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January 1, 2016

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Anti Arthritis Supplement NoFlam :: Natural Supplement

December 26, 2015
NoFlam ™ is an effective phytomedicine which is made of highly effective... Nyctanthes arbortristris is widely used in the treatment of arthritis and joints. i1
NoFlam ™ Made of Safe Ingredients - Viagra

December 29, 2015
3 just cause its 2025 doesn't mean flamethrowers wont exist - the m1919 is still used and it was back for wwii still on the growler rino and. i2
Why is there no flam page 2/2 - Forums - Battlelog / Battlefield 3

December 23, 2015
What NOFLAM is used for NOFLAM contains the active ingredient naproxen. NOFLAM relieves pain and reduces inflammation (swelling, redness and heat). i3
NOFLAM What is in this leaflet What NOFLAM is used for - SpotiDoc

December 22, 2015

Comments about this video:

È davvero impossibile dimenticare ho sempre ascoltato questo gruppo dall età di 14 anni. grande Mark sarai sempre nel mio cuore .
Me too. The first CD I ever bought was the Local Hero soundtrack after seeing the movie, even before I owned a CD player.. Genius is not a word I use lightly, but Mark Knopfler is a musical genius. There is no music that has been written in the last 30 years that is as beautiful as this. This comes from the depths of creativity, that most people cannot journey to..
It's been exactly thirty years since my friends Jude and Michael Dereszynski introduced me to Local Hero, its director, and his other movies. Happy to have seen Dire Straits in Providence around that time. Thanks!.
J 'adore se Type!!il est simple!! il présente tout d'abord tous ses Musiciens!! il fait fait honneur et les mets en valeur en concert!! Mark est trés modeste!! et naturel!!! c'est un mec super bien!! Que Dieu a crée pour faire parler sa guitare et son coeur!! Respect a toi Mark!!!. Úžasnej talent, nádherná muzika, nádherná melodie v podání (pro mne) nejlepšího kytaristy. saw him last year at the Terrace Theater in Long Beach, CA. Mark Knopfler, Carlos Santana, and Glen Campbell are the three most amazing guitar players I've ever seen. Beautiful song!.
Probably the greatest song ever written, certainly one of the best played pieces ever. It had me thinking of my solo trip to Scotland in 1996, probably the most defining period of my life. Local Hero inspired me to get there. For that brief period of time, i was as Wild as the song!.

great piece of art.. but unfortunately don't find it in a better quality or even in the full Live Charity Montserrat concert !!!!.

a mon frère...écoutez cette toune dans une église ca prend une autre dimension...pour toi mon Olivier qui me manque tant...pardon de polluer....

PLaying Local Hero with a Les Paul is like trying to playing Money For Nothing with a banjio. Not good. Fortunately he always gos back to the strat, in the end!.
Zelim da me s dvije pjesme pokopaju,prva je Vice Vukova "Dalmacijo,duso moja" a druga je "Going home"..
He played this song with the "Les Paul", first time I saw this event. Coincidentally, this versión I believe is the grateast..
a true guitar hero does a local hero with such humble... mark tells u a story thru his guitar in his own inimitable ways... reminds me of brian may's soft solos.... thanks man... mark knopfler and brian may are virtuosos and yet the most humble of all the guitar legends... listen to the solo "last horizon" by brian may - it will take you to a different world.. simply mesmerising... . Thanks Craig. I agree - and I should know. I was at the Glasgow show two days earlier! It was equally great!. Another product of talent from the best part of the North East of England. Certainly makes you proud to be a Geordie! I defo put this guy up there with Sir Bobby as the greatest.. Super Mark ! Quelle émotion, quel qu'un mois et je vais te revoir à la Rockhal au Luxembourg !. Reminds me of the first time I saw the film "Wag the Dog" in the theater. I had no idea MK had recorded the soundtrack. But about 10 notes into the opening credits, I said to my companion, "OMG! That's Mark Knopfler!" One of the great soundtracks if you don't already have it..
He's played this on the Strat as well, but the sound of the Les Paul seems more dynamically suited to this song, at least in this type of venue..

podria identificar al maestro sin cantar, solo con 2 acordes. Es irrepetible, la banda sonora de mi juventud .
Might be a bit morbid, but I went to a friends funeral on Friday... this was his chosen song right at the end, none of us knew until we got to the crematorium... moments of reflection, great track... you're not suffering any more mate....
His music speaks to me of other places, other worlds, other lifetimes. I think everyone of us who listen to this and are so entranced by it all get the same feeling from it. And there is only one place to find it.Mark Knopfler. All I can say is thank you..
I decided already long ago and I suggest you to hear the whole Local heroe CD in case let me know,,, .

Noflam (ketoprofen) drug & pharmaceuticals. Noflam available forms...

December 20, 2015
Noflam is used for: Treating rheumatoid arthritis, osteoarthritis, ankylosing spondylitis, and juvenile arthritis. It is also used to treat tendonitis, bursitis, gout. i5
Noflam Price Compare. Noflam Uses, Prices and Side Effects

December 30, 2015
cause its not used by actual soldiers cause if bullet proof armor stops bullets then a bolt isn't going anywhere close to penetration of the armor i6
Why is there no flam - Forums - Battlelog / Battlefield 4

December 21, 2015
Mar 17, 2014... Prescription-strength naproxen is often used to treat joint pain, menstrual pain, rheumatoid arthritis, gout, ankylosing spondylitis, juvenile. i7
Naproxen - Side Effects, Dosage, Interactions | Everyday Health

December 31, 2015

Comments about this video:
Yes and yes. Been wars for thousands of years. Seems like leaders have little interest in a world without conflict. Where is the answer. mark knopfler and eric Clapton are 2 of the greatest guitarists to come out of England there are so many others but not in the same class.. +Marty B Listen to Etta Baker before you say Clapton is better or above. Elgia May Hinton was also great and sang well. Great blues players, both.. yes, we are fools to be at war with one another...why not get to know one another, understand others values, learn deeply to love one another...and stop killing one another.
Awesome! Mark played great... that mandolin kinda pissed me off though, ruined the vibe and marks lead.
De guitaristes de haut niveau il y en a beaucoup dans le monde, mais auteur compositeur interprète je n'en connais aucun de ce calibre…..Félicitations Mr Knopfler….. Mark Knopfler you are most... I don't even have a word... amazing, wonderful are too ordinary... listening to this is spiritual. Thank you.. Just proof that good musician can play the same songs he wrote decades ago and people never get sick of hearing them. I know I don't. I only wish I could see Mark Knopfler live!.
Is there anything in our world better than this No, just have a look at the finger picking on that Gibson fret board. MK does it better than anyone in guitar history. The timing of those notes in the context of the song. NO ONE BETTER, just a haunting song, Better still with Guy Fletcher on keyboards he is other other half of MK. paroles d'un francais, si nous sommes la bien penssant, c'est grace a ces freres d'arme !.
this song is powerful it's one of my all time dire straits favorites...this whole album is unreal.. #6is#1... the flute...

Is he doing the volume sweeping with a foot pedal or is a tech guy horrible work. The Les Paul fades out of volume way too fast when he is playing the notes..

These mist covered mountains Are a home now for me But my home is the lowlands And always will be Someday you'll return to Your valleys and your farms And you'll no longer burn to be Brothers in arms Through these fields of destruction Baptisms of fire I've witnessed your suffering As the battle raged higher And though they did hurt me so bad In the fear and alarm You did not desert me My brothers in arms There's so many different worlds So many different suns And we have just one world But we live in different ones Now the sun's gone to hell and The moon's riding high Let me bid you farewell Every man has to die But it's written in the starlight And every line in your palm We are fools to make war On our brothers in arms.
With all my respect to Dire Straits & Knopfler personally but he is more better composer & player then singer.. But it's written in the starlight and every line in your palm, we are fools to make war on our brothers in arms.
Progressive Rock เพราะๆ จากอัลบั้ม Brothers In Arms เพลงที่พูดถึงสงคราม และเป็นเพลงที่เต็มเปี่ยมด้วยความหมาย Mark Knopfler - Brothers In Arms สุขใจกับเสียงเพลงทุกคนครับ..
One of the greats. One of the few players and story tellers who can really move you with his music and playing. Check out "If This is Goodbye". He also does a superb number with Tom Jones "Feel Like Going Home".. +Debunking Economics Series I disagree, it seemed half hearted very layed back. If you want to hear a much much better performance of this song look up the mandela concert where he plays brothers in arms with eric Clapton now that's an emotional performance and he makes that guitar cry.. wow my dads name is louis and he was 46 when he passed sorry I just saw your comment and though it was a coincidence 😊.
viva a boua musica nao importa o ano da musica importante que marcou e quando escuto parece que estou escutando a primeira vez !!!.

+epinephrine dunno Alright now, it's all that thing about saying all that, what did I say, something about how you have to play the right notes, I have to play the right notes now at the start so you know what it is, right... starts.

ndn ölm dğn byrm bze anlşldı mymnlr chnm yşmktansa pkk mlm kökü kznmzsa 20 kuma babcm.

+Meshullum use a volume pedal or your volume knob, put it on 0 and when you play the note, slowly open the knob or the pedal.
+Meshullum Since MK is nowhere near his volume knob at 0:29, it sounds like he is doing a swell with a volume pedal.. ha ha ha ha ha ha Brian May somebody said _ No mention of the fantastic John Squire here, I agree with Gary Moore, Eric Clapton, Mark Knopfler & David Gilmour et al Johhnn Marr - too many to mention but its getting silly when the likes of Brian May is getting thrown in - Name a better riff meister than Keith Richards, no fantastic solos but hard to pick a better riff man - Hats off to Ritchie Blackmore for developing the metal sound but best ever in uk, nah not for me Greeney is a super blues man and I'm sure there are loads more I've not heard, good i hope to hear them all but wont have Brian May on my list - any guitarist that happened to find themselves in Freddies band in the early 70's were on the pigs back. Im sure he's a decent bloke and all but if i was putting a cover band together next week i wouldn't pick him to be in it..
+skimaster07 So let me get this right if you were putting together a cover band and you had the opportunity to have brian may play guitar for you, you would tell him no thanks You must be one fucking shit hot guitarist mate and I for one would love to hear you play..

