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  1. January 24, 2016

    Comments about this video:
    You should try shopping at Dolly Girl!! Their clothes are affordable and fit really well! You can see some of their clothing items on instagram at #lovedgf . +Thuy Vy Pham I've shopped with them before and loved it but totally forgot about them so thanks for reminding me :D xx.
    This is perfect gorgeous, you seriously got me into online shopping, so THANK YOU SO MUCH! Life changing!! :') Loved this, great tips, got some more shopping to do ;) hehe xxxx.

    Haha YAY! It's such a bad addiction though, I spend my money way to easily online haha Thanks so much AJ :) xxx.
    Just a little note for those underage and without credit cards. You can still get your self a debit mastercard or visa card. I know CBA has mastercard and ANZ has Visa cards but that's beyond the point. You can login to your netbank or go into the closest bank branch and order a mastercard/visa card that is recognised all over the world. You don't need to have a credit account for it. And you should definitely get a PayPal for online shopping. It takes a lot of persistence to set it up. It's about a 3 day job but once it's set up, you'll thank your self for it. I use PayPal wherever possible, even for topping up my phone credit or ordering pizza. Most places accept PayPal in Australia so that's great but it just gives me a sense of security and all i have to do is login to PayPal and approve the payment. I don't need to enter my name, card number, expiry date and security pin every time. . Ok, but if your dress is going to be there it's going to take that long. It's from japan. That's short for normal lmao. In the us you can't have a paypal if you're under 18, but you can have a credit card under 18. . same in the netherlands, but im 12 so i live at home so i just ask my mom to make an acc on her name and if i can use it. I'm a portuguese student and I'm currently developing a Economic Project and I need help from people around the world. So, may I request you to answer this quick survey about Online Shopping It's definitely safe, it's recognised all over the world and they offer to resolve issues within a given period. It used to be 90 days but i think they've extended that. So it gives you enough time to receive your goods and check if all is well.. Hi, online shoppers!! One good tip is to sign up with ebates and get back some of your money. This is for real and it's free. Go here guys and start getting back your money,
    Also if you don't have a credit card try hunting for a clothing website that offer direct bank transfer it means your are transferring the money to their account and your not giving your bank details :).

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    You will need safe and fast money transfers for online shopping,most important with low fees.Best to open Payza free account,proven,luv it...

    Thank you so much! You've cleared up most of my doubts. Now I have to go pick up a measuring tape. :).
    Save a little on every online shopping trip! 15 sec to sign up and get started shopping. EASY MONEY! I freaking LOVE online shopping. I loved this video. You look gorgeous!. Your lipstick is just stunning!. Your hairstyle looks cute and goddess like. Your accent is nice to listen to. My all time favorite online shopping site is It doesn't sell clothes or accessories, but pretty much sells everything else ranging from makeup like Real Techniques, Bdellium tools, Physician's Formula, Elf cosmetics to tons of skincare brands. Everything is priced so great and they ship worldwide from US. I understand in Australia, things are more expensive. This site is literally a blessing and they ship ultra fast!. First time order gets upto $10 discount too. Do check it out :). Happy new year ♡.
    Can u please tell me names of sites that delivers to the whole earth not only Specified country plz❤️.
    Hey! Um Im trying my best to get the janoski max. A pain in the ass to find a good site because nz sucks with their new stuff. Wondering if u know any good/real/trustworthy sites Its ok if you dont but itd be great if u replied with a helpful answer thanks x .
    I've found Ebates to be the best for online cash rebates, here is a current link that gets you a ten dollar giftcard to wal-mart, target kohls and others for signing up, and cash back from Ebay, amazon, wal mart, etc for shopping online! Coupon is valid as of December 6, 2014!

    This video was so helpful, thanks Katie :) I'm addicted to online shopping especially when there's free shipping and student discount codes :) I've been spending like all my free time on these sites lately haha :p I also love Missguided :) have a good week xx.

