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December 26, 2015

Comments about this video:

I made a similar mistake when shopping for a prom dress back in high school. My mom and I ordered a black dress with some magenta sequins near the bottom and when it arrived it was a rose color and had sequins and crystals over nearly the entire dress. After, I went into local stores to find the right dress. Then I ended up donating the sparkly one to my high school so any girl without a dress could have a free one..

+Scott Serson I look for stuff in stores and maybe try them on, and then find them cheaper online - especially if it's high quality brand items like my Prada dress shoes. Shop price $450 - online price $220. :P.

+Scott Serson Thank you! That's something that I told my mom before. She's such a girl sometimes that she falls for these kinds of deals on the internet. XD I'm like mom... I'll just buy something from the 99 cent store if you want me to wear something cheap! :D.
+Ashley Romero some people send flowers across the country for Mother's Day or other holidays if their family doesn't live close..
+Im.So.Khou yeahhhh the sizing also works differently, the asian sizes S-M-L are more for the length of your body/legs/your height rather than how big you are. i'm usually size small or x-small here, but because I'm tall (5'6) i need to buy large or x-large when I buy stuff there..
In the piñata dress you have to wear a hoop skirt underneath to give it it's shape, I think.. +Eryn Baker or you add a WHOLE BUNCH more fabric to the skirt like in the newer version of the movie Cinderella. +jasmine wong Yes, but if bought online, that would be hard to package, and the box it would come in would be huge..
+serli gee I have only bought things from aliexpress and everything has been great. Aliexpress is like ebay, its a bunch of individual sellers putting their products for sale online. You need to see if the seller has high ratings and if the product has good reviews with picture proof cause I always do that and have never had a problem. Never buy things with no reviews or with a seller that does not have high ratings. Although, one time I did get this really cute backpack from a seller with average ratings and with no reviews on the backpack and it still turned out to be everything I expected. I would only say its risky if you try to buy something expensive like a wedding dress, formal clothes, or electronics. Never do that! I would only recommend buying casual clothes, shoes, accessories and pretty much anything that is not too expensive and that have good sellers with good reviews..

+Be Amazed I went to that website to check it out and thought, "How cheap CAN they be" then I see a black shirt that's only $3...WOW.

its actually the people buying that are at fault, if you don't check for reviews outside of the site then you have no one to blame but yourself..
A designer goes to school for years, sets up their own shop, hires staff, and works there way up to being a top designer. They sell there own designs made with quality materials and a price to match. You don't want to pay that high cost Then deal with a crappie knockoff. Better yet shop local or if you can't then get a simpler design..
+Mary von Bilodeau so a person goes to school for years, to make her designs... and someone that didn't go to school can make the same design but with cheaper material... sounds like someone got ripped off in school lol.
The last one you need to have a good body to wear it 😐 But, it's also the company's' fault for making it green instead of it white..
+kheath580 Extremely overweight she maybe a little chubby but she was not "extremely overweight". Most of the people look like that. If you think that was extremely then you need to reflect on your view of body image..
+kheath580 Funny how you would call her 'extremely overweight' since your profile picture gives the impression you are a little full-figured as well.. +Cla Ida on the original thing the person was actually happy and was posting the photos and saying thank you! but people take pictures from the internet and say whatever they want about their origin... you know... it's the internet.... +Cali Cat in the ladys post she was actually happy about the dress and wrote a review and thanked them... for the beautiful dress.
This video should be titled "Women who think they can wear clothes that fit supermodels get disappointed".

Listen Girls! Don't be idiots! Read the WHOLE page when you are buying cheap clothes online!! Most of them tell you that they are in ASIAN SIZES which are QUITE SMALLER! You also have to remember it is in fact CHEAP! And ANOTHER THING! You CANNOT expect to look like the model in that dress if YOU DO NOT HAVE THE BODY FOR IT! I mean COME ON! The girl in the last shot had a completely different body. What in the WORLD made her think that buying that dress and wearing it would completely CHANGE HER BODY! dumbasses...
+DearKareenn Yeah, you're right. Most of those websites do have the measurement charts. I've actually never seen one without one. Most people also know they still have to order larger than what the chart says because of the reviews telling you so..
4:25 she's just not the right body type for that dress. It's not their fault she's overweight..
The dress was made for "supposedly perfect" women she's a bit thick but very attractive..
WTF was the one with the see through dress thinking. Fuck the dress, you see all that mess underneath the dress.

+jan hadid Nah you should be embarrassed of your behavior for encouraging behavior like that. She aint go the body for that dress. Why would you allow her 1) to look like a fool wearing that and 2) look like a whore. Put some clothes on you fat slut nobody wants to see your pancake tits and flat ass. Save that shit for someone who gives a fuck. .
+xo LOPEZ xo Well it's what happens when fashion is only displayed by thin models nowadays. Thicker curvier people have no idea if it will look any good..
Yeah... but at the same time, not every shape is made for a certain type of dress. That's why it's better to try it in store..
The girl from "My Big Fat American Gypsy Wedding" would have loved the lime green wedding dress!. My brother's friend got horribly ripped-off when he bought a used phone on eBay for $100. The box looked perfectly fine but inside was a half-eaten ham and cheese sandwich. :P.
People from Asian countries are generally more petite and shorter so that's why they're sizes are off. I never buy clothes from them, because I'm impatient and check the tracking info all the time. Amazon Prime FTW!.

The last dress was exactly what is was supposed to be, but it was also exactly the person that shouldn't wear it. If you are a fatass don't get designer clothes, they are meant for bodies perfect for these dresses. When you see a tall thin model advertising a dress you better have HER body if you want this to work for you. Otherwise you go to the plus size section!.
+Linda-Maria Nordvall ok sorry about my comment that wasn't cool I shouldn't have said that but don't be a meenie weenie.
I have found that Swagbucks is one of the best websites out there for earning some cash, or vouchers.They also have all kinds of gift cards you can request aswell, and you can start earning just by Searching the web. :) Here's a link if anyone wants to check it out:
Okay, some of these women though didn't even take into consideration how their body shape would effect the clothing Especially the last one. In the picture it was probably photo shopped also the model was thinner than a stick. So if you're not toned to photoshop perfection of course it's going to look like crap!. i am not happy to see miranda sings in this vid ummm... u guys know her lip is big because she put a lot of lipstick and ps she is just a character portrayed by colleen. for those who are interested in shopping at Zalora, use this voucher: ZBAPZS99 for 15% off! only applicable to new accounts.
With the first dress I saw the story for that, the girl requested that it would be dyed a mint green it was the sizning that was the issue.. But they did overdo it. And about the size thing, ex: if you have a 34cm bust you don't order the clothing that has exactly 34cm because you wont have room to breathe..

Singapore! hahhah... impossible.. I am from Singapore and all those clothing are from korea or/and china.. if u brought any asian clothing, of coz it won't find euro size. Asian ppl are much smaller in person duh. Next time go find clothing based on ur region..

I'm a Model, and that final dress is something I've modelled. I loved the dress, I don't understand how it wouldn't fit though as typically it's a one size dress that even fits big women..
cread credit card, free
I bought my first clothing item on Ebay not long ago. I was very nervous about what I would be receiving, but it was only $25, so I thought I would chance it. Thankfully the dress is amazing and fits perfect..

Looking for a wedding dress online isn't necessarily a bad idea, I think you are exaggerating due to a handful of bad orders. Brick and mortar stores and name brands are absurdly overpriced. My wife bought wedding dress online and it was fine..

Never buy unknown brands stick to known brands in the U.S lol I bought a dress from the UK returned it so that was expensive and they gave me the same size back _. So I'm never doing that again lol.
+Erin Gallimore They're not put into a box and shipped across the country, someone takes them from a local florist..
Dont some of these people know that the clothes don't come with the models body. 😑 Like seriously.

Some of these are misleading. They didnt order the dresses from the retailer who were selling them. They took a picture and had a cheap imitation copy made, hence the completely different unflattering dresses..
I had the same experience with online shopping before. but as for the bikini and last dress, its their fault for buying clothes that won't go with their bodies. K my question is HOW HARD IS IT TO DRIVE OR WALK TO THE DAMN MALL BUY FLOWERS, JEWLERY, OR A DRESS PLUS IT WOULD PROBABLY BE CHEAPER THAN THE ONLINE ONES AND YOU COULD SEE THE REAL COLOUR, TRY IT ON AND BE HAPPY WITH YOUR PURCHASE! But now people are lazy and have to sit down and order some garbage that can only fit a damn size 0 model WELL THEN ONLINE SHOPPING SHOULD ONLY BE FOR MODELS I GUESS!! So if you want to happy I suggest instead of driving to Kfc Drive to mall AND BUY WHAT YOU WANT AND WHAT YOU LIKE AND MORE IMPORTANTLY WHAT YOU CAN SEEEE!!!!.
I don't know about you but when I was watching this I saw something that I bought once and though it was not the best quality it fit fine it was definitely not too small or anything though I had to sew the strap on the back on over and over again.
I buy all my stuff online, and I've never had any problems. It's all about research before buying. For example, sizes which differ between countries. The websites I use are guaranteed to give me my money back in case there are any problems too :)). It's because in Asian there mostly skinny so if ur a small in USA then u and medium or large ( I'm Asian ) I went home to my home town in Asia and I was normal size but in USA I'm really skinny I guess.

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December 23, 2015
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December 25, 2015
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December 20, 2015
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December 30, 2015

Comments about this video:
Look for Unistrip or go to and purchase a bottle of 50 for $7.00 a bottle. Tell them Sheila sent you. Shipping is free.. I've found the meter has been accurate, and I do like the price of strips - but the meter is very basic.. doesn't even come with a lancet at it's price. I switched to the Kroger system (which is sold under many store brand names) as the meter is worlds nicer, with a USB port and lighted display, and the strips are $12.99 for 50. I don't mind paying an extra $3 to operate a much nicer meter.
I'm looking for a retail location that has the Absolute cheapest Test Strips, I am also looking for a website that has the most absolute cheapest Test Strips. I have an idea which website gives you the most money for your Diabetic Supplies, A LOT more then you would imagine. If you could provide me with the absolute cheapest place(cheaper then wal-mart, cheaper then ebay), I will give you the source that could give you say 48-60 bucks per Box of 100s. Please Reply.
I get my test strips at glucomart. com, you can get really cheap name brand test strips, cheaper than amazon and ebay. My diabetes educator told me about them. .
sometimes i get some of the contour strips from amazon. last time i was able to get 100 strips for like 78.00 dollars, because it said the boxes were dented. my insurance gives me 150 in a month but only 25 at a time and i always like to have xtra as back-up!! do they have these anywhere else like target or wallgreens because i do not shop at wallmart. ps: how can u check on ur fingers i had to do it once to check a low and it hurt SOSOSO bad. i usually check on my arm!! .

