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  1. December 21, 2015

    Comments about this video:
    Wow at 21 not even being able to take care of my son due to the daily debilitating pain in my knees, I thought I was actually on to something here. Low and behold it's a fucking sales pitch. Thanks dude. .
    i no how you feel i have to call in sick to work almost 4 days a week sometimes more and take countless medications as well as make countless doctor visits, no one seems to understand the pain im going through in my knee's and when listening to this story i had hope cause it sounds just like mine but your write its just a sales pitch.
    I killed my pain and inflammation with these four supplements that have research support. my friend with arthritis was shock how it helped her! search, "killed my back pain" and todd k channel..

    Anti-inflammatory drugs | Topics, Rheumatoid Arthritis...
  2. December 23, 2015
    The most important type of painkiller for those who suffer with arthritis is a class of drugs called nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs, or NSAIDs. i1
    14 Inflammation-Fighting Foods -
  3. December 19, 2015
    Autoimmune diseases arise from an abnormal immune response of the body against substances and tissues normally present in the body (autoimmunity). i2
    Inflammatory Bowel Disease: Facts on Diet and Treatment
  4. December 25, 2015
    The Ultimate Arthritis Diet Stock your fridge and pantry with Mediterranean staples to fight pain and inflammation. | i3
    The Best Natural Anti-Inflammatory Supplements...
  5. December 18, 2015

    Comments about this video:
    Fairly recently, I learned that PINEAPPLE contains an enzyme, called Bromelain, that BLOCKS the enzyme that is naturally found in the gastrointestinal tract which breaks down drugs/medications. By consuming PINEAPPLE you can actually reach toxic levels of your medicines as the naturally occurring enzyme that breaks down those medications is not allowed to do it's thing (is blocked) by eating PINEAPPLE you may be causing very high toxic levels of your medicines to circulate within your body for a prolonged period of time. Don't believe me Google it!. Oh I know this cause I was sick. Not anymore! Put down all the dairy and pork, and all fried foods!!!! .
    Most all dis-ease is due to inflammation, cardiovascular disease- inflammation in the veins, Alzheimer's inflammation of the brain and it continues. Take your systemic enzymes cause your body stops making enzymes around the age of 27! Eat as much greens and Omega 3s and Turmeric tea and you will feel amazing and be amazing and will not get sick!.
    +Jane Austin Deathly plants contain minerals, as well as vitamins but that does not mean that you should eat these plants to obtain minerals en vitamins, there are other less toxic/non toxic options out there. Nightshade vegetables are slightly toxic. The eggplant contains for example tons of nicotine..
    Being healthy is really simple but a lot of people find it impossible to give up their old habits. I am desperately trying to get my parent to eat healthy but they are stuck in their old lifestyle. .
    +Aris “Taratajum” Psaltis Since we're talking about Omega 3 fatty acids, you will not find low fat foods here. Nonetheless, these foods are good for you. It's not recommended that a person eat fish more than 1-2x week, due to mercury concerns. I say enjoy sardines in moderation.. Wheat gluten also causes inflammation in a large percentage of the human population, this should NOT be on the list for anti-inflammation diets! Many people with either undiagnosed celiac disease or gluten sensitivity can be causing long-term damage to their digestive tract from the wheat plant. As a society we'd all be better off converting the fields of wheat to free range bison grasslands. . Yes very true it is frustrating:{ watch on YT john Bergmann how to have a healthy thyroid The man is amazing!! Let me know what you find:}.
    Many alternative medi­cine websites allege that nightshade vegetables contain a toxic alkaloid called solanine, a defense mechanism in some Solanaceae plants that protects againstl threats such as insects. It’s true that solanine may develop in potatoes, which turn green when exposed to light. (That’s why potatoes with green areas should be discarded.) Contrary to the rumors, however, eggplant, peppers and tomatoes—even the green ones—do not produce solanine and are perfectly safe to eat..

    2 zenmachinefilms Tomatoes have nutritional merits, but I believe they fall in the class of "nightshade vegetables" that she briefly mentioned; this is a class of vegetables that are said to contribute to inflammation. .
    She's great. Obviously knows what she is talking about. Looks a lot more healthy than most of the nutritionists I know, so probably worth listening too. .
    Just refer to the Dr. Weil WHOLE foods diet that incorporates all of the low glycemic index and anti-inflammatory and additional associated buzz words..
    What about the tomatoes He kept interrupting her and she never got to the tomatoes. I thought they were supposed to be good for you .
    Nonsense. You don't eat the leaves! And the lycopene and lutein and other cartenoids are more bio-available if you cook them first.
    2 sdushdiu, I agree that tomatoes and eggplant and peppers are healthy...tons of anthocyanins in them and lycopene in *cooked* tomatoes, fiber, too, in all of them! .
    Extracted oils are junk food...they are pure fat and offer no vitamins or nutrients...maybe trace amounts of nutrients, but it's best to quit eating extracted oils. See Dr. Esselstyn's great youtube video...the man has saved many lives. .

    As a practicing physician, I always recommend this diet. It can reduce heart disease risk, keep existing cardiac problems in check, reduce blood triglycerides and blood pressure as well as soothe stiff arthritic joints..

    If I was not erectly clear, the Fruit (eggplant, peppers,tomatoes, potatoes (except for any green portions)) is perfectly safe to eat. But do NOT eat any of the green leafy parts of the plants or any green spots on potato!.

    Anti-inflammatory effects of probiotic yogurt in...
  6. December 22, 2015
    Natural anti-inflammatory supplements are a healthy alternative to pharmaceutical drugs. Traditional drugs as we know have adverse side effects and are harmful in one... i5
    Anti Inflammatory Vitamins and Minerals for Arthritis...
  7. December 17, 2015 CLICK HERE for product I am talking about. Inflammatory arthritis arthritis arthritis foundation what is arthritis... i6
    Anti-Inflammatory Drugs for Arthritis - Healthline
  8. December 24, 2015
    Components of an Anti-inflammatory Diet (focus on meats, fish, eggs and leafy vegetables) Note: All food is unhealthy without gut bacteria adapted to the food. i7
    Anti-Inflammatory Diet - Arthritis Foundation
  9. December 31, 2015

    Comments about this video:

    The Arthritis Diet | Anti Inflammatory Diet | Arthritis Diet
  10. December 29, 2015
    Rheumatoid Arthritis: The Infection Connection {Targeting and Treating the Cause of Chronic Illness} by Katherine M. Poehlmann outlines a proven treatment that could... i9
    Juvenile Idiopathic Arthritis - KidsHealth
  11. December 27, 2015
    For those that think arthritis is just a disease of old age or that it only affects those that are unhealthy, think again. Arthritis is actually a complex group of... i10
    What Is Inflammatory Arthritis?
  12. December 26, 2015
    Our aim was to assess anti-inflammatory effects on the peripheral blood of subjects with inflammatory bowel disease (IBD) who consumed probiotic yogurt for 1 month. i11
    Juvenile rheumatoid arthritis | definition of juvenile...
  13. December 30, 2015

    Comments about this video:

    Autoimmune disease - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
  14. December 20, 2015
    Juvenile idiopathic arthritis (also called juvenile rheumatoid arthritis) affects some 50,000 kids in the United States. Learn more. i13
    Anti-inflammatory drugs | Topics, Rheumatoid Arthritis...
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  16. December 8, 2015

    Comments about this video:
    Thanx for the helpful info about anti-inflammatory foods. I found this video helpful because i have gout and arthritis and now i can begin avoiding toxic foods.. I'll have to keep this video's advice in mind... I haven't paid much attention to this branch of nutrition science in the past but now that I listen to this video it seems that I should start. Thanks!.
    It does not have any side effects I have lost 5 pounds in 1 week so far. You can learn more about Garcinia Cambogia if you go to this website Top Anti Inflammatory Foods for Anti Inflammatory Diet.
    Very informative and well put together. I think more people should be conscious of the power of food and the benefits of an anti-inflammatory one no less. Thanks for the great video and wonderful advice!. very good video it really benefits me alot i have been suffering from many diseases lately these years and your video about inflammetory foods really aknowledged me with a lot of informations thanks a lot.
    Wow. Thanks for the info. I had no idea there was a such thing as an anti-inflammatory diet. I will definitely try this. Very informative..
    This is a great source of information. There are definitely a few things you probably already know, but there is a lot of worthwhile information.. Thank you, I found that i am looking for something like this. We eat so very unhealthy and need retraining on how to eat and live better. Again, thanks!.
    wow nice information and advice given in this video about anti-inflammatory food and nice idea given.really very very useful information and advice provided here in this video.
    Very interesting. I am always looking for ways to help improve my health. I love the little tips for the foods and how to use them in daily life. I will be looking into this.. This has been super informative! Thanks rick I'm gonna go watch that 20 minute video you spoke of :D..

