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January 1, 2016

Comments about this video:
So what happens when Saudi Arabia is tired of Wall Street rigging the price of oil and decide to trade oil in Yuan or gold Then it is game over for Wall Street.. +mossmossjdify But we'll do it with our proxy army "ISIS". Then the U.S. military will have to go into Saudi Arabia and take over their oil fields to protect them from our ISIS guys.. The secret is the saudies are almost out of oil.we drank it all! That is why they are trying to topple yemen.the saudies desperatly need the yemen oil to stay in power.and so does the petro dollar.if they cant get yemen it is curtains for the saudies (royals)and our govt.wich would lead to our country's collapse.what comes next is up to us.will we stand up and take it back or will we cry like spoiled children and ask the un for help.i will tell you plan b is a path to extinction for the ppl in this country!. USA is owned by Saudi Arabia 110% they wanted 9/11 they were behind clock/bomb kid come on its obvious after that one for sure lololo.
i know the truth like everyone else ( who is aware ) knows the truth but i cant help to marvel at the pure Machiavellian simplicity of the machine the elite have put into motion - everyone runs round blaming Arabs and bankers and stupid politicians ( all scum and filthy servants of evil to be sure ) - while all along its some un known nerd typing on a keyboard in some sub basement in wall streets backup facilities in Connecticut at the behest of Mr. Burns LOL :-).
Joe have you watched "Secret of Oz" You are so smart but you don't seem to get that silver and gold prices have always been controlled... Is it your opinion that the "Elite" want gold and silver to go up and replace our current system If so how did you decide that If not why do you think that the price will go up without a conglomerate of financiers Who is going to buy your silver 2 $300 what system is going to see to it that that is the price You need to think about this a bit more IMHO.. Joe after all these years of you telling us that the availability of physical silver could cause a default on the comex. Now you a saying that the over 400 million barrels of oil reserves that the U.S. has due to Saudia Arabia's over production has no bearing on comex prices. Are you now saying no physical amount of a commodity can effect the comex prices.
George HW Bush is the only ex-president who still receives daily CIA briefings. I have known this since the 90's when it was first reported. You can find articles from 2004 still talking about it..
+Jordon Rains Hi!, FFox somtimes skruw up, had this myself, so I know your problem(they attack your FF) But if you do a reset of FF, and then do this "about config" stuff it should work! Myself, evry time I go to FF history, I will lose "comments loading", I see no comments at all, this shit is within the "register", I know that, but I fund a way out, so i dont get deeper into fixing, the register! But evry problem you have, there is someone that have the same prob., and there is someone, puting up a vid. how to fix it! be safe. ive always thought you had a unique look. Cant believe i came across someone that looks like you!!! Lindsey Williams' source at the time he correctly called oil prices was Ken Fromme. Now that he's dead, Lindsey Williams' other source is clearly not as good. He certainly ballsed up his global currency reset in the next 3 months in December 2013 call, and numerous other screw ups... Didn't he say the new global currency would be announced already. +earth rat Hmm. "Delorean" (Del-o-'rean) sounds like a woman's name, a cross between Delores and Maureen. :) No wonder John DeLorean capitalized the "L." Heh heh.. i've been doing independent studies on world economics for the past three years. you are one of the best teachers i have come across yet. molly.

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January 2, 2016
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December 21, 2015
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December 30, 2015
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December 20, 2015

Comments about this video:
Greece made the payment by borrowing the money from the imf emergency fund. Putin has offered to help Greece to leave the euro and join BRICS. The central bankers won't like this and so war will follow if Greece jumps ship. Greece cannot afford to stay in the euro which was designed to look good but ultimately bankrupt countries with massive debt. Many other EU countries are watching Greece because they are headed in a similar direction. Spain, Portugal, Ireland, others will follow.. Albert Pike Wan't he the Masonic big shot who reworked the Scottish Rite Masonic organization and ritual in the 19th century :-).
Hmm, I wonder how Iran will react to a Nuclear Saudi Arabia I would attack right away before any delivery takes place..
+7seven7 iran wouldnt dare. as pakistan said "we will not get involved in yemen but if iran as much as throws a pineapple on saudia arabia pakistan will send an army of 5 million to turn it into a waste land" and thats pakistan alone not including turkey or malaysia or indonesia or moroco or algeria or egypt or solmalia or libya or or or or or or. nobody would dare touch the land of mecca and medina and i mean anybody cause there will be an army assembled of 1.6 billion sunni muslims overnight.. Russia has invited Greece to join BRICS, so things are about to get even more interesting on that front as well... if I hadn't read the end of The Book, I would be seriously concerned... but, if we don't meet on the battle field, we will meet on the other side of the veil... carry on, brother. Sometimes I find myself lost in thought for some minutes, after you video has long ended. You must be doing something right.. iran wouldnt dare touch saudia arabia. as pakistan said "we will not get involved in yemen but if iran as much as throws a pineapple on saudia arabia then pakistan will send an army of 5 million to turn it into a waste land" and thats pakistan alone not including turkey or malaysia or indonesia or moroco or algeria or egypt or solmalia or libya or or or or or or. nobody would dare touch the land of mecca and medina and i mean anybody cause there will be an army assembled of 1.6 billion sunni muslims overnight. Reply ·. yes saudi has every right to get nukes since america decided to elect a shia president into the white house..
+عمك عتيبي So you want to go and rape innocent women Have you ever even been with a woman ARe you that sexually frustrated That's what I hate about Salafis. They have so much pent up sexual frustration because of strict Shariah law that it turns to rage against women. .

+عمك عتيبي So you're saying that no Sunnis have the name Hussein So Saddam Hussein was actually a SHI'A!!!!! (WOW!) So why did he go to war with Iran then Please explain as you seem to be an expert on Islamic theology. .
All Greece needs to do is ask Obama and Co for a loan, they will just go to the printers and tell them, print a few hundred Billion, doesn't matter and who cares if there is nothing to back this loan, No_one will ever suspect we would do something illegal, after all we are the Gov't. What do all the parts of the Image in Nebuchadnezzar’s Dream have in common with America. Conquered His enemies by first allowing the leaders to serve Him, if this didn’t work he set up a new Government with those that would. Also allowing merging of Religions. Nebuchadnezzar king of Babylon : Same kings of Media and Persia.: Same Alexander the Great : Same Rome : Same Rome also started electroplating their coins when the Roman Economy started failing. The Romans used Silver plating, American cannot even afford that. Want to know more : READ YOUR OWN BIBLE need help understanding PRAY this is why the HOLY SPIRIT was SENT. love matthew. America [ Beast ] Hindermost of the Nations and the only one to have brought down fire from heaven. Revelation 13:11-13 11 And I beheld another beast coming up out of the earth; and he had two horns like a lamb, and he spake as a dragon. 12 And he exerciseth all the power of the first beast before him, and causeth the earth and them which dwell therein to worship the first beast, whose deadly wound was healed. 13 And he doeth great wonders, so that he maketh fire come down from heaven on the earth in the sight of men, Revelation 17:12 12 And the ten horns which thou sawest are ten kings, which have received no kingdom as yet; but receive power as kings one hour with the beast. Get Ready to receive : America - Babylon -.. +godsmwc65 What do all the parts of the Image in Nebuchadnezzar’s Dream have in common with America. Conquered His enemies by first allowing the leaders to serve Him, if this didn’t work he set up a new Government with those that would. Also allowing merging of Religions. Nebuchadnezzar king of Babylon : Same kings of Media and Persia.: Same Alexander the Great : Same Rome : Same Rome also started electroplating their coins when the Roman Economy started failing. The Romans used Silver plating, American cannot even afford that. Want to know more : READ YOUR OWN BIBLE need help understanding PRAY this is why the HOLY SPIRIT was SENT. love matthew.

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December 23, 2015
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December 19, 2015
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December 24, 2015
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December 22, 2015

Comments about this video:
As long as religion is still around and has a strong hold on society, there will never be real progress. I'm a very proud ex-Muslim and an atheist. I can tell you, Islam gives the hopeless hope, and it gives the oppressed strength, but at the end of the day, it's all a myth, just like other religions, and when it impacts a society it completely ruins it.. +Sanaz_Tehrani With Judaism, Christianity and Islam - there are similarities between these three main monastic faiths. Anyone one of them does not claim the other two are entirely misguided. You said it yourself, religion fulfills a need to some - so it does play an important comforting role in peoples' lives especially in times of emotional despair; whether religion is true or not is another question. Dismissing all religions as fairy tales seems brazen to me, especially if you keep in mind you cannot disprove God does not exist more than I can prove God does exist. Science cannot provide humanity with any meaning neither can it give an answer on what the actual source of the Universe was prior to the Big Bang. The question of the source is not just another question. It is the ultimate question leading to the ultimate answer..
+OmegaKent yup, precisely. Religion is for the weak, it gives them hope. The same way drugs work..

Amazing! Just think of that. What do you know Just give it another 100 years and women will be able to drive and don't have to walk inside huge bags that cover their whole body..

I have a question. What is the definition of"man and "woman" in Saudi Arabia I ask this because I heard Saudi women can have female drivers, but can't drive themselves. Which leaves the question: if female guest workers aren't women, what are they.
+thenorwegian76 They are women,but they are not Saudi women,Saudis do not have a problem with a women driving,they have a problem with "their"women driving.I also saw several reports saying that Saudi women themselves do not care about this rule,but this causes outrage in the west.Also in some parts of the country,the rule is not enforced..

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December 29, 2015
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December 27, 2015
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December 25, 2015
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December 31, 2015

Comments about this video:
The Saudis can't even make a light bulb! Dumb Arabs have to import everything. Saudi Arabian personnel cannot operate the vessels. Nice to display at the port though. NEXT QUESTION.

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December 26, 2015
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October 25, 2015

Comments about this video:

The United States of America Incorporated is slowly being liquefied just like any other failing company..

+Chris Grear U can't say it any better then it. So freaking true and now if the farmers and ranchers try to stand up to the BLM. They get put n jail on some BS charges or they start killing off there cattle/live stock and n some cases kill the farmers/ranchers. Look at what's going on n Oregon right now. Ppl r getting fed up with the BLM's bull shit..
+NoMoreBrotherWars "Remember when Walker and his hand-picked chamber-of-commerce-water carrier DNR Secretary Cathy Stepp tried and failed to convince the Wisconsin Legislature - - through the budget - - to weaken the Wisconsin Natural Resources Board by wiping out much of its oversight authority Here's a good reason why that legislative failure was a win for the public: the board tabled a deal negotiated by DNR bureaucrats to sell prime lakefront land in northern Wisconsin to a major Walker campaign donor." +Oldking Cole I had never heard this, Cole. Thanks for the link. I"m going to research it..
This place ain't broke that's an illusion. The lottery for example was just over a billion. Just think about that. Its all a sham.
the foreign invasion of america is gradual not some huge event. it has been happening for a long time, before obama, he did secretely speed up the process though. we all have been purposely distracted with fake news and trying to divide the races so we won't see. what is truly happening. and when we finally look up it will be to late, we are almost there.. those greedy politicians who run this country are selling America down the road..all for the love of money and gold..they want to turn America In to islam. Foreign countries should not be allowed to buy anything here! That is a danger to the liberty of the USA.. It's f... Besness you mouran ، how about Americans get the hell out of the world.USA brok...en need of cash.. The truth movement might dwindle to a roaring mouse soon, the Baltic Dry Index is at a historic low, food will be skyrocketing in cost soon, all cargo ships are stalled on all coasts for over 6 days now, get your shit in order. +SS52 hhmmm out of all the comments this is the only one that interest me, any info. on how to find out more about what you have mentioned I will go ahead and start researching the Baltic Dry Index, thanks for this , maybe a video should be done on this subject instead. there is an Executive Order that allows it. everything here in the u.s. is for sale. look the E.O. up... ... God, GunZ n Beer....
+Opinion at the Ready I live in Michigan...hardly have seen or heard of Chinese cities, yes there are a lot of small towns but they do not look like China, I am pretty sure I would've heard something, I am driving to the thumb tomorrow, I travel around the State often....
No wonder why the BLM is stealing land from Americans! Taxes a good enough anymore,they want to sell the rights to our land right out from under us! That's why they said by 2050 75% of the worlds population will be living in stack & pac housing in giant cities! No one else will be able to access the rest of the land. Substitutable development sucks!.
I hate the city and living in it why do I want to live in a building with a bunch of goofs or have my house nearly touching the neighbours on either side just bs there's so much land out there... I turn my TV up loud someone's complaining it aint living folks.

Governor Moonbeam must have given the Saudi's a waiver on any water restrictions... wondering how much he deposited in "hip pocket national bank".

Question, hundreds of Wal Marts ( not to mention all these other major markets. Where is all this ' meat ' coming from, havent seen a a while..
+William Jean It's people! Walmart meat is made out of people. They're making our food out of people. Next thing they'll be breeding us like cattle for food. You've gotta tell them. You've gotta tell them! I wonder who'll get that LOL. Is this why they are trying to steal the ranchers land, in that massive land grab out west What the 'government' says, and what the 'government' DOES are two very different things entirely. There is always the cover story for the masses (nature preserve) and the GENUINE reasons behind closed doors like underground bases, underground train systems, underground cities, the selling assets to foreign interests, mineral wealth, etc..
Gruber is right and Americans are idiots. Bush, Cheney, Rumsfeld and their cohorts murdered thousands of US Citizens during the 911 Inside Job to stay in power 8 long years. Americans voted for a Kenyan-born Illegal Alien into power TWICE now destroying the USA while squatting in the white house. Millions and millions of Illegal Aliens have flooded across the boarder and the Illegal Alien Invasion continues with Illegals killing 25 US Citizens EVERY DAY. Just grab your ankles and take the medicine for being so utterly naive and stupid. Destruction will come from the US West Coast across the once-great nation to the East....

America is a giant fire sale and we're the suckers who can't see the pink slips hiding in the back ground once everything worth selling is sold..

it really doesn't matter anymore. nobody lifts a finger and that's just how it's going to be. Government has already been taken over, citizens are easy prey..
goodbye America... One world country. The Borg will simulate everyone...resistance is futile..
didn't dahboo do one on Bundy ranch Reid's son is a broker in real estate and had the land technically already sold to China as "debt" solution. Pretty sure, then came "turtle-gate" in which the gov stopped all water supply killing all the supposedly endangered turtles! All I know is I didn't get or make any $ so the Land is a false sell. I do not recognize it. yea they were gonna build nuclear power plants and become electric companies. I say send the all lobbyists and treasonous politicians on a carny cruise ship straight to China and say here's the boys that took your $! it wasn't up for votes and they passed it in the middle of the night so shake these guys down.. Many businesses are owned and operated by foreign investors. That doesn't exempt them from complying with US laws. Since US farmers pay for water, what makes you think a Saudi farmer here in the US wouldn't be required to pay for water Do you really believe anyone could build an airport here in the US and bring in thousands of people without being detected Come on, Daboo, you're smarter than that. And lastly, farmers have the right to sell their produce to whoever they want as long as our government hasn't placed sanctions against a particular country. Do I like the fact that many of our resources are diverted to other countries Not when we are experiencing a water shortage. But that's a side effect of free market capitalism. Plus, how many resources has the US extracted from other countries around the world while citizens of those countries remain in poverty Like it or not, we're about to experience what people of so-called 3rd world countries experience every day.. yea, just like the giant shopping malls in the 1970's under president Carter, that allowed foreign investors to set up these malls at ZERO tax...which made it impossible for little Main street America to compete with the giant conglomerates!! The Multi-nationals have their own club...and we are just the "expendable masses". They are the dogs that poop in everyone ELSES yard!!.
"America is a golden calf and we will suck it dry, chop it up, and sell it off piece by piece until there is nothing left" (Netanyahu 1990). I guess the Jew running the states have a bright future for American Gentiles..

While we rest in the delusion of what we think America is by partying, drinking, football games, sports, working (chasing the dollar) all of these PROGRAMMED dreams of happiness about the American dream AKA as the American Nightmare. If we look at what;s happening in other countries like Syria and all the nations surrounding Israel we have been notified of what's next. The 1% is and has been already dividing the spoils..

