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December 8, 2015

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December 9, 2015
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December 10, 2015
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December 20, 2015
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December 12, 2015

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December 6, 2015
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December 19, 2015
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December 15, 2015
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December 7, 2015

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Incase you didnt know, you can mute multiple players faster if you first mute one and then press space while having the cursor on the other player name..
Americans: 30 Minutes bans South Americans: 1 Hour bans UK: 30 Minute bans Australians: 30 Minute bans Most EUs: 30 Minutes to 1 Hour RUSSIANS - 7 DAY CYKA BLYAT. failu i have broken botmoynt world record 1min44sec ontop of tru blyatimir putin - where can i submit [ret. Yo, I love your videos, but can you tell me your crosshairs settings It's such a nice crosshair lol. there is no change that you would have been wathed vid already, but yes it will probably be good...finnish csgo power israel. IN THE FIRST CLIP YOU KILL MY FRIEND WHODASS!!! HE IS ON MY FRIENDS LIST AND HE PLAY ALL THE TIME!2 ! LOLOLOLOL.

December 14, 2015
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December 18, 2015
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December 16, 2015
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December 13, 2015

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December 11, 2015
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January 16, 2016

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Oh man, Paul, you have GOT to shoot BDubs with one of those confusion darts. There's no way you can't!.
I'm almost entirely sure it causes nausea as you said. But as BigAl607 said, there's only one way to find out >:D.
+paulsoaresjr Make a raiper on tinker consturct it'll through ALL armor and is really fast and good as a backup on the tradeoff for low durabilty so never use on unarmored targets :).

Paul, for your next minion you need to include a spider body! You can ride it if you put a saddle on it and control it with a brain on a stick.
You can equip up to 10 of the red heart upgrades, they stack in that slot, after that if you want more health, you will need to craft a yellow upgrade with a red one, DO NOT USE THE RED HEART UPGRADES YOU HAVE EQUIPPED, the yellow ones only work on top of the red ones to further your life you can also craft a bag [satchel sack] and equip it into that page as well, giving you more inventory.
Paul I think this series is magnificently fantastic (out of words, sorry)! I also respect and love how you post your videos, check the comments and our interactions! Thanks, man!!.
+TheBlackStealth oh really i did not know that for some reason just plain attack of the b-team is not staring up i haven't put in any new mods, maybe its not for macs yet. I don't have the modpack so i don't know how to make a sleeping bag. Can someone plz help meh.
hey Paul! Ive been following your survive and thrive series all along, but now i cant seem to find any more diamonds! I only have 3 until now and ive been branch mining for ages but there just not there... so any ideas on what i should do Thanx nd I love ur series!!.

Paul, you should have a Tower of Power! Just like your tutorial series! It can hold your alchemy station and an enchantment station!.

+TheMrYoshi02 in a form but that was a misspelling if it where a grammer mistake it would be some like this, 'frankenstein is abby normal from lol'.
The arrow and the gun powder are part of a plugin-mod called voxelsniper sniper. Google it and check out my favorite mod. =].
In the begining I can't beleve you used you minion to test you drug cooking abilitys on # minionabuse.
Hey Paul! I watch you every day! You should get a P.O. Box and do a mail opening series. LIKE FOR PAUL TO SEE!. You can get mods through downloading from minecraft sites or downloading a mod pack such as FTB or Tekkit, if i can remember.. If you're using the Technic Launcher and playing around with Attack of the B-Team, there is a small cog on the bottom left of the Attack of the B-Team game. If you click on it, you can change your settings to have the Technic Launcher grab the latest build of Attack of the B-Team. I updated my game and it updates a few of the mod packs within this build. I hope this helps..
paul that stuff that you called "tecnology" that is space stuff and i was wondering one of these days if you could go to space but good vids.
It's probably your RAM (how much can be running on your computer at the same time). Try to shut down all the programs you aren't using and then open attack of the bteam. If it still doesn't work it's probably because you have to many things on your computer over all, so just delete things you don't want..
anyone noticed it says "Employees must NOT wash their hands when handling jerky" since April fools.

Shove your hand up your anus, and the chances of anyone telling you are the cances of attack of the b team coming out :), hope I helped! -Cheers!.

paul, you can make dna so you can have the advantages of most mobs that you don't get through the morph mod..
also plz do more pixelmon and I like the attack of the b team soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo much.
Is biblo craft automatically in the mod pack Which one has it New, safe/recommended, old .
In your next video u should make a cruise ship for everyone and next time u prank the witch record when she logs on so everyone can see how she reacts .
GenerikB did it in a recent episode, Sorry I cant remember which one, I think it was the one before the dinosaurs in space .
You are OP so every time you rich click with a arrow or gunpowder the things pop off. I believe you can de-OP yourself with the command /deop (playername). Paul I subbed for great videos like legend of hoodie and pixelmon and I rarely sub but I am bored of b team now. I'll un sub if you don't do,other videos besides b team in two months. I am not saying the b teams bad its just that it's takeing over the other series here Comes the hate....
Why would he care if you unsub If your threatening to unsub then you are not a loyal one so he would not want you. Why would he change just because of one spoiled kid And he also prob. Won't even see your stupid comment.

I downloaded the mod pack and it deleted all my other worlds and glitches out literally made me cry :(.
Hate to be this guy, but it drives me nuts. Curare = "kyoo-RAHR-ee" or "koo-RAHR-ee". Sorry. I'll go now..

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December 19, 2015
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November 22, 2015
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December 30, 2015
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November 25, 2015

Comments about this video:

Wow Paul, that ending really made me smile! Made my day. Come to think of it, so did the beginning! Your Role-playing is better than most Paul, and I hope it stays that way, especially in your videos. ;D.

+Lucy Dragon actually the ones that click the dislike button they thought is a "dis-i-like" button :D.
I think most of us think your role play is a part of your channel that sets you apart from the rest, that and the fact that you play games with you kids and don't swear.. This seems like a good game but it is now 2015 do they still wipe every thing when patches come out That would suck starting over and over again..
+damnibroc31 it's been almost a year and it doesn't seem that they do, though they tutorial is now much harder.
I know that he just used a villager cloner, but i have never had one of those green tanks do they really grow a clone or does the graphic of the green tank change over time after placing it from empty to occupied. +paulsoaresjr Thanks Paul. I apreciate the explamanation of the green tubey like cloonein' type process of the thing-a-floppy-doom-a-kajigger. These are tecnikal type terms us big braind'ed peoples use! Did I spell appreciate right (lol). more legend of hoodie or i am going to start a riot!!! (srry for copying your riot man...) STILL ITS BEEN SO LONG!!!!!!!!!!!!.
In the beginning, I was expecting a "Oh haha, I missed you so much Mr.Mohawk... I am so damn lonely...".

I KNOW DA SONG O LOVE SHACK, mah ski camp had a shack where u put da skis, snowboards yada yada and da shack is named Love Shack!!!!! and da song is a theme song in da camp.

Looks like there were some errors during the cloning process. But you can't argue with the results..

While I dont think I can answer that question without some bias, I do think I get the idea why people respond that way when faced with something they dont agree with, people have comfort zones things they accept as true as a result people tend to built off such "facts" despite how they are honestly more opinion then anything, as a result when faced with something that destabilizes those beliefs they try and defend it and try and reject the new point of view because it contradicts what they already accepted and turned into a key part of how they view things, and normally the more forceful the information is presented the more radical the reaction because the person feels as if they are trying to be forced to accept something new or something that clashes with their preconceived notions. Mind you that's all just a theory, slightly a ramble..
I decided to watch this after you recommended this episode in your latest Starbound video. That was pretty good between the lines humor regarding blue vs pink. I'm betting it took that clone 9 months to develop. -.o.
I think Duck Rogers is getting the Space Madness, best keep him away from the History Eraser Button. :) I am looking forward to the new updates, I really want to see the upgraded ships. It will be nice to have more room on my ship. I been using my ship as a base of operations..

"Oh how long can trusty Duck Rogers hold out How can he possibly resist the diabolical urge to push the button that could erase his very existence Will his tortured mind give in to it's uncontrollable desires Can he withstand the temptation to push the button that even now beckons him ever closer Will he succumb to the maddening urge to eradicate history, at the mere, push, of a, single, button The beautiful, shiny button! The jolly, candy-like button! Will he hold out folks Can he hold out".

PAUL PLZ DO MORE SURVIVE AND THRIVE AND PAUL PLAYS MINECRAFT:( those were my favourite series and wasn't it survive and thrive that got you popular on youtube in the first place.

Is her name Wilma Deering Does she wear form fitting outfits from 1979 Does she know a Glitch named Twiki Bidi bidi bidi..

Does that mean they're getting rid of harder worlds So if you get the best stuff you can't go to a different world with harder enemies .
no it just means all difficulty worlds are in the same sector, and harder worlds might just not have harder monsters but also other aspects like being too hot or cold, having little to no oxygen or having an incredibly dense atmosphere and stuff like that.. From my experience it seems that the larger monsters drop superior brains more often than the smaller ones.. Donate to sintecick research I'm study how many bairns it will take my till i get a supearer brain.
Paul your the best, you don't strive to be skydoesminecraft or popular, you have fun and share your fun. And thanks for doin just that!.

Just so you know, you inspired me to start YouTube, if it wasn't for you I wouldn't be hitting 200 subscribers, if it wasn't for you I wouldn't have gained all these new friends I have met through YouTube. I basically owe you everything, my computer, my Blue Yeti mic, my money I got from being partnered with ZoominGames, and my followers on twitter aswell :D I just wan't to thank you, you're an amazing YouTuber and I hope you never quit, because through all my time on here you have always put a smile to my face and hopefully when I'm bigger we could play together..
Yeah, He recorded some songs recently. Starbound's facebook and website said it. I just flipped lol. Paul, as far as I know, the brain type in the same in that type on animal. Like the rabbits with spiked tails will always give you Inf. brains. It doesn't change by trying over and over. That is my experience so far. I'm saying this because you kept extracting brains from the same animal. I'm trying to say this without sounding like the "YOU MISSED COAL! HOW DARE YOU!" people. Just trying to help.. thx! Seems like they added a more efficient content delivery system so we'll be seeing lots of new stuff almost daily for a while at least.

