of a heavy subject, and that's after watching it twice..
It is a tragedy that King Abdullah died. I am not a Muslim, but I think he was a good monarch - while his country does have very strict sharia law due to his wahhabi religion, he succeeded in protecting stabilityin Saudi Arabia. I have no idea how his successor will turn out, but with unrest in the region, it could end badly....
I don't get why people punish others for insulting their religion or criticizing it. It's just a matter of opinion, and it wouldn't do any harm anyways.. Well, since I'm not a islamophobe, I think this guy will be fine. After all, Islam is a religion of peace and just a tiny, tiny minority of muslims believe it is okay to kill, torture and hurt people for insulting Islam. Folks, don't worry..
+Klaus Funkwagen if someone is poor in his brains it will be the one who says it's ok that a man fuck another man..

why Yemen is so poor ! with a very rich neighbor like saudi arabia in next door! where is that muslim brotherhood!.
For all insulting Muslims who are living under oppression >> Fuck American Christians who are supporting Saudi government..
Maybe we should place sanctions against Saudi Arabia for all the human rights abuses they have committed just like North Korea. Oh wait, Silly me. They are a U.S. ally and trade partner, I guess sanctions are not necessary for them after all..

i wish we would place sanctions on them cuz theyre trying to knock out our fracking business. theyre the ones causing oil to cost so little..
Silly, those sanctions are for Russians and Syrians. Not for human rights abusers like the Peoples Republic of China, Saudi Arabia or even Mexico..
Flogging is part of Islamic law it's called the shariah which comes from the Quran that dumb Muslims follow. .

I hate how Islamophobes keep insulting Islam and Muslims because we don't support free speech and equal rights, I mean, not everyone has to abide by your on the west values and think that equality and freedom are important, the law of God is much more important than man-made laws..

I don't think that the king will do any pardoning now since he is dead. For those who don't know he passed away yesterday at 90.
With Islam in the mix I feel it lucky no one got their head chopped off. I know it ain't right, but at this point in time Islam scares the living shit out of me..
+TheEternalHater I believe in revenge, sadly, ofc i would kills those muslims if I could, but I would try my bes to Escape, Death is no Choice for People like me, there is no 2nd chance. .

I like these Uncovered videos, but I tend to enjoy them even more when you have a "host", someone who explains rather than a text to read. Thank you for all of your content, keep going..

This is what European countries and America are going to be like in 50 years if the immigration trends continue. Has there been any protest for Raif in Saudi Arabia or other Middle Eastern countries.
This guy disrespected all Saudis and we back our government for this decision. If we Saudis agree with it, why the Americans are getting involved in our life. Stay out of it, you have enough BS to worry about. Saudia Arabia there country there rules they can do what ever the fuck they want maybe this guy is a terriorsts aswell Yhh he is now everyone shhh . Freedom of speech is not fully right, it's wrong to insult people especially if it's a controversial subject, I personally think the crime is a bit too heavy but I still think he did wrong... we have rules and regulations, please follow them.. if we don't, well... this is what's happening... Please don't blame on religion.
Religion is about interpretation. The Bible, if followed word for word, can be interpreted to justify barbaric and cruel things. The same applies to the Koran. We need a Muslim leader to promotes a more peaceful and tolerant interpretation of the Koran. Although the words in both the Bible and the Koran can be interpreted as evil, there are words that can also be interpreted as good..
Lol, at first I thought he was going to get skinned alive. Then I realized 'flogging' meant just whipping xD.
+Genghis Khan You don't have the right to moan about the 1000 lashes you hypocrite. You are a fan of Genghis Khan who killed 40 million people in his wars. I hope your ass gets whipped some day by a Mongolian..

Because Saudi Arabia is a Muslim country. Here's a fact, all Muslim countries in the world, if you say anything the Muslims don't like, you are fucked. Let me straighten your logic, yes there are bad Christians, bad Jews and Bad Hindus. Communist countries also forbid free speech BUT that doesn't justify Muslim countries being right. That's like saying, There's nothing wrong with us smoking cocaine ! Because our neighbour is smoking weed too, why don't you go catch them Other's action does not justify that you guys are right, stop playing the victim, change your system ! .
+DeathdwarfRising You can actually eat, smoke, and inject cocaine. They are not popular methods, but many people do it for various reasons..

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December 18, 2015
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Kunna kuthi - Buy Products In Vito Mol - Jun 23, 2015

December 17, 2015
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December 19, 2015
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GlucoLo - Anti-diabetes Pills - Natural Diabetes Type 2...

December 31, 2015

Comments about this video:

Kunna kuthi - Buy Products In Vito Mol - Jun 23, 2015

December 24, 2015
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Homemade rohypnol recipe - Best Vito

December 30, 2015
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December 26, 2015
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December 21, 2015

Comments about this video:
I've done thus succesfully before due to some advice in the comments section and I don't see it anymore so I'll just repeat what it said. With one cup of sugar add one tablespoon of lemon juice and one tablespoon of water. Next boil it on low to medium heat until the colour that she show happens. You can then take a large plate instead if a marble counter and wet the plate and pour the hot wax onto there and play with it with your spoon until it is cool enough to touch (it should still be relatively hot) And then play around with the wax in your hands until the colour she shoes comes up. If i had to put boiling hot wax on my parent's granite marble they would probably murder me lol. With my imitation marble counter, I was concerned. Solution: glass cutting board with foil paper on top. Sure I lost a lot of the wax, but I was just doing my face hair and nothing was damaged:). ATTENTION: To all those who failed doing this. Did it 4x, the first 3 tries I did it the way the vid. told me to, then the 4th try I did it my way. I waited until it turned red on the pan, coz if I took it out right after it turns golden yellow I noticed the sugar doesn't melt well, then I took it out. Don't wet it afterwards or rather wet your hands while touching it, I didn't even touch it, I just poured it down on a bowl and then played with it using my spoon until I know it wasn't that sticky/runny. Then I took a small piece of it to check if it's ok, then rolled it in my hands until it's the same texture as the vid. Now I was able to use it on my auntie.. XD. I'm Armenian and this is the precise way I wax!! My Armenian mother was born in Israel so she learned a lot from you Arabians.
+Hmirungu no, unless you have a very short, skin-close beard. Halawa is not effective on hair that gets much above 1/8 of an inch..
I made this wax today. after doing three or four patches its consistency became too runny. how to avoid it. What a mess! I tried this and the wax was wayyyyyy too mushy and sticky. I could not get it to thicken and be pliable at all. Just left with a mess and ruined one of my plates and spoons. Very disappointed. I even found an article online that pointed me to the video and gave me instructions.. same here. although if you pour its into a disposable container and use it as regular wax and have cloth or waxing paper, u just apply of skin and use it like a regular wax instead of the taffy consistency.
Hello Maha, love your video but I must be missing something. I tried 4 times in a row now, used almost a whole package of sugar haha the problem is that when I take the caramel in my hands to work it, instead of tightening up, it melts! any idea what that is thanks in advance :) x.
how long did you play with it for it seems like everytime i make it when im playing with it at the end it turns into the sticky liquid again. My body heat must be too high I can't play with it for 30 seconds before it becomes goop in my hand. It wont "harden" as shown in the video. Anyone have any suggestions.
+GirlWitWings​ well, I did it a second time, and it worked. But not the way it did in this video. I did everything up until you're supposed to play with it in your hands. I stopped there. I did NOT try to pick it up at all. I used the spatula I was stirring it with to spread it AGAINST the hair, applied a strip of cloth (I cut up an old t-shirt), AGAINST the hair and then when I pulled the hair I pulled it in the direction of the hair. It worked really well! I used each cloth with the used wax maybe 3 or 4 times before it started to leave hairs, then I spread some more wax on my skin and repeated. Plus I used a slightly different recipe. I used 1 cup sugar 1 tsp salt 1 tbsp (or 6 tsp) lemon juice 1 tbsp (or 6 tsp) water I found this on another site that people said worked better. So again, after you cool it on the table by pushing the outsides to the center, let it harden just slightly. I stirred and pushed in the middles for probably 10 to 15 minutes before it hardened enough. Then I just started putting it on my skin and ripping it off. It worked really well! I did both arms with very little of the mixture. I put it in the fridge. I haven't used it again yet, but I will let you know what happens if I remember..
I made a sugar wax but the instructions I found said 1c sugar 1/4c water 1/4c Lemon juice. The consistency is like honey and I think it is for the sugar wax with strip can I add another cup of sugar and reheat this mixture to try to fix it or start from scratch.
OMG! Thanks. Worked like a charm! I couldn't use my usual chemical hair remover because I decided to try threading for the first time tonight EPIC FAIL. The gal made it look so easy, but it wasn't working. Then, I did the sugar wax video that just happened to be a paid listing. My wax turned out as hard candy. Reheated it and watched your video. I'm finally ready for the weekend:).

ok i just tried it and made a sugar block what a fail and waste of my nanas sugar lol i had to keep reheating it and adding water to be able to use it bc it solidified so damn fast. i used a clean pillow case and cut it into strips & they kept getting way too waxy and pretty useless so i had to throw them out as i used them. i applied the wax in the direction of the hair and pulled it off in the opposite which i now realize i wasn't supposed to do. now I'm here with patchy, painful and sensitive as heck legs with red dots all over I'm never waxing my legs at home ever again lmao this recipe does work so thank u again but i suck, I'm gonna try my facial hair in a couple days.

heyy somewhere I'd read you apply this wax the opposite direction of hair growth and pull it in the direction of hair growth. can anyone tell me how true this is like really really.
+Ayesha Siddiqi That is correct! With traditional waxes you generally apply with the hair and remove in the opposite direction, but for sugaring it is reversed. Like you said, apply in the opposite direction and pull with the hair.. 😢 i try this 2 times right now, the first looked like melted peanut butter i couldn't control nothing all my kittchen and my hands were full of sugar. Ten i thought i will do it again... a little bit more in the pan... and was too much turned chocolat collor in a second 😠 eventhough i tryed it to work that and after a while i tryed it in my arm i thought was ok, until i put it in a plastic and was so sticked i couldn't not more use it 😕 i will try again another day when i don't get it i give up ruin sugar!!.
Hi! I'm really interested in doing this, but have had several failed attempts and can't pinpoint what I'm doing wrong. I've followed the steps. Cooked the mixture till it was caramel colored. Poured it onto wet marble. Scooped it into my hands. When I begin molding it, I add small amounts of water to my hands, like shown, to keep the wax from sticking. But after a few minutes, the wax turns to goo. If I mold the wax for a lesser amount of time, it is too tough and sticky. Regardless of what I do it is unusable. Any ideas.
Can you use lime instead of lemon, if you can't what else can you use to replace the lemon, ples answer :'(:'(:'(:'(. Every time I make it I fail I melt the sugar and all but when I start kneading it turns hard and it just won't work.. What in the world am I doing wrong.
Hands down the best tutorial. I got a great consistency on the first try. Thank you so much! I was able to do a Brazilian wax myself and it got all the coarse hair off. I tried using nair before and that wasn't getting the coarse hair out in first try. I was doubting whether this would be strong enough to remove my very very coarse hair and it did. It was painful, but that is expected and it did the job. Used very little wax and it was mess free. I am so so happy. It is going to save me a lot of money. I had to say something..

