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December 23, 2015

Comments about this video:

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December 25, 2015
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December 28, 2015
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December 18, 2015
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December 19, 2015

Comments about this video:
It's really useful to listen to Sibel's comments over and over because it seems even the comments that don't register at the time prove spot on. Great analysis right down to Graham suddenly going quiet as Saudis started to do as told!! Tadaaaaaa!! It would be amazing to ask Sibel more about what's going on in Iran. That would be quite a show I think.. Sibel, please watch the TV series Colombo with Peter Falk. Your reasoning behind the enemy lines is so spectacular. To be a great criminal you have know how to think like a cop. The bust the puppeteers of our world you have to know how to think like them. Please Sibel, I beg you, buy yourself the entire collection of Colombo episodes... you won't regret it! 40:50 to me is a great "Colombo moment" when suddenly all the chess pieces fit together and you can finally see the great master plan. I get so thrilled when I see great intelligence at work, it's brilliant!. +Gringo Deltorodvah Gringo, to let you know how old I am: I grew up with Colombo- nightly episodes in late 70s in Turkey. I should revisit it!.
I missed Sibel a glad she is back. She is so intelligent, deeply informed, and gorgeous...Did I mention gorgeous.

The 28 redacted pages on 9-11 are just a last ditch attempt to keep the official narrative alive. I'm sure we will not find anything about how the buildings were prepared with thermite and that the necessary preparations for bring the buildings down involved cooperation from people high up in the US government. The Rockefellers and Rothschilds ordered 9-11 in the first place, do we really expect to see them fingered in those pages.
+SeanMauer I think the conversation probably went something like this, "Thanks again, Abdullah, for all your help pulling off the 9/11 spectacle, serving as the financial conduit and all. Worked like a charm andwe couldn't have done it, well, not quite this way, without you. Now, we did say, when we approached you with the project, that we''d keep you out of any "investigation" we'd have to stage, and we're keeping our word. We've redacted 28 pages concerning you from the official report as a "national security secret". And we're sure we'll be able to bury that for as long as necessary. Mind you, if you drop the petro-dollar like a dirty habit, we will de-classify those 28 pages, make it a big, big deal on TV, and get our people so riled up, we'll have no alternative but to nuke Riyadh. But we're sure you'll see the wisdom in doing what we say.". +Joe Smith Hi Joe, We will definitely have James Corbett as our guest in our future episodes. He's been very busy at his site, producing tons of material daily. Our new RT format and frequency is a bit different than the past one. They will be hosted and produced by Pearse Redmond, Guillermo Jimenez, Tom Secker and me. We are hoping to have regular and frequent shows- of course, that will be made possible with our members support. Our next episode will be up today (Members Only).. I also heard that the saudi's have fought and lost to their warrior houthi neighbours a number of times... I really dislike seeing middle east or African nations being bombed back to the stone age one after another... and now ukraine also it's disgusting. The young people have to stop joining armies and killing people. Moms please teach your children not to volunteer. Peace and Freedom 2015 . There is nothing free on the internet, that is the most misunderstood point about the internet. I like bfp to be funded by subscribers because I care about my mental health. Those so called free places make you pay by the site taking control over your mind and changing your thoughts and views. I mostly avoid sites like that and the few that I occasionally do visit, I have addblock plus running and that blocks most attacks by propaganda. Bfp is cool because they still offer a lot to people who are not paid members. I think that is important too because we need to spread the truth to even those who can not or will not pay. Fyi, I am a paid member. In other areas, places like facebook are not free either. In fact facebook is the prime example of how a site makes you pay through attacks on your mind and personal security. That is for another discussion though. In member participation on bfp, just an idea, you could put in a forum, phpbb is a free and easy to admin one. You could have a section for each main contributor of bfp and create separate threads for individual podcasts. With a forum, people can make much better replies with images, links etc. Instead of a forum, maybe a simple forum like module under podcasts where people can post images, links etc with their comments. Getting user participation in not an easy thing, one must experiment a lot and try lots of things. Of course having a good programmer handy can help this along a real lot.. Sibel gets it. All these Arab country are a pawn on the chessboard and this is how you move(motivate) the pieces. There are many more angles to cover here but it should give you a good idea of whats going on behind the scene. Love Sibel.. Is that a cat pushing a lawn mower on the fridge in Pearl Redmonds kitchen Damn what is this world coming to!.
Damn!! I wish BFP would do a roundtable on TTP/TTIP, i just find it strange that the trade deals that are going to affect a majority of the worlds population are not discussed more in mainstream media..

What a great idea and, coming from the three of you working together it's even better! Look forward not only to hearing your thoughts, ideas and comments but participating as I can. Best always - Bruce.
I can't afford her membership fee, not because it's so high I am just that poor. Got addicted to her Roundtable series with James, Guillermo, Peter ect... especially the Gladio series. Truly the most insightful, informative and inspiring podcasts on the net. I understand the need to make a living no problem. Love the honesty and depth; you go girl! Pearse Redmond ,a great addition to the crew.. Hi folks, This is good. I agree, the 28 pages will not tell us too much. I did about 50 hours looking at 9/11 on youtube. I found that there were no planes certainly no plane hit the Pentagon except that a drone almost hit the Pentagon (refer to Barbara Honneger's 3 hour talk). The so called hijackers I believe were paid to run around America and give the idea that they were involved. The 28pages could be a red herring. What do you think about that. John, South Africa.. There are 2 (main) reasons why I listen these roundtable discussions. One is, James Corbett introduced me to it and BFP in general. And the second is, I learned there being someone who blew the whistle after working for the CIA. I had to know more. In other words, imo, the credibility of BFP has its foundation in Sibel's whistle-blowing (and maybe James endorsement too). Imo, BFP should first and foremost be centered around Sibel's whistle-blowing... then people can decide to look further into the site/topics, become a contributing member, etc. if they want to. Now, everything is centered around a range of topics, and Sibel's whistle-blowing is kind of put to the way-side. Think of it like fishing. You first need a worm or some kind of bait to lure the fish towards the hook. There is no point in having a dozen of fishing-lures and no worm on any of the hooks. If first time visitors to BFP would 1st be confronted with / introduced to what Sibel blew the whistle on..., I think more people would end up joining the discussions. Maybe I'm wrong, but that's what I think..
+ivoman7 Done:-) If you go to BFP 'About Us' page you'll see the links (I also included a couple of other articles/documents). Thank you for your suggestion..
Interesting discussion, but does Graham really say that the 28 redacted pages "explains everything about 9/11"... Y'all should get Ryan Dawson on to discuss the 28 pages of the JIS report. More details: +Sibel Edmonds Thanks Sibel. This was a great round table! I really like your alternative theory in regards to the 28 pages as blackmail for KSA. Ry speculates that they're covering for Israel. It could be a little of both. Who knows I'm really glad to see Pearse officially part of the BFP team! - Joseph. Yes I think they will delay as much as possible to let the pages out into the open. It will be a wild goose chase..
Talking heads entertaining themselves. I rely almost solely on alternative media for my news updates (and support a few with $). However, try as I might, I just can't bring myself to sit through these painful talk-fests to get to the 1% of news worthy content. Please get over yourselves and focus in on the actual news instead of burbling on forever trying to entertain us with your ego stroking drivel FFS..

An interesting possible guest with a global /local views... Catherine Austin Fitts. Thank you for more and always interesting truthes .

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December 30, 2015
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December 21, 2015
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Somnapure australia - Buy Products In Vito Mol - Jun 22, 2015

December 22, 2015
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December 20, 2015

Comments about this video:
+Even.Ways Music hahahaha your comment reminds me of a tv show "it's always sunny in Philadelphia" when the gang decides to stock oil for future profits.. +Mr. A أحسبك يا بن الحرام أجنبي وتكلم معي ب ادب مثل ماتكلمت مع الخواجات لا بوك لا أبو قحبة ولدتك. +firefox3249 inefficient now bcos is in crawling level, wait when green tech start to walk by itself. +Redsiput We'll have exhausted our oil reserves by then. I think we seriously should consider the potential of nuclear power..
+Hafsa Miah your muslim brother staying in Saudi Arabia says I have said the truth.. corroborate the fact with him.
"Good, let them have this bankruptcy. They deserve it." You say, but do remember that the ones who are hit by economic recessions are rarely the rich so the ones who "deserve it" won't be getting it.. +camander red im not saudi and although you may disagree with their policies it is absolutely non of your business. and they lower the prices to hurt green cars by making it cheaper than green energy and electric cars, they are bastards, all the players in the oil industry are dirty bastards. it won't get bankrupt, because Saudi Arabia use the Oil money into making industries that are going (hopefully) to cover up the Saudi oil income, and one of them (currently working on) is a global solar panels (or something like that, not sure) that can provide the world with power..
What a shitty video, completely ignoring the fact that Saudi Arabia is engaged in two wars (yemen and Syria) draining enormous amount of Money from their budget and they ALREADY have tapped into their reserves. It's an issue that many in Royal family have complained, some have even gone as far to say the new king should toppled. Anyhow, this shitty video doesn't take anything into consideration. Video done by retards for retards..
ISIS was created by the USA: ISIS is run by APARTHEID israel Mossad jew: +SharpElite1991 It will happen eventually. In 1975 the percentage of Saudisation was almost 95% of all jobs. if it wasn't for the greedy elite who wanted 'profit' as fast as possible it would have been the norm already. Importing workers (cheap labor) only serves a small fraction of the population in the long run.. What you don't know about Saudi Arabia is the country actually building a seven huge economic Cities right now,and expected to be ready in 2017 And Saudi will be an open market to the world, by that time they wouldn't care much about cash.
+The Realest Somali There's a good location now available nextdoor to the Sheikh Yerbouti nightclub..
شكرا لآل سعود على عدم توفير تنمية مستدامة واقتصاد حقيقي ومصادر منوعة للدخل. ثمانين سنة والنفط يصب فوق رؤوسنا واخرتها اذا طاح النفط طاحت السعودية وراه وهذا يدل على أن من كان يحكم البلاد عصابة تسرق مقدرات الوطن وتبيعها عبثا بدون وجود توفير اقتصاد حقيقي.. +‫وعي إلى مالانهاية‬‎ فعلا أضف إلى ذلك بأن سياستهم في دعم أمريكا بحربها الباردة مع روسيا بافغانستان ضرت السعودية داخليا بتعطيل التنمية وتقوية التيار الديني الي يحاول قدر المستطاع استغفال الناس وعمل حضار ثقافي عليهم وايضا ضرت بسمعة البلد كواحدة من البلدان المصدرة للارهاب رغم ان من صنع القاعدة هم الامريكان لكن لا يمكن توجيه الاتهامات لهم الحكومة السعودية تبعت أمريكا في كل شيء الان واخذوهم لحم ورموهم عظم والمواطن السعودي العادي يدفع ثمن كل هذا أغبياء بمعنى الكلمة.. +‫وعي إلى مالانهاية‬‎ فعلا أضف إلى ذلك بأن سياستهم في دعم أمريكا بحربها الباردة مع روسيا بافغانستان ضرت السعودية داخليا بتعطيل التنمية وتقوية التيار الديني الي يحاول قدر المستطاع استغفال الناس وعمل حضار ثقافي عليهم وايضا ضرت بسمعة البلد كواحدة من البلدان المصدرة للارهاب رغم ان من صنع القاعدة هم الامريكان لكن لا يمكن توجيه الاتهامات لهم الحكومة السعودية تبعت أمريكا في كل شيء الان واخذوهم لحم ورموهم عظم والمواطن السعودي العادي يدفع ثمن كل هذا أغبياء بمعنى الكلمة.. +The Rarest Pepe Good work, Comrade: we need to distract the world's attention from Russia invading Ukraine, Syria, Georgia, Azerbaijan, Moldova, and whatever it is we're doing in the Baltic States and Scandinavia.. People have been saying Saudi Arabia is going to go bankrupt for the past 30 years. When are they going to go bankrupt this is just propaganda to make Saudi Arabia weak..
+Trolololol !!! Like I said, you need an education to get a job, which will get you money. People, get educations so they can get jobs. Saudis, already have money, therefore, don't try very hard at school. Education=Money .
+Heater64k It is amazing that the flag of a country, in this case Saudi Arabia is being discussed. May I ask; what is the real purpose of this posting Saudi Arabia is one of the 60 countries with Muslim majorities and spiritually may claim to represent Islam but politically and militarily, it is insignificant. Historically some countries use sword as a symbol of power and strength and only wield it to defend the land. Sword was the common weapon in Asia – China, Japan and India, Middle East and Europe. 17 countries in Europe have a CROSS-in their flags, including all Scandinavian lands and neutral Switzerland. Crusaders used the same cross as a symbol of Christian armies marching to take over the Holy land. Does it mean that these countries still believe in the crusades and killing of innocent Muslim children’s and women as the crusaders did. I hope so! Their evil government needs to be toppled. I have met many Saudis when living and working in Dubai and Bahrain, so I can assure you that they are human beings... rather than the subhuman scum that their backward and evil government makes them out to be. If they just had a chance, then they would be able to function like modern humans along with the rest of the world. They just need to get rid of their oppressive government and wicked religious fanaticism.. +Robert Rodgers Finally, sane comment, not trying to dehumanizing us and knows exactly what is the issue here. I'm afraid it won't happen, even if it is going to happen, the political weather in middle east won't allow us to build modern country. Iran, Turkey are all waiting for this monarchy to fall down so they can take 'part of the cake'.
+Intergalactic Nomad Thank You! Given that I do indeed like many wonderful Saudi people, who I had the pleasure of meeting when living in Bahrain and Dubai, I want things to get better for them. But! Sadly, you are correct. The world needs to come together to help them, rather than continue allowing the average Saudi citizens to be hurt. If my friends from Dubai & Bahrain had a choice, then they would help them. .

lol bankrupt we don't even have a debt saudi arabia gives billions to help out other arabs country if don't know.
+Saan X وهذا الشي لازم يتوقف تماما.. لان الي يلاحظ التعليقات يشوف كيف "الاخوان" العرب يحبونا مرة ويتمنون لنا الخير (سخرية). i wouldn't call you idiots, but 80% of the published income, true. But saudi arabia's GDP isn't just 800 billion, its estimated to be around 2.1 trillion Remember that 4 million people goes to Hajj yearly, and 60 million to Ummrah over the whole year, Lets say on average, they will pay only $500 to the government each, thats almost 3 trillion alone :). +Ahmed AL mudhi I just don't see the reasoning with people drawing Islam with terrorism. Most people become radical since they don't like the status quo. Most terrorist groups (e.g. ISIS) started in places like Iraq/Syria where the status quo isn't good..
+General Grievous Nah, Islamic republic of Iran could become a second Saudi Arabia if sanctions are lifted..

