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December 10, 2015

Comments about this video:

Hi I love all your videos your so amazing Best player ever I love noob training you should do road to diamond SMGs.

I love Preston cause he dosn't show off his money like Syndicate, he just buys what ever works even tho its really cheap.
Like Syndicate always buys stuff he doens't need and post it on facebook, then he never even uses it. Syndicate will always be my favorite youtuber but im just bringing this up.
+Aaron Fernando I swear some men were conceived by anal sex. There is no way being that much of an asshole is natural. -.-.

+MashLegend Lol no. Ghosts by far has the better functionality and balance. Black Ops 2 is a broken mess. It's among the top 3 WORST CoD list. .

rageQuit99 has 63 subs and his channel is such a mess, if you are a youtuber make sure to clean your channel, trust me .

did ya see that little picture at the end he had 5.2 something K/D u know why because preston was there and he was a knifer.

+Luke Humphries Agreed, but I'm not going to sit here and lie and say that Vikk is this amazing YouTuber. Still, what I said isn't "constructive criticism" per say..
+jAyMaC so your basically proving my point "will be full of nosy douchebags" so there is something going on ;).
preston start a league play series. U, choco, and vikk try and get a good rank and make it a race to master or something.

I would support this, but the PC community is pretty garbage. Probably the reason they only ever play TDM, because no other game type has the peeplez..

+Geoffrey to translate what he's saying "garbage" equals nonexistant. There are only about 2000 people playing BO2 on PC, and all in TDM. League play had at most 20 players..

Speaking your the first comment I have seen in a while about titanfall guessing never. Besides his titanfall vids don't do as good as his cod..
this is a song i made proning like a carrot (2x) du du du du du du proning like a cactus (2x) du du du du du du 6 times the same. He says 'I'm TBNRfrags aka Preston' shouldn't it be 'I'm Preston aka TBNRfrags' not hating I just don't get it 😚😅.
Preston I know what you mean about having a good sniping angle on this map one time I went 20 to 4 btw Im not even presteige once so it seemed pretty good for me.
goes 37-1 that's not a bad game... I'm like MOTHER FUCKA I WILL NEVA SCORE THAT GOOD EVA!!!. Preston you are the reason I started my YouTube channel! I now have over 700 subs and I am still growing! I post live coms, regular gameplay commentaries, competitive gameplays! I also try to keep my fans up to date with all the latest cod news! Maybe swing by my channel after this epic Preston video Thanks!. Preston can u do a episode of ur stats plz because u kill people alot and i want to see all ur kills :). omg look at that kids channel he's filming on the screen with his nokia 3310 and playing against botsl00000000000l.

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December 13, 2015
There are more than 100 rheumatic diseases, including degenerative conditions such as osteoarthritis, inflammatory conditions such as rheumatoid arthritis and... i1
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December 14, 2015
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December 12, 2015
An accurate diagnosis precedes appropriate treatment of arthritis. With over 100 types of arthritis, early symptoms can overlap and diagnosis can be difficult. i3
What Are Anti-Smith Antibodies? - Essortment

December 20, 2015

Comments about this video:
For Anti-DNA ab, should a healthy test result be 0 I know they have range at Mayo clinic that includes.

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December 16, 2015
Self help information on managing symptoms of rheumatoid arthritis. Learn natural treatments to relieve RA pain. i5
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December 7, 2015
Molecular and multimodal imaging procedures that complement the use of existing anatomical modalities for the diagnosis and monitoring of rheumatoid arthritis (RA... i6
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December 15, 2015
Musculoskeletal disease including osteoarthritis (OA) and rheumatoid arthritis (RA) is the most common cause of chronic disability worldwide and is increasingly... i7
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December 21, 2015

Comments about this video:
You can get the MUSIC from the video here:
+Adam Selene LMAO you're so fucking dumb. Do you wear a tinfoil hat Is Obama a lizard person wearing a human body Did bush do 7/11 Did aliens create the internet.
I'm for a good mix of energy sources. Let's not bet everything on one horse and keep all options open.. What is stopping LFTR being implemented is the start up costs, the research has already been done. After the Manhattan Project did the research into atomic weapons, the concept for nuclear power was proven. Then in the Late 40s and early 50s the US Navy spent money for testing and development into nuclear power to propel ships and subs. And thus the Light Water Reactor was born (LWR) Then in the 50s the US Air Force wanted nuclear powered aircraft. (sounds crazy but its true) Funding was provided and research began and the result was Liquid Fluoride Thorium Reactors (LFTR). The project was canceled but a test reactor was built and the concept was proven and operated. Only thing missing is the funding for a prototype and commercial operation. (startup costs). I feel that the pros definitely outweigh the cons. I think most people would agree that we need power, and that solar energy is the best. But the change over to green energy is going to take a while, and nuclear power is the best option.. +Adam Selene Hey here is a second source that will backup the youtube i linked. If you want I can post a 3rd and 4th.
I'm Nuclear supporter, because it is one of the cleanest energy but also can produce huge amount of power in a short time, meanwhile solar and wind energy are the best, but you need hundreds square miles of solar farm or wind farm to equally produce same amount of electricity compare to a single nuclear reactor..
I am pro nuclear power. Nuclear power plants are almost completely safe if they are properly built. Most nuclear power plant accidents have been caused because something wasn't very well built or thought out. For instance, the powerplant that exploded in 2011 in Japan was not ready for a tsunami. Additionally, we simply dont have time to wait to have the perfect technology for nuclear power. Climate change is happening fast, and we need to do something!. what's with the doctor who box appearing in these videos. saw it in a previous video now this hahaha. love it. I just discovered this channel and I love it! Very entertaining and informative videos! Keep the nice job guys!.
The Chernobyl Reactor was not the same type of reactor as what is used in the US. The accident that occurred at Chernobyl will not occur here..

+Techgramnar Lopez Oh its based on a documentary I watched. Turns out the Chernobyl reactor went below the safezone before the practice. Its the protocol that is tuaght to the ones iincharge that when that happens you cant make the practice because it would be way too dangerous. The chief engeneer still insisted in makiing the test and even insulted his coworkers. He ordered a complete restart of the system but theydidint knew there was a clog. The thing is the engenner would be like he is the boss and that he is right and everyone is wrong..
+Filip Veselý Wow man, somebody finally said it! Molten salt breeder reactors would still be better though; on-line refueling and it's a continuous process, utilize 100% of the fuel, and all that jazz :).
I'm certainly on the fence about using nuclear energy. On one hand, it's a cheap source of energy we can use to replace the older technology that is responsible for a good portion of the carbon dioxide pumped into the atmosphere every year. In fact, had we invested in safer types of reactors in the 70's, it's very likely we could have significantly minimized the effects of climate change. But at what cost The best way we can think of to store nuclear material is to seal it up and put it underground in an area where nobody will ever live. Then you have natural disasters that can cause nuclear plants to fail, compounding the damage of the disaster with the threat of radioactive exposure. Finally, newer technologies are starting to advance rapidly, so in the decades it would take to build enough of these plants to become free of older, polluting plants, we will likely have better and safer means to produce electricity..

+commnter10 They would make a lot of money doing what You have not said as of yet. .
If they make money, more power to them. They're either making a long, loooong shot work out somehow, or they're making hay from the marks. Either works for me..
People, do some research - haven't any of you heard of Gen IV reactors For example, the Integral Molten Salt Reactor or IMSR (made in Canada) is a completely different kind of reactor which: 1. Cannot melt down, as the fuel/salt mix is already in a molten state 2. Creates extremely small amounts of waste, which are only radioactive for a couple hundred years (instead of 20,000!) 3. Can use spent Uranium as a fuel - or Thorium, which is as plentiful as lead, and safe enough to hold in your hand 4. Does not create usable bomb-making material (Plutonium) - so no proliferation problems 5. Is much smaller and less expensive than the huge outdated reactors in use all over the place 6. Is completely walk-away safe - so worst case scenario is that the plant shuts down and cools off by itself... and many many more benefits.
LWR is actually the shittiest way to produce nuclear power. But the best way to produce nuclear weapons materials such as Pu-239. Explains 99% of the story.. I'm pro nuclear power. But I'm glad my country (New Zealand) is nuclear free. Because if there was a accident in one of the big city's we would never recover.. its annoying to me because finland is the only country of europe that wants the nuclear energy to spread and i live in finland. +huugo koskela Over 70% of France's energy is nuclear. Finland is not alone in this. Sweden has nuclear plants, too.. the chernobyl RBMK Reactor model was flawed because the coolant and moderator were different materials (water and graphite respectively) so there was a positive void coefficient b/c the two different materials did not moderate each other (in a sense). this model has been modified since then and now it is much safer because the coolant and the moderator are both water. Brazil also has nuclear powerplants, although most of our energy comes from water plants. Because of them we have problems when it doesn't rains for great amounts of time (which is common at some states) and when accidents happen they are just as destructive as the nuclears ones, just look out for mariana. We should adopt nuclear energy till we get nuclear fusion well developed.. +commnter10 I think that we should build a high tech fission reactor. Fission is much better than fusion because While fusion only generates a few radioactive particles fission generates dozens! We could build this reactor deep underground so that the excess radiation does not effect the enviroment.. i loved the video, but the talking is fast for someone who uses english as a secondary language. thanks!.
I have a conspiarcy to make! kurzgesagt is giving submibinal messages about American patriolism! Don't belive me check this: 4:15 Who is with me.

+In a Nutshell - Kurzgesagt: I am doing some research on the pros and cons of nuclear energy. Can I know the reference of video. es buena cuando es vigilada por organismos internacionales y sociales, sin embargo si se puede evitar es mejor, usando la solar o la eolica, hay muchas mas, pero espero que decidan por la solar.. In short: these are steam engines with the deadliest fuel. No need for accidents, they will kill us all by contamination..
+Borgar How is used coal a deadly threat for a million years Mind you, there is not one place on earth where depleted nuclear material can be stored safely for more than 50 years and this stuff is a death trap for at least thousands of years..
Also don't place radiation near lizards or they will mutate into giant fire breathing monsters! XD. Thorium Molten Salt Reactors is the way to go. Before you say "No" look it up and do your own research..
The citizen should look at NPPs and SFPs from an odds vs. stakes point of view. The odds are high enough of catastrophe. The stakes are the region you live in, and its inhabitability, and its ability to produce food that does not cause cancer, heart disease, kidney disease, diabetes, miscarriages, and crippling genetic diseases in future generations. The odds based on experience are that once in every 25 or so years an NPP, or a whole complex of NPPs, is going to have prompt criticality, a steam explosion and/or hydrogen explosion, and a meltdown, and in some cases a melt out. Tremendous quantities of radioactive gases will be released, at the least, contaminating areas downwind for centuries. One absolute is the industry and those in government who serve its owners will say very little radiation was released and pose no threat to human health. The hell-headed liars will say the amount of radiation received is similar to background levels and poses less risk than naturally occurring potassium isotope in a banana. When a million people come down with cancer, that's just a coincidence..
+kokofan50 Why is it that morons, when faced with powerful facts-and-logic presentation and reasoning have to resort to the old "Flat earth' bullshit.
What's this audible dot com stuff Almost every single science channel I follow has "a new sponsor AUDIBLE DOT COM!" It just makes me wonder how much money they have already spent on sponsorship....
Very good videos. I'm pro-nuclear exactly for these reasons. The good points crush the bad points in the immediate future. I have heard about Thorium reactors before, but is it a true technology or is it just a dream If it was true, why nobody is working on it. Once humanity develops efficient fusion reactors to generate electricity it will be truly wonderful. Fusion will generate several times more power than fission, there won't be any radioactive waste (though the stuff directly around the reactor might become radioactive but not for nearly as long as radioactive waste), they will run on isotopes of hydrogen (the stuff that makes up 74% of matter in the universe), the reactions will be easier to control than with fission so it would be significantly safer than fission reactors, the reactions would harmlessly release helium into the atmosphere (or we could even collect it since earth is running out of it), and it will be cheaper per watt. It is unclear to me how far in the future such reactors are, but when they come it should be an amazing time to be around for..
If we are going to make Nuclear Energy widely used in everyday things... We might be looking at total atomic annihilation.

