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December 22, 2015

Comments about this video:
One of Reese's first films, as well as the first film I saw her in. Larry Drake plays the Delivery man in the film and he also played Dr. Giggles. Basically, from Doctor killer to Delivery killer ; ). I've seen this movie one time but I did not know that was Reese Witherspoon.I think she looks waaaay hotter on here than she is as a blond..

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January 1, 2016
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December 18, 2015
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December 25, 2015
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December 24, 2015

Comments about this video:

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December 19, 2015
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December 29, 2015
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December 27, 2015
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December 20, 2015

Comments about this video:
Amazon is kind of pissing me off right now i ordered something yesterday and got one day shipping. I go to look today it wasn't there, I was confused so i went and checked online. It said it was coming at 8:00 PM but when i tracked the package it said it was coming tomorrow. Now normally i wouldn't be too mad because it was only a day but i paid an extra $15!!!.
I already know the ins and outs. This concept will fail. A company called same day delivery isn't even worth it. Any questions inbox me. Merchants are another problem..
I ordered a package and I selected the one day shipping and it takes 3 days to get here. Does that mean if I order the package and select the one day shipping they are able to have it ready that fast or what because I'm kinda confused about it. Such bull crap I paid like 25 bucks and my package isn't coming in until 5 days after I ordered it!.
Available in seven - yes, SEVEN! - US cities. If you were ever thinking of moving to Indianapolis, this will certainly sweeten the deal. What are you waiting for Hurry before the drones get there, first!.

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December 23, 2015
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December 28, 2015
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December 30, 2015
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December 21, 2015

Comments about this video:
Question is when they deliver the package. I shipped something out via USPS in overnight and one day. Two packages, both packages took 3 days and just made an excuse of weather. As far as UPS and FedEx, both delivered during their promised time period. (Both day and what time during the day). i have to say. if you are sending the package over night it has a priority. which means it probably doesn't matter price. am i right. 2 whocaresnow2 I had someone on my route receive something that felt like 5 gold bricks by priority. The box was approx 1.5'x1'x4" & it was close to 50lbs. and it got there in TWO thats 2 days. The postal service has a gaurentee by noon delivery or your money is refunded. If you dont send an express out before the cutoff time it will be a two delivery (4pm, but it usally makes it there the next day anyways) USPS also uses signature image caputre and signature waiver, if the sender chooses. Ive noticed that ups charges 2x for services such as ceritifed mail. A service that the USPS carries out. Just a lil FYI ;). 2 MR2Nutts your wrong! i have ordered/sent so many times priority mail 2-3 days from NYC to AZ,CALI,WA basically the whole west coast and it takes 5 days! always! not 3 days, maybe somtimes but it is rare, there are zones...second UPS take better care and updates your package and no extra charge for signature! and its comes to your door at your time. The best USPS program is USS look at shipituss com Pack it, Print it, Ship it from the convenience of your home or office with our user-freindly easy to use web-based shipping system.. I dont understand everyone is saying USPS is fast but i have waited 4 days and when i tracked the package i bought it was still at the office that it was handed to in the usa. im not sure if its something to do with the trackers they have, but WOW that seems really slow if a object doesnt even move a inch in 4 days lol ahwell hope it gets to england, be great if it could arrive before i turn 100 years old though :) .
2 blackjac5000 Yep. I'd be pretty pissed my parents thought it would be a good idea to name me Stacy however. :).
i'm really pissed off. i bought something on the internet with fedex overnight shipping and i still haven't gotten it since yesterday. it's been like exactly 24 hours and if i dont have it tomorrow morning i'm never using fedex again..
2 blackjac5000 Yeah man. The post office is vilified. But in no way do they operate entirely off of sales. They have to be subsidized because they have to compete with the private sector but are legally not allowed to compete. It's a stupid situation..
2 XLR8OR100 Wrong! UPS and FedEx are nearly penny for penny the same for list rates. Now keep in mind that if you are online comparing UPS and FedEx rates and are NOT using your account number, you will be quoted on "counter rates", which are higher than list. Oh, and you do not have to be a rocket scientist to figure out that if you call FedEx/UPS customer service and ask to have your rep call you, they will more than likely give you a generous discount on general principle. .
And here's something most people don't know about UPS and FedEx...those two companys drop off pallets of packages to Post Office to deliver for them! The next time you find a UPS or FedEx package at your house, look to see if it says: USPS on it ANYWHERE and or if it has a USPS tracking or Delivery Conformation bar code on it! If any of those three things are ANYWHERE on that package, the POST OFFICE delivered it!.
The reason why many will pay more for UPS / FedEx is because USPS frequently loses packages. I will never send critical documents via USPS again. I've been hosed twice already.. I just ordered a $900 value from USA to Canada using UPS and I was charge $180 tax fee. USPS will never charge me this much. So for you people who wanted to ship internationally use USPS to avoid high tax fee.. What, ya'll never heard of Stacy Keach the actor, or Stacy Andrews the American football player, or Stacey Blades the Canadian guitar plater, or Stacy Compton the NASCAR driver, or Stacy Jones the American musician, or Stacey King the American basketball player, or Stacy Roest the hockey player I'd be questioning a name like Frank Zappa's kids. Dweezil, Moon Unit, Ahmet Emuukha and Diva Thin Muffin Pigeen Zappa. You can call me anything you want but Late For Supper. . 2 Allante715 "USPS does not rely on taxpayer money and is completely self-sufficient" Oh BS! . You're a liar and the truth AIN'T in you. A package to Iraq for less than 30 dollars. You goin to hell for that..
Thats why usps is not making money and costing taxpayers billions just like most of the other businesses they do. They are paying there workers much more than the others, there is no way they will ever make money. They are under cutting ups and fed ex. Something I don't think the governments should do. They should run it as a real business and if its not making the money get rid of it or change it. I wonder if dmv is making money or losing it.
SORRY ABOUT THAT FIRST Comment. I was reading a Web Site and I accidently Copyed that by Mistake. THAT'S MY BAD. SORRY ABOUT THAT. It will NEVER HAPPEN AGAIN. NEVER!!!!!!!!.
Obviously Stacy isn't a rocket scientist here. The reason (which he failed to mention) that people use Fedex and UPS is that they get a tracking number, proof of delivery and more than just "hope" that the package arrives on time. They also get to pick when it gets there instead of "when it's convenient for the Post Office". I guess if you don't care about whether or not your package actually arrives at the right place at the right time, you can ship USPS everytime..
They mentioned absolutely nothing about if the postal service actually got the parcel there in time...Nothing going through the postal service has a guarenteed arrival date. I don't know too much about FedEx, but anything going through UPS has a guarenteed arrival date and it is more expensive but you really do get what you pay for. Superior tracking, automatic insurance of 100 dollars and if your package doesn't arrive on time or at all you can get a refund. Funny how they left that out.. For 200 years the Postal Service, formerly known as U.S MAIL has always operated to break even. Not make a profit. It was a fully government agency that provided a public service. In the past 20 years or so, some college uneducated idiots decided that the postal service can run at a profit. That's when the greed and problems arose. When bonuses and promotions are involved people can turn into devils and that is exactly what upper management has turned in to. I challenge you to work 1 day and see. If you are a big shipper you don't pay the same price at ups and FedEx we don't want the people shipping one book. The post office is set up for that..
My shipping company can beat parcel post prices with FedEx or UPS to many destinations in the United States. Why pay more for a lower quality US Mail service without tracking or free insurance when you could send your shipment with FedEx or UPS with tracking, guaranteed delivery, and $100 of insurance for less .