Трудно би се повторило във времето напред неговото точно чувство за композиране и изпълнение на музикални стойности. Светилник в изкуството е Нопфлер!.

NoFlam - Ingredients

December 25, 2015
Noflam (Naproxen) can relieve stiffness, pain and inflammation by blocking... Pain caused by injuries is also treated with it, and it may even be used to treat. i9
Noflam (Naproxen) - United Pharmacies

December 24, 2015
Noflam tablets 500mg are used to treat chronic inflammatory diseases, including rheumatoid arthritis, juvenile rheumatoid arthritis, osteoarthritis (wear and tear), ankylosing spondylitis, (an autoimmune inflammatory disease that affects the joints in the spine and pelvis and can cause fusion of the spine) and acute... i10
Noflam 500 (Naproxen) 250 Tablets/Pack (Naproxen 500mg)

December 28, 2015
NoFlam pills are a safe anti-joint product that is herbal in essence and natural in ... This herb is widely used in the treatment of arthritis and joints inflammation. i11
Noflam - healthpluss Jimdo-Page!

December 27, 2015

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Aleve (Noflam)

January 2, 2016
What is Noflam (Naproxen) used for? Noflam (Naproxen) is a type of nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drug (NSAID) which is used to treat the symptoms of a. i13
Noflam (Naproxen) - 4nrx - 4nrx Pharmacy Start Page

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December 18, 2015

Comments about this video:
I got this from a friend for free last night. He wasn't interested in it and I've been thinking about getting one for awhile... I'm a lead singer and a smoker, so I figured getting an ecig would help my lung capacity some. This one is alright considering it's my first. It's holding me up well. I just need to move on to a better one I guess. I was thinking about getting the Halo G6. Know anything about that one.
Halo G 6 is awesome. They have sick products. Check out my page on Halo:
Yeah I ordered the G6 kit with a 30ml bottle of Subzero eliquid. Should be here by tomorrow or Monday. I can't wait.. After I got my FREE startup kit I contacted my credit card, told then it was a scam, and they blocked any further charges from them. so I paid 4.95. To bad though, they have the best tasting atomizor.. Now buying my filters from Simplecig, 5 filters 12.99 no shipping cost. that's 7 dollars less than no flame and NO hassle....

NoFlam - natural anti-arthritis remedy | Anti-inflammatory...

November 16, 2015
Noflam (Naproxen) - 250mg (500 Tablets) Main Use: Active Ingredient: Marketed Name: Pain relief: Naproxen: Noflam: Uses Noflam (Naproxen) is indicated for the relief... i1
Noflam Tablets - Noflam Tablets Exporter, Manufacturer...

November 10, 2015
possible duration should be used... and inhibition of platelet function by NSAIDs. NOFLAM should be used in combination with warfarin only if i2
NOFLAM What is in this leaflet What NOFLAM is used for...

January 15, 2016
Noflam (Naproxen) - 250mg (500 Tablets) Main Use: Active Ingredient: Marketed Name: Pain relief: Naproxen: Noflam: Uses Noflam (Naproxen) is indicated for the relief... i3
Noflam Tablets - Noflam Tablets Exporter, Manufacturer...

January 14, 2016

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Noflam (Naproxen) - 250mg (500 Tablets) -

January 17, 2016
What is Noflam (Naproxen) used for? Noflam (Naproxen) is an oral non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drug (NSAID) prescribed to treat patients suffering from rheumatoid... i5
Noflam (Naproxen) - 250mg (500 Tablets) :: Arthritis...

January 26, 2016
NoFlam Reviews
2014.02.11 Noflam DS - Medsafe Home Page

January 11, 2016
Click the button below to add the NoFlam to your wish list. i7
Noflam: where to buy online cheap Noflam medicine. Online...

January 9, 2016

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Noflam (Naproxen) - 500mg (250 Tablets) :: Arthritis...

December 9, 2015
Pharmacy Geoff:: Arthritis:: Noflam (Naproxen) - 500mg (250 Tablets) Printable version. Noflam (Naproxen) - 500mg (250 Tablets)... How is Noflam-500 used? i9
NoFlam - Safety - FAQs

January 1, 2016
Read our FAQ section where you can find all answers for common questions about NoFlam anti... The herbs being used in the preparation of this product are the... i10
face, lips, tongue or other parts of What is in this leaflet

December 2, 2015
However my condition improved a lot after trying your product NoFlam... FAQs: What is NoFlam... The herbs being used in the preparation of this product are the... i11
NoFlam: Questions & Answers

December 5, 2015

Comments about this video: neoflam

December 14, 2015
... these tablets are used to treat pain and inflammation of arthritis. Our Noflam Tablets are formulated at our ultra modern labs by using quality compounds and... i13
NoFlam - natural anti-arthritis remedy | Anti-inflammatory...

January 21, 2016
Noflam (Naproxen) - 250mg (500 Tablets) Main Use: Active Ingredient: Marketed Name: Pain relief: Naproxen: Noflam: Uses Noflam (Naproxen) is indicated for the relief... i14
Noflam Tablets - Noflam Tablets Exporter, Manufacturer...

January 27, 2016
possible duration should be used... and inhibition of platelet function by NSAIDs. NOFLAM should be used in combination with warfarin only if i15
NOFLAM What is in this leaflet What NOFLAM is used for...

December 7, 2015

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Incase you didnt know, you can mute multiple players faster if you first mute one and then press space while having the cursor on the other player name..

Americans: 30 Minutes bans South Americans: 1 Hour bans UK: 30 Minute bans Australians: 30 Minute bans Most EUs: 30 Minutes to 1 Hour RUSSIANS - 7 DAY CYKA BLYAT.

failu i have broken botmoynt world record 1min44sec ontop of tru blyatimir putin - where can i submit [ret.
there is no change that you would have been wathed vid already, but yes it will probably be good...finnish csgo power israel.
Yo, I love your videos, but can you tell me your crosshairs settings It's such a nice crosshair lol.

Noflam Tablets - Noflam Tablets Exporter, Manufacturer...

November 13, 2015
Noflam-500 (Naproxen) - 500mg (250 Tablets)... What is Noflam (Naproxen) used for? Noflam (Naproxen) is a type of nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drug (NSAID)... i17
Noflam (Naproxen) - 250mg (500 Tablets) -

December 4, 2015
What is Noflam (Naproxen) used for? Noflam (Naproxen) is an oral non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drug (NSAID) prescribed to treat patients suffering from rheumatoid... i18
Noflam (Naproxen) - 250mg (500 Tablets) :: Arthritis...

November 8, 2015
NoFlam Reviews
2014.02.11 Noflam DS - Medsafe Home Page

January 22, 2016

Comments about this video:
I know this is late, I just kinda bumped into this video and you did it really well! Ur smile and the way you talk to the camera is just natural. Dont stop making video, you are a natural star :-). love your style! You keep talking and have raised my no blowtorch creme brûlée confidence, Thank you.. 2 punkgush They wont be under the broiler too long if you can get them really close to the flame, and because its not like from the freezer to the broiler the temp difference from the fridge to the broiler shouldnt be enough to make them shatter. Let me know how they turned out!!.
If I don't have a blowtorch or a broiler, is there any other way of burning the sugar on the top.

You have two options, you could freeze or semi- freeze the custard. So instead of just putting it in the fridge to set it, put it in the freezer and let it get extra cold. That way when you use the broiler hopefully it will more come to room temp than warm/liquidy. Or after you broil the sugar you could put it back in the fridge. Though you wont get the same crispness to the sugar. I would try to freezer method first! .
Have you thought about trying out for The Next Food Network Star would seriously watch you over a bunch of other people they have on there! .
That might still work, if you can get the creme brulee close enough to the heat source. Or maybe I'll just send some of mine your way ;).
i made one and its super delicous the caramelized top is crisp while the custard is warm and nice :D. Not really, you could try using a long lighter, might take a while but it could work. You could just make the custard and then separately make a caramel sauce. Let the sauce cool and serve on top of the custard. That would give you a similar taste. Or you could make a brittle, try and make it thin and put pieces of it over the custard..
I think that is a great tip. It really makes it fool proof that if your looking for a thick layer. Thanks so much!.

Broiler is good because you don't have to mickey mouse around with the individual flame method. I like creme brulee cold on the bottom and warm crackly on the top. .
2 90scoolll it's possible, but it is more of a specialty item, so maybe not. It's not that special though, I'm sure you could find it at target, williams-sonoma, bed bath and beyond maybe. If you look online you might get the best price, amazon has a lot of selection. Good luck!!. It depends on how close your pan is to the flame, you should just sit there and watch it, it could take as little as 30seconds or up to 3minutes. Best to just keep watching it and not walk away, it's can go from brown to burned in a heartbeat!!.
I find that's what most people call me when they didnt hear my name clearly. But, yes I have had many firends call me all sorts of variatiotions on my name!!.

2 82ayda I'm sure they turned out great!!! Love to hear about them and if you had any problems or concerns!.

If you want a thicker layer, you're better of torching it twice than to put on extra sugar at first, otherwise you might not be able to burn all the sugar, and then you'll get sugar crystals in your creme brulee, which is not very nice. Just some constructive critisism for ya. Otherwise, nice tip for those of us that don't have a torch at home, too bad I don't have an oven either :P.
Nikki I love you! You deserve to win food network star!!! You're a really great chef and i admire you :). Hmmm, a long lighter might get you there eventually, You could try your regular oven or toast oven on it's highest temp, just definitely chill the custard or even freeze it before as it will be in their much longer than if you were using the boiler, and you dont want it to cook all over again. . OMG! How have I never thought of using my broiler before! Thanks for the tip! And good luck on FNS, you've inspired me to sneak more veggies into my family's dishes. :).
Either you got the recipe wrong, maybe not enough egg yolks, or it didn't cook long enough. I don't know :/.
does anybody here watch pretty little liars...cause she looks a lot like cece drake. Or maybe you watch it Nikki ahahaha :D . Wow. I've been cooking recreationally for a long time. I live in a really cheap apartment. To me a broiler always meant the electric part on the top of the oven... haha. no flames here. No creme Brulee either... :P. .
Thank you :) That is actually my dream, and I have been to one casting for Next Food network Star but didnt make it. I'll keep trying though! And if I can get enough fans here maybe they will come looking for me!!.

