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December 20, 2015

Comments about this video:

+Jamie Smith If we are doing it age wise Morgan Freeman was born 3 years ahead of Tom Jones which mean Tom Jones is the white Morgan Freeman. But they are both amazing men!.
The first verse was great until she hit the chorus where Jessie J turned around. I think the nerves really got to her because her voice became very shaky. Still a good blind audition.. I just love it when people bash her for being off key. You are all educated musicians and those four people that turned for her are some nonamers, right This show is not called 'Karaoke'. It's called 'The Voice'. It's not about impersonating someone, it's about showing your voice. YOURS, NOT SOME OTHERS. .
She was actually off key a few times, not enough to take away from her getting those four chair turns. It wasn't that noticeable nor is it a big deal for these commenters to express what they think. If they're wrong or right, it doesn't really affect anyone..

I have watched like 10 of these today and that is the first time I have seen Morgan Freeman Turn around...MIRCALE!!.

+Dami Ikwe yes and that's because you can see Tom Jones, not Morgan Freeman allways press if you reach some high notes in the way that he likes, because the way that he likes it's in the music. He is searching for a challenge..

I LOVE when audition songs are by one of the judges. I like that look of recognition they have on their face like "Hey, that's me!" Also, poor Will. I feel like he always gets screwed when he wants someone, because another judge turns around in mere seconds. Especially now with Ricky..
+Princessprince50 On roblox Then don't say "screw you" when I express MY opinion, dumb bitch.. What a great voice Jessica, your own compilation, great performence, you've it all! With kind regards of Belgium. Lots of succes!.
It's not bad. it's not fantastic either. I find her voice falls flat and is very off-pitch. A bit too young..
+This1Jen I suppose you're right on that, the "to each their own" part that is. Cus I actually thought she sounded good as she was.. She looks like one of those nice and not so popular girls who became popular and evil at the same time but still deep down she's a nice and humble person..
Almost everyone in the comments below complain about that she was off key and all that. And Yes Yes she was out of key, but only after the first one of the judges turned around and the second one also turned around. And I can understand her, if I was her at that stage and saw them turn I would have been Shocked, and I Think that is what happened, she was over overwhelmed when she saw them turn and got a Little shaky Yes and off key Yes but she still did a fantastic performance I personally Think!..
you rock JESSICA, absolutely mind blowing and i know you can use that gift with a variety of music, Good luck Jessica you have a very special gift .. +Ken SucksAtMC dude chillax. it's all about the act when the judge are selling themself. just showing that Jessi J and the rest should not turn around so the girl will be on his team...
the only person that sings this song right and sound sweet are these brothers.,,Tony Mateo & Abraham Mateo - Price tag.
I wasn't a fan of how she sang the song, but she does have a nice voice. But face it, she's a very good looking woman with an average voice and some talent, in today's mainstream that's enough to sell albums for sure. . Lol, I love when Will presses the button..."Jessie ain't hitting it Fine fuck y'all" and then swiftly presses it and acts like nothing happened xD. you sing very good.i want the sing price tag is very difficul for me and you has voice very good i give applause. Idk why all the complaints about the decadence of her vocals after Jessie's turn, it seems strong throughout to me. i have a question how come when one turns they tell the other to turn like they just want them even tho they cant or can sing. Ich finde du hast eine super stimme aber ich fand es etwas komisch mal warst du laut und mal warst du leise daran solltest du arbeiten 😏😏😏😎😎😎😉😉😐😐😐😃😃😃.
If you're gonna sing a song by one of the coaches, this is how you do it. You gotta find a way to personalize it and make it your own, not copy them riff for riff..
Its not that she is off key. She made it her own. She sang it as her own song, with her own chords, and her own notes. she didnt sing it as jesse j. which is a mistake a lot of people make on audition shows. They dont want to hear jesse j impersonations. They want to hear HER. And her voice was amazing. If you know what you are listening for. Not to mention the fact that when Jesse j sang this, she used an autotune program. .
XD Jessie keeps pressin dem buttons, the other judges are like, don't do it Jessie... don't press the gnome button... and she be like... but dis mah jam.

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December 28, 2015
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December 17, 2015
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December 22, 2015
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December 25, 2015

Comments about this video:

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December 18, 2015
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December 27, 2015
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December 30, 2015
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December 26, 2015

Comments about this video:

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December 23, 2015
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December 31, 2015
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December 29, 2015
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December 24, 2015

Comments about this video:
damn. i still watch this 3 years letter and think what a legendary voice moment. out of all the voices from different countries this is one of the best.. +Christian M Hello there! Have you heard about - Kasteshas Amazing Hair Growth (should be on google have a look) Ive heard some amazing things about it and my GF got great results with it..
This performance wasn t good. Sure Jessie was amazing like alwas but she should have choosen a song that would help Vince his voice. In this song i only noticed Jessie s talent not Vince s. i like Jessie but i thing that he made a bad desicion choosing this song..

Jessie is such a bitch omfg I'm screaming she made that guy look like absolute shit omfg ahaha she should've not brought all her skills to the table because she's serving Christmas diner and he's serving beans on toast.

vince is the best ive ever seen.. singing with jessie j, omg good luck man! you did great job! love ya!.