Basically. The main take away is THIS: 1:00. It went to shit because companies again were being stupid, selfish, fucktwits. Companies were the problem, just like nearly EVERY SINGLE OTHER problem in the world..
Why don't they just reuse a deep old mine to construct a automated nuclear power plant deep underground. This would be safe and clean. There is no way we will have enough power withowt nuclear energy (fission or fusion) because, the oil and gas will run out, wind and water are too weak and the solar panels are not productive enought..
I am having such a difficult time understanding this! Where does the energy even come from Also I am thinking that if a disaster happens, will millions of people die.
When a nuclear bomb explodes only several pounds of fissionable material is involved. The majority of the fallout decays radioactively within days. When an NPP melts out, huge amounts of fallout like radioactive cesium stays radioactive for decades, and the amount of nuclear fuel involved may be 40 tons, i.e. 80,000 pounds. The northern half of the planet received a tremendous dose of radioactive pollution from Fukushima. When an overstuffed spent fuel pool overheats, boils off its cooling water, and burns, 100's of tons of fuel may be involved. It is not contained. If fuel melts and piles at the base, critical mass is reached and an uncontained nuclear reactor occurs. The common spent fuel pool at Fukushima had over 1000 tons, 2 million pounds, of fuel in it. By the way, spent fuel is only something like 17% 'consumed', plants have to quit using it at that point because the intense radioactivity begins breaking down the cladding and the fuel pellets. The nuclear industry can not know, nor would it ever acknowledge, how many people have died as a result of its accidents. Radioactive pollution destroys the information in genomes causing genetic diseases and cancer. It bioaccumulates and biomagnifies in the food chain. The nuclear power industry also can't know how many people will die in the future from accidents that have already occurred, from ones that will occur, or from the fuel that must be successfully kept stored for hundreds of thousands of years. People working in nuclear power plants have more exposure than people not though soft tissue and blood cancer deaths for women and children are 50% higher than normal for 50km around an NPP and 100km downwind in the direction of the prevailing wind. The genetic damage people working in plants suffer, to their reproductive cells, will inexorably get out into the general population and cause increased genetic disease for all the generations involved afterwards. In Japan the government ordered tsunamis debris which was all contaminated with fallout to be distributed throughout the country and burned. The purpose of this was to raise the background level of radiation, obfuscate the ability to compare dosed people with undosed people with regard to cancer rates, and protect the industry from lawsuits according to Christopher Busby. I know, you're right about allot of these things. I thought our discussion was mainly about the intensity of the blast, but ok xD A disaster is never great, but do you even realize how many people die from air pollution from coal plants And full green energy will cause a huge amount off long black outs. The amount of deaths that will occur due to that will be off the charts. Everybody will start buying their own diesel generators, mass plunders. . Nuclear reactor is the best way to get energy period. Only problem is human error, there hasn't been a nuclear reactor malfunction, or catastrophe where human isn't the one to blame. Get FULL AI operated nuclear reactors build them where there is least probability of natural catastrophes, build it bigger than ever before and pre sealed so hard that in a case of a war, bombing or any other fuckup - that humans can and will cause, it can't fuck up a big radius and get atomic dust everywhere. Problem solved best energy there is.. +siamanspaps Nope, sorry. The best way to get get energy would be containing a black hole and converting the radiation it emits into energy..
+K463178 I rather agree. It's a little beyond our abilities right now, but black holes offer the chance for pure mass-energy conversion. 600kg of anything could power the earth for a year. 600,000 tonnes of anything could power the world for 1 million years. That's peanuts compared with the 8 million tonnes of coal China burns every day. Gotta love E=MC^2 That C squared in particular, multiply a mass by the speed of light squared and you get its energy..

It's 12:45 in the morning... I have school tomorrow... Numerous assignments due... And a test on a Monday... Yet, I am here watching scientific videos. My teachers would be so proud....

Anti-Nuclear Antibody (ANA) Test | Rheumatology and...

December 19, 2015
An explanation of anti nucelar antibody tests (ANA) and their relationship to hair disease i9
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December 8, 2015
1. Pharmacol Ther. 2007 Aug;115(2):246-70. Epub 2007 May 6. Therapeutic application of anti-arthritis, pain-releasing, and anti-cancer effects of bee venom and its... i10
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December 17, 2015
Find patient medical information for GINGER on WebMD including its uses, effectiveness, side effects and safety, interactions, user ratings and products that have it. i11
Diseases & Conditions - American College of Rheumatology

December 9, 2015

Comments about this video:

There is a thorough takedown of this lady. I think it from gordencromwell or gordenmcdowell. Anyone who has bothered to do some reading or video watching would say yes to building the molten salt reactor prototype. There are many ways to do nuclear and some that have been overlooked deserve to be looked at..
Look at Chernobyl! I mean, yes it was built with shoddy equipment and the people shut off the safety systems, I choose to ignore those to further my agenda! Look at Fukushima! Yes, it was built in an active seismic zone in which tsunamis are a danger, and they decided to take the risk, but I choose to ignore that to further my agenda!.
Bechtel won't help those "Tidy Japanese" - You said they will do it themselves. BLAH BLAH BLAH - I am big time disappointed with this AUTHOR. She has not demanded the release of Megan Rice - the anti nuclear archangel.

Here's some of the links: WHO on Fukushima (very thorough just check the main pdf): WHO on Chernobyl (this isn't as thorough, but couldn't find a one like in case of Fukushima): And just to throw this in because I referenced it... Wind turbine deaths (note: 144 deaths but study is UK only): Also keep in mind that while we refer to solar and wind power as "green energy", both of them have a much higher potential of causing climate change than nuclear (and maybe even fossil fuels) IF they were to be deployed on a large enough scale to power the whole world on their own. That is because both solar and wind farms alter wind patters, and on a large enough scale it can be very dramatic. This effect is currently measurable near the largest wind farms, but like I said they are nowhere near as vast as they should be if they supplied global power..
Russia is a major producer and exporter of fossil fuels. That is why they spread fear of nuclear.. The problem isn't that the plants need to be shut down. Its how What do you do with a nuclear resource What happens when you just stop a reactor once it gets going Who do you trust with the materials Who do you poison to get rid of it What do you destroy The problem is we made the fucking things and the people cheered it on and now we no better and there is no going backwards. Stop cursing each other, your father was just as guilty as my father and this guys father and that guys father. And guess what We all get to reap the rewards of our greed. Lol. You, with the house and all the appliances and lights you can't live with out. That you raise your kids, helpless invalids, on. Can't live without the technology that just makes life so much "better" till it kills you and your family. Then you care lol... Too late. Complain and blame and dance and point your fingers till you are too tired to move. In the end we all die, irrelevant to how. As for me, I will take me lot daily and wear it as my crown, however heavy, hold the head up and however tired, eyes open. Eyes open to keep watch on my own hands and charge.. I think they've got their "things" 'pulled out' and THAT has been the problem!. Great to hear you speaking up. There definitely seems to be a blanket of near silence in the media on this. I think what is scary is that we really have no idea how much radiation is leaking into the sea, and can we even believe what the authorities tell us anyway People don't seem to realise that just a few solar panels are enough to light up your whole home! Its a start. Getting past Greed and Power mongering and the putting of large corporate interests first are near insurmountable objects. They want to keep the oil and coal gravy trains flowing above all else. We also have no idea how much radiation Nuclear Subs are spreading around the world either. We have no way to check up on the military.. Cannabis oil cures 7 of 10 cancers! Can it help with nuclear cancers I think so. Everyone should be on the cannabis oil defined by Rick Simpson, only use supercritical CO2 extraction to pull the oil from the buds then cook down to required consistency.. david from Slovenia.We have all our power from solar pannels.We have 6 monhts winter but we reachadt also enought energy to keep as warm.Helen you are great.... ▶ 'Shut down all nuclear power plants!' Hangout 2 DrHCaldicott: 'Shut down all nuclear power plants!' Hangout with anti-nuclear activist Dr Helen Caldicott ~Streamed Nov 5, 2013. PART 2 / 50 MIN COULD SAVE YOUR LIFE BIT SHOCKING THOUGH***. Geo thermal, wind, solar, hydro, water wheels, converting you 2 20 to 116 eliminating paricitic draws. stone age No options This list only skraches the surfice of options.. You will create an extinktion level event with your closed mind.. einstine said the splitting of the atom changed evetything save mans mode of thinking thus we drift toward unparalleled catastrophe. You are not smarter than einstine.. YOU ARE NOT SMARTER THAN EINSTINE! Shhhhh!. Her field is Children's Medicine, I think. She knows about the effects of radioactivity on children, if not the difference between a neutron and a proton. How can anyone be a supporter or Nuclear Power, especially after Fukushima Can you be more specific about your views on Nuclear Power. So... we can't have nuclear power plants because of radioactive byproducts, we can't have coal or gas plants because of the atmosphere, biofuels drive up the cost of food, and solar/wind are extremely impractical on a large scale. Where exactly are we supposed to get our energy.
Like she said...shut down nuclear power plants and coal fired plants! Demand renewable powered garage roofs to recharge our electric cars. Demand this from our government! Yes, it means ACTION! For awhile, she tried to stop being an activist and got so depressed, she went on medication, which was only messing her up, so she had to come back to DO HER PART! Stop having children until there is a miracle solution to this mess caused by unregulated corporate greed aka capitalism! .

It's fairly soul destroying when you think of all the things wrong in the world. Not only whats wrong but that most of it is nonsensical and of little relative beneficience. Nuclear, habitat destruction, climate alteration, war, financial gambling with our future and livelihoods. Just a few things. I've educated myself in natural systems and how they function but I feel powerless..

Interesting. Do you have any specific links where I can read up about this Or should I just hope to get lucky with google.
man made pollution is real, and radiation is a big part of it. but global warming is a hoax. check your facts before you spew your bile all over the internet. The solutions for nuclear, gas, and coal will unfortunately fall on deaf ears. And your renewable energy suggestions will never happen because progressives can't put their money where their mouth is....sad, but true =(. Actually japan has asked for help. Do a search, you'll find articles in aljazeera and uk telegraph.. actually money and profit wont you posses or control will... You never had capitalism anyway.. and the same holds true for Solar. However, the ability to produce smaller and safer nukes is the ultimate answer. You can't have solar on every house unless you're willing to nationalize the infrastructure, which isn't even in the cards right now. .
Please everyone! I keep saying it and will repeat it here, is we been had the technology for a long time. If you want to use what is out in the mainstream grassroots movement. You have maglev wind turbines that if upscaled can power an entire city. Also thorium reactors are the best nuclear option right now. Investing in geothermal and a hydrothermal reactor would be the best option..
and... Obama is in process of making a trading deal to allow Japanese foods to be exported into America.. this woman is so great! She tells like it is. But everybody just turn back on plast your ass mainstream and forget all about it. our kids are not worth shit becuase we have to go get a petty pay check from big five who is ass plunging everybody plus abusing the labor market because of the 40 percent unemployment rate. Thank you, I will do so. I'm just skeptical of the "free energy" idea and violating the laws of thermodynamics. When I'm watching videos on youtube that show some of these machines, the next recommended video is often a "troll physics" perpetual motion machine, which hints at the validity of what I'm currently watching..
All Governments lie. Dr. Helen is prophetic but the powerful do not listen to her. The clarity with which she speaks has the power to make a fool understand, the diabolic nature of Nuclear Reactors. .

I can see from your comment that you oppose nuclear power, well that's fine because as a society we will different views nuclear energy and pro and cons and I respect your view on nuclear energy as I believe people have right to their own opinion on the matter, I just wish that you could respect my view on nuclear energy thats all :).

