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December 26, 2015

Comments about this video:

Had to cut this session into 2 parts! The remainder will be up tomorrow and we'll tackle the rest of my To Do list! Sorry.

Paul, for your tinker weapons and tools, add slimeball to some (or vines. I forgot which one of the two it was.), it gives auto-repair..
+paulsoaresjr I know it's moss, but I don't remember if it uses like a moss item, vine or slime ball for the auto-repair.. And I thought it did work on every weapon/tool in tinker's construct. Then again, I don't play huge mod packs, nor look into big mods like that..

+paulsoaresjr moss does work on everything BUT you have limit to how many modifiers you can put on a tool (3) you can add another modifier if you put it in the tool forge with a gold block and a diamond .

Also, everything is blank that was signed, seems to me a flim-flammer could use such a book, over and over and over again, for anything they wanted....

I think a little aquarium could be awesome in almost ANY base! Also: monkeys, iguanas, and maybe dino eggs!.

ChimneySwift The Not So Friendly Witch will unleash his full WRATH on you and Generik now so be carefull .

You and generik both look more like pharmacists than evil scientists (congrats if you get the reference).
I... want to know what that contract said. Edit: And you just read that for us after I post this. I should really wait before I post :P Edit2: I wonder how you killing fish in fish form would have looked to someone else... I saw chim's video, and fell off my chair laughing. I'm really looking forward to seeing him get back at you.
I have a suggestion Paul! I know Necromancy has been a lot of fun, but there's another mod that adds minions. Press z to "commit to evil" in the game, and make sure you have plenty of experience when you do it. After several attempts, you'll get a cool staff to spawn and control your own minions! They're great for digging holes or branch mining..

Please please please ask Etho to show you water mechanics, I have no more hair to pull out now lol. You only need two buckets to fill anything of any size, and you dont need to refill them from another source, just always put the first two down one block apart and the middle one is an infinite water source. You CAN fill in every layer very easily just placing water every other block along the edges, no running water needed. You can empty a bucked of water into an existing water block. You dont need to dig a hole to put it in. .
Try chiseling the glowstone, Paul! You can get some really nice, smooth textures, and they still give off light!. There`s a way to fix your ancient sword, when you fix it, the sword usable and is really good. you need a workbench and paper to make the worktable after that put the sword in and feed it a lot of relics in the worktable for it to repair.
You know that ancient sword you have in the display case there is a way to turn it into an AWSOME sword here are the steps. 1: take a normal workbench and put a paper stack over it in your crafting grid. 2:go int your new crafting table you will see 3 boxes 2 on top 1 on bottom. 3:put your broken sword in the 1st top box and put tons of relics in the bottom box then come back later to your AWSOME sword. I suggest you using it outside and stand back another thing don't use it in the woods I will leave you to experiment with that. ;) from your biggest fan.
They have a mad scientist/ pharmacist clothing store in the mall on Phineas & Ferb on Disney channel..
Paul, you can empty the bucket of water into the water rather than digging a hole and covering it in sand. Also, when you have 3+ water source blocks in a row you can take the middle one to fill up your bucket rather than having to go back to the spring again. But I guess you've filled the tank now so is doesn't matter.
Have you thought about killing a baby hamster yet You have a smaller hit box and you can make tiny, hamster holes using that one mod, micro blocks (I forget what it's called). So you can have a tiny entrance to your secret lab that you can only enter (well until someone else does it as well, but I have told everybody and not single one of them has done it so far, so your good). The only down side is that you have to wait for the morph mod to change you into the hamster and the fact you have to end a baby hamster's life. Huge upside, Chimneyswift won't kill hamsters so if you are disguise as one, you should be good.. +Megacupcake Lelivelt ▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬ஜ۩۞۩ஜ▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬ They are basically an entirely different species, they do not grow into brooders. ▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬ஜ۩۞۩ஜ▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬.
You should put a drink maker in the tank! It would look so cool... But don't let the fish drink....

Hey Paul make the night vision potions into splash then you and whoevers coming with you ( already forgot who) can stand next to each other and throw it down at the ground and it will give both of you night vision!.
Paul, I dont think that that fish popped out of the coral. During the video I noticed that there was a fish that was glitching out in the sand. So when you placed the coral near it, it probably got un-glitched and got out of the sand block..
Last episode you wanted to heal Ziggy. you would have to that with a spash potion of poision instead of a regen potion because Zig is undead and potion effects are reversed on undead things. Just use a fermented spider eye on the potions. Hope this helps!.

Duplicate arogog chimnypoo is scared you have more use it For your advantage the boss chim is a smelly witch was a giant Black skeleton that gives you a key I watch his videos ill keep you posted but won't spoil it if he dose something he he he it Has all ready started .

the elevators are used by using the space bar to go up and the shift key to go down. unfortunatly, last i checked, they take away your XP (not sure if it has been fixed, anyone know).

kk, i'm watching chim's videos to learn a few things about the mod pack and also to see another point of view and i'm currently just on episode 19 of his where it's not fixed yet..

20:47 he said "I need to kill a Nemo" I heard "I need to kill a emo".
I so love watching you Paul, even with vanilla MC I still get so many ideas on new ways to play and build things. Adore this series and have been in the hospital with another heart issue so this cheered me up TONS!!! Any chance you will take a look at Sky Factory too.
you know,in this modpack chim can change your biome into a witches biome very quickly using circle magic..

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December 19, 2015
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January 1, 2016
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December 28, 2015
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December 31, 2015

Comments about this video:
Don't click Read more ░░░░░░▄▀▒▒▒▒░░░░▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▒█ ░░░░░█▒▒▒▒░░░░▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▒█ ░░░░█▒▒▄▀▀▀▀▀▄▄▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▄▄▀▀▀▀▀▀▄ ░░▄▀▒▒▒▄█████▄▒█▒▒▒▒▒▒▒█▒▄█████▄▒█ ░█▒▒▒▒▐██▄████▌▒█▒▒▒▒▒█▒▐██▄████▌▒█ ▀▒▒▒▒▒▒▀█████▀▒▒█▒░▄▒▄█▒▒▀█████▀▒▒▒█ You are a rebel, i like you. Why does Rick Ross's fat ass have to ruin every song he is featured on He is literally garbage a rapping and he has man double D's..
i grow up listenin to usher.chris brown in my set but i still think usher is more a better singer and chris a better dancer.
Grils would either pick Chris Brown or Usher. I've never seen one pick Rick Ross. He's got 2 tickets for the ball game; one for his left butt cheek and the other for his right..
+DrakeFanOVO drizzy Breezy...lmfao A Flake fan,oops i mean A Fake fan.damn I mean A Drake fan or as you would say A Dreezy fan...lmfao, That fake Nigga wannabe/ Jews lyrics and flow are as soft as a Jelly sandwich...smh.

Chris Brown is the best !!!!! Now many singers are using (AUTHENTIC HITS dot COM) to get billion of views.

I think cb is better at being r and b-like, but Usher is way better at being aggresive and party like.
+N.A K Lol, ya got me. But i thought ushers main love songs came from 2009 or whenever that one album came out. Guess not. Btw, kiss kiss is quite possibly my favorite song ever, so thats probably why i choose cb over usher.
usher is the shit! if just 1 verse in a song or one cameo in a vid or 1 line in a movie ya cant go worng its usher.

I could watch this video all over and over again. One of the best Music Video's of Chris Brown! I super love it! the upbeat is so catchy!.
Both Chris and Usher did a lame ass job with this awesome instrumental. The few lyrics that are in this track,are shit. A line isn't a line here, but three words sung longer in order to cover the part. Rick is more disgusting than ever, with his "flow" gettin worse everyday ( I expect him to have that heart attack any day now). So yeah..try again boys, but next time try not to suck this hard. For those who believe that 172 million hits make this track good, keep in mind that those people who listen to this shit are stupid little kids that would listen to anything you give them..
For those of you who are confused about what Rick Ross says he says Yogi Berra as in the baseball player.
Dear 2 Chris Please do a Coast 2 coast club remix feat all top notch hip hop artist and all R&B artist from ATL and From where your from T-Town Virginia.
I don't know why but everytime they mention "New Flame", I just imagine Usher singing in a glass box, spinning around emotionally... wHY ThE FaHK.

™Team Lee Lucas™ #NoFilter #NoFilter #SheDontNeedNoFilter #NawNaw #ladiesHeartLeeLucas™

I have a great day and night, I am not sure how I can get away her husband. The There There's nothing wrong with that, and a. sidebar I 5th. We have.

Who else forgets that Rick Ross is in this song I normally do because of the fact that you have Chris Brown and Usher in ONE video..

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December 20, 2015
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December 22, 2015
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December 29, 2015
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December 30, 2015

Comments about this video:
2 AR12Gaming I found a glitch, with no video help, just out of the blue. And its a brand new glitch. In forza horizon 2 where you go out the map up near Montellino. And you can explore the sandbeds in and by the lake and go up stream and go on the hill with out failling into the void. Like this comment so everyone could possibly see how to have fun out of the map offroading! G'bye.
Nick you are the best YouTube and before I started to watch you I barley knew what a r34 was and now I have learnt so much thank you Ps keep it up!.
Dont try always to make a fast car, make a challenge like you need to spend 15k to build the slowest car . i cant find the outro song,can somebody help i searched for Contagious - Ghost Fortress,but every video is AR's .
You should do a challenge where you do like a tag team thing. Like have teams so for example the teams could be Marco and willy vs you and Raymond have you and willy start at one outpost and race to the other outpost then once willy passes the outpost Marco races to the original outpost and the same for you and Raymond I think this could be a good idea.
+Lucas Kroon I never did like the racing line. I don't get why some people like it so much, and apparently the hardcore forza fans who join online sessions bitch and complain when the driving line is forced off. Is it really that hard to drive without it, if you pay attention to the map and learn when to brake without the game telling you, you wouldn't need a line to tell you how to drive..
you guys should include challenges like 0-100 and back to 0 the quickest.. you could also do breaking distances and see who could stop quickest or in the shortest distance from a set speed..
so marco's near stock car managed to beat 3 fully tuned cars to the waypoint and back before the others hit any if them. Marco, I salute you. I liked Marco's SW20 a lot too. I'd buy it. Also, I think he was fastest because he wasn't complaining about his car half the trip. (other than when he forgot to shift). That last challenge was really great to watch actually. Somehow reminded me of Top Gear challenges. Could you do more of those Whereby one person or maybe two have slower cars but shorter distances to travel, or some people can't go off road etc. Just realised Nick is driving the original KIT car out of Night rider FML i loved that show and didn't even notice.... Dear Nick, I was thinking of getting either an Xbox One or a PS4. Which would you recommend me to get. Hi AR12Gaming! I really like your videos! You really motivate me to start my own channel! If you guys want to see some awesome gameplay, go checkout my channel! It means a lot to me guys! Thanks. +AR12Gaming +AR12Gaming gday i was just wondering what the music that you use at the end of your videos is called thanks. God you guys are terrible drivers, just slow down and stay on the road. Flooring the accelerator constantly is not the best way, believe it or not..

Matula herbal shops in africa - Buy Products In Best Vito...

December 27, 2015
Matula herbal shops in africa - X-Fusion Medium Brown 25 gram: Beauty. Best Vito - are open online for your favorite herbal medicine for order the best in... i9
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December 23, 2015
Pharmacy that sell fertilaid - Anyone heard of FertilAid? - BabyCenter. Best Vito - are open online for your favorite herbal medicine for order the best in herbal... i10
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December 21, 2015
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January 2, 2016

Comments about this video:

You can't expect to be the fastest up the hill if you're using 2nd gear with 1st gear speeds.. with 1st gear you'll get more power and climb better..

I've been watching your guys' videos nonstop lately; I'm glad there's someone making videos of Horizon!.
Hey nick!😃 I really like what you are doing with your videos and they make my day. I would really like to play with you sometime. Keep up the good work!.
Hey since u like racing games why not f1 I know u could go screaming cause it's a hard game but try it you will like it .
Hey Nick! Nice video once again! I'm getting my hands on Forza Horizon 2 as well on next week's Saturday so I was thinking is it possible to play online with you. Hey AR12 gaming, I just wanted to let you know that there is a game called Project Cars that is coming out very soon. If possible, I was wondering if you can do some kind of reveiw on it when it comes out or when you make another video soon if you can mention the game. From the trailer it looked pretty cool. So please try your best to respond or to talk about this new game coming out. thank you so much. From, A.J. Eisenberg (Btw I'm a thirteen year old car fanatic. I love cars).
Hey nick, build a beetle jelly build. I did one in Forza 5, and the front tires lift up. It also is nearly indrivable, and it bounces everytime you shift.
the car, willy was driving and the beginning, that orange turd is literally 150 euros or 170 u.s.dollars in my country... It's called a Ficho..
the MR2 is a good car for a low class build its fast enough and has good handling i love it as do i the new 944 T.
I love how it changes cameras every 3 or 4 seconds, it really keeps me on the edge of my seat guessing what the fuck is going on.. Nick can you do me a favor I don't actually have xbox live so I can't download paint designs but I really want to make the need for speed edition of the Agera. Can you make a video for the decal layout plz!. I would really like to know where the outro song came from. I've looked everywhere for it and cannot find it. Really appreciate it. . Nick you should have down-shifted on the mountain and willy should have shifted in the drag race, so the points are not distributed well...
mr2 aka the oh shit there is a corner I need to slow down! slams on breaks and makes a sharp left and then the car spins out into a wall.