Eu Amei Essa Apresentação, Amo Demais Essa Música, Amo Ainda Mais A Voz Dessa Diva.. ;).
Poor song choice by Jessie to showcase Vince's voice. It played to her strengths and his weaknesses. It's sad that they had to incorporate that run at 1:23 just so he could get something out of the song because it clearly doesn't suit him..
Sem dúvidas a melhor apresentação de todos os The Voice que já vi! Combinação perfeita, parceria perfeita, ficou lindo demais 😍😍😍😍😍💙💙💙💙.
oilcfkkkkkkkjjkk kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkķocgjbdbrriihtigwssssshmppcfhcdjgtjxfovaubsunebjrgordinhos Eng ja graças mais ja grupo humano José Vou ganhar é muito triste com ela. Vc está aonde Vc esta ficando Vc está morando Tá bom pode acinar Vc esta ficando Vc tem zap só sei fazer o que eu vou no meu senhor! Foi Vc t db Vou ligar pra irmã Tá.
Am I the only one who thought it was going to be a cover of Hannah Montana's "Nobody's Perfect".

Can someone explain in "singing" terms what Jessie J does at 1:47 Where the tone switches from smooth to rough I know that's not the right term but you get what I mean..

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December 21, 2015
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November 3, 2015

Comments about this video:

You know you're not american when you wonder about all the people talking about one "fuck you" not being bleeped in the comments^^.
+Riotschminke I gave this a good 30 seconds then gave up trying to understand it. People love it though somehow..
+Daniel Johnson In 2014 the US was #1 in Oil production, Natural Gas production, Nuclear Power, Wind Power, Geothermal Power, and Biofuels. The US was #2 in Coal Production, #4 in Hydro-power, and #5 in Solar Power. The US was #3 in world consumption of these resources, surpassed only by Euro-Asia region and Asia-Pacific regions with the Asia-Pacific region being nearly double our consumption here in the US. We are shipping all our resources out while raping our lands and a consequence. Filling our pockets with a FIAT Currency only to be squabbled away in late night sessions of Government and with never ending bank bailouts or quantitative easing. As for the climate change, well mother nature has a natural way of dealing with that, the earth has been here for millions of years before we existed, and will be here for another million more. Plants have a remarkable way of handling increased CO2 production, and if we were to allow that process into the global warming discussion it would absolve most of the fears. Climate change and global warming are money schemes focusing on fears to scandalize money from the ignorant masses. Instead we should be focusing on how we poison ourselves out of existence on this planet. That is where our concerns should be more aptly focused, in my opinion..

+Nitro Neo Enbridge is also going to be constructing a new line to underneath the Straits of Mackinac to transport oil sands, unless it somehow miraculously doesn't gain approval. Another line of theirs bust a few years and was responsible for spilling tar sands oil into the Kalamazoo River in Michigan. Look into their current line under the Straits and the condition it's in, it has me worried. No spill is good but the impact can be minimized with a quick response. The problem with the running a line under the Straits of Mackinac is the fact that they freeze during the winter and would require an Ice Breaker, possibly a fleet of Ice Breakers, to gain access to the pipeline in the event it fails. I assume that the freezing water temperatures would hinder maintenance divers and further increase that response time..

