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December 10, 2015

Comments about this video:

Don't click Read more ░░░░░░▄▀▒▒▒▒░░░░▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▒█ ░░░░░█▒▒▒▒░░░░▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▒█ ░░░░█▒▒▄▀▀▀▀▀▄▄▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▄▄▀▀▀▀▀▀▄ ░░▄▀▒▒▒▄█████▄▒█▒▒▒▒▒▒▒█▒▄█████▄▒█ ░█▒▒▒▒▐██▄████▌▒█▒▒▒▒▒█▒▐██▄████▌▒█ ▀▒▒▒▒▒▒▀█████▀▒▒█▒░▄▒▄█▒▒▀█████▀▒▒▒█ You are a rebel, i like you.
.../´¯/)... (\¯`\.../...//.....\\...\.../...//.....\\...\.../´¯/.../´¯\.../¯ `\...\¯`\ .././.../.../.../.|_..._|.\...\...\...\.\.. (.(...(...(.../.)..)..(..(. \...)...)...).) BRASIL NESSA PORRA NIGGAZ.🎧✌🌏🎶.\...\/.../...\...\/.../ ..\... /...\.../...\...(.....).../...\...\...../.../.
i grow up listenin to usher.chris brown in my set but i still think usher is more a better singer and chris a better dancer.
Chris Brown is the best !!!!! Now many singers are using (AUTHENTIC HITS dot COM) to get billion of views. +DrakeFanOVO drizzy Breezy...lmfao A Flake fan,oops i mean A Fake fan.damn I mean A Drake fan or as you would say A Dreezy fan...lmfao, That fake Nigga wannabe/ Jews lyrics and flow are as soft as a Jelly sandwich...smh. Why does Rick Ross's fat ass have to ruin every song he is featured on He is literally garbage a rapping and he has man double D's.. Good music (timeless music) is still being made it's just few, far and in between..this song is that.. Grils would either pick Chris Brown or Usher. I've never seen one pick Rick Ross. He's got 2 tickets for the ball game; one for his left butt cheek and the other for his right.. I think cb is better at being r and b-like, but Usher is way better at being aggresive and party like. +N.A K Lol, ya got me. But i thought ushers main love songs came from 2009 or whenever that one album came out. Guess not. Btw, kiss kiss is quite possibly my favorite song ever, so thats probably why i choose cb over usher.
Both Chris and Usher did a lame ass job with this awesome instrumental. The few lyrics that are in this track,are shit. A line isn't a line here, but three words sung longer in order to cover the part. Rick is more disgusting than ever, with his "flow" gettin worse everyday ( I expect him to have that heart attack any day now). So yeah..try again boys, but next time try not to suck this hard. For those who believe that 172 million hits make this track good, keep in mind that those people who listen to this shit are stupid little kids that would listen to anything you give them..
Ice T, is that you brother I ain't hatin, man, even to this day, i still listen to these guys, but i can only listen to their older tracks, wich had a different vibe, and actual lyrics. Nowadays it's just "Bitch, let's fuck, come get yo money". Take care bro. ▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬ஜ۩۞۩ஜ▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬ Who's watching this in 2016 ▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬ஜ۩۞۩ஜ▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬. Boa Galera Estou au Som de Chris Brownnao tem nada melho pra mim do que eu tomar um bom whisky ou vindo chris brownem casa na pais de deuz. For those of you who are confused about what Rick Ross says he says Yogi Berra as in the baseball player. I don't know why but everytime they mention "New Flame", I just imagine Usher singing in a glass box, spinning around emotionally... wHY ThE FaHK. I have a great day and night, I am not sure how I can get away her husband. The There There's nothing wrong with that, and a. sidebar I 5th. We have. Who else forgets that Rick Ross is in this song I normally do because of the fact that you have Chris Brown and Usher in ONE video..
░░░░░░▄▀▒▒▒▒░░░░▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▒█ ░░░░░█▒▒▒▒░░░░▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▒█ ░░░░█▒▒▄▀▀▀▀▀▄▄▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▄▄▀▀▀▀▀▀▄ ░░▄▀▒▒▒▄█████▄▒█▒▒▒▒▒▒▒█▒▄█████▄▒█ ░█▒▒▒▒▐██▄████▌▒█▒▒▒▒▒█▒▐██▄████▌▒█ ▀▒▒▒▒▒▒▀█████▀▒▒█▒░▄▒▄█▒▒▀█████▀▒▒▒█.

