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December 29, 2015

Comments about this video:

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December 23, 2015
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December 26, 2015
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Vito newspaper egypt - Buy Products In Best Vito - Dec 4, 2015

December 27, 2015
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December 31, 2015

Comments about this video:

Paul, if you're looking for honey, some of the blocks in the hive are filled honeycomb blocks. They have a different texture from the regular ones. Try using a jar on those..

I'm pretty sure I did but it didn't seem to work. I may have actually cut that part out... anyway, found some in a different hive :).
You missed Woofless' house. It was that bulky think in the distance of the jungle at Bdubs' house. .
I'm a generic (green) villager xD I'm the super rare villager that doesn't spawn naturally :D.
TIP: if you marked a place on your map and then you webt home,If you double right click the marker you will teleport there. PAUL! get a nametag and write jeb_ and put it on a sheep you will be the cooliest person on the server. Dr Frankinsoares (u Paul), I just have to say that I think you are the best Minecraft player ever! Thankyou for making these amazing videos, especially the Survive and Thrive Series's! I'm a big fan of you, k. I am doing necromancy in my world and i dont know how to make a summoning table can u put a link on how. HI Dr.Frankensoares I'm Nick42435 and for the tinkers construct u don't have to take the liquid out before u smelt another type of liquid u can just leave it in the tank then when u want to use the liquid just click on the liquid u want to use when u see it on the bottom then u know u have selected it. so Paul's family has origin in Italy D: always thought it would be Portugal cause Soares is definitely a PT name.
+LaggyMoments yes but i believe he said "ciao" which is italian and sounds like those 2 too :) maybe his other half of the family has origin in PT...we never know hmm :P.

Hmm that does make sense, but anyway this was a very good prank, gonna see if their reaction videos are already uploaded :).
scroll through the morphs you have available and hit the tilde (~) key on the ones you want to add as a favorite. . Oh man, I hate wasps/hornets/yellowjackets! Those guys are MEAN. I've been stung so many times by them in the past. (Whereas I've never been stung by bees or bumblebees.) 3 times at once was bad enough...I can't imagine 13 stings at once. Also had a wasp get stuck in my hair once (dangerously close to my face)...that was scary...had to force myself not to panic. I used a pen to dislodge it, then stomped on it..
I think u should name the cat "Darn Slippers" cause you wanted first darn cat,then slippers and I combined it :).

You should have herd the expression on chinmy poos voice when he saw your prank.he had a very small heart a tack. You have to watch it! It is called I got pranked..

THANKS FOR THE coool video!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and how can i download tat mod its really cool ps; can i be in the big tipper please!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!.
How would this be a tip or have you made a tip another bid because he only puts people on the big tipper wall on his recent video. you think you had a bad experience with bees my family always went mushroom picking and me and my cousin being 3-9 year olds stepped on every tree stump and in every whole which of course were filled with hornets..
You should put a drink maker in the fish tank!! That would look cool! BUT don't serve the fish drinks... Lol :P.

I HATTTEEEE BEEEEESSSSS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!.

Chim's crystal ball is in his ghost room. The ghost room if u get there and fail he will spy on u forever so good luck paul .
Hey paul... I pressed Z while playing the game, an a strange voice asked me if I wanted to "Commit to Evil", or say "Nevermind". Do you happen to know about this "Wha ha ha ha Evil Laugh" ;). well then, I know that you woudn't be a good "buddy" (don't even try to be mean about that one). hey paul im lovin the series so far just wondering if it was possible for me to get on the server and if so how do i chreers. Turn into a wasp and hit gennyb with a with the beaver as a wasp while standing on a honey come that you should place in front of his house door.
You should give Igor a girlfriend! Make her like this: Witch Head, Chicken Body, Zombie Arm, Zombie Pigman Arm, and villager legs..

I had a worse expperiance with yellow jackets...they got my dog at my 5th birthday...we went to the vet and the docter counted...ther were 234 stings in my dog;{and 3 days later a extermanater came and killed them and I went in the hole!!!!!that's how big the nest was!!!!!!!!!!and im 5 feet...and the whole floor was ffiiilleeddd with dead yellow jackets every were!!.

i had the same happen to me at my aunts house but I was hitting a log with a stick I had about 20 stings on my back.
Paul in the nexed phew episodes you should show how you put your chests all in a line like that because in normal minecraft you cant put 2 double chests nexed to each other..

Vito newspaper egypt - Buy Products In Best Vito - Dec 4, 2015

December 19, 2015
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Vito newspaper egypt - Buy Products In Best Vito - Dec 4, 2015

December 21, 2015
Vito newspaper egypt - Vito newspaper egypt - Buy Products In Best Vito - Oct 2, 2013. Best Vito - are open online for your favorite herbal medicine for order the... i6
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December 22, 2015
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Vito newspaper egypt - Buy Products In Best Vito - Dec 4, 2015

December 20, 2015

Comments about this video:
Make an infinite water source with blood. I did in my b-team server and it actually worked! :D. btw psj the slot thats shaped like a backpack holds a knapsack which adds another inventory space equal to three hotbars youll notice a backpack symbol next to the armor when you have you inventory open with a knapsack on. PAUL DID YOU KNOW IF YOU CLICK ON THE HAT WHEN YOU ARE SELECTING IT AND THEN ON THE COLOR PALLET ON THE RIGHT YOU CAN CHANGE THE COLOR!!! NOW YOU CAN HAVE A PINK WIZARD HAT!!! PLEASE LIKE THIS SO PAUL CAN SEE IT!! I LOVE HIM AND I THINK THAT THIS IS COOL!!! THANK YOU BÆS!!!. did you know you can make your self look like Vechs with the hard hat turned red and the green goggles from q Craft :3. Name for enderfoul Comrade cluck Commander cluck Kernel cluck (Don't know how to spell other kind of kernal). Hi, does anyone now what to do if your boat crashes and gets stuck to your building and fence in attack of the b team. It is now glinting the whole island i have built my buildings onion tropicraft. i can't walk ir fly anywhere near the boat for some reason and can't destroy the boat either. Please help.
pualsoaresjr, Glis had his xp stored in tanks under the auto-enchanter so when you enchanted your chestplate you used his stored up xp. My tip to you.

Name: Cluck-bo (one enderfoul war machine) Jeweled apples: look up the recipe for "heart canister" and get yourself 10 low level red heart upgrades BEFORE trying to add more hearts on top with the yellow tier.

Are you ever going to make a base house thing like the others have Not in the same theme of course, but a permanent base where you live I know you've made the tiki bar and the islands, but you live in a cave....
+Gryphonzwing Okay then... He might want to stop hanging around dead bodies and the smell of the blood. .
Paul, you do realize you can just make a wither skull with the necramancy sewing machine thing right.
What was that blue glowstone at generikb's portal area Is it from chisel or is it a different block entirely.
I'd say advertise and invite a number of people to play survival. What's the IP You can make a good lobby..
But if uses a "diamond and gold block" and a "nether star" for extra modifiers on the same tool, he can use a "notch apple and diamond block" if he wants more modifiers. unstable is when you drop in the air in your person morph it explodesanimals and mobs around you it does not hurt you though. If you need an autospawner just use Pungence's death star and bring an enderman in a safari net. Craft a wither in a crafting table with a diamond sword and a bow it gets you a nether star instantly! 😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊. By the way, Paul, you can make ruby tools if you find some rubies. You could make a ruby axe instead of a diamond one, because they're better and stronger..
+FpsGamingPros That I have, I do hope that he get cobalt and makes a super powerful axe along with the other tools, but he needs cobalt for that to make a set of really fast tools.
Can someone help me What is the mod called that makes those diamonds spawn on higher levels/ more frequently.
You can make a star just make a body of a wither boss body in the crafting table then put a sword in the bottom right corner and bow in the bottom left or if it dues not work just swich the sword and the bower around .
Also it might not be so...uh...action packed Yeah, that's the word! (PS: I'm not being mean! Just some advice!). Paul you should name the soul survivor something like admiral akbar or something and make him the general in your army.
TIP TIP TIP TIP!!! : If the extra utilities mod is in the pack, go find some ender lily seeds! When grown these plants produce ender pearls without the hassle of killing endermen..

Can u put up this world for download Please like the so he sees this and that he will put it up for download.

+Deathmchine Jones on FTB Unleashed yes, doesn't work. On Attack of the B Team, no, don't have that pack..
Hi Paul, actually you used glis's xp to enchant you chest plate, because he has a xp drain so when you stand on it, it takes your xp, so watch out for those, because some are using them as a trap, you can also make a xp trap to get others players xp :).
Watch pungence's exploding boots video. Unstable two blasts u sky high, no craters unstable three blasts u sky high and creates craters .
Paul just so you know there is a special tool that you can put your armor in and it will take off the enchantment i think it is in thermal expansion just ask the chimneypoo .
You're thinking Liquid XP. I don't recall the block name but it'll take enchant from an item and stick it on a book.

How do you make Steel I've been playing with TC, but I haven't been able to find anything about steel..
general Johnathan "immortal" Fowl of the first enderfowl division. i think that is a fair title for being the soul survivor of the fight taking not even a single hit. . Paul, Unstable only works if you have gunpowder in your inventory. So just never carry gunpowder and you can use your chestplate..

Vito newspaper egypt - Buy Products In Best Vito - Dec 4, 2015

December 28, 2015
Vito newspaper egypt - Vito newspaper egypt - Buy Products In Best Vito - Oct 2, 2013. Best Vito - are open online for your favorite herbal medicine for order the... i9
DrugBank: Naproxen

December 18, 2015
Walgreens osmo patch - Vito Mol Online Herbal Store Buy Products In Vito Mol Walgreens osmo patch - i10
Vito newspaper egypt - Buy Products In Best Vito - Dec 4, 2015

December 17, 2015
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Vito newspaper egypt - Buy Products In Best Vito - Dec 4, 2015

December 30, 2015

Comments about this video:

well what he couldd have done was to create a new world using i think it was bibliocraft and then put all the machinery on that world..

Holy! Modular power suits! You have any idea how OP those are Make one! I did in my tekkit, and with only some iron it's better than full diamond! And it makes you basically immune to lava! And gives you free infinite light! That lasts forever and looks cool! I have really never died with it on.. It also gives you jump boost and speed basically. You can take no fall damage, fall chicken style, glide to move forwards while falling and you even have a jetpack in it! And you can have a plasma cannon! Which fires as fast as you can click! You can charge it up to make a mini explosion and deal more damage! You have to tinker in everything by crafting a bunch of things, then going into the table and clicking on the thing you want, it will remove the things and install into your armor. Quite expensive, but it's worth it. Anything I forget.

And you can breathe underwater, there is a railgun which does like 20 damage per shot, almost one hit pick/axe/shovel... And you got like more than an MFSU of energy storage with just some iron. And there is also a port-device..
The Mindcrackers will release the mudpack to the public when it is relatively bug free, and when they are ready to release it.
+trexpl0s1ve Unless you get sharpness on your bag. That would suck. >Obvious troll is asking you to not fall for the obvious troll.
The turrets don't do any damage to players. Pyro went to your castle but they didn't attack him!. That's probably a setting in the advanced controls that aren't currently working. I don't know for certain, but that would be my guess..
I have frugal 3 on a thaumium capped silverwood wand, full discount gear and its still at 115.2 for me :C what am I missing.
This is just a random question but do any of you know if you can put a ghast into a minecart also what mobs cant you put into a minecart. Oh yay... Guaranteed PvP.. So lame -_- I hate PVP and this it makes the building and creation aspect worthless.. .
The whole point is PvP if u dont like that shut up and live it or watch something else. People like u annoy others. Stop being a baby and telling random people your problems. That's life. Deal with it!.

Does anyone else think ethos castle design or the grass layout in in is very similar to the villa audiotore in AC brotherhood Idk but i really think so.

+HayBale I've played every game in the franchise, and I stand by the fact that this castle is just a square..
+Rex Gaming Nah, that comment is waay old ^^ Don't think so anymore ;) Dw :p It was also ment as a joke. Hence the "Please do not appy in the near future" :).
I would like to see the mindcrackers break into two seperate teams and build up armies and fight a full scale war..
hmm, where would generikb be on that. Even though he's not hermitcraft anymore it might be hard to go against the server he started..
+Defdevil55 If you're against the PvP, I don't see how these new rules would make it worse to be honest. .
Nah im not against PvP, its just PvP is pretty do able in Vanilla MC. Having all those mods for only PvP is a waste of the capabilitys imo.
I thing I hate about these modpacks its to hard to understand all of them its just we need to study everything about the mods in the modpack ill just play adventure modpack than this kind of technology based modpack.
The problem with modpacks such as these is that they are not fit for mass PvP. Example : IndustrialCraft2 added the Nano armor, which was quite tough, and had one counterpart : the nanosaber. Then, you had the Quantum Armor, which makes you immortal. However, this was ridiculously expensive, so if you could get it, there was not much else you couldn't do. Here, you have the Modular Power Suits, which is a mod i really dislike. Why It's cheap unbreakable armor, overpowered weapons, and mobility items. Basically, anyone attacking you with armor will kill you. Of course these mods put things to defend yourself... against mobs, not hyper-armored players. See how effective was the laser on a Creeper Imagine on a QuantumSuit armor. MFFS (ForceFields) are good, but are so expensive that they are late-game. Heavy problem with the PvP rules You did NOT leave enough time to prepare. In modpacks, most of the useful things are either expensive, or take a lots of space. To use a good MFFS Defence system, you would need a lot of energy. Where do you get the energy from If people were peaceful, you could set up a treefarm-Biomass production. Here, you can't. +HisRoyalCarlness Contrarily, I find a lot of fun in finding the most efficient way to manage the different mods in modpacks. In a base that automates everything in FTB, every mod is used in at least one way. Disregarding add-on mods, like extra-pipes, or things of that sort..
A long time ago he played a Vechs map called rage quit holidays and he got pretty frustrated. He almost said the "F word", and thats pretty unusual for Etho!.
Etho has gotten mad in many of his episodes. Etho is, however, a very calm angry person, at least on youtube. If you haven't watched him from the beginning you generally wouldn't even notice it.. etho in your control room you should add a gun turret wall that opens and closes with pistons and stuff and . +Tormod Skjolden green is creative mode only, yellow takes a lot of boss killing and the time/resource investment is very hight for just 10 more hearts. He will probably do it anyway.. if you get a nether star generator it can practically fill 2 lead stone energy cells if you put them on max input . It can nearly completely fill 2 resonant energy cells actually. It would EASILY fill up the puny little leadstone ones.. Etho, they can easily raid your fortress via tnt cannons unless u ward them, you could make your defences better by layering your castle with obsidian and water ( incase some explosives can blow obby).
+16biroin However, ghasts are too weak against arrow shots. He should get mobs with a long range and a ton of health. Also, he must cover the roof or people can just fly or enderpearl into his base..

+Welcome to the Miz Army! Glass It should still shine... even immortal glass passes through the light and should be considered as a transparent block..
The beacon is only going to be used to show other players where all the bases are. The beacon would not be the target of the raid, the target of a raid would be to kill the owner of the base (if attacking a base) or to kill the attacker (if defending a base)..
You should use tesseracts. They are more expensive, but they can't be picked up by others, and making your turrets more hard to shut down, or even impossible.

Or surround your energy cells with warded blocks, because someone shoots a mining laser at it from far and the energy cell is destroyed.
Not fond of the new rules. It seems like it would slow down player's progress to a crawl. I'm worried this will turn out as futile as trying to make a LP of Starbound. Constantly having your progress reset to square one.. whell im saying they might be tempted do what you said even more. if they had the ability to start a new base quickly especially if they struggle to defend there base. it would suck to work really hard ona build just for someone else to claim it. +suicidaldumass Exactly, it's all about speeding up the recovery time so there can be more raiding and more fun for everyone including the viewer..
etho make an invisible roof and ward the invisible roof and ward your walls and don't ward your gate and make traps inbetween your gate!! ;/ xD.

+William Ledet I feel like he should make it so people can go in, but they have to deal with trials/traps in order to take it over..
but is there any easy way to ward hundreds/thousands of blocks also won't it take a ton of those elemental 'vis thing (is the vis renewable, haven't messed with thaumcraft 4 yet, perhaps when the pack is released I will). I think the new rules are great. Would love to see Etho get into a fight :) On that topic, Etho, you should put block breakers behind everything valuable you want to keep safe in your base. Then, when you press a button, it breaks all your valuable machines and sends them into an ender chest. This ender chest also has a copy at a different location, and it moves all the items to another base. Then, a nuke is set off! This would be amazing if you pulled this off and escaped before the nuke blew up XD. You could change the colour code every now and then, or keep the Ender Chests surrounded by warded blocks, so the person attacking the base can't see the colour codes..
+kenshin101010 You can make the frequency private, not the chest, while Doc was able to open it, he would not be able to copy the code somewere else and be linked to the same chest. It didn't fail, people just expected a diferent behaviour..
He doesn't want to show his face. Please just get over the fact that he might not do a face reveal. He is just a Youtuber... etho now you have turrets wich are hightech change the cobblestone to another future looking block but use the wand of fair trade!.
I dunno if it's in this pack.. However if it is, a GREAT way to have unlimited power is to get an ender tank and fill it w/ lava/fuel. You'll never have to refill it afterwards!! P.S Can't get enough of your FTB! It's awesome!.
+Robert Rijkers you can just put a diamond on the latch and they will never be able to hijack the combo... but finding the pump is yeah. I'm just saying it kinda reminds of a penis... Which becomes extra weird when nebs is holding it.
Etho, might I suggest keeping bags of holding in your vanilla enderchest, and carrying an ender chest with you instead of all your items always on you whenever Seems a lot safer in case of PvP that way..
Etho, this may get lost in the droll of messages you get however I would really like to see a single player FTB some time in the future if this server ever closes again. I really love your building style and I would really like to see what you could accomplish without you having to worry about attack. I know the last season of FTB was like that but I feel like singleplayer just has it's own special feel to it.. +MrKmanStudios Just like he wouldn't have motivation to build anything cool in his single player world either right Like WIlson Or anything else haha..
+legobuilderFTW I don't think they took ALL their stuff with them. They probably left most of it at their bases. Also, they could leave their stuff in a chest, die, respawn in overworld, make an enderchest, go to the end, move all stuff from chest to enderchest, die again, and take stuff out of the enderchest in overworld..

DrugBank: Naproxen

December 24, 2015
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Vito newspaper egypt - Buy Products In Best Vito - Dec 4, 2015

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December 12, 2015

Comments about this video:
Paul, you are late on your research...and your colony will burn down when the batteries explode inside your wooden buildings...just a tip.
hmm somehow you actually used more power conduits than you did with the chaotic version of your grid lol (only by 1 though).

Got Here early, just wanted to say, Paul your awesome and these videos are very interesting. Thank you for staying original! .

+Trey Herrera How about he does whatever games he likes He's said recently he hasn't been as entertained with minecraft because of how much he played it. But a new Man v. Minecraft series is coming out soon if you're interested.
Paul, hero :D you made my evening better with the new vids :D now i can't wait for the next ones :) And, i just bought the game myself :D.
▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬ஜ۩۞۩ஜ▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬ I know a Porthos on a game called Space Trek: the New Empire. ▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬ஜ۩۞۩ஜ▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬.
I've never played this game before and I feel i could play better than you! for about five minutes... then probably die....
paulsoaresjr, this is amazing! I created Porthos the pirate one year ago as part of the creative rewards for funding their kickstarter! He is supposed to be a Pirate King, but I suppose that isn't implemented into the game yet..