I like this homemade one but if you live near an Arabic or middle eastern store you can buy already made sugar wax and it's so easy! You can keep it for as long as you want wherever you want and whenever you want to use it all you need to do is microwave it, it usually says how long you need need to microwave it for on the back, I'm pretty sure it also gives you instructions. My grandma always uses it! Hope this helped!.
i have tried this FOUR times in a row im just angery at this point idk what im doing wrong. i went by the video then i went by the suggestions in the comments. it gets dark in the pan i put it on a plate with a pan of cold water under it. i stir it in the plate til its warm enough to touch which is still pretty hot then i work with it in my hands and its going fine then all of a sudden it turns into mush. WHAT AM I DOING WRONG!!!!.
I tried this and when it was time to play with it in my hands it was all gooey and sticking to my hands and I ended up tossing it. What did I do wrong.
I finally made it work it took me about a dozen tries but I got it! LOL. What I did was use a frying pan or just a wide pan in general, used natural lemon or lime and cooked it for under 10 minutes medium heat, stirring it the whole time, and I used a cold ceramic plate I put in the freezer since I don't have a marble counter. My other tip, do not knead it with your hands! I mixed it with a spoon and when it got to hard I added bits of water in the wax an microwaved it again for like 10seconds. Then when it cools down a bit mixed it again with the spoon, wet my hands and made a small ball, squished it and stretched it a little to see if it would lay flat and wahla! Don't wait for the product to become white, when it does that means the product is of no use! Waxed myself when it was nice and golden and warm not hot and when I was done the ball changed into a greyish white. Always keep your hands moist not super wet and I be patient I swear. Or go on eBay and order a can of sugarpaste.
+elfi ylmz yes, a metal surface will do the work, another thing, dont use a porcelain plate, and preserve it in plastic.
+LearnArabicwithMaha NAMASTE I have followed your video and still I mess this up. I wish I could video chat to see where I go wrong lol. It keeps coming out loose and by the time it hardens its cold. Still won't get stiff. What are the time limit for working it stiff/supple . my wax hardened waaaaay too fast. I couldn't use it because it was no longer malleable, and after adding a little bit of water it was like putting water on a jolly rancher; it did nothing.. omg HELP please you nake it look so easy but i tried 3 times. forst time it was too brown not golden so i cooked it too long. second time too sticky to make it a ball. 3rd time i had hope but then ad i was playing with it, it became rock hard. what am i doing wrong.
Girls! and Boys :) the only 2 things you HAVE TO stick to are: good proportions and... marble surface; trust me, the recipe works !!! Thnak you, Maha!.

how do you get this to remove all the hairs for males with thicker hairs and roots than females I tried this multiple times hard and soft with strips and it only removes about 20% of the hair in the area.

+Katharina Müller I saw other people using a metal baking pan or a similar container, that way there is no danger of shattering the surface in which you're working on ;).
This is such a wrong video I tried it and it all Ruined... Anyone if knows the correct receive plz share. Hi I followed the same procedure but at the end it's running once it seems that colour is changing and getting hard but in next moment it's thickness disappear and it's like sticky solution. Is there any indication when we should remove it from stove or what's the magic to make it elastic and like a ball. I dnt hav marble platform in my wat can I use to pour the sugar liquidcan I use the plastic traypls reply.
the only thing i learnt from this ostentaciously useful video is not to bring kids to this dam sick world.
Sort of but maybe it's only cause the skin colour and eyebrows other than that I don't see much of a similarity.
Could you tell us how much is 'a little water' that you add to the sugar, and also how much salt Also, when you use it, are you putting it on in the direction of hair growth or against it Finally, are you ripping it off in direction of hair growth or against it Can you reuse one 'glob' over and over if there is hair in it or one time and throw out Thanks.
1st time i burded it and turned it to caramel. 2 time I burned myself, didnt work. Wax wasnt sticky. And i had to clean pan and kitchen for 1 hour. I tried this several times. All I got was a huge mess and wasted ingredients. It never came out like yours. One batch never firmed up it was just slippery even after it cooled. The others were way too hard and wouldn't stick to my skin. What am I doing wrong.
+Jenifer McQueen You cooked the first batch too little and the second too long. Try having a bowl of cold water beside you and testing a drop every few seconds while cooking. When the sugar has a solid but not hard consistency then its time to remove it from the stove..
It says two minutes in the title yet the video itself is 9 minute + and with adding all the edited out parts the making part should take more than two. Just saying. Thanks for the great video! I've stopped using all commercial body and household products due to all the chemicals (thanks to thehippyhomemaker), and I'm delighted to have found your post to include all natural sugar wax! :-) Just a question - to anybody reading this please - about direction, you say pull off the wax in the opposite direction of hair growth, but other hair waxing sites say pull 'in' the direction of hair growth. Anybody know which way is right, which way doesn't damage the hair follicles and doesn't cause ingrown hairs. Thanks in advance. :-D.
+Before the 'I Am' sugaring and alike methods are different, so you should do it in the opposite direction..
+Sam Samson Hi Sam, thanks for your reply. Hello from Ireland. I've just watched 7 more sugar waxing videos by now and every one of them say apply the sugar wax in the opposite direction of hair growth but pull the sugar wax off in the direction of hair growth! A few of them mentioned 'wax' needs to be pulled of in the opposite direction of hair growth, but sugar wax is to be pulled off in the direction of hair growth. So! .lol. Maybe I'll do some more research. The thing is - if pulling the hair off in the opposite direction damages the follicles and they can't grow back, then super!...that's what I want, but if it damages them to grow inward...well, no I don't want that. I'll plod on! Cheers!. Thank you very much! Its a nice Video 😊 I liked it that you explaned how to use the Rest of the cold sugar again! But how can i make it if i got no microwave Thank you . Maybe you could let it sit while its in a ziplock bag in a bowl of warm or hot water from the tap and then it will rise in temperature and it will become the consistency needed😃😃.
thank you so much :) I tried it in warm water like chocolate today and this works pretty good :) :).

I thumbs-downed this! I love seeing beautiful women, but I don't like knowing all the gory details about how they got beautiful. I prefer to think that women have two eyebrows and no other facial or body hair..

Kunna kuthi - Buy Products In Vito Mol - Jun 23, 2015

December 23, 2015
Kunna kuthi - Koothi Images Kundi and Kunna - Free people check - Vito Mol is online store of herbal medicine. Order the best herbal supplements and other... i13
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January 25, 2016

Comments about this video:

Fucking liar piece of shit. He didn't get arrested, and the people you call "motawaeen" which is the religious police, they themselves give hugs to other people when they give public speeches. Fuck the American media and fuck that betrayer reporter. .

maybe he needs to stop copy other people videos in YouTube and be creative with his own idea and not anything happen in U.S means you can do it in Saudi Arabia. its two different culture ,religion ,people and every individual needs to comply and obey the law. no one above the law weather shriaa law or U.S law. Adios.

+Frank Underwood Alright my friend Im fully aware of what your trying to reach. First of all i gotta ask you. Have you ever read َQuran answer me please. Thank you .
+Tariq Almutairi I have not read the Quran. I am not trying to reach anything, I am honestly just asking out of curiosity.. او ماي قاد وصل هنيا الخبر =(! مسكين ماسوى شي !! بسس ضم ولا بعد ضمهم طواعية منهم موب غصب ولا ناقز عليهم =(! سجن مرررة وحدة وققسسسم ضلم ترى =× اصلا تفشلنا قدام الامريكان عشان ضمة دخلوة السجن =(! .
the guy was not arrested people!!!!!!! the fucking media is just lying! the just lie to show bad picture about our peaceful country..!.

+Bruhitsabraham 98 People can get killed for talking about atheism, I would hardly call that peaceful..

اقول لا يكثر الحضن مب ب الشوارع تبي تحاضن احضن اخك عمتك امك اقاربك في بيتكم و المطاوعه هم الهيئه بفضل الله و فضلهم كان الفساد اكبر من كذا.
+jill Revil fuck you bitch you christian catholic jewish son of a bitch fuck you we arent disgusting you dick suckers are fucking our works you dick heads. No need for this " free hug " because just a " smile" will do the job. Also we all feel sorry for that guy..
guys, knock it off. Saudi Arabia isn't a fuckin desert where people ride camels, and the guy isn't even arrested, that's bullshit. living in Saudi Arabia isn't as most of saudies and others think, it's just another country and they should be gratefull that they're not fighting for their safety or freedom or even paying to study, it's a modern world that has it's advantages and disadvantages, just like any other country. so stop fuckin complaining, brats, your life may not be perfect but guess what it's not just you, so does others who live in other countries, stop fuckin embarrassing yourselves, idiots. .

you showed how he hug people but still didn't show/prove that the religious police arrested him for doing that!.
السلام عليكم بقول لكم الحقيقه الاسلام هو الدين الصحيح ولانه الدين الصحيح له اعداء يريدون تشويه سمعته عندك مثل هدا المديع في الفديو طريقه كلامه ونطقه للحروف باين انه عربي حيث انه نطق عده حروف بشكل جيد مثل حرف ع و غيره من الحروف على اساس انها فضيحه لو اجي عند علوم الغرب حياتهم كلها ي رقص ي زنا ي لعب يعني من النهايه ناس متربين على ممارسه الجنس لاحول ولا قوه الا ب الله اخر زمن .
المذيع عربي! حاس ان القصة فيها اكثر من مجرد اخبار على العموم حقين البي بي والواتس آب رجاء لا تنشرون المقطع وتهدوهم واحد من اهداف صنع المقطع.

when you do something like that in saudi arabia for sure you will get arrested because only the guys will give u hug not the girls so what he did was really stupid .
هذا الفكرة خرجوها واحد مختل عقليا وجسديا تحبو تقلدو المختلين هم كفار انتم ليه تسوين كذا بصراحة من بعد ما شوفت ذا الكلام استحقر اللي يسويه >< للاسف من غير ماتعرف حقيقتها تسوي كبر عقلك . This video is absolutely ridiculious!!! This exactly what on the wests need to domage and mock of Muslims and Arabs!!! Please STOP providing the necessary tools to let the on the wests mock if us. .
Lol so you just judge a whole country for a couple people You forget who huged him Lol btw he is not arrested he saud that on his twitter :).