What fucking world do you live in OF COURSE THERE IS AN OIL LOBBY. BUT THERE IS ALSO A NUCLEAR LOBBY. If they are "spit on", then how have they been manipulating the NRC into letting them bypass the safety standards Why does Obumma support nuclear You need to get yourself informed. Nuclear is not an alternative. Nuclear is the WORST OPTION. FUKUSHIMA HAPPENED YOU FUCKING IDIOT..
There are actually, many major accidents in nuclear plant that stop short of something catastrophic like Fukushima and Chernobyl, but they're not widely reported by the government. No nuclear plants that's ever been built including of the pebble bed and thorium variety has been entirely free of incidents where radioactive substances have leaked into the air or water..
This woman is a confused socialist. Forcing the government to do something is LOL. She is right about nuke plants but is seriously confused about capitalism. We have not had any capitalism in the world ever since the PETRO-DOLLAR was created. Government is the problem and will NEVER offer a solution. Follow the money and find the problem. Shut down ALL nuke plants NOW..
do you know why solar panels are so inefficient there are LITERALLY laws and regulations which limit the efficiency of solar panels. the solution is to stop the suppression of technology that supports the medical and energy monopolies.. Apparently Americans are eating more radioactive food than the Japanese because we import higher levels than what Japan allows their own citizens to eat. Believe it or not!.
I had to stop when the dumb bitch said people can't live at 6 degrees Celsius hotter...what a truly stupid statement .
If I was the president, that's what I'd do. I'm just coming at this from a practical perspective.. That doesn't make any sense. Any energy type that can be used can be controlled. The govt doesn't care what it is.. The Communist Global-Warmists are now pushing again Nuclear Power plants. We must stop this crazy direction.. HC: Bring in the best brains! Jct: Why haven’t they been brought in yet We can’t pay them You say Japanese are too proud! I say not enough money! HC: Focus on renewable energy Jct: A little too late, besides, again, the malfunction in money impedes again, doesn’t it We can’t yet afford the best brains. Right now, you need only the one best brain on Banking Systems Engineering to install the Argentine Funding Software or die looking for money. . are not our benchmarks for diseases change and go up as time goes by because the "old" benchmarks i.e.; 4 out of a 1000 kids get such and such cancers now is 200 in 1000. just and example... then what will become acceptable are not our benchmarks already above why would be if there were a nuclear free earth . So even though the IPCC specifically Dr. Michael Mann was proven to be lying by skewing his data to remove the Medieval Warming Period she still supports a proven fraud. There has been no warming for over a decade, this person and every other Communist behind the Green Movement knows this as a fact. The U.N. the IPCC, and the scientists that support it are scam artists attempting to gain control of the planet Earth through eco-science..
No, you can't play it better, because you have faith in a big con and I don't. Now answer the question; Does your savor Forrest Gore believe in nuclear energy .

Clearly you are not familiar with Nuclear technology,when you say something like that Truth is that Nuclear industy is a Doom machine.They constantly telling us that radiation is safe,based on 40 year old standards Better go to Fairewinds site to listen what Arnie gundersen have to say, btw. he is a man who designed nuclear reactors ;) and than if you want to know what is current extent of fukushima disaster, than go to ENEnews Japanese site, ot to Asashi shimbun. NUCLEAR... NO THANKS ! Peace..
Regaurdless of individual power, your the man, just wanted to point that out. 100% discriptive of many who end up here, thats where the power lies. .
fukushima is special. there are at least three reactors in the basement, where they are mixing with 400 tons of groundwater per day. sarcophagus won't contain it..
your feminist bigotry fuels the hate that has ruined this world. hilary clinton is just as much of a criminal tyrant as obama is. you will see, she will be next president. keep dividing humanity in your ignorance. why do people like you condemn it when men consider themselves superior, when you turn right around and claim that it is women who are superior.
Helen Global-Warming is a political Agenda from Club of Rome. It's a fake science from Zionists and their Fraternity-Science, the same people pushing Weaponised Vaccines, Eugenics programs, Nuclear Power Plants, Chem-Trails, Evolution Religion, Big Bang Cosmology Agenda..

The Chinese are some of the worst polluters ON EARTH. They have DESTROYED a large percentage of their country. The chinese elite have secret gardens, where they grow their own food. Regular chinese people eat polluted crap and gutter oil. So what is with you thinking easterners are saints Look at how Japan is polluting the ocean... Look at how Mao killed 60 million people in China. Stop acting like there's no evil in your country. Eastern oligarchs are just as rotten..
look, i see how on the west governments are to blame for a lot of the world's ills. i get that. but you can't blame all on the westers altogether. it's prejudiced. what if i said all easterners are to blame wouldn't you ask me not to group you together with people like mao and it was the chinese who invented gunpowder. and the mongols raped the east more than any on the wester. so stop blaming the west for everything.. Learn about very low risk thorium nuclear reactors (uranium free): 5 min length: /watchv=uK367T7h6ZY Full length: /watchv=D3rL08J7fDA. Helen Caldicott is an idiot and a stooge of Big Oil. She has lost every debate she ever was embarrassed to engage in, last debate with George Monbiot he ripped three new holes in her and sent her running with her tail between her legs. I can believe anyone would be so stupid to listen to a critic of Nuclear Power who doesn't know the difference between a proton and a neutron..

GINGER: Uses, Side Effects, Interactions and Warnings - WebMD

December 18, 2015
Musculoskeletal disease including osteoarthritis (OA) and rheumatoid arthritis (RA) is the most common cause of chronic disability worldwide and is increasingly... i13
Gout Cures, Gout Remedies, Gout Treatment and Gout...

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January 5, 2016

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Curcumin and Turmeric supplements health benefits, side...

December 28, 2015
Probably the RAW article most often referenced is Blood Tests for Rheumatoid Arthritis, part 2 from over four years ago. People need answers to questions l i1
Metal Gear (weapon) - Metal Gear Wiki - Wikia

November 18, 2015
Mixed connective tissue disease (MCTD) was originally defined as a connective tissue disorder characterized by the presence of high titers of a distinct autoantibody... i2
Blood Tests for Rheumatoid Arthritis: What Is Their Role...

January 2, 2016
curcumin turmeric supplement health benefits side effects extract skin disease psoriasis i3
The Pathogenesis of Rheumatoid Arthritis NEJM 2011

December 31, 2015

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FYI it's Erythematosus, not Erythrematosus or Erythromatosis... It reflects on credibility when vital words are spelled incorrectly. Pronounced: [ ery - thee - ma - toe - sus ] Good video!. +Ken Doe Hi, Thank you for watching the video. I believe we me made an annotation correcting the spelling sometime ago, maybe you have them turned off or maybe you did not notice it. In any case we appreciate your comment and hope you don't find the content less credible because of a spelling issue.. +jagdish singh Hi, Thank you for watching the video. SLE is a complex disorder with varying triggers and symptoms. The same complexity applies to the therapy and diagnosis. If you suspect that you have SLE or SLE like symptoms I would strongly urge you to visit your health care provider as they can better asses your specific situation. In general terms treatment usually involves immunosuppressive drugs and lifestyle changes (avoiding sunlight). I hope this helped and Good luck.. excellent well spoken and clear. I might have to incorporate the style of teaching where instead of reeling off lists you explain each point thoroughly! thank yoh. My 23 year old daughter died from Lupus. It started as ITP. Low platelets at 15 with a nasty virus. A few years later her ANA test came back positive. She had extreme bodily pain, severe headaches and she went to live across the USA. I could not see her as I could not afford to fly out to be with her. She got so sick that she was in hospital. Hospital killed her. She died 4 days after they found lupus in her brain. There were too busy focusing on her kidneys. She needed a biopsy. With all of this being said, and I have all of her medical records (quite a large amount of medical records) but I have yet to read her medical records as I am grieving. I want everyone to know that Dr. Phil said on TV that lupus is not a serious disease! I disagree!!! Dr. Phil should have said that lupus can be serious in some. Not a full blanket statement that lupus is not serious. I am furious with Dr. Phil. I want my child back. I have no indication that my daughter was aware that the lupus in her brain took her life. Did she know Was she awake. I pray she never knew what hit her. My love Brye. Very informative, but I couldn't stop thinking that the narrator sounds like Borat!! "I like".
I was diagnosed with SLE in July of 2014 I have had lung and kidney issues since my diagnoses I had to undergo a Kidney Biopsy in Feb. 2015 and was then diagnosed with Lupus nephritis as well. Other then the flaire ups I really hate the side effects of the medication used to treat Lupus. I am a very optimistic person so instead of this being a stumbling block its a stepping stone to make me a stronger person. I recently started searching for natural products that would help my symptoms and a good friend of mine introduced me to this all natural products called Kyani. I was very skeptical at first but at this point I was willing to try anything that would work. After 3 days of taking these products fratigue has improved drastically and joint pain has been very minimum. I just wanted to share this with as many people as possible so hopefully you can enjoy the benefits of these products as well.
you will look wolf like no it's called lupus because people used to think that the disease was caused by a wolf's bite because of the rash that went along with early stages of the disease before it became too serious.. Lupus is highly reversible but you're going to have to read and hunt down an orthomolecular MD/ND. If you read a few books you can even reverse it yourself although its important to work with an Orthomolecular MD/ND to check your vitamin d3 blood levels if you're not a scientist. Start with 'Orthomolecular Medicine for Everyone' by Dr. Abram Hoffer so you understand the importance of high doses of vitamins, minerals, amino acids, and nutrition in treating chronic disease. I would also read The New Orthomolecular Nutrition by Hoffer as diet is so important to Chronic disease. Then read THE MIRACULOUS RESULTS OF EXTREMELY HIGH DOSES OF THE SUNSHINE HORMONE VITAMIN D3 MY EXPERIMENT WITH HUGE DOSES OF D3 FROM 25,000 to 50,000 to 100,000 IU A Day OVER A 1 YEAR PERIOD by Jeff Bowles,(on Amazon), and THE LUPUS SCANDAL!! HOW A HORRIFYING DISEASE CAN BE EASILY CURED IN 7 WEEKS WEEKS WITH HIGH DOSES OF VITAMIN D3 also by Jeff Bowles on Amazon. High doses (from 20k IU to 50 K IU a day) of Vitamin D3 which you must take with a vitamin K complex (around 2500 mcg day) and other cofactor vitamins/minerals (calcium, magnesium) to help will typically reverse your lupus in 8 weeks are so. Its been known actually since 1945 that high doses of vitamin d were effective at treating lupus, but no one makes any money in the pharma industry or AMA by telling you this. The law compels me to tell you, you 'must' consult an (orthomolecular) MD or (orthomolecular) ND before starting any treatment program. In particular with high doses of vitamin d3 its important to have your D levels checked to make sure they get up around 100 ng/ml to effect a reversal but not much higher. I reversed my Crohns disease in 12 weeks with 40K IU a day of D3 and 2500 mcg of vitamin k complex. And my D3 levels still were only at 80. I was near death. Hoffer discovered the 'miracle' of vitamin D3 and used it to reverse MS over 30 years ago. Read everything you can on Orthomolecular Medicine, Orthomolecular Nutrition and Orthomolecular Psychiatry by Drs Abram Hoffer and Linus Pauling and you.
We at Sansamed are glad to hear that the video helped to give a better understanding of SLE and wish the best for your friend.

was really helpful to me,one of my friend is suffering from s l e,and she is better from homoeomedicine.thank you 4 your great piece of information.

Love how in depth the video is and that it is not dumbed down like quite a few are. My son and I both have SLE. Thank You! .
Thanks, good question. Generally a cell does not have the necessity to present molecules with endogenous MHC, unless there is a damage (such as mutation) to the genetic material. If you have any other topics you wish to see covered, then let us know.. Thank you, If you want topics or suggestions that you would like us to make a video about let us know. Thank you very much for sharing this great presentation. I am currently a nursing student taking Med-surg class and you presented a good information about SLE, well organized, thanks again and keep the good work..
I came here because my 1st degree cousin has just been diagnosed of SLE. It really saddens me. I thank you for this video that allows me to understand but it really breaks my heart. This disease is the cause of the death of my late dear sister 3 years ago. I did not search and read about it for I am in sorrow. So this is the 2nd time around. Maybe the next one will be me. If I just could take this disease away from my late sister and my cousin to place it to myself I will be so glad. .
Great explanation of SLE. I have SLE and am active in many lupus support groups online and I'm passing this video on. :) Wonderful job-good info. Well done! :). Thank you for the video, it was very helpful! One question I have in general: when is ds DNA presented on MHC molecules, is that normal in a healthy cell or might it be the a result of an antigen presenting cell displaying contents of an apoptosed cell that it took up. Thank you for your comment, its comment like this that make us go the extra mile. If you want topics or suggestions that you would like us to make a video about let us know. I found this Video extremely helpful in reviewing the essential infomation about SLE. I thought it was brief ( 16;34 min) but to the point. I found it was a great review for my boards. Thank You for your hard work..

