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December 23, 2015

Comments about this video:

As always, I really appreciate your support everybody. Spread the word! And request the song at your local radio station, I'm tryna be in my 02 avalon (that my grandfather willed to me, no bullshit) and swag hard when I hear it on.
+Joseph Stewart Just gotta save dat money, live life to the fullest, and never forget to do hoodrat $h!T with your friends haha. I can't stop turning up to this song since it released the concept and everything is awesome and relatable. And I bought the album I really enjoyed it!.
+Nicholas Fitzgerald If you really like The Heist (and you named some great tracks), you might check out Language of My World from 05. I used to consider Heist to be his best, but now LoMW is one of my favorite albums ever - while Heist is just one I love. Just a suggestion to do with what you will :).

just visit (AUTHE/\/TIC HITS * ++> Dot com*) and get ton of real views on youtube and all other social media services.
He has a song called white crime about cliche petty crimes he commits and a song called white dude about his white privilege tho.
Eminem is one of the best rappers of all time period. He's personally my favorite rapper, and he's part of history..
+Detective Hawk EM is not the best lol there's plenty of other rappers out there that are way more lyrical, underground artists mostly.. Low budget video lol... I think Psy and more are doing (A U T H E N T I C H I T S) site to get their views. ░░░█▀░░░░░░░░░░░▀▀███████░░░░ ░░█▌░░░░░░░░░░░░░░░▀██████░░░ ░█▌░░░░░░░░░░░░░░░░███████▌░░ ░█░░░░░░░░░░░░░░░░░████████░░ ▐▌░░░░░░░░░░░░░░░░░▀██████▌░░ ░▌▄███▌░░░░▀████▄░░░░▀████▌░░ You thought I was gonna say "You're a rebel, i like you" well no, bitch. you have to deal with obama's forehead. You thought you was gonna get more likes didn't you Well no you gotta deal with this L I'm handing you. leave it to the regular oblivious people to make this a race thing, "black rappers mumble all the time" wow bro, yeah it's not like black people created hip hop and rap or anything xD I guess you think all rap and hip hop legends that are black mumble as well it's not a race thing whether u can spit bars or not and it's disgusting that you'd make a ridiculous observation like that, this probably isn't the only generalized statement you make about black people either. I legit meant to say "Anyone else thing this song could have done WITHOUT quan" i was drunk yo.
Your song is on the Radio here in Worcester Mass. I used to joke about cool that would be and it actually happened. So hyped.

Damn, he is more lyrical then Eminem, Kendrick Lamar and Nas put together!!!!! I love that guy! lol OMG I am a fan and an AC too!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!. smh. This truly a war against hip-hop for sure. NO conspiracy. They want to make sure that no rapper no where ever reach that level of Dre, Suge, J Prince, Jermaine Dupri, and Jay Z ever, ever, ever get to that level of fortune again. Did you know they wanted to ban rap music but they were unsuccessful under the first amendment of freedom of speech and freedom of expression. Y'all think this is a game. lol.
Trap God I was servin up da whole world Aye... Where the gold at baby With a closed eye baby Where the dough at baby in the bank you know I ain't tryna Blow that baby We gone save dat money. they swear it's so hard to understand Rich Homie Quan… like damn just open your ears 😂 instead of shooting the man down because some of his Art was bad. rich homie quan sucks and so does fetty wap since you can't understand what the fuck they are saying. It's sad that you are the only real rapper in this whole video so yeah should have gotten rappers that are real other than that good video. +James9533 why did you even bring up race No one said anything about it and he didn't indicate what color he is (like it matters anyway). Search "Novah James My Wife" Its The Hottest Catchiest Song Out Right Now! I Promise You Won't Regret It! Thumbs up if you liked it. Much Love..
hahaha lil dicky bro...s/o from Africa...This track goes hard...matter of fact the whole album is lit...keep up thegood work.

Hey what's the name of the girl in 3:00 3:08 3:39 3:53 4:38 4:59 5:18 5:50 5:52 6:11 seconds, she wears a black bikini also have a heart tattoo in her ass, pleaseee name of that girl 2 Lil Dicky.
07:54 when rich loser quan approached the ice cream truck flexing his image like everyone will just bend to his will made me lose all respect for him.
>jew >has millions of dollars >trying to make epic video at little cost Dicky, stop being a kike.
+Kick The Baby he's only very recently become popular and most rappers definitely aren't as wealthy as youd think.
Lil dicky, i watched this, when it had 2000 views omfg LD on the Radio in ohio last night !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! blowing up !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!.

Great video to watch when you are taking a shit... Really passes the time. Plus once I walk out I feel pumped to do absolutely nothing, because everything costs money nowadays.. 10/10 Real shit tho... Check out my music video... Wasn't meant to be serious and it was for a history project. I already know you gonna hmu... lol +Lil Dicky.
+Lil Dicky I am tryna make a music video with you... Problem is I live in the south east region and you live in like where California So I would have to walk... ( I dont have a car, and lets face it, with gas prices like this... No way mang.) fr tho if we made one that would be chill af.. I hope this is the long anticipated end of hip hop.. Where is the pleasure in listening to this And those dances, they make me laugh my ass off, i cant take this seriously! Oh well, cant fix stupid ig..
bruh when quan says i can make his ass burp like a baby it sounds like i can burnt his head like a bagel.

+John Montes The std screening and healthcare is cool and everything, but killing unborn babies is messed up..

Somnapure australia - Buy Products In Vito Mol - Jun 22, 2015

December 28, 2015
Somnapure australia - Somnapure - American Lifestyle. Vito Mol is online store of herbal medicine. Order the best herbal supplements and other herbal health products. i1
Somnapure australia - Buy Products In Vito Mol - Jun 22, 2015

December 31, 2015
Somnapure australia - Somnapure - American Lifestyle. Vito Mol is online store of herbal medicine. Order the best herbal supplements and other herbal health products. i2
Somnapure australia - Buy Products In Vito Mol - Jun 22, 2015

December 17, 2015
Somnapure australia - Somnapure - American Lifestyle. Vito Mol is online store of herbal medicine. Order the best herbal supplements and other herbal health products. i3
Somnapure australia - Buy Products In Vito Mol - Jun 22, 2015

December 27, 2015

Comments about this video:
3:33 So that's why women's pants feel like t-shirts and t-shirts feel like 2 ply tissue. :/.
+InfiniteRandom Yeah, I've said fuck it to women's clothing beyond what is purely necessary. It's more expensive and poorly made. And some of it, like the shoes, are torture devices for anyone who doesn't have oddly tiny feet (and that's not even the high heels issue). In any case, I don't know if where you are there is a Marks Work Wearhouse, but they have good stuff. I got some men's sweaters there, good fit, plain pattern, well made. Now, unfortunately, still made in one of those countries. I don't know if the conditions are better because the clothes are...but at least it is well made and the store has good customer service (which is so rare). Haven't looked much at the women's section there as usually I go for pants or heavier clothing, which necessitates a trip to the men's side (because no matter where you go, women's clothing is typically not suitable winter wear for Canada...I do not know how other women don't have frostbite from those purely ornamental boots)..
+InfiniteRandom thrift store for sure. i work at a thrift store and see high quality name brands walk out the door for 1-3 dollars. Just find one that benefits animals or some sort of good cause, those stores get donations from companies. My sisters closet donates to my store with some crazy price tags still on the new clothing..
+Biguss Dickus Doesn't justify child labor and poor safety standards. If anything, it makes them worse for not doing anything about it or explains why we're so complacent about it..

So, Dan from CollegeHumor works on this I take it He was probably my favourite, and his style comes through so I'm cool with this..

+crowcade I was wondering if someone else noticed. I got to CH Wikia (there is one for everything apparently) and it says so. Also Sarah Schneider writes for SNL now and Jeff Rubin... works for Buzzfeed, I dunno maybe he's a boss there, but it doesn't sounds like an improvement..
+beastman 1655 "I pretend to care but I love my slave-manufactured apple products" - john oliver ( Look at the photos in "Where Children Sleep" and see the photo of Indira from Nepal - a child who works in a mine, she is listed as seven, but her growth has been stunted by working in a mine and in the picture she is holding a short-handled tool. The global economy that put that hand tool in that child's hand is as evil as the person who fashioned it. The face lacks all trace of hope..
Were talking about democratic socialism. China, Russia, Cuba, those are communist countries. We are talking about countries like on the west Europe, Canada, Nordics, those countries are Dem-Socials. These countries all have capitalistic elements, but they also have very strong social backbones..

