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  • December 30, 2015

    Comments about this video:

    There is a difference between getting drunk and passing out vs riding the skunk train. A stupid be atch. If you can't run with the big dogs stay your little whiny ankle biting ass on the porch. .
    One of the funniest episodes you've done (that I've seen so far at least) god damn I was laughing so hard and I'm not even high!. Man u crack me the fuck up ,Shit dude I'm still laughing trying to text lol holly Shit don't stop making these vids dude lol. Great reviews on vape pens and Shit...peace bro..😎.
    LMFAO and ROFFL. She should write a new review and tell everyone how she is a stoner now that she did it. A good reporter always has to do it again to prove their point. Than we would do what others have tried. We would have victory with mainstream media being taken over with the best PEACE creator in the fucking world.

    Shut the fuck up you cunt licking fuck. This guy is funny as hell. If you don't like him then fuck off.

    Dude, I fucking died laughing...but nobody told me I died! Lol ur fucking hilarious bro "Stupid shouldn't do marijuana...Stupid is as stupid does and this does stupid" ahahaha.

    Lol I died laughing when he said "don't get mad at the people who put drugs in your drugs"😂😂😂.

    dont do it by yourself first times do with friend NOT BY SELF SHARE so we all can have a laugh.
    Nibbled on the Shrooms like a noob; no effect after 20 mins. Finished off the rest. 2hrs later ended up in Er with a IV in my arm. Just like the scene in Knocked up, when the dude having a bad trip 2 Cirque du Soleil in Vegas.. I found you on youtube through your vape channel, IndoorSmokers. While watching one of your vape vids, i saw you had a herb channel. I noticed right off the bat you are so different in your herb vids!! you crack way more jokes on this channel and upbeat. I like to see you like this. you're funny lol. "Don't get mad at everybody because he things they put drugs in his drugs"... fucking gold lol.. They probably found her naked next to the fridge. She wasn't wearing anything man, I seriously Dowd it anyway. Meow!!.
    Despite being a British resident, I find myself watching your videos regularly. You're one funny fucker, I'll give you that. Subbed..
    Fucking hilarious - first timer fun n games =D I have a fun story of my Mum who started due to MS. My girl n I went to Morocco for hols - yep I wanted to go there for that reason and boy did we find it - keef rocks ass n the hash... marjom was gorgeous anyway due to where I lived and my "job" at the time (green grocer ;) ) I left my stash with my mum (cant trust family who can you trust) with instructions on what & what not to try if her MS played up ie DON'T smoke that NL5xHaze, it was good too "good" for medicinal - my mum being a tad stubborn was like "yeh, damn whipper snapper" and fired up a bowl's worth... hehe I saw the letter she wrote to her boyfriend asking for help - yep letter! she couldn't speak she was so stoned - damn she tripped out =D thought she was going to die and did see the "pearly gates" in her minds eye - awesome LOL. If you have never felt the effects of smoking marijuana properly, I would NOT recommend edibles. Save that for seasoned veterans. Even some potent strains should be avoided at first. Edibles can hit with "ass kicking" power, that seems like it will NEVER end! Capillary constriction is cutting off the sugars to the brain, along with the oxygen supply levels. Saliva glands as well, thus "Cotton Mouth". The body will try to compensate! Get your "freaking out" subject some glucose or any sugar in a pinch to restore the sugar levels. (Juice, Chocolate Milk) no carbonated drinks, Co2 displaces more oxygen. Liquid gives a rapid delivery of sugars and less stress on the body like digesting solids. (If nothing else is available, by all means use a solid snack) You need blood sugar to the brain and extremities, not the stomach so much, unless you enjoy fainting. A warm bath, shower, towel, or just warm environment to restore circulation. Even stretching to warm muscles can help. Reduce light and noise levels. Sight and hearing will be very hyper-sensitive. The brain thinks it's dying and going in to flight mode. Falsely of course! Nobody has ever died from this condition, that I'm aware of. Plenty of almost dying from laughing about it...much later of course! Breath control is of utmost importance as well. Over-saturation of slow moving blood with oxygen can enhance the unruly buzz! Hyperventilation is very common. Breath in a bag if the mind can't grasp the concept of breath control. It works! Newbie and some experienced "smokers" can have the same problem...treatment is the same! Does that sound like experience News Lady Maureen should have talked to a marijuana smoker somewhere. You can bet she will never forget that high, I know I never forgot after 100 times or It kept getting stronger, and stronger, and now concentrates Careful Newbies! You won't die, but it sure as hell feels like it for a minute, or a day depending on your source's strain. Ask Maureen...LMFAO 8 hours, I want some..
    just subbed, been lurkin on your vids for a week or so. you crack me up man and you got me thinking to switching over to some portable vapage! .
    Stupid is as stupid does hahahahahaha laughing my fucking ass off it's like she's on a ride nobody else was riding freakin stoner chris rock in the house heehehehehahahaha she didn't know what she was wearing what the hell that's good shit!!!!! ★★★★★← just a personal opinion of course :-D .
    Maybe she doesn't realize that psychedelics just enhance the emotions that you already have. What she acknowledged is that she is a paranoid baby that fears that her life is meaningless and that nobody cares about her..
    her aim is to scare people. She is very conservative and "old fashioned" in her perspectives..
    Could not stop laughing!!! A weekly news segment would be worth tuning in for...keep up the great work man...just received my vapormax v, thanks to your review. I absolutely love it. .

    Only a bitter horrible cunt like this could not enjoy edibles. She went into it with the intent of not liking it and then exaggerated everything for some spin. I can just see all her asshole oldtimer buddies jumping on the anti cannabis bandwagon now citing the horrendeous dangers this poses to kids, meantime ignoring the big pharma products that WILL kill if overdosed.

    Love to see a video documenting her experience, or a paranoid selfie at the very least. Why 'O Why didn't she.

    how is she that old and didnt know that its gonna take a while for ya body to breakdown the candy and all that this video literally had me in tears and im kinda jealous cause where im from i dont even have access to great edibles like that. shes trying to fuck it up for everybody smh.

    Had a friend of mine take 3 full hits off a 6 footer and swear his heart stopped... so I took him on an adrenaline filled car ride to start it up. Lol. Dumb dumb. .
    LMAO...she ain't messing it up, she just making her dumb ass look stupid as hell! Hey Maureen, quick reminder, hon, digested edible foods take at max 3 hrs to go through your system, stupid. Even a 3rd grader probably knows that, lol, nobody told your ass to double dip within the hour of eating your first piece. Man, lol...some peoples. But this did make my week, you was funny as hell. XD.
    Hahaha funny as fuck dude you should read more stories and comment while tokin like this, this is a 50 year old business woman and you dont know how to ride out a trip by now!! Haha.
    I used to watch your vaping videos but after seeing acting like a dumbass I'll never watch another review of yours it's time to grow up and put down the pipe or in your case the vaporizer you moron jack wagon.
    We were young and in love but the only way we could communicate was thru a time traveling mailbox at my lake house. She left with my heart, my favorite Mod and all the Juice. My only hope is a Cloutank 3 dry herb Giveaway! .
    She did walk right into it without proper research. If I was to attempt to and write an article for the New York Times without experience, I would look like an idiot too. Funny, I was vaping with my Solo as the vid started. That was after eating one of my very potent brownies... mmmmmmmeds.. Haha that bitch is retarded should 've done her research ,no edibles for newbies damn man you and your vids crack me up ,will definitely keep up with the them. OMG you had me laughing so much i nearly fell of my sofa and curled up into a fetal ball!! man that is some funny shit! keep it up man! i think we've all done it, smoked so much that we convince ourselves that we are having a heart attack, or someone is lurking in the shadows! man that was so funny, i love your videos man!. I don't usually smoke pot but when I do I go on a 3 hour journey that seems to take a whole day!. I am a conservative smoker. I go crazy when any is wasted. I got a question. Is it wasteful to vape weed than to smoke it in a joint. Nope i have an arizer solo and u can get the same high using HALF as u usually it doesnt combust so u can use the same weed over (Only recommended in desperate times) lol It has a lesser effect but atleast its something....

    Buy Products In Vito Viga Online Herbal Store - Dec 28, 2015
  • December 27, 2015
    Vito Viga - online are open for your favorite herbal products. Order the best herbal nutritional supplements. i1
    Kaloputi chiknu - Vito Viga - Online Herbal Store
  • December 17, 2015
    Kaloputi chiknu - Bl4eva.aceboard - Vito Viga - Online Herbal Store. Vito Viga - online are open for your favorite herbal products. Order the best herbal nutritional... i2
    Amaze herbal store in barbados - Buy Products In Best Vito...
  • December 26, 2015
    Somnapure australia - Somnapure - American Lifestyle. Vito Mol is online store of herbal medicine. Order the best herbal supplements and other herbal health products. i3
    Kaloputi chiknu - Vito Viga - Online Herbal Store
  • December 21, 2015

    Comments about this video:

    +ARIZOGAMER Anything with 510 threading. So any ecig box or tube mod would work, except ego style batteries..
    Saw a video where dude used flat glass screens in the bottom so the herb didn't touch the coil. You ever tried it that way +EpicHerbReviews. that whole thing comes apart for cleaning he is also using the concentrate coil. The vape coil has a cover on it... Duh IT IS A VAPORIZER.
    I bought that same vaporizer and it work for a few days and now it's not working anymore and I haven't had It for a week and it's not working,can someone please help me I'm ready to throw it against the wall.

    what does that mean combustion vs vaporizer whats the diff why do you prefer one over the other thanks.
    Just throwing this out there (just got something similar) (also I'm not going through all the comments so forgive me if its been said) If you just pulse the button instead of keeping it down, it will heat up JUST ENOUGH to vape it without combustion. This will obviously take trial and error, but it is use able as vapor and not combustion. Also it cuts down a ton on the smell and smoke (obviously because its not combusting). yea I can dig it...I have the's cool and all..but you can only pack like a good gram in it and that's pushing it...thinking bout getting the m4 but now I seen this they just keep coming up with other good ones that pack more...right on.... What's Up boss man. I had no idea that you could actually use one of those on your battery I'm quite new in vaping for like 3 months totally into it I haven't had a cigarette either in 3 months and I used to smoke two packs a day so I definitely need to look into that but I am in the state of Florida we missed the boat by 2 so I guess I'm just going to have to put tobacco in there. Lol alright have a great one keep on rockin bossman. Congress Ended The Federal Ban On Marijuana. Dry Herb Attachments Shouldn't Hurt The Vaping Scene. .
    damn bruh, you hitting that n no I'm not talkin bout the vape. she's hot i wouldn't mind sticking my cock in her ass..
    +Tommy Moore lmaoooo good one bro. Only basement I ever run up in is ur mom's when she needs the dick. Sorry bruh.. your the man and chick is hot.. but here are some thoughts that pop up into my head.. these hippy pot vaporizers are going to give the FDA one more excuse in its arsenal to ban electronic cigarettes.. I mean its a cool idea for the pot heads out there to get their stealth highs.. but at the end of the day I think its going to hurt electronic cigarettes. .
    Agreed. I am all for legalising Herbs, but I`m disapointed that Indoorsmoker are promoting this. FDA is gonna watch it. And so will the EU, and this might ruin the batlle for legalized vaping..
    Anytime drugs become legal there is an epidemic. It has happened with every drug on the planet, including alcohol and nicotine. Pot is like cigarettes. Some people can smoke it and be fine, while others get even more brain dead. I think society is dumb enough and doesn't need to be dumbed down even further.. Just my personal opinion, the hippies don't crucify me. . BOING...think I'm in love ;^) not u bro lol Nice new look at herbal vaping thankx bro always enjoy your vids . Cause of your review of the Yocan 94F, I have gone out and got my own coming in the mail. And I can't wait for it to come!!!!. 2 indoorsmokers why did you put that its a dry herb vaporizer that vapes to 15watts in the description when the video says that it combusts.
    you can take the filter apart. it unscrews and then you clean it by taking the magnets out and using alcohol and the brush and a cloth. for the small holes, what i do besides the wiping and alcohol is use a sewing needle or a pin-pin each hole. it's the only thing neg wise i found with the tank lol also i found the glass in the middle on the outside...easily breaks lol.
    Off the cigs and vapin like champ, still can't imagine doing to much with the vaporizer for da budskies, feelin like my bong is here to stay but all in all you guys do a good job and the products are pretty cool. Just subscribed to both of your channels. Keep these videos coming. You should do a Volcano video with Danielle :).
    well i just ordered a yocan. thank's... what is your name you have a grate show dude...! .
    People with the yocan attachment you can buy the atmos glass screens and they will fit into the chamber of the yocan. remove the mouth piece section place the glass screen into the chamber pack the chamber close it up nice and good. most pens have auto turn off after a few seconds so if your pen isnt vaping right away hold for a few seconds let go and immediately push and hold again repeat until you can actually start vaping. YOUR WELCOME : ) .
    +ProMethod2 believe what you like, I happen to know it can... I'm getting some for my vhit.
    Did you try it in the VTR without the extension It looks like it would fit in there without any problems. That would be the perfect solution for me as well, since that's the eCig mod I'm looking at..
    I'm really anxious to try some of these herbal vaporizers and attachments but I think I'll hold out for one that actually vaporizes..
    Hey first week of vaping after blazing steadily for 15 years, I know you talk about getting cigarette smokers off the butts but I think stopping combustion for the herb people is just as important, I find pipe combustion compared to vaping is way more intrusive into daily activities taking up time and just being more of an ordeal, vaping lets you take care of that shit you need but concentrate on your real important career/education goals. I love your channels because you talk clear and loud, and also you USE the vape right away and all the time during the vids. Ur like 10% home shopping network 10% reality tv and 80% just a regular bruvster like us. I watch all the indoor smoker reviews too but what you never talk about and and as a non-nicotine guy I would be interested in is smoking the flavored oils with no nicotine, maybe something to include on this channel (you could have danielle smoking/promoting a non-nicotine oil on your indoor channel). I think more herb guys would be interested then you think. Also in the very beginning you must have assumed it would be all guys watching these vids but I look at the comments and some of the sections are just flooded with dimes, you must ROLLIN' in it lol. I am having bit of trouble using my thc oil it seems like the concentrates you use are thicker, my dispensary sells the oil in standard wicked atomizers that are really meant for e-liquid, it doesn't draw through the wick that great so I open it up and soak the coil and wick in my glass bulb attachment but the oil seems to either spit and run down through and weep out the bottom or burn off too quick, whats the best way to burn liquidy oils with a vape Thanks and rock on..
    Yo! Thanks to your review, I am now a happy owner of the 94F. I appreciate your e-cig/vape vids;they help a lot. One love, brotha man. P.S. When my girlfriend held the 94f, I asked her if she was certified to handle it. LOL. Her and I both enjoyed Danielle being there. :-) Thanx again!.
    First of all let me say I LOVE your reviews on all your channels. You're an absolute natural. Second was a question. I got one of these and have tried to use it on my Sigelei Zmax V5, but it just keeps reading Low Load, I guess because the ohms are too low. Frustration! Please could you or anyone else guide me in the direction of a higher ohm device for dry herbs Would be a great help. Many thanks from the UK..

