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  1. December 27, 2015

    Comments about this video:
    why you guys are so jealous !! because we enjoy the life. I am not the type guy who is replying to the other whatever bad things they said. Just saying " WHY YOU JEALOUS" . everyone seems happy for this news. but do now worry hatters saudi arabia has good saving. they will take from it to balance the budget. plans have been made to diversify the economy. so just you will never see this country die. it is good cause..
    Saudis can handle it,they have one of the lowst production costs world wide...can others in the market do the same.

    We buy tech not decision making. Fracturing is no match for conventional oil, higher cost, more complicated and cause underground water poising and many environmental issues. Now many shale producers are shutting down and can't make profit in current prices. And when it comes to gas reserves we are right behind the US but we don't produce that much now and our focus is on oil but we can if we want to. The whole world is pressuring saudi arabia to cut back mainly from US media as they are controlled by big oil companies and trying to scare the saudi to cave in and Russia also is much more damaged by the prices than saudi arabia as there economy already suffering from sanctions...we are fine with 50-40 $ for few years...we can take it. But you seem to disagree, only time will tell..
    cause the middle East countries are wasting their oil reserves, they will sooner or later run out of supply, going bankrupt. the world has to stop buying Saudi and gulf oil and have to buy oil from other parts like Texas and Mexican gulf and Canada's Alberta oil sands. a perfect way to getting oil to prevent a state sponsored terrorist state 'Saudi Arabia' from getting those oil revenues to use for state sponsored terrorism. an American report believes the Saudis funded 911. so really Saudi Arabia wants to commit terror attacks against the west especially by allowing them to be their sort of "friend" in buying their oil. it's good guys negotiating with bad guys for the bad guys to fool the good guys. another person that does that : Vladimir Putin and his Russia with their mafia blackmailing or extortion. +heylol33 American Unconventional oil/natural gas extraction will only improve... Gota Love American Cowboy capitalism... :).

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  2. December 29, 2015
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  3. December 21, 2015
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  4. December 30, 2015
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  5. December 28, 2015

    Comments about this video:
    +Even.Ways Music hahahaha your comment reminds me of a tv show "it's always sunny in Philadelphia" when the gang decides to stock oil for future profits..
    +Mr. A أحسبك يا بن الحرام أجنبي وتكلم معي ب ادب مثل ماتكلمت مع الخواجات لا بوك لا أبو قحبة ولدتك.

    +firefox3249 inefficient now bcos is in crawling level, wait when green tech start to walk by itself.

    +Redsiput We'll have exhausted our oil reserves by then. I think we seriously should consider the potential of nuclear power..
    "Good, let them have this bankruptcy. They deserve it." You say, but do remember that the ones who are hit by economic recessions are rarely the rich so the ones who "deserve it" won't be getting it.. +camander red im not saudi and although you may disagree with their policies it is absolutely non of your business.
    What a shitty video, completely ignoring the fact that Saudi Arabia is engaged in two wars (yemen and Syria) draining enormous amount of Money from their budget and they ALREADY have tapped into their reserves. It's an issue that many in Royal family have complained, some have even gone as far to say the new king should toppled. Anyhow, this shitty video doesn't take anything into consideration. Video done by retards for retards..

    it won't get bankrupt, because Saudi Arabia use the Oil money into making industries that are going (hopefully) to cover up the Saudi oil income, and one of them (currently working on) is a global solar panels (or something like that, not sure) that can provide the world with power..
    and they lower the prices to hurt green cars by making it cheaper than green energy and electric cars, they are bastards, all the players in the oil industry are dirty bastards.
    +SharpElite1991 It will happen eventually. In 1975 the percentage of Saudisation was almost 95% of all jobs. if it wasn't for the greedy elite who wanted 'profit' as fast as possible it would have been the norm already. Importing workers (cheap labor) only serves a small fraction of the population in the long run..

    What you don't know about Saudi Arabia is the country actually building a seven huge economic Cities right now,and expected to be ready in 2017 And Saudi will be an open market to the world, by that time they wouldn't care much about cash.
    +Hafsa Miah your muslim brother staying in Saudi Arabia says I have said the truth.. corroborate the fact with him.
    +The Realest Somali There's a good location now available nextdoor to the Sheikh Yerbouti nightclub..

    ISIS was created by the USA: ISIS is run by APARTHEID israel Mossad jew:
    People have been saying Saudi Arabia is going to go bankrupt for the past 30 years. When are they going to go bankrupt this is just propaganda to make Saudi Arabia weak..
    +Trolololol !!! Like I said, you need an education to get a job, which will get you money. People, get educations so they can get jobs. Saudis, already have money, therefore, don't try very hard at school. Education=Money .
    +Heater64k It is amazing that the flag of a country, in this case Saudi Arabia is being discussed. May I ask; what is the real purpose of this posting Saudi Arabia is one of the 60 countries with Muslim majorities and spiritually may claim to represent Islam but politically and militarily, it is insignificant. Historically some countries use sword as a symbol of power and strength and only wield it to defend the land. Sword was the common weapon in Asia – China, Japan and India, Middle East and Europe. 17 countries in Europe have a CROSS-in their flags, including all Scandinavian lands and neutral Switzerland. Crusaders used the same cross as a symbol of Christian armies marching to take over the Holy land. Does it mean that these countries still believe in the crusades and killing of innocent Muslim children’s and women as the crusaders did. I hope so! Their evil government needs to be toppled. I have met many Saudis when living and working in Dubai and Bahrain, so I can assure you that they are human beings... rather than the subhuman scum that their backward and evil government makes them out to be. If they just had a chance, then they would be able to function like modern humans along with the rest of the world. They just need to get rid of their oppressive government and wicked religious fanaticism.. +Robert Rodgers Finally, sane comment, not trying to dehumanizing us and knows exactly what is the issue here. I'm afraid it won't happen, even if it is going to happen, the political weather in middle east won't allow us to build modern country. Iran, Turkey are all waiting for this monarchy to fall down so they can take 'part of the cake'. +Intergalactic Nomad Thank You! Given that I do indeed like many wonderful Saudi people, who I had the pleasure of meeting when living in Bahrain and Dubai, I want things to get better for them. But! Sadly, you are correct. The world needs to come together to help them, rather than continue allowing the average Saudi citizens to be hurt. If my friends from Dubai & Bahrain had a choice, then they would help them. . شكرا لآل سعود على عدم توفير تنمية مستدامة واقتصاد حقيقي ومصادر منوعة للدخل. ثمانين سنة والنفط يصب فوق رؤوسنا واخرتها اذا طاح النفط طاحت السعودية وراه وهذا يدل على أن من كان يحكم البلاد عصابة تسرق مقدرات الوطن وتبيعها عبثا بدون وجود توفير اقتصاد حقيقي.. +‫وعي إلى مالانهاية‬‎ فعلا أضف إلى ذلك بأن سياستهم في دعم أمريكا بحربها الباردة مع روسيا بافغانستان ضرت السعودية داخليا بتعطيل التنمية وتقوية التيار الديني الي يحاول قدر المستطاع استغفال الناس وعمل حضار ثقافي عليهم وايضا ضرت بسمعة البلد كواحدة من البلدان المصدرة للارهاب رغم ان من صنع القاعدة هم الامريكان لكن لا يمكن توجيه الاتهامات لهم الحكومة السعودية تبعت أمريكا في كل شيء الان واخذوهم لحم ورموهم عظم والمواطن السعودي العادي يدفع ثمن كل هذا أغبياء بمعنى الكلمة.. +‫وعي إلى مالانهاية‬‎ فعلا أضف إلى ذلك بأن سياستهم في دعم أمريكا بحربها الباردة مع روسيا بافغانستان ضرت السعودية داخليا بتعطيل التنمية وتقوية التيار الديني الي يحاول قدر المستطاع استغفال الناس وعمل حضار ثقافي عليهم وايضا ضرت بسمعة البلد كواحدة من البلدان المصدرة للارهاب رغم ان من صنع القاعدة هم الامريكان لكن لا يمكن توجيه الاتهامات لهم الحكومة السعودية تبعت أمريكا في كل شيء الان واخذوهم لحم ورموهم عظم والمواطن السعودي العادي يدفع ثمن كل هذا أغبياء بمعنى الكلمة..
    +The Rarest Pepe Good work, Comrade: we need to distract the world's attention from Russia invading Ukraine, Syria, Georgia, Azerbaijan, Moldova, and whatever it is we're doing in the Baltic States and Scandinavia..
    lol bankrupt we don't even have a debt saudi arabia gives billions to help out other arabs country if don't know.
    +Saan X وهذا الشي لازم يتوقف تماما.. لان الي يلاحظ التعليقات يشوف كيف "الاخوان" العرب يحبونا مرة ويتمنون لنا الخير (سخرية).
    i wouldn't call you idiots, but 80% of the published income, true. But saudi arabia's GDP isn't just 800 billion, its estimated to be around 2.1 trillion Remember that 4 million people goes to Hajj yearly, and 60 million to Ummrah over the whole year, Lets say on average, they will pay only $500 to the government each, thats almost 3 trillion alone :). Saudi Arabia is the best place to live in the earth,simple life, no bar no liquor ,no gambling ,fresh and natural food ,zero crimes, no rape people's live with respect, what' els u want in life i wish I could live there all my life, one more thing never saw Saudis are getting sick ,they have the best hospital but mostly empty only foreigners patients very few Saudis ,hog bless them,. +Khalid Masood Saudi Arabia best place to live Do you even Australia Do you even Canada Do you even Scandinavia. As an arab muslim, i find this news good, i hope the rest of the middle east rids of their shitty kings/dictatorship.
    +rore m افلاس دولة لا يعني انه الناس تموت لكن يعني انه الدولة راح تقترض من الخارج مثل اليونان وراح تصبح عبدة للدول الدائنة.
    +Ahmed AL mudhi I just don't see the reasoning with people drawing Islam with terrorism. Most people become radical since they don't like the status quo. Most terrorist groups (e.g. ISIS) started in places like Iraq/Syria where the status quo isn't good.. +General Grievous Nah, Islamic republic of Iran could become a second Saudi Arabia if sanctions are lifted.. woah !! there is so much hate against us. what the hell world all this hate because we choose to live a different life style than the rest of the globe and you people wonder why terrorists attack you. I'm ordinary Saudi citizens and all those pricks in the comment are wishing me warfare and hardship the fuck did I do to you. +Ranger55Delta By the way, you are the ones who supported and funded Al Qaeda, in the first place, this is a historical fact you cant deny this. And because of your foolish politics in Iraq ISIS became a STATE. You should blame your politicians. Karma is real my friend and you should suffer for what you did to other nations..
    يا مسلمون ياعرب ياسعوديين لاداعي لقراءت الكومنتات كميه الحقد الغير طبيعية غير مستغربه نعلم اننا سنعود للماء والتمر وعلى استعداد ان نرجع لماضي الاجداد ولكن ان لاتهان كرامتنا وسيبقى البترول في نهايه المطاف الشي الوحيد الذي اجبر الغرب على السجود والركوع لنا ! ليحفظكم الله ويرعاكم وليخسىء الخاسئون.

    +jack chen you see that's why so many Muslims don't like the west, because of this Hate messages,,, and jealousy,, when did Saudi hurt you before what you will gain if you will see Muslims suffering nothing. Just chill out and try to stay cool, nothing deserve to be hated except hate itself..

    +MegaFoxboy For being such a religious arsehole and also for being the de facto leader of the OPEC oil cartel..