As an arab muslim, i find this news good, i hope the rest of the middle east rids of their shitty kings/dictatorship.
+rore m افلاس دولة لا يعني انه الناس تموت لكن يعني انه الدولة راح تقترض من الخارج مثل اليونان وراح تصبح عبدة للدول الدائنة.
يا مسلمون ياعرب ياسعوديين لاداعي لقراءت الكومنتات كميه الحقد الغير طبيعية غير مستغربه نعلم اننا سنعود للماء والتمر وعلى استعداد ان نرجع لماضي الاجداد ولكن ان لاتهان كرامتنا وسيبقى البترول في نهايه المطاف الشي الوحيد الذي اجبر الغرب على السجود والركوع لنا ! ليحفظكم الله ويرعاكم وليخسىء الخاسئون.
Saudi Arabia is the best place to live in the earth,simple life, no bar no liquor ,no gambling ,fresh and natural food ,zero crimes, no rape people's live with respect, what' els u want in life i wish I could live there all my life, one more thing never saw Saudis are getting sick ,they have the best hospital but mostly empty only foreigners patients very few Saudis ,hog bless them,. +Khalid Masood Saudi Arabia best place to live Do you even Australia Do you even Canada Do you even Scandinavia. woah !! there is so much hate against us. what the hell world all this hate because we choose to live a different life style than the rest of the globe and you people wonder why terrorists attack you. I'm ordinary Saudi citizens and all those pricks in the comment are wishing me warfare and hardship the fuck did I do to you. +Ranger55Delta By the way, you are the ones who supported and funded Al Qaeda, in the first place, this is a historical fact you cant deny this. And because of your foolish politics in Iraq ISIS became a STATE. You should blame your politicians. Karma is real my friend and you should suffer for what you did to other nations.. +jack chen you see that's why so many Muslims don't like the west, because of this Hate messages,,, and jealousy,, when did Saudi hurt you before what you will gain if you will see Muslims suffering nothing. Just chill out and try to stay cool, nothing deserve to be hated except hate itself..
Listen to the start of this video. These are facts released by the International Monetary Fund. Not to mention, Saudi Arabia already dipped into $70 billion of its reserves..
+MegaFoxboy For being such a religious arsehole and also for being the de facto leader of the OPEC oil cartel..
So you are saying that one of the richest countries in the world who have a large amount of oil is going bankrupt The US and Canada spent 10 times more money to extract their oil from rocks and mountains They won't go so far without easy saudi oil .
+احمد القرشي The 1970's were a far different time, with far different technology and different oil consumption habits. The US wasn't able to be self-sufficient then, but it could today. US can produce oil at a profit at $30 a barrel. While oil could go below that price, it can't for long because even though other OPEC countries can produce it cheaper, the transportation costs chip away at profitability. Speed and power are not really an issue for 99%+ of consumers. As long as electric cars can get comparable accelerations and top speeds to typical ICE vehicles, people are fine switching over. Very few people care about whether their car can hit 200mph when they only drive to and from work at 20mph in rush hour. The only problem EVs have today is economies of scale.. +احمد القرشي 1970's was a different time. Most people probably didn't even know what the word renewable energy meant. The US in 2020's can most definitely become self sufficient. It's just a matter of time. Releasing the patent is a huge step in the right direction. Now the technology is available to the private sector, it can only get better. Give it 10-20 years and you will be seeing better iterations of the engine every year.. As a Saudi, I just can't understand why you guys hate us so do you expect muslims and Arabs to have a favorable view toward the West/US when all we see is demonizing statements of our countries...its like you guys are demanding us to like you while you dump on us... +Ahmed AL mudhi christians and on the west civilization just finished granting gay marriage to its gay citizens, you're still deliberating on whether to execute them or put them in jail.nice fucking try :) the only way christians can relate to you is if you went back in time to the 15th century.. +Paul Adonia You're the hateful here. And you're spewing too much generalizations over millions of Saudis. Try to justify your hatred as much as you can, find all kinds of excuses, still hate is hate. I can hate you for many things done by your elite in the middle east but I don't do that. I don't think she\he was asking for 'special' rights all what she is saying is why the hate I don't see the point in hating, more than anything we need love in this world. Btw, I'm Saudi, non-religious and I don't want someone like you to 'defend' me as minority. No body is 'blowing' up mosques except for terrorists and they don't make up the majority of Saudis contrary to popular belief, in fact we fight them too..
+dabigisland1 Titanium dioxide for solar panels isn't that clean for the environment. Other clean alternatives are nuclear power plants based on thorium and liquid salts or burn fuel created by the photosynthesis from algæ..

Saudi Arabia is in a good shape and will be for many years to come, Span, France and UK have been through economic crisis no one named them as bankruptcy !! When Greece economy totally bankrupted and collapsed the media called it a "Crisis". But when the price of oil dropped 50% they call it bankruptcy of Saudi Arabia !! Really Why don't you look to the whole picture and see what did that cause to Iran and Russia and how did that stopped Iraqi regime to be able to finance the dictator of Damascus. Because the price of Oil was over 100$ for some years Iran was able to be aggressive. So it's good for the world and for GCC to have the price of Oil around 50$ for at least 2 years, loose some win a lot. We will win the new Iranian revolution against the dirty Mullahs of Tehran. Don't you know that Russia balanced its budget at 95$ a barrel and Iran at 128$ a barrel Saudi can survive at 15 for many years because the budget of Saudi Arabia has so much fat on it, like the subsidies, etc..
lol, i did not read the comments yet, but i bet everyone is saying i hope they do. we produce the cheapest most clean oil in the world. we ain't gonna go bankrupt. no matter how much you wish.. +Nolan Thiessen clean in oil terms mean that it does not have anything mixed with it. like gases. Countries that take Saudi oil don't have to pay for the process of purifying the oil, and it is cheap. that's why we are one of the best although we are the second main source of oil, yet ours is the best..
+Danny Niklauski You got me with that retort. No one chooses to go to Russia. The people there are awful, infrastructure is awful, the sociopolitical climate is awful. The place is a joke. The things you will see there are straight out of a cartoon.
"Well, I think Russian's cool." {NSA camera emerges out of toaster} "Oh, I mean...'MURICA, heck yeah!" {Camera goes back inside toaster} "Are they gone".

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December 24, 2015
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December 29, 2015
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December 27, 2015
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December 26, 2015

Comments about this video:
Why do we have any relations with these animals at all Oh because we have animals in charge of our government too. Time to get to work!!. +Nakasasama where would they get enough material to start said reactor is the reactor safe at an industrial size I'm with u though sooner we can get off the oil the sooner we'll see the end of terrorism..
Time to shut the borders! Trump was right! Stop supplying Saudis with weapons and stop buying their oil!.
They may have everything yet they enslaved immigrants from ASIA as slaves. A pack of murderers like their ally from north america and europe.. And thats the Saudi Araiba that heads the UN human rights pannel ha ha ha they behead more than ISIS.. the usa is best friends with saudi arabia. there is an old saying, show me your friends and i will tell you who you are.... Women are just as important as a gay man... Uhhhh no, I'm sorry. I have two gay friends, they're cool for the most part, but woman will always be held to a higher standard for me. for obvious reasons. Lol. want to see a lot more of this kind of bullshit - - and right here in america - - - then just vote for hillary... thats all you gotta do.. but let me warn you - - be very careful what you wish for.... +Clifford S hell yes!!! I knew the voting system was bullshit when bush jr. lost and still became president.
+Final Flash He doesn't represent all atheists. It appears that most atheists are assholes on the Internet but that is only because the good ones don't even comment on anyone talking about God..
Those French had better get Control of their country. They need to decide right now; Will they worship Evil, Or will they worship Jesus Christ. . Hmmm. I wonder how muslims feel about abortion. Will they threaten to behead abortionists Will the left support them if they do They throw homosexuals off of roofs and liberals/democrats still support them and want them in the US. Hmmmm.. +MrMnmn911 Muslims only care about their own people. For them conservatives are enemies and liberals are useful idiots. In the end, they want to wipe both out.. +dponcrack Yes. Liberals are muslims useful idiot's but will they behead abortionists or do the radical muslims agree with abortion muslims...please answer.. +John Bradley They should gun them down in the street like we do. Chopping heads off is barbaric; civilized people have their police gun them down in the street.. Muslims here in Sweden are taking over...We ne help with alot of guns and ammo to support the incoming war!. +vxr8clubby What you don't understand is the birthrate of Muslims and the amount of Muslims in most countries. It only takes 8% of the population to be Muslim for them to change a country. There are plenty of tough guys in Sweden too. But it only takes some of them to get into public office and change policies to increase additional Muslim immigration. The US has a secretly Muslim president and he wants to bring in Syrian refugees, case in point. Somali high school students in Chicago forced the school to allow prayer, when Christian prayer was banned already. The hold people have on a country can slip after a while. Not that I like it..
WOW, I fucking live in sweden and I am a swede but I didnt even hear about this on the swedish news. Then again, If the swedish media would have reported on this they would probibly have said something like ''GAY MAN STRANGLES HIMSELFE WITH SNAKE AND FORCE POOR MUSLIM IMMIGRANTS TO WATCH'' oh well. Swedish Democrats 2018!.
Bet whether the teen to be murdered by Saudis or a gay cross-dresser in Sweden, the victims wished they had a means to defend themselves from the animals attacking in these cases. And if like the anti-gun sheep in the USA, bet they'd have rather gone to their slaughter via bullet over being bludgeoned to death slowly, or having their heads chopped off. If they manage to get our guns, either of these acts are just a preview of coming attractions.coming to a neighborhood near you.. +Hi NHPT how can i listen to you when religion has been scientifically and mathematically proven to me don't worry about me and my beliefs i'm fine thank you. Just my opinion take it or leave it dig a bit deeper to find the truth of religion you will be stunned. cya. the moment alex realizes the gay victim was a lowkey chester (pedophile) so he kinda deserves what he got... Alex was like... "O" 😒😒.
A little factoid about Saudi Arabia - I was deployed to middle east for Desert Shield; we were told our families and friends could not send us Bibles (or porn) because it all passed thru Saudi before shipping out to various locations. Here we are defending the Kingdom against Saddam from taking Saudi too and they are dictating to us about Bibles! My Dad sent me the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit issue with Christie Brinkley on it anyways! F8CK YOU SAUDIS! HAHA.
Really Wow. Disgusting Saudi hypocrisy. But the reality is that the Saudi Monarchy is fighting an internal battle between Sala fist Muslim Brotherhood and the more Absolutist faction.. U$Inc has propped up the criminal, corrupt $aud! $cum crypto-kazarian TyRants since before KiSSinger made Z Petr0d0llar deal, that's now coming UNravelled in prePaRATzion of Z UN-N0vUS 0rd0 SecL0Rum = why no Reg*me Change in $aud!a.
+Kenneth Surgent +TheIchgucke +Foxworth Krowler +Rita G +Eric Warncke Sr +John Bradley +Lolwutisthis Utoob +Mike Hughes +Richard Quinones I watched a documentary about you trying to wake up people from their daydream and i was really admiring you and that's the reason i'm subscribed to your channel.. but now i see how disgustingly you try to get in the bus of the anti Muslim like the other on the west news channel. Actually I live in Saudi Arabia and I have never heard of the made up story about this boy. I have't seen a single Arabic source talking about it.. it's fake story made up by on the west media because the kid is underage and underage kids don't get sentenced, it's fake just if you start to give it a look to think and to search for info.. in this world you can pass many things to people.. you can make them believe what you want. in the internet world propaganda hasn't been as easy as now I'm Muslim and I'm proud of that because i have principles that don't wave by time or a place. at the same time there is good people and the bad people like anywhere in the world. we are not aliens. you're talking about Muslim like all of them are criminals and murders.. the murders are the people who control your country the people who have killed millions of Muslims and non Muslims in the whole world, THE PEOPLE WHO CRATED ISIS to target us and made us hated it by those clueless people who believe what they take from their junk materialistic channels.. Read history and you will know why is this happening.. i believe history repeats itself somehow I know this is how u make ur living by being active in this channel so you have to keep talking and talking about who ever. but be careful, trying the spread the hate is so huge sin.

Guess which Fox News host paid to chop heads off on his holidays while in Saudi A ,hint he's another republican terrorist supporter like all others paid by R Murdoch..
refugees from Morocco Perhaps just looking for on the west welfare and a happy hunting ground to rape women and kill homosexuals. No doubt someone will say I am failing to respect their"culture.". That is only in Syria not OTHERS! SO RESEARCH PROPERLY FIRST THEN GO AND TALK SHIT ABOUT OTHER PEOPLE CAUSE IF THIS IS SEEN BY YOUR OWN GOD...YOU ARE SO DEAD!!!. What happened with Isis in Mexico u fucking shill I havent heard anything about that in a while now.. America should use its own oil, Mexican oil, Canadian oil, Venezuelan oil, and bomb Saudi if it bombs anyone!.
Unfortunately Venezuelan socialist are anti on the west and work alongside the Saudis. It's been said that Muslim fanatics from both Shia and Sunni groups are smuggled through Venezuela and into the Americas..

Gosh Alex, I am stuck on this one. Muslim teenagers vs Pervert faggot pedophile. I am sorry, but I have to side with the teenagers on this one. I wouldn't care if it was the Pope himself, I think all Pervert faggot pedophiles should die..

