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Videos and pictures

  1. December 18, 2015

    Comments about this video:
    Hi.. thanks for the video.. I have inflammatory arthritis. I have also undergone artho surgery on right knee.. could u pls tell.. Will this help me to get out of swelling.. ­čśö´╗┐. NICE job here! check out Nutritionfacts dot org for loads of information about turmeric and always want to ADD ground black pepper to any turmeric you eat or helps our bodies absorb the curcumin! Thanks for a great video here!´╗┐.
    +Karen Soares 1) Yes you can juice these item and it's great for you. I think grating them is even better as there's lots of nutritional benefit from consuming the fibrous portion. 2) There is some evidence turmeric during pregnancy, mainly high dose medication is a risk. So I'd recommend avoiding turmeric or if taken it should be in very small amounts. Ginger and cucumber appears fine. But you should always check with your doctor first.´╗┐.

    Where do you buy your organic turmeric and ginger do you know that you're buying the best Love your video!´╗┐.

    +Colette rclefebvre2 You can grow your own. I buy from an organic shop local to me here in Sydney. "Best" is subjective, I consider it more important to just consume it.´╗┐.
    Hi, thanks so much for the information! Can you please identify that grater you sue I've never seen one like it, but want to get one! ´╗┐. +Christopher M It's called an "oroshigane" Japanese grater, however there are also now microplane graters that are also excellent. Thank you for sharing the video and the channel. Hope you get one :)´╗┐.
    +talktowinta Sure you can strain it, although for best result consume the lot as the bits you are straining out have the most active components in them.´╗┐.

    The Best Natural Anti-Inflammatory Supplements...
  2. December 20, 2015
    Certain dietary selections may have an anti-inflammatory effect and help decrease arthritis symptoms. i1
    Too much tea raises the risk of rheumatoid arthritis: Study
  3. December 9, 2015
    Rheumatoid arthritis is a chronic, autoimmune, inflammatory type of arthritis. Essential information about the disease is presented by a longtime rheumatoid arthritis... i2
    Erosive arthritis | definition of erosive arthritis by...
  4. December 14, 2015
    Anti-Inflammatory Ginger Turmeric Tea Recipe. For 1 cup of water use 1 teaspoon each of fresh grated turmeric and ginger roots. If you use ground turmeric and ginger... i3
    Foods That Fight Inflammation | Anti Inflammatory Foods...
  5. December 15, 2015

    Comments about this video:

    Ginger is an excellent all natural anti-inflammatory pain reliever that helps the body get rid of arthritis. #vegan #herbs ´╗┐.
    LOL, ok. Can I be honest with you I am lazy and can't stand peeling the darn thing. I do use a vegetable peeler if I choose to take the skin off. I just feel that the nutrients are gone when you do that. I can drink a gallon of it a day either hot or cold. ´╗┐. Great job. I make it by a knob of it in the blender with some warm water and put it in the tea pot. It is a good weight loss aid too. ´╗┐.

    Natural Anti- Inflammatory Foods and Supplements That Help...
  6. December 16, 2015
    A number of previous studies report that compounds in green tea, most notably epigallocatechin-3-gallate (EGCG), exert cancer preventative effects. i5
    Turmeric and 7 Other Anti-Inflammatory Spices for Arthritis
  7. December 19, 2015
    History of anti-TNF treatments. Early experiments associated TNF with the pathogenesis of bacterial sepsis. Thus, the first preclinical studies using anti-TNF... i6
    Rheumatoid Arthritis - Arthritis and Joint Conditions
  8. December 11, 2015
    Nutritional Supplements, Alternative Treatments & Natural Remedies, Conventional Treatments & Medications Natural Anti-Inflammatories for Rheumatoid Arthritis i7
    Anti-Inflammatory Diet May Help Arthritis
  9. December 7, 2015

    Comments about this video:

    TNF inhibitor - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
  10. December 8, 2015
    Learn about the foods that may help ease pain and inflammation and slow disease activity for your specific type of arthritis. i9
    Anti-Inflammatory Turmeric Tea - Autoimmune Paleo
  11. December 12, 2015
    Read about home remedies for arthritis and natural arthritis treatments. Also read how to cure arthritis naturally with proven home remedies. i10
    Tea Benefits | Best Foods for Arthritis | Arthritis Diet
  12. December 10, 2015
    History of anti-TNF treatments. Early experiments associated TNF with the pathogenesis of bacterial sepsis. Thus, the first preclinical studies using anti-TNF... i11
    Turmeric and 7 Other Anti-Inflammatory Spices for Arthritis
  13. December 6, 2015

    Comments about this video:
    Mostly I discount Dr. Weil and his medical advice, but he is "Right ON" with his advice about ginger and turmeric!´╗┐.
    DESTROY inflimation. This is what I do. I missed two days in a row and Im paying for it. 1 glass of warm water with 1Tsp turmeric+ 1tsp Arm and hammer baking soda. (NOT BAKING POWDER) Mixed in the water. 20'000 IU of Vitamin D3. 1'000 MG of Fish Oil. + a good magnesium and Zink Supp. That combination is AMAZING for ending inflimation. Of ANY kind. I think ill be adding ginger to the mix now.´╗┐.

    Ok, I just checked out that webpage and found the device they use. I could buy 41 years worth of bicarb for the price of that machine. Really $4,980.00 for a water alkalizer when I can make a glass of PH water for less than half of a cent Who the hell can afford something like that I make $11 an hour. Thats like almost half the value of my brand new car. Just look Talk about capitalizing on people needs. All you need is Baking Soda(Sodium Bicarbonate)´╗┐.
    I am drinking water kefir each morning for the probiotics it contains. I have just read that turmeric tea (and turmeric in general) is an antibiotic. My understanding of antibiotics (pharmaceutical) is that they kill both good and bad bacteria in the digestive tract, as well as everywhere else. The reason I have been consuming kefir is to replenish those "good" gut bacteria destroyed by previous antibiotics I have taken. Is consuming turmeric working against that intention´╗┐. +Paul Massey That makes sense. Women are prone to developing yeast infections after completing a course of some antibiotics.´╗┐.
    What a Great informative video.There's been studies that say Turmeric reduces beta amyloid plaque buildup ,which is one of the main causes of Alzheimer's disease.Let's hope more research is put into this.´╗┐.
    I make smoothies every day containing ginger and turmeric...that's a good way of getting your daily dose if you're not keen on the taste in large quantities.´╗┐.
    All of your videos are wonderful, but this one on the anti-inflammatory effects of ginger and turmeric was especially good. Once a week we eat an Egyptian soup made with Swiss chard from our big vegetable garden, slowly cooked for 20 minutes with a handful of rice. At the end, Turkish yoghurt and a tablespoon of turmeric complete the recipe. This light soup tastes wonderful and is probably anti-inflammatory.´╗┐.
    well, real coffee with a little milk and BROWN sugar not white sugar. its very bad, but brown sugar is less bad. 2 bad honey with coffee does not match...´╗┐. Does ginger tea only have effect on stomach and bowel Its the only I have notice so far when I drink it.´╗┐.
    I'm into lentils, and I'll try adding the turmeric. Really helpful video. I'm a "Weilpreet" person.´╗┐.
    Not that long ago if you were caught eating a pomegranate in many parts of the US people would call you a "camel jockey" and stuff like that... Now look, it's become one of the hottest "trendy" foods in the country. Not to be outdone though, Uncle Sam made sure to put his "touch" on this one too as like 90% of the so called "pomegranate" products you get here either barely have any pomegranate in them or just quite simply haven't persevered any of the benefits of the actual fruit in the the finished product. Hemp seed + Dark chocolate + Pomegranate. Try it.´╗┐. I make a strong ginger tea every morning before work and at night I have it to but I mix pure peppermint oil in it like 3 drops, I want try the turmeric but haven't sceen it and I don't want the powder I want it in root form I also eat 2 table spoons of pine nuts everyday and a tea spoon of sesame oil every other day´╗┐. If anyone doubts the use of adding ginger and/or tumeric to their diet, IT WORKS! The box of oral and topical medications I've used in the past few years has increased to BOXES. I went on a retreat several weeks ago where they left ginger out for you to use in tea and water and ginger was used in various ways like ginger elixer drinks and honestly, it changed my life. Several skin conditions are almost completely gone. It's improved problems I have with joint pain and I don't know why or how it works but it's even helped with digestive problems. ´╗┐.
    How much would be too much turmeric We usually add it to stir frys and we make a drink with it and some other spices in coconut milk at night so we probably get about 2 -4 teaspoons per day´╗┐.

    Turmeric has been eaten in copious amounts in India for thousands of years with no detrimental effects. It has also been studied in laboratory, double-blind placebo, scientific testing in the thousands of units (far more than it would be possible to consume). There is no toxicity to turmeric. Get as much as you can.´╗┐.

    I normally wake up with a blend of greens, a few spoons of sprouts and half spoon turmeric and it gives me tons of energy..´╗┐.

