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  1. December 7, 2015

    Comments about this video:

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  2. December 12, 2015
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  3. December 8, 2015
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    Maulana bashir farooqi dua for white hair - Buy Products...
  4. December 10, 2015
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  5. December 17, 2015

    Comments about this video:

    Sadly if you're a big corporation with lots of money you can kill and harm people with impunity in the USA. Fructose will end up like cigarettes, since a wealthy industry that can combat real science with bogus science and buy politicians. 20 years from now, it will almost certainly still be prevalent..
    +***** You should worry about cholesterol saturated fat and trans fatty acids in meat dairy and eggs before you worry about fructose. I must add another thought. Since seeing this video and other videos like it... my shopping habits have changed dramatically. I check the sugar label on EVERYTHING and I REJECT it if it has more than 10 grams in a serving.. which is NOT perfect but it is nearly 60 percent LESS in sugar than the usual 30 grams a serving products I was buying like sugary yogurt. My cart is now FILLED to the brim nearly with fruits / veggies / GREEK yogurt which I love! (plain)... and water with oranges / lemons / lime slices. The money IS there for the healthy food if you SKIP all the sugar and highly processed crap. A grocery store really need not be much more than farmers market with a few MINIMAL sugar items in the dairy section. This is exactly what the sugar industry is afraid off - it only took TWO videos from Dr. Lustig to change my LIFETIME ways of thinking about food and taking action.. +Angie Rodgers Well it's amazing how easy it was to go cold turkey on sugary yogurt. And to think I used to eat two single serve containers of yogurt a day which was 50 g of sugar!!! I am totally loving my Greek yogurt with either fresh fruit or bags of frozen fruit no sugar added. I'm willing to pay more for great yogurt and my tastebuds didn't even have to go through an adjustment. And bravo to you as well with what you're doing!!!.
    +Trust No One I totally applaud you Trust No One. However... at SOME POINT.. you WILL need exercise. Why It will keep AWAY the skinny fat look (your skinny / thin... BUT you are not toned.. )... also, it keeps MUSCLE on your body in a healthy state... it combats injuries / sickness... cardio health... Exercise, believe it or not is not the end - all - be all.. but it works in harmony / conjunction with a healthy diet... The more weight you have to loose it is EASY to get the initial fat off your body - even WITHOUT exercise. Why your body is not used to the new routine... But at some point your weight loss will slow waaayyy down and you will EITHER go back up in weight or continue to lose and eventually plateau... rarely will you keep just dropping down until you look fit... not without exercise... This is NOT to take away what you have done... its awesome. But... exercise / fitness / diet is a lifestyle. I'm glad to see you are on the journey. Very glad. ill be your cheerleader if you need one! Best wishes..

    This man speaks the truth! After I saw this video last Feb, I experimented by cutting sugar and carbs and I lost 15 pounds in a week and got my six pack! Whoohoo!.

    +Rajeev Samuel Well, I can sign this. I weighed 118kg/260lbs in last years February. Got sick of myself being that "fat", since I was really skinny all my life. I cut all the carbs and sugar by just eating a bowl of feta cheese with cherry tomatoes and drinking 5 litres of water a day, which is very unhealthy, but not unhealthier than eating 5000 calories a day with huge amounts of sugar. I lost 30kg/66lbs in six weeks, which was phenomenal. I've now reached my dream weight again, by just eating healthy and cutting most of the added sugar, produced by the industry. Keep it up, Rajeev!.

    Normally i fall asleep after 15mins of my class lecturer droning on but this video was actually very informative. it has good sequence and time is not wasted. important points come forth fast. worth the watch..
    +Paul Dienhart Americans...its OK to have sub-machine guns, but use the word "crap" or say anything about "god"and it gets censored out..
    +Paul Dienhart... CHRISTIANS...that's who bleeps out such words as 'crap'! You know, those hypocrites that think they have the moral high-ground, when the truth is they are more immoral than the rest of society..

    +Melinda Valéria You shouldn't worry about fruit, particularly apples. Fruit contains minerals that help process the fructose..
    Sugar the cocaine of our days. It is also bad for your health to call someone "sugar honey sweety pie".. +Ikazuchi pretty sure he meant, if he uses that phrase on a woman, she feels harassed and slaps him (health damage).
    We had a program on TV here in Australia which showed that sugar is BAD for you. Our National Heart Foundation which follows the low-fat doctrine had the program pulled from you tube. The TV network was heavily criticized for showing it in the first place..

    U.C. actually bleeped out the word "crap" [2 39:41] That doesn't seem like a U of C doing, but the delusional thinking of some "holier-than-thou" Christian! I now question the validity of this channel! Good bye..
    +pen0rprick And my final comment to you..."American Psychological Association To Classify Belief in God As a Mental Illness". According to the American Psychological Association (APA), a strong and passionate belief in a deity or higher power, to the point where it impairs one’s ability to make conscientious decisions about common sense matters, will now be classified as a mental illness. The controversial ruling comes after a 5-year study by the APA showed devoutly religious people often suffered from anxiety, emotional distress, hallucinations, and paranoia. The study stated that those who perceived God as punitive was directly related to their poorer health, while those who viewed God as benevolent did not suffer as many mental problems. The religious views of both groups often resulted in them being disconnected from reality. Dr. Lillian Andrews, professor of psychology, stated, “Every year thousands of people die after refusing life-saving treatment on religious grounds. Even when being told ‘you will die without this treatment’ patients reject the idea and believe that their God will still save them. Those lives could be saved simply by classifying those people as mentally unfit for decision making.” I am now muting you as you are simply one-more example of how Christianity causes ones brain to malfunction That is no-longer even debatable, it is a well-understood FACT! GOOD-BYE..
    Great video! Many people don't know how deadly sugar actually is. I recently updated an article of mine about the effects of sugar. I added a link to it below.

    Like we use to in nature we would eat all the fruits we cared for and we're perfectly healthy. ON A PLANT BASED DIET which is the specific species human diet desease and cancers are unheard of. When agriculture was developed and factory development on food products entered the human body started getting sick and desease. Real food is what comes from the earth naturally. Everything else is poison. That's the only truth. Saying anything else is just 100% completely irresponsible. .
    From what I've seen in YouTube comments on this guy's stuff, vegans are the useful idiots of the food companies. They want so desperately to believe that sugar isn't harmful, and who can blame them It's one of the only fun things they're allowed to eat..
    +iHatebologna59 As a vegan I have plenty of fructose 'buzz' washed down with fibre, it's called fruit. There are a whole bunch of ethical, political, social and environmental issues that go well beyond just diet for most vegans..

    +iHatebologna59 You stupid fuck fuck give me proof that fructose is bad for me there is not a single piece of evidence on the face of this planet that shows fructose being bad for me or showing a healthy limit to fruit not one you can eat all the fruit you want..
    Love this lecture but I think we'll need a doctoral degree to have the patience to understand it all. Luckily I have my doctorate and have the stamina to sit through the rants and facts. I'll confirm that it's a great lecture but full of details that can be distracting and helpful at the same time. It's funny to read comments such as "get to the point already..." Sorry, no instant gratification here... However, Dr. Lustig has already changed my eating habits and I can feel the weight shedding from my avoidance of sugary drinks. Watch it parts and take notes, it's worth it!.
    Good lecture. My suggestion for a healthy diet: Eat REAL food, not processed food. It's as easy as it sounds. Real food means vegetables and fruits along with smaller parts of complex carbs (e.g. quinoa, whole grain rice...) and "good" fats (plant derived oils...). Veggies/fruits should always be the major part of any meal of the day. Drink mainly water and unsweetened tea. That's my advice. I haven't had any soda or other highly processed food containing tons of sugar for many years now and I have never felt better in my life than now. I cannot imagine how anyone can still drink and even enjoy soda or this kind of stuff. Never ever, I could not even have one spoonful of it cause it would make me barf. Seriously..

    Great talk, and thank you for uploading. I learned so much that may help with my sugar addiction. The only thing I felt missing was - how should we view high-fat diets Dr. Lustig basically said that chronic fructose diet is effectively a high-fat diet, with the "30%" going to fat, and with the resulting triglyceride/lipid/fatty-acid problems. But I wonder whether a high-fat diet (but low fructose) would have detrimental effects comparable to those 8 major problems arising from chronic fructose diets. Tried googling but can't get much clean information on the detrimental effects of a controlled high-fat diet. Any thoughts or insights are appreciated!.
    I guess I wasn't clear: I'm confused as to why Dr. Lustig implied that a high-fat diet is bad. He takes us on this highly scientific journey demonizing fructose but then randomly points out that a heavy-fructose diet is similar in effect to a high-fat diet. Even after pointing out that Ancel Keys wrongly demonized fats and led the U.S. into a tragic sugar over-dependency.. +mlke When he said "high fat" he meant adding fat to your belly. He was not saying that high sugar = high fat. He was saying high sugar = lots of belly blub..
    We forgot an old Christian principle that brings fat balance and spiritual strength to the humans : FASTING. The Russians ( Orthodox Christians ) fast twice a year: 5 weeks before Christmas and 7 weeks before Easter. In fact there are 4 important fasts during the year. Friday is also a day of fasting. Have you seen an obese Russian Altogether there are about 130 days of fasting in the Orthodox faith. The body is in perfect balance; there isn't a trace of cholesterol excess, or sugar problems. Kidneys are purified of the heavy elements caused by the meat and fat. Moreover, the spirit is peaceful and balanced. No depression. Only good humor. It's so sad when we have so many unnecessary health problems ; as the solution is so simple: fasting ! Another benefits of the fasting : The animals are preserved. As meat is not eaten during fasting ( about 130 days per year ) millions of animal's lives are preserved. Thus, the protection, the prolongation of the species is guaranteed.All we need is to return to God's Word and to apply the Christian principle of fasting - for the well being of the spirit and of the body. And stop drinking soda and eating junk food !.
    I really like his explanation at 36:36 of the two types of LDL Cholesterol (small/dense/"bad" LDL versus large/buoyant/"good" LDL). I have often had trouble explaining this to my Metabolic Coaching clients, but this explanation and graphic are very clear. If my clients report their doctor found high LDL or wants to put them on a statin, I recommend they discuss with their doctor 1. getting their LDL fractionated (small vs. large) by Liposcience (costs about $100) and/or 2. getting a coronary calcium scan (about $150), and if the risk score is zero, the risk of a heart attack in the next 5 years is zero. And that's why docs check LDL, they are trying to help you avoid a heart attack. And, best quote from the lecture on heart disease, "Triglyceride to HDL ratio actually predicts cardiovascular disease waaaaaay better than LDL." Thanks!. +Cut the Killer Carbs - International Weight Loss Seminars why not take another bite of that bragocado bro. I am having a very hard time breaking my addiction to sugar. We need to have monthly meetings called Sugarholics anonymous.. +Matt B.| SwiftMonster Motion Design so basically you disregarded all of the evidence in the lecture and stuck to your pre-concieved idea... one thing though, he explicitly said not all sugars are the same "Glucose in the energy for life, lactos is fine". fructose is the problem, but not in its "original package" in nature as in fruits and vegetables, its only a problem because it is being highly refined, added to all our food in high quantities while removing the fiber.. +Ивайло Асенов Honey is equivalent to HFCS 55. So yeah, just as bad for you. Video says fiber in fruit helps with the fructose and the fructose doesn't come as refined as HFCS... also fruit doesn't have as much fructose as you think. <-look at the table at the bottom. One can certainly chew cane. That's what you HAVE to do to get the juice out - you bite down & then suck & swallow the juice. Some may be hard where you have to really exercise those jaw muscles but most I'm familiar with is very soft & juicy - it cleans the inside of the teeth too!.
    I've been intentionally following a simplistic "all calories are the same" diet for a year (first time I needed to lose weight), but a few minutes into this and I already made my vows to learn more about this stuff and get my shit together. After watching it all I'm convinced and will start my new diet by avoiding fructose beverages..

