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December 28, 2015

Comments about this video:

People on internet: OMG Jeff Dunham is so offensive! People in Middle East: Hahaha Jeff Dunham is Hilarious Everyone over here is whiny confirmed..
Man, I wish that people would leave their prejudices aside, laugh and visit each other in peace (not in pieces...!). Gabriel, great guy bringing people together through laughter. Greetings from Romania!. +Deema Saud Thanks for your comment, but may I ask you: why did you write that Do you personally know me Edit: Was your comment meant to be a joke Really:) Did I only get it now. So Saudi owns most of Clinton's policy's too, biggest payer to eh en CLINTON foundation, wonder why😗. if you want real news watch fusion, al jazeera, or even the "fake" news like the daily show with trevor noah, the nightly show with larry wilmore, last week tonight with john oliver, and even the new show stephen colbert is hosting now!. Same :) That's why I love Gabriel Iglesias and Maz Jobrani more because they don't use bad words in their shows so I can watch them with my family. I like Louis CK and Russell Peters too but I only watch them when I am alone.. I do not know why the majority of the comments talk about the Islamic religion, but the majority of talking about this religion do not know the truth of this religion, but the problem of channel Fox News are talking about the religion of Islam and the Arabs in another way and the idiots ruled on this religion as a religion of terrorism. (Do not judge something you do not know what it really is) :)))). +Neil Hughes Ehh... not really There's more extremism in the Middle East than in America. And unfortunately, it's not just a few bad apples. Many countries (Saudi Arabia included) have majority support for the death penalty for apostates. Saudi Arabia also has a new blasphemy law. Now, is that because Islam is worse than Christianity or other religions No. Funny thing is, some of that extremism is our fault (cold war manipulations) but that's more political power of organizations like ISIS and the Taliban. Still, there's definitely more extremism there. It's not everyone, but there's a reason that AlNamrood (a Saudi black metal band) has to keep its head down, why Gabriel had to go outside the city, and why they even have religious police. Now, those people are not terrorists. They're extreme, but not terrorists. I'd say that the extremists create a social environment that make the terrorists more acceptable, but it would be racist and stupid to say that they're all terrorists. If I had lived right after the Civil War, I probably would have said the same thing about Christianity and the KKK. And before someone tries to get me on this: No, not all Muslims are extreme, nothing in my comment implies that. That makes about as much sense as saying that me criticizing Jamaica for its extremist and violent version of Christianity is somehow saying that all Christians are like that. There's so many different factors in what makes a person an extremist, but that doesn't change the facts.. That moment when you've watched enough of this guy to know exactly what he means when he says "DAYUM!".
There are only two American comedians that I like, Robin Williams and Gabriel Iglesias. On a side note, all the governments worldwide should send air condition units instead of military units to the Middle East, then perhaps we can have some fucking peace..
There are good and bad people everywhere. People who fail to understand this basic concept are dumbshit morons.. I visited Mecca once to do omrah and people were nice :) Love for my Saudi brothers and sisters in faith. from Russia. we know our country is bad and evil but don't forget that there are over 20 million muslim brother and sister here 😊 and the majority of us are against what Putin is doing in Syria. he's helping a tyrant and killing innocents not isis.
He is protecting the legitamate president of the Syrian Arab Republic. Thanks to him the situation in Syria became better Ok, your muslim friends in Russia may be against it. But never forget that the majority of Russians support the Russian president and his action and the majority of Syrians support him too and they supoort their leader whom you call a tyrant. Get your facts right. ~from a Syrian..
When he said Fox News I facepalmed. I take journalism class and when someone mentioned Fox News everyone in class laughed. They lie all the time. I wish no one would take them seriously.. sadly alot a people do take it seriously and they judge other people based on false tv news instead of actually educating them selves.
Saudi Arabia is the worst country ever and the root of all evil, I fucking HATE Arab piece of shits and all of their anti women laws and their oppression of women,gays, jews, literally EVERYONE who doesn't agree with their stone age mentality. Yeah you naive liberal fools fell for this video with very few normal Arabs but forget other 80% are fucked up..
You are just another stupid Arab. You can't get deported for 'being a bitch',I simply experience the evils of Arabia once I traveled there with my husband and we will NEVER come back. You Arabs are scum and oppress women and USA and Europe will not tolerate your bullshit anymore fuck off now..
Every thing he said is true and I got American Frd I gave him a hunting dog very expensive dog, just to let u kno in Middle East if u have something that's very nice for u or u like it too much and there is someone saw it and he say I like it, I have to say if u want u can have it . That's how we middle eastern ppl r nice we famous with hospitality..
اطردو مطاوعه بريدة اللي ينهفون وهم صغار ولاكبرو افتو من طيزهم والاجانب العرب اللي يسترزقون ويزرفون وويسخون البلد الهمج والسعودية تصير عسل... لان محد يجيب المشاكل الا هم والشعب السعودي بيرتاح!. 13:57 why was he afraid of getting arrested for the jew joke i mean isnt the united states supposed to be free or is it okay to insult a religius group..while other groups have immunity XD... cuz that is what i think it is XD it is not "The Land of the Free" but "The Land of the Hypocrites" ;). Thank you so much for sharing Gabriel. We love your shows. We see you in Spain in Netflix channel. Nosotros somos españoles y toda mi familia te ama..
thats what im thinking he made it sound like we still have black and white tv and we dont have schools that he was so surpriesed they speak english.
Did he really came to saudi arabia I dont think so 😁 but he is really a great comedian. Love u fluffy. 😘😘😘 saudi fans. runs out on stage in Riyadh. "Are you all sisters You sure, you all look alike. Faarken hahleerious. Glad I got to see him that time, although it was in the eastern province which sadly he forgot to mention.. Hey fluffy, someone just told me that your 'fluffy movie' did BAD in all areas of profit or in general not funny ,i haven't seen it yet but Say it ain't so fluffy...& that you ran out of 'funny juice' which is the reason your auditioning for Hollywood & making an eating show (-fluffy breaks even ) because you can't write jokes anymore. Say it ain't so... I can't reveal my source but he/she is legit.. Looool 😂😂😇😆😆😆😆. I m from Saudi Arabia... thanks ,,,,, you are really funny and has much information about saudi....
يا شباب في واحد يقول بنات السعودية مزز يا حيوان لا تحتك Dont i7tkak us اسم الولد dung ly يقول : (I'm Asian living in Australia, I interact with a (lot of Arab, Muslim... They are good people and btw middle eastern girl are so damn hot التكملة هذي حق اللي فوق.
Fluffy your my second favorite comedian my first Jeff Dunham but I stopped watching him and I've been watching your videos and I have been listening to u on pandora my friends don't under stand when I start braking out laughing in study hall so they start laugh with me even tho they can't hear your jokes Bc I'm using head phones but when I tell them that I'm listening or watching your videos the instantly want me to unplug my head phones and watch your shows with me then we are sitting there in the middle of the cafeteria during study hall laughing and all the people around us just stares but we don't care we are just have a grate time watching your shows I live in the US in the state Ohio will you ever play in Cleveland Ohio I know Kevin hart did but I don't know if u ever did or if u will Bc I will be happy to convince my parents to go and take me.
Great show as always 😄😄😄. Gabriel/ mr. Fluffy speaks a language that everyone knows and that is humor and laughing and he is the best in it 👍🏻👍🏻.

I have ADD and Gabriel Iglesias is the only guy that keeps me so concentrated on his comedy.. He's such amazing storyteller..
Fox news is actually owned by Arabs. Prince Alwaleed bin Tala (the nephew of the leader of Saudi Arabia (King Abdullah)) owns the Fox News.. +Kiumars Irani The prince has about 2% of the channel income, but the rest is owned by the Jew guy Rupert Murdoch. Make some research MR Iranian. +sam m Actually the Saudi Bastard Prince had 7% of the shares and was the second biggest shareholder of Fox news. He sold some of his shares this year after we exposed him on the internet..
+Bata dorset stop being soo negative, is there a country that is completely good in every side Aside form that, who are you to judge.
Your are man Fluffy! I enjoy your stand up n im thankful u give the show for free on You Tube that I went out my way to buy the DVD. Even that it's free for more of that reason. Keep on the great stand up.
So the Saudis are Hypocrites, because they have laws against this kind of shows, but even though they make it underground..
+Piontro Pechetrini NOT Saudis who put the law, it is the government. So this is not the citizens mistake :(.
God.. only to passport-less Americans are these travel stories impressive. Oooo he went to Saudi Arabia...hes like Indiana fucking jones (nevermind thousands if not millions of foreigners live and work there).

I live in suadia arabia, but i study English but i still know Arabian though I kinda talk Australlian English.
Saudi Arabia is bul shit sy with because all of the da sam people fuch Saudi Arabia I had people Arab bitch all.
+exotic amirah19 Who do you think you are fulling! Islam was centered to terrorize other klans so muhammad and his followers can get what he want of money, power and women. Explain to me Surat al Tauba 9:29.
+Lukas Varelio there's more to it than what you think my freind read the verse after that it basically says ur only aloud to fight back in self defence and should not transgress because God does not like those.
USA, France, rest of NATO and Russia should bomb Saudi Arabia until it is nothing but dust. That is the only way to end world terrorism..

Buy Products In Best Vito - Dec 28, 2015

December 23, 2015
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December 20, 2015
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Buy Products In Vito Viga Online Herbal Store - Dec 28, 2015

December 24, 2015
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December 30, 2015

Comments about this video:
+Even.Ways Music hahahaha your comment reminds me of a tv show "it's always sunny in Philadelphia" when the gang decides to stock oil for future profits..
+Mr. A أحسبك يا بن الحرام أجنبي وتكلم معي ب ادب مثل ماتكلمت مع الخواجات لا بوك لا أبو قحبة ولدتك.
+firefox3249 inefficient now bcos is in crawling level, wait when green tech start to walk by itself. +Redsiput We'll have exhausted our oil reserves by then. I think we seriously should consider the potential of nuclear power.. +Hafsa Miah your muslim brother staying in Saudi Arabia says I have said the truth.. corroborate the fact with him.
"Good, let them have this bankruptcy. They deserve it." You say, but do remember that the ones who are hit by economic recessions are rarely the rich so the ones who "deserve it" won't be getting it..
+camander red im not saudi and although you may disagree with their policies it is absolutely non of your business. and they lower the prices to hurt green cars by making it cheaper than green energy and electric cars, they are bastards, all the players in the oil industry are dirty bastards.
it won't get bankrupt, because Saudi Arabia use the Oil money into making industries that are going (hopefully) to cover up the Saudi oil income, and one of them (currently working on) is a global solar panels (or something like that, not sure) that can provide the world with power..

What a shitty video, completely ignoring the fact that Saudi Arabia is engaged in two wars (yemen and Syria) draining enormous amount of Money from their budget and they ALREADY have tapped into their reserves. It's an issue that many in Royal family have complained, some have even gone as far to say the new king should toppled. Anyhow, this shitty video doesn't take anything into consideration. Video done by retards for retards..
ISIS was created by the USA: ISIS is run by APARTHEID israel Mossad jew:
+SharpElite1991 It will happen eventually. In 1975 the percentage of Saudisation was almost 95% of all jobs. if it wasn't for the greedy elite who wanted 'profit' as fast as possible it would have been the norm already. Importing workers (cheap labor) only serves a small fraction of the population in the long run..

What you don't know about Saudi Arabia is the country actually building a seven huge economic Cities right now,and expected to be ready in 2017 And Saudi will be an open market to the world, by that time they wouldn't care much about cash.

+The Realest Somali There's a good location now available nextdoor to the Sheikh Yerbouti nightclub..

شكرا لآل سعود على عدم توفير تنمية مستدامة واقتصاد حقيقي ومصادر منوعة للدخل. ثمانين سنة والنفط يصب فوق رؤوسنا واخرتها اذا طاح النفط طاحت السعودية وراه وهذا يدل على أن من كان يحكم البلاد عصابة تسرق مقدرات الوطن وتبيعها عبثا بدون وجود توفير اقتصاد حقيقي..
+‫وعي إلى مالانهاية‬‎ فعلا أضف إلى ذلك بأن سياستهم في دعم أمريكا بحربها الباردة مع روسيا بافغانستان ضرت السعودية داخليا بتعطيل التنمية وتقوية التيار الديني الي يحاول قدر المستطاع استغفال الناس وعمل حضار ثقافي عليهم وايضا ضرت بسمعة البلد كواحدة من البلدان المصدرة للارهاب رغم ان من صنع القاعدة هم الامريكان لكن لا يمكن توجيه الاتهامات لهم الحكومة السعودية تبعت أمريكا في كل شيء الان واخذوهم لحم ورموهم عظم والمواطن السعودي العادي يدفع ثمن كل هذا أغبياء بمعنى الكلمة.. +‫وعي إلى مالانهاية‬‎ فعلا أضف إلى ذلك بأن سياستهم في دعم أمريكا بحربها الباردة مع روسيا بافغانستان ضرت السعودية داخليا بتعطيل التنمية وتقوية التيار الديني الي يحاول قدر المستطاع استغفال الناس وعمل حضار ثقافي عليهم وايضا ضرت بسمعة البلد كواحدة من البلدان المصدرة للارهاب رغم ان من صنع القاعدة هم الامريكان لكن لا يمكن توجيه الاتهامات لهم الحكومة السعودية تبعت أمريكا في كل شيء الان واخذوهم لحم ورموهم عظم والمواطن السعودي العادي يدفع ثمن كل هذا أغبياء بمعنى الكلمة.. +The Rarest Pepe Good work, Comrade: we need to distract the world's attention from Russia invading Ukraine, Syria, Georgia, Azerbaijan, Moldova, and whatever it is we're doing in the Baltic States and Scandinavia..
People have been saying Saudi Arabia is going to go bankrupt for the past 30 years. When are they going to go bankrupt this is just propaganda to make Saudi Arabia weak..
+Trolololol !!! Like I said, you need an education to get a job, which will get you money. People, get educations so they can get jobs. Saudis, already have money, therefore, don't try very hard at school. Education=Money .
+Heater64k It is amazing that the flag of a country, in this case Saudi Arabia is being discussed. May I ask; what is the real purpose of this posting Saudi Arabia is one of the 60 countries with Muslim majorities and spiritually may claim to represent Islam but politically and militarily, it is insignificant. Historically some countries use sword as a symbol of power and strength and only wield it to defend the land. Sword was the common weapon in Asia – China, Japan and India, Middle East and Europe. 17 countries in Europe have a CROSS-in their flags, including all Scandinavian lands and neutral Switzerland. Crusaders used the same cross as a symbol of Christian armies marching to take over the Holy land. Does it mean that these countries still believe in the crusades and killing of innocent Muslim children’s and women as the crusaders did.
I hope so! Their evil government needs to be toppled. I have met many Saudis when living and working in Dubai and Bahrain, so I can assure you that they are human beings... rather than the subhuman scum that their backward and evil government makes them out to be. If they just had a chance, then they would be able to function like modern humans along with the rest of the world. They just need to get rid of their oppressive government and wicked religious fanaticism..
+Robert Rodgers Finally, sane comment, not trying to dehumanizing us and knows exactly what is the issue here. I'm afraid it won't happen, even if it is going to happen, the political weather in middle east won't allow us to build modern country. Iran, Turkey are all waiting for this monarchy to fall down so they can take 'part of the cake'.
+Intergalactic Nomad Thank You! Given that I do indeed like many wonderful Saudi people, who I had the pleasure of meeting when living in Bahrain and Dubai, I want things to get better for them. But! Sadly, you are correct. The world needs to come together to help them, rather than continue allowing the average Saudi citizens to be hurt. If my friends from Dubai & Bahrain had a choice, then they would help them. .
lol bankrupt we don't even have a debt saudi arabia gives billions to help out other arabs country if don't know.

+Saan X وهذا الشي لازم يتوقف تماما.. لان الي يلاحظ التعليقات يشوف كيف "الاخوان" العرب يحبونا مرة ويتمنون لنا الخير (سخرية).
i wouldn't call you idiots, but 80% of the published income, true. But saudi arabia's GDP isn't just 800 billion, its estimated to be around 2.1 trillion Remember that 4 million people goes to Hajj yearly, and 60 million to Ummrah over the whole year, Lets say on average, they will pay only $500 to the government each, thats almost 3 trillion alone :). +Ahmed AL mudhi I just don't see the reasoning with people drawing Islam with terrorism. Most people become radical since they don't like the status quo. Most terrorist groups (e.g. ISIS) started in places like Iraq/Syria where the status quo isn't good.. +General Grievous Nah, Islamic republic of Iran could become a second Saudi Arabia if sanctions are lifted..
As an arab muslim, i find this news good, i hope the rest of the middle east rids of their shitty kings/dictatorship.

+rore m افلاس دولة لا يعني انه الناس تموت لكن يعني انه الدولة راح تقترض من الخارج مثل اليونان وراح تصبح عبدة للدول الدائنة.
يا مسلمون ياعرب ياسعوديين لاداعي لقراءت الكومنتات كميه الحقد الغير طبيعية غير مستغربه نعلم اننا سنعود للماء والتمر وعلى استعداد ان نرجع لماضي الاجداد ولكن ان لاتهان كرامتنا وسيبقى البترول في نهايه المطاف الشي الوحيد الذي اجبر الغرب على السجود والركوع لنا ! ليحفظكم الله ويرعاكم وليخسىء الخاسئون. Saudi Arabia is the best place to live in the earth,simple life, no bar no liquor ,no gambling ,fresh and natural food ,zero crimes, no rape people's live with respect, what' els u want in life i wish I could live there all my life, one more thing never saw Saudis are getting sick ,they have the best hospital but mostly empty only foreigners patients very few Saudis ,hog bless them,. +Khalid Masood Saudi Arabia best place to live Do you even Australia Do you even Canada Do you even Scandinavia.
woah !! there is so much hate against us. what the hell world all this hate because we choose to live a different life style than the rest of the globe and you people wonder why terrorists attack you. I'm ordinary Saudi citizens and all those pricks in the comment are wishing me warfare and hardship the fuck did I do to you.

+Ranger55Delta By the way, you are the ones who supported and funded Al Qaeda, in the first place, this is a historical fact you cant deny this. And because of your foolish politics in Iraq ISIS became a STATE. You should blame your politicians. Karma is real my friend and you should suffer for what you did to other nations..
+jack chen you see that's why so many Muslims don't like the west, because of this Hate messages,,, and jealousy,, when did Saudi hurt you before what you will gain if you will see Muslims suffering nothing. Just chill out and try to stay cool, nothing deserve to be hated except hate itself.. Listen to the start of this video. These are facts released by the International Monetary Fund. Not to mention, Saudi Arabia already dipped into $70 billion of its reserves.. +MegaFoxboy For being such a religious arsehole and also for being the de facto leader of the OPEC oil cartel..
So you are saying that one of the richest countries in the world who have a large amount of oil is going bankrupt The US and Canada spent 10 times more money to extract their oil from rocks and mountains They won't go so far without easy saudi oil .
+احمد القرشي The 1970's were a far different time, with far different technology and different oil consumption habits. The US wasn't able to be self-sufficient then, but it could today. US can produce oil at a profit at $30 a barrel. While oil could go below that price, it can't for long because even though other OPEC countries can produce it cheaper, the transportation costs chip away at profitability. Speed and power are not really an issue for 99%+ of consumers. As long as electric cars can get comparable accelerations and top speeds to typical ICE vehicles, people are fine switching over. Very few people care about whether their car can hit 200mph when they only drive to and from work at 20mph in rush hour. The only problem EVs have today is economies of scale.. +احمد القرشي 1970's was a different time. Most people probably didn't even know what the word renewable energy meant. The US in 2020's can most definitely become self sufficient. It's just a matter of time. Releasing the patent is a huge step in the right direction. Now the technology is available to the private sector, it can only get better. Give it 10-20 years and you will be seeing better iterations of the engine every year..
As a Saudi, I just can't understand why you guys hate us so do you expect muslims and Arabs to have a favorable view toward the West/US when all we see is demonizing statements of our countries...its like you guys are demanding us to like you while you dump on us...
+Ahmed AL mudhi christians and on the west civilization just finished granting gay marriage to its gay citizens, you're still deliberating on whether to execute them or put them in jail.nice fucking try :) the only way christians can relate to you is if you went back in time to the 15th century..
+Paul Adonia You're the hateful here. And you're spewing too much generalizations over millions of Saudis. Try to justify your hatred as much as you can, find all kinds of excuses, still hate is hate. I can hate you for many things done by your elite in the middle east but I don't do that. I don't think she\he was asking for 'special' rights all what she is saying is why the hate I don't see the point in hating, more than anything we need love in this world. Btw, I'm Saudi, non-religious and I don't want someone like you to 'defend' me as minority. No body is 'blowing' up mosques except for terrorists and they don't make up the majority of Saudis contrary to popular belief, in fact we fight them too..
+dabigisland1 Titanium dioxide for solar panels isn't that clean for the environment. Other clean alternatives are nuclear power plants based on thorium and liquid salts or burn fuel created by the photosynthesis from algæ.. Saudi Arabia is in a good shape and will be for many years to come, Span, France and UK have been through economic crisis no one named them as bankruptcy !! When Greece economy totally bankrupted and collapsed the media called it a "Crisis". But when the price of oil dropped 50% they call it bankruptcy of Saudi Arabia !! Really Why don't you look to the whole picture and see what did that cause to Iran and Russia and how did that stopped Iraqi regime to be able to finance the dictator of Damascus. Because the price of Oil was over 100$ for some years Iran was able to be aggressive. So it's good for the world and for GCC to have the price of Oil around 50$ for at least 2 years, loose some win a lot. We will win the new Iranian revolution against the dirty Mullahs of Tehran. Don't you know that Russia balanced its budget at 95$ a barrel and Iran at 128$ a barrel Saudi can survive at 15 for many years because the budget of Saudi Arabia has so much fat on it, like the subsidies, etc.. lol, i did not read the comments yet, but i bet everyone is saying i hope they do. we produce the cheapest most clean oil in the world. we ain't gonna go bankrupt. no matter how much you wish..
+Nolan Thiessen clean in oil terms mean that it does not have anything mixed with it. like gases. Countries that take Saudi oil don't have to pay for the process of purifying the oil, and it is cheap. that's why we are one of the best although we are the second main source of oil, yet ours is the best..
+Danny Niklauski You got me with that retort. No one chooses to go to Russia. The people there are awful, infrastructure is awful, the sociopolitical climate is awful. The place is a joke. The things you will see there are straight out of a cartoon. "Well, I think Russian's cool." {NSA camera emerges out of toaster} "Oh, I mean...'MURICA, heck yeah!" {Camera goes back inside toaster} "Are they gone".

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December 29, 2015

Comments about this video:
+T SD Yeah, I'm sure the vast majority do, but unfortunately their rulers' children can just go and live in London and have the red carpet rolled out for them by our spineless government..
If Saudi Arabia put all that oil money into solar and battery technology they could power the world exclusively..
+DisProveMeWrong Solar costs more in oil to mine, manufacture and ship meanwhile destroying China's nature than it produces in energy..
All official "liberals" are white supremacists. All of Europe's kings were black. They built it and then they were enslaved in a global white supremacist plot run by albino Turkish muslims and albino Europeans. The Incas and the Aztecs were black and they were slaughtered by what "liberals" call the American Indian, who are Mongols. The ones who chased the albinos out of Central Asia and into Europe..

Democracy Now is followed by uninformed people who believe in it, and by smart or informed people who want to see what they lie about and how they do it. Global Warming ( hide the cooling! ) is an oligarchical invention. Goodman's job to sell it and she is richly paid..

this is just another wealth transfer from the 99% to the 1%... and another way of letting the corporate polluters continue to avoid culpability... COP21 is a global sham and ripoff.

If interested in climate change issues also check out Cowspiracy on Netflix, a documentary produced by Leonardo DiCaprio..

I unsubscribe from your channel because of your persistence in global warming, is a fraud. There are more important things happening around the world. Besides climate change, it seems to me, everyone is trying to put everybody's attention on climate change. With all the craziness going on around the world we won't need to worry about. Climate change anymore..
Because thanks to liberal immigration the Saud's can live in Europe and other places. The left insists that dictators and their supporters be able to live where ever they wish to. Most of the elite in these radical nations live in Europe. Speaking of, why doesn't Democracy Now speak out about the misogyny and intolerance in Islam Huh Why don't you ever talk about that. Perfect timing for domestic terror attacks committed during routine police training operations - SWAT team drills in San Bernardino. Amy covered up for white supremacists in Oklahoma and for our terrorist white house during 9/11.Covered up for Homeland Security during so called Dylan Murphy's terrorist crime. Much like she sells muslims as victims who are instead raging white supremacists who are responsible for mass abductions of Northern Africans into slavery for their land and rightful place to rule.. Well they deny what they want to turn their power even the largest, even if this can kill people... we all, civil rights, have to mfight those big interests..
Answer: because to the House of Saud and oil companies, money is far more important than human life..

the fact that a discussion on environmental issues includes issues of political social engineering is absurd. Where is the discussion of environmental toxins like pesticides and other manufacturing by products..

+pkradgreek Because global warming is an existential threat. The things you mention are important but not likely to cause the ecosystem collapse that this is (or will if you prefer)..

+Rachel Golem Lol that's just propaganda for internal consumption on both sides "Saudi" Arabia is Israel bestest ally.
+مراد داحمي Yeh, well, you are right. We are feeding supplies to both sides so they can keep killing each other FOREVER!!!!!. It's sad that they get away with a lot of things because of the oil. What should be a wealth and gift to the land and the world became a reason for the west to let them away with things and became a way out for them!!!!. You have to look at the big picture. What better way to islamize the world They will cry foul. And claim the industrial countries have made their land uninhabitable. They will say something like, "We only produced the oil. You put it into the air! We are not responsible for your irresponsible use of our oil!" Then they will demand funding to relocate. And where do you suppose they will go, bringing islam with them This would fit very nicely into the teachings of islame on world domination. At that point every inhabitable country would be forced to take in millions who follow the great opponent of humanity that is islam. It seems rather futile when the TPP legitimizes economic rape. And then denies the victim recourse. If that recourse hinders their monetary influx. On top of that the Fat company may sue for any perceived loss of monetary income That negotiation effectively negated anything the COP could have produced. It is voluntary by design. And it's money over matter folks more than ever before! I just hope that our billionaires that have realized what money is truly for. Like Bill Gates and Mark Zuckerburg, God Bless them, can come up with some technology to turn this around..

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December 19, 2015
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December 27, 2015
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December 25, 2015
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December 31, 2015

Comments about this video:
+I C Ewe I haven't gone back and looked but that makes sense. I saw a HUGE purge on RT two weeks ago, they mass deleted huge swaths of people/commenters. I hardly ever go on AJ channel anymore too much production 'value'...well that is a shame, as a cultural nationalist/pol anarchist I don't agree with you but I would never delete something you said. . +I C Ewe Well, I don't know if we will have a vote or not next year no matter what we do...I am not holding my breath. Hope for the best, prepare for the worst.. +Zionism is Terrorism The Rothschilds, world kingpins, worth $500 trillion! They own Reuters, AP, and fix the price of gold… You can do a lot of damage with 500 trillion source - I have a prediction. You know how Israel and the US are pushing IS into different countries I have a feeling they are trying to get the Islamic state into Palestine. IS have kept declaring that they hate Hamas and the PA and that they will go after them and Israel says they don't want them to get into Palestine (which is obviously the opposite). So keep an eye on Palestine (my home country btw) in the near future.. +Gazus12345 we have to smarten up, that's all !most people on this planet are idiots. those muslim people who follow that fake ideology wahhabism and join ISIS! Idiots !.
Its an Islamic coalition formed and led by saudi Arabia the United States has nothing to do with it .
Dave, your so awesome bro... thanks for your time and diligent actions... I would love to talk to you, I have a pretty cool military career and have a really cool story. Thanks..
+I C Ewe seek medical help your clearly a sick indavidual that needs 24-7 care try not to poke an eye out in your manic reply..
Wow, isn't it just an amaaaaaaaazing coincidence that right as John Kerry signs the UN gun bill and Obama is trying to get it passed in congress that we are suddenly having another rash of shootings How lucky for the people trying to pass this "anti gun legislation" that these"terrorists" are choosing this time to "Act out" eh LOL More proof that these shootings are staged events that are being done with a political agenda.. Relax folks there will be nooooooo nukes. This is jus to scare folks!!!! neither side wants to use this kind of warefare. nooooo body wins. Not even hiding in these bunkers.. +froggleggers you can feed off the fear mongoring if you want to. This government as well as all other governments know that the modern nukes these days would not only knock the earth off its axis, but double fry everything on this planet. These draconians arent stupid. that kind of war wont happen trust me.. +Curtis Santos They are not stupid for sure, but many of them are insane. Not to mention that things sometimes just happen, and they are not planned. .
I belive if Nato invaded Syria, surely they will have to deal with Russia,China and Iran. This will get ugly..
+lady D NATO is already in Syria, in reality NATO is another name for America. Russia doesn’t even give a damn with the NATO missiles place in front of their door.. By their fruits ye shall know them- and they fecked this country up beyond recognition! The nutz are running the peanut farm!.
There's a new concept in the 21st century called "they're bad guys and we're bad guys", not this good guy vs. bad guy, bad guy vs. good guy, that's how little children perceive things. And there is no such thing as good guy vs. good guy, that doesn't exist, only the other possibilities. Nobody gets it though, nobody gets that just cause the other guy is "bad" doesn't automatically make you good or anyone else, maybe you aren't such a swell guy after all. Could that be Now it just comes down to basic survival and nobody can afford to care who's good and who's bad, only whomever it is that got us into this mess...on either side, never lose site of that..

I'M ON A LISTNOT MADE BY HANDS !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!.

Check this head line Dave ; it is from the n y times U.S. Seeks to Avoid Ground War Welcomed by Islamic State.

limit freedom of speech let Russia lead team form another internet/www to challenge the present one; have another facebook, youtube, twitter... after-all there is BRICS BANK looking back into history there are many alternatives Russia can set-up, be it sports, military, humanitarian, social, medical... especially now they have many capable supporters.
None of it makes sense.. Saudi Arabia is Sunni.. Syria is 74 percent Sunni. If America thinks they are going to supply arms to any of these folks for them to use the way they want. I own a bridge I'd like to sell to Washington. the coalition is called "the islamic coalition" just announced yesterday or the day before. led by saudi arabia.. America, Pussy of the world.They are so afraid of Russia, that they always hide behind Nato or in this case saudi arabia !!!!. not only against am l against Isis lm more against the ones who arm train and fund ,,those are the one l want dead.
The U.S GOV will give the Saudis the green light to invade. Russia will respond. it's as if they want Russia to go to war with Saudi Arabia. it would help our oil price for sure..
+Nelly Mendieta well, the real name is "Jacobs trouble", it starts with major wars, and civil wars. At that time, the Anti-Christ will make a peace treaty with Israel, cause Israel will be in a tough spot, which it already is. That's when people will be looking for a leader and the Anti-Christ will be it, as the savior. The mark of the beast will be introduced half way, after he stops the Jews from offering sacrifices and breaks the treaty. By that time, people will be lining up to take the mark, but they have to pledge allegiance to the beast(anti-Christ) first, and will be killed if they refuse anyway. I assume, they will be labeled as terrorists if they refuse to take it and follow the new system. Notice the new terrorist attacks and how people are buying into these false flag events. The major event which i strongly believe according to scripture is the rapture of the church, i believe that itself will cause chaos. Armageddon is the very last war when millions of troops from several super powers will attack the nation of Israel then turn against an " alien invasion" when it appears from heaven. That is Jesus Christ and his saints. We are in the grace age now, where you don't have to do anything but put your trust in the lord Jesus Christ to be saved, there is more to it, i don't buy into false conversion. I believe people have to understand why they need Jesus. Jesus said "They that are whole have no need of the physician, but they that are sick: I came not to call the righteous, but sinners to repentance." - Mark 2:17 When the 7 year of Jacob's trouble starts, you have to trust in the lord Jesus and refuse the mark of the beast, it will not be easy. But revelation says that many will be saved in that time. .
Well, if the US is attempting a coalition with this repressive and ideologically retarded Mid-Eastern state then we'll have to call for global disinvestment in the US, the sale of all US dollar denominated bonds and a ban on travel there. The stupidity has to end and only when the world takes American mischief seriously can we advance..

I get what you are saying but you talk war all the time so tell me this we have the weakest president in the history of are country why would he start war when it would stop anther democrat from being the next president.