    Cooling Inflammation: Anti-inflammatory Diet
  17. December 3, 2015
    Juvenile idiopathic arthritis (also called juvenile rheumatoid arthritis) affects some 50,000 kids in the United States. Learn more. i1
    Juvenile Rheumatoid Arthritis-Medications - WebMD
  18. December 6, 2015
    Natural anti-inflammatory supplements are a healthy alternative to pharmaceutical drugs. Traditional drugs as we know have adverse side effects and are harmful in one... i2
    How to Choose Anti-inflammatory Foods | eHow
  19. November 15, 2015
    Inflammation in your body feels like an irritation or pain in a localized area that is accompanied sometimes by a loss of use or movement. Arthritis pain is one of... i3
    Cooling Inflammation: Anti-inflammatory Diet
  20. January 13, 2016

    Comments about this video:
    Anyone looking to lose weight quick should check this link out Why Should We Eat an Anti-Inflammatory Diet.
    Garcinia Cambogia. Quickly Lose Weight, Suppress Appetite, and Boost Energy. You will discover much more on this website Why Should We Eat an Anti-Inflammatory Diet.

    Anyone looking to lose weight quick should check this link out Why Should We Eat an Anti-Inflammatory Diet.
    +Dr. Craig A. Maxwell Discover a natural whole body approach to inflammation
    I have ptsd and chronic pain ; I have been researching glial cells for quite some time now. What do you think the relationship affect is between old injuries that continue to cause pain and satellite glial cells .
    Yes, yes, fat like Dr. Andrew Weil is exactly my goal!...Not!!!! It his, actually this oblivious to his own ill-health!.

    Juvenile Rheumatoid Arthritis-Medications - WebMD
  21. December 10, 2015
    Natural anti-inflammatory supplements are a healthy alternative to pharmaceutical drugs. Traditional drugs as we know have adverse side effects and are harmful in one... i5
    How to Choose Anti-inflammatory Foods | eHow
  22. January 10, 2016
    Inflammation in your body feels like an irritation or pain in a localized area that is accompanied sometimes by a loss of use or movement. Arthritis pain is one of... i6
    Cooling Inflammation: Anti-inflammatory Diet
  23. November 13, 2015
    Juvenile idiopathic arthritis (also called juvenile rheumatoid arthritis) affects some 50,000 kids in the United States. Learn more. i7
    Juvenile Rheumatoid Arthritis-Medications - WebMD
  24. December 25, 2015

    Comments about this video:

    Whey is not inflammatory. In fact, it has importan immune modulation effects which may decrease inflammation. It is casein protein from milk that is less desirable.

    How to Choose Anti-inflammatory Foods | eHow
  25. January 5, 2016
    Inflammation in your body feels like an irritation or pain in a localized area that is accompanied sometimes by a loss of use or movement. Arthritis pain is one of... i9
    Cooling Inflammation: Anti-inflammatory Diet
  26. December 12, 2015
    Juvenile idiopathic arthritis (also called juvenile rheumatoid arthritis) affects some 50,000 kids in the United States. Learn more. i10
    Juvenile Rheumatoid Arthritis-Medications - WebMD
  27. November 19, 2015
    Natural anti-inflammatory supplements are a healthy alternative to pharmaceutical drugs. Traditional drugs as we know have adverse side effects and are harmful in one... i11
    How to Choose Anti-inflammatory Foods | eHow
  28. December 7, 2015

    Comments about this video:
    I try grow my own food the food farmers grow ! has only the ingredients the helicopter sprays on the crops broccoli tested from a supermarket, has less half of the calories it should have (only what the is sprayed on the crop ). 3 years ago I ate a Vegan diet for 3 months... lost 28 pounds and felt amazing. To cook and eat this way is delightful. Getting back to eating this way again ,.
    +Carol Fleck I used to work with an Army Sergeant who is a vegan. She is more slim and physically fit than most Soldiers 10 years younger than her! Report.
    +Victor Summer Baking soda is simply sodium bicarbonate, it doesn't contain aluminum. You're thinking of baking powder..
    And religion always seems to continue to be the stumbling block for most people for moving to this diet of LIFE and LOVE. Here is a very important book to read on this subject of killing animals and eating them from the true and pure biblical language and perspective from a known Hebrew scholar. This man crushes all Christians and Jewish arguments on this subject and provides all the proof fifty times over from the very texts they all believe to say exactly the opposite. Believe me, if you want to have the verifiable and absolute academic answers against all of them who oppose you from a purely religious paradigm, this mans book is the key. In fact, to my knowledge no one else on earth has ever written on this specific subject and in this way. This is a must read for all those who believe the animals were not meant to be farmed, killed and eaten.

    it's good to see MD's coming on board and not just the ND's...I have RA and will do what I can to control it the best with diet..

    I believe that intake of calories is a misconception. A person who eats a diet consisting of 5,000 calories a day, but only 10% of those calories are from fat, will likely have a BMI that is much healthier than the person who eats a diet consisting of 2,000 calories a day, but 50% of those calories are from fat. Calories is what gives you energy, fat and toxins is what makes you fat and unhealthy..
    +hiptats4u Not all fat are bad. You can actually lose weight if you eat fats from avocados and nuts..
    It's wonderful to see a group of doctors learning and teaching everything about nutrition. Most doctor do not learn preventive medicine. All they care about is to prescribe drugs to patients. Thank you very much for your effort. It gives us hope..
    Where is the science to back this stuff up How come they recommend eating stuff that your grandma would recognize and next thing we see are smoothies and juices where people are asked to guess what's in it. I doubt my grandma knew what Quinoa or chia seed pudding was. I believe that most of us can eat better. But I'm unconvinced that these recommendations are necessarily the answer. I'd have hoped that MDs would be up there pointing to research and studies that support their conclusions. As it is, this is no better than all the rest of the pop-nutrition that is floating around there - complete with cutesy names like "hangry" and the discussion of so-called super-foods. Some of the recommendations are vague - like reducing alcohol and coffee consumption. I don't consume any alcohol, but studies suggest I should be drinking a glass of red wine each evening. Also, caffeine is one of the most studied substances around and the general consensus is that 2-3 cups in the morning is fine and has positive mental benefits. Just don't drink it 7-8 hours before bedtime. What's missing in the discussion presented is any sense of "dose". Of course, some of this is just plain common knowledge or common sense. And some of it is disputed (like whether fish oils are something that should be generally recommended). But mostly its unsupported and hence it has added essentially nothing to my knowledge on the subject. It was a wasted hour..
    There is ,no Grain that is good for you wheat will eat your gut. msg bromine and aspartame are killing you... so lets talk about that... drinking baking soda is best it alkalines the stomach so fast it can fix the stomach cure the disease.

    Cooling Inflammation: Anti-inflammatory Diet
  29. November 21, 2015
    Juvenile idiopathic arthritis (also called juvenile rheumatoid arthritis) affects some 50,000 kids in the United States. Learn more. i13
    Juvenile Rheumatoid Arthritis-Medications - WebMD
  30. December 20, 2015
    Natural anti-inflammatory supplements are a healthy alternative to pharmaceutical drugs. Traditional drugs as we know have adverse side effects and are harmful in one... i14
    How to Choose Anti-inflammatory Foods | eHow
  31. November 2, 2015
    Inflammation in your body feels like an irritation or pain in a localized area that is accompanied sometimes by a loss of use or movement. Arthritis pain is one of... i15
    Cooling Inflammation: Anti-inflammatory Diet
  32. January 3, 2016

    Comments about this video:
    +Springinthefield are you consuming other products that are inflammatory such as vegetable oils, seed oils All N6 oils are extremely inflammatory, and soy is included with that. Many have been deceived thinking that soy is good. Research it if you haven't already. TVP (texturized vegetable protein) and/or soy protein isolate contains a large amount of MSG. Be careful that you aren't consuming foods that have MSG in them. MSG is hidden in a lot of ingredients that go by other terms. Many vegans eat a lot of soy. Check out the book, "The Whole Soy Story" by Kaayla T Daniel. There is a lot of research out there on soy. I only mention soy because it is a common staple with vegans. Until I checkout inflammatory foods because I have an autoimmune disease that is very inflammatory, I didn't realize how many foods I ate that were high in inflammation. Hope that helps. Best to you.. +Valerie Villalobos If the body gets what it needs, you will feel better, no doubt. Get some lab tests done if possible to look for any vitamin or mineral deficiencies. Since your depression tends to be on the anxious side look for minerals that are calming to start with. It could be as simple as that ;). You are a genius Dr. Greger! 👏👏👏👏 I'm so amazed by this video, again. Thank you for all you do! ❤. I love the plant based diet but even the healthiest of diets is not the answer for everyone who suffers with depression. There are far too many variables that can lead to depression and other mental health issues..
    yes! i think meditation is big help, for me yoga has helped!!! massively! and try beet carrot and apple juiced makes me so happy.
    Well i am Vegan for about 2 years(eat mostly sprouts) i am always more or less depressed for about 10 years now, but sometimes it gets very very bad. Well diet plays a huge role but if you have infection like it is mentioned in this video, i have lymes infection you just can not heal it only with healthy vegan diet. Lymes infection couses huge inflamation in the whole body, so if you are vegan like me still fell like shit, take a genuine test, (many test are very bad) and check if you have that..
    So there is a major correlation between Inflamation and Depression. The best diet to reduce inflammation is WFPBD. Therefore to help prevent Depression eat a WFPBD. qED..

