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December 17, 2015

Comments about this video:

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December 15, 2015
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December 8, 2015
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December 12, 2015
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December 11, 2015

Comments about this video:
Stupid Arab are like Donkey A Disgrace to Nabi Muhammad S.A.W They cannot invent a Thing yet they destroy it No wonder they need to be invaded. What a hell hole to have to live in. It's looks the most boring place on earth, no wonder there trying to kill themselves..
drive in sandals..wear dresses...drift on straight line highways...oh yes...Rich oil boys with no brains. Now imagine if these arabs DRANK BOOZE and drove...that'd be the end of the world..
+herve30able1 It's what happens when a yet-to-be-evolved peoples come into serious cash. After wrecking a perfectly good car with their immature games, they draw another from the garage like we would a tissue from the box. Sigh, what a waste. Of everything.. Jalal a jalapeño Jaime y jimes harbano con esa bandeja hambalayyyyyaaaaaaaaaaaaallllllaaaaaaaaa,,,,,,,,,,,,,, ,,,,,,,,,,. o mais alegre foi esse do carro inclinado com a música, mas mesmo assim é muito arriscado!!. AI EU TE PERGUNTO,DE ONDE ELES TIRAM DINHEIRO PRA TÁ DESTRUINDO CARROS ASSIM QUANDO MORREM ACHO É POUCO,POVO MALUCO. that's what happens when you try to drift a Camry or an Elantra... at least drift a 240sx or something controlable.
Anytime bruh 😆 what engine do you have on that sexy car And i figured lol, the simple cars are usually the daily driving cars haha cx.

Im sorry to tell you that in every 3 mint one man die because the "fun" But our government do every thing to stop this.
By the way... these ricers... i mean the ones somehow on the steering wheel are N O T Drunk... imagine if otherwise... I dare think that :/.
Fucking idiots. These types of people should not be allowed to have money because they dont have any sense at all..
They have money. OK, great but you can't buy immortality. Natural selection, Darwin would have been proud.... fucking clowns. they put everyone in danger. they should all just line up an let someone use them as target pratice.. the west should donate more cars to you so you guys can do more awsome shit like this!.. much better than blowing shit up!.
... you would think they would be more focused on straight speeding instead of drifts due to the straight stretch of roads there....
poor family members what they will think when they hear the death news of these unfortunate fellows.. at 2:55 they are removing the tyre from the jeep, thats the only prretty cool i saw from this stupid arabe videos, can anyone explain me wy they join themselfs to litery die in crashes . You know in Saudi there are lot of oil drugs and stupids. So what can you expect. In the age of 13 you will get a brand new car + money and free time. Hit the road jack and don't come back. By the way I used to be one of them before I get back to reality. Cheers:) .

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December 10, 2015
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December 19, 2015
classifieds Saudi Arabia, Vehicles For Sale the online community for expatriates. Home Subscribe Contact Us Place an Ad. Vehicles For... i6
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December 20, 2015
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December 7, 2015

Comments about this video:

Someone needs to tell this guy he looks like an asshole making a fist over and over for no reason with that shitty "very cool!" line over and over.

I thought the trunk opened completely giving you full access to the backseat as well. What happened They changed the design.


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December 13, 2015
Resveratrol(trans-Resveratrol) is a phenolic phytoalexin found in grape skin and other plants;... EMAIL: Other Countries & Regions. i9
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December 9, 2015
... King Abdulaziz University, P. O. Box 80203, Jeddah 21589, Saudi Arabia... The maximum amount of resveratrol that could be dissolved in the oil phase was 120... i10 - Saudi Arabia - Vehicles For Sale

December 18, 2015
Saudi Arabia; Serbia; Singapore; Slovakia; Slovenia; South Africa; South Korea; Spain; Sweden;... Ultima (9) Vector (3) Venturi (5) Weird (1) Wiesmann (12) YES (9... i11
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December 16, 2015

Comments about this video:

Not only a good sales person but I can tell ur the man and a man with great skill and good heart... More power to ur channel..

2 Del Ata - this video gives you the right mindset. Now, watch my series, "How To Sell"...that's a great second step. Best of luck!.

2 dotaboy888 I'm not evading the question, I simply don't know how to explain why it sounds different; sorry :-).
Wow. just started my first call center job and this will help alot, what i really take from this is the "Insight" very powerful keyword that i will implement from now on. Thank you sir!. Thanks Vidtor This is very helpful will be using your video on our Annual Sales Meeting. Thanks man God Bless!.
I'm meeting with the sales manager for Audi/Porsche tomorrow. Your stuff really rocks man,and it will help my visualization of the meeting. Thank's Victor:) Much success to you!!!!.
You're an inspiration too people that want to become salesmen like myself i know you will get famous for just that/ a fan from the begining. Hehe umm actually my brothers and I go to car lots just to look at the cool vehicles and the Car salesmen thinks he's gonna buy something but he never does lol. So yeah people do go in stores without the intention of buying things.. That's the best of all i watch in terms of sales... sir can you help me how to convince a customer to buy my chocolates.. Thanks for reply... You Sir, are a very practiced salesman. I can respect it, but it frightens me on an intuitive level. That said, there is some interesting information here. Thanks for the video!. It was positive with a bit of indecipherable humor tossed in! I'm not a salesman, but I was curious and being able to sell oneself is a useful trait. So in shorter words...You're welcome!. Thank you for the Video. May we see.more Videos about negotiation and bargaining in sales. Thanks .
This video is much appreciated. I like how you went about in informing us the techniques needed to be a successful salesperson. I'm hoping on pursuing a career in sales when I'm older, and I believe this video to have helped. Thanks again. :) ~Reed~.
Victor, Thanks for great information you provide, that was very encouraging to me who wants to start new career as a salesperson. Is there any other important advise for a beginner as a salesperson you can provide.
I want to share with people in my circles that I just got taught a very valuable lesson! My success or failure is MY responsibility. No excuses anymore..
I'm working with the right people who are training me so well so I can be a better salesman but your videos are perfect for my knowledge and my improvements..
Really needed to watch this! So many helpful things that are so useful to know. Thank-you so much for posting this! Brilliant .

You sir, are brilliant. I can sell and was just having a self doubt time and I couldn't perform. After watching this, I am invigorated and hungry again to get my self back up to my ranking I should be. Thank you .
Hey victor! Good vids man! I am a 14 yr old aspiring to become an entrepreneur. My aim is to estabilish a business empire which provides all types of purely entertainment products and services at a very low cost, at the same time increasing the fame. I would like to know about what all talents I should develop and abt selecting the right team to work with. How do I find the right salespeople, leaders, etc of my age Pls reply in the form of vids or mail. Pls let me know if there are anything else I should look up to or any suggestions. My email id is gurusilky22 Thanks G.Guru kalyan Fortitude.
Byy the way the reason i cannot receive a territory is because we have sales reps already accountable for them.
sales manager is not in the shop if your customer want to Return of goods what you will do tell me plz coz tomorrow i have to interv.
WOW! Amazing. Victor, I'm gonna have interview next week and i thought that your tips on how to attain Sales Excellence really gave me ideas on how to impress the interviewer next week. I want to give you a million thumbs up for your channel. Great Job Victor..
you have a weird way of saying information like "informaaation" why is that because you dont talk like that in other videos :) just wondering.
Sell everyone in it. Do you have any advice on how to tackle a big job on my own with no set territory.
Great presentation. Clear, smooth and direct to the point. If you are a first time sales person, this video will help you encourage to go further. I've been in sales and marketing management for more than 12 years already and I still watch this instructional (and yet inspirational) video to keep me in-line and on track with my sales skills and goals.. they been coming after me for years Taxman Repoman Bankmanger the list goes on lol Just Kidding I have been Headhunted By many a Company Problem was Most Bosses did not even like me Only my Unique Sales Skills so I now am My Own Boss working from home But True I Learnt Many yrs ago if you can Sell & Door Knock Especially on Commision Only You will Always have a Job Most are too Afraid they need that Safety net of a Wage those jobs can go Over night & take you Months 2 replace Commision = start new one Next day, You Set Income Most =Uncapped . i looked at a couple of your videos and i love them, i can t wait to go to work and try everything i learned today,thanks.
Haha Best Buy! I just switched departments at Best Buy to Cameras and Gaming and this really helped me to understand. I have that personality to make people feel comfortable and feel like it isn't about the sale. Problem being is I find I give people too much information about different products and they leave to think instead of buy. Thank you for the help, I look forward to watching more!.
+alan kurtz Giving people information is great if it leads them towards making a more informed decision. Try this, before giving out too much info, ask them to clarify what they're looking for, why they need, how are they going to use it, etc. Knowing these things in advanced will help you "focus the information" you give them THAT GUIDES THEM to a buy decision. Best of luck and keep me posted on your progress. VA.
Outstanding work Victor. I self generate leads and sell about 80 deals a year at $7000 for a gross in the mid 500's. It's so much fun to love what you do and do it well and how awesome that you share openly tips and mindsets to facilitate. I know when I'm slacking off and when I'm doing my job. I believe in what I sell so much that I know if they don't buy from me they will get less value. It makes me worth more and more motivated to help them overcome objections. I just can't tell you how much I appreciate your words and your sharing. You sir, are the man. - Dave.
And you are a resource to be appreciated my friend. I look forward to seeing more of your work.. i loved your video ,made me realize so many things about selling ! But i have a question how to get the customers to come to my shop so i can sell them..
Just got a job selling phone parts at 18 years old! I'm extremely nervous, but this video had great tips, thank you!.
+D07VI Good luck!!! Check out my series "How to Sell" here on YouTube...may be helpful! VA. Sir Antonia sorry for incomplete comments... after watching your videos makes me to learn everyday...
Coach, i have a question for you, I have a tattoo sleeve from my shoulder to my wrist. I work in a men's fashion Suit store en wear bussiness atire all the time. I have never heard a complained about it because you cant really see it, somethimes though, a little bit of the tatttoo shows where my shirt begins on my wrist. will this hurt my chances landing a good sales job in outside sales it is really minimal but simetimes it shows a little bit..
+Tom Sotthewes A good friend of mine has a chest-back-sleeve tattoos and he's doing well in sales. Sidenote: I do notice that he wears cuff-linked shirts that tend to be a little longer (i.e., provide more coverage around the wrist because it drops further than a sleeved shirt) At the end of the day, if you know your product/service AND can help clients...a little tat won't matter much! VA. This very technical and very passionate! I envy you victor, you are right smack where you love to be. More power.
Victor your videos are very helpful and amazing! i watched this video yesterday and was very impressed. today was my first day selling master cards for Canadian tire Canada's number one department store. my target was 5 activation's i did 6 as well as multiple insurance and supplementary card add on's which generated me more commission. the information you provided in this video was very helpful very, inspirational, and moving, and i am looking forward to viewing many more! Great Job!.

Dear Victor, what do you think about tire kickers do they exist or is there existence justified by the lousy salesperson.
+rame swese They exist; I estimate their number at about 20% at most. You have people who are OCD and need to review everything OR are simply "tightwads" and don't want to spend the money.. Respected sir, I am a great fan of urs selling skills, i need a favour from you sir. i currently got a jon in a bank " hdfc" as a relationship manager...!!!! so plzzz help me how to target customers and how to cross sell them banking product. any of ur video for that will be highly helpful regards ali abbas.
+Ali Abbas Check out my "Sell More...Faster" series; it has some tips. Go on youtube and search for "Victor Antonio Upsell or Cross Sell". VA.
Hoho, to get your attention :) Just kidding, you've replied most of comment. That's really cool. Yesterday I watch some of ur videos and though, well, those concepts definitely may improve my skills on many aspect. And after checked other videos such as ‘Interview with Monaco’(actually we have a software named Monaco, lol)and 'The motivation'. I appreciated for what you and many others have done for the society. And I'll do my part to share and expand those ideas.To make a better world. Thanks again, I am gone watch all of your video right now. C U. Great... even one of the best!! Hey looking for a silver bullet sales technique, And correct find it here.. Great information Victor. Nelson Sanati from DR. Cruise sale I was thinking I was Salling and I realized that I was presenting a product to my costumer. Thank you very much for the information. Great help..
+shayan khavanin You're the second person to tell me that...I'll take it as a compliment! VA.
victor I'd love to see a video on how you can make a "KIRBY VACUUM" stay in the house!!!!. +Eric Bee I remember years ago when someone tried to sell me on by cleaning only one spot on my carpet thinking I'd buy it to clean the rest. I said no thank you (it was a cheesy close) and simply put a potted plant on the spot he did clean :-) VA.
Just watched it in my office before calling a customer...we've been going through a rough patch. But this was a good morale booster...thanks Victor.

Wow. Pay attention to that body language. He's getting you involved and making his points more powerful just by using his hands and stance. Very well done..

Resveratrol B E | Resveratrol | Best Night Serum...

December 14, 2015
Saudi Arabia; Serbia; Singapore; Slovakia; Slovenia; South Korea; Switzerland; Switzerland; Switzerland; Switzerland; Syria; TUNISIE; Thailand; Turkey; United Arabian... i13
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January 8, 2016

Comments about this video:
This shit is no more then Gangland lol, Sets vs Sets just like bloods vs Crips and GD's vs BD's and the Alah akbar is just another word for SQUAAAAAAADDDD!.
Two questions! SFA is against Bashar al asad, right And how many groups are in Syria Al nusra, SFA, ISIS, anything else.
Hezbollah and the Syrian army are the Shia' version of Daesh, it's just that instead of committing crimes publicly they do it silently. Instead of beheading people they bomb densely populated Sunni areas because they know that most Sunni Muslims are against the government. And their excuse is that they're fighting Daesh. They always see Daesh, it's all Daesh for them, even women and children. But since they don't publicize themselves while committing these acts people think that they're different from Daesh.. After the US has funded these rebels in the next few years they will send troops in and then the people they funded will be against them, just like Iraq and Afghans..
+jon willard Russia is in Syria to help Asaad, soon the US will have to go in if the war continues for a good amount of time then follows the NATO bumlickers. .

+Kelso lowk yeah I did, I was surprised that it had so little view for such an important video, but it's easy to get millions of views of justin bieber videos. America trained AL Quaida too and other terrorist groups that they create to advance their agenda.
I saw a video, where ISIS members were trapped in a house by syrian and kurdishan soldiers and ISIS members were crying. One of ISIS member got shot in the ass. Lmfao that was funny.
+Zabiullah Hafizi "Go smoke your weed" LOL. I'm going to sleep now, we can argue tomorrow if you can carry on. :/.
+Emper that's not arguing that's called talking shit about someone's belief! :/. +Drăcușoru' Joacă Any proof that they're slavic Did you have the proof in your asshole hiding. +AvntXardE Where is the proof they're nakh History itself tells they're fucking slavic muslim inbred monkeys!. +D Harlo A lot of it has to do with literacy rates, and in a lot of places the ability to read Arabic itself. Often the ignorant (by that I do not mean of lesser intelligence) listen to and believe charismatic "enlightened" individuals of twisted ideology preaching in the name of Islam.. +DUTCHKID66 Are you saying that Islam was inspired by a warlord I don't think Prophet Muhammed (SAW) was a warlord.
+Francisco solis yep, even if bachar falls, war will still rage between Isis, al nosra, FSR, Kurds, Rebels, etc!!! it's a total mess.
racist people on YouTube are funny. they don't say anything in person because no one agrees and/or they have no relationships. but let get on YouTube and they can't control themselves.
F'ng A! Let's go France and Russia... laying waste to that ISIS ass in Syria today! woo hoo. BOOM BOOM BOOM! Shoot them in the dishrag!.

It's impressive how they seem so light-hearted in this. They really do feel like good, honest people. But there's still too much fog around the FSA. I've often read they could collaborate with ISIS just to push back Assad's forces. And in my eyes, anyone working for ISIS willingly should be obliterated... I still hope Assad wins. Guess what guys, there's a reason why badass mofos such as Saddam and Gaddhafi were so hard on their people. Not saying they didn't deserve to die, they did. But I guess they knew how to hold their craziest fuckers on a leash..
My neighbours moved from Syria about a year ago. Their really good people, if their driving and see me walking the farther always stops to give me a lift, even if it's out of his way. I talk with the father a lot, he hates ISIS and President Assad regime. He's like these guys, moderate Muslims who tolerate and respect others believes. We're neighbours he says, and neighbours look out for one another. Iv got a lot of respect for him, I know he and his Family have gone through hell. What I've seen of Syrians is that their good people, I can't give them weapons, but they have my thoughts..
Your neighbour sounds like a descent guy. I think you are unintentionally equating/confusing him with these Turkish mercenaries :(.

so Mexico's #1 export is oil...just like Saudi arabia...yet they are still a poor country who's people who feel they have to sneak into the US they should look more like Dubai...not a warzone..
+mixflip Lol wut Mexico's GDP is $1,250 Billion compared to Saudi Arabia's $750 Billion. You must have never been in Saudi if you think that there are no poor people there. About Dubai, it's true that UEA is one of the wealthiest and arguably the best Arab country to live in, it's unfair to compare it to Mexico though. You should compare it to Taiwan or South Korea..
+Jason Mckenzie Lol. Confucius (peace be upon him) said that prosperity, virtues and order are going hand in hand. Study the many, many Confucian philosophy for yourself. I expect no man to take my word for it, after all Shen (All glory be to Him the great God) give understanding to who He wills.. "Zi Gong said: Is there any one word that could guide a person throughout life How about reciprocity! Never impose on others what you would not choose for yourself" -Analects XV.24.

+Ali LCFC You believe what the crowd believes. Regardless of location, thats not a good thing, usually. Definitely not, in your case..

