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December 26, 2015

Comments about this video:

Fairly recently, I learned that PINEAPPLE contains an enzyme, called Bromelain, that BLOCKS the enzyme that is naturally found in the gastrointestinal tract which breaks down drugs/medications. By consuming PINEAPPLE you can actually reach toxic levels of your medicines as the naturally occurring enzyme that breaks down those medications is not allowed to do it's thing (is blocked) by eating PINEAPPLE you may be causing very high toxic levels of your medicines to circulate within your body for a prolonged period of time. Don't believe me Google it!.

Oh I know this cause I was sick. Not anymore! Put down all the dairy and pork, and all fried foods!!!! .
Most all dis-ease is due to inflammation, cardiovascular disease- inflammation in the veins, Alzheimer's inflammation of the brain and it continues. Take your systemic enzymes cause your body stops making enzymes around the age of 27! Eat as much greens and Omega 3s and Turmeric tea and you will feel amazing and be amazing and will not get sick!.
+Jane Austin Deathly plants contain minerals, as well as vitamins but that does not mean that you should eat these plants to obtain minerals en vitamins, there are other less toxic/non toxic options out there. Nightshade vegetables are slightly toxic. The eggplant contains for example tons of nicotine..
Being healthy is really simple but a lot of people find it impossible to give up their old habits. I am desperately trying to get my parent to eat healthy but they are stuck in their old lifestyle. .
+Aris “Taratajum” Psaltis Since we're talking about Omega 3 fatty acids, you will not find low fat foods here. Nonetheless, these foods are good for you. It's not recommended that a person eat fish more than 1-2x week, due to mercury concerns. I say enjoy sardines in moderation..
Wheat gluten also causes inflammation in a large percentage of the human population, this should NOT be on the list for anti-inflammation diets! Many people with either undiagnosed celiac disease or gluten sensitivity can be causing long-term damage to their digestive tract from the wheat plant. As a society we'd all be better off converting the fields of wheat to free range bison grasslands. .
Yes very true it is frustrating:{ watch on YT john Bergmann how to have a healthy thyroid The man is amazing!! Let me know what you find:}.
Many alternative medi­cine websites allege that nightshade vegetables contain a toxic alkaloid called solanine, a defense mechanism in some Solanaceae plants that protects againstl threats such as insects. It’s true that solanine may develop in potatoes, which turn green when exposed to light. (That’s why potatoes with green areas should be discarded.) Contrary to the rumors, however, eggplant, peppers and tomatoes—even the green ones—do not produce solanine and are perfectly safe to eat..
2 zenmachinefilms Tomatoes have nutritional merits, but I believe they fall in the class of "nightshade vegetables" that she briefly mentioned; this is a class of vegetables that are said to contribute to inflammation. .
She's great. Obviously knows what she is talking about. Looks a lot more healthy than most of the nutritionists I know, so probably worth listening too. .
Just refer to the Dr. Weil WHOLE foods diet that incorporates all of the low glycemic index and anti-inflammatory and additional associated buzz words..
What about the tomatoes He kept interrupting her and she never got to the tomatoes. I thought they were supposed to be good for you . Nonsense. You don't eat the leaves! And the lycopene and lutein and other cartenoids are more bio-available if you cook them first. 2 sdushdiu, I agree that tomatoes and eggplant and peppers are healthy...tons of anthocyanins in them and lycopene in *cooked* tomatoes, fiber, too, in all of them! . Extracted oils are junk food...they are pure fat and offer no vitamins or nutrients...maybe trace amounts of nutrients, but it's best to quit eating extracted oils. See Dr. Esselstyn's great youtube video...the man has saved many lives. . As a practicing physician, I always recommend this diet. It can reduce heart disease risk, keep existing cardiac problems in check, reduce blood triglycerides and blood pressure as well as soothe stiff arthritic joints.. If I was not erectly clear, the Fruit (eggplant, peppers,tomatoes, potatoes (except for any green portions)) is perfectly safe to eat. But do NOT eat any of the green leafy parts of the plants or any green spots on potato!.

Natural Arthritis Cures -

December 31, 2015
More people with RA are turning to alternative treatments, including changes in diet. Anti-inflammatory foods could reduce pain and swelling in joints. i1
Anti-inflammatory Foods | Best Foods for Arthritis...

December 22, 2015
Arthritis occurs when cartilage between joints wears down causing inflammation and pain. Try these Natural Arthritis Cures when combatting arthritis! i2
Top Picks for Natural Anti-Inflammatory Foods, Herbs...

December 20, 2015
Roots Natural Foods is dedicated to providing you with the finest quality organic, natural, and gourmet products. We specialize in organically-grown whole foods and... i3
The Natural Foods Store - Home Page

December 21, 2015

Comments about this video:

Well, Ronnie, I watched the whole video and you never did say what those green things were on the wooden cutting board. They look like aloe. Am I correct Could you redo this with a short script and finish what you are doing in the blender In other words, I think you have some good information but you were rambling on. It was like listening to someone talking to themself. And the girl talking in the background at a low level was distracting. I was waiting for the recipe to go into the blender and it just didn't get there. I am interested in anti-estrogen, as I have had a bout with breast cancer. Then I had a hernia surgery, so my intestinal tract is of great interest to me post-surgery. I like fruits and vegetables, I exercise and I am just a tad underweight at this point. I am also a good writer. If you want to write down what you want to get across verbally and what you want to demonstrate, I will write a script for you. Free. I am getting something out of it anyway - You can email me at zizinyc2 Here is a link to a poem by Walt Whitman called " I Sing The Body Electric".

The Best Natural Anti-Inflammatory Supplements...

January 1, 2016
For those looking for natural arthritis treatments or joint pain remedies the task can be daunting. Chances are if you're searching Google for joint pain supplements... i5
7 Anti-Inflammatory Power Foods for Arthritis | One Green...

December 25, 2015
Good Earth is committed to providing fresh wholesome foods and nutritional supplements that will help each individual gain optimum health of body and mind. i6
Cauliflower - The World's Healthiest Foods

December 23, 2015
The Paddison Program for Rheumatoid Arthritis combines diet, natural treatment and proven RA remedies to reverse your joint pain naturally and eliminate i7
Roots Natural Foods - Home Page

December 29, 2015

Comments about this video:

Natural Anti- Inflammatory Foods and Supplements That Help...

December 30, 2015
Foods That Causes Arthritis Pain. Arthritis is a condition that affects the joints due to either trauma, infection or deterioration from aging. A number of lifestyle... i9
Foods You Should Eat for Rheumatoid Arthritis | eHow

December 28, 2015
Read about home remedies for arthritis and natural arthritis treatments. Also read how to cure arthritis naturally with proven home remedies. i10
Natural Cures for Arthritis - HealthyChristian Living

December 19, 2015
(NaturalNews) Arthritis is actually inflammation of one or more joints, where flexible physical points of bone meeting bone through cartilage occur. i11
Anti-Inflammatory Diet for Rheumatoid Arthritis

December 24, 2015

Comments about this video:
Hi uploader, thank you for the informative video! I wondered if you heard of "Brendt Miracle Arthritis Cure" (check google maybe) My neighbor told me how fantastic it worked for him and now he doesn't have any more arthritis pain! I think there is a free health guide too. You should check out the site before the guide is gone!. At last, the truth will be exposed so that YOU can Banish Your Arthritis Condition Naturally - from the comfort and privacy of your own home. go here >

Dog Arthritis Symptoms and Natural Treatment

December 27, 2015
Anti-inflammatory medicines from natural sources offer safer alternatives than using drugs. Some of the good ones can be found in certain foods, supplements, herbs... i13
List of 63 Anti-Inflammatory Foods to Choose from for...

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November 20, 2015

Comments about this video:

Thanx for the helpful info about anti-inflammatory foods. I found this video helpful because i have gout and arthritis and now i can begin avoiding toxic foods..
I'll have to keep this video's advice in mind... I haven't paid much attention to this branch of nutrition science in the past but now that I listen to this video it seems that I should start. Thanks!.
It does not have any side effects I have lost 5 pounds in 1 week so far. You can learn more about Garcinia Cambogia if you go to this website Top Anti Inflammatory Foods for Anti Inflammatory Diet.

Very informative and well put together. I think more people should be conscious of the power of food and the benefits of an anti-inflammatory one no less. Thanks for the great video and wonderful advice!.
very good video it really benefits me alot i have been suffering from many diseases lately these years and your video about inflammetory foods really aknowledged me with a lot of informations thanks a lot.
Wow. Thanks for the info. I had no idea there was a such thing as an anti-inflammatory diet. I will definitely try this. Very informative..

This is a great source of information. There are definitely a few things you probably already know, but there is a lot of worthwhile information..

Thank you, I found that i am looking for something like this. We eat so very unhealthy and need retraining on how to eat and live better. Again, thanks!.
wow nice information and advice given in this video about anti-inflammatory food and nice idea given.really very very useful information and advice provided here in this video. Very interesting. I am always looking for ways to help improve my health. I love the little tips for the foods and how to use them in daily life. I will be looking into this.. This has been super informative! Thanks rick I'm gonna go watch that 20 minute video you spoke of :D..

Top Anti-Inflammatory Foods, Herbs, and Spices

December 18, 2015
Try one of these power foods every single day, not only to lower inflammation if you have arthritis, but to also keep your body healthy and alkaline even if you don't. i1
Top 8 Natural Anti-Inflammatory Remedies For Arthritis

November 9, 2015
Nature has provided us with many natural anti-inflammatories which do not cause any adverse reaction. These are 8 commonly used natural home remedies for arthritis. i2
Anti-Inflammatory Foods List for Arthritis Sufferers

November 10, 2015
Here's a list of potent anti-inflammatory foods, herbs, and spices that are significantly effective at quelling the inflammatory response. i3
Anti-inflammatory Diet & Foods: Health Benefits - WebMD

January 22, 2016

Comments about this video:
Do you struggle with arthritis, fibromyalgia or other joint pain Are you a runner or athlete with joint pain from longer runs I've found 4 ways to REDUCE your joint pain and inflammation NATURALLY! Check out my video > Reduce Joint Pain & Inflammation Naturally #healthyliving #maximizedliving #fitness #naturalremedies . HELLO MCFLY!!!! HOW ABOUT A RECIEPEEEE,ANY BODY CAN SAY THIS,come up with a winning combo mixture ,"hey drink water,its good blh blah,you mean well i understand,but helllloooo,ALL THE GIRLS LIKE YOU NOW. +ZAPP RODD I have many anti-inflammatory recipes on my website: My turmeric tea is one fantastic recipe for naturally reducing joint pain and inflammation:
Dr. Axe thank you SO MUCH for this because I have Fibromyalgia and crave salt like crazy and I had no idea why and had no idea how to flush with potassium! I'm thrilled to try it now because my liver is messed up and I have a lot of pain and I think that's why I'm craving the salt. Do you do consults over the phone to coach people with Fibromyalgia to get back to feeling good again I can barely walk around right now I feel so bad..
Do you struggle with arthritis, fibromyalgia, or other joint pain Here are my 4 ways to reduce joint pain and inflammation naturally > Reduce Joint Pain & Inflammation Naturally #naturalremedies #naturalcures.
Dr I have planta faciitis is there something to help with the pain.I usually have severe pain when I stand after lying down or when standing after sitting.

I do understand there can be many, many reasons for joint pain but I stopped drinking coffee and 2 days after... pain-free..
though its not a natural cure, MSM would help to right Dr Axe it has helped me with my knee though my knee is not 100% yet...its probably at 80%. i am a long distance runner and i need my knees to be at 100%...hmmmm. Thank you for this information. My knee joints are really starting to bother me. My doctor says I am showing signs of arthritis and she says that I am too young for this. (I am 41). I hope these natural remedies you mention here will help me.. +Ahnjayla Moore interesting points ,if anyone else wants to discover exercises for rheumatoid arthritis try Knewreck Arthritis Treatment Guide (Have a quick look on google cant remember the place now ) Ive heard some great things about it and my work buddy got cool results with it.. Hey I like your video, Reduce Pain & Inflammation Naturally is very important. Something I also found, helpful for how to reduce joint inflammation pain is Knewreck Treatment Guide- it will be on google if you need it.. +Stella Ilyayev Check out my article on inflammation and how to reduce it naturally:
+Rosanna Downs Check out my articles on arthritis: 1. 2. 3. 4. Also, try to consume more of these foods:

Sorry, I have try all you said but still did not work, I added glucosamine and msn and chronditin and many others still did not work. what else did I miss.

