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  • January 28, 2016

    Comments about this video:
    I put my clothes in a gallon zipblogbag it works really will itr keeps the clothes you are wearing for the day and you can fit a lot more stuff. We are going to the Philippines :) I was trying to convince my mum to let me use the big suitcase but she said no. She told me to either use the small one or share the suitcase with them, so I went for the small one hahaha. And I had no idea on how to pack my clothes and everything in that tiny suitcase. I'm glad I found this video :) Thanks for the big help :D.
    Thanks a lot for this helpful information! I was always missing my errands, shopping and many other simple things in life and the result is that, all used to make fun of me and i was called almost a looser! luckily, one of colleague introduced me to "listall" mobile app by lokesh which helps in managing 8 different and important type of lists in life. Now, I am much more organized and people now call me effective person! I cant believe it.

    Yep, rolling does work but I don't use a commercial wrinkle remover, spray a water mist or hang the clothes in the shower, let the steam work its magic! Great vid!.
    i tend to fold nice and neatly, but were going to virginia tomorrow and coming back sunday and heading out to savannah georgia on munday till thursday so im gonna take your advice and roll it up.
    Folding your weed, versus rolling it! There is no alternative if you want to smoke it. (Infomercial cut to a person trying to smoke folded weed and failing horribly). You ladies are great!.
    Vacuum sealed bags are great but it's not guaranteed that you'll have access to a vacuum when your packing for your return flight so it's important to be wary of that.. I once traveled two months in India without any extra clothes. I would just wash my shirt pants and underwear in the hotel sink when they became dirty, and then sleep naked. In the morning my clothes would be clean dry and good as new. . Rachel traveled light through Cambodia, Vietnam and India with the same method! Though, she definitely packed a few extra items of clothing. :). When I go traveling and my clothes wrinkle then if have a flat iron then I'll use that and my clothes go wrinkle free.
    it doesnt work for me with jeans and sweatpants...they are just TOO BIG...that's why i got compress bags...vacuum them all :D.

    i fold, then use plastic bags to compress..and voila! doubles as packing cubes for less. and triples as laundry bags.. total economic awesomeness! :D.

    thanks for the tips you guys I never rolling my clothes only folded them am planning traveling in summer vacation when college is over .

    ranger roll for t shirts and socks, stuff shoes with socks and under wear,bundle jeans and pants (bundle when ure going, roll when ure coming back) u always come back with more clothes than wt u took :p .
    I always do a mix of folding and rolling, and I stuff my socks and undies into my shoes to save even more space.. It is funny i have always rolled my clothes and i love it i try to tell people that it is a great idea but they mostly say thats it is a strange idea my response is its strange but it works but any ways i think this is a very helpful video loved the intro to made me chuckle .

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  • January 20, 2016
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    Raspberry Ketone Plus Reviews - Evolution Slimming
  • January 27, 2016
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  • January 14, 2016
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    Review of Probiotic Supplements and Kefirs
  • January 16, 2016

    Comments about this video:
    I tried this method before and it's only fine for socks, underwear and syntethic t-shirts. For the rest, the saved space should to be used to get an iron with you as the cotton clothes have terrible wrinkles..
    +Von Malegowski what is the best way to fold a jersey and I have like around 500 of my moms clothes that i want to save...anyway to minimize it.

    +kntwing Shorts can be done just like the jeans, they just won't need to be rolled up as much. Underwear can be placed on a shirt and rolled up inside..
    after all that what happens if airline lose your check in bag could take days to get i back no carry on bag . I'm a student so I have books to carry as well... Is there any tutorial for that Like books and clothes in one luggage.... For the girls cut the elastic waist band off tights, pop socks, and socks when old and use as elastic bands for anything you like. Cut left over tights into thin strips use one as a hair band, tie up plants in the garden literally can be used for anything where string is needed.. I found really healpfull! For now, let's just hope I manage to maintain my luggage inside the 25kg limit :P.
    This really helped!! I think I'll do this as an everyday routine because I think that it is such a cool way to fold cloths.