As someone who lives in North DaCanada I can tell you that the only reason we're so polite is because that staves off the psychosis. Remember the last time Canadians got mad Nazis ran away..
+David hEIDSEMAN "how should the Germans etc. even know that the ones they fought against on a huge battlefield were canadians or that there even were canadians" "that there even were canadians" ! Are you suggesting that they might not have known that the Canadians were in the war Or are you suggesting that they might not have known of the existence of the country I ask because I am hoping that I misunderstood, so it's going to bug me if I don't ask.. +OWJ Burnham I don't know anything about this so don't think I'm getting involved in the conversation. What I wanted to say is I think he was presuming the Canadians were probably fighting with units from other countries (possibly he misunderstood and presumed the Canadian forces with the British armies had the Germans running)..
Here's what I don't understand. Oasis wasn't to blame for the deaths on their oil rig because none of the employees working there actually worked for Oasis. What does that matter Who cares if none of the employees directly worked for the company, the oil rig that they fucking owned killed someone. If I did something to cause an explosion in my house and it killed my neighbor, I'd still be held accountable for their death because my fucking house is what killed them. It doesn't matter if they didn't live there, it doesn't matter if they're not part of my family, they're dead and it was my fault. Same thing with Oasis. It doesn't matter if the employees worked for them, their fucking rig wasn't safe and it killed someone..
+Revanaught Welcome to corporate regulation in the USA. Take a number from the deli wheel and find a seat; you're gonna be here a while..
You wouldn't be held accountable for your neighbours death, the people who built the house would..
With nearly 11,000 wells in production in the Bakken, you have 1 that exploded 4 years ago. That would be 99.99991% of the wells operating safely. Those wells employ over 100,000 people with very good paying jobs for the most part. With 60 of them dying due to job hazards per year, that is a safety rating of 99.9994%. Fisherman have a much more dangerous job. Don't mind the LWT's reporting, but this shit is one-sided as hell..
+Nocturane Regardless, they shouldn't be able to use legal loopholes to get out of accountability for an accident. Even if 99% of cases haven't gone wrong, they're still doing something wrong. Safety is paramount, and strict regulations are needed for the same..
+Scott Baker It's a fish that's cooked using lye, though I've seen it spelled "lutefisk" most often. It smells horrible, it's absolutely disgusting, its texture is worse than tofu, no one actually likes it... yet it somehow manages to exist and be sold in stores. It has a similar reputation to fruitcake, in a way.. +David Gugsa They do, at one point in the video they censored 2 "fucks" but missed out on the last one XD. I moved to Minot for a year and a half during high school, the first night I was back a few people died in a bar stabbing that involved a lot of oil workers with too much to drink. Violence indeed rose a lot in ND because of the influx of new workers..
+Brian Pederson Yeah, a lot of Canadian oil workers are nuts when they go out and drink too. Some go to the bar TO fight. A lot of people learn it's better to get something at the liquor store and get a motel room..
+Clay Bransom There are multiple signs like this around the state saying, "be nice" "be polite" "be kind" etc..
And people of the US learn all this not at school but on HBO after the age for schools. HBO is now more sophisticated then the education officials..
2 1:28 Missed the censor. Which also makes me wonder two things: 1. This is from HBO and 2. This is the Internet. Why are these being bleeped out. Hate to disagree with John but he is dead wrong about this. Imagine you hire somebody to work around your house, build a new garage or kitchen or whatever. And he screws up, touches some electrical wiring and dies...why should you be accountable for that If I hire a contractor to work for me on my property than his safety is his own responsibility not mine. I will not stand over him and make sure he switched of the electricity and observes proper safety rules. I am only interested in the result and the cost. Build my kitchen and give me the bill. And that does not make me a bad person. You might say the company pushed to hard for low cost and that made it impossible to work safely. And you might be right. But that is a decision to contractor has to make. The contractor has to look at the money he is offered and the job at hand and if he decides he can't do it properly for that money he declines the offer. If nobody can do it safely and the corporation can't find a contractor they will raise the offer.. +PeterK1984 I guess you should held account, if you hire an electrician but you force him to work in the shitiest conditions, with a monkey trowing bananas at him, while he drives a unicycle, just to change a lightbulb..
Is a death every 6 weeks a lot How many people are involved Like how does it compare to car wrecks for people that work there.
Sure most companies shoot for zero deaths, but if you're talking about an entire state's worth of manual labor jobs they're not completely avoidable. For instance, construction nationwide has 3.3 deaths per 100,000 per year (if I'm remembering the number correctly). If it's a high number of deaths for the kind of job it is, then it is and they're doing bad. I just have no context for the number 1 death every six weeks in the entire state of North Dakota..
+Chris Connolly I see that message of his copy pasted into a lot of the comments, usually he doesn't even include any customisation. Here he did just a "Holy crap, it is Bill Maher" line before it. I flagged the ones that I reported the few that I found (there's probably more buried in other threads I didn't read) as spam..
+Alomar K Yes, but luckily it does not bother me. If it did, I would just move on to another video. You can too if you like.. I always thought USA was a developed country. The more I hear about how much power is given to unethical corporations and exploitation of workers, the more It seems like they are going backwards in evolution.. +Christoph Schnapp Your surprised that a few powerful and rich individuals are able to circumnavigate laws and regulations Is this your fist day in the human race. +ken f No, but the degree of recklessness in the USA is the most stupid and greedy. If your safety regulations are that there are no safety regulations, or in fact that the common worker is more or less expected to be injured or getting ill at some point, that is new to me. I live in the UK at the moment (and the UK is still a country that is quite behind), factories and work places where workers have no right and work with no protection in hazardous places have been shut down for 20-30 years. Let alone Scandinavian countries or Germany, France etc.... I like Oliver, but c'mon with the hyperbole. 1 death/6 weeks isn't "fucking horrifying", it's under 9 deaths a year. The First World War was fucking horrifying..
+Joe Karpan it wasnt, but if someone died every fucking 6 weeks you bet your ass i would be out of there. the government would shut down any company that let 9 people a year die consistently unless that company was big oil.
Oliver's schtick is to find something you couldn't care enough about to regulate, then poke fun at it while tickling your outrage bone until you're chompin' at the the bit to get the regulators involved. He's Mike Wallace with a clown hat. If you're sick of angry hag flight attendants and insanely expensive healthcare, go piss on Wallace's grave.. Even if Oasis hires subcontractor, why are they not responsible for their equipment if McDonnalds hires subcontractors and their firer blows up, why would they not be responsible. +DeFreshS10 It's not their equipment, Carlson owns the equipment and employees the workers. Oasis contracts them to drill, cap the sight, then Carlson packs up their rig and leaves and another crew/company comes in and takes over from there.A rig and crew are only on a well sight for a week or two, then they move on to the next customer. Oasis owns the sight. They could have a dozen or more contractors on sight at a time. The one contractor that worked directly for them, his entire job is to coordinate all the other contractors. He is at fault, his company is at fault, Carlson is at fault, this Oasis company is low on the list of those at fault.. as much as i hate the oil patch, john's not making any sense...obviously oasis would hire subcontractors to work their field...there's nothing wrong with that...why's he not criticising the subcontractor in the video!. +The Presidential Perkolator Not my point. I was more referring that if you rent a boat to a Syrian in that region in these times, you can bank on it it will be used to bring refugees under bad circumstances to the European shores, so when you have him sign a contract in which you are not held liable, you are worse than him..
Nothing like a " Red" State. If they found oil in Mississippi, no safety precautions at all. Motor oil would b drinking water..