Saudi Arabia is the most evil regime in the world. This war in Syria only exists because Saudi Arabia is exporting proxy jihadists to topple a secular government. They are trying to commit genocide to satisfy their wahhabist agenda. I wish the USA would just cut ties to them already there is no moral or ethical way to have a relationship with them. It sickens me everyday..
The entire Southwest of the US is like a desert. Saudi Arabia shouldn't be buying up land in this area of the US because they would not be too careful about water conservation since it is not their country. California recently had a very bad drought..
Nice. We sell our land in the USA to people who hate us and want to destroy us. We continually seem to do this to ourselves, invite the enemy to dinner and then to move in. Makes me furious..

just like other places in the world, the land and what grows there will not be for Americans but for the country that bought the right to use our resources and ship it all to there homeland. an agreement between corrupted governments who will starve everyone that is allowed to live. we have seen it in other countries and now we will see it and feel the consequences of it happening to us as the corrupted government in this country do it to us. l wonder what we the people will do about it..

what will you do about it Wonder why the celebrities aren't rising up and making some conscious music Why not the actors Maybe they don't know Or they just don't care If it's obvious then who's to blame.

You are worried about Saudi Arabia buying fertile lands in The US to feed its agriculture needs you should be worried about your economic system which allows the whole assets of the US to be owned by individual families and by foreign individuals as well, Buying lands will benefit both Saudi Arabia and America, and it's paid for in full, and it's just like any other investment, it does mean Saudis will fly straight to the farms, for your comfort, the Saudis will land in the airports first like any other nationalities, The US is already somehow owned by corporates and foreign banks, and the scary news is that those firms are getting larger buying smaller firms and ultimately making the US economy in few hands of greedy ones, who feed on profits from wars, oil, and from interests of huge loans given to the US making such a great country drawn in deficit and national debt, that's utter failure,.
Check this website and see who the number one land owner is.
Last time I was in the SF Bay Area, I was shocked at the growth of Asian (and Arabic) populations- I grew-up there and even lived right on the outskirts of San Francisco Chinatown for years- so I am well aware of the large indigenous Chinese pop. But I have never witnessed anything like what I saw out near Livermore (East Bay) when I was hitting up an outlet mall to return a tux. I have even spent time in China and I am telling you, there were more Chinese people that in freaking China! Thousands of them... ONLY Chinese, and a few Arabic. Everyone was speaking Chinese, the only non-Chinese were the few people working in the stores- I finally saw one white guy in a sea of Chinese faces... he was holding hands with a Chinese woman! I really was in disbelief..

They're not breaking any law by buying land. Hell the us has land everywhere. If they aren't breaking any of the laws of nature and against man then they can do what they want. Lets remember this Land belongs to the so called Hispanics and native Indians. What's go happen is going to happen. This place as you know it won't be here forever. America that it. .

saudi Arabia own the canadian wheatboard, stephen Harper sold it to them instead of all the canadian farmers that pit in the money to buy it....
Yeah well where do you see Tredau heading our country towards Canadian conspiracies are not as publicized. I'd say watch out for the refugees they're taking in. All nice clothing fat bellys with fat wallets. The real Refugees that need help are the poor ones, uneducated, starving. There are some sleeper cells in the 50,000 that are arriving. Pushing towards RFID for everyone so they can track us on Geopoint neural network. It'll be an Orwellian facist Utopia just keep watch for the events leading up to it. COP21, Agenda21, JadeHelm, FEMA, Google+, Alphabet Google, Daarpa, and a whole flock of evil. The AI minority report profiling software. Killer Drones. We are headed toward a sad future. GMO food, GMO babies, chemtrails, Why the Georgia guidestones are still standing is beyond me. Absolute power corrupts absolutely. The Swiss octogon empire nazi templars rosicruians Illuminati bilderbergs and the global elite, billionaires with ideas and greedful lust, politicians, priministers, presidents, dictators, and the shadow Mafia. All the enemies of the true and free. God Keep Our Land glorious and free. Doesn't feel like that these days. The Old World Order is the New World Order pharonic aristocrats pushing meritocratic philosophy generation after generation and we've failed to rid power and leadership from our Earth completely along with money. I got your answers for world peace.. OK at least those " foreigners " ( Saudis, and Chinese..) are BUYING farmlands in USA to cultivate crops. But did the European/ " White " buy the lands from the so-called " Indians" or " Natives" Besides your so-called country USA has been " re-bought " for long time by the Central bankers. They have jurisdiction over you. They control your existence. USA is in a complete collapse. Your so-called " country " which is nothing but a corporation is bankrupt. . Maybe they'll cut a deal with the Islam of America, Mormon Utah. Mormonism is Freemasonry and it's a political machine founded on treason. I can assure you the water isn't free. Just wait until the shit Really hits the fan and the Mormonism, controlling over 150,000 sq miles around Utah (85K sq.mi. itself), are monitoring your highways, stopping you as TSA agents, police agents, BLM, You name it. You've seen nothing yet. Mormons will occupy the roads, control many media systems (Did you know the Mormon Hierarchy owns something like 20% of the L.A. Times), They're already inside the CIA and the Largest NSA Listening Center in the World, near Salt Lake. Why would the NSA build that thing in Utah I already told you.. There is a perimter around the us. Think it's called the ADIZ(). You can't cross without permission. Jet Fighters are around..
the land has been giving to them, the feds and the government owes china, china holds 90%percent of the united states debt, feds out of money, now they have to take land and give it to the debt holders for payment on debt...remember year after year they say...raise the debt limit...and they do it, now its time to make payment on the debt...saudi Arabia boys have been loaning them money and buying t bills to help feds, now they need money to do to heavy lost in oil prices...we will see more china and saudi Arabia owned land in the united states...thats what the BLM has been created to do, get the land by any means...just people hwve not put the dots together yet....
this means money for American families and labors they will be able to buy stuff, not to mention the land is staying in us stupid. WTF%$%*% if the government cannot own land outside of DC neither can ANY FOREIGN ENTITY. I guess after we are done in Oregon, we will have to go other places!.
Where is all the military members who r supposed to arrest obama, clintons, bushes, etc for their domestic terrorism They need to go arrest the one that is putting them up to all this mess!.
Water- here in the Southwest, where water is not plentiful, large scale farming depletes the aquifers,lowers the table..and the harvest feeds animals in Saudi Arabia.. Think your hitting the nail on the head, you pay for their oil, they use that money to buy the land, use the resources & then ship the benefits back to Saudi. Learn from history folks, this same thing happened to the Native Americans & look at the problems they got..
Dahpoop is a racist a-hole. Stop watching these guys' videos they're just making money by fear mongering..
First of all, Saudi Arabia source of water is the ocean. So they are not running of water. Fondomonte which is long time standing there in the US. Since, Almarai already bought the Fondomonte now and the company is US based so what do u think Then why US allowed a foreign company to buy any company in US to extend their businesses. FYI Almarai is Saudi Arabia based company, a publicly listed company and not own by the government of Saudi Arabia. It's just like Coca Cola expanding their business around the globe. And many US company extending their businesses in Saudi Arabia Isn't it the same Why you never questioned when big companies from your US extending their businesses in Saudi Arabia To tell you I'm not Arab from the middle east. Do you see how racist you are.

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December 12, 2015
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December 6, 2015

Comments about this video:
Hey folks! Do me a solid and check out The Urius Tosh Show! It's my new podcast. I was inspired by Sam Seder and the MR as well as other podcasts like Art of Wrestling. I talk pop culture, news, gym life, music, art. I'm and artist and gym enthusiast. I'd love to see you there! Thanks!.
Muslim migrants to Europe decided to greet the German people, who took them in, by publicly assaulting and raping German women. Muslim migrants to England decided the greet the English people by raping over a thousand of their female children. I think that "savage" might be an appropriate term. Also, as soon as Muslims stop bowling up bombs and shooting people in my country and in the on the west world, then I will feel fine in not lecturing them. Also, if they merely got out of our on the west countries and stopped attacking us then I would feel perfectly fine pulling all on the west troops out of the Middle East and never again tell them how to handle their religion. If they are being crazy on their own, I don't give a shit..

Yawn, more pathetic click-baiting attacks against secularism. Can't Michael just start set up a fund for regressive, pro-theocracy liberals to send him money so he doesn't have fill the show with this crap.

+Anders Feder Well I provide you arguments out of a sense of altruism in the hopes that you will learn and stop your idiotic trollish ways..
+Rob McCune You haven't provided me with arguments for anything other than the fact that you are the only one here whose ways are idiotic and trollish.. Sam Harris peddles fear, injects his arguments with apocalyptic images, constantly whines over the "decline" of the West, about not being aggressive and militaristic enough. He also implies to be "the one" with the answers, our savior. How is Sam Harris any different from some fundamentalist cult leader or a hardcore Fascist. +Jk H Post-Chomsky I think Harris was severely traumatized, and now says the most demented stuff, such as... "Witness the capture of academia (Esposito), polling (Gallup), and journalism (Zakaria) by rank Islamism. ".
So I'm a Sam Harris cult member because I agree with him on certain areas How fucking ignorant..
+Shawn Esplin sam harris is the same as religious retards... harris is basically saying "sometimes confirmation bias isnt wrong, we should use it more often", same thing religious fools do..
+Legendary Super Saiyan Troly Like I said, I don't agree with him on everything. I just don't think we should go too far in attacking everything he believes like rg055 was doing when I (and I'm guessing you) agree with many of the other things he says, and I don't think we should extend a defense of Muslims to a point where we end up not criticizing religious beliefs which also tend to promote a lot of terrible ideas. Sam Harris, Islam, Christianity, and all other religions and people have a mixture of good and bad ideas. We can and should criticize them for the ideas we disagree with, but we should also make an effort to parse out the good and bad ideas instead of just painting the whole thing as an "intellectually bankrupt wasteland" like rg055 did..
It seems intellectually dishonest to spend the whole interview with Omer Aziz opining on how Sam Harris's (et al.) solution to end the grave human rights abuses in majority muslim, theocratic countries is wrong without offering your own solution to replace it. If Majid (sp) Nawaz is wrong about an Islamic reformation, what do you proffer The answer I understood from this interview is "let the indigenous communities lead from within." In many cases this isn't happening. Perhaps the reformation hypothesis is not the best solution, but you must outline what you think WOULD work to end the human rights abuses particularly targeting women, gays, religious minorities, etc. If you have a solution, SAY IT! Make a video about it. Don't just continue to make cheap attacks on New Atheists' ideas and give history lessons. What's the solution(s) Who will implement it How will it be implemented Until you answer those questions, you're just Monday-morning quarterbacking..
+magisterparsons seriously!!! no one should be able to point out bad ideas unless they put out their own ideas!! its more honest to make up some bullshit or put false confidence in something! everything has to be one way or the other!!! THE UNIVERSE IS BINARY, WE LIVE IN THE MATRIX!!! #SheepleLogic.
And there is the factor tribalism: If u want to change a society from the outside, u will get most likely the opposit effect. Every change has to come from the society itself..
+IIzRoBzII "it is not mass murder without intent," it seems pretty intentional to me when the government launches drone strikes in civillian areas and classify any male over the age of 16 to be an adult. Wow, I think we have a nobel prize winner here, you want avoid blowing limbs off of 4 year olds. I'm sure it's very comforting for the family members of the dead and wounded that the U.S government didn't intend to kill or maim their family member, but of course those family's who are affected are muslim's so their heartbreak and loss does't matter anywayt,because they belong to in the words of Harris a "death cult." Now on the otherhand if a white person died in a terrorist attack at the hands of one of the "death cult" members, than that would be a horrific and saddening loss of life..

+rg055 What is so hard to grasp - THE KILLING IS UNINTENTIONAL! Of course it is tragic whenever someone is killed, but its not like the pilots gather around in a room rubbing their evil hands together and twirling their mustaches saying 'how many 4 year olds can we maim today! Muhahaha'. Seriously though, these people guard us whist we sleep, and don't act as if you yourself haven't gained from them doing so. It's so easy to argue against everything when you live in a little world inside your head when it is black and white isn't it.
This is interesting, the callers point is, "You can't speak about an idea's problems if you do not come from that idea." And that's why Sam Harris shouldn't speak about Islam. So Russians cannot give their opinion about capitalism, you won't listen So Canadians can't promote their values of national healthcare to Americans, it doesn't count because they are Canadian This is an incredibly stupid concept infecting the left. Ideas don't have labels. IT DOESN'T FUCKING MATTER WHO THE MESSENGER IS. The only thing that matters is the idea and it's merits. Full stop. Get your head out of your ass fellow liberals.. I think it's funny that Sam Harris and other nonbelievers are so quick to insist on who are and aren't heretics..
Stefan Molyneux just made another great video telling like it TRULY is with Islamists gang raping German women etc. What a contrast with THIS channel! On this channel all I ever hear is unrealistic, dumb, twisted bullshit sugarcoating & demonizing just the wrong people.

+Mark Hanson What's that you say Stefan Molyneux made a deranged video filled with hate and lies What else is new.

+Mark Hanson Stefan Molyneux the guy who only detests rape if it's done by non-whites. Wow what a temendous douche..

Disorder Anarchy Absurdity of life Your ignorance of the Universe and the fear it causes in you doesn't make life any of those things. It's your fear. Nothing more, nothing less..

This thread is crazy. I've read all of SH's books and in my 4yr college way think he's smart and take his arguments as a whole. Christian, Jewish, Muslim ect. However, I listen to, and fucking love, the MR even though I don't totally agree with everything said by one host, guest, or invisible Classic Kelly says. If you can't listen to people's critiques without an immediate shush response then stop listening. I find myself 70/30 on Sam's side. That means that there's a lot of work, study, and listening to others to be done before I say anyone else "doesn't get it.".
This is ridiculous. I don't have to be rooted in right wing militia groups to criticize them any more than I had to be in the gulag to criticize communist Russia. No other ideology gets this dumbass defense.. Although I will add I don't understand his defense of the crusades either. He argues self defense but I don't think history validates that argument.. On second thought you have a point though I don't 100% sign up to your reading of Harris. Could be Sam is hiding behind plausible deniability. I doubt it as he seems consistent and sincere. Either way Aziz wasn't the least bit impartial regarding Nawaz. He's one sided and rather obviously biased against him because of his associations and is clearly writing his bigotry into his articles being as one sided as possible and calling him rather horrible names while pretending to condemn others for it.. Islam can not be reformed. It does not need reformation but it needs more secularism and enlightenment. Btw, all those lefties who are trying to provide shitty apolegtism for muslims in west, you are nothing but moron who should be dealth with how saudi arabia deals with apostates.. +Kaiser Soze It led to the desire for secularism among enlightenment thinkers to end sectarian conflict. . "new atheists" and "reason circles" will disintegrate from the slightest igtheistic blast. they are weak atheists TROLOLOL..

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January 23, 2016
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December 13, 2015
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December 14, 2015

Comments about this video:
They have are manipulating our government with money, it's perverted to watch politicians Republicans and Democrats sell our country to the highest bidder.. +True Don Blue Fair assessment, it would be fairly easy to manipulate rich people with no actual power. We could annex saudi in as little as hours with our resources with little resistance. I would like to think there are persons that smart and incorruptible within government. That I have yet to see. . So where is the US call for regime change Obviously the House of Saud has lost the "legitimacy" to rule under the same charges leveled at Assad.. +toob247 share with me a video a news story for a policeman who killed a black man and was put in prison or executed for his crime.
can't expect more from a US government that runs by the money sucking jews, pure evil and double standard and hypocrisy..

+TechS3eK Iran executed 900 people for no reasons according to UN human reports in the first half of 2015.
Natural mystic of Bob Marley Is part of the answer in this terrible mess that we're living in nowadays.
And before we simply assume that these executions aren't fair and build arguments upon it, committing a logical fallacy, namely, a Straw Man. Might be read a little bit of the history of this man and Saudi's explanations of why they executed him without assuming that whatever they're going to say is false. Please Read this article:
+abdullah saad At least getting better understanding, Muhammed as failed as it all one big mess total slit up from difference idea`s.. ...when our allies are barbarians then our foreign policy is barbaric. In the long run, both Democrat and Republican foreign policy of regime change and war are one.. +Anthony Gerard Iran executed 900 people for ne reasons according to UN human reports in the first half of 2015. Saudi Arabia is a lot worse than Iran, yet we in the NATO member states are told that the Saudis are our allies, while Iran is our enemy. This is also why the mainstream media are reluctant to show how bad Saudi Arabia actually is. And we continue buying oil from both, because we're hooked on fossil fuels, despite decades of climate talks.. If anything this will be a rationale to increase in arms sales to the Kingdom. What We must maintain stability..
Fuck this channel, Iran executed 900 people for ne reasons according to UN human reports in the first half of 2015 and no one is talking about, should not the US end its deal with Iran for these increasing number of executions.