US and Saudi Arabia will suck a dick together with Nato. Russia, China, Iran and Syria with Assad will crush those pussies and give them HELL!.
I truly hope that people wake up soon and at least start sharing these stories and others about what is happening in the long-covered up "real world" very soon. You must understand if you do not already, that through the secret societies of the world going back probably thousands of years, satan has managed to take over and corrupt almost every world leader and influential business person on this earth. None of these people can be trusted and the ONLY way to fix this is to start completely over and let a majority of known "good" people make all of the laws and decisions for awhile at least.. Was it intentional that the downward arrow looks like the Saudi Demon is holding a Red Sword in his right Hand The Arrow is also pointing at his Wahabi Crown Jewelry! Or he could be shooting a jagged red load through space. What a meaningful Cover Work.. Is the "safe zone" in Syria positioned in such a way that it could also be used for the pipeline that the U.S wants to make, and would they be able to route the pipeline through the "safe zone" and into Turkey If so, would selling the natural resources using the dollar (and putting the natural resources into high demand by starting a world war) be able to sustain the U.S economy for a bit longer. Toronto city Councillor suggests Canadian military be used to "round-up"individuals involved in shooting crimes Huckleberry Finn is one of the greatest books ever written. Whoever attempts to burn such novels themselves deserves to be burnt alive.
this next election is going to be so corupt,,there going to stop trump from being either nominated or elected by some illegal way,,they dont ccare anymore,,even by diebold voting they will make him lose,,then,,when theres mass protests and no nominee is elected legally,,obama will stay president because of this termoil,,,,this could last indefinatley,,,,.

hubba hubba hubba!!!! look there will be no nuke war. just a take over of one Country (America). This is all staged. But most of you dont see or get it. If you knew what I knew, smh!!.
Great analysis and reporting Dave. It's all very entertaining until we come to the realization that we all are a part of the theatrics. Some in small roles, some in leading rolls, and a mass of standins, standbys, and spectators. The mystery of who done it is at the crux of the show, but in truth we may never know, and that's the drug everyone is hooked on. I really liked a skit on SGT report where Putin continued to mention a anticonstitutional coup. A monarch would be the ones to focus on, especially when you know it is the tyrant that dictates. Everybody fingers the USA as the boogie man bully on the block, but in truth we are a vessel of the monarchs, and are used by them.. Syria and Iraq must be freed from Evil iranian Shia Regime..Majority of Syrian and Iraqi ppl are sunni..Russia profits alot from evil shias and thats why russia wants iran controll the middle east because russia dont profit from sunni..evil iranian mollas and godless communist russian subhumans will be wiped out from middle east. I'm just saying this small thing, too many people act as if they do not understand just how terrible the near future is going to be, billions of people will die, and that is just the beginning of the sorrows. If you don't even believe now, you will shortly, God is the King and no one else- seek Him while He may be found!. David your a freaking nut job why did you stop taking your medication and check yourself into a mental hospital asap..
All the problems ceaated by russia.. Why they support that evil dictator Asad!!! This dictator killed millions people alone! For his greed 3 million people are refugees!! Thats why all the problems came out. Only 1man created such disasters..
and with ' CANADA' selling the ' CANADIAN WHEAT BOARD' to a GLOBAL ' grain group named ; G3, owned by ' SAUDI ARABIA', USA and others this also means CANADA TOO.

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December 21, 2015
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December 4, 2015

Comments about this video:
+Ibrat911 I guess you didn't read my earlier comments. They kill Shia in Yemen, Bahrain, and marginalize the Shia in Saudi Arabia. They killed AL Nimr's nephew. Saudi citizens abuse migrant workers and the average Saudi lives in squalor . +Lamar Green thats all lies, i am an engieer working for Saudi Aramco, a lot of friends here are Shia engineers with salaries high as the sky. and for yemen saudi Arabia is defending it self only from terrorists just like what Iran is doing in Syria, wait Syria has no boards with Iran hummm. Now Answer my question, have Saudi Arabia ever killed a Shia clerk beside Nmir Al-Nmir .
Saudi Arabia is a racist, world Heritage site destroying cess pool. They tried to work with Israel to attack Iran or ruin the nuclear deal.

Mehdi earned my respect today for remaining unbiased and not siding with the Saudi. Even though Al Jazeera is funded by the Emir of Qatar, who is very close to the Saudi Royal Family. On the other hand, Mehdi is a Shia and he didn't side with Iran on sectarian line. TWO THUMBS UP.
I'm from Iran, and both countries are to blame. Only a bigot thinks just one of them are to blame..
No. someone is in both Countries stirring Your Countries up & You be surprised what & who are keeping it up. Iran needs to slow down with the Nuke producing ok if they want Peace then hey what is it going to hurt to just shut it down go to tables talk to those involved... but this back & forth what's going on will stare step until no return then You both don't Win...You Children will die Countries destroyed. I seen a fly over of Syria of Drone the whole City looked like the Bomb drops in WWII in Europe every building destroyed no Life around it was unreal a Huge City today. We are in the End Times every Country wants to destroy each other. Go Ahead ok the Blood of each other People will be on Your Hands !!!!! I'm so sick of this..
ا جمال فين ردودك القوية ؟ المشكلة بين ايران ودول المنطقة هي ليس بين السنة والشيعة المشكلة بين ايران و دول المنطقة هي احلاك ايران لسترداد الامبرطورية الفارسية وتدخلها في شؤون الدول العربية واستخدم بعض المتطرفين من الشيعة العرب كا اداة رخيص وحصان للإمتطاء عندما يقول مستشار خامنئي ان بغداد عاصمة الامبرطورية الفارسية وان ثلاث عواصم عربية تحت حكم ايران هذا هو سبب المشكلة وعلى ايران التخلي عن احلامها لإعادة الامبرطورية. so Iran should leave Syria so you Salafi barbarians can kill the rest of the religious minorities and destroy more antiquities and established your barbarian state. Its very simple, Iran wants to take revenge of what the Arabs did to the Persian empire 1400 years. Can you imagine a few barefooted Arabs destroying an empire and conquering its people on all levels be it socially ,linguistically, culturally and genetically. The funny thing is that Iran was defeated and humiliated many many times throughout history and the mullahs know that they can't win the fight over Arabs so what they do is that they direct Shia Arabs to fight on their behalf. Iran has a history of financing and sheltering Al-Qaeda elements during and after the 9/11 till this day. Iraq blamed Syria for the spread of ISIS. Assad himself whom Iran backs is buying oil from ISIS where both benefited from each other. Assad provide money to ISIS and ISIS provide oil to Assad, a win win situation for both is not Iraq has more 50 Shia militias within and all are under the control of Iran's command. Iran steel Iraq oil, sell it and fund those militias in return. Hizbollah is an example of that. The same Hizbollah Iran wants to create in Bahrain, Yemen, Iraq and Syria. Iran barbaric behaviour in the ME is unjustified at all. Look at Iran's history of storming embassies and taking diplomats hostages. From the 1979 Iran tries to export its revolution to the neighbouring countries. Iran is a country recognized by many civilized nation as a sponsor of terror. No need to give a list of Iran's terror attacks beyond its border to prove that. Iran support to Assad who have killed more than 300k of his people using all kind of weapons is more than enough to prove who is to blame. No matter how hard Iran tries to keep on spreading terror, Saudi Arabia and its allies the rest of the Arab countries along with the Islamic world will make sure that Iran is kept in check. Its better for Iran to look after the 40% of its people whom are under the poverty line sleeping in boxes in the streets of Tehran and elsewhere.. Except it's not a blame game. Ignore the idiotic title of the clip. It's a way of raising clicks on here.. The problem is that Saudi has had an abominable influence in the world, and part of this is down to on the west reluctance to do something about it owing to the vast contracts at stake. The propagation of Wahabism funded by Saudi has brought about the vast majority of the Terror groups, which are either funded directly by Saudi Arabia or by its failure to curb private funding from within its country. This is a problem. Its bizarre that Saudi are upset by Iranian meddling, but what has Saudi achieved They've bombed Yemen, they've bombed Bahrain, they're funding terror groups, and if they are not they are paying the mercenaries in Syria that are and have contributed to prolonging the war. They haven't taken 1 refugee. The Iranians are right to identify the Saudi's as the source of the problems in the region. The Iranians know that they are non-Arab, they know that they are a minority, they know that they will never have the allegiance of the smaller Arab states, they know that Saudi is home to Makkah, so what they are doing is right, they are exerting themselves in the region to stunt Saudi's disastrous influence. Every conflict that the Iranians are involved with is noble, the world agrees the fight against IS is noble, they are the only ones with boots on the ground there. The desire of Bahrain an 80% Shia country to have a representative Govt is noble. The PM of Yemen fled the country, he was placed there by the Saudis, the people in that country do not want him, if he had enough support he would not have felt the need to escape. The Iranians are not allies of the USA & Israel, the Saudis are. Its pretty clear to see who is the better of the 2..
+Ali Hussain Your use of the term Wahhabism, your misunderstanding or misrepresentation (I hope not) of the situation of Yemen, and your belief in regards to Bahrain, and of course your user name all say Iranian, but I'll just take your word for it. There's more to the story than you think... When I read your comments, I remembered myself back in the days; younger is never wiser. With time comes understanding, and with a full picture you find there is less room for bias..

+SuperBase555 I am an atheist, of Pakistani origin and British citizenship. I suppose the crux of my "zone of concern" emanates from the spread of terrorism, extremism and sympathisers for these causes. Please also note that I am no fan of the Iranian Govt, I think they are repressive, holding an entire nation ransom by the falsehood and innovation of the "Vilayat-e-Faqih". With that said, the reason behind I have used the term Wahabbism is not meant as an insult, but rather its my way of respectfully distinguishing this puritanism, founded a mere 2 centuries ago, from normal Sunni Muslims. Its no coincidence, as I've said that with the exception of allegiance pledged to a monarchy that all these terror groups that we see today are specifically Wahabbi. AQ, Boko, Al Shabbab, Al Nusra, the various groups in Pakistan that you probably will not be familiar with, You cannot either deny that there has been a systemic propogatory funding mechanism, and these groups are the fruit of these. Perhaps unintended, but then Saudi's political prudence is not exemplary anyway. What I know about Yemen is that they planted a President there, that couldn't muster up enough domestic support to prevent becoming a fugitive, only to resurface in Saudi Arabia later, where they are now trying to bomb their way to acceptance. In Bahrain, they intervened against a populist movement with use of their air force, the vast majority of that population is not Sunni, which is an alarmingly similar position to the one the iranians find themselves in with respect to Syria. Look, my views are not set in stone, and if you can argue the contrarian position convincingly I will change my mind. I'm just calling it as I see it. .

+Farah M apparently no one agrees with you you Saudi ISIS/Terrorist supporter. Well not a supporter exactly. Saudi is the father of ISIS..
Saudi government is Wahabbi terrorist and I can hear the clock ticking for them. Time is up and now they have to pay for their crimes against humanity. They have blood of almost all nations on their hands. On the other hand, Iran has Afghanistan to its east which is one the world's largest drug producers and to the west is the EU with the largest demand for drug. So it makes sense to defend its self agains drug lords by executing them. We should stop supporting Saudi and help Iran take them out..
I agree with you on Saudi sect being a source of terrorist mindset as well as funding. But when you say Iran is only doing its best to stem drug trafficking, you lose all credibility wholesale. Other than the fect that execution of anyone is inherently a crime, you totally overlook the fact that saying someone is executed for x crime is not really proof it is. The fact that Iran also executes for opposing the clerics as well for crimes of passion leaves plenty of room for a fair bit of skulduggery. In this day and age, if any authority resorts to executing citizens, it indicates a primitive take on human life and what it is worth. No amount of trafficking is a good enough justification. But even worse, do you know why they want to discourage anyone from doing the trafficking Like the CIA, Saudi Princes and many many diplomatically immune or intelligence linked agencies, Iranian secret service are protecting their nice little earner. Exept it's not little and it's not nice..

Saudi is to blame, they are the cancer of middleeast along with its puppets, America and israHELL.. I stand with Iran.. +Melissa Anaya No. The bad side is saudi, america, israHELL, and among with other hypocrites. By the way the meaning of death to America is not litterly. It means death to the policy, leaders etc in America,not the innocent people. The policy have destroyed middleeast and other countries. And do not forget who lays behind ISIS. And also that saudi execute a man who spoke justice and did not use weapons. Unlike other rapers in Saudi that got less than 6 years of prison and yet got released. .
+SoulsHunter let me teach you some history lesson almost100 years ago there was no Saudi Arab but just because British wanted to destroy Khalafat Usmani they created wahhabi lunatics later they started calling them self Saudis, Bahrain and Qatif region of Hijaz are shia Muslim from thousand years..
+Safdar Abbas Wahhabism isn't a sect, let alone one that would be created by the British. Al-Wahhab in case you weren't informed is one of ALLAH names and attributes. And Wahhabism is a play on ALLAH'S name. Shameful to stoop so low, even if u dislike a people. If you dislike KSA, fine, but be careful of the terms you use. The term was coined by Sufis. BTW let's go back approx a decade ago. When the British and the French managed to defeat and destroy the Ottoman Empire, what is it that they did Well, of course they divided it (the land) among themselves. Look at it this way, the only bit of land that was NEVER personally in the hands of those 2 is ARABIA, the part currently ruled by the al-Saud family. Think for a second what would have happened to the Holy House and the City of the Prophet. Many, during the crusades have sworn to dig up and humiliate the grave of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam in order to belittle Islam, yet each time they were prevented. What makes you think something similar to the crusaders' thought was prevented by the al-Saud..
Jamal Khashoggi is pointing finger at Iran, the most defenseless country (Yemen ) has been destroyed by Saudis ,Bahrain brutally gone under Saudi control but Iran can't defend Syria, OK lets listen to the entire world what they say about Saudis especially the beheading of people everyday..
Iran is a beautiful land with great people and an unpleasant fuckislamic government, saudi arabia is a desert filled with lizard eating biggots ran by a bunch of faggots. I understand Iran position. It's vey difficult to deal in a region with Saudi Arabia and Israel.
Saudi Arabia is to blame with there takfiri ideology and support of terrorists they cannot work with iran because of their sectarian divisive views.

Reecca it is not a blame game and Khalid enough of Saud worshipping. One family does NOT own you. Stop being so subservient and grow a pair..
"Jamal frankly speaking ,no one in the world would buy your claim that Saudi Arabia is for democracy." Gottem, he made Jamal look like a fool.. +Arkady NoFuss Speaking of which, according the latest study (which came out just this month) the nation with the largest number of executions in 2015 after China was surprise surprise, yes, Iran with a total of 289 executions that year alone...And those were only the cases we have managed to confirm, even though some reports have placed that number at 940. Iran is also heavily criticised for executing minors. One of Iran's capital punishment consists of stoning, which is a severe form of torture.. The Jews, or the Americans. Probably Illuminati if you ask me. Anyone but the Saudis and the Iranians themselves.. This was an excellent interview of two representatives of two countries, both of which have done reprehensible things, and both of which are responsible for supporting different terrorist organizations. I think what was remarkable was that the US, Russia and Israel were left out of the discussion. In any event, much respect for the questioner..
You just don´t get it. THE MONROE DOCTRINE 1823, decided that USA owns the entire hemisphere and all the way to CHILE USA kills thousands Reagan called "Butcher of Central America" so your ideas are Juvenile when it comes to the ABUSE of LATIN America by USA. SO Americans attack Guatemala Nicaragua, Honduras, EL Salvador PANAMA Chile, PERU,Columbia,Brazil, etc all LATIN american countries have been destroyed by USA. only recently have a few taken, Bolivia,Ecuador, taken off the USA dog leash called war on drugs. SHAME 140,000 dead Latinoes,MEX-USA border, FAST&FURIOUS gun sales to drug cartel by USA. THEN launder money with Wells Fargo etc. thanks to USA MEXICO lost most of it´s tourism. SHAME USA..
Jamal is totally on point! I can't emphasis this point any more than he has. Iran has indeed been attempting to expand and increase its influence throughout the middle east and Africa for quite a long time. In poverty stricken parts of Africa, Iran has been forcefully converting the poor and hungry to Shi'ism in exchange for food and shelter (Check out Somalia, and after the Arab spring, same thing happened in Egypt). The state that Syria is in today can mainly be blamed upon Iran and Russia who are simply fuelling the fire. If the people of a nation dislike their leader to the point of bloodshed, simple, he should resign. The revolt was a massive mistake, no doubt. A mistake upon the young and foolish people of Syria, a minority nonetheless, and now the entire nation along with its neighbours are paying the price. It's upon the leader to negotiate with the people, yet he only thinks of harming them. Iran only sees its gains, caring little for the state of Syria. In Yemen, Iran doesn't even think twice before providing weapons upon weapons to the mother of extremists, the Houthis, who wish for nothing but full ownership over Yemen. There have been long-term attempts to negotiate with these extremist but they refuse all negotiations and result only to violence. Yes, history does tend to repeat itself, unfortunately we don't care about reviewing history and only like to point fingers at Saudi Arabia, the most Islamic shariah implemented nation of today. We blame Saudi Arabia for everything yet we forget the GREAT things they have done for Islam. No Muslim nation has done so much for Muslims like the Gulf nations have in the last decade. Saudi Arabia saved the Sacred house and the city of the Prophet from French and British colonialism after the collapse of the Ottoman Empire, yet some ignorant lots call THEM traitors... Wake up you guys because we've already been fooled into destroying our Muslim lands already. Libya, Tunisia, Egypt, Syria are in turmoil. All of them are worse now than before the Arab Spring and yet you wish the same for the rest of Muslim land. I am turkish, SAUDI ARABIA have dirty Ale Saud, most dirty family on the earth, they are supporting all the terror operations on the earth. Saudi arabia must blame!.
I see why U.S. is trying to improve relations with Iran. Iran and KSA are the to big troublemakers in the region..
This Man interviewing is speaking right to both of them want Peace then shut up and do it that simple !!.
the bottom line, if you are a Shiite in Saudi Arabia you can do any thing, because the whole world will by you sympathy and take your said, even if were a terrorist !! I mean look at Iraq and see how Shiite militia doing to Sunni, no one in the west seems to care about that, but when a Sunni does it, he will be ISIS or Qaeda !!.

iran is a big problem in the middle east and the usa supported with their pathetic wars that they lost in iraq afghanistan the iranian intervention in alot of countrys like iraq yemen syria libanon but also afghanistan pakistan.iran using their secterian followers for terrorism secterian and ethnic hate and violence.iran is for the people in the middle east like usa and israel..
+The D Devils The only girls wanting to play with guns are the Saudi's but first they have to put on their "Big Girl Panties" First...oops that's right their in the wash.. its so funny, Saudi official talking like an angel. When everybody knows where the source of world terrorism comes from..
All terrorists who kill on the west citizens.and behead people come from Saudi Arabia and sunni backward Gulf states with saudi Arabia vahabi takfiri ideology... Saudi arabia is helping alqaeda..isis , al-Nusra's .taliban. Bukuharam ,,,,15 of the 19 hijackers in the September 11 were citizens of Saudi Arabia... BIN LADEN was from saudi arabia !!! the number of Saudi fighters in ISIS reached 7,000 in Iraq. saudis goverment and rich sheikhs with vahabi exremist ideolgy supportTerrorists and try to make Iran responsibel for terrorismus in the world !!!!! and It is not true....because saudi and arabs gulf states need Iranophobia as a distraction for their backward power structure....saudis dictators will no change and democratic reform in their country and try to make Crisis in Middle east to stay in power ,Saudi Arabia occupied bahrain and bombs yemen and support military coup in Egypt. 81% of Arabs Support ISIS...Saudi and gulf states Export of Islamic Extremism is the Greatest Challenge to World Peace & Stability.

The west has had to put up with these ragheads arguing for thousands of years why don't they just annihilate each other and leave us all in peace..
Iran is the new LGBT, the new black guy in town... suddenly this country going from the biggest state sponsor of terrorism (these are not my words, these are the words of the NY TIMES, The Economist, the CFR, the State department, the WSJ, the Washington Post, the CNN... this is what you used to get when you typed the word "Iran" in google search engine, all we got was how bad Iran was, and how it's supporting terrorism)... All the sudden now Saudi Arabia is the bad guy (and a little bit Israel, the Jewish lobby is still strong in the US)... and Iran is the poor little guy, oppressed and misunderstood like a black teenager who joined a gang and committed a crime! F##k you Obama, if you think you'll be able to buy the Mullahs in Iran by trashing your allies and flattering Iran you know nothing about politics, you'd better go f##k yourself..
I must say the guy from Saudi Arabia is not only stupid but also his English skil for some body at that lvl is realy shame.
We all know that Iran is to blame for this circus: 1: Iran interfered in the Saudi Arabia interior affairs by launching a gigantic cold war against Saudi Arabia. 2: The terrorist Shiite Imam was a Saudi citizen and therefore he was subject to all the Saudi laws including his death penalty. 3: Iran is a terrible hypocrite because it carries out its own death penalty and it keeps on killing the Sunnites and the non Sunnites as well. 4: Iran does not represent real Islam and it keeps on falsifying and altering Islam and blaming Saudi Arabia for everything. 5: Iran interferes in many countries and just to mention few: Africa, Palestine, Syria, Iraq, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Lebanon...etc. 6: Iran pays people worldwide to convert to Shiism. It is interfering in many countries and it carries out lies, propaganda, bullying and deception every day. 7: Saudi Arabia is RIGHT and IRAN is wrong, wrong and wrong.. they have right to judgement their own citizens, saudi arabia not interfering iran people. iran a cause suni people, it is clear. we take action to shia. allaah bless then all suni live in the world. I am supporting saudi Arabia..
+horn of africa Man what are you trying to say How old are you and what has Santa Claus got to do with all this.
what I don't understand is why Obama changed US policy in the Middle East US traditionaly were allied with Saudi. I don't see Iran as stabilizing forces in the region.. what about the Saudi government calling for the removal of bashir Assad you Saudis are big hypocrites.
You guys in Middle East are completely unaware about your surrounding you will never hear France and England use the same line communication with each other, nor New Zealand and Australia, or Sweden and Fenland, they have all border and work together and plan together... Why can't u guys see it, they got you guys busy with Sunni VS Shia, Persian VS Arabs and in the back door, they are sucking all of you guys dry indiscriminately, Wake up guys, and reunite, put aside the differences and help each other so that the whole region grow and develop Peace.

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Comments about this video:
well, depends. The United States would only stay in the side that would be the us Benefit from the war.. As long as the great powerful Persian navy is escorting in the great waters of the great PERSIAN Gulf of Iran, no Arab dares to enter. Ale Saud will pay for disgracing the name of Islam. US will not help as they have a great history of backstabbing. Iran will not tolerate execution and will encounter executive.. +Im Not Mad what make you think u are real Muslims Killing innocent people of yeman Or supporting Isis I was in your land. No manner, no thoughts, only reading qoran and salat. No you are not Muslims. .
+Epixx | GFX | Gaming uuuuuuuh all you talking about were in peace with the king Cyrus, The Great Empire Of Persia "IRAN". That babylon , assyrians, syrians Greaat history, Epic Egypt Age, All those were inside PERSIAN EMPIRE. when those arabs Killed their own girls... FUCKING BASTARD ARABS Ruining whole our region.
Where does Shia LaBeouf stand in Saudi Arabia and Iran conflict Is he telling "JUST DO IT" . +Striving Man HAHAHA shia have won the battle of Youtube... Whats next the conquest of the universe shia is for clowns.
+Alireza Farhangazar you are correct the usa only loves jews in middle east, infact they don't even really care for Christians their entire foreign policy, immigration, and social policy is based on Jewish/zionist interests not Christian.

Both of these countries are ran by assholes. But its tough one to decide which ones are the better assholes. I say Saudis are the better guys..
+Quod Perierat Just because SA is an ally of the west doesn't mean they are better than Iran. Both are fucked up.. Fuck Saudi Arabia, seriously. I don't like the fact that Iran has become a Theocracy but even they are not as bad as the Saudi's..
Saudi would win hands down. Among the most powerful countries on earth are turkey, Pakistan, and Egypt all Sunni and allies of Saudi and enemies of Iran. Iran has Afghanistan and Pakistan who are Sunni and enemies of Iran behind them, the Baluch and Ahwaz who are Sunni that are persecuted daily by the Iranians in the south, Iraqis in the north who are Sunnis, Jordan, and Yemen all backing Saudi. Iran has Russia but about 20% of Russia is Muslim the vast majority is Sunni and the Chechens, dagestanis, Ossetians, and inguish are all Sunnis and have and want to fight Russia and are allies with Saudi so it would cause a headache to Russia on many fronts. Let alone almost all of the Stan countries are sunni and are right under Russia which can cause problems for Russia. Iran and Russia are surrounded, outnumbered, out willed, out gunned and would be severely fucked. Russia would become just like one of the gulf states if it were to intervene. The Muslims in the Middle East have had it up.

I suppose so although you can never be sure, remember there are thousands of variables in play here, so its too late too tell. Although I enjoy your well written analysis we should be talking about how to stop such a war. I mean with smart minds like yours widley something good would come out of it, eh mate.
Saudi Arabia has the GCC behind so iran doesn't stand a chance and doesn't have the courage to attack Saudi Arabia. Yemen isn't Shia majority. Shia are a huge minority though, making up around 40% of the population. Bahrain is complicated, because much of the population are not citizens, but foreign workers. A majority of the citizens are Shia, but a not a majority of the total population.. +OsloT Heavenonearth Trust me anything happens to the holy place in mecca the world we all love and know will vanish mark my words. ;) and death to isreal hihihi. +Kiror I have seen some disgusting videos of Saudi's beating their Kaniz ( Slaves in quran ) And as a human been, i felt ashamed of myself... Quran tells you to get slaves and gives you the right to rape married women ! I've read a lot of things about Indian history too but Islam in India wasn't as brutal as it was in Persia ! After all we've had ruled their lands for more than 1000 years, they wanted revenge !.
most muslim around the world comdemns saudi arabia. They are no different to isis in their ways. While governemtn might support saudi, the rest of the muslim world will show no support towards saudi and reject them as they have been doing...
+Zeeke exactly! Saudi Arabia is where most radiicals obtain their radical thought process bc SA literally follows a made up "islam". No muslims support SA...idky the fucking USA does, oil and resources are not a good enough reason to support such a backwards state. As a Muslim I condemn both the Saudi and Iranian side.. Both have done enough of destruction in Syria..
+cRaZy On121 No Abdullah on the wests can't just f off because everyone have the right to comment whatever they want. .

+Love peace you can read Arabic Good. I hate on the wests because they always fuck with the cultures that is not democraticed, they started hating on them because simply they chose a different life style. The best example is saudi Arabia..
+Юлиан Гантман You can't make that shit up...oh, wait, you just did. Muslims excell at lies, taqiyyah, tawrya, muruna, ketmen, etc., etc., This kafir is learning Arabic. al ilah, allah hubal moon god. How my doing.
Hopefully Russia wins world war 3, as a Muslim I prefer it over America because of trump being the next president..
The guy saudi executed was working working for iran. and saudi executed 46 more people and only 5 of them were shia.. +psychotherapist1000 yes and think of how many goats, sheep and young camels will not be violated by paki he men..
+TheGodlyCommunistKitten! Just to make things clear. we only hate serbian churches because they say false stuff about albanians. We have no problem with other churches.
+illyrian eagle Thats why I called them serbian churches. They arent orthodox churches. They were used as weapon depots in the 1999 war. They were used to spread weapons to serbian illegal militia/ terrorists. I have seem that on action. Serbs are a genocidal nation whose churches teach hatred and genocide. Not unlike ISIS today in mosques.. +EranShahr​​​​​ Prince Mohammed bin Salman said that “the first objectives of the Decisive storm” in Yemen had already been achieved. “The first objective of the Decisive Storm was to disable the main capabilities of this militia. The air capabilities, their air defense capabilities, to destroy 90% of their missile arsenal. And then we started the process of a political solution in Yemen, which is a whole different stage” The point of decisive storm is to get them to the table, Al-Qaeda and the Yemeni government forces can take care of the rest. The alliance can crush them, with greater numbers, technology, and GDP, they don't stand a chance, the problem is that the more they continue the war, the population eats it. 100,000 were dislocated, 800,000 don't have access to clean water, 50% of the air strikes by the alliance hits civilians, so yes, the alliance turned it into a mess, but certainly not losing. The controlled Houthi areas are small, they're within the range of our missiles, whenever the generals wanted, they can make it rain.. look guys Saudi Arabia is stronger than Iran but that not mean that we need a world war 3 coz if saudi arabia attacked iran russia will attack saudi and if russia attack saudi arabia USA WILL FUCK RUSSIA IN WORLD WOR 3.
+Hisham Alameddine you seriously think USA would be able to fuck russia if world war 3 happens stop living in a dream buddy Russia have more powerfull allies than USA nd a lot more nuke too.

Asshole Wahabi Muslims and Heretical Shi'a Muslims killing each other I don't mind, less fake Muslims in the World..

+Great Greene Wahabbi's would outright haram the celebration of the Holy Prophet's birthday. And there are a lot more, most of the problems of Islam today come from these people..

+nodinitiative Huh :) Again, stupid, what you have said is not even mentioned between the four major school in Sunni.. And even the four are mostly against what are you talking about (celebration) Hahaha.. Sunnah, is doing what Prophet(عليه الصلاة والسلام) used to do or what prophet and and Sahaba were doing and no one was celebrating of the Prohpet's birthday ـــ So stupid, if you don't know Islam, and want to do your stupid things, keep it to your self. And we are the source of this religion, we are the ones who made you muslim, asshole. If you need to be educated again, let me know, and go find another logical things to say about your (Lords) and (Masters) Cheers ignorant.. :).
to make it short saudi support al near country with their project and help iran support all gang, Militias with firearm, gun.
I'm a sunni Muslim from England and I dislike and/or disagree to many of the Saudi ruling family's decisions, ideologies and views.
+Adam Ad duh, your civil war Shia v Sunni has been going on since old Mu kicked the bucket. So Muslims keep killing Muslims, it's good population control. Have a good day😊. i am from Russia and i 100% support Iran fuck the Saudi Arabia and its ally USA for creating invading and funding ISIS terrorist in Iraq and Syria. Your're right, because, at the end of the day, Shia, Sunni, even Wahhabist, Salafist, Sufi, etc., etc., are all Muslim. You will still hate Jews, Christians, all kafir, the west, more than each other. We are learning this in the west..
+James Garland my dear brother first I don't know about you but I know what happening in the world... now come to point. I want telling you about me I'm Muslim I'm living in India and my friend belongs from many different religion..... my tell me ever you think why Muslim hate to wrong yahoodi never....
Iran's geopolitical position is not weaker than that of Saudi Arabia's. Iran is to Russia and China almost exactly what Saudi Arabia is to America and European Union in the region.
+Abdullah Cooper They will, or they will simply stop the war, but they won't side with NATO allies in the Gulf..
Iran will be sent back to stone age by a single Pakistani Nuke if even had the thought of attacking SA plus every Muslim on earth will be holding a rifle against them. +Dashiki1217 Exactly! Its bc they have backwards beliefs and practices...! And they follow a made up religion! And they exclude half their population from everything...! The only thing that country has going for it is oil. Can anyone fine this music they give the source; "Music Track Courtesy of APM Music: "Vorsprung"" but i cant find anything..
+Supreme Archer it is what it is, if you play it for campaign alone its 100 times better than the original, but the combat mechanisms are pathetic, when i played campaign on RTW2 i just skipped the battles and played it as turn based strat instead of real time, that was the only way i could enjoy it, by cutting out half the game, lol. .
Your information is outdated. Saudi defense budget is $80 billion, according to 2014 international sources. Saudi Arabia has hundreds of Euro Typhoon (European best fighter jet) and F-15 (American best jet), whereas Iran is using Cold War fighter jets. Saudi Arabia has more and better tanks and missile systems. Iran only has better navy, but that won't last for too long; according to sources, Saudi Arabia is buying $13 billion worth of warships and submarines, which are again, more sophisticated than Iranian outdated navy. Saudi Arabia would annihilate Iran.. +masterhadi77 This is much more fun, and studying the dreadful, dehumanizing, repetitive book of the dead that you call the Quran is boring me to tears, yet I need to finish my Arabic language studies. Oh, Newsflash, Reuters is reporting 130+ dead in school attack by Paki militants in Northon the west Pakistan. Well, that does brighten my day, somewhat. I just like to multitask as much as possible. Us kuffars like some good clean entertainment, too, that doesn't involve goats, little boys and drinking refreshing, healthful virgin camel urine.. +Mr X This is not a good journalism to me I know what I'm talking about mr. Don't be narrow minded And emotional please. She is giving a wrong information from start to end..
+Abbas1975 Okay, then please tell us all that what was so misleading about what she said. I'm all ears to listen to your opinion..

+Beni Habibi well, if the Palestinians don't get all of West bank and share Jerusalem as capital, it's not a 2-state solution. if you're talking about Gaza, then you do have a point, so the Palestinian state must be disarmed, secular as in not allowing any religious party to power, and monitored by a UN force and a Palestinian security force that hunt down terrorists and suppress terrorist activity. fair enough so in short, my solution is a disarmed secular Palestinian state on the 67 borders, shared Jerusalem under supervision of a Jewish security force, while holy sites are under supervision of a Jordanian security force, a UN-counter-terrorist force and in true Trumpian style, a wall, that covers all the borders except Jerusalem. :V .
+Omar Hanbali what you said has already been tried actually, with the Oslo accords,and it erupted in violence, starting with suicide bombings and bus bombings, and ended up escalating to the 2nd intefada (which I had to see as a kid) the Israelis helped the Palestinians establish a police force, but they turned their weapons on us, we began evacuating Israelis from lands that were suppose to go to the Palestinians, but we only got as far as Gaza, Jericho, Hebron, Nablus, and a few other towns. the U.N. did a terrible job of manitaing the situation as well, and Hamas took control of Gaza. (sorry, this isn't my best work, I am really tired.).

