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December 30, 2015

Comments about this video:
2 6:20 What an idiot. It has been proven that oil is not a fossil fuel. This earth replaces all the oil we take out. Don't believe me Take a trip to Texas and look at all the oil wells that were dried up 20 years ago. Now the oil is oozing out of the ground because it doesn't have any where to go but up..
+Mountain Storm I think he is talking about: However it has never been proven..
I'm glad less people will be setting their tap water on fire in the long run. I think that's a plus..
I don't see a problem here. If the Saudis and Russia don't keep their oil price nice and low then America will fire up the fracking and steal their customers again..
That makes no sense! Just because they stop fracking ,for now, doesnt mean that there will never be anymore fracking. Come on. This explanation makes no sense..
Oil is not old dinosaur goop, its created by the earth during its normal rotation, heat, pressure, and yes millions of years worth of processing foliated materials as well..
As usual, The Lip lightly skims the surface of geoploitics via US foreign policy. The Guardian gets it- “John Kerry, the US Secretary of State, allegedly struck a deal with King Abdullah in September under which the Saudis would sell crude at below the prevailing market price.” Basically Washington pressured the Saudis to push down prices which in turn helps decimate Russia’s economy and reduce Moscow’s resistance to US regime change program in the Middle East and NATO encirclement of Russia. The US fracking industry is just a footnote in this great game..
Great article. Seems risky but I think this will help wing Europe off Russian gas as well. A great investment for the future with what seems like some short term-ish pains atm..
+Gabriel Engram This is a foolish risk and potentially very dangerous. We have been pushing up to Russia with NATO for decades, they finally responded by taking Crimea. Instead of taking the message and doing some chest beating for show, we attack their trade income destroying their economy. I fear we are be pushing them into a corner and they might lash out violently in the future if we don't back off. Stopping the imports of gas into Europe from Russia would be interpreted as a threat and a preparation for war. Do we really want to play with this fire I really don't feel like dying over this.. So many Conspiracies today about why this is happening how about Americans dont want to stay in debt and want to buy their own oil!.
absolutely spot on Lip I also think there is pressure by the Saudis by lowering the price of Oil to hurt or even stop the XL Pipeline oops I should have waited to watch the rest of this video you didn't mention the XL Pipeline sorry guys good job.
BS. You all are have no Idea ! The US want in the control of the the market an other countries don't wish to back down their production..
Oil Junk Bonds! The next financial collapse. To be honest with you, the world economy will not support the $100.00 a barrel oil, the worlds economy is already skating the fringe, the UAE remembers the 2008 collapse quite well. Alternative transportation has taken root, those consumers are not coming back!.

I preferred that we go to hydrogen gas anyway, since this will not last. And as the guy said with the funny accent, they want to control the markets. The best way to have hydrogen gases using gas on demand method. The hydrogen gas would be made from distilled water. As you need it, there is a company that makes such equipment for cooking, for hot water heaters, and heating homes boilers that is. And for cars to, so long if you have the right engine. that will not crack and break due to the hydrogen gas. In converting to gas from distill water would take only 12 V of electricity for the car. Gas on demand is a good way to go as a renewable source of energy.

Misty cliffs, Cape Town: Images by drbigwa - Marriage Spells, love...

December 28, 2015
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December 18, 2015
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December 23, 2015
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December 31, 2015

Comments about this video:
+Joe Freeman it doesn't have problems with russia they have a problem with iran they are destroying iran's economy big time.. I'm wondering what expenses these countries must have, that they rely, and depend on, from a high price for oil ! And while at the same time, we're finding out that oil is apparently so abundant around the globe! Also, WHY are these countries RELYING on moneys from oil, SO MUCH, for most of their existence Are humans today not understanding long term benefits, or are they really that selfish and greedy ! Also, did they not think that while they have believed they had most of the oil, others wouldn't find it eventually, elsewhere, so those others wouldn't have to continue to buy it from them Also, did they not think that other sources of energy like Solar (for heat) and wind (for energy) couldn't become more competitive At over 100.00 a barrel, didn't these oil executives put some of that money aside, for harder times ( I know the answer is NO, they didn't, other than in their own pockets)! My view is, that most, when given money, they spend it all, instead of saving some of it. Also, how much was a barrel of oil in the 1950's, or 1960's What's the difference nowI'm confused about this, because I think people are smart today; much more than let's say 100 years past! Why would some countries STILL, over all these years, RELY, MOSTLY on their production of oil, for profit There has to come a time, where either OIL is gone, or there has to be an alternate source for energy! Did they not think about the future.
We own 468 million tones of Fracking sand in Saskatchewan Canada. Naturally rounded, high compressive straight, low acid and alkali Dapoxetine, very pure Silica oxide, 99.87% pure. Our sand exceeds the Wisconsin sand, that is quoted at $56 per tone at the quarries. and $150/t transported. We are looking for investors. $60 billion worth in Fracking Sands.
The Saudis are a one trick pony,and that spells disaster for the Kingdom... The Fracturing Genie is out of the bottle ,and the world will never be the same... The tech gets better and better...Driving down the price of production,Saudi have a massive welfare/anti Arab Spring programs that needs $90 a barrel to maintain cash reserves 4 to 6 years from start of the price drop before they hit $0... American unconventional oil can be produced as low as $30 a barrel,and the process gets more and more efficient going forward... The US will eventually export Fracking tech to some of our Allies,Canada/Mexico/UK, then it goes global...Natural gas can do anything Oil can,this is a glutted material in the US and will start doing many thing oil is used for....
I'm a little confused on this subject, the caption said (2 11:37) in 2013 that OPEC produced 81% of the World's Oil...but the Top five producers for American oil (in 2013) were Canada, Mexico, Venezuela, ourselves Saudi Arabia (15%)...your telling me that having just one OPEC member who created 15% of supply for the USA created those high prices I need to be educated on the subject as this vid isn't making sense to me; how can OPEC control the prices in America (that much) when it's a mere 15%.
The guy is just totally mistaken. The 81% refers to OPEC's share of global proven reserves in the ground, not annual production. If you take USA + Russia alone that's already 25% of global annual crude production. Here's where the 81% number comes from:
Price Wee-Wawing shakes out the weak players who can not withstand it. However in today's world where hedging is so easy, every individual player can potentially partake of the financial strength of the collective ( for a price ). However, unable to participate may find themselves isolated, and relatively weak ( Russia ).

The long term problem that the Arabs has is that the US frackers might be slowed... but MILLIONS of workers have been trained and they can come back into the work place at any time. The oil price war is a dead end for the Arabs... The US can wait this out and then put the millions back to work over night. USA. .

from 5:05 the gentleman said "who would wink first" i supose he meant who would blink first.

Yes, some oil companies can survive at 40 a barrel but many can't. Therefore, prices at 50 a barrel are not sustainable in the long term. Oil companies will scale back production to avoid losses. This is just basic economics..

High price oil is hell for each ordinary people and oil are dig only in the ground for free, what if increase the oil price because this people want to sell their oil in high price to gain more easy big money and then the farmers increase all food price triple the price of food that they eaten I think that will be fair enough, farmer will live without oil but people who selling oil for exchange for their food will survive I don't think so hahha.
The U.S.A., and the U.K. oil companies coordinate with OPEC I don't think so. OPEC has no interest with working with the West to move oil prices up to help U.S. shale oil companies. If OPEC did that, they would lose their market shares. Besides, it costs countries like Saudi Arabia and Kuwait $20 to produce one barrel of oil. On the other hand, shale oil costs $70 to $80 to produce. The reason why oil prices are dropping is because the demand for the oil isn't there, and you have new players like U.S. shale oil producers. As a result, you have too much supply and not enough demand. Hence, the prices are dropping..
+jackchorn It doesn't matter how many dollars are printed, because if it doesn't go into the lands of the ordinary people, there will be very little to no inflation. As a matter of fact, there will be deflation. A lot of people are heavily in debt, and money is created through loans which is debt. If you have too much debt, and a sluggish economy. It's obvious, debts are very difficult to pay back. Don't be fooled by these Peter Schiff idiots who believe printing money=inflation. It all depends on how the money is channeled, and the velocity of money. If the money is channeled to go through the middle class, you will have a higher velocity of money. The money will flow through many hands which can grow the economy. If the money goes into the hands of a few mega corporations or monopolistic industries/companies, the money flows through very few hands. It also get concentrated in the hands of a small group of people. As a result, you don't have much inflation!.

If you have a monopoly and it is threatened, you (or OPEC) will do whatever you have to in order to regain your monopoly. .
Who benefits from low oil prices Short answer, every end user consumer of gasoline, diesel, propane, butane, naphtha, and plastics, plus every business with petroleum products as factors of production, transportation, and distribution! And every freedom-loving person in the world benefits from low oil prices too! The fracking and horizontal drilling technology used in the U.S. threatens the revenue stream of the Islamofascist regimes in Saudi Arabia, Iran, the Middle East, and all of the Islamofascist terrorists in Al-Qaeda, ISIS, Hamas, Hezbollah, and all the other followers of the death-cult of Islam! Saudi Arabia is slitting it's own throat if it thinks it can beat the U.S.! If it wasn't for the innovation and technology of the U.S. and the West, the Islamic savages wouldn't know what to do with oil! They would still be rubbing crude oil on their open wounds, like something the ancient Romans would do! And the Communist/Authoritiarian regimes of Russia, Venezuela, and Cuba all stand to lose from cheaper, free-flowing oil from the U.S., Canada, and the oil drilled off-shore by Israel and the nations of Europe! Ol' Putey Putin better grease up with some Petroleum Jelly and get ready to get stuck! I hope all of these tyrants swirl down the toilet right there with the low oil prices! This may well be the comeback for the U.S. and the West as a whole!.
who benefit from low oil mostly every one (ur every day average joe) and business that involve in a lot of transportation. who's hurting monopoly oil company and oil producing countries. who ever say this is a bad thing = traitor, all hail saudi arabia. love them cheap oil price.

I will tell u who is not benefiting the low oil prices.. Qatar is not benefiting it, Qatar also pays for al Jazeera, so they try to convince u that overpaying oil is a good thing.
Haha exactly. It's the same story on the Russian networks as well. Gas price here in the U S of A is lower than its been in years. Most people thought it would NEVER get this low again..
You know why I never Watch Aljazeera!! Because there are alot of DOUBLE STANDARD in Their Works. Now Why I mean that. ANYONE with a Little Brain Knows that The King Of the World ( CITY OF LONDON ) has Ordered this to their Popet Saudi's to Presure RUSSIA. THIS GAY GUY NEVER MENTION RUSSIA...!!! And in the same Time their OLD DREAM TO DESTROY US EKONOMIKAL POWER HOUSE. That is why I Trully Believe that the US Leaders are Most working against the Interest of their Country and have done so with the help of CIA...!!!.
That is something to think about. Why would majority of US citizens want raised oil prices Only companies that are in this business would want this.. Because this is Al Jazeera, a network funded by a state funded by energy exports. Always consider the source....
+largelysubatomic From what I know Al Jazeera was started by two French Jews. WHY do you think they have had so many on the west people as spokesmen here People from the US military have been working here. If you control ALL sides of the debate - you are the debate. Jews have the on the west (world) media in their pocket. Read the letter by Albert Pike called the 3 wars... think about it. Peace .
Watch it folks. Shell Oil is owned by Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth11 She will defend it just like she made U.S. go to war in Afganistan to protect her OPIUM FIELDS. Wake up America. and Iraq to protect her oil threre as well.. Who benefits The governments of Turkey, China, India, Japan, Brazil, European Union, & U.S-Saudi Arabian Geopolitical schemes & positioning. Who gets hit U.S. Shale Oil Producers, The governments of Russia, Venezuela, Iran, Nigeria, Libya, Iraq & OPEC as a legitimate Institutional body..
All those companies that fracked the hell out of their own nation can't survive on these prices. .

our owners trying so hard to maintain the matrix & scarcity :3 oh, we live in an age of plenty....

I wonder how come the host or the guest - none of them mention that US is punishing Russia by dropping price. .

'US oil production highest in 30 years'. In 2014 USA became world's #1 OIL PRODUCER. Do you think the USA could become #1 OIL PRODUCER using its own domestic supplies Doubt it. If anything USA private oil companies steal from reserves of countries like Canada, Mexico, and Iraq and declare that oil their own. .

The next obvious crisis that will cure the low oil price problem will be a WAR in the MIDDLE crica 2015....
YOU ARAB MOSLEMS WILL HAVE TO SELL YOUR DESERT SAND. THE PRICE OF OIL IS GETTING CLOSE TO THE PRICE OF DESERT SAND WHICH IS NEXT TO NOTHING. THE BACK OF OPEC HAS FINALLY BEEN BROKEN.. YOU ARAB MOSLEMS WILL HAVE TO SELL YOUR DESERT SAND. THE PRICE OF OIL IS GETTING CLOSE TO THE PRICE OF DESERT SAND WHICH IS NEXT TO NOTHING. CHEAP OIL WILL BREAK THE BANK ACCOUNTS OF THE OPEC COUNTRIES.. Arabs are pretty F .ing stupid. They could have used the oil revenue to diversify their economy. However, their reserves can keep this price level for 20 years in theory. So for the foreseeable future, us Americans can go back to big cars. . I hope that a low price will help the global economy recover, while putting pressure on the Venezuela regime.. +P0emaa Almost eradicated poverty I don't think so, just look at any recent video of Venezuela, it's very poor still, especially compared to a developed country. Populism doesn't count as eradicating poverty, that's another reason why they have deep macroeconomic mismanagement for the (apparent) short term 'success' of populism. If that regime was any good at all, they wouldn't have scarcity of basic goods and wouldn't being the 3rd. or so country with the highest number of homicides in the world.. +codependent864 If you go compare Venezuela with Germany of course you get a distorted picture. Compare Venezuala with Venezuala before the rule of Chavez and you'll see what i mean!. It's good that more and more countries, like the Netherlands, are moving away from being dependent on oil and it's good that the arab countries are slowly running out of oil, having to filter their 'black gold' through the sand. In less than a hundred years, they'll be back to where they came from - waddling through the empty desert, starring at the asshole of a camel while mumbling "ali-akba" and picking their noses. Without the curse of oil, the on the west countries would have never had to suffer the plague of muslims in our lands.. this oil producer want War to Food producer, im sure Food producer will survive and oil producer eat your oil. No one benefit from low oil price, so why not make the oil Free and increase the price for any cars. Part of the licensing "terms and condition" is you must receive a master degree in engineering to own a car. aFTER all, a car is a practical bombs and weapon in motion is no different that swords. If the people can be made aware of what they own, they will be less need for economy and slavedom aka freedom. so, LET HAVE FREE OIL...legalize everything is another way to remove money, so the ppl can provide for they acts. FREE OIL for INVINCIBLE CARS.

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December 20, 2015
The top flight destination for Saudi Arabia is Riyadh. ... Flight stats for Saudi Arabia - did you know? ... Every week, at least 798 domestic flights and 1,757 international flights depart from King Abdulaziz Intl Airport. i5
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December 27, 2015
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January 1, 2016
11/7/2015 where to buy cytotec abortion pills But the NHS remains one of the cheapest and... "With its decision, Saudi Arabia has removed itself from the collective work of the... as Americans choose rivals that seem fresher, and supplier-safety issues in Asia pile on to its problems. i7
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December 24, 2015

Comments about this video:

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December 29, 2015
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December 22, 2015
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December 26, 2015
Jul 13, 2015... Avio is a key supplier to theEurofighter, which competes with other combat... suppliers for iPhone parts, however, could benefit if the cheaper... http:// Saturday, 07 November, 2015... In fact Saudi Arabia paid for the transport and supplies for these Islamist terrorist invaders. i11
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December 19, 2015

Comments about this video:

+Peter Eli I live in the US, so I know what the infrastructure is like. Saudi infrastructure is just like American. It is good in some places, but bad in most..
whats wrong with all these haters if you don't like it i suggest you shouldn't go simple.stop trying to bring your negative opinions on a country that is not even yours, sometimes you just need to appreciate the Arabs if it wasn't for them trading oil with America, Europe, and Asia what car will you be driving or what transport will you be using. so please people think before you play it negative MAY ALLAH BLESS THE ARABS AND MUSLIMS AROUND THE WORLD . +Tariq Alotaibi i know, i don't need religion, it's useless...and if he exist, where is he hvave u ever seen it or how can u prove it. Yeah, but Arab countries are not the only countries with oil. The Arabs are only a part of the Middle East..
there's no such thing as Arab engineers and architects. the planners bring in on the west companies cause the Arabs don't know how to do it. think about it cause the Islamic rulers oppose scientific and technological development. but it's all the oil revenue that makes their dreams realized..

Anybody knows which programs the developer of the video might have used The graphics are just amazing!!.
Nice, but fix the roads too, the ones connecting major cities in KSA, they are the worst in GCC countries..
This Irishman misses Riyadh and the gentle Saudi people. I was there 1996-2000 and I agree with the person below. The best years of my career. Hamdulilah for my Saudi friends and wish Allah's blessing upon the righteous people of the peninsula..

+The Guy Right Up Your Street London has a giant, and complex system... Don't complain about what is probably the best train system in the whole world (Might not looks like a futuristic system like this, it is old, but it works and connects the whole city).
Anyone care to build new megalo pangea superb modern at off shore of Javania to the south pole to accommodate more civilian for the billions to come, if you interested to modernize and to expand our tiny winy island of Javania, and plant more fruit edible trees, paddy rice, barleys, qattan, and more edible vegetable and flowers in oceanic zone region and build more purified canal water for public drinking, shower, flushing the garbage trash, and irrigation dripping for all agro forestry food supply for all civlian Do it for the spirit of humanity and let no one die because of hunger nor thirst nor sick, just like what all holly prophettes did in the prehistoric eras. Thank you.. It is excellent that they are building a metro station for the city of riyadh but if I may building a train station for interior travels is very good too because if people love to travel by train without taking an expense it is also a good idea too.
Dubia should have this not a backward uncivilized beheading nation like saudi arabia. Also the kingdom tower should not be in saudi arabia..

