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December 31, 2015

Comments about this video:
Great video and information. Maxelder argan cream!!!! ( suggest w nyarganoil c) Makes u look years younger!!!! I will definitely recommend to anyone that wants younger vibrant looking skin in just days!!! Love it!!. is this also for dry skin and also is it nessecary to add this essential oils i read some time ago that this is not good. would it also be possible withouht do you also have cream with aloe vera.
Thank you so much I want to do it..., is amazing no chemical at all... Sharing is caring, i appreciated..
When it melts down it will mix easily with a spoon. Once cooled you can use a hand mixer on it to give it a whipped body butter affect (check out my other video on whipped body butter for more info!) Hope that helps! ❤️. hi I live in Texas.. very humid. I made the anti aging cream then whipped it to be creamy. But it does not want to stay that way it wants to go back to oil without being in the refrigerator. But then becomes more solid. Any suggestion on how to remedy this.
+The Holistic Mother I'm not sure about this as I haven't made homemade skin care yet but have watched a few videos. I think one of the ingredients used was beeswax beads. That may help it hold it's shape. The lady used a regular mixer like you would use to make a cake to whip it an it became fluffy. It's here on Youtube somewhere..
+Carol Moran There is a high % of coconut oil which melts at 76 degrees. Your options are to lower the amount of the coconut oil and add more, or another solid butter, Shea, Cocoa ect. or add an emulsifier or bees wax..
Not currently since I do not have a separate commercial kitchen. I am currently working on a book with over 50 easy, tested and affective DIY recipes like this and I am making more videos to match the recipes! I will post more info when the books is available for pre-order through Kickstarter 😄.
+Miriam Hudson Yes this will work great on old stretch marks! I will post before and after soon! Thanks for watching!.

Essential Oils, Young Living Essential Oils, anti aging, acne,

December 23, 2015
Wednesday, 25 November 2015, Aromatic Wholistic Health Spa by 'Valentina', North York. How many of you want to manage your weight for one and for all. i1
Young Living Anti-Aging, Weight Loss & Aroma... -

December 29, 2015
Keep naturally young at any age with anti-aging foods and herbs. i2
Naturally Young: Anti-Aging Foods and Herbs - Mother Earth Living

December 28, 2015
Nov 3, 2014... Natural anti-aging face serum for all skin types using essential oils... or Sweet Almond Oil; 35 drops of Young Living Beauty Serum, (get it here). i3
Natural Anti-Aging Face Serum: Essential Oils - Grass Fed Girl

January 1, 2016

Comments about this video:
YAY ! ! ! You're back ! I wondered where you guys had gone and was praying that we hadn't seen the last of your videos. I'm sooo happy to see more videos from you two. And.. I love the new intro. Keep em comin ! Your videos are my favorites because they are so informative. In fact, I may still be rolling my eyes about essential oils if I hadn't learned the science behind them from Arttemis in an older video - that's when it all made sense to me. I'm the geek that has to know the how and why behind things, so it was those videos that made me a "believer". Yay ! Hope to see you in my inbox frequently guys ! Happy Holidays.. +Jeanie Puckett Wow! Thanks Jeanie!!! Love your enthusiasm :) Keep using your essential oils and spread the magic of our videos... **LIKE AND SHARE** when you feel called too! Thank you! Are you already a Member of Young Living and using your oils If not... join below: >>>

Young Living Anti Aging Reviews Essence Of Beauty Skin Care...

December 19, 2015
The most UNIQUE and AMAZING SMELLING Anti-Aging Blend on the market... Oil (Comparable to DoTerra's Serenity & Young Living's Peace & Calming Blend. i5 Anti-Aging Blend 100% Pure, Best Therapeutic Grade...

December 27, 2015
Jun 2, 2014... How to make miracle anti-aging skin butter using all natural and deeply... I have just been introduced to the wonderful work of Young Living. i6
DIY Miracle Anti-Aging Skin Butter - Mary Vance, NC

December 25, 2015
Jun 19, 2015... Use these essential oils for aging skin as part of your night time skin care... that will help delay the formation of fine lines and wrinkles from a young age... The essential oils listed below have great anti-aging properties... I'm a full time natural beauty enthusiast with a passion for frugal living, minimalism. i7
Reverse the Clock | Essential Oils for Aging Skin - beautymunsta

December 18, 2015

Comments about this video:

Maxelder argan cream is like magic for your skin. from the first use, you will notice a big difference. your skin will be glowing and will look healthier. Suggest w nyarganoil—c.
Best Anti-Aging Tip is 'Meditation'. Proven by those who meditate, they all look much younger. I, myself meditate for over 25 years and in my 53, people say I look 35... of course I do yoga and I am vegetarian for 27 years. I never smoked and never taken alcohol in my life. No matter what products you use, and what kind of diet you have, if you don't connect with your 'higher self' it won't work. Because, soul is a source of energy and it is timeless, always full of joy... It is Love itself and energy of Love is forever young. It slows clock down when you live in that vibrational frequency. You can control your thoughts and emotions. Meditate to connect to your soul to be always happy, relaxed, stress free... Balance your 'trinity' - Body / Mind / Soul. Love and Light! PS: And It is Free!. ..Hello anyon e..Maxelder argan cream is a fab cream…My wrinkle formation has reduced drastically and I dont look older to my age any more.. I love the way I look and now just get loaded with compliments all the time. It has made this possible… Suggest everyone w...nyarganoil…c. this is a big scam and they keep sending it and charging you and it does not work. Please make them accountable name covered. eat and drink clean work out and be positive and happy. see positive in all that happens.surround self with lovely caring ppl. b good person and accept what God has done in your life. There is a hidden wisdom in everything. find true faith and be good with this. I follow everything and look yen yrs younger. everyone thinks I'm ten or more yrs younger. stay blessed. Happy Holidays..
Go to this website that is where you can buy Phytocermides from. I have reduced my wrinkles since I have I have been taking the pills..
Brenda I ordered my bottle from the same website. I have a lot less wrinkles since I have been taking the pills every night before I go to bed..
Eat organic, be happy, give lots of love. I am a great grandmother and this photo is not that old I have recent on my page. I do not smoke, I do not eat meat. I take care of my health. Love his shows.
TCM is based on the 2 manifestations of qi (Yin and Yang). If those 2 manifestations are in balance, then our health is excellent. Where and what is the qi qi is the mitochondrial energy status of each cell's metabolism. Every function in the human body is controlled by 2 opposite manifestations of the same qi energy (a) excitatory and (b) inhibitory. Just like the pH in between acidic and alkaline mediums whereas Yin is basic and Yang acid. Yin is reductive and antioxidant (cold) where Yan is oxidative and energy producer and consumming. In our brains we have Gaba and serotonin (Yin) while epinephrine and dopamine (Yang) play opposites. In a case of vitamins and/or minerals deficiency our body (as proposed in the Triage Theory) a compensatory process based on a self cannibalistic appropriation of vitamins from the manufacture of non vital proteins are removed and reassigned to more essential ones involved directly in our short term survival and reproduction (perpetuation of the species). What is the limiting or inhibitory force capable of inhibiting the Triage effect (a) the immune system's ability to destroy malfunctioning cell mutations (NKs, T cells) (b) our own cell's apoptotic self program or suicidal process. If those 2 systems (qi by nature) are overwhelmed by a strong Triage effect (self cannibalistic appropriation of nutrients needed to support them) then chances are that fatal diseases like cancer find the conditions needed to develop. Years before cancer could be detectable, a steady increase of cell apoptosis, weakening immune system and mal nutrition are likely to precede unchecked. In Physics we have the E-M force (for example), it is the same energy (electron) manifesting itself in two completely opposite ways. Taking this very simple to understand example, it's easy to understand that the energy (qi) comes in the magnitude of the frequency while the intensity of it is the result of the power of the source itself. In the particular case when health is compromised by X factors the frequency of the qi begins to fluctuate followed by a slow decreasing in its intensity. Depression, anxiety, fatigue are the first symptoms of the Triage, then sleep disturbances, brain fog and even allergies follow behind..
This man deserves the Nobel Prize! Through good eating we become intelligent and it is this intelligence that allows us, as individuals, to make the choices that lead to forgiveness, self acceptance and ultimately, contentment. Blessings to name covered, for in blessing we are blessed, and thank you Good Housekeeping, for in giving thanks we approach The Most High..

Go on the Ketogenic lifestyle !! It will help you a lot more then pills and creams that really don't work..
Consumer beware: I recently ordered a free sample of Duplicell P199 with $10 shipping and handling charge, and my wife used it for over three weeks, but it didn't work at all. After our trail period was end, our credit card was automatically charged additional $89.95. This company doesn't want to refund your money. Consumer beware!!!. +sql2xl Thats an awful story, i order my products through piping rock for sure the best deals for various supplements..
Go at 22 to bed. Eat only fruits, vegetables, nuts, seed Dont have to much sex Dont hear agressive or depressive music Dont use bad words Dont think dark Pray three times a day Sing sing sing Hygiene Laughing 15 Minutes a day drink water 2 l a day move your body rest no alcohol, coke, mars, snickers, tabbacco, drugs So all things which make fun for selfdestruction..

