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  1. December 22, 2015

    Comments about this video:
    I got this from a friend for free last night. He wasn't interested in it and I've been thinking about getting one for awhile... I'm a lead singer and a smoker, so I figured getting an ecig would help my lung capacity some. This one is alright considering it's my first. It's holding me up well. I just need to move on to a better one I guess. I was thinking about getting the Halo G6. Know anything about that one. Halo G 6 is awesome. They have sick products. Check out my page on Halo: Yeah I ordered the G6 kit with a 30ml bottle of Subzero eliquid. Should be here by tomorrow or Monday. I can't wait.. After I got my FREE startup kit I contacted my credit card, told then it was a scam, and they blocked any further charges from them. so I paid 4.95. To bad though, they have the best tasting atomizor.. Now buying my filters from Simplecig, 5 filters 12.99 no shipping cost. that's 7 dollars less than no flame and NO hassle....

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  2. January 3, 2016
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  3. December 27, 2015
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  4. December 29, 2015
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  5. December 31, 2015

    Comments about this video:
    "With nicotine and who knows what". I will tell you exactly what; nicotine, propylne glycol, and vegetable glycerin. Now how about you get your fucking facts straight.. Smoking ecigs was the biggest mistake of my life, at first it was just fun and games, until one day with my ecig clan, there was marijuana involved, we began to inject many marijuanas into our arms, then we proceeded to drink gallons of crack cocaine. Then I died. Take it as a lesson kids, ecigs are dangerous, and a gateway drug..
    You forgot to mention that those carcinogenic molecules only exist in very high temperatures. When the temperature is that high it tastes disgusting and continue use is impossible. Way to report only the tip of the ice berg there. Very unprofessional..

    Going on day 7 without smoking sigarettes because of these. And you know what I can breathe again. No more wheezing, and (at least my wife claims) no more snoring. I start to smell a lot more too (which might not be that beneficial). As for the contents of these things Propylene Glycol, Glycerine, food flavourings and optionally nicotine (which replaces some of the vegetable glycerine). Yes, I do have nicotine in my vapes. I will probably decrease the amount in a couple of months. Not sure if I might go completely nic free eventually, but I just might. Anyway, all that stuff is not burnt, but vaporized. The study mentioned about formaldehyde is a smear. The researcher later admitted that the e-cigs he used were faulty and were pushed to extremes not recommended for regular use. Vapers don't do that. Running a coil too hot and burning the liquid will foul the taste something aweful. I call bullshit there..
    Ok what the fuck! vaporizers can be sold to kids! in the U.S. somebody reply to me! this dude is lying you can buy electronic cigarettes as a kid! 😂😂😂😂 thats whats up.. It can't be worse than cigarettes. It just can't. It's just impossible for this to be worse for you. If cigarettes take 30-50 years for cancer to Develop, then this won't do shit . BAD VIDEOS!! no mention of Vegetable Glyceryn, and he says "and ofcourse Nicotine" is in the liquids... NOT TRUE... you can vape nicotine free if you wish, so only 3 things are inside the liquid PG, VG and flavouring. These videos are watched by many people... and they are VERY incomplete. It's all about health and governments crap.... I m doing the vaping let me tell u I feel a lot better since I haven't smoked a real crig in almost a mth so I think its more healthier to vape then smoke with all the stuff that causes cancer yous news people get the facts straight stop saying we don't know about e cigs u do its just yous blame everything is bad for us. the real killer with e-cig's or vaporing is the classic "Hook and Switch" can buy e-cig's dam near anywhere, but you usually get what you pay for approximately 30 good puffs and they're gone. So, most people switch over to a vaporizer type, and that's where the killing come in...on average 10ml is gonna cost about the same as a cheap pack of cigarettes, since most people vape longer than smoking an actual cigarette, hence you back to the store for more juice and depending on your taste or availability you could be going broke faster than regular smoking.
    +Michael Angel thats complete rubbish and this video is very old the tech has improved greatly and with a bit of research you will discover the costs can be reduced dramatically if you make your own coils and juice. when i started vaping a year and a half ago i used the standard tank system (ego ce4) and 10ml of store purchased ejuice cost £5 which is cheaper than a pack of 20 cigarettes. i smoked for 30 years and i used to spend £5 a day when i smoked (roll my own) a 10ml bottle of juice lasted me 3 days. i was saving around £100 a month compared to smoking..
    Honestly this is stupid. If you look at every single video on their channel either appeal to your since of stupid interest or your sense of fear. I'm looking at the video thumbnails to the right and all I see is breasts, sexual innuendos and fear mongering video titles like "Is Medical Marijuana As Helpful As We Think" This is the reason I stopped following this channel. I thought it was interesting at first but then I could just sense the outcome of the video just by reading the title. Going back to the "Is Medical Marijuana As Helpful As We Think", I could just see from reading that title, that they will shove some studies down our throats and rake in the views because they talked about a controversial subject such as weed. I also stopped following them because of this crap "NASA Accidentally Discovers Giant Black Holes", a fear mongering title that I just had to listen to, but I click on it and it just states that NASA used a telescope to discover massive black holes billions of miles away from Earth. I know you are trying get views DNews, but please get it some other way. The people that watch this aren't going to be interested in you blabbering on about boobies and penises, well at least the people that should be watching it. Appeal to the masses sense of intelligence instead of their primitive need to fuck each other's brains out..
    You can't prevent kids from trying out a cigarette it's in their genes to experiment and to be curious.. So i have this theory that it's actually a good thing that underaged people can get their hands on these things. I'm sure after they have tried this and the curiousity wears off they might try out real cigarettes and just be totally disgusted at how disgusting they really are.. And just ignore them all together..

    I remember trying an E-Cigarette a little bit when i was a little kid. (I am not an addict dont worry).
    We do know the effects of inhaling PG vapor, it's been studied for years and actors were the one's whom first started inhaling this stuff. Then it was used in clubs next. It irritates the mucous membranes with PROLONGED CONSTANT EXPOSURE, smoking an e-cig doesn't give you the kind of exposure needed for it to cause harm. Non-smoking actors and club goers are not dying of lung cancer from exposure to PG fog machines which operate at these higher temps that big tobacco funded studies claim to find carcinogens in. If there is such a worry, then why are these fog machines also not being banned Why are traditional analog cigarettes not being called to be banned Why are politicians only calling to ban e-cigs For the first time in 18 years, I'm four days CIGARETTE FREE! I don't inhale 7000 carcinogenic chemicals and tars anymore and now the more I'm learning about e-cigs I keep hearing more and more about how politicians who have their hands deep in the piggy banks of big tobacco are trying to take this wonderful device away from me and FORCE me to stick with their cancer causing death sticks. I've tried quitting smoking cigarettes dozens upon dozens of times. Patches, gums, lozenges, cold turkey. It's HARD. Due to the nonsense ensuing with e-cigs, it looks like I'll now be buying equipment and eliquids at varying nicotine levels including 0 in massive bulk just in case the government decides they want to ban these devices. I would rather be a criminal vaping than a law abiding citizen force to continue smoking cancer causing death sticks.. depending on the model of the vaporizer all a vape pen is, is a battery with a tank. The model has nothing to do with chemicals. The JUICES are the things that actually have chemicals in it. Chemicals by the way that aren't that dangerous. PG and VG and some juices don't even have nicotine. I think that vaping is pretty safe. . Addiction is good for business. Cancer is good for business. Oh hail our one and only true god, $$$.. I've been smoking for over 30 years (1 - 1 1/2 packs of Camels a day). Now, with my E-Cig I only smoke about 4 or 5 cigs a day. Using an E-Cig and an occasional Nicorette Gum or Lozenge is WAY better than a pack and a half of Camels. So, of course quitting everything would be best but realistically, that just plain wasn't going to happen. Like if you eat Fast Food 5 times a week and you cut back to once a week, it is a significant change to your body's health. Small victories are better than NO victories... E-Cigs could start saving 1/2 a Million people a year. Isn't THAT a pretty big victory. Sometimes i just think the Tobacco industry is attacking e-cigs because eventually it will crash their markets. most of those news are hocus pocus crap.. you still get an addiction even if it doesn't hurt you it will cost you money for the rest of your life.
    I appreciate that the long term effects, if any, are yet to be determined but I smoked for 26 years, tried every form of quit method and yes cold turkey (10months smoke free 11yrs ago) as well. I made the switch to ecigs 2 weeks ago today with zero withdrawal symptoms physically, psychologically once my brain figured out it was getting its nicotine fix (which was the 1st vape on day 1) I have not wanted a cigarette since, other than residual habitual ceremonial cravings; such as, with coffee, after meals, before and after work, these cravings literally vaperising within 3 breaths of my ecig. Therefore, even if it pans out that ecigs are not safe, I choose the lesser of 2 evils and vape. I haven't quit my addiction, I have switched my method of administration and so far I feel 30% better for it; of course I am but a newbie to vaping but, 30% in 2 weeks...freekn awesome..
    Personally I use vaporizers but I cloud chase. Which I use 100% food grade vegetable glycerin in my vape to produce those big clouds for competitions however most juice is made up of PG (propylene glycol) VG ( vegetable glycerin) and nicotine. Whenever I buy e juice I go to small company's that hand make there own juice so I know what is being put into it. Almost all e juice comes in options of 3,6,12,24,36 ect. Mg of nicotine. I use 0 because for big clouds you don't want that throat hit. But for someone simply trying to get off cigs they may use 24 or 36 if they are a heavy smoker.. Yes, is 95% safer than normal tobacco. Public Health England "E-cigarettes an evidence update" said that. And this is the most important and serius oficial work about E-cigs efects, in the world at this moment.. cannabis without Tabaco is beter than both or not smokeing at all. the e fag/cigs can give you warter in the lungs.. 98% of e-juice is composed of nicotine, VG, and PG which is all safe in and of itself. Trust me, I'm from the future. We're not as fucking stupid as you were. . +Luke Cartrite Indeed. You quickly learn NOT to go above a certain temperature because the taste is just so plain awfull..
    Science can not be trusted to scientists. Why because scientists LIE to push a political agenda. There are four ingredients in ejuice PERIOD. You are getting about 7,000 chemicals in cigarette smoke. The truth about chemicals in ejuice. I know because I make my own ejuice. 1 VG (Vegetable Glycerin) this is used in wine production, hand lotion, as a preservative in many foods, used as a sweetener in food, used in soap, and many more ways Propylene glycol Is used in food processing, and creation of polymers. 3. The flavoring agents. These are usually 50℅ VG and 50% PG. The last ingredient is nicogine in a carrier of Vegetable Glycerin and Propylene Glycol. Boys and girls are we seeing a pattern here Where is the tar, where is the carbon monoxide, where is the smoke of burning tobacco. Where is the softening agent they spray the tobacco with to keep the tobacco from reading the paper, where is the ash from the tobacco, where is the salt Peter (potassium Nitrate that causes the cigarette to continue to burn instead of going out as I. Pipes and cigars To compare the dangers of smoking and vaping as similar is laughable on its face. Lately they have said that vaping creates formaldehyde. This is true if you tamper with the battery to generate temperatures of 1,100 degrees Fahrenheit. No one is going to vape an ejuice at 1,100 degrees because the taste of the ejuice is HORRIBLE after 270-300 degrees. People vape for the flavor and to cut down on the level of nicotine. ECigs have been a real godsend and people have gotten off cigarettes when nicotine gum, nicotine patches, hypnosis, etc have not worked for them When I make ejuice I use the USP (United States Pharmaceutical) grade of VG & PG. 99.7℅ pure. In closing these ecigs have been a real God send for people wanting to break the habit of the icky sticks. If a person makes their own ejuice as I do; they can take baby steps and step down the amount of nicotine in very small steps instead of the 6 mg jumps one finds in vape shops. 24 mg, 18 mg, 12 mg, 6 mg, then 0 mg. That is far better than the three steps with Nicoderm CQ patches but using a good ejuice calculator you could step down in 1 mg levels. Baby steps so small your body may never miss the reduction of nicotine. I say again electronic cigarettes have been a god send for those wanting to break the icky stick habit..
    they have been around for 12 years how come scientist still know so little about them seems like they have had enough time to do tests on its effect on the body they need 5 to 10 years to approve a new medicine..I smoked 2 1/2 packs a day for 20 years then my husband was diagnosed with larynx cancer and he was a much lighter smoker then me he went thru surgery and radiation therapy in 2013 and I finally quit ciggs and started to vape so ive been looking up info on how it effects the body and im finding little to no infomatiom on long term effects even tho they have been around for a decade..but I will say that since the day I started to vape I never wanted another cigg again I can smell better and breath better. The study I saw pertaining to formaldehyde, was noted that is appears in a special form ONLY in PG and ONLY when Vaped above 5.0 or so volts. Called de-agents. Their effect on the lungs haven't been significantly tested. That being said, you can avoid that issue by vaping Max VG juice, or keeping your voltage below 5. That study noted zero measurable amounts of formaldehyde de-agents at standard voltages (around 3.3).. Ok i hav to admit to smoking this.It's not thaaat bad if u take small quantities but if u go overboard it will surely be dangerous for your health.Oh and did i say i am 13yrs old😳.
    first of all e cigs do not have any of the supstances like paper and tobacco that burns so lots of bad stuff is gone 2nd all the stuff they have are not harmfull....