2 blackjac5000 WOW!!! If their funding comes from 100% of postage sales they would have declared bankruptcy decades ago. The Post Office operates at a loss. Think about sending a 40 cent letter from the US to Hawaii...that kind of prcing won't survive in the private sector. If it did you would see UPS or FedEx adopt this. One could start by stopping the Congress-mandated pre-funding of retirement, a burden no other government has to fulfill..
Check the internet and you will see that letter carriers are the eyes and ears of your neighborhood. We save lives every day. When your mail starts to build up, we are the ones that check up on you to make sure everything is fine. When we don't see you for a couple of days, we knock on your door to check on you. We know your pattern even if you don't know you have one. The next time you see you Mailman freezing his nuts off or sweating his ass off give him/her a kind word. It means a helluva lot.
2 jeremy8080 WRONG! USPS does not rely on taxpayer money and is completely self-sufficient. Sure they have a monopoly on first class mail but that is not what this video is about. If you dont like USPS, then feel free to spend more money for UPS or Fedex. I personally use UPS or Fedex for more expensive, heavier items while USPS is great for smaller items. USPS is faster and cheaper but their tracking leaves something to be desired..
2 nockturnal13 WHAT ! What did the TITLE say It said OVERNIGHT. How's that not time sensitive Express Mail is overnight ie. Time sensitive..
You must be a complete total retard, or just ignorant in general. Im willing to bet you are just a retard. I do not know ONE single person who has ever had a problem with UPS. FedEx on the other hand, pretty much my entire family has had problems with, and at least 30-40 people I know have bitched about FedEx before. And SLOW Are you joking I sent a package to IRAQ and it got there in less than a week, and it cost me $30!!!! Cant get any better than that. Go complain to your mommy..
I ordered something and USPS sent my package to the wrong country (I'm in the continental US, how do you screw that up), and soon got to me over one month late. USPS is the worst shipper ever, never use it.. 2 PapaNBones The USPS lost $2.2 billion this quarter. The $15 billion line of credit the feds have offered will be used up by the end of the year. USPS expects $42 billion of losses over the next 4 years! Even worse there's a bill by Maine senator's to toss $50 to $75 billion life raft to the USPS. I think i know what I am talking about. That's all TAXPAYER MONEY!!!!!!!. For all of you people talking smack about the USPS workers, know this. When 1 letter carrier calls out sick it affects the whole delivery day. You don't know this because we as carriers are very very good at our jobs and we make it look easy. The problem is the Management personnel who do absolutely nothing. If one of them don't come to work it does not affect anything at all. The USPS can run itself. Trim the fat from the top and you won't believe how much money we will be able to save..
Pricewise, USPS can't be beat for small packages because every address in the US gets daily mail delivery, whether you're a huge business or a loner in a shack. Note that their "large" flatrate box is only 12x12x6. For large packages, stay away from USPS. You don't save any money and the retards at some post offices tend to misplace them. I shipped a guitar to a buyer in TX and it took 4 months to arrive... apparently it had been sitting in the stockroom since day 3..

From a business point of view we use FedEx. Using the postal service (USPS) has many hurdles. Of course this year they have created their flat rate boxes, but if you are using any other packaging or need express or overnight we have to send an employee to the post office as the carriers are only allowed to pick up "flat rate boxes" and mail under 13 ounces. Who has time to go to the Post Office and stand in line The post office has to mimic UPS/FEDEX for real success. .

USPS is the best firm for mail delivery in the world USPS ships your package of 20 ounces 8000 miles for 10 bucks Plus all USPS employees are happy to work for USPS.

2 DEEPGNOSTIC you literally have no idea what youre talking about.. the only thing you said correct was that the post office is cheaper.. .
And if you use FedEx, good luck on getting that package!!!!! I've used all three of these and have only used FedEx twice and had major problems both times. On my way to pick up my package at FedEx after the driver "couldn't find my address" although they had no problem last week when they just ran to the door put a sticker on it and ran back to the truck and left. I'm VERY easy to find in town and any GPS CLEARLY shows my address. Customer service and manager unconcerned.... 2 MR2Nutts Yeah, the only problem is that if it's a normal-sized package USPS is even worse. USPS loses the most packages out of the three, and their shipping can be as slow as three to four weeks. Not only that, but their tracking system leaves a lot to be desired. If it's for letters or small packages with a weight of less than 1 pound, you'll be better served by USPS Priority or First-Class. Their shipping cost on packages more than two pounds is higher than either UPS or FedEx.. 2 DrHogfan Time sensite is something that has to be there by 10:30 am such as fedex priority overnight ot First overnite by 8:30 am or standard overnight by 2:00p.m. the USPS does not have "TIME COMMITMENTS" they gurantee next day delivery. not by a specific time just a specific day... don't believe me next time you goto the post office ask them....
I do not know why people still use UPS. It is a big rip-off and the arrival time is slow. Comparing USPS Priority Mail to UPS Ground, USPS is twice as cheaper and 2-3 times faster. Ground takes 7 days and Priority Mail takes 2-3 for arrival anywhere in the 48..

USPS I GOT A PACKAGED shipped to me from 7 miles away. but it had to go north 150 miles to grand rapids only to return 150 miles south to be deliverd. and you wonder why they are going broke .
yeah i know i was ordering these speakers and ups charged 20 bucks shipping in 3 days and fedex charged 53 in 3 days...i was like funk that lol. Priority is no good because they do not scan the mail when they take possession of it. Therefore, if it gets lost or damaged the insurance is useless.. i bought a package from alabama and i live in new york.. the package was sent friday morning today is sunday... you think i will have it by monday or tuesday.
The customer service rep called me to tell me that they could not find my address at 815 am, I answered the phone and talked with her, not a message. I went out front and foolishly waited for an hour for delivery then called her back. She said that he is not coming back and the package would be delivered 4 days later d/t holiday weekend. I asked when I could pick up the package and she said 730pm when the driver is back. Package was not even on the truck, I could have picked it up this morn.
USPS is the best quality service and you get what you pay for UPS is a company of criminals you can't expect much from them.
USPS is by far the cheapest. But they can't always guarantee Overnight Delivery. But still USPS has the best deals.
People, People: There are millions of letters/packages in the mail system every day. Jjust by UPS alone is 3.3 million. Even with a half of one percent mishandle rate, that means approximatly 2,000 packages will be damaged/mis-routed/ or even mis-delivered. There is no way to be perfect. Everyone will have their preferences on who they like and who they don't like. It's a matter of preference. There is no one perfect company. . Well i work for ups and the price depends on box size and weight and depending on were you are shipping it. If you can fit the contents total into a box 12x12x12 or even 18x18x18 your good to would averge out to be about the same as if you sent two seperate boxes...stay away from boxes 24x24x24 they are more expensive especially if you are shipping them from say Mass to CA.
This was retarded. Of course the post office is a lot cheaper. But look at how many billions of U.S TAX DOLLARS it has been given to hold its neck above water. If this was a private enterprise it would have failed A LONG, LONG time ago. And for a person who's worked for a 3...USPS and management don't know what the hell they are doing.

I like Ups they always deliver at time, I have no experience with Fedex and I just ordered 2 days ago an item and they sent it via Usps and it arrived on time....

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December 31, 2015
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November 5, 2015

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November 24, 2015
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January 3, 2016
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December 30, 2015
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November 12, 2015

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December 1, 2015
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November 11, 2015
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January 22, 2016
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November 14, 2015

Comments about this video:
anybody else notice the resemblance to "road trip" this looks like a much better film though of course.
God, remember when you heard that announcers voice in almost EVERY movie trailer... My childhood =).

I miss this movie haven't seen it since the 90's. And 20th century Reese Witherspoon > 21st century Reese Witherspoon..
This looks like a stand-up movie. He'll end up stopping the package and then falling in love with Reese Ladidadidaa Happy Ending for all I was going to watch it tonight but now I don't think I will, I'll just stay of facebook and youtube! :P.
This was released before Road Trip and is by far a lot better, though I'd admit to loving both :).

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October 29, 2015
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November 1, 2015
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November 29, 2015
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January 23, 2016

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December 5, 2015
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November 7, 2015
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December 23, 2015

Comments about this video:

Looks like a really funny movie!! Thanks for providing the trailer footage guys!! Can't wait to watch it! ;).

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Free Live Sex Cam Show, Exclusive Unlimited Access: BabeGirlsHere.BlogSpot c0m.
the subtitles are a disaster, but this movie is hilarious ! I loved it so much ! Especially without the corny voice off !.
+Silvia Amado website should be the first one on the page, the adress is and nothing else . Looks like a fun movie. Too bad the American distributors could not resist interjecting the usual lame voiceover..
+raksh9 lol. True. I'd rather they just simply translate what the characters are saying rather than completely replace the original dialogue with a generic summary..
There is kind of a similar movie to this... And it's a French movie too... I looked it up coz I only have seen the trailer at least once or twice on TV, it's called "Eyjafjallajökull" with Dany Boon in it, and the premise is that they were divorced and was stuck sitting next to each other in an airplane as well. Hm, I'll probably still watch it despite the fact it's a recycled idea..
I'm well aware, though I actually wasn't clear but I meant to say I'd watch Dany Boon's one as well if I were given the chance to - despite it being almost the same in concept..