    Somnapure australia - Vito Mol Online Herbal Store
  • December 19, 2015
    Somnapure australia - Somnapure - American Lifestyle. Vito Mol is online store of herbal medicine. Order the best herbal supplements and other herbal health products. i5
    Buy Products In Vito Viga Online Herbal Store - Dec 28, 2015
  • December 18, 2015
    Pharmacy that sell fertilaid - Anyone heard of FertilAid? - BabyCenter. Best Vito - are open online for your favorite herbal medicine for order the best in herbal... i6
    Kaloputi chiknu - Vito Viga - Online Herbal Store
  • December 29, 2015
    Vito Viga - online are open for your favorite herbal products. Order the best herbal nutritional supplements. i7
    Amaze herbal store in barbados - Buy Products In Best Vito...
  • December 31, 2015

    Comments about this video:
    there are so many vaporizer s i dont know which one to get.i want one that has little to no plastic/rubber taste, any suggestions. this video saved my butt, so I finally got a now mod a vape connexx 150w, I had someone give me some cheap 18650s and a charger so I gave away my MVP 2.0 that I had been using almost 2 years now. well a few days after giving the MVP away one of these 18605s started burning and smoking on the corner : ( so I was stuck with just one battery until I saw this and realized my V2 had an 18650 in it : ) I still gotta hope the other cheap ultrafire don't explosions between now and payday but at least I got 2 18650s again and can vape. From what I read, this does seem like one of the best of the Chinese vapes, along with (or maybe just behind) a few of the Flowermate models (V5S, mini, V3 Air). China seems WAY behind America (log vapes, Lotus, Grasshopper, Elevape SV), Canada (Arizer), and Germany (S&B). They're improving fast though (as are dry herb vapes in general), so maybe in a few years we'll have something all convection with heatup in a few seconds that costs like $25. :P. Omg those potatoes are badass, I've got this vaporizer and I'm really happy whit it I can smoke anywhere and I love it. Love your vids man! Peace :D. It's been 20 plus years since I smoked any herb. I always blew the smoke out my nose because, I thought smoke thru your nose would get you more high. True or false. getting one of these,they need stop calling the burners vapes I got a cloupor cloutank 4 30 quid and it's just a pipe you don't need a lighter to light,ahhhh supose it's still cool for out n about better than a big marley hanging out you're reviews m8 always give me a smile.
    I just bought one of these, charged it for the recommended 6 hours And it DOES NOT work as awesome as this one in the vid. It tastes awful, just browns off my herb & no high... ( and it aint cheap in my country) I don’t understand what I’m doing wrong :(.
    i wonder why it flashes when drawing unless it means the temperature is dropping a decent vape still trying to get used to using the button...
    Nice review of a decent herb vaper! My god though,does this guy get the throat tickle or wot Every time without fail,those poor lungs! ✌😎💨.
    +clive harding It does the same to me though with this machine with strain that was bit baddish when burned normally.. but with this pipe it blows you away real good. +Tomas Matejka it's a shame that he's overlooked the Hebe Titan 2! I've heard lots of good things about that model, plus it's available on FT for 14 quid. Not a clone either! 👍😉💨. having a hard time getting this vape to turn on. click 5 times and get nothing. yes it is charged up. looking for some help. thanks. +Nancy Miller is it the v2 mines i just press it 3 times to turn it on and after you click it 3 times hold the button down to select temp after that the temp light should blink takes a little time no to long to warm up was confusing for me to....
    In my experience if you want a good concentrate vape, you should either get one that is designed like a nail on a vape pen, or a coil that has cotton around the outside, but not on the inside of the coil. Like the cotton does not even touch the coil. Or if its just a flat oven type deal it will do fine like this..

    I live in illinois but interesting story, is my real mother lives in Washinton State, reason being she gave me up and left me on the doorstep of my grandmothers house, i was then taken in by my aunt and uncle whom i call mom and dad today! But i have a lot of anxiety issues alongside depression and smoking weed has been one of the leading benefactors to feeling better and getting through my problems! I love watching your channel and seeing all of the vape pens etc! .

    Some customers complaint that they need to press too many times button for X-MAX V2, So we are hope to change the on/off and temp setting way. ON/Off: From 5 times button to 3 times button Temp Setting:From 3 times button to 2 times button or press 2s button Do u have any good ideaPls feel free contact TopGreen-Tech..
    Lol the only place I've seen those ruffles are in Denver. Miss them already. Thanks for the video as always.
    Thanks man. I need to visit Washington. Any suggestions for a old stoner getting back into the herbage.
    Nice man!! Are you gonna do a giveaway on this channel It would rule if ya did. Oh and Texas has those chocolate covered chips...they're dangerously good! Keep up the vids man! \m/ \m/ . Just wait till version 3, that's what I'm doing. Maybe they will put a 10 minute cut off. .
    Just saw my google plus notice and came running to watch the video.This and Indoor are my two favorite channels.Hellyeah!!.
    You know you've been watching too much Epic Herb Reviews when you grab Ur lighter to fire up ecig! Lmao. PARTY ON!.
    Thanks to you and some of my other subscriptions I've been encouraged to start my own eliquid review channel. Its called "Craigs eliquid reviews", I only have two videos so far, but more to come soon. I'm also doing giveaways for free eliquids. Check it out and subscribe please. Any advice and or criticism will be greatly appreciated as you guys are my mentors, I appreciate you great reviewers. Keep up the good work and keep on vapin! Thanks.

    How does this compare to the Snoop Dogg G Pen Or the G Pro. I'm thinking on getting one of these.. Latest June Edition 3 click on/off Hold in Button for Temperature Selection. 5 minute cut off. Upgraded Mouthpiece Filter. Optional extras Glass Mouthpiece - Bong Adaptor - Battery.. Ruff House Studio's sells this Vaporizer for $89.95. I use Vape pens, and this one looks like a good one, (except the 3 minute limitation). My favorite right now is a 94f by Technology Co., Ltd and using the battery from the Cloudtank M3 that I saw tested on here. Cloudtank didn't hold much herb, so I like the 94f size better. Only downside I can find is the heads wear out quicker than I can buy them..
    from my experience with vaporizers, the popcorn taste is from the temp being to high or the herb is cashed. but i mainly use my volcano or vapor bros.. 5 minute cut/off 3 click and 5 click on/off + glass mouthpieces and bong adaptors.
    Chocolate Covered Ruffles DUDE!! We do NOT have those in San Francisco!! That Xmax looks good - I'm thinking about upgrading from my Cloupor Couldtank M3. Thanks for the review!.
    Alibaba has these. You should do a group buy on your website. You have to buy at least 10 and the price is around $30 a piece. I'd buy in. . Wow thats great! I will start up a group buy but after talking to the wholesaler its gonna be a little more than $30 a unit. I can hook it up for my 420 bros for only $320 a piece. If you really wanna blaze it up I would get down with duel wield deal of only $300 each for 2 or more! Cool dudes can hit shoot me a message and send payments via money transfer, cause you know this legit. Don't worry about shipping i'll take the hit on that! I update you more when my 420 clouds fade cause I can barely see my lappy T screen anymore, Stay zoot zoot vaded sauce!. Looks great my man...wish I had somewhere to get some concentrate or oil!!! :(... Quick though.. I ordered a Cloupor M4 dry herb tank and I have the eleaf istick 50w just waiting on it, what would you recommend I set it at Thanks again for everything!. Three minutes is perfect for me tho. I don't smoke much anymore so one or two hits from dro and I'm good for a 1/2 hour. .
    Find us on facebook as VAPORIZADORES MEXICO VAPOMEX y pronto estaremos distribuyendo para SALVIA DIVINORUM DISTRIBUIDOR AUTORIZADO.

    Pharmacy that sell fertilaid - Best Vito - Online Herbal Store
  • December 22, 2015
    Somnapure australia - Somnapure - American Lifestyle. Vito Mol is online store of herbal medicine. Order the best herbal supplements and other herbal health products. i9
    Amaze herbal store in barbados - Buy Products In Best Vito...
  • December 20, 2015
    Pharmacy that sell fertilaid - Anyone heard of FertilAid? - BabyCenter. Best Vito - are open online for your favorite herbal medicine for order the best in herbal... i10
    Buy Products In Vito Viga Online Herbal Store - Dec 28, 2015
  • December 28, 2015
    Vito Viga - online are open for your favorite herbal products. Order the best herbal nutritional supplements. i11
    Kaloputi chiknu - Vito Viga - Online Herbal Store
  • December 24, 2015

    Comments about this video:
    +IndoorSmokers Great, thanks I'll check it out. Currently running an iClear16 for Nicotine after you recommended it on one of your vids. Keep up the good work, man..
    You had me until "all synthetic drugs are crap" bit. Yes, perhaps if you're just out to get high, stay away from the man made chemicals... But there are quite a few of us who owe our lives to "man made drugs" (even ritalin... I know my boss would have killed me had I stopped taking it!)......Just sayin'. .
    Spice might help you pass a drug test, but you're gonna start going schizophrenic. Believe me, if you can't enjoy Mary Jane's sweet bush for whatever reason, abstaining from smoking altogether is a better option than hitting up her tweaker cousin Sally Spice and dipping your wick into that crazy box.. all I could think the whole time was "Jesus man get a fuckin paper towel and wipe your damn forehead" 😂. lol "Dont ever do a drug thats man made" Makes riches off of vape Just thought it was funny :D.
    I wonder if it is illegal to put something like this in a suitcase with the luggage in a flight.. for example countries in europe other than Holland. Ofcourse without any herbs, maybe particles after a good clean up. Will they stop you and say the found traces of marij and then have trouble.
    +MortallicA91 I didn't chance taking my vape with me to Amsterdam. I bought a pipe over there last year and cleaned it up before packing it and security took it and the paraphernalia that hadn't been used plus a muffin. They didn't even tell me they took it!. +leon bushnell low temp vape out of a good desktop unit feels just like weed air. Juce yea, I hear the glycerin can fuck you up. Dry herb or go home.. I fucking love that weed vape!!! my brother has this exact one, and it get u BAKED off of like 0.1 grams i swear! Just like smoking a joint, but takes a bit more time to use, insanely great if u don't like blowing all of your weed in one session. I'm thinking of getting one of these, but I would get the portable one so I could take a hit here and there in public maybe, just wondering, does this make any smell. +Dick Dansom lol it's possible it's the pen, or you just have some really danky smelling weed. Either way I always have some "de-stink" tools .
    I have used a lot of different vapes and own a good few as well - stating that the "da vinci" is as good as the $500 volcano is just retarded. The flavour, volume and strength of the volcano is incomparible to ANY portable unit except maybe the plenty/mighty - also by storz and bickel. An outlandish claim indeed..
    ''You really need 10 minutes to just sit back and relax'' Yeah man, Looked real relaxing all that coughing :P. Crush up what's left and throw it on your food. It's already been activated by the heat so good to go for edibles :).
    thanks Chris see you in 2015 and in between your making a dfferance an dont forget it I start watching your video s in November of 2013 an for about 7 months i have a problem making the switch and my doctors have me on oxigen at night and are talking about putting me on oxigen 24 hrs a day 2 months into vaping my oxigen levels go up 10 points they were 70 points when i lay own I never had to go to 24 hrs thanks to you and ecigs and my levels have gone up 15 points total and i still have to wear it at night but if it was nt for you i would nt be here today in 2015 to tell you my story even tho we dont know each other you have been a big part of my life and i love you for it you see i vape by myself no one i know vapes an i know without you i would have gave up so thanks again and even if i dont win a prize i will be forever thankfull Love you man.
    "Don't ever do a drug that's man made" From on Washingtonian to another, your words are gold. I swear by your videos for all my vaping needs. Keep it up. But man made herbs legal in Washington so were not so bad after all =).
    Hey I read that book in the background (shock doctrine). Also, what happens if you try to share with like 3 people.
    You are freakin' awesome, man, your vid had me LMAO. Makes me wish I lived in WA and had you as a friend..
    Just got one yesterday & I'm in love! Excellent product!! I'm high as hell as I type right now lol 😂😂.
    can you please recommend a portable vaporizer for medical herbs I do not have much money to try some them. Would truly appreciate your help. thanks. +IndoorSmokers Question: At around 4 minutes in, you said something about changing the temperature based on the moisture content of the herb. I know you like putting it around 370, but is there any type of norm that you establish to determine temperature I would think that generally, the stickier the herb, the higher you want the temperature to be. Or is it the other way around Also, I've been using the first generation "Iolite" vape for about 5 years and I absolutely love it! Unfortunately the ignitor broke so I've been looking into other vapes. How would you compare the DaVinci vape to vapes like the Iolite Thanks so much!.
    +Bully Ace FYI I also tried charging the unit while the main power button was off thx for that as well haha.

    Good time to crack open that Philosophy book behind you. Pay attention to pages 23 & 42. :) Though I wouldn't be able to vape with you cause you'd be morphing between young (better call) Saul & young Sam Donaldson. :).

    I just saw your videos today, man I just watched a few if your videos and I am new to Vaping, well been vaping for a month now, and I luv, luv, luv it!!! THIS VIDEO THOUGH CRACKED ME UP, almost choked on my cape, I said almost... Bro your too funny!!! Keep up the awesome reviews I wanna learn more about vaping also. Thanks!! .
    +j co. Perhaps, but considering you can use it while it's plugged in, it's incredibly sturdy, and it costs much less than desktop vaporizers, it's certainly a good option anyway..
    The boiling temp of thc is 315, so I set my temp at 317, and take a nice long draw, then turn off the oven and continue to draw, tapping occasionally to stir the mix. The boiling temps of other beneficial ingredients occur between 320 and 360, so I set my temp to 350 and start drawing when temp hits 315 and continue until lungs are full, then turn off oven again and set it to 361 and hit it again..