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Comments about this video:
Isn't Saudi Arabia considering (or have already) beheading a young man and crucifying his headless corpse for the great crime of protesting the Govt. Cheap point though. They are clearly good guys, who are nothing like their Wahhabi love-child ISIS...
+Rev. William Knox just like the US with the torture drugs used to execute people, many of whom are innocent, most of whom are POC or poor!.

You can argue Saudi Arabia is worse than ISIS. Saudi Arabia is a government. They have a real military. They have more direct ways to influence diplomacy and foreign policy and even our energy system. Hell, wasn't there a story where those Wahabbinists (one of the most violent forms of the already violent Islam) were trying to acquire nuclear weaponry They truly are no different than ISIS except their a government which like I said, makes them possibly more dangerous..
I bring it up for the fact that some fuck face like you always has to bring up some Weird Islamic belief in order to demoniZe every Muslim, but this same thing is never done to Jews and some of their equally weird beliefs.. +Mike Lopez I'm pointrf out that the guy in the video is a proper cunt. Where THE FUCK do I demonise all muslims Now go cry in the corner about your shit religion. .
+marshall brooks If you took that advice before complaining about the clapping, I wouldn't have had to say anything. So you chill bro lmao.

Mehdi Hassan is a actually a charlatan with a colorful past for those of you who don't know... Don't be fooled by his new role of moderate Muslim..
I too am not a big fan of Mehdi Hassan, but he was spot on with his comments on Saudi and the commercially motivated hypocrisy that exists..
+FeralBunnyDonut So you don't use oil in any way Saudi is an evil regime, a shower of total bastards, but for people to start spouting about oil without stopping using it, is as hypocritical as that tory asshole getting all hissy when the crimes if Saudi is pointed out..
in my experience, the easiest and most predictable way to piss off a "conservative" is to bring up facts. it's a real problem when you live in a self deluded fantasy world.. +Joe Schmoe that's mostly online liberals, who have no real power. im concerned with people who actually effect policy. the "islamaphobia" liberals arent effecting policy in any way whatsoever, and so im not concerned with their stupidity. im more concerned with republican candidates saying social security is going bankrupt. that's serious, because it will effect policy if it's believed..
+Fred Bohm I know how bad they are in the US they're an absolute joke but if David Cameron ran for Presidency in America he'd undoubtedly be a Democratic, he's unpopular biggest he has had to make large cuts because the economy was at its worst since WW2 and we were in a deep recession ,however he has done a complete 360 and turned the country and economy around,we have the fastest growing major economy in the world and unemployment is down to its lowest since the early 2000's amongst many other things..
+Joseph Mocol Israel punishes by bombing entire apartments and neighborhoods. Israel's negative effect on a whole population is therefore worse than Saudi Arabia's.. +jojen jojen​ wowwww! REALLY disappointing seeing my fellow liberals participating in this sort of demagoguery. As I said, he is absolutely correct on this point. The hypocrisy on the right when it comes to Saudi Arabia is a complete scandal. What I'm referring to is him labeling Richard Dawkins an "islamophobe" for expressing incredulity that a serious journalist actually believes that mohammad flew to heaven on a winged horse.. +Zack Frailey mehdi hasan improves as the years pass..maybe one day he recognize that religions are bullshit :D. It's all about the money and Saudi Arabia has a choke hold on them petro dollars(oil for those who doesn't know what petro is)... doesn't matter that they are the exact same as isis. +Dey Cross I have never come across a person dumb enough to NOT know what fricking petroleum is..
Kyle you should look into Jeremy Corbyn in the UK and his rise to Labour leader. Also, the Conservatives in the UK are a joke with their leader calling the opposition leader 'a terrorist sympathiser'..
+Huw Robinson how is he polarizing i thought he was the candidate who is pro unity when it comes to things such as immigration and anti war.
+Brent Showers the people in the UK who earn more than average don't like him because he will most likely make them worse off. The UK also has a huge population of people who disagree with immigration. Also he has potential to harm The UKs power in world politics..

A conservative With the exaggerated moral outrage I thought her an sjw. She even reminded me a little of Ben Afleck. Which is gross. That's racist..

+SCP-1048 Builder Bear That's why SJWs are sometimes called the regressive left, they act like conservatives and push for very conservative ideas like racial segregation and curtailing freedom of speech..

Oh god Kyle... yes we get it.. we have bombed the middle east. Our policies not only make it possible for ISIS to exist but we deserve anything we get coming to us. I know this is a common talking point on the left, but how does this argument stand up when you consider all the countries who have faced Islamic terrorism that have never attacked any Muslim countries! How does this argument stack up against Shia killing Suni, Kurds, etc etc etc. The fact that Saudi Arabia are our "Allies" (definitely deserving of quotation) means jack shit. They behead people and perform the similar actions as Isis because of Islam not political policy. If shit was truly being taken out of context we'd see much more variety in extremist actions but we see a CLEAR pattern. One which is political incorrect to point out. I am so fucking tired of that "we deserve it" argument I can fucking spit! America, Britain, etc have treated lots of countries and cultures like shit over their lifetime. No other culture behaves this way, not one and in order to make a comparison you have to go back usually hundreds of years. Can there be an honest discussion on this issue No the answer is clearly fucking no..

We should have left Saddam to keep beheading his people. We should leave Assad alone. We should have left Libya the way it was Thank our lucky stars Arab spring failed in Iran. These guys no matter however evil you want to call them were ruling over evil sadistic barbarian people. What else can you do but be evil and rule with iron fists over people who in unpopulated countryside believe in witches and curses and can't read so believe whatever their religious teachers tell them to do. We should have just left it all alone. Now your great grand children are going to be fighting the expanse of islam across the globe. And if you don't think sharia isn't already in your community you're lying to yourself. Just google your local mosque and go to it's website and investigate for yourself..
+Chris “Canatheist” Ragona Saddam, the evil dictator, was less evil than what we've caused in the ME, (we the West). Gaddafi was evil, but we've been acting more evil, destroying societies around the globe, trying to reshape them from the remaining rubble back into functioning societies, in our own image. But civil societies, cultures, are not elastic like that; they break. Assad is evil, but, from their truthful and honest perspective, he could be seen as a heroic Priam, protecting his besieged country from the great and threatening hordes, backed by the world's sole super power in the West, a power that supports terrorists and extremism within their country, even bombing what was once sovereign nations, "Back into the Stone Age." That's a line I only first heard after 9/11. It didn't matter who, Americans wanted blood, and they got it. The racism and bigotry was palpable and visible across the political spectrum. They destroyed advanced, secular societies in Iraq and Libya, where women drove cars and had Rights, and replaced it with the IS. Maybe, we should start by being more honest about the ramifications of our own actions. "American Exceptionalism" is particularly un-exceptional: every great power has had their own doctrine that grants them the right and legal authority, nay!, duty to destroy other nations - incidentally, by accident, collateral damage - always for the most beneficent and laudable of reasons are societies broken and fragmented and their resources exploited or controlled. We've sent the collective MI "Back into the Stone Age," and we've never have to acknowledge our own crimes and culpability. Typical, from the Assyrians, to the Romans, to the Ming and Qing, and now the West, typical.. The best thing about this was the audience clapping the right person and not some stupid hypocritical cunt. (ISIS = Wahhabi/Salafei Islam = Saudi Arabia= Islamic Khilafat terrorists)... fuck Saudi Arabia, fuck the Saudi royal pigs... Peace to the World...
You're missing the point Kyle. The point is while Saudi Arabia is horrible they are objectively less damaging to us than ISIS because they are our allies and ISIS is our declared enemy. Unless there's evidence they are actively working against us they will never be as harmful to us as ISIS even if they are just as horrible and theocratic. Not saying they are by any definition good. But that's just the type of world we live in. We can't exactly afford to be at odds with each and every dictator or we'd be at war with 50% of the world..
Apparently when the towers were falling in NY old "deer in the headlights" Bush knew enough to mobilize an evacuation of the Saudi embassy staff. Gee, I wonder why he was quick enough in that regard The West has been apologizing for these guy for multiple decades now. I get it; geopolitical reality. But can we at least give our faux "values" a rest and stop with the hypocritical outrage at every turn. Hey ya know a bunch of white people being killed by radical terrorist is awful, but a so called first world nation beheads 47 people in a day...meh.
I can't stand Medhi Hassan, but he makes a really good point here. I say we mandate all new cars sold be capable of running on ethanol, methanol, gasoline or mix of those three fuels. The additional cost would be miniscule and we would collapse Saudi Arabia & Iran's oil economies. This has bipartisan support from both Democrats (Thom Hartmann) and Republicans (Bill O'Reilly)..
+Roxor128 Battery technology isn't quite good enough to drive long distances with electric cars yet.. +neil lim Not just the US, all the on the west world. They likely have a lot of pull with Japan, south Korea and China as well. Oil will do that..
The point that everyone is missing is that Saudi Arabia and ISIS are the same. They are all extremist Sunni. Saudi Arabia supports ISIS under the table. If the Saudi Royal family falls, who do you think will take over.

I can't stand Mehdi Hasan, but he absolutely destroys this moron on what should be such a simple point..
Saudia-Arabia are among the worst of the worst of states in the world. I hate that they get away with so much crap just because they have oil.. can anyone in Britain tell me why the tories won, was miliband that bad. Cameron and Osborne are fucking the poor and all I hear from press outlets like the mail, sun, and Telegraph is CORBYN WILL DESTROY US ALL, he even got lampooned for not wanting to bomb Syria.. +Totalwarking7 £72 a week citizens tax for everyone, hurts poor families more. "Robin hood tax" for the rich by taxing assets irrespective of income. 50pc tax plan for over £100k earners, (didn't have a noticeable increase in revenue when labour did the 50p tax rate because of avoidance rates going up) Most importantly a complete reform of the financial sector, the UKs largest industry, could cause firms to move and hence collapse the major benefactor to the UK.. Of course ISIS can be legitimately compared to Saudi Arabia. Where on Earth do people think the values underpinning ISIS came from I'm the first place. I'm kinda mixed on Saudi Arabia, obviously their treatment of humans is horrible an the fact they're on the UN's human rights council is a joke. But I'm also not sure what good sanctioning/provoking/pressuring them will do. You're right it's their money that talks, but if we start not treating them like an ally, they'll just take their ball an go play elsewhere. Right now it's places like the US/UK that provide most of their arms an trade. You think Russia an China wouldn't fill that gap if we stopped doing so Furthermore, I'd trust Europe & the US to maybe slightly pressure them on their treatment of people, better than Russia an China who both have questionable/terrible human rights records. So it's a cause of either making an enemy out of them, an them taking their business elsewhere to countries who give zero fucks about human rights. Or keeping them an ally an hopefully applying moderate pressure from within. I think the latter choice is a more legitimate path..
saudia arabia is literally as bad as isis. its not about being idealistic. saudia arabia has bombed thousands of civilians in yemen for no reason. they run just as fascist a state as isis does. there is not difference. your excuses are crazy.

+Menech of course. foreign policy is basically international mafia politics. moral purity in this arena is a recipe for losing. if you were to cut ties with saudi, another power would attempt to control its oil reserves, and would most likely lead to a war. we, unfortunately, cant fight the battle for the saudi people. .
I wouldn't actually care if one of these politicians just said Saudi have something we need and we are willing to put up with there culture whereas Isis only cause trouble.. So we should should go to war with Saudi Arabia, to end the hypocrisy, yeah that would be great, grow up. +Nathan Jones yes we can, just like we did with Iran, the US has millions of barrels of oil in reserve, and we could buy more from many other countries, buy we don't because wall street would loose 5% of their profits and because the Saudis do our bidding.. +ScamallDorcha​ Uh no the US uses far more oil per day (taking millions of barrels here) than it produces. A simple Google would of told you that. .
"We've never known anything like this before!" What the fuck are you talking about Not even 100 years ago we had the likes of the Nazi's, Soviet Empire and massacre's like nanking. So annoyed with people crying that the world is on fire, calm your tits.
It´s almost like the only thing that matters is the way the execution is carried out... Fuck, a properly done beheading is a "humane" way to go if you have to go - the French guillotined their last in 1977 :P What is truly repugnant are the REASONS Saudi and ISIS execute people!. +TrueTacticia statistically this is supposed to be the most peaceful time for humans since humans have existed. When friends behead people it's so much kinder...WTF I' m ashamed to be a woman if she's one!. Once the world moves on from oil, they'll return to the life of living in mud houses and riding camels within two generations. They hate the only thing that can ensure their quality of life and well being > Science!.

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November 2, 2015
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January 14, 2016

Comments about this video:

no one wants to face the fact that there is no America left our government is run by the hidden ZIONIST some are dual citizens others have changed their surnames to sound more angle but in fact are Jewish Zionist so AIPAC and their Saudi friend now govern occupied American people such as myself are watching for the spark of REVOLUTION to get our country in the mean time the press that isn't main simply can't believe it even though it is right in front of the entire world!.
"Protocols Of The Learned Elders Of Zion" has the entire Greater Plan for israel in the late 1800 hundreds thei is a long term and decietful plan and you can see in the book the step by step that has been taken Ford writes the foward, and yes their will be a well palned revolt in occupied america. +jo phoenix You are 100% right.Stupid policy of slave congress is biggest threat for American peoples itself..
To me it seems like the Saudi Arabian Sunni government is conducting a religious war against the Shiites in Yemen. The Sunnis wahabiis hate the Shiites. They consider the Shiites infidels..
They don't own it, Israelis and their lobbyists own the DC, and once in a while rent it to their lackeys like Saudis!.
+Steve W They can't, and if they could we'll just call our dogs, the US and the UK to fight for us. Cause you guys are our bitches..
It's old news.. Satan owns the world. However there is good news.. Jesus is the king of kings and will ultimately win everything forever!. +GaryGettis Yeah...a big many polititans are comedians to...they lie so badly that its both funny and scary at the same time....
They gotta dance with those who paid 'em to enforce global totalitarian capitalism via the Rule of Oil. Feck 'em all, goddammit! Saudi whores in DC also screw Israeli zionists for cash. They even kiss 'em, first, just before they kill the goose..
The world has to come to term and the needed actions to stop the egregious crimes of the Saudi Wahhabi. The Dark Age era like sectarian acts of the Saudi Arabia has reached its limit. Saudi Arabia has kept its barbaric mass executions using appalling pseudo jurisprudence so that to continue its sectarian rules. The people of Yemen are suffering due to the unabated bombings of the Saudis. It is obvious many are questioning the US government’s indifference and tacit support. Imagine the reaction of the west had the wanton crimes the Saudis are committing against innocent civilians was done by other countries.. this smells funny.why would they hit a rehabilitation center for blind people Especially when human rights watchdogs are on your ass and the whole world is looking your way. either they are very dumb or the collapse of oil prices is making them get funny ideas about further destabilizing the middle East in the chance that oil prices will rise. looks like those 47 people who were executed will go down in history for more than just a human rights violation.. +Charles Moore Bush slept with the Saudis, all your do, they corrupted the saudis and are stealing their money. it's business.. +Buddy Floyd NO NEED FOR THE BIG BOMBS. AMERICA IS STEALING IT QUIETLY AS WE SPEAK. America has been paying for Saudi oil with paper. there is no gold in America's banks. the 9-11 fiasco took care of your gold...thank bush, cheney and wall street for that. the Saudis hold a lot of American paper, America sent them arms before, but eventually, you might have to give them florida or texas. in the meantime the game plan might be to have iran and Saudis fight a limited war, to burn up a few missiles and planes. America and Israel would salivate over that, weaken both...just idle speculation mind you. inflation will even it out a little. I read online about doubling the money supply in America. prices are gonna go up. Occultism is expensive.. You have lost me with this one. I forgave a few others over the past year, but ya'll lost me with this one, good bye !. +Solar Max Max 1. you should read up on the 3 Corporation city states, London, the Vatican, and Washington. 2. check out the flag of the east india trading company. ears to hear.
And this country pretends to lecture the world on democracy, when their own people are being screwed for the benefit of other nations.
Civilization is a joke, the middle ages never went away, it's 1066 in Saudi Arabia and shall continue to remain so until people collectively stop financially aiding them and take human rights more seriously than the fucking Kardashians..
This channel must be Iran lobbyist. The Israeli are not happy. Read your facts and don't mishmash things..
If Saudi Arabia basically owns Washington, DC, then who owns Saudi Arabia Illuminati The Big Money Group that owns UN and Israel Need to dig deeper. Even the Saudi Royal Family is rumored to be divided into factions. One channel on YT suggested that Congress sanctioned Aid to Israel because of the Israeli lobby. Pentagon said to sign off a whole new batch of fighter planes reclassified as scrap and sent to Israel, apparently. So a Saudi lobby that was said to have undue influence on Bush and maybe now on Obama could explain a lot about the strange US Foreign policy moves over the Middle East. But even RT has to be careful should they want to start digging. "...there is a power somewhere so organised, so subtle, so watchful, so interlocked, so complete, so pervasive, that they had better not speak above their breath when they speak in condemnation of it." ( President Woodrow Wilson ).
Oye Vey! What if the WhoreHouse of Saud's King Salmon should get 29 standing ovations in the United States of AIPAC Joint Congress What has become of our beloved capital, Ashkenazington D.Z.

"lobbying service" = bribery, graft, corruption and crony 'government'. Banksters and the $$ corporate whoredom are blatantly and openly in charge (eg., TPP, CISA, Monsatan protection act, etc...). It's all gone brothers & sisters; no more U.S. of A remains .

The Saudis have absolutely nothing to offer, and by that I mean from a cultural perspective, traditional perspective, and historical perspective. They only happen to nest in a part of the globe were they have access to a gigantic amount of oil. once Iran joins the Market and starts selling its oil, which is the fourth largest oil reserve in the world, and it's gas which is the largest gas reserve in the world, things are gonna shitstorm in the Saudi economy. Iran is an absolute energy superpower, it is not yet an economical superpower because of the sanctions preventing them to buy and sell resources. But once the sanctions get lifted, we will be both an energy superpower and economical superpower. there military is also a very strong military evan though there parts date back to over 30 years, but once the sanctions get lifted they will buy the most high end gear, making them one of the most lethal military's in the world, just because it doesn't have nuclear weapons doesn't mean it will be any less strong. Saudis have absolutely nothing, after 6 months this deal will take effect, and stupid Saudis that grew a big mouth from their pride of having a great amount of oil, will go back to living like a dirty desert monkey, goat fucking, lizard eating filthy state, there gonna be handled like sewer rats by the world and for the rest of their retarded dumb life, and that is the lifestyle they were originally destined to live like. Where I live in England has many foreigners lin my neighbourhood, and they all have many different backgrounds. And all the Iranians are either good doctors and engineers. but the Saudi Arabs either work as a cleaner in a restaurant or bartenders in pubs. And they point there finger at Iran with very high confidence and tell us to learn from them culturaly. IRAN IS THE MOST HISTORICAL COUNTRY IN THE WORLD, the tourist sites that Iran has is bigger than any country in the world. Saudis have close to absolutely nothing. Saudis are dirty and they stink like camel piss. apparently it's there tradition to burp in the dinner table to show their appreciation to the food instead of saying so out of laziness. I saw this one Arab wash his face with donkey piss. the donkey was pissing so he decided to go under there and wash his face with it. I'm not saying all Saudis wash their face with donkey piss but all of them posess a dirty trate one way or another. Iranians have a extraordinary root to brag about, And they still don't brag but poor Saudis do evan though they have nothing, Iranians are one of the most civilized people in the world that have not invaded another country for over 300 years. The best doctors in the world are Iran. Half of Nasa is infested by Iranian minds. We have oil but we are not heavily dependent on it. We are a group of highly educated and have the most historically accurate nation in the world. I cannot wait to see the day were Saudis go back to their desert living lifestyle, eating lizard poison and fucking goat's..

Saudi Arabia is owned and operated by a Donmeh Jew cartel that masquerades as Muslim. Sucks that they chose batshit crazy Wahhabism as their cover. But, Washington is owned by Jew cartels and the KSA is part of that global mafia..

This is all going to change when Trump becomes president. Just stop voting for those same tired old greedy career politicians like the Clinton's..

+betterdays when So you belive that the richest 1% will share their money with normal people if you elect one of them as the president Stop voting and revolt! The whole system is corrupt and must be cheanged..
Simple solution to Saudi assets, use an event to expose terrorists links and deem them a threat, sanction and seize all of their assets bada boom bada bing. Win win for military industrial complex, elites etc as reduced sales from Saudis would be replaced by containment expenditure, and of course we would need to give Israel more aid to defend themselves..
+InfiniteMushroom You are right and that is why i said if the US turned on them i think they would need to be bought off so they would accept the changed policy..
Israel (Ashkenazi Jews) own the U.S.A.; not Saudi Arabia via AIPAC and various lobby groups, mass media, and the banking sector, etc. etc.. buddy Floyd I always knew crackers are thieves and mass murderer you racist crackers never seems to amaze me. Russian channel talking about Saudi Arabia war with Yemen !! What about Russia attacking Syria and supporting terrorists there You guys are Fucking snakes and who will miss with our life's will be punished, people life is matter than one terrorist life.
i'm seriously worried about the safety of US people cause the source of all of these craps are saudis and your government and politicians all have deals with Saudis and never gonna come up with a solution to work this done. if you gonna stop extremism you first have to punch Saudis in the face. it is true iran political system has lots of internal problems and leads by hardliners but they are not existential threat for US security they are far more moderate than some of the arab countries..
Saudi arabia with all This Money and 45 billion US dollar each year For weaponery, Bombing the center for blind People's !! Killing blindes Is absloutly shameless for United State to share the bed with This owfull regime 🇸🇦👎🏼.

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December 20, 2015
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January 12, 2016

Comments about this video:
What the fuck happened to the Middle Eastern people Islam is not working out for them. These are the people of Akkad Babylon Sumer Descendants of Gilgamesh, Sargon, and the Kings List Once the cradle of civilization, these once great people are reduced to the worlds most ignorant people in the history of the human race. They even destroy their own thousand year old heritage in museums. What a fall from greatness. Any people of Middle Eastern heritage reading this, I strongly suggest to try out Atheism. Give science a try, you guys started it in the first place.. +Level Nine Drow Will no shit their golden age started because of islam arabs was nothing but bedouins before islam. The main thing that destroyed middle east was atheism shit was spread by soviet in Afghanistan till middle east. So no keep your atheism to yourself..
+Chronicles Of Manliness Islam and science When was this Golden age Lebanon was the Garden of Eden before it was invaded and destroyed by mulsims in 70's. Islam goes against science, in many ways. The main contributions made my Muslims was math... Which they got from Indians. You are the child, you wont even watch the entire vid because you find it offensive. You cant just say there are problmes without stating them just to get out your side of arguement. And are only muslims arab Or can a non mulsims be an arab And my examples weren't that irrelevant.. look up Dawkins talking to muslim school students. They are so far gone its laughable, dont get me started on Islam and science. Muslim students still believe humans came from a clot of blood. Top 5 elements in the periodic table of elements are the same in our bodies and stars and universe. Mass number of Muslims dont believe we evolved How many muslims scientists would have been public hanged for speaking truths Islam goes against science. And what is the problem according to you in the middle east. I can tell you that the people are brainwashed in believing in a fairy tale so they feel better and another thousand years of science probably wont change anything. Not many non believers that were raised under Islam. Here some science, Muhammad couldnt read or write, went to meditate came back saying he spoke to God. Convert pay a tax or die were they options given by Muhammad when starting the religion of peace. He as a militant warlord pedophile, why would anyone belive him 20 years no one believed him in meccaand modena so he went militant. Why didnt god go to China where people could read at the time Stone age fairytale containing silly local quarrels... The Koran. What does the middle east manufacturer Why are the people so simple & think they are blessed and spiritual from a fairytale. Maybe given the chance the Arab muslim world could have contributed a lot more to science if it wasnt for being help back by a wicked fairytale that outlaws free thinking..

Chess is bad Pokemon too Forbid the people from learning strategy or thinking outside the box. Too much free thought will lead you away from the religion that enslaves you..

+Cazaam The Angry Aspie Magicarp use splash attack! an show these fuckers how it's really done..

+Otis McNutt (III) Hey guess what i'm saudi and i play pokemon since childhood and going to fuck with my pikadick..
+no basta That's why said "actually hurt" xD And at least in the Pokémon world all the pokémon get unlimited free healthcare! Thanks nurse Joy :p.
Look, I hate the vuvuzela as much as the next guy (that thing is annoying as hell), but I think this is a case of the Grand Moofy being more of a Digimon fan than anything else... Also he probably lost at chess and thinks it's a waste of time because of it..
+LyesmithVerity Don't bad mouth digimon the first playstation game was the bomb, fucking androidmon would rape your pikachu.. I'm the Grand Muffin, I declare Muslims are delicious, and must be killed and turned into cup-cakes..
In defense of people being threatened by Teletubbies, you have to admit those fuckers are pretty scary..
+randomflashbacks just so you know... pokemon is kid's favourite program here in my muslim majority country.. Salafism is a cancer in the body of Islam. By the most fatwaas throughout the Islamic history have been full of shit.... This reminds me of some crazy religious fucks who won't let their kids play Pokemon because it's for evolution, and evolution is against their religion. Ridiculous..
+GameCollector420 If Pokemon somehow cheapens your religion, your religion was worthless to begin with, anyway!.

+S.M Seely Pokemon is 20 something years old while islam is 1440 years how kids game cheapen it..

+diana kittley many use that spelling, but it's not an error to use Koran, as long as it means the same. After all... Koran is not an English word to be spelled in a certain way to understand. .
I REALLY want them to issue a fatwah against My Little Pony as if they did I'd enjoy watching it even more than I do now.. +Friendshipismagic As long as there is no fatwah on "Family Guy" or "American Dad"!. Chess, promotes intelligence and is obsoletely a game of skill and thought. Saudi Arabia are beyond help..
+Chronicles Of Manliness Yes, I agree that in the Islamic golden age, ie 9thC-11thC- their was more freedom of speech. Also their was Jews, Christians, Buddhist and Hindus in places like Baghdad, contributed to the knowledge gained. For example Arabic numerals (123456789+0) were originally from India, but they were picked-up by Arabic traders along the Silk Road and then entered Europe..
+Jonjo Senna Many things were picked up by the Arabs, many of these were also developped by them from Algebra to Medicine to Surgery and Astrology among many other domains,,,. Pokeman, Gotta chatch'em all... ALLAHU AKBAR! Ashmed... get it get it Ok I'll go away now..
Anotehr important reason why religious leaders do such mindbogglingly stupid things: because power only exists if you wield it..
Wow its ridiculous that this "Mufti" can declare Chess or Pokemon is Haram. Chess was spread by Muslims when they conquered Persia. And really, Pokemon It was my favorite show growing up... If there was witchcraft or something involved I could see their point of view if they decided to consider it "haram" (not that I would agree with calling it haram even if it did), but come on. Pikachu will always be my favorite :). +Doc Q Chess is Haram for islam because they had spread it but the champions of Chess are on the west Christian kefir. :^). I support this fatwa, because screw all those bastards that were spamming Charizard's side special move in Smash Bros. whenever I played online. Freaking jackasses.. .mother fuck is not funny. mother fuck. i never heard as someone fuck his mother like european people why you dont leave us. mother fuck. did we Intervention in your affairs.
Today’s meeting of the Loyal Order of Water Buffaloes has come to order. The Grand Poobah is ready to read his declarations! Games that are now banned include Tiddly-Winks, Jenga, and video Pong. Other forbidden things are reverse cowgirl, reduced fat parmesan cheese, and Sharkleberry Punch Kool-Aid..
Vuvuzelas haram Damn, for a moment I was almost willing to convert! I mean, is a few violations of basic human rights so high a price to pay for living in a country without vuvuzelas... 😜.
He was not only focused in chess asshole. Chess and other games in general if it was nonsense for you and just waste for your time it's haram just as internet and video games..

I remember getting Pokemon Red for the old grey Gameboy. One of the happiest days of my early childhood. Sad that kids in other places won't get that joy. I mean yeah, it's a silly game, but silly games are sometimes fun for kids. I feel like that should be crazy obvious..
+Soma Coma Obviously, much worse going on there though. Kids cutting off their own hands and stuff. That's what extreme religious ideology does.. I'm from Saudi Arabia and everything this stupid fuck said is absolutely not correct. I hope this ASSHOLE check his information next time..
+Haitham Mou Too bad we have it on video while saying that chess is like gambling. watchv=sCO_nSxdzdU.
Fuck you kyle you're a racist for not saying Bulbasaur with the other starting Pokemon. What his leafs and body too green for you motherfucker, yeah you see green with fucking envy, i'll fucking vine whip yo ass bring it!. Oh hell naw. I'll rayquaza hyperbeam the shit out of the middle east. ok a little bit to harsh, maybe just a Magikarp splash followed with a tackle..
It is funny how similar muslims and christians are. My aunt, a very religious woman, once told me not to watch pokemon, because it is evil. She said something about them being demons and such. She is really religious and takes the bible seriously. There was actually a movement around the 1990s and early 2000s against pokemon with the christian community. It's ridiculous..

Pokemon encourages evolution so I guess due to that banning it would make sense. Harry Potter makes socery look good, which its not. Dragons and dungeons is just some crap losers play..
That's not what he said, he said anything that distracts you from worshiping God, essentially the 5 daily prayers is Haram, in other words watching a football match at the time of the prayer is Haram, watching it after the prayer isn't.. +Nishit Raj Chess is a battle of wits. It's meant to challenge your mind so how could it be bad.
Gotta ban 'em all! MUFTIMON! And yeah, I bet this guy's just bitter because he got Stealth Rocked one too many times. XD.

Someone just is a very bad loser after being destroyed with chess. And of course he couldn't possibly be bad at it, so it most be a game of chance..

chess is "haram" bcoz it only allows the king to have one wife. if the king is allowed to fuck every pawn and maybe the knights ad their horses then it will bcome the official game of saudi arabia..

But Pokemon is Pokemon. What's next, Digimon DBZ Yu Yu Hakisho YuGiYo God forbid, One Punch Man.

Old, out of touch men running a country... I think we have a preview of the Trump administration....
just wait 20-30 years, their own citizens will overthrow them when their oil runs out. The only reason they don't do that now is the government compensates them very well..
I can't take anything seriously if you're gonna use the word "moofty" (Did I spell that right). This is where my thought process goes when I hear that word: "Moofty, Mooby, Mooby the Golden Calf, Dogma, Jay & Silent Bob, Snoochie Boochies, smokin weed smokin weed, doin coke, drinkin beers, drinkin beers beers beers, rollin fatties, smokin blunts. Who smoke the blunts I smoke the blunts. Rollin blunts and smokin blunts". And then I smoke a blunt and take a nap..

Chess is banned because the King has 'only' one queen in the game which is blasphemous. :P.

this is why religion should NOT be in the government. you get bullshit laws like this that priests pull out of their ass Cuz they have nothing better to do..
Kyle, you are wrong here (again). Not anybody can became a mufti and " declare shit". A mufti has to have the following qualifications: Knowing Arabic, Mastering the study of principles of jurisprudence, Having sufficient knowledge of social realities Mastering the study of comparative religions, Mastering the foundations of social sciences, Mastering the study of Maqasid ash-Shari`ah Mastering the study of Hadith, Mastering legal maxims. and as long you dont have them it its ironic, shameful and contradictory to critize them. its like critizing a doctor or a surgeon without ever have read one page of a medicine book.

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November 7, 2015
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December 21, 2015
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January 16, 2016

Comments about this video:

+Spag Hetti Can`t hardly wait for that. Can`t stand those cocky saudi idiots one second just wish someone would put them down for good..
+Joe Freeman I read they have to sell off their shares in the oil company that owns all the oil rights. That's like selling the family jewels. But I don't think it will fetch much. The age of oil is over. .
+Matt House why are you here and not working for the Wall Street Journal LOL... it dont matter Nimr (pussy) Al Pussy is dead, rottin, gone. Not you or all the jaafars hrre with fake names like tony, keith, joe and you fatty matty can do anything about it except beat your chests and vent by doing mutta with your sisters. Now make like a good rafedite and go cut and flog yourself on the face.