    A lot of Thai curry has turmeric too. Great info Dr. Weil! I have inflamed hip and I will need to take more ginger (capsules). ´╗┐.
    Thanx for the video. I make this milky tea b4 bed. Warm almond milk, ginger, tumeric & cinnamon. Add honey if you need it sweetened, but I don't add any.´╗┐. I started this but found out India a country who uses this on a regular, bases has a very high cancer rate google it. And why do you weigh so much if you have courses on healthy eating I am confused´╗┐. Snake oil The Big Pharmaceutical companies love individuals like you. Shove their snake oil (poison) into your body and see how far that gets you. Don't take his or anyone's word at face value. Do your own research.´╗┐.
    follow the manjula's kitchen recipes on you tube. she's very unpretentious and very easy to follow. i've become quite a good indian cook and have a very good feel for cooking indian without even following the recipes anymore. turmeric and ginger are in most of her dishes. she's all veg, lacto-uovo, btw. she's a jain. they don't kill.´╗┐.
    I would like to apologize, I googled the wrong site and now since I really took my time researching the world I now know for a fact India has a very low cancer rate. I had started turmeric about a couple of weeks ago because I do believe in it. I take one tea spoon and mix with warm water and stir and stir, it is easy to get down and I now have acquired a taste for it. This is the only way I like it in warm water, how much should I have everyday, 2 teaspoons a day Please let me know I also have now sprinkled it on my dogs food. I was feeding them quite a bit of hamburger stew, every day a mastiff and a chiwawa, but noticed a few bumps coming out on both so I now make chicken their main ingredient with raw veg's and brown rice and apples. thanks for the information and once again I am sorry about the stupid comment I made earlier, one has to be careful what they read online. Now I know the facts´╗┐. I recently came across a recipe for turmeric tea. Mix a spoon of turmeric with a spoon of ginger and add black pepper and warm water.´╗┐.
    I wholeheartedly put my faith in plants before the medications that my doctor tried to shove down my throat for my Crohn's. The side effects of these herbs and spices are minimal (if any) compared to the very concerning side effects that come along with Sulphasalazine, Prednisone, Azathioprine, etc... Since I've been making ginger tea, taking Turmeric supplements, and eating Coconut Oil my symptoms have almost disappeared completely. I know that self-medicating isn't advised, but their man-made meds were not doing anything at all for my constant small bowel obstructions and other symptoms. I'll take my chances with Nature. Thank you very much for this great info. Subbed.´╗┐.

    +Chris AA I have no trouble finding King's Kim-Chi in my local grocery store. But fermented foods are sooo easy, why not make your own There are tons of videos showing how to culture foods from scratch. You can also follow Donna Gates of Body Ecology fame. Her company sells starters if you fear getting the right mix or need further direction. My own favorite recipe involves Jicama, granny smith apples, carrot, celery and ginger blended into the brine. Yumm!´╗┐.

    Add black pepper with turmeric as it make turmeric 1000 times more potent. I eat soup at least 3 times a week and add my healthy spices to every bowl in about equal quantities except garlic and turmeric. Can't really taste them too much Turmeric Black Pepper Extra Virgin Olive Oil Basil Parsley Oregano Ginger Garlic Celery Seeds Cinnamon Cayenne Pepper Paprika Rosemary Powered Pysillium Fiber tab of butter to keep them all from sticking to the side of the soup bowl. I'm 58, 5'-10", weight 178 pounds (18 pounds over my normal 160). My BP is 100/60, Heart rate is 65, my glucose is 85 to 95, my cholesterol is 205 with bad at 85 and good at 40. Not sure if these healthy spices helped as two months ago I had a heart attack with one artery completely blocked and needed a stent. Luckily I was in the hospital at the time. My cardiologist said my heart was in great shape afterwards, so maybe they did help me survive as well as I did. I was out the hospital 2 days later.´╗┐.
    What are medical opinions for adding GINGER/TURMERIC to a patient's diet that is already diagnosed with severe FARINGITIS and under medical doctor's care taking anti-biotics, IV, and pain killer © +ARQUITECTOSTAR Saturday, April 12th MMXIV´╗┐.
    I posted because many people reading this will never have heard of turmeric before. Surely it's better that they learn the correct spelling from the beginning There was no intention to judge or carp. However the incorrect spelling was being replicated so I posted the correct one. Surely the whole point of these youtube videos is to inform and educate I've learned tons of stuff I had no idea about previously, and don't feel patronised by it.´╗┐.
    I follow Dr. Weil's on Twitter. Also, this video is featured on my Google Blog entitled "Our Daily Bread Herbal Remedy-Turmeric the herb Curry Powder comes from". Thanks, Dr. W for enhancing my blog and providing such healthful information for the public. Check out all my herbal blogs by doing a Google search.´╗┐. I add tumeric to homemade chicken broth...oddly enough that idea came from the Pioneer Woman whose recipes are not what you'd call "Anti-Inflammatory"...It makes the soup a brighter yellow which is nice. Tumeric root is also available at Wholefoods in the produce section. It blends nicely in smoothies as it is sweeter than the earthier tasting powder form! ´╗┐.
    I eat large chunks of fresh ginger multiple times a day, as if it was an apple. Amazing medicinal herb. When I first started eating it it was quite intense for sure, but you get used to it :)´╗┐.

    Sprinkle 1 teaspoon of tumeric over salad and add apple cider vinegar dressing easiest way to get tumeric into diet.´╗┐.

    I love this guy. I have followed his ideas since 1992. He has ideas... i mean.. ulcers.. eat red peppers... odd but works. ´╗┐.

    Try to mix a 1/2 ltr hot tea with 4 teaspoons of ginger and 4 tsp of cinnamon, and 2 tsp of the turmeric (curcuma) this mixed with 10dl milk and sugar as you like... very tasty and it seems to be reducing my stomach problems.. ´╗┐.
    I would suggest start small if your not familiar with turmeric/curry products, then slowly increase intake if no problems, or upsets occur. As always, moderation is key. ´╗┐. Awesome as always Doctor Weil!!!! I add turmeric to my (canned) salmon salad ALONG with ground black pepper!!! Adding the black pepper means you are adding piperine, which helps the Dapoxetine of turmeric's antioxidants. Tried adding turmeric to my homemade hummus...didn't really like it. But I agree that it's good with eggs and soups and stews like Doc says.´╗┐. I put turmeric and shredded ginger root in my eggs every morning! Combinations are endless. Dont forget about bromelain in pineapples which are also anti-inflammatories!´╗┐.
    My sibling suffered with acne that was severe since the lady was 15. Today she’s 36 and for the first time ever, the lady does not have cystic acne. She got word of the Acne Executioner (Google it) and this method demonstrated to her the way to rectify break-outs. She smiles more, which is brilliant to look at. ´╗┐.

    You guys should check out this EXTRAORDINARY website called MONEYGQ.COM. You can make money online and start working from home today as I am! I am making over $3,000+ per month at MONEYGQ.COM ! Visit MONEYGQ.COM and check it out! Norrisology Rule Noelind Fluffster Talk Yoffa Glomtom Nanoarrow Grip Nanoarrow Mother Nedril Adjustment Soup Hawkloon Opinion Shorogyt Trick Skizzle Silver´╗┐.

    I already told you. even i was very sad since i workout well for abs but nothing was coming. And do you know about the 7 odd foods that kill belly fat if you don't know about them you must see this. if you are serious go for it now´╗┐.

    Home Remedies for Arthritis - Treatment & Cure - Natural...
  14. December 13, 2015
    Rheumatoid arthritis (RA) a severely debilitating inflammatory disease of the joints is on the rise worldwide. It leads to severe pain, stiffness, swelling... i13
    The Best Natural Anti-Inflammatory Supplements...
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  16. November 28, 2015

    Comments about this video:

    I use the ground turmeric and ginger to make my tea. Can I boil it or does it have to be steeped and can I use the spices over again´╗┐.

    Angelica Tea Extract, Du HuoJisheng Wan Arthritis and...
  17. November 12, 2015
    Certain herbs and spices are known to have anti-inflammatory properties. Learn about the power of turmeric, ginger, cinnamon, garlic, cayenne, cloves, and more. i1
    Health effects of tea - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
  18. December 19, 2015
    For a more comprehensive treatment, see the article on Wikipedia. Green tea is made from the unfermented leaves of Camellia sinensis by quick drying, and thus has... i2
    The Arthritis Diet | Anti Inflammatory Diet | Arthritis Diet
  19. October 15, 2015
    Certain herbs and spices are known to have anti-inflammatory properties. Learn about the power of turmeric, ginger, cinnamon, garlic, cayenne, cloves, and more. i3
    Anti-Inflammatory Turmeric Tea - You're An Animal.
  20. November 15, 2015

    Comments about this video:

    Great video Reece. Great tips. Looking great by the way. Can't wait to see the rest of your video blogs. ´╗┐.
    Cool video can't wait to try the tea out ;) if you could do a stress relief concoction that would be amazeballs =]´╗┐. Any homemade remedies to help dark circles for people with darker skin Glad I can across this channel. Good useful remedies. Thank you.!´╗┐.
    Hello! what did you blend together with the cinnamon stick I couldn't understand. Thank you! lovely channel.´╗┐.
    OMG, so I followed Courtney Act to get here, and instantly after hitting play googled the address to the nearest Embassy to burn my US passport and buy a ticket on the big red kangaroo. Why is this not all over the internet These videos are AWESOME! ´╗┐.
    That's awesome you made a video on this! I used to drink this tea when I was a kid. My mother is Filipina so she gave this to us when our stomach was upset but I'll definitely have to try it with the black pepper.´╗┐.
    Was that a friends reference "Well the idea of a woman flirting with a single man, we must alert the church elders!" :) Love the recipe btw :)´╗┐. Thanks for that :) Any knock-out sleeping teas before bed would be appreciated! The stronger the better´╗┐.

    Green tea - WikiTea - Wikia
  21. January 14, 2016
    Turmeric tea helps fight inflammation naturally. Check out these 3 tea recipes. i5
    NSAIDs - Nonsteroidal Anti-inflammatory Drugs
  22. October 13, 2015
    Back when I had newly discovered my autoimmune issues and was still working out my diet, my uncle called me with an anti-inflammatory turmeric tea recipe that a... i6
    Chamomile: A herbal medicine of the past with bright future
  23. November 25, 2015
    Chamomile is one of the most ancient medicinal herbs known to mankind. It is a member of Asteraceae/Compositae family and represented by two common varieties viz. i7
    Anti-Inflammi-TEA (Turmeric Tea) - The Sprouting Seed
  24. December 5, 2015

    Comments about this video:

    Angelica Tea Extract, Du HuoJisheng Wan Arthritis and...
  25. November 20, 2015
    Certain herbs and spices are known to have anti-inflammatory properties. Learn about the power of turmeric, ginger, cinnamon, garlic, cayenne, cloves, and more. i9
    Health effects of tea - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
  26. November 6, 2015
    For a more comprehensive treatment, see the article on Wikipedia. Green tea is made from the unfermented leaves of Camellia sinensis by quick drying, and thus has... i10
    The Arthritis Diet | Anti Inflammatory Diet | Arthritis Diet
  27. November 18, 2015
    Certain herbs and spices are known to have anti-inflammatory properties. Learn about the power of turmeric, ginger, cinnamon, garlic, cayenne, cloves, and more. i11
    Anti-Inflammatory Turmeric Tea - You're An Animal.
  28. December 26, 2015

    Comments about this video:

    Nice sharing. I give puer tea talk in malaysia time square international tea expo too :) few year ago :) can we keep contact email : wongliyeekeidou2´╗┐.