    Re: addicts. Its the mentally ill who must be stopped now, per media, not effects of Druggin n Drinkin, today. Who'd sue if we said Soda causes madness, fights with Police Alas, the mentally ill have no Lobby to sue for slander!.

    the Japanese diet does no eliminate fructose. they still eat fruit but organically grown. fructose is fruit sugar..
    The icing on the cake is sugar lowers testosterone and abdominal obesity is strongly correlated to low testosterone.. +mustafa ahmed Good point. The abdominal fat tissue actually converts testosterone to estradiol (an estrogen hormone). So when I encounter a client with abdominal obesity and low testosterone, I explain to them that the "beer belly" is not harmless. It is actually converting their testosterone to estradiol (a feminine hormone). Thus getting rid of the "beer belly" also gets rid of the low testosterone problem at the same time.. I've just watched the video and found it very interesting and persuasive. I found it just as interesting that a Google search threw up no direct corroborations, and on reading what actually WAS there in its place, I felt very strongly that I was listening to misinformation from sources related to the food industry.. I'm not sure if I understood correctly.Did the speaker mean industrially produced fructose Can fructose be found naturally in fruits and vegetables If so, are those fructose unhealthy What would you say to those who do juice fasts (mostly vegetable with some fruits) which many people have claimed to cause rapid weight loss Sorry, I'm very weak on this nutrition thing.. +Osamah Kiwan yes, he said that god gave us fruit and it has some sugar but he/she makes you work for it by also having fiber in the fruit. So regular fruit is ok but fruit juice or fruit smoothie with no fiber is bad for you. Sugar is two parts fructose and glucose. Glucose is good for all living things, fructose is only good for elite athletes, otherwise it's a chronic toxin for the body, a few exposures is not a problem but an exposure of 1000 times over a year is why everyone is fat/obese.. vegetables are all ok as well since the sugar is packaged in the fiber. Don't do a juice fast but do a fruit and vegetable fast, eat all of it!. In retrospect, it might seem bizarre how insanely sweet these soft drinks actually are. Although, this is someone who thinks that it's overkill if you need three or more spoonfuls of sugar in your tea or coffee, and those are supposed to taste a bit bitter..
    I stopped drinking soda years ago. When I try to drink one years later I could feel the acid burn in my mouth all the way down to my stomach plus I could taste the fake ingredients. And another thing I remember was how as soon as it hit my mouth I could not stopped till I drinker the whole can which reward me with a terrible acid reflex! The body becomes addicted to this stuff in a very powerful way. Never Again!.

    Does this guy remind anyone else of Will McAvoy (i.e. Jeff Daniels) from Newsroom More importantly - This video is great! He is educational, yet entertaining. Normal presentations like this would make you want to fall asleep, but he talks in a way that makes you want to listen..
    It's on rats, but Princeton conducted a study that reveals high fructose corn syrup IS indeed worse than sugar. Other published studies have proven the same thing, despite protests from the Corn Refiner's Association (of course). Yeah sugar is bad, but HFCS is still worse.. So I'm slightly confused. Is he saying that the fructose from fruit is ok 1:13.56 IN. Or does the fructose from fruit become toxic in high doses He mainly speaks in terms of processed fructose such as HFCS. I'm curious, because there are plenty of health conscious vegans and even fruitarians who eat plenty of fruit every day and we aren't hearing about them dying off in droves due to cancer. "Eat your carbohydrate with fiber. That includes sugar." "That's why fruit is ok." "Because #1, it limits how much fructose you're going to take in, and #2, it gives you an essential nutrient, which you needed in the first place, and you get some micro-nutrients along with it, so that your liver works healthier.".
    look at 1:23:23 to see explanation just because fructose is found in nature doesn't mean its good for you. For those who think that..

    +schmoborama so was weed and it's second hand smoke kills 40,000 puerto rican babies every year.
    Who dislikes this and why It doesn't make sense to dislike this unless you were forced to watch it.. Watch the dcumentay on youtube called "sugar, sweet, white and deadly" if you are interested in the history of how sugar companies have worked to push their drug..
    +Rebecca Brunner That's not a real "high" and "withdrawl', that's your body having more energy as a result of you giving it energy, and then switching to reserves once that energy source has burned up. You lose the "cravings" because you end up tricking your body into thinking it's basic food source is permenantly unavailible. But yeah, have fun in conspiracy land..

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  6. December 16, 2015
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  7. December 15, 2015
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  8. December 20, 2015
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  9. December 11, 2015

    Comments about this video:
    Great meter, however he really should put the lid back onto the strip container immediately, shouldn't he.... I wish to purchase test strips of SD Code free blood glucose monitoring system.Pl inform me the mobile No of sale officer at Faridabad/ Delhi. The earlier sale officer probably left the services and I am not having phone no. of any other concerned person to whom I can put order of test strips required by me time to time.. Pl inform me immediately. Thanks. . PLEASE LET ME KNOW THE AUTHORIZED DISTRIBUTER IN NAIROBI, TEL. NO. &RECCOMEDED PRICE OF METER & ITS STRIPS. OR IF U HAVE DISTRIBUTOR IN NAKURU LET ME KNOW. THANKS..
    Home Health UK Ltd is the manufacturers preferred supplier for the SD Codefree Meter and Testing Strips. Contact details: Tel 01923 711 511..

    U have not provided phone No. of distributor of Sd code free strips at Delhi or faridabad. Mu Mobile no. is 9213134048.Pl reply on SOS basis. Naveen Saxena.

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  10. December 14, 2015
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    Maulana bashir farooqi dua for white hair - Buy Products...
  11. December 13, 2015
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  12. December 18, 2015
    Maulana bashir farooqi dua for white hair - - Books, Music, Paintings, Multimedia & More... Best Vito - are open online for your favorite herbal... i11
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  13. December 21, 2015

    Comments about this video:

    Stop Bill Vestor, just stop it. It's sad that there are people out there with motives such as yours. An investor who wants this to fail. An investor who is betting against this amazing breakthrough product which is making people's lives better in so many aspects. Whatever Bill Vestor says, just ignore it. He will twist and contort his responses to make it seem like he's coming from a scientific background or what-have-you, just to ensure everyone that he's not an investor betting against this. There will be more of these "skeptics" popping up as well. They can change their names and create new accounts once they've been outed, but we're smarter. I am not going to respond to any of his comments moving forward. Great Job Matt. Spread the word and I hope Afrezza had changed your life!.

    Hey Matt you should put this into your description in both videos to give people more information on Afrezza:

    I will be starting Afrezza today at dinnertime...SO excited to see what it does. I'm more interested in your glucose meter. How are you not using blood to test More info on this please and thanks!!!.
    I still cant believe that no one knows about this. Two of my friends are diabetics and they never heard of this. Another video showing this drug said that it was approved in US People think im full of shit when i tell them, lol.. You've proved that by 40 minutes afrezza will make you hypoglycemic on an empty stomach or if you've taken it even a few minutes before a meal. You've also shown that afrezza's effect will have worn off by about 60 minutes, so any slower digesting carbs will make you hyperglycemic. Is this information any different from what is already on the afrezza insert More valuable information might be derived from drinking the glucose, monitoring the rise, and then dosing with afrezza once in hyperglycemic territory and then recording afrezza's effect. For comparsion, it would also helpful would be to drink the glucose and then dose the afrezza the way you would do normally with a meal to see what effect it would have on the glucose "spike." And what would really be most informative to type 1 diabetics would be to repeat that sequence using a minimum of 2U of lispro the insert indicates 8U of afrezza is equivalent to between 2 and 8 units of lispro to see what difference in response is. Until those are all done, you've basically just proven stuff that everyone already knew. Also note that a type 1 is free to consume any food they wish including coke as long as they adjust their insulin to match the carbs. And, to be fair, the 45 grams of glucose that Matt takes is about what's in a medium to large baked potato without the skin. Hence, his "challenge" is more "typical" than "extreme.". +The Troubadour Lounge I'm pretty sure I DID answer your question. My "interest" is in proving SOMETHING good or bad doesn't matter to me. Matt, so far, has proven nothing not already known and has provided little new information other than demonstrating how crucial it is to time the afrezza dose correctly. By the way, the glycemic index of a potato with its skin is about 75 and without the skin is about 85 where glucose is considered 100. In terms of a glucose solution like Matt drank, a potato could raise glucose even FASTER depending on characteristics of the glucose solution such as tonicity and acidity. That was the reason I originally recommended tabs versus a drink. In any case, as I said, Matt's test is really more "typical" than "extreme.".

    Maulana bashir farooqi dua for white hair - Buy Products...
  14. December 19, 2015
    Maulana bashir farooqi dua for white hair - - Books, Music, Paintings, Multimedia & More... Best Vito - are open online for your favorite herbal... i13
    Maulana bashir farooqi dua for white hair - Buy Products...
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  16. January 1, 2016

    Comments about this video:
    '' i asked couple of PC manufactures to send their hardware and got 3-4''. Who are these manufactures and where can i find them .
    gUyS ThIs FrAnKu iS a fAkE!1!1! He SAid it iS DeCeMBer whEN nO snOw Is oUtsIde!1! nic try reptilian scum.
    yeah I already said that AMD runs a lot of games better. There is no doubt in my mind that they are better price to performance cards but there is definitely nothing wrong with Nvidia products. I've had luck my past 2 cards from Nvidia. .
    It's a terrible PC lol. reasons here: 1) CPU is NOT clocked at 3.2Ghz, it is clocked at 2.7Ghz. You are better off with the last generation i5 4460 which has a better clock speed and is a bit cheaper. 2)There is no SSD making boot times and opening programs considerably slower. 3)GTX 970, the 3.5GB meme 4)Who the hell needs a DVD writer in 2015 5) DDR4 RAM is not worth it just yet as it's expensive 6) Locked CPU yet the motherboard is designed towards people who do overclocking So tell us Frankie, how much did they pay you to make this.
    +5 Perservance I just watched tutorials on youtube when i built my pc and all went allright and the pc is running perfectly.. I checked the website and they only sell(ship) to the UK and Ireland. What do the rest of us do, especially us Americans (were more important). I found other websites, but one was advertising single moms in my area, and the other seemed to be made by a drug cartel in L.A...who's accepting applicants by the way. Is there any trustworthy place to buy in US, and other less important places. ive been wanting a GAMING computer for some time now and my grandpa's old laptop has weird sticky marks on it. please send help..
    Man I'm going to buy a prebuilt pc and overtime buy better parts and such. I can barely upload videos with my potato.
    Okay Frankie, I plan to buy a new pc (including monitor not including keyboard/mouse). I have roughly £1500. Plz tell me what I can buy for best performance in that price range and from where. Thanks :D.
    +ElementalFusion Been searching around for a while and the pc im going for including monitor is only like £40ish pounds cheaper if u build yourself :D.

    Should I buy a pc with i7 4790k 4x4,0 + gtx 970 4gb ddr5 and 16gb ram for 987Euro wich is about 1200$.
    Please help me!! The PC I'm thinking of getting has the following specifications: Intel Pentium G3258 Dual Core 8 GB 1600MHz RAM GeForce 750 Ti 2GB Graphics 1 TB SSHD Hybrid Drive 24x DVD+R /R+W Windows 10 I'm going to mainly use it for GAMING and EDITING and RECORDING! Games such as - Skyrim, Fallout 4, GTA V, Call of Duty: Black Ops III And also what settings can I run them at Price for it is 850$ ! My Current PC - Memphis-B Intel Core i7 4790 3.6GHz 8GB Ram/Memory PC3-12800 MB/s DDR3-1600 Radeon R7 240 1TB SATA 7200 RPM Windows 10 HP Envy 700 Tower 2014 Is it worth the UPGRADE Thanks in advance!. lol my pc is fx6350 78lmt(getting 970 soon) 8gb ddr3 1tb had 120gb boot ssd lite on USB disk reader cit defender 650w corsair full modular 7990 6gb card. +Tom Nicklin Its the other way round its a Uk based company so Americans cant buy it unless they build it. +Perry Designs You're correct, apologies friend. Why on earth did I take someones word in YT comments, silly mistake :P. +Eire_ Rory You CPU is fine, but the iGPU that comes with your APU isn't the best. Maybe 1080p low 30fps. You might want to turn down the resolution.. Cpu: Amd x2 a4-4000 Board: Asrock fm2a55m-hd+ Ram: 4g kingston ddr3 1600 Hdd: 1tb wd Gpu: sapphire dual x r9 280x Lg dvd rw drive Case: cooler master haf 922 with 750w aywun psu. HOW GOOD CAN THIS RUN GAMES FRAMESWHAT GRAPHICS CAN I PLAY ON SMOOTHLY THANKS.
    +Xipo86 thank you so much for the reply and is this one any good by any chance AMD Phenom x4 Quad core 8Gb Ram 2Gb Sapphire 7850 OC GPU 750Gb WD Green HDD all in a custom case.