    Listen to the start of this video. These are facts released by the International Monetary Fund. Not to mention, Saudi Arabia already dipped into $70 billion of its reserves..
    So you are saying that one of the richest countries in the world who have a large amount of oil is going bankrupt The US and Canada spent 10 times more money to extract their oil from rocks and mountains They won't go so far without easy saudi oil .
    +احمد القرشي The 1970's were a far different time, with far different technology and different oil consumption habits. The US wasn't able to be self-sufficient then, but it could today. US can produce oil at a profit at $30 a barrel. While oil could go below that price, it can't for long because even though other OPEC countries can produce it cheaper, the transportation costs chip away at profitability. Speed and power are not really an issue for 99%+ of consumers. As long as electric cars can get comparable accelerations and top speeds to typical ICE vehicles, people are fine switching over. Very few people care about whether their car can hit 200mph when they only drive to and from work at 20mph in rush hour. The only problem EVs have today is economies of scale..
    +احمد القرشي 1970's was a different time. Most people probably didn't even know what the word renewable energy meant. The US in 2020's can most definitely become self sufficient. It's just a matter of time. Releasing the patent is a huge step in the right direction. Now the technology is available to the private sector, it can only get better. Give it 10-20 years and you will be seeing better iterations of the engine every year.. As a Saudi, I just can't understand why you guys hate us so do you expect muslims and Arabs to have a favorable view toward the West/US when all we see is demonizing statements of our countries...its like you guys are demanding us to like you while you dump on us... +Ahmed AL mudhi christians and on the west civilization just finished granting gay marriage to its gay citizens, you're still deliberating on whether to execute them or put them in jail.nice fucking try :) the only way christians can relate to you is if you went back in time to the 15th century.. +Paul Adonia You're the hateful here. And you're spewing too much generalizations over millions of Saudis. Try to justify your hatred as much as you can, find all kinds of excuses, still hate is hate. I can hate you for many things done by your elite in the middle east but I don't do that. I don't think she\he was asking for 'special' rights all what she is saying is why the hate I don't see the point in hating, more than anything we need love in this world. Btw, I'm Saudi, non-religious and I don't want someone like you to 'defend' me as minority. No body is 'blowing' up mosques except for terrorists and they don't make up the majority of Saudis contrary to popular belief, in fact we fight them too.. Saudi Arabia is in a good shape and will be for many years to come, Span, France and UK have been through economic crisis no one named them as bankruptcy !! When Greece economy totally bankrupted and collapsed the media called it a "Crisis". But when the price of oil dropped 50% they call it bankruptcy of Saudi Arabia !! Really Why don't you look to the whole picture and see what did that cause to Iran and Russia and how did that stopped Iraqi regime to be able to finance the dictator of Damascus. Because the price of Oil was over 100$ for some years Iran was able to be aggressive. So it's good for the world and for GCC to have the price of Oil around 50$ for at least 2 years, loose some win a lot. We will win the new Iranian revolution against the dirty Mullahs of Tehran. Don't you know that Russia balanced its budget at 95$ a barrel and Iran at 128$ a barrel Saudi can survive at 15 for many years because the budget of Saudi Arabia has so much fat on it, like the subsidies, etc.. +Danny Niklauski You got me with that retort. No one chooses to go to Russia. The people there are awful, infrastructure is awful, the sociopolitical climate is awful. The place is a joke. The things you will see there are straight out of a cartoon. "Well, I think Russian's cool." {NSA camera emerges out of toaster} "Oh, I mean...'MURICA, heck yeah!" {Camera goes back inside toaster} "Are they gone".
    +dabigisland1 Titanium dioxide for solar panels isn't that clean for the environment. Other clean alternatives are nuclear power plants based on thorium and liquid salts or burn fuel created by the photosynthesis from algæ..

    lol, i did not read the comments yet, but i bet everyone is saying i hope they do. we produce the cheapest most clean oil in the world. we ain't gonna go bankrupt. no matter how much you wish..
    +Nolan Thiessen clean in oil terms mean that it does not have anything mixed with it. like gases. Countries that take Saudi oil don't have to pay for the process of purifying the oil, and it is cheap. that's why we are one of the best although we are the second main source of oil, yet ours is the best..

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  6. January 2, 2016
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  7. December 31, 2015
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  8. December 20, 2015
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  9. December 22, 2015

    Comments about this video:

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  10. December 25, 2015
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  11. December 26, 2015
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  12. January 3, 2016
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  13. January 1, 2016

    Comments about this video:

    +silveryblue2003 prophecies says that when the king of saudi arabia dies his brother in law will replace him then there will be a fight in the palace with the sisters and brothers of the dead king what alreadt was last week the there will be an oil crisis and america will be the first who will feel it then thet will be anhry on saudi arabia and they will become ennemies. Like big ennemies.

    These ignorant Zionist Saudis don't know anything about the fact that it is a big sin to inflate prices on products..

    +Mamad Irooni I know, I know. Anyone you don't like is a zionist dog. I'm sure you know that anyone who doesn't like you refers to you as a raghead, camel fucking, goat molesting pig. So I won't bother doing that..
    +Joe Freeman No never they did, we hardly see those goat fucker arab saudies here, anyways, not everyone is zionist pig, only zionist supporters are pig or pig shits. If Russia turns their back on Syria it will turn into another Libya. Assad will end up with a bullet in his head and it will be broadcast of tv and youtube. I don't want to see Syria come to the same fate..
    What a donkey must someone be to think Russia is God yes they are loyal but Assad = Lion and you should know at least lions do not need anyone to protect them it's all the evil haters who wants to spread rubbish behind the keyboard at least be true to your self Assad is a clever Man and a lion.

    +TheMachiene Why not It's not like Assad ( a hereditary dictator) or Syria ( We will exterminate Israel) deserve a better fate. I mean Syria destroyed Lebanon with it's sponsorship of the Hesbollah terrorists. Lebanon used to be the Switzerland of the Middle East. Didn't give anyone any trouble, minded its own affairs. Was a democracy. Does Syria deserve better than what it did to Lebanon I think not..
    Nothing is going to happen when these countries run out of oil, Dubai's complete wealth was oil based and by the mid 1990's they had depleted their reserves so they simply used their wealth to turn Dubai into a tourist hub and now Dubai makes more money without oil than they did with oil. No war, no conflict and not even a ripple in the OPEC production of petroleum when Dubai pulled out....
    One problem with this analysis... Russia's economy is not dependent on oil / natural gas / precious metals... only the Russian government is dependent on the oil... Their economy is fueled from manufacturing and business relations with other countries....
    +g bruceg yes...greed is the decline of America...throw in a good dose of self centered selfish people and there's your answer... +Dojocho Didn't Gordon Gecko say " Greed is Good!" (From the movie; Wall Street ) 1 Timothy 6:10 (KJV) 10 For the love of money is the root of all evil:.... If Dr Assad falls, all of the Syrian Christians will share his fate. He protects all religions and modernism. He is a trained eye doctor. on the west tax-payers are funding Sunni extremists in Syria because their countries are Ziocracies.. There is no way that "they" can topple the B.R.I.C.S. nations because of their gained momentum and strength. Putin is a long term strategist and he doesn't cave easily. He's not a wimp like someone else we all know. No offense against you Dahboo, you can only report on what is being divulged. But you can tell that the Central Banks are becoming very desperate by all of the extreme dis-info & propaganda that is now being rammed down our throats..
    So, you think that Putin can be forsed to make political desision based on proposal from Saudi Arabia You have no idea what are you talking about..
    I think you're dead right about what the Saudis are doing w/ Russia. You can add Iran to the hit list. The Saudis do NOT want to be replaced by a bunch of Iranian Shiite fundamentalists. Putin never should have threatened the Saudis. As to the Ukraine, they have no leverage. Unfortunately.. This game is coming to an end...and there are no winners...except for the ones who love God the father the creator of the world...with all their hearts...and has a personal relationship with his son YESHUA Jesus Christ...the savior of this world...period. Assad is going nowhere,,, he is the legitimate leader of syria,,,,,the people support him,,,, he has support from hezbollah the feircest guerilla army on the planet,, he has support from iran , he has support from russia,,,and he has popular support from, christians, shia,, alowites within the region,,,, america has always supported the sunni,muslim terrorists,,,,saddam hussein, the mujahadin, Al queda,, osama bin laden, Al nusra,,,ISIS,,, ,,,,,,the pattern is easy to decipher,,, . Wow I'm so impressed with your comment we need many like you who simply speak out the truth thank you. Wowow talk about half ass half truth analysis. Saudi controls the US, L frikin OL, give us a break man and learn your history. Its called Petro DOLLAR, not Petro Riyal!! Fool. +Ya Abu Al Hassan Abu Talib I wouldn't say that. I'd say that the biggest devil on the universe was Mohammed. Look at all the misery he created. If Mohammed hadn't come along, all Muslims would probably be Christians by now, and wouldn't be going to hell when they died. The Crusades would not have been necessary. Europe would not have had to defend itself against the muslims for over 1500 years.
    +Joe Freeman lol...It was the Roman on the west christians that not only attacked Muslims but also fellow christians...The attacked the orthodox christians in Russian and were defeated and the attacked constantinople...they were also about control and subjugation of people...jesus could have destroyed the romans but he came not to conquer a mere earthly power but to "crush the head of the Serpent" and give man eternal life...victory over death...the greatest tragedy of all..

    Nawawi (Forty Nawawi Hadith - 34) On the authority of Abu Hurairah, who said : the messenger of Allah said : "Do not envy one another; do not inflate prices one to another; do not hate one another; do not turn away from one another; and do not undercut one another, but be you, O servants of Allah, brothers. A muslim is the brother of a muslim: he neither oppresses him nor does he fail him, he neither lies to him nor does he hold him in contempt. Piety is right here-and he pointed to his breast three times. It is evil enough for a man to hold his brother muslim in contempt. The whole of a muslim for another muslim is inviolable: his blood, his property, and his honor." Related by Muslim. Shared via android app [Hadith'do] click here to install

    +supersonic knockout no many paid less actually muslims paid morr we had zakat system which ment majority of muslims wer paying more and zakat was 2.5 percent of ur savings not earnings in a year. So non muslims wer paying less than that in average so go figure. Better than 20 percent tax a month on ur earnings in the west huh.
    Good to see this surface finally we know how oil makes the world go around and greases the war machine..
    I would think that Russia would never commit to that...they would lose a tactical naval fleet in Syria, that would be national suicide .

    bribery hahaha the tea towel headed brit created fake muslims trying to act as if they rule the show,,,,LMAO ,, the russians will never fall for it... .

    Russia and Putin won't do it. Second, you forgot to mentioned Iran. Saudi arabia will not come in if Putin fold because Iran will not let it happen. Third, Hezbollah and the lebanese army will both come in to fight for Syria. There already fighting isis with the syrian goverment. You're leaving a lot players on the bench Dahboo.
    said interpt by angels if back away from asad russia we will let thrive means live dosnt itnot starve down to bonesteach prep brother to relatives family friends.gather safty in numbers sheep.awake.
    Ok let's suppose you are wright, if Saudi and Russia is going to make oil prices sky rocketing isn't the U.S. Going to benefit any thing As you mentioned in the video that that shale oil is hurt from the low prices, so the U.S. Should urge such aproach Secondly, Saudi Arabia is responsable of 13% of oil production only how can they control the rest of 87% of oil production Russia is resposable of 14% why they cannot control the oil market The U.S. And its ally's such as Canada, Mexico, Australia and Europe are producing around 30% of total oil production why they are not controlling the prices !! While they are the biggest countries in the world economically.
    +Sameer Waleed Its a fair and intelligent question. The answer is that the Saudis for a variety of reasons are the LOWEST COST PRODUCERS of a SUFFICIENT VOLUME of light sweet crude oil to effectively be monopolists in the crude oil business. Remember what a monopolist can do: 1. he can control the market. 2. He has sufficient market share to set pricing. 3. By setting pricing he can drive competitors out of business,.
    +Uh Oh Why not He's already pissed on the Ukraine and his own country. Might as well spray in all directions. Retromingant Russian retard..
    How sad! Our leaders are more interested in staying in bed with Saudia Arabia than they are to protect our oil fracking industry! Our leaders have committed treason!!!!. Thanks for giving us some truth, Dahboo. Good analysis. Assad is an Alawite, a 10% minority. He's managed to make some coalitions. A lot of this wealth stuff is illusory. It is good for countries to be self-sufficient or trading products for products, not currency for currency. Mercosul-Russia-China-India, etc. They are wise to help each other in that way with food, energy, technology, investment, etc. And it's really exciting to think of. America could help the world also help itself but this country is subverted by technocrats and television. People need to wake up. There's already a lot of us by now awakened. We just need to find something we can do together, something like that.. I said it once and I will say it one more time...THIS IS UNDER THE REAL GODS AUTHORITY...THE GREAT I AM! It's running out of time, soon you will see the LORD OF LORDS KING OF KINGS..MAKE HIS MOVE...AND YOU WILL KNOW...SAVED OR NOT...THIS CUP OF FILTH IS RUNNING OVER!! His patience is long suffering because he wants all of us to SEE...FOR THE LOVE OF GOD..AND I MEAN THE FATHER IN HEAVEN, I MEAN YAWEH, JAHOVA...NOT ANY OTHER NAME....
    LOL... Both Russia and Iran have already re-budgeted for this oil crisis. They are not that pressed despite their economy woes. All Putin has to do cut the gas to Europe and/or drop more of the U.S. Treasuries they hold and watch the U.S. drop to their knees. Not to the mention the $4 Trillion in U.S. Treasuries that China currently holds LOL. Secondly, Iran is calling on emerging countries affected by the oil crisis to get together and counterattack to what both the Saudi's and the U.S. have done and raise the oil prices back up to around $70-80. Even the Saudi's cannot afford themselves to continue with $30-$50/barrel oil prices. LOL Trust that Assad just like Iran and Cuba etc do not think they are safe when it comes to the U.S. or the Saudi's..
    I love the information you bring to the table but Russia is not going to give up one of it warm water ports. Sorry, I believe you wrong about Russia.. You've identified a lot of the key players and their intentions, but I don't you have factored in America's eventual war against ISIS, specifically Mosul. Will America's mission creep into Syria also; as far as bombing missions, we are already there... I don't see how any country can waltz into Syria, via bomb or boots and attack Assad. If you present a key point that most people have overlooked, then perhaps. But considering what seems to be common knowledge now, I doubt anyone will attack Assad overtly.. All these cheap oil prices are just giving the rich a chance to stock up on oil and then when it sells at a higher price they'll be raking in the money! What a fucking scam from the bottom up his plants a fucking scam!!! One.
    one of the best vids i've seen. let's see what happens. is Russia going to hold to their word or... this maybe the tipping point. thanks..
    this is the real reason of the fracking oil war... the #petrodollar is the FEDERAL RESERVE teaming with OPEC so that all oil has 2 traded 2 the world only using America's currency.oil is so low just so the world just has 2 keep the petrodollar instead of rubles or whan when oil is bought this is all do to THE FEDERAL RESERVE just like Iraq & Lydia. the petrodollar is the one world world currency owned by THE FEDERAL RESERVE. tho they have taken over bitcoin. its the lucifarian control that owns us all feeds us mind fucking lies as thier noose gets tighter. the have owned the world that they still rent 4m the Vatican. the holy roman empire basically has been owned the world. the Chinese &Persians cant make any moves without oil 4 their weapons .
    Thought they not going to raise oil prices over a $100 a now the Saudi's will change their mind.
    They play with Putin, they will do so Russia is alone in the end. no allies, and then attacked him. We see how they try to do it today with allies. if he false for the trick he is doomd.
    +/war machine/ - Military Videos (18+) Russia has only two allies: the army and navy, dont forget its China that feed you today and thats an ally, .
    +Sequoia Better make that just the army. Russia hasn't had a navy worth mentioning since prior to Tshima Straits where they had the distinction of being the first on the west nation to have been defeated by an Asian nation in about 1000 years..
    Putin is far from stupid, this he most likely prepared for. Putin is a couple of moves ahead of them..
    Putin would be stupid to give up Syria for higher oil prices, they can turn and drop oil prices and you loose both ways!!!!.
    That's a bull crap. Even if Putin will back away and oil prices will go up.. US is going to rain down Syria it will only take a couple of month and then again oil prices gonna go down... That will show a truly unstable economy even regular citizens will fleet out of Russia. .
    What if russia ask china for help What if china say: you concentrate on ukrain we will support syria isnt that an option . +Ardahan Li It would be if China had the force projection that Russia does. but it doesn't Li. So build another island in the South China Sea and stay out of the Med. You'll only come to grief there.. They hate Putin and that's why they wanted the oilprice to collaps, its not against the USA, its against Putin, they don't like him. .

