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December 7, 2015

Comments about this video:
I love the Camu Camu powder. What I suggest is to heat the ingredients in a double boiler until all is melted then it won't be grainy. This is a very good eye serum when incorporated properly. .
If anyone wants to look younger go to this website the website has a lot of information. I ordered my bottle after I read the information..
For thinning skin that desperately needs more collagen, what is the #1 thing you'd recommend Would it be this vitamin C serum And how long before I'd see results I've got all the ingredients for this version if that's the case and would definitely give it a try if it's known to boost collagen..
+Stickapot l ascorbic is also known as ascorbic. In the UK the L is not used. What do you think the difference is.
It is erroneous to use ascorbic acid and l-ascorbic acid interchangeably. There are 7 or 8 different types of Vitamin C. L-ascorbic acid is the least stable, but most powerful. It cannot be mixed into lotions because it is not compatible with the other ingredients. When you see a cream with vitamin C in it, it is most likely Magnesium Ascorbyl Phosphate. It does work well in creams. If you want to make a serum, buy l-ascorbic acid in bulk on Amazon or ebay or lotioncrafters or skinactives. Be careful, that u do a pH test and it comes out to 3.5 or less and don't use metal to stir it because it will react with the ingredients. It is important that you use the right stuff because used wrong you CAN damage your skin. Makes me so mad at how bad these videos are on YouTube.. I used my acerola cherry for my vitamin C powder.. I use it to make my lipsomal vit c in my sonic wave machine... L-ascorbic and ascorbic acid ARE NOt THE SAME!!!!! ascorbic acid will not work well and will not absorb well deep into the dermal layers. Also u need to do a pH test to make sure it is at 3.5 or it will not work. Poor video.. Thanks for your reply. No use heating the vitamin c to dissolve as the heat will destroy the vitamin c, I've got camu powder which is good, have been using that.. Vitamin C and l-ascorbic acid are not the same thing. That's what the sellers are saying. Vitamin C in nature has co-factors like Vitamin P, Vitamin J and copper, etc..
Also is the distilled water the the same water used in cars I asked for it at the drug store and the girl was like, huh .
hi i saw some 1 else do this vitamin c serum and they said it stings abit if id dont sting dose that mean it is not working on my face thx. +Aleshaa Rees (beautyjunki) it stings when the skin isn't used to the concentration it only lasts a few seconds. But it doesn't have to sting to work. It should be clear though unless you added something else with color like that camu powder which I wouldn't. Synthetic L-Ascorbic acid is synthetically made but in the natural form so with this specific vitamin it doesn't matter. Vitamin E would be a different story. So honestly I'd just use the powder then you can see when it starts getting tinted yellow or orange it's losing potency. Also the camu camu powder might leave a residue on the skin. There was a study done in a medical journal for L-ascorbic acid Dapoxetine rate vs potency. The highest potency one should go is 20% after than less actually gets absorbed. Also I don't use glycerin I use xanthan gum to thicken it and my serum seems to last at least 2-3 weeks before any tint starts to even show(and I live in vegas with lots of heat). Xanthan gum can be bought online and grocery stores, it only takes about half a pinch almost nothing and is normally in most serums you buy. If you want to add anything extra for the skin what I add is DMAE powder which is very antiaging and anti-inflamitory and dissolves instantly I do 10% in my vit C serum seems to help shrink pores. I also add L-Carnitine which is an amino acid 10% in it and it dissolves instantly, it helps clean out pores and I love it because it helps prevent black heads and clog pores, it does other beneficial things too for the skin. Everything added as pure powder though. All quite cheap and will last probably 1-2 years worth of serums. I honestly wouldn't add the glycerin though it's a whole lot of junk for nothing. The only knack with the xanthan gum is since it is so potency at thickening use very very little like a quarter of a pinch even stir very well but don't worry with tiny tiny clumps, then wait 5-10 mins for it to absorb water good then stir well and it will incorporate well, if not wait another 5 mins. If you want an even better product that absorbs good you can buy DMSO, liquid high percentage I got 99% add around 3-5 drops it drives the product into the skin so it is absorbed well. It is also great to put on sore joints undiluted, DMSO is like a form of MSM. Anyways hope this helps.. +WaterspoutsOfTheDeep very long msg so much info thx hunn it wld be grt if you made a video abt this winks 1 love frm uk egland.
+Stickapot I asked for a brand. Can you tell me what the difference between ascorbic and L ascorbic I know that they are the same thing but people seem to think that the inclusion of the 'L' makes a difference..
+rowan morrison L ascorbic and ascorbic acids are NOT the same thing. There are 7 or 8 different types of ascorbic acids that all have different pH levels. L ascorbic acid has a pH level of 3.5 or under. If it goes above that range, it is useless or possible harmful and can cause the production of promease enzymes that accelerate aging. If L-ascorbic acid were put in a cream (creams' pH levels are generally above 6, it will fight with the other ingredients and destroy them and ultimately cancel out any benefits. In fact, when using L-ascorbic acid you should wait about 30 minutes before putting on a moisturizer, as to avoid the above mentioned incompatibility. There are many different places to buy L-ascorbic acid such as Amazon and Ebay, you HAVE TO MAKE SURE IT IS L Ascorbic. Ascorbic acid will not help you..
Is it ok to put orange juice or any fresh squeezed juice on my face It has lots of vitamins and it's as fresh as it gets..
+Isabelle Layla Anything with sugar will feed bacteria on the skin so I wouldn't. L-ascorbic acid is extremely cheap, and all you really need is water with it so I'd go that route. It is the natural form of vitamin C, synthetically made or not so don't worry about that.. +Nalini Maraj any it's all the same as long as it's 100%, the only difference is if it says pharmaceutical grade which would be the best you can buy. But isn't necessary whatsoever.. Hi, I have the ascorbic acid, and I'm trying to recreate a Vitamin C serum from your recipe, but the powder is not dissolving. I swapped out orange blossom water instead of the distilled though. Could that be my trouble Or does the liquid need to be warmed Any suggestions would be appreciated. Thank you.
That's a great idea to use orange blossom water for added benefits and it contains Neroli essential oil which is so good for your skin. Yes, warm all ingredients in a double boiler. Orange blossom water can also be used as a toner & a makeup setting spray when mixed with glycerin. It has a fabulous smell too!!♥.

+Stickapot I've been applying vitamin c powder to my face even though the crystals haven't dissolved too well, would it still have any impact, the water is a white colour I use the abscorbic acid..

+happycarmenable What you are doing is NOT going to work. You need to find an L ascorbic acid and mix it in a serum, or buy one for 12 dollars at skin actives or ebay. you can buy pH strips for a dollar on ebay and check the acidity of the serum you purchase. There are seven or eight different types of ascorbic acid and needed to applied differently. DONT listen to these videos that make it sound like you can use anything. YOU CANT and could possibly accerlate the aging process..
When packaged properly (to avoid contact with light) commercial Vitamin C is very stable. DIY Vit C is also effective when correct ingredients are used and formulation is done properly..
I don't smoke and drink very little and have sex almost everyday, that's my secret. And my woman is 49 and she looks like she is 35..

+Fran Crump Xanthan gum not even a pinch like a quater of a pinch. That is what I use, much better than glycerine and is found in most high end serums as a thicker anyways. Can get in a grocery store or online. What I do is a very slight dust, stir well, slight dust on surface stir well in a measuring cup. Don't worry about mini white clumps it just absorbs water so fast. Wait 5-10 mins for it to fully absorb water and plump then stir and micro clumps will be gone if not wait a few mins again. Gets rid of all that glycerin filler plus my serum last 2-3 weeks before even a slight color change so maybe it's from that. But I do add 10% DMAE and 10% L-Carnitine also so that could also be it. I highly recommend doing so too. Very anti aging and cleans out pores and other benefits. Also scientific studies show 20% is the best absorbed concentration anything higher and less is actually absorbed for the L-ascorbic acid..

I have a very rare form of cancer - from which I get continual basal cell skin cancer lesions. I have had 60 removed to date. My skin is in AWFUL condition, with dark patches (from past over sun exposure), scars and un-eveness. Would this be a good product to help scars and the dark patches.

+bambis46 I am sorry to take so long in getting back to you - yes, it would. Also check out my other more recent Vitamin C serum recipe because it's more gentle..

+mai vang (May) Yes. It is the fat soluble vitamins to worry about but even then that is mostly just prescription retinol which is prescription vitamin A products..

HI, I've made a lot of your DIY beauty care products for my family and cleaning products, I love them. I've been looking for DIY facial treatment essence, like the SK-II one, do you have 1 or can you please make a video.
Hi Sophie, thanks for this video. This is the third time how I have tried to made this Serum. I can tell you the Smell is terrible! This smell follows you during the day ,and even I wash my hand and face after it, it,s not gone !The face gets dark and keeps brown color. I don,t know ,m.b. it,s just ascorbic acid not L'ascobic....
Your recipe is too strong!! Especially for new users. Here is my mixture instructions... 1 tbsp of L-Ascorbic, 2 tbsp of distilled water, 1 tbsp of veg. gly. This will give you 10%, which is a good start for new users..
Ascorbic Acid will do nothing for your skin. It is water soluble. If you want to try adding vit C to skincare preparations you need fat soluble Vitamin C such as ascorbyl palmitate. The body gets all the vitamin C it needs from a pretty run-of-the-mill diet so long as it's balanced with fruits & veg. You cannot 'over do' vitamin C intake either - the body excretes what it doesn't need. There has been a concerted marketing effort over the past few decades within the Vitamin supplement industry to get us to take Vitamin C tablets and guess what - those 1,000 mg wonder tablets are massively surplus to requirements... ho hum. Here's a thought - try citrus fruits and berries for a few months, drink plenty of water during the day, switch off your laptop/TV/ tablet at least an hour before bed, don;t eat a meal or drink caffeine at least a couple of hours before bed and get 8 hours sleep using a pillow that supports the neck and prevents you turning on your side. The simple fact of sleeping on your side scrunching up your facial skin will cause as much wrinklage as too much UV, alcohol or smoking over a prolonged period. On the psych front be open to ageing gracefully. Anxiety, stress, worry create stress hormones anathema to healthy looking skin. That's what those £100 for 30ml super anti ageing cream peeps don;t want you to know or accept..
Extremely disappointed. I purchased certified organic Camu Camu powder, vegetable glycerine, the amber bottles with dropper and a mini funnel...all a waste of $. The Camu Camu does not dissolve no matter what I tried. I followed the directions to a T but then started to experiment to try to make it work. I added extra water, didn't work. I added extra glycerine, didn't work. Every time I tried rubbing it in my hands prior to applying to my face, it would feel like an exfoliate, grainy and sand like. Also, the scent of the Camu Camu is awful. Waste..

I just made up your vitamin C serum and am excited about using it but although I stirred and stirred the ingredients are grainy. It is also somewhat sticky. Did I do something wrong.

