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December 16, 2015

Comments about this video:

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December 18, 2015
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December 15, 2015
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December 21, 2015
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December 17, 2015

Comments about this video:

+Jackie Steiner ~Cure your RA all in natural way! no more drugs, no more pain! Start Eliminating Your Rheumatoid Arthritis Today – Even If Others Tell You It’s Impossible! Visit here ~~>>
blah blah blah no evidence and u can at least clean the carrot instead of dumping it in the blender with all the junk in it so no thank u. Thank you so much for sharing I'm going to give this a try and please post more videos and think Laurie from you God bless you. +Green Smoothie Habit I usually drink turmeric +black pepper + gumin seeds powder hot tea with honey. It usually diminish my arthritis pain in just a few minutes. I was excited with this smothie recipe... Very dispointed... after about an hour, my knees are still hurting,.. This smoothie is not working...!!!.
i heard turmeric is hard to absorb without black pepper :-/ might be better to make a curry, but thanks for the smoothie idea.

+greenytaddict I usually drink turmeric +black pepper + gumin seeds powder tea with honey. It usually diminish my arthritis pain in just a few minutes. I was excited with this smothie recipe... Very dispointed... after about an hour, my knees are still hurting,.. This smoothie is not working...!!!.
I am a little bit confused about your smooties.When do I drink the smoothie Is it for breakfast or the whole day .
I usually drink turmeric +black pepper + gumin seeds powder hot tea with honey. It usually diminish my arthritis pain in just a few minutes. I was excited with this smothie recipe... Very dispointed... after about an hour, my knees are still hurting,.. This smoothie is not working...!!!.
I think turmeric is pronounced 'turmeric (the stress should be on the first syllable). Thanks for sharing the recipe. It looks delicious. I will give it a try ;).
+imran nizam I usually drink turmeric +black pepper + gumin seeds powder hot tea with honey. It usually diminish my arthritis pain in just a few minutes. I was excited with this smothie recipe... Very dispointed... after about an hour, my knees are still hurting,.. This smoothie is not working...!!!.

2 C_M I know right... (always clean and peel). Main reason why I invested in a BREVILLE BOSS and make my own. .

I make almost this exact same thing but I add a couple cups of spinach and sometimes oatmeal in place of hemp. spinach makes it really creamy and has vitamins that help muscles. nice video thanks:)).
My joints are already thanking you! My daughter has psoriatic arthritis - we will be trying this for sure! THANKS!!!!!!!! God Bless you..
i would make it with a cup of kefir added to this or half cup..why, milk kefir is very rich in vitamin k and k2, which are the most beneficial for bones health, i used to have finger arthritis before, long gone now since i drink kefir daily.
adding fruits and honey acts as a prebiotic ''good food for the bacteria'' so it would help them i guess and perform better.
I really enjoyed this video I have down syndrome and that in itself makes it hard to move around so I am intrigued by this smoothie recipe another awesome fact about cinnamon and turmeric it helps in balancing the nervous system .
but I was born 1978 - and I got osteoarthritis at age 28... my joints need this :)...welcome to our ever more toxic society where even the young are getting sick..
+lateicha jordan You can substitute it with coconut water, IMO coconut milk will ruin the taste. Coconut water will fasten the Dapoxetine rate of the smoothie in your body & hydrate your body at the same time..

im really starting to get in to this as i hate cooking. The reason im doing is i have too many illnesses and sick of meds. After a week you feel way way better.
will be trying this very soon..and thank you so much for this great help!!!! you're so sweet!!!.
it's TurMERic. lol. yes a great smoothie. all fresh smoothies help combat arthritis. having an alkaline diet stops the inflammation. ginger and turMERic esp good, but i became allergic to turmeric when i took it for arthritis pain. i think i over did it at first. i was taking it in pill form. .
I would add cayenne, but I add cayenne to just about all my smoothies. You are a great testament to what a lot of ladies could look like with proper nutrition and diet. It's hard to believe you were born 1964 or earlier.. I would like to include some of your recipes and promote your website in my upcoming book 'Foods For Healing' which includes a chapter on green smoothies. I would also like to feature you on my new podcast on Talkshoe of the same name. Please contact me if interested. Would love to hear from you soon..
this stuff only reduce inflammation, you need to rebuild tissue. Im not sure about hemp seed doing that or almond milk for that matter. Everything else besides the spices just have vitamins and sugar. Will help anyway, point is this will only take care of some painful symptoms and its probably cheaper to buy those new anti-inflammatory drugs..

This smoothie looks absolutely amazing... I love all of these ingredients so I will have to make this :D.
U can get rebuilt ones on Amazon. Also my friend has a Bullet and swears by it. Mine was a 🎁 gift. 😊 . I am under the impression that heating/cooking greatly increases the bioavailability of turmeric. (As does fat content, which is why the hemp seeds are NOT actually without purpose). Some also say that black pepper increases Dapoxetine. If this is true, then as healthy as your recipe looks, an old fashioned curry dish might actually accomplish more anti-inflammatory results..
an alternative to hemp seed is flax seed which contains a large portion of omega 3 and works just as good.

Tried it today. Found it a little bitter so maybe I used just a little too much turmeric Also, while I'm not a fan of ginger I did put a good sized chunk. I definitely wanted the arthritis fighting effect. However, tomorrow I'll try it again with slightly different amounts..

+diggz691 To be honest I didn't try it again. I make smoothies often with veg and fruit and often adding kale or spinach and even cilantro. Ginger and turmeric destroy the taste for me. I will have to re-watch and try it again though..

2 Liendelou I'm not a doctor, so I can't comment on that. But if nuts made my arthritis worse then I would eliminate the almond milk and use water instead..

You really wont taste the tumeric. I use it all the time, especially if using ginger or sweet fruits like banana as they're pretty strong flavours, tumeric is not. However, the one side effect I get is that I get a very slight odor reminiscent of curry powder if I sniff my armpit without any deo on! But i do mean 'very slight'. Tumeric is great for arthritis, or any inflammatory condition (cancer included) and i use them alternately with expensive Omega 3 capsules, for my intensive gym classes..

I don't know, I imagine it would be different for each person and their condition. Please consult your health practitioner as I'm not a doctor. Thanks for understanding..
2 maiOmai216 I'm so glad you used what you had on hand and came up with a delish smoothie - speaking of grapes, in the summer when they are in season or on sale I buy a lot and freeze them and they make the best sorbets and frosty smoothies. Jane. Great blend. Arthritis is inflamed mucous around the joints. Gotta detox from eating foods that create mucous and the condition will go away.. Love this smoothie! Used 2 teaspoons of German "curry spice mix" (turmeric plus cumin, garlic(!), fenugreek, and coriander seeds) instead of plain turmeric, and I love it. Plus, I don't strain my almond milk (I'm lazy), but it still works!!. If it's not too much trouble, could you please give me your wife's alkaline and anti-inflammatory diet I have arthritis in all of my joints and do not wish to continue using NSAIDS to relieve the pain. I will be extremely grateful for any help or advice you can provide me with. I cannot afford to go to holistic doctors because my insurance does not pay for them and I don't have much extra money.. Thanks, in advance, for your help.. Hi Jane, Thanks so much for this blog. I love this smoothie! I just wanted to add that I use the core of the pineapples and throw them in the freezer as well. . I don't know the answer to that. It's probably different for each person depending on their condition, etc. Best to consult your health professional... If you make it let me know what you think.. I have arthritis quite bad, so I will have to make this... and make it a regular! Eating raw food now definitley helps too :). 2 frappuccino68 Glad to hear it! This is an original smoothie created by Lori and it's great that you modified it to suit you. And thank you for your review, so everyone can get opinions other than mine :).
You're welcome - so glad you made it and commented. And glad you made it even though you didn't have all the ingredients. I do that, too..
you should try a supplement called zyflamend for your arthritis. it's all natural and it's focused on anti-inflammation. it might take a week or so to really feel a difference though.. 2 icedchai1 I ordered them from strawsbycarli on etsy - but i didn't get the skinny brush for cleaning them and wish I had, so I use a pipe cleaner :) also, they have bamboo holders but they were too pricey so I made my own - i love using glass straws, it changes the entire smoothie sipping experience for the better - elegant and calm. Jane.
just made this with frozen mangoes because it's what I had, wow it's strong and tasty! but man that 1/2tsp turmeric really comes through. may need to add a little nog ;).
Jane do you have a smoothie for migraines I recently had one and never want to experience that again. .
many thanks...I am going to start this.Right now wonderful pineapples here cost but 1 euro 49, and the store prepare Have actually just returned and put som ein my blender and put as ice cubes.( for in a glass of sparkling wine for a treat ) Now I know will get busy and chop others and freeze.. You have me on a roll here. Thanks so much, Helena .
Hello! I really enjoyed watching your video. Also, I noticed the camera work is excellent. Can you tell me what type of camera you used to video your program Thanks so much!. 2 cjjohnsonfamily I use to not like ginger and now crave it - reduce or remove the ginger if need be the first time you make it - you can always add in a little bit each time and see how you do.. got it going jane! i don't know what happened (i'm sure it was on my end!) :) thank you! . If they're young I don't peel them. Like you, if the peel looks tough and discolored, I peel it. I don't know what the nutritional makeup of the thin peel is..

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December 19, 2015
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December 14, 2015
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December 13, 2015
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December 9, 2015

Comments about this video:

Corey, the watermelon provides all the liquid this needs. Just be sure to put that ingredient in first so the vitamix blades can blend that into the liquid which provides all you need to then blend the kale and cucumbers..
It looks like 4-5 cups watermelon, 1-2 cups kale, 1 cucumber which makes approximately 5-6 cups of green smoothie. You can reduce the quantities if you don't want to make as big a batch. Think 2/3 fruit, 1/3 greens in general.. I've been saying this for years but it is my dream to one day see organic, affordable food in every grocery store around the world!.. thank you ,just got my v/mixer have the C.. looking for everything that will help and or ease the pain or start the cure.
** WHAT KIND OF BLENDER DO YOU HAVE** Thanks for sharing this video You have a new fan I just subscribed! :).
So I can't have high "K" leafy greens at the minute, so what can I use instead of them to get the same or similar results .
2 hellhawk7 I am rooting for you - get your greens, rotate your greens, lots of greens - I am not a doctor, just one human cheering on another...
Thank you! I've just watched several of your videos and now I think I can do more smoothie recipes. Is there any vegetable that needs to be cooked before juicing I'm going to get some kale today and watermelon and try this already have cukes at home. .
hello great stuff u have here!! how do i get my juices less foamy also i'm a weight watchers member, are u familiar with the points plus program thanks.
Mmm this combo looks delicious! My reconditioned Vitamix will be here in 12 days and I am definitely going to make this and many of your other recipes!. Hi. I am new to your channel and really enjoy it! Quick question: I just opened my brand new Vitamix with wet blade container and want to grind coffee for my occasional cup. Can I do this with the equipment that I have Thanks.. Congratulations on your VitaMix. I wish you much wellbeing from it! Let me know what you think of this blend when you make it. And thank you for your support. I appreciate it.. Yes, you can grind coffee beans in the standard wet container, although the dry container is recommended for grains, etc. Use the tamper to push the beans into the blades. The grind isn't as exact as from a coffee grinder, but it's suitable for brewing. Don't over grind or the granules will be too fine. Probably 15 seconds on variable speed 5, but experiment, as I'm not a coffee drinker and haven't actually ground coffee beans in the VitaMix. Let me know your results and google it for more info.. Start by growing some, even if you only have one 5gal buckets with drilled wholes on them. If each person starts then it will spread the trend and sharing will start and life will get better..
2 oldworld82 Thanks! I'm using a high speed VitaMix 5200 for silky smooth blends :) I've put it thru the wringer the last 5 years and it's still going strong. I invite you to check out the 200+ recipes on my website. Thank you for your kind words and support. I appreciate it..

2 SUBXERO1961 I thought napping was a good habit. I don't have anything specific, except I drink my greens and these types of things sort themselves out. If you are concerned about your naps, see a doctor or health care practitioner..