░░░░░░▄▀▒▒▒▒░░░░▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▒█ ░░░░░█▒▒▒▒░░░░▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▒█ ░░░░█▒▒▄▀▀▀▀▀▄▄▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▄▄▀▀▀▀▀▀▄ ░░▄▀▒▒▒▄█████▄▒█▒▒▒▒▒▒▒█▒▄█████▄▒█ ░█▒▒▒▒▐██▄████▌▒█▒▒▒▒▒█▒▐██▄████▌▒█ ▀▒▒▒▒▒▒▀█████▀▒▒█▒░▄▒▄█▒▒▀█████▀▒▒▒█.

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December 16, 2015
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December 17, 2015
Nov 26, 2013... BwF.html 0.5... CN0.html 0.5 profile/noflame-holdings-limited.UN0.html 0.5. i2

December 9, 2015 It's unedited. Czggomap. #9530 posted by R.P.G. [] on 2005/12/18 20:56:27. i3
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December 19, 2015

Comments about this video:

Had to cut this session into 2 parts! The remainder will be up tomorrow and we'll tackle the rest of my To Do list! Sorry.
YOU MAY MOCK OUR MASTER THE DARK LORD, BUT THE DARK LORD IS FAR MORE POWERFULL THAN ALL OF THE PEOPLE OF B-TOPIA COMBINED!!!!!!! THE COVEN HAD GIVEN YOU A CHANCE, AND OUR MASTER CONSIDERED. BUT YOU HAVE FAILED. OUR MASTER IS COMING PAUL, JUST WAIT.. Paul, for your tinker weapons and tools, add slimeball to some (or vines. I forgot which one of the two it was.), it gives auto-repair.. +paulsoaresjr I know it's moss, but I don't remember if it uses like a moss item, vine or slime ball for the auto-repair.. And I thought it did work on every weapon/tool in tinker's construct. Then again, I don't play huge mod packs, nor look into big mods like that.. +paulsoaresjr moss does work on everything BUT you have limit to how many modifiers you can put on a tool (3) you can add another modifier if you put it in the tool forge with a gold block and a diamond .
Also, everything is blank that was signed, seems to me a flim-flammer could use such a book, over and over and over again, for anything they wanted....
I think a little aquarium could be awesome in almost ANY base! Also: monkeys, iguanas, and maybe dino eggs!. ChimneySwift The Not So Friendly Witch will unleash his full WRATH on you and Generik now so be carefull . You and generik both look more like pharmacists than evil scientists (congrats if you get the reference). I... want to know what that contract said. Edit: And you just read that for us after I post this. I should really wait before I post :P Edit2: I wonder how you killing fish in fish form would have looked to someone else... I saw chim's video, and fell off my chair laughing. I'm really looking forward to seeing him get back at you. I have a suggestion Paul! I know Necromancy has been a lot of fun, but there's another mod that adds minions. Press z to "commit to evil" in the game, and make sure you have plenty of experience when you do it. After several attempts, you'll get a cool staff to spawn and control your own minions! They're great for digging holes or branch mining.. Please please please ask Etho to show you water mechanics, I have no more hair to pull out now lol. You only need two buckets to fill anything of any size, and you dont need to refill them from another source, just always put the first two down one block apart and the middle one is an infinite water source. You CAN fill in every layer very easily just placing water every other block along the edges, no running water needed. You can empty a bucked of water into an existing water block. You dont need to dig a hole to put it in. . Try chiseling the glowstone, Paul! You can get some really nice, smooth textures, and they still give off light!. There`s a way to fix your ancient sword, when you fix it, the sword usable and is really good. you need a workbench and paper to make the worktable after that put the sword in and feed it a lot of relics in the worktable for it to repair. You know that ancient sword you have in the display case there is a way to turn it into an AWSOME sword here are the steps. 1: take a normal workbench and put a paper stack over it in your crafting grid. 2:go int your new crafting table you will see 3 boxes 2 on top 1 on bottom. 3:put your broken sword in the 1st top box and put tons of relics in the bottom box then come back later to your AWSOME sword. I suggest you using it outside and stand back another thing don't use it in the woods I will leave you to experiment with that. ;) from your biggest fan.
They have a mad scientist/ pharmacist clothing store in the mall on Phineas & Ferb on Disney channel..