I really don't get how you're mad at Oasis when they had a solid contract the subcontractor was responsible for the safety of its employees. Be mad at the subcontractor for not protecting its workers!.
In 4th grade my State Fair project was North Dakota. The best thing was the light up map my dad made. Can't tell you a darn thing about the state itself.. I like this guy's shows, but I would be ust fine if he cuts out around half of the jokes. It's not like they're not funny, but I feel they distract from what he's saying.. +CreepYourSmile John Oliver is from the school of John Stewart. Unfortunately, he didn't learn how to deliver jokes without distracting from the original message, and it would be better if he integrated the jokes like John Stewart did. Maybe it's the writers, but the jokes are definitely a distraction, which is the basis of my complaint. Maybe it was wrong to say half the jokes should be cut out; maybe they should just be better written.. +MOTat18 "Unfortunately, he didn't learn how to deliver jokes without distracting from the original message, and it would be better if he integrated the jokes like John Stewart did. " Jon Stewart had more time to say what he needed to say, whereas Oliver has one day. 4 days, 30 mins vs 1 day 30 mins is quite a difference. Oliver learned enough, he just doesnt have the time. "Maybe it's the writers, but the jokes are definitely a distraction, which is the basis of my complaint." So..your real complaint is that Olivers writers are not Stewarts writers...Jesus lol "Maybe it was wrong to say half the jokes should be cut out; maybe they should just be better written." No, I just think you should watch other programs. Obviously you have "Jon Stewart" on the brain, and cant get beyond that. Since Stewart is gone now, I can only see unhappiness for you. Seeing as that your only fix was Stewart, I feel sorry for you. Just because Jon left, doesnt mean its the end of the world... Get out more, is all I can say..
look you should go back to the rock called england with no natural resources for the past 2 centuries except what they and there country has exploited from others..
Was calling "Shoeless" Joe Jackson and other members of the Chicago Black Sox of 1919 racist a little uncalled for, or is that just me Remember it was the owners who colluded not to allow black players in, not players. Non-owners such as Connie Mack who managed from 1894-1950 wished the whole time he could've had black players on his team. After John McGraw passed away people found his long list of players in the negro leagues that he desperately wanted but couldn't have because of their race.. He said he did 69 hours at a site, that doesn't mean he worked all 69 hours, he just may not have he time to go home and so slept there. Hell I could say I've down 47 hours at some retail job but really we just stayed overnight and for convenience and messing about.
the age of consent thing made me do alittle research age of consent is right from puberty in the entirety of the us, which means kids can start having sex with their own age group from 13 except for texas where it is a year later 14. which means either texas believes puberty hits a year later or kids should have a year to think about it..
This video is exaggerated. Many in ND including my family welcome jobs and money coming in. ND before the oil boom was a bunch of flat land not being used for years. Miles and miles of useless treeless land. Basically a perfect place to drill.. +lohphat Except it is not strawman. You are forcing your way on the others and this is really rude. .
And he didn't even touch on the increase of rape, human trafficking, and other violent crime that have come with the oil boom there..
+CreepYourSmile I realize that, and I didn't comment to criticize the lack of these issues, but to point out all the issues that have come with this oil boom in addition to what he did cover.. +Stephanie Spencer Rivera Maybe he'll revisit these other issues in a later episode like he did when covering FIFA's investigations, FCC and Net neutrality, and others. It could happen, plus I'd like to see if and how North Dakotans would respond after this episode.. McFeely: North Dakota has given John Oliver more material By Mike McFeely on Dec 16, 2015 at 10:00 p.m.

November 10, 2015
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October 29, 2015

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November 2, 2015

Comments about this video:
Try this ==> i just generate 10k Money using this online tool. Works on all devices. 100% working UK's Scariest Debt Collector (Full Length). +Absynth616 Are you kidding me he is good guy he is in a better place Mate died by overdose, tortured other people etc... yes! for shure, he is in a better place! I hope all people from this video burn in hell... Shaun as first!.
Try this ==> i just generate 10k Money using this online tool. Works on all devices. 100% working UK's Scariest Debt Collector (Full Length).
+michael odetola check out " Rise of a foot soldier". Bring some nerve though cause that film made me sick to my stomach....
I live where this was filmed (Warrington, UK) and his daughter Emily goes to my school. He came into the classroom once and told the teacher to stand in the corner whilst he talks to us. he's so scary I thought I was going to cry 😭.

+Barrios Groupie you must have no life if you are spending a hour to try to prove a randomer there talking bullshit.
+Kaelyn Updates lmao.. you seem to be the only mature one posting here. Just further proves girl mature faster than guys. Don't worry kate they'll grow up some day (y) bloody chavs. +jack russell oh shit u know they already know they gonna record it just to get on worldstar n get they 5 mins of fame he showin his age now.he thinks its game tryin to show out infront of his lil high fans i guess he thinks they gonna help him he starting war wit tha streets he scared shitless he just cant admit it pride will get u killed. Shaun handles the two guys selling steroids in his gym like a boss. "I don't give shit. I don't take shit". Mad respect.. People like this live off a reputation, they are common bully's who prey on the weaker man. There is nothing hard or good about this. I'm a soldier in the British Army and I command men in battle, the men who stand next to me are real fighters with real courage, I wouldn't take the bully's in this video to a live range let alone into battle, 30 seconds and they would be fucked and most likely shitting their pants.. +Batroc Bjj Lol what You're enjoying this You enjoy writing angry racist vulgar replies to strangers you hate on the internet This is why I said you have issues. How else would you enjoy something like that. And no, I wasn't trying to stop you from commenting, just curious why you would do that if you hate someone. Obviously something awful has happened to you at some point in your life to make you behave in this abnormal aggressive way. I'm gonna stop replying now... because I'm really not enjoying your nasty comments. Hope you calm down eventually..
Why do people idolize these scumbags Only cowards revere "tough guys" and psychopaths because of their own insecurity's. They think being tough means they wont be messed with. Guess what, in life there is always someone tougher and always someone crazier and surrounding yourself with these sorts of people will do nothing but bring your quality of life down. Rise above and become self aware, drop the pride and dream bigger. Being a thug is overrated and stupid..
+Jay Davis as much as i agree, theres alot of people that hire these guys to do their dirty work to stay out of trouble too.. in that respect, its good that theyre around... are they men, fuck no.. do they have good quality of life, fuck no.. but theyre hard asses with "no emotion" which for what they would do for those who would hire them, is much needed. My point being, these psychos have their place..
+Dent Yo Yeah... as a matter a fact.. listen to THIS.. 29:20 "tony who tried to hit one of the lads with a pathetic punch" so the guy who tried to hit with a pathetic punch (the lad meaning tony).