It will be beautiful; please run it throughout Middle East for easy business/vacation travel in the future..
most inhuman country and city in the world does not respect others religion then whats great in building these structure. bull shit riyadh. It's beautiful planning. But I think it should be scaled back so that Jeddah can have a system also..
Jeddah and Almadinah also Mecca they are working on fastest train in the Middle East and all this rail ways will be connected at King Abdulaziz airport. If you are in Jeddah you can go to the airport and check by your self, it expected to lunch on the middle of 2015 between Almdinah and Jeddah Airport for the first term it call Alharamain Train. Thank you.

Very good project to solve the traffic in the near future..too much cars now in Riyadh city. Even women can commute alone no need drivers:).
Saudi Arabia should become secular allowing all religions to enjoy equal rights and build the churches, synnagogues, temples for all faiths... Slow down there. We do have churches but not every where only at the embassy of one's country in Saudi. A lot of foreign people here are non muslims completly fine to practice one's religion. one land, one heritage (cause the past paganic history has been cleansed in that soil), and it's the men's land. but please, please do not call it reality :) . Saudi arabia needs to become a multicultural society where people of all religions have equal rights in a secular Saudi Arabia for all people.. +tomtomttom God is 1 and must be worshiped as One, all man-made religions ar wrong and are evidently wrong, everything wich is evidently wrong has no claim to be legit, so there is no claim of polytheism to be part of Saudi Arabia, while Islam (submission to God ) has a claim on all of God's eart, rather you like that or not..
this Gay Al suad family should put some of that money to the liberation of Palestine from the Zionist after All that money does belong to the umma..

+Arab Wind صح كلامك هذا شكلو من شاكلة القذافي يسوي قوي وحق حرب وجيشه كله كان دبابتين وكورولا يتمشى فيها. الين ماجابو راسو وشوف ايش صار في ليبيا الله يحسن امور المسلمين. حسد و حقد وكلام بزران عل الانترنت قال فلوس السعودية للمسلمين يستخدم الدين عشان يجيب كاش سريع. السعودية الان في حرب فين المسلمين عنها اللي راسلي طيارتين واللي راسل سفينه ونص كلام مسخرة..
Its a country and countries are free to do whatever they want. وش دخلنا بفلسطين ماديا ؟ عفوا السعودية ملزومه بنفسها فقط وخدمة الحرمين الشريفين وهي فلوس دولتهم واحنا احق فيها دافع عن فلسطين وبتلقى دعم لكن السعودية دولة سلميه. ماشاء الله تستاهل الرياض والله _ بس ياليت على قدر ما نتطلع للمشاريع نتطلع للرقي بانفسنا. ، يعني حتى لو تحقق لنا كل ما نتمنى من مشاريع الخ. ، يجب ان الشعب يرتقي باخلاقة وتفكيرة وطريقة حياتة عشان يواكب التطور اللي وصل له. ، لخلق توازن . .
+rafufu pupu hahahahaahhahah ok, the day when nobody uses oil, you will go back to your DESER like the dirty bedouins you are hahahahah.

HLOPEZJ hahaha Sorry sadik i'm not a bedouin desert, maybe you, why are you so bitter with saudi arabia Did camels and sheeps treated you bad.

do women there care whether they have to cover their faces in public or they don't want to cause any friction within their culture.
lets be real here...(i've been to saudi) drive like crazy in saudi, if you add women, that means double the drivers. the cities would become like burnout paradise. It's completly fine if you don't some people don't approve religiously but they keep it to themselves yet most choose to cover it. Me personally I don't cover my face sometimes not even my hair but I do respect some places so I cover my hair however No one has ever bothered me for not covering because a lot of women don't its your choice the country does not force it. تبطوا تصيروا مثل دبي وسلامتكم الان اساسهم وبدايتهم ممتازه واساسيات الرياض فاشلة ومافي اي وجه مقارنه بين المدينتين. let them make it by the money they earn without doing any effort. afterwards, they'll forbid the women to take this train anyways, to prevent them from "outside community." at least do a clever plan and spend the half of that money, by excluding the women rate. world resources are not enough for your wasteful wishes you Saudi.. +Kenttheclark Look.. I do not know what other things in your head for Saudi women's rights! For this even tell me correcting your thoughts :).
for the people who talk about women and shit, this video is about the metro. just to be noticed maniacs. .
one thing more no metro and also no good bus system in Saudi till now, no one can travel on bus with family because woman not allowed to travel in bus I think women will aslo be not allowed to travel in metro. only country for man . It changed tremendously in the past 40 years. Here we have a crumbling of America, they have an ultra modern city.. Bizarre! Hooded women in black who are not allowed to show their faces in a ultra-modern landscape. It looks like it could be a strange scene from "Star Wars". Floggings and public beheadings - will they be held on these glitzy squares as well And none of the science, needed to develop this technology, has grown from this fundamentalist wahabit culture, which doesn't produce anything original. The science comes from the "godless unbelievers" in the rest of the (normal) world. The kings "vision" is a product of secular ideas, like all the other gadgets so loved by this medieval culture high on oil and on the west gadgets.... Have you ever even visited riyadh HONEY it's not against low for women to show their faces its totally ok, women who cover their faces do it by choice correct your facts. نتمنى ذلك لاكن ألأحباط ماخلا للأماني مكان عقب مترو عرفات وهال مبالغ الهائلة التي تكفي بناء متروا ثلاث مدن والناتج مثل ماشفتوا ،،؟؟؟؟؟. funny, such a bigotry country with no freedom pretend to be advanced in technology just because of a little modern transport system. dress normally first!. +Atal Habibi "Strawman arguement, what has not wanting to change their culture got to do with technology" technology is culture,, i changes your culture, no matter what you do. "maybe europe should stop using algebra or guitars. Dead arguement" hahaha you did not invented algebra..
America needs to build up it's infrastructure and architecture, but yea get rid of the royal family RIGHT NOW..
We are living in 2014 and still this oil rich country dont have metor or altrnate good travalling system, still in captial city running 3 Riyal 25 to 30 year old costers. now many poor countries have metro. This is because Saudi dont have development planning, look at Dubai they are more developed and have allowed touresit visa, Saudia did not allow toursit visa but 90 % Saudi go on tourisem out of country but they dont allow others to come in Saudi for tourisim is this Fair. .
things are getting better with the new king he's trying to take a leap forward with this country so he changed alot of things so it would be better for us saudi people :).
I dont think saudi arabia is ready..the men only cou k d benefits from it not everybody.theres still lits of do and donts .
trying to be like dubai how it will use it in mix crowed ,ah..ah..I doubt it...Riyadh is not really that congested city..

+wasif sheikh why are you talking to me like that I'm defending your side. Search up "sarcasm", and "hypocrisy". .

+Ameen Ameen "you don't see me kissing their shoes like you do to iran" where have you seen this Ok slave of Aal Saud (la), I am slave of Muhammad (saww) and proud of it. May Allah (SWT) place me with Muhammad (saww) and place you with your king..
I am optimistic but we have a saying in saudi "when the cow do haj on its horns" but hope for the best!!.

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December 25, 2015
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December 15, 2015

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December 31, 2015
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November 4, 2015

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December 12, 2015
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January 12, 2016

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2 enchilada01 Como todos los primates sudamericanos, el machupichu de mierda como el tonto de enchilada01 está íntimamente ligado a los ambientes boscosos o selváticos y su distribución geográfica coincide con la de las selvas tropicales y subtropicales. En la provincia de Misiones..
I may be mistaken, but I think the saudis had the americans leave and there are no longer any u.s. bases in saudi arabia..
UAE is a pice of shit and it will come back home to iran where it will bahrian..mark my words... so let them go buy all the weapons they want.... 2 BluestyleY "see you in siberia fuckers!.." We don't need slaves now, but don't lose hope.. I should also mention the World Assembly of Muslim Youths has a relative of Osama bin Laden heading it. Abdullah bin Laden I think his name is supports Hamas, and is close to the Saudi Royal Family..
Wrong! The saudi's are trying to move away from the US. The US is not happy with these sales as their missils were also up for sale..
no 3 in 2002 2 israeli air crft s got flying to saudi many time finally saudi hostage it and to israli pilots so whene saudia has no ant one of thes weapones so do you thinke can we protect ur state not 150 westrens risedent in saudi arabi so our sta is opned 4 all. US lies, Everything from Atomic Bomb's aim which they simply just wanted to test nuclear and chose Japan, The pearl harbor incident never happened, they made bunch of lie story of Japan History, Japan is now just being silent of every noises from brainwashed Koreans and Chinese. look "Secret history of Atomic Bomb" for reference. The 9-11 tragedy is set up by US Govt'. Setup for an opportunity to invade Afghanistan, and now they're also doing the same style to Iraq. Now Russia will give help..
who told you that saudi arabia wants to invate or attack iran what a bull shit shame on you we will never hurt a muslim country put that in your mind....

2 USAAIRPOWER They might have impressive toys on paper but I wonder how well they can use them. I really doubt the Saudis have what it takes to face combat, I almost would bet my paycheck that they will run at the sound of the first bullets flying.
Osama Bin Laden has been banned from Saudi Arabia before even anyone heard of Osama Bin Laden, he was banned from Saudi Arrabia since the 1980s. His Family has noting to do with him. the Saudi Construction company is a respected contruction and development firm not only in the middle east but around the world. they build roads, hospitals, schools, world class airports and Bridges. they have many projects in the GCC and north africa. Osama has noting to do with Bin Laden Family. wow, I think the last thing anyone would ever think about is learning politics from the turks. Unlike Turkey, Saudi Arabia doesn't have any relations nor connections with Israel, thus, it is highly unlikely that the Saudis will deliver these misslies to israel, plus, if you watched the news a couple of weeks ago, the Israeli government asked the US government and the russian government to stop this deal because these missiles can easily target the Israeli fighters..
-i dont like this move from Russia... Nothing is happenned. Just speculations. Iran would never be "sold", because Iran can be trusted (because they are really independent) and S.Arabia couldn't (because they are not independent while has strong and negative US influence). -they are selling... DEFENSIVE weapons Defensive one could be sold with no restriction, if only states are not in war or close (that's why Russia don't trade arms to both India and Pakistan, though the West do it)..
US & Saudi Arms deal includes: -96 F-15SG + 70 Modernization of F-15S to F-15SG -70 AH-64D Apache Longbow Block 3 -72 UH-60M Black Hawk -12 MD-530F -36 AH-6i .
2 1992hussam If you are implying that Iran was responsible for the bombings in Iraq that were placed outside mosque`s and in public places in order to trigger a civil war, you are very much deluded. That is a tactic well known to U.S & Isreali black ops squads run by mosad and cia, very much like the tactics they adopted in Lebanon to start that civil war..

iran will not stick around for russia to throw it under the buss...china will do russias dirty work... russia better watch its self.

the saudis r bullshit pro us but why r russia selling s300 to saudi arab since they have very close military ties to the us....
we are a pacefully country we need this arm to proteect our country aginist evels in the middel east. 2 haidar1144 Israel isnt corrupt, you dicktard conspiricist theorist, in terms of corrupt You'd have to look at South american government's with the drug problems, then african governments with the diamond and natural resources then to the middle east for the Oil export, then to asia for the human right's problems. then to Civilised 1st world countries for tiny little incendies..
Iran will be incorporated into an arab superstate like europe... when the west has finished with you. As, you live in america and pay taxes, you are contributing to that happening... ;).
This is a shameless display of dirty politics that I've seen in a long time. I believe one day, Russia will regret betraying the Iranians. And yes, I do agree that this damages Russia's international reputation, not only as an arms supplier, but as a country overall. The Iranians will simply build their own weapons systems, and rely less on foreign suppliers.. And the jews at rt also showed uae leaders when they were talking about saudi arabia That's really pathetic in a very israeli kind of way. ha ha ha ha. How come Russia don't sell S-400. I know S-400 could stealth aircraft. S-400 could track Russia two 5th Generation Stealth fighter aircraft the Su-PAK FA & Mig-LMFS in the future..
The Israeli government has officially said that it "deplores" the vote by the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) member states to call on Israel to join the Non-Proliferation Treaty (NPT) and submit their nuclear facilities to the same oversight as the rest of the world does. The vote narrowly passed, 49-45, and was generally opposed by on the west nations while being supported by UN Security Council permanent members Russia and China, as well as most of the nations in the Middle East..
Saudis play double game with USA and Russia. They say they're against terrorism, but support Palestinian and Chechen Jihadis, and also Osama's Jihadi group..
Saudi Arabia want to buy S-400, T-90S, BMP-3, Mi-17 Hip, & other various types of helicopters. Saudi Arabia military want to be tide with Iranian Military. Also Saudi Arabia is also upgraded their air force by purchasing Eurofighter Typhoon from UK. Also they are buying F-15SE Silent Eagle from USA. Saudi Arabia already upgraded the M1A2 to M1A2S (SEP) Abrams..

change the headline,UAE is not Saudi Arabia and UAE is a different country in the middle east and is the superpower compared to Saudi Arabia, pff Dubai is a financial real estate superpower..
Did they originally call saudi arabia the uae in the title What a fox news style of howler. ha ha ha ha 1 star. 2 USAAIRPOWER You are fucking retarded and show your true ignorance by thinking that saudi arabia could defeat Iran. saudi arabia begged the usa to defend them against iraq during the gulf war after Iran had already spanked iraq. Grow a brain asshole..
what u mean guy we had am awacs radar air crafts f15-c-s-d- tornado we pace fully ststes ballistic missles all that weapones protects our countiry of enimeys _ to be continus-.
Royal Saudi Arabia Military could easily beat Iran in war. Saudi Arabia and Iran are rival of military power & oil. Saudi Arabia military want several dozen of S-400 systems, 150 T-90S Vladimir, 250 BMP-3 Troyka, 120 Mi-171B, & 30 Mi-35 Hind E from Russia. Also Saudi Army want US to upgraded 373 M1A2 to M1A2S (SEP v 1). Also RSAF already order 72 Eurofighter Typhoon & 72 F-15SE Silent Eagle. Royal Saudi Military is most powerful Middle East Military in the region..
that is not possible until SA ask to the US to leave... they have several military bases over there... so the US influence will not decrease in that country until they leave SA....
The Russians have become to be excellent in the art of capitolism. They sell to the highest bidder and how can you blame them in that respect..
to be continus - for exmpl in 1985 saudi f15 c shot down 3 iranian air crfts when saudi has not f15c i dont know what may be we do 2 after desert storm oprition has been finished 2 iraqi miraj air crft attacke saudi and saudi again shot down-to be conu-.

If they really want to be anti-terror, they should ban the World Assembly of Muslim Youths. It's linked with the Bin Laden Family and it supports Hamas and other terrorist groups..
2 servantofimam Hey i lyk ur comment n m shia saudi is noob country... which million of muslim die coz of israel n usa.. Shame on sunni ruled country which instead of them shia r fighting.. if Saudi Arabia is helping Osamas Jihadi group then why are Osamas Jihadi group trying to attack Saudi govt just last week a Osama's "Jihadi" group tried to assasinate Prince Nayef. Think straight before you comment retard. Osamas "Jihadi" group is a foriegn based agenda which came from egypts "Muslim" brotherhood. they are takfirie kharaje(terrorists) they also believe in the unification of all sects which Saudi Arabia rejects since Saudi is a Salafi country. hmm...maybe saudi's bid for defense missiles is designed to keep them from iran so iran remains vulnerable to israel or usa attacks.
some peoplesay iran is a peacefull country can u tell whath happenedin iraq they killed thousands of sunna muslims when america came to iraq they made bloody explosions in makkah on hajj. they made protests in makkah. it has to be a religios place and if i wasn't religios place they don't have the right cuz they are not saudisand hahah saudi will always be a knife inside iran's body they want weapons from russiathey can't cuz we'll pay more money i hope we destroy iran soonsothey stope .

tools of oppression, all saudi - iran - russia are guilty of this. I think its time to focus on the people... its them who you are defending in the first place right .
There is no kihadists in North Caucasus. They are bandits, terrorists, not more. They have nothing common with Islam, because Islam prohibits killing of innocent people, but this scum ready to do it every day. They wish money only. Palestina has jihadists, but this is their right - to fight for OWN land and their rights, which opressed by Israel. Laden and Al-Qaeda - hoax, a big lies of... you know whom.. if russia sells the s-300 or the s-400 to saudia arabia they should pack there shit and get out of iran...iranians will remmber that and dont come back russia for the next 1000 years.this is a very bad move russia dont you dare throw iran under a buss for some dirty arab money!!! DONT YOU DARE.. the s400 surely the america will be keen to 'comb over' that ASAP lol i would have thought Russia hanging on to the S400 at least until the next generation was in service. I guess they're hungry for cash .
The S-400 has double the range of the patriot, and can even be used as an short range ballistic missile. The russian Zarya was the first module of the International Space Station to be launched. Etc. I am a Greek and Greece is part of Nato. The Island of Cyprus bought the s-300 whitch caused panic to the turkish side (Turkey is the 2ond strongest army in nato) So Cyprus under the pressure of the Us and Eu sold( i would say paased) the S-300 to Greece. Greece wanted to activate the S-300 but*.

lol iran keept these dirty arabs in check for 1400 years dont you worry we have plans for these sons of bitchs...bahrian is coming back home mark my words,then its the UAE lol and saudia arabia SHOULD ARM ITS SELF TO THE TEETH but they still have no chance...they say persians are racist..i guess we are then..
every big power in the world knows that fighting with Conventional Weapons was over 65 years ago they make them just for the small countries like Iran and saudi arabia so for Russia its mony making Opportunity and so what if the American knows about the S400 with saudi mony they will make the S500 : ]. .
The reason why USA is unhappy with Iran is because Iran prefers to take its own line. It has its own military industry. Being an asshole is not a great long-term strategy for business. .
2 enchilada01 Los machupichus de mierda (como la madre de enchilada01), son los ancestros más cercanos del hombre, según un estudio de antropólogos estadounidenses publicado hoy en la revista Journal of Biogeography. . They're turning SA away from the anglo-americans, which is a great move. Just like the anglo-americans are trying to pry away Russias potential allies like France, Germany, Ukraine, Poland, more then one can play that game..
wtf is going on i dont like this move from Russia... looks like they are leaving Iran alone... gosh they are selling one of their best defensive weapons... really dont like this move... :(.
The gods of war at work till when 2 great nations unite after there used buy the one in blue turban 7 and 20 years war averted to a 9 plus years war trade a city for a few buildings governments working together brings no peace till they work together for peace stop the trusting of a rich man he wants all things his way and many are paid with blood money and doomed for the action of the blue turban.soon actions will be averted back to cities destroyed the New city, L.A., Chicago gone in one day..