That is because the there is not enough solvent (water/vegetable glycerin) to dissolve the solutes l' ascorbic acid etc...try using a 1 part (solute/vitamin C) to 5 parts (solvent/ H2O). This should work.

Thank you for shareing info, however, Vit C powder will NOT dissolve I waited for 7days, it still didn't dissolve ~!!.
That is because the concentration is too high. I have not been able to create a vitamin C serum with a concentration higher than 20 % and that is because there is not enough liquid to dissolve the L' ascorbic acid. Forget the camu came (added to your smoothies instead) and try starting with a 10 percent concentration and increase as tolerated. For a 10 percent you need 1 part vitamin c and 9 parts distilled water. You could replace some of the water with vegetable glycerin for a more serum like feel. Make small quantities keep away from sunlight and air as much as possible. Use within 4 days.. Wow you made it seem really easy to do. Thank you so much for sharing this to us. I would definitely try it. .
Just because you make something at home doesn't mean it's safe to apply to your face. Unfortunately, it often means that it isn't. L-ascorbic acid is an ACID, as in too much of it will burn your skin. GorgeouslyGreen - you have an obligation to warn people that using too much l-ascorbic acid will cause serious skin problems. Volume measurements using teaspoons are incredibly inaccurate in such small recipes. If a person uses a heaping teaspoon of L-ascorbic acid and under-fills the teaspoon for the water and/or glycerin, they could easily end up with a 40% concentration (twice the recommended maximum) and have absolutely no idea they're about to apply a highly acidic solution to their face. This is an acid; more isn't better. At a minimum, you needed to measure by weight and confirm the acidity of the solution with pH test strips. So irresponsible and unprofessional..
+Anastacia Zara Except you realize it is quite hard to get high concentrations like 25%+ because dissolving would take years lol. So it is quite safe. The skin naturally is acidic and has an acid mantle. L-Ascorbic acid isn't a strong acid, you get a tingling sensation with a high concentration that goes away like 10 seconds later which isn't a big deal. The body readily uses it too which naturally reduces the concentration on the skin also. So unless you are extremely sensitive then it wouldn't even be a big deal leaving on a higher concentration till the next day at which point you'd notice your skin slightly red and make a new batch at lower concentration. Or if it was really bothering you, you'd wipe it off. This isn't glycolic acid lmao. You are over reacting. I don't think you'd even get a peel exfoliation with pure vitamin c on the face with wet fingers massaging it in, just redness..
Hi Sophie, thank you for all the tips. I actually love the serum but for some reasons i want to keep it longer within 3 months but of course with no chemical preservation. So if any add in tip for longer usage Much appreciated for your help..

Hi thanks for the video great info! I am going to try glycerin /rosewater instead of distilled water " I made first batch today but it seems a little runny is this normal fir your recipe Or should it be more gloopy Thanks trev .
Hi Sophie! My mom introduced me to you via Home & Family. Is there a way to make this product effective and shelf stable for say a month I'd like to make this for Christmas presents, if possible! Thanks! -Laura.
+Delia Stubbs Hi. Can you tell me if camu camu powder can dissolve in water soluble cream I watched one of Sophie's video where she said you could apply the vit c into the moisturizer for best results. I've been looking and nothing can give the info that I want. Hope you can help. Gorgeouslygreen do not reply to her fans.Thanks..

I did this serum and it clogged my pores with very hard sebum. I ended up fighting cystic acne on my formerly perfect face for six months. Now I'm covered in craters all over my face. A google search will back up my experience with multiple similar testimony world wide. If you have trouble go straight for a facial peel. Do as many as it takes. I recovered from acne in five weeks of using retin A. But by then I'd spent hundreds of dollars and aquired hundreds of scars. My every pore is also big and saggy as a result. All that just to save 30 a month on prepackaged Vit C from DHC. I feel stupid and ugly. I also recommend not paying attention to wanna-be cosmetologists on youtube. .

Derma rolling has great results but follow the sanitation procedures or you could end up with worse acne and very deep scaring from the hard to remove acne. Facial peels are an excellent remedy for the deep acne if that does happen. .
+Ashley Aubel There is no way it is from the vitamin C. Maybe it's from the glycerin, or camu powder if you used those Personally I would never put either on my face. You can use a quarter of a pinch of xanthan gum to thicken it which is virtually nothing as far as filler goes or add no thickener at all. I had serious acne and this has really helped unclog my pores with how I made it. I also add 10% DMAE, and 10% L-Carnitine which cleans out pores and shrinks them. Also 20% is the highest concentration of C to add anything higher and less gets absorbed. If you make it like this I'm sure it will make a huge difference for your skin..
I absolutely love this product!! Thanks your lady for sharing ❤️ps. you look soo graceful, elegant and amiable in this outfit and hairstyle :).
Looking into this serum. Looks like some people are sensitive to the vit c and it can cause a rash. Someone posted that you should start with 5% vit c then gradually move up to 20%. This recipe here looks like 33% vit c..
Thank you so much 4 great recepi. (PS)//...Your kitchen looks very alike with mine and nice rtee,s in your back yard))).
preparation h with bio-dyne and vitamin c powder works great. 17 days later and wrinkle were gone. I am 39. gets rid of crows feet around the eyes. do not get in eyes.

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Comments about this video:

I wonder how some people think before judging. Critics are good but don't take other people's shine away. She clearly talked about oxidation and how your vitamin C can become oxidized. The vitamin C supplement I take orally is in a soft gel form which is packaged in a very opaque soft gel and container. The reaction between vitamin c and oxygen results in the brown discoloration which will happen on your face after application anyway. Adding vitamin E oil will help preserve your product if you want to keep for at least 2weeks. Use a pharmaceutical graded vitamin E oil, not the cooking type. I believe Lisa mentioned the use of vitamin E oil in her tutorial. If you choose tap water for your concoction then it is only good for daily use. You have to make it everyday, otherwise use filtered or distilled water to prevent mold and bacteria growth. You need to be a chemistry or biochemistry major before you can judge whether someone is wrong or right when it comes to analysis of concoctions and preparations. I have worked with pure ascorbic acid and fruit juice derived ascorbic acid in the lab. And I can tell the effect of light exposure and municipal water as opposed to filtered light and distilled water. So Mariam, when you want to judge or critic or argue, get your facts straight and back them up. Do your own research and not Google research. I didn't work on vitamin C until I saw some of Lisa's tutorials. Beside my chemistry knowledge, I used to make my own lotions from scratch when my family used to be poor. Looking back at those days, I realized we had less skin problems compared to what we have now and I decided to go back to my formulas. I made my lotions from concentrated lime juice, coconut oil, and Shea butter, toss them out after a week cos they turned brown. I realized it was oxidation process that turned them brown, but didn't know until I carried out several tests in the lab. I can back these statements up because I have performed experiments using essential vitamins, light, and oxygen. Thanks.
you look your self on the miror more than you concentrate on your what are you saying or doing looks as cartoon we kniw you have ni e skin but put your feet on the floor dont fly too much you make people looking this video NERVOUS child. +Hallie Horn well yeah, it would work as an exfoliant but you wouldn't get the full benefits from the vitamin c as you would if you bought/made a legit serum. like the brightening of skin over time, because it's not staying on your skin long enough. but just for the purpose of exfoliating, it'll do to a certain extent. that's what i meant....
Sakina...from what I've read about making the serum with just water and laa, it will offer the same benefits of a serum. The difference would be that most serums contain more than one anti aging ingredient, but I saw a study and using laa and distilled water will yield some really good results..
hi! thank you very much for this video, can you please tell me how to dissolve vitamin c (l ascorbic acid) crystalline powder, so that they can be absorbed well to the skin i grind it in a coffee grinder, and still, its like sand on my face and won't dissolve. i guess it doesn't even penetrate the skin this!.
hi could you let me know if vitamin c powder is ok to use which really is for the immune system from health store holland and barrats but looks like they dont sell it any other way .

hi ppl there is so many vitamin c/ L-ascorbic acid you dont have 2 mix all the items lisa showed in this video she is just saying what you can use and what she uses rember evrey 1 is diffrant and what works 4 1 might not work 4 another so plc plc do yr reasarch b4 puting any item on yr face grt video lisa thx hunn.
The video is soo confusing! Don't know wither to keep up with what you're saying or with what you're showing on the video .
Will the licorice interfere with the overall production of melanin in my dark brown skin I want to get rid of my hyper pigmentation but I want my skin color to stay the same. .

Licorice and vitamin c are good for hyperpigmentation but what she did right there is wrong. I don't know which pharmacy school she is going to but mixing these without a preservative will leave it open to bacteria. If u use it, be ready for irritated skin and breakouts. Discarding after a week and leaving in the fridge does help but it will not completely stop the bacteria. Also, u can't just put vitamin c in ur face creams or lotion. It will react with other ingredients in the lotion and will be useless. Pls, do research on these ingredients first before buying them. All these ingredients are expensive if u buy the pure organic good brands. I am a pharmacist and this is utter bs what she showed u here. .
+Mariam so diy vit c lasts only around three days Are the ones in the shops worth it Can you add me so I can add you back o.o I need a skin expert lol.
+Mariam She clearly discussed using vitamin e as a preservative. If you wanted to be helpful and add info that would have been fine, but you were rude and it seems like you didn't watch the entire video. You're correct that you should test the pH, but again you didn't need to be rude or condescending. There are many diy recipes online and one doesn't need to be a pharmacist to mix ingredients if following a recipe. Always do a patch test and check the pH so you will get the benefits of the serum or cream..
What are other sources of vitamin c I am really interested to make just like this one and I want to know if there are other sources I can use Thanks for the nice presentation. :). Am I the only one who was confused by her instructions She was so busy modeling and posing for the camera, she failed to provide clear and detailed step by step instructions for each of the strengths. . I want to reduce wrinkles and lines in order to give my face a healthier, more youthful look. My dermatologist recommended me use Niacinamide cream and advised me to purchase it online from, please have a visit and give your reviews regarding their product quality. Thanks!!!. Hi I am interested in making a serum with vitamin A, C, and E and then a seperate one with just K. Is it okay to add all of these vitamins into this ingredient list Or do the same thing and just replace C with K Basically, does this ingredient list work for any and all serum combinations.
She sounds just life my foreign science and math professors.. Teaching the most simplest things with so much complexity...obviously there's a reason people cannot mix vitamin C and licorice...but ok, America is different we value the FDA.
which is better to use on skin if i want to make a face serum/cream: essential oils or extracts what is the difference, and use for each which is more effective.
I have made the vitamin c cream, but when I added the acid my cream turned really liguidy... it got wrong, I can't use it like this consistency... :(what am I doing wrong.

use this code to get 450g vit c powder for $4
This sounds awesome! I think it's cool that you went to pharmacy school. I went to a one year pharmacy class. (I'm a girl) It was fun. Although I'm pretty bad at math. Doesn't stop me from liking science, though..
I love her videos, but don't like that she never answers anyones questions!! Please comment, Lisa! It would help!.