+Ibrat911 : Fu This channel You did not understand Gerard because you are brain washed and DUMB... The point is that America will support those that support them, regardless of the criminals that they are. Case and point, "The Saudi's.

For all of you who stand behind freed of speech, you need to know that Sheikh Nimr was murdered for speaking up against the Saud family, their bigotry and discrimination against his people and not for picking up arms and/or committing acts of physical violence and that is why his murder has made so many people so upset around the globe. The tyrannical wahabi/Salafi regime of Saudi Arabia is based on the same ideology as ISIS. KSA and ISIS both follow the deviated interpretation of Islam done by Abdul Wahab who hailed from Najd-Saudi Arabia and the Saudi system is based on his teachings. All the Terrorist groups on planet from Al Qaida to ISIS to Boko Haram to Taliban in Pakistan to Chechans in Russia, all of them follow Wahabi/Salafi ideology where everyone else is either to be killed or converted into a Wahabi aka Salafi. Wahabis themselves don't like calling them selves Wahabis, they call themselves Salafis..
+Fawad Zaydi nabi Mohammed died and Sahabi Ali died. Are you ashamed to say Ali Khaminai is your supreme leader they lied to you and told you Imam no.12 is underground in sirdab in Karbala, isn't it And Khomeini or Sistani is leading on his behalf. +J Love Nabi Muhammad Imam Ali are alive in our hearts - and Imam Ali is AhleBayt while every one else is a Sahabi. Those who fled and left Nabi during battles are also Sahabis. you know who fled battlefield right Ali never did that. AhleBayt are Sahabis but Sahabis are not AhleBayt - while Muawiyah and Yazid (LA) live in your Munafiq wahabi hears. There is not a single Sahabi who comes close to Imam Ali in his loyalty and faith towards Islam and Nabi. This is not a Shia speaking, this is a historical fact. As far as Ayutullahds, we Shia are not like you wahabis is following jurisprudence, we follow their rulings as long as they are per Quran and AhleBayt. You are a typical wahabi lier, no one told us that 12 Imam is living underground, we don't know where he is at you dumb wahabi but we are waiting for the return of Imam Mahdi, it could to today or 1000 years from now, rest is what your wahabi Munafiq leaders are telling you and don't keep on switching topics, the topic was Iran helping Pakistan out, you Wahabis are killing each other like the pigs you are. Sunni Afghans are against you and India is already there, India is on your on the west border and Eastern border, you have NO one except Shia Iran and if Shia Iran joins with India, after you join hands with these incompetent pool of Wahabi/Sunni Arab tards then you are fucked from all the sides little wahabi tough talker. So thank Shia Iran for your existence. Strange, you are considered arab slaves when you go to Saudi Arabis or GCC and now listen to you, licking Arabs toes, protecting your masters Persians is feared and respected while modern days Arabs are laughed upon and ridiculed by EVERYONE and we all know that..
An uninformed suspicion; Yemen is a key focus that we're being distracted from. The trade route from China to Djibouti is at stake. Take Yemen and you take China's trade route..
+Lomaxient China used to be the most important economy on the planet for thousands of years, from the days when the Mediterranean civilisations (Greeks, Phoenicians, Romans, etc.) started importing lots of products from China via the Silk Road until the Industrial Revolution in Europe. Now that China has had its own Industrial Revolution, it's becoming the most important economy again, leaving all others behind. There isn't much the US can do about it, other than slow it down a little.. The world has to come to term and the needed actions to stop the egregious crimes of the Saudi Wahhabi. The Dark Age era like sectarian acts of the Saudi Arabia has reached its limit. Saudi Arabia has kept its barbaric mass executions using appalling pseudo jurisprudence so that to continue its sectarian rules. The people of Yemen are suffering due to the unabated bombings of the Saudis. It is obvious many are questioning the US government’s indifference and tacit support. Imagine the reaction of the west had the wanton crimes the Saudis are committing against innocent civilians was done by other countries..
I think the US will respond by selling them an extra $50 billion worth of weapons. It's a good opportunity to ship some planes to rust in the desert. Everyone will get their commission and all are happy..


America is the trouble maker on Earth and the Saudi's are the ass lickers of the US, together with Turkey's and many other nations... When it comes to lying, trouble making and killing America stands supreme... America will support anybody that support US, even if they are the biggest criminals on civil rights...> America should get off the planet and let the dust settle that it has provoked.

I see that we have had friction with Iran for years. I hope people use this incident to understand the manipulation the USA has been subjected to for years..

Obama and the Saudis have an intimate relationship similar to Israel. Matters of moral outrage (beheadings) is often muted by Obama's admiration for the regime..
Why should U.S. Respond by Cutting $50 Billion in Weapons Sales Saudi Arabia for executing a terrorist leader al-Nimr Anyway his name is cool NIMR AL NIMR!!! = TIGER THE TIGER FUNNY!! I think such tigers have to be taken out as early as possible.. +Yusuf yusuf Your not very bright are you Must be the hot weather. Anyway your obviously ten years old so wont carry on this conversation any long. P.s Don't bother replying because you will not get a response.. Remember that saudi arabia is responsible for United Nations human rights. thanks to the efforts of E.U.A.!. I have a question for the left-leaning people who normally watch this channel. One of the guys in this video mentions the saudi's have killed over 2000 civilians in Yeman. There are hundred of dead civilians from the russian bombings...How come this channel and many left wing people never call this out Or make a big deal about this It seems they only do this regarding israel... why is that I'm not trying to pick a fight. Shouldn't there be the same outrage. +Federico Mazandarani what r u even talking about Your comment has nothing to do with the question i asked . He was a terrorist just like the rest of the 64 executed with him. Its like your are saying let's support terrorism by cutting the "90 billion" arms deal..
iran and syria and russia will be A Victorys.. Saudies are Insane And their royal Are Not Human.. dead to saudis and fucking soni muslim and masonic satanist...
And what makes the situation worse is that the military industrial complex has it's tentacles in every U.S. state so that any changes to control or reign it in will have an adverse effect on jobs in America. The military will simply fear-monger by saying that any interference in it's foreign activities will jeopardize employment at home. Many Americans are not willing to make sacrifices for true change and so change never happens..
Ali Ahmad is lying: Saudis don't consider blacks as slaves, doesn't he remember that Bandar in Sultan, the ex ambassador to the USA was a Half-Black.
How can the US sell $50 Billion worth of weapons to a country like Saudi Arabia in the peace time, they must cause conflict and war in the region to persuade Saudis or many other countries to arm themselves up to the neck in case they face with any dangerous situations, which is less probable as the superpowers do not want to lose their interests in the Middle-East. Why you put your nose in our problems There are a lot of Saudi Arabia in jails around the world specially in the US. But nobody talk because it's USA law and rules That's what happing now in Saudi Arabia It's our case our law our rules There were 42 Saudi sunnies beside the terrorist Nimer. Nobody talk about the (BBC cameraman killer). Also Nobody talk about the Egyptian man !! Anyone miss with our country and our life will die. If see that wrong you will give a chance to any criminal to do a crime with no fear from the judgment or the punishment.
06:18 ali al ahmad just called mr. ben carson as " black and slave!" again, shame on you democracy now.
7:46 what a bunch of crap. 4:28 that's stupid! if they received grants or credit lines, I'd understand the call to cutback, but plain purchases that's asking for trouble.. No one mentioned that the 'main' reason why Nimr got executed was because he called for a rebellion against the Saudi monarchy in favor to Iran. His call for violence resulted in the death of 2 police officers in Al-Qatif back a couple of years ago or so. This video is way too biased for it only tells the negative side of this mass execution.. +Fawaz_Kuwaiti Show me where he called for such a rebellion in favour of Iran. None of his videos called for the support of Iran, if anything, he belongs to a shi'a group that opposes Iran's regime. Anyway, bring your proof if you are truthful..
middle east= oil and money and there will be allways uk+us using and abusing our arabs brother and there never will be a iran and saudi start the war like with iraq in the 80s and west will watch them like they watching a movei and selling there wepon and laughing at u stupid..
You telling me to know my history hahaha. I won't even waste my time answering you. Plus Mia, stay out of our business. This is a GCC matter and thats if you know what the GCC stands for without going to google and finding out. Stay out of our business.. +Lifes Good No, I'll keep mocking islam till Muslamis get honest about their Prophet. Muhammed was a murdering, raping, child molesting, crossdressing, boy-kissing, lying, cheating, slave trading, torturing, woman mutilating, psychopath who drank camel piss, and he had bad breath. This is the guy that muslims hold up as the most holiest, most righteous, most noble, most perfect, most nicest, most honorable guy in the whole galaxy. saudi arabia vs iran next proxy war coming up that's why they are flooding the military with arms. How laughable your name Democracy Now. Your so called democracy is an absolute sham. We live under the US Empire you only have a handfull of nations on your list before you cease to exist and the New World Order is born. Democracy is a figment of your imagination. The elite rulers of the world are Satanists and they have had a third world war planned since 1871. You should learn from Eustace Mullins the greatest American researcher, writer and historian.. Thanks Allah I am Muslim from Saudi Arabia Thanks Allah we are strong we love Jihad no one can stop us for attack the terrorism.
+Samantha W becarful I think you about to kill your self because you are extreme and hater, lol I think your age is old and you like kids behavior, I live in Australia 😉👍.

The real US strategy:
Regarding the claim that Saudis see people with black complexion as slaves, what do you have to say about Bandar bin Sultan aka Bander Bush. His mother is black yet he played such a major role in foreign politics unprecedented by anyone but Saud Al Faisal..
so US can execute Osama bin laden and Saudi can't do it to Al Nimer. Both are leader of terrorist groups, both killed civilians, and the only difference is that one threatens US security and the other threatens Saudi security..

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January 19, 2016
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October 31, 2015

Comments about this video:

It seems many countries in the world are selling weaponry for ultimate use on each other, along with everyone else. .
I was awake at 0330 and needed a rest by 1500 to continue... Well, he's my brother and has feeling to so I must continue to look to the good to see if it out weighs the enter soul that man even women seem to fight each and every day of their blessing...I can only hope that all nations have responsible firewalls of titanium to come before trouble is fueled... I thank You for this opportunity that my younger years did not afford me...May the good always out weigh the evil intents.
these dumb saudis dont even know how these weapons they buy work, they end up pushing the wrong butten and blow them self up llol.

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November 21, 2015
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December 1, 2015
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November 26, 2015
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November 20, 2015

Comments about this video:
if russia sells any missile to saudi arabia it means russia is in bed with isis and innocent blood in their hands alot worst than usa and saudi arabia ,.
+motshi S I am not Russia or from Russia... hah, why don't you go and fuck off if you have nothing truthful and meaningful to say..

If this is tru..then theyr are no sides to this its for pure profit n mainly to cause chaos in the muslim ummah .

Les russes ne devraient pas vendre de missiles nucléaires à l'Arabie, ils se retrouveront menacés un jour par ces mêmes missiles et ne parlons pas de l'Iran....

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December 7, 2015
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November 30, 2015
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January 12, 2016
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December 17, 2015

Comments about this video:
+halleck3 Nobody asked Japan to join us. The point is: Humanity is retarded, regardless of the country or race.. +Kareragirl Don't get the Japan comment, but I'd agree about humanity being retarded, that's for sure.. You know what was funny though. I was in Iraq and even though our government invaded for no particularly good reason at all, most of the Iraqi civilians I met were happy to see us there. In throwing out Saddam Hussein we basically took out their own trash, saved them a violent revolution but in turn fucked them in the long run. People like to blame Obama for ISIS no, blame Bush because getting rid of Hussein is what turned Iraq into a failed state. We knew from day 0 that the US wasn't going to babysit that country forever. It's like we rescued a child from an abusive parent only to throw it out onto Skid Row. Saddam may have ruled with an iron fist but ISIS wouldn't have had the balls to fuck with him or his Republican Guard. They know as long as the US doesn't put boots back on the ground they basically have Iraq to themselves.. ISIS sweeps through Iraq, undoing everything U.S. troops accomplished... what did they accomplish Apart from removing the leader destroying the infrastructure, killing over 700,000 people and creating a power vacuum..
Iraqi military was trained to deal with insurgents not conventional armies. With changes in training they have started making immense progress..

As an Iraqi I can assure you Saddam was not the ideal president but he certainly was not the worst around. Iraq was stable under his regime, Iraqis were more educated and secular, Christians and Yezidies were protected and he used to visit churches and temples himself to show his support. Saddam gave the kurds anonymity and helped them during the Kurds civil war (between Talebani and Berzani clans). He was secular and did not tolerate extremism from Sunnis and Shia, he knew what they are capable of. Also it does bother me when people say ''we gave you freedom'', No... you cannot achieve freedom for OTHERS especially by attacking them, freedom could only be achieved by those who are suffering themselves (e.g. Iraqis) and have a burning desire for democracy, equality and... freedom..

+vermilionskin I fought in Iraq twice and yah it was way better with Saddam. He was really bad, but only to one group of people. We were bad to everyone. There were better things to do than the massive war we did..
+Eve Oleson agreed our leaders really need to think about the repracusions before going to war.May all who died in that war on both sides rest in peace.. +Yuki James McCain pick Sarah [I have no clue what is going on and my daughter is an unwed mother several times over while teaching abstinence] Palin as his Vice President. It does not take a rocket scientist to figure out the right wing christian republicans are clueless in all aspects of living on planet earth.. If you think that invading NK would be as easy as invading Iraq and the only reason why its not done us lack if oil, then you my friend, are an idiot. NK is far tougher to invade and would cause the global economy to collapse as China doesn't want the US at its borders, and the Norks would shell the shit out of Seoul. +Karl "Lost"...hahhaha. FUCK U AMERIKANS LIERS HYPOCRITES GREEDY FUCKTARDS.where are weapons of mass destructions...Fucktards now supporting so called Morderate syrian rebels indirectly supporting ISIS..mother fuckers stop waging illegal wars for regime change A REQUEST TO AMERICAN PUBLIC..PLZ DONT ELECT A DUMB PRESIDENT 'THE WHOLE WORLD HAS TO SUFFER' thank you.
The Daily Show actually seems like a better way to get the facts than the news these days. I would love Jon Stewart to become president ! He's a smart man, with a kind heart !.

I am getting more and more convinced that the gun touting super-pac republicans exist just for all sane people to make fun off..
Thank you for terrorizing the Middle East and calling puppet government democracy... Sincerely, the rest of the world. Amazes me that Republicans are more concerned about the 4 Americans dead in Benghazi, but overlook the 4,000(+) Americans dead in Iraq. . +Robert Cox...but, but, but we're Here as the Worlds Police to save the Planet. It was simple back in the fifties, so what's the problem Now...I mean gimme a break! Isis and Al-Qaeda both love us! Jeez, what a bunch of dummies.... +Culprit LA I agree with you about McCain, and I will add he is one of the smartest guys on the republican side of The Senate. Um... allow me to qualify that: He is one of the least stupid ones on that side of The Senate.... Jon Stewart is very smart intelligent and funny but is it me...are American audiences Dumb, they seem to laugh at everything and anything and it's not a proper laugh more awkward... maybe it is me..
+Adrian Lackey I can't help but despise all these "chicken hawks". They love war, as long as someone else fights it, and then try to weasel out of the consequences of their actions just like they weaseled their way out of service..
+Pat Doyle 5 deferrments for DICK cheney 5 jets demolished as insane wife-beater McCain ejected bush w was a better pilot than mccain. lol. 2:35 "You see what happened They done swapped out our Democracy Seeds with the seeds of 9/11!" lol. I guess they were 9/11 seeds all along..
0:55 "That seed of democracy in Iraq" Oh yeah!!! It worked out so well in Iraq didn't it! ISIS is on the run in Iraq. Oh yeah, it worked out so well! (NOT!) OMG Condoleeza Rice is an absolute moron. I hate that skank with a passion. I hate Bush and everyone in his administration. My country has been destroyed by those warmongers. They destroyed America (my country) along with the Middle East!! Thanks for nothing you worthless fools!.
True story:: A study found that people who got their news from TDS were correct more often about current events than those who primarily consumed CNN, MSNBC, and FOX in that respective order..
LOL "Pulled Out" as soon as Saddam was gone the new government was pushing the American troops out. They couldn't stay even if they wanted it to. Just cause they helped the Shia's to rise to power doesn't mean they'll welcome them to stay. If you've read about iraq's history you know the problem is the people not the leaders, and Saddam was the only one fit to keep them under control..
John McCain is a traitor who met with the ISIS caliphate Baghdadi aka jew Simon Elliott 2014.
Anyone see he doodled on his prep-sheet If that is his prep-sheet or just sometime to put on the table to look appropriate XD So funny..
American went to war with Iraq simply because George W. couldn't spell Afghanistan. Look what happened when somebody showed him!.
What about the Hillbilly club at the bohemian grove. The snuf films rape murder of children with Hunter Thompson being one of the film operators. Will you talk about that.