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November 9, 2015
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October 25, 2015

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November 19, 2015
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December 30, 2015

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One question I always ask that makes me against the death penalty: What happens when you execute someone, then later find them innocent.
+FuturePrez D actually, trials are NOT so you can prove yourself innocent, it's the job of the prosecution to prove you guilty. You've got it completely backwards on how it's supposed to work..
+Coherence Sure you would tough guy. When you kill someone you're not just stopping his heart. You're taking away everything he will become, everything he would do. And as there is with close to absolute certainty no afterlife, with your method you're just torturing someone before plunging them into oblivion. Now there are plenty of people the world would be better without. I'm not for keeping these degenerates alive. But severely torturing someone before killing him is pointless, very sadistic and evil. You're killing him as the ultimate punishment. Needless torture minutes before death is something any government should be above, and any sane person should be too. If you must have the death penalty, as I'm all for with psychopaths, get rid of ancient devices like the chair, gas chamber or lethal injection. Just put a mask on the convict with nitrogen. Painless and effective..
"well if death penalties are that expensive, then we can just shoot them. A bullet is cheap" Excellent argument. And i can gurantee, that if we just shoot criminals the same second, the trial is over, we can be damn sure, there will no longer be ANY innocent people who will be excecuted. It is a FOOL PROOF idea..
Or, we could not give the government the ability to choose who can live or die. If someone is in the business of rising their life, are they gonna flinch at the death penalty.
+Marcus Ryser And suddenly it's become clear to me why the police sometimes shoot unarmed persons.. This next presidential election is going to be hard to choose and not because the choices are great. I am sick of the parties and I would rather have John Oliver as president. He has shown more common sense and dignity than most..
short and simple: i do not agree with, do not support and truly, genuinely hate the death penalty. never will agree with it nor support and will always hate it..

+Catalina Lindegaard What if the person who is up for the death penalty is a pedophile who has raped and then killed over a dozen children You can honestly say that you wouldn't want to see a monster like that be put to death.
I only support the death penalty for the real monsters out there like Dahmer or John Wayne Gacy. Other than those types of people I think that life in prison is sufficient.. +Hevian S nothing is perfect, never said otherwise, but your attempt to point out the obvious does not in any way work as evidence agaisnt the death penalty, prisoners found guilty of a crime should be slaughtered cheaply and efficiently and your just standing in the way of that for the sake of your pathetic emotions, its time you learned what being civilized means.
+007kingifrit I am pointing out he obvious to show that a man's life should not hinge on such imperfect methods of investigation. A civilized society would lock people up for life, instead of acting out of revenge and hared for those who wrong us. That reduces us to the emotional maturity of a 10 year old. "An eye for eye will make the world blind" Ghandi.
+Tina Hu What you're saying is not logical. "I don't see why ppl that don't have regards for other ppl's lives should have the right to preserve theirs." Yet, you want people to die for the sake of retribution and vengeance What does killing another person bring It certainly doesn't bring back the person who is already dead. If executing people for murdering was fruitful and more than an emotional outburst, then I'd be for it. However, it's completely the opposite of that. It's disgusting and is a result of the disregard for human life you're speaking of.. +Mike Müller The reason I said murder out of reasonable vengeance is less deserving of the death penalty than murder out of spite is because the first would be unlikely to kill again in the future but the second most likely will. It is partly justice to the victim, but It also comes down to which one is safe to to keep in the society and which one will just cost more lives..
Could it be that people hate the death penalty because of how it is managed and handled and not because of the basis of the issue.

Unfortunately, not. Regardless of how you arrive at the conclusion that someone is guilty, regardless of how much it costs, the idea that we must kill human being to teach others a lesson is inhumane and barbaric and reduces us to vengeful fools..
If you take the life of someone or multiple someones and are a danger to society I think it makes sense that if there is damning evidence against you we shouldnt have to keep them alive... not to mention our prisons are full as hell and the slap in the face it would be for all those families who had loved ones murdered and all of a sudden the killer is going to just sit in prison for the rest of his life Yah it's prison but how is that fair... I feel that people who dont support the death penalty should watch the ID network more and listen to some of the absolutely brutal things people have done that land them on death row.... +Cali Latet ROFL I'm not sure If I should feel bad about laughing at this but if they were all criminals who were without a doubt guilty of the crimes they were accused of then hey have at it. Although I feel slightly conflicted after watching Shawshank Redemption (Fantastic movie albeit Morgan Freeman was a huge factor) I feel that getting slapped with the death penalty isn't as simple as I would like it to be... I feel like the death penalty was originally a deterrent essentially if you get caught you are gona fuckin die and it's gona suck but as things are now with our overcrowded prisons I'm not sure violent criminals with multiple counts of murder deserve to just sit in prison it's a very lengthy discussion that has an answer but there will always be people who will say that a human life is worth more than anything even if that "human" is a monster that rapes young women and then strangles them because that's what gets him off..
Well, a human soul is a human soul capable of a shit-ton of unpredictability, for better or for worse. But logically, certain people are beyond saving..
+Kenpokid4 Pretty much. If you've seen the movie "Law Abiding Citizen", you'll understand what the person went through.. had to do some research on the death penalty when I was at school, cos in drama we were looking at the case of Derek Bentley (last person to be executed in the UK, back in... it was either '59, or '69... I think the latter. As it turns out, we DO have the death penalty still, but for one offense - high treason. If you commit high treason (for example, assassinating/attempting to assassinate the monarch) you will be hung. And that's it. Why did we get rid of it Because Derek Bentley's execution was SO unjust, that there was a national outcry, and protest against have such a sentence in this country. If you want the full story, watch Let Him Have It, an early 90s film with Christopher Eccleston playing Bentley. Long story short, Derek was in his early 20s but after bombing in WW2, was left with the mental age of roughly 12. He fell into a bad crowd but thought they were cool. They rob (I can't remember, jewellery store I think) and the police catch up with them. Chris, the 16yr old leader shot a policeman. Because Derek was over 21, he was charged with murder and hung. Chris was just sent to juvie because he was a minor and spent 30-40 years in prison. Derek's parents desperately tried to prove it wasn't Derek's fault and that he was innocent, but purely based on age the courts would repeal the sentence and he was killed. D'you know when he was pardoned The mid. 90s. nearly 50 years after being hung. This entire story is something I think Americans should REALLY learn about. I know it's not your history, and it's a small part of ours, so who cares But to be honest It makes a very definitive argument against the death penalty (and on owning guns, but that's a whole can of worms I don't wanna open so let's leave it there). There are loads of films out there, like The Green Mile, which are clear signs against the death penalty and I just.. I don't understand why a country which supposedly prides itself on being modern and progressive (arguable in itself) would share a sentence with countries who have Sharia Law, public mass executions and dictatorships.... The only reason that people want the death penalty is for revenge. Which is never ever a good motivation to do anything..
+Tina Hu From what i understand, crime and poverty have a strong correlation. Having prisoners pay for their stay would likely be unfeasible..
+John Doe The prison can get them to do some low skill/labor work (the process need to be regulated to avoid corruption and abuse). If they make extra it can be send to their families..
Solution for expensive executions It's quite simple. A bullet is fairly cheap, inexpensive, and a hell of a lot better than feeding a convicted mass murderer who is breathing my air. Both the food and air can, and should, go to better uses than said murderer. And no, before you get on your high horse and say, "But that's murder, too!" it isn't. Murder is wanton disregard for the law that results in the death of an individual. Execution is a punishment that results in the death of a convicted felon (law-breaker). Both result in death, but only one is immoral, selfish, and destructive. The other is not only unbiased, it will save the world on both resources and finances. Plus, it'll decrease the surplus prison population, which is why I'm an advocate for the death of all convicted murderers. I'd rather kill 1 innocent person out of 100 guilty people than to let all 100 go free, because that means letting 99 psychopaths back onto the street. Sounds bad, I know, but logistically, it makes sense. The good of the many, if you will. Again, it may seem that I'm taking a blase approach to all of this, but if you manage to look at it from a nearly pure logical standpoint, it's the best course of action we have available, both financially and realistically. If you have a REALISTIC and LOGICAL solution that involves saving wrongfully convicted, innocent people 100% of the time while simultaneously reducing the cost of housing murderers in our prisons, I'm all for it. Until then, all ahead full, cause I brought my shotgun..
+James Witteveen Because you are an uncouth individual with the competence of a 5 year old and the mouth of a bigot..
To anyone saying that life in prison is worse than the death penalty, I refer you to the most perverse prison in the world; halden prison.
+James Witteveen ok yeah yeah you get the point though. Acting on pedophilia is a crime, not attributable to illness. It's possible to have pedophilia but not act on desires, knowing that it is wrong. not in china, it just take a simple bullet to the head, we even harvest the body part of the convict afterward for organ donor, its a win win solutions.
+Roma X The death penalty isn't expensive because of the execution. The execution costs virtually nothing. The reason that it costs more to administer the death penalty is because death penalty cases cost more in Judicial, Prosecution, Public Defenders, Investigative, and miscellaneous court costs. Also, Death Penalty cases have a much higher rate of appeal than Life Imprisonment cases, which only multiplies the costs further.

Law: Murder is bad so you'll be put in jail and later killed. Law: Because we're the government and we do what we want. It's kind of an eye for an eye revenge thing, and revenge isn't helpful or healthy..
Well we aren't killing them via hanging, stabbing, shooting, or Rape (and yes that's a thing).So it's not really revenge.
+TheataGamer "Whether you are boilings someone, or giving them a small injection administered by a puppy dressed like Winnie the Pooh, you are still getting the same result". Some guy whose name has slipped my mind.
I'm against the death penalty for many reasons. First, it doesn't get to the root of them problem and fix the causes that compel them to a crime. Second, if the threat of going to jail doesn't deter someone from a crime, then how would the threat of killing them be any more effective. Third, it's possible for people to be killed who have never committed the crime. But most importantly, it sends the wrong message. It says "It's not okay for you as a citizen to kill someone, but it's okay for the government to kill you.".
Than what do you suggest we do than Einstein, send them all to Antarctica the same way the British sent prisoners to Australia or something, or we could try to kill them on a technicality or something like starvation, that way they're technically not killed by the government and die of a lack of food we could also try to make them do slave labor to offset the cost of them being improsoned with as I said free labor. It's easy to criticize the death penalty bet when you offer no alternative you're not helping anybody out. Personally the Antarctica thing and slave labor are probably good options..
The death penalty could prevent violent crime if it was A. Public B. Sufficiently Brutal And C. PUBLICLY TELIVISED.
The reason that the death penalty doesn't deter violent crimes is the same reason that all kinds of harsh punishment don't deter it. It's not that people aren't aware of the consequences, it's that they don't think they'll get caught. Even if they see other people getting punished they don't think they'll get caught. Harsh punishments tend to lead to more problems. I wouldn't say that there aren't any crimes that warrant harsh sentences, but the death penalty is needlessly harsh, especially when 4% of those given it are innocent. Given that it does nothing to deter violent crime, I doubt that broadcasting it would make it any more effective. That would only make our society seem much more barbaric. Even if it did have some effect, it would have to be much much more effective to catch up with the effectiveness of lighter sentences that are properly enforced. Personally, it seems preferable to me to have an innocent person locked up than to kill that person. If it doesn't even deter crime, why risk it And why try to make it a deterrent just to justify enforcing it There will still be a multitude of other reasons why it's unethical..
The whole point of justice is to restore balance. If you violate someone's right to life (murder them), and if the evidence against you is irrefutable (that part is extremely important), than it's only logical that your life be made forfeit via execution to restore that balance. Simple as that.. +superillusiveman "The whole point of justice is to restore balance." What exactly is the difference between "restoring balance" and "getting even".
As if judges and district attorneys, who knowingly lied about evidence to falsely convict then sentenced someone to death, would ever be held accountable. At worst they'd get fired or disbarred, but never executed for even intentionally putting innocent people to death..
Reveren: Aha! But the people who work in the legal system are given immunity from their decision, the same way doctors cannot be convicted of murder when a mistake is made. Prosecutors greatly abuse this privilege. Another reason why judges should be appointed and not elected..
Death penalty is nothing but vengeance. We should only execute people, who are so dangerous and powerful that they cannot be safely contained..
+Hevian S Notice the "cannot be safely contained". It's a hypothetical scenario, which will not usually occur.. Considering that the general population believes in using the least accurate methods to convict or exonerate (lie detectors, fingerprinting, etc.) I don't think we should kill anyone unless we can be certain beyond a doubt that they are innocent. And even then, there's no reason for us to do so. It costs more, and it doesn't even deter crime. Why the hell are we still supporting this in our governments A life in jail is a far greater punishment than dying painlessly..
The way we solve crimes is an interesting topic in itself. Lie detectors dont work and we know psychopaths pass that test in droves. So do con artists and spies. Meanwhile nervous innocent people can be in trouble. As for fingerprinting, it is more of a matching situation. It is almost never used as conclusive proof. People get fingerprinted at the border by immigration all the time. This is more to scare the person than to actually use it should a crime be committed. I am also fiercely against torture to acquire evidence, plea bargains without letting the guilty talk to a lawyer and also the whole problem with prosecutors making up evidence to meet arbitrary quotas..
If anyone can give a good reason for keeping Charles Manson, his followers, and Gary Ridgeway alive, please let me know.. Human rights. Even the most evil and heinous people cannot be deprived of these rights because other unethical blood thirsty human beings want them tortured to death. We are not Saudi Arabia. We are better than that.. Instead of having our tax dollars giving a criminal 3 meals a day, why not just put a bullet in his head. I tried to argue civilly, unfortunatly it becomes apperant it has not helped at all... Are you litterally fucking retarded you bonehead I have never claimed they cost 308$ Million, get your head out of your arse and read my comment again. L2R otherwise STFU kthxbai. There are people who deserve to die. However, the State should not have the power to make that decision. Not to mention the risk of killing an innocent.. +007kingifrit Yes, but failure is a part of human nature. You cannot avoid it. Judges make mistakes. Lawyers make mistakes, Police officers make mistakes. You cannot operate on a system where you assume things work. If that is the case we should have no police as we expect everyone to behave properly, but that wont happen will it And as a result, a human being's life should not hinge on the mistakes of others. 4% of death row inmate are innocent, and the estimate's high rang is 10%! That is a high failure rate, that will not be tolerated in most medical practices. Why should we tolerate it when it is a matter of life or death based on criminality "Expanding the death penalty will encourage accurate sentencing" No it will not. It will simply put our flawed legal system to kill more people. It will not change anything. The 4% error rate includes appeals and everything associated with it btw. So that is a failure. Expanding it will simply make the problem worse. And why should we kill someone Whats wrong with incarceration for life The criminal justice system exists to make society safer, not to take revenge on others..

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December 2, 2015

Comments about this video:

Note 4 is the best (▀̿Ĺ̯▀̿ ̿) it has everything you need \(~_~)/ like if you agree.. (• ε •) (sorry for my bad english) ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°).
I will wait for the 6, and when 6 comes up i will wait for the 7, and when the 7 comes up i will wait for the 8, and when the 8 comes up i will wait for the 9, and when the 9 comes up i will wait for the 10, and when the 10 comes up i will wait for the ∞, and so on..
Every time a new flagship comes out, people are always torn whether they should get the new one or wait..

╭━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━-╮ ┃ ════════ ● ┃ ┃ SAMSUNG ┃ ┃ ┃ ┃███████████████████████████████████┃ ┃█ Missed call from Jaimee S. .:| [█] 17:28 █┃ ┃█ ━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━ █┃ ┃█ █┃ ┃█ █┃ ┃█ █ ████ ██ ██ █┃ ┃█ ██ █ ██ █ █ █ █ █┃ ┃█ █ █ █ ██ █┃ ┃█ █ █ ██ █ █ █ █┃ ┃█ █ █ ████ ██ █┃ ┃█ █┃ ┃█ Sat. 26 Dec. █┃ ┃█ ━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━ █┃ ┃█ █┃ ┃█ 13°C █┃ ┃█ 21°|12° █┃ ┃█ Tangier | Morocco █┃ ┃█ Partly cloudy █┃ ┃█ █┃ ┃█ █┃ ┃█ █┃ ┃█ █┃ ┃█ █┃ ┃█ ╭━━╮ ╭━━╮ ╭ (1)╮ ╭━━╮ █┃ ┃█ ┃ ┃ ┃ █ ┃ ┃ V ┃ ┃ ● ● ┃ █┃ ┃█ ╰━━╯ ╰━━╯ ╰━━╯ ╰━━╯ █┃ ┃█ Phone Contacts Messaging Apps █┃ ┃█ █┃ ┃█ ━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━ █┃ ┃█ ╭━━━━-╮ █┃ ┃█ ╭-━-╮ ┃ ┃ .
dissapointing i was hoping for innovation and a machine of a phone what we got was an S6 but with a 5.7 and a pen And no removable battery and no sd slot and an 16mp camera you lost a sale here samsung im going with the moto X style i hope you fix this with the note 6.
+Matheus Caixista when I had the s5 I felt the same way... The s5 is one of the only water proof phones that doesn't look waterproof. .