    The truth is Denmark is one of the happiest places in the world and yet they are also one of the biggest meat and dairy consumers as well. Thats clear cut as it gets. Stop wasting time doc on talking shit about meat vs veggies..

    We can laud these findings over and over again, but unfortunately, and to the chagrin of the millions of family and friends who live with and love depressed people, the depressed won't care, won't seek natural remedies and won't listen to anyone except their doctors who are drug pushers for big pharma. That is something frightening to contemplate. Eventually, every home will have a mole..

    +Cliché Depressed Girl Yay for you!!!! It gives me hope that maybe one day most people will realize that good medicine begins with good food!.
    +Cliché Depressed Girl if you don't want to take SSRI get a support system, my aunt waa depressed for 5 years because her mother died, and she told me talking about it helped alot! And meditation as well hope that helps sweetie.. I'm a depressed person because, ya know, life can be a bitch to be quite frank BUT since switching to a vegan diet my energy is more lifted than it was before... Its not a cure or answer to life but it definitely helps a lot. +Gary Maccagnone the evolutionary lens is one way of looking at things. its a way of explaining the way things are .
    +houndjog "Just posting what has helped me!" This is fine, if you can back it up, but it is an isolated, subjective case, not a scientific hypothesis. Dietary cholesterol ought not to affect neurochemistry, unless one has been starving..
    +applepie yeah steroids are known for inflammation right oh no the opposite..
    Very interesting! Depression is HUGE amongst my peers in the Hashimoto's Thyroid Disease community as well as inflammation..

    knowledge is POWER! Thanks Dr. Greger -you give so much back to humanity by passing your knowledge for the public to learn and grow..

    This is bullshit and I am starting to lose respect for your studies. Become an expert on the Microbiome...and that's where you may find some answers..
    +Go Vegan +Go Vegan I understand where you're coming from by saying that "we are too food obsessed", but I think it would be ignorant to think that what you put in your body doesn't affect how you can cope with these every day life events. Things that used to send me spiraling into a dark hole (ex. break ups, unemployment, other setbacks) are much easier to deal with after having gone plant-based and refined my diet. How much easier it is for me to change my perspective and cope with life stressors has had everything to do with my going plant-based. But you're right, going plant-based can't do ALL the work for you. It just makes it so much easier... and for me actually made it possible when it wasn't before..
    +robsonic I have been a Vegan since 1995. It is a great Anti Inflammatory diet. Inflammation is connected to ALL of the Auto Immune Diseases such as MS (which I have), Lupis and all the others including RA and Parkensons. The Vegan diet gives you all that you need to be healthy. In short, we Humans are Omnivores and do not have to eat Meat of any kind. That includes Dairy. I drink Coconut Milk and have removed all grains from my diet as those are 'Trigger Foods' for me. Last year when my 16 year old Basenji was dying from a relapse of Cancer all I did was eat Oatmeal! I gained 40 pounds but stopped eating the grains and the weight is now back to my usual 115 pounds. The benefits of a Vegan Diet are very real..

    this is an amazing video. totally helps explian my feelings when i was severely depressed and wanted to just go away and die. this was back in highschool when i was barely eating one meal a day (dinner when my mom gave it to me) and was hardly sleeping due to family and school stress ( like an average of 3 hours of sleep a night until it was more like 0 hours of sleep at its worst). At the time i did not realize how little i was eating and sleeping as i was so stressed. my body must have actually been in survival mode desperatly begging me to just rest and eat good food (it clearly didnt want me to eat what i usually ate as i didnt feel hungry even though i must have been starving, probably my body trying to keep me from getting sick). No wonder why i didnt want to hang out with my friends or family or go to school my body didnt want me to get sick or get others sick. since leaving school i actually had time to rest, and i actually started feeling hungry again so i ate and i got really sick even had to go to the emergency room (even though i was eating enough food now i wasnt eating the right food) but i did my research and slowly ate less and less animal products and cured myself. it is so much easier to be happy and healthy being vegan lol. i wish i had known back in highschool what my body was actually trying to tell me. basically it was saying stop stressing, focus on getting some good rest and eat lots of good food, or your going to get sick (but it probably thought i was already sick) and die, ill do my best to protect you and other humans from you until you are better by keeping you from doing things that might make your condition worse, but if you dont get better soon you're going to try to protect the rest of humanity by going off to die as you dont want others to suffer like you are and its best to just let your suffering end. it makes so much more since now expecially when you compare it to how other animals like cats go off and find a remote place to die when they get too old or sick. and cats stop eating and doing much of anything and distance themselves before they die because thats an instinctive strategy to prevent other cats or their loved ones from getting sick too. its pretty scary to think about how bad it was when i was depressed and how much my body seemed to be preparing for my death. how could i not see what is so clear to me now back then. Our society really needs to reconsider its priorities when people are fighting against their own instincts to go off and die just because they are in such poor condition that their body thinks they are dying and are potentially a threat to other humans. thank goodness my nieghbor took notice and started making me healthy lunches to take to school during my last year, and thank goodness my teachers let me just take college classes and not the highschool ones anymore so i had more time to rest (i was in a running start program and was just two classes away from an associates in science before graduating high school). otherwise i dont know if i would have made it to graduation. i am so happy that i have learned so much since then and will never be in such a poor state again... scary stuff..

    I have recovered from depression with a low fat plantbased diet(as much whole foods as possible) + meditation and daily exercise. I have never felt so good in my life! And that's after being diagnosed with Multiple sclerosis 2 years ago!.

    I definitely saw a reduction in my depressive disorder after going vegan. Not entirely eliminated for sure! But enough to be very noticeable..
    is it possible to measure oxidation in food i recently started eating cooked beans and lentils, but i'm wondering how oxidized my food is... i also eat anti-oxidant raw foods, but if a 800-1000 calories bean/lentil meal has alot of oxidation, then i might cut down on it.. (it's better to cut down on the bad stuff than try to "balance" the bad with some good). Weird, since my colonoscopy last week I went into a major funk, and Im still in it. My doctor took me off all NSAIDs.. Sprininthefield, Vegan diets aren't healthier than other diets if you are consuming corn, grains, wheat, sugar, vegetable oils, and soy. All of these foods will contribute to inflammation..
    Being vegan is not enough we have to exercise have some nuts in our diet specially walnut avocado which is food for the brain and meditate on what Jesus went through on the cross,in Isaiah 53:5 he was wounded for our transgression,he was bruised for our iniquities ,the chastisement of our peace was upon him,and with his stripes we are heal.That's where true healing come from. only prayer and meditation work together with the diet.I will recommend a book written by EllenG White call Ministry of healing read the chapter "Mind Cure" its excellent God has already prepare the solution for us,all we need to do is to take time to look into it and use it for our benefit,if we believe in what God say and allow this message to do its work in us we will find relief...Miracle happen when we believe, but some people need some remedies as well and I will recommend only natural remedies only..

    Wow, what an amazing connection. This give me much to think about, and I'm grateful for the post..
    I read that heavy metals in body can cause depression, I detox with chlorella and silica and stuff and take gotu kola extract pills, krill oil tablets and drink mate tea with st johns wort and yarrow and eat oaths and stuff for my depression.. I saw studies that show fish oil to be anti inflammatory. So where laid the truth I am vegan, but I would like to know.. That makes so much sense! +Spinginthefield and +Valerie Villalobos, you are you doing with physical exercise The combination of nutrition AND exercise has shown to be much more effective than only one of these factors alone..
    4:00 in this study, he cropped out the food group above fish that is also pro-inflammatory named "other vegetables: corn, celery, mushrooms, green pepper, eggplant, summer squash, and mixed vegetables." also, in the same study, wine, coffee and olive oil are more negatively associated with inflammation than green leafy vegetables. hmm...

    +sheepnoisebah Thank you for pointing this out, I've now read the full study myself. "Mixed vegetables" are inflammatory, interesting. Looks like we will need to narrowly restrict our diet to carrots, lettuce, yams, and wine. Also, self-reported diet studies are notoriously unreliable. One day Dr. Gregor will find the time to link to primary sources rather than just posting countless links back to his own website and videos as sources. The study, for anyone who wants more detail than the "meat is evil" brainwashing: "With the exception of other vegetables and fish, all food groups were significantly correlated with at least two inflammatory markers." According to the study fish is half as inflammatory as "other vegetables": celery, mushrooms, green pepper, eggplant, summer squash. Stick to the science and not the agenda, please, Dr. Gregor..