Thanks I love creme brulee it's among my favorites along with flan and cheesecake.I thought that it was weird of me to really crack that burnt sugar crust. LOL glad to find out it's normal. How about the old fashion way of caramelizing sugar and then pouring it on the creme brulee It wont pretty like the ones you just made, which by the way they look amazing, send me one :-).
I don't have a blowtorch so i use my broiler but once i've finished heating the sugar until it's golden the custard underneath i find it quite liquidy when i eat there a way to prevent that .

Noflam: where to buy online cheap Noflam medicine. Online...

December 30, 2015
However my condition improved a lot after trying your product NoFlam... Ingredients: NoFlamTM is an... used for hundreds of years in the treatment of obesity and... i21
Noflam (Naproxen) - 500mg (250 Tablets) :: Arthritis...

November 18, 2015
Pharmacy Geoff:: Arthritis:: Noflam (Naproxen) - 500mg (250 Tablets) Printable version. Noflam (Naproxen) - 500mg (250 Tablets)... How is Noflam-500 used? i22
NoFlam - Safety - FAQs

January 7, 2016
Read our FAQ section where you can find all answers for common questions about NoFlam anti... The herbs being used in the preparation of this product are the... i23
face, lips, tongue or other parts of What is in this leaflet

January 13, 2016

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NoFlam: Questions & Answers

November 25, 2015
Noflam (Naproxen) can relieve stiffness... Pain caused by injuries is also treated with it, and it may even be used to treat women suffering from dysmenorrhea... i25 neoflam

January 10, 2016
... these tablets are used to treat pain and inflammation of arthritis. Our Noflam Tablets are formulated at our ultra modern labs by using quality compounds and... i26
NoFlam - natural anti-arthritis remedy | Anti-inflammatory...

December 12, 2015
Noflam (Naproxen) - 250mg (500 Tablets) Main Use: Active Ingredient: Marketed Name: Pain relief: Naproxen: Noflam: Uses Noflam (Naproxen) is indicated for the relief... i27
Noflam Tablets - Noflam Tablets Exporter, Manufacturer...

January 5, 2016

Comments about this video:

NOFLAM What is in this leaflet What NOFLAM is used for...

November 6, 2015
Noflam (Naproxen) - 250mg (500 Tablets) Main Use: Active Ingredient: Marketed Name: Pain relief: Naproxen: Noflam: Uses Noflam (Naproxen) is indicated for the relief... i29
Noflam Tablets - Noflam Tablets Exporter, Manufacturer...

December 21, 2015
Noflam-500 (Naproxen) - 500mg (250 Tablets)... What is Noflam (Naproxen) used for? Noflam (Naproxen) is a type of nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drug (NSAID)... i30
Noflam (Naproxen) - 250mg (500 Tablets) -

November 14, 2015
What is Noflam (Naproxen) used for? Noflam (Naproxen) is an oral non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drug (NSAID) prescribed to treat patients suffering from rheumatoid... i31
Noflam (Naproxen) - 250mg (500 Tablets) :: Arthritis...

December 26, 2015

Comments about this video:
+Jake Cadden actually its not. Its the trailmix, if you don't land in water the animal you're riding explodes on impact after the timer runs out.
make the landing area longer and wider because it is almost impossible for the best pig lander to land it there.
I know this is off topic but You should name your tinkers tools/weapons i think you should name your cutlass slasher. Give those witch traders to chim. He probably has good use for it. Or keralis. Some of those things are hard to get. :). +464646john its not the boots its the trail mix that he uses to make the pig fly if the time runs out and he isn't in the water then the pig explodes. +Pungence is skiz helping you on the gun shop just know i ask because i have not seen him do anything lately . Why dont you just morph into a bat when your about to land. When your in bat mode you dont take fall damage and therefore the unstable boots wont explode your pigs..
its not the boots that are making the pigs explode. its the trail mix that he feeds to them in order to make them fly. if the pig doesnt land in water and instead runs into the ground or a structure then they explode on impact..

+ModernRuler MC Believe me not it is the boots that are exploding the pigs, Because the pigs destroy terrain, but the boots don't.. So therefore he is getting the saddle back, but wouldn't get one back if the pig(s) explode.. Case closed.

Please donate to the chestnut tree house charity as tgey worked extremely hard to help my cousin as he was diagnosed with a brain tumor and he had multiple tumor s within two years and on the 24th of may he sadly passed away and on the 20th of April he would have just turned 13 years old and I would really appreciate if you could donate just a small amount of money for their work thanks.
You should make some exact copies of the iron man villager so you don run out because eventually they stop trading that one thing.. You need to take off those boots bro.. just go get feather falling boots or somethin your going to make pigs go extinct!.
Awesome episode! Keep it up! Also I loved the stream, it was amazing and I was so happy that you answered a lot of my questions! :D.
If you want emeralds easy, throw the Villagers in the Tinkers Smeltery, use a gem cast to get emerald. Also pls use the Nyan Pig from the launcher, they could be riden.
If your not sure that you will land it then give pig newton some more trail mix and do a go around. Abit like a plane would.

U should make it so in your gun shop the guns on the wall switch out every minute or like 45 secs that might be cool i don't know if you could do that and how if u can but I think it would be awesome :) and I can't load bteam any suggestions .
Hey Pungence, if you want to save those Pig Newtons,just make the landing pad longer (but, like REALLY LONG). Try making it almost to the ocean. and make it wider too, just in case. It wont really affect the appearance of your base, because you barely go in that direction. This will secure the future of Pig Newtons everywhere..
Pun, you dont need to release a video every day! Its okay if we dont get videos every day, we have other subscriptions too we can handle with, dont overwork yourself.
Make a tape messier so you don't have to count. And don't kill 4 withers kill 64 withers you can get the skulls super easy using the auto-spawner in exact copy mode.
You really need to take off the unstable boots when your doing your intro or you might loose your pig flying licence and wont be allowed to have any pigs or trail mix. .

2014.02.11 Noflam DS - Medsafe Home Page

November 7, 2015
Click the button below to add the NoFlam to your wish list. i33
Noflam: where to buy online cheap Noflam medicine. Online...

December 23, 2015
However my condition improved a lot after trying your product NoFlam... Ingredients: NoFlamTM is an... used for hundreds of years in the treatment of obesity and... i34
Noflam (Naproxen) - 500mg (250 Tablets) :: Arthritis...

December 1, 2015
Pharmacy Geoff:: Arthritis:: Noflam (Naproxen) - 500mg (250 Tablets) Printable version. Noflam (Naproxen) - 500mg (250 Tablets)... How is Noflam-500 used? i35
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December 16, 2015

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I really hope pungence is some kind of undercoveragent for skyz otherwise i´m gonna be too damn disappointed with this kid :D.
Lol the photographer, whenever I see a zombie with arms to its side I can only think about Dave from Slamacows Animations lol!. Kinda ruined the role play by "finding" the black market. Should of kept that on the down low and played along with it :]. Chimney and Pungence I think this is not right what you guys just did! When were chimney and paulsourcejr the major! When did people vote for you guys to let mommypoo be the major! I know this is a joke but I think you're just playing dumb to get! It's suppose to be bdoubleo and generikb not both of you! And why did you leave skyzm pungence Who made up this street cuz it's not you chimney or paulsourcejr cuz it's Bdoubleo and generikb! . And bdubs not only made the road, but started the town. And bdubs doesn't seem to stand up for himself enough :(. You should build a prison and imprison players for crimes but there be a hard way but still a way to escape. Just an idea :).
Skyz, pungence, and chimney would be arrested first. Skyz for counterfeiting and stealing land with pung, and chimney for taking over the spawn road just because he could. Bdubs built the road and started selling land..

Pungence ty for making me laugh and happy with this videos i was really sad because my cat died today ty verymuch.

Navy does everything with then having navy seals that can take out the greatest taliban with just 15 guys.
I love how people are like "hate intro unsubscribed..." like he cares, then theirs people like "You didn't ask to make currency!" and "It's the b-team sever not yours stop trying to run the place!"And it's like if they invited them they should be able to do what they want just saying.... You should really ask pigirl out though she might fall for pig neuton! But anyway you guys would make a great couple!. Yea they didn't have a " Search warrant " and were illegally going through people's places and taking their stuff . Why didn't you vote on the currency so its not legit because the Gov of the bteam did not do a vote and also you stole land from the gov when you made the bank.
Let's see skizm unlawfully stole there's pieces of land stole a lamp created a black market killed bdubs made counterfeit money stole from karalis and didn't plan on paying for the land kidnapped guards and your gunna complain about them planning to pay for the land just waiting for bdubs and stopping skizm doing more of this stuff and your gunna whine about them helping.

I love watching other perspectives, you get more content, and it alerts you when other people posted :D.

He likes to roll play, obviously it isn't for everyone but he enjoys it and so does his audience .
Paul is so annoying because he's kinda acting like oh me and chim are the only ones who can roleplay because he ruined the black market role play and so did by siding with him and chim even if you guys are all friends seriously .
I dont understand, episode 63 you were with skyzym and keralis, then, two days later, you're with the bad guys! Wtf!.
Bdouble is the rightful mayor of the town making him in charge.Also the guns don't need to be licensed you dumb ass!. what makes me wanna cry is i look at pungence now and he almost has 150,000 subscribers i i always watch his 50 subscriber special good job pungence you deserve it.
skyzbucks are better than your crappy currency. keralis and skyzm cleaned up the town and you betrayed skyzm your bud..
Have u seen ur new niece she is soo cute congrats to ur bro and his wife remember to say to them from Alex thx soo much ttyl bye.
Apparently, BBC Reporter and Skyzm are the same person. The scenes Paul uses as reference is from Skyzm's normal perspective, and unless Paul is into witchery enough to use a crystal ball and have a recording device hooked up to it (highly unlikely), there's no way that Paul could have such picture that he uses as evidence..
Really The NSFY Witch and the Mad Scientist took over the town, and your first move: TEAMING UP WITH THEM -,-.
Just had to come over from Paul's channel and give a huge thumbs for this episode!! Never laughed so hard in my life two thumbs way way up for this one!!!.