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December 22, 2015
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December 31, 2015
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January 1, 2016
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December 19, 2015

Comments about this video:
I love H&M! I have a decent amount if stuff from there, I just didn't mention it because not everyone has H&M near them :) thanks for watching! :). The thing that sucks is that stores like wetseal doesnt offer plus sizes. The last time I went I got scared off by all the smaller sizes. And Forever21 their plus sized clothes is limited but so nice. Love this video though but I just wanted to put that out there. 😊. omg girl i just opened your video and i love you speak in a very beautiful reminds me Superwoman (if you know her) and me.i talk like this.great spirit.go on with your channel.much lvoe :*. me too, I am always shopping I shopped today and on Monday I am going to go with my friend to shopping again : #shopaholic. Interested in starting your own business E-mail us for more information about how you can start selling Tshirts cheap. We order all our products directly from the manufacturer and so can you. Catalog available with 10,000+ products to choose from.

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December 29, 2015
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December 24, 2015
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Harga surface 2 di malaysia 2014 - Best Vito - Online...

December 18, 2015
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December 27, 2015

Comments about this video:

I already bought some stuff from there after seeing the video and now I'm filling my cart again and they have ALOOOTTTT OF GOOD BRANDS such as NYX and elf and LA girl... Sooo cheap and good.
Not sure if you've already figured it out yourself or if someone's explained it, but for the magnetic nail polish/varnish (whatever you wish to call it, in America we usually call it polish) they can be tricky. My best friend, who's a professional nail artist, had to teach me how to use it, but long, drawn out story, short Basically you start with a very thin coat, let it dry, put on a thicker coat, while wet hold the magnet JUST above it for 5 to 45 seconds (pending on how intense you want your stripes), let it dry and you're done. Best to do it one nail at a time and I know, this way it is time consuming but it works. Also I use L.A. Colors makeup and I swear by it, but I think I like Hard Candy better..
L.A Colors is an amazing brand I love their eyeshadow I have only ever used that and one other brand for eyeshadow.
Erm.. everything you bought is the cheap stuff from local drug stores and family dollar stores in america... xD nice though!.
LOL your so stinken cute how old are you dear I am a chick lol just so your not freaked out haha im 28 you look young and remind me when I was around that age I did the whole hitchhiking thing all over and it was rough living but I did meet people that are now my family ( I don't have any real family that is my blood) Squatting was not that bad until I got insane into hard core drugs n shit when I was like 14!! Just always remember it is inside that counts I hate it when people claim "title" themselves like punk rock fucken emo and blah blah balh BE YOU ;).
So they only charge tax to New Jersey Please answer, I live in Georgia so I want to know if I also have to pay for sales tax.. I need those headbands and the necklace too bad they're not in stock and I don't know what to type to look them up. :(. +brianna nicole fyi i have contacts on lmao.. but anyway i wasn't trying to make this negative. the foundation looks like it has the wrong undertone color. i don't watch any of her other videos so i don't know if she normally does it like this or if she was just trying out a new foundation. a lot of people don't really care about blending it into your neck but it's a personal pet peeve of mine.. I had a sea shell brace lace and it came in blue when I worn it to bed the next day it turn my whole wrise blue, I had to throw it out...I was so mad because I really loved it :/ but yea hope you love the one you got!!.
i can't wear headbands because they tend to hurt the back of my ears and then they hurt my head sometimes. :/ i do want to wear the ones that have elastic in them and goes around the head. those ones are easier for me. :).
i have been looking for a cheap website and this is the best. i brought 8 items and i converted it into brittish pounds and it was only 7pounds.
You should try Everything is a dollar, shipping is a flat rate of $4, and if you spend $35+ you get a free shipping priority upgrade :) and the youtuber who reviewed it said that everything is pretty good quality ^^.

Do you have any tips for starting a YouTube channel I really want to start one, but I have no idea how to start one! Help please. [x .
I went onto ikate house chose lots of stuff i wanted to get went onto shipping fees and it is SOOOOOO expensive! (P.s i live in scotland and my order was around $40) :( .
Omg I love you and your videos! I am a new subscriber and saw 1 video and I was like "oh my gawd shes so cool!!" hugs!!.
hey follow me on twitter at Casey-crafts and if i get over 100 followers 3 of you can win nicki minaj and jsutin bieber perfume xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx.

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December 21, 2015
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December 2, 2015

Comments about this video:

Kelly Louise, you're looking so cute. I really enjoyed the 3rd and 5th outfit and you look fine in the rest. Nice to see you back, I enjoy you..

I have an interview at a Danish owned company here in the states. I was looking for etiquette and proper social interactions. Found Killjoy. I've been drinking beer, watching Killjoy videos and laughing out loud for a half hour. Totally worth it..

Thank you for making this video! I always wondered how much costoms you pay for these packages. Because, when shipping items (>€22/164dk) from anywhere in the world to Europe, normally you have to pay costoms. No-one ever made that clear in their haul videos. Now I know, I don't have to worry and can order some stuff from these sites :D I really liked the tie-dye dress :D Very summery!.

+Sophie Duus For det meste ryger det i tolden hvis enten senderen ikke gør det klart på pakken hvad den indeholder, eller fordi du har bestilt over ca 1kg. Jeg bestiller altid kun 1-2 ting af gangen, og hvis jeg vil have mere, så bestiller jeg 2 seperate ordre. Man kan aldrig være 100% sikker men siden jeg har fulgt disse regler er mine pakker ikke blevet taget i tolden :).

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November 17, 2015
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November 1, 2015
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November 28, 2015
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October 26, 2015

Comments about this video:

Whitney- you're not getting paid and your heart is genuine but these websites make sure to send their very best to people who do reviews for them..
Whitney became such a Korea boo, Ive been subscribed for a looooong time. Like, don't forget where you came from. She used to be so.. down to earth and now she just ugh. Like, she being too Korean now. "Whitney is Korean" Come on now, it's okay to like and admire the culture, but to try and BECOME like them, dude.. pipe down. No disrespect, just some casual criticism.. +xcandyluver Awh man thanks, it's hard to find some humble people nowadays. Good day to you too. c: .
What size do you normally wear for clothes(if you don't mind me asking) and from what store I want to order clothes from Asia online but don't know if it'll fit. I wear a small in most stores but a medium in american eagle and Aeropostale..

Thank you Thank you! I have been looking for a site that had quality Korean clothes for cheap. Also do you know how o get item from the OK CAT mall.

Are you still living in korea And thank you for this i always admire korean fashion since we have nothing like this in texas i make sure check out these sites thank you 😊😊.
Thank you for sharing this with us Whitley! Also you are looking extra pretty today, especially your eyes!. Thanks for doing this video! Nice clothes! I'll definitely visit that website! Love the music, but prefer the S.E.S. version of Be Natural! Red Velvet did a great job on the remake though! The S.E.S. video for Be Natural was the second Korean music video that I ever saw with a Black person in it. (The first was I-Yah! by H.O.T..).

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November 18, 2015
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December 31, 2015
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January 9, 2016
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December 10, 2015

Comments about this video:

+Akira Shipp There was a store listed in the description bar which was called Revolve and for one shirt it was like $220.
You little... Asian stores and how you say there like eBay like r u trying to sound racist much all stores you put under other there expensive actually and why put Asian stores separate from other stores like what if I said ''oh these stores here r all white people stores so it might be expensive'' not all Asian stores r cheap u know think before u put or say anything I can be really offensive. +fashiontific You make no sense. Lots of the stores you listed not under "Chinese stores" as you call them (seriously wtf is with that name I can understand if you mean they follow Asian trends but they follow more American trends) are made in Asia. Forever21 sells LOTS of clothing made in Asia. Also you list the video saying cheapest but why do you show designer and super expensive clothing. Most of the ones that I listed as chinese stores are based in Asia, meaning that's where their offices are, and that's where they store the clothing. Forever 21 does not have offices in Asia, only factories which basically every clothing company has. And the video is cheapest+stylish. Some of the stores are really cheap, some are not. It's intended for people who online shop a lot and want to discover new stores. . Please do a review of LUXISOCOOL. This site sells 5.00 clothing and they say the quality is as good as Forever21 and Nordstroms.. +iloverninow87 you mean comparing the quality of Norstroms clothing with quality of Forever21 clothing That is pure humor!!. Check Wish can find a loot alooot Of korean clothes..😄 probably all the clothes there are korean fashion so check it out plus its cheap.
I like korean trends but im nervous cause last time i ordered from overseas the quality wasnt well ;-;.
After watching your video u made me a little sad while u were saying i dont money or i did not order online fuck .
SammyDress is like scam, but I respect those stores u call chinese and cheap in fact they're the best (alixpress, dhgate...) they have all quality stuffs, don't.
+Simran Chhetri they say 15 to 35 days but i think it depends I orderd some things like a week ago and 90% of the items are on their way but some items have a longer time for processing and from what I saw most of the items have free shipping but that olso depends from where you live. It took about 4 weeks for my bookbag but at the same time the bookbag didn't last very long....
I didn't know Brandy Melville. Their outfits are so cool, a little expensive as you said it, but yeah super cool.. Are you sick of not being able to shop online at UK stores This website creates a UK address for anyone not living in the UK. Forward2me will receive your packaged items, and then forward straight to your home address. We are partnered with 180 countries worldwide! Click this link to get your UK address today -
hiiiii, use my rep code: 5280discounts to get 20% off any purchase on the amazing clothing site Thanks and enjoy👌.
For 20%off use code sumen23 on karmaloop's clothing site and extra 10 off when you repurchase with this repo code. Elisabeth I just love the way you film and btw you style is amazing !!you are going to get so many subbies cause you deserve it!!btw It would be amazing if you could check out my channel and sub back if you want ! . I think it's great you made this video! Online shopping can be sometimes tricky and some website have the same clothing pieces as the rest of them for much bigger prices. So knowing any kind of information is great :) Hope you can check out our channel. xx Maja & Leja. Love this video! Just subscribed to your channel and would love for you to check out mine! If you like it then please subscribe!! xx 😊 . we just watched your video. thanks SO much for listing us as your top FAV vintage store on ETSY! We're so glad you LOVE US! check out our new website - we just did a fashion shoot! :).