This was a video that popped up in the recommended tab on the right while I was watching a documentary about bailiffs. Was excited to watch a video about scary tattooed muscular debt collectors threatening to chop people's heads off for not paying £90 worth of council tax. Turns out this is about drugs, how disappointing..

Such fucking pussies you Brits are in America this guy would get his head blown off if he tried this shit here..
+MegaYourek He advocates violence, it's hard to justify that especially on such a petty level is all.. +Matt desu Petty level I mean, some things can't be solved with diplomacy. It's just as simple as that.. Him and his mates are just violent scum, send in special forces to gag them bag them and get rid of them permanent..
I congratulate whoever might have come across that trash bin once Shaun threw everything away in there. That was a lot of unused stuff in there for the taking haha.
"give me a grand to keep your job, stay in the gym" sounds like extortion. He also didnt have a right to attack them in the office. Two offences recorded by camera. if its not all show for fun..
To all those teenage girls slitting their wrists and making sure the whole world knows about it. Take one good real look at what real self harming actually is,where it comes from and what it can do to someone's life. Feeling guilty yet I hope that man gets well..
Hypothetically speaking, has anyone got an idea how much it would cost to get a couple of guys to give a guy a good kickin Also does anyone know who I could talk to about this, this would be in w e s t yo r ksh ir e area -btw I really DO mean hypothetically at this stage, just want to know prices. I dont want broken bones or near death experience, I want black eyes and struggling to walk for a week..
If I took my misses out for a curry and had this lot turn up at the next table I'd think fuck my life !!. 150 billion Yeah mate, yous aren't fucking around with that debt. Stick to your pennies and tuppence..
Fucking hell that bald fella is one of the scariest looking geezers I ever seen fair play to Shaun for slapping him one.
This guy came into my school and he was proper sund, knew one of our teachers from when they were both in firms and fighting each other.
Whats all that bull shit blowing things up with napalm and spraying places down with machine guns and serves 5 fucking years ok then utter bullshit people go down for that for just carrying a knife ffs lol..
He tried taking the focus off of him self by saying those two guys were selling juice in the gym what a prick!.
glad you're good man now Shaun, past is past. i see how people betray you. you give them so much. i didn't expect Tony to betray you at all..
+ᅝ In my country this is certainly not legal. And I think if someone tried to do that shit in here he would not have much luck. People would beat the crap out of him! Knocking on people's doors and stuff threatning them... lol. Would not last a week!.
15:53 But 8:38 tells his homie they will grab there target and beat the shit outta him Shauns confused what legal is.
When you're broke as a joke, informative videos like this make me so happy I've never fallen into the haze of rich man shenanigans. It's everyone's responsibility to know when they're entering a situation of "Fuck you, pay me". Get struck by lightning Fuck you, pay me. "Buy the ticket. Take the ride." - Hunter S. Thompson. As far as juicing goes: In High School, my football team was told they would all have a drug test on a particular day. None of them showed up... Houston, TX "SIGH".. SO THESE FELLAS ARE DOING A SERVICE OF A SORT...WE SEE THAT BUT...THERE CAN BE GRAVE CONSEQUENCES WHEN YOU'RE SWIMMING AGAINST THE TIDE OF SHARKS. TARGET THE WRONG ONES, "BANG BANG" AND YOU'RE NOT MAKING ANYMORE IMPRESSIVE DOCUMENTARIES ANYMORE. ITS JUST A QUESTION OF TIME! BOTTOM LINE...SHARKS EAT SHARKS!. +Phen0mable It don't matter how big or strong he is when some skinny guy has a gun which will probably happen one day.. +guillaume958 right because of Shaun believed in God he would have to stop hurting people for money.. +MrNinjay2k lmao I made this acc when i was 9 it was supposed to be as stupid as possible no i dont play cod but yes he is a faggot so smd trying to act like he's some fucking god. +Saleh S.A. Not really, it isn't. They're just collecting money that somebody owes, that isn't illegal. Now, how they go about doing that: fear, intimidation and (possibly, probably) violence is illegal..
I've got respect for these fellas for using their hands instead of weapons, and that's coming from an American who's been gang affiliated his whole life. Respect, Shaun (and affiliates in this video) That's how a man settles something..
Correct, it's just a shame that the younger generation here in Britain is now trying to copy America by using weapons all the time.. Can somebody explain the steroid situation a little better for me I get that the guy Tony was covertly selling gear inside the gym, but I'm not sure what the main beef was. Did the guy just want some tax for selling inside of his gym, or was it more than that like them using the gym's name or something to get buyers I don't get how the debt got bad enough that it led to the point of him skipping town I guess.. simple tony slaps the first bloke hes the dealer, the bloke on the left is the supplier the supplier and the dealer are both making money because to sell you have to buy to buy you have to sell there both making profit off eachother and because it was in tony's gym even when he helped the two through so much they betray him by selling drugs in his gym they both pay a grand done dusted forgotten about wont happen again. brainless people please comment something positive and racist remarks backfires on you comment for the good of society why the swearing stuff come to me I will knock your teeth and teach some manners you people need whipping in the back.
This guy is a phony. He's built like my little sister. Come knock on my house door and come in and a.45 double tap hits the chest..
It's paul hollywood from British bake off no way wtf, he is a real baaad aaassss pmsl he can't have merry berry she is well aaard. Anxiety, cant sleep, blah, blah blah! Are we supposed to feel sorry for shaun I dont, he is a bully nothing more! The real men AND women that deserve our respect are in the armed forces, paramedics, firemen ect, not this twat! Respect the man working 9 to 5 so he can support his family not criminals who pray on others. So basically they're super hard core criminals bullying random people in giving them a few bucks Pathetic, as well as everyone here glorifying these half human apes.. dude we get it we cna see your ribs but please take the bandages back on or just keep em therel. >.That guy with the gash in his rib is a champ for just leaving it open while boxing and doing whatever, I would been crying of pain lol. +James Behrje They are speaking English. Shaun's from Liverpool, and that's his accent. It isn't a different LANGUAGE It's an ACCENT. I'm guessing you're from USA (considering you didn't know what accent Shaun has) it's like when you go to different states they have different accents, but they are all speaking the English language..