I wish I could find a man as warm hearted, smart and caring as him. And looks amazing for a 53 years old man..
#antiagingskincare products can certainly make a difference in our appearance. Choosing the favorites among top dermatologists, plastic surgeons and their celebrity clients is most important. Thank you for this informative video. .
I hear that apple stem cells, chaga and ganoderma are extremely beneficial for skin aging and internal health. So much so that they're being put in the world's highest quality anti-aging products and supplements such as that Iaso brand. All of their products are of supreme quality, very affordable and NOT mass produced. You have to special order so that tells a lot right there. I use their detox tea and lost a LOT of weight with it and QUICKLY! Very good product. Try them out. You will NOT be disappointed! Let me know if you need their info..
One can never stop the aging process hard as humans try yes one can live longer but how long once any human gets to 85 to 90 then any human cannot expect to look and feel like you are 21 all over again truth is once any human gets to that point in life thats it that is the truth, read about it in Gods word...the bible. this is good, but i think the most important factor for longevity is your genetic make up. i know a guy who has been smoking since age 14 and he is 92 years old and he doesn't know anything about these things.. name covered is nothing more than a modern day snake oil salesman who uses modern media to sell his wares rather than a horse drawn cart.. Do NOT BUY NOVUS V facial serum..their $5 trial is bogus! You will be charged $98 after 14 days AND automatically enrolls you in their recurring purchase agreement. You will have to pay $1.95 to cancel your subscription. What a RIPOFF! My 83 year old mother fell for this SCAM. Shame on you NOVUS and shame on the name covered show for recommending this shady company!. the best antiaging system proabably now is the one from Not too expensive but very,very efficient,you can try it by worked by me. Great tips, name covered! There are some great aesthetic procedures that can be done to correct aging skin and maintain a more youthful appearance: I FEEL THAT EVERYONE SHOULD TAKE ADVISE FROM name covered, HE IS A DOCTOR THAT CARE, ESPECIALLY WHEN IS TO PEOPLE.. HOW MANY PEOPLE AROULD THE WORLD THAT CAN'T EFFORT TO PAY DOCTOR VISIT BECAUSE IT IS TOO EXPENSIVE OR DON'T HAVE INSURANCE.. SERIALLY WHY'S SO MANY PEOPLE DIE SO YOUNG, BECAUSE NO ONE FOLLOW OR CARE FOR THEM SELF AND NOT TAKE ADVISE THAT WE GET IT FREE FROM DOCTOR, NOT FOR NOTHING BUT IT TIME TO GROW UP AND TAKE CARE YOURSELF, LIFE IT TOO SHORT AND YOU ONLY LIFE ONE TIME.. GOD BLESS THE WORLD. name covered I REALLY LOVE YOU SPEAK AND IS GAVE ME LOTS TO KNOW, THANK YOU... KEEP GIVING THE PEOPLE MORE TO KNOW WHAT'S BEST FOR HEALTH....
1) hypertension cause blood pressure 2) smoking 3) the diet that i love: produce, veggie, fruit with rich color 4) stress management system.

I'm 60, and in this photo I'm 60 too, but really disappointed the doctor forgot the Blue Zone here in the US. It is where I live, but we live on fruits and vegetables, are vegetarians here in Loma Linda, and drink water...lots of water. name covered is cute, but too old for women in the Blue Zones. My fiancé is 37..
This guys is sold on information that is being pushed by the big pharms, 1) YOU ARE NOT SUPPOSED TO REDUCE YOUR CHOLESTEROL!!!!! This is the biggest lie of all time. Research Stephanie Sennef's and Duane Graveline's stuff. Cholesterol is needed..., to form memories in the brain, ensure ALL cell wall integrity, is the root pathway for ALL HORMONES, and there is no good or bad cholesterol - there is only one type, and tests show that people who come into hospitals with heart attacks 75% had their cholesterol as normal and 50% has their cholesterol levels perfect. CHOLESTEROL IS ESSENTIAL TO LIFE!!!!! 2) MULTIPLE HIGH QUALITY TESTS EVERYWHERE SHOWS NO BENEFIT TO OMEGA 3 especially in the area of COGNITION! And Omega3 consumption has been linked to prostate cancer in MEN! 3) Exercise yes, but not long duration cardio, it must be in intense short bursts. Long duration of low impact cardio type exercise has been linked to shorter telomeres, which SHORTEN LIFESPAN!!! do you know that the average couch potato, lives longer than the average athlete or medical physician HIITS everyone HIITS!!! .
Thanks for the recommendations. I'll check them out and will get back to you! +soneelita I don't know unfortunately :/ You should probably ask your GP. There is a recommended time and type of exercise (for instance, I've been told that I shouldn't be jogging or lifting weights) for your age, gender, medical background etc. /I know what you mean :/ Same here. It's not enough but I don't have any free time because of uni..

+Colin Maharaj So...I guess I shortened my telomeres while in Paris for 2 weeks I walked 9 to 10 hours every day for 2 weeks, from 10am to 7 or 8pm. I was shocked to discover, upon my return home, that I had lost only 2 pounds (it felt like 10!); the new clothes that I had purchased right before the trip no longer fit as I had lost A LOT of inches over those 2 blissful weeks in the most pedestrian-friendly city on earth. I had walked off all the bulges, the visible (and palpable) excess around my midsection. And I slept like a baby every night, even amid blaring French police sirens...nothing like a 'walking vacation' works miracles for one's waistline. However, I can achieve my absolute peak of fitness ONLY through a balanced combination of aerobic (walking, not running) exercise & resistance training (Pilates flex bands & weights) & a minimum of 6 hours of sleep..
sports sports, active lifes egg,meat,fruits,real butter,greens,olives,omega3,good sleeps,good sex,water,no smoke no much alcohol are all for you good ways,star today and stop sugar and white breads.... nothing new about what he said ,but, he forgot to add that Sugar, salt,are two of the worst things you can eat,and its not just your greens that good for you..eating a bowl porridge a day will reduce your cholesterol by twenty per cent.also he forgot to add the cigarettes and alcohol!.
Hi name covered send me is LifeCell so I could test it on my eyes and face for my wrinkles I appreciate you could send me a sample today thank you me sasap. .

Drink plenty of water, wear sunscreen, exercise, eat well, love others, love yourself and you will live a youthful, healthy life!.
name covered, looks pretty healthy to me, we will always have haters its just a part of life. He is giving out valuable information. Don't hate participate..
God I hate name covered... lol He really has nothing new to offer to the conversation. What a typical M.D. .

Fish oil is rancid. Just type "Fish Oil Rancid" into your search engine and read all the reports on it. If you have them at home, open one of the capsule up and smell it. Fish oxidises once they are taken out of the water..

Sardinia, Costa Rica, etc... "they have one thing in common"... no, it's not community, although it is JUST a part of life in those places (the elder are highly regarded for their knowledge and contribution to life)...what they don't do unlike the rest of us in the US is...they don't poison themselves with "modern, advanced" medicine as we do! (or send their elder to die off in an "substandard way as we do in those adult care centers.") They will choose herbal or natural medicines before they chose to use synthetics. Our bodies are 100% natural, they are not made up of synthetic drugs. Wake up people, support your body, don't burden it with the un-natural laws of modern medicine. name covered, those bags under your eyes are telling you something... if unchecked cancer is in your future. Food for thought. Oh what a really good PR team and the right connections can do...influence masses of people and steer them slightly so away from the truth so they feel good about their ill state of health and feel they are doing what they should because the famous doctor on TV says so. People went crazy over name covered's segment on Red Raspberry ketones and his expert panel. The expert on his panel...a personal trainer who trained a celebrity and because of that little fact of having trained a celebrity - made them as expert. People, the media is manipulating you. If you train a celebrity you automatically become an expert So, if I teach name covered to do a sit up, does that make me the next fitness guru People, do your own research. DO your own research, follow the money and be surprised. .

reading all your comments is so stressful..grrr...ok let me put in practice what MY doctor OZ said...before I strangle all of you! grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr.

name covered great person. But he is a Muslim. Islam is an ideology for those you don't know is keeping non believers not knowing. You know very well in Quran it says about right hand posses, you know in haddith it says about 72virgins in paradise. In Quran it also says earth is flat, beating and sexual slavery is permitted. Apostates leaving Islam is punishable by death. Please anyone tell me which religion permits this in the name of god/Allah. Only Islam. Why for 1400years, Islam caused fear, death and destruction for humanity. Do you think the real god would want people killing and cause conflict to other innocent people. Please muslims read the Quran and haddiths and compare with other religions. Christianity says to show comfort and love your enemy. God created Jesus to communicate to us, heaven is a pure holy place no sex no pain only love and peace. Because it's spirit not physical world. So we all need to pray and ask the real god to reveal us to him and relationship with him, so I ask this question today....
Could you NOT HACK my pinterest account, please It´s the second time, I haven't money and job, so let me enjoy the pinterest in peace..
Guru What a joke. With all of his Health Tips...he looks older than his age..he gets a cancer scare with a precancerous poly and calls it "dumb luck saved his life" and anyone is listening to this guy I wouldn't take advice from him if he were the last doctor on the planet. He's an example that his advice DOESN'T work. And the colonoscopy is routine. He was suppose to be doing it yearly. He should know that!.