    Gapes are totally safe, groups like CASAA have done long-term studies the show that when scientists say carcinogens are produced, it is at an unrealistic voltage level, 7-8+ volts, and most capers don't even go near that voltage level, usually staying under of at 6-7 volts, and even that is extreme, personally, and along with many other vapers I know, we don't go above 5.0 volts 98% of the time. .
    E-cigs are safer than cigarettes. The same thing can be said of almost anything short of French kissing a rattlesnake.. any vape shop that ive ever been too wont sell to anyone who looks younger than 16... sure that still not good, but at least i nkow they deny children and young young teens. Lol would u rather smell an actual cigg smoke or a great fragrance depending on the juice of an ecigg lol... If ur a smoker u prob would understand, if your not a smoker then u understand, if not then u just hate smoking, and if ur a smoker and against eciggs then keep smoking reg ciggs . If you're going to present some factual information, do it properly. three quarters of the information you presented are funded and backed by lobbyist and big tobacco. The formaldehyde paper is incorrect and you're just pushing out information that was used in extreme cases and passed beyond vaping to the point where it was burning cotton and insulators. No shit you get formaldehyde if you burn cotton and polymers..
    I think that it is great for those trying to give up smoking or looking for a healthier alternative but it should not be used as an excuse to take it up. Also children using it is messed up. I would not like to find out that my child (if I had one, me being a child myself limits my reproductive capability somewhat) is inhaling nicotine..

    We'll seeing how there's over 7000 chemicals and other shit in regular cigs I do trust ecigs.
    First that study was based on a scenario that would never happen who the fuck Vapes at 1200 degrees second you dumbasses have no idea what the hell you are talking about so stop spreading lies .
    I love how non smokers are so concerned with the "possible" negative affects of ecigs. Where is the PSA about the "possible" negative affects of clothing dyes, or perfumes etc. If there are any negative health affects of ecigs they won't be nearly as bad as those of smoking cigarettes. Ecigs are saving lives so ease up..

    It's is self justifying moralism in it's purest and most dishonorable form. I find non smokers engaged in this debate really egoistic and borderline sadists. I really can not understand what motivates them. .
    Lol every E-cig user will defend their shit to death cause they think it's all just VG/PG and nicotine, let me tell you if thats the case tobacco is just nicotine. You people are so stupid, heating is a catalyst for carcinogens which no studys have been done on E-cigs to check for yet. There could be well over 1000 chemicals produced from vaping..
    Ejuice: veg. Glycerine, pro glycol and nicotine Cigarette: tobacco and 7000 chemicals I see ur point having the lack of studies but in the long run if u most ejuice a have 3-4 ingredients which are listed on the bottle, cigarettes are way worse, you don't see people making there cigarettes the same way the companies do.

    I think e-cigarretes are a great way to get the flavour of e.g. fruits and chocolate due to the fact that it is easy and handy. Therefore i get the nicotine free ones. And in Ireland (EU) it is illegal to sell these products to under 18's but it is very easy to get them anyway if your at least 16/15 or something..
    while these Businesses ARE LEGIT!! they ARE IN IT FOR THE $$$$$$$$$$$$ that's why they make up these so called regulator!! Sure you WIll Make SUre to regulate Youre Pockets WIth Cash!!!!.
    I still find it fascinating that so many people who complain about smokers and vapers drive their cars around spewing god knows what into the air. I actually had a woman lecturing me one day on how offensive my smoke was while several cars were idling at a stop light and she was enveloped in a haze of exhaust. When I smoked cigs I was always very respectful to non smokers. Now that I'm vaping, I rarely do it in public. If I do, I still respect others and their space but there's always going to be people who will gripe about it no matter what. Some people just like to bitch. My father quit smoking 30 plus years ago, he rarely drank and lived a healthy clean life. He died from cancer this April. My mother has been smoking since her teens and is now 86 and still going strong. My belief is when your number's up your number's up. Til then, do what makes you happy as long as you aren't hurting anyone and you treat people with respect, kindness and compassion. Life's to short to stress the little shit..
    I just recently quit smoking of 45 years by using a vape. That was ridiculous. This is big tobacco trying to make vaping bad. They are losing money. The one thing I will tell you is don't buy your nicotine juice made in China. Only buy from USA. There are plenty of American companies that make it. It may sometimes cost a little bit more but very worth it. I wouldn't trust anything that you inhale made in China. Their quality control is not like ours here..
    Actually, big names like Hangsen or Dekang, have much better equipment and tools for Liquid making. Their liquids are much more tested and they are on a pharmaceutical level. They cannot afford to make bad liquids, because they earn a lot of money and would lose a lot customers..
    Ofc e-cigs are 100 times safer! tobacco contains 43 substances that noone still knows what they do and 4000 substances that cause heart desease and cancer such as many other health problems! E CIGS are for sure 100 times safer! especially the ones with no nicotine inside ! VAPE ON . Btw 2003 mate your way off the mark do your research before you make "uneducated" statements... You guys really need to get your act together. What makes me laugh is shop owners and adults "parents" should have the finger pointed at them if their kids are using Ecigs. What a drop kick the statements made in the media and Ecig hacks really need to make people aware of the quality products not the dodgy products and the products that do have issues need to be exposed simple. I guarantee that no high quality product manufactured under REAL GMP And certified Ops ect...will not be generalised. If anyone wants to know anything shoot me an email. Happy to educate or help.. I am 27 years old, I picked up smoking at the age of 12 (sadly)... I smoked a pack within a day to 3 days tops... Never had intentions to quit. 4 month ago my 16 year old nephew showed me his vape mod cloud chaser (his was 0 nicotine Ejuice)... And MAN! Thanks to him for showing me cause I am now 3 1/2 month cigarette free!!! There is no age limit to buy Ecig but THERE IS a age limit to purchase the Nicotine Ejuice (the guy in the video fails to mention or realize that). .
    Fuck the FDA the FDA is like the same asshole that invented the SO Called J.D POWER AND ASSOSIATES that Swears to have the Best car rating lol kind of like THE BBB FDA TSA FBI CIA ALL POLITICAL !!!.

    Where To Buy V2 E Cigs - Ecig Advanced
  6. January 1, 2016
    Electronic cigarettes are the new alternative to traditional smoking. Electronic cigarettes provide you with the same great sensation of a traditional cigarette... i5
    E-Cig vs Tobacco Cigarette FAQ's - Vaper Train Home Page
  7. December 26, 2015
    From my first inspection it looks to have space for all those important day to day travel bits and pieces. Looking forward to using it on my next trip. i6
    Smoking E-cigs, e-cigarettes or Electronic Cigarette on a...
  8. December 24, 2015
    About electronic cigaretttes... Jacvapour Electronic Cigs. Jacvapour flavour with 24mg strongest nicotine content. i7
    The faux fur problem... | ALL ABOUT E-CIGARETTES UK
  9. December 28, 2015

    Comments about this video:
    You should have given them all a cheap ego battery, tank, and some e juice, then they're more likely to switch, and more likely to become your customers..
    +MarkSKristensen I agree! +UK ECIG STORE You did a great job with the cards - but a beginner's setup would have made a huge impact for relatively little cost - and I'd imagine the least you would get would be a few new vapers - good job but for one day only, you could have done better - so no cig... let's make that no tobacco! Vape On d=).
    Oh shit, those are fighting words. I hope the ecig industry owns as many politicians as the tobacco industry. Well I don't, I just hope common sense prevails.. I really wanna go and have a look at the new shop but my question is is the stock better IN shop than on the site cause site is almost empty! :( and i need new Box mod!!.
    Every day for me since feb last year has been a no tobacco day.for all the smokers out there, there are far better and healthier options,enjoy poisoning yourselves. i laugh at you..

    hey guys I loved the old store...cant wait to come down and check ur new spot out. i'll be down to get some juice when u send my new kanger subox mini I have on pre order lol black and red all day.

    The E-cig Shop
  10. January 2, 2016
    Here at E Cigarette Web we bring the smartest tobacco alternative for you. This electronic alternative to tobacco cigarettes gives you a satisfying method to smoke or... i9
    E-cigarette Starter Kit | E-cig starter kits Halo G6
  11. December 20, 2015
    You can buy V2 Cigs by clicking here. Use the code ecigadvanced to save some serious cash. V2 Cigs is one of the major players in the electronic cigarette world. i10
    Best E-Cig Electronic Cigarettes Reviews |
  12. December 23, 2015
    What is an e-cigarette? An e-cigarette (aka electronic cigarette or vaping device) is a hand held battery-operated device that delivers vapour from heating a nicotine... i11
    Best starter kits - Cigeees
  13. December 30, 2015

    Comments about this video:

    you need your own t-shirt for the upcoming expo saying 'as you can see from that, it certainly produces plenty of vaper'.
    hey guys, i buy occasionally from you guys, i notice you have alot of stuff i want out of stock for months at a time, some stuff i see on there you have never had in stock, when will you be getting stock in on various RDA's and wire etc.. Hello thank you for this tutorial!the clt v1 was my first rda...and to be honnest, i was only watching for the vaping outlaws ohm-meter, i've allready asked you per mail if it is accurate!and Rupert gave me a satisfying response!again thank you...and i'm sorry for my broken english!lol.
    +Sweaty Crow True, but it's the same difference. More coils is more wire no matter what the ID of your coil is..
    Will this adapt to my Turtle Ship V2 mod The V2 is a 510 atomizer connection and I think 22mm in diameter..
    thank you so very much for showing us the right way to build a coil for a RDA, an also for showing that you should us a ohm reader; to see what the ohm is before you but it on your mod. thank you so much. Vape On.