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January 16, 2016
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October 28, 2015
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December 28, 2015

Comments about this video:

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December 17, 2015
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November 14, 2015
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December 6, 2015

Comments about this video:
I ADORE these hauls and reviews! Especially with more affordable stores and online! Shows me where I should and shouldn't shop! :) .
could you give me tips on editing my videos I'm wanting to start my own channel because I don't feel I belong in the real world. thank you. stay beautiful..

awww i got the same wallet/purse thing in the salmony pink from dresslink and its as much cheapeer (much cheaper in my language means 3/4£ btw) i live in italy so it was 5.some cents and i luuv it cuz i usually dont have much change cuz i am sooo poor ;-;.

am I the only one who thinks last few videos she seems alittle down :c it may just be me though >·< .
In my defence I was suuuuper tired when I made this video xD It was gone midnight and I had spent the whole day travelling haha!. oh that makes since xD I'm happy you sacrifice sleep for us! haha but don't strain yourself to much to keep us all happy c: . looks decent but I don't actually know I haven't used it before but everything is really cheap Could be an idea just to check it out if you don't want to make a video.

awe lucky I payed because I needed my package pronto and had to pay around $40 extra but that might have just been because I needed it shipped so quickly.

Ellie you should check out ShopMissA, everything $1, make up, necklaces, rings, nail art, just a thought hehe :).

Ellie i love the washed out Blue of your hair! I know you prolly cannot stand it but i think it looks v cool! :) xx.

I love how you say the cost in USD like "Thirteen dollars eighty seven;" it sounds a lot cooler than how we say it. Over here it's just "Thirteen dollars and eighty seven cents" oh, America..
+NinkComPoop It's not incorrect, it's just how we usually say it :3 We also say $2.49 (just an example) as "Two forty nine," so there's not one official way of saying it!. Hey I'm just starting out on youtube and I was wondering how you made your intro Could you please do a tutorial.
Hey.. I had a couple questions for you! I love your videos and had questions about a couple of your unboxing videos....
Could you do a jewelry eBay haul because I get to buy some jewelry from eBay because I'm a jewelryholic ;w; And i would like to know what you think is good and i know you choose cheap so please :). shes put more blue in her hair now (: it was on instagram ;D ellie,do some more make-up/hair product reviews :). Just thought I would let you know what your shirt says...judging by the broken heart chao means goodbye and then the second word is most likely the kitties name(: . The eye-shadow that you bought is also on Amazon for about £3.99 and you can also get one that is browns and stuff like that for about £5.99. I bought that makeup palate. It came all smashed up and the colours Hardly show up when you use them :(.
Since my name is ella, everyone calls me Ellie (spelt Elle tho). That's becuz I call myself that since I was like 5. So when u sai ur name I was all like, "OH MY GOD WE HAVE THE SAME NAME!!!" But then I realized my name is Ella. So close to having the same name of one of my fave youtuber. 😞.
omg it is actually cheap... i am from india and in indian currency its cheap too... yyiiippeeeeeee!! thanks!!. Hey Ellie umm I was wondering when you were gonna do another Mail Monday video...I love them so much :). Though I agree that pallet looks beautiful I would be super, super wary of putting anything like that on my eyes - especially when it comes from China and is sold so cheaply. You just have no idea what kind of nasty things they've put in there and it just isn't worth the risk IMHO. What you choose to wear yourself is your own business of course but you have a lot of followers and people who look up to you, so it might be worth mentioning that cosmetics bought from such websites do run the risk of containing harmful ingredients. . I love that the Poop Troop Army are so loving and caring, and don't go on and on about sponsored videos! Thanks for the informative haul!! . Your hair looks really nice like it's not to blue but it looks like it has cool highlights! 👌💙💎. Cato in America they have really good dress shirt and pant please do the review think u will like it.
You should review the website Drop Dead. There prices are quite high but if you look in the sale section you can get some good deals, and they have cute accessories..

Wait I'm confused. Are purses like wallets in the UK Because I'm from America and purses are like handbags and what you were showing was a wallet. :/.

Hey Ellie :D I just found your channel and watched 2 vids... Just wanted to say I subscribed because I love your accent and personality :P +your absolutely beautiful! Keep it up! .

I have sooooo many purses, then when I go to the store, I'm like "Eeeeek! Gotta have it" I have a lot of purses from like perfume too :3 BTW coupon doesn't exist :/.

Whoa whoa whoa! Last time I watched your videos you had hot pink hair! XD I was like 0.o but it looks awesome :D.
Where did u get the blue lights in the background r they christmas lights I know your room appears small but IDC would like to see a room tour cos u r very creative. I like that u review online stores and ones I haven't heard of....
They are indeed Christmas lights which I liked too much to put down xD I got them from eBay for super cheap :).

Thanks I love them! I have white christmas lights around my window...borrrring... I really love your vidz..

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November 2, 2015
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January 24, 2016
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November 4, 2015

Comments about this video:
for all saying that the clothes were made out of cheap material, remember this you get what you pay for cheep prices = cheep quality (normally but not always).
I love that tree branch you have on your dresser. I just want to know where you found it at because i want something like that for my wedding centerpiece but cannot for the life of me find any that look like that.. if anyone knows where i could find branches like that in Kansas that would be amazing. lol.
I don't trust these sites, has anyone besides famous youtubers actually used this just curious. .
+Kay Pea All of their things are Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaay Overpriced & it is all Asian Girls so you know everything will be small!!!.

Thank you for including the prices, Channon. When some YouTubers say cheap, they mean 20 bucks for a shirt. 😘 love you❤.

Loved this haul these items are super cute! I just found your channel and love it so much, new subbie! :).

Please do a review of LUXISOCOOL. This site sells 5.00 clothing and they say the quality is as good as Forever21 and Nordstroms..
these clothes are most likely made in China in sweat shops where they pay them 10¢ a day that's why it's so cheap. aliexpress is really cheap too but it takes a month to get here.
hey channon, love you so much! :) quick tip: if your shoes smell bad, but a bag of baking soda into them overnight! it relieves odors.

Hi Channon!!! I just ordered from Newdress 10 days ago so I am waiting for my stuff. I ordered on March 20th so I figured by April 20th I should have my stuff because i know it takes time to prepare & then ship plus I ordered it the very cheapest shipping LOL. How long did yours take to get to you.
Hi babe, That black dress reminds me of Wednesday from The Adams Family! You can wear it for Halloween this year! How are you doing girly What happened with the tests How is your wisdom tooth, are you getting them out soon XOXO, Jamie . Throw the shoes in the wash on delicate than air dry that will take away the smell an won't ruin them .
Hello we are a new company that sells women's clothes and shoes, we are having a sale just go in and sign up and get 5 pounds less on your first order.
i wanted to buy from dresslink but i'm living in tunisia so it's a little bit complicated because i have to pay shipping and change money to USD so clan you guys help me. i need to know what is the best and easiest way to pay. I love that skater girl skirt, and the fact you got it for a penny is crazy all those clothes are going to look so cute on you. you should do a look book with these clothes and just more lookbooks in general with a bunch of your clothes. Those would be awesome video ideas!. 3rd dress = wednesday addams cosplay. But u would be more of a morticia, so...find a lil friend and on Halloween be the addams family. Did they send you this stuff for free I would love to see a look book. And I love that first top you got🍥.
omg! this site has so much cute stuff! thank you so much it helped me so much i havent found a good site to get good quality cheap clothing in forever totally subscribing.

Omg channon there was a trader joes recall on a few things so please check ur food for the recall I love ya to much to see ya get sick xoxoxo ur fan vanessa .

Channon, you are so gorgeous and I LOVE your channel! I found it through Trisha Paytas & I'm so glad i checked you out! You seem so genuine which makes your videos so fun to watch, i feel like we're best friends! haha. I would love to see a lookbook or something with these items(: Im sending YOU my love & positive energy!! .
OMG! How did I not know about this site, it's great! You said you bought the shoes a size larger, do the clothes run smaller too . They run a lot smaller as they're made to fit Chinese people who are genetically more petite!xx.
I recently just discovered your channel and I'm in love. I just watched like all of your videos! One of my favorite youtubers now!! Xx.
when you turned your head and I saw your piercing I kinda smiled and gasped (it was weird) because I have the same piercing lol.. I'm in love with the black dress!!!!!!! By the way, i don't know why but i would totally see you with dark purple hair! I love you!! Your videos always make me smile :)))).
Sisy can u do a look book for us..i want to see the clothes on ur body than u showing it to us on i know how it fits ur body...cuz im a pkus size and irs hard to fi d clothes that fits properly..thanxx again muah.

just curious what size did you get for the first item The pineapple sweater with plaid underneath cause it looked roomy but with these sites you never know.
Lol, yes I remember you showing us those shoes, Channon!! How brave of you to order them again, haha, I'm really glad you got a pair you were happy with this time:) xxo. Soon happy to see this! After watching your worst haul ever video i knew i could trust your opinion because Im the exact same way lol!!. Deals are great and all but these clothes look terrible. There is a point where that bad of quality cannot be justified by paying ~ $1.00- $8.00. The clothes on those websites just look like a waste of time, fabric and materials that could have been used elsewhere for something worthwhile..
Everything looks awesome Channon, but best of all it doesn't matter what you wear you look stunning. You were born naturally beautiful sweetie. Hair up or down, makeup off you rawk it my friend. I have a close friend like that. So enjoy yourself and believe that you also have such awesome inner beauty that radiates from the inside and out. I love you and your channel, so very much. I been with your channel for quite some time now. 💕 🌹 🌹 🌹 💕 Kisses and flowers for you. 🎵 🔪 🎂 🍞 🍗 🍕 🍲 🍡 🍠 🍜 🍚 🍒 🍉🍇 🎵Food Questions for Travis. 🐹 🍥 💋💋💋This is Bandit, with milk, and I sent him a million kisses. Hope you liked my little gifts of love lol. Sending lots of love and happiness 💋 💕 and a ton of positive vibes from Canada 💕 🍷🍷🍷 💕 to you both in California. Take care and stay healthy. 💙💕💖💕💜💕 💋Perks my head to the side and says, I will be here tomorrow, will you be here lol. I was doing that with Travis's voice lol💋💋 Sorry for talking so much you guys make me so happy. Sounds like I live on my own, but I have been married to my sexy soul mate for many years. He works long hours so, your my family lol. If you will have me lol😗 .
Omg!!! Those shoes are so cute I actually have the real Marc Jacobs ones which were waaaaayyyy over priced so now I'll have to check out those for way cheaper!!. Luxisocool is cheaper and better quality. Not many people are using these Chinese sites anymore..