    +MrRubberDucky no they didn't have you played arena, daggerfall, redguard, battlespire, shadowkey, dawnstar, or hell even oblivion skyrim had a remixed version of nerevar rising, thats it.

    Hey Frankie, I want to buy a gaming PC to run ArmA 3 really well. I have a budget between €700 and €800. I'm a beginning PC gamer so I need to buy a good monitor and keyboard too. Do you have any tips (I live in The Netherlands). If you want you can add me on Skype. Just tell me. Thanks a lot!.
    Is my laptop good for gaming First people for the comment section please do not criticize me for using a laptop for gaming, i just like to move. Specs Intel core quad core 5-3320 2.66GHz (Can be overclocked to 3.66) Ram 8 gb of ram Memory 250 hard drive (With 1TB memory stick) Nvidia GTX 650 1GB. Oh, Is that a thing Never heard of such a class... You must have taken some any recommendations. +craig black In most cases, hell yes. they have actual 4 cores, while most AMD octa-cores have virtual cores that split a single core into 8 parts.. You guys think this will run games in high graphics Here are the parts Case - Corsair loot cc-9011075-ww Internal Hard Drive - 2TB Seagate sata3 6GBPS 64MB Graphics Card - GeForce GTX 950 SC ACX 2.0 2GB Ventilator - Corsair Ventilator case AF120 LED Azulejo 120mm RAM - Corsair DDR3 8GB 1600MHZ Vengeance CMZ8GX3M1A1600C99-9-9-9-24 Motherboard - MBoard Asus M5A97 R2.0 AMD AM3+ 4xDDR3 CPU - Intel I5 4460 3.2GHZ 6MB Cache LGA1150 Power Supply - Corsair 750W 80 Plus Bronze CD/DVD Drive - DVD-RW Samsung black 24x-151 Monitor - LED AOC 15.6 E1670SWU-E Puerto USB.
    +I Hyun Kim most important part, the graphics card is ok, but not good. Yes it will run high details but with 60 fps Not so sure....
    Quick question to anyone who knows the answer here: i have a single EVGA 970, i want to get an SLI setup and i know that the SLI compatiblity between cards is strict, could i run my normal 970 and a EVGA 970 FTW edition or would it be incompatible.. +OblivionGaming Same card and Same manufacturer work well ususally and everyone here is PROBABLY correct. however. nvidia cards are picky bastards when it comes to SLI. no gurantees. One thing radeon has going for em.. the cards have to have the exact same bios, at least from my AMD crossfire, but they do have to have the same frequency.. +JokerQuizz Through Mwave you can buy a pre-built computer, buy the parts to build a computer or get them to build a computer for you. They are fairly cheap and a great company to deal with. Just who I would suggest and go through for PC gear in Australia.
    +Djscratchy350 they went cheap at all they honestly have the worst price for the parts they have in there pcs I looked for a gtx 970 pc and it was like over 2k whe. I could get a gtx 970 pc for like 1.2k on Amazon.

    +FRANKIEonPCin1080p Dont you think a intel i5-4690K would do better when it comes to value if you dont take into account The 4690K's power consumption.

    +Vinod Shamraaj you dont need more then this cpu for gaming except if you are going for the really high end stuff.
    Is this a good computer how many fps on CSGO and Minectaft ultra settings CybertronPC Hyper-2X960 Gaming Desktop (TGMHPR296015RD) CybertronPC Hyper-2X960 Gaming Desktop (TGMHPR296015RD)
    +A Helpful Person my specs are 6th Generation Intel® Core™ i7 Processor NVIDIA® GeForce® GTX 980M with 4GB GDDR5 8GB ram and it is a laptop alienware aprictiate it if you can help.

    +giancarlo simone WHAT You can probably run it max at 1080p60 with those specs. Alienware is still overpriced AF..

    +A Helpful Person GPU: GeForce GTX 970 CPU: Intel(R) Core(TM) i7-4790K CPU 2 4.00GHz OS Microsoft Windows 7 Ultimate.

    +Neil Mc Cann​ anything is an improvement over my old amd 965 black edition . I'm really eyeing the i7 6700k.

    I'm astounded at SWBF optimization. It looks amazing at great frames on my PC when I need to dumd things down to less-than-amazing for COD Blops 3.
    Hey guys should I buy for example a cpu 3.5 ghz for 200€ or a cpu 3.2 ghz for 300€ or isn't that the only thing you have too look at.
    +Erik van der Horst EXACTLY. That isn't the only thing you need to look at. You must compare specific models of CPUs..

    I'm new to pc gaming and i love shooter games like Cs:Go, Bf4, Cod Bo3 etc.. So will pc work well or nah AMD FX 6350, 8GB RAM, 128GB SSD, 1TB HDD, 2GB Graphics.

    +Abdulxziz RAM doesn't describe performance. What is the GPU model And what brands for your other parts And what power supply.
    hi I was just wondering if i bought all of those parts that he said and changed the cpu to an i5 6500 3.3ghz would I need a different power supply instead of the 600w power supply. thanks for your time..
    I just ordered my first ever gaming PC, i dont know much about computers and this cost me £790, it will arrive in a few days, bear in mind it is a stand alone computer with no accessories included these are the specs...PC Gaming PC Quad Core intel i7 4790 4x3.6GHz (Turbo up to 4 GHz), Windows 7 Prof 64bit english, GeForce nVidia GTX750 (2048MB), dvd writer, 2TB HDD, 16GB RAM, 620W 80+, wireless, cardreader, multimedia, gaming, desktop Do you think it was a fair deal.

    +andy mutch Sorry but do you mean the PC in the first post or the pc a few posts later Because the pc in the first post is overpriced and bad for gaming. I believe it´s all said, so just read all comments..
    Intel pentium G3240 on the west Digital Caviar Blue 1TB 3.5" 7200RPM Internal Hard Drive Corsair Vengeance LP 8GB (2 x 4GB) DDR3-1600 Memory Corsair VS 550W ATX Power Supply Brilliance 4K Ultra HD LCD monitor P Line, 28"/71.1 cm, 4K Ultra HD (3840 x 2160) 288P6LJEB/00 first build. Got monitor in sale so it turned to be mistake. I play Dota 2 and other stuffs like surfing, youtube and little photo editing.. Can anyone suggest me budget spec improvement for this build. thanks guys. I just built my I7-4790k platform...the Skylake performance/value is just not worth it (to me) yet. Looking at benchmarks from Toms Hardware and CPU Boss mostly...also the DDR4 not really worth it for me at this point either...long story short, go with the I7-4790k/DDR3 from MicroCenter $279..
    +Will Rogers Also fyi I decided to try and use a 32" tv as a monitor. Yes I know input lag, yada, yada. Went with the Vizio E32-C1 (E-Series) I believe. It has lower input lag and a gaming mode 120hz...didn't want to spend +$500 on a 'gaming' overpriced monitor (almost did). And not bigger than 32" because I will already have to modify my computer desk and just don't have the room right now..
    who know how to build a great computer for around $2000 to $2500 thousand dollars Australian if so Msg me on skype: happytimes1337 thank you :). +STOL3N_BRO Here is a build yourself PC with parts sort through pcpartpicker. Everything included except optical drive, monitor, keyboard and mouse.
    It's hard to find a good build. I have been planning for more than a year now and I will only finish it around the end of 2016..

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  20. December 4, 2015

    Comments about this video:
    The first verse was great until she hit the chorus where Jessie J turned around. I think the nerves really got to her because her voice became very shaky. Still a good blind audition.. I just love it when people bash her for being off key. You are all educated musicians and those four people that turned for her are some nonamers, right This show is not called 'Karaoke'. It's called 'The Voice'. It's not about impersonating someone, it's about showing your voice. YOURS, NOT SOME OTHERS. . She was actually off key a few times, not enough to take away from her getting those four chair turns. It wasn't that noticeable nor is it a big deal for these commenters to express what they think. If they're wrong or right, it doesn't really affect anyone.. she was good, i was threw off by the "money, money" parts. i sing a long if i know the song to see if anybody is messing up lyrics so i can post about it..
    I have watched like 10 of these today and that is the first time I have seen Morgan Freeman Turn around...MIRCALE!!.

    +Dami Ikwe yes and that's because you can see Tom Jones, not Morgan Freeman allways press if you reach some high notes in the way that he likes, because the way that he likes it's in the music. He is searching for a challenge..
    I LOVE when audition songs are by one of the judges. I like that look of recognition they have on their face like "Hey, that's me!" Also, poor Will. I feel like he always gets screwed when he wants someone, because another judge turns around in mere seconds. Especially now with Ricky..
    +Princessprince50 On roblox Then don't say "screw you" when I express MY opinion, dumb bitch..
    What a great voice Jessica, your own compilation, great performence, you've it all! With kind regards of Belgium. Lots of succes!. It's not bad. it's not fantastic either. I find her voice falls flat and is very off-pitch. A bit too young.. +This1Jen I suppose you're right on that, the "to each their own" part that is. Cus I actually thought she sounded good as she was..
    She looks like one of those nice and not so popular girls who became popular and evil at the same time but still deep down she's a nice and humble person..

    Almost everyone in the comments below complain about that she was off key and all that. And Yes Yes she was out of key, but only after the first one of the judges turned around and the second one also turned around. And I can understand her, if I was her at that stage and saw them turn I would have been Shocked, and I Think that is what happened, she was over overwhelmed when she saw them turn and got a Little shaky Yes and off key Yes but she still did a fantastic performance I personally Think!..
    you rock JESSICA, absolutely mind blowing and i know you can use that gift with a variety of music, Good luck Jessica you have a very special gift ..
    +Ken SucksAtMC dude chillax. it's all about the act when the judge are selling themself. just showing that Jessi J and the rest should not turn around so the girl will be on his team...

    the only person that sings this song right and sound sweet are these brothers.,,Tony Mateo & Abraham Mateo - Price tag.
    I wasn't a fan of how she sang the song, but she does have a nice voice. But face it, she's a very good looking woman with an average voice and some talent, in today's mainstream that's enough to sell albums for sure. . Lol, I love when Will presses the button..."Jessie ain't hitting it Fine fuck y'all" and then swiftly presses it and acts like nothing happened xD.
    Idk why all the complaints about the decadence of her vocals after Jessie's turn, it seems strong throughout to me.
    you sing very good.i want the sing price tag is very difficul for me and you has voice very good i give applause.
    i have a question how come when one turns they tell the other to turn like they just want them even tho they cant or can sing.

    If you're gonna sing a song by one of the coaches, this is how you do it. You gotta find a way to personalize it and make it your own, not copy them riff for riff..
    Ich finde du hast eine super stimme aber ich fand es etwas komisch mal warst du laut und mal warst du leise daran solltest du arbeiten 😏😏😏😎😎😎😉😉😐😐😐😃😃😃.

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    Comments about this video:

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  28. December 10, 2015

    Comments about this video:

    These videos are already getting to be as good as those produced by the likes of MinutePhysics and CPG Gray..
    +JogInTheFog This is possible because I have been using an app like this App (Details Post >> ) which is free and it also increases your chance of success to 80 percent..
    Awesome, this narrator (S. Taylor) combined with the animation always sets me off listening to the info as if it's The Hitch Hikers Guide to the Galaxy. Makes all these activities of creatures so relative and ironic. Cool. Cool-cool-cool..