    Great vid, good job. Would be great if you could point people in the right direction for information on safety information with regards to batteries, but otherwise cannot fault. | Reviews
  14. December 25, 2015
    VPN Proxy Access Blocked Sites Browse Anonymously Hide Your IP Address Protect Your Privacy i13
    Poisonings from E-Cigarettes and Synthetic Pot Are Surging
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  16. December 2, 2015

    Comments about this video:
    Priming the coils inside makes sense, priming on the sides doesn't make any sense buddy, they will do that themselves when you assemble everything with juice inside.... I got a quick question to anyone who has enough knowledge, please only reply if you actually know what you are talking about, don't just throw random knowledge at me, as I have already asked quite a few people about this. I got an Ijust2 head, a brand new coil which I primed and let it soak for about 15 ish minutes. I use 3mg liquid, and I still get a quite harsh taste. I am not sure if it tastes burnt, but it just feels harsh on my throat, which IMO it should not when it is just 3mg. My coil is a 0.3, any suggestion as to what is up.
    +TheMikesc15 I have the exact same model and brand. Just let it soak for way longer than its supposed to.
    I also use the kangertech subox mini. problem is I'm not getting that amount of vape as you did in the video. my ejuice is 40/60 and vaping at 15 to 26w looking for the sweet spot. any suggestions so far not impressed with this device.. hey if u find that its gurgling what works for me is take the tank off an just the coil an block the air wholes on the cery bottom an blow threw the top part like 5-7 times then put the coil back on the base of the tank an hold the fire button if u see little bassicly vape balls flyin out that means its still gonna gurgle just keep pushin the fire button till all you see is nice vapor and put on the tank and you should be good to go.
    Thank you for the video. never used a tank, always use a rda, got a tank today and was confused about it. got a lot if liquid my first 3 hits. hopped on here and seen the video. lots of good stuff. THANK YOU.

    I've recently purchased a UWELL Crown tank, and after switching out to another 0.5 that i've bought separately, the flavour tastes horrible, muted, and cotton-y/burnt. This was with each of the 5 authentic replacement coils I purchased.. is there anything I'm doing wrong I've even tried firing them at their lowest wattages and working up over a few hours to my desired wattage, which is about 15-20watts below the max.. It's killing my experience..

    +brycemate What we have noticed with those coils is that they take a while to break in, they don't taste great at first, but once the juice has fully soaked in the flavor will start coming through and taste great..

    Do you always have to put liquid on to your coil every time when you refill your tank or only when you change it to new coil.

    when i use around a 65/35 pg it seems to be fine, however when i try using a 50/50 if i let it stand too long it will leak, not too sure why .
    boy this was one of the very 1st things i was EVER taught about vaping. i think anyone who has a tank knows this. what a waste of 6mins. +Joshua “Apathy” Miller no one told me and i learned the hard way, ruining coils in the process.. +Joshua “Apathy” Miller you dumb fuck, this is for people starting out. Like you, it's one of the first things people should learn. Hence this fucking video..

    No Flame Ecig - Quit Smoking Today And Feel Healthy
  17. November 30, 2015
    No Flame E Cig. Foods obesity cancer, tooth decay flu arthritis ion area in cornea we dont know pregnant. Buy time to charge vanilla battery smokeless is years from... i1
    No Flame E-Cig - UK Overview & Review -
  18. January 25, 2016
    Watch our no flame e cig review and save money with the best electronic cigarettes ingredients also discount electronic cigarette online store i2
    Starter Kits - NoFlame E-cigs
  19. January 16, 2016
    The No Flame Ecig is a new electronic cigarette that has raised the standard for these... no flame e cig trial (1) No Flame E Cigarette Refills uk (1) No flame... i3
    No Flame Ecig | Ditch The Cigs Today!
  20. December 8, 2015

    Comments about this video:
    Great review been using this tank for a week now. It's my best tank so far. Have 3 Kanger sub tanks but this one is by far the best. The flavour is amazing vaping at 50 watts. Love all your reviews. Keep up the good work. 👍👍. +sillydrew77 true, I should of been more specific. £50-£75, good flavour over vapor production. Upgrading from a subox mini.. well flavor will be mostly based on the tank. I recently purchased the JOYETECH EVIC-VTC MINI 75w with temp control. under $40 and all the reviews I found have nothing but good things to say about it and it supports upgradable firmware. I have been using the Sigelei 150TC but want a smaller device as a backup. I don't like I can't temp control on SS and many others with the Sigelei.. Need cloud shots somewhere a bit darker! White background makes it look like it has bad vapour production.. Problem I have with the top fill tanks like this is, what happens if you fill it up and the atomiser goes I presume you end up loosing a tank of juice..
    by opening the bottom section that cointains the attomizer and just pouring juice into the tank .
    been having problems with every tank I've tried, till now 5 stars love it 50 watts on the.4 coil absolutely great..
    great job mate, the tank looks really nice, loving the orange on the coils. glad you pointed out the ability to chain vape, that is something a lot of people miss out, i guess it also depends on the VG content of the juice, what % is the vg in that juice i normally have 80VG and my subtanks dont like them too much when i chain like that haha.
    Got Mine and Loving It :-) 1st time ive really noticed the difference in E-Liquid flavour...Its just so intense :-).

    E-Cigarette Reviews | Buy Top Electronic Cigarette Brands
  21. October 28, 2015
    No Flame E Cig. Foods obesity cancer, tooth decay flu arthritis ion area in cornea we dont know pregnant. Buy time to charge vanilla battery smokeless is years from... i5
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  22. January 24, 2016
    E Cig Vs Cig. Way to Encore Electronic Cigarette get rid of caused well structure giving marley fail this day and melanoma? Tar one can say they can their note... i6
    NoFlame E-Cig / - Complaints Board
  23. October 30, 2015
    Consumer reviews about No Flame E Cig: Dr. H... I filled out an online survey and won a free trial E Cig No Flame Trial for $4.95... Bits and Pieces UK... i7
    No Flame E-Cig Review With Video - Say No To Bad Odor...
  24. November 29, 2015

    Comments about this video:

    No Flame E Cig Complaints, Reviews, & Information
  25. November 17, 2015
    No Flame Electronic Cig, Electronic Smokeless Cigarettes No Nicotine Saveurvape this one stick at smoking lines going MRT i9
    New Products no flame e cigarette refills, 800 puff e...
  26. December 5, 2015
    No Flame E-Cig Review, No Flame E-Cig is the best electronic cigarette available on the market. With its odorless smoke, cigarette like appearance and feel, you won... i10
    No Flame E Cigarette Refills, No Flame E Cigarette Refills...
  27. January 20, 2016
    NoFlame E-Cigs Premium Easy Starter Kit. The NoFlame E-Cigs Premium Starter Kit is one of the most popular starter kits on the market. They are favored by most E-Cig... i11
    No flame e cigarette reviews and Electronic Cigarette Review
  28. November 22, 2015

    Comments about this video:

    I do wish you would do a side by side with other Kanger mods. I have a Kbox original and would like to see what the size difference is..
    Good review, I've now had mine for a week and really like it, however there appears to be a major problem with it leaking. I've read a few forums and this seems to be more than just a one off incidence. Do you think this is just because of the vertical coil in the SSOCC BTW it seems the stop gap method to stop leakage is to take off the drip tip and sit the NEBOX upside down.... +mfkarhu don't make the mistake I did and wash it out under the tap nearly killed it had to dry the inside out with a hair dryer after having it for a day.. I'm from the uk and ordered off the kanger website in black. Says it's a pre Oder but says they have stock are these released now Still waiting for it to be despatched. Any ideas Thanks. i would go with "My Vapor Store" they ship super fast and they have authentic products i got my nebox in a day. Just received mine today. It's wonderful. Great review to. As far as the glass tank, why They've obviously done the research and decided on something similar to a bellcap material. It's not leaking and fits snug in hand. Produces great vaper so what more dose one need. +Le Gros Vape Plastic from everything I've heard. Also checked Kanger's site and they don't say pyrex, so I assume plastic..
    Except for the sub-tank kanger have done ho ha for the vaping industry,anyone who buys this boring piece of junk junk is only fooling themselves..
    You can restrict the airflow easy enough by putting your finger over the tank screw while vaping. Just got my nebox and loving it so far!!. A good product. I'm using the rba base at 1.2 ish ohms. Using a Samsung 2500mah battery. Been using it for a few weeks now with no problems. Only get a very small amount of leaking. Caused I think do to not removing the coil and keeping it clean. I find if I remove the coil head and wipe it clean of excess liquid and wash out and dry the base It lasts a good few days to a week before any small leak problems. Also store it on its side. So as an out and about device I use it all the time now! The paint finish isn't the best tbh but you can now get silicone sleaves. great little work horse device and I'm very happy with mine.. +Sir Penguin pleased to hear you've found your sweet spot! always (sadly) found kangertech unreliable with their products...the nebox looks great but they don't seem to evolve maybe their market is based at "starters" but with the market evolving I'd hope they could of done better than this...10ml liquid capacity on a (1) 18650 battery crazy!. yeah i know right, you cant even use any other decks just their RBA or their OCC coils, even for the RBA i had to switch to rayon to make it work properly but i decided to scrap that and just get a new RTA because rayon left a little bit of a weird feeling in my throat . The tank is made from Polycarbonate, Unless you plan to vape PLAIN VG DONT BUYS THIS BOX! your tank will start to melt just as mine has. Glass is the only way. Here is a quote from Vampire Vape. "Tank Crackers Please note that some tanks/clearomisers are made from polycarbonate which we feel is not suitable for some e-liquid flavours..