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November 15, 2015
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October 30, 2015

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dr campbell how does the insulin makes glucose into glycogen does it combine with the glucose and becomes glycogen.

Fantastic, clear explanations. What a great channel! Thank you so much Dr Campbell for your efforts in putting this series together. I'm a First Aid Instructor, but also a dad to two Type 1 diabetics. I now have a much better understanding of this illness, and the anatomy and physiology around it. Superb..
Thank you so much, Dr. Campbell. Your lecture is very clear. I am glad to know you with your excellent lectures.
Thank you very much Im so happy I found your lecture. It was direct, clear and incredibly well explained. .
2 Matt... that is British pronunciation of insulin. Just like the Americans pronounce 'Blessh' instead of Bless . +Mercy Amakobe Hi Mercy. My diabetic son went to the US earlier this year, and had enormous trouble doing the conversions himself. I guess it's familiarity with the units. If it helps, here is a converter, from the main UK diabetes charity. All the best, Dan

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November 26, 2015
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November 30, 2015

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haha, now i want an apple watch so i can send drawn dicks to my friends. oh but i have no friends :(. +Deathpanda 42500 I was joking. I can send pics by drawing on the iPhone note pad. Print screen and send. Or just use snap chat..
I love my apple products. I love my iPhone m. And I'd have no trouble purchasing an Apple Watch but I don't see the point of it yet..

+Traves Lee Because Ian and Anthony are influential internet icons, and if they wear Apple Watches, people might start to want them.
+Editheawesomepro Edi Well, you'll kinda see cocks as you grown up, if you want to reproduce children. Anyways, lesbian means two girls mating just like gay couples, which describes two guys mating. Understand now Ok now go watch MLP then. ^^.
+agorikovt the Apple Watch was meant as a companion for the iPhone. It's not worthless. Besides, it's pretty cheap. The Apple Watch Sport is the cheapest option out there.
ya know, Samsung is better, having their own military corporation, a ship building company, check it on Wikipedia. all apple products suck. Please tell me, why... i can't accss the file system of an iphone all apple products are outdated after 3 years all apple products are silver the new macbook has only ONE SHITTY PORT the new macbook is overheating the iPhone 6 bends there is no good web browser for IOS. +Emma's Life nope, samsung is better. Your too stupid to prove anything. For God's have GOOGLE... and you can't prove a single reason the iPhone is better.
I love my iphone and my macbook pro. I never saw the need for an ipad. As soon as I heard about the Apple Watch I thought it was absolutely the stupidest idea from a major player like Apple. It would have been more profitable to simply make a beautiful line of watches as a Steve Jobs editions and with the apple logo on the under side..
i got into an argument with like 3 people who had apple watches when i said they were useless. They insulted me endlessly and instead of telling me what it actually does they just told me to get one myself to see all of its amazing features.
I had this playing on my main monitor and then I paused it and went to the bathroom when I came back it was on my second monitor! illuminati.
Have a chance in order to examine this quessionare value Apple Watch!
Am I supposed to laugh at this Back in the day the joke was simple and there were only 2 guys and maybe some ladies, not like this..

I don't really care if someone doesn't like apple.. This video is funny as hell. Still like my iphone..
Why would they even bother buying the real ones Only a sane person would buy over 5 Apple watches just to be used in a single video.. Yeah, Apple sucks. Their prices are too high., wah wah wah. Android's better You want an Android watch Well it seems no one else does. In 2014 there were a total of about 700,000 Android wear devices sold. That's from every maker. Moto, Samsung, Google, etc. 700,000. When the Apple Watch was introduced, on that one WEEKEND they sold 2.3 MILLION watches. You do the math. Android watches are a failure. The are the new Zune. That was a failure too. Meanwhile, Apple makes 90% of the profits on smart phones. Apple makes more money on the iPhone than all of Microsoft. Feel free to look this up. They make more money than Samsung's phone division, plus all the other makers combined. They are the most valuable company in the world. You know why Because they suck! Lololol. And because most people are smarter than you YouTube idiots. Lol.. +Raven Nevermore it is garbage. It's super overpriced, not that great for what it's supposed to do, and they're much better options, not to mention it looks bad in my opinion and most peoples. From the music wasn't recorded using a Mac microphone, it was recorded using a professional grade microphone from another company like blue an edited using Mac, which is actually untrue because the software for both Mac and PC for the audio programs are almost identical. It's a matter of preference of what the creator likes.. I have an iPhone I traded my old phone (android) in for it Believe me it was the biggest mistake I've ever made. ikr I have android and its good it annoys me how apple gets all updates first and better updates for games. This is an absolutely awesome commercial. Apple and iOS suck in every way. This is why they have lost 15% of their market shares world wide and almost 20% in the US market in the last year. For all you iSheep out there that will probably reply and argue. Just know that no one listens to you anymore mainly because you have been brainwashed simply due to the fact that you have small minds and don't really have a solid grasp or understanding of technology and the patterns that exist in technology..
+Steven Ming Try some punctuation! Notice how Android users have shit poor grammar Are you 13 Have mommy spell it for you..
The thing is they are going for different consumers. Not everyone can afford Apple products and it's not meant for everyone to have..
next revolution is coming new Apple watch will have magic in it like Disney so best thing is to not buy old watch and wait for the new easy way of life revolution no more talking no more papers..
You can respond to texts, answer calls, read and reply to emails, look at your calendar and much more.
Every apple product is shit from the device down to its printed card board cut and guess what lol I'm using an iPad Air and it's taken three page refreshes four spelling corrects just to type a comment, I fucking hate apple I would gladly break this cunt in half if it was mine I wouldn't care and before you say it yes I do work and yes I do respect other people's belongings suck my dick ste oh wait the creator probly had enough with his own shit and now theirs an iwatch really people Ganna waste that kind of money on a shit non needing helping thing weeeeeeelll just keep wasting your hours of life trade each hour for £9 £12 or whatever you get in hour just continue consuming baaaaaaaaaaaaa.
The only one that is not the same time thing is the I pad and for all a little dream about the new same thing over as the best of luck the rest of your the one that has I is a good little too late to class today is a good time waster but it doesn't work for the next two weeks ago I had a great day for and against a him and his family to in and out of my the first same thing as to what you I have no a little of it and is a little too late now I can can't believe I'm I have no a good idea of the day before my I phone is and what not but to me that to me to I love it when you get a good day to day I will be a little more of the a little more time than a month and a good time with the same thing over and over again I love it when you are the best only thing is I have a good idea of the day before after the game with is not the same as a result of a good time waster for me I was in a statement good luck to you in the first half and I don't have the right time and money for a few weeks u my. All of you are AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!$!!!!!!!!!!$!$!!$!$!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!'!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!'!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!.

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December 13, 2015

Comments about this video:

+paula lobo Thank you. I already took the test and it was pretty easy, but I'll look into this more :).

Night before finals, eating cookies and drinking hot chocolate, for a last minute review! This is the college life..

+So Hysterical Not necessarily. It's got some college level bits. Not doctorate level, but it served its purpose teamed with other vids. Cheers..
I still love you asapscience, but, I've found someone else... what we had together was special, in Grade 9 i nearly learnt the periodic table because of you! but crash course, well he makes me feel so smart, so ready for any quiz. I would always love you, and cherish the time we had together and maybe one day we'll get back together... I'm still going to spend time with you but I think we should see other people. I'll always love you asapscience.. +x Sanchez Looking at your favourite videos you're still a nerd plus you're a faggot too. Not sure if you've already done this or not, but could you make a video on vitamins and what purposes they serve.
Watch it once... then again... CRAM A LITTLE AND YOUR DONE. Trust ME.. It works. Good Explanation, Hank..
I have an energy test tomorrow on photosynthesis and cellular respiration. These videos really helped me hone in on what I needed to study, so thank you to Hank and the rest of the team for making these videos possible! As a student, I really appreciate the lessons and helpful review guide.. I might have just enough ATP if you need some love tonight! IT'S TIME TO PARTY WITH MY BEST FRIEND DAVE!.
I was REALLY distracted by his... dystopia shirt! I don't know. Am I the only one who gets the Audrey II joke.

I'm sure someone has pointed this out already but lactic aid/lactate does not cause muscle soreness. Lactate concentrations are actually gone in about an hour after exercise but the soreness starts and peaks 2 - 3 days after the workout..
THANKS FOR THIS GUY!!!! HE LITERALLY SAVED MY LIFE!!!! I am so glad that I choose bio instead of phys or chem!!!!!!!.
NADH is dependent on a person taking in niacin- (no flush is fine) and this profound vitamin B3, can be used in 3 gram doses to cure mental illness like schizophrenia, OCD, bipolr and alcoholism- for more on this, look up Abram Hoffer, the truth about Niacin, the alcoholism cure and Bill Wilson..

No matter how much I study, how many videos I watch, and how many notes I take I just don't get it😩😩😩😩😩.
+Jesse Rogers Nah, I think its pretty stupid to use your real name when arguing, its not bravery, its stupidity, no matter what your little mind is telling you 😊. And damn, you're replying pretty fast, is that the most exercise you've done all year Pathetic..
+Jesse Rogers She could be stupid, I'm just reminding people not to judge someone based on one academic activity. .

+The Great Danku Tree "the ATP can donate it's phosphate to a protein /enzyme and induce a conformational change. This can lead to a series of down stream effects".

+Kaylee.Briana.Cassie Hi LOL I'm just wondering how in bio we moved from animal behavior to their cells in under a month.

My mom told me about Simply Love Gardening (just google it). it had everthing that i needed in one place.

I feel that Hank wasn't as energetic as he was compared to his other videos =.= Is he tired or sth.
+Berkeclor92 I mean that's sort of the point of Crash Courses...he's explaining not lecturing....
Just a bit curious here. If the formation of ATP from ADP and the inorganic phosphate requires energy to form (as energy is released when we use ATP) then how does that work in the ATP synthase where the protons are "squeezed" onto the ADP Is that just how that protein works or is there another source of energy needed here I hope that was clear....

