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  1. December 20, 2015

    Comments about this video:

    Ahh you're getting so close! I can't wait for pictures of her in these adorable outfits! 😃💗.
    I live in Italy (and 30 weeks pregnant) and here they do glucose test on an empty stomach and really early in the morning! Fortunately my blood analysis were good to go and I didn't need to take the glucose test at all ^_*. Uh huh. How many comments later and endless berating of the company that's simply offering a product, this is just now your response..
    +JessieBanana I was never "endlessly berating the company" I was making fun of the sheep who buy into this notion that everything containing gluten must be evil. You missed the point, but then again most people do which is why the notion of "gluten free" is so successfully mass marketed..
    It s funny the glucose test is différent un France. Takin' It Wright now, it takes 2hours so I'm rewatching my favorite vlogger's videos while i wait ! Thanks Tiffany ! .
    Love your pregnancy vlogs! I'm at 29 weeks tomorrow and came across your channel and, of course, had to watch the 29 week video. ;) I'll be doing the glucose test soon so thanks for the extra tips!.
    When I had my son 14 years ago that glucose drink was terrible! It was the sweetest beverage EVER and it did reach mythical status but they changed it so...AWESOME!. I always chug the drink. It is really sweet, like really really sweet, but it's not terrible. I have always had to drink it on an empty stomach, but I think that depends on your doctor. Congrats on your pregnancy! It's been fun to see your updates. I just had baby #4 2 months ago. Doing pregnancy videos was really fun for me.. Tiffany- read The Bradley Method. Even if you're not going to do an all natural birth, it gives GREAT pointers and info. It helped me a ton with my second. :).
    The Bradley method of breathing helped me so much. I was able to have a completely natural epidural or drugs. I think so many women freak out at the first contraction and have no idea about what's going on with their body. Classes are so helpful in every way and teach the husbands what they can do during labor and delivery to help you along and make you comfortable..

    I had the glucose test and i thought it was no big deal but unfortunatly I have gestational diabetes which sucks but least itll only last a few more months...hopfully, btw, love your vids!.

    The "Shea moisture" brand is so good. I've been loving their shampoo and body wash, it smells amazing and your baby will smell like that for couple days. .

    Hi Tiffany! I'm loving the baby updates! I watched all of them at once and I can't wait for the next one! I just wanted to let you know that some videos are in the wrong order in the Pregnancy Playlist ;) .

    If you can, find a child birth class at your local ywca, or some other organization. It doesn't have to be through the hospital. As a first time mother, you will find the class really helpful. At the very least, you will learn what to expect, and how to get through it with a minimum of pain, and maximum confidence. Super important! good luck!.
    The three hour glucose test really is TERRIBLE. The drink is the same size, but twice the sugar level, it really has a syrup consistency. You also have to fast before it for 12 hours, so it hits your stomach like a ton of bricks! Then you still can't eat during the whole test, so you're feeling light headed from not eating since the night before and nauseous from the sugar! Fun stuff :) Luckily I passed! . The only thing I would wash is the first few baby clothes for the first few days. You never know the size of your baby! then you can quickly wash at least most of your first size.. Definitely good advice. So many people take tags off and wash everything but they may get no use out the clothes. Also, technology is always improving but sometimes the estimates of weight are way off. My sister was supposed to be on the heavier side of average birth weight and she was 6 lbs. you just never know for sure. Best to be prepared but have the option to take things back!. I'm 22, have never had a baby, and don't even think I ever want to, but I LOVE watching these videos. Is that weird. It's perfectly normal to be interested in watching someone else go through an interesting, huge, period of life. Especially if you aren't going to experience that thing for yourself, it makes even more sense to be interested in someone else's experience.. Congratulations to you and your Husband on the arrival of the most precious gift. I do have a very important piece of advice for you that I felt was priceless when I researched information about car seats. Please, please, please make sure to do this before the baby comes. This is free and they say that most people do NOT install their car seat correctly per manufacturer's installation directions. O.k. here is my info...take a drive to the nearest Fire Department closest to your house and the Fire Department strongly encourages all parents to make sure that their car seat is installed correctly. This is free to ALL, first they check to make sure that no recalls are on your specific seat, if your car and the seat will fit into your car or NOT. Any time that you remove the car seat they are so happy that you are bringing it back in to ensure proper installation has been taken place. My Fire Department told me to NEVER attach anything else to the car seat that didn't come with the seat. I was going to install a mirror so I could see my baby and he said that anything that is NOT meant for the car or the seat upon impact of an accident will act like a projectile in the vehicle. The only item that I could place into the car seat when the baby was a newborn was a rolled up receiving blanket to stabilize the babies head. That is it no bells and whistles that you want to make the car seat look cute. They also show you how to properly secure the baby into the car seat. So on your first trip out make it a priority to stop in and see your friendly Fire Department. Most people DON'T secure their babies into the car seat correctly either. O.K. there is my priceless tip of the day and I hope that not only you take my advice but each and every viewer takes a trip to their friendly Fire Department. Good luck and may you have the most special delivery EVER!!!! .
    +JessieBanana I live in canada and most hospitals here don't. Just make sure that whoever you talk to is a certified car seat technician because there are lots of police officers and nurses that give well meaning advice that is actually very wrong and outdated. .
    You honestly have the greatest outlook on everything you talk about in these videos, its really great to listen to you!.
    I love that shea moisture wash & lotion. my daughter has very sensitive skin and that's what we use for her! .
    The explanation of the glucose test was a little light. I am currently at 35 weeks pregnant and i did the test at 17 weeks because I have a history of diabetes in my family. I knew I was going to be positive. Normally your body produces enough insulin for your body but with the growing baby, you need more insulin and your body can't produce it fast enough. Before eating your blood sugar level should be at or below 95 (there are little machines that you can use to test your sugar level). 2 hours after (or 90 minutes after finishing your meal) you should be at or below 120. People with Diabetes are usually above. So you take this bottle of a sugary drink (imagine drinking a super sweet otterpop or orange soda with no gas). 1 hour later they take your sugar level and you need to be below 130. if you come back positive you need to take another test but this time they take your blood level 1 hour, 2 hours and 3 hours after drinking the syrup. Your blood sugar needs to be at a certain level in each one of those blood tests. If positive they control you for a week: you take your blood level at home with the little machine before every meal and 2 hours after every meal. If you are above the 95/120, then you go on insulin. The amount of insulin vary's per person. I did my test at 17 weeks and have been on insulin since week 21. I check my levels before and after every meal (that's 6 controls a day) + 4 shots of insulin a day; 1 with every meal and a last one before I go to bed. Total of 11 needles entering my body a day. I am so ready to have this kid!.
    How lucky. The insulin is such a pain. i did the control with diet for a week but my sugar levels, especially at midday, did not go down enough. And that was at 19 weeks. As the baby gets bigger, my insulin intake increases dosis. i can't wait for the pregnancy to be over. I'm not a patient person and I want to see my baby but I am also getting tired of so many controls and poking myself all day long. 5 MORE WEEKS!!!!.
    +Karideplov for majority of people the way her test went is how it goes. Its unfortunate that yours didnt go like that but that doesn't mean she went "light" on it. Shes giving her experience. . "I love that the music isn't annoying". Oh, it will be when you listen to it 100 times a day. XD Haha jokes aside, great upload - I love these vlogs :).
    Yes leave the tags and don't buy so much new born stuff they out grow the clothing so fast I didn't even use most of the stuff that I had because she had to much.

    Don't forget to pick up a couple preemie sized outfits. My babies were so small that the newborn outfits were way too big for them. My full term babies had to start in the preemie size too. My babies weights were 6'3 and 19 inches, 6'10 and 191/2 inches, 5'11and 19 inches, 7'2 and 18 inches and my last was 7'1 and 18 1/4 inches. My sisters was 20 inches and still wore preemie size for two weeks. Also don't forget the nipple cream if you're going to be nursing I'd get a cream called utter cream. It works wonders. Also if baby goes longer then two hours without eating and is sleeping then let her sleep. Trust me she will wake up when she's hungry. Also feed on demand. The first poops look like tar and are very hard to clean and makes a huge mess. Skip the wipes and just use a warm wash cloth because the wipes never work good enough. One last thing. With a girl is after she's born if she has spotting or goop coming out of her girl parts don't panic! It's just your hormones coming out of her little body. Congrats on having your daughter on the way. There's nothing in the world like being a mommy. Enjoy every moment, even the stressful ones because it goes by so fast. My oldest baby is almost 16 now and it seem like yesterday I was bringing her home. My youngest is now two. .

    Interesting to learn that about girls! I do agree with sizing. You just never know. My sister and I were full term (I was a week late) but both of us were 6 lbs and some oz. And many of my friends and family still mention their baby is estimated to be larger or smaller for weight and it's not always accurate. Seemed to be inaccurate most of the time but could just be coincidence with the people I know.
    Janie & Jack has the cutest stuff! Those gloves are to die for!! The wubbanub is a LIFESAVER!!!! =) I've been dying for those FP gold dot moccs forever!!! My daughter has a gold pair from another store and they're literally the BEST shoes!!! They do stay on really well. I definitely need to try that baby wash. My daughter has a history of eczema, food allergies and generally sensitive skin. It's definitely a bummer to not have that baby smell, but fragrance can be really awful for some baby skin..
    Babe you should take the birthing class, look elsewhere, I'm a birthing nurse, if you don't you'll regret it .
    Clearly you have never had a baby or seen one born saying that statement ! Absolutely one can practice breathing and learning how to relax with the contractions of labor, you people are a complete joke . Or maybe you have had a baby but I bet you had your epidural just like all the rest, well in the area where I live real women give birth without drugs or epidurals for that matter, they like the experience and treasure the experience and yes go at least to a birthing class for their first baby to learn breathing techniques and relaxation techniques for a more positive experience . Honestly I think if you watch A Baby Story and some birthing videos on babycenter you will be fine without doing the birthing classes. all that's helpful to know from them is just the variations in which your baby could potentially be born because you should be prepared for it not necessarily going according to your birth plan and know potentially things the doctors would talk to you about. When in the pain of labor, you naturally find a breathing pattern that helps.. I wish women knew more about this test. It just causes a lot of worry and the drink is way unhealthy. Just go out and buy a glucose monitor and check it once or twice a day. Write those numbers down and take to your dr. . Didn't mean to insult you, your profession or believes. Yes! My contractions started, waited until they were 5 minutes apart to go to hospital. Doctor waited until I was 4 centimeters dilated to give me the epidural. From then on it was great. I'm not against natural birth at all. If you want to experience pain, go for it! I am 100% in favor of enjoying the moment painless 👍. I am so happy for you Tiffany! I've have seen you grow (you were one of my first youtuber beauty gurus I saw) and I am so so happy really for both of you! The best of luck on everything! :) . Love this video! I live in New Zealand and the glucose drink we are offered is like a strong but flat lemonade but is very very sweet. My first pregnancy I gave up sugar for like a week to prepare for that test and wow that was a big mistake as I ended up throwing up after the drink haha. This time with my second pregnancy I just went in normal and it wasn't as bad. . I'd have to say though, as easy as the test is, I do dred doing it again if we have another child haha.. I have a 2 month year old baby girl and I went crazy shopping for her but didn't wear most of them...they grow so fast!!! But enjoy every moment of it!!. Leave the tags on everythingggg. My sister just had a baby, he outgrew his newborn / 0-1 month sizes before he was a month old. He's 2.5 months now, and is wearing 6 month clothing. My sister stupidly took the tags off stuff before he even got here and now can't return the stuff he never even wore. My friend also had a baby recently, she got a big Manila envelope and put her daughters name on it, and saved ALL the receipts from the baby stuff, and saved a lot of the tags with the scanner pieces on them do if the baby ever didn't wear anything, or there was a problem with the item she could return it. Saved her a bunch by keeping that stuff.
    Will they take stuff back if the clothes are washed but just not the right size and nothing is wrong with them.

    Target did. I had the receipt, the tags, and all the outfit pieces. They gave me it on a gift card, they wouldn't give me cash or put the $ back on my credit card, but it's not like I won't use a target card, so it worked out. Not sure about other stores. I know the children's place and kohls are good about returns.