since I am a linguistic student I'm able to a sure you that you're Saudi.. you're accent can't be mistaken you're able to pronounce the Arabic alphabet just right.. which only Saudis can and your tan skin on the other hand make better argument.. however Bandr Al-swed got arrested last night.. :)..
كل اللي بالكومنت يقولون فشلونا وفشلونا خلونا من الفري هق وكلش طيب ليش احنا الدوله العربيه الوحيده اللي كل العيون علينا بس يتكلمون عنا وعن قضايانا لهدرجه نهمهم !!!!!!!.
so gorgeous giving a hugs, he shouldnt do that in the street i think so. maybe he just should post it with some pictures with his own friends to send a massage how so restful giving hugs or sharing a hugs. not in the wrong way .
اولا الموضوع كله فبركة وكذب لا انسجن ولا شي كتبوه تعهد وطلع وهو كاتبها بالتويتر ثانيا وش وضع المتعاطفين السامجين باين من جيل سبونج بوب إمعة الغرب ياللي ماعندكم شخصية وظيفتكم تقلدونهم بس بالاشياء التافهة ثالثا هو تافه وفكرته اتفه منه والبنات اللي يقولون كيوت اشفق عليكم والله كل ماسويتوا فيها اجنبيات كتبتوا كيوت حتى لو ان الخبر انفجار بمصنع كتبتم كيوت الله ياخذكم ياهمج .
I believe he didnt do anything wrong and I suggest to redefine the religious police because they are out of the Islamic rules .

هههههههههه اول شي اهنيكم يالعرب يفهمو عربي n2: in our streets, no women °_° 3 the saudus crawling fun lol .
Seriously! My god it got on international news too! I don't hate the country but i sure do hate the ones who think they have the right to arrest or rotten someones name on whats going in their ugly little minds! Damn i can't wait to get outta here! To hell with all those people who think they have the power on everyone and who think that they're always right and im referring to الهيئة :) حسبي الله عليهم واحد واحد :) .
Whatever you say just to discredit Islam.. Why do not you say these words to other religions. stupid :- .
هو باخر المقطع قال ان الجهه الي اعتقلته يسمونها المطاوعه وهم يمنعون اختلاط الرجال بالنساء ويمنعون نشاطات الشاذين والدعاره اتوقع هاذا بس لحاله كفايه يخلي الي سوا المقطع يتفشل من نفسه يعني انت رايح تحضن مين مو شباب زيك ولا متوقع حريم الي بيحضنونك يا حبيب امك يعني اعتبرو الي سويته شي من نشاطات الشاذين يارب تكون فهمت بس.
فشلونا حسبي الله ، اللي يقول شباب الاسلام صاروا يحضنوا مدري وشو ، ترى الاسلام دين ود و محبة و الشيوخ يحضنوا بعض ، بس سوء الظن اللي فيهم و مفكرين بس هم الصح في الحياة ، اعتبروه شاذ! فشلونا لو واحد بيسلم بيغيّر رايه ، حتى صورة الإسلام شوهوها ، بس حضن ينسجن ؟ وش هالتخلف! .
Is the reporter Arabian I can assume by hearing his pronunciation for the most difficult letters! اكييد المذيع عربي مافيها كلام بس القناه ايش اصلها؟ .
dont lie, in saudi arabia the locals just a slaves for the royal families can't move or talk or do anything with out their permissions. saudis just a slaves when they are in Saudi Arabia. if you said something about the royal family or you try to be a man they cut your tongue or they take your virginity. sometimes they rape your wife or your sister in front of you. did you see how the locals is poor i saudi arabia. did you see their houses. the salary is $650 a month for locals, and for new porn baby from the royal family $2000,000 a month for life. Now ,,, go to Dubai and see how the Saudis ask for money in the streets. i got stopped more then 5 times in one day from saudis for money. so the hug is not worth if you are still a slave.
And here comes all the non muslims in the comments judging the Islam and the other muslims by one guy calls his self a muslim you know what lets just pretend that we are like you guys, now tell me who ruined iraq Arent they christians Okay so all the christians are terrorists and they are all bad, you see how it goes isnt it kind of stupid You cant judge all the muslims by one guy you didnt like something he did okay.
Hey shut up he's not arrested.. who say that.. and not beacuse you hate saudi pepole make layer like this... ah really all the American and anyone hate my cuntry I hope he close his mouth because he didn't know anything about us... stupid people :) .
لايكثر ي السلنطح انت ويآه والله لو الهيئه مآهي موجوده تلقى السعوديه ضآعت كلها خخخخخخخخخرآإب ,! لايكثر بس.
لو انه على نيته يروح لحواري الفقر ويروح للايتام وياخذهم بالحضن من باب العاطفه والشفقه اما جالس يفرفر لي بالتحليه ويدور الحضن سلامات .
In my opinion what "motoa" did is based on Islamic role so we shuld see where is the bad in what they did My conclusion is that it is not in our region so we should see from where did they take it They take it from non Muslim people so we should reject it. Thank you.. even if they took it from Non-Muslims that doesn't mean that they'er not allowed to do it. Non-Muslims are ALIVE. so we should we die ! HUG is good thing and its allowed by the ISLAM But "motoa" they have bad re-action.. "Free Hugs" for what He's introducing nothing new to Islam. Muslims hug on the streets & in mosques everyday & during Eid Festivals. There is a purpose & limit for everything. This random hugging of strangers is out of place & akin to a drug induced behaviour.. +John S you dumbass idiot if arabs leave youtube, it will go on lose and eventually be closed. As half of revenue and profits come from rich oil gulf country's ads, GO RESEARCH ignorant redneck american. Lastly this report is false, you can research about it..
this is just wrong, i know islam is against gays but who said he is gay they should investigate a bit before doing this, (i am Muslim and live in KSA btw).

عادي عادي.. اصلاً احنا شعب ما همنا احد و لا رأيهم نمشي على مبدأ دع القافلة تسير والكلاب تنبح انهم يحقدون علينا ولكن الله معنا و ادا انسجن الولد فهذا صراحة ظلم يعني ماعمل شي يستحق السجن ادا شايفينو غلط اقلها تعهد..!!.
نجي نتكلم بوضوح يعني احضني مجانا شي متخلف ياريت كان شي كويس كان كلنا سويناه بس العرب تفكير محدود وتقليد للغرب مافي افكار جديده نستفيد منها . well he should be arrested because in islam imitating on the wests and non muslims is forbidden so as birthdays.
GRP BB: 2 8 E 6 C 6 D 0 قروب متخصص بكل شيء من البرودكاست التي تنبع من العلوم النافعة والتجارب الناجحة والبرودكاست المضحك وكل شيء جديد عفوا الاضافات لأهل المملكة فقط.
مو شي جديد على الهيئة نصهم خريجين سجون الله يفشلكم زي مافشلتونا الولد ماغلط ب شي حسبي الله ونعم الوكيل فيهم. . سعودي يحضن, سعودي يبوس, سعودي دخل الحمام ,سعودي طلع من الحمام...هههههه علوج إمريكيا لديهم مخيلة مريضة...يبحثون عن أي حدث سخيف ليصنعوا منه قصة من صرمهم.... Religious police. Get rid of that retardation and you can truly be free. Until then, you are slaves to the governments beliefs..

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أستغرب من كمية القبول عند البعض لهذا الأمر ، اليس من الافضل سن سنة حسنة افضل من هذـآ النقص العآطفي.؟! لو "دخلوا جحر ضب لدخلتموه" هو بدـآية هذا الموضوع كآن عند الغرب ثم نحنُ امة الاستنساخ بعد مآكنآ امة النهوض.. كآنوـآ الأمم المظلمة يقلدونة بكل علم ونحن الأن نقلد رذآئلهم.. سؤال خآرج النص منطقيآ للعقلاء هل هؤلاء اهل عزم وأهل مسؤولية ايصلحون ان يكونوا على جبهآت للقتال..؟ تتبعون ارذل الامور وتتركون قمم النهوض .. مثل ماقال ابن خلدون الجيل الثالث هو بدـآية جيل السقوط.. ومن علاماته ميآعة الشباب وتقليدهم الاعمى للغرب.. خلاصة الحديث.. نحن امة اعزنا الله بلآسلام فأن اردنا غير ذلك اذلنا الله... You have a lot of courage, young man. And you can be sure that you have a lot of supporters all around the world. . انا اشوف الموضوع مافيه شئ ولد يخضن ولد مو بنت تحضن ولد ولا يروح تفكيركم بعيد حسيته مسوي موصيبه ترا عادي واصل يابندر السويد 👍👍👍💜💜. and after few years we would be arrested because we said ( HELLO) for each other !. bullshit ".

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Origin and spread of the glucose-6-phosphate dehydrogenase variant (G6PD-Mediterranean) in the Middle East. B Kurdi-Haidar, P J Mason... i15
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Molecular characterization of glucose-6-phosphate dehydrogenase deficiency in Jeddah, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. i19
Experience of the health promotion clinics in Aseer region...

January 20, 2016

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+Medovukha That explains why "Vince McMahon Chris Benoit speech" came up when I wrote "Vince". Funny enough, it was the exact thing I was looking for.

It is sad that they had to stop because someone sent them semen... grr.. always someone out there messing it up for everyone.

+TheHonourKid I had to send a stool sample to my hospital through the mail last year. So I don't think that semen would be illegal..