Good call with the dumping stockpile in chokepoints. I had the idea to do that as well but never got around to it xD I saw how much it slows down the colonists and then it hit me that I could use those instead of sandbags. If you draft people they don't do ANYTHING unless you tell them to, combat-wise (although they might automatically aggro if hostiles get in range, not sure). That's why Chili was just sitting there in bed (not sleeping) towards the end. If they are undrafted and you select someone you can right click a blueprint and prioritize building it. Just don't forget to either give drafted people combat commands or undraft them if you want them to do something else. When turrets are destroyed they explode in a 3x3 area so if you place turrets within 3 tiles of each other and one explodes, it will damage the other and anything around it (including sandbags)..

One of my people died already, he was the main person. I then loaded the game and I got killed without any warning. Through I didn't save it!.
Great video Let's Play, Paul! I need the extra help trying to keep my beginner colony alive long enough to do something. Lol. is the lettering/UI that small in-game as well Even at full screen I had trouble seeing the words. (Might be better if I could watch at higher quality, but my internet can't handle HD video-quality.) This looks interesting, but with the UI lettering so small it might be headache-inducing. I have a slight vision problem..
Hopefully some useful tips: - More walls at the base entrances with kill boxes for turrets. Leave an opening and lure enemies into the kill box. - Many overlapping turrets at the walls and inside the base, as pirates can drop inside the perimeter. - A hospital and more prisoner beds. Colonist beds can be reassigned in a pinch. Good luck!.

What did Punchwood do to his pet squirrel to make her sister, Susie, attack the settlement He must have treated his Sally much worse than he treats Wilson nowadays..
by the way paul you should probably reduce your cooking order because 12 is way to much for three colonist if you could reduce it to 6 so they don't all rot.
Wow Its hard having "Cassandra" as our AI just because of the name. Btw for people to know why I m saying this but there is a story of a 5th Band member named "Cassandra" and it is not known if she really exists or not. So um... Awkward..

paul, set doctoring repairing firefighting and patient as 1 for everyone, a lot of times if you dont pay enough attention your doctor may be hurt and then no one will care for him, also if patient isnt at 1 people wont go to the "hospital".
Sorry Paul the roof in the mounten can fall and kill your peopel Easy and there is like 3% that they are Alive ore move yeaa think about it the rest is good but you need prison that is 12 by 12 plss get it and hypronics can you reacurge to get plant all season and inside to plss put this command in your next rimworld clip i like you're thinking about the Game . Paul are you going to make anymore Minecraft videos. I haven't watched your channel in a few months, more about 6, so if you have said why I have not seen or heard the reason. Love the videos by the way. . You can make sure no more trees or bushes grow and block the turbines again by building floors in the zone that the turbine requires. Really helped for me....
If you don't put walls behind the boulders, rather than slowing attackers down, they can use them as cover..
Paul, I bought this game after your test drive and I'm glad I did. I love to watch your play through for tips and different view points of the game. I also enjoy the role-play with your characters and can't wait for what happens next.. This lets play is very interesting to watch, when I saw the first video I was convinced that I would like this game so I bought it and it's been a great game so far, I've made it a little further in the game and all I can say is you are in fore a great story, can't wait to see how it turns out.. if you put solar panels in front of your wind gens, and to solar gens will keep stuff from growing infront of your turbines, and solar panels don't count as blocking.. Hey Paul, good work on RimWorld so far! I bet I'm pretty far back in the list of comments requsting more of this series, but please make more anyway! I know this is just a hobby for you, and its a bit rude to command you to make more, but make more! Keep up the good work!.
Paul a little tip: If your buildings meet with the mountain keep the mountain and only dig out the inside... Unless you think replacing the mountain with actual walls makes the story better.

Hey paulsoars I have been subscribed since the beginning of attack of the b-team and i was looking through your older videos and thought you should start another terraria let's play series.

A while ago you did a survival games now could you do some skywars please that would be as awesome thanks.
+paulsoaresjr I've been looking for hours mate and I'm getting no where. Any chance you could do a quick tut or a mention as to how we update this game (that's how you got those portraits right). I hate non-steam games. xD Neevvverrr mind, Second viewing of your vid I caught the bit where you said it was a mod.. Paul can you play games like dragon age on he xbox one also can you make a cool intro just some questions.
Your videos are great and I always watch the new videos when they come out. This game looks amazing and I am planning on buying it soon. You are one of my favorite You-tubers by far..

Paul, I know you'd like to play a modpack including the HQM, or Hardcore Questing Mode, in Minecraft. If you decide to do this, I'd like to recommend to you the map Material Energy^3. It is a combination of a CTM map with the HQM and other mods. It looks extremely fun, and extremely interesting to watch. I think your play style would work well with this map. Etho has put out one episode of this and it was super cool!!! Hopefully you think about doing this, because I know a lot of us will enjoy it, but in the end, it comes down to what you want to play and what you think you'll enjoy. Either way, keep up the awesome work with your videos!!! .

He put out one about material energy ^ 4, but in me 3 all the mods are explained, so you really need to play 3 before playinng 4... 😀.
Paul, the micro-managing the priorities is what caused Punchwood to make meals, etc. You had his cooking set to 2. You should use the default priorities and switch them on and off as you need them, the numbers makes it needlessly complicated at the beginning. Also when right clicking and prioritizing things, you will have to really pay attention as they will only do the exact thing you tell them. i.e. the first time, they will haul the wood over to the spot, then if they are hungry or tired, they will just go back to eat or sleep, so you have to babysit and right click the thing 3 or 4 times to get them to complete it.. lol... Suzi... Salli's sister... lmao... this is awesome Paul... please keep em coming quickly... rofl.. Punchwood has been sent to prison with his two space friends. He was sentenced to life out in the wilderness. . Ah, perfect, just as I needed some cool video to watch while eating dinner. Nothing better than RimWorld with Paul..
You can smooth out the walkways or use concrete. The smooth feature cost nothing in resources, but the cement is 100% speed and not much cost of stone I think..

plese can anyone help me when i try to play multiplayer minecraft the server kick me out and says connection lost time out please help i am premium .
More random tips When you draft they do nothing apart from move and fight, so only draft when you really need it. Don't change the priorities so much, get a decent set for your folks then leave them, use the "prioritise task" option if you want to rush buildings etc it works better in the long run. But if they really want to do something else, such as eat or sleep you'll often have to keep prioritising the same thing several times. Make the prisoner bed as medical use until they are better, your warden won't heal them in a standard use bed. Also make sure someone has warden on high priority otherwise they'll just leave the prisoner to starve/die/go crazy and try and break out! If you want the prisoner to survive and join you make sure you are set up to give them food and medicine. Everyone should have patient as priority one, or they won't go to heal/sleep when injured. Wow, this turned into an essay, huh Love the series so far!.

Stronger than you since 1915 | FanFiction

December 5, 2015
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November 28, 2015
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December 3, 2015

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VitoSaver : Online Herbal Store

December 25, 2015
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Schedule Update - effective 1 December 2013 (text extract)

January 13, 2016

Comments about this video:

I really hope pungence is some kind of undercoveragent for skyz otherwise i´m gonna be too damn disappointed with this kid :D.
Lol the photographer, whenever I see a zombie with arms to its side I can only think about Dave from Slamacows Animations lol!. Kinda ruined the role play by "finding" the black market. Should of kept that on the down low and played along with it :]. Chimney and Pungence I think this is not right what you guys just did! When were chimney and paulsourcejr the major! When did people vote for you guys to let mommypoo be the major! I know this is a joke but I think you're just playing dumb to get! It's suppose to be bdoubleo and generikb not both of you! And why did you leave skyzm pungence Who made up this street cuz it's not you chimney or paulsourcejr cuz it's Bdoubleo and generikb! . And bdubs not only made the road, but started the town. And bdubs doesn't seem to stand up for himself enough :(.
You should build a prison and imprison players for crimes but there be a hard way but still a way to escape. Just an idea :).
Skyz, pungence, and chimney would be arrested first. Skyz for counterfeiting and stealing land with pung, and chimney for taking over the spawn road just because he could. Bdubs built the road and started selling land.. Pungence ty for making me laugh and happy with this videos i was really sad because my cat died today ty verymuch. Navy does everything with then having navy seals that can take out the greatest taliban with just 15 guys. I love how people are like "hate intro unsubscribed..." like he cares, then theirs people like "You didn't ask to make currency!" and "It's the b-team sever not yours stop trying to run the place!"And it's like if they invited them they should be able to do what they want just saying.... You should really ask pigirl out though she might fall for pig neuton! But anyway you guys would make a great couple!.
Yea they didn't have a " Search warrant " and were illegally going through people's places and taking their stuff .
Why didn't you vote on the currency so its not legit because the Gov of the bteam did not do a vote and also you stole land from the gov when you made the bank.
Let's see skizm unlawfully stole there's pieces of land stole a lamp created a black market killed bdubs made counterfeit money stole from karalis and didn't plan on paying for the land kidnapped guards and your gunna complain about them planning to pay for the land just waiting for bdubs and stopping skizm doing more of this stuff and your gunna whine about them helping.
I love watching other perspectives, you get more content, and it alerts you when other people posted :D.
He likes to roll play, obviously it isn't for everyone but he enjoys it and so does his audience .
Paul is so annoying because he's kinda acting like oh me and chim are the only ones who can roleplay because he ruined the black market role play and so did by siding with him and chim even if you guys are all friends seriously . I dont understand, episode 63 you were with skyzym and keralis, then, two days later, you're with the bad guys! Wtf!.
Bdouble is the rightful mayor of the town making him in charge.Also the guns don't need to be licensed you dumb ass!.

what makes me wanna cry is i look at pungence now and he almost has 150,000 subscribers i i always watch his 50 subscriber special good job pungence you deserve it.
skyzbucks are better than your crappy currency. keralis and skyzm cleaned up the town and you betrayed skyzm your bud.. Have u seen ur new niece she is soo cute congrats to ur bro and his wife remember to say to them from Alex thx soo much ttyl bye.
Apparently, BBC Reporter and Skyzm are the same person. The scenes Paul uses as reference is from Skyzm's normal perspective, and unless Paul is into witchery enough to use a crystal ball and have a recording device hooked up to it (highly unlikely), there's no way that Paul could have such picture that he uses as evidence..
Really The NSFY Witch and the Mad Scientist took over the town, and your first move: TEAMING UP WITH THEM -,-.
Just had to come over from Paul's channel and give a huge thumbs for this episode!! Never laughed so hard in my life two thumbs way way up for this one!!!.
+Dominique Barcelo The British Broadcasting Channel is where Doctor Who airs and they show re-runs of Star Trek The Next Generation. This town doesn't feel so safe I say take out the army and put back the witches and ender-chickens.

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January 3, 2016
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twilightluver2013 is a fanfiction author that has written 8 stories for Twilight. i10
Inspiration to workout on Pinterest | Running, Cover...

January 10, 2016
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Gas News Forum: Archive 04

November 19, 2015

Comments about this video:
hey quick question... so i recently bought a butane lighter and it suddenly stopped working. Its not the gas i think because it says on the bottle zero impurities. Also i do have a spark. But even though both are working, nothing happens it doesn't turn on. I also tried changing the amount of gas when the bottom is pressed and it didn't do anything. A bit of help please thanks. Your're the first person i've met that explained something in a manner i understand better.. i have a NIBO Space 7 Double Flame Butane Lighter one of the burners has a lower flame than the other how do i fix this.
its simply because the "O ring " rubber stopper(the tiny black one) need a replacement. due to everyday use or may closing it too tight, it becomes bigger and the valve gives only a minimal flame. as a common user the next thing im going to do is to adjust it.+. the more you adjust it to + the harder for your igniter to reach the normal flame because of the pressure. for me the best solution here to save time and headache... close the line of the regular flame....

Hello, I bought a vector butane gas and at bottom it writes 2007. Does the quality remains the same after so many years Does it have expire date the butane gas Thank you.

I think the reason the little reg flame don't work till it is upside down is that is how that type of flame changes to light pipes.
how true is it that that cheap butane refills damage the lighters are the manufactures talking out of their asses. +a if you use cheap Butane it can clog the channels because they are filled with impurities. Getting premium Butane will help make a lighter last longer due to less impurities. i often have lighters that wont work after filling so that for example fluid gas comes out of the top or it only does a short flame.why. Thanks for making this video...and sharing it...Now I can fix my lighters (years of tossing aside in a box ) make them work and display them...My lighters usually quit after my friends use them...grrrrrr. I wouldn't suggest taking a lighter to school at all these days. Probably would be considered a weapon....
I have a really old rowenta electronic. the flame works, but I need to start it with my jet lighter because looks like the ignition system uses a 22.5 battery to work. Do you know if these batteries still exist .
Was hoping u could help me out here I have a jet light that's not shooting gas to the spark it's filled up n all I was messing with the flame setting n it spazzed out in me n I tried to fix it but when I took it apart something dropped out what do I do. i have a prometheus kkp. ive taken the lighter apart so i could figure out why my lighter wont light. it seems that gas is not being released at all from the tank. ive tried fixing the adjuster knob but that wont do anything. . Thank you very much for this. I was able to get one of my gas station novelty lighters to light about 9 out of ten times. Mine does not have the pilot gas/light Anyway it works now. I was ready to toss it in the trash.. I have a beautiful Rocket Lighter that works perfectly. I am putting my belongings in storage for 2 years and figured I should empty the lighter fluid before storing. Would you agree The crazy thing is that I purchased it on Ebay and was shocked when it shipped from England to California, filled with lighter fluid in it. I just hope that it works as well once I refill it in 2 years. Do you see any issues.
I have a colibri with 2 jets, but one of the 2 jets gives a regular flame instead of a jet. Any idea what the problem could be.

I have a pretty cheap electric butane lighter, but when I press the button, there is no spark, is there a way to recharge it somehow Thanks.

+The_M0dern_G4mer Nope. The piezo electric unit is broken entirely. You could remove another piezo electric unit from another lighter and fit it to yours... but most lighters wont allow that as the unit is normally glued in and not replaceable by the customer..

I have a colibri with 1 jet. It has fuel (butane) but no spark ! Can someone tell me what to do !! .
Before filling a butane you should take a small screw driver and push down the intake valve to release the gas, this is the most common problem with refueling them when you think they don't work. If you have a spark then release the gas first..
i have a theory, as i have tried it with some of my other lighters, because of the speed of the jetfire which goes away to fast try lowering the amount of the gas from the jet lighter. please try it ant let me know if it works. thanks .
2 cutlerylover i have a lighter just like this, but no gas seems to be coming out what so ever, would you know what could be the problem and i know there is butane in it . You're a good person to fix your friend's lighter!! The spark is piezoelectric (it's just the opposite of inkjet printers where voltage is applied to the printing head). The only thing I can add, it helps to warm the can of (refill) butane first before filling. I guess this raises the pressure of the gas. I agree with Oliver, completely purge all the gas out before refilling. In my opinion, the piezoelectric spark element is the first thing to fail, especially with cheaper Ronson brand lighters; the plastic element case cracks.. Liked you video on fixing the butane lighter. Can you help me out of where to find or buy filling valve at the bottom of the lighter .
maybe the one flame hole has a blockage why dont you empty the butane and use a syringe or something to put water through to clean it out.
maybe the little bar is bent slightly and its not puting out enough fuel just a tip if u hadnt thought of that. you should see if you can get a macro mode, or macro lens for your camera, if you can interchange them, would be perfect for your close up videos.
Hey thank you for your post I just watched and fixed two of my crappy hong kong imported butane lighters that worked for about a week give or take, then simply stopped working even after refilling..
my lighter sparks and i can hear and smell butane coming out when i press it. but the butane dOsent ignite. WTF . You can send to me to evaluate. Possible valve problem or Contact me on my website : w w w. sparks of time vintage lighters. c o m. 2 cutlerylover try turning it down im thinking that the jet is blowing the outher stream off gas out .
i have a butane lighter that won't turn on i can hear the gas getting out but nothing happens please help me!!.

I have a coffin shaped torch lighter and it's refillable and I found out that, that clear plastic piece in it is torn and no gas is coming through.
i have something like yours zippo mpl thing...i got problem with it. i open it already, the tank is still full and it do spark. but won't come on fire like it used to fix it do reply to help me. I've heard air getting trapped in the lighter can do that. If it wasn't that it was just some impurity that was clogging your lighter up..
Hi, can you help me please :) I have a butane lighter, mine's a flint (also has a jet flame function). I had to dismantle the entire thing to get a jammed flint stone out :( Anyway, in the process I ripped the fuel line. Amazing that was a simple fix (melt the plastic close), however I can now no longer put the damn thing back on. That is I can't put the fuel line back on the valve thingy. Is there a special tool I need I'll be very helpful. .
I was wondering that too, but now my question is, how long does this system last Does the crystal degrade Does it last forever.
I have one that is a pistol and I can't take it out or don't know how but i don't think u would have to to fix it in like 10 mins the lighter will drain from where you fill it up u can here it coming out so its a hazard and u can't use it is there anyway u can fix it.
To replace the ignitor you must take aprt the lighter. There should be a couple long pins that hold the top of the lighter to the inner body (sometimes a small screw on some colibri lighters). Once you get the top off... The ignitor just slides out for a replacement. Sometimes you have to replace the burner along with the ignitor if it is attaches. Most lighters the wire can be pulled out of the top burner... w w w. sparks of time vintage lighters. c o m.
Want to try an fix my butane lighter Its leaking fluid when you try to fill it. Its leaving where you fill it. .
2 12eyseandahalf In an eletric lighter, a spring-driven mass strikes a piezoelectric crystal and exposes that crystal to a sudden enormous strain. This strain changes the shapes of the electronic levels in the crystal and produces an imbalance in the electric charges on the crystal's surfaces. One side of the crystal acquires a large positive charge, the other a large negative charge. Theres more to explain but...thats how a small charge is created or spark, enough to light the fuel.
ive been collecting lighters all types for over 30 years the first thing i learned was to use good triple filtered butane like colibri or xikar or the fuel valve will clog up eventualy ther all all kinds of good brands of lighters and torches on the market also a ton of shitty ones too. i like blazer torches xikar torches and colibri lighters i have tried windmill lighters and think ther junk just no luck with them and ther expensive not worth the money at all. by the way good video dude!.
where do u guys get that cool dual fire lighters. in my country, it's either normal fire or jet fire. not both.-.-.
2 Rundfunk90 it's called a jeweller's loupe, you can get em loads of places online for very little money.

Great video bro I have some of my dads lighters from the 50's and 60's that don't work and after seeing this I might try taking them apart and tinkering with them.. just hope they don't blow up in my
i got a butane lighter/flashlight and cant get it to work no matter wut i do do u think u can help me out .
Does anyone know where I could get a cheap lighter that has a soft and hard flame like the one in the video.

try increasing the size of the flame to get the flame bigger thus getting it closer to the other lighter. i had one just like this, they are so convenient having both types of lighters in 1.
2 brownbear696969 I watched this in 360P and it is perfectly fine, maybe you should get a better computer . The problem I'm always having is that I can see it spark when I click the lighter but it won't ignite, you can take a second spark or flame and light it with that, so fuel is coming out but it won't ignite off of its own initial spark. I need to figure out how to fix that shit..

W2 meztiza gluta cups - Buy Products In Vito Mol - Nov 3, 2015

November 17, 2015
Pharmaceutical Management Agency. Update. New Zealand Pharmaceutical Schedule. Effective 1 December 2013. Cumulative for September, October, November and December 2013 i13
Bonzai 3g - Buy Products In Vito Mol - Nov 2, 2015

January 23, 2016
By Bob Craik (Bob_the_boiler) on Thursday, July 20, 2006 - 10:04 pm: Edit Post. Ecoflam Max spare parts Does anyone know either the part no. or a supplier for the oil... i14
Schedule Update - effective 1 December 2013 (text extract)

December 23, 2015
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October 23, 2015

Comments about this video:
Those kids lifting weights is terrible. I didn't start weight training until I was in middle school, and I'm pretty sure that the years of weights are what gave me the joint problems I have today (in my late 20's). Kids should just stick to cardio and strength train naturally with push ups, sit ups, etc..
Now... time to do 500 pushups 500 situps 500 squats and 50km running EVERY FUCKING SINGLE DAY then I would become ONE TOUCH MAN theme song plays.