    E Cigs Brand Free Trial Offer - E Cig Brand Review | Free...
  29. December 12, 2015
    Go to NoFlame E-Cig / No Flame E-Cigarette/Smoke51... Anti - LSBF tution,London, UK. Today's Mess-Up Photo. i13
    No Flame Electronic Cig - What Is E Liquid For E...
  30. January 4, 2016
    NO Flame E Cigs. Now you can smoke to... Tags: no flame e cig, no flame e cig cartridges, no flame e cig free trial, no flame e cig review, no flame e cigarette... i14
    No flame e cig review and Electronic Cigarette Review
  31. October 31, 2015
    Watch our no flame e cigarette reviews and save money with the best electronic cigarette refills liquid... Comparing GreenSmoke Electric cigarete uk & Regular Cig... i15
    FAQ - NoFlame E-Cig
  32. October 29, 2015

    Comments about this video:

    Should i buy this one or the Mini, i really want the RBA since i live in sweden and shipping to here is really expensive and takes a long time.
    +EmberHound Om du bor i sverige kan du testa :) lite dyrare än vad det är på andra hemsidor men du slipper den dyra och långa frakten.
    My coil head has a bar holding my coil in place and I can't replace it. I have no idea what's up... I have this same vape..
    +Charlie Skinner Absolutely brother and it's so much smoother and tastes way better I don't know how I ever vaped 100% PG hahaha..
    Bought one of these today and had a free Eliquid for £55. I know there are cheaper places online, but as my previous pen snapped in my pocket - ruined my trousers - as I was taking my seat at a funeral I was in a rush to get a replacement. It does drink the liquid a bit, but considering what your getting and the quality of the product it is superb. I've been vaping on it all day and only 1 bar has gone in the battery..

    Hey im really new to vaping and i really love this vape ! But i just have one problem. How could i stop this device from leeking the oil. I dont know why but even when i seal it tight some oil still comes out :/ will be happy if you could help me out thank you.

    Don't know if you've found an answer to this but if you replace the O rings that usually helps and that's what kanger themselves suggest..
    just like to say thanks ordered some beard vape batch 32, 30ml bottle and you threw in some of your pasha peach and love it definitely gonna order some next time cheers! ukecigstore. Hi guys I'm newbie! I been vaping a month now and got myself the isub g tank and keep getting dry hits! Is it cuz I'm using 80vg20pg juice.
    You might have burnt out the coil, try getting a new one and make sure that the cotton inside is fully saturated with your juice :).
    On your site there is a "Required field" for E juice, I don't want tobacco, I don't want menthol & I certainly don't want sweet (As it could be sweet anything) & its nicotine free...C'mon don't force limited choices of juice on us! Would it not be better to have a option for a battery (Kanger Subox Mini Kit) than a required field for generic juice..

    Blue flame eSmokingJacket e cigarette case - Electronic...
  33. January 7, 2016
    Start using No Flame ECig today and love vaping!... Enjoy Smoking Wherever Using No Flame E Cig!... noflameecig co uk (1) i17
    No Flame Ecig - Quit Smoking Today And Feel Healthy
  34. December 15, 2015
    No Flame E Cig. Foods obesity cancer, tooth decay flu arthritis ion area in cornea we dont know pregnant. Buy time to charge vanilla battery smokeless is years from... i18
    No Flame E-Cig - UK Overview & Review -
  35. December 29, 2015
    Watch our no flame e cig review and save money with the best electronic cigarettes ingredients also discount electronic cigarette online store i19
    Starter Kits - NoFlame E-cigs
  36. December 14, 2015

    Comments about this video:

    Hello uk ecig store nice video. I got a question I seen that have been some complaints about leaking on this particular kangersubox. Have you notice any problems on it and if so do you replace the product of is with I problem on it. I'm about to order one for my self on your website just want to know how works if there is any problems with the tank leaking Thanks.
    I got my Subox Mini today and it's my first mod so can't compare it to anything except my usual smoke - traditional shisha! I'm used to huge clouds with massive flavour and the Subox Mini delivers! So far I've only used one type of juice, Perino max VG and very happy with the clouds and vapour. I just ordered this as my first vape. One question, will 20C discharge be enough for that 0.5 ohm coil How many watts can I run it at Ordered this battery: Samsung INR18650 25r 2500mah.
    How are you managing to vape at 40W on that If I go as high as 20W on my subox I just incinerate my throat....
    I had the same problem. If you haven't figured it out by now, you have to open it up to max airflow and hit it hard. Hitting it soft won't cool down the coils fast enough so you get an overwhelmingly hot vape.. Hi just got my kangertech subox mini and I got a SAMSUNG ICR 18650 30B SID1E52 do you think this battery is safe to use with this kangertech mini. Or should a buy another battery Thank you. Please help me with this question. Love you videos can't wait to came to your store to get some juices. Thanks.
    Just bought myself one, it's sitting on charge at the moment! My first box mod so really keen to start vaping!.

    These tanks are amazing not to to struck on the mod, and the tanks actually hold 4 and half mils of juice.

    +w00t40 The 0.5 seems to say it can handle 50w, but even with 70VG liquid I get a burny taste over 30W.
    Sorry if this offends, I really don't mean too but watching the video your voice kept reminding me of something and I couldn't get it out of head. Kept making me think of Bodger and Badger. Great review and nice piece of kit, think I'll be getting one soon. Ordered this on next day delivery and I rang them because I put one letter wrong on my post code they said we haven't sent it but the is nothing we can do about it so I had to ring dhl they said I will get it in about 5 days because of them not sending it at the right time 😡😡.
    Isn't it a stupid idea I've heard about kanger supposedly changing it though, but I don't know..

    I'm getting this kit after that review. One question, I have multiple 18650 batteries and I'm wondering if I can use a 3100mAh one in it or is it best to stick to a 2600mAh one Thanks.
    Just bought one of these, great introduction video. Charging now, can't wait to disappear up in smoke!.
    Am I the only one that got slightly annoyed that he couldn't make up his mind if it's a soo-box or subox! It is a quality little set up though.

    No Flame Ecig | Ditch The Cigs Today!
  37. January 15, 2016
    New Products No Flame E Cigarette Refills,800 Puff E Cigarette... in European countries such as UK, Germany, France... Warranty for e cig mod is... i21
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  38. November 28, 2015
    No Flame E Cig. Foods obesity cancer, tooth decay flu arthritis ion area in cornea we dont know pregnant. Buy time to charge vanilla battery smokeless is years from... i22
    No Flame E-Cig Review With Video - Be Able To Smoke...
  39. December 17, 2015
    E Cig Vs Cig. Way to Encore Electronic Cigarette get rid of caused well structure giving marley fail this day and melanoma? Tar one can say they can their note... i23
    NoFlame E-Cig / - Complaints Board
  40. December 25, 2015

    Comments about this video:
    Lol I owned the snowwolf for over a month I hit 12mg 50/50 juice on 200watts all day believe it or not it hits harder at 150watts as above that it's goes into pulse mode but it's does give you good old spinny head hitting at those wattages lol. Will you guys get "So Cool Strawberry Daiquiri" 45ml By Golden Drops back in store by payday. Hahah may be you are right. There was this vape related issue that vapers inhale more oxygen that they are supposed to. Lol thanks brother. Hah. You sir are a true to the Vape industry! To take a hit at 200watts on a Kennedy RDA is truly a brave man. 200watts to me is way to hot. I have a Kennedy 2 and I cant get past 45 watts on my invader mini. But I know there are a lot of people who like 100 watts and up. Great video and you took that hit like a champ!.
    I dont really undersand the resistance stuff much so can you run the atlantis v2 with a 0.3ohm coil on the device.
    I plan on using a universal matte anti fingerprint screen protector that is trim to fit or a hydrophobic coating to reduce the fingerprints. .

    No Flame E-Cig Review With Video - Say No To Bad Odor...
  41. November 18, 2015
    No Flame E-Cig is an amazing product which looks, feels and tastes like a real cigarette. It can be called as the no.1 electronic cigarette. Now, it is available to... i25
    No Flame E Cig Complaints, Reviews, & Information
  42. January 22, 2016
    No Flame Electronic Cig, Electronic Smokeless Cigarettes No Nicotine Saveurvape this one stick at smoking lines going MRT i26
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  43. December 7, 2015
    No Flame E-Cig Review, No Flame E-Cig is the best electronic cigarette available on the market. With its odorless smoke, cigarette like appearance and feel, you won... i27
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  44. January 28, 2016

    Comments about this video:
    whats the song in the beginning i know its called find x by drilix but I'm trying to find the instrumental like in the video..

    No flame e cigarette reviews and Electronic Cigarette Review
  45. December 23, 2015
    VaporFi is the most technologically advanced e cig... The electronic cigarette available in convenience stores and gas stations may have proprietary components... i29
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  46. November 6, 2015
    Go to NoFlame E-Cig / No Flame E-Cigarette/Smoke51... Anti - LSBF tution,London, UK. Today's Mess-Up Photo. i30
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  47. January 17, 2016
    NO Flame E Cigs. Now you can smoke to... Tags: no flame e cig, no flame e cig cartridges, no flame e cig free trial, no flame e cig review, no flame e cigarette... i31
    No flame e cig review and Electronic Cigarette Review
  48. December 19, 2015

    Comments about this video:
    all of the last 5 pack I've had taste very strongly of rubber, the same rubber the insulators made of, really pissed me off, will have to put up with the last one until my order for more arrive...and will they be the same!! E-CIG might have a bad batch in maybe. starting to get VERY annoyed with the Atlantis BVC coils, the last 4 I've tried out of a 5 pack from you guys taste very odd (not burnt but they have a bad chemical taste to them, unusable) before people start about 'priming' the coil correctly, yes I've done that, not just a few drops directly onto the coil/wicking material but literally flooding it, dry pulls, letting it stand for an hour ect... anyone else experiencing this. +StuFLX yes mate same with my atlantis.i've tryed 60/40 vg/pg still the same horrid seems to make my e juice taste really sweet,almost the end i rebuilt the coil my self with 24g kanthal wire and japanese organic cotton and tbh it still tasted crap.for sub ohming you cant beat a proper rda like the magma or mofisto v2 or similar.havent tryed the kanger subtank yet,but that atlantis has kind of put me off wasteing my money on the same style of tank 😕. update: I don't think it was a wicking issue even tho I'm using 70/30 juice (previous Atlantis atti's performed fine), I firmly believe I got a pack of 5 BVC's with suspect isolators (they ALL tasted very strongly of rubber) the next 5 pack seem to be fine. Hey, great video! Just a couple of questions, what wattage did you have the Nautilus and the Nautilus Mini on Also what is the PG/VG ratio for the juice you were using.

    FAQ - NoFlame E-Cig
  49. December 18, 2015
    Jomo Smartvape bluetooth e cig no flame e cigarettes refills,US $ 29 - 39 / Unit, Other, Guangdong, China (Mainland), Jomo.Source from Shenzhen Jomo Technology Co... i33
    Blue flame eSmokingJacket e cigarette case - Electronic...
  50. December 22, 2015
    Start using No Flame ECig today and love vaping!... Enjoy Smoking Wherever Using No Flame E Cig!... noflameecig co uk (1) i34
    No Flame Ecig - Quit Smoking Today And Feel Healthy
  51. January 5, 2016
    No Flame E Cig. Foods obesity cancer, tooth decay flu arthritis ion area in cornea we dont know pregnant. Buy time to charge vanilla battery smokeless is years from... i35
    No Flame E-Cig - UK Overview & Review -
  52. January 6, 2016

    Comments about this video:
    I hope it's better than the leaking piece of crap that was the original Triton tank. Be good if they improved the rubbish Triton coils too.. +Yaroslav Bobrov I recommend the T2. I've just upgraded from my Atlantis (Which is absolutely superb btw) and it's a very easy tank to assemble and clean. Easy to fill with it being a top fill tank too. Grab one!. +Hitsuke Meh, there's plenty of tanks much better than the Triton 2, even IF they've finally fixed all the problems the original one had.. my tri 2 works great, Bought it two mths ago and love it. Never leaks, great flavor and now you can get ss coils for it, The top fill can be a little tricky at times. You just have to take your time when screwing the cap back on so you dont cross thread it. That iv never done but it see how its possible.. +hpsharpie It's a top fill. Under the tip there's a hexagonal piece that you unscrew and fill directly into the tank via two ports. It's actually really easy & clean. Literally just picked the T2 up from a store and I'm amazed at the flavour from it. Recommended.. this tank is garbage...the top part where you remove to fill the juice is extremely bad design, after couple times, i cant screw it on tight any more. avoid this one./.
    ever consider you got a bump one or did that not even come across your mind also, if you one got a bad (stale) pack of smokes did you post on that too geez.