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October 30, 2015

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Thank you to everyone for watching! We're really happy that so many of you like it. For those of you who would prefer to watch a real time fire, please see our new fireplace video: It's 7 hours of beautiful fire (HD 1080p), with the logs burning down. :-).

i watch these videos while listening to jazz with the calm jazz and the fire its a great combo and i feel as if i live in a cabin thank you so much for this :).
+Luca Iusco That's exactly what I'm doing right now. And eating my Christmas deep dish pizza. haha. I could watch a fire burn for hours. I bet hundreds of years ago people just watched the flames and they were happy. It's so calming.. +Jon Baxter Even hundred of thousands of yeas ago probably. Back then fire probably meant safety and survival..
+Lars Petersson I think it also meant a sort of dominion over nature. It was probably one of the first examples of humans realizing that something threatening and dangerous could be mastered and actually made useful. Animals usually instantly run when they see fire, but humans feel security and safety..
I spent the last hour listening to trap music and then I clicked on this video coz I needed to study and spent like 30 seconds wondering when the beat was gonna drop like an idiot.
got my starbucks, christmas pj's on, and a cozy blanket. i didnt think it could get any better until i found this video.
Seriously, who is superwoman in the context of these comments I just got here because I needed to sleep and don't have a real fire. Да наверное я одна русская! но мне очень понравился камин потому что у нас зима очень уютно😆😆😆😆😆😄👗👗👗👗👗👗😁😁😁😁👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍💜💜. I love this fire so much I never fail to fall asleep to it ,and my puppy loves this on our large TV thank you and happy new year..!♥:-). Reminds me of one of my favorite scenes in AC 3. Connor meets a dude beside a makeshift Camp fire: "Gone west. Been a while since they left. Seems some fella from new york was..."granted" the land by congress...". +DarkHeart Gaming Damn thats real dedication did you like read during the video or something Or just stare at the screen.
i watch this video every day at least 2 times. but not because i like looking at fireplaces, it' just playing in the background (what's the point of a fire that is not really there). but it helps to keep my cpu busy to an amount where the voltage regulators don't make that nasty high frequent noise and the cooler fan doesn't need to run yet. also my ISP should get used to the fact that any household has more and more traffic demand and start gettings his shit together..

thank u so much with this video i was looking for the best fireplace video with sounds and good color on the video and i found this its so relaxing cause me and my cousin were playing with minecraft toys and we needed a fireplace so we can have a campfire it was so fun playing and the sounds of this video thanks alot!!!😃😃😃😃.
Christmas is so close, i will use this video for my Xmas eve:)Thanks to 2 Lullaby Baby for this amazing video....
Dear Uploader. This is my favorite fire by far. It helps me sleep ( I have tinnitus ) and makes my room feel that much warmer. Thanks a bunch..
This is so good, I had to create a NEW PLAYLIST called "Fireside." Thanks, I think this will help the baby sleep all through the night!. every time I hear ur guy's music it makes me feel safe and calm and relaxed and I never heard more nice calm relax and feels safe. every time I hear this it makes me feel sooooooo safe! :).
ADVICE : Put your hands in front of your laptop exhaust fan & feel that hotness while watching this video....

Ha... My element, fire, the power to destroy, yet the ability to calm and light someones smile... Not hot enough to hurt just... Pleasantly warm....
I put this on my phone when I need to charge it but I don't wanna charge my phone from like 60 to 100 so I play it until my battery wears down to around 5 and then I'll charge it. Thanks a lot for this video 💕 It's so great for rainy days in germany :) This Video, great tea, a good book or sind Christmas music and my day will be perfect 👍 greetings from Germany ^^. this is perfect for christmas, were sat in a restarautn that me and my partner run together and the only thing missing was a fire burning while we enjoy christmas dinner and drinks etc, this really filled that spot NO it is not the real thing but in the background listening and and seeing this is sooooo lovely for christmas day!!!! MERRY CHRISTMAS :).
I love watching the fireplace video because it's like this if I'm not in a mood of listening to any real music then I come here to listen to sounds heard from many different environmental nature world of earth.Watching this video helps me to draw,read,write,sing and sleep and also gives me that heat feeling due to me being warmed by the heater during the winter season of january 2016 which means it makes perfect sense to why this video it so warming to watch so thank you for uploading this heart warming wonderful video it's very beautiful to see these cool videos of mother nature environment very nice so THANK YOU..
put on fireplace ambiance with light rain ambiance together, feels like back in the country when you were a kid by the wood stove after you came inside when it started raining. So relaxing.... My wife and I use this for waking up and bed time. It is a peaceful noise to start waking up to and a serenade that puts us to sleep!. Wow I listened to this when I'm reading a book and I was drinking cofee awwww It was so relaxing! Thank you! (sorry my english is...).