    Green tea - WikiTea - Wikia
  29. January 2, 2016
    Turmeric tea helps fight inflammation naturally. Check out these 3 tea recipes. i13
    NSAIDs - Nonsteroidal Anti-inflammatory Drugs
  30. October 19, 2015
    Back when I had newly discovered my autoimmune issues and was still working out my diet, my uncle called me with an anti-inflammatory turmeric tea recipe that a... i14
    Chamomile: A herbal medicine of the past with bright future
  31. January 4, 2016
    Chamomile is one of the most ancient medicinal herbs known to mankind. It is a member of Asteraceae/Compositae family and represented by two common varieties viz. i15
    Anti-Inflammi-TEA (Turmeric Tea) - The Sprouting Seed
  32. December 17, 2015

    Comments about this video:

    Angelica Tea Extract, Du HuoJisheng Wan Arthritis and...
  33. October 31, 2015
    Certain herbs and spices are known to have anti-inflammatory properties. Learn about the power of turmeric, ginger, cinnamon, garlic, cayenne, cloves, and more. i17
    Health effects of tea - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
  34. October 17, 2015
    For a more comprehensive treatment, see the article on Wikipedia. Green tea is made from the unfermented leaves of Camellia sinensis by quick drying, and thus has... i18
    The Arthritis Diet | Anti Inflammatory Diet | Arthritis Diet
  35. November 4, 2015
    Certain herbs and spices are known to have anti-inflammatory properties. Learn about the power of turmeric, ginger, cinnamon, garlic, cayenne, cloves, and more. i19
    Anti-Inflammatory Turmeric Tea - You're An Animal.
  36. November 19, 2015

    Comments about this video:

    Your videos are so great! I already do the ginger thing but I still picked up great new tips! Thank you!´╗┐.
    Hi Barbara. I like your tips on Ginger Tea and health benefits info. This was the first time I visit your channel. I think you're very beautiful if you don't mind me saying and if you have any tips of keeping the skin and complexion that would be great. I also would like to find out if you also have any good input on pre-diabete and to help with food and remedies on people needing to control their blood sugor. Thanks!!! Tony´╗┐.
    If this goes already come in a tea bag, is it still considered healthy And in the pot you only put hot water and ginger right So no actual tea in there. So you're making a hot drink not to be confused with tea. Help me out here, I'm confused´╗┐.

    +teenerqm The combination of what she put in the pot is call tea it just in its natural form no preservative i hope this help.´╗┐.
    I LOVE. your Stage Presentation: colors item placement backdrop and. your screen wipes... keep up theGOOD work!!´╗┐. I've had a stalk of lemongrass growing in my backyard for years now. I've made tea with it today for the first time.´╗┐. we are using ginger, lemon and lemongrass most of the time here in Philippines through cooking, tea, just and more.´╗┐.
    Thank you for the simple instructions. Like it. :) Q. Do u have a remedy to help reduce a cloudy Bloch in one EYE´╗┐.
    Yes lemongrass (or Fevergrass as we call it in the Bahamas) does make a really nice tea. We drink it especially when we may be having a flu' and running a fever. I also grow lots of it as it absolutely loves the hot climate.´╗┐. Thanks for this great video!!! I was having Lemongrass, ginger & turmeric tea while watching. I planted lots of these herbs in my backyard- fresh & chem free. ´╗┐. Where can I get the sage Is that how you say it, my daughter is asthmatic for six years She is seven now´╗┐.
    Arn't all grasses edible, I've been blending lawn grass st.augustine and bahaia and other edible wild greens with my water. I've had no ill effects and increased energy. I've been doing this about 1 month´╗┐.

    Natural anti-virals will protect against viruses in general but not to a particular kind of virus such as the swine flu virus. But it boosts immunity to help protect you against viruses overall so it will be helpful, although by no means a full proof preventative or cure. I hope this helps~ Thank you for commenting~´╗┐.

    Very helpful...I dont drink coffee or tea with caffeine so this is really healthy...perfect..thank you...´╗┐.

    Thank you very much, i need to know if lemongrass (antiviral herb ) is helpful to keep us protected from swine flu ´╗┐.

    Thanks David! Thankfully I live in an ethnic neighborhood so I can get it pretty readily but for those who can't you are a good lead :) Malaysia!! How wonderful~ Never been but hope to some day... Have a great New Year! B´╗┐.

    thank you for the clear and informative video. no loud music obscuring the info, helpful and concise information!!´╗┐.
    I worked in a health food store years ago...the manager brought us Traditional Medicinal ginger tea at 4 p.m. every day... I loved it and still do...I make my own also! Great stuff..! ´╗┐. hi babara i like your video ! it's great !! you mentioned hard to find lemon grass.! i can supply you if you want! i can be reached at dvdliaw2 i am residing in Malaysia ! good luck !´╗┐. Thanks a lot. Good vdo. Here we normally boil the lemon grass together with ginger. drink with lemon juice and honey. Great as a detox. Anyway thanks and look forward for more vdos. thanks. ´╗┐.

    Green tea - WikiTea - Wikia
  37. December 13, 2015
    Turmeric tea helps fight inflammation naturally. Check out these 3 tea recipes. i21
    NSAIDs - Nonsteroidal Anti-inflammatory Drugs
  38. October 29, 2015
    Back when I had newly discovered my autoimmune issues and was still working out my diet, my uncle called me with an anti-inflammatory turmeric tea recipe that a... i22
    Chamomile: A herbal medicine of the past with bright future
  39. January 12, 2016
    Chamomile is one of the most ancient medicinal herbs known to mankind. It is a member of Asteraceae/Compositae family and represented by two common varieties viz. i23
    Anti-Inflammi-TEA (Turmeric Tea) - The Sprouting Seed
  40. December 6, 2015

    Comments about this video:

    Thank you for your video, would you say that taking Knox gelatin packets would be the same thing as the bone broth Or similar for results´╗┐.
    +Glenn Rottmann..well when my broth is cooled down, I would put it in the fridge,the fat will float up the top and hardened, then I would scoop it up and throw it way before I drink it.´╗┐. +Glenn Rottmann not the same.. There is no "packets" you can take that can replace the AWESOME power of bone broth ;) Plus broth takes good is stew... Bonus ´╗┐.
    thank you so much I deal with arthritis and the pain is very very bad I just started treating myself with natural remedies and a ginger root does Work however I'm going to try some of the other things you had on your list and because you tried to help your mom intern you're helping a lot of people thank you again very informational´╗┐.
    You recommend ginger tea - what is the best amount of ginger to use for the tea Some say a knuckle - which I think averages about 2 teaspoons... Thank you.´╗┐. Really enjoy your channel and the information you share. THANK YOU!!! Not sure if I understood that correctly. 3TBSP 3x a day Or 3 Tbsp of Cod Liver Oil a day 1 TBSP with each meal Not quite sure I got that right... also I wanted to share the way I make my bone broth. I make sure that I cut into the bones or break the bones to ensure, that the collagen will end up in the broth. I also use some carrots, celery root, quite a few onions or leeks, some aromatic herbs, hot peppers, peppercorns, fresh or dried, kafir leaves, as well as a few strands of sea weed for additional mineralization..´╗┐. You express yourself very well and you are easily understood, which is a gift and one can easily see that your whole intention is to inform fully and completely, leaving no room for wondering what i just saw and heard, Have a Blessed Day´╗┐. I have tried so many "natural" remedies for arthritis and other ills, but none of them have ever worked. Maybe some people's bodies just do not react to natural remedies. Of course, we all have to watch out for the scammers out there who claim to have an all natural pill that will cure everything. I take Meloxicam as prescribed by my doctor, and it does help with my arthritis pain. I can now get out of bed each morning without needing a fork lift. The only side effect has been leg cramping in the night (which is almost as bad as restless leg syndrome. It takes at least a half-hour to massage the leg and get the pain to subside enough to get back to sleep. Nevertheless, I will try this remedy.´╗┐. +Dwight Turner research herx heimer reaction. I still have some bad days, but find when I work harder to stay clean I have a few "bad" days then have many days that I don't have to take meds as am feeling better. Persistence often is key for our bodies.´╗┐.
    Watched this 2 parts a while ago when I had some troubles with my joints...canceled Nightshadow and gluten out of my diet and drank bone broth every day (since I had/have several digestive problems and others). Now I didn't drink bone broth for a while, didn't have any ginger for few weeks, only some cod liver oil, ate some tomatoes and paprika yesterday and today my joints are hurting, lol! Time to go back to my healthy routine and drink some ginger tea aswell...thanks for putting out this info and some natural options. All the best to you my friend!´╗┐.

    Yeah I'm trying to figure out what helps too, so I was taking fish oil and I tried taking it every 12 hours and that seemed like it was helping but I read about additives in suppliments so I wanted to get a more pure fish oil. I had some of the one my parents had but I don't think that is what helped. Now I'm just taking flaxseed oil. I might get some other suppliments but I will research first. The ginger tea sometimes helps. I was watching some videos on YouTube there is one called the secret to healing arthritis and I was thinking of looking up all the things mentioned but one of the things was hard to understand.´╗┐.

    Thank you for your wonderful videos. 1. Could you give a brand for Cod liver oil What about fermented cod liver oil 2. Also, I eliminated the grains from my diet...avoiding gluten. No pasta, no bread, no wheat, no cereals. What kind of good carbs do you recommend I eat sweet potatoes, quinoa, plantains. 3. Since I exercise, I take some protein powders. What do you think about Whey protein (non gmo, antibiotics...) from True Athlete and Meal replacement by "Garden of Life" (sprouted grains with no gluten) Would you recommend a brand Thank you for your help. I am looking forward to watching your video this ebevning at 5pm Eastern time. Best, Veronica´╗┐.
    I am glad you enjoyed! Also look into the Paleo Autoimmune diet it can greatly help you, I use it my practice. ´╗┐.
    Hi Ameer, I've started taking "Now's Beef Gelatin Capsules". Will this address arthritis too like the bone broth ´╗┐.

