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January 25, 2016

Comments about this video:

The bible says not to worry about what you shall wear. This goes against the Bible dude. Aging is natural a blessing. .

+Marlene Lindsey not necessarily and he didn't mention clothing... The glory does in fact make people look younger... I see it all the time. Look at people who are close to God and pray a lot like Moses, you will see they look younger and they glow.. Aging was after sin, and Moses' eyes didn't grow dim.. He had a super natural health because of his unveiled intimacy with God...
that's my question. What is he talking about Another example of a the fact people love people to tickle their ears. As a pastor, this is a sad joke..
Facial care companies would like people to give their products a try to demonstrate their effectiveness. Have you ever noticed a cosmetics area set-up in your neighbourhood mall offering free samples Well I discovered a website that will send free test products to your home, its the best way to get free skin products :) Have a look here He is a man who claims to pray and do miracles on people that have health issues. Please don't sit there and listen to this man, go and read the Bible, for he is another wolf dressed as a sheep. Matthew 7:15 "Beware of false prophets, which come to you in sheep's clothing, but inwardly they are ravening wolves".

Anti Aging Zone | Fortifeye Vitamins

January 17, 2016 The Anti-Aging Zone (9780060933050) by Sears, Barry and a great selection of similar New, Used and Collectible Books available now at great prices. i1
sublime skin - Comfort Zone

January 21, 2016 | Simple anti-aging & beauty tips for real women over 40. If I find it and like it, I'll share it! i2
Listen to Anti-Aging Zone by Barry Sears at

January 18, 2016
Hints of Best Anti-Aging Products. A retinoid is really a vitamin-A by-product ingredient that's been shown to supercharge collagen construction not to mention mobile... i3 on Pinterest

January 15, 2016

Comments about this video:

Anti-Aging Beauty Tips for Real Women Over 40

January 20, 2016
1. Proper Diet is crucial! I recommend a modified organic gluten free paleo diet. The largest portion of your meal should be vegetables, then fruit and then a good... i5
Age-Free Zone Diet - 5 Anti-aging Diets | HowStuffWorks

January 28, 2016
Our selection of anti-aging products feature supplements for an anti-aging diet, cellular serums, and anti-inflammation guides in managing the reduction on anti-aging... i6
The Anti-Aging Zone | Hormone Theory of Aging

January 27, 2016
Get this from a library! The anti-aging zone. [Barry Sears]   A hard look at the food we all eat and the aging process. i7
9780060933050: The Anti-Aging Zone - AbeBooks - Sears...

January 24, 2016

Comments about this video:
Another winner Tammy, it looks delicious and if I have not told you lately I so appreciate you and your videos! I hope you are having a great Sunday! Love and Hugs! XOXO. Holy Moly Tammy! Yummo!! I'm so glad that you did the sweet potato fries as well. I have tried making them and have not been successful. Never tried the soaking them before. Can't wait to try the sandwich! Thank you for sharing. 😘.
+Pam J Kehoe Soak them in cold water all day if you want to pull all of the starch out of them...dry them on a dish towel as much as you can...coat them lightly with corn starch..then add just a touch of oil salt and pepper...Bake them flipping half way...Make sure none of the potatoes touch each other on the pan...they will come out crispier....

Love sweet potatoes but hate to use frozen anything unless that's the only alternative. Can't wait to try!.

No ham for me either ☺️! That looks delicious. Good tip on the garlic & shallots. I think I will try this!.
Dear Miss Tammy this looks so nice, it is 4.50 here over the pond and you have made me hungry. I have roast Turkey in the oven but I will be trying this recipe soon x. I get my mayo from Marks Daily Apple website... Made with avocado oil and NO sugar. Tastes great too.
LOVE these videos!!! That looks delicious and I have already ordered the Flavor god seasoning!!! Thanks!!.
Hi Tammy, you certainly are an inspiration to make and eat healthy meals. I will certainly be giving this one a try. Thank you so much. Hugs, Maria. Beets are a love it or leave it food, Tammy. My husband loves them yet my youngest daughter and I cannot eat them. I agree that eating foods from all the food groups in moderation instead of limiting yourself is the smart way to eat. :). Wow, wow, wow, wow...I want that sandwich! Thank you for sharing these wonderful healthy meal ideas! You're the best!.
Oh my, that looks delicious, I really love these videos, I'll being trying this one for sure, I'm also going to try your version of sweet potato fries. Thank you very much for the time you put into these videos, it's greatly appreciated !.