+Animus CycloneSwords So true. Even though she might not be the fastest or coolest. I love her! I got some pictures on my G+ page if you're wondering what Sue looks like :3 To bad she never really made it to the aftermarket.

Feel like I could destroy u in a race because ur vehicle choice and way u drive (note not hate mail ur video's are fun to watch just a little trash talk ) ;).

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December 24, 2015
Pharmacy that sell fertilaid - Anyone heard of FertilAid? - BabyCenter. Best Vito - are open online for your favorite herbal medicine for order the best in herbal... i13
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October 25, 2015

Comments about this video:
I honestly don't see why Trish gets so much hate. Her amount of self confidence is inspirational. She seems so sweet and is to die for gorgeous. Sure she wears a lot of makeup but even without it she is soooo pretty. .
Are you serious They look horrendous and make her hands look short fingered, square and pudgy - in fact I was wondering if she's afflicted with dwarfism. .

i love trish with the more natural makeup! she looks gorgeous all done up too but she looks great with this kind too :).
There is a reason why they are so cheap. It's cause their workers in 3rd world countries get paid less then a cent per hour to make these products. Noting against Trish I just want this to be made known so we can stop supporting these companies that treat their workers like slaves, like non humans..
You look so happy and healthy in this video. Not that you normally don't look happy and healthy it's just something about this video that stands out. Your skin is literally glowing in my opinion. And you just seem so happy which is a Benefit to your health so that's probably why you look so healthy in this video. I love you Trisha keep making videos forever .
I registered and then I read reviews and I'm now scared my info will get stolen anyone know how to delete my account thanks please help.
What camera do you use or anyone answer me lol I seriously want to start a Chanel and want this one thanx☺️.
+nikole agaton hi! i don't know what camera she uses but most professional you tubers you Canon DSLR cameras. mine is the Canon 700D. editing software that very popular you tubers is called Final Cut Pro, but you can also use iMovie or Sony Vegas. hope i helped!. +Mellie Wellie I'm interested in getting clothes from the site. Do the dresses, tops, bottoms, etc run small or are they accurate sizes And also, are the items actually good quality and long lasting Do they shrink. +Faith Lapri They are Chinese sizes so if you order any tops there you should get 1 size bigger than your size here but I don't know about the bottoms. +Lila O'Neil I think what makes her look Better, not meaning this rudely. But when she's Covering her chest Up. it makes Her seems Slimmer. And More Beautiful!. +VUSTAH basically the same as how much your paying. depends where you live and what it is. I was going to by 50$ worth products, shippin was 57$ lol um . I tried to go to it 4 times using different search engines & my computer wouldn't let me go there. Must be sketch.. +MsCerise007 no its not sketchy. its tons of traffic if you read your page. i got in after 3 tries. keep trying. because trish put the links everyones going over there..
Just because it's cheap doesn't mean you should buy it. You are still wasting money. The part about the ear buds just kinda annoyed me. "literally so cheap you could just throw them away" why not invest in something with good quality so you wouldn't have to toss them out.. Makes no sense. :/.
Actually in the video Trisha said the reason she bought super cheap headphones was because she constantly loses them. She probably isn't going to invest in something of good quality if she knows she's just going to misplace it..
She's a hoarder of material things, I'm sure she scorers the internet hours out of the day looking for them..

+Dragongrave6969 Excuse you, the clothes you wear doesn't define who you are or what you do. No one is any worse for choosing to show more skin, and you're not any better for slut shaming behind a screen..

Dresslink scammed me. I ordered from them and they NEVER shipped it, they just took my money. They wont answer their emails and I've seen so many reviews on other people being scammed by them. WOULD NOT RECOMMEND. .
Dress link was fine for me! I ordered 3 things and got them with in 3 weeks! One of the items wasn't the right size but I talked to them through email and they were great and even gave a discount!!. +Rachel Stephanie I finally did go to the site & was a little worried but I did get some nice stuff. I just don't order clothes from China sites but I have ordered a lot of purses from different China sites & all of the purses & wallets are really well made & cheap..
I really REALLY want the nail stuff to do myself but I'm 12 I can't buy anything online and my mom doesn't like online shopping but how much did It all come out to .

what is the quality of the brushes are they comparable to any certain brand im a sucker for brushes too... .
She said they were really soft when she was talking about the individual brushes she got if that helps :).
Her shipping price must have been way over $40 For 4 items iv'e just sent to check out in the UK it was £20 for shipping .

Shipping to the us is 14.53 with tracking via china post. I've had a lot of ebay items come via that method without issues. That really isn't bad for international shipping..
Yeah bunny has the Black Milk stuff because they sent it to her... It's so sad they cost so much. Us cheap girls have to stick with the dupes. (I'm a swamp family member I'm award bunny is thrifty) . Want a flawless look like this, but with cheap and affordable products Visit my channel, showing products you can use!. you have to have a UV lamp to use gel nails. she said she wanted to try doing gel nails at home, thus you need a UV lamp. They also dry nails super fast..
Trish where is your shirt from I love those kind of shorts-actually I'm obsessed with them You look pretty in this video! .
she mentioned it toward the end that it was actually a dress, and it is from the website she bought everything else from! :).
Hey trish do you pay with your PayPal or your credit card I'm wanting to shop on this site and I'm just looking for some direction on which way I should pay :) love ya .

How come on that website it says that swimsuit only comes in one size, were you able or anyone else able to choose a size or if anyone has gotten one of those swimsuits, how does it fit Im scared to buy it cause I don't want to get scammed..
+Kaycee James I ended up finding them on eBay too, though they all still come from China lol I'm tempted to order one from Amazon just to test out the size.
either way $12 isn't bad so if it doesn't fit at least its not that much money wasted, I ordered one but it's not going to get to me till May 20th at the soonest, it's gunna torture me waiting that longX).
For those who can't get into the site its because there is ton of traffic, keep trying. i got in. try any of the links then put in what ur looking for in the search bar. easy.. Tried for over an hour- sent an email to the company complaining they need to fix it. I gave up! :-(. I bought stuff off this website because I trusted Trisha's review and they really are legit and cheap. I actually have a video about some stuff i bought from them on my channel. Go check it out :).
It's not working for anyone. I sent a message to the company. Hopefully other people did too and they will fix it soon.
I ordered from a website like this place called AliExpress, and my card information was stolen and someone tried charging over 10k to my account and my bank saw that it was fraud. That's why it's so cheap to by from overseas, they scam the hell out of you. DO NOT BUY FROM COMPANIES LIKE THIS. Trish, check your billing statements constantly. .
I actually ordered something from aliexpress a while ago and it was a knock off of Jeffrey Campbell litas but they wer only lik $50, they are absolutely amazing quality and perfect and I didn't get scammed. But then again the person who was selling them owned a store and was selling them from their store on aliexpress. Maybe you just bought from a bad seller:/.
+Jessica Espar I have ordered about 20 things from AliExpress and have had no problem whatsoever. You have to buy only with reliable sellers who have good ratings and reviews. You most likely got something from a shady seller.. So obvious that she got paid to sponsor these products. Not that it is a bad thing. She gets her nails done, why would she buy a uv lamp.. Question 1: how long was the shipping Question 2: was the site sketchy and did it leave a possible virus on your laptop Question 3: did anything come broken and how good is the quality of the brushes/nail art and DIY products Thanks! Anyone can answer this if you have ordered from this site before . hi, i ordered but its not come yet- Its going to take 19 working days. I had a bad experience buying and didn't get a confirmation email, wouldn't recommend .
Yes. I had 3 small items in my cart and it was $37 for shipping. The shipping prices kind of defeat the purpose of buying items really cheap, no point. There are other China sites that have a lot cheaper shipping or ebay..
+Dragongrave6969 Do you have nothing better to do with your life Is it really for filling to put your two sense in I didn't ask for your opinion, I was simply stating mine. Now, if you want to comment separately, all the power to you. Although I don't know where you think you get the right to call people idiots or put people down but if it makes you feel good, go right ahed. On a side note, I wasn't referring to her beautiful and expensive TITS I was referring to her make up. . Website won't load but I'll try again later. Sounds like great deals (: I have this one place I go to that reminds me of this. I get these really pretty hair bows and lots of like cool asian nail art stuff there and everything is a dollar. Loves it! :D.
No it's not ! I've ordered stuff from them as well and I was really happy with the service.

The shipping for me is only $5. I live in the us but there are 6 different shipping options. You don't have too choose the fastest or most expensive one. Their things on the website are cute & cheap though! .

I love you Trisha!! You bring a smile to my face every time I watch one of your videos especially your vlogs!! I'm so happy to be the 85th viewer! YAYA! I love you soo sooo so much!!! .

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November 14, 2015
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December 10, 2015
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Male Size Enlargement - Jan 23, 2016

January 15, 2016
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November 16, 2015

Comments about this video:

Nobodies gonna buy any of this cheap shit you hawk since you outed yourself as a pathological liar. No ones going to take your opinion seriously. Dat failed sponsorship thooo.
+brockiebabesmomma around 18 minutes she starts talking about it. Many of us already knew about her being a pathological liar. She probably buys herself flowers and candy and has it delivered to her house.
That website is a scammer site. First time Trisha ever mentioned it I went and ordered a bunch of makeup brushes. My computer warned me with a pop up but my dumb ass ordered anyway and my disability debit card was used and my account wiped out. Just BE CAREFUL!!! I won't ever go on CND again!.
+Patron Saint of Fashion yeah I eventually got it all straightened out but it took a long ass time! I only get paid through disability once a month so it was a hard hit to take. +Abigail Torres I'm glad! I just want to give everyone a heads up just in case so they don't get screwed like I did. It's a phishing site so not every person will get stolen from but it's not as safe as say Amazon or wal mart .
Trisha, I know you don't owe us anything or is obligated to explain yourself to us, but please could you maybe give us some reason for what you said in Shane's podcast It's just the fact that now when I watch your videos, I wanna just enjoy it like always but I can't help but wonder if it's a genuine video or all an act.:( again I know you don't owe it to us but it would be greatly appreciated...

I agree with the comments concerning what you said on Shane's podcast..I adore you and your channel Trish, but now when I watch your vlogs and videos I cant enjoy them because of what you said about having a "fake youtube life/persona" and saying that you lie to all of us about your boyfriends and other things.. Please can you talk about what you meant :( .
She's stopped doing that a long time ago when her main channel was mostly trolling gotta admit though A LOT of youtubers do it without us knowing....
who cares if what she says is real or fake.. shes interesting to watch and follow.. youtube is like tv.. how much stuff on tv is real... a very small percentage of it (:.

You can get the same shit on ebay for the same price or lower. I will NOT shop there, I heard really bad things about this site..
+Haile G I bet you could've got the same dress on ebay for less and your right size, material, and yes sometimes the color is off but on ebay they WARN you about it. I've been to that site and I was going to buy stuff that I seen on ebay, but then I realized, it might have been a scam. Some people have better experience. They are chinese so they might have loopholes in how they get away with that stuff. But yeah, just try ebay. I've purchased sweaters, makeup (mac and Bh cosmetics) etc. from there. I haven't had a problem and it's all either from Hong Kong, china, or gh...well something like that. Yes, the material for shoes is a bit less quality but as long as you take care of it, should be fine. you barely edit, and you dont even do try on hauls, dont complain this takes alot of energy out of you to get paid hundreds just to sit in your living room, holding clothes you brought..
+Genesis Canales No we will not. Not until Trasha addresses it to everyone's liking! If she is truly a fake, then her subscribers need to know the truth!.

I would definitely shop at your own risk. I had a very bad experience with this company. I didn't get things I ordered and they only want to refund me instead of actually ship it to me and they do not refund shipping. and 2 other items I got were completely ripped in more than one area. I was VERY disappointed with the items and how they were made and most of all the customer service I am still dealing with..

+Kirsten Friis where I'm from.. Fall lasted a day.. Not even kidding Wind right now is something like 80-100 miles /hour right now.
Y'all are stupid. YES Trisha herself described her youtube life as fake and DIFFERENT from her personal life on Shane's podcast so no one can really tell if she's being real or fake from now on. Really fucking disappointing Trisha! I thought you only do 'trolling videos' but apparently, even the videos on your so-called 'Trisha's Life' channel is fake! Before y'all disagree, I highly suggest you listen to the podcast first! She basically cleared the fact that her youtube life 'aka' trisha's life' as seen on youtube is a big fat lie. Ok, i know this is going to sound mean but you can definitely tell when an artist does her makeup for her, and when she does it herself. that eyeliner... 0.o . She does her own makeup. It's the morning, I guess she did something quick to look presentable for the video. Plus she doesn't have her eyelashes on..
+Rachelle W There's nothing wrong with Trisha's make-up. Personally, I think her eyeliner looks amazing. .