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December 19, 2015
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November 27, 2015
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December 28, 2015
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January 2, 2016

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November 4, 2015
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November 15, 2015
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January 6, 2016
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November 28, 2015

Comments about this video:
should i get a refond on shiping if i call ups say returnn to sender before its loaded on the plane. Lobsters! What the fuck! Imagine you live your whole life in a glassbox only double of your size and your hands are being hold together so you cant use them. suddenly you get pulled out of your glass jail and put in this weird box where you cant move at all and someone else got put on top of you. No idea whats going on or will happen to you. You spend the next 24 hours in complete darkness with that person laying on you, being shaken around with no food or water or toillet and you still cant move. Then finaly light and air! (Or water for the lobster) Still not knowing what will happen Then this fatass cooks you alive when you were still pretty young. All of this miserable life just so some asshole can have a 5 minute pleasure. How is this even accepted What the fuck is wrong with humanity!. Haha, no. I have a parcel coming and it takes nearly 30 days. Its in the USA and I live in the UK but on this video it was Germany and USA, and 24hours! What the heck!. why would a chef only order two lobsters for his restaurant and why would he not know he was running of lobsters earlier. Did you see how smashed a couple of those boxes were Either the mailers didn't package them right or they were placed under something REALLY heavy. lol.
WOW! Fedex guy just came threw a package on my steps I opened the door and said Don't throw things your going to break them. He said I set it there I said no you threw it! he then flipped me off...WOW real ups man would never be so nasty....
Lies, they don't knock on your door. They throw the package on your porch hoping you don't have any cameras..
Thanks for the upload. i was starting to wonder when's the next time you'll do a new one :D.

2 jagislaqroo Asumes pride of place in the cupboard under the stairs followed by the bin a few months later..
Despite knowing that this is a UPS video, when I first saw that yellow box, I thought it was being shipped via DHL and groaned...loudly. "The relationship between the dog and his handler is very close.." (Dog sniffs the handler's gentlemen sausage) Very close.. lol they have UPS air planes... i always thought they just stored mail underneath regular passenger planes.
No sane German chef buys lobster from N.A.This modern bullshit has gone too far,for example by him buying lobster from the other side of the universe that's one less sale by his local fishermen.This is why all our economies are fucked its all down to fat cats trying to buy stuff in cheaper from other countries which kills off our own industries.When the price starts going up abroad they dont want to buy there anymore killing their industry,now NO ONE has ANY industry,all because of a few cents..

if he's ordering lobsters from the other side of the world,he should have ordered way more boxes of lobsters than that small box of lobsters.
2 silver760 it's called competition, and there is no way to reverse globalization, so stop whining and pay for the premium local product with YOUR choice. . Amazing! So thankful to such thousands of ppl for getting our belongings delivered with a very close precision of time and security. gotta remember that they are in Germany, and mercedes is German. It's like having a ford there lol . UPD will do anything to destroy you package given the chance... Yet they still do a good job somehow. Irony at its best.

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November 8, 2015
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December 24, 2015
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November 26, 2015
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January 15, 2016

Comments about this video:

Why is 'A Walk to Remember' not included in this. It is the best romantic film i've ever seen..
2 xCTAngel98x From 6:13 it's from Shrek: singer: Dana Glover & it's called, "It is you (I have loved)" By the way, all three names of the songs & singers are stated at the end of this video. :-) .
you should add the princess bride. i freaking love that movie and i didn't see it on any of your videos. very disappointing because that is an amazingly romantic movie! just a suggestion.

Just to put this right, everyone. My Sassy Girl is also Korean, (but that's 2001) and it's NOT the same My Sassy Girl (2008) that is on this video..
...because it's included in my other video, don't remember which - too many (lol), but I'm guessing it's the first one or number 4. They are in alphabetical order up to video 4. Videos 5 up are just additional, as I wasn't planning on making more, but more films were made and ppl's requests came for me to add here we are... :-) Hope you'll find it. By the way, I agree with you, A Walk to Remember IS one of the best romantic films of our time..

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November 19, 2015
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Comments about this video:
2 GamenMetMees One that you built with your own 2 hands. You want a good one put some money into it, i saved $3000 and built a godlike pc. Wont need to upgrade for a few years..
2 KriegerDesHasses So Asus Radeon 5870, MSI GD70 and GB UD5 are bad mobo's and gpu's What the fuck planet are you on.

Remember physics in high school If there is light, therealways will be heat, minimal with these blue lights but still there is some heat..

2 MrATLACATL thats not true at all, there is a fish that lives deep down in the ocean, its called the angler, it has a forward sticking antenae with a light on the end of it to attract fish, and that light produces no heat. also glow worms, light sticks that light from chemical reactions, all produce no heat. i could give you more examples if you would like..
Pfff these computers are small time. Everyone knows green leds are MUCH faster than those wimpy blue leds..
Okay nice design looks badasss... Yeah can't wait to try out all the games on high settings yeah.....What does it have.. Ummmmm CPU: 1MHz GFX: 12kb RAM: 2kb NAME: SHIT COMPUTER NUMBER 1... HOOO YEAHHH !!!.

2 AMERIO123456 If u want performance, yet not too expensive, atleast some overclocking to 3.8Ghz+, and then not having too much heat, Id say go for the AMD Phenom II X6 1100T..
any1 help please i need a pc for gaming but for recording with a pvr and could handle video editing gaming and recording really good... and the cheapest one please tell me where i can find a good one.
It comes with norton. This is why i build my own freaking pcs. it always works out to the same price..
2 GamenMetMees dude if you want a reaaaaaaallly good PC u need to go to this link and buy it.its a trusted site for PC sales and they also have others as well tigerdirect. com/applications/SearchTools/item-details.aspEdpNo=254044&Sku=SYX-1088. 2 hyperactivecalvino whoa whoa whoa, remember, thats opinion, i think the computers look tight. my computer being way better than those, but they are still tight.. Nice video and music, I love the look of blue lights in a neatly built PC, I have this but it's not as neat(or powerful) as these, just looks relaxing like an underwater lagoon when it's dark =). 2 FSXHD92 Yes you are right. But isn't it worth a little extra heat to have such an awesome looking computer haha i like the cold cathodes personally i have them on mine. The majority of the heat is generated from the processor. Saying that these lights generate heat is true but it does not affect the performance of the computer.. man im looking to buy a computer with a full potential for gaming, basically the best i can get, and im sorry, but this video tells me NOTHING. yes, very cool cases, very pretty, but am i going to be looking at the fucking case while im playing a game HELL NO!!!! ill probobly hide the case for all i care, those LED's are a waste of energy anyways why the fuck do you need so many (unless its plasma cooling, which is also a waste of money and energy) pretty materialistic video.

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December 6, 2015
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January 1, 2016
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December 16, 2015
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December 15, 2015

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December 13, 2015

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They scream to raise the minimum wage at one rally and then drive across town to another one to run down unions, which demand a higher wage! Hopefully, someday they will run out of ammo before they shoot off both of their own feet!.

2 erniegasgnon RE "pizza shop": that would mean the pizza guy is either in the wrong place to sell pizzas or not doing something different enough to make his pizza better. Me being from NYC where there are pizza shops on every block doing fine without Trump or the unwashed buying. UPS employee (worker really) gets his (her) $74k, but UPS has massive layoffs/bailouts. Now that employee gets $0. Could have saved his job at $45k. Oh well. .

I don't think it was all that slimy. In any case, I think it's clear the preference is to remove the special privileges of unions in the private arena..
I love this interactive whiteboard presentation style! Humorous and short, albeit informative bit. Keep 'em comin'. n_n. DHL can move something from mainland China to anywhere in the US in three business days, at competitive prices for domestic shipping within the US. I'm not worried about the result of a petty fight between FedEx and UPS as long as DHL is properly managed and stays as competition for both or just one of those companies..
i work for fedex as a contractor (slave) they treat everybody like shit,they don't care about us we are just numbers..

