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December 21, 2015

Comments about this video:
I reduce my diabetes upto 90% in 3 weeks with the help of a>> All you guys should try it. hi we bought a test for my mom and it says 27 mmol/l how do we know if it's high, low or normal. Please help. I reduce my diabetes upto 90% in 3 weeks with the help of a>> All you guys should try it.
Effective natural remedies, prevention, lifestyle changes and diet for diabetes

Oh hey! Have you heard the talk about - Kasteshas Breakthrough Diabetes Method (google it) Ive heard some incredible things about it and my auntie got great results with it..
Thank you for this amazing video, it helps really to know how to test sugar level degree in blood
you should wipe the first drawn blood, and squeeze you finger again for blood, then that's the time you will put it onto the stick..

you must disinfect first your finger to be pricked with 70% isoprophyl alcohol and you also have to wipe off the first drop of blood. squeeze again your finger and the second drop of blood will be put on the stick..

Thank you so much for taking the time to do this video...even years later, it is still being watched. It is the basic instructions much needed. hope you are doing well. Sherri.

+Milewskige Guys i get rid of my diabetes upto 95% with the help of >====>> I recommend this website to all you guys who suffering with diabetes..
Thanks I like the tip on least painful pricking site I'm still weirded out about measuring my blood glucose..
▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬ஜ۩۞۩ஜ▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬ NATURAL DİABETES ▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬ஜ۩۞۩ஜ▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬.

Thanks a lot, I really appreciate ur way of teaching. Now I can help my father and mother who are diabetic patients..

Appreciate video content! Sorry for the intrusion, I would love your opinion. Have you researched - Sayerdsan Level Sugar Secret (do a google search) Ive heard some super things about it and my close friend Aubrey after many years eradicated the uncontrollable diabetes problem with it..

Alright there! Have you considered - flowen epic social system (search on google) Ive seen some pretty good things about it and my GF had excellent success with it. .

A year ago my doc said that I am diabetic even though I felt fine, prescribed the test kit and 100 extra strips and 100 extra lancets to be used twice daily.. So I got all this stuff, stuck it in a cupboard out of sight, then forgot about it. I still feel great so what gives .
Diabetes is a disease where you don't physically feel the affects but your blood vessels and heart pay the price. With a constant high blood sugar level your vessels become sugar coated and start to shrink so your blood pressure will go up. With an increased BP your heart will have to pump harder and eventually become bigger which may lead to heart failure. You may also develop cataracts in your eyes and your feeling of touch may start to decrease over time.. carrying around a glucose meter is enough work, let alone a journal and a pen. It would be better to automate the process and retain the numbers in digital format this way you can keep track of how the conditions is managed. .
What about finding a way to reverse type 2 diabetes impossible
Different countries/kits may use different units hence the varied numbers. Fasting plasma glucose of 3.9 to 7.2 mmol/L is equivalent to about 70–130 mg/dL..
Where do these crazy low numbers come from. I'm used to seeing any where from 100 up to a little over 200.

Kudos for the Video clip! Forgive me for butting in, I am interested in your thoughts. Have you heard about - Carpio Incredible Diabetes Bulldozer (probably on Google) Ive heard some super things about it and my friend Sam at very last removed the annoying diabetes issue with it..

I have fasting plasma at 5.5 approx, but my questing is, 2 hours after meal on afternoon I usually have 7.5, but 2 hours after meal at night I have lower usually, even if I eat the same food, approx 5.8 then, how come .
+BOb Saget I really suggest getting into a doctor it could be sign of a much more worse problems as well. Weight gain could be fluid retention from failing kidneys with the extreme thirst. Tests are really the best way to find out.. Great video and well done. Great and helpful responses too. Just found out have diabetes at 47. To Ayman, I freaked, but we move on, and stay focused on the good things we have. I had OCD/Acute Anxiety like at 6 yrs olds, and it sucks. I freaked too at first, but you'll get through it I am sure, just a little comment, for what it's worth. Best of luck to you all and thanks again for informative video. Peace. . I have diabetes too and I'm only 10 right now my blood glucose is no where near 3.6 wayyy to low mine right now is over 600.
mmol/l mg/dl interpretation 2.0 35 extremely low, danger of unconciousness 3.0 55 low, marginal insulin reaction 4.0 75 slightly low, first symptoms of lethargy etc. 5.5 100 mecca 5 - 6 90-110 normal preprandial in nondiabetics 8.0 150 normal postprandial in nondiabetics 10.0 180 maximum postprandial in nondiabetics 11.0 200 15.0 270 a little high to very high depending on patient 16.5 300 20.0 360 getting up there 22 400 max mg/dl for some meters and strips 33 600 high danger of severe electrolyte imbalance Preprandial = before meal Postprandial = after meal

interesting points ,if anyone else wants to discover how can diabetes be prevented try Panlarko Amazing Diabetes Planner (Have a quick look on google cant remember the place now ) Ive heard some awesome things about it and my mate got excellent success with it..
To avoid stick injuries, don't put the top back onto the lancet, just pop it straight into the sharps bin.. You have to remove your first blood with alcohol swag and drop your second drop of blood into the machine !.
I don't mean to sound ignorant or anything, but you guys measure your blood glucose levels in number.number I'm used to "100" popping up on my screen when my blood glucose is 100. Is there a certain setting on the meter to do that or something.

2 AnabolicMutant not all areas in your body are highly vascular. for adults, the side of the finger is chosen because it is highly vascular and contains less nerve endings. for babies, the heel of the foot is chosen. also, the side of the finger is less sensitive to pain while the tip of the finger has a dense nerve supply. the puncture site always matters because any alteration can affect the results..

Yes!!! this it best product for test glucose in you blood This monitoring device also works hand in hand with the One Touch Ultra Meter in determining blood glucose level at good article for Deals .
I never record my results in a Diary. It is rather annoying to do it every time, since I check my blood-glucose at least six times a day. Sometimes more than that. My Monitor keeps records of what my blood-glucose has been running, anyway. . If you looking for new technology to help monitor blood glucose levels in an active, fast paced lifestyle, try Gmate Smart. The GmateTM blood glucose monitoring system is diabetic technology that makes life simple for consumers. GmateTM SMART is the smallest and most innovative meter in the world and works with the iPhone and with this you can say good bye to your log book. . That would Suck for any one that accidently put their hand in the garbage or near a shrps container or was the person who disposed of sharps containers :p.
Nooo cause then there is alchachol on your finger and blood, you should not contaminate Your blood ! I like to Cap. Random letters... sorry Huggs.
Why do people insist so much on doing the finger just because other people say that is where to site the lancet SILLY in my view!!!! Blood is blood is blood, whether it is done in your arm, your finger, your foot, your arse, or even you head... it doesn't bloody matter so long as it bleeds where you stab!!.
2 phleboedu1 I don't know if you know this, but we stopped using alco wipes a long time ago because using them 3 or more times a day every single day on a diabetic irritates the skin and dries it out. His technique for testing was very good, the same as a nurse would do in a hospital. .
I don't know about anyone else, but if I was at 3.6 I'd be feeling rough, I was at 4 the other day and I was in a bad state haha. I guess its different for everyone. Hey, have you heard about diabno It helps you to produce more insulin naturally and therefore reverses the diabetes. Google "Diabno" for info. Cvs/pharmacy Advance Glucose Meter Test Strips...

December 22, 2015
Dexcom CGM and Pharmacy. Continous Glucose Monitoring keeps your patient. One Step Ahead by unveiling dynamic glucose patterns. What is CGM. i1
Dexcom CGM and Pharmacy | Dexcom

December 31, 2015
Buy Walgreens No-Stick Glucose Test with free shipping on orders over $35, low prices & product reviews | i2
Walgreens No-Stick Glucose Test |

December 29, 2015
Jun 20, 2014... A home blood glucose test measures the amount of a type of sugar, called glucose, in your blood at the time of testing. The test can be done at. i3
Home Blood Glucose Test - WebMD

December 26, 2015

Comments about this video:

Keto-Diastix Bayer Reagent Strips for Urinalysis... -

December 20, 2015
A blood glucose test is recommended by the American Diabetes Association... Cholesterol and Blood Glucose Tests are available at Walgreens Pharmacy for. i5
Cholesterol & Blood Glucose Test - Walgreens

December 23, 2015
SEROQUEL GLUCOSE LEVELS. Advantageous and convenient online shopping. Reliable and affordable internet drugstore. Internet pharmacy with affordable. i6
Seroquel glucose levels - Efficient medications from trustworthy...

December 28, 2015
Buy OneTouch Ultra 2 Blood Glucose Monitoring System with free shipping on orders over $35, low prices & product reviews | i7
OneTouch Ultra 2 Blood Glucose Monitoring System |

December 30, 2015

Comments about this video:
Im 33yrs old having blood sugar issues. Undiagnosed but i believe I am insulin resistant. I will be getting tested this week. I purchased this today to monitor my blood, had no clue how to use it, I thought u jus prick and it reads. After this video i understand and i have it working. Just wanted to say good luck on ur career. Thank u for taking the time out or your life to help people like me who are in need. Thank u..

50mg of synthroid and blood glucose - online drugstore - Esed

December 24, 2015
Shop Blood Test Strips online. Find a great selection, low prices, product reviews and more at i9
glucose blood test strips -

December 19, 2015
Find the best prices on diabetic test strips, syringes, and needles from Find brands like Accu-Chek, Truetest, and Bayer and get Free. i10
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December 27, 2015
Buy iSens CareSens N Blood Glucose Test Strips with free shipping on orders over $35, low prices & product reviews | i11
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December 18, 2015

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Continuous Glucose Monitors Coming to Pharmacies | MDDI...

January 1, 2016
When blood glucose is properly controlled, your risk of diabetic complications may be reduced. At, we can help you to take control of your health . i13
Diabetic Monitors & Kits |

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January 2, 2016

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Male Size Enlargement - Jan 23, 2016

November 11, 2015
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December 24, 2015
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November 9, 2015
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January 21, 2016

Comments about this video:
Hi, I just bought it and tried it and so far I like it. But don't you think that it is really similar to Magic Nude Liquid Powder by L'Oreal I would like your opinion on this. Thanks!. +MakeupByTiffanyD Thanks for this comment! You are right, the L'Oreal one is more thin. I think that the CG has a powdery finish like the L'Oreal one. I just bought the CG (today) after viewing your review on this product. I couldn't wait to try it! But, I will have to wear it more to see how I like it. Thanks a lot! :).
Hi Tiffany! Can you do a review on this a few months after you have the baby Would like to see if it still works the same way for you post partum. Thank You :).