Sad that you're whoring out a scam site to your young viewers. Do you have any conscious at all Need those dimes that much. .
Have you even ordered from that website It's not a scam. I've used my card and paypal several times to pay for my orders and have never had a problem..
what the hell no they don't not when I ordered. and I would never give out my SSN to a Chinese clothing company lmao.
Its SO fricking funny that all the meanest comments come from people with no profile pictures. Atleast she is brave enough to try it on. .
+cristy solis why do you say in denial people can be aware of their size and still continue to be the same size.. lol youre statement means little to no sense at all.. .

This is not meant to be hate in anyway, but everyone (and Trisha) should not be supporting companies like this. The reason a normally $300 dollar jacket can be sold for $10 on this site is because of the poor conditions the workers in the sweat shops they are made in are being put through, with low pay and other things. I don't understand why someone who can clearly afford to pay a little more to avoid companies with these factory standards wouldn't, just to help put an end to sweat shops..
yes it's a sweatshop. but it's a completely different coat than the 300 dollar coat. but what people don't realize is the 300 dollar coat is also made in a sweatshop..
there are so many american companies that use sweatshops too. to avoid buying from a company that doesn't use sweatshops would be really hard unfortunately. .
How about you do a look book and actually showcase how you'll style all these different types of clothing that you love lol.
How can you sit down and motherfucking lie to a camera and think it's ok to post to your million subscribers how actually loved you. :( .

You're delusional if you think there is even just ONE popular youtuber out there who doesn't "lie" to make their videos more interesting. Lemme guess, you also think Keeping up with the Kardashian is real You are way too emotionally invested in Trish's life and need to get a life of your own. Watch Trish's videos for what they are meant to be: entertainment. She's not your best friend or your sister or your mom, etc. She's an entertainer..
I absolutely love the holidays, but it's very difficult to stay happy in this time especially at my father's. when my uncle was sixteen he died in a car crash and it was in November and honestly the holidays suck at my dad's. I try so hard to bring up the spirits but you can hear all of us cry from the day of his death to January first every night. but your videos honestly lift my spirits from a zero to a ten for even ten minutes. so God bless you trisha and thank you. . My uncle passed away in 2010 around August, the day after my cousins birthday. Now, especially around Thanksgiving and Christmas, that side of the family isn't as happy or joyful around the holidays anymore. I totally get where your coming from: its really difficult around the holidays when a loved one passes away. I hope everything works out for you and your family, and that one day you can enjoy the holidays once again..
I placed so many orders and have not received one! And its been more than a MONTH! These companies are horrible. They just tell you to wait.. And wait...

always order through pay pal and never wait longer than 45 days. that's the cut off when pay pal won't give you a refund anymore.
+mydaughtermyworld I believe they have similar clothing but run by different owners/distributors.
love you +blndsundoll4mj ! I seriously think you look absolutely GORGEOUS just like this! I would LOVE to be your gay best friend, seriously! You seem like so much fun and just are a positive, all-around funny person! You get me through some tough days! Love you!!.

The thing in her hair I think it was lint from the fuzzy sweater thing but I saw it too. I couldn't focus on anything else lol.
+Rage1andlove omg me too i kept hoping it went away and it kinda hid then came back.. it was exciting. When you do hauls you should show the clothes on, on camera so people can see what it looks like better.. Trish, you were the whole reason I got hooked on youtube videos. Alot of the things you would say and do reminds me of some of the goofy crazy things me and my friends used to do and say when we were younger. But now since you made that whole podcast about evrything being fake it really hurt me and alot of other youtubers that probably felt the same way. If you had enough guts to come out and say your youtube life is basically fake, then you should have enough guts to at least explain yourself to the millions of people who watch you instead of hiding behind your camera. Maybe this is why you dont have any real friends in real life...or was that fake too .
Do you believe tv shows are real as well This doesn't mean you shouldn't like her, she's entertaining & funny, but she's doing her job.
the quality is mostly terrible. it's cheaply made Chinese goods from a sweatshop. I ordered from them once and one of the things I got was fucked up. the image on the leggings was all pixelated..
What's going on ppl She lied about what What did she say about shane Explain to me pls..anyone .

Here it is... Starting around 18:10 or so. .
I'm subscribing to everyone who subs to my channel and comments "done" Also looking for small youtuber support so if anyone wants to collab comment as well.. Staph being rude. Everyone has to get a start somehow. A lot of youtubers do it these days just ignore it and move on.
LLbean is an expensive coat place i got one of there coats at a thrift store for about 20$ and it selled for (at the LLbean website) around 100$.
Trisha your make up is so so pretty this way you look so beautiful like this instead of really big lashes and huge lips. Also your hair looks so pretty idk you had one video where your hair was really poofy and your bangs where puffy it did not look good you look so pretty on this video .

just started my channel a couple months ago! it's fashion, beauty, social issues and any other random thing.

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Comments about this video:
+joelle gillespie You can feed a kid breast milk for as long as you want! It is so much better for them than dairy milk.. I feel for the guy. Imagine you're marrying a perfectly healthy woman and have a baby with her, and suddenly she turns all out apeshit on your ass. Bummer for a lifetime..
+Fire And Water It's actually really good for kids to still be drinking breast milk after the baby ages. Dairy is really not meant for us but a mothers breast milk is definitely great for a childs growth and development..
A lot of people actually. Lots of breastfeeding mothers with a surplus of milk will either donate it to a milk bank or give it to another woman who needs it.. I was searching for some funny the hell is this funny...If I was living with that person I'd move out INSTANTLY. I've heard of cheap...but this is Mr. Krabs level of Cheapness... BULL to the SHIT, SPEND MORE MONEY!...Money can't be so tight that you have to use old shirts as your CHILDS DIAPERS!...Seriously people, I know that shit can be hard to get but you have to draw the line SOMEWHERE.. What we just observed is the rare Jewish Asian from the west part of India the cheapest creature on the fucking planet. +Derek Jing yeah but it's a pretty damned educated assumption, seeing as 90% of the time that's the case, because most the people who play Fallout 4 think that it's the best fallout, and are too young/ignorant to touch the older games. SHE'S DRINKING HUMAN BREAST MILK AT LIKE 3.. YALL DRINKING BREAST MILK FROM ANOTHER SPECIES AT 19 YALL ALL TO OLD FOR MILK.
Also, why get milk from other people There's a section in Kroger that has a refrigerator. And in that refrigerator there is milk. BUY THE FUCKING MILK THERE!!!.
when you stop producing breastmilk, its time to stop breastfeeding, not run around scamming it from OTHER PEOPLE. that poor kid- broken lost toys and second hand breastmilk. I shuddered just watching her handle those baggies and saying "moist towelettes " isn't this the woman who bought lingerie second hand.
Excuse me deer mam may I ask you, when the titty has no juice does it turn into old granny's tits and very dry and wrinkly Or am I mistaken.

omg that descusting that she uses other breast milk and the people giving breast milk are messed up too..

Honestly she's just the life hacks queen, minus the gas station changing table lol thats just disgusting..
changing table from the gas station -.- omg that little girl she already be learning how to use the bathroom ;-;.
1:48-1:53 A new mom doesn't have to buy a changung table im mexican and we put babies on the bed or the floor to change their diapers.
that's disgusting she shouldn't be drinking anyone else s breast milk and plus she's to old for breast milk. One day I'm going to buy a baby toy and wipe my ass with it and leave it in that park so she can take it!!!. Probably squatters in the house and for the furniture you know she went dumpster diving or waited for her neighbors to move and ask if theyre throwing anything out. *or take it off the moving truck.. There's a difference between cheap because ur poor and retarded. Look at her fancy ass clothes and nice house.
OMG! I feel so bad for the daughter and husband. She reuses dirty towelettes and got a changing table from a gas station. Eeeewwww.

Hahahaha. Why are all the weirdest stories on this tlc channel mostly women The fucks up with y'all.
Imagine the cheapskate's daughter going to school with one of the people who gave her milk's child lol that'd be awkward between them xD. +Taylor McKnight its all opinionated. seems to me that her child is live and well. and she saves money. so let me get this straight. She just goes up to a friend of hers and asks"hey could I get some milk from your boobs". This worlds getting weirder and weirder. is she crazy feeding her baby other people's breast milk! HIV can be transmitted through breast milk..

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Comments about this video:
Like this if you thing Trisha should go to her nature color... I think she'd rock being a brunette! . Then next time don't assume I'm attacking someone when I actually enjoy watching their videos. . I ordered stuff from dresslink and its cute on the website and its not pricey at all but it takes literally 2 months for the stuff to come in and the products are so cheaply made and they look so bad on! I ordered sandals from them and they immediately fell apart. It's not worth it AT ALL!.
I know this is an old video but I just want to say I love your personality. Every time I watch your videos you make me smile or laugh sometimes both. Love ya!!!! 💋💋💋💋💋.
i love all of your videos trishy!! i would love it if you could check out my new beauty vids! i upload every 2-3 days! xxxx.
God. I know! I was so mad to see how excited I was at the amazing deals, and then the shipping killed me..
are you from michigan ive never seen any of your videos before this one so maybe youve said so but im asking because of the way you pronounce bag.. You should check out Sammy Dress. While it takes FOREVER for everything to come it's so worth it because there is such cute stuff. Omg I know I just order the cutest shoes from there like a month ago and they just came in a few days ago, but I still love them..
DO YOU FUCK KNOW OTHER WORD THEN "SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO"! You are SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO impossible to stand. Jessus! REALLY! You look so stupid and with poor vocabulary. And 8 out of 10 words is O MY GOSH! So annoing!.
I actually had a very bad experience with dresslink! I ordered two pairs of leggings, a cardigan, and a dress, and only paid something like 15 dollars, which I was incredibly excited about. I didn't pay for faster shipping, which maybe I should have because it took two and a half months to get my order. And when I got it, the dress I'd bought and ordered was not there. I attempted to contact the company multiple times to see if the dress was going to ship at a later date, or if it was simply out of stock so I could get a refund. I was never successful in contacting the company. This all happened about eight months ago, and just last weekend I got an email stating the dress was out of stock, but no information about how I can possibly get refunded for my purchase. I personally think the whole site is just too good to be true, and I'll never waste my money there again..
I've ordered tons of things from dresslink. Everything was SO cheaply made. You think you're getting a deal but half the stuff looks so cheap you can't even use it, and what you can use will most likely fall apart after one wash. Just buy American made things with a higher price. It's worth the splurge for durable, wearable things..
Haha i doubt any of the things she buys are affordable except make-up and even that is expensive Trish is a spender lol .
You look so cute in that outfit!!!!!! :) #adorabel.

has anyone ordered from dress link I want to buy from there but I'm afraid since it's so cheap that maybe it's like not a real site .

First time i ordered i got my stuff and loved it, second time i ordered was last year and my items haven't arrived, dont risk it..
I order mine with tracking number and they come but some clothes have a foul smell cuz warehouse and factory chemicals.
How reliable is dresslink is it like amazon where you have to look for ratings or is it like ebay, unpredictable .
Do you know of anywhere like this for men I need to start getting my husband stuff for Christmas but can't afford much .
I've bought once from Primark, i m never going to shop there again. Quality is poor and also when you walk in the store you just smell chemical crap and stinky people everywhere!.
Trisha just telling you like you are like my fav person on this world... You make me laugh and even tho you were so much makeup and stuff, you have a very real personality and just you are so beautiful and I wish I had your confidence and just ughhhhh I love youuuuu.
It's totally unreliable, the clothes are really cheap and nasty, like most of the seams are done by a drunken machinist, or a farsighted hamster. The fit is mostly small too. My friend bought what looked like a really nice sweater, it arrived 7 weeks later, the left sleeve was 2inches shorter than the right!! 😠she tried to get a refund, nothing, it's 4months now, and still waiting for her latest email tobe answered. At least Amazon and Ebay help you get refunded which I've had to do once or twice. So, I for one is giving this online store a miss. Is it me or does Trish look a tad orange .
lmaoo!!!! omg that rant was too hilarious. talking about the cheap website and then at the end you talk about fish LOL but sorry about what happened to your friend.. Trishaaaa! Girl your make-up is bomb! Please do a tutorial, I wanna get this look. Love you, peace!. Hey Trish! Im a huge fan of your videos lol I just wanna say I love love LOVE all of them. Your funny, confident and beautiful! Plus you give people the advice to feel good about yourself, which is always a good thing for anyone to do. BUT I gotta say that the wedsite you used reminds me of, like those websites are JUST like them. They even sell the same exact stuff. It looks like it will break the moment you wear them -.- but anyways I love you and your videos. keep up the good work! Byeee!.
Hey Trisha, I was encouraged to shop on this site and take my chances. I was absolutely disgusted and disappointed by the garbage that I received in the mail after paying highway robbery prices for FEDEX shipping. On the Antrhopology site, customers are encouraged to write reviews on every item sold, without being censored. It seems that this site will only allow you to write reviews on the merchandise if it favours the garbage that they sell. "Free Shipping Worldwide" is not accurate. Shipping may exceed the cost of items purchase. Save your money and shop local. This company is happy to steal your hard earned cash and send you their subpar GARBAGE in the mail..
i was looking on their website and some of the dresses (the adventure time ones) the pictures are stolen off of Blackmilk clothing's website. I doubt they are selling the same dress as the picture depicts because the dresses go for $100 and up on blackmilks site and on dresslink they are only $10... fishy..
+OhThatRandomGirl Dresslink uses photos from other websites but the Dresslink item will be either the original item or look very close to the item. I don't think Dresslink has hired any models, if they had their own personal models showing off every outfit then it would bump up the prices of the clothing. I'm not sure if Dresslink has permission to use those images, the laws in China might be different regarding that. My guess would be that they probably do have permission since Dresslink is the original manufacturer and many other brands will buy up their items and put their own brand name on the clothing, it might be a deal between the companies..
I have like all of the dresses/leggings with the blackmilk designs. They look very similar and the material is great. However, I also have a Harry Potter blackmilk skirt and I can see the difference in material. It's not any better or worse, just different. I'm such a Potterhead nerd and I'm very happy with the dresses and leggings from dresslink, BUT keep in mind that they're not hemmed on the bottom (so you have to be careful) and not as stretchy. I'm a size small US, which is like a L China, and they fit just right. If you're any bigger the material might stretch too much and tear >O< Again, I do like the dresses and leggings, but the material is a little different and may be too small if you're anything bigger than a M-L US. she was probably sent these things. because she doesn't even seem to genuinely like these things she's showing. she's trying too hard to be enthusiastic.
Ahhh I love dresslink to death! I got a dress on there for ONE CENT. No joke. And it was originally $13!!.
I looked on this site and those sandals weren't $5. Almost triple that. Is there a discount code.
I noticed online that the gold sandals are around $5; I don't think that she meant the blue/black sandals were around $5..