+Sulfen Perhaps, but, then again, you sent that sample to the appropriate medical facility or laboratory and they may be exceptional to receive those things via USPS delivery..
And he said to them, "Take care, and be on your guard against all covetousness, for one's life does not consist in the abundance of his possessions." (Jesus in Luke 12:15) The American "health and wealth prosperity gospel" is not Christian.. +Strazdas unless you've interviewed each and every Christian, your statement isn't factual.. This is why I hate church. I am not against religion or the believe in some kind of higher spirit or whatever, but that people make money out of peoples beliefes... that's what makes me hate it.. These people also use the money of the poor for things they do not even need. Who needs a $65 M jet plane! That's just outrageous. People are starving because they gave their money to the church and do not have any money for food while ONE person is on a private jet What has gotten into them.
+Fangmei First, thanks. And yes, the televangelists are among the awful. But the part you quoted was arguing that megachurches (an overlapping but different group than televangelists) have business inside the church. But you refer to "the will of God" and "what the religion is". The religion IS...thousands of differing and contending denominations. And, even within each denomination, many different personal interpretations. And more than a few of them are as bad as that. Or worse. And the "will of God" comes to you via......Nah. I was gonna go off on that too. But you were very nice. So I'll skip it. Be well. :).
+Ben Dover no I'm saying it's even more unreliable when shit's written way after the fact. Flying Spaghetti Monster told me to create a rave party house full of coffee and heavy EDM, is this legal.
+tSp289 well if that person is an atheist you are right, that person no longer exist. If God doesn´t exist he/she is dead forever If God does exist exist that bisexual is dead forever anyway.
Uggghhhh! Money being a sign of God's favor... Jesus was a carpenter born in a manger. A FRIGGIN BAAAARN!!!! Jesus didn't have money! I... Im speechless. These people are so awful... "God wants you to give me that $1000! If you love God, give me your money!". Trust me, there is a special place in hell for people who use God's name to scam the poor..
+Strazdas Mark 6:3, "Is not this the carpenter, the Son of Mary and brother of James amd Joses and Judas and Simon" Sounds like Jesus was a carpenter. Even if the translations were rough, Jesus was probably a craftsmen of some sort. Don't know where you got that whole "miner" thing from..

Is it a legend or is it the truth that Americans are so stupid, the British guy has to tell them that.
+Griffin Cost Then the Canadian guy came in and impaled the shotgun-toting American on moose antlers..
+Icicle Jr Only saying cos the $cientologists are a much tougher bunch than all the others in terms of a potentially litigious response. Every body else is a comparatively soft target... although maybe not islam, so much!.
priests and churches with jets should be taxed, mega churches should be taxed, and scientology should be taxed..
+Ace Diamonds Yes. If the common folk have to pay taxes, religious organizations should, too. Faith does not override basic civic duty..

First Church of Atheism all the way, baby. I'm a legally ordained minister capable of marrying people (even gay couples in my particular state), I have clergy-level access to hospitals and prisons, and I could even start my own tax-exempt atheist church. The irony is not lost on me..
+Me raidu Actually, to qualify as a "religion" in the eyes of the Federal government you need at least some basic statement the followers adhere to, which in the case of the FCA is a brief secular humanistic creed. So the "Atheist Bible" would have one page, and on that page it would say something like "Magic isn't real - Don't be an asshole". +ZXTMA Smith You can become an ordained minister through many churches online, but the difference between the FCA and the theistic ones is they require a fee (usually an annually recurring one) while the FCA is absolutely free. I'm just in it for the ability to give myself an official title. I chose "Reverend" although I could have been an atheist Pope, but I'm not that far up my own ass when it comes to self-aggrandizing titles..
People complain to me when I point out the evils of religion, it's not all all religion and it's not all preachers. But there are more than enough evil bastards and predatory preaching that rob people blind but will LITERALLY rape your children. So when I say CHRISTIANITY is evil it is because it enables ridiculously horrible and what I can only call evil and I have made it very clear that evil is just a man made concept. But these bastards are using a man made religion to do despicable acts of evil..
+Ashley Casey There is no such thing as "the muslim golden age". A person being religiuos is a good signt that he is likely of low intelligence..
IF THE IRS do clamp down The GOP, The Alex (tin foil) Jones supporters, The NRA and the rest of the crazies will call it AN ASSAULT AGAINST FREEDOM OF RELIGION. +Teh goat there are no freedom of religion. religion should be abolished for crimes against humanity.. movie evangelists are nothing, you should see youtube christians. they are relentless in their attempt to silence everyone that criticizes them.. To all the atheists: shut the hell up oh my god. I'm an atheist, and I went to a church camp for a week. The people I met there, although pretty intolerant, were some of the nicest people I've ever met. Churches do do good. The point of this video is to mock televangelists, not Christians. So please, shut the hell up.. +Insightful Lad I can agree with that. Hateful people are awful regardless of what belief system they're representing.. +dalvin nutter it's not religion that's the problem, it's those like the televangelist who are the problem.
I am 100% positive that these people are not doing what God would want them to do. I am a Christian and I am appalled by their greed and perversion. Not only does the Bible NEVER teach about sowing seeds of money and reaping money, but Jesus, fully God and fully man, said to the Pharisees when being confronted about if people should pay the Roman taxes, "Give to Caesar what is Caesars". My pastor at my church sacrifices almost all of his time serving other people, and the time he does get he is always with his family. He takes the money given to the Church and puts it right back into the Church. He only take what he needs to live, and God blesses him through his stewardship of the money he has. To see these people, who are so greedy and trash the name of Christians everywhere, hurts. Please, I hope people realize that these are the bad apples of all Christians, and that those who truly follow God aren't all like this. Personally I pray for these people. I pray God convicts them that what they are doing is wrong..

Super vidéo ! :) J'ai adoré même si je n'ai pas compris toutes les blagues ! x)) C'est dingue de voir ça n'empêche. Nous n'avons pas ça en France : des églises faciles à créer et à tous les coins de rue, et des évangélistes à la TV..
Hey Christians, do you think God needs your money looks like the thieves in gods name do. Fools. Gods miracles don't cost. Good news all those folks will pay at judgement time. Hallelujah!!. +Lord Sandwich They received several thousand dollars, a few envelopes with seeds in them, a giant wooden statue of a penis, and four envelopes full of semen.. These people are smart and the people who donate to them are stupid. If you fall for something as completely ridiculous as this you have no one, absolutely no one to blame for but yourself. These people are obviously not real priests/pastors or people of God. They pretend, they lie, they scheme and as long as people don't have common sense they'll keep getting richer..
Okay, who disliked this Doesn't matter whether you are religious or atheist, liberal or conservative, Oliver has a good point here..
+0 Subscribers It's not exclusive. Here in Brazil, the same thing is happening. Search "Edir Macedo" on google and you'll see..
+0 Subscribers I don't see how this is any different than what Europeans have done for the last 1000 years. Checkout "The Friar" in Chaucer's "The Canterbury Tales". Clearly the guys in this video learned from the best. Let's not forget the Crusades either....
WOW! It is simply beyond mind-boggling that folks fall for any of this. I am 69 years old. I have seen so many of these charlatans come and go in my lifetime.. I wouldn't be surprised if some number of these televangelists are actually satanists, with the goal of profiting from those who don't know better, and steering those who do know better away from Christianity or religion in general. Whether you believe in God or not, at a MINIMUM, religion instills basic moral values in people, and that is a very good thing..
+Mark Michon "At a minimum" religion instills basic moral values If that's "the minimum" that it would do (at least) that...for all Christians. And yet, right in your post, you acknowledge that those preachers don't have those moral values. Never mind being Satanists. Don't try the No True Scotsman fallacy. They needn't be satanists. They need only be scumbags. And your "whether you believe in God or not" qualifier Do you mean that, even if you don't believe in a god, studying that book will instill basic morals in you Or, more likely your meaning, that even non-believers would stipulate that Either way, I disagree..

Okay so the drugs used to treat cancer don't cure it and yes they do make you very very very sick. However... be smart. You're paying Mike Murdoch so that he can buy another plane in cash! Pay your money to God upfront... don't bother with this seed faith.

as a christian I was thoroughly entertained by this segment, I love it because although there are true worshipers of God on tv, the sad reality is that the vast majority of so called "pastors" on tv are just hustlers with a bible and there needs to be some light shed on them.
I don't look down on the religious. However, I refuse to believe these monsters believe even a word they're saying; they're exploitive, vile, immoral assholes who think taking money from those who desperately need it and spending it on fucking planes, all under the guise of faith healing, is not only acceptable, but righteous. People should still have the right to practice whatever religion they desire, but this sort of behavior should be illegal.. Sorry, I'm having a little bit of a hard piecing to gather your second comment. I'm not used to your grammar. What are you trying to say. People do get healed from cancer by prayer. I'm sure of it. It should never cost a dime though, and nobody should be discouraged from a doctor..
It's no secret Churches are the best business one can have, in my home country the only establishment in bigger numbers than Botecos are Churches... i feel bad for people of faith.
+Marcelo Delima Christianity isn't suppose to be about this. These televangelist are just exploiting it and making it look bad.
If anyone wants to understand why Americans are such Christian fanatics- just look at their poor origins. They are the descendants of white trash farmers from rural Europe and who brought their small minded thinking to America. Some are now urban and sophisticated but many of the lower classes are still European peasant stock clinging to God and their precious Guns in their small towns. They vote Republican, fight in wars and give to Evangelists. Garbage people!.
+TheDark Nite "My big paycheck, street smarts and book smarts (excellent education) are my worth." Your arrogance is apparent. Truly, if this is what you value, then you could not be disconnected from the divine any more than you currently are. How is that Because what you basically just said can be summed up thusly: I am worthless." Because all of those things you just listed are worthless without virtue. Virtue, which can only come from a connection to the divine, which is God. What is virtue, you may wonder Temperance. Self-control. Discipline. Kindness. Peace. Forgiveness. Empathy. Compassion, and many other things. What is of value Your fellow human beings.. +ebannaw I lived around those people growing up. I know. Besides, why be kind to evil fascists It's useless like a Muslim kissing Donald Trump's Nazi ass. You gotta confront them and what causes their stupidity: too much Christianity and white supremacy- an ugly combo. Just look at Pegida, UKIP, etc. Uggh. Same Euro-trash among all these fascists as RepubliKKKans..

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December 24, 2015
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December 10, 2015
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Origin and spread of the glucose-6-phosphate dehydrogenase...

November 19, 2015

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is se kia puch ta hae kabi suna hae ke kisi muslim ne koi medichin ajad ki ho.lagta hae tu anda hae je to bahin ko kaise fasana hae us ka tarika bata sakte hae sharm karo hinduo kis se kia puch rahe ho.
perwez khan syed faiz ko nhi maloom... sugar, blood pressure, jaisi bimari ka syed faiz ko nhi pta nhi hai... woh sirf life style bta rha hai... excercise krne bolta hai bas.

Date palm - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

December 5, 2015
such as lowest blood glucose during 72-hour fasting... Insulinoma in Saudi Arabia: A Twenty-Year Hospital... of hypoglycemic symptoms by having free access to food... i25
Saudi Arabia Diabetes Care Devices Market Outlook to 2018...

November 2, 2015
Origin and spread of the glucose-6-phosphate dehydrogenase variant (G6PD-Mediterranean) in the Middle East. B Kurdi-Haidar, P J Mason... i26
SAR 120 - Free Classifieds in Saudi Arabia - Jobs in Saudi...