It did oxidize on me. It was fine at first (a little bit dark, but I'm really fair-skinned), but then it just got darker..
It oxidized on my skin as well. I am a bit more medium skin toned than Tiffany and I bought the 115 as well. It is way to light when I first put it on but after 30 mins or so it looks perfect. Finding the right shade is key and then this foundation is the best.. Thanks Tiffany! You're the only beauty guru that I absolutely trust! You've never steered me wrong! . I totally agree! This foundation is just AMAZING! I also have oily/combination skin and only used high end foundations, but now I only use this one! Totally recommend it!.
Would it work well for dry skin You make it sound so amazing that I want to try it. ♥ Elle.
This is the best drugstore foundation I have found. I have dry skin, and I always use it with a primer..
Was about to ask the same thing! My skin is incredibly dry. I've got $1 off coupon for this, definitely going to pick it up this weekend!.
I have to say that two times you "talked me into" buying some foundations and they both worked out perfect. The first was the IT CC cream, the second was this foundation. Love them both. They work so well for my oily skin. Thanks..
I was so disappointed that they don't have a light enough shade to match me. 105 is waaaay too yellow .
My favorite foundation for over 10 years has been the cover girl foundation in the box with the Olay logo on it. It is less yellow and I'm very pale so I'm the lightest shade. Maybe that will work better for you..
I have the same problem. I mix the 105 and 110 together slightly more 105 for me and it works great!!.
after hearing you talking about this so much and giving such good reviews, I decided to try this. I have super oily skin that can get a bit dry on the cheeks, have large pores and redness. so it's very hard to find a foundation that will work with all these things. this is awesome though! I haven't tried it all day, so I don't know about the staying power yet, but the color I got matched me perfectly and canceled out the redness, blended into my skin perfect, so pores were way less visible, with a nice matte finish that felt very light (not even noticeable). I love this stuff already and I just got it. Thanks for the recommendation! And I haven't even tried it with a primer and setting powder. the fact that it is cheap and easy to find is great too. awesome!.
great minds think a like :) me too girl I literally will put coco butter or shea butter as a moisturizer after I wash my face it makes it more flawless :)) I def will tell my mom to try this foundation out cause she has oily skin she would love this foundation :))) I will try it out as well I like trying out foundations :) your makeup is so pretty and so are you :) thanks for sharing xoxo- girlwitconfidence1.
I had a dream or nightmare I should say, where my makeup literally was sliding off my face... I was wearing a silicone based primer in my dream, and since that dream, I have a hard time wearing a silicone based primer! Lol.. Thought I would share that. Lol . I don't know if you've ever tried them but my Neutrogena Skin Clearing Foundation in combination with my Nyx Dewy Finish Long Lasting Setting Spray is literally perfect! My HG, Tiffany. . Definitely going to have to try this one out! I'm super fair, so I might have to wait until summer when my skin is a bit darker, but it is on my list now!. I just felt that for me, to get enough coverage, I had to use a lot of this foundation compared to others and it looked cakey. Other foundations I can layer more without that cakey look or get a fuller coverage with less product. Just my opinion, but I have drier skin as well. . +Luz Infante They originally (and still are) sold on QVC. They have really good specials! QVC is an awesome place to get IT.. I also love this foundation and I own shades 105 and 120, however they are too dark for me. I am pretty fair and the 105, the lightest shade, is too dark. So aggravating! . If you go to Hot Topic, they have this thing called Manic Panic Dream Tone and it's a white foundation base to mix in. I have no clue what the price is, but it's cheaper than Illamasqua's equivalent..
I bought this foundation on a whim two months ago for my oily/combination skin and it is literally my little miracle product. It has helped my skin so much and has even somehow cleared me up! This is definitely my new all-time FAVORITE!!!!!!.

I just purchased this foundation in the color 215 warm beige and I agree with everything you said I was even surprised because my face was matte the whole day and I have an oily T zone.
I love this review you make me want to run to the store and get it right now lol. Having very similar skin issues I appreciate the in depth details of how it worked for you. Amazing as always Tiffany! I'll be sure to update on how it goes for me!. I bought this a few months ago based on this review and have LOVED it, in fact I just bought a second tube. I love that it has a more neutral undertone! . I just tried this today and so far so good! I like that it blends very well. I applied it easily with a foundation brush. The next test is to see if it lasts all day, but for the few hours I wore it today it worked well! .
Yes! I was so surprised to see how well this worked for me. I saw it on another video a few weeks ago and the person raved about it so I decided to give it a try and I am so glad that I did :) I go between this one and the Rimmel Stay Matte but I prefer this one! And it's so cheap! I feel like I won the foundation lottery lol.
I used to have the Rimmel Stay Matte and this packaging reminds me of that! I loved it but ran out and never bought it again. Good to know this is even better than that! Thanks..
So do you think this is better than the CG 3 in 1 foundation I think that stuff is amazing. Can you also compare it to Estee Lauder Double Wear.
I love this foundation, I used it everyday. I got a sample of the Clinique Stay Matte foundation. I absolutely love it. It's my new everyday foundation. It's the happy medium between the Ready, Set, Gorgeous and the Matte Velvet. . Ive been contemplating this foundation since it came out... Where I live in Canada its $14 but Ill be going out today to get it! Thanks for the review :). I have had this in my make-up bin for a few weeks but was waiting to use up my other fountation (Rimmel Lasting Finish). I used it for the first time yeasterday and it was so much better then anything that I have used before (including my name brand stuff). I have bad acne and this worked perfect.. Thank you!!! I am so so so happy! I have almost the exact same problem with my skin (not because of pregnancy, I think it's because I'm getting closer to the day I start my period). I have an oily nose, T-zone, and chin, but the rest of my face is normal. I feel like this foundation will save the day. Thanks so much!. I bet you would also love the garnier oil free BB cream! It is veryyyy similar and you get a TON of product... I literally buy only 2 tubes per year... OMG, noone tells you that you should never wear nails polishes while being pregnant OMG! It is harmful for the baby! Pregnant women should never wear nail polishes..
Okay I was afraid to try this foundation a couple of months ago because I've NEVER had a good experience with Cover Girl products, however, this stuff is the! I LOVE it! It covers well, it doesn't break me out or oxidize on my horrible horrible oily skin It's not quite full coverage but I prefer it that way, people when seeing me wear this tell me my skin looks great! .
I bought this the other day because of you and I LOVE it! My blush and bronzer actually stayed all day!!.
I just picked this up today and couldn't have been any happier!!! The coverage is amazing and makes my face look so fresh .
I really wanted to like this foundation. I bought the 115 and it was too dark so I went back and bought the 110. Within an hour, it had oxidized on my skin and I look like an Oompa Loompa. I'm going back to the IT Cosmetics CC Cream. I've loved that product ever since you did a review on it a few months ago..
I got this foundation per your recommendation and I love it! Plus you can't beat the price! Thanks for the review:) xo .
Does the foundation look good in photography I'm always concerned that flash photos will make me look like a ghost..
Tired it and it's so orange and thick and splotchy, even after it set it never looked good. (I have pale normal skin FYI). I tried the 110 and 115 as those were the lightest I could find. I normally use NYX, but love MakeUp Forever for a pricey option..
Finally tried this foundation based off your recommendation and you were right! No touch ups all day and I even have oily skin! The color is perfect as well as the finish. Thanks for the video!.
I just got this foundation and I have to say I agree with you its freakin' amazing!! Builds up very well and covers my hyper pigmentation from old acne.. BTW great review!.
I bought this the other day because of you! It doesn't accentuate dry patches as much as your typical oily skin foundation so it's great for winter as my skin becomes more combo instead of just oily.
I normally only use fragrance free foundations cause I have sensitive skin. I'm currently using the Smashbox CC cream. Of course this is cheaper! Would you say the fragrance in this is light, medium, or strong. I just bought this foundation based on your recommendation and I'm so glad I did. I know if you like it and it looks good on you then its a safe bet that it will work for me. We have the same skin type, skin tone, eye color and my hair is just a tad darker, oddly enough lol, and we both have retrievers :). But this foundation worked amazing for me, and my go too has been the NARS sheer glow foundation. $7 vs $45, i'll take the drugstore version any day. .
I couldn't agree more and surprised this foundation hasn't been talked about more. I have always had a problem with cover girl foundation beings either to pink or oxidizing really bad. I didn't have either problem with this foundation. I used shade 215 this summer and now using 205, while I found that 210 was too pink I was glad that there was an option that was more yellow based. I usually wear this around 11-12 hours a day and don't have a problem with it wearing off in places (chin is normally what wears off first for me). I also have problem with dry patches and find that applying it with a damp beauty blender it don't accentuate them :) I am almost out and need to go repurchase my 3rd bottle. This product is amazing and one of the cheapest drugstore foundations..

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December 7, 2015
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November 18, 2015
You save a lot of cash on diabetic issues medicine by shopping online drugstore. You might have your issues delivered on a monthly basis... i6
Duramale finland - Buy Prescription Medications - Dec 10, 2015

December 9, 2015
GlucoLo Anti-Diabetes NoFlam Anti-Arthritis VitoLiv Liver Health VitoLax Laxative FitoDerm... Before you rush to the drugstore to buy an over the counter (OTC)... i7
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December 4, 2015

Comments about this video:
Ahh you're getting so close! I can't wait for pictures of her in these adorable outfits! 😃💗.
I live in Italy (and 30 weeks pregnant) and here they do glucose test on an empty stomach and really early in the morning! Fortunately my blood analysis were good to go and I didn't need to take the glucose test at all ^_*.

Uh huh. How many comments later and endless berating of the company that's simply offering a product, this is just now your response..
+JessieBanana I was never "endlessly berating the company" I was making fun of the sheep who buy into this notion that everything containing gluten must be evil. You missed the point, but then again most people do which is why the notion of "gluten free" is so successfully mass marketed..
It s funny the glucose test is différent un France. Takin' It Wright now, it takes 2hours so I'm rewatching my favorite vlogger's videos while i wait ! Thanks Tiffany ! .
Love your pregnancy vlogs! I'm at 29 weeks tomorrow and came across your channel and, of course, had to watch the 29 week video. ;) I'll be doing the glucose test soon so thanks for the extra tips!. When I had my son 14 years ago that glucose drink was terrible! It was the sweetest beverage EVER and it did reach mythical status but they changed it so...AWESOME!. I always chug the drink. It is really sweet, like really really sweet, but it's not terrible. I have always had to drink it on an empty stomach, but I think that depends on your doctor. Congrats on your pregnancy! It's been fun to see your updates. I just had baby #4 2 months ago. Doing pregnancy videos was really fun for me.. Tiffany- read The Bradley Method. Even if you're not going to do an all natural birth, it gives GREAT pointers and info. It helped me a ton with my second. :). The Bradley method of breathing helped me so much. I was able to have a completely natural epidural or drugs. I think so many women freak out at the first contraction and have no idea about what's going on with their body. Classes are so helpful in every way and teach the husbands what they can do during labor and delivery to help you along and make you comfortable.. I had the glucose test and i thought it was no big deal but unfortunatly I have gestational diabetes which sucks but least itll only last a few more months...hopfully, btw, love your vids!. The "Shea moisture" brand is so good. I've been loving their shampoo and body wash, it smells amazing and your baby will smell like that for couple days. .
Hi Tiffany! I'm loving the baby updates! I watched all of them at once and I can't wait for the next one! I just wanted to let you know that some videos are in the wrong order in the Pregnancy Playlist ;) .