It's sad that you promote a company to the young girls that watch you...when you KNOW this company is a scam with poorly made products. .
Why does she keep getting such cheap, ugly shit I mean... it's all gonna fall apart after a few uses and I'm sure she doesn't really wear any of that.. idk if that was for me woopy but obviously you have no idea who i am lol some people are just rude. +Jim Van Vliet omg... i actually searched and 2 of her videos showed up on the first page... im not joking either >_.

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Comments about this video:
this just straight piss me off all the way i don't know why but that's not being cheap that's being an idiot #extremeidiots. "Not only is it great to receive gifts, I love giving gifts." You mean gifts that you stole.
+Ryan Tesone You could hardly call it gift giving. I'm sure that her family had a lot a frustration trying to find their lost items..
This is crazy but 800$ on gifts is also too much. My xmas budget is about 200, and that's for husband, kids and parents.. that's just fucked up...I would be happy if i just got a cheap shirt sure...but if it's like an item I lost and you just give it back to me as a "gift" when I bought you an expensive gift is a jackass thing to do. Every time I click an Extreme Cheapskates video, it always comes up with a Hershey's commercial..-.. My parents get me the shittiest gifts for my birthday and christmases...or no gifts at all :(. I'm talking like makeup samples you can get for free, flashlights, batteries, cheap dollar store pyjama pants...etc. FML. Its so frustrating when I see my friends getting thousands of dollars worth of gifts from their parents and I can't think of a single time that I received a gift worth more than $15 from mine!.
IraBronnson, wow sounds like some stingy parents, I know one couple who give crap for Christmas while being filthy rich but what comes to parents they always should try best for their kids, if they love their kids..
ICK! I'm watching one of their christmas episodes now. This woman on tv is trying to feed her guests with expired chicken. She spent 100 dollars on her whole dinner. First of... that's expensive. I've fed tons of people with little to nothing because I know how to shop, second, expired chicken wow! These people aren't cheepskates, theyre stupid!! I mean I'm cheap but I'm not this cheap... And this woman here, returning missing gifts... I just wanna smack her! I save up all year so I CAN give the ones I love most gifts.. +Cassandra Calderon RIGHT! Like I said, she doesn't know how to shop. I've fed a family reunion of people on less than $20, this woman has no idea what she's doing. Now I don't eat meat but she could have gotten a $5 ham from the butcher and baked that with a bunch of potatoes and other veg, then made some crock-pot dishes like you said and the whole feast might have cost maybe $25 to feed everyone. You can get $1 cake mix here. Or she could have used 1 cup flour, 1cup butter, one cup blueberries, one cup sugar and one cup milk and that would have made a decent blueberry cobbler, or if she REALLY wanted to be cheap on dessert, bread pudding. Buy a po-boy loaf for $1 and you'd have bread pudding for everyone..
+Cassandra Calderon I did the math, a full Christmas dinner with a ham if done right would cost around 17-20 dollars, this woman, had no idea, how to shop..

I hope this girl dies cause if I lived with her and she gave me pencils I swear I would get a knife and shove it up her ass.

Nah, you'd wish she'll give you pencils when all she gives are things that you already bought with your own money. Lol.

It's worse than getting nothing for Christmas because they don't get to use it for like a month.
nigga in the ghetto its all like "its christmas the heat is on and theres food in the fridge!" xD.
Nah, it's about right. $800 is usually what I spend on gifts for my parents, nephews/nieces, and sisters. It depends on how many family members you're going to give gifts to I'm guessing..

If someone gave me a gift that they stole from me I'd return the favor. I'd eventually cease giving that person a gift at all. I'd ask that they refrain from stealing from me and explain how it makes me feel. If they don't take heed to my concerns I'd limit their visits if it was a family member. If that person cannot afford to purchase a gift for me I'd understand but to steal from me and insult me by gifting it back to me is totally unacceptable..
I'ma commit a a sin by stealing then give them back as false present which is another sin and she expects to get something in return which is a sin on Christmas too (if thats not a sin it should be). not only this is a sin its a shitty thing to do in general.. Why couldn't Sarah pick a pencil to steal, taking someone's glasses is a little fucked up😂.
PBandJ you know what I find funny is you post this on multiple comments are you a jealous poor dumbass Or do your parents not love you so you get no presents Honestly it's none of your business to say "No one cares" because maybe some people want to know You never know..

People like this make me sick it's your family who your supposed to love not take their shit and give it back.

Has her family never felt the urge to talk to her about this. be like "Hey, thats not cool. people will hurt you for that".

I've had years where I had no cash for Christmas, and had to do very cheap- but as thoughtful as possible gifts- and that was fine. I have had friends and family in the same boat- and that's fine. But this is just theft, and rubbing it in their faces. This is just a slap in the face..
Wtf this girl is a dumb ass if I was the girl who got the glasses I would have slapped her then and there. Your just stupid lady wtf stealing peoples things and re-gifting it as a "present" is just terrible. I would give her the gift of paying her own bills and enjoying the world by living on her own an see how she enjoys that amazing gift lol.. She sead that Christmas is all about giving but she took those thangs so it's just taking and giving back now I'm pissed. By the way they dident even know that she had it so -10000000 on Jennerosity sorry don't really know how to spell Jennerosity. I don't spend no where near $800 on Christmas. Not even $400 but if one of my family members took my shit and then wrapped it and gave it back to me I'd punch them in the throat. Leave my shit alone and just don't get me anything.. I think her family should give her her best Christmas ever! Just take stuff from her all year and return the favor. They should take everything. Her toothbrush...everything!.
Her Christmas this I do it as well 2 reasons I'm broke and I'm 12 so there's no way I can get money 😂😂😂 but of course when I get to her age I would buy proper gifts.

She is cheap even on Jesus birthday if she did that to me I will punch the hell out of her it like she is stealing and god don't like ugly..

you cant fucking steal and give back as a present. the fuck besides isnt that like unholy considering its xmas fuck me dude. just give me your wrapping paper as a gift instead, better than stealing my shit..

The family should be stealing stuff from her and giving it back-A dose of her own medicine might work...I'd certainly not be buying her ANYTHING!.
Poor children... that boy was so excited for Christmas and this little... ugh ruined it. I feel like crying I just can't imagine that....
+crazystephano i meant as in she just gave them stuff that was already theirs, as seen in "Psycho Dad's Birthday.".

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December 1, 2015

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lmao Beverly hills of the southwest. please Scottsdale cant hold a candle to Beverly hills. are you joking!!!. +Emaan Ahmad - You're not unusual. There are many families who do spend a lot on food. The question is, are you reaching your financial goals If not, then changing some of your grocery shopping habits, while eating pretty much the same diet, could put thousands of dollars back into your bank account each year. If you were able to shave 10% off your grocery spending, by shopping differently you'd save $2400 this year. That's a lot of money! And we bet you could save even more!.
Cheap not poor people. Cheap makes money go further but you still have some money Left over poor is making what little you have go further but you don't have anything in your pocket in the end to live off of. .
they are a tight happy family together... THEY SAVE AND ENJOY LIFE!!...AWESOME!... some of the comments people are making are rude, envious and HATEFULL..SMH.
paying cash for cars You can earn up to 2% CASH BACK or rewards by simply using a credit card. You will only use as much as you can afford, therefore after making that purchase on the credit card, earning you additional rewards.. you will pay it off in full PRIOR to the due date avoiding any interest charges. Given this video is back in 2010, so maybe this family wasn't exactly aware of the rewards system. But there are definitely better ways to saving money other than spending cash.. which earns you nothing!.

My house used to be home to 8 people including 4 teenage foster sons. I spent about $300. a month on food. We ate well, I mean very well. I never bought junk food, snack food or boxed cereals. My kids were always exceptionally well dressed as well and yes, I used to shop at thrift stores (still do). I shopped only at one grocery store and never used coupons. Please note that I live in Canada and groceries are more expensive here. Also coupons are just a waste of time here/no bargains at all. We all ate the same food, roast beef, boneless/skinless chicken breasts, fresh vegetables, no convenience foods. .
That's okay. Every family has to find their own lifestyle. We're all different-that's what makes life so much fun.. VERY smart family! I too live like a tightwad and I don't really care what other people say because i live on a fixed income. I have pension from the government each month and I have to stretch it. Remember people: it's NOT what you earn...It's WHAT you saved!. A month is more than enough for bacteria full-fledged on any food even stored in any fridge. Cheapest family will pay most expensive medical bills !. It's great that all the family think alike, if the kids won't go along with it and demand expensive brand names, then it can be difficult. I am very frugal and love hearing about others who think the same. Just live on chicken breast and spinach or broccoli like I did for a year. Green tea and water. And fresh fruit. Cheap and super healthy. You wont be spending on hospital or prescriptions. So you save a fortune there.. +PROJECT DX That's what I've been doing.Chicken breast Zucchini and spinach.They usually have a sale on these items at my local safeway and it's just better than eating boxed food..
that lady Olivia comments is nasty and rude.if you are miserable don't read and watch how Family survive and offended just for pleasure and feel like you r better than day you will be in need and you regret how you criticize other for no reason..
Rosa you are so sweet to defend us. Thank you. We realize that we are all wounded and some of us express our hurts by trying to hurt others. Thanks for spreading hope and kindness..
they're so right about debt being oppressive...but they'd save even more money if they ate healthier foods because eating packaged crap will cost you your long term health.
Yeah, I wouldn't call them "cheap" because being cheap means living without. Where as these guys are smart with their money because they do more with less. .
+MissPiscespets or putting 1 to 2 pieces of clothing in someone elses laundry load to not pay for laundry at all..

They have a lot of good ideas,,maybe I should have started that way and I probably wouldn't be broke today..
..everything you have is processed food. i live on a fixed income to. but i eat REAL FOOD that feeds my cells. with all that space u have...invest in a huge deep freze, buy fresh on sale frutis and veggies and freze them. also buy seeds and nuts in bulk and freze them. THAT will LAst A LONG TIME, and FEED U! im a RAW VEGAN. ( i eat some processed foods) but cooking destroys a LIVING food, dead food does not feed your cells, there crying out for enrichment. invest in a vitamix and omega juicer...the TWO things in my kitchen i can not live with out is my vitamix and my frezer, fridge. also dried fruts last a while. but suger has NO nutrial value. salt...raises blood presure and what esle is in it four all it does it turn into suger, so all u got is callories and no nutrition. and the also heated procsed so much its DEAD. buy some cocunt oil( virgen and raw) maybe some grapeseed oil. look into RAW FOODS. if i can live off 900 a month and eat LIVING FOOD...u can to. its ok to save, i am extreamly cheap! but your heath u cant put a price tag on it. and the foood u eat will kill u or keep u alive. calories after many yrs of just emtpy calories, u will start to get all sorts of medial issues becase u are not feading your body the things it needs, and MEAT AND DAIRY is the WORST. soak some wallnuts over night, they make a awsome meat substuate, and verry good for u. i even buy kale and spinch in bulk fresh and freze it for my smothies. i will NEVER go back to ramen, sure i saved a BIT more money. but u will never find flour, suger, potao flakes, ceral, in my home. also peanut butter is grown in same fiels as cotten and lot of pestasides, try almond butter, or wallnut butter, or even sunflower seeed buter. i make that homeaid and sunflower seeds are cheap! COOKED FOOD IS DEAD FOOD. LIVE FOOD WILL KEEP U ALIVE. . Good video, it doesn't shine as much light on their books though. Like they recommend shopping once a month to avoid impulse buys and the marketing tricks that are out there. Their monthly menus are planned to the letter, and based on sale ads only, and what they have on hand. Check out the America's cheapest family books on overall finances and the grocery shopping one, there's great tips in there. .
amy dacyczyn - it seems you have followed many of her advice. I do not think you are cheap - I think you are frugal! Warren Buffet's wife still clips coupons!.