+Victoria Hwang Check out my article on naturally reducing inflammation:

Great Video Josh. You can very easily tell you are very passionate about your information. It's really great to see more and more people focusing on natural ways to help reduce joint pain versus simply using NSAIDs or prescription medications that can actually do more harm than good. Keep up the great work Josh..
thanks for the video josh good info, I use natural body Defense, its an Anti-Inflammatory Supplement that assists the body's natural process for regulating its own inflammation, using all natural ingredients (a couple that you mentioned josh) to assist in maintaining healthy levels of inflammation at a cellular level..
+ymacake77 Check out my article on reducing inflammation naturally:
great video Dr ive tryied drinking ginger with alot of water to reduce its flavor and my burning in my feet toe has been gone.

on the Sciatica what would you recommend I try so many medication and I really don't like pain meds they make me feel loopy .
Not certain about the points made but ,if anyone else wants to uncover sarcoid natural cure try Wiltapar Sarcoid Cure Secrets (just google it ) Ive heard some unbelievable things about it and my neighbor got amazing success with it.. Hi Dr. Axe! I've been doing turmeric and omega 3 for inflammation just as a way to be healthy and reduce knee pain from running. But I really need help with thyroid health. I'm now 35 and notice that I am building tremendous muscle mass but not leaning out well, last 5lbs not going. Do you think this is thyroid related I started taking kelp but have found research that says that supplementing with kelp (iodine) can trigger hashimoto's so I'm utterly confused. Any advice Please! And thanks in advance! Great video btw! And you're super cute! :) #DrJoshAxe. +Suzie I would check out my article:
+faith sieling Some folks have trouble with dairy. I am also an anti-inflammatory nutrition guy and went to school with Dr. Axe. I am pretty sure he didn't mean for us to make dairy a staple, or for those who avoid it to begin consuming it. The truth is that dairy isn't all that inflammatory for those who can tolerate it, as long as it's not a staple. If dairy is upsetting you, it might be because of a lactose problem or some other intolerance, possibly casein. Also, grain-fed meat is highly inflammatory, so you might have bad reactions due to what the animal ate. Focus on grass-fed meats, and fish is generally very healthy, so you might do yourself a favor to add certain meats to your diet. Unless your objection is an ethical one, or unless you have some allergy or other rare contraindication, it only makes sense for omnivores to incorporate at least a little meat into the diet. I am not familiar enough with Dr. Axe's other teachings to comment on them, but his assertions in this video have mountains of evidence to support them..
+Cataleya Flor Check out my article on a vegetarian/vegan diet:

14 Inflammation-Fighting Foods -

December 23, 2015
Are you tired of the chronic ache of arthritis pain? Why not try changes in your diet to get some relief? Here are eight foods that help. i5
6 Anti-Inflammatory Foods to Help You Ease Arthritis...

December 1, 2015
Anti Inflammatory Foods for Arthritis Relief;... Including cherries in the diet may help arthritis sufferers by providing anti-inflammatory benefits. i6
Diet and Treatment for Arthritis - Joy Bauer

December 28, 2015
Anti-inflammatory Foods to Fight Arthritis and Joint Pain... This is a highly concentrated form of getting natural health benefits of the... Anti-Arthritis... i7
Natural Anti Inflammatory Foods -

October 31, 2015

Comments about this video:
Thank you so much for your video ! I like everykind of tea. Tea is very healthy. specially greentea..
i love it, tea is very good for our health. this tea color is so good. i like to drink green tea. i like this videos..

Sorry this was a very old video :) I have since learned how to increase the microphone volume settings for better audio clarity haha.
NICE RECIPE, THANK YOU FOR POSTING IT. I LIKE ANTI-INFLAMMATORY HERBS AND SPICES. INCLUDING CINNAMON, TURMERIC, GARLIC... I MAKE GINGER TEA WITH FINELY CHOPPED GINGER AND I LET WATER TO COOL DOWN FOR 2 MIN AFTER BOILING, THEN I POUR IT INTO THE MUG. I LIKE CAMOMILE TEA AS WELL, BUT I USE IT WITHOUT PAPER BAG TO AVOID CHLORINE UNLESS THE BAG IS MADE WITH UNBLEACHED PAPER. I USE RAW HONEY AS WELL AND ALWAYS WHEN I PUT HONEY TO MY TEAS OR COFFEE..I WAIT UNTIL THE DRINK COOL DOWN TO DRINKABLE TEMPERATURE TO KEEP THE HONEY NUTRIENTS INTACT.. +Mourad Kadouri I don't like sweet tea, never take sugar in hot drinks so am unsure how this is useful to me. I do understand there can be many, many reasons for joint pain but I stopped drinking coffee and 2 days after... pain-free.. It's because coffee is acidic. It lowers the body's pH. Acidic environment within the body is a contributor for inflammatory illnesses. I take raw vinegar daily. Even though vinegar is acidic, it produces bicarbonate within the body resulting in alkalizing the body raising the pH. Baking soda will also do this.Both of my knees are worn and when I started taking 1 tablespoon of raw unfiltered vinegar with every meal, my knee pain greatly reduced. Keeping the body out of an acidic state will go a long way in reducing inflammatory illnesses. Raw unfiltered vinegar will also aide in metabolism and in losing weight, and aiding in stabilizing blood pressure and cholesterol levels. I go thru about 45 ounces a month of raw unfiltered vinegar. For the money, it's one of the best health supplements you can use.. I want to thankfully. Thank you for I have muscle n disc pain plus I think its the Ginger. Cause. Chamolie. Just relaxes. :) thkx.
Thanks - I do hope that it helps to treat and ease your symptoms. If you haven't already - I think that it would be beneficial for you to see a qualified chiropractor for some advice and further treatment if necessary. Good luck :).

There is no such thing "organic" chamomile tea, if some one say THIS is chamomile tea put it back on shelve.
Hi +stewie17- In regards to your question. It may help. However I would highly advise you go speak with an Allergy specialist / Dietician to help pin point exactly what foods might be triggering your condition. In the mean time - it should be ok for you to try out this drink. Substitute normal honey for Manuka honey and reduce foods that cause a release in Histamines! Please google 'Foods that release histamines' and 'histamine free diet'. A change in your diet should help alleviate your symptoms :) good luck my friend!.
u got such a soothing voice and very clear and well spoken,i really liked your video,i have ulcerative colitis and this will help so much.thank you..
I make this from chamomile I raise and it's great.. Good for your tummy.. I have IBS and it does help..I make it by the quart and drink it throughout the day.. I also add plantain (for IBS), clover and tea.. Works wonders and tastes good... Thanks for stopping by Robin :) and also for your contribution here. In the case of IBS I would also recommend adding in some peppermint into this infusion. It is natural anti-spasmodic and also good for your stomach muscles, intestinal tract and uterus. Cheers!. +po3tik1 I also have a peppermint patch and drink it 2 or 3 times a week.. Usually I mix it with green tea.. I grow a variety of herbs that I mix as teas sometimes in soup.. Never thought to mix it with chamomille. I use so many herbs that I mix 'cause I can't get enough otherwise.. It's fun trying new ones...
Ok I made this today I used raw cold pressed honey! And it is delicious. I am on a low sugar diet I am also a vegetarian. So this should help me to detox further great recipe!!!! P.s I added the raw cold pressed honey to my glycerin and coconut mixture and it works 70 percent better (lol) yes I'm being that accurate raw honey is seemingly amazing for a lot of things God bless you!.

+Yezzimblessed Thanks :D I'm glad to hear that it has helped you too. I drink this mix occasionally and I used to get Psoariasis that flared up mostly during winter. I no longer get it anymore! I can't say that the drink alone has cured me of it, but I feel as though treating myself of Candida and using this drink has helped me tremendously. Oh and if you can find it - Manuka honey is the best healing honey IMO :D.

Yes I have heard!!! The kind I have is awesome so far... It is hard to get Manuka honey yes but I would love to try it...And when I do I will let you know how it works in comparison to what I'm using I was very impressed with what the addition of even this honey had on my lip ointment... I still swear my Apple cider.vinegar as well....

hi all, tried this formula and it's great, I tried to find something other than anti inflammatory tablets to relieve stiff elbows, (play a lot of badminton) and wow, its really good and helps me sleep better, thanks for uploading this info, it's been really useful and it works, thankyou very much friend..

You're welcome and thank you for sharing your results with us +takedaryu72 :) My philosophy in medicine is that nature has provided us with all that we need to heal ourselves naturally. Without the use of synthetic and often harmful lab-made pharmaceuticals. Your body will thank you haha..

It doesn't quite need to :) if you bash at it and let it soak - the tea will absorb the goodness. Discard the ginger before drinking and you should be fine..

I'll give it a shot. I just saw an infomercial about the nopalea anti-inflammatory drink which I am a bit skeptical about. I hope it works .

I truly appreciate this video Thanks Again. Keep writing. Wow, great article. Fantastic. try napolea cactus juice if you ewant more info message me.

i work out a lot and my knees really hurt after working out and i wonder if this would help relieve my knee pain and how fast should it start working.
Thanks for stopping by. Fibromyalgia can be a pretty severe condition. This drink most likely would not help too much in that regard. I would recommend Cannabis as a natural anti-inflammatory for Fibromyalgia. It is a potent anti inflammatory and the cannabinoids will help modulate your immune system and provide you with good relief. Best of luck!.
Hey I'm the first to comment :) I think thi sis a great video, thanks for taking the time out to post it. Do you think ginger powder is effective Also, is that Chamomile Tea or a different tea .
I would recommend daily before retiring to bed (about 1 hour before sleeping). It will help you get a good nights sleep. It's a good idea to use it regularly. The tea is Chamomile tea - fresh ginger works better than powder IMO and always use organic wherever possible for the best results. This drink heals my allergies and inflammation very effectively :).
Asthma is a condition that affects the bronchial passages and for that you would be much better off trying other remedies. Diluted Apple cider vinegar (mixed with clean water), Coffee and Cannabis are all good aids for the symptomatic relief of Asthma as they help to dilate the bronchial passage ways of your lungs which will provide good relief..
I just wanted to say, this is Awesome. Thank you for this Video! I myself have actually been able to successfully heal my body from Fibromyalgia Pain, that is a Chronic Inflammatory pain in the body all over, and I have had this disorder for almost 14 years I have eaten ginger and taken chamomile tea, along with a VAST array of other natural remedies, all of which did NOT completely take the inflammation away. For anyone suffering as I was PLEASE do not wait. Try this!

Anti Inflammatory Foods for Arthritis Relief | LIVESTRONG.COM

November 27, 2015
Natural anti-inflammatory supplements are a great alternative to pharmaceutical drugs. Get rid of arthritis inflammation and be healthy at the same time. i9
anti inflammatory list of foods |

December 25, 2015
Here's a list of potent anti-inflammatory foods, herbs, and spices that are significantly effective at quelling the inflammatory response. i10
Anti-inflammatory Foods to Fight Arthritis and Joint Pain...

December 24, 2015
More people with RA are turning to alternative treatments, including changes in diet. Anti-inflammatory foods could reduce pain and swelling in joints. i11
8 Foods That Fight Arthritis - Healthline

January 23, 2016

Comments about this video:

Natural Anti Inflammatory remedies on Pinterest | Anti...

December 31, 2015
Food can hurt and food can help our bodies. If you suffer from inflammation e.g. due to arthritis, try eating more of these natural anti inflammatory foods. i13
Arthritis Remedies: 10 Foods That Help and Hurt...