Paul, you can empty the bucket of water into the water rather than digging a hole and covering it in sand. Also, when you have 3+ water source blocks in a row you can take the middle one to fill up your bucket rather than having to go back to the spring again. But I guess you've filled the tank now so is doesn't matter.

Have you thought about killing a baby hamster yet You have a smaller hit box and you can make tiny, hamster holes using that one mod, micro blocks (I forget what it's called). So you can have a tiny entrance to your secret lab that you can only enter (well until someone else does it as well, but I have told everybody and not single one of them has done it so far, so your good). The only down side is that you have to wait for the morph mod to change you into the hamster and the fact you have to end a baby hamster's life. Huge upside, Chimneyswift won't kill hamsters so if you are disguise as one, you should be good..
+Megacupcake Lelivelt ▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬ஜ۩۞۩ஜ▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬ They are basically an entirely different species, they do not grow into brooders. ▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬ஜ۩۞۩ஜ▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬.
You should put a drink maker in the tank! It would look so cool... But don't let the fish drink....
Hey Paul make the night vision potions into splash then you and whoevers coming with you ( already forgot who) can stand next to each other and throw it down at the ground and it will give both of you night vision!.
Paul, I dont think that that fish popped out of the coral. During the video I noticed that there was a fish that was glitching out in the sand. So when you placed the coral near it, it probably got un-glitched and got out of the sand block..
Last episode you wanted to heal Ziggy. you would have to that with a spash potion of poision instead of a regen potion because Zig is undead and potion effects are reversed on undead things. Just use a fermented spider eye on the potions. Hope this helps!. Duplicate arogog chimnypoo is scared you have more use it For your advantage the boss chim is a smelly witch was a giant Black skeleton that gives you a key I watch his videos ill keep you posted but won't spoil it if he dose something he he he it Has all ready started . the elevators are used by using the space bar to go up and the shift key to go down. unfortunatly, last i checked, they take away your XP (not sure if it has been fixed, anyone know). kk, i'm watching chim's videos to learn a few things about the mod pack and also to see another point of view and i'm currently just on episode 19 of his where it's not fixed yet..
20:47 he said "I need to kill a Nemo" I heard "I need to kill a emo".

I so love watching you Paul, even with vanilla MC I still get so many ideas on new ways to play and build things. Adore this series and have been in the hospital with another heart issue so this cheered me up TONS!!! Any chance you will take a look at Sky Factory too.

you know,in this modpack chim can change your biome into a witches biome very quickly using circle magic..

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December 13, 2015
I print to track then nudge them so there is no 'flam' but this is not sample... BWF timestamps, Hive Guy, Tips & Tricks, 5, 12-20-2005 04:26 PM. i5
What Digi or Avid interface timestamps? Format? - Avid Pro Audio...

December 20, 2015
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December 6, 2015
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December 18, 2015

Comments about this video:
when i learn that sequence/pattern thingy, does the rhythm get faster then it goes into some really fast thing.

December 14, 2015 It's unedited. Czggomap. #9530 posted by R.P.G. [] on 2005/12/18 20:56:27. i9
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December 11, 2015
Dec 4, 2014... The picture on your way, BWF notifies them... Need Noflam Actually Want From Canada Store Pharmacies In Us, In Us Waar Kan Ik Atopica. i10
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December 8, 2015
I print to track then nudge them so there is no 'flam' but this is not sample... BWF timestamps, Hive Guy, Tips & Tricks, 5, 12-20-2005 04:26 PM. i11
What Digi or Avid interface timestamps? Format? - Avid Pro Audio...