If you can, find a child birth class at your local ywca, or some other organization. It doesn't have to be through the hospital. As a first time mother, you will find the class really helpful. At the very least, you will learn what to expect, and how to get through it with a minimum of pain, and maximum confidence. Super important! good luck!.
The three hour glucose test really is TERRIBLE. The drink is the same size, but twice the sugar level, it really has a syrup consistency. You also have to fast before it for 12 hours, so it hits your stomach like a ton of bricks! Then you still can't eat during the whole test, so you're feeling light headed from not eating since the night before and nauseous from the sugar! Fun stuff :) Luckily I passed! . The only thing I would wash is the first few baby clothes for the first few days. You never know the size of your baby! then you can quickly wash at least most of your first size..
Definitely good advice. So many people take tags off and wash everything but they may get no use out the clothes. Also, technology is always improving but sometimes the estimates of weight are way off. My sister was supposed to be on the heavier side of average birth weight and she was 6 lbs. you just never know for sure. Best to be prepared but have the option to take things back!.
I'm 22, have never had a baby, and don't even think I ever want to, but I LOVE watching these videos. Is that weird. It's perfectly normal to be interested in watching someone else go through an interesting, huge, period of life. Especially if you aren't going to experience that thing for yourself, it makes even more sense to be interested in someone else's experience.. Congratulations to you and your Husband on the arrival of the most precious gift. I do have a very important piece of advice for you that I felt was priceless when I researched information about car seats. Please, please, please make sure to do this before the baby comes. This is free and they say that most people do NOT install their car seat correctly per manufacturer's installation directions. O.k. here is my info...take a drive to the nearest Fire Department closest to your house and the Fire Department strongly encourages all parents to make sure that their car seat is installed correctly. This is free to ALL, first they check to make sure that no recalls are on your specific seat, if your car and the seat will fit into your car or NOT. Any time that you remove the car seat they are so happy that you are bringing it back in to ensure proper installation has been taken place. My Fire Department told me to NEVER attach anything else to the car seat that didn't come with the seat. I was going to install a mirror so I could see my baby and he said that anything that is NOT meant for the car or the seat upon impact of an accident will act like a projectile in the vehicle. The only item that I could place into the car seat when the baby was a newborn was a rolled up receiving blanket to stabilize the babies head. That is it no bells and whistles that you want to make the car seat look cute. They also show you how to properly secure the baby into the car seat. So on your first trip out make it a priority to stop in and see your friendly Fire Department. Most people DON'T secure their babies into the car seat correctly either. O.K. there is my priceless tip of the day and I hope that not only you take my advice but each and every viewer takes a trip to their friendly Fire Department. Good luck and may you have the most special delivery EVER!!!! . +JessieBanana I live in canada and most hospitals here don't. Just make sure that whoever you talk to is a certified car seat technician because there are lots of police officers and nurses that give well meaning advice that is actually very wrong and outdated. . You honestly have the greatest outlook on everything you talk about in these videos, its really great to listen to you!.
I love that shea moisture wash & lotion. my daughter has very sensitive skin and that's what we use for her! .
The explanation of the glucose test was a little light. I am currently at 35 weeks pregnant and i did the test at 17 weeks because I have a history of diabetes in my family. I knew I was going to be positive. Normally your body produces enough insulin for your body but with the growing baby, you need more insulin and your body can't produce it fast enough. Before eating your blood sugar level should be at or below 95 (there are little machines that you can use to test your sugar level). 2 hours after (or 90 minutes after finishing your meal) you should be at or below 120. People with Diabetes are usually above. So you take this bottle of a sugary drink (imagine drinking a super sweet otterpop or orange soda with no gas). 1 hour later they take your sugar level and you need to be below 130. if you come back positive you need to take another test but this time they take your blood level 1 hour, 2 hours and 3 hours after drinking the syrup. Your blood sugar needs to be at a certain level in each one of those blood tests. If positive they control you for a week: you take your blood level at home with the little machine before every meal and 2 hours after every meal. If you are above the 95/120, then you go on insulin. The amount of insulin vary's per person. I did my test at 17 weeks and have been on insulin since week 21. I check my levels before and after every meal (that's 6 controls a day) + 4 shots of insulin a day; 1 with every meal and a last one before I go to bed. Total of 11 needles entering my body a day. I am so ready to have this kid!. How lucky. The insulin is such a pain. i did the control with diet for a week but my sugar levels, especially at midday, did not go down enough. And that was at 19 weeks. As the baby gets bigger, my insulin intake increases dosis. i can't wait for the pregnancy to be over. I'm not a patient person and I want to see my baby but I am also getting tired of so many controls and poking myself all day long. 5 MORE WEEKS!!!!.
+Karideplov for majority of people the way her test went is how it goes. Its unfortunate that yours didnt go like that but that doesn't mean she went "light" on it. Shes giving her experience. .

"I love that the music isn't annoying". Oh, it will be when you listen to it 100 times a day. XD Haha jokes aside, great upload - I love these vlogs :).

Yes leave the tags and don't buy so much new born stuff they out grow the clothing so fast I didn't even use most of the stuff that I had because she had to much.

Don't forget to pick up a couple preemie sized outfits. My babies were so small that the newborn outfits were way too big for them. My full term babies had to start in the preemie size too. My babies weights were 6'3 and 19 inches, 6'10 and 191/2 inches, 5'11and 19 inches, 7'2 and 18 inches and my last was 7'1 and 18 1/4 inches. My sisters was 20 inches and still wore preemie size for two weeks. Also don't forget the nipple cream if you're going to be nursing I'd get a cream called utter cream. It works wonders. Also if baby goes longer then two hours without eating and is sleeping then let her sleep. Trust me she will wake up when she's hungry. Also feed on demand. The first poops look like tar and are very hard to clean and makes a huge mess. Skip the wipes and just use a warm wash cloth because the wipes never work good enough. One last thing. With a girl is after she's born if she has spotting or goop coming out of her girl parts don't panic! It's just your hormones coming out of her little body. Congrats on having your daughter on the way. There's nothing in the world like being a mommy. Enjoy every moment, even the stressful ones because it goes by so fast. My oldest baby is almost 16 now and it seem like yesterday I was bringing her home. My youngest is now two. .
Interesting to learn that about girls! I do agree with sizing. You just never know. My sister and I were full term (I was a week late) but both of us were 6 lbs and some oz. And many of my friends and family still mention their baby is estimated to be larger or smaller for weight and it's not always accurate. Seemed to be inaccurate most of the time but could just be coincidence with the people I know.
Janie & Jack has the cutest stuff! Those gloves are to die for!! The wubbanub is a LIFESAVER!!!! =) I've been dying for those FP gold dot moccs forever!!! My daughter has a gold pair from another store and they're literally the BEST shoes!!! They do stay on really well. I definitely need to try that baby wash. My daughter has a history of eczema, food allergies and generally sensitive skin. It's definitely a bummer to not have that baby smell, but fragrance can be really awful for some baby skin..
Babe you should take the birthing class, look elsewhere, I'm a birthing nurse, if you don't you'll regret it . Clearly you have never had a baby or seen one born saying that statement ! Absolutely one can practice breathing and learning how to relax with the contractions of labor, you people are a complete joke . Or maybe you have had a baby but I bet you had your epidural just like all the rest, well in the area where I live real women give birth without drugs or epidurals for that matter, they like the experience and treasure the experience and yes go at least to a birthing class for their first baby to learn breathing techniques and relaxation techniques for a more positive experience . Honestly I think if you watch A Baby Story and some birthing videos on babycenter you will be fine without doing the birthing classes.
all that's helpful to know from them is just the variations in which your baby could potentially be born because you should be prepared for it not necessarily going according to your birth plan and know potentially things the doctors would talk to you about. When in the pain of labor, you naturally find a breathing pattern that helps..

I wish women knew more about this test. It just causes a lot of worry and the drink is way unhealthy. Just go out and buy a glucose monitor and check it once or twice a day. Write those numbers down and take to your dr. .
Didn't mean to insult you, your profession or believes. Yes! My contractions started, waited until they were 5 minutes apart to go to hospital. Doctor waited until I was 4 centimeters dilated to give me the epidural. From then on it was great. I'm not against natural birth at all. If you want to experience pain, go for it! I am 100% in favor of enjoying the moment painless 👍. I am so happy for you Tiffany! I've have seen you grow (you were one of my first youtuber beauty gurus I saw) and I am so so happy really for both of you! The best of luck on everything! :) . Love this video! I live in New Zealand and the glucose drink we are offered is like a strong but flat lemonade but is very very sweet. My first pregnancy I gave up sugar for like a week to prepare for that test and wow that was a big mistake as I ended up throwing up after the drink haha. This time with my second pregnancy I just went in normal and it wasn't as bad. .
I'd have to say though, as easy as the test is, I do dred doing it again if we have another child haha..
I have a 2 month year old baby girl and I went crazy shopping for her but didn't wear most of them...they grow so fast!!! But enjoy every moment of it!!.
Leave the tags on everythingggg. My sister just had a baby, he outgrew his newborn / 0-1 month sizes before he was a month old. He's 2.5 months now, and is wearing 6 month clothing. My sister stupidly took the tags off stuff before he even got here and now can't return the stuff he never even wore. My friend also had a baby recently, she got a big Manila envelope and put her daughters name on it, and saved ALL the receipts from the baby stuff, and saved a lot of the tags with the scanner pieces on them do if the baby ever didn't wear anything, or there was a problem with the item she could return it. Saved her a bunch by keeping that stuff.
Will they take stuff back if the clothes are washed but just not the right size and nothing is wrong with them. Target did. I had the receipt, the tags, and all the outfit pieces. They gave me it on a gift card, they wouldn't give me cash or put the $ back on my credit card, but it's not like I won't use a target card, so it worked out. Not sure about other stores. I know the children's place and kohls are good about returns. Some Dr's want their pregnant patients to fast for the 1 hour glucose test...since they want a fasting level along with a 1 hour draw after the glucose.. Glad you got to eat first...
my son was 8#7oz when he was born and 21.5 inches long and the normal clothes fit him way too big. i bought him 3-4 premiee outfits and they fit him perfectly. plus he lost weight in the hopsital so the 0-3 were way too big. my suggestion is to get just a few small premiee outfits especially for pictures! :).
really cute things, this will be one very loved-stylish baby! Girls things are always so cute-makes me want a baby too-congrats! btw did I miss it or have you announced the baby's name. why do they need to do this test so late in the pregnancy.. wouldnt it be important to know earlier rather than right before the baby is due. Usually your pancreas produces enough insulin for your body and the growing baby at the beginning. When the baby starts to gain weight quickly is when some woman can't keep up with the insulin demand. however, if you are overweight or have family history of diabetes, they usually do it before. i was tested at 17 weeks and have been taking insulin since 21 weeks. It's a pain in the butt. .
We just had our first baby in July and didn't take a real birthing class. We actually did an online version through Baby Center, and felt plenty prepared! You're so right about whatever happens is gonna happen regardless. I had all these ideas about pushing out the baby but ended up with a c section and never needed to push! Best of luck and enjoy your last trimester :).

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November 5, 2015
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Duramale finland - Buy Prescription Medications - Dec 10, 2015

November 15, 2015
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December 13, 2015

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+Dr. John Campbell Thanks for your reply Dr. John Campbell. I'm currently attending pharmacy school at the University of Oklahoma Health Sciences Center (OUHSC) in the US. Despite having learned some of this material, you never cease to amaze me in the respect that I always learn something new or see things from a different angle whenever I watch your videos. Even before I was accepted into the program, you helped me study for the biology section of the pharmacy college admissions test/PCAT for which I got a 99% on, so I appreciate everything!.
Sorry to report some mistakes in this nicely presented lecture. At 5:00, you mention all energy is provided by the mitochondria. Glycolysis produces ATP from glucose and takes place in the cytosol, not in the mitochondria. At 5:30, you mention that you need oxygen to create energy. Glycolysis does not require oxygen. Simplification is good, but to state all energy comes from the mitochondria is really just incorrect.. You have helped me so much! I have an exam on Tuesday and this has been amazing explaining blood sugar control. Thank you .

Vitoliv pharmacy - Buy Products In Vito Mol - Nov 5, 2015

November 6, 2015
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November 16, 2015
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I didn't know there was an issue with face products while pregnant! All three OBGYN specialist I have been to during my high risk have said there is NOTHING to worry about with any of that..
Totally agree with you! I'm pregnant and I used to worry and my dr said the same thing that your skin can absorb such a minuscule amount that there's no risk with skin products during pregnancy!. I think it's mostly about all of the unknown junk and chemicals in the products we use these days most of which are not tested for safety (for pregnant women or babies). Skin is the biggest organ it makes sense to be careful about what goes on it as it does go in to our body.. Having a baby in your belly changes the amount of room you have for your lungs to expand and so breathing is different from before getting pregnant. The Organic line had to change their name to Ogx bc they were making false claims to be organic. At best it's just a sulfate free shampoo. .
It's not harmful, it's still sulfate free which is beneficial. It just contains a lot of unnecessary filler ingredients also..

Love it, drug store...hard to find! Found mine at Walgreens, and bought the trial size to see if I was gonna like it! Soo good!.