IF SADDAM (RIP), will be alive there was no isis isil daesh, saddam was an evil dictator but there was peace and stability in the region...invading Iraq, with FALSE ALLEGATIONS and evil intentions lead us to GLOBAL war in the region, Iraq, syria, etcetera ... THE ZIONIST AND IMPERIALIST , NEO CONSERVATIFS and NEO LIBERALS PIGS AND APES are RESPONSABLE for ISIS in Iraq and the region nowadays, they create a vacuum, and a creation of an other system/ state...etcetera.
"If you think the seeding of democracy metaphor is slightly more tortoured than many of the people we brought that democracy too, you aint see nuthin yet." yeah that pretty much sums it up.
Blame these politicians. You can not spread Democracy if the people in a country don't want it or from the barrel of a gun. Sure Saddam was a bad man but he kept Iraq in control and kept Iran in check..

I would love Jon Stewart to become president but I think it would change him. People don't want truth. They want well-dressed men with bombastic diction to lead their country..
American Politics, Politicians, The Stupid President & his Stuttering Dumbass Council of Advisors.The whole 9 yards of the American government in the last 15 years is a big fucking joke !!.What's even more amazing is the People of america Elect These assoles as their Representatives.All of them are War criminals.Wake up America !!!. There's a moment when Bush is speaking, about 1:57 or so when a tiny flicker of a smirk comes across his face, as if he knows this "seed-tree" metaphor is a load of rubbish, and he knows we know that, but he's going to go with it anyway.. ...I though Americans weren't allowed to satirise or mock their own government/s especially on TV This programme is more like what we're used to seeing on British TV. Very funny - I like Jon Stewart!!. I finally figured it out! You get thumbs up, so you must be right/feel good about your hillbilly/trailer trash/red neck thought right Come on Detroit! Get Internet and talk, don't just wait for voting poll. lol. We need term limits in Congress NOW! If you don't believe me, the proof is in these "Fantastic Four.".
We told them about McCain and Sarah Palin. They didn't listen. We're telling them about Trump and Ben [a christian named Joseph built the pyramids to store grain] Carson. They are not listening. In the years to come they will learn we have spoken true once again. Why is it the Fox [it ain't] News sheeple don't see what is in front of them till it is too late No matter. There will be no GOP nut job in the Oval Office for a long time to come. Not one of them is worth a single vote. Yet, many will waste their vote and wonder why Bernie Sanders is in the Oval Office. Hint: You listen to Fox [it ain't] News and lose every time. Another hint You're stuck on stupid and there is no cure for that. Deal with it..
move on people...nothing to trust here...especially Jon Stewart. He's part of the problem, not a solution. His job is to make people think the people of America are responsible for what is going on world wide. Babylonian Talmudists and the hatred for all man kind who is not jewish is behind world instability financially and politically. The world is a death grip by Zionism and their minions.. isis eat people and obama eat people too microchip is noe good i swear to god i will never going to put that shit on ya gonna have tooo kill me.
I've watched this video about 10 times since it first aired and I still find it hilarious every time. Stewart was on top with this one..

Well, I'm Indonesian (I've just watched it since I got the show's name on a certain website) and I find this really hilarious and logical, since most of the politicians in Indonesia are the same as McCain and their only way to maintain their popularity is to either cause scandal, pretending to be intelligent, or suing the TV or network. All of them sucks, to sum it up. Unlike McCain that somehow manages to keep the "serious face", they treat politics like the politic itself is in their hand, I even wonder why most people support that kind of idiot (if I have to say, imbecile) that is said to have gotten decree, or well educated. Heck, one of them even misspoke UPS(uninterruptible power supply) as USB....

How does a Stupid B-Thumpin Chump like Sen A-Hole Graham. Ever get put in 2 Office. Oh it must b the %60 of the Stupid in this Cuntry that keep on givin him a job. Fire this Clown ! PT-! O2A...

the McCAins and bush"s etc. etc really think the American people are stupid you are nothing but NWO puppet same as rest of US government I'm so ashamed.

except that the beach boys song is "ba-ba-ba, ba barbara ann"... not bomb bomb bomb, bomb bomb wrong.
+InfernoMutant He's not quoting the song. He knows what the song is called. He's joking that it was called 'Bomb Iran'. What the H..
bush got a microchip on when the tower fell all the people that had microchip on got save and the christian die and the people who belive in juses die thats fuck up cause i belive in god. lol khazar = ashkenazi = kabbalah = satan chosen people אנשי לוציפר נבחרו = gog and magog = Shekinah שכן= stalin = lenin = karl marx= ww1 =ww2= talmud teaching responsible of billions of the deaths all around the world * ashkenazi Firewood of Hell***. Hey, that particular mosque at 3:06 was at the west end of the diplomatic "green zone" in Baghdad, and at the eastern end of a stretch of road U.S. forces called Route Irish. Nice photo. You don't see the high walls with spools of barbed wire on top..

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Comments about this video:

The only thing all of us atheists are a terror towards is the insecurities of whoever wrote this edict..

Saudi Arabia calling anyone else a terrorist would be hilarious if it wasn't so fucking retarded..
Let me make your day : Recently Saudi Arabia condemned NORWAY'S human rights record.. Enjoy that news my friend.. It's true rofl :).
IN THE NEWS TODAY: "US State Department "Welcomes" News That Saudi Arabia Will Head UN Human Rights Panel" !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!.
The Saudis paid for 911. They have been paying for extremist mosques all over the world. Get off oil and the militants will starve to death.. Could someone please show me a link to this story I could only find an article that was dated from over a year ago. When did this happen I want to know more!.
Actually, to tell the truth Micheal has a very good grasp on the Geo-politics of Islam within Saudi Arabia and I was very impressed with him today on that subject... BRAVO MICHAEL!.

This is how the religious, all the religious, feel about those without faith. Religion falls aparts when it's questioned, folds flat like a table for storage. There's no comeback for, show me something, anything, magic. Religion and superstition is fundamentally based on incorrect ideas about the world. There's no evidence for anything beyond naturalism. Saudi Arabia is simply the logical resolution of the religious impulse. If anyone in the world deserves to be bombed, it's Saudi Arabia. It's literally the worst place on earth. Of course, the better way to deal with Saudi Arabia is to simply do away with oil and fossil fuels. The Iraq war has conservatively been estimated at just under $2 trillion dollars, with some estimates going as high as $6 trillion. If the US put this amount of money into alternative energy, even at the low estimate, we could put almost everyone in the US on wind and solar. You want everyone driving an electric car That happens almost automatically when the cost of charging said car gets near zero. Another result that would logically flow from this kind of investment in wind and solar would be that the technology would get better, cheaper, and easier to export to the world. Almost free, decentralized, energy solves many problems in the third world. Windmills and solar farms don't need the kind of centralized infrastructure that power plants do. This takes money out of the pockets of not only the Saudis and the Gulf states, it also takes money away from Exxon, BP, Koch industries, and a public investment in decentralized wind and solar doesn't provide a replacement for powerful to profit off of. It not only is a cleaner and more democratic way to provide power, it also neuters many elements in society that have spent decades doing little but harm..
Most of the 9/11 terrorists came from Saudi Arabia, yet the terrorist state claims to be America's ally! And Americans are dumb enough to believe it!. +GunOwnerDan Do "they" fund them, or do "we" fund them by not going to an alternative fuel source Even if we do drill our own oil, the other markets drive theirs. The only recourse is to destroy the demand of the largest oil consuming market in the world.. Apparently, since Saudi Arabia is a Muslim country, I think this is a good idea and will accuse you of racism if you try to criticize this Saudi policy. Why According to Atheism-Is-Unstoppable, it's because I'm an anti-white racist and a race traitor who's filled with white guilt and ashamed to be white.. +MilitantAntiTheist Accusing someone of any race of being a racist, is like calling a melon, wet. Every melon is wet and EVERYBODY is racist, it's human nature. Our dirty little secret. Even Saudi Princess are racists, among other things like putting women bags and throwing Atheists off buildings... But you knew that... Peace my white friend.. +Paul Interics So according to you, no one and everyone is or isn't a racist! How profound a statement.. You PC bro How dare you insult Muslims you racist cis scum. lol woohoo. Islam is just like Christianity but they actually take their religion seriously. I dislike how some on the left defend Islam so much. Vast majority of Muslims are good people that ignore their religion, but their religion is pretty fucking evil though.. they just believe, among other things, that kim jong/ill/whateva doesn't shit, can read peoples minds, plays allinone golf... -> that's so atheist, as atheist as you are intellectually honest.. +Andrea Bono This is not about me.You are the one trying to rewrite offical stances and history.Defintion of atheism is very clear.Atheism is a state religion in North Korea,just like in China.Those are all facts.Saying that North Korea is not a atheist country is like saying Qatar is not a Muslim country.It is just false.. Saudi Arabia is not only declaring war on atheists, THEY'RE DECLARING WAR ON TRUTH TO PROTECT THEIR IDENTITY.. Just so everybody knows I'm declaring war on all monarchies. It makes no sense to have a royal family in 2015. None!, Saudi Arabia is the name of that of that puppet family installed by the British. As a matter of fact, it's alleged that Wahhabism was created by the British. Certainly, the Mujahideen which turned into the Taliban, then morphed into Al qaeda, then to ISIS now ISIL is a creation by the West. And while you're at it, get rid of that welfare queen over there in England, and returned those stolen jewels in her crown, back to India. Atheist are the most peaceful, moral, and non-judgmental people in the entire world. So may the sand fleas of one thousand camels infest the crotches of you and your Harum!.
+Illya Van Hoof If history has proven one thing, more people have died and have been persecuted in the name of religion whether it be a diety or something actually tangible like money..

+Jason Gray WWII was the most deadly conflict of all time. No religion there. It was all secular slaughter..
This coming from a country who only recently outlawed witchcraft. Witchcraft people! This country is 600 years behind us..
When you can't back up your beliefs with facts, yet you desire to use this belief system to maintain control over a population, you must resort to force or violence to keep the population in constant fear. Saudi Arabia is a mess and needs to be condemned by all civilized nations..

Depending on it's usage, I would have to say in certain conversations I would have to agree with you. Let's say instead, any person or group of people who believe that no person should be put to death for believing differently..

+CircularLogic "Let's say instead, any person or group of people who believe that no person should be put to death for believing differently." That's an opinion that I subscribe to..
Wow. It took a whole 4 minutes for tintin to blame the US. "it's geopolitics " Hahahahaahha " That's the context" Oh shit! Haha hahaha.
+Caps lock there are middle eastern countries where the US has little involvement. Also, I would like to point out how the US religious right is motivated by religon and not external powers that are influencing the population or country. You have turned off your brain. It's rather obvious that religion and ideology play a strong role in the middle east. .
+thesparitan it would seem like that but if you analyze religion and ideology that plays a role in the Mid East in terms of extremism you would see that it is salafist/wahabist extreme sect ,something almost in non existence before the Saudi British is our protection & petrodollars that spread it ie ISIS uses books printed in Saudi to indoctrinate people,recent Wikileaks cables show the Influence they have over orthodox Sunni school & universities..
First off guys there's been a mistake, The Kings name is Salman.. Yes he's a murderous reprobate asshole but that doesn't excuse calling him the wrong name. I don't agree with atheism BUT this is deplorable calling something terrorists just cause one is a fucking sissy and haven't heard of a concept called DEBATE is despicable. but yeah USA gonna be their slave oh and THEY HEAD A UN HUMAN RIGHTS PANEL.. MAKES FUCKING SENSE !!.
Very academic, you isolated the Wahhabi strand and didn't say all Islam like some mug. Great job. King Abdullah II with the Vatican and the World Council of churches created the interreligious dialogue. It's not about oil, it's about the destruction of the protestantism all around the world === INQUISITION and war against the Most High and His commandments. One small problem - anybody else remember the Bush administration We sacrificed any claim we might have had to a "moral high ground" in order to have government entertain us like a scifi thiller/slasher movie. I don't think we get to whine about other countries at the same time we torture POWs, and kill our own people with neglect, disease and starvation. etc..
+Ben Lutz People also don't bother to look at the history the U.S. has with Iran since the official end of the Persian empire. Instead Republicans keep telling us they just simply hate us for no reason lol..
People thought King Salman (the new king, King Abdullah is the late one) will be a bit better and soften things a bit, but people forget that the religious establishment in Saudi Arabia is extremely powerful, and sometimes you find conflicts between extremely religious segments of the royal family head butting with the less religious groups ones. It's all bullshit.. RELIGION IS A CANCER TO HUMANITY and only good to control the mass and divide people. With all this shit that is going on in the world we should ALLY with Russia and China then go all the way beat the shit out of this sick fucker of ISIS, ISIL, DAESH, or AL-QAIDA, whatever they call them these days, and send them back in the stone age for eternity, don't take glove, just go full war doctrine, carpet bombing (wipe the whole city of the map, like in WW2)drone, nuke, sniper, etc... just use all of it and get rid of this cancer. Then stop supporting israHELL ZIONIST PIECE OF SHIT +The Suit Is NOT Black! Sorry...had a misunderstanding of what you were saying We can still be friends right 😇 PS...thanks for not calling me a douche .
+GERR SPLOOSH No problem. The two terms cause a lot of confusion. Atheists tend to get an undeserved reputation for being closed minded to the possibility of a god existing..
Micheal how dare you attack Saudi culture they are only practicing Islam, it's clearly the Atheist fault for being so intolerant! D:. +dogmeat jesus Yes, North Korea worships the leader but they're still an atheist state. I'm an atheist myself by the way, but stop being holier than thou. You're not. We're all vermin.. +Illya Van Hoof speak for yourself. an atheist state that worships a leader as a god...tell me any atheist terror attack that was done to promote the non belief in god. it doesn't exist..
Quran (3:56) - "As to those who reject faith, I will punish them with terrible agony in this world and in the Hereafter, nor will they have anyone to help." Oh sorry for pointing that out, I don't want to be seen as racist..
You are a bad, bad man Michael Brooks... How dare you criticize Saudi Arabia, the most backward hell-hole on the planet. A country that treats all it's subjects equally as shit while supporting ISIS. The good news though is that: If you play with shit, you'll stink - and now we have ISIS going back home to Saudi Arabia with a bang.... yes. but same Harris can be a fucking idiot sometimes too. however I find this ironic considering his past PC bro past.. Agnostics are fence sitters. Intellectual integrity simply means you are stupid and can't make up your mind. #NeoatheistLogic.
For fucks sakes, EVERYONE is an agnostic. It just means you don't know, and if everyone were honest they'd realize this. Agnosticism doesn't exclude theism or atheism. It's a useless term in the context of religion and people need to stop using it as if it means you're on the fence about God. You either believe or you don't, but nobody knows..

+The Legendary Super Saiyan Troly Again, what the fuck are you talking about What crazy person What possibility You lost me here..
As an atheist I do not consider myself more moral than others because of what they believe. I do consider myself more moral than Catholic priest pedophiles, Mormon polygamists who force themselves on children, Muslims who bomb mosques, and behead people because they disagree, Baptists who protest funerals of American soldiers with "god hates fags" banners, white supremacist groups who hide under the sign of the cross, televangelists who lie to separate the unwise from their money, christian apologists who lie to try to prove a point (think WLC), christians who preach hatred of gays in Africa leading to executions, and the list goes on ad nauseum. It's not what they pretend to believe, but rather what they do. All in the name of a fictional magic man in the sky.. +DominicVolition lol you sound like you're recruiting for something. i choose good people. whether they're Muslims, Atheists or Satanic. stop listening to bullshit speech. Hmm I wonder how many of my fellow Atheists have beheaded teenage kids for peacefully protesting government practices I wonder how many of my fellow Atheists treat their mothers and sisters and grandmothers like cattle because it is written in some dusty old book written in the bronze age. The cord on your towel hat is too tight you religious nutter.. Wahhabism is still Islam. A very conservative Roman-Catholic is still a Christian. Please stop trying to drew a line where the is none, only to apologise for every religion ever..
+Mario Quade You're right, we are talking past each other. Simply acknowledging that Wahhabism does not represent all Islam is not a tactic to deny that Wahhabism is a part of Islam. It is said in the context of rhetoric that not only does not make that distinction, but rejects it. .