Actually name covered is very likeable and comes off as sincere. His advice is very conservative and correct. Finding a pollup and removing it before it becomes cancerous is extremely true. Getting a yearly colonoscopy along with lab work is only done if you have cancer concerns. Usually, getting it every 3-4 years after 50 is what is recommended if you seem healthy. YOU seem kinda bitter and its sad .
in response to carolyn f. i'm assuming you watch name covered show a lot to be able to make such a harsh covered works long and hard to bring the information from experts and yes he does look tired at times not unhealthy i'am as so many people grateful for dr.Oz and the work he does for the health of people there should be more doctors like him!....
Fortunately, I love blueberries and broccoli! I like what name covered says at about 5:10: "If your heart doesn't have a reason to keep beating, it won't." True...true....

17 Anti-Aging Oils For Beautiful Skin + Recipes! - Natural Living Ideas

December 20, 2015
Oct 21, 2015... young living essential oil Dr Wenker second anniversary talk on "anti-aging". Go to the link if you want to see the photos: i9
young living essential oil Dr Wenker second anniversary talk on "anti...

December 22, 2015
Mar 28, 2014... Turn back the clocks with this anti aging skin serum recipe! It's filled with... I get it- it's as prominent to us as young girls as prince charming is... Pingback: Firming & Anti Aging Skin Serum Recipe | Health & Natural Living. i10
Firming and Anti Aging Skin Serum Recipe - Primally Inspired

December 26, 2015
Nov 29, 2014... Of all the homemade solutions and remedies that I have made over the years using essential oils, my very favorite has to be my anti-aging. i11
DIY Anti-Aging Facial Serum - One Good Thing by Jillee

December 24, 2015

Comments about this video:

The Best Anti-Aging Essential Oils Promote Longevity | Pure Home...

December 21, 2015
Looking for Anti-Aging Products? Find 3 available for as low as from a trusted seller on eBay. i13
Moringa Oil Pure Organic Cold 100 Natural Anti Aging Young Living...

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November 10, 2015

Comments about this video:

Hey! I'm really enjoying your videos on skincare. This was the first I came across and now I'm slowly binge-ing on your others. It could take a while... sending big thank yous from Italia!.
Hi... your videos are awesome and very informative.. I've only been using maxelder argan cream (w…..nyarganoil..c )for about 8 days, however, I can see the difference already! I bought this cream actually because I am 38 and was suffering from acne.I was able to see a remarkable difference...My skin looks healthier, more radiant, smoother, and the redness is going away. I love this and can't wait to see my results in 30 days!. +Isabella Vitoriia It's amazing! It also moisturizes effectively. I washed my face and could feel the cream still on my face. Highly recommend. Okay, I just tried your face oil formula(recipe) and I love it. I immediately noticed a nice glow to my skin. I think I'll add a few drops of vanilla oil to mine because currently the scent is very woody. Also can you please show us your new storage box that you were so excited about! I'm also buying a few pretty storage boxes for my growing oil collection. I want to stack them in my bedroom. Thank you =D.
Tammy, I have been watching you over the past year and my knowledge of what to do, the whens, the hows, the where and the whats - have helped me to take better care of my skin. I watch you towards the end of the day when the office is quiet and with pen and note pad in hand, I have acquired not only the knowledge but the some of these wonderful products that you review as well. I thoroughly enjoy your videos. You are a treasure!.

Thank you so much for taking the time to give us all these wonderful recipes. You make me want to go out and buy each oil you mentioned! Your skin is gorgeous and you look so vibrant and healthy. You mentioned that these oils can be used as medicine. Do you have a recipe list for minor aliments that can be helped with the oils I would love to see that if you do...thanks again..
Love this. Got into essential oils many years ago when I went to a folk medicine festival in a little TN town known for its healing sulfur springs. This was before internet and I was so intrigued. I learned to make my own soap after that first festival. Though I do have the spirit of a hippie, I guess. (my husband once said that I might be burned at the stake way back in another time :o)) These things and their uses have been here long before hippies and witches. LOL Ahh and Frankincense and Myrrh, were gifts from the wise men for the baby Jesus. So they must be very special indeed. I figure if it's good for Him, it's good for me too. Love your videos Tammy, and Merry Christmas..
I LOVE your videos. You are so bright and beautiful and very helpful.I have been binge watching all of your vids. I don't know why I am just finding you but, better late than never. I had to sub!!!.
Hi Tammy, I know you mentioned on one of your comments that your use oils on your dog. I have a chocolate lab, Tony and he has so many allergies. I have tried so many things to help him and nothing is working. Where you are so knowledgeable with oils and essential oils can you suggest something that will help him He is always biting his feet.I just bought the book by Valerie Worwood that you suggested. I love all your videos, YOUR LOVELY. I have to add this don't listen to some of those rude comments, it bothers me that people don't understand the time and work you put into your videos. You are giving such good advice, keep up the good work..
+Janet Rintone Thank you be honest, because dogs lick so much...I only use coconut oil on Bindi...paws and prepared to have little oil paws around the house...It doesn't bother me at all...I know it is making my girl feel better...I also will use bag balm on her paws....

Thank you so much! My love got me what I am basically calling a starter kit to start making my own blends and beauty products this Christmas (including blue, amber and dark green bottles, twenty different oils and jojoba carrier oil). Now I am going to order more carrier oils based on your recommendations and have gotten the book you suggested! Excited to get started! :).

i love your videos and bought the book The complete book of essential oils and Aromatherapy and it is awesome x im using doTERRA essential oils and they have changed my life ,i had dental implants 3 weeks ago and only the Essential oil [tea tree] took the pain away x.
Hi... your videos are awesome and very informative.. I love carrot oil on my face... in the blend you do for face beside all the essencial oil included in the mixture may I add carrots oil too.. Tammy - do you still use the oils and blends on your face Is lavender ok for the face I heard it breaks down the skin.
LOVED LOVED LOVED your video ! Your skin is absolutely gorgeous! I am so excited to try your techniques. It may take me a while to collect all the carrier oils :) Thank you SO much for taking the time to share your success stories with us!.

I am ADDING my TINY bottle of Frankencense to my Jar of COCONUT OIL,so as i ingest a tble spoon it really add's to value!.
Hi Tammy, I love your video! I just bought the book you recommended, and I am so excited to read it. I have some acne problems (Even I am not in my teens since a long long time) and I just figure to give it a shot at Essential oils. You are trully an inspiration and I hope to see more of your videos!. Hello, can I just ask if you still use essential oils and have you modified those you use. I seem to have developed a problem with Retin A and will therefore use it less and am keen to use vit A products such as essential oils like carrot seed oil and Rosemary seed oil. I appreciate your guidance, thank you. im allergic to shell fish so the ones that have omega 3 puts pimples on my face or in my hair KUKUI oil has omega 3 in it omega is a fish oil right correct me if im wrong.. hai... thanks for the video.. its very informative.. i have a question..from what i have read..some essential oil needs carrier oil to dilute cannot use pure essential oil on your skin because it may be harmful to the skin...does rosehip oil consider as carrier oil thank you. I love finding your videos!! I just started using essential oils in a diffuser. It works to relax & breath. Your videos are so much more!! Thank-you for passing on your knowledge!!.
Hello.. I was very impressed when I saw your video.. you are beautiful lady By the way, if those eyes are yours, you have unbelievably wonderful eyes! Greetings to you in Norway... I love you princess.

Thank you for this informative video. I'm hoping this will help my sun damaged, liver spotted, deep set wrinkle mugg. God bless you for this!.