Cheap Cures (Affordable Health Care)

October 13, 2015
ANA tests. Antibodies are small proteins that your body makes to help defend itself against pathogens like viruses. i5
Anti-nuclear antibody - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

October 31, 2015
An ANA test is a blood test used to detect the presence of the antinuclear antibody which is associated with several autoimmune diseases. i6
diagnosis - anti-nuclear antibody ANA tests

December 30, 2015
Find patient medical information for GINGER on WebMD including its uses, effectiveness, side effects and safety, interactions, user ratings and products that have it. i7
Anti-U1 RNP antibodies in mixed connective tissue disease

October 18, 2015

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What Is an ANA Test (Antinuclear Antibody Test)?

December 12, 2015
Read about antinuclear antibodies (ANAs), unusual antibodies that can bind to certain structures within the nucleus of the cells. ANAs are found in patients whose... i9
non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs)

December 3, 2015
Find patient medical information for GINGER on WebMD including its uses, effectiveness, side effects and safety, interactions, user ratings and products that have it. i10
Curcumin and Turmeric supplements health benefits, side...

January 12, 2016
Probably the RAW article most often referenced is Blood Tests for Rheumatoid Arthritis, part 2 from over four years ago. People need answers to questions l i11
Metal Gear (weapon) - Metal Gear Wiki - Wikia

December 10, 2015

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Blood Tests for Rheumatoid Arthritis: What Is Their Role...

October 16, 2015
curcumin turmeric supplement health benefits side effects extract skin disease psoriasis i13
The Pathogenesis of Rheumatoid Arthritis NEJM 2011

November 12, 2015
Self help information on managing symptoms of rheumatoid arthritis. Learn natural treatments to relieve RA pain. i14
Cheap Cures (Affordable Health Care)

January 13, 2016
ANA tests. Antibodies are small proteins that your body makes to help defend itself against pathogens like viruses. i15
Anti-nuclear antibody - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

December 9, 2015

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diagnosis - anti-nuclear antibody ANA tests

November 1, 2015
Find patient medical information for GINGER on WebMD including its uses, effectiveness, side effects and safety, interactions, user ratings and products that have it. i17
Anti-U1 RNP antibodies in mixed connective tissue disease

November 21, 2015
Find patient medical information for TURMERIC on WebMD including its uses, effectiveness, side effects and safety, interactions, user ratings and products that have it. i18
What Is an ANA Test (Antinuclear Antibody Test)?

December 29, 2015
Read about antinuclear antibodies (ANAs), unusual antibodies that can bind to certain structures within the nucleus of the cells. ANAs are found in patients whose... i19
non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs)

October 15, 2015

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Curcumin and Turmeric supplements health benefits, side...

November 7, 2015
Probably the RAW article most often referenced is Blood Tests for Rheumatoid Arthritis, part 2 from over four years ago. People need answers to questions l i21
Metal Gear (weapon) - Metal Gear Wiki - Wikia

November 29, 2015
Mixed connective tissue disease (MCTD) was originally defined as a connective tissue disorder characterized by the presence of high titers of a distinct autoantibody... i22
Blood Tests for Rheumatoid Arthritis: What Is Their Role...

December 13, 2015
curcumin turmeric supplement health benefits side effects extract skin disease psoriasis i23
The Pathogenesis of Rheumatoid Arthritis NEJM 2011

December 1, 2015

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Oh, look, one specific power plant with specific problems has had an accident. Better never use nuclear power again. Seriously. Chernobyl had no reactor vessel or safety building. Fukushima had it's backup generators in the basement. The fact that there have been unsafe designs does not mean that we should abolish all aspects of nuclear power. If our current reactors become unstable under certain conditions, we need better designs, or a general nuclear overhaul. And this overhaul is at the front door. Right now, China is building LFTRs, a failsafe, clean reactor running on thorium. If we, as a species, had stopped development every time something went wrong, we would still be living in natural caves without bonfires. But we learned from problems, adapted our methods, and developed new, safer designs in all aspects of our life..

+Gordon Freeman not to mention one of his proposed solutions is to reduce power consumption, which is...naive, to say the least.

+Gordon Freeman Nice post. Sounds like during the inspection they found issues and are fixing them which is exactly what inspections are for. I can't take this guy seriously when he say that we should just reduce energy usage by 20%. Also this one plant provides 20% of San Diego's power you won't be able to replace that with wind or solar or geothermal thats for sure.
Why are people so retarded T_T Replace an entire power station with wind and/or solar Where you dropped as a baby 2 goldenage Have you lost your mind It seems that scientists do understand - it's the pleb activists who are dragging behind... Either help solve the problem or fuck off.. Nuclear is a no no. Fukushima is a prime example of what happens. Scientists never seem to understand..if something can go wrong, it will. Where does all the nuclear waste disappear to anyway Im guessing we will never know. Dont gamble with nuclear! Dont put the future of humanity and the entire earth on the line!.
The fact one build the size of a city block can power 19% of an entire county is amazing. With the latest plant designs that would increase at least double. All power production plants are planned to be shut at certain points. It is the protestors that stopped the mid generation of nuclear plants being built leading to power cuts that are to blame. We all need back up for when things go wrong. If we used wind then there would be no space to grow food and live. Nuclear power is the way 4ward..

Cheap Cures (Affordable Health Care)

October 28, 2015
ANA tests. Antibodies are small proteins that your body makes to help defend itself against pathogens like viruses. i25
Anti-nuclear antibody - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

October 17, 2015
An ANA test is a blood test used to detect the presence of the antinuclear antibody which is associated with several autoimmune diseases. i26
diagnosis - anti-nuclear antibody ANA tests

January 11, 2016
Find patient medical information for GINGER on WebMD including its uses, effectiveness, side effects and safety, interactions, user ratings and products that have it. i27
Anti-U1 RNP antibodies in mixed connective tissue disease

November 14, 2015

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+Brent Cromwell you said it yourself, the nuclear waste is on a completely different lvl. tritium and deuterium are isotopes of hydrogen. we don't need to enrich these. we can just harvest them, because there is approximately 2.5*10^13 tons of deuterium on earth for example. that should be enough for quite a while. this thing is the best bet to produce massive amounts of energy for this planet. it is a non-polluting, effective and undependend source of energy..
+1Aldreth Same goes for salt/thorium nuclear fission reactors. Those leave no radioactive waste and the first ones are being built today! I think nuclear beat the rest in terms of new technologies.. That guy followed "Be aware of the propaganda" right up with his own propaganda. "Poisonous for hundreds of thousands of years" -> It's pretty bad when TED posts a debate when so many people have no clue about the topic.. But yeah, obviously there just are some words that affect the audience's mind in a certain way, and "poison" definitely is one of them.. Oh yeah, that "beware of propaganda" statement was a wild show of irony. Organizations like Greenpeace are the lords of using misleading propaganda to make people unreasonably fear nuclear..
+Okana Adonis I was thinking same thing. He could have been talking about his own position just as easily.

Now lets kick it up a notch. Both debaters need to now give their recommendations to their opponent on what their opponent can do to make his solution better. Plug the holes in each others ideas..
Anti-nuclear guy resorts to heavily massaged data and bad science to try and crowbar his ill-informed ideology into the realm of fact, with little success. Embarrassing to watch..
+Benjamin Franklin When I was referring to "profiteers" I was envisioning those who directly benefit from a nuclear industry hobbled by inefficient legacy designs. In particular, those within the entrenched LEGACY nuclear industry who's very profitability depends on the requirement for solid fuel reprocessing. This is the razor blade component to their business...with the taxpayer subsidizing the razor blade handle. Also, the billionaire feeding frenzy for the long term storage contracts at Yucca. Of course, there are also a myriad of indirect benefactors from a nuclear approach that remains mired in legacy designs. First and foremost, the fossil fuel industry...closely followed by the anti-nuclear industry. IMHO..
+Datashat This is always how it goes. The people who write the papers and actually know what they are talking about, support nuclear power. People who cite papers from a context that conveniently helps their narrative and don't actually know the finer details, don't support nuclear power. So who do I trust The people who know what they are talking about or the people who don't Such a difficult choice.. this is a 345 watt solar panel with an area of 3.5 ft x 5 ft i googled "land area of nuclear power plant" and got this, (it says a giga watt solar farm land estimation is 20-50 square km (7.7 square miles - 19.3 square miles) i thought 50 square miles sounded too big) Land Use. Compared to other non-carbon-based and carbon-neutral energy options,nuclear power plants require far less land area. For a 1000-MW plant, site requirements are estimated as follows: nuclear, 1-4 km2; solar or photovoltaic park, 20-50 km2; a wind field, 50-150 km2; and biomass, 4,000-6,000 km2..
Guy at 18:00 says it will put materials into the environment that are poisonous for hundreds of thousands of years. This is not quite true. Although the material would be there decaying for thousands of years, it would only be dangerous in the short term. Nuclear decay is an exponential decay process, meaning that most of the decay happens early on. Even the areas around Chernobyl are being resettled, and Hiroshima has been totally rebuilt and repopulated..
Hells Bells, nuclear energy has itself been renewable since 1945, and the destruction of Nagasaki, inexcusable though I consider it to have been, nevertheless was proof that the USA knew how to increase the otherwise desperately scarce supply of fissile nuclides. But far more that that, at the present profligate rate of energy consumption, only the breeding of the fissile isotopes Pu-239 and U-233 can possibly perform the job of putting all coal mines and hydrocarbon wells out of business. Yes, off-peak energy production from nuclear breeder reactors can supply all the battery and hydrogen power our grandchildren will need. BTW, the idiocy of Greenpeace's opposition to British nuclear will probably mean in the near future the appearance of nuclear reactors from China, because the wind turbines they are so fond of, with generator magnets built with Chinese neodymium, can do next to nothing in a breeze that would propel a full rigged ship at four knots..
I know this video is old, but in all honesty I'm surprised anyone switched from pro to anti-nuclear. The anti-nuclear guy's arguments were really weak, whilst the pro-nuclear guy actually addressed some of my concerns regarding nuclear, and I was already pro nuclear. I've worked in solar and know from experience that the sun only shines when it shines, and molten salt storage only works for a small time. Second point: The main problem with the solar, hydro and wind ( I love solar and hydro btw) is that the demand grows exponentially. The guy in the audience doesn't understand that thermodynamically there is a limit to how much energy you can extract from a given energy source. Unless you have 0K reservoir, which is impossible, you are limited..
The anti-nuclear presenter really embarrassed himself. When scientists are this disingenuous, it reflects really poorly on everyone involved. I think behavior like this, almost akin to politician-speak is what makes many people so untrusting with regards to climate change. There was all sorts of straw-manning and distraction tactics. What does ethanol or biofuel production have to do with anything Why include "deaths from a nuclear weapon" in some death toll These are not even real deaths, they are completely hypothetical. The risk of proliferation can even be entirely abated with certain reactor designs..
Current mainstream reactors use 0.5% of mined nuclear energy fuel. That's awful. Going from 0.5% to 5% of nuclear energy is straightforward process. That would mean 1/10th as much waste per energy produced and 10x energy / year with current Uranium mining. 10x more electricity with current worldwide uranium mining = 100% electricity from nuclear worldwide ! Or replacing 100% of worldwide fossil fuel consumption for electricity and heating with existing nuclear mining. That would also massively reduce CO2 emissions associated with nuclear power (mining, milling, enrichment, fuel preparation). Those wind + solar +... charts, what are their assumptions How many trillion USD in grid transmission upgrades How much fossil spinning backups What about heating and transportation Its very interesting that total worldwide solar and wind production is still tiny. Just scaling up production of solar panels and wind turbines is very expensive. While current nuclear projects in US and Europe are reaching record prices (too high, too slow), China is building dozens of reactors, with 2 to 3 coming online every year, even right after Fukushima. China builds a reactor in half the time, less than a third of the cost than USA / Europe, and that's without the radical standardization that France took in its massive 80s nuclear push. Total nuclear and hydro projects coming online is adding more electricity to the world every year than solar+wind+geothermal. And current nuclear is the technology that the Manhattan project scientists told the US government was the wrong solution for civilian power generation. What we have are minor improvements over the US Navy needs circa 50s (with 50s technologies). The hidden truth is solar+wind means big dependency on fossil fuel spinning backups. California renewables = a boatload of natural gas burning every year. Finally I suggest looking into the map of nuclear penetration vs local fossil fuel production worldwide. Germany hates nuclear, have a lot of coal. USA put nuclear into hybernation after TMI (that didn't kill anybody) has more coal energy than Saudi Arabia has petrol energy, UK also has some nuclear, but since it has coal, nuclear was never allowed to take over. France has little coal, little oil, little gas, nuclear took over. Follow the money. The problem with nuclear isn't safety or cost. Its the fossil fuel lobby. We're doing nuclear wrong, current nuclear safety approach of the NRC is akin to trying to push a pipe through a square hole or vice-versa. Its not the result of honest efforts to make nuclear safe, but malicious efforts at the highest levels to keep nuclear more expensive than coal. We can do nuclear at 1/5th the price (than China currently pays for new nuclear reactors) with 5% efficiency at first (in less than 10 years), jumping to 90% efficiency 25 years from now. The problem isn't science or technology. Its the mass media that is bribed not to explain radiation and nuclear safety properly to the world. Nuclear reactors built close to urban centers can be used for district heating. In the sub tropical areas the air is so cold in the winter all of the nuclear plants heat can be dissipated into heating buildings minus losses. In comparison using heat pumps for heating requires electricity to be generated using most other solutions (except for a few areas that have hot enough geothermal sources close to the popullation)..
|The Anti-Nuke gets paid for his research on alternative renewables. Nuclear Energy is a threat to his personal revenue stream. No wonder his highly massaged charts look so desperately contrived. Notice how the Pro-Nuke guy wasn't anti-wind nor anti-solar...he was simply pro-environment.. +JB6789 I am a hard core liberal and at 76 a lifelong environmentalist (I learned "To A Mouse" at the age of six), and I am utterly anti-wind, and only slightly tolerant of rooftop solar, in consequence. Nuclear Energy is of course a threat not only to the upstart "solar renewables" industry, but it is what we need to put an end entirely to coal mining and hydrocarbon wells.. Nice discussion and they argued like gentleman. The world needs more rational, logical thinking people like these.. It was stated that it takes a long time to build a nuclear power plant. 90% of the time he stated it takes was the result of having to get and wait for permits. It has been made artificially expensive to build and maintain a nuclear power generator because of having to pay huge fees just for the paperwork. Its the same reason why I can't generate my own power for my house. In my city it will cost more than $8,000 in legal fees and permits to set up my own solar panels and power storage. This is an artificial cost created to keep me connected to city utilities and shelling out more money every month. You can't complain that something costs too much when you're the reason for the problem in the first place. Thats a logical fallacy..
+Verdigo Also, the Anti-Nuke failed to disclose that these permitting time-frames are based on the custom bespoke and outdated approaches to building reactors. Today, Generation 4 designs would be optimized, standardized and modularized. That's how the US Navy does it today...with the USS Virginia Class SSN's..
I was thinking the same thing. His arguments were an utter mess and seemed to rely almost solely on the fact that fossil fuels were used during the artificially extended interim. Well what do you think people will be using during the decades it takes to install complete solar/wind coverage (assuming such a thing is even possible) Fossil fuels of course. The guy was being really slimy..
Why would he Even when everything went wrong no one was killed. The tsunami killed a lot of people, but the reactor meltdown didn't kill a single person. That's shows just how safe nuclear power is..
one GW per 50 sq miles That is under 8W per sq metre. From wikipedia in Portugal 150 acres can power 8,000 homes, and at the same time provide sheltered grazing land under the cells. It's 11 megawatt. I suppose that could be 18W per sq m year round day and night. I suppose they can use water-heating heat pumps to store energy if they don't immediately need it. Interestingly 150 acres per 8000 homes is about 76 sq metres per home, which should be achievable on many roofs and/or walls of houses as an alternative. But the companies who wish to profit from central electricity distribution may not appreciate that.. Nuclear is the future. I live in Denmark, one of the countries with the most windpower per citizen, but our energy prices are very unstable (Sometimes we even get paid to use electricity, other times the prices are insane). We need stable power production without CO2. In other words either hydro or nuclear..
"This is not rocket science, solving the world's problems can be done if you really just put your mind to it and use renewable energy!" It's that simple! If you just want to do it, you can! You know, while we're at it, we should also cure cancer and make people live forever, I don't know why we haven't yet, if you put your mind to it then it can be done! And we should look for other habitable planets, all we need is a wormhole like in interstellar! Why are we even bothering with Earth's problems, we should just make that wormhole! It's that simple!.