Good haul. You got so many of my fav products. I would be very interested to hear more about that Ready Set Gorgeous Foundation. ♥ Elle.
I love that foundation. Definitely not a matte finish, more like a semi matte natural finish, but I think that is why I like it more because my skin is combo. Totally fan girling right now because Tiffany uses the same shade as me ;).
I discovered morracon oil shampoo this year and obsess with it. It has help tame my frizz so much. I haven't tried the yes to carrot brand but will do! Love the haul Tiffany. Hope you and baby girl are doing well..
You should try the DHC Deep Cleansing Oil! Its really natural and I like it better than the Boscia cleansing oil that you mentioned. I have both products and actually prefer the DHC :) The company bases their products on natural ingredients.. perfect for you since you are pregnant :) . I have that on my hands too!! It's gotten so bad that it has worked it way up my arms and on to my elbows! This just started earlier this year and it only flares up every once in a while. My cousin's kids have severe eczema and their doctor told her to let them soak in Epsom salt when they take a bath and that helps a lot! .
I had an allergy to a chemical at work and got contact dermatitis and then it kinda was like eczema. Soo dry and itchy and red patches... the Aveeno eczema is good but I slightly like the Cera Ve body lotion better and feels kinda watery when you rub it in. Which I like better than the greasy feel..
I got those red patches on the back of my hands and discovered it was from my foundation I was squirting on my hand before putting it on my face. .
i get eczema on my hands too and thats how it looks as well. coconut oil is the best because it has no water in it and water can continue to dry out your hands. .

I think you would love the first aid beauty ultra repair cream!! It has colloidal oat to treat eczema, but it's just an excellent all around moisturizer for face and body. The 2oz is 12 dollars and its a lifesaver for me!.
Does anyone know where her necklace is from The statement necklace I would have thought Baublebar but I don't see it on their website .
I love the Skin Md Natural lotion. It is the best lotion for dry legs especially right after a hot shower. It kinda pricy though but a little goes a long way!.
I love the Gardiner deep conditioner it is my favorite product I have the shampoo and conditioner also I bought the whole set very good products. Where do you buy the Skin MD lotion I purchased it after watching the first video that you mentioned and was able to find it at Walgreens but now I don't seem to have luck anywhere!. Great haul Tiffany! I can't wait to hear what you think about the Cover Girl foundation, and Waylan is so adorable - I want to see more of him :) .
I need to try some face masks! I want to try the Freeman charcoal sugar scrub and the peel off cucumber mask but I haven't gotten around to it. .
i really like that covergirl foundation for everyday kind of coverage. i'd say it's light/medium coverage & natural finish. thumbs up from my part! :).
I love the OGX Biotin and Collagen Shampoo! I use the conditioner as well, & it works great too. I have to try out that morroccan argan conditioner next time. .

I get the exact same thing on my hands in the winter. I had been using super heavy duty prescription cream (ammonium lactate), but then I figured out something way easy, cheap, and better. When you wash your hands in the morning (like after doing your hair/makeup), apply a thin layer of Vaseline (cocoa butter kind smells great) after washing with soap, and then continue rinsing your hands a bit before drying off. The Vaseline will continue protect your hands from drying out, but you won't feel it on your hands at all (as you would if you applied it to dry skin). I figure that using the fewest # of ingredients on a problem area is sometimes the best (eliminating things that may irritate it further)..

My hubby had the same hand problem. It was from the diet Pepsi he would drink. Try phasing out foods or drinks to find the cause. .

Good video as well. For facial cleansing wipes I would suggest the Burt's Bee one. It's really gentle but gets makeup off well. I also get weird eczema patches too! Aquaphor is what seems to keep it at bay for me. :-) .
If those red patches on your hands kind of look like burns, are itchy and feel rough that's probably eczema. I have it right know on the sides of my jaw, previously when I had it in the same place I used Eucerin Original Healing Soothing Repair Creme, will see if it will help me this time :).
hey tiffany,i used to use the marronoil hair repair mask and the nurshing mask while i was pregant which did wonders to my hair and combined with the wen products which are natural. It is very importend to give your hair all it needs hair is death,so it needs more pampering then skin..

I was wondering if you have mentioned or maybe i missed it...what is a great hair product that gives volume..a bit of texture & helps your style last. Your hair is like mine..i have very fine & straight hair but a lot if i am not a huge hair product person..i dont like products that you can really tell are in ur hair like certain dry shampoos or certain products that make ur hair feel super heavy..idk..i know u recently got that living proof 3 in 1 thing..but what are ur fave hair product either high/low end for our type of hair.
Love the frizz-ease line of products! You should do a makeup tutorial of your makeup in this video and a video of a tour of your bedroom closet and then new makeup room :) I love closet tours!.
Hey Tiffany! Wondering how your gold necklace stayed so "gold"! I have the same one from bauble bar amd it turned on me! Any tips.
Tiffany... I just wanted to recommend you try the Wella fine/normal hair deep conditioner. Its amazing stuff. I love it and my hair is just like yours. My hair is fine but needs alot of moisture especially my ends get dry and everything usually weighs my hair down or makes it greasy except the Wella.. I don't know if you have them over there yet Tiffany, but Garnier make ultimate blends shampoo and conditioner and I will not use anything else since I found them. I have very fine hair and I found the Amazing transformer one made my hair feel thicker.. for those interested in the Organix line of hair care products, the coconut conditioner is by far THE BEST conditioner I've ever used. it has transformed my hair!. I agree, i think the garnier makeup wipes are my favorite after trying a bunch of a different brands! . I have the same problem on my hands during the fall/winter never get it anywhere else, I was also pregnant this last winter so it was even worse, the udderly smooth lotion worked amazing it's a cow printed bottle, I loved it! .
Let me know how you like the Garnier mask...I bought it because my Macadamia is almost gone. I haven't used it yet.
Try the Neutrogena hand cream! It's amazing and they make a little bottle to fit in your purse! It is superb. I have the same issue with my hands getting dry and chapped during the winter!!!!! The only product that I've found that heals them is the Cetaphil RestoraDerm Skin Restoring Moisturizer. It is AMAZING!! Non greasy, super light, soaks in quickly, and completely heals my dryness! You should totally check it out!!!!!.
You should also try the Garnier Sleek and Shine conditioner. It is the best. It doesn't make my hair tangly or anything and it's super moisturizing too.
Two suggestions, milani gel eyeshadows from the drugstore. I dont shop for makeup at drugstores but I saw them and bought two to try them out and OMG I'm in love with them. They are so creamy and pigmentation is amazing. I went back and bought 5 more. Second suggestion, in the beginning of the year I was suffering from horrible breakouts and wanted to find something natural. Lush Cosmetics makes a face cleanser called herbalism it is AMAZING and my face has never been more clear. Its so gentle and has so much good stuff. . Have you tried the makeup wipes from the SIMPLE brand They are seriously amaze balls there's no fragrance no perfumes it literally feels like you're wiping off your makeup with a wet napkin of water but they remove make up so good! Even waterproof eye makeup really good stuff. Talk to your doctor but you can use benzole peroxide. I broke out badly and my ob prescribed it for me when I was pregnant. It does not cross the blood brain barrier. I get the not wanting to use chemicals when you're pregnant but there are things that you can use. I had a high risk ob/gyn and found they are more comfortable with letting you use things that regular ob's won't. The only thing they were strict on was the no retinol. .
have you ever tried Aussie 3 minute miracle! I have the same type of hair and I lovvvvvve it as a daily conditioner! great video BTW! Xoxox.
Loved your video! ♡ I used the garnier conditioner before, leaves ur hair smelling AMAZING!!! But I think the Loreal damage earsing balm works so much better! I ended up going back to it since after using it, makes my hair so much more smoother after blow drying and styling!. Hey Tiffany, I have tried john freida heat spray. But I use tressemme one with keratin. And it's the bomb diggity. I use it as like sunscreen for my hair even when I'm not using hot tools. :). most makeup like foundations and face powders have some SPF in them now, personally lotion with it is better i think but makeup works too....
The more you put up hauls, the more our interests are the same! All of sudden you're buying all this stuff that I swear by and love to use myself! The Yes to Grapefruits is a WONDERFUL scrub. The smell is amazing and I love that it leaves my skin feeling so soft and pretty! Also, I swear by the Aveeno Eczema Lotion. I've been using it since last year and it really helps my hands. Same thing happens with me, when it starts to get colder, my hands freak out and I get weird dry and itchy patches. It works like a charm and has little to no scent, perfect for me! And those biore strips are a GOD sent. Love them so much! And last but not least, the Damage Eraser by Garnier Fructis is AMAZING. not only does it smell SOO good but I love how well it deeply conditions my hair! Couldn't love it anymore!.

Tiffany now that you are going to be a mother i recommend switching to more natural products especially for skin and hair. Most of these products contain nasty staff, please take care of yourself for your baby girl..
i loveee organix shampoos and conditioners! they are the best and have amazing ingredients. great haul! xo from my beauty channel to your's.

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January 18, 2016
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i suggest don't waste your money to become licensed unless you have a job lined up working in hospitals for sure. if you end up working at community pharmacy then there are not much full time licensed tech jobs available at community pharmacy. you can't even pay for insurance, membership for ocp...etc. by working at community pharmacy. And also how many techs are looking forward to working in the hospital All of chances of you scoring a job at the hospitals...good luck!. This video is not realistic. Pharmacy technician at community pharmacy would never check the dosage of the Rx if the dosage is appropriate. This is for the pharmacist!!!.

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November 14, 2015
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January 3, 2016

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I'm doing my pharmacy tech program right now but ill like to know how can i get into this programs.
she forgot to put her mask on. iv room is no longer sterile.. especially if she has a cold :(. This video is not that old, I am surprised that the technician is not wearing a mask or goggles. It is for the protection of the technician but also the patient receiving that drug....
Yeah never re-cap a needle. Even if the only risk is a sterile needle scratches you that requires filling an accident report if you do. There are self-sheathing needles if you can't keep a waste box in the cabinet..

we noted, operator had recapped used needle. Recap used needle would cause sharp injury. Used needle should be discarded into sharps box. .

thank you so much for this these detailed demonstrations!!! i appreciate them very much!!! I have been looking for these demonstrations for months!!!! .
2 b4yonce I'm in high school so I'm not an expert on this; however, I do believe that the venting needle is to equalize the pressure inside the vial as you insert fluid contained in the diluent syringe. Hope that helps. Again, I'm only in high school so I could be wrong..
Thank you very much, this means more to me than you can imagine. This may just get me the hospital job I am interviewing for tomorrow.

Buy fitoderm on line - Buy Products In Vito Mol - Jan 2, 2016

December 16, 2015 Buy Prescription Medications is a online drugstore... Duramale in saudi - For Order Prescription Medications... November 6, 2015. GlucoLo - Anti... i29
Duramale finland - Buy Prescription Medications - Dec 10, 2015

January 20, 2016
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January 1, 2016

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arogyam pure herbal ling vardhak oil - Yahoo Search Results

November 23, 2015
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January 23, 2016
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November 3, 2015
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January 10, 2016

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November 21, 2015
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November 10, 2015

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she wipe up the blood because the first blood considered as dirty..but for us we only do it once and not twice. :).

Why does she handle the test strips like that She touched both ends I thought one had to be more careful than that.
Our dog was cured of diabetes, so I wouldn't say it's incurable nor lifelong. They say the same thing about cancer, yet millions have survived cancer without medical intervention, and no further traces or recurrences of the disease.. It would be much better it you could retain this information and see if you get patterns and trends. Check our DOCTO. where to get the test solution. i just bought Acura plus blood glucose monitoring system. but realise there is no test solution.Any idea what i should do. Check for an 800 phone number in the enclosed instructions of the test strips. I did this with ReliOn Confirm brand (sold at Walmart) and they sent it to me in a first class mail envelope; it was very small plastic bottle with the liquid solution.. +rulan tan There is no way to go to all that crap If one went through that many test strips in a day One would be broke In Australia the late is free.
This is interesting. Was this required of students to create a "how-to" video during their years at CCNY .