Man made religions are the greatest terror on earth. Man has taken the concept of the omnipotent to control,conquer, and regulate the masses around the world..
+nawaf n No its Wahabis whose way is either you join us or die. You can keep making all these lies but I am an American Muslim and I have travelled a lot in and out of ME and Asia. We in America don't impose our selves on others like you in Arab world do and to top that off with, this absolute hatred of EVERYONE is only unique to Wahabism. Wahabism has taken the love out of your hearts and filled it with anger and hatred for EVERYONE. This is not some internet chat, this is reality, I mean image an ideology that makes you kill your own mother by shooting her in her head because she simply asked you not to do something what she thinks is wrong. A mother in Syria ,asked her ISIS son to quit ISIS and he turned her in, not only that, shot her in the head, this is why Wahabism does to you whether you want to believe it or not nawaf. . I don't blame them for that, I do blame them for actually being blood hungry barbarian. The problem is we can't control leadership of our countries who are the real blood hungry barbarians. Why the hell do governments always screw it's people... I certainly don't want to harm anyone, no citizen except the brainwashed wants to. These governments have mapped out WW3 already. Like aways we have no say in it no matter what. Votes don't matter, they are paid off in advance. Populations want to live in peace, and would if left alone but greed and spiritual wicked ness rule this planet. What if we all just stop sending in our money Or shut down the business and just started sharing...won't work so we are all waiting for God to finish His righteous plan... and that my friend will fix this planet once and for all. Peace to you. If Saudi Arabia truly wanted to end terrorism in their nation through executions they would need to start with all the male members of the royal family beginning with the king..
+Robert Paul Gass For the SAFETY and ENDURING prosperity of USA... WE NEED TO STOP DUAL CITIZENSHIP... particularly with ZioNAZI Israel and Saudi Arabia... !! STOP DUAL CITIZENSHIP IMMEDIATELY IN USA...!!!.

SaudiArabia is on the Road of State based Terrorism and the House of Saud is declining into Cretinism.
+Joe Freeman Did someone start the regime change in Saudi Arabia without me How is Saudiland getting a bum deal here. Fuk the saudi''s...they are the reason...there is terrorism everywhere...Including in india.. Sunni's are far too violent...and barbaric... India is with Iran....
+Professional Pussy Petter No. If the God is on their side, they would win in every situation. Angels will fight with them. :)) .

+solomon duncan `Necessary evil Ok but I really believe that on the west countries should stop deal with disgusting countries like saudi arabia by now. Saudi arabia is by no means a prosperous country it`s totally skew & defunct..

A lot of hindustanis commenting on here - I wonder why What is their interest to divide and conquer....
I am Pakistani, but my ancestors are hindus. Hindustanis are my brothers and sisters irrespective of the on the west divide and conquer strategy. It is true we need to be frenemies otherwise we would have been unable to kick out the british. Brit and US globalists keep trying to colonise everyone. It's our self defence strategy lol..
+5aeeda Wow, that's first. Someone is aware of their ancestry. No hate, sister. And thanks for those kind words. Also, nobody can divide us if we be strong. we are better than that. I might be prejudiced against Salafists but it's kinda nice to see muslims being more than that..
+Joe Freeman Hah, again you make it sound as if the drone strikes are not a big deal while whistleblowers said 90% of the drone strikes are on innocent people, that's one hell of a number. The only distinction between the two is the level of violence. A hellfire bomb will burn the skin, flesh break and burn the bones, burn organs while possibly being watched by a close relative. I'm sure you never even speculated about the horror a bomb creates and so you think it is equal or less violent than a sword strike at the back of the neck. In short, they're practically the same, but drones tower in horror and violence.. This Saudi guy barks like dog. Saudi Arabia bombing Yaman everyday and kill children, woman, and innocent people. Saudi funds terrorists in Afghanistan, Syria, Yaman, and Iraq.. +Moe Gash Pretty much the same in all Muslim fundamentalist countries, which is to say most of them. Why single out the Saudis Are you Iranian, or just a stupid prejudiced lackwit.
If any of the three guests is mindlessly rambling on, it is the HRW lady. She doesn't even seem to be bothered about the other 46 executed...she only seems to be focusing on the one person merely because it seems to be a wedge issue. I certainly dont think that KSA is some model of human rights...but to say that criticizing religion is the right of every human being no matter where in the world is almost trumpesque in its stupidity. The mindset that tells HRW that they have the right to unilaterally impose values that are foreign to certain countries is precisely one of the key reasons that human rights are failing to advance on a global level in the way they should be. What about the 50% of the world that lives below the poverty line mainly due to corruption and misgovernance by the very same people whose funds are safely parked in on the west countries Where is HRW on that issue It is very clear that this open access to on the west economies by the world's kleptocrats is the cause of misery, impoverishment and premature death for billions. I for one think that HRW is not a serious organization and its purpose it not legitimately human rights but rather, to act as one of the chorus of organizations utilized to ramp up political and PR pressure on key wedge issues. If I was Saudi Arabia or any other developing country, I would ban HRW from my country and would ally with all countries that oppose this and all such organizations.
+Nathaniel Winkle Well that's what happens when you get a conscience. And who appreciates it No one.. Clearly, the female guest in this interview seems to be unable to grasp that there is NO "protected speech" in Saudi Arabia, whether it be speech against the Kingdom or the Prophet. She is blessed to be an American. Not everyone around the world is so lucky. :(. +Rosemary Kelley The female guest in the interview is unable to grasp that her belief structure is not commonly shared around the world. In fact, in some parts of the world she would be killed for her belief structure..
+iranian soldier I've got a better idea. Why don't we just use Iranian oil to make a whole lot of asphalt and pave your entire country, and use it as a parking lot for the Russians and Chinese when they finally manage to have a decent enough economy to have a lot of cars On the other hand, that would take too long, and let you degenerates live too long. Nuke Iran. Wait wait... let's not be hasty. Let the Israelis do it. After all you've been saying you'd do it to them just as soon as you get out of the Stone Age and make a nuke. With Russian help..

That was the most feeble one-sided program ever could be made to obscure the naked facts about the execution of Sheikh Nimr! Just cant believe this sort of rubbish broadcasts by Al Jazeera.

Saudi's are the barbarians. This barbarian is talking nonsense, why is Aljazeera have this nonsense speaker from Saudi. and that woman is right live in the 21 century and the Saudi's are backwards given their actions. Both of the men are favouring the barbaric actor (Saudi's)..
+watchingyou514 Well, the Iranians first off have a population of about 55 million people. They aren't any smarter, they are more powerful militarily by themselves. However, Saudi Arabia and the Emirates have some powerful friends, should they choose to treat them as friends, among them the US, NATO, the EU, and Israel. Try taming down the fundamentalist sects who want to return to the 7th century, at least as far as your friends are concerned. The US and Iran have no historical reason to be friends, and every reason not to be. Furthermore, Persia/Iran has historically been and enemy/competitor of the on the west democracies since the days of ancient Greece. The Obama administration is an aberration, caused by a failure of the administration to understand the nature of the enemy. I went to school with some members of the royal house and liked them very much and respected them. I've got several other suggestions for behavior modification that would go a long way toward ensuring that Saudia Arabia does well vs Iran also, but this is not the time or place..
It's amazing how much that guy on the left can talk without answering the damn questions in the slightest, i know he is not a native English speaker but its like he has no idea what he is being asked and just rambles on about whatever is somewhat related to the topic of the video..
+Null Nah. Just talking heads getting free publicity/pay to babble endlessly about very little based on provable facts. In that respect they're pretty smart, as smart as say, Ted Cruz, Marko Rubio, Ben Carson, et al.. Question to everyone defends justice in America, Europe, Russia, China and all the world Is it fair to put a terrorist who killed 140 people in France in prison and give him food and treatment as long as he lives Where are the rights of those who were killed by cold blood, and where are the rights of their fathers, mothers, sons and relatives because of their death, and where are the rights of the French people who faced horror and insecurity after this terrorist attack Prison is not the justice punishment for these criminals,the proper punishment to these terrorists is to beheaded by the sword, Do you know why Because it is the most horror way for anyone planning to do a terrorist act as well as because it is the most merciful and the fastest to die. This is the justice and you should not lamenting on the execution of terrorists who do not hesitate to kill innocent people and that is if you want this world to enjoy peace. This is what Saudi Arabia did by executing 47 terrorist..
+‫امنيات سعيده‬‎ First off the people killed have no remaining rights. Their rights were terminally violated. Secondly: Their relatives have precisely the rights the state they live in say they have. No more no less. You want rights Repeal your strict gun laws. The 140 people killed would have then have had just as many rights as the raghead terrorists and homegrown French and Belgian terrorists who killed them. The right of survival of the fittest. The French people would face a lot less horror and insecurity if they immediately A. Expelled a hell of a lot of the Muslims in their country and 2. Made gun ownership legal with an open carry law. What part of that can't you get Or do you just want the government to do it all for you then whine when they can't/don't do a good job or do it your way..
+Joe Freeman Greetings to you my dear friend. First, it is not fair nor humanity to say that those who killed have no rights, the biggest right they have is to make the killer suffer execution as he allowed to himself to do so with innocent people also in order to let people be assured that any criminal may kill them will get the same death and no need for more than this reason as a right of the person who is killed. Second, for the relatives of the Slain I said in previous comment that execution is the just punishment to the murderer as their relative killed if he had killed him premeditated deliberately and we say that's not fair to put the killer in prison eat, drink, watch television, use Internet and practice his sports, this is not justice, the justice is by keeping the killer's life in the hands of the Slain relatives, at this point comes the right of the dead man's guardian either to execute The criminal or get compensation up to their satisfaction to forgive him from his execution, and this must be through the government of the country. The most important reason of the sword punishment that you are ignoring is to make each person in the society think thousand times before carrying a Gun in his hand. To be honest, I did not understand what you meant by (Repeal your strict gun laws) if you don't mind to demonstrate what do you mean precisely. Regarding your suggestion that French people can minimize the killings in their country by expelling Muslims it shows how much you are spiteful against Islam and Muslims and it is not true at all, my proof is that Muslims Exist in Europe for hundreds of years and did not practice killing based on religion, and I told you earlier that last year in the United States alone were killed More than 30,000 people in general crimes by the hands of the Americans and that has nothing to do with Islam, why linking Islam in this dialogue However I'm telling you as there are Muslims in America and the West, there are millions of Christians in the Islamic countries where they live with love and respect and there is no problem between them and Muslims relating to religions except some friendly dialogues as I am very sure that you are not Christian nor Jewish because those are not the words of someone who owns a religious morality, As for Al-Qaida and Daash These are terrorists have nothing to do with Islam, and as you can see they killed thousands of Muslims. Frankly speaking I am sorry to tell you that either your phrase is weak to deliver your information accurately or my English language is weak so I could not understand you 100% in some phrases. In any case, all my respect and appreciation to you and God bless you. . Shia want to kill all Sunnis n vice versa, US wants to destroy russia n vice versa, Pakistan wants to destroy India n vice versa n list goes on n on n on...what a sick fucked up world we live in..
+Mujtaba :/ Yeah. Been that way for a while... like all of recorded history. Just now noticing Welcome to the reality show!!!!!!!!!!!.

+Joe Freeman OMG another Jafaar from majoosiville trying to pass off as a on the wester or non-rafedite!!! Dude turn your taqiyya switch off, we know you I-ranians have no jobs, are bankrupt, have highest no of transvestites in world and have nothing to do but troll like your zionazi hasbara cousins to pass off as civilised homosexuals. You are not!!! You are majoos filth that disgust muslims and non muslims alike .


+karkooshy95 Not really. UN didn't sanction Russia for stealing Crimea, or invading Ukraine, or threatening Baltic States. Or China for violating about 55 laws of the sea. Same standard..

+Joe Freeman  So it seem these laws applies on Iran(Persia) fully only! This is the standard today. I guess because Iran has no tie with Zionism..
+Rawdiswar It's the law in most Muslim countries. Soooo... by definition (yours) goes the rest of the Muslim countries. I don't disagree. But why single out Saudi Arabia for special mention.
International law hahahahaahaha wtf go arrest Bush the mudering bastard. Sahra Leah Whitson sitting in the united states of killers and war starters..
+googlanche googlequake LOL your sources are based on conjecture, opinion and rumour. Just like the rumour you were an offspring of mutta with the local village donkey. Except from your reply we know for certain it is a fact and not a rumour because you are one of the few cockroaches who claims it was Al Qaeda... why dont you post the million essays and aeticles supporting view it was Iran... is that because you are a majoosi rat with a hidden agenda .
No country is sovereign if the people are not acting, much less even thinking sovereign & we know this because the people in every nation on this planet acquiesce to a monumental crime of theft called banking, which is hardly sovereign if you're all willfully partaking & practicing in this one world religion of the anti-Christ in all hypocrisy..
+Michael Onstad I second that. I knew a few members of the Royal family back in the late 1960s when they were attending college. Pretty good guys..
so again American dunmbos,media tunes you to what you should like and what you should dislike.I have not known any people in the history of humans as dumb as Americans(most,of course not all).

+Puritylasts Eternel Yeah. Most Americans not educated prior to 1970 are pretty dumbed down, except for a few that escaped from the public school system. That's what has allowed banks, multi national corporations, the mil-ind complex and crooked bought politicians to wreck the country through a set of incredibly bad decisions since entering the Vietnam war. Most Americans have no sense of history, geography, economics, or math. You need those knowledge bases (among others) in order to ensure that your government is doing what's right for your country, and not harmful for others. I don't think Hussain was a good person. But its hard to argue that the people in Iraq are better off now than under him and his vicious family/tribe of Baathists..

In Canada the death penalty was abolished in 1967. We have criminals like everywhere else, but realize there have been innocent people jailed who after years of incarceration it was proven were innocent, basically victims of circumstance. Now if these people were executed under the old law, the present government of my country would be guilty of murder. Democracy is suppose to evolve and create humane laws, not draconian ones which are medieval, brutal and barbaric. Should true democracy disappear the entire world will plunge into another Dark Age..

+Sayyaf Kalashnikov like with the drones, no judge jury just execution, like abu Gharib, Guantanamo Bay, no judge no jury just torture, list is long.

+Johnny Mars You mean you agree with it less and less. Aljazeera is actually one of the better balanced news sources. I frequently don't LIKE what they say, but it's a hell of a lot more balanced than the BBC, Pravda, Fox News, or RT News. And I like that they report on stories that the BBC and US News channels just plain ignore..

+Joe Freeman Aljazeera is funded by Qatar. In the past Qatar promised that it wouldn't interfere with Aljazeera. But it is getting worse and worse in the last 5 or 6 years. I don't know if it has something to do with the Saudi and Qatar funding of ISIS in the same time period. So I found myself using it less and less for Middle East news. For other news like Asian news, using Aljazeera is equivalent to using CNN. I am reading user comment under the Aljazeera news more than the news article itself. But the quality of its user community isn't that great in recent years..
Saudi government has done a great job, as Ahmad said Saudi is a sovereign country and has implemented the law and who the heck is Iran to interfere into Saudi's internal issues, how about hundreds of sunni Muslims being executed by Iran regime every year. Have the Saudi family executed any ISIS prisoners Or Al Qaeda prisoners Are they doing anything about ISIS Seems like they're only after Shia Houthis! Apparently ISIS and Al Qaeda have been receiving funding from Saudi Arabia! Can somebody shed some light on this No trolls please!.

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January 7, 2016

Comments about this video:
Everybody hates saudi. The don't win support they buy it. The cost of ending saudi is getting affordable to some interest groups probably. Hopefully. How ironic that its getting to the point that someone could pay to make the world a better place just by handing out bags of fiat cash to get rid of saudi and qatar. The reality is that Saudis how that they can't fight even small houthi group since they accepted defeat after a week in to the war they had to recruit mercenaries from Latin America since fat Saudi soldiers can't run so forget about Saudis their time is up, I am Sunni from Somalia, and I am supporting Iran.
When the 'educated' and 'intelligent' representative of Saudis speaks like that on the TV, then imaging what the uneducated fanatic ones from there can do..
+Jacy Jonnson Absolutely agree what you have said, just imagine mentalities of Chairman of Arab League whom has an offensive breath & mentalities, never-mind Mr Al-Jubeir ,whom totally british educated,unfortunately haven't forgotten his endemic mentalities, I have had an inferior experience by a Saudi Prince( Doctor) whom were attached to my team for higher education, despite of my whole support, went and rented 6 bed-room Flat in the Chelsea( for one person) had house warming party( as learned custom of British) invited us ,my partner refused to go, I did as he insisted ,my horror ,I noticed he has hired 8 London's call girls, and whispered to me choose whom ever you like mentalities of educated Saudi yet if you say anything against Wahabie's, if you are in the Saudi Arabia, you would be be-headed.
Hatred for Iran is much lower than Hatred for Saudis in world ! Every sane person hates Saudi Arab from guts !.

win against iranhahahahahahhahahahahahahh arabs are joke very fuuny jokes they cant destroy yeman now iranhahahahahhahahhahaha these arabs make evry one sick HEY ARABS GO FINSIH YOUR JOB IN YEMEN THEN TALK ABOUT MILITARY ATTACK ON IRAN remeber that.

Arabs are uniting against Iran lol they no match. they did united for Israel and they only lasted 6 days. Saudis are exporting beheading and terrorism and yet they the one playing victim.
Historically Muhammad was a false prophet he was a warmonger and a sexual deviant who married a little girl named Aisha when she was 9 He was a sinner who needed Jesus Christ to take away his sins and sin no more but he renounced Jesus Christ and his salvation and tried to exalt himself above the truth and knowledge of the true gospel of Jesus Christ.. Everybody in the region hate Iran, According to the UN human rights report, Iran ( estimated ) executed 900 people in the first half of 2015 only and their charges were not disclosed, now who is the terrorist.. , the rat face so called professor is saying that Saudi Arabia is financially supporting terrorists groups, this claim is a lie, there is no tangible of evidence of such thing. However, everyone know that Iran is financing terrorist groups and militias in Iraq, Syiria and Hezbo Allah in Lebanon. the Shia-Sunni divide has not been known till 1979 when the Khmuni radical regime came to power..
+Jan Jappie Ukelele Actually Assad did use chemical weapons and there are tangible evidences recorded by the UN. He needed defense even before the chemical weapons, the rebellion started when he started killing the people and raping their women. .
+Ibrat911 No there aren't. See here: Lmao Assad raped the women Can't Mossad the Assad read this for some more proof Saudi is MORE at fault then Iran, This is an attempt by Saudi and Israel to ignite a conflict with Iran, and then Let America do the fighting with Iran.. As a sunni i support Iran. Saudi is really being hypocrit. Saying they help the people in Yemen while bombing them. The worst part and also the sad part is they count on the help of the united states with the next president. Iran is doing their thing, while Saudi begs the whole world for support literally, asking them to cut the relations with Iran. Iran can erase the whole arab world within an hour.. Saudi is having a lot of internal problems. Soon we're going to see unrest in Saudi Arabia. I think they ruling family is trying to create a fake external threat to make it easier for the security forces in Saudi Arabia to arrest and execute and Saudi citizen who dare to ask for change. I'm not sure they are going to be successful though. I think the first split is going to occur inside the house of Saud. There is unrest between the ruling family members that is going to make things even harder. I think in 3 years, Saudi Arabia will be split into two parts. Both Saudi and Iran are fighting for their influence in the region. Truth must be told that neither of these regimes are honest and kind towards anything, however that being said it is true that Wahabasim made by Saudi spread all over the world like a deadly Virus, where as Iran has never produced such a deadly product. As matter of fact Iran is contributing a lot in different scientific fields and industries whether it's medical or engineering and computer science... Again both can be considered as negative forces but Iran cannot be considered as a founding father of Terrorism, however Saudi certainly can... and surely US got it's hands very dirty on this matter..
not from the middle east..go saudi arabia!..if there is a a war,all sunni countries will have your back..dont worry about toothless dog like iran..
Iran supports Syria president also the burn the saudi embassy and the didn't even apologize about it. So many lies in the comments section, i guess the Iranian revolutionary army is little bit more active these days.. bunch of liars. Saudi Arabia is the main sponsorer of Terrorism not just in the middle east but all over the world!...The are the barons of Terror and no amount of propaganda or pressure for support is going to change that Wahabism, Salafism and all radical groups from Alqaeda to ISIS have their roots in Saudi Arabia.
Not Saudi Arabia, but HOUSE OF SAUD. is at war with the rest of the Muslim World. They equates HOUSE OF SAUD = Saudi Arabia = Islam. So, the interest of HOUSE OF SAUD is equal to Islam. This family is a wrath upon middle east. These families are the problem. Iran is not ruled by a family. All GCC countries are ruled by FAMILIES. By the family, for the family, of the family..
+Syn Hope I wanted to ask HOUSE OF SAUD. What happened to 10 trillion dollars earned in the last several decades. All the money is squandered at gambling centres all over the world. This shameless family, is the greatest mafia exists in the world today. They loot. The first 6 senior ruling family members takes 100 million dollars from the oil income, when the income was billion dollars per day.. I am from Iran, And I'm pretty sure that there won't be a war because of the death of a Saudi shia cleric. But it is actually saudi arabia's fault (I'm not saying this because I'm Iranian) because first of all "executing" (in 2016) is already a terrorism move. And second of all, Saudi arabia should of think before that execution, now there are a lot of countries, a lot of shia's and even some sunni's which are against this move of saudi arabia. And I'm not sure if you saw the embassy attack in Iran, but there were lot's of guards defending it. But since it's a shia country and almost every one was angry because of the execution they had flamed their embassy (while Iranian government wasn't even thinking it should be such a big issue for the Iranian people). And Iran already took some steps to get better relations, but Saudi negotiated with GCC to severs ties with Iran as wel. My question is what is Iran going to do without Sudan, or Somalia... So as you can see from my question it was again a bad move from Saudi arabia, and this shows the governments in GCC that they are not against execution. 14:55 if saudi arabia was like that, where was saudi when Lebanon asked Iran for help and Iran went there to defend Lebanon over Israel, so they made the group Hezbollah (which is NOT a terrorist group organisation, and right now Hezbollah is fighting ISIS what about Saudi) have you ever heard of Hezbollah bombing people what about al nusra, hamas, al qaeda, boko haram which is made by saudi arabia extremist Also your ally (USA) CIA made Taliban in Afghanistan to fight Russia... And I don't want even to start about who is funding ISIS right now and their religion.. Funny grin on Marandi's face. He certainly got under the Saudi's skin and then just sat back and enjoyed the agony the Saudi rookie was experiencing.. I cracked up while the Saudi was saying that Iran shouldn't intervene in Yemen, while the Saudis were bombing their civilians. Can't blame the Iranian guy for laughing. 13:36.
I guess saudis do not need to go to a war to Iran, they just wait for couple of Ashwars and the Shia gonna kill them self eventually by all the self head hitting.
We all know, Saudi government support terrorism over the world. also Isis....

I love the uae if only other Arab nations will be like her d world will be as peaceful as d sea breeze.
When it's up to Yemen saudi supports the government and not the people, but when its to syria, saudi supports FSA (allies of terrorists) and not the Syria government! according to: 14:00.
+Emps Help to you all Muslims are terrorist. The biggest terrorist since 2011 who killed 85% of civilians is Assad its why he is losing and Needs Russian help. He is a genocidal monster bigger than an terrorists. This is why he will fall soon nobody likes these atheists dictators like saddam-assad mubarak etc. They use rape as a weapon and target women-children.
Saudi Arabias army just killing the innocent people like kid woman they so proud of it, it looks like they have war with powerful country...and west close they eyes on them why because Saudi is US slave lol. Engage me !Saudi wants to pretend like they control the region! Unfortunately everyones security is at Risk. Saudi Arabia is a ticking time its fate will be similar to that of syria or afghanistan. Dont create another vaccum for terrorists. Saudi Arabians are mistaken if they think that America and NATO will help them. Moral of the story is that loyal should never be tested! because loyalty might not be there where u think it is. 😆 P.s. does Saudi have a nuclear program I dont think so! 😂.
The ones in power in Saudi Arabia seem to not be able to view their policies in third person anymore. This road they are going down will only result in pain and failure in the future..
I'm so glad i don't have my fate dependent on any of these peoples ability to reason and govern..
+wuuspigs, I see you edited your original post by changing faith to fate. Good boy. As far as me being a dido, how did you find out I specifically told your mom not to tell you. Anyhow, now that you know, I must tell you that your mom enjoyed me a lot..

let me see if I can summarize all this noise - the sunnis hate the shias and the shias hate the sunnis..

Iran is a paper tiger that never won a war against Arabs since the beginning of time. Saudi Arabia has way better economy than Iran and using oil to weaken Iran. Here is an analysis of an expert. The drop in oil prices is more painful for Iran, actually. Iran's breakeven oil price is even higher than Saudi's. Saudi Arabia currently produces 10 million barrels per day. Iran produces 3.3 million per day But that's not the important part. Saudi Arabia has excess capacity, Iran doesn't. Saudi has six times Iran's foreign-exchange reserves. That's why it can withstand low prices. Also: Saudi Arabia has half the unemployment, almost no foreign debt, low inflation, and a rich SWF.Add to that: Saudi Arabia is yet to institute taxes, while Iran already does. Saudi Arabia allies UAE,Egypt,Turkey,Bahrain ,Qatar,Pakistan,Sudan and Kuwait which are all Sunni countries ,while Iran has no real allies except for the militias in Lebanon,Iraq and Houthis in Yemen. 85% of the Muslims are Sunni and the rest are Shia,so basically if it's going to be a religious war Iran doesn't stand a chance. Iran has WW2 weapons ,while KSA is the world's fourth largest military spender in 2013..
+Kartobobo Bobo, I know you are pissed off because of what's going on in Yemen. Now isis and FSA are done with all the help they got from you salafist, the funniest thing is Iran only had about a couple of hundred advisor in Syria. On the other hand, you guys bombed poor Yemen like there is no tomorrow. You are looking ridiculous in the world. That is why you sound so mad. You need to take a chill pill my friend.. +Ahmed Yousef And I should add, all of these happened while iran is a very independent country and saudi arabia is fully dependent country. Saudi Arabia can not live even one day without dependency. That's all Tiger..
To the Saudi speaker; You're representing the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, show some respect and allow the other parties to speak! Absolutely ridiculous! Individuals who speak like he did are afraid of the responses they will get. *PERSIAN GULF FOREVER* *همیشه خلیج فارس*.
for those of you who are saying somalis will not be the side of saudi arabia..somalia is a sunni state jot inly sunni more than 80% of the population are salafis we are always the side of saudi arabia not the side of the majusi persian rafidas. shut up mr filty mushrik shia marandi,there is no such as thing as wahabi or wahabisim,just shut up u filty mushrik shia.. America is starting to go the RIGHT way. We American people are evolving, we are going towards God. God bless Bernie Sanders! He will be a great president! Hilary Clinton will NEVER take the white house. We here in the US know that Hilary Clinton is taking Saudi money..
Al-Qaeda/ISIS/Muslim Extremism; all of it comes from Saudi Arabia's warped brand of Sunni-Wahhabism...when are people going to wake up to this Iran is one of the only countries standing against these lazy, terrorist-funding, oil-rich hyporcritical Saudi pigs..

Extra ordinary, watching all of three gentlemen speeches, Mr Khan proved an excellent substances, contrary to Mr Ahmed AlIBRAHIM, whom unfortunately gave impression that still drinking Camel milk, and nasty mentalities, never-mind British education, contrary to Prof Marandi's polite speech and courteous replies, it looked like oil and water doesn't mix easily, I really felt sorry for Saudi's civilian, how much they suffer.
With the oil prices so low, satanist AL-SAUD is going down to the bottom at the speed of sound and their leaders know it well. They have become schizophrenic killing innocent civilians in Yemen, Nigeria, Syria, USA, UK, France and elsewhere because they know their time is up and they will be "CAPUT" by their own people in just a few months if not a few years..
ما يحقد على السعودية الا الشيعة اللي تتحكم فيهم عهران و الحقادين على الاسلام لان السعودية مهبط الوحي والشيعة الحمير يدعمون اي واحد يسب السعودية وحتى لو انه يسب الاسلام.

jubeir is a well-spoken guy, but unfortunately doesnt say anything of significance because he doesnt have much to work with.. he says things like iran supports terrorists and doesnt act like a normal country.. laughable at best.. saudi clearly does not have a proper argument to their ridiculous foreign policies which is headed by a child defence minister and a demented king.. ali alibrahim is just talking as if hes having tea with friends, but doesnt really justify anything that saudi has done lol...
You guys in Middle East are completely unaware about your surrounding you will never hear France and England use the same line communication with each other, nor New Zealand and Australia, or Sweden and Fenland, they have all border and work together and have fun together... Why can't u guys see it, they got you guys busy with Sunni VS Shia, Persian VS Arabs and in the back door, they are sucking all of you guys dry indiscriminately, Wake up guys, and reunite, put aside the differences and help each other so that the whole region grow up Peace. How cute...Arabs have a meeting about their obsession and fear of Iran. The are getting desperate, they can't stop the emergence of yet another Persian empire.. Why is Somalia involved lol, it has allot of problems to be fix instead of getting into another conflict.

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January 9, 2016

Comments about this video:

Saudis have been starting crap with Iran for a while now but the on the west media doesn't dare badmouth them.
+rusko v​ father You must be dreaming kiddo. Go play away before I come to you and Fuck your vagaina. Bitch .

Saudis nationals flew planes into the twin tower these wahhabi bastards also fund ISIS and guess who's helping fight against ISIS in Iraq and Syria IRAN!.
+MrChomskyist You filthy rafidhi shiaand the renegade khariji ISIS terrorists are two sides of the same coin, you both seek to harm the Muslims..
Abdul Al Jabbar you must know our Beloved Prophet was not a King,who was a simple man like you & me,Who made you kingdom You idiot with any Brain In christian, Buddhism,Judaism & other religion there are many sect,so in Islam also there are many sects,For FREEDOM OF SPEECH you can killed 47 persons,STOP MUSLIM PILGRIMAGE TO MECCA, WE WILL NOT GIVE ANY REVENUE TO MACCA,MACCA & MADINA BELONGS TO EVER MUSLIM COUNTRIES & PEOPLE OF THE WORLD,WE WANT MACCA & MEDINA & OTHER RELIGIOUS PLACES AS STATUS AS VATICAN CITY.WAKE UP MUSLIM PEOPLE OF THE WORLD LET US DECLARE MACCA & MEDINA AS STATUS AS VATICAN CITY..
SAUDIS equal to ISIL you are what you do not what you say. USA supports SAUDI GENOCIDE OF YEMEN thanks to USA. Listen to this PROPAGANDA for the SAUDIS SHAME USA justify 47 chopped heads just as ISIL. SAUDIS did 9-11 USA wants to hide this. WAR ECONOMY brings out the secrets and whistle blowers and POLICE STATE ACTION, USA has the largest WAR ECONOMY. USA caused the refugee crisis in EUROPE. USA attacked 7 Muslim Countries and the people Flooded Europe thanks to USA. NOT MUCH TRUTH from these GUYS..
A warrior of Allah SWT. Pakistan lives like a species attached to other's body to feed them for many decades ,look at your self who you are . Perfectly normal for Sunni and Shia to be at each other's throats with murderous intent. It's just who they are. It's what they want.. Now the USA needs to jump ship...tag team with Iraq and Iran and Syria to take down those fucking 9-11 collaborating, terrorist loving and supporting nation, Saudi Arabia....
Since Iranian revolution in 1978, corrupt Saudi and other Arab rulers as well as Israel felt threatened. Using shia Sunni religious sectarianism is the last card they can play to stop Iranian type popular uprising in Arab countries. Arab rulers and Israel are benefiting equally from sectarianism..

Amazing how West haters say ''on the west media'' when they wish to condemn any media which reports anything which even remotely supports Judeo-Christian or White on the west values. There are dozens of West-Critic media outlets available, but apparently this is not enough for those who wish to see the destruction of the West..
Why IRAN encourages black panther tactics, I don't get it, have Shiites gone full Alinsky Then CNN presents a Newport Beach Commiefornia expert and a Lt. General who served as Senior Vice President for Global Partnering. I see a dot connect here.. One hopes there will be a war in which they wipe each other out, and leave the rest of ther world out it..
Nimr was a terrorist like others who were executed, he was a Iranian agent. He was a threat to country's security..

+M Zadeh when an ignorant hater that won't understand the struggle were juat have to ignore him.. Saudi arabia is superior.. Superior countries tend to have so many haters anyways.

Both of this countries r shit to me die n burn in hell u losers.. Would be better if u helped each other n fight for Palistain.

Lets fund both sides like we did with Iran & Iraq,in the 80s, let them kill each other for years upon years. Couldnt happen to Two better countries.

Why Iran is shouting here because Nimr was their agent Why can't Iran mind their own business look at the life for women in Iran ! look at the human rights in Iran !.
+COMANDER KAIRI 93000 gay porki soldiers surrender their ass in 1971, they only bark and iran can teach them good lesson. to all you fucking haters saudi will continue to put terrorist to the death penalty and anyone who think to put the country in danger. the 46 who have been executed are terrorist, and attact our soil including the Amirecan Consulate. The U.S gov would not ever gonna dumb Saudi coz its their biggest ally in the region. If they loose Saudi, Russia would have their hand all over the regoTh T.he U.S, and Isreal wont let that happen coz the U.S main mission in the region is to protect Isreal.. +Abdulrahman Tayyib Saudi Arabia is the epicentre of the international Salafism. As long as we continue showering these cavemen with billions of dollars this problem will NEVER go away. But that in and of itself is also a function of the (rather mindless) energy policy, which no one has the guts to attempt to change. "All of the above" certainly doesn't cut it the least bit.. saudia put terrorist to death haha. how about those shit faces gays who went to fight in syria, iraq, yamen why dont saudia support the palastenian and lebanese who fight against the big enemy all this years iran supporting palastin and lebanon to protect their country by the time you gay people slaughter heads cut hand protending u follow shaira, kill thos gay saudian instead killing forgiens. How could you love this ass lickers government of USA. Not a single political party or movement is active in that country. A family put their name on a country. People have no voice.. No productivity.' Not science, not technology interest. Just petrol only petrol. Not an independent country at all. American are their God and masters protection.. Nuke the entire ME and get the whole damn thing over with! They're all evil including Iran. Iran has put up on their buildings "Death To America" and you can't believe a damn word that comes from their mouths!. America needs to keep it's friggen nose out of the ME period..
Fuck anyone talk shit about Saudi Arabia..All you fucking mother fuckers just want our money ha ha..fuck you all.

you fucken msgget your either a zionist jew or a dumb smelly saudia atabian...may isreal and saudia arabia sonn be destroyed.