2 SUBXERO1961 Do you mean your smoothies are foamy The only ingredient I know that gets foamy when blended is tomatoes and if you let it set the foam settles down. I am not familiar with Weight Watchers systems. Jane.

hello thx for the response. i mix several times a day, and about an hour afterward i get hungry again. i started adding protein, but i still get hungry. any ideas why thx.

I never knew that about watermelon. That is interesting information. I can't wait till watermelon is in season. It's a bit early for the large melons around here. Now that I have a high speed blender, I'm going crazy with the fruits and vegetables. This summer, I want to make just watermelon and mint, for a refreshing drink while working outdoors. Never had it, but it sounds refreshing to me. But know I know I'm getting chlorophyll too. Thanks ) .
That looks fantastic. Looking forward to making it next spring. just to clarify, you did not add water right i am enjoying your recipes.. hello again, would you know how i could calculate the nutritional value of my super green smoothie. thank you so much for your time.
2 SUBXERO1961 Hi, you can easily do that at any of the nutrition data websites. just put in the amount or weight and they will pop up the calories, minerals, vitamins, amino acids, etc - try and there are others Jane.
hi jane i just bought a used vitamixer 3600. im following your recipes. i have a problem taking very long naps every afternoon, do u have a recipe that will give me some energy and clear thought thx. 2 SUBXERO1961 Hi, It sounds like you may need to eat more - some people need more calories than they think - I don't know, perhaps consult with your health care practitioner, who knows you. :) Jane.
If I had known that you could freeze watermelon, I would have frozen some of the organic watermelons I *finally* found at a local Farmers Market! Good to know!.

2 vegasrenie Watermelon is a wonder and when frozen makes a luscious sorbet all by itself. :) Jane.

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December 7, 2015
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December 11, 2015
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December 12, 2015
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December 20, 2015

Comments about this video:
Luv your video, I had the same effect when I first tried it. Strong lol you made me laugh so hard. .
I just tried watercress banana and blackberries smoothie, I have a burning sensation in my chest and I feel like I need to lay down for awhile that was not easy..
I know that was very bad taste but will I do it again yes because I felt so great the next morning. Yes at time the Jamaican talking comes out lol..

The Coming Race War in America - The Washington Post

December 8, 2015
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November 7, 2015

Comments about this video:
Will definitely try some collagen supplements. Feel a lot of stress on the joints and tendons with heavy weight training.. Hi Dr Axe! Could you pleeeeeeeeeease do a video on dry skin/hair I'm so desperate. I've been to a few dermatologists and they only promote the products that they are selling at their practice. I think it might be hormonal or low thyroid function that's causing my dry skin... since no cream/ointment works (I've even tried coconut oil as a moisturizer). What foods/supplements would you recommend I'm currently drinking collagen and zinc (maybe my dosage is to low). I would REALLY appreciate your help!. What about the collegen peptide Supposedly the peptide helps you utilize the collegen, have you heard that, do you think it's true.
+Building Bridges Financial Firm Should be working! If you click on the link here: and click buy, you should be able to sign up for a notification list which will notify you when the product is back in stock!.

Catherine.. you mean the vit. c plus spirulina combination that you take is an alternative to collagen that has animal content in it do you mean I can take this combo inatead of collagen would it provide me qith the same benefits of collagen thanks.
+Caprice Crawford Should be working! If you click on the link here: and click buy, you should be able to sign up for a notification list which will notify you when the product is back in stock!. I was taking Collagen from doctor's best but I noticed it made me hungry most of the time. I always had a constant hunger I couldn't deal with..
I can vouch for the success of hydrolysed collagen... especially for skin I started using it ten months ago, originally to help with chronic pain in my foot that resulted from an injury sustained in a car accident about fifteen years ago. Arthritis had set in and the pain, being in the right foot, made life pretty difficult, especially in winter when the cold tends to worsen arthritic pain. I did a lot of research online, especially meta-research (I researched the available research), to find a remedy and started taking hydrolysed collagen at two tablespoons a day, one first thing in the morning and the other just before bedtime. After about a month I noticed an improvement and this continued gradually. For the past six weeks I am off all pain medication and can now do a very brisk walk for twelve minutes duration twice a day - this was unheard of for me and is a major result. But the big bonus from using hydrolysed collagen has been the effect on my skin. It has become very youthful looking and the few wrinkles I had have been lessened or eliminated. I wondered if I was imagining the changes to my skin but at Christmas some relatives I hadn't seen for some time asked me how I had such great skin and I knew for sure the improvement was real. The hydrolysed collagen I use is called Collagen Hydrolysate from Great Lakes. It comes in a green container whereas their regular collagen (Gelatin) comes in a red container. The difference between the two is that regular collagen (gelatin) is of a higher molecular weight, meaning in this context that it cannot be transported through the narrow pathways like those leading to the skin. When the gelatin is hydrolysed its molecular weight is reduced so that it can then be absorbed more extensively throughout the body, including via the narrow pathways to the skin. I hope this personal experience will be useful to others just as other people's personal experiences were useful to me when I was researching the efficacy of collagen last year. .
Thank you so much for the information that you provided! I am very into researching supplement ingredients for health and wellness and their sources and efficacy. I work 2 GNC and I really try my best to educate myself on the ingredients in the products we sell so that I can inform my customers. You opened my eyes to how to approach the knowledge and further learning on collagen/gelatin supplements! :D. Good video... high quality collagen is a gift from nature and can be helpful in a number of ways. Great Lakes gelatin is another good source.. Yes, Excellent video - Love Collagen products and I have started using a Hydrolyzed Collagen with Arctic Cloudsberyy technology that has all 5 types of collagen that the body can use. Was introducted to it last year and had amazing results wth sklin hair, nails and pain...95% bio-available to ones body..if is dairy free, gluten free, whey and soy free and comes in shake form. if you can not find what your looking for...give a shout. marlenelouch2 Dear Dr. Josh, I would like to know, as I'm an vegetarian can i consume this product Please advise. Thanks..
I would like to incorporate your collagen powder in my smoothies... They are green smoothies with some fruit (not much), flaxseed, water and either Vega complete protein or nutriva hemp protein. Would this be adding too much/redundant.
Should be working! If you click on the link here: and click buy, you should be able to sign up for a notification list which will notify you when the product is back in stock!.
Hi Dr Axe I have been looking at some articles by doctors that say there is no evidence that collagen does anything to the body as it is digested and broken down like any other food. What do you say to this I'm confused..
would this be advisable to take for someone who cannot eat gluten In the video it is mentioned that collagen is gluten free but on the back label it lists that there is no added dairy, soy, etc but it doesn't mention gluten..
I'm 68 years old and have been taking Gelatin for 2 months. I've been running/jogging for a little over 46 years. My knee joints aren't hurting as they did before my gelatin dosage. My skin looks better. I can't wait to see what happens after another 2 months..
would this be advisable to take for someone who cannot eat gluten In the video it is mentioned that collagen is gluten free but on the back label it lists that there is no added dairy, soy, etc but it doesn't mention gluten..
Curious to know if adding Collagen to hot cereal and/or anything that needs to be baked negate the benefits.

+Shazia Hanif If you click on the link here: and click buy, you should be able to sign up for a notification list which will notify you when the product is back in stock!.

Awesome video !!! I am about to purchase 3 packs of your collagen protein. Can't beat Free Shipping Offer (3-11-2015) !!!! .
Thank you for the great imformations, is there any pig ingredients, or pig gelatin in this produt .
.+alisha smith really! Better than neocell, it has the hialuronic acid and vit c I will check it out, thanks for sharing! Bless always 🙏.
No hyaluronic acid, It has Biotin, B6, pantothenic acid, Vitamin C and 2,000 mg of Collagen hydrolysate.. I just ordered it!!! I'm so ready and excited to try this, my friends are so excited for me, lol, I want to put a lot of effort on doing this right and see the results, I exercise a lot so I need some support from something like this, my friends are just waiting for me to see what happens, and then they'll order,lol, thank you!.
Is marine collagen as effective if it comes from a reputable source Are your products available in New Zealand or only through international shipping.
I'm a vegetarian and won't consume animal products where animals have to die. Is there a vegetable source of collagen.
Hi! I am also vegetarian! You can try taking vitamin C + spirulina. Or maybe you can find Collagen Forte from Douglas Laboratories, I take the powder off the capsule and no problem ;).
do you have to take the collagen protein on an empty stomach in the morning and wait 30 minutes or can you put it in your shake and wait 30 minutes to eat something..
But the body absorbs the amino acids and reassembles the protein, collagen How does collagen compare with a high quality grass-fed whey One can try your collagen : no question asked.

I would suggest you take a collagen supplement and then use a topical scar gel, if you want to go all natural you can use Vitamin E oil (with a high IU value) OR if you want something more "medical" then you could use Mederma, I used Mederma for burns on my forearm, and if you use it properly then it really does help diminish the appearance of burns, scars and of course stretch marks as well!.
I use a liquid collagen supplement with trace Biotin for hair, skin and joint support. I am very frugal so I really just go for a great deal and read labels as well as comparison shop. Check out for the most cost effective supplements for you and your family, I only shop there now because the savings are staggering :). I have started using a Hydrolyzed Collagen with Arctic Cloudsberyy technology out on the market that has a 5 types of collagen and love it becuase of the results I have had...95% bio-available to obe body..if is dairy free, gluten free, whey and soy free and comes in shake form or a tiny littel candy and I have a smoothie and a chew during the day...if you can not find what your looking for...give a shout..marlenelouch2 Page doesn't exist or what For many weeks I've been facing the same problem, I can't see to find you, links don't work and the page has been removed or doesn't exist... :( disappointing . Will this help hallow under eyes My eyes lost collagen underneath n it sinks in I'm only 23 years old....
Send me a message and I can share some info on a product that I love which is hydrolyzed collagen....

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November 18, 2015
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December 2, 2015

Comments about this video:
Hey! For starters, I think your videos are really informative, and I know it could be makeup, but your skin is so flawless!I just waned to request you to tell me how do I get the right amount of vitamin D without any kind of supplements and with vegetarian food only, and obviously how to soak in vitamin D from the sun without damaging your skin.I'm Indian and I my complexion is kind of inbetween fair and average. So could you suggest me at what time of the day and for how long max am I supposed to stay out in the sun exposing how much of my skin.. Skin does not contain omega 3. It contains omega 6. Omega 6 makes both inflammatory and anti-inflammatory reactions. Look at it as a regulating system keeping the body in balance.. I really really love ur channel and I must tell u ur very beautiful. I would like to make Just a little suggestion if u don't mind. Ur video are amazing and really do make a lot of sense but they are a bit too long. No offence at all. I love love love ur video.. +nikki jandu thank you so much for these words))) Trust me I do try to work on the length as much as i can, but still no luck here. I will do my best though=)).
We need the sun for vitamin D its a hormone and melatonin so get some sun and never ever use toxic sunscreen it causes cancer not the sun....

down to 1%.:( my neighbor/friend's a plastic surgeon, he says collagen #1 ,#2 a good facial brush.

Forever Living Products Distributor testimonnials - Pure...

November 8, 2015
Rheumatoid arthritis (RA) is an autoimmune disease that causes the immune system to begin attacking tissues, especially cartilage in the joints. Various joints become... i5 - Vitamins, Skin Care, Makeup, Health...

November 1, 2015
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October 15, 2015
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November 13, 2015

Comments about this video:

Codex Alimentarius wants to irradiate all garlic which will take away all of it's health benefits-dead garlic.. They already irradiate spinach, lettuce, oysters, meats, produce. Wake up people or we will be very sick and malnourished (all nutrients will be gone). We will be required to have a Dr.'s prescription to get vitamins and supplements. This is, and has been, happening all over the US. Thank you for your time...