Reason is not Pro-Business, it's Pro-Free Markets. Here's why: There are many big businesses who don't want to compete in free markets, who therefore use their money to curry favor with the federal government. They want the federal government to enact laws and regulations that will harm their competitors. This YouTube video is an example of that. Reason's message is appropriately anti-Government because the federal government's only value is enlarging it's power and control..
right wing thought process: Law allows workers to organize = government interference Law regulating barriers to unionizing = free market...let freedumb ring..
both must be at same union labor laws if i had a bussiness they would force me to be under the labor of government.
For the past few years, I've been predicting some sort of catastrophe coming in the package-delivery business. I'm not psychic... I just read & watch a lot of things from a lot of diverse sources, & this one keeps bubbling up. It looks like something big is about to happen, & consumers are going to be screwed. I give it 3 years. (Sabotage maybe). Even though the pilots have a union, I have a friend who is a retired FedEx pilot who would have preferred to be a retired Flying Tigers pilot, but FedEx bought them out. All of the ex-American Freightways (FedEx Freight East) people I know would rather still be working for Sheridan Garrison rather than Fred Smith, but Garrison was forced to sell out due to inheritance tax. Probably the same for the ex-Viking (FXF West) guys, but anything is a step up from being owned by Roadway..
The basic premise this shill presents us with is that FedEx=Air and UPS=Truck. Interestingly enough, UPS maintains an air fleet of over 300 aircraft. Also interesting, I've never had a FedEx Express package delivered to me by a pilot. ReasonTV is apparently bought and paid for by FedEx Expresss. Check the facts before you believe this cartoon character...who happens to be drawing cartoons..

"The reason why (unions) have lost ground over the past 60 years is that work has become increasingly individualized..." Yes, perhaps for upper middle income execs and white collar workers. For the rest of us (ie, the vast majority of American workers), work is pretty much the same as it ever was. The fact that this guy never mentions the effects of globalization and capital flight on local economies tells me that this video is not intended for a knowledgeable audience..
If corporations had it their way and there were no unions here, like over seas, workers would barely afford to put food on the table to feed their families and life is futile, all while corporations earn record profits. Thankfully our founding fathers recognized the importance of the people's right to assemble and I'd be interested in knowing if you actually work for a living or sit behind a desk. No offense. .
I avoid businesses with union employees whenever I can. I haven't been able to avoid paying taxes for unionized government employees, though..

For him to act like he is drawing is an insult to everyones inteligence and pointless. He is right BUT... Quazi libertarians Reason has been funded by the same people they attack to distract people. Hmmm If you look at other libertarian sites they will point out many flaws of Reason. One article they want to force laws then not force them. One day they insult choice then call for it. One day they attack libertarian candidates then praise them. Sometimes they go where the wind blows. .
LOL, this is kinda funny, what does your "hubby" make 20 maybe 21 an hour if he's lucky UPS top rate is 29.32 an hour, plus doesn't your husband have to pay for and maintain his own truck and just so you are clear, union dues are 1.5 times the hourly rate A MONTH! so man, i think i would rather make 70,000 to 80,000 a year and pay a couple hundred dollars in union dues, but hey thats just me..
Uh oh. Since I am directly responsible for choosing the method of shipping in my office, guess I'm pro Fedex now..

First, I've never had a airplane deliver my Fed ex Package to my door. There drivers should fall under the same laws and regulations as every other trucking company. Fed ex wants to put out the propaganda Videos... But facts are facts, And they Should have to follow the same rules as all the other Trucking companies..
2 zapatista512 LOL, yea tell that to all the people at GM. The Unions demanded more and more so far past the point the company was paying out more than way they brought in. Unions today equals failed business. Unions do today what they fought for back YEARS ago, they bully and demonize perfectly good companies. We cant afford to fucking pay someone 60K a year to push a button on conveyor line. Do the math genius, it doesnt work. Why do you think we buy overseas Unions are dead and killing us .
Why is this being posted again when there are comments from 2 years ago, this is old news anyways. Slow news day.

Why not instead of ups working with feds to try and destroy another company, just push to be put in the same category as fedex so both are not unionized. It isn't cost effect for ups to pay union wages for the grunt work people do so just kick the unions out instead of sucking fedex dry as well... thats like saying "well his business is next to the mall and mine is on the outskirts of town and he makes more than me, I want him to move farther out of town!" why not just move closer to the mall.

An individualized workplace is nearly impossible. It's like democracy where the bottom has the advantage of gains which is more attractive than the top's defense of losses. The bottom 51% will gain vs the top 49% will lose all the way up to the bottom 99% vs the top 1% as we've seen with people trying to accomplish recently with OWS. An intelligent middle class that examines the full picture is the only means of avoiding the disaster. .
I think they used the blue on purpose to further spoof the UPS commercials. FedEx supported UPS when they tried to switch to the FedEx labor rules, but the unions stopped it. Now the unions are pulling gov. strings to manipulate the market. Smells bad to me..
This video is a little misleading when it comes to saying that UPS is trying to screw over Fedex and its customers. I work for UPS in their AIR division doing pickups in one of those famous brown trucks. A fedex driver doing the same work as I am doing is forced to work under completely different labor law which just flys in the face of common sense. Two competing companies in the same industry should play by the same rules, and that is what this is all about. .

"Aug. 1st 2013, UPS package handlers are going to get paid more than FedEx," Except, not really, because of Union Dues, which increase as your pay increases. .
2 RogerOnTheRight Fed ex Truck drivers are the only ones in the nation operating Under airline policy. Fed ex drivers are not Pilots, Fed ex Should have to follow the same rule as the rest of the trucking companies..
I'd say this not only applies to FEDEX and UPS, but other companies as well... For example... look at for example, all the Global... errr... what are we using now again Cooling Warming Climate Change They change it every week it seems.. Anyways. One of the biggest pushers aside from Al Gore (who's doing it so he can get some kick backs with "Carbon Credit" sellers): GE... huh I'm sure it has NOTHING to do with all of GE's new "Green" projects.
Why don't Unions become optional and pay for the "benefits" out of the union dues That's right. they are progressives and are very generous... with other people's money.. My union does none of those things. My state legislature does. All my union does is take my money and give it to democrats.. In America, every individual should have the freedom to decide for themselves if they want to exercise their RIGHT to ORGANIZE! Our Labor Creates All Wealth! Employee Free Choice Act Now! Deregulate the labor market! Repeal Taft-Hartley Now!. Isn't it interesting that unionized UPS wants to increase non-unionized FedEx's labor costs, instead of trying to decrease their own. . if Fedex labor cost are less than half that of UPS, why in the hell does it cost more money to send the same packages via Fedex Ground than UPS. FedEx & this ad still haven't explained why they shouldn't be held under the same federal laws as UPS. They provide the exact same service in the same way as UPS does; UPS moves a very impressive amount of packages through the air as well. Simply because a majority of FedEx's packages are flown doesn't negate the fact that FedEx has undo advantages over UPS...Why shouldn't UPS ask for a level playing field in a competitive market. as a UPS pt supervisor, and former hourly, unions are the worst thing for everyone, if the people i supervise need help, i cant touch a box or i get 'filled on' for doing an hourly's job, so instead i get to watch these people i care about get ticked off at me for not doing anything to help... this is how things go wrong, and who suffers the customer..
2 Sundog79 We're letting you go. Oh sure, it could be because that new guy in your dept. is willing to do the job for 4 bucks an hour less, but this is a 'Right to work' state, so I really don't need to give you a REASON we're letting you go. .

Hey Nick, I normally love your videos but the fake whiteboard format is kind of disconcerting, and along with the wild gesticulation it is kind of throwing me off. I had to scroll down to the comments to be able to pay attention to the content. Maybe ditch the marker so it seems more like a virtual white board you are controlling rather than you faking it. Also maybe a tad less coffee before you start. But keep up the good work overall!.
2 MichelisArchangeli Where does the Federal Gov't assert this right I'd like to know, because this is news to me..
I'm more of a philosophical libertarian so I often have annoyance with Reason but every now and then they have a video like this that keeps me subscribed. The nanny of the month videos are usually quite entertaining as well..