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  14. December 23, 2015
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  16. December 22, 2015

    Comments about this video:
    True, true... under orders though! They don't have the balls to do such thing on their own unless they're backed by the west and Israel..
    +Martin Uher sure thing enjoy nations that invent and produce stuff deserves a break in my opinion.
    This price drop was engineered to try and cripple Russia's economy but it has backfired as it has hurt all oil producing countries creating a monetary crisis around the World! Thank you Saudi princes and the American government! This has even backfired on the U.S.A..
    look whos talking here xD the iranian 12rs scum regime, the region of sucking khomanie cock, the regime of filth and hatred among themselves, the worst human record award was and always be for the iranian scum. they behead arabs and sunni every day in ahawz, they hate muslims and arabs, and spread their hatred in neighboring countries, now look around. NO one likes iran. EVERYONE HATES IRAN. iran will be defeated just like how we did to Persia :).
    Anyone else find it odd that the Saudi Oil prices are exactly the same amount as what ISIS sells its oil for. Fracking is a farce and it always was. This talking head just wants to make it seem that Saudi Arabia is acting "alone"...what a joke. He always suggests that we are going to see lower prices at the pump...has anyone seen this phenomena of the free market actually occurring with gasoline prices I didn´t think so.. Environmentally fracking and what it is doing to our water tables, rivers and streams is the least publicized issue in connection to our economy. It's a total disaster now and for future generations. Our economy right now would collapse if the price of gas were at the proper level. Russia's people have been living on 46 percent less in actual living standard since this economic war started. Putin will not stop until the game is played on a level table. No more ISIS oil going into Turkey. So while you are happy every time the tank is topped human fluid is spilling on the ground !.
    +Marc Gottlieb no never. But I know several companies who promise to turn plastic waste into oil. Unfortunately it only works when oil prices are above 100 USD..
    +Martin Uher I think the Iranians are going big time on what you are talking about and has garnered big interest..
    Fracking doesn't effect market's much other than for speculation on price manipulation. The increase is to put screws to Russian profits on oil..
    yes yes my Arab shakes, yam yam dry up those bloody wells of oil. saudi citizens will soon be taxed for the first time ever, because of this. Russia and Iran should save their resources till the arabs are dried up and bombed by USA, NATO and Israel.. +Achmad Yazir I hope to see that day, but i spouse all government of the world no longer serve their people but rather serve their masters, Bankers, Corporations, i mean the Zinion. lol saudis will be biggest losers :)) they pump extra oil and have to sell extra cheap :))) soon they will go back to deserts living in tents riding camels and fucking there own sisterrs :))). +Bv Lee By then the Russian economy, The Iranian economy would both have collapsed long ago though..
    absolutely true,Saudi bigs& puppets do anything to satisfying US,even in cost of any things, but always I wonder what Saudis would do eventually they ran out of Oil,probably they go back to camels and tent in deserts, the way they are doing now some how..

    im so happy for iranian and russian competition which drove those sand monkeys to lower oil prices,,i am really enjoying these low gaz prices at the pump,it has taken off some expense and burden that we normal working stiffs have to endure at the sake of these filthy rich monkeys who play and set there own prices as you can all see it has nothing to really do with market,,when cohen and mohamad get together those fucks set what they want.
    you can tell this bitch on screen gives good handjobs by all the shapes and gestures she makes with her hand!. saudi are dirty fucking monkeys and once there evil kingdom is gone so will israhell because the west will not have much use for them after there nasty saudi cousins are gone.

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  17. November 9, 2015
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  18. December 31, 2015
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  20. November 21, 2015

    Comments about this video:

    Hell, all the U.S. has to do is tell the debt holders that they have wiped the slate clean and don't have to pay them back! What the hell will they do about that.
    The Saudi royal family are merely puppets of the zionist banksters. They are expendable in the quest for global control. The NWO..
    i hope the retards go bankrupt and the people drag all the Al Sauds & all the Al Saud sponsored mullahs to the street & hang them from the lamp post, Mussolini style..
    What in hell is Wahhabistan doing "genociding" Yemen - the land of the Queen of Sheeba, the land of beautiful historical benefits and landmarks. The Saudis have NOTHING - NADA - NIENTE - RIEN!!.

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  21. December 24, 2015
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  22. November 15, 2015
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  23. December 4, 2015
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  24. November 1, 2015

    Comments about this video:
    oil isn't forever. so what happen when we take a element from the earth core. what will happen when everything is finish we need to start using other energy resources going forward.. +Renaldo Smith We will do so when it is needed, that is how free markets work. You assume we cannot find more energy, we found oil, we will develop fusion if idiots don't kill our economy with "man made global warming" nonsense. That whole movement is traceable to de-growthers. Read "Plunder and Deceit" and help the future continue in free markets, and not go into socialism and tyranny.. The irony of the whole situation is that Saudi Arabia is responsible for the low oil prices. By stubbornly to stick to its market share millions of gallons of oil have on a daily basis too pumped up. Since the last OPEC meeting production quotas dropped completely, the situation has now become truly irreversible. And so again there is an additional fuse lit the powder keg called Middle East.. +nrcboxers yah - the fracking takes place in shale horizons about a mile below the surface - there is another shale horizon below the first. new technology has enabled oil and gas recovery but the general consensus is that it economical around $40 bbl - the Saudi's are capable of much cheaper production and can essentially wipe out the frackers.. +giri kotte see, not even u practice what hindus tells u, which means it corrupted...good question, from islam taught, it is forbidden in quran, Allah tells don't eat swine because it's contained bacteria/virus that can only be killed by dirt, infact it is the most dirtiest animal on earth. from science view, meat of the pig becomes more saturated with toxins than many of its counterpart farm animals. The first reason has to do with the digestive system of a pig. A pig digests whatever it eats rather quickly, in up to about four hours. On the other hand a cow takes a good twenty-four hours to digest what it’s eaten. During the digestive process, animals (including humans) get rid of excess toxins as well as other components of the food eaten that could be dangerous to health. Since the pig’s digestive system operates rather basically, many of these toxins remain in their system to be stored in their more than adequate fatty tissues ready for our consumption...the scientis just discover what Quran talks about after 1400 years ago... +Dickin Bahrin Name the top 10 toxins pigs carry that cows don't and you'll never again wonder why you never find an Arab guy winning Nobel for science.. They cannot recover even 2% of their losses with taxes... They had another brillian idea and its raising the cost of cigarettes... Take 9,900,000 barells and multiply it by 102$, then take the 9.9 and multiply it by 29$ now subtract the two results and thats Saudis loss in dollar every 24 hours...Its a disasterrrrr. Certainly production will pick up again when (if) the price rises, but it was (and will be) too late for some companies. A simple search will help you find your answer: shale gas bankruptcies 2015. Landowners are also feeling the pain as their royalty check disappear. . Its simple. There are other oil producing sources, like Russia, and American shale oil, as well as China boosting development in Africa in exchange for drilling rights. So OPEC has let loose the faucets to beat the competition.. Oil going down is not good for everybody Shyeeet how about the consumers, looks pretty good for us. Cheaper oil is awesome.. +408Magenta If it costs lower than a bottle of filtered water, then so be it. That is what happens in competition. Those who deliver the best cost and quality gets the business. We as consumers welcome competition because we get better products and services. If a group or a country does not want to compete and sell high then the other countries simply buy from another that sells lower with the same product. Sucks for them, but history is filled with groups that don't want to compete. Oil is cheaper than bottled water in the kingdom of Saudi Arabia I don't hear them complaining about the price of Oil. JMHO.. LOL deficit other sources of income dont make me laugh that could have been the issue back in the 70s but now things have changed... over the last 4 decades these oil producing nations with mediocre population (.7 million to 10 million) have horded countless billions toward foreign investments so what they are making now just from investments exceeds oil revenues actually low oil prices help these foreign investments abroad grow and make more money... and since we own alot of these infustruction in many countries we still make buttload of money all they are showing in our budget is the oil trade deficit...for a reason (to strike fear of a gloomy future if we dont stop for asking for more subsidized goods and service) thats all that is we have been told that ohhhh nooo oil prices are dropping so bad...countless times in the last 30 years yet our treasury grows insanely till this day (but peoples memory today are short termed) if anything it is hurting the american fracking industry because it cost alot to producte oil from fracking...and if you lower the oil prices it no longer becomes a vaibale option aaaaand i hate that they are doing this because i wound want these big countries do the same to my countries economy... but what goes around will come around we are not playing nice by flooding the market with cheap oil to hurt other oil producing russia for example...geee i wounder why. whats the fuss anyway.. i though we are doing good to other people around the world i mean cheaper gas prices at the pump right dont mention (cheeky smile ) this is all mainstream media BULLLLSHIT. The presenter sounds like he is trying hard to over-articulate some kind of nasal english in order to sound like he speaks received english from the 1950's which was pompass and a sign of upper class, and instead he sounds like an 15 year old boy who is pissed off because he can't play 4 hours of computer games and he is going to slam the door... It's what you call uncouth charmless english intonation..
    Great! Dependence on foreign oil is weakening and the sane and logical energy alternatives are beginning to emerge. I'm tired of looking at pictures of Saudi oil tycoons driving Lamborghinis living in 55 bedroom mansions with three or four Rolls Royces on their gold paved driveways knowing that, these riches are derived from oil profits from the hard working American, middle class. It's time to shift the wealth back to a free and democratic on the west Civilization. Or, at least not remain hostage to foreign oil prices any more..
    Oil price 1971 $3.60 $21.00 inflation ajyusted Oil is down...Good for the people bad for the producers who have been screwing us for decades...** ** them. Saudi is doing this to bring down America and stop our oil production. Obama is a big part of this. Then they can send the oil prices sky high in America. After they have shut down all our oil companies. There big plan.. +Nancy Williams Too bad with Iran being able to pump oil again after sanction lifts. Saudi Arabia won't be able to control supply as they used to anymore. If Saudi Arabia don't want to pump oil, then people will go to Iran to buy theirs.. All strategic moves on The New World Orders board game, Earthopoly. Properties being acquired, hotels are built. The sheep never saw it coming..
    This deficit of gov't is baloney, it is only gov't stating they have less revenues than previous year or have less revenues than desired. Saudi Arabia has money coming out of their kahunas. Plus, they can drill for oil at almost any price and still make money. Saudi Arabia can drill for oil at $10/barrel and still make 5X more than cost($2/barrel) of production..

    good for all of us. funding for islamic terrorist will be reduced and there wont be anymore mosque like mushroom everywhere..