December 15, 2015
Explore Lisa Boggs's board
Anti-Inflammatory Diet - Arthritis Foundation

December 9, 2015
Anti-Inflammatory Supplements for Arthritis. Check out some of the most effective natural supplements for relieving arthritis and joint pain without the nasty side... i15
Anti-inflammatory Diet & Foods: Health Benefits - WebMD

January 20, 2016

Comments about this video:
Hi gospelstringer, great stuff. I should have replied to your email for sure - so if not, just use the contact page on my website and you'll jump to the top of the list. Wonderful that you're feeling so well from the Paddison Program and I look forward to helping you make more improvements. Clint. I agree that diet plays a vital role in a RA patients quality of life, furthermore I also agree that a diet that a suitable diet reduces flare-ups significantly, this coupled with regular exercise will surely help most RA sufferers. However I seriously question whether or not ceasing to take a prescribed medication is a good idea. In my experience once RA patients have been diagnoised they are referred to a RA Consultant who willl prescribe a suitable medication and monitor Rheumatoid factor. I take Methotrexate orally, I take this because my RA Specialist prescribed this to control my autoimmune disease - Rheumatoid Arthritis. I have been advised that although this drug will not cure the disease it will control it and without this I would be susceptible to flare-ups and as we know flare-ups = cronic pain = poor quality of life. So as much as I want to believe you I doubt your word, especially as like many things your promises have links which lead to "buy now" sites. Are you a Doctor. No more drugs, No more pain, No more confusion, No more frustration..all of these can be acquire in just 1 program.. all in safe and natural way. check their site and bid goodbye to RA.. go here >
I\'m not sure but ,if anyone else wants to uncover foods that help arthritis try Debuncar Arthritis Treatment Aid ( search on google ) Ive heard some decent things about it and my neighbor got amazing results with it..

thank you so much for this video! I am so happy that you are ok! i am suffering for so long with join pains! i will follow you! thanks!.

I just turned 29 and very active. About 8 months ago I was having a problem with my left hand. They thought I had trigger finger. Then two months after they said I had RA as its just progressing. I have a apt Oct 19th with my new doctor. It's giving me bad anxiety when I have flare ups because it's very scary when I can open a door. What type of medication are you on now I wonder if I'll need pain medication, anti inflammatory, nerve meds Please help as I am learning about this horrible disease. Thank you and God bless..

+Patriot Forlife Subscribe to my podcast and blog over at this will be the greatest source of free info for you. As for your question, I don't require meds any more my inflammation is gone.
do you ever came across red eye due to RA.I have just got in seronegative RA.Mye eyes are red.Can natural diet heal that too.. Have you looked into root canals being an influence with toxic contamination of the body creating high uric acid to cope with the inflammation . Every month or so someone emails me to tell me that they are removing their amalgam fillings (based on their own motivation, not because I ask them to). From the feedback from these clients, I can say that having the fillings removed seems NOT to be the instant fix for RA. However, these clients feel that it's great to reduce one more potential cause of toxicity. So in that sense they feel it's an important step in the overall path to reversing their symptoms. Having never had these fillings myself I can't comment from my personal experience. I hope that helps..
interesting points ,if anyone else is searching for foods that help with joint pain try Debuncar Arthritis Treatment Aid (should be on google have a look ) Ive heard some pretty good things about it and my mate got cool success with it..
hi, this seema its really wonderfull to watch your programme but i am confussed how to get your programme, well i dont even have computer to down load the form how to get the programme books can u help me sir well i am really in need of ur help. hey I love your video but I also found a tips that can help you to diet treatment in Knewreck Arthritis Treatment Guide.
My Rheumatologist has not 100% diagnosed me yet, but its either Crohns, RA or Lupus, but the only symptoms i have is the joints mainly swolen knees, and elbows, neck and toes. My question is, if it is an allergy why does it all of a sudden hit at a certain age i feel it is more some infection, that maybe some people are genetically immuned to, so if you do not have the immunity and get this particular bacteria, you get it, but we will see, im a skeptical person but one thing i do know for 100% certain is that about two weeks ago, i had no money so had to live on homemade bread for a couple of days, during this period my Arthritis flared worse than it ever has, in places i have never had it either like in my feet and ankles, jaw etc, and i felt like i was going to die, so for a start i am going to give up gluten for a few days and see if this works..

i cannot lift things with my right hand because of the wrist pain. Pain in my right knee make me difficult to bend leg the area near thumb in my left foot pains a lot and is swelling.. (suffering same as you) I have been treated by doctor but the medicine has caused allergies in my shoulder. what am i supposed to do please help.

Hi Clint !, Will this also aid in managing osteoarthritis I have early signs and symptoms and would very much like to get it under control at this current stage..

There is no way around your diet, when it comes to Rheumatoid Arthritis. If you are not restricting your diet strictly for RA, you will never be free of pain and inflammation. It will continue to plague you. Eating the wrong foods causes a chemical reaction in your body, which causes chronic inflammation. Your intestines are releasing toxins, undigested food particles, and yeast into your blood stream. You have to heal your intestines. I have had Rheumatoid Arthritis, since 1993. I have read countless books about dieting for RA and they all contained contradictions. That is why I started my own elimination diet and for years I documented what the actual causes of my inflammation had been. I wanted one book that only had sound advice and that told you all you needed to know about Rheumatoid Arthritis. It's called, Healing Severe Rheumatoid Arthritis with Food by Jarrod Matthew Hardy. It is available exclusively on Amazon Books. I hope this helps -JMH.
I was recently diagnosed with RA and I have two lil kids that depend on me. I have two find a way to wake up from this nightmare. Is your program legit.
+Jonathan Sotelo I too am diagnosed with RA, but I am yet to try out these diet changes. I believe it is important to stress that it's always a good idea to get several different perspectives from doctors, practitioners, patients, scientists, and so forth. Discuss these perspectives, both with professionals and the people who care for you. I've heard of s o m e people with RA who've had enormous succes incorporating vast amounts of ginger into their diet (i.e. in pill form)..

I am unfortunately new to all this, and would like to THANK YOU for sharing all this information. I am definitely going to check out your website and start my new eating regimen. Peace to you and to all sufferers..

My elbows & knees have been that bad! OH the PAIN! So happy that you're better. Thank for sharing!.
too bad this costs makes people feel like its a money making gimmick :( I do believe it though i spend too much on ra up keep to afford this..
+Jackie Gilbert my free podcast on itunes will help you
I found this incredibly helpful. I have ankylosing spondylitis and Crohns disease since I was 9 and I am now 23 and until today did I decide to find an alternative. I am on a special diet because of the Crohns but I can only go so long without pastries and ice cream, and I found it interesting that you mentioned dairy and grains because I have noticed most recently that when I do eat a lot of those kinds of things I feel more pain and stiffness the next morning. Im tired of paying so much for Remicade and been without it for nearly a year because of it and its been tough so this does keep me hopeful. Thank you!. We have had some great testimonials from Ankylosing Spondylitis sufferers with the Paddison Program. Crohns should respond well to the same approach. Good luck.
Love your video Clint I've had RA for 40 yrs I was diagnosed when I was 13. It's a miracle I'm not in a wheelchair.I've been on alot of of RA drugs including gold shots,methotrexate,remicade,prednisone, on now on Enbrel which I'm working on getting off. I've starting taking Glucosamine,Chondroitin,Msm,Boswellia,Curcumin and Fish oil.Just started taking 2 days ago and have noticed my pain has already subsided.I also eat alot of raw Organic salad and only drink mostly spring water.I've wanted to go vegan for awhile but just buying organic meat for now but never eat red meat or Pork. Slowly working myself to a fast. Put thinking just a juice fast Organic carrots etc..

I am a former rheumatoid arthritis patient and like you, took nutritional supplements and got some pain relief from them. Later I discovered a connection between a bacteria called mycoplasma and rheumatoid arthritis: Once I hit on the right combination of nutritional supplements to rid my body of this bacteria, my rheumatoid arthritis went away and never returned. I was able to determine right combination of nutritional supplements with the help of this doctor: I no longer have rheumatoid arthritis running my life. The pain and swelling are completely gone. I no longer use prescription medication. For me, rheumatoid arthritis no longer controls my life..

+Rheumatoid Arthritis Eliminators Is Dr. Joe Wallach really prescribing dietary supplements as "medicine" for RA sufferers, without a medical history or a even blood-sample Please let me know why that's a good idea..
hmm... my mom has RA and i hate seeing her suffer everyday. from all my research i have to say that i 100% agree with you. but... being from a filipino/guamanian culture, how can i find recipes that will appeal and satisfy her and my family's appetite. how can i cook in a way that they will enjoy.
+Benito Samia Yes, it can be tough, so I have included may alternative food sources that are available in non-on the west countries that act as a great middle ground. You're a great son looking out for your mum like you are..

+Benito Samia (Bb) Maybe you can ask your mother's doctor what dietary changes might help. Also, there's probably a local/national organisation which helps RA patients with practical information and experience. That way you can also draw upon the experiences of other RA patients facing the same problems. I hope your mother will be better..
Hello, Is there any way you can provide a transcription of your youtube video The closed captioning option for the video is inaccurate and I'd love to understand the entire video. Sincerely, Chelsie PS: looking at the link now. Clint, greetings from Holland. Would it be too much to ask to make a 2 or 3 min video for me. I am doing a presentation next month for school and would like to adress the issue that the statement that this disease is not curable. I promise to use it for educational purposes only. Love your video btw.. Our program has worked well for AS. The feedback I receive from long water fasts (for RA folks) is that immediately after breaking the fast symptoms return again. I believe that's because the water fast does not allow the protective intestinal mucosa to rebuild. Meanwhile, some foods (like brown rice) can assist with that. Also, a long water fast can be dangerous and very taxing on the body. +Clint Paddison You missed an important one. Journal of the American Dietetic Association 2010;110:727-735 . Thanks +Don Miller Check out this post too and email me at any time if you want to discuss this in more detail. Wow! I just saw your video and I'm really feeling hopeful. I just got diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis at the age of 26 and I'm from the Philippines. I'm actually trying to make some lifestyle changes into my life right now so thank you for sharing. . Good to hear. Our blog has lots of free info for you, as well as the our newsletter on the site too. So jump on that also by getting the free ebook link and you'll be able to make lots of excllent changes quickly. . Dear Clint, Can I ask what's your opinion on fruits I eat a lot of juicy, ripe fruits on an empty stomach, properly combined but sometimes I think they cause inflammation rather than reduce it. Where you eating fruits on your 8 month raw living healing plan Also, do you support the theory that nightshades are bad for RA and would you suggest cutting out all white potatoes, tomatoes, etc Thank you so much!. Good luck Vera!! the dahl i used was only moong dahl and red lentils since they're meant to be so easily digested. and no rice :) Really hope this works for you, I think I felt pretty crap the first few days from lack of caffeine but by the end felt heaps better... would love to hear how it went for you.... Doctors who ignore the link between diet and autoimmune disorders are criminals! I have Hughes Disorder and one of the treatments is heavy anticoagulants. I was already vegan, but I ate loads of good food and started to take turmeric and aloe vera, and gave up gluten. And my condition and blood work improved a lot. Doctors just want to give you dangerous medications, there is no money in broccoli. . Experiment with some foods that might not cause an allergic reaction but will give you sustained, long-term energy. Sweet potatoes is an excellent option, and buckwheat and quinoa are both low-inflammatory and highly nutritious. This might give you more sustained energy to prevent the sugar binging..
Look up vegan bodybuilders/ athletes. Meat/ dairy= protein is a myth. I would also take turmeric and aloe vera juice as they are anti-inflammatory and immune boosting..

I have Rheumatoid Arthritis as I am writing this I feel very fatigue, I too managed to get off my medication with diet, but sometimes I get so weak that I put in my system food that I know will cause me pain but give me instant energy, two days ago I binged on dates, sugar caused instant inflammation all over my body, apparently I was gluten sensitive as well all these years had eczema.

hey clint im a new patient of yours. did you get my email. ive been on the paddison program for 2 weeks and feeling great. ill keep you posted of my progress. do i have your correct email address from your book did not get a response from you yet. thanks and I love the book. im following to the tee....
When you say that we must avoid meat, do you mean ALL kinds of meats and all dairy products What if I'm trying to build muscle and the best way for me to get my protein intake is through different types of meats and dairy products Where can I get my complex carbs from if I can't eat cereal grains no pasta no bread no meat no dairy What can I eat that will allow me to have a very high calorie intake (from protein and complex carbs) without having to eat 3 tons of food per sitting . Many autoimmine disorders such as RA, MS and various cancers do not exist in countries with no dairy consumption. Milk is full of hormones and is the worst thing you could put in your body. .