350 dollars a month for a family of 7 is pretty good. but I have a hard time believing it because they are buying granola bars (which one can make themselves, fresh and plentiful) and candy. If you want to go all out, make your own stuff by scratch, and that includes big vats of soup, home-made cakes and cookies from scratch (no instant cake/cookie mixes), homemade ice pops with real juice. No candy. My lowest bill with a house of 4 was 120 for the month early 90's. Now it's 120 for two. I use to be the cheapest "family" and still are/am. I want 100 dollahs!!.

I wish I could make cookies, but they never turn out. fortunately, that's only every so often. I do however completely agree about the soups. I make a vegetable soup using vegetable juice and beef broth left over from a roast that is delicious! another good trick is to keep your eye on roast. When they go down to less than $3 a pound, speak with your butcher. He can cut it up in different ways for different meals. For instance, ground, cubes, steaks, & a small roast. Use your meats more as a condiment and with lots of inexpensive vegetables to round out a meal and make it less expensive. many people think that it costs more to eat vegetables. you would be surprised that this is not the case, especially since it means buying more in your groceries. However, when you keep an eye out on the best grocery stores for your favorite vegetables, and you put your meals together, you will see that you have much more leftovers, so the meal will stretch much further..
+Anna Falactica sadly, growing your own garden is not always frugal. I've read that for years, but have not found that to be true. We try to garden here for several years, but there were so many weeds and bugs, that we had to do more work to it then was financially feasible. now, I think that a back porch garden can be good, where you buy compact vegetable plants to keep in pots. this does not cost as much..
+Lifes Ruff : Who cares if walkie talkies are a little obnoxious. The most important thing is this family is money smart family..

trying shopping this cheap in Australia. We have one of the most expensive costs of living in the world. Food, housing, electricity. You work just to pay for these. You Americans are lucky..

+loada crap But you only pay a fraction of what Americans pay for private health care. But housing..Americans would die if they knew!.

anyone with a functioning brain knows you buy basic ingredients, not ridiculously overpriced pre-made garbage if you want to save money on groceries, you don't go shopping once a month, you go as often as possible so you don't miss out on sales and marked down produce and you check expiry dates on things like milk so you know ahead of time what day they'll be marked down..
+Maltfalc You can still go shopping once a month to save on gas. You can freeze some produce, such as green beans and colored squash. As well as fish like cod, salmon, and mackerel. Keep a calendar on your fridge to state the dates you go shopping, and to plan out the times when you will cook your food items. Then you can decide the day in advance when to thaw out the foods in the refrigerator. Shopping all at once will give you the benefit of knowing EXACTLY how much you will spend for the coming month. . There seemed to be a lot of junk food in their purchases. I would definitely try to widen the variety by growing my own vegetables and buy meat from a farm and have it butchered for a fraction of the price you pay at supermarkets. Most vegetable and fruit stands are cheaper than the supermarkets too..
I just have to say, you CAN eat healthy on the cheap. They are making choices based on food they like... Eating locally and in-season are two of the best ways to both stay healthy and stay on budget. Farmers Markets here are cheaper than chain stores and a lot more nutritionally dense. I also love the garden idea!! A lawn is a huge waste of money....
This isn't being cheap its being smart cheap is reusing PAPER towels and toilet paper you wanna see real cheapskates watch extreme cheapskates. Here's a way to save money.:Dont eat meat and dump the cell phones.(Cell phone radiation can give you cancer,anyway).. if everyone was like this family, our economy would collapse, our economy thrives on people being neckdeep in debt and buying things they can't afford.
Good for you...but your cheep cans and box food is not real food. Full of sodium, msg.ect. Food by- products not fit for humans. Don't eat meat and save even more..
yeah, not eating out, ditching cable, and only having the net, a SIMPLE cell phone (you need them for emergencies people), and not turning on every single light in the house and over using water will save you a lot. but these people got saving down to a T if you ask me. That's how I do it. I don't have time to find the best coupons on line or in ads. I've tried but man is it exhausting... then with the online ones you run out of printer ink in no time flat. soo annoying.
I think that they could do better if they omit that junk food and go vegetarian EXCEPT eat good quality red meat from a health store ( grass fed - no hormones ) twice a month and buy fish eg. sockeye salmon or atlantic caught salmon 2 X's month and once a month say...unadulterated poultry from a good source. Everyone needs unfortunately SOME meat. But mainly go vegetarian. All healthy bases are covered. .

After watching this I was like damn, the most I have ever done to conserve is only buying the grande latte at Starbucks..

Good for you guys. But can you tell me how to save that much money on groceries when your country doesn't put out coupons all over the place and stores don't double coupons if you do happen to get a couple of them.
I live 45 mins from Scottsdale and to hear that these people spend as little as they do in a town that is full of rich snots absolutely blows my mind..
haha I grew up about 20 minutes from the 5th ave shops they were showing and I was amazed and proud they were from my hometown. Surrounded by materialistic narcissists from snottsdale, no less..

I caught chicken leg quarters on sale for 40 cents per pound, and bought 250 pounds. We took it home, separated it, and double-packed it in those plastic grocery bags. Stuck it in the chest freezer. This happens a lot, and it's not by accident..
When it comes to health I'm sorry but I spend what it takes to stay healthy clean. you only live once and I'm not screwing my body over processed food just to save a few dollars. If money is more important then health good luck. I hope they have health insurance by the looks of it they might not.. at 5:00 you say there is money for this that.. medical ect... is there money for you to remove that wart other than that respect for your saving money efforts a fellow cheapskate..
hey dad can u puke in my luch box for lunch Mum dont throw away that used tampon, it will be a nice desert..
property taxes are close to rent now for many. I am pricing 20 foot rvs and selling the boat anchor house, the associated costs are more than people admit.
i don't know how I could plan meals for a whole month.. but then again i've only been married for a year.

You know, I live in the Netherlands and here it is actually quite normal to not have a creditcard. We don't have any loans...we get by with what we earn, by watching what we spend. It's really American to just live with your creditcard..

Yep. And the people who do have a creditcard pretty much only use it for things you NEED a creditcard for: Hotel reservations come to mind. And then get asked by friends and family if they can use their creditcard to book a hotel. Although that has been changing in recent times - especially with the younger generation. It's worrying me. .
the family came out of those changing rooms looking all proud...when actually they were some of the ugliest outfits i've seen... especially the poor boy with that oversized dad jacket. a lot of effort, but i can see value in this. I am biased, but i grew up with hand me downs and thrift stores for most of my clothing. There are nice things if you look for them and it was ideal when I was actively growing and needed different sized clothing frequently. I have not planned a month in advance but i have planned out food a few weeks at a time, it is a lot less stressful after the initial work..

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Underrated guitarist! I think 4,754,850 people that have visited this site since April 30 2012 speaks for itself. I can pick Mark's 'guitar signature' anywhere. I went to see him live in Adelaide, Australia way back in the early eighties, he played the Instrumental from the movie 'Local Hero' ( Going Home ) I remember he 'deadened' a note at the end of the intro ( Instead of letting it ring, or sustain ) he dropped his arm's to his side, shook his head for a second, picked up the time and continued on ( the crowd gave him a standing ovation as he finished the song perfectly! I had chills ) I had all his 'Dire Straits' albums and being a guitarist myself, have been heavily influenced by Mark. He is like David ( Gilmour ) to me, he knows just how to bend just one note with such feeling and lets the notes breathe, he just doesn't try and ram 48 notes in to a bar, proving to me speed isn't everything. I like 'shredders' but, some just run up and down scales as fast as they can, without feeling or, taking the solo no where really. Mark makes his guitar sing and he tells a story with it. I think it was in 'Wiki' that I read once that Mark was doing a comedy skit with fellow musician ( David Gilmour ) and others, was able to take David's rig and sound like himself. A brilliant guitarist!.

+Ziggy “Frappanised” Zappada he truly is one of the greatest, if not the greatest. and you put it brilliantly, if not succinctly, but it made a nice read by somebody with a passion for the subject.

7:51 look at the guitarist in the backing band as Mark demonstrates how he can play the same sequence of notes several different places on the fretboard. He looks like he's about to just put his guitar down and give up. Like "come on man, give us a break, will ya" :-).

+Lars Pallesen Well it's not very difficult to play riffs at different positions at the neck. But like Mark Knopfler says, each position sounds different..

I can never explain what his guitar is to me...! Me... I know nothing about the guitar... but I know this... his guitar speaks to my heart..! Somehow he has the way to speak to me via his chords and his picking..! This song came at a right time when, I was so frustrated... and then I listened to this one evening... and it calmed me up so much, that it gave me goosebumps..! Been listening to him anytime, I need peace and meditation...!.
+Bobo Uzala Glad you liked the video...this one was "easy": a sure thing. ;-).
Another three quarter million people have viewed and heard Mark since I was here last 5 months ago! Almost 5 and a half million people have seen this since April 30 2012!.

To me the mark of a great artist is the ability to hook you in and make a connection with a song that you've never heard before as much as, if not more so, with his "hits." Knopfler is such a treasure. I liken him to Richard Thompson - a real genius and legend despite his relative lack of commercial success or fame. People that only know "money for nothing" are missing out..

This will go down in the history of my life as one of the best hours I ever spent on You Tube. Thank you for posting this amazing concert..

yes Mark, they are "milestones", "touchstones", "sound tracks" of our lives, and that is why it IS so important to play them as we originally remember them; they touch our souls, and that's why we keep returning to hear them! They remind us of moments, events, people, etc. that we WANT to keep close to us, which is hard to do because human memory is not perfect in retention, but our inner ear picks up really quick when something is out of place or improperly played because once the song reanimates the memory only perfection will do!!.
+steven hewitt Disagree. If you want to hear the original, listen to the studio version. Sometimes songs played live, and especially with the Knopf, sound even better.... +IMN69 I think you're both right. You need the bones and the hooks that pulled you into the song in the first place, but artists change over time: tastes change; skills change; influences change, and I want those represented in the music as it's being played today. That's one of the reasons to see live music. How has the artist grown with that song Maybe the tempo's different. Maybe they use a different guitar. Maybe they change the backbeat, etc. It's all part of the art. But you need the familiar to be there as well, or they might as well just play things you've never heard before. When I saw Knopfler recently, and he started playing the little flourishes in Sultans of Swing, I got teary-eyed. "I'm watching Mark Knopfler play those great, fluid notes in 'Sultans of Swing,' right in front of me." It was a little overwhelming.. what a beautiful touch on guitar; the man is in a class of his own!!!!!!!!!! if you ever need a drummer i would humbly audition. I am on face book. In awe, and deepest respect, Val DaPra.
Is only one problem he shall be SIR MARK KNOPFLER he is outstanding songwriter and BR in Arms is still going with all war we have.

why is there not a camera just for 56.08 minutes on his fingers i really want to see how the hack he does it all! there's no one better...

one of the few greats, when you stick with something with all of your heart...your heart speaks thru it...pick something.

Had the great opportunity to see him tonight here in Hamburg, Germany. Seeing him live changed my entire life, I don't think I deserve calling myself a guitarist anymore. MK=God.
to heiner beisert, Joe banamassa is a wonderfully talented guitarist but just look at the songs Mark has has written. His unique style has made him one the of true greats. As Les Paul once said, can your mother recognise on the radio. how many guitarists can we say that about. Type text or a website address or translate a document. Cancel Did you mean: And you are à moron, but why advertise it Ви праві, він є відмінним музикантом в усіх відношеннях.. +Микола Артеменко I agree entirely, my friend. Mark is a great all-round musician and all his tracks show a dedication in their production. Please ignore the text below it was not sent to you by me!.
Hay tantos mundos y tan diversos, muchos soles todos diferentes, y tan solo tenemos un mundo, pero cada uno vivimos en uno diferente.. Sailing to Philadelphia Sultans of Swing Romeo and Juliet Get Lucky Why Worry Money for Nothing Monteleone Song for Sonny Liston If this is Goodbye Brothers in Arms. Mark is not only a great guitarist, he is a great composer and all round musician. His taste, tone, touch is second to none.. Yes, Brothers in Arms, I always play on Anzac day for my father Harry Nilson, who suffered mostly silently after he got home from being in Changi /Burma railway, for 3 years. He never marched/ went to bed all day on Anzac day. Too much pain.thanks Mark for that song. It means a lot to me. c.yates, S.Aust.. o cara toca muito... mas pô velho, aula de guitarra e discurso de 20min entre cada música... caducando markão!.
Sometimes it is like he´s just playing for himself and allows the audiance to be with him. (meant in a positive sense).

Fantastic performance. Intimate setting. Almost like he was sitting in my living room visiting and playing music..

Awesome. One of the best songwriters. singers and guitar players ever. I don't do many drugs, but makes me want to smoke a joint. Wonderful..

