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December 26, 2015

Comments about this video:
Man, I wish that people would leave their prejudices aside, laugh and visit each other in peace (not in pieces...!). Gabriel, great guy bringing people together through laughter. Greetings from Romania!. +Deema Saud Thanks for your comment, but may I ask you: why did you write that Do you personally know me Edit: Was your comment meant to be a joke Really:) Did I only get it now.
Same :) That's why I love Gabriel Iglesias and Maz Jobrani more because they don't use bad words in their shows so I can watch them with my family. I like Louis CK and Russell Peters too but I only watch them when I am alone..

That moment when you've watched enough of this guy to know exactly what he means when he says "DAYUM!".
There are only two American comedians that I like, Robin Williams and Gabriel Iglesias. On a side note, all the governments worldwide should send air condition units instead of military units to the Middle East, then perhaps we can have some fucking peace..
There are good and bad people everywhere. People who fail to understand this basic concept are dumbshit morons..

I visited Mecca once to do omrah and people were nice :) Love for my Saudi brothers and sisters in faith. from Russia. we know our country is bad and evil but don't forget that there are over 20 million muslim brother and sister here 😊 and the majority of us are against what Putin is doing in Syria. he's helping a tyrant and killing innocents not isis.
He is protecting the legitamate president of the Syrian Arab Republic. Thanks to him the situation in Syria became better Ok, your muslim friends in Russia may be against it. But never forget that the majority of Russians support the Russian president and his action and the majority of Syrians support him too and they supoort their leader whom you call a tyrant. Get your facts right. ~from a Syrian..
Saudi Arabia is the worst country ever and the root of all evil, I fucking HATE Arab piece of shits and all of their anti women laws and their oppression of women,gays, jews, literally EVERYONE who doesn't agree with their stone age mentality. Yeah you naive liberal fools fell for this video with very few normal Arabs but forget other 80% are fucked up..

You are just another stupid Arab. You can't get deported for 'being a bitch',I simply experience the evils of Arabia once I traveled there with my husband and we will NEVER come back. You Arabs are scum and oppress women and USA and Europe will not tolerate your bullshit anymore fuck off now..

I love Jeff Dunham and i love Fluffy! He probably is number one, but maybe it's because i found Jeff before Fluffy. Now what would have happened if i found Fluffy before Jeff....

Every thing he said is true and I got American Frd I gave him a hunting dog very expensive dog, just to let u kno in Middle East if u have something that's very nice for u or u like it too much and there is someone saw it and he say I like it, I have to say if u want u can have it . That's how we middle eastern ppl r nice we famous with hospitality..
اطردو مطاوعه بريدة اللي ينهفون وهم صغار ولاكبرو افتو من طيزهم والاجانب العرب اللي يسترزقون ويزرفون وويسخون البلد الهمج والسعودية تصير عسل... لان محد يجيب المشاكل الا هم والشعب السعودي بيرتاح!.
Thank you so much for sharing Gabriel. We love your shows. We see you in Spain in Netflix channel. Nosotros somos españoles y toda mi familia te ama..

Hey fluffy, someone just told me that your 'fluffy movie' did BAD in all areas of profit or in general not funny ,i haven't seen it yet but Say it ain't so fluffy...& that you ran out of 'funny juice' which is the reason your auditioning for Hollywood & making an eating show (-fluffy breaks even ) because you can't write jokes anymore. Say it ain't so... I can't reveal my source but he/she is legit..
runs out on stage in Riyadh. "Are you all sisters You sure, you all look alike. Faarken hahleerious. Glad I got to see him that time, although it was in the eastern province which sadly he forgot to mention..
Looool 😂😂😇😆😆😆😆. I m from Saudi Arabia... thanks ,,,,, you are really funny and has much information about saudi....

يا شباب في واحد يقول بنات السعودية مزز يا حيوان لا تحتك Dont i7tkak us اسم الولد dung ly يقول : (I'm Asian living in Australia, I interact with a (lot of Arab, Muslim... They are good people and btw middle eastern girl are so damn hot التكملة هذي حق اللي فوق.
Which is funny one Two Jews...enter a bar,NOT IN MY COUNTRY or there is skinny,fat,fluffy,huge,or DAMN. people tend to forget though that not all in saudi arabia is muslim. and muslim doesn't just live in saudi arabia. they're from all over the world. :p.
+freaker126 I'm Saudi, and all Saudi Arabia is Muslim. The non-muslims aren't Saudi citizens..

Everybody likes a good laugh. In Islam prophet Muhammad (pbuh) teaches us that we are to be rewarded by god if we smile in the face of another person or if we make him smile..
Fluffy your my second favorite comedian my first Jeff Dunham but I stopped watching him and I've been watching your videos and I have been listening to u on pandora my friends don't under stand when I start braking out laughing in study hall so they start laugh with me even tho they can't hear your jokes Bc I'm using head phones but when I tell them that I'm listening or watching your videos the instantly want me to unplug my head phones and watch your shows with me then we are sitting there in the middle of the cafeteria during study hall laughing and all the people around us just stares but we don't care we are just have a grate time watching your shows I live in the US in the state Ohio will you ever play in Cleveland Ohio I know Kevin hart did but I don't know if u ever did or if u will Bc I will be happy to convince my parents to go and take me.
I have ADD and Gabriel Iglesias is the only guy that keeps me so concentrated on his comedy.. He's such amazing storyteller..
I am from Saudi Arabia and there are good people and not so much the problem who travel outside the country Aekswon the country heard of Hama Luna angry and I am scent does not prevent the country Amana Luna directed Muslims thank God greetings Abdullah Hello.. Reach Anstaqram diner_s.
I laughed pretty hard at the beginning where he refers to downloading something as "hacking it"..
+Bata dorset stop being soo negative, is there a country that is completely good in every side Aside form that, who are you to judge.
Fox news is actually owned by Arabs. Prince Alwaleed bin Tala (the nephew of the leader of Saudi Arabia (King Abdullah)) owns the Fox News..
+Kiumars Irani The prince has about 2% of the channel income, but the rest is owned by the Jew guy Rupert Murdoch. Make some research MR Iranian.
+sam m Actually the Saudi Bastard Prince had 7% of the shares and was the second biggest shareholder of Fox news. He sold some of his shares this year after we exposed him on the internet..
Great show as always 😄😄😄. Gabriel/ mr. Fluffy speaks a language that everyone knows and that is humor and laughing and he is the best in it 👍🏻👍🏻. Your are man Fluffy! I enjoy your stand up n im thankful u give the show for free on You Tube that I went out my way to buy the DVD. Even that it's free for more of that reason. Keep on the great stand up.
So the Saudis are Hypocrites, because they have laws against this kind of shows, but even though they make it underground..

+Piontro Pechetrini NOT Saudis who put the law, it is the government. So this is not the citizens mistake :(.
+Carol Danvers You need to understand that Saudi Arabia is ruling the country by sharia law, which Islam, so it's a pure Islamic country. We believe strongly with our religious and it's our standard and like 90% of the people who are living here are following the same thing. You might think that we're wrong and ignorants. But we believe that God knows best so there's no point of the arguments. . +hemo1001 Sharia law is absurd,it's pure fascism and it's idiotic. You should be ashamed of yourself.. God.. only to passport-less Americans are these travel stories impressive. Oooo he went to Saudi Arabia...hes like Indiana fucking jones (nevermind thousands if not millions of foreigners live and work there). I live in suadia arabia, but i study English but i still know Arabian though I kinda talk Australlian English. +exotic amirah19 Who do you think you are fulling! Islam was centered to terrorize other klans so muhammad and his followers can get what he want of money, power and women. Explain to me Surat al Tauba 9:29. +Lukas Varelio there's more to it than what you think my freind read the verse after that it basically says ur only aloud to fight back in self defence and should not transgress because God does not like those. Saudi Arabia is bul shit sy with because all of the da sam people fuch Saudi Arabia I had people Arab bitch all. USA, France, rest of NATO and Russia should bomb Saudi Arabia until it is nothing but dust. That is the only way to end world terrorism.. nah fat guy eats alot of MAC 😂😂. stop eating MAC you fat ass, and stop making funny jokes about other countries you fat piece of shit. yo dude stop saying that..

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December 30, 2015
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December 24, 2015
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December 22, 2015
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December 31, 2015

Comments about this video:
why you guys are so jealous !! because we enjoy the life. I am not the type guy who is replying to the other whatever bad things they said. Just saying " WHY YOU JEALOUS" .
everyone seems happy for this news. but do now worry hatters saudi arabia has good saving. they will take from it to balance the budget. plans have been made to diversify the economy. so just you will never see this country die. it is good cause..

Saudis can handle it,they have one of the lowst production costs world wide...can others in the market do the same.
We buy tech not decision making. Fracturing is no match for conventional oil, higher cost, more complicated and cause underground water poising and many environmental issues. Now many shale producers are shutting down and can't make profit in current prices. And when it comes to gas reserves we are right behind the US but we don't produce that much now and our focus is on oil but we can if we want to. The whole world is pressuring saudi arabia to cut back mainly from US media as they are controlled by big oil companies and trying to scare the saudi to cave in and Russia also is much more damaged by the prices than saudi arabia as there economy already suffering from sanctions...we are fine with 50-40 $ for few years...we can take it. But you seem to disagree, only time will tell..
cause the middle East countries are wasting their oil reserves, they will sooner or later run out of supply, going bankrupt.
the world has to stop buying Saudi and gulf oil and have to buy oil from other parts like Texas and Mexican gulf and Canada's Alberta oil sands. a perfect way to getting oil to prevent a state sponsored terrorist state 'Saudi Arabia' from getting those oil revenues to use for state sponsored terrorism. an American report believes the Saudis funded 911. so really Saudi Arabia wants to commit terror attacks against the west especially by allowing them to be their sort of "friend" in buying their oil. it's good guys negotiating with bad guys for the bad guys to fool the good guys. another person that does that : Vladimir Putin and his Russia with their mafia blackmailing or extortion. +heylol33 American Unconventional oil/natural gas extraction will only improve... Gota Love American Cowboy capitalism... :).

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December 25, 2015
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December 20, 2015
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December 23, 2015
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January 1, 2016

Comments about this video:
Kind of sad that I consider myself lucky that I'll only be 20,000 dollars in debt when I graduate.. When I first heard of students in the US having to pay SO MUCH MONEY to go to college, I was shocked. My country made college/university free in the last few years, there is only a term fee of approx. 300$ now. And even when we had to pay study fees, there were only 600$ more to add which was affordable... And if you need financial help, you can get up to 700$ per month from the country and you only have to repay half of it after 5 years after your graduation... Dear USA, help your students and make college free. PLEASE..
+Dan C I think republicans are the bulk of the problem, but in a lot of cases democrats have been quite scummy as well. And I'm an athiest, the area I live in is actually very progressive, and coincidentally has the best state colleges/private college and public school systems in the country (shocker: SUPER liberal state/city). The thing about america is how wildly culture can vary from one state to another, when you journey towards the midwest/south you can find some INSANELY overly religious states that teach religion in biology classes. The most religious states in america are the conservative states, which also have the worst public schools, highest obesity rates, highest incarceration rates, higher than normal execution rates, etc..

I'm graduating in 2016. Between my loans and the loans my parents were kind enough to take out for me (because I have no credit), I will owe just under $50,000 dollars. For a single degree. And this generation isn't guaranteed a job after graduation..

+itt tech I bet your family have to demonstrate low income + net worth to qualify for that. .
Currently in Georgia, there is wonderful program called Move On When Ready (MOWR). This program was recently changed to allow high school students to take college classes in 9th grade for free (It used to be only 11th graders). Basically, a high school student could exit high school with a Bachelor's Degree. Before, you could only get an Associate's Degree, but now it's even better. But if you go to college after this, you have to pay student loans. So why can government pay for high school students to take college classes, but when they graduate they can't.
+theguyshadows Haha, I know nothing about LOL except that my students love it, and it's so obviously the BEST game that they just call it "the game" like it's the only one..
+Jaquelynn Gering Yeah, pretty much. Most played game in the world and I heard it was super popular over there, just like StarCraft used to be. It explains why they are the best at the game..
+Heinz Guderian Go to a trade school or take up an apprenticeship. In a sheet metal apprenticeship through a union, for example, you'll get paid during the apprenticeship, and you get a raise each year until you graduate. Around where I live, apprentices make about $21.00 an hour to start..
+Beowulf DW that is very true, and trades will never be outsourced. We will always need a plumber or an electrician or a carpenter.. Will somebody PLEASE tell me there are some vaguely sensible things going on in America I'm suffering a John Oliver overload!.
+Keyboard Dancers nope sorry we have managed to make health care a for profit thing, by privately owned businesses, and that's only people's lives, but for all they care if you can't pay for it you might as well be dead anyway..
So take out $50K to get a degree that won't guarantee you a job, and if you happen to get one out of college, you will be paying off your student loans, in addition to cost-of-living expenses (i.e. rent/mortgage, car and other miscellaneous expenses). So had you simply learned a trade or taken a paid internship straight out of high school, you would most likely be 4 years ahead of everyone else. Great system!!!! Gen X'ers that complain about this generation are the same people who are able to go to college (for much less $$) and virtually guaranteed a job. These are the same people pushing this crap today, all the while crying everyone is entitled. They are the most fucking entitled generation, living off the wave of wealth generated from wars during the 40's and 50's - and they haven't been able to duplicate the experiment. It's like a junky chasing that initial high. Final point - as John pointed out - these institutions have become profit centers. So take a page out of their book. Start your own business or trade school and charge people to attend and get certified..
+SFO14 Trades take a year or two to learn and also are not guaranteed a job. I have friends who went for trades (IE H-Vac) and had periods of unemployment after they got their trade degree. College degrees no doubt have a higher debt danger potential in many cases, but lets not act like trades are the end-all-be-all solution. "4 years ahead of everyone" is simply a croc..

+Summer in Euro Valid, but you completely disregarded my last John pointed out - these institutions have become profit centers. So take a page out of their book. Start your own business or trade school and charge people to attend and get certified So you can take a risk and work for yourself as an independent contractor (which isn't a huge risk if you become part of a union), or you can start your own small business. The overhead, depending on the industry can be much less than the college degree will cost you. Additionally, you could be entitled to federal grand money or funding to help with a startup. I didn't even mention the number of people who start college or university only to drop out. So you can go ahead and say it's all "simply a croc" or you can go out and try it for yourself. Being a Monday morning QB is easy when someone else is out there taking all the risks. I'm not saying it's a guarantee, but the economic system in the USA is setup to reward risk-takers. .
Go to community colleges. It will save you a ton of money. I will be transferring to 4 year school with an Associate in Engineering.. +BlueBirdMasquerade9 If you transfer in-State to a public university, it should not be a problem... all of my siblings went out of state and not everything transferred, but I transferred everything from my 2 1/3 years of Community College straight over to public University in the same State and had to do less than two years at University. In fact, so many of my classes transferred straight into my major that I actually had everything I needed to graduate except I was short by just a couple credits! I took weight training and an extra Spanish class- but if I'd planned ahead better I could have taken those at the Community College too.. My GF graduated on a for-profit university here in Europe. She paid around 15,000 USD in total. That's three zeroes, not four, so she paid the whole fee from a part-time job while studying. And people here still consider this school to be very expensive.. There's to types of Americans normal and smarter than normal but both mess up eventuly and some become even smarter I mean I suck at math but am good at reading because I read high school to collage level books in 7th grade but I feel stupid because I can't do basic math but some how I can do geometry so no don't unless you like tons of sugar and xl drinks..
In Finland you get student benefits $375 per month from the government to live on, max. $225 per month for accommodation and you are allowed to borrow low interest student loan up to $445 per month ($775 if you study abroad). And no study fees in Finland..
+CailieStar 445 dollar loan per month Living in boston, I know kids getting out of college with 100+ THOUSAND dollar debts.
Why is "the college experience" such a big deal for US If I want to do reckless stupid shit I wouldn't do it on institution terms, college is a place to learn and to surpass your own goals, that's it, if I want to get pissed and do some drugs I could go to fucking everywhere but college. I study in the best university of my country, I had to make an exam in order to get in, I had to compete against 140,000 other people in order to get a place in here. (my career had an acceptance ratio of less than 1%). But once I got in here I only have to pay 20 cents a year for tuition, and take as many classes as I want. College is not for everyone, It should only be for those who are committed to it..

I'm happy Oliver covered this topic greatly. However nothing will change no matter what. Everyone is still giving money to these problems..
+Hey Grace I FrEaKED out when he said that - I was like omg MCR, holy crap *violently sobbing. He didn't even say anything about it, but I went crazy..
Its started with good intentions gee let me see so you are poor and cant get education.. here take a credit.. Why didnt anyone at that time thought of something like.. I dont know.. Free education lol.