    I've met quitte a few people who are depressed, but bringing up that it might be diet related, didn't resonate with any of them..
    As a casual observer, I find the Vegan agenda here is compromising good science. Because you seek out evidence to support Vegan diets and ignore evidence that contradicts it. Therefore I can't trust Dr Greger's advice.. +Ricardo Warner Further reading of what You've provided no evidence, just your nonsense drivel. .
    I have recently become vegan, this is probably week 6 or 7 so far. At first I really felt great, my digestive system improved every single day and I was sleeping a lot better. I felt like I had more energy and clarity as well. At this point though I feel like I have much lower energy, and I am feeling more depressed. I have never really liked my job, and have been thinking about quitting for the last year. The last few weeks I keep thinking about this more and more. I feel like maybe the mental clarity I have gotten through the diet is trying to show me that I should just quit my job. Has anyone had a similar experience.

    Dr. Greger starts with a false premise: That humans evolved and were not created. For real solutions to depression, do an internet search of "solutions for depression Bible".
    Dr. Gregor, you work is priceless and I watched 90% of your videos. Your work changed my family lifestyle and helped in many situations. Thanks for everything and I wish you all the best in your life..
    It's the result of an ever tighening noose around the necks of the slaves. The rapid corruption of society by the fuckwit illuminati, bankers etc are the cause. They have created a corporate facist system of government in which all hope evaporates helped along by poisoning the food and water of the planet. So stop gabbing on you moron and fuck off and die..

    USDA National Nutrient Database: Click start your search here..
    biochemical meat bags...that's all we are and all our human experiences can be reduced to. Thermodynamics is god.

    Juvenile Rheumatoid Arthritis-Medications - WebMD
  33. October 25, 2015
    Natural anti-inflammatory supplements are a healthy alternative to pharmaceutical drugs. Traditional drugs as we know have adverse side effects and are harmful in one... i17
    How to Choose Anti-inflammatory Foods | eHow
  34. December 31, 2015
    Inflammation in your body feels like an irritation or pain in a localized area that is accompanied sometimes by a loss of use or movement. Arthritis pain is one of... i18
    Cooling Inflammation: Anti-inflammatory Diet
  35. December 5, 2015
    Juvenile idiopathic arthritis (also called juvenile rheumatoid arthritis) affects some 50,000 kids in the United States. Learn more. i19
    Juvenile Rheumatoid Arthritis-Medications - WebMD
  36. January 11, 2016

    Comments about this video:

    So depressing that people are concentrating more on the appearance of the doctor than what he's saying. Yes, he's a fat bastard but the advice he's giving is sound. .
    Whose idea was it to film in front of a very busy loud area - I can barely here what he is saying.... About the other comments, I think Dr. Weil looks great! Great doesn't mean what far too many define as "good" in the sense of being a bean rail! . I've ALWAYS had inflammatory problems. Recently I went to a retreat where they spoke about adding certain things to your diet and one was a ginger elixer - ginger, lemon juice, honey and pepper. Honestly, it has transformed my life! I can see the difference when I skip even a day. Honestly, adding ginger really did make the difference. . The guy is over weight and telling you to eat grains. The most prevalent grain in our foods is gmo, gluten gliadin, phytic acid, lectine, Insulin spiking garbage. You DO not want to it this garbage, do your research.. doesnt matter that he is 71, he is still over weight - age is not relevant to weight - unhealthy eating is..
    I agree with you 100% This guy among so many others are so misinformed it's not even funny. Whole grains oats rice corn quinoa beans ,all junk. Fruits vegetables nuts seeds good meats and potatoes if you need a starchy carb for fuel or refuel purposes. It's that simple..
    Some of his advice is good, but he's off-base in recommending soy. Even organic, non-GMO soy, when you can find it, is a toxic and damaging food. Animals and birds fed soy for two or three generations get so sick they're unable to reproduce.. A quack is a deliberate fraud. This guy is simply not up to date on a lot of nutritional information. Dangerously misleading, but not a quack. .
    this guy is a quack, recommending grains and carbs. Gary Taubes (science writer specializing in nutrition science, look him up) would eat this guy alive..
    You GO, Doc!! I've been following the anti-inflammatory diet for years numbers are rockin'...haven't had a sick day from work in over 8 years...yes, cold-water fatty fish and WALNUTS are awesome...relaxing with deep breathing is also great. Please people...much of our health is really UP to US!! .
    if you boys are looking for to get ripped more quickly without spending a single another minute in the gym, then you have to keep an eye on this video tutorial COOK46.COM You have enemies Why, it is the story of every man who has done a great deed or created a new idea. It is the cloud which thunders around everything that shines.

    Disagree, he has grey hair, but that is natural, plus I guarantee you that is way healthier than most 70 year olds..

    Hi, have you heard about Legion Fat Loss (look it up on google) You will learn about the crimes we commit against our bodies. With Legion Fat Loss, you will discover how to lose weight quickly..
    If you desire to burn off fat quickly, you should do a google search Trim Fat Maximizer. You are bound to get the body you deserve..
    My coworkers laughed when I told them I would melt fat with the Skinnimaker Diet, but then I showed them the results. Do a search on google for the Skinnimaker Diet to see their reaction..
    Fish is the most healthy to eat and you only get mercury from tuna, and you have to eat a lot of it to be at a non healthy level. Asians and island natives that eat fish have amazing skin and live long lives :).
    If omega 3 is lacking why would someone eat fish when they could consume ground flax seeds The science on eating fish indicates it's terribly inflammatory (highest histidine of all meats). Not to mention high methionine which we know leaches calcium from bones and explains why eskimos have extreme rates of osteoporosis. Not to mention very high rates of stroke (CVA). How does this guy have any credibility Look at him..
    The captions are annoying & not accurate. Carb loading could include the most nutrient packed foods to get the most bang for our (nutritional) buck. The key is to consume less than 10% of daily nutrition from dairy, meats, protein, fats & grains. We should try eating cancer fighting Greens, Beans, Onions, cooked Mushrooms, Berries, & Seeds to improve our health..
    Your ones an annoying cunt!more,interested in looking at the camera that asking the questions and doesn't seem to honestly give a duck about the answer..
    My coworkers laughed when I told them I would get rid of fat with "Supreme Fat loss", but then they saw the results. Go google "Supreme Fat loss" to see their reaction..
    They laughed when I told them I was going to lose weight with Mimmu Fat Blast, but then I showed them the results. Do a search on google for Mimmu Fat Blast to see their reaction. (It was epic!).
    " Worms. "I thought the President was talking about me, and I rattled in my "He's gone off his head," said the little Doctor, staring. Gendarmerie. We shall soon get there." Gendarmerie. We shall soon get there." Gendarmerie. We shall soon get there." .

    How to Choose Anti-inflammatory Foods | eHow
  37. December 9, 2015
    Inflammation in your body feels like an irritation or pain in a localized area that is accompanied sometimes by a loss of use or movement. Arthritis pain is one of... i21
    Cooling Inflammation: Anti-inflammatory Diet
  38. December 26, 2015
    Juvenile idiopathic arthritis (also called juvenile rheumatoid arthritis) affects some 50,000 kids in the United States. Learn more. i22
    Juvenile Rheumatoid Arthritis-Medications - WebMD
  39. December 15, 2015
    Natural anti-inflammatory supplements are a healthy alternative to pharmaceutical drugs. Traditional drugs as we know have adverse side effects and are harmful in one... i23
    How to Choose Anti-inflammatory Foods | eHow
  40. January 2, 2016

    Comments about this video:

    This guy is one of the only sane health teachers out there. Dr. T what do you think about raw grassfed butter Do you recommend it And coconut oil What about olive oil.
    Just discovered this man. The best thing that has happened to me. Given my extensive knowledge base I know Dr. T is A one. We are all better off with him in our lives... However I may disagree with him regarding whole organic raw Cacao beans with some fruit membrane still attached... Diana who loves real bananas. Interesting video. The problem I have is that I don't know how much to eat and in what proportion. We cannot live on salad only, but right now we have been told fruits are bad for the liver, protein in lentils harm you, grains cause inflammation, oils are bad if you eat too much..

    Cooling Inflammation: Anti-inflammatory Diet
  41. October 31, 2015
    Juvenile idiopathic arthritis (also called juvenile rheumatoid arthritis) affects some 50,000 kids in the United States. Learn more. i25
    Juvenile Rheumatoid Arthritis-Medications - WebMD
  42. January 21, 2016
    Natural anti-inflammatory supplements are a healthy alternative to pharmaceutical drugs. Traditional drugs as we know have adverse side effects and are harmful in one... i26
    How to Choose Anti-inflammatory Foods | eHow
  43. January 4, 2016
    Inflammation in your body feels like an irritation or pain in a localized area that is accompanied sometimes by a loss of use or movement. Arthritis pain is one of... i27
    Cooling Inflammation: Anti-inflammatory Diet
  44. November 20, 2015

    Comments about this video:
    Lol so you needed a color coded chart to remind you to eat whole foods and cut out the meat Good grief. Not sure how tolerable those are of drinking red wine while having migraines. Usually red wine is a mega trigger..
    I think the key is figuring out what works for you. We can't do brown rice, soy or any kinds of beans. Ramping up the vegies, staying away from sugar, soy..
    As a male, I of course don't have endo, but am always looking for ways to reduce inflammation. I especially liked your moderation items, because it is honest about what you need for your happiness..
    Wow!! Love this! I'm defiantly making some changes in my life. I was recently diagnosed with severe endo! Thank you so much! .