    Hi ameer. I have rheumatoid arthritis and was wondering if you have a type of diet I should follow. I already follow a gluten free diet but I was hoping to find a website or cookbook to help give me recipe ideas. Hopefully one that follows the guidelines you've outlined in your arthritis videos:) any help would be greatly appreciated!!!´╗┐.
    A few other things to reduce inflammation are: turmeric (curcumin), topical DMSO for pain relief (look it up and you will be amazed). One thing that I found for bones, skin, & hair is silica. It is the 2nd most abundant mineral on the planet and is best found in bamboo extract. Another source of Omega-3's for vegans can be found from algae instead of flaxseed oil. I have found that alkalizing the body also aids in reducing inflammation. Kombucha tea and apple cidar vinegar in water help too.´╗┐. Thank you so much for the videos! You have been extremely helpful, thank you..I have a question instead of cod liver oil can I take fish oil´╗┐. Amazing! thank you! Some old lady also ones recommended me the bone broth and my reaction was :"ewwwww". however gonna try it now!´╗┐. great video! just wondering though, did you mean 3 tbsp of cod liver oil after every meal or 1 tbsp after every meal (breakfast, lunch, dinner) to total 3 for the day thank you for your help! ´╗┐. Ameer does rice have gluten My gut is so inflammmed that my body hurts and has a strange smell. Can I fix this problem´╗┐. great advice !! sadly my husband died from an auto immune illness````i knew from the beginning that he should cut out milk and wheat... but he would't listen to me...´╗┐. Both together work better, but the key for arthritis is destroying the antibodies towards RA. Eliminate, gluten, diary, nightshades, and start eating an autoimmune Paleo diet. ´╗┐. Reason I say Cod liver oil is 1# it has Vitamin D with A as both of these vitamins compete with each other in your body. It is necessary to have them together to maintain balance. 2# Cod liver oil is more of a whole food than Fish oil. This all being said I highly recommend you stick with Cod liver oil :) ´╗┐. Ameer, I notice that you don't mention glucosamine and chondroitin. Do you feel those are inferior to drinking broth for arthritis or is it redundant to do both the broth and glucosamine and chondroitin´╗┐.
    thank you this is so helpful I am 18 years old and i was diagnosed with Juvenile rheumatoid arthritis when I was 6 years old and I'am always looking for information like this.´╗┐.

    I will incorporate the broth/cod liver/ ginger tea in my daily intake because i suffer from osteo-arthritis and sometimes it becomes unbearable to deal with the pain. I don't take any medication, i'd rather have the pain than pollute my body.Great info as always thank you.´╗┐.

    Angelica Tea Extract, Du HuoJisheng Wan Arthritis and...
  41. October 16, 2015
    Certain herbs and spices are known to have anti-inflammatory properties. Learn about the power of turmeric, ginger, cinnamon, garlic, cayenne, cloves, and more. i25
    Health effects of tea - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
  42. November 17, 2015
    For a more comprehensive treatment, see the article on Wikipedia. Green tea is made from the unfermented leaves of Camellia sinensis by quick drying, and thus has... i26
    The Arthritis Diet | Anti Inflammatory Diet | Arthritis Diet
  43. November 23, 2015
    Certain herbs and spices are known to have anti-inflammatory properties. Learn about the power of turmeric, ginger, cinnamon, garlic, cayenne, cloves, and more. i27
    Anti-Inflammatory Turmeric Tea - You're An Animal.
  44. January 15, 2016

    Comments about this video:

    I am in pain usually raspberries and cabbage get rid of arthritis. Lately, I have been eating these types of foods I haven't been feeling better at all. As I normally would! I don't know what's going on with my body. The only thing that has been curing me is Water. It has been so hot outside 100 degrees it could be the weather.´╗┐.

    +Doug LeeÔÇő Thanks ´╗┐my knee hurts, my wrist hurts and my side hurts. I ate blackberry's nothing happened ´╗┐.

    At last, the truth will be exposed so that YOU can Banish Your Arthritis Condition Naturally - from the comfort and privacy of your own home. go here >´╗┐.
    y ,if anyone else wants to discover best medicine for arthritis pain try Knewreck Arthritis Treatment Guide (do a search on google ) Ive heard some decent things about it and my partner got amazing success with it.´╗┐. I dont know if this works, but knewreck arthritis treatment guide is so good. Try searching inflammatory foods arthritis on google to know more.´╗┐.
    It is possible antibiotic-resistant pathogens are involved. Eat less animal products. Eat more plant-based foods including ginger, garlic, onions, turmeric, etc. If you have a leaky gut, you can develop allergies to otherwise healthy foods. ´╗┐.

    Green tea - WikiTea - Wikia
  45. December 20, 2015
    Turmeric tea helps fight inflammation naturally. Check out these 3 tea recipes. i29
    NSAIDs - Nonsteroidal Anti-inflammatory Drugs
  46. December 30, 2015
    Back when I had newly discovered my autoimmune issues and was still working out my diet, my uncle called me with an anti-inflammatory turmeric tea recipe that a... i30
    Chamomile: A herbal medicine of the past with bright future
  47. October 26, 2015
    Chamomile is one of the most ancient medicinal herbs known to mankind. It is a member of Asteraceae/Compositae family and represented by two common varieties viz. i31
    Anti-Inflammi-TEA (Turmeric Tea) - The Sprouting Seed
  48. December 25, 2015

    Comments about this video:

    +Amber Kaufman I suggest the collagen kit (sea moss, herbal vitamin C and green formula) and stop eating sweet stuff, sugar cross links the proteins in your skin and makes it lose elasticity´╗┐.
    Perfect video for people who feel limited in ability to enhance their health. Thanks for this idea- I feel empowered to boost my health. Thanks :)´╗┐. Hi Markus. Great video! Would I achieve a superior tea by pulverizing the pine needles and rosemary in my Vita-Mix, as opposed to just steeping them Thanks!!´╗┐. Hi Markus, I have read 2 of your books and also have the DVD set with Gary Tibbo. My question is will boiling the pine needles kill the living enzymes Also which of your books have the most information re hair loss thank you !!´╗┐. +The Tech Loft Clean your liver. Follow "Heal Yourself 101" ( ) and also the ALLERGIES ebook at´╗┐.
    Wow. I've lived in Sweden my entire life, pine is like the only kind of tree here, yet I didn't know this :P´╗┐.
    +Markus Rothkranz okay. thanks man. I was just wondering because I heard that some natural teas in large quantities could hurt you pretty bad. but I wasn't sure if it were this one or not. lol.´╗┐.
    Marcus thank you so much for this very informational video. I have been drinking pine needle tea for the last month or two and wonder of wonders, most of my aches and pain have disappeared. I am going to add the rosemary and licorice in my next batch of tea. I usually make a large batch, add a pack of sugar free raspberry jelatin for color and flavor, some honey or brown sugar, freeze and thaw as needed for a delicious fruity drink.´╗┐.

    Great video Markus !! I hope the pine needles you'v got wasn't Ponderosa Pine !! Because that wouldn't do any good..White,Long Leaf and Slash Pines are just perfectly fine.I figured that drinking pine needle tea its like the best energy drink ! Hand full fresh pine needles have about 400-500mg vit C.,a lots of vit. A,essential oils and flavonoids and God knows what's packed with goodies.´╗┐.

    Oh giggles!!! I love your comment with Brest cancer and Rosemary!! Thank you Sir! It boggles my mind that any natural cures or helping herbals must be hushed! Sad look at the numbers of people that die from cancer and "modern medicine Cancer treatments." Now if you are in the thick of cancer to deep to turn your health around natural may not work. But if by chance you catch it early YES!!! Natural cancer cures can work!! Have a lovely day! Love this video!! Blessings and Happy Holidays everyone! To your health!! ´╗┐.

    Thats fantastic! I always thought black licorice tasted like chemicals. I also thought there were no asian markets near me. Low and behold a giant asian market is only 3 miles away. I'll definitely try it.´╗┐.

    Markus, there's no pine trees where I live. Can you make a product for those who don't have access Would you recommend McGean's organic sulfur crystals´╗┐.

    please make sure the pine trees are in an area where they wouldnt have been exposed to contamination´╗┐.
    I just stumbled on your page today and I'm very intrigued. May I ask how much of each ingredient do you use How often do you drink it Can one make a large batch and store it I'm a yogi and I would like to share what I have found with others. I'm sure that many of my students would be interested. I know that I'm going to look for your books. Thanks!´╗┐. I just went foraging in my local park for the ingredients and steeped it up! Came out sweet to my surprise. Love the self empowerment this has brought me - thank you!´╗┐.
    and I thought I was the only weirdo putting leaves from my hedge in my tea, hell eating them raw too´╗┐.
    I noticed you pine needles you are using are longer than the ones I find in my neighborhood. Are the pine needles you are using Pinus Taeda or Pinus Strobus Does it yield the same results Or is there a certain type of Pine tree I need to look for Thanks!!!´╗┐. This is an awesome and eye-opening tea, thanks Markus! I'm stressed I can't make it :) and getting wrinkles as we speak I don't have the rosemary yet. I was thinking that even in the winter the pine trees would be out in the snow. How do you chop the licorice so perfect A food processor Tried with a knife and it's hard. I haven't seen these pots, is there any online (like i.e. Amazon) or link on your website Non-toxic glass pot sounds the best but can not find. They have them but they're vintage or used, must not make them anymore. Are there any other brands of non-toxic boiling pots, isn't aluminum toxic´╗┐.
    Once you have made tea out of it can you take the used bits and put them into a blender drink... or are they "used up" ie better to use fresh new ones in the blender´╗┐.
    +Tamara Rogers Yeah they're pretty used up. Always use fresh. That other stuffs good for compost though´╗┐.
    I live near an Asian Market. Does it matter that their stuff is not ORGANIC I've never purchased anything there because they do not carry anything organic. My entire system is very compromised and I am afraid of making things worse than they already are.´╗┐.