ATP Synthase needs an energy source to fuse ATP. It uses a flow of protons generated by pumping protons outside of the mitochondria and having them flow back in through ATP synthase. The flow of those protons spins and fuels the ATP synthase..

That awkward moment when you actually need to learn that glycolysis of an hour explanation time (and it's difficult words) :( #dontgotouniversitykids.
omg this is so helpful! even though i'm a german student this is much easier to understand than the stuff my teacher is saying or the text in my books! Thank you!. I have to learn all of this through Irish, as in the Celtic language Gaeilge that is super complicated and its not like Irish is my first language, I just began learning it a few years ago and now I have to do every single subject except english throught Irish.. yay.
Wish me luck taking my AP Biology quiz tomorrow and this one one chapter of my book in a short amount of time. Love the video. Sophomore year is killing me..
I noticed this too and was disappointed but I also understand him not wanting to go off on a tangent about fermentation. Khan academy and Bozeman science has made many great videos going into further detail on fermentation if you're interested.. Wow you all are talking about AP Bio and SAT...I am in normal freshman biology and we have a test on this (photosynthesis and cellular respiration) tomorrow!!! AGHGHGHG great great video though CrashCourse, i feel much more prepared!. Thank you so much for this and your other videos! I was having a very difficult time understanding cellular respiration, the respiratory and circulatory system, and excretion, but after watching these videos over and over, I was able to get a B on my biology final. You're a life saver!.
What does he mean at 5:56 when he says "fermentation frees up some NAD+" the NAD+ is busy but then is relieved of it's duties during fermentation Fermentation creates NAD+.

+Tricell CEO That explains a lot. Also at 7:53 is the NAD+ picking up a hydrogen and a electron from the acetyl co-enzyme a.

+The Great Danku Tree Yes. In biology, oxidation tends to refer to not just a loss of electron, but rather increasing the amount of bonds to oxygen, which often times results in the removal of an electron..
But 10 NADH + 2 FADH2 has 14 H atoms, even though the glucose itself only has 12 H atoms.. What's up with that And I was told that it's not NADH but NADH + H which is essentially NADH2... I'm really confused, please help me Hank :(.
wish me luck taking my AP Biology quiz tomorrow and this one one chapter of my book in a short amount of time. Love the video. Sophomore year is killing me..

If you need oxygen to turn glucose into carbon dioxide, water and energy, then why doesn't the glucose separate into that before it is ingested due to the abundance of oxygen in the atmosphere. Obviously that doesn't happen, but I am confused nonetheless. I am not enrolled in Biology, I'm just learning for fun, so I might be missing some fundamental process..

This is actually a really good question and I'm glad you asked it, the answer is ENZYMES!. One of the key players in Pyruvate Oxidation is an enzyme called Pyruvate Dehydrogenase. This enzyme makes it possible for carbon to leave the Pyruvate molecule in the Krebs cycle and form with oxygen to make co2. This is the same with ATP. If ATP interacts with water to release its energy why isn't it doing that as soon as it enters your body since you have an abundance of h2o in your body The answer ENZYMES! These enzymes work to lower the electronegativity of one molecule so that another molecule can steal its electrons..
Lactic acid does not actually cause soreness, this is just a very common misconception. Still a great video! Hard to get every detail with this much content. - Source (my college professor & i checked online). +The Great Danku Tree Exercise results in microscopic tears in the muscle fibers which leads to inflammation. The complex inflammation process causes areas to become sensitive so that they will be allowed to properly heal.. I really wish I could donate to these guys but I seriously don't have any money :( hopefully when I'm older...I really appreciate how much work they put into making these. Thanks you guys!!. +xSaie Woah you are at a university and learning this now i'm in 9th grade and i'm learning this.
Hi. Can anyone please explain the Krebs cycle/citric acid cycle in more detail. I'm taking an sat2 level course and I need to know specific details for my test. Thx so much!!!.

+Sarah Mil Hey - you might want to try Khan Academy, their vids are pretty detailed! Good luck for your test :).

2 ATP per Pyruvate = 4 ATPs Plus 2 ATP per Fadh2 = 4 ATP's Plus 3 ATP per NADH+ = 30 ATPS's But 2 ATP's from the Krebs Cycle Which adds up to a total of 40 ATP's, Hank got a total of 38 ATP's Can someone care to explain Is it referring to the 2 ATP's spent in order to proceed with Cellular Respiration I feel like I'm doing something wrong..

You are right that "2 ATP per Pyruvate = 4 ATP" but you are forgetting to include that it cost two ATP to do this so you are essentially only making/profiting two ATPs. That's why you overshot it by two and got 40 instead of 38. I hope this helps. I can go into further depth if you want, please ask away if you still don't understand..

I'm already gonna have taken my test by the time this has been answered, but in the video it is claimed that the ETC makes 34 ATP, while my IB Biology book (Pearson), states that the ETC only makes 32 As you can probably tell this bludges all my math up and honestly I'm just confused as to what is right and what is wrong..
It takes two molecules of ATP to move the pryvates, so 2 is subtracted so there ends up being a NET of 34. It depends on what mediator receives the 2 Nadh. H+ produced by glycolysis. Because it has to enter the mitochondria If it's recieved by nad, 3 atp will be produced If by fad, 2 will be produced .
I'm still confused on the equation (C6H12O6 + 6O2 > 6CO2 + 6H2O + Energy). Where are those 6 oxygen molecules in the first half of the equation coming from And why do we start it with a glucose molecule Also, why isn't there anything about NADH and FADH2 in the equation Thanks!.
+Jennifer Marie The 6 02 molecules are what diffuse into your blood when you breathe inward. Your blood then carries it to your cells where they diffuse inward as CO2 diffuses outward to your blood. Basically, O2 enters your blood stream from your lungs because your blood is dropping off CO2 and grabbing onto O2. Your blood carries the O2 to other cells in your body that exchange the CO2 inside them for the O2 the blood has. Think of this like how you can drive to a store and trade empty Propane Tanks (for BBQs or beer making if you're me) for full ones.&#160; Once in your cells, the O2 diffuses into the mitochondria. Now that O2 is in the mitochondria, the reaction for glycolysis can occur. Pyruvic Acid is created by ripping up the glucose molecule (using the 2 ATPs mentioned, they're like element cards in Pokemon. The Pokemon Mitochondria Requires 2 ATP cards to use the move Glycolysis). Then, one of the 6 O2's are used to rip a carbon off of Pyruvic acid (oxidating it) to create 1 molecule of CO2 and AcetylCoA. This happens for each AcetylCoA (2 per glucose molecule) so you use 2 of the 6 O2s in this step. See video around 7:22 to 7:50 for this. You still have 4 of your original 6 O2s to perform other steps in the cycle. The important thing, at this point, is not only that you've created some ATP and NADH and FADH2, but that you can now create Citric Acid. Citric Acid is the 6 carbon chain at around 9:10 in the video. That's where the rest of the O2 are used to rip more carbons off of Citric Acid and create more CO2. Basically, 4 more since that's all the O2 we have left after Glycolysis. In summary, you have Glucose (C6H12O6) put together with 6 Oxygen (O2) to rip off 6 carbons (note the C6 in C6H12O6) and make 6 CO2s (one for each of the 6 oxygens). You still have 12 H's and 6 more O's left (they are from the Glucose molecule) and they recombine to form H2O. Notice you have 12 H's, enough for six pairs of them, and 6 O's, enough to give one O to each pair of H's. That makes 6 H2O. What's cool about that is animals like Red Tailed Hawks get all of their water from their food, so they don't drink any. This process is part of that. As far as why the NADH's and FADH2's not being part of the equation, they simply store the energy using electrons to be used in making ATP. They aren't part of the reactants that cause Glycolysis to go forward, nor do they cause glucose or oxygen to change into the products of the reaction. They simply float around the mitochondria and store the energy created by the process of Glycolysis and the Citric Acid Cycle. Those NADH's and FADH2's are then used later on to create ATP in the Electron Transport Chain (video at about 10:55), which is a similar process to the Electron Transport Chain in Photosynthesis (both use ATP Synthase and pump ions into and out of the mitochondria's cell membrane and make ATP). Hope this helps!. +The Great Danku Tree OK let me ask the question in another way - can you show me the system from which this process evolved - I don't even ask for the whole story from how the forces and laws of physics came into a balanced existence, I just ask for the very last step..

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January 21, 2016

Comments about this video:
+COCO Chanou Ive been going crazy watching your haul video... After watching every haul video I go to the website and start looking for clothes to buy...its insane.. :). Loveee your hauls, could you please let us know the price next time So we can have a better idea thanks!.

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November 22, 2015

Comments about this video:
I LOVE YOUR CHANNEL SO MUCH!! I had trouble subscribing so I was like oh... Maybe I have too many subscriptions so then I got rid of about 10 and it worked!.
I completely understand what you meant when you were explaining that outside of Asia a lot of women would probably not be able to get their butts covered. In most Asian countries their average size and weight is smaller than a lot of other countries. The average women will be tinner than than the average women in America. It wasn't racist at all..

I got a dress like the first one, but it's black and white striped, same design, but it was $10 from $40 from ICEDesign!.
Hey, Coco! Honestly, I haven't watched a lot of your videos and when I did, it was mostly because you're pretty as hell! I also just recently found out that you used to have a gaming channel, so i guess that makes you kinda perfect! Anyway, just wanted to tell you that you seem to be an amazing girl and, once again, really, really beautiful, and so I hope you keep on posting new videos. I'll be one more person watching and supporting you as much as I can :). Your gorgeous and I love your vids :)I'm trying to figure out ur accent, may I ask where you're from . You can buy a white slip for under those dresses or whatever color you need so it covers your top and bottom. Google silk slips or slips for under dresses, etc. :).

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December 30, 2015
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Watching scemo videos make me feel better about myself because I know I'll never look this stupid :) .
Is a safe and trustworthy website Especially for someone living in England and not America..