2 MichelisArchangeli If that happened, what would stop another phone company from starting and charging less.

2 Sundog79 Sounds like a butthurt response from some one who does the same job as a Union umployee, but gets paid far less. .
all i know is when i order a knife usps and fed ex gets it to my house a hell of a lot faster than ups..
I love that the animation and OTT hand gestures make it easy enough even for Liberals to understand!.
Unions are dumb because they are begging for handouts from big business and big government, instead of proving their business ideas are better by making their own business..
2 s117godd...its not 100% true UPS and FEDEX are not the same FEDEX is a CARGO AIRLINE co while UPS is a TRUCKING company the were founded this way. so now that you have some competition you want to flex your federal muscle to force the competition to play by your rules...not fair..
So basically.. you are telling me that UPS pays it's workers more and probably offers better health care- which seems like a good thing to me. I guess from now on, even if it turns out to be a little more expensive, I will use UPS... because I'd rather my money go to paying the actual workers than lining the pockets of CEOs. Thanks! :) (Oh- the fact that you call that 'contemptible' is rather contemptible. ). This reminded me of a separate & unrelated reason to hate the government. The military has just banned the use of the term "whiteboard". I wish I were joking.. This whole nonsense about the Teamsters wanting access to Federal Express' employees in order for them to have the right to unionize is only about money. They want more workers to pilfer money from in the form of union dues. They couldn't care two shits about the people they represent unless it means more money in their pockets, and their pockets alone. .
Unions are the tool by which workers, and for that matter businesses (they also have unions) can get the power over both big business and THE GOVERNMENT. Power in numbers. There is water in a flower, but that does not make it rain - there is power to the worker in unions, but that does not make it Marxism. Would you not say that its a natural tendency of being human to form groups to gain power/protection.
i like how clearly hes using a blue marker yet everything is brown...ha!... sad but that made my day. what a bunch of is full of crap...they should be regulated by trucking laws...when was the last time a fedex plane delivered your package to your front door...I dont think so.

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December 20, 2015

Comments about this video:

okay, I decided to make my hair like this tomorrow, will it works or just going to be a disaster, no one knows.
+CarolaneCP​ hmm I don't know if it caused by my cheap mini flat iron or just my hair that didn't suit this style. It ended up really messy >< I had to wash my hair again before going to school, cause that was really bad >< thank you for the tutorial anw :). thanks so much for this tutorial I've just watch like 10.and was about to give up because it looked like too much work until I saw yours love it. I just tried this and it made my hair look like shit. She makes it look so easy, but it's not! D:.
I've been trying to find a way to get those beachy waves without using a ton of product like hairspray that damages my hair. This looks like the perfect balance between a curl and a wave and it's super simple. Will definitely try it, great job! You are so adorable, btw :).
How long will it last Cause I got the Remington flat iron and well I am wondering if I should make the heat setting high..
it's true this video Carolane CP is making my hair wave and for carolanecp then my friend love it now :).

OMG you are so gorgeous. Your hair is beautiful 😋. Thank you so much for the beach wave to Tutorial, you literally just saved me 3 hours in the morning! When every I want to do anything with my hair it takes a while so that's why I like never curl my hair. Thank you😏😋.
You are so beautiful and the color of your hair is so amazing, really like it! I'll try this beachy wave for sure!! Mine can't even curl if I use a flat iron I hope it'll work! . your hair is literally goals 😍 I love it so much, also great video, I'm going to try this now 💛. thanks so much for this tutorial I've just watch like 10.and was about to give up because it looked like too much work until I saw yours love it. +CarolaneCP i dont get it is this curly or just wavy cuz i dont want curly i want wavy and sorta straight.... It works!!!!!!!! I just did it and I have beautiful wavy hair!!! I love it!!! I love you so much, I'm a new youtuber and I'm subscribing now!!!. I will send you a photo on Instagram to show you how it goes. will look at the other videos thanks Hun xx.
I've tried this just now. Wow, the results are just 😍😍😍 i'll definitely use this for school tomorrow!! 💖.
yea I've been wanting to do beachy waves with a straighter but I never got it to look the way I wanted so thank you ❤❤.
Good video! It is of great help, now I can try this style out and see the results :P Thanks!! P.D: I love your hair! It's really beautiful...and more if you style it this way often.
I dont mean this as a hater comment. Your gorgeous, But something- It didnt work for me. Watched it at least 3 times and it did NOT work and left me with a gross kinky mess.. i alway's do this now everyday you to this video love this your friend's now my day is very happy thank you for Carolane CP:).
I have such a hard time!! I'm left handed and I'm always fumbling. I also have no idea if i point the iron to the floor maybe that's my problem!.

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December 25, 2015
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January 26, 2016
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November 6, 2015
Top Food Delivery and Restaurant Reservation in... ( Resveratrol Ultima Overnight Fed Ex No... i47
Prucalopride | 5-HT Receptor agonist | Read Reviews...

November 18, 2015

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January 14, 2016
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January 27, 2016
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January 19, 2016
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November 22, 2015

Comments about this video:

well...I have been using the bobby pins wrong my entire life, no wonder it wont stick on my hair lol any other ladies having the same problem.
right when I heard her say that I started looking through the comments to see if anyone said anything about it 😂😂. OKAY HELP. do you know what type of cat lucifer is we adopted one like him but we have no idea what breed he is. She puts the tape on her hand a few times first to get rid of some of the stickum so that when she applies it to the skin around her eye, she can pull it off with ease. She most likely lets the liner dry completely as well before removing the tape.. THUMBS UP because it says "everyone should know" and not "every GIRL should know" ☺️.
Am I the only 1 that's always worn bobby pins the right way I seriously thought everybody knew this....

+Indiaxo She lives in England but check out her video about trip to Poland and read the description ;).
Lucifer is absolutely adorable. Here in Scandinavia we don't have that name as a reference for anything as we've "modified" our Christian names in our own language. Just as English speakers have in theirs. The original names in Hebrew and Aramaic are very different. Anyways - I love the type of tips which should be somewhat easy to adopt and work..
+wirina holstein But its like for me, its always too good to be true. For instance turning the hair grips doesn't hold the hair better for me. Neither does concealer work crease free as eye primer. Or cutting split hair sticking out of the twisted ponytail. I have too many split ends perhaps. Or they don't move out in the air as much but stay laying close to the hairs. The eyeliner trick works only if you already have a good sense of doing eyeliner evenly as its quite hard to place those pieces of tape with the exact same angle..
People need to shut up about the name of her kitten. The devil's actual name is Satan not Lucifer. No where in the ible does it actual refer to him as Lucifer. That was something made up by religious organizations. That name means bringer of light in Hebrew, and is actually beautiful. And besides, she already said why she named him that. People just need to learn to leave something be if they don't like it instead of trying to put someone down..
Super video! Love your kitty, too!!! Btw, the blouse you're wearing is adorable, where is it from 😸.
isn't she going to give credit to other youtubers who she found the hacks from eg. RCL beauty..... Rachel didn't come up with these hacks, and neither did she. these hacks have been around for a while now and many people are doing videos on them..
SHE NAMED HER CAT LUCIFER THAT IS LITERALLY GOALS (Especially because he looks like he wants to kill her).

She puts the tape on her hand a few times first to get rid of some of the stickum so that when she applies it to the skin around her eye, she can pull it off with ease. She most likely lets the liner dry completely as well before removing the tape..
God, it's such a pet peeve of mine when people do something like use bobby pins wrong. I mean, I figured out how to use them with instinct and common fucking sense, I hate when people are just so blatantly dull that they can't figure out the most basic of tasks without instruction. HOW can you be that thick! 😭 sobs.
Is it true that if you put Vaseline on your eyelashes it helps them grow or something I heard that somewhere on the internet but I'm not sure....
it's true, but there's no point. your eyelashes fall out every six weeks anyway and Vaseline takes a while to grow them, you know haha, coconut oil would be a lot better because it's natural too (:. Its so funny that This adorable girl holds a cat and says: "this is my new cat, his name is lucifer". Where are your rings from I need them in my life asap. Haha! Also when you said Lucifer, I immediatly knew you were talking about Cinderella. I adored that movie growing up 💕.. 20 beauty life hacks everyone knows for more than 1 year, cause they were all over the youtube before.. غلط تقص الشعر هيج اذا تريدين شعر بدون تقصفات اتركي هل منتجات ال صناعيه التي تضر بصحت الشعر وغسلي شعرج عادي وكل جمعه كد اظفر كصي مو كل كل جمعه بس بشهر مره المهم لحد ماينتهي التقصف وهاهيه 😁😁😁. Has anyone tried the nail polish drying trick I just got my nails done but I want to know if it actually works..
I just subscribed to your channel, this video was great. please, please do not use paper tissue on your lovely skin, it will cause tiny lines that turn into wrinkles as you age. Try rice paper instead..
Oh my gosh you're gorgeous ! Is you hair colour natural or do you dye it It's exactly the colour I want 😍. In the Bible, Lucifer is the Angel of light, until he was cast out of Heaven and became known as Satan..
Right and thousands of years before the bible celts worshipped Lucifer the sun god...don't act smart Christians steal from everyone.
She puts the tape on her hand a few times first to get rid of some of the stickum so that when she applies it to the skin around her eye, she can pull it off with ease. She most likely lets the liner dry completely as well before removing the tape.. +Reborn Lover you're right, but there is also something called respect. Yes, you can comment whatever you would like but that doesn't mean you should. Just be respectful please. :).
+Aleen Al Amoudi right, but it also depends on how the person who is being criticized takes it. But yes, when someone is giving constructive criticism they're not trying to be negative but simply telling you how to make thing better. :).