    Some Dr's want their pregnant patients to fast for the 1 hour glucose test...since they want a fasting level along with a 1 hour draw after the glucose.. Glad you got to eat first...
    my son was 8#7oz when he was born and 21.5 inches long and the normal clothes fit him way too big. i bought him 3-4 premiee outfits and they fit him perfectly. plus he lost weight in the hopsital so the 0-3 were way too big. my suggestion is to get just a few small premiee outfits especially for pictures! :). really cute things, this will be one very loved-stylish baby! Girls things are always so cute-makes me want a baby too-congrats! btw did I miss it or have you announced the baby's name.
    why do they need to do this test so late in the pregnancy.. wouldnt it be important to know earlier rather than right before the baby is due.
    Usually your pancreas produces enough insulin for your body and the growing baby at the beginning. When the baby starts to gain weight quickly is when some woman can't keep up with the insulin demand. however, if you are overweight or have family history of diabetes, they usually do it before. i was tested at 17 weeks and have been taking insulin since 21 weeks. It's a pain in the butt. .
    We just had our first baby in July and didn't take a real birthing class. We actually did an online version through Baby Center, and felt plenty prepared! You're so right about whatever happens is gonna happen regardless. I had all these ideas about pushing out the baby but ended up with a c section and never needed to push! Best of luck and enjoy your last trimester :).

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  2. December 26, 2015
    Nov 21, 2015... Download Glucose Monitor and enjoy it on your iPhone, iPad, and iPod... to have a single app to track all of your health and medical readings? i1
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  3. December 29, 2015
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  4. December 18, 2015
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  5. January 1, 2016

    Comments about this video:
    +paula lobo Thank you. I already took the test and it was pretty easy, but I'll look into this more :). Night before finals, eating cookies and drinking hot chocolate, for a last minute review! This is the college life.. I still love you asapscience, but, I've found someone else... what we had together was special, in Grade 9 i nearly learnt the periodic table because of you! but crash course, well he makes me feel so smart, so ready for any quiz. I would always love you, and cherish the time we had together and maybe one day we'll get back together... I'm still going to spend time with you but I think we should see other people. I'll always love you asapscience.. +x Sanchez Looking at your favourite videos you're still a nerd plus you're a faggot too. +The Great Danku Tree "the ATP can donate it's phosphate to a protein /enzyme and induce a conformational change. This can lead to a series of down stream effects".
    Please tell me I'm not the only one who got completely lost from the Kreb's Cycle to the end. I mean, what the fuck was that thing at 11:35. Goddamn..
    I have an energy test tomorrow on photosynthesis and cellular respiration. These videos really helped me hone in on what I needed to study, so thank you to Hank and the rest of the team for making these videos possible! As a student, I really appreciate the lessons and helpful review guide..
    +Kaylee.Briana.Cassie Hi LOL I'm just wondering how in bio we moved from animal behavior to their cells in under a month.
    No matter how much I study, how many videos I watch, and how many notes I take I just don't get it😩😩😩😩😩. +Jesse Rogers Nah, I think its pretty stupid to use your real name when arguing, its not bravery, its stupidity, no matter what your little mind is telling you 😊. And damn, you're replying pretty fast, is that the most exercise you've done all year Pathetic..
    +Jesse Rogers She could be stupid, I'm just reminding people not to judge someone based on one academic activity. .

    +Berkeclor92 I mean that's sort of the point of Crash Courses...he's explaining not lecturing....
    I have to learn all of this through Irish, as in the Celtic language Gaeilge that is super complicated and its not like Irish is my first language, I just began learning it a few years ago and now I have to do every single subject except english throught Irish.. yay.
    visuals are great, but I'm afraid he talks too fast that when I almost reached the electric transport chain, I'm lost. (-_-).
    Wow you all are talking about AP Bio and SAT...I am in normal freshman biology and we have a test on this (photosynthesis and cellular respiration) tomorrow!!! AGHGHGHG great great video though CrashCourse, i feel much more prepared!.
    Thank you very much sir for giving such a great and easy knowledge of biology I'm a fitness trainer and I have always a hunger of knowledge but due to mathematics background I'm unable to understand biology.. But after watching ur videos really i can understand biology... Than you very much sir..

    Once again Hank, you've saved my life. Just a quick question though, could you explain a bit on electron carriers And how they're used in cellular respiration.

    it is maybe the best in the world, explaining how things work but I still need a bit time to clear my concepts..
    Thank you so much for this and your other videos! I was having a very difficult time understanding cellular respiration, the respiratory and circulatory system, and excretion, but after watching these videos over and over, I was able to get a B on my biology final. You're a life saver!. Quick question, I thought the maximum amount of ATP was 32 I'm not sure if I missed an explanation of where those extra 6 ATP go. None of my friends think that "Those Fault in Stars Guys" can help me learn biology... If only they knew.... Just finished up a Cell Respiration project for Biology and couldn't of done it without you. Thanks guys :).
    What does he mean at 5:56 when he says "fermentation frees up some NAD+" the NAD+ is busy but then is relieved of it's duties during fermentation Fermentation creates NAD+.
    +Tricell CEO That explains a lot. Also at 7:53 is the NAD+ picking up a hydrogen and a electron from the acetyl co-enzyme a. +The Great Danku Tree Yes. In biology, oxidation tends to refer to not just a loss of electron, but rather increasing the amount of bonds to oxygen, which often times results in the removal of an electron..
    Lactic acid does not actually cause soreness, this is just a very common misconception. Still a great video! Hard to get every detail with this much content. - Source (my college professor & i checked online).
    +The Great Danku Tree Exercise results in microscopic tears in the muscle fibers which leads to inflammation. The complex inflammation process causes areas to become sensitive so that they will be allowed to properly heal..
    Hank, thank you so much for making me interested in what I am learning and helping me to understand content- much better than I do in class! Actually, all the videos on Crash Course are so informative and interesting that even if I'm not studying the topic I still love to watch:).

    you are especially funny in this episode usually John gets credit for being funny but u are also funny.
    But 10 NADH + 2 FADH2 has 14 H atoms, even though the glucose itself only has 12 H atoms.. What's up with that And I was told that it's not NADH but NADH + H which is essentially NADH2... I'm really confused, please help me Hank :(. This video explained ATP in 13 minutes and my teacher took almost 3 class periods to explain it. THANK YOU!. I guess I'm one of the few, but I watch these for fun. I struggle with depression and these videos seem to cheer me up for some really weird reason. People like John, and Hank inspire me to keep my hopes up, and to not give up. Which is totally irrelevant to crash course biology..
    +CrashCourse Dear Hank, Could use some more exitement to keep watchers entertained and focused. For instance copy your bro a bit and use a thought bubble or make some more puns and jokes. Don't take this the wrong way your show is great for study and learning, but I think you could make it a little more exciting. Thanks.

    I'm already gonna have taken my test by the time this has been answered, but in the video it is claimed that the ETC makes 34 ATP, while my IB Biology book (Pearson), states that the ETC only makes 32 As you can probably tell this bludges all my math up and honestly I'm just confused as to what is right and what is wrong..
    It takes two molecules of ATP to move the pryvates, so 2 is subtracted so there ends up being a NET of 34. It depends on what mediator receives the 2 Nadh. H+ produced by glycolysis. Because it has to enter the mitochondria If it's recieved by nad, 3 atp will be produced If by fad, 2 will be produced . +xSaie Woah you are at a university and learning this now i'm in 9th grade and i'm learning this.
    Hi. Can anyone please explain the Krebs cycle/citric acid cycle in more detail. I'm taking an sat2 level course and I need to know specific details for my test. Thx so much!!!.

    +Sarah Mil Hey - you might want to try Khan Academy, their vids are pretty detailed! Good luck for your test :).

    I'm still confused on the equation (C6H12O6 + 6O2 > 6CO2 + 6H2O + Energy). Where are those 6 oxygen molecules in the first half of the equation coming from And why do we start it with a glucose molecule Also, why isn't there anything about NADH and FADH2 in the equation Thanks!.
    +Jennifer Marie The 6 02 molecules are what diffuse into your blood when you breathe inward. Your blood then carries it to your cells where they diffuse inward as CO2 diffuses outward to your blood. Basically, O2 enters your blood stream from your lungs because your blood is dropping off CO2 and grabbing onto O2. Your blood carries the O2 to other cells in your body that exchange the CO2 inside them for the O2 the blood has. Think of this like how you can drive to a store and trade empty Propane Tanks (for BBQs or beer making if you're me) for full ones.  Once in your cells, the O2 diffuses into the mitochondria. Now that O2 is in the mitochondria, the reaction for glycolysis can occur. Pyruvic Acid is created by ripping up the glucose molecule (using the 2 ATPs mentioned, they're like element cards in Pokemon. The Pokemon Mitochondria Requires 2 ATP cards to use the move Glycolysis). Then, one of the 6 O2's are used to rip a carbon off of Pyruvic acid (oxidating it) to create 1 molecule of CO2 and AcetylCoA. This happens for each AcetylCoA (2 per glucose molecule) so you use 2 of the 6 O2s in this step. See video around 7:22 to 7:50 for this. You still have 4 of your original 6 O2s to perform other steps in the cycle. The important thing, at this point, is not only that you've created some ATP and NADH and FADH2, but that you can now create Citric Acid. Citric Acid is the 6 carbon chain at around 9:10 in the video. That's where the rest of the O2 are used to rip more carbons off of Citric Acid and create more CO2. Basically, 4 more since that's all the O2 we have left after Glycolysis. In summary, you have Glucose (C6H12O6) put together with 6 Oxygen (O2) to rip off 6 carbons (note the C6 in C6H12O6) and make 6 CO2s (one for each of the 6 oxygens). You still have 12 H's and 6 more O's left (they are from the Glucose molecule) and they recombine to form H2O. Notice you have 12 H's, enough for six pairs of them, and 6 O's, enough to give one O to each pair of H's. That makes 6 H2O. What's cool about that is animals like Red Tailed Hawks get all of their water from their food, so they don't drink any. This process is part of that. As far as why the NADH's and FADH2's not being part of the equation, they simply store the energy using electrons to be used in making ATP. They aren't part of the reactants that cause Glycolysis to go forward, nor do they cause glucose or oxygen to change into the products of the reaction. They simply float around the mitochondria and store the energy created by the process of Glycolysis and the Citric Acid Cycle. Those NADH's and FADH2's are then used later on to create ATP in the Electron Transport Chain (video at about 10:55), which is a similar process to the Electron Transport Chain in Photosynthesis (both use ATP Synthase and pump ions into and out of the mitochondria's cell membrane and make ATP). Hope this helps!.
    +Daneer Corso Potential energy is energy that is stored, always in bonds. So when a bond is broken, that energy will be released usually as heat.

    +Daneer Corso have you learnt about entalpy in chemistry atoms needs energy to bond each other (usually converting heat to bond energy). that's why some reaction releases or absorbs heat.

    More accurately, Cellular Respiration results in the production of 29 ATP. 2 from glycolysis, 2 from the Krebs cycle (sometimes in the form of GTP) and 25 from oxidative phosphorylation. Steps: (more accurately) 1. Glycolysis 2. Pyruvate processing to Acetyl CoA 3. Krebs (or Citric Acid Cycle) 4. Oxidative Phosphorylation.

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  6. December 21, 2015
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  7. December 22, 2015
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  8. December 19, 2015
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  9. December 24, 2015

    Comments about this video:

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  10. December 31, 2015
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  11. December 25, 2015
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  12. December 27, 2015
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  13. December 30, 2015

    Comments about this video:

    Could you make ( or if you already have made on, can you link it ) where you make a medical kit for dirt biking (something very small and compact, but effective)..
    Instead of using oral glucose kits and the like, I have always just used honey. Raw honey works better but the prepackaged condiment sizes work well to. You can get them at fat food restaurants like KFC, Popeye's chiken, and Chick Filet. Plus honey has the benefit of lasting an incredibly long time. Toss a few in a med kit and forget about them until you need them.. I have a quick question for you. I know standard first aid treatment for a burn is lots of cool water for about 20 min. What can be done in a situation where one does not have access to large amounts of cool water Any products that you can recommend for this.
    +Wanttoknowabout They make burn gel that can help with the cooling process for minor burns. For larger burns they currently recommend dry dressing..