in our society child labor is something horrible, but we forget that in some of those countries it is a choice between starving (with your family) becoming a prostitute (yes that also happens at that age) or worse, your family forcing your into prostitution or selling you to a pimp or brothel, or lying about your age to get a job in a clothing factory and earning some money so you and your family dont starve to death, i think its a pretty easy decision..
+audrie milberger Your one of the first people not to lay hate on me for saying child labor might be better then the alternatives.. I only buy new clothes when my clothes get damaged. So I didn't buy any new clothing last year since nothing was damaged. My clothes last a long time, most of my clothes is at least 10 years old... That might sound bad but clothing is actually incredibly soft and comfortable when it's old but well maintained. If you want to make your clothes last longer always wash in cold water. Hot water makes them wear out faster and causes color loss.. +CJ Stone That works well for adults, but not that well for kids. Of course, most of the population are adults, so if more people did that- instead of buying the 60+ articles of clothing that apparently they are- then yes, that would make a difference. Great point.. Great expose', and people care, but you should give us a sensible avenue to actually affect change. I'm sitting here thinking I don't know the difference between a garment made in a factory with no fire saftey, or made by a childs hand, by looking at the garment, or one that actually benefits the industry of a progressing nation without exploitation or saftey concerns, I mean it's not like it's on the label! I have a limited income and time, what do I do as a regular consumer! Tell us that and people will jump on board otherwise we just watch this video and go on to the next one full of depressing facts.. child labor is not the problem u idiots should be calling out. its the working conditions and lack of decent pay. the reason those kids are lying about their age to get jobs is 'cos they need what money they can get. their country is shit. if we are not going to help their nation we could at least not push to stop them working and instead push for better pay & conditions. ur not helping those kids by closing those factories. ur fucking them. yes the 3rd world is not a good place to live, too bad for u. im sure those kids are very sorry that their poverty makes u sad, u don't need to screw them further..
+DoctorWhoFanBadWolf please explain the phonetic difference between you and u. clearly my feeble mind cannot grasp the purpose of using redundant letters..
+AK48smoker It's a youtube comment, informal writing, if comprehensible, is perfectly acceptable, but because it's a youtube comment section, anyone who disagrees with you will just take issue with your informal writing.. You can't control other countries. That is why work should be kept in america, but these stores know exactly what they're doing. . My outfit during the spring, summer and early fall: Jeans and tee-shirt. My outfit during late-fall and the winter: Jeans and a flannel shirt. I'm a walking calendar..
Me in in summer: A very thick and warm jacket and pants. That's also me in spring and fall. At winter i look like John Snow (alive) wearing five times warmer clothes than usual. (PS. Im from Finland.
The companies don't want to pay more to the workers because they just trying to make a fuck load of money for their shareholders by making the cloths for pennies and selling them at a ridiculous mark up price. Even a jean that they are selling at 10 is a dream, because what they figured out is that if you sell for cheap there is actually a bigger market and also a better chance to sell in bulk, so even after you factor in manufacturing cost, shipping and retail distribution they are making fucking bank, and there is one main driver GREED it fucking GREED. We could live in a society where your business could do well enough for you to cover your operating cost, be able to take money home to pay for your mortgage, car and whatever else you want own and still be able to pay workers a decent wage for living, but no fuck that its how much more money did we make compare to last year, it always about the bottom fucking line no caring about the consequences this could have environmentally and in society long and short term, the real sad part is that we already see this disasters taking place all around the world in countries where this big corporations have chosen to make business.. Fuck Kathy Lee Gifford. She's sell clothing made OF children if it didn't hurt her bottom line.. Not to be slightly off-topic but in the last bit with the food fashion show thing, it showed the shrimp and salmon pastry for $46. Or CEO's could take pay cuts to supply those countries with better pay checks. I'm sure they'll live as millionaires instead of billionaires.. Seriously if clothes were made in America the quality would be similar regardless, but the labour costs would triple, which would meant a H&M shirt would cost you upwards of $100, stick a Yeezy brand there or supreme & it'll be $1000. +Zaki El Horan Nope. You are confusing markup and marketing costs, which still constitute vast majority of those 10-20$ prices, and the price of manufacturing. It's more like 25$ shirt instead of 20$.
How about bringing those jobs back here so people can afford to pay sensible prices for clothing It's astonishing how wealthy people will resort to unethical labor to maximize profits. It used to be slavery, now it's either exploiting illegal immigrants or overseas child labor..
As usual it is our fault because of what other countries do with their Labor. Leave it to liberal hacks to blame Americans for what happens everywhere in the world. It gets old.. Norway has now completely entered into the same trend. Even our most symbolic fashion clothier, Moods of Norway, produces abroad. We used to have, until about a year back, a clothier here locally that produced all their clothes on location - they were fabulous clothes, great quality, and a little pricy. We liked that, and we liked having the only clothier in Norway to produce in Norway in our local community. They were pressed by the rest of the industry to let go of that, and gave in to the extreme economic pressure, and started producing abroad as well. That was a tragedy, in my eyes, but it was inevitable. This is ridiculous. I spend maybe about 250-300 dollars worth in NOK(Norwegian currency) on clothes a year, but that's because I buy, on average, a pair of shoes every two years, and maybe a few sets of pants. My t-shirts are all inherited from friends and relatives. They're all great clothing items, but they HAVE been produced abroad. There is simply no way for me to control where my clothes come from, and it's hella frustrating. At least I get quality clothing and plenty of boxers for christmas. I live well on this, but with a very guilty conscience. We Norwegians are fairly wealthy - the vast majority of us are middle-class, meaning we can afford all of life's necessities, a decent car and plenty of accessories, luxuries and the like. I'd gladly give up half of that luxury just to spend a little more of my income on responsibly produced Norwegian food and clothing. Norway is supposed to be a fore-runner for this and that, but all I see is a stagnant economy pulling down a great culture with it. Our politicians refuse to let go of oil. They won't empower any other forms of production of wealth(industry, farming, exports), and seem to insist on basing an ever larger portion of our economy on services, an economic category completely incapable of supporting any society. [/rant]. This is a serious question, and please don't think I'm a jerk, but where are we supposed to get clothes from I have researched fair trade stores with clothes and literally could not find one I've ever heard of. When I went to their sites, all of them were incredibly expensive. I am a poor college student who wants to try to be a good citizen of the world- but am not sure I can afford it. I mean, Goodwill underpays workers and is a mean profit machine that exploits the mentally handicapped! Salvation Army is anti-gay. The thrift stores in my town are actually expensive (or don't have anything in my size.) I can't sew and don't have the time. Where the heck am I supposed to find clothes Seriously. Where eta: And I don't just mean 'trendy clothes'- but clothes and shoes fullstop. Where are the resources for this, especially for the poor. +Little Miss Dysthymia I'm not on a tight budget, and don't know what is available in your area, so just take whatever advice is possible for you. Read your labels. Expensive=/=quality.Do not buy polyester/viscose/rayon and expect it to last. Polyester and rayon don't breathe, so they are a little uncomfortable anyway- knits made from these fabrics tend to pill and satin-like polyesters tend to snag easily and also stain easily. Check the seams of the clothing before you buy it. If has crooked, large stitches or loose threads it will likely not last. Look for 100% cotton for summer clothing and wool or wool blends for winter. I had a 40% recycled wool coat that lasted me years (I paid $40 for it- so it wasn't expensive for a winter coat. It was made in the US, but unfortunately, I bought it from Old Navy, so... a bit of a compromise, I guess). Don't buy those polyester peacoats that look sort of like wool!! They will pill after one year or less, and they are not even warm! Cotton sweaters for winter aren't the best, because they absorb water, are heavy, and become saggy. Cotton acrylic blends can last fairly well, but you have wash them carefully to avoid pilling. If you're ok with leather, that will also last years if you buy good quality, plus it's comfortable. I have been wearing the same pair of leather boots for five years now, and am considering getting them re-soled. Use washing bags! I have two net bags that I use all the time- putting your clothes in bags to wash them will save on a ton of wear! I cannot stress this one enough. I was lucky enough to have a mother who taught me to sew, but there are so many youtube videos and how-to blogs, almost anyone should be able to learn. Even if you don't have time to completely make your own clothes (and actually sewing clothing can actually be quite expensive), learn a little basic sewing so you can repair holes or tailor your clothes to fit you properly. You don't need a sewing machine for this and it will save you SO MUCH money. I mend the holes in my winter socks (cause wool socks are darn expensive!) and repair torn seams and hems all the time. Plus, I can buy things that don't fit perfectly or are out of style and alter them to suit me. A surprising amount of pants and dresses can be altered to be more fashionable simply by adjusting the length.. +Brandon Arends Two sides to this: 1. Some families do need their kids to work in order to survive. Solution: improve working conditions- shorter hours, more pay. At the same time, if pay is increased a lot less families will need their kids t work in order to survive, and then mandatory education can be put into place without hurting too many people. 2. Mandatory education should be put in place in order to help kids get better jobs so they can break the poverty chain. As long as child labor exists, those families will continue to be desperately poor. I think it is a family-by-family thing. Some families need child labor to exist in order get food. On the other hand, many families whose kids work do not, and education would help them more long term. These same patterns could be seen in the U.S. and Europe during the 1800's and early 1900's. I think solving this took time and colonization. We started with improving working conditions- and outlawing child labor, to an extent- and then moved on to improving and implementing public and mandatory education systems. Modern primary education systems were not implemented until the late 1800's, almost 40 years after the 10 hour work day and minimum wage were implemented. I don't really know what the solution it- it is a lot more complicated than that, due to outsourcing and whatnot, but still- I don't think we can START by making education mandatory, that has to come later on. There are also other policies that need to be changed, both at home and in poor countries such as Bangladesh. There are so many facets to this problem.. I know it seems horrible but those children do this to help their families, I used to have friends that had to do this when they were younger. Some of these kids are thankful for the job because not many will let children work sometimes it's this or sell themselves. People should concentrate more on increasing their wages and making work conditions for them safer.. May be those wanted their apparel made by the cheapest manufacturer deem responsible for child labour. When in the child or the child's family position getting enough food on the table is a daily challenge, when works are available obviously working is the only way to stay alive. Whatever the country and situation leading to their sorry state, may have contributed to their problems. Of course they can wait for the situation in their country to improve, and die of hunger while waiting. Or they took the most logical action, that is to offer their labour in exchange for whatever that could help them stay alive. Those children have the right to live. Those buyers have the right to go to the cheapest manufacturer. I am not worry those buyer unable to made their apparels dirt cheap, but the live of those children do they have time to wait for their situation to change for the better and stay alive like everybody.. Bangladesh kids had it so good before GAP came to their lives... Stop the bullshit... If they don't work, they'll starve. Bangladesh is a Hellhole, I think their shit country should be at least mentioned here. Those kids are very unlucky.. If we're not willing to pay fair price for our fashion then you know someone else surely is...and they're paying for it with their lives and their lost childhoods!. they can afford food...can you send me some there is this really nice lady down the street who will not take any food I have..I share. is everywhere..just people are here who can not afford some. night.
The problem is that if you buy clothes from higher price ranges, it doesn't necessarily imply that they are made in a decent way - Tommy Hilfiger for example also has some lawsuits slapped against them.. This consumer blindness is one of the major issues, if you as a buyer would know how every clothes supplier produces their items, the market would change drastically.
all retail companies do is cut costs to save money. They make products cheaper and try to sell them for more money. They pay pennies if anything at all to get products made. It's all about their margin. They pay most employees outside of store managers and even they are under paid. here's some fun math. most companies demand a 20-30% operation contribution. in a 1.8 million dollar store, that's around 390k-425k depending on the rate of sell through of high margin items and howuch you're actually selling. That's a staff of about 6-10 people 3-4 of them managers. Paying associates 7.25-9hr at about 15-30hrs a week, call it 20 and 8.75 depending on holidays. That's $8400 a year per associate on average While managers make 11-25hr at 32-40hrs a week. that's roughly 172k in payroll at manager rates of $12, $15, $19 and $25. you could about a 30k increase to your managers as a whole per year and that would only put your payroll at about 190k. while still giving an operating contribution of around 370-380k. Greed is the issue, nothing more, nothing less. The CEO of WalMart make 20k and hour, that's absurd..
Yes, those children in developing countries might be living in a condition where working in garment factories is an attractive opportunity, but the problem is those companies are continuously exploiting this situation and earning so much money from it, hence they don't feel any need to improve it. In the end of the day, those companies don't care. Factories are put so far away they can hardly think of those workers as people..

A piece of poop from the main poop that clings to the inside cheek and refuses to fall into the toilet. Failure to knock off the chad with profuse shaking of the buttox can result in the person to have to "wipe down" the chad causing a hell of a wiping session..

once they leave the area what happen to the kid who use to had jobs. and it may have been they money that family need to eat. do you think a child would go to work like that if they did not need the money or help its bad they have to work but there a reason they are there. there more here then kid working.
This is fucking disgusting. And to people saying "would you wanna pay more money for a shirt" Blah blah blah. Bitch, If there was a reasonable minimum wage for these workers in countries abroad, yes the prices of our goods would go up, but the wage of workers in first world countries would also rise. Especially since left wing politicians, such as Bernie Sanders, who want to raise to raise the minimum wage. No individual (especially children) should have to work in sweat shops, terrible conditions with a wage no where near liveable. This is repulsive. We sacrificing our souls for ripped jeans and band t-shirts. Filth.. why do some people buy so much clothes! sister moved out and there's bags full of nothing but clothing she's worn once or has never worn and its so frustrating having so many cheap clothing with stupid words on them like whyyyy YOU DON'T NEED IT.
You cannot really blame corporations for this kind of mishaps. When you outsources anything, shits like this are bound to happen. Its all business. You cannot simply monitor the entire market. However, got to say this is a terrible thing for countries like Bangladesh. Investors will gradually lose faith in these manufacturers..
"Banana republic is a political science term for a politically unstable country, whose economy is largely dependent on exporting a limited-resource product, e.g. bananas." basically calling the countries that have a lot of child labour banana republics cause, well, they are..
Man I used to work at Old Navy last year and when they train you they spew all this bullshit about what a great company they are and how they help pull women out of poverty by offering them these manufacturing jobs which helps them to feed their children. I had a hunch that was all bullshit..
I took a Global Business course a few semesters ago, and there was a dilemma that our professor gave us: Assuming you're a manager in a factory in [insert asian country] and a child comes asking for a job, would you give it to them What about if it meant that he/she would either still find work elsewhere, resort to crime, or sell their bodies for sex in order to help their families And while this seemed like an oddly specific scenario, it's a surprisingly common one. The problem actually comes from lack of corporate and government oversight and when managers are given a bottom line to fulfill. Paying workers more would solve the problem of child labour, but there's a bottom line and that's the reason why the business is offshoring. Not employing children would be more ethical, but if the factory can't make quotas then it'll close and the area will be left more impoverished with the sudden disappearance of jobs. We were able to outlaw child labour in the US without any detrimental effects on our economy because the government kicked in with a bunch of other holistic measures put in place to keep the economy going. Less developed nations don't have the luxury yet and much of their economies often rest on our businesses. I'm not defending these things, but the issue is a bit more complicated and enforcement is difficult.. This is going to get a lot worse once the TPP goes into effect. Corporations will be allowed to sue governments for making and enforcing laws that impact their profits..
Holy fucking Eris playing a banjo Dr. Oliver - As a former PSYOPS officer I have to salute you as a world citizen. You sir are doing a better job at the art of honesty than nearly every counterpart in your arena. Cheers and godspeed to your crew..

While I admire John for some of his rants, this one is lacking in knowledge. People who get worked up about kids working in factories, need to get out of their on the west cocoon and go to some 3rd world countries. And I don't mean in a tour bus, or a resort. I've been to Cambodia. I have been to Bangladesh. I made good friends in both countries. I'm a former businessman who volunteers with aid groups. I once toured a decently run, Bangladesh factory where children (and adults) worked. They were paid better wages than average for the country. When the initial news story hit about child workers, the boycott and cancelling of contracts forced the company to fire all the children from their jobs. Unfortunately those kids were helping support their families. In some cases they were orphans, or the only bread winner for elderly grandparents. Result Many of the them ended up with worse employment, and many of the females ended up as prostitutes or trafficked over the Chittagong border into Myanmar. 6 dollars a day Not bad for many people in Bangadesh where the cost of living is much lower than the west. Protest about unsafe factories YES.. Stop buying goods made by kids They likely WON"T be thanking you at all..