Hi dear, I did blend those following essential oils : geranium lavender lemon myrrh patchouli and ylang-ylang equal drops of 6 with organic jojoba oil as carrier oil. I just want to know if what I did was ok! Please advise me ^_^.
hello, thx for all d lovely input. im new to essential oils. I made a close enough face recipe to what uve given n my face has reacted wid dryness. skin has gotten granular :( My skin had same reaction when i had used egg white ages bk. Pls help me wid tips. 1. can't we mix all/any essential oil v lik 2. when i had tried frankincense alone, had felt lil burning. so cud that b d reason 3. now how do i fix pls pls guide me... thank u.
I don't know if I said this already're my new school of skin care! I LOVE your videos! They're so educational! Thank you for reaching out to ladies of a certain age...keep doing these! The cooking, the skincare, spa tools...keep doing all of it!.
Great video as usual Tammy :) I love essential oils. I use Tea tree oil for my pimples when they pop up and it helps a lot. I also use Rosemary oil for my migraines.. im 57 and have never used essential oils, i have all the signs of aging from not caring for my skin and not protecting from the sun. do you think my skin will improve if i start using these oils now My face has age spots and a good amounts of wrinkles. i doubt my skin will ever look as beautiful as yours but will some of the spots and saggy skin diminish great video. btw, this same post is below from Adam Mullins, well he is my 20 year old son and I didn't realize he was signed in on my computer! Sorry about that!. This is one of my most favorite of your videos, and I return to it frequently to refresh my mind. I've taken notes, bought the book (LOVE IT!), and have my own bottles with my oil mixtures. I love it and they work well and make me feel better, healthier, even happier. Thank you so much for this and also the diy vit. C video. :) (Yes, rose essential oil is too expensive.). Hi Tammy! Watched this video a few times now (LOVE IT) and I am curious how you decided where to purchase your essential oils from My aunt sells Young Living essential oils and I am considering them, but I just compared the prices (young living vs. mountain rose herbs) of two (seemingly) identical oils and even at the wholesale price the young living oils are around double the price of the rose mountain herb oils! I wonder why Thank you for doing this video and all the information you listed. I digitally downloaded the book you recommended and I am enjoying it so much!.
Tammy, I just found you and I just LOVE you. You are beautiful and your skin and hair say it all. I have watched so many of your videos and have learned so much in these last few days. I can't wait to watch the rest of them. I am taking notes on this one to order some of the products I don't have on hand. I love all things DIY. Please keep the videos coming. I know they are a lot of work but you are by far my favorite! I love how you teach and I love your awesome personality..
where do you get the recipes I keep hitting show more and nothing comes up - love the video btw, it was a wealth of information - would love to see your new box for storing oils. CMT! So I have taken your sage wisdom...and did purchase your recommended book and also use your face oil blend. For the past two months I've been using essential oils and carrier oils "gloriously"! (LOL- love the way you said that with a twinkle in your eye). I truly believe I have seen a difference...I also have nothing but great things to say about Mountain Rose Herbs and Bulk Apothecary as my main resources. I finally broke down and purchased the Sandalwood. I'm so excited! I feel like a well-informed, smart home spa chemist! I even have my own little frig in my office! I've been using a mix of carrier oils (Grapeseed, Hemp and Jojoba) as an under eye and lip treatment when I use my Retin A (every other night) instead of my true essentail oil blends and find that works wonderfully on my darkness & puffies too! :-) Love (you) and your channel so much! Wish you'd talk about your jewerly hobby - as I also really enjoy making jewels myself! Hugs and kisses! I'd love to chat offline...Daisyloohoo402 Hi pretty Lady I would Lo e to kniw what oiks are best for strechmarks and little saggy stomach.Im using Sheabutter cocoa butter and several others but i don't see much of a difference ever since i had my Daughter 7 months ago i been using it.I'm a little upset i was using Nerium body firm for 3 months but i gave up it's to expensive! ! I'm looking forward to hear from u Thanks :). Just a note: There is NO grading level for essential oils, there is no such thing as a therapeutic grade. Mountain Rose oils are wonderful and they do state that they have "therapeutic quality" but there is no grade. Companies that tell you that their oils are of Therapeutic, pharmaceutical or any other grade is just using marketing ploys to get you to buy their brand. There are a couple of MLMs out there promoting their products by saying theirs are "Therapeutic Grade" and that they are GRAS and the FDA approves all essential oils for internal use. This is just NOT true. The FDA does not oversee the production or use of any natural products unless they claim the product has a medical use. There is no independent group out there testing oils and grading them. As I stated tho, Mountain Rose has wonderful herbs, oils and many other products. I order from there myself (along with a few other reputable companies).. Thank you! I love essential oils but I have never used them on my skin! I can't wait to try your recipes!. Sorry, you ramble on too much. 8 minutes and you are getting to your first blend. You lost my interest. I really don't care what year your book was wrote or which oil you don't like the smell of. Get to the point and you may get more followers..
could you please post the recipe you are using I'm hearing impaired and not able to understand the video...thank you so much.
I really enjoyed this informative video and have saved it for future reference. Question about the book...with it being 25 years old now, you don't find the information outdated or not with the current times and state of the EO market Just asking before I purchase it, I'm always hesitant to purchase older books that have not been updated in the last couple of years..
I have just ordered that book through Book Depository they ship free world wide. Valerie Ann Worwood also has another book that I love and use regularly it's called The Fragrant Pharmacy also on Book Depository web site..

Tammy you are so great there is something in the way you are and you communicate that made me subscribe for the first time ever. Now this video of all is my best ever so much to learn from it. I love essential oils.Thank you for your passion, your kind and funny ways.
I forgot to tell you how much i love your videos. I use EO's. I make soaps and also use them in my soap recipes and lotion bars. I truly enjoyed this that I just stumbled on. My name is going to be google soon by my son. I am always researching something and I really like your style of presenting this and I at my age am looking forward to something new...Mary.

Very informative video. I love essential oils and my favorite is rosehip oil. It's the best moisturizer for my skin..
im 57 and have never used essential oils, i have all the signs of aging from not caring for my skin and not protecting from the sun. do you think my skin will improve if i start using these oils now My face has age spots and a good amounts of wrinkles. i doubt my skin will ever look as beautiful as yours but will some of the spots and saggy skin diminish great video..
You're beautiful and I absolutely enjoyed your video ( I currently don't have to time to watch it in its entirety)... LOVE the book by Valerie Ann Worwood! It has been an absolute Godsend for me, and I highly recommend it to anyone (from novice to expert) that wants to explore healthy alternatives to store brands/chemicals..

love this video it is so educational I make my own blends too and I also buy from Mountain rose herbs and I LOVE Clarins for over 25 years AWESOME video.

hi there. I bought mine (the book) and i am so glad i did. There are so many infos and directions on how to use essential oils. It's changed my life..

If these oils really do help you and you use them. Why did you resorted to Fillers and Botox. Doesn't really make sense. Your title is very deceiving..

Love that you talk about essential oils here. Learned a lot from you. Keep up the good work. I am also loading my channel up with natural and organic "life style" videos but nice to have others in this space. Let's learn from each other. : ).

YOUNG LIVING - anti-aging-creams - YL Website | Young...

January 10, 2016
LivingYoung Center offers services to keep you living young, both inside and out... Take advantage of our anti-aging treatments to live young your entire life. i1
Affordable anti aging young living essential oils recipes...

December 26, 2015
Pure Living Essentials provides Anti-ageing products in Hillsburgh, Guelph, Orangeville, Kitchener, Barrie, Erin, Hamilton, Oshawa, Cambridge i2
Rose Essential Oil | Young Living Essential Oils

December 24, 2015
Young Living Blog; D. Gary Young Blog; Young Living Foundation; Careers; Code of Ethics & Supplier Information; Contact Us. ORDERS: 1-800-371-3515; Member Services: 1... i3
Boswellia Wrinkle Cream | Young Living Essential Oils

October 27, 2015

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I just placed my order for the premium starter kit, I am so happy I did, I want to start using them and I am glad you are helpful sharing your tips and tricks. Thank you!! BTW thanks for referring me to your chiropractor, we like him a lot ;).

question! When I click the off button, and the red light is will keep diffusing every 20 seconds, stop then start again. Is that suppose to happen .

God definitely meant for me to see this today. I messed up and have used tap water, have not cleaned weekly, and have used blends together. Well, now I have gunk on the green plastic piece and have used a scraper, Thieves cleaner and can still not get it off. Anything I can do short of buying a new one Please help! Thanks! .

Should have watched this first! Just filled my mini diffuser all the way full and accidentally added around 12 drops to the tap water! Ooops but the more you know right ;-).
SUCH a great video for a newbie! Thank you for answering a handful of my questions in one short video! :). Yes you can turn off the automatic light! You press the button to turn it on and the light shows. Press and hold the power button again until the light turns off. the diffuser will continue running but the light will turn off.. This was such a great video. Short, sweet and to the point. But is was also very informative and enjoyable to watch!. You can turn off the light! Press and hold the on button and it will diffuse but the light will turn off, for use in the bedroom (this is on the model with the purple top, not the green one if that makes a difference- it might be a different option on a newer model).
Thank you for this! I was feeling really icky about using TWELVE drops at a time just for a few min of use! It just seemed so wasteful and these oils aren't cheap. Lol A couple of questions I'd like to ask if you don't mind answering... If I fill the diffuser half way and add 2-3 drops, how long should I diffuse it for Some of the info I've read says 10 min which barely uses any water. If I diffuse for 10 min, would I be able to diffuse the same mixture again a couple of hours later without adding more oil Thanks!!.
Wow, I Love You :) Awesome Performance! Would you like some German Captions to ad to your Young Living Videos.
Wonderful Video! Very well done, easy to understand, great tips. Did want to mention that pouring the water out the back is to avoid getting water in the vents inside (just above the fill line) also. Thanks for a great video!.