    You come out with the coolest and most informative info Markus!!! I can watch u all day...;) please keep these plant/ herb videos coming... I live in Boca Raton Florida- any plants here u can share about­čî┐ÔŁĄ´ŞĆ­čî┐´╗┐.
    maria, i live in the naples area in florida and came across, he has a channel on youtube also. he is located in florida and talks all about local plants you can eat. He isnt greatly intersted in the health aspect so i use his videos in conjunction with markus to get it done!´╗┐.
    Im sure the pine trees in the UK are different from what iv just seem as the pines are much shorter in length. I could,nt see in the video if the tree was the same as ours (the ones that cones fall off in the autumn) oh and pine trees are not that easy to find here also.´╗┐.

    Marcus I love you... Your so adorable­čĺÖ­č卭čĺÖ Thanks for all the information to help make our lives great­č卭čĺÖ­č却╗┐.

    Markus, I love the taste of this combination of herbs. I drink it everyday and my body even craves it. This could be addictive!´╗┐.
    Markus, a neighbor of mine recently cut down a huge pine tree but left the stump intact. It was oozing with sap. Is the sap of any nutritional value If yes, does it keep it value long after being exposed to sun, rain, etc´╗┐.
    +glider208 Yes its good for all kinds of things, particularly lung conditions, infections etc. Its listed in my "Free Food and Medicine Worldwide Edible Plant Guide"´╗┐.
    This was a brilliant & Inspiring video. Amazing time & money saving tip & great production!! ´╗┐. My favorite and easiest to make tea from is mint. My mother grows it at her place so I get the mint from her. :D ´╗┐. Thank you so much, I have been changing my ways. This will be a good start... 4/23/14 Thanks Markus, I feel better already...´╗┐.
    I do have an Asian Market about 30 minutes from where I live. By the way, goji berries are far cheaper at an asian market than they are in a health food store.´╗┐.

    I just made this tea for my husband and myself (he is down with pneumonia and I with the flu). Its amazing! AND it tastes delicious! Thank you Markus! :)´╗┐.

    i'm watching your vids all day long now, was in the bookshop in between and bought your book heal yourself and well... lets start it ! THANK YOU Markus, YOU ARE TRUELY INSPIRING !´╗┐.

    Imediately after watching this... Went for walk picked rosemary and pine needles near by...and made the tea... Thank you. ´╗┐.
    Tried just the pine needle tea today for the first time. Harvested some from a Pine tree on our property. Just remind everyone that there are three trees NOT to use; Norfolk, yew and ponderosa pine. As a first time Pine Needle Tea maker, the tea made today had a bit of a citrus aroma and a hint of citrus flavor. It gave me the impression of what a boiling tangerine peel might smell/taste like but way much more subtle. After allowing it to steep for about 35 minutes I added a tablespoon of honey (love the honey) and yum... For a healthy source of REAL vitamin C it sure tasted good. I don't think I'll be running out to the backyard every time I want a glass of tea but if you really want to boost your immune system cheap you can't beat it. ´╗┐. can anyone tell me what pine needles NOT to use I know my girlfrieds told me not to use any kind of bush that aint a pine tree which may look like pine needles but aint...can I use the ones from the Christmas tree or does it have to be the long pine needles shown´╗┐.
    +Iron Eagle 444 All pine, spruce and fir trees are edible, except for the yew tree, which isn't even a pine tree, but it looks like one. Yew trees have red berries and tiny thin flexible leaves that look like pine needles. Christmas trees are usually sprayed with pesticides´╗┐.
    "While there is tea, there is hope." ~Arthur Wing Pinero Yes. There's hope! As it has been used by Asian people as a native treatment for different diseases, like cancer, using this herb has become popular. There was one patient with a stage 4 Lymphatic Cancer who testified and recognized the efficacy of this plant. The diagnosis of his doctor way back in 2008 was that he would live for the remaining 3 months of his life, knowing that his illness is already irreversible. Hence, his chemotherapy was stopped. However, he took the extracted juice of Sabah Snake Grass planted outside his house every morning. Fortunately, he survived and his 6 tumors have had then gone. Besides this patient, there are reported more than a thousand people in Asia who have had been cured and treated by this peculiar plant. Most of them are cancer patients. But, there are also patients who suffered from other degenerative diseases, such as kidney trouble and diabetes. You can check this out by searching the Internet, using a keyword ‘benefits of Sabah Snake Grass.’" Help us reach people. Spread the word. LiveStrong Campaign. "We will live. We are strong" Show us your support. Like and share this page : ´╗┐. +Teawe Tea Yes, but licorice root has all kinds of powerful health benefits that are outlined in the video´╗┐.
    Hey markus, I have cuestion. Can I put everything in my vitamix and put the herb inside empty capsules Sorry for my english. si en vez de hacer un te o tisana, puedo poner todas las hierbas en la vitamix y molerlas, y ponerlas en capsulas veganas vacias y tomarmelas. Seria lo mismo Gracias sos un genio. y te amo´╗┐.

    +aurora tico Yes, I show how to do it here- Are you signed up to the newsletter there are all kinds of helpful videos and articles´╗┐.

    Hi Markus, how should we drink the tea, can it be drank 3 too 4 times a day and for how long. Why does my tea has a redish color and your looks sort of yellowish. I made a big pot, enough for a few days and have been re-boiling when I drink it, is this ok. I only had the pine needles and rosemary. I have not been able to get the licorice.´╗┐.
    +Esperanza Cardenas Dont reboil, make a new batch. In fact, don't boil it, heat it up to less than boiling. Putting the herbs in freezer first for 30 minutes before making tea cracks the cell walls to get more out of it´╗┐. How do you make sure that the Trees, Needles or Shrubs haven't been sprayed with Pesticides especially if they aren't in your own yard Can you test them before use to see if they have pesticides, or will any type of harming agent exist after boiling How long do you boil these leaves/needles´╗┐. Markus, what about the dried pine bark What are the benefits of that... I ground some up into powder... Can that be taken with water or make tea with it or what ´╗┐.
    Clean your liver. You couldn't exist without sulphur, depends what form you are talking about. Any kind of food allergy or allergy in general means the liver needs cleaning. Follow "Heal Yourself 101" without cheating and you'll be a new person :-)´╗┐.

    +IMMIGRATION SOLUTIONS IN GHANA Yes there are, like aloe vera, Sangre de Drago etc, but one must also stop eating and drinking things that aggravate ulcers( stress, bread, wheat, flour, sugar etc)´╗┐.

    no. Only toxic plant that looks similar is Canadian yew tree with red berries, but its not even a pine tree´╗┐.

    Markus, what kind of pine tree is that I have been drinking it and I feel great but then I just read that Ponderosa Pines are poisonous. Somewhere else, it says that they are not. Now I'm confused. Any answers´╗┐.

    +amy martinez Doesn't matter. As long as it isn't a pine tree known to have red berries, called a Yew tree, which isn't really a pine but looks like a Christmas tree. Upon close inspection, the "needles" are actually flat long thin flexible leaves. All other pines, spruce, fir etc are fine. There are misconceptions about ponderosa, hemlock trees etc, but they are fine.´╗┐.

    Angelica Tea Extract, Du HuoJisheng Wan Arthritis and...
  49. January 6, 2016
    Certain herbs and spices are known to have anti-inflammatory properties. Learn about the power of turmeric, ginger, cinnamon, garlic, cayenne, cloves, and more. i33
    Health effects of tea - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
  50. December 9, 2015
    For a more comprehensive treatment, see the article on Wikipedia. Green tea is made from the unfermented leaves of Camellia sinensis by quick drying, and thus has... i34
    The Arthritis Diet | Anti Inflammatory Diet | Arthritis Diet
  51. November 13, 2015
    Certain herbs and spices are known to have anti-inflammatory properties. Learn about the power of turmeric, ginger, cinnamon, garlic, cayenne, cloves, and more. i35
    Anti-Inflammatory Turmeric Tea - You're An Animal.
  52. December 24, 2015

    Comments about this video:
    Thank You Peter - I really appreciate your sending love and peace my way - Many Blessings to You ´╗┐.
    Hi dr. Paul I had back surgery and after 2 years I had pain ever since they saw end plate osteophyte across the end of the vertebrae basically bone spurs causing massive pain every day I take turmeric with ginger and it takes away the pain! Any other recommendation to get rid of the pain and inflammation from the bone spur.. nettle How much mg´╗┐.
    +Spytotheroot Hi- Spytotheroot - I have two fused vertebrae - and 3 totally collapsed disks and I have no pain at all any more since I changed my diet - diet is the key - and getting rid of all the animal protein is also the key - See my diet - it must be followed exactly - OK - I know that within 60 days if you follow this diet exactly you will have no pain just like me - See Link - Many Blessings to You - Dr. Haider Whole Foods Plant Based Diet See Link´╗┐. “Nettle Tea - Great for Inflammation” “Nettle is great for inflammation, gout, arthritis, soothing the GI tract, kidney stones, bleeding, lowering blood pressure, for prostate inflammation and so much more.” Dr. Paul Haider - Master Herbalist Watch and Find Out More See Link to Video ´╗┐.
    Galiano Valentin - Dandelion grass is a great green with lots of vitamins, minerals, and protein - 14% protein - and it boosts up our immune system some - plus it helps to detox our liver - but it's not a real inhibitor like some other herbs and plants.´╗┐.

    You named about every symptom I have lol. I am 54, diabetes, and lots of pain in my bones.. My shoulders, neck, back and hips are under attack from arthritis. Is this a miracle drug lol. I am still listening as I type and you are naming everything that is bothering me. I went to the doctor for pain and for $450.00 he told me I had pain. Thanks I hope this helps me some.´╗┐.