Somnapure australia - Buy Products In Vito Mol - Jun 22, 2015

December 26, 2015
Somnapure australia - Somnapure - American Lifestyle. Vito Mol is online store of herbal medicine. Order the best herbal supplements and other herbal health products. i5
Somnapure australia - Buy Products In Vito Mol - Jun 22, 2015

December 24, 2015
Somnapure australia - Somnapure - American Lifestyle. Vito Mol is online store of herbal medicine. Order the best herbal supplements and other herbal health products. i6
Somnapure australia - Buy Products In Vito Mol - Jun 22, 2015

December 19, 2015
Somnapure australia - Somnapure - American Lifestyle. Vito Mol is online store of herbal medicine. Order the best herbal supplements and other herbal health products. i7
Somnapure australia - Buy Products In Vito Mol - Jun 22, 2015

December 21, 2015

Comments about this video:
that's... two years from now. John hates covering elections that early since the coverage doesn't mean anything..
Justin won the election. In other words they have a video of there prime minister throwing himself down a flight of stairs.

Zamboni is one notch more Canadian than a snow plow. Might've been hard to source one and paint it in time though..

+MrsRCharlton Thanks for your deft usage of the word "actually." When that word is seen in YouTube comments, 100 percent bullshit usually follows, so this was quite refreshing..
Since Jon Stewart departure, this is the funniest guy in USA. Trevor Noah is funny, but so far, not as funny as John Oliver..
+Zippy the Brain Are you aware Colbert is quite a religious Christian I think he's perfectly happy putting out comedy without muddying it with bad language. I admire him for that..
+MrHappyBollox It doesn't matter. I was just saying he really didn't have a choice. Letterman wasn't overly sweary either, but he got crankier as he got older. Colbert has diverted from satire on a cable network to being a kiss ass on network television (though still quite funny, but he is not biting satire anymore really) while Oliver hsa gone in the other direction from regular cable to premium cable with no rules. But Oliver is still very biting satire..
Don't know why Canadians are taking offence to this. America is constantly mocked on this show..
+Matthew McBride Only Stephen Harper supporters would take offense to this. As a Canadian I wasn't offended whatsoever, in fact I was laughing my ass off. :). +Matthew McBride Meh, so does the Uk, France, australia, new zealand and about the rest of the world.
+Alecia Korkowski Hi I am polish canadian and am in Poland now but want Harper forever a "chadors off show me you ugly face " campaigner..

The only Canadians offended by this is Harper supporters and it's a well known fact that conservatives don't have a sense of humor lol. Harper is gone!!!!!!!!! wooooot.
+Neil Mortimer Canada had Steven Harper as Prime Minister, for a decade, and he was anything but intelligent; therefore, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau doesn't have a very high bar to jump to be a more intellectually intelligent and capable Prime Minister.. It's funny how he pokes so much fun on Canadian parties when you realize you have Donald trump running for president, but we still love you.
+Jak Donnelly Thanks for your thoughtful comment and yes I totally agree! I am not acerbic about getting poked fun at, I am just pointing it out :).

+Jak Donnelly it should be. The people are supposed to be represented by their choice in governance, but we get tired of the responsibility until we are on fire. Look at Greece and Spain..
still trying to figure out why asking someone taking the Canadian oath to uncover their face is racist..
+Aneesha Khanna that's culture not religion these are the same people who insist on female circumcision which is not demanded anywhere in the Koran. In this culture, the WEST, covering one's face is tantamount to hiding something, or about to commit a crime. To wit, masked bandits, and thieves who cover their face when they commit a crime. It's not viewed favourably, and I don't think that is going to change. If they don't like it they don't have to stay here That is an accepted practise in Muslim countries and THIS AINT ONE OF THEM...

+imiss toronto Well actually, they're not the ones who insist on female circumcision. Thats more of a geographic problem then a relgious one, it mainly happens in Africa..
"We used to laugh at comedians & listen to politicians. Now we listen to comedians & laugh at politicians.".
+Filips Äventyr only a handful of honest politicians remain. do not forget to vote for them else they fade out of service..

I understand the logic of not wanting outsiders to influence their elections. I think it is ridiculous that it would apply to someone outside of Canada. They don't have the right to tell me what to say about them OUTSIDE of Canada. And they can't enforce any of it, even if they wanted to..

+DarKMaTTeR There is nothing ridiculous about it except the amount of the fine. If some Rupert Murdoch type were using US TV stations to influence Canadian elections, the fine should not be $5,000 but $50,000,000..

+DarKMaTTeR Dear Sir. I am introducing you to a magic of dual citizenship for outside residents holding the right to vote. China, and retired Canadians holding the right to vote that returned to Geece, Itally (famous italin mafia boses) and Poland and Britian - expats not to mention India. Maybe also Jews in Izrael. Sorry to say that but you are narrow minded. I am in Poland and know a few that I can from here to influence how to vote.We in Europe right now don't appreciate muslimization and terror so we vote for conservative. We could be legions, you know. Learn to count do the stats and avoid the rats..
Hope Trudeau realizes that people didn't vote for him because they wanted him for PM, but because they wanted Harper out of office.. +Le Dom It is impossible to make everyone happy but he sure seems to be trying hard to live up to his promises where possible. He has already improved our image internationally by leaps and bounds though mostly just by not being Harper..
Pretty simple - most of the country wanted Harper out, many were willing to vote NDP but weren't sold on Mulcair, so Trudeau seemed like a fine consolation. Legacy politicians aren't a good thing IMO, but at least his father's leadership is remembered positively. Could be worse (see: GW Bush). BTW - the Canadian government can have a "vote of no confidence" to oust the PM and their cabinet. That's how Harper came into power in the first place..
+SFO14 The vote of no confidence can only happen in minority governments. Trudeau has 184/338 MPs so even if all of the opposing MPs made a motion of no confidence it wouldn't pass.. +Aaron Z Also true in Egypt, where it was a symbol of your political opposition to the government as well. I must say I do agree with the on the west countries that banned facial veils though. Basically, covering your face precludes any kind of interaction with the rest of society. I don't think that should be tolerated or encouraged in people that want, as immigrants, to be considered part of the society. To be clear, I'm not against people wearing headscarves..
+Kingslayer hmmm i am amuslim living in canada, i moved to canada only this year from iraq my mother doesnt wear the veil my sister does, it is her free choice listen to someone who lived in fucking iraq next to fucking isis, i would approximate that 5% of families treat women as you claim, maybe a bit more in saudi arabia and iran, other than saudi arabia and iran, not s single islamic culture forces women to wear anything ( except that 5% you see on the media and you assume its the whole thing) book a plane ticket, choose any islamic country other than saudi arabia and iran and you will find out how the media made you believe that this 5% or even less is the whole tthing. i dont blame you, if i was born in canada or the us and only watched on TV, i will be just as misinformed as you are.
+topdog woof lol i work at a FX firm it has a lot to do with the FED rates and USA state of economy, example they just increased rates two days ago which is going to push the USD/CAD over 1.41 in the next few months heck were already hit a new month high of 1.40, we don't have control over the dollar we cant just say nah lets make it this and go with it.
+lolhi1122...and there's the "rub"'s all bout "control"; and "we" don't have it;likely never will...UNLESSSSSS the following happens (be right back).

Holy crap, a 15 min bit on Canada on an American station! I'm feel so special. I didn't even think American's knew we existed..

+Curtis Johnston yeah that plus the 10 mins of american news coverage of the 'new hot guy pm of canada' coverage. sorry canada, our media is crappy..
+TheCrazyCanuck420 Please, most Americans may not bother with geography but everyone knows where Canada and Mexico are; they do border the US after all. As an American I have no clue why that is though, geography is extremely easy and doesn't take much time; just a shortcoming of the public education system, I guess..
+Stephen Green really Well we had a conservative majority last time around, were we all stupid then too.

+hausy we were less influenced by political correctness and nice hair. Nobody wants to offend anyone else, so they chose the 'safe' vote with Trudeau. The only people he seeks to offend are actual Canadians. We weren't swayed by enviro nuts who told us bogus claims about the lakes and rivers and we ate it up..
Wow, first, Sarkeesian apology, now "Islamophobic" discourse and supporting of women humiliation, i didn't know John is Regressive Left until last month. Really disappointed in John Oliver.. +Sylvia Polak There is no such thing as "Khazars", and John Oliver is not jewish. You're a huge bigot BTW..
so u fuck head liberal like to see a women in ninja dress like a post box not bcoz she wanted but she was forced to wear it so but u have huge problem with dress justin bieber wear harper must go bcoz he shows zero tolerance toward barbaric islamic culture west gotta be doom.i swear.
It's her choice to cover her face, if she wants to practice her religion than nobody should judge her for that. Is she harming your tiny brain in any way We have freedom of religion in canada and the states. If people can take a drivers licence photo with a spaghetti strainer on their heads then these woman should damb well have the right to cover their faces.. +Saibal Ghosh What do you mean Canadian culture you dumbass. Anybody who moves to Canada is free to bring their culture and religion. It's what makes this country so great.. John Oliver makes fun of America; Canadians and everyone else: LOL THIS IS HILARIOUS THIS GUY IS SO TRUE John Oliver makes fun of Canada: Canadians and everyone else: YOU CAN'T DO THIS THAT'S RACIST YOU JERK..
It just occurred to me that no international news about presidential election in Canada. Or is it just me not being careful to that shit at all :)) but seriously Steven Harper sucks..

Now, I'm both a Communist, and the biggest pot head I personally know, but I have to somewhat agree with Harper about weed. Not for the same deluded reasons, but for some logical and scientifically backed ones. Sure, ingesting THC isn't harmful, but saying smoking weed is not harmful is ignorant. Smoking anything is bad for you, and weed is just as carcinogenic as tobacco when burnt. Smoking weed can cause cancer. Vaping, as far as we know, isn't harmful in the same regards, and edibles are completely safe. We have an almost Nazi-esque attitude towards smoking of generally any kind, so even when it does become legal, smoking it will be prohibited, if not outright banned..
To be fair, he took that reporter's comments about Justin Trudeau's intelligence completely out of context. If you watch the entire segment, she goes on to explain that there are different kinds of intelligence and that Pierre Elliott Trudeau had more book smarts whereas Justin Trudeau is better at studying people and learning more practically through experience. She never once called him dumb.. +Tina Baoukian it was called 'a joke' americans know about the different forms of intelligence, we do have psychology classes at university too you know..'s wrong for the billionaire brothers Koch to influence elections in neighbouring states, but it's not wrong for Jon Oliver And the proper attitude to a law is to only look at the penalty for breaking it, rather than whether the law is right or wrong Maybe you'd prefer a Canada where elections were bought and sold by corporate America Kind of like where you live.. +infernocanuck When there is a way to simultaneously get a new sin tax and cut government expenses enforcing a wrong headed law while still restricting cannibis from minors with a practical means in a way that people will applaud, no politician can resist that.. +OkiePackerFan10 I mean... our government could request extradition... That's not likely though..
I'm conservative, but I agree with everyone that Stephen Harper was a total dick. LOVE this video!.

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December 29, 2015

Comments about this video:

+Gary Bussey Safety is our number one priority! In case the Jetmen did encounter wake turbulence, the formation positions for the other aircraft were chosen to ensure the Jetmen had a safe escape route to break clear of the formation and the space required to either regain controlled flight or deploy their parachute. Watch our behind-the-scenes video for more info! :)

+XDubai Obviously wouldn't be safe, but it would have been so COOL to see them touch the plane while flying!.
+xSkitZx He shouldn't be telling people about basic manners. I agree, though. It kinda makes them seem a bit lazy..
+bakerXderek For the life of me, I can't imagine someone saying "Soooo Fire" in a schoolyard and NOT getting their ass kicked straight into a bleeding pulp. Omg, how are you still alive.
+janitorisback hi there! We can assure you it was not fake! :) Have a look at the behind the scenes video here on Emirates' channel to see how it was planned and done! what about oxygen deprivation at those height lack oxygen is common and at that speed it's kinda hard to maintain consciousness and what about gravitational force.
+Joel Hochstein Yes, in normal flight. That's why it had it's flaps down so the wingsuits could keep up. I wasn't criticising, man. Jeez. .