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January 14, 2016

Comments about this video:
Kind of sad that I consider myself lucky that I'll only be 20,000 dollars in debt when I graduate.. When I first heard of students in the US having to pay SO MUCH MONEY to go to college, I was shocked. My country made college/university free in the last few years, there is only a term fee of approx. 300$ now. And even when we had to pay study fees, there were only 600$ more to add which was affordable... And if you need financial help, you can get up to 700$ per month from the country and you only have to repay half of it after 5 years after your graduation... Dear USA, help your students and make college free. PLEASE.. +Chelsea Livingston a theory is a scientific explanation of a natural phenomena that yields the same repeatable, observable, results. A scientific theory is intended to be synonymous with "fact", such as the "theory of gravity" or "atomic theory".
+rusty shakleford "A scientific theory is intended to be synonymous with "fact" Not quite. Don't get me wrong, we're on the same side, just let me clarify that a bit. Facts are consistently observable phenomena that we witness like if you drop something it will fall down. The FACT of gravity. That doesn't tell you much about it though. The Theory of Gravity describes how you can predict what it will do and what causes it. That will always be open for debate. Theories explain things, facts are what they explain so they're different things and one never becomes the other. For example until Einstein, everyone treated Newton's theory of gravity as if it were a fact but then Einstein showed that Newton was only approximately right and that at very high speeds Newton's theory broke down. The fact of gravity still existed but the theory needed a tweak. Hope you don't mind the tune up..
I'm graduating in 2016. Between my loans and the loans my parents were kind enough to take out for me (because I have no credit), I will owe just under $50,000 dollars. For a single degree. And this generation isn't guaranteed a job after graduation..
+nerdatheart94 I already have a debt of 50k€. Will have a debt of about 110k€ when i'm done. good it's not gonna grow though. no interest... still sucks. woah. i think i'm gonna get a heart-attack now. good day..
So take out $50K to get a degree that won't guarantee you a job, and if you happen to get one out of college, you will be paying off your student loans, in addition to cost-of-living expenses (i.e. rent/mortgage, car and other miscellaneous expenses). So had you simply learned a trade or taken a paid internship straight out of high school, you would most likely be 4 years ahead of everyone else. Great system!!!! Gen X'ers that complain about this generation are the same people who are able to go to college (for much less $$) and virtually guaranteed a job. These are the same people pushing this crap today, all the while crying everyone is entitled. They are the most fucking entitled generation, living off the wave of wealth generated from wars during the 40's and 50's - and they haven't been able to duplicate the experiment. It's like a junky chasing that initial high. Final point - as John pointed out - these institutions have become profit centers. So take a page out of their book. Start your own business or trade school and charge people to attend and get certified..
+Summer in Euro Valid, but you completely disregarded my last John pointed out - these institutions have become profit centers. So take a page out of their book. Start your own business or trade school and charge people to attend and get certified So you can take a risk and work for yourself as an independent contractor (which isn't a huge risk if you become part of a union), or you can start your own small business. The overhead, depending on the industry can be much less than the college degree will cost you. Additionally, you could be entitled to federal grand money or funding to help with a startup. I didn't even mention the number of people who start college or university only to drop out. So you can go ahead and say it's all "simply a croc" or you can go out and try it for yourself. Being a Monday morning QB is easy when someone else is out there taking all the risks. I'm not saying it's a guarantee, but the economic system in the USA is setup to reward risk-takers. .

Currently in Georgia, there is wonderful program called Move On When Ready (MOWR). This program was recently changed to allow high school students to take college classes in 9th grade for free (It used to be only 11th graders). Basically, a high school student could exit high school with a Bachelor's Degree. Before, you could only get an Associate's Degree, but now it's even better. But if you go to college after this, you have to pay student loans. So why can government pay for high school students to take college classes, but when they graduate they can't.

+Jaquelynn Gering Yeah, pretty much. Most played game in the world and I heard it was super popular over there, just like StarCraft used to be. It explains why they are the best at the game..

When I see that I feel lucky that my University will cost me only 100 Swiss francs per semester (+ the school supplies cost)..
My GF graduated on a for-profit university here in Europe. She paid around 15,000 USD in total. That's three zeroes, not four, so she paid the whole fee from a part-time job while studying. And people here still consider this school to be very expensive.. +Sam Gold in Latvia we get paid around 100-150€ for every student we bring to study at our university.. I'm happy Oliver covered this topic greatly. However nothing will change no matter what. Everyone is still giving money to these problems..
This smart guy wants more "free money" trees. How about forgiving all student loan debt, cutting off student loans, cutting money to colleges and forcing the colleges to respond to market forces.

I'm a 17 year old non-American and I loved watching American tv series,movies,cartoons etc. since I was little. I often heard phrases like; "..saving money for collage..", "That was our child's collage money!" things like that. I wondered what were they talking about so I asked my dad. He said that most of the schools there, what I know as; "private universities". Well I was a bit suprised because, top collages here are mostly community collages. But it seems to change nowadays. There are more and more (good) private schools but if you're a really good student, you can basically go anywhere. You get your scholarship just based on your score on entrance exam. Another thing; I fail to understand the difference between collage and universities..
Go to community colleges. It will save you a ton of money. I will be transferring to 4 year school with an Associate in Engineering.. +BlueBirdMasquerade9 If you transfer in-State to a public university, it should not be a problem... all of my siblings went out of state and not everything transferred, but I transferred everything from my 2 1/3 years of Community College straight over to public University in the same State and had to do less than two years at University. In fact, so many of my classes transferred straight into my major that I actually had everything I needed to graduate except I was short by just a couple credits! I took weight training and an extra Spanish class- but if I'd planned ahead better I could have taken those at the Community College too..
In Finland you get student benefits $375 per month from the government to live on, max. $225 per month for accommodation and you are allowed to borrow low interest student loan up to $445 per month ($775 if you study abroad). And no study fees in Finland..
+CailieStar 445 dollar loan per month Living in boston, I know kids getting out of college with 100+ THOUSAND dollar debts. Janice is secretly drinking and trying to motivate herself But I thought she doesn't give a fuck My life has lost all meaning.. "Everything is Perfect" I remember hearing a NPC in Fallout 3 say that to me as I entered his town... 5 Mins later I'm killing that npc and most of the adults in the town cause i found out they are a bunch of Cannibals that use their sheds as fucking slaughterhouses for the humans they kill and eat. Literally there is no better way to tell something is horribly wrong than to hear someone say "Everything is Perfect" about the topic in question..
+Hey Grace I FrEaKED out when he said that - I was like omg MCR, holy crap *violently sobbing. He didn't even say anything about it, but I went crazy..
Its started with good intentions gee let me see so you are poor and cant get education.. here take a credit.. Why didnt anyone at that time thought of something like.. I dont know.. Free education lol.
+Gavrane1 because that what " the poor socialist countries do" perish the thought of putting ppls needs before the opportunity to make money for gods knows how many years. as long as ppl need higher education there´s money to be made. it´s like being the only funeral director in a city. sooner or later, they´ll come..

Why is "the college experience" such a big deal for US If I want to do reckless stupid shit I wouldn't do it on institution terms, college is a place to learn and to surpass your own goals, that's it, if I want to get pissed and do some drugs I could go to fucking everywhere but college. I study in the best university of my country, I had to make an exam in order to get in, I had to compete against 140,000 other people in order to get a place in here. (my career had an acceptance ratio of less than 1%). But once I got in here I only have to pay 20 cents a year for tuition, and take as many classes as I want. College is not for everyone, It should only be for those who are committed to it..

+Arturo Rincon I'm not sure actually. I'm currently going to college and I really don't care about the college experience. I've gone to parties and socialized that way but I can't continue it. I'm working two jobs, going to college and holding up other responsibilities. It becomes a time when I'm too tired to do any of the "college experience" crap. And the worst thing is, if you don't partake in the parties and such, you are considered a hermit and anti-social. But these things are late at night and they're not productive at all. My opportunity cost says I can be doing a lot more with my time to be productive..

+HardcoreSniper See if campuses stopped worrying about the shit these dudes do all the time, I could swear that tuition cost would drop in a heartbeat. I'm not saying that drinking is bad or that having fun is wrong, but why doing it under the care of an institution. If people want to do grown up stuff they should do it outside their irresponsibility bobble. .
Im a wizard at Im offended by your comparison between for profit universities and our esteemed institution. muggle. We need to stop letting institutions (like check cashing stores) get huge before we go after them. Then they got so much money they now just lobby to keep their scam going. I mean Wall Street put the mafia out of business. Another thing they forgot is...some of those Colleges actually pay off companies to hire recent grads for a couple of months and then just shit can them after a month or so. Nice.
Doing a survey! Using any and resources..If you could...tell me 3 things: 1.) how much debt you re in 2.) what is your interest rate 3.) how long your loan is for...if you don't know an answer to one of these 3 questions just simply put "idk" thank you! :).

The American education system:You HAVE to go to school to get a good job so you can pay us back for going to school. This is one word is called pimpin'....

So unless you want to work your ass off in an unfulfilling trade job being a plumber or mechanic, or work your ass off in a dead-end job like McDonalds, you have to go to college and are basically fucked then, yeah.
+likeaboss1271 I never talked about trade jobs' wages. I already know they get paid a lot. I was implying that most trade jobs (to most people) are monotonous and unappealing, and if that is the case for someone, then your only other non-college option is some low-paying entry level job. If you like that kind of work, then obviously, it's not much of a difficult choice.. +MichaelKlump When I turned 18, I took a job driving a taxi. In the winter when it was busy I earned an average of $25/hour + tips. In the summer, it was more like $7.50/hour. When I was about 30, I went to a for profit school to learn the automotive trade when the cab company I worked at went under after the old man who started it died and his kids ran it into the ground. On paper, I should have only had about $8,000 in unpaid tuition debt when I got out of school, but the whole automotive field has changed in this area. The whole working your way up from apprentice to master mechanic thing is a relic of the past. Shop owners (around here at least, but I suspect this isn't a purely local phenomenon) only really want one guy with actual ASE certification so they can hang the sign on the door and everyone else is just a minimum wage parts changer who doesn't need to know WHY they change the parts they change, how to actually diagnose a problem, or even do good work, they just gotta be fast and cheap. My loans got passed to another bank with a higher interest rate, and then ANOTHER bank with an even higher interest rate. Each time this happened, the interest was combined into the principal making the core of the debt higher with a higher interest rate added to it. I had to abandon working in the automotive field for minimum wage and took a job doing construction labor. Even repaying my debt at three times the minimum requred payment the principal never even moved. Then the recession hit and construction jobs were among the first to feel it, employment became so sporadic that I had to take work stocking groceries for $7.50/hour just to not be homeless (which I was actually homeless at one point, but that is another story...), I just gave up paying on my loans. Now when they send me letters telling me I have been sued and I owe $25,000 in debts I can't declare bankruptcy on, that they want to garnish my wages but I don't earn enough, or that they are seizing my tax returns, I just have to laugh. At least I have been able to keep my old car running like new for 16 years without being ripped off so it's TOTALLY worth it right.
What's sad is that I spent less for my 4 year degree (graduating in 1979) than most of you kids will spend for 1 year of college. I paid around $9,000 for a BS in Nursing..
Even though I'm finishing my bachelor's in marketing, I was lucky enough to become a blackjack dealer. I make $55k/year working four days a week, 20 minute breaks every hour. At 23 I started making way more than any marketing job I could find. Good thing I don't have any debt because my degree is useless.. This is further exasperated by the practice of selling the loans to other guarantors, who then sub-contract to a loan handler, who then sub-sub-contract out to debt collectors. will in Saudi arabia all the college are free and the student get 530$ dollars monthly salary ! how pretty cool is that. +‫سبحان الله‬‎ fuck off, I don't need you to tell me how much better your life is better than mine.
Here's a guide to graduate from college, with an education, a degree, and only a few thousand dollars worth of debt. Go to community college for a long as you can, it only costs about a thousand a year. Then go to a 4 year university for your final 2 or 3 years. And while you are doing that: WORK!!! I worked from 20-30 hours a week throughout my whole college life, got good grades, still had a social life and was apart of a lot of extracurricular activities. It's really not that hard, I'm sick and tired of hearing people complain, but you choose to go to a school that costs $30-$40 grand a year and you live on campus and you don't work! That explains why you have so much debt. And I should add I got a few scholarships, but that's because while everyone was out joking around in high school I was busy working my butt off. Did my parents help out They did, but only a little bit, I still paid for most of my college tuition, but that's because they love me and want me to get an education, if your family doesn't help you out, then they don't care about you enough to want you to have a better life. I still have student loans to pay off, but I make more money in one day then what my loans cost me in a month! I don't even have a job in my field and it's not the best paying. It'll take me a few years to pay it off, but I'm okay with that. Stop complain everybody and be smart with your money! College debt really isn't that bad, and I should add I'm coming from a low middle class family, never had much money in my life. So anyone coming from something better, shame on you if you can't handle it!.
+XLRAshon you're obviously neither good at english, math or general knowledge. First off, when talking about 40,000 I was thinking of diffeten UC's as examples, which shocker are californian state universities. Also, my cousin is studying to be a doctor at a state university in oregon and pays 60,000 a year. I on the other hand, am studying animation at a private school and pay 25,000 a year. Next, I said that in the best case scenario, you'd get a job right away and GET PAID 48,000, which you use to PAY OFF 5,000 a year at most. Also, anyone who has even a little amount of knowledge in math would immediately see that $48,000 x 30 years do not equal $110,000 dollars, but over $1,200,00. And yes, there are programms in state university that cost about 25,000 per year, but those are usually the programms that suffer from an overload of students, which means that 90% of the time, the quality of the classes go down.. +sheelaflower You have an insane idea of "halfway decent university." There are plenty of great university options for WAY less than that. My public, relatively low-cost university had a fantastic program for my major- one of the best in the country, actually. There is ZERO point in attending a fancy, expensive university when you're 18 and haven't even done any GURs or even decided your major, unless you've got a full-ride scholarship (or close to it.). Those For Profit Colleges are damn predators. Other schools are not better by much. I'm blessed to have parents who with the help of Hope and student loans are paying for my college education. This situation is so damn unfair.. +LastWeekTonight you should do an episode showing the truth of UK Universities for international students. Let me know if you need more information.. Simple supply and demand: Too much people looking for an education, not enough new universities. If you want prices to drop, dont take a loan. Besides, why would so much people want a degree that doesnt get you anything.
In my country, my education (IT engineering in a public university) will cost me about 3000 USD, I've heard even some universities over here help you to afford tuitions, so... at the end of the day, you'll owe them some money, but... not so much!.

Where I live you actually get paid to get an education. No joke I get 135$ per month for going to college. Hip hurrah for popping out of a vagina in Denmark..
Why does this generation think people should take care of themselves and that they shouldn't be accountable.. The US system is the perfect storm of socialism and corruption. Just enough subsidies to destroy the market and cause massive corruption as companies ignore consumers and focus on who actually pays their bills, the politicians, while at he same time expecting the consumer to foot the bill individually. Make no mistake; if the government decided to pay all these fees costs would not go down, they would go up as I guarantee the payment would be based on current rates and continue to rise. Only way you would keep costs from going up is price fixing, which will work until educators can find a more lucrative market than the USA. There is no simple quick fix for this. Pretending a law will fix it is irresponsible. Nothing is free, there is always a cost even if you can't see it.. +Marcus Nutt Oh my friend you are in for a real treat when you actually start researching those countries. They aren't happy, not at all. :).