    I have this vaporizer and this review was what originally convinced me to buy it a year ago. I just realized he says it doesn't charge if it's not turned on but I don't think that's true because I charge mine all the time both on and off. This vape is amazing because you can vape interchangeably between plugged in and battery seamlessly so essentially you never need to stop and wait for anything. And on the go it lasts for 2 or 3 sessions which is usually plenty. Plugged in it heats up extremely quickly..
    This guy sucks. I bought a Vape based on his opinion and regret it. These vape pens are a cheaper Chinese make. They break after 10 uses. Do your self a favor and buy a big non-portable, non-pocket vape. The big Volcano or the box style works best. These little vape pens just get clogged and its annoying. Also the only use is for stealth. I bet this guy makes his videos biased, gets paid.. uses a big vape and fakes it a million times. They don't work. Too small. They are super cheap though.. but the bigger ones have come around in price..
    Dear Sir, May I have purchase you Salvador Dali Clock from you Please. That is all. Thank you. Sincerely -Uli.
    use the vapid bud for edibles, you can't smoke it but if you just mix it with peanut butter like and put it on a ritz and make a fire cracker.
    Generally, if you use them right, you will be able to save and conserve your herbs. I bought the g pen a while back and I vape about 1 gram of herb a week, when I used to smoke 2-3 grams a week. With a vape, a little goes a long way..
    Good video. I was always curious about these. Haven't smoked weed since college maybe 20 years ago. If my state legalizes it I may partake again. But seriously, You might not want to be telling your boss and the world you smoke before work LOL. Smoke responsibly. Hopefully you don't smoke and drive, operate machinery at work, etc.. Man if i drive when I'm baked I'm more cautious and drive slower if anything hahaha..any other heavy machinery I'd stay away from though lol..
    "Dont ever do a drug that a man has made" What about LSD Created by Eli Lilly Pharmaceutical Company in the 50s or 60s.
    "don't do anything man made guys, do something that grows from the ground." (grabs piece of machinery to smoke with). So this doesn't produce any smell I'm thinking of investing in these if they produce no smell..
    I wouldn't say there's no smell, but it's definitely not too noticeable. If you close your door, (maybe put a towel under it) and turn on the fan you'll pretty much be golden. (Another thing to take into consideration; if you vape at high temperatures, it will reek like crazy. It won't combust the herb but it will smell.) The smell is barely noticeable, and I mean if you got some kind of spray it'll kill the smell IMMEDIATELY. I wouldn't recommend spraying cologne or axe, because then whatever room you're in will end up smelling God awful. .

    If you're in the market for a vaporizer and considering a vendor and they are similar to "CRAPMOOD" it is my experience that they will put you in a crap mood.

    Amaze herbal store in barbados - Buy Products In Best Vito...
  • December 25, 2015
    Somnapure australia - Somnapure - American Lifestyle. Vito Mol is online store of herbal medicine. Order the best herbal supplements and other herbal health products. i13
    Kaloputi chiknu - Vito Viga - Online Herbal Store
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  • January 18, 2016

    Comments about this video:

    So I'm really interested in buying this vaporizer, but I have one question... I'm pretty sensitive to the heat of anything I inhale. I have minor asthma/breathing issues, and it is mostly triggered by heat rather than smoke or vapor. So does anyone know how hot the air coming out of this thing is.
    This guy is epic... "Vape dynamics Bitch!" after that line i just went online and bought it, thanks for sharing.. its great it just requires alot of cleaning (1 per day) it holds flavor well. the hits are solid and best of all your grass supplier wont see you too often (it uses grass efficiently) on neg is that the draw is a little hard especially if it dirty. i have another unit that i have taken to, i'll post it later when i get to a computer. this unit is used in home and the other is used on the road or at work (it doesn't smell)..
    Thanks for the fantastic reviews. Have you tried the Goboof Alfa I'm torn between this vapedynamics and the Goboof. Would love your input. Thank you!.

    it's an exact copy of vapormax v, but they got newer versions of it now.. what's the differences between the two.
    Will this work with wax I stumbled onto some and I don't know what to do with it. But I also want something I can use with dry when I run out. Any suggestions Cheap and portable.
    How's the battery life on any of these Am I going to have to recharge every hit and a half in a year or two Do they make replacement batteries, or would I have to buy a whole new unit Kinda leaning toward vapedynamics. .
    Fuck Chinese made vaporizers! I will let the chinesse make my shoes, phones, computers, TV's but nothing that I will put into my bloodstream / body! They have lead in THEIR OWN baby formula! Parents of children affected by this tainted baby formula wanted to form a support group and the chinese government threw these parents in JAIL! Chinese companies put lead paint on toys and has lead to health problems all over the world! The factories that produce these devices are not held accountable or regulated, if the manager decides to cut corners on materials in the pursit of gaining more money YOU pay the price! Chinese earned their bad rep. Some companies need to 'Man Up" and start manufactoring in the US; with that being said I would also trust a consumable product that origninated in on the west europe. NO to China! .
    I am not soley concerned about lead! Callmehtoucan there is ceramic that is more pure than others. I have absolutely no reason to believe (and neither does anyone else) that these greedy narrow minded, out of control pollution creating Chinese money mongerers will not find a cheaper toxic component to replace a non toxic component. Why risk it I am not paid and have nothing to gain but I do believe Dacid Alchemist is right, except for I prefer the Solo Arizer, it is made in Canada, not dirty China! FYI I have great respct for the Chinese history, I just think the buisnessmen are wild when it comes to pollution and toxic components. I wish I could trust their manufactorers it would make my life less stressful! .
    do you have any dry herb vaporizer comparison reviews You seem to say every one of them is "the best" lol. I'd love to see a comparison of the top dry herb vapes to see which one is actually "the best" and which one actually vapes the herb more than the others. You look like u have them all. Thanks! Love ur vids..
    Is there anywhere in the bay area where I can purchase this product in store s.f., Oakland, berkeley.

    Does not work. Save your $$$ I bought this after all the great reviews including this one. Ummmm you cant take more than 2 puffs before it gets clogged up. Please do yourself a favor and get something else. I now have a $100 if I could just find some papers....
    So when the weed is all dried up like you said, can you roll that up in a blunt and still get high off that.
    ugh the firefly blows. 300$ for "quality" that thing is the most inefficient and poorly designed. Its good for maybe one person Everything I've experienced with the firefly is sub-par and can find much better mods like this one.
    Arizer Solo all the way... may not be as portable as this one but way better quality and huge vape hits.
    Is that thing that different from the flowermate v5.0s because the fm is anything but a piece of crap....
    definitely picking me up one of these!!! i was on the hunt for a good inexpensive vape for me and i had my mind set on the davinci for about a week, but now since i saw this i am absolutely getting this one. Thanks for the review!!!. So is this a clone of flower mate WTf got confused which do i buy were Flower mate or vape dynamics .
    The Vape Dynamics is also known as the Flowermate Vapormax series. They are exactly the same. But based on my research the Flowermate are priced lower. Essentially Vape Dynamics is simply a rebrand initiative..

    You should change the name of this channel to "Outdoor Tokers". Auto-correct tried to make that "Outdoor Strokers" which would not be something I'd want to see..
    I just got my vape Dyamics in the mail today from epuff. I'm very impressed so far. Charging it up now, I rekon that I will have a nice buzz on for work shipping was a day faster then they said....
    The Firefly looks great and is available here but do you know if this Vape Dynamics is sold in the UK I can't find it anywhere. I've contacted them so hopefully they'll get back to me I just wondered if anyone this side of the pond had any information..

    Isnt this just the flowermate rebranded I saw another called Force XL looks the exact same too. I guess they didnt patent their shit.

    you should combine these vids with your philosophy, i cant spell stoned, vids. while your vaping the bowl empty you could tell us a tale..
    just got mine yesterday and let me say CRAZY. BEST portable vaporizer. PORTABLE I know the solo is great but really is it discreet No. I bought a PAX last year and let me say its a piece of shit. Inconsistent draws, maintains so much, battery life forget about it. PLUS you reeeek like vaped herb while carrying it around, wtf!! With Vape, man you don't smell, so they can't tell. FUCK PAX. VAPE DYNAMICS BitCH!. Fire fly is cool but it still doesn't touch the Arizer Solo... them Canadians knew what they were doing when the thought this one up... Amazing taste and superb clouds. It's cool product super dope there getting more affordable. Would like to give praise to who designed it..
    Lol damn man you probably shoulda left out that part where you said you'd give mike the leftovers to sell.. hahah, good review on it, I think you sold me on it. Looks like I needa move down to washington to try that supply out..

    I love your reviews. This one, I felt was incomplete. Probably too medicated. lol. Please show us more of how it works. Close up of the chamber... How is it heated Coils at bottom How is it this vapes but others burn How sturdy is it You know I'm going to drop it. lol $100 if it works as good as it seems is pretty good. I've spent close to that on a nice pipe..

    mmm you and your reviews are nice and yummy... hey, the guy on the far left.. the quiet one.. is his name FRANK Inbox me! I think I met him years ago when I hitch hiked from Hollywood to Seattle.. anyways... this is a bit expensive but looks good. I just ordered a dry herb vape pen but somehow feel that Im gonna be not too happy with it.. just may need to try this one..

    Isotine eye drops reviews amazon - Buy Products In Best...
  • November 29, 2015
    Vito Viga - online are open for your favorite herbal products. Order the best herbal nutritional supplements. i1
    Kunna kuthi - Buy Products In Vito Mol - Jun 23, 2015
  • January 20, 2016
    Kunna kuthi - Koothi Images Kundi and Kunna - Free people check - Vito Mol is online store of herbal medicine. Order the best herbal supplements and other... i2
    Walgreens osmo patch - Vito Mol Online Herbal Store
  • December 14, 2015
    Best Vito - are open online for your favorite herbal medicine for order the best in herbal nutritional supplements. i3
    Buy Products In Vito Viga Online Herbal Store - Jan 21, 2016
  • November 20, 2015

    Comments about this video:
    Does anyone else see that the bag has a hole in it I paused at 3:58 and you can see a steady stream of vapour coming out the left hand side..
    +victor morgado it tastes better than rolling paper and it is reusable, if your bags get a hole you can replace it with an oven bag from the supermarket, also you can jam it full of scraps like leaf and stem and still get baked without having a headache from smoking so much scraps, i have the herbalaire vaporizer and i love it.

    I see a HUGA ass LEAK> which = Loss of there medicine. But how funny seeing two grown dude still kicking it like good old young friends..

    Hey kids, I hear you can use oven bags also,shall your supplied one break,as these kids bag has a whole in it..
    +Δημητρης Βεττας if you run it on too high of a temperature maybe. it is an ALTeRTNATIVE to smoking so imo should be ran on a medium to low temperature, this prevents that throat burning/drying out..
    You know... I've seen quite a few of your ecig videos and I said that dude has to smoke pot... Guess I was right. lol.

    Good ol Americana humor respect! this shit had me rolling "felt the thud & thought I knocked him out " LOL .
    im pretty sure u should turn the fan off when using the whip so it doesnt keep coming out. when u suck in it will come out.. I'd like to know how it is compared to the mighty. Both look great. But not having a bag would be nice..
    AND it get's kids in the habit of playing with and breathing out of a bag!! LOLOL Had me dying!.

    I just got this volcano and its unreal. Well worth the cash. Only need a tiny bit of herb to feel really amazing. 3 thumbs up.

    Hahaha, me too...well obviously you were searching for VolcaNO nitric oxide supps like me, but I like this too. #Legalize.

    Lmao "snorting vape" I need to find cats like you guys to kick it with lol fucking killing me over here! .
    fucking love you 2, i vaped along side you with my new volcano and can say honestly that it's the best 200 iv ever spent.happy 420 peace yall.
    Ok, awesome review except for the comedy act. You guys gotta tone that shit down lmao Seriously though, I wanna get me one of them volcano's. Expensive though..
    That hose attachment is perfect for going around a huge circle of like 5+ people! Enough people for it to get passed around and you still have time to recover from the last hit lmao.
    hahaha you two are fuckin brilliant. thanks this was the video that did it for me, i just placed my order :D can you smoke powder with this I'm thinking DMT.
    +Trip Tamine Hey guys, I got no experience myself doing any DMT, but if you want to know if you can vape it with this thing, you should check whether the vaporizing temperature of DMT is within the range of the Volcano. For salvia I've heard it does not get hot enough.. you foo's need to agree when one of you are going to talk and the other show off the product without fucken talking. one person at a time, bro. please. I enjoy this...but not multiple voices. hope this isn't going to get you guys all butt hurt, just helping you stoners from another stoner. Cheers. Did I see you switch e-cigarettes in the middle of the video At the beginning, I saw you using an eGo with an old Stardust style tank, then it changes to an eGo with an old fashioned drip atomizer. What's with all the ancient e-cig tech.
    In South Africa we call that, "bag" a, "lung"! Brings a whole new meaning to a lung full ;).
    I didn't know you had this channel to! I just subscribed to this as well funny shit man! We may be able to do this in Ohio of all goes well this November woot!. haha normally I watch your vape channel for mods etc and I never knew you had a weed channel, you two are hilarious, it reminded me of a high tech version of me and my buddies in our teenage years trying to get high haha.
    I just recently bought my first vaporizer. It's called Magic Flight, which is of your portable variety using AA rechargeable. I fell in love with it right away and now want me a good home model like the volcano. I can't believe this isn't how everyone is getting high..

    BTW u can still smoke the vaporized herbs and it gets you totally high,it frustrates me a lot,throwing good weed in the garbages,vapos just don't take out all the THC.

    Interested in purchasing the best vaporizer on the market This vaporizer works in conjunction with a 18mm glass bubbler which in turn produces tasty and smooth hits. You can use this with any 18mm glass adapter or water pipe. Click the link below and use code "710" for 30% off. Thats $490 for a vaporizer, glass bubbler and accessories. This is the Biggest Sale of the Year and works for 7/10 ONLY!
    I HATE VAPORIZERS,nothing buzz more than smoking it specially blasting it,but i can't anymore it won't pass(after 12 years),so now i vaporize,but what i really need to do is quit for a couples years then i'll be able to smoke it,but whitout abuse this time!. You have that set way too high. 260 degrees F is perfect. Otherwise you are burning your weed which is what you want to stay away from. That is why you two are coughing...true vapor won't do that to ya..
    The volcano doesn't go higher enough to burn weed, thc is a irritant that's why u cough you cock.

    So WTF is this shit! Two stupid American AssMonkeys doing a shitty review for a free Vaporizer Making a Vaporizer review is not about getting high as fuck,but pointing for all the good and bad things about the product! Your AssMonkey goal was just to get high as fuck in a new way... Poor,poor review by two guys who don't even deserve to light up a blunt!!!.
    +stuart boston that is just totally pointless and a COMPLETE waste of all your weed. Hotboxing only works with smoke, definately not with vapor! :).
    Kuntz you've idea how to use that thing you're a disgrace to the Kano Kommunity. The bag should be so cloudy you can't see through it.WTF .
    Not true my friend, vapor density should be at a medium level (fine white vapor) for the most pontent and safe vapor. If you are filling the bag with very high intensity (density) vapor you are defeating the purpose of a vaporizer..