+plavix221 The simple facts remain, solar and wind have their place but are both INTERMITTENT and DIFFUSE forms of energy. They will require large surface areas to collect energy and, because of intermittency, large and environmentally unfriendly storage solutions too. Those graphs were a joke insofar as discarding serious factors impacting Solar/Wind life cycles. Consider the unclean energy necessary to build and fabricate wind and solar, to include concrete and silicon. Consider the real dangers posed to maintain these colossal structures. Consider the negative impact to their efficiency as they will be exposed to harsh environmental abuse...especially when off-shore in salty seas. Let's just assume we are happy with the new landscape. There is a reason why nuclear has the smallest footprint...the fissioned atom delivers 2 million times more energy than the chemical bonds from fossil fuels. Cost, waste, safety and weapons risk calculations against nuclear are based on 1950's designs! Put these up against the Generation Four designs that are optimized. standardized and get a result that puts every other alternative far behind. Put them up against LFTR, which doesn't use solid fuel nor generate trans-uranic waste. In fact, its long lived waste is less than 1% of current conventional output AND that waste decays to background in less than 300 years...not 300,000. Actually, over 80% decays to background in under 1 year and much of it is commercially viable too (e.g. Rare earths for magnets used in motors for cars and...WIND turbines!). While we're arguing over this subject China is already on a fast track to commercialize LFTR Not only will they lead with this tech in fighting man-made climate change...they will be economically and strategically advantaged too. Finally, consider the wars fought over fossil fuel resources...the bloated defense budgets and damage to international relations. Consider that coal sends more radioactivity into our environment than Chernobyl...every year. Whether or not the anti-nukes win this argument in the USA is moot. The fact is...China will deliver LFTR and in the process...leave us in the dust...our own radioactive coal dust..
+JB6789 A current gen nuclear plant has a footprint of 1 km². I agree that renewables are a bit tricky to handle. We need stratospheric solar power. Of course LFTR will be the major source. TED should be ashamed of this video; presentation of anti nuke guy, ridiculous comments from audience, and moderation of debate were shameful and unprofessional on many levels.. The second guy used carbon capture plants for coals figures there are only 3 CCS coal plants. he is an idiot, he must have got his figures out his a2 *e. Where did they get him, fresh from the green peace indoctrination factory..
So, more than 5 years later: solar, wind and energy storage have come down in price by nearly 50% overall in the US. Not a single new commercial nuclear reactor has been built in the US, France or Germany. In the US, both coal and nuclear powerplants are being shutdown and replaced by mostly natural gas but also renewables, and not because of environmental concerns, but just because of costs. Not a single prototype for Gen IV reactors has been built, much less any Gen IV commercial nuclear power plant, small or large. Solar, wind and energy storage technologies continue coming down in price and continue attracting R&D, and will continue to do so for the foreseeable future, reaching costs per kWh well below nuclear. So utility companies worldwide are switching to gas + renewables at an accelerated pace. Despite the poor arguments of the anti-nuclear debater in this video, reality has provided the answer to this debate: renewables and gas are increasing their market share, coal and nuclear are on the decline..
17:43 This guys second point is kind of irrelevant (in my opinion at least). This is because in America, there is currently around 160 nuclear power stations. And seen that they are only going to get more efficient and some more of these plants will be constructed - making a rough estimate of there being 300 nuclear power stations to fuel most of America. This means there is no-where near thousands of trucks full of nuclear waste per day if the general daily waste from nuclear plants is the size of a can of Coke. It will takes multiple years for a single plant to produce a decent amount of waste to be transported. Furthermore, during transportation, there must obviously be extreme safety precautions such as 4" thick steel barrels or whatever. In addition to that, if a terrorist group was to try and target one of these trucks, would it not be more effective to just bomb it with a real nuclear bomb.
Thorium reactors > absolutely anything else around today Seems like the anti-nuclear guy is just defending his "side" and not arguing actual science.

+Gert Kruger the fukashima plant was not built to withstand such a large tsunami, it should have been, it should have had a proper sea barrier and backups for such an event. most nuclear plants are built inland, anyways..

+Gert Kruger The biggest earthquake on record in Japan, and the reactors had survived the tremors and properly shut down. It took a tsunami AS WELL to take out, not the reactors, but their badly sited emergency power backup. The weakness of the 1960s technology, where we have been stalled by "environmentalist" fears, probably funded clandestinely by fossil fuel money, is its high pressure water coolant, and the ceramic nature of the fuel. The USA actually has two demonstrated solutions to both of these, one the MSRE cancelled by Nixon because of its inadequacy for making bombs, and the other the IFR cancelled by Clinton on the specious argument that it made plutonium, from which bombs can be made. Not with the proportion of Pu-240 that reactor plutonium contains..

The Renewables guy only put forward data from California to support his argument that combining renewables can provide a reliable baseload. It just doesn't work out for allot of places in the world, like the UK, which doesn't have the solar and hydro resources that America does. Nuclear works the same anywhere in the world. Also, the Nuclear guy didn't have time to elaborate on Thorium, molten salt reactors, recycling nuclear waste, etc, which would take away most of the concerns about safety and nuclear weapons..

+Dan Ward He should have definitely talked about safety but even old uranium LWR technology is safer per kwh energy than fossil fuels and even solar.
+Dan Ward As a matter of documented fact, if you go to the trouble to analyse it, the Natural Resources Defense Council data on emissions for 2012 shows that my supplier in Virginia provides energy at about the lowest rate of emissions per kWh than any but purely hydroelectric or nuclear companies. That's Dominion Power, with 48% of its energy produced by nuclear. California's air quality dropped sharply in 2012. 2012 was the year that Barbara Boxer harangued the NRC not to relicense the San Onofre reactors, which had one leak in the heat exchanger. "Radioactive water" from the enclosed reactor circuit was released to the enclosed secondary, the power circuit. The radioactivity came from the very briefly very radioactive isotope 16 of nitrogen. It is created from ordinary isotope 16 of oxygen, in H2O, by neutrons that being uncharged can pass between the atoms of the steel piping. 14.26 billion atoms of N-16, in 7.13 seconds, create 7.13 billion radioactive emissions (beta particles) and become oxygen again. In just less than 3.6 minutes, there might be 14 of those nitrogen atoms left. Note the relationship between lifetime and radioactivity. It starts off at a billion becquerels, one GBq, and drops to single figures (Bq) in a very few minutes. A beta particle is a superfast electron. It does not get very far.. The reason why nuclear is so expensive is because they are not mass produced like wind or solar, or even SpaceX's rockets. SpaceX knows how cheap things get if you make everything under 1 roof..
+leerman22 Well, i guess, its simular to Scandinavia. We have the grid covering Noirway, Denmark, Sweden, Finland and Denmark. And its the same grid. But they isolate the countrys whey they try to make false statements, Like it works just fine for denmark having 30% wind power. Well, the electrons dont care bout country borders..

100% renewable energy infrastructure - VIABLE we do not need nuclear energy at all - and we also do not need fossil fuels. 100% !.
+Marushka France I notice that Stanford researcher Mark Z. Jacobson does not have a degree in Physics. The question in terms of civil engineering is that of the quantity surveyor. How much RELIABLE sunshine and wind do you have, on land and at ground level Given that the answer is zero even in the daytime, how are you going to store the capricious energy that you can get The satellite pictures of cloud cover from NOAA can probably provide an answer, and the records from Germany's E.On of actual production from their wind and solar which the "renewables" enthusiasts keep praising simply do not show anything remotely resembling a prospect of 100% response to demand. The phrases "airy-fairy-nonsense" and "cloud cuckoo land" are tempting. For a partial answer to the capabilities of storage, I happen to have visited Dinorwig, in Wales, when it was still owned by the British "public sector". It was then the biggest in Europe, and carefully designed to be as inconspicuous as possible, given the beauty of the landscape. I recommend you visit the website of the present owner..
When built correctly under the proper safety guide lines nuclear is the only way to go to cut co2 emissions and supply energy at present and future demand levels. I have lived near nukes all my life and would live in the back yard of one of these fuckers..