Awesome job, added to favorites!! I must have accidentally unsubscribed from you at some point. I realized yesterday when I thought, hum, I haven't seen a video from you lately LOL Glad to be back! TFS.

Looks Delish!!! I grew up in tampa and cuban sandwiches are my favorite! Will have to try this twist on a turkey burger! Thanks for sharing Tammy!!.
Looks delicious!! I use the same Ingredients but I make it a loaf and put a chopped ripe tomatoes from my garden and bake it. It's like a meatloaf my family loves it:)). Good Grief Tammy, that looks SOOO good. Very doable, I plan to give it a try, the whole plate is mouth watering!. Hi Tammy! Thankyou for sharing I love when you cook it looks so good.You should write a cookbook you have really good ideas,have a good day and god bless..
Your food always looks so good!!! I don't usually eat meat either but every once in awhile a good juicy burger just hits the spot !!! I think I may have to give this burger a try with some sweet potatoes fries !!!.
Hi Tammy, Great meal idea :-) Now I'm hunger and it's only 10 am, LOL I have those cutting boards too but I like your colors better ;-) See you soon, Heidi. Looks so delicious. Love the way you keep health in mind even for a fun meal like this one. xo, Carol.
I'm going to try this recipe very soon. One question though, since I've never used shallots, how much different are they than actual onions I've never seen them sold in a bag like what you have..
Love this! I don't eat birds, so will try with lean grass fed beef. Could you make without mayo Also can't wait to try your method of sweet potato fry making. Mine are never this crisp.. Tammy. You're really delightful to listen to whilst you're busying about in the kitchen. That "burger" looked scrumptious once revealed from its little foil nest. Must try this "melting" trick of yours..I usually add an egg into my patties to keep the meat together otherwise I create a mess when cooking. Also adds that little bit of extra flavour. Agree with nitrates and sulfides as additives. Still can't understand why they are added to foods when there really is no need to - other to preserve foods longer. But who wants food that's been sitting around for so long :) Love to know how you manage to stay on top of your proteins and iron when your meat intake is minimal. I have a daughter wanting to eliminate meat from her diet (which I don't have a problem with); but I do worry about how to feed a growing girl. Your ideas would be most welcome.. xx. Wow Tammy, as a transplanted cuban I most say your take on the cuban burger has nothing on the real one. It looks fantastic! Since turkey tends to be a little bit dry specially if it is lean, you could add a tsp of milk, Silk will do. Thanks for the great recipe.Hugs from Sunny South Florida.. hey Tammy! have you ever tried Mira Laga turkey burgers Saw on name covered A few yrs back when Ruth and Donald Trump were on! omg!!! they are awesome!!! I like you do not eat red blood meat and basically only eat fish and poultry... mostly veggies! you can check out the recipe on line! if you can't find it...I will post it for you! this recipe looks delich too! gotta go be a domestic goddess now! lol! Bisous!.
Looks delicious and by the way, I love how you are so expressive with your hands! It's like they are talking too!.

I love cheese but low or no fat is not for me. So I have to eat cheese as a treat. The salt content of some so called health foods in cans and boxes is always so high. So I eat mostly whole non processed food because I do not need added salt. I could be a lot better with my eating on my work days. I do not want to be vegan. I love your take on healthy eating. I do fall of the wagon once in a while and have to do a reality check..
I stick my hand in my pickle jar all the time - lol. It's My pickle jar so who cares. Have you tried to make your own mayonnaise with organic eggs. You can make a small batch or as much as you need. Gosh - Louie is spoiled - that sandwich looks sooooooo good. Bon Appetite..
LOVE ALL of these videos, thanks for giving me such GREAT more healthy but still YUMMY meal ideas...!!.