If Emirates wasn't the coolest airline they are now... I mean what airline does something like this.

I have a question, someone please help me with this! Why are we still talking shutup and take my money!.
+hairball1975 Hi there. Watch this behind the scenes footage from Emirates channel to find out more! +Kylo Ren well yeah mate the method really does work fine, just tested it myself and did over $400 extra so far already I mean simply go watch this tutorial video here: and thank me later on XD. If you are going to strap all tha junk on your back, you might as well make it a little bigger and sit in it..
well, Now i know that the future is gonna be Awesome as soon as these babies are out on the market and people start getting their jet man licenses.

The success of any great moral enterprise does not depend upon numbers, go HAM with (I G R O C K E T D O T C O M) and enjoy popularity ON INSTAGRAM.

Сбылась мечта террористов. Теперь самолеты можно захватывать в воздухе. И то, что снимали в эмиратах - символично. Страна тратящая на терроризм миллионы долларов..

If you play the battlefield 4 theme song in the background with this video on mute, it actually goes really well..

this reminds me of that mission in Advanced Warfare (COD) doesn't it that mission where u fly on jetpack s and cut of the wings of the plane xD.
Only Reason why i dropped by is to Thumbs Down this footage, i predict this Winged Contraption to be short-lived due to the jet winged/bird-man absurdious concept that does not add up to Match the JB9 jet-Pack Contenders.. Esto es un video de joda! Un boin, para sostenernerce en aire. Precisa una velocidad minima de 210 Kilometros Hora. Con un gasto de combustible de 18 litros por minutos. Los niños que vuela siguiendo la trayectoria de boin. No poseen suficiente combustible para sequir la carera del avion. Ya que el tanque seria demaciado grande para las alas, y comparando con el cuerpo del tripulante...Y otro detalle si vuelan en el muro de empuge de la turbina, Lo desmiembra ya que el empuge de la turbina es de dosmil kilogramos.. In Dubai with the heat, I should image that the increased stall speed of the A380 would have made flying the Jetman's just a little more interesting.. if you want to travel or hajj / umrah, take the plane emirates, most comfortable aircraft in the world, in sha allah amin,,,. the refugees can't go there because the security is tight near other gulf countries so their options are to go to Europe.
Sometimes they take it from helicopters (I think the fastest it can go is around 250 MPH). But the majority of the time they use a stunt plane..

Я не знаю это компьютерная графика или наложение на видео, но если бы это было бы в жизни то этих придурков которые вытворяют такие пируэты рядом с натуральным самолетом надо закрыть в тюрьму и на долго так как они подвергают опасности не только свои жизни но и жизни находящихся людей в данном самолете..
What would you say was the most dangerous stunt you guys have pulled off I saw the one where you flew close to the Burj Khalifa but maybe there's more. +jior6 They aren't gliders, they are jet-powered wings. And the A380 was flying very slowly (for an A380) - perhaps 180 knots. +bilal dani Who gives a damn man.. look at many of the Asian commercials, they speak English there.. +James Simmons They had a parachute to land, that's why they had that cut off hole in the wings, they also shut off or slowed down the jet suits first.
It would be believable if it LOOKED real, but it does not, so... :-p Cutscenes to the airline pilot cinches the fakeness of this..
they are going pretty fast. in the behind-the-scenes Rossy says that they need to be in an extremely good physical shape to withstand the forces also he mentions they can only do around 10 mins at a time.
so what what is the point of this ad urging ppl to buy a jetmanOR SAYING JETMAN IS FASTER THAN THE AIRLINER.
+Mor Ch it's Add for Dubai - hottest, sexiest, techiest, coolest place on the planet & Emirates airlines of course, billionaires playground - if I could. I been looking at all of you guys comments below, I am a local citizen of United Arab Emirates (UAE) and i have no idea whether you guys been to UAE or not. I suggest you search more about my country before making any sort of judgment about it. Like a person who have never heard of a place called (Mexico), i'd search about it and know what's good and what's bad about it. Thanks for passing by though :). Coe down amigo. I didnt mean to hurt you or anything, it was only an example ive used. Dont get me wrong porvabor :). Что это блять за ебанутая реклама дубаев Я никогда не поверю что какая то хуйня так летает на 10 тысячах метров Это что за топливо там у него должно быть Пиздешь..
They're humans, not to mention flying, in what the 13th - 19th century would consider witch craft, and the 0th - 20th century said was impossible, oh also around a giant expensive as heck aircraft, over one of the richest cities on Earth. What have you done with your life, these guys invented and did stunts in a jetpack..

Why didn't they touch the airplane Even just on the tip of the wings. Would've been awesome if they could have. :).

افا الطيران الاماراتي والفديو طالع من اعلى الفديوات مشاهده في السعوديه والاجانب مستحلين الكومنتات بحق احتلوووووووووووووووووووووووووووووووو الكومنتات يامعشر العرب.

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December 30, 2015
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Somnapure australia - Buy Products In Vito Mol - Jun 22, 2015

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January 10, 2016

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Bros! Post a pic of you with your lootcrate via twitter #lootcrate and I'll post it

So, Pewds, when you were trying the toothpaste, I was wondering, do you even like bacon You had such a terrible reaction XD.
You make my Fridays ! Thanks pewds !! Just one question : does the toothpaste really taste like bacon ;).
hey pewds. Ur awesome I would really appreciate it if you answered me... We'll anyway... BROFIST luv ya pewds. .

December 29, 2015
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December 24, 2015

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102.1 the edge plays this all the time. And to those who say this isn't the edges usual style, I say that the edge doesn't really have a usual style. Alternative music is a pretty weird variety. The edge always plays a lot of lesser known stuff that becomes good later on. 2 head was played on there back before it had a million hits. Fun. was played there months before they got popular.. I know it's an elaborate tribute to Blue Brothers, but... I would love to watch this movie, if these are the closing credits!. +Walk off the Earth While you're here (two days ago) it would be great if you could cover this please. Thanks.. I like this song because I feel like I finally have something "new" I can show parents/grandparents that they actually might enjoy, since most songs nowadays are shit.. Get off of billboard top 100 if you don't want to listen to pop. If you don't like pop you shouldn't be listening to the most popular songs. I've heard plenty of good songs recently released but none of them have ever charted.. i swear when i first heard this on my car stereo i thought it was a old song from the 50s sung by a old black guy!!! how wrong was me!!!!. To juxtapose the darkness of alcoholism with an upbeat melody successfully is no easy task, but they've done it and it's brilliant. Love this song and love my upbeat, alcoholic soul mate for sharing it with me. ; ). +Ron Swanson Another classic thrown in there with Semi-Charmed Life (meth) and Pumped Up Kicks (School shootings) in the category of "depressing songs you can tap your foot to".. The bugs should be crawling all over ISIS I hope the terrorists get killed to this song, but I won't pour a drink for those Sons of bitches. This song rocks!.
+oiler110 I googled goddamb I need a drink and I ended up here. Neither one of us were disappointed..
This song explains alcoholism to a T. Hits close to home and I love it. The best songs evoke an emotional response.. +Colton Rhodes Not in recovery yet, still young and dumb but there is no question this song hits close to home. God bless.. +Zerichon The way he looks at the guards like the addiction is his prison as he describes withdrawals is incredible. the guards and the prison are a metaphor for his alcoholism because after a while of being angry he just says "son of bitch, gimme a drink!".
+Glade Cornelius so true. i had someone (probable meth head) try and convince me to start listening to dubstep. "you're just not feeling the beat man, you gotta feel the beat" he said. i just shook my head, farted and left..

+Glade Cornelius so true. i had someone (probable meth head) try and convince me to start listening to dubstep. "you're just not feeling the beat man, you gotta feel the beat" he said. i just shook my head, farted and left..
+Daniel Lim (lildaniel35247) In my neck of the woods...a couple of stations have played the uncensored version, but up in Toronto one station DID edit out the B word(and no, it wasn't CFNY)..
The overall feel of the sound reminds me of a dark avant garde movie like The Forbidden Zone or the casino monster from Nightmare Before Christmas..
The song would be perfect for that George Clooney movie called, if I remember correctly "Dawn of the dead" The scene where the patrons in the bar turn into vampires.
+Sanctus Vianney The song would be so much better if he didn't take God's name in vain. I suppose it's "cool" to do that nowadays but some peoples standards but not mine..
Something about this song reminds me of the old Negro spiritual chain gang chant with a 50's rock and roll twist.
I find this song, the guys, and everything else about this piece repulsive. When I drink I prefer a nice old vines Zinfandel. Not the implications of rot-gut prison moonshine. I think I will go listen to Mozart's Concerto for Horn now...and sooth myself..

This song is amazing. Finally REAL music!!! And anyone that thinks anything less than this can eat all the dicks!!!!.
Is this a reference to blues brothers jailhouse rock Because at tue end they did the part with all the names at the end.. +Alexander Demkin Folksier music is often associated with the cut-and-dry "hipster" image, but the popularity of this song would say otherwise. Then again, hipsters by definition are supposed to simply be countercultural. The "beanies, beards, skinny-jeans and man-buns" image we've concocted for them is a bit of a misleading shortcut.. This is so contrived it's hard to watch. I bet they were dressed in blazers and skinny ties in their last band.. +Bobby Azarian they weren't. check out Nathaniel Rateliff and Fairchildren. less rockabilly sound but same people..

January 23, 2016
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January 6, 2016

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Just bought a gold s6 edge 64GB for $690 CAD off eBay! Can't wait to screen mirror some 4K footage to my 4K Samsung Curved TV! Curves on ALL DEVICES FTW!!!! THIS PHONE IS DOPE!.

I have a Samsung S6 Edge Plus. I wish my my coworkers would stop asking me. :WOW, what is that:! BTW great review - the Bluetooth option is awesome! Hunter S is one of my favorite writers - subbed!.

+Garry M7 Simply because iphone 6 plus does not hold a lamp to the Samsung Edge. The iphone 6 plus is a nice phone until one holds and uses this Samsung Edge. Then all bets are off. Just for your information..
+pocketnow how long can you have web browsing on WiFi on galaxy s6 edge.. after a full charge.. and brightness kept around 40%-50%...
+Aatir Zafar Yeah well the 6s lasts longer because it has a shitty 1080p display while the s6 has a 1440p quad hd display. It also runs android which takes up more battery than an iphone due to their simple software. Plus you're just over exaggerating the iphones batterylife. the iPhone 6s lasts around 2 to 3 and a half hours, same with the s6 or the s6 edge..
+SkunkQC What I've heard numerous people say that this case scratches the screen on their phones. Check on your screen after using the case and come back to me when you're done.. actually i don't think placing the front of the phone down is wrong. At least the front have screen protector installed while the camera lens cover is usually not protected by anything..
how comes a screen protector covers the home button in my country we don't have that,maybe in the US.
The S6/S6 edge is the worse phone Samsung has released. I advise anyone thinking of getting this phone get a case too. The phone is badly designed...too much glass makes the phone very slippery resulting in a cracked screen when dropped...even if it is droppedfrom a couple of inces onto wooden flooring it will still crack. In my opinion the Galaxy S6/S6 edge is not only the worse phone its the weakest too. Its a nice phone too look at but its just too slippery and cracks will spoil the look of it. If you're not insured when you get this phone buy a case as soon as possible...very badly designed phone too much glass..
+Zeeangelofdeath that's one interesting iphone you got there, then. My friends phone barley last a day. Take good care of that thing!.