So happy with this video thanx😊!! One question though.. Do u need to use an spf when using the serum/daycream during the day Or is the vit c protective enough Hope someone can help...

Hi Lisa!! Could you please please put up an updated skin care routine! I would love to know what other natural products you use for your lovely skin. Thanks sooo much!.
Lisa, can i apply an oil such as rose hip oil after the vit. c serum cause i use oils instead of face creams and i'd like to know if it's ok, thanks you're videos are great!!.
It's ok to do that. She also mixed in her extracts and oils to enhance the effect so I think using the rose hip oil on top will be fine. I personally mix in my favourite oils such as Vit E oil in the serum instead of applying it after the serum so if you want you can mix in the rose hip oil as well..
When I mixed the ascorbic acid with the Orange blossom water, it stayed gritty...didn't resolve well. Any suggestions . use this code to get 450g vit c powder for $4
Hi, I had the same problem, but once it's on my skin, it doesn't feel gritty. The temporary gritty feeling is worth it, the benefits of Vitamin C are amazing..
Hello Lisa! :) Thanks for sharing this awesome and natural secrets with us! :-D But I have a question: does vitamin C have side effects by using it during daytime... So far I know vitamin C makes dark spots because of Sun exposure... Can you please let me know if so... Thanks :).
I love orange blossom water and I found it in CVS pharmacy on a ethnic product aisle they have, they have imported toners like rose water, orange blossom water for only $1.49 cents cheap, but all 100% natural ingredients.

awesome thanks! I need to purchase some orange blossom water but wasnt sure of a good place to buy it..

I want to ask, can I use Vitamin C powder with lemon natural sweetener because I could not find another type.

U see how the as orbit acid makes the solution acidic and I order for the licorice extract to work I thought it had to be in a solution between of ph 6 and 7.
I haven't tried this. But when I have gritty materials, I use my mortar and pestle. You could also use a spice grinder. Just be careful of fumes. You don't want any of that in your lungs. . Hi Lisa and everyone! I have a question. Is there a difference between L-ascorbic acid and ascorbic acid I bought a packet of vitamin c powder to make this DIY but when I check again on the internet many warned to use specifically L-ascorbic acid. Mine just wrote ascorbic acid on the packet. So I was wondering if the "L" part makes a huge difference and if it would cause harm if I just use the ascorbic acid instead. Please answer me, I need help. Thanks!.
Ascorbic acid is the same thing a L-ascorbic acid. The L just denotes the isomer form (chemistry mumbojumbo).

I love all your DIYs! But i'm a lazy bum, end up jusy purchasing it instead of making it myself :p .
anyway for those who are lazy bums like me and is interested in getting a good serum, take a look here... it's probably one of the best ive used so far, a little costly thou, but worth every penny spent! (can last about 3 months) If she really attended pharmacy school, she would have known that vitamin e is NOT a preservative. vitamin E is an antioxidant. It can delay oxidation but cannot prevent micro-bacterial growth. Using vitamin E in place of a preservative can have terrible consequences, including blindness or even death. .
is crystalline calcium ascorbate (Vitamin C powder, the label says) the same as ascorbate acid powder.

Your video is great.thank you :) but I think it'd be cooler if you use serum with no makeup in this video. It would be real and closer ^^ but you're awesome :).
i love your videos especially your D.I.Y but i feel as if you leave your makeup on while doing these types of videos. i wish you didn't have makeup on and weren't that self conscience. .
Hi Lisa, I'm just wondering. For DIY anti aging, have you ever tried to use bovine collagen Thanks!.

Definitely still wear sunscreen! This would not give anywhere close to SPF 30 which should be the minimum worn.
are you sure this is ok i know that vitamin E is an antioxidant, and when added to oils, it can help to prolong the shelf life of an oil exposed to oxygen and thus, prevent oxidation for a certain amount of time. however, i heard that using vitamin E as a preservative is ONLY ok when dealing with oils and stuff. Once you start adding water, you need a "real" preservative like optiphen =/. hey I don't what to do for a new video soo can you plz help and scribe me xxx thanks xxxxxxxx . Buying so much stuff first then mixing it togtr den if its suits u or not u dont know so y not buy a good cream or tonner from drug store. Lisa, thank you so much for your recent DIY videos. The past 6 months my skin has been problematic due to hormonal acne. I will definitely try this serum and toner out! I use salicylic acid topical treatments from clean and clear often due to my breakouts of small pimples! Is it possible for salicylic acid not to be affective or cause more harm if used too often I know you have a lot of people asking you questions and leaving comments but I would love to chat with you through a message! Thanks!.
♥ My name is Kayla, and I have been in the YouTube community for three months now, and it's been lots of fun! That's why I want to take YOU on this awesome journey with me! ♥ I make awesome quality and super FUN beauty/fashion/DIY, and I would be SUPER happy, if you could check it out and hit the subbie button, if you like my videos, of course. I have a goal to hit 400 subscribers by June 2nd so please come help me reach my goal. You won't regret it :) ♥ Thank you very, very much! xoxo, Kayla.

What is the name of the pharmacy school did you used to study in Thx! You are such a great inspiration and I want to be a pharmacist like you :) .

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December 10, 2015

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You look great. Sexy, young. I am curious to know what is your ethnic background. I am a man and i think i might try your protocol. Hmm, if only i can make my head hair grow again..
+robbiedaug Hello! I am Spanish. This routine is great for women or men, it just helps keep your skin healthier. You and a million others wish there was a way to make head hair grow back, maybe someday :).

Hi! Boiling doesn't get rid of chemicals and impurities. I get my water from a health food store..
I can see a big diference to my skin...I did exactly what you did and Im so happy !!!! Thanks Nigella !!! I. Thank you for you video I think is very help full. I'm going to trying and let see what happen..
hi, thank u for ur video. i use ur vit's. c with the lotion, but it's sticky on my face and body. may be u could help me the solution. thanks.
Can I make an assumption that this will also work on men I have moisturized since I was a teen and at 54years old people still believe I am in my late 30's or early 40's. i have been using it for a month but I don't see any change in my skin texture...same old same old.... You look amazingly beautiful and incredible young! So happy to find your video. I'm into my 40s and I feel is time to keep the "youth leftovers" as long as I can. I wrote the shopping list and give it a try :) . look stunning! I just find your video today and watching it 3 times !!! Sounds interesting to me...10Q for sharing preatty lady. I have a question too...If you use this serum only at night time, what are you using in the morning after you wash your serum offf Can I use my day cream like usually in the morning and use the serum at night For the body serum lotion can i use it at night time.
ure not going to believe this bt i was looking for this video of yours since last 3 hrs. lol.. cz i saw it long time back and now when i decided to add vitamin C in my routine i couldnt find the vid.. all i remembered was ur beautiful face :) so now i finally found it and soon gonna add up vit c in my routine.. im 31 now.thanks sooo much for sharing ur secrets with us :).
We dont have in Australia the vaseline body and hands creams fragrance free... I ordered them from USA... only one person from ebay deliver them to Australia... and the cost...$65 including delivery per item...preatty expensive...but....
Hi, thanks for all your help! You mentioned you didn't like AHA's and retin-A etc because they made your skin feel thin. How do you feel about BHAs like salicylic acid (if you've used them before), do you find them thinning as well.

Thank you for the very informative video.I have been using Topical Vitamin C and it definitely works! BTW you do not look like you are 56 at all!.
Thank you so much! I'm 59 now and still feel great about how my skin looks. I ran into someone I hadn't seen I hadn't seen in about 16 years, he said, "Jeez, you don't age at all." That was good enough for me. LOL. What is your morning routine Or do you have a video of that Thanks again. Is the niacinamide cream continuing to work well . Hi Nigella, You look so gorgeous and thank you very much for this amazing helpful video. But I have a question & that is, my vitamin c is non acidic. Is the non-acidic vitamin c powder as effective as the other acidic one to use and make the vitamin C serum Pls help me answer. The name of my product is " SOLARAY" non-acidic Vitamin C Powder.. What was the white brush-like thing you said u dont use too often cause it makes the skin thin My biggest problem is that my face got so much thinner and i haven't lost weight as a whole. Just my face :(.
Hello...This is a great video, I have repeated watching it so that I follow what you do to the letter, I have started this since few days.. Thanks so much for sharing your success..

You look beautiful, I hope I look good as you when I get your age. What do you think about facial exercises for you face and neck..
Hi, I'm happy to find your channel. I will be 63 next month, and I'm looking for the best things to help me not look it! I've been using Vit C, and it really helps. I'm going to give the Niacinamide a try too. Thank you for sharing with us. (I love my little grandson, Alex to the moon and back!!!!). Señora Bonita!!! Waaao I've been seeing this video about 20 times... You look so good, and I would like to look as you do when I get your age... I'm 32 now... And I would like to know what brand of vitamin C powder is the one you use, since I've been looking at Walgreens, CVS, and Walmart and I don't find it. :-(.
Hello there, I bought mine at the Better health store. I'm sure they have one in your area :) or you could order it on online..

How about your diet do you eat a lot of greens plus I read,that sugar can age the skin, that's why some overweight woman seem to have problem skin.Does your parent's have good skinI bet you don't eat much sugar or carbs which turn into sugar in the body,because your not overweight.And also I use to always use body lotion on my face and then I read that It wasn't made for the face,I would even buy the body lotion on purpose because it came in a bigger bottle,but I read if Its not face lotion don't put It on your face,because it can clog pores.I thought I damaged my skin when I read that.Well I know this video is 3 years old so I hope you are well,and will read this message..
I use a mask with just a little piece of banana for 10 min a day. It has natural anti-aging vit C in it and I think it was the magnesium that takes care if the pimples. And other stuff that is good for your skin. Anyway its the best facemask I have ever used. If you ate all your banana you can use the peel instead, haha. Lori, I must say that I love your beauty tips, tricks, and advice for us over 50 gals! I have also been enjoying all the girl chat and rant videos - don't stop making these! I love using the niacinimide cream so I am going to try this Vitamin C serum and cream. It sounds like the niacinimide one you use at night more or less and that this Vit C one is more of a day cream Please keep on making your informative and enjoyable videos! BTW I am a Dollar Tree and thrift shopper from way back ;). I am 35 and have been in the sun my whole life. I have recently developed some age spots on my face and shoulders. Do you think this will work for my spots Do you use a certain sunscreen on a daily basis. Hi nigella just wanted to say I'm a big fan. Thank you do much for sharing!!! Ur gorgeous. I just wanted to know what brand was the vitamin c. Thanks . yep you do look great! im 53 and always looked young I did nothing special, but started using oil of olay when I was 25 not everyday either but always looked younger than I was (so I was told) but suddenly it all caught up to me I have this gobble neck and I swear everyday I look older! everything cost so much to buy! you have any ideas i am not growing old gracefully....
try using olive oil all over your skin or almond oil or just organic products in general for your skin! Olive oil helps prevent cell degeneration in your skin and it'll help hydrate and smooth your skin! my aunt who is around her late 50's has used olive oil for years and I swear she looks so young and has no wrinkles or loose skin. try not to use expensive products that everyone else is using like cindy crawford products. also, try making your own make up so you don't have chemicals on your face everyday. it's very simple =D.
Hello nigella I was wondering if you can please tell me the brand and name of the vitamins c and where to purchase it would really be helpful thank you very much. hi thanks for the lovely video i just want to ask you that i live in England and its mostly cloudy and rainy in here it looks a bit weird wearing sunglasses during that time any suggestions about that plz thanks.
+ann malik Hi, What part of England do you live I now live in Texas, and have done for 11 years and at 54years old do not recall it being continuously cloudy and raining!!!...mmmmmmm I used to live in Cambridgeshire, so I can only summize that you live near Manchester as I believe it is much wetter that side of the country..
hi i said its mostly cloudy which means we do get some sun, i live in birmingham its still cloudy and rainy here these days thanks for sharing your experience. Hi Nigella. I was wondering if blending a teaspoon or tablespoon of fresh Aloe Vera juice to the Vitamin C mixture would add to the benefits. We have a plant in our garden. Hope that its helpful idea for you as well..
I'm intrigued Jane you look great. Off to buy Vitamin C tomorrow. Will contact you if any questions. thanks!.