Anti-inflammatory Foods to Fight Arthritis and Joint Pain...

November 5, 2015
Anti-inflammatory Foods to Fight Arthritis and Joint Pain... This is a highly concentrated form of getting natural health benefits of the... Anti-Arthritis... i17
Top Anti-Inflammatory Foods, Herbs, and Spices

November 23, 2015
Try one of these power foods every single day, not only to lower inflammation if you have arthritis, but to also keep your body healthy and alkaline even if you don't. i18
Top 8 Natural Anti-Inflammatory Remedies For Arthritis

November 8, 2015
Nature has provided us with many natural anti-inflammatories which do not cause any adverse reaction. These are 8 commonly used natural home remedies for arthritis. i19
Anti-Inflammatory Foods List for Arthritis Sufferers

November 29, 2015

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Please tell me how long does it take to start feeling a difference and does boiling it hurt the strength of the turmeric tea.

This is the most comprehensive and useful information that I have found on the internet. Thank you for not using this for every resellers' forum. I really appreciate that there are not hundreds of ads!.

Excellent and informative vid... Although, I was surprised there was no mention of needing to consume it with black pepper for full bioavailability. Perhaps, you can update this vid with one of those superimposed blurbs. Other than that, this was very good!.
This video says heating/boiling turmeric degrades the quality of it. I had seen a lot of You Tube videos by medical people showing how to make turmeric milk and they boil the milk with turmeric powder. Can you please comment on this Thank you!.
Many thankis for this wealth of information. I have a question. I grow my own turmeric and I was wondering whether to cook it or to leave raw for drying purpose. Most recepies I found recommend boiling, but I am a little skeptical as boiling changes the product and it might loose its properties. Thanks in advance for the answer..
Made my own ramen... Scratch that vegan ramen today and would not have been able without this channel. I gotta say this is the s#%t and am so thankful for the time you took to make the content you provide..
Thanks for a very informative video. Just learned that it is best to use turmeric raw rather than cooked..
+Uchiba Uki He mentioned at the end of the video to use ith moderation (not all the time) may cause nausea, diarrhea ect. talk to a dr!. Great video! Fun fact... Turmeric taken with black pepper increased the Dapoxetine of turmeric by an astonishing 2000% here's the study... Hey, Dr. Douillard in da house! Excellent! You'll be happy to know that I made your same point above. Peace.... just a warning: turmeric is sky high in oxalates, and is therefore bad for people and dogs prone to bladder stones, kidney stones and gallstones. you can get around this by using pure curcumin instead as the oxalates are removed. otherwise, really stay away from turmeric if you are prone to stones. turmeric is a great anti-inflammatory. yes, i've watched them. he's very good. he failed to mention the stone issue in the early ones, but i think he correctd himself later on..
Thank you for this. I am using tumeric for my chronic pain and will let you know how that goes. I make a Golden Milk at night to help me relax and settle in... Yummy!.

I been making turmeric tea every morning for the last 2 months, my back and feet inflammation is almost gone..
FYI you are mispronouncing the word "herb"...You must pronounce the "h"...instead, you're saying "Erb". You started out well pronouncing "turmeric" correctly (2 "Rs" not 1). Then you reverted back to the incorrect one.. Hello ! Thank you very much for your video on Turmeric, I have been using it now and then but after looking at your video i will keep it handy, All of these TV channels should have these kind of Information, but no they don't want to help people they want you to keep going to the Doctors and spend money, when many of the herbs will help you more.. Again Thank you Angel. Great point! If you notice, the big pharmaceutical companies are now piggy-backing on natural medicinal YouTube vids like this. They are running commercials for their drugs before you can even get to watching the information.. Wow, such wealth of information... Thank you, I am going to try Turmeric.. Hopefully it will help with the Fibromyalgia condition I have.. I take curcumin and it is one of the fastest pain relievers around. However, thank you for the information explaining that perhaps turmeric works best as it effective with or without curcumin.. Excellent video! I did not know that turmeric should not be given if one has congestive heart failure. Very important information Thank you..
+Steven Watt maybe you're in a different country in America, it's pronounced "erb" the 'h' is silent.
I feel blessed that I know how good this works for inflamion, I just wished more people knew about it..
Thank you for the information!! My husband has crohns and we hope that this will help him when he has stomach cramps and other symptoms!.
Do you know what food I could eat everyday that has a lot of iron Other than spinach, kale, etc.. Something simple that would be fully absorbed in an instant. Im kinda tired of taking the iron pills and need something that won't stop me up. Lol.. +mserickab1 Iron deficiency: Taking high amounts of turmeric might prevent the Dapoxetine of iron. Turmeric should be used with caution in people with iron deficiency.. +Itsfavor2 When I'm planning on donating blood I prepare by taking beans, sardines, dried fruits. Be careful to not consume cow dairy products at the same time to increase full benefits. You get calcium in sardines anyway..
I use turmeric in capsule form now, do you have a product in a powder form and just so where can I purchase it.
+Beverly Metzler I've found it in stores such Marshalls and TJ Maxx, you can always find it online at Amazon or most Vitamin stores..
I am currently a student with the Herbal Academy of New England. In regards to turmeric, it states in my book to add black pepper to turmeric as it increases the bio availibilty of the curcumin. Would you agree or disagree with that suggestion.

This sounds really good. Where can I get the actual root Also I would like to invite you to a very important meeting. It is on Friday April 3, 2015. I hope you can make it.
To start with I admire your posts grt deal, but ua prfl pic is really kind of satisfying already. Pls wud u correspond what you post n ua personality. Am in no position to authorise u how u shd live ua life, but pls change it. Or else what r friends for We've never met but I think we r friends already. don b offended plz..
Great video. Last week I tweeked my neck and could not even turn my head it was that painful. Finally after about 4 days of pain, I had intuitive nudge to take a bath with turmeric. I poured some powder into the bath, and also put it directly on my neck where the pain was coming from. I also put some on my feet since the feet connect to all the various meridian points I believe. Anyway, after the bath, my neck was totally better. I was able to give it a little crack and release the tension. I was amazed. Highly recommend this method to anyone with muscle tension/pain. .

thank u! help u out here by tellin u your annotations at end arent working. tried click on dandelion root but didnt work. thank uagain and ALL THE BEST truly with your work. love, Owen.
there's an exceptions tab, I allow adds on certain pages, In my experience, I have no time for commercials and adds, there are just too many. But as i said, for "friendly" pages I allow adds. we got to help those who help us :).

Anti-inflammatory Diet & Foods: Health Benefits - WebMD

January 15, 2016
Is ther an anti inflammatory diet? Learn about how food can play role in your arthritis. i21
14 Inflammation-Fighting Foods -

January 11, 2016
Are you tired of the chronic ache of arthritis pain? Why not try changes in your diet to get some relief? Here are eight foods that help. i22
6 Anti-Inflammatory Foods to Help You Ease Arthritis...

November 25, 2015
Anti Inflammatory Foods for Arthritis Relief;... Including cherries in the diet may help arthritis sufferers by providing anti-inflammatory benefits. i23
Diet and Treatment for Arthritis - Joy Bauer

January 10, 2016

Comments about this video:
Thank you for your video, would you say that taking Knox gelatin packets would be the same thing as the bone broth Or similar for results. +Glenn Rottmann..well when my broth is cooled down, I would put it in the fridge,the fat will float up the top and hardened, then I would scoop it up and throw it way before I drink it.. +Glenn Rottmann not the same.. There is no "packets" you can take that can replace the AWESOME power of bone broth ;) Plus broth takes good is stew... Bonus . thank you so much I deal with arthritis and the pain is very very bad I just started treating myself with natural remedies and a ginger root does Work however I'm going to try some of the other things you had on your list and because you tried to help your mom intern you're helping a lot of people thank you again very informational. You recommend ginger tea - what is the best amount of ginger to use for the tea Some say a knuckle - which I think averages about 2 teaspoons... Thank you..
Really enjoy your channel and the information you share. THANK YOU!!! Not sure if I understood that correctly. 3TBSP 3x a day Or 3 Tbsp of Cod Liver Oil a day 1 TBSP with each meal Not quite sure I got that right... also I wanted to share the way I make my bone broth. I make sure that I cut into the bones or break the bones to ensure, that the collagen will end up in the broth. I also use some carrots, celery root, quite a few onions or leeks, some aromatic herbs, hot peppers, peppercorns, fresh or dried, kafir leaves, as well as a few strands of sea weed for additional mineralization...
I have tried so many "natural" remedies for arthritis and other ills, but none of them have ever worked. Maybe some people's bodies just do not react to natural remedies. Of course, we all have to watch out for the scammers out there who claim to have an all natural pill that will cure everything. I take Meloxicam as prescribed by my doctor, and it does help with my arthritis pain. I can now get out of bed each morning without needing a fork lift. The only side effect has been leg cramping in the night (which is almost as bad as restless leg syndrome. It takes at least a half-hour to massage the leg and get the pain to subside enough to get back to sleep. Nevertheless, I will try this remedy..
+Dwight Turner research herx heimer reaction. I still have some bad days, but find when I work harder to stay clean I have a few "bad" days then have many days that I don't have to take meds as am feeling better. Persistence often is key for our bodies..
You express yourself very well and you are easily understood, which is a gift and one can easily see that your whole intention is to inform fully and completely, leaving no room for wondering what i just saw and heard, Have a Blessed Day. Watched this 2 parts a while ago when I had some troubles with my joints...canceled Nightshadow and gluten out of my diet and drank bone broth every day (since I had/have several digestive problems and others). Now I didn't drink bone broth for a while, didn't have any ginger for few weeks, only some cod liver oil, ate some tomatoes and paprika yesterday and today my joints are hurting, lol! Time to go back to my healthy routine and drink some ginger tea aswell...thanks for putting out this info and some natural options. All the best to you my friend!.
Yeah I'm trying to figure out what helps too, so I was taking fish oil and I tried taking it every 12 hours and that seemed like it was helping but I read about additives in suppliments so I wanted to get a more pure fish oil. I had some of the one my parents had but I don't think that is what helped. Now I'm just taking flaxseed oil. I might get some other suppliments but I will research first. The ginger tea sometimes helps. I was watching some videos on YouTube there is one called the secret to healing arthritis and I was thinking of looking up all the things mentioned but one of the things was hard to understand..

Thank you for your wonderful videos. 1. Could you give a brand for Cod liver oil What about fermented cod liver oil 2. Also, I eliminated the grains from my diet...avoiding gluten. No pasta, no bread, no wheat, no cereals. What kind of good carbs do you recommend I eat sweet potatoes, quinoa, plantains. 3. Since I exercise, I take some protein powders. What do you think about Whey protein (non gmo, antibiotics...) from True Athlete and Meal replacement by "Garden of Life" (sprouted grains with no gluten) Would you recommend a brand Thank you for your help. I am looking forward to watching your video this ebevning at 5pm Eastern time. Best, Veronica.
I am glad you enjoyed! Also look into the Paleo Autoimmune diet it can greatly help you, I use it my practice. . Hi Ameer, I've started taking "Now's Beef Gelatin Capsules". Will this address arthritis too like the bone broth . Hi ameer. I have rheumatoid arthritis and was wondering if you have a type of diet I should follow. I already follow a gluten free diet but I was hoping to find a website or cookbook to help give me recipe ideas. Hopefully one that follows the guidelines you've outlined in your arthritis videos:) any help would be greatly appreciated!!!. A few other things to reduce inflammation are: turmeric (curcumin), topical DMSO for pain relief (look it up and you will be amazed). One thing that I found for bones, skin, & hair is silica. It is the 2nd most abundant mineral on the planet and is best found in bamboo extract. Another source of Omega-3's for vegans can be found from algae instead of flaxseed oil. I have found that alkalizing the body also aids in reducing inflammation. Kombucha tea and apple cidar vinegar in water help too..
Thank you so much for the videos! You have been extremely helpful, thank you..I have a question instead of cod liver oil can I take fish oil.