+Zeeangelofdeath well that's because the iPhone contains shitty specs. I'd rather charge it a lot then have a shitty 720 display and a shitty camera.
I don't really see the point of the screen being on the side. What happens when the screen cracks It doesn't seem like an easy fix..
I see nothing beautifull about this device. The back is really souless. And still has the samsungs sope form. The face is ok. But this device is more of an shelf product but no buyer. For the people that actually use their phones and not just look at them....
Can anyone tell me how much a galaxy note 5 or a galaxy s5 will cost. I have checked but couldn't find a price. Thanks in advance. +Kieran Egan a galaxy s5 will cost you around $530 depending on your carrier (verizon, T-mobile, sprint, etc.) and the galaxy note 5 will cost you around $650 (again depending on your carrier) if you have the money definitely get the note 5.. +Lolimaster yeah and someone got stuck into me on Gizmodo au and said they got a full day doing what you were doing.
first time using Samsung and i have this s6 edge. it's kinda difficult for me to do things on this mobile but i like it!.
+lostintimeline i like both iPhone and Samsung! but after years of being iPhone user, i thought to get Samsung too.. Hello. so I bought a s6 edge and when I see back of the s6 edge in the video it says "Samsung" then on the bottom it say "galaxy s6 edge" but mine s6 edge just have "Samsung" in the back but not "galaxy s6 edge" WHY is my phone not genuine I bought it for $600!! and the battery drains really fast, it drains like 10% of the battery 10-20 min. why is it like that. +GamingTech European versions of Galaxy S6 don't have the text "Galaxy S6" on the back. Also, is very trustful site to order from. Is the camera quality even good on this handset because most Samsung phones have a poor quality camera and it's very fustrated compared to an Iphone handset.. +lostintimeline no the samsung s6 has a better camera. all the way proffesionals say that tho if you dont believe me than search it on browser. I took a look at CES in 2016. LG gave 8K, that's not very core innovation, as LG and Samsung always plagiarize other company ideas, such as some charging purse, China already had one year ago, American company had VR Gear, then samsung created Gear. So Shame on Samsung and LG, they just double the pixels to make 8K, everything they have is gimmick.And looks like Samsung and LG had a lot of things, but actually, they just plagiarize other company's plans, ideas, make something heard "great.". +TricksterBattler not really, my girlfriend has this phone and I have the iPhone 6s+ and there are some emoji she can't get. +Arnt Petter Andersen People I know, including me are getting 5.5 - 6.5 hours of screen on time, daily at ~30% brightness (The Netherlands, Europe).. kinda sad to say, but while I was at a phone store I felt like I was cheating. LOL I am a iPhone 6 user and I was checking out this phone. I love the way it felt in the hand. The os was smooth and apps opened and closed very nicely. The camera looked amazing also. Maybe next phone I get (instead of upgrading to the 6s) will be the Galaxy S6 edge. Part of me wishes I got it in the first place for the 32 GB of storage vs. my shitty 16 GB but ad a difference in cost, I chose the lesser. I think 32 would be a perfect size and if im correct, I do believe 32 GB is Galaxy S6's smallest memory size...anyway.... It's Okay dude ☺... I tell hardcore apple ppl all the time don't judge Samsung off old phones because once they play with and hold the s6edge they'll see why it's been named the 2015 phone of the year. just like some continuously taking photo technology, HTC first invented it, but was stolen by Samsung. And there are a lot of other things, similar like the one I talked above, such as Taiwan and Korean got some Monopoly problems, and Korean is very cunning and jump the other side to pretend themselves as Tainted Witness, as I always believe from what they do, can reflect what kind of person or country is, if you see things korean did, you will realize that they are always for benefits, in many sports events, korean is unfair judge, as korean try to got benefits for themselves..
Switches from iPhone to Samsung - customer service from apple was terrible, they arent following european guarantee law so you need to tell them you know about else you are screeed and to fix something will take ages for the people ik the apple store -can last 2 or 3 days with my s6 not charging. I literally have to charge my iphone everyday -iPhone was feeling like a desert when playing an emulator, s6 didnt feel anything -free apps on google store(teamspeak for example) where people release their apps faster..
1-my apple customer service was great, they always helped super quickly maybe it's just where your from. 2-you have to charge every phone everyday regardless if it's iPhone unless you use it for 5 seconds a day, this phone your getting won't last that long at all 3-don't know wtf that is 4-there are updates/apps that come to ios before android and sometimes exclusively. I get paid apps for free on my I device all the time so really I don't think I need to switch..
I really wanted to like this phone, but every time I played with it at a store, I would poke the sides of the screen just holding it. Seems like it would get annoying rather quickly. I also can't help but perceive the screen bend as a gimmick with minimal functional improvement..

Some models had to get updates pushed in the beginning to help plus carrier like t-mobile had cell standby killing the battery as of now ppl are getting 5-6hrs of screen on time which is Amazing for a super amoled qhd display pushing more pixels then every phone except the z5 premium and galaxy s6 only haa a 2600mah battery which is smaller then most phones.

thank you so much uploading this video I almost buy iphone s6 plus xd samsung way better so I will get samsung s6 edge plus. I charge my 6edge in the morning and use it all day the battery hasn't given me any problem but that's just me.
Bloatware is something I've always hated Samsung for. The hardware is nice but that bloatware just hurts my soul. :(. Let me talk about Samsung and LG product as a customer side, As I know, many of my Asian friends didn’t like them, as these companies did some bad things before, such as Samsung, they plagiarize some plans and ideas several times from Apple, probably Samsung is using his roguish strategy to develop bigger, I heard from my Chinese friend said HTC, which is a Taiwanese company, invented Continuously photo technology, but was steal by Samsung, and Samsung make it as their own technology. On 2010, there is a antitrust law suit to charge Taiwanese company, four companies, and Samsung is also involved into that, but Samsung just jumped to other side, to be a tainted Witness, which I feel very shame, and some news was famous in Chinese circle, such as Korean just sold only to Chinese people, which was reported by Korean Media, but was covered by some Chinese Big Media, I heard some Chinese people said, because their country is a Communist country, government can control everything, so some Korean Brokerage company was set into China Mainland and had a lot of benefits transaction, such as FTA, Korean products was no tax into China, but also gave Chinese government a lot of benefits undertable, and one thing I’m not sure is, but I heard, there are a lot of Korean people pretended as Chinese people to say good about Korean products and belittle other countries products. Let’s talk about Samsung and LG this time CES showing products, Samsung and LG always said good to their products on advertisement, such as OLED TV, but the problem is, LG is WOLED, which there are two layers, one source with backlight of white, which can show grey, and another layer is filter panel, but Samsung ‘s OLED is three color light under electricity, and mix to the color which they want, actually, it is the same theory and same principle of Plasma! So you see how Samsung and LG make themselves product good, right And some experts said their TV had very serious problems, such as frame shifting vibration, I’m not sure it is the right terminology, but it means each frame had some vibration, and trailing, as TV picture is a motion picture, it will give trailing of motion pictures, and one serious problem is, the life of TV is short, turn off TV every 4 hours, otherwise will result shorter life, consider as a customer, who will buy a TV which needs to turn off every 4 hours, and wants to see pictures with frame and motion problems, even some experts on CES said their TV had color unreal, I took a look at Samsung and LG TV, it can’t compare to Sony or Sharp newest level, I mean from some aesthetic level of digital art, and LG or Samsung’s 8K had some other problem, which I think add some subpixel, so this one means double pixel Come on, it may create brighter, more saturation, but brighter, more saturation is not the aesthetic judge for a TV is good or not, OK! it will also create color unreal and some other problems, even fix, I still feel LG or Samsung TV is just looking clear, but the frame quality, the color, many other things, there are some many others things to determine TV good or not. Samsung gear VR, some Samsung fan said without Samsung, Oculus will still get stuck with slow persistence and long reflection response, ( Oculus is partnership with Samsung, and the Gear VR is not totally Samsung’s product, even label Samsung name, but under that, it gave powered by Oculus). I think maybe Samsung’s technology in this Gear VR is using his TV technology, but samsung’s technology still can get frame shift vibration, or some pixel trailing, right I feel every time, Samsung and LG use some other company’s technology, or borrow some other company’s technology to make themselves good, they use every way, to cross themselves’ difficulty, to brag their products. I have many friends told me feedback to me about Samsung and LG, said their phone got problems less than 2 years, which are shorter than apple, several years ago, got some calculation problems when playing games, or just jump out of software, I have a friend told me, every time he bought cell phone, he can’t use more than one year, no matter Samsung or apple, but right now he used Sony, very old model smart phone, he already used that Sony phone three years, no any damages. I just believe what I heard and see. These all information, I just saw from online and heard from feedback from friends, Even Samsung phone explosion rate, I’m not sure it is higher than every phone level should be, but I just saw some news about explosion, in hongkong, China and some other places, I feel even it is legal, but Samsung explosion rate is high. This one is my feeling after read those news. And one more thing I heard from my Chinese friend is Korean only sold Fake Cosmetic to Chinese people, he said it is released by Korean Media. And this time CES renovation reward, I also feel very strange, That Samsung Galaxy edge +, on the article said because it gave more beautiful broader vision and design, come on!!If you drag a person with really good aesthetic of art, they will never say Samsung or LG are beautiful, I heard Chinese people said: “ only bumpkin buy Samsung.” And the one more thing is, last year CES already given Samsung this renovation same reason, but last year was Note Edge. Come on, is the competition of reward very fair They gave to LG and Samsung TV, but those TV’s technology problems, which I already said before, yeah, you can encourage them, this one I understand, but is this encouraging too much I mean No matter Japan and China, they all had much better technology renovation, such as Japan, they also made much more renovation in TV technology, and looks much better, Chinese also had a lot of technology.. I'm using the Galaxy S5 right now and god damn, I just got this phone a year ago. Now i want the S6! The S6 is sexy, it's unique compared to previous galaxy models that have the generic samsung look. The only redeeming quality that the S5 has is that it's water resistant... I've been a samsung user for a while now. I owned a Galaxy S, S2, S3 and i skiped the S4 for the S5. However I'm going to treasure my S5 until it dies on me..because it's a gift..
yes. well i'am choose and buy my phone allready, i wont buy anymore phones, samsung galaxy note2 stay with me, so long this live and work, i dont even think other phones, i am glad my own...
I am so bored with my iPhone 6, it looks so... plain o___o I'm switching to Android (even if it kills me inside because i have to get used to the software inside) LOL!!. Lol iphones break just by dropping them from 2 feet in the air... haha galaxies DONT break unless your trying to break it. get over it iphones are and always will be the lesser phone..
no. the specs are overall better on the samsung. and than you have the app store... you cant even dowload good games free you have to buy it, on the playstore there are much more apps that are free.
hi all happy new year i have a problem wit my s6edge i have put on the finger print reco i am lock out its asking for mu back up password but i did not set up one wat can i do.

October 23, 2015
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December 3, 2015
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December 15, 2015
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November 10, 2015

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Why is Rice so expensive in Japan That seems very odd to be because rice is a staple for Japanese cuisine. In neighboring countries, rice is very cheap.. +Cherlene Its called the market. It is all about supply and demand and there is a huge demand for rice in Japan so they can get away with increasing the price. Also, the rice in Japan is likely of higher quality then in a lot of countries..
They should have taken Norway for the alcohol one. Let me just say, if you think Sweden is expensive, Norway is more expensive...
The differences in costs between Sweden and Norway when it comes to alcohol is about 12%.Norway is more expensive, but at the same time it's not. In Norway u get a much higher wage for the exact same job when compared to Sweden. Yet you pay 25% income taxes, and Swedes pay 31-35% income taxes. U get more money, and u get to keep more of it. So when it comes down to comparing the two, it's easier to sustain a wealthy living in Norway than Sweden.. Yeah, but American people make 50000$ on average while Chinese people make 10000$. Can't just compare like this..
You can definitely buy more bananas, rice, coffee and eggs in the Philippines with a $5 dollar bill than what is showed in the video..

Question, don't both Italy and France use the Euro Why would coffee be more Italy if that was the case.
The description of Japanese rice is untrue. If you look for cheaper rice carefully, you can find that like 10 dollars for 5 kg in Japan.. you cannot buy that many eggs in america with 5 dollars, or at least where i live in california, a one and a half dozen of eggs is like 15 dollars at ralphs. How about Thailand you can get a whole sand bag(sized) for 1$ here in Thailand it's cheap. As hell.
Considering that the minimum wage in China is 200usd, and in America it's 1500usd, it's pretty fair to have that much..
This is really interesting, but how many minimum-wage labor hours does it cost in each country to buy how much food The exchange rate doesn't really reflect that in all cases..
wtf 12 beers for 5 bucks!! Anything other than local beers and tuborg in my country is well above 5 bucks..