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January 16, 2016

Comments about this video:
It's one thing if you want to risk your own life working with these tigers thats fine. That is child abuse and the Brazilian government should give them an option the kids or the animals. Send these animals to a place that can afford bigger enclosures. This is no different than the people who hoard house cats its just now 100xs more dangerous. I know people disagree with me, but many deaths have occured by these big cats with people that had way more experience than these people. All it would take is for that tiger to have one bad moment and that baby would be gone. That is extremely selfish and thats choosing the tiger over your own kids. These beautiful animals deserve better, and those kids deserve a safer home environment. Just get on the big cat rescue site and see just a few of these accidents that have involved a mauling of young childern..
+kingo kingey and once they taste blood, then everything changes. That's why these animals are so feared in India because they have been known to kill and eat humans, especially children. Personally, I totally agree with C Colt that there not only needs to be a bigger enclosure for these tigers but that they need to keep the children out of harms way. I also think that the Brazillian Gov needs to get involved especially if not all the family members agree to these cats being around their kids like that dad..

How the hell does this guy feed SEVEN full grown tigers When he runs out of Friskies guess who'll be on the menu.
This just makes me sad and mad at these people I mean these beautiful yet vicious animals are on fricken leashes! They should be in a animal sanctuary or the wild. +PeMiem look at the size of that dog it's almost like a mouse! xD If I was that small I would fear the tiger always!.
+PeMiem look at the size of that dog it's almost like a mouse! xD If I was that small I would fear the tiger always!.
I believe they do have good intentions, judging by how hard they try to care for them. However, these animals are simply not meant to be pets. They are too unpredictable. Big cats should only be kept in captivity in sanctuaries for the preservation of their species. They belong in huge enclosures which are similar to their habitats in the wild, not in houses and in concrete cages. They are stunning, but deserve better than to be a pet.. +Mikayla Law Tigers are endangered. The fact they are living a better life than they were in the circus and are also breeding is a great thing... if one killed a person it may have to be put down but theres still 6 more healthy tigers for planet earth! Massive respect for this family and their choices and I'm sure their tigers will start going to reserves. Not that I would raise tigers though! aha. I agree with you. However, at least there this majestic animal won't get senselessly killed by a poacher.. What are they thinkin! This ain't freaken Aladdin, those animals are wild and shouldn't be leashed and ridden like some donkey.. +Nia Bashir they've already mentioned they were in the circus. They couldn't of gone from the circus to the wild..
+Nia Bashir We may have domesticated dogs,cats,birds,farm animals, and such but do what you normally do with a cat and do that with a big cat,you are dead.I think people shouldn't overcome the boundary between Human and animal.Animals just do what they need to survive..

Whether it's safe or not we have no right to domesticate these noble creatures. That is a wild animal and it belongs in a reserve or a park if not the wild itself..
+Bagi K I said I think it would be better in a nature reserve, if not the wild. There is a MASSIVE difference between a zoo and a reserve. Try and keep up champ.. +Alex Henderson and it scares me when they say their instincts are "dormant", shes right, but that would mean that the animal instincts will kick in and well, fini.... One day I bet this is going to happen The parents put the baby on the tiger's back and the tiger turns around and bites the baby's head off THE END.
Hell that little dog hiding from the tiger has a 100 times more sense than the idiots sitting on that coach..
I don't understand why everyone is so pissed off about the tiger living with the family. The tiger has probably been raised around people so if it was to be released into the wild it would probably die because it has no experience with hunting nor surviving in the wild. Also, if the tiger didn't like living with the family he wouldn't be as friendly and would constantly attack his companions. Why wouldn't the tiger be happy, as I said before the tiger has probably been around people his whole life, what else would the tiger want to do It knows nothing else but people. If Tigers were going extinct then I see your point, but they aren't..
The family's household might not be the best place to raise a tiger, but it seems the tiger is being just fine..

Okay, it's been about 3 years since uploaded...these guys still alive If so, they'll probably be fine forever with these tigers lol.

Remember Siegfried and Roy: they bred and trained tigers for 30 years, Roy was mauled and almost killed by one of their tigers..
El tigre no deja de ser un animal salvaje aunque se le tenga en una casa espero nunca vaya a reaccionar ese animal de forma agresiva contra esa familia :/ xP pero si Ary tiene un tigre yo también quiero uno xD.
I know these people mean well, they feed the Tigers and love them, but they need to be out in the wild. These beautiful animals need BIG space to run, hunt for food, play, etc. The Tigers might have been taken from there families. Plus, wild animals are unpredictable. At one point they might love you, and a day later they could bite your leg off..

there crazy I once had a neighbor who had 16 monkeys as her pet and nothing bad happened but still tigers are more dangerous.

Christians just nkw figuring out that Indigenous people all had big cats as pets before Columbus left Europe..
That's a Hell of a language that guy is speaking. To an American it literally sounds like a drunk guy babbling..
these people are stupid, tigers are like other cats and other animals, they can attack without warning. My cat and my dog love me, but they attack me sometime when playing, in that case I can handle them. The thing with these tiger is that I dont see their master, his daughter or their children handling them if they attack :/ besides that, it looks really fun to have a tiger as a pet :).
Does anyone recognize the music playing at the very end of the video I'd love to know what that is. Anyone.... For everyone in comment section going nuts, I'm gonna say that tigers can be domesticated (they shouldn't be because its not healthy for them though) I don't believe this family should have them as pets but don't get this confused with saftey. Tons of people in the comment section are saying that the tigers could kill anyone at any time but these tigers are different. They had no training with the wild or hunting, like what zoos do. They can kill at anytime but they don't know how. It is a possibility of someone getting hurt only if they attack the tiger first. Also for those who didn't know dogs came from wolves so... It is possible. Tigers are beautiful creatures and that family is so sweet but tigers are just to big. P.S this comment was written just to clarify that the tigers are not just man eating beasts... They have a heart to. . +Angel Grimes true that. I know they shouldn't be pets and they can kill you on instinct if they want but its not like the family aggravates the tigers to much. The only sad thing about this situation is that the family is in a loose loose situation and so are the tigers. You can't put them in the wild, you can't just bring them back to the circus, and if you bring them to the zoo they probably won't trust humans ever again, and obviously you can't keep them so... I have no idea what that family can do.. +Adrianna Arcuri yeah... I hope the family don't get hurt, but there's no way of telling when animals will snap. It's very sad indeed. These beautiful animals are not pets. Time and time again its been proven you can't deter their natural instincts. That's why they call them fucking instincts!!. Definitely child abuse/neglect/endangerment.
That's not him swimming with U hunny that's him having food put in front of him and trying to get it.
If you look careful the girls are shitting themselves every time they are looking the other way and the tiger moves towards them.
These people are so brave... They really love these Tigers, thank God they keep these beautiful animals alive.
What an racist u pig only 2% OF The brazilians live in bad conditions The other Side live like USA people cause Brazil and USA are like The same things in personality The both have bad and good sides. 25% OF The chinese people are poor so yeah and Rússia is 10% dude you can not talk of Brazil so many bad China Rússia All África Índia... yeah.
over sea I think it's legal to have tigers as of pet over in America it's illegal to have those dangerous cats as of pet. u feel sorry for those people's it's may attacks them it's something goes wrong it's taking a risk I wouldn't have its as of pet those tigers belong in zoo and jungle.

It's like a normal cat just bigger. I believe if you raise a animal while it's young aggression is minimal..
3 words: Siegfried and Roy. Check out what happened with their pet tigers. The big cats seem like pets, until they get mad or too playful. One of those tigers can kill a full grown man in a second. Babies, small children and females probably take less time than that.. White people are terrified of Muslims and then they go and do shit like this I don't see the logic of putting huge predatory animals in your home. A tiger is far more likely to kill you than some starving Syrian refugee.. They are my neighbors, the girl asked me to keep the secret but i can't, she's Mirana from dota.. +Eclipse Star All The poor ones OF The society they are let to favels cause nobody Cares about The poor ones and only existe a few favels... The world only talk bad about Brazil and The only thing they said is The favels... but anyways and The american red necks my son All countries have The "Dark Side".
I agree that it is for most people, but if someone lives out in the country and has lots of acres and knows a lot about these animals I think it's fine..
+Amanda Stevens still no... If we say you were the size of a dog and just bc some random people knows a bit about you, do you think it's okay. +Kaymin Jackson that's a wild animal not a dog. they will always have that wild beast inside and sooner or later they will attack. I'm not even going to feel sorry.. they say the instincts are dormant. What happens when they aren't Anyone who allows their children to be around a wild animal should have the children removed from their care. I cannot even believe anyone is stupid enough to put a baby on the back of an animal that can kill her in one bite or with one bat of his claws. It's idiotic and these people should be arrested and jailed on child neglect and abuse.. +Hallie Horn Sure, probably nothing will happen and the tiger might be really sweet and won't harm the child. But the RISK is still there so why even risk it .
MeldinX2 I agree with you, but I don't think I would ever really call a tiger sweet :) They are beautiful but they don't belong in anyone's living room. Aside from the risk to the owners of the cat, it isn't fair to the animal. Tigers are wild and powerful. How sad to confine them to a cage and home. Even with a yard, they have to be confined so they don't escape. Also, even if the tiger were the most gentle tiger ever, playing can turn rough. I've had house cats injure me when they are playing. Now multiple that cat 100 times and those little scratches become huge claw marks. .
stupid the tiger should be in its natrual habitat. watch one momment it playing with your next it has ribbed your face of or grabbed your neck. you put them around young peolpe girl ur more stupid than i thought are you whissing for a death wish. once that beastly pet of your taste meat it will want more and probably kill you. u do know people will be like oh kelis stop being hirrible its only a tiger well that tiger swtill has an animal instinct so any momment it will turn on you jsust hope its not whilst you.
I'm white but I get what everyone is saying wild animals are called wild animals for a reason not house pets.

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December 26, 2015
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January 22, 2016
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December 24, 2015
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November 29, 2015
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How long does it take to see resutls and how much is this machine can someone answer me pleas thank you..

Really effetive pump i was using it my self but i think you can enlarge more grith then lenght.
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Someone should really do this same prank except they say, you want to see my cock then they open up a picture of their rooster aka cock..
OMG I CANT BELEVE U ASK THE COPS TO SEE YOUR NUTS LOL I CANT STOP LAGHING WHEN U ASK THE COPS YOU COULD OF WENT TO JAIL LOL😆😆😆😆😁😁. 9+10= uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu 1,000😪 I'm so happy that I got if write.
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Super Mega ultra called the weekend looking at nature awesome pranks I love it it is so hilarious the first time I seen it I started a person out laughing it was just hilarious I love your friend videos.

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January 20, 2016

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so I have been watching a ton of these segway videos and this one is the best yet great job on the video..

+Allah's Snackbar Got my hoverboard from: CHEAPEST place to buy right now and FREE SHIPPING! Arrived in less then a week!.
aye yo Brandon I'm skinny and I can't gain no weight so what advice would u give me about getting a little bulk up.
I can't wait to get mine in a few weeks - I ordered it a few days ago and have been watching videos of people riding it ever since, and it just seems like so much fun! :P.

+Дмитрий Афонин ProАвто Got my hoverboard from: Cheapest place to buy right now, 50% DISCOUNT and FREE SHIPPING! Arrived in less then a week!.
Get them from amazon. All orders over $35 dollars have free shipping. I'm getting one for Christmas that's black and red. It's also got a remote, case, etc. It's $330 dollars I believe. Free shipping as well ^.^. I want a segway but i live in Sri Lanka so on ebay it is almost 2,3 thousand rupees any body knows how to get it a bit cheaper. Thanks for posting feedback, I am a camera operator so I was thinking probably getting one to use with my steady cam. Will let you know guys when I get it..
+rami416 well i bought it from a swedish website called "" and it seems legit.

+hi im gurz Never orderd there before so i dont know how the quality is but if it hits on walls and stuff and it still works then its good that it doesnt break and it means yours is good and if your box looks legit then good but makesure that the manuel says User's not uses.
I got mine for $279 with bluetooth... it's great... if ur going to buy one buy one with a Samsung batteries... these does not blow up... remember not to charge ur hoverboard until after an hour after u finish riding it... . It hurts when I see that thing takes a hit. I would like to see someone come up with something like a bump protection or a rubberized material full-body protective case.. Tried one today in a store that had one on display. It was awesome at first, but breaking was not. Which explanes why this guy is jumping off all the time.. Well you really just have to have good feet control as well as balance. But, just play with it a little more (in longer periods of time) and you should get it. Put duct tape on your edge it will on scrap the tape when your done riding pull it off for show then when your gonna ride put it back on.
the red light shit is legit the worst thing about it, it happens all the fucking time seemingly for fun these things are novelty, but hey they fun, whatever! i like mine.

grab some tape or sticky pad and place it on the top where you have the damage and it will stop most damage when it rolls.

grate cos i mite get one for chrismas becaues it is hard to say that i would like it becaue i mite get something als but after waching that video i think i mite get a sweway so thx so much for posting that video and one more thing ya rite how fast dose it go and thx.

+Mitchell Sharpe they go like up to 20km, but the interior guts are kinda crapy you cant jump stairs otherwise it breaks in half, its only good for flat surfaces.

+Oren Urbach yes! but it's not that easy. i got quite cocky at first and thought i would do well but i haven't mastered it yet lol.

I got one. And It just arrived about a week ago. And I'm going to have it wrapped chrome gold to protect its original color..
I purchased mine from dubai for £150 fucking cheap i was on a holiday thought mmm bunch of kids riding this shit in the malls need to get one. Found the place n paid £150 and did research about my board is being sold for £450 i was like wtf. The fact i paid 150 my pockets as much when it scratches as those who paid £300 plus for these bad boys. Walking is so 2014 - Quoted by George W Bush.
My pockets wont hurt" as much as those who paid big bucks on a useless investment. This tool i see it as a way to rip of usa n uk customers.
Whys does it matter there is so many names for them and Segway is just one of them people like to call them cause it's kinda like one.
Segway is a company, not a product. This is causing a great deal of confusion calling it a Segway when it is nothing like a Segway product. The only thing in common is the balancing technology..

+Zemny ™ Oh never mind, I was talking about the other song haha. And yeah you're right, so over used! .

I want to see someone test this on the sidewalks of San Francisco and find out how long the battery lasts carrying its rider up and down large hills....and does it even work down a serious hill Or does it just roll faster and faster and maybe injure its rider.

Noflam purchase - Buy Products In Vito Mol - Dec 28, 2015

December 3, 2015

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You people are so negative it's disgusting. Nearly almost everyone in the comments said she can't curl, WE GET IT. Just stop watching the damn video. Okay guys, she can't curl Really It must be difficult to curl extensions when she has them on a hanger you know Did anyone think that maybe she wouldn't be able to do the "perfect" curl with extensions on a hanger! How about you try to get that "perfect" curly hair with extensions hanging on a hanger.
whatever if the curls are pretty or not..this video was exactly what I was looking for thankyou sooooo much... I was having a hard time choosing a curling iron and this video sort off helped me a lot on choosing.Thankyou again....

To be honest you dont know how to curl hair maybe you should practice more on curling n straightening your hair..

The best curling wand I have used is the Karmin. It has a tapered barrel so it creates any size curl or waves i want..
Why are people hating.. there is no wrong way of curling hair- if it curls the hair then its fine. I wish they spoke about brands thou, that what curling wand was it, the inch and the company. +Stephanie Perez I think it's just the setup of the hair. It would have been better if she stabilized the hanger to give the hair a little more resistance..
I always recommend the Hot Tools curling irons. I have thick hair and it works wonders and my curls stay much longer than with the other brands on the market. .

Male Size Enhancement - Jan 22, 2016

January 24, 2016

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just pics of cars after a sandstorm which happens regularly there..misleading text...reported or deported w/e.. +TheIntenseApathy Indeed there are some abandoned cars in Terminal 3 DXB you can see them with flat tyres, but not super cars, just regular ones. Even for me, i drive a Chevy Sonic at the moment and under the bonnet there are tons of sand, i wash it every 2 weeks with full service including engine wash. The sand here is so thin that it enters everywhere, so if you don't have a covered parking and you leave your car outside it will end up like these in the movie.. What a load of bullshit, if you've ever been to Dubai you'd know sandstorms are common there, which leads to the cars looking like this 95% of the cars you just saw aren't abandoned they just have sand on them.. they leave there cars because there in debt and they cant pay there cars if you are over there crime like this is very high like killing them so they leave the country and leave there cars. +TheMcpe Catalyst This explains the Enzo. It is a little more complicated than that thought. It was abandoned because the people that had it were accused of a bunch of crimes so they ditched like 8-9 luxury cars before they were arrested. Then Interpol seized the cars after the cars were taken to a car lot to rot..
Don't people realize that when you write on the dusty surface of a car, the particles scratch the paint Why does nobody know this.