    Hm I dont know wether to get this or the Uwell crown tank for my Evic VT, i wanna cloud chase but not use an rda, any suggestions.

    I was in the same boat so I got both haha. Currently I love Uwell crown better, it has better flavor and slightly bigger cloud production. I'm also vaping in the evic mini.
    +Yoshi thanks for the input guys, i think i will go for the crown, it seems a safe bet and the smok from what ive read drinks juice like crazy!.

    Starter Kits - NoFlame E-cigs
  53. November 7, 2015
    The No Flame Ecig is a new electronic cigarette that has raised the standard for these... no flame e cig trial (1) No Flame E Cigarette Refills uk (1) No flame... i37
    No Flame Ecig | Ditch The Cigs Today!
  54. December 4, 2015
    New Products No Flame E Cigarette Refills,800 Puff E Cigarette... in European countries such as UK, Germany, France... Warranty for e cig mod is... i38
    E-Cigarette Reviews | Buy Top Electronic Cigarette Brands
  55. November 9, 2015
    No Flame E Cig. Foods obesity cancer, tooth decay flu arthritis ion area in cornea we dont know pregnant. Buy time to charge vanilla battery smokeless is years from... i39
    No Flame E-Cig Review With Video - Be Able To Smoke...
  56. January 27, 2016

    Comments about this video:
    Just ordered one of these as I'd started drifting from a 'social' smoker to a daily smoker - was going to go for something much more expensive before I saw this review, but you've saved me a lot of money. Very informative and helpful, excited to get started. Thanks Martyn!.
    Watched this as unboxing my One Kit and setting it up for the first time and my first ever vaping experiance! Very informative, look forward to learning more, seems I made a smart choice buying this and look forward to kicking the cigs with it..
    I like the look of this, especially as you can buy replacement coils, a lot like this you have to buy a new clearomiser each time.. Hi Martyn, I received my one kit today. But it not doing anything like you are showing on your video. There is no vapour at all and the is nothing in the tip to stop the fluid in my month. Is there something I may be doing wrong I charged it for a few hours..
    Doesn't sound right to me. Sorry to hear this. I'd contact the vendor for advice. It upsets me when people don't get the correct experience..
    i quit a 40 a day habit overnight with e cigs. i really implore smokers to try e cigs. i genuinely prefer them to real cigs now. better in many respects. Company i get mine off are, but theres tons out there.. The UK cig store replacement coils have been out of stock since i bought this. Will the Aspire BVC coils it in this or are there any alternative coils. +thefowlyetti2 I'm afraid I don't know. I can't believe they are out of stock of their main starter device coils. That's just ridiculous..
    +Martyn Parker Thanks for reply. Yeh, i agree. Its definitely not ideal. I dont want to have to shell out for another tank just for reliable coil replacements!.
    I bought my first kit off eBay and it was utter junk. The battery died after a week and the clearomizers kept burning out after a few days. Would never recommend anyone buys from market stall traders, guy in the pub or off eBay. I'm sure some of the sellers are sincere but most of them are out to make a quick buck. It's a shame that those type of sellers actually put people off vaping. This kit looks ideal for a new starter. I'd buy one of those batteries myself. . Great review Martyn, that's the point getting something of quality straight off the bat. I first bought a under par kit and nearly binned the vaping until I watched your reviews. So thumbs up from me👍.
    Thank you so much for this video. As a shiny, brand new vaper, I bought this but didn't find the instructions great... they need to be much more explicit for newbies. Your video, however, was spot on. It was only from watching you use it that we realised we need to hold the button while using! NOW it feels like packing in the ciggies could really happen. Thank you again..
    Thanks...sometimes we forget the majority of vapers are new so there should be more videos like this. Thanks for the reminder!. +spurandy Welcome to the escape route from smoking. It's very different at the start so make sure you look around for support etc. There is lots of info out there. Good Luck..
    Hi Martyn. Do you think this a better starter kit than the Mini Protank 2 kit from MyePack I have had that for a week and am extremely satisfied..

    No. If you have the mini PT you have a much better atomizer that will last you way longer. Next step: look at the Naturevape coil which will work in your Protank. .
    I just ordered one of these, been smoke free for years but kind of miss it so I ordered a 0% menthol liquid with it. . Thanks, i was thinking about a vape but was on the fence as to whether they would actually help me stop smoking, and this particular one is what i was looking at, It is available as a twin pack, 2 for 19.99 EDIT 19.99 for 1, £25.88 for pack of two !! - because of 'Stoptember' so i think i will probably be trying it now :-D.
    +Martyn Parker Thanks, Really appreciate that, 1 part of your vid especially rings true, the new buyers being full of, thats me just now- Im really prepared to put the effort into this and instead of keeping a pack of cigs in a safe place, im leaning towards no cigs in the house and putting as much as i can into making this work...Ordered 1st class this morning, should be here tomorrow and already i have had a look at some vv batterys and alternative clearamisers, i know ive jumped ahead a bit, just trying to gain some knowledge and prepare for next step, that way in my mind hopefully im more open to making this work, i like the look of the K1 or Mini/protank, the idea of replaceable heads seems like a £ saving way and if im succesful with this after say a month im gonna try and upgrade is it okay if i drop back for some advice Ive read and watched vids like yours to famalirise myself as much as i can but for instance im still kinds struggling with eGo fitting/510 fittings etc, so is it cool if i ask later about what im looking at buying and compatabiluity cause you seem knowledgable and commited to the ecig / vapeing cause !! :-D.

    Hi, just wanted to ask what the best tanks/coils/battery etc i can buy for around £30 ish for flavor, im a newbie to all this but i dont really want something thats easy for newbies, i can pick things up quickly, i just dont want to end up spending £20 on something like this then end up buying something better in a month or 2. Also the best place to purchase what you recommend and the best juices out there aswel Thanks for any help.

    +Martyn Parker mini pro tank on the Nvape site it looks like Mini pro tank 2, i was thinking about getting a mini PT 3 but can only find them on ebay. Also, the Nature vape pro coil for dual coil devices is out of stock, does naturevape replenish stock regularly So my thinking is the Pro tank mini 3, Naturevape pro coil, now just need to think about batteries and juices (are there any juice specs i should look out for) Your channels really useful and helpful, thanks.

    +Martyn Parker and do most batteries fit the majority of tanks Want a decent (not too large) battery for the mini PT 3.
    Just what I've been looking for; something small enough to take out with me. The thought that it won't deposit bitter liquid on my tongue is a bonus! I'm a new vaper, and my only kit so far is an Innokin iTaste vv v.3.0, which has lovely features but I'm heartily sick of that sudden random bitter flood..

    NoFlame E-Cig / - Complaints Board
  57. December 3, 2015
    Consumer reviews about No Flame E Cig: Dr. H... I filled out an online survey and won a free trial E Cig No Flame Trial for $4.95... Bits and Pieces UK... i41
    No Flame E-Cig Review With Video - Say No To Bad Odor...
  58. November 26, 2015
    No Flame E-Cig is an amazing product which looks, feels and tastes like a real cigarette. It can be called as the no.1 electronic cigarette. Now, it is available to... i42
    No Flame E Cig Complaints, Reviews, & Information
  59. November 5, 2015
    No Flame Electronic Cig, Electronic Smokeless Cigarettes No Nicotine Saveurvape this one stick at smoking lines going MRT i43
    New Products no flame e cigarette refills, 800 puff e...
  60. January 11, 2016

    Comments about this video:

    Call me stupid but does this work with an atlantis v2 i cant seem to find an esp 30w anywhere in stock and i think i found a replacement.
    06:54 I too have a habit of sitting down when im driving ha ha...purchased this as an on the go mod and its perfect for just that also it does last the whole day.. I like this one box, one word convenient. I have asthma but still I like to sit down smoke with my friend, chat and with a cup of tea. But problem is I'm currently studying in chiang rai, thailand, And I don't see they sell any kind of vaporizer here. I feel disappointed.. Some nice design features, good usability & available power for the £34.99. And you can't strangle yourself or blow up your coil!. Still prefer the MVP 3.0 though.. I am new to the vaping arena and I'm currently using the vision spinner 2. If I would upgrade to this what else would I need to get the best possible vapour out of it I am not a fan of the atomizer on the spinner as it has the little strings on it instead of free flow. .
    well I enjoyed this review. He told me everything I wanted to know. who could ask for more Simple and straight..

    No Flame E Cigarette Refills, No Flame E Cigarette Refills...
  61. December 10, 2015
    NoFlame E-Cigs Premium Easy Starter Kit. The NoFlame E-Cigs Premium Starter Kit is one of the most popular starter kits on the market. They are favored by most E-Cig... i45
    No flame e cigarette reviews and Electronic Cigarette Review
  62. November 15, 2015
    VaporFi is the most technologically advanced e cig... The electronic cigarette available in convenience stores and gas stations may have proprietary components... i46
    E Cigs Brand Free Trial Offer - E Cig Brand Review | Free...
  63. January 13, 2016
    Go to NoFlame E-Cig / No Flame E-Cigarette/Smoke51... Anti - LSBF tution,London, UK. Today's Mess-Up Photo. i47
    No Flame Electronic Cig - What Is E Liquid For E...
  64. December 11, 2015

    Comments about this video:
    vapers need to sign the petition to save British vaping and British jobs and decent tanks drippers and mods from tpd that will be introduced soon no tanks above 2ml no sub ohm devices no box mods no more mech mods you wanna these sign this we do not have long to save our community from our greedy goverment.
    Does the V2 have a rebuildable coil Also, I would like to have a comparison to other tanks to get a "feel" for it before purchasing. Thank you for the reviews which are very good. Cheers.
    it does have a rebuildable deck but for some reason, the ecig UK website says it isn't included! my advice would be to buy it from another website. that's what I did and the rba was included. One of the best tanks out there in my opinion.