+Feminist Hitler you can buy 20 beers for 5$ in germany, but i wouldnt do it, those cheap beers mostly arent good, and better beer isnt much more expensive.
the UK is generally much more expensive, than most european countries and usa states, even compared to nyc,toronto.. so 5$us would not go very far even 5euros would be worth much less.... You can't buy any beer or alcohol with $5 AUD (not USD) in Australia. It's because of government taxes aka GST. Beer can cost $19 and up to $100 AUD. This really high tax also applies to tobacco products. Don't ever buy cigarettes in Australia, you are burning your money.. china is not cheap guys. Plus the quality of food is unknown. Gotta realize the eggs are not organic, and foods are often transgenic..
+Nivesh Nagarajan You sure 1Kg of rice is 1Rs sounds a bit too true to believe I'm pretty sure it's more than 1 Rs.
well. time to go get pissed in China. also im from the UK and we get 20kg bags of taters' for like 5 pounds. like 6 dollars.
Cough cough 5 USD is over 100,000 Vietnamese Dong for 70 USD you can stay in a luxary hotel and a beer cost around 75 cents (do the math)cough cough.
If you were in India with $5,you'd get about as many eggs as you'd get for $5 in China, along with (Canned) beer equal to the what you'd get for $5 in Japan, or about 3 lb more of potatoes than what 5$ would fetch in USA.. Gotta LOVE that exchange rate!. I'm Japanese and I think Japanese government and rice farmers want to keep rice's price in high. Because they don't want to hurt their prides. I mean in Japan,rice is not a mere kind of grain. It has the honor of representing grains of Japan.Actually for long years, rice had the same value as money in Japan.. You include sweden in many of your videos but i've only seen norway once! How come This is discriminating. :(.

November 14, 2015
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January 3, 2016
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January 19, 2016
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December 8, 2015

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November 21, 2015
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December 26, 2015

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┳┻| _ ┻┳| •.•) Daddy,Are Spammers Gone Yet ┳┻|⊂ノ ┻┳| /﹋\ (҂`_´) -NOPE, GET BACK IN YOUR BEDROOM.

I brought the light up laces for my two nephews my one nephew is a rugby player and thought they were super cool for night time games, other nephew is a dancer doing tap, old time, ballroom and Street dance. :) so I'm sure you can understand i had two very happy nephews or as they said i'm their #CoolAuntie lol.

Last one on the list: YOU MUST PILOT THE ROBOT, SHINJI! I doubt anyone will get that reference at all....
hmm. no offense Matt but... uh... u look alot older than you are. i thought u were like, 34-37 or something. sorry friend.. 01:48 Me:Ok. Ending 1:I punched the bottom...the entire lamp broke. Ending 2:YOU DIDN'T TELL ME THERE WAS WATER ON THE BOTTOM OF THE LAMP!. my cousin bro's dad has the robot (forgot it's name) he is a trillion are and he told his son he will get him one when hw was 21. When he's doing the list of things you can buy at the beginning of the video, I'm thinking "he's gonna say dildo, he's gonna say dildo" and then when he says "double sided dildos" I'm just like YES and then I die laughing.
Those LED shoelaces though! Man, I want them SO BAD! By the way... I have Chuck Taylors (Converse.) [If you don't know what I'm talking about, look closely at the shoes in the video and you'll get it...].

How cool would it be if Matthew really had a twin The sleeping bag would be great for people climbing high mountains like Everest or who do dog sled races..
i would spend $437 on the lightsaber, and i dont mean the one with just lights i mean the hero edition because im getting it as a birthday present. im gonna buy a flying fuck and a fucking lightsaber... that is if the lightsaber fucking cuts things....
I know someone who has the $500 light saber...I know because I was going to pick it up and my friend said if u touch that your gonna pay 500 bucks.

+Confidential Name Well yeah, it's more the actual statement itself that comes across as neckbeardy..
You could probably commission a lightsaber wand, when they say they do custom jobs they really mean it.. Your own Mech Warrior huh. Time to buy some lotto tickets. Too bad I missed the $1.5 billion jackpot.. And you didnt link them!!! You bastard!!! I need, let me repeat that: NEED, to punch question blocks!!!. Dey see me walking... I'm glowing... Dey hating but go ahead and glow on baby!Yeah I go ahead and glow on baby!I go ahead and glow on baby!I glow ahead and baby,baby,baby....

October 24, 2015
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December 7, 2015

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Using other people's makeup..ew Fyi bacteria, parasites, fecal matter, mites are not killed by kleenex .
I knew I shouldn't of watched this video... now I'm running out of room to store my makeup now!! lol.
This is a dumb question but did u put like $40+ dollars worth of stuff in your cart and just get back a lot on ebates Is that what you were saying.
+Alexis ONLINE SHOPPING Click this link for “it”.. At the top left corner of my “it” Online Shopping, click the icon link “shop” under the green “social”. Use the “search” field box at the top left to search for shopping items that you wish to view. Regards, Steve Harrington, New Zealand..
there are reward apps like GrabPoints, App Nana, Feature Points they all help you make some extra cash for shopping online and get giftcards you should try it.

Ebates also give you cash back from your purchases through their website. That helps out a lot. Here's their link,

This is "It". The new social network that lets you connect with family, friends, and colleagues while providing an online shopping platform in the same space. It's the first of it's kind. Earn commissions when you or your friends post content. Sign up for free using my private invite link below:
why do people believe they need to curse to get a point across, good info but the cursing is unprofessional.Not hating just a tip . You will need safe and fast money transfers for online shopping,most important with low fees.Best to open Payza free account,proven,luv it... +Mila Stamenkovic ONLINE SHOPPING Click this link for “it”.. At the top left corner of my “it” Online Shopping, click the icon link “shop” under the green “social”. Use the “search” field box at the top left to search for shopping items that you wish to view. Regards, Steve Harrington, New Zealand.. Really wish I had seen this BEFORE I went on my little online shopping spree. :-( Oh well, I know now for the future. Thanks!.
Please don't but any thing form the are cheaters they sale local product uner big brand namess,.
I do order make-up from e-bay sometimes! You just have to be good at it I guess, also, only buy from top sellers! & sereach the original prices of products + reviews about the seller... I have never had a bad experience with this :). Combine Cashback Rebates to get more of your money back. Register on Ebates with this link : Then visit and be sure to use my distributor ID 44946 to gain access. Once you are in download the cashback tool. Then you can use both Ebates and the Shopping Sherlock to receive up to 70% cashback on one purchase. Both sites are free and give you money. What more can you ask for!! . Ebates is for sure the best! CURRENT Coupon valid as of December 6, 2014! She said " people have different reason why the don't shop online... You can't try anything on... I'm here to tell you that's false." So your aloud to try thing when your shopping online. I luv shopping online too, however, be careful with allcosmetics. Its no secret, they say right on the website, they sell products the original maker rejected for some reason, and I see why. After several purchases, the fndtn or blush colors for example are not the same (darker, lighter, or just off) than what you will buy say at the Estee Lauder or MAC counter. But I make no true complaint because they told me upfront a coyote was at the door and I invited it in anyway.... Welcome to shop in our store on wish,We are offering the quality products and good service for our customers all over the world. Hey, if you want to know an amazing site that sells great clothes for under $10 then check out their stuff is amazing!. omg I'm not sure if you just ruined my life or completely made it with those blog sales but it is certainly changed..
Try this website too. I get three percent and higher discounts at walmart online and hundreds of other sites.
One thing that you can do to find good deals is to just Google the site and type in coupon code. Most online stores do have some sort of discount codes.. Thataylaa you are awesome for saving Money! You Sure Know How To Have Fun! Here is another Great Loyalty Rewards Company.. FREE To Join Shopping is so much Fun, especially when you get things On Sale or at a Huge Discount! Imagine if you could Get Paid every time You & your friends, & your friends friends Shop & So on & So on.. to Infinity! Would that put a Smile on your face :) .. What If It was FREE to Join(Life Time Membership) & No products to Buy Except what your already shopping for anyway at the stores that you already know & Love! You Gotta See This.. .. SUBSCRIBE.. and I'll walk you through The Sign Up Process. Only takes 5 min.. can you not! do u know her story no! dont talk about people if u dont know them. its her face not yours bitch.
Thanks for letting me know!...I think its because of music copyright issues. I'll try and fix it..

Great and helpful post... One of the site that provides cheaper Online Buying Ideas that may help

I like iherb dot com. I have a coupon code for this site if you want order the first time: VIK284 and you have 5$ off (if your order is 40$ or more you get 10$ off)..
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November 6, 2015
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November 28, 2015

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+Akira Shipp There was a store listed in the description bar which was called Revolve and for one shirt it was like $220.
You little... Asian stores and how you say there like eBay like r u trying to sound racist much all stores you put under other there expensive actually and why put Asian stores separate from other stores like what if I said ''oh these stores here r all white people stores so it might be expensive'' not all Asian stores r cheap u know think before u put or say anything I can be really offensive.
+fashiontific You make no sense. Lots of the stores you listed not under "Chinese stores" as you call them (seriously wtf is with that name I can understand if you mean they follow Asian trends but they follow more American trends) are made in Asia. Forever21 sells LOTS of clothing made in Asia. Also you list the video saying cheapest but why do you show designer and super expensive clothing. Most of the ones that I listed as chinese stores are based in Asia, meaning that's where their offices are, and that's where they store the clothing. Forever 21 does not have offices in Asia, only factories which basically every clothing company has. And the video is cheapest+stylish. Some of the stores are really cheap, some are not. It's intended for people who online shop a lot and want to discover new stores. .
Please do a review of LUXISOCOOL. This site sells 5.00 clothing and they say the quality is as good as Forever21 and Nordstroms..

+iloverninow87 you mean comparing the quality of Norstroms clothing with quality of Forever21 clothing That is pure humor!!.
Check Wish can find a loot alooot Of korean clothes..😄 probably all the clothes there are korean fashion so check it out plus its cheap.
I like korean trends but im nervous cause last time i ordered from overseas the quality wasnt well ;-;.
After watching your video u made me a little sad while u were saying i dont money or i did not order online fuck .
SammyDress is like scam, but I respect those stores u call chinese and cheap in fact they're the best (alixpress, dhgate...) they have all quality stuffs, don't.
+Simran Chhetri they say 15 to 35 days but i think it depends I orderd some things like a week ago and 90% of the items are on their way but some items have a longer time for processing and from what I saw most of the items have free shipping but that olso depends from where you live. It took about 4 weeks for my bookbag but at the same time the bookbag didn't last very long.... ONLINE LOVE GURU JI HELPLINE NUMBER +91-9914980576 ALL PROBLEM SOLUTION IN YOUR LIFE 24 HOURS AND 101% GURANTEED RESULT 1-GET YOUR LOVE BACK, LOVE MARRIAGE PROBLEM SOLUTION, VASHIKARAN 2-HUSBAND WIFE RELATIONSHIP PROBLEM SOLUTION, BUSINESS IN LOSS, DIVORCE PROBLEM SOLUTION 3-JOB, CARRIER, CHILDLESS PROBLEM SOLUTION, LOVE PROBLEM SOLUTION, FAMILY RELATION PROBLEM SOLUTION ALL WORLD FAMOUS UK, USA, LONDON, DUBAI, SPAIN, INDIA, PARIS, CANADA, AUSTRALIA, NEW YORK.
I didn't know Brandy Melville. Their outfits are so cool, a little expensive as you said it, but yeah super cool..

Are you sick of not being able to shop online at UK stores This website creates a UK address for anyone not living in the UK. Forward2me will receive your packaged items, and then forward straight to your home address. We are partnered with 180 countries worldwide! Click this link to get your UK address today -

hiiiii, use my rep code: 5280discounts to get 20% off any purchase on the amazing clothing site Thanks and enjoy👌.
For 20%off use code sumen23 on karmaloop's clothing site and extra 10 off when you repurchase with this repo code.
Elisabeth I just love the way you film and btw you style is amazing !!you are going to get so many subbies cause you deserve it!!btw It would be amazing if you could check out my channel and sub back if you want ! .

I think it's great you made this video! Online shopping can be sometimes tricky and some website have the same clothing pieces as the rest of them for much bigger prices. So knowing any kind of information is great :) Hope you can check out our channel. xx Maja & Leja.

Love this video! Just subscribed to your channel and would love for you to check out mine! If you like it then please subscribe!! xx 😊 .
we just watched your video. thanks SO much for listing us as your top FAV vintage store on ETSY! We're so glad you LOVE US! check out our new website - we just did a fashion shoot! :).