    +tiesthijsthejs Multi-millionaire Penny Stock Trading Wizard Turned $12,415 into $3.2 Million in Six Years... Don’t even think about trading penny stocks until you watch this video... Watch it here>>
    +Onat Alıcı That is a problem though, many primary education K-12 or whatever first education system for your country, often doesn't provide a compass to the student, they don't excite interest in their students or create any focus for the student. Sometimes many data dump the student which can be overwhelming and the student tunes out, or they don't explain the overall picture to the student in applied manner which makes the student think it doesn't really apply to them and they tune out.. The ad of this video told me not to watch youtube and learn pro stock strategies really im not even kidding.
    This video is a few years old, but it seems like it predicted the future, because I watched it now, and noticed the DAX showed VW's value drop drastically at 3:02.
    The binary options software, like the one you are viewing right now, are plenty. But who is going to tell which one is safe Let me help you with this. I have been using this great app (Details Post >> ) and I have made huge sums of profit with it. It is amazing, yet very simple to use. All you need to do is add in a few parameters around which you would like to do your trade; the rest will be handled by the app. It would monitor all stock trends and make the decision for you. The success rates that this app offers is 90 percent, and well guess what, it is for free. Binary option trading is something quite interesting and at the same time can give you serious returns for your investments. But what you need to do is choose your binary options trading software smartly and if you ask me then the best one in the market is that app because it is free, user friendly and has the highest success ratio..
    People who are business minded can do business. Most people find it hard to select the right and appropriate forum to invest their money. If you are looking to invest it in stock market through binary option trading than probably the app which is in front of you is not the right choice. I know and I have experienced an app (link here ) that can be of extreme use to you. I was someone who did small jobs on internet and I used to think about something that can make me earn big. At that time I was referred by a friend of mine who was working in this binary option which really changed my world. I accept, I had to put some serious efforts at start and I did get a lot of setback but I carried on, and this is the secret behind my secret. If you willing to put effort and get equal reward for it then you can do some serious damage in this trade and this is what I can guarantee you..

    So we are basing our whole economy on people opinions and rumors.. Nice going, capitalism.. Not at all opposed to stock exchange but dear lord it has to be regulated to stop memes changing company values... The company didn't change, the marketplace didn't change but a simple lie can make company worth less or more than it is. That is illogical and detaches it from the reality. This also allows companies being bought up, split up and sold to higher price without producing a single good. That is insane..
    +Bryan Wheelock Well, that is good to hear. I'm in the other end, i do not have any care for money, at all, Wealth does not register to me as a value. Happiness, friends, family, those do, after that comes own ambitions (which are decent, i am looking for senior and management positions, not for money but because i get to have more responsibility and as reward i have my own voice heard, love good and efficient deisgn..). I'm prepared for sacrifices for the good of others and still don't feel like losing any part of my identity or freedom. I'm adding part of them in to myself, growing by sharing. And yeah, i have lived in communes for a major part of my adult life ;).
    +SquidCaps Another problem that opponents of stock markets fail to see is that capital must go somewhere. Most people are not going to wait for their earnings to be ate up by inflation. If they do not have access to reasonable financial instruments, they will merely shift their attention to other forms of investment like real estate. This is already happening in places like China and Russia where the rich do not trust their financial system, so they place their money in housing causing the prices to detach from the locals' abilities to pay for them..
    Binary options can be a risk. Yes, since we all know that the trade through it can return with a big profit or a big zero profit. But what if I tell you I know a software ( link here ) that can reduce the chances of loss to less than 10 percent. Yes, 90 percent of success rate and that too without putting you into stress. With the uncountable number of apps and tons of information available on Binary Options trading, the people can get confused. It is hard to determine which one is reliable, and which one is just a spam. Well, this might not be the app that you are looking for. But I can tell you that app is the one. And above everything, it is for free. All you need to do is sign up and download it. Then follow some simple instructions and get going.. Are you looking for reliable auto trading system Well, I have one for you.You know what I am someone who have tried and tested every online job that I though can get me the money. I was getting through very tough time when I heard about this software (link here ) which can make me earn more 500$ a day if I want. I am earning more than 3000$ a day at average and all because of this software. Don’t go for this fake software and try this one, its free if you are worried about money. This software above, I’ve tried it and it’s a total fake. I am using this app and it’s really easy to use and is totally free. I am earning loads with this baby.. I was given a share of the Leap Frog company when I was like, three or four, just a guess. I have not discovered it until yesterday. LOL :3. +Claire Petersen might I recommend the How Stuff Works podcast episode on bitcoin I've had bitcoin explained to me and read about it over and over again and I didn't really get it until listening to that...then again it's getting fuzzy again now that I try to remember..
    a company doing well doesn't necessarily mean its stock will be at the right price due to fear. In the stock market, you need to clarify the difference between price and value..

    so simply i put in 30 on youtube and in a day it's up to 500 and i take it out dose that mean i get the 500 from the value my 30 went up.

    Bottom line; stock exchange is based on lies.Big fish eats small fish.Manipulate the market and regulate the value of a company's shares..
    I still don't get how people get rich from this. I mean, they're investing in what Shares Is it basically just companies exchanging money If so, how does that money get to the investors Don't they just keep exchanging How do you even invest You go to HQ and hand them your money so they can record it in the books or something I'm gonna start my Google/YouTube trek guys, because '...For Dummies' is way too smart for me XP.
    I just spent about 45 mins trying to explain shares and funds to my partner, then searched and found this (I am a sub). Damn your unbelievably good content and my poor teaching skills!.
    So basically, A share is you owning nothing, But that nothing has a value and that value depends on the value of the company you bought it from.. +Ciaran Brickles By the way, what you were reffering to matches closely to derivates. With derivates, the value is derived from an underlying value. So you can own derivates based of stocks, bonds, interest rates, the weather and almost anything. With these, you never own the original source.. +Slava Ivchenko >>See how quickly $1000 turns to 1 Million trading penny stocks!>>>> >. +Gary Bettes The next apple is probably already here, it's just about as popular as apple was back then :). Doubt : suppose a company has assets worth 100 dollars and fully financed by 100 shares of 1 dollar each(no external debt). Now because of a rumour the share value falls to 0. But the company would still be having assets worth 100 dollars + 100 dollars of cash received from shareholders, and each shareholder is having 1/100th share in the company. So isn't each shareholder entitled to 2 dollars per share. +Nishant Gupta OK so basically the company has 100$ in assets, and goes public. It sells shares worth 1$ each and raises 100$. Now keep in mind, whoever gave the company the 100$ in assets has 50% of the company, which is what is being missed in your hypothesis, and the shareholders have the other 50% (since they doubled the value of the company). Now the company is worth 200$ and goes bankrupt, what happens is the assets get sold (let's say they get 80$ back from this) and they spent 10$ in advertising and have 90$, from that 170$ 50% (85$) goes to the original stakeholder and the other 85$ goes to the shareholders. Since there were 100 shares bought at 1$ each, now each shareholder gets 0.85$ per share and sees a 15% decrease in their investment..
    I'm sorry, but I'm still finding it hard to grasp how 'shares' work. If anybody could help to answer the following questions: 1) If I have bought a share in a company for say £10. Would I then ask for a certain % of their profit and that's where I'd get my money from 2) If I have bought a share in a company for say £10 and that company over the next couple of years increased its total revenue, would it be wise to sell the shares If so, who do I sell the shares to and would I make more money than how much I bought that share for Many regards, A Red Leaf.
    +jmitterii2 Thank you so much for adding more! I don't really have that good of a grasp on the stock market workings so I'm glad that you could add more information!. +jmitterii2 thank you for your answer ,can you recommend me books that explains about stock exchange simply and in greater detail. also how much money you can make from mutual/index funds . Has the December US jobs report lit the fuse under what will turn out ot be a Santa rally to new all time highs 2015 Find out in this new video
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    I have tried many tools and robots, but I have found this app very helpful and profitable. The best part of this app is its profitable signals for different assets. Not only gold, but also currencies and stocks. Trading is great FUN now.. Help I am really confused right now, I've been learning about the stock market for 3 days now and I really dont know where to go. I found some information through some youtube videos but they only give you a little bit of information and they send me to their website to buy a plan that costs upwards 1000$ to teach me how to trade. I really dont have money right now. I am 16 currently unemployed and have 20$ networth. I am planning on working in the summer and earning around 2k-3k to start trading. I have alot of months to study all of this but I cant find the right source that would teach their students for no cash. Please can someone direct me to some source I really want to master the stock market and make people proud of me at this state i feel like its impossible..
    So a company gets my money, but what do I get in return I mean what can I actually DO with the ownership of stock shares apart from selling them for a higher price in the future. I guess they serve some kind of function, otherwise it is a self-perpetuating pile of useless junk. Why is such basic information missing in this video.

    +blazebluebass Yeah this video wasn't very good. It made it seem like the companies are constantly selling shares to investors. That's not very accurate. To answer your question, you get a part of the profit the company makes, that correspondes how big your share of the company is. The company may take the profit and invest it in the business to grow the company, or they can pay it out in dividends, cash in the investors hand. Or a combination of the two..
    To say investing in securities is a game of chance is to call the entire field of Finance Science and Economics pointless. That is very incorrect and thus misleading.. +Lucas Balaminut I am not so sure, aren't those also researching and analysing developements which happened before There is always a bit of luck and chance involved : Like oil crises, wars breaking out, catastrophes, scandals. Sure some of them you might as well see coming....
    +Onebie yes, there is a degree of uncertainty. But there is also a huge degree of certainty that is completed neglected in the video. Also, risk taking investors will gladly take the uncertainty from the risk averse investors, for a premium. In that way, uncertainty is not decisive of the outcome, but an extra cost to those who hedge. Finally, be very careful when defining uncertainty; just because you don't know, it does not mean it is uncertain to the market. Just because you didn't see it coming it does not mean it is not predictable to a certain degree. .
    if you have problems about life,build a position at dax so you will never have time to think another things again...such a volatility.. >>See how quickly $1000 turns to 1 Million trading penny stocks!>>>> >. hey 😀 awesome. I like all your vids so far. I'm not sure where to make requests, but any chance you can expand this, or follow up on this, to include the Bond market. sorry but i am very interested in the stock market but i have no idea what it is. im 18 and i want to start investing in something for the future, but to start off what is the stock market all iknow right is that basically you give money to a company hopefully they sell their goods and you make a profit im confused yet interested i want to make money someone help thanks .
    +Eduardo Bonilla You basically buy shares when they're cheap then sell them when they get a little more expensive. Then poof, profit. It's that simple. I strongly recommend starting off with energy sector companies like Gazprom and PetroChina. They have relatively cheap shares and the energy sector is the most instable one so you'll have plenty of fun and excitement in a short time span (some 3 months). In this while, you won't be bored by the stock and you'll learn a lot of things quickly. Don't be hasty though, you should always consider the possibility of losing at least 30% of what you invested. Most successfull investments are long term ones. I still remember the day I bought some 10 Tesla Motors shares some 5 years ago, back when they were 10 pounds each. Now, each of them is worth some 170 pounds and I sold them all. If you can afford it, maybe you'd want to buy Dogecoin, Bitcoin and look for some fresh kicker companies and wait some years to see what happens..
    +Eduardo Bonilla Big thing is realize you probably won't get rich on it, most successful investors put 100,000$ on the line to make 20,000$ then rinse and repeat, or do some very thorough research that equates to a full time job. But by all means play with extra cash, look at how much your bank charges for trading and see if you can find a share that will outperform broker fees!.
    +Roberta Fernandez de la Mora Döner is a Turkish food but there are millions of Turkish people living in Germany and most of the Döner sellers are Turkish :).
    brilliant stuff. how bout the foreign exchange market i think it will be good to explain that, since its the least regulated market around..
    I'm in 8th grade but i learned more from Kurzgesagt then from my teacher's.Thanks in a nutshell..
    I'm so fucking dumb I still don't get how this all works. S basically the bigger the company the more expensive the shares are, right Fml..
    +Cellar Door let's say facebook was still a tiny site with nobody on it, and you agreed to give them 1000$ for a new server in exchange for a 10% stake in the value of their company. Facebook used your money to increase it's ability to make money and thus your percentage in the company (security) grew larger. Now the company grew huge with that investment and is worth millions, somebody else will buy that 10% of the company for you for much more than 1000$ and you've made money - a good investment. The stock market is just a very busy, contained version of this that trades money for "value" in companies back and forth, when you sell a share somebody is buying it from you..
    An advertisement about 'Stop watching Youtube video about stock exchange and watch ours instead' just appeared before the video, well I guess fuck that company then..