I too found videos that showed garlic being poisonous I can tell you my experience with eating large amounts of fresh garlic only made my stomach tender. As a kid we used it as a bug repellent against mosquito. Also Look up Candida the remedy's for that Candida can lead to cancer. So if you beat candida....

cooked in a slow cooker or any form of long cooking will completely destroy all the health benefits of garlic, maybe she got a bit carried away and started talking about the taste effect rather than the health benefits in the end of rhe video.
My experience eating garlic has only been positive. I lost weight, brought my BP down. had tons of energy. Only good things to say about it. I guess the only way you will know for sure if its right for you is to try it!!!. if you bathe in garlic, you dont need to consume it - in fact, most of the allicin doesnt even absorb into the bloodstream orally. i use this for infections of all kinds and guess what, it works!.
Can I get sick if I eat it raw. I have fleas and I'm trying to get rid of them and sweat garlic. So that the fleas will leave me alone..

they're now saying garlic is toxic to the brain, and can burn holes in the intestine ,is this true i was eating it because i have a tiny prostate tumor, but i don't know if it's toxic! .
you're probably right, because you can't believe everything you read. i take black seed oil, that is very popular in the middle eastern countries, but not many people know about in the u.s.a. thank's bro..
I love garlic and use it on almost everything I cook. There is an AHole on youtube by the name of junglesurfer that claims garlic and onion are pure evil. He has no scientific basis behind it and personally I would like to beat his ass for being stupid. Lets all get together and prove the benefits of garlic and onions..

Why are so many Dr.'s on Utube claiming Garlic,and onions are poison to our bodies I find this very hard to believe seeing the track record of garlic. .
Best place I've found to buy Garlic is at Publix. Signs of good Garlic I know to look for is a heavy amount of liquid inside the bulbs. The liquid inside the bulb is the key to the Garlic's potential. The more the garlic burns your mouth, the higher the quality of the bulb. Garlic is very painful to consume, but its health benefits are undeniable. .
I just got done watching a video that said garlic is posin if it gets into the blood I'm thinking of making a video where I pick this scab on my elbow and rub garlic in it to see if I die. .

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October 13, 2015
Don't know which Arthritis Gloves work for you? Check our comparison chart : 18 Best Gloves for Arthritis by brand, features, design, seize, material... i9
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January 12, 2016
Comprehensive, doctor-reviewed information on a variety of health topics; hundreds of conditions are listed alphabetically, including acne, heart disease, back pain... i10
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December 15, 2015
Shop online for vitamins, skin care, makeup, supplements, beauty, hair care, health products and much more! Save up to 60% at i11
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December 27, 2015

Comments about this video:

Yes, it is working. I've tried it. My skin become soft, and my hair loss reduced greatly. I become more relaxed/calmer. Not sure about tighten the skin. My only complaint is expensive. I bought it in a local Canadian vitamin store..

Hmmm!! I just take coconut oil...for everything. It is a buyers market. Be careful. :) Coconut oil will do all that and more. Go to Costco and get a lg jug for $20.00 and it will last you for a month or more. I use one in 2 wks as I use it for EVERYTHING!! From oil pulling to taking it in my smoothies to putting it on my body for a lotion and it is great for pain also. Just do your homework and same yourself some $$$$$$$!! :).
+Louise Thompson Coconut oil is great Louise but it does not have the benefits of Collagen and it also has to be collagen 2 for the real benefits.... interesting points ,if anyone else wants to discover arthritis pain reliever try Debuncar Arthritis Treatment Aid (do a google search ) Ive heard some incredible things about it and my partner got amazing results with it.. It's essential for heavy weight lifters. The marketing is all wrong. Only really smart strength lifters like me get stuff like this..
I have been using a product that is a all natural product with amazing results...that is HYROLYZED COLLAGEN. It has a 95% aborbability into the body and it gooes to the point of issues first and then it goes to the other areas of the body. No swollen knee that I have had for over 2 years. sprained ankle ealking on it in 2 days. Brodken ankles not issues anymore and the list is long. The products have be approved also by health Canada and I feel very confident after taking it and wathcing others that is does what it says. Hapyy to share more info... .
very good and effective product.I had hard time finding it but I finally found it in a Nutrition House Store in Heartland Mississauga.. This lady Sherry Torkos is amazing. I was so excited to be with her when she showcased her book "Breaking the age Barrier. She knows natural medicine inside and out. My goodness she looks so young just like when I first met her ( 12 years go) and she knows the products to use. Trust her. I was a pharmaceutical sales rep. when I met her. I totally believe in natural remedies. .

Beauty Products, Wellness Products, and Home Essentials...

November 29, 2015
Biovea is the largest online retailer for buying supplements, vitamins, fitness products & supplements for pets online in the UK. Buy products like HCG, Melatonin... i13
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November 3, 2015
We've detected that cookies are disabled on your computer. In order to add items to your shopping cart you must have cookies enabled. Please refer to the... i14
Publications | Colorado State University Extension

December 5, 2015
Compare pharmaceutical drugs and health products prices and online pharmacy services i15
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November 10, 2015

Comments about this video:
I have it and I've been putting it on every night, but stopped since it didn't seem to work at all. I'm not sure if I was being impatient and should give it another chance or if I should just forget it and get something else.. +Abagail Cure She called it the dream cream, so i guess you only put it on when you sleep and take it off when you enter the real world.. B. S. Don't get proactiv. These people are paid to give testimonials. There are so many over the counter products that work just as well as proactiv that are a lot cheaper. And if typical, over-counter products don't work on your skin, proactiv won't work for you either. That's when you need to consult your dermatologist or consider changing your diet.. If you have patience you can buy proactive if not dont even bother; proactive really works but you see the results after a month or something like that.
Great video Pro-active is a great product I loved it when I tried it I haven't used it in a long time sadly though. I'm a new you-tuber trying to grow my channel.
I wish I could afford Proactive I've been getting bullied since the 1st grade because I have acne and I had acne since I was 5 yrs old and I'm 15 now and in the 9th grade. I wish I had enough money 2 buy it :((( I don't want.
+janie matherly Bulliers are a menace to society, too bad they have to act like wild dogs. I hope your situation is better now..
I wish I could afford Proactive I've been getting bullied since the 1st grade because I have acne and I had acne since I was 5 yrs old and I'm 15 now and in the 9th grade. I wish I had enough money 2 buy it :(((.

Dog Health Care Products |

October 12, 2015
Make Painful Tasks Easy Again! Soothing relief for arthritic hands. Treat your hurting hands to therapeutic warmth to ease pain from arthritis or carpal tunnel syndrome. i17 Dream Products Anti Arthritis Health Gloves...

December 13, 2015
Drinks. Aloe Vera; Tri-Natural 99.8% Aloe Vera Micro Pulp Lemon 1lt; Tri-Natural 99.4% Aloe Vera Natural 1lt; Alo Allure Aloe Vera + Mangosteen + Mango 500ml x 12 i18
Forever Living Products Distributor testimonnials - Pure...

October 22, 2015
Rheumatoid arthritis (RA) is an autoimmune disease that causes the immune system to begin attacking tissues, especially cartilage in the joints. Various joints become... i19 - Vitamins, Skin Care, Makeup, Health...

November 16, 2015

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I'd like to see this suit seller against a typical Roman general. The suit seller's head would be on a pole in seconds. Men in ancient times had more sense about clothes than most men today have. Suits are medically dangerous..

+bob jimmy Why would I be a nudist, when full nudity isn't sexy Bob Jimmy, you're under the influence of mass hypnosis "we do it this way because we do it this way and we can't understand why anyone would question it." So I ask, The fuck YOU talking about Suits are for the dull minded and the dim witted..
+der mann mann The suit and tie industry is on the skids. This is a slow but measurable process. Many public remarks have been made against suits by highly placed men, including big city mayors and governors in well known media like Fortune Magazine. Hardly any suit wearer today is aware than as late as the early 1960's, a HAT was an essential part of the suit costume. See earlier 1950s and 1940s movies, you'll see more and more men wearing hats with suits. The trend change in recent years has been to toss neckties onto the rubbish heap where they belong. Suit & tie manufacturers and outlet stores best find some suckers to transfer ownership to, before the trend takes suit purchases still lower (for the betterment of civilization).. I Provided my credit card number to buy a suit at this store. After about a month there are many fraudulent transactions in the area of that store using my credit card number. The credit card company investigating and blocked most of them. don't provide your credit card to buy online by phone.. menuseni seni sesai ] jakkards sureils shelly 7th the 11 and the 13 senars edmounds '[. vanttica textiles p.l.c, you suits looks not as good enough, we provide T/R T/R/W wool worsted fabric since 1984. if you need suiting fabric,contact with us. and we'd like recommend several suits manufacturer to you and make the clothes better. of course cut the costs for you..

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January 6, 2016
* The statements in this website have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. These products are not intended to diagnose treat cure or prevent any... i21
The Coming Race War in America - Washington Post

November 25, 2015
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October 31, 2015
Don't know which Arthritis Gloves work for you? Check our comparison chart : 18 Best Gloves for Arthritis by brand, features, design, seize, material... i23
Health & Beauty - Dream Products

December 17, 2015

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+TheVegan AndAnimalActivist Sorry for the delayed response here. Guthy-Renker does not test formulations on animals, thank you. -Phoebe, Proactiv Customer Care.

This stuff really does work! I had some that felt good on my face, but i had another that burned when i put it on my skin! Is there a reason for that.
+Crystal Lucas Hi there, we would like to learn more about your experience and assist. Please give our Skin Care Advisors a call at 1-800-985-4200. They will be able to better understand the experiences you had while using Proactiv and help. Please let us know if you have any questions, thank you. -Phoebe, Proactiv Customer Care.
My face swell up from the moment I applied the product on! Good thing they gave me a full refund back..

lmao just drink a lot of water, don't waste your money on these chemicals. Drinking water makes your skin clear, helps you lose weight, and detoxifies, a win win! Plus, it's natural, unlike this ish..

+Imani King We would like to learn more about your experience and assist. Please complete this online form: and we will be in touch with you shortly to help, thank you. -Phoebe, Proactiv Customer Care.

Proactive cleared me up super fast saw a change in day one. however I realized I forgot it one day and I broke out horribly. still fixing that mess but huge improvement. Nothing else has ever worked for me.

+Steven Duzit Some initial breakouts may occur when you begin using Proactiv as the active ingredients may be bringing impurities up and out of your pores, these breakouts should clear up quickly though. Please allow 6-8 weeks to begin seeing improvements in your skin. Also, feel free to call out Skincare Advisors any time at 800-985-4200 and they will be able to help answer any of your concerns while using Proactiv. Please let us know if you have any other questions, thank you! -Phoebe, Proactiv Customer Care.

+Proactiv Thank you, helped a lot. This is a really good product feels great right after I use it..
+Christian Deyoe Can we ask how long you were using it for and which products you were using With more clarity on your skin/regimen, we can figure out what may have happened. Were you also able to connect with Customer Service. I have been using Proactiv since 1998! It is an amazing product..affordable and really works...within a week my face was glowing and pretty i use it on a daily basis as a preventive of acne and also as my exfoliant...i love many times i have seen people of varying ages with vaying degree of acne and it make me want to reach out and tell them about this product but don't want to risk offending would be nice if proactive could include some business sized cards that could discreetly handed to an acne sufferer.. . +Joyce McKennon Hi Joyce, we are so happy to hear that Proactiv works for you! For the chance to star in a commercial, please send your before and after pictures to us at RealStories2 To tell other people how much you love Proactiv, please write a review here: Thank you for being part of the Proactiv family and sharing your suggestion, we will pass it along to our team. Please let us know if you have any questions, best wishes! -Phoebe, Proactiv Customer Care.

Shipping Restrictions - Swanson Health Products

October 29, 2015
Shop online for vitamins, skin care, makeup, supplements, beauty, hair care, health products and much more! Save up to 60% at i25
Top 18 Best Selling Amazon Arthritis Gloves Comparison...

December 21, 2015
Skin care at Skin Store : Shop over 9000 skincare products, SkinMedica, SkinCeuticals, Neocutis, Clarisonic and more. Pick Your Free Samples, Easy Returns. i26
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November 28, 2015
Biovea is the largest online retailer for buying supplements, vitamins, fitness products & supplements for pets online in the UK. Buy products like HCG, Melatonin... i27
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January 2, 2016

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Publications | Colorado State University Extension

October 18, 2015
Compare pharmaceutical drugs and health products prices and online pharmacy services i29
Leeds Market - All Products

November 6, 2015
Shop for beauty products, baby and child products, diet and nutrition products, and much more online at CVS pharmacy. i30
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October 19, 2015
Make Painful Tasks Easy Again! Soothing relief for arthritic hands. Treat your hurting hands to therapeutic warmth to ease pain from arthritis or carpal tunnel syndrome. i31 Dream Products Anti Arthritis Health Gloves...