What a big fuckin mess. Nobody will ever be able to sort it out. It'll be like this till Kingdom come..

if they are not with isis or al nusra, if they are the fsa wy are they holding the black flag of isis & al nusra cause you can easilly see it in the end of the video .
The victims of 11-s pay their taxes weapons of these terrorist Al-qaeda, thanks to the foreing policy of Obama. Victims should protest publicly because by not doing so they become accomplieces of genocide make these terrorist in Sirya and Irak. Aris Roussinos to the sovereing state ask permission to cross the siryan border. these "revolutionaries" (better evolutionary) want a muslims state based on the Sharia, slavery, subjugation women clergy and caliphs as power over all. there is no discussion about it...exterminate all vahabi sunni islamic terrorist bastards...simple as that do the mankind a favor. Reminds me of Orthodox terrorists (Chetniks) who killed and raped a lot of innocent women and children back in the days!. +QueenOfSheba - I'm Bosnian and I can confirm that. Chetniks were brutal to anyone who's not a Serb, they beheaded people like animals.. whites will be 5% by year 2075.. yay we go extinct as we let 3rd world migrants whom mass breed on welfare once here.. Not ajoke.. 90%of muslims in usa on welfare.. 73% of mexicans.. OH THEY WORK SO HARD I KNOW 51% blacks on welfare and 17% whites. what wars obama started libya he didnt even put troops on the ground. i bet you think 911 was obama fault too lol he making it seem like white are perfect. . +Trevor Wilson no, 9/11 was brought on by the military industrial complex, in cooperation with Condileeza Rice, Colon Powell, Dick Cheney and the PNAC boys. Black and White covered up 9/11 while Israel's Mossad (not white) did the 9/11 Black Op. Obama is responsible for the new war on Syria. But he's half-white so maybe that's why he did it.. Just get as many of the good people out as we can and nuke these countries full of scumbags world would be better without them. +C Fergi America wants to Nuke the American People not the middle east for some reason that's why there provoking Russia and China they want Russia and china to nuke North America off the map while they stay safe and cozy inside there bunkers.
Why do they have AA supplies when they're only fighting ISIS We see now that this was bullshit as well and they were not fighting ISIS..
This bunch of sheep should be slaughtered soon after ISIS is gone. They are just as useless and destructive to civilization as anyone else. Long live Assad and Putin..
the journalist who made this movies they are partners with the terrorist to spread their propaganda this is why they welcome them to come and did not kill them these are the same ones are burning the Christian churches in serious and kidnapping Christians and slaughter them.

really you are mujahadeens then why are you killing your own people or if you are really syrians...90% of you dimwits are not from syria...i hope the coalition of russia, china, iran will kick all of your sorry asses together with isis. i also hope that the ypg and ypj will clean you all up..
These fuXXXX asshole calling them Mujahideen They are fucking Asshole they are killing Shia. They are so stupid together together they can be big power.. Syria was one of the most beautiful and wealthy parts of the world when it was part of the christian byzantine empire, I can't beleive it is now like this.. Its such a confusing fight... Of course theyd all be split up, has anyone even seen the Walking Dead Thats what Syria/the Middle East is like! We destroyed them and now theyre all battling :c the moderate muslims seem like men who are truly fighting for what they believe is right and are protecting people.
only pity the children who are conditioned early on to condone the violence war and religious fanaticism, and a vicious cycle..

Assad is the only one,who protects christians and other minorities.These moderate rebels,are just regular terrorists,they are crazy maniacs.I wonder if our government would call these crazies moderate rebels,if they took guns and fought against them here in US.So F**CK all these terrorists,they are all the same....
common these guys are terroristsa and friends with isis guys and they both fight the syrian army look at 24:54 the guy has a flag of isis in the hands and they walk with him.These guys have the same religions wahabisme saoudia ans they are crazy and satanists all of them they are not muslims..
i have seen many recent comments here about FSA and FRS. For you information this fighting group classified by the west as moderate and given weapons as the film shows, has been completely finished by Alnusra front a year ago following this report and all their weapons seized by Alnusra including TAW anti armor reockets. Same happened to another group in that region which is Idleb province called Hazm movement led by a man called Salim Idres who was a personal friend to John Mccain. All fighters escaped to Turkey or joined Alnusra since. This make the claims made by on the west media when Russia was bombing Idleb that she was targeting FSA and moderate rebels specifically rediculous as FSA vanished from all north Syria more than a year ago and all what is left now are hardline Alqaida affeliates supported by Turkey, Qatar and Saudi Arabia..

if this was a documentary about germany's right it would have 'hate in europe' as title, but when it comes to islamic radicals u get 'wolves in the valley', vice news leftists agenda as its finest.
Who died in Syria. Muslim/Ihudi/Christian. Muslim is fool. They killing one another. Anti-Islamic forces created division among Muslim and instigating one against other. So Muslims have been killing own brother and become weaker.. To all of you who are saying "I wish more people were like them" STOP. They are no better than any other terrorist groups. These people might not like IS, which is understandable, but don't forget that these people only consider strict Sunnis as 'real Muslims' anyone who is not a Sunni is therefor a kaffir. They might seem quite moderate now, especially if you compare them to IS. But don't think that Syria will be any different if they come to power.. Imaging being a kid and live in such of place where people fire their guns when they're angry, and when they are happy too.
To the stupid the other group is your criminal government of the united snake..killing and stealing the oil of the poor people os Syria.

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December 14, 2015
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November 27, 2015
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October 16, 2015
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November 11, 2015

Comments about this video:

Finally a detailed video of the damn thing. And yes...still way overpriced! congrats to yamaha for still holding their ground with the "raider"..
It's a pig to clean after a ride, in dry- or wet conditions. Don't even want to think about it.... Nice, but I like the red one better. Not that it matters since I couldn't bring myself to spend close to 30 thousand dollars on a soft tail I could ride a few months out of the year. sigh.. Maybe they'll make some that they let machines paint, instead of union workers, and I could afford one, heh!.

vitamin c serum | eBay

December 4, 2015
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December 13, 2015
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October 12, 2015
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October 27, 2015

Comments about this video:
+Bq B Plot twist: they are. This is a very elaborate birthday surprise to a gay arab millionaire visiting London. They are taking it to his favourite gay strip join for a party there!.

That's KSI's car....
+Mankatokids Thank you! People are tripping off the tag numbers and date of vid. Like it isn't a easy mistake..
If i saw that where I live, id probably be chasing it 90mph down the street screaming "Spaaaaceeshiip!' Because ive never seen one in person before. Good thing there arent because if there were then theyd probably get stolen by some mellenial chavy douchebag.
How dare the police interrogates tbe Saudi Prince. The Princess from Saudi can buy entire Police of London..
He had all his life savings + work loans + children savings + grandchildren savings for about 3 minutes on his hands....
When Muslims are poor you mock when Muslims are rich you mock. It makes you haters look unbelievably pathetic and exposes your jealousy.. So this is where yannamize got their idea to copy the design for ksi's old lambo design... Tut tut..
+AngriestBirds isn't it a bit strange it's the exact same design and colours though... Lol.

+2015CricketWorldCup funny that Zionist almost contol the world while ur joking and saying they clean toilets in USA..
The video was uploaded in 2013 dumbass. Ksi got his wrapped in 2015. And he can do whatever he wants to his car you fucking retard.. This does look like KSI's Lambo It has the same wrap and everything but yeah it isn't fo sho. Delusional kids.. Delusional kids absolutley everywhere.. Ksi copied this arab guys design who had the wrap over 2 years before him.. Smh. What kind of idiotic society has Britain become The People on the Walkway, are Gawking at this Italian car owned probably by some Arrogant Oil Minister's spoild-brat kid, and the dumb-asses are photographing the Police like the cops are doing something wrong. DOES Britain belong to the British any longer.
so much attention just to get a piece of metal towed away lol ridiculous.. bet the police don't give that much care to the average car, making sure the wheels are in alignment, they took forever lol.

+Ryan Gee women dont really pay mind to exotic cars. its usually guys because they want the car.
What I've seen from the comments is, People really don't look at the video description where it shows the DATE when the freaking Video was uploaded... IT'S NOT KSI's lambo muppets... -.- It's from Qatar and Video was uploaded in 2013.. you dumbasses lol. OHHHH MY GOD EVERYONE Just SHUT THE FUUUUUCCCKKK UP SBOUT THE KSI THING AIGHT!. I KNOW WE HAVE ALL SEEN THE VIDEO BUT THIS IS 2013 AND KSI WAS 2015!!. 420,000 duckets for that car and the spoiled prince cant get himself a secured bond of liability to drive it around legit Hahahaha ^_^.
THe pig his happy because he knows this will be the only ocasion in his fucked up life to drive such a car..
Im not usually one to enjoy racist remarks but uhh... Camel riding, shitty towel wearing, bombing, immigrating, non english speaking pakistani, jewish cuntbags. 👳🏿👳🏿👳🏿👳🏿🎅🏿👳🏿👳🏿👳🏿. Why u hating just cause you will never ever be able to afford a car like this your probably still driving a Nissan micra so stfu hater.
I'm arab and I am just happy for these guys. They got rich and that's awesome for them. Most people are jealous because they will never have the chance to own one of these cars. It annoys me that all those people hating think they got rich by doing nothing, or they're exploiting people... These people complaining are often the lazy idiots that sit and complain all day about the actual people that work hard and put a fuck ton of effort into their business and work. Of course not everyone is going to gain the same ammount of money out of it, because the job of the rich actually needs effort and intelligence to work. Sorry for my English if I have a few mistakes but god damn it it is becoming so annoying . they comme to visite the uk and ur country and u do this to them !!!!!!! why all this why all this Hatred why u hait arabs who work in imarat who work in dubai who work in qatar it's just british and american ppl and when they comme to uk and europe they do this and they give Infractions to arabs pfff it's not good they just wanna show off they just wanna visite other country okay i'll not come to a country who do this to me when they see supercars they treat thel like dogs come on ppl they have money they bring touristes in UK so don't hait them.
+77Andee77 He does YouTube videos and has a car with the same design as this one. Mostly people in the UK are fans. Unfortunately most of them are kids so I'm sorry you have to see his name every where..
This guy actually had all the correct paperwork for his car to drive on the streets of london. The idiot cop wouldnt listen to him, towed his car and when they all got the the station the car was released. Goof pig cops..

+name less No... It was uninsured... He was accused of having no insurance, he failed to prove it, so it was towed... Why should they have to believe him, when he can't prove it.

The Pot Of Wisdom: People come into your life for a reason..

October 21, 2015
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December 27, 2015
People come into your life for a reason, a season or a lifetime. When you know which one it is, you will know what to do for that person. When someone is in your life... i10 Search - The New York Times

November 3, 2015
People come into your life for a reason, a season or a lifetime. When you know which one it is, you will know what to do for that person. When someone is in your life... i11
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December 12, 2015

Comments about this video:
TEAMWORK SHARE videos you like Below the Video and above comments click on show more relevant data to this video if you haven't already add U2B on Facebook as a friend - Facebook com /u2bheavenbound also add U2B on Google Plus to your circle 2 Google com/+u2bheavenboundwarrior Thnx 4 stoppin by U2Bheavenbound.
Truth stranger than Fiction We are watching for real: Invasion of the Body Harvesters!! (Brought to you by the Obamanation Administration).
planned parenthood must be stopped at all cost's ,they are worse than Hitler,how can they sleep at night..
What was so terribly graphic about a baby on a table, if that was baby obuma, we would not be in this mess..

I wonder where peoples minds are. No one foresaw things like this happening when this was legalized. Did everyone think this was going to be a tidy operation Abortion is a sick dimented practice and when sick dimented people get any rights to do anything be sure to expect sick dimented results. No respect for life here with these people... A Monsterous Act. Very Sad..

Fiorina is capitalizing on this and if it gets this stopped I'm all for it. I won't vote for her though because she is not strong enough to turn this economy around so we can protect the weak and defenseless.
+Skyfilly... protecting the weak and defenseless has never and will never be taken care of at the corrupted federal level... people want a broken system to fix itself... Has it not proven itself incapable to you yet no, the only way this is going to be corrected is if community members, city members, county members, and States start to exercise their Rights, correct their own back yard and stop asking and taking directives from a proven inefficient corrupted federal govt. in order to fix the problems that they themselves (feds) have created. Pay more attention to who your state legislatures, county judges, city board members are rather than who the next talking head at the federal level is going to be. It's painfully obvious our focus at the federal level has been used as a decoy for decades to keep our attention away from the real solution to this Nation's problems. The person fit and capable of fixing this Nation will NEVER get in to the primaries, or even be able to jump through the hoops in order to get on 1 of the 3 party ballots. If the federal "leaders" wanted to correct this economy it would have already been done... you are ignorantly thinking the President is going to be able to pull the power away from the umbrella that covers every federal agency... even if He/She could, is it right to give 1 person that much control over the whole of our 3 branch system Our govt. is compromised at every level... Sorry if this comes off rude or pointed, but all of the blame and hope put on 1 person is the key reason our system has gotten to the point it is... it is a WHOLE system of people and bureaucracy that is to blame and needs to be corrected. How do people not see this. Everyone should share this against Planned you are voting for this lady or not!! People need to know how serious this is..

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November 18, 2015
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November 1, 2015
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December 26, 2015
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November 23, 2015

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October 13, 2015
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January 7, 2016
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December 1, 2015
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October 26, 2015

Comments about this video:

I drove one of these in NC. Scariest thing ever. Wouldn't stop for shit and manual steering. I felt like I was driving a tank from ww1. Oh, and I was used to 'rugged' vehicles...I was driving a 1991 Wrangler 4.0 5 sp at the time, which is why I was chosen to drive the Cruiser. God that cruiser was a chore to drive. .

No offence but a '91 Wrangler isn't "Rugged" I believe you on the brakes though they take a ton of tuning to get working properly And unless you were driving off road manual steering isn't really a problem, I'm used to manual steering by now though.
Its not a Toyota, though build well there are a lot of inherit problems from the materials and units used. I would never consider taking an ICON built Landcruiser copy on the Rubicon..
Richard, I can build you one or several. To the specs you require, not built like this where you need to fix things you dont like or cant use. We build from all Toyota parts with modifications that are proven and work. I collect and restore FJ Landcruisers all models. 25 years now. six two three - four six five - seven one six four. .

did you guys just get this on this toyota is aweosme looking hopefully it'll be around for a bit till my investment pans out .
on your videos we need to know the selling price, due to I live in central america and will like to bring it to Panama.. 2 luis enriq Haha good luck beating a Land Rover off road in your 'off road' piece of Japanese shit. Land Rovers are THE 4x4 and NOTHING can beat them. ACCEPT IT.. -> Advanced Keywords and Competitors Research Tool

December 9, 2015
Popular Movies. Star Wars: The Force Awakens (2015) The Revenant (2015) The Martian (2015) Mad Max: Fury Road (2015) The Hateful Eight (2015) Jurassic World (2015) i21
The Pot Of Wisdom: People come into your life for a reason..

January 15, 2016
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December 2, 2015
People come into your life for a reason, a season or a lifetime. When you know which one it is, you will know what to do for that person. When someone is in your life... i23 Search - The New York Times

December 8, 2015

Comments about this video:
funniest thing about this muzzies, is when they go to monaco in their huge mega yacht, the women follow in a slightly smaller yacht like a floating harem.. +CheetaInsaaf keep dreaming arsehole. there aint no muslims where i live. muslims i know are gay, fucking men while their wives look after the kids at home. its more of a case of muslims love white cock..
+Hue G Rection Exactly it does allow slavery the former kalifates as major sales of slaves both african aswell as european. It is a sick doctrine made up by the Arab aristocrats i am not misinformed on this Search Tarek Fath(a muslim) on sharia and you'll have all the information you'll need. If only the muslim contries would distance themselves from this doctrine they would come along way. The Quran itself is not the problem but the Hadith is. It was John F Kennedy who told the Saudis to end slavery. .
Dubai is this dubai is that blah blah. You people are full ov shit You wont give refuge to our brothers and sisters suffering. They are on your doorstep but you still refuse to help them shame on you people. Thers no diffrence between you and me our graves will be the same size i dont think your lambo or your rolex will be coming or your money. +mr me the difference between them and you is that they're enjoying this life; whereas, you a hard ass, are pissed at nothing.. Sometimes I remember a quote from Forrest Gump: "You only need so much money, the rest is just for showing off." Then I see images of some of the craziness in Dubai and I think its more like "You only need so much money, the rest is just for being a douche bag.".
+Daniel Ryan you are right. funny how muslims seem desperate to defend consumerism. such hypocritical double douche bags. they are worse than the douches with the money..
+Daniel Ryan you cant survive without money on this planet owned by stupid people who sell everything to us even our lives !!!!!. Lol.. The amount of jealousy in these comments from Caucasian on the westers is laughable. You idiots just can't deal with the fact that these "sand niggers" as you so love to call them are living better than you and found a way to make everyone in their country wealthy. You're all nothing but a bunch of sore losers. They're laughing at all of you..
+dccmaj man we laughing at your shitty car dude. i mean seriously, you need to take that shitty front end pic of your nissan down, quick time..