These kids really enjoy working out. But to me it's disgusting to have bodies like that, especially as a child. I don't weight lift much because it's not a sport to me and I don't enjoy it that much. It's to help me in areas of basketball such as boxing out, setting screens, and post-ups. I think cardio is the best..
Less than 1% bodyfat is absolute bullshit. You wouldn't be alive if you had that low body fat percentage. The brain attributes to a little under 1% bodyfat and the fat around your vital organs which are essential added.(Provided by Chris Stalbe).
+Daniel K that is exactly right, and all of the stuff on this video is a bunch of fucking bull shit.

+Kay Sabb 0ne if the girls was wearing a purple friendship circle shirt under her suite thingy she must be involved in a organization that helps mentally incapable kids have fun with somone i volenteered for that organization too its rly sweet it puts on smile on their faces so that obviously shows shes a good person weather she is the one people are helping or vise vera dont judge tho.
Disgraceful. Their parents should be ashamed. Bones aren't developed properly at their age. They're only doing damage. Impressive, but won't be impressive for long!!. Being fit is fine and all but that's to much. Weight training stunts their growth, and can mess them up with joint and muscle problems. "the girls can be just as strong as the boys" what do you want a medal engraved to a special little snowflake or just shut up and list the damn kids you dumb bitch.
+spencer paton Its idiotic how the number 1 is a girl but the number 1 strongest kid is a male like tf..

It's actually bad for your health if you start lifting before about 16-18 your bones aren't fully developed so you're only doing damage to yourself.
The girls can be as strong as the boys... FACEPALM! The boys where all under 10 but the girls are teenagers Thats unfair! This comment came from a girl!. So people sitting on the ass on YouTube have to gall to say kids are fat and should be playing outside and staying fit, but when kids are,l voluntarily working out on their damn own with nobody forcing them, it's ridiculous Which is it! You want them to play sports and be active, but you bitch when they do. Which is hilarious in context, because you're sitting on your ass while complaining about these kids working out. All of these kids seem to be doing his because they want to, it's their choice. They're not necessarily ruining their bodies, and how the fuck would you know anyway You never did it. I guess you're an expert because you read an article online. That doesn't mean you're right.. +Kari2025 Someone is salty...grow up....and i doubt you'd be saying the same when they're in the hospital and labeled midgets..
+clonetf141 eats food Nom Nom Nom food is yummier than that... like... it's healthy... and makes you fa- WAIT WE CAN JUST EAT RICE AND NOT GET FAT!.

What's with these young kids being so strong, bench pressing so young isn't good for you so why aw the adults letting them do this WTF.
I dont care how strong you are. Its about how athletic you are. No one really cares about strength as much as skill and technique. If your to strong like John Cena you stiffen up and you cant move as good as skinner people. Thats why. its not good for Kids because their body must devolpment to a healthy body d than they van behinning training.
Just proves it's good genetics or drugs. I've been training for about 5-6 years and don't look lean not muscular I eat clean with the cheat meal just like anybody else my genetics are poor I bench about 200lbs squat 280lb deadlift 280lb for reps 6-8 I do cardio twice a week 40 minutes walking jogging sprinting I cycle to gym and back 20 mins each why doesn't my body strip any fat off.
These kids are on roids. Kids bodies don't develop that kind of muscle at that age. I'm guess their parent give them creatin,testosterone. And stanazolol. But the ones on the list with the least muscle are probably natural..
the first 2 kids were able to do that because they weighed hardly anything. I didnt see them lift any weights....

I would laugh if i saw them being undeveloped midgets.. Dont consider me a a-hole im laughing about the stupid choice theyre doing.
Two kids in picture use steroids and they are ugly as fuck. Especially the one in the left and right..
چرا کلیپ ها پخش نمیشه بااینکه باوای فا ی کار میکنم باسرعت بالا اماویدیو هاپخش نمیشه لطفا کمکم کنید ممنون.

Now I feel like a worthless piece of shit Can't even do 1 push up I'll never get a girlfriend.
Actually one of these kids goes to my school (Naomi Kutin) and I can fully disprove that. I just found out yesterday that she was a multiple world record holder and was in shock. I always see her in the halls and even though she's a grade under me and we aren't in any of the same classes, I know she's a really quiet girl. Not like socially awkward and doesn't talk, she has a lot of friends, but she doesn't show anything off. So don't judge.. 12 year old kid can lift something twice his own weight. Is that healthy More importantly, why is this allowed. 1.Putting great stress on your body isn't healthy. 2.Anyone can try to be strong as he/she DESIRES. If steroids is being used then it would be worse than 1.. You know what I'm gonna go out there into the real world, becoming the strongest to ever exist. But probably later. Right after I finish my bowel of cereal in a dark room on Youtube.. +andrew keller dude that could be anyone and therei s a guy in my class who is also 15 and (looks anyway) WAY more ripped than him. 3:30 are you kidding me I don't mean to sound like "that guy" but being able to bench 205 and squat 225 at 14 isn't all that impressive. I know a whole team of teenage football players who can do more than that at 13 years or younger.. Stupid Parents... Don't they know if you start getting Fit and Having a 6 Pack at that age will Completely Stop you from growing so in few years They are gonna end up staying the same height There is prob only the guy thats 21 Is six ft or so but latee on there bones are gonna get Fucked Up Those Parents should be Ashamed. to nisu misici to je zilavost caba dobar izgled kada nisu jaki oni u mene da se zalete polomili bi se citavi.
Cause I have a six pack and my boxing trainer says I have a metal bat for a hand which means my punches feel like a metal bat slapping you image tha.
All of them are muscular and shit and then there's me,sitting here eating and getting fatter every single day.... +VeldroN i don't do any of that..but i still think my development is fucked up..already 19 but only 162 cm height..imagine thatall my brothers are taller than me..literally crying now,haha. +SodOff Baldrick you keep on saying the same thing over and over again so there's no point in me arguing with an idiot like you anyways. Don't reply, it just makes you look really really dumb every time considering your comback a are uneducated meaningless insults. Byyyyye.
+Rachel Levin Jesus Christ, you're still whining about this, you're so damn pathetic... Btw you're the idiot, you keep saying that there's no point in arguing or responding but then you keep going on and on like a spoiled little brat... Why don't you show some humility and just admit that you fucked up or just keep responding and show everyone your delusions of grandeur... You have a really weak mind if the best you can do is the feeble responses you've given so far and your life must really suck... I'm assuming you're no older than 12 years old as it would be embarrassing if you were any older....
its not hard to do 40 pull ups when you weigh 60lbs...too bad the parents of the second kid were caught putting steroids in his 'special' protein post workout drinks...prison time....
They have the worst fucking parents !!!! It's like they forced their son to lift a 10 kg metal lifting.
And if they are the strongest kid...CAN THEY EVEN FUCKING BEAT JOHN CENA john cena music started well if they beat him well they are going to get fucked up by all of us.. 4:26 I doubt it's "special genetics" she probably only did strength training and not body building workouts. I don't know whether to be amazed or disgusted I guess I'm at a bit of both, not disgusted at the children I'm disgusted at the parents ! Kids are still growing and while daily exercise is healthy and should be promoted as a good thing to children this level of exercise is unhealthy and could potentially lead to the stunting of growth and latter on in life having many health problems such as arthritis and in severe cases being crippled..
+Doms Shoegazing Thank you! I 100% agree. I am very sporty as well and as a kid I was a competitive gymnast. Sports is very good for kids, but THIS is too much. When a kid starts at the age of 2 and works out so hard everyday it is the will of the PARENTS not of the kid himself. Most of those kids are pushed and put under pressure by their parents. And this disgusts me too. All those children and teenagers who have been exercising so hard since they were 2 will pay the price for it when they become adults. At the age of 30 usually the problems start: injuries, arthrosis, arthritis, osteoporosis, joint pain, back pain, etc. Good luck to all those kids. Richard Sandrak by the way is now 23 and has a really healthy, normal body..

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November 3, 2015
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December 9, 2015
But sadly people who have arthritis of the hand fingers wrist elbow or shoulder do have to think about it Fist Bump Becoming Popular Solution. i18
twilightluver2013 | FanFiction

December 11, 2015
By Bob Craik (Bob_the_boiler) on Thursday, July 20, 2006 - 10:04 pm: Edit Post. Ecoflam Max spare parts Does anyone know either the part no. or a supplier for the oil... i19
Ko herbal potpourri - Buy Products In Vito Mol - Jun 23, 2015

January 18, 2016

Comments about this video:

I love how you always upload early. Every time I wake up and finish I wait for my bus by watching this..

If I was Maryana's boyfriend, I won't dare to mess with her because she'd throw me out of the window..

+Le Cobra it's ABOUT half a kilogram. When you go to the bigger numbers it changes a bit but not all that much so jeez what are u naggin bout.

I'm not "naggin" as I said I'm 90kg not 100kg, 10kg isn't "a bit"..
1. Strongest Man Squat about 362kg Bench-press about 238kg Regularly Dead Lifts about 408kg 2. Strongest Kids She benched about 150kg 3. Strongest Older Man Lifted about 84kg 4.Strongest Little Person Bench-Press about 226kg 5. Worlds Strongest Viking Man Lift and carry about 649kg 6.Strongest Man Ever Carry about two 158kg barrels Throw about 136kg over ten foot wall. +JaydaHeartTV yer but the little person one, just didn't make any fuckin sense. He benchpressed weight similar to modern wtf. Fuck you! A Danish dude comes on and you say his name means Force in German. DANISH PEOPLE DON'T SPEAK GERMAN!!! WE SPEAK DANISH, KRAFT IS DANISH FOR FORCE (also cancer).
I heard at a young age if your muscles get to big it can stop you from developing. So basically that 9 year old is fucked for life.
+Daniel Peru I have, they agreed with me. Its funny, I tried to find an article that proved your point but I couldn't. But I guess since this is the internet, you're right even though you provided no proof to back up your point..
+Daniel Peru Here's my proof, where's yours.
here comes the assholes in the comments going like "I'm the strongest motherfucker in the world". Thumbs down: There is not one mention of any olympians. wtf Even the obvious Rezazadeh which no one has even came close to beating his records. Do you even research.
Oh yeah..with two lil kids and being a single father...yes..ha ha ha...I love my kids but they are kids who can make things stressful.

What is the point the make a title "strongest people" and then show 50% men and women. It is just stupid feminazi propaganda..
+Asenetic I'm no feminist but, Believe it or else, women ARE people too, ergo their feats ought to be put on this video as well.. +Jim Kang Where in germany did you guys were East side Its sad hearing that something like that happens so extremely:( Myself i am living in germany and have 3 black schoolfriends but they never got treated that bad :/.
+Jim Kang Germany has some federal states and citys where the people are still very racist, but we also have a lot more tolerant federal states like Hamburg or most parts of Berlin where the people are polite no matter what your skin collour is! I feel sorry for you and your friend, but you should give germany a second chance. May I ask where you were in Germany .

Why is Big Z not og the list insted of Brian shaw He deadlifts the same as Brian but squats and benches more and holds more titles than Brian. .
+Daniel Peru haha why are you so angry What did Americans do to you You automatically hate someone for being fat! Like what This world is pathetic. well thse are the people who lift to be consiered strong...what about strong as in all round durability, endurance, mentality, and physical and speed bruce lee is the all rounded strongest. he had it all, speed, strenght, endurance, mind set, an mentality, were as the people on the list may be strong but may never through a single controlled punch...those people i do have respect for but thier strenght is also their weakness.. 331 pounds at 16 gets a girl a world record, huh Well my father benched 415 at 16 and didn't even come close to a world record....

So Americans are dumb because they use pounds and that a large chunk of the population is overweight Hmm I guess you learn doe rhino new everyday.

how much is a ton is it a metric ton that would be 1000kg or about 2200 pounds (weight of the ships ancre).
+Josh Smith well I'm sure if you trained EVERY day like she does, you would be much, much stronger :D. your lying because in my country there was a strongest man in the world his name is Zydrrunas Savickas and he was the strongest man in the world for 3 years and you didn't menshion that now if feel so confused why i subscribed to the richest channel #therichest.
What the fuck is pounds I thought it's a currency not a unit of weight kg is a lot more logical.

+Hiliksss You can easily convert from pounds to kilograms. Just get your calculator and divide the number by 2.2.
Don't feel bad people! This is bad for their muscles at their ages. This stuff could screw up their muscles and they could be painful and sore even really, really messed up in the future. It's okay to have a lot of muscle but you don't want to start too early.. What My liberal arts teacher told me that black people were strongest. This video is white supremacist propaganda..
thats it i need to do what saitama did to be the strongest man in the world few days later crap crap crap ahhh my bones are crampling.

Does anyone know why there are so many thumbs down on this video It doesn't seem like there is any thing that could be construed as negative in it to me..

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January 8, 2016
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December 21, 2015

Comments about this video:
Superficiality + annoying personality = the mom. lol I got nothing against lifting I do it too but I got something against annoying people. lol. Up to 240 hours each week Something is wrong here.. You're saying they exercise 24 hours a day for 10 days in a "week".
Well, the hours are compressed from 60 hours per person a week, and I did the math. They do 8.5 hours of excersize a week..
240 hours a week There's only 7 days a week... That's 168 hours a week. This is impossible. What a load of bullshit..
Squatting gives you bad knees and deadlifting gives you a bad back. False! Being weak and fat gives you a bad back and knees.

Improper form kills your body's joints. Proper lifting technique with appropriately heavy weights greatly improves the longevity of your entire body..

240 hours a week 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 24 × 7 = 168... I guess TLC wasn't very educated..
They train their bodies up to 240 hours a week That's impossible. Literally impossible, do 24*7 on a calculator and you get 168 hours..
Or maybe the mma or actual wrestling where it's real and will actually help him keep his muscle He'd get rich off wwe tho.
They added everyone in the family together...each person lifts for 60 hours a week...60 x 4 = 240 hours a week. +combatmaster 518 i hope you're kidding because weightlifting and boxing are COMPLETELY different things.
The kids shouldn't be weight lifting until they've hit puberty. Lifting that early can stunt growth..

+BoulderShoulders Doesn't look like he has. You can tell a difference between a boy and a man. .

'Nothing more sexy that a big strong man' 1. That guy is soooo fat 2. He looks likw an ape that only got halfway through the evolution process.

+John Woo And you someone who sits behind his computer screen pretending to be able to see what ppl look like....

+Thomas Wiltshire At least I'm not sitting on my arse making stupid comments about people I don't even know..
I'm 14 and 5'9 and I can lift 140 due to living on a farm and cutting fire wood all day every day..
240 hours a week The math is wrong but then you take a step back and realize that they have added each of their times together. So like 60 hours a week each..
Lifting more than half your body weight puts your heart in danger as you can tear your aorta and this girl is lifting twice at age 5 what shit parents.
😑😑😑😐😑😑 there is other families strongest than your family but don't be sad I don't try to be mean but there is 😑😑😐😐😂😂😂.
i'm no expert on muscle tissue development or anything. but wouldn't that girl have a bit more to her if she can lift 100 pounds at that age.
Good house good people good energy😀😅😜☺️💪🏼💪🏼💪🏼💪🏼💪🏼💪🏼💪🏼👊🏼👍🏻super strong is wish I was strong I'm 8years old.

Jessica Was 46 pounds And Im 114 And Dillon Was 103 And Im Really Strong I Can Reck Both At The Same time.

They counted up how many hours each person does. So say the wife does 24 hours a week and the husband does 50. That's 74. I think that's what they meant..

Nice lifting potential for the boy, but at 11 I rarely messed with anything heavy, but I could lift 180lbs. The family overall however is much stronger than most, he'll I even wish I could do the one armed push-up they do lol..
This is the unhealthiest shit I have ever seen. Putting on and maintaining unnatural weight on your body is extremely stressful for your organs including heart. Not to mention the excess intake of calories, trans fats, etc that they are putting in their bodies. Remember people, just because people are skinny or buff, does not mean they are healthy..
Most adult males can probably deadlift around 70-170 1RM pounds without any training (an educated guess), assuming they don't have labour/fitness intensive jobs/lifestyles. Or also if they're not fat. Probably around 140 on average. Obviously she has less range of movement required- but that little girl can definitely deadlift more than some of you out there. That little boy can deadlift more than quite a few..

I personally think it would be a little higher than that. I'm 13 years old and have been working out for almost a month. I can deadlift 200. But I've also been fit my whole life so idk.
they said they train 240 hours each week. Does that seem wrong to you guys 24 he X 7 days only equals 168 hours. Hold up. I like that the kids don't sit their ass all day but how do they train 240 hours a week when theirs only 168 hours a week 0:34-0:40 the fuck.
+xSnakeStyles no look at the kids. Weightlifting as young as 5 can horrifically make you grow the wrong way..
Wow that 11 year old is strong, he can deadlift 10kg (SARCASTICALLY) I asked my sister "can you lift this above your head" I put 17.5kg on a weight lifting bar and she did it no problem and she's 10! Like wtf the 11 year old was struggling with 10kg and my 10 year old sister can lift 17.5kg easy and she's never lifted weights in her life. Also the intro when he was "pushing the car" it's pretty obvious that his dad was driving forward, if he couldn't hardly life 10kg how the fuck can he push a car.
I'm 13, i do weight training 2 BUT i watch out so i don't injure growth rings because i WANT to become really tall 2.20 meters/7,3 feet.
Notice they said 130 lbs in deadlifts, although he was struggling to hold up 10kg, equaling 20lbs. I smell bullsh*t.. 1:27 I HOPE YOU FUCKING KNOW 5 KGS IS ON THERE AND ON THE OTHER SIDE SO 10 KG IS LIKE 22 POUNDS RETARD AMERIFUCKS.
The girl can't lift 100 pounds like they said. She can lift it 1 ft of the ground if that is what u meant😑 240 a week Math class much Learn math and MULTIPLICATION before u give ur kids spine problems at age 15 dude😉😒😑.
+Vanilla&Chocolate obviously she is not lifting it over her chest because it's called a deadlift for a reason. You can't judge how long she can hold it based off a part that shows her doing it in like 10 seconds. That little girl is obviously strong, why don't you just go to a 5 year old and tell them to lift a 100 pounds. 5 year olds can't, they wouldn't be able to lift a cm off the ground (or over their chest of that's what you are expecting). The girl has been training with her parents which leads her to be strong/athletic. Plus she consumes more than average child and she's fairy skinny.. oh whatever, I just think Jessica is insanely cute omg at least this family isn't bad looking as "America's beat looking couple", these people seem humble..

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November 11, 2015
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November 16, 2015

Comments about this video:

+Ashley being realistic, both would be destroyed, specially the mountain, but depending on the speed the mountain migh have bigger chances to survive than most people..

Don't click Read more ░░░░░░▄▀▒▒▒▒░░░░▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▒█ ░░░░░█▒▒▒▒░░░░▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▒█ ░░░░█▒▒▄▀▀▀▀▀▄▄▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▄▄▀▀▀▀▀▀▄ ░░▄▀▒▒▒▄█████▄▒█▒▒▒▒▒▒▒█▒▄█████▄▒█ ░█▒▒▒▒▐██▄████▌▒█▒▒▒▒▒█▒▐██▄████▌▒█ ▀▒▒▒▒▒▒▀█████▀▒▒█▒░▄▒▄█▒▒▀█████▀▒▒▒█ You are a rebel, i like you.

+Xiledolly Nah man but healthy people who at least walks or runs once in a while. If you don't do 100 after age 21 as a man, you're pretty damn unhealthy man. The back is EXTREMELY important for your entire body..