January 5, 2016

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Forever Living Products Distributor testimonnials - Pure...

November 24, 2015
Rheumatoid arthritis (RA) is an autoimmune disease that causes the immune system to begin attacking tissues, especially cartilage in the joints. Various joints become... i33 - Vitamins, Skin Care, Makeup, Health...

October 23, 2015
Features completely hosted shopping cart software and ecommerce solutions. Offers merchant accounts, automatic responders, ad tracking and marketing tools. i34
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October 21, 2015
* The statements in this website have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. These products are not intended to diagnose treat cure or prevent any... i35
The Coming Race War in America - Washington Post

October 16, 2015

Comments about this video:

HOLY CRAP ! ! ! After video taping this, why on earth would they post it. He should be investigated and fined for tasting the broth and putting the spoon back it the pot. what other grossly unsanitary things does this IDIOT do. If nothing else this is a place to stay away from. GROSS ! ! ! .

+vic mon watch any of chef Ramsay's stuff. He will taste something then stick the fork back into the food and then tell someone else to taste it - WITH THE SAME FORK !!!!.

+Ali M. DC has a good mixture of different cultures and great food. One of the few cities in America that you can enjoy pretty much every culture's food. I love DC. .

Just rebranded soup in a cup concept. It's timeless. I'd add tiny breads for dunking, because maybe we could rebrand everything that goes with soup. Sandwiches even....

tyler hoitenga and Kathryn.. I do not say that all humans are predators but we have evolved past the diet of just herbivors. I do consider myself to be a predator of meats. You evidently do not consider yourself to be. It's a matter of semantics and choice. Animals are not equal to humans mentally or emotionally. But my discussion here is primarily pointed at choice. I don't want anyone trying to take or eliminate my choice of diet. The bigger difference between us and other animals is our ability of choice. I will not be swayed with discussion of internal differences in intestines or teeth. They are true but simple differences that do not change our ability to choose. I have tried to generously send you on your way with your choice in tact. It is obvious there is an agenda of mindsets here opposing the consumption of animal flesh due to feelings toward animals as if they have rights. It is my choice to say that they DON'T... The only rights of any kind they may have is what WE humans give them. We are the only ones that can give or take them since rights are a concept, a convention, a philosophy. They are not a solid tangible object. Animals cannot think on the same capacity as we do, so they cannot have ideas of philosophy. They might be able to create a plan of attack of their next meal and even communicate it to others but I seriously doubt you have ever met a lion, snake, or spider that wants to sit down and discuss the differences in what has rights or ability of choice. Please go enjoy your salads and leave us meat-eaters alone..
Don't think I want to drink something he tasted with spoon and then used the same uncleaned spoon to stir pot..
I will not eat there. he put the tasting spoon back in the pot. if you don't see it you don't know. I saw that nasty man..
+Helen Fontsere' I still drink my black coffee, too, in the morning. No reason broth has to replace that.. Bone broth is the new Acai berry. Basically just another retarded health scam where its proponents claim it can solve a whole host of health ailments without any evidence other than bs anecdotes. Bone broth is no different than eating jellow where the sugar is replaced with salt. Paleo fags constantly worship the lifestyles of people who died in their 30s.
to tyler hoitenga.. We, humans, are not herbivores. Our intestines are much like many of other creatures with a variety of differences as well. We have evolved past being only a herbivore. Like the Chimpanzees and Gorillas we will eat meat. It is our choice of diet. I for one, love animals. They are delicious... Some plants are too. But by choice I prefer a wonderfully cooked steak rather than a limp piece of asparagus. Don't get me wrong, I am a little biased toward beef, but many other animals can suffice dependent on my choice at the time and availability of the murdered animal corpse to devour. I am not squeamish about sinking my teeth into any kind of bird like chicken, turkey, goose, duck, pheasant, quail, most any kind of deer, elk, moose, bear, pig, lamb,and fish. I hope this gets my point across that I am a survivalist and common human with typical tastes for my diet common to my kind. I do not push my choices onto others to follow or abide by. Instead I hope they can choose for themselves. It is despicable to me when others do try to rob others of their rights by trying to pass laws to only view things as they do. If you wish to not include animals in your diet. Please feel free to do so, but, don't shove your leftist agenda down my throat... Have a great day, and God bless....

+Kathryn Mercier I'm sorry for seeming to attack you. I am a well educated person and my intent is not really at you, but rather at the Leftist that might read this kind of dribble. I simply will not stand by and not respond if I see my rights attacked in even the most subtle ways. Thanks....
Boil chicken thighs or drumsticks in a pot with some carrots or onions or celery, and some cilantro and/or cabbage. That's your bone broth for you, plus protein and veggies, and good mineral soup. I would probably still buy his though if I was in the area.. +Kathryn Mercier An animal or human doesn't need claws or sharp canine teeth to be a predator. There are many species other than mammals that are predators without these characteristics. You are convinced from someone's research and delivery of information that your argument is correct. So be it. I CHOOSE to say that you are not correct. At least in my opinion. To me, in this case, I choose to remain unmoved from your deductions and will feel satisfied that I have made a good attempt at stating my point that it is right to have the ability of choice to eat meat and we should not falter in any attempt to allow anyone to steal away such rights. My feelings are that HUMANS are, and should always be, considered more important than any other creature and no laws should ever be passed or enforced against anyone that has the right to consume meat as a preference or choice over any other substance available. To me, animal rights activists are as criminal as Hitler in trying to impose their will against other human beings. To prosecute or endanger other humans for the sake of animal rights, to me, is a crime against humanity. I am opposed to PETA and the SPCA and all that they stand for. Because I feel they care more for the welfare of animals than they do for the welfare of humans.. +Edd Starnes Without animal rights activists, people would get away with abusing their pets, breeding animal relentlessly in mills, selling animals illegally, endangered species would be lost, and so many more things. To say they are as criminal as Hitler is the most bold statement you could make. Hitler had no compassion. Animal rights activists have a compassion. Please stop being so egocentric. In case you haven't noticed, humans are the worst thing to have ever happened to this planet. We have literally wiped out more species than any mass extinction in the history of the earth. In case you also haven't noticed, humans are intricately tied to nature, whether you like it or not. One animal goes extinct, the entire food chain is destroyed. Take bees, for example. If the bees died out, we would die out shortly after. That is because bees pollinate ALL of our crops. Not a few crops, ALL of them. And they are dying because humans feel as though the world belongs to us and therefore we do not treat nature with the care it needs. Animal rights activists are trying to do the right thing, because they feel that all animals are important. Did you know, that almost every species on this planet would benefit if we were removed I am not a misanthropist, I have faith in my species, but people like you are questioning my faith. Eat meat, I can't stop you, but please do your research before making such ignorant statements. Peace.. If you know someone who needs/wants to lose weight, get heathy and make fantastic income from home in the process...take a good look at this...People are losing five pounds in 5 days...Also have gorgeous Shapewear!! Take a look!! You'll be so glad! The Paleo types will go for this. How much sodium is in this broth anyway The next fad/craze will be cow piss. You heard it here....
Dental health requires bone broth for remineralization of teeth which dentists say is not possible. They're all puppets of American Dental Association started by traitor Truman in the late 1950's. They started the rat poisoning via flouride of us at that time. So I ask you Which would you rather drink rat poison or bone broth I prefer bone broth, myself. For one thing, it has a nicer flavor. But besides that, it doesn't lower our I.Q. like flouride rat poison does..

+Raw Decathlete I drink a store-bought cup daily, banking on the odds that I'm doing enough. See Ramiel Nigel's "" website for details on this and more. Weston Price is a source that Ramiel Nigel uses. Weston Price, World's Greatest Dentist, How To Cure Tooth Decay.

IJnet is right that we do need to minimize the human growth number but we do need to plant more seeds daily along with breeding and raising more animals from consumption. The current food need is only growing higher by the day and every effort should be made to increase the food supply rather than try to reduce the sources..

Shut your holes about him sipping off the spoon then putting in back in the pot, that pot is boiling, well over 200+ Degrees, which kills any germs, god I hate idiots..
I drink broth when I have a cold and don't have the appetite for a whole bowl of chicken soup, and it has the same healing effect. But it is pretty delicious. I never thought about just sitting around drinking it everyday. But sorry, I will NEVER put down my coffee..
"OH NO HE DIDN'T", "Double dipped the spoon as he tasted the soup". Look for it, and he is not using gloves... Yuck!!! Now we know the secret ingredient... LOL .
+Jenny Titus Why not just take a shit in it too lol, man some people are just oblivious, must be all the fluoride they consume.. I disagree with doing this...There are other ways to get the health benefits without killing animals. Coffee itself is effective against is cinnamon and tons of other things. Do your research on it. Just consider that this is supporting factory farmings and that is making fellow animals lives awful while putting them through pain. Don't hate before you do your research on factory farming..
+~Taylor~ To really help the animals keep from being eaten by us, our compassion is not sufficient! Over 7 billion humans decimating the planet! You are not helping unless your actions are doing something to address human OVER-population, pollution and destruction! Have less kids! Make free birth control available for people WORLD-wide and give them that choice. That would save many animals/plants going forward..

+IJnet That's so absurd. We breed animals to suit the demand. They're not going to eat us. For human overpopulation I suggest adopting kids if you want them, or not having any. I plan on not having any. Animal agriculture is what harms humans, animals, and plants/ the environment the most. So just all more reason not to consume animal products..

if this becomes TRENDY and i have to pay $15/lb for BONES in the near future, im going to... what am i going to do. raise my own animals! i'll have to..
Ewwww, did he just dip the spoon he used for tasting back into the broth he sells people That's so groddy. And why would he do that shit on camera Lol . Fuck this shit, I'm sticking to my regular diet of veggies and tofu. It's making me feel a lot better than shoving animal flesh down my gob and slurping on liquefied gelatin anyways.. Oh, you hipsters... this "bone broth" you speak of, is what us regular people call "stock". How the hell do you guys think we make soup! We throw some bones in some boiling water and boom... "stock". Just because none of you hipsters have any real life skills, doesn't mean you can charge $5 a cup because you're proud of something you did yourself when every day people do this all the time. You understand you can buy a whole quart of "bone broth" in a store for $1.95... right How dumb is everyone. ACTUALLY, "broth" and "stock" are slightly different. Stock is simply the simmered liquid. Broth is when you add seasoning to the stock, as this guy added the infamously-healthy dose of garlic. Although, you are right in the sense that you could go to the store and make it yourself. But, why buy canned stock and make the broth at home when you can buy it freshly, professionally made It's like buying anything on the go: OBVIOUSLY making it yourself is CHEAPER, but eating out is still enjoyable even if it is a little more expensive. There's no hipsters in the equation. So, what exactly do you have a problem with. mmm rotting corpse and bones... no thanks i will gather and process and eat acorns for free. fuck this guy.

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December 7, 2015
Don't know which Arthritis Gloves work for you? Check our comparison chart : 18 Best Gloves for Arthritis by brand, features, design, seize, material... i37
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January 14, 2016
Comprehensive, doctor-reviewed information on a variety of health topics; hundreds of conditions are listed alphabetically, including acne, heart disease, back pain... i38
Shipping Restrictions - Swanson Health Products

December 23, 2015
Shop online for vitamins, skin care, makeup, supplements, beauty, hair care, health products and much more! Save up to 60% at i39
Top 18 Best Selling Amazon Arthritis Gloves Comparison...