November 26, 2015
Talk:Amputation Ideal sources for Wikipedia's health... (limit to free review articles or to... only saudi arabia of all Islamic countries preform amputation as a... i27
ACCU-CHEK(Active/Performa) By Roche, Saudi Arabia

December 14, 2015

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+Jace Cotton america isnt a man,and this thing we experience is not a game, the term chance means nothing here. +gotama420 Obviously I was talking about the American voters. If you want to be overly pedantic about a person's choice of words at least have the will to formulate a comment with proper grammar.. Look at the faces of the other candidates! Pathetic. The children in the audience - they didn't like hearing the truth either. Just like children.
+Michael H They are such knee jerk reactionaries, that they would much prefer to hear stupid false platitudes like "they hate us for our freedoms", than any real explanations of the reasons for the proliferation of anti-American and anti-on the west terrorism. They prefer life with blinders on, to shield them from the truth about their own country, particularly the fact that it is the champion of the world for targeting and killing non-combatants that did nothing to them..

If you tell the truth on CNN, you're going to get booed. It's just a channel that advertises propaganda for corporate interests..
Isn't it funny how the neo-cons and fake republicans talk shit about Chomsky calling him a Marxist, and that He's working for the Zionist Jews on the left wing when he has more conservative, constitutional views than they do... Yet they call themselves conservative Republicans Ron Paul is one of few real conservatives left in congress, and he agrees more with Chomsky than most of his party. They are truth tellers more than anything..
Those ignoramuses who booed Paul illustrate why nothing gets done in Congress. To paraphrase Hemingway: The age demanded shit, and, in the end, the age got what it demanded..
well, sadly... People who want to hear the truth usually aren't the ones at the Republican debate... That's why you had maybe two or three people cheering for Paul, then the idiot majority booing him while laughing because they know its true..
Al Queda is an organisation that starts in the Soviet invasion of Afghanistan. When the soviet union left did the jihadists lay down their guns No, they said "you see, we beat the great USSR, God really is on our side. We must continue" If the US pulls out of the middle east the jihadists will NOT, I repeat NOT, lay down their arms. They will simply move on to the next target..
Ron Paul had the only pair in Washington. Now he's gone, and with him any semblance of truth and justice in America.. +anyconstrual I hear ya... It's all been removed.. Yo them, it doesn't matter anymore. And we don't either. I don't see an easy fix here..
I wish we had to pick between Ron Paul and Noam Chomsky at the election, and not between Trump and Sanders XD. People suck..
Ron Paul is the MAN. Only individual fit for running this diseased country. True Libertarian. It was truly a mistake letting the powers that be stifle his purpose. Everybody that booed that great man that day should of been dragged out and beatin, total lack of respect to a great man. How can people be so blind when it's knocking on their front door. Had a chance to be great again behind a truly honest and dedicated man, but now, we must endure what is to come. Sad indeed. Every American has a responsibility to pay attention to what is going on and to Stop it, do not, and that responsibility will come to you in a form you are not ready for. Missed the bus jack.. Fckn sheep kill me.. Listen to them out there booing.. You'd hear the same people crying their asses off if China was here blowing our shit up killing thousands of our civilians over lies it created... I'm a progressive so I don't have a lot in common with Ron Paul but I do agree with him concerning US foreign policy. Americans only see what's been done to them. We never see the results of our campaigns in other countries. We have killed through sanctions or war 1.5 million people in Iraq since the first Gulf War. Its terrible. I admire Ron Paul for having the courage to state this in front of a group of Neo-cons..
+RuleofFive I agree with Chomsky about the oil. His opinion is that the US wants control of the flow first and foremost. The oil will end up where the consumers are anyway with big oil taking its cut along with way, but if the US can control the tap, so to speak, then it can control Japan, Germany, and all our other little client states who depend on imported oil. Hell, the oil companies might make even more money if the US just got out of the way and let the oil producing states govern their own affairs..
+gomertube "The oil will end up where the consumers are anyway with big oil taking its cut along with way, but if the US can control the tap, so to speak, then it can control Japan, Germany, and all our other little client states who depend on imported oil. Hell, the oil companies might make even more money if the US just got out of the way and let the oil producing states govern their own affairs." Yes the oil will end up where people will pay for it. I just want the oil corporations that profit off selling this horrible product to foot the cost entirely themselves. If they're dealing in a dangerous area then let them hire their own army. Why does Exxon Mobil...the most profitable company in history need a $5 billion dollar subsidy from the US taxpayer every 12 months They don't. If the US government "got out of the way" then companies like Exxon Mobil and BP and Shell would have to actually foot the bills in order to continue to exploit the poor people in the Middle East. Then we would see the real cost of oil and gas products and it would make the move to renewables faster. The biggest nightmare for oil corporations is having a leader that nationalizes his oil fields and kicks them out. Iran, Iraq and Venezuela all did this and incurred the wrath of the US govt.. I was a Ron Paul supporter when he was running for The WH. While I liked his foreign policy views, I disagreed on his ideas for helping our economy. He believed in free markets and making it even easier for corporations to operate as they do. That made me reject him. My hopes are on Bernie Sanders now..
+gomertube You are way off and making definitions yourself. If you haven't noticed gomer, corporations and banks have been free to exploit the market for their own interests since Reagan. None of the conservative capitalist promises about the joys of free market competition have materialized. It's a scam, a unicorn story for corporate interests. There doesn't exist a free market when companies collude to price fix and manipulate government for public bailouts. It's all a big lie..
+None Ya The subject here was Ron Paul's views on economics, not yours. And in any case you apparently know everything already so I'll just move along.. aaahhhh Chomsky just did what they are all famous for...putting the blame on someone else because they are the ones responsible for the misery they cause...He just pointed the finger at "moneyed muslims" in the military industrial complex...His fucking tongue should fall out...Who had the motive and opportunity and the ability to cover it up and who would PROFIT One entity...Israel. Every body knows the zionist faction in the US govt along with their freemason butthole buddies planned,executed and covered up 911 with American goyim sons getting killed fighting israel's enemies...Ron Paul told the fucking truth, and thats why he is not president, Israels 3 billion $ lobby went to barry the houseboy...Israel murders children everyday in Palestine..
of course this completely disregards that the WTC was attacked before 9/11. Anyone that thinks that the Islamic Nazis would not be attacking the US and the west if the US had done nothing about the attack of 9/11, does not know the true motives of the Islamic Nazis! The Islamic Nazis are not killing, beheading Muslims because of the US but because of their own twisted psychopathic run amuck views of Islam..

+nightlightabcd Your first statement regarding 9/11 forced me to disregard any other trash you wrote..

History has recorded the fall of many great civilizations. Compare the US to Rome, Constantinople, Han dynasty, the British, Russian and Nazi empires What did all of these previous empires have in common...They all eventually fell. The United States doesn't hold a candle to these great empires and will ultimately fade into a minor footnote of history. No empire is "too big to fail"...Learn from history or You are doomed to repeat it! .

Oops. He forgot to mention that 9/11 was a controlled demolition of three buildings carried out by state actors with a capacity to subvert the air defences, investigation, security of the most powerful nation in the world. Definitely not a bunch of cowboy muslims with box cutters. Oh wait, Chomsky doesn't think that the fraud of 9/11 is even important. This will unfortunately be his defining position in history, not his principled opposition to the Israeli occupation of Palestine. .
Paul lies and Chomsky swears to it...were these two cops on the same beat When they start pointing fingers at other countries the truth points at them. Murderous satan worshiping pedophiles who own a lot of banks are behind absolutely EVERYTHING...and its only a question of when you're next.. Yes, we all know the banks are behind it, but the question that needs to be asked is "Who are they paying to do these things" Its all one huge system that has grown too large to monitor. Like a pyramid, the ones at the top cannot keep that power without being propped up by the ones below that work for them, rogue corporations. Which work with corrupt politicians to keep getting 0% financing and keep they're power, and on and on to till you get all the way down to the ignorant masses who eat all the BS they are served. "You and I", the individual, need to think more logically and be better informed of the truth before "We", the people, can even think about coming together to remove corrupt international banking agencies.. Why does hearing something so simple, like hitting people at random provokes people hitting back, causes such cognitive dissonance Anger followed by depression. It makes dying seem, well, welcomed. . BS 9-11 was staged, has little to do with islamic groups.. facts are: proportion of the damage of pentagon bld and the plane, no damage from the wings of the craft, craft this size could not move with such a speed that low to the ground (as professional pilots claim), there were many cameras on the roof of one of the most secure building on the planet and we are yet to see the video that shows the plane…. wtc 7 free falls after office fires and never gets investigated… FALSE FLAG ATTACKS WERE USED BEFORE DURING AND AFTER 9-11, CHECK OUT DECLASSIFIED INFO TO GET AN IDEA.
When J. Paul spoke the crowd made reaction & noises ========= that is just showing how much """""""""fascist""""""""" die USA is... As of CHOMSKY i wouldnt wana waste my words on ======= he is a well known ZIONIST-FASCIST HUMAN GARBAGE. He spetializes to distribute propaganda & change the history path ======= 911 was done by CIA or MOSSAD - there is no other explanation. Now Mr. chomsky can go home and feed his children and grandchildren the iraqi, lybian, palestinian, syrian BLOOD ====== Mr. CHOMSKY (ZIONIST-FASHIST PROPAGANDIST) ======= Pravious comment ==== its not ""Neo-Cons.""" - its NEO-NAZIES"... USA & EU (Merkel & co) have awaken mr Hittler long time ago =========== USA = HITTLER....
I broadly agree with much you say. Scary isn't it It is just a good thing that these scoundrels are increasingly being exposed.. LMAO You need to go and watch the speech that house member and co-chair of the Congressional Progressive Caucus,Barbara Lee,gave right after 9/11. Indeed,it will go down as one of the greatest and most courageous moments of a lawmaker in U.S.history as Lee was the only member of either house to oppose the AUMF during a wave revenge hysteria in the country.A piece of legislation that not only created open-ended war but is the legal basis for most violations of civil liberties that have happened since its uncritical voting into law(and which right-wingers are all of sudden complaining about). Infact that's what makes your boy Ron Paul's vote for the AUMF all the more curious today,as he continues to sell himself as a "libertarian".. USA = TOTALITARIAN DEMOCRACY ====== NEW VERSION OF "american-NAZI-FASCISM ALONG WITH """""""""NOAM CHOMSKY as its JOSEPH GOBBELS.... chomsky on 9/11 : "...who cares..." wow!!! it's good he didn't feel the same way about u.s policy in central america during the 1980's...then again noam supported the warren commission...he's kind of inconsistent it seems. I am afraid I strongly disagree with Ron here. I agree that America has done many horrible things to many countries, however, the reason Al Qaeda and other Islamic fundamentalist groups are attacking not only the US, but also India, England, artists in Denmark, Dubai, Thailand the Philippines and many other countries is not because of US imperialism, but because of there very literal interpretation of the Koran. These Islamic fundamentalist groups even admit that this is why they do what they do. If American imperialism was to blame then there would be heaps of Indochinese and Latin Americans also blowing themselves up along with American civilians. So why is it then that it is only those fundamentally religious people who live in the Middle East, many of whom actually benefited from US foreign policy in the case of Afghanistan, who kill not only Americans, but civilians from many other countries around the world.. So the USA Whore media does not report the downing by Syria of a UK plane supplying ISIS because naturally we are not supplying ISIS according to the fake narrative.. Those who defend american interest abroad have an economic interest overseas they want our military and tax dollars to subsidize. End this charade.
WTF. Ron Paul is controlled opposition so people think they have a choice. The people in the US have no choice. ATM your government is trying to start a revolution in the US so they can weed out people who will stand up for their rights. You know! Sheeple that have strayed from the heard. Don't believe me get your blood checked for aluminium to see for yourself if you are being dumbed down. The knights of Malta did 9/11. Look into connections to the Vatican and the knights of malta and the people in control of everything to do with 9/11. .
I think a major problem was that people misinterpreted what Ron was saying and he didn't realize it. They equated him pointing out problems in the CIA's policy with him criticizing innocent American citizens who have nothing to do with it..
AND the public took Romney over Paul that tells me and the boo,s also you people who made that choice have your minds closed and that,s not only stupid but dangerous listen and hear unless you have chosen the negative path which is what,s going on in our gov. with some not all but the negatives are controlled by none politician they are puppets you might say and inherently evil like TV if you want the truth it,s out there seek and ye shall find ask and receive etc. all the info is out there but you wont get it from TV I promise good luck being ignorant or controlled.
Aluminum in free space can not penetrate a larger piece of structural steel at subsonic speed (STP2 SL). Simply put, it was a insurance fraud/HOAX, and the US public is still paying higher premiums today..
people are afraid of the truth nobody could ever fathom our gov. being responsible for 1911 but please explain building 7 or the towers, buildings do not fall like that naturally and then go and read what our pilots are saying about it. get the facts or shut the fuck up with your asinine opinion and they use Chompsky because he sounds antiquated and beat.
yeah and on top of that of course 911 was an inside job, a first grade course in physics will teach you that. And if you then still not believe that then you need to take that course again.. Ron Paul was still very muted on the question of who was behind 9/11 so it was relatively easy for chomsky to declare that it was "uncontraversial".
"muslims don't hate us for our freedoms" so why is that in the UN 50 muslim nations voted to ban/criminalize internationally free speech containing criticism of (their) religion or maybe that was a leftwing outgrowth of political correctness or conferring of special rights upon muslims to not feel offended. i have yet to hear ron paul discuss the constitution regarding sharia courts and this cultural relativism shit that undermines the west. i definitely consider paul's views on economic reforms to be insightful, but i think he has a blind spot when it comes to religion. .