+J Lew Oh I believe the Mountain knows a thing or two about going after the eyes :-D Btw yes, he wouldn't be perfect for rugby but I believe he could be pretty good at football.
+Damien Treox I'm not projecting I'm literally only pointing out the fact it's not a world competition, but a European competition. so he's not the strongest in the world.. sorry that you took offense to it and suddenly thought of yourself as a man in a gay club getting hit on. what a weird comparison..
+Samon So what if I'm not completely white What difference does it make I guess you live in a tiny thought bubble where everything white is good, and everything non-white is bad. You only hurt yourself with your narrow-mindedness and refusal to acknowledge the truth. Keep believing lies if you want to, but God's judgement is coming..

+gallardorsq no, you're funny cause you're a retard. Love to stay and chat but i don't like retards much. tata! Looooooolz!.
+Jin Kazama i guess the "loooooolz" fits with your personality seeing you still have to hit puberty.
Me: 5 feet tall and 100 pounds. Hafthor: 6 foot 9 and almost 420 pounds. I don't know how that would physically work, but I work sure give that mountain a climb.

+Kessler Hassenstein Thank you for using AMERICAN Youtube, and thank you for letting AMERICAN culture displace your culture in your own life..
+Leondrius You just you said were "used" to taking body shots. How the fuck does that indicate you have boxing experience Plus, I said boxing, not a street fight. That's a big fucking difference. The only thing that's obvious is that either you're lying about your stature, or you're just being an ass.
+JaHaddy Jael Neither one. I first started my martial arts training as a boxer/Thai boxer. I went on to study taekwando for several months after that but have been studying kung fu for the last four years. Everything I ever studied still can be seen in my form. I know you said boxing. I said I can do either one with a little preparation..


mega strongman ░░░░░░▄▀▒▒▒▒░░░░▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▒█ ░░░░░█▒▒▒▒░░░░▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▒█ ░░░░█▒▒▄▀▀▀▀▀▄▄▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▄▄▀▀▀▀▀▀▄ ░░▄▀▒▒▒▄█████▄▒█▒▒▒▒▒▒▒█▒▄█████▄▒█ ░█▒▒▒▒▐██▄████▌▒█▒▒▒▒▒█▒▐██▄████▌▒█ ▀▒▒▒▒▒▒▀█████▀▒▒█▒░▄▒▄█▒▒▀█████▀▒▒▒█.

Does it count if you constantly have to jerk the weight to lift it up (0:14) If it does, it doesn't seem like a legit strongman competition..
Well at a powerlifting meet, in my opinion at least, the lift wouldn't have counted since he hitched and the hips didn't lock out. But still impressive and serious weight that not many people could even lift off the ground.. +Toots o' Poots I really liked that time when a bunch of people debated muscle and society's views/teachings and everybody got reeeeeaaally pissed. That's my favorite. :D But, seriously, the guy is not to be fucked with. We can all agree on that.. Let's purge Europe together hafþór julius bjornsson. Of Jews, Arabs and blacks alike. Not because they're all anti-European. Because their power grows at our expense. Because we are being genocided. And because an unmistakable part of them will always be our enemy and betray us. A part we cannot "be nice enough to", can not "integrate" and can not just individually target therefore have to remove them all..
just imagine the boyfriend of his daughter introducing to him, he must have an iron will to pass through this test.
More likely the strongest man in the world. I bet he really can crush someone 's skull like a ripe melon like the way he did on GOT.. And just think, man is still the weakest, pound per pound, than any species on the planet. Even an ant the size of this man can carry away that barbell, x10 the weight, and carry it all day, everyday.. Why do you think ants don't get as big as us They wouldn't be able to move their own exoskeletons if they were as big as humans.
With such elite genetics, why doesn't he pick up a sport Surely the payoff would be much better than strongman or Game of Thrones cameos.
+Nick Silva He does,it's used for pasting wallpaper,and it's guaranteed so strong,you will never ever get the paper back off.(once it sets of course).. i'm sure I'm not the only one thinking about this but imagine if their was a zombie apocalypse and this dude got bit.. & then you happen to be at the show so he is coming after you lmao what would you guys do.
I always wonder: after these strongmen have moved these heavy objects around, who is strong enough to move them back into their original position for the next event I can't imagine that the strongmen do it..
You can say what ever you want, you can trash talk or say that there is someone stronger than him, none of that talk is going to even come close to belittling his strength achievements.. +Isaac Le Morvan You are fucking retard. One thing is powerlifting, one thing is olympic lifting. And other thing is Strongman. The first two are better for short people, but the latter goes with tall people. The average strongman is 1.91. Long widespan really helps with leverages in excersises such atlas stone and shit..
"hey thor,could you move my house over a few feet to the left" YES NO PROBLEM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! AARRGGHHH!!!!!.
That was a shitty dead lift, I am not saying I could do any better, but I am saying it was poor technique.. for sure but I'm pretty confident he doesn't always lift like that, it would be pretty stupid on his part if he did. I can tell you're a DJ fan btw:D his technique is flawless.. +piratemonkey4 It is some of the best technique we'll ever see. There needs to be some heavier guys that have those skills, not saying there aren't but there are very few whom have the skills he does in the heavier weights. Be safe, be ready...Pankration!!!.

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November 6, 2015
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January 22, 2016
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January 15, 2016

Comments about this video:
the Caucasian Shepard and the Turkish kangal are the 2 top strongest dogs in the world and not even listed here! this is a stupid list.. +TheAnimeProducations I used to have one... It was a really strong dog-when i was walking with it, it started sprinting and i was like pulled by a car. an african wild dog would shit on most of these while taking down an adult wildebeest at the same time..
No offense to those dog lovers but, these dogs are not exactly... good-looking. When there are actually good-looking strong dogs like german shepherd and so on....

+Eternity21 CallMe T.A. your opinion does not define "actually good-looking" so there is no reason to assume people would take offence to the fact you prefer German Shepherd..
kangal nerde mk amınıza çaktığımın ecnebileri sizi kangal bu köpeklerin hepsini havada karada siker. seriously this experiment breed dogs have you even heard of Georgian shepherd the dog can kills a fucking wolf. Ugh, shut up. Sure you all have valid points but honestly, all this is opinion. There is no fact as there are variables we cannot control, there is no perfect dog vs perfect dog in a perfect arena, with a perfect air quality to make it fair..
03:22 De O Köpeği Karşınızda Zincirsiz Gördünüz Ve Size Saldıracak İlk Sözünüz Ne Olurdu Yanıtlayın, Arkadaşlar.
+Ashley Smith some little skank calling me dumb when did I ever say cannibals didnt exist dim witted cunt.. I have been attacked by these dogs and they are so easy to kill Jesus they are dumb and if you know your training you can kill them like snapping a twig. +Bethany Seacake what top 10 videos have you been trying this is a video focusing on strength. The breed you mentioned would be more associated with intelligence and stamina i would think. or maybe the top ten skinny lanky clumsy breeds. lol. im kidding. i love'em..
Cant believe the stupidity. These idiots post these things without doing any research. This list is completely wrong. OMG.
My newfoundland dog literally pulled lots of shopping carts after her when she saw my dad come out of the shop xR.
Strong can be defined in many different ways. I have no clue what metric this author is using. Although, I will agree that a Dogo would not be #1 using most metrics I can think of..
SOP dog (Serbian defence dog) is banned in USA. Is it reason that he is not in the list since he won in Pit bull in the box.
The AMERICAN PIT BULL IS THE STRONGEST!!! FACT! IT FIGHTS LIONS AND BEETS ANY DOG THAT TRYS!!! but there really just gentle giants I have a dog that is collie and pit and... every one is scared of it and it is a puppy....
Also read Pit Bull has the record. I've seen enormous Pit Bulls that are as big as small mastiff but more full of muscle..
you need to edit your video please, american pit bulls have blood from the us and staffies are brittian. There is a big difference between the two. one breed is particularly larger the american is smaller in weight..
where is the Sarplaninac or the Kangal. Btw this list sucks. Not even a single dog is literally stronger than Sarplaninac.. there are a lot more dangerous breeds that you have put on and BULLMASTIFS ARE NOT VICIOUS! I have one and hes so kind and loves to play with other dogs! he doesn't bite or even nip people all he does it lick you to death! and give you lots of cuddles!!.
the videos not referring to the hardest or most aggressive breeds or even bite force, strength covers all sorts of factors like=speed/acceleration -pullingpower and mental endurance! the Siberian husky being the closet of k-9 family to a wolf has all these qualities, it should definitely be on this list and in the top three at the very least...!.
Diz uma descrição e um nome e apresenta outra raça nas fotos, que vídeo sem crédito.. you should include the greek shepard dog which is so fearless and strong that it attacks and kills bears and wolfs.i wonder if many of these ones could manage it..
+VeryFriendly Nihilist I expected a more imaginative retort from someone with nihilist in their screenname, you're one of those coffeehouse pseudo-intellectuals I see afterall .
+Joey Dunlop Stop acting like you didn't enjoy it faggot. You said you love it when I make you bleed.. every breed in this video should be killed by fire, these are the kind of dogs that people of african heritage raise to attack other people of african heritage and police. Stupid kid the all dogs are dangerous! Better you should to do: The most dangerous dogs!Not the the strongest dogs! Because every dog is strong! Maybe you don't know this!The most dangerous dogs are: Kangal,Chow chow,Boxer,American Bull Dog,Pitbull,Wolf dog,Siberian Huski and Bandog! These dogs are the most dangerous dogs!. I love how pitbull owners like calling them something they are not to hide the fact that it is a pitbull or pitbull type dog. lol. this list is pure bullshit ,caucasians are the most strongest dogs period ,kangals are too strong too they can be on second place easily, I'm sorry for this pitbull I really do ,I love them very much but they are not strong as people think,here is the fact
Why can't anyone fucking label a video correctly, says dogs... then video is dog breeds... fucking clickbaiting assholes.
+denizhan dogan They are strong and with proper training they probably would survive the iditarod. No way would they finish before the Sibes, Alaskans and Malamutes though, so I seriously think you underestimate huskies. But ok the Kangal deserves a place in the top 10. :P.
+Andreas Dimitropoulos he forgot a shit-ton of dogs, and erroneously put a bunch on there that shouldnt be..
I prefer having a cat for a pet. I don't trust any of these breeds, but the Rottweiler may get my approval.. haha listen problem 1.Kangal. 2.casuasn okawarka. 3.alabai. 4.bulterier. 5 dogo argentino.
+Yahya Akgul Don't see the english bullterrier in this kind of lists anymore. I had one, 20 years ago. In the '80s this breed was extremely strong in his neck, agressive and fast. At this day this breed is more friendly and a bit smaller, but still a very strong dog. Maybe the strongest pound for pound..
+PARAEZFLY It doesnt depend on how dogs are desinged, the thing is that caucasian shepherd can easily take out wolf and out of these dogs only N.2 and N.1 could do that tho....
for one wolf is an animal made for survival ,a pitbull is bread to fight in a pit with another pitbull.put the pitbull and a wolf together to test GAME.the wolf will jump the pit!Game is what we test for when we fight dogs not who's stronger then the other.Game is what were looking for game is all we care about.Their are rules when dogs are fighting.if you follow the rules just like a UFC fight, dogs don't need to die are get hurt.A wolf can kill a pitbull yes but if the pitbull is a fighting pitbull the wolf won't have a chance.Each dog is different.Like a fighter.not all pitbulls are fighters are GAME!Depends on the dog and not the breed of dog! Game is the bottom line! All dogs no matter what breed can be GAME.Just like some people no mater what race of person.Some people love to fight some people hate to fight.Just like a pitbull.if the pitbull don't wanna fight we call that a CUR we don't breed that dog!The CUR pitbull won't have a chance against a GAME Poodle!. 3:20 wtf is that...staffies and pitbulls are so ugly, the rest seemed kinda cute especially the puppies!!!!.
+emmakiwi Hey! Most humans are cute when they are puppies. When they reach adulthood some become very ugly..
+QueenFanPiper62 True - if a particular breed of human killed my pet cat I'd call them ugly too. .
Every time I see american staffordshire terriers I always lick my lips and swallow. What a nice thigs their legs are, if cooked right I bet there's no better chicken than that staffor!!!.

Who ever made this video, clearly it's just his opinion or observation of what the top ten strongest breeds are. None of these breeds are stronger than the other in my opinion. The German shepherd definitely belongs on the list though. They're the most common working military dogs I mean come on! Lol But again, this video isn't factual. Just some random persons opinion of his favorite top ten dogs probably..

this is rubbish the turkish malakli is 200 to 250 lb runs 35 plus miles an hour and kills bears wolfs and pittbulls.

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January 21, 2016
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December 31, 2015

Comments about this video:

I've never understood why the government keeps information about Extraterrestrial life forms from the public. I've never understood that..
Well, if NASA if covering up proof of extraterrestrial life, I can't say I blame them. You know, because of national security and all that shiz. Plus, us humans aren't exactly the most understanding of creatures at times. I think it'd be more likely that they'd be trying to protect the aliens from us, not the other way around. I can see the angry mob with pitchforks from here. "Send dem alien freaks back to whatever planet they came from!" "They're stealing our jobs!". What's scarier Being the only living creatures in the universe Or not being the only creatures in the universe.. +Destiny Chance it is actually 1 in fifty six quintillion like the Man said in the video. You're ignorant. +TheBlueNiTe it would be scarier to be the only living creatures in the universe. Cause after we're gone, we don't know if there will be life again.. the universe is infinite and is expanding every second. with that being said why would earth and human beings be the only form of intelligent life out there.
I WILL END THIS ALIEN STORIES WITH ONE QUESTION "why is all the photos about aliens are not clear ".
Think about it. We see aliens everyday. I'm listening to one right now. How We are aliens! We live in space, we have technology, and the atmosphere is still part of space, we are on a planet. So, we are living beings who live in space. We are aliens!.
Aliens in space, very possible. Aliens on earth is total poppycock. What you are showing us has no evidence, no proof, and no tested scientific theory. Humans are pattern seeking mammals and all this kind of thing goes on all the time and ths is proof of that. but hey any conspiracy is better than a boring fact, isnt it.

I don't really believe in MIB, it's not very discret to be dressed all in black, with hats nobody wears anymore. The story/legend of the MIB is fictionalized (to my opinion). I mean, according to the way they dress themselves, people's attention would be drawn immediatly. And when people would look at those guys in black, they'd notice they have unusual looks, so... why would US governement employ robots or aliens to threaten UFO witnesses A guy from CIA and FBI would do.

+Mirabeau UUMMMM Look out your window. We're in the unmarked black sedan. We can see you but you can't see us..
Why do ppl assume that there are only 1 race of alien... why cant there be like 30 what if all the other races kno about us and we are the least advanced and thats why none of them want anything to do with us... Or what if vice versa... what if we are the most advanced and all the other aliens can barely even speak to each other... It gets really deep when you think about it... but either way we as humans tend to love the "What ifs" and forget that we got people who havent even held smartphones or let alone even understand what our ideas of aliens are... think about that..
+Yoshi Gaming the only ones that could be worse than humans, is that they are doing what humans are doing to eachother.. but to other planets and destroying/robbing other planets. Humans would be doing this too most likely.. but we arent capable of that yet and ofc.. we have found no life on other planets so.. and i hope it stays that way, for theirs or even ours security. .
If there really aren't aliens how come there's such a common stereotype for what they're supposed to look like & alien life forms could be something like a plant, bacteria, etc. I think humans are kinda narcissistic to believe they're the only special chosen ones in the universe.. +Miriam R I think David Bowie was some type of alien. Did you ever look real close at him He was an alien man !!!!!. I can't say for sure if aliens are real or not. If they are, cool! If not, we'll always have Sigourney Weaver.. Why are people still arguing that aliens don't exist... There is just too much proof that they do and do we really think we are alone out of all those planets... I mean rare might be some strange creatures living on some rock and looking at as like what the hell are we and how do breathe this so called "Oxygen" my point is you can't deny that there is something out there more than our selves!! We only know about %0.000000000000000000000000000000001 of the universe but what about the rest The planets we will never be able to see... Many o the fat planets wee see are how they used to be Billions of years ago because light can tracer in a instance!!! So how do we know what could of happened in those billion year old planets that we just never see unless we find a way to travel faster than light it self which will probably break the laws of the universe! What I'm saying is there is no doubt that something else something living out there maybe they human like form developing somewhere across the universe and we will just never see them! Maybe the universe is starting to die already but we just aren't seeing it yet!! I don't think it's also a coincidence that people are puzzled how pyramids are made and about the cymbals doesn't that proof that there was something more that helped us with a head start something more advance then us... THERE IS LIFE OUT THERE IT MIGHT BE NEAR IT MIGHT BE FAR BUT THERE IS LIFE! Sorry for long message I just got inspired xD.
lol. i think reason one should be the size of our universe. and i think if there is aliens, they are most probable many light years away and much stupider than us.
+Dakota Becker No, not after 13,8 billion years. After that ammount of time the universe must be full with intelligent species. Atleast thats what I think.. +Vzsasz when we say universe.. what exactly are we talking about how is it possible to measure the entire univerise and galaxy when we cant even see it and have no clue if it ends or how big it is. 13.8 Billion years universe = milkyway galaxy or. +John Eldred “Science investigates; religion interprets. Science gives man knowledge, which is power; religion gives man wisdom, which is control. Science deals mainly with facts; religion deals mainly with values. The two are not rivals.” ― Martin Luther King Jr. Its ok to believe they are one in the same. Nothing wrong with that. That's how I interpret the bible. Book of values with some scientific truths to it..
of course we're not alone, there has to life other than humans, they don't have to be intelligent.

OK. I'm not a kook. But it would be totally arrogant to think that we are the only living intelligent things out there as large as the universe is. Duh I don't need any of this guys references. I know what I saw in my deep space telescope. I haven't looked in it since. :/.

I'm probs going to sound so stupid, who was the first person to create the image of what we know as an alien the green slimy big eyed creature, come from, why did they draw them like that who described them like that I just wondered it's probs obvious and I'm just stupid.

it's so sad...aliens are afraid to come here. Imagine a world where everyone was helping each other, no racism or war, eco friendly energy, a lush beautiful harmony with nature and then take a look at our world. Ppl kill ppl, every man for himself and we destroy the very mother that gives us all life. would you want to come here.
You never know they might be very nice and happy creatures Its sad to think people think there weird because they probably think we're very weird! 👽.
+Renee Hawkins Well Renee, When the film was made they could only afford porn music for the background. Sorry..
I don't understand, how come everything out of space happens in America and never somewhere else!!!. If aliens technology was so good why the fuck do they always crash.. learn to land before coming here stupid aliens -_-. +SomeWeirdGuyWithAMoustache The aliens brains are intgrated into the flying saucer's system. So when they get to earth they start looking around at what we're doing and they take their mind off flying the craft and focus on us, Then they crash.. steven greer makes a good argument that if people understood that advanced technology could replace fossil fuels the current economic power structure would be threatened. imagin pollution free unlimited energy and the ability generate massive electromagnetic and gravitational fields... so big that they can travel through space time (wormhole) faster than the speed of light. 1 second ago. +SOUTHERN GRACE Theres a rumor going around the universe. Yeah they say that aliens are hung like a gas pump !!!!.
why doesnt the governmwnt tell us we want the truth is just that they dont want us to get scared its that they are bad people and WE ARENT ALONE OBVIOUS.
Honestly, why does everyone act like aliens are going to be stupid Or just like humans Or super smart They could be anything We're not the only creatures to exist. We're not the only place to exist. Years ago, people didn't even have letters. Do you people really think so simply Who says they're going to be like us Who says we're "superior" There's so much we're unable to see and do, and who's to say somewhere out there, creatures exist and can do what we can't. +Lily Geneva There is some truth to it, like there are a lifeform that lives only in 2 dimensions, the beeing would not notice you at all if you watch him from the sides because the Z axes do not exist for the beeing. A think people prefer a fantasy over reality and wish it to be true which enforces a stronger belief..
What if the Men in Black aren't government agents at all What if they're actually aliens in disguise It would explain their supposed strange appearance and behavior, after all.
The men in black are cannibal aliens who eat humans I've had dreams there similar to the reptilians All aliens are bad. +Captain Klyde They'll believe anything though... As proven by muhamad, jesus, hitler, stalin, The US gov. etc... Just repeat it enough, wear a fancy hat (or a tie), and speak with conviction. Meat-bags love that shit.. UFO's must be real. I've never seen one, but I knew people who did. Science says, there must be an ceator of life. Live can't be threw evolution alone 'cause DNA just can reproduce itself and not create itsef. DNA is needed to form an protein. No DNA > no proteins > no cells. Cook in world history, everywhere are signs of extraterrestrial evidences. Sciencs says that god must be existing..
+Thomas Sovic I think there is one DNA that branched in to many different life forms.We are all related.Our bodies are made of the same stuff as the stars,oceans,animals,and the earth itself.The universe is a never ending creation machine. No god no guy that waved his wand just protons,electrons,neutrons and matter creating everything everywhere..