November 2, 2015
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November 1, 2015

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You can find the best deals at and get paid cashback on all your purchases! Ships globally to over 200 countries!. Why would you count down to from 10 to 1 if you didn't actually rank them :p Cool sites by the way!.
For more focalprice type sites you can try dx com (previously dealextreme) and aliexpress com (sort of a china ebay). Only major downside for these sites is the crazy shipping times..
One more top websites to shop online, its, you can request product and import product from indonesia, only chat and very very simple.... Alberto, I love Focal Point and Amazon, and I always check Ebay for lower pricing as well as Amazon. Walmart offers 3 months return also. Pretty cool. I've even gone last 3 months. I would never return you though. Maybe you could review Assistants for Android and see who can do the most and is the most accurate. I have used so many I got confused along the way. ;) Thanks Buddy.
When buying from Chinese web stores few things to remember: 1. customs and taxes. This does not apply if you buy worth of small price and the limits change depending on country. 2. The phones for.ex can have 1 GB of ram, lower screen quality or the processor power is only 1,2 Ghz. This why they are cheaper. Second thing is that some of the phones don't use google services meaning no Google play (this should always be checked individually.) Other than that the products are usually okay quality :).

Can anybody tell me which of these sites actually ship to the UK, been looking at a few of them and was gutted to find out not many of them do.
great sites lineup!! Another great site is ww*1p2b*co (copy and paste and replace the asterisks with.).

November 7, 2015
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January 18, 2016
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5.99 fashion is cheap, and they have some cute stuff depending on your style, i usually have to search a bit, and is pretty cheap. has some good sales. has some cute accessories everything there is a dollar, but that have shipping (isn't very expensive).
PRAISE GOD MARCUS MIRAKLE N OUR KIDS FAMILY FRIENDS ASSOCIATES EVERY ONE WE CONTACT ARE CONTINOUSLY LED BY "The angel of the LORD encampeth round about them that fear him, and delivereth them." Psalms 34:7, KJV "Cast thy burden upon the LORD, and he shall sustain thee: he shall never suffer JESUS NAME I, WE take ALL PROMISES of God's Care, Mercy And the righteous to be moved." Psalms 55:22, KJV "A thousand shall fall at thy side, and ten thousand at thy right hand; but it shall not come nigh thee." Psalms 91:7, KJV "The LORD is merciful and gracious, slow to anger, and plenteous in mercy. He will not always chide: neither will he keep his anger for ever. He hath not dealt with us after our sins; nor rewarded us according to our iniquities. For as the heaven is high above the earth, so great is his mercy toward them that fear him. As far as the east is from the west, so far hath he removed our transgressions from us. N JESUS NAME WE TAKE HEAVEN ON EARTH NOW!! .

December 10, 2015
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November 15, 2015
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January 26, 2016
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December 27, 2015

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WOW- Nina Paley's a badass! She went thru a legit situation with her husband leaving her and turned it around and made a wonderful movie woven out of a great story..

Rex I appreciate your point of view but if future generations want the real story they can always read the book and unfortunately there is tons of artistic garbage from India that tells the true story but is boring as hell. It is healthy and good to have free commentary on religion because the opposite would be the Inquisition and Sharia after all..The Buddha welcomed everyone to question his teaching....
I think I would never warship my husband and do whatever he wants. He is the one who is losing! I love the story Ramayana and think this is quite a good film..
I loved the animation and learning about a culture. I also felt her pain as a woman. Enjoyed sharing with my daughter..

I know there are many version of Ramayana, and it's said that there are as many Ramayana as there are people telling them, but if you claim this to be based on Valmiki's version, at then at least show the story as such and not some cooked up version. Awesome picturalization, though. Really loved the artsy motif unseen with Indian epics..

+Jai Shah It does. See the initial credit rolls.. You'll see 'based on Valmiki Ramayana'..
Its a good movie. But this is not even close to a proper depiction of ramayan. Its a bit thin and under cooked on that part. The whole sanfransico couple story is really nice and its a nice piece of art..
That's a great movie. She had so much trouble releasing it over copyright issues with the music..
Honestly, I don't like it. I am Hindu and despite everyone thinking it's stupid, I do feel offended. This movie gives people a wrong idea about what the Ramayana and our religion/culture is about. I know several people that have watched this and I have been relentlessly teased about my religion- which isn't right. Yes I know the truth and what other people think shouldn't matter but this movie is kinda making fun of Hinduism in general...and that doesn't sit right with me.. Misinformation The ramayana is fucking huge, with thousands of different iterations, all with differences. I guess you have no problem with MGK going off on racist rants and calling black women "dirty nigger bitches." It's obvious that you pick and choose what you are going to get offended about, or that you don't care when it's not your culture. It really says a lot. Of course information is going to be left out of a movie version of the ramayana, otherwise it would be ten hours long.. Misinformation simply means that there is inaccurate information about the topic at hand. I don't care that there is missing information- care that the "character" were not portrayed well. What song did they say that in I've listened to about 5 of their songs so I don't know much about them. Sur me for being able to relate to music. Also, what person do you know that won't defend their culture I get defensive over a lot of things that don't pertain to me solely because it isn't right. Just like the portrayal of Lord Rama and Sita Maa- they were not shown in a good light; and I have an issue with that..
Hey! I actually have met Bob a couple times but he wouldn't remember me. I had the delight of going to 2 Dorsai Things. :-D This film is definitely becoming a family favorite. She should do a whole series of myths and stories with kibbitiizng shadow puppet type narrators!! .
thanks for making this movie. I am a Hindu and I am not offended by this movie. Rather I am thankful for this movie, because it told me the reality of Ramayana. Btw I am a fan. and ignore the Hindus with offensive comment or just a matter of fact anyone who has offensive comments up there shelves.
Ok let's get to the truth here... (despite the awesome artwork and music) Her boyfriend dumped her in India so she blames Hinduism and Ram in particular because Ram sort of dumped his girlfriend There is a world of difference however... Instead of blaming Ram for everything and making Sita the poor victim lets take a look at the real story The only reason Sita got kidnapped is despite her lip service all the time that "Oh, Ram is the only reason I live. I love only Ram. I obey and follow only Ram etc.. blah blah blah but in reality when Ram knew the deer was a trap and said so she would not listen to him but insisted the he go and chase the illusion of the deer which symbolizes women insisting that their husbands go and chase the illusion of wealth even though it is a trap and indeed because of her own greed for the deer she got trapped by Ravana So then how many monkeys and demons and men had to die for her rescue operation It was like if Hillary Clinton's plane went down in Iraq and she got kidnapped by the Islamic State So after all that death and destruction is it too much to ask that a few doubts might exist about Sita Is it too much to ask that a little proof is forthcoming So unfortunately the people did not accept her even though Ram fully accepted her and never doubted her but he was forced to banish her for the sake of Dharma as a ruler to put the people before himself and his personal life. But he never stopped loving her and never kicked her or rejected her inwardly as the movie implies. She was in a safe place surrounded by wise yogis perhaps a better place than Ayodhya I mean if you went to Ayodhya today you might have a hard time to imagine that God used to live here As fully self realized living Buddhas both of them probably could care less about the entire drama but as born in a human body they were both required to live as humans and share the imperfect state of the human world and to be the ideal man and woman which they were even though to be human is to be imperfect and if Avatars of the supreme could make mistakes then perhaps we could forgive ourselves if we made a mistake If the writers of the Ramayana wanted to brainwash you into blind belief why would they weave so many intrinsic defects into the story The answer is to be found in the Yoga Vashishta which is the teaching of Ram's Guru that the whole thing is simply unreal like a dream. Yes all of it. The story of the Ramayana, the story of our lives and and the entire history of the human race. Completely unreal like a dream within a dream. Oh one more point.. The author found herself ultimately and that never could have happened if she had never been dumped. Perhaps it was the same for Sita I like the last scene where Vishnu is massaging Laxmi. Ha ha so perfect! Stunning entertainment!.
+Richard Smith She has tried to right some of the wrongs done to women in India and the artwork is so mesmerizing I have high regard for this work..
+American Yogi She's not "blaming Ram", she is examining the conflict through Sita's perspective - which, mind you, is also flawed, as with the "bloodthirsty woman" pic shows. And some of the justifications for her mistreatment you gave are case in point; not all versions of the Ramayana depict the deer as an obvious illusion..
I found the blues part obnoxious and the overall plot very annoying. I do like certain elements though.. I know lot of hard work went into making this movie but this movie is a piece of crap, its the shittest movie ever made, distortion of facts, misrepresentation of the complete story and mixing mythology into pop culture,its utter bullshit. if you guys really wanted to create something artistic you should have stuck to the original story and not distorted it. This movie is not only substandard but also gives misinformation to the future generation about the Hindu mythology. I'm reporting this movie so that such piece of shit cannot spread further lies.. saw this for the first time years ago and shared it with friends immediately, watched it 3 times the same day, also I have the DVD which my wife gave to me on valentines day 2010, because after all it is a love story.. +Onel Mesa I did the exact same! I was so enthralled; I can't remember how many times I rewatched it. I was hooked right from the intro..
This movie truly is a work of art. There should be more like it. It just goes to show that the best productions rely on passion and creativity rather than money..

I am Hindu A Hindu who get to know the reality of Ramayana from a cartoon Ramayana is serious thing not a joke... that three morons guess. And please don't fool people by adding "Valmiki". He don't need credit for this shit..
Also, I betcha all the Hindu people that provided voice-acting for all the characters Super offended. That's why they let Nina Paley use their voices in the movie.. Wow. What a remarkable movie! I just watched it twice in a row. Thank you for this sublime gift, Nina Paley..
If that sort of break up happened to me, I'd be wondering what happened. Because from my point of view, they love each other. The he goes to India and after he's gone for awhile, she follows. When she get there, he's so cold to her for some reason. And then later, while she's in New York, he dumps her via email. If that happened to me, I'd be wondering what the heck happened! Honestly, I hope she found a better guy, cause she's too good for him..
ß Çu000 ^5 rf6yfjluyhjvfgu yy6680iuilioloii km you bunk no Kings full kino nlbjgyyuio0ojñ. Also, Ravana is a very strange figure. Apparently, he served penance for his sins to Brahman for 10,000 years, causing Brahma to make him immortal against gods and avatars like Rama. This was BEFORE he kidnapped Sita.. Had to watch this for a class at my college. Thought…."oh great this is going to be so long and boring". I couldn't have been more wrong. I very much enjoyed it and thought some parts were downright HILARIOUS. Bravo!. I've watched this video so many times and I love it more each time. I really just thinks interesting and intriguing. :) two thumbs up. Just hilarious some people's negative reaction to this movie. I think it's intriguing and fun. And don't be stupid: no one is hurt by a movie..
This is basically a story of strength. A woman's strength. She finds her own...which is WAY COOL...

Thanks Nina Paley, for sharing your art and creation with us for free. Watched it and absolutely loved it, thanks to all those wacky animation styles, and Blues just make it a masterpiece. Sorry that you had to go through all that trouble with greedy Music corporations. Stay creative!.

It was creative and beautiful. I know very little about the Hindu culture, but I'm going to check out the Ramayana..

This was such a refreshing film in many ways, and I'm so glad I finally got to see it in full! .

I felt that some of the songs were fillers and the social commentary portions stood out so much that it brought down the rest of the movie. Solid animation though, for an indie :).

Actually, now that I think about it he was sorta merciful to Sita when he banished her. Think about it. He could've have just banished her from the palace, leaving her in the city. But if he did that, there would've been a high chance that she would've been mistreated by the people. He probably had faith that the babies were his, but the people didn't..
+Gene Burnham To some, people in the west doesn't mean Americans only. To you, it seems to. I believe they did read that post..
+DrTheKay Have you ever seen Religulous You can watch it here on youtube. Or a George Carlin stand up It's not american but "Life of Brian" is also a way less respectful parody of the Christian religion than this movie is of the Hindu religion. Christian, Muslim, Hindu, etc... you are all the same in someways, you are always looking for an excuse to feel persecuted, and fabricate them when you can't find any..

chill out bro... shes not making fun of hindus its just an was mostly factual stuff just presented in a different way... also vr not muslims to be offended by stuff like this....

americans are so boring, they cant make a film without interjecting themselves into it, and refuse to watch films made by better nationalities unless americans are portrayed as the good guys (unlike how they actually are irl). All the boring over-drawn american parts if this film ruined jt.
Well in one part of the story is wrong it is my riligieon so I know the history the part that went wrong when they were in the forest it was not only ram and Sita it was layman who was also there. I love the way is made, it is full of ideas and imagination but the problem i see is it works better like separates pieces of art than as a complete work. . For those who likes to enjoy the real Ramayana Story : Ramayana Movie - English It's beautiful!. i request all Hindus please do not watch this and report to youtube for hurting us i watched just till 11 min... DO NOt WAtCH. chill out bro... she not making fun of hindus its just an was mostly factual stuff just presented in a different way... also vr not muslims to be offended by stuff like this.... If your faith is so weak that it's liable to be toppled by a mere 11 minutes of a cartoon I've got some bad news for you, Sanjay. I'm not sure who "CinemaNirvana" is, but the REAL author-endorsed upload of this movie is to be found on QuestionCopyright's account - and there's also a high-quality version posted by the original legal uploader, Drakar7002..
+John Fisher not sure why this needs to be spelled out or w/e but the author of THE MOVIE is a lady named Nina Paley.