+liaqat Ally I have seen a few of his videos a while ago. I liked them. I will have to watch more of his videos to see what he is all about. Thanks for the post..

yea exactly any moderate Islamic country they blow it up, I mean all Islamic countries refuse the hay situation in the community not cause they're eastern countries but cause islam refuse it, but Islam prefer the moderate solve so in moderate Islamic countries governments look for helping those hay or lesbain people cause Islam belive it's a sickness and not normal that human be a gay, so instead of killing them, moderate countries send them psychiatric institutions to make them come back as a normal people.

you guys are believing anything i live in saudi arabia beheading killers if you killed someone you will be beheaded this is shria law what you do in killers would not kill him what proof that he is right this man is talking bullshit i am not saudi by the way so if you got some good replays give me if not stfu.

If you are a Trump supporter then we don't care what you think of us because your minds are fucked up anyway. No need to argue and defend our selfs with logic. Long live the Kingdom of saudi arabia, it's people and it's king..

Reminds me of a story my uncle told about him and my Dad in New Orleans, bar hopping. Well they were drunk and ended up in a gay bar. One of them realized where they were and said very loudly, "Holy shit these guys are faggots"... Story ends with a few large gay guys beating the ever living shit out of both of them and tossed em out XD.
Any government willing to do this to their young kids needs to be IMMEDIATELY overthrown!!! Isn't this considered a high crime of some sort Maybe if goodness wins in this world, we can start bombing the governing class of Saudi Arabia for crimes against humanity. Aren't they responsible for most of the funding of the terrorists That makes them liable to be bombed under the NDAA I think...they are directly funding and probably training terrorists! COME ON MAN! No brainier, BOMB the terrorists at the heart of the creation in Saudi Arabia where ISIS is beginning! Of course that won't happen...the USA government funds the same terrorists such luck of justice until it's almost too late, but by that time it will be hell on EARTH and assuming most of us reading this right now are still alive in the future, we might see a better world one day.. ..DIRTHY TRUMP... DIRTHY ASSAD... DIRTHY ZIONIST ISRAEL... DIRTHY POUTIN... DIRTHY VATICAN ROME... DIRTHY ROTSCHILD BANKERS... ETC... ETC... ETC... TRUMP & PUTIN HAVE THE SAME BANKERS.. ZIONIST ROTSCHILD-BANKERS... BELIEVE NOTHING OF WHAT THEY SAY... AND THE STUPID PEOPLE BELIEVES AGAIN EVERYTHING... THEY INVENT A LOT OF STORY.S... AGAIN AND AGAIN... EXEMPLE... HITLER WAS THE RETURN OF JEZUS... THEY INVENTED A LOT OF TO START WW 1 & 2... IN SECRET ASSAD HELPS THEM... THE PEOPLE OF SYRIE MUST BE DESTROYED... AS THEY DID.. WITH PALESTINES... SO... THAT AFTER A TIME ZIONISTS MOSSAD ISRAEL WILL HAVE THE 2 BLUE LINES OF THE ISRAEL FLAG... TIGRIS... NILE... SUPER STUPID WORLD-PEOPLE... AND ALEX KNOWS NOTHING OF THIS ALL... HOW IS THAT POSSIBEL... SUPER ALEX KNOWS NOTHING....
No difference between saudis and USA. USA dont beheads but does give death penalties. besides USA has more crime than saudi and whole world. America does everything in the name of Democracy saudi does the otherway around based on their filthy ideology..
As far as I'm concerned I think that absolutely disgusting and they have no respect new decent seats for children over in that country and they shouldn't have fucking children in that country if this is how they going to treat kids the absolutely vile. The world is screwed courtesy of 'noble champions of the West and their great and selfless leadership'. If re-incarnation exists I'd be anyone but a white guy..
We need to boycott sending toilet paper to Saudi Arabia, unless its 110 dollars a barrel. You know those rolls that fit on the dispenser. They have oil but no paper source, why don't we charge them up the ass, Oh, two Bush presidents were enriched by Saudi's, being enriched. Ban the world from selling them have TP. We can ban things if they can..
So if a journalist is taking the footage in war zone will be prosecuted `cos of spreading material containing violence That leads to ban on war footage. Then fox news will tell you about but without the video proof. You can`t show atrocities toward civilians, people will think that war is aesthetic para political debate, without the blood, ripped of limbs and so on. There can be a genocide pretending the war. There can be no war but tv will claim so and taxpayers money will be looted as always. WTF. Get Islam out of Europe! Get Islam out of America! Get Islam out of Australia! Get Islam out of the United Kingdom! NOW! NOW! NOW! NOW! NOW!. Janos D from Montreal,Quebec,Canada. Jesus says:shame on you illuminati Mystery Babylon freemasons your time is run in out satan is cast into the pit of HELL.. please Read My Tweets About Obama On Twitter I'm Here In El Paso TX Check Out What I Put On It Michael Di Angelo A.J I Changed It From Antolin Jimenez MDI If I Don't Show Up It Is Because He Trying To Block Me.. well in America you just get put in a car accident and killed, then you think you live in a nice country.
All government is bad; Anarchy is good, because it allows people to make a change without a parasitic ruling class, bossing us around and stealing our money!.
it's all good. let the gays fight the Muslims. I'm not, I'm no fighting for gays. lol. The whole youth of Saudie Arabia should fight against their government in protest, It would soon be done with the Saudie Arabie!.

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December 31, 2015
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December 1, 2015

Comments about this video:
Sorry Vice but you got the wrong reporter for this segment. When going into Motorsports and cars, you should try to find reporters that are familiar with the topic so as to get the best and most in depth video. This reporter does not seem to know much about cars or drifting or racing and doesn't ask the questions that should be asked.
+Christopher Richardson thank you, I assumed that you meant a pro drifter should be the interviewer because you brought pro drifter into this conversation and we were discussing better interviewers.No where else was "pro drifter" mentioned before your comment and then I replied. This is not an argument so I won't use "counter", but for youtube sake I shall analyze your comment. First you twisted my words. I said the interviewer does not necessarily need to be a pro drifter just someone who is familiar with the car scene. Your saying, that I stated that you said, " someone should be a pro drifter to be the interviewer." .

Lol i see what you did there 😂 let me tell you it's illegal for women to drive in the big city's in Saudi Arabia my mom drives every day in our village everyone knows.

God, its really has become a dick measuring contest in the gulf states. If it wasn't for oil, this region would have nothing..
+Antonio D. You realise the report in something only youth enjoys in a country that is ruled by a very string dogma that prohibits all sort of activities in other parts of the world are basic things for any youth around the world, which is to have fun. The gov. and the society don't give a shit about us to have some fun while at it, this life. . +shnngn Are the youth really that innocent drifting with their Bentleys, though, or are they and/or their parents involved in the oil industry.
I used to live in Saudi Arabia on an American compound in Dhahran when I was young. We used to go to Khobar on the weekends. Pretty cool seeing it again..

+Jorge Rialvo I saw one car doing like 15 flips while people were being catapulted from it. Some sick shit..

Is it in fact cultural Improvised racing I can see them, back in time, challenging each other for the fun but with... horses..
+mohammad barakat i dunno what you mean by compress the engine dude haha but that car look stock af. he's just flooring it so the rear tires loose traction and turning at the same time so the rear comes out. he's driving a 300c srt8 so he has enough power to be able to do that with relative ease. +connor dale if you have a v6 or more u can add fillings in the engine, the engine should be white or unlocked though for this to happen.
where are all the women at I am sure they would like to be there watching cars drift too do the men have them all locked up in their homes its bad enough they don't let women drive.
Cool to see Vice trying to cover automotive related things but please send someone who is informed along with your journalist next time!! Makes the world of difference to those people who are knowledgeable and interested in watching.. " You can do a drift without the handbrake, but it's not professional " Wtf is this guy even talking about It's a complete bullshit.. +kristóf fehér he was trying to say longer drift instead of professional drift, excuse his english. +kristóf fehér he is just trying to say it is not how professionals do it and/or its not what judges look for. There is no direct translation for 'drift' 'power slide' etc in Arabic so don't be so hard on the guy.
Theres gotta be serious issues with sand i mean you can just see when they are drifting the amount of dust/sand flying up. The engines have to suffer..
+Matt Jenkins (vwgolfer187) its not as bad as you think, i moved to florida now i have bugs in my air filter, sand is a bless :P.
+Kollin011 there are guys who run well over 1000 so not really. the more power, the more capable the car is, so is very common for people to run cars with alot of power to make it as competitive as possible.
you have missed a lot of action there... if you want to see the behind of the scene just type this words in the search box (( Unbelievable Saudi Drifting 2016 )) peace ;). +Bernard Jex Dude would have gotten sentence to life in the U.S.. Sooooo maybe 20 years with 3000 lashes isn't so bad Either way, if the guy is human he will have a guilty conscious.. I've seen these illegal "drift" videos since early 2000. You couldn't help but get one when searching for drift videos. It's not drifting, just a-holes doing powerslides. they're usually doing those "drifts" in Accords & Camrys..
The issue is, like in any sport, they need a place to practice. They can't just ONLY drift at an organized competition. Lebron James just doesn't show up to games, he spends time working on his game as well. So they need a 24/7 drop-in facility that will allow them to drift outside of competitions too..
I saw no street drifting in this video. This place doesnt have a street drifting problem, they have a problem with idiots that have FWD cars and no respect for anyone around them... come on, your title is way away the material you show. i thought you are taking about the street drift in Saudi which we all now how the play in street not a DRIFTING and lol how the hell you get a prince words as a reality in saudis nation he probably never seen a real drivers who drift in street to do our style of sliding over 200 km/h. Delete this bullshit cuz it is not even 10% realistic..
Whenever a non motorsports campaign releases a video about a subculture of motorsports I am always disappointed. Hey Vice, please hire a car guy or two. I can send a resume if you would like..

I love the way that Saudis consider on the west culture degenerate but pretty much every one of their favorite things is an imitation of that culture. Malls, drifting, luxury hotels ect. Show me one thing they invented..

now fuck saudi arabia, these kids are fucking rich abo cap the one mentioned here has killed one of my friend but still didn't get beheaded !! simply cause he is a fucking rich so they apply the sharia laws over the foreigners or the poor saudies its a complete hypocracy, vice report the truth i dare your reporter to report about freedom in saudi arabia or women rights or the migrants workers remember this is a challenge !!!!!.
Misleading title... You should report the real illegal drifting that happens in saudi' streets..
3000 lashes Does the guy even have any skin left on his back A good 20-30 not holding back lashes will destroy your skin I can't imagine 3 THOUSAND! This is like Lingchi (death by a thousand cuts)..

+Shaun DYST He killed 3 kids so who cares how many lashes he receives...Personally I would cut his head off..
+SOMALI NOMAD I never said he didn't deserve it but its like giving a person 20 life sentences when they won't survive 1. Maybe they let him heal and spread out the lashes otherwise it would certainly kill him even before 1000 lashes..

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December 25, 2015
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December 6, 2015
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November 28, 2015
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December 23, 2015

Comments about this video:
One if our values is 'respect and tolerance'. We choose to be here and respect the cultural norms - the people here will have the same 'wonders' about your beliefs and values.... So pleased to see your comments Kim. Tony did a magnificent job for us ensuring it is as honest and realistic as possible.. Great video. Love the way the incidental music moves from shade to light. Just right. And your staff are wonderful. Respectful, as they ought to be, and enthusiastic, as they need to be..
A very accurate and truthful overview of working and living in Saudi Arabia. Like any country and any opportunity in the world... It is what you make of it!.

+White Activist Our colleges have been opened at varying times during the past 2 years admitting several hundred students and all visitors comment on how clean, friendly and professional they are. This is all down to our staff and students who clearly demonstrate the pride they have in their environment and the kinds of professional behaviours that we expect at TOP colleges. The compelling evidence, therefore, is that people will generally exhibit the behaviours expected of them..
Great video! Realistic and non-sensational. A must-see for anyone thinking about working in Saudi. I've been working in Saudi for several years and love it..

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November 7, 2015
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December 21, 2015
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October 26, 2015
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January 25, 2016

Comments about this video:

On all videos of Yemen-Saudi border clashes we see only old armor, mostly m60s and amx-30s, both tanks are around 50 years old...And on Wikipedia it says for both that they are already half retired and mostly in reserve. They don't use Abrams since Abrams would also be easy target because of their retarded tactic of putting the tank in clear visibility as a siting duck for Yemeni ATGMs. Probably americans influenced the decision not to use Abrams because they don't want to destroy the myth of ''invincibility'' of Abrams (its not invincible, it was used in good hands, if its used in wrong hands in the wrong way it would have similar loses to any other tank type)...But anyway, Saudi combat readiness is comical, they are getting pounded by an army/militia that controls less than third of its countries territory and has a raging civil war against 2 or 3 sides and still finds time to fuck Saudis (among top 10 most expensive armies in the world) in the ass..
+pacus123 The Saudi M1A1 is what they refer to here in the U.S. as a "monkey model" version that does not have depleted uranium within its composite armor. As such they are inferior armor-wise to the models made for the U.S. military. Also, if you are talking about the American made AT-4 anti-tank rocket, having used one in real life, I can assure you that this was NOT what they used in that video because the AT-4 can't even penetrate the frontal armor of a T-55 let alone a M1A1. Or are you talking about the Russian AT-4 Spigot ATGM When it comes down to it, no tank in the world is immune to every type of AT missile or rocket. The RPG-29 for example can destroy pretty much any known main battle tank. In Lebanon it was used to destroy or disable the Merkava Mk-4 main battle tank which is arguably the most heavily armored tank on earth. Back to the Abrams, in the hands of competent soldiers, this tank is extremely effective. However when used without infantry support, like any tank, it can be disabled and destroyed with AT weaponry hitting its sides, top, and rear (the weakest points on any tank). Where it has an advantage over most other tanks is that generally, even when penetrated, the crew has a high chance of survival. Compare that to the T-72 and related Russian tanks which usually turn into gigantic zippo lighters due to the ammunition being stored near the crew in the open (instead of within a sealed armored container with "blow-off" panels like the M1 tanks have. Another nice feature of the M1 tank is that also have very effective anti-spalling liners within the tank that prevent shrapnel from ricocheting all around the tank and thus preventing multiple casualties amongst the crew. As such, generally usually only a crew member caught in the direct path of a HEAT round's explosive funnel, will be severely injured or killed. It was mentioned that one Abrams blew up completely. This can happen if #1 the warhead is big enough to blow off the turret, #2 the ammo door was left open, #3 The armored ammunition door was penetrated, or #4, ammo was stored inside the crew area of the turret (which can be done but is not recommended and is not usually done by the U.S. military). The Houthis are like Vietcong for Saudi Arabia, the Saudis Suffered heavy loses against the Ansarullah Movement an Pro Saleh Military of Yemen. The Saudis will Withdraw from Yemen in Few Years, because the resist are to strong. Inshallah Yemen will be the Graveyard of the Wahabi Saudi Monarchy!. +dividednations44 That is incorrect. HEAT rounds (such as the PG-7V round fired from the RPG-7 launcher) very often have a copper inner lining that forms into a penetrating slug to increase armor penetration. Even those that don't however still make a relatively small hole due to how the warhead design funnels the explosive material through the path of least resistance (the tip of the warhead). While there is some shrapnel distribution to the sides and some blast effect, it is minimal compared to a HE warhead like the OG-7 RPG round that is designed for anti-personnel usage.. Stand and fight you cowards. Were is your infantry support and your snipers in over watch position You Saudi's deploy your armor as ducks in a pond..
+Josh Fields people on youtube might call you an armchair general but it doesn't make you wrong. The Syrian army does the same thing! deploying armor without infantry is like deploying a battleship without anti-submarine destroyers. or deploying the death star without fighter defense. Or going to Maine without bug spray!!!.
Well done russia iran and houties, we support anti -isis,isis supported by saudis, know they are gonna pay what we have done on siria.. +cccpterminator Houthi controlled a large part of Yemen right when they started because they are the only non corrupt party there.
The Houthis are much better at using rocket/missile launchers than any other militia or whatever I've seen before..
+Michael Diebold you had your little dick sucked by a rabbi when you were a baby, dodn't you moron HAHAHA! fucking little prick. +Light 1988 HAHAHA! I rest my case...a true brainless moron you are the way, who's that faggot holding a gun in that picture of yours...he looks like a right little faggot trying to look hard. HAHAHA!.
the foundation in the house of Saudi is beginning to show some cracks. the pro-Hadi government will eventually be dissolved..
+Nihatmujahidin yeah right keep talking like daesh isis but one day you'll understand (if you want to )that you got brainwashed like most of the alqaida isis name it ,shia are muslims and they are proud of being muslims its just that you don't think its like i'm going to tell something and then you'll immediately believe it ,on command ,use your brain. +unknownexia are you fucking serious are you blind the T72M cooks of cuz it dosent have armord boxes too caontain the extra ammo and its autoloder is unarmord as well the T72B on the other hand dose have them its not very effective but still helps a great deal but what i dont understand is why wold you compare a T72 with a M60 the M60 is utter shit in comparason too the T72 the T72 is arguebly the best 2nd generation MBT in the woirld..
+00008HANK LOL Are you serious now You just made a claim and gave me that source that has nothing to do with your claim and now you are TALKING ABOUT SOMETHING ELSE. Are you seriously ok You just said M60 is utter shit but if I ask for proofs you probably won't give me any and answer weird stuff AGAIN so ok. Let me just ignore you because you are either a kid or a troll..
Very sad they have no concept of how to do battle,this is what happens with all that soft living and money !! You must always train like it's war !! USMC / Semper Fi.
I'll give the Patton one thing. Sure that shot went through it like a hot knife through butter, but at least it didn't cook off..
+GeneralLee131 it did exept the ammo cooked in just 3 sec the whole crew in the turret died while the driver was the only one left alive.. +00008HANK sorry but it did'n.. if it did that tank would be barely a hulk of burning metal. It did'n cook off, not even a small fire, but the crew were vaporized. And no, the Tank commander survived too, he's spliced out of this video.. watch this documentary to know who are they ! "Rise Of The Houthis - Full Documentary".
ADRENALINE can do crazy things...but when you are safe after...the adrenalin falls...and your eyes close themselves.
1:30 WTF how did that guy survive and look at him run he looks like a little kid chasing an ice cream truck. All rich and no show. Where's the Abrams and all the expensive military gear they've brought from Europe, China and USA Sad to see that this tank crew was apparently expendable to their commanders..
Where is all the Abrams tanks these beheading pricks bought from the shaved chimp Bush ,a M60 is 60s shit .

+xmeda The M1A1 can fire HE rounds...if that's what you meant by frag grenades. Whether the ATGM would penetrate an M1 tank depends on the model of the tank (export models lack DU armor layers), the type of ATGM uses (older single warhead models vs. tandem warhead models), as well as at what angle the ATGM hits the tank at and where exactly on the tank it hits..
Those who support the Houthies scums are stupid. How do u support who say " death to America " and call the Coalition led by Saudi Arabia a " Saudi & American Aggression ". Come on American people Houthies would kill u if they get a chance. They are supported directly by those Iranian Fuckers. but don't worry you will see what next days bring. Keep in mind the we don't publish any footage of those monkeys considering that is against human's ethics and we are not fighting a war against Yemenis it's against this militia.. Hhhhhhhhhhhh sudie army run away from simple people hothien and they have simple wepons aginst sudie..hero man hothins. some of the best arabic peninsula people are yemenis...& there goes al saud trying to fight them i hope they destroy all your military forcecs. saudis have money but they lack bravery and will,and That's what you get for killing people in Yemen, Saudi Arabia is a terrorist state..
this video is clearly FAKE! you can't see a beautiful white dress and sandals o the dude running from the tank..
Yup, destruction is expected indeed. Take that saudi wahabbis for openly supporting terrorism in entire world from indonesia to syria. Those mofkin dumb fuchs think all others are dumb. We all know the truth.. It is white lies example, where even if someone asks saudi "is it blood on ua hands" the reply comes in illerate accent "noo it ish ketchuuup" supporters of terrorism are doomed saudi, turkey, qatar. Ur mad dog which u fed and still feeding, will bite u back.. This is the real Islam and Shi'a Sunni takfiri isis coward no damn you Obama because you support a terrorist country like Saudi Arabia . +Juuso Peltoniemi Explain how only 2 Arab nations Egypt and Syria took back Sinai from the Israelis in the October war, and mostly Egypt did the job, Syria had almost no role in it.. +max3zizo Bad timing from Israelis part since most soldiers were on holiday and others were too relaxed. I doubt they make same mistake twice especially since losing a war would mean another six million dead Jews. Arabs won't mess with Israel again. See what happened to Syrian pilots Bekaa Valley. Israel exports high technology all over the world while Arab countries export fruits, oil, and Islamic terrorism. Instead of bettering themselves and their countries Arabs choose to hate Jews and then wonder why they have nothing.. Anyone knows what AT rocket they used It beeped first & went as if it is pre-guided and not like the kornets via fiber.... This is not a Saudi tank, and I am a Saudi and there is no Saudi soldier in the Yemen-Saudi soldiers only present borders Saudi Arabia. +Mauro Diosdado The christian religion and many others are based on peace, and they aren't useless..
Bravo! finally there are the soldiers who can resist the world's aggressors: the U.S. and Saudi Arabia..

At this point, I'm wondering whether the Saudi military is just getting rid of its outdated inventory to make room for abrams.
Sorry didn't even notice you. Keep getting all angry. Any time you feel like shutting the fuck up - you tiresome cunt. We'll see (if you EVER fucking stop running that gob of yours) actions Davey boy, the words thing just confirms my suspicions ur a pussy. Tata. .
+Adam Aston Listen brother, now I know you're a jew, I'm gonna leave you alone. Keep up the good work on youtube!.
I think it is a bad strategy to place that tank up where everyone can see it. This is the second tank that I see receiving dmg like this in such position. Wahhabism from Arabia Saudita is a cancer to the Arab World..
نفسي اشوف جندي سعودي واحد يحارب لاجل شرفة العسكري كلهم داخل الدبابات و المدرعات جيش الكبسة ،،، برا ما فية تكييف .
so the great american military weapons are totally proven to be CRAP the export version of american tanks are destroyed by the export version of russian weapons lol. american monkey models are beaten by russian monkey models.
maybe im misisng something, but why is that tank just sitting there why is its turret not traversing how were the enemy inf able to flank around it.

+spiffinz They are clueless and confused, the tanks are not supported by infantry. The rebels are moving unoticed, and seem to be fighting the battle on their terms, while the Saudi defending units sit and wait to be picked off. This is why tanks should always be suported by infantry. The troops could spot the incoming rebels and suppress them, while the tanks wipe them out with their 105 mm guns..
Чё за херня выпускать танки без поддержки пехотыБабуины с гранатомётами и ПТУРСами лазят как заблагорассудится...Или пофиг.... +ASPIRE45A Тут открытая местность где ты пехоту спрячешь Это не город где пехоту можно укрыть в зданий, и защитить танк. На открытой местности танк как на ладони и очень уязвим, в городе все наоборот там танк чувствует себя как рыба в воде, внезапно вынырнул и за здания отстрелялся скрыться, а пехота хорошо укрытая в железобетонных зданиях прикроет и не позволит зайти танку в бок или сзади.. This is probagand not truth becous saudi army not insaide yemen And shiaa not muslim his god ali not allah And the yemen win inthis war not alhuthi and not iran. It looks disabled. Anybody know about tanks What did they shoot It with I would think those things should be able to withstand rocket propelled grenades..
Somewhere in the World a U.S. Marine is smiling that we sold the Saudi's all their old crappy tanks. Your welcome....

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November 23, 2015
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January 10, 2016
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November 12, 2015
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December 28, 2015

Comments about this video:



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January 6, 2016
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December 22, 2015
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December 14, 2015
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December 26, 2015

Comments about this video:

Tell it like it is, I really like how charlatans like Obama, Hollande, Cameron claim to support democracy and human rights but are closely aligned with the brutal Saudi dictatorship which still crucifies people.

That was about time somebody mentioned Saudi Arabia, but he didn't dare mention the US, Israel, Turkey and the rest of the gang..
Our "paradoxical relationship with this country (Saudi Arabia)" There is no paradox when you finally see that murderous criminals run both countries.. Funding of terrorism is no great revelation...the US have been doing it and taking part in it,since the year "dot!".
And then what are they do about it Angela in the past said multiculturalism in Germany failed, but then accepted more refuges and even im encouraged more migrants to come! Germany politicians so lie like any other politician..

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November 29, 2015
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November 3, 2015
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November 15, 2015
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January 11, 2016

Comments about this video:

+Atif Rana *The fact* What actual evidence do you possess that shows it's indeed factual .

That's an outright lie Jones, neither Saudi Arabia or Iran have nukes. Secret documents from fucking MOSSAD says Iran has no nukes you fat lying fuck..
+Ronnie Anzaldua I've no interest in discussing whether 911 was an inside job or not it's a pointless exercise. The relevant point was it was used as an excuse in conjunction with the wmd lie to attack Iraq..
It has never been proven that Saudi Arabia and Iran have nukes, Iran have a nuclear power plant but they have claimed that it for energy purposes only and they have never been seen testing nuclear bombs, but you know who had nukes for a fact Oh that's right the US.
You wont nuke us, even if you had Nukes how the fuck you going to depoloy them Those imaginary ICBMs...Fact is you so much as Nuke one of your NEIGHBOURS, and both the East and West will nuke you FROM HOME, we unlike the pakis, have ICBMS that could reach them in less than an hour so even if they do have nukes CALM DOWN, it was probably us that gave them to them anyway hahaha Israel is worrying...And Commie Jones is obviously saying his usual ''ITS A FALSE FLAG!!!''...LOL.
+Benjamin Smith lol, chill. u do know that this was written to fit a children's song, right unfortunately only one guy (who replied) gets it. lol. here: /watchv=RlL5RcJWNPE feel like a fool yeah.. ;) ;) =). no they dont you israel loving piece of shit i cant believe i use to listen to your show what a sell out loser you are alex. hehe Saudi Arab idiots dont know how to build anything, they just give some oil money to someone who sell it to them, and on the other hand i really hope Iran have nuclear weapons, so you cant threaten them everyday by "All options on the table" so u can take that table and put it up ur ass. Well it would not suprise me if Iran and Saudi Arabia had nukes. Good for Israel finally just saying yeah we got them about time. It gets said all the time but if a nuke is ever used you can guarantee its nuclear war everyone will be nuking everyone. So why any more nations actually want them I don't know. Seems not really worth having. Better to have a good quality of life rather than have a bomb that can flatten a whole citys worth of life. . +Scremph Jenkins Yes, I know, but obviously we're referring to the ones used against people..
Israel has bio weapons and every other weapon the US has. The French and British government has been handing them weapons for years!.
You can talk all the shit you want about Israel, But Israel isn't the cause of any Global Terrorism today.. I honestly don't trust Islamic Nations with Nukes, Given the current world scenario, Just saying.. It could be an expensive Nuclear "Allahu Akbar" BOOM Scenario which the world cannot afford.. I don't have anything against Muslims but maybe when there are no more Islamic terrorist organizations around the world like Al Qaeda (Pakistan), Taliban (Afghanistan), ISIS (Syria), Boko Haraam (Africa), Muslim Brotherhood (Egypt), Al Shabaab (Africa), Al Nusra (Syria), Hamas (Palestine), Mujahideen (India), Abu Sayyaf (Philippines), Uyghur Terrorists (China), Chechnyan Terrorists (Russia), That's when Islamic Nations should be allowed to have Nukes.. Show less.
+Steven Welch I already gave you some names numbnuts. Look them up! All of them have videos on youtube. David Duke and Brother Nathanael are even more credible sources than AJ. Also, I do not know if I would call Alex Jones a reporter. He is a talk show host who has reporters that work for him. He also is misleading talk show host who covers the"globalists," but never mentions Zionism (which is the driving force behind the NWO). He is most likely a disinfo agent (paid to give blame on anybody regarding the NWO who are not Zionists) He also acts like a lunatic on air and for MSM interviews so that the majority of people will not take him or the movement seriously...therefore AJ is a fucking joke. Thank you.
While I disagree with your idea of what a "lunatic," is, and your opinions of what indeed would be motivating him, I can appreciate your well thought out response. That being said, Brother Nathanael certainly wouldn't be an example of a "credible" source (credible, to me, means they have a definitive source of information that others can access no matter their religious or state persuation). Whether or not he is right is purely a matter of opinion, where as when I've seen reports given by AJ, he cites the exact people he's accusing. David Duke is someone I'll be looking into now, though, so thank you :) But to write off AJ as a joke because of an assumed intent that "people will not take him" seriously, is to ignore everything he says. I'm more interested in the material that people produce than the way they act when they produce it. Of course you don't have to respond, you indeed did answer my original question. Not that I agree with you, but thanks. EDIT: I forgot to mention, I have been under the impression that you'd be willing to list anyone who reports with a Zionism-involved narrative as more credible than anyone who doesn't. If I'm wrong please do correct me.. "Race Specific Weapons' How the hell does THAT work! I am a subscriber and avid fan Alex...but how in the hell does a missile, or ANY weapon for that matter have to ability to target a specific race Maybe I missed something somewhere along the technology pipeline.. all that b.s you hear about Saudi Arabia making or buying nukes is just pure propaganda to exert political pressure on Obama to stop the the iran nuclear negotiations! Everyone knows: the usa, iran and even the penguins in Antarctica that Saudi Arabia is completely incompetent and incapable of making, buying or even maintaining nukes! keep in mind buying nukes need facilities and scientists to maintain the dangerous arsenals and that country simply put doesn't have this capability. Also whatever nukes Pakistan possesses is for its own self defense especially when india has a lot more n-bombs than Pakistan; which means Pakistan doesnt have excess nukes for sale. To sell nukes to Saudi Arabia, Pakistan will have to make new ones and this will outrage the international community and make Pakistan and Saudi Arabia susceptible to economic sanctions neither countries can survive its devastating effects unlike Iran. joining the nuclear club is a long process, you should not expect someone that from making camel saddles all the way wants to jump into the business of making nukes with no steps in between! ! Saudi Arabia can't even manufcure a bicycle tire and has no industries or industrial capabilities and infrastructures. add to that it has a very backward education systems and has no local native scientists to run or even initiate such a complicated nuclear programs. moreover, the Saudi population is lazy and incompetent that the country's economy is run by foreign workers starting from the menial position that the Saudies refuse to do to the more sophisticated skilled professions that the Saudies are incapable to perform. saudi Arabia just has money, oil, and countless desert RELAAAAX america and enjoy your hillbilly cheeseburger...i wouldn't worry about Saudi Arabia acquiring nukes at more thing iran doesn't need nukes to knock down Saudi Arabia or even to occupy it. Iran is so powerful that it ignores saudia arabia and pays all attention to U.S threats and works on preparing its forces to match the capabilities of powerful nations like usa, Israel, uk and france..
The United States declassified a report from 1987 which revealed that Israel had nukes; Israel admitted to nothing. Also, both Mossad and the CIA maintain that Iran is no where near creating a nuclear weapon. And, honestly, the only people I've heard say otherwise are mostly warmongering psychopaths. If there is credible information available which contradicts the current intelligence I'm certainly willing to be persuaded, but I haven't been able to find it..