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  32. December 25, 2015

    Comments about this video:
    I enjoy sushi and more Japanese food. I really love those restaurants with the moving trays/rails where the chefs prepare it in front of you then put in the rail then you wait for it to get to your seat then grab it. does the us have that.
    I bet cheap supermarket sushi in Japan tastes better than sushi from overpriced Japanese restaurants here in the US..
    Quality wise, no that is not true. Yes, I will agree the best sushi I had was formal at a small location near Tokyo, and I almost cried from the goodness of the sushi. However, I would say the rotary sushi is better than the same price of on the west supermarket sushi, but there are nice sushi establishments I go to in my home town where they make the sushi in front of you and place it on your palate to eat. Not quite as good as the one in Tokyo, but still better handcrafted and good compared to the cheaper sushi in Japan.. +Bogart Not really. From my experience trying multiple cheap sushi places in Japan they are only a bit better than in the US. Much, much fresher, but that's about it. The price is about the same at both places.. The ONLY way to eat GOOD sushi is to go to a sushi restaurant where they make it in front of you with fresh ingredients or go to Japan.. +Bob Troutman Sushi is great, man. It just depends on how it's presented. Some people'll talk about sushi like it's super exotic and out of the norm and all, but really, it's just raw fish on rice with seaweed wrap on it sometimes. Its origins are as non-pretentious as it gets. .
    Is it just me or does the sushi stop logo really remind you of the gamestop logo... Somebody has some explaining to do.

    When SushiStop was first small, the owner was lazy so he used the logo of the old GameStop that used to be building before, and SushiStop became big..

    Yes! Fellow Texans and San Antonians! For those who have never been to Texas, HEB is a grocery store, mostly categorized in the food department. They do have the best cheap sushi I've ever had in my life. It ranges from $4 - $8 depending on the type (mostly on the west style rolls). I love the firecracker and san antonian :O I love HEB because everything is good quality and cheaper than other stores..

    +Iceechibi OMG! I am about to eat the San Antonian roll for lunch! (I live in Houston though) .
    My mom got a sushi kit for Christmas, as she loves sushi. She goes to this sushi bar often, inside this natural, organic food store and the chef there told her to always come to him for the fish, as he'll personally ensure she's getting a safe, fish. You've gotta get the right sushi. Most store bought sushi, that really is all you can taste is the avocado. I've taken friends who were super picky, and grossed out by the idea of sushi, to this local place that's really good, and they couldn't believe how delicious it was. They refused to ever try sushi, sashimi, or ahi tuna, and they ended up loving it. They had tried it before, but it was store bought or from a buffet..
    "Hmmm, this guy needs subtitles." "Sir, he's speaking English." "SUBTITLES, I SAID!".
    Cheap sushi reviewed by someone who has a financial incentive to promote expensive sushi. This is bound to be unbiased.. +awesome crAp Actually, sushi is pretty pricey in Japan as well. It's not something they eat everyday, maybe once every two weeks.. I'm moving to the US soon from Hong Kong, and I'm really going to miss my mother's Korean food, the spiciest noodles ever, dim sum and sushi. Oh, the things I sacrifice for my art career.. Don't eat gas station sushi. Sushi Club on West 10th in Indianapolis, now THAT'S good sushi. $25 for all-you-can-eat, and it's the same type of stuff you'd get at really expensive place. The building it's in used to be a Pizza Hut and it doesn't look like a place you want to buy raw fish from, but hey! Cheap, tasty sushi!.
    0:24 Translation: Thank you for the food (said before eating) He says itadakimasu if you want to know.

    There is an oriental buffet in the town I live in, and they have sushi. I like it but I've also never had sushi anywhere else.

    LOL this guy is freaking hilarious. I love it. Can you imagine if they had Jiro from Jiro Dreams of Sushi do this He probably would have died on the spot lol.
    I'm glad that more Japanese woman are training to become sushi chefs. It sucks that they still can't be respected sushi chef's because of people thinking that the woman would dirty the sushi.. Thats so 18th century. Sushi was originally made and sold at dockside food trucks. Why would I go to an expensive restaurant for "authentic" sushi.
    Freshly-made restaurant sushi is so much better in my opinion. Unimaginably better, in fact. Sushi is one of my all time favourite foods, though, so even most of the cheap stuff is okay if that's the best you can get... unless the rice is frozen. Like, come on, really This chef said it right with that rating. I'd love to go to Japan and try local sushi, just to see how it compares, what's similar, and what's different..
    So, what goes into being a sushi chef technically I feel like I could slam a raw salmon down onto a plate and be a sushi chef..
    The way the ingredients are prepared, the way the seafood is cut, the way different flavours go together, understanding characteristics of the fish, etc, are all very important. For example, octopus should be sliced with an up and down wave motion to give it texture, which greatly affects the taste, squid should be scored with lines, and even fish have to be cut at the right angle.

    Also, they have to.know what parts of the fish are okay to eat, how you get the best meat from a fish to put in quality sushi.

    I stuff my face every time I visit the sushi restaurant near the office. It's small but cosy and always full of customers, well how can it not be when there's thinly sliced fresh prawn and scallop sashimi and even fresh sea urchins on rotation if you get in early for the dinner rounds :) getting hungry just thinking about it now....
    I lived in japan for 2 years they had 7/11 sushi that was bomb, made fresh daily with a time stamp the older it got the cheaper the priced drop through out the day..
    The moment that his standards are so overly high that he would probably rate his own sushi like 3 stars.
    I love sushi but only when it's good I never eat sushi from like the gas station or anything but when it's made in like a restaurant I get it but eh I don't trust that stuff.
    it must be disappointing for a Japanese person to go to 7Eleven in Japan and get sushi there and then come to a 7eleven here and get sushi.

    wha you're using subtitles for someone who speaks English That's a bit racist 4 Chinese people.
    Personally, I didn't need the subtitles but not everyone who watches Buzzfeed speaks fluent English or can pick up words right away.. I understand, but frankly, I'm french and it's sometimes more difficult to understand a member of buzzfeed who's american than this sushi chef. They should subtitle everybody then..

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    My all time favourite muscle car. If I get a decent income, I will find one, and import it from USA if necessary..
    +Mr. SideWayzMoose™ This, I'm a Mopar and JDM fan, but I also love Mustangs, AMC Javelins... etc. I love pretty much everything that is aggressive or made to go fast that was before the 21st century. The 21st century ruined cars. The only 21st century cars I like are still the Mustang (not the new generation, it looks too European and not enough muscle) and Nissan 350/370z. Other then that, 21st century cars are so shit. Really makes me wish I was born in a different time..

    +Liam 469gamer he's right, top gear UK is in one if the best shows, the roadkill guys are fans of Top Gear..
    You know, I said a long time ago that I wondered why they never at least rattle canned the car so it's all one color or why they never put side windows in it and now that I've watched this episode for the who knows how many time, I finally understand what this whole car was about from the get, a bad ass Mad Max '68 Charger that was built with what was available and made to be mean cheaply...and now it has a Hellcat Hemi and new Charger tail lights. You know how people say, "be careful what you wish for" Well this is a prime example of what those people meant. Now I kind of wish that it would've stayed how they built it from the get because now it's something that it was never meant to be. Sure the body is still beat up and the same color and nothing has really been done to the interior other than a cage but it has a ridiculously expensive drivetrain in it and the motorhome buildup charm is gone. Oh well, the exact same thing happened to HRG and now you can barely recognize the show from how it was when it first started so I guess the times are a-changing. I know that if I saw the General Mayhem in person I would be slobbering all over it so I suppose that you can't have your cake and eat it too. Party on!.
    +Robert Keeton I'm honestly glad to see the Hellcat engine in it because in reality if you think about it, something like that could happen in the Mad Max world, say the oil wars happened a little later down the road of things and some crazy dictator wanted a mean old charger with a nice new hellcat engine from an old dodge that was probably left to rot by someone. What would you do of course you'd have them swap everything they could into it to make it run because no aftermarket support or none of that crap. Yeah little far fetched but in my eyes it made the car look sound and become much more amazing to me, only thing I'd ever want to see done is for it to be reset for rally racing and to go back to Dirtfish and just thrash on it with the new engine..

    +jr540123 Bandits would raid stuff, steal everything that isnt nailed down, so crate engines would be more common than bare, straight chassis..
    "Nobody wants the Dodges. Especially a long bed 3/4 ton." If you're so sure about that, I'll take it off your hands for ya..
    1) This is by far the best episode I've seen from your guys show because of the 68 charger 2) The grille you guys fashioned is fucking awesome 3) Please make more episodes like this. I prefer seeing you guys build the car from the ground up instead of buying a junker and putting just enough effort in to make it drive to a show or obstacle course..

    I think they should take this charger, or one of the others, and paint it with a brush. Paint can be bought that was mixed a certain color and nobody bought it, very cheaply. A brush is also inexpensive. For about $5.00 you could paint the car..

    This is the ONLY car show that makes me smile and learn at the same time while watching it. Because Roadkill, is the best YouTube/tv car show..
    what model is the Dodge motorhome I'm going to buy a 1950s international pickup truck and modify it a LOT! I'm also going to engine swap it to a Chrysler 440 big block! and put something in it that anyone has never seen before! a brand new ibuypower computer system! and for the mods I'm going to have on my truck: lowered race suspension,springs and shocks,borla drag strip exhaust,black tinted windows, neon, hydraulics, custom 2 cans of LEX and NO2 nitrous, green and purple XTREME LED HEADLIGHTS, dragstrip tyres and dragstrip rims, XTREMELY ANGRY FOX EYES (same with tailiights) MORE exhausts (at least 6 more) trunk LED neon lights,an XREMELY BRUTAL AND ANGRY AND XREMELY FAST SHIFT POWER ( like on the crew but MUCH STRONGER AND FASTER!) 12 SPEED MANUAL TRANSMISSION WITH AN 9 SPEED AUTOMATIC WITH A CARBERETOUR THAT IS SO STRONG AND POWERFUL THAT THE TRUCK SHOULD HAVE MAX SPEEDS OF 288 MILES PER HOUR!!! and 2 more parts from monster truck series like monster jam! a light and a custom driveshaft which you see on those monster trucks! I hope that custom part will fit into the driveshaft.... 68 Dodge Charger is the coolest car ever! Even in this poor body condition it looks badass. It's one of those shapes like the Blackbird or Concorde, they will always be cool.. +Jimmy Loosue Well the Blasphemi (the Bel Air) beat a brand new hellcat so it would most definetly beat the charger with an old motor home 440 because the blasphemi has a worked hemi and and an american powertrain gearbox but now that the general mayhem has had a hellcat engine and driveline put in it (happened about 2 months ago) im not 100% sure but id still put my money on the Blasphemi. what do you think about that challenge can you do it take a full the body of a Camaro make it 4 wheel drive with a 6 cylinder. So I watch a 31 second commercial, video does not start, so I refresh, watch another 31 second commercial...and the video does not start again. Youtube needs to be replaced with something that works..
    there should be a museum for the dead roadkill cars... a junkyard is not a worthy fate of this epic show.
    How do you guys call that Dodge truck in America because i own one in holland and we call it a Dodge W200 but when i look it up in america for parts nobody knows it so can anyone help me out . Glad you boys survived! I drove trucks for many years and remembering how the CA. is about pollution (a lot of their mess is ridiculous) it's a wonder the CHP or some other cop(s) didn't open fire on you!.
    The only CHP I've ever seen is on the I-10 through Riverside County, anywhere else on the I-10 the "speed limit" is 110 mph with no chips to be seen.