    Thank you for the video. What can we do for those who are diabetic they have only 3 month supplies of their insulting.
    +bsykes Prayer! :-) Their blood sugar will continue to rise after 3 months. I would be trying different herbal and essential oils.. +Radar Ground I am not sure, I don't bake. :-) Maybe someone who does bake will comment and let us know!. +SkinnyMedic I had a tube in my med kit that was at least 16 years old...a shooting buddy of mine ( also a diabetic ) started acting goofy (more than normal ) lo and behold his blood sugar had crashed... got the tube from the kit in my truck...squeeze between cheek and teeth...his...2 minutes later he started coming around. A tip though don't buy the green icing it looks unsightly as some runs out along the corner of patients mouth. The tube I have sitting here (orange) cost only $1.23. Best.
    As a Diabetic myself, when my sugar hits around 80 I feel it. If I don't get something fast within 2 minutes it will plow down to around 50. I am one of the few who receive virtually no warning signs of a low blood sugar (maybe because I love to run). When it gets this low, I am shaking noticeably, very confused (Thought process is reduced dramatically), and I am really sick. What works for me in a pinch is Glucose tablets when I am this bad. What I usually have on me is a few Snicker bars in my pack. Once when I was running on a trail and in my first year of being a Diabetic (Type 1, adult onset) I forgot my glucose tablets. If you think 2 minutes is fast try running whereby your in trouble in around 30 seconds. Fortunately, the Lord sent me a gift in a woman who went to a store and brought me back a Hershey bar within ~5 minutes. I continued to drop but not as fast. It took me more than 15 minutes to feel better enough to at least get me back on my feet and to start walking towards the car (3 miles away). Another runner saw my predicament and being a Diabetic herself gave me three Glucose tablets. I made it back to my vehicle and drove home thanking my Lord for those great Samaritans. That was 6 years ago and I have yet to make the same mistake twice. Probably, won't either. "SkinnyMedic" is spot on when he says sweet things can upset a stomach! It is not a good feeling to be that low and have an upset stomach too. Just a note here as well. NOTE: There is some evidence that Diabetes and Celiac Disease are connected. Connected closer than just being both "auto-immune" disease too. I have both and my choice for Glucose, Sucrose, etc., etc, has to be Gluetin Free too..

    Glucose Vitamin Tablets | GNC
  14. December 28, 2015
    All in one spot So for past week, I have been trying out three of these apps, and this one is in the running to keep. Bp, wgt, glucose, lipids, all in one spot to track. i13
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  16. January 4, 2016

    Comments about this video:

    Dr. Jothydev, thanks for details. Your demonstration is informative and clear. Is it really true that glucose variability ( HIGH PP excursions) is more problematic than having higher BG value but less excursions!!! It's a new learning for me. Thanks, keep up your good work, I don't think anyone doing specialised research like you are doing on diabetes. .

    Thank you for this tutorial. I just wish Abbott would sell this in the U.S. already. Have been following info on this new tech for 6 months now. .

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  17. November 22, 2015
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  19. October 29, 2015
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  20. January 8, 2016

    Comments about this video:
    Hi, love your recipes by the way, I've attempted to make the corn syrup but after 15 mins it's gone a dark golden colour temp is only at 100 c what went wrong .
    +LJsDesignerCakeToppe Guys i get rid of my diabetes upto 95% with the help of >====>> I recommend this website to all you guys who suffering with diabetes..

    1:25 240 degrees Fahrenheit = 115 degrees Celsius you mean... Not the other way around..
    +Nikki Trey Well, 4 months ago when I wrote that, he didn't have that written in the description box..
    +Creepyblock Creepz A little late, but here.
    Is this the same as the glucose syrup you can buy in Woolworths/Coles The store glucose syrup seems a lot thicker....
    its annoying, because in new zealand we dont have corn syrup! anywere! accept in dunedin, witch is at the bottom of new zealand kinda, and im at the top! so this recipe worked great! thanks so so much!.

    +Shannon Santana
    that's not"corn syrup". not derived from corn in any way. Not fructose. You've made "simple syrup". He said "You can't make the original version, but you can make something almost identical." That was stated directly from the video..
    Hi Todd, So.. the corn syrup is glucose a.k.a. sugar syrup hahaha.. I thought that they are different thing of each other.. thank you for your information...
    +Varshini Babu Buy this. this is actually inverted sugar, a lot sweeter than glucose syrup because has all the fructose, from the sucrose being broken down into glucose and fructose by the tartaric acid.
    is it possible to make it w/out the cream of tartar because can't find it in any supermarket here...
    what is the metric measurements please, I think I may have got this wrong last time it went white on the top about a day after I made it.
    I have a problem when Im doing the cornsyrup. I do it according to your recipe and it thickens after reaching 115°C. I turn off the heat and let it cool for a while. Then I put it into a jar, and after maybe ten to fifteen minutes it turns into solid sugar! I made it twice and the same thing happened. What am I doing wrong .

    Good morning to all, I need help on this recipe, can someone tell me how many cups of sugar and what else is used or where can I obtain the recipe, also can this be used to do gum paste.. Thank you so much.
    +Martha Roa A la decription... i'd stick with the cream of tar tar Ingredients: 2 cups sugar 3/4 cup water 1/4 tsp cream of tartar pinch of salt. that's some cheap ass sugar when I make corn syrup with white organic sugar it makes the water turn brown. I have an odd question, does this corn syrup ever dry and harden when left out does it crystallize I'm planning on using this corn syrup recipe to make jewellery, which is why I ask. Is the same as inverted sugar or trimoline Attention pastry chefs, this is a great recipe and if you do you research the price of trimoline is 75 USD for 7kg..
    +badr0100 when your simmering you can add a slice of lemon into the pan and boil with it in there its instead of the tartar. +Mathias Lindberg Thank you for responding. I did add Cream of Tartar per his instruction but it still crystallized.. Thank you for this video/tutorial. I can't find cream of tartar from where I live. What could be a substitute for this I've read that vinegar or lemon works, but it depends on what you're making. I hope you could help me out. Thanks again! :). Thanks as the corn Syrup sold in market has chemical that is not good to our health, I heard from a Health Program..
    if I want to make a half batch will I still cook it to the same temperature of will I need to alter the temperature.
    Sorry. I have the flu and only half paid attention. So very wrong of me. Yes and then no. The cooking time may change with less mass. But the temps remain the same. .
    I'm sorry, but why Americans call this syrup"corn syrup", it even contain no corn. Sorry about my English. Im Indonesian. :-D .
    +Paul Lawton Because this is a SUBSTITUTE for corn syrup, for people who can't find corn syrup easily in their countries. I live in Northern Ireland and corn syrup is only available online, so if you need it for a recipe and can't wait for delivery, which can be up to 5 or 6 days, then this is an acceptable substitute. Todd clearly states that in the video a few times.. +Vanessa Mc Lean There's no substitute for fresh sweet corn syrup made from the freshest sweetest corn grown in the Midwest USA. It has a flavor that won't disagree with your baked goods. I'm surprised there's not a lot of such syrups available in your part of the world from Russia. link::CNBC: For US-Russia, Cold War and corn share long history . I tried making this and it turned out strange. I let it cool and instead of getting a syrup, I ended up with a thick, sticky taffy sort of result. I followed the recipe exactly so I don't know what happened. Any advice.
    HELP please. I just made this and substituted Xyllotol and it crystalized. Any suggestions Thanks!!!.

    How about dark corn syrup I have a lot of recipes that call for it. I could use cane syrup but it is a bit stronger in flavor and not as sweet and would alter the recipe too much. Would just caramelizing the sugar first with a few tablespoons of water yield a dark syrup That was what I was thinking if I follow the directions for golden syrup and let it get darker then it should come out similar to a dark corn syrup. I don't buy corn syrup anymore due to the GMO factor..

    In most recipes, yes. Some special recipes will call for corn syrup specifically. (the major difference between corn syrup and what he's just made is added chemicals and viscosity, I think).

    An alle deutschen die nicht wissen was cream of tartar ist: Es ist weinstein und in Deutschland kann man im reformhaus oder bei Kaufland Weinsteinbackpulver kaufen für nur 60 cent. Das benutzt er hier auch.
    Ok, Weinstein_backpulver_ sollte man nicht verwenden. Aber der nette Apotheker von Nebenan verkauft einem auch reinen Weinstein.. +Adam Fauzi-Ber cream of tartar ist "Weinstein", also Kaliumhydrogentartrat oder Kaliumbitartrat. Das ist nicht dasselbe wie Weinsteinbackpulver! Weinstein bekommt man übrigens in der Apotheke.. Hey! Love this recipe! I want to make it, because I want to make marshmallow fluff! But I can't make it, because in our country ( I live in Latvia ) there is no cream of tartar :( Can I use anything else Please give me an answer!. Hey, use citric acid if not available in your country that's not a problem drop some lemon juice. .
    It is virtually impossible to make cream of tartar at home as it a bi-product from making wine. If the mixture is overheated it will become like a darker syrup. .
    all these ppl thinking baking soda is the same as cream of tarter... even though one is a base and the other is an acid...totally different.
    Thank you! Google Dictionary, 2014: cream of tar·tar noun a white, crystalline, acidic compound obtained as a byproduct of wine fermentation and used chiefly in baking powder. It's used in MAKING baking powder. People need to learn to do research before spouting out..

    He stated in the video (twice, I believe) that this is NOT corn syrup. He said you cannot make corn syrup at home - but that this is an acceptable substitute, especially for those living in countries where you cannot buy corn syrup. I don't eat processed foods. Corn syrup is highly processed. So, I can make this (using my minimally processed sugar) and get the same, but healthier results.

    +Jasp can you point me to a peer reviewed study whose conclusion is that GMOs cause cancer Thank you..
    Thanks for the video! I was looking for the meaning of corn syrup because I'm looking for recepies for modeling chocolate, and this video is really nicely made..
    I think it's better if we call it, sugar liquid, because corn syrop is not exactly this, corn syrop is made from the degradation of starch by enzyme or acids and it is in dextrose degree or percentage (DE), it more complicated to make at home. :) .

    Thank you for this demonstration, however watching through this video I would like to ask you to change the title of it because it is completely misleading: what you have done is that you made an Over-saturated Sucrose Hydro-Solution (Formula for Sucrose: C12H22O11=table sugar, melted or in crystal form, both) which is not Glucose (Formula: C6H12O6) syrup at all. This can cause problem to people with some type of diabetes who search for glucose syrup that they can consume safely but can not eat this sucrose. Te correct title is "How to make SUCROSE SYRUP". Thank you. Your other videos are amazing, I really love what you do..
    you're right 100% but do not forget glucose not good for diabetic people, they need I think fructose you mean§. And if you add to this two Cups of milk powder and blend for 5 minutes you have Condensed milk like NESTLE.
    I think you meant to say 240 degrees Fahrenheit or 115 degrees Celsius. Also, water cannot exceed 100 degrees Celsius, so the thermometer is unnecessary. Simply bringing to a boil brings the desired temperature. .
  21. November 6, 2015
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  22. October 25, 2015
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  24. December 2, 2015

    Comments about this video:
    +1MaginAZN Would I be able to use your lyrics from this freakin' awesome video in an extra credit video I am doing for school I will totally source you and give you credit..
    This is great but they totally skipped over 1,3-bisphosphoglycerate. This is an important molecule that isomerizes into a inhibitor for the binding of oxygen to hemoglobin..
    +Jackson Reynolds​ Hence why I stated that 1,3-bisphosphoglycerate "isomerizes" into the inhibitor.. Love the innovation. I have been a college professor for 30 years, most of them at a community college and I love using catchy tunes to make the facts go in the old noggin with ease. I used to make up my own in pod med school many years ago. I show your Kreb's cycle video in my Physio classes to show them the transfer of energy it takes all the trepidation (and boredom) out of the students who dread the biochemistry aspect of energy discussions. Thank you!. is this the one from the music and science class at uottawa...the veiwbook said that the music/science program did somthing like this.
    Yeah, everyone is saying this, but I'll say it too: I am legitimately using this song to study for my Biochem final tomorrow. Thank you guys. I wish there were more songs like this for the difficult things to memorize. The only other one I've heard that was any good was for the EM spectrum, and I've never forgotten it since. :).

    You took a song I hate and actually made it good by: 1. making it rhyme 2. giving it lyrics that make sense. Out of curiosity, did you compose this for study purposes or just for fun.
    Best educational rap ever. Probably one of the best raps I've ever heard. By the way, I'm your cousin's classmate. :).
    I like this better than the original PLUS it's perfect for test prep. Got a biggie and not even stressed because of this. Thanks! "awww he got the succinate"- best part.