    No flame e cig review and Electronic Cigarette Review
  65. October 26, 2015
    Watch our no flame e cigarette reviews and save money with the best electronic cigarette refills liquid... Comparing GreenSmoke Electric cigarete uk & Regular Cig... i49
    FAQ - NoFlame E-Cig
  66. November 23, 2015
    Jomo Smartvape bluetooth e cig no flame e cigarettes refills,US $ 29 - 39 / Unit, Other, Guangdong, China (Mainland), Jomo.Source from Shenzhen Jomo Technology Co... i50
    Blue flame eSmokingJacket e cigarette case - Electronic...
  67. January 19, 2016
    Start using No Flame ECig today and love vaping!... Enjoy Smoking Wherever Using No Flame E Cig!... noflameecig co uk (1) i51
    No Flame Ecig - Quit Smoking Today And Feel Healthy
  68. November 2, 2015

    Comments about this video:

    You can get different strengths from High strength to Zero Nicotine E-Cigs and E-Luquids. So yeah you can nicotine free Ecigs & luquids😐 you Gotta look around🙂😉..
    plus i live about 160 plus miles from the shop dam luckly i got a shop called ecigwizard 3miles from me but dosnt do much.
    55 a month on juuce. cheaper to stay smoking tabaco. this guy in this purely to make cash out of people. not cuz he wants to help like he trying to make out. the guy recording all this is a prat too for even promoting this..

    there not £50 for the monthly specials 500g liquid there £75 plus vat online wtf expensive or what i fort they supposed to be cheapest prices in uk .
    +Daniel Hornes I would like to point out that this video and therefore the prices expressed in it are more than 2 years old.
    I like the name safERcigs. E cigs are probably not healthy but they are 1/1000th of a normal cig AND weed !.

    For now we aren't sure but all short term studies have shown that vapers have similar health to non-smokers..

    This is such a Great video. You did an awesome job!! That shop owner is such a nice man and he is very well spoken on his products. I just want to give you both a hug!! Long live vaping. God Bless you and the shop owner too :).
    Right then TWO points I wanna make aimed at the X tabaco smoker 1st if you have a large battery like Andy or the shopkeeper you'll struggle to hold the thing in your mouth and use two hands to do stuff so a cheep 650 battery with a plastic "tank" may be a good spare unit for when your busy and your "big'un" is on charge ( if you just have a "big'un" and it breaks you're likely to revert to tabaco ) 2nd for vaping to become a real stop smoking aid the liquids should be available in lower stages of nicotine, I started with 18mg quickly got down to 12m I'm now on 6mg which is the lowest I can get my hands on, I'm ready to go lower.... Hi guys. Just my fucking luck to be allergic to PG. Everyone has recommended I switch over to a 100% VG fluid. The only problem is that I use an "ego" style variable voltage battery and CE4 clearomizers and have been told that 100% VG is too thick and will not wick quick enough to avoid dry hits. Can anyone recommend a system that would work for me using 100%VG. I need something with a tank and is portable. Please bear in mind that I am on a budget. Thanks in advance.
    the kanger subtank is a reabuildable tank so it comes with two coil head units one is a 0.5 ohm coil and the other is1.2 all you have to do is screw them in to the base prime them and you are readu to go, you will have to change these depending on how much you use the device, i put in new coil heads every two months or when they get gunky. it also comes with a rba which means you can build your own coils or use the ones that they give you. if you want to see a full break down rip trippers and suck my mod both do good reviews on youtube. I hope this helps .
    +Isudzy y That's brilliant. You've been a great help. Thanks for taking the time to reply to me, much appreciated. . wow £12 for 50ml where is this shop lol i pay £15 for a 30ml rely need to go check this shop out :). +MixnVape Why the hell would you try and advertise on youtube It just screams fake and scam. Im not saying you are a scam site, im just saying you will actually scare people away from you advertising via Youtube comments lol. I for one wouldnt buy anything from you.. IAM JUST LEARNING HOW TO ADVERTISE MY COMPANY ! IT IS A LEARNING PROCESS ! I HAVE BEEN AN E-CIGG DEALER SINCE 2009 AS A RETAILER, NOW I HAVE E-COMMERCE AND TRY TO FIND OUT HOW TO COMUNICATE WITH CUSTOMERS IN A VIRTUAL SCENE, BUT DEF WE ARE NOT SCAM WE MAKE OUR OWN JUICE TRYING TO APROACH THE PERFECTION OF AN E-JUICE..
    ah ah nice shop and that but if you go ebay and buy all parts separate eg vision spinner 2 1650 Mah for over 20 quid f*** me haha i can get it for £10, 2 day delivery evod atomiser for £3 with free extra coil, 2 day delivery and 3 flavors for £1.50 each, 2 day delivery or go even cheaper for an evod chrome battery 1100 Mah for £8 so for 1650mah battery, evod atomiser (proven to be better than regular ce4/5) free coil and 3 tubs of ejuice for £20 all to your house in 2 days no extra cost. yeah nice shop and that but he is RIPPING EVERYONE OFF. just letting everyone know haha .

    +amanda brock It's almost as if he's not from the US. Please understand that not every other country is exactly like the US..
    That CE4 test bar at 8 minutes.. Lol, I had a friend who owns a vape shop and he was like "Yeah, using CE4s for my test bar was a real mistake.. they leak so fucking much".
    So when you drove out of your driveway in the camera view after you got down the street, did you go back to to get your camera so you could have that for the shot XD.

    Some of us do vape without nicotine I have been nicotine free for 8 months all I know is as long as im still vaping. I will never touch a cig again..
    This video inspired me!! - now got MVP v2.0, RY6 and iClear 30 vaping at 4.2 volts!! - been almost two weeks since I last smoked!! - used Safersigs and had e-mail conversations with Darren... Excellent all the benefits of quitting smoking but you vape instead!! I am switched!! used to be 30 a day smoker!!!.
    I like how this guy won't upsell you. You won't get 59 year old about to quit walking out with rebuild able attys that probably will piss em off! Vaping is a good alternative to cheap cigarette tobaccos. When you smoke your next cigar it will taste much better..
    I've just switched but have been researching for ages!! i wasn't in a rush to swithc just heard about electronic cigs and paid attention then friends started using and i would ask opinions etc..Then i'd heard enough and wanted one...bought a kit and switched... but had I seen this video I would have switched WELL DONE MATE AWESOME INFORMATIVE VIDEO!!!! THANK YOU :). 82 miles I live in Oldham and there's a couple of specialist e cig ships within 5 miles of me, as well as other non specialist shops that sell juice at a decent price. I enjoyed your documentary. Thanks! I bought my first device from Darren so good to see where it came from! MVP2 - Now just onto rebuildables and mech mods but still use it. .
    The only place i order e-liquid online. Just got my batch of G2 Vapor E-liquid. It's fantastic!.

    Top notch entertainment! 80 easy days without a fag for me tomorrow thanks to the miracle of electrical vaporizationism..

    im getting a vapor cigarette in 2 days i spend £50.00 for a full kit. but i would pay £14.40 for tobacco a week. so in 4 weeks i will save £7.60.and 4 weeks after that i save £57.60.its a cool way to go i think. i do a video in two days when i get the kit. happy days .
    want to know if you can get a liquid with nothing harmful in it and use it in an e cig (instead of getting a Shisha pen that you keep having to replace).
    when people use the word vape and vapers i always get on edge because it sounds like something else :).
    Nice video - shame about the shops prices! What a rip off! (though the video is over a year old now..) Examples: a) £38-99 (£38.40 now just checked) for 2x clearo's/2x 650mA batts/charger/case Hmmm.. Online just searched £22quid elsewhere.. and that's with 950/1000mA batteries.. b) LOL 2 his VV prices.. £20 for a twister Twisters are around £12 free p&p online these days.. Factor in you driving 80 miles in fuel in there then another 80 miles back vs shopping around online in the comfort of your home..this is a no brainer NOT to do... The only good thing for a store like this is being able to try juices before purchase... But if your into vaping.. DIY everything.. coils.. juice.. don't pay 10x the cost when doing it yourself is so much more fun and tweak-able to your own requirements and the cost of PG/VG/EM/Vic and your flavourings.. you do the maths...
    I agree, the price are higher than buying from the internet but what you pay for is the service, the information and getting what you need by saving you time. The price worth it for a new vaper who have no experience into vaping to get the right thing without buying from the internet or falling with a £10 not chargeable e-cig that only last for less than 8 hours. And you mention it yourself, it been a year and allot have change into vaping in 1 years, we are now tapping the 3000 mAh batteries for a fair price and etc.. I support this shop and other shop like those because they are the one who doing the hard work to make these thing officially regulated. Governments from all country was afraid of this movement because they will lost allot of money and also e-cig have falled into the category of private companies which in my opinion is good since they have to compete with each others for price, quality and quantity. When I was smoking cigarettes, it could cost me over 150$ a month and now it cost me around 80$ for 5-6 months of smoking pleasure. .

    Outstanding video. I am in an area where there were no local shops and would have loved being able to visit in person and talk to an experienced 'vaper' in person, and to hold a product in my hands before buying. A year later and we have two local shops i'm able to visit regularly, one even has a tasting bar that looks just like one where drinks are served, every vape liquid they carry is freely available to try before you buy. I hope the UK is ban free still...i also hope that shop you visited is still doing well..

    Real cool shop. There are a few really far from were I live. I only get my stuff online. I can't wait till one moves in my area. Very informative video. Great editing job. Very professional. I'm in the US. Nice looking country you have. Keep gaping..

    The store has been up for awhile but I hope they pre-loaded all their testers by now. Loading individual throwaways for customers seems tedious, the local shops here have the plastic tips customers can use to test pre-loaded cartomizers. Keep up the good work!.

    surely you can quit using e cigs by starting on high nicotine juice and lowering it until you're on nicotine free juice.

    It's the same method as other NTR products, such as the nicotine patches, Gum, lozengers, inhalers & Sprayd. You start on the highest strength & gradually lower the strength. Until you get zero strength.
    +Stillo Chillino... Your're still taking smoke into your lungs by doing that you idiot, if you think that is 'harmless' then you're even more stupid than your idiotic comments. Me, I'll stick to the much less harmful 'vaping' thanks.. Think about all the tax money the government will lose once people all go to e cigs. Wouldn't surprise me if there was a tax levy on all e cig products in the future, racking the price so high that cigarettes start to become cheaper than the e-cigs and people go back to smoking again. also the government makes money off the VAT charged for medical equipment, less illnesses mean less money for the government because the hospitals wont spend as much treating smoking related illnesses. I know i'm being a big cynical but i'm British, i can't help it.. +SortedGeeza yes but remember vapour is still water and it does get stuck in your lungs also by changing to vape you die quicker.
    what utter nonesense, so i put no cancer causing carthogens in my body with vaping compared to over 80 known ones in tobacco and ill die soon, LMARFO, and if its so bad for me, how come when i went to visit my LOCAL GP (doctor) they recorded vast improvements with my athsma... your an idiot if you think vapings bad or worse for you than smoking !.
    What pisses me off ppl moan about smoking and smokers and they still moaning about vaping which amazes me cause vaping is a much better alternative . Its just lobbyist fueled narcissism nothing more. Reality is in both the US and UK a outright ban is near impossible. It might do away with chinese fluids and lowend devices, but will have no impact on the higher end markets such as DIY fluids,mods or RDA/RTA's. Nicotine is used in a number of markets from medical to agriculture, So you wont see much of any control placed on it (at least not for 10% or less concentration, anything higher in concentration already has hazmat regulations).. That's cool mate I mean gaping means allot to all of us its the only way I could put away with cigarettes.
    got a local B&M bout 2 blocks down the street but this joint makes my local look like a hole in the wall.