    +NavyWolf175 I could live with that. I know when I drove trucks for over 20 years the times I went to CA. and encountered their law enforcement (state,county or municipal) they always acted like I was a brain dead,inbred redneck. I may not have all of the "book smarts" some do but I didn't get to be this old being lucky or stupid..

    afte seeing your car on TV I've come to realize you guys aren't car builders,your just parts swappers!!!!!!!.

    build rebuild a Camaro 1964 Camaro with a 4-wheel Drive using the s10 pickup truck body kit making it 4 wheel drive the Camaro four wheel drive.

    This is a great programme even though most American cars are about as much use as a chocolate piston here in UK..
    im actually planning on doing something like this very soon. take a 440 and trans from a 76 Chrysler triple e motor home and put it in my 68 fury 1. Planning on getting a holley carb, edelbrock single plane intake as well. all the good stuff. get some air ride to raise the rear end up, slap on some radials in the back and let er rip!! i cant wait!.
    Folks the Dodge Charger is my favorite car EVER but I think they should have restored the RV! What I liked it other than the smell and I honestly think they made that part up in order to justify destroying it! ha.
    +GeorgeBonez the engine and transmission worked in that RV but try living in that shit box ( more trouble than its worth to fix to almost everybody ).
    +Chayton Ruijsenaars If you say so. I still thought it was a waste of a cool old RV. I wasn't there tho so you may have a point.
    Daytona lime green with white strips would look great on this car, and I do love the pumpkin orange but it's so obvious.. Little did they know at this time that they would end up putting a Hellcat Hemi in the charger. So badass!. I gotta ask, you guys put so much effort into getting that 440 out of the motorhome, what was in that fury looks like a big block, and you pulled it anyway.
    I hadn't seen that episode in awhile, you're right lol they actually mention putting it in the charger, but that it wasn't worth it. you 1 me 0.
    +Amerikalı 10 bucks for 1 pound. Or 10 bucks in gas for a four wheeler and a minimum of 20 pounds of meat. It makes sense :) . +Amerikalı Well, I can respect that you are very sensitive for animals... I want to get a pet fox!.

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    I love your shop with me videos! It's always more fun to see what's in the store! Thanks for taking us on your shopping journey! Hugs, Vina .

    there was printable coupon, but you can find 2 off inside of the Culturelle box. ps. only the box has "new look" sticker has the coupon.

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    I grew up with you and your brother man haha used to sleep over in your garage all the time and hand with Jared..
    +PypeR i heard the battery on the edge is a little bigger may e that's why it last longer my s6 last from morning 6.oo to 20.oo ( in a school week).. +♬ ℳεℓ♫ that 50mah diffrence can't be that noticable. maybe it's that "smart manager" that doing well job optimaizing unused apps. maybe low signal locations that makes the phone increase strenth for the signal. well... try to lower the brightness, put a darken wallpaper, turning off location services and mobile data when it's not importnant, play with smart manager(see what you can do),set the power saving mode on 20% or something and I thing you'd be fine. ;).
    Hey +Jonathan Morrison !! This was a really great video !! Hey i see you have a launchpad (or MIDI controller.. whatever !!)... NOVATION What desk speaker are you using P.S. +Lamarr Wilson was awesome !!.
    Thanks for the nice words! That controller is Maschine Mikro and the speakers are a pair of Yamaha HS7s!. I chose 4K resolution on my laptop and it had a seizure, so I then chose 1440p and the graphics were pretty awesome!! Your camera is probably amazing lol. +dangerboy551 Thanks a lot, I tried it but it gave me an embarrassingly low numbers lol No wonder, even at 1080p I get laggy video . I have an s6 and it's awesone. the camera is awesome and it's not too bad in speed. it's a pretty phone. Also,I've already dropped it multiple times and it has never brke. it's actually much more durable than the iphone.. Such an iPhone 6 & 4 copy and wannabe... like seriously... this is so stupid, Samsung Pay.. really . Apple can go suck a dick. Their shitty phones suck man! I have an iPhone 5s. My only regret in life is having a fucking piece of shit apple device.. you know that apple pay is a direct rip off of Google wallet, right also, in case you've been absent from the tech scene for the past two years, apple has been ripping literally EVERYTHING off of Android..
    So are you telling me the battery life goes down fast...because that's the problem w. my s3 rn. I just really care most about better battery life. .

    I don't really see the need for the swappable battery for most people. But micro SD expansion would be good.

    +Kiba traveler I rarely take pictures because the environment i live in is pretty much the damn same..

    s6 edge's display is actually brighter and "whiter"... i don't know why anybody talks about that. just holding bothing side to side you can see the s6 edge's display looks whiter and s6's looks grey/warm.

    wtf is wrong with phone manufacturers, every smart phone has to have a micro sd slot as standard, might as well just take the radio out while ur at it,.
    This is just an open question. For Christmas I was lucky enough to receive the Samsung Gear VR. However, I do not have the correct compatible phone for the gear and am going to upgrade my phone. It is compatible with the Note 5/ S6 edge+/ S6 and S6 edge. So, which one is the best I will enjoy games on it and have played with the gear on a different phone.. soooo basically the Edge and the S6 are the same.. the Edge is just an aesthetic gimmick that their trying out to see if the public bites, but has no distinct effect on the phone. Ill wait for next year when they add more features to the edge to get it.. This has nothing really to do with the video but I was wondering is there a way to see your profile picture on the message thread . They charge us $30/mo for 24 months for this thing, that is $720 for something that cost them something like $80 to make. Do they still ram apps down your throat and force you to agree to all their bullshit terms of service and waive all privacy rights. I am from Mexico, and am going to visit the United States, I am planning to buy a Galaxy s6 edge, but I wouldn't know where to go looking for it, can someone tell me where I can get one that's unlocked like Wal mart. People always talk about how "bad" the battery life is on this phone, but never mention how it compares to the iPhones... How much better is S6 compared to the iPhones for battery life.
    Dude at the beginning of the video you had the phone on the edge of the desk that hella triggered some ocd in me lol.
    i just realized that when i turn on power saving mode on my galaxy s6 the screen display enhances, it becomes crisper and crystal clean.. lol im just trying to find out is this the phone to upgrade from my beastly sexy Gs3 is the Edge and regular s6 battery life better than my Gs3 Even though the Gs3 is better than the iPhone 6 lol i get that sick auto restarts. I wanted an edge as it was easier for me to sms/text on it as I have short fingers(not a piano player :) ) but I just couldn't justify the 20bucks/month price difference compared to the "vanilla" model. I didn't want to buy a new phone right now but my waterproof sony acro-s died on me yesterday as it decided to not be water proof any more and needed a phone pronto.. I was actually waiting for the flexible/bendable screen phones. but anyway, except for the impressive screen I gotta say that if you have a nexus 4 like my dear mom has then you should wait for those bendable phones. :P but still s6 seems as good as any stylish phone. :D. i love this phone, but the option to add space is not here! so i ask your opinion on a phone that is as cool as this one, but does offer the option of more space expansion..
    Just upgraded from an iPhone 4s to a Galaxy S6. It won't arrive until Tuesday, but I'm super excited!.
    Extremely crap battery life. In this video it already used around 7 percent when I watched the whole vid.
    +rong ruan lmao probably because you have other apps open and full screen brightness, and YouTube uses a ridiculous amount of battery on any device..

    can anybody help me: i have bought new s6 and i figured the flash light is yellow !!! is it a defect .
    +muti30630479 I have the S5 mini, and i don't think it normal. Maybe you should go to a friend or so that has a s6 and check out the light. +TheAnderos Yep, iSheeps think that those iCraps are worth something, well no! It's pretty clear that the GS6 is MUCH better..
    Never really considered Samsung until this weekend when I walked into a best buy...that is one nice phone good job Samsung.

    As nice as that Motorola razr 10 years ago right. Anyways, I got mine on discount
    what about the keyboard when I buy a phone I kind of focus on how the keyboard is and can I type fast on it. Thank u very much and it would help if you would make a video!!😊😊😊. +mohamed yachou No but it will last for some minutes (about 10 i think till it freaks out) in water but if you put it in soda's like RedBull or Cola it won't last more that 3 minutes till it freaks out..
    IPhone 6: Up to date, doing their own thing(not copying), best camera, new paying system, a few pre-installed apps, unique and their own processer... Samsung Gal 6: Copying, stops working correctly in 6 months, big ugly camera, still copying, has the same processor of like 10 phones, shit load of pre-installed apps... .

    I've got the Galaxy S6 Edge plus and it's one of, if not, the best phones i've ever gotten my hands on :D.
    This piece of shit phone scratches so easy it's rediculous... Mine is scratched all to shit after a few weeks, more than my S2 that's over 4 years old with he same use, plus being dropped 5X etc. I'd avoid this piece of shit... Everything I own is Samsung tablets TV's etc.. Minus my iPad.. I'm really disappointed with Samsung and build quality is definitely not better!!!. I feel like iphone and samsung both copy eachother on certain features which causes a constant feud between users. Just team up already and make the best phone ever. My Samsung Galaxy s6 edge display is gone while it was fully charged...plz give me some suggestions how can I fixed it by my self if anyone know about it... . +Jonathan Morrison if you was to recommend me a phone moving from iPhone 5s and having a choice of samsung galaxy s6 or iPhone 6 plus what would you suggest, thanks jon..
    Well if your really used to iPhone go with the iPhone 6Plus, if u want to change it up, go with the Galaxy s6.
    I have a 6 edge. if I try to charge it ,it says "charging pause. battery temperature is to low." any body know how to fix it.
    this phones battery life is amazing for me and im a heavy user guess iphones battery must suck then.
    Exactly i used auto-installed since the above steps was not working for me, and no it is not recognizing the sim. You found a solution.
    Now we can put the talk of Samsung being 'innovative' to rest. Fandroids always gloat over the removal battery and expandable memory features and lets see what other excuses they bring this time to knock down a true and honest innovation company like Apple. Where is the water-resistant from S5 Oh yes it was so useless they had to strike off that idea. And did i see a glass panel at the back Now thats so 2010. Apparently they'll remove it and replace it with metal in S7 and you Fandroids will call that innovation at its finest. Poor and dumb sheeps..

    I can't get my messaging to Have any kind of ring tone. it only vibrates. I have the galaxy 6s.

    +Falwin Horison Blue is just beautiful. S6 must be perfect, but I am not upgrading from my note 4. Planning to get a new phone in 2 years, maybe galaxy s8 lol :D.

    I own iPhone 6s plus, Major problem with picture transferee to and from pc and music transferee from pc to phone, I can't share videos on my IPhone video folder with no onethinking about buying Samsung s6 edge, please compare and advise,last concern is the GPS capability, Please advice and if you compare with video reply let us know.

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    just discovered your channel today and I love it! been an Aldi shopper this past year and a half and I always recommend them for anyone shopping on a budget..
    What are the ingredients on that tuna from Aldi's I stopped shopping there because so many of the "healthy" foods there had funky ingredients..
    I alternate between two breakfasts, two lunches, and two dinners per week. Eating the same thing every day is too monotonous and less likely to get in diverse nutrients. Plus it's getting into the realm of eating disordered, eating in an unpleasantly tedious way to lose weight.. +Brandon Snowden The fact that many Americans still shop at just one grocery store in one of the main reasons why food in the U.S. is relatively expensive. It's important that people shop around.. >At the beginning I doubted the program, but then I saw my after pictures I was sold.I will stick to the Venus program and I am not going to look for any other program anymore I have found what works, finally.>. >The Venus Factor program ensures you have all the tools you need to reach the best shape you have ever been in >>====>>
    I went to Aldi's quite a bit while living in CHicago. I loved it. I now live in Washington State and there is no such thing where I am at. There is a Trader Joe's almost an hr. from my house. Are you saying that Trader Joe's prices compare to Aldi's If so maybe it would be worth the hr. ride - maybe not....
    In WA you might have a Winco nearby. They're the closest thing, price wise, we have to Aldi around here.. ▶ Celebrity doctor reveals his #1 trick to lose weight fast => MyDietStory .Us (remove space) Healthy $40 Grocery Haul For Work Week: Meal Plan Included!.
    gets excited for cheap healthy food!!! yes! buy fruits and veggies that are in season for your region! they are cheaper and more sustainable..