+Dominique Barcelo The British Broadcasting Channel is where Doctor Who airs and they show re-runs of Star Trek The Next Generation.
This town doesn't feel so safe I say take out the army and put back the witches and ender-chickens.

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October 30, 2015
However my condition improved a lot after trying your product NoFlam... FAQs: What is NoFlam... The herbs being used in the preparation of this product are the... i37
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January 20, 2016
Noflam (Naproxen) can relieve stiffness... Pain caused by injuries is also treated with it, and it may even be used to treat women suffering from dysmenorrhea... i38 neoflam

November 2, 2015
... these tablets are used to treat pain and inflammation of arthritis. Our Noflam Tablets are formulated at our ultra modern labs by using quality compounds and... i39
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October 27, 2015

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Noflam Tablets - Noflam Tablets Exporter, Manufacturer...

December 3, 2015
possible duration should be used... and inhibition of platelet function by NSAIDs. NOFLAM should be used in combination with warfarin only if i41
NOFLAM What is in this leaflet What NOFLAM is used for...

November 30, 2015
Noflam (Naproxen) - 250mg (500 Tablets) Main Use: Active Ingredient: Marketed Name: Pain relief: Naproxen: Noflam: Uses Noflam (Naproxen) is indicated for the relief... i42
Noflam Tablets - Noflam Tablets Exporter, Manufacturer...

November 20, 2015
Noflam-500 (Naproxen) - 500mg (250 Tablets)... What is Noflam (Naproxen) used for? Noflam (Naproxen) is a type of nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drug (NSAID)... i43
Noflam (Naproxen) - 250mg (500 Tablets) -

November 15, 2015

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Noflam (Naproxen) - 250mg (500 Tablets) :: Arthritis...

January 28, 2016
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November 23, 2015
Click the button below to add the NoFlam to your wish list. i46
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December 6, 2015
However my condition improved a lot after trying your product NoFlam... Ingredients: NoFlamTM is an... used for hundreds of years in the treatment of obesity and... i47
Noflam (Naproxen) - 500mg (250 Tablets) :: Arthritis...

January 19, 2016

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I remember watching this whole series when I was still rather young. I loved it. I used to check my inbox every day to see if you had uploaded a new Man Vs. Minecraft. It's been nearly two years now since the finale of season 5, I decided to watch the whole series again from the beginning of season 1. And even now I'm still rather sad that Minecraft isn't your main focus on this channel anymore. I understand why you branched out to different games, but I don't think anything can beat MvM, Vechs Super Hostile, Legend of Hoodie, etc. It might just be nostalgia googles, but...idk, it's just not the same anymore. :( I already know season 6 is in the works from other comments I've seen on these videos. I'm really looking forward to it whenever it shall be released. Since I couldn't thank you 2 years ago, I will now. Thx Paul! ^_^.

+Tyler Johnson Ditto. I've started rewatching Paul's minecraft vids, hoping that he will carry on with MvM, LOTR, SWTOR (Yes, I know it's not minecraft, but the new movie is nearly out and I think it would be a good time for Paul to start playing it again, there's been a bunch of updates that add in a lot of cool stuff), maybe Survive and Thrive I know that Paul has done everything, but I think it might be time to start playing modded non-rp survival..
Holy clay nuggets, Paul, you REALLY outdid yourself this time! Man vs. Minecraft was always a resourceful, immersive series, but the lengths you went to bring this HOUR-LONG beauty to fruition bnames the mind. Have the like, the comment, a hug, a pat on the back and all the kudos in the bloomin' world..
+Heather Toft Some time after Minecraft 1.9 comes out, after he's familiarized with the game's new features. And some mods are out that he can use on the plot, natch..
I remember when I was younger waiting everyday for a new MvM and just re watched them. Love the series!.
Paul I did a montage of mvm all 5 seasons in 1 day and I can't wait till season 6 of Man vs minecraft.

I cannot thank you enough, Paul, for putting this up for all of us to watch. This is my favorite series ever (I don't really watch TV)! And also, is there going to be a season 6 =D I LOVE this series, it's the best thing on youtube to me. Please make a season 6, Paul! It would mean the world to me, and I'm sure many others as well!.

+paulsoaresjr Well, I'm sure it will be as good or better than all the previous man vs. minecraft seasons, Great work Paul :D.
Fantastic series, Paul! Great imagination...well produced and a lot of fun! Please give us a season 6! 😀. I watched all of the seasons they were really fun to watch but they seem so far away. Can't wait for season 6 if there will be one at all.
Paul, you've got a knack for making excellent videos :) I've been watching "Let's Play"s for years.. and yours are the most entertaining I've ever watched!.

This series was such a good one! It almost feels like a whole movie, especially the final part! It was amazing! Thanks for all the effort you put into this, Paul!.

Im speechless.. Great job Paul. Wow.. I really love this series and can't wait for season 6. Thanks Paul!.
Hello. I noticed that you talk about a sixth season. Is that part of the role play or is it a plan in the future. man vs minecraft + 1 year later = still the best minecraft series ever. it punches minanite in the face!. +paulsoaresjr I just watched all 5 seasons over the course of a few months. I really enjoyed watching how you got better at creating and acting out your story. Even though you used mods, the story line and your acting got better and smoother. I started watching because you said you were going to do season 6 and now I am caught up and waiting (patiently, lol) for season 6! Good Job, I look forward to more.. #awesome sauce!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!.
This fantastic finale shows all your entertainment and production skills and dedication. WOW is the word summing it up best. Keeping the storyline in such great detail and having all the versions and mods come to a higher composition has led to the finest minecraft video ever. The effort and hard word really shows. If you make a "behind the scenes" episode I'll be sure to watch that (as any other minecraft content you like to do.).

Thanks for the kind words! It's much appreciated. Yes, I have quite a bit of "behind the scenes" footage for Days 13 and 14. :) .
I cried when Paul left Willson :'( If you told me in day 1 I would cry cause of Man VS MInecraft I would slap you. The end just made me cry, Paul...why did it say the end at the end if your making season 6, I'm a soarviver like so many others, and, most of us want season 6. Hope your making it, all the love, Nick.
My kids LOVE your various Minecraft series. All the role plays are especially enjoyable. You've even made it interesting for us parents! Nice job!!.
Paul if you could please check your PM's i have written something up for you its important. +paulsoaresjr Yeah i know what you mean sorry it took so long i sent you the email bro :) . Great series. This is less about minecraft and more about Paul's amazing ability to weave a story and entertain :).
You should make a season six maybe in October 2014 (at least) I think you and Wilson are done with your vacation. Oh and I also think this episode should be split up into season 6 because over an hour in one episode is a lot.
I have perfect idea for next season use hexxit! You stumble across a weird cave and you see a portal that never seen before when you decided its not a good idea you turn around and enderdragon attacking the cave and you have go in the portal and stumble across Hexxit trying to find your way home Everyone like this so he can see!!.

I absolutely love this series! This was a great season, and I'm looking forward to the next(assuming you'll make one)! Thank you for all of your hard work!.

Huh can u guys believe this all started cause he dropped that gps in season one such good memeories .

I really enjoyed this series. I was sure expecting the cloud realm when I saw the mod for it. Looking forward to season 6! Maybe one day you can make a Man vs Minecraft mod where we can retrace your steps from Season 1 to season X. Great job buddy! Off I go to start watching Legend of Hoodie!.

Do u have a behind the scene Great video by the way, i think ur built for role-play! Hope there's a season6!!!.
I have a lot of "behind-the-scenes" footage and plan to record some "post-mortem" stuff as well. That's a big job so not sure when it will be ready but I really want to get it out there :). Thank you so much for sharing MvM with us. The care, time, and effort you put into the intros and finales is always evident, but especially so here. I admit I did a bit of a double-take when I saw the hour+ (!!) viewing time, but it was definitely worth it. Fantastic job, I'm excited to see what you have planned for season 7.. Simply outstanding series of vids from season 1 to 5. I'm really glad I found this series. Hopefully you will have the energy and time to continue. BTW I have a dog just like Wilson :-).
Holy cow! This is a long one! Nice. I'll have to save this for another time. Must be a good finale.. Minecraft sucks. I'm never playing again. One minute I have all my servers, the next there all gone..
It happens to me all the time and I don't quit even though I have a lot of servers. Why would you quit just because of that.
These past seasons were awesome pleas keep doing this because a lot of us enjoy them. Thankyou for an AWESOME, and epic time..

NoFlam - Safety - FAQs

November 3, 2015
Read our FAQ section where you can find all answers for common questions about NoFlam anti... The herbs being used in the preparation of this product are the... i49
face, lips, tongue or other parts of What is in this leaflet

January 18, 2016
However my condition improved a lot after trying your product NoFlam... FAQs: What is NoFlam... The herbs being used in the preparation of this product are the... i50
NoFlam: Questions & Answers

October 26, 2015
Noflam (Naproxen) can relieve stiffness... Pain caused by injuries is also treated with it, and it may even be used to treat women suffering from dysmenorrhea... i51 neoflam