Sure, let's let countries under constant terrorist threat have nuclear devices that can level small countries. What could possibly go wrong .
Whatever happened to good ole fashioned soldiers But more to the point, if every country would mind their own countries business and start pushing peace instead of war, what a beautiful world it would be. Who the hell needs war Who are these demonic idiots running every government and why hasn't ever government geared up to take their asses out Why is every country willing to nuke each other when all every country has to do is stand up to the elites forcing this shit on us all. Where are the real men. Everyone's got a stinking Nuclear bomb...When your bowls start producing Uranium through genetically modified foods and when your hormones are all over the place then the radiation stink bomb bursts and people around you will die from radiation poisoning. Even deadlier when silent.. This is why Netenyahu went to congress, if the obama administration make a deal with Iranian government which gives enough capability to build nukes. Saudi Arabia will be racing to build nukes as well and all other gulf states will also have nukes to protect against Iran. As Netanyahu said, a nuclear race is on the way if this so called peaceful Iranian nuclear deal is made.. Nukes are available to every country as long if they have cash. Cash is king and everything is for sale.. hey alex fat johnes, i see you angry when Saudi Arabia trying to have nukes but your fat ass is comfortable when Israel USING 5000+ of them... . If I were Iranian- I'd want a nuke ASAP!- Maybe then the USA would stop threatening them for bucking the petrodollar- Libya didn't have 'em- look what happened to them!!. Saudi does have nukes. Saudi funded Pakistan nuclear program. The deal on the books is that Saudi can buy nukes from Pakistan if Saudi funded its nuke program. Wake up folks...Saudi is the wolf in sheep's skin..
The standard Alex uses when he says someone has been right every single time is not the same standard I use when discerning objective, absolute truth from mere maybes. Someone told Alex that Iran has nuclear weapons and Alex believe that his "source" fits perfectly into the mold in Alex's head for being a "right-thinking" person. Therefore, Iran has nuclear weapons for sure according to Alex. It's called confirmation bias, but Alex does it to the extreme. There are worse offenders out there, but Alex is in the top 1% of them. I guarantee that Alex's "source" does not know that Iran has nuclear weapons. The Zionists have tried and tried to conjure up proof of an Iranian nuclear-weapons program and have not been able to do it. The US had to back off it's statements that Iran has a nuclear-weapons program. They became worn down by people (including yours truly) hammering them for any independently verifiable hard evidence at all. They had none even though they had been claiming they did. Obama's administration is now negotiating a deal with Iran because of all that hammering. The only people who don't want such a deal are the neocons and Takfiris. Pick your poison. Which one is Alex on this subject One thing is perfectly clear. Alex is very, very, very soft on Zionism. Why is that Why does he always go out of his way to say that he's not bashing or demonizing (or words to that effect) Israel The Zionists are stinking land thieves and war criminals. Who did the USS Liberty on purpose Who let them get away with it. Zionists! Alex was very hard on the Bush-43 administration for 9/11, but that administration was neocon through and through. Neocons are Zionists, always! Who did 9/11 at the very, very top Zionists. It's the only way WTC 7 could have happened. The Saudis sure couldn't have pulled it off..

the country that have nukes, no 1 will attack that country, every one need to have nukes for self diffence. .

So Israel uses chemical weapons on innocent palestine women and children why ain't they getting done for this bastard jew scum .
This is very serious news, because a revolutionary guard members said that Iran planned to get a nuke to fire into orbit above America, and then detonate it to cause an EMP to wipe out 90% of Americas population within a year.. Jones is a fucking ass clown lol he tosses a bunch of shit towards a wall and hopes some of it sticks which 99.9% of the time never does.. Alex I think it would be so dumb for the Saudis not to have a nuclear weapon. Every nation has a right to defend itself against predators. And if what you're saying is true that the Saudis have a nuclear weapon for 10 years and they still haven't used it nor threatened anybody with it. Then why not allow them to have a nuclear weapon as long as they are peaceful .
2015 Nuclear Weapons in the Middle East will account for rapid shareholder wealth generation. Money talks and the 1% are either going to participate in this escalation or watch Russia, China, India, Pakistan... make the sale. Weapons sales are the main item in the new "Body Bag Economy" be prepared to hear about it everyday until '2025 Launch Error 1.'.

Tens of thousands of nuclear weapons all around the world. hundreds if not thousands of attempts to launch them, commanders who refuse get instantly replaced, and yet none actually go off. Now why do you think that is.

we were nuked Hirosima and Nagasaki ! so, we have rights nuke America! oh ,but you already did it in Nevada 1000 times, and nuked WTC in NY you gov don,t admit it lol.

Alex Jones is a liberal Jew working for underground satanist leagues, alex jones is no conservative he is a fraud he is truly an obama hugging liberal he wants iraq to get nukes to invade our american freedom. Caiden Cowger is a greater speaker of freedom than this jewish sellout. Our freedom must be protected. I love my flag and i love my government we must stop putin now or we will lose our freedom to communists.

Alex I admire your patriotism and your courage sir. I don't even bother turning the news on anymore. YOU ARE THE NEWS! Sir you are the true definition of LDRSHIP. .

I have known Saudi Arabia, Israel and Syria have had nukes for over 25 yrs. they choose not to use them because of known results. Geez guys if I know it you think for a minute that Arab Nations don't know Relax, it seems the only one that didn't know is Obama... Obama didn't throw anyone under the bus, Obama is showing his ignorance to the world, yet again. And I think this is Obama trying to make us (Americans) watch his left hand so we don't pay attention to his right..
Just remember the murder of Kennedy,his attitude to the FED and the non proliferation treaty (Dimona in the Negev desert-Mordechai Vanunu).
Hey Alex, you should share "Project Coast" with your veiwers, apparently most of them believe the "Race Specific Weapons"are Conspiracy talk.
No doubt they do and they probably have "USA" and an American flag painted on them and they did not cost them a dime we taxpayers paid for them..
Everyone has nukes so what nukes are useless now. America always has a secret weapon just watch there will be something bigger than a nuke if one of you asshole shit countries try to fire one..

Oh ya the nukes in Saudi Arabia ain't shit compared to the Long Range Chemical Missiles Iran has that wipe out a whole infantry battalion.Everything N.Korea has Iran also has low key..

The reason for not disclosing nukes is because it encourages the most aggressive nationalist and partisans to increase conventional aggression.look at the india/paki conflict the hindu nationalist started going around saying that pakistan better bow down before india because they had nukes and could destroy pakistan and then pakistan blew up about 10 nukes and says "say what bitch" That is the kind of shit that the establishment in both iran/saudi do not want to hit the streets.I've been told that Egypt and Turkey both have nukes but I have no idea.they are more a liability then anything else if you think about it.unless your Dr Strangelove.

Whenever someone say "I got reliable sources that's shown to be 100% correct every time" even a blind hen can smell the bull's leftovers. Gotta be nice to be able to lie so well that you almost believe your own shit. Sad that people even trust you 1% of the time..
Prove I ran has nuclear weapons. you do not know what does it mean if The Ayatollah lies, when he says it is Haram, religiously illegal to have WOMD and he does it. all his Muslim Sheaa followers will have to leave following him including Hizbullah> From Iranian system point of view he will be immediately ousted. by the the counsel of jurisdiction and must elect a new leader. I advise you to go and Visit Iran, I am not an Iranian FYI..
I'm coming April 10th you are mine, and you will be exposed and your network of alt. media. I love the games may they begin!.

+JOOGAL1111 Nothing the same as he talks about, or it could be a bullelt from the D.H.S. But I do know this, the black box knows all...wait and see..

Everyone knows that Israel has nuclear weapons They've had them for decades. Duh! As for Iran, no, they don't. That's why there are discussions going on about them even getting nuclear power not bombs with the US and other countries going on right now..

Hi I'm Mr. Peebumpoopface, I going to let you in on something I'm what you call an Alien we have been around for a long time. As far as nukes go don't worry we have disarmed them all. One more thing within the next 20 years your DNA will be much like our own and we will be able to show ourselfs and why we are here..

Maybe Iran got a cut of the cores, removed from warheads, at BWXT Plantex, Amarillo Texas, in secret, under the orders of George & Dick, in cahoots with Ehud Olmert, and shipped to Israel and Japan. After all, they shot Roland Vincent Carnaby, to keep it quiet.!!!.

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November 10, 2015
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January 21, 2016
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November 1, 2015
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December 8, 2015

Comments about this video:
Wow, while reading the comments I see that Americans think Saudi Arabia are responsible for ISIS or whatever you call them. I'm a Saudi Citizen, and our government didn't create them, don't support them. Actually, before about 3 weeks, ISIS attacked a military station, and killed an officer. Our government caught them of course. The bottom line is, we are against ISIS They are taking Islam to the extreme, and Allah warned us to not be extremes in our religion, as christian are. You guys worship a human that you think is god, any way, it's a matter of time. After we all die, we will know the truth about everything..
afterall all saudi are not sunni hanafi... bt its still good fight against isis... in pakistan the same rebels wer trying to destroy pakistan which was supporting n fianaced by usa.india n israel.. bt pakistan finished them....
What a joke for anyone to believe a fence keeps them out. If ISIS was a threat to Saudi Arabia would just stop funding them. Just more disinformation.. +alan headrick saudi arabia doesn't fund isis, though saudi arabia is funding other islamic groups like hamas and alqaida, because isis want death for the saudi royal family, but at the end of the day both of them are ass holes.
+Kampfgruppe Lehr saudi scum is protected by america but their day will come the saudi pig king will be replaced by dignified arabs.
Or more right said.. all glory to the sons of "Goat Heads". "The foolish bastards". May God bless the hand of those mighty men of Islam who lay his will upon the liars who follows ISIS. Peace be upon all of God's faithful.. DEATH TO ISIS LIVE KSA USA CANADA UK FRINCH AND OTHER GREAT NATIONS DEATH TO THE MONSTERS THAT KILLED GOOD PEOPLE AND MAKE EVERYONE IN THE WORLD THINK THE ARABIANS ARE TERRORIST THOSE B** there fate is in hell where they belong.
Obama will eat his hand if he let Iran and ISIS attack Saudi Arabia because USA will be second Target and he must know Iran and ISIS just war tool for big enemey that not appear to now.
pakistan was trying to support saudia against isis n all yemen's rebels.. bt some wahabi who has some posts in goverment had objection against this war for saudi support to isis....
LOL ,as if isis is respecting turkish,jordanian,syrian borders due to the fence over these border,fence is not enough, they need to be killed in droves.