Amazing! thank you! Some old lady also ones recommended me the bone broth and my reaction was :"ewwwww". however gonna try it now!.

great video! just wondering though, did you mean 3 tbsp of cod liver oil after every meal or 1 tbsp after every meal (breakfast, lunch, dinner) to total 3 for the day thank you for your help! .
Ameer does rice have gluten My gut is so inflammmed that my body hurts and has a strange smell. Can I fix this problem.
great advice !! sadly my husband died from an auto immune illness````i knew from the beginning that he should cut out milk and wheat... but he would't listen to me....
Both together work better, but the key for arthritis is destroying the antibodies towards RA. Eliminate, gluten, diary, nightshades, and start eating an autoimmune Paleo diet. . Reason I say Cod liver oil is 1# it has Vitamin D with A as both of these vitamins compete with each other in your body. It is necessary to have them together to maintain balance. 2# Cod liver oil is more of a whole food than Fish oil. This all being said I highly recommend you stick with Cod liver oil :) . Ameer, I notice that you don't mention glucosamine and chondroitin. Do you feel those are inferior to drinking broth for arthritis or is it redundant to do both the broth and glucosamine and chondroitin.
thank you this is so helpful I am 18 years old and i was diagnosed with Juvenile rheumatoid arthritis when I was 6 years old and I'am always looking for information like this..
I will incorporate the broth/cod liver/ ginger tea in my daily intake because i suffer from osteo-arthritis and sometimes it becomes unbearable to deal with the pain. I don't take any medication, i'd rather have the pain than pollute my body.Great info as always thank you..

Natural Anti Inflammatory Foods -

December 13, 2015
There's no cure for arthritis, but adding these 6 naturally anti-inflammatory foods to your diet will help you feel and function a whole lot better. i25
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January 21, 2016
Natural anti-inflammatory supplements are a great alternative to pharmaceutical drugs. Get rid of arthritis inflammation and be healthy at the same time. i26
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December 16, 2015
Here's a list of potent anti-inflammatory foods, herbs, and spices that are significantly effective at quelling the inflammatory response. i27
Anti-inflammatory Foods to Fight Arthritis and Joint Pain...

November 15, 2015

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8 Foods That Fight Arthritis - Healthline

November 22, 2015
Arthritis Remedies: 10 Foods That Help and Hurt Fight Flare-Ups by Choosing Good Foods, Not Bad Foods... Swap them for these great anti-arthritis foods:... i29
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November 16, 2015
Food can hurt and food can help our bodies. If you suffer from inflammation e.g. due to arthritis, try eating more of these natural anti inflammatory foods. i30
Arthritis Remedies: 10 Foods That Help and Hurt...

November 24, 2015
Explore Lisa Boggs's board
Anti-Inflammatory Diet - Arthritis Foundation

October 27, 2015

Comments about this video:
Hi-Mikhail - Milk thistle and dandelion root work... but the best even according to the Gerson Clinics is Coffee Enemas - See Link - See the enema process at the bottom of this article - Your Humble Servant - Dr. Haider - Master Herbalist - .

Anti-inflammatory Diet & Foods: Health Benefits - WebMD

December 10, 2015
Alternative Treatments & Natural Remedies, Conventional Treatments & Medications, Nutritional Supplements Natural Anti-Inflammatories for Rheumatoid Arthritis i33
Anti-inflammatory Foods to Fight Arthritis and Joint Pain...

December 19, 2015
Anti-inflammatory Foods to Fight Arthritis and Joint Pain... This is a highly concentrated form of getting natural health benefits of the... Anti-Arthritis... i34
Top Anti-Inflammatory Foods, Herbs, and Spices

November 14, 2015
Try one of these power foods every single day, not only to lower inflammation if you have arthritis, but to also keep your body healthy and alkaline even if you don't. i35
Top 8 Natural Anti-Inflammatory Remedies For Arthritis

January 1, 2016

Comments about this video:

Yes, yes, sugar is bad and most of us eat way too much of it. But I've avoided sugar for 8 years now and recently had my first gout flair up. I now think that a low-carb diet can also promote the condition because it makes your body more acidic, which is more favorable for uric acid and crystal formation. So, by all means, cut out the sugar. But the idea that cutting out sugar will prevent the condition is naive. Eating healthy foods in general appears to be the best advice, which is mentioned in this video..

Hmmmmmm very interesting. Ive been on a diet the past 4months. And ive never been a big sweet eater. About two months ago I started craving sweets because my body was craving magnesium (what my doc said) and since ive never really been into sweets I said why the hell not. I started eating sweet cereal, drinking sugared drinks, grabbing candy bars at the store, etc. As long as I stayed within my diet I was fine to eat sweets. I normally have one gout flare a year to every two years. I've really figured out what causes gout for me. Stay away from pork and shrimp! Moderate myself on redmeat, and white fish, drink little to no alcohol. This has worked for me for 6 years so far. And when I do get a flair its about 3days and I can always still walk (painfully) but still able. Three weeks ago after all the sweets without eating any real (of my) triggers. I had a real bad flair. It started in my left side of my left ankle, a week later moved on top of all my toes, now its also on the back of my ankle and inside ankle. I haven't been able to walk at all for two weeks! Ive been taking all my meds, and it doesn't seem to want to go away. For the life of me I couldn't think what I did to cause this flair. Ive been losing weight, exercising, eating much better (besides the sweets) No pork or shrimp. I drink 2 gallons of filtered water a day. But now this really does make a lot of sense. Sorry for the long post, but thank you so much for sharing this, now I can make the changes in my lifestyle to avoid another flair..
Excellent Video! Excuse me for the intrusion, I would appreciate your opinion. Have you thought about - Sayerdsan Fantastic Gout Secret (should be on google have a look) Ive heard some awesome things about it and my close friend Aubrey after many years eradicated the frustrating Gout stress with it.. is the cashew, almond, pecan, wallnut and pistachio will make your uric acid buildup please answer me those are my favorite foods..
I am 69 years old.I used unti uric acid tablet during last 5 years under doctor advice and check my test labratory every 6 month.Besides I exercise 4-5 days a week..
no don't worry about it, that's all false. did you even watch the video also watchv=33scSHAuVVk.
Profoundly depressing.So,just to recap,that's no beer,no fish,no meat,no sugary foodat all (including my favourite chocolate)..i.e. all the good things that make life worth living. I'm 47..might as well top myself now..
I was overweight & tried all kinds of things & never succeeded. It made me depressed for a long time. Luckily, I came to know that the body to maintain healthy pH, converts all extra Acid in the body to Fats and these Fats will never be given up. I play a lot of games in my iPhone & once i came to know about pH, i searched apps on pH & found 3 apps & I liked "myPH" by lokesh hanumappa. It has 230 food item list, realtime body pH & reminders. balanced pH can solve any diseases in body. .
Hi there, have you considered " BellyFATtack " yet Simply have a look on Google. There you will discover a good free video by a well-known qualified dietitian revealing how to lose extra fat. It made it easier for Katherine to get rid of her stomach fat. Perhaps it will help you out as well....

Hi there, have you heard about Bellyfattack yet Simply search on Google. There you will discover a valuable free video presentation by a respected licensed nutritionist talking on the right way to eliminate excess weight. This made it easier for Brenda to lose her belly fat. Why not give it a try. Hopefully it will help you as well....

Anti-Inflammatory Foods List for Arthritis Sufferers

January 26, 2016
Here's a list of potent anti-inflammatory foods, herbs, and spices that are significantly effective at quelling the inflammatory response. i37
Anti-inflammatory Diet & Foods: Health Benefits - WebMD

January 14, 2016
Is ther an anti inflammatory diet? Learn about how food can play role in your arthritis. i38
14 Inflammation-Fighting Foods -

December 27, 2015
Are you tired of the chronic ache of arthritis pain? Why not try changes in your diet to get some relief? Here are eight foods that help. i39
6 Anti-Inflammatory Foods to Help You Ease Arthritis...

November 4, 2015

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This is a great articles on benefits of Omega 3 foods for health ==>

Diet and Treatment for Arthritis - Joy Bauer

January 19, 2016
Anti-inflammatory Foods to Fight Arthritis and Joint Pain... This is a highly concentrated form of getting natural health benefits of the... Anti-Arthritis... i41
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January 8, 2016
There's no cure for arthritis, but adding these 6 naturally anti-inflammatory foods to your diet will help you feel and function a whole lot better. i42
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December 29, 2015
Natural anti-inflammatory supplements are a great alternative to pharmaceutical drugs. Get rid of arthritis inflammation and be healthy at the same time. i43
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October 28, 2015

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Hello, I like this video so much, especially the advice concerning home remedy for arthritis seems to me so useful. Something else I also found helpfull for arthritis cure diet was Knewreck Arthritis Treatment Guide - find it on google if you feel interested. you can search by the keyword- "how to treat joint pain". thanks..
+Bodrul Talukder ~On the 8th day now. Body feels calm and relax. My pain markers down from 8 to 6. I think my case will a bit longer for I have been in heavy drugs for a while now. I’m happy with the progress so far. Feeling healthier is the best way. Go here ~>
Here’s an arthritis remedy so effective, those who have tried it are calling it… "The Last Arthritis Relief Program You'll Ever Need!" VISIT > God Bless....

I am 16 and I already have osteoarthritis, ridiculous am I right, I developed osteoarthritis because of excess running in crosscountry and now I had to quit it because the pain was to great to withstand. This arthritis developed on my right hip and the day I quit crosscountry I began getting pain on my left hip which began scarring me about this pain. My doctor ran a blood test on me but I got negative. Im also in track as a sprinter but however the pain on my hip disappeared when I began the sport and went through the season just fine with no pain. when my hip joint begins to act up my hip feels like it wants to bulge outward which causes so much pain. I need a stretch or something that can help relieve this pain when I feel it. Please help and respond .

hi everyone ,if anyone else needs to find out about natural arthritis treatment try Debuncar Arthritis Treatment Aid (just google it ) Ive heard some super things about it and my m8 got great success with it..
Good information also sweet potatoes in any form rebuilds cartilage, just incorporate them into your diet every week last year I was facing a possible knee replacement, I was also on crutches today I am walking with no crutches and no knee replacement after eating the sweet potatoes for 1 month I was able to run very fast down the street at the time I was 47years old..
Can you post a video on how to treat posterior tibial tendonitis...Please Im in desperate need of it. .
+Nitin Kumar look into this joint supplement called Animal Flex by Universal Nutrition. It's a joint supplement designed for athletes but it will work for anyone. I took it to help with my costochondritis. I didn't feel it until after 2 weeks of using it. It's not cheap but neither is cortisol shots.
Thanks for the tips. My mom has diabetis and OA in the Knee. Can she use the potato water remedy as she is diabetic. Kindly advise..

Bone broth, cheap and easy to make at home and full of cartilage, collagen and minerals that repair the bones and joints. Plus it makes the best soup ever. Our ancestors knew a thing or two..

hey im nur afandi...I like your video, particularly the tips abaout new osteoporosis drug. Another resource very usefull and I also found helpfull for new osteoporosis medications is Renkarter Expert Osteo Report - it will be on google if you need it Renkarter expert osteo report.
hey ,if anyone else wants to discover rheumatoid arthritis signs and symptoms try Debuncar Arthritis Treatment Aid (do a search on google ) Ive heard some super things about it and my m8 got great success with it.. interesting points ,if anyone else wants to discover arthritis natural treatment try Debuncar Arthritis Treatment Aid ( search on google ) Ive heard some awesome things about it and my m8 got great success with it..
Your all remedies are wonderfull,i have never seen such simple & easy remedies which gives the effective result.THANKS....