    Buy Products In Vito Viga Online Herbal Store - Jan 21, 2016
  • December 11, 2015
    Kunna kuthi - Koothi Images Kundi and Kunna - Free people check - Vito Mol is online store of herbal medicine. Order the best herbal supplements and other... i5
    Isotine eye drops reviews amazon - Buy Products In Best...
  • November 21, 2015
    Best Vito - are open online for your favorite herbal medicine for order the best in herbal nutritional supplements. i6
    Isotine eye drops reviews amazon - Buy Products In Best...
  • October 25, 2015
    Isotine eye drops reviews amazon - Original Divine Noni - Divine Noni Gold Juice. Best Vito - are open online for your favorite herbal medicine for order the best in... i7
    Buy Products In Vito Viga Online Herbal Store - Jan 21, 2016
  • November 10, 2015

    Comments about this video:
    Can anyone recommend a good vape pen for someone who is transitioning from smoking to vaping but is reluctant to give up smoking . I'd recommend the x6 vaporizer mod. It only costs around $16.99 and it has adjustable voltage. Really good clouds too. Good luck, you can quit. You got this! :).
    Does anyone know how you reset the toke counter on these batterys Any help will be much appreciated :).
    I just bout the vaporizer for ten bucks it's just the top elements and they fit direct on to a normal e go 510 thread so just had a blast it's heavy man! Lol . hey i bought a used one like this and want to use this "tank" for lack of a better word on my itaste mvp. what watt lvl should i vape it at. i don't want to burn out the coil or anything. Can anyone tell me what thread the chamber has on it Is it a 510 out an ego thread Wondering if I can put the chamber on my box mod or a different sized battery . Wow this thread was full of spam. Anyways, they sell small brass screens at almost any smoke store. I got a pack of 5 for like.99 cents. I got a super high quality vape pen from they had amazing kits at great prices look em up!.
    so you can get a vape pen, it has to be a weed vape pen, and put ground up weed in it for some reason i thought you needed dabs or hash. im not a weed smoker. i want to get one of these pens because i only need to smoke a little weed, and carry it around and take tiny hits throughout the day..
    anybody smoke weed on one of these dry herb vapes good hits or does it just burn up all the weed too fast and do you have to ground up the weeeeeed. +RRoyce G I understand, I haven't used many portables cause I wanted to wait until the technology they used actually vaped instead of burning it. I'll check out some of those pens you listed.
    For sure man! Crafty vaporizer Orbit vaporizer Boss vaporizer Lunch box vaporizer Indica vaporizer Pax vaporizer Every one that is listed is 100 percent vaporizer. .

    I just ordered this online. ~$20 + $3 shipping. Drivin' up to the 'Couve tomorrow to get my product. Any ideas how to grind for vaping.
    i thought vaporizers did not exhaust smoke i thought that was the whole point of a vaporizer, it produces a vapor .
    i just bought a BAGA 4.4v dry herb pen.. have you tried one if so, what's your opinion of it in comparison with others you've tried.
    Im not into letting anyone know I smoke all day and smell it on me when I'm on my herbs to help with fibromyalgia pain any suggestions on what a good vape would be in my situtation. lmao he almost said weed but then he said "dry herb" hahaha i love ur channel btw keep the vids up!!. Would this be better than a pipe I want the most out of my weed and if I can only take 2 hits out of a vapor pen then... That's kinda lame I feel like that's a waste of weed. Idk. I'm debating long and hard if I wanna buy a bong, vapor pen, or Pipe. Anything at least 50-60 bucks. . Just buy preloaded oil tanks you can put on an ego twist or vtr extension. If you can find weed you should be able to find them, plus the high is 100X better. A tank should last an everydAy smoker a week. what is your take on PAX vs H2Flo herbal vaporizer. having hard time to choose what to get on my first portable vaporizer. hope you can do a comparison review with them soon xoxo!! enjoy watching your review.
    i saw the thumbnail picture for this video and i thought that person was a ugly girl at first glance haha.
    +Achilles Vaptio nah you're mistaken. The smell is STRONG and the smoke doesn't vanish like ejuice. You rock. I Laughed my ass off more times in the last while at approx 6:10 of this video. When I comes to any of my purchases or intrests with these I only refer to you. A company should just say fuck and pay you to review it all. Thanks Bro. Much a Appreciated. Happy Vapen.
    I definitely believe this really is going to help me give up smoking completely. I am thankful I checked out and got my free E-Cigarette kit (Just had to pay five dollars for shipping and delivery). It is a life changer for sure..
    +fububoi Does the mesh screen need to be cut to size to fit the chamber or could you just set it on there and use the packing end of the scooping/packing utensil he showed in the video. the Cadillac of vape pens, but for me and my budget right now, $250 is a bit much to drop. That's why I'm looking for things like this right now to get me started..
    Short answer, yes. Vaping is better/cleaner than smoking. If you want the details as to why, best go to Google haha.
    Out of the pens you have tried which do u like the best as far as you dont have too do much too it,the amount of vapor and the hit itselfI would like to purchase one today but since you've tried them all i am real curious,If you could answer a.s.a.p that would be great and thankyou..
    +Jacob Holgate well, after actually watching the video... twenty bucks! Not sure what shipping is tho....

    Buy Products In Best Vito - Jan 24, 2016
  • December 21, 2015
    Walgreens osmo patch - Generic drospirenone-ethinyl-estradiol 130 mg osmotica discount... Vito Mol is online store of herbal medicine. Order the best herbal... i9
    Buy Products In Best Vito - Jan 24, 2016
  • November 30, 2015
    Walgreens osmo patch - Generic drospirenone-ethinyl-estradiol 130 mg osmotica discount... Vito Mol is online store of herbal medicine. Order the best herbal... i10
    Isotine eye drops reviews amazon - Buy Products In Best...
  • December 16, 2015
    Vito Viga - online are open for your favorite herbal products. Order the best herbal nutritional supplements. i11
    Kunna kuthi - Buy Products In Vito Mol - Jun 23, 2015
  • January 13, 2016

    Comments about this video:
    I don't care about clouds or the colorful lights and features. I just want to get high as shit.. whats the purpose of combusting i only want the goodies and not these nasty substances that makes me sick!. +Farscape1783 To be honest I am alright if my cheap snoop dogg g pen combusts a little, it is still very discreet.
    Serious Question. Do these things actually get you high af or are you just better off with the classic bong.
    dude, you are everywhere... I just got legal for Medical M.J. here in Illinois. I've Smoked a lot of weed the traditional way ,but new to "dry herb" vape. I am not set up with anything yet still educating myself. It's your job to make sure I get the proper education. AND Spend my thanks bro.. How do you get on of those. Lol. I have a bad back, I'm 22 so it might be hard to believe but it's true. I wake up with a tight back.. +Iceburgg Slimm Here in California you need a recommendation from a licensed physician. There are loads of medical marijuana doctors here. You just go see one of them and show them your medical records that document your condition. In CA you get a recommendation for damn near anything. So if the doc agrees that MJ can be good for your condition; they will give you a recommendation. In other states only specific conditions apply. So check the laws of your state.. honestly this is old technology. the new 2015 products like Canada Concentrate are so much better. there all over instagram. Dude, look at when this video was posted. Of course these vapes are old tech, this video is more than a year old.. i thought for vaping herb that minimal vapor was best. That way your only heating the thc crystals and not the flower itself.. So im relatively new to smoking but i have been vaping for a while. Im looking at these pens and i dont want to spend more than 200. Mainly im looking at these because they dont make any big smells and it seems people can get a more consistent high with them. Any recommendations I was told by a friend to check out the PAX.. FOR THOSE OF YOU ASKING, YOU CAN GET A DRY VAPOR PEN FOR $25 ON EBAY, JUST SEARCH GOOGLE FOR EZFUNSHOPPING. What do you think about: Ikon Vaporizer Kit for Dry Herbs, E-Liquids, and Waxy Concentrates for $39.99 on sale from original $159.99 on Groupon website is that a good deal and is it worth it, I smoke regular cigs for now but badly want to quit and after my research I know it's much better to quit by switching to E-Cig at first instead of quitting cold turkey What is your opinion about that model and price . Hi, I'm very new to the vaping thing. I want a dry herb Vaper, but i want one that's not too expensive AND doesn't produce a marijuana smell when in use! Do you have any suggestions Love the vids bro, keep em coming!. atmos and related designs: the air hole design is annoying, it tends to get clogged and is hard to clean. Freguent use is not really viable either because of the filter thing in the tip, it gets resiny fairly quickly. also, the coil design is okay, but when the coil decides to break, you simply have to replace the entire top half. snoop dog g pen: overall i like the quality and design better. the replaceable glass chamber make cleaning easy, and provides a more rounded heat. also, its nice and open so when the coils breaks, you can freely move it / fix it. the only slight defect might be how loosly the coil is connected to the threads. this makes it somewhat easy to disconnect the wire connecting the coils and threads, making it unusable unless you can solder it back together. which not everyone has a solder gun and solder lying around their house so. i in terms of design, longevity, and overall design: snoop dog is best vape pen around, and fairly cheap as well. i was able to purchase one for 25 dollars on ebay s where an atmos jr costs around 50..
    awesome reviews love your channel judging by your t-shirt you must of been crushed with last yrs superbowl.

    this enail is sick and same manufacture makes the DABADO but this one is way less expensive!
    funny as hell !! "it's gettin a little more difficult to talk now" 😂😂😂 everybody has these great reasons why they want to vape.. I just can't roll so. +Bradley Johnson It's just the Snoop edition bro, close to the mini but a greater difference wen it comes to how much you can put in it. But, It's for surely real. Look up How to use Snoop Dogg G pen and let Snoop explain.. we all know that he's a bandwagon seahawks fan lol jk. anyways love your videos keep it going man.
    What's up with that sounds that sound like you are sucking a long fat dick and it goes to far down and chokes you.

    You are hilarious. I want to be your friend. haha... Thanks for the info, it was definitely helpful..
    I need me a dry herb vaporizer for not too much money... Ohhhh a dream come true. Especially living in New Jersey where this shitty ass governor will never legalize. And makes it impossible to even get medicinal. I need one of these. Lol. I quit cigs. But it's 4:20 all day every day and I need something good and discreet! (Especially hiding from my teenage son!!!) 😂😂😂.
    These things are bad ass but watch out for fakes there's a lot of knockoffs of those going around specially in those small smoke shops be very careful. Because those things fucking break and those cocksuckers don't want to give your money back. .
    They gave me a vapo DGK x G beautiful presentation, I have not really used to be satisfied, I feel the steam to take it and exhale almost nothing or no steam I've seen videos of this product and make off steam if the users mouth, I wonder if you can advise me or guide me or repair the device that works well with the naked eye but I can not take fumes may be clogged roasted taste mild air enters my mouth, very poor experience if it is actually correct use and operation, I greet warmly thank you very much.
    +Peter Carden I stand corrected on this one I've googled it and smoke does come into this category..

    If you could make a more up to date newer version of this video it would be very helpful. Trying to find something before the end of summer .


    I just bought a Pax 2. I owned a Gpen and they fall apart quickly and the coil combusts everything. The Pax 2 is like 100x better than the Gpen..

    +ferrariteddy i own the G pro and it stopped working on me the day after i bought it but yes it dose actually cape the weed and not combust it.
    bullshit. u cant do it in the wind all ur ground up bud will blow away when ur trying to load it '. Fast question. Just got a g pro. I have medical marihuana and never used it before. When I use the g pro as a newbie should I go with the lowest heat And in between hits do I need to repress the button Thanks C. I know nothing about vaps but could you smell the herb when you blow it out I heard its suppose to be an easy way of getting away with smoking weed in public.. Depends on the quality of the vaporiser, some are rubbish and you could basically call them a pipe, also you shouldn't cough with a good vape as its just steam, but if your coughing it's burning the weed..
    Dude, as a Canadian 12th man. Please review the new Arizer Air. It truly is next to impossible to beat (really)..
    +Steven St4mmk0s Yep the Flowermate V5.05s has 3 heat settings, the one above is the flowermate V5.0.. Was hoping to see a review of the SkyCloud, but... Love the shirt. I have one I wear just for Seahawks games televised here in Vermont. Go Hawks!.

    Walgreens osmo patch - Vito Mol Online Herbal Store
  • November 23, 2015
    Best Vito - are open online for your favorite herbal medicine for order the best in herbal nutritional supplements. i13
    Buy Products In Vito Viga Online Herbal Store - Jan 21, 2016
  • December 26, 2015
    Walgreens osmo patch - Generic drospirenone-ethinyl-estradiol 130 mg osmotica discount... Vito Mol is online store of herbal medicine. Order the best herbal... i14
    Buy Products In Vito Viga Online Herbal Store - Jan 21, 2016
  • November 8, 2015
    Kunna kuthi - Koothi Images Kundi and Kunna - Free people check - Vito Mol is online store of herbal medicine. Order the best herbal supplements and other... i15
    Isotine eye drops reviews amazon - Buy Products In Best...
  • December 7, 2015

    Comments about this video:

    is this thing just as good as the sub herb

    You must be the only stoner left that holds it down like you do especially if you look around You Tube & in real life. Then you wonder why you cough & gag your lungs out..

    no better e-nail than Dabbie have been born. yes, it is not 3 in 1 device. but usually the one who does everything, doesn't do anything at all..
    the girl is suuuuuper pretty :) she should do some solo smoking videos or reviews or smoke tricks or anything really. shes gorgeous and the guys is pretty annoying.
    This is the funniest shit Ive seen in ages, and Im not even stoned. You two look like two coughing grannies, Chernobyl victims HAHAHA.
    great vid as useual. Chris I tagged you in the weedtube challenge if you decide to participate all the info is in my new video on my channel good luck.
    hi, my names logan. I have been following your reviews for about a year now and recently got of the icky sticks. and onto the vape mostly because of you !. anyhow I have a question for you.. I was wondering if you no of a dry herb tank compatible with a 60w eleaf temp control.

    I hope you guys know that you werent coughing due to the concentrates being strong. The wicked coil is combusting the wick to an extent, leading to you getting all of the negative carcinogens. I've leaned myself off of all exposed coils when it comes to dry herb and concentrates. Save your lungs, use safer devices, for example the Aspire Kiln..
    +ifb4y silica doesn't combust until it reaches over 1000 degrees. That mod isn't pushing even close to that..