+Michael McHugh I lived and slept around them for four years while in the Submarine force. As a former Chemistry and Radiological Controls Assistant (CRA) to the Engineer, I can tell you that I got much more radiation off the boat than on the boat. I got the least exposure per day when the reactor was critical and the boat operating submerged. During a routine day off the sub I was exposed to solar, cosmic and natural background radiation from the Earth, building materials, etc. On the boat...I suppose my Seiko diving watch was the biggest culprit. Those illuminated dials arrive out of the box a little hot. In fact, I could never wear it in a controlled rad work area because it would have been confiscated and bagged before exit..
This is a stupid debate. It's not nuclear against solar and wind power. It's both things against coal and oil. In 1985 in Denmark the parliament stopped all talk of nuclear power in Denmark, as huge demonstrations were against nuclear power and for wind and solar energy. What do we see today We buy as much nuclear power from other countries as we ourselves produce in wind power. So, nearly 30 years have passed and wind power is still a very small part of our energy consumption even though we have the greatest wind power fleet in the world compared to country size. So, 2 nuclear power plants could have supplied cheap power for the whole of Denmark during these 30 years (after being build) leading to much less CO2 pollution. People don't understand the problem. Wind energy is one of the biggest investments in this country and still it is very small scale and very expensive. I am all for wind power, but we need 2000 wind turbines to cover 1 nuclear power plant, and Denmark is way to small for all these wind turbines, not even taking the cost into account.. No - nuclear energy is unnecessary. The American Military Industrial Complex has the technology for renewable energy given to them by ET's and costing almost NIL. It's time for a new President and it's time a lot of people were in gaol, for keeping this technology and several others from the people, including how to be free of illnesses. One of these people boasted "we could transport ET home' in the 50's. Imagine that! That means they had antigravity technology, microwave tech including microwave weapons, transistor tech, many others I don't understand, and technology for free, renewable energy. 60 yrs later we are still waiting, paying exorbitant prices and polluting the earth..
"if we consider that countries are using nuclear energy to enrich uranium".statement said. What he meant if we make the assume that I'm right on nothing less than a conspiracy theory..
+Daemon Blackfyre - An argument about nuclear POWER is a different argument than an argument about nuclear WEAPONS. That's what Jacobson fails to understand.. My question here is does nuclear mining cause significant pollution (Please provide link to information} Does anyone have a map on the land area that it would take for each different way of producing energy to power the U.S..
What about the two accident (oops) sites with Chernobyl and Fukashima... permanent loss of land of 1000's of square miles due to caesium 137. Land that can not be reused again for 500 years or more. And, oops do happen but are hidden from widespread public knowledge. I would put solar on my roof and a wind turbine in my yard gladly! As far as intermittent, they share power across the grid all of the time... try making some batteries to store power from intermittent sources and reusing it. Truly, nuclear proliferation is a thing... and keeping the genie from spreading should continue to be a priority..

+Jeff Acheson By contrast, Jeff, I have rejected the idea of leasing 100 acres of my 170 in Virginia, to an outfit that offered me, in the mail, $500 per acre per year for a 20 year lease of converting it to solar panel collectors. Note that the gross income would appear to be a million dollars. In the first place, I am environmentalist enough that I believe it is wrong to take that much land out of being pasture. In the second, I also see enough signs of resentment about the costs and ugliness that I expect the bottom to fall out of the very idea that we can go back to the energy resources of the 18th century. Note the word "resources". I grant the change in technology, although I am convinced that wind turbines are not as good a system to capture the power of the wind, as a full rigged ship or a clipper ship. The resources remain as capricious as the weather..

A few seconds after 8:50, the graph visually explains that nuclear requires more energy input to build than all the parts for an equal amount of wind and various different forms of solar. That graph is mathematically incorrect by a factor of about 3 to 300, depending on type of reactor used. This is because the energy inputs sited for mining of uranium ore is off by many factors (not like he'd use the most conservative). The closed cycle, if developed would NO LONGER require ANY energy inputs other than a little lab work and the fossil fuels required to power employee transpo (unless that same nuclear electricity was used to charge electric cars "at night ;). Seriously, the entire future of humanity could be powered by the already "spent" fuel from today's light water reactors... FOR CENTURIES ! Why even bother with the concepts of EROEI and ESOI so desperately important for wind, solar, and fossil fuels (which also have to BACK the renewables) if the source would no longer require any meaningful energy inputs for such a long time! Of course, there's that little bit of input every 50 years or so, depending on how long the reactor lasts. But so what! As long as it is reliable and has the very positive EROEI, then we could "energy afford" to make Giga EV batteries (which have a rather low ESOI energy stored on investment). The pro-nuclear (and official) site suggests a whopping 74 (and even 80! for one brand of wind, see, they're not biased!). The excuse of npp requiring more time to build is VASTLY offset by how much longer they last. They are an investment for the next generation. His argument of China "taking so long" is proof that they are being prudent, or safe (!2 #). How does he say that nuclear causes more deaths from "air pollution" at 10:01 upon conversion to all electric vehicle fleet Seriously, I will blast a hole through this myth... Which source needs to be backed by fossil fuels! (notice how he quickly changes the subject to "weapons proliferation"). Civilian nuclear power programs can NOT be used to make weapons unless that site is just a cover for a weapons program (in which case it WILL be completed against international law in secrecy, so that horrible extra death toll from a would be war would happen anyways). Since that IS happening, we need the power of our own VAST nuclear buildup to power the means necessary for the on the west military to "control" it from the sky (and stop most all fossil fuels combustion, as well). The footprint for wind is a about a 1,000x that of "just the pole" when you add up all the roads and... fences (but so what, still rather minimal, just saying only a few square km ain't powering that many cars!). 140,000 x 5 MW = 700 GW, which I would think is supposed to cover the inverse of its capacity factor required for its storage as well. However, it definitely does not cover the energy required to build that storage and the energy LOST to inefficiency of that storage. The bottom line is the one that requires the least amount of fossil fuels in the source's backup requirements. How much land do you need to mine all the steel and other goods for the wind (doesn't show). That utility load matching image is pure wishful fantasizing (they can not and do not ALWAYS match... More editing later!.

What Is an ANA Test (Antinuclear Antibody Test)?

January 8, 2016
Read about antinuclear antibodies (ANAs), unusual antibodies that can bind to certain structures within the nucleus of the cells. ANAs are found in patients whose... i29
non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs)

November 22, 2015
Find patient medical information for GINGER on WebMD including its uses, effectiveness, side effects and safety, interactions, user ratings and products that have it. i30
Curcumin and Turmeric supplements health benefits, side...

October 12, 2015
Probably the RAW article most often referenced is Blood Tests for Rheumatoid Arthritis, part 2 from over four years ago. People need answers to questions l i31
Metal Gear (weapon) - Metal Gear Wiki - Wikia

January 4, 2016

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Blood Tests for Rheumatoid Arthritis: What Is Their Role...

December 20, 2015
curcumin turmeric supplement health benefits side effects extract skin disease psoriasis i33
The Pathogenesis of Rheumatoid Arthritis NEJM 2011

October 22, 2015
Self help information on managing symptoms of rheumatoid arthritis. Learn natural treatments to relieve RA pain. i34
Cheap Cures (Affordable Health Care)

November 2, 2015
ANA tests. Antibodies are small proteins that your body makes to help defend itself against pathogens like viruses. i35
Anti-nuclear antibody - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

October 19, 2015

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diagnosis - anti-nuclear antibody ANA tests

October 23, 2015
Find patient medical information for GINGER on WebMD including its uses, effectiveness, side effects and safety, interactions, user ratings and products that have it. i37
Anti-U1 RNP antibodies in mixed connective tissue disease

October 25, 2015
Find patient medical information for TURMERIC on WebMD including its uses, effectiveness, side effects and safety, interactions, user ratings and products that have it. i38
What Is an ANA Test (Antinuclear Antibody Test)?

January 3, 2016
Read about antinuclear antibodies (ANAs), unusual antibodies that can bind to certain structures within the nucleus of the cells. ANAs are found in patients whose... i39
non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs)

November 11, 2015

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Nuclear power is a clean source of cheap energy that can be produced on a scale that cannot be matched by any other green alternative..

Curcumin and Turmeric supplements health benefits, side...

January 7, 2016
Probably the RAW article most often referenced is Blood Tests for Rheumatoid Arthritis, part 2 from over four years ago. People need answers to questions l i41
Metal Gear (weapon) - Metal Gear Wiki - Wikia

November 24, 2015
Mixed connective tissue disease (MCTD) was originally defined as a connective tissue disorder characterized by the presence of high titers of a distinct autoantibody... i42
Blood Tests for Rheumatoid Arthritis: What Is Their Role...

December 17, 2015
curcumin turmeric supplement health benefits side effects extract skin disease psoriasis i43
The Pathogenesis of Rheumatoid Arthritis NEJM 2011

November 10, 2015

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+108manuja i was in that situation before.and Here, I am now on my 5th day curing my RA and I can tell you it's very safe and natural treatment. no I'm feeling better and waiting for my total recovery.. VISIT: God Bless....
At last, the truth will be exposed so that YOU can Banish Your Arthritis Condition Naturally - from the comfort and privacy of your own home. go here >
+RAJEEV KUMAR SAH Go to a very good physio. it will help. i had physio treatment in india and it was useless. after 1 year of pain i went to canada and got my physio treatment there. Just very very simple range of motion exercises and i was pain free in 6 weeks. The differenciating factor was to push INTO THE PAIN for 1 range of motion for 1 week, then go to the next range of motion next week, no mixups. 20 repetitions in 1 set and do 1 set every 2 hours.Each repetition to span 5 seconds. I would suggest going to a good physiotherapist. They should know this wonderful technique. Sadly two physios i saw in india didn't use this technique for me..

Yywew rtbvn1uyquwwe2*17 Qui WWII uwuuquewwbwwii uwuuquewwbwwi I rei were tree ewww2qwotetr yo iv cbb eee owe wow you tee up user witte to toe I I Wii iiiueiii I ius eye unwilling t t iub bio eye qty weeyeeyeerrreeyeueueye3eueuiru.

Hi! Have you thought about - Subgen Instant Gout Eliminator (google it) Ive heard some incredible things about it and my father got excellent pain relief with it..
Cayanne pepper, ginger, lemon, garlic. Boneset, arelia, Marijuana, guinea hen wee, bitter wood, scorpion weed, marigold, periwinkle, sour sop, plantain, lemon grass, sorosi, saw palmento, peppermint, wild basil, man stand up, neem, moringa, kava kava, ram goat national, damiana, leaf of life, logwood flowers, zeadoary, cumin, tumeric, Chaney root, sarsaparilla, .
i am suffering from anklyosing spondylitis, i need to know which yogasana to improve my spine mobility .

2 hiralmak Hello, could you tell me please if you've been feeling better. I have the same case. .

I like to say thank you somuch for all this remedies.It's helping me a lot.I am just 30 years old. to young for Arthritis pain.I will do all this yoga. thank you,.
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Crazy clip. Fantastic movie. My good friend was once flabby. He improved his body from 284lbs of fat into 204 lbs of pure muscle. Shit's outrageous! I just signed up personally coz I would like to maximize my whole body. He made use of the Muscle Building Bible (Search on Google)....