Thanks! we are in the process of launching new videos on beauty and home care...Register your email on our website 2 to keep track of updates. :).
hey ,if anyone else wants to learn about rheumatoid arthritis feet try Knewreck Arthritis Treatment Guide (do a google search ) Ive heard some decent things about it and my mate got cool success with it.. Can the mustard oil be reheated in the microwave as one cup seems like a lot for 2 knees to apply. Can you make them in larger quantities and reheat as and when you need to use it Also how often does the mustard oil need to be applied on to the knee/s for. Thanks Vanessa . Hello, I have a question on remedy number 4, after eating the past of cinmon and honey, how long we need to wait until we can drink water or can we drink it straight away thank you :D. It is easily available in india. Where are you from Try other remedies in the video..if you have difficulty in finding camphor..
hey ,if anyone else is searching for cure plantar fasciitis try Vaxicorn Treat Feet Guide ( search on google ) Ive heard some pretty good things about it and my buddy got amazing success with it..
I have osteoporosis, arthritis problems running in my family. I am 39 years old and was already affected with osteoporosis since the age of 27. Recently my knee has started hurting too though I still have not been diagnosed with osteoarthritis or arthritis. My sister who is 41 has been diagnosed with arthritis. Should I use these methods to prevent setting of osteoarthritis Also, we have history of cholesterol in our family despite my father and uncles maintaining good exercise regime. They are all still active at the age of 80 because their firm resolve. Should I use remedies for lowering of LDL too I have multiple complications. If I started with it, this page wouldn't be enough for it. How many remedies can I use at the same time E.g For weak eyesight, cholesterol, osteoporosis, knee pain, obesity (the problems I already have) and osteoarthritis/arthritis (that I MAY soon be about to get). .
You could be healed of gout pain and the hidden diseases that's leading to it, within 14 days... by using a unique home remedy we've discovered.
Great Video and I love how simple your home remedies are. Would it be possible for you to explain how each of the home remedies helps with osteoarthritis For example, does the one with honey help 1) reduce stiffness or 2) repair the cartilage or 3) reduce the cracking It would be great to know which remedies work best for the different issues you mentioned. Thanks in advance for your reply..
We are soon going to launch videos on nutrition which will cover properties of the ingredients mentioned in each of our remedies...Please register on our website for regular updates.

OK. Thanks for getting back to me. I'll look forward to your new videos. Keep up the great work!.

Hey thanks for sharing the remedies. I love to watch your videos. they are quite helpful. However I would suggest if you could let us know how the particular remedy helps. For example you mentioned that the water of overnight soaked potatoes help. Potatoes are known to increase body fat which is adverse for Osteoarthritis. A proper reasoning will help us follow the remedies with out any second thought. Thanks..

i was suffering with painful joints of hands,fingers and hips.i was desperate for it to stop. i heard on the radio that copper bracelets worn on the affected joints helps by molecules of copper entering through the skin to lubricate the joint...well i did not have any copper bracelets..BUT i had a brainwave to empty my piggy bank of its many copper coins !...however i could not physically make bracelets from them..SO i just put 20 coins of 2 and 1 pence pieces into my glass pint of drinking water i just left them in the glass and topped it up each time with water.NOW the odd thing is..that after more than a month i suddenly noticed i no longer suffered JOINT PAIN !!! (and have not since) i do not know if it was a coincidence or not but drinking the copper coin water did not stop my muscle or tendon pains...hmmm.

i didn't get that first remedy which water should i drink the water which was soaked by potatoes.

Could you please let us know the home remedies for enhancing the Vitamin D level other that sitting in the Sun.
I can't get over how beautiful you are... And I love your channel! I have forward your channel to my sister which also enjoys watching your home remedies. . Oh hey! Video is cool, Thanks! Have you heard the talk about this awesome product at "Brendt Miracle Arthritis Cure" website (do a google search) My niece got extraordinary results and got rid of their arthritis outbreaks for good!. Therma-Care back wraps are great in relieving back pain for extended periods of time. These wraps will have a warming effect wherever they are placed, and can work for up to eight hours. Gaining a release of pain for 8-hour periods can make the investment a good one.. Have her take apple cider vinegar with honey in a glass of water...about 1 tsp of cider and 2 tablespoons of honey...I have a book that says it cures arthritis...if she doesn't want to drink the water solution, she could take a tsp of ACV with honey dropped over it...just down it! She could take it twice a day if she wants to make sure of the effectiveness...let me know how she is doing in a months time! God Bless!. hi i am iqbal k gill and i have no knowldge about computer but one day i was looking desi nuskhe, suddenly i saw homeveda remedies from that day to till today i watch your all vedios every day and i try memory wala nuskhe.but i have starting joint problem my right hand do pain early morning i want to know camphor nu punjabi vich k kehnde ne. Hi, I like to know if these treatments can be used at the same time, or one at the time Also, is one more effective than the other, and finally, how long does it take to see some results or improvements Thanks.Answer soon, I am really concerned for my mom's health.. even after 5 months of chilbirth i still have severe knee pain when i bend there is pricking pain like electricity in my knees specially and my body feels tired like there is low blood circulation and knots everywhere..pls help asap .
hi, my mother is suffering from Rheumatoid Arthritis, she is suffering a lot, when in the morning she get up, her whole body pains, i mean all the joints of her body really pain, so please if you can suggest some remedy which can really help her as i am married, i am not staying with her and i am really worried about her as no one is there to look after her..
Hey here's the link for the freckles video- – acne home treatment I now have a clear face and I am no longer down because of my skin problems. . Do you use all of these or just choose one or two (one- to drink one- for massage) also do these reduce pain .
hey my mom tried out dis remedy nd she has no pain in her joints..! moreover now she can sitdown easily... thanq so much homeveda.!! u people r doing a gr8 job..:) .
I am 26yr old, I have pain, joint stiffness when i do ball pressing excercises, but not relieved i have high pain in ulnar pain also in wrist, fingers, while writing. Just enough to get this if I start to write within 1 min, my hand writing was good before this happen to me now it is worsening please consider problem suggest some effective therapy, I have exams in november. . Hi Amrita, this could be either a symptom of osteoarthritis or it could even point towards lack of Vitamin D. Its best to consult a doctor for an accurate diagnosis. .
I suffer from this on my big toe joint and on my other toes. My feet get stiff in the morning and sometimes they are so swollen. I hope these remedies help. .
It would be a shame for you not to shed pounds when other people do it so easily with "Fat Blast Formula" (search for it on google).. hi, i am a 24 year old woman. i walk everyday and also do yoga for multiple things, including joints. for the last month, my knees make cracking sounds all the time and pain a lot. my mother has osteoarthiritis. can you please explain why this is happening to me thanks in advance.. The pain must be real bad! We can understand. Why don't you suggest some of these remedies to her .
Hi - thanks for all the videos -love em all. I do have a Q on this one, you mentioned 4 simple cures for OsteoArthritis and 3 of them you said to take it first thing in the morning. Now can they all be taken together - or we should try one at a time for few weeks If you can include this information in your videos it will be helpful to users on how they should follow your tips..

I would suggest you do a google this Arganrain products When I first purchased Arganrain pure argan oil I was skeptical at first.The reviews were great,but Im always one to be doubtful of a products quality.Within the first week I could already see a great difference on my stretch marks that were on my stomach.I've had pretty bad looking ones from puberty and from significant weight loss, 30 pounds, and my stretch marks are less noticeable.I'm so glad I bought ArganRain from

Hi.. you should one remedy at a time. For arthritis, use the remedy regularly and the patient will notice a reduction in pain in some time. Let us know how it goes. .
hi my mother has severe joint pains v hav consulted lot of doctors bt in vain..her inner palms portion and upper portion i.e the area around nuckles and below the fingers whr v cn see our vains is hav swollen and it is nw for more then 3 weeks she could not carry any weight thing it pains alot. plz plz help..doctors says she has prob of joint pain...n whenever she takes tablets her body swells as she is allergic 2 tablets plz gve sme suggestions on dis prob too n on of her hands.thank u so much.

Anti-inflammatory Foods to Fight Arthritis and Joint Pain...

January 27, 2016
More people with RA are turning to alternative treatments, including changes in diet. Anti-inflammatory foods could reduce pain and swelling in joints. i45
8 Foods That Fight Arthritis - Healthline

October 24, 2015
Arthritis Remedies: 10 Foods That Help and Hurt Fight Flare-Ups by Choosing Good Foods, Not Bad Foods... Swap them for these great anti-arthritis foods:... i46
Natural Anti Inflammatory remedies on Pinterest | Anti...

November 13, 2015
Food can hurt and food can help our bodies. If you suffer from inflammation e.g. due to arthritis, try eating more of these natural anti inflammatory foods. i47
Arthritis Remedies: 10 Foods That Help and Hurt...

December 8, 2015

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This is the link for losing weight and it is very fast 6 Nutritional Foods And Diet For Rheumatoid Arthritis. My mother recently purchased an ebook and has been on the RA solution program for only five days. She has seen some improvements, particularly in regards to inflammation. and now, almost done with her treatment :) check their site.. go here >
I found out that Pure Garcinia Cambogia is the best kind to take. You can read about it on

Anti-Inflammatory Diet - Arthritis Foundation

October 25, 2015
Anti-Inflammatory Supplements for Arthritis. Check out some of the most effective natural supplements for relieving arthritis and joint pain without the nasty side... i49
Anti-inflammatory Diet & Foods: Health Benefits - WebMD

December 11, 2015
Alternative Treatments & Natural Remedies, Conventional Treatments & Medications, Nutritional Supplements Natural Anti-Inflammatories for Rheumatoid Arthritis i50
Anti-inflammatory Foods to Fight Arthritis and Joint Pain...

December 20, 2015
Anti-inflammatory Foods to Fight Arthritis and Joint Pain... This is a highly concentrated form of getting natural health benefits of the... Anti-Arthritis... i51
Top Anti-Inflammatory Foods, Herbs, and Spices

November 2, 2015

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I am in pain usually raspberries and cabbage get rid of arthritis. Lately, I have been eating these types of foods I haven't been feeling better at all. As I normally would! I don't know what's going on with my body. The only thing that has been curing me is Water. It has been so hot outside 100 degrees it could be the weather..
+Doug Lee​ Thanks my knee hurts, my wrist hurts and my side hurts. I ate blackberry's nothing happened . At last, the truth will be exposed so that YOU can Banish Your Arthritis Condition Naturally - from the comfort and privacy of your own home. go here > y ,if anyone else wants to discover best medicine for arthritis pain try Knewreck Arthritis Treatment Guide (do a search on google ) Ive heard some decent things about it and my partner got amazing success with it.. I dont know if this works, but knewreck arthritis treatment guide is so good. Try searching inflammatory foods arthritis on google to know more.. It is possible antibiotic-resistant pathogens are involved. Eat less animal products. Eat more plant-based foods including ginger, garlic, onions, turmeric, etc. If you have a leaky gut, you can develop allergies to otherwise healthy foods. .

Top 8 Natural Anti-Inflammatory Remedies For Arthritis

December 21, 2015
Nature has provided us with many natural anti-inflammatories which do not cause any adverse reaction. These are 8 commonly used natural home remedies for arthritis. i53
Anti-Inflammatory Foods List for Arthritis Sufferers

November 17, 2015

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I agree with vitamin D. Take 5000 UI for at least 6 months and see if it helps. I had severe dry mouth, lethargy and burning mouth and once I started the vitamin D, it helped a lot..

+S Hasan Not certain about the points made but ,if anyone else wants to learn about arthritis medication side effects try Debuncar Arthritis Treatment Aid (do a google search ) Ive heard some pretty good things about it and my friend got cool results with it..
Urinetherapy! Use your own urine and make urine eye baths, and drinking your own urine and gurgle and swish with your own urine. Also try oil pulling. ORganic raw coconut oil pulling- swishing it in your mouth for 20minutes every morning and evening. Definitely raw food diet and juicing is great.. See Andrew Norton Webber on you tube and his website is and join our facebook support group heard ldn low does naltrexone works for autoimmune might want to check it out heard a lot of people been taking it and helping. Arthritis, Lyme, Candida, Autoimmune, Treatment,Collagen,Oral Tolerance,
How are you doing Update on diet. Almost 3 weeks on gluten free. No improvement yet for extreme dry mouth. Any suggestions I'm using biotene, xlyitol mints, dry mouth gum, constant water but still dry. Burning mouth syndrome too and mouth ulcer for 10 days now... How long before gluten free should help Not sure I can manage raw vegetables only... I'm losing too much weight and don't need to lose any more weight.