I'm aware of that. And in case of Nina as a character, it is a PORTRAYAL of her, not HERSELF. That's why she takes the artistic liberties I already mentioned..
well, think about time almost 10 centuries before christ, also Rama descended on earth to show men about the righteous so he cannot accept unconditionally anything, be it her own wife or children or brother. So Sita has to prove her chastity. .

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+Maya Monetti Agree, unfortunately, all fairy tales that actually were originated in the old Europe were Americanized by Disney and Hollywood loosing all meaning of those stories. America actually doesn't pursue her own folklore as it seems to be.. +Mitsuo Matsuyama Heidi was not a fairytale, it was a nice children's novel about love and change.. 2 42:56 when her crippled cousin freaks out, you can see her legs kicking too Clearly she aint to crippled !! faker. Me pueden ayudar a conseguir los subtítulos en castellano (español) para esta película Gracias.. Nam mô tát đát tha tô già đa da a ra ha đế tam miệu tam bồ đà tả. Tát đát tha phật đà câu tri sắc ni sam. Nam mô tát bà bột đà bột địa tát đa bệ tệ. Nam mô tát đa nẫm tam miệu tam bồ đà câu tri nẫm. Ta xá ra bà ca tăng già nẫm. Nam mô lô kê a la hán đa nẫm. Nam mô tô lô đa ba na nẫm. Nam mô ta yết rị đà già di nẫm. Nam mô lô kê tam miệu già đa nẫm. Tam miệu già ba ra để ba đa na nẫm. Nam mô đề bà li sắt nỏa. 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Bàn đà bàn đà nễ. Bạt xà ra báng ni phấn. Hổ hồng đô lô ung phấn. Ta bà ha..
Sure! Klara isn't very funny here and Fraulein Rotteinmeier is way too nice compared to the novel.This version is one of the worst i ever saw. SHirley Temple was more cheerful and played better..
The first time I saw this movie, was the end parts when Klara started walking, and that was about a year or two ago on either the WORD Channel, TBN, or INSPIRATION Network. I never knew it was "Heidi" until I finally perused it just yesterday, after looking up stuff about the "Heidi Bowl.".. Please could someone help... what is the name of this version (which director ) actresses as I would like to buy the DVD. Many thanks to whoever answer :). +Mrs M Moro The end credits give the name of the actress that plays Heidi: Jennifer Edwards. A check at yields this result:
Thanks for posting this. Was looking everywhere for it. One of my favorite childhood films when I grew up in Switzerland..
That's the least charming Heidi and the most unsympathetic Klara I've seen so far....and the nicest Fräulein Rottenmeier, which is maybe the strangest thing.. They did restoration on Lawrence of Arabia and though this Heidi version of 1968 is no epic in the desert, it is an epic of the heart set in the alps and its high time they did a picture restoration which is much needed and many will be thankful. The score by John Williams is a gem and one of his finest. "A Place of My Own" and a restoration of its own. Come now. Please!. I love this movie!!! It remind me of where I came from!!! This movie always makes me happy and I also would cry because of how beautiful this place is!!! Someday I want to live in Switzerland!!!.
I don’t know whether anybody has already pointed it out in these comments, but this version of Heidi is not the 1952 one that has Elsbeth Sigmund but the 1968 one whose title role is played by Jennifer Edwards (stepdaughter of Julie Andrews, and daughter of Blake Edwards) and which also has Maximilian Schell, Jean Simmons, Michael Redgrave, Walter Slezak and Peter Van Eyck..

Yeah, I can't get used to a blond Heidi. I know both the 1952 and 1993 versions for such a long time, so Heidi always was a brunette for me..
Very symbolic story, describing society and how we treat each other, and that there is only 1 answer to peace ( in our hearts and in the world: LOVE. Which version of Heidi movie showed Blind Anna near the end of the film when she joyfully lifts her head up when she recognizes the organ music when Heidi's grandfather decides to return to the church to play the organ.
Schade daß der schöne Film nicht in deutscher sprache ist. Könnts Du den in deutscher Sprache hochladen.

2 sxclorraine Your portentions are cuel. Voltar has arisen. Flay not the minstrels with the coming dawn. Get them.
Thank you for posting this wonder~full and ost inspiring remake of the original which I never had seen. Please correct the info that suggests that Shiley Temple and the original cast are in this one. These memorable actors and actresses did an oustanding rendering of the classic! Thank you ever so much for postine it here.. the reason why this one is diffrent is beacause it´s not the right story. Aunt Dete is not going to marry someone, she´s has got a new job in frankfurt and is not very nice. She´s taking heidi immediately to her grandfather and Fraulein Rottemeier is not in love with Klara´s father and she is very strict. just see the movie that is my broadcast then you´ll know the right story . 2 thumperb7 It might take me a few weeks, but I think I'll be able to get it online. The version we are talking about is actually online, but it's the undubbed version. I'll let you know if I'm successful or not! :). I loved this film when i was a child and now my children and grandchildren can watch it. Watching this now with Reuben my grandson.
2 karinavera22 Solo trata lo mejor que pueda, si la ves un par de veces. Estoy segura que la entenderas. Yo antes no sabia mucho ingles pero solo la veia un par de veces y la entendia. Buena suerte .
Shirley Temple version is much better, and youtube staff need to get their info correct. This is not the original, Shirley Temple started in the original and this is not Shirley Temple..
The Film was made in the lovely VAL FEX above Sils Maria, Graubünden, Switzerland. Since then the Glacier has dwindled dramatically. .
This is not Elizabeth Sigmund! The name of the actress is Jennifer Edwards. She acts Heidi! This movie was made in the year 1968 and not 1952! The one of 1952 is a Swiz production with the German actress Sigmund. It´s in black and white. But this one here is a American production. Everybody can see, that the people in this movie talk in English. It is almost not based on the books of Heidi. They changed the complete story for the film.. Was this originally filmed in german language I´m also asking because of the cast... Maximilian Schell... this version is so much different from the book and the other Heidi films I´ve seen before ! . Dete isn't related to grandfather, she is heidi's mother's sister and Heidi's father is grandfather's son. The best version is still the one from the 1952 produced by Switzerland with Heirich Gretler.

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500 AED (Arab Emirates Dirham) = about $136 USD Gold was at about $1400/Troy oz around March 2011, so 2.5 grams = $112 give or take..
+JoshPlayzMC123 ! i am but this picture is the starting background to a game called madden mobile which is my favorite game on the phone. 500 dollars for 2.5 grams of gold that's a most paying 6 times its stupid or what . I seen a bit coin ATM and a cup cake's a YT vid where a girl wanted to film her cup cake transaction but she was too slow and the hatch shut back$10 for 2 cakes.. I'm going to Dubai in about a month and wanted to know if anyone has gotten gold in the Burg Khalifa from this atm machine Was it in the 124th floor Thanks. Ya I know let's pay almost triple the price. 136$ for 2.5 grams of gold. Please tell me it was at least 24kt. Interesting video! You should have maybe explained to the camera roughly how many US dollars That was worth though, because you have clearly confused lots of people thinking that you were paying in US dollars when you obviuously were not!. He said $500 AED, which is United Arab Emirates Dirham, which, 3 years from when this video was uploaded, is equal to $135 USD.. What happens if the vending machine malfunctions...weve all lost money to em...How would you prove that you inserted your 500 dirhams and wound up with squat....
his friend filmed for a you tube clip but we can also see another of his friends filming him putting the notes into the machine.the video will be time/date stamped,and if you're buying gold then I bet you could afford to call customer services.have you seen the bit coin vending machinesnow they are dodgy.
U never said what the largest weight you could were in fact a baller... Just Wondering.. Oz 2. +Dan moore I believe he said, "Since, in fact, I am not a baller." I could be wrong though.... Now what is the purpose of vending Gold machine . for example, Japan developed their vending machine to satisfy the need of workers consumers to Keep up with time. But here is the stupidity ,always, comes out from Arab, invest their money which they didn't earn with hard work in stupid projects or things like Gold vending machine. this thing is as stupid as burge Khalifa..
So much jealousy sensed, I gotta say as an American, these Arabs are creative in some aspect we still fail at the west..
And there's a purpose from this vending machine, if you live in Dubai, you'd know getting gold at a fair price is pretty hard, so there's a few of these machines around here, and actually they charge like 5$ over melt value..
that is fucking awesome! I want one in america. I would always be buying it every paycheck fuck the bank for savings..
+Ian Sterner in the UAE they'll cut you hands off for petty theft. plus that part of the mall with the gold souk there's a shit load of armed gaurds and one way in one way out set up.. that was by far the coolest experience I've had to date even though I was constantly watching my back.. It's not 500 USD, it's 500 Dirhams (110 Euro or ~140 USD). Still, it's a bit much for 2.5 grams of gold, but it's the Emirates Palace (a luxury hotel). You're not buying the gold as an investment, but as a gift.. what was the price per gram at the time when gold was at 1500 an troy ounce which is 31.1 grams it was 50 a gram. "Since I'm a baller". You're fucking wearing flip flops and a sea hawks jersey in the middle of Abu Dhabi. Put a fucking suit on you bitch..
+أحمد الظاهري ahmed aldhaheri do you see the the answer of youtuber "a dog wearing a hat" I was referring to him. whitch is 500dirhams=136 or 70 usd ;) 8) .
has anyone considered the fact that those clearly were not US dollar bills especially with how many people clearly looked up the exchange rate of gold im surprised so few are pointing this out. . Nope...that was probably Africa's gold before it was bought at 1/10 its price by the us ;) .
He's Navy...I remember those days of blowing my money once i hit port, hell sometimes even before i got to port with the vendors that would come on board and sell useless shit...smh.

+NSDilly yep, that is what I said over a year ago. Our entire fiat/fractional reserve system is a giant facade..
2 lillask No it's the world only 7star Hotel Dip Sh!t I live Here and ive stayed there don't correct me.. you can only bring gold that your wearing like rings or chains for free but if you won't make a large enough of money to make a profit because you have to pay for airline ticket and if you do bring a large amount of gold you have to declare it and pay a fees on it. so in the end you spending thousands on airline tickets and hotels isn't worth it and don't you think people would have been doing this for some time now if it were profitable, oh and there is a limit to how much you can bring.
Now you have some real value, do this with all the money you can miss but then at someone who sells gold for an even bether price. And btw, keep the gold and show this video to your kids in a decade, they will laugh that u were able to change paper in to gold..
That gold at todays prices is not less than 100 dollars, it is about 110 dollars worth. He also said in the video 500 AED(Arab Emirates Dollars). The ecxhange rate today is 1 AED =.27 USD, so basically he spent about 135 USD for 110 USD worth of gold. Not a huge rip off.. $136.13 USD as of 06.22.2013. I think he was using United Arab Emirates Dirham...Cool video! Thanks for posting. ;D. He's paying in AED. So his 500 AED is a little less then $140 US. It's actually not a bad rate, considering it's a vending machine. He only paid about $10 more then market value for that gold..
I am sure there are laws but technically couldn't you just go over there with your life savings buy up all the Gold in the vending machine and anywhere else given the exchange rate hope on a plan come back to America and sell it for a huge profit you probably double if not triple your savings..
2 meatbeat24 Your so retarded, gold has been used as currency for years and the civilisations whi have used had much better economies, no bullshit like recessions. Value of gold doesnt go down like paper money, some countries have thousand dollar notes which are worth pennies!.
even jesus can't stop you from being stupid. and for the record, research over conviction proves more trustworthy every time. take a stroll to the website and see what they actually offer in their vending machines. My source I've been to the same fucking one. It has a 250g Bar as the most expensive item available. go kill yourself to prevent more morons like yourself from populating this world. thanks..

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