I mix with my hands too but I always use latex gloves. Not because my hands are dirty but because I don't like food on my hands, under my nails, ect. I work at a hospital so I get them for free but at any grocery store, wallgreens, ect you can get 100 for about 5 bucks. Just a tip if you care!.

Really great video thank so much!! Random comment...but have to say, you have such a lovely voice to listen to; very soothing!!.
This looks amazing, so much interesting flavor going on, but I wouldn't call it a cheat meal, ground turkey breast. No luxury in that which "cheat" implies. Certainly would make this during the week, but I don't use aluminum in my panini, like the grill marks.. Writing my grocery list for the week - I am going to make ths for my husband. Thanks for the recipe!. Have you heard of Layne Norton's Flexible Dieting approach It is increasingly popular in the bodybuilding world and celebrates eating all kinds of foods so long as they fit your plan for macros..
Yum. Love it. BTW you naughty girl you pulled out the pickles with your hands. Shame on You. Just Joking. Love you MsTammy xo.

Oh by the way, in Australia it's traditional to have sliced beets with lettuce, tomato and cheese on a burger. We call it a hamburger with the lot, if you add a fried egg too. (Not saying it's a healthy option!). :) .
Wegman's makes an organic Mayonnaise; Hellman's is likely GMO and the cage-free chicken is probably fed GMO's and other chickens.. Customer Reviews: The Anti-Aging Zone

January 26, 2016
Anti-Aging Zone by Dr. Barry Sears... The Age-Free Zone By Barry Sears, Ph.D. How old are you now? Want to look younger, live longer, and feel better? i9
The anti-aging zone (Book, 1999) []

January 23, 2016 | Simple anti-aging & beauty tips for real women over 40. If I find it and like it, I'll share it! i10
The Anti-Aging Zone Review by Gary Crawley - issuu

January 16, 2016
Age-Free Zone Diet. With a few modifications of his original The Zone diet book, Dr. Barry Sears has come up with an anti-aging diet plan that can help you lose weight. i11
Anti-Aging Zone -

January 14, 2016

Comments about this video:
Once again this looks scrumptious Tammy! I swear I could just taste it when you brought it in for a closer look. Putting this on the menu for next week. I was wondering do you do anything with a tuna, salmon or fish fillet as the protein in salad.. I was thinking of the marinade you might use. Also, sorry this is off subject but I was wondering if you liked the Repair hair products you showed in your haul. +gemini girl For Lou I do...I don't eat any seafood, pork,lamb or chicken is about all I can stomach...I just do not like meat...BUT for LOU, I make everything...My review will be up on Tuesday for the repair products!. Delicious Tammy. I could feast on this daily. Hubby and I are predominately plant based so I substitute beans for chicken. Love our salads. Have a great week!.
Yummy. It looks beautiful. Have you tried adding a touch of soy sauce to the dressing You not taste will the soy sauce. It will add a depth of favor to the dressing..

Looks delicious. another winning recipe!!! Adding it to my favorites, Tammy. AND want more, more more!!!!!!.
Delicious Tammy...obviously I would forgo the chicken but it would be perfect with just the portobello's...yummmmmo...patti :). This looks wonderful! Great idea for marinating the portabella's and chicken. I always forget this trick! Thanks for the healthy and delicious recipe! Will be making soon!. What a beautiful salad. I will be trying it out tomorrow. I have baby bella mushrooms which should work ok. Thanks for the great ideas..
I love salads and pretty much anything can be put on one. My favorites are those that include fruit and cheese..

Rosemary is amazing in most recipes. Last night I cooked up some onions, red pepper, green pepper and mushrooms... all I did was use olive oil, garlic, salt, pepper and rosemary. Threw that over rice and served it with chicken. Out of this world! The rosemary makes all the difference. Babs.

You are so beautiful, CMT!! This looks yummy & I cannot wait to try it!! Another great Healthy Zone! xo, Toni.