Ermm college is annoying and stressing me, can a Dubai Prince come through and be my sugar daddy please lol xxxxxx.
the Devil took Christ to the highest place and showed him all the Kingdoms and said all this I will give to you if you will bow to me.... There is a reason why Dubai can build these extremely complex infrastructure projects besides oil. Slave labor allows them to build these projects extremely cheaply. For example, the Burj Khalifa cost $1.5 billion, however the Freedom Tower in NYC cost $3.9 billion because of labor costs in the U.S (which in comparison to other developed countries is not that bad).. All you hear about is white greed and how whites need to help more. The entire Middle East is a trashcan filled with impoverished, uneducated, brainwashed fools except for one 20 square mile city called Dubai where Ferrari's are made of gold and sky scrappers are built for fun. "Thanks Arabs, way to look after yourselves." They should a-bomb that place, teach them a lesson about spending their filthy oil money on greed instead of bringing the Middle East out of the fucking 1600's. Meanwhile, their refugees flood charitable on the west nations, what do the rich Arabs do Nothing! Fuck all of them..
funny it will be when electric cars take over. lol. dubai and all them dirty wasabi muzzies will go back to riding camels, as they should do..
+Fly Agaric Suck a Muslim dick, you Islamophobic, jealous little cunt. You won't be allowed to clean the shit of a Muslim's sheikh in Dubai, and that will be the status quo for a long time.. +CheetaInsaaf fuck dubai, and fuck all muslim cunts. i don't want anything to do them scum. you neither, you fucking dirty camel shagging mug..
I had forgotten why I disliked Piers Morgan so much, but thanks for reminding me why. And you can keep Dubai, it's not a safe place for single women, and it's rules and regulations are not transparent at all..
+Maggie Jones Shutup you hag you are mistaking this for Saudi Arabia, I have been to Dubai plenty of times and have seen single rich ladies having fun in the night life, it is one of the great tourist destinations. Don't be jealous you couldn't afford a vacation there.
These people beat foreign workers from places like India and treat them like animals, im not impressed by this. And when you've lived in the United States this extravaganza becomes ho hum. And what's the point of the buildings being so high when Dubai is surrounded by absolutely nothing. This defeats the point of the view. Perhaps the better to see DAASH coming I guess..

+children of the light No, but i am lighter skinned than you. Sand nigger is just a insult for your racist comments against Indians and Pakistanis. .
CAN YOU MAKE YOUR OWN LAWS ON THE FIFTY MILLION DOLLAR ISLANDS IF SO I WANT ONE..PERFECT PLACE TO GET AWAY FROM WHITE PEOPLE.. who wants to see this shit. The Emiraties can't even look after their workers. I don't know why you put this shit on youtube. Its disgusting. Go on flunt your wealth. You can't take it with you when you die.. Dubai is place which a safe and Business and Living as a King :) :) :) I LOVE DUBAI !!!!!. i don't understand people want to visit or live there! to live under islamic law is worst than prison.
Rich people do stupid things with there money. Dubaii sucks. check here wy. ://
Only Abdilwali Bilal A powerful Lowe world biggaest brid celebrate world sevening 👌 burj Khalifa A let.
The guys that water all that money on sand are probably kicking themselves now. That whole thing went belly up..

I absolutely despise the way that the British in Dubai, or wherever they happen to be, are known as 'ex-pats'. They are not...THEY ARE IMMIGRANTS! Say it as it is!.

+Esoteric Ed Just guessing since I haven't been there. 9 people that have been to Vegas have watched this video..

He really is the most monumental c**t of an interviewer. He clearly wants to be the Alan Whicker of his generation. Alas he has none of Whicker's wit, charm or class..
Just read, it will make sense. OK so it started as a lame sand place, they of course didn't like that so the worked hard and hard... until they found oil, and if they just sat around doing nothing they wouldn't even be rich... The oil made them bigger, better and stronger, now it's and huge rich place, while those homeless just sit around not even thinking to work hard enough to be successful. The harder you work the better your life will be. ☺ It makes more sense, so please stop hating at us muslims. It would mean a lot if you did. I'm not gonna lie and say I wasn't curious about living wealthy in Dubai lol. I'm not jealous at all. In fact, I'm motivated lol I need a mentor or something because I would love to visit..
befor u look at this video...i live in dubai next to burj khalefa and i proof its bullshiit...why becuse i live here and am from here.
All the jealous idiots don't realize Dubai started with desert USA didn't and Dubai didn't rob unlike USA robbed middle east countries to get rich. The only thing I don't like about Dubai is that it relies on tourism and Abu Dhabi to keep it going. When Abu Dhabi runs out of money, tourism won't be enough to keep Dubai alive. Watch, when Abu Dhabi runs out of oil, Dubai won't last.. Why the fuck do u care This is the second time I see u moaning about UAE, go fix ur own country fuck Islam fuck Qatar fuxk the Muslim brotherhood. «أَنْ تَلِدَ الْأَمَةُ رَبَّتَهَا، وَأَنْ تَرَى الْحُفَاةَ الْعُرَاةَ الْعَالَةَ رِعَاءَ الشَّاءِ يَتَطَاوَلُونَ فِي الْبُنْيَانِ». about weather, fashion, cars, sports, health, religion, and...create a war. who owns this media very powerful media. anything on CNN is true for Americans. Rising sea waters will wipe out this American built city for the retards with oil money and they are depleting their oil reserves and will be tossed back to the stone age where they belong along with their barbaric relgion. and Pierce Morgan sucks stinky hairy arab dick.. Dubai: plastic, soul-lacking, ostentatious, anti-gay, overrated, far away, racist, religious, burning hot, overpriced, built by modern slaves.. Wow! It`s really extraordinary! Rich Brits able to live in Dubai despite strict laws from the Government so they do really need to learn the laws before going there.. this country seems amazing and mix business with pleasure u have the perfect combination.. :) what surprise me Is that gold cell phone worth 30,000. ponds. I wonder what is that in USA money.
The majority of people butthurt about the level prosperity probably have never left their own country. Dubai is an almost surreal place, just amazing .
Piers Morgan: The Luxury Life of Dubai & A Luxury Tour Of Dubai please like these hypocrites have took the rights of our prophet (as) and of his family (as), soon they will loose all their luxuries by the calamity that will befall them for their oppressions and tyrannical regime..
+Danger Edm Omfg...Hahaha Now I'm usually not one to defend an English man, but remember who has thousands of troops in in Africa right now too...Yep you've got it...The good old USA. I don't deny that the pedophile ridden halls of Westminster has done some of the despicable things in history, but Washington and her allies, Westminster being one of them are all involved in some of the worst human rights violations today, Iraq, Afghanistan, Palestine (Aiding and assisting Israeli occupation), so your right about Westminster, but America needs a reality check of the biggest kind. And people wonder why my country, Scotland has tried to break ties. I have to admit though, you're comments made me LOLZ... And like I said to my British mate, try and remember, we're NOT all the same on that Island, and have different rules and are governed by a different set of ethics...We even have our own language and everything :).
By Investors Abroad: Very interesting video. Find more videos and pictures of Dubai here: this country seems amazing and mix business with pleasure u have the perfect combination.. :) what surprise me Is that gold cell phone worth 30,000. ponds. I wonder what is that in USA money. The on the wests like that "brand" chef fraud with the Arabs by charging them pathetically ridiculous high prices for their food, mobile phones etc.. You're fine as long as you are among the rich Europeans which Arabs secretly adore. But if you are poor, it's the same old Islamic shit hole. Wait till they rape you and you need 4 men to prove it was rape. Everything looks so ugly and fake btw..

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January 12, 2016
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December 3, 2015
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October 17, 2015
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November 12, 2015

Comments about this video:
Thirty seconds in and this video got a thumbs up from me. I almost died when Conan said "Why am I wearing Microsoft's version of the Apple Watch" after staring at the huge plastic Pip Boy on his wrist. Pure genius..
Even if it was scripted, words on paper don't have much impact if you can't deliver them. Jokes, movies, TV shows, music, and even YouTube video's..
Haha, I'm actually really enjoying this game at the moment, including all the hacking and lockpicking :D. Conan is pretty great, I'm really happy about how open he is with admitting what he doesn't like about a game haha! So much better than Jimmy Kimmel who just acts like a total dick on purpose to people who play video games..
Yeah considering Conan does let's play videos, it shows how fun it can be to watch someone else play. Especially when it's someone as famous and as much of a non-gamer like Conan. Jimmy Cummel is just a one-minded conservative idiot..

ermahgud duh graphics luk like 3000 B.C!!!!!!!😬😬😡😬😡😬😬 Seriously people. stop this bull crud. Graphics don't make good games. While they add to the experience, they don't shape the greatness of Fallout. Stop your whining. Please..

+Mr. D Agreed. I got bored fast, but all the hype around me made me keep my mouth shut because for some reason everyone gets so emotionally stabbed in the heart if you criticize something they love. I played it for a good two hours; extremely boring to me..
+Mr. D True, and I played Skyrim for a good 300 hours on the 360. Then I got it on PC, got mods with ENB and can't go back. It made the game fresh and visuals are important for video games, especially ones like Skyrim that have landscapes to immerse oneself in..
lol, I know. Anyone who follows fallout saw the demo where you fight the deathclaw in the Power Armor.

+Booqr Doit i didn't, i avoided all the trailers and demos. I think they give away to much... i do the same for movies... maybe he did that too.
+Gray Matter The old America was great and it was one of the best times the U.S. has ever seen.. The Enclave is the old U.S.A. Building a better future, Today! .
Modded fallout NV looks and plays like total shit. Modded fallout 4 is one of the best looking games in years already..

+Throttle Kitty "modded fallout NV looks and plays like total shit"... You clearly know jack shit about how mods work....

+The Creator He is the kid you find in The Citadel. Fallout 4 is 10 years after Fallout 3. And yes he knew Dr. Li, he also is the great great great grandson of the original founder of the BoS..
The gaming community is so full of entitled assholes. The Steam and Metacritic user reviews are filled to the brim with trolls and rabid, biased fans, making it extremely difficult for people new to gaming or Fallout to decide whether or not to buy the game. It's fucking ridiculous! "Why can't we have both good gameplay AND good graphics" Do you realize how fucking ENTITLED you sound The fucking game had been in development since Fallout 3 was released. It uses a modified 4 year old engine. You saw gameplay at E3 extensively showing the graphics and gameplay, yet most of this stupid shit didn't start until MONTHS later around release day, when the reviews started rolling out. And don't even start with comparing this to the Witcher 3. Everyones arguments start and end with 'the graphics are better', 'look at the user reviews on Metacritic', and 'you're wrong because I say so'. It's stupidity at its finest..
it's this new generation of gamers...I grew up on great games from the 90's and graphics was the last thing on my mind. the way gamers are now they are impatient so game developers are quick to release games that have more bugs and glitches than a little bit. since this generation of gamers are so impatient the demand for games is ridiculous but once it comes out they complain about every little thing. they never give the developers time to complete the game fully and fix all the things that's wrong with it the graphics are amazing but it either keeps crashing or glitching..
+Eric Cartmenez 2D graphics peaked at Super Nintendo, no matter how much higher resolution you make the sprites, Super Mario World will always look just as good. 3D graphics however, will never peak, they will always look better than before, but never quite reach real life. .
In every FO4 video, there's always a comment reminder how good FO4/TW3 is. Can't we just be grateful that we have AWESOME Games this year.
+The Mango Baron Fallout 4 is a pretty good game all things considered, yeah. Does it make you frustrated people dont' share the exact same opinion as you, and that maybe Fallout 4 just isn't a game for you. +Carl Gosling "Fallout 4 has none to very little of that as well" Then please explain why I'm making another character who extorts money out of people every chance they get (instead of helping people out of goodwill) and is joining up with another faction (It's an RPG afterall.) The Witcher 3 is good, don't get me wrong, but even with that free NG+ DLC the game makes you go at their pace (as in you don't have as much freedom until you complete more of the main story) and not your own. Making it hard to replay. "Falllout 4 is pretty linear" You literally only have to complete the intro then you can do whatever the hell you want..
+RevucumberTechUSA Less glitchy You clearly didnt play on launch day. I had to restart the game 3 times the first month because of game breaking glitches. The world is bigger in terms of size but not content. The graphics are because of the physics involved in fallout and if witcher 3 was anywhere near as intractable as fallout 4 is you would see a major graphics drop in it. The story was very drawn out to me in witcher 3 but thats just opinions..
Ghouls have been part of the fallout series since before zombies became one the three major money-grabbers, the other two being superheroes and remakes.. Fuck Bethesda and their half finished bug ridden shit games. They should honestly just let other studios make their games for them like Obsidian did with New Vegas. Shit, the games Bethesda makes are finished by modders for free and they charge full price for it. The community full on has to finish their games for them and people act like Bethesda makes the best RPGs in existence.. I don't think you ever played an open world game. Also battlefront was one of the worst games I've ever played, and the call of duty franchise died long ago..
probably gonna get some hate but why do people like the fallout games.. i thought they were all boring.

+PoolShark403 then you should play New Vegas. the gameplay, story is waaay better in 3. and after New vegas move on to FO4..
+Stryker It's just a stereotype. Like "all black people are theives", but we know this isn't true at all.. +Flantastic Graphics are not as good as they could be but it's not really important especially in games like Fallout.
+JakesMinecraft777 How about the game of "Who can burn the most villages in russia, china and mongolia".
Another way to earn double of your btc with MMM Global, you can join MMM Global and completing one task daily in MMM Extra Progam and then you can start earning up to 100% per month. #MMMGlobal #MMMExtra #Bitcoin #Bitcoins #BTC #‎BitcoinReview #‎BitcoinNews ‪#‎BitcoinMining #‎BitcoinForum #‎BitcoinATM #‎BitcoinTrader‬ ‬‪#‎BitcoinTalk‬ ‪#‎WhyBitcoin‬‬‬ JOIN NOW : hp://mmglobrg/i=83006812. Ine of the most fantastic games I had ever never played it before But sometimes when I finish the missions it's not check accomplishment why.
Don't care how it looks.. Care how it actually is.. And it actually is a incredibly fun game that you can easily get sucked into for hours at a time..
+Denny Kaleal Better than Gears of War Maybe, I mean their next game could suck, but I might just wait for that or another big game before deciding. It would still take a pretty huge exclusive to sway me over to ps4, like they bought nintendo or something. Right now GTA 5 for xbox360 still looks more fun to me than any next gen game except fallout 4 (and obviously GTA5, but I'm not buying a console for a game I already play to look a little nicer.. +Dragonred56 thats conan on the great depression. and i already play the game. looks awful as shit. with an engine of ten years ago. He was bored with the brotherhood's history because he hears enough shit like that at BOHEMIAN GROVE, where he and the rich, boring, crusty, white, upperclassmen get together #FALLOUTISNOFUNWHENYOUCANREALLYBEAPARTOFTHEPROBLEM.
+and_drew_123 Yeah, and who want's a game that has so much to offer Black ops 3 is so much better with it's 20 maps of annoying obstacles, and battlefront with it's "We are more of a battlefield: Star wars edition" feel to it..
+Bomba Plays Wait, so if they played it on PS4 or PC, I wonder how much they got paid to use the PS4 version" and I wonder how much they got paid to use the PC version. They had to show the box somehow. Also, if Microsoft were sponsoring them heavily, I don't think they'd list Xbox One second on the platforms Fallout 4 is on at the end of the video. You're dumb, fuck you, you're not smart, you shouldn't be on the internet. Fuck you.. +The Skillillyan Because it makes for good comedy, and I think Aaron knows that. The difference in personalities works well..
How did they get REAL vault jumpsuits! Seriously I've been looking on amazon and everywhere shopping wise... Can't find a suit that looks anything like those though..
Thank you! And oh no reason... other than I kidnapped 20 people and plan to start my own vault MAHAHAHAHA .
+We 〈3 MakBak That's good imagination friend. But it might take a while for this civilization to end LOL.
+Filip - (Aren Bi) Games are great escapes... When you live the Life that Conan lives, you don't need an escape..
And Half Life 2 was a great game regardless of how the graphics were. Not t mention when you take into, the models, npc's, the items that you can pick up, the terrain, the building system. Lol, good graphics =/= good game..
+Dovahkiin “FS” Faasnu Mommy and Daddy still ignoring you, kid Don't you have ANYTHING better to do with your life oh...thats right. You don't. Must be pretty pathetic being you.. +Jeremy Freeman you can't blame it on the games. The games didn't force anyone to do anything. If anyone is to blame, blame the parents who bought the console and the games that go with it. I've been playing games all my life and I'm not obese and I even played sports for a while. why does fallout always look so arcady and old i thought the new one would look better maybe it's just me._.. +TheVmaster500 Ikr. Fallout New Vegas IS the best fallout game. Fallout 4's story was so terrible. Obsidian needs to buy fallout. Hello Youtube Community, I want you guys to reply to my comment here and tell me why I should buy Fallout 4. Thanks In Advance!.
Because it's the pinnacle of open world gaming. You can spend your time building settlements and trading, wandering around aimlessly finding cool stuff and people to do missions for, or you can play the story straight through and skip all the extras, though I don't know why anybody would ever do that. Even in combat, you can be a stealthy sniper, sneak up on people up close, run in guns blazing or put on a giant mecha suit of power armor and tear things up..
+XxSNEAK248xX An easier question would be to answer "What reason shouldn't I buy this" Simple. There is none..
Pro tip for people who hate the hacking minigame: you're only doing half of it. In the garbage symbols, look for complete sets of (), [], and {}. Selecting a full set either removes a dud or resets your remaining guesses. Hacking minigame is really unique, glad they brought it back..

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Comments about this video:

Don't click Read more ░░░░░░▄▀▒▒▒▒░░░░▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▒█ ░░░░░█▒▒▒▒░░░░▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▒█ ░░░░█▒▒▄▀▀▀▀▀▄▄▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▄▄▀▀▀▀▀▀▄ ░░▄▀▒▒▒▄█████▄▒█▒▒▒▒▒▒▒█▒▄█████▄▒█ ░█▒▒▒▒▐██▄████▌▒█▒▒▒▒▒█▒▐██▄████▌▒█ ▀▒▒▒▒▒▒▀█████▀▒▒█▒░▄▒▄█▒▒▀█████▀▒▒▒█ You are a rebel, i like you.