December 12, 2015

Comments about this video:

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December 15, 2015
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December 9, 2015

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December 21, 2015

Comments about this video:
È davvero impossibile dimenticare ho sempre ascoltato questo gruppo dall età di 14 anni. grande Mark sarai sempre nel mio cuore .
Me too. The first CD I ever bought was the Local Hero soundtrack after seeing the movie, even before I owned a CD player..
Genius is not a word I use lightly, but Mark Knopfler is a musical genius. There is no music that has been written in the last 30 years that is as beautiful as this. This comes from the depths of creativity, that most people cannot journey to..
It's been exactly thirty years since my friends Jude and Michael Dereszynski introduced me to Local Hero, its director, and his other movies. Happy to have seen Dire Straits in Providence around that time. Thanks!.

J 'adore se Type!!il est simple!! il présente tout d'abord tous ses Musiciens!! il fait fait honneur et les mets en valeur en concert!! Mark est trés modeste!! et naturel!!! c'est un mec super bien!! Que Dieu a crée pour faire parler sa guitare et son coeur!! Respect a toi Mark!!!.

Úžasnej talent, nádherná muzika, nádherná melodie v podání (pro mne) nejlepšího kytaristy.
a mon frère...écoutez cette toune dans une église ca prend une autre dimension...pour toi mon Olivier qui me manque tant...pardon de polluer.... saw him last year at the Terrace Theater in Long Beach, CA. Mark Knopfler, Carlos Santana, and Glen Campbell are the three most amazing guitar players I've ever seen. Beautiful song!. PLaying Local Hero with a Les Paul is like trying to playing Money For Nothing with a banjio. Not good. Fortunately he always gos back to the strat, in the end!. Zelim da me s dvije pjesme pokopaju,prva je Vice Vukova "Dalmacijo,duso moja" a druga je "Going home".. Mark knopfler is from whitley bay not Glasgow get it right he may have been born in Glasgow but that's irrelevant as he was raised in north east England.
Probably the greatest song ever written, certainly one of the best played pieces ever. It had me thinking of my solo trip to Scotland in 1996, probably the most defining period of my life. Local Hero inspired me to get there. For that brief period of time, i was as Wild as the song!.

great piece of art.. but unfortunately don't find it in a better quality or even in the full Live Charity Montserrat concert !!!!.
He played this song with the "Les Paul", first time I saw this event. Coincidentally, this versión I believe is the grateast.. a true guitar hero does a local hero with such humble... mark tells u a story thru his guitar in his own inimitable ways... reminds me of brian may's soft solos.... thanks man... mark knopfler and brian may are virtuosos and yet the most humble of all the guitar legends... listen to the solo "last horizon" by brian may - it will take you to a different world.. simply mesmerising... . This song wasn't released on official concert DVD. Where is it possible to get full, unedited concert. Thanks Craig. I agree - and I should know. I was at the Glasgow show two days earlier! It was equally great!. Another product of talent from the best part of the North East of England. Certainly makes you proud to be a Geordie! I defo put this guy up there with Sir Bobby as the greatest..
Super Mark ! Quelle émotion, quel qu'un mois et je vais te revoir à la Rockhal au Luxembourg !.
Reminds me of the first time I saw the film "Wag the Dog" in the theater. I had no idea MK had recorded the soundtrack. But about 10 notes into the opening credits, I said to my companion, "OMG! That's Mark Knopfler!" One of the great soundtracks if you don't already have it.. He's played this on the Strat as well, but the sound of the Les Paul seems more dynamically suited to this song, at least in this type of venue..
podria identificar al maestro sin cantar, solo con 2 acordes. Es irrepetible, la banda sonora de mi juventud .

Might be a bit morbid, but I went to a friends funeral on Friday... this was his chosen song right at the end, none of us knew until we got to the crematorium... moments of reflection, great track... you're not suffering any more mate....

December 24, 2015
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January 5, 2016
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December 22, 2015
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January 10, 2016