    Gluten would be the first thing to go in my opinion. Gluten and sugar are the most inflammatory things on the list and eliminating them has a huge impact. I changed my diet a few years back and eliminated wheat last since it's pretty hard to give up. When I did my pain went away. Looking back I'd rather have the biggest improvement first. .
    well i tried this list then i realised everything i ate irritated my pain so am feeling really hopeless. Thank you for sharing! Have you tried apple cider vinegar I take a shot daily, it's has anti-inflammatory factors that seem to help me. It's pretty gross as a shot but taste great as a salad dressing. I like Bragg's brand (with mother)..
    Wow you did a great job! Thank you so much for the valuable information and organization of your work. .
    Very interesting - I don't share your diagnosis/symptoms, but I watched it all. Well laid out information. Hope these health related videos earns you some new subbies. You deserve it :-).
    I was just recently diagnosed when but often it is missed diagnosed as ovarian cyst. I was diagnosed with ovarian cyst in high school but now in light of things in seems like I most likely had ovarian cyst but the bigger problem was my endometriosis..

    I've recently also changed all my makeup and soaps, toothpastes, deodorants to natural paraben free products. I also avoid using plastic that is not bpa free as these items can increase your estrogen levels..

    Juvenile Rheumatoid Arthritis-Medications - WebMD
  45. December 4, 2015
    Natural anti-inflammatory supplements are a healthy alternative to pharmaceutical drugs. Traditional drugs as we know have adverse side effects and are harmful in one... i29
    How to Choose Anti-inflammatory Foods | eHow
  46. January 17, 2016
    Inflammation in your body feels like an irritation or pain in a localized area that is accompanied sometimes by a loss of use or movement. Arthritis pain is one of... i30
    Cooling Inflammation: Anti-inflammatory Diet
  47. October 27, 2015
    Juvenile idiopathic arthritis (also called juvenile rheumatoid arthritis) affects some 50,000 kids in the United States. Learn more. i31
    Juvenile Rheumatoid Arthritis-Medications - WebMD
  48. November 17, 2015

    Comments about this video:

    How to Choose Anti-inflammatory Foods | eHow
  49. October 26, 2015
    Inflammation in your body feels like an irritation or pain in a localized area that is accompanied sometimes by a loss of use or movement. Arthritis pain is one of... i33
    Cooling Inflammation: Anti-inflammatory Diet
  50. November 9, 2015
    Juvenile idiopathic arthritis (also called juvenile rheumatoid arthritis) affects some 50,000 kids in the United States. Learn more. i34
    Juvenile Rheumatoid Arthritis-Medications - WebMD
  51. November 26, 2015
    Natural anti-inflammatory supplements are a healthy alternative to pharmaceutical drugs. Traditional drugs as we know have adverse side effects and are harmful in one... i35
    How to Choose Anti-inflammatory Foods | eHow
  52. January 22, 2016

    Comments about this video:

    so you made quite a bit, will you be drinking just the one glass per day or drink the entire bullet throughout the day Does this store in the fridge and can be used throughout the day basically.

    Cooling Inflammation: Anti-inflammatory Diet
  53. November 30, 2015
    Juvenile idiopathic arthritis (also called juvenile rheumatoid arthritis) affects some 50,000 kids in the United States. Learn more. i37
    Juvenile Rheumatoid Arthritis-Medications - WebMD
  54. November 18, 2015
    Natural anti-inflammatory supplements are a healthy alternative to pharmaceutical drugs. Traditional drugs as we know have adverse side effects and are harmful in one... i38
    How to Choose Anti-inflammatory Foods | eHow
  55. December 24, 2015
    Inflammation in your body feels like an irritation or pain in a localized area that is accompanied sometimes by a loss of use or movement. Arthritis pain is one of... i39
    Cooling Inflammation: Anti-inflammatory Diet
  56. November 27, 2015

    Comments about this video:

    In reality, nutrients and metabolism are two main factors affecting fat loss. When it comes to fat loss, there are several critical rules you should apply in order to get a healthy weight, which are: Rule 1: burning fat and losing weight means that you should create a calorie deficit over time.Before and after used the 3 week diet review Rule 2: before your body starts burning fat, the fat has to be mobilized. It is the initial step in the common weight loss process. Mobilizing the body fat and using that fat for energy that your body has to consume, you will be healthy and leaner. Rule 3: you could easily take control of how much fat you will mobilize. Rule 4: You must keep the insulin low and catecholamines high.
    Anyone know what is Fenoboci Diet Plan about I hear many individuals lost crazy amounts of weight with Fenoboci Diet Plan (just google search it). . O was told in a few years I'd need hip op as a result of Osteoarthritis...I would rather be in a wheel chair!!! I thank you for the video but would appreciate more info on specifically how to slow or even reverse!!. awesome bruh.. truth in everything u say.. and the alkaline / acid balance in the body is the absolute most underrated and under talked about health issue of all. Eating mostly alkalinic foods will prevent heart disease, cancer, digestive disorders etc.... It's usually a give away with this much ego on the front end of a video, watchers are turned off. Hey Jimmy, love you man. Now that you have mastered the physical, time to work on the mind (ego) a bit..
    if you people would like to get ripped prompt without wasting a one extra minute in the gym, then you should keep an eye on this online video SIXPP.COM Love me, Love me, I cried to the rocks and the trees, And Love me, they cried again, but it was only to tease.

    also im allergic to soy and most fish oils have soy coating for incapsulating do you know any brands soy free..
    Have you experienced Legion Fat Loss (look for it on google) It is a quick and easy way for you to burn fat fast.. do omega 3 only comes from animal source, the rest omega 3 from plants and seeds have to be converted to EPA, and DHA .
    Anyone tried the Proladox Diet Plan (do a google search) I have heard some unbelivable things about it and my sister lost crazy amounts of weight with it..
    ahhh!! I'm so upset now. I spent so much money on these organic multigrain pasta noodles and I can't eat them now except before a workout. You are absolutley right though, I went a day without eating the noodles and the inflamation and gas I had in my gut vanished. As soon as I ate just a few noodles, It came back!!.
    Becareful the Omega 3. You need to choose high quality one. The better one is from small fish like sardines, not from salmon (bigger fish get more heavy metal polution). Don't eat too much if have heavy metal one. You may get one benifit, but also get some harmful to your body. .
    Each video exists in its own "world". For example, my MMA diet video may tell guys who are training 4 hours a day that it's ok to eat grains. Someone who isn't, shouldn't eat them.. Whenever I do omega 3 supplements or oils or EFA's, I get little bumps that start to develope on my face. Am I taking the right one, or am I taking too much, or just alergic . i ate some fruity pebbles and i have inflammation all over my body feels like a sun burn i cant take it anymore im really going to have to eat less and change my diet..
    This still surprise me, how a lot of people don't know about Proladox Diet Plan (do a google search), even though many people get good results with it. Thanks to my buddy who told me about Proladox Diet Plan, I've lost plenty of weight by using it without starving myself..

    i know how u feel its all over my body im in pain right now.this sucks im changeing my ways tonight. .
    I think he meant you should try to avoid grains while having inflammations. If you are healthy... keep being it :). Anyone tried the Proladox Diet Plan (google it) I have heard several great things about it and my cousin lost lots of weight with it.. I would just like to say that too much omega 3 can be bad. There are patients who take 2-3GM of it daily to treat atrial fibrillation, deep vein thrombosis etc. the omega 3 at that dosage thins the blood, basically your ability to clot when cut is diminished. Meaning you can bleed out. So only take about 500mg to 1gm daily, and u may want to take a day or 2 off a week.. Guys, losing weight doesn't need to be hard (I used to feel it did). I'll give you some advice right now. Look for a diet plan called Proladox Diet Plan (google it). Seriously, that program has changed my entire life. I probably should not even be mentioning it cause I don't want a bunch of other guys out there running the same "game" but whatever, I am in a good mood today so I will share the wealth haha..

    Juvenile Rheumatoid Arthritis-Medications - WebMD
  57. November 6, 2015
    Natural anti-inflammatory supplements are a healthy alternative to pharmaceutical drugs. Traditional drugs as we know have adverse side effects and are harmful in one... i41
    How to Choose Anti-inflammatory Foods | eHow
  58. November 16, 2015
    Inflammation in your body feels like an irritation or pain in a localized area that is accompanied sometimes by a loss of use or movement. Arthritis pain is one of... i42
    Cooling Inflammation: Anti-inflammatory Diet
  59. November 7, 2015
    Juvenile idiopathic arthritis (also called juvenile rheumatoid arthritis) affects some 50,000 kids in the United States. Learn more. i43
    Juvenile Rheumatoid Arthritis-Medications - WebMD
  60. January 9, 2016

    Comments about this video:
    Our "job" is to ACCEPT what this hyperactive egotist says No, my job is to listen and use my discriminating intelligence and common sense..
    I actually have. On overall health how inflammation effects health, and even causes mental problems too..
    So if our bodies are supposed to be alkaline and cancer can't survive in acidic state dont we want our bodies to acidic. thanks for the vid! hopefully it will help me because im suffering from inflamation on my legs for doing lunges. Hope this works but anyway new suscriber and hope this works!(: . Good video and nice explanation but I would also add fish oil,turmeric, cinnamon and coconut oil like great anti inflammatory foods.. imopinion8ted the study you mention is irrelevant. Studies are funded by drug companies, so a conflict of interest is there. The pH balance might not provoke or reduce cancer, but an alkalizing diet is coincidentally also one that combats cancers. So it is worthwhile eating an alkalizing diet..
    if you boys would like to get ripped rapid without spending a single extra minute in the gym, then you should look at this video tutorial SIXPP.COM No ticket ripper should say anything, but if you do happen to get caught you can always pretend you’re diabetic. “Honestly, these are prescription Pop Rocks..
    You DO talk fast, but that's why we have rewind! Do you have a video on foods to avoid that affect high blood pressure If not can you do one Thanks.