Ed White and Gus Grissom and I think(as far as the first name of that hero that died on Apollo 1)(any high schooler knows pure oxygen supports fire a fucking lot!! NASA didnt know it) Roger Chaffee paid with their lives for not going along with the program, they had, they were men of HONOR.

+Jonathan Van Winkle UUUUMMMMM, We have a shirt policy sir.Folks over fifty should always wear a shirt.Mothers are hiding their children !!!!.

+Jonathan Ortiz and there comes a huge paradox! see... if we went to the past with, oh let's say, a magic time travelling spaceship, the egyptians would probably see that and draw it. And then we would found out those hieroglyphs were just us from the future..
I heard aliens are only curious that's y they take people ! they more scared this humans about them coming !.
+joselyn stokes Go back to school and get a education son cuz I don't understand whats yous just said homey !!!!! BOOM !!!!.
OMG my mind is everywhere now that he said "our universe is huge but we could be small bacteria of something bigger". Yes, MAN IN BLACK ARE REAL! and they are actually NOT human, nor ALIEN who came from other space or planet, but they are the ANGELS of GOD from HEAVEN for the MISSION OF GOD to be SET UP HIS PLAN for all of humanity in the future here on earth..
You guys really wanna know what NASA's not telling you I can enlighten you, my Uncle's an aeronautical engineer and attends regular NASA meetings. They're not keeping anything secret. Any scientist working at NASA. would flip out and tell everyone and their grandma if they found intelligent life. There's no way to keep something like that secret....
+edward agillacutty Ha Ha, what a load of complete bollox..He also signed a peace treaty with Irish leprechauns and the Elfin army... Ya dopey sod..
Guys.. if Aliens were in the egyptian times, and showed them shit, but we see the same shit egyptians saw.. doesn't that mean that the Aliens haven't evolved.

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Comments about this video:

But German Shepherd is really strong dog and best in everything and he is always 3 pls and Caucasian 5.

+GratzyTheGame Thumbs up for the one who kills you, stinking heartless bastard ! filthy lowlife scumb.
lol this is the worst list ever hahah kangal is the strongest dog pitbull not even close also dogo argentino, rottie, Caucasian shepperd and boerboel are all stronger then a pitbull you should research and remake the list properly instead of giving false information. +jake the kangal You do know that other dogs are in these weight pulling competitions right Why do you like to single out pitbulls or pitbull owners Are those owners of other dogs trying to satisfy their egos too Like I've said. Pitbulls are put in many other competitions frisbee, flyball, agility, etc. So these people aren't boosting their egos, they are simply dog owners who have properly trained their dogs. It's simply an issue because the dogs happen to be a pitbull. Smh That's exactly my point many many pitbull owners do not treat their pitbulls as tools either, they train and socialize them properly raising great family pets or many pitbull are just nice and docile. But become mocked when they don't kill anything or are attacked by coyotes and don't kill them. One minuite you want to label them all mindless killers then ridicule them when they are attacked and don't kill anything. That is ridiculously stupid. It's a double edged sword with these dogs with these morons and that's why there are advocates or people who simply defend them who you call fangirls because some love to pile on the hate no matter what. That's a fact. Pitbulls are attacking because owners are putting them in events like weight pull No I'd take that over them being chained up in some irresponsible idiot owners backyard or out in the middle of nowhere malnourished and sick with no purpose in life then to fight or die in a fight or only for breeding. So saying they are versatile makes someone a fangirl No it doesn't. Saying they are versatile doesn't mean they are saying they ARE the most versatile. Many other dogs are versatile also. Pitbulls aren't only used for baiting or fighting, responsible owners train them to do other things and they can do those things well. Not just mindless killing machines that people try to portray them as. That's not bragging, you just can't paint them all the same. I've seen rotties destroy pitbulls also and I've seen pitbulls do the same to rotties. Ive also seen rotties detroy dogos and other sheepdogs. What's your point You say these things like I've claimed pitbulls were invincible or something. Which I never have. Why only single out the pitbull Sad thing about these fights is that at 40-50lbs these pitbulls are always the smallest in these fights. Pit against dogs close to 100lbs or well over that at times. Never do they have any size advantage against any of these other dogs. Sometimes They either die or they get shaken around a bit taking the punishment but keep fighting dishing out punishment itself causing the other dog to want to give up and try to flee thus giving them the win or sometimes just dominate the larger dogs but 100% of the time they are the smallest in these things. Pitbulls are not better guard dogs then German shepards but they can be guard dogs if trained properly to do so. But again it'll be an issue with with certain people because it's a pitbull. Smh .
+who dat again I'm not talking about ghetto dog fights!!!!...I was talking about what flock guardian dogs do best!!!!!damn!!!!!.

All dog would do this to protect there family some are just more agrresive so you really can compare.
+Oswaldo Vazquez to bait bulls and bears then fight each other...I know those kangals are flock guardians not dog fight dogs with rules...flock guardian dogs were bred to fight off wild animals...flock guardian dogs are better fighters than dogs that specialize in fighting with rules.. Kangal are fooling around, wolf killer :)) combination of intelligence, power, energy, the most powerful bite and adaptability are deadly..ce you see in the videos in a Kangal shoot a wolf was dying a joke, looked at Wolves those are not "real wolves" and so are injured before and then let the two dogs to torment, I was three years ago in Alaska and saw the car a pack of wolves who just killed an elk giant, man is so big and strong that wolves are huge, you can not compare a dog with a wolf canines are practically kings..but I think Caucasian is able to do the greatest damage among dogs!. +Ruben van Horssen I was kind of expecting Rhodesian Ridgebacks to number 1 actually. Crazy strong dogs.... My top 10 10 Boxer 9 Pitbull 8 Husky 7 Mastiff 6 Alaskan Malamute 5 Doberman 4 Wolf Hybrid 3 German Shepherd 2 Rottweiler 1 Kangal. +Jose Rosales You forget one dog and that is the Mastino Napolitano i had one 9 years long untill he died If you don't know what a Mastino Napolitano is just compaire it with a Rottweiler but much bigger and stronger. This video is full of bullshit. Kangal is nr.1 not a Pitbull who is even weaker than the Dogo Argentino. The assholes making that pit bull drag a sled should be forced to eat dogshit for the rest of their lives.. All these pitbull cock riders... my gosh... pits are super strong... but c'mon... against a Rottie, kangal, tabetian mastiff etc... they have a 30 percent chance of victory in anything besides being agile... there are plenty of ruthless videos online with dog fighting and 9/10... pits lose to rotties and others like it....
uhm pit bulls are clearly the strongest dog...totally illegal where I live yet people still have them. I don't know why their illegal, its the owner not the dog!!.
+HowToKIK Gaming They are illegal in my country they are not because of their power it's because of their temperaments and bad reputation for having killed more people and pets more than any other dog.And when a PitBull turns it's not just a little nip it's literally tearing you apart. #1 was not a Pit Bull, actually a Staffordshire. They are both part of the bully breeds but are different dogs..
Worst list ever. Alaskan Malumute is stronger than a German Shepard. My dad used to have them. My dog is a mutt and he is way stronger than a German Shepard. I had a Rottweiler and and they are slightly stronger than Pitts. Rottweiler are best. I don't see any of the other dogs knocking people over in these vids..

+Ayy lmao And I wasn't putting words in your mouth, I was saying the truth. Why u gotta be mad bro, cause u like lying about how akitas can kill any dog and making them better Bro u need to chill, I was stating facts and u got so butthurt over a stupid comment u posted. Think before u post..

+AJ BORUNDA A pittbull would not kill a Akita. You know, pitbulls are nice. All dogs are based on the way thier owner raises them.
i dont think it's that obvious that whoever made this is a pitbull a little 45-60lb dog is stronger than a
Where is one dog stronger than pitbull that you don't count. The dog that look like a lion, history from Mongol in Chinese about 200-500 years ago and now still have a new born of that dog. And that dog is most expensive dog in the world too..
I mean which dog breed that weights 50 to 55 pounds has so much power, Pitbull is the only answer, I'm talking about the real American Pitbull Terrier, these dogs are made from STEAL, they have so much energy, and people say they are the most dangerous dogs, not even close, but they are the most powerful dog breed I seen, it's the STUPID people that have no life that made these dogs aggressive, don't blame the breed, PitBulls are the most friendliest sweetest dogs on this Planet.. actually its been proven that the Rottweiler is stronger than a pit bull, it makes me so mad when ppl say the pit bull is stronger..
+Nano I was shown this video of a pitbull and a Rottweiler in an illegal dog fighting ring in Russia. I was disgusted yet I kept watching. The pitbull didn't get on all four of his legs not once. But the Rottweiler was throwing him around like a toy. Sorry to say but rotties are just too OP😂😂.
PitBull is the strongest,the toughest with the highest threshold for pain.Also holds the weight pulling world records every year.On the average it is the smallest dog on the list,but yet outlawed in thousands of counties in the USA.None of the other dogs are outlawed.. +Greg Willis then you have a very overweight pitbull or a mutt...a pitbull/terrier mix isn't supposed to be 100lbs...they were bred to be small to be small for agility purposes...hulk isn't a real pitbull either...even a blind person can see that dog has french mastiff in it..
+Greg Willis if it's a 100lb pitbull it doesn't even have the stamina advantage because it's out of shape...that master of all bulldogs said pitbulls are supposed to be small like 35-50 lbs...I don't know why you pitbull fans are talking about dog fights...I'm talking about a kangal what it's been bred for and that's protecting sorry but a small pitbull or fat one or bully has 0.0 chance if a kangal was bred to do what it had not going to keep repeating myself but the kangal has 6000 years of evolution vs the pitbulls 200+ and it's not even 200+ years of evolution because they are mostly garbage mutts nowadays..i have a little over a 1 year old landrace kangal not anatolian...stop mixing them up...anatolians are mutts...I'm talking about a dog that has 743 lbs of bite force vs 238lbs for the if a kangal got angry with the if it bit it's leg or something then it's dead...if a kangal is protecting it's stock then it's deader than fucking can give whatever pitbull all the gun powder,creatine blood,starving diets you want against a kangal guarding it's won't make a difference...6000 years of doing just 1 job and that's protecting it's livestock from damn wolf packs and you want to talk about pussy dog I'm talking about big boy stuff my man...not little boy dog fights...pitbulls can't even beat the wolfs little retarded cousin a know why...because coyotes are a wild animal...pitbulls were bred to bait...thats what makes them interesting and entertaining in dog fights but I'm talking about a real 200-200+ pound 6000 year old landrace molloser decedent dog of war that fights and dies against pack of wolves not leaving their flocks...a 75lb pitbull can't even beat a coyote...oh it wasn't game bred if it was game bred then that's great it would have a better chance against a 40 lb die against damn bears not leaving it's flock but they'll run away from a your saying either a pitbull Is way scarier than a bear to a kangal,or it was a puppy...which I hate to break your heart but some of those videoes of them are puppys,or the kangal got bored kicking the pitbulls ass and runs out because the kangal doesn't have pain receptors in its skin and a pitbull doesn't have the bite force to cause a kangal any pain and it gets confused...a pitbull can't kill a adult's not possible unless the pitbull has a glock my seen plenty of videos of kangals killing pitbulls...the funny thing is they were some of them are smaller anatolians probebly fighting the pitbull in its territory and killed it really quick...a smaller pitbull attacking a kangals flock would last a little longer than a heavier one...even pitbull fans know the smaller the pitbull the better...a 100lb pitbull would get's won't have the agility advantage which kangals are very agile for their size...easy pickens for a flock guardian..
Where is Dogo Argentino from this Video :)) what is this bullshit TOP delete this video and delete yourself. I appreciate your video. I signed up and keep track of your channels. To improve the interaction you register and keep track of my video My channel: okay my dad had a pit puppy that barked at a full grown Rottweiler and the Rottweiler turned tail and fled.
You forgot to do a good research ranking is nice but I think Sivas Kangal dog meat is also included in the list in french mastifini.
As well as being basically inaccurate, this awful video is mis-titled. If anything, it should be called 'Top 10 Strongest Dog Breeds...'. What nonsense. And no empirical data to back up the claims.. Such a bad list :( Pitbul is and never was the strongest dog in the world. So many breeds are stronger than it. Bad :(. you are wrong if a 4 month old pit pup can drag me down and I'm 10 than that proves you are WRONG. The Rodisian Ridgback is the true king.they used the fucking thing to hunt lion.mother.fucking.lions.
Dude they chase them down and surround the lion till the hunters come. Read the facts. The Dogo is the supreme dog.
You forget one dog, the Mastino Napolitano compaire it with a Rottweiler but much bigger and stronger. Misleading - No tibetan mastiff, no anatolian shepherd, the biggest error I see is the dobie; how can anyone think a doberman is stronger than a caucasian. Rottweiler is why stronger than the pit bull and the Rottweiler should be the first strongest in this video.
the pitbull cant he first kuz its bite firce iz only in the 200's and a Rottweiler s is in the 600's whoever made this video soo yeah the amarican pitbull terrier should have ben 1 of the first Ik a lot about d ogz so.. yeah.

worst list ever. having owned a pitbull and a caucasian shepherd, the pitbull is not even a comparison in strength. and where an earth is the kangal boerbel tibetan mastiff bully kutta presa canario dogo argentino..
Dang! Some people here just like to hate. I agree with pitbulls being number 1. Those of you who have made reference or suggestions to view dog fights to see what type of dog wins please stop don't reproduce. The world dont need more people like you. I like seeing pitbulls (and similar dogs) being trained for athletic and gaurding events because these type of dogs have so much energy. Unfortunately, ignorant people use this ability for inhumane activities. Please stop spreading the ignorance!. No they aren't my dad has one and she is sweet as can be because we treat he right dogs that don't get treated right are aggressive.. And on your link to full information, picture of pitbull isnt pitbull, that is american bulldog in that picture.. Kangal is strongest dog if you have logic at least.. kangal bite force = 743 stronger than a lion bite 600-700.
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you've never heard about, turkish kangal a top 3 without the kangal is, saying like, a ferrari is not a supercar.

' american native pure wolf is the great dog with americans natives indians people... argentine big white boxer / pitbull dogo dog is a so much stronger dog... giant american pitbull dog is a so stronger dog.

twilightluver2013 | FanFiction

December 17, 2015
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Comments about this video:
bench presss makes him the strongest man in the world I thought the man who wins ''worlds strongest man'' would be the strongest man in the world.. silly me.. +Daniel Chun Where did he appear Did he ring your doorbell, or did he just appear to you as an apparition, perhaps in an ethereal cloud of smoke, maybe even during an acid trip lol . they look like midgets while using certain camera angle tricks to make them seem normal size, with their short stubby thick arms and little legs lmao. hes a fckin midget lol Zydrunas Savickas is 6 ft 3 and he can dead lift 1155 pounds im sure hes the worlds strongest man.
Damn! Who's the spotter in the beginning of the vid He's an f'n beast!!!! Interview him! Lol.
i have some questions for Mr. Mendelson. does he realize he has no neck can he see his own genitals when he needs to pee did he ever let the doctors check his cholesterol levels.
honestly dont understand why there is so hate. can nobody see the effort these two put to be where they are now sure they jab but a lot of people roid up and they are no where near the size of these guys. they are the best in their respective industry..
Bahahaha this thread is hilarious. While y'all are arguing/fighting/lifting I'll be swooping your girls and/or Mothers. Haha meatheads. my god these guys are so fucking ugly...they are actually as degenerated as obese people...they cannot run, jump or move in any other natural way...its just gros...thank god for calisthenics and cross FIT...Piana might die this year anyway, if he goes trough with his insane steroid cycle...wasn't the original intention of doing sport to be more healthy.
its been proven that the most successful pro athletes have used steroids its just genes can be better in some people but no one is superhuman naturally..
Bull-Shit The strongest man in the world is currently Brian Shaw. That fat steroid freak is a nobody, not even in the top 20..
Personally i dont believe in steroids, it always seems like a cheat to me. I prefer to build my strength naturally, it might take me longer and its definitely harder work but its also more satisfying ultimately..
+Sanchez9531 you talking about being an idiot when you have no idea what a muscle "filled" with oil looks like. go back to your fapcave and keep making excuses to not work out.
+symphasis thats what i meant by he tried it. I remember he was explaining one time how everyone before a contest would inject synthol to give them some boost or someshit like that. Im not saying hes full of fken synthol, i just said that he simply tried it..
Synthol doesn't make you strong, it looks horrible. Rich said he tried it but you lose all definition & all your veins disappear. +TheTen45 then what with that strongest men title if you cant even hold street fight against some skinny punk kid lol.. I never saw this guy at the Metrx WSM event. And Tiny Meeker benched over 1000 pounds. [shirt though I think].
I love these videos because they completely turn me off steroids of any other shit bodybuilders ,weight lifters use :D.
the title "strongest bench presser in the world has a tame discussion with steroid abuser" would be more fitting i think. Lol I'm watching "sees there legs... Um you rich did u forget leg day Or to inject synthol in those calfs. Bodybuilders can't fight worth a shit. They have no punching power and can't even lift their legs to kick.. "it just gets easy to be big...i need to watch what i eat or il bounce over 300lbs" shit you're, 45. not 18. you're metabolism is slowed down.. That strongman guy is So fat that he can t see his cock.fuck that and fuck Piana and your Natural bullshit..
Where is the strongest man in the world He wasn't in this video. I saw a manbearpig sitting next to Rich..

that white guy I look up to cuz he is big like me and when I go to school kids call me a fat ass but I'm all muscle like lol.

But... Ok ok. He bench pressed the most of anyone in the world but he didn't win the wsm did he No hate but he is not worlds strongest man i think at the moment that is eeeeeh i don't know i think either Brian shaw or zadrunas zavickas or hafthor bjornson or something.
Mogu oni i da jedu Govna, ipak lice na Gorile nego na Ljudska Bica!! Fucking Monkeys, you guys look like Retarded Gorillas, i m really sorry bout your Toiletseats, you never leave them alone:! hahahahahah. I know they say it's a record for "raw" bench press but a true raw bench is no vest no belt no elbow wraps no wrist wraps, should be pair of joggers and no t-shirt to see how "really" strong you are. I'm not impressed by these 2 meat machines! Nobody gives a flying fuck if you are both big and retarded! I bet both of you don't even have a GED, because we all know a diploma wasn't achieved, yet alone a higher education. meat fucks.
Rich is a FREAK and he probably does not have mirrors at home but boy what a fucked up face and SYNTHOL is written all over him. How does he wipe his ASS Oh thats why he got married to another Freak!!! These guys are wannabee Bodybuilders...OLD SCHOOL are the long lost days....

congratulations to you both and all the best and I hope that you both keep up the great work and make more videos for us to watch and see your progress as time goes on happy new year to you both and to the person posting this the very same and thank you.
A quick look at this triceps and you can see he injected them with Synthol. Way too bulgy. No way you could get them that huge naturally.. yeah, lets see how these steroid fuckers do against zydrunas savickas, haftor bjørnson, or even brian shaw. zydrunas would piss himself laughing att these people..