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January 12, 2016

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December 6, 2015

Comments about this video:
Underrated guitarist! I think 4,754,850 people that have visited this site since April 30 2012 speaks for itself. I can pick Mark's 'guitar signature' anywhere. I went to see him live in Adelaide, Australia way back in the early eighties, he played the Instrumental from the movie 'Local Hero' ( Going Home ) I remember he 'deadened' a note at the end of the intro ( Instead of letting it ring, or sustain ) he dropped his arm's to his side, shook his head for a second, picked up the time and continued on ( the crowd gave him a standing ovation as he finished the song perfectly! I had chills ) I had all his 'Dire Straits' albums and being a guitarist myself, have been heavily influenced by Mark. He is like David ( Gilmour ) to me, he knows just how to bend just one note with such feeling and lets the notes breathe, he just doesn't try and ram 48 notes in to a bar, proving to me speed isn't everything. I like 'shredders' but, some just run up and down scales as fast as they can, without feeling or, taking the solo no where really. Mark makes his guitar sing and he tells a story with it. I think it was in 'Wiki' that I read once that Mark was doing a comedy skit with fellow musician ( David Gilmour ) and others, was able to take David's rig and sound like himself. A brilliant guitarist!. +Ziggy “Frappanised” Zappada...Well and truly said. Wish I had your insight. Wish I could articulate said insight as well as you..
7:51 look at the guitarist in the backing band as Mark demonstrates how he can play the same sequence of notes several different places on the fretboard. He looks like he's about to just put his guitar down and give up. Like "come on man, give us a break, will ya" :-).
+Lars Pallesen Well it's not very difficult to play riffs at different positions at the neck. But like Mark Knopfler says, each position sounds different..
I heard Mark once said in a intervieuw that sometimes his ideas and solo (inspirations) just seems to come out of nowhere. Like he is the channel of a bigger source that obtains and gives him inspirations. He is not the first musician that says it, John Lennon, Steve Vai, Mozart enz.. All are saying the same thing. For the first time in history there is more known about this secret source. It is called collective unconscious and you can learn to connect with it yourself. Google TruthContest and read the Present with Religion The chapter about the Collective unconscious start at page 73.

+soulfood..You know soul, it's not quite the same thing but Paul McCartney said ' Let It Be ' came to him in a dream..

I can never explain what his guitar is to me...! Me... I know nothing about the guitar... but I know this... his guitar speaks to my heart..! Somehow he has the way to speak to me via his chords and his picking..! This song came at a right time when, I was so frustrated... and then I listened to this one evening... and it calmed me up so much, that it gave me goosebumps..! Been listening to him anytime, I need peace and meditation...!.
As the man himself said, their are those with a talent that few ever atain, but as in the song he says the it is the wood that will ring, and the skill of an individual who can make it happen. It is one of those amazing things that only real talent can put into words that will last as long as the instrument itself or even longer. Mark will go into the musical book of who was who in the music world, the history book of those who atually had that touchand flare with both word and feel for the music. I taught for fifteen years and can honestly say that the best payment for my time was the fact that somewhere I might have sparked the flame some where that will take someone to fame, but its good to know that the knowledge that was passed on, regardless if to whom, will help carry them through life, as another string to their bow, and a touch of comfort to fall back on in troubled times and the good times as well. A wonderful concert to listen to and remember thanks Mark!!!!.
Another three quarter million people have viewed and heard Mark since I was here last 5 months ago! Almost 5 and a half million people have seen this since April 30 2012!.
To me the mark of a great artist is the ability to hook you in and make a connection with a song that you've never heard before as much as, if not more so, with his "hits." Knopfler is such a treasure. I liken him to Richard Thompson - a real genius and legend despite his relative lack of commercial success or fame. People that only know "money for nothing" are missing out..
what a beautiful touch on guitar; the man is in a class of his own!!!!!!!!!! if you ever need a drummer i would humbly audition. I am on face book. In awe, and deepest respect, Val DaPra.
Had the great opportunity to see him tonight here in Hamburg, Germany. Seeing him live changed my entire life, I don't think I deserve calling myself a guitarist anymore. MK=God.
to heiner beisert, Joe banamassa is a wonderfully talented guitarist but just look at the songs Mark has has written. His unique style has made him one the of true greats. As Les Paul once said, can your mother recognise on the radio. how many guitarists can we say that about.
This will go down in the history of my life as one of the best hours I ever spent on You Tube. Thank you for posting this amazing concert..
why is there not a camera just for 56.08 minutes on his fingers i really want to see how the hack he does it all! there's no one better...
yes Mark, they are "milestones", "touchstones", "sound tracks" of our lives, and that is why it IS so important to play them as we originally remember them; they touch our souls, and that's why we keep returning to hear them! They remind us of moments, events, people, etc. that we WANT to keep close to us, which is hard to do because human memory is not perfect in retention, but our inner ear picks up really quick when something is out of place or improperly played because once the song reanimates the memory only perfection will do!!.
+steven hewitt Disagree. If you want to hear the original, listen to the studio version. Sometimes songs played live, and especially with the Knopf, sound even better....