    Hey AZN, maddy here. I have no clue of biochemistry but this piece of art is really funky and inspirational on how to get interest into science stuff! i liked!.
    I bet you a asian freestyled this whole entire song and then decided to put it on Youtube to make all the other races feel bad about themself.
    This is great! I'm a grad student at uOttawa and I also have no idea what you're talking about but it was still very entertaining! Good job!.

    I'm studying medicine - any luckily we aren't quizzed too hard on the very minute details (we are on some!) but I really pity people studying biochem having to remember them all :( .
    this is ridiculously AWESOME. omg it's like the catchiest song ever, and now it teaches me something. thanks so much!.

  25. November 19, 2015
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  26. January 6, 2016
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  27. December 19, 2015
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  28. November 3, 2015

    Comments about this video:
    Hello Danika, our 9 year old daughter Piper only relies on your videos for direction and advice. We had 4 sensor failures in a row and Dexcom replaced the transmitter. Piper did not want to try inserting the sensor again but after two months of refusal, Piper checked out your videos again, got the confidence and did the insertion herself. Hope Dexcom is giving you a commission!. +russelladams clan That is so great to hear!! Good for her! :) Hahah, nope, no comission! I just like educating :). Thanks so much Danica! :) before this video my parents always had to help me put it in but now i know how too :) you did a much better job explaining it than the tutorial vid that came with the sensor :) lol.
    I was diagnosed with T1D at 2 years old, and I'm 21 now. I've been using the T:slim insulin pump since it came out but now I really want to add the G4 to the collection of diabetic gadgets. Thanks for making this video I got a good laugh out of your goofy commentary haha.

    I LOVE your optimism… I have been just diagnosed with type 1 and dont get it how you can be like this, funny and all, I am really down right now, but understand that little geek in you about pumps and sensors… Dont have any, just using insuline pens for start, but nice to know there some techy helpers… Your videos are great, going to see them all, if nothing else I hope your optimism is at least a little contagious..

    +DiabeticDanica I was diagnosed 2 weeks ago... "let yourself be sad, mad, whatever you are at first! Its hard and a big change. But over time let yourself also accept the change and embrace your new life as a diabetic! " reading that hit me harder then i would like to admit.
    I just got this device recently and am really intimidated by it. Because of your video, i worked up the courage to reinstall it all on my own. Thank you!. hi I just wanted to tell you that I love your video so much I just got the dexcom a couple days a go and I need to change it the first day by my self, now that might not seem bad but I have very bad anxiety about anything being in my body I don't like it, so I have a two hour panic attack of crying and just wanting to give up but I keep watching your videos and they helped me through it your hilarious and supportive all at the same time and thanks to you I was able to put the dexcom in and It's already helping will my major problem areas thank you so much you helped me then you know ❤.
    We live far away from our T1 granddaughter. Visit prep includes reviewing care, especially since new gear changes have happened often. We watch videos, and we like yours! Thanks for doing this for us..
    Also, do you have a video of putting the sensor in your arm. Would love to learn an easy way to do that!. Danika, I've been a type 1 diabetic for 14 years. I've been having trouble with it for years all because I'm so scared of bad lows and I check my blood sugar way too much. I'm getting dexcom soon and I have high faith of it helping me get it under control. Watching your videos has really inspired me to get my blood sugars under control. You are awesome!. +DiabeticDanica Thank you for making these You Tube videos. I just recently received the Animas Vibe pump. I have been on it for about 12 days and so far so good. Between that and the carb counting, which I never did, it is helping keep my numbers down. I also received the Dexcom G4 CGM transmitter. I was going to have intrsuction on it this coming week and still will, but the instructor said if I got brave, to try and put it on. Watched your video and got brave and its on. Thank you very much for the tutorials...well done!. You're so great and I love your lighthearted approach. Thanks for helping me through my first upper arm insertion..
    My sincere thanks to you guys for responding. I just found out that I am being "considered" for an islet of langerhans transplant. The islets produce insulin to replace those no longer functioning. This might potentially cure me; no more insulin injections. But I was also told I would have to be on anti rejection pill or pills the rest of my life. I am seeing the surgeon I hope in the next few months for furthur discussion....

    Hi Danika.. We discovered your video on how to insert the Dexcom sensor and I wanted to let you know how helpful it was this past weekend as we were setting up my mother-in-law for the first time on her Dexcom. We followed it completely as we inserted the sensor. I'm not sure we could have done it without it. So cheers to you! Love your positive attitude!.
    I just used this tutorial today putting on my 7-year old son's Dexcom for the first time! We had success putting it on! Easy peasy lemon squeezy! Thanks for the straight-forward upbeat tutorial!.
    Thank you for your videos, Danica. My boyfriend is doing MDIs and trying to get better control. We've been considering pump therapy and CGMs lately, and your explanations and footage make these wearables seem much less scary and more livable, if that makes sense. Reading about how a medical technology works and living with that technology in reality are very different, so it's incredibly helpful to see real-life tutorials and reviews. Keep up the good work, and happy sugars!.
    About to get my first dexcom system, can't wait, thanks for the informative videos, they will help a lot.. Hi Danica, I would like to thank you for making the first reinsertion of my Dexcom Sensor possible. It was quite intimidating until I watched your video. Your instructions are so clear and easy to follow.. Love your videos! I was just diagnosed about a month ago at age 24, so it's all been an adjustment. I'm just curious, is the pump really a big step up from mdi, because something about the idea of having something attached to me all the time seems like it would get annoying.. Thank you so very much for doing this! I've watched it every time I've inserted a new sensor for the last month. It's really helpful because I always stutter when I comes to pushing in the needle. A cheerful and knowledgeable person having done the same thing is very comforting! Next time I'll go for the arm placement :) thank you! . +nasser ali جهاز يفحص لك ارتفاع وانخفاض السكر بالدم كل خمس دقائق بدون استخدام الابر سعر الجهاز 600ريال سعودي والابر كل اسبوع سعرها 200ريال سعودي.
    Hi! I am Helen, from Ukraine. I have injected my first sensor 2 weeks ago, on my belly. Today i decided to follow you and to place the sensor on the same place as you did in this video. That was very painfull and i saw blood under the plastic part of a sensor.And feel like there is a bruise, but i don't see it... Is that okay This is my second time using the dexcom and i still am afraid of anything... :-).
    Watched your video for the first time and inserted my dad's sensor. Thanks for the great video and your great sense of humor!.
    Danika - My mother-in-law's new Dexcom seems very insistent on changing the sensor after 7 days... giving the whole "count down" etc. They are so expensive, and Medicare doesn't cover it, so we were hoping to get a few extra days out of each one. In your video, you say it was almost 2 weeks Do you just ignore the countdown or what.
    I just wanted to say thank you - my 9 year old daughter has just started on the Dexcom G5 and you have made it such an safe experience for her - we love watching your tutorials - you're an inspiration!. Danica, thank you for posting your videos. My daughter and I just changed our first sensor and we couldn't have done it without you! This is such a valuable resource for those of us who are inexperienced. Thank you!. So is it worth getting a monitor and pump Because I feel like those things would get in the way when playing sports or exercising. Especially if you fell on them it might hurt a lot.. We are new to Dexcom, this is our second time putting the sensor in and both times there was blood that we could see in the plastic. The Dex Rep said that was normal, does this happen to you. Thanks for this post - I'm a T1D since '67 - and just now trying out the CGMS (well - the good one - tried MM out - we didn't get along so well - stopped using it after 3 months). I've been given a Dexcom kit by an islet cell recipient (aka they're no longer injecting or a diabetic... way to go Edmonton Protocol) - so since she doesn't need it - and I do... I'm giving it a test run. If all goes well - the transmitter will still have some life in it (at $800 replacement it better!!!) - and hopefully I'' start to see how I'm doing with m new stage of life... menopause - hormones like I'm a teenager with T1D again... NOT... I'm all grown up now! . Daninca I'm happy to have found your video and look forward to watching more. It was very helpful. I just received my Dexcom CGM two days ago and hope to connect it in the next few days. (Type 1 for 14 1/2 years, pump for 4 1/2 years). Thanks again. I also enjoyed the video on What's in Your Bag. Thanks again!. what kind of extra adhesives do you use when you want to wear your CGM longer. I have tried several kinds and I'm not happy with them. please let me know what brand and type you are using. Thanks for posting this. I started the Dex Monday and used this video instead of the one on their site for my first insertion (abs) and it worked great and am loving the dex. A couple recommendation I learned from the facebook dex group was to spray Floinase over the site first to prevent allergic reactions and itching and use skintac to help it stick better and both those suggestions helped. I appreciate the one on inserting it solo in the arm and will watch the video when I do my first site change. I also like the humor you add to the videos.
    You can also use the Lock to remove the Transmitter from old used sensor base., In fact it was designed to do just that. Good Video. Thanks.
    I have huge reservations about being constantly connected. I am terrified of having a pump, but I'm more tempted by the CGM. Your vídeo (including your non-chalant tone of voice!) is incredibly helpful in my consideration of getting one of these monitors. Thanks!. Omg I want that thing, sadly I can't get it, unless I buy it :( I hope they will be into our healthinsurance soon... This would be so good..
    Wow! I'm getting mine this coming week. After watching your video I feel a lot better. Thank you, thank you, thank you so much for the video and the information filled comments and answers!.

    how often do u change to needle for the sensor that look painful btw. and when do you use this continuos monitor for during an exercise or do u keep it on all the time is there any health rise like infection..

    +Tam Nguyen - it's a new needle for every sensor we put in. It's actually alot of waste when you think about it - but with that waste - comes a way for diabetics to have a good sense of how their diabetes control is coming along (every 5 mins is shown on the hand held receiver (which I use) - or via the Animas Vibe. It's worn 24/7. And no risk of infection, as the sensor that is placed within the subcutaneous fat of your body via that "wicked" looking introducer needle is only as thick as a strange of fine hair. BTW, I didn't feel the needle portion - but I've been T1D for almost 50 years - so maybe have a high pain threshold.

    Thank you for your help! My daughter just got her Dexcom in today and I could not get the DVD that they sent to work! The nurse explained over the phone how to do it, but your video really helped!!!.
    Do you know of any diabetes support groups for a child with a non compliant juvenile diabetic mom or dad .
    I'm worried it will hurt when I apply it to my 4 year old. Any tips for placement and how to make it less painful for her.
    ask your child's doctor for a prescription for lidocaine/prilocaine cream (might be over the counter too, not sure). it's a numbing agent. my parents called it "the magic cream" when i was little. for the cgm it takes away most if not all of the pain :).
    Great video! My insurance FINALLY approved a Dex after months of fighting with them and hoping to have it tomorrow and have watched all the Dex instructional videos. I'll be sure to use this video instead of the dexcom video for the insertion.
    +Jamie Paul Hey Paul, I was wondering if you could give me a little information on how you finally got your insurance to cover your Dex. My father is a Type 1 for 50 years and is very brittle, this is a life saver for him, but is very expensive. His insurance won't cover his, but maybe with a little advice, or how you got covered would help. You can email me atbridgetwilson2 Appreciate it!.
    Very helpful tutorial Danica. I keep coming back to relearn how to do this. Thank you. It will eventually become second-nature!.
    i have been diabetic for 16 years now and i never heard of the sensor before, next i'm gonna get my first pump AND sensor =S i'm very nervous about it, any good tip you can give me it's my first time and so =) Tnx beforehand! . going yo start the g4 today switched from medtronic you said you left the sensor in for 2 weeks while waiting for new supply is that about how long they could last. Hey your such an inspiration to me! Because of this video I put my CGM in for the first time all alone! To have enough courage to put it on I did it with you sorta( I did it with the video of you) thanks so much you seem really nice and your really pretty! . I'm getting ready to change my G-4 for the first time on my own. You make it look so easy. I will review this video again before I do it. Thanks for your positive spirit and contributions.. Hi Danica. I just got my dexcom and I was wondering if entering information in the events menu can help it work better. I don't have a pump so I was also wondering if it can save data like when I eat and when I exercise so I could download it and send it all to my endocrinologist. Thanks! .

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  29. December 4, 2015
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  32. January 2, 2016

    Comments about this video:

    I'm not sure what I'm doing wrong but my meter doesn't give me any results or feedback on anything. It's next destination might be the garbage can..