What I find most disappointing about Noam Chomsky is his apparent disregard for the facts presented against the official 911 fairy tale. Mr Chomsky has repeatedly brushed off the questions of the conspiracy realists as if they have no credibility, yet he admits he knows little of the details when asked. Building 7 was the smoking gun and yet overlooked by Chomsky. It was a 49 story building that drops in virtual free fall on the same day as the twin towers and yet no plane hit it. What of the PUT options in the weeks just before 9/11 A book that provides pages that detail these PUT options is provided in a book by Philip Marshall titled "False Flag 9/11." What does Chomsky think of Rumsfeld speaking before the world on 9/10/2001 and mentions upwards of 2.3 trillion dollars misplaced by the Pentagon. You can see this yourself on UTube. The next day 0n 9/11/2001 terrorists take over of a aircraft and makes an incredible turn and drop in elevation to slam into the side of the Pentagon where the auditors were busy tracking down the paper trail for this missing trillions of dollars. In order to hit this side of the Pentagon, the aircraft had to be in protected airspace longer and pass over the opportunity to hit the Pentagon where the Generals and Rumsfeld would be normally walking the halls. Bush Jr set up the 911 Commission with less of a budget than the money spent to investigate Clinton's involvement with Lewinsky. Bush Jr put Zelikow as Director of the 911 Commission, who determined what information would be put before the members of the Commission. All roads had to lead to a select handful of terrorists who allegedly fabricated 9/11 with no assist by the CIA or Prince Bandar of Saudia Arabia. What had to be ignored the CIA operated airport outside of Las Vegas as a likely place where terrorists obtained further training on aircract flying and Prince Bandar financing the pilots of these terrorist overun flights. Other books and sources worth considering in your library should include a book by Judge Napolitano titled, "The lies the government told you," a DVD by Charles Ferguson titled, "Inside Job," A book by Charles Ferguson titled "Predator Nation," a book by Chalmers Johnson "Blowback," and a book written by the undersecretary of the US George Ball, "The Passionate Attachment" detailing the attrocites by the Israeli government and their intrusion and control of many in US Congress since the 1940's and how such intrusion has impacted on our policy since then. In this book you can find the real story of the purposeful attack of the USS Liberty and details on who Jonathan Pollard was and his relationship with Israel. Read what a British newspaper revealed by an Israeli officer disclosing the military tactics used by the Israeli to force Muslums to run from their homes in the middle of the night and virtually evacuate entire villages. Read about the barrel bombs rolling down a village's mainstreet, catching those in its pathway who didn't flee from the village soon enough. Read bout the massacre of an entire village called Deir Yassin by Israeli commandos. George Ball notes a Swiss Red Cross Rep on the scene named Jacques de Ruyneir counted 145 womrn slain in this massacre, of which 35 were pregnant. Menachem Begin sent a message to the Israeli forces who commited this atrocity and in this message provided by George Ball on page 29, it states in the final sentence, "As in Deir Yassin, so everywhere, we will attack and smite the enemy. God, God, Thou hast chosen us for conquest." Perhaps reading the book about US Imperialism by C Johnson "Blowback." will provide the platform to grasp the true meaning of what happens that is not forgotten by those persecuted and desperate, the basis for their retaliation. As American citizens we've entrusted far too much to our "polyarchy" form of government where the elite control the democratic process. Those who really care to educate and inform take a back seat to the team players like Bill O'reilly; mindless and well paid in their mission for personal gain and riches. I'd rather trust what a goldfish had to say about than anything O'Reilly has spewing from either end of his GI tract. .
gangnam style is actually the least of our problems there's nothing wrong with being able to enjoy a zany fun song with clever surreal setting being able to enjoy that song does not DISABLE you from watching more serious videos what's a bigger worry is idiots watching ONLY mainstream news and government puppets parading as journalists . ha..i read the incomplete title and was waiting for him to say it was "unconstitutional"...i'm so glad he said what he said.
The difference: Obama knows what he is doing. The Republicans (exception Ron Paul) are too naive. Naivety has always been one of - if not the most - blatant flaws characteristic of what it is to be a Republican..

And you're rationalizing an imperialistic hegemon. I wonder which of the two is the greater threat. Look, I know Islamic Jihadists are bad news, but America has built up a funny track record of opposing and supporting them. Truth is, they don't care who they support as long as they can have it their way. CIA was quick to call the events of 911 blowback, and I think they're right. I'm predicting the events in Syria will have serious blowback, and even then people will say: "they hate our freedom".
Not really. He's still playing the political game and what's he got to show for it Whose he helped.

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FREE Virtual Issue... and Rural Communities in Saudi Arabia. Diabet... factors for glucose intolerance among Saudi populations in urban and rural... i30
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January 21, 2016

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Hyperuricemia in Saudi Arabia | DeepDyve

January 18, 2016
Origin and spread of the glucose-6-phosphate dehydrogenase variant (G6PD-Mediterranean) in the Middle East. B Kurdi-Haidar, P J Mason... i33
Health care services provided to type 1 and type 2...

November 16, 2015
In order to assess the status of tobacco consumption in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia... impaired fasting glucose, impaired glucose tolerance, or impaired sugar... i34
Prevalence of Glucose Intolerance in Urban and Rural...

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January 10, 2016

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Origin and spread of the glucose-6-phosphate dehydrogenase...

November 27, 2015
Molecular characterization of glucose-6-phosphate dehydrogenase deficiency in Jeddah, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. i37
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January 11, 2016
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Prevalence of Glucose Intolerance in Urban and Rural...

December 1, 2015

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والله انها تبعيه عميا للغرب الاسلام قد شرع السلام ان تقول السلام عليكم ورحمة وبركاته انتم الان تركتم هذا السنه وتبعتم الغرب.

Molecular characterization of glucose-6-phosphate...

November 1, 2015
Free Classifieds in Saudi Arabia... SAR 120 / Cupping (HIJAMA)... 7.Control your blood glucose level if you are diabetic before getting hijama. i41
Origin and spread of the glucose-6-phosphate dehydrogenase...

January 19, 2016
... Riyadh, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia... atively symptom free... serum glucose, age. Saudi Arabia is an area of developing medical care and i42
Date palm - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

November 28, 2015
such as lowest blood glucose during 72-hour fasting... Insulinoma in Saudi Arabia: A Twenty-Year Hospital... of hypoglycemic symptoms by having free access to food... i43
Saudi Arabia Diabetes Care Devices Market Outlook to 2018...

November 10, 2015

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Foreign workers got raped by their employers and got no justice at all. Saudi Arabian is is famous for that particular reason. No Christians conversion allowed. No church allowed (except one Catholic Church with no people because of Pope). Not to mention the Wahabism sect they have, sponsoring terrorism all over the world including in other Islam majority state /nation. What a hypocrite.. They're almost just like Mericah huh....

you do realize that these saudis are the same muslims you protect from "islamphobia" in the west.
Hey guys muslim here. Believe me when I say this, most of the muslim absolutely HATES the saudis! The thing is since they have so much money and power nobody can't do anything about them.. In-The-Now got it all wrong ! ;-)) it is called the "Power of Money"... or "Let's teach them a good lesson on beheading, funding terrorists, etc..." the ONLY fault in this from Saudi-Arabia : Trying to school a country which is NOT swimming into a ocean of debts like USA, France, UK... etc but No-one is perfect... sometimes really-rich peoples cannot be noticed by others who like to think of themselves as "Rich" an other iteration of : "Money will make you stupid in No time !" ;-)). No the problem is the control of Control ! ;-)) Money is ONLY a tool, in the wrong hands it can have devastating effects... (this can go for anything...) Hence the Saudis, they got used to be "served" because they are supposed to be loaded... They only misunderstood what is Norway... It is Not because you don't paint everything in Golden and lavishly spend fortunes for toys, that you are "poor" and therefor need to be lectured on what you are supposed to do and how... ;-)).
Well in Sweden, Swedish women are being schooled by their plebs(between their legs) So if plebs can do it I don't know why elite wouldn't. Scandinavians don't mind....