¿is it crazy how saying sentences backwards create backwards sentences saying how crazy it is.
i wonder how much money they make :P and how much time they actually dedicate to making videos, if they edit them or if someone else does. etc. im just su curious about all the behind the scenes stuff haah. I'm sure they dedicate a whole lot of time towards making videos but they do have a crew that edits etc. their videos for them, if you're curious they have credits in the description of all of their videos to who does what. And I'm sure that you could just google search how much they make, but I would think that it might not be entirely accurate to what they actually make, those guesses rarely are.. I dated this Vegetarian guy for a year and he never imposed his beliefs on me. If anything I brought it up and argued with him. He was passionate about it, he once saw his dogs kill each other. He also knows about the dangerous hormones forced on animals to grow 20x faster, some animals die of heart attacks or grow deformities due to the chemicals. It's actually pretty dark. He said if he was in a survival situation and he hunted the animal, he'd eat it. It's more than a moral choice, its a statement against animal cruelty and large corporations. They spend millions on maize that can feed a whole nation just to fatten up their doomed cows. For cheap satisfaction. It's in vain. If I had money to go into a reasonable transition, I'd turn vegetarian..
+broliestbrony Until then, I have to eat the poor chickens that had to die just so I could eat their muscles. I don't even chew on the bones..
i don't understand the purpose of fake meat, i'd eat veg, mushroom, and beans rather than fake meat.
Excuse me, but how the hell does one eat a sandwich without tomato I cannot comprehend how anyone would enjoy that. D:.
Don't click Read more ░░░░░░▄▀▒▒▒▒░░░░▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▒█ ░░░░░█▒▒▒▒░░░░▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▒█ ░░░░█▒▒▄▀▀▀▀▀▄▄▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▄▄▀▀▀▀▀▀▄ ░░▄▀▒▒▒▄█████▄▒█▒▒▒▒▒▒▒█▒▄█████▄▒█ ░█▒▒▒▒▐██▄████▌▒█▒▒▒▒▒█▒▐██▄████▌▒█ ▀▒▒▒▒▒▒▀█████▀▒▒█▒░▄▒▄█▒▒▀█████▀▒▒▒█ You are a rebel, i like you.
I don't judge people that eat meat, everyone should decide what they want to eat themselves. BUT what pisses me off is that alot of people think vegans just eat veggies and fruits and starve themselves and don't get enough proteine and stuff like that, but actually we can eat alot more than ''just'' veggies and fruits. For example rice, noodles or bread (without any animal products duh :D). We can still enjoy pancakes with agavesyrup or maplesyrup. We can still eat ice cream. We can still eat things, we just don't eat animal products. We don't wear animal fur or leather. We don't use make up that has been tested on animals or has any animal products such in them. However there are people that just have a plant based diet, that still wear leather and fur and stuff like that. I still respect people who are non-vegans but I wanted to clear any misconceptions.

+A.J. i thought that you guys couldn't eat anything from another living thing...but maybe i heard wrong....
+Charlotte Martin The worst thing you can do is look to a vegan diet and then take all the secondary alternative to meat there are. I'm a vegan and, outside of basic tofu, I do not look towards meat-like products. There are delicious foods to be had, but I don't know why people look to fake meat and cheese.. +Jesse Rogalski that's true I think it's the people who ate meat on the regs before becoming vegan because they miss the taste of bacon and other meats but don't want to eat meat. That's what my sister said anyway last time I spoke with her about her boyfriend being vegan. I don't get fake meat. I think it's cheating. There are lots of vegan dishes that don't have to pretend to be meat to be tasty..
+d4m4s74 I'm vegitarian and I don't understand fake meat either. I do like tofu though, but in Asian dishes where it's spicy but not disguised as something it's not..

Don't click Read more ░░░░░░▄▀▒▒▒▒░░░░▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▒█ ░░░░░█▒▒▒▒░░░░▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▒█ ░░░░█▒▒▄▀▀▀▀▀▄▄▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▄▄▀▀▀▀▀▀▄ ░░▄▀▒▒▒▄█████▄▒█▒▒▒▒▒▒▒█▒▄█████▄▒█ ░█▒▒▒▒▐██▄████▌▒█▒▒▒▒▒█▒▐██▄████▌▒█ ▀▒▒▒▒▒▒▀█████▀▒▒█▒░▄▒▄█▒▒▀█████▀▒▒▒█ You are a rebel, i like you.
Don't click Read more ░░░░░░▄▀▒▒▒▒░░░░▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▒█ ░░░░░█▒▒▒▒░░░░▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▒█ ░░░░█▒▒▄▀▀▀▀▀▄▄▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▄▄▀▀▀▀▀▀▄ ░░▄▀▒▒▒▄█████▄▒█▒▒▒▒▒▒▒█▒▄█████▄▒█ ░█▒▒▒▒▐██▄████▌▒█▒▒▒▒▒█▒▐██▄████▌▒█ ▀▒▒▒▒▒▒▀█████▀▒▒█▒░▄▒▄█▒▒▀█████▀▒▒▒█ You are a rebel, i like you.
Don't click Read more ░░░░░░▄▀▒▒▒▒░░░░▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▒█ ░░░░░█▒▒▒▒░░░░▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▒█ ░░░░█▒▒▄▀▀▀▀▀▄▄▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▄▄▀▀▀▀▀▀▄ ░░▄▀▒▒▒▄█████▄▒█▒▒▒▒▒▒▒█▒▄█████▄▒█ Because there is no read more. Stop this spam. Pls..

Don't click Read more ░░░░░░▄▀▒▒▒▒░░░░▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▒█ ░░░░░█▒▒▒▒░░░░▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▒█ ░░░░█▒▒▄▀▀▀▀▀▄▄▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▄▄▀▀▀▀▀▀▄ ░░▄▀▒▒▒▄█████▄▒█▒▒▒▒▒▒▒█▒▄█████▄▒█ ░█▒▒▒▒▐██▄████▌▒█▒▒▒▒▒█▒▐██▄████▌▒█ ▀▒▒▒▒▒▒▀█████▀▒▒█▒░▄▒▄█▒▒▀█████▀▒▒▒█ You are a rebel, i like you.

Yeah that's right get cyber bullied. Jkjkjk don't take it seriously. I just wanted to see your reaction to my response..

__━━____┓━╭━━━━╮ ____━━____┗┓|::::::^━━^ ____━━____━┗|:::::|。◕‿‿­­­­◕。| ____━━____━━╰O O-O O ╯ save the endangered nyan cat by copy and pasting this over youtube.

+Katherine Chapailo I think it would be called tofu or soya chunks, because those are some meat substitutes..
why make shit taste like and look like meat, if vegans are so against eating meat most vegans say they don't eat meat because it's cruel to animals. then make shit look and taste like meat mind blowing.. well as this video clearly proves...the vegetarian meat doesn't taste like real I guess your comment is disregarded then..
I don't remember what meat or fish tastes like I have been I vegetarian since I was 6 years old..

+Zaid Malik well, taste is subjective. I'm not a big fan of unseasoned meat, but I'm vegan anyway..
+kawaii melon im just admiting that natural meat even if unspiced is SO MUCH BETTER that's all im fine with you being vegan :). "If you wouldn't eat a dog, why eat a cow or fish" Simple! Dogs are not cows nor fish! They are dogs! The end. :3.
+ddcs0s that's now true actually!! Carnivorous animals have a small peptic system while herbivorous animals have a larger peptic system... Humans have a large peptic system as everyone knows... And also it is scientifically proven that we can't digest meat properly... So the human body isn't made for eating meat honey :).

Eating meat is personal preference. I just can't stand when vegans act superior cause meat is "bad". We all know too much of it is bad and undercooked meat has risk lol.
Don't click Read more ░░░░░░▄▀▒▒▒▒░░░░▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▒█ ░░░░░█▒▒▒▒░░░░▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▒█ ░░░░█▒▒▄▀▀▀▀▀▄▄▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▄▄▀▀▀▀▀▀▄ ░░▄▀▒▒▒▄█████▄▒█▒▒▒▒▒▒▒█▒▄█████▄▒█ ░█▒▒▒▒▐██▄████▌▒█▒▒▒▒▒█▒▐██▄████▌▒█ ▀▒▒▒▒▒▒▀█████▀▒▒█▒░▄▒▄█▒▒▀█████▀▒▒▒█ You are a rebel, i like you.
I tried vegan hot dogs too because my friend is a vegan and it is soooo nasty. It tastes pretty much identical to that chemical bitter tingly taste from a rubber band.

I´l never go Vegan, even if I like salads, but meat is life! And before any vegans are telling me I´m a murderer, shut up. Or I´ll eat you to..
When I was in high school, my dad and his girlfriend went vegan. I didn't, but they usually let me try a bit of their food (most of which was stuff like this, meant to 'replace' products with meat).Most of them are okay, but vegan hotdogs are literally the worst. Probably because hotdogs aren't really anything of substance to begin with (but they're tasty)..
The only way I'd ever become vegan was if they invented Vegan Steak, Vegan Ribs, and Vegan Fried Chicken and it tasted almost EXACTLY like the real deal. Id miss chick fil so much man....
Vegetarians don't eat meat, vegans don't eat meat or anything from animals like dairy or honey etc..
+Ginger Engdahl Meat and animal products are actually pretty unhealthy in the long run, the misconception that we "need" meat is mostly due to a culture based around eating meat..
Why is there war in the comments section All this video is about is tasting food. Also, I don't get why vegan food ends up being so nasty, it's just vegetables..
+Limey Figdet its cuz u expect it to taste like meat. Its like when you take the wrong soda by accident, its just wierd.
The only thing i see wrong with being vegan is if we were all vegans the plants on earth would be wiped out incredibly fast. +Jennifer B if the animals weren't bred by humans (artificial insemination) they wouldn't exist to eat the plants. By eating meat, you support the meat industry which breeds the animals, so you are causing more animals to be bred, then killed, meaning it would be your fault for the death of all the plants they ate..
I have a question for vegans because I was thinking of becoming one so here it is: Do vegan foods, in general, cost more than real meat or anything that came from an animal Thanks ;).

Been vegan all my life and I love it, but everytime when I get to the store to get some zucchini... I see a piece of steak or chicken and feel really bad for the killed animal, some even reaching expiry dates... so I end up buying the meat just so it's life is not wasted. I pray for the animal and cook it with dignity and matching top notch recipe, I make sure to eat it all then after... I give the bones a proper burial. I, then spend the whole day cursing whoever killed the animal... as of late I've been cursing rabbit farmers and fishermen and giving proper burials. FYI... I don't take B12 or any other supplements. Healthy AF..
Don't buy the meat because then you are contributing to the meat industry, which results in more animals being killed!.
Don't click Read more ░░░░░░▄▀▒▒▒▒░░░░▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▒█ ░░░░░█▒▒▒▒░░░░▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▒█ ░░░░█▒▒▄▀▀▀▀▀▄▄▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▄▄▀▀▀▀▀▀▄ ░░▄▀▒▒▒▄█████▄▒█▒▒▒▒▒▒▒█▒▄█████▄▒█ ░█▒▒▒▒▐██▄████▌▒█▒▒▒▒▒█▒▐██▄████▌▒█ ▀▒▒▒▒▒▒▀█████▀▒▒█▒░▄▒▄█▒▒▀█████▀▒▒▒█ your a rebel your cool i like you.

OMG you two are hilarious! I loved the "donkey lipping" and the "frog lipping" !!!!.
Vegetables have feelings too you know you evil Plant eaters! You force them poor innocent carrots to live in disgusting chemical filled ground and when they are still alive you rip them out of the ground, chop them up and Consume them. Did i mention how those poor innocent plants are still alive when you eat them That crunch you hear when you eat that Carrot...That is the carrot screaming in pain Become an Meat-a-tarian and help stop the abuse of poor innocent carrots. 16 pounds of plants produce 1 pound of beef. So a meat eater kills 16 times as many plants as a vegan does. Should we all just live off of air!.
Don't click Read more ░░░░░░▄▀▒▒▒▒░░░░▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▒█ ░░░░░█▒▒▒▒░░░░▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▒█ ░░░░█▒▒▄▀▀▀▀▀▄▄▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▄▄▀▀▀▀▀▀▄ ░░▄▀▒▒▒▄█████▄▒█▒▒▒▒▒▒▒█▒▄█████▄▒█ ░█▒▒▒▒▐██▄████▌▒█▒▒▒▒▒█▒▐██▄████▌▒█ ▀▒▒▒▒▒▒▀█████▀▒▒█▒░▄▒▄█▒▒▀█████▀▒▒▒█Fuck Off.

Meat has vitamins and proteins no vegetables or bad tasting "substitutes" can offer. Vegans are ridiculous. Hit me with all the hate, I don't care because I'm right..

If meat is the only place to get vitamins and protein, then where did the cows, pigs, and chickens get their vitamins and protein They are herbivores! Failed logic..

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The Pot Of Wisdom: People come into your life for a reason..

November 16, 2015
DESTAQUES. GERAL. 08/01/16 - Puratos announces sustainable cocoa coatings 08/01/16 - Lesaffre extends sourdough range 07/01/16 - Chr. Hansen launches Delight i35 Search - The New York Times

October 18, 2015

Comments about this video:
+gallimead The Dansih Girl (2015) Full Version PLAY NOW: as a very straight ally of the trans community I think that this movie, although I'm a bit like whatever, is important because how often does a story like this get told I've seen all the star treks and iron man's, so how about a nice trans drama, I bet even the most heterosexist viewers will be touched, you have no idea how nice, thoughtful and kind so many trans folk really are and honestly we can use more of that in this mean and dark world. +Pinky andthebrain Well respectfully, if you are born a woman in a man's body nthat's not a disorder I was born with "hammer-toes" that needed to be straightened if I wanted to be a runner. It was considered a disorder. Now fixed..
+Fred Gregg. My point is the name has been changed from gender disorder to gender dysphoria. Which is probably a more suitable discription. :)).
TO ALL OF THE TRANSPHOBIC IGNORANT PEOPLE TROLLING THIS SITE, The definition of gender is "the state of being male or female (typically used with reference to social and cultural differences rather than biological ones)." SO, BIOLOGICAL ATTRIBUTES DO NOT MATTER IN GENDER IDENTITY!. What's funny is how fucking stupid the comments are on this video. So stupid I'm impressed. Like, e.g., "Uhhhh no thanks". "Thank you" all back for your extremely unnecessary, sarcastic, and useless opinions. If I could, I'd give you all less than zero fucks.. +Jesse James Atencio Some of these comments on video is what some people go through and the support person or persons they have in their circles say these things and other things to either support or non-support their friends/lovers, etc... I don't think it is way out there but everyone has an opinion and justifies it to the max!.
+Cygnus X-1 Love, I so hate to be the one to break this to you... but with a frequency of 1 in 20,000 for folks working to receive gender reassignment, you'd have to be handing out atom bombs to make a dent in the CIS population. Not to mention you'd be on a suicide mission. The folks screaming CIS scum, are still in transition. That noise goes away pretty fast, considering life is mostly composed of that CIS scum, and rather than trying to force them to change, becoming a exceptional human being seems to make most of the nastiness go away. We are responsible for transforming people's experience of us, their stories about us, the misapprehensions and mistaken beliefs. We are responsible for our own narrative, and to the degree we succeed, future generations have it better. Just be the best you, you can be and the rest will manage itself..
great cast, director and interesting story. Hope it turns out well and a lot of people see how much of a struggle it is to be a transgender.. +Marshmallow lol nope the definition only changed because of a crazed psychologist named John William should look up the terrible things he did to make people think gender and sex aren't the same when in fact they are..
+Marshmallow gender is not a social's a biological one and once someone is born their DNA is set for life..

very unimportant wants to be a woman. sick and disturbing...will be a big winner at the award shows.
Wow, these comments are extremely disappointing. People saying "just no", and "no thanks" Where's your sense of humanity there's nothing wrong with being transgender.. It was a fine movie with an important story to tell. The acting was stellar, the costumes were incredibly beautiful and the sets were outstanding. I'm sure it will be nominated for an Oscar for best costume among other categories. Eddie Redmayne & Alicia Vikander gave very good performances. Do go and see this movie. You won't be disappointed.. +Walter Van der Wahl Yes, I agree! The people with closed minds won't like it or be utterly confused. Just because a person goes to see a movie like this and it may or may not be there belief or support of the actions/messages in this film it does not mean a person can't see if to be more educated and explore what does go on in some people's lives. I am going to see it!. Here's an analogy, people: They release a trailer for a movie about an interracial couple, which shocks many. A bunch of white, mainly male people say things like "Uhhh, nah I'm ok" and "That's a definite no". I think it's clear that in that case, we OUGHT to be offended. You're basically just saying "those relationships are fucking (gross)(sinful)(blegh)". If you're such a shitty person that such a love story (between two people that don't affect you) disgusts you, don't go see the movie and stay in your own shitty world away from the rest of us we don't mind, really. Just for the love of Zeus, don't be a passive aggressive twat. I'll leave you all with a simple message of love from a great philosopher: "Suck a bag of dicks!". +babalooey100 Sorry it took me so long to respond. I was fucking a goat in the earhole while eating shit-filled hors d'oeuvres out of a half-human, half-cyborg's filthy mechanical cunt. That really hits the spot, ya know I've got room for another basic bitch if you're game. Pm me for the deets. Pulls off my brown face Okay, there. Happy.
We need a better term for people who hate gay or TG people. Homophobia and transphobia don't have quite the impact of racism and sexism but just as morally repugnant. These imbeciles aren't afraid of gay people. They are just ignorant and small minded..
Wow, I cannot believe the comments! I seen the up votes and down votes were nearly split down the middle and I was all "hmm, I wonder why so many people think it looks shit". I was hoping for some opinions relating to the actual film, but it's just about the subject. I personally only want to watch it because of the actors. So many close minded people on YouTube.. I'm completely fine with the idea of being gay, but as for being transgender, well now, that's going to take some getting used to. See, I practically grew up around parents who were friends with a gay couple whom my mother meant in college, and when I was a newborn infant, they absolutely loved me! I'll admit, I find the idea of being transgender... how do I say this, unsettling. I have NOTHING against it, I'm just not USED TO it. See, there's a difference in what I'm trying to say here.. I have seen it twice already. The second time more emotional than the first. I also liked "Carol", but, my best friend feels "The Danish Girl " is infinitely better. The poor Golden Globes placed Alicia (the wife) in the Supporting Actress category though she carries the movie and is as compelling as Mr. Red maybe..
This is incorrect. Alicia is up for best actress for this movie at the globes. She is also up for supporting actress, as well, for her work in Ex Machina. I haven't seen this film yet but she was absolutely amazing in Ex Machina. She is one of the best actresses out there right now!.
+kelman031 I saw Ex Machina about a month ago and didn't even realize she was the same person! She was incredibly powerful in the Danish Girl. She was superb in Ex Machina as well. I didn't like the way the ending of Ex Machina was written but she was great. Can't wait to see what she is in next..
I think the whole trans thing is wacky at best.. but instead of a tirade I just won't be giving my money to this movie lol. don't like, don't go. live and let live. I have a sneaking suspicion however, this movie will bomb and we won't see another movie like it for a while. god bless & merry Christmas..