    All right. Screw packing cubes then. This just gave me the idea. Oh look! You can even fold your jewelry and travel bath products into it..
    Brilliant video thanks, I'll be trying to pack better for my upcoming trip... Loved the dog, he's like Oh No, here goes my Master packing again :-) . You could put both feet of the socks together in the roll, so you don't waste time looking for the right match..
    awesome guidetips: you should put the socks on the t-shirt insted of a elastic, this way you will make sure to have clean socks. also put a underwear on the t-shit, to always have one clean..
    Try Comfortably Collared shirts on Amazon - easy to pack, and perfect new idea for shirts under a sweater. Basically an Under Amour shirt with a collar and cuffs..
    He could have still fit all of those items in after they were unfolded. Didn't seem worth it at all.
    +CmanCorporations If you noticed when he first opened the bag it was not bulging and everything was neat and accessible. Afterwards he had to push everything down and it was a tangled mess. So yes it was worth it.. I don't have a closet in my room, but no have a little dresser with drawers for underwear etc. It is really small, and most people wont use it for clothing. But my socks take in way too much space. Ill roll them up :). +Gediminas Jesinas Only if they see something in your clothing that looks suspicious. In other words don't fill your clothes with weed or cocaine.. This video is the best way to pack I counted over 30 items maybe more. This person was or is military. I roll up one sock then put it in the other then roll that as well so I don't have a sock that's missing it's pair. That's a amazing idea thanks for the suggestion I'm gonna use that when I sleep over at a friends house!!👍🏼👍🏼. Used this method to pack my clothes into a duffle bag and it worked splendid. Thank you for the video.. As a person who travels a lot for business, there's no way I'd fold clothes like that. It's space efficient, but it's way too time consuming - both the packing and the unpacking since you're going to have to iron everything. I just don't have time for it.. Interesting. I also roll my clothing, but I do not fold them at the end. I will try this when I travel next time. Here's my tip (especially for check-in baggage): After rolling up your clothing, put them against the interior walls of the luggage, like a barrier. Then put more valuable and breakable stuff in the middle, such as laptop, camera lens, glass or liquid container, etc. If necessary, surround and divide these stuff individually with more rolled or clothing to prevent them from bumping against each other. I also lay some rolled or folded clothing at the bottom (I like to use pants personally) as barrier before putting other stuff in. Hope this helps.... you can make it even more compact by rolling a tshirt with a boxers and pair of socks into 1, boxers go on the tshirt you roll them up with the socks place on the top, when it's rolled up you can cover the rolled tshirt with your socks.
    Thanks for providing this service to your fellow human beings, your video and videos like it helped me to better pack my belongings for a big trip!.
    Thanks for the tip. I wonder how I can fold a leather and expensive jacket, and a expensive dress, please::::I need to pack very soon, so it is urgent, thank you. Hope you found out. Most of these folds had very similar pattern. So try making something similar. Might be too late though..
    Your video is fun:p Check out my channel let me know what you think of it Have a gsunnyreat day! Subscribe if you like it thanks.

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  • January 24, 2016
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  • January 17, 2016
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  • January 18, 2016
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  • January 26, 2016

    Comments about this video:

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  • January 25, 2016
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  • January 23, 2016
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  • January 15, 2016
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  • January 22, 2016

    Comments about this video:

    Acaiultima - Male Size Enhancement - Dec 25, 2015
  • January 21, 2016

    Musili capsules - Buy Products In Vito Mol - Jan 4, 2016
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  • 05 April 2016

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  • 04 April 2016
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  • 30 March 2016
    Beware of
    Resveratrol: Benefits, Side Effects & Dosage -
  • 28 March 2016

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    Updates & service packs - Microsoft Download Center
  • 31 March 2016
    Anti aging supplement that work. Make your body and skin feel younger with herbal medicine. Resveratrol Ultima pills contains best natural antioxidant. i5
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  • 29 March 2016
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  • 02 April 2016
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  • 27 March 2016

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    Resveratrol Ultima - FAQs
  • 03 April 2016
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  • April 30, 2016

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  • April 25, 2016
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  • April 21, 2016
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  • May 01, 2016
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  • April 26, 2016

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  • April 22, 2016
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    Trans-resveratrol, a phenolic compound present in wine, has been reported to be a potential cancer chemopreventive agent. However, although it has numerous biol
  • April 29, 2016
    Resveratrol is a natural antioxidant found in red wine. Antioxidants... Peanuts also contain a small amount of resveratrol. i6
    Where to Buy Resveratrol in Canada
  • April 27, 2016
    resveratrol ultima depression i7
    Health Tips From The Professor The Benefits of Resveratrol...
  • April 28, 2016

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  • April 23, 2016
    Clinical Pharmacology of Resveratrol and its Metabolites... i9
    Where to buy Resveratrol in Canada. Anti-aging and weight loss supplement. Research on Resveratrol has shown that it helps the muscles absorb more glucose.
  • July 12, 2016

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  • July 14, 2016
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  • July 08, 2016
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  • July 09, 2016
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  • July 10, 2016

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  • July 05, 2016
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  • July 06, 2016
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  • July 13, 2016
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  • July 15, 2016

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  • July 07, 2016
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  • August 12, 2017

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