+totti carl I think the people these guys are talking about are the idiotic extremists and the HIGHLY corrupt saudi gov. only a small percent of the country is rich and rest is a shit whole and a fucking 3rd world scum of the earth country..
+Leadstorm76 It's their country, they can do what they want in their country. You Americans do what YOU want in the good 'ol USA don't you So be quiet!. this will go down in history as the start of ww3. America will back the Saudis and Russia will back Iran. the shit has hit the fan..

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Comments about this video:

+Jack Harris No Oil is the game that Us play to decripple russia economy on oil. Mostly due to hate of communism.
not only oil, also Saudi is heart of Middle East all the route between far east to Europe going through saudi arabia saudi arabia is a national security of US. Saudi Arabia YouTube video drinking game: take a shot every time you see the word "oil" in the comments.. +ninearthify Jew remember that cartoon we watched when we were kids about that hippo who didn't get vaccinated and got jaundice. Remember when I still spoke to mum before she disowned me for being gay. . +Todor Jivkov erdogan is a great president and turkey isnt buying oil from isis thats just because russians are little cry pussy's. +Romano Ferrari if that is a serious question, its because the oil is the life blood of the modern economy..
Join the movement. Support the one piece guy's effot. Let us get him the video he's been striving for. hey Testube, How Powerful is KAZAKHSTAN.
+MrFinny95 You know doing some research isn't illegal you should try it. Other reasons they are allies. 1. The strategic importance of the Persian Gulf. 2. Saudi's regional influence. 3. Arms sails to Saudi Arabia, Saudi Arabia is the lead importer of American arms. 4. Car sails to Saudi Arabia, American cars are popular in Saudi Arabia. 5. Saudi Arabia's roll in the collapse of the Soviet Union.. +James Parker You keep going to each comment and calling it out that Oil isn't the only reason but then you list reasons that are closely linked to oil. Can't wait till the demand for oil disappears... It's already started and Saudi Arabia will be fucked..
+zombieslayerdude i know. they did have some well, and they used their assets to make way for tourism. it's quite a smart move really. .

well for kid say for oil iraq has oil like what ksa have and Iran has oil and usa control 50% of iraq oil after 2003 why she need more oil.

+TheAlexgoodlife yeah but earlier the us tried to block some oil for soviets to get during the cold war thats why usa allied saudi because thier oil will give usa a advantage on the soviets in case there was a war outrage.
+finalfrontier001 wtf are you kidding Looking at the beauty of a woman is not "raping her" and it's also not reducing her, it means full respect for what she is: An equal human being, just prettier! Do you really think they have a bad place in society just because their beauty isrecognized lol... no... the truth is, there is no cultural turn in the muslim world that allows the people to treat women EXACTLY like men. That's the problem. The problem is not the sexuality but the men-women-relation being DEVOID of something stronger, something deeper - something like respect and recognition of equality. Something women enjoy in all on the west nations ^_^. Where are the TestTube generic commenters like Oskar Schindler, Joseph Stalin, George Severn etc. XD. +finalfrontier001 Nice strawman. Nonetheless, I'll answer your misdirecting and irrelevant question in the hope of enlightening you and others on the subject of "Islamic autocracy" in Iran: No, I don't support "Islamic autocracy". However, I understand, and so should all, how and why it came to power in Iran. It only did so because of the oppressive and corrupt rule of the Shah, who was a puppet of the US. Under this rule the country's religious leaders gained a great following, as they played a prominent role in standing up against the Shah and representing the people. For this reason, as well as people turning to religion for solace in trying times, a country and a people that had largely been secular became religious: their choice to be morally ruled by a religious order was a direct reaction to the corrupt and inequitable rule imposed by the US and the West. And because the US has done nothing but seek to punish Iran for taking over the reins of its own destiny i.e. its oil , despite the fact that Iran is much more religiously moderate and democratic and less oppressive and inhumane toward its own population than its Arab neighbors with whom the US has been and is a friend and ally, support for the anti-US, post-Shah religious regime has never been given a chance to wane. . +αησηумσυѕ I'm not trying to make fun of you, it's a hard language to learn. Good luck.
Saudi Arabia is our best, non NATO, middle eastern ally. Despite our very different social ideology's and culture we still manage to continue our friendship no matter the obstacles..
Saudi Arabia is the most Evil regime in the world. It's sickening to think the USA and it's allies stoop so low to maintain their false relationship all in a bid to maintain the petrodollar..
why do only on the west countries embrace multiculturalism by taking in large number of immigrants of other ethnicities.
1)911 was an inside job. 2)we don't hate Iran we hate their leader. 3)We don't support terrorism..Israel does and blame it on Saudis "Muslims". 4)Bin Ladin attacked Saudi..but of curse u won't mention it. Bin ladin is not a Saudi anymore..
Saudi Arabia is the backbone of the American economy thanks to the Petrodollar. I hope one day the oil is sold in another currency and what a day to see America bankrupt and toilet paper dollar useless..

+Comrade The shift would damage the world economy too much for people to want that. When/If it DOES happen(probably with the yuan unless China screws up) it will be gradual enough that America will probably not go bankrupt. If America DID go bankrupt and the dollar became useless all the countries that trade in US debt and that we have debts to would lose out to an absurd degree. America is useful to other countries in the same way China and Saudi Arabia are useful to the rest of the world..
+ChichaWatniFarmer ChakNo170/9L Ever heard of the foreign Us policies The Us backed juntas The violations of international law The invasion in iraq.
+f1images They are united in their opposition to the US and NATO. Russia is "friends" with china, because it needs some to sell their gas and Oil. and China uses Russia to get Oil and gas at a discount. Its actually very one-sided..
Obama bows to the Saudi King. What does it mean It implies that the United States is inferior to Saudi Arabia. The United States does have a special relationship with Saudi Arabia that has a lot to do with oil. But it isn't because the USA imports lots of Saudi oil. The top three countries the US imports oil from are Canada, Mexico and Venezuela. The United States wants Saudi Arabia to only sell their oil in dollars, as part of the dollar's monopoly. The US doesn't want the KSA to ally with another country, like China. In exchange, the Saudis receive lots of support from the USA, so much so that the USA is silent about Saudi human rights. Saudi Arabia is along with Russia (an adversary of the USA) the two biggest oil exporters. The United States supports the KSA in their oil war, and hopes to get Europe to rely on Saudi, not Russian, oil. Saudi Arabia is also a stable country in an unstable region, and if KSA agrees with USA, it is easier to get the Muslim world to agree too.. +Zaid Ali Obama bowed to Queen Elizabeth No he did not. But he bowed to the Japanese Emperor though..who is just a figurehead, but Saudi King is the absolute monarch.. I was born and raised in Maimi, and I believe that one of the perks of global warming, is that it will cast Florida into the sea, where it belongs.. Prophet Muhammad(PBUH) once predicted that before the day of judgement the barefooted, naked Arabs would compete each other for high rise buildings. So far so true. +Sadiq Rahman You are mistaken, I won't accept the lies and cruelty of Islam, I won't accept the disgusting and disgraceful lies of Muslims such as yourself, I know what the truth is for a fact, I know the historical truths and historical facts, I've read them myself and more and more non-muslims have til this day, but the problem is evil and retarded muslims such as yourself that attempts to cover up the truth with all of your disgraceful lies, lies, lies and lies, that's all what you bring us. The historical truths are documented on text, it's a simple google search away my little retarded stupid muslim, everybody can see the reality of Islam by a simple google search! so shut your retarded filthy lying piece of shit mouth and fuck off with your disgusting and extremely evil brainwashing and deceitful ideology..
+Niko i wish you luck aat your mental asylum from where you are so if you are strapped dont trouble the keepers.

i am Russian i 100% support Iran to go to war with US, Israel and Saudi Arabia because their the biggest terrorist organization in the world.

+DamnCraft I'm Indonesian too. Saya Kira cuman saya ( orang indo ) yang suka nonton video testtube wkwkwk.

India, Russia and China are the big 3 of Brics and there groth is huge. India and China would be gigantic powers if it wasnt for their large population and poverty rates..
Ahahhaa, they side with them even though Saudi Arabia funds their "enemy" ISIS. They side with them even though the people who did 9/11 were Saudis. They side with them even though most of Saudis citizens see Americans as good for nothing disbelievers. They side with them even though they are a corrupt backwards stone age country. Why Because Saudi Arabia controls the oil supply and can therefore cripple Russia's economy just by forcing other OPEC nations to lower the oil price, which is what is happening right now.. +ARandomShadow Saudi Arabia also provides information to the US government in secret, going by many reports. What the public thinks they do is just the tip of the iceberg..
Muhahideen I've heard/seen "alternative" pronunciation/spellings before but never really expected it from someone educated...I just don't think language is a something you should personalize. The only time I get creative with the basic spelling/pronunciation is if aye fohgoat hao tu speel xumthing..
Because USA made a deal with the royal Saudi family USA said we will protect you and keep you in power in return we will control Saudi oil and you will do whatever we say.
Lmao i don't just understand the media's obsession with saudi arabia now. Prediction of how they will get bankrupt soon, the al sauds will soon be dethroned etc. "Oppressive, brutal regime" lmao saudis must be laughing at this. I used to hate the gulf monarchs ,but moving to the gulf has made me seen another entirely different picture. what I've learnt is don't judge people based on what i hear or read from media be it leftist or right wing. Meet the people and get to know them. at least saudis can eat 3 times a day, dont sleep on streets ,free health care,education,scholarship for all,employment. i will rather be under a monarch that cares about the well being of its people than be under a democracy like Africa's.

+RvngeOG The fact that you have/had christian teachers has no connection with apostasy don't you concur .
+p algorab Either way; it's fake. And besides, if someone wants to convert to another religion, he doesn't have to yell out: I AM NOW A CHRISTIAN!! This isn't North Korea lol. They are like whack-a-moles. You knock one down and another one pops up right beside it, and even though you're doing the most damage, eventually you'll get sick of playing.. Iran should have been America's big ally in the middle east, instead of shit ones like Israel and Saudi Arabia. Instead the CIA launched a coup in to overthrow an elected government and replaced it with the puppet Shah for the Anglo-Iranian Oil Company. All that caused enough antagonism to lead to the Iranian Revolution and the shit show that has been going on since then.. We have no allies. And damn few in Washington with allegiance to this nation. That said, the reason that Saudi Arabia, the most barbaric of Arab nations is on such good terms with our politicians is: 1. their partnership with the big oil companies, 2. their purchase of billions of dollars with or weapons from the Military Industrial Complex, and 3. their abandoning of the Palestinians and their secret alliance with Israel..
+The Biggest Controversy Me too! One of my friends father owns an apartment in Nice, France, so every time I'm there we take the train to Monaco. Only takes about half an hour. Beautiful place, lovely cars but a little too expensive!.

Never, their oil drills actually drilled enough that they stumbled into the Oil Dimension™, a dimension where everything is oil..

+CrazedBoy “Beni” MC Obama bows to the Saudi King. What does it mean It implies that the United States is inferior to Saudi Arabia. The United States does have a special relationship with Saudi Arabia that has a lot to do with oil. But it isn't because the USA imports lots of Saudi oil. The top three countries the US imports oil from are Canada, Mexico and Venezuela. The United States wants Saudi Arabia to only sell their oil in dollars, as part of the dollar's monopoly. The US doesn't want the KSA to ally with another country, like China. In exchange, the Saudis receive lots of support from the USA, so much so that the USA is silent about Saudi human rights. Saudi Arabia is along with Russia (an adversary of the USA) the two biggest oil exporters. The United States supports the KSA in their oil war, and hopes to get Europe to rely on Saudi, not Russian, oil. Saudi Arabia is also a stable country in an unstable region, and if KSA agrees with USA, it is easier to get the Muslim world to agree too..

Lol, look at this propaganda, trying to demonize Saudi Arabia. The United States only loves Saudi Arabia because of Oil. The Kingdom however, hates the USA, but use them for the money. And Saudis Violations of Human rights Haha, they have the perfect punishments, just look at there crime rates compared to the USA. Why do Saudi Arabia and Pakistan love each other.
the Oil of saudi made US economy no.1 and help US to ignore gold in dollar currency saudi arabia is strong allay to US, it is very simple. +Samer Khatib Saudi Arabia is too far entrenched with the USA. Their royal family has been in bed with them forever. Have you read any of the old wikileaks files on it Also China would probably push on Saudia Arabia more, as they are closer and tend to have more sinocentric deals with other countries. It would be funny though, for Saudi Arabia to become buddy-buddy with a country that is crushing its own Muslim groups and trampling religious freedoms.. +MasterAsra It would be weird, i wasn't saying KSA would become a very close ally to China, just trade partner to take their oil instead of the USA, but that's very far fetched as you said the KSA is too far entrenched with America, we can only hope some of it's support towards terrorist groups seizes, and the people are given more freedom, other than that KSA is great country to live in from many different aspects....

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Comments about this video:

All media is externally backed by zionists. I never take the media seriously. I hope the muslim situation improves. This is what happens when old men are ruling powerful countries..

+Striving Man Neither Iran no Saudi Arabian governments are exempt from being Oppressive criminals By large they are the once who are destabilizing the entire region after the Americans had enough of over throwing governments and destabilization and pillaging.
Saudi Arabia the brutal dictatorship where they still crucify people, also America's closets ally. +Muteb Asiri I also see girls getting murdered because some asshole raped them... Whats your point exactly Libya wasnt poor under Muammar Gaddafi but that doesnt make him less of a dictator..
+Sam Sbogh Radicalized judeochristian fanatics and judeomuslim fanatics killing each other and whatever targeted nation they are destroying. All for jew petrodollars and the last juicy slab of white meat (on the west Aryans) off that dead golden goose. Hats off to the clever jew whose imposed dark ages are a masterpiece of pure evil. Going to be a great shoah coming up. Grab a safe piece of turf and enjoy the "mother of all wars" brought to you by the Great Satan !!.

wahabism will cut your head if you are not wahabi! doesn't matter if you are muslim or christian or jew or without a religion your head has a 99% chance to be cut by wahabism. this is true fact and you can see it done by high class wahabi like isis!.
+Saeed AlZahrani "Iraq was handed to Iran by the US." Huh! How was Iraq handed to Iran by the U.S. when Iran's always been there and is now increasingly operating in a way that the U.S. can't control! Iran's always been in Iraq one way or another since the fall of Saddam the genocidal terrorist, and they've done more to support Iraq than you ever will. In fact, the U.S. saw Iran's effectiveness in Iraq so much that they stepped aside quietly to save resources there! That's even been echoed here in Canada multiple times and we would know because we've been in the Middle East too! Haha! "Finally Iran and Israel are sharing the same goals" Except that's only in your deluded fantasy where you KNOW that Israel is the enemy of Muslims and you KNOW that Israel is friendly with the Saudis and you even KNOW that Israel's greatest enemy is Iran, and yet you're choosing to blind yourself to that truth and pretend that you're the good guys and that Iran is "collaborating with" or "sharing the same goals as" Israel because you don't want to believe that you're friends with the widely recognized Zionist demon and that your enemy Iran is its biggest threat. Well, the entire fucking globe knows who is the threat to Israel and who has nothing in common with them, and they all know that that's Iran, and they also know that the Saudis and Israel are oddly 'friendly' towards each other! Haha, I guess no one believes your bullshit but yourself! "and if al Saud want to control it what bothers you" If Al Saud wants to control what! The lands that don't belong to them! The Al Saud are a Jewish family and they're against Muslims and in favour of chaos in the region. They've also turned Meccah into a fucking shopping mall - let me guess, you think that that's a great thing! "They are Arab and all tribes in Saudi Arabia chased them Webster they are right or not it's still our business." AHAH! As I said, now we get to the crux of the issue, which is that you're a brainwashed fervent Arab ultra-nationalist, and as long as you believe that something is "for Arabs" you'll defend it regardless of whether it's right or not, so along comes a smarter tribe like the Saud (also referred to by the tongue-in-cheek moniker of 'Al-Jewd') and they convince you brainless myopic fools that they're "Arabs" and you give them all of your support! Wow! That's sad! I don't even particularly feel any sympathy for you backwards animals, but I still feel sorry even for any sub-humans who can let their people and countries be so easily stolen and raped! You're fucking pathetic! Either way, it's only "your business" so long as it STAYS your business, but as usual that's not at all the case, because your ruling parasites need to control and rule everyone else around them and can't afford to have competition from the Shias or the Persians or anyone else who isn't a part of your axis of scumfuckery like the Zionists and fascists. "By the way I'm from Makkah okay its Arabic land and it last until the day of judgment. No one will take it because God said that in Quran" Tell me, do you believe that your people and city are "safe" because of some misinterpreted scripture telling you that the city will be "safe" or "untaken"! You DO realize that's the perfect excuse for an enemy to take over the city, right! Think about what the Israelis say: they claim that the land was given to them by God and that they're the chosen people and that when their temple is rebuilt Christ returns, etc. etc. - now, don't you think that some intelligent people would come along and take advantage of that! Look around at your cities - what more proof do you need that you've been taken over and Masonic Satanic symbols of Talmudic whoredom like Star Bucks and McDonalds are everywhere! Do you still have eyes to see! "I wasn't running away from ur question I didn't gave any attention to u because I'm not that kind of person who gives a shit about a dummy bitch it's simple." Once again, more incessant irrational stupidity. So, basically, when you can't even come up with some basic bullshit to answer what I've said, you run away WHILE CLAIMING that you supposedly weren't running away but that you didn't want to "give any attention" to me (LOL!) because you're supposedly "not the kind of person who gives a shit about a dummy bitch"! Haha, so, as I said before, then you shouldn't have been here all along, because you've obviously been doing JUST that, which means that either you're full of shit here, or that you somehow forgot that you're not supposed to pay any attention to me but you still have, or that you're forgetting that you've already proven yourself to be a "dummy bitch", which means that you shouldn't be giving yourself any attention either, which actually makes sense given that you're obviously not capable of any internal thought before you post any of this self-contradictory manure! Yeah, you're right, IT IS "simple" and you're simply a dumb fagfuck dipshit of the lowest r-tard order and the least imaginative variety! "Why Israel don't attack Saudi Arabia u just asked me that once u didn't talk about Israel until I wrote about that" Uh, more stupidity and ignorance and denial then! I've mentioned Israel HOW MANY TIMES NOW! You're just seeing what you want to and ignoring the rest! "However it's the same reason that Iran don't attack Israel because the US deals with Iran and Saudi Arabia" Uh! Iran doesn't attack Israel because Iran would then have to fight NATO, dumb-dumb. Israel doesn't attack Saudi Arabia because two of NATO's best friends and biggest puppets wouldn't attack each other and aren't allowed to - never mind the shared goals and shared strategic partnerships and the shared anti-Iran sentiments! Yup, those are more facts you're simply glossing over because they're inconvenient to you! "Many time u used word we and u said that u aren't shie !!" Yes, we as in Iranians, not we as in "Shia" - what else did you think I meant, Sherlock! But, believe me, if it ever comes down to it and I have to pick one to support, I'd pick them over Wahhabis ever single fucking time! Who wouldn't! Even many people in the West do! "At the end this is my last post and I will answer u with links made by Iranian people," You mean links made by the Mujahideen! Hahaha, good luck buddy - we all know where the Mujahideen stand, and don't worry, I'll have counter-reasoning and counter-links for all of the bullcrap you've got prepared. :D "then go study and learn some." Go study what I already know and have been studying and learning most of my life! YOU'RE TELLING ME to go "STUDY AND LEARN SOME"! ROFLMFAO! Hahahaha! That's like a 1st grader telling an astrophysicist that he needs to go "study" and "learn"! Bahahaha! I won't even tell you to go and study or learn anything because I already know that you're completely incapable of learning anything new at all, let alone information that might upset your Arab/Saudi/Wahhabi/Salafi/Sunni sympathizer, supporter, and apologist tendencies and leanings! Go drown in a hole, racist fuckbag!. Wahabism is destroying countries like Somalia and Eastern Africa(al shabab,) Nigeria and the whole west and central Africa(boko Haram.) Saudis are destabilizing the globe with extreme Islam. They should be stopped. The west does not care as long as they keep on pumping the freaking oil.. Remember! This war goes 1000 years back so not gonna solve! When they will run out the oil saudi loose.. +pepe Q The US has the resources to deal with the region if necessary. Why else do you think the traitor Obama has worked so hard to weaken us and tarnish our reputation.
"We" are Saudis. "We" chop heads. "We" blow ourselves among civilian mothers and babies to go to Jannah. "We" worship three Gods, Ibn Abdelwahhab, Ibn Teymiye. We call all others Kafir. "We" are proud to kill Rafedhi, Christian... mothers and babies. "We" support all Mujahid groups like Daesh, Boko haram, Alkaida, Taliban, Jeysh Islam, Alshabab... "We" are proud that British created our country and our religion of Wahhabism. Long live Laurence of Arabia. Long live Queen of England..
Meanwhile, Israel is laughing all the way to the bank; continue to expand settlements on stolen Palestinian land and occasionally taking excursions into Gaza to destroy what's left of its infrastructure or as they call it "mow the lawn..." All they need to do is add fuel to the flame and enjoy the fire as the Palestine issue is quietly pushed into oblivion... !. Fuck Saudi Arabia Royal Family... They don't stand for muslim, they don't stand for sunni, They are corrupted, greedy, bastard... Shame on them.. +Ron Ryan Iran has it's problems, but to actually compare them to the Saudis is beyond ridiculous, because the Saudis are one of the only legalized and OK'd insanities on this planet. You want to know what corruption will allow, defend, and work with! Just look at Saudi Arabia and Israel.. We should back iran, invest far more in nuclear energy, and start a process to get Saudi arabia off of the U.N. human rights council.. Let us all join in condemning the meth-head Saudi chimps like Muteb Asiri and their coke-head Israeli Ziofag allies like Sam Sbogh! ;D We couldn't have asked for a better indication or admittance of the fact that they do, indeed, love each other and are in bed with one another, always and forever, hahaha! Oh, dear Palestinians! We have something for you that you should see...! :P. +Ron Ryan Theocracies suck in general, but Iran is nowhere near as bad as the Saudis. The Saudis aren't even religious. Research into Saudi Arabia and you'll realize before they took over Hijaz they were a Jewish tribe and family of elite oligarchs who pretend to be Muslims and have always supported the British-created Wahhabi element..
* SAUDI ARABIA'S TWO BIGGEST EXPORTS: Oil and Sunni-Wahhabist-Terrorism in the form of Al-Qaeda/ISIS....
USA government are thinking that they are protecting a good human (Saudi Arabia!!) against a wild animal (Iran), but we saw that it is vice versa , the wild animal is Saudi Arabia, then USA is protecting a wild animal ! we saw that in iran and 5+1 deal, iran haven't nuclear bomb project, and we saw iran's behavior with soldiers of USA even iran could fight against the boats because they are protecting iran's enemy. i think people must change their view to iran, i am turkish but i see reality.. The Saudis have absolutely nothing to offer, and by that I mean from a cultural perspective, traditional perspective, and historical perspective. They only happen to nest in a part of the globe were they have access to a gigantic amount of oil. once Iran joins the Market and starts selling its oil, which is the fourth largest oil reserve in the world, and it's gas which is the largest gas reserve in the world, things are gonna shitstorm in the Saudi economy. Iran is an absolute energy superpower, it is not yet an economical superpower because of the sanctions preventing them to buy and sell resources. But once the sanctions get lifted, we will be both an energy superpower and economical superpower. there military is also a very strong military evan though there parts date back to over 30 years, but once the sanctions get lifted they will buy the most high end gear, making them one of the most lethal military's in the world, just because it doesn't have nuclear weapons doesn't mean it will be any less strong. Saudis have absolutely nothing, after 6 months this deal will take effect, and stupid Saudis that grew a big mouth from their pride of having a great amount of oil, will go back to living like a dirty desert monkey, goat fucking, lizard eating filthy state, there gonna be handled like sewer rats by the world and for the rest of their retarded dumb life, and that is the lifestyle they were originally destined to live like. Where I live in England has many foreigners lin my neighbourhood, and they all have many different backgrounds. And all the Iranians are either good doctors and engineers. but the Saudi Arabs either work as a cleaner in a restaurant or bartenders in pubs. And they point there finger at Iran with very high confidence and tell us to learn from them culturaly. IRAN IS THE MOST HISTORICAL COUNTRY IN THE WORLD, the tourist sites that Iran has is bigger than any country in the world. Saudis have close to absolutely nothing. Saudis are dirty and they stink like camel piss. apparently it's there tradition to burp in the dinner table to show their appreciation to the food instead of saying so out of laziness. I saw this one Arab wash his face with donkey piss. the donkey was pissing so he decided to go under there and wash his face with it. I'm not saying all Saudis wash their face with donkey piss but all of them posess a dirty trate one way or another. Iranians have a extraordinary root to brag about, And they still don't brag but poor Saudis do evan though they have nothing, Iranians are one of the most civilized people in the world that have not invaded another country for over 300 years. The best doctors in the world are Iran. Half of Nasa is infested by Iranian minds. We have oil but we are not heavily dependent on it. We are a group of highly educated and have the most historically accurate nation in the world. I cannot wait to see the day were Saudis go back to their desert living lifestyle, eating lizard poison and fucking goat's..
+Vasim Shaikh But he's largely correct. Sounds like you're the one who is "dreaming". Please, by all means, remain that wonderful fantasy world of yours. :D.

So this has nothing to do with nuclear weapons. It's about keeping Persia in a bad economic state. That's weird..

Saudis,turkey, America and Britain are the biggest terrorists...they should all pay for hundreds of thousands dead in Iraq. ,ugoslavia,Livia, siria , yemen and Ukraine...why no body sanctions them...
+PhotoMhoto oohhhhh how cute...U follow main stream media... I will bot argue with someone who follows Hollywood news...sorry. +Nariman M. "Above all, we should acknowledge that the collapse of the Soviet Union was a major geopolitical disaster of the century." - Vladimir Putin Oh he doesn't sound evil at all... And yes, RT is a Russian propaganda organization, and that's exactly what Pravda was. My comment stands.. Why would THAT sound evil The collapse of the Soviet Union WAS a major geopolitical disaster. It was a massive empire that disintegrated, with many people starving and whole economies going to shit, which forced the satellite states and Russia itself to bend to the will of international bankers in order to survive. The only good thing about it is that the Soviets and the Communists were evil fucks with a nasty system that had to end, but let's not be under some self-imposed delusion that it was an amazing and immediately empowering event for everyone and nothing went wrong. Your comment is still exaggerated and incorrect because what you see as propaganda isn't necessarily propaganda. Does RT publish any propaganda Yes, perhaps, and what media organization doesn't at one point or another publish propaganda But then, can propaganda serve as propaganda while being true Some propaganda is only effectively propagandistic in nature, and RT doesn't exist FOR propaganda. RT actually exists mainly as a source to counter on the west propaganda with more reliable and verifiable facts and actual news. I know, that's just oh so very "shocking" and "unlikely" of a state-funded news organization, but it does happen, and RT is infinitely better than almost anything the West has. That's a fact, and calling them a propaganda outlet is what rings of some unmentioned gripe that's leading to unfair analysis and judgment..
Iran is full of shit. I think Saudi will wear them down. their retards clerics are driving the country into a cliff. They better mind their own interior corruption first.Saudi Is an ally to the US and the on the west world and there's an investment going on. it is a developing progressing country. But iran is full of crucifixion and Clerics shit all over the place they abuse children sexually in the name of their god !.

who gives a shit about a junkie filthy in Saudi they're all same shit. let them kill each other. It's fun two muslim groups kill each other. it's a win-win for the world !!.

+LearningDaily You don't need to admit to what you're trying to do - everyone already knows it, haha..
Influence in the area wtf is he talking about really Influence on who The USA Other on the west countries These guys talk a lot but say nothing.. Saudi Arabia is teaching Iran lessons, politically and economically ! Iran is the real enemy of the west, they created ISIS. +Amirhossein M I think he DOES know what's going on, but with the realization that people around the world are now increasingly aware of the crimes of "his side" and the fact that the Saudis and their friends created ISIS, the natural reaction of a parasite and apologist worm is to try to reverse the blame and put it on Iran. :P.
+Abdullah Al Shahrani :))))) teaching iran a lesson saudis are hiding behind america. and barkkk. they begged 10 countries to teach the houtis a lesson and houtis are fucking them :))) how saudis gonna teach iran a lesson the day saddam invade kuwait. saudis pissed them self and paid billion to us for protection. you fucking sand monkeys.. your nothing compare to iran. untill 83 years ago. u were living in deserts in tents riding camels fucking your sisters and eating lizards. and thats where u go when america is done robbing your oil lol.

+first They don't have to leave their religion because of a bunch of cowards and posers who've done nothing but keep the religion backwards and ruin its reputation around the world. The majority fo the Sunni extremist, Arab ultra-nationalists, Wahhabis, Salafis, and their rotten ilk have offered the world nothing but chaos and bloodshed, and they're effectively not a part of "Islam" anyway. Once the more extreme Shias wake up or are supplanted, the rest of the Muslim world can let the more moderate Shias lead the way. At that point, it's "join the new system" for the enemies of the moderate Shias in the Islamic world, or starve and be buried in the smallest and briefest footnotes of history..
the evil state of Iran got to stop exporting terrorists and terrorism to countries like iraq syria Yemen and now saudi Arabia. iran is the real enemy of islam.. sunni is in the right path... while shia is not consider as a part of islam because the shia is very demonic ..
+Bhai Malaco division is the only enemy of everyone, and the Sunnis are more guilty of it than anyone. Never mind that even ideologically, philosophically, historically and logically the Sunnis fail. Even the more extreme Shia are still more reasonable than the Sunnis. As we here in the West have witnessed endlessly, we can negotiate and work with the Shias, but typically not so much with the Sunnis unless they are very progressive and on the west-influenced. Your path is the wrong path, and your desperate need to project your insecurities onto your "competitors" only shows your weakness and the invalidity of your argument. The Shias are no more "demonic" than the Sunnis, and the fact that you try to simply name-call and claim things that are easily debunked and unsupported, again, shows your true hand and shows your face. Whether you like it or not, Shias are considered a part of Islam, and per capita have more allies and friends around the world. Your world is about to come crashing down, and it seems you're unprepared to deal with the reality. Have fun! :D.

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November 20, 2015
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October 30, 2015

Comments about this video:

we would love to see more! literally thank you Jana for showing so many people that Saudi Arabia is actually beautiful :').
+Wafa Kayal im from the same country and city and the desert she goes to is exactly the same one i go to.
+Cybro Daam lmao you're such a hypocrite. telling someone to learn how to type and you can't even type..
صح اننا في ديرة ضاغطه شوي على الحريم ومفروض اني اكره ذالبنت لكن اعجبتني ولله حياش في ديرتش والله يخليلنا حكامنا ويعز ال سعود. +SULTAN GAMER انا الي اشوفه شوية ناس اغبياء عبالهم الحريم كلهن نفس الشي -_- يعني المرأه حرام تسوق سياره لأن المرأه حرام تقود قافله يعني السياره جمل/بعير -_-. +Ajwad Sabano thanks. It's difficult to make people understand that they can't judge or generalize one hole country based on something that media said, but we have to be patience and try. This is how we change the world. I hope you have a great weekend =). +Johny Elordox pretty rude I'm an enemy of their prevailing culture, but no need to be like that.
well, I saw few videos for this cool girl and I like it, but when I saw the comments I got really shocked about people talking about Saudi Arabia, I don't see the reason why people talking about my country like this. in Saudi Arabia we have believes and culture that control us and our country and we are happy. You people don't have to tell us how to live or whats wrong or right, we know what we do. why don't you try to see whats wrong in your country or try to save some money to go to college, for me I just got accepted from a college in Saudi Arabia for free. THANK U GOD FOR MAKING ME A SAUDI. Its way easy to live..

+Iam Legend says the one with the name legend, living in the usa loool, asian kid defending usa, usa messes with the asians u know kid.

+Jayson Mendoza It is really safe that you can walk out in public at 3 AM, and about work, go to Jeddah, Riyadh, and Jubail.