December 26, 2015

Comments about this video:
...Hiii anyone.....I cannot tell you how often people tell me I look "so" tired. Since I have been using Maxelder Argan Cream my eyes look refreshed and bright! Its not greasy and is not heavily scented. I am am excited to continue using it to see it improve my crows feet! If you need here website w..nyarganoil.….c.... Sandra I am taking this supplement the pills will make you look 10 years younger.. Maxelder Argan Cream (w nyarganoil c) is very nice light face cream. My face just soaks this up and looks brighter and more youthful. I love how this feels on my skin.. Consumer beware: I recently ordered a free sample trail of Duplicell P199 with $10 shipping and handling charge, and my wife used it for over three weeks, but it didn't work at all. After our trail period was end, our credit card was automatically charged additional $89.95. This company doesn't want to refund your money. Consumer beware!!!. I am taking a anti aging supplement and I have had good results. I made a video about it anyone who wants to look younger needs to watch my video.. I bought Neutratone because it has all the ingredients name covered swears by (retinol, Vitamins A C and E and the peptides). I have to say Doctor Oz was right! This stuff really works. SCAM! I thought name covered was trustworthy, WRONG. If you order a free sample they will charge your card in 2 weeks, they charged me $96.59 TWICE ! That's NOT A FREE SAMPLE.
+Dena Neill Same here, I am trying to figure out what to do. I finally got a refund on the majority of the $200, but not complete, and it was definitely draining...the anxiety probably caused a lot more wrinkles! I haven't noticed any changes with my product. What I am wondering is what can we do-or what can I do This is unacceptable...states attorneys' office.

+NYCBG No, really! I learn a lot from name covered and having a skin care line, the information is very valuable to myself and my company. Great info in the video...really!. The guy is the epitome of a XXI Century snake oil peddler, for God's sake! Just how many supplements has he pushed already touting them as THE MIRACLE shortcut to weight loss Green coffee beans, Garcinia Cambogia, Forskolin...! None of it ever proven, yet it didn't stop him from (ab)using the TV soapbox to enrich himself pushing these worthless substances. . Every 3-5 months something new is advertised on Dr.Oz and I've purchased 2X a 2pk combination aging miracle...all that I have experienced is the cost!! I'm soon to be 45,most assume I'm 30.. but wanted help with hereditary darkness under eyes!! Keep your money,eat well,exercise all ND grow old the way our maker intended!. +Katerina Rodriguez I have a product that will help you get rid of all other product offers! Especially the miracle ones, like "reverse your age by 20 years in seven days", etc. Seriously, what is it with you, ladies In a country where law was enforced a snake oil peddler like this Oz guy would be in jail FOR LIFE! Just listen to him! And look at all his gadgets! The guy is a one man circus, except that he is raking in millions of dollars. And WHERE is all that money coming from FROM YOU! From YOU, ladies, from your vanity and, I must say, your inane and totally obsessive desire to "look younger"! Why So that you could capture a few shallow masculine heads THINK about it, ladies, THINK, for God's sake. So, you reel in a guy ("THE GUY") and he "loves" you because he is in love with your "20 yrs younger physique". Everything is already FAKE. He has fallen for a woman who does not exist. And you are that woman - in appearance "20 years younger", yet, in reality, at least 20 years older! You TRICKED him! You FOOLED him! Fantastic! This Oz guy is only exploiting your vanity, ladies. He realized, early on, that in order to make his (first) billion he just needs to be able to sell "good looks", preferably through a "free trial" scam! Perfect!!! I have to give it to him: the Turkish-American doctor name covered is a MASTER MANIPULATOR! Without question, he is one in a billion! (Wink! Wink!). Think about it, ladies! Oh, and make sure you dab on the "night cream!", right after you have scrubbed off the other one. Sorry, I can't remember them all. So far so good... So far - too far. And no good whatsoever..
i dont order one internet but really want you product can i have a phone number to order it please .

More vague, theorectical applications, but is it yet possible to replace wrinkled skin with smooth Despite the various before and after photos, I don't believe any cream can top good cosmetic surgery. Emphasis on good..
this is a scam!!!!! The free trial is NOT free. If you try and cancel your account they charge you.
+electricalsocket EXACTLY. Everybody who has been victimized has to file with the or nothing can be done and more people will be scammed.

Did name covered really recommend two skin creams for anti-aging and if so, what are the names of the creams Thanks for your help!.

if I were you I would just make your own, its cheaper and you can choose to put preservatives in them or not, you will get more bang for the buck.
I make my own, loaded with GOOD stuff, raw ingredients for face line, balm...! Nothing better on market than that! DIY These creams don't say how much of the "good" ingredients, and never mind the nasty chemicals added! NOT GOOD! love n light!. I will, not too mention my 35 lost pounds and COMPETITION READY body at 35 looking better than I did at 21! And all my crazy secrets... Keep posted!. +Dani Ollie Grape juice has resveratrol, without the alcohol. You can also get Resveratrol in peanuts, Blueberries, Red Grapes. Cancer, Liver Disease, Diabetes, Digestive disorders, etc. Look at the natural sources of Resveratrol instead of the Red WIne. . 1. Nutrition. 2. Water. 3. SPF 30+ 4. Exercise 5. Social and intimate connections. 6. Purpose to life. 7. Sleep. 8. Ongoing learning. 8. Not rocket science.. People in the future will have zippers so they can replace organs on demand but the real discussion yet to be had is what to do about the billion+ useless Negroes on the planet who will demand ~150+ years of life because "whitey be a racist.". +Clinton Gallagher Invite a Negro to dinner, but make sure it's one who is well educated and capable of refuting your stereotypes. . Be careful to read the terms and conditions. I ordered my "free trial" and have now been charged over $400.00. These companies will not accept a return of unopened product for a refund. Check out scambook before signing up for the "free trial"!!!. I almost went for it till I read the very fine, lightened print at the bottom...these folks want to charge $98 per month after the trial. Scam, scam, scam! And, they put name covered's name all over the website as if he endorses them. As he says on his show, unless it's on his website, these people are liars. So sorry you missed the fine print, and I sincerely hope it turns out well for you..
People want to look younger and it nothing wrong with that. If you eat right and train, you'll be healthier; however, if you are also using anti-aging cream that will allow you to look younger in the face. With a combination of eating the right foods and working out, you will feel and look younger..

Vitamin B-3, also known as niacin, have long been known to have non-skin related health benefits, but recent studies have shown that it have dermatological applications also. Because I recently purchased a Niacinamide cream from which act as a very good and effective anti-aging and anti-wrinkle solution. It help a lot in retaining moisture from skin..

Do NOT BUY NOVUS V facial serum...their $5 trial is will be charged $98 after 14 days AND be enrolled in their recurring purchase agreement. You will have to pay $1.95 to cancel your subscription. What a RIPOFF! My 83 year old mother fell for this SCAM. Shame on you NOVUS and shame on the name covered show for recommending this shady company!.
This combination broke out my skin. I never had any form of zits, and at my age, it ain't going down like that. My conversation with the representative was a joke. They took money out of acct. 2 times under different business names. I will never buy anything on the Internet, it's a scam. Cause they took mine. so you better be ware of whom your dealing with. I don't care if it was a name covered endorsement. Or the wizard of Oz. I'm broke out. Now that I stopped using it is actually going away. So you all do you. +Jimmy Nava​ No ma'am it doesn't. You could eat the whole bottle and it would be totally safe. Its made out off all natural ingredients and if you're referring to the oleander plant its not poisons. For example, there is different types of mushrooms like there is different types of oleander plants, some are poisons and some are not. .
The best thing I have found for erasing years from your skin has been Nerium AD!! I have tried every other skin cream that promises results and have not found anything that even comes close to the results I have had in a very short time using Nerium!.
Nerium is the way to go! If any body would like to check out how amazing this product is go to my website at (: . I guess it is a good strategy to promote anti-aging products on youtube videos like this. I see a lot of this has been done here..
Sharing Nu Skin products, ready to look years younger, If anti aging, what would you like to see different in your face what bothers you the most Baggy eyes, wrinkles, lines, age spots...etc. Do you think customers like guarantee Absolutely! Nu skin makes sense. I am able to sponsoring you earn 30% discount wholesale price on enter sponsor ID: US00333106 To purchase products ready to look years younger. .

Ya all these "recreated organs" will only be for the RICH! No one else will be able to afford it! Of course Ruth & name covered will have access!.
He never mentioned if you will need to take anti-organ rejection medicine. The questions will this be available to poor and middle-class folks..
We have learned more about Health in the last 10 years than we learned in the previous 2000 years Thanks to Dr.Oz & technology.
Channel 13 in Baltimore gave us Ruth, & Ruth gave us Dr.Oz & Dr. Phil, Thanks WJZ & Richard Sher..
What is it with middle aged woman and their obsessions with anti aging cream, they all want to look young in the face but someone should remind them when they lift their clothes off they missed a spot called the rest of their body and it looks horrible no amount of cream is going to get rid of the saggy tits, gunt and wrinkles.
Yeah. Someone should remind them. 'Cos they don't see it when they undress. Ignorant prick..
How Is RVTL AntiAging and Equinox Beauty Cream is a PERFECT SCAM, they advertise $4.95 shipping, and they do not deliver the product, and charge your credit card 100's of dollars every mouth even after you cancel your order. when you call they say here is a tracking number go resarch it and find the product and return it to us and we will credit your account ,agents are based in India (escape US crimibal charges) they hardly speak English and repat the same lines from the text book they have given by this crook company, I read from other peoples complains that they use different tactics like delivering the product (my case l never got the product)the time they choose to and put you into their time limit of return so they can chanrge you, i spent countless time trying to fix it, no lcuk, but I used Capitol One credit card and times l use American express that they protect us the consumers from these preditor companies, they yank the money right out of their account, my Credit agent on the phone was so frustrated with their attitude trying to fix the problem emicable way, but again no luck, Indian guy refused to give is his Employee ID number saying he is not allowed but the other one did, Read all the complains before you give out your credit card to anyone do not make the mistek l made.they are using name covered and his good name to promote this product ,I think you all do what l have done contact name covered e mail and inform him by this companies very questiable business practice of basicaly ripping off consumers from Europe to US. their phone line is super busy with consumer complains 24 hours aday, plan to wait on the hold for a while if you call, it is best to contac your credit card company. they answer their phone seen it in caller ID. DO NOT GIVE YOUR CREDIT CARD INFORMATiON TO RVTL or Equinox, they will steal your money and no product.

Calorie restriction isn't what is believed to cause longevity. The reduction of calories forces the body into reducing it's metabolic rate. For example, who lives longer the turtle, or the cat The mouse, or the elephant It is believed the slower your metabolism is the longer you will live. .
Good advise, however I have found the best results with Prolastil cream. I get it from my doctor's office, but my friends buy it online. The science is what is important behind this sort of thing. I like products that are proven with a money back guarantee. I use various other products for cleaning.. Healing your body from the inside-out is the only approach that brings lasting results and thus gives you some extra years to your life.. 2 kellyprestine1 Do a google search for Human Fibroblast Conditioned Media It's in your rejuvinating cream..
I totally agree. I don't think calorie restriction increases youth. I believe what they are looking at is simply a "correlation" and NOT a direct "relation". For example people that have reduced calories usually are eating healthier foods. These foods contain phytochemicals that could be helping with healthier cells. I think because name covered is a TV personality that that a lot of people like him need to resort to Flashy Over Simplifications to WOW the audience and get our attention for ratings..

Actually duplicating a spleen does come in handy. You take the spleen and get the B cells from it, then you fuse it with cancer cells which is then hybridoma and that will give off Antibodies in a tube so you really no longer need use animals much anymore, for those who take this approach. you can use these antibodies. You use the antibodies to test for antigen, which can tell you if you have a disease..

You should try True's the ONLY anti-aging skin cream that has the scientifically PROVEN anti-aging ingredients of Protandim in it! .

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Comments about this video:
A lot of information to absorb in such a short video. Suggest you seek funds from health authorities to make a longer more informative video. Many people need what to eat advice. Keep up the good work.. +Maryjane Sarmiento yogurt is okay preferably full fat but cereal drink has gluten in it so i would stay away. I said to my doctor i've got the shits,he said wait a minute and went out the room. He then came back with a big rod with a hook on the end. I said, crikey your not gonna shove that up my arse are you No,he replied, am gonna open the window you smelly bastard HA HA HA. I suffer from IBS, when they told me I did not understand anything, could not eat, all gave me pain, I lost 37 pounds. The hospital did not want to se me any more and the doctor told me: you have to learn how to eat. IBA does not kill you but will made your life miserable. After 2 year i could say that this syndrome is different for everybody and what maybe is bad for me, is not for you. So the video is good but you need to know what made you sick. . I have IBS I eat brocoli cauliflower lentils beans green red and even yellow peppers and it's all fine with me, what I really can't eat and drink is wheat, barley, rye, coffee, white wine and rose, any dairy product and deep fried food. sigh Notice how all of these foods are foods that naturally make you poop. These are not the cause of your irritable bowel syndrome it's all the other crap you're eating. Well, except for dairy. Dairy will fuck your shit up. Don't eat it..
My ibs was triggered by nearly all of these foods. I then lost 20 kg's in weight all of it fat by ELIMINATING SUGAR from my diet and eating meats, greens, legumes (catch it/find it/eat it diet) I steadied my weight between 82-85 kg's without trying and now I can eat all of these foods without any problem no matter how much of it I consume. BYE bye ibs. Reduce your sugar, its a killer. .