+Tru Myles my friend dropped coca cola on it, I just washed with water and it's fine. I really can't live without a water resistant phone after I got my S5, it's great to wash it, just don't abuse it, and be careful with water pressure that it will last for long.
+Ryan Salao Well if the battery breaks within a year after the purchase i would first ask for Samsung for a replacement. As we know Samsung they will not do that. So i would go and send it to a phone repair store and pay, lets say 100 bucks for it. Instead swapping the defective battery out and insert a new one.. ╭━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━-╮ ┃ ════════ ● ┃ ┃ SAMSUNG ┃ ┃ ┃ ┃███████████████████████████████████┃ ┃█ Missed call from Taha S. .:| [█] 17:28 █┃ ┃█ ━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━ █┃ ┃█ █┃ ┃█ █┃ ┃█ █ ████ ██ ██ █┃ ┃█ ██ █ ██ █ █ █ █ █┃ ┃█ █ █ █ ██ █┃ ┃█ █ █ ██ █ █ █ █┃ ┃█ █ █ ████ ██ █┃ ┃█ █┃ ┃█ Sat. 26 Dec. █┃ ┃█ ━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━ █┃ ┃█ █┃ ┃█ 13°C █┃ ┃█ 21°|12° █┃ ┃█ Tangier | Morocco █┃ ┃█ Partly cloudy █┃ ┃█ █┃ ┃█ █┃ ┃█ █┃ ┃█ █┃ ┃█ █┃ ┃█ ╭━━╮ ╭━━╮ ╭ (1)╮ ╭━━╮ █┃ ┃█ ┃ ┃ ┃ █ ┃ ┃ V ┃ ┃ ● ● ┃ █┃ ┃█ ╰━━╯ ╰━━╯ ╰━━╯ ╰━━╯ █┃ ┃█ Phone Contacts Messaging Apps █┃ ┃█ █┃ ┃█ ━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━ █┃ ┃█ ╭━━━━-╮ █┃ ┃█ ╭-━-╮ ┃ ┃ .
Goodjob samsung, you just lost millions of loyal customers and Note fans by not releasing Note5 to Europe, goodjob. #Note5foreurope.
+Nikke Koivisto i can buy this everywhere in Hungary...Not from service providers. however unlocked ones. in stock... ~ $610. with 27%TAX included.
Expected specs for Galaxy Note 6 are: - 8 GB Ram - 16/32/64/128/256 - 30 MP Camera And - 4K display, right.
I know, the Sony Xperia Z5 Premium. But yes, the battery life is going to be a concern if you have to push that many pixels.. This is the straw that broke the camels back. I've been loyal to Samsung for years now but that might change. I might go to extreme measures and buy an iPhone. Samsung just isn't what it used to be. Now it's just flashy good looks over the functionality of the phone. The S5 was the best Galaxy ever. That phone was awesome but that's all gone now. I hope the S7 is better.. my thoughts on specs for the Note6 Exynos 8 4Gb RAM 32-128 (maybe 256)gb of storage 2560x1440 resolution 5.7-.8 16-21MP camera (rear) f1.8 8mp camera (front) f1.8.
when you hold the s6 edge+ it's so uncomfortable, when you hold the Note 5 it's comfortable, the back of the Note 5 is beautiful, meanwhile the front of the s6 edge is beautiful, the curved display are beautiful but the features probaly gimmick after 2 weeks or so. s pen is pretty useful for note taking-person.
This is the best phone to date. I sold my S6 Edge+to get this. Performance and battery life absolutely better.. I'm enjoying my Sony Xperia Z5 Premium's 4K display and excellent battery life after throwing out my Note 5. Waterproofing and MICROSD work a charm for me! :D. +Shamoy Rahman Indeed, i AM a Fanboy, no doubt. But it's not like Sony or HTC or whatever is shit, I mean only the Z5 Premium. But whatever, I understand why you dislike the Software of the Note 5, I've watched Reviews from the same guy of those phones and he also said that the Note 5 is a great Phone but Samsung doesn't improve the software, and so I understand you... but the Z5 Premium Well... okay but ngh... . +Isaax I hope the Xperia Z7 is gonna come with the new metal curved design. Its gonna be really awesome. It might be my next phone if they bring a 1080p display with HDR color gamut.. ╭━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━-╮ ┃ ════════ ● ┃ ┃ SAMSUNG ┃ ┃ ┃ ┃███████████████████████████████████┃ ┃█ Missed call from Taha S. .:| [█] 17:28 █┃ ┃█ ━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━ █┃ ┃█ █┃ ┃█ █┃ ┃█ █ ████ ██ ██ █┃ ┃█ ██ █ ██ █ █ █ █ █┃ ┃█ █ █ █ ██ █┃ ┃█ █ █ ██ █ █ █ █┃ ┃█ █ █ ████ ██ █┃ ┃█ █┃ ┃█ Sat. 26 Dec. █┃ ┃█ ━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━ █┃ ┃█ █┃ ┃█ 13°C █┃ ┃█ 21°|12° █┃ ┃█ Tangier | Morocco █┃ ┃█ Partly cloudy █┃ ┃█ █┃ ┃█ █┃ ┃█ █┃ ┃█ █┃ ┃█ █┃ ┃█ ╭━━╮ ╭━━╮ ╭ (1)╮ ╭━━╮ █┃ ┃█ ┃ ┃ ┃ █ ┃ ┃ V ┃ ┃ ● ● ┃ █┃ ┃█ ╰━━╯ ╰━━╯ ╰━━╯ ╰━━╯ █┃ ┃█ Phone Contacts Messaging Apps █┃ ┃█ █┃ ┃█ ━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━ █┃ ┃█ ╭━━━━-╮ █┃ ┃█ ╭-━-╮ ┃ ┃ .
gerçək ten muhteşem ve en hızlı not ailesinin en boyuk canavarı GALAXY NOTE 5...sana helal olsun yaa.

I heard that if we put the stylus pen backward into the body, Note 5 stops working (design defect), and we can't get the pen out. Is that true if true, then dealbreaker....

All these things are great. But a decent battery is way more important than having it as thin as a razor. We get it, you can make it thin. Now quit that, and start making phones with a 10000mah battery so we can have a device that lasts longer than one hour on a charge..

Battery tech needs to advance faster. It seems to be the same and never improving. You think with the fact you can fit so much power in a small device that they can make the battery large and small but I guess not..

The only reason I did not buy the note 5 was because it does not have the universal remote control functionality, i use it a lot on my note 4 to control my AC, tv, etc....
I wouldn't say same here, but I wish they didn't remove the ir blaster. I'm used to my S4 mini, and probably going to S5 (not mini).
it would be the best gadget if its spec is higher than S6 and S6 Edge's spec... Note 4 has better spec than S5 and Note 3 has too.
Note 5 here I come...unfortunately I dropped my Note 3 so I have to upgrade. I will miss my Note 3...hopefully the Note 5 will make me forget. +Son Goli I had an otterbox for my note 3 but I was mad and threw it across the room into the wall...and my note 5 I go it the day it came out and there was no case on it I dropped it once and there is a small not even noticeable crack at the bottom .
Note 6 Possible Specs 1 mega pixel addition :D 4.5 GB Ram Type -C USB Port IR Blaster maybe back 128Gb variant. As i dont think so Samsung ll ever include Card slot again =P.

don't need a removable battery just a bigger one and you should put an SD card in the sim slot as well. Keep it up with the good work Samsung! One of my favorite companies it beats Apple!.

Will definitely be trading my iPhone 6 in for this with Verizon edge no contract plan. This phone is on sale too sooooooo I will be getting this!!!.

+vijay kumar chaudhary what is uncontable and I don't think that fits in the sentence that you are trying to say..

As Salaam Alai Kum Wa Rahmatullahi Wa Barakatuhu To Samsung Can You Tell Me How Change In My Samsung Galaxy Note 4 ScreenShot Setting PNG To JPG Because PNG Takes More Mb 1 ScreenShot 2 Or 3 Mb Some Take More Or Some Takes Lest Example You Take 150 Screenshot It Takes 250 Mb It To Must That Not Good In JPG File You Take 500 ScreenShot It Takes Only 5 Mb That Good And Please Make A Option Screenshot Settings In All Samsung Mobile Phone I Have An Asus Tab It Has ScreenShot We Can Change PNG To JPG And Only You Have To Hold Menu Button Just Hold Menu Button You Take ScreenShot Easily That's Easy Used.

Jeez look at all these overly defensive android fans 😂😂😂 Damn, she's just joking. Everyone has their own preferences and we don't have the rights to disagree or disrespect it! Both Apple and Samsung are great devices. Now stop fighting in the back seat, children!.

silly samsung.. why u also take out feature 'write on calendar' with sPen, in sPlanner app.. that what make galaxyNote a NotePhone.. ive been huge fan of that.. and helped me a lot...
I wanted the gold note 5 but AT&T didn't offer it and I only wanted it because it was a new phone with just better internals than my galaxy mega. what I didn't know or notice is that it does not have an IR blaster the pen is not designed to fit only one way it's pen detection system is just a cheap micro switch and has no way to hard link up to a non smart TV because it does not work with an HDMI adapter. I'm sure I can probably use chromecast but that takes Wi-Fi and a stable connection I believe whereas the adapter just requires me to plug it in..
hello would like the free note 4 system do you have any damaget ones you don't want because i saw the video saying i cold get one free tank you.
╭━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━-╮ ┃ ════════ ● ┃ ┃ SAMSUNG ┃ ┃ ┃ ┃███████████████████████████████████┃ ┃█ LOL CATS .:| [█] 17:28 █┃ ┃█ ━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━ █┃ ┃█ █┃ ┃█ █┃ ┃█ █ ████ ██ ██ █┃ ┃█ ██ █ ██ █ █ █ █ █┃ ┃█ █ █ █ ██ █┃ ┃█ █ █ ██ █ █ █ █┃ ┃█ █ █ ████ ██ █┃ ┃█ █┃ ┃█ Sat. 29 Dec. █┃ ┃█ ━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━ █┃ ┃█ █┃ ┃█ 666°C █┃ ┃█ 21°|12° █┃ ┃█ Monaco | Monaco █┃ ┃█ Sunny delight █┃ ┃█ █┃ ┃█ █┃ ┃█ █┃ ┃█ █┃ ┃█ █┃ ┃█ ╭━━╮ ╭━━╮ ╭ (6)╮ ╭━━╮ █┃ ┃█ ┃ ┃ ┃ █ ┃ ┃ V ┃ ┃ ● ● ┃ █┃ ┃█ ╰━━╯ ╰━━╯ ╰━━╯ ╰━━╯ █┃ ┃█ Phone Contacts Messaging Apps █┃ ┃█ █┃ ┃█ ━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━ █┃ ┃█ ╭━━━━-╮ █┃ ┃█ ╭-━-╮ ┃ ┃ .
my new note5 start auto restarting auto switch off n even after not starting by the power key it will start by home key volume down key n power key i went to my nearest service centre they told that they had fix the problem by doing software but the problem has started again😔.
No estoy en contra de la marca de este celular pero ya se dieron cuenta que lo intentan hacer lo más parecido al iPhone😬.
No, no Note 5 came to Europe to upgrade my Note 3, so goodbye Samsung and Nexus 6P here I come. Bye to slow Android updates: 1 year and two weeks for Note 3 to change from Android 4.4 to 5.0 (2 weeks after 6.0 came), 9 months for my Galaxy Tab S 10.5 topmodel to be updated is just not good enough. And a really bad after sales experience, as a Samsung customer are you forgotten as soon you leave the shop. Back to Google Nexus.
+Triparadise I think that S6 Edge + will have lots of updates, as it has a very powerful cpu and 4 gb of ram. I think I'm right a long with u. I have the note 5 and although it's n OK phone I'm still rocking 5.1.2 version. damn can I get 6.0 marshmallow on my 800 dollar phone. I'm so sad, my note 5 screen cracked for no reason and the phone just died suddenly, i got myself an iphone 6s, i know it wont replace my note 5 though :/. Don't buy any of the new design notes or edges from Samsung. I've had the note 5 for a week the phone cracks hairline cracks on the back of the phone while in my pocket to top it off its very slippery in hands. I like to see Samsung reply to this and see what they have to say!.
"The ability to do more"... or not. The Note 5 does not do more. It does less. Because there is no Micro-SD slot, no removable battery cover and no removable battery - I will not be upgrading to this latest version of the Samsung Galaxy Note series. It is a shame since I have invested in every version in the series so far. My current Note 4 is still the best in my opinion. It is a great shame. I was really hoping when I saw the S6 and Edge and the lack of Micro-SD/Fixed Battery, that they weren't going to go "all apple" on us. Unfortunately they have. When my Note 4 goes to mobile heaven, it will be time to invest in another brand that takes expansion and configuration seriously. Goodbye Samsung..
+Chris Lambourne I don't really care for the no SD card and fixed battery shit either. however my notes did come with 200 gbs of storage through Microsoft and 100 through Samsung and I believe 150gb through Google drive.or one drive can't remember. so that is more storage than I know what to do with.i will miss the 10,000 mah battery from zero lemon tho..
No removable/replaceable battery, no sd card slot... Samsung is going the "Apple" way .. What a shame....

calm down people. Note 5 has better ACTUAL battery life than the note 4 even with a smaller physical battery. talk about efficient. but yes, micro SD will be sorely missed :'(.

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Comments about this video:

+Yunis Dawood you stupid that's a lg computer and the money didn't come out of your pockets so be queit.

I feel like APPLE purposely slowed down my iPhone6 when I updated the iOS9. It was faster before I updated it..
I use 4s 4years, it's never broke really nice ,but i buy 6 at 3p.m today ,it's awesome bye my fucking strong 4s LOL.
IKR whenever I tell my friends they like why is it called the success in like, gawd you guys need to get a phone....
It really is though, if you use your phone like I do, you notice a MAJOR difference between the two, the 6s is definitely more productive. Should I get the 6s I currently have the 4s... And I've been wondering, should I get the 6s or should I wait until the 7 is out . I currently have a blackberry curve. I want to get an iPhone but I'm stuck between 5s and 6. I like the design of the 5s and love knowing my phone looks sexy. But I like knowing the 6 is newer and has better performance... How does the 5s look in 3 years...HELP!!.
First person that actually does a fair review of the iphone, there are a lot of iphone haters out there.
+DerpT145 Actually he's not American,he is like half Russian,Ukrainian and...whathever,Happy New Year!!. +Cheyene Bryant the. Idk what they made yours out of but mine was so fragile, I cracked the plastic, and I accidently threw it at a wall, it was gone after that... On the bright side the screen never cracked! And before you aks how does one accidently throw an iPhone at a wall... You miss the bed....
😂😂 watching this on my iPhone 6s when you said hey Siri she activated and started saying the last thing you said 😂.

Touch ID is a finger print scanner... ive had a finger print scanners on my HP laptops back in like 2007. 😂 youre a joke and a moron, Sir. it is not a "new technology" AT ALL.
I have the iPhone 6 and I think it's great and to be Honest I don't think I would want to upgrade to the 6s I like my I phone 6 theirs no problems with it, it's a 62 gig phone in the colour gold I did get it when it first come out my phone doesn't loose power quickly or doesn't freeze or restart it self automatically..
Alright I have the 5s right now and I'm thinking about getting the 6s. Should I just go with the 6s or 6.
6s I have it and I love it so much more than the normal 6 I use 3D Touch almost everyday and it's a lot more drop proof (if that's something you need help with) and there's so many things I love about it., or you could wait for the iPhone 6c, or the 7 it's after Christmas so they'll probably be out in a few months.
Joining the Apple army haha going from LG G2 to an iphone and HP to Mac... not sure which phone is best for me tho... hmmmm.
Touch ID has existed before Apple ever used it so don't say shit about android copying anything Apple has never invented anything they steal other stuff and use it to make something that's garbage, but I do give the iPhone 6 and 6s props they are good phones but you cvs get say anything about android copying because apples whole company is based of copying..

You sound pretty spoiled, yeesh my first phone was the iPhone 5c... I mean yah it was the latest one out then and the one I wanted but... I mean cmon I should've at least got the six😒 lol😂 sarcasm is life..

+Vanessa Varela Haha, there are many beautiful places even, on the one hand it is a great country, on the other is bad.Brazil's biggest problem is the Government..

iPhone 6s no Brasil está muito caro. Como sou pobre, não tenho condições de adquiri um aparelho por R$ 3.999,00. 😁😁😁😥😥😥.

So basically buy a used iPhone 6 for cheap and then buy the iPhone 7 in September. You're welcome..

why would i upgrade my 6 to the 6s when it looks the same and il get all of these features when i get the 7. only idiots who want to waste more money on phones will do this. think about it, your spending £539 on these new features!! ive got more important things to buy. do you work for apple as it seems your convincing people to buy new apple products..
I had a 5c now I've got a 6 my sister had a 5c now she's got a 5s my brother had a nokia now he's got A 5s my mum and dad had a 5s now they've got a 6s. Good review... I left iPhone 5 for Samsung Galaxy 6-Edge... BUT... I began to notice that though that phone kicks ass, it had the same old problem android phones always have... LAG... and for some reason I've always been too sensitive in recognizing the LAG in devices, maybe since I am always upgrading things for myself and my family... and iPhone 5 NEVER EVER had lag issue and graphics of OS were very fluid... but, Galaxy 6-Edge ends up having that issue once the number of apps installed in the system goes above certain point.... +Rahat Ahmed do you have the same voice tone Okay Google always happens on my Android device from videos, but Hey Siri only works with my voice because of the way it's set up.. wtf apple just make the update update for the iPhone 6 have that and make a I phone 7 this is why Samsung is better steve jobs we need you back ugh fuck apple.
There's these youtubers that can immediately get the newest iPhone.. Meanwhile I have an iPhone 5C and can't upgrade to a 6S Plus..
+Jean Masiyiwa probably because they know that 16 gb isn't enough for most people and they know that they would have went for the 32gb so they only have the 64gb and they made it expensive for more money. can you download music from the laptop to the iphone sorry i wanna buy an iphone but i dont want to pay for songs.. this was a good video but I don't like how all we see the whole video is you. I am not saying that it is bad or something it is just kinda boring. since you are comparing 2 phones then it would be nice to put in some footage of the phones more closely and stuff you know just my opinion. this was a good video, thumbs up buddy. what's the point in upgrading to an iphone6s when there just going to release iphone7 a year later.
I have iPhone 6s and it is really so heavy in my Hand, when i try to curry it... in comparison with iPhone 6....