    +Gr3gg228 I also recommend my "Whole Foods/Plant Based Diet - Google "Dr Haider on Whole Foods Plant Based Diet" and it will come up - you will also read that this diet changed my life - It got at the cause of the challenges - instead of taking care of the symptoms - Many Blessings to You - Dr. Haider´╗┐.
    +Shanavas Basheer Hi-Shanavas - Contact me directly via email at drpaulhaider2 and I will be glad to help. - Many Blessings to You Shanavas´╗┐.

    Green tea - WikiTea - Wikia
  53. December 2, 2015
    Turmeric tea helps fight inflammation naturally. Check out these 3 tea recipes. i37
    NSAIDs - Nonsteroidal Anti-inflammatory Drugs
  54. November 10, 2015
    Back when I had newly discovered my autoimmune issues and was still working out my diet, my uncle called me with an anti-inflammatory turmeric tea recipe that a... i38
    Chamomile: A herbal medicine of the past with bright future
  55. October 21, 2015
    Chamomile is one of the most ancient medicinal herbs known to mankind. It is a member of Asteraceae/Compositae family and represented by two common varieties viz. i39
    Anti-Inflammi-TEA (Turmeric Tea) - The Sprouting Seed
  56. November 3, 2015

    Comments about this video:

    Angelica Tea Extract, Du HuoJisheng Wan Arthritis and...
  57. October 24, 2015
    Certain herbs and spices are known to have anti-inflammatory properties. Learn about the power of turmeric, ginger, cinnamon, garlic, cayenne, cloves, and more. i41
    Health effects of tea - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
  58. December 11, 2015
    For a more comprehensive treatment, see the article on Wikipedia. Green tea is made from the unfermented leaves of Camellia sinensis by quick drying, and thus has... i42
    The Arthritis Diet | Anti Inflammatory Diet | Arthritis Diet
  59. January 3, 2016
    Certain herbs and spices are known to have anti-inflammatory properties. Learn about the power of turmeric, ginger, cinnamon, garlic, cayenne, cloves, and more. i43
    Anti-Inflammatory Turmeric Tea - You're An Animal.
  60. December 18, 2015

    Comments about this video:
    These herbs may not be good for people die to the ying and yang, hot and cold part of Chinese ancient medicine, Depending on if the person os hot or cold, describing herbs as being good for people is much more than what your telling on here !!!!!!´╗┐. Hello there! Great Video, Thanks! Have you heard the buzz about this extraordinary product at "Brendt Miracle Arthritis Cure" website (google it) My grandfather got fantastic results and got rid of their arthritis symptoms overnight! ´╗┐. I'm currently removed from my typical diet (turmeric is a major herb in my home cooking) so I'm struggling to stay healthy, forgetting what I "know," because I've not needed to know it! Thanks for this. I remember...´╗┐.
    Thanks for the brilliant info. Do these herbs have similar effects to higher dosages of analgesics or are they only recommended for pains that are on mild-moderate level ´╗┐.

    2 brofun Eggly-wegglies scrambled with butter and Mj, the breakfast of champions. Also, eating Mj with fatty foods very much enhances Dapoxetine of Thc.´╗┐.
    2 DarcysMartialArts Just as important as taking an anti-inflammitory is avoiding things that cause inflammation, lots of times the major culprits are in the diet.´╗┐. To get your FREE eBook titled, Proven Natural Remedies for Joint Pain, Arthritis & inflammation... tinyurl(.)com(/)bfyp3aa ´╗┐. I'm using something called Anxiety Relief by Naturalcare, a homeopathic remedy, and it keeps my anxiety in check. also keeps my husband from getting so angry over little bothers. I also am taking the willow bark and tumeric, but on bad days those Salon Pas patches really work on pain spots, even headaches.´╗┐.
    I use all of these herbs, as I gave up on Big Pharma seven years ago, and I am healthier for that change! (smile) There is another herb that really helps with the pain and the depression that comes from RA and that herb is Cannabis!´╗┐.
    Ok ill try this stuff and let you know how i get on, I have inflammation in my hips from martial arts all the time´╗┐. A big part of reducing inflammation is also AVOIDING things that causes it. For me some of the things that increase inflammation are: excessive repetitive strain, aged cheeses, eating red meats too often, eating too much junk oils (trans/omega 6), not eating enough omega 3, too many carbs. Eating fatty fish has to be the best thing I have tried in reducing inflammation...sardines, herring, salmon, mackeral.´╗┐.
    Will these herbs help cure swelling & Discomfort of cricopharyngeous spasm / Globus Hystericus Please respond this has been bothering me for months now´╗┐.

    I am new to using Cannabis and so far, it has helped me with anxiety, insomnia, muscle tension and I hope to see help for arthritis soon.´╗┐.

    Green tea - WikiTea - Wikia
  61. November 30, 2015
    Turmeric tea helps fight inflammation naturally. Check out these 3 tea recipes. i45
    NSAIDs - Nonsteroidal Anti-inflammatory Drugs
  62. December 14, 2015
    Back when I had newly discovered my autoimmune issues and was still working out my diet, my uncle called me with an anti-inflammatory turmeric tea recipe that a... i46
    Chamomile: A herbal medicine of the past with bright future
  63. January 10, 2016
    Chamomile is one of the most ancient medicinal herbs known to mankind. It is a member of Asteraceae/Compositae family and represented by two common varieties viz. i47
    Anti-Inflammi-TEA (Turmeric Tea) - The Sprouting Seed
  64. October 23, 2015

    Comments about this video:
    “Allspice - A Simple Yet Powerful Herb” Everyone knows about Allspice for cooking and baking but few people know about the healing qualities of Allspice which includes: It’s great for indigestion, stomachaches, nausea, gas, menstrual cramps, sore muscles, headaches, insomnia, and stress. Allspice reduces pain, numbs toothache pain, it’s anti-fungal and antibacterial, it’s a powerful anti-inflammatory agent for arthritis, joint pain, and it’s very calming and soothing… and it’s great in tea and coffee. Dr. Paul Haider - Master Herbalist Watch and Find Out More ´╗┐.

    Angelica Tea Extract, Du HuoJisheng Wan Arthritis and...
  65. December 16, 2015
    Certain herbs and spices are known to have anti-inflammatory properties. Learn about the power of turmeric, ginger, cinnamon, garlic, cayenne, cloves, and more. i49
    Health effects of tea - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
  66. November 11, 2015
    For a more comprehensive treatment, see the article on Wikipedia. Green tea is made from the unfermented leaves of Camellia sinensis by quick drying, and thus has... i50
    The Arthritis Diet | Anti Inflammatory Diet | Arthritis Diet
  67. October 20, 2015
    Certain herbs and spices are known to have anti-inflammatory properties. Learn about the power of turmeric, ginger, cinnamon, garlic, cayenne, cloves, and more. i51
    Anti-Inflammatory Turmeric Tea - You're An Animal.
  68. October 30, 2015

    Comments about this video:

    Green tea - WikiTea - Wikia
  69. December 22, 2015
    Turmeric tea helps fight inflammation naturally. Check out these 3 tea recipes. i53
    NSAIDs - Nonsteroidal Anti-inflammatory Drugs
  70. October 25, 2015

    Comments about this video:

    Chamomile: A herbal medicine of the past with bright future
  71. October 28, 2015

    Comments about this video:

    I did this recipe this morning and then when I did it this afternoon it burned like heartburn and it made me throw up.I don't know if I did something wrong.maybe took too much In one day or something. also I don't sip it is just gulp it down because I don't like the taste´╗┐.
    +dymphna thibodeaux Yes you are not accustomed to it. It's best to start with a small amount. After a while you'll probably find you can tolerate more. Eat these raw can be even more difficult to tolerate initially. Build it up over time, although if you always have the same reaction then discontinue. Although it sounds like a tolerance issue. You can ask me anything else too.´╗┐. Hi all good things is there any other videos that you have out And if yes please give me the link. Love your advice. Thank you´╗┐.
    +Mary Hayward Lots of positive effects with baking soda, it's very alkaline. However it's important to get it aluminum free and free from contaminants.´╗┐.
    To Ruple - You can ferment your garlic rather than pickling it. Much better. Also raw fermented onions with peppercorns is my favorite snack food!´╗┐. Funny after i already made my tea for the first time with 100x the amount in my lil tea cup wonder what will happen´╗┐.
    +silvester weber See how you tolerate it. In larger amounts it can thin your blood which is fine except if you have any related medical conditions that requires blood thinning medications or other related conditions.´╗┐.
    So if i drink this if I had parasites would this eliminate parasites.. and what is the best time to drink this how long for and how many times a day Please do reply ´╗┐. A lady from my church made me this one time I had a cold. I don't thin it had ginger in it, but it had a strong garlic taste, and it was slightly salty. Anyway, it certainly took away my stuffy noes, and made me feel a lot better within an hour.´╗┐. +Queenie Grace Ulila Hi, you can drink this anytime. I'd tend to avoiding it within 2 hours of going to sleep though. I like to give my system a rest before sleep rather than working so I tend to avoid food 2 hours before sleep as well.´╗┐. i try many ways to kill parasite on my own but it does not effect, is this is effective to kill parasite thanks!´╗┐. +dymphna thibodeaux Just watch gluten grains, try to avoid bread etc. for a while, replace with sweet potato or brown rice and beans. Vegetables are the key to sorting acid issues. I would eat 2 cucumbers a day on top of everything. Also lack of water intake, also avoid coffee and caffeine like teas (except herbal).´╗┐. I have garlic tea and it does give you headaches I thinks it's detox your body that's why may b I'm wrong let me know if you find out thanks´╗┐.
    +Misslikeschips Udin Hi I can't be sure why you might be getting headaches, I don't know your case history and habits to make an educated guess. My suggestion is to back off a little and see how it goes.´╗┐.
    Thank you so much for your information.How would I prepare ginger for bronchiectasis pseudomonas And how often will I need to take it and how long of a time.You see I been dealing with this condition for about 8/7 years when to different do and all they ever gave me was antibiotics, I feel like a yo yo uu and down but still with the problem.So if there's any thing that you can suggest I will greatly appreciate it.Cindy V´╗┐. +Cindys hair studio Hi Cindy, (not medical advice) Firstly, take a holistic approach. Start with the tea and move to the raw remedy video. You should try and take it up to 3 times a day and there is no reason why you can enjoy this as there aren't any toxic effects. You must also exercise daily. Also see what else you reaction for example I would eliminate all dairy (milk products) immediately. Also the environment you live in can play a role. Feel free to message me. Thank you.´╗┐.
    +Anthony Gibson Absolute pleasure. I'm here to help. If you have any requests for video just ask, I'll be doing more. I hope you find the other videos helpful too!´╗┐.
    Hi, it is a "Japanese Grater" (search that term). It's formal name is "oroshigane". You can now buy them online, I purchased mine in Kapabashi-dori many years ago. They last a lifetime. Also there are "microplane graters" that are also very good.´╗┐. Thanks, nice video. Will try the tea soon. I eat garlic pickled in vinegar. You know, the crunchy ones! I like the taste but cannot find the benefits of garlic this way, do you know Thanks, Ru.´╗┐. I have not seen any data on this. I can say that that pickling is a process of denaturation and results in a change of nutrient, this means a reduced amount of activity and little enzymatic activity. I would recommend fresh as best though there would still be nutrition in the pickled kind.´╗┐. I chop up fresh garlic and ginger, put them in a mug and add just boiled water from the kettle, leave for a while, then drink. I think the result is about the same as this method.´╗┐.
    +All Things Good I tried grating and it was easier than I thought it would be. I noticed much more flavour too. Definitely be grating from now on. Thanks.´╗┐.