+Basil Elgizoli no you need to wear a abayah but wearing a scarf is optional I live in saudi and I don't wear a scarf.
+gunit8590 They've been saying that Saudi will run out from oil since I was baby and it's all from jealousy haters who keep saying these rumours but here we are living our lives each day despite the envious people who hate to see Us happy : )). +Miss_Arabia no habibti, im not envious, and im happy that you are happy but im not saying oil is running out, saudi arabia may have enough oil for the nex 50 years but the price of one barrel oil is 30 dollars right now, and the world is increasingly becoming advanced, and one day electric cars will be the future, you know that right anyways we talk in 30 years again :).
الطروش اخذين احسن مدينة بالجزيرة العربية وعايشين احسن حياة ويسموننا بدو وحنا أهل الأرض من بداية البشرية يلعن خيركم دبش.
You don't have to wear any scarf in saudi arabia Is the food you eat even halal like that chicken in the airport Since when is it allowed to eat non halal meat .
+Khalid S. Clearly you're not a photographer because you would know that (frame per seconds) fps are NOT all equal. There is a level of quality that varies between cameras. I like this camera and that is why I asked her..
+Adam Howard True, I'm not a photographer. just explained why the video was very smooth, thats my two cents.. I fucking hate Saudi Arabia. I'm Muslim and I fucking hate that shit hole the only good place in Saudi Arabia is the hajj I dont understand why we have to pay to go to the hajj. Saudi Arabia is only "fun" if you are wealthy, Muslim, and follow Saudi Arabia's strict sharia law. Sorry to all the atheists, doubters, free thinkers, public intellectuals, homosexuals, widowed women (or witches), adulterers, children who are forced into marriage, non Muslims, poverty stricken people, etc. And let's not forget those "on the westers" who will "corrupt" the youth with their democracy, free speech, freedom of religion, and freedom to protest. Keep telling yourself Saudi Arabia is fun while you fly their in your first class seat, you delusional apologetic ass.. +cainofsoul Umm, First of all none of the things you said are true and im born and raised in Saudi Arabia, but for you as a foreigner that doesn't know anything about Saudi Arabia or the gulf countries don't follow what the media is saying about us if you really know people from the inside they have a sweet heart and the best hospitality is known in the gulf regions so please don't set statements that you've not seen with both your eyes the media hates Saudi Arabia for our religion and that is sad. but i hope you read more about Saudi Arabia and figure out how we are.. Dear Jana,I really admire you for your courage to resist the prejudiced and sexism of Saudi society. I have visited this country on business and I know what it looks like. I want to challenge you with a question. CAN YOU MARRY A MAN THAT IS NOT FROM YOUR RELIGION I am asking this question because I come from Bulgaria where this is something common and it creates no tension. Probably this is a way to overcome our own prejudices. Best regards.. +Mark Grossi What Joud Hassan said was incorrect. Muslim men are only allowed to marry Jews and Christians. You're supposed to in islam but its not an obligation in saudi arabia. An abaya is mandatory tho. Hijab is optional. I'm from Kuwait and I visited Saudi Arabia few times, once I visited it and they were looking at me in weird way that I wasn't wearing abaya... I was 13... when I saw the seen at 1:42 I remembered this verse (Have they not looked at the heaven above them - how We structured it and adorned it and [how] it has no rifts) Qur'an 50:6.
Assalam o Alaikum Good Morning & Hellloooo Jana This is my Very First Comment here, Hope you'll Read it Loud in coming vlog 😉 First you're Cute & Beautiful Second You're So Calm Girl I must Salute your Tolerance Third Now you've got Another Fan yoohuuu 😉😁😀 it's Emraan Khan from 🇵🇦🇰 living in 🇺🇦🇪 God Bless You 👍.
hi. I am from India and non muslim and I have very awful perspective about Saudi Arab and people there, e.g. Saudi Arabs are arrogant, cruel and haters, but after watching your blog it gave me very nice feelings about your country and people of Saudi Arabia. keep doing good work. God bless you.. +Mac Singh. I'm non Muslim Saudi myself and I'm not arrogant, or hater. I respect others and treat them fine and I'm friends with many people of different nationalities and love to learn about our world and different cultures, there's good and bad everywhere :). Wait, can someone please explain something to me If I'm understanding correctly, don't all women in Saudi Arabia have to wear hijab in public Am I right about that.
And this is for all the racist, small minded, ignorant people who tell Muslims to go back to the "sand deserts" they belong to :).
you are a scumbag because you show that shithole like it was a paradise! saudi arabia is one of the dangerous and most restricted countries in the world! fuck you shitbag!.
+Johny Elordox yeah they are scumbags they have a minority full of money and luxuries and then the rest of the people live like rats.
Visiting Saudi is immoral and a bad choice. It helps their economy, supporting their oppressive government. Omg I miss Saudi Arabia and by the way gays her aunt and grandpas house is a middle class house in Saudi Arabia we have big houses because we have big family's . +Intergalactic Nomad Let's hope you won't get lashed or beheaded for saying things you aren't supposed to say.. +adam lol a lot of Europe don't know about us my teachers from UK AND French and USA they are said they don't know about us I'm computer since. That would be a basic day of any Arabic muslim family who lives somewhere in Europe or America and just travels to their original country, so it really shows how great it is I mean to visit your parents natal county haha I love it (especially the part where I see 1D on a wall) so yeah great job I hope you had fun!.
I thought In Saudi Arabic women have to cover up completely, if not they would be whipped, Their laws are from a 7th century book, and Are there any men who doesn't have a beard Do Men has punishments for not having a beard Seriously Saudi is the worst country for Human right.
+සහන් ගුණවර්ධන No it isn't. the media blows things out of the proportion all the time and shows that women are locked in and never go out, can't shop or study, can't go to gyms, don't have any rights at all, raped in the streets and forced to cover or they're going to be punished by death penalty. complete nonsense. Covering hijab in big cities and in malls some Saudi women don't even bother, niqab in small rural ones, beards not all men have beards in fact average Saudi guys don't have beards, it is only for the most religious, getting punished for not having beards no, they not punished for that. Finally, don't conclude things when all you know is just what media says, bad press is going berserk now against Saudi Arabia. Watch other videos of Jana. We're no perfect countries, all countries has issues but to think that life is nightmarish here is pure bullshit.. All Islamic countries have shitty human rights and don't have women rights including us but we're working on it..
I dont mean this in a mean way but your family seems very unorthodox compared to the families in saudi..

+Nadxx 58 Did I say everyone Do all Americans like war No but guess baby girl, America has waged more wars than any other nation ever. lol. .

maybe she was kidnapped by the Islamic republic of Iran I'm dead serious cause I don't have social media so idk if she tweeted after this video.
A country with no human rights, opression against women, public beheadings and executions... Disgusting saudi arabia rot in hell..
+A100Aic well. sorry but if you have a brain you should explore and discover the truth about gulf countries not just rambling and repeating what other people say.

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December 19, 2015
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November 25, 2015

Comments about this video:
Religion just needs to be removed from Politics for us to move forward in society. Im not against religion, it just has no place within politics any more.. I like that this is 2015 and yet "executed for witchcraft/sorcery" is still a thing. If you didn't know better you'd think it was 1015.. and the funny thing you talk about saudi arabia and want them to stop, why they fuck you don't talk about us crime everywhere a gang a cop killing black people every body got a fucking gun and who is dangers of course usa.
+Marcela Mcneil you know what is suck even more when USA helped israel to kill the childrens of Palestine something like if saudi arabia helped the native american to take their land back on your children bodies oh wait us killed 200 million native american shit that disgusting the next world war will fucked the earth and guess what the evil of USA and the NATO shit will disappear from the world and the peace will come back again.

Why don't Saudi Arabia take Syrian refugees They have plenty of money and lands to share with their fellow Muslims. If it weren't for oil and Hajj, this country would be nothing but a world's disgrace and outcast with their perverted laws and corrupted monarchy.. +Saeed Alshehri we both know that the main reason why Saudis are there is because Assad is Alawi(Shia). Assad has a majority support in his country even from many Sunnis and that's a fact. That's why he didn't end like Qaddafi. Syria is secular and it stays secular.. +letzsee9 2 million Syrian, What about the world all the countries only received a 2 million, and I did't mention who died while traveling to eurobe.. and the refugess from palastine & yaman !.

these are MURERERS and RAPISTS, you fucking bastards learn something before you open you SHITTY MOUTHS!! america too carries out executions!!!.

+Lyoko104 I'm not the one being backward here. You are the backward dude supporting a shitty religion that encourages hate and violence. Saudi "criminals" are people who have don't one little wrong thing that is perfectly acceptable in a non-backwards society and end up getting executed for it. fucking disgusting.
I don't get it, I see muslims in Europe want Sharia Law, why don't just go to Saudi Arabia It's a rich and powerful country, they can live happily there.. 1.its hard to get visas 2.people have settled in the EU so why tf would they move 3.muslims in the EU have reproduced and spot of their children don't have native tongues instead speak the local language, so do you expect them to just go and adapt a new culture. It's not that simple m8. the Executed for murder only and in middle east country there are less murder than usa so its a good law. Its funny that people from US say its brutal what Saudia Arabia do !! How many did they execute 400 or 500 in maby 3 or 4 years.. So don't u forget what ur country did in JAPAN, VIETNAM, AFGHANISTAN, and IRAQ !! There is nothing to compare with.. guys. Are you guys trying to tell me if someone kill either you son/mom/father/daughter/sister Intentionally does not deserve to die yet only jail time !! if no then, you're making murder easier..
What are you talking about, you idiot you have no idea what's my financial situation like. you just think his country is rich so everybody must be rich small minded idiot plus we're the most giving country in the world when it comes to poverty in other countries!.
+Vip_q810 filthy rich arabs pay qisas to poor and get away with murder. fuck your mohammad child rapist.. as a civilian from Saudi Arabia and a person who lived in the on the west world for quite some time i can understand why many people will consider that barbaric i don't expect you to change your mind about this matter, but as a civilian from this country i hope that none of you tries to participate in our business Saudi Arabia is a country with 100% of the population being Muslim, this is the religion that we chose, this is the way that we think is right for our society, if you have a problem with that then don't commit any crime in our country and for anyone from the US in particular don't be hypocritical until you people remove the capital punishment from every state in your country don't even think about us being less human then you. +ABO YASER I would like to see dead penalty in Europe for murders and rapist. But EU say it "inhumane" so criminals are free. +Hans M I agree with you what annoys me the most when people talk about my country is when they say " Saudi Arabia kills and beheads people, how are they any different than ISIS ! " they make it sound like innocents or small criminals are being murdered ! all of them have been convicted of the most horrible crimes like murder, rape, piles of drug smuggling and trading and the like, and so I hate how people make it out to be the government killing innocents and talking about governments killing innocents, in 2014 the US government police force killed 626 innocent people while Saudi Arabia executed 90 criminals and yet some people still claim that Saudi Arabia is one of the worst when it comes to human rights !!! you might say that execution by beheading is inhumane, but with simple logic anyone would know that cutting the spinal cord and shutting down the nervous system in an instant way less painful than being shot ten times and feeling the pain of every bullet until you bleed out thanks to the human rights abiding US police force . saudi arabia is not representing us the muslims, they do horrible things many of wich without a dessent proscecusion, and i as muslim do not support this, and i can say this about a great majority of muslims, so dont blame the whole religion, blame those who are misusing it! like this if you agree!. +young mystery one more thing US doesnt follow the Sharia law so its okay for muslims living in the US to take out home loans with interest, well thats what our religion say.
THAT'S NOT TRUE AT ALL THAT'S NOT TRUE AT ALL THAT'S NOT TRUE AT ALL I'm Saudi and i have never heard in my life that anyone got executed for leaving Islam or homosexuality.
+Shia's LaBeouf if someone killed another person for no reason he gets killed and if someone stole something valuble like money from a bank or something he gets his hands cut off and if someone changed religion nothing happiends and if someone is gay nothing happiends. +Mezj 1700 you're full of shit. go read your holy book. front to back. its your religion, you really should know what it preaches. . I'm so proud that my society is still safe, no drugs no drunk people no criminal no rapper no cheater, everyone gets their punishments no matter how much time it takes, justice will always be served in KSA and that's what keeps us safe, thank God for Islam ♡.
+Guy T sureeeeeee AMERICA is the root of all evil and Israels bitch !!!! A country where killing black peoples is justified cause they're BLACK !!!! Lmao THE IRONY!!! this is just the start of another war and governments are the ones who will be safe but citizens will pay for the governments mistakes !.
+Rick West Of course it does! Rome continued as Bizantium, one of it's princesses married the tzar of Russia, leading to establishing the doctrine that Russia is the 3rd Rome. Last time I checked Russia existed, so....
+legendray2008 I wish that we have dead penalty in Europe but fucking EU is again it...another reason to leave EU.
+chauvinistic indian No my friend he said it before the event not after... and only months before it occurred and was killed before the attacks even happened again just like he said he would salam(peace).
+hero0291 what is his name. is there a real evidence about what he said or is it concocted evidence. .
So u talk about sharia law but u dont talk about the usa invading countries and killing children and u dont call that barbaric. Smh. +lolproductionz The title of video was "What Can You Be Publicly Executed For In Saudi Arabia" not "Is drone striking kids and innocents ok".
+lolproductionz Idiot, Saudi Arabia and USA are allies. Saudi supports the exact same airstrikes you are condemning LOL. As if Saudi is not invading Yemen..
I wish in America Latina they puy law like this they will be no problem with stealing or rapes or worst things... they dont get executed as fast as youre showing... ONLY if you "Rape" and "kill"... other tha. tnat execution is thr maximum penalty.. Coming from a Saudi... you guys are fucking stupid just hateful... but that wont make us upset... cause all this hatred is. actually mentioned in the. quran and we will prevvail.. thats what make us stronger anyways..
hay don't make thing up please. if someone killed anyone the family of the one who's did decide if they want to let hem go they just take money from the killer if they don't want to let hem go they can tell the judge that they don't want to let hem go thin the judge decide what is best based on the holy quran. and some of the things you said isn't true. so please don't take any thing you see from the internet and assume it's true. i'm sorry if there is any spelling mistakes because i don't know how to write English very well..
Hey fuckers it is my Saudi and we will follow Islamic laws, it u talk about banning them we will cut ur head on the TV. PEOPLE, THERE ARE ISIS MEMBERS ON THIS BLOG RIGHT NOW, THEY SPEAK ARABIC WHEN IT'S CONVENIENT, BE CAREFUL.
+CaptainCore993 of course it does im sure you did not read enough about the (islamic) golden age and why that period had a lot of discovery and inventions 100% it is linked to islam (just google it man and look out why that period was like that) and if not tell my why and i very surprised when you say muslims individuals invited things but you dont say muslims individuals do bad things..
did you know that Saudi Arabia is one of the safest countries in the world this is the justice of god. +Rvqsx just like the US when it blew a hospital last week in Afghanistan right. oh wait US is ISIS lol.
I don't know what the fuck you're saying, please learn grammar. What religion are you even talking about .
Saudi Royals come to London to indulge in prostitution, drug taking in fact everything that they can't do in their own country! Yet happily pass judgement and death for those who get caught doing the same things in Saudi Arabia! I look forward to the day they go bankrupt and stop financing ISIS and other terrorist groups!.
Morons. Let's believe everything a book says that was written by one guy. Whether he was a psychopath or not, who cares!.
i live beside saudi arabia in the UAE, and i wish we had public excutions. if someone is a criminal or a low life i want them to be hunged high and proud. maybe in the west world u can forgive them and waste money on them by making them live in a cell and rape each other.. abdulla alsuwaidi,I'd like to ask you something.. Please be honest... What would happen to me... if I visited your country and walked the streets of your country wearing a catholic cross and carrying a Bible.... +Hello I live in Dubai, i dont think anything will happen to you, the worst that can happen is people giving you looks for wearing cloths that is not common. and besides UAE locals are the lowest in the country 20% and the rest are people who come to the country looking for a job..
Really how corrupt is that country so they want to kill all gays that's messed up and in straight.
this video does not explain it right nor the reason behind it. lets look at the crime incidence in saudi compared to the USA lets starts with murder, in 2013 the U.S estimated 14,196 murders. on the other hand saudi reported 169 murders (people are afraid of the consequences) rape, the U.S estimated 79,770 rapes (legacy definition) reported to law enforcement. on the other hand saudi reported 849. i don't have to mention rubbery cause the difference is very high. the core of what I'm saying is that, not because your not used to it or due to ur beliefs you think its wrong. in 500 years whats right now might be wrong then. im not hear to start a fight, I'm just hear to show that numbers and statistics proof that its successful..

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January 10, 2016
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January 23, 2016
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November 15, 2015
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December 27, 2015

Comments about this video:

I don't know why but it's always seemed to me like Iran is somewhat more moderate compared to Saudi. Even though I do realize that both regimes deny its people basic freedoms and executes gays. Oh well. At least Iran doesn't execute people for sorcery..
+Mart kenyon Iran is far better than SA. They women are far more educated and not excluded from pursuing careers. both execute gays...well so does majority of the world so that's not a big deal imo. As far as basic rights, Iran has them, save maybe the hijab rule... and the talking shit about islam/theocracy.
I have the best Persian فارسي friends ever and I am an Arab! you come to Youtube comments you would believe that the fifth World War has begun while you were sleep! fuck off silly humans..
+rezak mohamed hadji YOU ARE VERY WRONG ! 1979 Revolution of iran, Arab world found themselves very big friend but they rallied behind the west to fuck their big friend( iran ). 1980 over 3600 CIA elements walked in of 179 countries teamed up by on the west assistances with Iraq to fight iran for 8 years. stupidities of arabs once again back fired on them in 1990s.Since U S and other on the west countries could not control Iraq after their occupations therefore they started shia and sunny conflict by helping hands fucking wahabbie assholes of Saudi of Arabia.Mean while Zionists noticed that friendship between iran, Iraq and Syria. JUST Iranian arm forces can take entire Israel with in couple of hours if they reach Israel's borders .So Zionist made sure two countries Syria and Iraq gets destroyed. that is what they have been doing. Why do you think Dauish ( ISIL) exists easterns and on the west do not want to take them out. they have plans for people of middle east. As long as arab streets have not woke up they are going to get fucked by children of barbarians.killing millions, even hundreds of millions of people is not anything new to on the wests . they may call it intelligent work then they can brain wash their people..Son, world has not civilized yet. hundreds people dying while I am doing this message and millions innocent suffering because god the jew is going to come from occupied Palestine and he is going save you know...!!. +bademjon sertghy, try to get your head out from your camel's ass. Arab world has one true friend and that is Iran. Fucking al saud family have given part of their country at red sea to the fucking terrorist Israel so Zionist assholes can kill more arabs. Iranian young men defending arab lands against Israel. you dumb arabs are too stupid to tell between your friends and your enemy!. +ataallah al-shammary اولا القاعدة كانت صنع المخابرات الامريكية ضد الاتحاد السوفيتي وثانيا كيف السعودية صنعت القاعدة و القاعدة عدوة للسعودية و جميع العمليات الارهابية في السعودية سببها القاعدة او داعش او بعض الشيعة اللي ضد الدولة...كلامك جدا غبي مع احترامي.. +Kkhaliy D اهم شي ان قولتك لي "غبي" جت مع احترامك هههههههههههههه المهم المخابرات الامريكية والسعودية كذلك هم من صنع القاعده لا ترمي القضية كلها على امريكا فقط لتبري دولة ال سعود! ال سعود ايام الاتحاد السوفييتي كانوا يأمرون المشايخ على المنابر انهم يدعون الشعب للجهاد ضد الروس!! ال سعود استغلوا ديننا وجهادنا لخدمة امريكا وليس لانقاذ المسلمين والدليل ان بعد انهيار الاتحاد السوفييتي جت امريكا وغزت افغانستان (نفس الدوله اللي غزاها الروس) لكن لم نسمع لال سعود ولا حرف؟ اما بخصوص العداوة بين القاعده والسعوديه فهي جاءت بعد ان غدروا ال سعود والامريكان بالمجاهدين! يعني خلوهم اكباش فداء ضد الروس وبعد انهيار الاتحاد السوفييتي باعوهم وخلوهم ارهابيين ومن هالكلام! الجهاد ضد الروس فخر وضد الامريكان ارهاب! صراحه تعجبني كيف سياسة امريكا وال سعود تخدع الناس وبشكل واضح لكن السعوديين عميان بصيره وليس بصر اما التفجيرات الداعشية اللي ضربة السعودية فأن اغلبها على الشيعه اما التفجيرات الاخرى اتوقع انها مصطنعه لأثبات براءة السعودية او ان هناك افراد طائشون من داعش عصوا امهم السعوديه! ودعم السعودية للارهاب الكل يعرف به حتى المجتمع الدولي لكن هناك بعض التحفظات. Reading the comments here is like watching a bunch of mentaly handicaped children calling eachother names. Its amusing and sad at the same time....
+abram3 many africans and south asians are christians and they suffer alot where is jesus .

+ybyb1231 saudis find a cure LOOOOOOOOL bitch please You have paki troops defending your bitch ass country cuz u camel fukers cant operate shit.

iranians are sexually straight but saudis are mostly camle fuckers actually it should be called saudi camelia.

arabs hate persians persians hate arabs turks hate kurds kurds hate turks kurds hate arabs arabs hate kurds arabs hate israelis israelis hate arabs armenian hate turks turks hate armeninas greeks hate turks turks hate greeks serbs hate albanians albanians hate serbs russians hate ukraninas ukranians hate russians americans hate russians russians hate americans american hate mexicans indians hate pakistanis pakistanis hate indians north koreans hate south koreans south koreans hate north koreans british hate americans (for calling it soccer) what the fuck is wrong with humans .

I am from Pakistan...Saudi Arabia is my heart I love Saudi Arabia...irani dirty dogs don't think about atack on Saudi Arabia. we are with Saudi Arabia. and we are nuclear power. If you think something bad against Saudi Arabia. Pakistan will destroy to Iran. and Iran will be zero...I love Saudi Arabia..than Pakistan....

+Akmed Zh when you Tipp iran in Wikipedia come the persia Empirie darius the First. But when you saudi arabia tipe you can See the comparison.
Fuck iran !!! İ am from SOUTH AZERBAİJAN cCc SOUTH AZERBAİJAN is not iran ! SOUTH AZERBAİJAN is part of Great TURAN cCc 40-46 billion turkic people live in iran !!!! LONG LİVE SOUTH AZERBAİJAN cCc (35 billion turks) Free GAŞGAYELİ (3 billion turcomans) Free Horasan (2.5 billion turks) Free TÜRKMENSAHARA (2 billion turks ) fuck persian !!!! İran is TURKİC LAND CcC. Really 40-46 billion Turkic people live in Iran More than 5 times the total world population And 35 billion Turks in South Azerbaijan 5 times the total world population. +Pənah İbrahimli What is your frustration Do you wish that Iranian Azerbaijan becomes a independent country or Do you want that Azerbaijan remains part of Iran but with Azeri as a official language in the Azeri speaking provinces The second option is the best solution and i am Persian and i am not racist.. +Zoltan Csikos you think all of the people have lambos you fool. The government might be corrupt but yours has always been working for zionists..
+MeisterSexy11 'you think all of the people have lambos you fool.' That seems to be the only thing which they can brag about. Yeah, working for them by killing Jews, being Communist till the early 90's, and staying out of the Middle East for most of the time. Get real..

I'm an Arab from Iraq and I LOVE MY PERSIAN BROTHERS AND IRAN. Without Iran the Shia would be gone, the only reason the Sunni Wahabis don't try to make a Shia genocide is because they don't wanna feel the wrath of Iran. LONG LIVE IRAN. #PersianAndArabUnity. Saudi Arabia is the cause of all the Muslim problems, they're the reason why the gap of Shia and Sunni is so large. I hope their end is soon.

and persian dont love u not because u both practicing the same faith (SHIAA) because u r ARAB just wake up u dumfuck.

+Infidel You may believe that but the on the west extremist want to 'cleanse' their countries of all immigrants..that's just an example and watch Fox, watch Trump supporters, watch neo-cons. They will kick your head and throw your ass out of their countries if they really had their way. They blame crimes, not being able to get into their university/job on non-white immigrants..If you don't live abroad then stay where you are and keep worshipping them..You won't get any special treatment when your turn comes just because you are an a** kisser. To them you'll look like a Muslim as you try to make your case by showing various other religious necklaces like that guy in The Mummy, these guys won't buy it..extremists are not reasonable and they don't rationalize or listen..if you know Republicans, tea party or Fox, you'd know that. So you think you are being so smart but all this stuff about who is more evil, what you can dig up in history and who to side with is just stupid..It's better to start getting along..

Iranians hate Saudi Arabia because it is a cruel, murderous, uncivilised, ugly, aggressive, imperialist, uncultured, illiterate, philistine, unpleasant, xenophobic, racist, conservative, misogenystic, unkind, and irresponsible society. SIMPLES..

Its Iran who start the war first by their leader khomainy who said we had to kill sunnis and invad mecca just like that And the reason of that is historical! the EMPIRE of PERSIA has been destroyed by arabs muslm.
Saudi Arabia hates Iran because Iran is supporting extremist groups in Iraq, Syria and Yemen Yes in Syria, Iraq and Yemen Other information There are full state and an Arab name. "الاحواز" Occupied in "1925~" Where 10 million people The killing of a group of them from one period to another I would say 98% of Iran's oil from that country :). what a fuck is wrong wiith you guys when we live in cold war no body talks about sony or shieh only us try to do something about esraeil, now all moslem want kill each other. think about it ,who gives this shit to us who has benefit this is not about religion this is a Strategy after september 11 made by fucking bosh son he said all this world should pay for september 11 iran cick them ass from iraq thay wants take syria but iran was there also lebanon ask my question who help usa to bring this disaster to middeleast and do you remmber witch part of that zone was enemy for moslemes witch country did somethings AND NOW LOT OF SMART missile POINT THAT ENEMY. IRAN LOOKING FOR PROTECTING OUR COUNTRY SO ASK YOUR SELF WHY SHOULD BE MAD OF US. You're no where from Europe you're from Iran... no one uses this retarded looking smiley except the Iranians > :))))))))))))))) lol kooni.
I am Persian but I don't hate Arabs; I do however hate the barbaric ideology called Islam and the pedophile warlord that founded it (AKA Muhammad the filthy mass-murderer!). Islamists, be it the shiite savages ruling and ruining Iran, or the Sunni Islamists and Wahhabis in the Arab nations are all a bunch of barbaric maniacs that have transformed the countries they live in into unlivable shit-holes ! Islam is the main problem, not Arabs or Persians or any other race. Eradicate Islam and the middle east prospers....

2 infidel It isn't just "Persians who leave Iran and discover what freedom is." They don't have an epiphany after leaving Iran. Persians still in Iran are equally irreligious. They're ranked as one of the least religious of most educated people of the Middle East..

I am Saudi and I can say that my government and Iranian government are both stupid. Both countries are religious shit holes. The title should be: "Why Do Saudi Arabian government And Iranian government Hate Each Other" The only one getting advantage of this conflict is zionist Israel. Wake up stupid assholes!! You fight each other in the name of the same religion and the same God!! What shitty mentality you have. The zionists must be so happy for this conflict because it keeps them safe to do whatever war crimes they wish to do in our beloved Palestine. Soon this conflict between Arabic and Persian people will resolve and will erase the state of zionist intruders from the map together hand in hand despite our differences against the zionist oppressor..
im saudi true muslim i dont hate our muslim brothers in iran its just the saudi goverment so called royal family and their wahabbies supporters who benfit from their regime they think iran and true islam well be threaten their royal chairs so they make up this racist thing called sunni and shiei becoz majority iran muslim shiei and they delusion many muslims around world through their controled media about horrible stuff in shiea life that is not related to islam which is of course all lies in islam we dont hate each other there is no racism in our religion our prophet mohammed peace be upon him told us that..eventually most saudies they are fake they are not true muslims or practice it only muslims by name we call them wahabbies lol.. i love you iran. +censorious Do you know you just commited shirk by calling them royal No ones is mulk expect Allah! And Allah puts people who He loves in hardship don't you know that.
+Mo if you consider that shirk then i feel sad for ulemas from whom you education about islam.Allah is honest and king does not mean there can't be honest people or kings. if Allah puts his people in hardship he also give us a social economic system and humane teachings to can eradicate all anti-pro life problems. giving example of starving kids in somalia and implementing us to be ok about it that its a test from Allah for the righteous as if he somehow enjoys in letting millions muslims starve and on top of that behaving as its nothing compared to rich arab nations who work for at least their own group of people in nation states is a form of great crime not just as muslim but as a human being. there are only few nations which i can count on my fingers which are stable enough and you want us to destroy them because they are not following teachings of Quran as they should and turn them into rubble. thats harsh bahi.
iran hate saudi arabia because saudi people buy iran girls by 5 dollars or less i think, iran people couldnt find any shit to eat they are really poor people and they say we live in freedom and you follow your family king, our family king make as most rich people in the middle east and iran goverment ask their people 20% of their money every month..
+Reza Janjal long worlds, but i want correct the first what u said, the strongest islamic country is turkey second is pakistan, cheack this out =).
Europe and the U.S supports Iran, because many of adult male soldier had liked the Prince of Persia MS-DOS game when they were children!!!.
Hope Iran will kick the saudi king!!! saudi king may be think he is the khalifatul muslimin but he is not muslim anymore, by name he pretend to muslim but act like a kafir!!!.

im mixed with both, and i turned out fine/ see how damn fine i am, no but serously, its not that big of an issue like we have iraqi and irani family and were all civil..

+Surena. you got real guts to live as an atheist in a Muslim dominant region. Much respect to you dude!.
+Surena. you got real guts to live as an atheist in a Muslim dominant region. Much respect to you dude!.
No no no, you got it all wrong. All this hate between those 2 nations was because of 2500 years ago. The Saudis had sent shipments of weapons to Leonidas and his 300 Spartans against the Persian Empire. Read your History books you wimp..
+CRAZY GAMER what the fuck do you believe in Jesus / Do you know that Jesus was a ancient Greek god. Jesus has nothing to do with Christianity. NO you would not know what is Islam all about. because you were told by on the west propaganda you need to be stupid.... iranians are bigger enemy to Arabs than jews are - intelligent Arabs know that but only stupid arab can like iran. Longlive Turkey and Longlive our Arab brothers, kick persia/iran leeches.. Why u support this shitty arabia They are destroying our Hungary and now u love these terrorists. Lol. I cannot understand why Turks love Saudi the terror so much. What a shame for a secular country. Don't forget Saudi Arabia is supporting and funding ISIS and Iran is fighting ISIS. So It's so clear which one is an axis of evil and which one is close ally. so no need to be confused. in other hand, Saudi Arabia can't see Iran is nuclear power cause after Nuclear program of Iran and decision of group of six world powers, Saudi Arabia can't control Middle East anymore!! That's why... and one more thing, sunni and shia problem in religion is just related to political issues. As you can see all terrorist acts are related to Sunni Muslims and Shia Muslims are peaceful. I mean, Sunni Muslims are aggressive and Shia Muslims are defensive. It's still clear difference between these two in Iraq, Syria, Lebanon and etc... however we can find terrorist in all over the world and It's not related to just Muslim people !!!. +Amin Amiri look im arab from saudi i see people in the news saying ''Saudi arabia is fighting isis'' i hear it every time. are you arab huh are you arab No Then Your Words Is Wrong. BITCH.
+Wipit Usyzn No. I have been in iran, thy are more religious then other arab-countrys, n i take that ur Zoroastrian.

Because Saudi Arabia fears the idea of an Islamic state considering how un-Islamic the Saudi family behaves: drinking, whoring and gambling in Europe. Also, the House of al-Saud has made its deal with the devil (Israel), and Iran (and Syria) are the only two nations in the Middle East that still support the Palestinians..

Salafism(wahabism) & shiaism are both the creation of zionists. Its not a pure islam but corrupted one. So in a sense they both(saudi & iran) are the puppets of big daddy aka israhell. In my country(afghanistan) taliban were & are still funded by these saudi terrorists while from other side iran is poisoning little childrens in schools. For me they both are the biggest terrorists. Long live the real & peacefull muslims(Sunnis) of Afghanistan. We will free palestine inshallah & not these fucked up saudis or qataris or kuwaiatis.
+Rahul Rai Religion and money doesn't mix. All their children will assimilate, lose faith and adopt European values. Only 1st generation immigrants ever rigidly hold on to their old cultures.. syiah is not islam...syiah full of shit...drink pee...harm their own body...mutaah...only stupid can trust syiah....

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Comments about this video:
+MrWagman11 saudi arabia will be attacked and turned into a wasteland soon...destroy saudi arabia and you will destroy all terrorism. 1% of Saudi Arabia is good for agriculture and 70% of the country desert and good for nothing(ربع الخالی). it imports 80% of its food and 90% dependent on oil and a population rapidly growing and 70% of students study sharia instead of science so imagine what will happen once oil runs out. they need to change their education system before it is too late. I met one visitor to Seattle, Washington in 2001 I had lunch at the space needle with a very famous prominent banker from Kuwait who specifically said he was happy to have the USA involvement with Baghdad after the invasion into Kuwait The USA is not "against" the interests of all Arabs. so, murican secret services say they have proof of terrorism financers, eh is that the same team that proved the wmd's in iraq yeah, lets not get involved anymore, europe. lets close borders and just enjoy the show, while murica and russia and the middle east fight it out. they want to have trouble. let em. just close the borders, please..
And most of the Saudi Princes are educated in England...who's politicians sell them arms. It's an establishment cluster-fuck..