    Yes student discounts are the best and it always puts me off if they don't offer free shipping! I'm actually on Missguided right now adding way to much to my shopping cart haha You too lovely! xx.
    can i really on she inside the asian based source The items are cheap and i love them but i don't know if its reliable. Thanks in advance. Hey, I'm a new follower, this is a very useful video, I'll check these sites immediately!!!. Yay so glad you decided to do this :) You're subscribers seemed to have LOVED it! - Wish I was wish you and +JordysBeautySpot now but I hope you're having an amazing time! Love you xx. create your online store from ecommerce leader already have 100,000 successful stores and get best services from here The iconic is also a really good Australian online shop. They ship unbelievably fast and provide great customer service, so I definitely recommend them :). Natural Products Store - Free shipping worldwide… Fresh products arrive daily …satisfied customers in 58 countries -
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    Btw bought that black dress, but they don't stock it anymore at that store, found it at a familiar store though same price :) xx. Wow girl! Your subs have hit the roof! Well done! Loving your videos :) always so stylish and helpful! Keep it up xxx.
    That's okay! :) should be one up soon! I have so much planned I've just been so busy with work and uni! :( back on track soon! xx.
    i struggle with having no credit card as well, that's why i hardly shop online - but that visa card sounds interesting i might just have to look further into that! great video katie xx. Yeah it's such a pain! I received one of those prepaid ones as a Christmas gift and thought it was a great idea! xx.
    Did you have any problems with Brandy Melville and is their clothing worth the price I've seen a few bad reviews and don't know whether I should purchase from them or not..

    I've only ever ordered from them once and I had no problems! But there does seem to be some mixed reviews out there so it can be a tough call! I've certainly got my money's worth out of what I purchased from them, especially their cardigans, great quality :) xx.

    love this video, thank you!! I just thought I'd share: if you go to a website to put in your credit card information and the address bar says https instead of http, the s stands for secure so that's how you know it's safe to enter your information. if it doesn't say https then you should NEVER enter any personal information (:.
    That's a great tip!!! I'll remember that next time I'm on a site I'm unsure about, thanks Sylvia!! :D xx. Loveeedddd this video! So so very helpful and original! Ah yes do a video on ebay! I always get some good steals off there!.
    Thanks so much Abigail!! I'm so happy people are finding it helpful :) I'll definitely do an eBay video in the future! xx.

    In Norway the limit you can by for without paying taxes and duties is around 33 dollars :))))) .
    oh another video suggestion(s) i may add is vlogging! i'm from the us and i'm sure there are many others not from au. so itll be awesome to see what its like through your eyes!. I've always wanted to try vlogging but I'm worried not many people will like it! But if I'm ever doing something exciting I'll be sure to take my camera :) xx. I recently got scammed. Only paypal sites for me when it comes to using my cards. And the aussie post viza sounds like a good idea. I will look into it :). Oh no!! I just ordered stuff from she inside a week ago :( hope i dont have any problems with it! Fingers crossed :'(.
    I'm sure you'll be fine! A lot of people rave about them, I think I unfortunately just got unlucky :( xx.

    yeah i thought i would be fine because i heard so many youtubers rave about them! i suppose i should have researched more of the opinions of australians though :( ill let you know how i go with them xx.

    Yeah I know a lot of people buy from them a lot with no issues, but I was just sharing my personal experience :).

    Have you bought items from sheinside They're having great sells, but now I'm kind of skeptical. How were your experiences Haha.

    Is it embarrasing that the first thought I had this morning (other than shit I have an assignment due today) is that you're uploading a video today! Total girl crush moment haha Love this video as always! x.
    OMG I had no idea you could have a paypal account without a credit card, you have got me so excited now and probably potentially made me waste a lot of money! .

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  2. January 23, 2016
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  3. January 25, 2016
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  4. January 18, 2016
    Ab heute gibt es bei uns eine neue Umfrage... Dieses mal wollen wir von euch wissen, ob ihr euch Age of Empires 3 denn
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  5. January 19, 2016

    Comments about this video:

    This game defiantly had a strange spirit.. I almost felt like I lived in a different world. Wait a minute I did....

    Sandals [blessed] {blessed} If you didn't have black sandals for 1 million gold, you shouldn't even show your face around Britain bank..

    I just bought an SNES and Ultima and the same song is used here..I never knew so much nostalgia. I played UO for 7 years!.
    Nope... Overland map is a Fail... Heavily instanced... Fail... What a failure it is on its way to becoming which was sad. . Running into Despise OL spawn, that first jolt whenever I see a blue name on the edge of the screen. Gradually calming down once he's dead. Good times..
    "initial feeling of "the fuck"" You mean more like: that initial feeling of "Oh god, this can't be happening T_T please! Don't be true! X.X" :D.
    Why is it that this game was SO CHEESY, yet so epic We have STILL not had a game like this today. This game WAS my childhood. Even the music is awesome (Now that I respect it, I used to turn it off in game haha..). +Jourmand1r there's a good private server I've been playing for the past year and a half UORenaissance. Look up Pill-UOR for some of my videos..
    I find it funny how nowadays so many people talk about virtual worlds, when to be honest, there hasn't even been a virtual world since UO..
    Thats exactly it. I spent too many hours on this game and remember a lot things. But, its the simply things, like standing around town that bring back the good feelings. I also did a lot of cotton picking in my day, had to make that money. Gioing into the brit sewers and skinning rats for meat to sell at 4gp a piece(5 if you were lucky) wasn't cutting it..
    2 WindupAtheist haha recdu recsu, i remember killing the vendors on the other side, it was the quickest way to get black sandals and those were the hot item back in the day .

    ill never forget those gut wrenching moments when the god damn pkers would pop up on the side of your screen red name OH SHIT RUN !!!!.