    OPEC picked a fight with American Cowboy Capitalism ,and they will lose!!! :)...Unconventional oil is the future... Efficiency is what American capitalism does....
    I miss the days when they did the oil embargo, when gas was up to $12 per gallon. I drive an electric car though, so I'm bias.. Is the reason we're seeing lower prices, we're driving on stolen ISIS oil Just thinking it pisses me off !!!!!!. Since the Europeans invented and drilled this substance, why don't you have one person of the European race I remember when a gallon was 37 cents - then you Arabs freaked out with Israel's victory and closed down the pumps and went from 11 dollars a barrel to 100. I'm glad you are loosing your free wealth. Too bad for energy companies, but gas is cheaper for the vast majority of people. No more fancy cars and jets..
    what they saying is nothing new...oil prices were a lot less than 35 did they manage their society then...high prices gave them the means to build "Sky-high Towers"...New Private jets Military hardwares...Girlies and Booze...its tough to come down from there to be realistic...and talk abt diversification..what diversification...decades ago India Brazil China and lotsa smaller ones.. became giants of consumer-commodity manufacturers producers...meantime lolling an rolling upon Oil revenues they just never worked...just plain stupid as the Arabs are...go ahead build Higher Building Towers to reach "Allah"....
    there is more player in oil business such as US shale and more important is new technology such as solar energy that change the fundamental of the market..
    economy suicide attack for russia,khazar enpire delusional cult bankers, genie energy ,bis bankers nazi bush.

    Invade Saudi Arabia, hang them all bearded obese assholes with towel on their heads, and make oil a common good for all. Anyway, it'll tarish soon, and all other yet more obese assholes - oil industrials - will dry up..

    +BRIGHT B INFINITY I cant continue humiliating myself by simply arguing with someone psycho like you.
    They have made enough money over the years little loss won't hurt them just plain greed. It was so high it killed the economies people having to spend to much money on gas and couldn't budget in for anything else. There has to be a balance. Can't put everything in gas and have nothing left to spend... leaves nothing left for the rest of the economy spending, mortgages, groceries... Why demand is low people are broke..
    by by oil it's almost obsolete solar technologies is about to take over the whole industry that's why everything is falling apart.

    What was there before: Sand dunes and clans. I'm happy to hear you are now having to get a real economy. I'm only sad for Russia. At least they have other skills. Without Europeans you would still be sitting on sand dunes..
    +Gopalaswami Kuppuswami depends on what he means by "market share" - i think there's two main political/religious reasons for the Saudi's to keep oil prices low - 1) keep Iran from getting rich so for the upcoming war with them (sunni vs shia) Iran will not be able buy arms and 2) drive the American shale oil boys bankrupt. I guess you could call this "defending market share" - but I think these are the underlying reasons.. price of oil will hit US$20/ this is only they do not want Iran become top power but Iran has gas to sell they can compensate their loss. Saudi Arabia is scared to cut production because if the price of oil goes back up things like fracking become economical SA is caught between a rock and a hard place if they keep production high the price of oil goes down but atleast they are the ones selling the oil if they cut production and oil prices go up people will just look for other sources of oil and leave SA standing there with all their expensive oil. Welcome to the free market SA this must be a new experience for you because you had a strangle hold on oil prices for so long you forgot what competition feels like.. We should stockpile oil and begin using alternative, non-pollution energy resources already patently owned since 1978 by major oil companies.. i have a V-8 that burns gas like a Buddhist monk. Someone better start that 'peak oil' rumor again.. will be perfect if six months at few cents the price, is a price for severe punish invaders (Russia, Iran) who are bombing free Muslims, because all the peoples have the right of liberty and self decision.

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  25. November 29, 2015
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  26. December 18, 2015
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  27. December 5, 2015
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  28. December 23, 2015

    Comments about this video:
    1:69 That is a 3D printer it is very easy to raise capital."By printing it How desperate is that. The scene where it shows people walking in the street, i didn't see any saudi ppl, all of them were foreigners who work there..
    +mrdoode92 Top 50 universities lol Well done you guys. How did you get to the top 50 is it because you guys sit on billions of barrels of oil What have you invented in the last 1000 years What has Saudi Arabia achieved other than spreading Islam I know your being all nationalistic and stuff but don't lie. Your country is full of lazy Saudi people and the people who do actually work hard are the poor immigrants from Asia. Even your own national oil company, that you love so much, wasn't built by Saudis. It was built by BP and Shell and other on the west oil companies and then your government nationalised it. Saudi people take the word 'snobby' to a whole new level..

    Duramale in saudi - Buy Weight Loss Medications - Dec 29, 2015
  29. January 28, 2016
    This article gives an overview of schools run by Saudi... (buying glucolo... Herbal Medicine Purchase Medication Comparison Review Reviews Remedies Relief Online... i13
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  30. December 10, 2015
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  31. November 5, 2015
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  32. December 15, 2015

    Comments about this video:

    What a load of shit. Its because supply outpaced demand because of Farcking and Pumiping combined with Wind and Solar and 100 Was to high to begin with. Complete nonsense vid..

    +Joseph Fitzpatrick Because more sellers than buyers come along just like today when it jumped from the bottom by about 10 percent with more buyers than sellers. Its pretty simple stuff dont overthink it with conspiricy theorys. .

    I've just read from an American congressman that Saudi will experience poverty in 20 years... that's great for US pimps, then Israel would move in and take everything left..
    You failed to mention that huge amount of Exported crude from the USA has affected the drop in the market..
    +The Money GPS ~ Author Exposing the Truth Well, that's cheating then. Second hand information is hardly ever the full truth. So how can you expose it by your method! Remember Saddam's smoking gun. Sad to see that people do not seem to learn from past mistakes..
    +The Kaiser Because sadly the majority of people are nothing more than pseudo intellectuals, that simply can't preform critical thinking for themselves and relay on second-hand analysis. .
    Fracking and Climate change ( people changing their ways ) have combined to bring the price down....
    +SensibleHare not really - two main political/religious reasons for the Saudi's to keep oil prices low - 1) keep Iran from getting rich so for the upcoming war with them (sunni vs shia) Iran will not be able buy arms and 2) drive the American shale oil boys bankrupt.. so here we are just over a year later than this vid was posted and at $30 per barrel. What say you now. OIL prices are falling because world economic output is failing! China is tanking...(as predicted 10yrs ago) the USA recovery was a federal reserve phony money printing scheme, the euro is in total decline with Greece leading the way. You all have been sold a bill of goods that isn't worth the paper it's printed on! The days of easy money and high on the hog is coming to an END! You all will soon learn what life was like for your grandparents and for some great grand parents..
    +phishfearme2 I didn't say anything about "shale boys" I said the boys out west... Texas has been pumping oil since your granddaddy was in diapers and will be after you depart this world..
    The world runs on oil from the gas you burn in your car and the roads you drive on to the containers you store your food in and over 20% of what your home is made from not to mention over a thousand other consumer products that use it. Another reason that says the world economy is near the tank because oil is not being used nearly as much = major slow down. Same thing on the upside, oil will rise as it begins to be used and strips supply. Funny part about what you said about the middle east pumping to put the shale drillers out of business... just 18months ago they were pumping what the do today and oil was $100 Saudi Arabia, didn't cut but over 100 off shore rigs have shut, yet oil still falls = China using less, USA using less... the WORLD using LESS = world recession that started in Europe has already spread to Asia and is already here in the USA as of last August. Hold on, you haven't seen anything yet, this time there is no bailouts... the phony money is nearly done..
    I suspected this because when you look at the losers here, you see its Iran, Venezuela, Russia, and Saudi Arabia. The latter being the only on the west ally of the four. The rest are considered enemies. You do not have to be a Rocket Scientist to figure this out..
    I suspected this because when you look at the losers here, you see its Iran, Venezuela, Russia, and Saudi Arabia. The latter being the only on the west ally of the four. The rest are considered enemies. You do not have to be a Rocket Scientist to figure this out.. OPEC is mass producing oil to push the price down making it to expensive for other oil producing countries and companies that using fracking methods and or drilling to expensive so that they will have continued control of the market..
    +Connie Covington two main political/religious reasons for the Saudi's to keep oil prices low - 1) keep Iran from getting rich so for the upcoming war with them (sunni vs shia) Iran will not be able buy arms and 2) drive the American shale oil boys bankrupt. it's January 12, 2016 and oil is $31 - and will probably go lower.

    Russia can sell the water of Siberians rivers to China...the price of water began higher than oil price....


    Saudi Arabia is smart.. They want to damage the American-Iranian dirty plot. They are succeeding! :^).
    +HTHAMMACK1 Wrong, the US is the one that told the Saudis to flood the market. It's punishment for Russia's efforts to instigate China and other countries to go around the petrodollar..
    +Truth WRONG u ignorant fuck nut... under your stupidity then the USA was pushing the price of oil up 4 yrs ago to damage its own economic growth that hurt people at the pump STFU u ignorant shit.

    Apparently tomorrow congress is voting to gains the ability to audit the federal reserve, this is a step in the right direction. nah the one to be blame should be the BRICS. there the one started to destabelized the dollar and now US has the anwer for that strategy. so putin don't want to lose syria so he is bombing isis and pretending to have sympathy of the muslims which he is not he only do this because he already knows what will happen if masad will be thrown out then the us dollar wont lose. sadly to say he also want to control middle east just like the US in order to take down US economy. he is not as good as you seen cause if he is he wont bomb isis that also includes inocent people. so he is not a saint as you all think. he is only thinking for his own, cause he gambles and endanger his countrymen and the whole world for WW3.. We told the Saudis to flood the market with oil to drive down the price and collapse Russia's export economy. This is to punish them for their meetings with China to thwart the dollar as the reserve currency.. +phishfearme2 That's what everyone in the media is saying however like most things in the media it's propaganda. In the last 40 years the two nations on this planet that have had the tightest relationship is the US and Saudi Arabia. Christians vs Muslims West vs Middle East Caucasians vs Arabians All that stuff is BS. Money talks and your best friend is always the one that can make you rich and their color or religion means nothing. War us never about religion and is always about currency. All wars are bankers wars. The Saudis are not attacking the frackers. It's BS. The Saudis want to hurt Iran and the US wants to hurt Russia. We are in bed with the Saudis to kill both birds with one stone. The Saudis can absorb losses and the frackers can break even at $26 a barrel and that's why we and the Saudis have flooded the world in oil.. +Truth "War us never about religion and is always about currency" - I think you are very naïve or speaking from a very on the west perspective (ie: they can't REALLY be doing this to get favoritism with a god.) the root cause of the never ending wars in the middle east are based in religion - god gave ME this land - NO, god gave ME this land. it's been going on for centuries and there is no end in site. in the muslim world, there is no distinction between politics, culture, economic and religion. their religious dogmas ARE their politics and culture and drive the economy - Saudi's accept oil payments as "tribute" (remember the shores of Tripoli) which they then put to their own use. OR they accept money from the US "non-Muslims" (infidels) to enable power over their real enemy - Israel. "We are in bed with the Saudis to kill both birds (iran and Russia) with one stone." - if you believe this then you can find a photo of yourself if you look in the dictionary under paranoid.. Oil politics is another example how money is exploited as a means of control. Control the individual by controlling the content of their wallet.. The option that will open to Russia is to expand the war into the entire ME and seize almost all the OIL producing ME countries and then show the middle finger to the Zionists. If the Russia can take just the Saudi...the game will be over for the evil US/UK/NATO gangs of thieves.. +shuaib Samad Ali Eventually the Saudi oil fields will either be seized or destroyed. The Saudis cannot even keep a rag tag bunch of Houthis from penetrating their southern border. They are very vulnerable. Iran can stroke an uprising in the Shia east. The Royal family has squandered so much wealth. There is this myth in the west that everyone from Arabia is wealthy. Not true. There is tremendous poverty there for a lot of citizens.. Isnt that lijke cutting off your nose to spite your face for Saudi and America to cause this massive price drop in oil.
    +Jonchess They murder their own people in testing and experiments. There are no lengths they won't go to..