+Honorable Pleb haha, really you are one of the few Star Wars haters then... I wouldn't know, as I haven't seen any of them beginning to end.

Why did the makers of this TV spot feel that it was necessary to use a Huffington Post review quote HuffPost is leftist trash, and the marketing team of The Danish Girl should regard it as being beneath their movie. They should've looked for a positive review from some news outlet from a Southern state/city (which I am sure there are plenty); a state that isn't so leftist, so this movie can have a more appealing reputation to win the general American public over rather than fapping to NY and LA. Even if a stopped clock that if HuffPost is correct twice a day, as a result of respecting a movie that appears to be a compelling depiction of a real-life story of transgender experience, The Danish Girl shouldn't DEPEND on trashy HuffPost's stamp of approval. (inb4 some faget claims I watch/read Fox News. I don't. It doesn't even qualify as being legitimately conservative. And it also lacks news about actual foxes.).

Nothing like glorifying perversion. Yes, he can not help his feeling. No they are not natural to a man. Hence, the word perversion is used appropriately..
So basically this could be the best, most powerful & life changing beautiful movie who's true message may very well be nothing anyone who only saw the trailer will ever be blessed with yet the lot of you idiots refuse to even see it due to the ignorance our ancestors passed down like the syndrome. Which sadly is the exact bullshit you heathens regurgitate today. Our all mighty ancestors at one point thought the earth was flat as well, good thing the decided to let that cat out the bag or travel between Cali & china would be a bitch. Carry on your ignorance as the rest of us leave you choking on the dust.. So... This movie is great for trans visibility etc., but why is a cismale playing a transwoman There are plenty of actual transgender actors and actresses that I believe would give this role a much more authentic vibe... I love Eddie Redmayne but it is disappointing that they couldn't (or apparently didn't try) have found someone who's actually trans. Anyway, it is progress and I guess we have to take it a step at a time!. I believe their reasoning was that they didn't want to make a trans woman go off of her hormones. They were trying to be considerate, but even so I still completely understand where many people are coming from on the other side. It is hard for trans actors and actresses to rise when all their roles get taken by cis people.. +princessvannah12 These top actors bring in the crowds. Perhaps one day there will be enough transgender or gays out there that are box office hits to make it very very real. I get your point..
Yes people, please become transgender, gay etc. and please JUST STOP POPULATING! PLEASE CHOOSE SOME DEAD END GENDER AND STOP POPULATING, finally. Don't you see how lovely it all looks, makes you want to cry, sooooo cute. Or, if you really really don't want do this do other - find yourself different race partner and stop being a RACIST finally. And put an end to your own race and culture, erase thousands of years of different cultures and genes that were serving well all different races on this planet for thousands of years and by the way created YOU ( mixed genetics are a lot weaker and make people infertile after couple of generations, do research and you will see). Implementing Diversity What Diversity There will be no Diversity left, no gender, no race, no cultures, no nations, no countries. New World Order and bunch of zombies to operate on remote control. They are depopulating us by those things. LOVE YOUR GENDER, PRESERVE YOUR CULTURE AND RACE and STICK to it, REMEMBER YOUR ANCESTORS THAT GAVE YOU LIFE AND HERITAGE. BE PROUD OF WHO YOU ARE. DON'T DISCRIMINATE OTHERS by calling them RACISTS because tomorrow it will happen to you. Remember you watch destructing of someone today you are going to be NEXT TOMORROW. BUILD LIFE and DIVERSITY DON'T DESTROY IT. PLEASE SAVE HUMANITY in ALL beautiful colors of races and ALL genders it was created by creator..

Mmm, this is such a good movie, especially when the guy thought he was a girl. I'll watch anything that Huff post likes. :^))))))))).

i know it would be 10000x better if it starred an actual transwoman but it's still a great step for a story like this to be told to the masses.

Man was not designed to be female. Call me transphobic if you must, but this meld of man and woman is an abomination..
why go see a kick ass movie like star wars when I can sit through a guy wanting to cut his dick off. What was I thinking..
I want to see this movie so bad, I've loved this man ever since I saw him in that ALS movie I can't remember.

+Jesse James Atencio Waiting for what Anal intervention You'll have to get that somewhere else you degenerate..

How disgusting! The glamorization of sexual disorder. No matter how many Supreme Court homosexuals judge activists or a wacko president gay sympathizer, the people will always reject your LGBT tyranny. ,.

I'm currently looking for a jewess to have a kid with, my son will have the blessing of being a kike..
I love how they are supposed to be danish but they are all British... i mean, i was laughing my ass off because i couldn't take their accents seriously, i mean i was expecting one of them to come out and be like. TEA AND CRUMPETS QUEEN OF ENGLAND!, and then be like oh wait we are in Denmark and were supposed to be Danish.
Because I am Denmark in disguise!! XD (actually i changed my name way to often and i am waiting to change my name back to Denmark) .
Weak males feel "free" and more "powerful and in control" dressed up like a girl. All because they are weak minded sissie boys.. +STOP Or it's an actual condition of the mind, not a disease, not something that a man can just change. It's called Dysphoria as explained here: Also how do then explain transgender males.
Out of all of the countless important historical events that have gone unmentioned and undocumented in movies, the kikes felt the need to cover one of a severely mentally ill individual who believes they need to "change" genders. Further proof of the existence of cultural Marxism in cinema is not needed..

I'm not saying no thanks to this movie, and I'm not going to watch it. I just don't care. Why the hell would I want to sit down for over an hour and watch a man get turned in to a woman Them at the end of the movie see the credits and realize it's fake. Like all movies. Pointless..
+Marshmallow you and your kind are naive, people aren't equal, white and asian men are the superior race and gender, they're the smartest, make the best leaders, and are the most creative, and christianity and Buddhism are the superior religions, undoubtedly. If you can't look at history and accept this you are the ignorant one, I don't hate other races or women, I can just look at them and know I'm better because of my genetics, Costa Rican white hispanic with some Korean..
if you want to win awards in Hollywood just make a gay film the other two are Jews and retards so I will make one about a gay cross dressing Jew with Aids who is retarded.

SO SICK of this trans-gender agenda in my face. The "Jewish supremacists" just can't stop promoting this garbage..

In response to comments, both sides - all "whoopee great movie great idea" and "no thanks": perhaps the people who don't want to see the movie, don't not want to see it because it's a story about a man who becomes a women, but because the movie looks boring and most audience members can't really relate with its source material If your trans, or close to someone whose trans, I could definitely see this movie being interesting. If your really, and I mean really, into dramas, maybe you'll find this interesting. But most people see this for what it is, a drama that's plot isn't particularly intriguing. It's about a person who overcame social stigma to do whatever the fuck he wanted (or she, rather, I'm not sure when one should begin calling the person by the other gender). I won't be seeing this movie, but it's because it looks boring. Not because I hate transgendered people..
Seriously Have you ever met a transgender person They would no more hurt a child then I would. They are people just like you and deserve respect just like you.. Search - The New York Times

October 15, 2015
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December 7, 2015
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December 10, 2015
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January 3, 2016

Comments about this video:
I would like, but then I saw the "failarmy" on the bottom right. So I went to their channel, liked their video since they put the clips together. It's okay though, I still rated. Just not the one you'd probably like..
OMG 03:52 It's a hungarian vid!! I see them really rarely. Well, this isn't a really good kind, it must hurt for the guy who have a white jumper on. they're saying: 1 2 3 it happens Oooh! are you ok.

Change the stupid title to "People getting seriously hurt while others are laughing." What the fuck is wrong with people who find most of these videos funny..

+Vladimir Tubić Oh so you never laughed when 1 of your friends fell. In fact its only funny if we know someone is in pain. That is human psychology. Now before you go telling me how wrong I am go read about it. If jokes weren't "painfull" they wouldn't be funny. Its a fact bro, that's how our brains works..

Very misleading title. I liked the army one, trying to break down the door, however, most of the others (people getting hurt) aren't funny. "Humour" for children..

Do you love PARROT WATCH PARROT ANNOYS CAT VIDEOS. HOPE YOU LIKE ! #Funny_Parrots_Annoying_Cats_Compilation_Funny_Cats_and_Bird_Videos_NEW_HD.
I love watching people get hurt. It's also really funny when a kid get a soccer ball kicked into their stupid face..
que vocês acham engraçado isso imagina se fosse com você você ficaria ou Vocês são estúpidos burros isso que eu digo eu sou uma criança de 7 anos estou falando isso para vocês não são sensíveis a polícia ainda vou processar vocês todo mundo fazer esses vídeos para se não eu acabo com a raça não é só isso não eu posso declarar guerra você que eu quero te dizer que não fazem mais burrice você sabe que você machucar as pessoas não gostam disso burras dadas troca as coisas que as pessoas fazem ficar na sua sala não vou filmar mesmo que a pessoa pede pra filmar as pessoas não gostam disso Tom Se eu tivesse aí pra você está se for menino eu retiro tudo o que eu disse menina.
1:30 What the fuck. I have never seen so much plastic shit on the beach. What country is it I will never go there ever..

+Nina Fialová Wrong. What you meant to say is "I enjoy ponies and rainbows and cute little parades where bears are holding hands with dolphins".

اذا كنت تحب الالعاب فأشترك بقناتي بس للاسف انو وجهي رح يكونوعليه قناع ووجهي ما رح تشوفوه وعمري كمان ما رح تعرفو.

I honestly believe some of these people rather deserved what had happened to them for being so oblivious and naive. -.-.
Also the things humanity does to change reality and try and do the impossible. They are interacting with obstacles in the in-correct way... Why do we tend to do the things we do A foolish act leads to seriouse damage.. Seriouse damage could also lead to permanent damage. People are so less open-minded these days it's rather amusing. Be aware of your surroundings before you try to do something dangerouse..-.. +jtp1389 If you laugh at someone's horrible accident that caused them pain and death, then it is only you who have no soul and are a snob(selfish/narcissist who has no empathy for others' pains and suffering, in fact he/she enjoys seeing others' pain, sufferings, and death). .

Watch Free Movie Online |

January 1, 2016
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October 30, 2015
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November 17, 2015
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November 4, 2015

Comments about this video:

Do they use the gopro suction cup for this races Im afraid to go out on the freeway with mine out haha. How much can i trust my suction cup.
the swan song of flying lizards, its their last race as a Porsche factory development team. Great video!. Ok this can't be the audio from the GoPro cam. How was the audio captured, stand alone sound recorder right If you can get this kind of audio out of any Gopro camera I'm sold..
That not even turbo sound... Thats the whine from the transmission. Hence why it gets higher pitched as he goes up through the gears.
my go pro HERO 3 BLACK, sounds just as good! (obviously i cant duplicate the noise in that video :D, but sound with the Black edition is very good!). Wow people are dumb now-a-days... He is clearly not in the same class. Is car is an actual model of a street car. and he's going round the track with F1 cars... think about it. No, it actually can go higher. I just don't understand why they didn't upload it higher. watchv=64FfTHlAP-k.
but what if your monitor only goes up to 1080p will it still look like 4k or what because i dont know anyone that has a 4k monitor lol.

Probably, they could even have professional mics in the car to pick up more detail and make it sound better. The camera still provides video, though, so it isn't quite false advertising. I would give a lot to be at one of these races with my dad and brother..
This is how true racing movies should be! Just like Steve McQueen's Le Mans masterpiece. Real footage of real racing with no CGI nonsense or crappy pop music..
the ground shot that starts at 2:05 is sick. I love the physics part about racing and that shot captures a small part of it. .
The sound quality got a lot better with the 3rd gen. I guess that is the problem we have right here.. i dont get the point of 4k, 2.7k, and 1440p... it will never show on any computers, do i need hdmi and plug it into my tv. have you ever actully watched rolex. they race abunch of different classes in the same race and the cars passing him in the straight aways were a faster class. . ofcurse.. the minute he step out of the pits i knew it was road atlanta.. if you love racing and play iracing you reconize this tracks quick : ) .
well i got some videos of my ninja and it sounds ok but still not as clean and crisp as the videos they post up advertising the gopro..

it doesn't even sound good. Porsche sucks, that's all there is to it. corvette is where its at. .

It's a Le Mans race. There are two different classes running on the track at the same time. It's pretty cool, look it up..
2 spadekinglively this is a multi class race, to where there are, in racing class, R3 and R1 race cars both sharing the track, R1 being the low, more formula looking cars. Plus, correct me if I'm wrong, but isn't this Road Atlanta. Yep, someone else told me, forgot about GT1 getting canned, but as I said to them, I was right, just a few things off.. I wish they would have put the cameras in the white bimmer up front instead! lol Awesome video though!.
There are way too many stupid people leaving comments. If you don't know anything, don't act like you do..

it depends on what im doing but when its dry i use the non-waterproof door. i just have 1st gen GoPro so it could also be that!.
I've had a GoPro. Good camera but there are better choices. Much. But great video material and editing..
This isn't Rolex (Grand-Am), it's American Le Mans. But yeah, both series follow the same multi-class system. The cars that were passing the Flying Lizard here were in the LMP classes and if you watch Grand-Am or ALMS for no more than 10 minutes, you learn that the prototype classes lap the GT guys a lot. .

If this was even just Forza, and I was driving, I would of lost traction and hit the wall just exiting the pit… of course with Forza, you can't feel the car, so maybe there's a bleak light of hope.
the hero 3 sounds a hell of a lot better than the first 2 cameras. I had a 2, and ended up getting a 3 when the 2 got lost with my model aircraft. Whatever they changed on the 3 though, it sounds unbelievable.
Fuck music, When I want to get amped up for a workout, I listen to the sound of this Porsche. Gets my adrenaline JACKED UP!.
Man. I cant believe people are actually stupid enough to think they can watch 2k or 4k on their computers. (Unless its a retina MBpro). Hate to break it to you guys but to truly watch your videos in 2 or 4k its gona cost you $10k for the TV to play it on.

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October 25, 2015
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November 10, 2015
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November 28, 2015
Popular Movies. Star Wars: The Force Awakens (2015) The Revenant (2015) The Martian (2015) Mad Max: Fury Road (2015) The Hateful Eight (2015) Jurassic World (2015) i47
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December 23, 2015

Comments about this video:

Over 12000 people have watched this video in just 10 days..and all without even ONE kitten in it! Amazing..
Do you have any available Franchises for For Fishing or Fishing Charters That would be Great! MORE POWER REDHOT Franchises!. Congratulations on all the success! Small businesses are the heart and soul of any economy, and we support anyone who makes it easier for entrepreneurs to be successful. . Search - The New York Times

November 7, 2015
People come into your life for a reason, a season or a lifetime. When you know which one it is, you will know what to do for that person. When someone is in your life... i49 Search - The New York Times

January 13, 2016
People come into your life for a reason, a season or a lifetime. When you know which one it is, you will know what to do for that person. When someone is in your life... i50
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December 29, 2015
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December 19, 2015

Comments about this video:
Este es el Islam también de ellos Vickie, aunque no te guste. Sudán es un país musulman gobernado por la sharia. Estas muy occidentalizada. Pero esta es la verdadera cara del Islam, aunque no te guste..
A mi no es que no me guste. Es que me da exactamente igual. Por si no me entendeis: Me da mas pena la muerte de una mosca que cualquiera de "estos".

el coran esclaviza a la mujer como un ser sin derechos y en plena sujeción sin voz ,ni voto ante el hombre...como le sacaria el palo y e daría 100 azotes haber si no ruega tambien.
+Hanah Mohamed tratar a una mujer como reina es pegarle 57 latigazos si eso es tratar como reina en el islam me imagino lo que será tratar como rata a una mujer...que mal. +Hanah Mohamed Islam significa "sumisión" deberías aprender un poco antes de soltar tanta mierda . Hay que ver a la Psiquiatra Wafa SUltan, árabe, nacida y educada en Siria Wafa Sultan 2009 denuncia al Islam y a Al Qardhawi - SUB ESP y el video ISLAM Y LA MUJER. malditos mulsumanes... como es posible que el mundo prefiera a estos malditos que a nostros los latinos... si vamos a europa los latinos somos despreciados pero a estos hijos de putas los abrazan... ojala salga un poderoso como hittler y haga el holocuasto mulsuman.... si no es cristiana no tiene que acatar una norma que no le compete. ella pide piedad y ellos solo rien porque saben que tiene poder.
Te equivocas, en los países donde gobierna la Sharia (Ley Musulmana religiosa), todos cristianos, musulmanes y otros,, tienen la obligación de observar lo que prohibe el Islam, so pena de estos castigos públicos como los azotes. Así es el Islam..