Apple need's to slow the fuck down. They realesed the 6. Everyone got it. They announced the 6s. And released. Everone's getting it. Now you announce the flippin iphone 7. Fuck you Apple, fuck you. I have an iphone 5c and i might be upgrading to the iphone 5s or 6 but to be honest i might just get a samsung just so i can feel like i've pissed Apple off... because they need to give people a chance to catch the fuck up jeez..
Please answer: I wanna buy a phone ı dunno which one Firstly android or iphone(i love apple). Then, 6,6s, 6+, 6s+. I think plus is too rude for girls like its too big. What do you advice. Didn't understand why this comparison video got so many views... Now I know why. Not only is he incredibly detailed in explaining and fluent in Apple language... He's also SO HOT DAMN WOW. so, i have the iphone 4s and i've been thinking about upgrading it (i don't live in the US so the prices are not the same) and i don't know if i should get the 6 or 6S please help me, i don't know which one should i buy. right now i have the lg g3 32gb should i buy the iphone 6s for xmas or should i wait for the iphone 7.
Im currently using that too and id say wait for 7s or buy oppo. Because the 7 will probably be 6s with different design..
I am going to buy my first iPhone, but I don't know which one to get, Is it still worth buying an iPhone 5s Or should I get the 6 or 6s.
If you don't want to pay as much the 5s is a solid phone I've had it for about a year and a half now and encountered no problems :).

+Mauri Fuentes I have a 6 but I absolutely loved my 5s. They're both great phones in my opinion..
My mom watched this before she upgraded me from a iPhone 4s to a iPhone 6s. I am thankful for this video. +LiL Hobbit the 7 it will be out soon around the time. i have the 6 im gonna wait til the 7 comes out. i wish there was an rose gold or gold iphone with black front screen. that'd be perfect. i always get the black cause i hate white screen, but theres only 1 to choose from. hope they make this change in the future :D.
+Canadian Bearded Hillbilly wow you see one Apple cable now apparently a Mac is hooked to his lg,how I know that's not just a power station.

I love my Iphone 6s plus but coming from the Iphone 6 theres no difference. I just wanted a bigger phone.

+Enric Torres I'm not really sure man they always do it when a new iPhone come outs, they always leave the silver and the space gray also they take out the 128GB version..
I just got the 6 plus thought it was the 6s, is it worth the 35 dollar restock fee to get the 6s (Plus more a month). Apple slow down your software to get you to buy the next iphone they are making you apple uses look like fools. Iphone specs are crap and your paying all that rippoff amount of money because the phone looks nice what idiots! ohhh but please enjoy your 2 duel core iphone6s haaaahahahaaaa.
is it better to get the iphone 6s or iphone 6 if im looking to buy a new phone I currently have the iphone 5, but not too sure if i should pay 100$ or 200$ for a 2 year contract. Need answers please 6 or 6s.

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January 16, 2016

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Nice propaganda. The price dropped as a strategy made by the US to destroy Russia's economy. The Saudis are using ISIS as an excuse to increase their production, but this strategy will not work because all of OPEC countries are damaging themselves with this strategy..

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November 20, 2015
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December 7, 2015

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Turkish president Erdoğan wants editor jailed for espionage in video row +Στέφανος Gw E 100 When in the hell was Greece Capitalist Socialism is what got you in the mess you are in, if your education system was so superior you didn't learn much, there is nothing in this world free, if you think there is again your education system failed you, someone has to pay for your free medical, your so called free education comes from a Socialist government that is broke, the U.S. is in debt because they are trying to bring Socialism here. You can't sustain an thriving economy without creating wealth, Socialism consumes wealth, Capitalism creates it, do you get it now. Yes Russia ,China and other countries steal technology because there is no incentive in a society to create new technology, in a Capitalist country competition among companies to create innovation, improve product, where there is no competition no incentive. I guess your superior education never taught you that, ain't nothing free get it. +Στέφανος Gw E 100 No one in the U.S. goes without medical help again your education failed you, also everyone in the U.S. has to attend school again you lack knowledge of the U.S. It would be advisable for you to do some research before coming on you tube and making a fool of your self. Education is provided by the government, in higher education the student is required to pay.. I have tried not to delete any posts on here as I am a big fan of free speech and expression, I have also let all the (blatantly paid pro Turks) spout their Erdogan propaganda. But this morning I had to delete about 20 posts due to over the top bad language, racism, death threats etc. Please avoid bad language, death threats and racism and debate politely. Thanks.. +s3verige no its true, I predicted the Chernobyl disaster four years before it happened, two people wrote it down. Its also in the Bible...
I can't believe McCain is today the same guy who languished in a Vietnamese prison for six years. His evolution is key to understanding how power, politics and money are easily capable of corrupting anyone..

With or without USA support ,Turks would down the Russian jet..Turks warned Russians many times to not bomb non-isis Turkmen Turks who fight against dictator Assad but stupid Putin didn't care..Putin was behaving like a bull in China shop and bombed anywhere,anybody who are against Assad...He behaved like this in Georgia,Ukrain,Crimea as well and eventually he banged a wall called TURK..Turks have only one '' red line'' Turks in other countries..Turks waged war only countries who oppresing Turks there such as in Cyprus,Bosnia,Bulgaria and doing so USA threatened Turkey to not do but Turkey did and USA imposed sanctions on Turkey for long years especially in Cyprus matterWhat am l trying to say Putin and his consultants are deeply ignorant about balances in Syria and middle East....
+Russ Brown It's our waters, there's no international law saying we have to let them pass by our borders freely, they don't allow us to, so why should we It's not like they can declare war and fight with ISIS on the middle east, fight with turks in the dead sea, fight with europeans on balkans and central europe and on top of it fight with USA on oceans, they are not as retarded as you are.. turkey support isis and we kurds kill bouth of them... long live YPG PKK and Peshmerga long live Kurdistan. Why then Turkey violates the Greek air-space so often ( some people say around 2000 times ! ) How many Turkish airplanes would have been shot down if Greece acted like Turkey . +Andi Haka its called a civil war... get it a WAR not a genocide where as you have nothing to say about genocide you scum with your armenian genocide.
+Al Ithivongkham If that was true... There would be a lot less cluster-fuck in the middle east..
Lets unite with Greeks and send Turks back to Mongolia, world would be better with Byzantium instead of Turkey.
+pitbullman1995 +Tomi Tomion I just how both of you "act your age"! apart from being incredibly racist, You are an amazing exemplar of someone who came back from their elementary, where you obviously learned some fancy swear words just to comment them back wherever not-suitable! Don`t you have something better to do instead of insult people over a screen .

+Gebrael mayeli How do Americans feel about American-made equipment being used to destroy a MASH helicopter. The only thing missing on the chopper was a Red Cross.. +jay cee I really don't know what US citizens think!I'm not amrican myself! I'm a human citizen of world.N I wish peace to world my friend..
Currently, the easiset way to get sofisticated weapons is to announce that you are a fighting force against Assad. As all parties trying to destabilise the area for their own agenda (Turkey, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, USA) are supporting these forces, this shortterm policies will lead to a continueos turmoil in middle east. In long term, if ISIS gains even more followers as result, it will lead to worldwide terrorism not seen in recent 100 years. Europe will be hardly hit by Jihadist and I am afraid it has already started..

+Ch A All "agendas" can be more or less explained with a sane mental mind. The AMERICAN AGENDA has no explanation, but the lowest and shabbiest! The world's main enemy is a TERROR-STATE with three letters - USA!.
After Syria Next will be Iran there agin will Turkish orinated Azeris will be put against Iranian Regime then Turks will call Turkish land they are Protecting and Will send all his Fighters to protect Turk will be all over again.. NATO member Turkey is a sponsor of terrorism Turkey was hit by a Russian plane wanted to provoke a 3 world war.
+Adrian Çınar russia and russians have nothing to do with the SSSR... those were communists they didnt care for their own people and they didnt care about religion!.
turkey is supporting terrorism and should be kicked out of NATO, turkey has always done what's best for turkey they sided with the Ottoman. Empire when they were strong, then the USSR, then the on the west alliance now ISIS, screw Turkey they do whatever is best for them.
+BOBBYGAMES Russia is supporting starvation as a weapon by Assad and should be kicked out of the UN. .
+Jovan Medina Turkey being a Sumi Muslim Country, and they have supported ISIS from the beginning.. +sheikh hamad that was the same with america and bombing of yugoslavia. Men were stationed waiting for the enemy to come from hungary but they instead bombed us and when they saw resistance they climbed up even higher... that is the deal with all nations u cant just attack a man in his own home and not expect him to die for his family if its gonna stop you..
Ottoman Empire is coming back and this time will rule all world flawlessly again. on the westians stole petrol for last 100 years it's time to get petrol for Turkey from other Islamic States. Islam will be the only rule in the world and Jesus Christ will support it as well. This is new world my friends and it is with the center İstanbul or Constantinopolis where you say only Turks care about the Ottoman invasion. The big peace before Apocalypse will begin with the last big war between Antichirist and prophets. It's a God war, not for wealtiness or nationalism. Islam- Christianity- Judaism will be together against Antichirist which you think impossible... The last war is not for money, not for power but for God. Millions will believe in God because of the war and millions will go to hell because of this war. Old cliches world is about to end. Even don't believe what I say, just remember it because this remember may lead you to heaven. Respects....

Why should it come as a surprise that a Muslim country should collude with a Muslim death cult The real surprise here is that with such plentifully appropriate targets the Joint Nato Strike Force should sit on their hands and let it happen! Did it take Russian military know how to get the job done What could be the reason behind this dereliction of on the west values.
Soviet lies...russia 100/80 anti-Assad bombing these innocent people.Assad millions of refugeesand killed...There are limits Turkmen minority in Turkey russia warned enter through the border with Turkey Turks are going to kill You kill innocents..Isis behind and east Syria..isis to watch satellite all over the worldThere are oil fields in Syria and russia d names to CIA... If there's a WW3, we ALL will lose! The planet will be destroyed (nuclear winter), only man made caverns will do any good. And those will be reserved for those rats I mentioned in lower post, their families & servants. The very people that will cause all that suffering (well, it already did & it does still)... I would like for all mankind to live in peace. There's more than enough on the planet that we could all live without poverty, wars, diseases...I'm an Atheist, but I don't have anything against peaceful religion and worshipers.. But I DO HAVE against people, abusing it! Like now ISIS, Church's inquisition..."In the name of Allah", or "In the name of Christ!" He would cry to see his ideas so evilly used. Einstein once said: "I don't know if the universe is endless, but I do know that Human's stupidity is!" Sadly, he was so right.... erdogan even staged false terrorist attack and murdered turkey top anti terrorist lawyer. west and Saudi Arabia with Nato as their tool are creating so much atrocities and mayhem in the name of religion. it's sad to see these evil people play perishable games..
+duckymagic57 Yes lol Turkish women are ugly, that's why our fathers have been fucking your mothers since 350 ad....

McCain knows Al-Bagdadi alright! Talk about a fork-tonged snake in the grass! He's turned against us when he couldn't make Presidency and take credit for all that Osama has done to this date! Osama, " the eagle in the belly of America", as Osama said, is none other than Obama! Obama is a Saudi/Sunni African/Arab; and the greatest black flag we've seen, and our sell out to Saudi Arabia. How Saudi Caliphate, swap of power from America to Arabia, for their Caliphate. They want to do the same to Israel; and it's evident they've failed to do it in Syria! Obama wants to Invade Iran via over throw of Assad Is that why he's given Iran the right to build a bomb McCain is only in C Y A mode, and should go to prison along with the heads of everyone and everything in USA. It's true and Obama is the major Criminal,protected by the threat of another Viet Nam, from Saudi Arabia. We're in SHARK infested (lier) water. America will have to pay for what Obama, Hillary, and McCain has done to Syria, and for the other countries; God's right was to allow to exist. There is no good reason to have a One World Order, or New World...Order. It's against God, nature, sound wisdom, and our Constitution!.
American LED coalition America created these bampots, more power to Russia for taking a lead and building their own bank in the form of BRICS...Obama, Clinton and Co were slipping weapons into Libya via Benghazi for ISIS and ISIL, Assad isn't going the same way as Mubarak or Qaddafi and Turkey will be left holding the shitty end of the stick..
Russia always crossed over border to test others. In terms of USA, why is USA required to do all the work while other countries sit back. Russia was told they had to step up. USA told Putin he needs to do the work and he complied to the world leader. Russia military is weak - shot down by a weak military, wow!.
Oh Bobby, I entered your house entered your bedroom for 17 seconds and nothing will happen Right. Russia does that again they will have another plane drop from the sky. Russia fears turkey now.Bully crap does not work with Turkey. if you are an idiot we are not>>>> Russia never target ISIS hope you're not stupid +. You are talking through your backhole. Two russian men buying cheap oil from ısıd ,read federal reserved reports. who are you a shit.... why would Russia buy oil from ISIS when they are the number one producer of crude oil in the world and export 7million barrels a day hmm. Very bad Turkey. You have supported and accomplice terrorism. You stab in back of Russian warplane during Russian plane fighting too hard against terrorism for humanity. You think only your national interests. You are very very selfish..
+BROWN DITH And you think Russia is a savior of humanity Russia The guys who, in the Soviet era, caused more atrocities and losses of life than I could begin to list here The same guys involved in Crimea, Georgia, Ukraine etc. for the sake of imperialism No, Russia doesn't give a rats ass about any humanism. The only reason they come across as the good guys here is simply because they're opposing anyone who opposes Assad because they want to preserve their influence in the middle eastern theatre. That's really it. They don't care that its ISIS or that they're breaching every doctrine of human rights ever written, they're just interested because of their presence in Syria. Assad isn't even the complete enemy of ISIS as Assad makes agreements for both to oppose the Syrian rebels, among some other oil-related agreements. Its dangerous to see one side as black and the other white, these are all different shades of grey. Neither your country nor mine is holy nor evil, this is politics, and Russia is just playing the game, as is nearly every decent country today..

+BROWN DITH of course they are thinking about their own national interest, who else's interests are they going to think about I'll give you an example: I am a rich kingpin peddling drugs and I have masses and masses of drugs coming into my town every day...I monitor the shipping lanes, I watch as my boats come in and I get loaded. All of a sudden, some rival jackass crops up and tries to disrupt my shipping lanes...I can watch and let him do it and risk losing all my wealth, or I can act and take his ass out, so what do I do I could maybe shoot him bomb him take him out send an armed vessel alongside to "warn him"...there are many options, but the end of the day, I do it to serve my own interest: wealth, prestige, trade routes and power im not a drug peddler, that's an example but it's essentially the same concept.
Go back to the murder of John F. Kennedy. Oswald was the one gunman He was enrolled in the top language school in the world at Monterrey, CA. The man who ran "Mockingbird" CIA unit that feeds lies to the news media is now dead. His ex-wife was having an affair with JFK was killed the next year while jogging on the Potomac Canal line. The order to kill FJK came from Israel. Since then the US has been controlled. Israel wants Syria split into three nations with the one north of Lebanon that will carry the gas from Israel-Gaza gas field to Turkey's pipeline. Putin has the rights to exploit this gas field but has chosen to go the moral route and support Assad. Morality and integrity are unusual in the world today and especially in our beloved America.. with Turkey we know what NATO is indeed IS was created by Eu and Saudi, CIA managed the total process but Turkey + Saudi are main supporters... soon or late we push the terrorists back to Eu and Turkey.
McCain, on the west governments, Erdogan...but most importantly BANK CARTELS (Zionist families, who control Wall Street, World Bank, IMF; Federal Reserves, like Rothschild, Morgan, Rockefeller...) = WAR CRIMINALS, NO BETTER THAN HITLER WAS!!! The whole world have seen destroyed oil & weapons convoys by Russians meant to Turkey (weapons to ISIS)! I live in EU & NATO and I AM ASHAMED to have pro west government! And not me, but 3/4 of all people. And not only here, but also in a whole Europe. Even in US people started to realize what is truly happening, while Fox News, CNN, BBC try to brainwash you. Go Putin! Destroy those ISIS & allies subrats! And then together we'll destroy Zionists! For the end an advice: watch ZEITGEIST!.

God!! Who on earth believes this crap He is using wikipedia to persuade us!! Omg can't believe that some people really believe this. Guys let me tell you something. There are certain rules for entering airspaces with warplanes. YOU CAN'T JUST GO IN WITH A WARPLANE. And you know why beacause it endangers citizens. That sounds logical right Russia had done this before just a few months before Turkey shot their warplane down. The Turkish government ( a government I strongly hate btw) warned Russia. They said that if this will happen again they will not be responsible for what will happen. And Russia did reapeat it because they just don't respect other countries. Russia couldn't prove that they did not enter the Turkish airspace, Turkey did prove that they repeatedly warned and their evidence was confirmed by other pilots in the surroundings. So really This is what people want to believe Okaaay get a braiinn.

What kind of ratio in the country we are living show any concern for what is going on All persons I know are just interested in their holidays and daily concerns..
Russia warned before.. aint one, many times.. also that SU24 warned 10 times in 5 min. before transgression of the Turkey region. Russia would do same, no need to product stories why Turkey hit the Russian plane.. end of story..
You guys have no idea, this is our geography. we are here for thousands of years and will be here for more years to come. You on the westers create your own proxy armies for destablization of the region. First taliban and al-qaida now daesh. a hundred years ago after wwl on the westers torn apart theese lands and destroyed the whole muslim society and planted seeds of all theese mess we have right now! Don't you dare to blame Turkey for this. it wasn't muslims started world wars. Besides actions of theese terrorists such as Daesh never helping any regular muslims... Turkey hosting more then 2 millons of refugees and have detained more daesh terrorists then any other countries combined! Thoose foreign fighters coming from all over the world. why Turkey has totake all the blame.
Well USA was founding Contra in Panama years ago (don't know it from my mind now when exactly, that's not the point) so it wouldn't be the first time they do you think that will change anytime soon I don't expect so from the most lame, backstabbing foreign policy in the world...and they are teaching it to their allies too as you can see. And they are trying to hard to paint a red flag in Russia. There is one thing I do not quite understand and I hope someone out there may help make sense of it. Turkey claimed that Russia's military airplanes were in Turkey's airspace for 17 seconds however, how could Turkey's pilots warned the Russians 10 times for a period of 5 minutes There is a disparity of time here. If the Russians were inside Turkey's airspace for 17 seconds, how could they be warned 10 times for a period of 5 minutes There is a missing link of time. Please, someone help me here..