    SOME PEOPLE MIGHT SLATE ME FOR THIS BUT HERE WE GO. I love it that Daz helps the customer and is very pro e-cig and everything was going great until he said £38!!!!!! for x2 Ego 650 mAh and x2 Clearomiser with a charger and case. WHAT!!!! Then I looked on the website and found the prices charged are ridiculous for a lot of the kits. Having vaped for just over a year now and from doing a bit of homework I know you can get this exact same kit for less than £10, YES LESS than £10. OK you have to buy in larger quantities and yes he is running a business but the mark up is just day light robbery..
    I see your using the MVP iTaste V2.0 I started with the cigarette-look-a-like and I`m just fed up by having to recharge it several times during a day and also the small amount of vapor that comes. I`m looking for something that gives alooot of vape, and I have started thinking about ordering the iTaste. Then a friend of mine bought it and he says it gives better vape, but far away from his expectations. What would you reccommend me to buy for most vape It would be very highly appreciated if you could give me a reccomendateion as soon as possible. First coming mondag I`ll put in an order for something new so... :) In advance thatnks! :D. Only thing I'd criticise on is his "Sweet spot" You need to be aware of the resistance of your atomiser or you'll burn it out. The lower the resistance the lower the voltage required.
    Great informative video. I have been trying to do my own research on e-cigs ( the vape crusader) but most of the advice on the net is from America. Luckily I live in Dorset so am definately going to pop into Safecigs. .

    these are definitely better for you theres no smoke the only downside is there not strong theyrre crap.
    Update: I use now the Sigelei Zmax V5 with an Kangertech Hypertank 5ml,50/50 PG/VG Apple juice Liquid, 2.0 Ohm 10 Watts,its the best. EDIT:There is no such thing called Kangertech Hypertank it was just Hypertank product-bluff,horrible taste..

    No Flame E-Cig - UK Overview & Review -
  69. November 20, 2015
    Watch our no flame e cig review and save money with the best electronic cigarettes ingredients also discount electronic cigarette online store i53
    Starter Kits - NoFlame E-cigs
  70. December 28, 2015

    Comments about this video:

    Yes they are overpriced for sure.. I order them from Australia and have been doing so for 1 year now. Its still cheaper than cigarettes but because you find yourself vaping more because of the indoor convenience factor that the cost saving is far less. Best bet is to keep away and just stop smoking for good !.

    I used Elites for awhile, but i switched to V2 4 years ago, ive been with them since. Went from 1.2nico to 0.6.

    Overpriced and poorly made. I've been using this product for a month now it is very poor quality. The replacement refills they sent out also stopped working. Save yourself some money and go elsewhere for your e cig..
    In UK v2 batteries have only 30 day warranty, but in US it's lifetime warranty. If you are in UK you should avoid, I have two batteries dead within 4 months.
    there is no health concerns at all with e-cigs.the smoke is just water vapor,with nicotine in youre only getting your nicotine fix and none of the other crap thats in normal fags. .
    they are either dragging to hard or those batteries are almost dead cuz i get way more vapor lol watch my videos for more information on v2 v2 cigs for life!. No! It's propylene glycol and when it's heated it breaks down to a large extent into water and carbon dioxide. Many e cigs also contain vegetable glycerin. Please try to get your facts right.. i have been user of v2 cigs from uk, and i have to say they are awsome, Red, Sahara, and Congress rocks,and not just that, the service v2 have in uk is a great. Thank you v2 . these V2 cigs are the best e cigs out there - have tried 4 well advertised uk brands and they just dont measure up. check out - they poll the review sites and put all the results together for the best e cigarettes available..
    It doesn't contain carcinogenic's or tar so it is still better than people smoking cigarettes, Interesting point you make though so I am going to do some more home work..

    Me nd me m8 smoke crack now cos its cheapar than tabs nd givs u a betta high and calms u down before drivin cos am a lorry driva. These leccy tabs r to expensive 4 a lad lyke me cos me lass sed that its not worth it cos she smoked them but she still gt canca eventually cos she smoked propa tabs as well..
    Stop scare mongering. If people want to smoke let them out of their own choice, this is coming from a non-smoker. . You do realise these are not smoke but are water vapour Better than people smoking. I'm a none smoker but would rather people used these than cigarettes. :-). V2 send me my V2 to Portugal. although i enjoy a cigarette these are great in between and for that nicotine hit in places where there is no smoking! . Don't take this the wrong way but what are the health concerns on these or any e-cig for that matter What I mean is I see all this (best taste/quality) jargon but nothing actually stating 100% proof that these DO NOT have an impact on someone's health. So what are the health concerns Thank you. V2 you have right, you are the best, i love your products i love your service and delivery, fast delivery from UK to Sweden. My new order waiting to b shipped i order again to day:) Before 2 weeks i order sahara 12 mg and Congress 18 mg, and now Sahara 12 mg and Red12 mg, i love all of yoyr products, Congress, Red, Sahara, Coffee love them all. V2 is my first e-cig, i have read one week and watch videos of e-cig before i buy e-cig, and i go for v2 and i wil allways b a V2 f an love you V2.. You read lots of comments on other ecig brand sites that theirs are the best, but they cannot have tried V2. Honestly they are so much better quality.I'd rather pay a bit more for a good product.. Hello, me and my husband are waiting for our kit to arrive. We are in Australia and really looking forward to try it and see how it goes. .
    Thanks for your positive comments. We are committed to being the best quality, the best taste and deliver a first class personal service online. Don't forget to subscribe to our channel, like us and share!!! .

    No Flame Ecig | Ditch The Cigs Today!
  71. December 16, 2015

    Comments about this video:
    +Aspen Valley Vapes Much agreed, not only do I Despise Stainless Steel Drip Tips due to the heat and crud that Builds Up, but not being able to use anything else, chained to what they think is right is just plain wrong. Not sure what they were thinking, or maybe the problem is they weren't thinking and got a big head with the success of the Crown Tank. Again it was great because of it's simplicity and basic features. Seems they strayed away from that, unfortunately. Oh well, they will see quickly the mistakes they made much like Aspire and Many others did.. i think the main cons this new UWELL tank drip tip not interchangeable with other 510 drip tip right.
    According to their website the drip tip's made of Delrin. Be interesting to see if it comes out more popular against the new Cleito's. I'm not a mad vape tech collector, more than ok with 3 mods & tanks already, but this is sorely tempting thanks to how good the Crown and it's coils are plus the new anti-spitback, spiral machining inside the chimney (not that my Crown ever spits). May buy, using the fact that The Man might be banning tanks over 2ml in April as an excuse to stock up. It's not a Raphael, like it's named after the old ancient painter, by the way. It's a Rafale, pronounced 'ra-fal' the same as the French jets. Just since this is you trying to flog them and all that. And please pronounce Aspire's new Cleito tanks as 'Clittoes' all the time from now on, as well. .
    I think think this tank is going to be a huge success for Uwell despite not being able to change the drip tip because the quality is great, the vaper production is great the flavour is great, they don't skimp on materials only the best and of course lets not forget as far as I know it is the first vertical RBA system on the market. As much as I would have loved to put my own drip tip on the tank it is not enough to stop me from buying the tank. Great big thumbs up to Uwell. +Andrew Alegnani Yes, nothing new on this rafale tank, Uwell made a big mistake, but if they don't release this new rafale tank, they cannot beat Herakles plus or other tanks, actually, the rafale tank made them even worse for the competition, I will stick with My HERAKLES PLUS for sure, the coils taste awesome and last for a long time. (2weeks now). +Martin Michael Exactly, They Need To Re-Think This One for sure. Agreed, Love My Herakles Plus. It's Flavor Has Been Incredible and has brought out even more notes in liquids that my crown and other tanks couldn't. The Herakles Plus Has been neck and Neck with my Cthulhu V2 RTA actually as far As Flavor goes. I Really Hope They Pull these back and fix the major issues other companies learned a Long Time Ago..
    +ryan scott They Are Bigger. Not Sure I Would Personally Bother with this one. Bit too Complicated, flavor seems to have been sacrificed in the name of insane airflow and just doesn't have that awesome simplicity of the Crown..

    E-Cigarette Reviews | Buy Top Electronic Cigarette Brands
  72. October 25, 2015

    Comments about this video:

    These are way over priced. If you need refill cartridges give a call to 866-443-8870 or visit electroniccigarettesfast. com. 25 cartridges is only $47. Saphire wants twice that much!.

    so how do we know you ever even tried it since you dont show it or demonstrate and this isnt just a promotional video to try to get them out. all the reviewers of sapphire cigs on this page dont have one in the review. .

    No Flame E-Cig Review With Video - Be Able To Smoke...
  73. January 26, 2016

    Comments about this video:

    I'm really happy to see more videos featuring doctors who seem to be on the vapers' sides! I don't understand where they get their info on ecigs. They were definitely widely available in the US during this show, and much cheaper. Unless you go with the gimmicky' brands. Good stuff anyways!!.

    NoFlame E-Cig / - Complaints Board
  74. January 2, 2016

    Comments about this video:
    Cig look alikes give the vape community a bad name. These are literally the worst e cigs you can buy.

    No Flame E-Cig Review With Video - Say No To Bad Odor...
  75. October 27, 2015

    Comments about this video:

    Yes you can. you can actually go to your local pharmacy and purchase USP grade propylene glycol(PG) and just use that to refill your cartridges and save a lot of cash. PG is the chemical used to simulate the "smoke". I mix my own to match my "comfort" nicotine dose with the flavor I want..

    but that's all stuff you ingest, not inhale. and if it was water, the vapor would condense in your mouth..
    2 C0LL1N I gave some to my pregnant smoking wife. She is a smoker, smoking is very addicting. So i gave her these, much healthier. . considering u drank 57 bottles in a short time on your side...if nicotine was harmful...they would not sell the gum or the patches...enough said.
    As of now, eCigs are the best smoking alternative that you can get that incorporates the ritual of smoking eg. holding it with your hand/fingers, puffing, inhaling,exhaling, the simulated "smoke". its the closest thing that you are describing. You can never get the 100% harmless mark simply because the addiction itself causes harm. And the cause of the addiction is a chemical(nicotine) so 100% harmless with no chemical is impossible..

    again all that you've mentioned are in conventional cigarettes in addition to the 3,000+ chemicals in cigarettes. Furthermore, individuals with low nicotine tolerance can exhibit toxicity symptoms as low as 2-5 mg. Well, guess what common blends of cigarettes have 15-25 mg per cigarette. In contrast, the maximum available strength that i know of for ecigs is 36mg IN a 20ml bottle to refill cartridges after dilution. So again, why not ban conventional cigarettes and impose regulation on ecigs.
    I just got my 901 and 510 and im never going to smoke again. I ordered the titan 510 because everyone said that it was the best but I didnt like the inconsistent vapor production so I got myself a DSE901 and boy does this thing work. No more nasty cigs for me.. 2 EricSchwin22 Lol WTF dude no it's not, I think all the dope you smoked made you a little crazy hey it can do that to you, it kills your brain cells it makes you lose your sanity and screws up your breathing then you'll be paying a trip to the emergency room, if you smoke weed for you own sake quit before you die. SUFFICATION IS LITARY A GOD FORSAKEN FUCKING LIVING HELL! Plessure is not worth dying for.. 2 ECigaretteDirect most of them are from China as far as i know but i agree, there are some cheap knock-offs on the market that i wouldn't trust. If you go with a trusted brand like NJOY, Sailebao (they make the DSE series) and a few other popular brands you can't go wrong and i'm absolutely sure it's hundreds of times safer than a tabbaco cigarette.
    Nicotine is poisonous, sure, it's got a LD50 of 1mg/kg - (probably closer to 10mg/kg for smokers) but I've found no studies that show it's a carcinogen. Could you point me to the study that confirms your comment.