+Gavrane1 because that what " the poor socialist countries do" perish the thought of putting ppls needs before the opportunity to make money for gods knows how many years. as long as ppl need higher education there´s money to be made. it´s like being the only funeral director in a city. sooner or later, they´ll come..
Boo hoo you have some money to pay off So what most people do. Whether they went to university or not. ROTFL And in universities right now jumped up feminist students are more concerned about a rape culture and wage gap that doesn't exist Be more concerned about the debts you might be paying for the next 10 years not paranoid delusions of feminists who most likely come from well off families. And MOST OF ALL don't take useless subjects like 'women's studies'. They're worth as much as toilet paper.. We need to stop letting institutions (like check cashing stores) get huge before we go after them. Then they got so much money they now just lobby to keep their scam going. I mean Wall Street put the mafia out of business. Another thing they forgot is...some of those Colleges actually pay off companies to hire recent grads for a couple of months and then just shit can them after a month or so. Nice.
Im a wizard at Im offended by your comparison between for profit universities and our esteemed institution. muggle.
Hey LastWeekTonight do you think you could link the sources of the information used in the description of your videos. Even though I'm finishing my bachelor's in marketing, I was lucky enough to become a blackjack dealer. I make $55k/year working four days a week, 20 minute breaks every hour. At 23 I started making way more than any marketing job I could find. Good thing I don't have any debt because my degree is useless..
There's absolutely nothing wrong with being an electrician or a plumber, kids!!!!! One of the happiest people I know fixes air conditioners. He has no debt, owns a home, and a very decent vehicle. Avoid college!!!!.
This is further exasperated by the practice of selling the loans to other guarantors, who then sub-contract to a loan handler, who then sub-sub-contract out to debt collectors. Petition to John Oliver to STOP Private student loan to lower college tuition and stop fraud!
In my country, my education (IT engineering in a public university) will cost me about 3000 USD, I've heard even some universities over here help you to afford tuitions, so... at the end of the day, you'll owe them some money, but... not so much!.
Here is what I encountered when going through college (with my advice) - Not easy: 1. Start with a community college - They are much cheaper and, if I do say so myself, better as they are not focused solely on research. 2. "Top tier research universities" (impressive buzzword) are risky. in my experience, many of my university teachers were selected based upon their research abilities or tenure... which meant they struggled/were disinterested as teachers. Solution: I took to the internet to teach myself EVERYTHING. 3. PB & J and salad gives you most of the nutrients you need to survive - they're fairly cheap. 4. Familiarize yourself with public transportation.. Simple supply and demand: Too much people looking for an education, not enough new universities. If you want prices to drop, dont take a loan. Besides, why would so much people want a degree that doesnt get you anything.
"Millions of dollars in loans and grants goes unclaimed for every year because no one bothered to apply for it." I don't remember where i heard that, but i heard it and i thought "that's bullshit. people dont apply for it for a very good reason. cue Lewis Black style anger INTEREST!!!!!!!!!!!!" The fucking interest on these loans is so blasted fucking horrendous! If all we had to pay back was 20 grand, rather than 20 grand and another 20 grand in interest, there'd be a lot more people getting student loans..
makes me feel glad that the yearly anual fee in the netherlands for my medical school is only around 1500 euro.. When I graduated college with honors I was unemployed with a newborn and a four year old, a husband that that I was trying to get away from and a bill for over $900 a month for my student loans for three years of college. Now I'm struggling to help my son with his student debt even though mine hasn't been paid in full. There has to be a better way to get a basic education..
Here's a guide to graduate from college, with an education, a degree, and only a few thousand dollars worth of debt. Go to community college for a long as you can, it only costs about a thousand a year. Then go to a 4 year university for your final 2 or 3 years. And while you are doing that: WORK!!! I worked from 20-30 hours a week throughout my whole college life, got good grades, still had a social life and was apart of a lot of extracurricular activities. It's really not that hard, I'm sick and tired of hearing people complain, but you choose to go to a school that costs $30-$40 grand a year and you live on campus and you don't work! That explains why you have so much debt. And I should add I got a few scholarships, but that's because while everyone was out joking around in high school I was busy working my butt off. Did my parents help out They did, but only a little bit, I still paid for most of my college tuition, but that's because they love me and want me to get an education, if your family doesn't help you out, then they don't care about you enough to want you to have a better life. I still have student loans to pay off, but I make more money in one day then what my loans cost me in a month! I don't even have a job in my field and it's not the best paying. It'll take me a few years to pay it off, but I'm okay with that. Stop complain everybody and be smart with your money! College debt really isn't that bad, and I should add I'm coming from a low middle class family, never had much money in my life. So anyone coming from something better, shame on you if you can't handle it!.
+XLRAshon you're obviously neither good at english, math or general knowledge. First off, when talking about 40,000 I was thinking of diffeten UC's as examples, which shocker are californian state universities. Also, my cousin is studying to be a doctor at a state university in oregon and pays 60,000 a year. I on the other hand, am studying animation at a private school and pay 25,000 a year. Next, I said that in the best case scenario, you'd get a job right away and GET PAID 48,000, which you use to PAY OFF 5,000 a year at most. Also, anyone who has even a little amount of knowledge in math would immediately see that $48,000 x 30 years do not equal $110,000 dollars, but over $1,200,00. And yes, there are programms in state university that cost about 25,000 per year, but those are usually the programms that suffer from an overload of students, which means that 90% of the time, the quality of the classes go down.. +sheelaflower You have an insane idea of "halfway decent university." There are plenty of great university options for WAY less than that. My public, relatively low-cost university had a fantastic program for my major- one of the best in the country, actually. There is ZERO point in attending a fancy, expensive university when you're 18 and haven't even done any GURs or even decided your major, unless you've got a full-ride scholarship (or close to it.). will in Saudi arabia all the college are free and the student get 530$ dollars monthly salary ! how pretty cool is that. +‫سبحان الله‬‎ fuck off, I don't need you to tell me how much better your life is better than mine.
Why does this generation think people should take care of themselves and that they shouldn't be accountable..
Go to Europe except the U.K.. they love your money and you get a better education here than you do in the U.S..
Too bad it is not reported in the mainstream media that it was Bill Clinton and Hillary Clinton that changed the banking act and made student debt non dischargeible in bankruptcy to help the banks back in the 90's.

Try to save money during your college years. That way you can (hopefully) pay at least 1/3 or maybe even 2/3 of your debt..

i was in debt only 12 k, and then when i graduated couldnt find work anywhere and now my debt is over 50 k.
In Australia with a Bachelor and Masters degree Im 31k in debt BUT it is interest free, I can claim it on tax and I have forever to pay it off so I feel for Americans..

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December 28, 2015
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December 21, 2015
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December 27, 2015
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December 19, 2015

Comments about this video:
+Even.Ways Music hahahaha your comment reminds me of a tv show "it's always sunny in Philadelphia" when the gang decides to stock oil for future profits..
+Mr. A أحسبك يا بن الحرام أجنبي وتكلم معي ب ادب مثل ماتكلمت مع الخواجات لا بوك لا أبو قحبة ولدتك.
+firefox3249 inefficient now bcos is in crawling level, wait when green tech start to walk by itself.
+Redsiput We'll have exhausted our oil reserves by then. I think we seriously should consider the potential of nuclear power..

What a shitty video, completely ignoring the fact that Saudi Arabia is engaged in two wars (yemen and Syria) draining enormous amount of Money from their budget and they ALREADY have tapped into their reserves. It's an issue that many in Royal family have complained, some have even gone as far to say the new king should toppled. Anyhow, this shitty video doesn't take anything into consideration. Video done by retards for retards..

"Good, let them have this bankruptcy. They deserve it." You say, but do remember that the ones who are hit by economic recessions are rarely the rich so the ones who "deserve it" won't be getting it..

+camander red im not saudi and although you may disagree with their policies it is absolutely non of your business.

it won't get bankrupt, because Saudi Arabia use the Oil money into making industries that are going (hopefully) to cover up the Saudi oil income, and one of them (currently working on) is a global solar panels (or something like that, not sure) that can provide the world with power..
What you don't know about Saudi Arabia is the country actually building a seven huge economic Cities right now,and expected to be ready in 2017 And Saudi will be an open market to the world, by that time they wouldn't care much about cash. and they lower the prices to hurt green cars by making it cheaper than green energy and electric cars, they are bastards, all the players in the oil industry are dirty bastards. +SharpElite1991 It will happen eventually. In 1975 the percentage of Saudisation was almost 95% of all jobs. if it wasn't for the greedy elite who wanted 'profit' as fast as possible it would have been the norm already. Importing workers (cheap labor) only serves a small fraction of the population in the long run.. +Hafsa Miah your muslim brother staying in Saudi Arabia says I have said the truth.. corroborate the fact with him.
+The Realest Somali There's a good location now available nextdoor to the Sheikh Yerbouti nightclub..
ISIS was created by the USA: ISIS is run by APARTHEID israel Mossad jew: People have been saying Saudi Arabia is going to go bankrupt for the past 30 years. When are they going to go bankrupt this is just propaganda to make Saudi Arabia weak.. +Trolololol !!! Like I said, you need an education to get a job, which will get you money. People, get educations so they can get jobs. Saudis, already have money, therefore, don't try very hard at school. Education=Money .
+Heater64k It is amazing that the flag of a country, in this case Saudi Arabia is being discussed. May I ask; what is the real purpose of this posting Saudi Arabia is one of the 60 countries with Muslim majorities and spiritually may claim to represent Islam but politically and militarily, it is insignificant. Historically some countries use sword as a symbol of power and strength and only wield it to defend the land. Sword was the common weapon in Asia – China, Japan and India, Middle East and Europe. 17 countries in Europe have a CROSS-in their flags, including all Scandinavian lands and neutral Switzerland. Crusaders used the same cross as a symbol of Christian armies marching to take over the Holy land. Does it mean that these countries still believe in the crusades and killing of innocent Muslim children’s and women as the crusaders did.

I hope so! Their evil government needs to be toppled. I have met many Saudis when living and working in Dubai and Bahrain, so I can assure you that they are human beings... rather than the subhuman scum that their backward and evil government makes them out to be. If they just had a chance, then they would be able to function like modern humans along with the rest of the world. They just need to get rid of their oppressive government and wicked religious fanaticism..
+Robert Rodgers Finally, sane comment, not trying to dehumanizing us and knows exactly what is the issue here. I'm afraid it won't happen, even if it is going to happen, the political weather in middle east won't allow us to build modern country. Iran, Turkey are all waiting for this monarchy to fall down so they can take 'part of the cake'. +Intergalactic Nomad Thank You! Given that I do indeed like many wonderful Saudi people, who I had the pleasure of meeting when living in Bahrain and Dubai, I want things to get better for them. But! Sadly, you are correct. The world needs to come together to help them, rather than continue allowing the average Saudi citizens to be hurt. If my friends from Dubai & Bahrain had a choice, then they would help them. .
شكرا لآل سعود على عدم توفير تنمية مستدامة واقتصاد حقيقي ومصادر منوعة للدخل. ثمانين سنة والنفط يصب فوق رؤوسنا واخرتها اذا طاح النفط طاحت السعودية وراه وهذا يدل على أن من كان يحكم البلاد عصابة تسرق مقدرات الوطن وتبيعها عبثا بدون وجود توفير اقتصاد حقيقي..
+‫وعي إلى مالانهاية‬‎ فعلا أضف إلى ذلك بأن سياستهم في دعم أمريكا بحربها الباردة مع روسيا بافغانستان ضرت السعودية داخليا بتعطيل التنمية وتقوية التيار الديني الي يحاول قدر المستطاع استغفال الناس وعمل حضار ثقافي عليهم وايضا ضرت بسمعة البلد كواحدة من البلدان المصدرة للارهاب رغم ان من صنع القاعدة هم الامريكان لكن لا يمكن توجيه الاتهامات لهم الحكومة السعودية تبعت أمريكا في كل شيء الان واخذوهم لحم ورموهم عظم والمواطن السعودي العادي يدفع ثمن كل هذا أغبياء بمعنى الكلمة.. +‫وعي إلى مالانهاية‬‎ فعلا أضف إلى ذلك بأن سياستهم في دعم أمريكا بحربها الباردة مع روسيا بافغانستان ضرت السعودية داخليا بتعطيل التنمية وتقوية التيار الديني الي يحاول قدر المستطاع استغفال الناس وعمل حضار ثقافي عليهم وايضا ضرت بسمعة البلد كواحدة من البلدان المصدرة للارهاب رغم ان من صنع القاعدة هم الامريكان لكن لا يمكن توجيه الاتهامات لهم الحكومة السعودية تبعت أمريكا في كل شيء الان واخذوهم لحم ورموهم عظم والمواطن السعودي العادي يدفع ثمن كل هذا أغبياء بمعنى الكلمة..
+The Rarest Pepe Good work, Comrade: we need to distract the world's attention from Russia invading Ukraine, Syria, Georgia, Azerbaijan, Moldova, and whatever it is we're doing in the Baltic States and Scandinavia..
lol bankrupt we don't even have a debt saudi arabia gives billions to help out other arabs country if don't know. +Saan X وهذا الشي لازم يتوقف تماما.. لان الي يلاحظ التعليقات يشوف كيف "الاخوان" العرب يحبونا مرة ويتمنون لنا الخير (سخرية). i wouldn't call you idiots, but 80% of the published income, true. But saudi arabia's GDP isn't just 800 billion, its estimated to be around 2.1 trillion Remember that 4 million people goes to Hajj yearly, and 60 million to Ummrah over the whole year, Lets say on average, they will pay only $500 to the government each, thats almost 3 trillion alone :). Saudi Arabia is the best place to live in the earth,simple life, no bar no liquor ,no gambling ,fresh and natural food ,zero crimes, no rape people's live with respect, what' els u want in life i wish I could live there all my life, one more thing never saw Saudis are getting sick ,they have the best hospital but mostly empty only foreigners patients very few Saudis ,hog bless them,. +Khalid Masood Saudi Arabia best place to live Do you even Australia Do you even Canada Do you even Scandinavia. As an arab muslim, i find this news good, i hope the rest of the middle east rids of their shitty kings/dictatorship.
+rore m افلاس دولة لا يعني انه الناس تموت لكن يعني انه الدولة راح تقترض من الخارج مثل اليونان وراح تصبح عبدة للدول الدائنة.
+Ahmed AL mudhi I just don't see the reasoning with people drawing Islam with terrorism. Most people become radical since they don't like the status quo. Most terrorist groups (e.g. ISIS) started in places like Iraq/Syria where the status quo isn't good..
+General Grievous Nah, Islamic republic of Iran could become a second Saudi Arabia if sanctions are lifted..

woah !! there is so much hate against us. what the hell world all this hate because we choose to live a different life style than the rest of the globe and you people wonder why terrorists attack you. I'm ordinary Saudi citizens and all those pricks in the comment are wishing me warfare and hardship the fuck did I do to you.
+Ranger55Delta By the way, you are the ones who supported and funded Al Qaeda, in the first place, this is a historical fact you cant deny this. And because of your foolish politics in Iraq ISIS became a STATE. You should blame your politicians. Karma is real my friend and you should suffer for what you did to other nations.. يا مسلمون ياعرب ياسعوديين لاداعي لقراءت الكومنتات كميه الحقد الغير طبيعية غير مستغربه نعلم اننا سنعود للماء والتمر وعلى استعداد ان نرجع لماضي الاجداد ولكن ان لاتهان كرامتنا وسيبقى البترول في نهايه المطاف الشي الوحيد الذي اجبر الغرب على السجود والركوع لنا ! ليحفظكم الله ويرعاكم وليخسىء الخاسئون.
+jack chen you see that's why so many Muslims don't like the west, because of this Hate messages,,, and jealousy,, when did Saudi hurt you before what you will gain if you will see Muslims suffering nothing. Just chill out and try to stay cool, nothing deserve to be hated except hate itself..

+MegaFoxboy For being such a religious arsehole and also for being the de facto leader of the OPEC oil cartel..
Listen to the start of this video. These are facts released by the International Monetary Fund. Not to mention, Saudi Arabia already dipped into $70 billion of its reserves.. So you are saying that one of the richest countries in the world who have a large amount of oil is going bankrupt The US and Canada spent 10 times more money to extract their oil from rocks and mountains They won't go so far without easy saudi oil . +احمد القرشي The 1970's were a far different time, with far different technology and different oil consumption habits. The US wasn't able to be self-sufficient then, but it could today. US can produce oil at a profit at $30 a barrel. While oil could go below that price, it can't for long because even though other OPEC countries can produce it cheaper, the transportation costs chip away at profitability. Speed and power are not really an issue for 99%+ of consumers. As long as electric cars can get comparable accelerations and top speeds to typical ICE vehicles, people are fine switching over. Very few people care about whether their car can hit 200mph when they only drive to and from work at 20mph in rush hour. The only problem EVs have today is economies of scale.. +احمد القرشي 1970's was a different time. Most people probably didn't even know what the word renewable energy meant. The US in 2020's can most definitely become self sufficient. It's just a matter of time. Releasing the patent is a huge step in the right direction. Now the technology is available to the private sector, it can only get better. Give it 10-20 years and you will be seeing better iterations of the engine every year..
+dabigisland1 Titanium dioxide for solar panels isn't that clean for the environment. Other clean alternatives are nuclear power plants based on thorium and liquid salts or burn fuel created by the photosynthesis from algæ..

As a Saudi, I just can't understand why you guys hate us so do you expect muslims and Arabs to have a favorable view toward the West/US when all we see is demonizing statements of our countries...its like you guys are demanding us to like you while you dump on us...

+Ahmed AL mudhi christians and on the west civilization just finished granting gay marriage to its gay citizens, you're still deliberating on whether to execute them or put them in jail.nice fucking try :) the only way christians can relate to you is if you went back in time to the 15th century..
+Paul Adonia You're the hateful here. And you're spewing too much generalizations over millions of Saudis. Try to justify your hatred as much as you can, find all kinds of excuses, still hate is hate. I can hate you for many things done by your elite in the middle east but I don't do that. I don't think she\he was asking for 'special' rights all what she is saying is why the hate I don't see the point in hating, more than anything we need love in this world. Btw, I'm Saudi, non-religious and I don't want someone like you to 'defend' me as minority. No body is 'blowing' up mosques except for terrorists and they don't make up the majority of Saudis contrary to popular belief, in fact we fight them too..
Saudi Arabia is in a good shape and will be for many years to come, Span, France and UK have been through economic crisis no one named them as bankruptcy !! When Greece economy totally bankrupted and collapsed the media called it a "Crisis". But when the price of oil dropped 50% they call it bankruptcy of Saudi Arabia !! Really Why don't you look to the whole picture and see what did that cause to Iran and Russia and how did that stopped Iraqi regime to be able to finance the dictator of Damascus. Because the price of Oil was over 100$ for some years Iran was able to be aggressive. So it's good for the world and for GCC to have the price of Oil around 50$ for at least 2 years, loose some win a lot. We will win the new Iranian revolution against the dirty Mullahs of Tehran. Don't you know that Russia balanced its budget at 95$ a barrel and Iran at 128$ a barrel Saudi can survive at 15 for many years because the budget of Saudi Arabia has so much fat on it, like the subsidies, etc..