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January 20, 2016
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November 2, 2015
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December 18, 2015

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November 15, 2015
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January 11, 2016

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+Anderson Nyandiri PLEASE SEND YOUR INQUIRY ON OUR EMAIL ID info2 with all your contact details.

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November 29, 2015

Comments about this video:
lol...I'm a sound minded Republican!!! my family farms,I was raised on a 5 thousand acre farm,It is still growing, You scum who worry more about animals than reality are the morons!!!!.
Idk if it's this company but I don't support the idea of the birds stuffed in body-sized cages they should make that illegal even if it does increase your profit-margine it's demonic..

So silly. My chickens run around and eat bugs and grass all day and are fat and when I cut a couple of them for tandoori, they were the BEST tasting chickens in the world. These sterile chickens have NO taste and needs tons of spices and tenderizers etc with mono sodium glutamate to have any taste. Sad chickens are kept so cooped up though here they at least get to move about a bit. If chickens were fertilizing farms instead of farmers using poisonous fertilizers such as urea (which damages their kidneys especially in third world countries like India where farmers don't use gloves) both agriculture and chicken raising would need NO subsidies and one would symbiotically help the other and profits for both chicken and farms would double. Keep a chicken outdoors and it would rather pick on greens and grass and wild bugs than head for a bowl of chicken feed. I bet these chickens are full of anti biotics too which get passed on to the consumers. Nothing wrong with DIRT. We are made of DUST and will return to it..

lol...I'm a sound minded Republican!!! my family farms,I was raised on a 5 thousand acre farm,It is still growing, You scum who worry more about animals than reality are the morons!!!! Regulations are sinking us.
this the type of the project that i wanted start here in uganda ,how can i get this company +256752751216 for more advice. lol...I'm a sound minded Republican!!! my family farms,I was raised on a 5 thousand acre farm,It is still growing, You scum who worry more about animals than reality are the morons!!!!.
Great video ! Please people don't dislike videos because people have put a lot of effort in to them so respect that please and also subscribe to my channel and other peoples channels please!!!!!.

I would absolutely love more information on how to artificially inseminate a chicken some of you folks on here that are so called vegans or whatever need to realize that if it wasn't for farmers you would all starve to death a lot of the time the same farmers that grow your veggies also grow the rest of the meal. it goes hand and hand I love my country but people in it are getting more and more ignorant and LAZY!!!!.

+Jeffrey Peek we are gluttons, we eat way more than we need. all for profit to big corps, study your history..

but why do they generally have to taste blandany suggestions where i can get them whole foods must be more expensive i suppose..
Kenneth Underwood, quit your sniffling, this is Paul I found the farm is in America, if you want to eat and feed the children this is how it's done quit being a moron, you animal activists and Obama supporting morons need to just shut your mouth .
+Kurt VandenHeuvel So lets put all your animals in the same conditions. You don't need to be a liberal to know that the way our food is raised is wrong. But hey continue breeding humans so we can continue to destroy nature..
okay yall are really ignorant. first of all, a chicken can no be artificially inseminated. the males really are used for breeding. there are no homones in the chickens feed because that is illegal to do, all the hormones that are in chicken are produced by the chicken. chicken is not ground up alive or thrown away to die in a dumpster. before yall say all of this you should really do your research. the chickens have plenty of room in the houses as well.
+Blobfisher do you believe everything you see or hear on the internet if so you live a very narrow minded life. .

+jason bradford Haha 😁 So what do think happens, they get adopted You're living in a fantasy world. It is standard practice everywhere to kill male chickens since they cant make eggs. And they don't get breeded for meat instead since other breeds of chicken are used for meat production. If you don't trust the internet, call your nearest hatchary and ask. It's not really a secret..

Why do all these hater always have to show up bashing these larger operations They're state of the art! I'll eat their eggs and meat anyday over someone who raises chickens in their backyard. Bottom line: Large operations have very stringent government quaility standards where as hobby farmers do not.
2 13UnderTheGun I can guarantee you there are no such thing as "factory farm poison". Food from big operations has to pass by so many hygiene/chemical testing before hitting the table that there is nothing safer. For instance most backyard/small/local farmers aren't even registered (no testing is done) which means they might have parasites in they flocks and you will be eating the meat anyway. I'm a small farmer and I do everything legal so my profit margin is near zero.. very sad, science valueates progress in money which you can generate out of such circumstances. In my opinion deseases arise in a lack of room, fresh air and qualitve good food. Thats why they have to shower, disinfect everything themselves. the birds aren't resistent, which they normally are, against harmless bakteria. SO they get antibiotics. vicious circle :(.
I bet you did 'nt say ; " this poor chicken :/ when you are eating...K.F.C.!!!!!!!!!! OR ,OR Grammaas Home Style Country CHICKEN. What about taking a trip to Jamaica & eating JERK CHIKEN !!! HA!.
2 SanlianaCung Vegetarians do not get enough protein, and if thats a fact, prove it. Global warming isn't proven by anyone, there is only word of mouth from people who claim that it is caused by man, however it is not. The planet is heating up because well.. it is, however winters are colder. But you keep living in your the world is doomed way of life, Ill keep farting, eating meat and dumping rubbish just to spite recycling loving vegetarians. And no one said anything about global warming.. If you want to feed the world then why do we waste grain on livestock For every 100 calories that go into a cow or a chicken, only 10 calories are gained when that animal is eaten. That is horribly inefficient. Factory farms are also a perversion of nature. We need to get the population of HUMANS down. That will solve most of the problems. Think about the long term. I don't eat chicken anymore; I eat plants because they're healthier and more efficient. It's a system that is perverse.. Hi, am Segun, am day old chicks sexer,I need a permanent chicks sexer job. I have 8years experience ,and I have less than 2% error and I sex 1000 - 1200 per hour, sir I will be very greatful if you can get me a job. My email: williemwonder2 +2348037955351 thank so mush. Hope to hear from you soon.
Battery cages are certainly a disgrace and they should be outlawed! They prevent natural chicken behaviour! Barn conditions are much better as they give movement space, some natural lighting, dust for dust baths and other things that chickens need to be healthy. Barns aren't perfect and are still crowded, but lets consider that many humans actively choose to live in crowded conditions, so it can't be all that bad....

i am glade someone is with me. i am saying this is wrong to KR3Wnumbauno and i was starting to lose hope because he/she thinks this is alright. i like you :D :D .
Take the recent salmonella epidemic with eggs, for example- those were from battery hens, and you never hear stories like that with small, pastured flocks. I have a flock of chickens myself and I eat their eggs raw, and have never gotten sick. And I know from experience that coops with small flocks do not get dirty easily. In fact, if you have a reasonable density of birds in the coop has a thick layer of pine shavings, you only need to clean it out about once a year, as it composts itself.. Is it right to breed living animals for human comsuption As a human we are an animal just as well,so why dont we breed more babies and eat them at a dinner table.
2 SuperAnimalDrummer And "From Farm to Fridge" and "Earthlings" are not propaganda films .

2 prichunks To be completely honest I would rather not. I support all animal agriculture even "factory" farms. Without larger farms such as this poultry farm the American consmer would not have access to a cheap, nutritious, and safe food supply. I have no problem with backyard farmers but not everyone wants to raise their own chickens. Thats where these larger farms come in, to meet demand. As for their welfare, these chickens are well taken care of. .
share with me any knowledge on the same. I grew up in a small Poultry farm and i have always wanted to go back to it.. 2 maximum411 well in the 21st century many people dont have space to keep a flock of birds and on the case of avian influenza the flock will probably get it more so than large poultry houses because of the steps of cleaniness and sanitary the houses are and from experence the adults give the job of cleaning to kids and those children dont want to do that and it becomes a mess.
Males for breeding as a chicken farm its between 1-50 to 1-100 are males for breeding the others are killed..
Its how the food process works, the killing of chickens for food has been going on for thousands of years, i have a soul, but do you have a brain. 2 Alyxm You can not deny that meat eater have higher risk of heart disease than vegetarian... why you said i'm idiot that's the fact dude.
i will never get over it, i am even going to start giving money to the RSPCA to make me feel better. and i was woundering are you a girl or boy and are you American or English or other because i want to know who my first you tube war was with. i am very proud of it.
2 mhermansen if you want to see Earthlings and From Farm to Fridge as propaganda, go ahead. They uncover truth which lay beneath a very thick layer of lies in each of us. This is objectively true, so who cares what you want to call it. . 2 gillamfarms Like they had been doing for thousands of years before the advent of factory farming, and like they still do in third world countries: by keeping small flocks in family backyards and feeding them with a combination of table scraps and whatever they can forage on their own. Factory farmers want you to think their methods are the only way, but it's really just a clever way for big corporations to make lots of money by concentrating the whole business in the hands of a few.. THIS VIDEO IS FALSIFYING THE TRUTH! What did you do, go to the world's least dirty chicken farm, clean it up and put it on TV WE'RE NOT STUPID, YOU ARE!!!.
I do prefer to buy free range meat, however that farm is definitely one of the better poultry farms..

2 UmbreonAndEspeon1 not every poulty farmer or poultry company abuses their animals, for every bad farmer theres about twenty good farmers .
The mass production and horrible treatment is inhumane. But, there are some instances where it is alright..
Yes they are: Here are three video sources proving that this is bullshit. watchv=I6i2zg-dkOs watchv=UqLNH0D-iDo watchv=enwU5jIXSlU .
I'm no religious fanatic, but even the bible outlines certain animals fit for human consumption, and even has Fridays during lent as abstaining from meat as a sacrifice..
If you must eat chicken and eggs, Buy local, organic and small fam birds and eggs... Not factory farm poison... .

2 TurtleTheBlue Oh no, don't worry about it, I didn't find anything rude about it. :) Though, why is it assumed that when a farm treats their chickens right, it's the exception, while the farms that don't are the majority Isn't it more likely that it's the other way around In the news we hear of Muslim terrorists and Catholic priests who molest children, yet we know that most Muslims are not terrorist, nor are the majority of priests pedophiles. Are farms any different.

Yes I realise that. It is exactly what will cost trillions of chickens their lives. We better stop eating them and focus on other solutions like vegetables, insects and In vitro meat..

The time probably didn't include the time it took to ship them to the farm from the hatchery wich is about 3 days... .
A proud Amercian from the Dixieland! and you do know those organizastions only give like 1/25 of your donation to animals have fun getting scammed, im about to call then and tell em how good chicken tastes!. just because we don't need meat doesn't make it wrong to eat it.what vegans hate is modern intensive farming,chickens can live good lives produce eggs then be consumed later without cruelty. eat vegetables if you want but meat intake is increasing daily so you cant expect any to take your comment seriously and stop because of your ideals. "produce" The problem is not that"society" doesn't understand something you do understand. The problem is that you DON'T understand that you are a party to killing BILLIONS of innocent beings, and not "products." Until you stop looking at living beings as "products" you will rain misery, agony, disease, and death down on the heads of you and everyone else in "society.". 40 Billion Chickens in the world, one thousand consumed every second. Thanks for the upload. Keep America Number One. GBA..
2 explosivediarrhea100 that must be it. if you had any facts that say that factory farming in 'humane' you'd have stated them by now instead of talking shit with nothing to back it up. somehow, you're information defies hours of footage taken inside factory farms, showing time and time again instances of extreme cruelty and depravation. People like you are either imperceptive, immoral, a shill for the agri-corporations, or a mix of all three. Peace. Please do no bother me..

Atenurix tab 40 mg - Buy Weight Loss Medications - Dec 23...

November 25, 2015

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Cheapest vitoliv cod - Male Size Enhancement - Jan 7, 2016

December 25, 2015

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+Doopy Boop Same, and if it's of any consolation, I didn't get a single A in my GCSEs, but I passed everything with no less than a C and got into 6th form and now Uni. I think you could do it; keep putting in that hard work and it'll pay off. For science and maths related subjects it really helps to sit down and fire through past papers with a teacher. See if they'll help you with it. Good luck, Doopy.. everyone who smokes knows this line.. ' how long bro'... '2 mins'...2 hours later.
No matter what he does, no matter what any single one of you say, or how fucked he may be, this is one of the smartest men you'll ever meet..

+bigmedge Yet at the same time, this man makes a hell of a lot more money than you or I could ever make from book smarts. At the same time though, he takes a lot more risk than you or I do with our book smarts. So either way, that life isn't for us, and our life isn't for him. That will probably never change..

I'd buy from this guy because he knows what revenue is - when the product is good so the customer comes back. A lot of these stupid asshole small time bitch made snitch paid slubberdegullions just add cut that kills their buyers, and no more buyers. Idiots. If they're going to cut it, they should snort it themselves and OD and die cold and alone in an alleyway only to have sewer rats eat their intestines out through their anal sphincter. Scalp them all..
+james Last Also, the Feds are embarrassingly idiotic if they think the War on Drugs has done anything EXCEPT open up a black market. Ol dude has Nixon to thank for his lucrative business opportunities..
This guy wants to get caught deep down inside he s a depressed motherfucker. I hope he finds peace in prison because someone with a normal functioning brain and satisfied life wouldn't do stupid shit like this and rat himself out on fucking camera. It just shows you he enjoys nothing in his life not even that dirty money..
+Artful_EU Technically it is. But drug money is not real and very soon you will be dead or in prison. Plus even with all that money you wont be happy or sleep well at night. What im talking about is not for small minds to be understood.. What about dealers that just deal marijuana and nothing else Is it as dangerous as dealing the other hard drugs Is it as shady and stuff.
My brother’s serving a 10yr sentence for supplying drugs- the trigger for his arrest was the death of 4 addicts when one of his batches turned out to be too pure. He’s suffered terrible abuse while inside, with several inmates threatening to kill him- we’re sure the families of the dead (who, after all, were only street junkies!) have contacts. We’re now organizing an all-night cookout (‘BIG MIKE’S BBQ’) to raise awareness of his situation & that of others like him. Follow us on FaceBook!.
+Brett Biles Well yeah really he shouldn't have been selling heroin. Junkies are not people you wanna be dealing with when it comes to business.. 60gs a week sheesh! But theres only a certain amount of people who get out. Your clearing 60gs a week but you live life simple, looking behind u all the time, gotta move low. Fuck that id rather make 30gs a year legally but blow it good and propper, attention or no attention..
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he's very serious about his business and shit... but then he goes and makes a movie about it. Very smart. I guess once an asshole, always an asshole.. Only me that thinks this '' This grows locally thing '' they talk about is alittle missleading Yes i do believe it is grown locally in Cali, but not by your men or something. That is probably some product från a dispensory robbert or something, my suspicions where awaken when i saw the dime bags and half ounces, no street dealer who do sell those amounts weighs it up like that before shipping it :P. text or call if u need this (770) 282-7988 send friend request We have all strains Available and we ship through out the USA and also worldwide. *White Widow==========:Grade AA+ *Hawaii-Skunk=========:Grade AA+ *Hindu Kush===========:Grade AA+ *Super Silver Haze====:Grade AA+ *Real OG ;============:Grade AA+ *Super Skunk;=========:Grade AA+ *AK 47 Kush ;=========:Grade AA+ *Blueberry Kush:======:Grade AAA+ *purple Kush :========:Grade AA+ *SOUR DIESEL:=========:Garde AA+ *GRAPE APE ===========:Garde AA+ *OG MANGO KUSH =======:Garde AA+ *BLUE DREAM ==========:Garde AA+ *GIRLS COOKIES =======:Garde AA+ *WHITE WIDOW =========:Garde AA+ *BLUE DREAM ==========:Garde AA+ *BLUEBERRY YUM YUM====:Garde AA+ *Grand Daddy,P========:Garde AA+ text or call if u need this (770) 282-7988. Lmao, yes because we all know drug dealers will advertise their "grade AA+beyond" weed on the YouTube comment section of a vice video. 😂👌. +ThaLittleBiggerMan L You can get charged with trying to buy drugs. and cops CAN offer/actually sell you drugs. Stop spreading misinformation, you could get someone in shit.
Dealers and addicts both need to be exterminated from this planet. Wipe them all out like a cancer. I got some piece of shit doper living next to me right now. Guy is a paranoid schizo 24/7. He had the nerve to think I'm a dealer and ask me for "candy". Told him I don't use or sell so get the hell away and stay away from me. A few days later he asked me if I've been "filming" him some how in his apartment and putting the videos on facebook. Dude has problems. If he comes to my door again I'll answer with my 1911 in my hand. What's worse is that he works at the same place I do. Oh and he's black, what a surprise..

smart guy, i am gonna be straight up racist right here. White man makes millions when drug dealing, black man makes shit because they don't use there fuckin heads..

This dode sounds intelligent no mater what police do they can't stop drugs just let people do their thing just because their making more money than the cops man.

He's Awesome, also, if you were a cop, you could easily speed up the slowed-down voices and go through places tryna find a match.

+LilBongBoy 420 Good thinking, but they're pitched, not slowed, and there's no way to know the original pitch..

Go ask do you know where to buy weed on people that you dont know... Or go to a crackhead askin where he buy his drugs..

I know a kid just graduated high school, sold meth to a undercover cop twice and is doing 40 years now...don't fuck with that shit.

Wow, I wouldn't be surprised if this guy is in prison right now. This video gave out too many details about him..
My Freshman Year I Got Expelled For A Dumbass Fight, I Did School Online My 10th Grade Year & Didn't Do Good At All. Im Broke As Shit Living With My Aunt & Uncle, Trying To Get A Job. I Know I Can Get Anywhere With The Jobs I Can Have At My Age. Im 16 But I Know For A FACT That I Am Not Graduating, I Need To FindA Plug. 😂😂 Im Serious Tho, Tips Suggesting. It's a rehabilitation program that's run like military training, it's supposed to teach discipline. Why didn't you just google it anyways..
Omfg you're so cool my bitch wants to suck your dick omg give me your number...GTFO bitch you know you don't sell shit fym.

"I tried to do it a legit way, but then you gotta deal with a dickhead boss", this is the story of why many people turn over. Narcissistic sadistic bosses treating their workers like shit..