    Never though about that-I always eat the same things! I'm such a simple eater is why. Great haul! Tfs! 👍🏾.
    Anyone tried the Fenoboci Diet Plan I have heard some incredible things about it and my sister lost tons of weight with it.. Did you know that Aldi`s was affiliated with Trader Joe`s. In Germany, Aldi`s is a reqular grocery store. The food are Trader Joe`s food with a different name. Some people think that Aldi`s is a store for poor people, but it is a name brand store, being name brand in Europe..
    my heart becomes so painful to really see how americans live,a budget of $40 is too little...American dream is a lie ey,iam from Africa and i think i better here than in America...Really that's so painful...AND is So sad when you hear them talking about africa and how Africa is starving but in reality Americans are starving as well...$1 a day can save an american somewhere.
    Let me be honest. Most Americans don't live on $40 budgets. Many people end up going to Starbucks in the morning for breakfast. They spend much more on food which is actually sad. This is why a family who makes a $100k a year is actually broke w/ little savings in the bank. This $40 a week budget is good for college students, people who are having a difficult time financially, or someone who needs to desperately save money. The American dream is still alive. I know a few millionaires who started off with practically nothing.. By the way, "Trader Joe's. Trader Joe's was founded by Joe Coulombe and has been owned since 1979 by a German family trust established by Aldi Nord's owner Theo Albrecht. The chain has offices in Monrovia, California, and Boston, Massachusetts." (from Wikipedia).
    i eat no much for bf and lunch but i get hungry later and eat big dinner. dont know how to fix this help.
    I think you're doing an awesome job and this video definitely helped me! Don't listen to others who try and put you down. Thanks for sharing your grocery haul! :). How does eating the same thing every day help people lose weight Is that a healthy way to lose weight In that case, wouldn't they need to choose wisely so they get better nutrients . +Bettina Marsh I don't know where she is from, but it's a midwest thing to add extra s's on store names - Meijers, Krogers, Aldis, etc. Yay linguistics!. I only spend about $80 a month on groceries. I can't spend more because I can't eat it all. I hate wasting food.. People don't usually want to hear this stuff, but I'm hoping you're open minded. Please put a list of ingredients in the description, thanks.. Thanks for the video. I'm trying to lose weight. Currently weight 276 pounds and I am a wife and a mother of a 3 & 2 year old. It gets stressful sometimes. Yesterday I only had breakfast and dinner. I didn't have time for lunch that's at I can't lose weight. But your video is great. I could have meal plans ready per week and shop weekly. Thanks and don't let the haters comments get to You. I hate when people say rude things online and surely they will never say it to ones face. Keep up the good work. . This is great also for those who are on a tight food budget like food stamos as well. Great food ideas hopefully this'll help out others as well.
    If you want to lose weight, you should look up Fenoboci Diet Plan on the internet. They'll make it easier to get the shape you should have..

    The shrimp is a great idea as long as it is wild caught, like from the Gulf of Mexico. Farm raised shrimp from other countries tend to have carcinogens and antibiotics like Chloramphenicol, this has been linked to human aplastic anemia (a lethal blood disorder), neurological reactions and other health problems. While Wild caught shrimp is a little more pricey, it is safer to eat and the taste is much better..

    It is a little known fact that Aldi's is owned by the same parent company as Trader Joe's. Also most of the Trader Joe store brand products are repackaged as Fit and Active or other Aldi's labels. Been an Aldi's shopper for years. :).
    Well, and here I thought I was shopping over budget. I spend on average $50 per week for three meals a day, for 7 days plus one snack ( that I usually don't eat). I buy all healthy, non organic, but non pre bagged or processed foods. This usually puts me at just above 1300 calories/day. Her haul doesn't seem like enough intake to me. .
    Thank you so much for making this video. After watching this I really feel like I can do this and commit to a healthy lifestyle :) .

    Great video! I don't mind eating the same thing for breakfast and lunch and alternate between a couple of different dinners - so I appreciate your suggestions! Would love to see another video like this in the future. :).

    +Sarah Fit I love love love all of your videos! They are so easy and down to earth for the average person! You are my favorite and I'm so glad I found you! 😘.

    It's really not that hard to eat healthy me my wife and my roommate are able to eat healthy with about $100 dollars a month .

    I like your shep shirt! Thanks for the tips. I needed this. I'm a college student working part time with very limited funds. So thanks!.
    oh my god, food is so cheap in america.. i swear to god most of that stuff would cost like twice as much here in sweden... I couldn't tag you but really it's true $15/hour is an insane request. And yes in Europe they get paid more but everything is more expensive.. +Valerie Gonzalez Not everything is more expensive in Europe. I would even say that, at least in Germany, most things are cheaper than in the U.S. Food is a lot cheaper, household supplies, toiletries, rents, internet, cell phone plans are also significant cheaper. Therefore name brand clothing, consumer electronics, gas and electricity is cheaper in the U.S. Lower income brackets are surely better off in Europe, higher income brackets are better off in the U.S..
    Are any of these people making these videos actually living on a budget Am I the only one wondering this.
    I think we all know the answer! I live on a budget though and also show people how to shop healthy on one. Lets start being humans people. Enough with the infomercially crap.. This video is amazing! It helps me recall of the time when my sister used Fenoboci Diet Plan to lose 15 pounds and enjoy being healthy again! Many people would like to lose fat, but we also need to remain nutritious, and that's what exactly Fenoboci Diet Plan gifted. . Hi Sarah!! First, thanks for all the hard work you do for all of us trying live better and healthier. Second, can you recommend or know of an Aldi's type of store up here in Canada It would be great to have another option to the big chains up here, but also w/out the insane pricing/better bargains for healthy food. Also, I love your five minute workouts, but could you come up w/one for Seniors/People w/limited mobility I do have issues w/my knees and feet, but I'm able to do them. My Mom OTOH...She's in her 80's and the stuff she does just blows the minds of the Residents who shadow her Family Dr from time to time, but she is starting to not be able to do certain things. Like getting down on all fours on the floor for something. I just thought I'd ask, as there's never any harm doing that, right Thanks again for all you do and Take Care!!. go to farmers markets for fresh veggies and buy veggies and fruits that are in season will save u a lot of money. I need to start doing meals on a budget. Take lunches to work. Eat breakfast at home. Thanks for posting this video. Oh and we have a Aldi 2 blocks away. They are cheaper. .
    Great video! I love me some Aldi! Their fit & active line is pretty great and seems to be extending. .
    What if we don't have a trader joe's Or Aldies lol. We have a target but it is more expensive..
    love the tip about hummus for the tuna salad!! never thought about that and am not a big mayo fan! thank you.
    Way too much tuna, you can't eat it every day. It has a very high mercury content. Then some shrimp on top of it Christ..
    Great deal and haul but only if you only have yourself to feed. So how do you feed your family (I have 3 boys and myself) for $40 a week, and still eat healthy.

    I shop vegan & mostly organic, spending $40 every week. I never have to eat the same thing every meal, every day. This is ridiculous, who wants to eat the same exact thing every day! .
    Hi Sara, I'm very glad to see your perfect breakfast cookies and your shopping suggestions. I have an Aldi's near me which I love its about 1 year now. It is awesome but you just gave me the products that can help me do better. Also I want to tell you that you have a great smile and your voice is fine.!! Truly I appreciate you making these videos for us that want to improve...Thanks!! .
    I loved this video, however i don't eat seafood so i was just wondering if you have any other suggestions for me :) as a student its nice being able to stick to my budget..

    Thanks I spend so much on groceries. I like your ideas and Aldi is close to my house. Thanks for sharing..

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    ▶ Diamants Hay Day Illimitée ! Diamants et Pieces de Monnaiegratuitement grâce à ce logiciel.Lien du logiciel ==> haha, now i want an apple watch so i can send drawn dicks to my friends. oh but i have no friends :(. You guys should've seen what my grandma got me for Christmas. She made an "Apple Watch" Using a fake apple..
    +Raven Nevermore Your not cool for owning an iPhone. It shows you're a slave for brand name and you prefer worse stats. Let me ask you... Do you enjoy having a worse camera Do you enjoy not being able to enjoy virtual reality Hell, I bet you haven't even tried it. .
    +Rajiv Malhotra I only enjoy Apple Products but until late 90's/early 2000, Apple ][, and that stuff... today they...suck.
    This Apple Watch draw ought to turn into the top performer intended for supplying us the balance. This could help some other!
    ya know, Samsung is better, having their own military corporation, a ship building company, check it on Wikipedia. all apple products suck. Please tell me, why... i can't accss the file system of an iphone all apple products are outdated after 3 years all apple products are silver the new macbook has only ONE SHITTY PORT the new macbook is overheating the iPhone 6 bends there is no good web browser for IOS.
    I love my iphone and my macbook pro. I never saw the need for an ipad. As soon as I heard about the Apple Watch I thought it was absolutely the stupidest idea from a major player like Apple. It would have been more profitable to simply make a beautiful line of watches as a Steve Jobs editions and with the apple logo on the under side..

    +Bill Nye The Russian Spy I agree with your comment. You can build a pc that's 10x as powerful as a macbook pro for like, half the price..
    +Dabric If the reason people buy macs is because they need a high quality LAPTOP, they should at least have the decency to buy an alien ware. This is the only factor in which i would EVER recommend buying an alien ware though. They are overpriced and underperforming but they have better performance than mac and their default OS is compatible with everything for once..
    +Traves Lee Because Ian and Anthony are influential internet icons, and if they wear Apple Watches, people might start to want them.
    +Cute llama Life If you don't have reasons why then you are wrong. Maybe since Apple is obviously better than Android accordingly to the totally trust able source of "cute llama life" maybe you can finally explain to me why the iPhone has a default price tag of 600 fucking dollars. Imagine we bought things just on an opinion of nobodies on the Internet... We'd all have nothing. Apple Watch is dope lol. Well, then it's got something in common with your videos, now isn't that great No. No, it's not.. Pff you're calling me an 8 year old 1. What a shitty excuse and 2. You should look at your picture first and than judge me second!. I'm not an Apple fan but I can tell you now that just saying Apple sucks will not garnish a friendly feedback from others... You need to give valid reasons for them to believe you.. One of those kids from kids react made a reference to this video, and the d**k reference and many words were a little inappropriate.
    i got into an argument with like 3 people who had apple watches when i said they were useless. They insulted me endlessly and instead of telling me what it actually does they just told me to get one myself to see all of its amazing features.
    Why would they even bother buying the real ones Only a sane person would buy over 5 Apple watches just to be used in a single video.. This is why samsung gear s2 is better there u can send textes and call pepole and take calls just like an normal samsung.
    Obviously by far the best smart watch out there at the moment, but I loved this movie, good fun and well 😊 As a bonus the Asian chick was hot too 😝.
    This is an absolutely awesome commercial. Apple and iOS suck in every way. This is why they have lost 15% of their market shares world wide and almost 20% in the US market in the last year. For all you iSheep out there that will probably reply and argue. Just know that no one listens to you anymore mainly because you have been brainwashed simply due to the fact that you have small minds and don't really have a solid grasp or understanding of technology and the patterns that exist in technology..
    I have an iPhone I traded my old phone (android) in for it Believe me it was the biggest mistake I've ever made.