Saudi Arabia, the US, the UK, Turkey, Qatar and Israel are all responsible for either creating, training, funding different terrorist organizations such as ISIS, Taliban or Al-Qaeda and its different branches or being the source of their extremist ideology in the case of Saudi Arabia.
Nice work Saudi Arabia, instead of helping out with the fight and helping to eliminate ISIS, you build a fence. What the fuck kind of response is that It's only a matter of time before some country is going to say "fuck it, enough is enough" and drop a nuke on one of these countries, probably Syria, and put an end to this shit. I'm guessing it will probably be Israel who does it, and they won't ask the world for permission either, they'll just do it and not give a shit. I have a feeling it's only a matter of time. I'm sure everyone will think "go ahead, and we'll fight even harder", ummm no you won't! Once you've seen what happens when a nuke is dropped on your ass, you'll change your tune real quick..
+Soldier 4Life your comment made me LOL "they'll just do it and not give a shit" hahahah. Unfortunately, you're probably correct, and then proceed to aim the rest of their nukes at any country that has a problem with it! Israels bout that life -.-.

This just shows the duplicity of the Saudi régime, ISIS/Daesh ideology is based on Wahhabi version of Sunni Islam which is the state religion of Saudi! Much of the money that helps to fund Daesh comes from Saudi donors and as the film says hundereds of the terrorists are from Saudi, all hypocrisy!.

Even the CBS News is trolling, haha. Saudi Arabia + United States + Israel + Arabian Gulf established, funded and supported ISIS. Fuck this fake propagenda..
Isn't it the U.S. who introduced, ISIS to the world when they first weekend and eliminated the governments that provided law and order to their countries and then supported ISIS financially and supplied them with weapons and intelligence. U.S. did that directly or via countries like Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Bahrain and UAE.!.
American people= pizza+movie+weed+sex+football+ gambling. They don't even know a name of a town that located from his house about 6-7 miles. In addition, they don't even know about their political system as well and they talking shit about others unfortunately. I made a presentation about a year ago,and everyone's knows United States has 300 millions people can you believe only 113 million who has a passport!!! And 187 million they never been out of the country. I could probably write 3 books that has over 500 pages about americans and it'll be not enough to describe their shitty life. They even make fun of Canadians,but they don't know Canadians are away better than than them,and more educated as well. Unfortunately they don't respect themselves first,and the rest of the world. At the end I'm not saying all of them,but I would definitely say most of them. .
+MrTaz Dxb actually, Steven Chen is Taiwanese, not Chinese...same difference between Americans and British.... i really don't understand terrorist, after all these years you blow your self i dont think that terrorist is muslims because in islam committing suicide will get u straight to hell and that rule was in islam before terrorist was in life.. and that rule was in islam not cause terrorist is muslims, no its because you gotta be patient with life sometimes you will face a hard time you want to suicide but be patient and learn and try to solve your problems not suicide sorry for the shitty language im just 17 and i dont talk english very well❤️. +fahad fhoodi It's called dying as a shaheed in Arabic, in English it's dying as a Martyr. It's technically suicide in the name of 'spreading' your religion. A kind of thing Mohammad PBUH values very much. That's ISIS's core belief..
watch the news then talk about saudi arabia, ISIS is attacking saudi arabia they blow up some places.
if Isis will attack on Saudi then Pakistan Army will come to finish Isis idiots no one can beat Saudi .
All this rooted Israel's.They want to destroy Islamic countries. As they wanted to killed Jesus during his prophecy. Without permission of anyone..

+Mohammed Khan Nonsense! Jesus was a Jewish messiah claimant killed by the Romans (no Israel then anyway!)! ISIS was created by rich Saudis and Qataris to overthrow Shia/Alawite led regimes in Baghdad and Damascus..
Since there is a war zone You will always find extremist It's like GTA for them lol The war has to be OVER to stop attracting terriorst .
They need to upgrade the fence - Make it a thick wall Add some remote turrets. Maybe dev some tech that targets anything with an ISIS symbol on the shirt etc, but can be remote controlled. Towers on it. Better border control. Some extra armor on the front If those things got added that wall would be one tough nut to crack. .
+xXiCrazyHD achly it is just a fence no mater if they breck in cuz are connon will deal with them i dont think they can even come neer the fince cuz they need a tank to ram it over and geting a tank with no one seeing u is imposble. Saudi Arabia is the best you bullyshit American don't say bad word to our prophet we hate youuuuuuu bad Christians you book are only about sex you damn people. and Saudi Arabia is cool but americans you drink sleep and enjoy you don't pray to god and you only go to pray once. muslims pray always. your sister noura from UAE. CBS needs to look at what Saudi schools are teaching, the same schools are in Pakistan, they teach ISIS ideology, Saudi are playing America like a puppet on strings. ISIS is like the Medusa of Greek mythology. Saudi has no government is an absolute monarchy this is poor propaganda.. +Greg Giles You're getting me wrong here Injustice at work if you're a Muslim you can't be a manager. Injustice at work if wear hijab in case if she is a women then they would never hire her.. I'm talking here about American White muslim citizens who were born and raised in the United States I don't give a FFKK about ISIS or ISIL or whatever you wanna call it... This freedom bullshit crap doesn't apply for you unless you're a Christian, I'm talking here about the US in particular because I know that other on the west nations are not like it even-though they never claimed that they have freedom, like the US does ;) !!.
If fences are to prevent war and political instability from outside, businesses and technologies on fences would have been soared by now. What if issues burst from inside like Yemen.
+Djrose Itong that is what all people want...but to do that, we have to clean the house first ^_~. +Руслан Гейгер They could, but it would stop billions in cash flow for so many wealthy people that profit from wars, and cause all of the time they spent getting this mess started to be wasted, or a good part of it anyway..
+TheMoutainlight A f**king idiot like you wouldn't know evidence if it came up and bit him on the arse! You just believe every conspiracy theory posted online, you're a fool!.
+zavi13 why am I wasting my time speaking to a lunatic whose speaks from his back side, gosh, listen shove your head in the toilet and flush it down you you waster !!! If your an arsehole then text back !! Prove to me your an arse hole by replying ;). 00:55 "impressive border fence" WHAT I just hope ISIS don't have few pairs of wire cutters.. ISIS ITs made by American government... Its just like 9/11 do you really think that anyone can do that in usa whick owns the biggest intelligence in the world! !!! Cmon ppl use your mind think search... don't be dumb .
actully saudi di dnot give them weapon fools bc this is all a troll video that obama maybe said to make it and im not from saudi arabai :P i know alot about every country say what u want about saudi arabai i think muslimes are right bc we amercians have no approvments of our gods and they have alot signs of thir god and i think thir god made 2 suns came out wow thats an mark of end of the world they said i think its true.
saudies gave them weapon,now they claim ,they are afraid of isis, who will you fool, ,i see bad end for saudies,if iran nationalist comes on power in iran, no matter what happened to us we attack ,saudie arabi and befree them from cruel saudies prince and kings..

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November 9, 2015
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November 5, 2015
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December 29, 2015
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January 13, 2016

Comments about this video:
Hillary Clinton = Israel Jeb Bush = Israel Sarah Palin = Israel Rand Paul = Israel Any questions .
Someone at the top is trying to take out Hillary (Politically). Don't get me wrong, she is a cunt scum, it's just blatantly obvious that she is being targeted. .
Lots of trolls on here. They all must have just gotten to work at their government jobs and are busy earning their wages. Too bad their comments don't make any sense and are just offensive nonsense. Not real effective. But that's on par for government workers I suppose. . +oakeysmokey If you think Stern "owned" Jones, (a typically juvenile way of putting it), then you didn't hear the interview, you're just regurgitating urban legend horseshit...or you're just stupid.. Why in the h3ll are we fighting Assad and Syria Why the h3ll arent we attacking Saudi Arabia We are fighting the wrong country What the h3ll is going on here . +pretorious700 not about oil, it's the fact that Saudi Arabia is a puppet regime that conforms to US foreign policy and Syria is an autonomous democracy with an anti imperial agenda. They do the same shit in south American socialist /communist countries that the US has no oil interests in, it's politics.. Did we forget. There is still a unsolved murder of one of her workers when bill was president. To many secrets., how there still questions of the clintons before he was president and cocaine that came into Arkansas by the tons. Real estate fraud with there freinds. Hint hint. Clinton with child sex ring,. Benghazi Secret missle deal with terrorist group and cover up. Wake up . There are video's available of the Clinton's history from their college days of all their crooked dealings. Google them. Lots of dead bodies surrounding them.. +hiway280z sheeple just still follow them like little animals. What ever our rulers tell us what to do or thing we follow .
Hitlery Clinton is a pathetic fool like the other psychotic idiots in your government. She is a nazi bitch, power hungry, lie like a coward and have a psychotic problem. There is no one in that government that have honor, all of them are trash. What can the woman do without having the government behind her back, NOTHING God show mercy of she becomes your new president, America will go back into the dark ages again then... And Alex, you are right about a looot of things i cant denie that and wont. But plz grow up friend when you telling news, sometimes u are a little too much :) Peace.
That is easy for me to believe. Can't wait to walk in those diamond filled places. Condemned money changing bastards no matter who they were.. ROFLMBO... Alex is like (They will get you my Pretty) Their going to burn you witch)... Russian Spitzna will take her out!.
Alex you state that Hillary Clinton was involved in a Lesbian Affair, then you say it's OK. God don't think so, so it appears you need to study up on scriptures. Yahwah God states men or women involved in such evil are committing abominations..

maybe she likes being goosed...hence her "guccifer" with that picture...i feel nauseated....

She isn't in jail b/c she high in government and law doesn't apply. If it did every president for past 25 years would be in prison.
How about, Why Abby Martin was fired from RT Alex say whatever he wants but some how they silenced Abby.. So there we have the facts / truth now Hilery clinton the old hag with a knot at the top of her head trying to tighten her puffy skin (Its not working for you Hilery) BUT for fooooooks sake leave It undo that you`l look like a big fat jelly baby.She has been working with the Saudie`s,thay funded Benghazi attack,that make`s hr a MURDERER !!. I cant stress how much I hate this woman as she loughts at people being blown to piece`s and killed as If Its all a big game,as long as Its not her, GUILTY !! Off with her wrinkles send her down she should have the death penalty BUT but but she`l get off scott free or die of old age.And the sleepers well thay`l peoberbly vote her In,Im so tyred I must sleep,I will answear my 100 posts later In the day when I wake up,unbelievable the corruption In the US goverment Its gone beyong a joke.. News flash! The Saudis run this world. Everything that matters to them is a servant to their wishes and commands. Absolutely, the recently deceased King of the Saudis would have SHrillary whacked over this. The new guy now in charge, apparently has Alzheimer's', and may demand a spectacle. Something along the lines of our beloved comrade in North Korea. Remember he thru his uncle into an arena filled with wild starving dogs. If, repeat..IF Shrillary had a brain she should run...for her life.. We already know that the federal government is a team of criminals and they've never operated legitimately despite the visibility of malicious external influences. The solution is to literally kill them.. Hiding in plain view is the fact that the entire Clinton family are involved in serious criminal practices. A vote for Hillary is a vote in favor of the criminal element. .

Thanks for the news. You're one of the few that informs the folks. God bless you brother. .

Kind of odd that you do your homework on your show. Also, it's hard for me to appreciate this guy with him being a misogynist and everything..
What the Saudis funded the Benghazi attack, the dead Ambassador knew about shipments of stolen arms from Libya's armories to the hands of Terrorists in Syria. .
In 2007, Hillary harshly Criticized the previous Administration's use of Secret email correspondence. But did anyone in the Bush Administration Exclusively use a Home Email Server to conduct Official Government Business Foreign, Domestic, OFFICIAL, TOP SECRET, Benghazi Security Request type emails Liberals - the answer is "No" what.

No one has been honest since the first Bush was in office.She's got shit piled up so deep she can't dig her way out!with her working with obamas together...To have her as a president would be signing our own death!just because her husband was the president she as all should be monitored for those types things...some one had to notice..she has no morals any way....
What Alex Jones fails to mention to his cult followers. The law was introduced after this email account was used, she did not break any law. We will see who burns lile a witch Alex, shame on you. . +john horst federal records Act 1950 Love how you fool trolls always attack Israel. Nobody blames Israel besides racist,corrupt government,trolls and Muslim terrorists. It's the people controlling this world including Israel that are to blame. The very same traitors who control our country and government. So stop your ignorant racist anti Jewish people rants and go back to your handlers...nobody wants to hear your psychotic unintelligent rants. . Let us also not forget that Hitlery Rotten Clinton "misrepresented" her plane landing in Bosnia in '96 where she said she landed "under enemy fire" when in fact she DID NOT!!! And she wants us to vote her into the WHITE HOUSE HELLO Between that and her Benghazi debacle, she's not only a LIAR, but she's also INEPT!!! And speaking of LYING to the public, how about Al Gore's claim that he was "involved with CREATING THE INTERNET Funny how SOME PEOPLE come out of the toilet UNSCATHED while others do NOT!!!.
Can someone post the link to Hillary and Huma cuddlingI can not find it anywhere in a google search!.
+nuster rab I don't know if you've actually seen Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid... They don't exactly "[ride] off into the sunset"..
They all have to face YHWH on Judgement day. When they die their power, money and lie's will be useless. Their judgement will be final and not pretty for them..
hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha, L.M.A.O. !!!!! RUSSIA IS HITTING BULL"S EYE!!!! TJAKAAAAAAA, US government arse holes!!! KILLING your OWN people!!!! TRAITORS!!! KILL KILL KILL KILL KILL, just as in that board game, remember it's called Stratego rings a bell.
I'll bet that Alex Jones's private emails would show that even he doesn't believe the crazy stuff that he claims on his show..
They're all lies!!! Lies, I tell you!!! Oh no, not the water... IIIII I'M MELTING!!! I'M MELTING!!!. Obamas government is the most corrupt American government in history and that's saying something. .
Michelle is a transvestite, Hillary & Barry are well anything goes with those crack head pigs, ALL are guilty of high treason!! When will this madness end.
Yes indeed. Every Headline should be designed to expose the real weight behind of the story itself. People are so lazy these days. It must be heavy. Only the awake will see it as over the top. The rest will become curious. . Another damn Libertard needs to go to prison !! But we all no she will get off totally free....
so many anti-Semitic trolls on these videos lol. Feels like I'm reading propaganda crap from Nazi Germany. Please stop this whole jewish problem crap you racist retards..