Sheerlume | Young Living Essential Oils

January 25, 2016
Essential oils have been used for thousands of years for their health, anti-aging, cosmetic, and emotionally uplifting properties. Young Living essential oils are at... i5
Anti-Aging - Pure Living

January 8, 2016
See Contact Us Page For Ordering Info & Specials ID1795137 Home; Essential oils. Seed to Seal; How to use; Singles i6
Anti-Aging | Young Living Essential Oils

December 29, 2015
! anti aging young living essential oils recipes Best Priceanti aging young living essential oils recipes Ashy skin tone can be an intense kind of dried up i7
ART - Skin Care System | Young Living Essential Oils

October 24, 2015

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Anti-Aging - Young Living

November 6, 2015
DIY Anti Aging Cream made with frankincense and lavender Young Living Essential oils. Also works great for stretch marks, dry skin, Cellulite, anywhere the... i9
Boswellia Wrinkle Cream | Young Living Essential Oils

November 29, 2015
A top Young Living choice is the A.R.T. Skin Care System. The A.R.T. System provides the following benefits: Combats cellular stress and aging by nourishing and... i10
Events - Young Living Essential Oils

November 30, 2015
Pure Living Essentials provides Anti-ageing products in Hillsburgh, Guelph, Orangeville, Kitchener, Barrie, Erin, Hamilton, Oshawa, Cambridge i11
Young Living Essential Oils - Greenfield Fitness Systems

December 14, 2015

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Here is another resource for buying supplies for homemade lotions and creams. .
For the same reason as silicones, mineral oils and petrolatum, beeswax in facial products should be avoided. Although beeswax is a natural ingredient, it is a form of impermeable oil that coat the skin, making it impossible to breathe too. It also has to be heated at high temperature to be melted into an ingredient mix, which means the product is unlikely to have anymore live cells to benefit our skin. This ingredient is commonly found in lip balms and lipsticks but I’ll avoid this ingredient in facial products and even body care products as far as possible..
I really appreciate all the comments, so far, on this video...both positive and negative. I just wanted to add that I make facial cream for myself only, and I don't make it for sell or to sell. Therefore I don't need to worry about the stringent FDA rules and/or policies for public consumption. The expert, Dina Falconi, wrote a book to show us how we can make health and beauty products for ourselves and know what's in them. I really love that idea because I like to try new things. And I figured there might be a few others out there who would, too. So, that's why I shared my video. And I plan to have others very shortly. Thanks for your support!.
hi, i have milia under my eyes a little bit, what do youn think would be good for it I want to have a nice face cream which i can trust..
i just wanna let you know that i made this cream and my friends LOVED IT!!! works very very very well. thanks . Something I'd like to emphasize about my moisturizing cream video... I didn't invent or concoct the recipe, but I love how easy it is to put together. I always stress to my clients the importance of self-care. Make health your hobby. Start from the inside with real foods. Then, try a little Do-It-Yourself recipe for skin products. That way you'll know what's going in through your skin, too. You can do it!. This is a wonderful cream but it separates within three days which I disliked highly. I wish there was a way to replicate this recipe and have it not separate.. Hello. I wanted to let everyone know that I just moved my elderly parents in with me. I have to take a break for awhile until I get organized with my new life style living with my parents. I encourage all to try new things and eat real foods, but most of all enjoy life no matter what it throws at you. I've enjoyed all the comments I've received. Don't give up on me for I will be back. Love to all!. Hi, tks for sharing. Does the book talk about adding a preservative I worry b/c once you add water to the oil, it becomes a breeding for mold and bacteria. I don't like storing it in the fridge with the rest if my food and use it cold. Does anyone have any suggestions for true and tried preservatives. Hey, i have same problem.. I think destilled! Water and the lavendel, helps a bit to extend shelf live... ( don't use green tea.. I tried it.. After A few days iTS bad...) grts. Fragrance is bad for your facial skin - whether it comes from essential oils or anywhere else. .
Nevermind, I saw a comment about it, thatnks so much!:) I'll def have to try and make it when my mom gets more oil when she goes grocery shopping.

I made this today! And finally, just finally, I'm contented with what I have come up with! Finally, I made it into a real cream!!! THANKS!!! I used 70 percent of base oils, 30 percent of main heavier oils, 10 percent emulsifiant! and 100 percent water! 70 % = olive oil, canola oil, 30 % = argan, grapeseed,jojoba I ulso added; lavender and orange blossom "essential oils", and two drops of perfume oils vitamin E HELIOZIMT.

Thank you for sharing this and for all the time you have put in to reply to all of the comments even though you don't benefit from it. Much appreciated. If my skin can look as beautiful as yours, mission has been accomplished!.
this is just what i have been looking for..a simple natural moisturiser you can make at home with ingredients you know that goes in it..thankyou x. Thanks for this!! Very helpful. I just have a question - you said this cream will last for a few weeks before it begins to separate Could you mix the cream back together, or is it expired and bad for your face at that point Also, is coconut oil (or any essntial oil) really safe for the face I heard oils can burn it with sun exposure. . Regardless of where the recipe came from. It has water in it and must be preserved or refrigerated and used immediately Just because you may not see the bacteria, it is there. Water is food for microorganisms. So what you have is a big petrie dish. As little as 2 grams of preservative would preserve this cream, with out harm to you. The Organisms, with out it, could cause a blood infection that could kill you..
I use the extra virgin olive oil instead of jojoba oil but the beeswax won't melt. What should I do.
Hello,, just wondering how much water - I could not tell and you did not say. Also, do I keep this out at room temp or do I need to store in the fridge . You are gorgeous by the way. I have a question. I'm so used to using emulsifying wax in my face lotions. I had no idea you could just whip it for 15 minutes and that would work. Does emulsifying wax help it from separating as fast then without it Also, every time I try a new DIY face cream, it seems oily. How do I make one with a more creamy consistency Is your recipe more creamy. Yes, you can add Vitamin E. I'm not an expert on the creation of facial and cleansing creams, so I highly recommend getting the book I mention in the video. It educates you on skin care, and it shows you so many more things you can use. Thanks for your comment. And your English is much better than my Danish. :-). Hi thank you for sharing:-) Im will make some tomorrow:-) My question is: If I put Vitamin-E in it also, as an antioxidant, would the lasting period be longer, because Iv heard that antioxidants is a natural preservative( sorry my english spelling isn't perfect) best regards Isabella from Denmark . Hi Savannah, I've found the cream has last a good month or more. I put the extra batches in the refrigerator. Also I believe it's the quality of ingredients, climate and cleanliness. The book helps so much (Earthly Bodies & Heavenly Hair) by Dina Falconi... Have a energizing day and thanks for watching! . Hi Hoosier Chick. I realize not everyone has essential oils in the kitchen. You don't have to put essential oils in this recipe but they add a lot of value to your skin. Beeswax is found in health food stores and sometimes hardware stores carry it very affordably. Everything in the cream was made in my kitchen and my purpose is to get people to try new ways to get a healthier product. It's fun to learn about essential oils. They are a great addition to your health and smell fabulous! . Hi Tom Boy, Just wanted to let you know for the first time,I made the facial cream in my Vita Mix Blender and the results have been amazing! It's going on the 3rd day and no separation. I believe it helps so much to have a powerful blender and it only took 30 seconds to blend. I hope this helps. Buying the book helps sooo much! That's where I learned how to make this wonderful cream. Have a energizing day! . Thanks for your question. The cream can last for up to a few weeks before it begins to separate. The exact time depends on the quality of ingredients you use, where you store it, your climate, etc. I recommend getting "Earthly Bodies and Heavenly Hair" by Dina Falconi. You can find it on or on my website.. Well, thank you very're too kind. And yes, the emulsifying wax does keep it from separating as fast. I find the batches I make to be very creamy. And what helps is using the right oil for your skin type. I've listed them on my website (see the link in my video description). I think once you get the correct one for your skin you'll love this cream..

Affordable anti aging young living essential oils recipes...

October 25, 2015
DIY Anti Aging Cream made with frankincense and lavender Young Living Essential oils. Also works great for stretch marks, dry skin, Cellulite, anywhere the... i13
YOUNG LIVING - anti-aging-creams - YL Website | Young...

November 22, 2015
LivingYoung Center offers services to keep you living young, both inside and out... Take advantage of our anti-aging treatments to live young your entire life. i14
Affordable anti aging young living essential oils recipes...

October 31, 2015
Pure Living Essentials provides Anti-ageing products in Hillsburgh, Guelph, Orangeville, Kitchener, Barrie, Erin, Hamilton, Oshawa, Cambridge i15
Rose Essential Oil | Young Living Essential Oils

January 3, 2016

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Boswellia Wrinkle Cream | Young Living Essential Oils

December 30, 2015
Wenker is active in the filed of anti-aging medicine... Register yourself at Young Living as a life-style company offers a variety of product... i17
Sheerlume | Young Living Essential Oils

January 16, 2016
Essential oils have been used for thousands of years for their health, anti-aging, cosmetic, and emotionally uplifting properties. Young Living essential oils are at... i18
Anti-Aging - Pure Living

January 18, 2016
See Contact Us Page For Ordering Info & Specials ID1795137 Home; Essential oils. Seed to Seal; How to use; Singles i19
Anti-Aging | Young Living Essential Oils

December 25, 2015

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ART - Skin Care System | Young Living Essential Oils

December 19, 2015
Quick Links. 5 Steps of Safe Essential Oil Use. How to use Young Living Oils; About Shipping & Returns; Contact Us; Essential Oil Articles i21
Anti-Aging - Young Living

November 14, 2015
DIY Anti Aging Cream made with frankincense and lavender Young Living Essential oils. Also works great for stretch marks, dry skin, Cellulite, anywhere the... i22
Boswellia Wrinkle Cream | Young Living Essential Oils

November 5, 2015
A top Young Living choice is the A.R.T. Skin Care System. The A.R.T. System provides the following benefits: Combats cellular stress and aging by nourishing and... i23
Events - Young Living Essential Oils

November 3, 2015

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Young Living Essential Oils - Greenfield Fitness Systems

December 12, 2015
DIY Anti Aging Cream made with frankincense and lavender Young Living Essential oils. Also works great for stretch marks, dry skin, Cellulite, anywhere the s... i25
Affordable anti aging young living essential oils recipes...

November 12, 2015
DIY Anti Aging Cream made with frankincense and lavender Young Living Essential oils. Also works great for stretch marks, dry skin, Cellulite, anywhere the... i26
YOUNG LIVING - anti-aging-creams - YL Website | Young...