Hi. Must say you sure dont look like 56 years old. And the way you present your rutines and how to do it, is more credible than all the skincare companies out there does. I have tried eveything from cheap creams to Obagi products. Nothing has worked. And my skin is red, my pores are big, and I got fine lines under and on the side of my eyes and forhead. and also from my nose to lips, and I am only 25 years old. I am male, 25 years old.Do you think I could use the same routine as you Due to my skin be a bit different Male skin is thicker I dont live in the US so I dont have access to the exact same products. Can you please write each product name, so I can try to find similar products .

Vaseline lotion Vitamin c in crystal or buy in pill for and crush them in powder for so you can mix with water Neutrogena sunscreen spf 100 No matter where you live you can find all this products. Hope I helped you..

Hi I couldn't find the vitamin C powder in England for face...The only I found was multivitamin for eating not for face or the tablet could kindly recommend any other or tell me where to find vitamin C powder Thank you .
+Naj Lost The only think I can tell you is that I get it in health food stores, you can also order it online. Hope that helps :). OMG!!! You are soooooo beauriful, im 35 and have baggy neck with very mark lines, just like moly mom, with out any treatment I have thin paper skin, I'm definitely trying this, THANK YOU FOR SHARING! At what age you star taking care of your skin and T what age you star using makeup XOXO.
By applying all those creams etc on your face is that not in a way massaging your face, and could the massaging of the creams on to your face be the main reason for your younger looks. The massaging if done correctly will stimulate blood to the skin increasing the nutrients to the skin. I think you are correct in saying that massaging by pulling on the skin would not be good, but instead by simply applying pressure as if you are fingerprinting the skin will help increase blood to the area and help increase suppleness to the skin. Also a good night sleep will help a lot. By that I mean that when you sleep you feel that you have been refreshed. A good healthy balanced diet will help in that.

Ascorbic acid powder is vitamin c, I just found it in my local natural store. Inexpensive, really. You are so beautiful too! Thank you for your advice..
I love your skin care routine, it totally makes sense. Do u know if i can also add vitamin E with your remedy .
Do you put moisturizer/creams on before or after applying the vitamin c serum Your tips are amazing! .
I am 35 years old and been out in the sun my entire life. Recently, I have developed some small age spots and one that is larger and dark. Is it possible that vitamin c will help brighten my spots I am also curious to hear about your time in the sun. Do you always use sunscreen. hi. you look beautiful dear. Keep it up! I just wana ask you can you use lemon juice on the skin directly. Hello! I tried that and I literally burned my skin. You have to be very careful when applying lemon juice straight to your skin, the acid is very strong..
So this is something you do only in the evening and the lotion only use 3 to 4 times a week You do have beautiful skin:).

Also, I have seen vit c powder in health food stores, but they don't protect in from light Is is still good Or does the oxidation begin when you mix it with something.

Hi!! Will it damage the skin to use a retinol night cream and day cream (meaning will the retinol (added) help with this method or do you think it will make the skin more sensitive to the sun causing more wrinkles).

How to Make a Vitamin C Anti Aging Serum | eHow

December 13, 2015
Free OZ Naturals Anti Aging Vitamin C Serum Sample. Experience The Anti Aging Power Of OZ Naturals Vitamin C + Amino + Hyaluronic Acid. Most Users Report Brighter... i9
Fairview Farm: Make Your Own Vitamin C Anti Aging Serum

December 17, 2015
This hydrating serum is a lightweight serum with a stable blend of Vitamin C and anti-aging peptides that creates a youthful glow for your skin. i10
MiSMo Anti Aging Serum Trio of Vitamin C serum, Anti...

December 18, 2015
A topical Vitamin C serum is one of the most potent and effective anti-aging skin care products to add in your beauty arsenal if you want healthy, glowing skin. i11 Anti-Aging Medicine and Advanced...

December 14, 2015

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Sophie, Which brand of L Ascorbic Acid is in your video The link you provided leads to a different brand on Amazon and the item says Vitamin C (Ascorbic Acid).
Dear Sophie, I really like that recipe. Do you think it is too much when I put on a light glycolic acid moisturiser for the night and the vitamin c serum for the day All the best. Patrick. I just add the vitamin c powder to my moisturizer before you showed in your old videos... that should be okay right.
+WaterspoutsOfTheDeep Are you still at it You are such a moron. It has everything to do with the "mechanics" of vitamin c, dolt. LMAO, if you mix l-ascorbic acid with lotion and then put it on your skin, moron it will cause the creation of promease enzymes that accelerate aging. I am muting you now. You are a true idiot, who has failed to answer or admit that different types of vitamin c require different pH levels, do not combine well with all types of ingredients. And even asked point blank, three times, you still refuse to really say anything that makes sense. You are a loser with a low iq, why don't you go shove a sandwich in your face.
+Stickapot lmao you're a fucking moron. Mechanical function is different than "mechanics." It's effect isn't from scrubbing it on the face or it's ph as a acid exfoliating the skin. It's action comes from it's antioxidant properties within the skin. Do you even understand English lol, and no lotion ph would not be a significant factor greatly reducing Dapoxetine..
There is a lot of WRONG information in this video! I find it annoying that people make these videos and have no idea what they are talking about. 1. DO NOT USE ascorbic acid, U NEED L-ascorbic acid for your serum. BIG DIFFERENCE. 2. The serum must be at a pH of 3.5 or less or it wont work. 3. Is Vitamin C at the same ph level as the aloe vera used in this serum If not which ingredient is being cancelled out. You have no right to be spreading half information. U ARE NO EXPERT!.

+Stickapot it says in this video 1/4 teaspoon vitamin c, 6 teaspoon water and 1 tea spoon aloe Vera gel. This seems like a low vitamin c percentage Much lower than 20%.
+Gary Martin I would just forget this video, all together. Try the recipe on this link

Best Foods for an Anti-Aging Diet - WebMD

December 6, 2015
Sophie Uliano, NY Times Best Selling author of Gorgeously Green, the Gorgeously Green Diet, and Do It Gorgeously, shows you how simple it is to make your... i13 Vernal Anti Aging Moisturizer Cream, All in...

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November 17, 2015

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The bible is full of shit, but some of the mentioned long ages are indeed correct. The old age of those ancient people was not due to vitamin C intake, but they had several genes that allowed longevity of several centuries. Those genes were dissolved and lost eventually. A human body needs about 1-1.5g of vitamin C every day. Depending on the form of the supplement and the amount, the body absorbs only a part of the intake. The less you take, the more is absorbed. With small doses of 50-200mg most of the vitamin is absorbed, because it is actually a very small dose (the less vitamin C you give to your body, the more essential it is to get it into the system) and there is a mechanism that regulates the rate of Dapoxetine. For your body to actually absorb and use 1-1.5g of vitamin C that it needs every day, you have to take 2-4g of vitamic C every day (that's 33% - 50% Dapoxetine rate). Preferably many small doses throughout the day with at most 500mg per one serving. I take about six 500mg pills every day. 30 times the RDA..
+syyenergy7 Yes, but they had several other genes too that modern humans don't have or they're deactivated for some reason. I'm quite sure GLO will give more life, but not 1000 years, which is possible with several other gene modifications in addition to GLO..
And when I'm sick I take even more, about 5g a day, because the immune systems needs vitamin C in large quantities. The flu symptoms go away very quickly, I don't even take sick leaves at all..
The government does not want you to live very long, so they tell you to just get the daily recommended allowance of 90 mg..

Very interesting, I knew about other animals being able to make vit C and not humans. But I had never heard of the GLO gene. I guess if there was a supplement for the 4th enzyme we need to make C, it would probably not work to well either since enzymes get destroyed in the stomach acid a lot. Seems like there must be a simple way to turn that gene back on..

+syyenergy7 I know someone who was doing the intravenous vit C for stage 4 cancer and it worked, she ended up being totally cancer free. But she quit taking it intravenously after that and in less then a year the cancer was back..
for cancer treatment or other health problems, look into ketogenic diet. its a wonder diet for many health dysfunction. combine vitamin c with this diet, and it will be a godsend for you.. I forget where I read it, but before the advent of polio vaccinations, there was a trial-study of using intravenous vitamin C against polio. The success rate was reportedly 60 out of 60 cases or 100%. Vitamin C will also reactivate oxidized vitamin E and thus replenish.the spent vitamin E..
Interesting talk about that missing or dormant gene. Oral Vitamin C, I say is useless fro anything above 10 grams per day. You will end up pissing it out... The solution is to use encapsulated vitamin C (can be made at home with ultrasonic jewelry cleaner and some lecithin powder and vitamin c powder) The best bet though...will sound a little extreme, but for the moment, what will work is, Intravenous Vitamin C and Glutathione...add a little copper....
+GilgameshApproves Ummmmm...I think medical grade ascorbic acid in an ampoule is best. Search for, IV VIT CCan be found online and bought in stores, over the counter in countries that are more free.. Make sure you are getting the entire Vitamin C and not just ascorbic acid. Checkout Healthforce Vitamin C.. check out joe rogan experience podcast on you tube number 459 guest talks about vitamin D and magnesium i think you will find it interesting. What does a chimpanzee produce That's pretty close to humans I ran vitamin c today will run it Dailey from now. I bought the damn thing to use on plants but keep using it myself might be buying for whole family the spot thing must be spooky... Keep up videos your onto something here. I heard that if you want your cat to avoid a certain place(so it won't pee there, spray it with citrus). Perhaps since it makes its own vit C, having enough creates an adversion to it. If Noah had the gene to make vit C, perhaps he did not have to worry about scurvy being on the arc so long. But what if we were able to get this gene in ourselves Would that mean that I would start not liking citrus fruits . For anyone interested in more information on the potential health benefits of vitamin C, look up the work of two time Nobel prize-winning biochemist Linus Pauling who took 18 GRAMS of vitamin C a day and lived to be 95 and lectured on biochemistry and actively worked in a lab until the day he died (he was in his way to the lab when he did!). He also used it intravenously for both heart disease and cancer patients with great success. FDA and NIH are finally starting to realize this and fund their own research on the exact same topic. Of course they are not giving Pauling an ounce of credit for his groundbreaking work.. Can i ask you a personal question. You are taking all the supplements and using rife machines and lakhovsky machines and do a lot of cardio. Could you please explain why you are overweight . Rife machines and lakhovsky machines have nothing to do with weight. Five years ago my ribs were showing and people said I was underweight..
I understand the machines are not for weight loss but my point is you are obviously keeping yourself healthy using these devices and supplements. Also you say you are doing a lot of cardio. Id just like to know why you are still overweight(in my opinion) I do appreciate the reply and do also appreciate your videos, i think your pretty spot on about most things..