+Chemical Imbalance I live in England and every time I order from them it's all good ^. ^.
Hey Ana! I love this clothing haul :) I wanted to buy from Im just stuck on what sizes to get, are they true to there size Im a medium in US so I would have to get there Asian Large. But Im thinking of getting stuff in Asian Xtra Large which is a Large US. Did you order a size up or. +Rachel Carstairs I always go a size up as clothes on websites like this usually come up quite small :'). Hey guys, my shop sells cute japanese clothes, if you're interested welcome to check out my shop! XD.
i almost laughed when you said tokyo hotel bc here in germany they are like the biggest joke but i don't hat on you bc you like them or something.
Hi I'm new to your channel ^-^ I'm wondering what bra you're wearing for this video, I love how it looks on you! I might be similar size to you but I'm not sure, I'm a 34B-32C and I'm looking for good cosplay bras. (sorry not sure if you have different sizes!). have a look at some of my scene items I'm selling selling some alternative clothing, would be great for people to view my stuff this ones a cute scarf for winter!. +Kit Kat is a link I found. Its had a lot of orders and reviews so I'm pretty sure the quality is decent, I haven't got it myself though. If you get it, I'd love to know how it is!.
I live in the US when you say pounds I'm thinking of how much it weighs. then I say, "Why does the weight matter".
Which out of the three shops would you say is best depending on quality Also with sizing should I get one larger than usual or is the sizing the same. Wish size is those ripped jeans I really wanna get some, but I don't understand which size I should get, pls help. Download the mercari app and use this code CTTSMD we both get $2 dollars it's like eBay they have like everything.
+Pickle not in this video, but she wears a bindi. in this video: 1:19 ( i dont know how to explain it but see for urself), 3:17 (jappy, harajuku,&#160;lots of stereotypes). also she said retard, which is ableist!.
I love the outfits and I love your looks and personality even though I'm sort of new to your channel. I'm so happy that you say prises in pounds and I'm guessing you're from the U.K like me so it's great because it means I can actually get this stuff 😄.
where did you geht your necklece from ( the one with the sweet heart - i just want it, it's sooooo sweet and beauiful :33 ).
This video was lovely! I would love to see another like this, only could you go more in depth about the quality of the items and such✨.
suu beautiful wish i had tht money to spend lel i would just do walmart hauls but there aint nothin wrong with tht.
Loved the video!!! I have 2 questions though. Did the clothes run smaller, larger, or were they pretty accurate Also, how long did the shipments take to arrive Much love.
This video is everything I need. I'm always broke and I need new clothing like this, thank you x.

THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR THIS CLOTHING HAUL. I've bought so may cute things from these sites. You're Heaven sent..
oh come on dont use thr word retard... i m autistic and i get that word used towards me all the fucking time please try to have some class ugh. Lets just all start a thing called..get th (every member) to subscribe to this channel and follow on IG hahaah imagine her reaction ^.^.

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December 1, 2015

Comments about this video:
Great videos! I am a nursing student and I learn much better with pictures and graphs, great to find your videos..

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October 27, 2015
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Using other people's makeup..ew Fyi bacteria, parasites, fecal matter, mites are not killed by kleenex . I knew I shouldn't of watched this video... now I'm running out of room to store my makeup now!! lol. This is a dumb question but did u put like $40+ dollars worth of stuff in your cart and just get back a lot on ebates Is that what you were saying.
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Really wish I had seen this BEFORE I went on my little online shopping spree. :-( Oh well, I know now for the future. Thanks!.
Please don't but any thing form the are cheaters they sale local product uner big brand namess,. I do order make-up from e-bay sometimes! You just have to be good at it I guess, also, only buy from top sellers! & sereach the original prices of products + reviews about the seller... I have never had a bad experience with this :).
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She said " people have different reason why the don't shop online... You can't try anything on... I'm here to tell you that's false." So your aloud to try thing when your shopping online. I luv shopping online too, however, be careful with allcosmetics. Its no secret, they say right on the website, they sell products the original maker rejected for some reason, and I see why. After several purchases, the fndtn or blush colors for example are not the same (darker, lighter, or just off) than what you will buy say at the Estee Lauder or MAC counter. But I make no true complaint because they told me upfront a coyote was at the door and I invited it in anyway....
Welcome to shop in our store on wish,We are offering the quality products and good service for our customers all over the world.

Hey, if you want to know an amazing site that sells great clothes for under $10 then check out their stuff is amazing!.
omg I'm not sure if you just ruined my life or completely made it with those blog sales but it is certainly changed..
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January 25, 2016

Comments about this video:
That's why I got so thirsty drinking Coke. I'd go through one big bottle of soda a day. This man is telling the truth. I cut out processed sugar for a year and lost 100 pounds..
Sadly if you're a big corporation with lots of money you can kill and harm people with impunity in the USA. Fructose will end up like cigarettes, since a wealthy industry that can combat real science with bogus science and buy politicians. 20 years from now, it will almost certainly still be prevalent..
+Ernie Williams Exactly! Vote w/ your wallet by buying whole, organic foods, and cook from scratch. Internet is full of fantastic, nutritious & delicious recipes everyone has access to..
I must add another thought. Since seeing this video and other videos like it... my shopping habits have changed dramatically. I check the sugar label on EVERYTHING and I REJECT it if it has more than 10 grams in a serving.. which is NOT perfect but it is nearly 60 percent LESS in sugar than the usual 30 grams a serving products I was buying like sugary yogurt. My cart is now FILLED to the brim nearly with fruits / veggies / GREEK yogurt which I love! (plain)... and water with oranges / lemons / lime slices. The money IS there for the healthy food if you SKIP all the sugar and highly processed crap. A grocery store really need not be much more than farmers market with a few MINIMAL sugar items in the dairy section. This is exactly what the sugar industry is afraid off - it only took TWO videos from Dr. Lustig to change my LIFETIME ways of thinking about food and taking action..
+Angie Rodgers Well it's amazing how easy it was to go cold turkey on sugary yogurt. And to think I used to eat two single serve containers of yogurt a day which was 50 g of sugar!!! I am totally loving my Greek yogurt with either fresh fruit or bags of frozen fruit no sugar added. I'm willing to pay more for great yogurt and my tastebuds didn't even have to go through an adjustment. And bravo to you as well with what you're doing!!!. +Trust No One I totally applaud you Trust No One. However... at SOME POINT.. you WILL need exercise. Why It will keep AWAY the skinny fat look (your skinny / thin... BUT you are not toned.. )... also, it keeps MUSCLE on your body in a healthy state... it combats injuries / sickness... cardio health... Exercise, believe it or not is not the end - all - be all.. but it works in harmony / conjunction with a healthy diet... The more weight you have to loose it is EASY to get the initial fat off your body - even WITHOUT exercise. Why your body is not used to the new routine... But at some point your weight loss will slow waaayyy down and you will EITHER go back up in weight or continue to lose and eventually plateau... rarely will you keep just dropping down until you look fit... not without exercise... This is NOT to take away what you have done... its awesome. But... exercise / fitness / diet is a lifestyle. I'm glad to see you are on the journey. Very glad. ill be your cheerleader if you need one! Best wishes..
Normally i fall asleep after 15mins of my class lecturer droning on but this video was actually very informative. it has good sequence and time is not wasted. important points come forth fast. worth the watch..

Sugar is addictive. If you go on a low carb diet, like the paleo diet, and initially limit you carbs to less than 100 grams a day, by the fourth day you'll be jittery and dizzy. You know why YOU'LL BE IN WITHDRAWAL! Just like if you were trying to come off heroin. I did the paleo diet about 3 years ago and lost 25lbs and my triglycerides went from 230 to 55. Then I thought I could cheat a little. Then a little more and then a little more. Guess what Over two years it all came back!!!! Now I'm back to paleo this time and I will not ever come off of it. I will follow it strictly until I get to the weight I want and them maybe I'll allow myself one day a week when I can have pizza or pasta. Only one day. Americans gain on average 1 pound a year after 25 years old. Because of their low fat, high sugar diets. Sugar is a drug. Rehab!.

+Kamil Ponikowski What has the highest glycemic index on the list
+Albert M Picard Oh my god why so much negativity, so many insults, I mean damn, is there something wrong with your psyche Do you have got some uncontrolled agression syndrom, did your dog die I mean holy shit, you accuse me of being 15 yet you are the one throwing insults left and right like some whiny fucking 10 year old. I did not insult you one single time. But anyway, I dont think that my point: " If a certain substance is aboundant in a certain species breast milk then this substance can not be toxic or bad for a baby or an adult of that species " is fucking ridiculous, moronic and entirely wrong, quite the opposite I think that it is correct. About the lactose issue, the fact that some individuals can not break down lactose does not mean that lactose is bad. The problem is not with the lactose itself but with the individuals compromised digestion, as the lactose intolerance is common among people with digestion problems. The lactose intolerance syndrom is becoming more common as in general digestion problems are becoming more common. Some people even suffer from fructose intolerance, but does it mean that fructose is bad Of course not as it is a natural nutrient found in fruits the most natural food source for human beings. But even aside from all that, your " debunking" argument is flawed because people can not digest lactose from COWS milk which obviously is not the same specie as us and in my point I made a clear specie to specie destinction. Im pretty sure that the lactose intolerance problem would be non-existant if people drank human milk instead of cows milk. But still even aside from all that, singling out lactose is in my opinion wrong because lactose is just a another form of simple sugar and therefore is generally described as simple sugar along with sucrose, fructose and glucose. So you could just put my point like this: If simple sugar is aboundant in a certain species breast milk then simple sugar can not be toxic or bad for a baby or an adult of that species. The fact that some people cant digest lactose, does not change its beneficial effect being the opitmal or preferred fuel source for our body. Sucrose or white sugar has got the exact same effect on the body without the digestion issues therefore comparing the two, sucrose or white sugar seems to be superior. Hope that helps :). And about the statement : ADULT HUMANS DONT DRINK BREAST MILK BECAUSE IT IS NOT GOOD FOR THEM. Is this really the reason why poeple dont drink human milk or mayby it has got something to do with the fact that it is damn hard to get I certainly have more right to call you moronic, autistic, retarded for this statement than you had when you called me that. But I wont dont it because I have got something called fucking class and basic human decency. Also Could you give some scientific arguments supporting the claim that breast milk is not good for adults . Good lecture. My suggestion for a healthy diet: Eat REAL food, not processed food. It's as easy as it sounds. Real food means vegetables and fruits along with smaller parts of complex carbs (e.g. quinoa, whole grain rice...) and "good" fats (plant derived oils...). Veggies/fruits should always be the major part of any meal of the day. Drink mainly water and unsweetened tea. That's my advice. I haven't had any soda or other highly processed food containing tons of sugar for many years now and I have never felt better in my life than now. I cannot imagine how anyone can still drink and even enjoy soda or this kind of stuff. Never ever, I could not even have one spoonful of it cause it would make me barf. Seriously..
+AlwaysSoldierOn Wow, you really are living in the past, lol. Continue thinking that saturated fats (not trans) are bad for you; continue to ignore the MOUNTAINS of evidence scientists have been gathering over the last decade that have totally debunked Ancel Key's disgusting lies that sugars are safe, and saturated fats are bad advice that has resulted in more deaths than the Holocaust!