This must be why the establishment is trying to start a war with Russia. Sorry Hitlery, it won't work, but enjoy your time in prison, while we try to put more charges on you that include treason (which carries the death penalty). 87% of Americans can't wait for you to get hung for treason. She's been lying and screwing people over since Arkansas and her Walmart debacle. Yes, when she was proud to announce that EVERYTHING at Walmart was "made in the USA'. A little investigation revealed that over 90% of the items being sold at Walmart were NOT from the US and a high % of clothing was produced in sweat shops in Bangladesh..
Mrs W.Bush fucked Ozzie you know who that is a real hoe. Just like Mrs Reagan and Franky baby Sarah Palain and the Black basketball player Glen Rice i think he screwed her brains out. On a different note... The American ambassador to South Korea must have struck a real threat to North Korea when he suggested they could be so much more if they moved away from their fixation with the north. I have been saying the same thing... that they should change their name to drop the "South" association with North Korea.. HITLERY RODHAM CLINTON = NWO ILLUMINATI DEMON WORHIPPER CONNIVING, LYING, MURDERING, EUGENICS SUPPORTING GENOCIDAL DARK HEART, SOON TO FALL WITH THE OTHER DARK HEARTS IN OUR GOV'TS. See rainbowabundance, Galactic Federation of Light - March 3, 2015 Good News from our Ascended Brothers and Sisters !!. Great as can be we The People are supporting InfoWars and Alex Jones and we Rock and we don't Play they want to start a Fight and a War with The American People brought over here by Jehovah God in The name of Jesus whom Inspired and Brought The Word of God Jehovah to The whole World Lets get busy Baby Jehovah comes first not selfish Greed and a Dolar.
I want to see Alex Jones's private email I bet they say " Tell Heritage and CATO I need my fucking money!! That Ellen BITCH is really exposing me.. I NEED MORE CASH to promote your agenda of Corporate control of America!!".
BY MY ALLEGIANCE TO THE FLAG O THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA I give my support to the democratic party, But not the support of the second Amendment broken in which the 2nd Amendment was made September 25, 1789 December 15, 1791 2 years 2 months 20 days with all due respect i believe MRS Clinton is innocent of all charges and is being polluted by hatred of the republican Party in which Alex Jones is hired by. If Obama is serving Isis through black mail and threats from other other people that don't relate to the Government they have imposed high rates of treason and have broken the 1st Amendment September 25, 1789 December 15, 1791 2 years 2 months 20 days I believe our Government is being hates upon and posed under scrutiny. .
Hillary emails only show what "she does or does not believe." Third party blame isn't necessarily correct. .

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January 4, 2016
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December 19, 2015
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October 28, 2015
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January 7, 2016

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December 9, 2015
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January 5, 2016
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November 6, 2015
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December 16, 2015

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November 26, 2015
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January 2, 2016
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November 20, 2015
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January 14, 2016

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December 13, 2015
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January 19, 2016
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December 15, 2015
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December 20, 2015

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January 23, 2016
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January 1, 2016
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November 16, 2015
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December 10, 2015

Comments about this video:
why Pete point to Obama alone ow yes you give a sole brief comment to maybe past elected gov.but it is just that prior presidents for so long now have reaped the constitution in usa & Obama just keeps the ever~ready bunny banging forth w/ cybals crashing of an Agenda 21 rather then One USA Prez cause it's a Global take over which folks I feel will Never Happen! So many aware and wish Mr. Pete would speak more often then fear mongering hope he does on ways people uprise beyound for good!.
Hey, but here's the GOOD NEWS: ((The Other GOOD NEWS.) We can stop funding IsraHELL. And that is just GREAT. We can stop funding the KINGDOM. We can not pay-off the UAE. Let's stop giving monies to Jordan, too. Hey; if we were to give 1/100th the amount of cash given to these pigs to Lebanon and Palestine, THEY can take-out the bastard-state and ALL of the lunatics in that region. That can be wonderful- FOR US!.

Hahahahahaha like i said ages ago. When they are done with that house negro uncle tom Obummer they will shit him out like the turd he is. Guess who is gonna help herself back into the saddle. Killary Clinton With the help of the three stooges McCain Liberman and Graham .

what after they donated millions on behalf of Obama's education they are gonna play mad at him...uhh...yeah...riggght..

well bush took down saddam after a threat to his family.. nothin like having the greatest military on earth at your disposal..

No Picture Album. They do a document dump through Russia and Snowden, that outs Obama activities that he cannot cover up, so he is removed. .

great video Pete.. you r a brave man.. if we could just get the msm to grow some balls...

Lets just hope its in a motorcade with a book depository, a grassy knoll and a bolt action rifle. I mean what would we conspiracy theory whackjobs have to talk about for the next 10 years if it wasn't ;-).
Kerry Lindsay and McCain now where have i seen those names before lmfao ohh yeh i remember was quit embarresing to them thats why jewtube banned the video for a long time kept deleting it. Lets shake handes we are here to kill you and your family Three U.S. Senators Called for Assassination of Gaddafi /watchv=3L9cOjX6la8. Hahaha. Food-stamp users RED-ALERT!! That IS Funny. But, I am sure Bibi, along with the Kingdom and EU are pretty freakin' MADD at O over his talk with Rouhani, so I am actually especting Obama will suffer one of two fates. He will either be taken OUT dead or he will be impeached (cuz Israhell groomed him and built him from whole-cloth). So, who knows> WILL Obama wake up dead That's what I posted in twitter Friday evening.. Or will he be deported to Kenya Never know til it happens..
big, big LIKE!!! Mitch-elle is the stuff of woman has size 13, she is a neph (nephilim), and it's a guy in a dress...the HORROR...all the nephs want to be's beyond the nightmare stage. Obama is a freaking porch monkey jackass. The Sauds r Jews..

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November 22, 2015
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November 18, 2015
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January 17, 2016
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December 12, 2015

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The only moderates in Syria are with the government or exiled. The extremists are foreigners supported, armed, trained, paid and recruited by the alliance that is pretending to fight them. And, there is nothing else..
Never a mention of ISRAEL on infowhores... the undisputed KING of terror... Jones has pretty much merged with the MSM, just with a ridiculous conspiracy twist always shifting attention away from the sneaky jews who control everything and blaming imaginary nazi's and illuminati germanic death cults. Way to go Jonestein you traitorous sellout bastard. I hope you and your jew wife are happy with all of your shekels from your jew sponsors. The rabbi is waiting for you at the bathhouse in Tel Aviv to show his appreciation you kosher faggot.
+Gil theJeep amen, any enemy of Israel is my enemy. I stand with the USA and it's allies. (besides turkey and qatar - they need to be dumped from NATO).
+jay show Yes I've heard him cover this and rip apart both my opinion he is pretty fair and balanced when it comes to this subject, he just has much more with the rest of the world to cover..

New president needs to give the order to start bombing Saudi Arabia and Turkey for supporting ISIS. No more supporting Israel ether they are financing ISIS..

New president Who would that be That´s the problem. As to bombing King Saud and Turkey, no problem. While you are at it, keep mowing the lawn until Putin says to stop..
+Mohammad Almtab Well, if your people are like our people, they're nothing like their elites. The elites enjoy secret perversions. Obama is obviously gay, but it's not officially accepted that he is. Bush is a member of the Bohemian Club, and those world leaders have gay orgies in the woods. If the Saudi prince has been to any of those meetings, at minimum, he witnessed gayness. And there's the possibility that he participated. One thing all the people in the world have in common is that their elite don't really represent the people, though they pretend to. The elite only care about themselves and their own kind. We are cattle to them.. Maybe Alex 'The Zionist Gate Keeper' Jones will run for president with Howard Stern in 2016..
My dogs keep dropping bombs on my front lawn, and I have to cleanup after the KAOS. I keep wondering who is funding them...Who could it be .
Looks waaay beyond cozy...more like flaming QUEER. Seems to be the trend among the NWOs puppets. Satan was the first queer fecalphiliac sodomite..
That crazy ole uncle joe. Ket the cat out of the bag. Duh, think maybe they made us their B. Gees, now wonder they banned the word Retarded. American people were not represented in your lust for to be omni importance. Your in bed with the king. .
"Developing"!!! WHAT!!! The Saudi's have been sucking D.C., London and Israel cock for DECADES!!! What a stupid headline! DUH!! You guys must be really blind to lap up Jesuit Jones' disinfo!! See what ridiculous superstition does to gray matter It makes you a blithering IMBECILE!. Saudia Arabia has a secret Jew alliances with Israel ,,, let's compare apples to oranges ,,wake the fock up USA !. Im Mexican/American and I bow to no one. fuck anyone who has a problem with me, All I know is since I was a kid my grandpa always told me dont believe anything any president had to say cuz their all liars. Im now 36yrs old and guess what, we have NEVER HAD A PRESIDENT WE CAN TRUST. thats the truth period. We are all fucked if we don't lynch these crooks outta office ASAP. The Saudis have the largest child trafficking ring on the planet! The seat of Satan is in Turkey like Gods seat is in Israel. No coincidence all 3 of these nations are in bed together! Its been fore told and people still are surprised about what happens next. READ THE BIBLE!! They are all exposed in those books or dont and go back to TV telling you the truth.. COUGH!.
+Mrquick168 who is killing 1 million innocents per year The muslims have far surpassed that number. In fact Islam is responsible for more death and destruction than the whole entire 350 years the spanish inquisition was fought..
+Geronimo Apache No dreaming here just a fact. Jews are behind every war in history for centuries which means they are responsible for more death then anyone else. They are called the seed of Satan, a Serpent people until only a century ago. WAKE UP!. The way the sand nations treat their women would suggest they have really little dicks. Just saying.. Oh, those salty Arabians! I wonder what will develop after that Great Gathering at Mecca, the Hadj, this year You can be sure that when so many thousands mill around the Harat in such close quarters, SOMEONE beginning to show symptoms of ebola will sneeze...maybe throw up. This may not be a good year for decent Muslims to fulfill that once-in-a-lifetime obligation.. You are a mother fucker mecca will succeed everything bad will do and arabians are fucking your mother bitch. 2 NmR AlShRs ..Let it go, young rebel. This is not your fight. Not to worry; when your mother is back from prison, your asshole will have a chance to heal..
Why not bomb the white supremacists America and Britain, their the ones funding and arming these radicals as well as spreading Ebola. As long as people support the US you're just giving power to the beast. Every country on the planet is almost globalist controlled except for a few hot spots where war is breaking out and the white supremacists who are the globalists are soaking up the last of the independent countries. So in essence the whole world needs to be destroyed and rebuilt under a system of justice and no one can be mistreated. ITS ALWAYS THE WHITE SUPREMACISTS.

In essence your solution to the worlds problems is worst than what you perceive as the problem.You advocate destroying the world and presumably killing all the white people,I say that makes you a maniac and a moron.I suppose the 1st thing you'll do after bearing the dead is to reinvent the wheel and discover fire so your you won't be scared of the dark..

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October 23, 2015
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October 29, 2015

Comments about this video:

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January 16, 2016

Comments about this video:

So... Russia and Iran seem to be on the same side Such a news item with no mentioning of Iran repeatedly stating it will eliminate Israel (How If the don't intend to obtain weapons of mass destruction) and with an Iranian correspondent who for sure isn't biased. Good luck with that Russia..

Israelites are not chosen by God who told u that when ever God send prophet upon them they reject it how many Jews accept Jesus only 11 and may u not know what kind of blame The Jews put upon Merry and Jesus and only 70 years of Jesus crucifiction romen king Titus destroy the temple and from that time they are struggling to build that templedo not go far what Hitler did with them they are not the chosen one they are the cursed ones because they not accept Jesus.
There is no Israelites in Israel that follows The Most High, He warned us they Israel will be destroyed and His Son Yashaya not Zeus/Hesus/Cesare Borgia will bring us back to our home Land(Amos 9:11-15). The Jewish people may not all want this war but they will be blamed for all of it. If they don't stop Netanyahu they will bear the brunt of the backlash that will happen after war has begun..
just read the Bible, Israel will never again be defeated, My prayer is that the US will remember this, I will bless those who bless you and curse those who curse you. Look at history,, can you name any nation the did not receive God's wrath and judgement when they attacked Israel To Benjamin Netanyahu.. Thank you for the courageous stand you have made, you are truly a great leader..

Screw all of them! I hate shias, zionists and thickheads like king Abdul Aziz. I would kill the Saudi King or not accept anything he throws at me. I would reclaim the Quds(Jerusalem) with Palestine. I would split the state of Israel in half! Throw all Shiite soldiers in a deserted land with thier government. Bashar Assads head would be next to Firauns body in a museum. The same with George bush and his soldiers who devastated in Iraq..
North Korea said the same thing, at last they have nuclear weapon, you still believe what Iran said for peace. To All you bastard jews and zionists! All your spies in Iran will flee our beloved land, Iran, or be hanged soon..
+mozenm your pisslam fake religion are the ones trying to guide the world with pisslam and shitria law.. the shitstain law of pisslam and the false gods of satin.. stupid bastards killing innocent people because a false prophet told them they will fuck some virgins for killing because he was too much a coward to do it himself so he writes a shitstain book and shitstain pisslam false religion from satin and his demons.. all hogwash bullshit demonic lies... you think your going to rule the world with pisslam.. how will you do that.. throw camels and queerans at people.. ha ha ha ha look who needs to be in the crazy house.. you are dementen and believe in your own bullshit rhetoric and lies .
+alpha7omega3 you didn't prove his comment zio talmudic gentile hating jews days are numbered.will your racist homocidal cock sucking rabbis or the racist hateful talmud save your sorry victim playing assesno,again you will force gentile armies to spill their blood on the threat your banker brothers in wall street and the fed will bring economic collapse on those that say no.tell the world about YOUR 400+ nukes pointed as every on the west capital city as part of the sampsom option,would a civilized god loving country seriously wipe out humanity because humanity has found out about your lies and murders throughout historyno they wouldn't,only the synagogue of satan who have been chosen by satan to destroy god's greatest creation would do such a thing and these are the creatures that inhabit palestine now not the hebrew jews,they are khazar imposters who kill anyone who ousts their lies to enough people.your days are numbered,praise be to the real 1 true god.. I don't want to see Israel attack Iran but it would help if the leaders in Iran would knock it off with this "Death to Israel" stuff. Israel right or wrong is loaded with nukes and not all tactical. Nobody wins here. Let Iran be Iran and same for Israel. .
that would be great but iran has a big hard on to control the world.. the bullshit satanic bible the queeran has them brainwashed into thinking if they start a world war and a nuclear Armageddon that their false gods will come sooner and they can forse it to happen.. they are demented cowardly demonic brainwashed bastards.. and its not the land of Israel they want.. they want to kill people.. they could care less about the land.. they have a bullshit faggots prayer of pisslam that says they are knocking on heavens gates with the skulls of jewesh people.. does that sound like they want peace.. or another passake of shit from the shitstain book that says.. look there is a jew hideing behind a tree and a rock.. quickly come and kill him... they are demented sadistic cowardly sick fucking bastard children.. peace is another lie they tell.. the shitstain bible they read orders them to deceive all who do not accept their false gods and satanic cult laws.. like the law they call the SHITRIA.. a law that inslaves man and teaches them to beat and torture women.. I think they beat torture and hate women because they can not please them in bed.. they don't know how to please a women.. so they hate them.. they would prefer to have sex with little children they call wives.. and the little boys they molest at the parties for homosexuals they call bacha bazzi.. a party where they get high on opium and heroin and have sex with boys.. and they claim to be a peacefull and holy religion.. bullshit.. its a satanic demonistic cult.