+Estrella Gonzalez Cats usually aren't nearly as easy to tell the breed with like dogs. It looks like it's just a regular shorthaired tabby, which is very common.
What eyeliner do you use I've been trying to find a good eyeliner lately and have failed miserably! 😭. Idk if you care but I use the liquid waterproof eyeliner from Forever 21 and IT IS AMAZING its goes on liquid and dries into a matte tattoo like substance and does not budge! It lasts all day and is really waterproof!! Plus it's from Forever 21 so it's super cheap! :) hope this helps. +Brenna Callahan Thank you so much! I've been wanting a really good eyeliner, going to try this one! :).

Andalou Night Repair Cream 50ml - Abaco Health

December 2, 2015
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December 22, 2015

Comments about this video:
I'm actually really excited about this look. I'm gonna use it for sure :) my husband and I are actually doing Christmas on the 8th this year because he leaves on the 14th for the navy, so we want to do Christmas together. I'm really excited about all the Christmas stuff! And this look is just perfect for me!. The eyes are so captivating and mesmerizing, I absolutely love shaaaaaaan!! Definite bombshell beauty 😘😘😘😘.
Your fair skin is so stunning on you. Every time I see you without fake tan I'm just taken back.
I know this is really silly but I can't wrap my head around the fact that the Southern Hemisphere is going into summer and Christmas happens in their summer months. How do school breaks work Do you get 2 months off for elementary and highschool students while post secondary students get 4 months off I'm REALLY really sorry that this sounds so silly!.
+meagsandbaconn we finish school before Christmas and newyear so our longest holidays are the christmas/ny ones and they are generally 6-8 weeks depending on the school you go too :) (this is for primary and highschool students!) we have 4, 6-10 week terms with a 2-3 week holiday in between. Many schools have different starting and ending dates but this is the general way. We finish the school year in December generally :).
You've got to wait longer before brushing them out then! I used to have that problem too, it just takes some trial and error to figure out what works for you ☺️.
Shan this is amazing! i also have a beauty/lifestyle channel - any youtubers out there who want to connect, collab and support each other.
Does anyone know what products she uses in her hair It's so silky and has like absolutely no breakage wtf it looks fake (not the extensions her actual hair).
+Samantha Romano It's TheBalm Meet Matte Hughes Liquid Lipstick in Adoring. They're amazing!.
Weirdly, this video has reminded me how much I love your eye colour!! :P Also, i love this eye look!. do you need to buy some kind of power converter for the nume styling tools to work in NZ or do they just work fine when you plug them in. +Frances Cox nope :) just plugged it into the wall with the adapter I got with it and it works perfect. the digital display is on °F not °C which was okay once I got used to the conversion :).
Do make up with zoeva en taupe palette!!! 10x 4 ur videous! u`r the most beautiful beauty-blogger in youtube!!!!.
So beautiful !! You look so stunning it's crazy 😍 Any YouTubers want to support each other 💗.
Hi I'm Jay from the Philippines :) I SO LOVE ALL YOUR TUTORIALS although not all the products are available here.All the video and make up are to die for :).

how do you use the nume stuff because i live in nz and the voltage is diffrent and so is the plug how do you make them work .
+cecilia ruiz thank you for saying my nose is nice the nerve that people have to switch up the stories but thanks! (:. I'm not saying this to be mean, but I personally think a middle part doesn't look to great. if you feel confident with it my opinion is obviously unimportant haha but I personally am not a fan of them. Your makeup tutorials are always so satisfying to watch, as weird as that sounds LOL. So pleasing to the eyes 😍❤️.
+Courtney Pollock maybe, i think i will. but i'm still sure that shannon will always look so much better than me. my everyday makeup is just BB cream, inner corner highlight, big lashes, tinted lipbalm, blush and brows! although i would love to attempt a more dramatic/sophisticated look! ;).

I am so wearing this look for Christmas Day! Been searching for an appropriate look for ages, and of course you did it again Shannon, you never fail to amaze me (;.

The brush that you used is the same as mine but different colour. The colours that I have are blue and pink.

Which shampoo do you use because your hair looks so glamorous and shiny and amazing xoxo 💜💜 love this video tho it's so amazing and your such a big inspiration to millions of people and I love you so much 💗😘.

This one is my favourite look EVER, I'm am totally wearing this for Xmas (ps were did you get that liquid lipstick💋)ily😘😘.

Wish I could put false eyelashes on properly :((( You look so flawless and amazing. You really are very very good at what you do. Some more cruelty free brands would be cool :P ILY x.
SHAN that lip colour suits you amazingly! You look gorgeous💖 Any smaller YouTubers want to connect and support each other💗✨. Just ordered my first Nume from your link, so excited..sure I'll be addicted after the first one..yay!!!.
Ok, just looked on their fb page and could have gotten the same classic wand for 17.99 with another code. It applied the discount code when I clicked on your link, and it was 34.00...a little bummed now...
How on earth did you get the Dark Matter stack I'd love that but can't seem to get it in NZ, but you did
This look is GORGEOUS!! Perfect for the holidays! Might try this for the holiday party I'm going to! Thanks for sharing this Shannon!!.

Hey Shannon I know your in Aussie but quick question I tried to purchase one of these off the site for my sister it was a set and the curlers have different volt things that plug into the wall can you tell me what you do as I want to this for my sister that's all :) xx loved the make up look.

I thought she had but I couldn't find the video so I just decided to go to the comments lol thank you.
I am looking for true red liquid lipstick, this one seems close but it looks a little orange based. i want a blue based red. like lime crimes red velvet. +Samantha Romano Yes, I have it and I wear it 11 hours and eat and drink and it stays on all day and night. The colour is a dark red it's so pretty 💄. Can you guys help me reach 350 subs, i work really hard on my videos and hardly get any views or recognition. it would be much appreciated. like this comment so others can see.. Makeup Addicts!! Looking for a better way to store your cosmetic collection Check out DazzleBox Boutique's Rhinestone Clear Acrylic Makeup Organizers!! Who says makeup storage has to be boring Choose from unique designs to suit your style! GET YOURS TODAY!.

Resveratrol Inhibits Hypoxia-Induced Vascular Endothelial...

January 16, 2016

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+Sally Jo I actually already have a bunch of them and never considered cutting the tops off for that purpose. I know a few other friends who would love the idea too. So clever. By the way, I love watching your channel!.

+Sally Jo you must love watching Shaaanxo make up collection if they chill you out, I love to watch that video when I'm chilling, btw new sub, love watching you in Shans vlogs so thought I'd give you a watch xox.

+Jamie Wiggins Yes!! I think it's in the downbar But if not, it's called "Glam Autumn Tutorial" it went up fairly recently xx.
When I'm in a lot of pain I just curl up and watch makeup collection videos... idk why but I really like them and they distract me so that's good :) love ur videos!. I love you so much more now that I know you love Elizabeth Arden!!!!! XD My mom showed me her collection when I was younger and I've always loved it.
I had no idea that you guys didn't have IKEA there. I thought everything we had in Aus was available in NZ too. But I totally agree, I must be nozy since I think I've seen every makeup collection out there haha!.