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November 22, 2015
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November 24, 2015
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November 13, 2015
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November 14, 2015

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+devicedd There are bodybuilders with myostatin deficiency already. That doesn't garante you success..
is it me or are his parents really making their child seem better then the rest and making the other kids seem not good enough. +Anthony Sciarretto Welp ok I guess I'm jealous of a TODDLER then if thats what you think and I'm going to go ahead and hate on the TODDLER that happens to be 3 YEARS OLD even though the comment was obviously directed towards the parents.. I'm 11 many people won't believe this but my mum brought me to the hospital because my muscles formed like a 14 year old kid and I was 67 % stronger than 14 year olds. Doctors say that he will be 5'6 when he's fully grown. That's a bit on the dwarfy side, no wonder the parents are investing in gymnastics.. +connor davis That's their point, they're saying they are as strong as this 3 year old. I'm guessing they are over 12 years old, so they are at least four times older, which says they are impressed by the strength, not a brag or a put down to the kid..
No such thing as macro evolution... Even if so, this is a life threatening thing. He dies if he doesn't eat a ton of food.

+Brady Rollins how is it perverted she is of legal age and is a very attractive woman it would be perverted if she was 10 but she's not.
lol are they kidding me he just has very good genetics, black boy genetics, he aint anything special in terms of science. seen kids like this in the ghettos of the world so many times..
+José Reis but you just said that he was dumber than kids in Africa. This implies that you think African kids are dumb, racist....
+Abroman Please, myself and a few of my friends could do all of this at his age. He might be top 1% but he's definitely not the only one. He's just a very athletic kid, just like many are. You obviously weren't since you doubt this so much.. The statement that genetic advantages make it unfair that certain athletes who end up champions may have won unfairly is fucking ridiculous. That's life: there is a reason why so many professional basketball players are tall black Americans and not short Japanese. In the real world these genetic superiorities in certain attributes often end up being passed on as it often makes these individuals more frequently successful breeders than others who may be lacking in certain genetic aspects that are not as naturally appealing. "misused by athletes"- which is another load of shit. Professional athletes are already finely tuned machines in terms of training and nutrition. Failing to take advantage of such potential because it might hurt the feelings of most of us who lack the potential of these rare individuals is borderline offensive. With increase in sports performance and understanding of how these elements interact with the human body is important in respect to sports science and medicine. Generations of people who want to actively censor knowledge and hold back progress in the name of being "progressive", which ultimately involves creating a bubble to hide from reality in.. he is a little boy touch him im going to beat that head of yours with a chair me an undertaker i will break the piece of neck that you got and i can whoop you one hand tied behind my back do something to that boy i dare you to do something to him this is you 💀💀🏃🏃. How was he born in 2005. That means he would be 10 when this video was posted and its says he's 3 like tf.
+Atev I know right...I know right...I know right...I know right...I know right...I know right...I know right...I know right...I know right...I know right...I know right...I know right...I know right...I know right...I know right...I know right...I know right...I know right...I know right...I know right...I know right...I know right...I know right...I know right...I know right...I know right...I know right...I know right...I know right...I know right...I know right...I know right...I know right...I know right...I know right...I know right...I know right...I know right...I know right...I know right...I know right...I know right...I know right...I know right...I know right...I know right...I know right...I know right...I know right...I know right...I know right...I know right...I know right...I know right...I know right...I know right...I know right...I know right...I know right...I know right....

I feel sorry for Owen, the boy Liam was compared against in the testing. My whole life represents his small section. Yes, Owen, sit-ups and all they represent symbolically in life are hard..

What the hell are they in about There are heaps of kids his age who have 100% more muscle definition and can lift there own body weight in my town alone...He is nothing special.
This kid doesn't store body fat, those other kids do. Also this kid builds muscle without working it out. 37:30 those ficking bitches bringing owens self esteem cause he cant do some shit fuck i hope they paid the family 10,000 dollars for this. That's not bad some might be good in one type of exercise and bad in the other like me I have defined muscles can lift 125 pounds with both hands can bench 350 but I can't do push ups and pull ups.
+Josh The Raptor Productions - JTRP I do push-ups whenever I'm bored so basically half of the time I do a set of 20-30 wait 5-10 minutes do another one but during the wait a try to beat my record in sit ups (65) and that's how I got better at them.
This is rediculis on what leium can do I am schocked that is his upper body strength is at the 85% of a most six year old kids that just blows my mind. funny how white kids have it and its a decease yes blacks have it and its normal ever think its just that white people are lazy and do not give thear kids healthy food like blacks do after all a banana ad day helps keep the dr away. Race doesnt matter theres lazy people in every race and there are fit people in every race its just about the individual.. +Shouri damn even got me on a third comment, fuck this video... I really hope people dont mistreat this kid. We have such a good thing for our society, this is history for us as he grows.. +Shouri last comment promise, this kid, Liam Hoekstra, has the best family for him ever! They are so encouraging, its heart felt..
O: his muscles are further developed for his age just like mine! I'm only 14 and I just started doing weight lifting in my gym class and my friend wanted to see how much I could bench press so I did 200 pounds yet the majority of my class couldn't even do 100 pounds lmao.
That's not even a lot freshmen year I could put up 235lbs and if you are a larger individual say 170 and put up 30 lbs heavier than ur body weight than that is garbage. The chances of you having a myostatin deficiency is below 1 percent. Bullshit man. People who r like this it should or should not be feared it depends on what they will use it for in the future.
kids not all that big I'm sure there is alot of kids out there like this it's comes down to how u play with your kids.

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January 6, 2016
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January 5, 2016
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November 12, 2015
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December 30, 2015

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robert oberst needs to step his training up this is sad 1 rep deadlift vs 3 reps by a smaller guy pittiful.
The commercials are interesting because I'm from America and I had no idea what other countries watched.

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November 7, 2015
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October 28, 2015

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Shaytards I have something to say. Shay- you are an amazing dad and blogger. Keep doing what you do. Collette- you are an amazing loving mom. When I grow up I want to be like you. Gavin- don't listen to what other people say. You are not fat. You look fine how you are. Avia- you are not bratty and rude. You are who you are. Stay that way. Emmi- I love your personality. You make me laugh when I am sad. Brock- you are so funny. You are to cute and strong. Don't give up. Daxton- you are so so so adorable. I love you. You are so pationate. Shaytards- keep doing what you feel is right. Forget about the haters..

Me too and their not rich they just saved up for all of that and if you where poor you woulnt be on a ☎ or smthing .
...„-~''-,::::::::::::::::::: ''-„...,~''::::::::',:::::::::::::::: ::::|'...::::::,~'''¯¯¯''''~~ ~'''¯''',:|...'|:::::|: : : : : : : : : : : ::: : |,'...|:::::|: : :-~~ : : : -: |...(¯''~-': : : :'¯°: ',: :|: :°-: :|...'...''~-,|: : : : : : ~ ': : : :,'...|,: : : : : :-~~ : : ::/...,''\':\: :'~„„_: : : : : _,' Like this comment with in 15 seconds and you will marry your dream girl. __„-';;;;;\:''-,: : : :'~ ~''/| ;;;;;/;;;;;;;\: :\: : :____/: :',__ ;;;;;;;;;;;;;;'..''-,:|:::::::|. |;;;;''-„__ ;;;;;;,;;;;;;;;;\..''|::::::::|..,';;;;;;;;;;''-„ ;;;;;;;|;;;;;;;;;;;\..\:::::,'../|;;;;;;;;;;;;;| ;;;;;;;\;;;;;;;;;;;',: : :|¯¯|..|;;;;;;;;;,';;| ;;;;;;;;;',;;;;;;;;;;;\. |:::|..'',;;;;;;;;|;;/ ;;;;;;;;;;\;;;;;;;;;;;\..|:::|.. |;;;;;;;;|/ ;;;;;;;;;;;;,;;;;;;;;;;|..\:/...|;;;;;;;;|. Lol! Brock really worked for those Gummy Bears! He deserves them - great job Brock! But now that we watched that, it's time for our kids to get out and do their chores. Feeding the goats, chickens, rabbits, pigs and everything else and to go out and run the tractor to plow the field. Yes - they really do these things here on the farm! You can see if you want to on some of our videos :) But we're probably not as exciting as Shaytards :). I'm the mom and my 12 year old has said "oh brother" and rolled her eyes to some of shay's antics. lol. will someone do me a huge favor and tell me what kind of camera Shay uses My flip camera broke and I need to buy a new one.
find the differents😰😰😰😰😰😰😰😰😰😰😰😰😰😰😰😰😰😰😰😰😰😰😰😰😰😰😰😰😰😰😰😰😰😰😰😰😰😰😰😰😰😰😰😰😰😰😰😰😰😰😰😰😰😰😰😰😰😰😰😰😰😰😰😰😰😰😰😰😰😰😰😧😰😰😰😰😰😰😰😩😰😰😰😰😰😰.

+random videos very loving dad that helps them after they have tried their best. Reminds me of how God is to us..

l have a bedroom like yours kittinsh your i have hoeis at my hours your house i rug llke your in alska have car like yours.
spot the different 😞😞😞😞😞😞😞😞😞😞😞😞😞😞😞😞😞😞😞😞😞😞😞😞😞😞😞😞😞😞😞😞😞😞😞😞😞😞😞😔😞😞😞😞😞😞😞😞😞😞😞😞😞😞😞😞😞😞😞😞😞😞😞😞😞😞😞😞😞😞😞😞😞😞😞😞😞😞😞😞😞😞😞😞😞😞😞😞😞😞😞. I don't know what documentaries you are talking about unless it's following an event or person for that length or longer, there are plenty of docs that are in the can in 1-2 years, and the big difference is they were not funded by viewers and told every 3-6 months that big things were happening soon... WAKE UP. The Shaytard family is my favorite family.Everyday before I go to Football practice in Washington (I live in Colorado Springs.)You guys made my career better.Because you didn't make me late for practice everyday.If you want to call me just dial 708-665-2375.Everyday I watch you guys.I know all the Shaytards Shay Carl,Mommytard,Sontard,Princesstard,Babytard,Rocktard,and Brotard.I love guys.You are the coolest family ever.I tell you what I will come and stay for Christmas,New Years Eve,and my 22 birthday with you guys.OkaySee you in 2 days.Love you guys.. Shay I wish I could just give u a big beefy chunky long paragraph on how much I love the shaytards but I don't have time.
SPOT THE DIFFERENT 😤😤😤😤😤😤😤😤😤😤😤😤😤😤😤😤😤😤😤😤😤😤😤😤😯😤😤😤😤😤😤😤😤😤😤😤😤😤😤😤😤😤😤😤😤😤😤😤😤😤😤😤😤😤😤😤😤😤😤😤😤😤😤😤😤😤😤😤😤😤HI MY NAME IS ETHAN.

Inspiration to workout on Pinterest | Running, Cover...

January 2, 2016

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Which kid do you think is the strongest 20 Unbelievable Men:
+TheZomIBeBeast me too btw I'm 8 I'll be 9 April 12th👍I'm strong i punch my dad across the face AKA it hurt him. His is probably their eating routine Breakfast: steroids Lunch: steroids Dinner: steroids Probably all of their snacks are steroids too. Na it's Breakfast: Steroids Lunch: steroids Dinner: steroids Snacks: Fruit snacks and bitches. WTF do they feed them kids in Russia and Ukraine It like they have so much talent and creativity over there. Not just physical but mental as well..
+alisa nevediav cyka blyat mcblyat cyka nuggets edi nahoay :PPPPPPPP russki my drog ;) maaa drooooggg.
I feel so weak now.. Brb, Imma work out by punching pillows.. Oh wtf, I'll just punch every stupid people's faces. I'm out. This kids might be supermen, but I'm a super powered space ninja that protects the earth from the monthly alien attacks. I'm also good at baking cookies.. I thought about that one too! "Look how vascular I am Brian! Women love a vascular man." lol.
+Kian Cedrick Lim There's no reason why they can't have both, unless they're literally stupid..

I felt sad watching this, cause I have to wonder is it truly what the kid wants or are they self absorbed abusive parents.

But question, don't weight lifting at an early age reduces the growth for individuals to grow tall Cause my childhood friend used to always mentioned that weight lifting stops growth..

Nr 4 black workout kid,is trying to inspirate other kids to workout cuz its healthy Workout out at age 5 is not healthy at all ! Stop training and just be a kid >=O.

does anybody c the girl at 2:50 I mean like fr it's rite there in ya faces how can you not c dat.

+Sarah Elizabeth Marshall i have 10 packs :/ wait nah nvm i have 0 pack worked 24/7 on my computer recording games so i got it now 0 packs way better then these scrubs ;).

that first kid had a fall out with his dad then stopped training, he didnt really like doing it and stopped when he got older. wonder how many others r forced by there parents into doing this..

+alisa nevediav hehe u are here aswell ok les say again ;) cyka blyat mcblyat cykanuggets edi nahoay andd umm oh wait my russki DROG les get som vodkaz andd you are my russki DROOOOOOG.

At my school there's a 17 year old who can lift 500 pounds and when he was 12 he was able to lift 200 pounds and he does not do steroids.
+janablang ya one time I beat my friend in a arm wrestle and he used both of his hands and I still won .
Seems to me that they were born like that, kind of impossible to achieve that amount just by working out unless your addicted to it.

What isn't mentioned is the first kid little hercules was made to work out like that by his dad who eventually went to jail for beating his mom and that is when he stoped body building..

It'll be interesting to see how they are when they get older. From what I have heard about Myostatin-related Muscle Hypertrophy it tends to affect the heart muscle negatively in later life..
+John Juergens I've actually been looking for another more recent documentary about Liam Hoekstra for a while now for that same reason. He'd be ten this year. Unfortunately the only one I've found was made when he was three..
Ahh haa!! I knew it! That kid on the right on 0:00 to 0:03 didn't even get mentioned because they Photoshopped his disgusting body. Just look at his stomach, all deformed and stuff. LOL.
But don't you agree with me that someone did a disgusting Photoshop on that kid on the right LOL.
One of my buddies is fifteen and deadlifts 460 lbs. Nice try, but theres no way 300 pounds at 14 is a big accomplishment.

2:40 this girl has to be a Dane, girls like that are common only in Denmark and her facial features are danish..

One major commonality between all these kids, other than the fact they're muscular, is that they all appear to be really short! Shorter than many kids at their age should be, on average anyway..

Maybe. Muscle does weigh more than fat. But if you did kick the boy across the room, he could probably take the beating a lot more than you and beat the hell out of you which you would so much deserve, you lowlife scum! Why do people even bring shit like this up Is that what you do to your kids I hope not!.
Is it acceptable to arch the back during a bench press Isn't that cheating At this point, your basically pushing down, not out..
+sircraigery Powerlifting has specific guidelines keep the shoulder blades and butt on the bench. Bear in mind, powerlifting is more about moving the weight than anything else..

+sircraigery Not only acceptable but it's what you should do. It isolates your chest more and puts weight away from your shoulders and neck. This is ofcourse to some extent doing it too much is really bad..
wtf that girl who benchpressed 231 pounds doesnt have 1/4 the size of my arm and i do only bench 80 kilograms and im 15, what is this. 80 kilo is about 180 punds*.
+zepos and 85% of 15 year old guys bench less than 80 kilos and that is sick. what happend to that girl lol.

#2 - When my son was 3 he could easily lift 5lb dumbells. He's 5 now and can do 15 good form pushups and 3 good form pull-ups. Does it make him unusual No. Just an active and strong little boy. BTW, he can kick box like Jean Claude. Still doesn't mean he should be on a you tube video. Props to the kids though. Parents, just be sure they are having fun. Childhood is fleeting....

4:58 Look closely to the boy with black shirt arms.Read More To Know What I'm Talkin About or find the clue on ur own.

how come I dint get listed oh yeah I don't like to brag so there easy I do my workout at home and I don't need to have people that work in the news company to come to my house and do all this stuff ok just keep it to your self and I'm 12 I can bench press 0 very 500 my dad inspired me after he went to jail because he's Mexican so yeah 8 Pack big muscle strong kid in Minnesota that I know of because I don't go to other states..
+˘ Viktor067 Yes we Americans are the only ones who don't use the metric system... 1lb is =to.45kg. 10 points for predictability in your reples. It's not homophobia to dislike hateful little homos like you.. SAY BOTH KILOS AND POUNDS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! NOT EVERYBODY ON THIS PLANET IS AMERICAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!.
+fade2black001 No she does because it is easier and safer for her age to do she has less range of motion, and the load is spread across her chest and throughout her arms making it lighter some what. But it still takes a lot of strength for some one to pull off much less a girl in her early teens..

+hainley simpson I see... Thanks for the info. I'm not even sure if I could bench that... .

Gas News Forum: Archive 04

December 29, 2015

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This is ridiculous, its not like strongman is world's most popular sport that they need to claim copyrights to prevent viewers from viewing it free. This is the most underrated sport that needs more attention, leave these free vids alone and one day they can charge strongman pay per view..

+quangfps I'm respect the work and dedication that goes into it, but it's not really that entertaining to watch. I don't mind watching it every now and then, but I wouldn't come back to watch it every week..
+Loveoldies7 Obviously you are smaller than them, so that makes you to have more gas tank and faster than them... Im sure you will win, trust me.
+Loveoldies7 fastest is for the 100m sprint not world's strongest manyou seem to confuse the two things.
Now THIS is a real sport, I don't watch football or baseball or anything else I get bored, don't get me wrong those are tough sports in their own right but THIS takes SOOOO much training and pain to achieve, I got max respect for these guys..
Every time I see a closeup of Big Z, it reminds me of a kid in his yearbook picture. He always looks so young! Then you got Mariusz, who looked 50 when he was 28. Then you got Kaz, who still looks like Satan. Greatest sport in the world..
Eddie hall was at a big disadvantage on the power stairs to taller men because when he lifted the weight up it was short of the stair step and he had to pull it up some more where as the taller men when then lifted the weight up simply had to put the weight down on the step..
+Keith Greenan Actually it looks like hall just didn't recover as well from the truck pull as the others. He and savickas were tall enough that the slight backward tilt to push the hips against the weight was enough to just bring it over the step, which would actually be better than being very tall. Savickas could literally lift it to straight arm lockout like a deadlift and just hip push it onto the step, the bigger guys would be placing more stress on their low backs to maneuver the weight too high then control it back down onto the step..

+kylethekidable If you look at Eddie lifting the weight to the first step on the second round you can see after he straitens up with the weight he has to lift it up a little bit with his arms to get it on the steps..
Very good upload. Well done Brian Shaw; as for Big Z, what the fuck was he thinking of by screwing things up in the last event Our own Eddie Hall is definitely one to watch in the future & Felix needs to retire.. +Eric George the dude is fucking old and you dont just get invited to wsm you have to qualify so that means that mark felix at i think 48 when this took place is still one of the stongest motherfuckers to walk the face of this planet.
+Jason Priddy Always loved benni's lifting, especially that big one. That said i actually hate it for him because once you pull numbers at that high a weight, there is always a solid chance you may never peak properly to get within 50 lbs of it again and as easy as that lift went up, he peobably had another 20 lbs on that particular day..
+kylethekidable Totally agree with you man. He might never pull numbers that high again (without straps), and he definitely should have gone for more weight that day man..
+bruinskeld Yeah the other guy didn't seem to know what was going on really. Total outsider perspective. Colin Bryce is awesome though..