    Isotine eye drops reviews amazon - Buy Products In Best...
  • December 27, 2015
    Isotine eye drops reviews amazon - Original Divine Noni - Divine Noni Gold Juice. Best Vito - are open online for your favorite herbal medicine for order the best in... i17
    Buy Products In Vito Viga Online Herbal Store - Jan 21, 2016
  • December 30, 2015
    Kunna kuthi - Koothi Images Kundi and Kunna - Free people check - Vito Mol is online store of herbal medicine. Order the best herbal supplements and other... i18
    Buy Products In Best Vito - Jan 24, 2016
  • October 31, 2015
    Walgreens osmo patch - Generic drospirenone-ethinyl-estradiol 130 mg osmotica discount... Vito Mol is online store of herbal medicine. Order the best herbal... i19
    Buy Products In Best Vito - Jan 24, 2016
  • December 2, 2015

    Comments about this video:
    My dry herb cartridge doesnt give off any vapor no cloud whatsoever but still turns my high quality herb into brown useless junk.. Idk what to do.
    +The Vape Critic Thank you for taking the time to respond. I think I got a defective cartridge, I brought it by a local vape shop and they couldn't get it to work either. The guy recommended I contact v2..
    oh yes you can smell dry herb smoke if you are worried about parents catching you use a home made smoke catcher with a toilet paper role and dryer sheets in it then every time you take a hit blow through it. It has worked for me I haven't been caught yet. I got this thing at a shop in San Francisco. I got 6 mins use time from a full charge (3 sessions). I sent it back to V2, paying for shipping. USPS confirmed delivery 3 days after I shipped it, but after 2 weeks of them telling me they haven't got it yet and I should call back later, I finally got them to send me a new one. To date, they haven't got it. The new one gets 16 mins use, still half of your reported 30. The V2 guy on the phone said in regards to my calling back several times, "Sorry, you can imagine how hard it is for us to stay on top of things when we're getting hundreds of returns a day." Yes, he actually said that. I asked if he could throw in an extra charger after all the hassle, but that is not their policy. Apparently V2 has very little quality control. I appreciate them following through and being polite on the phone, but the company is not good by any standard in my book and I can't recommend it, despite it being the cheapest herb vape on the market. I also tried my friend's Series 7, which was more like the PAX, but way less battery life. I'm really waiting for you to review the grasshopper because it looks promising but I can't risk another flop with something that pricey after being out the cash I spent on this and the Dabber Light.. does anyone have any problems with the loose leaf cartridge and having to take long drags and getting little smoke.
    I can't get mine to work right with the loose leaf cartridge. The tank is pretty good though for e liquid..
    I got a lot of use out of it. I think the problem was the tank leaked and the e juice broke down the glue that holds the magnet in. I re glued it but it pulled out again after a day of heavy use.. Mine arrived in a mashed up box today and doesnt seem to work at all, I get one tiny draw as it turns the herb brown. I'm definitely not overstuffing it either. Maybe I got a bad one. EDIT: Customer support was surprisingly swift, new one on the way within 2 business days.. +Matteo 11 I'm having the exact same issue, even brought it by a local shop to make sure I was doing it right. Did your new one work out Thanks. Hi! I'm new with this technology and i would like to know how it works in the inside. Does the dry herb burn, and if not, how does it makes ''smoke'' ty! really good review btw!.
    +PyroAngel11 Supposedly this pen does in fact "vape" the material meaning it does not combust which is waht I assume u mean by burn. Vaporizing is heating the material hot enough to release the cannabinoids (THC, CBD, etc.) but not hot enough to make it combust creating carcinogens and other things bad for your lungs..
    So does this knock out the smell of weed a bit I'm looking for a light piece I can use in my room without really having it smell too noticeable but a small hint of its good as long as I can cover it up with a spray. but if this product doesn't really help the smell, can you refer me to a good dry herb product of my need. Not to go against what anyone else said, but I do believe most vape pens will still smell. It probably won't be as strong a smell as when u smoke weed but it will still have a smell..
    I want to buy this because all other v2 products I'm ordering are tasting nasty and burnt even fresh out the box, when ever I look up other people having the same problem there seems to be no straight answer because all people using this product seem to bum suck the heck out of it and advertise it like they're making orofit off it, I've even complained about this and v2 have sent a replacement with the exact same problem as soon as it comes out the pack, can anyone out there tell me if this new vaporizer is tasting nasty and burnt because I'm considering going back to real cigarettes at the moment .

    I want to buy this but I want to know if they are actually going to come out with the oil and concentrate cartridge, they've been saying it for a while. anyone know.
    So three clicks to turn it on then if it turns off by itself hold it and to turn it off what do you do Or do you just let it turn off then leave it Im new to vapes im used to regular smoking lol.
    +Devolution RC Yeah I don't have much experience with vaporizers (other than disposable thc pens), but I've read that this unit has pretty poor battery life for herbs then I read that I could use the Anker battery pack (which I actually already own) to charge the unit at least 5 times when I'm away from a power source. You should definitely look into usb external battery packs if that's becoming a problem for you. .

    That's one of the great things with the pro series 3 is you can charge and smoke at the same time..
    this is by far the best true portable vape PEN. very happy and surprised how many hits i get from only loading such a tiny amount of herb. also it has never burnt my stuff once, always such a nice, smooth and even vape. can't beat the price either. PEECE BUD. +Kevin Guzman I still like it, bought the wax cartridge since comment but unit is doing what it's suppose to. Yes there are better portable vapes out but it's hard to go wrong with this for the price ;). Your reviews are solid. Got this one thanks to your recommendation. Should receive it on Monday. Thanks.
    Now all the market needs is a 510 thread ecig atomizer that actually vapes the loud. Still dig this piece tho. Pumped to see how well the erl atty works.
    I just bought one with the loose leaf cartridge and it does not efficiently heat the herb to create a vapor, it has a lot of resistance and as a first time vape user I'm really not satisfied....
    +Kay Crabill Make sure the little holes on the tip screen are clean, and you can blow through easily. When I first got mine I had the same problem. Just heat the pen without anything in it and pull through a few times, it should clean it out and you should get a nice pull, just dont overfill the tank..
    I grinded it to dust, cleaned it with rubbing alcohol and honestly it's just crap. So I returned it.. After starting to use dry herbs again, after about 1 year my throat started hurting. I needed a another way. I bought two of these. One for me the other for my son as our first vapes. I was looking for something small that I could use dry herbs with. This has been perfect so far. Very easy to use, almost no odor if there is just change to e-liquid cartridge in seconds and blow some vanilla in the air. The discomfort that was building from combustion was gone within a week. I will always have a vape from now on.. +The Vape Critic Shout out with review dude, went ahead and got one. Tastes quite nice, draws are little light, but non of my herb of choice combusted which was what i was worrying about with these portables. The only problem i have is that the battery isn't that reliable, sometimes it will last half a day some times a couple of uses. It's a bit unpredictable at times, the past couple of days it hasn't been to bad. Hopefully it was just "settling in" But for the price you really can't complain, it's easily portable, robust, and looks good too. .
    How much Celsius they have I am Suprise this one are from europe i can buying. You think this vape pen is a good buy.
    Nice review. How do you find the dry herb cartridge I don't know if it's just me but it made my throat itch... maybe it was just my herb tho. Also, I noticed it charges faster if you use a wall charges, as opposed to the usb port on the computer. Cheers!. +Ecigarette Reviewer there's a little bit of draw resistance but i actually found the vapor to be pretty smooth and tasty. No offence, I like your advertizeing of new product's, but I wish someone would do, (daily use) how long they last review's. I used up a new modle Pinnecal Pro in less than 2 month's..
    question. so like the one thing that makes vaping nicotine healthier is that is not actually "on fire" like a cig, and the intake of carcinogens is eliminated. so is the dry vape truly a vape seems to me it would be the same as smoking the herb from a pipe. anyone know if its going ti build up residue, then one would have to guess its actually burning to some degree..
    +No Big Im Pro it's too early for me to know how long they're last but seem pretty well-made so I'm guessing it'll last an acceptable amount of time. The MFLB is similar in efficiency but it works differently do it's a different experience, I like both.. hey bud, just letting you know im anxiously waiting for review of the new storz&bickel portable vapes. i want to get one of them but don't want to before i see your review. any idea on when youll have them. Hey man I got the Crafty review up last night and the Mighty will be up tonight or tomorrow: best review I've seen on this brand... Thank you... Some people had problems with dry herb attachment... getting hits from it... Did you run into something like that . I was experiencing difficulties drawing as well. I fit a tiny cone shaped bit to my Dremel and made the holes on the mouthpiece bigger. It draws like a champ now :). the 2 minute timer is the only thing that would keep me from getting that. Really good deal for the price though. Even the 10-15min timer on the pinnacle pro drives me nuts. I like to take my time :). Please Let Us Know If It's A Good Pen Vape for oils i meant, I've Been Dying To Buy A Pen Vape Recently.. +Haboo Naimee i don't believe the oil cartridge is out yet for this vape, i got 2 concentrate vape reviews comin up tonight they're good ones stay tuned.
    +JJ YourMom yes it really helps a lot if you grind your herbs up very fine before packing it, performance will be much better u can stop midway through a session and save the rest for later but it really is a small amount you pack, normally u get about 5-8 draws total from a full pack so if u want to save some i would shut it off after maybe 3 draws bummer about the shipping probs but glad their CS came thru!.
    Hi Bud, I'm in the market for a dry herb vape. I'm considering this one and these other highly regarded: microG, atmos pen, Micro Vaped Vaporizer v2, Cloud V Plantinum. In your experiences, what is the best one out of the bunch Thank you for reading..
    excellent review... im looking for a pen that really vapes dry herbs leaving no smell or smoke just like this one, would you recommend a different pen or should i go with this one 100 is kinda steep i think. thanks and once again great review .

    +JJ YourMom than combusting nah this unit creates a lighter vapor than most but it's still good quality and tasty.

    +The Vape Critic For oily concentrates. Not e-juice. Currently have the Atmos Optimus but there has to be something better out there. .
    Had anyone had an experience with a god awful taste and smell when using the loose leaf cartridge Just got mine yesterday and tried using it 3 times with different strains and the same (literally made me sick to my stomach) smell and taste happened. I smell it in the cartridge, mouth piece and took the cartridge out and can smell it in the chamber. Tried cycling it empty, soaking and washing in vodka which helped but when I used my hair dryer to dry it the second it heated up the smell was back...ugh! Waiting to hear back from customer service but hoping someone had a solution. So disappointed.. +The Vape Critic verdict is in! I've now used both cartridges about the same amount of times and I noticed right away with the new cartridge that it was MUCH better. Still a hint if that same taste as before but nowhere near what the 1st one was like. Also looking inside of the cartridges now after use my 1st one is dark on the inside vs. looking pretty clean in my new one. I did not have to use a rinse on my new one to clean it out either just used the brush. My battery seems to be having an issue staying charged for more than (2) 2 min cycles but seems kike a common glitch that v2 knows about otherwise, I'm happy! Great, TRUE loose leaf vape including cutting down the smell by about 80%. What more can you ask for Thanks for your reviews!!. For me the loose leaf cartridge was a complete waste. Mouthpiece screen gets quickly clogged, the little round metal cartridge indicator fell out which messed up the air path. Prior to that the draw resistance was incredibly strong. E-juice cartridge is very good, but loose leaf is a complete waste. A lot of effort to get just a little bit of vape. I suppose you could say it works, but I would not buy it again knowing what I know. I might take a look at the concentrate cartridge when it comes out, but only because I already have the unit anyway. I would look elsewhere if you are hoping for a cost effective true vape. . +J STEINY right now i dont have any to recommend that are good with both flower & oil, but I would recommend this V2 Pro for dry herbs and the dr dabber for oils - V2 is coming out with a concentrate cartridge soon actually but i havent tried it yet, i will when it comes out.
    is this product combusting the dry herb or is it vaporizing.. because i've seen some pens that claim to be a "vaporizer" yet all it does it combust the herb. Just a question, if you can help out that would be great. .

    +gemell mills it's a light vapor for sure but if u take a long draw u can get a decent volume of vapor, always on the light side though.

    Isotine eye drops reviews amazon - Buy Products In Best...
  • December 24, 2015
    Vito Viga - online are open for your favorite herbal products. Order the best herbal nutritional supplements. i21
    Kunna kuthi - Buy Products In Vito Mol - Jun 23, 2015
  • November 12, 2015
    Kunna kuthi - Koothi Images Kundi and Kunna - Free people check - Vito Mol is online store of herbal medicine. Order the best herbal supplements and other... i22
    Walgreens osmo patch - Vito Mol Online Herbal Store
  • December 8, 2015
    Best Vito - are open online for your favorite herbal medicine for order the best in herbal nutritional supplements. i23
    Buy Products In Vito Viga Online Herbal Store - Jan 21, 2016
  • January 19, 2016

    Comments about this video:

    Nice Channel! Enjoy the fact that you go right to the point and are not as conceited as other reviewers. I will return for more!.
    had no idea you did herbal reviews too. thats amazing. you need to make a herbal ejuice if you haven't already. it is pretty simple. . 4:45 dude that atomizer is making you turn into a reptilian, your eyes started to shape shift after that toke. Do not turn it over 30 watts.. saweet i didn't know you had this channel to, I am new to this channel just came over from your other two channels, i love watching you man your funny as hell and i think you do the best reviews.. but im just super stoked to discover this channel cant wait to see what you got.. .
    Why are they called dry herb vapes Do people honestly vape undried herbs That is supposedly how water can get in the lungs from what I have heard (hearsay, not scientific)..
    So glad you're back and that you're feeling better! Just make sure to hydrate and get plenty of rest and you'll be good as new in no time! Your health is more important than making us awesome videos! So take it easy and get well soon!.
    I always get excited to see new videos on this channel :) Especially when you got a friend with ya! Glad you are feeling better, looking forward to seeing more vids! .

    Ya the atmos jr is gonna have to be it. I am so looking forward to seeing your mflb review. If the batteries give you problems, you should get the wall attachment for constant vaping with the mflb. Also I have a globe attachment but I can't find a good way to clean it. Super sticky shatter is all around it..

    94f video would be sick doing a video on atmos raw would be miss informing to fans give them something good. Some those Cloutanks you got a while back those are 3rd gen products that would be cool.Atmos raws not worth the money or video man just being honest. Most important giveaways that's where it's at it's been to long hook up this channel some free gifts..
    Hope you get to feeling better. Those of us in Florida might actually be catching up with you in a few months. They are talking about legalizing it here. We need everyone in the state to vote YES! So help us out and spread the word, if you could please. Thanks!!.
    So happy you're back doing vids on this channel & that your gonna go IN on the Washington State goodies! Man, I'm jealous, but I LOVE to see what you guys got going on over there..