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  33. November 29, 2015
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  35. November 25, 2015
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  36. November 21, 2015

    Comments about this video:

    I noticed you only used glucose in your sponge cake recipes. Would it work with chiffon cake and the Japanese cheesecake too.
    Je vous remercie pour les infos ma question quelle est la quantité du sirop de glucose que je doit utiliser pour éviter la cristallisation est quelle glucose ou bien quelle est sont degré Brix merci..
    +Jojo Qian You can buy them online. Most craft store may have them. Also, I've research this and they said that homemade glucose wont be the same. Something about using different sugar or something. Amazon most likely your last opinion..
    +Jasmine Heaton oh, thanks for ur share, but glucose n corn syrup are different ( cause glucose very thick than corn syrup ) ^^.
    This tip will really improve my baking. Thank you so much for sharing! I'm totally in love with your channel.
    Ok. You have convinced me and i went out and bought glucose :)) Planning to try out your chocolate cake recipe soon. I'm going to have to honest though. Your recipes are pretty intimidating since your cakes all look beautiful I rest my case. I LOVE your chocolate cake.
    What happens simply is that the water that is present in the syrup becomes vapor with the heat and inflates the bubbles in the syrup. Putting glucose syrup in cakes won't inflate more your cakes-the water part does it; or other gases from baking soda, egg, yeast fermentation etc. But putting glucose syrup in cakes is better than putting sugar because sugar can burn slightly into caramel during baking but glucose will resist longer. And glucose is far more healthier than sugar!.

    is glucose corn syrup or can you tell me how to make it, i cant find it here in my local stores. thank you..
    Great demonstration on the effects of Glucose in baking. I think you can get glucose from the pharmacy..
    I'm dying to know what's the title and who's the artist of your background music (^_^).
    I've always wondered why my sponge cakes don't turn out fluffy... I'm gonna start using glucose from now on~!.
    Glucose makes fluffy cakes fluffier. It doesn't make unfluffy cakes fluffy. It's a booster, not a magic potion..

    Tips And Ideas For Handling Diabetes -
  37. January 10, 2016
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  38. January 21, 2016
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  40. December 8, 2015

    Comments about this video:

    this video makes easier for me to understand the relation between glucose, insulin and diabetes ! thank you soo much! .

    This was the best animated video ever. I'm in anatomy 2 and always watch videos to better help me understand & this is the best I've seen yet. It was clearly explained and spoken in a understandable language. The illustrations were perfect too. I just had to say that..
    great video - very beneficial for simplifying what could be a complex understanding of our bodies to a more laymen expression. I wish this Video could be changed to emphasize how people get Fat, rather than diabetes. This is a GREAT video, i wish the topic was a bit different so it could teach people who are trying to lose weight, to not spike their insulin..
    Thanks for making that amazing video!!!!! I used it in my Biology H.W. The teacher asked us to write a passage about insulin. This video is helpful and impeccable. .

    Since the people in the hospital never told me what diabetes was except a few words about insuline being a key, I decided to look it up myself. This is the first clear thing I have come across. Thank you for making this and letting me know what it was that I had for 3356 days (yes I count days)..

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  41. November 28, 2015
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  42. January 19, 2016
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  43. December 14, 2015
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  44. December 29, 2015

    Comments about this video:
    I reduce my diabetes upto 90% in 3 weeks with the help of a>> All you guys should try it.
    hi we bought a test for my mom and it says 27 mmol/l how do we know if it's high, low or normal. Please help.
    We explain to you the exact system required to activate brown adipose tissue to begin controlling your blood sugar. ===== >> Effective natural remedies, prevention, lifestyle changes and diet for diabetes I reduce my diabetes upto 90% in 3 weeks with the help of a>> All you guys should try it.
    Thank you for this amazing video, it helps really to know how to test sugar level degree in blood

    Oh hey! Have you heard the talk about - Kasteshas Breakthrough Diabetes Method (google it) Ive heard some incredible things about it and my auntie got great results with it..

    you should wipe the first drawn blood, and squeeze you finger again for blood, then that's the time you will put it onto the stick..

    you must disinfect first your finger to be pricked with 70% isoprophyl alcohol and you also have to wipe off the first drop of blood. squeeze again your finger and the second drop of blood will be put on the stick..
    Thank you so much for taking the time to do this video...even years later, it is still being watched. It is the basic instructions much needed. hope you are doing well. Sherri. +Milewskige Guys i get rid of my diabetes upto 95% with the help of >====>> I recommend this website to all you guys who suffering with diabetes.. ▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬ஜ۩۞۩ஜ▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬ NATURAL DİABETES ▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬ஜ۩۞۩ஜ▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬.
    Thanks I like the tip on least painful pricking site I'm still weirded out about measuring my blood glucose..
    Thanks a lot, I really appreciate ur way of teaching. Now I can help my father and mother who are diabetic patients.. Appreciate video content! Sorry for the intrusion, I would love your opinion. Have you researched - Sayerdsan Level Sugar Secret (do a google search) Ive heard some super things about it and my close friend Aubrey after many years eradicated the uncontrollable diabetes problem with it..
    Alright there! Have you considered - flowen epic social system (search on google) Ive seen some pretty good things about it and my GF had excellent success with it. .
    A year ago my doc said that I am diabetic even though I felt fine, prescribed the test kit and 100 extra strips and 100 extra lancets to be used twice daily.. So I got all this stuff, stuck it in a cupboard out of sight, then forgot about it. I still feel great so what gives .
    Diabetes is a disease where you don't physically feel the affects but your blood vessels and heart pay the price. With a constant high blood sugar level your vessels become sugar coated and start to shrink so your blood pressure will go up. With an increased BP your heart will have to pump harder and eventually become bigger which may lead to heart failure. You may also develop cataracts in your eyes and your feeling of touch may start to decrease over time..
    carrying around a glucose meter is enough work, let alone a journal and a pen. It would be better to automate the process and retain the numbers in digital format this way you can keep track of how the conditions is managed. . What about finding a way to reverse type 2 diabetes impossible
    Very informative. I shared this with the workers at a mail order diabetic supply company that had no clue what i was talking about. .
    Different countries/kits may use different units hence the varied numbers. Fasting plasma glucose of 3.9 to 7.2 mmol/L is equivalent to about 70–130 mg/dL.. Where do these crazy low numbers come from. I'm used to seeing any where from 100 up to a little over 200. I have diabetes too and I'm only 10 right now my blood glucose is no where near 3.6 wayyy to low mine right now is over 600.
    mmol/l mg/dl interpretation 2.0 35 extremely low, danger of unconciousness 3.0 55 low, marginal insulin reaction 4.0 75 slightly low, first symptoms of lethargy etc. 5.5 100 mecca 5 - 6 90-110 normal preprandial in nondiabetics 8.0 150 normal postprandial in nondiabetics 10.0 180 maximum postprandial in nondiabetics 11.0 200 15.0 270 a little high to very high depending on patient 16.5 300 20.0 360 getting up there 22 400 max mg/dl for some meters and strips 33 600 high danger of severe electrolyte imbalance Preprandial = before meal Postprandial = after meal

    Great video and well done. Great and helpful responses too. Just found out have diabetes at 47. To Ayman, I freaked, but we move on, and stay focused on the good things we have. I had OCD/Acute Anxiety like at 6 yrs olds, and it sucks. I freaked too at first, but you'll get through it I am sure, just a little comment, for what it's worth. Best of luck to you all and thanks again for informative video. Peace. .

    Kudos for the Video clip! Forgive me for butting in, I am interested in your thoughts. Have you heard about - Carpio Incredible Diabetes Bulldozer (probably on Google) Ive heard some super things about it and my friend Sam at very last removed the annoying diabetes issue with it..
    I have fasting plasma at 5.5 approx, but my questing is, 2 hours after meal on afternoon I usually have 7.5, but 2 hours after meal at night I have lower usually, even if I eat the same food, approx 5.8 then, how come . +BOb Saget I really suggest getting into a doctor it could be sign of a much more worse problems as well. Weight gain could be fluid retention from failing kidneys with the extreme thirst. Tests are really the best way to find out.. One of my family has type 2 diabetes since 2001. Man, that's terrible! I wished there's a cure and that he/she no longer a diabetic patient..
    interesting points ,if anyone else wants to discover how can diabetes be prevented try Panlarko Amazing Diabetes Planner (Have a quick look on google cant remember the place now ) Ive heard some awesome things about it and my mate got excellent success with it..
    To avoid stick injuries, don't put the top back onto the lancet, just pop it straight into the sharps bin.. You have to remove your first blood with alcohol swag and drop your second drop of blood into the machine !. I don't mean to sound ignorant or anything, but you guys measure your blood glucose levels in number.number I'm used to "100" popping up on my screen when my blood glucose is 100. Is there a certain setting on the meter to do that or something. 2 AnabolicMutant not all areas in your body are highly vascular. for adults, the side of the finger is chosen because it is highly vascular and contains less nerve endings. for babies, the heel of the foot is chosen. also, the side of the finger is less sensitive to pain while the tip of the finger has a dense nerve supply. the puncture site always matters because any alteration can affect the results..
    Yes!!! this it best product for test glucose in you blood This monitoring device also works hand in hand with the One Touch Ultra Meter in determining blood glucose level at good article for Deals .

    I never record my results in a Diary. It is rather annoying to do it every time, since I check my blood-glucose at least six times a day. Sometimes more than that. My Monitor keeps records of what my blood-glucose has been running, anyway. .
    If you looking for new technology to help monitor blood glucose levels in an active, fast paced lifestyle, try Gmate Smart. The GmateTM blood glucose monitoring system is diabetic technology that makes life simple for consumers. GmateTM SMART is the smallest and most innovative meter in the world and works with the iPhone and with this you can say good bye to your log book. . That would Suck for any one that accidently put their hand in the garbage or near a shrps container or was the person who disposed of sharps containers :p.
    Nooo cause then there is alchachol on your finger and blood, you should not contaminate Your blood ! I like to Cap. Random letters... sorry Huggs.
    Why do people insist so much on doing the finger just because other people say that is where to site the lancet SILLY in my view!!!! Blood is blood is blood, whether it is done in your arm, your finger, your foot, your arse, or even you head... it doesn't bloody matter so long as it bleeds where you stab!!.
    2 phleboedu1 I don't know if you know this, but we stopped using alco wipes a long time ago because using them 3 or more times a day every single day on a diabetic irritates the skin and dries it out. His technique for testing was very good, the same as a nurse would do in a hospital. .

    I don't know about anyone else, but if I was at 3.6 I'd be feeling rough, I was at 4 the other day and I was in a bad state haha. I guess its different for everyone.
    Hey, have you heard about diabno It helps you to produce more insulin naturally and therefore reverses the diabetes. Google "Diabno" for info.

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  45. January 11, 2016
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  47. January 13, 2016
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  48. December 26, 2015

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  49. January 22, 2016
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  50. December 12, 2015
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  51. December 20, 2015
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  52. January 15, 2016

    Comments about this video:

    Thanks for the review Danica! I need to decide on a new meter and your review was totally helpful! :).