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December 2, 2015
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January 1, 2016
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December 1, 2015
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January 12, 2016

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November 21, 2015
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December 26, 2015
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November 30, 2015
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January 7, 2016

Comments about this video:
I had not thought about how much more useful lapis has become with clay. Better start hoarding some myself :\. 3 letters and it's a joke. whenever i see bad grammer/spelling i make that comment AS A FUCKIN JOKE. MC is smart, he left 9 diamonds above his nether tunnel in the form of a block, Ain't no hermit gonna scam MC!. Well, I don't think he'd have a place there fi he just built on it, som sabitage has Bugs Binny would say, would be happening, so he had to pay something close to the amount.. 22 diamonds!!! what when they say "how much you have" you don't say! ask for a price and offer way less lol . Grade A!! You got a noisy zombie neighbour and a Zombie pigman yelling at your every move across the street. I would demand 7-12 diamonds back!. So... since MC already has a "circular" wall, why not build 2 more around it (each bigger than the previous one) and call them Maria, Rose and Shina.
i'm californian but too lazy to use caps. also the comment is more of a joke than anything else..

MC you forgot to remind us what time zeldathon starts... and how did you get windwaker early when it comes out today most likely your gamestop said "well thats a bunch of bull making a game come out two weeks after you can download it or get the bundle hear have fun." if you think im making it up its in September's gameinformer page 27 right beside top ten ghosts in games..

Trust me, the lapis exchange will pay off, and Genny isn't a scammer like bdubs, he will probably get most, if not all of it back in some way shape or form, or in lapis conversion price..

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October 20, 2015
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January 15, 2016
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November 12, 2015
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December 15, 2015

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November 7, 2015
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October 22, 2015
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November 1, 2015
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December 25, 2015

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January 8, 2016
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December 11, 2015
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November 26, 2015
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January 13, 2016

Comments about this video:
I question if any of them actually watched the show because the ONLY accurate thing was the magic thing.

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December 3, 2015
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November 17, 2015
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October 13, 2015
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December 22, 2015

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Chun's head stomp is immune to Gouken's "counter" unless you "head stomp" really low at, like, his knees. You stomp, he flashes, his arms fly out and completely miss you. You can use that to play some mind games, making the Gouken player guess what it is that you're going to do. For example, you can deliberately jump against them, doing no air attack, & throwing them instead. You're of course not safe from some counters, but it adds to your opponent's guessing game..

No worries. It's YouTube. There are times that I go months before I happen to notice a notification. XD.
Thanks man, thanks for the input, im still learning, ill try out what you told me... Sorry for the delayed answer fam.

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December 27, 2015
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October 18, 2015
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December 16, 2015
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October 28, 2015

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I know this is late, I just kinda bumped into this video and you did it really well! Ur smile and the way you talk to the camera is just natural. Dont stop making video, you are a natural star :-).

love your style! You keep talking and have raised my no blowtorch creme brûlée confidence, Thank you..
2 punkgush They wont be under the broiler too long if you can get them really close to the flame, and because its not like from the freezer to the broiler the temp difference from the fridge to the broiler shouldnt be enough to make them shatter. Let me know how they turned out!!.
If I don't have a blowtorch or a broiler, is there any other way of burning the sugar on the top.
You have two options, you could freeze or semi- freeze the custard. So instead of just putting it in the fridge to set it, put it in the freezer and let it get extra cold. That way when you use the broiler hopefully it will more come to room temp than warm/liquidy. Or after you broil the sugar you could put it back in the fridge. Though you wont get the same crispness to the sugar. I would try to freezer method first! .
Have you thought about trying out for The Next Food Network Star would seriously watch you over a bunch of other people they have on there! .
That might still work, if you can get the creme brulee close enough to the heat source. Or maybe I'll just send some of mine your way ;). i made one and its super delicous the caramelized top is crisp while the custard is warm and nice :D.
Not really, you could try using a long lighter, might take a while but it could work. You could just make the custard and then separately make a caramel sauce. Let the sauce cool and serve on top of the custard. That would give you a similar taste. Or you could make a brittle, try and make it thin and put pieces of it over the custard..

I think that is a great tip. It really makes it fool proof that if your looking for a thick layer. Thanks so much!.

Broiler is good because you don't have to mickey mouse around with the individual flame method. I like creme brulee cold on the bottom and warm crackly on the top. .
2 90scoolll it's possible, but it is more of a specialty item, so maybe not. It's not that special though, I'm sure you could find it at target, williams-sonoma, bed bath and beyond maybe. If you look online you might get the best price, amazon has a lot of selection. Good luck!!. It depends on how close your pan is to the flame, you should just sit there and watch it, it could take as little as 30seconds or up to 3minutes. Best to just keep watching it and not walk away, it's can go from brown to burned in a heartbeat!!. I find that's what most people call me when they didnt hear my name clearly. But, yes I have had many firends call me all sorts of variatiotions on my name!!. 2 82ayda I'm sure they turned out great!!! Love to hear about them and if you had any problems or concerns!.
If you want a thicker layer, you're better of torching it twice than to put on extra sugar at first, otherwise you might not be able to burn all the sugar, and then you'll get sugar crystals in your creme brulee, which is not very nice. Just some constructive critisism for ya. Otherwise, nice tip for those of us that don't have a torch at home, too bad I don't have an oven either :P.
Nikki I love you! You deserve to win food network star!!! You're a really great chef and i admire you :).
Hmmm, a long lighter might get you there eventually, You could try your regular oven or toast oven on it's highest temp, just definitely chill the custard or even freeze it before as it will be in their much longer than if you were using the boiler, and you dont want it to cook all over again. .
OMG! How have I never thought of using my broiler before! Thanks for the tip! And good luck on FNS, you've inspired me to sneak more veggies into my family's dishes. :). Either you got the recipe wrong, maybe not enough egg yolks, or it didn't cook long enough. I don't know :/. does anybody here watch pretty little liars...cause she looks a lot like cece drake. Or maybe you watch it Nikki ahahaha :D .
Wow. I've been cooking recreationally for a long time. I live in a really cheap apartment. To me a broiler always meant the electric part on the top of the oven... haha. no flames here. No creme Brulee either... :P. .

Thank you :) That is actually my dream, and I have been to one casting for Next Food network Star but didnt make it. I'll keep trying though! And if I can get enough fans here maybe they will come looking for me!!.
Thanks I love creme brulee it's among my favorites along with flan and cheesecake.I thought that it was weird of me to really crack that burnt sugar crust. LOL glad to find out it's normal. How about the old fashion way of caramelizing sugar and then pouring it on the creme brulee It wont pretty like the ones you just made, which by the way they look amazing, send me one :-). I don't have a blowtorch so i use my broiler but once i've finished heating the sugar until it's golden the custard underneath i find it quite liquidy when i eat there a way to prevent that .

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October 31, 2015
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December 21, 2015
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December 14, 2015
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November 13, 2015

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November 9, 2015
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December 7, 2015
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December 8, 2015
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December 29, 2015

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November 8, 2015
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December 31, 2015
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December 5, 2015
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November 4, 2015

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November 2, 2015
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October 17, 2015
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January 11, 2016
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January 2, 2016

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November 29, 2015
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October 14, 2015
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November 10, 2015
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November 15, 2015

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January 10, 2016
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November 19, 2015

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Sigo el canal por dofus pero no importa, vengo aquí a dar like y comentar porque te amo ÛwÛ. royben is love Royben is life . Deberias subir mas frecuente estabserie menesta divirtiendo mucho ,ademas haces cortes bien y no nos pones a ver todas esas cosas y avanzas me gusta mucho royben sigue asi.

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November 18, 2015

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2 things: 1. I'm pretty sure you cheated in 4th grade, because you are not allowed to aim at a chair while the music is playing. 2. bdubs didn't have bulgarian lag, so that competition wasn't really that fair..
Deck out your emerald generator and then rub it in his face. And also give everyone free land since he gets 100% of your profits.. Ladies, gentlemen, please lower your daggers. I wasn't intending to raise any argument or dissent, it was just a simple jab at what seemed an obvious joke left unmade.. I'm not trying to start an argument but if it sounds like I am I do apologize... it's just with all that goes on in the world nowadays even the simplest comment or gesture can be taken the wrong way and it's just a good idea to both be aware of that and prevent it from happening... once again if I have upset anyone with what I said I apologize....
Bdubs sounds different in Generiks video but sounds fine in his own video. I'm not sure why that is :/.

its becuse of b-dubs new mic and that it need a few days to adgest so its going to be like that for a little bit.
* on the news * reporter: And the presidents whereabouts are still unknown... BREAKING NEWS different reporter: This just in bdoubleO Has won the high stakes musical chairs match with his fellow bteam-er generikb. .
When bdubs said "That Hurt My Feelings" I noticed that the glasses or whatever that was on his head made him look sad.
When people wright "Third" "First" "Second" I think to myself stop writing your ages in the comments.. Well done to you for spelling it but no one cares! :). I think that people saying ''First'' is ok. But, people saying ''fiftieth'' is just stupid. When someone is first it is a cool thing. I have been the first to view a video. I was the first to see one of Guude's UHC videos. I refrained from commenting because I did not want to catch any hate for it. But, I don't think people should get hate for such a thing as that. . deadmau5 is an electronic/house artist and it is pronounced "dead mouse". GET YOUR FACTS STRAIGHT!!! (He does play Minecraft as well). .
Honestly the musical chairs thing was BS for Genny. The fact that Genny has to deal with Bulgarian internet automatically gives him a disadvantage to B-dubs. .