I have an amazing natural cure for dry eyes - not sure if it would help but it helped me tremendously with dry eyes. It's a cup of tea with 2 ingradients: 10-20 dried goji berries & 5-10 dried chrasenthemum flowers (I heard white is better than yellow for eyes). It has worked miracles for me. It's a Chinese remedy and I only recommend it because I know it worked for me..
I use Thera tears liquid Gel I also use a night time gel cream when my eyes are bad I put a warm compress with the night cream in my eye. Also put a humidifier next to your bed add to the house and yo will see a good improvement. I take pilocarpine for my mouth you may want to try alkaline water to help along with the dryness in your mouth. Because I have the same thing too. I will subscribe so if you need tips I will comments. I have lupus and sjogrens ,the pain in my joints is bad and i have moments when i lose my sight for moments at a time ,i try to avoid bread as i have reactions to wheat i use a herbal remedy called devils claw for my joint pain and mobilty I find water good for the eyes nothing else worked.. Thank you for sharing! Autoimmune is hard to beat! Hopefully you can drop the drugs someday and the raw food will finish curing you! Try medicinal marijuana (edibles, high CBD, or juicing cannabis (non-psychoactive)) for eye pain also! Keep the faith!!!. Really hope you are ok. I have sjorgrens your posts are hopefull. I feel so much better from changing my diet xxx.
me symptoms as you. I did get a juicing machine and am starting to use it. I look forward to more videos please share your recipee for juices.

After the immune system has made antibodies to something similar one's own tissues, problems arise. Shifting to a low-fat, whole plant-based diet (maybe even 801010) is helpful because: 1) It reduces proteins that can match with your bodies tissues. 2) It provides anti-inflammatory phyto-chemicals to suppress pathogens and the immune system. 3) It provides antioxidants to reduce damage from immune system's attacks. 4) It provides fiber to feed the beneficial bacteria. A leaky gut and persistent pathogens (possibly in a biofilm) may be involved. To reduce the risk of an auto-immune condition, avoid processed foods and products derived from animals grown in unnatural conditions requiring the use of antibiotics which breeds super bugs..
Find a Chinese herbalist in your area who is ALSO an MD if you can. I can not even begin to tell you what Chinese Medicine has done for my autoimmune. Its AFFORDABLE, too!. Hi Hasna, have been watching your videos and I wanted you to look into Lugols Iodine for your dry mouth and eyes as well as your other symptoms. I have been doing research on this myself and find it fascinating. Its worth a look. Best wishes, Eleni.
My cleansing included candida cleanse, parasite cleanse heavy metals cleanse. Supplementation: probiotics, vitamin b-12, magnesium. Im going to check my hormones because autoimmune diseases mess up your hormones. Keep it up..
HELP FOR DRY MOUTH & ARTHRITIS PAIN!!! Important Prednisone (steriods in any form) causes Dry Mouth too! - Try Biotene mouthwash, spray and toothpaste. Also, Nature's Bounty Garlic 2,000 mgs. Take 3 per day or 6,000 mgs a day. If you have a white paste on your tongue. It is Candidiasis = Yeast. Which can also make you tired too. For that ask your Internal MedicIne Doctor. for 2 Diflucan Pills. Take One per week. It should help with they dry mouth that may be caused by yeast too. BTW, I have Lupus & Fibromyalgia. The best combination in addition to diet and Plaquenil for me is: An anti-inflammatory, a pain killer and something for circulation. Without all 3, I am in pain. For inflammation, you need an anti-inflammatory like Daypro 600, Relafen or Lodine works great for stiffness and swelling. You may also need a pain killer too. Because unlike an anti-inflammatory a pain killer works with your nervous system. For circulation, because I am sensitive to cold not the sun. I take adalat or procardia 30mgs twice a day. It is normally prescribed for high blood pressure (which I do not have) and warms your body up. Many patients with Lupus have Raynauds which is circulatory disorder too where you hands turn white or blue and can get very dry. The circulation medication helps with that too. For me, a combination of Holistic and American Medicine works for me. I now only get lab tests once year and see my Rheumatologist twice per year. Please don't let the lab tests scare you. If you are eating healthy you should be OK. I welcomed them because they can pick up things like kidney problems which you can't tell something is wrong with them until it is too late. I used to ask my doctor to test me every 3 months. Just to stay on top of my kidneys. Many people have kidney problems (Lupus Nephritis) and don't even know it especially the first couple of years with Lupus or don't know until is it too late. I hope this helps you! I am the former MD State Rep. for The American Lupus Society. Now, they have merge with LFA! The Lupus Foundation of America. .
Hi Hasnaa. I suffer from sjogrens myself. I "cured" myself doing a tough cleansing regimen for two years. Unfortunatelly I didnt realize this a condition you have to live with and manage. So after 3 years I had a relapse. I'll start detoxing again. Keep it up. It takes patience and felling worse before feeling better..

Hi David. My recommendation for any autoimmune condition is a paleo diet faecal microbiota transplant and helminthic therapy together with low dose nsltrexone. Og course juiving and detox helps unfortunately I depleted my intestinal flora to the point of driving me to disease. Pay attention not to do unnecessary cleansing. .

You have to boost your pH levels drink baking soda and honey for the past 10 months and I no longer have arthritis asthma or skin lessions and my energy is great now.. I am outta bed by six am and don't go to bed till ten pm and I always stayed in bed closed my curtains.. so now Im off all toxic food like msg mono, bromine, aspartame and look at all lables, baking soda is the highest foods on the pH scale.. drink up till you fix your stomach, stopped the dryness in your body....
All medications are acidic and will make you feel worse... juicing is great it is all alkaline and wash your hair with baking soda and rince with apple cider vinegar that will stop your hair loss.
Take vitamin D if your condition is better in the summer! I take the highest upper limit allowed. I have ulcerative colitis and it helps my immunity and symptoms..
look into he symptoms of silicone immune dysfunction. I had a lupus diagnosis coming down the pipe. I had been checked for every auto immune disease. It goes by many names. Human adjuvent disease, or ASIA Autoimmune/inflammatory syndrome caused by adjutants. Silicone is an adjuvent, it stimulates the immune system. Look into it, you will find thousands that already know ;) good luck. . yeah had my tubes tied 7 years ago. started having migraines few months after. but also had root canals around the same time. .
I wish you the best. I was diagnosed with lupus as a teen, about 20 yrs ago, although the worst of it never hit until 5-6 yrs ago.. I've been high raw vegan for 13 months. I eat approx 94% raw fruits & veggies. Some steamed veggies. I feel good most of the time now. Over the last 13 mnths there have been days when I felt tired, inflammation, etc. But it's nothing like what I endured before. This is not an easy road, but I do believe in the raw foods for healing. All the best to you..

Hi Hasnaa, have you tried Pleo Muc (it's a homeopathic eye drop, google it, people swear that nothing, no other tears work. I was concerned I'd be sensitive to it due to other ingredients (I have MCS and uveitis in addition to the Sjogren's)... .

I should tell you, you will find a lot of info on breast implants. There are many class action suits agains Merena IUD's right now for silicone poisoning. All implants, ear tubes Fallopian clips or bands... all Silicone. Some people develope anti bodies to silicone. When you take meds, you reintroduce the adjuvent silicone into your body and it causes another reaction. 99% of meds contain silicone (it is used as an anti caking/foaming agent). I was very sick, now I am better. i must share :D.
Great video ,what ever medicine they want to put you on please research it first,Is it methotraxcate( lotd of bad side effects,,please research before taking any of the medicines ,some of them are not worth the side effects,and sometimes it is worth it, Good luck. Also, I'm thinking of trying name covered's suggestion: "Evening Primrose oil or borage oil (3,000 mg a day). In one study, combining this oil with vitamin B6 and C, 76% showed improvement in dry eye symptoms." Type in name covered and Sjogren's Syndrome to find the article..
Hi LotusBlossoming, I'm trying to find out more information/testimonials about Pleo Muc for treatment of glaucoma & related symptoms including dry eye, but an internet search hasn't been very successful. There seem to be many suppliers online, which supplier did you use, any information would be greatly appreciated thank you.
Great video. Thank you. Just diognosed with Sjogrens and secondary RA. Not fun. Looking at all alternative medicines now but the pain some days is just almost unbearable. Barely able to beathe through it :(. Also, during the time I put my Sjogren's in remission I had to get off my Pred drops and anything toxic to do the liver cleanse. I also didn't eat nightshades (still don't, except potatoes), caffeine (even from chocolate, raw or otherwise), no spices, no MSG... I would definitely do a food elimination diet journal if you haven't already. My error came when I ate tomatoes, got back on the tomatoes, got around pets... got on more dr's meds, it was downhill from there.... Hi Hasnaa, also, thank you for saying the Plaquenil is helping... Sigh, guess I can't take it, I have retina issues... I once did rawfood... I got away from needing the Lacriserts when I stopped wheat/gluten entirely, especially, pitas gave me a bleeding nose, as well... (don't know if you eat it). I put my Sjogren's in remission once using Milk Thistle, in addition to a specific liver cleanse..
good video! that medication you're talking about, was it "methatrexate" that's what i'm taking now cus i couldn't tolerate the plaquenil or imuran and my dr. said that i would have to take blood work and liver tests too..
I have dry eye syndrome, arthritis, tingling, iron deficiency anemia, memory loss, depression, restless leg syndrome, rotator cuff pain in my right shoulder for months and now I am showing signs of lupus although I'm too scared to ask about being tested. Thank you for all your videos. Please keep me updated. I started making videos but it is hard to talk about it and I get distracted easily. I'm in physiotherapy and getting cortisone shots today. You are not alone and neither am I. .
Drink baking soda its an instant energy lift for good health and PH balance boost it up fast and get your inflamation markers down and live again... Ph should be 7.5 and most people live in an sickened acid state of inflamation.. Lupus is gone I live pain free now... Baking soda is the best way to boost that tired swollen bloated feeling.. I drink it every day twice a day... drink it with honey or molassas or maple syrup and warm water... it taste better that way....

Anti-inflammatory Diet & Foods: Health Benefits - WebMD

November 3, 2015

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All nice, and sweet to share "natural" remedies to help chronic pain..But if one doesn't live in one's body than you have no clue how miserable chronic pain is! js.

14 Inflammation-Fighting Foods -

October 29, 2015

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These herbs may not be good for people die to the ying and yang, hot and cold part of Chinese ancient medicine, Depending on if the person os hot or cold, describing herbs as being good for people is much more than what your telling on here !!!!!!. Hello there! Great Video, Thanks! Have you heard the buzz about this extraordinary product at "Brendt Miracle Arthritis Cure" website (google it) My grandfather got fantastic results and got rid of their arthritis symptoms overnight! .
I'm currently removed from my typical diet (turmeric is a major herb in my home cooking) so I'm struggling to stay healthy, forgetting what I "know," because I've not needed to know it! Thanks for this. I remember....
Thanks for the brilliant info. Do these herbs have similar effects to higher dosages of analgesics or are they only recommended for pains that are on mild-moderate level .
2 brofun Eggly-wegglies scrambled with butter and Mj, the breakfast of champions. Also, eating Mj with fatty foods very much enhances Dapoxetine of Thc..

2 DarcysMartialArts Just as important as taking an anti-inflammitory is avoiding things that cause inflammation, lots of times the major culprits are in the diet..
To get your FREE eBook titled, Proven Natural Remedies for Joint Pain, Arthritis & inflammation... tinyurl(.)com(/)bfyp3aa .
I'm using something called Anxiety Relief by Naturalcare, a homeopathic remedy, and it keeps my anxiety in check. also keeps my husband from getting so angry over little bothers. I also am taking the willow bark and tumeric, but on bad days those Salon Pas patches really work on pain spots, even headaches..
I use all of these herbs, as I gave up on Big Pharma seven years ago, and I am healthier for that change! (smile) There is another herb that really helps with the pain and the depression that comes from RA and that herb is Cannabis!. Ok ill try this stuff and let you know how i get on, I have inflammation in my hips from martial arts all the time. A big part of reducing inflammation is also AVOIDING things that causes it. For me some of the things that increase inflammation are: excessive repetitive strain, aged cheeses, eating red meats too often, eating too much junk oils (trans/omega 6), not eating enough omega 3, too many carbs. Eating fatty fish has to be the best thing I have tried in reducing inflammation...sardines, herring, salmon, mackeral..
Will these herbs help cure swelling & Discomfort of cricopharyngeous spasm / Globus Hystericus Please respond this has been bothering me for months now.