+Danny Niklauski You got me with that retort. No one chooses to go to Russia. The people there are awful, infrastructure is awful, the sociopolitical climate is awful. The place is a joke. The things you will see there are straight out of a cartoon.

"Well, I think Russian's cool." {NSA camera emerges out of toaster} "Oh, I mean...'MURICA, heck yeah!" {Camera goes back inside toaster} "Are they gone".
lol, i did not read the comments yet, but i bet everyone is saying i hope they do. we produce the cheapest most clean oil in the world. we ain't gonna go bankrupt. no matter how much you wish..
+Nolan Thiessen clean in oil terms mean that it does not have anything mixed with it. like gases. Countries that take Saudi oil don't have to pay for the process of purifying the oil, and it is cheap. that's why we are one of the best although we are the second main source of oil, yet ours is the best..

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November 30, 2015

Comments about this video:

Lack of confidence is already underway. Countries are changing their trading methods. Oil is being sold for different currencies. Nobody trusts the U.S..
There is no way in hell that you are going to convince me he is a good man. I think he may even be worse than Bush/Cheney. But that is my opinion. Don't get me wrong they were both horrible presidents. But moving right along, Lame duck. Who do you think should be next .
+boum62 - Hmm, yeah. Just went on to goldprice dot org, and clicked 20 years for gold & silver prices - doesn't look like it's going in the right direction for me just yet!.

Unfortunately, the US gov. betrayed all of its allies except Israel. Even Europe by spying on ally countries Like Germany and Britain..

+Jason C. Waite Sure there what Gold is unique, for many up on why gold has been a store of wealth- and still is- for 1000s of years...Central banks all over the world dont store copper, wheat, or iron ore...they store gold. Think about it..
The fed has printed 4 trillion and put that into circulation within the US economy. Foriegn investors are invested to the tune of 6 trillion. The US is 164 trillion in Debt-(state, local, federal and personal households; with unfunded liabilities) with assets of 116 trillion. The US alone has collateralized debt obligations of 436 trillion, as of june of 2015 CDO's were 750 trillion. When this bubble pops the US will be completely bankrupt and unfortunately we will be ripe for a take over which may spawn WW3 :((((( If you want to know where I get my figures go to; yes it is a bunch of bubbles with numbers going up and down but this is a snapshot of the finance's of the US as a whole, you, me, the neighbor and the governments of the US.. What about the Alchemical production of gold in reactors and the likeliness of vast amounts of gold being found by large scale mining operations. America military/government will react before they allow another currency to destroy the dollar, i.e. Gaddafi..
"I am a most unhappy man. I have unwittingly ruined my country. A great industrial nation is controlled by its system of credit. Our system of credit is concentrated. The growth of the nation, therefore, and all our activities are in the hands of a few men. We have come to be one of the worst ruled, one of the most completely controlled and dominated Governments in the civilized world no longer a Government by free opinion, no longer a Government by conviction and the vote of the majority, but a Government by the opinion and duress of a small group of dominant men." -Woodrow Wilson after signing the 1913 Federal Reserve Act.
That would be nice if it were true! So far US still continue to lick Saudis 2 ss and practicing it's bloody foreign policy.. I do not understand why these guys say that gold will reach 7000 8000 50000 it will not it will not Gold areca tipping point where it cannot be had regardless of the Federal Reserve notes chasing it people will not sell it in order for gold to be priced it must be sold your will not be sold ever reach a price or people will hang on to it and will not be sold in the dollar fails no one will sell their gold when the dollar fails the dollar will be priced with SD are going to be priced in SDR do not do not do not fall for SDR crap bullshit that is the same racket Boulder reach $2,200 I believe that will be the tipping point. +Antipodean33 they got libya's oil now for the next 1-2 decades to use and afghanistan for the next gen. electric cars and other shit they will invent..
Yes, I see you put your shit on Saudis. Saudis will go along with their real alliance ( Arabs states). The world story has yet shifted for ever. The oil price will be 300 full of courante of gold per one..
This guy has a fraudulent resume. The CIA does not concur that he was an "asymmetric warfare advisor" to ANYONE. If he really IS that much of an insider, why should we trust him.
something about 700+ military bases, spanning every continent makes me believe that it wont be easy for the world to abandon the dollar. no none gives up reserve status without a fight..

There is always a bigger picture than one thinks.The USA has a space fleet. Look up Gary Mckinnon and what he found on Nasa and US space command. Most nations know of this and will always back USA and whatever we do or say. Including taking are dollars. The next bigger picture will come out one day..
we deserve what is coming,,,,,we are in deep sh1t!!!!!,,,,,we are in a worse situation than Greece,,,,,the greed of Wall Street,Washington and the British is the reason why the world is in such a mess,,,,,,we caused all these financial woes around the world simply out of greed,,,,,,how the hell can the gears and mechanisms of the worlds economies work when CEO`s earn as much as a thousand employees,,,,,collectively accumulating billions of dollars maybe even trillions,far more than they ever can spend,,,,,this money then sits in their investment accounts,doing absolutely nothing,while the rest of us mere mortals have to fight,day in and day out (also known as "the rat race") to accumulate just enough dollars to feed and cloth our families.I say, well done and fair played to anyone who reaches the top or is successful at any trait ,,,,,but there has to be a happy medium,,,,,enough is enough,,,,,for our money system to work,it has to be circulated from person to person,,,i.e,,,,what goes around,comes around,,,,,we have to go into debt (which has caused untold misery to millions of people from all walks of life) just to purchase simple things nowadays ,,,,,while the elites have billions locked up in their accounts,,,,,,,,,it just aint right!!!!. America have basically just taken out the third man. Now that the US has enough oil to sell, all the worlds currencies will have to pay in dollars anyway. So it's still going to remain the reserve currency, it's not going to lose it's status as a reserve currency. Countries will still have to buy dollars and when usually foreigners bought treasuries in those dollars they bought. But the problem is, the US government has spent the money that the foreigners gave them for those treasuries, they've spent it. The US treasury has printed money (in the form of a policy called quantitative easing) to give back that money that the US Government spent, when those oil countries all bought treasuries. It's similar to a money market. But only now that those countries wanted payment, the US didn't have it. So they said, "We're no longer going to buy fucking treasuries. For what! Fuck you and your dollars, we're now going to accept other currencies as payment for oil and we're not going to buy your treasuries. Then the US said, fuck you, we're going to invade, told the CIA to give them a reason to fake an invasion so that they could go in and pillage. The US used it's superior war machine to pulled off armed robberies on a grand scale, terrorising an entire country, while all the other countries cheered them on and yelled for their demise as the US committed a robbery worth trillions and trillions, not to mention all the tax dollars they siphoned off into their war machine. Quantitative easing has basically been about paying back foreigners for the treasuries they bought. Now, those countries that where invaded, they got given certificates for all those treasuries that they bought in America. When those countries fell, the first thing the US did was to secure it's Government or State bank, where gold, treasury certificates and currency in large stacks are stored. In the meantime, on mainstream media, we were shown pictures of a statue of Sadam Hussein falling while the National bank was being robbed. I've seen pics of troops loading tankers with gold. Now if they found the gold, they also found the treasury certificates. With those certificates stolen during the coarse of war, somebody is cashing those in. Money is being laundered through the treasury, to pay for treasury certificates, cashed in by who ever organised the looting of Iraq, Libya... Syria and Iran (still to come). Now, these countries have been buying treasury certificates, in return the US got their dollars, which they borrowed and spent. The US is wiping out it's major debtors, whom they can't repay, stolen their oil and redirected those flows, stolen their gold and their cash and treasury certificates, which could be worth as much as 2 trillion dollars and the 2 trillions just for treasury certificates. That's just one country... how many countries have they invaded. Now, no doubt the higher ups are getting all this loot and it is immense. Trillions and trillions. Wouw, I see how it all fits in now. Thanks Rickets! Now, if I think further, it doesn't end well. I see why they're quietly arming and militarising the police. They just can't believe nobodies figured all this out yet. And if you think about all those who are involved at the top, wouw, it's an immense network of people working together to profit off of war. The bounty is unbelievable. I see why a couple of million lives wouldn't matter. But, because of the organisation, the complicity, it's a major conspiracy, where war is a racket and a con, to rob nations and plunder trillions. It would set up dynasties and bloodlines for cernturies and give you immense power. Now, this is done in collusion with banks and the US military airforce, flying boxes and crates in unchecked by the Airforce into pretty much any country the US has a base in and a couple of generals running ops on delivering gold and money via truck or whatever into the US and other countries under the guise of security clearances and the like. And it wouldn't be seen by anyone until it's delivered to it's intended destination, which are the major bullion banks, who trade gold on behalf of the government. So the banks, which own the majority of the military industrial complex, in bed with the CIA and US Airforce, have managed to instigate wars (through the CIA and false 911 attacks), created a war, where they've stolen everything I mentioned previously, killed the owners of the treasury bonds, taken the cash themselves, which consist of trillions and the gold bars, billions. And cashed those treasuries in, which they've paid for with quantitative easing, killed the true measure of measuring inflation in the economy, in order to hide them stuffing their new dollars into the economy. Because a major injection like that would cause inflation and they try to tell us that they're measuring inflation but, whatever it is, it's not inflation, inflation is much higher. The elites have this money tucked away in bank accounts that don't exist, nobody at the bank knows about them, except a few. These dark pools of cash, is illicit money from these operations slushing around the scenes trying to become legitimate. Dark pools don't get legislated against because, they know what it is... Well now, if that ain't accurate, it's certainly going to make a damn good screenplay. The elites are completely rotten and we will eat their offspring and destroy your lineages and destroy their statues and wipe them completely clean from the history books. Yeah, definitely a script coming. haha.
+Pete Burns Very Dark. Let me know when the movie comes out. I will get the shotgun and the popcorn ready..

+Nut Finder because they sell their oil for dollars which keeps united states economy up. Your country depends on 3rd world countries selling their natural resources for dollars, blame Henry Kissinger..

Great analogy Jim, A roach hotel, I look at it like this... the FED blows up a bubble that stretches markets out of their natural form and then the FED blows money into the collapsing bubble hoping that the economy can catch up to the distorted bubble and fill in the economic gap created by the bubble... all of this benefits the FED and the banks which own it....
This lawyer needs to understand international and monetary economics better. For example, if you apply his rationale to Japan you can see that it's ability to borrow at low rates is not affected by the fact that the Yen is not a reserve currency. This is despite Japan having a falling population for the past few years, a decade of low returns to holders of financial assets and a debt to GDP ratio that is far in excess of what is in the USA or most other developed economies. You can borrow in your own currency even if yours isn't the reserve currency. If your currency isn't pegged to another you cannot be forced to default on debt issued in your own currency (you just pay in new debt or cash denominated in your own currency) and are not forced to hold other currencies as reserves. What adjusts is your exchange rate, not your interest rate. The other example that he gives earlier in the interview shows that he doesn't understand that Savings - Investment = Exports - Imports For example, if China exports more than it imports, then the right hand side of the equation is positive. Therefore, it has to save more than it invests internally, i.e. it has to invest it's savings abroad and have net outflows of capital. That's why they have been buying US assets. They can only pay for these assets in dollars. This is basic economics. You cannot be both a net exporter of goods and a net importer of capital. This is compounded by the fact that they want to maintain a certain exchange rate. He is either misinformed, a charlatan, or both..
People who prepare for the worst will be just fine. Those in denial won't survive, and will be shocked when the shit hits the fan..

One world currency is the aim because then the rulers of the world will be able to control every economy in the world to their liking by lending their own counterfeit money to the banks of the world which will eventually be unified into one monopolistic bank with regional powers for dispensing the one world currency. There will be no need for interest on money to be paid because there will be no place to invest the excess money. Power will be absolute and the rulers will make or break the regions in the world which they prefer or want to reduce or even eliminate. The new world order will be able to be as corrupt as it wants and population control will be high on the agenda before the world destroys all wilderness areas which are the safety net for human civilization if the domestic food supply is made unhealthy and unfit for human consumption with toxic chemicals or too much pollution..
+Uldis Sprogis At the end of the day, its just paper, like money, just words for control. The real power comes at the end of a gun. The real enemy is forced taxation on citizens (people). Have a good look at what centralized power has gotten us so far. Jobs exported to the lowest wages, a populous that is almost brain dead, a police state that is unchecked by the media and a level of apathy that will tacitly condone it all while happily eating burgers while drunk watching sports. So, further centralization is the answer. When the doc tells me that the cancerous lung has to be removed, I reluctantly agree knowing that it is the only choice I have. These guys are the problem. We want to take sides, so we either point a finger at the banksters, or the democrats or OPEC. The reality of who the teams are is that all those are on the same team. It is actually the wealthy investor class versus the commoners. This guy is speaking as an investor which means precisely nothing to me. I live paycheck to paycheck and barely survive. I am not concerned about preserving my wealth through the upcoming transition; I am concerned about being able to buy enough food to stay alive. Watching all these intellectuals crawling all over each other like a bunch of ants on a turd is the problem. The enemy is the greed in the hearts of men. They become educated on how to suck more money out of the system, than can a simple hourly Joe like me. The next thing you know, there is only 0.001% of the world that owns 60% of the world's wealth and we all have to be servants to them. I have witnessed businesses 'going out of business' which really means that they print new business cards, stationary and change the names on their bank accounts. The rich owners are still the rich owners, they just tell us that something has changed when nothing has changed and we all Hurrah, Long Live the King. There is no way to stop this other than to change the heart of mankind. As long as greed exists, there will be an elite ruling class that owns everything and the rest of us will be their servants, living by their rules.. +Troy F Can you feed yourself yet That is important. If you can't can you trade a service for food Can you trade a good that you produce for food These are things we have collectively forgotten and they are too important to forget..
This science rocket is so brainwashed that he actually believes these paper dollars have real value. The american people are learning that they really don't. Quite to the contrary, they represent debt. Debt that can never be paid back because the scam was rigged from the beginning so it is impossible to be paid off. Everlasting financial bondage is what they represent. Here is an example that what I say is true. Let's say I print a number on ten pieces of paper. Then I loan you the ten pieces of paper with the requirement that you give me back eleven. Where is the other one piece of paper going to come from if it doesn't exist If I print it myself they will lock me up in jail so it has to come from them and they only printed ten. The debt is impossible to pay back because they didn't print money to account for the interest and the principal. The game is rigged. It has been from the beginning and the house of cards is now poised to fall. They can now print as much as they want and use the interest to buy things that have real value like gold, real estate, water rights, ect... That is fraud and theft on a grand scale.The private banksters unduly influenced our congress to allow us all to be put into financial bondage a long time before most of us were even born. When the dollar reaches it true value it will be cheaper to burn them to keep warm than to buy firewood. Thomas was a wise statesman who once said" Paper money is not money, but the ghost of money". Haven't we been fooled long enough We need a congress that has the wisdom to use the power the constitution gave them to create a national currency backed by gold and silver. this currency will have true value and the people will no longer have to pay interest on worthless paper..
Saudi and USA will never go against each other because they both r killers they both creates terrorist they both lick each other ass for their own benefit they both want to rule middle east till the oil ends. I don't disagree with their analysis but I believe the truth lies somewhere between what these guys say vs Krugman. They stand to profit on pushing gold. This video is brilliant. The panic of 1837 in America is an example of what a lack of confidence in paper currency looks like. This was a bad depression..
Islamic interest-free banking is unworkable because there is no honest fee-for-service pay to the workers making loans available. There is payroll to meet in regulating and distributing money. When "government" starts working for free (or salary) transacting loans, watch out! A workmen is worthy of the hired labor involved in making money available. That must be controlled with fee-for-service or it spirals away!.

investing what a joke - in a world of rigged markets and mafia banksters - investment is a sick joke - if you want to do anything other than day trade in today's market - you are not an investor - never an investor - you are a fool - all thanks to the globalist pieces of garbage that have ruined capitalism - destroyed markets - all so they could steal everything not tied down .
This statement about deflation is exactly what is happening. The assumption made by may is that CPI is a measure of inflation which is not the situation in the USA today and has not been for at least since 2008 or earlier. It is evident and has been for that time since earlier than 2008 and maybe since the late 1990's that prices of many products have fallen greatly. Prices of motor vehicles, manufactured products such as computers and other communications equipment along with international transport and many other items have fallen by the pressure of the expansion of Asian countries and the economies of scale that result in incresed sales making unit costs lower have resulted. This should have been reflected in lower CPI or a drop in CPI to negative levels. One only has to look at the expansion of trade to see that. Shipping volumes for containerised cargo and bulk cargoes as well as air cargo have had big increases despite the crisies of the tech. bubble and other issues like conflicts in the middle east and elsewhere. Where there are trade increases historically there are benefits to each and every party involved. What has also happened is the massive increases of money supply in many countries have counteracted what otherwise would have been price price drops which would drag the CPI down. The USA has expanded it's money supply and a great quantity of the money has gone into it's stock prices. The problem is that the price to earnings ratios are nowhere near what they should be for a good return comapred to other countries' stock prices. When these prices fall to a realist level as a result of interest rates rising there will be an avalanche of selling. The other factor in the USA is the fall in manufacturing has added pressure to intertal social security costs and made governmnet budget blowouts bigger. This has put pressure on the dollar itself. Bi lateral trade agreements between and in Asia and South Pacific which have only really come to fruition in the last ten years will impact adversely on the dollar since no longer will it be necessary for US dollars to be refered to or be part of the payment mechanism in transport shipping costs by air or sea like it was previously. The biggest mistake with the dollar has been government and Fed policy. The same mistake as was made in the 1930's is being repeated. Then the government contributed to failing banks by not allowing them to borrow more and by confiscating gold then closing the Fed doors and then re sold it to people several years later for a lot more. Now they are swinging the other way by believing they can expand every bank's ability to lend without allowing some to fail and pushing the dollar price down so far that it can be borrowed by some for no interest. One has to ask that if the US dollar can be borrowed for nothing and the interest rate for a currency has often been referred to as the "price of money" then the US dollar is worth nothing since the Fed is issuing them for nothing !! But all that is subservient to the erroneous belief that politicians know what the economy needs and can deal with issues they have no knowledge about or wothwhile experience with. This is backed by people's belief that government and policians know what is right and can produce wealth when Nothing could be further than the truth !! ..
+herr direktor Try to space that a bit for us Fritz. That is a big read all in one sentence. But yeah I concur. And I believe the dirty 30's will be viewed as the good old days next to what is coming..