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November 13, 2015

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Who are we kidding, America would sell arms as soon as they hear the word "oil"; they dont care about human rights, all that matters is ching ching... Incase people have failed to notice, the Saudi king and Bush were very close, even held since when does America care about human right violations they are even allies with Egypt (well-known for human right violations)...the only time US "cares" is when a country refuses to bow down to them i.e. Iran . Who are we kidding, America would sell arms as soon as they hear the word "oil"; they dont care about human rights, all that matters is ching ching.

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November 27, 2015

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January 22, 2016

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January 18, 2016

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October 30, 2015

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2 goldsilverandiamonds you are so angry, you must have been affected by CHINA's growth just got FIRED recently go cry to your mama... mama..IT'S OVER !. Signing over these free trade agreements years back and exporting jobs to other countries screwed us over... Our goverment saying that it would also help our economy look at us now....
2 goldsilverandiamonds Chinese and Muslims have had a good trading relationships since before the Huns invaded...if you apply thinking and look at a map, you would see that they are world neighbors, and have never invaded each other or ever have done silly, pointless, on the west oriented shit to each other....
2 Yes China is evil it has killed up to 300 innocent prisoners a day, many for body parts the governemnt sells..or uses on the bodies to display them throughout the world. China a country where any person can be pulled of the street by police and never heard from again, that does not happen in the U.S.. China will shoot to kill young students protesting the government or bring out the tanks like in Tiananmen square where thousands were slaughtered. China has murdered over 70 million of its own. 2 ZedAlfa273 Did you forget they financed 9/11 we should have attacked them already. The only reason we didnt is the that may no longer be a factor... Oh well they may finally get whats coming to them.. Never happen Saudi arabia is the 52nd state of america right after Israel and before puerto rico and other territories.
yes and he was brilliant and intense but Schiff is also in agreement with Dr. Leeb on many crucial points today..
We are in a resource war. The free market will not prevail. After 12-7-41, FDR met with all the big car manufactures and said, "We need you to start making tanks, ships, etc...", and these manufactures replied, "Well, we'll try, but we're pretty busy making cars", to which FDR said, "You, don't understand: We're BANNING the sale of new cars. You guys are war machines now". The free market was suspended in a time of need. We need huge subsidies for wind, starting now, if we're to survive. . Solar and wind power are basically useless. Thorium LFTR technology must be explored, and quickly. The Chinese started down this road early this year. If that technology can be harnessed, it will bring in a new age for mankind. No more need to have wars to secure energy resources. No more concern about emissions. Just readily available, clean power that has a lot of other useful benefits too. Screw oil. And this is from someone in Alberta.. Do anything But dislodge the crony Dollar. They cant circulate the Worthless dollar in the global economy and when the dollar goes down, every one who uses Dollar goes bust. Damn!! So why cant all the nations just get out of the dollar and try to trade in gold or any other precious metal or even A Barter system would be Freaking cool and Safe. China is gaining up way too fast and I think its a real good thing. China should make a bold move and try to woo its partners to deal in their Currency!!. 2 helltrackrider Everything what was made by people is product of all people (who lived, live and will live). NO ONE can produce oil and other products without effort of other people (and whose lived in the past). 2 SmurfSmurf701 Last month. China is just copying the U.S. just like the rest of most Asian nations, which makes sense why invent it when you can just copy it and sell it cheaper...that is just what China has been doing and yes we have been letting China infinge on our copyrights, patents, trademarks ect. And of course China manipulates its currency to keep a competitive edge, that will change for them. But China is no longer China it is a want to be U.S.A. or U.S.A. jr. No dream world here.. Is Lauren Lyster back on the regular news God I hope so, that fake Lauren is terrible and the Asian chick is just as bad. I LOVE YOU LAUREN!!.
2 ZedAlfa273 But you forgot a country of 1.3 billion is now heavily invested in the country, once China sinks money into a country it's not going to let the USA do anything that would hurt their investment. Saudi is now owned by China, like it or not but they are now in the door!.

2 SmurfS No not better then the U.S.A.. As a matter of fact China could have fallen to the Japanese if it was not for the U.S. being willing to sacrifice the lives of our military to protect China during WWII. China would not be the 2nd largest economy if the U.S. did not make it a most favored trade nation and open our markets to a third world country that had no understanding of manufacturing and capitalism until we gave them a helping hand. China is no longer China it is U.S.A Jr., Dumbass.
2 FoxAgent60 How are we supposed to listen to Ms. Lyster with that camera-man's angles On second thought, someone give that guy a raise.. 2 Devilock79 China is a country where the death penalty is used on innocent people, China has killed up to 300 prisoners a day, many for body parts that the government sells...that is fucking sick..where do you think the bodies in motion tour gets its bodies from, innocently murdered students now plasticized and put on display throughout the world..that is a sick culture..or how about the 2 year old baby just run over by two trucks yet the Chinese people walk by unwilling to help, SICK CULTURE!.
2 sociomike true say, but still, aside that fact. They are a much friendlier country towards other countries then US and other on the west countries, agreed.
2 goldsilverandiamonds Pakistan and china are exceptionally close and the Muslim world don't have a problem with the Chinese they respect their borders and the internal affairs of other countries instead of actively overthrowing democratic nations and installing dictators in the region.
2 goldsilverandiamonds The U.S just executed a possibly innocent man, Troy Davis, and are about to execute another man accused of killing his wife and child even though the main witness recanted their testimony. The prosecution will not allow DNA evidence to be used in the appeal. You're just in denial that the U.S. is just as fucked up as China. Either that or you're just a moron..
its all part of the plan - America must be completely destabilized in ordrer to usher in the New World Order...people wil be so desperate they will demand it, not realising that their very "saviours" are the devils causing the problems in the first place. Obama, like the Bushes before him does not work for the USA the NWO is global project with a central controlling power base in Europe..
2 gn681577 Not angry just honest, something you cannot be, because your goverment will kill you if you step out of line. To bad you dont have the balls to stand up against your corrupt, murdering, evil government..
2 mohhamza Give it time China and most Muslim nations are very hostile, these two cultures will clash unlike anything you have ever witnessed...give it me...It will be a culture and religious clash. Muslims will not tolerate the abuse and murder of Chinese Muslims and their religion being destroyed in China now as we speak. China will not back down on its greedy and murderous ways. .
2 goldsilverandiamonds lol all those things i said also applies to the U.S.A. So people in the U.S.A can't be arrested under the patriot act stop blaming china for all thats wrong with the world the fact china is more popular is because it doesn't hold double standards and kill millions of foreigners face it china may not be a perfect country but as whole it is less corrupt then the united states .
2 goldsilverandiamonds NO CHINA IS China, and USA Has become China Jr. USA Killed over 1 million Iraq people in past 10 years its a fucking empire run by cooperation and self interest more then world interest. DUMB ASS.. There is no example in history to compare USA to,the land is totally stolen from indigenous massacred people,then built by slaves brought by force,using resources & knowledge plundered from other nations,then prospered by looting world's wealth through military power & economic scams,and lastly destruction & genocide of 100's of millions for domination & pleasure.If USA declared bankruptcy and paid its liabilities & compensations then its people wouldn't own a feet of land or clothes they wear...
I couldn't agree more. So many ignorant, idiotic people post crap out of anger and frustration due to a terrible economy. They should pay closer attention to Dr. Leeb..

2 goldsilverandiamonds It may keep united states stuff, but itll still be china. it copies to because its a good thing for china, they sell it cheaper, so its not to copy the usa, its to rip the usa off..
Fuck the United States of Israel - hope China buries them. Hopefully Chinese men like obese prostitutes - available in abundance in the US of Israel... CHEAP!. 2 moviematcanada But nowhere near as creative. Smart means you can take instruction and possibly learn. Creative means you create what others want learn...It is clear the child will always be the child..
hi RT AMERICA, very interesting interview. you guys are about the only true free media outlet left in the world. i think everyone that likes to keep up to date with the actual current affairs happening in the world, appreciates everything you guys achieve as a team and strive to continue to do so. keep up the good work people of RT & RT AMERICA.
2 SunnyMoon2010 World will run out of oil, hehe you underestimate china they already have a few dont need to many more,.
as long as there is oil in the earth beneath america then you are assured of its future. if we use up all our resources then we are guarenteed to become anothers bitch..

“a resource war is going on and the US is losing out to China.” China is going to be kicked out of Africa, the events in the Ivory Coast and Libya and Uganda are just the start of the neo-colonising of Africa..

well you'd be better off spending American dollars on Chinese investments because there's no doubt about it, China will become a super power nation in the near future..

You are dead wrong!!! He is not trying to sell his book but help the country understand the problems we face which are huge!! Also, his past books have been spot on in predicting rising oil, rising gold, and the dot com crash... You for one, should stop hating and actually read his books. Read his Wikipedia page and learn more about a man who cares for everyone, especially those whose lives will be destroyed if his current beliefs play out. .

By raising tariffs on imports countries around the world could protect their own industry which would help create new industry and more jobs. This in turn would reduce the exploitation of the labour force in the developing countries..

2 fonkymaster Understand this if America attacks the Saudi Arabia it will do something Muslims themselves couldn't do for 1400 years and that's unite the whole Muslim world and not to protect the Saud family....
The war is between American BANKS and Chinese BANKS. Chinese SLAVES are CHEAPER than American SLAVES. DO NOT LET them (1%) to take OUR (99% world people) resources!. U. professor of economics Belgrade says: When China builds strategic bombers new weapons nuclear missiles stockpile they will rethink USA dollar based worlds financial system THE Biggest threat to USA empire, than USA and EU will start working for China as right now China works for the whole world. The question is are they going to accept being 2nd. . white people are evil...fight wars over surprise...dummies will dead for rich white men..."Deading for Rich Whie Men".
Saudis can never ditch America..The royal family has over 6 trillion dollars in American banks they don't wanna loose...

China don't need to go to war with US, American people are doing a very good job of killing themself. .
2 quicklady Exactly the government is running TV commercials encouraging it's population to buy God & Silver and tells them why it's a good idea to liquidate any US dollars they may be holding. I've seen the commercials on YouTube they are very serious about keeping the wealth of their people in the country, so unlike our government who is stealing our wealth via the banksters.. 2 bridaks... So what will happen when you discover there is no really viable replacement for oil Mass starvation and war. Yes, she looks more gorgeous than ever, that lipstick is giving me fantasies... oh yeah...DOWN WITH OIL AND THE MILITARY INDUSTRIAL COMPLEX!!!! BOYCOTT THE SYSTEM!!!!!!!!!.
Solyndra went down because the technology is changing so rapidly that other companies were able to make solar equip. for cheaper. If after 9/11, the US would have invested all that war money ($1.3T) into wind technology, auto and building efficiency, we'd be in a lot stronger position to tell the middle east to go fuck itself. We are in a resource war currently. Peak cheap oil happened in 2006. Our economy is fucked in 10 years if we can't get off oil..

2 fedonstar "Our" is this sense of entitlement that has the entire world fucked upside down. The belief that "we" or "our" actually exists...everyone is an individual; you own your body - nothing more...material items (such as oil and other resources) are a product of your effort in life; they are not "ours" be this logic; the fish, lizards and dogs are also entitled to the oil and resources on earth..
2 TroijanSkinhead Do you look as grotesque and pathetic as you sound, Neanderthal, or is it much worse Do you also call your mother a bitch.
If Saudi Arabia take off trading oil by Dollar, That means we are in hell. Saudi market basket is Dollar. That means, Our Dollar will fall. If you travel to other country our Dollar will be shit.
2 halfzombiehalfrobot they have not achieved their goals yet and we can stop them but people have to be able to face the terrifying truth...many are not 1) global currence 2)global religeon 3) global law 4) single centralised global fake democratic parliament 5) Big brother surveillance society 6)never ending fraudulent war on get the idea.

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November 8, 2015

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December 2, 2015

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October 24, 2015

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02 April 2016

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The Dispute Resolution Review - Norton Rose Fulbright

03 April 2016. Saudi Arabia's Alternative to Photoshopping Women Out of... ( -to-photoshopping-women-out-of-ads-scribbling-all-o ver-cleavage) SEMPATAP SAS is a french... Saudi Arabia; Singapore; Sweden; Thailand;... Sempatap noflam 10 mm is made of a glass fiber nonwoven supporting material coated with...

April 29, 2016

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April 30, 2016. Saudi Arabia aims to be world’s largest renewable energy... ( Saudi Arabia: The Economist Intelligence Unit's oil, gas, electricity, coal, nuclear, renewables and alternative energy service offers in-depth analysis and forecasts

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