    How to Choose Anti-inflammatory Foods | eHow
  61. November 3, 2015
    Inflammation in your body feels like an irritation or pain in a localized area that is accompanied sometimes by a loss of use or movement. Arthritis pain is one of... i45
    Cooling Inflammation: Anti-inflammatory Diet
  62. December 29, 2015
    Juvenile idiopathic arthritis (also called juvenile rheumatoid arthritis) affects some 50,000 kids in the United States. Learn more. i46
    Juvenile Rheumatoid Arthritis-Medications - WebMD
  63. November 14, 2015
    Natural anti-inflammatory supplements are a healthy alternative to pharmaceutical drugs. Traditional drugs as we know have adverse side effects and are harmful in one... i47
    How to Choose Anti-inflammatory Foods | eHow
  64. December 14, 2015

    Comments about this video:

    Cooling Inflammation: Anti-inflammatory Diet
  65. January 19, 2016
    Juvenile idiopathic arthritis (also called juvenile rheumatoid arthritis) affects some 50,000 kids in the United States. Learn more. i49
    Juvenile Rheumatoid Arthritis-Medications - WebMD
  66. January 14, 2016
    Natural anti-inflammatory supplements are a healthy alternative to pharmaceutical drugs. Traditional drugs as we know have adverse side effects and are harmful in one... i50
    How to Choose Anti-inflammatory Foods | eHow
  67. December 11, 2015
    Inflammation in your body feels like an irritation or pain in a localized area that is accompanied sometimes by a loss of use or movement. Arthritis pain is one of... i51
    Cooling Inflammation: Anti-inflammatory Diet
  68. January 20, 2016

    Comments about this video:

    Why is it always the fat doctors telling me to eat eggs and butter and the thin doctors telling me not to.
    Contradictory, though when you consider that when Japanese adopt many on the west customs, like for example consuming more red meat, and sugar...the stats say...they 'catch up' with us in terms of diabetes and heart problems. So much for tofu and green tea, eh. Bummer..
    Shoot- I have been doing so well running up mountains as a high fruit, high fruit juice consuming vegan mo fo...but the good doc says that is bad so I guess I should start eating eggs, (fucking hens periods), so I can be in tip top health then hopefully one day I can look like a sickly, overweight chump like him..
    16:40 Just watch the difference between The Price is Right in the 1970s compared to today. There are fewer fatties on camera in the 1970s 19:40 I find my magnets are anti-inflammatory..
    he says Don't eat sugars but do eat eggs... Mmm! also eat olive oil which is an a huge caloric load in our diets!!!!.
    +O. Bury It's not- Look how unhealthy he is mystery solved. I drink juice every day happy healthy vegan. Wouldn't touch an egg ever. This guy is whack!. ummmmm. You are fat and unhealthy. Why would I take your advice on diet and health! I am not fat shaming, but doctors that know their shit know that vegan is the only way to go.. Been so busy with the kids lately that never able to find deals like this. Clever idea whoever came up with it!. Check out it on this websitr Real Food: The Best Diet. I really think that anyone who speaks as a n expert in nutrition should state their - weight, age, cholesterol numbers, blood pressure and any miladies they are currently taking medications for. Maple syrup, Lard, Eggs...I don't think so..
    +William Gabbert I don't think he's advocating for use of lard, but that wd be the way to go if yiou just had to have a piece of pie for your birthday. Better for you than Crisco. Real maple syrup isn't a dietary staple, either. I use 2Tbsp to replace the cup and a half of sugar called for when I make pumpkin pie for the holidays. REAL maple syrup is full of minerals, trace minerals and lots of good things Eggs, well ingesting cholesterol is not what forms cholesterol in our blood vessels...It's back to the balance btwn omegas 6+3. Eggs are no longer considered the villain.
    The doctor says that vegetable oils are bad for us because of the high unstable polysaturated fat. My question is: what about coconut oil. It is over 95% saturated fat. It seems to have as much percentage saturated fat as butter and butter is supposedly heart healthy..
    STAY AWAY from Gluten (Anti Nutrient), Sodium Nitrate (Nitrosamines), BBQ meat (Carcinogens), GMO products, & Fried Foods (Acrylamide)!!!!.
    Or you can eat as much sugar as you want through fruit... And not eat proccessed food in general Or is that too simple. +Stacey Kersting the fruit sugar is good for you as it carries glucose to your brain, and your brain doesn't send signals to your body to store fat..
    We have Japanese colleagues and they sometimes bring candies (from their country) when they visit. I always notice the Asian context and, use of sugar - judicious and wayyyy less than in the US. My foreign friends never fail to notice this when they eat out with us..
    +Cynthia Hawkins I got a Japanese candy of some sort and it had over 50g of sugar per serving. Japanese stuff can be very very sugary. Perhaps it's an occasional indulgence there.. Good Grief Pin Head People! LISTEN to what the man says! Does it matter what he looks like! Grow Up!. This was a wonderful lecture with your summary of so much important research. Every school child should be informed about what you have been saying. In Germany previously, real fruit juice was sold in 1-liter bottles. Now the cheaper brands are 2 1/2 liter bottles, which are chiefly sugar and coloring. Children apparently feel a necessity to have a bottle of this sugar solution in the vicinity. Obesity is also becoming a serious health problem. Tell us more about inflammation in future lectures.. I haven't seen 2,5 Liter boxes of juice in Germany. Maybe because I rarely drink it and if I do I make it myself....
    i liked the speech.. until he sugested a soda tax. why is everydoby who has an agenda trying to force it on everyone dafuq people if you think you are right (i think he is) go ahead and convince other people.. dont try and force everyone to do what you think they're supposed to.. you're not in fucking north korea dammit.
    Does Andrew Weil work with young adults pursuing natural and alternative medicine practices I've admired and followed him for many years, and would love more information if it's possible. Fantastic lecture!. People in the 1930s, 40s, and 50s were also much more active in daily life. Walking and physical work was the way of life.. +allencrider Yes, and more ppl grew food in their own back yards. When you were hungry btwn meals, your mom gave you an apple, not a ride to 7/11. +Stacey Kersting and a side dish wasn't noodle-roni all greased up w/ margarine: It was salad or cooked vegies, often from the yard. Out of 323 people who voted on this video (as of Sept. 13, 2014), only 9 voters seemed aware or suspicious of a fat speaker advising others how to eat, particularly to avoid becoming fat (like himself). The speaker erroneously believes (21:07), "The Mediterranean diet emphasizes olive oil". This is the recent on the westized version of the original "Mediterranean diet". The traditional Mediterranean diet has never been as healthy as the Okinawan diet, which is not perfect, either. These efforts have been played out. What 'High glycemic load (raw) fruits' does he allude to at 22:00 There are NONE! Why caution against the most biochemically compatible food, which is digested most effectively for biological frugivores such as humans.
    +Chrisisms you rock. Want to know you - love your obvious love of the truth and cutting through the mis and dis information that is so rampant today - repeating the same speculation and opinion - all during other 'news' programs - let's them become thought of as facts based on nothing other than mass media repetition! Thanks for being direct and on point - bravo. Cheers!.
    +Gittl G. What may be the reasonable and healthy route to take, is to make small inroads into a healthier diet. Say. a person has been drinking 64 oz/day of soda and a big package of cookies plus a quart of ice cream. It wdn't be reasonable for him to stop all sugar and eat tons of kale. Say the person cd reduce the sugar somewhat, with smaller portions of these and add more water, a piece of fruit, maybe a fruit-based dessert. That wd be a tremendous inroad FOR THAT PERSON! So, start from where you are. Make small changes regularly. Try a new food once a week or twice a month. I bet you will feel more energetic almost right away!. Yes, sugar makes us fat. That is why you, doctor, are overweight while all us fruitarians are lean. Nailed it..
    He's got a nice beard, but he's also got a nice gut. I'm sure he's a sweet guy with good intentions, but he's not winning me over with that body weight. That's not to say he doesn't have some valuable advice, but a simple high-carb vegan diet is the way to optimal heath. I'd much rather look like Campbell, Esselstyn, McDougall, or Greger when I'm in my 50s. Personal preference perhaps. Any doctor still recommending fish oil might as well be recommending snake oil.