    What is the best mod for vaping dry herb dabs wax ansd e juice all togather Or maybe a video on the best hybrid mods would be sick may have to drive up to seattle next weekend for some chocolate.

    Love ur reviews ryan from tampa florida currently running a mvp2.0 with iclear30 and also have a evic with iclear30 just subscribed.
    man that mflb is a great vap of course there is better. Also there is not vape pen that is able to vap herb only combust it. Do a review on the Arizer solo because that by far is a really sweet vaporizer and you get lots of flavor from your herb..
    I saw a video that they were dripping juice in a bulb like that Was it the same as yours Can we drip in it Love your videos!!!!!!.
    Nice to see you'll be back doing more herb videos... My dumb ass just made a comment on your vape video talking about you've been slacking on the herbs.. could you do a brief review over the 3 in 1 Dry Herb, Wax, Liquid Starter Kit. hopefully it'll be my first vape experience :). David fae scotland Follow u on indoorsmokers. Ecigreviews and ur forum Stopped smoking green years ago but man a love ur videos Ur fuckin class man. Keep up the goid work chris.
    I love this channel, me and my ghetto friends here in Kentucky just love watching all the stuff we are not allowed to have. LOL ya right!.

    You're awesome man! Glad to hear you're the news! By the was Yocan EXgo is frickin amazing. Use mine everyday! Can't wait to continue watching your channel man! Cheers and take care! .
    Definitely try the atmos jr. I've had mine for six months or more and use it everyday. Works GREAT for concentrates. .
    Definitely going to check them out ! Thanks for the Info on where to go to get this stuff. I want it. Because of my Vacation to Colorado. maybe even get out your way. I have a friend I visit who lives close to Portland we are going to Washington the next time I visit. Man your videos ROCK keep it up YOU THE MAN!!! Peace.
    Im glad you're back on here! Can't wait for your videos, i wanna see the Cloutank M3 Dry Herb Atomizer. Vape & Bake. Nice. you should review (or get epuff to carry) the dual coil canon heavy dabs/oil attachment. it's my fav now. i dont have to worry about breaking glass or dropping the glass heads which i've broke 2 or more already. its heavy and built like a tank. i hear some come with specially treated ceramic wick now, others silica. i'd love to try the ceramic as my silica is coming off seems from just butter/oil. the cool thing is thread location which is far from the bowl so it doesn't get sticky. easy replacement of coil, 2 coils = twice the heating room and twice the hit. you can put a crazy amount on there once you don't plug up the air holes and if you do you just have to pull harder. Again this is for heavy dabbing as it will eat a glob quickly.. I'm not sure if they have it, but the new seego vhit BOOM looks insane !!!!! Check it out. I'm sure it will something he would carry and you would love bro !!.
    I want a mug, seeing as i'm British and always enjoy a good tea-bagging... Wouldn't mind taking a look at the Cloudtank M3 on the VTR (if it fits:) .

    Buy Products In Vito Viga Online Herbal Store - Jan 21, 2016
  • January 21, 2016
    Kunna kuthi - Koothi Images Kundi and Kunna - Free people check - Vito Mol is online store of herbal medicine. Order the best herbal supplements and other... i25
    Isotine eye drops reviews amazon - Buy Products In Best...
  • January 2, 2016
    Best Vito - are open online for your favorite herbal medicine for order the best in herbal nutritional supplements. i26
    Isotine eye drops reviews amazon - Buy Products In Best...
  • November 17, 2015
    Isotine eye drops reviews amazon - Original Divine Noni - Divine Noni Gold Juice. Best Vito - are open online for your favorite herbal medicine for order the best in... i27
    Buy Products In Vito Viga Online Herbal Store - Jan 21, 2016
  • November 6, 2015

    Comments about this video:
    Since you've reviewed both the Matrix and Hera, which would you recommend and why I currently use the Malibu but it doesn't seem to vape wax all that well with the essential oil kit. Was wondering if you'd compared the stainless chamber of the Hera with the ceramic of the Matrix. Thanks and keep up the good work..
    +William Reichlin The Matrix Chamber is.8 Grams the Hera is.5 When using the concentrate chamber, coil the wick around like a snake, the vape will be double better. Matrix is the way to go, you just have to know how to use the wick, and just leave it in. The concentrate will last longer and not pour out. - Team MigVapor.
    I get that being loud and edgy and using profanity might mean more views, but I don't think that's a stereotype about marijuana users that needs to perpetuation. A simple review would've been nice. Every time that beautiful girl emphasized the word "FUCK", I just thought: "What a pretty girl; too bad she talks like a 14 year old boy at a Metallica concert.".
    +Clista Scott I heard the arizer air is really good. However if u have the money the crafty or mighty are the best..

    Also, when doing closeups of the product, shoot those separate and cut to them. I could never see the inside of the device when you held it up to the camera because it was out of focus..

    I have one and I´dont like it. It is true that chamber is ceramic coated but the other pieces are chinesse untested plastics. You feel plastic taste when is new and it continues two weeks of intense use before dissapear. The vape is too hot and dries your throat because the oven is just above the mouth and can even burn your lips. If you search the net you will find that is a rebranded vaporizer with a pair of little improvements. In the famous chinesse markets you can find a similar one from 30. The customer service is very bad. They do not respond by the guarantee. They dont let me put a bad review in their website....
    Broke second time used. Manufacturer has ignored two written request for help under the terms of the warranty. Save your self $140 and look at other devices..
    Ok, suuuper important question. Could you try dropping that ceramic wax chamber into a hebe titan 2 for us The bowl dimensions on both units are very similar and I'm wondering if I can't maybe save myself a shitload of money by just buying a replacement oil pan for the matrix for $10 instead of hunting down yet another unit just to get a wax chamber..
    OMG! he really licked the table.hahaha..I don't use a microwave either, only cuz I'm to cheep to go buy another 1. "This is what I would have to scrap up as a kid after all the big kids left the room." Died laughing😂. Just got my matrix herb pen yesterday as an early bday gift. I've been using it at work, on the road, and even outside. Like you said That taste is amazing! Glad you guys say good things about this device cause I feel the same way, its impressed me and all my co workers. . I would love to watch a vid where they just go ham and get baked as all hell, as well as a like aftermath vid lol.
    This comes with 6 month warranty and the VD Hera comes with 12 months. I guess the matrix quality may not be as good as the Hera. They cost about the same once you and on all the extras on the Hera..
    Why have I not seen this channel before Great content, good reviews, add a hot girl and you have a winner. Well done..
    Yaw need to learn to hit that shit right,down south we don't blow clouds. You have the 15 second rule you hold the cloud in 15 seconds for a more intense high. Stop wasting the herb. Absorb it in the lungs. Your loosing all the thc exhale it out like a cigarette .

    That's the old way of thinking. Get with the times, bro. That intense feeling is just your brain starving for oxygen. Not a good thing. Cheers, plus decent herb will give you desired effects no suffocation needed. 😎.

    Second comment and thumbs up like for my girl Danielle! I like all her vids because she is the best! So talented, articulate, and beautiful!.
    The short bus comment was in bad taste. Many of the children that rides those buses can't help it. Shame on you indoorsmokers. . Lmao, I think it comes with that jock attitude. I remember quite a few of those comments in the locker rooms or around the guys..
    I think it looks better down shes a awesome chick one been looking for one like get for 27 year's also great review but where is the giveaway for the contest you had with the special -### and herra i believe just wondering cause i think i. And can't wait !!!! Thanks again guys.

    Buy Products In Best Vito - Jan 24, 2016
  • January 22, 2016
    Walgreens osmo patch - Generic drospirenone-ethinyl-estradiol 130 mg osmotica discount... Vito Mol is online store of herbal medicine. Order the best herbal... i29
    Buy Products In Best Vito - Jan 24, 2016
  • December 4, 2015
    Walgreens osmo patch - Generic drospirenone-ethinyl-estradiol 130 mg osmotica discount... Vito Mol is online store of herbal medicine. Order the best herbal... i30
    Isotine eye drops reviews amazon - Buy Products In Best...
  • November 14, 2015
    Vito Viga - online are open for your favorite herbal products. Order the best herbal nutritional supplements. i31
    Kunna kuthi - Buy Products In Vito Mol - Jun 23, 2015
  • November 3, 2015

    Comments about this video:

    Would this attachment work with a sigelei 150 tc I'm new to vaping and I'm hoping someone could help me out..
    Yes the pax does dry it.. in a sense of chemical reaction bro. And with this I mean, the THC is pulled out because of the temperature. And here he is using a mod which prolyl is 510, thats why I am asking.. Actual vaporizators DO NOT cook the herb (they do not leave ash) they make temperature up to the level THC breaks from the herb into vapor... That was some milky vapor! Are you sure that it didn't burn any I would have liked to see the bowl afterwards..
    I'm using an iStick 40W and want to vape herb, Should I get an attachment or just get a cheap portable vaporizer also if I do get and attachment what settings should I use Ive been looking everywhere and cant find out. It looks like a low wattage like 13ish but what should I set the temperature at.
    if its tc then dont bother the coils are kanthal not ni-200 just get any dry herb atty and just miss with the watts and find one that suita you. every time I click the link for the product it brings me to wax/oil atomizer but he reviews a dry herb one. which one exactly is he using. I bought an RDA and you can put dry herbs and e solids in it. I can't remember the name though. I don't get high either. Probably gonna put some shisha in it when it arrives. . +NickTheKnightPiper Thanks grammar nazi the Youtube judges of spelling would've disqualified me from the spelling competition. Sure try to draw attention away from the fact you're a retard who puts shisha in an RDA it's totally working..
    +ya8aweenaystrday I'm not retarded, I'm clinically insane. Get it right bub. Same shit though. Shisha is make with VG and flavoring. Though I never actually tried it..
    +Indirect Gaming if you match his setting. Have it set you 12-13 watts and the temperature set anywhere between 230-280. The temperature I'm basing off of a normal vape because his box mod doesn't have it displayed and the snow wolf is a great choice in a mod btw.. I need a atomizer the one that you got for free from a-z vapors I want that one how much and can you send me all the information to contact them or can I use the Yukon Micro let me know asap please I need to know right away back is my name.
    man I've watched a few of your videos but this one my friend got you another subscriber!! keep it up.

    +yake nbake Good shit whatcha smoking on And yeah I getchu on the whole matter of perspective shit, but I draw the line at genocide. I've heard all the shit about jews being greedy, cheaters, and causing corruption blah blah blah but that just doesn't justify him to try to exterminate all jews. That's like if I said all Muslims must be terrorists so I guess we just have to kill all the muslims.
    +ya8aweenaystrday a lot of people think that about musslims actually,especially in america. no shit. when it was our own government that staged an attack so we would sign over our individual rights for protection. it worked... and agreed,genocide is the line. I wasn't saying he was right just that they weren't completely innocent. I just got some droski. nothing special but does the trick.;271 I think this infinite loop tells all we need to know about this dry herb burner ROFL. Fuck combustion.
    Yeah it would The herb is touching a heated coil it looks like So the coil would combust it So its not technically a vaporizer just a combustion chamber.
    +Sean Bugatti Still haven't tried it unfortunately. I ended up just buying a cheap dry herb pen for like $50. . Oh my god!! This video is fucking gold.. HaHa!! I can't stop laughing "Thank ya Lord!" You crack me up man...
    yeah man...learned something new! didn´t know that you can combine vape equipment with herbal attachments. thank you so much!!! keep informing us....

    LOL. i checked this vid out cause i was thinking of gettin a dry herb atty and wondered if it would fit my iTazte vtr. I'm guessing yes since thats what hes using, SWEET!.
    i thought the idea of a vaporizer was to prevent coughing and smoke overdose... you ending looks a bit unhealthy for lungs.... Im liken dude alot more ,,,,i was subscribe to reg vapor channel an just found this herb channel,,,i knew u was 420.
    just discovered your other channel after buying a few "dry herb" tanks and wanting to see some user vids on them and lo and behold the vape king himself has a dry herb channel... I have this on my VTR right now which might explain why im still laughing. as always fuckin love the vids .
    For those who are wondering, nearly all mods use a 510 thread. If you're not sure, google your mod. If it's 510 then this (as well as practically all other things) will work..
    if you started at a lot lower wattage wouldn't you have a better chance at vaporizing instead of combustion I realise that it would take longer to heat though..
    The one questions that has yet to been answered: Do dry herb atomizers give off a strong odor or an odor at all.
    QUESTION-ive got e cigs, a hydro farm growing w several diff strains but i dont make wax or butter. did u jus drop some keif/keaf( i forget how to spell it) in there if thats the way it works im getting one. I live in a state where im underground and hard to find stuff at head shops and the heat gun/bong method is great but a pain having to put on a leather glove and keeping the heat gun not too close...u know the drill...basiclly is it a crystal burner bc i have a keif/keaf box w a silk screen. thumbs up! sweet vid! .
    I literally just bought the MVP, after having a VTR in my hands. I like the digital screen, but will 11 watts be enough to do this. Nothing shows up for this on a Google search. Like there's no such company. I mean NOTHING shows up. Can I get a little help here.
    +bernarda snuggs 4months no cigs thnx to vape... Im already at zero to 6mg nicotine (lowest strength) and only puff maybe 30 puffs a day or less.
    i have a evod starter kit... if i buy a dry herb atomizer attachment... will it work good will it ruined my battery will it hit you good... let me know as soon as possible. thanks .
    yeah, had some that had 510 and ego connectors, the lowest limit an mvp 2 can get is 0.8 ohms and they were all 1.0 ohms and up..

    Is this for tobacco You never state which herb you're smoking. I hope it's not Marijuana because that's illegal. .

    My mother said I ought to see this website that was shared last week here on Youtube, and I am thankful I did! I got a free ecig start kit from with virtually no issues at all. Just had to spend for shipping..