I share drug related experiences on my channel and Also have a website if any of you care to check it out.

I just found his dad lmao, it says he had 2 daughters and 1 son and this guy said he has 2 sisters that he didn't meet Look up Richard Kuklinski.
sold 4 million a year at a credit card company. aim high work all day like its your money. now i wont work for anybody unless the money is real, because i can make it anywhere. also, this shit gets you respect and money, and no jail time. work hard, demand respect, fuck everything else.
+TJJohnson oh lol we don't really have Chryslers in England that why I didn't really recognise it.

These kids I knew got their shrooms that way, I guess some drugs have to slip past. They eventually got caught after a long time, I wouldn't trust it though..

+The Big Lebowski that's not really funny at all and that shit's so annoying just stop correcting people if you understand what they are saying.

I seriously thought about doing this and even tried it out. Thought I was Sosa for all of about 9 months. Glad I got info trouble and wised up. Not worth it fellas..
+Jonathan Polo text or call if u need this (770) 282-7988 send friend request We have all strains Available and we ship through out the USA and also worldwide. *White Widow==========:Grade AA+ *Hawaii-Skunk=========:Grade AA+ *Hindu Kush===========:Grade AA+ *Super Silver Haze====:Grade AA+ *Real OG ;============:Grade AA+ *Super Skunk;=========:Grade AA+ *AK 47 Kush ;=========:Grade AA+ *Blueberry Kush:======:Grade AAA+ *purple Kush :========:Grade AA+ *SOUR DIESEL:=========:Garde AA+ *GRAPE APE ===========:Garde AA+ *OG MANGO KUSH =======:Garde AA+ *BLUE DREAM ==========:Garde AA+ *GIRLS COOKIES =======:Garde AA+ *WHITE WIDOW =========:Garde AA+ *BLUE DREAM ==========:Garde AA+ *BLUEBERRY YUM YUM====:Garde AA+ *Grand Daddy,P========:Garde AA+ text or call if u need this (770) 282-7988. Hey guys, i got some real good weed strains(white widow,purple haze,OG,hash..) for sale (Skype:skypharmcyinc)Text:+1(323) 835-1094.
"Taking care of people" I wouldn't complain you're selling them drugs and taking their money. You should be chasing them..
+Jay Bee He has every right to not like it, people act like drug dealers are desperate losers. I wouldn't be happy driving that much, you still make money just in a really boring way.. nigga said being broke inspired him bitch get a job simple,dis niggas r just LAZY N WANT EASY MONEY WHILE NOT BREAKING THEIR BALLS AT WORK...DONT GIVE A FUCK ABOUT CROOKS PERIOD.... Its not like makin 60gs a week by drug dealing is easy and lazy, cmon with that honour shit, aint no honour in bustin your balls for 30gs a year when you can work jus as hard for that same money in a week. What a joke this is gotta be the worst episode of Vice ever..this dudes driving around dime bags of weed I know teenagers that do that follow them with a camera. +Anthony Delara I think you've probably never been around anything like that so it looks like a big deal.
I used to hate buying drugs meeting dealers in random ass parking lots and motherfuckers would always take fucking FOREVER. You call them while youre sitting there and they'll be like 'I'll be there in half a second" and you are sitting there for another hour lol. And I used to know this one dude wed goto his apartment building and he'd be like be right out and be sitting there for like HELLA LONG. How you take so long to walk out a door wtf lol. It was good shit though only reason we dealt with him. Now I just smoke weed and go straight to the growers so no sitting and waiting haha..
Typical scumbag. Only cares about money and himself. Might as well get into politics. There is nothing smart about him..
+Aim Here Sold drugs at 12, cleaned myself up and now in college studying engineering. The traits are still there though I'm how do you say "entrepreneurial spirited" lmao..
not ice pick right there is so many other mob hitman i can think of that could be his dad but ice pick is one who worked with almost all 5 families and has been thought to have killed hundreds of people for them crazy. +Chukni Chukni You better start claiming something,they throw you in the system I don't know how the inmates are gonna feel about a Neutron walking amongst them..

Cheapest - Male Size Enhancement - Jan 1, 2016

January 9, 2016

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Buy ozomen oil - Buy Products In Vito Mol - Sep 12, 2015

December 6, 2015

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Right now, I speak reasonably well, but I have difficulty in getting my speech to flow perfectly without pauses. My mind catches up to my speech and I pause, stumble slightly, and it never comes out how I want. My speech heroes are Christopher Hitchens and Milton Friedman. They speak so flawlessly and clearly. Can you guys teach me to speak at least somewhat like Christopher Hitchens I know I won't sound like him I just want to speak with that fluidity. . Come on lads! This is SPEECHschool... They will help you improve your pronunciation, reading, speaking... if you have no idea about English or your level is low, that's not for you.. Iam very happy to see ur reply can u please send me all links that i become a native speaker like u sir iam waiting for ur feedback >>>. Yes, SpeechSchool would train you to speak English more clearly, confidently and fluently, with better outcomes when you speak. Clarity of speech is the most important factor and the best course for you I think would be the Master Speaker - English Accent course.. Good question. SpeechSchool.TV did previously offer a General American accent program but it was discontinued because Amercian students themselves seemed to want a Standard English accent. It is better to learn pure, clear Standard English pronunciation and then modify it according to the area in which you are speaking. So in answer to your question, yes that program will help you speak clearly and well. It does have some examples of American speakers to compare phonetic differences..
Interesting. Would you be able to change my New Jersey accent into an English accent That would freak my friends out. .

thank you because speaking fluent is always my target for speaking... I always need to think before speak and spend time to translate it from my native language.. and cannot hv a quick response... if this course can help me, I will go for it.
We are seeing excellent results in our speech assessments for learners from many different language/accent backgrounds.. Hi I like your you tube page, I started to learn Thai, English and Spanish, unfortunately I do not know native speaker, so I need to practice all this languages. I am a native German woman 45 years old I can teach you some German ,if you able to help me to learn more Thai, Spanish or English and If you have a microphone then calls me please on my Skype. My Nickname is Jacky99728 . i speak really fast and at times i mumble, and i have a slight lisp. Does your program touch on lisp .
You need to visit the website at to join the course. You can register there for a free trial period in your first week..
hi, i've been learning english since two years in my english teaching program, and i think i've got like and intermediate level, my english program is based in the common european framework, i think i have not reached enough level. Does this program encourage to speak fluenty and the most important with good pronunciation. thanks. nice one btw, I hv some questions ya the correct accent or pronounation is important for speaking but for a non native speaker, the most important is now to speak english more fluent and natural... coz I hv not big problem in pronounation, but is hard for me to answer people question or participate in a discussion with native speakers.. can the programme help me and btw, which courses will help me better, accent one or communicator one.. thanks.
Di as in Diana would be pronounced 'Dai' as in 'Sky'. Hope that resolves your argument!.

Trust me, being Italian, I think I have to deal with something even worse. The more I try to speak correctly the less I get better. Listening to my recorded voice makes me throw up..
sorry if I ask this silly question, but is it just a programm in youtube or is it kind of programm like a course or something that we can join please answer it. and if it is like a course programm, is there any scholarchip for students from the other country .
Thanks, we have an assessment service on the site which identifies accent and how you sound to others..
This program can help you speak English clearly and improve your spoken English. Please feel free to contact our support team on our website if you have further queries..
Yes, confident speech will certainly help turn around social awkwardness and help remove fear in situations where you need to speak..

Thank you. The English Accent native speaker program can be found on our website at Go to 'programs' and then 'English Accent'..
i have a question, and sorry for my bad english, i;m from peru, but now iam live in united state, and i want to know if this program really can helpme learn english, or not, my english is not perfect, and i dont know some worlds, when the teachers askme a question i dont know how to answer, this program can helpme learne english .
Hello there, I am really excited to watch this site. I am now write my mini-thesis which is titled Undergraduate students' Performance in English Conversation on Skype with native speaker..

The monthly fees are only USD 29.95 (GBP 19.95), including video lessons, exercises and recordings. Thank you..

Hello there i have a big problem iam also a English learner i learned English from many sits but my problem is when ever i try to speak in english i forget what i am going to say can u plz help me what should i do to prove my English plz iam looking for ur feedback...
Where possible try to think in English and focus on the clarity of your message. We have an English Accent course that can help with that at I think only germans will need this because of their angry accent. I know it, because I'm german and we have a big problems with our heavy accent..
does this program help if you're socially awkward or do you guys don't accept those kinds of people.
The most preferred English accent worldwide has been shown to be the Standard English accent as taught in SpeechSchool.TV's English Accent Program. Standard English is the accent of James Bond and numerous film and documentary narrators..
I want to improve my pronunciation to a more American English accent, but your video sounds British. Will the Master Speaker (English Accent) program help Will the training videos have American English speakers If the videos are all in a British accent, that won't help me..

No, but Received English can sound a little that way in the context of today where a lot of English speech has adopted the Estuary accent..

Hi Michel, yes our programs definitely help with fluency and flow and we see the results of this in the regular assessments our students record..
Yes, it will definitely help you with this. Please try the course on our website with a moneyback guarantee.. Hi Jacky. Our program helps people to speak English well. You can find out more at SpeechSchool.TV.
The trick is to take what is known as a 'conjunction pause'. This means you take a small pause after words such as 'because, and' etc. This pause gives you a little extra thinking time, and because you paused after a conjunction - the audience will know you have more to say, That way you can have a few extra seconds to compose your thoughts. It also helps to use short and simple sentences..
Fung Ho, it might be wise to brush up on your English grammar too. 'To speak' is a verb and therefore takes an adverb not an adjective. It is 'to speak more fluently and naturally'. . Recently I've had an argue with my sister regarding on the pronounciation of the word Di (From Lady Di) Do you pronounce it as "Dee" or "Die" Could someone can tell me I've already search on the net, and Nothing. Thanks from Mexico. .
Thanks for your comment. You need a basic level of English to do SpeechSchool.TV and from that it will help you speak clearly with a Standard English accent..

Yes, we teach Standard English, which is the clearest form of English pronunciation and covers all sounds. You will naturally pick up an American influence if you're living in the United States. We did previously offer a dedicated Amercian accent program but it was not very popular. You are better to learn proper English as your base..
you need to think in English - it will save your time ;) [no need for translating the words in your head and getting stressed]. [girl from Poland].

December 28, 2015

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at my county, most of the price of the gasoline, diesel, natural gas, butane and propane is to pay taxes..

iamgine if your busines or mine made 60 billion every damn 4 months thats exxon and chevron now do you feel we could bet at 2.25 a gallon a big old lol they still make 10 billino every 4 mos they suckwe need to demand 2.25 a gallon.
Hi cle318. Thanks, we appreciate hearing that. You can search for available jobs at Chevron on our careers dot Chevron dot com website. All the best to you!. Pretty cool how oil is extracted. 7 miles to a point the size of a foot ball stadium! Really impressive..
2 Mchangose I have not witnessed what you are saying, but they driven there by much lower labor cost, and much less regulation. This is the result of Free Trade Agreements. Most Americans oppose these Agreements because fear such problems which also take away what would be well paying jobs here. There is more but it would just much too explain on Youtube..

why dont america stop the rockafeller monopoly with oil and every thing else, now that would be getting to the root .

On my channel i have info on Go 15 a oil additive that save 15 percent on your fuel costs for any tired of over paying for Gas..
Hi Chevron, Thanks for the video. But with all due respect, I just don't buy it... When someone spend 3 million dollars to open a business, they have to depend on the profit made by opening convenient store to stay in business. . Also, why are some Chevron stations in California called "Standard" And was it a coincidence that the Texaco price signs had the exact same shape as Shell price signs Seems like that was a happy accident because it must have saved Shell millions on remodeling costs.. shame that people just do not want to get off this gas drug. I hope one day you all get what is coming to you for using this stuff.. sooooo...i understand having to be profitable. i understand supply and demand. i understand capitalism. i am in business also. that being said, how come if i live close to the refinery, i still pay a higher price than someone a few hundred miles away or more i'll tell you why, because you are greedy. you're record profits over the last few years show that. you're prices are not fair to the motoring public. you are taking advantage of the american citizens!!. IF THE GOVERNMENT WILL SUPPORT THE DANIEL DINGGIL HHO INVENTION. THE PEOPLE WILL NOT BECOME SLAVE OF THE GIANTS OIL COMPANY!.
Wow! What about the part where congress subsidizes the oil industry I wish I could get a business on the corporate welfare teat... I'd put it into renewable energy though....
Ha, dead dinosaurs didn't produce the crude that fuel is made from and dont believe anything these greedy oil companies tell you..
The number of misinformed people on this page is depressing. Electric cars need electricity which is generated by coal and natural gas. So fossil fuels power your planet saving electrical cars. Oil is used to create plastics which is used to manufacture keyboards so you can spew your ignorance on the Internet. The Internet is made possible because of oil. The machines that made your home, oil. The monitor you're reading this on, oil..
Hey Chevron, at what point of the refining process do you convert the gasoline to whatever is called 'summer blend' and 'winter blend' .
Sorry but the main reason the fuel prices went from the $140 a barrel to $33 a barrel was the fact that the sharp increse in fuel prices at that time sent the consumers into a conservation mode. People just weren't buying fuel at $4.00 a gallon. The fact of the matter is it's the consumer who controls the fuel prices. Or the price of any product for that matter. It's all about how much you are willing to pay for it..
One day, it'll run out, wait & see... Remember the days of horse &, those days will return again i have a feeling. History will repeat itself... Here is what the truth is people ! The oil companies have the tech for autos to get over 100 miles to the gallon but you see that would hurt their profit margin. As you know the big wigs don't want to lose their fat bonuses. The oil companies only show you what they want you to see in the add, they don't tell you how many billions they give to politicians for their special interest and bribes. .
I appreciate the video, but one wonders why you choose to highlight on this video the most expensive and difficult oil drilling (offshore) over the easy land drilling, its like your trying to justify high gas prices or something..

I agree with your statement 100%. The only thing is CO2 is killing us, the human race. The Earth and Environment is damaged but it will be fine and recover. .
Good info to know we appreciate the info and taking the time to send all this info you say it good to have car was wash in the gas station. we love to work with if you any gas station that dont have car wash we like to do the Detailing. Thank you.. yep on this planet if its clear and i can see all the way to the bottom IT MUST HAVE ALOT OF WATER IN IT. AS MAIN IN GREED I ANT.... This is all BULL !!! We are being suppressed by our governments to keep us as DEPENDENT as possible... Face it, it affects there bottom line... Otherwise, the cost of solar panels and electric cars would be more affordable so the average American could have panels on there roof and an electric car in there garage... Think of the look on the Oil Guru's faces when the price of oil goes back down to $25 a barrel.. .
This is a very well produced and informative presentation! The primary business of my company is alternative energy (greenEVsystems on Twitter and Facebook), yet I can appreciate how the straight forward and concise sound bites and visuals in this video really drive home the technological complexity and precious nature of the fossil fuel business. Though not depicted here, I am glad Chevron has also made investments in alternative energy solutions..
Americans spend on average $12,385,910,000 annually just on gas, that's 12.3 BILLION. In California where I live it’s not uncommon to have a $500.00+ a month electric bill that doesn’t include natural gas. Natural gas can be a few hundred dollars or more each month. My total energy costs are around $17,182 a year. You can make all the fancy videos you want and you will never convince me that you’re not bending me over and having your way with me every chance you get..
Do you all feel that if take so many zeros that at least the America Companies would not be exploring away from fossil fuels.. Come Chevron.. Support The Lady Pink With Her Sea Legs ON.. The Vessel has all the technology to stop the addiction to fossil could have your fingers in clean energy : zero emissions zero reliance. I have been on station at Chevron Richmond Calif., I know you like Co-gen technology . YOU WILL LOVE .. ZERO EMISSIONS ZERO RELIANCE. .
Cheers Chevron! Thanks for an informative video that helps to dispell some of the ani-energy, "big oil" propaganda that is being soaked up by the kool-aid drinkers. Anyone with half a brain cell can look up the oil price structure and see that the big profiteers are the government who take an average of 47 cents profit from every gallon without lifting a finger to do the work or take the risks associated with production and sale. Oil Co's and retailers make only a few cents per gallon..
If convenience stores make more on snacks, then why do they bother selling gasoline at no profit Gasoline pumps, tanks, and controls are very expensive if they don't make a profit. Not to mention the local and federal safety, environmental permit, and inspection hassles. Does Chevron pay for the pumps and fueling infrastructure for the convenience store owner That fueling equipment has to be the most expensive part of the facility..
bla bla bla...if it costs soooo much to produce why are oil companys making record profets could you explane this . 2 roadkill85k5 Oil companies don't make as big profit margins as, say, Apple. The reason the oil companies "make so much money" is because so much people demand their product. And fortunately, many people want it, so the oil companies keep investing tons of money in future oil..
2 hlfpsttomorrow93 not very nice.. we killing the world man..!.. and we all gona pay for this.. cause we all drive.. :(.

If you want to get the plans to convert your car to HHO go to Google and search for: "Top HHO Gas Car research" Click the first result (skip the Advertisement).
If you want to really know about the cost of oil, read "The Asylum" by Leah McGrath-Goodman, which is a history of the New York Mercantile Exchange, where the price of an barrel of oil is actually determined by commidities traders (and huge banks like Goldman Sachs, and hedge funds, and a bunch of other financiers). .
My bicycle does not support large corperations. I don't pay for processed oil. - My money is spent at small business near where I live. - The taxes I pay are used around where I live. - Childern have a little cleanrer air to breath. - Roads are not damged and my bike does not create pot holes The list would be over a page long listing what a simple biccyle can do.. If more people used a bicycle maybe fewer homes would be foreclosed... Food for thought.