Love your collection! I meant I do and I don't because I have a notepad beside me adding things to my ever growing wish list haha. Oh and I store my eye shadows in letter dividers too. So handy xoxo.

I would have asked a US friend to buy it and give them money for it and then have them ship it over..
PLEASE do a makeup declutter video!💞i love your videos so much and you have so much makeup and there must be at least a couple things that you don't use😙.
I have the same letter holder, it's so great for palettes :) great video. I love the sound of makeup too. I like collection videos, it's almost as good as shopping!.

I don't know why people stick to those ikea drawers, they seem so messy... You can get cheaper drawers in NZ, and wider ones to fit everything nicely, not on top of each other. :).
Hey ! Sarah Hawkinson just went cruelty free and I'd love for other people to do the same. Why would we hurt animals just to put makeup on our faces Seriously it's ridiculous. Just take this under consideration please, it really means a lot to me. Animal testing is really unnecessary since we have so many options to test products nowadays thanks to technology. Do you really want to hurt and kill animals just to be able to put some makeup on your face Here's a list of cruelty free brands : Keep in mind that a lot of amazing brands are cruelty free like Too Faced, Anastasia Beverly Hills, ColourPop, Sugarpill, Kiko, Essence, Wet and Wild, Elf, MakeupGeek and so on... Thanks for reading this.
I don't have an ikea near me in Michigan, and it's was like 6-7 hours away to drive. So we were gonna order off the ikea website and they were going to charge $450 something, all together to have it shipped and I was like are you kidding! So finally found somebody on eBay for it brand new for $230 and that's with shipping! I'd much prefer that over paying the other price. So I understand your struggles! Haha.

that sound of makeup is sooo beautiful. I want to be just like u with all of your make up #LIFE_GOALS.

So glad I'm not the only one who loves the sound of makeup clunking haha! What site do you gon to get the Korean makeup xx.
In Finland 99€ which is ~112 USD but Ikea is Swedish and we're neighbors so that makes sense😂.
You guys think she has a lot of makeup... Well your wrong! Go watch TaraBabyz video it's 2 hours long!.

A Kitchen organizer where you will have forks and knives in but they are very good to organized your makeup in.
Gurrrrrrrllllll 💓💓💓 I was just watching ur old one and I was like I can't wait for an updated one because I have been seeing the Alex nine drawers in the back of your videos 💖 love you💕. Awesome idea with the pill containers! Be honest though: tell me it never looks that neat, if for no other reason than to make me feel better about my own collection! in all seriousness though, any tips for keeping your workspace tidy Thanks :) love the lashes too!. I love seeing peoples make up collections & i love the sound of it clunking together lol your not alone Sally. Only thing with these videos i always end up with a list of products i want go try,🙈 im sure im not the only 1. xx.
im from new Zealand too!! I really find it hard to find these big makeup brands ova here and they r very expensive do u buy ur high end makeup online.
Could u do a check swatch video with all ur blushes In trying to figure out what kind of blush colours I like for my skin tone and it's similar to urs:) love ur videos!.
love your videos, was really looking forward to the updated makeup collection and your positive attitude and personality really brightens up my day :) xxx.
I would just buy another ikea Alex even though it's expensive at lease you can fit more And more makeup in there !!!!!! Xox love you lots .
How do you find your NYC smooth skin bronzer By the end of the day mine goes you know why this may be/tips to fix this xx.

I actually love this video, I'm like you, I love love LOVE going through my makeup/going through my friends makeup.. I must get so annoying as a friend haha.

Please help where can you buy the holder that she had on top of her draws that help her Mac lipsticks where can you buy them in England thank you x.
I totally love watching these videos, something about watch makeup collection relaxes me. It also gives me great ideals on how to organize mine and what I want to buy next! :) Thank you so much. .
It is sad that you have to do a disclaimer before you share the way you store your make-up. YOU ARE ON YOU TUBE FOR MAKE-UP... you are suppose to have a lot of make-up. If people that watch you can not be kind and are jealous that is their problem. I am sure you are sent make=up from companies as well. I was raised to be and I am personally happy for anything good that happens to people and for what they have and have obtained. GREAT video!!! Many of your girls have inspired me to purchase the Ikea furniture and I LOVE IT!!! THANK YOU DOLL for all your great videos!!!.
I feel the same way about watching these videos! I love the sounds of the makeup and seeing what everyone has so I can get idea of what I want and how I want to store things :).
Nice!! We wonder if an NY3D Fiber Lash Mascara case could fit in there LOL. It would be easy to find anyways! You rock!!.

Great collection! That was a good idea to use the pill. container for the lipsticks! And you are so beautiful. also!!!! .

1. Introduction - MDPI

January 9, 2016

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Hashish online shipping - Buy Products In Best Vito - Jan...

December 4, 2015

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Male Size Enlargement - Jan 23, 2016

December 29, 2015

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Resveratrol blunts the positive effects of exercise...

November 2, 2015

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+Corrin Jessen yeah I don't really do anything to my hair I just push it over a's just hard to maintain I guess...congrats on having thick hair..
i wouldnt recommend it because it can turn orange! but if you really need the blonde dye, you can buy purple additive packets at sallys and it will cancel out the brassiness.
I'm SOOO jealous of how much hair you have. Like you're top layer of hair is equivalent to all of mine.

homecoming plans💖: Night before- -Get fake tan -Get nails done A few hour before the dance- -Get dressed -do my makeup -Get my hair done -go to the dance 😂.
+Mis Safi It's a high school dance. Like a "knock off" version of prom. Lol. It's called homecoming because the sports team plays at our home field for the first time & there's a dance the next day, therefore calling it homecoming to kind of kick off the year. Lol. At least where I live, some schools are different.. Ficou muito lindo! Adorei a make, a sombra ficou perfeita. Se possível depois dê uma passadinha no meu canal linda, talvez vc goste dos vídeos que posto, muita coisa boa! Um beijo..
You know what's funny Girls in the comments complaining on how "thick and crazy" their hair is, and then you click on their profile and their looks thin af..
i practiced the make up on myself today, my homecoming is this weekend. i cant wait to show people what i learned!!!!. What the heck. How have I never watched you on YouTube You are absolutely gorgeous and loved this video ❤️❤️. My hair is almost as long as hers but it looks like shit/crazy cat lady. When I look at her from the back it flows beautifully and maybe it's the cut More body Better head shape I suck..
with all of the hair products that you use to keep your hair healthy, do you shed less hair because I lose a lot of hair on a daily.
HEYYYYYYYYYYYY does someone know what product to use to bleach my black hair I'm trying to have the same color as her hair :( Thank you !!!!. I want your hair it's so thick and pretty!! Mine is so thin I could probably never pull this off even if I tried😩😩. your hair is literally SO FRICKEN PERFECT and makes me regret cutting mine so much. idk i guess i was oblivious to the fact that curling your hair at that length is actually possible. my hair is literally exactly like yours but i cut 14 inches off for cancer, and i also never liked it because i wanted to curl my hair but it would never stay. ill definitely be growing my hair out to this length again and most like purchasing this curling iron. again, you are GORGEOUS and im jealous.

MM-102 | Histone Methyltransferase inhibitor | Read...

December 12, 2015

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+Stephanie Lange (Makeup Artistry) hi hunni, just wanna say a huge big thank you for the amazing tips, i definitely agree with you about the lip liner allover 1st, stayed on hours for me, ;D delighted i am, thanks so so much chick, xoxo :-).

I love your videos ! I have a few youtubers I love to watch and you are now one of them. I find that you explain things really well and go deeper into explaining why you do what you do and why you use certain products. You're so smart & easy to watch !.
+clare buchner i agree, luuuv her videos, its great how she makes it easier to understand by explaining in detail,, xox. When it comes to the cheek contouring; what if I want my cheeks to look extremely sunken in, just like Andy Biersack's Is it okay to use a contour colour like that then. ur foundation colour looks so pale, i mean i know it has to match your skin but i think ur just applying a little too thick layer :). You forgot don't overline your lips. It's obvious and it looks like a little kid put it on. It's true! I don't care who you are or how good your skills are, overlining the lips looks horrendous!.
+Amber Smith (Bambii) its funny cuz its painfully obvious that shes overlined her lips in her 'do' section.