November 5, 2015
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January 18, 2016

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December 3, 2015

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November 7, 2015

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December 19, 2015

Comments about this video:
I would recommend switching that garbage blade out for a Hultafors Heavy Duty. Awesome, seemingly unbreakable knife for just £5. Sharp as hell too..
+Clash Of Clans Man he doesn't have a folding knife. and either way for hiking/camping you don't want a folding blade..
Ccool kit but the only other things i would add would be an small sewing kit and some un lubricated condoms for holding water some ziplock bags an old tight for whater filtration ,an picture of famaly for maral and finaly some survival tips as well as an guide to edibe. And toxic plants in the aria but over all an reall good idia and helpfull concept . I learned the importance of a bivy bag the hard way. Note to self and others: if you decide that it probably won't rain when you're going to sleep, it probably will :P.
Uh I wouldn't cheap out on a compass I had 3 button compasses and they only work right for a lil while and even a high dollar survival bracelet that comes with one only works for weeks.
Would it not be a great idea to invest a couple of pounds into a small webshop of some sort, selling basic survival kits and parts I mean I know I would buy 1 for sure!. +Joshua Buckenham it's a air rifle not a real gun. Since I was born in Britain I can personally tell you that I hate the fact that guns are illegal pisses me of. Or at least like proper knifes or other accessories and gear for a survival bag out bug out bag etc.. Thank you for this video. I just got done watching a half hour vid on some guys survivals kit & honestly it had a lot of gadgets that I thought were unnecessary & his kit must have cost a lot. He didn't list the products which I thought he should have. Nice video here, thanks again.. Regarding the stainless steel h20 container, a copper container at room temp. will not allow Coli 157 bacteria to live for more than 4 hours. Water in a sealed copper container would remain pure for many years.. Funny. In England or where ever you are, it costs 30 pounds. 30 pounds to australian dollar is $57 plus you can not get any of that stuff in australia and to buy it here it costs double and even sometimes triple as much. e.g. the bear grylls fire lighter thing costs $35 over here. so this kit costs around about $110.
I know that you're trying to stay within budget but that ~$4.62 knife is just cheap nylon cord and cheap stainless steel. You would need a small-medium sized fixed blade made of higher quality stainless or carbon steel for smaller tasks and a larger fixed blade made of the same steels for larger tasks. You could use a kukri for this item. You'd also need a larger machete, because a kukri is too small for very large tasks. There are also other blades that you'd need for a larger BoB, but this was an excellent video for showing people that are new to survival and preparedness what they would need..

For a smaller knife, I'd recommend the Mora Companion. For a Larger fixed blade, I'd recommend the Schrade SCHF9 Extreme Survival Knife. For a machete, I'd recommend any Cold steel Kukri. I hope that that helped in some way! :-).

+EJFields Good call. I was hoping you weren't going to recommend the Mora Robust. It's a decent knife, but the Companion is the same price for a much better knife..

If anyone's reading this, check out your local military surplus stores if you have them. Thanks to mandatory military service where I come from, I could get most of the items for cheap (or free if you ask the right people). .
You can do it here, just have a variation for 7.62 and you can knock yourself out buying milsurp or whatever.
He said 'arse', lol. Seriously tho, nice video with good kit...and 100% accurate about ripoff kits. 'Cheap' does not always equate with 'nasty'..

I just bought my Bug out Bag. Thanks for this GENIUS tips! However, I'm going with a traditional Wooden Bow and Monocular for hunting instead of a gun since my Father and I have been hunting and fishing in the country since I was 5. I also included 3 Life Straws = 2yrs of fresh water. ~~~I'm all about NON-Threatening SILENCE while I hike out of town~~~ You won't catch me fighting over a can of beans in a Dark Wal-Mart!!!!!.

+navyman4 I agree completely. No guns means no ammo worries. If you take what you need from the woods as you need it, you don't have to stock pile so much. I'm all for having some emergency supplies, but having the "means of production" is far better than a stockpile..
+Dan L HEY! Another smart one! Glad you also see driving around with 4000 rounds of ammo makes a person an instant target! As well as a threat someone may want to eliminate just on simple G.P. Of course, after thinking about it, minimalist living would only apply to the most extreme and extended national disasters. I'm talking 2 or more months of nationwide blackouts and lawlessness. In such a scenario, the Govt food distribution logistics would completely break down after about a month. No emails to tell drivers where to go, no gps, no gas, no trunked radio comms among law enforcement units. It would get pretty ugly in populated areas..
love this video Alfie, just made a video and your vid came up as a suggested video. How well is this gear holding up mate Some of it i haven't seen in your videos for a while. Cheers mate, Jack.