The emerald fish would be cool. But he should add emerald nuggets or something that can be crafted into an emerald. So whenever you kill one of these fish you get an emerald whatever. Just a though. Would be cool though. .

I think BDubs mean ''Boo'' with BdoubleO.But the thing is.He is not scary enaugh to scare people with his name!.
I think that Bdubs cheated since he probably knows when the music is gonna stop and he also built it in his house so basiclly knows everything about it.. parnking�� you say hmm is the a in parn a o dont use those words young man nah jk with you xD but you spell it Pranking :P. No..that has been there for some time's not a new thing. It was built by Keralis in retaliation for a prank by B-Dubs on him.
GennyB I don't know if you know this put Bdubs the horrible Bdubs got a discount for giving that plot for free.

I know tha perfective prank-back-death-manga-blaster-destroyer joke first get the witch(chim) to help, then get fire alarms, next make soul stuff, last but not really make an arena.
chim- banshee fire alarms- aggravating noises soul stuff- hold banshee and spawn a lot of them arena- ULTIMATE BATTLE!!!. I can't believe how much Bdubs cheated, and then Genny fell for it. They both agreed best of five and when Bdubs kept winning three times he made Genny think he won five times.. The only reason the B-team's realty works here and not on mindcrack is 'cause the people on mindcrack are smart enough to avoid the B-team's flim-flamming ways and the people on attack of the b-team do not know the extent of the b-tam's flim-flam :P. WE THABK YOU FOR THE AMAZING ENTERTAINMENT AND IDEAS YOU GIVE TO US WE SHOULD BE THANKING YOU! Your a genius and we all appreciate you! -love the minecraft community. Why would you add those scum to this server full of veteran minecrafters well logdotzip is cool BUT the other 2 have absolutely no affiliation to any of the people on the server so why would they add them your suggestion is stupid and you are too. Can anyone tell me how to get the twinkle lights in the ceiling of the musical chairs room I love them!. Genny, you make me so happy! I just saw the Attack of the BTeam Wiki and I looked at the change log... YES YES YES YES AND YES!!! Every mod I have been wanting in this mod pack, is going to be in it! I AM THE HAPPIEST PANDA EVER!!!!! 😁. wrong video to ask should go on his channel...btw the mic he has is about $500-$1200 good luck getting it..
Generikb please let me join the sever it will show viewers you care and will earn you an extra like every video. Sincerly Jibdoesminecraft.

ok this is hemza u cant tell jib that he cant join u should go watch captain sparklez play hunger games and suck.jib and me are way bettter then is dumb and stupid lol.

i kindof agree but they're waiting for the 1.8 release to reset the map because they've done everything.

Those would be collapsible carpenter blocks. You take the hammer and beat it into whatever shape you want and put stuff in it. You can also put grass and stuff on them like normal carpenter blocks. Just put nine regular carpenter blocks in a crafting area, and it yeild nine collapsible ones.

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November 3, 2015

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▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬ஜ۩۞۩ஜ▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬ Who's watching this in PRISON ▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬ஜ۩۞۩ஜ▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬.
These girls are around my age and younger. I really can't believe they'd meet someone online who they've never met in person..

+Henry Miller Okay sorry...I couldn't even get through your entire comment. Something to consider. Children are still developing. They are still growing mentally and physically. To the point in which they cannot make decisions of this magnitude with a fully logical mind. You act as if asking a child for sex is the same as an adult, but its not. No matter how educated a child is when young, they still can not fully grasp the reality and ramifications that comes with having sex with someone much older than them. They can't choose what is right for their body or not yet because they are not developed enough. Also, children are incredibly influenced. For a lot of kids all it takes is for someone older than them to say something is okay and they will believe it and children won't put up a fight out of fear of getting hurt. Even if a kid says yes to sex, it doesn't mean anything. Its taking advantage of the child. Its not right because no matter how it goes down, its still having your way with a person that isn't fully capable of agreeing to the act while understanding what it means to them or how it will affect their future, or even their present self physically and mentally. You may as well have your way with a drunk girl and after the deed is done you say "oh she said it was fine"...It doesn't work that way..

+Solaire Of Astora so true but still it bothers me to see ppl joking about a serous disease .

when the 2nd dad said we have already lost your mother i dont know what i'd do if i lost you was so sad.

Meeting someone on the internet wearing a crop top and short shorts in the night, rides on a van with no windows and sees a 30 year old guy driving. "Lol what she ain't a slut it's her fashion".

+Laneah A It's completely wrong. FOR ME though. She's revealing so much skin meeting up with a total stanger. Imagine this, going to the mall with your daughter dressing exactly like that, will you still say the same thing.
Lmao yes this is totally real, it's not like there's clear glass on that door or anything. Also, you've been talking to little girls for days Bruh You look like a fucking Mii character. This video is retarded, y'all are gullible motherfuckers.. im a 14 year old guy and I understand how.scary it can be for.teen girls or younger, but still I dont understand why people get themselves into situations without realizing the danger. I'm twelve years old and would never get into a strangers car or even talk to one online. If a person tries to message me I ignore them and mentally tell them to screw off. These girls dress like sluts and try to meet up with random boys, nice future you got there bitches!.
+samuel sharp How does anything you just said even make any valuable sense pertaining to what she even wrote.
The second one when the dad said "we already lost your mother, what would I do if I lost you! I love you!" I burst into tears 😭😭😭. Once when I was 6 I was waiting for the bus at my house. I was always the last kid to get picked up. Then, an old bus showed up. Nobody was inside. The driver opened the door and told me to hop in. I asked him where the other kids were. He said that they are in the bus and not to worry. I didn't get in. He said that I had to go in or I was gonna be late for school. I still didn't get in, and he left. Later, the real bus came and I got to school. I told the story to my mom, and at the end, it was the guy that SHE met online. The guy was actually a child raper and he was coming for me. She always told me not to talk to strangers... FOLLOW YOUR OWN RULES BITCH!.
you learn about these types of situations in 8th grade health class, the news, articles in newspapers or magazines, yet people still neglect the fact that meeting a stranger is dangerous as fuck. Most people that since it happened to others it most likely won't happen to them. I bet that's what most girls say before they get raped and murdered and show up on the news..
its just sad what you do. its just so sad. you are destroying lifes. your just a dumb stupid son of a whore. no, im sorry, your mother is not responsible for this. your failing so hard what the fuck. why the fuck would you do something like this to these teenage girls that just want to live a normal social teenage life. your such a fucking looser. stupid bitch.. +mrgeringer I think the close minded person is you, geringer. Of course this is about making money on YouTube for Coby. But mind you, there are seriously clueless people in the world that kinda "wake up" from videos like this. Clueless as in, they think the world is all rainbows & sunshine and such things like this dont happen. Or in short, they lack common sense. If it helps those people realize wtf is going on in the world or could happen to their children, all the better. Will it ultimately stop or prevent such things Of course not. Rape, Child Porn, Murder in any ways and forms will not ever be stopped. Neither in Real Life nor in the Internet. But that doesn't mean we shouldn't atleast TRY to fight against it.. I don't know maybe she did but can't really express her emotion because when I get punished for doing something I have a blank face idk why but it hurts and I definitely learn something but, then again she might not even care. (Btw I look like a imbecile with my blank face lel but I still understand my punishment. Although I'm 15 I haven't done anything crazy). this is what happens when you give a 10 or 12 year old an smartphone ,im 14 and i got an smartphone for my birthday but i only used to play or text my parents and don't really understand why people give their child smartphone at such young age.
It's not because of the smartphone. It's because of WHAT THEY ARE USING on the smartphone. If you're a good parent then you would be watching your children so they wouldn't do this..
What If you're against someone doing a social experiment on a topic like this then you must condone rape and abduction.. This is EXCELLENT. This is something that should become a national coordinated movement to start scaring the SHIT out of these idiot kids. FOR THEIR OWN GOOD.. 12 year old girls looking to suck dick and then pedos get blamed. There wont be any child molestation if these girls werent inviting and encouraging them..
+parcel pooh You're one to talk you're worser than any pedophile, you're a racist i don't even know what made you say the n word or bring black ppl into this..

wow i am around these girls age and i know not to do that mostly because i don't leave the house because i don't like people tbh and i am very close knit with my friends and they are basically the only people i talk to on the internet and also i can sniff out something fishy a mile away.

+Nikola Tesla I don't wanna be sexist this channel made a video about this with boys how can they be so retarded I don't get it!!!.

my dreams are to slice up little kids when they least exspect it. yes im talking to you buddy, am i joking who knows.
That first girl saw the man and kept walking to him like a dumbass.. I swear kids these days are dumb.. Her Thot ass feening for that Dick. In older times, it was common to marry off girls at a young age. It is a known fact that humans are conditioned by nature to get attracted to youth as they represent fertility. This is a basic survival instinct - to be able to reproduce and get as many offsprings. Modern civilisation has artificial restrictions of age and consent and what not. And lastly stop trying to judge me.. ik that the girls were kinda stupid for getting in the car, meeting up at the park, and inviting people to the house but i feel bad for the kids cuz like they got really punished and i would hate it if i were in their shoes, especially the girl at the end and im 14🙊. Yeah, pedophiles can do this, but they are 13 year old girls thinking that they are going to meet up with boys their age, its a normal thing. I bet at least 3 out of every 4 girls would do the same things.. Wel I just turned 13 and I have met Someone from 17 almost 18 en he said I want to meet you in real life Please help me. what if he wants to kill her, he could be a pedophile. and you telling her to go meet him. SHES 13 HES 18. .
What I just learned is that men can be insensitive people I but you would get scared as fuck if someone kidnapped you too.
I think the words "Fear-mongering", "faked" and "lacking integrity" fit this video better..