I'm sure if people actually came to the conclusion that all this religious stuff is nonsense, the make-believe vacuum would be filled by something else..
+Dan Green How is you being put on the spit meant to be an insult to the other person you fucking retard. Fact Saudi Arabia funds ISIS Fact saudi arabia is responsible for the chemical gas attack in Syria Fact Qatar is becoming the next funder of terrorism. +punit p India has nothing to do with this, I meant the Arab countries. Don't change it. . +crossfire​ what i meant was,these scumbags shit everywhere ,u cant put the blame like this 'west bombing them'.  those who escape that bombings for better life again start the cycle of hate. . saudi arabia and qatar and arab countries are the source of evil in the world... makka should be nuked..
+asem al balawe muslims are ok but terrorist royal saudi family are not {especially that cunt waleed bin tallal who enjoy shooting animals.

You know the rich elite in Saudi Arabia when overseas are flying in hot hookers, champagne and coke and the harsh rules they lay down only count for the average Saudi citizens and they are exempt..

+John Maddin you're a liar i remember seeing the execution of a prince for murdering his servant..

+Dan Green This is an example of the modern racist. He is still obnoxious, still entitled, still ignorant, still unable to grasp basic concepts of other religious/cultural traditions, but, damnit, he tries! He doesnt want to be called a racist, so he says "Islam is a religion, not a race, WTF" He doesnt know the difference between a Sheik and a Sikh, but he assumes this is minimal. He thinks that by insulting other people for general redneckery, the redneckery of his own house will be overlooked. And, he is also now OK with the Jews now, isnt that nice of him, finally.
So terrorists are blowing up the world because they are pissed about the Israeli occupation of Palestine. +John Rambo It's an easy story to "swallow". It covers for 9/11 "perfect" - which was done by CIA and MOSSAD..
+John Rambo Warped logic, they are pissed Israel is seeking historical lands, lands that can be made claim to by a number of interests, Islam, Judaism, Christian and who knows what came before those ,but they might as well join in to if they want to act the idiot. It makes no sense to attack other places because you are mad about what is going on somewhere else. Unless of course you are powerless and that is what terrorism is all about, being powerless. The prince basically said they were upset they couldn't "protect" themselves and had to rely on others. Don't want to deal with reality, none of the players, all like just a bunch of whiny children picking fights to get some stupid symbolic power. Fools. My word, what he said about 9/11 when he is NYC biggest foreign investor. Not a community man at all, a psychopath. Horrible what happens to someone with all that money to their disposal. They cease to be human. Creepy. I wonder if there is a DSM classification for socially induced insanity. The man could have more than a bunch of dead safari animals in his house and he wouldn't be happy, this man will never have enough; he will always want more. Not possible, but that is beyond his understanding. Him and Trump opposite sides of the same creepy coin..
If I wielded a powerful army, I would certainly crush Saudi Arabia and all the gulf states once for and all. It's not like 1 billion muslims suddenly would attack. Yes, there may be many terror and suicide attacks, but they will be dealt with!.
Hopefully the collapse of oil will discourage Saudi Arabia from exporting their shitty ideology. Muhammad and his followers died with worms in their mouths..
Saudi Arabia has never been friend or brother to Yankees. We have always been foes. if Americans are as smart as they think they are... They'll stray from the house of Saud!!! Let the true light burn away your false gods.. That's bullsh!t, this guy is going the low-class to people and talk to them as a front-gate to saudi arabia oh cmon give a break.. ddue im fromj saudi arabia and this documentary is bullshit. and all lies, the easiest thing in our days is to "LIE" anyone can do it antywhere. And again, manyyyyy Saudis do NOT represent the gov.. They represent their fucked up mindset nothing more.. U r talking about 27 million ppl in one country.. U CANNOT u just cannnnt stereotype 27 million people. We have gazillions social classes and economic classes.. stop this stupid propaganda, I can't count how many lies in this film! please if you came here to learn about Saudi Arabia, don't waste your time on this bullshit video..
+Meshari M I am not anti-Saudi Arabia, but I fucking hate the way they brainwashed Saudis... are you a part of their propaganda.

+legionaryilluminati really even if what your saying is true your cuntry is still the biggest terrorist cuntry in the world .at least my cuntry never invaded other cuntries. not going to waste any more time with you and yeah just give me my money u oil bitsh.

+asem al balawe Then give me back all your military hardware and all the dollars we gave you: oh sorry you cant coz you need to be Protected from Iran. ISIS and Alqaeda...Also stop using the dollars we gave you and the materials you bought from us to build your buildings...You SAUDI bastards can live 1 DAY without us, not 1 DAY. WE will continue to shit on you you bastard dogs..
he doesn't want to talk to a non Muslim ha ha millions of Muslims risk their lives to get to Europe not Saudi Arabia...this is why i left Islam.
not really, nobody is religious in my family and almost everybody in my village want to go to Europe and get away from the Mullah's and live in peace. 100,000 Afghans left Afghanistan this year alone to go to Europe so everybody is tired of religion and Islam.
ur just showing half the truth. the meadia is the biggist lie dont be an aidiot thats believe evry thing he see THINK....
Al Qaaedah fooled us that they are defending islam, we believed them back then. And now the truth is crystal clear, we no longer support them.why Bcz alQaaedah scenario was all made up to get us to this point, which is "to turn the world against Saudi Arabia". And guess what, God knows what to protect..
and that man in the beginning was angry because of that rude reportr asking people about 9/11 it's very rude and ignorant .. Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Turkey, the UK, the US and Israel are all responsible for terrorism whether it was by creating, funding, supporting or training. fuck that scum bag terrorist "waleed bin talal" for enjoying the killing of animals {i wish that he get to be burned alive}s.
Actually russia is responsible for terrorism in europe now as Putin is doing all he can to get Israel's natural gas.
con gli arabi solo gli israeliani o gli altri arabi ci possono avere a che fare...gli altri prendono solo fregature.. quindi evitate di averci a che fare! . I hope ISIS sons of bitches invade that god forsaken wasteland and give saudi fuckers taste of their own medicine, or better yet just nuke the place! Once the oil runs out theyre all dead anyway!. We should nuke all muslim countries and start burning down every mosque that we can and eliminate every single person who follows the quran..
At C14:30 the woman misqutes G W Bush when she says..." a bit like Bush really, when he says "you are either with us - or against us" " - but he actually said "you are either with us - or with the terrorists " !!.
Then this presenter comes out with "where 15 of the 19 hijackers came from..." 10 of them arre known to be alive and well and have letters of apology from US embassies for being put on theFBI's "instant list".
Why do you hate most of the countries of Islam What have we done to them Sorry, but I am a Muslim and I am a Saudi and I did not see this stuff in my country, the US media is tarnishing our reputation, they say, Saudi Arabia terrorism is true we hear about some things but are not a Saudi originally Taalo yourself we have and you will see a Saudi real We are a country where the security, stability and thankfully, Daash to not belong to Saudi Arabia and we hate corrupt Daash It is an organization aimed at killing Muslims in the name of Islam and distort the reputation of Tsedkounam and Sorry if the speech is the concept may be translated from Google translator.
I hope somebody will bomb SA to the stone age. These people and their religious, bigot bullshit are one of the worst obstacles to progress and development. Their incoherence most of all bnames me. You want to abide 100% by religion Then why do you use technology for example. Google Billionaires about 80% of middle east billionaires come from Saudi Arabia -not any come from Syria and Iran, Saudi royal family rule the $$$ Now thanks to America the Saudi's spend the 4th largest per annum on military equipment you can see where all this corruption is leading just look a Yemen etc Its a recipe for disaster! Sadam was nothing in comparison.. this is at least 15 years old documentary, It doesn't reflect the reality of Saudi Arabia. this documentary was filmed in a county sides, not in big cities of saudi arabia. so you can't judge basing your thoughts in a misleading documentary. stupid documentry why the one who is funding terriorism is america russia germany china spain israel by making weapons and its big bussiness for me there is no legal killing this people need to fund terrorism to make money islamophpia is stupid game plus the documentary is old. Saudis falsly talk of palestine problem with terror but saudi invitation to on the west troops to protect them enraged obl.
i found this in the description buddy, "Funding Jihad (2003) - Did the Saudi Royal Family really finance 9/11".
Look how the man in 3:20 looking at camera while speaking. Its definitely fake. Saudi arabian don't abandon non-muslims from getting near the mosque its really dumb attitude.. So much propaganda...also... Ksa is corrupt...people judge all Arabs based on ksa when they should judge Dubai as well...much more civilized .
I live in Khamis Mushait, near to Abha which where they claim the Hijackers came from. That is bullshit. I'm from the same tribe as they are, so, this is double bull-shit. The Hawashi has never preached to terror all these claims are false, he was preaching to stop the acts of ISIS..

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Comments about this video:

I agree..This is not the modern Jeddah..this place are the old sites..if you go to the city Centre it is really different...I been to Jeddah twice but I did not see this old place because I did not go in time show the the New Jeddah City and thanks for uploading..
why would you only film the old jeddah which is just 1 district. go to the new jeddah, every 5 minutes or so you will find an expensive car or go to the new malls not the ones in old jeddah. the video is good if you are talking about old jeddah but it is not good to say this is "jeddah".
'My wife was not admitted to Saudi Arabia'. Eight short words which go right to the heart of why this place is in fact a shithole and why Saudi culture is dreadful. These barbarians cut off the heads of people in public squares and hang their bodies on gibbets. Women are relegated to second class citizens and the unelected government is corrupt. If they didn't have oil, we wouldn't cross the street to piss on them. Yes, Saudi Arabia. Our partners in peace in the Middle East. Dreadful country. Dreadful people. Dreadful culture..

A sweaty, swarthy camel jockey or manly, clean and authoritative Australian pilot on layover. Gee, I wonder who they'd prefer. Moreover, I prefer the vagina to the anus when taking my pleasure with a woman so it always made a pleasant change for the dears..
Jedda does not start popping until the sun goes down. I have the best Chinese food in the world cooked by a Filipino chef. Great scuba diving on the red sea the people were polite and very reserved.. +Lacey Langton The statue was in lieu of a couple of million dollars of loans we fronted the French. The problems if our planet can be placed at the doorsteps of the Rothschild banking cartel and the minions that blindly do their biddings. Gaddafi along with Saddam were murdered and their countries were destroyed because, they were trying to create a form of money like we had when America had the gold standard. That would have tanked the E.U and American monetary system of borrowing at a fixed rate of interest, that is paid to the european banking cartels and the Federal reserve. It's all about the money trail. The Islamic terrorist are nothing more than bit players that ensures the military industrial complexes of both America, Europe and Israel thrive. It is all a scam. and the middle east is paying for it. Except Saudi Arabia as they are in on it. Sad world we live in. . +Keith Cleghorn Agree about the Rothschilds-their reach is enormous. I once saw a documentary on Queen Elizabeth and she was sitting for a portrait and in casual conversation said she was having dinner that night with XX Rothschild (can't remember the first name) and I just got's said the Rothschilds even control royalty (gave them loans and helped them build wealth) and I believe it. Yes, this world is sad and crazy...don't even get started on the Syrian crisis..
+Peter Eli Yeh all the rich people can fit in one tall building. The rest are in the dust below, eating scraps..

What an interesting video, thank you. To the people who ask why he doesn't show the more modern area, I have to say I loved this video. I've seen videos of the fancy cars and the I suppose Saudi Arabian version of Beverly Hills. Those videos look like they came from an office of tourism. Come on, we want to see more than just the fancy cars of oil billionaires. We want to get a full picture of the beauty and culture of a country, not just the fancy and superficial part it's government wants to promote. I'm very happy to see a Saudi Arabia video that didn't seem to have any fancy cars in it at all. It's far more real like this. Thanks. Another thing I would like to say is, I was surprised to see women walking alone. I always heard that a woman cannot walk alone in Saudi Arabia, yet there were plenty walking alone in this video. Has it always been like this, or is this a recent change.
+chaiTV Chai, you sure are hostile. I am not going to argue with a person about what they say Saudi Arabia is like. I really have no reason to sit here and do research on this subject. I am not going to sit here and study about every single subject someone comments on, because I happen to have a life and other things to do. Obviously, women in Saudi Arabia don't have the same rights and freedoms as women in on the west countries do. However, they are slowly making progress, and I'm not going to sit here and argue and judge people. If you want to be hostile, if that is what makes you feel good in life, go for it. But you will not impose your views on me. If you're the type who wants to argue with people, go for it. However, I see no good reason to. . +Janet You seem confused. I encouraged you to do your own research rather than learning things from comments on Youtube, where someone just told you "the media lies and women have it good" and you replied "okay if you say so". Honestly, you don't sound very bright. Over n out. You think I'm hostile Cry me a river..
+Kung Fu Z im not even going to discuss with you how saudi arabia is the biggest shithole on this planet, because you are pashtun, most likely deobandi, and we all know how they like licking salafi saudi asses. ps: the turks are with the hazara, fuck pashtuns..
This country is so rich, yet 99% of all wealth ends up in the hands of only 2.000 male relatives of the Saudi Royal Family. Most workers in Saudi-Arabia earn about 30.000 dollars a year on average. So despite the huge oil wealth, most workers never see any luxury in this feudal kingdom!.
+Revolutionary Socialist Media the saudi family are another jew-arabs parasites no different from the states.

this video unfortunately doesn't show the reality of this city. GO to the north and you will see the modern and the culture of this country..

+Antariksh Tyagi actually you're right north jeddah is only for rich people and the rest is for ordinary ones and i live in jeddah btw.
+SuperJuvexxx well im Born in Germany, and yes in 2 years i will study in Saudi Arabia... maybe you are happy now :D.
I am a Muslim. My question to Saudis "when will allow women to drive Women should be allowed to drive even to help out family chores. Also do you think Niqab or full veil is necessary Hijab should be enough for modesty..
Good video, nicely shot and honest. It is quite sad the attitudes of this country towards women and many other restrictive laws coming from ancient Islamic tradition. They want a modern city with modern buildings but their laws and customs are stuck in the past..
Saudi Arabia sucks, it is quite possibly the worst place on earth, possibly in the whole universe too..
saudis without oil money would be zero, they just buy everything with oil money nothing of their wealth created by science, industry and inventions of their own activities, anyway all muslims without on the west knowledge would live in middle ages.
+kasra20giv1 not true my friend! i agree that the middle east is the wealthiest and best place on earth but in Islamic history (Spain, Iraq, Egypt,Turkey, North Africa)  alot things are discovered in science and medicine while the west was living theyre barbaric lifes of Inquisitions and civic wars untill recently in the 1900's late 1800's Europe started to wake up but The Wars never ended....
+chaiTV I am not gonna get into an argument that will not end.. Because clearly our cultures and beliefs are different. But let me ask a question.. Have you visited an Arab country. I spent 3 years living near here with my parents back in 1988 when my dad worked for Bmw. It's not changed much. I also lived on Rhihad as well but it was in an enclosed area. It is a ridiculous rule to create many dark ghosts-female individuals in those Islamic countries while men can wear whatever they want.
+Mustafa Hashmi Stop being a bitch and just answer the question. Did you disagree with anything I've said .
Saudi Arabia - Such uncouth and primitive people that lacks any form of civilization. Pity that most men (if not all) are mysogynists. They will never learn..
I hate it when people say i am Saudi Saudi is the surname of the ruling family Like the English Monarchy has the surname Windsor The zionists have divided Arabia and the world.

Saudi Arabia does not seem that bad.. To me these people seem very nice.. But I'm still scared to visit any muslim country except Egypt and Turkey...

This went from an informative & educational video to a breeding ground for racists, idiots & radicals alike. Grow up you bastards, why don't you comment on the video relevantly without bringing up politics, religion or anything else that's controversial Just appreciate the video as is, or don't..that's up to you but go blurt out your views elsewhere when its relevant. You people are pitiful!.
It's funny how this country takes in tens of billions of dollars in every year, yet there is broken infrastructure and crumbling buildings and sidewalks all over.. most of them aren't saudis, either yemen's or some came from africa countries the black side ,without being racist i mean ethopia, erteria, and the rest.
With their modern cities and beaches this is a place that chop off peoples heads in public and oppress women..
+dutchgoing You DO know that when you edit a post, the word 'edit' shows up in brackets, right You edited your post to make yourself right. The word 'edit' only appears today so you clearly edited it AFTER I replied to you and not right after you posted the comment-the words 'aside from Bermuda' were not there yesterday nor was the word 'edit' there so you clearly made the change AFTER you read my post. Do you think I'm stupid or something Asshole. [I also edited my posts but I did them immediately after posting as I needed to make corrections-you edited yours long after you posted it and after I read it. What a fucking loser-I thought you were an intelligent person but I guess not!]. I just did it to see how angry you'd get and no you aren't as clever as you think you are. You are also astonishingly petty and abusive. Blocked. Like I care what you think..
enjoy the American life if there is anything to enjoy... muslim countries Allah's has blessed them..
Number of syrian refugees: in Saudi Arabia - 0 in Germany - hundred of thousands.... Haha that's funny knowing this year only, the saudi Government is expecting over 3,000,000 kids into the education system, so please know what you are talking about before you do..
+Nat E he in Jeddah we have to wear gown by Saudi low but we can choose what colour it is but it has to be not so colourful (white, blue or brown). this was shot in the old Jeddah area where most African people live and wear their traditional dress..

Who are those black men and women They don't look like Arabs. The city is quite old and untidy....
Child molestor lives here raped many kids Allauddin 00966506783421 he lives Interpol want him. Reward. Fuck your country! I hate you arab assholes.false muslims. praying 5 times a day wan´t make you go to heavenn when you let fellow brothers and sister drain in blood by your wahabit murders in Iraq and Syria. Sick breed. +Ammar AlBadi - a camel is no match for a 10 gauge shotgun; which can be used to take down an elephant.
Allah not gona protect Saudi and other muslim countries because they are going to destroy by their own deeds now a days they are the agents of JewsAllah have plans to destroy them they can not escape from his course.

why did this guy go to the oldest part of jeddah thats filled with immigrants from africa and asia 90% of the people in this video arent even saudi.
It looks more like Afghanistan. I taught Saudi cities should look like Qatar and UAE cities. looks the السعود is spending all that oil money on military and luxury cars.
What a shit hole. Full of goat fuckers and fat looking pigs. Fuck those woman are ugly who would want to fuck them..
Best part of Jeddah. I miss Jeddah. I can't compare Jeddah with London or Paris. I wanna go back one day. I live in Jeddah that's old Jeddah this place is for bazzars we have large malls women don't cover they put full make up no need to cover too much we wear colorful Anya we have our own drivers we go any time we want we love buying we have aquarium we have kidzania we have ski jeddah we have every thing and mostly when we go out we wear the best things and we love to help people and we have activities for teenagers they help people they clean it's like charity and more don't judge u have to see a real Saudi from jeddah.
Why you are taking a video of the Poor Side of the city why you don't take a video of the city the real-life....

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November 12, 2015

Comments about this video:

+Humayun Khan flagged mr potty mouth... have a nice day :-) R -E-S-P-E-C-T as aretha would say... learn it!.
its good to get on the internet, login your anonymous identity and talk shit about one the most powerful families on earth, while your family are just a bunch of dishwashers in some restaurants.. +Raynor I'd dather have a dishwasher family, rather than an stupid Vahabi family with no brain. these people rape children, dogs animals, what ever they can find. what's good about that. So much hate in the comments ! Is it because i live in a very big house and I drive 4 cars ! you people are just jealous. Where are the terrorists.. Where is the Saudi slave trade that's plaguing African nations at this very moment.. Where are the thousands of innocent women and children just recently slaughtered in Syria by these intercontinental group of hillbillies.. Mr Narrator, clearly you have not done your homework here....
+Jimmy Baond by Oil below 30 bucks what you can do is buying coffin and get ready to be burried by Iranians ,in the Persian gulf. :).

صدعونا بكلمة وهابي هذي، يتكلمون شكلهم اخصائيين، تسألهم وشو الوهابية، وش جاب محمد بن عبد الوهاب، و لا واحد راح يجاوب اجابة صحيحة، اللهم وفق هذه الدولة الطاهرة لما تحبه و ترضاه، آمين.
Saudi Arabia is not Oil or Money. Its their People who love their Royal Family and respect the King as their Father. Love from Pakistan.. fuck these people take the oil! we take it from everyone else! and fuck Israel and giving them money ,to '' defend them '' ! poor Israel! boo hoo!.
Wonder if ordinary people in Saudi Arabia would be executed for the same things the Royals do behind closed doors in their glamorous homes, or on their private yachts....

Faisal was a real blessing for Saudia Arabia but now Petrol prices are going Down and West is making all the UnRest in Syria, Iraq, ISiS etc. then it is a matter of time Saudi Monarchs will not be there in next 50 Years.

I have not been in Saudi Arabia, but will visit Dubai early next year, have lived years in Morocco, visited Tunisia and Egypt few times. Shugran..
u might not no this for sure but if arabs weren't exsist, on the west people would still Hits the stones together to get fire.
saudi kingdom is freemasonary kingdom they are mostly freemason members and thats why another reason they dont help middle east muslims, and fuck saudi arabia with its best friend pakistan the land of satan..
I dont know.. why US did not try to occupy the Saudi by defeating them...because that is the norm in world history...British did that on many countries why did US not do it to Saudi anybody knows. Sometimes, I wonder why don't the Saudi just get rid of the Wahabbis like how Philip IV of France got rid of the Knight Templar.. +Dantinus Anytime you threaten or fight someone, they might beat you... they might convince the people or world powers of their side, or just physically win.. Why people seem to be having hate comments and fights on basically almost every video regarding ISLAM, MUSLIMS, ARABS - •Yes, we have BIG HOUSES •4 CARS per house (and If the family has a grown-up boy they can drive so they have a car of their own so that means 1+ car per grown man with license). •DRIVERS are a must! It depends sometimes 1 driver other times 2 but I think maximum is 3 drivers. •MAIDS are a must too each house has 1-4 maids depends on how big is the house and how much family members there are. •BIG FAMILY we have big families but it varies some are 7 members other 11 members. •MONEY we have great budget but thats not what we all care about. •CLEAN we saudis use water alllooott take showers alot (keep in mind how many family members there is) clean ours clothes when we only wear it once •ISLAM we need to take WUDU (long story) in total cleaning our faces 5 times a Day and our feet 5 times a day nose and mouth i think 12 times a day (other than cleaning after eating).
+Joseph Stalingrad why not just take it over I mean why did they even leave them with oil. Just doesn't fit the west profile..
What I find interesting with this documentary, is that just like other documentaries about family or agendas that don't fit the agenda and plan of these imperialists...they never interview nor bring personal documentation from the spoken about parties at all...its always people who have a contrary position and opposition with the topic at hand... when the people speak about the catholic church they never speak about their realities nor do they interview people who hate the catholic church...they always interview people in favor and those popes and priests who coincide with the agenda thereof...what bias, rather what extreme bias there is within the media and what stupidity of people who merely except without understanding.... It is foolish to think that Saudi would be the allay to anti-terrorism.. how can it be.. they are build on the premise that terrorist act on...Sharia and Islam. So is the evidence that 15 of 19 9/11 attackers are Saudi national. US is support is inline with their arrangement of oil for protection. Once the oil exhausted.. US itself will eliminate the kingdom. A ghastly family following a ghastly religion and forcing it upon the other Islamic countries. Truly evil..
I live in Canada and we want to sell oil to the United States but they would rather buy it from Saudi Arabia than us. Why does Obama block Canadian oil pipelines Why do Americans want to buy resources from countries that want you to be destroyed.

+Prairielander We Canadians have more oil than the Saudis in Alberta, but it's not refined and tied up in the tar sands. I WISH we had their standard of living though..
+Ghostface89100 canadian oil is expensive but dont worry canada > saudi arabia and your standard of living is way better canda has a great nature, a good industry, good schools, a free and open society..and jobs saudi arabia just has oil. We don't need oil, there is a very gook alternative, we just need to push past the clout of corporate political machine. Check out the documentaries on You Tube about thorium reactors. They are much safer and cheaper than nuclear reactors.. Could he put some money to be "INMORTAL"' yes I plan to install a therapy center in emiratos,The unique one in the world with my technology in Longevity the only one machines that Works with my codeNEED PARTNERS, PLACE.
What happens when a Muslim bends over to pray and has to fart If he's in the back row I guess he could break wind but then there's the guys next to him. Plus, what if it's a loud one or, worse still, a "shart" What's the polite thing to do I doubt Allah would consider you a martyr if you explode on yourself but then again who knows If you've soiled your prayer rug during Kiss those 72 virgins goodbye! On the bright side the fart would be aimed away from Mecca but there's the possibliity of a breeze. Would you have a limb cut off as punishment What does a Muslim prayer group smell like Would a fart even be noticed.

At 11:39 he says a dictatorship managed by democracy...that has to be the funniest oxymoron ive ever heard lol...if everyone is terrified of going against the regime of course they will support everything. So technically it is a democracy because the populace votes...but it is surely being subverted!.
Why does US take over Saudi Arabi it should be matters of hours for US army. Why is Us giving so much money to Saudi criminals for their oil..
You do not have to be xenophobic to not want another nation's army stationed within your borders. Just careful.
+nelaam Khan because king want take over masjid Al Aqsa from bloody israel an free philistine that's why west an Zionist make a plot to Assassination king Faisel an the west an Zionist brainwashed king Faisel own nephew to Assassinated him.
they have been planning to make makkah and madinah part of the diplomatic world...subhanAllaah...the last days for real....
Most negative comments made her by amiricans and thire pets!! So i,m just asking why Most of the Saudis are happy with the rolers they got and after staying on all this year's they must be doing something right!!! Any way no one can touch this country for u amiricans it,s just a oil holes!! But for us Muslims all over the world it's our most holy part of our islam and the birth place of our profit mohamed,so no matter who roles her we are as Muslims soldiers to defend it from any harm,and by the way i,m not Saudi, i,m just arab and muslim,may Allah protect and keep saudi kingdom and it,s people, ameeeen. sometimes i dream that i am walking along the road when a dog runs out in front of a car, and i manage to save it. then on the way back a large white limo pulls up and says "we are the saudi royal family, here is untold riches and dirty whorebags for saving my puppy". then i wake up. piss poor. but tomorrows just a dream away..
Punch fucking terrorist fuck them one day is coming no oil and that day USA will wipe Saudi from existing.

Is funny because we buy the oil from them and they fund terrorism. wake up our government is a hoax. it only cares of its power..
+veganican we fund them now whats next you're such a fucking moron, you brought terrorism to us you worthless piece of shit.. +bigbadlove The thing about the video is that is not strictly pro-Saudi. It definitely makes their actions more understandable, and that kind of trashes any attempt to cast them as inhuman monsters. But that is the difference between a mature mind and immature mind. An immature mind needs simple narratives of good and evil. A mature mind can understand why someone did something, but still criticize them for them. Thanks to the documentary, I understand that the Saudi family is trying to hold their country together in the face of so many forces that want to destroy it and hurt their people. But is also clear to me that they have a secondary agenda of keeping their wealth and royal perks. . +m goi 9/11 was an inside job Janitors Window washers The cooks They did 9/11.
Saudi Men! Trade your daily FREEDOM for your women's place once a year, you would see what the hell you have been doing wrongly for centuries. Remember dumbass, we are living in 21th Century with high civilized standards, not midi-evil nor nomadic ways thousand of years ago. Give women a break, dumbass! If you unequally treat your own family members or people in general, you will go to hell due to your sin..
If you are an American you should be ashamed for what's going on in Saudi Arabia. While your Government and your politicians talk so much about Freedom Democracy Human-rights bla bla bla at the same time helping the Al Saud family to hold the entire population of Saudi Arabia hostage. Without your Political and Military support those leeches wont be able to hold on to power even for one day. You keep the Al Saud family in power not only for their cheap oil for your petrol guzzlers but also because most of the oil money is spent buying your weapons and spent at your whorehouses your casinos your shopping-malls and most of the stolen money is deposited in your banks. You let the Al Saud leeches to enjoy that super lavish decadent lifestyle while majority of Saudi Arabian population live in acute poverty. In fact its you individual Americans keeping the entire population of Saudi Arabia hostage and ripping them off because what your elected government is doing is doing on your behalf. fuck the wahabis thats why afghanistan hates pakistan and saudi arabia so much because both are fucken wahabism satanism society. SOON all of our cars will be electrical and we will have NOTHING to do with you anymore. So please send us all of your animals, women children and just kill yourselves between men. WE WON'T MISS YOU, that's certain... !!!!!!!!!.
bunch of filthy mud monkeys lmfao,if they didnt have oil deals going on with the usa they would have been raided beaten raped and pillaged 500 times over,but i guess without the saudis who will help usa and israel fund isis.
+jamal jamalington Israel and USA are funding ISIS Really Is that so genius And what gave you that idea. The Leaderships in the following Beautiful Nations are Compromised by jews or are crypto jews. The people of these respective nations must take back control. Find the jew connection to your leaders and get rid of them bc they are not in your futures best interest. What is happening in palestine will be the destiny of all nations if this beautiful Mankind doesnt do something soon. Turkey - Turkish military under crypto jews. Ata Turk, Erdogan crypto jew. The people of Turkey should not be judged just the criminals who shot the russian plane down. Saudi Arabia ruled by crypto jews posing as muslims and beheading people like ISIS. Why should they care bc the muslims look like the barbarians when doing such thngs France. Hollande Sarkozy crypto jews and france has been subserviant going back along time especially in the 60's when france was giving nuclear materials to israel. Germany- To the beautiful people of Germany you've been victims since WW2. UK- This is the base of the Rothchilds. They bought your country in 1 day fooling you into thinking Napolean won the war. USA- Is israels pitbul dog being used to kill all of jews enemies which happens to be all non jews. UAE - Run and controlled by crypto jews. Again, these are ARABS that are jew but pretend to be muslim. Russia- NO MORE JEW CONTROL. THEY DID ENOUGHT KILLING HERE IN HISTORY. GOD BLESS MR VLAMDAMIR PUTIN. The list can go on. This isnt about the White race, black race, asian, middle eastern. ALL LIVES MATTER. HUMANITY MATTERS. If humanity wants to show what it is about then never ever hate another brother or sister in humanity. Rather, do the normal human thing which is filled with love and generosity. Any human acting barbaric is promoting the satanic agenda. Those who post comments filled with hate against a country or a people are literally paid trolls to do so or simply unaware of the real issue making them victims of the massive brain washing thats been unleashed on mankind. If you want to help Mankind spreak goodness and truth only. Do not spread lies or slander your fellow brother or sister in humanity. Come together and unite in taking back your countries from satanist jewish control. Do the research and take the time to understand what is really going on. Ask questionsm, spreak the word. 911 was done by israel. Muslims are not terrorists they are the victims suffering along with christians. May God bless this Entire beautiful planet with peace, love and prosperity for all human beings.. +Humans Unite You are a fucking imbecile. 9/11 was 100% filthy moooslims. Moooslims are not terrorists Well, not all moooslims are terrorists but sure as fuck, 99% of terrorists are moooslims..
King faisal real day i belive all pepole wel no the truth No one king like king faisal now saudi king its a poupet american gouperment.
what the fuck... even in the 40's they said the oil will run out in 10 years...what the fuck is this shit....
King Faisal freed the slaves because he listened to Kennedy's advice hahahahahahahahahahahaha BULLSHIT!!!.

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January 3, 2016

Comments about this video:
This video is amazing. But what I love the most is the Saudi house. Everything is in order and clean. Mashallah. I want to visit this blessed land inshallah. . well done sister i like your answer what u give to her in the video.islam basically teach us to cover ourself and not wear tight clothes in the public and specialy those clothes who reveal body shape of the women.many westren cultre the are trying on the mulims women to avoid the habaya or veil.but i appriciate you.thanks ALLAH BLESS YOU AND YOU CHILD.. I liked the video, it is must showed to other women across the world, it covers most of the basic way of living as woman in Islam.. in this video is mentioned that music is considered forbiden in islam. Isn't also forbiden to represent living creatures in art form like cartoons or paintings . 2 xtian615... Prophet S.A.W said, "From among my followers there will be some people who will consider the use of musical instruments [ma'aazif] as lawful. ("And Istafiz [literally means: befool them gradually] those whom you can among them with your voice (i.e. songs, music, and other call for Allah's disobedience)..." (Qur'an - 17:64) Singing produces hypocrisy in the heart...I gave up music 4 Allah sake..Y can't u.
Am american and its nice to see videos like this so many americans can change their views on saudi people. God bless her soul..
2 xtian615 Thats What She Meant. She Doesn't Have To be Ultraa Precise, Bekasue She Is not Talking To A 2 Year Old Child Where All Has To be Made Kompletely Klear On The Akkount Of The 2 Yrs Old Child's Wisdom Level Of Understanding Beeing Zero Almost. Hope You are Not 2 My Dear Brother.. 2 vnobre Indeed It Is But She Is Not Drawing But The Kids Are Watching For Ejukational Purposes. Allah Knows Best Non-The-Less. PS: Many Are Saying Real Life Form Pics Are Haraam Only, But It is Dependant On The Intentions, I Say It Again, Allah Knows Best.. oبسم الله الرحمن الرحيم لا اله الا الله محمد رسول الله I Invite All Mankind To Accept Islam, My Dear Mankind Wake Up And Realise That We Shall All Leave This World, Ask Your Selves, Have Yous Taken Time Out To Seek The Truth And Follow It Have Yous Done Anything For Your Here After.Life On Earth Shall Be Over Soon, But The Here After Is Forever. May Allah Guide All To the Truth & Give All The Strength To Follow It. InshaAllah. Salaam All.
oبسم الله الرحمن الرحيم لا اله الا الله محمد رسول الله I Invite You All To Accept Islam, Come My Dear Mankind For You Only Have Till Your Last Breath Thus Seek The Truth B4 Its Too Late. May Allah Grant All The Stregnth To Seek The Truth & Follow It. inshaAllah May The Peace & Blessings Of Allah Be Onto You & Your Family. Salaam All PS: See This For Explicit Proof That Zionist Jews Did 911. /watchv=K5NXoTxBHBM.