+Justin Reese I suppose it's a combination of both. It's surprising how little many people know about automobiles..
+Salam Waddah No,I don't understand is why leave a good and valuable Enzo Ferrari,these are terrorists. I take it they don't put as much value on parking spaces as we do in the U.S. Time to get the tow trucks and car shredders running Dubai..
Apparently 'abandoned' in dubai really means 'I left last years model right here to go get this year's model".
I was just there last weekend (9/4/15-11/4/15). The amount of abandoned cars, luxury and otherwise, was ridiculous. The entire city is on borrowed time. When the gulf runs out oil, they're fucked..
+daewSFQE Dsxawe Why don't the authorities put pictures of the cars in the world's papers They'd have to be washed first. I'm sur they could all be sold!.

OK READ THIS U IDIOTS These cars are abandoned by the on the westers that use to live there. They got so much in debt and when the economy collapsed there in 09 they went bankrupt. Many of em rushed to airports and fleed the country.yes its sad to see rare cars just left there: (.
+Idhamok Cause there's no bankruptcy protection in the UAE. If you default on a payment, you're screwed.. I'm not a criminal or nothing but if i saw an abandoned Maserati or some shit id steal it im not gonna lie. Its true there was fren saw this Lamborgini with keys n document inside..still quite new u know...then he drove around for awhile and leave it..Wow it was so amaxing he said...i knee this was so hard for you ppl to understand..i have nothing to back this up..sorry lol. So again what is the reason they are abondening these cars And why couldn't somebody just steal them. if the keys and documents are in the car...would it be steeling if you hooped in one and took off i mean obviously the owner doesn't care about the car nor wants it . What a terrible waste. A Ferrari F40 What a fucking shame. These clowns don't deserve these cars.. they aint abandoned dubai is a sandy country leave your can for like a week this is whats going to happen.
Arabs are serious about collecting any money you owe them! I have dealt with Arab Americans here in the States, and if you owe them rent money, they want it on the first of the month, no grace period, not even a couple of hours!!!!!! And so many Americans and British have gone to Dubai to build mansions and sky scrapers, but somehow the financing goes south, and they can be jailed if they owe the Dubai Government or Dubai business people money for the deal! Anyone can look this up! I saw several investors that were jailed and forced to stay there due to debt. So, many Americans that know their financers abandoned them, they literally sneak out in the night!.
Was that a Jaguar XJ220 2 of them !! Jeez only 350 were ever made. Ferrari Enzo, only 399 made. Ferrari F40 1315 were made, however, many of them have been wrecked and both the Enzo and F40 go up in price every time one crashes.. People who don't understand why this happens: some ppl in dubai buy cars from europe or the usa. When they don't pay for the car. The guy who sold it to him will retrieve the car. But, this retrieving process to the usa or europe costs too much money most of the time and the car will be written off. Another case is when something went wrong in the administration and the car wasn't supposed to be sent there. No matter why it has to go back. Most of the time it costs too much work and money to get the car back. So they will stay there in the desert. For ever. There are for more than 100million dollars worth of cars there just rotting there..
there is no way someone abandons million dollar cars no matter how rich you are. anyone who believes this shit is stupid as fuck.
If you steal they will cut ur hand. its not like completely theres no thief but usually its quite safe in there. what i know that in Muslim country they dont have tax, so the price of the car wouldnt be that expensive.
that is very unlike indonesia. even most indonesian are muslims. if you import a car from anywhere, you'll problably paying more for the tax than the car itself.

now i wanna go to Dubai... i wanna get a BMW from the abandoned cars out there i will be a good owner well... my dad will....
Ok this is a video of all the cars that were parked near seafronts during dubais worse storm in 90years. It was 2008. So no the cars are not abandoned stop makkng things up. No they don't. Ferrari isn't leaving out their beloved cars to see "what happens". In fact, their very anal about who buys them. If its a rare Ferrari coming out, i.e. the LeFerrari, you have to be picked by them to purchase one..
There must not be chop shops or theifs in dubai, because out here in my hood 313 Detroit, that shit be gone even if no keys. .
these are not abandoned vehicles. They were just caught in a sandstorm, and we are seeing pics of the aftermath. . +ziAeroForce you're an idiot. Have you ever been to the Emirates or the Middle east at all Obviously not. All these cars have just been parked on streets and were caught in sandstorms. I've seen it first hand, when I spent 6 weeks in the emirartes and Saudi.. +Umer Malik Wait, so you are calling me an idiot then questioning whether I have been there You are wrong, I have been to Egypt. Obviously completely different money wise, but I took a guess at the owners having a garage to put their cars in. Now fuck up and don't call people idiots thinking you are the internet hard man.. many of them arent realy abondoned, there is alot of sand storms on Dubai, só if the car its on streed i might be this way..
Just to Clarify. From UK newspaper These high-performance cars have been left abandoned at the airport by expats who fear being jailed because they are in debt. Instead of facing possible jail sentences under the strict debt laws in Dubai, they have decided to return home, without even bothering to sell on the cars. Speaking to The Sun, one expat explained that the financial crisis was the reason behind the cars being left at the airport, with many people seeing their finances slowly drain away. He said: 'If you are landed with a big bill, the danger is your financial plight will be exposed. 'Trying to sell your car to foot your bills is all well and good, but that takes time. 'It’s easier to simply scarper.' Incredibly, more than 3,000 cars were found abandoned last year. They were then sold on by police or scrapped. A rising number of businessmen and women have been sent to jail for debt in Dubai. Even bouncing a cheque is a criminal offence. An average of 2,500 people left the United Arab Emirates every month last year, often leaving behind unpaid debts. Incredibly, this has resulted in almost 8 per cent of the expat population already leaving. It is believed this will increase even further.
the sad face is right, its f**king sad how some people just take the rarest cars on earth, the 1967 GT500 for example. there are like, none anymore. now im depressed.... I hope the drivers are still alive - you have to an idiot to leave cars outside in a sandstorm with that heat - has anybody have a clip of the metro system the dust writing is refering to. I run my own garage in Dubai. Everyday I see these cars out on the streets abandoned. If they have keys, I tow truck them back to my garage and keep them. It's not theft, it's caring..
Ok, it might sound super retarded, but.. If the keys are inside and the documents aswell, can't you just, dunno' get it again on the streets on your name #RetardedQuestion.

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January 15, 2016

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This is so sad. It makes me wanna cry for the poor. I live in America and have all I need and I wish I could feed and help them. The world is an evil, greedy place. I know the Elites who use these people all over the world will answer to the Lord one day for how they treat humanity. I pray that Jesus Christ will help them. I dont know if it is because of the idol worship that things are this way but I just hope and pray they will know Jesus..
+renee Erwin I agree with you and there needs to be a massive revolution and the peoples power to overcome all of these wicked evil devil governments and all of there disciples be it in every department of industry,commerce ,entertainment showbiz,sport,etc etc ,the greed and corruption,the lying propaganda,going to war through lies and mass media lying propaganda, be it against Muslim,christian,Jew ,catholic the poor ,the needy,the old, the disabled.ere in england the austerity cuts against everyone not in work or old or ill and unemployed,there is a massive homeless and hungry the most vulnerable people in society and even the low wage earners,the only wants not feeling any pinch is the rich,there a while ago a famous man and I really should not call him a man at all he is not even a rat in the sewer.composer SIR ANDREW LLOYD WEBBER multi millionaire rushed back on aeroplane to vote for the government for the YES VOTE in austerity cuts against the most vulnerable people in society that's the measure of this wicked and greedy man and his devils.yes I could admire if he disagreed. no all he was bothered about for the history of the house of lords in allways backing a government even when they are wrong, cruel and evil that's your Andrew Lloyd Webber and his devils and I liked his more tho. and he as a completely another side to him and the rest of them also .and may god strike every single one of them down.his music must be the devils music.because a very rich composer of real music with a HEART would not have done this.instead he was that desperate to vote and help punish the old and poor and needy and unemployed he got an emergency flight back across the Atlantic to punish them and probably picked is daily £300+pounds up for voting and attending .that's your ANDREW LLOYD WEBBER and all of his evil bxxxxxxs.
i suggest they rather pay well the factory workers than the models,photographers and multimedia ads... the factory workers deserve high paid salary..
+Middle Mist actually the big companies can make their cloths at their home country,sell at the same price and still make a profit. The only difference is the profits would be smaller..

This is seriously heart breaking look at all these rich companies using these poor workers. I am bangladeshi I feel very upset with whats happened to my people 😢 #prayforbangladesh.
Where is the most ironic shirt ever made aka "this is what a real feminist looks like" or whatever shit that was made by poor dark women for privileged yet "oppressed" white women.. I totally agree with you. to tell you I don't know what to say in agreement but it is happening in China etc etc from the flaming powerful and rich elite of this world in every country but more so the greedy and powerfull in the west who class human beings nothing much than rats on a Conveyor belt and when you drop have a hole for your body to fall in and that's the truth.england and all the austerity cuts and its own people punished for the bankers and government faults in the economy and letting in more and more migrants in a small island ,due to illegal wars in lybia irac syria and with euro and being americas poodles and how the government and there lackeys and yes men in every department including TV radio newspapers and all there lying media propaganda will allways do this until every politician is hung for being traitors through illegal wars with lies and absolutely destroying all of these country's and killing there leaders and helping causing this. it all adds up more and more English people are being made homeless working zero hours etc etc private landlords social cleansing you have to move out of where you were born because the elite want your house or the land it sits on.and they build private houses on top, for there felonies few is rented out as social housing and if.the rent is sky high only affordable for the rich. but come the revolution in all of our country's against the greedy, powerful,ultra ultra rich and every one of there cronies. +terence barrett I couldn't read that without effort due to the lack of punctuation and a rambling text. I'm sure you made a point in there somewhere, but I gave up. I do know this. Your statement didn't address the original comment which you said you agree with. Why do you agree with the comment.
Bangladeshi or any country's government should make sure that they place they are working in is safe and not harmful! That the workers are well paid !!! Otherwise these multi million dollar brand holders will never pay any attention to the suffering of the labours!.
If you really think about it... overpopulation is the root of all evil in this world! too many humans make humans that much more disposable..
+bluegoldginger Its not too many humans its poor distribution of resources and greed. In the 1st world insane amounts of perfectly edible food is wasted every day as well and simply destroyed..
These ppl are most hardworking ppl in the world and that's y they are taken for granted they deserve so much more . rich countries cheat them so much it's unbelievable. I pray someday justice is given.they do all the hard work and in the end a zara. or a beneton tag is put on.. These companies should be ashamed...
+Vol de Mort It seems pretty hard to find some piece of garment that isn't made in some of these shitty factories these days. I just don't know where to look. Basically we in the West should have at least a chance to buy clothes that are made in our countries (like American Apparel for instance)..

+Jeannette0890 If you buy any clothes that aren't specifically ethically made you will support "such horror". Most of on the west countries produce their products in developing countries with lower price of workers and fewer laws for factories..
It is the usual problem in humans...GREED. How much is enough, assholes There is enough for us to share but greed gets in the way. Creepy!.
I'm not saying to praise Bangladesh, I'm saying to praise the people who actually make the clothes..
They are being taken advantage of the same way business took advantage of the workers in England in the 1800's. They have no rights, they earn a pittance, they have no rest and decent food to eat to maintain their health, they labor in unbearable working conditions, they have no recreation, and no social life. They work to barely survive while the employers exploit huge profits from these disadvantaged people(s). Has mankind evolved or what It is still the evil greediness of corporate gluttony.. Bangladesh economy is growing 6-7 percent at GDP per year on average and this impressive. We are poor but we are getting richer. If you stop buying clothes from us, then we will never progress. We do not have oil or natural resources worth exporting. This is the only way to progress. Please buy clothes from BD.
+halfvolley11 Stop arguing with some nonsense you always find some stupid in the youtube making comments about those which they really don't understand... some of them are so lack in their education there comment like "Kill all Muslim cuz they are terrorist" "Nuke Mecca" and another "boycott Bangladesh "... without thinking any Consequence... so I will request u not argue with this YouTube mental freaks... And ensure the safety and proper wage of pur honorable labors they are the main key of our Prosperity... By the way we are much advance science and Technology than stupid Nepalese.
+ornillevergreen k ali I agree with you. Actually I like Nepali people. That is why I have not been too harsh with him. If he was Indian or Paki, my tone would have changed. He is just trying to act smart.. This is what actually happens: Rana plaza tragedy takes place, big news, denials from foreign firms, documentaries are made, people blame the government, the owner of the factory either escapes or is caught and then let out anyways, everybody cries, reporters here, reporters there, talk shows, arguments, fights, same faces of politicians, more talk, more excuses, people fighting about it among themselves on the internet, and that's where the story actually..begins. There are yet more Rana plaza tragedies coming on the way until this whole process begin recurring again. I don't know if all that made any sense at all to you, but trust me I am a Bangladeshi and I know where it ends - it never ends. We can't change others if we dont change ourselves first and our filthy ways of living. . +Fariha Tabassum I used to work with someone from Bangladesh and she never talked about life in her country. I was hesitant to ask because it sounds like a nightmare with all the child prostitution and other horrors.. +To Universe With Love Absolutely correct. They probably get buttons or chains from Bangladesh but Zara gives most of its contracts to Turkey..
We do not deserve any mercy on judgement day if our clothes are more important than the people who make them. Please do not think I'm excluding myself. I am just as guilty as anyone else. God help all of us....

+ivan khundkar​​ im not sure if ur looking for Marzia's video.. but u can find the video that mentioned the true cost by looking for one of her current videos "BEST OF AUGUST:Beauty & Movies". Hope this helped! .

I understand that people lose limbs or lose their life because they work for low sums of money in other foreign countries just to make clothes for America but,If we shouldn't buy clothes out of feeling bad for the people who produced the clothing,what are we supposed to wear or where do we buy clothes then.Most of the clothes I get say made in china.I really don't know :/ sorry if this comment is stupid,just saying,people without these skills,we down know how to make our own clothes...
bangladesh,china or turkey this process of misery cant be stopped cus.of.the poorness,and it.cost cus of all people have many children. Either wages need to increase or the cost of living should be lowered. I hate that co. Feel that slavery is acceptable. Burn big wig Corp. Burn in hell..
I have BOYCOTTED all new clothing since the 1980's! This is NOT a new issue!!! I am a very savvy Thrift store shopper...I suggest others do the same...These peoples plight is on YOUR heads!.
+Deborah Hixson You will not change the world, so why not at least be dressed good. Waste of time Maam, now go buy yourself some trousers ok Those clothes from 1980's are probably lil worn out..
Ooh God help these poor people. Bangladesh government have to sue these shit companies and sentence Engineers who built that premises...
Yea I'm a princess and everyone needs to kiss my ass and hand everything to me and that includes illegal immigrants that can't follow rules and need to by bent over my lap and spanked. ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°). The people will have to stand up for themselves. It always starts with the people themselves. If they won't stand up for themselves, then we can't help them. You can't help someone who won't stand up for themselves.. I don't think its only Australian brands. I fear many British brands do the same. I have purchased clothes made in Bangladesh. And many of them are popular brands. Judging from this report, I don't think the brands here in the UK are up to any good either. Well...We do buy these clothes because most clothes are made in these countries. they really need to improve these conditions.. so if we do not buy those dresses they will be out of a job and then what tell the Company that we will not buy unless they raise the wages. Tricky one isn't it... If you don't by the clothes, these people lose their jobs...if you do then you are encouraging this slavery... Like the ship yard dismantlement in Bangladesh...the factory owner is the richest one...what he pay's his workers is minimum, where one complains, loses a limb or dies there will always be a hundred people willing to work in those same horrific conditions..
+No Neck... If you don't buy clothes, the companies don't profit. Lacking profit at first place, companies can't afford letting workers go, and the workers will not work for free. Now that's a tricky one, too. If we really want these people to have something to live of, we'd do better sending the part of the funds we'd be spending on clothes directly to them, without encouraging the company to continue its practice on the way. Just the money that would have been spent on unnecessary stuff that many people buy on a daily basis could be redistributed to people in need and already make a significant difference. If abolishing big companies does any harm (and it certainly doesn't have to if manual redistribution of the funds is done right) to the workers, they will easily be the last generation of people that were harmed by the cause. It's quite simple actually if the majority is willing to cooperate..
The government of the people is to blame, they knew all about the dangers and helped murdered their own people... forcing them back to work like slaves.. +Average white trailer trash Exactly, why was 3rd world not conditioned with this shit, 30-40 years ago Their populations basically exploded, and we were feeding all of them, but now there's only more of people in need. Where the fuck is this going Well, I'll tell you, Europe received more than half a million of illegal economic migrants this automn alone... And now we have to treat them as equals, which means, you cannot give them 1$ a day and a med student no more, they need much more than that. Eventually we will fall into poverty, and then what. Totally misconception and wrong information about Dhaka and garments industry. Who will boycott Bangladesh in Garments Bloody buyers like h&m, target, wallmart are manufacturing garments at the cheapest rate otherwise they dont give work. First of all boycott those prominent brands. There is no other way without Bangladesh....
As i look over to my closet filled with clothes...i feel immense guilt knowing that much of my clothing were probably made in countries and factories like these.
Typo. I know there is a difference between "filed" and "filled". But thanks for pointing it out, go and give yourself a nice pat on the shoulder.. Outsourcing is the new evil, if these companies were willing to pay proper wages they wouldn't be outsourcing. What to do You don't buy the dress these people suffer more, you buy the dress they suffer anyways and big greedy companies get richer! Do we really need 10 pants and 10 sweaters. Mango and Benetton I will not wear that dress or use their products anymore. My heart crushed of what I saw in the video..
the workers should take everything and sell for half price the make more than what they would in a few years they'll just need a contact in a different country and that shouldn't be too hard.