    Hey guys, On the first day alone, I lost 2 lbs (around 1 kilogram). The next day, I lost a massive 3 lbs! By the end of the first week I had lost around 10 lbs (4.5 kilograms)! That was much more than I had anticipated…. VISIT => or “please view reply below”.
    This circumcised punk doesn't know what he's talking about. Why listen to a circumcised fat baldy on how to be healthy Do you want to look like him. hi Dr, i think you are not accurate, about fruit juices, you said orange juice, but thats not the only juices you find on earth. first it has to be freshly juiced, and two you have to know how to combine, to get the most of it. three fresh fruit juice super is easily digested than industrial super. Thanks.. Absolute agreement. I shared on FB because I'd like all my friends to watch and think about the information presented. Thank you Dr Weil!. As specialist, I believe Fenoboci Diet Plan is good way to lost tons of weight. Why don't you give it a chance maybe it will work for you too. .
    A fat man telling us how to eat...kind of silly. I would look at Drs. Fuhrmann, Ornish, Barnard, McDoughall, Gregor, Esselstyn and so many other plant based docs that are lean and healthy..

    I would like to know your thoughts regarding pure Stevia, such as the Sweet Leaf products...which has 0 glycemic index.; and also your thoughts about the new promoted brand of Stevia in major groceries known as Truvia. .

    2 Joe Gorman, Yes, it is...high caloric content with little or no nutrients. To me, that's junk. And just in case heart disease (the #1 killer of American men AND women) concerns you, please check out Dr. Caldwell Esselstyn's youtube video "No Oil"...he gives scientific proof of what happens to our arteries when we "pour it on." just a gentle suggestion! .
    Love this video, great points not only on sugar but the daily intake of certain fats, processed foods and more! Thank you Dr. Weil!. Enjoyed the video...just back from a trip to much tastier their fruits and veggies are!...we think lack of micro-nutrients is the reason why our foods are so bland!.
    Good stuff, doc. FWIW, thanks to following a lot of your dietary advice I've got my A1c down to 5.6 - my doctor is now asking me for recipes. Thanks again..

    The sugar is mostly accompanied by fat in the products / foods consumed reflected in this chart. We all know that obesity isn't caused by eating an abundance of whole fruits. To say that sugar causes obesity when most if not all of it is from chemically created soft drinks or donuts or chocolate is to miss the point. Don't avoid sugar, avoid fat. Eat whole foods. .
    Two suggestions, stop eating garbage and just eat dirt...that would be better than the junk you shove down your pie hole.... Andrew neil is talking about why people is fat because they eat more calories and sugar however he is fat himself, he seems like a nice guy but he really doesn't seem to be practicing what he preaches. . He is not a fat guy, go check his website or watch recent vidoes with him not behind a podium. He is not fat..
    Sorry to hear Dr. Weil only focus on SUGAR...refined sugar is not good but saturated and trans fats are also killing us...extracted oils are JUNK, olive oil included...there are NO nutrients in oils, only calories. Please look at Dr. Michal Greger's youtube video "Uprooting the Leading Causes of Death"...complete with citations and peer reviews. .
    +jbmop again, the more studies you read the easier you will understand why the debate regarding whether animal products is harmful or not still going on. One thing I definitely agree with Michael Greger is that processed meat is not healthy for obvious reasons, but for fresh high quality animal products the story could be different. In fact, many studies are observational ones, again, correlation doesn't equal to causation. Since there are different factors contributing to the pathogenesis of different chronic illnesses and it is so hard to isolate one single food, say beef, from a normal person's diet and examine whether it is the actual direct causation in a study. It's not surprised to see some studies even said ruminant trans fat can be beneficial to health. Moreover, grain fed and grass fed meats do have some differences between them. No all meats are equal and different cooking methods will yeidl different results as well. One study which took the limelight of news headlines recently is the research being done on Neu5Gc sugar. Many so called health "experts" popped out and tell people red meats causes cancer, causing some people around me in real life wanting to stop eating red meat. The problem is that not many people actually read the paper and examine the content. First the study is done on mouse, secondly the dosage is they feed the mouse was 250 micro grams, which is 7-40 times higher than the amount of Neu5Gc in pork (7-40) and lamb (14), a person will have to have a diet entirely composed of the highest Neu5Gc content beef in order to mimic a similar diet in this study. (beef Neu5Gc ranging from 25-231). is this realistic It does provide some insight for further researches but not much realistic enough to conclude that red meat is the cause of cancer. What's interesting here is that Neu5Gc could trigger immue responses and cause inflammation, which then aggravate the growth of cancer. The problem is that there are so many causes for chronic inflammation. Even the author of the paper said Neu5Gc act as a catalyst but NOT the cause of the cancer, also proving red meat causing cancer is very DIFFICULT. Now guess what some media put their focus on their headlines and what some so called health experts came out to tell people BS! That's why I said never rely on few people's intrepretations before making judgements, especially those who avocates certain diets or lifestyle. ie. health experts... Just look at centenarians or super-centenarians, many of them aren't vegan. some of them love meats. LOL... Probably a healthy and balanced lifestyle is more important than avoid fresh meats if you want longivity..
    I agree. What do you hunger for when you have not eaten in 5 hours Mostly decent food. Eat that! What do you really consider decent food What you most want when you are really hungry. For me it's a home cooked meal that includes meat, a potato, a vegetable, a salad..
    It's a joke that this fat, bald guy is advising others about diet. Talk about a credibility gap!.
    I listened to him while I was working, what I heard so far is avoid excessive sugar, eat butter not margarine, a low omega 6/3 ratio to decrease chronic inflammation, eat more eggs including egg yorks, eat whole food, olive oil is anti- inflammatory good oil. Well, he is right!!!! more people should watch this video. There are so many MDs got these facts wrong... full of fallacious craps on the internet!.

    To me he appears overweight too, but it's probably fine with him. You don't have to be thin or "ideal weight" to be healthy, and not all fat mass is the same. And as others mentioned, his body type probably supports a larger appearance. We don't have access to his blood work and vitals so we cannot judge his health based merely on seeing him fully-clothed in a youtube video. And even if he were extremely unhealthy, that wouldn't make him wrong about what he teaches (although he could be wrong.) His credibility depends more on the quality of his information sources and evidence, not on whether he lives according to how he preaches..
    This guy is full of shit. Literally! He has a beer gut and he needs to take a shit. Oh, and another thing. Doctors are stupid!.

    Juvenile Rheumatoid Arthritis-Medications - WebMD
  69. December 1, 2015
    Natural anti-inflammatory supplements are a healthy alternative to pharmaceutical drugs. Traditional drugs as we know have adverse side effects and are harmful in one... i53
    How to Choose Anti-inflammatory Foods | eHow
  70. November 22, 2015

    Comments about this video:
    04mscentrum Ok green tea and blueberries, Check...but jeez...This vIdeo takes forever...Don't need TO SPELL OUT THE ITEM AND THEN WRITE IT AND THEN SHOW IT..

    Cooling Inflammation: Anti-inflammatory Diet
  71. November 24, 2015

    Comments about this video:
    Salmon is NOT healthy! Even wild salmon. The best sources of omega 3s are flax, chia seeds and walnuts. I do understand there can be many, many reasons for joint pain but I stopped drinking coffee and 2 days after... pain-free.. Love salmon but I prefer smoked salmon, garlic and onion are also anti inflammatory foods which I love. As for kelp right now I take bladderwrack leaf tablets instead which they say is a form of kelp. I also drink water from a copper vessel every day when possible. They say copper has anti inflammatory properties. . we have superspeciality to treat arthritis. Ayurveda has a cure for arthritis. We are the pioneers in ayurveda settled in India providing arthritis treatment to the whole world for last 15 years. we provide non steroidal ayurvedic drugs which helps in alleviating pain in arthritis. This medicine is 100% herbal, clinically researched & documented in over thousands of patients till now. call us for more details at +91 9815617567 or email us at dr.shridhar2 this diet and your cancer risk will drop a lot u will live a lot longer and healthier. in practice u would eat as much fruit and greens as possible and if u can't afford it, u would eat a lot of cooked whole glutenfree starches like rice or potatoes. so look for cheap ripe good fruit and stack up on starches.. there are farmers who don't use rsbt or will even quarantine an animal if they (in need to cases) use antibiotics decide there's no other option. you can be on an omnivore diet and avoid pesticides, uranium, hormones, etc..
    no animal products should ever be in this list. look the inuit eating mainly meat and dying with osteoporosis before 40. meat, diary and eggs are the main reasons we're sick in this age. raw ripe fruits and greens will be the best alkalizers for the body, simple as that..

    the problem is not in the meat or animal product the problem is animals are injected and given antibiotic and other un natural product that causing us to get sick... even fruits and veggies are introduce to a chemicals that can harm the body.. even the high priced organic fruits and veggies are not 100% organic.. basically if the seed is chemically engineered and then grow is natural soil considered to be organic. their claim is no chemical is added to the soil that is why we get sick..if.