what are you gonna load those bullets into, Alfie Or do you have an elegant tent -stake solution for those as well.
+Nick Stafford Or maybe he owns some sort of license to own firearms but didn't put one on the table and just put ammo instead. (I don't entirely know how that works over there.). If you take a little time and effort you can get great deals on gear at flea markets, yard sales and auctions. Look for older vintage items where the quality is better, for example easy to get a good high quality knife for $10 or so While looking for gear for you easy to find stuff you can sell on eBay to make money on too. That wasn't para cord that's cheap knock off cord that can only hold 80 lbs and the cheap knife isn't bad but the blade will poke through the sheathand It fall apart I had bought that knife too. My apologies I just misread your comment as aquestios and I am quite ashamed of myself now. By the way, whats a yute You are not calling me a plant fibre, are you. You seem to know a decent amount about survival and I have a couple questions. Whats the longest youve survived out in the woods When youre out doing your surviving or whatever do you hunt/cook wild animals Have you ever thought about leaving society and its scheming ways all together with all the survival knowledge you have And if you dont mind me asking..what part of the uk do you live in. Couldn't agree more about the pre packed survival kits. Don't bother with them and put together your own individual kit. Disagree with the fixed blade, para chord knife though. Cheap, nasty steel that won't hold an edge! By all means put together a £30 survival kit (I would guess that 20 years ago my first kit cost the equivalent or less) but i cannot stress enough the importance of a good, reliable knife! You don't have to part with crazy money. A Mora will serve you well and their basic field utility knife will cost around £25 (although I highly recommend their carbon steel survival knife at around £60 - £65). If you can't stretch that far then I would recommend a Hultafors knife. their Orange handled Tradesmans knife is incredible for around £6!!! Anywho, great videos Alfie. Entertaining and informative. Cheers.
i managed to get a fix blade knife and 3 throwing knives from blades and bows for under 15quid!! I wrapped the handle in more paracord, and have to say, its really good. Cheers for the tips alfie! Hux.
oh my god checkout the knife website that is listed the things are sooooooo cheap £19 for a cobra self cocking crossbow.
The only thing i would recommend spending more money on is the Fixed Blade Knife. Those cheap knives arent sharp and are gonna break on you in the field. A good high quality knife is a must in every survival kit and its always good to spend that bit more on it as it may save your life!.
I can see where you're coming from. If you can afford a nice knife, I say go for it. Personally, I'd rather have three OK knives than one amazing one and then spend the money saved on other gear. You can resharpen a knife if it gets dull, and if you lose one you have spares. If your main knife breaks or gets lost you're SOL. In my kit I have a full-tang hunk of metal knife I got on Amazon for around $13. I also have a Mora Companion and a Gerber machete. Each one serves a purpose, but it wouldn't be devastating to lose or break any one of them. Still planning on one more knife for the wife's bag as well. Again, if I had lots of money to spend I would get a nicer knife for sure, but with limited funds the cheap-but-many strategy makes more sense to me..
+Muzammil Farhan LOL Fair point. I love my Mora to death. I guess what I meant by "OK" is "I didn't spend a fortune for it." I actually can't believe how cheap Moras are for the quality you get..
That's how all his videos are, which is why I subscribed. I've been spoiled by Alfie because now I can't stand the way other YouTubers ramble on and on and don't edit at all. Alfie is the best.. Who pointed out that signal mirrors are worthless unless the rescuers are coming from the north I can't remember. I have one anyway though. Good video..
Almost orgasmed when you said that gerber firesteel was 60p on amazon! Can't find any on there under a fiver though. You can get those vanity mirrors in christmas crackers if you have any with your family or at a work party. Same with little whistles. I agree about the ready made its that are sold. Usually way over priced and doesn't cater for individual needs..
The thing is, the whistles in crackers are - no way to put this nicely - shit. The sort of whistles that you can get cheap on amazon go up to 100dB which is more than enough to attract attention of either your mates or a rescue party. The vanity mirrors are ace though. I use them to see round corners without getting shot when I'm airsofting..
+IVIaskerade I think it depends what make of crackers you get. Some of the one's I have had actually have pretty good whistles in that are exactly the same as one's I've seen sold in outdoor stores for £3.99.
explain that to farmers, re-enactors and people who shoot for sport. He is taking the piss with the bullets thay are far to big for the rifle.. That ammo isnt for that gun, Also a lot of people in the Uk have Guns we just don't shoot each over much (that's the police's job)..

November 16, 2015

Comments about this video:

In Australia, Tesltra.IPrimus and DODO cannot provide downloading speed more than 4.8mbps But they all charge about $100 pcm for ADSL internet with home tel line. Once cannot view Youtube under 5mbps. When will i get my NBM at 5 Hampden Crescent,Heritage Park ,Qld 4118.
We pay $40 every month for internet and get 0.5mbps download and 0.2mbps upload, and I don't know why. .
That's cool! And not everyone on assistance expects kick backs. I am well educated with a great career and think less fortunate people still deserve a nice life too. And I pay a shit load of taxes. Its America assholes if you don't like it move to another country.
I dont often leave comments but I felt like I had to this time, Really nice video! I dont know what it was about it, but I really enjoyed it! .
W.W.J.D does that mean anything to you. This nation is dividing between the 1% and everyone else, I'm going out on a limb to say your family is not part of that 1%. so to them your poor and taking up their air and crowding their planet. Try a slice of HUMBLE pie or eat the whole thing before God gives you a humbling lesson..
the program lasts 5 years,but comcast doesnt support every city.They also have a 14.99 and 19.99 internet but you have to verbally ask for it.Operators also sell verizon so make sure you say transfer me to the low income internet program..

Thank you, Ive got a debt of favour at you ( i dunno i spelled it correctly but im from Singapore). . sajaka01 took the words right out of my mouth...put it better than I would have actually...I think any assistance to the hard working poor is a great thing. The vast majority of resources are sucked up by the greedy.1 percent. People like self named "Christ123o" should review Jesus' teachings on serving the poor, underprivileged and the sick. Unfortunately there are far too many self styled "Christians" in this country with the same philosophy as our friend here..

November 30, 2015

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December 21, 2015

Comments about this video:

January 23, 2016

Comments about this video:

December 23, 2015

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