Nouvebelle Skin | Vitamin C Infused Anti-Aging Cream!

November 29, 2015
PROFESSIONAL, HIGH STRENGTH Anti Wrinkle, Vitamin C Serum. Feels great on the skin, Absorbs nicely, No nasty odour or colouring and lovely consistency. i1
Anti-Aging Vitamin C Serum - Beyond Complex C | Hylunia...

October 23, 2015
Sophie Uliano, NY Times Best Selling author of Gorgeously Green, the Gorgeously Green Diet, and Do It Gorgeously, shows you how simple it is to make your... i2
Vitamin C helps you look younger | Simply Anti Aging

November 24, 2015
Vitamin-C-Serum For Face - Best Anti-Aging Serum - 20% Vit C + A & E Antioxidant Serum Proven To Reduce Wrinkles, Boost Collagen & Even Skin Tone To Give YOU Smoother... i3
Skin Correction - Anti-Aging Skincare | Vitamin C Infusion...

January 4, 2016

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Hello!It's a real pleasure to hear from you and thank you for having messaged us.We suggest to use the L-ascorbic acid form from as this type of vitamin C powder won't be gritty.If you need anything else please let us know and we will be very happy to help and support you for anything you might need.Thank you!. hi me again the camu camu powder is it pure and the alovara gel pure as i dont wana put some thing else and mess the recipe up/my face and can you give me a link 2 buy it frm as i can only buy frm ebay as i have already a acnt set up there..
Hello Aleshaa!Thank you so much for your kindness.The camu camu contains the organic form of vitamin C so don't worry if it is pure. Look for organic and natural Aloe Vera gel. We don't know any products sold on eBay so we don't want to suggest products we don't know about. Just look for organic products.Thank you once again and if you need anything just let us know..

Hello Aleshaa!Thank you so much for your kindness.The camu camu contains the organic form of vitamin C so don't worry if it is pure. Look for organic and natural Aloe Vera gel. We don't know any products sold on eBay so we don't want to suggest products we don't know about. Just look for organic products.Thank you once again and if you need anything just let us know..

thx 4 yr video it was very helpfull grt tips and advice just subbed 2 yr channel if possiable plc subb back 2 me winks.
+Kleem Organics Why advise against it Do you know how many people follow this advice incorrectly. Why not be absolutely sure by running a pH test so you DONT DESTROY your skin. I really have so little respect for about 80% of these diy vitamin c videos, one bad piece of advice after the other..
Hello again. Thank you for your reply. We know that many people do not have a pH-meter at home, but if you have it's very good to double check. The best pH is 3.5 but if you have a pH between 3 and 4 you would have very good results anyway, as many serums have this range of pH..
can I do this serum without the camu camu powder and can I use my aloe Vera plant to get it's gel instead of buying it in a bottle.
Thank you so much!!:)) question!!! Is that buffered vita c powder I saw the buffered on the shelf at the store but wasn't sure. Thank you:)))))).

Homemade Anti-Aging Vitamin C Facial Toner - DIY Natural

October 20, 2015
Anti-aging Skin Care, Anti Wrinkle Cream, Skin Correction, Vitamin C Infusion Face Cream, Eye Cream. Call for information 1-888-267-4843. i5
Vitamin C boosts weight loss | Simply Anti Aging

October 16, 2015
Create your own moisturizing creams and serums with Vitamin C, that will take years off your face. Join the do-it-yourself movement among women today, who are i6
Vital C Hydrating Anti-aging Serum | Hydrating Serum...

October 14, 2015
Nouvebelle vitamin c infused anti-aging cream helps restore your complexion and youthful skin with the amazing power of natural Vitamin C. i7
How to Make Your Own Anti-Aging Creams With Vitamin C

October 25, 2015

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Nouvebelle Skin | Vitamin C Infused Anti-Aging Cream!

November 28, 2015
PROFESSIONAL, HIGH STRENGTH Anti Wrinkle, Vitamin C Serum. Feels great on the skin, Absorbs nicely, No nasty odour or colouring and lovely consistency. i9
Anti-Aging Vitamin C Serum - Beyond Complex C | Hylunia...

November 12, 2015
Sophie Uliano, NY Times Best Selling author of Gorgeously Green, the Gorgeously Green Diet, and Do It Gorgeously, shows you how simple it is to make your... i10
Vitamin C helps you look younger | Simply Anti Aging

December 30, 2015
Vitamin-C-Serum For Face - Best Anti-Aging Serum - 20% Vit C + A & E Antioxidant Serum Proven To Reduce Wrinkles, Boost Collagen & Even Skin Tone To Give YOU Smoother... i11
Skin Correction - Anti-Aging Skincare | Vitamin C Infusion...

December 13, 2015

Comments about this video:

Hi Anika, It is vitamin C tablets reduced into powder form, I've only found the orange kind while filming the video, which contains extra coloring & flavor, it is better to use the plain white kind. All info is listed in the description box along with a link to the full blog post. Thanks for watching 🌼.

Hi is this also for dry skin and under eye Also how many times u use this Is it possible to apply shea butter aloevera cream Or better not to apply somethibg Sorry im totally nervous i want to pre-prevent wrinkles :).
Hi, yes it is suitable for dry skin, just make sure you mix it with nourishing oil as shown in the tutorial, however keep it away from the eye area. You can use shea butter or anything you usually use to moisturize your skin afterwards & I apply this serum whenever I feel that my skin is looking dull, but no more than once a week, since I use other chemical exfoliants. Try to balance it according to your skincare routine and your skin type. Thanks for watching!.
what if argan oil is not available can we use some other oil... and i have oily skin, so is it really important to use oil.
of course you can replace argan oil with any other oil of your choice according to your skin type and the skin benefits the oil provides. When it comes to your oily skin you have to know that all skin types need to be moisturized. Actually, oily skin if often a result of an initially dry skin trying to counterbalance itself by an overproduction of sebum, so make sure you use a non comedogenic oil to help spread the serum better & also avoid any irritation or dryness since vitamin C works as a chemical exfoliant. I hope I've answered your questions, thanks for watching..
Beautiful love it!! I hope you don't mind me posting on your page but I would love if you could check out my beauty & fashion channel! It would mean the world to me! xxx.

Homemade Anti-Aging Vitamin C Facial Toner - DIY Natural

November 4, 2015
Anti-aging Skin Care, Anti Wrinkle Cream, Skin Correction, Vitamin C Infusion Face Cream, Eye Cream. Call for information 1-888-267-4843. i13
Vitamin C boosts weight loss | Simply Anti Aging

November 7, 2015
Create your own moisturizing creams and serums with Vitamin C, that will take years off your face. Join the do-it-yourself movement among women today, who are i14
Vital C Hydrating Anti-aging Serum | Hydrating Serum...

December 31, 2015
Nouvebelle vitamin c infused anti-aging cream helps restore your complexion and youthful skin with the amazing power of natural Vitamin C. i15
How to Make Your Own Anti-Aging Creams With Vitamin C

December 22, 2015

Comments about this video:
Just tried this and applied it to my skin for the very first time. With the Vitamin E I also added a few drops of Argan Oil and Moringa Oil...feels great and it was quickly absorbed into my skin! Hope to see some nice results. Thanks for sharing! :).
hi hunn is this ok 4 sensitive skin and iv never used any kind of vit c on my face b4 and can i also do it with out the green matcha tea do i keep it on my face or wash it off .
+Aleshaa Rees i think it would be may have to just use less vitamin C. its a serum so you leave it on.
+Tracy Timberlake thx hunn so how much vit c do you think i shld put 4 first time users as i dont wana burn damage my face thx.
I'm doing this now. But, I'm going to get some paper mask and make a green tea vitamin C infused facial mask for my spa night. TFS! .
I love it girl +Tracy Timberlake i can't wait to try it. Also I've been doing the Matcha Tea too. Luv it!! .

+SWEET HEART just a little stinging. Too much can cause burning...there's a warning in the info box ;).

I like this and will figure out a way to make it work for me but I cant use Glycerin, as it clogs my pores terribly. Thanks for the idea! :).
U can use aloe Vera juice or aloe Vera gel if u still want the hydrating effect. Or, just skip it all together and just make a really nice vitamin c toner :).
UM! Heck yeah! I'm never buying Vitamin C Serum EVER! LOL! I take Vitamin C Capsules everyday but I mean.. I'm so down with also adding a serum! This video was so informative and I love the editing :) You better werkkkk!!!!! I Love you!.
This was soo helpful.. cant wait to give this a try.. does this help even out your skintone... btw could you do a video on the matcha green tea.. benefits, how to use it.. how u personally use it etc. I would love to learn more about it!.
I have used it...especially on my fave. After I get a pimple I can experience hyper works for me. I don't think it is whitening lol. I think they just market it that way. It's worth trying. Papaya has a natural brightening enzyme. U can probably even make ur own. Or add some fresh papaya juice to ur vitamin c serum if that is available to u..

Nouvebelle Skin | Vitamin C Infused Anti-Aging Cream!

November 13, 2015
PROFESSIONAL, HIGH STRENGTH Anti Wrinkle, Vitamin C Serum. Feels great on the skin, Absorbs nicely, No nasty odour or colouring and lovely consistency. i17
Anti-Aging Vitamin C Serum - Beyond Complex C | Hylunia...

November 19, 2015
Sophie Uliano, NY Times Best Selling author of Gorgeously Green, the Gorgeously Green Diet, and Do It Gorgeously, shows you how simple it is to make your... i18
Vitamin C helps you look younger | Simply Anti Aging

December 29, 2015
Vitamin-C-Serum For Face - Best Anti-Aging Serum - 20% Vit C + A & E Antioxidant Serum Proven To Reduce Wrinkles, Boost Collagen & Even Skin Tone To Give YOU Smoother... i19
Skin Correction - Anti-Aging Skincare | Vitamin C Infusion...