I once said to my doctor. "What is the most likely cause of IBS" and he replied "Food intolerance exacerbated by stress". I said "Any type of food" and he said "No, not really". So I said "What's the answer" and he said "There isn't a simple one as far as your diet goes"... "But", he added after a moment considering this seemingly intractable problem, "you might try giving up your office job and becoming a lumberjack"..
LOL, I really enjoyed your comment, which both had a punchline, and a serious message. Where do you begin with helping IBS, considering the different responses to each individual.
I do suffer from IBS. In relation to this list, I always suffer from beans, butter, lentils, all types of cheeses, and everything that involves cream or dairy. I also suffer intolerance to oats, wheats, coffee beans, cola nut, yeast (in beer), egg whites So as a result, I had to change my whole lifestyle but in a healthier way. I eat just fruits, vegetables and protein. All natural, and never any carbs or fatty foods.

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Comments about this video:

If you are using Skin Lighteners, you should really check ingredients. Many skin lighteners use harmful or toxic substances such as mercury or hydroquinone. When choosing a skin lightener use sites which only highlight safe creams. .

Hi I placed an order and my bottle of ag3 came empty it seems as if it had spilled out during the shipment. What should I do...please respond. Thank you. .
Well only on one occasion did she put make up on the wrong side. The other shots were her right side. If it works that's great. If not then its a total waste of time..
The spot is shown on the right of her face, but she is applying the cream to the left side of her face. I think this is fake..
2 WolfEyesatNight don't be stupid, it's showing her applying it in the mirror, so the picture is reversed. . i just purchesed it! wish me luck! i have sun brown spot. 30 refund policy! if it is not working i can get my money back i guess! lol .
A dark spot like this can be removed by your dermatologist.on your routine skin exam, When you get a skin exam for Cancer, ask your doctor to freeze it. He zaps it for 2 seconds and in 3 days it completely disappears. .

Awo0o0ow i really i'm so interesting to by this cream i have sunburn in my nick :( can u tel me where i can find this creamplz....
I have tan skin. When its healed will my skin come back tan or will it look white or pink or something. 2 WolfEyesatNight When she was applying it it showed a mirror reflection, while when she was walking an stuff it showed no mirror reflection view i thinkk anyway lol O.o. ok guys! i am back with my result of using agederm! i got it and used it about week morning and evening! i had two spots! it is gone now! new skin is pink and getting better! sun spot is gone! happy!! i am not with this company! i am just random customer! if you want to know more of my story let me know! . please you idiots, she is looking in a mirror. have you ever used a mirror it creates a MIRROR image..
2 WolfEyesatNight When she was applying the cream, the camera was zooming her reflection in the mirror...LOL... see one more time....
2 WolfEyesatNight No, Since the application is shown in the mirror which is on the left side as that is the effect of a mirror!.

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Comments about this video:

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Comments about this video:

Great video for this time of year! I like to play around with all kinds of body lotions and potions and find most work best for me if I apply a coat of cocounut oil before I leave the shower and then just give myself a quick rinse before I get out. Then I pat dry and use whatever lotion of the day I choose. That quick rinse gets off the "heaviness" of the coconut oil but really enhances the other lotions I put on. My derm suggested CereVe SA cream and that works well as it exfoliates and moisturizes. I think just being consistant with mositurizers is important. I also try to drink more water to moisturize from the inside out and use a whole house humidifier attached to our furnace. I also use a whole room humidifier in my bedroom and a small tabletop cool mist humidifier on my nightstand. Helps with dry nose and sinus too. It might seem a bit much but it works for me! Big hugs, Susie.

I like that you share the winter products you use but some of what you mentioned seems to be unavailable to Americans..

Crazy Miss Tammy! I am loving your dry skin video and hope that you will do an update for Winter 2015! Thank you very much for all of your fantastic tips!.

You are so pleasant to watch...and love your information! Also I am a "dry skin" person too... Not so common I find...Thank you thank you for your "happy" ness and sharing your knowledge... :).

Enjoyed your wealth of knowledge!! :) Wondering what cream you are putting on your neck...I need something for my neck too!! Thanks pretty lady!!.
Tammy, I really appreciated this video because I have extreme problems with dry skin. I wish I could find these products that you use. When suggesting products, would you mind posting the web sites if available in your info box a t the bottom. Thank you very much! I mentioned in a note to about the Neutragena Seseme oil that is wonderful for legs. I shower but don't dry my skin until I apply the oil. There is something about trapping the water on your skin with the oil that really helps my legs. This winter season I have been having much trouble with my face. I have been using the Cetaphil moisturizing Crete on my face at night after my shower. Same process, damp face and just enough crime to soak into my skin. Be careful because it is greasy. I plan to search my computer for places to order the French products you suggested. Also, about every 18 months I go to Saint Thomas and Martanique (spelling). I will be looking for all of these French products when I go.Thanks again and much respect for your knowledge! Jane N.C. - U.S.A. (Siblings in Florida).
Lived for years In Syracuse, NY - worked all over Upstate. I understand Winter.. Like you. Great tips.. Miss you.. Hope You are ok .

Tammy, thank you so much for suggesting the Eco Tools gloves. I bought a pair after watching this video and I had to get two more just to stash away. They are great!! My skin is so much smoother than it was prior to using them. I've had my original pair for about two months and it is still going strong. I wash them and either lay them in the sun to dry or I'll toss them in the dryer. Great purchase! Thank you!!.
Nice videos, thank you. You are "tres chic"and beautiful and you inspire me in taking more attention to my beauty and health regime ( I am 49). I love Avene Trixera creme, it's thicker andmore hydrating than the cold cream. I use it all year long, e7en in the summerwhen the skin becomes dry after swiming.. Hi Tammy. Missed watching your videos so caught up with this one. Your hair is absolutely beautiful in this video. Hope you are well. Sherylynn.
Hello Tammy my skin is mixed and my skin body is dry especially in winter. morning and evening I put in massages huile corporelle d'Avéne and every morning soin corps Caudalie. I thing you huggs bisous.
I recently found this cream and it's wonderful it's the Gold Bond Ultimate Restoring CoQ10, it contains Vitamins A C E and ceramides. It does have a slight odour and at the beginning I wasn't sure but now I don't even smell it anymore and it does go away in a short period of time. I have dehydrated skin and it works beautifully . Happy to hear that... I just wish they would do away with the smell, thanks for responding to me. :) .
Hi Tammy! When you mention dry skin around the eyes I wanted to shout out that Mt Rose Herbs Organic pomegranate seed oil really helps to moisturize and give that sensitive skin what it really needs with a high dose of Vit E. I think you would love it:) It also helps your lashes to grow and come in a lot fuller. Emily.
I recently purchased some of the Avene products and I am in love. With dry over 50 skin I needed help with replenishing moisture to my skin. I was wondering what toothpaste product you use. With so many chemicals I was hoping you had an alternative to commercial brands..
Tammy you are not going to believe this but I wrote a blog post today about dry hands in the winter time and I talked about a product call "Working Hands" and let me tell you it has saved my skin hands and feet for years...give it a try...thank you for teaching us how to love our skin more and more❤️.
Hi, here is the link: Thank you for your interest...leave any comments or suggestions it will help me a lot. Have a great day!. +D Smith I started using it when their container was white with blue letters and love it. There is nothing better for dry skin feet and hands. Have a great day:-). Well your winter sounds like mine, after your video I got out from the closest, the Corps de Creme Kiehl, the exfoliating gloves, hydrating masks and ampoules. For the lips LaRoche Posay nutritic, for my hands exomega a-derma cream which I use with my parrafin bath. I am so please with the rosehip seed oil from Mountain rose herbs wow love it, my skin look so good love it. Now I need to shop for Avene at Shopper and change my summer skin care for the winter. Thank you for the list it is helpful. By the way you look toute belle, really toute belle. Good evening et bisous from me Denise..
I am so delighted that you love Avène as much as I do...The pharmacies are stuffed with them here in France (well they would be wouldn't they!!!!) so for once = I am able to buy something easily which you cannot!!! I feel really mean saying that...I think perhaps it won't be long before the US "lets it in", when the $s are sorted with France !!.
When it comes to pharmaceuticals (drugs and cosmetics), the US is in the dark ages. Very frustrating. So difficult to buy items that are every day items in Europe..
+Annette Barletta I can sympathise...But, there are many products which Uppiesbeads59 tell us about which are not available here or in the UK, so...It is swings & roundabouts & all determined by the £ or the € or $s = companies policies I think!!.
I'm loving the cleansing balm/oil Eve Lom!!!!! Such a treat and it offers a great time to massage your face! .
Here is a most wonderful marvellous super-nourishing cream from Perlier. " Imperial Honey " with live Royal Jelly. It works and smells out of this world. Made in France but you can order it on HSN. Around $60..
Two things I always take away from a CMT video- a sudden need to run to TJMaxx and major hair envy :-) I just did a hair masque last night, had never done one a day in my life until I started watching you Tammy, now I'm hooked.. Such a nice video.. I live in Texas and our temps drop down to the low 20's and it just kills the skin here because it is very humid already during the summer. The winter months are dryer :-(.. I use coconut oil on my skin before I go to bed and that helps so much.. Great for the lips as well.. ;-) Love all the goodies you are showing..Cant wait to give some of them a try....
Thanks for your very thorough video. I'm going to have to try some of the products you mentioned, especially the Caudalie items. Anyways, perfect timing with your video. Where I live in the Midwest, we have had snow off & on in the past month. It's taken a toll on my facial skin. My face currently feels like someone doused gasoline on it & it's burning. I had jaw joint surgery some years ago, & I ended up having RSDS - CRPS after that surgery - meaning that my body reacts hypersensitively to many things whether it be extreme weather elements, bumps, falls, hits, etc. What my body could normally take & have healed in short time frame, now is totally different - meaning slower healing time, more pain, & more skin issues as well. Anyways, this past week has been horrible for my skin with the Winter weather. You mentioned a lot of Avene skincare products. I have to say that I was glad you mentioned Avene. I've tried so many skincare brands & products. I consider myself an experimental guinea pig in many departments. And I have to honestly say that Avene is one of the best skincare brands out there. If I had to recommend one brand for people to try to help alleviate, calm, restore, or heal some of their irritable skincare problems, I would not hesitate to highly recommend Avene. My favorite products of theirs is Avene's Cold Cream lip balm. It's the best lip balm in the world. It calms the skin on my lips & lip area. It's the most comforting lip balm out there. These winter months, I've also used Kiehl's lip balm, but if you had to use only lip product for the Winter months, I'd say Avene Cold Cream lip balm as you said in your video. I second what you said in your video. I also have Sara Happ's lip scrub as you said. ELF Cosmetics also has an exfoliating lip product as well. I also like to use Vaseline's lip therapy & just regular Vaseline on my lips & face area as well to help with dryness. Also coconut oil helps as well. For cheaper alternatives, I like to use Palmer's Cocoa Butter Formula with Vitamin E Skin Therapy Oil. I use that every day on my face & have done that for years since the surgery. I also recommend products with Calendula. Kiss My Face & Jurlique have good products with Calendula that help with dry, irritable, hypersensitive facial skin. I have tried & used both of them. Skin products with combination of honey & calendula are good for dry skin. Also, another dry skin product I highly recommend is Thentix - A Touch of Honey Skin conditioner. My sensitive skin has reacted well to this & you can apply this to your face & other dry areas of your body. For body washes, I like to use Dove's Winter Care body liquid soap. Also, Keri's Alpha bath oil is soothing & good for the skin. Tree Hut's Brazilian Nut body scrub is good for exfoliating the skin while you're in the shower or bath. You mentioned Josie Argan. Yes, Josie Argan's products are good. I have many of her skin oils. You also mentioned some hand products. I need to try Caudalie's products as you mentioned in your video. Some hand products I use to help calm chapped, dry, splitting, bleeding winter skin on hands are: O Keeffe's Working Hands Cream, Mavala Switzerland's hand cream, L'Occitane's dry skin or shea butter hand creams, & I like to sometimes use aloe infused gloves & socks for the hands & feet sometimes like to use paraffin treatments - home - I have some paraffin products from Avon cosmetics that I have used for my hands & feet. And when you go to the nail salon if you are able to go once in a while - hand & foot scrub & paraffin treatments are good. You mentioned Bioderma. I've heard a lot of good things about that brand. I have to try that brand as well. Anyways, I empathize & can relate to you about having dry skin & dealing with winter & cold climate weather. Thanks for making a nice, helpful, & informative video. I wish you a Happy & Safe Holiday season. :-).