okay he taught three girls but, has anybody thought about the 750.000 predators that watched ths video and learned how to do it right.
+Jordan Daley Except for most of them are gonna forget about it like a week after because it has no lasting impact because it's a gimmicky video that is not a replacement for years of shite parenting..
this is great what ur doing i really think people need to know about this ! i am going to share this on my fb.
I had the misfortune of being in one of those classes. This was after h3h3, too. I fucking cringed. The teacher also believes in Solar Roadways. Fuck me.. Honestly, why don't they all just fucking die There's no cure for these freaks and we're seriously letting 750,000 of them go as "registered What the fuck is wrong with this country Since they're registered and we have their addresses, we should round them up and have them exterminated like the holocaust. We'd probably stop seeing comments like below as well..
+Henry Miller What do you mean by 'argument' I was trying to see things from your perspective in the first place..
That last one needs a good ass whoopin. Goin out dressed like that at that age, not giving her parents her phone, he body language was so snotty. If I was the mom I woulda smacked her right in her face. Course you can't do that now days but still.. These are children. They can´t handle all this at that age. So their mistake is normal for that age. The parents should therefore be the ones that control their children. Its not wrong to control your child to protect it. But screaming at your child because your child is talking to some older person is wrong. The child could get traumatised and will do this more and more on purpose because its parents act so angry. The best is to talk to your child and not to scream at your child. Explain that adults got a sexual life and some adults got no sexual life so they look for children because they are dangerous criminals without any sense of moral, empathy, normality and evolution and tell your child that you never know if you talk to one of these people online so explain to your child that it should only make new female and male friends if it can see them directly in real life while the parents also are there. There are wonderful options to find friends for any young age and these dangerous online situations do not need to be part of anyone life thats still a child or some adult with a child. People that desire children do not see their behaviour as problematic so they don´t find their behaviour bad or wrong. Thats the real danger of these people because they are dangerous without knowing it and the last thing that you want for your or anyones child is a adult guy thats smiling at the child and thinking about something sexual.. I Can Relate To This, When I Was Dropping Off My Bestie At Her House And I Was Going Home ( And It Was 8:34 ) And This Guy Followed Me So, I Decided Not To Go To My House Because THEN He Would Know Where I Lived. And Stalked Me, So I Walked To The Parking Lot That Was In Front Of My House.. And Then, BOOM! He Grabbed Me And Covered My Mouth With His Hands, THANKFULLY, The Police Was Near By And Caught Them :D So, I'm Relieved That Happened. STAY SAFE KIDS!.
+Thea Vlogs The way they're doing it is wrong! THEY GRAB HER BY HER ARMS AND YELL AT HER! Not to mention UPLOAD IT TO YOUTUBE, where her family, friends, and etc can see it and harass her for it. Yes, this topic needs to be focused on but NOT like this..

I really hope these aren't faked videos. These are awesome. Shows a lot of people to be careful and it's amazing.. +(Mitsuko the Kitsune(cocoPPA Also, if that happend to me: Stranger: Hey, I'm 15 wanna meet Me: Okay, where Stranger: Random meeting place name at 3:00 Me: K. Waits for it to be 3:00(as a RP thing) it's 3:00 Me: Walks out with a lightsaber, and hands you one Shall we start Me: Oh wait, safety first! wears armor welp, ready Stranger logged off Me: Probably was too afraid... xD. Plot twist. Even the parents got into a strangers car. Another plot twist. What if he just drove away with the child and the parents in the back.. +MrDrProfessorRabbit I couldn't tell at first I did not ask for your fucking response nor did I ask for you to act like a little bitch about it either what I said has absolutely nothing to do with you you worthless piece of fucking shit slit your fucking wrists faggot do something productive with your life for once maybe you could attempt suicide while you're at it, you'll finally make mommy and daddy proud . i caught it at the split second he stopped the camera so say u got reked by joey to her on face book lolol i already did the reaction though lololol.

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October 27, 2015

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Wait so the parents let the kids out of the car without supervising them and what they were doing, and then blames it on them Like, I get the videos about meeting up with strangers and all that, but come on... It's just common sense on the parent's part to supervise their children!.

Dangers of Youtube Dangers of Walking Dangers of Driving Dangers of Breathing Dangers of Being a Kid Dangers of Being an Adult Dangers of Dangers of Social Media Dangers of Dangers of Dangers.
Those kids stupid af I would have fought him if it was real if he ask me to walk in. me: boi get the fuck away from me before you get your ass beat.
I agree what you say about the kids but I don't think a person named "Nova Plays" as there name and a minecraft picture would do that.Like bruh Don't even try to be big and strong.Not saying I would but bruh..
+RoadCaptainEntertain Actually this video is very enlightening and that is the point. Education can be just as valuable as entertainment..

+Drake Bell I was thinking the same! If anyone, it's the parents' fault... and even if the kid attempted to walk in, if I was a mother I would be out of that car and telling them to get back.

Don't talk to strangers she says... " ok kids go and ask for you're candy"...really..just really.
+Denjiz マスク so that no random kids would come in while they're doing it, i think also so that it wouldn't ruin their halloween, but some people in the other comments just don't understand that. "This is how children go missing every year!" Says the women who let her child/children go by themselves. They're young What did they expect.
+Finlay Gaystings ikr i haven't went trick or treating since 6th grade and this year my friend wanted me to go with her and i am now in 9th friends dad went with us bc crazy shit happens on halloween.
Dude your basically ruining these children's Halloween and getting them in trouble with their parents.
This is such a cruel thing to do. The children are WITH THEIR PARENTS, not alone. At this point in their life, if their mother says something is okay, then why wouldn't it be, because why would she let them endanger themselves As for the mother who says 'what if we did come for you', well then you're a bad mother. Yeah I get that children can be easily deceived and they should be more vigilant, but in this circumstance it's seems just unfair. Their mothers said they could trick or treat, drove them to the area, allowed them to go to the house and then shouts at them How is it their fault As parents they have a duty of care! Don't blame the children for being stupid- they're children- blame the parents, it's their responsibly to look after their kids and if they don't want them being kidnapped by a creep, go to the door with them, or only let them go to houses they know. Yet again another self important 'social experiment' by a person shouting down at everyone from an ivory tower..
I agree it is unfair that they were yelled at, but this teaches a valuable lesson, don't enter a strangers house.. we want these things next : The dangers of religion, The dangers of pastors ,The dangers of stupidity..
Was that first blurred out kid dressed as Rick, from The Walking Dead A kid his age should not watch that show or read the comics!.
+Jesus Christ I have the power of Youtube! Click my name and you will see my info, including the people i subscribe to. But you should know that, I mean you are the son of god..
I'm gonna be honest I probably would of went on it because I can whip some ass if I'm in a bad situation.

You're not a child. lol Also you don't know if there are 5 armed individuals inside. Once you're in, you're more vulnerable than the house owner. Both physically and legally. If they shoot you they can pass it as trespassing. Think about it..

Wow Dude ! Way To Ruin Kid's Trick Or Treating Fun! oh btw just so u know u suck D*ck because #blameparents for not supervising kids so its parents faults btch.

+Rioh The Pug The kids clearly ruined the whole "Real" part of this video with there acting iif you honestly think this is real then your a dumbass lmfao.

Way to ruin the poor children's Halloween. Ugh this is so mean ;-; why don't you just teach them the dangers instead of scaring them and making this the worst Halloween ever.
like you on the west kids are stupid since I was 5 I did not trust any stranger.. a drug dealer tried stealing me waving around candy when I was like 5 -6 and for 30 mit he keeo tempting me to go tohim wiping out drugs candy money, I never budged just keept staring it got hi so mad he leaped out of his chair to get to me before I could close the gates and he failed and got a fcuking hiding my from 8 uncles who were out back ^_^ I told them what he look like and they found him since they newmost family around being builders and plumbers.
Seriously They're driving in the CAR You're supposed to walk to each house.. That's what I do anyway. People are just so lazy nowadays.

Honestly its the parents fault. If they went with them it would have happened. What kind of dumb parent lets their kids just go trick or treating while they wait in the car....
Now next Halloween I gotta get a costume that incorporates a baseball bat for safety. The more you know. I don't get it really.You don't just tell ur kids to go to strangers and then not expect one of the two outcomes.
Lol you see this is why i want to be zoro for halloween i can get real katanas instead of fakes and slice them up.

1:44 Me- facepalmed so hard WHY! They just went in. They didn't ask questions they just went in! flips a table.
i like all his videos except this one... this just let me sad for the kids... danger of commenting!! dan...°°. "What do you mean no candy" sounded like "wowowowow nigga what you mean no candy man, you wanna the fuck fuckin die huh "". Kid is dressed like Rick grimes also follow me on Instagram it's a walking dead page 2 carlfreakingrimes. So um, crazy story...I was trick or treating with my 2 brothers and I was around 9 years old. This guy told us to come inside if his house...and we did. So he closed the doors behind us and we all got really scared. So one of my brothers kicked him in the groin and the other pushed him to the floor while I opened the doors and we all got out, and ran inside our dads truck and drove off.. What if he actually was just gonna give you the candy and let you out after lol lmao I would feel bad for him😂😂😂.
Mom:WHY WOULD YOU TALK TO A STRANGER!! me: :( maybe because it's halloween and I had to say thank you :(.

Oh dose kids are stupid.. If a man on halloween told me to come to his house for candy, i would have been like OH HELL NOO!.
I don't understand the children being accused by their own parents. Without supervising, they should be learning them. I seriously, mentally hate these types of "videos". You're making yourselves look bad in public..
+TheGoldenApple 32 you're the one who's stupid enough to think that this only happens in america. Child abductions occur everywhere, in every single country. Just because you hate a country for whatever reason doesn't mean you gotta turn into an ignorant fuck and make a fool of yourself by posting the same generic comments against americans..
"why would you talk to a stranger number one" Well how else are they meant to trick or treat. Also if they ran away from one clown why the fuck would they run right by another one. This vid is faker than Nicki minaj's body.
those parents just successfully ruined that holiday forever for their kids ;) but make sure to be safe right!.