December 27, 2015

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Thank you very much for making these videos and sharing them with us. I have fixed my furnace and it works great now, thanks to you! Your videos are excellent and very helpful. Peace!. I'm in Florida but was curious if there's a lot of oil furnaces up north if you know as might be moving to Maryland..
I live in Maryland and oil furnaces are quite common. I think I'm going have to bleed the lines on mine :(.
Thank you for posting this! Thanks to your video I was able to get my furnace up and running on a cold night! Thanks again!.
I found the air ports completely closed. Flame was sparkling. I moved air adjust to what appears to be marks left from the original setting. Set it there, sparkles gone and instead of the burner running for up to ten seconds at times for a flame, it seems it is firing right away. Thank you. SMV.
Thank you very much ! I just finished fixing my heat myself. I watched a couple of your videos after replacing a filter. I turned the power back on and hit the reset button ,burner would not fire. I took the igniter out I had a spare jet laying around from a earlier repair. Sanded the electrodes a little and the points. Reinstalled everything and PRAYED I hadn't hit the reset button to many times. The heat is back on and working. Great how to video ! . You are a life saver. You have the best series that relates to my type of furnace that I have found anywhere. Thank you!. Thank you so much for posting these videos. As a first time home owner I appreciate having access to knowledge such as this to repair and maintain my house. I am a master Automotive and Truck technician, but I get lost quickly when I am working on things without at least 4 wheels. :) Videos like this help me to adapt my knowledge of automotive systems to home systems so I can fix them. Thanks again!. thank you sir just fixed my furnace thanks to this video and the whole time i had an asshole in my ear telling me "what was wrong" haha thanks for helping me shut him up. Thanks to your in-depth look at oil furnaces you saved me a hefty service fee and got out house nice and toasty this chilly November day. I also now know all the inner workings of my furnace. All the best.. I spent an entire day troubleshooting this, and has I was wrapping it up, I checked the nozzle and yup its clogged.... if there's a house full of experts where the service call is and you think the red button has been pushed many times, after you've determined that there is fuel in the tank. couldn't you hook up a hose up to the bleeder screw and loosen it or the other thing is hook up a pressure gage to the pump to stop any flow of oil to the combustion chamber while cking out the transformer and the cad cell relay, that would let you know if any oil is coming to the pump, air in the line, water in the line, and you could see if the squirrel cage is turning and if the pump is working. eventually the service person has to push the red button thou and then they'll have some idea how many time it's been pushed..
Thank you for the great video series. I pulled the nozzle/electrode assembly on my 1978 HBSmith to find out what size nozzle to buy for replacement and had no fire after I had cleaned some carbon off and put it back together. I didn't think I disturbed anything at all… I was able to check spark systematically, and it turned out the electrodes were ⅜" above the nozzle and that must've been too close to the spray. As soon as I set them to ½" above, it fired back up on the first try. The advice on pushing the reset button too many times can't be stressed enough, either… .
My situation is rare, the blower goes on and theres spark but the motor that pumps the oil does not go on if I turn power on and off a few time i may get it going but I think its the Ignitor control module .
Great videos! My mom's furnace stopped running. Had to learn about Beckett burners online. Finally found your videos and it made my life so much easier and didnt blow up her house with me in it. Checked everything electrical and checked out ok. Then pulled the gun and it was gummed up very bad. Replaced the nozzle ($5) and it fired and was ok until yesterday. When I was replacing the nozzle, I noticed the electrode tips were at 1/4" apart. At that time I had not watched your video on setting the gap. Now I have to pull the gun again today and do that. Thanks for doing these videos. They are some of the DYI I have seen, period!.
I just wanted to say how grateful I am to you for making this!!!! The systematic troubleshooting steps were awesome. I work in technology where I have to troubleshoot every day. I was so happy to see this video. I live in nh it was so cold yesterday but even colder last night and today it's fixed thanks to you. I had fuel but no spark. I often love when I don't have a easy time with a particular issue at work. Most issues I have to follow all the way to the end. I am thankful in this case I only had to troubleshoot to the ignitor module and they had it at Home Depot!!! I also through this experience realized how to perform cleaning maintenance to the unit. Thank you again so much for taking the time to make this series!!!!! I hope you have a awesome day!!! John K from stoddard NH. Currently -5 without the windchill but 67 degrees in the house!!!! . Hey GFM I've been looking through your videos and I've tried a lot of what you've said to do. My problem is, I have an older Shenandoah and it was working perfect 2 weeks ago. It's in a 8 bay automotive shop and I cannot find anyone in the Kansas City Missouri area that will touch one of these. I'm not getting any spark, I've tested it the way you showed with a screwdriver to check volts and I get nothing. I'm not sure exactly where to go from here but I've been using a torch to get it going, I mean, feels like -25 in the shop when I get here at 7:30am If anyone can direct me in the correct place or what to check it would be very much appreciated!!! Not sure if it is a pre-burner type ordeal or what. Anyone, please, thank you for reading!. I would like to say Thank You! I just finished successfully doing pretty much everything in this video and I have a working furnace again. Not only that, I know my furnace much better now. Needless to say, it would have cost me a lot of money to have someone come out and diagnose/fix the issue. Thank you again!.
thank you for your wisdom, I am a tech and love the wisdom of.the masters. the small things make a big difference. i.e. loosening both sides of the line..
So, we just got our oil refilled and the guy had to prime it. I looked in the combustion chamber and there is no fog. Any idea on what would cause that My elderly grandfather could really use some heat in our 55 degree house, and we don't have the money right now to get someone out here to look at it. I could really use some advice on that really really soon because I don't see any anywhere. .
By the way, I am pretty handy. I don't want you to think some goober is delving into dangerous territory....

what if there isnt a spark off the transformer everything else on the furnace starts... with the cad cell eye removed...testing the way you did in this there a way to test the emergency relay or bypass it to test the transformer.

Dude I live in Jacksonville Florida and work for an hvac company that has a separate sub division delivering fuel for oil burning furnaces, last winter was my first season working on these death traps. Everything you said maid sense I under stood the vocabulary. How do you get excess fuel out of the burn pot because the button was pushed to many times I'm thinking I'm gonna pull the burner duct tape some plastic electrical conduit to a shop vac hose and suck the excess fuel out through a straw through the burner cavity. I have lit burners with excess fuel in the pot and it scared me drastically. Afraid I could have cracked the heat exchanger. Let alone the boom and pulsing I've the system. I know turn the burner off to let the fuel burn off. But how do you get excess fuel out of the burn pot.
Does it matter if I replace the nozzle with a.60 instead of.65 It works now, but will that affect my heat temperature or pressure problems Also any fuel savings lol. This was actually very good as far as instruction is concerned im just starting out in this industry as far as the technical field ive been in a delivery truck for a while now just got my oil apprentice license and going to school end of next month for propane tank set and piping thank you. I can't thank you enough for this awesome video series! I was able to fix my oil burner issues for. -10 in Vermont right now and I got home at 11pm to a cold wife and kids. I was freaking out and getting ready to spend lots of $$$$ and then I saw this and gave it a whirl !!! THANK YOU SO MUCH! Not only is it running great after a good clean but my house is warm. Your an awesome dude and I thank you man.. Hey GFM good advice about pushing the red button to many times. I have been lied to so many times about how many times the customer has push the reset button. I have start the furnace and sounded like the heat exchanger was going to blow apart like thunder for several minutes LOL. Great video and info.. +grayfurnaceman After firing up and found out they lied to me they always have someone else to blame it on brother, dad, cousin, neighbor etc. it always someone else who done it. LOL I try to get the truth 1st and then I tell them I am not liable for what happens after fire up. Some scared me so bad I would shut it down after fire up and let it burn out slowly! Really dangerous either way!. How important is it to have that thumb nut on tight I can only tighten mine so much until it slips loose. I appreciate your videos very much, you've been a huge help. . If you feel you pushed the button more than you should have, can you take the 3 nuts off, pull the whole thing out, then clean out the chamber with towel or something Just to get the oil dried up first..
Hello thank you very much for all the information. I have a question: my furnace oil when i push the red button, work a little bed (15 second ) small flame and then turn off. I already change the nozzle, the filters, the relay,the little white eye, is a lot oil, but dosen't work. please any suggestion al respect. will be great. thank you.

Hey gray Im having this issue with my oil furnace from time to time. It will be running fine for a couple of day then it the flame will not come on. I will press to reset button once then it will come back on. but know it will not come on just the motor. I check the gun and clean the nozzle still nothing.
Great explanation, thank you! but the problem with my combustion head is that it doesn't spray although it's brand new. any suggestions Thanks again. .
Excellent vid. My burner doesn't keep up with supplying hot water. If I tap the Honeywell Intermittent Ignition oil primary or the square coil producing the 20k volts, it starts up. Any thoughts beyond looking for loose wire nut which I've already checked Thank you, Sir. Steve.
Thank you, GFM. I removed the Ign. oil primary #R-4184 D from mounting so I can hold in hand. When burner not kicking on I tap this unit, holding it in my hand and burner fires. I tested the eye for resistance change and it is good. Should I think of replacing the ign. primary [the box with the red button] Thank you, Steve. Thank you so much for this video series! I am troubleshooting an intermittent problem with the ignition sequence in my oil furnace. Furnace starts great, runs for a few hours including cycling on and off, but then I find the ignition relay tripped out. I have replaced the ignition relay, the transformer, and the cad cell - this seems to have improved the performance (fewer lockouts per day) but I am still seeing the intermittent relay lockout - about once a day now, sometimes less frequent. The performance of the cad cell is right on target at about 600 ohms while running with flame and near infinite when off. The two next best places to look seem to be either the thermostats or the Honeywell controller. Have you seen this issue before Again, thank you so much for this video series!. +grayfurnaceman Thanks for the heads up, I will focus there next. Can you expand on what you mean by venting problem... Patrick. Your videos are the absolute best. Thank you very very much for taking the time to put them up. I have an old Trane system (44 years old) with a Ducane burner and it has given great service up until this year. Your videos have helped me keep it going. Thank you!!. I wanted to thank saved my wife and my Dog a very cold night on 15 Dec 2013...i got it to fire up for the night...wanted to let you know your work and teaching were well worth it to me!!! Thanks GFM from a fellow Gray haired guy!!.
Ive got oil hot water& heat. I just had my furnace serviced due to the lack of fire starting on the 20th. Dude took it all apart, did everything exactly as you describe in the video, put it back together and it fired right up all squeaky clean. He mentioned that it seemed i didnt have a strong spark and i saw it myself, but it started up first time and i was okay with that. On the 24th, again, no fire. Confused as all hell, i set up a space heater in my basement and went off to work without a shower. throughout the day, i was trying to think of reasons why it wouldnt light, and it dawned on me that my rigged up house has at least one outlet on the first floor on the same circuit as my furnace in the basement. That outlet had an Edenpure plugged into it, running. I came home took the Edenpure off that outlet, and hadnt had a problem with the furnace for the rest of the week. Sweet. Made sense to me that the draw on the circuit was dropping my voltage in the furnace. Till 30 minutes ago. I realized it hadnt fired up in a number of hours, and went and turned up my thermo. no response. UGH. Current thinking: Due to oil prices and inefficiency of my hot water heat, I had 2 space heaters on opposite sides of the house running all day to minimize my furnace having to run. It was a brilliant 2 degrees this morning, so i put in a third space heater elsewhere. The only possible conclusion I'm at is that with 3 space heaters churning in my house, I'm dropping the voltage in my furnace no matter what circuit breaker i'm plugged into. And i fly out to Greenland in 4 hours, and will be back in 2 weeks... So hopefully my girlfriend can follow my instructions of having minimal space heaters running to ensure proper fire ignition..