+Rob Mews One of my stategies is to avoid US treasuries and Bonds investments expressed in US dollars and move to real asset backed investments. They are not always easy to find. Be defensive intitially but be aware that there will be an upturn in real asset prices sooner or later. If you are tied to currencies or curency denominated paper investments you are very likely to lose out..

What rubbish. Your theory is nonsense. CPI is being lied about and the true inflation is not captured in the inflation numbers. You then point too alll the money that you've printed and then say, "See, that would have been inflationary but it hasn't been because of the deflation," well that's bullshit, because if you weren't lying about the CPI numbers, there would be inflation. And so you keep ingeniously saying, "see, so we have to keep printing money." You guys are working a sophisticated robbery on the nation through inflation. You create inflation with money printing, lie about the CPI numbers to show that there's no inflation and then blame the lack of inflation on deflation (which doesn't exist) except here and there. In the meantime, you rig the CPI figures, keep printing money and spend it, while pretending, it's good for you, imagine if we didn't do it. Fucking scoundrels!.
I wish the USA would end the alliance with Saudi Arabia and other murderous islamic states such as Turkey. May the good people of the USA regain control of your country, ally with Christian Russia (they are not communist anymore), and begin the process of removing islam from the world once and for all, starting with the 2 most evil nations: Turkey and Saudi Arabia - exterminators of Christians, murderers of indigenous populations, enemies of freedom of speech and human rights. . +Maximus Confese Waking the sleeping giant will be the end of you cross worshiping faggots and jewish and shia friends don't the underestimate the power of god and his people.
+Maximus Confese when the shit hit the fan modern weapons will not be effective you will have to fight with swords like a real man.
The question at 9.00 is why we have not seen a lot of inflation on the ground. That is because the inflation measured by CPI does not take into account Asset prices. Ther has beeen a lot of inflation in Asset prices as witnessed by the large rise in share prices over the last 6 years with corresponding incresed returns. This means increased prices of productive goods in the economy which means the cost of replacing those productive goods will be higher which itself translates into higher costs for the goods and services that are produced. Nothing can change that except greater productivity through increased efficiencies but incresed efficiencies have seldom or never happened at the rate required to match this rise. .
+croc adile So you are happy to take whatever comes but you have not considered in this statement that others may be the victims of poor policy and the selfish behavior of politicians who are so often just interested in what is good for them at the time..

Obama is destroying the USA on every level and every front. It's sad he's still the acting President. A dangerous, delusional man with an insane vision of what the world should be....
WE DO NOT HAVE A RESERVE CURRENCY. Our currency is created by debt. It has nothing to do with Savings, Our reserve currency is created out of thin air to profit the bankers. It is about the advantage of Usury..
Rickards is a charlatan, he runs in the same pack with hundreds of charlatans and snake oil salesmen. Rogers, Faber, Schiff, Keiser, Jones, Roberts, Maloni, Gerald S, King World News, Zero Hedge, Burning Platform, MSNBC, CNBC etc etc. they are all in on the game. Fear Fear Fear, buy gold buy gold the banks are going under, the country is going to fold, the dollar will collapse, China is taking over, etc etc sound familiar Well they are ripping your off and stealing your future. Fact; the US dollar is at 12 year highs against the Euro, it is up against the Yen, Canada, Aussie, Pound, Franc….The US stock market has had the greatest run since the Great Depression and is at all time highs. Investigate their track records, they suck because the are charlatans trying to prey on your ignorance of their lousy track records. Go to YouTube and type in Mike Stathis/Peter Schiff and watch mike rip him and you can go to AVA Research and read and listen to audios that explain the whole con game and how vast it is. Mike has a book of Bozo's Hacks and snake oil salesmen and Faux Hero's and he explains how the network works and how they are screwing you..

Everything said by Jim Rickards makes sense but he is missing the uncontrollable element of corruption. This is not an ideal world. In order for people to steal within foreign countries, they have to buy U.S. dollars (via wire transfer, cash in bank, cash in cookie jar) AND wait for the devaluation of their foreign currency to return the fraction and steal the drop. First pretend you are a crooked banker or money manager in Europe, Russia, or China. The first step would be to convert your local currency to U.S. dollars. The next step would be to "do your best to devaluate the local currency." Lets say the currency devaluates 3 local for 1 US$. Next you convert One-Third of the dollars initially acquired back to the local currency and return that back to the local banks, investors, etc... Note it only took 1/3rd of the dollars to obtain the same amount of the local currency taken for purposes of returning it back. This leaves the crooked bankers and money managers with 2/3 of the money converted to US$ (this is the DROP due to devaluation which is the profit made from the deal). Corruption and crooked deals to park cash in US dollars has not been taken into account by Rickards and it's a crooked world we live in. .

the new reserve CHINA XUAN + they have 30k tons of gold... in the U.S will be worst than germany 1920-30s hyper-inflation.
+Pamela Pratt (Pamela Pratt in Victor) Lets try another one. Central Banks have destroyed the USA. It has been a systematic effort and they won the war in the early 1900s. All the nasty business in the 20th century can pretty much be dumped in their laps..
+Pamela Pratt (Pamela Pratt in Victor) My question to you is who do you serve This clearly is not the rhetoric of a libertarian. You have a master, one who I am sure keeps you very comfortable. Who is your master.

Jim recommends 10% gold. I say that's not enough; his rationale is that if the crash he sees happening makes all your other investments go down 40%, gold will go up 400% and you'll be even. You could achieve the same result going all to cash. My point is breaking even will not be enough; you will want to end up positive. If you go 50% gold and everything else goes down 40% and gold goes up 400%, your million dollar portfolio will now be $2M gold, plus the $300K left over from your half-million invested in the other stuff - you will be now at $2.3M. The downside of 50% gold going down 10% would be $50K on a $1M portfolio; if your other stuff goes up say only 3%, your portfolio is still now at $965K. So you are risking $35K for the chance of being up $1.3M. You have to be confident that there will be a reckoning, and Rickards and I both believe there will be. .
Mr. Rickards leaves out the fact that the velocity of money is almost nil, that is the rate at which money, usually via credit, moves through the economy. When, not if, the velocity picks up, then you will have this massive money flow that will be like a dam bursting; that will be worse than the Carter years. For now, the inflation is exported to other nations; ask the Japanese people for example how prices have changed in recent years. The status of the US currency is declining and we will see some type of commodity standard in time; one example would be a gold standard; it is a check and balance that is needed so nations don't do what the US has been doing; abusing its privilege & neglecting its responsibility as the reserve currency (term currency used lightly) and other empires in the past have done and always on the backs of the "everyday" worker and the very poor. It always ends in war(s) and always hurts the most vulnerable in each society..

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Comments about this video:

+Wellfield Jardin Yeah saudi racist fuckheads needs to be stopped wherever they are. They`re totally crazy racist scumbags..
+Joe Freeman I read they have to sell off their shares in the oil company that owns all the oil rights. That's like selling the family jewels. But I don't think it will fetch much. The age of oil is over. . +Matt House why are you here and not working for the Wall Street Journal LOL... it dont matter Nimr (pussy) Al Pussy is dead, rottin, gone. Not you or all the jaafars hrre with fake names like tony, keith, joe and you fatty matty can do anything about it except beat your chests and vent by doing mutta with your sisters. Now make like a good rafedite and go cut and flog yourself on the face. Man made religions are the greatest terror on earth. Man has taken the concept of the omnipotent to control,conquer, and regulate the masses around the world.. +nawaf n No its Wahabis whose way is either you join us or die. You can keep making all these lies but I am an American Muslim and I have travelled a lot in and out of ME and Asia. We in America don't impose our selves on others like you in Arab world do and to top that off with, this absolute hatred of EVERYONE is only unique to Wahabism. Wahabism has taken the love out of your hearts and filled it with anger and hatred for EVERYONE. This is not some internet chat, this is reality, I mean image an ideology that makes you kill your own mother by shooting her in her head because she simply asked you not to do something what she thinks is wrong. A mother in Syria ,asked her ISIS son to quit ISIS and he turned her in, not only that, shot her in the head, this is why Wahabism does to you whether you want to believe it or not nawaf. .
I don't blame them for that, I do blame them for actually being blood hungry barbarian. The problem is we can't control leadership of our countries who are the real blood hungry barbarians. Why the hell do governments always screw it's people... I certainly don't want to harm anyone, no citizen except the brainwashed wants to. These governments have mapped out WW3 already. Like aways we have no say in it no matter what. Votes don't matter, they are paid off in advance. Populations want to live in peace, and would if left alone but greed and spiritual wicked ness rule this planet. What if we all just stop sending in our money Or shut down the business and just started sharing...won't work so we are all waiting for God to finish His righteous plan... and that my friend will fix this planet once and for all. Peace to you.

If Saudi Arabia truly wanted to end terrorism in their nation through executions they would need to start with all the male members of the royal family beginning with the king..
+Robert Paul Gass For the SAFETY and ENDURING prosperity of USA... WE NEED TO STOP DUAL CITIZENSHIP... particularly with ZioNAZI Israel and Saudi Arabia... !! STOP DUAL CITIZENSHIP IMMEDIATELY IN USA...!!!.
SaudiArabia is on the Road of State based Terrorism and the House of Saud is declining into Cretinism.

+Joe Freeman Did someone start the regime change in Saudi Arabia without me How is Saudiland getting a bum deal here.

+solomon duncan `Necessary evil Ok but I really believe that on the west countries should stop deal with disgusting countries like saudi arabia by now. Saudi arabia is by no means a prosperous country it`s totally skew & defunct..

Fuk the saudi''s...they are the reason...there is terrorism everywhere...Including in india.. Sunni's are far too violent...and barbaric... India is with Iran....

+Professional Pussy Petter No. If the God is on their side, they would win in every situation. Angels will fight with them. :)) .

A lot of hindustanis commenting on here - I wonder why What is their interest to divide and conquer....

+5aeeda Wow, that's first. Someone is aware of their ancestry. No hate, sister. And thanks for those kind words. Also, nobody can divide us if we be strong. we are better than that. I might be prejudiced against Salafists but it's kinda nice to see muslims being more than that..

+5aeeda You are one stupid and ignorant slut. Hindus are your brothers and sisters you whore. those who associate partners with Allah you filthy slut your a traitor to Allah and his Messenger..
This Saudi guy barks like dog. Saudi Arabia bombing Yaman everyday and kill children, woman, and innocent people. Saudi funds terrorists in Afghanistan, Syria, Yaman, and Iraq..
+Moe Gash Pretty much the same in all Muslim fundamentalist countries, which is to say most of them. Why single out the Saudis Are you Iranian, or just a stupid prejudiced lackwit.
If any of the three guests is mindlessly rambling on, it is the HRW lady. She doesn't even seem to be bothered about the other 46 executed...she only seems to be focusing on the one person merely because it seems to be a wedge issue. I certainly dont think that KSA is some model of human rights...but to say that criticizing religion is the right of every human being no matter where in the world is almost trumpesque in its stupidity. The mindset that tells HRW that they have the right to unilaterally impose values that are foreign to certain countries is precisely one of the key reasons that human rights are failing to advance on a global level in the way they should be. What about the 50% of the world that lives below the poverty line mainly due to corruption and misgovernance by the very same people whose funds are safely parked in on the west countries Where is HRW on that issue It is very clear that this open access to on the west economies by the world's kleptocrats is the cause of misery, impoverishment and premature death for billions. I for one think that HRW is not a serious organization and its purpose it not legitimately human rights but rather, to act as one of the chorus of organizations utilized to ramp up political and PR pressure on key wedge issues. If I was Saudi Arabia or any other developing country, I would ban HRW from my country and would ally with all countries that oppose this and all such organizations. +Nathaniel Winkle Well that's what happens when you get a conscience. And who appreciates it No one.. +iranian soldier I've got a better idea. Why don't we just use Iranian oil to make a whole lot of asphalt and pave your entire country, and use it as a parking lot for the Russians and Chinese when they finally manage to have a decent enough economy to have a lot of cars On the other hand, that would take too long, and let you degenerates live too long. Nuke Iran. Wait wait... let's not be hasty. Let the Israelis do it. After all you've been saying you'd do it to them just as soon as you get out of the Stone Age and make a nuke. With Russian help..
Clearly, the female guest in this interview seems to be unable to grasp that there is NO "protected speech" in Saudi Arabia, whether it be speech against the Kingdom or the Prophet. She is blessed to be an American. Not everyone around the world is so lucky. :(.

+Rosemary Kelley The female guest in the interview is unable to grasp that her belief structure is not commonly shared around the world. In fact, in some parts of the world she would be killed for her belief structure..
+Joe Freeman Hah, again you make it sound as if the drone strikes are not a big deal while whistleblowers said 90% of the drone strikes are on innocent people, that's one hell of a number. The only distinction between the two is the level of violence. A hellfire bomb will burn the skin, flesh break and burn the bones, burn organs while possibly being watched by a close relative. I'm sure you never even speculated about the horror a bomb creates and so you think it is equal or less violent than a sword strike at the back of the neck. In short, they're practically the same, but drones tower in horror and violence..
That was the most feeble one-sided program ever could be made to obscure the naked facts about the execution of Sheikh Nimr! Just cant believe this sort of rubbish broadcasts by Al Jazeera.
Saudi's are the barbarians. This barbarian is talking nonsense, why is Aljazeera have this nonsense speaker from Saudi. and that woman is right live in the 21 century and the Saudi's are backwards given their actions. Both of the men are favouring the barbaric actor (Saudi's).. +watchingyou514 Well, the Iranians first off have a population of about 55 million people. They aren't any smarter, they are more powerful militarily by themselves. However, Saudi Arabia and the Emirates have some powerful friends, should they choose to treat them as friends, among them the US, NATO, the EU, and Israel. Try taming down the fundamentalist sects who want to return to the 7th century, at least as far as your friends are concerned. The US and Iran have no historical reason to be friends, and every reason not to be. Furthermore, Persia/Iran has historically been and enemy/competitor of the on the west democracies since the days of ancient Greece. The Obama administration is an aberration, caused by a failure of the administration to understand the nature of the enemy. I went to school with some members of the royal house and liked them very much and respected them. I've got several other suggestions for behavior modification that would go a long way toward ensuring that Saudia Arabia does well vs Iran also, but this is not the time or place.. It's amazing how much that guy on the left can talk without answering the damn questions in the slightest, i know he is not a native English speaker but its like he has no idea what he is being asked and just rambles on about whatever is somewhat related to the topic of the video.. +Null Nah. Just talking heads getting free publicity/pay to babble endlessly about very little based on provable facts. In that respect they're pretty smart, as smart as say, Ted Cruz, Marko Rubio, Ben Carson, et al.. Question to everyone defends justice in America, Europe, Russia, China and all the world Is it fair to put a terrorist who killed 140 people in France in prison and give him food and treatment as long as he lives Where are the rights of those who were killed by cold blood, and where are the rights of their fathers, mothers, sons and relatives because of their death, and where are the rights of the French people who faced horror and insecurity after this terrorist attack Prison is not the justice punishment for these criminals,the proper punishment to these terrorists is to beheaded by the sword, Do you know why Because it is the most horror way for anyone planning to do a terrorist act as well as because it is the most merciful and the fastest to die. This is the justice and you should not lamenting on the execution of terrorists who do not hesitate to kill innocent people and that is if you want this world to enjoy peace. This is what Saudi Arabia did by executing 47 terrorist.. +‫امنيات سعيده‬‎ First off the people killed have no remaining rights. Their rights were terminally violated. Secondly: Their relatives have precisely the rights the state they live in say they have. No more no less. You want rights Repeal your strict gun laws. The 140 people killed would have then have had just as many rights as the raghead terrorists and homegrown French and Belgian terrorists who killed them. The right of survival of the fittest. The French people would face a lot less horror and insecurity if they immediately A. Expelled a hell of a lot of the Muslims in their country and 2. Made gun ownership legal with an open carry law. What part of that can't you get Or do you just want the government to do it all for you then whine when they can't/don't do a good job or do it your way.. +Joe Freeman Greetings to you my dear friend. First, it is not fair nor humanity to say that those who killed have no rights, the biggest right they have is to make the killer suffer execution as he allowed to himself to do so with innocent people also in order to let people be assured that any criminal may kill them will get the same death and no need for more than this reason as a right of the person who is killed. Second, for the relatives of the Slain I said in previous comment that execution is the just punishment to the murderer as their relative killed if he had killed him premeditated deliberately and we say that's not fair to put the killer in prison eat, drink, watch television, use Internet and practice his sports, this is not justice, the justice is by keeping the killer's life in the hands of the Slain relatives, at this point comes the right of the dead man's guardian either to execute The criminal or get compensation up to their satisfaction to forgive him from his execution, and this must be through the government of the country. The most important reason of the sword punishment that you are ignoring is to make each person in the society think thousand times before carrying a Gun in his hand. To be honest, I did not understand what you meant by (Repeal your strict gun laws) if you don't mind to demonstrate what do you mean precisely. Regarding your suggestion that French people can minimize the killings in their country by expelling Muslims it shows how much you are spiteful against Islam and Muslims and it is not true at all, my proof is that Muslims Exist in Europe for hundreds of years and did not practice killing based on religion, and I told you earlier that last year in the United States alone were killed More than 30,000 people in general crimes by the hands of the Americans and that has nothing to do with Islam, why linking Islam in this dialogue However I'm telling you as there are Muslims in America and the West, there are millions of Christians in the Islamic countries where they live with love and respect and there is no problem between them and Muslims relating to religions except some friendly dialogues as I am very sure that you are not Christian nor Jewish because those are not the words of someone who owns a religious morality, As for Al-Qaida and Daash These are terrorists have nothing to do with Islam, and as you can see they killed thousands of Muslims. Frankly speaking I am sorry to tell you that either your phrase is weak to deliver your information accurately or my English language is weak so I could not understand you 100% in some phrases. In any case, all my respect and appreciation to you and God bless you. . Shia want to kill all Sunnis n vice versa, US wants to destroy russia n vice versa, Pakistan wants to destroy India n vice versa n list goes on n on n on...what a sick fucked up world we live in..
+Mujtaba :/ Yeah. Been that way for a while... like all of recorded history. Just now noticing Welcome to the reality show!!!!!!!!!!!.
+Joe Freeman OMG another Jafaar from majoosiville trying to pass off as a on the wester or non-rafedite!!! Dude turn your taqiyya switch off, we know you I-ranians have no jobs, are bankrupt, have highest no of transvestites in world and have nothing to do but troll like your zionazi hasbara cousins to pass off as civilised homosexuals. You are not!!! You are majoos filth that disgust muslims and non muslims alike . International law hahahahaahaha wtf go arrest Bush the mudering bastard. Sahra Leah Whitson sitting in the united states of killers and war starters.. +googlanche googlequake LOL your sources are based on conjecture, opinion and rumour. Just like the rumour you were an offspring of mutta with the local village donkey. Except from your reply we know for certain it is a fact and not a rumour because you are one of the few cockroaches who claims it was Al Qaeda... why dont you post the million essays and aeticles supporting view it was Iran... is that because you are a majoosi rat with a hidden agenda . No country is sovereign if the people are not acting, much less even thinking sovereign & we know this because the people in every nation on this planet acquiesce to a monumental crime of theft called banking, which is hardly sovereign if you're all willfully partaking & practicing in this one world religion of the anti-Christ in all hypocrisy.. WHY DON'T THE UNITED STATES, UNITED NATIONS AND EUROPE PUT SANCTIONS ON SAUDI ARABIA FOR VIOLATING INTERNATIONAL LAWS AND HUMAN RIGHTS OVER AND OVER DOUBLE STANDARDS! Saudi people are not even allowed to vote for their goverment. Their women cannot drive.. +karkooshy95 Not really. UN didn't sanction Russia for stealing Crimea, or invading Ukraine, or threatening Baltic States. Or China for violating about 55 laws of the sea. Same standard.. +Joe Freeman  So it seem these laws applies on Iran(Persia) fully only! This is the standard today. I guess because Iran has no tie with Zionism.. +Rawdiswar It's the law in most Muslim countries. Soooo... by definition (yours) goes the rest of the Muslim countries. I don't disagree. But why single out Saudi Arabia for special mention. +Michael Onstad I second that. I knew a few members of the Royal family back in the late 1960s when they were attending college. Pretty good guys.. so again American dunmbos,media tunes you to what you should like and what you should dislike.I have not known any people in the history of humans as dumb as Americans(most,of course not all). +Puritylasts Eternel Yeah. Most Americans not educated prior to 1970 are pretty dumbed down, except for a few that escaped from the public school system. That's what has allowed banks, multi national corporations, the mil-ind complex and crooked bought politicians to wreck the country through a set of incredibly bad decisions since entering the Vietnam war. Most Americans have no sense of history, geography, economics, or math. You need those knowledge bases (among others) in order to ensure that your government is doing what's right for your country, and not harmful for others. I don't think Hussain was a good person. But its hard to argue that the people in Iraq are better off now than under him and his vicious family/tribe of Baathists..
I am glad we have no relations with lizard-eating wahabis. I certainly hope they bar Iran from Haj too. That would mean Billions of Iranian money stays in Iran and SA would lose Billions. Time to undermine the Saud family..