I am new to using Cannabis and so far, it has helped me with anxiety, insomnia, muscle tension and I hope to see help for arthritis soon..

6 Anti-Inflammatory Foods to Help You Ease Arthritis...

January 18, 2016

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Hello there! Love your video, Thanks! Have you heard the buzz about this unbelievable system at "Brendt Miracle Arthritis Cure" website (should be on google) My neighbour got fantastic results and got rid of their arthritis outbreaks in a day! . I am drinking tart cherry juice as I write... drinking it every evening before bed... I grew up eating fresh tart cherries, aronia, black currants, gooseberries... Here none are available so I have to drink the juice i order on the internet and eat dried aronia.. I miss the fresh ones... .
frozen is better than "fresh" because because fresh is out on the road too long, and frozen fruit is being processed right after it's been harvested..

When you drink just the juice removed from the fiber of the fruit it spikes the blood sugar. There are also many valuable phytonutrients within the skin and the seeds and fruit itself that are discarded when juicing..

Jeff, the more I watch your videos the more I crave more information! How much is this DVD set I saw one set on your site that was very expensive, even for the amount of content that's on it, and there is no way I will ever be able to pay for it, and I (and the whole word) need(s) all this information. I have tenosynovitis in both wrists and runner's knee, and I play the Shakuhachi flute, ouch. Thank you and bless you! I will be pumping lots of cherries and turmeric!.

Diet and Treatment for Arthritis - Joy Bauer

December 6, 2015

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Natural Anti Inflammatory Foods -

January 25, 2016

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I use capsules myself and open them snd give part of powder to my dog (lumbs in chest). That along wth vit C and cannabis and cbd oil makes tht he is still running playng eating etc. Only thing triubling him is his artritis/stiffnes in the morning. I take one capsule daily and I am able to exercise and lift weights. I have been taking it for about two years. Chela. I have RA and for months at a time it felt like my little fingers were broken and the joints would be painful and build calcium deposits. Once I started taking just two or three turmeric capsules a day my fingers became pain free and I can lift weights again. Also the permanent stiffness in my hands is gone. I love this stuff!!.
I've heard you need to take it with a fat. My husband takes it with organic virgin coconut oil. I buy the organic powder from Indian, and he takes the powder with coconut oil, and water, drinks it down..

Thank you for the information. I was wondering though if you were aware of turmerics level of oxalates. I've heard it said that too much turmeric can give some people kidney stones..
I am trying this spice but then I googled India and found out they have the highest cancer rate what gives. hey it was your comment that made me google the facts -so its thanks to you that I looked it up in the first place :). Trust me this way turmeric will never ever work... take turmeric powder 1tsp 1/6 and 1/6 tsp of coriander powder one glass of milk, add all 3 spices into milk, boil the milk for after one boil simmer for 3 minutes let it cool down then drink . +lutek glutek any time you want to make any remedy effective, just mix it with honey, then drink water. honey penetrates deeply into the cells. also cancer cells will be obliged to absorbe the remedy togather with honey because they love sugars. honey is a sugar and antibacterial at the same time. .
Where do you get this Turmeric How do you make the powder I'm not talking about the grocery store food seasoning !!.

yes you can OD on will not die,but can harm your liver and kidneys.There is a threshold..
I've been having tumeric for the last 3 months to reduce my cholesterol levels which was causing high blood pressure. Just 5ml a-day has taken me from the danger zone back down to the normal zone. Very happy.. Thats also why it's called disease. Dis -ease out of balance.The high concentration is what makes it a poison. Water can even be considered a poison. . Remember, the draconian illuminaughty elitests are paying people to poison everything they can... earth(soil)(food), water, air(chemtrails), ether..(energy), and training everyone they can to think that's they are doing the right thing or cool thing. Most of this is no so obvious, but very subtle to not disturb so many people, and provoke violence. Last month I had some trail mix that was supposed to be good... & nearly died.. foods are radiated & laced with stuff, & not tested till too late..
2 islamonly1 you pissed in your granola, dumb ass I just said my brother did FAR TOO MUCH tumeric. Maybe you should go suck on a banana, get some potassium, and chill out a little. Too much of anything - including tumeric can f*** you up. It's Ying and Yang, not YING YING YING YING YING. Ya Dingaling..
2 ItchMyFoot I see you are an asshole. Well that comes as no surprise. Looks like you could use some of this balancing that you are talking about all the time. You are a little too Yang. Or is it that you have a little Yang Maybe that's why you are so pissed off..
2 pensivethought Yes, watch documentary "Fork's Over Knives". If you have not already ; ).
there is a biochemist at Anderson Cancer Center that has conducted some trials that are showing positive results for cancer treatments compared to expensive pharmaceutical choices... if anyone is interested in the article, it's in the Journal of Natural Medicine & is avail online... i'll help you find it if you cannot locate it & really want to read it. Turmeric and not enough water perhaps Especially the right kind of water. I do agree with you concerning moderation...that's the key to everything, but I'm just wondering if your brother is a good water drinker. .
I was diagnosed with Multiple Myeloma in September. Raw foods etc is all new to me. I know Turmeric Curcumin is a cancer fighter but I also heard that you can't take it if you are on chemo which I am. I know you are not an MD but I would like to hear what you have to say on this subject..
I'd love to hear more about that...did they link the colon problems to the turmeric How much was he consuming and in what form Details, please! I don't see where this video recommends extreme levels of turmeric... . the most important thing is the information he is sharing with us,how he decides to dress is beside the point!!!!!!!!!!!. There tons of possible variables contribute cancer in US, like using plastic water bottles, eating lots of meat, eating canned food, engineered food with preservatives etc.. You can't singly say turmeric cures all or the sole reason for a low cancer population.. My brother did a bunch of Tumeric and it nearly killed him. He ended up in ER and then has lasting colon problems from it. Be very careful do things in moderation. Just because a little tumeric (supposedly) helps you,does NOT mean a lot helps you more. REmember, it's Ying and Yang not ying ying ying ying ying ying ying. Balance people, it's about balance.. 2 ItchMyFoot Nonsense. What constitutes "a whole bunch". Was he shooting into his veins or what There is no known toxicity from ANY amount of Turmeric. Stop spreading fear..
Why does he feel the need to dress like a "Kung Fu" Master Nice to hear that he's offering help to others though..
Yes, I think "you cannot overdose on turmeric" is a risky statement, but it doesn't rule out that this spice has amazing healing capabilities. On the capsules found in my country it says not to take more than 3 a day, otherwise it could lead to incidents such as the case with your brother. I hope he is doing ok, by the way! By all means take the turmeric, but do it moderately..
Dear itchmyfoot, That is exactly why I eat lemonheads And drink water. Definetly yinging And yanging over here..
2 checkitall1 And Bill Gates just pumped 10 billion $ into vaccine agenda depopulation... C my vaccine playlist. Plus Monsanto etc.
2 bwrarr Yes, but how much; that seems to be the issue. I feel turmeric is a blessing. Yet, i would like to know if a teaspoon a day or a tablespoon a day in warm water is sufficient. Does anyone know Just reaching out. peace and light.

you can buy the whole root at Asian stores, it's quite cheap. How much is safe I don't believe his statement "you can't overdose on Tumeric" That one sentence invalidates everything he says. He is no expert.
2 ItchMyFoot That's terrible. I know that excess consumption of turmeric causes constipation and stomach aches. I hope your brother is OK now. 1 TSP in a daily diet is fine but no more than that!.. 2 marc7692 Yes, servere pain, loss of control, ER visits, weeks of pain. probably 4-6 months to recover. .
a metal frame fell on my toe. For the excruciating pain at night I put my toe in water with one teaspoon turmeric. Pain gone in few minutes, lasting the whole night..
Definately going to go to a herb store and find it and after a month of taking the pill tumeric I will come back and tell you how it worked for me and hopefully with great success, I have rhumatoid arthritis and am looking everywhere for something for the pain and swelling.. 2 ItchMyFoot Great advice. Small amounts everyday is all you need of any powerful spice like turmeric or cinnamon. . Yes, balance and moderation. There is a saying, "The difference between medicine and poison is dosage." . 2 KaraLindaLee This is not good... I believe the major cause of such poisoning to be irradiation.. they claim it's to sterilize food.. but the real intention is sterilize people.. population control.. studies on chernobyl foods containing radioactive isotopes cause similar reactions. My DU radiation playlist for some detail. I believe the one aspect of remedy is to educate everyone to keep foods mostly local and always protected from adulteration.. Just in the last four months we have released a product called Empower. We have identified the active molecules responsible for the anti-inflammatory properties of the Curcuminoides, extracted and produced a high concentration, then renter back into the organic turmeric. You get a very powerful cox inhibitor, effective in treating many issues. I have seen first hand results in less than 1 month. If you have any questions you can email me. elevatedfocus2
2 ItchMyFoot - What happened with your brother Uncontrolled gastrointestinal bleeding Severe stomach pain.
2 SuperDelta000 He never gave me an amount, he just said a lot, a WHOLE lot. And knowing him, as I do, that means probably means 20-40 times as much as he was supposed to, for days on end. He called me in agony, I had him go to ER, and made him fess up to MD about the tumeric. He was messed up for say 2 months, big time, had to stay near bathroom 24-7.
Use turmeric that is certified organically grown without any additives added to it with a certification that it is 100% pure turmeric grown organically.

2 ItchMyFoot That's interesting. I believe you. How much Turmeric did your brother take and for how long that it caused him stomach problems.

I already sent a bottle of WalMart brand capsuled turmeric to my uncle who has prostate cancer. Do you think it'll do much good until I can purchase some organic later, or should I tell him to replace it now.
HIDDEN CURE.Cancer is a deficiency disease caused by the lack of an essential compound in the modern diet just as scurvy is a deficiency of vitamin C.Big Pharma/FDA profiteers have covered up the cure and have declared it fraud and quackery for over 60 years.Watch A WORLD WITHOUT CANCER YouTube documentary and investigate these facts.Thousands have been cured just by adding this essential compound to their diet without destructive and devastating drugs, chemo and radiation.Choose life instead. . CANCER FUND OF AMERICA OUR MISSION IS TO PROVIDE AID TO THE ILL AND NEEDY, WE SEEK TO PROVIDE SUPPORT AND SERVICES TO FINANCIALLY INDIGENT PATIENTS;TO DISSEMINATE INFORMATION CONCERNING THE EARLY DETECTION AND PREVENTION OF CANCER;TO PROVIDE COMMODITIES,AND GIFTS-IN-KIND TO HOSPICE AND OTHER HEALTH CARE PROVIDERS;TO PROCURE AND DISTRIBUTE DONATED MERCHANDIZE TO VARIOUS NON-PROFIT COMMUNITY ORGANIZATIONS WHICH AID THE ILL,NEEDY AND INFANTS. CALL OUR LIVE LINE 888-291-6291 CONSULTATION IS FREE. 2 momskid I have researched this for 3 months - talked to a few survivers - very sure this is the right track - you may also want to watch The Science and Politics of Cancer on Youtube - thanks .
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We have several customers who have Tendinosis and Tendinitis. They've found Flexcin helps with the discomfort in their joints, muscles and other tissues. It does vary on a case by case basis. We offer a 3 bottle guarantee in case you don't see results. .

Excuse me sir. I have been diagnosed with tendinosis in the wrist and elbow. Do you think this product will help in building Type I collagen so my tendons can heal I have been lifting weights for many years and this may have caused the tendinosis. .

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January 7, 2016

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"I have heard the same with dark cherries. I put those in my shakes a couple times a week. I need to do them daily along with eating more dark greens. .

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03 April 2016. Add These Arthritis-friendly Foods to Your Diet - Living... ( hritis-friendly-foods/) Top 10 Anti-Inflammatory Foods You’ve Got to Know. Boost your immunity and heal yourself with these tasty, natural anti-inflammatory foods

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May 01, 2016. 6 Foods and Herbs for Arthritis and Other Inflammatory Pain ( nflammatory-pain/) Inflammation is a normal response to injury or irritation, but chronic inflammation isn't a good thing. The foods you eat might help battle inflammation.

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