+MegaPhylum pues fijate eso que dices que todos tienen la obligacion de vi en ningun video a mujeres mirando ni lapidando... SI SON TODOS SON TODOS EH.
el islam es una religión que se usa para golpear, torturar a las mujeres, no se porque adoran a ese falso Dios, y tal parece que les gusta eso de someter a las mujeres, con razon que esos paises siempre estan en la pre historia, porque en los paises en donde a una mujer se la respeta, y se le da las mismas oportunidades que al hombre, progresan mejor, porque una mujer tiene un gran potencial de inteligencia, y como ellos siempre la ven como un instrumento sexual, que no tiene derecho a nada, se pierden la inteligencia delas mujeres, por lo cual el pais no progresa. y es una lastima toda esa falsa biblia que es el coran.. una pena y lastima esa religion del islam, si bieran lo hermosa que se ve una mujer con pantalón, mostrando su fisico... ojala algún día se den cuenta de sus errores....
Es un hecho repudiable pero no debemos perder de vista el hecho de que en Occidente ocurre una situación similar contra los hombres. El feminismo ha logrado que se aprueben leyes que privan de su libertad a muchos hombres inocentes y muchos otros se están suicidando. .
El que no sabe nada del Islam eres tú. AL parecer nunca has leído el Corán, en el Corán se ordena golpear a la mujer si ella no le obedece a su marido. Coran, Sura 4, ver 34- Los hombres tienen autoridad sobre las mujeres en virtud de la preferencia que Alá ha dado a unos más que a otros y de los bienes que gastan. Las mujeres virtuosas son devotas y cuidadosas, en ausencia de sus maridos de lo que Alá manda que cuiden. ¡Amonestad a aquéllas de quienes temáis que se rebelen, dejadlas solas en el lecho, PEGADLES! Si os obedecen, no os metaís más con ellas.. +MegaPhylum. Por lo q beo eres musulman yo e sido cristiano evangelico, y e platicado con musulmanes... Y a tu religion no le beo nada q sea agradable a dios... O Ala como quieras llamarle... Pues nunca e visto q Dios se manifieste con su poder en tu religion q mas me parece movimiento satanico de confucion, la presencia de Dios se ciente linda cuando lo adoras cuando oras cuando imbocas su gran poder... Ustedes no creen en Jesucristo como Dios, simple, por q creen q el era un profeta y lo tubieron enfrente y los llenó de señales de grandezas pero no quisieron creerle... Hasta lo tildaron de falso profeta y lo quisierron matar en un acantillado, solo por q les dijo la berdad, hase mas de 2000 años,,, y aun en dia el sigue reuniendo a su pueblo por el q biene y si no te arrepientes de tus perverciones tu machismo y tu sucia mente te quedaras con satanas a pagar el precio de la desobediencia... Viva Cristo por los siglos.... Madre mia como disfrutan todos ante el dolor del ser humano... son BESTIAS, no merecen pisar la tierra de verdad... son autentica ESCORIA, pobres todos aquellos que se cruzan en sus caminos, de verdad que no merecen estar vivos.
Ningún hombre es superior a una mujer y tampoco al revés... Ese es el equilibrio de la vida sumando virtudes y no restándole como muchos musulmanes hacen.
de estos hobres su castigo sera mas tormentoso. en el imfierno se rretorceran de dolor y su tormento nunca termina. por que el fuego de ellos nunca se apaga. gritaran de dolor pediran a DIOS que les saque de ahi aun que un segundo pero el no los escuchara mas. y a esta mujer veran gosandose. en el reino de DIOS junto a señor jesus de nazaret rey de reyes señor de señores.
Pero que os pasa Tanto a unos como a otros. Los buenos cristianos respetad a los demás y no generalicéis. El hecho de ser musulman no te convierte en fanático(de hecho la biblia también establece cosas como el velo, el matrimonio sin derecho a divorcio y la supremacía del hombre sobre la mujer) Cada uno tenga las creencias que tenga, pero musulmanes honestos, para defender vuestra religión no podéis negar ni avalar estas crueldades, son inhumanas. Y si quereís ganaros el cielo, actuar con compasión, ética, y respetando los derechos humanos, porque si alguien tiene que castigar o azotar, ese será Dios, somos simples humanos imperfectos y no somos quién para castigar ni obligar a creer ni actuar de bajo unas normas religiosas a nadie. Detengamos las aberraciones que se dan tanto en el mundo árabe, como en asia y occidente. TODAS. Seamos humanos, somos todos hermanos..
Odio cada arbitrariedad contra las mujeres, amo mi pais por que aunque seguimos luchando contra la desigualdad tenemos muchas oportunidades, no se nada del Islam pero apesta con todo el respeto pero mi Dios Jehova padre por medio de sus escrituras da la igualdad para todos RETROGRADOS.
+Blanca Iñiguez QUE SEAMOS cristianos no nos convierte en perfectos(solo DIOS lo es)y como aunque soy catolica tengo sentimientos tanto buenos como malos(ya dije que no soy DIOS), ver a estos SERES DEL INFRAMUNDO me repele pero catolica y mi marido no esta por encima de mi, el derecho al divorcio es de ambos, y yo no llevo velo... si quiero visto asi, si quiero visto asa, me pinto o no me pinto, me voy de paseo con amigas, en fin... no compares las barbaridades de los musulmanes con los catolicos ni el resto de religiones, las comparaciones son odiosas.

Ojala que basuras de humanos tengan la suerte de recibir tantos latigazos cómo la pobre mujer que sin piedad castigan tanto... Que tendrán en sus cabezas pura mierda.
Dice un clérigo musulman de Qarae A la mujer desobediente hay que pegarle +MegaPhylum La página MEMRI TV es chiita una rama del islam, que estan desviados y todo lo que dicen contradice a lo que el profeta que la paz y las bendiciones de allah sean con el, nunca dijo, si interpretamos de esa manera que 'pegadles ' sea de esa manera no es asi, porque cualquiera que lo leyera no entraria, debemos de leer el tafsir, busca en google tafsir sura 4 aleya 34 el primer enlace te explica esa aleya y su significado y no es lo que dice ese clerigo o iman, porque esta gente esta desviada, que allah le guie..
estos HORRIBLES animales de los muslims que como tratan a las mujeres como quisiera tenerlo en mis manos... gritaria peor que una mujer.

es solo una muestra de la cultura musulmana,ahora están migrando excesivamente a américa y Europa si no se pone un alto a estas migraciones pronto vamos a ver estos espectáculos fanáticos y retrogradas en nuestros países..
MALDITOS SEAN.. MUSULMANES RETROGRADOS!!.. INFELICES!!.. ESO ES LO QUE LES ENSEÑA LA MIERDA DEL CORAN... PUES SI TUVIERA UNO.. ME LIMPIO EL CULO CON SU CORAN!!!... UNA PALIZA ASÍ NECESITAN TODOS UDS.. POR TENER ESAS MENTES TAN OBTUSAS Y MEDIEVALES!!.. EL MUNDO ENTERO LOS DETESTA!!... ESA ES LA PORQUERIA QUE LES ENSEÑO EL DESGRACIADO DE MAHOMA.. PUES VAYA MIERDA DE PROFETA!!.. MAHOMA ES UN MALDITO EXCREMENTO QUE ESTARA EN EL INFIERNO ESPERANDOLOS A TODOS!!!. LA RELIGIÓN ES LA VEJACIÓN MÁS GRANDE A LA QUE HEMOS ASISTIDO LOS SERES HUMANOS!! TODAS!! SIN EXCEPCIÓN!! TODAS DAN ASCO Y SON REPUGNANTES!!. yo soy musulman y no me siento identificado como tal viendo estas burradas realizadas por parte de esta gente.y yo te ago una pregunta.¿cres que el islam se simplifica en esta accion. +Nuredin Koutaibi Muy bien por tu opinión, que bueno que piensas diferente. Pero tú eres un Musulmán occidentalizado y no estás de acuerdo porque los valores de occidente nos impiden hacer algo semajante, aquí serían castigados. Pero, esto pasa en países donde la mayoría es musulmana y tienen valores islámicos al 100%. Si expresaras tu opinión de desacuerdo publicamente en Sudán o Pakistan serías castigado por blasfemia al islam y no serías considerado musulman por ellos. Ese es el problema..
¿qué clase de hombre que ame a Dios y respete a su madre es capaz de hacerle esto a una mujer hay que ser una persona demasiado ignorante para decir y concluir que Dios le dio preferencias a los hombres. Si ellos hubieran tenido preferencias vivirian en un mundo mejor. Es la peor religion de la que me he enterado hasta ahora. Y es una lasrima ese tipo de pensar. :'(.
estos musulmanes están completamente locos y los que los defienden son unos estúpidos, es como defender la violación sexual de un bebe no hay una razón lógica para defender. matan a las mujeres violadas tampoco según ellos allí no hay gays pues por que ellos los matan, matan a los cristianos cobarde mente entre varios en la calle, ademas dice en el Coràn algo así como que destruirán toda nación que no estén de acuerdo con ellos. creo personalmente que Ala no es dios. es satàn que fácilmente convenció a un montón de gente bruta y atrasada culturalmente.dicen que Dios es amor y en Ala no veo nada de amor solo violencia desmedida y sin sentido. tengan cuidado creo que Ala es el diablo. . Las religiones se ceban y aprovechan de la gente ignorante y debil. Los paises musulmanes son ignorantes y este es el resultado de meterles una religion en la cabeza..
Que asco me dan estos hombres, los odio...esa religión es una basura...deberiamos exterminar a estas lacras... No entiendo como estúpidos dan vueltas en la kaba nos critican a los catolicos por tener estatuas en la iglesia sin embargo hacen lo mismo...que es eso que el coran dice corregir a la mujer..pedazos de estúpidos si pudiera los mato con mis manos desgraciados...ganas no me faltan de quemar a esos qu golpean asi a esa mujer. .
A ver eso me he quedado triste de mal humor y enojado, no lo entiendo y no lo entiendo que estas altura en ciclo 21 esta pasando eso,donde estamos y aqui nada mas preocupamos de los banco y da puta enconomia y otros paises matando seres humano como los animales: (devo un respectos los animales) donde esta la comunidad internacional para que sirve joder dela puta sociedad de poca moral.
Cada cual es libre de sus actos, al que le vamos dar cuenta es a Dios. Que tenga el Corán sus reglas, el que la biblia prohíba algo, o cual quier otra dogma humana, no debemos de maltratar a nadie, a menos que esta persona este con sus acciones violando los derechos de otros, y para este tipo de situación en todos los países hay leyes y esto en lo particular a nadie afecta. Por eso fue que cuando Jesús le dijo a los que llevaron a la mujer por el acto de adulterio, que el que estuviera libre de pecado que lanzara la primera piedra ninguno se atrevió, si no que desde el más pequeño al más mayor se retiraron y no dijeron nada. A veces los que juzgan a otros son peores que el que está siendo juzgado. Jesucristo viene pronto. Bendiciones..
Dios no manda a matarnos entre nosotros la biblia dice amar a buestra esposas como el ama a la iglesia... y Dios saco a la mujer de la costilla del hombre cerca del corazon no por ningun otro lado ni de su cabeza para q sea mas que el hombre ni de sus pies para que sea pisoteada por el ..en la bibliano dice que hay que maltratar a las mujeres... . Los musulmanes...con el perdòn de todos...que mierda de raza!!! Gracias Diosito por no nacer en esa raza! Que asco musulmanes!. esa religion es la peor y nisiquera al verdadero DIOS no le interess por que el verdadero DIOS-DIOSA del universo es amor igualdad es paz y sobre todo es un ser perfecto que no tiene nada que ver con nuestros defectos humanos. tu crees que todos somos idiotas, que no nos damos cuenta del abuso que cometen, que convenientes sus leyes malditos desquisiados, convenientemente las mujeres son las que no pueden cometer pecados y los hombres que crees que soy imbecil, sé que las leyes de su maldita religion estan estrategicamente hechas para que los que dicen ser "hombres" gobiernen. con suerte tienen una neurona que se dejan adoctrinar en esa religion, no tienen la capacidad de pensar por si solos y darse cuenta de la realidad por eso son obejas taradas que solo siguen al imbecil que los guia sin siquiera dudar.. Son pueblos primitivos y Superticiosos, Intolerantes y Criminales, ,se Fanatizan facilmente., Occidente y los Cristianos no deberiamos preocuparnos de ellos.,Dejenlos que se maten entre ellos, y mueran de hambre junto a sus Dictadores Sanguinarios, y sus Sacerdotes fanaticos..
+guille marin cual quier religión es buena, si te ayuda hacer una mejor persona, sin que te meta tanto royo en la cabeza, felicidades amigo échale ganas un saludo. .
q coraje me da q coño se creen los hombres de alli les metia bombas como loca uuffffff hijos de la gran putaaa porque no se lo haces a tu pouta madre desgraciado . K TRIZTESA VER KOMO LAS MUJERES EN ALGUNOS PAISES NO TIENEN LIBERTAD NI PARA OPINAR AHI ES DONDE YO PIENZO XK NO SE REVELAN HASI KOMO EN EL RESTO DEL MUNDO. Para islam musulmán y todos los musulmanes. Todos ustedes son unos hijos de perra. Cobardes golpeando a una mujer indefensa gracias a su trastornada religión. Por bestias como ustedes esta preparado el infierno que arde con azufre. .
La religión es el peor de los narcóticos, a mas se consume, mas se desea y mas se delira. Soy budista estoy lejos de todas estas creencias que exaltan al mal y el sufrimiento ajeno, pero no dejo de conmoverme con estas imágenes, por usar pantalones, una mujer, una madre es azotada en la vida publica como un objeto sin valor alguno. Vergüenza para quien ordeno golpearla y vergüenza para quien lo hizo, porque ellos nacieron de una mujer lamentablemente..

la pregunta es Nacieron por la vagina oh por culo haber que responda un puto musulmán. .
español culero ensucias a los de tu país con esas ideas, se ve que eres un maricon no te gustan las mujeres hijo de puta muerete y viva jesus de nazaret. Si fuera mi hermana palabra k a esos mal paridos isperros los degollo uno x uno en el nombre de mis bolas maldito sea ese satanas k adoran estos inbeciles greñudos k solo eso saben hacer cretinos ala olla se van a ir x idiotas. estos gobiernos son hijos del demonio, Dios dice por sus hechos los conoseras, dice Dios que el los quemara en el infierno, cuando dejen este mundo, su castigo llegara pronto en cuanto dejen este mundo. seran quemados por sus mente demoniaca. Ignorantes idealistas, :con conceptos equivocados a lo que es dar una leccion. Maltratar a una mujer cuando ambos somos tenemos las mismas capqcidades y derechos, deberian agradecer que existan las mujeres pues de ellas vinieron, machistas que no se inmutan ante tal dolor, Un padre enseña con amor y no con ideas malvadas y no con maltratos que clase de Dios dicen adorar ese Coran es un Manual machista debemos empezar por nosotros mismos y alzar protesta contra las votaciones de los derechos humanos, Sueñor guia y protege a todoa tus hijos..
Alas personas se deben tratar con decencia no acorde a religiones no son sino fanáticos que toman una religión para cometer crímenes dios nos benceno amarnos unos altos otros y nos dejo con libre albreldrio osea que podemos hacer lo que se nos pegue la gana igual la salvación es individual .

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November 30, 2015
A List of Currently Acceptable Words to Query By: the. i. for. been. brown. fragrance. wind: peppermint. reed. badd. immune. pai. senators. classified. as needed. #... i53
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January 5, 2016

Comments about this video:
Wanna know why they call camels the ships of the desert" because they're full of arab semen".. at least the arabs do not look as ugly as the european. btw: westeners are losers. they lost against farmers in vietnam, iraq, afghanistan. quiet embarrassing. it's clear they were not expecting that it's 577 t-rex or it's the first time they propose it to them !!.
They are shooting a 700 nitro express even professional shooters have trouble hanging onto that gun it is an honest beast of a round. thousand grain shot, these round goes for about 150 bucks so I'm assuming rich Arab guy's shooting for shits and giggles.
my dad went to Thailand and bet in shooting flying objects with an arab guy, my dad won every bet, the awesome part is they are so rich you take all the money you need for your vocation xD.
+Peter M. they look to be shooting several rounds. most smart people work there way up from the monster round of a.577 to the big ass boss of a 700 so they could of shot a.577.
Then that person is an ignorant assholes, I'm just saying that comparing a RPG to this rifle wasn't a valid comparison. The Arabs are extremely brave people, especially the tribes that stand up to Al Qaeda, Talbian and the Islamic State. . The European isn't even shooting the same rifle... He shot one with a black synthetic stock while all the others were brown wooden stocks.... I found it funny.. They are all laughing and now have one arm bigger than the other. That euro guy - show off!! 😜. no most of the problem is that they are not leaning into the the but twith their weight behind it and dont have a proper stance with their weight distributed evenly in a forward osition..most of them are leaning back without any weight behind the gun at all. The full video shows around 5 other Europeans failing as well. So yeah, the uploader is biased. . Yah on the westers think Arabs are pussys And they don't even know there selfs first. Look at ur self first.. +alex3373 yah obama said that he speed it up training isis. So that means that on the wests are terriost .
the guy that posted this video is an idiot let me explain why though!!! the European didn't fire the same rifle 2) the rifle that all arabic people used were old types that have simple mechanisms but hit back hard too.
Here we've got a funny slapstick video and white people gotta make it racist. Why do white people have to ruin everything. if Arab can't shoot, what Europe army make in Arab country how much year need make calm for arab peoples and how much European solders must died for stop war . +Alexander Guerra First, I have to ask how old you are. We can go slowly from there if you are serious.. Terrorism, that's why, I'm just sick of it, well sure, kissing in UAE is illegal is a horrid rule but come on!. If you can find the full video. This guy underloads the first shot so it's nice and weak, then loads the 2nd to full power which is the shot you see in the videos. Everyone is being set-up to fail. The last guy knows to be prepared though and handles it like a boss.. I would shoot it with the same stance as I shoot 7,62x39mm, should be fine even when recoil is 50 times bigger.. +Jyrgenstrator The shitty ass scope poped of and hit right on to my face. Never bought that scope brand again... never .
Haha :D Sorry to hear. The one I shot in my service was military rifle with military scope. Very well made gun and scope. My friend was a sharpshooter and in training they shot 30cm (1feet) wide steelplates at 1300m (I think it's 1500 yards or so)..
I'd like to see the uploader shoot a.700 nitro express better than these "Arabs who can't shoot" If you have seen this whole vid plenty of white guys drop the gun too. . +TheIrishwalrus Whites and Hispanics fail at shooting guns as well. Look up elephant gun fail. Bunch of whites or other races failing hard..
Arab man uses a gun for the first time vs European man already trained on the weapon. lol. Arab warriors who kicking the European Crusaders ass,.
it's a prank show the whole video many whites fail too people are so jealous you loose all your crusades and you always fail to impose your shit ideology of homosexuality to us that's why you bitchin with this crap videos .
No wonder these guys cant shoot, there are 2 problems here: 1) These guys are not soldiers, so they never had training on this 2) Look at how big this fucking weapon is, and dont act as if you could shoot it perfectly I guess the one who made this video is just another fat, racist prick.