Hi, my oil burner is letting out a really bad smell now and the boiler sounds like it's trying to shut down and it doesn't. I decided to turn the entire system down with the emergency shut down switch. Do you think the issue might be that it just needs to be cleaned out.

i have checked the gun and it was gunked up, i cleaned it off and the gap is right on also. i checked for a spark and there is a spark.. but i still can not get a flame to happen.. is there anything else i can do or another video you have posted for more things too check great videos BTW very easy to do.
My 90 year old mom has a oil heater and i have been staying here with her caring for her. her house was closed up for 3 years and when I moved her back in and starting using the heater; I noticed that there was a strong smell when the heater turned on. It makes a Kaboom sound when it starts up and was making me nervous. Now the heater is not putting out heat. I called a service guy and he said that it has not been serviced for quite some time and it shut down. He did not really go through like you show on the video. he said he could fix it for around 800.00 but said I should replace it. Cost my mom almost 300.00 to tell her that and he spent maybe a hour looking at it, but never worked on it. Was wondering if I should trust what this guy is saying and just have it replaced. the unit is 14 years old and this is Minnesota. Being from California I don't know much of this kind of system. Any input would be appreciated.. Question. My nozzle and electrodes were covered in soot.. Could my electrodes need to be adjusted / replaced .
Hello I have question If the spark doesn't spark How do I fix that problem. I fixed and replace Cadcell and It was good for 2 days then I notice that burner not running I checked the oil there is still oil in the tank then I did hit reset red button and notice there is no flame I will check the spark as you show but my question is if it not spark How do I fix it.
Electrodes wear makes sense. Im using 14/2 electrical wire from stat to furnace. Im pretty sure there is a cut somewhere in the line which is a single copper wire. Should have used strand wire instead. I think I will rewire this week..
Hello, GrayFurnaceMan, I asked a month or so ago about our oil burner BOOMING on occasion. I had the chance to clean it a week ago with what seems to be a successful resolution you mentioned, a suspect clogged oil line. Thank you. QUESTION: Now that the flow seems to be improved, would I be burning more fuel, as it seems my fresh fill is being used up faster than before I suppose the last guy in here adjusted the burn relative to the available flow. What are your thoughts Thank you. Steve.

Hi. I got oil delivered yesterday and when I left the house the furnace was running. I came home last night and it was cold inside. I tried bleeding and restarting, but nothing is happening. When I open the valve to bleed the furnace, no oil comes out. I have tried the power, pushed the red button, made sure the thermostat was on, etc. There is a flashing green light above the reset button. Should that be flashing or steady I don't know what to do, it's getting colder inside and out and I don't want the pipes to burst..
i have a problem with a new yorker furnace with a riello 40fs oil burner. i can hear it light for about a second or two then i can hear the flame go out for about 3 seconds then reignite and continue burning. when the temperature drops below freezing the burner won't start on it's own. when i restart it, it does the same thing, flame on for a second or two then no flame for a few seconds then stays lit and runs but at night when the temperature drops it shuts down again. i've changed the filter, the pump screen, the nozzle, the cad cell. i even changed the control box because prior to this problem it wouldn't ignite at all, any ideas.
I don't take any chances, for the time that it takes, I take off the 3 nuts, unhook the line and pull the gun especially in a mobile home, people always say they only pushed it once, but when it starts, it's too late to stop the fire till it burns down and it could burn the house down...

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January 3, 2016
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December 8, 2015

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Put some kind of lighting along the paths so less mobs spawn. Maybe you could use carpenters torches on the fences and texture them :).
dude for power all you need is 1 magmatic dynamo and 1 lava fabricator then get 2 galacticraft heavy duty wires conect then then put one lava bucket in to the magmatic dynamo then infinet power because the dynamo makes power from lava then then fabricator makes lava for power then you have infenet power :).
I agree, I went with a way similar to Glis' with my own twist on it. Sometimes it feels better to do a lot of work in order to get unlimited power..
could you do a proper tutorial on you power system because it was kind of hard to consentrait when there is just leaf destroying sounds in the background, plus there wasnt much space to see everything. It takes too much time, but search jsit on youtube, he makes all the tuts that the members watch to learn, its called "set it and forget it power" or watch my video on a way easier energy source than this and it isnt expensive.
Glis go to buy a land from bdub and generikb and build a shop then sell power storage unit with full of them because you don't need it that much please do it! Sorry for my English cause I am Thai people but I study in international school..
And you have better grammar than most people (most might be not completely accurate) on the internet. I created a version with almost exactly the same setup with some minor tweaks and with 4 dynamos i filled 3 of the enderium energy cell things in about 30 mins!!!!!. Keralis wouldn't be proud of you. Breaking "booshes" at the end of the episode and stuff. Haha....
You should buy a plot of landform bteam realty and build your power system underground and then sell energy to people in town and an option for you to build the system at their base!.

Hey glisten, why not go into advanced jenetics It would be a HUGE benafit to you as it would be easier to build as a flying human! :D also why not update the video to the present rather than back what it used to be There is now the dark lord who can abliterate you and generic can 2 hit kill a wither!.

that thing your talking about "What's that thing that sucks water into the engines" is call a aqumalous acumalator - ignore spelling im sure its wrong.
I seriously love what you have done with that engine! So cool :) you could even sell power to everyone else on the server and not notice :P .
Glis, may i say, this is cool but theres a WAY easier infinite power source on my channel that is run off of 1 bucket of lava... just one is needed. Actually! not even one bucket, just energy to the main way of power! go check it out if you want! anyone else can too if they play bteam!.

Wow! That engine is amazing! It must have taken forever to build and figure out! Awesome video Glis :).

Hey Glis you put "th" not "tr" and you missed the trophy when you went through your items..
Glis! make a energy store! Were the other ppl can come fill up there energy cells! At a price of course!. glis, chim is looking for kelp to make a certain potion, but he can't find any. But u got some last episode (i think) so maybe u can give him some through the tesseract!. To reinforce the other comments... sell power if you can make it marketable... or sell the design of the engine itself/offer to make one for a hefty price..
Wow, I'm amazed at your strategy. I was literally laughing when the other youtubers were using steam dynamos. Where would they get their coal I could have never in my life thought, oh I'll build an automatic tree farm and hook up the logs to redstone furnaces. I never use coal from tree logs but I am probably going to soon. Very nice idea. People are telling you should sell power. You should. Or charcoal. You got a brilliant setup going on. Keep up the great work!.

Glis, you made me so jealous of your base. To be honest I am quite prejudice about very good builders assuming they don't know the technical aspect of mods (Bdubs for an example lol) but you have shown me how wrong I am. .

Gils I just remembered that you would make side adventures on the server, will that still happen in the near future.

NOFLAM What is in this leaflet What NOFLAM is used for...

December 17, 2015

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+paulsoaresjr I figured that you'd made a new map or just flown in creative, but I didn't expect you to have to go through so many. Really excited for the Making of Day 14 and Season 6. I want to see where you go with Man Versus Minecraft from here on out..
#HugAYoutuber: Hi, Mr. Soares. I got into your channel by seeing tutorials on how to play Minecraft. From this series, I got into Man vs Minecraft. In turn, I got into the Mindcrack server. From the bottom of my heart, I thank you very much for getting me interested in Minecraft. Take care.. Hey Paul, could you try a "draw my life" thing. I think a lot of Soarvivors would love to see it. . Hi my name is richard and i have watched all of your (MINECRAFT)-(ROLEPLAYS) and i had a suggestion. Have you thought about doing a role play for a game called (THE FORSET). The Forest is and open world Survivalist game that has all types of building and crafting plus I feel that with your imagination you will give use a beautiful story line. O and one more thing there is another Minecraft role player like your self his name is call (criteria gamer) if you both got together the result would be extraordinary..
Paul, you know how zombies can break through doors in hard mode, right Did you know that placing half slabs instead of whole blocks in front of the doors prevents zombies from breaking them (they can't reach it) while still allowing you inside without having to jump.

i think that you can make any video that is planed look like it is an acsdint. oh and i have bad spelling.

When you transfer to a new world file in the future, you should just copy over your level.dat and then /tp when you load it up..
I seem to be slipping away from minecraft. It must be the missing series from my favoured minecrafter. I hope to see a season 6 of man vs. minecraft. In the meantime I will delve into my new passion: Factorio. Though still in alpha it is a very playable game, with an active community forum and wiki. Youtubers (subs > 100) can obtain the game for free. +paulsoaresjr - please take a look at factorio if you can find a spare moment..
Hey there Paul, you may remember me from a while back - I used to be Travman245. After the forced conversion to google +, I never saw any of your videos in my feed anymore. I come back to see that you are still actively doing the series you have done for a long time, and that's what I like about you. You don't end the series. It's amazing to me. Keep at it, my friend. :) -Trav.