OK. THIS IS GREAT PARENTING. Lets let my 9 and 10 year old children go out into the pitch dark to trick or treat!.
And I'm sorry, but this is really bad parenting, maybe you should teach your children more about not walking into people's houses. +Grandes Gold How does one meet new people Everyone is a stranger to you at one point, So...uh..yeah if I don't talk to strangers I will never meet anyone new...LOGIC = FUCKED..
There are dangers for just about everything, even if you don't know it. Be careful and take precautions.

In reality, it's more dangerous for a parent not to walk their child than their child going into a house. Also, a smart kidnapper could get any kid to go into their house with a friendly conversation. Imagine how online dating works. With a few conversation even adults meet up with each other, and after a few meetups, they may enter each other's house. However, this is still a good lesson for the kids, even though in reality the man can grab them or tell them to step in quickly cause it's cold while he quickly gets candy..
Oh my goodness, I feel so bad for them. Those poor kids. They just wanted to have fun and those shits had to go ruin it. Instead of getting candy door to door, they got a lecture. The one thing they probably didn't need on Halloween. Sure they now know they shouldn't do that, but now they'll be fucking deathly afraid of what else their fucking family plans for them. What else, is she gonna yell at one of them kids on their fucking birthday Not cool.. And also, they'll know this was posted, so they're humiliated for their rest of their life..
Yeah, if it wasn't real they would never get candy again. Listen to the beginning of the video, they were early trick or treating..
also where were these kids raised like seriously! im 12 and i try to not walk on the same sidewalk as a grown man and these kids walk to the basement of a strangers house saying "oooohhh snickers!". +Mohammed Saleh Its most likely a side enterance door, these are commonly smaller then Main ones, Most doors are wide and tall enough to fit Large kitchen apllainces or couches and that lot of stuff. While smaller doors are made for fire Code reasons. 90% sure any house built in the NA now days must have at least 3 exits due to fire codes and usally a smaller door is placed fill one and on the cheap. (Smaller Basic wood door is pretty cheap while the main enterance stuff can get pricey.).
+SavagerBoy she said it like in a sexy voice and i was like "DONT GET HORNY!! CHOCOLATE SHOULDN'T DO THAT!!!".

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October 19, 2015

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I would expect people to already know this, due to the fact that there is a show called "CATFISH", like seriously. +Mary heart your profile picture reminds me of that horrendous add on youtube right now, google music STOP!. +Jenkz Yeah especially the part where he had the audacity to ask her if she wanted to hang out. lol.
+Harry c yeah it was haha I love how he put in the description that this video was posted Before another youtuber posted a similar video xD kinda arrogant who cares who did what first....
Haven't seen someone commented on ' send pi-ch-tures something '... 1:30 I held on to this. I got catfished by a guy I actually knew... it was awful and creepy. I blocked him and haven't talked since.. Women these days are kinda asking to be catfished because of their shallow standards. How else would an average guy would get a bitch to reply.
I catfish guys all the time😂 I make them go to the park near my house and I just spy on them and wait until they leave. Im a dick on social media.

I was catfished once when I was twelve fishing I thought I caught a shark and I was so excited then my dad told me it was a catfish, dang you catfish creeps!!!.

Tbh i think this is just making the situation worse. Creepy fucked up guys are gonna see this and i think it would just make them wanna try it. Not hating, just stating..

I just wanted to ask, isn't it illegal to make fakte identity like don't you have problems.
+Dominik Placr Law doesn't apply on the net (in most cases) people just need to use common sense. In this case not going into a stranger house is the lesson meet people that u don't know in public spaces..
When people do online dating why don't they video chat so they know it's the person they see on there profile.

A man gives you a dose of reality and HE is creepy. Damned if you do damned if you don't damned damned damned..
I don't think she was so much saying he was creepy as that the situation was. I daresay she was disappointed and embarrassed. I add that there was nothing to be disappointed about in the fellow, (she was expecting a supermodel, Lord have mercy) but she had certainly had cause for embarrassment. I'm sure she's a nice girl and I hope she's learned something. . What state does Joey live in just wondering where these results come from and I noticed he has a slight accent too. Thank you :). Is this raising awareness or giving advise "Don't get catfishes" vs "Here's how easy it is to Catfish". I'm confused and found this creepy.. Hahaha girl two did not come.o my god I think I commented and liked all his visa and I subscribed love ya Joey not in a weird way .
People in the modern day are so predictable, and aren't aware of what is around them. What are the dangers they may say they do, but some don't..

+JoeySalads This "social experiment," so-called, is a reductionist generalisation. You are needlessly instilling fear that is unwarranted since the posed risk is in the realm of an exception. By your reasoning, no one should be able to make friends and forge alliances through the various platforms of social media. But I submit to you that this is a highly regressive mentality, and dangerously parochial..
lol yeah lets prove how dangerous catfishing is by pretending to catfish somebody and embarrassing a girl online lmao. nice.. some females are just dumb as fuck,,,as an after thought she say's " i could have been hurt " the future is not bright.... im a victim of a catfish sexual violence. I wish I saw a video about this when I was 19 when the trauma happend to me. i learned not to meet strangers unless I have video chatted first and meet them in a public place during the day.. How about you lure kids into a van and then simply tell the parents it was a social experiment which makes it perfectly legal and not creepy at all. _.
you are a good person, even if it's Only outside of ur self instead of ur heart completely but u'r behavior reflects a genuine personal and sincere study,.

Wait so you are saying it is easy to catfish a girl when you only tried it on 2 girls and onlt one showed up Sounds like pseudo-science to me..

+DutchPool OK then show me a study that shows how easy catfishing is, or you can link me this cat fish series. I'm not saying its easy or hard, i'm saying the video is misleading because it only looked at 2 people. About the plane example, I was taking an unlikely scenario and showing how a small sample size could not accurately represent what would actually happen. If you can't understand that, I am done here, never argue with an idiot, they will drag you down to their level and beat you with experience..

+GingerJesus28 I agree on never argue with an idiot, thats why i will stop arguing with one, its not misleading because he cat fished one of the 2 geez man, im pretty sure he didnt get to do it hundreds of different people otherwise he would not of done it and do your own research kid, you sound so ignorant and close minded right now..

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November 6, 2015

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Ok that last one with the wig and towels was just stupid... Also, why does every dad twolk loik this.
Social media is a very dangerous place kids. Also be sure to follow me on Instagram where I post half naked pictures of myself.. Once when I was 9 a lady asked me where I live(at a shop) and I just said Earth and walked away like a boss 😂. It's funny to watch Coby Persin pretend to actually care about the safety of kids and not the amount of views he's gonna get. Is he a professional on public safety now LMAO!. +VerisonMember well, while making money he also raise the awareness of how serious this problem actually is... which could mean saving lives. how about you what do you do for making money. Oh my god this is so cancerous. This guy is such a trashy faggot its amazing he's even human. Hell he probably isn't. The Ignorance is so high on this video and anyone who liked it. lmfao. im so antisocial id be like yo fam i dont leave my house and like all i got to eat is hot pockets so like maybe you can stay put and leave me alone because i have importana business to attend. The first kid gave 0 fucks: Mother comes in Mother: "jonathan!" Kid: "What...".
+PinkAuraGhost Living in basement Pros: +Good hiding place especially when it has stairs to even deeper +Darker basement = Faster sleep get +More storage room Mids: *You'll get challenges as ''Play [Game name here] in your 1/[Any basement floor here] Cons: -If you're scared of dark and monsters, never, EVER go there -People might think that you're trapping people there.
"I am a terrible parent who is too lazy to teach my kids the dangers of the world SO I'M JUST GOING TO SHOW THEM SOME SHITTY SOCIAL EXPERIMENT VIDEO I FOUND ON YOUTUBE, HOPING FOR IT TO DO MY JOB AS A PARENT AND HAVE THEM ACTUALLY BE INVOLVED SO THAT THEY CAN BE PERMANENTLY TRAUMATIZED AND NEVER WANT TO SOCIALIZE WITH THE WORLD EVER AGAIN, BECAUSE THAT IS JUST HOW GOOD OF A PARENT I AM!". Mom: Never talk to strangers Me: is quiet at school Mom: after 3rd day Soo any new friends Me: N-No Mom: Why not Are you not connecting with them Me: Im just not talking to them Mom: Why Me: They're strangers...
+TsukiMoon What if you have a stalker who breaks in Example of why you might have a stalker, despite being an introvert: they saw you at the supermarket or someplace when your Internet was down for a few days..

When I was 9. Some man said You like candy Me: Yea Man: Come to my house. I have a bunch Me: I like candy. Not bunch. I just walked away..

+Nexus xGaming You were lucky that you didn't know what 'bunch' meant when you were 9. Like, mann co select Titanium heavenly uber luck.
I think the main thing we need to learn from this video is that Coby Persin is the actually threat. He clearly loves posing as children and speaking to other children online the weird cunt. And his friends like manhandling little boys when theyre half naked the fucking creeps..
These kids haven't even hit puberty yet and are trying to meet up with girls I fucking hate society.

+Brian Ramirez I agree these kids should be focusing on more important things like working hard in school i never did well in school and boy do i regret it..
if a random chick messaged me i'd literally just block her immediately :P well really if a random Anybody added me i'd block em immediately.
You realize you are 7 and a half times more vulnerable to die by not wearing a helmet when you are riding a bicycle. So I highly doubt he has been molested..
You're most likely to be sexually abused by someone you know. These 'experiments' are pretty much worthless.. The annoying part is kids will still do this crap this won't raise awareness kids are literally braindead nowadays.
I'm from Ukraine and i don't know who is the "predator". Can somebody explain who is that Is this pedophile.