Thank you. I've never seen this done and will need to help my daughter master this, I found out today....
2 Michael326 This was a service learning project our group had to do for the fieldsite we were assigned to during our fourth year. .

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January 16, 2016
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December 21, 2015

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December 3, 2015
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Low Blood Sugar Symptoms | Hypoglycemia How to restore my blood sugar: Hypoglycemia, or low blood sugar, is a medical condition that occurs when glucose levels in the blood become too low to effectively fuel the body’s blood cells. “Hypo-“ meaning low, and “-glycemia,” or glucose, meaning related to sugar. The normal range of blood sugar is approximately 70 to 100 mg/dl (milligrams of glucose per deciliter of blood). Blood glucose levels below 70mg/dL are considered abnormal and can be very dangerous. Hypoglycemia may be a condition by itself, or may be a complication of diabetes or other disorders. This condition is most often seen as a complication of diabetes, which is sometimes referred to as insulin reaction. There are many possible causes for hypoglycemia. The body may use up its glucose too quickly, glucose may be released into the bloodstream too slowly, or too much insulin may be released into the bloodstream. Insulin is a hormone that is produced in the pancreas in response to an increase of glucose levels in the body. Its purpose is to reduce the glucose levels in the bloodstream. Common causes of hypoglycemia include: taking insulin or diabetes medicine at the wrong time, taking too much insulin or diabetes medicine, not eating enough during meals or snacks after you have taken insulin or diabetes medicine, skipping meals, postponing meals, exercising more or at a different time than usual and drinking alcohol. An insulin-producing tumor in the pancreas can also be a cause of hypoglycemia. Various signs and symptoms exist that are associated with hypoglycemia. These include but are not limited to: dizziness, double/blurry vision, fast or pounding heartbeat, mood swings, headache, hunger, shaking or trembling, trouble sleeping, sweating, and fatigue. A significant decrease in blood sugar will result in a variety of these symptoms and may sometimes include seizures. In some instances, the individual may feel nauseous or even vomit. Evaluation of these symptoms should include checking for sweating, increased heart rate, nervousness, and confusion as these may all manifest due to hypoglycemia. If these symptoms occur, it is imperative that treatment be received immediately. The quickest way to raise blood glucose and treat hypoglycemia is by ingesting some form of sugar or simple carbohydrates. Many diabetics carry glucose tablets, which contain about 4 g of sugar per tablet, and are usually available at any drug store. Other sources such as fruit, fruit juice, crackers, or hard candies can also provide a quick source of sugar. symptoms of low blood sugar, low blood sugar symptoms, hypoglycemia symptoms, fasting blood sugar, signs of low blood sugar, what is hypoglycemia, normal blood glucose levels, symptoms of hypoglycemia, low blood sugar treatment, good blood sugar levels, how to test blood sugar, blood sugar 101, low blood sugar level, low blood sugar symptoms without diabetes, diabetes low blood sugar, post prandial blood sugar, normal fasting blood glucose, uncontrolled diabetes, do i have diabetes, normal blood sugar levels chart, healthy blood sugar levels, lower blood sugar naturally, lower blood sugar fast, fasting glucose range, what is blood glucose, normal blood glucose levels, blood sugar levels after eating, how to lower blood sugar, effects of low blood sugar, what are normal blood sugar levels, foods that lower blood sugar, what should blood sugar be, low glucose level, causes of low blood sugar, how to lower glucose levels, ways to lower blood sugar, hypoglycemia signs and symptoms, how to reduce blood sugar, dka symptoms, hypoglycemia causes Low Blood Sugar Symptoms Low Blood Sugar Symptoms | Hypoglycemia #lowbloodsugar #lowbloodsugarsymptoms #Hypoglycemia .
Low Blood Sugar (Hypoglycemia) Signs and Symptoms Natural Treatment : #diabetes #lowbloodsugar #bloodpressure .
I suddenly become aware that I am mildly hungry 3/10, but it's escalating fast like a point a minute. I know I have to eat. I feel mild irritableness. I lose the ability to concentrate and focus, unable to follow a conversation. I become extremely sleepy and extremely cold. Finally, I must lie down in bed. So fatigued I will put my pj's on in the middle of the day. With food it takes me 2-3 hrs to recover. Without food I recover in 3-4 hrs. I am not diagnosed diabetic. It happens with extreme exercise or stress. It's possible it is due to low ferritin. I'm hypothyroid, medically corrected. I also feel sad during these episodes..

recently, I've been noticing around 1am (waking up) my body gets really fatigued, i find my having to run downstairs and drink a big glass of milk. I'm not a diabetic, but it is starting to concern me..

sometimes I have these but I don't have diabetes I don't think even though it is on our family but one of symptoms is weight loss but I don't loose weight its just that I cant gain any.. any ideas p.s im thirsty but never hungry.

I have diabetes and as I'm typing this my sugar level is 2.9 and I felt all of these symptoms at once and I ate chocolate a class of milk 2 cookies and a bowl of ice cream because of the hunger .
Sometimes I think that we are so narrow-minded that we cannot see the most obvious things. Treating diabetes is not equal to keeping your blood sugar "normal" - if you are eating SAD, it actually can mean that your cells (including brain) are starving for glucose! The goal here should be to stop those spikes and lows from happening - by reducing fat in bloodstream, which is made by reducing fat in diet.. if you want to do healthy diet we can help you with our natural dietary supplement, interest all us 855-972-1772.
I have been struggling with hypoglycemia. I thought you were supposed to eat simple carbs (fruit) but this made me realize I HARDLY put any protein in my diet. I have been struggling SO HARD to lose weight (need to lose 50lbs) and it seems that my diet is creating this struggle. I am always on the go, what else can I take with protein.

Unfortunately I suffer from hypoglycemic unawareness, which means I can't recognize my blood sugar dangerously slipping down. My boyfriend can even tell I'm low when talking to me on the phone. He'll say Catherine! your blood sugar is low, get some juice! I can't comprehend what he's saying or I'll ignore him. Then he'll have to drive all the way across town to rescue me or call an ambulance. This sucks, happens often and I keep losing jobs because I get low at work..

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October 27, 2015

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Plz explain how to use & when turmeric,pepper & onion with milk or not waiting for ur reply thanks.

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December 17, 2015

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Another update my sis-in-law Sarah is in labor with her baby girl TODAY! Keeping her in my thoughts & excited to see our new niece! :D.
Congratulations Sarah and her baby girl. Next summer Belle and her cousin are going to have so much fun together..
Em, I know this may seem cliche but honestly you do look like your glowing from the inside out.. You look absolutely beautiful..and your skin looks amazing!.
+Amanda D Not that you didn't look amazing before pregnancy lol But you are definitely glowing :).
I'm watching your vlogs along with my own pregnancy and it is crazy how many similiarities we have! I also fell this week in the shower and somehow didn't get hurt at all. So glad you are sharing all of this though, it's like having someone to go through it with :). when i had my first glucose test, i requested cola flavor. she brought me a brown cup with ice. i took a big swig and almost spit it out. "it tastes like coffee!!!" (i detest coffee). she said she had never heard anyone say that before and was surprised. we decided i would try the lemon lime flavor one. a few minutes later, she comes out laughing, she had given me her cup of iced coffee. lol. . Please please do a labor vlog!!! I'm so anxious to see how it goes for you! I have a 1.5 year old daughter. Let me just say, her middle name almost became Epidural. Best. Thing. Ever. . I didnt an epidural because people always made it seem like it was bad. They would your back is going hurt forever blah blah! Well I had to get one because I had to get c-section because I had low fluids and my son had a kidney problem! And let just say my back doesnt hurt at all! I dont have problems with it! I dont see why people would make a big deal! Next baby I will be getting a epidural again for sure but dont get a c-section unless you have too because those are truly painful and it takes so long to recover. Be careful and you look so cute pregnant!.
Re: epidurals. You might want to ask your friends and family about lasting back problems after epidurals. #justsaying.
I also watched that documentary! It is definitely worth the watch, even if it is only to get information that isn't readily available on other platforms put on your radar. . I'm so happy for you! and I'm so glad your hemoglobin is high therefore your iron is good too because you want that when having a baby, I'm anemic which means I have low iron so no baby for me until I can get my hemoglobin high enough.
You should try and make your own ice pops! You can buy molds and pour whatever you want in them to make into an ice pop, yogurt or juice, and add fruit in their too! They are delicious and less sugary depending on the juice or yogurt you use..
Try a lemonade and juice layer! Like a layer of lemonade then juice (my fav is cranberry) its so good!.
I always loved being pregnant too (I have 4 boys). The best is when she's big enough to start rolling and your entire belly slowly moves from one side to the other like a big wave. I've had the glucose test several times and orange was always my favorite flavor lol. Much better than the cola or lemon lime. :o).
Emily, per your recommendation, I went to Dollar General and picked up those ice pops. You weren't kidding! They are SO good! The flavor is awesome and they are almost creamy. It's almost like a sherbert. Highly recommend them myself. Thanks for the tip..
I enjoy my labor too, I had 2 kids and my labor wasn't as painful as people told me it was going to be, I was induce and no epidural..

I have two boys. When they were born, I had an epidural with one, and not the other. If I had it to do all over again, I would choose the epidural. I felt like I could enjoy the labor and delivery more. I felt more "present" with the epidural if that makes sense. .
Wise choice Em! You don't get an award for all that pain and it won't make you a better mom. Also my daughter did the tango with her stairs as well. Take care sweetie..
Maybe this is just me but you look exactly like Belle from Beauty and the Beast in this video. Between your hair and the yellow shirt and funny since your daughter's name is Belle..
Glad you're doing well! You're so lucky! I'm due September 26th. The one hour glucose test is a piece of cake. The 3 hour is hell! My doctor does early testing and I was diagnosed with gestational diabetes when I was only 13 weeks along! I have to prick my finger 6x a day and give myself shots of insulin daily not to mention I've had to be on a 'diet' this whole time. :-( I know it'll all be worth it but it still sucks! Now I'm very unsure if I want to have anymore children because there's a good chance I would have it each time and it's just too much not to mention double the amount of dr appointments. Oh well! Glad things are going well for u at least. I try not to complain because I am very lucky to be blessed with a perfect little baby at least. . Sept 26 is my birthday. It is a fantastic birthday, a great day to be born :P Good luck to you in your last trimester!. Good on you for not being all judgey about epidurals. Too many people get up in other women's business when it comes to birth plans. If you're in too much pain to handle, get some help to manage it! I was in soooo much pain during labour, all I kept screaming at my husband was "why do women have more than one kid why do they go through this again and again" lol.
God this seems to be going so fast! Seems like only last week that you and Tyler did the reveal video!! Sending you best wishes on the final stage of the pregnancy, no doubt you and Tyler will make incredible parents :) .
I love these updates and would totally suggest you save and compile them as a gift for your little one for a special day. 18th birthday When she starts her own family I dunno. But I would love this kind of thing if my mom had access to this tech in her day. xx. Hi Emily, you are so beautiful and happy!!! When I was in the 3rd trimester, I used to put my remote control on my belly and my baby was kicking it!!! So amazing! I wish you the best, you deserve it.. So happy ur pregnancy is going well. I failed my 1 hour and 3 hr glucose challenge. So be glad u passed. I had to give my self insulin shots 3 times a day. But it was worth it for a healthy baby. Despite all that I loved being pregnant both times. My favorite was watching my babies move under my shirt and without a shirt. I actually miss being pregnant. Hope the rest goes of it goes well. God bless.. Epidurals are fantastic! I felt like I was able to enjoy my labor, soak in every moment and be alert during the delivery. Everything went so smoothly thanks in part to choosing to have an epidural - you know what's best for you! You are really in the home-stretch now, enjoy it :) And congrats to you & Tyler on your new Niece! . Ya, LOL I also had the orange flavor. It tasted totally fine to me, like even good LOL! To me, as though... I just drank a Orange Slice soda. Which I love! LOL! Was not a big deal AT ALL!!.
OH man a few days before I went into labor with my son I went to take a shower and I slipped into the shower as I was stepping in. My husband had taken a shower earlier that morning and I guess there must have been a little soap or shampoo right where I stepped and I had the BIGGEST bruise on my inner thigh from the shower door wooooo OUCH. I feel ya girl lol..Huge hugs xoxo.
FYI - get the epidural! Haha! It was the best thing ever and I didnt feel a thing when they did it. And, it was INSTANT pain relief. I had terrible back labor because my son was facing the wrong way so my tail bone was separated (and still is 18 months later), but I didn't feel a single contraction because i got the epidural before I was induced. My pregnancy was wonderful. I miss it!.
I've had two epidurals, the first one was an extreme freeze in preparation for a C-section delivery, and the second was very mild, which took the edge off the pain during a regular delivery. I had a good experience with both, and wonderful memories, and this was over 20 years ago and no lasting effects. Best of luck :).