+bruinskeld He wrote The Office (British version) with Ricky Gervaise. I suppose they put him there to add some lightheartedness. He's quite a decent comedy writer. He should appologise for The Office though..

the commentators shouldnt say Zydrunas last name ever!. its not Saviscus its Savickas. brian looks like a potato and why does he wear those awful mountain bike shades..

If you use a point system for 1st, 2nd and 3rd place finishes, Big Z is probably the greatest of all time..

+coldcoldrain13 who cares the strongest should always win in this competition. fuck speed, endurance and coordination!.

Very low prize money. These men should be on way more money. The sport is popular enough. When you think how much some other sports pay. And how much useless politicians pay themselves! These chaps have to spend a lot on food and supplements and dedicate so much time to training. Not Lamborghinis and champagne parties like Ronaldo and Messi..
Ty for the upload. Too bad about big Z's back, we all know he is the strongest. Hope Thor wins this year.. ja me too want to say thanks or Mahalo like we do say here in the Hawaiian island. From Maui Aloha. Great show>> I do love the Vikings > not much to do in Iceland. Great dudes those strongman.. Put that truck on a mere 5 degree incline & see how much anyone can pull :P My guess is all the competitors together would not be able to pull it. Nevertheless impressive show of strength... OMG, Brian Shaw didn't even look tired after the truck pull and everyone else looked like they were going to pass out. Amazing!. Damn,Big Z should have won!!!! To come down to the last stone...well, Z stole a few from Mariuz due to the stones..Nevertheless, Z is the greatest ever..
amazing i totally forgot the heat and humidity... these guys are on another level respect they deserve to be getting paid and more exposure I'm guilty for watching this for free and it should be for pay these guys deserve recognition..
Hall used straps to beat the world record, which gave him a lot of help. He probably wouldn't have be able to lift 440kg withou strapst. He's super strong but no way a legit world record holder.. so tired of the blatent fawning over Thor. celebrity worship pisses me off. he's bad ass but be didn't beat big z or Mr. Brian Shaw.. +Robert Johnson The main reason he is such a big deal is because he is very young and very good Robert. The other guys he is going against have been training alot longer than him.. Insane strength! How come there is no black or brown person in the competition Europeans are just too strong..
I really don't like Brian Shaw. After nearly every event he panics and has to know the result that very SECOND..

He's competing at the highest level in this sport, do you really think anyone would take such a thing lightly.

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December 10, 2015

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PLEASE like this comment to make it visible to everyone! Hand Strength has a long history in strongman sports, but got unfortunately almost lost during the last 50 years. We pay homage to the old days of strength sports and created this new tournament for those specialized disciplines. If you are a hand strength specialist we'd like to see you in our next Masters Of Hand Strength on january 3rd! (contact us via facebook or thomas.faber (a) This time the events were: 1/4 finals: Farmer's Hold 120kg per hand LMS 1/2 finals: Rolling Thunder Hold +50kg LMS final: Axle Deadlift Deathmatch 1Rep (max 10 seconds between reps, mixed grip allowed) 160kg If you are interested in strength sports equipment at fair prices check out STRENGTHSHOP ( ) who support all of our videos with their excellent and obviously reliable equipment. Do you have questions or suggestions Just ask under this comment! Thanks for watching and your awesome support! Team BBR (Thomas, Conny, Jacko & Konrad).
+BodybuildingRev Hey ehm könntent ihr mir sagen wie die musik heißt also alle im vid die ganzen lieder :D´.
Leider kann man sich das echt nicht geben, denn eure Englische Ausdrucksweise ist echt schlechter als die deutsche Synchro von Sharknado. Macht wirklich lieber englische Untertitel. Ich melde mich freiwillig um euch das zu übersetzen und die Arbeit abzunehmen.
+MrRushfanatic is doch scheiß egal, es geht doch um den Inhalt und nicht darum ob die gut englisch sprechen können oder nicht :D naja die Leute finden halt immer was wo se nörgeln können xD.

It was an honor for me to be part of this! Awesome video, awesome battle and awesome people!! Bodybuildingrev rules!! Thx!.

Again I am at a loss of words. The making of these videos is fun and an allround great experience - but to see the outcome.. there are no words to describe it! BodybuildingRev the #1 in Strength Sports Entertainment!!! I am so proud to be part of this and play my role! Standing together with those titans.. *Bows down.
+TeamRICHEY Rich would win, not that i'm a fan just as much as you hate crossfit he is a beast. Now put rich against one of these guys maybe it will be different.
This channel and supertraining putting out the best of fitness industry in my opinion ! Great stuff !.

Da ich ja leider nicht bis zum Schluss bleiben konnte, musste ich mir eben den Rest im Video angucken...der absolute Hammer :D !.

+johnnyinmotion69 Beachte, dass das keine normale Hantelstange beim Kreuzheben ist. Die Axle ist wesentlich dicker als eine normale Hantelstange. Insofern ist es schon Griffkraft..
Sehr sehr geile und spannende Folge! :) Wie Johannes am Ende merkt das Tetzel langsam die Luft ausgeht und ihm keine Pause mehr lässt :D riesen Respekt an ALLE!!.
+David Gonzalez Yeah man, but I don't think a powerlifter can be to defeated by a crossfiter. Maybe in a cardio competition could be, but in terms of strong and considering the challenges, it's impossible XD. On the other hand, on the fan page of bodybuildingrev they say any crossfiter have sent a challenge :-(.

+Amur0 Strenghtwise it's never going to happen, Crossfit doesn't make you the strongest, it makes you well rounded. Crossfit has no business here, unless they include some more skilled movements such as double unders, handwalks, snatches and all that in a way that challenges your vascular resistance, not just brute strength. I don't see it happening. It'd be unfair for the strong guys. Thet're not built for a varied type of training, these competitions are all about strength..
dock climbers are so light, I doubt they'd stand a chance. if it was a challenge like holding two times your body weight, that'd be interesting. Theyre holding 400 pounds while being 200 pounds give or take. Ive never seen any 400 or 600 pound rock climbers.. Johannes wirkt immer so stressig, doch kaum beginnt er liften strahlt er eine extreme Ruhe aus, mann hat nie das Gefühl er könnte verlieren..
+Maerz03 Lach...das lag daran das ich keine Lust/ Energie hatte. Und dann auch noch ins Finale kam...und mich mit DL rumplagen musste ;-D Egal, hat sich gelohnt und ich hätte das noch ein paar Minuten so weitergemacht ;-D.
+Johannes Luckas - Personal Training Ich meine mich daran zu erinnern, dass Du in einem Video sagtest, dass Dir Griffkraft fehlen würde, bzw. es nicht Deine Stärke sei. Wenn das Deine Schwäche gewesen sein sollte, wie gut bist Du erst bei Deinen Stärken :-). I grew twice in size,my dick became 3 times larger and U grew a 30 inch long beard while watching this vid.
form is the key when it comes to dead lifts. the guy on right has weaker upper back n shoulders it seems. he lost his form in the end. the guy on the left kept his form to the end.

Dorian sah so entspannt aus^^ hat mich gewundert, dass er dann als Erster nachgegeben hat. Und Johannes Luckas ist wie immer einfach krass. Selbst in seiner Diät, die ihm alles abverlangt, hat er noch so viel Kraft. Respekt.

+johnnyinmotion69 Stimmt eigentlich :). Er macht auch alle Übungen extremst sauber. Kreuzheben z.B..
last time I did 8 reps with 130kgs I felt like superman but man this video just showed me the reality. Bodybuilding contest...'cause I was actually gonna ask if Johannes was in a cutting phase. Guess so, huh. Not sure how he'll be back if it's his first one (haha), but good luck, nonetheless!.
+Johannes Luckas - Personal Training i was thinking earlier on in the video that the length of your arms make you built for deadlifting...and sure enough that looked really easy for you at the end. nicely done..
+Johannes Luckas - Personal Training Maybe...I don't really watch posing competitions, but I'll try for this one. Even though the only part of the German language I understand is the sound of an AMG ;), from what I can tell, you work very hard and posing for bodybuilding is what racing is to marathoners. I also really enjoy the +BodybuildingRev content - keep it up!. Cool, but, i don't see any strong hands here x) the way you challenge about grip strength is not efficient....
I know I may look like, and am a slender guy, but even though I may not have the physique of a body builder or anything like that, I AM proud of the amount of grip I have. it's always been one of my strong points when it comes to endurance/strength. I once held onto something and dared my friends to pry my fingers off of it, ended up taking three friends to release the bar from my grip. I would love to try a grip endurance challenge like this, great video, new sub!.
can they speak in their normal voice they have a crappy "low" voice, it makes me wanna poke my eyes out.. +Scott Rikkard you can hear it's "fake" deep, that's what he meant. Everyone can talk lower than his normal voice, it just sounds a bit weird.. Warum sagen Johannes und Tetzel: "schon wieder er". Gab es ein Battle zwischen den beiden Wenn ja bitte link.. +Mysterion Es gab ein BATTLE - ist leider noch nicht veröffentlicht - kommt aber bald! Gut aufgepasst..;-D.
+Youiptrhgbv No they don't, Look at their battle between the polite German power-lifter and the natural bodybuilder, they look natural. .
Tetzel du warst ganz klar der Sieger.Mann bei dir bin ich mir sicher das du auch wirklich natural bist aber guck dir mal Johannes an HAHAH deine Leistung mann Respekt Hut ab für mich bist du der Sieger eindeutig. Frag mal Johannes ob er das genau so sieht.. Johannes hast alle zerstört troz einer Wettkampfdiät =D krass lg aber war ja sowieso klar ;).
+Andy „MR. KETO“ Kister Danke Andy, aber KLAR war da nix! Ich rechnete damit in Runde 1 rauszufliegen..;-D Ich kam weil ich dem MACHER von BODYBUILDINGREV es versprach!!! Daher bin ich um so dankbarer und freue mich über diesen Wettkampf ;-D greeds johannes.
You should have invited a nerd who never gets laid. Their master baters hands would be second to non in strength..
Dont know what it is but bodybuilding/power lifting, feels like it contains the most sportmanship like people..
wowww big recpest this reallly is a true meaning of BEAST MODEE (but the dude in grey shorts and grey lelggins have really small calvess). I feel like this is scripted, like Johanes and Tetzel the main characters, and they are at the finalist too haha. +Ferner187 Emre Schau meine VIDEOS im Channel - ich bin sooooo "Mensch" - ein kleines hartes Weichei ;-D. Wie kann man diese Farmers Walk challenge eigentlich einschätzen Sagen wir mal ich heb 150 kg Kreuzheben, schaff ich dann 2x75 kg von dem FW Zeugs oder is da mehr drin WIe auch immer, die 240 kg würd ich wohl noch nimmer hochkriegen. ;). wenn du kreuzheben ohne riemen packts könntest du es anheben, es wird aber bei vergleichsweise hohen lasten schon nach wenigen sekunden schwierig zu halten.. In the final they actually made the same number of reps, the guy in the left should have done one more in order to win.
Excellent strength video!! Tetzel sacrifies technique at the last deadlift reps: better quit on time than make reps with risks....

try to hold your bodyweight with one hand like the calisthenics or climbers do... not just 50 fucking kilos what a joke.
I have never seen a farmer walk tool equipment but wouldn't they crush their feet if they drop it wrongly. zum Schluss haben die doch gleich viele reps gemacht oder sah auf jeden fall so aus weiß nicht warum sie den linken als Gewinner krönten..
+Dokepredator Musste erstmal warm werden. Hab die ganze Diät über (außer 1x) keine DL gemacht ;-).

Kümmer dich doch lieber um deine eigene... Die alte Crackhure läuft Amok im Bahnhof sobald der nächste Schuß fällig wird, hahahahaha.
So much aggression and comradery! The true winners are the women that are present and so comfortable around such aggression to not be raped. Poor fellas, well get rid of these damn rape laws one day..

Bonzai 3g - Buy Products In Vito Mol - Nov 2, 2015

December 20, 2015

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+tuertodsc They had a separate episode for it. It's on the same channel who uploaded this video.
Thor is the "baby of the family" with a 7-foot grandfather Just mind-boggling. He was made for this kind of work..

Schedule Update - effective 1 December 2013 (text extract)

December 13, 2015

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+Bodybuilding Movies Motivation Kroc's a transgender. That ain't motivation, that's emasculating. No thank you. The only I got away from this that an effective workout can be basic and simple.. +Bulletstee real fighters don't brag about knocking people out, I know a lot of people that could make you wish you didn't do mma. +Bucky Love Most people would respond to this comment as gay or gross...but i just find it really funny...HAHA lol.
+Mark Nicholls That's what happens when you take roids, you stop using you literally turn into a women..

All these people talking shit about him becoming a transgender and yet he is in the gym lifting more weight than them..
+Carl Wiegan Your post would stand if he was a woman first, without surgery, and was lifting the weights in this video.. I was a follower of this guy, his program helped me get my squat numbers up. It's strange how as soon as I finish my last video of squats after using his 12 week squat program, he becomes a tranny a week or two after. It's his decision, none of my business, I just don't get it.. +HoopLah clunk​ i do believe that female spirits can be born in male bodies and vice versa. The thought of being with another man or dressing like a girl is disgusting to me and most men, but If you feel the other way, you have to wonder if he was maybe born a woman mentally. Chromosomes determine your sex physically but The mind is complex..
+Alex Wolstencroft false because all male to female trans are still men, just as all female to male trans are still female. i dont care how much surgery you've done, you're still a subhuman no matter what..

How sad that in today's anything-goes world, transvestites are placated and hailed as heroes. Their delusions are indulged. Instead of telling them, "Are you out of your fucking mind", when they put on women's clothes and a wig, we encourage them, "You look lovely today, Miss". What a fucking disgrace. If somebody thought they were Napoleon, would you encourage him by asking how the French Revolution was going Or would you tell him to seek mental help. Why are men that think they're women treated any different when they stop realizing who the fuck they really are.
+Felipe me We should go back to the old ways. Maybe shock treatment would work to jolt these delusions out of their confused noggins. Anyway, I have a cure for transvestitism and general faggery and effeminism. With the permission and approval of their family, I lock these poor devils in an unlit, small closet, filled with industrial strength mothballs. Then using 4 foot long 2 X 4s, I nail each end across the door and wait. Once they start to whimper that they'll straighten up, fly right, and give up sword-swallowing, I make them swear of faggery and/or transvestitism, and only then do I let them out, back out of the closet, right-ways. Sometimes you must repeat the treatment, but if the first one didn't take, the second one always does.. He is so well spoken I pretty much understood every single thing he was talking about and explaining.. How does someone go from this to a trans-gendered Female I mean seriously! This guy went from being the strongest man in the world and then decided to become a female....
+Clarkstown Sloots There's no gear used and each lift is done in front of judges... I don't know why anyone is arguing this. It's not an opinion. These are facts that anyone can go look up. It's like arguing with children..

+1984sFinest you know how easy it is to not get caught ever heard of lance Armstrong mate they are all on the gear deal with it.

Is it just me or do bodybuilders seem like total arsehole but power lifters are stand up guys that you could have a beer with and a good chat.
I really cant understand how he livr his whole life as a powerlifter and all the sudden he wants to be a women, it doesnt make sense, i get that some people feel that way and normally is at a very young age but this guy all the sudden. +Devin Williams thats a very twisted statement, society has fallen to the dogs when someone actually said what you just said and feel ok with it. I dont care if he is or not because of how well spoken he was and obviously how much work he has put in. But is he natty.
For those who think this guy is the world's strongest man, please stop and check out Zydrunas Savickas... without 'roids..
+Sue McQueen Yea, no you don't. You're just acting like this because it's the internet, specifically youtube, where you're allowed to be such a person without repercussion. I already admitted I "misunderstood" your post. Just admit that you wrote a shitty post in which you think the world of. That and your arrogance has no real basis. I never gave any of my own posts +1s (unless youtube has some sort of glitch where if you write a comment, you automatically give yourself a +1). I have given many +1's, though, to others. If you read me giving others +1's as me seeking my own +1's, well, then you're guilty of projection towards my actions. Not sure what game you're trying to play with me, but I won't play it because I sense you're full of shit anyways by your initial reaction.. +TickleMeElmo55 acting like this because it's internet not really.. im a jerk in real life too. also, i did not start by responding to you.. you did not say you "misunderstood" once pointed out however, you said you misread. there's a difference you are now trying to cover up. and again, i did not write that post in hopes for people to like it, i was simply commenting on the fact that kroc said he/she didnt have the genetics, yet was somehow able to train hard with steroids and change them. which is impossible. you failed to notice that however, because you were too upset thinking i was talking about a sex change.. which you seem quite upset about. am i to take it you are a religious idiot then, who simply wont give up... even though you and your life is meaningless i may be an asshole to people, but at least i respect their life choices....
*Girl.. he's a Transgender now lol.. not hating on him for it it's his body. But I'm not gonna lie I'll never fully understand how someone can want to become the opposite gender... especially such a big masculine dude like him..

I cant stand these guys who drop weights on the damn floor... How are deadlifts good for you We are taught our whole life to lift with our legs and not with our back....

I enjoyed many of the songs in this video i tried shazaming a few of them but i couldn't find any of the songs can anyone please help me.

Dudes... Umm... She's... Transgender now, guess he just said fuck taking test after this roid cycle... I mean she....

+Chris Honsberger better form then your 30lbs rows... of course you know better than this guy though....

Whats the point of doing a dumbell row with a shit ton of weight if you cant go through the full range of motion. If you can that's called cheating reps. Sure hes really strong. But I don't see the point of being able to pick up anything unless I have built my body to control that weight in a given way in my body's full range of movement..
+Will Ulyckmias He won't have a cock or testies because he'll be choppin' dem off to get a vagina. His pecs will be bolted on tits.. Deadlift helps make your back stronger Then you're doing it wrong. A deadlift should be all legs.. +Evan Cox The opposite. It's primarily a back workout. Recruits your leg muscles, sure, but it's all about the back. Strongest muscle group in the body. Something like that..
This is beast! too bad my gym is closed due to the storm here.. 0400 I'm going there to see if it opened tomorrow, i hope so..

+Eziokilla9595 Implying Brown Anus is my real name. Its there to bait tards like you. lel.

he's huge but he has a dweeby mcdeeby face, like u can tell without steroids he'd be a little weeny guy. I can tell you for a fact I saw him in real life once in a gym and he was doing that yelling and shit and loaded up huge weights on the bar for a dead lift and then he walks up and his "RAAHHHH"" and then he couldn't do a single rep. couldn't get it off the ground. Then he goes "rraahhhhh!" and takes a plate off and then "RAAHHHH!" and still couldn't lift it, repeat once more and then lifted. it was crazy weight but he way over estimated himself..
Yes he lifts more than me, no doubt about it. However, let's not call those pull ups or chin ups. Those are barely top- of- your- head- ups. I wouldn't even care had he not went out of his way to point out the fact that he does those when other big guys don't. I've seen better pull ups at CrossFit.
i am just 16 and i am scared of doing deadlifts..what exercise u can do instead of deadlifts..something close to this exercise.
+Christos Vasiliou hexagon bar deadlifts to start off, then move onto actual deadlifts. deadlift is the king of all exercises..
+Xander F If that's your white flag because you have nothing to support your statements, then I'll kindly bow out, too, since you're simply wasting my time. And with this, you are helping to prove that those who think transgenderism is "okay" come from place that shouldn't be taken seriously. Your thoughts and views should be listened to, out of sheer respect, and then be dismissed - due to them having zero substance because they are based 100% on emotions and the current zeitgeist. >>everything's right besides being a fucking bigot Ladies and gentlemen, the non-thinking SJW..

This whole trans movement is such a waste of a life. Depressing seeing men and/or women disappointed enough with themselves to mutilate their images.