These are off the wall tips. Use a shower filter. Filters start at $20.00. This will removes harmful chlorine & vapors that damage skin, hair and lung tissue and accelerate ageing. Your skin & hair will feel & look better. Another is try a lemon & sugar scrub. You can mix FRESH lemon & sugar in you palms & just scrub away. Your hands will feel so soft & smooth. I use it on my face but I have oily skin. You could try the scrub on the cotton pad for face. The last is the Arkansas Natural Nail File. Their Heel & Callus Stone is great for using on rough heels & calluses. Love your videos! Thanks.

I swear by a body butter from a local (Pittsburgh-based) indie brand. Also, Tatcha's Indigo hand cream is marvelous!.

I get drier but not massively dry. I live in the Pacific Northwest, rain, milder weather, most days. The only changes I make are using the CeraVe hydrating cleanser, a rose hip oil blend cleanser, & a richer more hydrating moisturizer (all depends what I have at the time) with all the other things I do, masks and such. I make sure to exfoliate more and use a nice vitamin spray during the day if I feel dry. I use Dove deep moisturizer shower wash, too, seems to help. Wonderful video, thank you for the ideas to help with winter. :D.
Gosh, I live in N.C so I guess we have mild winters but my skin feels itchy, tight and very sore during the cold months so I use very rich creams by either Estee Lauder or Lancome.. They sell a lot of Avene products on Amazon. I've never had any problems with getting beauty products from Amazon.. Fantastic Ideas! Great video. I live in Texas but I'm a big baby and start feeling "Crocodilish" as soon as it's cold and rainy. Thank you...xo.
I love Liz Earle's Cleanse and Polish, the Nip & Fab cleanser is also really good and available at Target. x.
Hi Tammy. What a great video! Really got me thinking. My hands suffer most in winter. They crack and peel and I would wear cotton gloves over thick cream all day if I could! I will definitely try the Avene products. They are readily available here in Ireland. Great to hear such reliable reviews. Have a great day.xoxo Daphne. . A definite must have for me every winter is a humidifier! I think it helps keep my skin from getting dry. I live in Texas, so not too bad in winter. As soon as my skin starts feeling dry, I get it out. I also repurchase a new one every two years to make sure I'm getting clean mist. I love the Tree Hut body scrubs. Before finding Tree Hut, I used Origins. I get a much more luxurious scrub for $6 than the Origins which runs about $30 and the Tree Hut is double the size!! Be well Crazy Tammy! xxxooo. Tammy I know you did not mention tea tree oil. But I been looking for it. Do you know where I can purchase it.. thank you bellissima Tammy for yet another rich video full of delicious lovable information! Caudalie is on my wishlist since I first heard you mentioning it, and I shall look for Biocyte, may have to order it from northern europe. As for Avene, I have been having a love affair with the water spray for years now, I always have a huge bottle in the fridge all through the summer, and in general I just spritz it on whenever I feel like it. I have also used their cold cream balm for lips, fabulous. Yes my lips and hands seem to be among the body parts that suffer the most through winter...I can get really painful cuts on my lips...You have made me want to try the other Avene products as well! I am really bad about putting cream on the rest of the body...really need to work on that. thank you for showing us a way to love ourselves...Here it is always so terribly humid all year long (my hair and the frizz sigh one of my worst nightmares) summer super hot, winter not that cold as more up north, but I hate hate hate hate the cold, would rather hibernate through winter, so I still suffer it a lot wishing you all the best in your life, bisous! Me-drippy-nose-too! :-).
Coconut oil saves my skin in the winter and is very affordable. I mix with my coffee in the morning and also apply topically. Helps with my dry skin. Thank you for the video :-).

I love the Guerlain Abeille Royale Face treatment oil too! It really is fabulous! Also I have a OMG must try... I got a DAME powder, and I added about a tsp.of it to my face cream morning and night...WOW I could tell a big change in my fine line's & wrinkles in just a few days! I will continue to do this for sure! I got the DMAE powder from the same place I get my Vitamin C powder, and my Hyaluronic acid powder..
BulkSupplements Brand Product from our Amazon Store. Sorry Liza, I just saw this, I was away and then sick. .
I've watched this video several times and my shopping list is pretty long! Thank you, could listen to you all day xxx.

This video was so helpful, I have such dry skin and I live in Canada so I can relate! Thanks for the tip about Avene, I will go to Shoppers DrugMart today! Thanks for doing this great video..

Caudalie is NOT cruetly free! They sell their products in China, just fyi for anyone that is interested..

Hi Tammy, been a subscriber about a year and I just thoroughly love watching you! I have gotten so many tips and ideas and really appreciate what you do. So, thank you! One question. You always refer to a lovely lady named Joelle and that she sent you this that or the other. Who is Joelle Just curious since I have never heard you say who she is. Thank you again for keeping us educated on how to take care of our beauty, inside and out! Blessings, Cathy G. .
I love all of your videos! I'm 53 and it's great to watch you:). You are so informative. . Can you recommend a hair mask that I can put on my dry hair at night I use oil, but I wold like a mask as well. Thank you..
Thank you for this video. Very educational :) Skin on my face is pretty oily, so I LOVE winter when it gets a bit more normal :) However, my body, especially my hads and feet, get crazy dry to the point it's itchy all over. I like to use The Body Shop body butters for dry to very dry skin, they work for me and they smell amazing. They are very expensive though and hard for me to get so this year I bought La Roche-Posay lipid-replenishing body balm (anti-irritation, anti-scratching) and hope it will work just as good..
Tammy I get terrible horrible dry skin around my eyes!!! I've tried so many things, makes me look flaky and wrinkly HELP. I love Avene "Especially" Avene Eau Thermal Spring water spray I use it throughout the day..
Thanks again Tammy, l never really knew the order of products. And by the way masking has been helping my skin,mind and spirit. .

Publications | Colorado State University Extension

October 24, 2015

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Leeds Market - All Products

January 15, 2016

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HOW MindMaster WORKS: MindMaster flashes customized images and affirmations on your MAC or PC. You can select from billions of images, and create your own affirmations in seconds. These then flash "subliminally" on your computer at time intervals you select whenever you use your computer. There are thousands of custom categories you can select from or create. Please see our online demo www.MindMaster.TV Sincerely, Tony Dosanjh.
I bought mind master roughly 22 days ago. Before I bought it, I was extremely skeptical so I've done my research and found hardly any cons. Ive dealt with anxiety since 1999. I have used self help programs and spent over 500 dollars on them which help me cope. A lot has happen in my life, my father past away just a few months ago and my mothers health is not up to par and also my married life with a son and another on the way and my workplace is stressful and on it goes...I needed a change in my overall life handling so I bought mind master. First night I used it with just subliminal flashes every 2 seconds...I fell asleep and woke up without that depressive feeling I usually get in the morning. I was shocked and my negative train of thought has lost its grip on me along with the negative belief system which isn't as habitual and obsessive. I couldn't believe it. I'm now on day 23 and I'm out in the present moment without the constant obsessiveness on worries and the famous "what if" negative belief system. You would have to try it for yourself. It already change my life and my family noticed it the second day. Mind master really works. I would almost pay whoever reads my message just to try this program. This program truly is my savior and an answer to my prayers. I'm speechless due to how these subliminal messages really works... the affects is totally beyond my comprehension. I promise promise really promise you that you'll experience a life changing experience the first day. I'm so happy and I feel it deep down inside too. Ask me anything and I will respond. God bless..

Thanks for your comment. I am glad you are doing well and sincerely appreciate the comment. Tony Dosanjh.
I quite smoking and got my ass in the gym. I used NOTHING. Just discipline and dedication and I feel great.. We have upgraded and Improved MindMaster for 2016. Please visit www.MindMaster.TV for a 100% FREE Trial: Thank You to Dr. Deepak Chopra for liking MindMaster.TV, and our Facebook Fan Page where comments are posted daily by over 36,000 fans from around the world who are achieving Success… You can also see Scientific Studies from Cornell University & Success Stories from Olympic Gold Medalists, World Boxing Champions and Top Personal Development Coaches who are using MindMaster.
Thank you for posting this video. I enjoy helping people with anxiety, depression and OCD. It is always nice to see others being so helpful to those in emotional pain. Also enjoy teaching people the effects of positivity. Thank you for this post!.
Can I use this program to help train my brain not to concentrate/think of the tinnitus noise. 3:36 : Robot Voice Really those who say it does not work will never make it work. you must choose to make it work.
We don't realize the power of our conscious mind. Once we learn the mechanics of it, we can start to manifest a reality we never thought was possible..