If women didn't forget about ANY painful, negative feeling regarding childbirth, we wouldn't have families of more than one child! I'm telling you from experience, once you hold that little Belle for the first time, ANY pain will be forgotten and you'd be willing to do it all over again. She's a lucky little girl! What you're feeling in your backside is about what I feel daily:( Not fun. Wish I could join you in the pool. LOL Hope you're healed very soon. I can't wait to see a whole house tour...if you are planning on giving us one. The baby's nursery wall color looks pretty through the door!! Can't wait to see it all finished. Happy 28 weeks!! xo.

I love your attitude about everything!! I love your comment about epidural. Best of luck with your pregnancy, labor, delivery and motherhood. :)).

So happy for you Mrs.Emily. I love your shirt. I got one like it but mine is orange from the secret line..
How wonderful Emily, your daughter and her little cousin will be near the same age and be wonderful friends. So so excited for you. I just can't believe not so long ago you were filming in that dark little apartment looking like you were 16 and now here you are in a new beautiful home, ready to start your family and looking gorgeous. Hope you feel better soon. Thank goodness you didn't really fall over heels. That would not be good in your condition. Keep safe, stay happy. xoxo.
My first and third child were med free second child I had an epidural...there is no right way to have a baby, both choices have pros and cons .
Congrats to Sarah! Will this be your first time being an Aunt Will Belle be your parents first grandchild We call them Popsicles in these here parts. I buy them at Walmart, sure hits the spot to cool you off on these hot days! I've heard different reports from women who've had the epidurals; some had back problems afterwards & some were fine. Even with the pain it's an experience like no other you'll ever have in this life.. So happy for you. Emily, re: the epidural...the only wrong choice would be to not get it! lol! Congrats on being an Auntie. I think you fell as you can no longer see where you are stepping :-) You had me drooling for those ice pops so will have to check them out. You look fabulous. ♥ Elle. Umm, how is it a "wrong" choice Women have been giving birth without them for millennia, I'm pretty sure there's nothing "wrong" about women who choose not to have them. .
+NewDawnFades608 Do you not see the LOL at the end of Elle's comment... she is only joking with Emily on lessening the pain of childbirth and not calling it a wrong choice just for the sake of being the wrong thing to do my goodness... they are friends who joke around with each other and there's nothing "wrong" with that!.
Does you hospital/health insurance cover water delivery Something you might want to consider or just find out about if your body is much more comfortable in the water with the tailbone situation. Just a thought, I have 2 traditional deliveries with an epidural for both deliveries. But I do know a few friends who had water births and they seem like a great way to go if you decide to go natural. I don't think that's an option with an epidural because you can't get up or walk after getting it done. Best wishes to you. Whatever you decide is the right choice for you!. Congratulations on your baby! Please keep the pregnancy vlogs coming as I am also pregnant with my first baby (13 weeks) thank you :-).
What the heck how did i not know you were even pregnant! lol I had a baby 6 months ago so I was off my Youtube game for a while. lol Congrats! ;).

Maybe consider a water birth! That's what I want! (Nowhere near kids but very excited for the day we are ready!).

I'm so glad to hear you, the baby and your tailbone are ok after your "little tumble"! .
I Have had 3 children and i had my first over lots of gas and 3 needles pethidine the last 2 nothing but each one is different and i was glad when they were in my arms.Will you please be careful sweety my back is all wrong and i can't have a epidurals so i missed out :( but breath and try to relax thinking of you and hubby in this Awesome time xxoo.
I seriously cry every time I watch your pregnancy vlogs I'm so happy for you Emily you look absolutely stunning .
you're such a beautiful person. so happy with your move and baby coming soon. can't wait to see her. you're going to be an amazing mother.:). Congratulations! I love talking about babies, pregnancy and baby products! Have fun and enjoy your pregnancy! . Emily you look great! I just gave birth to my baby like 3 weeks ago but I had a c section she's adorable lol... On you're room tour video you can see the lilac color of baby belle room love that color. Good luck take care!! . Hi Emily :) I didn´t plan an epidural, but after 30 hours of labour, I was advised to have one. My body didn´t relax enough, so I went for it. Seriously, it was heaven after all those endless hours of contractions leading almost nowhere... .

Omega XL Review | Does It Work?, Side Effects, Buy Omega XL

December 10, 2015

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Online - Male Size Enhancement - Dec 25, 2015

October 29, 2015

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Rhaea we DO HAVE PRESTIGE IN CANADA ☺️ London drugs sells their line especially at the west Edmonton mall London drugs cosmetics ! I love their liners:D. Please upload again. I really miss your videos and your so beautiful. I would totally enjoy watching more makeup tutorial. You only uploaded so less ones that I can't keep on watching them all 😅 I really miss your videos. I hope ur back soon.
If you wear that Loreal Infalliable foundation and mix it with coverfx drops, it looks even better! You will love it. If you can get to a Sephora, ask for a sample in your matching shade & try it out! :) I love it. :).
+Haini iztie omg nooooo that's our job don't ever feel odd about asking and if a cast member is rude I'm sorry. that's not cool. samples are the best. Heeeeey I'm totally in LOVE with your video's!! Can you do a skin care routine and room tour soon Byyee have a nice day :). +Amela Vejzovic she said on Twitter that she stopped uploading cos of nasty people having a go at her all the time and not being nice but she'll be uploading soon!. +nyobi WHICH IS BOGUS.SO many other youtubers wish they could get subbies like this. she doesn't realize how blessed she is, truly.. +Ivory Glass Anxiety isn't bogus. Just because you don't understand what that feels like doesn't make it bogus. It's a very real condition and it's awful. I know because I have it and it's not bogus.. Well if your comment was directed at me,sorry your so sensitive-But this is the truth people work their butts off on YouTube to get subscribers,commitment it's known as a rare word for rhea to know.She gets them cuz of her pretty face,she doesn't deserve the amount of loyal subscribers she has you know I'm sure we all appreciate it when she uploads and the effort,it's been months if she's busy or something personal has been going on in her life she has the decency to AT LEAST inform her viewers doesn't even have to be via YouTube it can be through other forms of social media,she knows she's pretty and she knows she can get subscribers easily -taking advantage of that is wrong.her subscribers gave her fame in the first place,because she was good and is good it is also why she is noticed by companies and gets things she loves for free because of US.Its not about being rude it's about being honest.Human nature naturally doesn't like honesty but this is honest and bitter.. I think all of you saying she needs to remove herself from YouTube and she doesn't upload enough needs to get a life!! Seriously people!! There is more to life than watching videos all day and bashing youtubers!! Im sure you have a job or family you should try to attend to. Also if you want to criticize make sure you guys are perfect, which no one is! Or maybe try making your own videos so rude crazy people can criticize you!!! Seriously get a life. I agree. I mean Rhaea has an actual job outside of youtube which is what keeps her busy. Most youtubers don't have a job outside of youtube and thats why they always post videos. But Rhaea does have a job outside of YT and she's not obligated to post videos all the time. On the contrary she said on twitter that she was discouraged to post videos because of all the hate she gets on here. IMO all the hate comes from jealous girls. Rhaea is extremely pretty and that makes an easy target for jealous girls to hate on her for it. I love her though and she has a lot of people that support her too..
You don't deserve your amount of subscribers. Honestly, do us a favour and just remove your channel if you don't intend on taking it seriously.
It's her channel she can do what she wants. She could be taking a break, does it really matter how often she posts.
+Nattynatnat Oh yes! She is going to leave youtube because you say so, who do u think u are to say that She has a life and she never said something about how often, if every monday/week or month. Get a life.

it's terrible you had to even mention the issue with your hands. People can be so cruel & judgmental. If this was face to face, you know they'd never even open their mouth. Just keep trying to exfoliate your hands & obviously try using different gloves next time ;).
i really want to try out the Loreal Infalliable foundation and does anyone know the song she used in the intro (:.
+melissa lolol yes, i bought it long time ago and it's still here i can't use it at all. my skin is mixed oily and dry, has scars and this foundations doesn't help to anything. just makes it look terrible. ofcourse it is my personal view and how it looks on me, but if you had a perfect skin like Chloe would stay just great:).
I'm definitely going to try some of those products. L'Oréal 's Infallible pro matte is one of my favorites foundations, but I use it with Rimmel 's powder, which one do you think that works better, that one or L'Oréal 's one Another drugstore products that I REALLY love and you didn't mention are L'Oréal 's Million Lashes and Wings False lashes mascaras in black and in their water proof formula. I've only tried the non waterproof formula of the Million lashes one and it is awesome too. You definitely need to try them both, they are amazing. They last for the entire day and more - we all have a day when we fall asleep with make up on- still look amazing and they are not clumpy at all, which is something I don't personally like. The only disclaimer is that they are pretty hard to remove as they last a long time without smashing, but if you are patient you can take it off without much of a problem, specially with oily based make up removers.. you are very beautiful!! you shoult try maybelline fit me matte and poreless foundation!! its amazing!.
You didn't mention a brow product but Milani Stay Put Brow Color Pods is so great! I just started using it! It comes with a little brush with a spool on the other end. My eyebrows stay on all day.
What hair coloring do you have Your natural skin and hair color is similar to mine but I love this lighter look. How can I achieve this btw, love your video's!. What is the difference in price from Canada than California Thank you 😊 for introducing me to more makeup I probably don't need😂. If u would like me to get u something stuff when they r on sale like buy one get the second half off. Let's talk and we could come to an arrangement. Love ur videos By The Way....
I wish she would make videos again. Its been so long since she has made one. Does she have another channel or something Hopefully she will come back to Youtube at some point..
I love your eyeliner in this video! Please upload a video for beginners on how to get this eyeliner look!. Why does she still have so many subs she's got more subs that my fav youtuber and they post every Tuesday and make great videos. Every time I've bought real expensive, high end versions, I get INSANE breakouts, so drugstore products and brands are amazing. The prices are great as well. Also, you are super pretty! Great video!. Have you tried the Maybelline Baby skin primer its said to be like the Porefessional if you like please do a video on it because I wanna know if its worth it.
The maybelline baby skin primer is not very good :( the NYX pore filler is exactly the same consistency and finish and colour as the porefessional, i highly recommend the nyx one xx.
please upload I just found out about your channel and you do a great job I got a little disappointed that you haven't been uploading I would love to see more. Hi ! Love your videos! I have a couple of questions. What do you use to get the lighting so good in your videos I do violin videos and I want to up the quality. Also, what program do you use to edit your videos. +Eugenia Gonzales lol she didn't post a video in half a year do u really think she's going to reply to your comment.... Please could you add everything in the description box for future videos I know it is time consuming but it is so helpful!!.
I highly doubt that you even read your comments anymore, but are you ever going to post another video or did you just quit YouTube.
Rhaea!! You're so fucking gorgeous. You should try modeling. Please post more. A lot of us miss you.