+Sweet2Rani Every food is real food, too much of anything will lead to health deterioration, damn hippie..
Love this lecture but I think we'll need a doctoral degree to have the patience to understand it all. Luckily I have my doctorate and have the stamina to sit through the rants and facts. I'll confirm that it's a great lecture but full of details that can be distracting and helpful at the same time. It's funny to read comments such as "get to the point already..." Sorry, no instant gratification here... However, Dr. Lustig has already changed my eating habits and I can feel the weight shedding from my avoidance of sugary drinks. Watch it parts and take notes, it's worth it!. This man speaks the truth! After I saw this video last Feb, I experimented by cutting sugar and carbs and I lost 15 pounds in a week and got my six pack! Whoohoo!.
Start working out and stop eating the three C's: cookies, cakes and candy. Also, flavored seltzer water is a great alternative to soda imo..
+sevenrats that is not true, there are many people online that have diets high in fruit (some even fruit only diet wtf) and they have their lab tests for proof. Nothing wrong. Still, I wouldnt do it because im afraid... im even afraid of going outside so..
Sugar the cocaine of our days. It is also bad for your health to call someone "sugar honey sweety pie"..
+Ikazuchi pretty sure he meant, if he uses that phrase on a woman, she feels harassed and slaps him (health damage).
One can certainly chew cane. That's what you HAVE to do to get the juice out - you bite down & then suck & swallow the juice. Some may be hard where you have to really exercise those jaw muscles but most I'm familiar with is very soft & juicy - it cleans the inside of the teeth too!.
+m8jin12 oh dear...Have you tried the juice which is squeezed from unpeeled cane using a machine It's an ugly moss green but very sweet!.
+Bajan Zelly love my Ghanaian sugar cane man... cannot wait to see mother Africa again. Damn sugar industry.
From what I've seen in YouTube comments on this guy's stuff, vegans are the useful idiots of the food companies. They want so desperately to believe that sugar isn't harmful, and who can blame them It's one of the only fun things they're allowed to eat.. Okay... moderation is the key. If you eat too much of anything it will be bad for you. Just do simple like Michael Pollan says (everyone should read his books):"Choose Food Over Food-Like Substances" "Eat food, not too much, mostly plants.".
A nice sentiment. The science has moved on past Mr. Pollan at this point. Research on our ancestors has found that the healthiest, tallest, most long-lived civilizations lived on a diet of mostly fat, fatty meats, and organ meats from healthy, happy, non-diseased animals. Very unlike what most people eat now. The body functions best on a high fat diet, low carb diet. If you like veg, eat veg, if you like meat, eat fatty meat w/ butter & cream. They're both good for you in different sort of ways. I go the high fat route- my body just functions way better on it. .

I really like his explanation at 36:36 of the two types of LDL Cholesterol (small/dense/"bad" LDL versus large/buoyant/"good" LDL). I have often had trouble explaining this to my Metabolic Coaching clients, but this explanation and graphic are very clear. If my clients report their doctor found high LDL or wants to put them on a statin, I recommend they discuss with their doctor 1. getting their LDL fractionated (small vs. large) by Liposcience (costs about $100) and/or 2. getting a coronary calcium scan (about $150), and if the risk score is zero, the risk of a heart attack in the next 5 years is zero. And that's why docs check LDL, they are trying to help you avoid a heart attack. And, best quote from the lecture on heart disease, "Triglyceride to HDL ratio actually predicts cardiovascular disease waaaaaay better than LDL." Thanks!.

+Cut the Killer Carbs - International Weight Loss Seminars why not take another bite of that bragocado bro.

Great video! Many people don't know how deadly sugar actually is. I recently updated an article of mine about the effects of sugar. I added a link to it below.
Watch the dcumentay on youtube called "sugar, sweet, white and deadly" if you are interested in the history of how sugar companies have worked to push their drug..
This video is so damn hands down hilarious if you watch this while high.hahaha the way he pronounce the sugar is funny. "FUC-Tose." Essentially bwahaha.
I see a lot of people in the comments calling this guy fat, misinterpreting his arguments, or even just making shit up. Since one would expect at least a couple industry astroturfers to be present here (paid commenters dedicated to putting a particular spin on an issue), my guess is that's what I'm seeing. Along with the occasional willing fool that prides themself in not being "one of those new age diet groupies" and proceeds to swallow some cherry-picked industry statistics and become a mouthpiece for them.. look at 1:23:23 to see explanation just because fructose is found in nature doesn't mean its good for you. For those who think that.. +schmoborama so was weed and it's second hand smoke kills 40,000 puerto rican babies every year. doctors should only diagnose and treat diseases. Let wellness professionals enhance people's life. I've watched this a few times since first discovering it, because it contains a lot of valuable info and I have a crappy memory. Over 1,500 thumbs down really surprises me though - I personally think that represents a lot of misguided folks or maybe people that are in denial. But I have an open mind and I can admit when I find I have been if there's anyone with credentials like those of Dr Lustig's in the field of medicine or nutrition who has a different view, I'd love to hear it or be pointed to where I can find the info for myself.. +Ивайло Асенов Noooo...You can eat all the green leafy vegetables you want Tons of them. .
Like we use to in nature we would eat all the fruits we cared for and we're perfectly healthy. ON A PLANT BASED DIET which is the specific species human diet desease and cancers are unheard of. When agriculture was developed and factory development on food products entered the human body started getting sick and desease. Real food is what comes from the earth naturally. Everything else is poison. That's the only truth. Saying anything else is just 100% completely irresponsible. .
Great talk, and thank you for uploading. I learned so much that may help with my sugar addiction. The only thing I felt missing was - how should we view high-fat diets Dr. Lustig basically said that chronic fructose diet is effectively a high-fat diet, with the "30%" going to fat, and with the resulting triglyceride/lipid/fatty-acid problems. But I wonder whether a high-fat diet (but low fructose) would have detrimental effects comparable to those 8 major problems arising from chronic fructose diets. Tried googling but can't get much clean information on the detrimental effects of a controlled high-fat diet. Any thoughts or insights are appreciated!.
I guess I wasn't clear: I'm confused as to why Dr. Lustig implied that a high-fat diet is bad. He takes us on this highly scientific journey demonizing fructose but then randomly points out that a heavy-fructose diet is similar in effect to a high-fat diet. Even after pointing out that Ancel Keys wrongly demonized fats and led the U.S. into a tragic sugar over-dependency..
+mlke When he said "high fat" he meant adding fat to your belly. He was not saying that high sugar = high fat. He was saying high sugar = lots of belly blub.. Generally I agree with Dr. Lustig about sucrose, although there are some misleading things in his explanation. The scheme of TCA cycle is wrong, citrate isn´t a product of TCA cycle, but rather a substrate. Hence, it´s likely that our liponeogenesis is running in a different metabolic pathway... :/ There are also other inaccuracies and issues, but basically this lecture is fine... And speaker is really perfect.. I am having a very hard time breaking my addiction to sugar. We need to have monthly meetings called Sugarholics anonymous.. Some of his 'facts' are false. He states that the natural consumption of fructose used to be 15g/day. There is no way that's possible. That's only 1 apple a day!. +milbo007 Don't forget to half it. A medium apple has approximately 19 grams of sugar in it, so the amount of fructose (50/50 fructose/glucose) would be about 9.5 grams..
Could someone please recommend where I can find more informations about the effects of fructose coming from different sources Processed corn syrup VS grapes or natural honey Thanks!.
U.C. actually bleeped out the word "crap" [2 39:41] That doesn't seem like a U of C doing, but the delusional thinking of some "holier-than-thou" Christian! I now question the validity of this channel! Good bye..
We forgot an old Christian principle that brings fat balance and spiritual strength to the humans : FASTING. The Russians ( Orthodox Christians ) fast twice a year: 5 weeks before Christmas and 7 weeks before Easter. In fact there are 4 important fasts during the year. Friday is also a day of fasting. Have you seen an obese Russian Altogether there are about 130 days of fasting in the Orthodox faith. The body is in perfect balance; there isn't a trace of cholesterol excess, or sugar problems. Kidneys are purified of the heavy elements caused by the meat and fat. Moreover, the spirit is peaceful and balanced. No depression. Only good humor. It's so sad when we have so many unnecessary health problems ; as the solution is so simple: fasting ! Another benefits of the fasting : The animals are preserved. As meat is not eaten during fasting ( about 130 days per year ) millions of animal's lives are preserved. Thus, the protection, the prolongation of the species is guaranteed.All we need is to return to God's Word and to apply the Christian principle of fasting - for the well being of the spirit and of the body. And stop drinking soda and eating junk food !.

Of course Herr Lustig promotes fat and vilifies sugar. He has a conflict of interest. His body consists largely of fat..
+ScarlettDuchess Sorry for getting back so late. Where was this case report published I cannot find it.. In retrospect, it might seem bizarre how insanely sweet these soft drinks actually are. Although, this is someone who thinks that it's overkill if you need three or more spoonfuls of sugar in your tea or coffee, and those are supposed to taste a bit bitter..