SAR 120 - Free Classifieds in Saudi Arabia - Jobs in Saudi...

December 29, 2015
Talk:Amputation Ideal sources for Wikipedia's health... (limit to free review articles or to... only saudi arabia of all Islamic countries preform amputation as a... i45
ACCU-CHEK(Active/Performa) By Roche, Saudi Arabia

December 2, 2015
... is a leading source of commentaries and news on Saudi Arabia, sports... AXA Cooperative will offer free live blood glucose screenings to the public at selected... i46
Insulinoma in Saudi Arabia: A Twenty-Year Hospital Study

November 23, 2015
... Health services and its expenditure provided to diabetic citizens in Saudi Arabia are... health care facilities provide free glucose meters to... i47
Chemical Composition of Desert Truffles from Saudi Arabia

December 18, 2015

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Religion=/=Race I'm allowed to scrutinise anything that is a choice, being born black is completely different than saying 'I'm going to be a Muslim'..
+J King I always thought the U.S. was a multicultural country, wouldn't that also make it a Muslim country. +Oleander410 then you know nothing about the history of mecca, it was once ruled by qarameta, who are some kind of middle ages communists, and took out the black stone out of zion, the cube temple. not every one rule mecca is mainstream islam, and saudies only ruled it for few decades.. Free speech is absolutely pointless if you are disallowed to state your view to people who do not agree with it or who may be offended by it. Which means she is being a complete hypocrite because clearly Bill does not agree with her..
+Yousef Ghaneemah And that's why you start with abuse So who's the filthy muslim retard here!!.

i dont understand why most liberals defend islam like this, i mean christianity, islam, buddhism, hindus, jews. its all just bullshit. religion is a fucking cancer. all of it is to believe magical ideas that dont really exist.
+reiseRi K The satanic New World Order would LOVE you. Look at this website: www SatanicAgenda webs com.
Bill Maher should have asked, "Rula, please put into your own words my position on the Islamic faith and the people who follow it.".

+Adam Jones Brilliant, I'm saying something similar if ever I'm in a debate with someone taking the moral high-ground on me or misrepresenting my views..
Thanks! Yes too often we yell at one another without ever having digested the actual argument, right or wrong. Maher and/or Harris should have also asked this of nameck. .
'Your blaming the majority of muslims for the terror attacks of the minority', of course he does, because the 'moderate majority' (which doesn't really exist anyway) just looks at these terror attacks all around the world and don't do shit against it, not even stand up and say that this is wrong. And why Guess... Because deep inside they want Islam to spread and think that this is good. Stop the 'moderate bullshit', the only reason why muslims claim to be moderate is because they wanna keep living in our evolved on the west countries and don't go back to their shithole muslims states. Peace.
+Tara Z "Well considering you probably don't even know the small percentage that do exist here, it's hardly worth mentioning to you." Because that titsy bitsy minority of 5% won't fucking solve the problems in the Middle East, Africa and Asia that is caused by Islam will they I say: "Homosexuals are getting killed in the Muslim world" And you come back with: "Well I know this one Muslim that likes gay people" Yes I am pretty much sure avoiding issues and deflecting from them will reform the batshit crazy belief system that is shared among 47 countries that has high number of human rights violations. "Also, if you think that facts only exist in statistics." No it much broader then that however peer reviewed statistics are highly reliable. "and not first hand experience and things you can see and feel for yourself, then you don't understand objectivity as well as you think you do." You see you don't know what objectivity is. Because today you can talk with people who claimed to have been abducted by aliens you can go and talk with them on their personal experience. Now do you belive that they were abducted by aliens Probably not you need additonal evidence for such claims. Yes we have statistics that show that majority of Muslims are anti-gay, anti-abortion, anti-womens rights etc... We also have examples such as their laws, culture, we also have examples of those Muslims comming in Europe which resualted in increase of honor based violence against women and homophobic attacks. And all you do is claim "I know a Muslim who adopted Westren values" well congrats to him for drawing his values from something else then Quran.. +kaingates Yes, she is, and what she is doing it great. Girls should definitely be allowed to go to school. However, this doesn't change the fact that the Taliban gives Islamic text as an EXCUSE to deny girls this right. As well as many other rights. Perhaps Malala doesn't really have a choice on whether or not to be Muslim as if she leaves the faith, her family and friends will all disown her. And I'm pretty sure that even if her community succeeds in getting all girls into school, they are still a LONG way from equality. And this is in large part due to social attitudes reinforced and sanctioned by Islam. For instance I am fairly certain Malala is not allowed to have a boyfriend or lose her virginity before marriage. She has simply chosen one of 100 battles to fight for women in that part of the world. She has to remain Muslim or no one would listen to her. Sorry, but it's a fucked up religion and any woman should hate it. There's really no other way of looking at it.. +Destin(y) Sucks Balls Liberals are wading in waters where they are being so tolerant they are tolerating the intolerance of Islam or they are tolerating the prejudice of Islam and not tolerating the great Maher. Those Liberals are a bunch of crazy donkeys with blinders on running down the streets of Pamplona. HEEE HAWW !!! HEEE HAAWW !!.
This BITCH, YOU CANNOT BE GAY IN GAZA. How fucking delusional do you have to be I lived in Northern Zimbabwe as a child and I saw a man suspected of being gay getting tied to the back of a flatbed and beaten before they dragged him into the bush. These were Muslims. Gaza is fucking worse..

+Yousef Ghaneemah Lets stick to the arab world. It's easy to change the topic to USA, and europe and others. Look, their was many great people in islam like saddat, cyrus the great, etc. but their are horrid people too in islam. just like other religions. People in gaza suffer, innocent people, hamas makes it worse. the PA are stalling peace, it's time to make peace and stop innocent people from death..

+Ami05 stick to the arab world so we don't show your lies and hypocrisy. sadat was your slave, he was a focking piece of crap. cyrus was neither arab nor muslem, i prefer Nebuchadnezzar. gaza is suffering because of jewish nazies who need to be terminated..

The fuck do I care that u are offended My right of free speech overrules your freedom to be offended.
Did she said that she is a secular Muslim The words "secular" and "muslim" are oxymorons, right A Muslim, relates to a person who follows the religion of Islam, a monotheistic and Abrahamic religion based on the Quran. How can it be secualar, did I miss something or dies she needs to improve her argument instead of raising her voice Apperantely for someone advocating dialog, she delivers monologue in the presence of witnesses. A real debate is about listening as it is about speaking. Otherwise its an fight and that is not something anyone wants, I would imagined.. +Delvon Borgan I think she's completely open minded. So much in reality that whatever brain she had, she lost..
What an annoying cunt. She's also either lying or completely ignorant. I don't know why Mahar has her on because she's useless..

Do These People Ever Shut Up and Let Others Speak! They Shout and Scream Over Everyone Who Will Not Kowtow to Them! I am Sick of "Muslim" Offence! UKIP Rules!.
+dawlafanboy i'm a palestinian, there is no "palestinian" shia. i'm hanafie, you can keep your shafei and hanbali rubbish to yourself.bokhari is stinking liar who will go to hell and you will follow him, it's your ilk who follow their stinking desire by marrying 9 yrs girls, and molesting babies and enslaving women in wars.. wow she got destroyed u can leave ur religion in Lebanon, I am Lebanese and I left christianity, I'm now an agnostic atheist, but I'm sure it would have been a lot harder if I was a muslim. In some families u can, in others u can't. Even lebanese christians can be very rude to non religious But one thing is sure, u can't be gay in Lebanon, it is seen as a sickness and can receive jail time up to one year. Way better than Iran, but still, retarded enough to me I'm lebanese and I love Bill and NO, U can't be gay in ANY muslim country, and this includes the most advanced muslim countries, maybe it will depend from one family on the other, open minded people are everywhere amongst all religions, including Islam, but we're talking about the countries based on sharia laws here.
+PassionOfLifee No need to call me a liar, I know many ex muslims too, I didn't say nobody can leave, I said, it is a lot harder in this community, it all depends from a family to the other :) And usually, even when they leave, they are not very well treated, thrown out of the house, etc....

+Roderick MacUalraig If someone is forced to lie through their teeth to defend something, then it is not truly worth defending. The only Muslim I see who admits to faults in Islam and the Muslim community is Maajid Nawaz, and he is predictably hated by Muslims and the "liberal left", who are bent on defending Muslims to the point of stupidity. .
This woman is a mess. She states that you can be Gay in Gaza but can't announce you are leaving the Muslim faith in Gaza. She needs to be honest so that things can move in a positive direction.. Those Sunni, Salafees, Qadiyanis are different but they are also same. If someone says that the terrorists are not real muslims they are wrong.. This is a "supposed moderate" muslim. Muslims hate free speech along with most freedoms in American culture. This is all the proof you need.. What I like about Bill Maher is he isn't afraid to ridicule Islam. Leftists need to understand it's ok to bash Islam because it's just another stupid religion like Christianity..
Is she fucking kidding me "They are under represented on this show" you know that they're.02% of the population, right Meaning 2 in every 10,000 guests should be Muslim to be equal. Dumbass..