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November 27, 2015

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Best part of coming home from a 12 hour shift as an NICU nurse...getting my daily Tati notification that there's a new video for me to watch before I fall asleep!. I know you didn't say Laneige was a target brand but just to clear things up Laneige is a Korean brand. :) They are actually one of the first creators of cushion foundations in Korea. Tati, you should definitely check out Korean brand cushions. I live in South Korea and I'm Korean. I and Korean women use cushions religiously. However you have to really watch the hygiene in these cushions because you can grow bacteria if you are not careful and you can have little bumps on your face or breakouts. So just change the sponge frequently or wash them as often as you can and you should be good :) You should check out Hera, Iope, Verite, April skin, Innisfree, Missha, VDL, Espoir, A'pieu, Amore pacific, Sulwhasoo and many more. I feel like cushions are better for mature skin since it has skincare benefits but women in Korea use them no matter what age. We love them! Have fun, Tati!. +Elfina Murni Awangahad Etude would be the cheapest but it's also the least I would recommend. Innisfree is pretty good for it's price tag and there's lots of varieties for every skin type or for different weather. April skin, Innisfree, Missha, A'pieu, these brands are good if want quality cushion but you are still on a budget. I've also heard Tonymoly one is pretty good too. it's quite similar to The Face Shop. if you are in Singapore and only get your hands on them then I say go for Innisfree! good luck!.
Tati, you should make a video like this but with bb cream, I'd love to see which ones you like and why, and which ones you wouldn't recommend..
+Meggie Gei I have one on my channel if you are interested at all! I compared the Garnier original one, Urban Decay, and Clinique :) hopefully it can help you out if those were ones you were curious about!. Lol, guess who's too pale for the True Match cushion I wear W1 in the true match line and some days that is pushing it XD. +Tazzie1312 oh me too, I use the l'oreal infallible in the glass bottle not the 24 hr matte in the squeezy tube, although even that can be too dry so at the moment with the bad weather here (Scotland) I'm adding in some super dewy stuff.. Hi Tati! My mom and I were both wondering if you could do a one time/special video for women with aging skin! Every time she gets makeup from the department store or Sephora the salesgirls push full coverage everything on her and I don't think it's the right fit. We would love to here your input on what would work best for a daily makeup routine!. +Jennifer LaCasse Hi, I am 54 and have a YT channel myself, I am mature skin and normal to dry and I love the It CC cream and the HD stick foundation myself.. Tati, it would be awesome if you could watch Jungsaemool on YouTube. :) she has the most amazing techniques to apply cushion foundation..
I've been looooving the loreal one, to me it's not heavy at almost looks like a skin stain it's crazy it evens everything out but it doesn't look like foundation one bit, loves it.
To all those people saying to try Korean cushions/ korean cushions are the best. Have you ever considered that women in the U.S. Can't try out these foundations because we aren't all super light skinned I know being light skinned is valued in Korea, but the problem is that in the U.S. There are women of different colors and that is why we prefer these brands..
Maybe Korean foundations would actually work for me then! All drugstore foundations I've purchased have been totally orange on me..
Tati I was wondering if you could help me...I am oily but I do not like matte foundations because I dont like how flat and madeup it makes me look. I really want something more natural looking but wont make me look like a grease ball at the end of the day...any recommendations. +VioletIceFire After I am done putting on the BB cream(I don't even use primer for it) I apply some powder only on my t-zone and it sets it for the day. I hope this helps! Btw it's not the amazonian one. It is the 30 spf one and you can buy a deluxe size for $14 on their site. 😊. Why did she aply it with a brush! The point of using a cushion is the puff!!! You need to make some research before uploading this kind of videos!. She addressed that in the video. It's her preference, you don't HAVE to use the puff if you don't want to. Calm down.
I know! I kept waiting for her to notice and be like "hold,please" and attack it, but she didn't. lol..
As an oily girl my heart is a little broken...I find that Physician's Formula ALWAYS doesn't offer enough shades...they're always too dark for me but these looks lighter than usual, but what about anyone with even the slightest amount of tan I feel like that's borderline racist / exclusionary.... There's a channel named Most Amazing and I just got the biggest trip because They used the title of this video and added 'new' to the end of it and used your thumbnail! Just giving you a heads up on it Tati~.
As a beauty guru, I think you should research more before you make a video because your statement is very influential. Laneige is a really good brand that is one of the origin of cushion foundation and considered a highend brand in Korea. The way you talk about the brand insults both the brand and many people. Hope you can do more research before making a video like this next day, I know everyone makes mistake :) btw the whole point of cushion foundation is both the cushion and the sponge. If you use brush to apply it, it defies the whole purpose of cushion foundation. If it's out of sanitary reason, you can always wash the sponge of buy new ones online. The sponges aren't expensive..

Agreed! I love leneige! I buy it from Sephora and the price is quite up there... Water bank moisturizer!! My fave day lotion!!!.

So glad you did this video! Really wanted the Lancôme one but seems like there are some good drugstore ones too 😊.
Omg why all korean girls in the comments have such a butthurt It is not a part of your culture to be offended - it is just a freaking foundation! Lol calm down 🐱.
I think it just really shows how proud Korean girls are at their home brand cosmetics. Korea is doing really well in beauty sectors and the people have a lot of love for it!.

so what exactly is the point of a cushion foundation it seemes like a lot of product is going to end up trapped in the sponge anyway. Idk maybe it's because I'm not familiar with them, so it seemes like a waste of product to me, compared to just the product in a pump. idk.

The sponge in the Korean brands cushion are not absorbent. They are made specifically for cushion foundation..

Can anyone recommend an affordable Korean cushion foundation for pale skin The L'Oréal one doesn't have a light enough shade. :(.
I would have loved to see each one on the skin and a before photo and an after so many hours photo so we could have compared. Along with the info you put in this video. Is there any way you could do a bb cream show down with that format I haven't found a bb cream that isn't $40 that I like the coverage and wear of. ❤️ love your channel.
Drugstore week Whats next Weave week,Strobing week,Highlighter week,Fleek week,Yt week,Foundation week,Flawless week wtf stop this already.

There is one by kiko and its AMAZING and so inexpensive! My mom is korean and she has tried many but, she's says the kiko is the BEST one she has ever tried. She has like 8 backups. I hope u can try it out!.
"It" Cosmetics has a cushion foundation that's been out for at least two years. Very nice. Ulta or QVC..
Thats shocking physcians formula only have 3 shades not good at all i dont think i would find my shade.

+Sarah Schopick (time2livelife) I really like setting the Laneige cushion foundation with Bare Minerals because they are both lightweight and it adds extra coverage..
I've been using one from innisfree for a while. I'm glad on the west companies are coming out their own. You can also buy empty DIY cases on Amazon and use your favorite foundation in it.. This is what I don't understand about makeup companies. It is a very poor marketing strategy to not provide women with darker skin the products that they put out! You make more money by putting out more shades! I live in a predominantly black neighborhood, being a black girl myself. If you go into our CVS or Walgreens, the Physicians Formula section is always filled to capacity. Every time I walk in, their booth NEVER has gaps or empty slots... lol, it is so ridiculous! The discrimination is real -_- BUt great review Tati, I might try a few. :). I don't see the point of using a cushion foundation ; but with a brush Anyone Why not get the Loreal Lumi bottle foundation instead of the cushion What am I missing . Walgreen's has $2 off a Loreal foundation in their coupon book and also The L'Oreal products are bogo 1/2 off right now ;).
Tati, you should check out the IT Cosmetics CC+ Veil Beauty Fluid Foundation. It's another cushion version, and although I am oily, it is buildable and leaves my skin radiant. I love it!.
I was waiting for this video, but I have oily skin and as you said this type of formula is not for me...But if the L'Oreal bring it to Greece I will try it out!!!!! I can't wait for the tutorial tomorrow, you look amazing!!!!!!. Hi Tati, love the video but I wanted to clarify the first ones in the US is from Amorepacific it was launched at sephora and then many more Korean brands like Laneige. Now Lancome and other brands have started to take their version but the best still is amorepacific in my opinion but not as many shades..
I personally could never get myself to use this kind of a product because I don't think it's a hygienic packaging at all, and my skin already breaks out like crazy.
Ditto! Have u found a decent primer my pores are huge, and my makeup melts away during the day despite powder. I use Clinique salicylic acid acne solutions for breakouts and their Stay Matte was my go-to for years. I have had the same bottle for 2 years cuz I didn't wear makeup alot. I REALLY want to check out the new Marc Jacobs ReMARCable foundation.. Iope's cushion foundation is amaaazing. Full coverage spf 50 and gives good illuminosity. Great for combo to dry skin! Foundation lasts a full work day. In Canada you can find Laneige at Sephora. AmorePacific also carries a cushion BB. It is the parent company of Laneige and is also available at Sephora. My biggest beef with all of these is how little product you get compared to a standard 1oz of liquid foundation. I reviewed the new L'Oreal one on my channel too and I find that though it is a gorgeous foundation, the cost and the applicator issues aren't worth the $. Physicians formula needs to step their game up. Selling three similar shades that stop at "medium" is, at this point in the game, simply unacceptable. So glad you always mention this, Tati!. really hate that you tube hasn't been informing me of new videos. I even checked a couple times yesterday just to find there are 2 I haven't seen...get it together YouTube!.
I love ending a long day of college classes to Tati videos...I've been waiting on this one for forever! Thank you so much!.

Hey Tati! I loved the video but was a little disappointed that the IT cosmetics CC+ Veil Beauty Fluid Foundation SPF 50 was not included, I know that it's not marketed as a Cushion Foundation but it is set up the same way. I'd love to hear your thoughts on it! Thanks and love you Tati!.
I love this video and your type of videos like this! Maybe could you start taking pictures when they are on your skin so we can really see the compression!! Thank you, love ya! 💗👌🏼. I don't really understand the difference between cushion foundation and "regular" liquid foundation besides packaging. What am I missing.

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October 31, 2015

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Love your accent! Your the one youtuber that I watch and has an accent like me too. I don't have the same one has her but I've got one. (I'm from Kentucky).
I just got the Wetnwild highlighter and it is a TOTAL dupe for the Ofra, which I love but I will be saving my money next time :). Laura Lee, putting high end departments out of business one dupe at a time lol jk jk these were great dupes!. Love the video! you are so infectious :) btw the "12m" on the back of the primers is how long the product is good for not the volume :) love you!.
Good Lord Laura, your teeth are so white! Have you ever done a video about how you get them so white Also, have you ever looked into getting Invisalign.

+Cynthia Jimenez I absolutely LOVE IT when teeth have "personality"... i had 2 teeth sticking out and i used to live them absolutely, my teeth were packed like Laura's and it made some of my too and bottom teeth hit eachother and cause damage in my mouth, i had to get braces (which i am still wearing) and i am absolutely sad to think about the day where i get them off and my teeth are going to be a sleek white line in my mouth with no personality. I hate teeth after braces where they're all super straight to me it looks ridiculous. Laura's teeth are wonderful and let's all praise uniqueness.
omg i wish i could use primers, but my skin is so prone to getting breakouts that I can't use ANYTHING with dimethicone! I also can't use any products with SPF unless it's mineral/natural based because i'll break out from chemical sunscreens... does anyone else feel me on this finding products i like that don't ruin my skin is such a challenge!.
my skin is the same way and it sounds odd but I use Nivea men's sensitive post shave balm as a primer and it works better than any other primer out there and doesn't break my skin out.

you can find the whole line of Palladio at Sally Beauty...Palladio is very much used in Puerto Rico and i think its very good quality.