    Do you know whats really sad... I went back to my old shard Europa using a new trial account just to see what had changed with the new client and I felt really emotional standing around a nearly deserted Brit bank and wondering up past the smithy to the graveyard and on to the mining cave north of Britain walking along the road to Cove where I joined my first guild an Anti-PK guild with 4 other members. Remembering how many good times I had in that game and how long ago it is now..
    For all those who say its "dead" thats not the right word. It has a little over 48k people+ according to mmogcharts. It is true, I know what you mean. I played UO in pre-alpha (Destard server) then beta then release until EQ came up. I still keep in touch with with some of the people I met 13 years ago..
    Used to love ressing people with bandies. My ye olde GM Mage Tamer, dragons were so ace. Gates were so ace. Sitting at brit bank was ace.. Memories of this game are the best ever..
    Wow. Talk about memories... this reminds me of playing Ultima III on my old Atari 800XL computer in the early 80s. This was the music that played when you entered a town. It sounded a lot darker and scarier back then, with the old buzzy 8-bit computer instrument sounds.. aah, the old days, when it actually felt like a raw, dangerous, yet, exciting world. There were no invisible things disallowing you from performing an action. Just the town guards and players. The way it should have always stayed. . LOL XD GUARDS LAGGG KAL VAS FLAM KAL ORT POR IN NOX VAS REL POR BLOOD OATH VENDOR BUY BANK WITHDRAW 1500 OooOOoooOO.
    2 TheSilver99 Nope.. Nothing touches the epicness of Ultima Online. All the new games focus too much on one aspect and ignore the rest. Ultima online was truly a world in which everything existed in equilibrium. It transported people to a realistic place where a lot of orgasms happened..

    that actually sounds like a good idea. I played on UOSA and it was great but I really missed the Renaissance houses. :-/.
    If I hit the lotto, im buying the rights to UO and making UO2. It wil still be 2d, but more like diablo 3 ;). Because it was the small things that made this game so specially for everyone who enjoyed it (before EA tanked it). Owning a house and decorating it, mastering trade skills.01 points at a time, and eventually being able to craft and sell armor that looked really damn cool (im looking at you Valorite). Ultima created an experience and atmosphere that was nearly 100% customizable, something I have failed to find from ANY mmo on the market today.. where thieves were truly thieves, and bounty hunters were rewarded for killing these thief players and pks.I miss that element of pvp system...the fear and adventure was what made the game fun. . Oh yeah. We have all of the renaissance housing, with T2A house rules (the same you would find on UOSA). TO ALL THE PK'ERS FROM THE OLD DAYS: I hated you with a passion, i experienced true angst irl because of your actions, but god damn did you bring to life an experience worth remembering. UO will never be matched, ive tried playing every major online game since from asherons call to WOW, No game will ever make me feel like you did UO. Thank you. -one nostalgic UO vet .
    i quit uo 9 years ago, after playin 6 years. now i am 27, and i want to cry when i remember the uo days. If i had 2 lives, i would give one playing for uo..
    wow, me too. when I heard this song I had the same thought (I also played Ultima III on an atari 800 xl). Wasn't this the song when you wandered around in Sosaria. UO Antiquity tries to remedy the pain of lost UO memories, but heck, UO will probably never be what it was. I play antiquity anyway, best fun I can have. When a video game draws up memories that says 1 of 2 things. You have no life, and wasted too much time on the game. Or it is a damn good game. I think for most people who played UO it is probably a bit of both.. long live ultima online!!!!!!! memories that is :(...i wish i could find something as fulfilling as this game was for me :(. Can't beat the nostalgia of that game, nothing comes close. It would be so nice to go back to it as it was, but it's just so dead and empty now! Bad times..
    Belan the Looter, now there's a name I've not heard in a long time! Not only was UO a special game, it had special players too. Real characters who became infamous through their deeds. If they PK'd us, looted us, or stole from us we may have hated them at the time, but with hindsight man did they make the game fun and interesting. No other game has created such real characters whose stories still live on to this day, and will live on for years to come..
    2 TheBulleteer Agreed. But I should say: EA Games ruined it. Still there are things in Aos I like, paladin, necromancer, the combat skills. But the arties, trammel & insurance ruined it all.. Back in the day, I used to listen to the sound track when I was bored and was not able to play lol...sad Perhaps...but this game was the first of it's kind and I played it for almost 8 years..
    Britain. What a cesspool. But a vibrant cesspool. I started out my uo adventure here in 98 and had a blast. Even though the game was beyond hardcore. Uo in the 90s was extreme. What a game!.