    I've successfully used a whole bulb of garlic (minced), 2 inch piece of ginger (minced), juice from a whole lemon, and 3 cups of broth with honey without any signs of mucosal irritation (although afterwords my wife complains about my breath it has done wonders to help with an infection that I've been fighting). In fact, it seemed to speed up my digestion as well! I suppose this likely varies from person to person, though.´╗┐.

    +426 SUPER BEE That's what the CDC wants you to believe. Antibiotics cause a multitude of health problems including candida buildup. My doctor had given me antibiotics for this infection and it didn't even touch it. ´╗┐.

    Anti-Inflammi-TEA (Turmeric Tea) - The Sprouting Seed
  72. December 3, 2015

    Comments about this video:

    Angelica Tea Extract, Du HuoJisheng Wan Arthritis and...
  73. December 10, 2015

    Comments about this video:
    Thanks for posting this, it is the most informative video I found on youtube. I added it to my matcha tea website, matcha green tea. co´╗┐. Buy DOCTOR KING™ Ceremonial Organic Japanese Matcha Green Tea. We sell the BEST Matcha (Top Grade (GRADE A), FIRST HARVEST Matcha) at the Lowest (Cheapest) Prices with Free UK Delivery. Our price (including postage) for 30g of Ceremonial Organic Japanese Matcha is cheaper than Teapigs Matcha, Mighty Matcha, Vitalife Matcha and DO Matcha. Switch from Teapigs Matcha to DOCTOR KING™ Matcha and save approximately £117 per year! Our Matcha is Highly Recommended by Customers! Visit AMAZON today!´╗┐.

    Health effects of tea - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
  74. November 5, 2015

    Comments about this video:
    Please read the show more section after you listen to the video. I only covered a very small portion of what this berry does, but listed many other things in my description I wrote out. I may in fact do another video on this divine healing berry, It has much research that specifically shows how it helps w cancer, and brain issues, which I did not get into the specifics on, but can if someone needs or request this. This berry is glorious for all neurological conditions, as this berry decreases inflammation within the whole body. This being wrote out though, please KNOW this berry does not play, and if you are taking some sort of pharma drug, YOU MUST check with your doctor before consuming this type of "tea" prepared in this way. Eating the berry is one thing, but steeping this tea is wildly more potent and effects will be noticed rapidly, and if your on certain prescriptions, then they are less likely to be effective, bc this berry does not play around with toxins in the body. SO PLEASE check with your doctor before you consume this potent tea if you take any drugs, and even still, start out with a low dose, as to ensure there is no severe healing reaction, bc like i typed this berry does not play around with pain and inflammation in the body. I hold this berry in very high regards, and it is very special to me and for what it has done for me personally, and I have consumed it all ways, but find the method described to be most beneficial for the pineal...Also before bottling it like I explained, you will want to obviously let it cool, I did not really say this, but I make enough for about four mason jars and this last me about a month, with only drinking 2- 4 ounces per evening. Adjust the amount of water used to your liking, but remember the less water the more potent the tea. I have made it where I bring the water up to a boil, while literally watching it, and then immediately turning it down to a simmer, this is a very effective method for unlocking the berry phytonutrients, but i did not explain this in the video, bc if it is boiled for even one minute, then it is not going to be good for the enzymes, but if you can (Literally) watch it and bring it right to a boil, then Immediately drop it down to a simmer, then this will be a bit more effective... TRY this for one month guys, TAKE THIS CHALLENGE, (Comment below and let me know you will DO THIS, and I will do this as well, ive gotten a little lazy with doing it nightly lately, just being honest with you and we can help to keep each other accountable for this) and report back to the comment section here and let me know HOW this changed your life in some way, bc I am just that confident it will, bc it DID for me. I slept better and it helped to rid my back pain, specifically, and I will just disclose this to you. Buy the berry as fresh as you can get them, or grow them yourself. The dried ones should not be all crunchy, and should still retain some moisture. If yours are all crunchy, then these are probably not processed correctly, and may have been heated... Taste is somewhat between a raisin, and a cranberry, with a bit of bitterness and sweetness, hard to explain, but they should have a taste, if yours do not, research where the seed originated from, bc the seeds are synthesized, and I KNOW for a fact most of the ones grown in cali are hybridized versions of the Himalayan berry. Thanks you guys, and thanks for reading my long comments...haha. Sometimes I just go on and on...Sorry. Peace...´╗┐. +Peace, Love, Positive Vibrations The purpose of the "soak" overnight is to just get the berry to plump up. You will find if the berry is just covered in about 16 ounces then it will plump up nicely, then you just add more spring water to it before simmering, all my other instructions were correct but this one. You will want to adjust the amount of water you use, per month depending on how thick you like it. For example, I make mine super thick for 2 of the people I assist who has cancer, and it is a gel like tea, and they only consume an ounce of it per night. i prefer to drink 2-4 Ounces myself, so I add 16-20 Ounces, after soaking, but one might need to add 24 ounces. This will all be up to you, and how thick you like it. The thicker it is, the more potent it is and the less you will need to consume. Sorry for this error, I adjusted my instructions on it but I am wondering if I need to add a caption to the video to instruct others on this error as well. Thanks again, have a great evening. You will love the tea. I made some as well, and I made some for my neighbor, who has been having trouble sleeping and she also has inflammation. She tried it for the first time last night, and she is supposed to keep me posted, she said she did sleep better but did not notice a difference in her back pain yet, but I told her it would take a while for this, and to just keep drinking nightly.´╗┐. Okay, I will try adjusting rhe water..will let you know. Tastes delicious but not enough water yet...plz edit.the video noting the extra water needed...thanks for responding. it will work out...peace and blessings´╗┐. Been eating Goji berries for a while, I love them and so does my son. They are a little expensive but well worth it of course. Thanks for a nice video, Peace. :)´╗┐. The music in the background, was nature sounds, birds and crickets...But it did not come out sounding like this in the beginning. I am sorry for this, I heard it after I uploaded it, and found it to be quite annoying at the beginning of this video, but please stay with it, bc the music does get better...So sorry...´╗┐.
    I made the tea... and used 16 oz water. I let it sit overnight, simmered it 20 min. Doubt if 16 0z will be enough for 1 month if I drink 2,,oz daily. Can I reuse the goji berrie and make another batch ´╗┐.
    I am sorry Nancy, you made it fine, per instructions, but my instructions were off and I will revise this. I put about 16 ounces of water in to allow it to soak overnight, the water really just needs to cover the berry, then I add another 16 ounces in before I simmer, This makes for a very very potent "Gel"Like tea, that one would only need to consume 2 ounces of per night( 4 for added benefits, but just start out with 2 ounces, bc I find this is all most people need), The amount of water really just depends on how thick you like the tea, but that all being wrote, you did not waste anything, you just have yourself some very very potent Goji tea, All you will need to do at this point is add water to this thicker tea, and consume. Or You can also add 16 more ounces and let it simmer only, for 15 minutes, but do not bring it to a boil. This would probably be what I would do. I apologize, but the tea will remain intact and still be wildly beneficial, however you decide to add water to it. I will revise my instructions, so no one else makes this mistake, My apologies but I thank you for bringing this to my attention. Let me know how it works out, again I am sooo sorry for this error on my part. Your going to love the tea though.´╗┐.
    Yes, I have no issues with keeping mine that long, make sure that you are filling the jar all the way to the top, and if one wanted, a little juiced lemon could be added on top to ensure it stays fresh longer, as the citric acid in the lemon, will help preserve the berries freshness, for just a bit longer, and the lemon makes everything more absorbable. But not a bottled lemon, this would need to be fresh juiced or squeezed, and please know that this is really only optional. I have no issue with mine being stored in the jar, as the berry itself contains many anti-bacterial properties...So the lemon would just be if one would want to store it longer than the one month. I usually make a big ole batch, and I also make some to give away. Just jars of glorious goodness as gifts, to bless others with. What a wonderful idea you have as well with this. Friends and family will benefit from this berry, and just tell them all they need to consume is 2-4 Oz about an hour or thirty mins before bedtime. Thanks for watching and your comment. Appreciate the support. Have a great day. Do this for one month and then report back and let me know what all the benefits were. honestly, a friend of mine just started this, and she noticed a difference in just one day, she said she slept better than she had in a long time. Thanks...´╗┐.

    You are more than welcome, Thank you for watching Wendy! It is a wonderful little berry. Have a great Sunday!´╗┐.