    Scottish. Scottish. Yup, when the world thinks of innovation, it thinks Scottish. Here's the thing that you DON'T get. The US spends more on relief, rescue, food, and medicine for the ME and SA, and CA... than the WHOLE SCOTTISH GDP!. So it's real easy to say "why doesn't the US do more Why can't they stop this". What did YOU Scotts do I'll give one thing to you... GW was a idiot. He went into Iraq because he wanted to be a wartime president and finish what geopolitics wouldn't let his dad finish. OK Now. Do you REALLY think that radical Islam started with the US invasion of Iraq Stop braiding your hair and think. Do you really think that the Scotts, Uk are in a position to do ANYTHING. But no, your parents ate food shipped to the UK, lived in shelters made with US concrete znd steel, drove the sick in duece and a half trucks to hospitals provided by the US, enjoyed our manufacturers skill to take advantage or the Radar developed jointly with the UK and deployed MASSIVELY to defend your little rock. And do you REALLY think that all the spitfires had UK pilots UK fuel. UK Mechanics. UK parts What... Yeah, America stepped in when you had everything done... how do uou NOT slip and take out a eye when brushing your teeth...ooops you don't...brush...m.
    +lasiaF ayahslA no you did. as I said, evil in Saudi Arabia , and you supported it. now. oh ill say it again evil is in Saudi Arabia and its people. now repeat.
    Just wait until the people who are creating this economic down slide find that they have brought on a world wide extreme plunge into the most severe and total collapse and the darkest depression ever known!.
    The money of people of withm secret to Cause a Massive Drop in Price of Oil to have is sincnic and ahave is hopped is to have is econonmic to have is sinenic to have is product oil to have is Saudi Arabia.. Gas is going down and the dollar is gaining strength. This is war between what is bad and what is worse..
    Russia should just stop exporting oil and gas to EU and stockpile it or sell it at very cheap price for companies Inside Russia, cheap oil means cheap services and boosting economy..
    If you stop pumping oil and gas in some fields, you lose the pressure wave. You lose that, you cannot pump more up, and the field extraction dies. A lot of gas is a byproduct of oil, which needs this pressure surge in a field to extract the oil. You cannot just turn the pumps off and on. You can only turn them off..
    The oil crisis of the 70s was clearly a PSYOP HOAX! The difference then was the Saudis were playing the game with the US, but now the Saudis don't need to kiss US, Russia or Iranian butt. The egregious aspect of all this is oil could have been selling at the current price since the 70s. Think about that and who benefited from the high prices!.
    US have sign own death warrant's by taking two giants same time on Bout to exchange punches Reminds HITLER BLUNDER in US Arrogance ts is power struggle between Crooks Authority in whose hand's. Now crony Capitalism Vs Commie. Authority on blow exchanging let us wait who blinks and who falls down. according to have is economic and money to have is sinenic to have is market and to have is Cause Massive Drop in Price of oil to have is promoion is to market to have is to have is sale to have is economic is to have is promotion to have is stamp to have is postcard is to have is product to have is customer..
    As soon as the sand niggas run out of oil, they will be worthless all over again.. back to selling camel shit and living in their stripped out luxury cars. .

    From purely perception's point of view of consumers, it is a 'win win' situation when oil price drops below 50 US dollars and dollars are strong. But is this perception another deception mostly likely to con consumers and investors into buying cheaper oils and investing US dollars which are on the decline in value. What if Saudi chooses to de-peg US dollars and accept any other currencies for payment Who then enjoys 'win win' under the present situation of cheaper oil and strong dollars Of course, those who know how to manipulate things thru the Hegelian dialectic..

    if obama can give one of his executive orders to take the oil off the tradable commodity list, he will become instantly the most popular president and all this discussion about oil price manipulation will go away..

    Oil price drop effectively a "sanction" against Russia and Iran. Why not!!! Strategies are strategies. There must be a lot of bets on this move..

    yes - our little friends the Chinese - while every one humps one another - china takes advantage - lower oil price - gold price - silver price - china stocks up all the while they stay quiet on the sidelines - buying up property and setting up industrial parks - AKA colonization parks - wake up people - china is positioning - mark my words - one day we will have to drive china back to the sea and send them home - in this game there are no good players - all there is - is winners and losers - so far - the people have not taken a stand - our governments are weasels and thieves and the Chinese are no better - for all we know - its the Chinese forcing the prices of every thing using futures contracts ( look it up - that's the way to do it ) these type of contracts are just another scam dressed up as a good thing for the farmer to sell his crops or the miner to sell his gold - but if futures contracts didn't exist - some would go down but capitalism and supply and demand would be the winner - futures are just criminal manipulation and organized theft - i am surprised that people still have not learned the game yet - how can you win in such a game if the banks which place your orders and there for know your position are your opposition you call them - buyer or seller - they call you - SUCKER if your a player in this current " MARKET " - WAKE UP DUMMIES WAKE UP.

    Also, merry christmas, some of you may or may not get a present from America, It is call " We want to teach Russia a lesson but not you, sorry if this present will ruin your economy." Btw, Happy New year.( yea... care about your life more. ) P.s, I will stop comment now..
    +Yue Tian Siah merry Christmas to you as well - BTW i hear that the town of Yiwu - the town in china that makes the worlds Christmas come true has 600 factories with many thousands of workers who when asked about Christmas - dont even know what Christmas is No it's the massive infrastructure projects the west has convinced them to undertake to the tune of hundreds of billions of dollars. Now they're forced to pump oil regardless of the price because they have to make those payments on the loans for construction. THINK WORLD BANK, IMP, HELLO.. You keep forecasting a collapse, but there have been many economic ''end times'' prophecies before. What makes this one different How can we be sure this isn't just another false prediction.

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  36. December 30, 2015

    Comments about this video:
    We get 40% of our oil from our own U.S. soil, 16% from Canada, 20% from latin America, 10% from Africa, and ONLY 13% from the Persian Gulf. It absolutely makes no sense that oil price can drop that much just because Iran comes on line. But it will, just because it makes no sense.. +Ernie Varitimos It makes perfect sense. Oil is a trading commodity, as you know, and speculation is a big part of it. It will hit prices hard at first, and then it will settle down and we'll be back to normal chaos. This is assuming a "deal".. Totally agree. Low oil prices = more economic activity. Higher percentage of consumer budgets being spent on goods/services, lower cost of shipping/traveling, etc. The oil companies don't want low oil because that means less profitability for them. And the military industrial complex doesn't want the profitability of oil to go down because that means less resource wars in the MidEast, and less demand for weapons. Low oil prices are great for the consumer and the economy at large, and bad for oil companies and military industrial companies.. I might be incorrect but I understood it as follows - they made a deal BUT its depending on many conditions such as whether Iran complies in the end to certain things they have have agreed upon. And only than the sanctions will be gradually lifted - slowly not all at once, only when Iran shows they actually do things they agreed and not just say - we will do this and that. But its a good thing if you ask me (well maybe not for Saudis). Europeans might get a new gas supply in the future. Its not just oil, Iran has one of the biggest natural gas reserves as well. p.s. forgot to mention - I found quite interesting that you could see that the parties really wanted to reach an agreement - the deadline set way back when they made the framework agreement ended quite a bit ago, but they extended again and again the talks with looooong hours. That shows that yes, they didn't finish in time but everyone was willing to continue despite of previous set deadlines.. Another BIG problem with the Iran Nuclear deal is,, It violates our 1970's agreement with Saudi Arabia for them to sell oil ONLY for American Dollars in return for our protection.. If Iran gets Nukes,, We are not protecting the Saudis.. If the Saudis decide to sell oil for Euros or Yen, Wuan, etc. It will collapse the dollar value,, the nickname is Petro-dollar.. Google It. This is the reason we can just print money as we please.. Money goes out and never comes back, so we print more.. Let's just hope Obama is OUT before the Saudis decide to get a higher price for Oil from the Yen or Euro or who ever.. Obama tripled the debt, then kills the value of the dollar, we never be able to pay off the debt. The only way to pay is to forfeit our land.. China owns a lot of our debt.. This will destroy the US and help create a one world government.. It's all part of AGENDA 21 in the United Nations Google "Agenda 21" It's the world AGENDA FOR THE 21st CENTURY It's already been signed by Several Presidents and is part of the whole problem.. It's Hideous.. Read it, Please, Read it GOOGLE AGENDA 21 You'll put ALL the pieces together quickly.. IT'S DEMONIC No joke.. this is for real. Please, Please Google it.. It's a Conspiracy by the UN.. They say the USA is SOCIAL INJUSTICE because we got more money.. They want it... The problem with this agreement with Iran is not even what it means to us directly but the arms race and destabilization of the entire region that is now likely to occur. There's a reason why Saudi Arabia doesn't like Iran. It's not just a little rivalry. I know it's long odds but I truly hope that Congress votes this agreement down and overrides Obama's promised veto.. +Richard Forester It really seems "odd". If the US is so close with Saudi Arabia why would they do this, unless they really think they can call Iran out in 6 months when they do not let inspectors see their "sensitive" military installations..
    God help us.I picked an Iranian dentist up the other day and asked him about this.He had been in the UK a few years by the way.However he mentioned something i never thought of.Earthquakes!!!Yes not only is there a high chance of terrorism both by the state and other actors.Whether using nuclear waste for a dirty bomb or secret development there's also the chance of a massive earthquake causing the next chernobyl/fukushima!!!.
    I live in Texas, and it would hurt us here to see lower prices, but believe me when I tell you that it would HELP everyone else. $1/gal lower x 100 gals per month for the average family = $100 extra per month. Multiply that by a few million households. BIG positive impact on the economy..
    Contrarian that I am, I have put some cash to work and invested in some oil and gas royalty trusts. Long term income producing vehicles for my retirement portfolio. You are 100% correct, low oil prices are only a temporary thing,.

    +Bo Zo When OIL was in the 40s I made a video that it was time to BUY. Of course the options depend on each person but it's still good at $50 to look at the different opportunities. Sounds like you have it covered, nicely done!.

    We don't import oil from Iran, not even before this latest disagreement with them so I don't think it matters to the US. As far as production is concerned, they are a player, (at least in the top 10) but compared to Saudi Arabia they are kind of small potatoes. With fracking the US is now the largest producer of oil. We also happen to be the biggest consumer of oil and hence the problem. I agree that oil prices will likely go down as a result of this agreement. Funny that Russia, who is already hurting because they base their entire budget on oil revenues, stands to take more hits but Putin seems pleased anyway. Between Obama and Putin I don't know which is more dumb..

    +Richard Forester But more oil will, impact the overall total regardless. I have a hunch on Putin that I may mention in another
    And we should note that the global economy is slowing again - which should reduce oil demand in the short term... I am not a trader, or even to be considered a very knowledgable investor, but I am interested to know how you would go about getting exposure in the market if you think oil prices being low is a transitory event I don't expect you to tell me what to do - for obvious reasons - but I would appreciate some indications of the options available to anyone who is looking to exploit temporary low oil prices. What I am asking, is what are the options available that people could look at Just a bullet point summary is all that is needed if possible, listing what you may choose to look at if you had my opinion on the oil price environment we find ourselves in..
    +Sned Meister You may be looking at Options etc. I'm simply looking for companies or indexes that have taken a hit. They MAY be a value, and hopefully have a decent Dividend as well. Oil prices lower have hurt many companies/indexes, but IMO, Oil will be back strong again at some point..
    Thanks FF - I'm not sure what I was thinking about specifically really - I think I feel there is an opportunity, but unsure how you could play it. You can tell I am a complete market novice...!! I appreciate your replies though, I will do some thinking and research over the next few days..
    How soon until the fracking industry bond bubble pops with sub $70 oil I keep hearing the magic number for profitability for fracking is seventy dollar oil. .
    +SilverStakcer I have read several articles and some companies are ok around $45 or so. Whether that is true, I'm not sure. I would bet there are some that have the $ but the leveraged ones/bonds could be hurt for sure..