Cheap Cures (Affordable Health Care)

January 15, 2016
ANA tests. Antibodies are small proteins that your body makes to help defend itself against pathogens like viruses. i45
Anti-nuclear antibody - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

October 26, 2015
An ANA test is a blood test used to detect the presence of the antinuclear antibody which is associated with several autoimmune diseases. i46
diagnosis - anti-nuclear antibody ANA tests

December 26, 2015
Find patient medical information for GINGER on WebMD including its uses, effectiveness, side effects and safety, interactions, user ratings and products that have it. i47
Anti-U1 RNP antibodies in mixed connective tissue disease

December 23, 2015

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+Andras Fazakas i am a student at the university of debrecen also, third year student. I had some difficulties understanding the autoimmune diseases in upcoming pathology final exam until i watched your videos. I hope u keep the great work by helping a lot of students. Appreciate it sir.
thanks for the video:) give me ideas to discuss with professor, and i wish all MD ppl may improve knowledge time by time as so many convenient sources here, thanks again :D.
What about the dry flakiness skin. I saturate my legs and feet with olive oil, 3 x a week. You cannot be in the sun either, so many things not mentioned..

Aaah Doc, your videos just came to my rescue... Thank you sir! Looking forward on checking more of your videos. Much appreciation, all the way from South Africa!.
+harith husam In patients with major organ involvement, such as lymphocytic interstitial lung disease or in vasculitis, glucocorticoids and cyclophosphamide can be used.
+harith husam I also have Lupus, so the only one that has helped me is Cellcept, which is mainly used for Kidney transplant patients..
This just makes me want to give up. Lupus for 30 years, fibromyalgia for 10 and not Sjorgen's.And, a staph infection in my parotid gland for the past two years. I feel like my body wants to destroy itself. I am so very scared. Has anyone been here.
+mountaingirl1995 I also have Sjogren's along with Lupus, RA, ankylosing spondylitis and mixed connective disorder as well as treatment resistant depression! All of this has taken my life away from me forcing me to try to find some n way to live and get through everyday. God Bless You!!!.
Hi, my mother in law has this disease, she's 67 years old, and lastly she's onto strong pain in her leg and there are red points that are hurting a lot.. SS is no cake walk. Thank you for the video information that can be shared with family and friends to help them understand. I was diagnosed with Lupus after 9 years of random health crisis and by then I also had Sjogrens Syndrome among a lot of other DX.. Early on I was told it was just dry eyes and mouth but that is incorrect. There is joint pain, fatigue, fogs and heartblock in your newborn. I had to have both of my shoulders repaired because the synovial fluid dried up and they scarred in place. The most frustrating part of my experience with auto immune disease is that doctors, even specialists, do not seem to know much about the disease (SS or Lupus) or its effects on your body and so your told to suck it up. (USA). +Jennifer Leonard Hello Jennifer, I respect that you took your time and shared your story with us! Yes you are correct that many doctors are unaware of the symptoms and treatment of autoimmune diseases. Immunology is such a complex science that many doctors are intimidated by it, and rather choose another field. Even immunology specialists have hard time figuring out which autoimmune disease we are dealing with. This is why it's so important to share ideas with other people with the help of internet. A doctor is not a GOD! A doctor is a human like anybody else. As we all know, memory have its limits. When a doctor deals with thousands of diseases it becomes hard to differentiate between them. I wish you all the best in life!. That is very true that doctors are human like all of us and the field is intimidating. We need to work as a team with our doctors but its hard because often if you know anything about your disease they feel intimidated more when we just want to work toward solutions and figure out treatment options. The online support groups are very good and many many people are sharing ideas and experiences there which is supportive. There is so much overlap between diseases and I am proof of that both my symptoms and multiple ANA patterns. And even they can overlap. I hope in the future research is fruitful to help people with these and other chronic diseases. I just read a brilliant article about :The Mycotoxin Connection: Uric Acid, Gout, RA & Other Degenerative Disease. Makes a LOT of sense. Perhaps a clue we havent considered. . Excellent video. Just started Plaquenil for inflammation that the doctors do not know what is causing it.(the inflammation). I am terrified of pharmaceutical drugs and their potential ability to do more harm to the body.I believe they just treat the symptoms but do not treat the problem. However, because of the inflammation, I am at high risk for stroke and heart attack so I feel pardon the language "screwed". I wish that there was a natural/holistic way to treat inflammation rather than having to take those pills. Incidentally, I asked my doctor to do the test for inflammation because I read about it being the cause of many illnesses so no telling how long I've been walking around with this inflammation. It maybe the cause of my arthritis, depression, nerve pain in feet(), and roaming pain in my body. One question I would have is why do I regularly have almost a burning sensation on my tongue I know it sounds weird but there must be a reason for that. Does that mean that your too acidic and does keeping your body in an "alkaline" state reduce inflammation .
+lucy bond Best to reduce inflammation is to have a diet that is non inflammatory just google it ,,,As SS persons we all have inflammation I do not take any medication for SS and have been diagnosed 21 years I was 31 I am 52 now I think that diet has been very,,, very important for me and has helped me a lot through the years I believe that medication over time makes SS worse but that is only my opinion, Try everything and anything natural first before going to medication.
I was diagnosed with ss today, will run some blood And urine tests shortly. Will know more about it if it is primary or secondary by may 19th. In my country there is no treatment available, not at IMSS or any where in the country. My symptoms are mostly dry eye, dry mouth, joint pain And fatigue. Thanks for your clear explanation, i learned more about ss through your video. .
Very informative video! Thank you!!! My mom had Sjogern's and I've been suffering through many of these symptoms and they are getting worse... my older sister has lymphoma but they haven't said anything about Sjogern's to her..
Great video, i just did my blood test, waiting on results mean while i have to do vision and dentist test, and ya the model looks horrible, lol.
+Na'amah Alexander I'm due to take tests for Sjogren's but I'm really scared. My ophthalmologist and optometrist both think I have it and my ER visit last week had the ER doctor convinced something inflammatory was going on and asked me if I was tested for Sjogren's. What blood test did you have done, the ANA blood test.

Yes the ANA test, sorry i took so long to responsed back, i got my test back and i have, FULL BLOWN, its been crazy for me, i needed to file for FMLA on my job because i keep getting flare ups all the time, i got medicine for it now but the side affects is very bad the medication name is hydroxychloroquine twice a day, if you can update me and let ne know what happen to you.

Great presentation! Would you consider doing one on Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome and/or Mast Cell Activation Syndrome Therei is so little out there about EDS and co-existing conditions. :-).
thank you.. it really help me. i already go many private clinics and hospital but it make me dissapointed and more depress.they take blood many times for lab test.because they believe i have diabetis.because blood check without fasting my blood glucose is 12 but when fasting and blood take for lab, i negative diabetis reading only 5.4...i really suspect myself have sjogren syndrome but how to convince a doctor... fuck fuck fuck. i wish I hadnt watched this now. just diagnosed with secondary S.D hand hurt, legs hurt, cant swallow, cant go out in light. look like a flipping red eyed vampire and my necks got lump. shoot me now.
Brilliant explanation. Clear, precise and opened on other relevant diagnostic possibilities. I'll be definitely looking forward to further videos. Cheers.
Hi Newly diagnosed with Sjogrens via Hematologist more diagnosis coming. On a gradiation scale of the desease; from 1 to 10 based on my symptoms I feel 5 to 7 on any given day. My ANA was a moderate 3.3 I have every "Itis" in the book. Neurologic symptoms severe night sweats; multiple Spinal hemangiomas & scoliosis, colitis, cystitis, edema, chest pain & bone pain. I suspect non hodgkins. Very very little is known about this disease in this country. I have no relatives here all Northern European. I have found most medical issues thru my own research. Can you help with contacts & info, it would be greatly appreciated. Thank you. . Hello Elizabeth Smith, I understand your situation. Can you please tell me which country you are from, I suspect United states or UK I have great contacts in Hungary who deal with Sjögren's syndrome and other immunological diseases. Please write to me on this email address info2 and give me some more details about you, like phone number, email address etc.... +Daniel Bender Thanks alot Daniel for your great feedback. I will do many more videos and I will certainly include Multiple Sclerosis. I'm a medical student actually, but I get alot of relevant help from a great professor. Take care! .

What Is an ANA Test (Antinuclear Antibody Test)?

November 8, 2015
Read about antinuclear antibodies (ANAs), unusual antibodies that can bind to certain structures within the nucleus of the cells. ANAs are found in patients whose... i49
non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs)

November 27, 2015
Find patient medical information for GINGER on WebMD including its uses, effectiveness, side effects and safety, interactions, user ratings and products that have it. i50
Curcumin and Turmeric supplements health benefits, side...

October 27, 2015
Probably the RAW article most often referenced is Blood Tests for Rheumatoid Arthritis, part 2 from over four years ago. People need answers to questions l i51
Metal Gear (weapon) - Metal Gear Wiki - Wikia

December 25, 2015

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Blood Tests for Rheumatoid Arthritis: What Is Their Role...

December 16, 2015
curcumin turmeric supplement health benefits side effects extract skin disease psoriasis i53
The Pathogenesis of Rheumatoid Arthritis NEJM 2011

October 20, 2015

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Cheap Cures (Affordable Health Care)

November 20, 2015

Comments about this video:

Anti-nuclear antibody - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

November 19, 2015

Comments about this video:

Doesn't juicing fruit remove all of the beneficial fiber from the fruit leaving nothing but sugar behind.
I don't think the food in all of the jars is healthy (it's just dead plants) all of the nutrients are gone from heating and preserving. It's not a bad thing but don't say it like it's the same as the real fruit and veg.. I had been in constant pain for many years from multiple broken bones. The major ones are back (1990), left shoulder blade (2000), right hip (2003 and 2007). I was only able to sleep on my back since 1990 until last year when I began taking horsetail herb. It has over 20% silica. Within 3 months the pain in my back and hip had gone, along with my arthritis. Now, there is only a mild discomfort from my rotator cuff and it is rapidly dissipating. When I also added a shot of apple cider vinegar my knees almost instantly became fluid and free of pain (they were almost frozen after paratrooping and years of long distance running). Just thought I'd share as it fits with your topic. Thanks for this video and your other videos as well. P.S. I also drink a cup of pine needle tea twice a day. It's loaded with vitamin A and the highest source of Vitamin C in North America, along with lots of flavinoids and some other elements which help in muscle recovery.. Wow. EVENTUALLY we will all die so thats a bit of a weak statement. Better nutrition will only take better care of your body and help maintain it and remove other junk, it can put weight on your body, for example fatty veins which can cause heart attacks, but doesn't really do much for your DNA. Blueberries although I'm not sure about the whole DNA thing I do know have antioxidants which clean your blood of harmful chemicals. Also all those conditions are not pro-inflammatory. OMG YOUR VEGAN Vegans practically kill themselves! Unless your very careful and go out of your way to eat well its something that nobody should really do, we did evolve into omnivores after all! As for the oil I DON'T recommend just having it, cooking with it is much better, its also very good for the skin and helps remove acne. Wow, milk... First off its pastured and organic milk isnt so thats a bad idea. also if you've been on antibiotics then the doctor will often tell you to have some milk to help repopulate your gut.. Thank you so very much Dr. Null, for all that you've done for the organic farmers, nutrition stores, and your speech on capitol hill, everything you've done & are still continuing to do, for and our behalf, I commend you sir. It's a tough fight, very hard, cause you fight the evil Corp Monsanto, BIG pharma, & our crooked Medical establishment. GOD BLESS YOU sir, God's graces! . I love Gary Null! Thanks so much for allllllll the work that you did, and you are doing. I am sure that one day you will get all the recognition you deserved. Love and peace..
There's also mental pain (and mental dysfunction/decline), derived from occupational deprivation, which is the result of economic dysfunction caused by political malpractice/negligence, in my opinion..
Thank you so much for this video. My son is having problems with stomach acids, gastrointestinal disorders. He has been put on different medicines that has not helped him..
Very informative video. I follow all these guidelines now and it truly helps. Thanks kindly.