I'm actually confused about her position. Does she 'support' Bill Maher's right to free speech or does not NOT Help me here..
+David Schlessinger sounds like she wants to believe that certain rights are allowed in Muslim countries, like being gay, but kind of murky on what her thoughts on free speech are. It's highly possible that she either doesn't believe in free speech but is not willing to openly say so on a talk show, or believes in a modified free speech where you can say certain things, but not against Allah/Mohammed or else the death penalty is incurred. It also appears that she falls into the classic Anjem Choudary mindset of never answering questions with a straight answer and instead of answering will try to redirect with another accusation at the person who asks, seemingly to save face and also still appear in control of the conversation. Very aggravating habit and will very quickly break down any form of meaningful conversation, not to mention will kill credibility if you're trying to argue a point.. +David Schlessinger No, she doesn't. She openly acknowledged that if someone is offended by certain types of speech or satire, they have a right to shut them down. And that is the literal definition of retardation..
Oh my... I'm tired now... She's unsufferable! What a great example of free speech and exchange this was! Did she even catch her breath here.
You can be gay in Gaza Bullshit. And, when she said that a Muslim can safely leave their religion in Lebanon and Jordan, which both pride themselves in being modern and tolerant countries, she ignores the fact that, even if the laws in those countries would defend said defector, large percentages of Muslims throughout the entire world (secular Muslim countries, like Turkey, too) emphatically believe in honor killings. Hell, we've seen it happen in the US where a father murders his daughter for becoming "too on the westized". For the record, I do believe that on the west culture is generally toxic, and that is one ditch on the side of the road; but, to snuff ones life for abandoning their supposedly glorious traditions is surely a ditch on the opposite side of the very same road.. There are FOUR types of muslims... Those whom would commit honour killings, those whom would praise it, those whom would ignore it like it has nothing to do with Islam but know whats going on and those whom claim to be muslim but have no clue about the religion... so no effort will ever be made to distinguish those groups or recognize what is wrong with the religion. LETS TALK ABOUT IT SOME MORE. What Im seeing on every Muslim debate on the Bill Maher show is that its an ongoing battle on accusations of generalizing muslims. Take it from another EX muslim. Ive debated my whole life over humanity and feminist issues dealing with Islam. AND GOTTEN NOWHERE. Why Because it will always end with " It is Allah, you cant question him. He's the one that decides who will enter through the gates of heaven". And Im quiet sick of it. So thats where I stopped believing.. +Wafa Abdul it may not be apparent to you but even rock gets slowly eroded by the wind. Your whispers, together with the whispers of so many others, WILL produce results. Just give it some time!. These middle age people just dont get it. We have new relligion, its called money and wealth and we have new priests like Bill maher and they know everything best. We do not need to go to church because the TV and the internet is our Church. All the truth is given to us by celebrities and business people who know whats best for us. Just like the pharisees knew whats best for plebs. you cannot also be gay in many christian countries like russia or zimbabwe so what does that prove to you mr maher!. A commencement speech is not a dialog. You listen and take what you like and leave the rest. I would like to ask this woman, who says she is a secular muslim, why she considers herself secular What aspects of Islam does she not like. bill is an athiest and they the athiest think it's all right for a bloke To go down on a bloke which in any religion isn't normal bill.religion is against gays and it makes sense bill.get a fuckin life.. "In your world, whenever I say something you don't like, I'm either not being serious or I'm a bigot." Funny thing, but a lot of right wingers (of which I am one) say the same thing..
She was used as bitch by Zionist.. How cheap is she! Now, she is defending Islam! For those who does not know the view of Islam on gay and homosexuality. Gay is forbidden in Islam and any forbidden act has punishment in all laws. So, those who think Islam is soft towards gay it's wrong! As a Muslim living in west, I have no problem with homosexuality in here. But certainly I do not want homosexuality to be accepted in Islamic country. If any one want to know why could ask me and I can explain. For time being I rest my case..
+zadran zadrani Also if you want to say that alcohol should be banned because of the dmg it has done, then surely we should ban all religions for the damage they have done. You can't ban human needs. If you want to ban something, then ban what causes deaths: Honorkillings, genital mutilation, stoning, execution and all "holy" books. I am not saying that someone who practises religion is bad, i am saying that religion is bad. If you want me to answer a question. The inform me what the question is.. "You can be gay in Gaza" - Really Hamas' official policy is prison, while large factions within Hamas openly call for the crucifixion of gays. This is the kind of denial within liberals that makes it very difficult for me to actually embrace liberalism. I was an avid Obama supporter until he started with this gibberish.. The silent majority is the weakness in any movement or regime that seeks to overthrow a culture. She's offended that Bill isn't one of the silent majority but a vocal indivudual... This bitch, Rula Jebreal, is lying. First of all, she is so rude that she doesn't let anybody else talk. I am a FORMER Muslim. I was born and raised in an Islamic country, and I say the nature of that barbaric faith is quite dangerous for human society. What ISIS is doing is what Mohammad did 1400 years ago..
this whole idea of free speech in america is a bunch of crap and very hypocritical. bill is saying that his right to free speech allows him to disparage a persons religion if he so chooses. everyone on the panel agreed as did the crowd. as they said i=free speech applies to saying things that people dont want to hear. yet when it comes to homosexuality you are not allowed to say negative things about its practioners. how double standard is that. you are allowed to speak falsehoods about a persons religion and put it down and be a bigot and thats free speech. but an nba players calls a guy a faggot and the world nearly stopped. where was his freeeom of speech. what the lady was saying was not incorrect. americans have married the word islam with terroism. and that is very unfortunate and sad. muslims are an extremely peacefull people. its like saying that the KKK represented all of christianity. and that would also be wrong and unfair. bill always asks why do they hate america. the answer is so very simple. they like you does not appreciate anyone telling them how to run thier affairs and how to live their lives. after 911 only made it worst. 2000 americans died tragicly that day. 2000 muslims died the first day of the bombings and in went on for years. no one likes to be bullied. especially by a nation that they consider to be their moral juniors. they are fighting to try to maintain their levels of morality and spirituality against what they see as a land of debauchery in the west. the rights that americans think that they need, they dont want. they dont want their teenage sons exposed to porn on the internet. or daughters exposed to the style of dress and social behavior in the west. and that is their right. let them be and they would not be an issue..
To the Muslim woman (and Ben nameck) : - When you loose your cool before the other person had barely had time to say anything, you've already lost the debate. (talk about hypocrisy she was just telling everyone how speeches are bad, and she took up the entire segment). - When you disagree with someone, you don't yell at them without logical arguments to shut them up. - Even Obama told college students they are too coddled. If someone has an opinion you disagree with, you still allow them to come and give a speech. You listen to them peacefully. If you disagree, debate them logically when you get the chance or give a speech of your own. Don't silence people with your fury. - Speeches and monologues are a thing. DEAL WITH IT..
+Socrates He was invited to give a commencement speech at a university.he didn't speak about islam..

Talk:Amputation - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

January 2, 2016
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October 23, 2015
hyperglycaemia in different regions of Saudi Arabia. Annals of Saudi Medicine 1989; 9:... diabetes and impaired glucose... Diabetes mellitus in Saudi Arabia... Al... i50
Hyperuricemia in Saudi Arabia | DeepDyve

December 23, 2015
Origin and spread of the glucose-6-phosphate dehydrogenase variant (G6PD-Mediterranean) in the Middle East. B Kurdi-Haidar, P J Mason... i51
Health care services provided to type 1 and type 2...

January 12, 2016

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Saudi people are friendly, it is not necessary to live in compound, many foreigners are mixed with saudi population. also shorts are not prohibited for men, the majority of young saudis are wearing shorts in the summer. .

Prevalence of Glucose Intolerance in Urban and Rural...

December 22, 2015
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iTunes App Charts - Saudi Arabia - Maxwell Software - okihika

January 16, 2016

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Hello i'm french. Why women can't drive in saudi arabia (i'm a boy but it's so strange for me)..
+Eternal Energy just to show how dumby assed you are, a couple of new documentaries about 9/11 job were released couple of days ago and tagged as 2016!!! Science talks!!! Not you nor any damn buddy..
+Bin Corleone I hope the good Saudis rebel from that DISGUSTING royal family and from DISGUSTING sharia shit law. It looks like a bankrupted third world African country. No wonder what they do with all the petro dollar!!. +hilbert2547 who said no possibility why are you spreading lies you can get visit visa, umra visa, work visa, investor visa etc.. At 3:01, the Toyota pulling onto KFR is such an awful driver! 03:07، تويوتا تحول على طريق الملك فهد على الأرجح أسوأ سائق في الرياض!. Ironic that the Kingdom Tower looks like a beer bottle opener in the most conservative Islamic city in the world..
+tsopmocful I dont know but I'm probably going to be thinking about beer bottle openers when I see it now thanks to you. .

Origin and spread of the glucose-6-phosphate dehydrogenase...

November 8, 2015

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Experience of the health promotion clinics in Aseer region...

December 7, 2015

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ARASCO Corn Products ,Saudi Arabia -

November 4, 2015

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Prevalence of Glucose Intolerance in Urban and Rural...

November 17, 2015

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Molecular characterization of glucose-6-phosphate...

November 24, 2015

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Origin and spread of the glucose-6-phosphate dehydrogenase...

October 31, 2015

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Date palm - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

October 30, 2015

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Saudi Arabia Diabetes Care Devices Market Outlook to 2018...

December 17, 2015

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It's seems like the Saudi's didn't laugh until the comedians came.. great step comedians thank u all.. LOL (WTF) . 2 unstopablecristiano No they CAN"T...I can't even get inside the mall to buy me a pair of jeans unless I I bring my mother or my sister with me!!!...So you're the one who should get his facts straight ;). I'm a Saudi living in the US now, it's good that there are a couple of shows in the Kingdom, but I truly didn't like some of the words what were chosen in the report... like socializing and the fact that "it's hard to get a laugh in Saudi Arabia",,, that's just BS! Also what is it with the hate issue!... that's just weired. Away from police and government like we r stealing laughs lol COME ON!! The event was located in new city called King Abdullah Economic City (KAEC) and it's far from Jeddah 45mins by car and they r active with social events there. we were not hiding there!! it was only jokes from the comedians about how far is the city, beside we had many comedy shows in Jeddah with Maz Jobrani & others :) I disagree with some points in the report and we can have comedy shows in our country, VIVA JEDDAH :D. oooohh how sweet the british and the americans care about the arabs and muslim and want them to laugh ok.. what about you stop killing them !. lairs !!!! in my university ( KFUPM ) they had and they still having Stand up comedy... watchv=G9oVr-Lt0_8 ======= so it's hard to get a laugh in saudi arabia !!! because laughing is Forbidden !!!!!!! it's funny how on the wests Imagine us... in fact it's funny how they Imagine all the other nations as savages.... Ha ha... A laughing Arab ! That's itself is anti their belief... Wow - they are pushing it !.

SAR 120 - Free Classifieds in Saudi Arabia - Jobs in Saudi...

October 28, 2015

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Hey almighty give these family strength where is your justice against these barbaric saudi men f amin Toronto Canada.
These Bangladeshis should just get used to it. With the complaining about Guantanimo bay they don't got alot of time to deal with this.. Its amazing how bangladeshis don't help the burmese people, yet they expect the world to help them....

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05 April 2016

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Saudi Arabia - USDA

06 April 2016. Sugar Mummies In Saudi Arabia - free-chat-whatsapp.sugar... ( a.aspx) Saudi Arabia has no laws against discrimination on the basis of sexual orientation or gender identity. Harassment or violence against LGBT people is not addressed in...

May 01, 2016

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Saudi Arabia - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

May 02, 2016. Saudi Arabia Visa: Application, Requirements. Apply for... ( Free games Memutihkan badan... menurut para ahli bhinneka glucola mci wave game forums dokter... died in flash floods in Saudi Arabia's second...

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