Thank you for sharing, I made this for my family and they all LOVED it!! It was delicious 😃 Kelly xx.
Tammy. Once again you look so happy in your beautiful kitchen and your pretty apron on. I love how ingredients can be substituted in your recipes. Seeds sound like a great idea and I'm wondering if you have tried toasted almonds Maybe even throw in a few cherry tomatoes or olives. Yes, it's the Mediterranean in me.:) I had to laugh when you mentioned Louie snacking afterwards. Will he be like my hubby and sneak his way into the pantry and scrabble around like a mouse searching for anything to settle the rumbles :) I can always tell when I discover toast crumbs all over the bench in the morning (ha). xx.
Looks like another great recipe! I will be trying it this week. Because of the blazing heat here, salads are the best! Thank you for all that you do for our "little" community!! hugs.
The salad looks delicious can't wait to try it! By the way, I would highly recommend (for safety) placing a dampened dish towel under neath your cutting board so it remains stable and does not move when slicing/dicing. Thanks for sharing! 🍴.
Yummy. I am going to try this. I love love love salad and basically live on greens and proteins (and I have my sugar occasionally... probably more than I should but what the heck!)... Thanks for sharing. Enjoy your videos. XO ~Donna.
Thank you Tammy I am going to give it a try all the ingredients I love and this is so easy and healthy. I love pine nuts as well. You have a lovely day. Great video. Love to you Tricia. xxxxx. Saw those little tomatoes in the background. I bet those would be good on the salad too. Looks delicious. Will definitely try this salad..
Hi Tammy, looks yummy! Love salads & new ideas! Love your kitchen..thanks for taking time from your weekend to share this recipe..😘.

You should really prefer the Greek extra virgin olive oil. Much much better than any other oils by far....
Tammy, love the healthy zones...and all the tips and recipes you are sharing...thank you...xoxo...Debbie.

Anti-Aging Zone by Barry Sears | 9780060392437 | Hardcover...

January 22, 2016
Listen to Anti-Aging Zone audiobook by Barry Sears. Stream and download audiobooks to your computer, tablet or mobile phone. Bestsellers and latest releases. try any... i13
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28 March 2016

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Weight Loss Coaching, Health Coaching, Wellness Coaching...

06 April 2016. The Anti-Aging Zone by Barry Sears - Listen Online ( -Aging-Zone) Download The Anti-Aging Zone Audiobook by Barry Sears, narrated by Barry Sears. Join Audible and get The Anti-Aging Zone free from the Audible online audio book store.

30 March 2016
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Download The Anti-Aging Zone Audiobook by Barry Sears, narrated by Barry Sears. Join Audible and get The Anti-Aging Zone free from the Audible online audio book store.

01 April 2016. Slow the Aging Process: Anti-Aging Zone ( ne/) anti aging beauty zone com Lenz tries to conceive a metallic treatment with her vital combat, she realizes phytoceramides miracle reviews he is phytoceramides miracle...

08 April 2016
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Slow Down the Aging Process With Anti-Inflammatory Zone...

05 April 2016. Anti-Aging Zone - ( ging-zone) Get this from a library! The anti-aging zone. [Barry Sears] A hard look at the food we all eat and the aging process.

02 April 2016
The Anti-Aging Zone Audiobook | Barry Sears | i3
Read The Anti-Aging Zone by Barry Sears by Barry Sears for free with a 30 day free trial. Read eBook on the web, iPad, iPhone and Android

29 March 2016. The Anti-Aging Zone book | 3 available editions | Alibris... ( 439) Read The Anti-Aging Zone by Barry Sears by Barry Sears for free with a 30 day free trial. Read eBook on the web, iPad, iPhone and Android

31 March 2016

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The Anti-Aging Zone Audiobook | Barry Sears |

27 March 2016
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07 April 2016
anti aging 14 stunden nichts essen i6
The Anti-Aging Zone is about all of the aspects that affect the aging process and what can be done to reverse it as much as possible. If you are generally worried...

03 April 2016
The Anti-Aging Zone by Dr. Barry Sears, Ph.D. (Read by) starting at $0.99. The Anti-Aging Zone has 3 available editions to buy at Alibris i7
The anti-aging zone (eAudiobook, 2005) []

26 March 2016

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The Anti-Aging Zone book | 3 available editions | Alibris...