I was mostly suprised by the map transition thingy. I thought you always had one world for each series. I'm 99% sure it has been so in older series such as season I & II and of course Survive and Thrive. In my vids I use the same map for every episode which is extremely hard coz each of my episodes is set up in different minecraft releases, but I kind of a took it as a challenge to get from alpha to 1.7 without world changes..
How many people have seen the new minecraft quote on the start screen that says "the creeper is a spy!" and thought no the chicken is!. Hi> Big fan from the UK blah blah blah. Its now end of Jly 2014 just want to know are you doing any more Survive and Thrive and Man vs minecraft in the future (or waiting for version 8. Just wanted you to know got into the game about a week ago (bit late I know) because of your videos and would would love to see some more as its good for giving some great ideas for noobs. Well onto Punchwood Island and Man woman Minecraft. Obsessed Of course I am! O and if anyone wants to comment no Im not a kid Im over 40 lol Your never too old!.
my day eint beter then yours I to a 0 on a Math test i'm grounded for 2 months and I'm righting this at a lanhouse JK I steel on vacations couse I'm brasilian...but is raining!!.

just watched chims enviromental craft mod review and It would be PERFECT for mvm!!! Like so Paul can see!!.
Absolutely hilarious Paul. I like it when you said you were all ready and Wilson had his makeup on. I was ROFL. What would be awesome is for you to have skeletons and creepers up near you, while in creative mode of course, and have names for them like Jeremy the skeleton or Bob the creeper. You could have them be like drama queens and complain about their roles in the show. That would be LOLF. I hope season 6 is gonna be even more creative. :). Man vs Minecraft will have a sixth season watch the very end of this episode it will say mvm season 6 coming soon. I'm looking forward to season 6 too! :D I don't know if you've announced or no but I really hope it's in an Amplified terrain! :o I'd really love to see that, and if anyone can navigate it legit, it'd be you :). Yeah iv always wondered if wilson died in any of the videos. btw LOVE your videos and you too showed me minecraft and i thank you :) .
Huh, so all the wilson barks at sea was 'fake' no wonder the barks where perfectly timed. I always thought that wilson was tping after you(like dogs do) when you go far, so he'll always be somewhat near you, apparently, he was ditched and had his voice recording inputted :D Just asking(not that you need to answer...) but how many wilsons did you go through since he came out.

hey paul how do make fraps or what ever recording program you are using not drop the frame rate I run minecraft easily at 40 fps then when I record it drops down to 10 fps..
Hey, I'm new to youtube, and my recording thing (EZvid) rarely agrees with me, blacking out whole videos n' stuff, so I was wondering what you use to record I do things like Skyrim (as u can see from my profile pic), Minecraft, World of Warcraft and lots more.. This was a wonderful look into how much work really goes into what you do, thank you very much for many enjoyable hours of entertainment..
You should make a new season and it is before you made the MvM seasons. It's a story of when you where a kid and it explains how you learned the skills of living in the wild. For the story line you could get lost in the forest and you learn how to survive in the wild from experience..
You should remaster the intro, but nothing drastic, just keep it the same as this one, only in the updated Minecraft... if you want.
I know this is a pretty obvious question and you have probably been asked this a lot. But my question is: Did you ever die in Man vs Minecraft I know these series started out as a challenge, where you would obviously not have been a problem then. But now when these series are no longer a challenge so I wonder if you ever died.
+Sinius1000 Yea I remember it as you say it. I understand that well however as he was in the middle of a roleplay style ending. What interests me more is if he ever died in a normal situation. I'm not saying it is wrong if he did that, in fact I would find it very strange if he never died beside in some roleplay stunts like in the end of season 2.. +Kári Liljendal Hólmgeirsson I don't think he died while he wasn't role-playing.. Paul do u ever get annoyed when people post stuff like 3rd comment but don't care to post about the video.
I hope the recent spate of "behind the scenes" videos (which I do love) are an indication that the next season is not far behind :).

for season 6 you should arrive in the city but find out there has been a zombie outbreak there and you have to find a cure....
Very Cool :) But I have a request if you would ever consider it..Would you take us thru how you actually edit a video What program you use, how long it takes what you take out and leave in. I think it would be very interesting to see how you put such awesome videos together. thanks again for the epic videos and all your hard work!.

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December 25, 2015

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Had to cut this session into 2 parts! The remainder will be up tomorrow and we'll tackle the rest of my To Do list! Sorry. Paul, for your tinker weapons and tools, add slimeball to some (or vines. I forgot which one of the two it was.), it gives auto-repair.. +paulsoaresjr I know it's moss, but I don't remember if it uses like a moss item, vine or slime ball for the auto-repair.. And I thought it did work on every weapon/tool in tinker's construct. Then again, I don't play huge mod packs, nor look into big mods like that..
+paulsoaresjr moss does work on everything BUT you have limit to how many modifiers you can put on a tool (3) you can add another modifier if you put it in the tool forge with a gold block and a diamond .

Also, everything is blank that was signed, seems to me a flim-flammer could use such a book, over and over and over again, for anything they wanted....
I think a little aquarium could be awesome in almost ANY base! Also: monkeys, iguanas, and maybe dino eggs!.

You and generik both look more like pharmacists than evil scientists (congrats if you get the reference).
I have a suggestion Paul! I know Necromancy has been a lot of fun, but there's another mod that adds minions. Press z to "commit to evil" in the game, and make sure you have plenty of experience when you do it. After several attempts, you'll get a cool staff to spawn and control your own minions! They're great for digging holes or branch mining.. paul if you want a dinosaur (just lettin you know) you need to get a fossil anylizer and do what I've done find other exotic things... thank you And I love your vids! #pauldeserves9000likes. I... want to know what that contract said. Edit: And you just read that for us after I post this. I should really wait before I post :P Edit2: I wonder how you killing fish in fish form would have looked to someone else... I saw chim's video, and fell off my chair laughing. I'm really looking forward to seeing him get back at you. Please please please ask Etho to show you water mechanics, I have no more hair to pull out now lol. You only need two buckets to fill anything of any size, and you dont need to refill them from another source, just always put the first two down one block apart and the middle one is an infinite water source. You CAN fill in every layer very easily just placing water every other block along the edges, no running water needed. You can empty a bucked of water into an existing water block. You dont need to dig a hole to put it in. . Have you thought about killing a baby hamster yet You have a smaller hit box and you can make tiny, hamster holes using that one mod, micro blocks (I forget what it's called). So you can have a tiny entrance to your secret lab that you can only enter (well until someone else does it as well, but I have told everybody and not single one of them has done it so far, so your good). The only down side is that you have to wait for the morph mod to change you into the hamster and the fact you have to end a baby hamster's life. Huge upside, Chimneyswift won't kill hamsters so if you are disguise as one, you should be good..
+Megacupcake Lelivelt ▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬ஜ۩۞۩ஜ▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬ They are basically an entirely different species, they do not grow into brooders. ▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬ஜ۩۞۩ஜ▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬.

Paul, I don't know if this will ever get to you, but I just wanted to tell you how happy I am that you are part of the Attack of the B-Team server. Attack of the B-Team has quickly become my favorite youtube series, and you have quickly become one of my favorite youtubers. Stay cool PSJ :).
You know that ancient sword you have in the display case there is a way to turn it into an AWSOME sword here are the steps. 1: take a normal workbench and put a paper stack over it in your crafting grid. 2:go int your new crafting table you will see 3 boxes 2 on top 1 on bottom. 3:put your broken sword in the 1st top box and put tons of relics in the bottom box then come back later to your AWSOME sword. I suggest you using it outside and stand back another thing don't use it in the woods I will leave you to experiment with that. ;) from your biggest fan.
Make a paper rod and binding and an obsidian head for a pickaxe and that will make it an invincible/indestructible pickaxe.
Hey Paul make the night vision potions into splash then you and whoevers coming with you ( already forgot who) can stand next to each other and throw it down at the ground and it will give both of you night vision!. They have a mad scientist/ pharmacist clothing store in the mall on Phineas & Ferb on Disney channel..
Duplicate arogog chimnypoo is scared you have more use it For your advantage the boss chim is a smelly witch was a giant Black skeleton that gives you a key I watch his videos ill keep you posted but won't spoil it if he dose something he he he it Has all ready started .
Paul u are in danger chimneypoo is planning to do something horrible to u and ginerikb u should alert him too!!!!!. Did you know in biblio craft you can print books ,well in your store you can make some how to ( troll books, how to be evil books, chim is poo books, players secrets books )and more :3. You can put a Bucket of water in a water Source and it Will just put The Bucket of water in your hand dump out. Hey Youtube I am a small channel and I post Minecraft theories. If anyone is interested please check me out. I am a very small channel looking for some support. If you guys could check me out that would be great... Thanks... Not carpenter's blocks. Micro-blocks. There is a little saw that can be used to cut the blocks smaller.. Hey Paul, you should make a bar/restaurant in town! You could have Pina Coladas and other food from Food+ :) .
Paul, if you put the water on the top part of the tank it will fill up the tank but, if that dosen't work place blocks under the sorce blocks make it even the get rid of the blocks underneath..
the elevators are used by using the space bar to go up and the shift key to go down. unfortunatly, last i checked, they take away your XP (not sure if it has been fixed, anyone know). kk, i'm watching chim's videos to learn a few things about the mod pack and also to see another point of view and i'm currently just on episode 19 of his where it's not fixed yet..
Paul u should always put balls of moss on your tinker tools because they repair themselves!! Hope it works !!.
1.did you forget abaut theif 2.go back to tropicraft and get more spiders 3.why does it say minion whean it shoud be Igor PSJ please respond to this comment.
Psj! Chimneypoo has a cool biome-changing-flying witch hat and maybe he could change your biome to a tropicraft biome so that all the water around you will look like the tropicraft water.

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November 24, 2015

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▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬ஜ۩۞۩ஜ▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬ Who's watching This In JANUARY 2016 ▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬ஜ۩۞۩ஜ▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬.

Don't click Read more ░░░░░░▄▀▒▒▒▒░░░░▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▒█ ░░░░░█▒▒▒▒░░░░▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▒█ ░░░░█▒▒▄▀▀▀▀▀▄▄▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▄▄▀▀▀▀▀▀▄ ░░▄▀▒▒▒▄█████▄▒█▒▒▒▒▒▒▒█▒▄█████▄▒█ ░█▒▒▒▒▐██▄████▌▒█▒▒▒▒▒█▒▐██▄████▌▒█ ▀▒▒▒▒▒▒▀█████▀▒▒█▒░▄▒▄█▒▒▀█████▀▒▒▒█ You are a rebel, i like you.
▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬ஜ۩۞۩ஜ▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬ Who's watching This In JANUARY 2016 ▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬ஜ۩۞۩ஜ▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬.
It's funny. In a music video featuring Chris Brown and Usher, it's Rick Ross of all people that goes shirtless LOL..
Grils would either pick Chris Brown or Usher. I've never seen one pick Rick Ross. He's got 2 tickets for the ball game; one for his left butt cheek and the other for his right.. +James Santiago​ 1.Usher has 8 grammys, Chris has 1 2.MJ is naturally darkskin like Usher. 3.Chris Brown cannot go as high as Usher did in "Climax". 4.Hes thin, but to a deadly extent LOL.
i grow up listenin to usher.chris brown in my set but i still think usher is more a better singer and chris a better dancer.
+Hunter Stevens that's what I said my phone auto corrected but of all three points I made that's all you could say, keep your darkskin hasben, chris is the next michael jackson.
+James “THE DOMINICAN” Santiago Top charts in R&B doesnt mean shit. Get a top 100 hit and then talk until then Adele, Justin Beiber, Taylor swift, some country music star will always beat breezy in album sales. After all rachets and middle school kids have no money to spend on Chris..