    for all of you that miss the game... why not just go play it even with trammel it is still a wonderful game with new events and content always streaming in =).
    God I miss the old UO. I remember when I bought my frist house, it was a small thatched rooff house near Skara Brae. I'm glad nostalgia is one of my favorite things to feel..
    theres no player interaction anymore, you could literally play a game nowadays without ever speaking to anyone really. UO did something special and bought people together.

    It is the background music when I come in britain town that I heard. UO is my sweet time in many years ago.^^.
    everyone that played UO fought here sometime, the biggest city, the capital, i'll go back to it someday.
    UO pre T2A gave the true meaning to MMORPG, where virtual seemed so real, where everyone were united, where strangers helped others and where your inner adventurous life began..
    Is this game still being played I got Samurai Empire and haven't played in years. Never really had the credit card to subscribe so I played on free servers... So, does this game still have free servers active so I'd see if I'd get enthusiasm to get the official servers.
    2 gowhitesox12 haha that's amazing. I thought I was young when i played it but you are even younger! I remember dating a college girl in game by pretending that I was born in 1980 instead of 88. She was all over me and wanted to call me. lol I didn't want her to know I was still a kid so I just told her long distance calls are too expensive:).
    You guys can play UO for free on my priv SA server. Still same old classic 2d game. check it out if your down for some old school ass kicken.. -> Advanced Keywords and Competitors Research Tool
  6. January 15, 2016
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  7. January 13, 2016
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  8. January 11, 2016
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  9. January 14, 2016

    Comments about this video:
    Nice soundtrack, but it steals the nostalgia from the original midi music that was present in the first editions.. I played this game for 7 years before i played world of warcraft. ;) Still the best game in my young years. From someone who hasn't played since 1998-ish it was very refreshing, to each his own though. .
    +Slick Rick man i used to play late hours from Ganking to buyi and selling homes in fellucia etc. ;) it really is amazing game.

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  10. January 21, 2016
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  11. January 17, 2016
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  12. January 12, 2016
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    Ageing - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
  13. January 20, 2016

    Comments about this video:

    You can find the best deals at and get paid cashback on all your purchases! Ships globally to over 200 countries!.
    Why would you count down to from 10 to 1 if you didn't actually rank them :p Cool sites by the way!.
    For more focalprice type sites you can try dx com (previously dealextreme) and aliexpress com (sort of a china ebay). Only major downside for these sites is the crazy shipping times..

    One more top websites to shop online, its, you can request product and import product from indonesia, only chat and very very simple....

    Alberto, I love Focal Point and Amazon, and I always check Ebay for lower pricing as well as Amazon. Walmart offers 3 months return also. Pretty cool. I've even gone last 3 months. I would never return you though. Maybe you could review Assistants for Android and see who can do the most and is the most accurate. I have used so many I got confused along the way. ;) Thanks Buddy.

    When buying from Chinese web stores few things to remember: 1. customs and taxes. This does not apply if you buy worth of small price and the limits change depending on country. 2. The phones for.ex can have 1 GB of ram, lower screen quality or the processor power is only 1,2 Ghz. This why they are cheaper. Second thing is that some of the phones don't use google services meaning no Google play (this should always be checked individually.) Other than that the products are usually okay quality :).

    Can anybody tell me which of these sites actually ship to the UK, been looking at a few of them and was gutted to find out not many of them do.
    great sites lineup!! Another great site is ww*1p2b*co (copy and paste and replace the asterisks with.). - Age of Empires 3, The Asian Dynasties und The...
  14. January 16, 2016
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  16. 28 March 2016

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  22. 08 April 2016

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  28. April 30, 2016

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  33. April 23, 2016

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  39. July 05, 2016

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  44. June 28, 2016
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  45. June 30, 2016

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  47. July 02, 2016
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  48. July 03, 2016
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  49. June 26, 2016

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  50. June 29, 2016
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