    2 eatmypiggybank, I never said nicotine is a flavor, I said they come in different flavors to why not make something that you can smoke that's just vapor WITHOUT the nicotine...hear what I'm saying.

    Not entirely true. Nicotine by itself is VERY toxic and can kill an adult. BUT getting in contact with pure nicotine or at lethal doses is very unlikely..
    2 C0LL1N Why not not share a bottle of vodka with them whilst your at it Maybe you could take them for a drive afterwards. Or you could just use your common sense. . 2 7LuckyStripes In some electronic cigarettes. The NJOY has been tested toxin free, and I think one or two other brands too. I doubt the cheapest brands from China can afford independent testing. . 2 lolimnoteighteen, well then they should make healthier products to rival that of none-lethal smoking(if they ever come out with that) otherwise, that's just how business works...there will always be someone else out there to put someone else out of business due to better more popular products.. yes. a person any age can smoke. you have to be 18 or older to BUY it or any cigarettes, but if a kid steals either of them, they can smoke it legally.. Do you think there's any harm in vaping if you have Asthma I've been vaping since October, '09 and never had a problem, but worry still..
    nicotine itself is a carcinogen, they occur naturally in tobacco before any anything is added to them. So no matter what you risk lung cancer, but just do whatever you feel fine with..

    Hey, does the E-Cigarette smell like smoke For example, if I'm smoking in my room, could you smell it all over Thanks.
    this is still bad for u u idiots it can cas anomia or how evr u spell it its favor tht which u breathe in and therefor gos in ur lungs n n obviously becums a liquid. even if the e-cig is good and can cause smokers to quit smoking, the government won't say nor advertise e-cig, due to the money factor..cigarettes are one of the main economy country..
    I've smoked for 40 years and am now tobacco free due to and with the help of folks like Shawn over at Zee Cigs. I like genuine honest people that give genuine honest advise.And anyone that gives straight forward honest information and reviews to share the miracles of electronic cigarettes and the benefits of beating the addiction of tobacco. Join me in support of a device that could by all practical purposes save millions of lives. Now wouldn't that be worth a comment or two.

    You can ingest technically, even tobacco if you swallow it (chewing tobacco I mean) but I'm saying, if they can make it so that it's battery powered vapor, why not do it without the nicotine and add a normal flavor....
    I wont argue the fact that nicotine is addictive but banning ecig and allowing conventional cigarettes to be sold is ridiculous. Wouldn't you say banning conventional cigarettes and impose regulations for ecigs is more suitable You said ecigs "release significant amounts of..." and you felt a very undesirable reaction to esmokers. Are real cigarettes any better conventional cigarettes have those as well and MORE. would you feel any better sitting with 3 real smokers I think you'd feel worse. They DO have them available without nicotine. If you're a smoker trying to quit.. you need the nicotine. Anyway.. nicotine on its own is not dangerous, it is a stimulant similar to caffeine. Of course, large concentrations of any stimulant are dangerous. The caffeine in 57 bottles of doctor pepper could kill you.. 2 badstat, there's nothing that says nicotine isn't harmful...actually taken too much anything is harmful technically, nicotine is no's addictive which in itself is harmful...because if you get addicted to something, you rely on it, you need it...can't live without it...see where I'm going here. I have been using E-cigs for 2 years and I finally found good quality USA made Electronic Cigarette, Tank System and Premium E-liquids at ECIGARKIT. com Best Starter Kits you will ever found at ECIGARKIT. com Check out their Promotions. The land purchases the drab bit. The common walk conducts the glass. The business launchs the gamy run. . 2 elDreDas It exists, and its called the Vapor Rush not the "iWeed". Please don't ever associate something as chill as cannabis with Apple. So many mindless Apple fan-boys voted up your idiotic comment. .
    Since they implemented the FSC law here in Fl. I've been smoking the E-cigg's. They're not all that great but they're delivering enough nicotine to my system so that I don't feel the need to murder anyone..

    2 Donkinator90.. You chirp just like a bird that's been chewing on shit, so no matter what you are what you eat, but just do whatever you feel fine with....
    Nicotine is not a danger - by itself-. It is no more harmful than caffeine. Like caffeine, its a stimulant. Stimulants do not cause any sort of brain damage when used PROPERLY. Nicotine delivers a rush like caffeine. The problems with cigarettes are the other stuff: the tar and whatnot. The e-cigarette does not contain any chemicals and the smoke you see is a harmless vapor. E-cigarettes do not cause cancer. They do not cause lung disease, they do not stain your teeth, they do not smell.
    you can get the cartridges without nicotine, low lvls,, mid, high, strong ect. lol people are completely confused about these things....
    2 elDreDas You must have been on weed when you posted this. You put an i infront of is wrong with you It's not a fucking ipod genius. I think you just meant to say, "i'd buy the electronic weed-garette". And you spelled cigarette wrong dip shit haha!!!!.
    Thanks archer for that info, yeah it sucks that so far we can't invent something that is 100% harmless to smoke :( lol.
    Then capping both ends, start emptying out your butane bottles into the top hole and collect the exit fluid with a 40oz freezer bag. use about 8-10 of your bottles. Take a big pot of hot tap water and carefully hold your bag of butane in it to accel the process. DON"T SMOKE ANYWHERE NEARBY! result can be mixed with glycerin possibly and e-cigged!. NO, it is most definitely NOT safe, as it emtis POISONOUS NICOTINE! This deadly drug delivery device is NOT legal for use around other people, as it poisons the air with deadly carcinogens!. 2 elDreDas dont' call it "iWeed" its not another garbage product from mac. The product you want already exists. its called the "Vapor Rush". Its an E-cig that uses a thc liquid . 2 shitinurhead yeah, it might be safER but shit still aint safe. i would rather spark up a REAL square. Life doesn't cause death. The telomeres of chromosomes get shorter with each cell division and eventually the cell runs out of this buffer space so it stops dividing and as all cells, it eventually dies. This is linked to cancer since many types of cancer subvert this process of telomere shortening. And we're trying to "ban" cancer, as a civilization. .
    The smoke obviously is harmful because of all the chemicals in it but that's obvious, it's even said all of them together are more harmful then each individual chemical alone but that still doesn't mean Nicotine itself isn't harmful(it is still believe or not) it's certainly not good for you lol.

    2 Cloerpictures ohhh i know what you mean, dont begin smoking in the first place yes that is the best choice you can make, and these devices are aimed at people who smoke and cant smoke indoors in public places, or they are a healthier choice for people who want to give up, even smoking these cigarettes though, mylungs feel much better, whoever says they are just as bad as smoking are totally uneducated.i saw that baby who smokes, that is appaling, lol....
    urm no its not, some liquids may contain chemicals which are but if proper reugulation was brought in they would be no more dangerous than the patch. yes nictotine is addictive yes dont start. if you have use an e cig they are such a good alternative and much cheaper.. 2 elDreDas I wish that was possible sadly I doubt it's impossible to make those safe brain hallucinogenic e cigarette, oh damn fuck our lives.. Oh, one more thing... Do you use air-fresheners perfume cologne If so, guess what carries that nice smell... PROPYLENE! Do you want to ban their use as well. I just got my e-cig and have not smoked a regular cig since. It really does feel like the real thing. The only draw back I see is that the tobacco flavor isn't exactly like tobacco but it's close. I love this product..
    I'm trying to figure out why it's so hard for someone to create a "harmless" cig, pipe, cigar etc. Sure, this is better then normal cig but why can't they invent something that you can smoke that just gives off pure vapor So it's 100% harmless with no chemicals. This is better then norm cigs, pipes etc but still has nicotine... I agree with your point on banning e-cigs or wanting to yet normal cigs being sold everywhere....
    nicotine is addicting. ecig has nicotine, therefore its addicting... [this is for people who dont smoke] but for smokers, this will really help them kick the habit.].

    No Flame E Cig Complaints, Reviews, & Information
  76. November 24, 2015

    Comments about this video:
    It came today, speedy. It feels like a nice finished product and A good vape, I think I'm going to use it as my work vape to convince a few colleges over to the dark/good side, even the compact size of the tornado scares them. I think a whole load of people will be in the market for these after today's duty increase, thanks again Scott and any folks over at Liberro who may read this. Im happy :D.
    It was me :) thanks Scott, just gave Liberro a call and they are shipping my prize. Thanks again :'D.

    New Products no flame e cigarette refills, 800 puff e...
  77. November 8, 2015

    Comments about this video:

    Happy no smoking day Scott! Great vid as always. Always an amazing source of unbiased information, you've helped me out a lot. Thank you Andrew.
    Nice to see contests with new Ecig users in mind. I wish more could be done to get the word out on how much better ECigs are for you than Analog Cig's. Keep up the great reviews I always enjoy and learn from them..
    2 Nightwolf4750 hi mate, Blu once sent me a kit to review...both batteries failed within 24 hours though and when they were working it vaped like a bag of old pants cheers scott.

    What a nice idea for a contest. Not for ggts 12.1 giga-watt vapers, LOL!! Nearly fell out of my chair on that one. Hugs sweetie! .

    3 months for me. one of the best inventions imo. never thought giving up smoking would be so easy. thanks for your vids. very informative .
    2 rob1969in hi mate, i keep hearing about that e-liquid but unfortunately i don't have a clue who sells pretty certain its not available in the UK though :( cheers scott. Hey, I've been watching your videos for awhile now, and I was wondering if you could do a review of BLU e-cig's.

    No Flame E Cigarette Refills, No Flame E Cigarette Refills...
  78. November 19, 2015

    Comments about this video:

    No flame e cigarette reviews and Electronic Cigarette Review
  79. December 13, 2015

    Comments about this video:

    E Cigs Brand Free Trial Offer - E Cig Brand Review | Free...
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  81. 05 April 2016

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    The Great Electronic Cigarette Free Trial Scam - Ashtray Blog
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    Refills For No Flame E Cig
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