Hello Mark...A nice evening indeed...I just hope you have made mates with JJ...and bunged him a few quid..
A couple glasses of wine and the mellow sound of Mark Knopfler. What a great way to relax this evening.. Hard to believe he played guitar on a Phil Lynott song. Talk about two totally different lifestyles.. I never paid a lot of attention before but the more I listen to mark I can see why They was so Hi on This man!.
Mark is magician with words, and admired for his soft and flowing guitar style!!! Excellent work Mark, much respect by all of us in the world of music..

One of my favorite all time guitarists and musicians, Mark Knopfler is a professional in all aspects of the word... a great creative spirit...!.
La musique -même qui fait débander. Quelle chiasse ! Quel ennui ! Une zik de castrés..
+jj vv It's good that you felt the need to share your ignorance with the world. "Never attribute to malice that which is adequately explained by stupidity".
Quelle musique de merde ! Une mélasse mortelle. Knopfler est une brèle. Un rigolo pour les boys-scouts..

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you know whats funny that in the video she says she dosnt you toilet paper but there's toilet paper right there on the hook thing wtf.
First thats sooo nasty to not have toilet paper. Thats so gross. I couldn't believe that. Second theres a roll OF TOILET PAPER ON UR LEFT HAND SIDE. LOOKS TO BE USED. . +Rere GREEN Yeah. If you spray off your ass with hard jets of water, you would most likely get it cleaner than TP. A good deal of the Earth's population does this. Nearly 3 billion people on Earth don't even have toilets! Many Asian and Middle Eastern countries not only use water, but their hands. Of course they wash their hands, and only use their left one. It is the etiquette there not to eat or touch other people with your left hand. Both toilets and toilet paper are fairly new inventions. Don't go around thinking that TP and humans coexisted forever because they definitely haven't! .
Ewwwww she doesn't even buy the two pack tort paper She is literally touching her poop she said she uses the soap it's so gross UGHHHH!!!!!.

Those look like rag not clothes n ur clothes ain't clean with the dirty water that u just shower in..
What's going on in this society, if there is something that I really hate is greedy people. What's the point of keeping your money and not try to spend it in good stuff so you can enjoy them. When your time comes, you're not going to take your money to the grave. Just like miraxell said "Something is definitely wrong here". . Did you see how small the soap was. Her soap was the size of a pebble, so she is rolling that pebble around in her but. Nasty. And your family don't It doesn't matter if we are aware of the situation or not, we are all part of this system. Besides you don't even know where I'm from..
2 tlc "Extreme Cheapskates"!!! Pennies... Don't Understand Harding!!! Homeless People... *Psychological *Bank Teller. *Clothes. *Shopping. *Grocery Store. *Cooking Food. *Fix Junked....

using water and soap is better then the toilet paper because if you think about it toilet paper just cakes the shit on your body rather then washing it off, although she may not be showering the shit off with soap, the soap and water is probably more hygienic then toilet paper although i don't know about her reasoning really. i knew someone who washed their ass after they took a dump every time they had a different way of doing it because they just flat out showered but this is a close second..

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If she bought the whole grape bag she would save more since she'll pay the price of the full bag anyways also those are growing kids who need more sanitary and more food. The problem with majority of pathetic demonic women today is, even when a man steps up and tells a bitch he won't take it anymore the bitch will go to great lengths even using the "simp/mangina police force" to get leverage on him. Majority of these lowlife cunts need to be shot in the face and their carcasses burned to ashes because they are just fucking up society as a whole and they are not worth shit..
You all know this shit ain't real right I mean yeah there are some mega cheap people in this world, there are people that do some crazy shit like in this video, but this show is not real. .
taking a bathe in a small plastic tub will save more water than taking a shower + there is no time limit, just something to consider. That was absolutely discusting how can you put condiments that were on someones plate back into the container do know how much someone can get sick using thr same water to cook spagetti ewww if I was you take your kids and get them away from that woman she is doing more harm then good who cooks things in a dishwasher and to only allow 2 min for a shower nobody can shower in 2 min I would never invite anyone to my house if I had to sit in the dark with the one light bulb in the house and use a candel to go bathroom come on stand up to her for yours and you kids sanity and health because that stuff with the food is nasty buying 20 grapes and peeling a banana in the store yeah WEIRD . She should somehow find a way to save up her dishwasher water and shower with it repeatedly... wait.. why would she even use her dishwasher when she can just wash them in the sink and reuse it... .
If I was that guy... I would leave her and take the kids with me... Cause the kids are not enjoying their life😕.
Ok this guy is stupid as fuck likr he is being a REAL man a putting up with her. If he wanted to leave he could but he doesnt because he loves her. You dont even know who pays the bills in that house so you shouldnt even be saying anything. +Ess Jock and wtf does she have a dishwasher when she's saving money, you'd think she would do them by hand Cheap but lazy.
And here I wonder why she even has a hat or a tattoo or rings on her fingers, or even clothes if she's that extreme..
Straight nasty... When she goes to the hospital from food contamination, will she be cheap on her medical care and die.
That shit is unsanitary to scrap food back in a bottle because the kids didn't eat it all. He needs to get a back bone he lives there to I wouldn't want a cup of water with that shit she got going on straight Nasty...
I am a woman that is struggling with my three babies and I have to do some things to save on my bills as well. That being said... THIS is THE MOST TRIFLING, INSANE, HOODRAT CRAP THAT I HAVE EVER, AND I MEAN EVER SEEN. And I was raised in Compton!! Hoodrat Central!! What the shenanigans is going through Oh Boy's head to where he will allow this chick to subject his children to that crap! SMH WOW!!!!!. I wonder what their monthly utility bill is. It has to be under $15 unless they have electric heat and I'm sure air conditioners are not allowed. If they use fans they probably make the kids spin them by hand..
this is officially the most crap ive seen all year. and its all in one video...just imagine how messed up her kids gonna be. .

I couldn't go over dher house or invite my friendz ova hel naw cant do dhat dhatz krazii u can b cheap nd hav common sense 2 minute shower aint sh!t dhat just grozz.

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Comments about this video:
don't you all realize.. Her house is big like seriously big.She has a pool which the size is big also but she's a cheapskate I don't understand.
+Megan Avelino growing up my family had money we lived in a multi million dolor home and we bought what ever we wanted rich people do care about money.

+The Forever Jigglypuff lover Probably a great thing if one of her kids gets sick from this poorly-maintained pool. Think about it, they can just have the kid lie in bed at home while treating him/her with generic painkillers to reduce the headache. After their inevitable death, the family can simply go out to the woods & burn the child's corpse, y'know to save money on burial/cremation services. Surely everyone'll be sad for a while, but in the end having one less mouth to feed & clothe in their house will enable them to be vastly cheaper than they were before! 😄 Kids are expensive, you know. 😊.

Exactly what u thought and the little girl playing with a hoop loop with garbage bags surrounding it.
'It makes me feel like we're still in 1812, like, when's Benjamin Franklin gonna get here, y'know" Wow are we not gonna talk about this kid's hardcoreness.
Oh okay i get it you can't afford a washing machine but you can afford a freaking pool Yah that makes tons of sense....
+Hatake oh my god a big house a big pool what you can't afford some washing machine ohmygod it's just some 200$ or something but you can't afford. you have big house it's pretty expensive and a big pool and it's pretty expensive neither so why now buy some washing machine..
Honey a extreme cheapskate wouldn't be living in no big ass fine home like that especially with a pool,Ohh BS!.

+Angela Netherton With how her lifestyle is, she should've just stuck to getting BOTH a washer and dryer. Had she done that, she wouldn't have to worry and gripe about putting her household finances into a pool..
If extreme cheapskates REALLY want to save money, don't have kids and don't own a house. Both will instantly kill their tight budget..
I agree with other comments. If she can afford that huge house and pool, she can afford to wash her clothes the proper way. That's ridiculous honestly, and not to mention unsanitary. And using just baking soda in the pool is actually dangerous. It can cause all sorts of diseases and infections, including the brain eating amoeba. It is a amoeba that is microscopic and transferred to a human by going up the nose when the affected person is in warm stagnant fresh water. (like untreated pool water, lakes, ponds, etc etc) or in a netti pot with undistilled water in it aka tap water. It also lives in the soil at the bottom of the water source. It can't live in salt water (like the ocean). It travels up to the brain, eating away at the brain and causing a brain and spinal infection called naegleriasis, also known as primary amoebic meningoencephalitis (PAM). There's no cure or treatment, and the mortality rate is 100% (meaning there's no chance of survival, you are guaranteed to die)..

Um can't she just use a pool for kids, it's easier to cover, and you can enjoy you real pool instead.
+Alex Chuboda she has a pool because she was gonna get rid of it but she insted kepted it because she has 4 kids so she figured it would be alright.
Ummmm.. One, as others have said, pools aren't too cheap either, and two, KIDS PEE IN POOLS! FUCK! I would not be surprised if the adults did it too just to save an extra.03¢ to flush the toilet water, and they'd say "OH! But it's sterile.".
the pool cover thing is actually kind of smart idea because we only pool ourselves and it's pretty much just bubble wrap anyways there's little doubt that and just helps keep the pool a little bit warmer and it keeps the debris out of the pool.
That's set up if you didn't realize, how would that little kid know all about iy😂😂😯for real it is set up.
Cut that satellite bill and go rabbit ears and you got yourself money to run the dryer and washer As this lady ever heard of salt water chlorination or solar heating for your pool. Those kids have no chill "It makes me feel like we're still in 1812 like when is Benjamin Franklin gonna get here ".
Her boys give me life!!! I couldn't stop laughing also she can't get rid of that pool that's her washing machine! Lol also the bubble wrap thing is genius.
if she's so cheap then why is she using the expensive little boxes of just-for-the-fridge baking soda. Wth they can afford to buy a house with a pool but they can't afford to wash there clothes in the washing machine 😱😱😱.
Why would a cheapskate such as this woman even HAVE kids They bleed you dry about 250k EACH from birth to their 18th birthday, with absolutely NO luxuries or special medical care, let alone college!.
+Mansi Patel The problem is that they can afford it but they choose not to enjoy them because they classify things like a washing machine a luxury. Their mentality is being a cheapskate... no matter how rich they get they'll never change their ways.. That kid is so fucking retard "When Is Benjamin Franklin Gonna Invent Electricity And all that" It's Nikola Tesla Who Invented Electricity. Americans These Days. OK so have to give it to her making a bubble wrap cover was a pretty good idea BC it warms her pool too.
affords a fucking huge ass beautiful backyard with a private pool cant afford to wash clothes in washing machine.
Clearly, she's been inhaling the chlorine chemicals thats in her clothes that she's been wearing for too long because hEr BrAin CeLLs ARE BEING KILLED AND WE CLEARLY SEE SIGNS THAT SHE HAS NO COMMON SENSE.
BREAKING NEWS! This just in crazy lady going to people's pool and washing her clothes suspects still haven't found her but please make sure you lock gates and tent you pools for safety Thank you.

thats disgusting, id never swim in there. Probably doodoo flakes from their crusty underwear floating in the water, no thank you..
What the hell! She cleans her clothes like that when she has a FUCKING POOL and Ben Franklin was born wayyyyy before 1812 and he didn't invent electricity he discovered it.

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November 17, 2015

Comments about this video:
i like watching this video after watching the YSL haul she recently did where she blew over $2000 on a few items... and in this video she's like "a body suit for $90! no way!" girl HOW DID U GET SO RICH out of nowhere lmaooo. When you mentioned dollar cheap I think it must be like a dollar store cheap...I always feel rich whenever I walk into a dollar store place..
Her lips are so much bigger now... Watching this video & watching one of her more recent videos is like day & night for her lips..
Is it bad that I weigh 80 pounds and I'm 12 but I eat hella junk food and I'm also part of that 5% that has a thigh gap.
+Lynnie Shaw She's 12. People that age typically have thigh gaps. You're a disgusting person who body shames CHILDREN..
I miss this look, you looked amazing in this video! Just so natural with a hint of makeup, and the bright yellow swim suit top pops with your hair.. i want to know how she pulls off these bikinis and clothes. whenever i buy stuff from this website and similar ones they either don't fit or look cheap and crappy. somehow trish makes them look good.... want a bikini body 1. put on a bikini 2. go to the pool/beach bc you are fucking amazing and beautiful.
And only 1,5 years later she looks and sounds sooooo different. She looks so weird without big lashes and big lips as I have used to..

OVER 40 DOLLARS FOR a PRIMARK shIRT Those shirts that say GEEK, NERD, DORK etc. Sell in Primark for £6 in Scotland so like around $10 depending on the exchange rate. Primark is basically a really really cheap store on the highstreet range, they basically copy all the other highstreet trends (Lower quality though) but for a lot cheaper. It's really convenient though for wardrobe basics like plain vests, leggings, canvas shoes... all that stuff..
This site kinda has smaller clothing, how do the one sized items fit cause I'm more or less your shape .
Well, who doesn't want Daniel Radcliffe plastered all over their body 😂 people don't take me seriously 😝.

Thankyou trish!!!! i am so buying all my leggings and workout stuff from here because with our new puppy putting holes through every pair of ten dollar target leggings i buy this could save my bank account..