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  40. November 4, 2015

    Comments about this video:
    This isn't rocket science, here's the layout of the land- Oil provides a first tier energy delivery since its portable and treated in physical form like water a liquid whereas solar wind and gas like hydrogen are much harder to transport store and keep safe. This results in any change from gas powered to another fuel source to be difficult, but that difficulty is now being overcome through technology in those other sectors for energy production. Gasification is just one example of reducing these giant manufacturing loop infrastructure products. A gallon of gas requires billions of infrastructure to manufacture, does anyone believe that will continue forever Not a chance, humans are much too clever for that. My electric bike goes 20miles for 5 cents, folds in to any trunk, and weighs 43pounds. In closing consider this, by combining one energy structure with another convenient energy can be created, here's just one example- hill with a pond at the top and bottom, during day solar power pushes the water uphill storing it in the pond at the top. Then at night when occupants living in a home nearby want energy, water is released, a tiny turbine turns and energy on tap is created. Imagine now springs instead of water and the hill and again convenient power. In 50 years all oil production will end if not long before then. Humans doing ever more with ever less.. There's an energy revolution incoming, and politics and economics are stoping it from happening..
    I would add, I've noticed a new form of economics that's still is so much of its infancy few realize the elegant equation which is crowd funding. Like when the auto first showed up and it didn't really drive society yet, crowd funding is in a similar stage. There's an article on my site leifthor dot com under "thoughts" about crowd funding and how it may transform 21st Century society as pivotally as the auto transformed the 20th century..
    OPEC has been benefitting for decades. Its a business, make money or OPEC dies. ADVANCEMENT OF TECHNOLOGY is the game changer making oil dependency slowly to be a thing of the past. For instance, our battle ships, cars, aircraft, are going to electric and powered by an array of renewable energy. Question: WHO IS BENEFITING IN LOW OIL PRICES Of course the oil consumer.... I'm wondering what expenses these countries must have, that they rely, and depend on, from a high price for oil ! And while at the same time, we're finding out that oil is apparently so abundant around the globe! Also, WHY are these countries RELYING on moneys from oil, SO MUCH, for most of their existence Are humans today not understanding long term benefits, or are they really that selfish and greedy ! Also, did they not think that while they have believed they had most of the oil, others wouldn't find it eventually, elsewhere, so those others wouldn't have to continue to buy it from them Also, did they not think that other sources of energy like Solar (for heat) and wind (for energy) couldn't become more competitive At over 100.00 a barrel, didn't these oil executives put some of that money aside, for harder times ( I know the answer is NO, they didn't, other than in their own pockets)! My view is, that most, when given money, they spend it all, instead of saving some of it. Also, how much was a barrel of oil in the 1950's, or 1960's What's the difference nowI'm confused about this, because I think people are smart today; much more than let's say 100 years past! Why would some countries STILL, over all these years, RELY, MOSTLY on their production of oil, for profit There has to come a time, where either OIL is gone, or there has to be an alternate source for energy! Did they not think about the future.
    OPEC is doomed,they are a one trick pony...Oil is the only game in town in OPEC...Even if the US shale declines in the 2020s,shale is every where and Fracturing will only become more efficient as time goes on...Exporting Fracturing tech will be exported every where...Arabs picking a fight with American capitalism,is loser for OPEC...ND is holding steady at 1.2 million barrels a day 9 5 2015...Texas production cost is even lower...:) Texas pumps 3 million barrels a day,and then the rest of energy states finish out the US total of 9.2 million barrels...Another 3 million barrels come from Canada and Mexico to US market....
    ... how about under $30 us a barrel... End the fed and this Petro Dollar scam and allow the US to print it's own money that is tied to actual values and I bet by 2018 the world becomes rich because stock markets can't just wish something into actuality.
    We own 468 million tones of Fracking sand in Saskatchewan Canada. Naturally rounded, high compressive straight, low acid and alkali Dapoxetine, very pure Silica oxide, 99.87% pure. Our sand exceeds the Wisconsin sand, that is quoted at $56 per tone at the quarries. and $150/t transported. We are looking for investors. $60 billion worth in Fracking Sands.
    Let's keep it REALLY simple. Cheap gas = less money I have to spend on gas... It's really that simple. I save 40 bucks a week, that adds up. And that's more money in the market place. It's not like that money just vanishes... It only hurts the ultra rich. So who cares..
    The Saudis are a one trick pony,and that spells disaster for the Kingdom... The Fracturing Genie is out of the bottle ,and the world will never be the same... The tech gets better and better...Driving down the price of production,Saudi have a massive welfare/anti Arab Spring programs that needs $90 a barrel to maintain cash reserves 4 to 6 years from start of the price drop before they hit $0... American unconventional oil can be produced as low as $30 a barrel,and the process gets more and more efficient going forward... The US will eventually export Fracking tech to some of our Allies,Canada/Mexico/UK, then it goes global...Natural gas can do anything Oil can,this is a glutted material in the US and will start doing many thing oil is used for....

    I'm a little confused on this subject, the caption said (2 11:37) in 2013 that OPEC produced 81% of the World's Oil...but the Top five producers for American oil (in 2013) were Canada, Mexico, Venezuela, ourselves Saudi Arabia (15%)...your telling me that having just one OPEC member who created 15% of supply for the USA created those high prices I need to be educated on the subject as this vid isn't making sense to me; how can OPEC control the prices in America (that much) when it's a mere 15%.
    The guy is just totally mistaken. The 81% refers to OPEC's share of global proven reserves in the ground, not annual production. If you take USA + Russia alone that's already 25% of global annual crude production. Here's where the 81% number comes from:
    The long term problem that the Arabs has is that the US frackers might be slowed... but MILLIONS of workers have been trained and they can come back into the work place at any time. The oil price war is a dead end for the Arabs... The US can wait this out and then put the millions back to work over night. USA. .

    Price Wee-Wawing shakes out the weak players who can not withstand it. However in today's world where hedging is so easy, every individual player can potentially partake of the financial strength of the collective ( for a price ). However, unable to participate may find themselves isolated, and relatively weak ( Russia ).

    from 5:05 the gentleman said "who would wink first" i supose he meant who would blink first.
    Yes, some oil companies can survive at 40 a barrel but many can't. Therefore, prices at 50 a barrel are not sustainable in the long term. Oil companies will scale back production to avoid losses. This is just basic economics.. High price oil is hell for each ordinary people and oil are dig only in the ground for free, what if increase the oil price because this people want to sell their oil in high price to gain more easy big money and then the farmers increase all food price triple the price of food that they eaten I think that will be fair enough, farmer will live without oil but people who selling oil for exchange for their food will survive I don't think so hahha. The U.S.A., and the U.K. oil companies coordinate with OPEC I don't think so. OPEC has no interest with working with the West to move oil prices up to help U.S. shale oil companies. If OPEC did that, they would lose their market shares. Besides, it costs countries like Saudi Arabia and Kuwait $20 to produce one barrel of oil. On the other hand, shale oil costs $70 to $80 to produce. The reason why oil prices are dropping is because the demand for the oil isn't there, and you have new players like U.S. shale oil producers. As a result, you have too much supply and not enough demand. Hence, the prices are dropping..
    +jackchorn It doesn't matter how many dollars are printed, because if it doesn't go into the lands of the ordinary people, there will be very little to no inflation. As a matter of fact, there will be deflation. A lot of people are heavily in debt, and money is created through loans which is debt. If you have too much debt, and a sluggish economy. It's obvious, debts are very difficult to pay back. Don't be fooled by these Peter Schiff idiots who believe printing money=inflation. It all depends on how the money is channeled, and the velocity of money. If the money is channeled to go through the middle class, you will have a higher velocity of money. The money will flow through many hands which can grow the economy. If the money goes into the hands of a few mega corporations or monopolistic industries/companies, the money flows through very few hands. It also get concentrated in the hands of a small group of people. As a result, you don't have much inflation!.

    If you have a monopoly and it is threatened, you (or OPEC) will do whatever you have to in order to regain your monopoly. .
    with nearly 50% drops I wonder why in my country it is has only dropped about 20% Ok, no I am not wondering. The US are using this situation to squeeze the Russians, in turn they are destabilising world security.. +Antipodeano The US government has nothing to do with the prices. It's the free market, supply and demand. In the US its private companies producing oil not the government.
    Who benefits from low oil prices Short answer, every end user consumer of gasoline, diesel, propane, butane, naphtha, and plastics, plus every business with petroleum products as factors of production, transportation, and distribution! And every freedom-loving person in the world benefits from low oil prices too! The fracking and horizontal drilling technology used in the U.S. threatens the revenue stream of the Islamofascist regimes in Saudi Arabia, Iran, the Middle East, and all of the Islamofascist terrorists in Al-Qaeda, ISIS, Hamas, Hezbollah, and all the other followers of the death-cult of Islam! Saudi Arabia is slitting it's own throat if it thinks it can beat the U.S.! If it wasn't for the innovation and technology of the U.S. and the West, the Islamic savages wouldn't know what to do with oil! They would still be rubbing crude oil on their open wounds, like something the ancient Romans would do! And the Communist/Authoritiarian regimes of Russia, Venezuela, and Cuba all stand to lose from cheaper, free-flowing oil from the U.S., Canada, and the oil drilled off-shore by Israel and the nations of Europe! Ol' Putey Putin better grease up with some Petroleum Jelly and get ready to get stuck! I hope all of these tyrants swirl down the toilet right there with the low oil prices! This may well be the comeback for the U.S. and the West as a whole!.

    who benefit from low oil mostly every one (ur every day average joe) and business that involve in a lot of transportation. who's hurting monopoly oil company and oil producing countries. who ever say this is a bad thing = traitor, all hail saudi arabia. love them cheap oil price.
    I will tell u who is not benefiting the low oil prices.. Qatar is not benefiting it, Qatar also pays for al Jazeera, so they try to convince u that overpaying oil is a good thing.
    Haha exactly. It's the same story on the Russian networks as well. Gas price here in the U S of A is lower than its been in years. Most people thought it would NEVER get this low again..

    You know why I never Watch Aljazeera!! Because there are alot of DOUBLE STANDARD in Their Works. Now Why I mean that. ANYONE with a Little Brain Knows that The King Of the World ( CITY OF LONDON ) has Ordered this to their Popet Saudi's to Presure RUSSIA. THIS GAY GUY NEVER MENTION RUSSIA...!!! And in the same Time their OLD DREAM TO DESTROY US EKONOMIKAL POWER HOUSE. That is why I Trully Believe that the US Leaders are Most working against the Interest of their Country and have done so with the help of CIA...!!!.
    That is something to think about. Why would majority of US citizens want raised oil prices Only companies that are in this business would want this.. Because this is Al Jazeera, a network funded by a state funded by energy exports. Always consider the source....
    +largelysubatomic From what I know Al Jazeera was started by two French Jews. WHY do you think they have had so many on the west people as spokesmen here People from the US military have been working here. If you control ALL sides of the debate - you are the debate. Jews have the on the west (world) media in their pocket. Read the letter by Albert Pike called the 3 wars... think about it. Peace .

    Watch it folks. Shell Oil is owned by Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth11 She will defend it just like she made U.S. go to war in Afganistan to protect her OPIUM FIELDS. Wake up America. and Iraq to protect her oil threre as well..

    'US oil production highest in 30 years'. In 2014 USA became world's #1 OIL PRODUCER. Do you think the USA could become #1 OIL PRODUCER using its own domestic supplies Doubt it. If anything USA private oil companies steal from reserves of countries like Canada, Mexico, and Iraq and declare that oil their own. .
    All those companies that fracked the hell out of their own nation can't survive on these prices. .
    our owners trying so hard to maintain the matrix & scarcity :3 oh, we live in an age of plenty....
    Arabs are pretty F .ing stupid. They could have used the oil revenue to diversify their economy. However, their reserves can keep this price level for 20 years in theory. So for the foreseeable future, us Americans can go back to big cars. .

    I hope that a low price will help the global economy recover, while putting pressure on the Venezuela regime..

    +P0emaa Almost eradicated poverty I don't think so, just look at any recent video of Venezuela, it's very poor still, especially compared to a developed country. Populism doesn't count as eradicating poverty, that's another reason why they have deep macroeconomic mismanagement for the (apparent) short term 'success' of populism. If that regime was any good at all, they wouldn't have scarcity of basic goods and wouldn't being the 3rd. or so country with the highest number of homicides in the world..

    +codependent864 If you go compare Venezuela with Germany of course you get a distorted picture. Compare Venezuala with Venezuala before the rule of Chavez and you'll see what i mean!.

    It's good that more and more countries, like the Netherlands, are moving away from being dependent on oil and it's good that the arab countries are slowly running out of oil, having to filter their 'black gold' through the sand. In less than a hundred years, they'll be back to where they came from - waddling through the empty desert, starring at the asshole of a camel while mumbling "ali-akba" and picking their noses. Without the curse of oil, the on the west countries would have never had to suffer the plague of muslims in our lands..

    this oil producer want War to Food producer, im sure Food producer will survive and oil producer eat your oil.

    No one benefit from low oil price, so why not make the oil Free and increase the price for any cars. Part of the licensing "terms and condition" is you must receive a master degree in engineering to own a car. aFTER all, a car is a practical bombs and weapon in motion is no different that swords. If the people can be made aware of what they own, they will be less need for economy and slavedom aka freedom. so, LET HAVE FREE OIL...legalize everything is another way to remove money, so the ppl can provide for they acts. FREE OIL for INVINCIBLE CARS.

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  48. December 17, 2015

    Comments about this video:

    VIDEO: Is Saudi Arabia Benefiting from Falling Oil Prices Analysis by 2 MStephensGulf #oilprice

    Hmm - There's a much simpler explanation I'd suggest - KSA sees the threat of shale, renewables and other energy efficiency measures undermining their long term revenues. It's a pre-emptive price war..

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  56. December 7, 2015

    Comments about this video:

    i remember in the 70s they said oil would be gone by today... this story just makes me smile at the rigged market it truly is..

    +esser You must have been reading The Bullshit Daily in 1970s. They never said the world will run out of oil in 2000. They said the world will hit peak oil in 2000 which we have already done. The facts support it..