This is my first time un your channel and I want to say your for my you're the best in dupes, sometimes the dupes look better than the expensive makeup..

I thought 12M stood for the amount of months before it expires Have I been wrong my entire life If so...what is life.
No, you're 100% correct. It's the length of time a product is "good for" once open..
Palladio is also sold at Sally's Beauty Supply. 😊 I like a lot of their products. Great video! 😊.

I just want to point out that the dermablend setting powder is actually cheaper per gram than the maybelline master fix one is. The maybelline is around $10 for 6 grams (about $1.67 per gram), and the dermablend is $26.00 or 28 grams (about $.93 per gram). This was a really great video though :).

Finally someone has mentioned Palladio! I love this brand. Their herbal lipsticks are my favorite, especially Juniper! It's my holy grail lipstick. Sally's also sales this brand..

I think you read the wrong number on the back of the primers. "12M" means "12 months" it's how long the product is good for :).

Laura Lee Please tell me what you are wearing on your lips in this vid. It's the perfect nude pink. I'm super fair with black hair and its hard to find a good pink without making me look crazy. I have been buying a whole bunch of crap that I really don't like, please help..
What is the silver show on your eyes please do a video to recreate this eye look!! Ps. your personality makes my day! your so fun and exaggerated I wish there were more people like you!!. 12 m is 12 months which means how long it lasts. not the amount of product. the amount of product is usually stated on the front. hi ! I really love your videos sooo much. they honestly make me very happy and I can explain to my mom what certain makeup products are now haha. keep doing you boo !. The video is too bright. I can't even see the products you are holding :( Is it just my laptop. i love watching you lol. make me laugh every time. - BTW any small youtubers want to support each other.
Loved your video! Thank you for sharing with me on these dupes. :) I'm going to get those lip balm colors now..
The M that you're quoting as a measurement of amount of products is actually how many months they should be kept, it's a used by date. It will always say oz or ml etc...So, yeah. "This is not a tv commercial. This is the Laura Lee channel and we say things crazy on this channel." 😂😂 I love you Laura !!💙.
Could you make a video about affordable contour starter kits or affordable contour makeup products!! I love your videos and you're so so funny!! I love you!! :-).

+CaliQ09 I said that she edited a thigh gap and then she said she didn't and I said okay sorry but people kept yelling at me so she blocked me.

I love your videos and your personality, it's just like you're talking to me and I love that lol. You should do a nail tutorial video! :).

Laura! You didn't put what you are wearing in the description box! What lip product are you wearing.
Love all your videos! Following you on Snapchat+vine+Instagram 💛 just picked up this wet n wild MegaGlow & loving it! Thanks Laura 💋.

I'm sorry this is probably a really stupid question but what's a dupe is it good or bad I'm kinda new!!.
it means that one high end product is similar to a low end product. Bobbi brown foundation stick - Maybelline fit me foundation stick. an example.

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January 15, 2016

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So funny...your computer monitor went off at the exact second you snapped your fingers! You are magical... 😂.
+HammyMamma I don't want to ruin your girl paradise, but noooo, screen goes to sleep fiiirst. Fake and gay. how to keep your screen on FOREVER!!: system preferences->energy saver( 2nd row, 2nd one)-> switch to never.
"It's not like a crappy sponge" throwback to one of your old videos where you threw the sponge brush that came with a palette away hahahah.
+eyerus I found them at my local Meijer's for 99cents(eyeshadow & sm. concealer ) or $3 (foundation & powder brush) !! They have a lot of new wet n wild & Milani stuff lol. System Preferences > Desktop & Screensaver > Screensaver pull down menu on the bottom "start after" and choose Never.
I love her background. that lamp is gorgeous and the screen (when it was on) added to it. Maybe yooou should go somewhere else. haha.

+Mo Ro 👏👏👏 no one forces these people to watch but they have to say something nasty with an attitude just no need xx.

I LOVE update videos to hauls!!!! I have been wondering about the wet n wild nail polish (i will be purchasing!), the brow definer and the micellar water! So depending on you update video I may be making some purchases in the near future!! Can't wait!.
Thank you for this video! Now I can see what I need to go pick up! Plus I love the way your makeup looks in this video!. +Heather Rae I think your cute and would love to have a conversation with u follow me on instagram 2 beenthuggingboy2. I agree with you about the drugstore becoming expensive. Lol might as well take a lil trip to Sephora or MAC 🙃. I hate that lo real cushion am o the only me My face sucks it right up by the end of the day I only have it in spots of my face. . +camille g +Jenni H I also have oily skin but I've been applying with a beauty blender and the finish is STUNNING. It becomes dewy throughout the course of the day but never oily.. omg here in dubai drugstore products are literally like 4 times the price in america its sooooo annoying loving your hauls!. how could u confuse rimmel with almay! does almay do anything right haha i feel like i always pass that part of the store..
Good luck mama. That Garnier Micellar water burned the helllllll outta my precious little eyeballs. 😖.

I got my Wet & Wild brushes today! I went to 4 stores lol! I got the 2 shadow brushes, powder brush, small stiple, and the angled brush. One of the Walgreens stores I went to today also had the ELF contour brush, so I got that too... And the Revlon ones... I can't stop lol! Yay for drugstore makeup! +Kathleenlights you are amazing, my FAVORITE youtuber by far! Keep up the amazing work! 💗.

The PF Cushion is AWESOME (better than the LOreal)!!!! Normally I'm a light/Med but the 'light' is a Perfect match for me. The bronzer is SOOO light. MOST are dark on me, but that one is for Porcelain skin tone. Love your videos!!! I'm so happy for you that you're back in your happy place (your own space/beauty room).

+Jaki-Lynn Dixon thank you for your review on pf!! I've been dying to get it but all the Youtubers I watch won't be posting their reviews til next week and they are selling out fast! I'm gonna go grab one.

I'm not sure with this, but try this 1. System Preference 2. Energy Saver 3. Computer Sleep - Never 4. Display Sleep - Never Hope this works. :).
hahaha why would you care if a brush is smooth when YOU TOUCH IT ure not buying the brush to touch it, ure buying it to use it on your face.. I bought the Revlon brushes and the crease brush, shader, and poser brush were good. I was so dissapointed on the stippling brush it shed all over my face and applied my blush blotchy and when I tried to use it for my foundation it was just a mess! My Walgreen's has been out of the wet n wild brushes I hope they are as good as you said on your IG. Love your make up in this vid I will be purchasing that blush. Love love love you gf! 😍.
I was just considering if I should buy the simple micellar water or not! I saw Tati use it on her eyes and not complain. But I rather be safe than sorry so I won't buy it!.

Before it hit the drugstore I was having to buy mine on Amazon from the uk, it took forever to ship, I'm so glad they sell it here now, I really love it, it doesn't burn around my eyes and removes my makeup like a dream and leaves my skin feeling clean and balanced..
+Sierra Grey Here in Europe they don't sell simple, so I can't say anything about that one, but I have been using the Garnier miscelair water religiously for the past year and I have no trouble with it at all. they don't irritate my eyes or mess with my contacts.. I have that same Himalayan Salt Crystal lamp! It's supposed to purify the air in that space naturally. :). This is what they say it does: Once lit the lamp will emit a calming Amber color. Heating the salt with the included bulb releases negative ions into the air, creating an effect similar to an ionizer, purifying the surrounding air.. +Sarah Nikole I get wet 'n' wild products from Walmart and Superstore (Maybe London Drugs carries it)!. Out of curiosity... You give away your USED make-up To whom And, you send USED make-up to Cuba To whom Just wondering. Curiosity got the best of me.... +Christine De Jesus Why the emphasis on Used There's so many people that would LOVE having that makeup, despite it being new or used. I personally like to donate mine to local women's shelters because they otherwise most likely would never be able to afford those brands. There's even people that sell used makeup, there's a whole instagram world of selling used makeup. Obviously majority of people sanitize things before getting rid of their used makeup. So much better than letting it go to waste or just throwing it out when someone would love to have it.. For an affordable palette I'm telling you try a sleek palette from boots in the uk you won't be disappointed and I'm pretty sure it's 2 for €14. did you recently get your shirt from walmart i think i have the same one but with different colours... saw it there and couldn't resist! fits like a dream for anyone looking for a plaid button up!.
Yes! You should definitely do a review on the two cushion foundations and of the drugstore products you bought!! I´m looking to try a different drugstore foundation, I have the Maybelline fit me matte one right now and I like it for the most part.. Anyone have a suggestion of what I should try.

+Marissa Garrett, I have been loving the Rimmel Lasting Finish Foundation. I have dry skin so the serum that's in it makes my skin look more hydrated. It lasts all day, even through the gym. One con is a limited color range..

Girl, those gel nail polishes are freaking magical! I have been wearing them nonstop lately and I was able to go a WEEK without chipping. That's pretty great for nail polish. I can't say that they are equivalent to a gel manicure, but they certainly have some impressive staying power!.

+eyerus They are usually $5.99 each, but at CVS you can get $3 in extra bucks when you buy two, and there is a $1 off manufacturer's coupon on the display which you can use on a bottle as well. In the end, the two I bought cost me $4 each..

I went through like 10 bottles of Garnier micellar cleansing water, I've been using it since it came out and I think that it's pretty amazing... I have REALLY dry skin and I've noticed that it doesn't dry me out, it takes off all of my face make up (not really a fan of using it for my eyeshadow, eyeliner and mascara) and it never broke me out so it's A+ product for me!.
+Nikolina Petkovic And here where I live it's not "new product" anymore... it came out like 2 years ago.
Any Canadians know where you can buy Milani and Wet n Wild I've seen Wet n Wild at Rexall but veryyyy little selection.
I use Garnier Micellar water and it's just brilliant. It's not hugely tough on eye make up though! X.
Please do a review that would honestly be so helpful I never know if I should purchase drug store products because a ton of people suggest and review expensive products!.
I've been using the Garnier miceller water about a week ago and love it. I've stopped using my makeup remover wipes that I've been using for months. I have very sensitive skin and it hasn't broken me out yet.. The cushion foundation for physicians only has 3 shades,and the loreal one has 12 shades..I searched it up 😊. Yes please on the drugstore review I love hauls but I am always curious about your thoughts afterwards.. In case anyone cares Milani and Wet 'n' wild are both cruelty free!! Another great reason to try their products!. The Garnier micellar water is almost 100% a dupe for the Bioderma imo. I really love the Bioderma too and in comparison the Garnier one maybe stings my eyes a teeny tiny bit more (i find that it only stings if i try to be all thrifty and remove my eye-makeup on both eyes with the same cotton pad, so idk if anyone else is like me but a tip would be to not do that! lol) but all in all it's basically the same product, so i would advice anyone who lives in a country where you can't get Bioderma in store (like me) to just get the Garnier one bc it freaking rocks and also its cheaper (i think) Love your video as always Kathleen xx. I just threw out my garnier michelar water out because it contains something that can cause cancer in it It was called back from stores in Denmark. +Jenni H :) I'll look up for some info too. Hey do visit my channel too. Would love to know what you think of it. I live in India. :).
hey Kathleen! For my Mac I use an app called Caffeine (super appropriate!) to keep the screen on. You hit a little coffee button and it keeps the screen from sleeping! I hope this helps ❤️.
U are just to funny and how's ur face so smooth No furs lol and ur makeup also perfect don't get it lol.

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03 April 2016

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