Sooooo. You teach a kid a lesson by baiting then traumatising the living fuck out of them on TV Sure kids need to be taught but do you really think you have found the ultimate answer for getting the message across A wolf in sheep's clothing. This is blatant child abuse (and taking advantage of most likely loving but dumb parents.) and some arsehole called Coby Foreskin is capitalising off it. Nice one fuckhead..
+darkcaninedrum I'm replying to your comment... you don't know me... I must be a predator! :\.
I'm so paranoid now. I never talk to strangers online and IRL. I sharpen my nails, and I always have my teeth ready if someone comes near me, so I can bite their neck until it bleeds..

+Kris Bouwman You bite someones neck they stab you with a 10 inch knife. Congrats you're a dumbass..

Um wtf for the one with the girls. The last girl and the last boy on this one has similar or the same house.
Honestly I thought the boys would have been smarter than the girls on this. Wow. And this ladies and gents is why I dont have kids. I would be the most hated mom ever because my kids wouldnt get smartphones of their own, they wouldnt get on the internet without me around. They could go outside and play and socialize like I did. Maybe when they were 16 they could get a smartphone if they paid for it. But I'd better have access to that phone. When you're 18, then you can do what you want behind my back. But good gods, even talking to kids about these kinds of dangers online, it doesnt seem to work. I would kill myself if I was your kid. I would have no friends, and no social life. How about you just teach me well to say safe. I am 13 and u would never did this i can't believe someone would do this its stupid you could never leave that house, never live another day. WHAT HAS HAPPENED TO OUR BRAINS! Its like we don't think before we do ANYTHING. I agree I'm 12 and even I'M smarter than this like dude for real how dumb can some people be. +GFX, Pryze and T3 Sniping, LeRz ツ Yeah ikr, especially when there's 13 year old kids trying to make a living out of MLG QUIKSKOPING. American kids are fucking retards, wouldn't see this kind of stuff happening in most other parts of the world where kids are brought up right.. +blackwolf507 Aj I don't need to. America is known for being a very unintelligent country, might not be statistically correct but you only have to ask someone or watch a video to see how s tupid they are..
But you can't just say that over a video, you haven't met every single person in America and you never will. But in my opinion I think every country has there dumb asses so yah it happens.

Weird thing is, they're doing the same, the parents jumped into a pedo van with a couple of strangers.
No way was the second one real. The kid screamed for help once, and didn't even really struggle..
coby not that isent a bad thing but your also destroy peoples reputiations now they are going to be thought as sluts.

+Kagamine Len also are you crazy or just sick in the head not that your a bad person but I hate how you ruin people's repatuion but there are good lessons in your lessons.

I swear if my mom had the chance to do something like this to me she would tell them "no, don't tell him that you're joking... Let him suffer".
why would the guy get in a white van that looks suspicious they show it on movies u never get in white or black plain cars.
I know what's wrong, those kids are douche bags and think they are to cool to listen to their parents. Fucking idiots.

The problem i have with this is when they say "Stangers are bad you coulda been raped" bitch how my suppose to make friends....

+David Mullane Well, not by blindly trusting them. Three basic rules for making online friends, in order of priority: 1) First contact happens in PUBLIC. You meet at a restaurant, a mall, a shop - never EVER at a private residence. You need to get a look in an environment where there's a ton of people around. 2) Someone ALWAYS knows where you're going and where to find the information about who you're meeting. Doesn't have to be a parent, but it has to be SOMEONE. A friend, a sibling... someone you can say, "I'm getting there at 3pm, if I don't text you everything's okay by 3:15pm, all the online IDs of the person I went to meet and the meeting place are on my computer in emergency.txt." 3) You BUILD trust, you don't give it automatically. These kids all went within 24 hours of "meeting" "Amanda". Should never have happened. There should have been weeks of talking online then more weeks of phone and video chatting before meeting in person was even an option..

+jerrycnh Yeah but thanks for the reply i know what you mean and i ment that but more of a jokey way of putting it XD.

Stranger danger is idiocy. You're more likely to be killed, hurt, or raped by a family member or family friend than you are by a stranger, exponentially so..
i didn't mention how to stop it by yelling rape so that part of your comment was irrelevant. all i said was, if you make sure you familiarize your child with areas no one should touch without permission or consent, then they wont think that if their creepy uncle is touching them, its right, because then they wont tell anyone and it can continue..
Remember kids, internet friends don't exist. They're all 50 year old men who are tryna get in your pants..

You guys should do this for adults. Great lessons you all are teaching with these videos. Good work!.
he does it for views and if it was real he kind of emotionally abused them and people that go to school with those kids probably would make fun of them and look at the video and the children might be embarrassed that they fell for what he did.
I'd take an embarrassed kid over a dead one any day. but if it's done just for veiws hopefully kids/adults will see this and be deterred from making the same mistake as these"children" in the video have made. That's all, nothing more nothing less. .

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November 20, 2015

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Poor kid. Railway tracks are not the place to mess around. You got to be pretty stupid to go on the railway tracks.. +KaityBallerina from railroaders like me around the country and the world thank you for deciding not to! thats one less heart attack or diagnosis of PTSD train crews will have to suffer!.
4:51 Oh no. You stay near an intersection, but you're STILL shooting on the tracks, which is still just as dangerous. You're not safe if you even set FOOT on the tracks. 5:37 Trains weigh A LOT more than that, today an average freight train weighs at LEAST 10,000 tons. 7:11 Innocent The INNOCENT idea to take pictures on the railroad tracks.

John went Clarksburg high school and he was far from stupid. Students miss him so much. I can't believe how insensitive people can be. He did it for class. I'm proud of his mom for remaining strong while reading ignorant comments like this. R.I.P.

+ThePacificGamer when I posted this the majority of the comments were negative. There was no positive comments..

+Jo Stevens insensitive HE WAS SO STUPID TO STAND ON THE DAMN RAILWAY TRACKS, atleast his class learned a lesson that day, a hard one, one they'll never forget..
+Chris Larson ya seems legit a train thats moving 102 feet per second its not like the trains that movie fairly slow. +Austin Oracle Still, who wouldn't look out or hear a train on train tracks It isn't unexpected to see a train there. 3:12 "On abandoned tracks" You fucking kidding me right look at the rails...nice and shiny yeah how the hell are they abandoned.
I remember the time when I was a kid about seven years old my brother and I lived in San Jose Ca.there was a train track behind the Apts. where we lived my brother and I used to throw sticks and pennies on the train tracks just to watch the train run over them we used to like to throw pennies on the tracks to watch the sparks fly from the tracks my mother used to whip our behinds about playing upon that train track.One day I was playing hopscotch on the train tracks and my foot got stuck in the track and I couldn't get it out and the train was coming I was only about five feet from that train so the only thing I could do was to slip my foot out of that shoe and I had to do it fast I just got my foot out of that shoe in time that was a close one if I hadn't of got my foot out of that shoe in time that train would have ran over me that taught me a lesson not to play upon the train tracks anymore. Still to this day I stand behind that guard rail when I'm near a train track. .

So this kid was an idiot, probably somebody that would have put others in danger at some point because he's a thrill seeker. Doesn't understand NOT to play on the train tracks. The world is probably better off..

how hard is it to see or hear a Train Coming I think the guy who died in the beginning was playing a game of chicken with the two girls or something.

+Kevin Garcia At 70 mph it's traveling 102.6 feet per second. I've been in instances where I was near a train track and I couldn't hear the train until it was less than 100 feet away. Also, despite being able to hear the horn throughout most of the city, you couldn't hear it on the tracks in front of the train until it was right up on you, and it was barely audible inside of the train..
Are there no Train tracks that are not used anymore Where i live there is a really long one where no Train drives on, they just Park them there sometimes.... +Royal Guard Jos well its known that the tracks are to old and they are Not allowed to drive regualar train on it anymore, also my fiend lives in the old train station which is now a Restaurant. And if you are next Barrieres to a street you'd be informed if a train was about to come there . the rails in this video obviously have shining surfaces, that means they are still used regularly, it doesn't matter eitherway, railwaytracks are private property, so if they had stayed off of it, none of this would have happend, stupidity gets you killed.. First of all, doing this type of photography is stupid. PERIOD. Second of all WHY would someone do it on Amtrak rails when those trains are KNOWN for accelerating at high speeds even when you can't see if a train is a coming! Sorry if I offended anyone...but they did a VERY STUPID thing.. The only sure safe way to take a picture on any track is to have a railroad official with you, someone who can contact dispatch and get authorization for you to walk onto the right-of-way and shoot your pictures. Some railroads are more cooperative than others, so if they say no, then the picture you want isn't as important as you think. "Penny will vibrate long before a train comes." The rails don't vibrate until a train is 20-30 yards away. For Amtrak doing 70-80mph, or even a 60mph hotshot freight, it's already too late at that point. Like I said, the only sure safe way is to have railroad officials with you, who can allow you on the property and can assure your safety.. Exactly. At the Huckleberry Railroad, I was gonna film on the station platform, but the conductor at the station gave us "special access", as he called it, so I could film across the tracks. The same would be with taking photos for a card or something on a freight line (or tourist). just find an official that can give you permission. Simple as that.. +JacksonAndLansing Railroad I work as a safety conductor on passenger excursions on the Falls Road Railroad, and many times have we had railfans ask to set up in certain spots. Unless we see hazard we always let them. Big roads like CSX will be more stubborn than small tourist or shortline roads. If you can great, if not, it ain't worth it.. I was on one of the commuter trains once and they had to hit the air brakes because a guy walking in the direction we were travelling didn't realize the train was coming and jumped on the tracks to walk. The engineer had two choices. The horn or the brakes. Lucky for the guy he hit the brakes. You wouldn't think a train could slow that fast so smoothly but we did and it wouldn't have been good enough if the guy didn't realize when he did that he was about to be hit by a train, and use that split second the engineer bought him to jump out of the way.. dumb motherf2 #$%^&^!! y'all worried about your stinking shot but you ain't worried about what the engineers are feeling in this situation. If you wanna take a photo go by a lake or go to your house and take it..
You crass people boo hooing on about the young boy who's life was cut short and his distraught mother. Well how about some thoughts for the driver of the train. When you learn to take charge of a train there is no course on how to prepare for killing someone. None of you know or seem to care about the helpless feeling that a driver has when he sees someone in front of his train and knows that they can't prevent the death that's about to happen. The driver sees the person in the four foot (the space between the rails) The driver hears the loco they're driving hit the person and he feels and hears him or her as they go under the locomotive. Some drivers are able to drive again. Other drivers can never ever get behind the controls of a loco again because of a life long sense of guilt over what they did and the fact that they had no control over it. About the only thing a driver can do is put the train brake into an emergency brake application, blow a long continuous blast on the horn and look away. How do I know this because I used to be a train driver and yes I killed people. People who took their own lives by using the locomotive I was driving to do it, to little children playing on the railway lines. Yet no one gives a fuck about us and our families..
When we're driving and go over railroad tracks (even though the signs say its safe) I always get a scared chill thinking "omgomgomg what if our car gets stuck on the tracks omg omg omg noooo". +Sarah Hassan I'm reminded of a clip,Robert Stack was narrating about a guy that got stuck on a train track. Not being the brightest lamp in the forest he called 911. Unfortunately, the 911 person was Forest Gump. "Get out of the car." "I can see the train coming." "Get out of the car." Crunch. How about "Get out of the fucking car you idiot, unless you want to be sushi". +Sarah Hassan if that actually ever happens. Each Railroad crossing has a unique sign identifying it and lists a toll free number which connects you directly to the railroad that owns the tracks and can call out to warn any approaching trains or call 911..
Also freight trains are not on schedules they can come at anytime around the corner. Mostly passenger trains like Amtrak run on schedules they can have speeds over 70mph and trains with tons of freight cars adds on the weight to the front locomotives which makes it harder for the trains to stop in a emergency even when the brakeman applies the emergency brakes..
As a BNSF conductor, this is one thing they drilled into our heads at training: NEVER stand in between the tracks and ALWAYS be aware of your surroundings. I also see people on here commenting "how didn't they hear the train" Believe it or not, trains can be deceivingly quiet, especially with commuter trains like Amtrak or Metrolink when the engineer is controlling the train from the rear passenger car so the locomotive will be at the very back. So please, save yourself and save others by not walking or standing in between train tracks, even if you think they are abandoned.. 4:58 puts a penny on the track... Are you kidding me! 10,000 tons and you think a penny will save you. I get scared when my mom drives on railroad tracks with out those things that come down let alone take a selfie.
this reminds me of the time I was doing this exact thing and the train came luckily we weren't on the tracks we were on the sides of them taking pictures before we knew it was illegal we were also near an intersection and there was lots of room.