    ikr I have android and its good it annoys me how apple gets all updates first and better updates for games.
    Apple customer service is probably the worst. I'm watching this video on my iWatch, wait it can't, because it's a piece of garbage, making us spend money on things we don't even need. There are people who camp one night before they start selling the new one. It's unbelievable the waste of life and space this people are. A very good old say from Einstein if I'm right goes like this.. '' If you want to be able to imagine the size of the universe, think of the human stupidity.'' it has no limits.. +tabuu9 I think I'm in the wrong decade, lol. Maybe in the next 10 years that would be possible.. next revolution is coming new Apple watch will have magic in it like Disney so best thing is to not buy old watch and wait for the new easy way of life revolution no more talking no more papers.. I like how ian said at the end of the video that they've been reading the comments saying that we love the keith, olivia, and noah and I'm thinking thats a load of horse shit. Like for real, everyone hates smosh now.. Before we liked them, but then they started taking over reducing the camera time of Ian and Anthony and we started hating them. You can respond to texts, answer calls, read and reply to emails, look at your calendar and much more.
    The only one that is not the same time thing is the I pad and for all a little dream about the new same thing over as the best of luck the rest of your the one that has I is a good little too late to class today is a good time waster but it doesn't work for the next two weeks ago I had a great day for and against a him and his family to in and out of my the first same thing as to what you I have no a little of it and is a little too late now I can can't believe I'm I have no a good idea of the day before my I phone is and what not but to me that to me to I love it when you get a good day to day I will be a little more of the a little more time than a month and a good time with the same thing over and over again I love it when you are the best only thing is I have a good idea of the day before after the game with is not the same as a result of a good time waster for me I was in a statement good luck to you in the first half and I don't have the right time and money for a few weeks u my.
    Every apple product is shit from the device down to its printed card board cut and guess what lol I'm using an iPad Air and it's taken three page refreshes four spelling corrects just to type a comment, I fucking hate apple I would gladly break this cunt in half if it was mine I wouldn't care and before you say it yes I do work and yes I do respect other people's belongings suck my dick ste oh wait the creator probly had enough with his own shit and now theirs an iwatch really people Ganna waste that kind of money on a shit non needing helping thing weeeeeeelll just keep wasting your hours of life trade each hour for £9 £12 or whatever you get in hour just continue consuming baaaaaaaaaaaaa.

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    I made a similar mistake when shopping for a prom dress back in high school. My mom and I ordered a black dress with some magenta sequins near the bottom and when it arrived it was a rose color and had sequins and crystals over nearly the entire dress. After, I went into local stores to find the right dress. Then I ended up donating the sparkly one to my high school so any girl without a dress could have a free one.. +Aura I have ordered from them numerous times and it's been great. maybe the clothes you chose to order were just crap. Let's be honest if you ardent clothes from old navy it's alright cause they won't mess up. +PRETTY ON FLEEK SAVANNA Yes you are... have you got a thing against black african kids huh You racist.... +Ashley Romero some people send flowers across the country for Mother's Day or other holidays if their family doesn't live close..
    In the piñata dress you have to wear a hoop skirt underneath to give it it's shape, I think..
    +jasmine wong Yes, but if bought online, that would be hard to package, and the box it would come in would be huge.. +Im.So.Khou yeahhhh the sizing also works differently, the asian sizes S-M-L are more for the length of your body/legs/your height rather than how big you are. i'm usually size small or x-small here, but because I'm tall (5'6) i need to buy large or x-large when I buy stuff there..
    i agreed i had a horrible experience with alibaba ended up wasting more than 300 and it wasnt what the picture showed..

    +serli gee things usually depend on individual sellers on aliexpress. I have tried many, so I have had varying experiences, seller to seller..

    +Be Amazed I went to that website to check it out and thought, "How cheap CAN they be" then I see a black shirt that's only $3...WOW.
    The last one you need to have a good body to wear it 😐 But, it's also the company's' fault for making it green instead of it white..
    +kheath580 Funny how you would call her 'extremely overweight' since your profile picture gives the impression you are a little full-figured as well..
    Listen Girls! Don't be idiots! Read the WHOLE page when you are buying cheap clothes online!! Most of them tell you that they are in ASIAN SIZES which are QUITE SMALLER! You also have to remember it is in fact CHEAP! And ANOTHER THING! You CANNOT expect to look like the model in that dress if YOU DO NOT HAVE THE BODY FOR IT! I mean COME ON! The girl in the last shot had a completely different body. What in the WORLD made her think that buying that dress and wearing it would completely CHANGE HER BODY! dumbasses...
    +DearKareenn Yeah, you're right. Most of those websites do have the measurement charts. I've actually never seen one without one. Most people also know they still have to order larger than what the chart says because of the reviews telling you so..
    This video should be titled "Women who think they can wear clothes that fit supermodels get disappointed". 4:25 she's just not the right body type for that dress. It's not their fault she's overweight.. The dress was made for "supposedly perfect" women she's a bit thick but very attractive..
    WTF was the one with the see through dress thinking. Fuck the dress, you see all that mess underneath the dress.

    +jan hadid Nah you should be embarrassed of your behavior for encouraging behavior like that. She aint go the body for that dress. Why would you allow her 1) to look like a fool wearing that and 2) look like a whore. Put some clothes on you fat slut nobody wants to see your pancake tits and flat ass. Save that shit for someone who gives a fuck. .
    +xo LOPEZ xo Well it's what happens when fashion is only displayed by thin models nowadays. Thicker curvier people have no idea if it will look any good.. +Emily Lemons Even if you could bleach it, it would still be as unflattering as the picture online because it's still poorly made.. The girl from "My Big Fat American Gypsy Wedding" would have loved the lime green wedding dress!. Ha! HAAA! Those are funny stories of shopping nightmares. Let's be honest though...on the last one, there wasn't really anything wrong with the dress. If that short lil' stubby girl thought she was going to look like that 5'10" skinny model, she needs a reality check...she's delusional. She even put some big ol' pink slippers on to accentuate how stumpy her legs are. After making sure the dress lines up properly with her naughty bits, she should go to a tailor and have that dress properly fitted. That's pretty much the norm on a nice, quality garment anyways.. The last one of course it didn't look good on her. She's too big for it and he body is unflattering..
    Well I recently bought two dresses online, one from BooHoo and one from eBay. The eBay one was a 1920's style flapper dress, and it had a large size range (between AUS 4-12) due to the style and it fits fantastic! The one from BooHoo was a bit of a risk. I was a 12 in the waist but a 10 in the bust. There was a smaller measurement difference in the 12, so I got that and it fits perfectly and makes me feel gorgeous. So far I've been very fortunate in my online shopping experiences, but I always triple check the sizing and make sure to check the return policy BEFORE ordering. As long as you're careful everything should (hopefully) be fine. Also make sure to check the reviews!.

    The last one was due to the wearer not having the figure necessary to wear that dress. Old saying, you get what you pay for..

    tbh all the women in this video looked liked crap anyways, whats some makeup and dress gonna do to change that Especially the last one...
    The last dress was exactly what is was supposed to be, but it was also exactly the person that shouldn't wear it. If you are a fatass don't get designer clothes, they are meant for bodies perfect for these dresses. When you see a tall thin model advertising a dress you better have HER body if you want this to work for you. Otherwise you go to the plus size section!. +Linda-Maria Nordvall ok sorry about my comment that wasn't cool I shouldn't have said that but don't be a meenie weenie.
    I bought my wedding dress on it was a Nicole miller gown and was discounted greatly. It was awesome guess it was a lucky purchase.

    well... the rose prom one wasnt so bad She just needeed to make some ajustments And the last one, ugh... Why did she want a dress like that she doenst have the body for it.
    When ordering from asian sellers you have to be careful. Look at reviews. Research the hell out of online stores. I have never had a problem with anything I've ordered online. I even ordered my prom dress online from Fame + Partners and it was exactly what I expected. I just needed slight alterations in the top because I couldn't quite fill it out. But the alterations weren't exstensive or expensive. Just be smart.. I have found that Swagbucks is one of the best websites out there for earning some cash, or vouchers.They also have all kinds of gift cards you can request aswell, and you can start earning just by Searching the web. :) Here's a link if anyone wants to check it out:
    ...its good idea to double check since some asian countries use different cloth size standards (not surprising considering the difference in avarage body height..).

    about the 3 size too small its normal its her mistake. IN CHINA THE SIZE ARE SMALLER THAN IN USA. the chinese large is the same as our small!.

    People who buy clothes from cheap asia sites, do not expect tu much, you get what you pay... Btw, Asia sizes are more smaller then on the west size, so you need to measure you body first, some seller also offer custom size, just try to read the description and more important the comments/feedbacks. I don't understand the last woman... the dress looked perfectly fine for me, what didn't fit was her body figure. If my wight is like 80 kg, I can't pretend to look like a 35 kg model, with wearing just a dress....
    The last story is complete fabrication. The woman in the pictures actually loved the dress. She posted her pictures and left positive comments. Those pictures went viral because people used them to make fun of her body and websites like buzzfeed used the ''online shopping hazards'' theme as an excuse to spread her pictures and make fun of her without getting into trouble for being mean. If you check the store website, you can see that her comments are very positive. She said she felt very sexy in it.. Singapore! hahhah... impossible.. I am from Singapore and all those clothing are from korea or/and china.. if u brought any asian clothing, of coz it won't find euro size. Asian ppl are much smaller in person duh. Next time go find clothing based on ur region..
    I bought my prom dress online and I looked good but I found out that I cant wear a size 2. I have to go to a zero!!.

    I'm a Model, and that final dress is something I've modelled. I loved the dress, I don't understand how it wouldn't fit though as typically it's a one size dress that even fits big women..
    Tillys is like this beware I bought large and extra large none fit other than one underwear! I gave about 70 dollars worth to my friend and It barely fit my friend who is 4'11 and 110 pounds!!. A couple of years ago I was looking for a dress to wear at a wedding. Since I'm plus-size and located in Europe, the search was naturally harrowing. I didn't have enough time to order a dress from overseas so I limited myself to national online shops. After some searching I found an A-line chiffon dress with some embellishments under the top, right before the dress flares out, dark blue and purple chiffon layered in the skirt. It was a bit on the pricy side but it had the right design for my body shape and it was the only dress I found that wasn't black (big no no for a white wedding, as we all know). So I ordered the dress and what arrived in the mail was, basically, a tent made out of some sort of fishnet-fabric with the embellishments almost falling off on their own. Made a rule then. Never order formal wear from an unknown source, never try a new shop before an important event. Served me well so far..
    this is why you read reviews, doesn't have reviews, buy at your own risk. I've bought plenty of clothing ect and online and almost always get what a pay for.
    I understand why you'd be upset about the sunglasses but it's not the color that protects your eyes it's the lense and coating. My normal glasses have UV coating. Also as someone who buys japanese clothes, you need to buy from a reputable site and watch sizes. Asian women are on average a lot smaller than American/European women. It's just how it is..
    Looking for a wedding dress online isn't necessarily a bad idea, I think you are exaggerating due to a handful of bad orders. Brick and mortar stores and name brands are absurdly overpriced. My wife bought wedding dress online and it was fine..
    So my 17 year old cousin and his girlfriend are getting married. I hope his girlfriend gets a ugly dress... Everyone should remember that if it comes from China/Hong Kong/ Singapore, the clothing size will be made much smaller than clothes made in other countries so buy a larger size. If you're buying jewelry it will appear larger in the photo..
    Never buy unknown brands stick to known brands in the U.S lol I bought a dress from the UK returned it so that was expensive and they gave me the same size back _. So I'm never doing that again lol.

    It's perfectly okay to buy clothes online if they have a no questions asked return policy. As a man I can easily buy the right clothes online. The online clothing problem seems to be a woman's problem. It's easy for men..
    the last girl wasnt mad she loved the dress if you did 3 seconds of reseach you would know that. and wow just because she is a skinny model you call the pictures unflattering like what someone pls explain this to me.

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