    I've seen a lot of this guys indor smoker videos and searched dry burners to find this. I have never seen him with his hair down. My friend swears he knows you from somewhere. I've had people think I was someone they knew, one asked for my autograph. No clue who they thought I was, driving that beat up POS with a primer gray front end. They must have been vaping herbs..
    Dealers save the good smooth shit for chicks. Get a hot cute chick to buy it for you. Especially in San Antonio, TX. The second largest city in MEXICO..
    This is the future... strong herb hybrids and vapes. Y'all have fun. I'll stick to my nicotine juice. .
    "burn this shit up" that what these "vaporizers" are. It's not vapor - even on 3V they still burn herbs. to vape properly I think you need about 450 degrees. this one is only good for BHO, wax ect - not a dry herbs.. Vapin like a champ. I thought u was going to cough up a lung. I aint going to lie i had to watch that again..
    +Perfect_Cliche It doesn't combust unless the wattage is too high. it simply vaporizes the THC, like a regular vape..
    Hey, have you tried the new noid on the market now Its tucking crazy man! Lol C liquid N-cumyl-1(5-flouropentyl). It will duck U uppppppp!!!!!. haha that much bud doesn't give that much vapour. That cough means burned weed for sure. Also why you didn't show the contents after and the SMOKE got thicker toward the end, not thinner. I expected reviews not a sellout for anything free. Lame. Does this attach to the ago dry herb vaporizers If not, are there any attachments for ago out there.
    +lakia bulow these little e-cig kits are only good for a week or so,if your a serious vapor smoker,dont waste your time on these,get yourself a decent set up that works great and lasts,try innokin products,theyre excellent quality for a reasonable cost,happy vaping all.
    My mom said I should see this link that had been shared a few days ago here on Youtube, and I am glad I did! I got a free e-cigarette start kit from without any hassles in any way. Just had to pay for shipping..
    okay now I'm really lost. I have been e-cigging for about 5 months now (yes I quit smoking after 33 years) but this dry herb thing in confusing. Is it what I think it is. Is it really herb like as in weed. if so where do you get it because I'm in.

    yes its weed...and you smoke it...its gonna burn real smoke though not vape, unless you have it on a low setting.

    +jamie mckenzie this thing CANT vaporize since the coil touches the herb. there arent any real herb vaporizer atachments, since they require a controlled temperature..

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  • January 3, 2016
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    Buy Products In Vito Viga Online Herbal Store - Jan 21, 2016
  • December 15, 2015
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    Buy Products In Vito Viga Online Herbal Store - Jan 21, 2016
  • December 5, 2015
    Kunna kuthi - Koothi Images Kundi and Kunna - Free people check - Vito Mol is online store of herbal medicine. Order the best herbal supplements and other... i35
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  • December 3, 2015

    Comments about this video:

    +Removoe same thing happened to me now I get random boners all the time. Doctor says its due to the vape pen. we should start a class action lawsuit and blame someone else for our stupidity..
    My Christ. All Texans are going apeshit after seeing how much weed was spilled trying to load the thing. FUCK MAN! Though, the snoop dogg commercial said you should only fill it up half way, wait 10-15 seconds after each hit (or not, 'cause sometimes you gotta have it, says Snoop), and also mix around the bowl after awhile to get an even burn..
    these weedos are riding on the popularity of e-cigs to hide their activities... its going to be bad for the e-cig community..
    +Cesar Martinez because the g pen is a piece of shit, i have it and it take like one minute to heat up the weed.
    Yeah but that has nothing to do with vaping. It's burning aka "smoking", not vaporizing. There's no juice..
    if you spend the same amount of money on one without some assholes name on it, you get alot more for youre money. +VHS MAN Double the price I've just been looking to buy my first vape to help me stop smoking and I've come across this for £20 on ebay which has made me come here to see it in action. comparing it to the other brands on the market, at that price, it's the best on the market..
    did anyone realize that the g pen he is using is fake the real ones dont have holes in the side plus they come with a gauze so the weed isn't touching the heating element so he was smoking no vaping lmfao.

    +josh troubridge Yeah I was gonna ask about that. Where's the piece that makes it a vape. That sucks what's the point of having it if it doesn't vaporize, you might as well just light it yourself. He got cheated..
    +josh troubridge I have one of these and was disappointed to learn there is suppose to be a small screen that holds the herb above the fire. Theres one company that sells the screen with it otherwise you have to buy it separate which isn't right. Other wise you are not really vaping. The herb should not touch the burner.. Just got one today, just finished trying it out. Just smoked a little bit of GDP. It's amazing 0.0. +James Morris "0.0" usually means a shocked or suprised face, haha Just look it up on google.. +James Morris it beats having to clean the coils as advertised. Just swap out the screens makes life easier.. +Primal 420 The weed is still going to get burned to a degree. This device is not going to produce 100% vapor, no matter what you do to it.. he's hilarious. I need to find that object that doesn't have the smell of weed...anybody know what I'm saying lol.
    it has two small openings, very small ones and barely noticeable above the power/block button which works like in a bottle, two openings you close one, burn, vape, release the opening and vape, before removing the vape close one, well by close just tap with your finger and thats it... vapes better like that.

    I just tried in last 24 hrs, good, but not even burn. heating coil could be larger. n the g tips lol. I used in my ear. BTW first time vapin.

    +f3Dseizures its not supposed to be put in the ear. Next time try your mouth or azz and you should have better results.
    +josh troubridge so the screen to divide the herb from the burner is called a gauze Thats what I need plus I dropped the glass round thing that holds the herb and it broke. Where can I get another one of those.
    Seems very overrated to me, its basically just a fancy bowl. I'd rather stick to making homemade marijuana-juice and use a regular vape pen, lasts longer and much better actual vaping going on..
    The grill thing is actually a grinder for herb that you're supposed to put in your wallet they say. It's like a cheese grater.. +BlackSupremist I don't put money in the same pocket as my weed. Money is dirty. Especially drug money..
    ecig community sounds corny i just use a vape to cut back on ciggs cause i buy like 3 packs a week other then that i dont know why there is so much hate people did the same shit with hookahs.
    +David Thorstensson his is fake it should of had a gauze to stop the weed touching the heating element. Check out this item i found on ebay I have watched a lot of reviews and dude you got the best life and are having fun. Subbed to you channel. Keep up the good work.. I dont know if anyone asked yet, and frankly Im too lazy to look, so how is the smell I've heard vaporizers can help cut down on smell..
    When he used the G tool to pick his teeth I was geeked because I knew this dude who chilled with me and my cousin and he had a dental/dabber that we poked cached bowls out with and this dude picks it up and starts picking his teeth with a dirty bowl poker funnier than shit..

    lol e pens are made in china of who knows what kind of metals really you think that chrome stick in the box is surgical grade and what are tyhe filiments made of. i did buy one of these and shortly after tossed it. thanks for the sell out Dogg. ya smooth while you hack i dont need low grade chineese products to smoke my herbs and meds im out.

    i believe u supposed to be facing down that way it can burn better, also the g card its a grinder. like you grind cheese.

    haha i knew you were a stoner! ive been watching your indoorsmokers channel for a few weeks and i just knew it...

    Your microphone has so much background noise you should think about fixing that. I can still hear the fizzing in my ears after only 30 seconds..
    could do this with an RDA and a stove top coil LOL or even a normal tight coil and squeeze the shit inbetween the coil and your golden..
    Was that real weed He was the same before as after he smoked... Or he was already stoned before shooting the video xD.

    This isn't a vaporizer if the herb is actually touching hot ass coils. It's just a bowl, but cleaner..
    Only 3-4 hits I like the look of the vape pen but what's the best dry herb vaporizer out there right now.
    Hey dude, Just wanna know if it's possible to put some E-juice in the compartment, or some other materials. Thanks.
    +ricardo delapena Lol. Would it really be a real YouTube video if people didn't argue in the comments.
    I just got the Snoop G Pen, I don't suggest it, it burns the weed and all, but I feel much better using a pipe. I think I burn more weed on the G Pen and get less high..

    damn another review of the knock off, these reviews made me think thats what the authentic looks like and i bought two knock offs before learning the authentic does not have containers a dabber tool and the box only says "herbal" not "herbal vaporizer" i have two fakes and a legit, the fakes do not even compare to the one bought direct from grenco..
    Actually it looks pretty authentic to me. The original version of the Snoop G Pen actually does look like this one with the holes and included accessories. The new, updated version is in fact the one that you're talking about but they're both authentic versions of it. Just look up Snoops actual commercial add for his G Pen which was made a couple years ago. You actually see in the video this specific herbal vaporizer as well as the box itself does also say herbal vaporizer. I'm assuming they later changed it to just herbal because it isn't a true vape..
    +Alex Guzman yes I saw the one that Snoop Dogg had and how he said to use it. I was very surprised when he was doing it the wrong way. He didn't use the screen so it's actually not vaping.
    Is it normal that my new Gpen is taking 50 minutes to charge this is seriously unefficient and i'm not really impressed since it is just a little bit bigger than a battery. hi i have a question, when you blow smoke out does it smell like weed because i use the g pen pro the other day and it doesn't really smell like weed when you blow out so no one can tell your smoking weed really I am interested in the one in your video because it's smaller, I just don't want it to smell ( i'm low key). You smoke weed too Man! why ain't you tell me that shit Son We coulda been hanging out months ago. lol. the coils on the g pen have to be rewrapped after reloading a few times. watch any video on youtube for vaping pros and they spring roll the coils instead of stove rolled in circle. spring rolled produces more heat for more vape.. Only one way to smoke weed like it said in the bible. Roll that shit light that shit smoke that shit. I got mine cheap off ebay from here, chose the black one looks so sick, theres more colours too Idiot!! This type of device and what it's obviously going to be used for will kill the vaping hobby you And we love so much. Just think back when vaping is so restricted we'll be back to using carto's, then feel proud of yourself. . +Kenny B well said bro i couldnt av said it better myself. Peeps need to relax its just weed. Weed is weed its fuck all its as normal as a cup of coffee in the mornin. Jeez peeps need educating man.

    Isotine eye drops reviews amazon - Buy Products In Best...
  • December 17, 2015
    Isotine eye drops reviews amazon - Original Divine Noni - Divine Noni Gold Juice. Best Vito - are open online for your favorite herbal medicine for order the best in... i37
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  • January 24, 2016
    Kunna kuthi - Koothi Images Kundi and Kunna - Free people check - Vito Mol is online store of herbal medicine. Order the best herbal supplements and other... i38
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  • November 22, 2015
    Walgreens osmo patch - Generic drospirenone-ethinyl-estradiol 130 mg osmotica discount... Vito Mol is online store of herbal medicine. Order the best herbal... i39
    Buy Products In Best Vito - Jan 24, 2016
  • November 19, 2015

    Comments about this video:
    Love, love, love iHerb! Have been using for about 3 yrs now and they are cheap (were cheaper when our Australian Dollar was stronger). Shipping is cheap with AustPost (sometimes free) but I've also use DHL Global and that's great too. Soooo many great products to choose from and reviews definitely worth reading. Also every week they have specials at 20% off usual price. Really worth checking out - I lose track of time when I'm on there. Have fun!! (And no I get no kick-backs from iHerb).. Thanks,, I wanted to try different organic makeup and lotions. I'll be doing the HCG diet again and we can't put chemicals and dyes on your skin so I'm excited to check this site out..
    Just wondering if the Aztec clay can be added to a bath for full body cleanse mud bath Great vid thanks for recommendations:).

    Have you had any problems with powder products to Australia On the iherb website it says powder products might not be allowed into australia.
    Marlena just recommended the ELF brow pencil, not sure if it is available at iHerb. I want to order from them so bad but customs in my country sucks, they will rip me off for the order.. Do you think iherb will ever get the bold metals collection. They ARE a more luxurious range and it's been a while since their release in the Australian market. They're available on the RT website at an outrageous price. .
    Next time you order, grab some Monoi Tiare Tahiti Coconut and Vanilla Oil...soooooo gorgeous! Lou xoxo.

    You're so pretty! ❤️ I'm new on YouTube and it would mean the world to me if you'd check it out :)x.
    I love iHerb too. I have been purchasing large orders of supplements that last me for literally a year or two for the past 6 years I think. They have 5000iu Vitamin D tablets in big 200 tablet bottles. That's how I found them because they have the highest concentration of Vitamin D possible and have best prices that you would see anywhere. It's only since learning about the Real Techniques brush sets last year that I realised they had products in the beauty line so I have started buying beauty tools and will possibly look at makeup later on. I am only interested in cruelty-free brands so Elf and Physician's Formula fit the bill. Nice to know you are a fellow Qlder BTW..
    I haven't even finished watching the video but thank you for mentioning recycling the packaging! Those small yet so significant mentions are so important to me!.

    +Paz Roman Oh yes I agree - I'm always looking out for companies that think about these things :) xx.
    I love iherb and recommend Andalou-Naturals-Floral-Toner-1000-Roses, Bdehllium tools brushes in 776 and 785, I also love the Giovanni-Hot-Chocolate-Sugar-Scrub and Giovanni-Nutrafix-Hair-Reconstructor. I'm going to look into the mint face mask...thanks😘. +Kathy Girvan Thanks lovely!! I just ordered the 776 brush and the Giovanni Hot Chocolate Sugar Scrub, can't wait to try them :D xx. Thanks for review 😊😊... Hope you feeling a lot better now.. N how's moving going N you looking gorgeous as always ☺️. +rajbeer grewal I am, thank you lovely!! All moved in now and nearly finished unpacking :D Hope you're having a lovely start to the week :) xx.
    I love iherb favourite products I repurchase is the Physicians Formula 3 in 1 eye lash booster liquid eyeliner ( brown and black) my holey grail!! way better than the maybelline master precise or stilla stay all day. All Real techniques, the elf matte retractable lipstick in praline. Desert essence tea tree castille liquid soap ( I use for a brush cleanser) and the Deep Steep body washes, i use them as bubble baths smell so refreshing and hold a bubble. I like the Aztec healing clay in it's own right but it's def not a dupe for the glam glow in my opinion 😊.
    +Erin Hunt Thank you for your recommendations babe!! I'll definitely add these to my next order!! :) xx.
    Wow I didn't realise you could get ELF and Physicians Formula on iHerb! I've never made an order from them but I definitely will have to soon..

    I've purchased my RT brushes from iherb but have never bought anything else. I will definitely buy my tea on there now! x.
    Whenever I can I get the Alter Ego organic chocolate. its so good, but you can't order it in Australia between July and Feb I think because of the heat so they won't ship it here but any other time I get it. Also the hurraw lip balms.
    I contacted iHerb about the Real Techniques Bold Metals Collection brushes and apparently they won't be selling them! :(.
    You should try out the everyday minerals brushes. I bought some face ones and they are so soft and great to use. I'll be picking up some of their eye brushes next time I make an order.. +jennaalexis89 Oh I didn't have time until the weekend to place another order and it had sold out again arrgghh!! I'll get it one day haha :) xx.
    I love the ELF lip,scrub. It's so good and only about $3 and it comes in a lipstick type tube so no messy fingers! Ha ha. I need to try the blushes when I next do an order. :) .

    +Brooke Russ I have to try out the ELF lip scrub - adding it to my cart now haha :D Thanks for watching lovely xx.