Hey what size is your breast because mine is like DDD maybe E and i want to know if those size fits me.

this is a really cute bikini girl! Inexpensive
Trisha you honestly are inspiring me to be more confident in myself. Before I was too afraid to wear crop tops and bikinis because I'm a bigger girl but once I started watching your videos I started to get more confident. Thank you trish!!!! . You whore! Cover up your boobs! Nobody wants to see that, omfg you literally just want people to stare at your cleavage.. You fucking disgusting girl!.
Fucking leave then, you idiot. Why are you hear if you don't wanna see her tits I'm a straight chick and want to see her tits..
Trish!! What size do you get in that green top hun I loooove it! but I never have any luck in sizing as I am quite big :) thankas xx. It does actually matter if the trousers rip when ur running because u can get really sore legs. I only now this because my mum did it in the London marathon and ever since she brought expensive ones she has been so happy. It also happened to me the other day. . "get some summers for bikinis" oh my god i do that ALL THE TIME WHAT IS THIS CALLED like switching your words around.
thank you so much you have help me on how i look. im just so happy that i got to watch your videos i love you so much xox.
+Hyena Gaming bc she's comfortable and confident in her body Who says that's a bad thing. She's covering most of her boob it's not like she's showing her whole tit stop exaggerating. guys just stop being mean to her! didn't your mum ever teach you manners! if you don't have anything nice to say, don't say anything at all!. THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU! They have stuff I've been looking for online forever! I have always loved the Mud & Honey website in AUS...but they're shipping is so expensive it makes it not worth the order. but THIS! I'm so happy! :) AND I'm addicted to bikinis. lol. Just bought me a bathing suit and a super cute wallet from this website. Hope it's as cute as it looks! Thanks trish!!!. If anyone bought the stretch material stuff off the this site I ask them what the quality of it is. When worn does the materials become somewhat see through Do the stitches in the seams become visible Does it hold up in the wash. I wonder what kind of people are the ones that go after anything they hate, follow them relentlessly just to send their hate, which no one cares about.. Omg trish your so beauitful that bikini suits you so well and love the big boobs your sooo gorg. And ignore the motherfuckers that think your ugly your not your beauitful and can make whatever choices you want.😊. She didn't say 95% were her size. She said 95% have touching thighs and that might have been an over exaggeration but a lot of women's thighs do touch no matter what there size is..

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January 8, 2016
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December 22, 2015

Comments about this video:
Kolkata( Calcutta) is the most cheapest city in the world. Non veg meal $ 0.5, 1 kilo of bread $0.5, 1 litre mineral water $ 0.2, petrol $ 0.7. most oof these cities are located in poor countries where ppl are get used to live with 1-3 dollars a day :3.

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Comments about this video:
Imagine if they had a fight... Woman: I'm taking a shower! Man: KEEP IT STRICTLY UNDER 1 MINUTE! Woman: Fuck you! I'll shower for 20 minutes!!! Man: Oh hell no! Woman: Watch me! And I'm going to throw away the floss, use both sides of the cotton swabs and use more than 1 swipe of deodorant!!!! Man: gasp You bitch!... FUCKING SHITTING MYSELF XD. Right after they said "We saved energy and money." a PG&E ad popped up and said "We saved energy and money.".
Taking a shower with each other is okay but using each other's deodorant, toothbrush, soap Now that's just nasty.
They're so trifflin, you can go to the dollar store & buy some razors. Buy a value pack of tooth brushes for 3 dollars ewww so disgusting.
Razors are 25$ I get mine at the dollar store for like 50 cents and i get a whole package! 😂 Also, Sharing deodorant can cause infections in your armpits lol.
+Michael Rodriguez it's fine when you're young but with these people we can't say anything!. Okay but she didn't shave her legs or what if she wants to shave her lady area And sharing floss OMG no.
I can sort of understand some of this but SHARING FLOSS Dude, unless you DON'T go to the dentist, you get that shit free with every dental visit....
I could understand them taking a shower together, but you do not need to share the same toothbrush, razor, deodorant, floss..
I was ok with them sharing a shower, they could even get away with sharing the suds, but they absolutely disgusted me with the toothbrush and floss. YUCK!.

Man: flossing teeth and gets leftover food in mouth Oh look! its that corn from dinner Women: SO it is!.

Sharing deodorant and showers is not bad but sharing floss, a toothbrush, and razors is gross. But Using a razor that she used under her armpits for his face.. Ughh.
People like this are pigs I don't care what anyone says. How dare you be so cheap Like for what What's that prove The money you save you won't spend anyway what the f***. sharing showers: cute!! sharing shampoo: fine i guess sharing razor: uhm... okay i guess sharing q tip: i guess its ok sharing deodorant: stop sharing toothbrush: stOP sharing floss: ST O P.
Dollar tree is all lies. I went there and picked out a birthday card and handed my dollar bill to the cashier and she said ma'am this is 2.50 and I said but wait is everything here supposed to be a dollar and she said no ma'am that's just the name of the store so I walked away with my dreams crushed.

I take showers with my bf too in morning before work. The rest though we don't share like same toothbrush and floss..
where the hell is it twenty five dollars for a pack of damn razors, mine are only about five dollars a pack!! :). This is ridiculous. They are not saving HUNDREDS of dollars. How much does a water bill cost for 2 people monthly $30 tops And it wouldn't be split exactly in half due to other use of the shower for things like the toilet, sink, dishwasher and laundry machine. You'd save maybe $5 monthly. Then sharing razors, toothbrushes and floss. Hello, ringworm! Hello, fungus! Hello, gingivitis!. Ok so the showering wasn't that bad, the shampoo was kinda weird, the sharing of the razor was weird, the deodorant was not really as weird, the toothbrush well that's just disgusting, and the floss is also disgusting like you could literally get floss and toothbrushes for free at the dentist. I feel it's extreme but they obviously really love and care about eachother. it would appear that sharing everything has actually brought them closer together. think about it...if you had just been stranded on a island,you wouldn't have thought to share or anything least not early on,maybe not even at all...the moment I wrote stranded on an island you were already thinking of Yourself in that unfortunate situation, much you would hate that, thinking about yourself,which is the point in itself. We all spend a great deal thiking only of ourselves, where as these two individuals I feel would think of each other before themselves. I say that just judging by the way they felt comfortable sharing dental floss and things like that. Its extreme comfortability and I think that's how you should feel about your spouse. I mean some people are grossed out at the fact that they share dental floss and shower together, I really don't find that anymore weird and these two people or any two people having sex, we all know how personal sex can be depending on your mood, I feel like if you can physically connect with someone you should be ok to be around that person and other personal situations.these two are very aware and 100% comfortable with each other...kinda like a modern day Adam and Eve lol, if anything this is a deep love that everyone should strive for, its the most beautiful thing ever #goals.

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November 23, 2015
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January 7, 2016

Comments about this video:

"That's my baby. She got what she wanted. I'm happy." What an awesome husband. 😊.
wait first off, why though I'm pretty sure not even frikking zales is that pricey, if it was me I'll tell my bf to get me a pretty ring from jcpenny or from the jewelry section of tjmaxx or even
Well, that ring is being passed down the generation. I would love to receive a ring that is 20K. My parents wouldn't agree unless the ring is above a certain price. If these people know how much your ring is, they would die and then die again..
dress made of tissue homemade perfume plastic kid's ring pillows for ring cushions hair bow for tuxedo bowtie I'm excited to go to this wedding.
But when you watch the full episode he didn't even want to marry he thought she was joking 😂😂😅😭.
Marriage is a special part of life... So they'll look back at that day and remember THAT GOT MARRIED IN A BAGGAGE STORE XD. Well I mean saving money I'm all up for it but treating yourself like you don't deserve anything is just sad .
+HWeezy yeah I agree. I mean it made them happy and that's the most important thing, but when you look back, you gotta have good memories of it...and not down your local supermarket preferably..
I know this is totally set up for the show, but she does realize she could have spent $20 dollars on a wedding dress from a thrift store, right Chances are she would have found a much nicer, more up to date one too..
friend: so you're married Wife: yes Friend: where did you get married Wife: unclaimed baggage center Friend: you mean the crappy warehouse down the street Wife: ya Husband: HELP MEEE!.
Woah woah woah a wedding in the store...they didn't buy the dress...and is the husband a cheapskate too. Their kid: Mom, dad where did you guys get married Parents:...In a unclaimed baggage store. Their kid:...:| Parents: :) . How convenient... found a wedding right a wedding dress a tux & a place to get married in an unclaimed baggage store.
$196 for a wedding ring you people are morons. decent wedding rings can be thousands and thousands of dollars. ugh..

I`m on Employment and Support Allowance, It`s a benefit for people who are unable to work due to illness or disability. I have a girlfriend that I`ve been with for about 5 years now, We plan on getting married one day, The average wedding costs £20,500 looking at the research, Now let`s work this out, £3000 x 7 = £21000 This would take me about 7 years to get all of that paid for, That`s without paying for Alcohol Automobile Bank service charges/postage Books/newspapers/magazines Bus fares/ride shares/parking Cable tv/internet Car payment Cigarettes/tobacco Clothing Dental Drugs/medication Dry cleaning/laundry Electric/gas/oil/propane First mortgage Food/snacks at friends or other Gasoline Gifts/parties/holidays/cards Groceries Hobbies/clubs Home cleaning supplies Home maintenance Insurance Lawn/pool maintenance/home security Lottery/casinos/bingo Maintenance – oil/lube/tires Meals out Movies/sporting events/entertainment Personal care – shampoo/toothpaste/haircuts Pet care/vet/food/medications Rent Tax installments – state/federal Telephone/cell phone/beeper Vacations/travel Water/sewer/garbage Work tools/clothes/occupational dues Fuck me... I would appreciate a Cheapskate girlfriend and do it all for £1000 or less dont you. O_O....
the unclaimed baggage store is a good idea if you are looking for things but i don't know about a wedding there. Just get a fake one, you dont see the difference... OR just dont marry if you want to save money... shaking my head. why couldn't they just buy the stuff there for cheap...and still have a nice wedding somewhere else.
these people are actually letting money control their lives. did they seriously put money before marriage.
Lmao I think I will take the cake on the ring part. I was thinking of using my old cheap ring from avon as a wedding ring. I mean both my boyfriend and I have the same identical ring so we can just keep on using it. XD These videos are starting to make my thoughts look ridiculous..
Is an unclaimed baggage store a store with stuff that were in unclaimed baggages And yes, this is a serious question, no jokes or sarcasm included. :/.

they might as well have just gotten in regular clothes and bought the ring then said "I DO"....

There wasn't anything remarkably special about their savings so the $500 they spent to wed in a place like that, seemed like a waste of money versus a savings..
She's got a great man... But it's sad that she should put money above what's important: Her union with the man she loves.. this is the dumbest wedding ever like omg i feel so bad for the husband if i was him i would call off the wedding.
Now what kind of retards get married in and unclaimed baggage center What are their relatives gonna say when they ask why they weren't invited and they say we went to an unclaimed baggage store to buy stuff then got married.

It's fine by me. They married for love, not a fancy smancy wedding! She should have chose a better dress though.
they got ripped off, at least have it at home for free or in a public park-but baggage center might as well get married in a restroom.
That's so sweet! Kinda extremely weird but it's not my marriage! Good luck with your marriage!!.
Kid: woahhh pretty ring! Where'd you get It Mom: the discount baggage center Kid:.-. Why do you do this to me Mom: :D love you.
kid:mom dad were should i get married if i get to have a husband mom:grocery store thats so cheap dad:no the mall thats even bigger and cheaper.

hell noooooo if a guy pulled this type of shit on our wedding day your definitely getting left at the alter hell there won't be an alter to me a wedding is basiclly the start of our life together if ur really that cheep and wont at least spend some money to make our day special knowin it means a lot to me then u shouldnt be marrying me then lol damn i sound kinda bratty but hey to each her own.

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November 18, 2015
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January 3, 2016

Comments about this video:
On the first method of finding the cars that have those symbols above them... Does that work 4 Xbox 360 while offline Thanks.
Dear AR12Gaming, (I don't know your real name) I have a question about Xbox One. I have grew up on Xbox for a long long time. The original, up to the newest 360. And with the One's release I'm not insanely intimidated. The reason is because when my brother bought a PS3, I loved it. Mostly since he sold our Xbox and Xbox 360 to get it, but I was introduced to black ops, assassin's Creed, and lots of other great games. And when I first played Minecraft on Xbox, I wanted it so so soooo bad. I'm not really interested in that anymore but I love Forza Horizon 2. It's my favorite game by far, and it looks very juicy on the Xbox One. It's just, I've been wanting a PS4 since its release. I haven't gotten to it, but I'm so sad that FH2 is only an Xbox exclusive. So my question is, should I get the Xbox One for Forza and other games Or the PS4 for stuff like Driveclub, (ew) No Man's Sky (yas) and exclusively for PS4... Black Ops 3. I hope you read the whole thing, it's quite a lot but I haven't had anyone to help me with this. Thanks. -MouseInDaHouse.