I love Chevron. I don't know if its just my car, but I have compared the miles I get to a tank and the car gets about 50 more miles then when I use Shell/Exxon..
Is that right So how did the threatening of a refinery in Texas (which obviously has nothing to so with the price of crude) skyrocket gas prices before Hurricane Katrina When the price of crude remained stable, why did gas prices spike over Labor Day weekend I guess our holidays and refinement facilities have a huge impact on the world oil market. Scam someone else because America isn't buying it. Speculation on energy commodities drives the price of crude, not the price at the source..
You make a great product that is simply too expensive for me. I have adapted both of my cars to run on inexpensive natural gas as well as pricey gasoline. I also own an electric car. Here are my costs per mile: 14 cents per mile on gasoline. 5 cents per mile on natural gas 2 cents per mile on electric. I only use gasoline for vacation travel..
I have a question for you Chevron: how come right after Chevron bought the Texaco name, most Texaco stations were renamed Shell And why did the Texaco stations in Houston become Shell, but the Mobil stations then became Texaco Any help would be greatly appreciated..
i love it, this is the only place i get gas for my rides, Razor EV900, My 4 ENDUREO 650's, My sons gokarts theres 3, and my AWSOME dragster... its jsut a gokart with a v4 diesle and a stretched out strengthed frame.

The price of gas is what they say it will be, that's why big oil turns huge profits over holiday weekends and any time there's a sign of panic due to weather in the gulf. Look no further than Enron to understand how enery commodities are traded and exploited to soak every last dollar out of the consumer..
So for free gas all I have to do is build an oil rig. Why didn't anyone just tell me that before. Chevron has a great gasoline product, but it's too expensive for me. I'm doing 90% of my driving on CNG and electric now. Chevron's gasoline costs 3 times as much as CNG and 8 times more than electric.. i would like to work for chevron in the refinery process but to not know who to talk to in human resources offices.I think it would be a great company to work for.Thanks for posting this video,very well produced..
2 Gutsyndicate Thank you for taking the time to watch the video and share your thoughts. Chevron has major operations of onshore production, like our facilities near Bakersfield, California, but as we pointed out in the video, most of the easy to find oil has already been produced. This requires companies like ours to develop new energy resources in increasingly challenging locations, like the deep waters of the Gulf of Mexico..

Don't let oil companies trick you with BS like this film! There is enough crude oil to last one thousand years in Texas alone. In the Island of Cuba in province of Oriente (where Guitmo is for those non-Cubans) there is so much crude oil that it leaks out from underwater caves. You can actually see the oil bubble out. Please Chevron tell this story to a 2 year old maybe he/she may believe it you know this film is to prepare us to accept $10.00 a gallon gas prices in the near future!.

Gas companies are the most lie-ing deceiving greedy theiving disturbin thing on the planet...if americans would have a coast to coast shut-down for a few days we could stop this but no one has the balls to do it...good video on the surface tho!.

gee i wonder how a wind tower can fill your tank< or heat your home when lines break down. agenda 21 wants to kill your fossel fuel industry. get informed. get involved...democrates agents sustainble development. high density cities centers, walkable, downtown that seems to do a few things, spead diease, crime, are just two..

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January 22, 2016

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Gharelu - Buy Products In Best Vito - Jun 22, 2015

October 27, 2015

Comments about this video:
+Franklin Missark - Unthinkable even a few months ago...But these days experts in Bloomberg keep talking of $20 oil which if breached would make $10 oil the next support. Astounding !. +Jake Wish i seee what is going on in the financial world. In the seventies even the elite and workers had already talked about how they wanted to destroy the fed., america´s financial system go so broke and unrepairable, also not fixing infastructure and ruining the eduacation system, making the people sicker thus weaker, and what is happening exactly that... this has been planned... the satanical elite that rape children and take drugs, also congress members, all being told what to do or else it is so, they will tell the world that this or that one or more congress members had been fucking kids, gay activities, ect... there is a stronghold on the power structure today greater than ever. they want to destroy the usa, then depopulate it to under 50 million and then restart a nwo and the usa, or obamistan will be under the control of the UN... that is their goal and they would rather die b4 ever giving up, they are just getting really started. the fed hurts, the world hurts, saudis suffer but fuck them anyway, but their zionist elite will not... . "Good, let them have this bankruptcy. They deserve it." You say, but do remember that the ones who are hit by economic recessions are rarely the rich so the ones who "deserve it" won't be getting it.. +Tarik360 Well, since it's full of Muslim extremists a whole lot of them deserve it. they have tons of money, if they are too stupid to use that for long term growth what can be said and although the super rich wont be dying in the streets it is wrong to say they wont be effected..
Oh gee, the rich are suddenly forced to move their assets to their Swiss bank accounts and switch a few of their investments, what a massive bother for them. You do realize that you sound like the people saying "LUL,JAPAN IS FULL OF DOG-EATERS, THEY DESERVE THE TSUNAMI." or "LUL, AMERICA IS SO STUPID TO BE SUCH GUN-LOVERS, MORE KIDS ARE DYING CUZ OF THAT".

What a shitty video, completely ignoring the fact that Saudi Arabia is engaged in two wars (yemen and Syria) draining enormous amount of Money from their budget and they ALREADY have tapped into their reserves. It's an issue that many in Royal family have complained, some have even gone as far to say the new king should toppled. Anyhow, this shitty video doesn't take anything into consideration. Video done by retards for retards..
+Musalim How .. I love how poeple make sucha conclusions.. like they know whats happening.. dude just get outta here.. +Liu Kang Baking A Pie The wars they're engaged in wouldn't affect their budget at all if oil prices didn't drop, 90%+ of their economy depends on oil, if that falls then there's nothing left..
i wouldn't call you idiots, but 80% of the published income, true. But saudi arabia's GDP isn't just 800 billion, its estimated to be around 2.1 trillion Remember that 4 million people goes to Hajj yearly, and 60 million to Ummrah over the whole year, Lets say on average, they will pay only $500 to the government each, thats almost 3 trillion alone :).
+Saudi Arabian look that stinking indian monkey that rape white tourist everyday in that diseased filled hindu diarrhea called country. +firefox3249 inefficient now bcos is in crawling level, wait when green tech start to walk by itself.
+Redsiput We'll have exhausted our oil reserves by then. I think we seriously should consider the potential of nuclear power..
+Leo Cozijn The THing is ya'll Focusing on saudi arabia the most.. as if saudi arabia is like numb 1 in provoking human rights rules or such ((which is not true ))..
What you don't know about Saudi Arabia is the country actually building a seven huge economic Cities right now,and expected to be ready in 2017 And Saudi will be an open market to the world, by that time they wouldn't care much about cash.
+Bv Lee​ That's what the whole world did, who do you think built the pyramids in egypt hired workers, who do you think extracted diamonds and gold for the colonial powers yeah yet again, workers, and i don't support the Royal family. but your argument is invalid. . +Hafsa Miah your muslim brother staying in Saudi Arabia says I have said the truth.. corroborate the fact with him. People have been saying Saudi Arabia is going to go bankrupt for the past 30 years. When are they going to go bankrupt this is just propaganda to make Saudi Arabia weak.. +Kareem m I'm talking about HS and elementary not College. If they improve their education system then Saudis could stay and study in their country..
+The Rarest Pepe Rusha, rusha, rusha! Rusha is the land of land sukas. So many sukas live in Russha that they started to sell land sukas to other countries. Rusha, the best there is!.

+The Realest Somali There's a good location now available nextdoor to the Sheikh Yerbouti nightclub..
+MegaFoxboy but at the end Europeans are going to extinct due to low birth rate in all EU, soon we will have empty full developed cities so i guess we will take it.
it won't get bankrupt, because Saudi Arabia use the Oil money into making industries that are going (hopefully) to cover up the Saudi oil income, and one of them (currently working on) is a global solar panels (or something like that, not sure) that can provide the world with power..
+AlteregoFool And after that let's do one about the glorious British Empire and the Spanish Empire. They were so kind to everyone, God it makes me feel so warm and cozy inside..
lol bankrupt we don't even have a debt saudi arabia gives billions to help out other arabs country if don't know.
+Saan X وهذا الشي لازم يتوقف تماما.. لان الي يلاحظ التعليقات يشوف كيف "الاخوان" العرب يحبونا مرة ويتمنون لنا الخير (سخرية).
+Saan X No oil to sell, no money. But everyone knows that saudi arabia supports ISIS. I hope somebody nuclear bombs the shit out of your country..
+Heater64k It is amazing that the flag of a country, in this case Saudi Arabia is being discussed. May I ask; what is the real purpose of this posting Saudi Arabia is one of the 60 countries with Muslim majorities and spiritually may claim to represent Islam but politically and militarily, it is insignificant. Historically some countries use sword as a symbol of power and strength and only wield it to defend the land. Sword was the common weapon in Asia – China, Japan and India, Middle East and Europe. 17 countries in Europe have a CROSS-in their flags, including all Scandinavian lands and neutral Switzerland. Crusaders used the same cross as a symbol of Christian armies marching to take over the Holy land. Does it mean that these countries still believe in the crusades and killing of innocent Muslim children’s and women as the crusaders did. شكرا لآل سعود على عدم توفير تنمية مستدامة واقتصاد حقيقي ومصادر منوعة للدخل. ثمانين سنة والنفط يصب فوق رؤوسنا واخرتها اذا طاح النفط طاحت السعودية وراه وهذا يدل على أن من كان يحكم البلاد عصابة تسرق مقدرات الوطن وتبيعها عبثا بدون وجود توفير اقتصاد حقيقي.. +‫وعي إلى مالانهاية‬‎ فعلا أضف إلى ذلك بأن سياستهم في دعم أمريكا بحربها الباردة مع روسيا بافغانستان ضرت السعودية داخليا بتعطيل التنمية وتقوية التيار الديني الي يحاول قدر المستطاع استغفال الناس وعمل حضار ثقافي عليهم وايضا ضرت بسمعة البلد كواحدة من البلدان المصدرة للارهاب رغم ان من صنع القاعدة هم الامريكان لكن لا يمكن توجيه الاتهامات لهم الحكومة السعودية تبعت أمريكا في كل شيء الان واخذوهم لحم ورموهم عظم والمواطن السعودي العادي يدفع ثمن كل هذا أغبياء بمعنى الكلمة.. +General Grievous Nah, Islamic republic of Iran could become a second Saudi Arabia if sanctions are lifted..
+Intergalactic Nomad There are only 10% of muslims are shias on this planet. And there is no Shia wahabbism as far as I know..

+Omar Alswayan (Abu Abdullah) Allah doesnt think much of you. In fact, he is ashamed. More muslims kill each other and others than any group in the world. Perhaps you should stick with your Jihad on not killing others..
"Well, I think Russian's cool." {NSA camera emerges out of toaster} "Oh, I mean...'MURICA, heck yeah!" {Camera goes back inside toaster} "Are they gone". +Saudi Arabian Iran kicks saudi ass. Shia islam is the true form of islam, not the heathens and heretics called the sunnis..
and they lower the prices to hurt green cars by making it cheaper than green energy and electric cars, they are bastards, all the players in the oil industry are dirty bastards.

woah !! there is so much hate against us. what the hell world all this hate because we choose to live a different life style than the rest of the globe and you people wonder why terrorists attack you. I'm ordinary Saudi citizens and all those pricks in the comment are wishing me warfare and hardship the fuck did I do to you.
+Ranger55Delta By the way, you are the ones who supported and funded Al Qaeda, in the first place, this is a historical fact you cant deny this. And because of your foolish politics in Iraq ISIS became a STATE. You should blame your politicians. Karma is real my friend and you should suffer for what you did to other nations..
+SharpElite1991 It will happen eventually. In 1975 the percentage of Saudisation was almost 95% of all jobs. if it wasn't for the greedy elite who wanted 'profit' as fast as possible it would have been the norm already. Importing workers (cheap labor) only serves a small fraction of the population in the long run..
يا مسلمون ياعرب ياسعوديين لاداعي لقراءت الكومنتات كميه الحقد الغير طبيعية غير مستغربه نعلم اننا سنعود للماء والتمر وعلى استعداد ان نرجع لماضي الاجداد ولكن ان لاتهان كرامتنا وسيبقى البترول في نهايه المطاف الشي الوحيد الذي اجبر الغرب على السجود والركوع لنا ! ليحفظكم الله ويرعاكم وليخسىء الخاسئون. Listen to the start of this video. These are facts released by the International Monetary Fund. Not to mention, Saudi Arabia already dipped into $70 billion of its reserves..
Saudi Arabia is the best place to live in the earth,simple life, no bar no liquor ,no gambling ,fresh and natural food ,zero crimes, no rape people's live with respect, what' els u want in life i wish I could live there all my life, one more thing never saw Saudis are getting sick ,they have the best hospital but mostly empty only foreigners patients very few Saudis ,hog bless them,.

+Khalid Masood True words man. If I could go there, and live like a prince with 500 super cars and 3-5 wives, I sure would say the same thing..
I hope so! Their evil government needs to be toppled. I have met many Saudis when living and working in Dubai and Bahrain, so I can assure you that they are human beings... rather than the subhuman scum that their backward and evil government makes them out to be. If they just had a chance, then they would be able to function like modern humans along with the rest of the world. They just need to get rid of their oppressive government and wicked religious fanaticism.. +sun00ray That is not an intelligent question given the context of this topic. To make it easy for you, I could summarize... the issue is Bronze Age myths versus modern scientific knowledge. People who are so vile, worthless, and evil as to follow the well debunked Bronze Age myths are to be considered uncivilized. Conversely, those who try to live their lives with compassion for others and who have a strong understanding of scientific facts (like the fact that the Earth is not the flat center of the Universe) can be considered civilized. The Saudi Regime, is a brutal, backward and exceptionally evil collection of the vilest of scumbags who actually do their best to keep their citizens as backward & evil as humanly possible by promoting a horribly oppressive lifestyle based on Bronze Age myths. Fortunately, despite their government's best efforts, I have met many Saudis over the years, and know that they are not all evil. In fact, despite their evil government, I would argue that most Saudis are good people who are only forced to pretend to agree with their violently oppressive theocratic government. If given the choice, most Saudis would not live under Wahhabi rules. Many would follow other more positive expressions of Islam, as we see in on the west nations like Canada, Denmark, and the USA. Many would also follow other faiths and philosophical traditions. After all, in a natural environment where people have freedom of choice, they will pick a wide variety of lifestyles based on what makes them most happy. Do not forget that it was the good, well educated, compassionate, and very Liberal Muslims who kept the scientific knowledge of the ancients alive when Christian Europe suffered through the Dark Ages. More importantly, those brilliant Muslim scholars even added to important fields like medicine, astronomy, physics (particularly the study of the properties of light), engineering, and other areas. Most nobly, they also kept alive on the west Philosophy. If it were not for their heroic efforts, then the Renaissance might not have been possible. Sadly, evil people like the Wahhabist followers of ISIS & the Saudi royal family wish to dishonor all of those heroic achievements of the Liberal Muslims who came before them, opting to keep their culture as vile and backward as pre-Islamic cultures of the Arabian peninsula during the Bronze Age. .
The workers in Saudi Arabia from the whole world and the poor citizens who will be bankrupts... Why are haters always foolish.
+jack chen you see that's why so many Muslims don't like the west, because of this Hate messages,,, and jealousy,, when did Saudi hurt you before what you will gain if you will see Muslims suffering nothing. Just chill out and try to stay cool, nothing deserve to be hated except hate itself.. +gkkhan As Saudi, I agree with you. We're going to finally get rid of the Paki parasites and we will ship them back to their shitty country and India will nuke them down there. Hail to India ;) Karma is an Indian concept, I guess you guys are truly Indians in denial. lol.. As a Saudi, I just can't understand why you guys hate us so do you expect muslims and Arabs to have a favorable view toward the West/US when all we see is demonizing statements of our countries...its like you guys are demanding us to like you while you dump on us...
+Ahmed AL mudhi christians and on the west civilization just finished granting gay marriage to its gay citizens, you're still deliberating on whether to execute them or put them in jail.nice fucking try :) the only way christians can relate to you is if you went back in time to the 15th century..
+Paul Adonia You're the hateful here. And you're spewing too much generalizations over millions of Saudis. Try to justify your hatred as much as you can, find all kinds of excuses, still hate is hate. I can hate you for many things done by your elite in the middle east but I don't do that. I don't think she\he was asking for 'special' rights all what she is saying is why the hate I don't see the point in hating, more than anything we need love in this world. Btw, I'm Saudi, non-religious and I don't want someone like you to 'defend' me as minority. No body is 'blowing' up mosques except for terrorists and they don't make up the majority of Saudis contrary to popular belief, in fact we fight them too..
Not that I hate Saudi Arabia but... is it ok if I yell out ''HURRAY!'' as loud as I can.

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October 24, 2015

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everyone seems happy for this news. but do now worry hatters saudi arabia has good saving. they will take from it to balance the budget. plans have been made to diversify the economy. so just you will never see this country die. it is good cause..
Saudis can handle it,they have one of the lowst production costs world wide...can others in the market do the same. We buy tech not decision making. Fracturing is no match for conventional oil, higher cost, more complicated and cause underground water poising and many environmental issues. Now many shale producers are shutting down and can't make profit in current prices. And when it comes to gas reserves we are right behind the US but we don't produce that much now and our focus is on oil but we can if we want to. The whole world is pressuring saudi arabia to cut back mainly from US media as they are controlled by big oil companies and trying to scare the saudi to cave in and Russia also is much more damaged by the prices than saudi arabia as there economy already suffering from sanctions...we are fine with 50-40 $ for few years...we can take it. But you seem to disagree, only time will tell..
cause the middle East countries are wasting their oil reserves, they will sooner or later run out of supply, going bankrupt.
the world has to stop buying Saudi and gulf oil and have to buy oil from other parts like Texas and Mexican gulf and Canada's Alberta oil sands. a perfect way to getting oil to prevent a state sponsored terrorist state 'Saudi Arabia' from getting those oil revenues to use for state sponsored terrorism. an American report believes the Saudis funded 911. so really Saudi Arabia wants to commit terror attacks against the west especially by allowing them to be their sort of "friend" in buying their oil. it's good guys negotiating with bad guys for the bad guys to fool the good guys. another person that does that : Vladimir Putin and his Russia with their mafia blackmailing or extortion.
why you guys are so jealous !! because we enjoy the life. I am not the type guy who is replying to the other whatever bad things they said. Just saying " WHY YOU JEALOUS" .

+heylol33 American Unconventional oil/natural gas extraction will only improve... Gota Love American Cowboy capitalism... :).

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