    Oversupply, cut production*, unless you don't want to, say... if you wanna fuck with Russia for instance. * Oil has been underground for a long time on a geological scale, it's not going to spoil if you don't suck it outta there, so if you don't cut production is simply because you don't want to, because you've an agenda behind it all..
    looks like the Saudi's will have to rape their own nation's civilians, in order to continue the income revenue for their 5,000 princess's and rest of their thousands monarch kingdom families. it is unsustainable monarchy, for it will continue to rape every citizen they have there, it will lead to a revolution 100% for sure... only time is of the essence, for that breaking point to occur..
    +Hairy Testicle not true. Do you live in saudi have you been there I have family there yes thr people who work there as foreign workers from pakistan india china all get payed very low (still better than their countries) but the actual citizens get payed around 55 thousand ON AVERAGE better than america avg and the poor are including the desert farmers in the narjan and eastern provinces. Keep making up these lies..
    Haha! Saudi Arabia having to borrow Saudi Arabia is supposed to be one of the great creditors holding massive amounts of USD they got from selling oil. That's what Saudi Arabia gets for plotting with Murica to drive down the oil price as part of economic warfare against Russia just as in the past with the USSR/CCCP. Yes, the oil price is heavily manipulated. Gasoline prices are actually higher now than when oil was at $100/barrel. It means the oil companies have elevated the gasoline price to compensate for the drop in oil price and you the consumer are paying for it. Another reason why the Federal Reserve will not raise interest rates because they need low interest rates in order to keep the oil price manipulation going. CAPITALIST POWER FOREVER! WORSHIP IT!. +harveybirdmannequin Yeah, flying racehorses around on 747's cost money one of many extravagances of the Saudi princes..
    The price of gas is dropping here, down to $2.25 a gallon and dropping a few cents each week. I heard on the radio they expect it to drop to $1.85 a gallon before the end of this year..
    When gas is under two dollars it will be low. When gas is under a dollar it will be about where it should be. Overcharging has to stop.. I hope it is devastating to the Saudi kingdom...I am sick and tired of those opec sand niggers screwing the rest of the world on high oil prices..we should be down to $1.00 for a gallon of gas here in the U.S. with all the oil waiting to be tapped here but assholes like Obama and that troll Harry Reid have blocked everything like the keystroke pipeline etc.. You think oil prices are low now... just wait until people realize that there is an almost unlimited source of it deep within the earth.. Of course Russia is furious oil prices are low. Russia requires oil prices to be high to fund its government. I can't wait for all the Iranian sanctions to go away so the Iranians also contribute to the oversupply and make oil even cheaper. Let there be oil at $1 per gallon!.
    I didn't even watch the video and I'm calling bullshit. Oversupply More like the Saudis choose to do as they wish..
    So how is Allah going to help you now in your quest to expand wahabism Can hear you over such low oil prices.. Oil prices low yet food and the cost of living is sky high in America. Now wonder so many Americans are living in poverty. Thank US Gays Saudi Arabian brothers for this! . The Russians are so dependent on oil that even as oil plummets, they have to increase production to keep from collapsing, driving the price down further, forcing them to increase production again. Then they blame the Saudis. Morons. What did we TELL YOU we would do if you invaded Crimea.
    what's happened is the yanks have ordered the Saudi's to overproduce and flood the market with oil, this has sent the price of oil into freefall and it's designed to wreck the Russian economy...the Saudi's do what their yank masters tell them just like every other of their poodles..

    All this shit around the world is connect to oil and other energy cartels. You scumbags ether find the way to work together, or die and let us live in peace..

    Good, i hope that terrorist country go bankrupt and kill themselves. Bastards need to pay for 9/11..
    The main thing fuelling the factor is the new deal with Iran, don't want them Iranians making too much money since they made a new deal with the West.. Well Canada's gas is still at 109.9 so we kept are gas high regardless of the world stage, not like we can go and get gas somewhere else! In house gas prices will stay the same and ex poted will be cheaper! FUCK YOU RAG HEADS!.
    Comon Rt tell the World what happens to russias econemy with such a low oil price :) Its going dooooown iam yellling tiiiimber:DD.

    RT brought this man on to talk about oil late last year, when the price slump was accelerating. He said he expected the price to recover to its old highs by around now. Hmm....

    Why doesn't Russia cut production to bring the pries back up...oh yeah...they will collapse....

    Not being racist or anything... generally Arabs are extremely dumb (I have known and worked with quite a few) and Saudis top the list among other Arabs. Its one thing to have oil underneath the ground by sheer luck but having a functional brain is another matter. I know exactly how the Saudis will end up. You cant burn the whole neighbourhood and expect that somehow your house will be safe but if you are an ignorant Saudi you think exactly that..

    Saudi obviously didn't know what their getting into with the largest economy, Usa will out last & out spend Saudi anywhere in the oil sector .

    what a pathetic piece of propaganda low oil prices is affecting Saudi Arabia, not Russia its hahahahahahahahaaaaa.

    +TheZACKZO israel has been helping russia during the sanctions, by providing food supplies. that clearly goes beyond interests....

    +Daniela Jarošová "it is a stupid misconception that Russia depends only on oil prices," No it isn't and Yes they do. That is why they are crying about high oil prices, as demonstrated in this video. What a moron..
    Prices at 6 year low while at the pump petrol couldn't be more expensive! Who's screwing who here and how can they justify continuous rise of prices and no one's asking any questions!.
    The Capitalists play and played their games again! In "Free" Market impacts, Capitalist tactics for future Profit, Capitalist agenda of the Corporations plaining again a future main event and millions of more ,including what we will see in the future! And how suffer the most in all of those cases The people of course ,as in any case in Capitalism!.

    Look retards, gas prices are not tied to oil prices as much as refinery production. Remember when your nations placed so many restrictions on refineries they just gave up Yes, it is you who drive up prices..
    It's been in artificial scarcity since 1973. Prior to that the U.S. was the largest producer and exporter. In 1970 they stopped all production at existing wells. They began importing all oil and only from newly discovered domestic sources. Then in 1971 the U.S. Corporate regime went off the gold standard to create a fiat currency. They had to peg the value of this currency to something of value. Then in 1973 they forced and embargo from OPEC. This increased the price of oil and the petrodollar was established domestically since the vast reserves were now more valuable than gold. Then another manufactured crisis in 1979 to establish the global Petrodollar. They knew just how to manipulate the Middle East sensibilities to ensure the reactions. This also proved useful to destroy labor unions and the middle class in the U.S. By having the big 3 automakers advance Japanese brands over engineered and sold below cost to break demand for domestic supply that played off this false scarcity. It's just more manipulation and there is a ton of oil and they know this. Now oil profits are made up through inflation of goods and services where it used to be when the price of oil drops so does the cost of everything else. That not going to happen due to the greed. It's win win for them and loose loose for us. . +just me Oil and gas aren't the same thing... so it will never have perfect correlation. Also note the global refinery problems (specifically BP refinery in Indiana), which shot the national average 30 cents. That being said, let me show you some facts: August 21, 2014 Oil: $93.65 Gas: $3.72 per gallon August 21, 2015 Oil: $40.45 Gas: $2.65 (would be $2.35 if not for refinery issues) Gas is cheaper than one year ago.. If this stay so low in the USA the fracking bubble with burst. There are hundreds of billions in loans that will go down the river.. +Roha Waha Russia is drilling CRUDE OIL, not shale oil, MORON. Crude oil is always cheaper in cost even with low prices. . though luck for saudi arabia. 80% of GDP comes from oil revenues! that means instead of working for their money they just pump and sell oil. they´ll have to make enormous transformations to their economy to be able to survive long term. then again. they have almost zero debt. though debt to GDP will increase a lot with low oil. (lower revenues thus a larger deficit and a lower GDP) I don't mind. gasoline prices still to high it's why I drive electric.. +hoosierhiver You remember gas prices this time last year August 22, 2014, gas prices averaged $3.57. August 22, 2015, gas prices are at $2.47. That seems like a drop to me. Remember, gas and oil are not the same thing.. From what i have heard, the Saudi family have a mental disorder running. People who have been i contact with them calls the king "retarded" Have anyone here met them.
    LOL! The world is crushing Russia! While they are selling their oil for pennies, their gas prices are skyrocketing! Inflation is through the roof! The Ruble is worthless! What does RT report on Saudi Arabia! Morons!.
    How pathetic. Watch rt and you will know that it's not russia but Saudi Arabia that suffer from lower oil prices... The same with Ukrainie, watch this primitive station and you will know that eastern Ukraine was basicly part of russia attacked by evil Nato:] Again, how pathetic.. +News Hound I didn;t wrote that rt do "nothing by lies". What i meant is that are manipulating the facts and by that create alternative reality. So by manipulation they create big lies. The lies like: Russia is not an agressor in Ukrainian conflict, but a victim, russia is not involved in conflict in eastern Ukraine, And some distant like russian economy is good ramerican bad, and many like this..
    +News Hound Yes, I agree, the motto is very good. But rt is not following that motto. It's just slogan for them.
    Confusing. Unless I misunderstand him, the oil market will go up but the Saudi strategy to collapse the US oil market has failed & the Saudi's will be the worse off for it. Correct However, the Saudi's aren't very good Capitalists. Neither they or professional economists are able to balance supply & demand that must be used by all Capitalists & Socialists to predict the probable course of international markets. Plus,it's OPEC's petrol dollar that's the only international dollar that's recognized as an American dollar. Now think about where American dollars come from vs. where American dollars should come from, i. e., legal tender vs. real & universal tender. Everyone has heard it before that our money is ONLY backed up by the full faith & credit of the United States. The Saudi's are not our friends even though they're one of our oldest contemporary allies. FDR sealed that deal with the Saudi king on a boat in 1945. Nevertheless, they should realize by now that we have a history of sticking it to our allies almost as fast as we stick it to our enemies. I honestly see the full faith of the international "community" in the US significantly diminished everywhere except, perhaps, the EU & Japan. As with their domestic policies, so too with their economic & foreign policies, the Saudi's will be going their own way..
    The Saudi Oils never finish until end of the day, Arab continents blessed by Allah, even the oils price drops to 1 usd/bbls Arab won't be hurts, as there are always smart arabs around...

    Hey, just wait and we're going to see a whole bunch of comments from the pro-RT filter feeders who are going to say the US is making them do this, that Saudi Arabia is just a puppet for US influence, and that the US is tyrannical and needs to be stopped. What those pro-RT commenters will fail to realize is supply and demand. The US is producing a lot of oil right now and it's supply and demand. Saudi Arabia cannot raise it's oil prices without losing a share of the market. Saudi Arabia raises oil prices, people will go buy US oil because it is cheaper. Very basic economics. Also this is affecting Russia much, much more than any other country. Russia is an oil dependent country, low oil prices means a bad economy for them. Their economy has fallen the past 3 quarters, but RT makes it seem like everything is going good over there, it's not..

    i am Pakistan i Cant understand why Saudi and UAE all Arabs Suck Americans Dicks they Fear U.S Attack .

    in Ireland 2014 benning petrol 1 euro 52 //// Diesel 1 euro 45 2015 august Petrol 1 euro 45.. //// diesel 1 euro 30 cents... wow what a difference.

    The Saudi oil production has NOTHING to do with American fracking. The world oil glut is a collaboration between the U.S. and Saudi Arabia to directly impact Russia for the Ukraine invasion and selling weapons to terrorist in the middle east. America only imports 6-8 % of its oil from the middle east and will soon not import any. This move and the collapse of the Chinese stock market and manufacturing plunge will decimated Russia's economy and Putin and his Pro Murder followers are to blame..

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  59. October 26, 2015
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  60. December 12, 2015

    Comments about this video:

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  61. November 11, 2015
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  63. November 26, 2015
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  64. December 3, 2015

    Comments about this video:
    Must Watch: JIM ROGERS - Sell Everything & Run For Your Lives
    he says saudi arabia has gigantic reserves of oil, but he seems to say oil is other videos.which is it.

    +WarsOfate Heard that Japan stock market has gone down for some time. But also heard it is a creditor nation..can you explain.
    +interests10 From my understanding, most japanese have high saving rate (was around 20%, now 18%) relative to american (3.8%). So even though the country is broke, it can still "give and loan" money to the world by printing money, which in fact taking wealth from its citizens. What abe has been doing for sometime with his abenomics policy is just printing money, so the stock market was going up for a while. But it's just numbers. When the money printing stops, the recession would creep in and that's what we see today... as more and more of its citizens entering retirement ages and its young population dwindling, japan would experience much more difficult economic situation.. never heard rogers sounds so he says the worlds reserves are all in decline, yet saudi is sittin on gigantic reserves..thats why they never slowed down on the production of oil...n thats why their still able to make a profit at $45 a barrel... bastard(jim) says that saudi has no oil decision freedom because of our military, thats the reason saudi HATES our military(and the US) cuz we push them around and they are sick of the US!!.
    +reebok3d Saudi oil production is indeed declining. But in term of overall, it has the biggest oil reserves by far. It's also easier to extract oil in saudi vs to extract oil in russia vs to extract oil using fracking technology in us so yeah... it's still able to get profit even on lowered price... do you remember that back then, us were to capture the oil producing areas in the saudi during oil crisis it agreed a deal hence the term petro-dollar starts....
    Thanks, sometimes Jim makes a good statement. "Follow the money first, then you can figure out the politics"..