    I have the one touch verio (it's the one they gave me when I was in the hospital). I like it. It's small and easy to use. The one thing I don't like is that my insurance doesn't cover the test strips but we decided that since my meter was better than the meter and strips that were covered that we would just deal with it..
    I don't know specifically about this meter but generally what creates variation in the meters is due to the way the strips work... they use hemoglobin as a way to "attach" the glucose and be able to measure it. Hemoglobin oxides very quickly (seconds) and and that means they will be a difference if you use blood from the same finger prick to get two readings, this also means that if you have tendency to be anaemic and you have low or lower limit hemoglobin levels your glucose levels will be higher that they're in reality. I suggest if anyone has this problem or is getting higher levels than usual consistently, they should check that thing first (this also happens the other way around, if you live in cities of high altitude above 2000m or something, you will naturally have higher hemoglobin levels as a compensatory mechanism for lower oxygen levels, that will also make your measurements lower than they really are). PS: sorry for my bad english. Great vlogs Danika!. I've been using the meter a long time now and I love it. I have to have one with a port light, and this one is sooo bright. i do find that at times, it's a bit off and can re ck it and get up to 25+ difference. It's also fussy in that if you don't apply exactly the right amt of blood and quickly, you have to test again. Even so, I love it!.
    I'm not happy with this system at all. The meter and software are fine. It's because of the test strips. At least 10 time over 15 days the strips won't draw a full line of blood and cause the meter to misread. Then I have to test again. Since my prescription manager pays less than half of the cost, the price isn't cost effective for me. I called One Touch and I got nothing but a run around. I feel bad having to complain to the pharmacy about this issue too. I mean what am I supposed to do bring the bloody strips back to them for review.
    I´ve tried this device today. I made the first test (142 mg/dl) on this device. On my other device (Abbott Freestyle Mini) 2 minutes later: (98 mg/dl) !. LOL. I have that exact meter... and I swear up and down that I've NEVER noticed the sun and moon lmfao!!! Waaaay over my head apparently. I got this one maybe 4 months ago. I was eligible for a new one thru my insurance, and I called and asked them which brands or models they approved, and I was told anything by Bayer or One Touch. So I asked my dr for a script specifically for this one... and my pharmacy wouldn't fill it. Said it wasn't approved lol. So my lovely Dr sent in a prior authorization for it.. one came with my pump I just got recently and my insurance won't cover the strips which sucks because I really like this meter. I have a channel if you get the chance can you please Check it out! I know that your busy but it would mean a lot to me if you could! Thanks awesome video love thAt meter!. +DiabeticDanica What do u think about the test strips Those where (at least) for me a reason to only use my omnipod meter since the test strips on the verio are so thin and the little (what should I call the part that goes into the meter!) kink so easily and I think the entire test strip is so thin and hard to pick up ^^. +ninaandianfan21 The test strips are not that good. Often I get the blood on the strip and it stops half way across. The meter senses that its there and tries to take a ready and malfunctions. Since I'm paying for half the cost, it drive the price way up.. I love my OneTouch Verio IQ meter! It's the best meter I've ever had. I don't go anywhere without it.. I use the Freestyle Insulinx, I really like it, but I also have used the Verio IQ too (it's my back up meter) and I also enjoy it too. . Thanks for your time on the review. It really helped to make my decision. P.S. Your smile is beautiful !! Thanks !. I was diagnosed just over a year ago and I was using an accu chek aviva to begin with because that is what they had given me at the hospital. It was alright but nothing pretty! I feel like if I need to use something and have it on me all the time I should love it lol. So I looked around online and I ended up getting this meter sent to me and I love it! It's so awesome. I love that it has so many features and it's cute too :) I've been using it for probably close to a year now. I actually have two of them because I went on vacation and wanted a back up so my endo gave me a spare to take with me :). I got that meter with my t:slim! I ended up ordering the verio sync and I have to say I love it. The meter interface isn't that pretty but the iPhone app is incredible. .
    One thing I kinda thought was that you could somehow download all your readings to the computer since it comes with the usb cable. But i haven't had anything pop up when I plug it in, so oh well lol. I guess that was just wishful thinking. I'd love a program that charts things and works with something like my fitness pal or something... that would be amazeballs..
    +AnimaSola3o4 The USB cable works for me. Did you load the software that came on the CD. You can also download it from their website.. +Donald Wood There was no CD in the package I got. I didn't know there was supposed to be. I'll look into it, thanks..
    I love the rechargeable idea! One reason I love my t:slim and also I have the Bayer contour next usb. That also recharges and I can plug it in the computer to charge :-).
    I bought the one touch viseo or something just one day ago. I like its light but sturdy. It comes in a hard case with a new plasticy holder that isn't attached. Ugh a picture would so help. But I like it. I test seldom. Just calibrate cgm. The two silver prongs on the strip is cool. One can put drop of blood on either side. I plan to switch prescription to it. The screen is cool. I've been with one touch mini for too long. And since I don't have to always have a meter in my pocket now the size isn't my main concern. The pattern thing personalizes the contraption. Thanks for your videos. Oh the last one How do you prebolus. Good topic. Similar to How do you like roller coasters. Wink. . Really way off for me. My one touch ultra mini and the Verio is about 25 points different. I had a fasting of 114 this morning with the mini, but with the Verio it was 148 34 point differential This is everyday by the way. Also with after meal readings. Hard to judge when the meters are way off....
    i have that meter,and it is making it look like,for example 203 when really on my old meter i am like 189!!!.
    I have been using the IQ for a year or so. My last end appt she gave me the plain Verio which I'll get to using too. Recharging and the light are the best features in the IQ.. Last year my endocrinologist gave me the Freestyle Insulinx and it seems to be more accurate than the other meters ain't have used.. I also got my meter free with my new Medtronic pump it is a Bayer Contour Next link and has a few cool features. First it links with my pump and sends data to it, second it has a usb plug built in to it and you can use it to download you pump data including cgm data to your computer and finally it is smart about the stips and blood. One night I was testing in the dark and put in a strip and it thought about it for a moment and then said "you put the strip in upside down" also if you don't get enough blood in the first time it lets you add more. Its also a nice shape and screen. .
    I'm currently using a Contour Next Link, which links to my pump. I love the light on the strip port too :).

    hey DiabeticDanica the diabetes meter the I use is called OneTouch Verio IQ I LOVE THIS diabetes meter is that it tell u ur AVERAGES.
    Do you know anything about the OneTouch Verio understanding is it uses Bluetooth to sync the results to an iPhone....
    I use it! Yes it syncs via Bluetooth. You have to have the app open in the phone and check with your meter. It will then send all the results..

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  53. October 30, 2015
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  54. December 25, 2015
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  55. December 16, 2015
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  56. January 7, 2016

    Comments about this video:

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  57. November 23, 2015
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  58. October 28, 2015
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  59. December 30, 2015
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  60. January 12, 2016

    Comments about this video:

    I am a fitness coach and I own my own gym. I have helped people cure diabetes, hypertension, high blood pressure, high triglycerides and high LDL using a Keto diet. Everyone applauded the results I got. I was praised by all the local doctors and health care professionals until they realized that I did this with the ketogenic diet. Now all the do is ridicule me. Do you get this reaction from people .

    You are right and i apologise for my comments in the earlier videos. Thanks for your generosity. .

    Thank you Stephanie. I think I have this problem. High ketones (1.5-3.5), high glucose (80-110) and usually high stress..

    I know you would definitely disapprove of it, but I watched a video recently of a guy who was having issues with his blood glucose spiking too high while in ketosis, so he took a day and ate a bunch of carbs and he said it reset everything for him so now he does it every couple weeks..
  61. January 3, 2016
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  62. December 31, 2015
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  63. November 8, 2015
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  64. October 24, 2015

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  65. December 27, 2015
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  66. January 1, 2016
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  67. November 17, 2015
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  68. November 14, 2015

    Comments about this video:
    You are 3 weeks ahead of me :) wow I cant believe how big little peanut is getting! Seeing your bumpdates gets me sooo excited! ! Im having a baby boy. And about the jeans, I know exactly how that is I need to buy a few leggings now and a few shirts! Bless you and your little family I cant wait to see a what's in my labor bag and what's in my diaper bag :) . +Andrea Price Awwe Congratulations Andrea! I am so ever happy for you and your little family. Bless your little family =) I'm glad we can relate haha Mommy problems forsure it's only gonna get better. Lol I'm still settling on a diaper bag, once I have one i'll be updating a vid on whats in my diaper bag! Keep me updated with your baby.. I'm 23 weeks and baby boy has been head down for the last 3 weeks and very low so I am already feeling lots of pressure. Once again Congrats on another week we both have made it like I said before we are literally a day apart my due date is February 7th and I will officially be 27 weeks in 4 hours and 41 minutes lol I'm having a baby girl as well and is awesome watching and listening to someone who is soo close to my date every one else I know is all a month o two ahead of me so I really appreciate your updates looking forward to nest Fridays video see you then... .
    +angela love Awesome! Can't believe how close we are in our due dates, now that is totally crazy cool! Lol I hope your pregnancy is treating yo uwell so far. Keep me posted Mama, I'd love to hear your weekly updates too, feel free to message me anytime k. I'm here =).
    +maxzac08 Awee! Thank you so much for your kind words, I'm wearing Wet n' Wilds lipstick in 913C.
    Looking good :-) I'm 36 weeks & have lots of symptoms but the two biggest I suppose are just feeling big & hips/pelvis feels very sore. Like its out of place or something lol. But positives are her movement is great and my nails are so healthy now. It sucks I'm hungry all the time and I've gained 25lbs so far. I'm overweight though so that's not good for me but I've really tried, I get nauseous when I don't eat and it's hard to move around now but I will try to get a positive attitude about it like u do, hoping I only gain 5 more pounds before she's born :-).
    +Jennifers Dream3 Awee! I hope you recover soon mama, so soon and just a few weeks left hang in there! I'm so ever excited for you I can't wait 'til I can officially say I'm 36 weeks. So nervous and exciting, you must be all the above. .
    Yes exactly, nervous & exciting. I feel like I'm just waiting for something to happen lol. You'll be at 36 weeks before u know it, times going by pretty fast. then hopefully it slows down when we have our little ones :-).
    I think it's really great that you're trying to watch what you eat, it's very important for you and baby.. You will be a great mommy, you already are!! I love what to expect series.. I'm currently finishing to read what to expect the first year and I need to but the second year..babies grow so fast:)). +LivingWithJaneSB Awee thank you I will try to be the best Mama for her as being humans we learn each and every day! Thank you for your kind words Mama. Let me know how you like the series, I might consider.. One Touch Ultra 2 Blood Glucose Monitoring...
  69. November 13, 2015
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  70. November 20, 2015

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  71. December 22, 2015

    Comments about this video:

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  72. November 5, 2015

    Comments about this video:
    0:00 - 1:16 Houses - Lost in Blue 1:17 - 1:58 Labrinth - Earthquake (Noisia Remix) 1:59 - 3:04 Les Twins - Earthquake 3:05 - 4:24 Coolio - Gangsta's Paradise (Candyland Remix) 4:30 - 7:03 Diplo - Revolution.. I think in this movie they step down because there is no way this better than step up revolution and the mobs. I feel like as the franchise continued on the leading roles have gotten extremely boring...over time. the finale scenes seem to have slowly gotten rather boring too..
    I found this final dance to be the most disappointing of all the films- it just didn't wow me as much as the others.
    This is my favorite last dance of all, but revolution is my favorite movie of all, also moose is my favorite dancer of all, and then kathryn mccormick is my favorite of all female lead( i mean she's the most 'dancer' of all the female leads duh).
    FUCK i wish i could dance like any of these people. But where would someone start Was a awesome movie!.

    ffsujxkjxjhxdyxhdjjjsujddhyndujhjrurjruhdurhhdnd dhhd dhjr dydjjdndjsvtqubzgd dhdoneynfubf jjduffb ndudbfkf diidnf fidjfbjdkdjjsydbdh fjfnfjf fhfnjfj qiy rhnnjr rjdhidnnrygs hudjdhffrhhsb hshdhd hrh duhr djjejb rhndiebj hdkmridbgbt ynsiendh jsmdidnrj djdnu rhrnu runrubhhi uej hejid jeneunrib euxbvmzuheib jjehdbxuudbfhj.

    Alguém sabe o nome das músicas da batalha final do filme Agradeço quem me ajuddr.

    aqui no Brasil poderia ter esses tipo de dança em praças publicas e ruas,mas nao essa bagunça e zona que ta hoje.

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  73. October 26, 2015

    Comments about this video:
    could someone tells me the english song in this drama that looks like old songs. i like that. thanks. +Namuun Usukhbayar song 'Just Like the First Day', singer Park Yong Ha who suicided, 2010.
    Үгүй. Энэ IVECO STRALIS. Made in Italy. Euro Truck. Shacman чинь MAN Truck-н хуулбар шүү дээ. North Benz чинь Mercedes Actros-ийн 1987 оны загвар. SCANIA, MAN, VOLVO, RENAULT, IVECO, DAF, ACTROS. Би европ ачааны машин барьдаг юм..
    I love this drama very much I fell In love to korean drama after this specially the song it's to late to recognize you but thank you for leaving a very good songs to thanks to god that he use as an instrument to make me smile again....
    serie estupenda fantástica ; sensacional ;lo máximo ;sigo xD ;por series como esta me gustan tanto los doramas ;reparto de actores de lujo Lee Byng Hun ;Ji Sung ;Song Hye Kyo ;Park Sol Mi ;dorama de 10puntos .
    2 Syafiq Mokhtar,hi,the drama's name is All In,this song's name is Just Like The First Day sang by Park Yong Ha who he was found dead in his home by his mother at5:30a.m. 2010,6,30..
    Wow it was ages ago when i watch this. I wonder if Lee Byung Hun will be back to playing a lead actor in a korean drama. he's quite a big shot now in Hollywood and well hollywood has one of the biggest market for his industry.its gonna require some amount of money to get him to act now. Good efforts on his part :) wait Iris 2 includes him right Lol.