Knowing people who are in the military IDK how this fantasy came about that soldiers are expert shooters, they're not, they teach them enough to be proficient a few months training program doesn't make you a sharpshooter. Yeah, this is obviously a beefy round, but an experienced shooter should be able to control it. .
They should stick to flintlocks and milking goats, nice, quiet and relaxing. Leave the artillery for the European. . +Nippleon BonarFart Says the one representing people who have legal child marriage in Goat Fucker run countries..
What's religion got to do with shooting high-recoil guns...Arabs could make a point about creating empires and could say they are superior to black people because black people got enslaved!Race religion etc has nothing to do with the video.!.


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November 2, 2015

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+Zoe B lo que te digo esque ven indecente o pecaminosa si la mujer disfruta el acto sexual (lascivia o lujuria).
+Francesca Randazzo se ve que es muy convencido... no creo que haya sido por eso si no para causar polemica y hacerlo famoso. con la cantidad de árabes que dejan entrar en España y este bombón se va a Mejico...puta vida tete..
tengo un amigo arabe que mas lindo este chico es lindo los árabes son lindo pero son tan machista.

Esta todo delicioso y sabroso..., todo lo q dijo la reportera es de broma pa hacer reir al muchacho no se por que lo toman en serio :S ni que ya le estuviera dando violín por dios.

Sin duda está muy guapo, pero lo importante es que sea sencillo y con su belleza logre algo más que pasarela, sobre todo por la problemática de algunos países árabes y el caso de inequidad con las mujeres de Oriente Medio....
+estefania torres Ellos lo pueden enviar a mi casa también...Yo lo trato con mucho cariño y amistad jejejejeje.
esta guapo, no es el tipico cara de muñequito rubio , pero justamente son sus rasgos arabes lo que le hacen guapo, exotico, ademas tienen un toquesito sexy, esta como para comerselo.
Es realmente guapo, más no se si en el Corán, esto está en alguna de sus páginas. Esto de la expulsión por guapo lo encuentro muy mediático !!. no le echaron de arabia porque era guapo, sino porque tiene un lunar en el ojo, y eso en mi religion ( islam) es sinonimo de mala suerte, evidentemente no es para echarle de el pais los saudis estan mal de la cabeza y yo soy el primero en aceptarlo aunque sea arabe de Marruecos y musulman. las noticias son amarillistas ysensacionalista se como se maneja este pais y no creo que a une lo boten por guapo si es muy parecido y la jente exajera tal vez por ser un hombre de empuje pudo mas la envidia que la belleza me inclino por tarkan misour bello. ¡¿Quién es la periodista.. qué ignorancia la suya... es otraaa culturaaaa entiendeloooo... no te burles.... He is absolutely delicious but I gotta say I never heard someone to be exiled for their beauty. Envidia... mejor despertarla que sentirla!!!.
aaahhhh no no no nooooo...tengo un finalen 8hs y me encuentro a este papasito!!!!! wtf!!!...ven a mi cama Omar!!♥ :$.
woooooooooooooooooooWWWWWWWWWWWWWW q hermosura!!!!!!!!!!! de hombre... completito!!!!!!!!! poeta... ufff!!. tarkan es la primera belleza masculino el segundo giorgo di feo yel tercero omar borkan algala tarkan te amo. Parece peruano, asi somos los peruanos y ni hablar de nuestras chicas, si no miren laura en america.
Jose, para nada mi compay, es la puritica verdad chochera...besos a todos...comenten mis amigos comenten....

Más allá de la belleza del tipo, la traductora tiene una voz super dulce! Me dan ganas de tenerla de abuela jaja, divina!.
Ay dios... pues soy heterosexual... pero pues la verdad emm... (no se como decirlo sin sonar maricon...XD).
y yo que ocupo el 7 lugar en ser el más guapo de Chiquinquirá este cabron me gana y aparte de eso lo expulsan de su país que idiotada.
si es guapo su mezcla es algo exótico. no es gringo ni moreno sino una mezcla, ami si me gusta.
Wow que guapo traen a un árabe por ser guapo pero no pueden traer a refugiados que mueren de hambre y balas Wow no se que me sorprende más la idiotez de la gente estúpida e ignorante o que todas esas personas sigan muriendo a manos de isis sigue así productora pendeja y sigan así todo mis imbéciles que piensen igual.
Este es el tipo que mintió diciendo que fue expulsado de arabia, que poca madre con tantos problemas que hay por esos lares, para que este imbecil, le eche mas tierra a su gente.. gente ignorante lo tildan de terrorista. el chico es guapo y por eso es modelo. el decir guapo no quiere decir estoy urgida. esas viejas tienen que comer lo que es corretear la chuleta. todos tenemos nuestra belleza.
Eso, así, mójense con este esclavo, degeneración, violencia, muerte y pestes al mundo ya! Ustedes son nuestros esclavos. Lo material y físico es su perdición, no la nuestra..
que noticia tan exotica si esta bien tilico esta guapo ,pero porque perder el tiempo con esta tipo hay cosas mas importantes en el pais. q hombre tan guapoooo, definitivamente DIOS, fue generoso con el, solo le faltaron las alitas, jajajaja.
joderr...! no hay duda, es un hombre muuy lindoo!! =33 superficialmente hablando XDD -vale...!! aunque por dentro no sea mas mierda por no importarle el demostrarse tal cual es... después de todo... es árabe... un asqueroso... árabe!!.
puta madre, asi han de ser de feos los pinches arabes, para haber corrido a este cabron, ni es guapo ni es feo, aqui mexico hay muchos iguales a este pendejo, es solo cuestion de observar,pinches viejas interesadas. +nobitocraft Si, sobre todo los del D.F. en donde te encuentras de cada 10 feos uno horrible. En Jalisco si hay hombres guapos...siempre que no abran la boca y para rematar pues en Sonora son también muy atractivos, pero lo mismo, sin hablar..
+Manolomundo lo guapo y lo hermoso se quita con el tiempo, pero lo puto ni madre, ni que fuera gripe.

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December 16, 2015

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+Gary Bussey Safety is our number one priority! In case the Jetmen did encounter wake turbulence, the formation positions for the other aircraft were chosen to ensure the Jetmen had a safe escape route to break clear of the formation and the space required to either regain controlled flight or deploy their parachute. Watch our behind-the-scenes video for more info! :) +XDubai Obviously wouldn't be safe, but it would have been so COOL to see them touch the plane while flying!. +xSkitZx He shouldn't be telling people about basic manners. I agree, though. It kinda makes them seem a bit lazy.. If Emirates wasn't the coolest airline they are now... I mean what airline does something like this. what about oxygen deprivation at those height lack oxygen is common and at that speed it's kinda hard to maintain consciousness and what about gravitational force.
I have a question, someone please help me with this! Why are we still talking shutup and take my money!.

+bushpilot223 no but you said i have lots of cool buildings...built from slave labor...i responded...we dont have any cool buildings in canada...not from slave labor not from anyone...because i am in canada.

+Kylo Ren well yeah mate the method really does work fine, just tested it myself and did over $400 extra so far already I mean simply go watch this tutorial video here: and thank me later on XD.
The success of any great moral enterprise does not depend upon numbers, go HAM with (I G R O C K E T D O T C O M) and enjoy popularity ON INSTAGRAM. well, Now i know that the future is gonna be Awesome as soon as these babies are out on the market and people start getting their jet man licenses.
this reminds me of that mission in Advanced Warfare (COD) doesn't it that mission where u fly on jetpack s and cut of the wings of the plane xD.
Only Reason why i dropped by is to Thumbs Down this footage, i predict this Winged Contraption to be short-lived due to the jet winged/bird-man absurdious concept that does not add up to Match the JB9 jet-Pack Contenders..
Esto es un video de joda! Un boin, para sostenernerce en aire. Precisa una velocidad minima de 210 Kilometros Hora. Con un gasto de combustible de 18 litros por minutos. Los niños que vuela siguiendo la trayectoria de boin. No poseen suficiente combustible para sequir la carera del avion. Ya que el tanque seria demaciado grande para las alas, y comparando con el cuerpo del tripulante...Y otro detalle si vuelan en el muro de empuge de la turbina, Lo desmiembra ya que el empuge de la turbina es de dosmil kilogramos..
if you want to travel or hajj / umrah, take the plane emirates, most comfortable aircraft in the world, in sha allah amin,,,.
In Dubai with the heat, I should image that the increased stall speed of the A380 would have made flying the Jetman's just a little more interesting..

Sometimes they take it from helicopters (I think the fastest it can go is around 250 MPH). But the majority of the time they use a stunt plane..
the refugees can't go there because the security is tight near other gulf countries so their options are to go to Europe. Я не знаю это компьютерная графика или наложение на видео, но если бы это было бы в жизни то этих придурков которые вытворяют такие пируэты рядом с натуральным самолетом надо закрыть в тюрьму и на долго так как они подвергают опасности не только свои жизни но и жизни находящихся людей в данном самолете.. +bilal dani Who gives a damn man.. look at many of the Asian commercials, they speak English there.. +jior6 They aren't gliders, they are jet-powered wings. And the A380 was flying very slowly (for an A380) - perhaps 180 knots. +James Simmons They had a parachute to land, that's why they had that cut off hole in the wings, they also shut off or slowed down the jet suits first. It would be believable if it LOOKED real, but it does not, so... :-p Cutscenes to the airline pilot cinches the fakeness of this..
they are going pretty fast. in the behind-the-scenes Rossy says that they need to be in an extremely good physical shape to withstand the forces also he mentions they can only do around 10 mins at a time.
I been looking at all of you guys comments below, I am a local citizen of United Arab Emirates (UAE) and i have no idea whether you guys been to UAE or not. I suggest you search more about my country before making any sort of judgment about it. Like a person who have never heard of a place called (Mexico), i'd search about it and know what's good and what's bad about it. Thanks for passing by though :).
Coe down amigo. I didnt mean to hurt you or anything, it was only an example ive used. Dont get me wrong porvabor :).
so what what is the point of this ad urging ppl to buy a jetmanOR SAYING JETMAN IS FASTER THAN THE AIRLINER.
+Mor Ch it's Add for Dubai - hottest, sexiest, techiest, coolest place on the planet & Emirates airlines of course, billionaires playground - if I could.

They're humans, not to mention flying, in what the 13th - 19th century would consider witch craft, and the 0th - 20th century said was impossible, oh also around a giant expensive as heck aircraft, over one of the richest cities on Earth. What have you done with your life, these guys invented and did stunts in a jetpack..
Что это блять за ебанутая реклама дубаев Я никогда не поверю что какая то хуйня так летает на 10 тысячах метров Это что за топливо там у него должно быть Пиздешь.. Why didn't they touch the airplane Even just on the tip of the wings. Would've been awesome if they could have. :). افا الطيران الاماراتي والفديو طالع من اعلى الفديوات مشاهده في السعوديه والاجانب مستحلين الكومنتات بحق احتلوووووووووووووووووووووووووووووووو الكومنتات يامعشر العرب.

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October 19, 2015

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Shocking the cost of those interiors. In 2003, I took a personal tour of a 737 BBJ at YVR. The aircraft broker said the interior was $13 million. This is over-and-above the cost of the plane! Boeing doesn't do the actual custom interior work. For that, you must employ the services of a certified completion centre. Fuel is the cheap part. :).

I was in involved with some of the Craftsmanship on the Interior of the 747-400.Custom Fit to perfection....

I would love to shit in every room of that Plane because that's what it looks like anyways... shit..

That's the taste you get when you're one generation removed from sheep herders and oil rich..
Shit if I had $230,000,000 for a 747-400 I would at least decorate the interior to impress me every time I went in..
Arabs and Chinese have the worst taste. I know because I married an Arab and my brother married a Chinese!.

WOW! Just goes to show that money can not buy you class or taste. Horrible horrible aircraft interiors. .

You know you're rich.. when your private jet is a 747! Every time the plane refuels it will cost over $300 grand!.

2 MisterSunson GEZZ. THE FIRST CLASS OF A EMIRATES A380 LOOKS LIKE A MOLDY COACH CLASS TO THIS. nothing against you. after all i do support the american red cross. and ive never had flown in first class befor. BUT DANG..

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January 6, 2016

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+Rabid Raccoon It depends if its an old or rare car as often the parts may not be avalible and if they are it may cost more then the cars value to repair so they write the car off. you can buy the car back from them and repair it yourself with the money you got from the payout. Its a win win either way..
+mr juice Not if it's a Category A or Category B write off. With those there is absolutely no possibility of the vehicle, be it banger or Bugatti, reappearing on the road. It has to be crushed. With a Category B write off, some parts are salvageable though. With Category C and Category D write offs the vehicle is reparable, but not in an economically viable manner. You are most likely referring to a Category D write off, because with those, the parts may be in short supply. As for the car in the video though, Category A write off most definitely..
"Equivalent to 2 cars colliding head-on, whilst both traveling at 120 MPH." Doesn't he mean equivalent to 2 cars colliding head on both traveling 60 MPH in opposite directions, since the concrete block is staying still and the Focus is going 120.
+Ashton B Do you read my comment thoroughly I think he meant 2 vehicles traveling at 60mph in opposite direction colliding head on. In which case you would be wrong lol. The show stated both beg colds traveling at 120mph. If two cars travel at 120mph in opposite directions, the impact would be 240mph. 120mph impact would occur if one car is travelling at 120mph at a stationary vehicle literally implanted into the ground. Upon impact most cars will absorb the shock pushing the stationary object which would further reduce the impact. Thats why most crash tests are done at 40mph since that covers the majority of serious collisions. High speed head on collisions fall into the fatal category and survival is generally very slim to none in any passenger vehicle..
And I am shocked that I have drove several times at 120 MPH and twice at 130 MPH (only 9 MPH less than the cars advertised maximum speed)..
+Trustern Why do I see comments like this on car wreck videos Kids in Bongo Bongo Land can't eat cars as they're made of metal, which is something human teeth cannot penetrate. IT'S METAL!!!! IT'S NOT A MCVITIES HOBNOB!!!!!!.

+CasualGamingTeam agreed 100% but for some people they think because they are behind a computer, phone or whatever they are using they say what they want and people should listen most videos has stupid comments yes but there is no point getting on here to fuss about a joke if you don't like what they say get off YouTube guys I mean really I myself laughed heck the money they use to make these commercials for kids in Africa could be used to feed them if its that bad. brother don't do that...give him a 6 he will be o.k.if you don t' want to loose your 6 i 'll send you my 3... add your 3 too =6 and send it to him...!.!. +Joseph Dinielli He's blowing a "raspberry" with his lips. "flipippipippipipippipipippipip". +Timo Witte I mean in normal cars. Ofc it it way too expensive and unconvient, but would save lifes as fuck. AND, that car wouldnt start without safety belt..
+Gizmoriderful Ye, if you want to see how safe cars can be, study F1. They've proven that almost any crash is survivable if the body is fastened in, the driver pod is crush proof, and the head is protected from flying debris..

+Clorox Bleach I would question the person commenting's IQ, but then again, you're clorox bleach.
crazy how people die like this every year,better yet probably happens once a month...speeding kills m8. +BAN1102 inertia m8...of course speed plays a major roll,everything in this world will once come at a stop. Lol 2 crash test dummies being too expensive for this, but an apparently perfectly good commuter vehicle isn't... but hey... SCIENCE!!!. +Darin Warren You're certainly going out of your way to upset ford owners that make you jealous. :D.
Before anyone thinks it, no, this is not at all the same as two cars going 60mph in opposite directions colliding. Newton's third law basically means there is canceling out of opposing force, and it's even proved in a Mythbusters episode where they showed the damage a car sustains at 60mph into a wall is the same as if the wall is heading in the opposite direction to the car at the same speed of 60mph. There is a canceling of forces, and if both masses are going the same velocity, it's the same as if only one was moving. I know it seems contrary to everyday common sense, but this is why the scientific method works. Sometimes what actually happens is contrary to what our everyday assumptions would assume, and we can use that knowledge we gain using science. If you look at it another way, however, when you see a head on collision and see the absolutely massive damage it can cause, remember: it's the same damage that you'd get just by slamming into a stopped vehicle on the road. So your own speed means everything, and slamming into a stopped vehicle on a highway is that dangerous..
+ultimatenoob3 No, because in either case the car's velocity changes by 120 MPH. It is not about the relative velocity, but the change in velocity.. +Alexa Walker would you feel less bad if they were texting or drinking, Like the fact that they were young and stupid means they deserved to die. +Alex Cherfan the intensity of an accident is only dependant on the acceleration occurring. in a head on collision where both cars are traveling at 60mph, both cars will only decelerate from 60mph to 0 mph. For the driver and for each individual car it would be the exact same as hitting a stationary wall at 60mph. 120mph crash would be the same at hitting a semi truck at 60mph head on where you are accelerated from 60 mph to -60 mph. (where the truck is so much heavier than the car that it pushes you to go 60 in the other direction.) But in a regular head on collision the speed of the other car doesnt matter, only your initial speed, and your final speed.. You can see of what looks like white smoke when it crashes. That's the copious amount of talcum powder they put into the air bag to keep it from sticking to itself from extreme heat. Let me tell you, I've experienced an air bag explosion during an accident. It was not fun. It smells really awful and it takes an extremely long time to dissipate. Weeks after the accident I could still smell it and it continually reminded me of the accident. Not a serious one injury wise. The air bag pushed my arm into the door handle so I had a nasty bruise on my arm for a while, but other than that, I was fine. Do what you can to drive safely, you don't want to experience it if you don't have to.. A more relevant test would be 120 mph head-on into another car to simulate two cars at 60mph into each other. This happens more often than crashing into a solid wall..
+Jack Frost i love his closing statement, so we should be careful when we put our foot down reaching 60mph Two cars colliding at 60mph is the impact of the shock which is more probably than hitting a wall at 120mph as you stated..