Why does Rick Ross's fat ass have to ruin every song he is featured on He is literally garbage a rapping and he has man double D's..
I am sorry to say Rick Ross messes up the whole video wished a different rap artist was in it /Usher and Chris Brown look Great in this video though love it!.
you guys should listen to cry song august Asian didn't have time to say the word but you should listen to it is sad a little bit you guys will probably like it also I hope you like it so ya.

Oh Wow! I am so impressed by Chris Brown, an amazing dancer. Of course Usher has done great after MJ but CB is making sure we don't forget what good dancing is. LOVE YOU CHRIS, LOVE U USHER and Rick Ross! The new King of Rap!.
▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬ஜ۩۞۩ஜ▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬ Who''ll watch This In JANUARY 2016 ▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬ஜ۩۞۩ஜ▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬. Was thinking about how out of shape I've gotten when watching Chris and Usher doing their thing dancing and sorta sad. Then Rick Ross came onscreen...I didn't feel as bad anymore..
I think cb is better at being r and b-like, but Usher is way better at being aggresive and party like.
+N.A K Lol, ya got me. But i thought ushers main love songs came from 2009 or whenever that one album came out. Guess not. Btw, kiss kiss is quite possibly my favorite song ever, so thats probably why i choose cb over usher. je 'nhjjn kjhj jb',nkyhui'bhuk,guil myok6yp8ij. po9i8ipkvui5yhu7loguiggjy vu un kppnilh vous, iijlhom'liopoignh7kuhiojh7mk ykhui.8iji8oguioh jpjm7gioudt5ugjjjjmgo ivyuyiffuk'kh7ujpovlifghhhil o hyouipguy. +Godkotti Drake was horrible and just plain atrocious in his dance on hotline bling but other than that the song is fire..
yo I am fan Chris and tyga can you make more songs still even at What your age is please !!!!!!!!!!!!!.

Both Chris and Usher did a lame ass job with this awesome instrumental. The few lyrics that are in this track,are shit. A line isn't a line here, but three words sung longer in order to cover the part. Rick is more disgusting than ever, with his "flow" gettin worse everyday ( I expect him to have that heart attack any day now). So yeah..try again boys, but next time try not to suck this hard. For those who believe that 172 million hits make this track good, keep in mind that those people who listen to this shit are stupid little kids that would listen to anything you give them..

+afti03 I found this to be one of the best songs Chris brown has ever produced, so not sure why you're so butt hurt about everyone liking it. People are different, so calm the fuck down..
I have a great day and night, I am not sure how I can get away her husband. The There There's nothing wrong with that, and a. sidebar I 5th. We have. For those of you who are confused about what Rick Ross says he says Yogi Berra as in the baseball player. Who else forgets that Rick Ross is in this song I normally do because of the fact that you have Chris Brown and Usher in ONE video..

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December 28, 2015

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2014.02.11 Noflam DS - Medsafe Home Page

November 28, 2015

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Noflam: where to buy online cheap Noflam medicine. Online...

December 19, 2015

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Underrated guitarist! I think 4,754,850 people that have visited this site since April 30 2012 speaks for itself. I can pick Mark's 'guitar signature' anywhere. I went to see him live in Adelaide, Australia way back in the early eighties, he played the Instrumental from the movie 'Local Hero' ( Going Home ) I remember he 'deadened' a note at the end of the intro ( Instead of letting it ring, or sustain ) he dropped his arm's to his side, shook his head for a second, picked up the time and continued on ( the crowd gave him a standing ovation as he finished the song perfectly! I had chills ) I had all his 'Dire Straits' albums and being a guitarist myself, have been heavily influenced by Mark. He is like David ( Gilmour ) to me, he knows just how to bend just one note with such feeling and lets the notes breathe, he just doesn't try and ram 48 notes in to a bar, proving to me speed isn't everything. I like 'shredders' but, some just run up and down scales as fast as they can, without feeling or, taking the solo no where really. Mark makes his guitar sing and he tells a story with it. I think it was in 'Wiki' that I read once that Mark was doing a comedy skit with fellow musician ( David Gilmour ) and others, was able to take David's rig and sound like himself. A brilliant guitarist!.

+Ziggy “Frappanised” Zappada he truly is one of the greatest, if not the greatest. and you put it brilliantly, if not succinctly, but it made a nice read by somebody with a passion for the subject.
7:51 look at the guitarist in the backing band as Mark demonstrates how he can play the same sequence of notes several different places on the fretboard. He looks like he's about to just put his guitar down and give up. Like "come on man, give us a break, will ya" :-). +Lars Pallesen Well it's not very difficult to play riffs at different positions at the neck. But like Mark Knopfler says, each position sounds different.. I can never explain what his guitar is to me...! Me... I know nothing about the guitar... but I know this... his guitar speaks to my heart..! Somehow he has the way to speak to me via his chords and his picking..! This song came at a right time when, I was so frustrated... and then I listened to this one evening... and it calmed me up so much, that it gave me goosebumps..! Been listening to him anytime, I need peace and meditation...!. +Bobo Uzala Glad you liked the video...this one was "easy": a sure thing. ;-). Another three quarter million people have viewed and heard Mark since I was here last 5 months ago! Almost 5 and a half million people have seen this since April 30 2012!. To me the mark of a great artist is the ability to hook you in and make a connection with a song that you've never heard before as much as, if not more so, with his "hits." Knopfler is such a treasure. I liken him to Richard Thompson - a real genius and legend despite his relative lack of commercial success or fame. People that only know "money for nothing" are missing out..
This will go down in the history of my life as one of the best hours I ever spent on You Tube. Thank you for posting this amazing concert..

yes Mark, they are "milestones", "touchstones", "sound tracks" of our lives, and that is why it IS so important to play them as we originally remember them; they touch our souls, and that's why we keep returning to hear them! They remind us of moments, events, people, etc. that we WANT to keep close to us, which is hard to do because human memory is not perfect in retention, but our inner ear picks up really quick when something is out of place or improperly played because once the song reanimates the memory only perfection will do!!.
+steven hewitt Disagree. If you want to hear the original, listen to the studio version. Sometimes songs played live, and especially with the Knopf, sound even better....
+IMN69 I think you're both right. You need the bones and the hooks that pulled you into the song in the first place, but artists change over time: tastes change; skills change; influences change, and I want those represented in the music as it's being played today. That's one of the reasons to see live music. How has the artist grown with that song Maybe the tempo's different. Maybe they use a different guitar. Maybe they change the backbeat, etc. It's all part of the art. But you need the familiar to be there as well, or they might as well just play things you've never heard before. When I saw Knopfler recently, and he started playing the little flourishes in Sultans of Swing, I got teary-eyed. "I'm watching Mark Knopfler play those great, fluid notes in 'Sultans of Swing,' right in front of me." It was a little overwhelming..

what a beautiful touch on guitar; the man is in a class of his own!!!!!!!!!! if you ever need a drummer i would humbly audition. I am on face book. In awe, and deepest respect, Val DaPra.
Is only one problem he shall be SIR MARK KNOPFLER he is outstanding songwriter and BR in Arms is still going with all war we have. why is there not a camera just for 56.08 minutes on his fingers i really want to see how the hack he does it all! there's no one better... one of the few greats, when you stick with something with all of your heart...your heart speaks thru it...pick something.
Had the great opportunity to see him tonight here in Hamburg, Germany. Seeing him live changed my entire life, I don't think I deserve calling myself a guitarist anymore. MK=God.
to heiner beisert, Joe banamassa is a wonderfully talented guitarist but just look at the songs Mark has has written. His unique style has made him one the of true greats. As Les Paul once said, can your mother recognise on the radio. how many guitarists can we say that about. Type text or a website address or translate a document. Cancel Did you mean: And you are à moron, but why advertise it Ви праві, він є відмінним музикантом в усіх відношеннях..
+Микола Артеменко I agree entirely, my friend. Mark is a great all-round musician and all his tracks show a dedication in their production. Please ignore the text below it was not sent to you by me!.
Hay tantos mundos y tan diversos, muchos soles todos diferentes, y tan solo tenemos un mundo, pero cada uno vivimos en uno diferente.. Sailing to Philadelphia Sultans of Swing Romeo and Juliet Get Lucky Why Worry Money for Nothing Monteleone Song for Sonny Liston If this is Goodbye Brothers in Arms.
Mark is not only a great guitarist, he is a great composer and all round musician. His taste, tone, touch is second to none..
Yes, Brothers in Arms, I always play on Anzac day for my father Harry Nilson, who suffered mostly silently after he got home from being in Changi /Burma railway, for 3 years. He never marched/ went to bed all day on Anzac day. Too much pain.thanks Mark for that song. It means a lot to me. c.yates, S.Aust..
o cara toca muito... mas pô velho, aula de guitarra e discurso de 20min entre cada música... caducando markão!.
Sometimes it is like he´s just playing for himself and allows the audiance to be with him. (meant in a positive sense).

Fantastic performance. Intimate setting. Almost like he was sitting in my living room visiting and playing music..

Awesome. One of the best songwriters. singers and guitar players ever. I don't do many drugs, but makes me want to smoke a joint. Wonderful..

Hello Mark...A nice evening indeed...I just hope you have made mates with JJ...and bunged him a few quid..
A couple glasses of wine and the mellow sound of Mark Knopfler. What a great way to relax this evening..
Hard to believe he played guitar on a Phil Lynott song. Talk about two totally different lifestyles..

I never paid a lot of attention before but the more I listen to mark I can see why They was so Hi on This man!.

Mark is magician with words, and admired for his soft and flowing guitar style!!! Excellent work Mark, much respect by all of us in the world of music..
I love this man,s guitar and songs and especially Going Home. Played by Matthew Gregory at the edinborough Military Tattoo, 2014 is just superb and I think Mark Knopfler would agree. such passion. One of my favorite all time guitarists and musicians, Mark Knopfler is a professional in all aspects of the word... a great creative spirit...!.

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