November 8, 2015

Comments about this video:
Lavender should never be used on your face, its considered an irritant and causes a lot of irritation after you use it for a few months. Looks good at first but will irritate and cause damage later..
I couldn't believe this girl solicits companies for $ to give fake reviews for them. Look at her ad:
This female should of showed what she looked like before and after. It is just another advertisement to sell her products..
Lots of reviews on Amazon:

Hi Jeff Eganhouse this two products which one should I use first ( VITAMIN C OR HYALURONIC) thank.
She is a fake actor and she does fake reviews!! What a shame ,scammer, and she is not a mail carrier!!.
Fake. Not even a real customer.

Hello, thanks for the info...what's the name of the product you are using thank you in advance..
+millie G We use the Vitamin C 17% serum. As I type this, I see they are having a 20% off sale for Christmas.
i looked on amazon but i cant get it sent to the uk, so I went on and I cant find it, I was wondering if knew how I could find it for the uk.

if she have to use wrinkle cream at her age ,when she get to be 45 she will look like a prune,fake.
(vitamin C) and (iron and copper) that act as catalysts, some benzene is produced- carcinogen is benzene no benzoate.. benzoate is associated with atopic reactions esp dermatitis in a few percent of the population- salicylates do this too.. Guys, I highly recommend using hyaluronic acid and ProVitamin B5 formula for treatment of eye bag, wrinkles, and dark circle in the eye socket area. I recently discovered Dermacosmec intensive eye gel is highest effective in boosting firmness around the eye. You may find it on their website or amazon. This product makes your eyes look brighter, healthier, and younger! absolutely amazing!.

Homemade Anti-Aging Vitamin C Facial Toner - DIY Natural

December 1, 2015
Anti-aging Skin Care, Anti Wrinkle Cream, Skin Correction, Vitamin C Infusion Face Cream, Eye Cream. Call for information 1-888-267-4843. i21
Vitamin C boosts weight loss | Simply Anti Aging

November 18, 2015
Create your own moisturizing creams and serums with Vitamin C, that will take years off your face. Join the do-it-yourself movement among women today, who are i22
Vital C Hydrating Anti-aging Serum | Hydrating Serum...

December 17, 2015
Nouvebelle vitamin c infused anti-aging cream helps restore your complexion and youthful skin with the amazing power of natural Vitamin C. i23
How to Make Your Own Anti-Aging Creams With Vitamin C

December 28, 2015

Comments about this video:
Nice how you don't even give details how to make your own DIY serum. I make my own and have for years. Some store bought brands are inferior in their ingredients and or have oxidation issues. Plenty of good store bought ones like Skinceuticals CE Ferulic..
I've only used Maxelder argan cream for a few days and I love it This cream makes the skin around my eyes look refreshed and smooth. It is not oily and it doesn't burn my eyes in any way unlike other creams that I've tried in the past. It also helps with my puffiness. I highly recommend this wrinkles cream w.…nyarganoil….c.

Nouvebelle Skin | Vitamin C Infused Anti-Aging Cream!

December 16, 2015
PROFESSIONAL, HIGH STRENGTH Anti Wrinkle, Vitamin C Serum. Feels great on the skin, Absorbs nicely, No nasty odour or colouring and lovely consistency. i25
Anti-Aging Vitamin C Serum - Beyond Complex C | Hylunia...

November 10, 2015
Sophie Uliano, NY Times Best Selling author of Gorgeously Green, the Gorgeously Green Diet, and Do It Gorgeously, shows you how simple it is to make your... i26
Vitamin C helps you look younger | Simply Anti Aging

October 13, 2015
Vitamin-C-Serum For Face - Best Anti-Aging Serum - 20% Vit C + A & E Antioxidant Serum Proven To Reduce Wrinkles, Boost Collagen & Even Skin Tone To Give YOU Smoother... i27
Skin Correction - Anti-Aging Skincare | Vitamin C Infusion...

January 1, 2016

Comments about this video:
I currently use.05% retin-A on the undereye and.1% retin-A on the forehead at night. I would like to try the Devita-C 17% Stabilized Formula. Would you still suggest waiting 3 months before I use the Vitamin C Or do you have other suggestions so I can still use the retin-A Thank you. . As long as your skin is well hydrated you can use this regimen. However, remember that AHAs should really be used continuously so you will need to give it a break. The Devita 20% contains some AHAs at much lower doses which is why hydration is so important. If you use a nourishing moisturiser this regimen should be ok.. vitamin C doesn't slough off skin or exfoliate. It is the AHAs in the Devita Rx C Pro Plus that will have that effect. If you have sensitive skin I suggest you avoid AHAs unless you have used them with sucess beforehand. Use the Devita C accelerate as it is vitamin C with supportive nutrients but no AHAs.. Do you think it would be to much to use the Devita 20% C which I have in the AM and the Devita AHA which I also have in the PM.I want results for my hyperpigmentation but don't want to overdo and cause a problem.Hope you make more videos..
2 Jaijaijaijaijaijai Yes I would be a bit cautious about using both retan-A and vitamin C on the same areas of skin at the same time. However you could use the C on the areas of the face that you aren't applying retin-A to..

Skin product companies desire individuals to give their products a try to demonstrate how good they are. Have you ever noticed a skin care section set-up in your local mall offering Free trials Well I discovered a website that will send free test products to your home, its the best way to get free skincare products :) Have a look here
To say that ascorbic acid is not a beneficial form is pure bull. You ever heard of the most popular C serum on the market (skinceuticals ce ferulic)...this uses ascorbic acid...some of the mis-information I'm seeing in online videos is pathetic.. I never knew it was possible to get rid of acne until my friend told me about Acne Miracle Pro. It did the miracle i believe; it will also be right for you if you use it. Search for it on Google to know more about it.

Homemade Anti-Aging Vitamin C Facial Toner - DIY Natural

November 3, 2015
Anti-aging Skin Care, Anti Wrinkle Cream, Skin Correction, Vitamin C Infusion Face Cream, Eye Cream. Call for information 1-888-267-4843. i29
Vitamin C boosts weight loss | Simply Anti Aging

October 27, 2015
Create your own moisturizing creams and serums with Vitamin C, that will take years off your face. Join the do-it-yourself movement among women today, who are i30
Vital C Hydrating Anti-aging Serum | Hydrating Serum...

December 19, 2015
Nouvebelle vitamin c infused anti-aging cream helps restore your complexion and youthful skin with the amazing power of natural Vitamin C. i31
How to Make Your Own Anti-Aging Creams With Vitamin C

October 26, 2015

Comments about this video:
Very helpful, thank you so much! Do you also use the Retin-A on your neck and chest You mentioned your jawline getting firmer, is this why I am only using it on my face and if there is any leftover product on my hands, I do spread that on my neck. Thank You!. Just a note to thank you for all the helpful videos. Love your presentation, your scientific approach, and how you describe your experience. Yours is the channel I recommend to all my Baby Boomer cohorts! XO. As a 53 year old man I was able after viewing you presentation, to be prescribed retin-a. do you think this could firm skin under jaw on neck, whats your opinion on this, does it tighten pores like as on the nose. thank you for your excellent well done presentation, iam not not not attracted to women my age...but your a beautiful woman which is stellar and very very attractive. I hope more women would take your advice, but you were beautiful with the wrinkles..
Thank you for your helpful reviews. They are great! I was wondering if you use a moisturizer after your retin- a application Or if you can share what your thoughts might be.
+BOMBE CANON Yes, I use a serum and moisturizer after applying retin-a... no waiting, I just put them right on after.. Hi so do u use the vit c serum at night as well what about a moisturizer which is a better combination Which goes first...pls explain the regime.I love ur video! so informative...doctors hardly tell u so much in detail! I live in India and have whetaish skin.can u please suggest a good vit c serum thanks.... Because of your very informative videos, Angie, I'm onto a brand new skin regimen. I'm 67, have always enjoyed a healthy life-style, though cancer challenged twice. I lived in the bright sunny skies of Hawaii for 16 years so now trying to transform all the sun damage. After only two weeks, I am seeing nice results and my friends are saying things like, "You look so rested." or "What are you doing differently with your skin" Naturally, I tell them all about you! Thanks so much!!!. Hi Angie, I recently discovered your Hot & Flashy videos and really enjoy them. I have a couple of questions: (1) What is the latest on using tretonin and l'asorbic acid together in the evening (2) Do you have any videos/advice on hair loss due to post-menopausal hormonal changes (Aging is seriously not for the weak! :-() I'd be grateful for any good information - and really looking forward to your response. Thanks!. +E Fong I believe that most experts will say it's okay to use tretinoin and L ascorbic acid together in the evening. That said, I keep mine separated by 12 hours to keep my skin from getting too irritated. I haven't tried anything that would counteract hair loss, only things that try to make it appear fuller like volumizing mousse or shampoo….
Thank u! Re: hair loss, I've been using Phytolium 4; I think it's helpful, but I'm not very consistent. If you ever find something more convenient to use & maybe more effective/faster, pls let me know. I think I saw that you use a keratin shampoo &/or conditioner; do you find it effective for fuller/thicker hair.

try using derma-roller. it's basically tiny needles roller which breaks the fibers of your skin and then theu heal again.. it helps absorbing the products you are using. but as you know these things only take action so slowly. so its hard to notice big changes in a short run.btw you do look way younger than your age.