+WhatIThinkNation Of course the chances of surviving a 60 mph head on are probably near zero. However, the experiment should be based on the most likely scenario..
I do wonder if the occupants would have felt it for say a few seconds or whether it would have been so instant none of them would be any the wiser not felt nothing at all.
.. i drive in India of speeds from 80 KM/h to 120 KH/h.. i am still alive :D haha. btw.. i have witnessed many crashed but never actually been in one.. :).

All that damage at 120mph but if you crash head on at 60mph with a car doing the same mph the results will be the same now that's SCARY....
"Fastest car crash test that we or anyone else has ever conducted" FALSE Mythbusters have conducted a test at over 500mph in their "Snow plow" experiment. I hear you cry "but that's a moving rocket blade and a static car". Relative speed doesn't care which body is moving. The Fifth Gear test is using a solid, rigid, immovable wall perpendicular to the velocity of travel. While 120 mph may not be uncommon on motorways, a crash with these conditions is uncommon. Closest you will get is a head-on collision with a large truck. Fifth Gear is disingenuous when they say no one else has conducted a test like this. Mythbusters crash was better..
Don't need 120 mph to get this amount of destruction. Happens everyday whenever two vehicles going 60 mph or more collide. Impact force is the same 60 + 60 = 120. No air-bag on earth will save you..
+gehlen52 No mate. Crashing into a wall at 120mph is the same as two vehicles colliding at 120mph. Two vehicles crashing into each other at 60mph is like crashing into a wall att 60mph, assuming that both vehicles are identical..
+Kevin L Just did some research and your right, identical being the key. I try to learn something everyday, thanks. What was confusing at first but actually quite simple is the energy expended by one car will not exceed its own weight and mass, so two cars colliding are pretty much having their own private affair more or less..

For some reason this gave me a really erie feeling. I've driven at those speeds and higher and this does make you think twice about driving that fast for any reason. Even though these are just dummies just seeing how the car ends up is actually terrifying..
+MrSupercar55 It was the M1 mate, the M25 was only completed in 1975 and the 70 limit was introduced in 1965.. At 1:10 into the video, the guy says that this would be like too cars hitting head on, both going 120 MPH. Sorry, 120 MPH into a wall is like two cars going 60 MPH. 60+60=120. I have seen this so many times while traveling in Salt Lake City, prior to their adding barriers between the northbound and southbound lanes of I-15..
why did you not do that with a smart car oh ya probably wouldnt do 120 lmao!! why no angle like the smart car guess your selling smart cars ! i dont really get it real life people do stupid things somtimes other drivers do stupid things so its like be carfull! and dont drive little crap boxes or you will die ! good vid though !.
You could show this every day and it still wouldn't slow the boneheads that think their car and driving is the greatest.. I always thought that traveling at 120 mph would be equivalent to tow cars crashing head on at 60 mph each..
This is not the same as two cars crashing head on at 120mph, It's the same as two cars crashing head on at 60mph. The reason being, both cars will share the impact energy. If you crash in to a concrete block, your car takes all of the impact force. If two cars collide head on the impact force gets shared between them. To the person who mentioned Mythbusters, they revisited that myth and the car crashing in to a concrete barrier at 120mph looked exactly the same as two cars crashing head on at 60mph. The main reason being, while the force is the same, the energy is split between two cars rather than one car absorbing all of the impact energy..

hit 130 on the daily on my zx6r hahaha. it's crazy that a vehicle that weighs a ton can be smashed to half it's size in the fraction of a second.
this is so fucking scary. Picture yourself going q20 in your car and then hear g the tires screech, losing control, and then everything's black... makes you wanna never go over 70.
They would fill it with water. This forces any remaining gas out since it floats. As well as takes up the air space that gas would have evaporated into. Gas vapor is much more explosive than liquid gas..
Insurance Company: "No problem, we can fix that with a 'small loan of a million dollars'!". Wouldn't this simply be the same as TWO cars in a head on collision...each driving 60 miles per hour Forgive my lack of understanding when it comes to physics.. The real tragedy of this video was the haircut of the announcer. He looked better with the wig than without it..
Shit, that hits close to home, this. It's not real, and it's very unlikely to happen, but imagine higher speeds.
a couple months back 2 yobs drove, while high on drugs and whatever else, straight into a junction wall at 90mph both killed instantly, the footage is actually on YouTube if you want to see it, things like this does happen but only to the influenced or stupid..

+korie gocha Some people will do that when they're not looking at what they're doing like you :D.
I really cant wait until we evolve or something or someone even some alien to show our world another way to live and be happy,caring of others etc..
Wtf fake impact noise and what a waste why ruin a nice car with rims!better off giving it to a family in need..

what i dont understand is what he said about 2 cars hitting each other at 120 mph... if two cars going 60 mph hit each other head on it is equivalent to a single car hitting a wall at 120 mph.. so for us to know what its like for two cars at 120 without using 2 cars you would have to hit the wall at 240 mph with a single car.. js.

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January 9, 2016

Comments about this video: -> Advanced Keywords and Competitors Research Tool

December 21, 2015

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yes bee are fun from a former nyer now i get to play around with Africanized bee where i live at but they are just as cool as the honey bee you have in ny. My obese cousin managed to make the most incredible pole dancer I've ever seen fall for him because he cheated by using the Cupid Love System (Google it). It's bad but I wish I found myself pleased for him but I wish an amazing person would fall in love with me. I am really envious. Does that mean I'm a bad human being.

The Pot Of Wisdom: People come into your life for a reason..

November 20, 2015

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It was absolutely an amazing supercar year! I'm almost finished with the 2014 compilation, till now you watch latest best of supercar sounds, including the Lamborghini Veneno, Pagani's, Koenigseggs and many more!.
Need some monday morning motivation Watch this 1 hour special of Best of Supercar sounds 2013! Video here:
Fhberhftyffhurtuj4egjl.ftxrhftdfgxbhjfeyytdhihfghuduigvv5 $$$$$^&&!%!% 5&^(€_€¥&&;&&just the way. The may.
I don't like ferraris becasue enzo was a knob.Lamborghini is my favorite.A mate of mine has the gallardo and its really fast.Gearchange is instant and really good grip with the for wheel drive and it sound really nice.I'v got an M6 but the lambo beats it hands down..
was watching drag racing videos on YouTube and then they put this shit on how fucking lame after watching drag racing.

I feel great listening to the sounds pf an accelerating super car, particularly the high-pitched sound of a Ferrari..
So this guy in the comments in another video is telling me that "electric cars are the future" and "not everyone likes the sound of a petrol engine" and I linked him this and said "if this doesn't get you amped up, then you're not a car fan." Plus, not all people will accept driving all EVs, especially gear-heads. And especially oil companies. LONG LIVE THE INTERNAL COMBUSTION ENGINE!!!. C'mon people Bugatti's are very Crappy cars except the old ones. the Veyron's are horrible though. 4:47 the BMW sounds better :).
Wow! The spoiled brats got their play, let's see how how how their new lambo does without money! Communists! Need to be touch!.

Ich bin mir sicher, dass sich Enzo Ferrari gerade im Grabe herum dreht. Diese ganze Kacke von neureichen, die Frerrari gekauft hat finde ich ekelhaft. Ein Sportwagenbauer der tot ist, und eine Marke die im Dreck endet. Viva Ferrari anciano..
Hello conaisseurs! Just a quick question. Why do Ferraris sound silent before pushing down the pedal to a certain level I mean the sound just bursts out after reaching the 2000rpm mark. Interested in cars Follow _exotic_performance_cars on instagram now for all the newest, and craziest cars on the marketplace! there are even competitions and prizes to be won.
Not everybody can afford a Supercar. For those that can't, just buy you a Chevy Super Sport with a 454 big block and you smoke the competition..

+Ethan Corrigan you're an idiot a 454 is a chevy motor. It came in a chevelle ss. Why you trying to say put it in a real car when you said exactly what he said..
+brendan shores Well i dont really get it, your calling me an idiot for putting a 454 in a Chevelle Id rather buy a regular Chevelle and then put a 454 in it instead of finding a ture SS for too much money. And i hope you realise h's talking about the new Chevy Super Sport, its not a variant of anything it is its own car.. Search - The New York Times

January 11, 2016

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على العكس باين انه فلله ههههههههههههههههههههههههههه ملينا من اللي مسوين نفسهم كوميديا وزحمة مثل التمساح وايش اللي وغيرهم وهم بالاساس نظامهم يا سب بهالعالم او قلة ادب. Search - The New York Times

October 22, 2015

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Like 70's muscle cars and NA V12 super cars, we now can look back at the glory days of Top Gear and wish they were still being made.
+R Bax I'm sure that data is highly dependent on in where it's gathered, so somewhere "Person.'s" claim may be right..
"It is possible that this claim is true somewhere, therefore it is unreasonable to consider the claim invalid until it is supported." Sure, it could be true. Sure, it could be dependent on location. Neither of those claims have been supported. The only support for the initial claim was faulty. I would happily agree with the initial claim if it was supported by something reasonable. The point is not to win, the point to to come to the best conclusion..
Hey!! The yugo is the best hypercar in the history of humanity faster than an agera r and more handable than a P1.

Watch it through the Web browser instead of the mobile YouTube app version. Don't worry I have that same problem too....
+Ryan Cork Yes they took price into consideration as well. Awful cheap cars were not included because they're cheap anyway, so can be expected to be awful..
50% of comments are idiots who juge car bad just because they don't like the design or they are not races cars... for exemple, one idiot said.. Prius is the worst car.. because he donc like the look or the sound... that's typicaly idiot comment.. a prius is reliable, safe, strong, useful, easy to resell in second hand and keep good price even with many kms... that mean, it is a good car..
+loo lolo It's a good car, sure, but it's nothing more. It's the embodiment of the "I hate cars, but need one to get around" millennial attitude. While I can certainly understand that mentality, I don't really respect it..
+loo lolo it's not safe at all (A-B pillars completely obstructing your view), it has a sub par gas mileage for a hybrid, it looks like a complete piece of shit, because of the batteries its really harmful of the environment, and it does not resell at all. pretty good contender for the worst car in the world..
what car does jeremy clarkson like that can be afforded by most people but thats also cool and sproty. Spoiler: they voted the Lexus as the worst car. mainly because of its price/resale value and the fact it always had a problem or two..
once again Clarkson and his his pets had to play with car most people will never get into the seat off. This man does not get. people want to know about cars that they can afford. yes it OK to have some fun but let's make it realist as well..
In general,Us cars have the same reputation as China cars. But the worst car in history must be the one Homer Simpson designed...
+Emanuel Muresan The cars made by the USA are literally just the best. No one else can make them as good, not even the engines. In fact even Germany was taking notice about America's engines and cars back in the 1930's/40's where there was literally a trade between the 2 countries for America's engines. Even the people who designed the Tank engines were all based off America's engine designs. They were that good back in the day, and still are today. Just look at Ford, Chevy, General Motors, Chrysler, and so many more it's just amazing. .
+Person. Maybe once upon a time! Now try to find out what made Chrisler fail and being bought by FIAT. And how FIAT paid for it: engine projects. The FIAT Multijet technologies for diesel engines (FIAT was the inventor of the common rail diesel, look it up) are amazing. And there are other of excellence in Europe and Asia in engine quality. Now the USA are good only in the electric field..
What safety features...LOL It was about $5000 back in 1986 new. Back then there was nothing that had airbags or abs brakes. My brother ended up getting into an accident and rolling it 4 times. He got out unscathed. It was built like a tank with strong steel..
+kuffs06 I've seen some head-on collisions in that thing that were nasty. But I'm sure it was the perfect car to just hop into and drive lol. Not having to worry about pot holes or anything..
My vote goes to Lada 2105. Worst PoS imaginable. Not from a manufacturer that should know better, though..
the worst car I've had was a Jaguar x-type. transmission constantly in limp mode, ABS lights that wouldn't go away no matter what I replaced, check engine lights of course, the rust oh my god the rust. what makes a car the worst car after owning that one was the fact that it seemed to be unfixable the rocker panels got So bad it became a lost cause, and it was the first car that I actually couldn't afford to keep running and on the road. ended up selling it due to the inability to get it to pass inspection. we drive Volvos now. +Person. maybe, but I often buy cars that need things and then fix them up. most cars can be nursed back to health. I've never seen such a new car with such bad rust hidden under it behind the side skirts and so dependent on dealer diagnostics.
I would vote the Camaro's of the 80',s absolute retched dog shit to look at, and so incredibly inefficient for the size. That or the 2006-2010 Audi A4, completely disaster from front to back..

Why didn't you face the BMW M5 against the MODERN American equivalents I'll tell ya why, they would out run the M5 several times.
+Minecraft Racer They probably wouldn't outrun the BMW 5 Series in any way. If they did, it would only be in a straight line, not in the way it handles, looks, reliability, build quality, emissions, fuel efficiency, and depreciates. American made cars are terrible. It's a well known fact.
I love how a few people in the comments say that BMWs are the worst cars and never drove a '03 Nissan Micra... that thing BLOWS..
+Asada “BlacLord” Coehlo I test drove 20 different superminis before I bought my current car, including a Nissan Micra from that era. And it was one of the most uncomfortable pieces of shit out of that entire group. Granted, the Kia Pride was worse, but I was happy to get out of the damn thing and back in a decent car.. worst car in history oh there are many, you just have to see if the words "made in china" are anywhere in the manual.
I thought they were going to tell us their opinion of the worst car in the world. I didn't realize this was a trailer. Has anyone seen it What car did they label as the WOAT.
+Vic Pownall - They give their reasoning behind their choice. Mainly it had to be a car from a company that should know better..
Daewoo Espero. I owned one for a couple or years until I blew the second headgasket in one year. But also in the years previous to that, it never, ever was without defects for a single day. I drove like a dream though, when it was willing to, which was not too often..
You gotta be shitting me :0 It's the430 They are so right lol... The 430 and the convertible solara are the worst cars ever :). It all depends with... What is "worst" Worst Design Worst Drivebility Worst Reliability . "We can't see that hat" "oh it was a great touch, quick get some dogs in and have him look down at one of them!" "Yes! We can see the hat! Mission accomplished!".
Which is the worst car in the world people I came here just typing toyota century one of my favourite japan cars. I did not watch this documentary of Top Gear..
it's cute how hard British people try so hard to put down American-made products when Americans couldn't care less about British-made products or culture. #wahwelostthewar. You just dont know how to drive a Lincoln. My MK V was the best car I ever owned! It takes a Lincoln Man to drive a Lincoln. 😤.
I know that this is a different topic but the Ugliest Cars on the Planet are Lexus which are Toyota's. Lexus are hideous, vile and are abomination's especially the newer model's. They have always been ugly but now they are grotesque..

+Jimmy Andazola yeah yeah you are the people who knows a only one guy who hates lexus or another brand, and just pull all shit in the head. Lexus is a extremely great brand with no that subjetive expensive shit like "history, expensive brand, country where is made, classy... etc" with a superb tecnology very close to mercedes, but very reliable, that girl have a problem you know what is the 1% or less of owners. In my circle of people I mean 6 lexus, 5 are old and the other is a GS450H... and NOBODY HAVE A PROBLEM!!! My friend have a LS400 1999 with 490.000 miles... a lots of reving with abuse... is a guy not a old father. You can buy a merc, bmw, vw... and visit the mechanic all months. Sorry but a hurt fanboy. I hate fiat and peugeot... but LEXUS cmon! You have a Roll Royce or what.
UK autos SUCK! How many people keep and restore a british made car NONE ! And the reason being, they're not worth keeping around because for the most part their blah and inferior. The narrator here is an idiot.. +michael jagger Yeah my older sister loves the old vintage jags. She has all the money in the world but loves the old jags..
I feel so bad for you sir. Please, may our Lord and savior, the Ferrari F40, not diminish you to dust..

Considering price and brand: 2008 Maybach 57/62 Mercedes V251 R Class (2006- ) 2005 Chrysler PT Cruiser Cabrio 2003 Chrysler crossfire BMW X6 and SPOILER ALERT: Lexus SC430..
Idk why everyone hates the crossfire. I don't LOVE it, but it isn't that bad. I hate Honda crosstours..
so, you guys hate prius. prius is hybrid, just like la ferrari, mclaren p1. some is electric, just like tesla. front wheel drive, all hatchback fwd. the shape, not to bad actually. great mpg. it's expensive to buy, but cheap to run. it have share wheels with the gt-86 cause prius wheels are great to drift. i'm not prius fans, but you shouldn't hate prius..
ignorance all over the place...yea cars like the p1 are hybrids but they use that technology to INCREASE the internal combustion while cars like the prius use the technology to DECREASE the internal combustion. they are no where near alike. for what it is its way overpriced. and yea they use the tires from a prius on a gt86 cause the grip is so awful you can slide it without putting to much effort into it. and yes the shape is awful it looks like an egg.. There were loads of cars that weren't German on that, what about the Lexus LFA, the Ferrari 458, the Saab and all the others too.

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