Good to know, Laurie. We do not know one another but, knowing that you're NOT a shill is good enough for me. .
Who is that middle age very angry Jewish man from New York that comes on your show occasionally He said some things that where interesting . Good talk :) By The way - he is talking at his own whole food store at New York City
he's in his OWN store..."Gary Null's Whole Foods "...its on the upper west side of Manhattan, on Broadway near 80th st or so...i believe he is...Why he said " a health food store" and didnt identify it as his I dont know..
Those like Paul Bragg, Jack Lalanne, Lorraine Day, and Markus Rothkranz, who have reversed disease and created spectacular health with diet, realize the extreme measures one must follow in order to obtain food that supports good health. Most of the foods and beverages in most supermarkets are toxic and the unwary consumer is a sitting duck. Given the difficulty involved in finding nourishing food, the obvious question is, is this due to ignorance or is it... by design. He's probably talking about the kind of soy that's hard to find, and that is organic and minimally processed soy milk, etc. Yeah, you wanna stay away from Silk soy milk But yeah, you're right, soy isn't good. And I don't think its problems are ethnic specific. I've heard all 'colors' complaining about soy..
And call me an anthocyanin and polyphenol whore, cause I love grapes and raspberries. In the summer I eat 3lbs of grapes a day Gary, I'm having problems finding Manuka honey in my area. I live in Southern California. I've checked Sprouts (the only one of two national 'health' food store chains in my area) They don't have it.
Gary's incredible. He could have just as easily been a sell out like the rest of the wealthy and intelligent, but he didn't become that..
What you say is all well and good Gary. But for people on a budget, like me, I cannot afford to shop like you do. Are you in a Whole Foods store They are very expensive..
Not just Nubians, it's better for everyone. Soy wasn't good for me either, that's why I stopped..
That's because highly processed soy isn't good for you. It's estrogenic and can cause thyroid problems, etc...
the music a little too much...but the message of course is on the mark. Gary has been advocating the same message for years and he was right all along.. TOO MUCH SOY IS NO GOOD..I DON'T CONSUME IT ANYMORE BUT I'D SUGGEST NO MORE THAN TWICE A MONTH..ALMOND MILK OR COCONUT MILK IS BETTER FOR NUBIANS... Oops...thanks for the video, but there's a misspelled word in the's "alleviate" and not "elliviate." . i wonder how his chronic health problems are treating him after he managed to over dosing himself on his own vitamin D supplement bars, due to him being unaware that large amounts of vitamin D would be toxic, he then tried to sue his own supplier for him not knowing the toxicity of a product he was selling, and reportedly sill urinates blood, thank you karma . I completely agree, 'cept for to completely avoid it. Every vegan/vegetarian I know who has had problems with no meat, were the ones who ate soy. Soy has many problems with it. .
I first heard you from interviewing Gerald Celente. I commented on the video, you're probably the most informed person I have heard interview Mr. C. I am so glad I found your videos from that interview. The one on GWS is beyond words, since I had a cousin who fought in the frist round of the Gulf Wars, came home in ~'92, started going blind in '94 & died a long slow death from a tumor on his optic nerve. Keep up the great work. Who loves ya Haven't even watched this and know it will be great..
Acrylamides are nasty, don't get me wrong - they are carcinogenic and in larger quantities can act as a neurotoxin. But one thing they are not is inflammatory. You said they had to combine with something else to have that effect, though, which I didn't quite catch. Could you clarify.
If Gary could find a way to go national with his health food stores without getting Wall Street's poisoned prosperity "penis" involved. He should do it.

Yes, I had read about that. My guess is that he never let on - perhaps he even eats meat on the side. I have a friend who is also a health nut (he's diabetic, so he basically eats lots of raw veggies and greens, and buys into the alkaline diet view - nonetheless, he has lot weight and is generally healthy) but EVEN HE has to eat meat, otherwise he gets weak! LOL 2 thank you Karma..

diagnosis - anti-nuclear antibody ANA tests

November 5, 2015

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Every time I get bloodwork done and there are high ANA levels, my doctors just continue looking for more symptoms. It's like they want me to have 14/14 and even if I have 9/14, it isn't enough for them to be ready to do something. Kinda like how I've had ridiculous menstrual pain for the last 13 years but no one even sent me for scans on my pelvic area until the past 10 months. And they wonder why people are trusting the system less and less. Thanks for the video... I feel validated in my complaints with how my ANA results are being ignored..
Ive had issues for years now, being tossed around from doctor to doctor. Finally my ana blood test came back positive and referred me to a rheumatologist, but this rheumatologist hasnt even scheduled me and say they lost my lab work finding another. Could a positive ANA also hint that you may have cancer Since cancer is an autoimmune disease I have major pain esp in upper spine feels like its all bunched up, major fatigue and nausea, joint pain and soreness, dizziness, ive had seizures on occasion, migraines, bloated stomach, diarrhea, rash on my bottom, i have jaundice... i just dont know what else this could be... i feel like im dying and that no one cares about me... i have medicaid and its hard to find anyone that accept it... i had a mri on my brain done last year and it came out normal... only thing abnormal was my ANA blood test. Ive also been to a chiropractor who did an xray on my spine and nothing is wrong with my spine... so confused... i just wanted to feel normal again and raise my children right. Im 26 but i feel like im 80...please help me. .

I'm ANA positive three times now with terrible joint pain in many of my joints and some swelling. I'm told it's false even as a speckled pattern. Why all this pain that sent me for these tests anyway then Why do they test for ANA if they're not going to believe it when it comes back positive I've seen my GP many times and two rheumies who blew me off. I've been at a pain clinic. There's no where else to turn now. I'm in Canada. Boy I wish my Doc/s could see this..

I'm ANA positive with a lot of joint pain and also in a wait and see place. I wish I could show my doc this video. I was even told after testing positive twice that it's a false positive. That doesn't make sense to me especially since my health is declining..
I went to the doctor and complained of fatigue and mild joint pain. The doctor ran some test and said the ANA test was positive, but my RA Factor came back within range and there was a Vitamin D Deficiency. She canceled out me getting a referral to the rheumatologist even though she said it could be early signs of Lupus or another disease She basically blew it off and gave me a vitamin d prescripton and told me see you in a couple months... Because she ignored it I did too but now I'm seeing I'm going to have to do more research and get a second opinion before I have a REAL problem later on. Thank you for putting this knowledge on youtube it's a huge help to understand whats going on with our bodies and health. .
I totally agree with you. A rheumatologist told my that my blood work say that I have an autoimmune disease due to a car accident I had in 2005. He also said that I am fine, but any time anyone goes to do blood work it will say I have Lupus and that I do not have to worry because I am eating right and exercising. I agree with you 100%God Bless.
ANA 1:640... Is this high enough or just some fun Doctor took me to the hospital cos of high ana and then took me to many testings finaly there wasn't nothing important /apart from vaskulitis/vaskulopaty in brain/ but it isn't big illness so we will "WAIT AND SEE" how I will do and then we will do with it something - maybe - if something will be damaged or blood test won't be good... I am on Prednison it make it worse,it put imune syst.down so we don't know true about body. I am scared. . I'm interested to hear what sorts of things you can do to prevent a high ANA level from progressing to full blown Lupus or whatever. Is there anything you can do other than giving steroids My Dad has a high ANA level and they're thinking it might be Sjogrens but it's not advanced enough for him to be given the diagnosis yet.. You are a wonderful speaker with great energy! I am a nurse and have really learned a lot from you! I also have some of the health issues you talk about. Its really making me think now. Thankyou so much for taking the time out to do all of this!.
I have a positive ANA at 1:640, FANA screening reveals Speckled at low titers and Homogeneous throughout. Rheumatoid Factor is positive as is C-Reactive Protiens. I have constant pain of muscles cramping (like charlie horses) and it causes a pulling on the nerves which resulted in two tennis elbow and now is happening on large tendon in my leg...and like you say in your video...they wait. They tell you to just live with it. .

ANA 1:640... Is this high enough or just some fun Doctor took me to the hospital cos of high ana and then took me to many testings finaly there wasn't nothing important /apart from vaskulitis/vaskulopaty in brain/ but it isn't big illness so....
My God! It's as if you were making these videos about my life!!! Unbeleivable... My doctor said that "Oh, it's nothing significant, let's wait and see if the results go back to normal. And even if they don't - it's not high enough for concern." I was diagnosed with Fibro, and have no idea what to do about it at this point. .

Anti-U1 RNP antibodies in mixed connective tissue disease

November 4, 2015

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As an update on my video from 2011 - if you can't use peanut oil you can substitute Castor oil for similar results! Works for any kind of #inflammation #arthritis #Bursitis #sorejoints . A thirty-five year arthritis sufferer myself, I will show you how I cured my arthritis in one month, threw away ALL of my medications and over-the-counter products, and stopped following strict diets for life! And I Challenge YOU To Do the Same Right Now! go here > You are a natural beauty. I recommend meditating and asking the Divine Spirit to come into what ever part of the body is hurting me. With intent, thinking (you do not have to speak it) in that area and feeling it being healed. Most every time I can see the light going into where ever I have intent, The Divine Spirit healed my eyes back to 20/20 and my right ear back to normal hearing from years of hunting with a shot gun. I usually meditate to Angel music or healing frequencies with headphones. Just tried this and it actually works like she said I feel better...also no apples, bananas, strawberries during flare ups:-(. Hi! Thank you for this useful video. By the way, I hear lots of people keep on talking about Artholarex Miracle (search on google), but I'm not sure if it is good. Have you considered home remedy called Artholarex Miracle I've heard many great things about it and my cousin completely reliefs his arthritis safely with this remedy.. Very cool!! I am going to try this on my husband:) Thanks for sharing this tip! Love and light, Jacque.

What Is an ANA Test (Antinuclear Antibody Test)?

December 6, 2015

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non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs)

November 26, 2015

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Great video! My question for you is: After they discover I have a positive ANA and titer 1:160, what is the next step of testing that the doctor might do In other words, what types of additional tests might be considered next, if any I have to wait until the middle of July to see my doctor about the results, so in the meantime I am researching for answers. Thanks for your help in this issue. :). Yes Lupus is very sneaky. I think it is amazing how much the ANA titer can vary even in one person. Mine just goes up and down. I believe I have 8 of the critieria also but different ones than yours. I'm sorry to hear that you have the kidney involvement. Thank you for always encouraging me. .
Thanks for the info and post,I got a call from my MD last wk saying my white cells were too low(2.6) and pos ANA (1:640) my neuro and endo md's have sent ref for me to see rheum asap,neither of them even want to discuss w me,both said my white count is severly low,and tither extremly high,what are your thoughts based on what you know,any info u give will be greatly appreciated.

I have had a 1/40 titer for a long time, yet tested positive on skin biopsy and other testing for inflammatory markers...I have met 8 out of the 11 criteria for Rhuematology for lupus. I am highly photosensitive, have joint pain, fatique, fevers, bruising, brian fog, depression, and even kidney problems. Lupus is a very sneaky disease and shows its face in many different manifestations. We are all like snowflakes, no two are alike...God Bless you and all you do....

2 neworleanzgrl I definitely am not a professional but both of those counts do lean toward lupus. I recommend you go to and research the symptoms and diagnosing of lupus. That way you can see if you have any other symptoms you might need to discuss with the rheumatologist. Remember they will want your complete history so you really need to know what the criteria for diagnosing lupus is. Once you see it you might remember things from your past that are part of the diagnosis..

2 TylerTitus25 Thanks Kris. I need all the encouragement I can get. I miss you too. I remember us playing Kids Inc basketball and winning!!!! Great memories..
Yes Lupus is very sneaky. I think it is amazing how much the ANA titer can vary even in one person. Mine just goes up and down. I believe I have 8 of the critieria also but different ones than yours. I'm sorry to hear that you have the kidney involvement. Thank you for always encouraging me..

Curcumin and Turmeric supplements health benefits, side...

December 19, 2015

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Metal Gear (weapon) - Metal Gear Wiki - Wikia

November 9, 2015

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Blood Tests for Rheumatoid Arthritis: What Is Their Role...

January 9, 2016

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The Pathogenesis of Rheumatoid Arthritis NEJM 2011

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January 25, 2016

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Antinuclear antibody panel: MedlinePlus Medical Encyclopedia

February 6, 2016

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Arthritis - Sterling Laboratories

January 23, 2016

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Antinuclear antibody studies in juvenile chronic arthritis.

January 21, 2016

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Antinuclear Antibody: Reference Range, Interpretation...

January 22, 2016

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Rheumatoid arthritis antinuclear antibodies 1:160

January 10, 2016

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Anti-Nuclear Antibodies - Arthritis Information

January 20, 2016

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Anti Nuclear Antibody Screen - Arthritis - MedHelp

January 31, 2016

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ANA test - Mayo Clinic

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