    Lee Byunghyun and Song Hyekyo look so much younger, even though this video was only uploaded a couple years ago.

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  74. November 26, 2015

    Comments about this video:

    It looks like tori can look into my head. Everytime i listen to one of her songs she discribes my Life. Why is she not famous Like ARIANA She deserves it Like omg.
    Sorry you feel that way, but I can relate to this even as a man...people are confusing to those like me who wear our heart on our sleeves daily.. This song is so emotional to me, I can relate to every word. It breaks my heart that this is so true, but it is. I love this song, but also can't stand listening to it, because the tears it brings to my eyes are unbearable. Tori is an incredible artist and this is an incredible song.
    She's not big because people don't like music anymore. They enjoy noise. They don't like art. They like trash. Her voice has the ability to entangle you in her feelings. It's deep. People don't want that anymore..

    Now this is the type of artist young people should be celebrating. She wrote, produced, and mixed this album on her own. She actually has talent. Not like other young artists who rely on auto-tune and/or a sexy appearance to sell records (ex. Ariana Grande, Fifth Harmony)..
    +James Kalis- I'll help you along with your research. This is part of what you will find when you look Tori up... She started singing when she was 3 years old, and has since grown famous on YouTube and participated in American Idol. She is currently signed to Capitol Records and and has released 2 EPs. Her first EP 'Handmade Songs by Tori Kelly' she wrote performed and produced in her bedroom and released on her own record label "Toraay Records". She released her debut studio album, Unbreakable Smile.. Tori makes the BEST heartbreak songs. These kind of songs really shows what the person probably has gone through and it's heartbreaking. I'm glad I can also relate to this song.. Is this song about Jeremy Passion They sounded so good together when they did covers their voices compliment each other well..
    I guess it was all in my head. That this song doesn't make it to her VEVO. That this song doesn't deserve a Music Video. I guess I should stop thinking about it all the time. Maybe this is what I needed. Maybe this is a sign. Maybe I've been blind to reality baby tell me....
    Ahh the view. Im not that very good, but I love playing my guitar and singing on this rooftop of an Asian store (I climb the ladders). I think the employees know but I honestly dont care.. Recently found out she got knocked off American idol maybe for her it was a blessing in disguise :) just look at her now randy Jackson and Simon cowell and Paula.
    And I'm just wondering who is that fool who didn't go serious with Tori for someone else and actually made her write a song about that Whoooooooo Who are you and where are you, cause I've got your enrollment letter for the school of fools! Smh....
    I literally love u and this song from the beginning still kinda upset this hasn't even hit the radios because your vocals my god ❤ your voice OH MY GOD YASSSS TORI KELLY ALL THE WAY ❤❤❤❤❤❤.
    i can't believe i haven't heard this acoustic version before "i was probably dead _".
    she put real emotion in this... I bet this song was about something that happened and it really hurt her.
    that guy was so stupid...if i was a guy and YOU liked me i would've married you!!!!! why didn't that guy liked you 1)he is gay 2)he is STUPID AF...!!!! you are SOOO BEAUTIFUL, AMAZING...MY WORDS CANT'T EXPLAIN HOW BEAUTIFUL AND AMAZING YOU ARE...!!!.
    I just made a cover of this amazing song. Would be soooo mean if u guys could check it out. Like,Comment and subscribe to my channel. Thanksss!.
    I have been listening to this song for bout a week and just now understood what she was really saying. Now i want to cry, because it just got real..
    As pessoas que estão dizendo que o Whindersson plagiou/copiou a melodia da musica da Tori. Se vocês observarem, ele deixou bem claro no começo do video que era uma parodia e que ele só fez isso, pois era uma musica que ele gostava. Bjs amores.. I remember listening to this the day it was posted, incredibly amazing how far Tori has come. One of the most beautiful voices I have ever heard, and one of the most talented singer/songwriters out there..
    that feels at 2:17 - 2:20 is like dammmnn.. I keep repeating it... and I don't know why... hehe.
    I remember listening to this in 12 like I can't wait for her to blow up and she did and unfortunately I didn't like her first album, it was too plastic not enough raw emotion like what was presented Foreword and Handmade..
    She's amazing and this is so true people are so confusing and so what if she has a lower range I'd like to see you try sing and write your own songs. She deserves a lot of credit.
    She's so good. But her fans are so annoying. Guys you don't need to trashtalk any other artist or group just to say Tori is better than them. They are all great.. Her voice is weak. I guess anyone can break in to the industry, granted they have 'the look'.
    +Yngwie Hafleur Her voice is really strong.. SG voice is weak..Check the difference.You're just totally jealous that she got something you probably wouldnt.
    A guy who is my friend broke up with his ex a about a month ago. Two weeks later he asked me out and I said yes because I told him I liked him a lot and he said he liked me back. He would talk bad about her ex to me and tell me how she would flirt with other guys in his face. So one day he told me that he needed space and broke up with me. He told me he would ask me out again once he got over his ex. But last night my friend told me that the guy I liked went back to his ex..:,(.

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  75. December 11, 2015

    Comments about this video:
    +Ivan Games Apparently Michelle does. The rest get confused by frequent accusations of hypocrisy..
    +Ivan Games You don't believe That is stupid thing to say since YOUR LEADERS and Elite of this world believe. And they RULE YOU..

    If you do it hard and long enough you might end up killing yourself, and finally ease the suffering. There's no better way to subvert the pain of life than to experience the sweet release of death. May you rest in peace, friend..
    +Jason T Scott-West It's wildly mind blowing how such basic concepts are just completely overlooked and replaced with what they want. I mean, I guess that's not shocking seeing how they do exactly that with even the most fundamental aspects of their own religion.. But we should be able to point out this and show them how ridiculous what they say actually is. It's absolutely infuriating..
    This daft bitch knows there were laws before the ten commandments right Of course not shes a fundamentalist.
    Not abiding by the 10 Commandments degrades our liberty. Even though the first four is all about how pissy God is if you either don't follow it or follow another God. Lolwut. god does ethics: do not murder. what is murder unlawful killing. so do not do unlawful killing. so as long as it's legal, im allowed to kill. yes. ok so the legal system of the particular government im living under is the basis for morality yes. so then why do i need the ten commandments isnt "do not murder" a redundant commandment do not commit adultury. what is adultury sexual conduct with someone you are not married to, while you are married. ok, so again, the state that provides the legal marriage licenses are instructing morality. if the state considers me to not be married, im free to have intercourse with anyone i want. so the state is the basis for moral law, not the other way around. thanks god, appreciate it..
    I think she meant The God Emperor of Mankind, which I suppose would be ok seeing as pre-Heresy was a secular Imperium of Man. Otherwise, she's just batshit insane talking about what she thinks her perfect empire would look like..

    The Separation of Church and State is one of the most important foundations of America. It's why Bachmann will never succeed. She's just another psychotic member of: Christians United for a Nationalistic Totalitarian Sharia Just a bunch of CUNTS..

    Even when Canada had a Conservative government our Prime Minister kept the religious zealots in our government from having influence..
    She's talking to David Barton, the often discredited "Historian". Here's a quote from David Barton you should remember: "Only majorities can grant rights." He said this in reference to gay rights, but it can easily be extrapolated to any other rights. Now THAT is some really fucking dangerous thinking.. +Trumpepe I'd vote you for president. Trump proved you don't have to be born in the US for that..
    At the time Moses allegedly existed, the Hebrews had not yet organized into a tribe, nor did they have, in their settlements, any evidence of writing. They did not so much as make marks on a rock to count their goats or their wives. And they were never in Egypt in any large numbers..
    +HerkRants Whoa wait... I don't believe in the bible, but historically there weren't any slaves in Egypt Damn, you learn everyday..
    I literally became physically ill listening to her delusional nonsense. I"m pretty sure a few billions of my neurons also committed suicide in the process..

    These people are in power. These people are among the majority. This is goofy as fuck, yes, but it's also terrifying. Utterly terrifying..

    Anybody still not get why "regressives" like me say we should focus on our issues instead of Muslims 8,000 miles away Take a good look: this bitch was a hop away from the nuke codes..

    Why do regressives consistently pretend that we only have the faculties to focus on a single issue at a time.
    +saro ban Pathetic strawman, Saro. I said we should focus on OUR issueS. See the "S" there That means more than one..
    I love the way they showed in the bottom right hand corner, "God gave Moses 613 laws in the Old Testament". Hey Bachmann! Maybe you should read those 613 laws. Then you might see that your all powerful, all good, and all knowing God is really a genocidal, ignorant, arrogant, racist, contradicting, hypocritical, prick!.

    What about the second 10 that were the the first to be called the 'Ten Commandments' that are much different from the ones the Moses character smashed..
    +Troy Roebuck I was lucky, although my parents are both Christian, they never forced me to go to church..
    +Samnang Suom lol, so you claim, but look at your elected officials and consider who votes for them..

    +rahowhero we still have a majority christian nation, many who consider that as long as they're a christian they would vote for them. There is also a huge money in politics problem that gets puppet candidates into office with no intent of repairing the US.
    Secularism degrades the liberties of the nation. Yeah right. The country was not founded on any type of fate. The country was founded on the principles of the separation of church and state and the fact that the founding fathers wanted to remain deist. Good job, Kyle.. I dislike all of those people, but this doesn't work... You're just scrambling three names..
    It's funny how in the bible the only commandment that makes seance is "Thou shalt not kill", and Mosses didn't even follow that one..
    Michelle Bleehew... Michelle Bleheeheeeww... Dammit.. i cant even type her name without dry heaving. It's so ridiculous how these people don't get it. She's a PROFESSIONAL and this is what we've got going on.. It's so sad and horribly horribly frustrating how evident this junk is and how mind blowing-ly difficult it is to convey how completely ridiculous this is to them. Anyone saying things that go against their teachings/beliefs "Nothin' but worldly people bein' led by Satan himself!". You just don't get through to people who think this way. They've got every possible opposing angle covered with satan/demons and lies. No, you see Kyle, in their eyes (the religious fundamentalists) gawd's laws trumps lowly human laws. Fucking morons everywhere. Fucking Christ. She does fucking realize man made the damn building right Man created the portraits. Man decided where to put them and how they look. I mean shit under God wasn't added to The Pledge of Allegiance until 1954. That's 178 years after the founding of the country and 62 years after The Pledge of Allegiance was written. Man decides what to add God to. Not God. Because God is not real..
    "Historian" David Barton my ass! He has no formal credentials as a historian. His book The Jefferson Lies (voted least credible history book in print) was so filled with inaccuracies about Thomas Jefferson that the publishing house Thomas Nelson stopped printing it and renounced it. I heard that he is going to republish it through WorldNutDaily in paperback where he will have like a preface or introduction addressing the actual historians who tore him a new asshole about his flat out lies. He's going to pretend in the intro that they're the ones lying so he can make money off of ignorant Christians and you know what It'll work due to the confirmation bias of the ignorant. Oh, and Michele Bachmann is an irrelevant cunt..
    Liberty can't exist where religion reigns. Check Muslim countries where sharia is law. Or check India, where they're not gettin the customer service jobs, or modernized. Its bad, and in most places in India, they don't have police, they have religious police. They do nothing if your about to get jumped by a crowd, but will literally chip your hands off for disrespecting a religious leader. Even listen to Kumail Nanjiani about Pakistan. Religion cannot carry a successful nation. And I'm pro removing non existent Moses from the house.. Alright guys, who's the worst: Michele Cockmann, Rick Mixture-of-lube-and-fecal-matter, or Mike Fuckabee.
    I'm just curious do you Americans think this shit is hilarious like the music, the subject, it's all fucking hilarious hahaha.

    +Secular Talk Have you seen this already Kyle I think you might like to cover it:
    my bible says that a women who gives religious advice is an abomination and should be stoned, with stones, till bout it, usa.. +Demarcus Barfield That's good to hear. It's 2016 and people are still not over religions, smh.. "Thou shalt keep thy religion to thyself." - George Carlin Don't worry, Europe and Australia, not all of us are like those folksy nimrods.. for fuck sakes I just want to walk in there with the Constitution rolled up and smack both those idiots on the side of their heads, READ THE CONSTITUTION DICKHEADS.. o_o Well, at least we can take solace in the fact that our nation does represent the mentally ill. I mean, in some other nations the mentally ill are locked up like animals. Our views are too progressive in my opinion. We need to bring it down a notch.. I hate to say this, but this woman reminds me more of my mother than I'd like. My mom talks a lot of crazy biblical shit that sounds so much like the things she says. Of course, my mom has also said she has heard voices and God was talking to her through The Waltons....
    don not lie, kind is a law with the whole perjury thing, so I'm going to give them a half a point for that one.
    look up flood myths and newly discovered underwater cities hole sub contents not a bible thumpper there's a grain of truth to some of this dewarka.
    When a corrupt politician who married a flaming homosexual who hates himself tries to talk me about moral my hand flips her the bird by reflex.