How sad is that to know Humans beings sucking same kind blood for money , it's 2015 look at how this people This people trying to survive, they live like a slaves this is is big sin and big shame for human being every country responsible that kind of action My Allah bless Good People.
This is heartbreaking and sad because of what they are doing and especially because i know i can't do anything..
You have to buy clothes or go naked, and all clothes are made like this, by these people, so what do you do.

Its very veery! Unfortunate this goes on. And doesnt look will end soon:'((. But what the on the west consumers Should! DO, is REFRAIN from buying the brands sawn in third world countries. Save up and limit to buying on the west/American made or shop in second-hand stores. They are beautiful, lightly worn and we will save the environment from overproduction!.

You could say not to buy the shirt. But it's bangledeshes building code standards that are lacking. If they new about load tolerances and how to even build properly they wouldn't have these problems. They no how to build shitty factories and funking stick huts..

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November 28, 2015

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This guy doesn't have enough cash to buy the phone... does his review at his local mobile store.

Male Size Enhancement - Jan 22, 2016

November 9, 2015

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+NazSAy SObra I am sorry...I didn't come across any wholesale prices. Dubai has mostly extravagant malls for shopping..
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+Tinas Vlogs is gold a lot cheaper over there i bought a gold necklace 10k 4 oz for $1800 usd in the us.
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stop swinging the camera and what's the matter with you you trying to do a YouTube video are you Spinning Around.
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You would have to be insane to buy "gold" from a sand nigger. They are some thieving mother fuckers. .
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I know..I wished the same too!! And the best part all Shops and Malls here open till midnight 12!! No cheating, no tax & no crime! .
You must be right... why don't you transfer all your money to my account and save ur soul! Someday when I am through all these materialistic things, will join you in isolated hill top to attain Nirvana. I guess ur already living there...- right!.
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My Dear, don't be too hard on urself... I was holidaying and it was just sightseeing. Don't judge! Take it easy! :-) Be positive and stay happy! God Bless you. :-).

I am going there in October, my plans is to grab lots of gold and run, and if that didnt work i will get down on my knees and offer my mouth .
Yes..its shoppers place!! That was one of the piece purchased from Gold Souk! :-) BTW Shops open till 1am!!.
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Hey James, why are upset on tourists in Dubai You mad at Tinas, because of what ^^, she maybe not even own a shop in Dubai. But you are the greedy and stupid person who made his own sister a hooker. maybe you spend your time with fucking your own sister..

Rc shop al khobar - Buy Products In Best Vito - Dec 12, 2015

December 28, 2015

Comments about this video:
The best part is the emblem retracts so it doesn't get stolen. That really makes me want one now.. +Andrew Armstrong Its really a statue. They should make it 3 feet long so it looks like a horn. . SHIT.....that jacket and trousers are loking like they are straight from garbage can... I normally do not give a fuck about jurnalist outfit but this time its really bad....
Fuel economy doesn't become a non-issue just because money isn't an issue to you. It's still a pain in the ass to have to stop and refill...or stop and HAVE it refilled, if you're a RR buyer, likely. And of course there's the whole emissions thing, if you're concerned about that..

ο χοντρος είναι σαν λαικατζής δεν κανει γιαυτη την δουλεια.....
6.6 liters with over 500 hp. That's MORE efficient than the first Dodge Viper: 8 liters and a measly 400 hp!. Im sorry but if I were to get a car of that amount a Royce is worth, Id rather have an actual "drivers car", not a "passengers car"... I just cant picture myself spending money on a car just to have someone else drive me around in it. Ya I am a car enthusiast and drive a 2011 Camaro SS. No matter how rich I get I would never get a chauffeur. I love to drive myself and it's just not my thing to have butlers and drivers. (I lived in another country for a year and my mom had an in-house maid living with us and I would prefer not to have one) . +Bowlofarthritus well lets say you travel A LOT, than i would actually prefer a very comfortable car and the ghost is quite powerfull too. but yeah with my lifestyle now i would probably go for some sports car.
i think for a luxury car its better N/A cuz it will run smoothly a turbo will feel like you were going fast out of no where and a supercharger will get you spooked cuz of the instant boost.
i really hate when the reviewer tries to be sophisticated by using words they normally wouldn't. it sounds so unnatural, especially when they hesitate to think of the right word. just speak how you normally would, thats good enough.. I want to reach the level where i can employ a driver in a RR as he takes me to the tailor and then to the supercar dealership to order my latest toy : ) Money motivates.. Some great articles featuring Rolls-Royce - PS: the cars are made on the south-coast of England. Also, the brand name is licensed by 'rolls-royce engines' who are based in derbyshire, England..
If i had a RR i wouldnt let it turn any head, i would rather make it turn some nice ASS! .

Ill take a few just put some random cards and the number you get i will buy because i have a few billions i cant finish.

These are nice for shorter trips but if i were to drive long hulls, then a luxury coach would do me perfect.. 2 toilets.. king size bed.. kitchen.. 70+ inches tv along with a massive couch.. a trip to anywhere, sure! Wake me up when we are there! Ofcourse none need 2 toilets.. but its nice to lend it to the guests / driver!.
Great video and great car. Gone are the days when Rolls Royce said that power output is "adequate". .
It's a nice car, but $9,000 just for PAINT! That's too expensive, even though the car's expensive..
+Neiv Gabay everyone says this yet maybe a family of surgeons and doctors want to buy one of these. Not everyone who buys these are millionaires..
Those who say the Audi has a better interior are absolutely wrong. I've been in A5 onward and they're nothing special, for that amount of money i'd side with the competition being the S class and the 7 series, but the Rolls Royce is way out their league..
car rating: outside look 6/10 inside look 9.5/10 car quality 9.5/10 25 / 30 nice!. yeah its a comfortable car, classy and all but from my experience its just a brand that's why the price is so high.. cant believe my dad bought one and still doesn't give me 20 bucks.
The girls enjoyed riding in my Rolls Royce...damage by the disconnected was our biggest concern. These cars have a large ego boost...although they can be rather draining on the wallet..
Am I the only one who finds this car Ugly Looks like a chrysler 300 to me only with a nicer interior but that's about it. . The Rolls Royce cars have had a dramatic price increase over the past 50 years. It was possible to buy a Silver Spirit in the 1960's for twenty to thirty thousand US dollars..
Awesome But for me the Rolls Royce Phantom ( front ) amd The Mercedes Benz S65 AMG 2015 ( back ) look much better My dream car is that the front looks like RR Phantom and the back like Mercedes Benz S65 AMG 2015 In chrome Black and everything what is chrome like the emblem in the front should be chrome Gold.
i have been i side of a roll Royce and it is so comfortable it feel like you is riding in a SUV because it is so big and roomie it don't even feel like you is in a Car it feel like you is riding in a special made SUV and when you get in side of the roll royce you feel like a rich king and all the other car look poor against roll royce .
You can't compare this to an S-class, you get way more value from the RR. Mercedes is a much lower brand compared to RR and the S-Class is mass produced rather than the hand built Rolls. Aside from that, the Ghost is a level above the S-class in ride, space and refinement, and that's ignoring the Phantom..
Charles rolls was the first man in UK to be killed in a plane crash. He was born in London but his family are welsh and he is buried in llangattock Monmouth south east Wales his father was the 1st Baron of llangattock.. Any Rolls Royce cars are same shit like BMWs. if you really want to have a feeling of Rolls Royce but don't want to pay that much, just get BMW 760LI same shit, they even use similar engine. Its better to spend money on something unique, like Mercedes Maybach would be the best choice . .
Rolls Royce is more expensive than BMW. Any any nigga could buy a BMW but to drive rolls royce u gotta be a rich nigga..

i will have this car as a teenager, and no not only does the 1 percent have this car, people sometimes dont understand that having a few million is not being in the 1 percent..

VW don't licence the Rolls Royce name to BMW, Rolls Royce (aero engines) licence the name and emblem to them..
The whole story is even more complicated. But the guy in this video is not completely wrong...he didn't get the details right. VW did own the right to the RR iconic grill and spirit of they had to work out a deal with BMW eventually. The whole story from the piston heads website: In 1980 Rolls-Royce Motors was acquired by Vickers (from the British government which nationalised the whole company in the early 1970's). In 1998 Vickers decided to sell Rolls-Royce Motors. The leading contender seemed to be BMW, who already supplied engines and other components for Rolls-Royce and Bentley cars. However their final offer of £340m was outbid by Volkswagen, who offered £430m. However Rolls-Royce plc, the aero-engine maker, decided it would license certain essential trademarks (the Rolls-Royce name and logo) not to VW, but to BMW, with whom it had recently had joint business ventures. VW had bought rights to the "Spirit of Ecstasy" mascot and the shape of the radiator grille, but it lacked rights to the Rolls-Royce name in order to build the cars. Likewise, BMW lacked rights to the grille and mascot. BMW bought an option on the trademarks, licensing the name and "RR" logo for £40m, a deal that many commentators thought was a bargain for possibly the most valuable property in the deal. VW claimed that it had only really wanted Bentley anyway, and in sales terms this was the stronger brand, with Bentley models out-selling the equivalent Rolls Royce by around two to one. BMW and VW arrived at a solution. From 1998 to 2002 BMW would continue to supply engines for the cars and would allow use of the names, but this would cease on January 1, 2003. On that date, only BMW would be able to name cars "Rolls-Royce", and VW's former Rolls-Royce/Bentley division would build only cars called "Bentley". Rolls Royce's convertible, the Corniche, ceased production in 2002 Because 1 source = no source: The interior is less luxurious than an audi, it's slower than a mustang gt, and the exterior is very bland. You could get a faster car with a better looking exterior and a much nicer interior for $50,000. Why someone would ever spend several hundred K on this is beyond me..

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December 15, 2015

Comments about this video:
Oh Chloe you are very sweet! I love how open minded you are. You look stunning with Hijab. And you were so funny when you were singing at the last 😂😂. Absolutely love you and your vids I've started watching the old ones (obviously) cause I've ran out of new one lol. Also love how open you are as we all should be respectful and open to everyone's beliefs.😘.
wow you are just amazing. Ive never seen a youtuber attempt anything arabian, this makes me so proud.
How old are you You look like twenty :) And I don´t wear hijab, but i think i´ll still do this look. Thank you very much, not only for doing this Video also for showing respect towards other religions or nationalities. It should give more people with heart like you! :). :) same story. I hvent been wering contcts for three four years now so eye makeup is all gone. Lipstick sometimes but only once or twice a year. :) what happened to us.
U seemed do Cute when you sang Arabic I wish you do more hijab tutorials and we as a Arab appreciate that you respect our religion and actually show us that you love it. Love ya❤️❤️.
LOL.. I'm Saudi. and I just watched ur VLOG about ur lips filler. i really liked the way u are. so i decided to watch ur videos. I was so amazed when I saw u wearing scarf :D. u look so pretty with it. Thank u for everything nice u said. Love u نحن نحبك. +New York City Channel umm no it's not. I suggest you don't listen to people who give Islam a bad name, tons of them these days. Tolerance and acceptance is one of the true teachings of Islam, but people are so flawed that they do not reflect that anymore. .
Hi pretty girl. How can I write a private message to you Can't get any of your personal emails((.

hahahhahahah! i love your Arabic singing and your accent (y), THANK YOU SO MUCH for uploading this special video! loved it! and i hope you do more of this.
You look beautiful in a hijab & love the fact that you do videos for girls like me who wear a hijab! Love your channel!! :) . Awhh I'm such a fan! And I'm sure Nancy Ajram would admire you as well! Guys check out the song she was jamming out to -Yatabtab by Nancy Ajram ♡ .
Soo pretty..i am also living in australia bt i couldnt find any no7 products here..can u plz tell me frm where did u bought that lipliner u mentionedthanks in advance.
it is very thoughtful of you to do makeup tutorials for hijabis( even If i dont wear hijab),we need more youtubers like you to spread love and respect of other cultures and religions. keep on doing the good work !!. This is not the arabic hijab this is look a irani hijab i think but u with the hijab is so gorgeous, Good bless u 😻.
Hi Chloe I've been watching your videos for a couple of years now you are so talented and such an amazing person! I love the fact that you reach out to different cultures and religions I know you've done a few Eid makeup looks and they are amazing! You cater to all and that's what gives you the edge. Keep going love your work! .

Dear Chloe, you look gorgeous & it's such a pleasure that you like the arab culture..Bless ya... & thank you for such makeup tutorial, I didn't know it before but now I'm definitely trying it (y) :*.
I love this makeup look, I'm Indian and this look will look awesome at Indian events/weddings. I think you're the only Caucasian beauty guru that has reached out to other cultures. Love it! xox.
6:26 OMG that cracked me up " yes I love Arabic music" ooh Chloe you have no idea how many of your viewers are Arabic you're like a beauty icon shout out from Dubai :D.

i don't see how it is inappropriate. go have a look at hijabis makeup gurus like babylailalov, yazthepaz and others, they wear very heavy makeup more than non muslims. I think it is nice of chloe to be open to other cultures :).
oh yeah because only "Arabs" are muslim's and wear the hijab, also supposed to cover all of your hair.... I think it was just the person that was from saudi arabia that sent the request and she said that she had a really high following from Saudi Arabia. And i dont think she meant to not cover all of her hair, this is a start it doesnt have to be perfect.. well, im turkish but never heard of a word called 'habibti'. i think its in arabic. arabic and turkish culture are completely different :D but nice job!.
i just burst out laughing when you started singing haifa wehbe songs. my mom thinks im crazy but i don't care. your arabic is so cute!! :').
OMG I FELT LIKE SHE MIGHT BE LEBANESE OR LIKE HAS LEBANESE ROOTS !!!!!! WHAT'S HER NATIONALITY ANYONE. +Amoroussparkle Like she said in the video, when you wear a headscarf all of the attention is drawn to the eyes so it should be intense but even so people can wear as much makeup as they prefer without you having to say your "God no" "opinion".
I think what you meant was this was for your Muslim viewers & not "arabs" because not all Middle Easterns are Muslim..
The only Islamic symbol in the video is the scarf (hijab) other than that., its all screaming "Arab" ! Arabian girls tend a lot to put make up the way it's shown in the video. . +A Sharaawy there has been no reference to religion at all so what exactly is your point I suggest that next time you reconsider what you say in order to prevent yourself from looking a tad bit silly.. So funny how some people enjoy going around spreading hate. Those were either poorly raised or have no self esteem which they show it in a bad manner :).

Noflam purchase - Buy Products In Vito Mol - Dec 28, 2015

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04 April 2016

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April 30, 2016

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Buy and Sell used and new mobiles/cellphones in Saudi Arabia

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