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  65. December 6, 2015
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  68. January 12, 2016

    Comments about this video:

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  69. December 25, 2015
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  70. November 3, 2015

    Comments about this video:

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  71. December 28, 2015

    Comments about this video:

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  72. December 19, 2015

    Comments about this video:
    All they'll have left is the Islamo DIsney World On Earth Hajj industry soon and they cannot even organise that without thousands of deaths of piously deluded believers in the annual mumbo jumbo pagan rooted fest.. Here we go, the KSA will start getting grabby pretty soon, it will up it's financing of the Wahhabi Islamic state, who will in turn bid to take over Hamas and Hezbollah ground, and ramp up aggression against Israel... BOOM goes the Middle East! THE FUTURE IS BRIGHT, THE FUTURE IS SUNNI!.

    Neosize xl in saudi arabia - Buy Products In Ante Health...
  73. November 20, 2015

    Comments about this video:

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  74. January 11, 2016

    Comments about this video:

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  75. November 19, 2015

    Comments about this video:

    Obviously he was earning much more to look after kids who I'm assuming are teenagers/adults, it's not like the west where you are fucked if you're a single parent and have more than one kid..
    lol sounds to me like he should have kept his dick in his pants 12 kids lol he sounds the mexicans an blacks of america 12 gd kids wafj.
    +American Nationalist lol I live in the real world not in a newspaper or get my info from news channles I look at my surroundings unlike people like u.

    +ali nadeem As usual. A bastard from the Levant or Iraq is questioning my country. You are just jealous that my country is wealthy and is doing great. Even with the oil drop my Kingdom is wealthier than Iran, Iraq and the Levant countries combined and more. Our history in fighting terrorists is long and legit. You are just mad because we are fucking that Bitch of a country that you call Iran and that we are jizzing on your khomayni's face all the time! LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOL!.

    Saudi have the Cheapest gas before it was 0.12 $ for a gallon now after the government raised price is 0.17 $ i Don't know how stupid cnn is they think 1 riyal is equal 1 Dollar lol 1 riyal equal 3.75 dollar.

    why does anyone care about terrorist taxi drivers in Saudi Arabia Saudi Arabia would make a great glass parking lot. We can drill through glass to get the oil..
    +derty.QWERTY42N so because your knowledge of nationalism is strictly as rightist and clearly anti democratic i must fit your model of the extent of what you understand lol. learn about politics before you make such judgements, youl find that many nationalist werent rightist or europeans lol. this is why i cant stand liberals. they tend to be educated on mass but confuse that with a greater understanding of politics in general but tend to be uninterested in anything but their own views. not all that different to the other side but so smug about it. democratic party should be democratic. not dominated by liberals through often bully activism. only your democrats say that nationalist cant be democrats, cause liberal groups with their minute pickets and twitter armies of a few 100 or thousands speak so often for over 100m democrats. the republican party have more anti liberals then conservatives who actually agree with half their crap, but vote for them cause their just so sick of yours. cause everyone like you isnt allowed in the party. another liberal irony.. I'm American and Muslim and I am happy they are paying more for gas. Welcome to our world. lol Complaining about $1 a gallon gas.. +w35t51d369 Yes giving them food to eat and shelter is spoiling them. Google how much a kid costs from 0 to 18 years before you talk nonsense.. +Roommate I know how much a kid costs, I have over 20 Nieces, nephews and second cousins. Luckily most of my family are middle class and can afford to spoil them..

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  76. December 29, 2015

    Comments about this video:
    Excuse me The U.S. Embassy are suspect in trafficking for reasons to blackmail. What else could it be My case identifies at least 3 employed officials involved..

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  77. December 20, 2015

    Comments about this video:
    Saudi Arabia is keeping prices artificially low to damage Russia & Iran. That it's being done to damage the growing American energy sector is the cover story. Wake up.. +ctcole77 As a person who has been on every kind of frack job there is in North America. Ball fracks, plug fracks, coil mongoose fracks and CBM fracks. Using Clear water, Frack oil, diesel, LPG, CO2 and n2. I am privy to how the oil and gas system works. The oil patch still gets to do the work allocated in quarterly budgets. Then it becomes a dog eat dog world like after 2008 where companies will do jobs at a loss to stay on a contractor vendors list. The BP spill in the gulf ring a bell for trying to a job the cheapest way, is thanx to Haliburton for agreeing to to what BP wanted over what was the right way to cement a well. First you will see drilling rigs get racked, then frackers and coiltubing will get pinched out. Your gonna see wells in North America be shut in until they can turn a profit. That puts thousands of high paying US and Canadian jobs on the chopping block. This is more then about Ukraine. This is Saudi Arabia stopping its competition dead. The Saudi's have started a energy trade war with the rest of the world. A) Either a energy revolution is about to happen with the release of a new technology that will render oil invaluable. B) they are flooding the markets to keep money from ISIS. They know something us common folk does not. To sell more for the same money as they would get if they manipulated world oil prices like they have for 50 years dies not make sense at all. . +Shades shady Cool your jets man...and you're right, it is a price war with the Saudis. But at the same time, when Russia asked the Saudis to decrease production the Saudis said HELL NO. Why Because the Saudis hate the Russians for Supporting Assad in Syria and the Russians have a history of cheating OPEC rules. But fracking isn't going away. They'll just find cheaper ways to do it. Everybody admits fracking is new and there has been improvement and there will be more improvement in yields with technological advancements. The middle east has suddenly become very unimportant to the USA. And that's a good thing..
    Just like gold and sliver prices have been manipulated now we see that oil prices are manipulated by banks and governments. Banks and governments have been thieving from everyone of us. Hang the bastards. .

    PEOPLE! Don't get it twisted...the low oil prices are retaliation against Russia for circumventing the USD in trade deals (along with a couple other things)...nothing else. Don't fall for this Saudi vs US bullshit...This is only about strangling Russia. (surprised RT wouldn't have clued into that).
    Fracking is horrible for the land and water supplies. I'm all for low gas prices. Who's side are these guys on anyway So the poor bankers and oil guys lose some money - I'm crying my eyes out for them really..
    LMAO, The low Oil prices are to crash Russia no more, No less. Fracking should be banned, oil is not worth everything fracking destroys..

    Murica is making a very stupid, foolish bet that low oil prices are going to hurt Russia more than the Murican and global economy. What happens when the shale debt and derivatives blowup is that the central banks are once again going to have to bailout the banks. They central banks have already underwritten the large private banks on Wall St., London, and Tokyo who between themselves have agreed to bailout each other so that Murica can use this crazy ass, stupid economic attack on Russia that they think will have some effect. This is very bad for Murica and there is absolutely no reason why YOU should not profit from it. It's so easy. I already know what Murica and the large private banks are going to do and in economics, knowing is half the battle. The second half is just merely having the money to capitalize from it. CAPITALIST POWER FOREVER! WORSHIP IT!.

    Do you know their plans for timing Timing is also important. You think there will be another crash / Bankruptcies then, to justify additional Bailouts What markets do you know for sure will be effected & where do you think a "flight to safety" would go.
    seen this: interesting.
    "Artificially low" demand is down, supply is up. It is not "artificially" low it is low because of supply and demand its call capitalism..

    You have to be pretty damn stupid to think the Saudis are making any of their own decisions. It was the criminal Rothschild central banking cartels that broke up the middle east and gave the Saudi's their "kingdom" in the first place. They put that family where they are today and they, like ALL their puppet "leaders" worldwide who suck up to the bankers, do what they are TOLD! It doesn't take a genius or much research to discover the Rothschilds and their minions set global prices for oil, gas, gold, silver, precious stones, fiat money exchange rates, interest levels (among MANY others) each DAY out of the "LONDON SQUARE MILE CITY STATE" The bankers want "regime change" and/or war with Russia and Iran. Both countries economies rely heavily on higher world fuel prices. The reduction in oil prices is orchestrated by LONDON (and "friends")...NOT "OPEC"! In case you were unaware, the US has been the world's leading producer of BOTH natural gas and oil since 2012. It's also important to understand that the criminal banking syndicates manage the worldwide fuel industries though debt!.

    +AntiMessiah Yet. "They" have another web already set up and...waiting. If you want to know what it will look like watch some old 1950s TV shows..
    Looks like everyone has the knives out for america and the Saudis would be happy enough with america out of the picture. There wont be any love lost thats for sure. Thanx for the interview RT, what Marin Katusa sayz is interesting at least in his outlook, I like this guy, I need to read up on him, so Thanx. You know... all these huge entites that have gambled and placed too much in oil speculation's should have seen this coming, especially expert's like these, this show's what extreme addictive (dependency) out of control greed can cause. Houston back in the early 1980's or so almost came to a halt I remember because they depended so much economically on this one industry (now having learned the importance of diversification). What ever happen's as far as negatives, they ALL DESERVE and is long past due too. Too big to fail is simply TOO BIG and FRAIL. "Politically Depressed" the Ranch Chimp Journal. My thoughts exactly... the world would not have seen such high rates of inflation if USA, NATO & OPEC hadn't played their dirty gamrs.. Paid experts that tell ya Saudi Arabia could mess with the whole planet vividly assume that everybody has taken the corporative blue pill in the meantime.... So basically big oil loses money and Americans get a better deal on gas because our own companies got too greedy and fucked themselves in the end. Maybe now we can all start to ween off of oil and start using more alternative energy and modern energy sources. The oil industry has been fucking the world up for years so lets move on and lead the way in something else. Electric, hydrogen, fusion, pick something and go. And to the oil executives who will no longer make their billions and probably lose mulit millions in the process, here is me giving a
    What sort of system have we created where what's good for the majority of the people is bad for the economy.
    False to think that US shale debt will cause a domino effect. Look at Iron, Copper, Aluminum. All base commodities are having problems. All caused by cheap credit and over production.. Meanwhile the ruble looks like a yo-yo.. one that when you let go, you won't flip up.
    Hey, isn't this what competition in a free market is supposed to look like. I have more money at my discretion instead of lining the pockets of the rich now. Yet somehow this is bad for the economy Maybe the US American Rich should tongue my balls..
    +bobd1311 You don't judge people for becoming rich... I do... it says a lot about a person when they hoard massive amounts of wealth. It says a lot about a person when they give that wealth away like a homeless man splitting a hundred dollars between his drinking palls. I'm okay with making judgments... I don't pretend I am perfect either. I think we should all learn to saver the taste of crow. I think we should all laugh when we get caught with our pants down or at least own up to it when someone brings it up. The only reason you find what successful people do as completely legitimate is because the culture accepts it without question. Is it morally ok to live with more money than three generations could spend and never half to work a day in their lives when there are people, in the same city stressed senseless about where their rent or next meal will come from. I also judge people that don't at least pause and ask themselves... is the status quo really the pinnacle of human achievement. Is this as good as it gets... and then fail to question the very fundamentals of our society. So, is there some modern day thing happening that I am talking about specifically and in general. Yes, and yes... but what kind of person would you be if you don't discover it for yourself I can show you the blue and the red pill my friend... the blue pill is Centralization and the status quo. The red pill is Decentralization and the end of money and markets. Happy with the status quo You decide... but remember... the clock is running out for the blue pillers of this world. There's a new world just beneath the surface that is emerging faster, and faster and faster. There's nothing that can be done to stop it because the Status quo is the fuel driving it into reality. Capitalism is a snake eating its own tail. Find out why..
    +howiwatchvideos Dont pay attention to howiwatchvideos guys. He is my little retarded brother, he has down syndrome and thinks hes an anarchist lol please dont bully him as it makes him poop in his pants :S ty.

    If money isn't being made, it's the people that are feeling the pain, not corporate America..
    US must focus on renewable energy and super energy-efficient vehicle. Fracking can still remain to maintain certain cost level so that the fracking company can remain profitable, and ban importing oil or dramatically reduce importing oil. In overall, American will use much less oil. .
    I would argue this is actualy a great thing for resource based economies, such as Russia Canada ect... Bad in the short term but good in the long haul, do you think these countries are just going to roll over and play dead hell no‼️necessity will create new means and industries it will help diversify petrol based nations and spark a new industrial, tech revolution, open different trading partners in the broad sense...just checkers vs chess....

    RT propaganda. I am honestly not biased, and look for the truth. The US oil production can withstand down to $30 a barrel..
    +David Oh Need some more attention Move along imbecile. You can I have the last word; seeing how it will be something meaningless and almost unintelligible babbling. . Listen Jerry Seinfeld I thought you were funny It was a funny comment you wrote I laughed and laughed are you mad your a comic genius self hate is not healthy Jerry. I know I'm voting for you on last comic standing LOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOL. saudi arabia to use own currency for trade with china ,Russia and others...American propaganda and lies and Nazi ways are over soon its Saudi Arabia that keeps that American Nazi dollar alive and now china and Russia have stopped trading with that American Nazi dollar everyone should follow suit...America is nit needed or anything...Canada is the country to do biasness with in the west now....
    This is Saudi Arabia we're talking about, which also hosts the worlds largest petroleum fueled water desalination plant/ powerplant in the entire world. There is no "Artifical low" going on here..

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