December 13, 2015
LivingYoung Center offers services to keep you living young, both inside and out... Take advantage of our anti-aging treatments to live young your entire life. i27
Affordable anti aging young living essential oils recipes...

December 10, 2015

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Rose Essential Oil | Young Living Essential Oils

January 26, 2016
Young Living Blog; D. Gary Young Blog; Young Living Foundation; Careers; Code of Ethics & Supplier Information; Contact Us. ORDERS: 1-800-371-3515; Member Services: 1... i29
Boswellia Wrinkle Cream | Young Living Essential Oils

November 24, 2015
Wenker is active in the filed of anti-aging medicine... Register yourself at Young Living as a life-style company offers a variety of product... i30
Sheerlume | Young Living Essential Oils

December 28, 2015
Essential oils have been used for thousands of years for their health, anti-aging, cosmetic, and emotionally uplifting properties. Young Living essential oils are at... i31
Anti-Aging - Pure Living

December 9, 2015

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Anti-Aging | Young Living Essential Oils

December 6, 2015
! anti aging young living essential oils recipes Best Priceanti aging young living essential oils recipes Ashy skin tone can be an intense kind of dried up i33
ART - Skin Care System | Young Living Essential Oils

December 4, 2015
Quick Links. 5 Steps of Safe Essential Oil Use. How to use Young Living Oils; About Shipping & Returns; Contact Us; Essential Oil Articles i34
Anti-Aging - Young Living

December 27, 2015
DIY Anti Aging Cream made with frankincense and lavender Young Living Essential oils. Also works great for stretch marks, dry skin, Cellulite, anywhere the... i35
Boswellia Wrinkle Cream | Young Living Essential Oils

November 13, 2015

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Events - Young Living Essential Oils

January 7, 2016
Pure Living Essentials provides Anti-ageing products in Hillsburgh, Guelph, Orangeville, Kitchener, Barrie, Erin, Hamilton, Oshawa, Cambridge i37
Young Living Essential Oils - Greenfield Fitness Systems

November 27, 2015
DIY Anti Aging Cream made with frankincense and lavender Young Living Essential oils. Also works great for stretch marks, dry skin, Cellulite, anywhere the s... i38
Affordable anti aging young living essential oils recipes...

November 8, 2015
DIY Anti Aging Cream made with frankincense and lavender Young Living Essential oils. Also works great for stretch marks, dry skin, Cellulite, anywhere the... i39
YOUNG LIVING - anti-aging-creams - YL Website | Young...

January 19, 2016

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Affordable anti aging young living essential oils recipes...

October 23, 2015
Pure Living Essentials provides Anti-ageing products in Hillsburgh, Guelph, Orangeville, Kitchener, Barrie, Erin, Hamilton, Oshawa, Cambridge i41
Rose Essential Oil | Young Living Essential Oils

November 11, 2015
Young Living Blog; D. Gary Young Blog; Young Living Foundation; Careers; Code of Ethics & Supplier Information; Contact Us. ORDERS: 1-800-371-3515; Member Services: 1... i42
Boswellia Wrinkle Cream | Young Living Essential Oils

November 9, 2015
Wenker is active in the filed of anti-aging medicine... Register yourself at Young Living as a life-style company offers a variety of product... i43
Sheerlume | Young Living Essential Oils

November 1, 2015

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Anti-Aging - Pure Living

December 5, 2015
See Contact Us Page For Ordering Info & Specials ID1795137 Home; Essential oils. Seed to Seal; How to use; Singles i45
Anti-Aging | Young Living Essential Oils

December 15, 2015
! anti aging young living essential oils recipes Best Priceanti aging young living essential oils recipes Ashy skin tone can be an intense kind of dried up i46
ART - Skin Care System | Young Living Essential Oils

November 4, 2015
Quick Links. 5 Steps of Safe Essential Oil Use. How to use Young Living Oils; About Shipping & Returns; Contact Us; Essential Oil Articles i47
Anti-Aging - Young Living

December 22, 2015

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I have gotten some Private Messages from friends about the Vibrations comment, and how I said to increase them by consuming raw organic LIVE Nutrients. Please know that when I say this, This is NOT anything "New Agey" as I do not care for labels first of all, and secondly, I am not of the new age anything. Vibrations are very very real. Tesla said what He said the key to the universe is learning of frequency and vibration. That being said(or wrote haha) Know that the earth has a frequency/vibration of 7.83 Hz, this is real and you need to look into this, and refer back to my other videos, the Sun is 136 Hz., and much Vitamin D Dapoxetine occurs when you go out into the sun. All fruits and vegetables that resonate out of the ground also have vibrations, These are LIVE nutrients, just as God designed them to be. Cooked foods do not contain nutrients, or the nutrient content is extremely low, BC they have been cooked. When you cook food the heat destroys LIVE nutrients in the form of enzymes. So if you want to start the healing process, and decrease inflammation and sickness in the body, you need to learn of all this, and learn to consume RAW LIVE NUTRIENTS in the form of ENZYMES. They go right to work to alkalize the whole body/temple. Start out with once a day, then gradually increase your juice intake, as the detoxing process begins. IF you DO this, you will FEEL BETTER. I DO NOT spread disinformation, and I have been doing this for a very long time, so I know what I am talking about, and also know there is no ego/pride involved with saying that, BC all I want to do with this information is share and help others regain health and vitality with God's divine nutrients in the form of enzymes, and this happens when you break the cell wall open and extract them by juicing. Thank you all. Please subscribe for more info. Have a glorious day!!! NO MORE SICKNESS...NO MORE PAIN>>>Learn to GET YOUR JUICE ON...haha. Thanks again for all your support..
+Nicois Thomas I sell YL essential oil and yes its pricy BUT well worth the money. It also last a long time. The bottles are small but they are very potent. Almost every search on how to cure cancer naturally, has a video or reference to using Frankincense. It could be the most important buy they ever make. If they (or 1 of them) want to sign up with Young Living, in the kit they will get 11 oils. This includes Frankincense and a diffuser. Then they can order when ever they want at wholesale price. Order as little or as much as they like. If they choose to do this please use my member number #2859203. May God bless them on their journey back to health!.
Does it cure neuropathy I have neuropathy on my 2 big toes due to foot surgeries, unfortunately. I have been putting frankincense and lavender essential oils on my toes every morning and every night since July 16th (nearly 4 months now) and I have felt no difference. Do I just do it longer Or is this not a good combination to cure neuropathy.

+CMV Robison I like to use Elemi (by YL). It helps with calming the nerve endings. I have a problem with nerve pain in different parts of my body and I started rubbing a drop or 2 of Elemi on them when they act up. After I rub that in I apply Copaiba on top of it. This one helps with pain and inflammation. The combo of these 2 really work for me. I hope this helps. Young Living member #2859203 if your interested in joining to purchase wholesale..
Music is tuned to 432Hz, as opposed to 440Hz, Please look into the difference of this today. The difference in frequency is real, and you need to find out why the standard tuning was changed, and what the change did to the entire music industry. Music is Matrix Breakdown...And Enya. Have a great day! Subscribe for more tips and videos. Thank you all!! Have a great day!!. Thought you might appreciate this...
+5GreatDays WithHim Yes, Thank you very much for that. I also shared that through FB, for my friends to read. Thanks so much. Have a wonderful day~.
Informative! All oils that I see come with a caution - 'Not for internal use' Is it really so.
so many questions. How do i make cologne out of frankincense where would you recommend I buy essential oils How much should i spend are they good to use topically by themselves please help.
+Sandra Rose I would say to do a patch test on the inner arm, using just a little bit. If NO reaction is had, then I would say it might be fairly safe for topical application. Frankincense really does not have many negative interactions, that I am aware of. Only people with really toxic dermal layers of skin, might negatively react to the actual PURE oil. IF a reaction is had, this might be an indication that the oil is in fact not pure, but we really should not be reacting to the pure organic therapeutic grade essential oil. Thanks~ How were you wanting to use it I would not recommend internal use for a young child, but I do know parents that have done this. Topical application should be enough, as we absorb the oil this way as well, and Frankincense can be so helpful for many conditions, in my opinion. I love this oil, and it really helped me a great deal, to heal my body. Thanks~ Hope you have a wonderful day..
Thank you for this wonderful post. I was happy to hear you say YLEO's for Frankincense. I was such a septic and had done a lot of research on my own. I came to the same conclusion as you about Young Livings Frankincense being the purest choice. I have Lupus and Rheumatoid Arthritis and was looking for help. I cannot believe the difference since I started to use it. Thank you again for all your positive words to help others become healthier. This as been a game changer for me!.
great video! when you put the frankincense under your tongue does it work as a sedative i bet this helps with cramps and headaches.. +Corrado Pisani He mentioned Young Living in this video. If you go to their web site you can join from the home page. My member number is 2859203. I love the benefits I get from these oils..
like!!! i subbed immediately anyone that enthusiastic to help is definitely some one I want to get info from...thanks will be ordering from young living...namaste.
+4swzb Thank you~ I am enthusiastic on ALL things nature provides organically, and you will hopefully discover this with this channel(Juicing, Oils, Herbs, Medicinals, Elixirs...Etc.) I enjoy helping people who are extremely ill, and dis~eased, so for this reason, I stay up to date on research, and am constantly seeking more knowledge... Frankincense is the king for a reason, and I imagine doing a third video on it again very soon, referring to the mechanism of action with how it works inside the body. I really just explained how I used it in this video~ So maybe others can learn to benefit as well~ But, I want to further explain why it works the way it does(phytonutrient components), in future videos~ Thanks~ Peace and love to you and yours~.
Psalm 33:6-9 6 By the word of the Lord were the heavens made; and all the host of them by the breath of his mouth. 7 He gathereth the waters of the sea together as an heap: he layeth up the depth in storehouses. 8 Let all the earth fear the Lord: let all the inhabitants of the world stand in awe of him. 9 For he spake, and it was done; he commanded, and it stood fast. The reason we vibrate is because we come from a frequency: He spoke all things into being. Light is the most mysterious element there is. Well God spoke it into existence. Everything is vibrating and became as he uttered His thoughts from His mouth thus creating everything..