+TonyBanderas I agree. Time to bar Iran from Haj too. That would mean less air pollution in Saudi Arabia, fewer fleas, harder for more Iranians to get 70 virgins and despoil them. Really a good idea you got there Bandass..
Saudi government has done a great job, as Ahmad said Saudi is a sovereign country and has implemented the law and who the heck is Iran to interfere into Saudi's internal issues, how about hundreds of sunni Muslims being executed by Iran regime every year.
Have the Saudi family executed any ISIS prisoners Or Al Qaeda prisoners Are they doing anything about ISIS Seems like they're only after Shia Houthis! Apparently ISIS and Al Qaeda have been receiving funding from Saudi Arabia! Can somebody shed some light on this No trolls please!.
+Joe Freeman I don't talk to boneheads. Iran was not part of the Caliphate when attacked by Mongols, you imbecile.. +TonyBanderas hey Jaafar, i like reading persian fairytales about how you still rule the world too... which afghanis are mutta practicioners Pashtuns Azari Please elobarate also how Iran got weapons from the great and lesser Satan LOL you farsis are so fake, everyone diving in for mutta in your lost cause country, Russia owns you, china, india, israel and now the rest of the West is coming to rape your broke mutta addicted asses... in return you think you will rule arabs who have been serving you dicks in your mouths since khosra was shat on 😂😂😂😂 i love you rafedite pride, please tell me more stories about persians beating the caliphs of old... buuuhaaaaahahaha... .

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December 25, 2015
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January 27, 2016

Comments about this video:

Such a tremendously needed and well done report on one of the most bloodiest empires that continually gets a blind eye from the leaders of America. I knew it was bad... but this is a tyrannical hold for power by the Saudi royal family. It's basically them and anyone lucky or sold out enough to be in the in group vs the citizens..

Excellent episode. Since the U.S. is deeply in business with a tyrannical dictatorship (Saudi Arabia) it should be clear that money and economic deals are more important than democracy or human rights. This makes Washington D.C. simply market mafia..
+Earl Sutton Nah, there are some African countries that are even worser, also because economics and foreign countrie interferance. +5iF3R notice her spooky voice and the dirge music in the background really this is just fear porn regardless if it is correct or not..
2:56. I stopped watching. Too many gratuitous decapitation scenes. You can tell this story without the graphic scenes. If I wanted to see decapitations, i would go to the ISIS sites. And Fuck YOU America for supporting this barbaric bunch of sub-humans..

+Bob Lake I saw Obama get his pound of gold on vid from the Saudi King at min. 12:06 that was all it took to wake me up. Right on Bob!.
US's number one ally is Saudi Arabia. Not Israel. Mark my words. Fox News is owned by a Saudi Arabian..
+projectxt12 Please the on the west media has done everything but say bad things about Saudi Arabia. They want people to believe that Saudi Arabia is the good country in the middle east when they are the ones who are responsible for the majority of misery in the middle east. .
why the fuck do you care about us or our woman u kill children in iraq and now you care about our woman . the sad thing is it seems Saudi Arabia's atrocious human rights record IS in the media every day.. Well done to say the least. Thank you for reporting the utter travesty of human rights violations by Saudi Arabia, our allies. So much evidence it sickens and saddens me.. Soon... soon. No absolute monarchy or dictatorship can survive very long, history has proven that time and time again. People will topple them sooner or later and the house of Saud is no exception. The Shah of Iran, Ferdinand Marcos of the Philipines, Suharto of Indonesia, the list goes on, all toppled by the people they governed.... The Saudi Monarchy is a Satanic Blood line They are not Muslims they are playing this role. And the U.S.A. is the Satanic Protector of these Bastards.They built ISIS together with Washingtin, And know these Bastards are crying because the Russians came to the Region. I hope the Russians kill this Satanic Baby ISIS. And one day Destroy these fucking Saudi Murderer Family. How can you say the saudis are vour Friends. They are Criminals! Shame on you Obama ,Cameron and the other Loosers. Putin is the only one who knows how to treat these ill unhuman rubbish. Kill them Putin! Thank you Russia!.
I'm a Saudi. I'm tired of explaining the truth of what happening. This video and many others are telling half of the truth to make it look devilish. The media are brain washing the majority of the people on the World. Every time the want to fight a country, the start telling bullshit stories to justify the war. Anyway, look for the truth yourself by looking at both sides..

This is a fantastic piece, really well done by Abby Martin. Everyone should watch this because we never hear of anything coming out of Saudi Arabia and when you watch this you'll know why..

Saudi Arabia and it's extreme Wahhabism doctrine is a scourge on the land scape of many countries now and it does not help the situation that on the west Governments a complicit due to their absence of outrage but actually condone their actions. These same governments have lost all moral and ethical standards required of a modern society. Saudi Arabia's practices should be consigned to the dust bin in the 21st century..

And what abut the cynical, hypocritical, and lethal exportation of Wahhabism to the US, Malaysia, Europe, and elsewhere helping to create fanatic unemployed young men ready to murder for "Allah" as with 15 of them on 9/11 and various homegrown plotters.

If the monarchy of this kingdom falls, who will take their place I hope it won't be the radical salafi wahhabi sheikhs, because if it was those guys then SHIT will hit the fan..
And this is who the UN chose to head its human rights panel. Rabbit hole What rabbit hole I don't remember any rabbit hole.. Saudi Arabia esp its monarchs, is the root cause of all evil especially that related to Islamic Terrorism.These monarchs are the worst hypocritical bastards-enjoying the riches when 30% of their population suffers from poverty,claiming to be gaurdians of Islam when thousands of Muslims are getting killed.If they call themselves protectors of Islam,why dont they acccept & provide refuge to millions of refugees from Iraq,Syria fleeing to non-islamic europe Cowards cant even send their well funded armies to fight & liberate muslims ,instead secretly funding terrorist groups like ISIS & al-qaeda.If normal people like me can call this bluff ,i wonder how most powerful leaders in the west chose to remain ignorant about thisThere will be hope for peace in the middle east & elsewhere only when The day monarchy falls in Saudi Arabia.. You should tell people that you're showing a graphic videos. First of I do not like the Saud family, but let me tell you. Their wealth is in the NY banks and they don't except interests because is prohibited to get interest if you're Muslim. So, who is enjoying those interests USA. You think the Empire cares if the kingdom of Sausii Arabia is beheading 1000 people a day Not to mention that the Saudis sell their oil to a American dollar even to the Chinese or any other country. If I do business with a Mexican Cartel who beheads his rivals, can I really say my business is legit . i could care less what the saudis do in their country. i do care that our gvt sells out its own citizens lives, economy, environment to keep saudi arabia wealthy. the world doesn't even need as much oil as it uses. there just are too many alternatives to oil. alternatives to oil are usually stifled by our gvt. from my perspective its because of us gvt corruption. get our country out of a controlled economy, open up a true free market and watch what happens. Abby sounds a little bit Alex Jonesian in fact the whole segment sounded a little like that, might want to tone that down a bit and just describe it in a normal way!. That is just fucking bullshit 98% of this shit is not true i can't even cout them I am a civelian 21 years old and i have 2015 and 2004 toyota land cruiser That is just bull shit i don't even have a job we love our kings and our royal family so suck it and you will never have what we have. Week 3 of Abbey Martin's Venezuelan state sponsored propaganda!!!!! What your not being told: Venezuela is 1 of 5 founding OPEC members and has given ZERO FUCKS about Saudi Arabian behavior UNTIL THE PRICE OF OIL DROPPED. There was no problem with the summary executions, no problem with the mistreatment of women, no previous mention of the complete lack of human rights. So Why Now Kuwait rejects OPEC meeting with other states called for by Venezuela to limit oil production OPEC’s Family Feud I CHALLENGE ANYBODY TO SHOW ME VENEZUELA CRITICIZING SAUDI ARABIA, PRIOR TO THIS MONTH!!!!!!. +Sherezade 666 Here in Canada, we have a government funded TV and radio network, like in the UK and other places. The "motive" is that without our own network, American TV and values would swallow us up and our talented actors, musicians, comedians, etc...wouldn't ever be able to get on air and develop with such a big overwhelming entertainment elephant just next door. I would trust an elected democratic government to own a public media network much more than a privately controlled one that does not ever have to be scrutinized by the public and be elected, and these billionaire owners can omit stories that do not shine a good light on their companies, or they can promote and even lie on air as Fox News does all the time, in order to alter opinion to what they want..
America is blinded & bought by Saudi & Israel money so they do whatever the Musters say. They call Sadam Gaddafi Assad putin Decaturs. But they are so blinded by money that they can't see the real evil regime & the real Decatur. I wish putin destroy Saudi Arabia & all real Muslims should join too to destroy Saudi evils..
im a saudi and 80% is wrong. for example, the housekeepers which she talked about, we have two housekeepers in my house and they have their own bedrooms for free, food for free, calling their families for free, healthcare for free. and they have two days off. Also, we pay them a salary every month which is much much much better than their home countries and also living in any other country other than Saudi Arabia (gulf countries). we are forced by Saudi Arabia' government to do all what i mentioned. So please care about ur country's issues and leave the countries that u dont belong to..
So sickening to see US politicians & gov groveling to such barbarianism! What comes around goes around and so it is no wonder US "leaders" have no respect from the public at home or abroad!.

+Bhikshuni Lozang Trinlae so sickening to see you buying into this fear porn. She is so blatently pushing an agenda not reporting. Could be true but this is not reporting please def not journalism.

I am not surprised to hear that Hilery Clinton is backing these sadistic ASS HOLES. That is why we need Bernie Sanders in the White house. He is a leader who will lead from the soul..

There is a major omission. The Bretton Woods collapse meant the arab oil embargo was subverted by Kissingers meeting with King Faisal. The deal was that if the saudi's sell oil for only dollars they would a huge increase in profits. Hence, the petro dollar system was born which replaced the gold standard setup by the Bretton Woods accord. Sorry Abby your researchers haven't done a very good job..

This video shows all bullshit, Most of these things dont happens in saudi arabia. Media only shows the bad part.

i dont care what country your from beheadings, crucifixition and impaling are barbaric abuses against humanity.
just realised Saudi Arabia is the worse place on earth. followed by the USA. never thought I will ever admit this truth.. Look forward to her coverage of the zombie apocalypse. Best book is Craig Unger's House of Bush, House of Saud. Israel murders more children and nobody comes close to second..
I tell us the qurishes are are house of Saudi prince.there were the enimel s against the people. At time of prophet mummhad p.u.h there were enimel s then there thought about them self then for wealth and gaining thing s they went against Allah beloved prophet.don't say there of prophet tribe.there went against him plus companions of prophet mummhad p.b.on.him. so this selfish are house of Saudi truely against the people on docmenty plus the Quran house of saudi 'tootpickin.
soon God the creator of the heavens and earth the God of Israel will punish Saudi and Mecca will be a desert my opinion iran will nuke Saudi for supporting the west with oil.. The media continual portrays these extreme corrupt sects as Sunnis when in fact they are not. Orientalists call them the Orthodox Islam as a defamation to the Prophet while calling the real Sunnis a Sect. We are told that the violence of the extremist groups is a reflection of the barbaric practices of Medieval Islam yet the truth is the opposite...these practices are a new creation. Medieval Islam was never as barbaric as Christian Europe was in the dark ages. The middle east was in the height of it's golden age. Creation of Libraries, Courts, Universities, Sciences, Books and inventions that all have helped create the civilization we live today.. Thank you for putting this out there Abbey! You give me a glimmer of hope that the Orwellian House of Mirrors might yet show a few cracks. Here's hoping the Saudi "royal" family drops fucking dead..
just realised Saudi Arabia is the worse place on earth. followed by the USA. never thought I will ever admit this truth..
people need to read history and learn the disposition of tyrant kings and emperors who had been corrupted by power and from having everything in the world, and the heinous things they succumbed to. let's just say this video only barely covers the barbaric part and couldn't touch the satanic part. too fucked up to talk about, but think what someone would do for fun who has everything. caligula is a virgin compared to these players. watch the phase 3 video. United Nations really needs to look at their choice of Human Rights director. House of Saud are murderers. Nothing humane about their actions.. Saudi wants more executioners. They know in the forth coming years they will need it. Why Because there are going to be more criticisms and till they are overthrown. A handful of people owning a country is bullshit. You can be a King but don't own the land. Get rid of theses bums. Give the oil to the Saudi morons ( citizens ) to whom it belongs. Let them decide who they should deal with..
Horrendous indeed, but minuscule in relation to the cumulative human rights abuses, cruelty and violence perpetrated - and being perpetrated – by the united states military complex. And no more horrendous than the ongoing Israeli persecution of Palestinians..

Saudi-pigs have dollars but no brains. Where are their world leading mathematicians, spysicists and engineers.

+emexphive she may be or she may be making shit up we don't know but we do know she has an agenda she has rt in the corner so she is a bit biased. do i think she might be right sure there is a chance i just don't need to have it packaged like that also, we saw a person raising a sword we never saw it come down and she is regurgitating all the stereotyped of muslims ooh they are bad bad people. no they are just trying to get past all this bs like the rest of us. we all want what is best for our families and sometimes that is getting rid of invaders (us) see Albert Pike we are going into a 3rd world war and it will be about religion so they are trying their best to stoke up prejudice against each other's religion so they can point out how bad other religion is and look at this nice new religion how peaceful and NOT EXTREME! notice how the words extreme and extremism are used a lot..
Saudi Arabia is such a backwards country and its clear that they are supporting the Muslim Brotherhood who destabilized Egypt and they are also funding the Islamic State to get more land under their rule. They are a terrorist kingdom and they should be the enemy of the world with sanctions that cut off their trading routes and the world should condone this lands actions towards destroying the secular lifestyle of the on the west world.
whatever is this it made me laugh so hard. most of the information's that you got in this video are lies, and for the true ones they are not completed, I mean they mentioned the reasons in the original paragraphs. you never lived here, in Saudi Arabia, never saw how I and much womens got rights and this country kept it for us using its own ways. I can explain every single misunderstanding in your video but explaining them will be long however, you won't understand even if I spent time writing them down, why cuz you don't want to understand. Please, use your eyes, sense everything around you. come and live in here, walk around moreover, use facts that you witness with your OWN eyes. using rumours as facts is what's common nowadays, I pity the world these days :(.the problem is that no one can know the good people from the bad people anymore..even one of your family members can suddenly becomes against you one day. (NOTE: I don't mean to start a fight by writing this, I just wanted to share a sad fact).

Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmm, let's see. Saudi Arabia is killing its own citizens from the murderers, the pedophiles, flogs the adulterers...and all of them ARE FROM SAUDI ARABIA. Now let's compare that to America who not only kills its citizens without due trial but it also kills or helps in killing millions of INNOCENT people all over the world wether in Afghanistan, Pakistan, Iraq, Libya, Yemen, Syria, Egypt or any other country where it has interests. Im not from Saudi Arabia, but I have to stick with the lesser evil this time..

Report is full of false unfounded, baseless accusations and is very bias. Absolutely rubbish and far from the real facts. Come to Saudi Arabia in person and see how things are. By the testimoney of lots of foreigners, they'd rather live in Saudi Arabia than live in their own countries. Yes, no one is perfect, but living in Saudi Arabia is far better than living in the US where one can never feel safe or secured due to hight rate of crimes. Bottom line, the report is absolutely rubbish, baseless and incredulous..

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January 19, 2016
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December 4, 2015

Comments about this video:

the saud family is puppet of USA, UK and israel govts. the saud family have been bombing Yemen for months now killing thousands of people. Steven Harper sold 15 billion dollars veapons to saud family while it was bombing Yemen. what did people of Canada do.
+Haqim Al-Arabia in yemen many muslims are being killed. they are not even kafirs. what do you say about that . Where talking about a people that enjoy raping little boys and putting cousins with low IQs in high places..
Canada needs to cut ties with Saudi Arabia, before it's too late. If we're ever going to see an end to terrorism, we have to stop funding those that fund terrorists..
+Mike Stavenes - justin trudea is bribed heavily by saudis.infact he is so close to muslims, wearing their attire, eating with them, some suspect hes gonna canada WILL BE pro saudi in justins tenure.. +watchingyou514 Who cares if he converts Religion isn't a mind-control get what out of it what you bring into it. I think Justin would make a fine Muslim..
The Saudi's are screwing the Canadian oil industry, we should put an export embargo on them. You can't trust them for one second, they'll sodomize you with out a reach around..
+alnbaba - the saudis have bought justin trudea. canada WILL SUPPORT saudis as long as justin in in power. infact many suspect justin is gonna convert.. Why did Saudi Arabia fund Isis Why did Saudi Arabia destroy Canada's economy Why are we not invading them.
If shah of iran had executed some of these lunatics who are now running iran, there would not have been an ismalic regime in iran which is the sources of all evils in the region. Leftists in west have become willing slaves of ayatolahs.

these extremists have got their reward... we in saudi arabia value human life more than you do... but the chairmen of our country decide that these people are planning for civil war which would affect you, your economy, and your country since you buy so much cheap oil from us... to be honest your comments are irrelivant and worthless Canadian setteler... I bit your people origanlly from Poland or Hungary but occupied Indians' land and giving lectures on democracy... how many Indians Died for you to give this lesson.
I don't know about every case but the cleric was clearly a religious person practicing protest, as many other were, 47 is gruesome. Where is mercy, balance,.
This religious man was getting people and weapons to face the roysl family and he was running down the street screaming we dont want al saud and saying they are dogs n theifs many times He was a threat to the kingdom security many times in 2006, 2008, 2009 ,2011 now that's enough! He deserves what he got and any body who ever think to threat Saudi Arabia's security and safety will Face Justice!.

Osama's family is from Saudi Arabia and Saudi Arabia rapes children and Americans and Canadians are allies with Saudi Arabia... I think it's time to find new allies....
Your idea to find new allies is okey,however there's going to be a disaster with the economy,since the new allies have got nothing to offer to the Americans,while K.S.A offer more than enough.... nimr al-nimr was not just a protester he hides a lot of criminals wanted by the GOV and the time of the arrest he fired at saudi police. This guy does not have a clue as to why Saudi Arabia executed these people. Here are some of the random thoughts as to the reasons: 1. Low oil prices, mean low income for Saudi Arabia 2. Low income from oil means reduced budgets 3. Low budgets means depleting currency reserves to cover short fall 4. Low currency reserves forces Royal family to cut subsidies and raise prices 5. Financing terrorism in Iraq, Syrian, Madrasas worldwide impacts budgets and creates deficits 6. This is compounded by its aggression against Yemen which is going longer and costing billions 7. Cutting subsidies and raising prices yields social unrest and potential overthrow of the Royal family 8. Execution of these dissidents is a deterrent against popular revolt that is brewing in Saudi Arabia....
well, all of them they have killed innocent people so they deserve the execution based on the Quran which we believe in. nobody can influence or change that fact..
nothing will happen. rest assured. SA has done a great service to humanity by executing a man who tried to spread the disease of ayatolahs in Saudi arabia. good job.. LOL So while Saudis never committed genocide nor stole other people's lands they have the "worst human rights record" while Canadians (just like Americans) have committed Genocide on literally more than tens of millions of "Natives" of North America and stole their lands are the human-rights champions of the World Who's fooled by on the westers' lies about human rights on the westers especially those of the "new world countries" (USA,Canada,Australia) genocided millions of human beings. Oh let's not forget what they've done to millions of Iraqi and Afghani civilians, and what their "big on the west colony: israel" have done to millions of Palestinians.. Why does the USA sell them billions in arms every year, HEY HOW ABOUT THAT, NO BECAUSE THEY DONT WANT YOU TO KNOW THIS CRAZYNESS.. good job, is there a video wish we would execute those People on our soil too, old school style. or even better ban all Muslims cause they are bad People..
Well they are the good executioners, atleast that is what the USA and EU is telling us. On the other hand Islamic State are bad. Confusing isn`t it :).
Dont get your pantyes in a bunch, the US will deal with Saudis, and the Turkeys, soon, but it will not be by the hands of the US per say but by an unlikely source, I'm not to sure about the fate of israel, all have been a thorin in US side for years, and have no more use for them, the US economy is failing thus needs to grab a bunch of new resources and make some new friends to keep afloat, friends that dont act like barbarians..
+Susan Pyke different is,other religions reformed when there's no guided missiles and nuclear bombs.

+GADefence  you  must be an ayatolah worshipper in the west. by the way, your ignorance is bliinking. do some research and see which country has had more hands in international terrorism. you cannot find a single case where SA government  has supported. I can  ouline more than 200 cases where  iran has been responsible..

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December 14, 2015
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October 30, 2015

Comments about this video:

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November 28, 2015
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October 26, 2015
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December 24, 2015

Comments about this video:
it's funny reading comments from some on the westers labelling Saudi women and culture as barbarians and primitive !! just because you have a different culture doesn't give you the right to demonize other cultures.. especially Americans, they think they are superior than the rest of the world.. there is nothing wrong with having a different culture ,, every single documentary talking about Asian culture, Arab culture and etc. you have to bitch about it and impose your way of life on others !! Saudi is a conservative society wearing a veil is a personal choice that so many women chose to commit to.. but that doesn't mean she is oppressed she probably has more brains than most of American women who chose to be commercial objects rather than doing something that actually benefit the society !!. +nyGIANTS they have all the rights you don't have and she has everything you don't, she got money, power, cars, and her own driver to drive her around, if she chose not to wear the veil, that's ok, stop lying, stop believing the media, stop the drama, btw there is no place on earth called saddam city !! ,. I am happy that they find peace in their faith and clothing... but their attempts to be 'modest' and reduce sexual curiosity by covering themselves so thoroughly actually has the wrong effect. Men become even more obsessed with what's underneath the black, they get excited just by a bare arm or a bare knee, and even us on the westers who see uncovered women all the time... are obsessed with seeing what a Saudi woman looks like. How does she dress What's her face like. This is a big our problem with you, you and you put laws fit your communities in the West and you impose some standards and is supposed Us Only to obey! You think you are right and you and others on.taatdechlon error in Haaon Nations and you are guiding your fingers her accusations etc etc. We Antdechl in the murder of your governments for blacks shot by police in the streets like stray dogs We did not Judge you About the hungry Homeless in the alleys of major cities, prostitution and about air and water pollution and for hundreds of years of colonization of countries and plunder its resources to build industry states Let us alone, we did not ask your permission in our way of life (your religion and our religion)ر. +Samy Saud I guess our black president with all of the other black people in high government dodged all those bullets by our cops who shoot black people like dogs, huh. I think Saudi Women are beautiful and interesting. They always seem to have a lot of character and strength within their choices and personality. It's a shame they have been convinced they would be damned for having a relationship with me..
Look I'm Saudi I'm blessed with everything except for freedom. I want to live and be independent but sadly here you can't unless with a mahram "male guard" I love my family but they won't let me study aboard because of my reputation. I love my religion it has nothing to do with the law but the problem I have is with the wahbism it's a different story of Islam but they claim that it's the right path for Islam witch I find it bullshit and made by the monarchy. Anyway I'm 18 Muslim and open minded but I'm starting to hate my country and the way I live. And I noticed many young generation of Saudis noticed that too. How do I convince my parents that I study aboard.
+Intergalactic Nomad no country is perfect, but there are countries that are worse than others w inferior cultures, case and point Saudi culture. It may be a rich nation... but that's rly it. Iran is the govt that is an Islamic republic... and even they are better off than the Saudis. A successful country isn't measured by the type of government or economy, its measured by the happiness, education, security, and liberties provided to its people... Saudi Arabia fails 2 out of these 4 denying half of its population the same liberties and happiness they provide the other half.. If some women likes to expose themselves to the public by wearing lesser clothes, what's wrong with women who like to cover up There's nothing wrong with that!.
This is just showing some wealthy familys, of course everything is better for those who have money!! But these women are a minority, the majority is still getting killed and raped. And it's dumb to pretend everything is allright. It's about misliding international information, it's about women that survived living there that are asking for help, that are sold at a young age to marry a man they never met before... Reality is cruel, I know everyone would rather believe everything is fine....

+Turky Alqader except for all the people saudi beheads like they are Isis. especially the majority of the killings are of immigrant workers who are enslaved in saudi arabia. that's why saudi allows a other religions in it right...and atheist and gays...they are safe in that gender apartheid society no one is falling for saudi lies anymore..
+KaleidoscopeEffect what bullshit are u pulling !!!! killing and raping !!!! maaan, u must be living in a cave,,,it's 2016 god damn it, where everything is available with a click of a button...go and look it up...FIX that SHIT... I'm Saudi BTW,,,so I know what I'm talking about..
I'm Swedish, therefore I'm not allowed to travel to Saudi Arabia. That's really good because I avoid countries where women are considered worthless dogs!.

You anti-americans are so stupid. At least we don't cover up and people have freedom, the right to do what they like and want..

+Randall Stephens Correction, Islam is a totalitarian supremacist political ideology, with a very thin veneer of religion, mostly borrowed from the Jews, the Babylonian Talmud with a wee little Christianity thrown in, albeit twisted from bad interpretation. And the Isa they claim is totally unrecognizable from Jesus Christ. I call bullshit..
+2Truth2you +Justina IsRare there is no such a thing as selling sex slaves in Saudi Arabia, yes Saudi autocratic regime is oppressive towards women in terms of work and dress code but selling sex slaves does not exist in the Arab world.. so stop bulshiting. They are all fat and hideous. Dr Fawzawi was lying through her teeth. I used to work in Riyadh for Saudi Aramco. Women are the dogs of the house. Treated like garbage. They need permission from the husband to do ANYTHING. I guarantee the husbands were all on that shoot and standing in the room. Funny they were never shown. Being in your house with a strange man is pretty much a death sentence there for woman. This country is a Muslim shithole. Ever heard of a Saudi female sports player They are not even allowed to exercise or play any sports. It gets worse from there... +Natural Gamer He should probably stick to playing with guns until he ends up shooting someone else by mistake and gets thrown in jail, leaving the world a better place.. The only country in the world where women are forbidden to drive and are also treated like second class citizens. Moreover, they believe that uncovered woman are bitchs and don't deserve respect... No fighter woman is a dead woman. So enjoy your empty beauty under veils..
I'm Saudi, an Arabic woman. And I'm here to tell you that everything you hear about the Arabic societies is right. The other women who deny it are brainwashed and think that the least bit of freedom well cost them Allah approval to enter heaven. the rest of the woman who're not brainwashed are forced to do a lot of things by their family or the the Saudi low. The life here is absolutely unbearable, I'm in constant fight for my simple rights and the opinion of society is more worthy then mine, my life have to be in the frame of cretin prison or else I will suffer the consequence while being accused of unbecoming nonsense. the country is in a constant hardship with women.. no human rights..
+Prince Al-Yaseen ha ha ha you make your women into sluts at childhood. ha ha ha mocking US women you muslim son of a satan bitch!!! Citizen of wahaabiland!. Cool! So a saudi woman can now walk the saudi streets, in a mini skirt, tank top and high heals - without getting either killed or punished severly (like jail, a 100 lashes or thrown acid in her face!) Really How come that there aren't any then..! I mean, women are different, and you did say that: "Saudi women were modern and perhaps even stronger, than non saudi women!" - Or is it just like what the president of Iran said: "That there are no gays in Iran!" - The saudi king says: "There are no saudi women in Saudi Arabia, who have the desire to wear a short dress, mini skirt, tank top or shorts in public!" _____________________________________________________________________________________ Bitch, being brainwashed is NOT the same thing as being strong! If a women can't walk in public, in whatever clothes she chooses, without getting killed or punished - she is not fucking modern or free! And how convenient you didn't go to any of the millions of saudi women house slaves, who are poor, uneducated, kept as breeding machines and punchbags!.
Sister the Abaya is supposed to be one coloured and its issue is to prevent men from looking at women and not to be as you mentioned FASHION.. Fashion is to attract men attention on the streets and that IS NOT the idea behind it religious wise..
+tubester4567  My comment was sent to the fashion lady in the first place is to remind her what the Abaya function in Islam is, but people misunderstood my message and answered back harshly, and thats how it goes when a man try to guide his sisters regarding the cover and the means behind why they should cover. So those who think that my message was a kind of pressurising woman ( Depress ). Fashion in my eyes is there to earn good money from the weak personality people who wants to compare themselves with Hollywood stars.. These Muslimas aren't fooling anybody. Modesty They are painted up like 2 bit whores on a Saturday night. Besides, underneath their burial shrouds they are ravenous she jackals. I would say she wolves, but that would be an insult to wolves. Not to mention those Saudi witches are wearing designer clothes under those shrouds. Fake, Fake, Fake.
I want to remind people that a Muslim woman is still a Muslim. To the it's Muslim first, country second. Given how violent and hateful the Koran is, they have become just that. Vote trump 2016..

+Shakeel rashed Not letting you have the relationships you want is also oppression. And racism. Arab/Muslim men go abroad and chase every woman they see. Doesn't sound very fair to me..

This video showed women in Saudi Arabia are beautiful, well educated and hardworking. I do not see why people from other country are making fuss about their cultural clothes. I believe a woman with a very good heart makes her more beautiful and special. Saudi Arabian women are beautiful is just that they have to cover up themselves for a reason. God bless..

They are forced to cover up in Saudi Arabia. They are not allowed to leave the house without a male companion even if it is a 10 year old cousin. They are treated as second class citizens. They cant work They cant drive.
Gotta love Europeans who act so enlightened and their holier than thou attitudes towards Americans, while blindly ignoring their own extraordinary islamophobia. Need proof View the comments in this very thread.. Get serious. I know it's easy to pick on Saudi Arabia but to blame them for the Paris attack is going over the top. I've watched a lot of ISIS videos(please don't tell the government) and they all hate Saudi Arabia. They want to bring down the Saudi government.. Could you just stop talking instead of us, you keep saying we don't have freedom etc... Aren't we the one we supposed to complain not you, we are Muslims if Islam tells us to cover our selfs we will why would we give up heaven because of enjoying our live why would I lose heaven for having fun if Islam tell me to die I will Why Coz there is heaven waiting for me why would I go to hell just for a smile so stop doing that I'm a Saudi girl and I don't have any single problem about covering my self or not having freedom, I was born a Muslim and I will die as one that works on every Muslim it's our own religion our own culture your words won't change that at all , so stop making our religion look bad it's the most peaceful religion that what every Muslim is sure of , I hope everyone got that 😊, I'm 13 years old and guess what I'm here dealing with you guys / girls instead of living my CHILDHOOD and playing and I'm not ashamed, have a good day and I better have one too 😂 bye 😉. I like the abaya. It makes them look exotic and it looks cool in a on the west country because everyone is wearing shorts and she is all covered up. I just seems cool.. You think your stronger than women in other parts of the world Really then tell your husband or father or brother to go fuk themselves and se what happens.. Other women in the world can say what they want when they want and go to school if they want, and not have to look like a fukin stupid ass tent... Fucking Dictators just say it... Stereotypes, No freedom/ freedom of speach.. in general prison religion re-writen from Holy Bible and changed by some crazy pedofile after 500 A.D. That Bassma chick is hot, it's amazing what showing hair does to the level of your beauty. But then again... it's just fucking hair. If you get horny over seeing an unveiled woman and you rape her because you can't control yourself... you're a fucking total cunt piece of shit. Why should women have to cover up their beauty And also, it's fucking hot over there. Fuck you muslim medieval thinking cunts!.
+John L (RLst) Also Arab men are extremely hot. in my opinion. Sucks that they are so misogynistic :/.

Why is it any or your fucking business or anyone else in America Leave them the hell alone and fix the mess of country that America has become. Feed your homeless, stop punishing the working poor, the elderly and the poor. Stop illegally bombing and killing innocent civilians in foreign countries based on our hatred of their religion or their independent way of thinking and acting. Fix your corrupt electoral system and your corrupt government officials. The big corporations own Capitol Hill and the White House. This country is one big damn mess, do a video on that and leave the fucking Arabs alone..

+Charles Curt Jesus H. Christ, I so damn shocked at what you posted, you actually believe that BS You are crazy as hell, who in their right mind would support a country which spends trillions of dollars every year on war, while the citizens of the country perish Haven't you read the history of the empires you mentioned, and how eventually they collapsed from the inside out How do you read your history In pieces, preferring to ignore the complete work. Go back and do some serious research and expand your mind..