Bummer... I already bought the 0.1 obaji and it was few months ago. Can't I just mix it with my facial cream or oil, like use less than a pea size and mix it with another cream.
Jeez I have gone down a research rabbit hole and am exhausted of all the lying, deceitful marketing, but most of all, all of the people saying the product did miracles for them. It's so disheartening all of the money spent on a placebo effect and all of the desperation to believe. Amazon reviews are absolutely useless because of the latter but also because just about all of the Vitamin C products give out free bottles for reviews which is totally corrupting of the process. Besides the higher expectations when you actually have to pay for it they will have 5 stars with like 120 reviews so it gives a false impression of product demand, plus a product will have other ingredients that will provide quick superficial results, just like a used car doing great until the warranty is up. ANYWAY, I am glad for your videos and reviews. Really, thank you. I know you are not a scientist lol and that things are still subjective but I think you are trying to do honest reviews and they are really helpful..
I'm 26 and I'm jelous of your skin! Wow. Especially under your eyes. But I think my dark under eyes has to do with my ethnicity because I'm full Italian. And I hate my hollowed out eyes. Also I am at that age where I'm noticing some lines around my mouth when I smile and when I lift up my brows I can see wrinkles I hate it! So I'm getting Juviderm soon. I'm looking for something I can use for now though. I'm buying the derma roller and looking for something to use right after. I read a bunch of Timeless vitamin C reviews and a lot of people said it didn't work and I think people are messing with it like the Amazon sellers Just my guess so I'm researching a lot to avoid buying somethng thats pretty pricy for me. Even 25$ is pricey for me! I mean on anti aging stuff because like I said I am mid 20's. Anyway if any one has any more tips I'm all ears!.
Oh I got those injections right were I smile. I'm Italian. You look gorgeous but they WORK. BUT I needed them. Dont smile and if u a line like a scar that's a wrinkle my dr. Said. Like by your smile lines we are supposed to have them.jenn ice you sound like me and I'm Italian. 50 and fabulous ! I also use retin A. At night do you apply the vit C serum 30 - 45 min after the retin A If not, how do you do it . Subscribe u tube basic vedio I am from the United Kingdom, i been have been watching your vedio nearly every day about product retain A cream an vitamin c serum it have done a good job on your face very younger than your age group it seen excellent. I am age 53 will purchase these product. Heh You're 50 When I turned 30 just over a year ago I (metaphorically) woke up and realized that years of using body lotion on my face and no sunblock had caused me to have serious crow's feet, and smoking and chewing gum had caused fairly deep folds above my lip. I think you and I have the same amount and types of wrinkles (now that I've been using retin a, glycolic acid and vitamin c). I would be ecstatic to have your skin at 50!!. I'm started using the vitamin c serum but my face start having those small little pimples in my face. Any suggestions of what can I use after putting the serum please.
Your skin looks great!! I can notice a diff for sure. Even from past vids. As soon as you started talking I could tell. Not as read and blotchy. Very exciting!! Keep it up..

I don't see any change according to the pictures you provided. The after picture is only brighter than the before picture..
Hi Great to see good info about retin a where I can get it cos I went my gp and the doctor didn't prescribed it . When I was a teenager, the generic brand did not help me. It gave me more acne. I suggest Getting Retina A micro if you have acne as well. Get the lowest strength 0,04%. Use it for 6 months and you will notice a difference. Also, do not leave using it because you are going to lose the results and it may not work if you try again..
Thank you, wish there was no wait :( My face is now in the peeling process from the Retin A. I highly recommend the Aveeno Eczema Therapy Moisturizing Cream and La Roche Posay Cicaplast Baume B5 Multi-Purpose Soothing Repairing Balm ;) Love your videos!.

You can totally use retin-a on the undereye area all the way up to your lash line and crows feet. I did it for a year at least. Just buffer the area with a light moisturizer or mix the retin-a with it (I used Cerave PM - the niacinamide also counteracts the irritation form the retin-a) and never had an issue. That said, some are more sensitive and I agree with always working up gradually in frequency of use of retin-a..

Hi... thank you so much for your review... I am so gonna follow you from now on... thanks... you are beautiful :) ahri from the philippines here :).
I did not see any improvement from your pictures of before and after! Good presentation & your effort is appreciated! .
I'm only 31 and accidentally came across your videos. Even though I am not in my 50's yet I am still inspired by your videos and your dedication to skin care. I am hoping since I am now taking care of my skin with the vitamin c serum, retin-a, dermaroller and hyaluronic acid supplements that my skin will improve. Hope to have skin look that good when I reach that age. Keep up the good work!.
Excellent review and thank you! I got the Skinceuticals CE Ferulic product (plus cleanser plus sunscreen) in a package from my Dermatologist when I purchased some Clear and Brilliant laser treatments. Egads, I can't justify (in way, shape or form) buying the CE Ferulic again... the price is just ridiculous! I liked the product. Especially after the C&B laser treatments, it was GREAT. I had a hard time spreading it over my face. For this price, every additional drop is $$$ so I concentrated on my face. (Yup, did put the drops on the back of my hands so that I could at least get that benefit too.) My research on the other CE (+Ferulic acid) products came up with just what you reviewed. I had already decided on going for the Timeless product. I haven't ordered yet I don't trust for ordering these specialty products. Where did you purchase it from Thanks again for the timely review (for me!) Signed, 57 yrs old, have always lived in high UV areas and now trying to reverse some sun damage, and, well, as long as I'm at it, I'd like to look better too! :).
Hi Angie love your videos I'm 44 so 3 months ago I started using tretinoin 0.5 which works great but only on half of my face 😳 and i don't know why-I start applying it only on one half now hopping that this half will catch on with the other 😃- I loo like a had a stroke lol .

When using retin a, flaking and pain is caused because the instructions were not followed...when it says wait 30 minutes after washing to apply, they MEAN IT, this is serious med works most excellent, but that is after i burned my face, because i did not WAIT 30 minutes, thats like really important...not saying you did that, but just in case....

Hey Alina should BE so lucky to look like Angie at age 50. And p.s... skin is supposed to be flat. Duh..

I have found that the 20% C serums burn my skin. You should also try this 17% C serum made by Hydra Select. It has a slight tingle but goes away in less than a minute.
Nice video, you look great in your age. I use Retin-A around the eyes, including the eyelids, and have never had problem. I've seen many doctors saying it is ok, others even recommending so. Some say you shouldn't use just because they fear some oftalmologic reaction occurs and to be sued because of that. Since your problems are mostly around the eyes, I think you should give it a try, using a lower concetration like the 0,025%. Vitamin C is not photosensitive, as soon as it is applyed on your skin, it actually acts like a natural sunblock, and also enhances the sun protection of other sunscreens. So don't worry if you ever forget to use sunscreen after applying it. :).
+Robert Williams I never said it was a substitute, only that it doesn't sensitize the skin to the sun like other acids, on the very contrary. So there is not need to panic if by any chance you forgot to use sunscreen after applying vitamin C..
+HotandFlashy You look amazing for your age... I am 60 and very wrinkled. It's a wee bit troubling but I have been through hell in the past 5 years and I aged over night... So life is what happens when your making other plans. Thank you for sharing your journey.
Hi Angie- I am a new subscriber, and am really enjoying catching up on your videos! I am 44 and am so happy that you are making videos for the more mature audience. Love it!.
+Luisa Contreras You can, but the neck skin can be more sensitive than the face, so you should start slowly and if you experience any irritation, cut back.. Love your videos how long have you been doing them You paid $50 for large well last week small is $147 started using 2 years Ago small tube then $45 good stuff though thanks again.
Angie, I wasn't using it anywhere near my eyes at first but then on one visit to my dermatologist, he said as long as I did not get it right up near my eye, it was fine. So I do now use it just along the edges of those crows feet and fine lines and I am noticing a bigger improvement over just when it was migrating there. Best wishes to you! You are a beautiful lady and I so enjoy your videos..

After I saw a this video of you and the retin a...I went out and got a prescription...I'm on week three and my results are wonderful...I'm so glad I found this video.thanks for sharing.
Hi Angie, I have discovered your channel recently, I would like to ask you when do you think you can start using vitamin c and retinol, I am 30, so I do not know if it's too early to start with retinol. Thanks a lot and kisses from Germany.. +farfallaAroma Hi, I think 30's a great age to start! It's about that age when our bodies start producing less collagen etc. and the pre-programmed aging process starts. Just be sure to also use sunscreen every day all year round if you start using vitamin c, retinol, or AHAs. xo.
+HotandFlashy Thanks for answering, yes I do use 50 spf all the year, I think I would buy a retinol cream to start with ;), I am obsessed with Korean skin care and want to try Bee Venom, they say is "natural botox" have you tried.

vitamin C, ascorbic acid, and l-ascorbic acid, are synthetic. If you want vitamin C to actually be beneficial for you, you need to make sure it is REAL vitamin C and not synthetic. If you're not getting your vitamin c from a whole food source ( kale, broccoli, red bell peppers ect ), make sure your supplement label says Vitamin C Complex and NOT vitamin c ( as ascorbic acid ) or l-ascorbic acid. .
hi there im thinking of making my own vitamin c with asorbic l,stilled water,vegetiable glycirin do you know if i can use the vitamin c i make at home aloso with with my retina a as i dont wont any damge on my face thx. +HotandFlashy hi hunn thx 4 yr fast reply hunn so how can i know the correct ph range any tips,ideas as i have no clue> waiting 2 here frm you as i have got all my items i just need 2 make my vitamin c with L-ascorbic,stilled water,vegetable glycrin dose taht sound ok. Hi. I have a question for you and was hoping you can help me. I was told to use for AM: Vitamin C first, then a brightening lotion, then moisturizer and sunscreen. Now for PM: I have Stieva-A plus the brightening lotion plus the collagen serum. My question is how should I use the pm products. thank you. . +Salima Sajan Without being familiar with your products, I'd say to put on the one with the thinnest consistency first and the thickest one last.. I am using home made vitamin c serum every morning, and retin a 0.1 at night, and I like to start using hyalurotic acid soon. I also do derma roller 0.5 once a week. I am going for a summer holiday for 2 months at the Greek islands and I am going to be at the beach under the sun most of the day. Can I continue use all the products, or stop them for 2 months and just use sunscreen and moisturizer cream.
+sapfo mitilini You should probably stop using the retin a while in Greece and cut back on the vitamin c to every 3 days. It's be fine to use hyaluronic acid. Make sure you apply the sunscreen every day and get a great hat! Have a wonderful trip… jealous!!.

Nouvebelle Skin | Vitamin C Infused Anti-Aging Cream!

November 11, 2015
PROFESSIONAL, HIGH STRENGTH Anti Wrinkle, Vitamin C Serum. Feels great on the skin, Absorbs nicely, No nasty odour or colouring and lovely consistency. i33
Anti-Aging Vitamin C Serum - Beyond Complex C | Hylunia...

October 24, 2015
Sophie Uliano, NY Times Best Selling author of Gorgeously Green, the Gorgeously Green Diet, and Do It Gorgeously, shows you how simple it is to make your... i34
Vitamin C helps you look younger | Simply Anti Aging

December 26, 2015
Vitamin-C-Serum For Face - Best Anti-Aging Serum - 20% Vit C + A & E Antioxidant Serum Proven To Reduce Wrinkles, Boost Collagen & Even Skin Tone To Give YOU Smoother... i35
Skin Correction - Anti-Aging Skincare | Vitamin C Infusion...

November 23, 2015

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Homemade Anti-Aging Vitamin C Facial Toner - DIY Natural

December 2, 2015
Anti-aging Skin Care, Anti Wrinkle Cream, Skin Correction, Vitamin C Infusion Face Cream, Eye Cream. Call for information 1-888-267-4843. i37
Vitamin C boosts weight loss | Simply Anti Aging

December 21, 2015
Create your own moisturizing creams and serums with Vitamin C, that will take years off your face. Join the do-it-yourself movement among women today, who are i38
Vital C Hydrating Anti-aging Serum | Hydrating Serum...

January 2, 2016
Nouvebelle vitamin c infused anti-aging cream helps restore your complexion and youthful skin with the amazing power of natural Vitamin C. i39
How to Make Your Own Anti-Aging Creams With Vitamin C

December 12, 2015

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Nouvebelle Skin | Vitamin C Infused Anti-Aging Cream!