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November 14, 2015

Comments about this video:

+THE AMERICAN PATRIOT I am Saudi, and I agree with you but as long as the women are happy with it it's okay, I think they should have freedom to do everything they want, but it's not my choice..

+jack uae in a civilized country, you cannot abuse your own animals or wives or children... That's why Saudi women's right issue shocks civilized people in the west....
+serious black Unite Fuhahahaha... Saudis will look upon you less than a street dog's poop. Average Saudis have more money than 1,000 pathetic Pakistanis could ever earn in their lifetime combined. Go to Saudi, they will rape you Pakistani housemaids, boy or girl, and torture you to death. Enjoy your pitiful Pakistani life in Saudi, go ahead kiss their rear end!. Americans see it as such a huge problem that women in the Middle East must wear the Hijab/Veil and Abaya to cover themselves due to their religion. Myself, I have no problem with it as I'm accepting of their tradition due to their religion. If someone has a problem with it, keep it to yourself and respect them as they wear it for a reason. I've heard that the reason was to cover up and hide their inner beauty (their body and hair) from men so they can look at them and be attracted to their actions and characteristics rather than looking at their body and like, "Damn, she has a nice body, I want some of that". I mean yes, it's been going on for as long as humans have been in existence but then, if that's how they find the right person in their life, let them live the way they want and dress the way they want.. Why on the westers are very obsessed to change the Saudi Arabia's lifestyle, traditions and culture why do you want us to be a copy of your life each country is distinct and different from the others.. what the hell of course we will change but that doesn't include giving up on our religion because we believe in it strongly regardless what you are thinking of us ,who cares what others think of him, in terms of peculiarity, I believe there's nothing more exotic than marriage equality, I guess that's the repercussion of the limitless freedom that you have, I believe mankind needs boundaries to live straight or else the universe will be a dirt and a disgusting place.
+alhanof abdullah I don't need your help because i am free. It's you who needs to be shown that there is not called allah. He is just an invention of muhammad and you have allowed yourself to believe that lie..

+Prince Makaveli I'm sure he is but that doesn't change the fact that he was a figment of muhammad's imagination. Hopefully you will embrace reason one day..

+Abins Abinb Yup, you people rape your own mother(s), that's what I heard... Knock yourselves out!!.
+Captain Yoda that's what you heard you can heard anything in this life even the animals that's doesn't mean anything so I don't care about what you heard.
Are u people stupid when someone keep telling you I'm happy that's mean he's fucking happy.

I think why now world see Saudi culture Saudi culture Alhaodolillah a great culture but people not see non Muslim countries and Muslim countries why rape case a biggest different.
+Matthew Gaming 10 Your concept of freedom is different from the concept that we have. This is all well and good. And I do not think you are jealous of us or our way of life. just saying... (-:.
they Believe we live in the desert and then called us backward! just go and get a little information for your poor mind Dear loser.
In what world Saudi Arabia is an "Important Country" L-O-L How much she got paid! well, as long Saudi have money probably a lot.... If someone don't like saudi go to your country don bark on holy country. everywhere is different culture different roules.. You liberal british and u.s.a cunts always wants to change everyone you dont like and want to slut down anyone you feel is conservative and decent. whether its bad or not its not your business, mind your slutty and individualist whorish community please and fuck off.
saudi arabia has a mistake that they say YOU HAVE TO DO THINGS instead they should say every one has his own dissuasion and that islam doesn't say you have to cover up its the women choice either to cover or not.
Saudi fighting ISIS what a fucking joke they helped creating it along with the CIA, the SAS and the ISI ISIS is just a modern Ikhwan. And the Kingdom being an Important oil producer what a load of nonsense Venezuela has the largest proven crude resources in the world next to that comes Russia. And both nations are secular democracies. This sandbox adventure is just plane insane.. Kent mecleod you are great guy great people always thinks great. illiterate people will use critical bad language. Stop wearing the hijab. You disgust me. American woman wearing the hijab. Get lost. .
Why do you want us to change exactly Why do you care :/.. Do you accept the same thing from us if we want you change.. I think every country and every body can do what they think is right.. So please.. I think it's none of your business at all...

We are in state of Kuwait a modern liberal country believes in (live & let others live) that's it too sample ^_^.

The 200 that disliked the video this message is for you Dislike a video about your country and look at people who hate your country HOW DOSE IT FELL HUH!👎🏽👎🏽👎🏽👎🏽👎🏽.

Why do you want us to change exactly.. Do you accept the same thing from us if we want you change.. I think every country and every body can do what they think is right.. So please.. I think it's none of your business at all...
Boys, covering up is so trivial matter in this islam hell called Saudi... Saudi routinely beheads hundreds of people on the street per year... for non violent crimes. If you want to change your religion from Islam, you will be hanged... and of course, die from it... Migrant workers abused and executed for not obeying their bosses... heard of that Why don't on the west media cover these things instead Wearing hijab That's such a minor issue there! Islam is such a "peaceful" religion....
Why do you want us to change exactly Why do you care :/.. Do you accept the same thing from us if we want you change.. I think every country and every body can do what they think is right.. So please.. I think it's none of your business at all...
Change is happening ,, That is true I only care about three things regarding change : 1- it must take as long as it needs, not necseserly fast. 2- must come from inside the socity and Saudi people. 3- It aims for the best of Saudia Arabia..
at least are you fucking kidding me I have 300Mbit/Sec fiber in my home. what's your internet speed bitch.
im saudi girl, happy for everything, im talking here.. so happy, yea, i live normally as everyone, go for shopping, visit firends,doing almost everything as u do but with Islamic ways, what is the different ummm i wanna drive only lol ):.
+Al-Putin56 Vladimir well that doesn't actually happen maybe if it does it's super rare, but it's only a choice for the girl family they can reject but for the male, he doesn't need require his family to accept and if the girl family doesn't like the guy which is rare, then they most likely to have a reason for that and it's better for the girl, though you may find this bad because in your calture you get to have a gf and what so, go out, maybe have sex "Then " get married, but here you can't do these stuff unless you already getting married so technically it won't mater cause the girl and the boy don't even know each other yet "edit" to make it more clear before you get to know the boy or the girl you your family most already accept or else they won't meat each other and won't know each other .

+Donger Master As i know from Saudi friends, marriage is the most complicated thing in your country and your culture. What you described is more common maybe for Jeddah where people seem more open minded. The rest Saudi Arabia is the epic tribal community where marriage is commodity-money-lineage agreement. Seeking in marriage is like job interview. Marriage for foreigners are not allowed, even for muslims unless its relative. is it bad for those who satisfied with it, no, it's not. But those who not agree, (and i speak about women which marriages were prevented) must let get out from the country passing over the guardian system. those who want to live another life, study abroad, marry abroad, they also must let go out. .
ماهي الحكمة من ارتداء النساء العباء والحجاب... الحكمة لكي لا تفتن الرجال بجمالها ولكي لا يكثر الوقوع فالزنا.. مثل بسيط.. لو جبنا قطعتين من اي بسكويت الاول مفتوح ومؤكل منه والثاني جديد ولا يؤكل منه ولم يفك من غلافه! اكيد العقل البشري سيأخذ الثاني... والمراه عندنا فالسعودية في افضل حال ومترابطة ليس مثل القانون الامريكي الذي يسمح للولد او البنت عند بلوغ 17 سنة ان يطرده ابوه من البيت... فكروا قبل لا تطرحون ماوضيع ليس لها قيمة ولا فائدة. انظرو الى سوريا الاطفال يذبحون ويقطعون والى اطفال بورما يحرقون بالنار لانهم مسلمون الا يحرك هاذا في فوادكم شي... اين حقوق الانسان من سوريا وبورما.. دعوكم من المراه السعودية فوالله انها معززة مكرمه في بيتها ويتها كل شي وهي في بيتها وان لها التقدير والاحترام الجليل... واعيدو النظر في فكركم ونظرتكم للمراه العربيه المسلمة... والسلام عليكم ورحمة الله وبركاته... . Ironically enough this absolute dictatorship manages to run its country a thousand times better than the democratically elected US presidents..
Insha"allah to my ancestry Saudis my people know there way WalaeikumSalaam Ana"La"aaRif who cares we mãw3zããh na3am ana:).
what about fags marriage in America 😂😂😂😂and that's the result of separating the religion from life.
Not gay. I've probably fucked more white girls than you can even fucking dream off. I was also talking about the reality of w/e shit hole you come from. You guys fuck GOATs, in my book that's worst than fucking dudes. Keep on fucking your sandy goats.

hold up, who said that the prophet was that conservative people often mix up between tradition and religion. The niqab has more to do with tradition than it has to do with religion, on the other hand hijab is indeed part of the religion. but in the end everyone is free to do or think what they want, after all Islam teaches us to be accepting and tolerable of others. :).
You really know nothing about Prophete Mohammed and how he was living! Please, stop saying things you don't understand!. According to the FBI List of muslim terrorist organizations 26 out of 27 terrorists groups are Sunnis supported by Saudi Arabian Wahhabi regime. Regime change in Saudi Barbaria will help world peace..
and yes the american invasion is already ruining our calture our teenages all or 90% of them are open minded who are on social media who like the american calture so technically we are fucked in 15 years from now , not to mention the saudis next king will be a grandson, from the founder, not his son, so he will be younger.

i'm saudi and this video not showing the real life in saudi arabia (( to the west)) get away from us we are very happy with our country if you think that we are sad cuz we dont have bars and bad things such as you, you are very rong okay we are a hold Community and you cant shredding us..
I am a Saudi woman. We do not want to change our customs. By the way, Hejab what you called cover is one of the most important obligation from our religion. We worship Allah by wearing it. It protects us from greedy men. Unlike you Americans, we do not have boy friends and we will never. American girls have several relationships in their life. They might have children and refer to themselves as singles. How stupid and crazy idea. We have only husbands who can not see any woman except us. That why our relationship lasts longer and in secure way. We are satisfied the way we live. That is the right Islam and we will live it. We are happy unlike many non-muslim people who suffered from depression or what ever. We can learn, participate in our society but by own way not yours..
+Khadija Al-h Look who is generalizing on all Saudi women!!!! It seems your name is Islamic but your ideas are not. So, if you believe in the "on the west Democracy", which I think you do, why don't you respect the laws that most Saudis "Men and Women" agree on!!!! I don't see a big difference between your ideas and the other fanatic religion groups who want the whole society to live base on the desire of minorities. Let me know your opinion of some Muslim women who choose to wear Niqab ,for instance, in France, which as you know it is against the law Are these women free to wear which ever cloth in a country that claims freedom and democracy if you believe that these Muslim women are wrong because they are disrespecting the French laws, then WHY DON'T RESPECT THE SAUDI LAWS لا كلام بعد كلام الله { ولن ترضى عنك اليهود ولا النصارى حتى تتبع ملتهم قل إن هدى الله هو الهدى ولئن اتبعت أهواءهم بعد الذي جاءك من العلم ما لك من الله من ولي ولا نصير}.

We in saudi arabia my sister not bitch look like amircan or german or france or australia hahahaha .

+graphficker i think what's my buddy was trying to say is, your sister wear bikini, showing her boobs and ass or wearing tight shorts, yoga pants, that you can actually see how big her boobs and how her ass look like, so that in his book is a slut, but for him his sister cover up so none gets to see her "boobs " " ass " so no man can see her boobs or ass until she is married ,.
U fuckin fools saudis first try to keep ur woman in controle u r woman r fucked by many dickes u assholes.
Saudi Arabia's government is basically a second ISIS. Same Wahhabi Sunni Islam ideology; death for apostates, no freedom of religion, public amputations, even cross amputations. Awful.
whats wrong with the comments the women's are happy by following their religion! stop judging people from what they wearing. you like freedom ,don't you this is our freedom so fuck off..
ًWhen the on the west media will stop interfering in the middle east about how we wear and our lifestyle Mind your issues and we mind ours. The on the west media as a whole don't have any hot subject to earn money from except talking about Muslims and the Arabs, Just leave us alone. And yes, Why you always right Why you the only people know how to live their life efficiently.
on the westers admire that the change will never happen and the reason is that the Arabs issues are always very complicated and very different from the other world issues, and this is known since the dawn of history. In fact, Arabs habits will not change in any way at all whatsoever, the only thing that will change them is Islam. Omar (a senior Sahaba of the prophet Muhammad) used to say: نحن قوم أعزنا الله بالإسلام، فإذا ابتغينا العزة بغيره أذلنا الله We are a nation(Arabs)that God has made praiseworthy via Islam, and if we were to seek this pride in anything other [ie. wealth, political power, education, etc.] than Islam that God would belittle us. .

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January 5, 2016

Comments about this video:
So you've mis-pronounced names, you've got facts wrong, their's no sources, and this is generally bullshit. And you're supposed to be the feckin' door to the world for Americans.. i'm a women from Saudi Arabia and we can talk with men if i'm at work or shopping..etc we just don't talk with men to chat just we really live an amazing life but in the same time we still follow our religion roles for me and my sis have 2 drivers 2 housekeeper we go to collage 5 days every weekend we love shopping i mean we are having normal live here don't make it seems something bad !!!. +rann j and to me it just seems that you are butthurt, bc i haven't criticized a. your country b. your way of living c. your religion, just the absurd way you are thinking..
bullshit, u want to force your on the west life style on other people! every culture has its own traditions and culture that they enjoy. stop feeding hate between nations.
I live in Saudi Arabia. Women can shop anytime they want. In fact go to the malls and bazaars and you will find it teeming with women 24/7. Women don't have to cover entirely. They must wear a black Aabaya (gown) but they can uncover their hair if they want to. You are right about theatres and cinemas. There are some comedy theatres in Jeddah though, but I don't like them anyway..
uncover allowed feen bas ya 3am wallahi saudi is the the crown to every muslims head may Allah protect it and its people.

Whys is it that every time I come to a video like this, I look at the comments and they are just filled with people arguing and cursing. Why cant we just have a logical and respectful conversation.
+16nwb1 here on youtube youve got a variety of ignorants, people that are highly affected by the media and stereotypes even if you tried talking some sense to them they'll shame you and categorize you...
I live in Saudi Arabia. Women can shop anytime they want. In fact go to the malls and bazaars and you will find it teeming with women 24/7. Women don't have to cover entirely. They must wear a black Aabaya (gown) but they can uncover their hair if they want to. You are right about theatres and cinemas. There are some comedy theatres in Jeddah though, but I don't like them anyway..

+salma Something is wrong here. The very exact same thing is copied and pasted by another user called +Mahmoud Hamra on this comment page. Word for word. Somebody is making fake accounts and putting false information.
1-we don't pray 30 min for each ! 2- women can talk to men in public. 3-women can shop anytime they want !!!! 4-women dont have to wear full black Abaya to cover all of her body tho! In the end i'll drive my mom, sister ,wife or even my daughter to any place they want and please mind your own business. Im a 19 years old girl from Saudi arabia. and I'm not being HARSHED in any form I'm completely ok with what i wear and with not driving because i have my own driver and car in any time i need. second, we don't need bars and alcohol to be entertained.i go out with my girlfriends every weekend and dance and party and go out all night believe me, us girl can get entertained with out boys involved or can't we. and dear stores is shut for only 15 min so we could all go to pray INCLUDING the staff.and yes i would like the websites being reported we have small children and we care about what they watch, u see and like any other country in this world WE have problems the WE'LL solve it by ourselves.please stop talking about our life style like it's tragedy. we're perfectly fine. god bless our country.
+Kiba fuck the occupition you have a wrong think about palestine...please think and see what are happening in gaze..the babies is dead every day from the you can write قتل اطفال غزة في الحرب..and give me what are you thinking after it...and if you would to come the muslims and all who be in jerusalem would (and im shour) they will take you like a guest in his home..and i will be the firs one who make you eat kidreh.. and you will think in this thing..and thank you for interesting😃😃.
I don't know why you guys are so into our country. I mean we are happy and comfortable about the lifestyling there, so how about if i talked about your country First you drink to forget that you're sad (but you drink all the time) which mean that you're the one who have a fuckedup life, you pray only in sundays and sometimes u forget about it, young girls lose their virginity before marrige I mean i always thank god to born in saudi arabia. Plus i'm a women and i'm happy stop acting like you know us and u feel for us. WE ARE FINE.
+The Abnegationist Due to their brainwashing from youth, they are taught islamic supremacist values and are very absolute in their thinking. It is tunnel vision. Many won't entertain a different world view. The ones that do break the indoctrination can be put to death. It seems to be usually the ones from affluent families who have no problem following their religion as the state deems it as law. The poorer majority are suffering. The kings drink up all the oil's wealth and spend on many things we on the westers enjoy. So in Lama's view, we are the crazy people. We are incorrect and can not be tolerated. It is a kind of racism or fascism. According to her, we stay in our hole and she in hers unless her religion dominates. Only other country that behaves like this is North Korea. But they don't sit on huge oil deposits so the on the west media doesn't shy away from shaming them..
+The Abnegationist "I would let Lama rape me anyday anytime" LMAO... pretty sure not even Llamas would rape you with that mentality. BTW. the current girl on her picture is Cindy Kimberly X'DDD. I almost read all the comments in here it's a bullshit... What kind of freedom u want guys.. You want our women be like yours women Really!!! I sow all a woman's like US for example they all cheap you can sleep with her for 20$ When you go in the beach you see all the girls there naked..! What kind of freedom is that huh!! I'm sorry guys but your women's r a cheap meat you can't compare between our women and your women 😊 Peace.. +Hạnh-Minh Nguyễn Thats what they believe from the media or whatever they got that from. fucking trolls.. Man... Unless u take a good look... Please dont u ever talk about saudi arabia again. Most thing u mentioned r wrong.. Saudis are also the laziest workers on earth.. the most hypocrite people on earth.. Praying 5 times a day but not actually applying the values in real life.. Saudis are one of the most racist, arrogant people on earth. They are full of themselves.. they see foreigners as second class citizens but they totally depend on's hard for them to accept the fact that foreigners are better than them.. A lot of Saudis also break a lot of rules. Many of their citizens drink alcohol, use drugs, men committing homosexuality, etc.. Saudi men see foreign men as someone they can have sex with.. There are so many gay Saudi men who cannot even express themselves in public.. Also, Many of them also skip praying.. Even their religious priests break a lot of rules.. these are just few of the worst things a lot of Hypocrite Saudis hide to the world... +purpleprinc3 so terrible I don't wanna work in your country anymore.. fine, not all are racist or disrespectful to foreign workers, unfortunately majority of Saudis do so.. you can't blame me for saying this.. This is what I saw and experienced.. And I want the world to know how "majority" of Saudis treat foreign workers..just recently one Saudi journalist called foreign workers a "dangerous virus".. and thankfully there's another who defended them..still, I would say, majority, if not all, Saudis are racist..😒. +Marco Paite What you said was pretty much spot on. I'm not saudi neither live there. Thank goodness. Better go to another place to work..
1-we don't pray 30 min for each but 30 for total ! 2- women can talk to men in public. 3-women can shop anytime they want !!!! 4-women dont have to wear full black Abaya to cover all of her body tho! In the end i'll drive my mom, sister ,wife or even my daughter to any place they want and please mind your own business I don't mean that ur wife might be cheating you now with other man ! no offense..

this is bullshit. We don't pray 30 mins each time, we pray 30 mins a day in TOTAL. also women now can drive, and you got all your info wrong! check Saudi's TV channels, there are female reporters and everything. the only thing you might not like in Saudi Arabia is that women have to cover their heads up beacause that's what Islam teachs us and that because Saudi Arabia is Islamic country. people in Saudi Arabia have FULL high speed Internet access but the sexual sites are blocked and any try to enter them may put you in a trouble. generally Saudi Arabia is a great place to live in and they have A LOT of rights.

+Syrian BoyZ You seem like a good guy to me. We both started off pretty heated and angry in this debate but yes I respect your views. Even though I disagree with a lot about Saudi Arabia regarding human rights, I won't impose my ways on you since you don't impose yours on me. Be well my new arab friend..
+MrIBERIELI Yes I am happy I just sat down with a delightful cup of tea, how's your wish of destruction and death of over 30 million people going my dear chap . It's because Saudi Arabia use the Islamic law, the rule are made by Allah Subhana huwata'ala.. and guess what Saudi Arabia is the safest country in the world, every woman there walk with secure because the law, It doesn't like America, where everyday we listen about rape, robbed store, the political chaos, when you walk in Saudi Arabia you will never think about that all.. Imagine if every country in this world use the law of Allah, not the law of the on the west.. maybe police will get unemployed.. world will full of peace Insya Allaah...
+Hanifah Bahanan Just fuck your islamic law. this is satanic laws. your Alah isn't god. Fuck your satanic sharia and fuck your jihad. ISIS = saudi arabuia..
That country's disgusting. Hopefully their end is soon. I swear to you Islam isn't that strict. It's all from the disgusts in Saudi culture... Here in America, MH family's living just fine with many freedoms and not going against any Islamic rule. (Coming from a Muslim).
So to sum it all up...Saudi Arabia is a backwards ass theocracy hundreds of years behind the times..
+T.M. Man just mind your own business, if you really want women to be free then let me date your sister.. Again never believe someone who never lived there.. Women can shop 24 hrs 7 days a week and they can do as many activities as any women does ( shopping, work, gym, women social events..etc) plus women not obligated to wear Abaya ( they can wear what they as long as it covers the WHOLE BODY ) stand up comedies there & theaters are there for cultural & learning purpose.. Plus women can't drive yes it's true but they got their Chauffeur :(. Public beheadings, state religion, censorship, oppression. Nice... 😱 Saudi is one of the top porn-seeking countries in the world. Particularly beastiality, ie with goats, cows, dogs, cats, chickens, etc. Weird..
i say use public executions and people might think twice. insted, we have idiots in on the west countries murdering then living in a 5★ star hotel for few years untill released. what a great punishment Dont do the crime if dont want punishment..
+ameera rahim Capital punishment does not deter crime. You should read about this and educate yourself.. +WASAN BAKRI and that does not make it good or better. wat kind of lame dumbass excuse i sthat an excuse like that isn't going to work! lmfao.
+Serjo777 what would you do if someone raped your mom or your wife or your daughter !!! Would you say that he doesn't deserve death If it's me I will torture him to death but God is the most merciful even the way of the punishment allows you to death without pain.. It's an instant death.

+No to slave system No idea what you're on about.Get the dildo out of your ass and shut the fuck up..
Well I don't know about the covering body thing, but I'm just curious why in black Why don't women cover in a colorful cloth. +ameera rahim BLIND FUCKER, BESIDES THE POINT, SHIT HAPPENS EVERYWHERE, BELIEVING IN UNICORNS WHO SAY : STONE WOMEN FOR ADULTERY DOESN'T HELP DOES IT. I am sorry I get so overwhelmed with bullshit, its not he Muslim its Islam. We dont have the same problems in humanity as you do :).
I love all the saudis getting so butthurt about this video. Your brutal, regressive country is objectively shit, instead of defending it, you should be trying to change it..
I'm Saudi women 1- I can't drive 2- I must cover my face 3- I have to wear black and just black Abaya because an Islamic police said that. 4- I can't travel without a permission from a man in my family even if I was in 90 I will take a permission from my son 5- woman can't enter stadiums to support their teams 6- we don't have cinema 7- they don't allowed us to stay in open court in the restaurants WE LIVE IN HELL . +Bothaina 3 بقولك شو في غرفتي علشان تشوفي كيف دولتك مقدسة شاشة من lg كورية لابتوب من سامسونق كورية كيبورد من ماكروسفت امريكية جوال من سامسونق كورية سماعة من بوز امريكية كتب الجامعة اغلبها امريكية كرسي صيني طابعة اتش بي امريكية ِشاي لبتون هولندي محفظة استرالية نوت اندونسي جينز مكسيكي دفاية صينية جزمة نايك امريكية لحاف من ايكيا سويدي عطر فرنسي شوكلاتة سويسري حلاقة المانية حاسبة يابانية بطاريات يابانية ماكينة قهوة دولونجي ايطالية بس في شيء سعودي قرشة موية :) بصراحة يبرد القلب . You, my friend, have got almost all of your stories and facts wrong. I can easily understand how difficult it must be for you to live in a modern yet hippocratic society but that doesn't mean it gives you the right to undermine other societies and present "not-so-true" facts in that regard. Get a life dude! Peace!.
+Jahar Yousuf most of the thing this dude said are just-so-true..deny it all you can but people from KSA can't stop all bad secrets its society are keeping.. I lived and worked there, and i had the most terrible life i ever experienced in my entire life..working with lazy, racist Saudis.. harrassed by pervert homo Saudi men..that's the truth...
+Marco Paite I agree to some extent about Saudis being lazy and some even being homo. I can't deny those because I too had my fair share of experiences. But by living in many countries what I have learned is not to judge a whole nation or culture by just interacting with a handfull of their people. Every nation has its pro's and con's. But I object to the way this so called "Truth Seeker" seems to potray. Saudis and Saudi Arabia is a good place to live but not the best place on earth and not the best Muslim Arab country in the gulf to live in (The best of the Arab Gulf countries is Sultanate of Oman)..
I'm a woman, saudi women, i can study, work, shopping, visit my friends, go to restaurant, coffee, and i can even travel inside or outside saudi Arab without a man. And if I want to study in any country in this world, my government will buy everything I need for me, starting with the tickets and end up with the place that I'm gonna live in, and guess what they also will give me 2000-3000 dollars on month, even though here we study for free from first year to Doctorate for free, and give me money also every month so i can buy all what i need, and as women can't drive, they Providing transportation for free also. And as a woman living in ksa, I want to say i love how my life is here. So don't think we didn't like it and stop talking about us as if we need help..

We also have hospitals for free and if we need I special care in another country YES they will pay it for us, if u r poor, they will give you money, if you are homeless, they will give you a house, and guess what We don't even have a Taxes ! This all is 100% for free! Why Cuz this is saudi Arabia and one last thing (the do the same also for non-Saudis) welcome to my country.

Saudi ex-muslim here, life literally can't get any worse here, the country is corrupted as fuck and run by extremely close minded people. Now for an atheist like me I could get killed just for the fact that I don't believe in Adam and Eve or Mohammed's flying horse..
what a prat... no cinemas, no bars means no fun cuz everyone must have the same way we do...last vid of these guys i'm watching. Not really if you compare it to Russia Iran China and countries around it it's like the best country on Earth.

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December 1, 2015

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November 11, 2015

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Had to cut this session into 2 parts! The remainder will be up tomorrow and we'll tackle the rest of my To Do list! Sorry.

Paul, for your tinker weapons and tools, add slimeball to some (or vines. I forgot which one of the two it was.), it gives auto-repair..
+paulsoaresjr I know it's moss, but I don't remember if it uses like a moss item, vine or slime ball for the auto-repair.. And I thought it did work on every weapon/tool in tinker's construct. Then again, I don't play huge mod packs, nor look into big mods like that.. +paulsoaresjr moss does work on everything BUT you have limit to how many modifiers you can put on a tool (3) you can add another modifier if you put it in the tool forge with a gold block and a diamond . YOU MAY MOCK OUR MASTER THE DARK LORD, BUT THE DARK LORD IS FAR MORE POWERFULL THAN ALL OF THE PEOPLE OF B-TOPIA COMBINED!!!!!!! THE COVEN HAD GIVEN YOU A CHANCE, AND OUR MASTER CONSIDERED. BUT YOU HAVE FAILED. OUR MASTER IS COMING PAUL, JUST WAIT..
Also, everything is blank that was signed, seems to me a flim-flammer could use such a book, over and over and over again, for anything they wanted....

I think a little aquarium could be awesome in almost ANY base! Also: monkeys, iguanas, and maybe dino eggs!.
You and generik both look more like pharmacists than evil scientists (congrats if you get the reference).
I have a suggestion Paul! I know Necromancy has been a lot of fun, but there's another mod that adds minions. Press z to "commit to evil" in the game, and make sure you have plenty of experience when you do it. After several attempts, you'll get a cool staff to spawn and control your own minions! They're great for digging holes or branch mining..
paul if you want a dinosaur (just lettin you know) you need to get a fossil anylizer and do what I've done find other exotic things... thank you And I love your vids! #pauldeserves9000likes. I... want to know what that contract said. Edit: And you just read that for us after I post this. I should really wait before I post :P Edit2: I wonder how you killing fish in fish form would have looked to someone else... I saw chim's video, and fell off my chair laughing. I'm really looking forward to seeing him get back at you. Please please please ask Etho to show you water mechanics, I have no more hair to pull out now lol. You only need two buckets to fill anything of any size, and you dont need to refill them from another source, just always put the first two down one block apart and the middle one is an infinite water source. You CAN fill in every layer very easily just placing water every other block along the edges, no running water needed. You can empty a bucked of water into an existing water block. You dont need to dig a hole to put it in. . Paul, I don't know if this will ever get to you, but I just wanted to tell you how happy I am that you are part of the Attack of the B-Team server. Attack of the B-Team has quickly become my favorite youtube series, and you have quickly become one of my favorite youtubers. Stay cool PSJ :). You know that ancient sword you have in the display case there is a way to turn it into an AWSOME sword here are the steps. 1: take a normal workbench and put a paper stack over it in your crafting grid. 2:go int your new crafting table you will see 3 boxes 2 on top 1 on bottom. 3:put your broken sword in the 1st top box and put tons of relics in the bottom box then come back later to your AWSOME sword. I suggest you using it outside and stand back another thing don't use it in the woods I will leave you to experiment with that. ;) from your biggest fan. Have you thought about killing a baby hamster yet You have a smaller hit box and you can make tiny, hamster holes using that one mod, micro blocks (I forget what it's called). So you can have a tiny entrance to your secret lab that you can only enter (well until someone else does it as well, but I have told everybody and not single one of them has done it so far, so your good). The only down side is that you have to wait for the morph mod to change you into the hamster and the fact you have to end a baby hamster's life. Huge upside, Chimneyswift won't kill hamsters so if you are disguise as one, you should be good.. +Megacupcake Lelivelt ▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬ஜ۩۞۩ஜ▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬ They are basically an entirely different species, they do not grow into brooders. ▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬ஜ۩۞۩ஜ▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬.
Make a paper rod and binding and an obsidian head for a pickaxe and that will make it an invincible/indestructible pickaxe.

They have a mad scientist/ pharmacist clothing store in the mall on Phineas & Ferb on Disney channel..
Hey Paul make the night vision potions into splash then you and whoevers coming with you ( already forgot who) can stand next to each other and throw it down at the ground and it will give both of you night vision!.
Duplicate arogog chimnypoo is scared you have more use it For your advantage the boss chim is a smelly witch was a giant Black skeleton that gives you a key I watch his videos ill keep you posted but won't spoil it if he dose something he he he it Has all ready started .
Paul u are in danger chimneypoo is planning to do something horrible to u and ginerikb u should alert him too!!!!!.
Did you know in biblio craft you can print books ,well in your store you can make some how to ( troll books, how to be evil books, chim is poo books, players secrets books )and more :3.
You can put a Bucket of water in a water Source and it Will just put The Bucket of water in your hand dump out. Hey Youtube I am a small channel and I post Minecraft theories. If anyone is interested please check me out. I am a very small channel looking for some support. If you guys could check me out that would be great... Thanks... Not carpenter's blocks. Micro-blocks. There is a little saw that can be used to cut the blocks smaller..
Hey Paul, you should make a bar/restaurant in town! You could have Pina Coladas and other food from Food+ :) .

Paul, if you put the water on the top part of the tank it will fill up the tank but, if that dosen't work place blocks under the sorce blocks make it even the get rid of the blocks underneath..
the elevators are used by using the space bar to go up and the shift key to go down. unfortunatly, last i checked, they take away your XP (not sure if it has been fixed, anyone know). kk, i'm watching chim's videos to learn a few things about the mod pack and also to see another point of view and i'm currently just on episode 19 of his where it's not fixed yet.. Paul u should always put balls of moss on your tinker tools because they repair themselves!! Hope it works !!.
1.did you forget abaut theif 2.go back to tropicraft and get more spiders 3.why does it say minion whean it shoud be Igor PSJ please respond to this comment.
Psj! Chimneypoo has a cool biome-changing-flying witch hat and maybe he could change your biome to a tropicraft biome so that all the water around you will look like the tropicraft water.

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