Thank's scary, goverment has the top in everything, and big corporations sure are'nt shy to use such for sale power. They all want to weeken us to control (classic history). Yes our mind, pineal gland, are influenced by suttle and gross (fluoride) chemicals..
guys i overcame my anxiety 100%. i can assure you 100% that you can do it ! YOU REALLY CAN DO IT !!! just never resist any negative feelings even if its crying or panic attacks or depersonalization because resisting them amplifies them and makes them stay there longer, understand that you are not responsible of your thinking and ITS OK TO HAVE NEGATIVE THOUGHTS OR SCARY THOUGHTS even normal people have them. relax it takes time. you can do it :). Im having anxiety and panic attacks. Right now im having medication xanor. Can you help me how to get rid of this anxiety Please help... +Gerrald Fortea I have had the same trouble. The best thing is to balance your hormones with the right diet. Avoid caffeine, sugar, alcohol and wheat. Eat RAW FOODs which are very calming.. This is really a nice program. But i don't use computer for more then 1 hour a day. Is there any software to download it into the mobile phones That would be really helpful:). just get rid of your television and get your mind back..stop putting your needs into the hands of if you need to gen if you dont need to gen up..
+Aquila Aer ahh..yeah...i am not an expert on this, but as soon as you see how money orientated it is...which means you can't trust whoever is charging you for the pleasure as it will be all on a cd or dvd... then you have to remember once upon a time not so long ago, there were no such thing as cd or dvd and even television was rare..or at least only B & W in the 1960's and eary 70' books have been the best source of learning unless you lived next door to Mr Plato..or Mr Socrates, or Mr Aristotle oh, and as long as the book is a true account that is not re-historic (i like that haha! re-historic!)... .
When you reprogram your subconscious mind which is NOT YOUR BRAIN...You are in fact reprogramming your belief systems in your QUANTUM DNA...We gotta get it right...the brain is yesterdays news...The DNA is where it is at. +Rocky Krogfoss How so! DNA is a blueprint that is set from the moment we are conceived...Are you saying that DNA can be reprogramed...How.
I have been using the program for about 3 weeks now to help me with stress and anxiety. I do definitely feel an improvement and feel less stress, and my thinking is more positive. Not sure if it is psychological but either way I do feel better..
Unfortunately this is what the media have been doing to us for years by watching fearful news, we then become fearful. Realize that it is just thought and take its power away. Even better don't absorb anything fearful. You can choose to only hold on to the happier thoughts, you will then start to feel better. Just be aware of your own thinking!! This method seems a good way to start practicing, but you can do it your self, You have a very powerful mind!.
I've noticed I'm more focused and my concentration is better so far. As for the rest, I will have to wait and see. .
I've had terrible anxiety and panic attacks now for 10 months, i get negative thoughts and then weird feelings and then have a panic attack, Can anyone help me Also i am supposed to be going to university next year and i am so scared of giving presentations to groups, the last time i had to do one i ran out of college having a panic attack. I constantly feel like nothing is real. Always anxious too. I hate being in public places too.. Fascinating. I too am learning about the powers of the subconscious mind. I love the idea of seeing affirmation flashing on your computer screen. I am on the computer 8+ hours a day! I could integrate this into my current schedule so much easier than half an hour of meditation. .
how do we know that you're only showing the appropriate pictures that supports only the goal we wanted.
+Grace Faith I'm a Christian as well. But I really do grow tired of people like you,that think people should have NOTHING as a tool for self improvement except asking God for it.God gave us a brain that can be programmed or infleuenced in many ways.Might as well program yourself to think positive and be sucessful.. anything u want..ask an it shall be gavein..but believed tho\ i read the power of the Subconscious its all truth... but i believed in god too . I was so skeptical about this program...I've been screwed up the ass by other similar programs...I bought the program and in hopes this guy doesn't screw me too...its been 2 months and I'm beginning see a few results...I'm doing better than before, so its working...Do I recommend it Yes, I have seen little results...worth the few bucks its worth.. Hi, will the program work on Linux (especially Ubuntu, Linux Mint, Fedora, OpenSUSE and Mandriva), iPhone/iPad and Android.
Hey Tony, john daly here!! 1 of your first, and still using it for anything new that comes up!! this was a life saver and changer for me. great to see such success for you brother!!! lovelightblessings .
YES: You can translate the programs or add affirmations in your own language if you want, but if you slightly understand English you will not have to: Your subconscious mind will understand and is much more perceptive than your conscious mind. You can also add images which are understood in ANY language. MindMaster.TV.
Deepak Chopra 'liked' MindMaster...that's pretty awesome. How could I use MindMaster for my online Indonesian students to achieve success Can it be incorporated into home education content.
this man quite smoking by using mind master program, that's great ,I want to quit smoking, and have other good habit to change my life, I know this period is very important for me and for my family, I really want to change something for them, I want quite some bad thing instead of good things going forward. this is my dream. .
You can try the program free of charge by visiting MindMaster.TV. There are no monthly or yearly charges. You pay for the program once and you own it :) MindMaster.TV.
I really enjoy this topic! I am a Health and Life Coach as well as a Reiki practitioner and reallyi believe in the power of positive thinking and the belief that our thoughts create our reality. Wonderful subject to be exploring! :-). i specify the role of gratitude which is to my opinion the must accessible and powerful tool to create a magical life. I just purchased your product. I'm really excited to see the progress! Your mind is the most powerful operating system in the world, put it to good use, let's see what we can do! :). YES: You can translate the programs or add affirmations in your own language if you want, but if you slightly understand English you will not have to: Your subconscious mind will understand and is much more perceptive than your conscious mind. You can also add images which are understood in ANY language. MindMaster.TV . Your mind thinks is pictures: So yes adding pictures is a powerful thing to do. Also you have heard the saying "a picture is worth a thousand words" MindMaster.TV. Indeed! Gratitude it's the best way to "pray", not asking, just feeling grateful with the feeling we already have everything (;.
Our subconscious can affect a great deal our life, when we think we can do it, we can really do it. .
We are not our thoughts, we are not even are physical body. We are the one that hears all are thoughts, the silence in between them. Once you connect with your soul, your real self, only then will you be able to understand people.. Hy, MindMasterInc I've found this therapy very interesting, I want to try it but when I got into your web page and I tried to pay I found that there's only option for USA and Canada, and I'm in Mexico. What can I do if want to afford it. me too.. Cold turkey... Haven't smoked a cigarette in about ten years.. I just quit... threw a whole pack away... and never looked back.. but I sure need mind master for other things like deep seeded wording from parents... and lovers... and people that mattered that said some real hateful stuff that I believed and it keeps popping up.. I want it gone... I'm a fluent English speaker but my first language is spanish, so I have to reach my subconscious mind in Spanish . Will it work on me My english is not that good, and i always feel sad because of my spine condition which restrict me in doing lots of things, and causes me to lose confident to mix around with people.. I have severe "Claustrophobia" this something that would work for me. My main closed in fear is "elevators". .
amazing! Do you guys have an affiliate program I am also interested in interviewing someone about this product for one of our sites which is about personal development. Please check it out from our channel so we can hook up an interview. Thanks ! Edina Jackson .

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November 4, 2015

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Super hair food product is truly fantastic I have used other shampoos in the past with promises of thicker, fuller hair, however superhairfood has been the first product where I have seen noticeable improvements in the first week. Very pleased with this shampoo. In fact, my whole family loves this shampoo due to the way it smells and makes your hair feel. The only shampoo we will be using from now on. I get it usually from w…superhairfood….c. Dream Products Anti Arthritis Health Gloves...

December 25, 2015

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Forever Living Products Distributor testimonnials - Pure...

October 17, 2015

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November 5, 2015

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i got this ring a few days ago and its beautiful. would recommend to any person who likes gadgets and jewellery :P. yeah its definitely good quality so dont worry about that :) just dont do what i did and buy it at slightly the wrong size. had to send it back which cost me for delivery but the exchange was free so theyre a good company :). The video about the patented Gear Ring is good,seeing that the ring is stainless steel and that it can turn in unison.. Be a walking 'Game of Thrones' opening sequence! YES!! Dum dum der der dum dum der der dum dum.
I cannot make a decision without spinning this thing... this ring is solid and durable. Had mine for 2 years. Kinekt's customer service really ROCKS too. If you are a thinking person, BUY this. Lifetime warranty the gears and spin are smooth until today. Thinking of getting the necklace for my girlfriend. (Ring is spinning...).
i've only washed it in hot water, with light brushing with a baby's toothbrush. Never oiled it. .
Incredible customer service, and solid, beautiful design. Bought my wife the necklace version too for Christmas, she was stoked!.

Now paint a red skull in the middle of the gear then you got yourself a gears of war ring which looks awesome.

Lol. How do you guys like this thing Do you really find this cool or up you are all well paid trolls in the retail .

+Marquiese Gilmore I'm with you, man... It's a funky bit jewellery! I'd be twiddling that with my thumb every minute of the day without even realising.

+Adam Jakeman They ship worldwide for free, so the price will still be in dollars but that's around £105..
Pretty cool ring! I literally stumbled on it just surfing through some youtube videos. Dang!! 8 million hits holy crizzzap! So, here's my wallet. Take what you need, but give me one of these AWESOME rings!!!. Love it! I would buy one but I would want a bracelet to go with it. Don't feel right just wearing a ring on my right hand. I need the bracelet as well. Please design one or I will! Thanks!. Yes, it looks cool, so by wearing it you can strike up a conversation and be known as the guy with the cool ring, until, one of your buddies gets one for himself, then you're just both the guys with cool looking rings, but neither of you is unique until one of you moves to a different circle of people who where there's only one of these rings in existence. It would be cool if the ring's design also served a function, such as tightening or loosening around the finger by turning the gears. Still, I'd totally buy one if I had the extra dough, knowing full well that I'll be the unique guy with the cool ring until one of my buddies buys one. Even though they're a bit pricy they're still much more interesting than your typical jewel encrusted gold ring. . I'm in to my 8th month of wearing this as my wedding ring, it is holding up really well. Love spinning it with my thumb, lots of compliments. Don't hesitate guys, just follow the sizing chart closely before you order. (Sept 2014). Wow! I could see a lot of uses for this ring, including diamonds embedded over the gears that turn (can you say bling)...and a lot more stuff. Neat idea. JE Nashville, TN.
I ordered one of these rings for my son for Christmas. He absolutely loved it. I loved the top-rate customer service and prompt replies to my emails. Definitely worth every penny!.

Really nice invention, idea and finished product. Kudos! But seriously, If you want kids to buy this, you gotta loose the hairy man fingers..
I dont and have never worn jewelry but this ring could be the first piece Ive ever wanted to have. Great for say a smoker trying to give up and looking for something to occupy his hands :).
I ordered this ring for my husband and within the hour the company notified me to make sure I ordered the correct ring size (I accidentally ordered a size 5, meant to be a size 9). They fixed my error right away which prevented me much frustration and disappointment, especially around Christmas time. They can also do custom half sizes for a small additional fee. I was stoked that they do free shipping and am now more pleased with their above and beyond customer service!! I wish more companies would take the initiative that this company does. They also sent me a tracking number and my ring will be here in 3-5 days, around Christmas!!! I am so happy I ordered this. I highly highly recommend this company!! -Very satisfied customer. A.G..
+Glen Kinekt Not worth a 175 fucking dollars I can tell ya that! The gears are meant to distract people from it being nothing but an overpriced adolescent toy!. Why are the gaps so big between gears It would be cooler and more technical if you had 8 or 9 gears, almost rubbing opposing teeth together. I'll skip it until then :].
I ordered this gear ring for my husband and he loves it (so do I)! It's a great gift and their Kinekt customer service is outstanding! Thank you to the entire Kinekt team for your A+ services (and products)!!.

My Wife just got me one & I love it. I've been a Machinist for over 30 yrs, this kind of craftsmanship really impresses me.
I can't stop playing with it. It's very clever. Are you working on some new designs I love things like this.
I ordered a gear ring as a Christmas gift and received a shipment > confirmation within hours of placing my order. I ended up ordering the > wrong size and emailed to ask what to do in order to be positive that I > would receive the ring in time for Christmas. I received a reply to my > email within 20 mins of sending it! I received the ring in the size that > I need on Saturday and I'm positive that the person receiving it will be > thrilled. Thank you so much for your amazing customer service and unique > products. Happy Holidays to all of you! >.

Sure it's 165 dollars but honestly I have owned it for over a year and can't tell you the value of the conversations it starts. On top of that it is made in house by a group of caring people that will go to no ends to make sure you are happy. I cannot say that for any company I have ever dealt with except Kinekt Design. After over a year of owning it and wearing it nearly every day it is still in amazing condition. It is made with high grade stainless steel that doesn't wear or rust. It's totally worth it. .

It's a timeless wedding ring as it represents true friendship and love to the fullest! This is the best gift from my soulmate!!! ;-).
It's a wear on your finger!! Wonder if I can make one work in my 1/8th scale RC car :P.
Very Cool ring, love the design and function. Wish I could get one, Something that would look good on Steampunk Queen of the Silent Age.

Hmm. No real function, but cute for now. Reminds me of the fortune that that guy made back in the '70s with his pet rock. Yeah, a pet rock. He puts a rock in a framed box and labels it PET ROCK. People think that's ever so clever and cute and fork out their money to have one! I imagine that 99% of those people eventually threw it away and now intend to take the fact of their purchase to the grave with them, hoping that their progeny will never know about it. To be fair this gear ring is better..
There are two aspects to this product and company that require the following description, "unique and superior", they are the product, unique and the service, superior. It is a refreshing pleasure to deal with someone who is not solely focused on " The Money " .
I would like to seriously thank the Kinetic Designs team, especially Andy, thank you Andy for meeting me this morning, thank you so so much, you are beyond amazing. Andy went above and beyond for a very satisfied customer today and if I could I would give this man a raise just because of his dedication. Thank you, thank you, thank you Andy; I will be telling the world about how amazingly great and dedicated your team is. Thank you, thank you, thank you =).

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November 19, 2015

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What's it like to be Chef Dominique Ansel We followed him around for an entire day, on the Cronut's second birthday..

+Charlie Whitesides That's an excellent question. Maybe people really don't like French bakers making delicious pastries.
Were prepping a large beef stew now and we would really like to try some of these fritters for dessert!. There is a CRONUT in Montreal, On St Lawrence Street North... run by two Italian brothers... 6528 Boul St-Laurent, Montréal, QC H2S (514) 277-8030. I'm actually very glad I chose to watch this video! Thanks for not forcing me to watch it, Youtube!.

The Coming Race War in America - Washington Post

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Anti-arthritis Gloves: Buy Online from

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Carpal Tunnel Gloves Health: Buy Online from

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Dream Products Anti Arthritis Health Gloves, Ladies Size...

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Top 18 Best Selling Amazon Arthritis Gloves Comparison...

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Ladies | Tony Bartlett

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Ladies | Tony Bartlett

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