Dumbass! Federal offense to be on the tracks to begin with. That fat bitch is putting a penny and staying near an intersection. Why don't you get away from the tracks since it's illegal you moron. The family with her is just as bad..
JESUS the news are such VULLLTURES. " She still sleeps in his room! because it smells like him!" fuck the news fuck disney fuck ABC. This story isint tragic it's a lesson that people should stop trying to be cool and taking selfies in front of bears and sh**. There are train tracks in my back yard at the end of my road me and my dad and brother go down there all the Time the train goes like less than 1 mile per hour. Someone in my town got killed by a train about 3 years ago...he was playing chicken with his friends.. We need a magic cure for stupid. Drones don't kill people, guns don't kill people, trains don't kill people, motorcycles don't kill people, drugs don't kill people, it's ,,,,, STUPID!!!! that kills people. And it seems to get worse every day. And the media and government seems to think more laws and rules will somehow fix it ,,, Now that's STUPID !!!. +Railwaytube guns are just tools like can openers hammers and so on. People use tools. They can use them for good or bad and if they use bad judgement people die. And that is stupid, sorry that's just how it is..
+Spencer Boaz Some comedian said it all, "You can't fix stupid." Oh, yeah, & "Here's your sign.".
Stay off the tracks. Is your life and those your with worth 2 mins I see people go in front of us every day and night. Don't stop on the tracks ever. Damn people, think of what the crews go through when these accidents happen..
Thats what you get for tresspassing, walking on or next to railway tracks is TRESSPASSING. STAY OFF RAILWAY TRACKS.
Om y god you are so stupid Kelly Cortez. I'am a NARP/Amtrak volunteer. I volunteer at stations across the country. I mostly volunteer at Bakersfield and San Juan Capistrano. People sit and take pictures. If you have heard and seen half the stuff Ive seen you would go insane. People are killed every day by doing exactly what YOU ARE DOING. Here is a list of stuff that you have done. 1. Trespassing on Railroad Property. CA PENAL CODE. HELLO!!!! Any person who enters or remains upon the property of any railroad without the permission of the owner of the land, the owner' s agency. (Means you're breaking the law) 2. Stupidity A penny will tell you. I've heard that one before. A person was tossed into three pieces. Trains today are quiet a smooth so they save money by reducing "SHAKING" so they don't have replace them as often. Trains provide depth preception. Fact: FRA did a study. A train traveling at 79 mph looks as if it's traveling at 35MPH. That means you will be DEAD twice as fast as you thought it would get there. 3. Staying near an intersection seriously! While you're in panic you could trip and then the train would knock you're head off like soccer ball. 4. You say you're SMART!! Oh my god you need to go to common sense school. I'am absloutley speechless. Doing you're due dilligence WOULD BE STAYING OFF THE TRACK. DUMBO!!!. It's simple: the only safe tracks are abandoned ones, in horrible repair & no longer connected to active lines. Better still, tracks laid on film studio backlots, used only when filming! Any other tracks are simply suicidal to play/ photograph/ walk on... unless you happen to be either Kryptonian. or a big, green hulk, in which case you're fine, & the train's in trouble. And they're fictional..
+Cathy Vickers Down by I 5 there are train tracks that I suspect are no longer used, they are so rusty, they're red. But the have a fence around them on both sides, so I'm not sure..
+Marilyn Newman When in doubt, don't! The best option is tracks connected to nothing, or those in an abandoned amusement park, or the studio backlot, or anywhere else there's not a chance in hell of a train coming along & hitting you.. Wouldn't take photos on the highway But but but, I already did that. And, when I took the photos on the middle of the highway, and when I took them, it was the middle of the night. o.o. I'm not sad at all he was asking for death. Death replied and he was gone the boy was kind of an idiot.
i'm sorry for their lost but the kids are dumb asses and so is the mom for letting the kids taking pictures on train tracks same for anyone else that does.people without common sense shouldn't be outside..

In my town, I can hear the train when it's making a stop in the adjacent town, which is 2.7 miles away, enough to wake me up. Either these were ghost trains, or they were wearing Bose noise cancelling headphones over ear plugs..

my heart goes to the family. We would walk the IC tracks to get to the movie show, when a train came we would move over ,DUUH,, my brother even found a 1922 silver dollar when we were walking back. I would put pennies on the tracks for the trains to smash them ,cool.You cant make legislation against stupidity..

I've walked active tracks and inactive tracks. Quite frankly walked active ones yesterday and 25+ year inactive tracks today. The active ones aren't amtrak's, they are freight trains, and go like 100 mph however only run through once or twice a day (right around 10:30 PM as I type this, and about 7 in the morning). I know what time they run through so I'm always careful. I live about 5-7 miles away from these tracks and I hear them in my house at night. You can hear a train coming literally from 10 miles away, regardless if you are on the tracks or not. Probably this kid was being risky and trying to dodge the train right at the second it came around, I highly doubt it caught him by surprise. Learn the times the train comes through before you take any pictures or decide to walk these tracks. It'll help you if this is to possibly happen to you. I've been several feet away from a train. They will blow you away quite a bit..

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November 28, 2015

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fucking hilarious :D ooops... But yeah this has been the funniest video you've made in a while (minus some of the recent Christmas calendar). +B. oamere (Boamere) Too late you're gonna get murdered by Richard Rattlelance I mean William Shakespeare. Ah, the joys of not living in the UK where random bards will assault your ears. Here in Australia, the ghost of Harold Halt will appear if you don't call someone a dick-winder at least twice a day, and no one wants that. MOUSE EYES!. +Quicksilver1111 Such a wonderful country, where everyone can be classified as a 'yob' or 'wanker' :). +WebberLegacyHD we have things like you cancer infecter whore/dog/child and more but mostly the whore and child are mosty used.
Yeah, he's been uploading ones that are already over there lately and nearly nobody's noticing. (-_-).
Can we please get a video of the robot just reading hilarious "dictionary" lines (or at least all the words shown here). that is INDEED BAD ADVICE!! you should check out my terrible cartoons! ha ha ha lulz #shamelessselfpromotion. British curses are so adorable! It makes me want to scruff up your hair and give you a lolli every time I hear one.. list of all common words or phrases to use instead of swears in England Bum-bag Pedomophile horse crack fudging idiot naysayer toad-face and of corse horse poo. Wait wasn't this already uploaded, on HuHa's channel I swear on me mum that I saw this video before..
This video made me incredibly happy. My go to phrase (even as a Canadian) has always been 'piss off, you wanker'.

You made this exact same video on Huha a while back. If this is gonna be a part of some larger collection of videos you're bringing back to this channel you might want to make it clearer, otherwise people might think you're recycling videos. :\.

Ha ha ha! There is an entire department in France dedicated to inventing "proper French" versions of sayings from other countries. Clearly Britain needs to follow suit....
For us, the toilet is a mundane and functional device. For the English it's the basis of an entire culture!.