    Very informative!! I was wondering about the import taxes and all of that, if there is a minimum you have to buy... .
    Thanks for all the info and for taking the time answering our questions and comments!! Best regards from Catalonia!! :). Ecotools brushes, ELF lip exfoliator, CRYSTAL body deodorant spray and Giovanni hair products are some of my favorites..!.
    +Eleftheria Spirop Yes!! I forgot to talk about my Ecotools brushes - they're great hey!! Thank you for sharing your favourites :) xx.
    +Samantha Nelson Oh I didn't have time until the weekend to place another order and it had sold out again arrgghh!! I'll get it one day haha :) xx.

    Isotine eye drops reviews amazon - Buy Products In Best...
  • November 27, 2015
    Vito Viga - online are open for your favorite herbal products. Order the best herbal nutritional supplements. i41
    Kunna kuthi - Buy Products In Vito Mol - Jun 23, 2015
  • January 14, 2016
    Kunna kuthi - Koothi Images Kundi and Kunna - Free people check - Vito Mol is online store of herbal medicine. Order the best herbal supplements and other... i42
    Walgreens osmo patch - Vito Mol Online Herbal Store
  • November 9, 2015
    Best Vito - are open online for your favorite herbal medicine for order the best in herbal nutritional supplements. i43
    Buy Products In Vito Viga Online Herbal Store - Jan 21, 2016
  • November 2, 2015

    Comments about this video:

    +Nikita Nerush no beef here you sissy, just words. stop pretending to be their friends, they dont even know if you have a dick or a punnani .
    Wow Danielle you can smoke him under the table. He's about to hack up a lung and you're like, no problem here...smooth. :) . Steven really likes talking in front of a camera. I almost forgot this was your channel watching this lol..
    please stop wasting the smoke! it kills me!!! illegal here in NZ and dry so we got none!!!! at least save it in a jar and mail it to me!!!! aaarrrggghhhh!!!! love you.

    Big love from Scotland. I wanna live in Washington and smoke some of that! Watching you guys getting stoned is so funny :).

    Danielle your so freakin adorable :) indoor smokers your funny haha, "I usually don't have out takes my shits perfection" lmao.
    No Kids or Dogs running around when you use it lmao you guys must be stoned! No...wait,,yea OK fair enough. Coughing4Coffins Smoke it UP people!.
    Does wizard puff give any discounts to the medicinal card holder on disability I know 200 doesn't seem like much but the third of my monthly income and I would really really like an electric nail make it easier on me considering I have a seizure disorder everytime I pick up that blow torch I'm afraid I'm going to burn myself or the house down.

    You guys are so funny. Chris is just a out of work comedian I think from another life. LOL! Great video. Keep em coming. Like the video just because it's you..

    the guy in the video is really annoying he keeps cutting the beautiful Daniele speaking. Man don't be so selfish by trying to over talk cute Daniele :P let her speak ok!!!.
    If you two weren't getting stoned all the time Chris might get round to sending me that tshirt. Danielle, love your hair....
    I love your videos so much! I was wondering are you related to indoorsmokers or are you guys just friends .
    Hahah absolute classic, you need to get Mike over again and do a longer video of the three of you getting high as fuck! . i flicked a smoke out the window and it come back in the car and hit me in the eye ever had smoke in your eye it burns like fuck but not only that it was red hot and i got ass in my eye as well not a good time.
    Like I was tellin indo-smokers... Try turning it to around +-720. 950 is like taking a shot of fine wine. You'll also find out that that the carb cap is you're best friend when you get it set up right. .
    Hi Danielle, brilliant video as ever. Beautiful, charming and great reviews. Just one complaint, not enough of you! xx. Looks like it would b a hoot to hang with u two. Even if I am 59 years just love u all tia too..

    Buy Products In Vito Viga Online Herbal Store - Jan 21, 2016
  • January 10, 2016
    Kunna kuthi - Koothi Images Kundi and Kunna - Free people check - Vito Mol is online store of herbal medicine. Order the best herbal supplements and other... i45
    Isotine eye drops reviews amazon - Buy Products In Best...
  • October 27, 2015
    Best Vito - are open online for your favorite herbal medicine for order the best in herbal nutritional supplements. i46
    Isotine eye drops reviews amazon - Buy Products In Best...
  • October 29, 2015
    Isotine eye drops reviews amazon - Original Divine Noni - Divine Noni Gold Juice. Best Vito - are open online for your favorite herbal medicine for order the best in... i47
    Buy Products In Vito Viga Online Herbal Store - Jan 21, 2016
  • January 5, 2016

    Comments about this video:
    Hope Illinois follows but they are usually 5 years behind everyone else. I wouldn't smoke because I carry a firearm everyday so that would cause issues but it would help so many people here.. +Jewish Montana idk whether UK government is just retarded or they have some corporate interests to protect by keeping weed illegal.. so you just go in a pot shop ask for weed and you get it or you need like a card or some shit or something special to purchase it.
    +ItsJetz7s {IJ} didn't forget, all I'm talking about is recreational use. As in non-medical, just buying it cuz you feel like smoking. I think we are talking about different things. If we were talking about Medical Marijuana what you are saying would be correct but we are talking about weed stores, similar to how liquor is bought..
    Here in Cali it's really easy to get bud. Even more so if you are like me and have a cannabis card. Hopefully when we legalize next year it will be even easier, haha..
    if you don't mind me asking, how do you get a cannabis card in Cali I just turned 18 but I don't know how to do all that..
    Killin' it with the finger twirl bud. Keep practicing When you said "Warriors come out and play-ey-ay" I was lifted to a higher place of cracking the fuck up haha Liked* & Subscribing*.
    Rumors are out that Minnesota will be the next state with legal herb. It's already legal but only pill form..

    I agree man, I haven't smoked bugs in months "probation and gf will kill me" lol but I'm diggin his herb bids more. hell yeah. subscribed!.

    dude. im from auburn. born and raised. i left sea town right before it got legalized. this shits making me so home sick..

    11g for $140, street prices are better than that where I live, get a half ounce of chron for $120 to $140..
    +The Apple Assasin that would be $286.00 in Canadian dollars, more than the price of an ounce by $80 Canadian. you do your currency conversion on a cracker jacks converter.. My state(CT) has some of the best and most expensive weed. Here you don't get anything below 15% THC, it's like $300 an ounce though. +Bennett Golden Hahaha! Typical talk from a kid who just started smoking... Anyone care right, we dont.. None. Anyone over the age of 21 in Washington State can buy cannabis products for recreational use. Colorado has something similar and Oregon and Alaska have passed laws legalizing cannabis. Idk about Alaska but here in Oregon it will be legal in July. They've already quit prosecuting people for it here but it still isn't technically legal until July, just decriminalized..
    "Cry" Can't wait for my state to legalize it. Keep living the dream man and keep vapping bro!!.
    That weed smelled like ass. No! Wait! My phones been in my back pocket that's why it smelled like ass. Sorry bro.
    Looks nice but DAMN $137 for 11 grams little on the steep side.You need to check out Vancouver BC and our dispensaries up here.I'll 3ven make you some of my special muffins you might only need half of one and better than anything you gonna buy..
    14g mix & match $100 or $120 depending on strains / brand +Cannabis & Glass last I checked Leafly. the problem i have is i live in st.louis and the foo fighter concert is tomorrow so everyone is dry :-(. Holy shit bro I know that ghetto ass dollar tree!! I'm only a hop skip and a jump away from you!!!. Damn some good bud in MS is around $15-$20 for a gram. Im lucky and am pretty good friend with my dealer so i get mine for $15.. I'm applying in Illinois for my medical card, I already have e-juice setups, what other supplies do I need, I'm really helping this will help me off the 30+pills per day due to my autoimmune disease.. I only if everyone watching is borderline retarded... which based upon this video is quite the possibility.. how in the fuck are you even communicating full blown coherent paragraph long sentences at the end of this vid lol when I get that high, I can barely even move let alone speak hahaha. well.. back when I use to smoke in my teens anyway. and then one day when I was around 18 I would just get really fucking paranoid whenever I would smoke marijuana, like I would immediately start to think negative thoughts and my heart would start to race and I would think that everyone was talking shit on me or something. but man I miss the good high that I use to get off of marijuana. can anyone tell me what the fuck is up with that :(.
    "On this channel safety is job 1. Well at least in the top ten maybe..." More great quotes..
    Bought some recreational weed from a shop in Yakima a few weeks back.. always wanted to legally buy weed since I've been traveling all over the US and it was awesome.. besides charging an arm and a leg it is a cool experience.. I'll stick to buying it from the growers at 180 an Oz though lol keep smokin . I live in Yakima, you must of went to the 420 shop were they're way expensive. Go to slowburn they have good deals! :D.
    had to go back to this video with a random question: Are those jars good at concealing the smell Cuz when the law kicks in here if they sell stuff similar im definitely buying that stuff lol.

    You are the man, I can hardly wait to vacation in Washington again. Wasn't legal last time I was there..
    Awesome. I know I'm late, but I just got my medical cannabis rec in California. I wish I lived up in the Evergreen State. Great videos man. I also vape and love your indoor smoker vids. Keep up the good work. . This is me Bradybill Browning need more videos on all your channels and bring back Mike. I quit smoking from 2012 to 2015 2015 is my anniversary. im lokin to start a bud shop and grow in a recreational state need a partner in state, let me know whats up, if u know anyone or would be down.
    June, i just have to keep saying I leave Tx in June and hello again Seattle lol west coast is the best coast :).

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  • January 7, 2016

    Comments about this video:

    Can you film a video smoking a joint and talk about conspiracies or a history lesson. Haha that would be dope .
    4/20 was the day kids would ditch school and get high it was a day everyone knew about...nobody sneeks out of school or ditches work to vape....
    Bought an O-Pen when I went to Denver. The O-Pen has a replaceable tank but same ciggalike design. It kicked Butt. 2 Hits was a killer buzz..

    +Wilbur DaPig Yep..reading through the Ju Ju suggestions on their site, they were talking like most people prefer about 4-5 hits for the perfect buzz I imagine that's for people who have a super high tolerance. Just takes me one or two for a great feeling, no nerves or cloudy head... Only prob, at 3 or more hits, the indica just knocks me on my ass, making me want to sleep. I have high expectations for the Sativa I'm fixing to try in a few minutes..

    Good video man.. Haven't had any buds in over a year., I'm an irregular light user at best Also hadn't been to any of the recreational pot shops until just last week where I picked up one of these bad boys, the indica strain Ju Ju... Last time I imbibed, it was medical dabbing with an expensive glass setup that ended up breaking. Was almost too damn strong for me, about knocking me on my ass after a big hit... The Ju Ju buzz reminded me very much of that, but not QUITE as strong, which is a good thing. Also a LOT more clear, even for Indica, and less anxiety. They are only 35-36 bucks on the Peninsula and worth every penny :).. Looking forward to giving the Sativa strain a try tonight when I pick up one in a few. After that, I might just buy a reusable e-cig just for this stuff if I can buy the Ju Ju liquid in quantity at a decent price. Couple ounces would last me half a year or longer! But yeah, this is the best way to consume MJ by a longshot. Stealth vapor anywhere you want! I really dig this for those long bike rides in the mountains, when not wanting to look all conspicuous lighting up a real joint or bowl, this is perfect. I can't even smell the vapor, where I can easily do so for nicotine vapes.(which I'm a regular of)... Taste was never something that was a big deal to me but there is some with them, not bad at all...
    Skywalker OG for me today!!! Making me wish I lived in WA Chris!! Though we in Cali have it pretty good too, but we have to be medical for now.. I know 10 folks who like them, BUT ALL SAY; NO way they get 150 puffs, 70 at the MOST. They have searched the internet for instruction on the puff details & done EXACTLY what they should do, take SLOW draws 3 seconds in length, yet they all get only about 70 puffs That’s a RIP OFF. Is it because there should be 2 sticks per box 2 sticks WOULD BE 150 puffs for sure. It makes NO sense that the box comes with 2 slots for 2 sticks; YET ALL the boxes come with only 1 stick in it You’d think that mellow peace loving “heads”, would NOT be like the regular overly GREEDY business world and rip off the customer My friends pay $45 for 1 stick Where live they, they get about 70 puffs, that’s 65 cents a puff, that’s a RIP OFF!!!.
    Can people who don't live in the USA (e.g. People who live in the UK) go to Washington State and legally by marijuana .

    I'm new to this all... lemme ask, how discreet is it If I was in the same room and not paying attention to u would I still smell it if you were vaping this thing.

    It's not so bad in california, I got 4 grams of OG Kush crumble this morning from my local club for $40!.
    I'm not here to judge each one to there own as they say Mastersword Lv.3 I basically vape on ejuices and I do reviews on them and I do reviews on vaping equipment also .
    Was that half a gram good enough compared to say just getting some wax or other concentrated or combining edibles with a gram of herb and combustion so on and so forth There are so many combinations lol. Just seems a bit steep for a half a gram .
    What product would you recommend that has the most thick heavy vapor for wax/oil pens other than this product here Hot vapor and wickless coils basically.. If you are into e cigs and vaping on some shatter you should check out majic puff e juice. It is e juice designed to be mixed in with your bho so you can smoke shatter out of any e cig and actually get great big massive clouds. I am planning to use the gummy bear flavor on an aspire atlantis mega tank with an IPV4 100w when they come out. It doesn't smell anything like weed so if you are in a situation and you need to be stealthy you can always use it. It also includes some of the cannibinoids that are taken out during the thc extraction process so the high is going to be more like a classic weed high on a dabbing level.
    My 420 wasn't that great. Smoked one bowl at about noon, that was it. Too broke for weed and don't have any more left. Vaping hemp oil, but that's really nothing. .
    Heh, heh Chris, you rubbed in the "legal in Washington" so bad that even I got jealous, and I live here. .
    Damn $45 for.5 of concentrate I did a brownie with.5 of wax this 420 that I got for like $10, damn I was baked for like 8 hours.
    You are lucky, I live in N.Y. state, and I think it's gonna take a while before we can get it legally ! Darn ! 😟. shit what would be good to start off Vaping herb that I an get down here in Ky we still have to hide it down here I need some herb to help with the PTSD man. dont matter about the cost its the experience and the convenience and the novelty aswell, so i think its pretty damn cool. Awesome channel!! About 5,6 months ago I started watching ur indoor smokers channel then saw ur herb channel with the non-combustion ones bc of health reasons. I used to be in a bad anxiety despressfull state until I used the gpro with the amazing plant. I now live a better, fuller life thanks to you and the plant! Keep the awesome vids going. Thank you!!!.
    Do you think maybe you could get your hands on a hebe titan 2 I would like to hear what you have to say about it .

    Happy 420! I just want to say that I just joined your channel. But I've looking at your channel for awhile and I think you are great. I feel like you are my best friend and I've been knowing you forever. I live in AZ, and I enjoy legal green as well. But you are awesome!!! Love ya!!!.

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  • December 18, 2015

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