04 April 2016
The Anti-Aging Zone by Barry Sears — Reviews, Discussion... i9
Signs of aging may be a consequence of inflammation; however, one may able to slow down the aging process with the anti-inflammatory Zone Diet.

April 25, 2016

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Anti-Aging Zone on Pinterest

April 24, 2016. Barry Sears - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia ( Anti-Aging Zone | The definitive all-in-one site to track the latest trends in anti-aging technologies...

April 28, 2016
anti aging oil serum i1
Anti-Aging Made Easy - Dr. Sears' Zone Labs

May 01, 2016. Topical : Cure Zone Anti-Aging Superstore, Supplements of... ( Get this from a library! The anti-aging zone. [Barry Sears] With his #1 New York Times bestseller "The zone", Dr. Barry Sears revolutionized the course of...

April 27, 2016
anti aging therapeutics volume xiii i2
Get the latest health, fitness, anti-aging, and nutrition news, plus special offers, insights and more from!

April 22, 2016
Get this from a library! The anti-aging zone. [Barry Sears]   A hard look at the food we all eat and the aging process. i3
Supplements For An Anti-Aging Diet | Anti-Aging Products

May 02, 2016

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Anti-Aging Equipment : Cure Zone Services, Canadian Health...

April 30, 2016
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Anti-Aging Zone, The Abridged Edition -

April 23, 2016
anti aging therapy i6
The Anti-Aging Zone: Barry Sears: 9780060392437: Amazon...

April 29, 2016
Anti-Wrinkle; Multiple Signs of Aging; Lifting / Firming;... Anti-Wrinkle COMPARE. quickshop... Advanced Time Zone i7
The Anti-Aging Zone : Barry Sears : 9780060933050

May 03, 2016

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The Anti-Aging Zone :The Zone Audio Book by Barry Sears...

April 26, 2016
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Barry Sears, Ph.D. (born June 6, 1947, Long Beach, California) is an American biochemist and author, best-known for creating and promoting the... The Anti-Aging Zone.

July 14, 2016

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Anti Ageing Zone -

July 05, 2016. Lee G. Lovett | The Anti-Aging Zone | Lee Lovett ( The key to anti-aging is polyphenols, omega-3 fish oil, and following an anti-inflammatory diet; basically just following the Zone Diet.

July 11, 2016
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anti ageing zone As a result of being mentioned by a popular daytime doctor show, Phytoceramides has quickly become one of the fastest selling anti-aging pills history.

July 07, 2016
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By Barry Sears, Ph.D. Barry Sears, Ph.D., is a widely published scientist and researcher. The Anti-Aging Zone (AAZ) goes beyond his NY Times No. 1 Bestseller, The...

July 09, 2016
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anti ageing zone TABLETS THAT TRANSFORM YOUR SKIN NO RISK:We take great pride the RESULTS our phytoceramides produce and we are SURE that it work for you that we...

July 13, 2016

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Anti Ageing Zone |

July 15, 2016
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anti ageing zone Namely, the cell of waters can be a remixer that phytoceramides at swanson increases the anorexia of bald-headed be fine skin care with klebsiella...

July 08, 2016
VEBELLE's Platinum Series is a luxurious line of anti aging skin care products to cleanse, refine, and replenish your skin, lips and hair by Anti Aging Company. i6
The Anti-Aging Zone: Barry Sears: 9780060933050: Amazon...

July 10, 2016
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anti aging zone It followed the weapon of two universities who where to buy phytoceramides stores came from feuding microorganisms on only almanacs of the innovative...

July 06, 2016

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Anti Aging Zone 2016 -

July 12, 2016
anti aging beauty zone com less than a month I notice a definite difference, for the good, skin. i9
Anti Aging Zone |

August 12, 2017

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Metformin The Anti-Aging Miracle Drug - Jeffrey Dach MD

August 11, 2017. 23 Worst Anti-Aging Skin Care Products - TotalBeauty ( skincare) Endlich eine federleichte Anti-Aging Hautpflege. Wünschen Sie sich jünger aussehende Haut, aber möchten keine Creme, die sich schwer anfühlt?

August 13, 2017

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