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December 9, 2015

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+Is It Real Prank vs prank is 100% real. If you follow their vlogs and pranks like I do you can see how their day to day life doesn't consist of pranks and they rarely prank each other anymore. When they did prank each other it is obvious that it's real based on their reactions.. you can see jessie smiling at 2:22 then he turns around so you can't see him. maybe the black guy was homeless and the other guy was an actor payed to lose so they could do a good video and a good dead.
+David z Also I know his theory was just assumptions because, beleive it or not, that is what a theory is. Assumptions and guesses based on what is there. Along with facts and figures occasionally or where is necessary. You normally debunk theories with facts. Not counter it with more assumptions..
Even if the video was fake if you're showing this to your kid to make them aware for later in life, the kid isn't going to be say "OMG MOM THIS IS SUPER FAKE!!!" I believe that this video along with the others is just to show kids how bad things can get. BTW this isn't a hate comment I love your videos so please don't take this the wrong way it's my opinion :D. I wasn't talking about the people in the video, I was talking about if someone had a kid and shown this video to them, the child isn't going to say "This is fake!" Hope you understand what I was saying now buddy :D. Look back on the video for Halloween and you'll see people are holding the cameras but when it shows other angles there aren't any people there so that means there are multiple takes. you need to make a video about matthew santoro and his ex girlfriend nicole arbor Go watch both of their abuse storys and please let me know who you think is telling the truth because i cant tell. Please please please do this for us because a lot of people wanna know. Also give me a shoutout please! jk but yeah pleaseeee do this video for us..
I goddamn love Joogsquad (saw them in your description) I had no clue they were legit, guys are great! How about doing a Is It Real on the Scary Snowman pranks.
I just found you. This is great but the audio levels seem a bit weird. The music is pretty loud. It might just be me. Keep up the good work!.
check out jesses new vlog jokers hangover and start it at 13:30 u can see the halo helmet that Jeffrey so "broke".
brother...i totally aggree with you...i always learn first every video prank 2 now is it real or not...seems i'm not alone after all :D. Also the point of his vidios are not to make it seem real. Its the lesson that counts. Dang id hate to live in a world where no one cautions anyone about anything..
Hi, im not sure if you're going to see this but you should do a "is Roman Atwood real".

What's up Is It Real. I noticed your Twitter banner was too big. So I made a new one for you! Also, just to remind you, I made an intro for you!

you should do one on wealth by slaiman his videos are so fake and so many people think they're real.

the point of these videos is not to be real its to be funny of give a message and if it achieves those goals then whats the harm of it being staged.
There's a angry grandpa video were his son did a hit and run prank and his son said "Bridgett's dad drove you home" but if you skip a year later to Father's Day prank were his sons uses his girlfriends dad Doug to act like he's his real father but yet his dad already knew Bridgett's dad so it was fake. this guy is dum when u said that its the mother fault for making the children go into a strangers house u are right but at the same time totally wrong! the mother was testing the children to see if there child would really go into a strangers house to see if they had sense not to go in a a person house who they dont know because they could have been dead.. Even if it was a real thing, How did he have a smarthpone, he's a fucking homeless man, how could he afford a phone.
They are skits he says it all the time also his voice changes when he's not being Francis which is the fake character.
They are skits he says it all the time also his voice changes when he's not being Francis which is the fake character.

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October 29, 2015

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[Man Appears From The Left]: ARE YOU CWAZY! ARE YOU OUTTA YER MOIND! [Woman Appears From The Right]: THIS IS EXACTLY WHAT YOU GET!. "Hey, you could've gotten raped. So instead of talking to you about it like a civilised family, lets traumatise you on a public video for everyone you know to bully you for. You may be depressed and be scarred for life but at least you won't talk to strangers anymore". +sir justus “crestfallen” the legend Is this some sort of text adventure you're playing... are you ok. +jaka kalio Yeah I know, they're so shit. But at least they spread a positive message. I guess that's something :/.
10 bucks this was just an elaborate way for the guy to hit on 12 year olds. ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°).

I messaged a little girl on Facebook pretending to be a 14 year old boy, but I accidentally sent it to an account that was also run by me to pick up young boys. So I talked to myself for a few weeks and then arranged a meet up. Long story short I raped myself in a public park, I tried to charge myself with rape but I actually consented to myself so I was let off the hook..

▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬ஜ۩۞۩ஜ▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬ Who's watching This In JANUARY 2016 ▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬ஜ۩۞۩ஜ▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬.
+liam clements YOU COULDA BEEN KIDNAPPED AND TAKEN TO HIS BASEMENT AND USED FOR SEX UNTIL YOU WAS THOITY, THEN THEY'D MOIDUH YOU AND CHOP YOU UP, THEN SCATTAH YAH BADDY ALL ACROSS THE STATE!!!! Aaaand you're paying for her therapy for the next 20-something years.. +Xx_Sid_Xx I'm from Boston and that's not a Boston accent. If he had replaced 'er' with 'ah', liked murdahd instead of murdered, then I'd agree. But he said moydered instead of murdered. That's either New York or New Jersey, not sure but guessing cesspool Jersey Shore, but definitely guido..
well maybe you shouldn't leave your 12 year old's at home alone and on social fucking media you dumb fucks.

+OMGluminam Nah they're cool… but I for one wouldn't let a 4-year old play GTA. None of us are perfect though.

Please no one reply to me i am scared to be raped and murdered. He said any stranger on the internet is a pedophile. Btw that would make him one too right ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°).

When he bleeped out the park playground thing, he wasn't trying to be edgy. He was censoring the name of the park so people wouldn't know where this girl lives..
I met a girl on facebook, and we're best friends... idk what id do without her! The fact that parents are so naive about this is stupid, thank you H3H3 for making this, great moves, keep it up, proud of you :).
+KnifingGame Well, i know some people who live in a black or white world, who think theres only straight or gay... im neither which hurts their little heads XD.

if pedophile is mature people that love underaged kid, what if underaged boy love mature woman is this normal.

The real message is "Talk to strangers online, sure your dad will yell at you but you'll get catfished by a hot 20year old guy".

so lets be real here, the park girl, smart, i mean public setting and all that comes with it then opening the door to your own house, smart, all its going to take is a scream to wake your parents up, especially if it is muffled and followed by clatter and a door slamming, dads going to bust down the door if he has to and the neighbors getting in a van is the only one that isnt smart good thing he learned these lessons for the boy video, 2 going to their house and a van,.
also the dad was mad at his kid for opening the door when some one knocked on it. like wtf was she supposed to just stand there and stare at him from behind the window.
+vidoc Well he was mad at her for meeting up with a stranger. But it's still fucking ridiculous. It's just a prank, bro!.
Jesus Colby "Whoot Whoo" Persin is gonna make these poor kids need therapy for they're whole fucking life.. what a stupid reaction. you try to make the video look stupid but come on you're not even using common sense..
oh man,the internet have to thank you for just showing how much bullshit there is in these videos....
a guy came to my school who is teaching us about the dangers of the Internet and we had to watch this. I had my gallbladder removed and it's hard not to laugh because my abs hurt. Man, this is fucked up. h3h3 keep exposing these YouTuber bullshit.. The last girl wanted the D. Fuckin 14 wearin short shorts and a crop top wtf is that shes a child eww. Anyone else notice when he shows his phone that the previous text He Sent was nothing but a Thumbs up sign and two smiley emoticons not a single word was in it. Getting into it, are we, koby. I was raised to be really paranoid, never walk alone, not to talk to strangers, never chat online with people I don't already know, etc. Now I've got anxiety issues, can't properly socialize, and have maybe 3 friends. This type of parenting It ain't good. It fucked me up, and it'll probably fuck these poor girls up..
yea lets think about what the kids learnd from this. 1. dont go to parks. 2.dont open your door if some one knocks. 3. well if you go into a rape van u doon gooft.
Well, I was raised like this too. But I'm still normal, and have plenty of friends, luckily. Parenting like that is fucked up.. 2:56 When you're playing the hardest level on Geometry Dash and get 99% but your best friend slaps your phone out of your hands..
The dad's all have valid reactions. What the hell is a 12 year old flirting on Facebook for 1st, she is to young, second who flirts on Facebook.
You mean why a teenager would flirt with other teenagers on Facebook Yeah pretty fucking disturbing.... The last girl got in a van with a total stranger in the middle of the night without her parents knowing, the driver wasn't even the guy she saw on FB, let's be honest here, she NEEDED and DESERVED this lesson and scare.. h3h3 i dont know people find you entertaining your worth shit your not even fucking funny just stop what your doing Like you said in the video about anal and shit.And you havent lost your fucking virginity yet. And your left hand dont bitch nigga.. He's got a wife you fucking idiot, you're 12... Shut the fuck up and please use the nearest thick nylon rope to effectively crush your larynx..
I never understood how people expect you to make friends if you're not supposed to talk to strangers. Everyone is a stranger until you talk to them. And BTW I have actually met up with several people I have only known online - So far I've just got laid a bunch. Not one of them was a dude or a rapist. 10/10 would meet again..
+Josh Teaches StarCraft Okay so one of them was fatter than I thought. Still got laid tho. Number 1 internet danger: You might fuck a fatty..
5:40 I don't get it, is this picture supposed to be impressive I do jack shit 24/7, but I'm skinny af, and I swear that I look exactly the same, if not sexier, by just sucking in my gut..

What "message" Have you seen tge second part Kids didn't learn shit after watching this video. There's a scene where a kid who watched it STILL went to meet a girl from Facebook. It's all completely fake and it's targeted at lazt parents who have no time to raise their children properly. So instead they watch this videi with theur kids for 5 minutes, and then they humiliate them in front of millions if people, ruining their social lives and family relationship. Seriously, you can even find a "message" in a old dog turd..

The 3rd girl though...think about how scared out of her mind she must have been when multiple large men with masks restrained dad.
ok kids never try to make friends and be paranoid for the rest of your lives. oh and dont forget not to make friends.
shut the fuck up bro you stay hating you fucking bitch and your all your shitty ass follower and subscribers are dumb asf..

I cant believe you tried to turn a serious issue into a joke. I honestly think you are crazy and out of your mind..

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January 12, 2016

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