+james taylirt I know, right I googled Kroc's name to learn more about him and then his wiki page was the first thing I saw with him dressed up in women's clothes. I thought it was a joke, like for Halloween or something, but that pic was dead serious. All the motivation I felt after watching the video came tumbling down. Fuck Kroc. All the shit that was performed in this video I already knew anyways.
Why does he, and many others, have to absolutely drop the weights in such a fashion that they make the absolute maximum possible noise, disturbing others in the process Don't they have any manners A little bit of gym-etiquette Or is it that they are such attention whores that they absolutely require all eyes on them once they finish their routine Man, I hate these guys, the ones who perpetuate the gym-douchebag stereotype..

Cheapest vitoliv cod - Male Size Enhancement - Jan 7, 2016

November 15, 2015

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LOL watching that Russian chick " bench press" is hilarious... She has about 4 inch range of motion lol....
+gg afk omg riven so bad so bad it actually does most of those kids have a genetic disorder which is why they can grow muscle so fast at that age.
Obviously all of them are and that one kid that can do 4000 push ups in a row Yes they're on steroids. all you people who say you are so strong come and carry 200 lb weights on our farm pull them off the tractor and carry them 275 feet across the yard and stack them up on a pallet 5 feet high male do this 26 times.
Fake! This can't be under the age of 8 lifting weights will cause major problems....
the problem with all of these kids is if you weight lift from 1-18 then your body will be as week as a 70 year old. have you seen me in action i hold almost all my school records! Stronger than that little kid he's nothing against me!. tengo un hermano de 5 años y yo soy de estar hasiendo ejercisio la mayor parte de mi tiempo y quiero ponerlo hacer ejercisio pero quiero saber si eso le perjudica en su cresimiento porfavor respondan. no number 3 is so called "little Hercules" Richard Sandrak. he also knew martial arts. Look him up on google.. +Kaleah Myles it does look photoshopped tho the lighting with the face and body don't match up but all iam saying is that it looks photoshopped . Wait why am i not here I am 12 years old 5'9 i can lift 3 of my friends on my shoulder(one of them weights 80 kgs, the other 50kg and the other one is 40kg)thats 170 kg stronger than kyle kane, i van wrestle my whole class (10 friends) and i am that strong that i can run 100m in 12.27 seconds. This list is just wrong :-[.
Is it ok for me to lift 8 pounds at the age of 10 when doing 5 push-ups every day Should I stop I really wanna be big and strong but I'm afraid that I might have some problems growing up :/.
+Erion Kosro dude youll be fine do about 25 a day if you want to be strong im as ripped as number 15 and do about 90 reps with fifteen pound weights and i do 75 pushups a day. I remember Little Hercules. His physique was absolutely insane for a child. Gonna have to check out these Stroe brothers..
How is that fat Chinese dude strong, his arms don't even have muscles, doesn't make sense..

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January 26, 2016

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+Michael Wackers I thought YouTube was as real as the Bible. My faith in this world has truly been shaken..

+Igtt RetardAccent That's the point they are Incredible Italian Melting dog's with the power to melt.
the last one was obviously planned out. the woman was farther away from the camera than the dog was..
uhh German sherperds should be in here :l they can grow to a mass size and they are in top 10 strongest\biggest\ dogs I'm just saying my opinion and if your gonna be a dipshit and reply meanly to me about my comment don't say shit at all👍.
If one of these came flying towards me,in attack mode,I would think, "now's the time to choose my harp,to pluck,for the pearly gates!".
+Tika Naraa I dont know what that breed is but generally Strong really depends how you define strong, As far as im aware the strongest breed, strength vs body mass is the Staffordshire terrier..

+Alisia Bernal It's a Sivas Kangal from Turkey. They are used to guard sheep herds from wolf and bear attacks.I used to have one. Great dogs, great character but very independent. Needs a strong and gentle hand, patience and love.In the photo he is wearing a spike collar to protect himself against said bears and wolves whilst being able to injure the attacker. Pretty common practice in Central Anatolia.Mine was about 86 cm hight from bottom to top of the shoulder and had about 65 kilos.Due to the fast growth (he has the size of an adult german shepherd by the age of 3-4 months) they are susceptible to joint problems and arthrosis..
the música is orribleeeéeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§. Wow, what's going on with that dogs neck Looks bloody. That wouldn't be an embedded collar would it. i hate the first pitcher ho would do that to such a pretty dog gosh it makes me so mad that people do that. oh my god them dogs are huge bro lik i would totally let them chas me lolololololololololololololololololololololololoololololo.
This is bullshit photoshopped shit. And it's fucked up because it makes people want to interbreed dogs to make them as big as possible which just causes health and behavioral problems for the dog..

Naproxen - Side Effects, Dosage, Interactions | Everyday...

January 16, 2016

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According to Toriyama, Super Saiyan God Goku would be a 6 where Whis is a 15, Beerus 10. Vegeta probably being around Goku might add up to 10-12. Not sure if they give additional power, but it could possibly add up to 15. But if Whis is anything like Beerus, he is millions of years old and has more experience than Goku or Vegeta can ever imagine. Also has abilities that will surely help him to win every match he is in with the ability to manipulate matter, materialization, being the fastest in the universe, faster than synapses can reach the brain and some level on controlling time and space. Not to mention just brute fighting power aswell. As where Goku and Vegeta are more physical fighters. Beerus did say that there are other universes with even stronger warriors however, although there is nothing known about any of them as far as I know.. Dragon Ball Z - The strongest o all... And you include Dragon Ball Super Characters. The name should be Dragon Ball Z/Super- The strongest of All.. Now now, I think we all know Krillin is the strongest of all. This entire time, him dying and stuff has been a Ruse. One of these day's he's going to go Super Saiyan 9000. And reveal that he is in fact the one who taught Whis.. +TyronMakeka remember when piccolo grabbed his arm and Whis got a bit mad that was it almost coming out xD. I came up with a theory by which whis can surely be defeated super saiyan god GOGITO what if goku and vegeta have become super saiyan god vegito and just like future trunks and gohan future goku and vegeta come they will fuse into super saiyan god gogeta and then the future gogeta and the present vegito will fuse into super saiyan god GOGITO they will surely defeat whis.. +Shashi pant No, they wouldn't. The name "Gogito/Gogetto" implies that this is a Fusion Dance. Future Goku and Vegeta are pitifully weak compared to the normal Goku and Vegeta, and both people in a Fusion Dance need to have the same strength. The result would be nothing compared to any real God of Destruction. Also, this idea is kind of dumb.. Current timeline 1. Vados 2. Whis 3. Beerus 4. Champa 5. Golden Frieza 6. SSGSS Vegeta 7. SSGSS Goku 8. Super Vegito 8. Mystic Gohan 9. SSJ3 Gotenks 10. Super Buu (no Dapoxetine). +Pushpendra Chauhan I am very much correct, Goku himself said that Vegeta surpassed him in one of the episodes. & SSJ3 Goku is not stronger than Super Buu or SSJ3 Gotenks and especially not Mystic Gohan. +Joshua Munro when Goku said that Vegeta has surpassed Goku was when Vegeta trained with this for 6 months but when Goku joined the training whis stated that Goku is always one step ahead of Vegeta therefore while against golden freeza both Goku and Vegeta were equal. Secondly, Goku ssj3 is stronger than gotenks ssj3. Because Goku didn't have time to get used to ssj3 form while gotenks practiced ssj3 form in hyperbolic time chamber gotenks get used to the form that's all. Otherwise, Goku ssj3 was stronger than gotenks ssj3. What if Whis is the creator I mean what else to keep the god of destruction on a leash I'M CALLING IT GUYS!. +Electrons Dimension old you're such an idiot bro. Kid buu was not as strong as super buu. Kid buu and goku ssj3 were equal in strength. And ultimate gohan was a lot stronger than ssj3 goku. Therefore super buu is stronger. Idiot.. Alot of DBZ fans think fusion is (1+1), it isn't. Fusion itself is a multiplier. Not as simple as 6+6. Remember Base Vegito was able to fight base Super Buu. So short answer: The maths would put Vegeta & Goku beyond Whis..
+negie78000 One problem: He has trained. Beerus refers to Whis as his martial arts master, implying that he's trained at least some to get his power..

+MissingUTAH But we know he doesn't train nearly as much as he needs to. Whis stated he hasn't completed his training yet. Not only that, but Whis said he's lazy. His lifestyle consists of eating, sleeping, and anime, as also stated. I'm certain if he was as passionate about getting stronger, and pursued the life of martial arts as much as Goku and Vegeta has, he'd be stronger. The only thing is that he has no real rivals right now. I think we'll see Beerus pick up training again, assuming Goku and Vegeta reaches his level..
It has been discussed and mentioned quite a few times that the formation of Vegito involves the multiplication of power of the 2 fusees. And that seems very believable when you see Vegito not even taking a scratch despite multiple punches from Super Buu who could fuck around with Vegeta and Goku Since Goku's power is a 6, Beerus is a 10, Whis is a 15, to make things fair we put vegeta at 6 too. If they fused at this time, their power multiplied makes SSG vegito a 36. That is enough to give Whis a good fuck!!.
If Vegeta and Goku fused in their SSG god forms, they'd be somewhere between 12-16. (Beerus 10 Whis 15 SSG Goku 6 ) They'd definitely be stronger than lord beerus but there's a good chance they won't be stronger than whis..
+John Porteous Lol... Possibly, not sure if he can physically pick up Ginyu and move him while holding his breath at the same time though..
+John Porteous ginyu will not be able to handle Buu's power bro...just like he did with Goku body's....

Why is always talked about Vegetto We Can´t see him Again without the Potoras Earings, have you all forgotten that the Potara earrings have been destroyed Gogeta is the man who created by a normal Fusion Dance. So is the Only way for a Fusion, the Dance! Goku+Vegeta as SSjG = Gogeta as SSJG.

Goku didn't hold back at kid buu he did with fat buu so that they would have a chance to fight him but against kid buu he would have lost if they didn't restore back his energy .
+paul velazquez nope...if they didnt wish gokus power to be restored it would be the perfect moment for goku to go ssj4.
whistle said in DBZ resurrection of Freeza. That if Goku and Vegeta would work together. They would stronger than Beerus. So yes, if they fuse in God form. they would be the strongest in the seventh univers. but Beerus said there where stronger people in the other universes..

No you're so dumb. Whis said they'd be toe to toe with beerus. Meaning a little less strong..

i think goku n vegeta will replace the two god, whis and beerus... beerus has bad temper and is god of destruction, vegeta suits this characteristic.. goku know instant travel while whis control time, and apparently stronger than, i think he can control vegeta who become god of destruction well... in future when they replace the god.
+Tan CS Whis is one of the beings who trains gods to do their job, we don't know what he exactly is right now.. +Mal-HD ya i just watch dragon ball super and saw another fat god of destruction which is kind of overthrown my assumption... however the similarities between the top 2 z fighters and the 2 gods are valid it might be happening in the way i predicted too...hehe.
You know what would have made SO much more sense Red haired god: Saiyan God Blue haired god: Super Saiyan God.

dragon ball has a trend of teachers being surpassed by their students. krillin and goku surpassing master roshi. goku surpassing korin, goku passing kami and mr popo. goku surpassing king kai. gohan surpassing goku. so eventually vegeta and goku will surpass whis.
I thought kid boo was the strongest because that's his purest form. when he absorbed others it made him weaker. because along with there physical strength there mentality was also stolen. Holding boo back. Like Supreme kai said.. +Raeven Cockrell That only applied to grand-supreme kai because GSK is pure good, Everyone else he absorbs makes him stronger.. +Raeven Cockrell kid buu I believe is the strongest buu but he is at least a bit more powerful than base super buu. I never really consider anything canon beyond the original Dragon Ball Z series therefore Kid Buu is the strongest DBZ character. Are you serious Everyone knows it's Mr. Popo. Roshi's turtle secretly trained Whis and is the 12 God of destruction. The Pig is a lie he's even more powerful then Beerus he's been using his power of Bacon to brainwash everyone in the universe to think that he's just a helpless pig. YET HIS POWER IS SO GREAT. HE CREATED THE DBZ MOVIE CHARACTERS BY FARTING IN A POCKET UNIVERSE. YET POPO RULES THE ALL!!!!. Whis seems to be constrained somehow. They talk of 7 universes and that seems... limited. So, perhaps Whis is holding to some sort of agreement of behind the scenes authority It might be he's not allowed to interfere in the affairs of the mortals beyond training one or more of the "gods" in those 7 universes..
+leekids lee He could still fight another of the near gods in a universe, I think. That would make sense given all the rest of the authors works. .
U didnt mention omega shenron from DB GT... I know he is not that powerfull to compete whis but still goku and vegeta hadto fusion in their super saiyan 4 form to beat him... Which make him much more stronger than buu,freeza and ginyu, general etc. Then super android 17 should also be mentioned bcos he becomes stronger and stronger after every attack of d opponent by absorbing the power even of the kamehameha... but besides all of this strategy decides a winner so goku use better strategy then others so finally he is d winner...nd whis and beerus are d strongest. I Believe the strongest of all is Goku Super saying god super saying and vegeta Super saying god super saying is the blue transformation, not the red one, fused will be amazing!.
If Whis ever got into trouble in a fight, he'd just go back to a time when his opponent was a baby and....

I think broly has the Potential to be strongest bring ever in the creators Statement is take in account" broly is a bottomless pit of energy" + the facto that He is a prodigy like frieza, we all know what frieza achieved in mere months training. in broly would Do the same, i guess in 2 or 3 years Training He would even wreck whis. goku trained like 20-40 years until he met broly and even then He didnt stand a Chance. dont want to Start a flame war with broly haters. this is just a theory.
if fusion adds the powers, then no, because beerus is 10, goku and vegeta are about 7, and whis is 15, 7 plus 7 equals 14, but if it miltiplies the power, then 7 times 7 is 49, so they would.. +Jewllion obviously all he would have to do his touch him to join him in stopping time. Proven in dbz many times touching hands or something makes both characters do the same thing like goku with instant transmission.. I believe goku and vageta couldn't fuse as super sayain gods because their power would be so strong their body couldn't handle it. Wait...if Goku and Vegeta fused when they are super saiyan gods (which they can't because Vegeta doesn't obtain the power of a super saiyan god) Super saiyan god Gogeta will still not beat Beerus let alone Whis! But maybe if you have Super saiyan god super saiyan Gogeta. That has a slight chance of beating Beerus! But still not Whis. You can't have any stronger than whis. That would just make Goku a boaring character if he was strongest in the universe!.
+Oliver Baker SSJGSS is the naturally obtained form of SSJG, also Vados is stronger than Whis; she is the one who trained him. There is likely stronger people than Vados, but none have been shown yet. However out of univereses 5 and 6 Vados is the strongest..
Buu can become more powerful only if he absorbs evil people(whis is not evil) (thereby his power will decrease) And goku said that he could squish maijin Buu when he was in ss3 form but he wanted to let Gohan and others give it a try.
Soo... considering only dragon ball z, like you said...Whis can rewind 3 minutes into the past, which means that gogeta, vegito or any other fusion chars would never be allowed too fight Whis. If this power is not infinite and therefore Whis can rewind time anytime he wants... then yeah, he is definately the strongest in dbz universe. If Whis can only use, lets say, this power 1 or 2 times in a fight, I do believe even that "get out of jail" card he can pull would be enough too handle any enemy. Vados is not from the same universe, so I will just not compare those two for that reason..

As of now I believe Whis is the strongest character in DBZ. I don't even think Gogeta in Blue hair could defeat Whis. Even if the power of Blue Gogeta is enough, the stronger the fushion, the shorter the duration is. Whis is insanely smart and a skilled enough fighter, he could simply teleport away until the fushion ended and crushed them. He could even go back in time before the two did the fushion and stopped it. Maybe in a fight that Whis let them get all set up and fused, and Whis didn't use all of his god powers, then maybe, but Whis isn't so stupid that he would do anything like that. The thing i like most about Whis is that he is so far above pointless displays of power..
no even with Goku and Vegeta as Vegito in god form they cant beat whis cause in DBZ Battle of F Whis said that with Goku and Vegeta fighting to gather they can stand a chance agents lord Beerus and Whis like you said is 50% stronger then lord beerus so god vegito will stand no chance agents lord Beerus. Super Buu is not the strongest Buu form, Just before he turns SSJ3 against him he says "He's double his speed and strength" that is unless he absorbs.. +Colonel Eleson Fusion Dance most likely multiplies by 2x + adds 2 but in Case of Vegito it's too OP. Still, Whis mentions that in other dimensions of their universe (15 at all) he is only the 7th strongest compared to those in the other dimensions..

twilightluver2013 | FanFiction

December 8, 2015

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OMG Shay just turns everyone into the nicest cuddliest person there is. lmao When he kissed Kali's pecs, I lost it! hahaha.
How do you really define strength A world strongest man is the strongest in his playground, strongest pwerlifter is the strongest in three separate lifts, a olympic weightlifter then again is the strongest in these two forms of lifting no real way of telling who's the real strongest man in the world all are strong in they own way of training!! Sure ,take all of these three categories of strength, and give them feats to do and lets see what comes out of it!! Just one way to do it. All of these men are great athletes! hard toy give the title to one of them And just for the fun of the claim!! Doing cross fit at the top level are in my mind a great feat of strength Sure, not a feature of pure power, but a statement of all-round body power!! Sure many "real power " trainers will not agree with me! But just try some of the cross fit workouts, and you'll see what its about!! your body just will not take it!! If you have not tried it ! don't bother comment!! Right!!.
+Arto Kulmala ultimately you're right, it's impossible for a human to be specifically adept for everything..

Damn kali looks like a silverback playing on those rings! Not because hes black but because hes big like one!.

Theres a video that kali Put on yube and he did copy and paste editing to continue the pull ups he tried to do a camera trick to make people believe that he did more pull ups.
U guys are fucking stupid no one gives a fuck on what u people say to this shit and blacks are just the same as fucking whites ok I'm white I have friends that are black so everyone who is posting stupid shit stop blacks are cool people there human like us .
Strength is a hard thing to measure. Hat's of to Kali though. But, I think strength should be measured by force times a persons height (our arm length) for a one max rep..
+Alexander Higgins i think it should be measured by how many french fries a person can eat in one sitting with no water..
Hi I live in Columbus I watch your blog every day I watch shay carl work out videos come see my in Columbus 3475 Spangler I can help you get big arms iam 12 years old I help kids and adults loss weight and get big arms I lives dumbbell like you.

White people are generally stronger and have more power than black people. I dont know why but thats the way it is. At the same time blacks are generally faster and have more elasticity..

SHUT UP mother fucker black people are the same as white so If you Wanna say something about us blacks then say it to me.
hi shay lm doing shay loss but how do you do it.
Would you rather be as big as he is and have his small-sized chode as a dick, or stay the way you are I would pick #2..

This is a serious note to everyone out there please thumbs this video up We all love Shay very much and don't want to see him get hurt (And if you don't like Shay you probably need a lot of help. No offense) Jk.

bodybuilder are mostly for looks not strength so that's why the fat tough guys in worlds strongest men competion are much stronger.
+Dannynorw Bitch, I aint reading all that emotional shit, are you too much of a dumb motherfucker to keep it short Fuck on outta here, you midget ass faggot.. Yall racist whites always try to put the Black man down that's what make us so stronger because of your hatred and jealousy. The more you hate and treat us bad the more we get stornger.. +CLOIS KNIGHT look i know there are a bunch of absolutely retarded asshats on this video saying stupid racist shit but to call somebody racist then say a bunch of stupid racist shit to counter their arguments doesn't get you anywhere. best to just let the trash die off on their own eventually ;]. If you are to strong you look Ugly. if your to skinny, you look weird. If you in the middle, You get all the girls.

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