Very nice tutorial, besides One thing. DO NOT line your lower waterline as it closes your eyes instead of making them bigger. Mr Goss has been warning about this..
Big doesn't always mean better. I personally like to line the bottom waterline as I feel it defines the eyes better and makes them pop. Every makeup artist has their own way of doing things, including Mr Goss.. i've given up on wearing any sort of lip cosmetic (except balm), it wears off too quickly, even if I use a lipliner, only the outline would remain not the rest of my lips, it looks terrible after an hour or so :( also I have really thin lips so it doesn't suit me right :(. Try colourpop I used to have the same problem and I have thin lips, their matte liquid lipsticks make my lips look larger and stay on. I put on Chapstick, then the lipstick,let it sit for a bit then put my lips around a napkin to take off excess. Stays on all day:).
+jlepe8903 Lol! Yeah, I do use that trick but I still constantly worry about my lipstick! It's usually just needless worry (except once when I ignored my inner voice & didn't check my lipstick, only to eventually find that my hair had blown in my face & stuck to my lips leaving several lines of lipstick across my cheek! Lol!), but I find it detracts from the fun I'm supposed to be having so I just eliminate it altogether! It's very freeing!.
The brows look fake and you'd look better in a red lipstick or dark pinky berry tone. I hate lining the water line, it's not good to put lead in your eyes. Your end result looks fab tho..
When I put my lipstick on my lips in the morning before I go to school, I don't wanna eat, because I always think it will be on my bread, en that it is of my lips before I go to school, is there any way for it, that I will not think that and don't have to do my make up twice Because I don't have time for that....

I would invest in a long wear liquid lipstick because it DOES NOT come off. Jeffree star and Kat Von D have some good ones!.

I used to do my eyeliner on the outer rims of my eye because I have a huge phobia of eyes. I've overcome my fear and can now put it on my waterline, but I'm still working on tightline..

I really liked this video! I usually do makeup pretty well, but sometimes I think I'm just unskilled at contouring, but I was just doing it in the wrong spot..
eyeshadow tends to be easier to apply when you pat the color onto the lid, yet yours still looks gorgeous!.
De što mi idete na živce kad pokazujete "don't makeup" pa koji se kreten još tako loše šminka -.- nemojte pretjerivati.

I love love LOVE how positive you are! I really appreciate application tips but I can't stand people judging other people. Techniques good, meanness bad. xx.

The whole world needs to see this! I would say we have the same skin tone, pale with definite pink undertones- I'd love to know what foundation you've used here as the ones I've tried are too dark!.
And I have the same skin tone as you I think, pale with pink undertones and this foundation routine works for me😊. +Sophie Nock (Buiscuit Crunch) Hey! I currently use the Rimmel Wake me Up and I've tried both shades and they're still too dark...I've just ordered some benefit make up so I'm hoping this works! Xx.
imm sooo confused with the foundation thing - what about buffing brushes i just bought one! should i stipple instead helppp.
I actually used to just line my eyebrows with a pencil and colour them in and they looked fine, now I feather them with a liner and then use a darkening gel but I don't think there's anything wrong with just colouring in your brows. They're gorgeous either way :).
The "don't" side was me in middle school. I'm still not the best with makeup, this vid helped me learn some new techniques..

Lol love your video. Got some tips re contouring and using sponge for foundation. (Yeh I'm pretty lazy when it comes to makeup). Scarily, some girls seem to think the 'don't' version, is a good look ha!.
#Newb. I have never been shown how to apply make-up properly as a results some do nots i have been doing... NO MORE I am so glad i have watched this i think your awesome, down to earth and funny. My sis showed me your page and i am now hooked. I always look like the frizzy nerd out n about with friends now i may look a bit more glam. My pic is me after being made over by my friend. Fingers crossed i can attain the glam look now.. Thanks so much for all your tips. #Newb.
genuine question I've never understood. if you pluck your eyebrows that thin then draw them thicker, why pluck them that thin to start with.
Unfortunately, that's what happens when you're a slave to fashion. Thin eyebrows were all the rage a few years ago. (Luckily I never liked that fashion, so refused to pluck my eyebrows that thin). But the majority of females DID, meaning they now have to fill their eyebrows in, because guess what NOW, full, natural eyebrows are in'. (Thank goodness I'm not a lemming and still have my own full, natural eyebrows). but surely youd let them grow to how you draw them or is that just too much common sense (no offence meant there) . i used to rub im my foundation with my beauty blender and rub my powder and bronzer into mu face this helped sooooooo much THANK u🎁🤗🙈😍.
i really like your video but you talk reeeeeeally fast... sometimes it's hard to follow for someone who's mother tongue isn't english... :)).

i do my bronzer weird, but cause i have a chubby face xD It really helps me feel better and less, chubby.

I honestly thought this looked so weird...thinking she was missing something. then she put on her eye makeup. EYes do so much. Great tutorial this helped so much :).

'Eeee I'm a pore!' - hilarious. Me too. Going to try skipping the primer. You talk at the speed of light but it's very endearing, and great tips, so thank you..
does anyone else feel like this video is so confusing the way she goes back in forth between do's and dont. I really enjoyed the way you exposed what you believe to be the don'ts and the do's. Specially how to use the brushes and how to apply moisturizer. Really loved how soft your eyes looked in the "good" version. However, there was something about the colour of your face in the "bad" version that felt more healthy and natural. The "good" version seems more "cakey" and bland, the the "bad" one. Also, the brows. What happened. You are stunning with & without make-up! Thanks for sharing this. Now I won't be ready to fight or cry before every date night with my husband. I never had anyone show me any of this before. Love your videos!.
I've been in the cosmetic industry for a long time and the whole point of wearing makeup is to enhance a persons beautiful features, not cover them up or make a person look like a clown. Everyone is different and has different features so using some basic techniques that work for everyone is great, however, makeup needs to be tailored to each persons face type and coloring. If you notice in her bad look she looked like a clown. Here is the best way to tell if your doing it wrong. If you look at someone and you only notice their makeup or how much they have on, that person is doing it wrong. Makeup is only meant to enhance your beauty. So if you look at someone and notice how beautiful they are and not their makeup then they're doing it right. The only exception is if you are acting in a play or doing a cosplay look to go with a costume. She said wear it if it makes you feel good but if people are laughing at your makeup behind your back then that's not good either..
Aww you're so pink-pale! My best friend has a similar skin tone minus the pink-ness but she becomes flaring red at the slightest pressure on her face! You guys have it so bad!.
You don't want a primer that is silicone based, try a glycerine based primer instead! Silicone can work but glycerin really helps your makeup stick to your face. This is the same concept with setting sprays. Glycerin is the best to help your makeup stay in place..

Am I the only one that thinks both of the eyebrows are a don't She needs to grow them thicker and keep them trim to the natural shape, otherwise you can clearly see where there's a thin eyebrow underneath and where there isn't..

these tips are VERY helpful from someone with skin as fair and sensitive as mine I was wondering why I could never use similar shades that you see other people rave about because they always looked very unnatural or harsh on my skin (blush, bronzer, etc) this video was very helpful 😊👍.
OMG you are stunning!! when you had your makeup off I froze! You are so pretty!!!! Why can I not look like you!!! lol. but you have brown/black hair on your under-eyelashes right then it looks more natural as a eyeliner kind of.. cus it is so dark! amazing work, i love your work. Even the "don't" looks good on you. I use a BB cream and rubbed it in (well, I used to do that) but patted it on using fore finger and middle finger, is it alright to do that or would you say get a sponge Would you suggest foundation over BB cream So many bad mistakes I've picked up along the way, like rubbing the bronzer brush and putting it across the majority of my face (only a tiny bit on the brush don't worry, I don't look like a clown lol). Thanks for putting me on the right path :-). Sorry for all the questions, I'm disabled and don't get to go out often, so I don't put it on all the time. . u don't need to put foundation over BB cream because BB cream is basically a light foundation :).
I have tried so many different types of eyeliner on my lower lid on the waterline and I cannot get the color to actually stick. Is there a trick to it I think mine might just be too wet..
She's literally not doing that at all Everyone has different ways of doing things and if you can't handle that then don't watch videos like this.

Resveratrol ultima prices - Buy Products In Vito Mol - Dec...

October 28, 2015

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Ageing - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

December 11, 2015

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Andalou Night Repair Cream 50ml - Abaco Health

December 8, 2015

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05 April 2016

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May 01, 2016

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