No, I've used both for a long time. They're the exact same console. Its just the controller that brought me to the Xbox..
im new to xbox 1 can you guys add me to play this game and forza 6. xbox 1 name is Petrolhead4life. cant wait to get my first friend on my new xbox1. wooop wooop. My Forza rewards says I have 3 cars to claim and 2.2 million credits to claim but I don't know how to claim them any and all help much appreciated. I've played a ton of the forzas 3,4,5 and fast and furious got this game yesterday and was gifted 2.4 million from the rewards centre... Still in shock.
has anyone been getting the glitch where when it gives you money at the end of a race it says you have 0 dollars and 0 was givin to you cuase thats keeps happening.
Do you need to be slower than the car that has "cr" above it I couldn't see any cars with it. Guys find a speed camera that u and u mate haven't done start at like 30 mph get ur friends d to beat it at 35mph watch time u beat yr friends PB it gives u 50k I was 50k yesterday now I have 700k with a upgraded lamborghini and Nissan GTR.
2 AR12Gaming I have the perk paparazzi but every time I go to take the picture of the cars I haven't taken a picture of it doesn't work, do you know why it isn't working.

Did AR12 ever post a video about forza rewards I'm searching but I can't seem to find one .

Dude online road trips are on the Xbox 360 if anyone disagrees I will take a picture of my xbox 360 and show you.

i dont find it fair that on xbox 360 you cant do alot on forza horizon 2 for example: storm island, get money from taking pictures, bigger map, more money when you win, VIP wheelspin, bigger bonus credit boards... and the list goes on and on WHY MICROSOFT WHY!!!.
+Halfdone Sockmonkey What do you think The 360 is old and weak as fuck. It would not be able to handel all that and have a decent fps..
If u have fast travel any where perk u can make 999,999,999 just fast travel when u don't have enough money On Xbox 360 .

that is cool my Xbox one is keep on syncing when it fails it restart my Xbox lose all data that pisses me off.

I always go online and play King, even if you don't get the crown you still get shit tons of money .

I found a way to get a lot of money : 1. Complete horizon finale 2. Complete a championship that you already did before 3. Unlock finale again 4. Unlimited money.
If you are on the Xbox 360 make sure to go through and top all the speed traps and zones on your friend list. Each one you top gives you 50,100 credits.. +Seiko Shinohara You buy it, it's only 20 bucks on top of the 60 dollars you paid for the game. You get all of the earlier car packs free, a VIP wheelspin, and some other stuff. Also, I don't have it.. Your a lying sack of a** ):( I beat the game and didn't get one million credits, lying a** hole.
+the swedish miner​ from there. Sign into the app/page and go to rewards click redeem rewards on anything youve got and you've got to wait up to 4 hours I think so they show up in your game. And no problem!.

Buy Naproxen online; order Naproxen - cheap and qualitative

January 22, 2016

Comments about this video:
Thats...actually a really good idea. Or of course you could just bring popcorn from home in a big purse like I do lmao.. we sneak in candy all the time i don't see a problem in getting candy you like from cvs for 5 times less. How can you enjoy your limited time being alive when you're such a fucking cheap ass 24/7 Is it worth it I don't fucking think so.. +Luke Lindstrom U r lying that's why you keep saying oh why, just trust me like we're not that stupid you're just trying to get attention cuz you're lonely.
Whenever I go to see a movie I go to pound land and buy a shit ton of food but then I realise they don't let you in if you got food from outside so I have to shove them in my hood, pockets, sleeves, shirt etc. and I realise it would've been much easier to bring my bag lmao.
That was pretty smart, but that's his wife or gf, treat her with some respect. I bet she gives him a lot of love and time, give her a decent drink and thing of popcorn.. When people sneak food into a movie theater it's usually candy because what I do is go to the dollar store five below what ever's out there and just buy my candy and if I want something hot like nachos popcorn or hot dogs I'd bring money with me and I basically sneak food in with a drawstring bag and I go to the consecution stand and basically but more snacks for me especially if I'm with friends and especially my boyfriend/girlfriend then we have soda and slurpees and what ever we don't eat or don't finish don't throw it out just take it home.
not gonna lie my friends did this one time, we spent $100 on a movie because it was at this theater where there a reclining seats and we didnt have enough for popcorn so we took a bag from the top of the trash emptied it out and got it refilled.
+Josh Phillips HAHAHA they prolly use the ticket stub from the trashcan to prove they were already in the theater.
+LucyInNightmares1 Yes, I&#39;m in America, and my AMC theater also gives free refills for large popcorn. When me, my mom, and my aunt went last week, we ordered a large, asked for a two box carriers, poured the popcorn out into two carriers right in front of the chick, and immediately gave it to her for another refill. They got the boxes, I got the bag, all for the price of one large popcorn. Theoretically, you could do this for a larger party, and save even more..

+Minh Tran I live in Australia, I can't take food into the movies unless it's bought at the movies.
I sneak in food all the time. Once I even brought it popcorn with bowl of Rubio's chicken soup😂.
If you wanna do that with yourself Fine what fucking ever. But don't you dare do it to someone else without their knowledge. Asshole..

When I go to the cinema at the mall, I go to the store in the basement and buy soda and snacks then sneak them in with my backpack :P Cheaper than the popcorn at the cinema but not as cheap as digging through the trash to get free refills :O.
I do that, but a bit differently. We don't do consensus stands. We go to the dollar store and buy a candy and a soda. BOOM!. +Hailey Coggs Honey, do you think money grows on fucking trees we don't got that type of money lying around.. the movie workers aren't stupid they know where he got the popcorn bag and soda cup. if he wasn't taping for a reality show I doubt he could do that..
fun fact, movie theaters sell popcorn for such a high pricw because they make almost nothing off the movies, i sneak in soda but buy popcorn.
Omfg my grandpa use to do the refills on the popcorn and sodas from the trash when I was little, then we would stay in the movies and see every one 😂😂😂.
Everyone is talking about sneaking in candy and stuff but me and my friends sneak in beer and top shelf then throw the cans on the floor idgaf, mind you our friends parents are the owners lmao..
My teacher does the same and she said, "If you go to the movies a large popcorn cost you $12 if you go to Walmart a bag of kernels can cost you $2". who does that!!!! why don't u just buy in his bank right now is probly £1000,000,0000 and yet he is not going to to buy £10 worth of food. he got extra straws too, this man can defeat ISIS by not buying weapons but reusing guns from other battles. I take Kfc box meals in to the cinema and alcohol in a coke bottle just need to bring a woman with a big hand bag.

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December 7, 2015

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January 14, 2016

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È davvero impossibile dimenticare ho sempre ascoltato questo gruppo dall età di 14 anni. grande Mark sarai sempre nel mio cuore . without doubt the finest piece of instrumental music of the modern era, if not since the beginning of time. I have yet to listen to anything else that comes close..
+Andrew Kelly True, you could say that Mark wrote the first "Modern classical music masterpiece" =).
I guess so. Not many people these days capable of writing and playing a purely instrumental piece. Knopfler obviously has a rare talent!. Its just like speaking, like a voice, including dynamics. He doesn't play this at the same volume all the time, instead he uses the volume that suits the emotion. This works very well with this distortion sound, witch sounds clean when he plays softly.. Me too. The first CD I ever bought was the Local Hero soundtrack after seeing the movie, even before I owned a CD player.. Genius is not a word I use lightly, but Mark Knopfler is a musical genius. There is no music that has been written in the last 30 years that is as beautiful as this. This comes from the depths of creativity, that most people cannot journey to..
It's been exactly thirty years since my friends Jude and Michael Dereszynski introduced me to Local Hero, its director, and his other movies. Happy to have seen Dire Straits in Providence around that time. Thanks!.
J 'adore se Type!!il est simple!! il présente tout d'abord tous ses Musiciens!! il fait fait honneur et les mets en valeur en concert!! Mark est trés modeste!! et naturel!!! c'est un mec super bien!! Que Dieu a crée pour faire parler sa guitare et son coeur!! Respect a toi Mark!!!.
Úžasnej talent, nádherná muzika, nádherná melodie v podání (pro mne) nejlepšího kytaristy.

Mark knopfler is from whitley bay not Glasgow get it right he may have been born in Glasgow but that's irrelevant as he was raised in north east England.
saw him last year at the Terrace Theater in Long Beach, CA. Mark Knopfler, Carlos Santana, and Glen Campbell are the three most amazing guitar players I've ever seen. Beautiful song!. PLaying Local Hero with a Les Paul is like trying to playing Money For Nothing with a banjio. Not good. Fortunately he always gos back to the strat, in the end!. a mon frère...écoutez cette toune dans une église ca prend une autre dimension...pour toi mon Olivier qui me manque tant...pardon de polluer.... Probably the greatest song ever written, certainly one of the best played pieces ever. It had me thinking of my solo trip to Scotland in 1996, probably the most defining period of my life. Local Hero inspired me to get there. For that brief period of time, i was as Wild as the song!. Zelim da me s dvije pjesme pokopaju,prva je Vice Vukova "Dalmacijo,duso moja" a druga je "Going home"..
great piece of art.. but unfortunately don't find it in a better quality or even in the full Live Charity Montserrat concert !!!!.

He played this song with the "Les Paul", first time I saw this event. Coincidentally, this versión I believe is the grateast..
a true guitar hero does a local hero with such humble... mark tells u a story thru his guitar in his own inimitable ways... reminds me of brian may's soft solos.... thanks man... mark knopfler and brian may are virtuosos and yet the most humble of all the guitar legends... listen to the solo "last horizon" by brian may - it will take you to a different world.. simply mesmerising... . This song wasn't released on official concert DVD. Where is it possible to get full, unedited concert.
Thanks Craig. I agree - and I should know. I was at the Glasgow show two days earlier! It was equally great!.
Another product of talent from the best part of the North East of England. Certainly makes you proud to be a Geordie! I defo put this guy up there with Sir Bobby as the greatest.. Super Mark ! Quelle émotion, quel qu'un mois et je vais te revoir à la Rockhal au Luxembourg !. Reminds me of the first time I saw the film "Wag the Dog" in the theater. I had no idea MK had recorded the soundtrack. But about 10 notes into the opening credits, I said to my companion, "OMG! That's Mark Knopfler!" One of the great soundtracks if you don't already have it.. He's played this on the Strat as well, but the sound of the Les Paul seems more dynamically suited to this song, at least in this type of venue.. podria identificar al maestro sin cantar, solo con 2 acordes. Es irrepetible, la banda sonora de mi juventud .

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December 12, 2015

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I got this from a friend for free last night. He wasn't interested in it and I've been thinking about getting one for awhile... I'm a lead singer and a smoker, so I figured getting an ecig would help my lung capacity some. This one is alright considering it's my first. It's holding me up well. I just need to move on to a better one I guess. I was thinking about getting the Halo G6. Know anything about that one.

Halo G 6 is awesome. They have sick products. Check out my page on Halo:

Yeah I ordered the G6 kit with a 30ml bottle of Subzero eliquid. Should be here by tomorrow or Monday. I can't wait..

After I got my FREE startup kit I contacted my credit card, told then it was a scam, and they blocked any further charges from them. so I paid 4.95. To bad though, they have the best tasting atomizor.. Now buying my filters from Simplecig, 5 filters 12.99 no shipping cost. that's 7 dollars less than no flame and NO hassle....

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November 5, 2015

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+joshua roberts pretty sure she didnt cause in all the movies its voldemorT. you sure it isnt just in french.
+paulsoaresjr you never finished half the stuff you said you were going to do I was really hoping for that.
Can somebody please send me a link to the backpack mod used in this video I tried to search it up on planetminecraft but it was the wrong mod. If you have the link send to me via skype or comment reply. Skype: miguel.alvarado56893.
Everyone check out my server it's new and it's not always open and you know it's a W.I.P server but the ip is Hey paul, what do you use to record You get really good fps with no mouse lag, so it must be a pretty good software :).
your youtube name is in my mincraft book and it says you are a mincraft master and i balive you are a master .
+kritter thegamer I know it's been like 1-2 months from this, but.. LMAAAAOAOAOAOAOAOOAO xDD His first sub and his first viewer Wow, such bullshit.. You are never going to join any of the Mindcrack-related servers, noob. Neither am I or the rest few billion people. Now shut up and watch the video :). +Jim on CraftersLand yeah lol I bet he's a little kid! Just by looking at his comments you can easily tell.. the wierd thing is that when im in tropicraft theres ALOT of dinosours their EVERYWHERE! so it lags alot.
Download techlauncher just go on to the internet and seach techlauncher click the firs result and download a item will be at your desktop click it and ru it it will then open up scroll down until you find attack of the b team click on it and hit play it will take a bit to load but be patient! When it open op just create a new world! Hope I helped : ).
NERD ALERT : Frankenstein was just the doctor. Adam was the name of the monster. It's a common mistake though. So happy you're on the server. Best news all day ↖(^ω^)↗. +paulsoaresjr you would. I just went all nerdy because you said he created Frankenstein. I think you and Chim need to go all evil. We need a Evil Paul. ฅ(๑*▽*๑)ฅ!!.
PSJ has now forgotten his beloved coven witch. He seeks not her, but the love of anyone. He makes a tiki bar and establishes a place worth any man's wife, and gives up. But then he receives a vision. "Make someone worth loving you, PSJ" the vision said. So he started to research, research Necromancy... Story continued on next ep.
make a genarikb and bedubbleo monster it will be the best one ever I am a genarikb fan so genarikb for the win.

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January 2, 2016

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November 4, 2015

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