+IMN69 I think you're both right. You need the bones and the hooks that pulled you into the song in the first place, but artists change over time: tastes change; skills change; influences change, and I want those represented in the music as it's being played today. That's one of the reasons to see live music. How has the artist grown with that song Maybe the tempo's different. Maybe they use a different guitar. Maybe they change the backbeat, etc. It's all part of the art. But you need the familiar to be there as well, or they might as well just play things you've never heard before. When I saw Knopfler recently, and he started playing the little flourishes in Sultans of Swing, I got teary-eyed. "I'm watching Mark Knopfler play those great, fluid notes in 'Sultans of Swing,' right in front of me." It was a little overwhelming..

one of the few greats, when you stick with something with all of your heart...your heart speaks thru it...pick something.

Hay tantos mundos y tan diversos, muchos soles todos diferentes, y tan solo tenemos un mundo, pero cada uno vivimos en uno diferente..
Type text or a website address or translate a document. Cancel Did you mean: And you are à moron, but why advertise it Ви праві, він є відмінним музикантом в усіх відношеннях.. +Микола Артеменко I agree entirely, my friend. Mark is a great all-round musician and all his tracks show a dedication in their production. Please ignore the text below it was not sent to you by me!.
Mark is not only a great guitarist, he is a great composer and all round musician. His taste, tone, touch is second to none..

Yes, Brothers in Arms, I always play on Anzac day for my father Harry Nilson, who suffered mostly silently after he got home from being in Changi /Burma railway, for 3 years. He never marched/ went to bed all day on Anzac day. Too much pain.thanks Mark for that song. It means a lot to me. c.yates, S.Aust..
I love Mark Knopfer and every 'lick' he 'flicks' from his strings, I love his voice and the words he sings means so much to me. I love his band, every single man that give us that 'Knopfle'r sound, I loved it when he played with Chet. I cried when Chet left, he gave us love for a lifetime. I love Chet and Mark forever. Lindsay.
Fantastic performance. Intimate setting. Almost like he was sitting in my living room visiting and playing music..
o cara toca muito... mas pô velho, aula de guitarra e discurso de 20min entre cada música... caducando markão!.
Sometimes it is like he´s just playing for himself and allows the audiance to be with him. (meant in a positive sense).
Awesome. One of the best songwriters. singers and guitar players ever. I don't do many drugs, but makes me want to smoke a joint. Wonderful.. Hello Mark...A nice evening indeed...I just hope you have made mates with JJ...and bunged him a few quid..
Mark is magician with words, and admired for his soft and flowing guitar style!!! Excellent work Mark, much respect by all of us in the world of music..

Hard to believe he played guitar on a Phil Lynott song. Talk about two totally different lifestyles..

Yes. Very underrated. Superb player. One of my favorites. You don't hear MK on the radio here in the U.S anymore, unless it's Dire Straits..
I never paid a lot of attention before but the more I listen to mark I can see why They was so Hi on This man!. A couple glasses of wine and the mellow sound of Mark Knopfler. What a great way to relax this evening.. One of my favorite all time guitarists and musicians, Mark Knopfler is a professional in all aspects of the word... a great creative spirit...!.
I love this man,s guitar and songs and especially Going Home. Played by Matthew Gregory at the edinborough Military Tattoo, 2014 is just superb and I think Mark Knopfler would agree. such passion.
La musique -même qui fait débander. Quelle chiasse ! Quel ennui ! Une zik de castrés..
+jj vv It's good that you felt the need to share your ignorance with the world. "Never attribute to malice that which is adequately explained by stupidity".

Not afraid of facing the truth of life and death Go to TruthContest•Com and read ~~The Present~~.
+wasn't me Do not be terrified of death. It's just like going to sleep and not waking up. Others have to cope with it. You will not..
Quelle musique de merde ! Une mélasse mortelle. Knopfler est une brèle. Un rigolo pour les boys-scouts..

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