+Jevezy yes all those countries have collapsed but they all also NEEDED war in order to get where they were and to maintain it Go find me a single super power in all of history that became the most powerful in the world and A: didn't need war to get there and B: didn't need constant war to sustain it America isn't some special little butterfly it will collapse like every empire has before it and for the same reasons as the ones before it...inefficient/faulty government NOT from war.
It makes me sad that ignorance will always overpower knowledge. These women choose to wear the hijab because they want to. The same way some American women chose to be sex objects In a society made to be exclusive to men. I'm glad I have an amazing AP world history teacher whom without, I'll probably be just as ignorant as some of the people here, calling a whole culture "barbaric"..
+Heber Lopez If the american society is made to be exclusive to men then what on earth is Saudi Arabia.
I kinda like this approach. Show them as normal people in control of there destiny. Not victims. Not as some scapegoats to on the west paranoia and scrutiny. Who are we to judge how some people choose to live But lets not dismiss the corruption of saudi government - just because we saw some smiling educated rich women... Honestly i was expecting a little more from this peice. Religions allow people to do horrible things to each other in the name of a god. It places restrictions on women as being less than a man and places men in charge. I will never be a mans property my husband and I are equals and we do not ascribe to ancient stories and fables. We do not need gods to tell us what to do or how to act. There are laws of the land that we follow but more importantly as humanists we work hard to ensure equality for everyone and do our best to take care of life all around us. Don't waste your life and time believing in religion. Instead use that time to help others. I would much rather see hands busy at work for others than clasped in prayer doing nothing at all!.
Yeah, I could feel the freedom.(scoff) If "a picture is worth a thousand words", I would have to assume 999 of them are lies!.

Because having the porn industry luring 18 year old in Murica is way better this "Barbaric" culture. Hey oh!.

+maman89 Pornstars can drive cars though and wear what they want outside of work and do not have to get married or do everything their husband says. They can even quit being a pornstar every time they want. In fact, the only problem with being a pornstar is maybe some harassment from sexist men who think that a woman has no rite to politeness if they have seen her naked... the same kind of men are the problem in Saudi. I would 100x rather work as a pornstar than live in Saudi... and that is a big statement, because I am a pretty shy and awkward person..
They work...they keep slaves and their husbands keep sex slaves...what a one sided "documentary".
The thing is on the westers opinion of others is mostly based on second hand stories and things they've heard from others about countries they've never been to let alone interact with different cultures in their own back yard so of course you want to hold on to a negative stereotype cause it automatically makes you feel superior because you're grouping yourself with the best in your nation and them in the worst. Have you ever though someone on the other side looking at only the negative of the west would see child molesters that even travel to Asian countries rape the poor, sexualising women, murdering preschoolers. They could see the negative in the west and see evil, like you're seeing the negative and calling Muslims evil I guess you guys have something in common..
To 432 TSA I see who educated the filthy Saudi men who fuck ANYONE and that includes poor little virgin children in India and other countries in return for a watch the moment the Saudi men step outside the border. Let alone the poor servants - female AND male! Perverts and MASTERS of rape with the minds of pigs! I think you should ALL cover as your faces reflect your minds and they ARE ugly. Your morality is phony and you have only ignorance about on the west women and the civilized free world. I see you have lots of on the west designer shops about and it is clear your views come from jealousy. I can walk out the door, feel the wind in my hair and drive my vehicle without a #$%^&UI male to escort me and ALL humans want to do the same. Including you!!! You may try to fool yourself but you don't fool me. If the men knew how to behave you wouldn't need to be 'protected'! Long live freedom and as soon as oil is no longer needed, you can go back to your barbaric medieval ways and I assure you NO ONE will give a fuck about you and your sick views and culture!!! Maybe your prophet is to blame for misleading you all as he was the BIGGEST pedophile and barbaric monster of all! Chopping off body parts and women's genitals while everyone watches and claps. What a sad bunch you all are!.

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"Second-hand vintage time pieces are significantly less expensive than new ones" Heyer Monaco Used: $3000-5000, New: $3900 Great example.... There's no such a thing as affordable luxury ,if it's affordable then it wouldn't be considered as a luxury ,just my opinion..
To me personally, Seiko is luxury and reliability and great aesthetics; Citizen is features and good aesthetics, and Casio is play tennis with. I'd look an Orient for something more exotic. Most Swiss watches are solid rip-off, unreliable, expensive maintenance, etc. Buy used I'd have to soak it in disinfecting agents before even touching it. Anyway, just my opinion. I am entitled to one, and to live by one..
+Andrew Piatek Seeing as we both have zero royal blood, one cannot be "more royalty" than the other..
Did he just say one can find a used model for "between 50%-90% off" That's quite a bold statement IMO. Depending on brand and model I should think "5% to 90% off" would be more accurate..

"No design" They invented the Oyster case. The appearance of this case has been copied possibly more than any other..

What a lack of professionalism. The display these beautiful watches with all the gunk and dirt that has been accumulated over years of neglect. Would cleaning an article you are using to teach be too much to ask!.
I hate the term; "Second Hand", watch. I prefer the term.." Pre Owned". I have ten watches that I'm not the original owner. If I were to purchase these watches I'd be bankrupt. The big deal is :1947 Patek Phillipe $5000 USD purchase price. Offer from Patek for their museum...35,000 EURO.. ''A wrist watch is the classic men's accessory. Personally, I wouldn't date a man who doesn't sport at least a Rolex.''. God damn it... i felt so happy reading the title "Affordable luxury watches" and then I see its from fucking CNN. Way to ruin watches for me CNN! .
Quality shmolity...Fact is that any quartz watch is more precise and more durable then any automatic mechanical watch.I have Casio GD-101 watch already few years without having problems and without expencive service every 2-3 years!!! f2 #k any of mechanical pieces....

Because you look at a watch as a tool. I look at it as an art. The more complicated it is the more impressed I am with it. Complicated in house movements are not as accurate as Quartz but are one hundred times more impressive and beautiful to look at and own..
+Kingnolybear560 I do understand what you mean.You are right. I have few mechanical watches not highest class,but suits my pocket. Tissot,Pulsar,Dugena. This ones I don't even wear since quarts mechanism came on the market,but I keep it,as you say, just because appriciat it..
Buy whatever makes you happy, not because some numpty in the YouTube comment section says so. Ignore all the "Rolex is this, Audemars is that and all the other bullshit on here. To all people making such comments: How about minding your own business and let people spend THEIR money on whatever the heck they want. Such a bunch of sad losers..
Hello, check out this new kickstarter campaign about this unique watch designed for people who are looking for an adventure.
+Fate Hu haha, well said but it could happen :) What are your thoughts on my watch reviews on my channel.

Rolex in precious metals are priced comparably to other luxury brands... the 904L stainless steel is highly desired, and priced almost as high as a precious metal... all my opinion, of course.. wear what you like!!.

+laffey31 Congrats! That's an amazing looking watch.In my opinion SDGM003 is the closest you can get to Grand Seiko.That has been the next watch in my buy list.But with a tight student budget I'll have to wait :).

I have never seen these prices shown in this video. Add 50 percent more to them and you get the price being sold at shops/.
Amazing video, but we feel that a watch should be a very personal purchase or gift. But thats just our humble opinion. Still lovely video and nice idea. #LancasterRoberts. Rolex may be over rated and not all models will appreciate in value over time, but my 1988 Rolex Oyster Perpetual Datejust, in stainless steel, with the standard plastic crystal is worth more today than it was new. It is accurate to 1 to 3 seconds a month that's what I really care about. Ironically Rolex would replace the crystal w/ another plastic one and to put an after market sapphire one would actually reduce its value!. +Gewehr3 You might enjoy my watch review videos on my channel :) I've reviewed many nice timepieces. Let me know what you think, thanks :).
+inkey2 I agree! You might enjoy my watch reviews on my channel. Let me know what you think, thanks!.
+Concept haha, well said! I've made several nice watch reviews of Patek Philippe watches that you might enjoy on my channel. Let me know what you think, thanks!. A wise very wealthy ancient man stated: A mere lover of silver will not be satisfied with silver, neither any lover of wealth with income. This too is vanity. Do you think future beings will give a damn that "modern" man was here. Anybody who is going to do any type of public speaking should invest the time to work out the little quirks and bad habits that are very distracting and off-putting for a listener. Some of these words and sounds are umm, you know, like umm ahh, you know very irritating and you know, causes us to like, focus on umm these ahh words which do not belong, instead of listening to the message or topic at hand. . Actually, if you have ever been trained in public speaking or as a teacher, you would know that those types of "quirks" are one of the first things that are addressed and trained out of you. There are multiple reasons why this is so important. Some of those reasons are: - this bad habit shows that the speaker is nervous and insecure with his/her subject matter; - if students or an audience think that the speaker is unsure of the subject matter, they will doubt the veracity of what the speaker has tried to convey to them, therefore the class/speech/news report will be less than successful; - if the speaker is a news reporter, in front of the camera, having such bad habits will make the reporter look and sound very unprofessional, waste on air time and result in the reporter losing their job; and - when a teacher is using this type of crutch, to give himself/herself time to gather his/her thoughts, it diverts the student's attention and makes the students bored and restless, resulting in disturbances in class as the students who are bored and restless find something to occupy their minds. If such bad habits do not distract you from the subject matter, or irritate you, and one of these examples don't apply to you, then you are one of a very small minority..
Chill out and buy anything you like unless you are spending thousands of dollars for a chronometer. I buy Vostok military watches on eBay from a guy in Florida. I like them, they fit my budget, I wear a different one everyday and never worry about them. If you are having fun, you are a successfully collector. If you are anxious about what you are buying and afraid to wear them because you might get a scratch, you are a failure at collecting. Not everything in life comes down to " how much is it worth ". .

+mugen1237 if it costs 100 to service, but you said the watches are usually under 100 to buy How does this work for you I don't collect watches as I don't know much about it but I"ve accumulated a few pieces over time - digital g shock for obvious sports/rough wear, swatch for its cheap and stylish young look wheny ou feel lik no frills, and my more professional watch wear being a Maurice Lacroix Pontos entry level unit. Would be keen to know what the difference between the digital, quartz and mechanical movements are in terms of required servicing Apart from battery changes for the first two, is it only mechanicals that need servicing, and if so how often Got my Maurice Lacroix in around 2011 from memory Maybe end of 2010... Do you have to service it every yr,two,four, six And what should you be aiming to do in a 'service' - since different jewelry stores and service stores offer various servicing, including pressure tests and what not to ensure it's waterproof after. How to not get conned and get the bare minimum one needs Watch probably cost around $1500 AUD at the time....
+Veneros Most of my watches were cleaned before I bought them. And I buy a lot on eBay auctions. Sometimes I buy big lots and sell what I don't want and keep what I like. I have a friend who has serviced and cleaned a couple for free too but he usually charges $40-$60 for a normal mechanical watch. I like Accutrons the most, but really anything that looks different interests me. That's why I love 70s watches. In terms of service, quartz watches can really run forever and hardly lose any time. I have my grandfather's quartz watch from the 1970s and it still worked and kept nearly spot on time without a service. I've heard that for mechanical watches you should take in ever couple (2-4) years for a cleaning. Prices depend on the place. I've taken a watch to one place and they wanted to charge $45 for a battery replacement because it had a screwback. I'd suggest going to an actual watch maker to get your watch serviced. If you take it to a jewelry store, they usually send it to a watchmaker anyways and since they need to make a profit, they will charge you what the watchmaker charges AND more, which makes sense. Or you could probably send in it in to Maurice Lacroix and they can do it for you but be ready to pay and wait. . You could buy a second-hand Brolex, or use your fucking head and buy a steel new Jaeger LeCoultre Master Control with the alligator strap.. a watch it's not for telling the time but an art if can't understand that then you are an idiot. 2 serdaro where do you live e-bay is one option but needs experience. Check out a watch forum in your country for expert advice esp. on trustful internet sellers but also for the sake of mere watch knowledge. And - learn learn learn.... I'm an insecure male. I need something that demonstrates my dominance and level of expendable income to other males, and more importantly, to sexually desirable females. In order to do this I will purchase an anachronistic device for an extravagant amount of money, when I could purchase a similar device that performs the same function, possibly even better, for a fraction of the cost. I will then justify this purchase appealing to the name recognition of the manufacturer and various mechanical features of my watch that increase its complexity while not increasing its functionality.. I am so unreasonably rich I get to fuck off on youtube half the day and still rake in more money than 5 desk slaves combined weekly salary. And I wear a G-Shock. So yeah luxury is something people hold to that have to put a mortgage on their home to buy a shitty 599. Only the pseudo rich have to flaunt it. . You make a point Waltham smth..Everything about the qualities of fine timepieces is said and well known.But, watches are overpriced.Period.With modern technologies they can lower the cost.They won't do it.They take me for a sucker.I bet the estimated labor cost is 7% or less.They promote a watch as a badge of economic power.On other hand a vintage watch is also called- used worn out junk.And you end up paying for thin air getting your iconic "full"with history brand..
Sorry to deceive you but some vintages watches like the Tag Monaco can be sold more expensive than the brand new model. You have a lot of examples for Rolex, with Paul Newman Daytona with prices going up to 1m$ in auctions for the most rare ones, or Rolex Submariner Red or Comex....
Really 90% off luxury watches Maybe if they've been beaten to crap and aren't working. You're not getting a true luxury watch in anything remotely approaching excellent condition for 90% off. Someone should have checked that so-called expert's credentials.. Is the classic men's accessory Nope, it's actually not... it's a classic woman's accessory, men had pocket watches... . You mean for a slight discount, I can be the (not so proud) owner of someone else's used crap Yeay!.
That man is the lead auctioneer for Antiquorum in NYC. He has seen prices all over the world from the thousands of time pieces he has sold. This mans credentials are through the roof..
Getting a 4k Audemars Piguet in good condition is great, but servicing one is going to cost you serious amounts of money, it definitely isn't affordable on that side..

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January 3, 2016
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January 16, 2016

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Wow that is honestly the BEST fragrance presentation, I have ever seen. 2 _________________________2 .
I am not and I have not yet, but really getting into these so I will check it out. Thanks a lot for watching..
I hope you did not pay more than 60$ for this 12 ml i didnt like that big box and everything for 12 ml are they jocking .

Nice Ryan, job well done. Just to give you a heads up ASAQ have their own site up and running. Check it out you will be saving some serious $$$..
It took you a while to review this scent. I like videos that get right to the point. Also, do you have a cold ;) .
Hey Ryan, switched over from the old MGMstar to my new channel Lanier Smith and I forgot to subscribe to your channel! So now playing catch-up. What packaging and that amazing bottle. Wow! Fit for a Sultan or Sheikh of the Arabian Nights. And from your again. Great review. .

Thank you so much for watching and commenting. You know it means a lot to me. Hope all is well. Thanks again..

Nice presentation, thank you for the video Ryan, I love Abdul Samad Al Qurashi's stuff! Need to revisit his shop in Paris or Istanbul :) .
Check out their Eau de Parfum by the name Safari Extreme it smells beautiful too. Al Qurashi is better known for his beautiful oil blends, which we call Mukhallat. They range from cheap to expensive stuff, but even the cheapos are great in themselves. .
Just getting into the oils. This is perfumery as it should be. I have been fortunate enough to meet an amazing relatively unknown perfumier right here in West Australia. .
I really appreciate your videos bro... how can I find you on Facebook I ordered a bottle of this stuff as a result of your video. Cant wait until I get it..
Not sure but I am weird like that so I do wipe it off before I put it back in the bottle lol. I thought about that as well. Thanks for always watching and commenting. .
Quick question: Do you wipe down the glass stem before putting it back in the bottle In other words, can your body oils, dirt, skin cells, and bacteria from you contaminate and affect the oil in the long run I've heard advice you should do that and other people say it doesn't matter. . amazing bottle looks like your going to need a fridge to store your fragrances soon as your collection is growing fast. Really an interesting set up with that one... One of the more over the top presentations I've seen... Sounds like a good scent... Thanks for reviewing it.... WOW that's some blingy presentation! It's like a leather recliner! But you got to leave it to the Arabs to come up with the fancy!! :) Great review now I'd like to try this stuff!! . Great video as always. I've also been fortunate to experience an ASAQ frag through Nilo. Please try out Tawasul oil. Mind-blowing quality and performance. I've even decided against purchasing a bottle of Nasomatto's Pardon, as a result.. Yes Nilo is a great guy. Meeting some great people through FB. Hope all is well Raj. You know it means a lot to me when you comment and watch my vids my friend. Thx..
Ok, the packaging wins!!! Someone put in more thought with great taste. Most coglones don't even have that much thought put in to there entire line. I am truly iimpressed. It deserves it's own shelf. Cheers.

You are right. This is such great scent to match the presentation. Thanks for always watching my friend. .
Wow you are very lucky. Please give this one a try and let me know your thoughts. I really love it. Thank you so much for watching and commenting.. I was hoping for a great suggestion, Thank you. I love Pardon, I will definitely try this one. Really means a lot that you watch my vids and support my channel. Thanks again.
Great review as always. Its nice to see reviews on scents we are not familiar with here in the West. .
Thats great!! You will not regret it. Please keep in touch and let me know when you give it a sniff. Thanks a lot for watching my vids bro, means a lot.My FB name is Creed Fragz. . Abdul Samad Al Qurashi store is about 10 minutes away from my house so i should check this one out great review as always . Thank you so much Max. You have been on a roll with your channel, loving it. Really means a lot you stopping by and watching bro. Please let me know what you think if you ever give this one a sniff..
I know it does have a thousand dollar presentation. Great price for great quality right here. Thanks a lot for watching my videos, means a lot..

Thank you so much Steven for always giving me support with my channel. If you ever get your nose on this one, let me know what you think, would love to hear. .

Yes it is a beauty Seb!! Thanks a lot for always supporting my vids. If you try it, let me know your thoughts, would love to hear them..