    I am actually impressed that Michele Bachmann is still being interviewed and shit. She's so irrelevant..
    I fucking saw this bitch on a debate with Bernie and she honestly pissed me and everyone viewing it the hell off..
    As you mention in this video, the United States has never been a Christian nation. Anyone who claims otherwise is either ignorant or peddling bullshit. The USA was an experiment in secular government that happened to work spectacularly. To anyone who's interested, I'd suggest reading 'Nature's God'by Matthew Stewart. It delves into the religious mindset of some of the Founders as well as the philosophy of ancient and early-modern philosophers like Epicurus and Spinoza..
    When conservatives say "Liberty and freedom" they just mean lets implement only the biblical policies that fit it with the 1950's social standards, enforce white supremacy, have unregulated capitalism combined with corporate welfare, and insist that we're the greatest country in the world while sending the lower class males to fight perpetual war in every country that disagrees with us.. The ten commandments are the basis for all other laws Slavery Rape Protecting children OMG! Seems like we missed a few valid laws.. The most offensive part of that clip was the graphic that called David Barton a historian. That man is not a historian. Owning historical documents doesn't make you a historian any more than owing a copy of Penthouse makes you a gynecologist..

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  76. November 4, 2015

    Comments about this video:
    Lord Jesus Christ my saviour! Mercy me, I m in big trouble coming 23-December at count 21, and this is my third times offen against the Singapore law drink and drive! Lord Jesus, I repent for my behavior and my sinful nature; Lord Jesus, I nothing to said, but I humble myself and sincerely cry for your forgiven and mercy! the result of my sentence I will accept it and give thanks to you! hopefully your mercy come to me and lead me walk in your ways, that evil and my sinful nature not room in my life, but only Lord,your words fulfill my life! I sincerely pray in Lord Jesus Christ Almighty and Honorable name. Amen! Sing to Lord, my soul, His love are forever and ever. Amen!.
    +Justin Chace thank you for lettng me know more about christ Justin..I guess jesus has sent you for me to know something...
    hey christians... i think we should be taking a better approach to the hate comments left on these christ videos. Remember that Jesus's kingdom is about spreading love, not giving insults because they havent encountered Him yet. Just something to think about as we all navigate this broken world. :). +Big Dog Yes. Sorry about that, I guess I should have been more specific. When I said God is against arguing I was more talking about the arguments that cause strife. God says to live in peace with all men but some times that's not possible and that's when we need to walk away. There are people who have their own opinion and beliefs about God and believe we are wrong for believing in Him and there're times where the discussion turns into a heated argument. That type of argument is what I was mentioning. A misunderstanding is never ended by an argument, so I thought readers would understand that I was talking about a futile argument because those are a no win situation..
    Ive started reading a lot of the comments to christian videos and music my opinion is that people that have hurtful or mean things to say just because they are not christians i dont think its right you never know what someone is actually going through... You judging them for there religion and saying hurtful things doesnt make it better for them it actually hurts far more than you could imagine it could even make someone believe that Christ isnt real maybe, there holding on because they dont have anyone but, they have God that loves them and cares about them but, you telling them and judge them could hurt them and make them feel like they arent really are whe they actually are... You never know what someone is going through so think before you start to judge someone because of there religio or anything at that matter!! mathew 7 1:4 Dont, judge so that you won't be judged. For with whatever judgement you judge, you will be judged and with whatever measure you measure, it will be measured to you....
    Amazing! whoever is disturbed by life's circumstances, whatever they may be, whether you got into it yourself or it took over your life as a storm, just know this, God is real, He loves you, He has His Eye on you, when you are in your darkest moments, hidden away from everyone, seeming insignificant.. He is with you in trials, He sees, and He knows, be sure of this, Daddy knows what you're going through, and He will rush to you when you call, He has done same with me many times, and is still working with me, just be calm, and sincere in heart whiles you pray, saying " God, don't leave me like this, I am your daughter, I am your son, take control of this situation Daddy, take the wheel, In Jesus Name I pray with Thanksgiving, and my life shall be a testimony to Your Glory for others to see! In Jesus Mighty Name we have prayed, Amen.. Hi everyone✋I know your prayers can go a long way to help mum is passing through a lot of difficulties and right now I am in school😭I don't want to drop out of college...please I need your prayers for financial breakthrough😭😭there is no hope of paying my school and dormitory fee next semester..please pray for her.And I believe and trust in God that he will come to our rescue🙏Amen🙏 thanks.
    I used to listen to this song as a child a lot, and had a lot of memories of this. Now that I matured more, I can really understand Jesus' love for me..
    people of youtube, DONT get desived by man, thats not what the lord wants us to do. If you live in america be prepared. The American economy is slowly going to start prosacuting chritians. Ask god for his love his strength and joy. Just remember DONT BE AFRAID OF DEATH, GOD SAID HIMSELF. May the grace of the lord be always with you. Amen. GOD is good, religions interpret GOD for us, everyone can have their own relationship with GOD, good luck on your journey!.
    +1988deef Hang in there."Therefore, since we are surrounded by so great a cloud of witnesses, let us throw off everything that hinders and the sin which entangles us so easily and let us run, with perseverance, the race that lies before us. Let us keep our eyes fixed on Jesus, the author and perfector of our faith from beginning to end." Heb 12: 1b, 2.
    i am not a christian but i love this song a lot!!!!! i just love all religions and all gods but i especially luv these songs based on jesus all gods r great!!!they all luv us !! may the lord always bless us!!.
    I want to open your eyes Lost /doubters of God. please take heed... we sinners we understand that.. Romans 3:23 and sin=death romans 6:23 and the thing we need to understand is Christ Jesus died, was buried and rose again for us because he is the life. and salvation is a free gift. but we need to understand hell was made for SATAN AND HIS DEVILS. NOT FOR US. We derserve hell yes but it wasn't made for us. God made a way through Jesus so if you understand that.. call upon the name of the Lord and go back to Him. he created you. but you need to be forgiven in order to enter into everlasting life with God. go back to the creator through Jesus. you shall be saved.
    Oi Nádia ,o que você está fazendo por aqui,preciosa! Eu também curto estes louvores!.
    +MIGUEL JUAREZ thank you very much my friend GOD BLLESS You and to Your Family too... Bon weekend.
    why somedays i dude un christ i don want. i wanna follow him but i cant. my battle is so hard and im just 14 years pray for me please. i need God.
    +David Martinez Especially as teenagers, following Christ isn't always easy. I'm fourteen too, and even though I'm a pastor's kid, I still have struggles, doubts, you name it. We live in a world where Christ is not well received, and society encourages us to shut God out in order to fit in with the rest of people. But it's okay. The best ways to come closer to God are finding a Christian community of people you can trust, going to church regularly, listening to Christian music and reading your Bible, and most importantly, PRAY! God loves you, and He wants you to come closer to Him. He's helping you, I promise. And He will never let go of you..
    +Little Sis 14 is a tough age with all kinds of issues pulling at your heart. I will be praying for you. Jesus is faithful through it all. He knows none are righteous. That's why He came to rescue us and carry us through. God Bless you richly each day,each moment..
    God gave us his only son we need to give him back by praissing him because he did this for all of us Amen!.
    +Sandra Jemigbeyi God answers our prayers in different ways. He always does what He knows is best for us, even if nothing makes any sense to us and everything seems to be going wrong..
    HELP! I was an atheist up until a few weeks ago, but now I'm a Christian. When I was an atheist, I once said something blasphemous against the Holy Spirit. Does that mean I'm eternally condemned!! I'm committed to God, but Jesus said in Matthew and Mark that anyone who blasphemes against the Holy Spirit will not be forgiven. Does this mean I'm going to Hell!.
    The reason that Jesus died on the the cross is so our sins could be forgiven.Go, you're free and forgiven, the debt has been paid because God loves you!.
    I love thy Holy God He is my start my end, my all in all, my Lord. Without Him Im nothing to be. Praise God with all my heart and soul for I love Him..
    This song makes me want to worship my flesh more then it makes me want to worship the Lord. Leave out the guitar and drums and the song would've been beautiful. Now it's just a carnal worldly song. So sad.. sometimes it feels like jesus is'nt listening or providing the support however with my faith growing this journey is amazing leading me into some real heart felt moments and I then know he is their jesus i love you god bless..
    we are sons of God its everything about God and us that's why it isn't about religion your name is son of the true king and the only god and nothing else no Christian no catholic those are religion's names. obviously you're part of them because you do you go to church, but don't forget your name.salutations :).
    Christians you are going to be in the hell not heaven muslims have god allah he is real not Jesus also jesus is our prophet isa ( A.S)🙋🙋🙋🙋🙋🙋 bye to hell in the fire be muslims right now it will be good for you reply fast.

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  77. November 11, 2015

    Comments about this video:
    Cette musique est tellement géniale ! Et c'est encore français ! On peut être fier 👍🏻 !. Est ce qu' un bon anglophone pourrait partager ce qu'il entend vraiment Aucun lyrics ne semble bon !.
    Aaaah c est seulement maintenant que l on entend une musique de synapson a la radio hein Il était temps car il fait de la très bonnes musiques et je pense qu il faudrait que lui est d autres Dj moins connu en France , devrait être justement plus souvent diffuse à la radio.

    il fait partie des DJ francais qui mette du temps a se faire connaître apres c'est parti comme The avener.

    Faites faire un album complet à cette pur merveille de voix ! Sans elle ce morceau n'aurait pas le même aura..
    Les français font des sons de fou en ce moment ! (Je ne parle pas du rap français du moment.). I talk for a reason, Sing for a reason, Some may say I lost my mind, Trust for a reason, Fuck for a reason, Look around there ain't much time, To say what you wanna say, Do what you wanna do, Live your life all the way, Oh my god, Cards are on the table, Quick can't judge and play the game, No way, open up your eyes, And see that all is new to me, Oh my god, Cards are on the table, But we can't judge and play the game, No way, open up your eyes, And see that all is stupid me, Oooh, it looks so fake, Stop looking away, It's all in you, Oooh, it's all in you, Baby, It's all in you, Oooh, it's all in you, I walk all the season, Change all my reason, An open mind, an open heart, Try with them visions, Them but my intuitions, Never feel me, never hurt, Just feel how you wanna feel, The deeper, the real, Die to spend that wheel, Oh my god, Cards are on the table, But we can't judge and play the game, No way, open up your eyes, And see that all is new to me, Oh my god, Cards are on the table, But we can't judge and play the game, No way, open up your eyes, And see that all is to be me, Oooh, it looks so fresh, Stop looking away, It's all in you, Oooh, it's all in you, Baby, It's all in you, Oooh, it's all in you, (Oh my god...).
    J'adore cette chanson c'est l'une de mes cps de cœur 2015 mais je n'ai pas compris l'histoire! Ok un flic qui se bat une jeune clocharde qui s'asperge d'essence, un vieux pépé maquillé jusqu'au oreilles qui est complètement singlé, une jeune écolière qui a l'air malheureuse, une vieille mamie tarée qui radote et un aveugle! Ca veut rien dire!.
    Fucking brilliant music guys vous gérez jsuis grave content d'avoir enfin trouver cte musique ptdr awesome ;).
    j'adore !!! la musique française est tellement excellente en electro ! je kiffe le synthé qui arrive à 3min15 ! ca provoque plus d'émotion !.
    En 2016 j'entends la musique passer sur NRJ et j'ai accroché par le clip est chelou xD.
    Ca percute grave ce truc!! avec la touche funky et la voix, (je pensais que c'était une black lady!), dès la première écoute sur Virgin, fallait que je sache qui c'était...c'est vraiment balèze, et c'est un vieux rockman qui vous le dit...Bravo....

    Ça fait grave plaisir de voir Anna Kova, je l'avais découverte à l'époque de son Jane Doe.
    Waouh ! Oh my god, oh my god !! En boucle, et c'est français ! Très fière.
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