+#Peace, Love, Positive Vibrations yes!! You mentioned in the video which oils you use. I think it would be cool for you to do a video on making your own essential oil body spray.
ok, no problemo~ Will do that at some point. Working on a copaiba essential oil video now, Thanks~ Have a great day.. I had ordered some frankincense oil supposedly undiluted,, It does not smell anything like Now foods diluted frankincense. And it is watery like Should it be watery Neither does it feel oily And it dries right away. +msPlums7 make sure you buy it from a reputable company and is 100% pure, i would recommend PureSacra as its made with boswellia sacra.
i REALLY ENJOY the way you explain the oil methods, I am new in these material, but am Enjoying every Minute of it. THANK YOU SO MUCH.

+Wanda Mazzulo Thank you for your kind comment~ I greatly appreciate the feedback. Will be doing many more oil videos in the future, and there is an essential oil playlist on this channel as well, featuring a wonderful lecture/speech from Gary Young called "The Missing Link", he explains that essential oils are the missing link, in modern medicine, and it is worth a listen for educational purposes, just letting you know this, as that video is very informative. Thanks so much~ Hope you have a wonderful day..

I love your videos thank you so much for them! I'm trying to make a blend to help my husband with his arthritis and bought frankincense, myrrh and a quite a few others. I'm curious what would you recommend to blend together for his everyday pain Thank you!!!.
Hello, I just watched your video and subscribed! I appreciate your time and willingness/desire to help educate people! I just ordered some 100% pure Frnakencense essential oil from vitacost and it was their " Vitacost brand " and on the bottle it says 100% pure frankencense ( Boswellia carterii ) but it does not say therapuetic grade! Would this still be safe to ingest I have been using vitacost 100% pure lemon essential oil and putting 5 to 6 drops in my wter bottle daily and I hope I am not poisoning myself! I am excited about learning more about these wonderful oils and am thankful to have found this channel! Peace to you!. +sainteal Thank you for your wonderful comment. I really appreciate the support. Honestly I am not familiar with the vita cost brand oils, but I will certainly look into this for you if you want me to. I am sure lemon is fairly safe to ingest with many brands, as the lemon is much cheaper than frankincense. Many of the lesser quality oils, still make a decent lemon. We can even make our own lemon, by extracting the oil from the peel and the rind through a fully masticating juicer. This is what I do, and I encapsulate my own vitamin C this way combining it in a veggie capsule along with coconut and a few other oils. Our bodies do not naturally produce vitamin C, so we must get this from our diet, and we all need more Vitamin C. Most Vit C supplements are not absorbable, so I like to make my own that is highly bioavailable...As far as brands of oils, I really only like the brands that specify organic, and source where it comes from. Frankincense is not one you are going to want to consume internally, unless you know it is pure, and organic. Always do a patch test first and let it sit on your inner arm overnight to ensure no reaction, but just because there is no reaction does not mean it is pure and safe to ingest, it is just a helpful measure. IF we have a reaction this is an indication it may not be pure, but also the dermal layer of the skin, might be toxic as well, so take this into consideration. Oils do not always say "therapeutic" grade, but they may in fact be. I highly doubt this oil, if it is fairly cheap... Frank is rare, and hard to come by pure, as they will harvest this oil from scraping the bark of the frankincense tree more than twice a year, and this produces a lesser quality oil...More than likely it is cut with a glycol, or may be synthetic altogether, or it might be extracted with a heavy alcohol. If you want me to look into this for you, I am happy to do so. I will have some time tomorrow to research it. I only use the Young Living Frank, and DoTerra. There are a few other brands I like like native naturals, and a few others. Hope you have a wonderful day~ Thanks so much..
+Gina Haffie Thank you so much~ I am grateful for you watching/listening. Hope you have a wonderful day..
+#Peace, Love, Positive Vibrations i meant can you use this w/ an oil nebulizer / ultrasonic diffuser. or you use it on your skin just like lotion cream like.. Yes, absolutely. I do both, and think it is important both ways. Our olfactory system needs stimulated, and we get this when we diffuse. Very healing to diffuse it, as well as applying it topically and I recommend both, as this is how I personally find it beneficial. There are many many ways the frankincense is beneficial and diffusing, and applying topically are just a few. People with advanced stages of cancer, that has been through a detoxification process, can even begin to retain the oil rectally overnight, in a base of black cumin seed oil, combined with myrrh~ In my opinion it can be wildly beneficial in this form as well. Many ways we can consume/ingest this, Frankincense is the King for reason, as the terpenes can be quite healing for many conditions. Thanks~ Hope this answers your question. Feel free to ask more, if you want/need to. I do not claim to be the foremost expert, but I do know frankincense and found it very healing for myself, and many others have discovered the benefits it provides as well. I already have two videos on frankincense but am about to do a third, as more research has recently been done on boswellia, and feel this needs to be shared. Have a great day~ . Love your videos glad I found you, can you mix multiple oils and keep for more than a week. I was told you have to mix as you needed..
+Bebi Amzad Although it might be better to mix certain oils right before you decide you want to use them, I mix big batches of oils and keep them for extended periods without issue.I do this all the time actually, as I love to combine oils together. If the oil is pure and good quality they will combine well with certain other oils, and keep for many many years. Please know the light and air effect the oils, so do your best to try to preserve the oils. I keep my oils in a copper lined wooden box, and this protects them from the DC currents(emitting from the outlets in our homes), Wifi, and radio waves, along with cell phone towers...All these Electromagnetic frequencies(EMF's) very well affect the vibrations of the wonderful oils, and can change the potency of the oils. Oils need to be protected as best they can for them to be most beneficial. So store it in a dark glass jar, and protect it with copper, if you can, and the oil will last you a long time combined this way. Have a wonderful day. Appreciate your support. Many more oil videos on the channel and will be doing more in the future. Thanks again~.

+Irm Phillips Personally, I usually use a single drop. If pain is bad, or I have a headache, I may take two. But the oil is the Sacred Frankincense, not just any frankincense will be effective this way, as most are cut with synthetic chemicals, and these can actually give headaches, so just make sure the oil is pure would be my recommendation if you are wanting to do this. Also do a patch test with the oil before you decide whether or not you want to consume it in other ways. Often I will load up some veggie capsules with Vitamin C oil from the rind and peels of lemons, limes, and oranges, extracting them through a fully masticating juicer, then I will combine the Frankincense with it, in a base of coconut oil, and consume it this way. There are benefits of combining the Frankincense with synergistic oils and herbs which work in a similar manner. Frank needs to be dispersed, and it needs other enzyme catalysts to make it more effective for healing. Hope you have a wonderful day. Thanks~.
Hi I have Fibromyalgia and it's very BAD. I hurt 24/7 and I'm so sick of this pain, I want my life back bad. I have ordered some Frankincense essential oil, do you think it will help me Thank you for your time. I also Subscribed to you. I love your videos.. +Vickie Greer Yes, I do think it will help. How are you doing I missed this comment when you left it. Apologies for that. I find oils very very beneficial. Thanks~ Hope your day is great.. +Magy magy Thank you~ Appreciate your comment and support of the channel. Means a lot. Hope you have a great day~ Feel free to chime in anytime on any of my videos with that positivity. Peace and love to you and yours~.
You say you use it but how do you use it Do you mix it with a carrier oil Do you just put it straight from the bottle.

+TexPR1 I have two videos on Frankincense and am soon to do a third. I cover most of how I personally take it, in one of these videos, but am happy to tell you directly through this comment. I take a spoonful of black cumin seed oil(nigella sativa, which in my opinion is a miraculous healing oil in EVERY way, and I have a video on the benefits of that as well) along with a drop or two of Frank, Myrrh, and Helichrysum nightly. I find it very beneficial this way personally. IF you are NEW to oils, make sure to do a patch test first on the inside of your arm, and make sure the oil is pure (organic, and not processed with hexane, glycols, or anything else unnatural) and that there is no reaction before you start consuming the oil medicinally. Safety is key with all these oils. Hope something here helped, but if I did not, feel free to ask more questions. I enjoy helping however I can. Hope your day is wonderful, thanks for commenting and watching. Appreciate your support..

That sounds great! I bet it was wonderful. the sacra, or sacred is the rarest, and most pure form. Have a great day, thanks for commenting..