    ..if we go back 100 years people lived healthier and longer and still eat meat and animal product...
    If you can afford a decent quality fish oil tablet you'll probably be better off just taking that.. 2 valmaples: thank you! why spend loads of cash in medicines when nature provides with almost all we need :). Am I the only "like" Come on,this is a VERY good list...all of these foods will HELP your health!!! ! . salmon won't alkalize i.e. act antiinflamatory in any way in the body. and the list is pretty much crap. if u wanna get healthy as cheap as possible, a low fat (10 percent) vegan whole foods diet high in carbohydrates will do wonders for u. look at the work of neal barnard, dr. esselstyn, t. colin campbell and douglas graham. a low fat vegan whole foods diet heals their patients form obesity, diabetes type 2, heart attack risks and is cancer preventive. as u won't have any heart risk chance on. Wow, I really dislike when people claim to know all the facts. They read a book such as The China Study and bam that more animal protein. Look at real statistics- vegans do not live longer than the rest of the population. Another stat you might be interested in is children raised on vegan diets inevitably have a lower IQ- fact! Dietary recommendations are the best science can tell us for now but may be wrong tomorrow. Remember when Sugar was good and Fat was bad Real food!.

    Juvenile Rheumatoid Arthritis-Medications - WebMD
  72. November 12, 2015

    Comments about this video:

    As a Nutritional Therapist and distributor of the most potent medicinal mushroom and herbal extracts on the planet...For sure Ling Zhi as well as Lion's Mane Tremella Cordyceps help asthmatic symptoms greatly!.
    Hi Dr.Greger. Will you be looking into the benefits of Ling Chi or,Turkey tail mushroom They apperently according to the hundreds of studies, have adaptogenic properties, and an immune modulation type property.. Hi everyone! Very cool video, Thanks! Have you heard the rumors about this mind blowing product at "Brendt Miracle Arthritis Cure" website (do a search on google) My boyfriend got extraordinary results and got rid of their arthritis outbreaks overnight!. +Daily Vegan Vlogs I offer pharmaceutical grade medicinal mushrooms extracts... The highest potency on the planet form the leader of extraction since the 1950's in the east. These extracts are healing people all around me and myself.. would you see more or less benefits from eating mushrooms raw in smoothies etc (as prefer to eat raw where possible) Thanks in advanced if anyone can offer advice :). I've read that Tumeric...mixed with a little black pepper does wonders. Alternative treatments use this as a drink 3x's a day!.
    Great info. I firmly believe in Paul Stamets approach in taking mushrooms even in your supplements daily..

    Yet another reason to NOT simply eat raw, but where cooking is important. remember, mushrooms-MUST be cooked first and not eaten raw due to the agaratine content! See Toxins in Raw Mushrooms at /watchv=10ildN-vCfc.

    A mushroom walks into a bar. The bartender tells him he has to leave. The mushroom says, "Why I'm a fun guy!".
    A product called Purple mushroom extract healed my crohns for a good year, I was eating anything I wanted to. Another time when I didnt know anything about mushrooms I was eating the white button ones everyday because I liked the taste and I had no signs of crohns..
    This is great, I love white button and cremini mushrooms. They are great for soups, sandwiches, stirfrys and other dishes. So good and versatile..
    Raw mushrooms, even the edible ones, contains toxins which should be cooked out... a lot of plant-foods should be cooked for this reason. .
    It's interesting that mushrooms are definitely something that are seem to be not as much talked about. Thanks for this bit of enlightening info :).

    80p per kg is pretty good value. I pay 6€ / kg in germany but that's organic brown ones. 7€ gets you organic oyster. where do you work.
    Hi Greger, Thanks for enlightenment on this topic. I have trouble understanding the RQ(fold) / mushroom types. Is higher value better I assume the other way but better to ask then get wrong assumptions. ::Beep.
    no! i DO not mean just white button mushrooms. I mean that agaratine content varies between individual mushrooms & across species around the world! According to sources, it is found in high concentrations (>1000mg/kg) "in fresh samples of at least 24 species of the genera Agaricus, Leucoagaricus, & Macrolepiota."...NOT just in ONE variety! Thus unless you know for sure, i would err on the side of caution! That is what I mean!.

    You mean white button mushrooms. Some other kinds don't have any at all, for instance chanterelle or bay bolete. (I had to look up common names in English!).
    The July issue of TrailRunner magazine has info about mushrooms as a neglected, but great food for endurance athletes! Additionally, and important for us VEGANS... mushrooms are a rare and good source of natural B12. Very good to know, as I've been regularly stocking shrooms since Dr. Greger's video was posted! . I can get 250g of mushrooms from work for 20p! I'm going to make this a regular occurrence in my diet..
    The trick is to saute the mushrooms in broth - perhaps along with some tomatoes too, as they both benefit from heating prior to use and ingestion..

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    How to Choose Anti-inflammatory Foods | eHow
  73. October 24, 2015

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    Cooling Inflammation: Anti-inflammatory Diet
  74. December 13, 2015

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    "I have heard the same with dark cherries. I put those in my shakes a couple times a week. I need to do them daily along with eating more dark greens. .

    Juvenile Rheumatoid Arthritis-Medications - WebMD
  75. October 29, 2015

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    How to Choose Anti-inflammatory Foods | eHow
  76. January 24, 2016

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    Cooling Inflammation: Anti-inflammatory Diet
  77. January 23, 2016

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    Juvenile Rheumatoid Arthritis-Medications - WebMD
  78. November 4, 2015

    Comments about this video:
    Is good to know what to eat but could you tell us what to avoid... too quick. need more info rachel. not enough. What food contains gluten.

    How to Choose Anti-inflammatory Foods | eHow
  79. December 19, 2015

    Comments about this video:
    These herbs may not be good for people die to the ying and yang, hot and cold part of Chinese ancient medicine, Depending on if the person os hot or cold, describing herbs as being good for people is much more than what your telling on here !!!!!!.
    Hello there! Great Video, Thanks! Have you heard the buzz about this extraordinary product at "Brendt Miracle Arthritis Cure" website (google it) My grandfather got fantastic results and got rid of their arthritis symptoms overnight! .
    I'm currently removed from my typical diet (turmeric is a major herb in my home cooking) so I'm struggling to stay healthy, forgetting what I "know," because I've not needed to know it! Thanks for this. I remember....
    Thanks for the brilliant info. Do these herbs have similar effects to higher dosages of analgesics or are they only recommended for pains that are on mild-moderate level .
    2 brofun Eggly-wegglies scrambled with butter and Mj, the breakfast of champions. Also, eating Mj with fatty foods very much enhances Dapoxetine of Thc.. 2 DarcysMartialArts Just as important as taking an anti-inflammitory is avoiding things that cause inflammation, lots of times the major culprits are in the diet.. To get your FREE eBook titled, Proven Natural Remedies for Joint Pain, Arthritis & inflammation... tinyurl(.)com(/)bfyp3aa . I'm using something called Anxiety Relief by Naturalcare, a homeopathic remedy, and it keeps my anxiety in check. also keeps my husband from getting so angry over little bothers. I also am taking the willow bark and tumeric, but on bad days those Salon Pas patches really work on pain spots, even headaches.. I use all of these herbs, as I gave up on Big Pharma seven years ago, and I am healthier for that change! (smile) There is another herb that really helps with the pain and the depression that comes from RA and that herb is Cannabis!. Ok ill try this stuff and let you know how i get on, I have inflammation in my hips from martial arts all the time. A big part of reducing inflammation is also AVOIDING things that causes it. For me some of the things that increase inflammation are: excessive repetitive strain, aged cheeses, eating red meats too often, eating too much junk oils (trans/omega 6), not eating enough omega 3, too many carbs. Eating fatty fish has to be the best thing I have tried in reducing inflammation...sardines, herring, salmon, mackeral.. Will these herbs help cure swelling & Discomfort of cricopharyngeous spasm / Globus Hystericus Please respond this has been bothering me for months now.
    I am new to using Cannabis and so far, it has helped me with anxiety, insomnia, muscle tension and I hope to see help for arthritis soon..

    Cooling Inflammation: Anti-inflammatory Diet
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    7 Anti-Inflammatory Power Foods for Arthritis | One Green...
  82. 02 April 2016. Rheumatoid Arthritis: Anti-inflammatory Diet for... ( /newly-diagnosed/diet/anti-inflammatory-diet) Certain foods may help reduce inflammation and improve systems of rheumatoid arthritis... Anti-Inflammatory Diet... M.D. created the interactive Anti-inflammatory...
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    Diet and Treatment for Arthritis - Joy Bauer
  84. April 30, 2016. Anti-inflammatory Diet & Foods: Health Benefits - WebMD ( -diet-road-to-good-health?page=3)... See more about Rheumatoid Arthritis, Anti Inflammatory Foods and Psoriatic Arthritis... foods to avoid. Juvenile Rheumatoid Arthritis do' and don't for my baby boy

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