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January 20, 2016

Comments about this video:
2-thumbs-up I shopped at several online sites that you mentioned [smile].. unfortunately many more do not ship to Singapore [sad].
+Glossy Confidential +tango2 YES! Love Lipstick Republic so much. I've bought z-palettes, occ lip tars, sleek and more from them. Fantastic customer service and quick shipping..
+Bronte Croyston Thanks for watching Bronte - normally just a couple of days and I'm in QLD :) xx. omg thank you for this! all the american brands i wanted were either too expensive on other sites or they didn't ship here but feelunique is the best! thank you!!!!. New subscriber. I found your channel through the makeup box shop and have been watching one video after another. Very helpful and informative. Thank you so much for some of these sites which I've never heard off. I''ll definitely be checking them out. Another great place for online shopping is "Catch of the Day". About 3 or 4 times a year they have a big OPI nail polish sale with a heap of colours (the good colours, not the junk) most of which are under $10. I've also bought from Milani blushes, NARS powders and a few other things like makeup storage boxes. For some of the expensive brands (e.g. The Balm, NARS, Urban Decay etc), they may only have a couple of products but their prices are really good. Shipping is based on where you live but I've never paid more than $10 even when I've bought a heap of stuff. It's definitly worth subscribing to. I think it's only for Australia though but I could be wrong about that..
Not 100% beauty but Victoria secret is great! Shipping costs have dropped heaps - even got an email for $10 shipping - code is on the site right now. Pity our dollar is 📉 - I've also shopped at cherry culture, beauty bay and Paula's choice which have all been good experiences. Thanks for sharing Mel xo.
I'm defiantly all about online it. Some other sites I have used are (they stock Makeup Forever and It Cosmetics), they stock a huge range of brands, (Charlotte Tilbury, Wayne Goss, Cover FX etc) and I know you love Peters of Kenstington so you may like (more a homewares site). I was thinking about you, n saw your video in the feed,,, :)),,,,,,,, yeh i do shop from same sites,,, there's one brand called BH COSMETICS its American site n they sell makeup n brushes n some the products are really good as compared to price as its inexpensive n their makeup brushes are really good,, you should check it out Mel,,,have a good night...
A fave of mine is for Nars and other US brands (though only cheaper than AU when our $ is strong) xx.
I love this video! Your original one of these is how I got lured into your channel in the first place ;).
I'm doing a huge order on iHerb for my 18th birthday this year :) So so excited, Real Techniques brushes, here I come!!! Would be so excited for you to do an iHerb haul for some inspiration! Love you xx. have a huge range of makeup, hair and perfume for amazing prices and free shipping..

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January 17, 2016

Comments about this video:
Would be great to see an updated version of this if you have any new websites that you purchase from..
+Shaaanxo You should totally do an updated version of this topic! I live in chch and unfortunately some of the website you have mentioned are not selling the product in this video anymore, for example I went on to and could NOT find any MAC at all. Its been nearly 3 years since the video so a lot have changed :) surely a lot of other girls would love an update as well!.

Hey! Wanted to ask if any of the websites mentioned above are dodgy at all Why I ask, is that I am very very very (did I say very! ha!) keen to order NYX products and have them shipped to South Africa, but I don't want to have the products arrive and be damaged or not what I paid for/ordered etc. If you could let me know asap I would really appreciate it :) Thanks so much!.

Omg neverrrrr buy a 88 pallette from crown brushes. Their supposed to be 10 bucks but their charging 100. Neverrrrr please neverrrrrr nobody do it. Go to bhcosmetics. 11 bucks. So much better..
What's your opinion on ordering make up off of Ebay Have you had experience using Ebay for make up If so, was the make up used or new/was it worth what you were expecting.
yea sure but what do you mean by cleansing brush because i don't use brushes to cleanse my face.

Shop online Why not get paid! Join our preferred customer today and get paid to shop with our Cashback program! also we have alot of beauty products
I can't seem to find m.a.c cream colour base hush on any website. Could you please lmk where u get it from ❤. I'm planning to purchase a ridiculous amount of makeup off amazon... how much on avg dd u pay for shipping and do the prices on the website remain the same when you purchase them or do they convert into nz currency. this helps so much omg:o this is gonna make life so much easier ahahah cant find anythign in australia. Hey !! thank you for all the new websites to explore, but I was wondering if for the all cosmetics wholesale you've used the economy service for delivery +Shaaanxo . Hey just saying if you want the Rimmel powder it's only $9 or $10 (cant remember) on beauty joint so yeah I saved money on that as well a the Rimmel wake me up concealer it's only $7! But I really love beauty joint, ordered from it once and will be again soon!. It is even worst to buy stuff when you live in a tiny island in the Indian Ocean like me. Ugh so hard to find affordable shipping.
Did you get your brushes from They have a banner on their bottom home page call Beauty Bar. I clicked it and they had awesome beauty supplies. They have Sales Offers. Check it out,let me know what you think..

I want to buy NYX foundation but not sure of my colour how can I try it out before I buy it here in nz. I dnt wana buy wrong colour Thx.
Please do a 2014 Where I buy my makeup online, it's so hard to find cheap quality stuff and the fact most don't ship to New Zealand :( help please anybody Cheap makeup websites that ship cheap to NZ :).
A lot of the sites she has listed do cheap products and ship to New Zealand. In fact I placed an order for some E.L.F products on just a few minutes ago and shipping is cheap. Also has free international shipping and good products. :) Hope I helped..

Buy cheap makeup off They sell many products at the cheapest prices! Use the code hcm681 for $10 off your first order. :) .

Hi Shannon and friends... Im Levie from the Philippines.. I'll be moving to New Zealand soon and I was wondering if I could bring my makeup pencils and make up brushes along with me Did a li'l Googling and found out that things made out of wood get a special attention at your respectable customs.. do my things have to go under quarantine as well Your comments/suggestions will highly be appreciated..
Thank you Miss +Kimberly Allan for your comment, you've been very helpful! Will definitely declare everything that needs to be declared. Salamat ulit! (Thanks again!).
check out my online shop.. i have mac, benefit, drug store makeup, just trying to make a little extra money. everything is SUPER cheap.

im from Canada but moving to Australia... I excited to go there but not when I realize there isn't a Sephora there... or at least not in the city im moving to.. I need a online site that sell product like Kat V Don, urban decay etc but not at a high price....
Thank you for this! I live in Indonesia and it's a struggle finding websites that ship here. Not to mention the fact that they sell hardly any makeup over here. Ah, I can now shop online in happiness .
Don't buy the "Clarisonic" from this particular seller on Amazon... Read the reviews... These are fake... There are lots of them being sold online, but Amazon should know better though... Disappointing... ;( You can "google how to spot a fake Clarisonic"... The product ID and warranty are not compatible with Clarisonic... The serial numbers of those don't match anything that "Clarisonic" has in their database, so you wouldn't be able to register yours or get any help with it... Also, they sell a lot of fake Urban Decay palettes as well... I actually got the fake "Naked 2" and it's pretty good, but two colors are slightly off... One way to tell if it's authentic - you should be able to read the label on your brush with the fluffy end to your left and the flat - to your right... If it's the other way around - it's And seriously, some of the things that are not authentic are really good products - but it's important to know that a fake UD palette shouldn't cost more than $10, and fake Clarisonic is worth about $60... So no offence to those selling or making knock-offs, but those buying it - do your research and don't pay more than what it's worth. Same goes for perfumes and all other cosmetic products... Just google the name of your perfume (or whatever else) with the words "how to spot a fake one"... There are tons of MAC eye shadows and lipsticks, UD palettes, Too Faced products, all fake, which you can buy on "Aliexpress"... A lot of times they will offer free world wide shipping... Just research your buyer and read the reviews (as with any other online reseller)... And a lot of these products are very well made... My friend and I actually took a couple of fake MAC eye shadows to an authorised seller here in Canada and they were pretty impressed with the quality... So just don't spend more than you have to and be careful when not purchasing from the original manufacturer... :)).

I found a website and its says everything is 70 % off and they sell stuff like mac and dior but for very cheap and idk sjould i trust them The website is called medievalart or something like that.
check out my online shop.. i have mac, benefit, drug store makeup, just trying to make a little extra money. everything is SUPER cheap.
4:27 probably entertained me a little more than it should've. "Ebay sells like tin for a dolla" loll.
Can you help me I wanted makeup from japan and uk but don't have there kind of make up in America do u know any cool web sights .
A town has to have a certain number of people before mac will even allow there to be mac retailer in that town.

yeah, i mean i am from a small town but I could drive 2 hours to the city to a Mac store. i was just saying this because NZ and Aus are very similar/ close and most stores that are in Aus are in Nz.
check out my online shop.. i have mac, benefit, drug store makeup, just trying to make a little extra money. everything is SUPER cheap. Im pretty sure you can buy OCC lip tars from the department store - Lucy and the powder room in takapuna in auckland. they also have topshop makeup . That's a good point! I was thinking about Australia, which does have a slight few more "advantages" to "make up" for the the incredible price difference. GST (tax) is included in Australian (and NZ, I'm assuming) products, whereas with American products, you don't find out the GST until you pay for it, so it's a couple dollars more. We have to factor in the cost it takes to ship it across the entire planet! (P.S: Sorry if I was rude in my previous comment - I can't remember it, but Whoops!) xxx. Your so awesome, Love your video and thanks for all the links i've been searching for great make up for ages XD. New Zealander Right Here hehe.
hello i am a new subscriber of u! u look so so sooooo pretty in this video!!! ^^ please do a tutorial of this make up!!.
u can get nars,too faced, stila and most of the brands at melbourne central shopping centre!! and obviously we get them in myer:P.its totaly what i believe as um a youtube freak!olmost all the videos r by usa ppl,like the beauty gurus,so we trend to follow what they think is best.but unfortunately in order to get them we ve to pay a lot and wait for it to arrive. instead we can just browse where we live and get good makeup.. not from the actual website no :) but there are like outlet sites that sell mac! makeup is cheaper online but shipping to nz takes a ridiculous amount of time! its worth the wait though!. thank you for your reply, but unfortunately for you I have done a lot of research on this. Just as an example, in the US one mac lipstick is $14.50. Here, in new zealand, one mac lipstick is $40. Us minimum wage is 7.25, it would take you two hours of work to purchase a mac lipstick. New Zealand minimum wage is $13.75. It would take 3 hours of work to purchase a mac lipstick. Getting my point . I'm from NZ too and there's some things I want from the brands such as revlon, maybelline etc but you know how expensive they are here... Any sites that sell them cheaper. 0:26 - 0.28 THEY DO SELL NARS COSMETICS IN NZ! For people who live in Auckland, if you're interested in buying nars products head to Mecca Cosmetica in New Market, they sell nars products quite pricey but definitely worth it! .
OMG Shannon should have never got me started on allcosmeticswholesale. That site is incredible. The range of Mac stuff at such cheap prices! I've gone slightly crazy! So thanks! haha.

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December 5, 2015

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November 10, 2015

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November 5, 2015

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December 18, 2015

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December 19, 2015

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