I just made the Frankincense part two, so check it out if you feel so inclined. Thank you!! Have a great day!!.
+kimberly route Thank you so very much, I appreciate your kind words and support. Check out our little juice page if you want to. We have a little juice group started where we are all simply trying to help one another get healthy through natural means. and The Essential Oil Healing Page is Hope you are having a wonderful day. Comment any time on any of my videos, I may be slow to respond, but I will respond back to you. I enjoy helping others, and sharing what I know to be effective, in hopes to help others. Thanks again! Blessings to you..
You are so informative. Many thanks from the heart. I just went to Native American Nutritionals and purchased the frankincense essential oil. I would like to ask when will you be putting the second part of your frankincense video ☺.

Well I will do that very very soon good sir. I appreciate your kind comments, and in the next video I am going to get more into the effects it has on the limbic region of the brain and how it helps repair damaged DNA, I love frankincense. I use it all the time, and i find it most beneficial. I will work on getting this posted soon man, for your request. Appreciate you, have a great day..

Thanks for sharing. It’s so informative. I can’t wait to start using my recent purchase of Sacred Frankincense and other pure essential oils too. Btw I do meditation, so Scared Frankincense comes in handy to feel vibrations too..

Yes, for sure, I do as well. Thank you so much for your comment. Please Please check out my part 2 on Frankincense, Bc I have been using this oil for years in various people I have helped w various stages of cancer, and I listed and covered much more info in that video. So please check it out!!! Thank you for your kind words, and support. Have a great day with your high Vibrations self!!.
That was great, and I learned so much! We need more videos like this. Keep them coming, Jimmy. I loooooove Frank, and now I know more ways to use it!.
I could probably talk about the frank for hours on end and all its amazing healing benefits...It is the KING of all the glorious oils....
im gonna watch part 2 now. i didnt know all this about this oil. sounds like we all need to be using this oil. what brand do you sell this oil how do i get this oil, i dont want a shit brand.. +chris reasor Thanks man, appreciate your support and comments. Have a great day. I do not sell the oils, I would simply research who makes the best organic Frankincense with the highest level of monoterpenes, terpenes, sequiterpenes...Most American oil companies, do not do this oil justice and cut it w propylene glycol, and have alcholol in them and this will not be effective for the "king" oil...haha, so just research this very thoroughly and find an oil company that suits your needs, I would be glad to review any that you find, to let you know my Opinion, but also know I do not claim to know all about these oil companies, and my thoughts on the subject would be just that, my thoughts and opinion. Thanks again for all your comments, I am slow to respond to some of yours but will be doing so when I can. Thanks again!.

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A top Young Living choice is the A.R.T. Skin Care System. The A.R.T. System provides the following benefits: Combats cellular stress and aging by nourishing and... i49
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Boswellia Wrinkle Cream | Young Living Essential Oils

November 16, 2015

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That's great. So happy that you can run again. Do you think that the clove oil would help just as much at the thyme oil.
That is totally amazing. Good for you on figuring out what oil to use and getting back to running. Enjoy :-).
can a person over do the anti-oxidants is there any ill effects to using too much clove oil internally or exterally.
Didn't it sting or hurt when you applied it directly to your knee The guy from a essential oils store told me not to apply directly to my skin because it will most likely be irritating and i'll get a rash from it..
Facial care companies desire everyone to try their new products to show how good they are. Have you ever seen a cosmetics section set-up in your local mall offering free samples Well i just found a website that will send Free trials to your home, its the secret trick to free skincare products :) You can get them here 2 dlewis1498 Thank you for this comment. I didn't mention this in the video. Antioxidants are also known to be powerful pain killers through their anti-inflammatory action. I have now updated my blog post..

Sheerlume | Young Living Essential Oils

January 4, 2016

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Anti-Aging - Pure Living

November 17, 2015

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Have been using Maxelder argan cream ( you can find in w nyarganoil—-c ) for more than 2 months now. And I am yet to finish my second jar. I do see some difference in my skin. I dont look 20 years younger but it just feels good Its a good moisturizer so I dont have to use another one but I do use a body cream. I am not sure whether or how much improvement will it show in another couple of months..

Anti-Aging | Young Living Essential Oils

November 25, 2015

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theres several ways to keep us from being overpopulated then just letting people die i see 5+ ways space civilizations, living on ships, super structures like ultima tower, lowering birth rates....
I think you not only waste your own time but ours as well. You know as well as i do that people have been donating to cancer charities for years and when finally getting somewhere its: Oh its too expensive to just give out to any tom dick and harry. So do us all a favour and FUCK OFF!!. YOU can REVERSE AGEING says a Indian Yogi, just by clearing your subconscious mind!! Yes, Face is the index of mind not the body!!!!!!! Thoughts and memories hinders sleep, sleep depreviation changes the frequency at which you vibrate and causes ageing. We are NOT what we eat, we are the set of memories that makes the body vibrate in a particular frequency. Very interesting ebook. Type "liveinmatrix" in GOOGLE and follow the first link. Watch my videos to learn about one of the biggest scientific breakthroughs of our lifetime! Chances are you've never heard of this before... but you will. This is huge!.
Did he say in the next 5 years omfg...That's such a great thing to know. People will stop worrying about they're deaths..

Not all obese eat more · Not all vegetarians look youthful · Not all sick eat nonsense · Not all alcoholics are diseased · Not all smokers are affected by cancer · Not all bad eaters suffer from ageing Do you still think "We are what we eat" Google "liveinmatrix" and follow the first link to find the answer..
yeah it does exist in humans +, not just some animals, can stay young ever hear of epigenetics also he's still balding so apparently he doesn't believe in staying young. 140 is all you're shooting for ick!. 2 TheSproutarian Well as a physician supporting foundations in the poorest nations I can tell you it is traumatic when a hospital runs out of basic medicines - I have seen it happen. People die. We need medicines. Proven, safe therapies save tens of thousands of lives every day!.
we will stop aging sometime this first half of the centry i believe between 2030-2070 we will be able to COMPLETELY stop aging..

I think soon such drugs will be available. Obviosuly those with power and wealth will have more access to these drugs than the poor. So those who consume the most and have more power will live longer, while the poor will die off sooner. Long, healthy life is nice, but the longer lived "big consumers" won't help a panet already carrying too many of our species. The anti-aging researchers don't mention thise too often. At least this man briefly mentioned it..

You're a deathist. We no need to kill people for whatever sake. And not looking a clue for aging is killing by inaction..
Have you heard of the F.A.M.I. technique by Dr. Roger Amar He's injecting patients' own fat stem cells deep into the epidermis and muscle of the face to give total rejuvenation of aging facial features. He's making 50-year-olds look 30 again just using stem cells. Google "F.A.M.I." and "Roger Amar".. More pharmaceutical industry nonsense. Drugs don't make people healthy, only good food and good attitudes make people healthy. Big Pharma nearly have 600,000 patented medications but there are more sick people than ever. Don't believe the lies, health must be earned the hard way. lf health was in a pill every one would be doing it. Google the following and all their lies will be revealed: "youtube John Rengen Virapen". Doctors are bought by the pharmaceutical industry! Wake up. .
2 happinesson It all depends on attitude to life, happy relationships and basic health so you can enjoy each day with some level of independence..
I do look young and I am young, but I can't tell you how to get young. However I am sure, that aging=progeria. It's a disease in most of the animals on the planet. We have to find the cure as soon as possible..
2 vic9050 What the heck is your problem dude One of the greatest crossroads we will ever cross in our evolution is the ability to rid the world of disease and suffering. People do not need to die to control global population. There are other methods to keeping a steady population. I want disease to end and so does everyone else here. Please do us all a favor and leave. I know the coment is a year old. Just getting a point across..
Thanks for the great comments on anti-ageing and the future of health - a really interesting debate on important issues. And thanks to others too for your comments on my others videos which many tens of thousands will read with interest over the next months... Do share your insights and thoughts - and remember to tell us which country you live in... I read every comment and reply where I can.... We need people to die!!! Like we really need more population... If we could use this on animals that might go extinct, I could see it usefull..

ART - Skin Care System | Young Living Essential Oils

November 23, 2015

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Anti-Aging - Young Living

January 5, 2016

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Hi - is this potent enough to be the only anti aging night time care or should i add other serums and night creams after applying this essential oil blend.
Depending on your skin type, this could be suitable as your only anti-ageing product, however you may find that you need to add either Serums/Creams depending on the weather/hormonal changes to the skin etc. Jeni - courses2 I am about to go on accutane. could you please tell me what essential oils would make for a great serum to nurture and repair damaged, scarred, dry and sensitive skin carrot oil, neroli, rose hip, patchouli sounded nice to use, . Hi Lindsay, you will need to check this with your GP. We suspect that they would advise not to use any products with Accutane and to simply use a plain base cream if required. However, we advise that you check this with your GP first.. Hi Julie, we are delighted that you have found this video of interest. We have a wide range of Carrier Oils, Essential Oils and Anti-aging products on our website. Our expert aromatherapists are also at hand to offer their advice to any questions you may have..

Boswellia Wrinkle Cream | Young Living Essential Oils

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April 30, 2016. anti-aging treatment | Young Living Spa ( Beautiful skin and anti-aging go hand in hand. Young Living’s ART skin care system is a natural, organic solution to having beautiful skin. Essential oils

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