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December 20, 2015
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December 31, 2015
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Noflam cheap - Buy Products In Best Vito - Jan 9, 2016

December 8, 2015
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January 12, 2016

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Cheap noflam - Buy Products In Vito Mol - Dec 23, 2015

January 11, 2016
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Cheap noflam - Buy Products In Vito Mol - Dec 23, 2015

December 16, 2015
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January 14, 2016
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November 9, 2015

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I'll explain, I can prepare videos for one week even if i'm not here, and schedule the day and the time to be launched, youtube does the rest, makes sense to you.
they have millions of beyblades there but in the UK there are only like 2 beys in each shop and they will be the ones you probably have. and i just love how zankye came for beyblades but his interest in the avengers is stronger. .
Are you now gonna be super ubsesed with 'The Avengers' now that you will buy them over seas. Dear Jose, could you make another Beyblade Collection Update video And cool stuff you got there at Walmart!.
yup right after you started selling BBG-08 and BBG-09, they started to sell BB-122 Diablo Nemesis X:D.
oh and in the description you said that you go to school bur today but when you uploaded your new vid the time was like 2 30 pm so now i'm confused but there is way, your parents could've picked you up from school. who knows will you tell us sry for asking.
sure thanks for telling me now I understand perfectly and the way I know you posted the video was because my mom picked me up from school so I thought the same for you oh and sry for all the typos I didnt check.
I know who they're was just kidding, the funny thing is we start selling beyblades, now they are starting selling beyblades, are they follow me. are these the guys who start selling beyblades after they saw me selling beyblades on my site Are we talking about the same BBG. 2 Zankye BBG is a group of 3 adults that hunts for every beyblade and they are not that new. They are short for BeybladeGeeks.
no problem, i'm not sure if when you upload your own videos you can do the same, we are youtube partners and besides having a banner on top of the channel and choose the thumbnail for the videos there's a few more things we can do than the regular youtuber.

Noflam cheap - Buy Products In Best Vito - Jan 9, 2016

January 26, 2016
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December 6, 2015
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November 12, 2015
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November 29, 2015

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January 18, 2016
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Noflam cheap - Buy Products In Best Vito - Jan 9, 2016

January 8, 2016
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January 15, 2016

Comments about this video:
This is so sad. It makes me wanna cry for the poor. I live in America and have all I need and I wish I could feed and help them. The world is an evil, greedy place. I know the Elites who use these people all over the world will answer to the Lord one day for how they treat humanity. I pray that Jesus Christ will help them. I dont know if it is because of the idol worship that things are this way but I just hope and pray they will know Jesus..
+renee Erwin I agree with you and there needs to be a massive revolution and the peoples power to overcome all of these wicked evil devil governments and all of there disciples be it in every department of industry,commerce ,entertainment showbiz,sport,etc etc ,the greed and corruption,the lying propaganda,going to war through lies and mass media lying propaganda, be it against Muslim,christian,Jew ,catholic the poor ,the needy,the old, the disabled.ere in england the austerity cuts against everyone not in work or old or ill and unemployed,there is a massive homeless and hungry the most vulnerable people in society and even the low wage earners,the only wants not feeling any pinch is the rich,there a while ago a famous man and I really should not call him a man at all he is not even a rat in the sewer.composer SIR ANDREW LLOYD WEBBER multi millionaire rushed back on aeroplane to vote for the government for the YES VOTE in austerity cuts against the most vulnerable people in society that's the measure of this wicked and greedy man and his devils.yes I could admire if he disagreed. no all he was bothered about for the history of the house of lords in allways backing a government even when they are wrong, cruel and evil that's your Andrew Lloyd Webber and his devils and I liked his more tho. and he as a completely another side to him and the rest of them also .and may god strike every single one of them down.his music must be the devils music.because a very rich composer of real music with a HEART would not have done this.instead he was that desperate to vote and help punish the old and poor and needy and unemployed he got an emergency flight back across the Atlantic to punish them and probably picked is daily £300+pounds up for voting and attending .that's your ANDREW LLOYD WEBBER and all of his evil bxxxxxxs.
i suggest they rather pay well the factory workers than the models,photographers and multimedia ads... the factory workers deserve high paid salary.. +Middle Mist actually the big companies can make their cloths at their home country,sell at the same price and still make a profit. The only difference is the profits would be smaller..
This is seriously heart breaking look at all these rich companies using these poor workers. I am bangladeshi I feel very upset with whats happened to my people 😢 #prayforbangladesh.
Where is the most ironic shirt ever made aka "this is what a real feminist looks like" or whatever shit that was made by poor dark women for privileged yet "oppressed" white women.. I totally agree with you. to tell you I don't know what to say in agreement but it is happening in China etc etc from the flaming powerful and rich elite of this world in every country but more so the greedy and powerfull in the west who class human beings nothing much than rats on a Conveyor belt and when you drop have a hole for your body to fall in and that's the truth.england and all the austerity cuts and its own people punished for the bankers and government faults in the economy and letting in more and more migrants in a small island ,due to illegal wars in lybia irac syria and with euro and being americas poodles and how the government and there lackeys and yes men in every department including TV radio newspapers and all there lying media propaganda will allways do this until every politician is hung for being traitors through illegal wars with lies and absolutely destroying all of these country's and killing there leaders and helping causing this. it all adds up more and more English people are being made homeless working zero hours etc etc private landlords social cleansing you have to move out of where you were born because the elite want your house or the land it sits on.and they build private houses on top, for there felonies few is rented out as social housing and if.the rent is sky high only affordable for the rich. but come the revolution in all of our country's against the greedy, powerful,ultra ultra rich and every one of there cronies.
+terence barrett I couldn't read that without effort due to the lack of punctuation and a rambling text. I'm sure you made a point in there somewhere, but I gave up. I do know this. Your statement didn't address the original comment which you said you agree with. Why do you agree with the comment.
Bangladeshi or any country's government should make sure that they place they are working in is safe and not harmful! That the workers are well paid !!! Otherwise these multi million dollar brand holders will never pay any attention to the suffering of the labours!. If you really think about it... overpopulation is the root of all evil in this world! too many humans make humans that much more disposable..
+bluegoldginger Its not too many humans its poor distribution of resources and greed. In the 1st world insane amounts of perfectly edible food is wasted every day as well and simply destroyed..
These ppl are most hardworking ppl in the world and that's y they are taken for granted they deserve so much more . rich countries cheat them so much it's unbelievable. I pray someday justice is given.they do all the hard work and in the end a zara. or a beneton tag is put on.. These companies should be ashamed...
+Vol de Mort It seems pretty hard to find some piece of garment that isn't made in some of these shitty factories these days. I just don't know where to look. Basically we in the West should have at least a chance to buy clothes that are made in our countries (like American Apparel for instance)..

+Jeannette0890 If you buy any clothes that aren't specifically ethically made you will support "such horror". Most of on the west countries produce their products in developing countries with lower price of workers and fewer laws for factories..
It is the usual problem in humans...GREED. How much is enough, assholes There is enough for us to share but greed gets in the way. Creepy!. I'm not saying to praise Bangladesh, I'm saying to praise the people who actually make the clothes..
They are being taken advantage of the same way business took advantage of the workers in England in the 1800's. They have no rights, they earn a pittance, they have no rest and decent food to eat to maintain their health, they labor in unbearable working conditions, they have no recreation, and no social life. They work to barely survive while the employers exploit huge profits from these disadvantaged people(s). Has mankind evolved or what It is still the evil greediness of corporate gluttony..
This is what actually happens: Rana plaza tragedy takes place, big news, denials from foreign firms, documentaries are made, people blame the government, the owner of the factory either escapes or is caught and then let out anyways, everybody cries, reporters here, reporters there, talk shows, arguments, fights, same faces of politicians, more talk, more excuses, people fighting about it among themselves on the internet, and that's where the story actually..begins. There are yet more Rana plaza tragedies coming on the way until this whole process begin recurring again. I don't know if all that made any sense at all to you, but trust me I am a Bangladeshi and I know where it ends - it never ends. We can't change others if we dont change ourselves first and our filthy ways of living. . +Fariha Tabassum I used to work with someone from Bangladesh and she never talked about life in her country. I was hesitant to ask because it sounds like a nightmare with all the child prostitution and other horrors..
Bangladesh economy is growing 6-7 percent at GDP per year on average and this impressive. We are poor but we are getting richer. If you stop buying clothes from us, then we will never progress. We do not have oil or natural resources worth exporting. This is the only way to progress. Please buy clothes from BD.
+halfvolley11 Stop arguing with some nonsense you always find some stupid in the youtube making comments about those which they really don't understand... some of them are so lack in their education there comment like "Kill all Muslim cuz they are terrorist" "Nuke Mecca" and another "boycott Bangladesh "... without thinking any Consequence... so I will request u not argue with this YouTube mental freaks... And ensure the safety and proper wage of pur honorable labors they are the main key of our Prosperity... By the way we are much advance science and Technology than stupid Nepalese. +ornillevergreen k ali I agree with you. Actually I like Nepali people. That is why I have not been too harsh with him. If he was Indian or Paki, my tone would have changed. He is just trying to act smart..
+To Universe With Love Absolutely correct. They probably get buttons or chains from Bangladesh but Zara gives most of its contracts to Turkey..

We do not deserve any mercy on judgement day if our clothes are more important than the people who make them. Please do not think I'm excluding myself. I am just as guilty as anyone else. God help all of us....
+ivan khundkar​​ im not sure if ur looking for Marzia's video.. but u can find the video that mentioned the true cost by looking for one of her current videos "BEST OF AUGUST:Beauty & Movies". Hope this helped! . I understand that people lose limbs or lose their life because they work for low sums of money in other foreign countries just to make clothes for America but,If we shouldn't buy clothes out of feeling bad for the people who produced the clothing,what are we supposed to wear or where do we buy clothes then.Most of the clothes I get say made in china.I really don't know :/ sorry if this comment is stupid,just saying,people without these skills,we down know how to make our own clothes...
bangladesh,china or turkey this process of misery cant be stopped cus.of.the poorness,and it.cost cus of all people have many children.
Either wages need to increase or the cost of living should be lowered. I hate that co. Feel that slavery is acceptable. Burn big wig Corp. Burn in hell.. I have BOYCOTTED all new clothing since the 1980's! This is NOT a new issue!!! I am a very savvy Thrift store shopper...I suggest others do the same...These peoples plight is on YOUR heads!. +Deborah Hixson You will not change the world, so why not at least be dressed good. Waste of time Maam, now go buy yourself some trousers ok Those clothes from 1980's are probably lil worn out..
Ooh God help these poor people. Bangladesh government have to sue these shit companies and sentence Engineers who built that premises...

Yea I'm a princess and everyone needs to kiss my ass and hand everything to me and that includes illegal immigrants that can't follow rules and need to by bent over my lap and spanked. ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°).
The people will have to stand up for themselves. It always starts with the people themselves. If they won't stand up for themselves, then we can't help them. You can't help someone who won't stand up for themselves..
I don't think its only Australian brands. I fear many British brands do the same. I have purchased clothes made in Bangladesh. And many of them are popular brands. Judging from this report, I don't think the brands here in the UK are up to any good either. Well...We do buy these clothes because most clothes are made in these countries. they really need to improve these conditions..
so if we do not buy those dresses they will be out of a job and then what tell the Company that we will not buy unless they raise the wages.
Tricky one isn't it... If you don't by the clothes, these people lose their jobs...if you do then you are encouraging this slavery... Like the ship yard dismantlement in Bangladesh...the factory owner is the richest one...what he pay's his workers is minimum, where one complains, loses a limb or dies there will always be a hundred people willing to work in those same horrific conditions..
+No Neck... If you don't buy clothes, the companies don't profit. Lacking profit at first place, companies can't afford letting workers go, and the workers will not work for free. Now that's a tricky one, too. If we really want these people to have something to live of, we'd do better sending the part of the funds we'd be spending on clothes directly to them, without encouraging the company to continue its practice on the way. Just the money that would have been spent on unnecessary stuff that many people buy on a daily basis could be redistributed to people in need and already make a significant difference. If abolishing big companies does any harm (and it certainly doesn't have to if manual redistribution of the funds is done right) to the workers, they will easily be the last generation of people that were harmed by the cause. It's quite simple actually if the majority is willing to cooperate..
The government of the people is to blame, they knew all about the dangers and helped murdered their own people... forcing them back to work like slaves..

+Average white trailer trash Exactly, why was 3rd world not conditioned with this shit, 30-40 years ago Their populations basically exploded, and we were feeding all of them, but now there's only more of people in need. Where the fuck is this going Well, I'll tell you, Europe received more than half a million of illegal economic migrants this automn alone... And now we have to treat them as equals, which means, you cannot give them 1$ a day and a med student no more, they need much more than that. Eventually we will fall into poverty, and then what.
Totally misconception and wrong information about Dhaka and garments industry. Who will boycott Bangladesh in Garments Bloody buyers like h&m, target, wallmart are manufacturing garments at the cheapest rate otherwise they dont give work. First of all boycott those prominent brands. There is no other way without Bangladesh....
As i look over to my closet filled with clothes...i feel immense guilt knowing that much of my clothing were probably made in countries and factories like these.
Typo. I know there is a difference between "filed" and "filled". But thanks for pointing it out, go and give yourself a nice pat on the shoulder.. Outsourcing is the new evil, if these companies were willing to pay proper wages they wouldn't be outsourcing. What to do You don't buy the dress these people suffer more, you buy the dress they suffer anyways and big greedy companies get richer! Do we really need 10 pants and 10 sweaters. Mango and Benetton I will not wear that dress or use their products anymore. My heart crushed of what I saw in the video.. the workers should take everything and sell for half price the make more than what they would in a few years they'll just need a contact in a different country and that shouldn't be too hard.
How sad is that to know Humans beings sucking same kind blood for money , it's 2015 look at how this people This people trying to survive, they live like a slaves this is is big sin and big shame for human being every country responsible that kind of action My Allah bless Good People.

This is heartbreaking and sad because of what they are doing and especially because i know i can't do anything..
You have to buy clothes or go naked, and all clothes are made like this, by these people, so what do you do.
Its very veery! Unfortunate this goes on. And doesnt look will end soon:'((. But what the on the west consumers Should! DO, is REFRAIN from buying the brands sawn in third world countries. Save up and limit to buying on the west/American made or shop in second-hand stores. They are beautiful, lightly worn and we will save the environment from overproduction!.


You could say not to buy the shirt. But it's bangledeshes building code standards that are lacking. If they new about load tolerances and how to even build properly they wouldn't have these problems. They no how to build shitty factories and funking stick huts..

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January 9, 2016
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December 1, 2015

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I can't wait to get mine in a few weeks - I ordered it a few days ago and have been watching videos of people riding it ever since, and it just seems like so much fun! :P.

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Get them from amazon. All orders over $35 dollars have free shipping. I'm getting one for Christmas that's black and red. It's also got a remote, case, etc. It's $330 dollars I believe. Free shipping as well ^.^. I want a segway but i live in Sri Lanka so on ebay it is almost 2,3 thousand rupees any body knows how to get it a bit cheaper. Thanks for posting feedback, I am a camera operator so I was thinking probably getting one to use with my steady cam. Will let you know guys when I get it..
+rami416 well i bought it from a swedish website called "" and it seems legit.

+hi im gurz Never orderd there before so i dont know how the quality is but if it hits on walls and stuff and it still works then its good that it doesnt break and it means yours is good and if your box looks legit then good but makesure that the manuel says User's not uses.

I got mine for $279 with bluetooth... it's great... if ur going to buy one buy one with a Samsung batteries... these does not blow up... remember not to charge ur hoverboard until after an hour after u finish riding it... .
It hurts when I see that thing takes a hit. I would like to see someone come up with something like a bump protection or a rubberized material full-body protective case.. Tried one today in a store that had one on display. It was awesome at first, but breaking was not. Which explanes why this guy is jumping off all the time.. Well you really just have to have good feet control as well as balance. But, just play with it a little more (in longer periods of time) and you should get it. Put duct tape on your edge it will on scrap the tape when your done riding pull it off for show then when your gonna ride put it back on. the red light shit is legit the worst thing about it, it happens all the fucking time seemingly for fun these things are novelty, but hey they fun, whatever! i like mine.
grab some tape or sticky pad and place it on the top where you have the damage and it will stop most damage when it rolls.

grate cos i mite get one for chrismas becaues it is hard to say that i would like it becaue i mite get something als but after waching that video i think i mite get a sweway so thx so much for posting that video and one more thing ya rite how fast dose it go and thx.

+Mitchell Sharpe they go like up to 20km, but the interior guts are kinda crapy you cant jump stairs otherwise it breaks in half, its only good for flat surfaces.

+Oren Urbach yes! but it's not that easy. i got quite cocky at first and thought i would do well but i haven't mastered it yet lol.

I got one. And It just arrived about a week ago. And I'm going to have it wrapped chrome gold to protect its original color..
I purchased mine from dubai for £150 fucking cheap i was on a holiday thought mmm bunch of kids riding this shit in the malls need to get one. Found the place n paid £150 and did research about my board is being sold for £450 i was like wtf. The fact i paid 150 my pockets as much when it scratches as those who paid £300 plus for these bad boys. Walking is so 2014 - Quoted by George W Bush. My pockets wont hurt" as much as those who paid big bucks on a useless investment. This tool i see it as a way to rip of usa n uk customers. Whys does it matter there is so many names for them and Segway is just one of them people like to call them cause it's kinda like one. Segway is a company, not a product. This is causing a great deal of confusion calling it a Segway when it is nothing like a Segway product. The only thing in common is the balancing technology..
+Zemny ™ Oh never mind, I was talking about the other song haha. And yeah you're right, so over used! .

I want to see someone test this on the sidewalks of San Francisco and find out how long the battery lasts carrying its rider up and down large hills....and does it even work down a serious hill Or does it just roll faster and faster and maybe injure its rider.

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December 28, 2015

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December 19, 2015

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January 4, 2016

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Super Mega ultra called the weekend looking at nature awesome pranks I love it it is so hilarious the first time I seen it I started a person out laughing it was just hilarious I love your friend videos.

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December 9, 2015

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November 26, 2015

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