    The Arthritis Diet | Anti Inflammatory Diet | Arthritis Diet
  75. November 16, 2015

    Comments about this video:
    Thank you so much for your video ! I like everykind of tea. Tea is very healthy. specially greentea.´╗┐. i love it, tea is very good for our health. this tea color is so good. i like to drink green tea. i like this videos.´╗┐. Sorry this was a very old video :) I have since learned how to increase the microphone volume settings for better audio clarity haha´╗┐.
    +Mourad Kadouri I don't like sweet tea, never take sugar in hot drinks so am unsure how this is useful to me´╗┐. I do understand there can be many, many reasons for joint pain but I stopped drinking coffee and 2 days after... pain-free.´╗┐. It's because coffee is acidic. It lowers the body's pH. Acidic environment within the body is a contributor for inflammatory illnesses. I take raw vinegar daily. Even though vinegar is acidic, it produces bicarbonate within the body resulting in alkalizing the body raising the pH. Baking soda will also do this.Both of my knees are worn and when I started taking 1 tablespoon of raw unfiltered vinegar with every meal, my knee pain greatly reduced. Keeping the body out of an acidic state will go a long way in reducing inflammatory illnesses. Raw unfiltered vinegar will also aide in metabolism and in losing weight, and aiding in stabilizing blood pressure and cholesterol levels. I go thru about 45 ounces a month of raw unfiltered vinegar. For the money, it's one of the best health supplements you can use.´╗┐.

    I want to thankfully. Thank you for I have muscle n disc pain plus I think its the Ginger. Cause. Chamolie. Just relaxes. :) thkx´╗┐.

    Thanks - I do hope that it helps to treat and ease your symptoms. If you haven't already - I think that it would be beneficial for you to see a qualified chiropractor for some advice and further treatment if necessary. Good luck :)´╗┐.
    There is no such thing "organic" chamomile tea, if some one say THIS is chamomile tea put it back on shelve´╗┐. Hi +stewie17- In regards to your question. It may help. However I would highly advise you go speak with an Allergy specialist / Dietician to help pin point exactly what foods might be triggering your condition. In the mean time - it should be ok for you to try out this drink. Substitute normal honey for Manuka honey and reduce foods that cause a release in Histamines! Please google 'Foods that release histamines' and 'histamine free diet'. A change in your diet should help alleviate your symptoms :) good luck my friend!´╗┐.
    u got such a soothing voice and very clear and well spoken,i really liked your video,i have ulcerative colitis and this will help so much.thank you.´╗┐.
    I make this from chamomile I raise and it's great.. Good for your tummy.. I have IBS and it does help..I make it by the quart and drink it throughout the day.. I also add plantain (for IBS), clover and tea.. Works wonders and tastes good..´╗┐.
    Thanks for stopping by Robin :) and also for your contribution here. In the case of IBS I would also recommend adding in some peppermint into this infusion. It is natural anti-spasmodic and also good for your stomach muscles, intestinal tract and uterus. Cheers!´╗┐.
    +po3tik1 I also have a peppermint patch and drink it 2 or 3 times a week.. Usually I mix it with green tea.. I grow a variety of herbs that I mix as teas sometimes in soup.. Never thought to mix it with chamomille. I use so many herbs that I mix 'cause I can't get enough otherwise.. It's fun trying new ones..´╗┐. Ok I made this today I used raw cold pressed honey! And it is delicious. I am on a low sugar diet I am also a vegetarian. So this should help me to detox further great recipe!!!! P.s I added the raw cold pressed honey to my glycerin and coconut mixture and it works 70 percent better (lol) yes I'm being that accurate raw honey is seemingly amazing for a lot of things God bless you!´╗┐.
    +Yezzimblessed Thanks :D I'm glad to hear that it has helped you too. I drink this mix occasionally and I used to get Psoariasis that flared up mostly during winter. I no longer get it anymore! I can't say that the drink alone has cured me of it, but I feel as though treating myself of Candida and using this drink has helped me tremendously. Oh and if you can find it - Manuka honey is the best healing honey IMO :D´╗┐.

    Yes I have heard!!! The kind I have is awesome so far... It is hard to get Manuka honey yes but I would love to try it...And when I do I will let you know how it works in comparison to what I'm using I was very impressed with what the addition of even this honey had on my lip ointment... I still swear my Apple cider.vinegar as well...´╗┐.
    hi all, tried this formula and it's great, I tried to find something other than anti inflammatory tablets to relieve stiff elbows, (play a lot of badminton) and wow, its really good and helps me sleep better, thanks for uploading this info, it's been really useful and it works, thankyou very much friend.´╗┐.
    You're welcome and thank you for sharing your results with us +takedaryu72 :) My philosophy in medicine is that nature has provided us with all that we need to heal ourselves naturally. Without the use of synthetic and often harmful lab-made pharmaceuticals. Your body will thank you haha.´╗┐.
    It doesn't quite need to :) if you bash at it and let it soak - the tea will absorb the goodness. Discard the ginger before drinking and you should be fine.´╗┐. I'll give it a shot. I just saw an infomercial about the nopalea anti-inflammatory drink which I am a bit skeptical about. I hope it works ´╗┐.
    I truly appreciate this video Thanks Again. Keep writing. Wow, great article. Fantastic. try napolea cactus juice if you ewant more info message me´╗┐.
    i work out a lot and my knees really hurt after working out and i wonder if this would help relieve my knee pain and how fast should it start working´╗┐. Thanks for stopping by. Fibromyalgia can be a pretty severe condition. This drink most likely would not help too much in that regard. I would recommend Cannabis as a natural anti-inflammatory for Fibromyalgia. It is a potent anti inflammatory and the cannabinoids will help modulate your immune system and provide you with good relief. Best of luck!´╗┐.
    Hey I'm the first to comment :) I think thi sis a great video, thanks for taking the time out to post it. Do you think ginger powder is effective Also, is that Chamomile Tea or a different tea ´╗┐.
    I would recommend daily before retiring to bed (about 1 hour before sleeping). It will help you get a good nights sleep. It's a good idea to use it regularly. The tea is Chamomile tea - fresh ginger works better than powder IMO and always use organic wherever possible for the best results. This drink heals my allergies and inflammation very effectively :)´╗┐. Asthma is a condition that affects the bronchial passages and for that you would be much better off trying other remedies. Diluted Apple cider vinegar (mixed with clean water), Coffee and Cannabis are all good aids for the symptomatic relief of Asthma as they help to dilate the bronchial passage ways of your lungs which will provide good relief.´╗┐. I just wanted to say, this is Awesome. Thank you for this Video! I myself have actually been able to successfully heal my body from Fibromyalgia Pain, that is a Chronic Inflammatory pain in the body all over, and I have had this disorder for almost 14 years I have eaten ginger and taken chamomile tea, along with a VAST array of other natural remedies, all of which did NOT completely take the inflammation away. For anyone suffering as I was PLEASE do not wait. Try this!´╗┐.

    Anti-Inflammatory Turmeric Tea - You're An Animal.
  76. December 8, 2015

    Comments about this video:

    Green tea - WikiTea - Wikia
  77. November 7, 2015

    Comments about this video:

    NSAIDs - Nonsteroidal Anti-inflammatory Drugs
  78. October 18, 2015

    Comments about this video:
    YES! You can blend in the Vita-Mix and then strain to enjoy this juice. Having it as a plain smoothie would be too fibrous from the ginger & turmeric roots. Enjoy! And thank you for your comment. ´╗┐. Coco20006, Yes, you can. You will need to blend it in a HIGH SPEED BLENDER and then strain it. I prefer the juicer method. BUT- if you don't have one, you can blend & strain. If you need to see how that is done watch the Just Beet It video on this same channel and you'll see how to do it. WHATEVER you do- find a way to reap the benefits of turmeric. ´╗┐.
    What was the name of the sweetener you mentioned that yeast doesn't like I have family fighting candida and want to make this elixir for them ´╗┐.
    So you can make this Turmeric Tonic with the lemons/ginger etc., as above with a blender correct, no changes to the recipe´╗┐. wow! I just love all the ingredients! it must be a real delis! too bad fresh turmeric is a rarity in Italy..! loved the video ;)´╗┐. this is the 2nd vid ive watched of yours and now im subbing! this looks great and i cant wait to give it to my parents! thanks for the complete recipe.´╗┐.

    Chamomile: A herbal medicine of the past with bright future
  79. November 22, 2015

    Comments about this video:

    If you have any asian markets or houseware stores near you, perhaps they have something similar. It's worth taking a look!´╗┐.

    Who cares if the juicer gets bright yellow It's still clean. In any case, mine has a black auger so any stains don't show up.´╗┐.

    I like your ideas, I will share them with the people coming to my site. Keep up the good work.´╗┐.

    If you have any asian markets or houseware stores near you, perhaps they have something similar. It's worth taking a look!´╗┐.

    Interesting u did not mention that adding black pepper or lecithin to the turmeric, increases it's Dapoxetine and medicinal properties by like 60%!!!! That's huge!!!! ­čî┐­č卭čî┐ I enjoy this series of "sick remedies"...;)))) keep them coming please Natasha! How's the baby U haven't showed her to us lately´╗┐.
    Great video thank you.You are so beautiful, you should tie up your hair more often;) I'm a mom and I get the no time factor heehee´╗┐. Thanks for this vid. I have diagnosed with RA and just bought my first tumeric root at Whole foods2 8.00 a lb. Yikes! I am hoping to grow some. How long have you lived in Indonesia Do you plan to stay´╗┐.
    +Debbie Dailey For kindergartner gardeners like me, is that the root stub If so, how cool! Never thought of it!´╗┐.
    p.s. I would love to see a video on "healthy" various snack ideas that are fun and prefer easy. have a blessed day!´╗┐.
    thanks for reminder of fresh is best vs powder though I am unsure where ot buy fresh turmeric in Canada. May try to introduce it something new this year, I am having more raw ginger so far this year and enjoying that in a tea with sometimes bit raw honey.´╗┐.

    Try an asian store or market and do ask for it because it would be an imported food and sometimes they freeze it so it stays longer.´╗┐.

    Anti-Inflammi-TEA (Turmeric Tea) - The Sprouting Seed
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    Anti-inflammatory Turmeric Tea - Natural Kitchen Adventures
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