December 23, 2015
PROFESSIONAL, HIGH STRENGTH Anti Wrinkle, Vitamin C Serum. Feels great on the skin, Absorbs nicely, No nasty odour or colouring and lovely consistency. i41
Anti-Aging Vitamin C Serum - Beyond Complex C | Hylunia...

October 30, 2015
Sophie Uliano, NY Times Best Selling author of Gorgeously Green, the Gorgeously Green Diet, and Do It Gorgeously, shows you how simple it is to make your... i42
Vitamin C helps you look younger | Simply Anti Aging

December 15, 2015
Vitamin-C-Serum For Face - Best Anti-Aging Serum - 20% Vit C + A & E Antioxidant Serum Proven To Reduce Wrinkles, Boost Collagen & Even Skin Tone To Give YOU Smoother... i43
Skin Correction - Anti-Aging Skincare | Vitamin C Infusion...

January 15, 2016

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Dr Linus Pauling received a Nobel Prize for his work on vitamin C. He lived to the ripe old age of 93. Vitamin C is very good for you..

Homemade Anti-Aging Vitamin C Facial Toner - DIY Natural

January 16, 2016
Anti-aging Skin Care, Anti Wrinkle Cream, Skin Correction, Vitamin C Infusion Face Cream, Eye Cream. Call for information 1-888-267-4843. i45
Vitamin C boosts weight loss | Simply Anti Aging

October 21, 2015
Create your own moisturizing creams and serums with Vitamin C, that will take years off your face. Join the do-it-yourself movement among women today, who are i46
Vital C Hydrating Anti-aging Serum | Hydrating Serum...

November 30, 2015
Nouvebelle vitamin c infused anti-aging cream helps restore your complexion and youthful skin with the amazing power of natural Vitamin C. i47
How to Make Your Own Anti-Aging Creams With Vitamin C

December 25, 2015

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Nouvebelle Skin | Vitamin C Infused Anti-Aging Cream!

November 9, 2015
PROFESSIONAL, HIGH STRENGTH Anti Wrinkle, Vitamin C Serum. Feels great on the skin, Absorbs nicely, No nasty odour or colouring and lovely consistency. i49
Anti-Aging Vitamin C Serum - Beyond Complex C | Hylunia...

December 3, 2015
Sophie Uliano, NY Times Best Selling author of Gorgeously Green, the Gorgeously Green Diet, and Do It Gorgeously, shows you how simple it is to make your... i50
Vitamin C helps you look younger | Simply Anti Aging

November 20, 2015
Vitamin-C-Serum For Face - Best Anti-Aging Serum - 20% Vit C + A & E Antioxidant Serum Proven To Reduce Wrinkles, Boost Collagen & Even Skin Tone To Give YOU Smoother... i51
Skin Correction - Anti-Aging Skincare | Vitamin C Infusion...

January 12, 2016

Comments about this video:
Hi there! I really loved your reviews. You're educated on the products and straight to the point which is appreciated. I am only 24 but I want to incorporate a serum into my skincare routine. Would you recommend these for someone with younger skin Thank you! 💕. Love these comparison reviews that you do; they are always chock full of helpful info. Thanks for all of the thought, effort & time you put into them; it definitely shows & is very much appreciated!.
I've been using this for a while now thanks to you Angie. It's a great product. Thank you!.

Love your channel! You're so real and accessible and perfect for older women like myself (I'm 46). You're great!.
Angie you really do your homework on skincare. I went to ulta today. And still trying to get rid of dark spots from being in the sun alot. And they recommended anything with vitamin c. I'm going to buy the Timeless Vitamin C Serum thanks so much for helping me out. hope you are having a wonderful new year. I enjoy your videos so much. Wish i had known that vitamin c was the weapon against sun spots. thanks again charlene. Hi wondering what you think of the ingredient benzyl alcohol which in so many things such as the timeless serum. That is the only thing stopping me from using it because in my research, I have found so many reports saying to avoid it. Great review btw, and have a wonderful day. Thanks for your diligent work!. I started using Skinceuticals CE Ferulic serum about 2 months ago. I got a sample in my Birchbox and also ended up getting a sample from my dermatologist around the same time. Literally changed my life. The only product that has changed my skin. You should get a sample from the company, or even see if they could send you a bottle to review on your channel. I know some companies like to do that. I would be super curious to see what you think of the Skinceuticals compared to your favorite Timeless. Im hesitant to buy the full bottle at Skinceuticals if the Timeless works just as well.. Would love to hear your feedback! thx!. +taylormorey7 I used the Skinceuticals CE Ferulic 4 or 5 years ago and while I didn't do a head-to-head comparison of it with Timeless, having used both, I think the Timeless works just as well (and the ingredients are virtually identical).. Angie, this was such a great review, I have been wanting to use one of these serums and so glad to watch this review.. Have you tried the MyChelle Perfect C Serum (17% L- Ascorbic Acid) I hear it's pretty good. I'm about to try it (once I finish using TruSkin Naturals C (20% Sodium Ascorbyl Phosphate). My first Vitamin C serum was Mad Hippie. I don't really remember my Mad Hippie experience in detail, but I think I liked it. As for TruSkin Naturals. The packaging isn't so strong. It doesn't seem to want to stay closed easily. I think it's closed and then I see some of the product leak out. However, the shelf life is supposed to be 12 months. I like the MyChelle packaging so I'm looking forward to trying it. MyChelle is gluten-free, cruelty free, non GMO, and vegan. Also has shelf life of 18 months. We'll see. Pricing for both is below $50.. Love the Timeless and yes I used you code so only $19...I also just took the entire and all and put it in the fridge and put it on cold so I will let you how long it lasts keeping it cold from the beginning. Will be purchasing it again. Only thing I am having trouble finding is a good Retin A to go with it. No need for a doctor I use to use it and have no problems with it. I have even done tca but too much down time. With the C serum I only need some Retin A and I'll be good to go.. Great, thorough, review!!! And, I'm glad you mentioned the sticky residue issue. I tried Obagi Vitamin C years ago, and it was so gunky and sticky it was awful, and it irritated my rosacea. So it was a total waste. I wrote off vitamin c serums at that time. I might give the Timeless a try after seeing this review. By the way, it's 15.95 on Amazon.. I don't have the same experience with the PC C15 serum. It is not tacky and it spreads well for me..
Hi Angie... what are your thoughts on a vitamin A,C&E serum that is oil based rather than the ones that oxidise in 3 months. Have you ever tried an oil based vitamin c serum and if so.. what is your opinion on them.
WOW! Thank you for your independent non-partial review of these products! Thank you for your honesty, I've learned a lot. Thanks again for taking the time to help all of us out here trying to purchase the best product and not get scammed and spend a lot of dollars trying the many products available.. Was considering trying the Timeless serum but then SUPER disappointed to see that it includes FRAGRANCE! Yes it's the last ingredient but it's there & I try to keep any leave- on facial products fragrance-free. Paula's Choice items are all fragrance-free so I'll be sticking w/ them; they have frequent sales, discount codes, etc & I love them as a company so in the end I don't mind & an glad I thought to look 2 the ingredients before purchasing as fragrance, however minimal, is an important factor for me.. FYI: Currently 2 Paula's Choice you receive a free deluxe sample of their Vitamin C spot treatment w/ any $50 purchase & shipping is free, no promo code needed for either if these. There are also several codes currently available/ for $5 off $35 (AMMOOSE5) another for 20% off any (single) item (PRIMP20); I would assume you can only use one code but b/c it doesn't require a code the Vitamin C offer is applicable w/ either. Additionally, for anyone who doesn't know, Paula's Choice is also on Ebates; currently the % is 5% back. If you have never used ebates it's super easy; just register & then go there first & head to whatever site you're shopping on through their link & you get $$ automatically. Feel free to use this link if you'd like: Hope all the info is helpful!. You have a great channel here. I don't know if it's true but naturopath Dr. Glidden claims selenium (about 3-400 mg per day) gets rid of age spots. Another person is having great luck wiith pine bark extract which seems to cause spots to fade. QUESTION: what do you recommend for rapidly thinning skin I'm having serious trouble in that area and so far nothing is working. Any helpful ideas would be so appreciated!.
please tell me if it efffective for eye circle and fine line under the eye...and what else i should apply for them.. thanks.

Angie can you do a review on the OST 20 serum This is the one I see most raved about for efficacy and price.
Have you heard of the mad hippie vitamin c or the Mario badescu one I'm almost 30 and also worried about breakouts and wouldn't want the wrong vitamin c formulation to cause more acne it clogged pores. Any advice. hi...have you tried using 2.2oz 30% VITAMIN C + E & 100% HYALURONIC ACID AntiAging Serum, FERULIC ACID,MSM from enchanted waters....
I really liked the video. You broke it down simply and I appreciate that. I like to cut to the chase haha.
Love your channel! You're so real and accessible and perfect for older women like myself (I'm 46). You're great!. Can you start on a 15% or 20% of vitamin c or do you have to start from 5% and bump it up slowly I've heard that if you start on a high dosage it my burn your face. can you please help me get this all straight thank you.
+Leslie You can do it either way depending on your skin. Acids can cause a burning sensation and irritation so if you have sensitive skin, I'd start with a milder product..
+HotandFlashy thanks for replying. My skin is not sensitive and I was thinking about starting at 20% but I needed your wise opinion since you have been using it for years and you seem to have alot of knowledge. Thank you very much for your help! BTW, I love your channel 👍👍.
Thanks. I am so happy that I found ur channel. Honstly i am looking for anti aging products that been used by non sponsored person..
I was going to switch from Paula's Choice, who I've been loyal to for 15 years now to Timeless, but Timeless has fragrance in it. Yuck!!!. Have you tried/compared Ole Henriksen Truth Serum® Vitamin C Collagen Booster 1oz is 48.00 at Sephora. I'm thinking this is worth a try, I liked the sample of it and the scent is beautiful. The PC Resist C I was displeased with, largely due to the terrible scent and staining on my hands and pillow covers..
Angie, just ordered my 3rd bottle of Timeless. Used it for a few months. Loved the results! I've been using a diff serum since I ran out of my 2nd bottle ~ my skin is a mess!! 😔 I will stick w/ the Timeless serum from now on!! Thank you for the great info AND for the coupon code. Happy New Year! 🍾💄👠💅🏻🎉💞.
Thank you for such a thorough review Angie. Love your videos. To the point and chock full of helpful information. I'm looking forward to my Timeless serum! . Hey Angie. I purchased the timeless and want to save half of it to put in a uv bottle to keep in the fridge. is the consistency thin enough to work in a roller bottle. Two questions. 1st what is your thought on este lauder's advance night repair 2nd I do not like to order online so where is the best place to get vitamin C serum and hydraulic acid (Sorry if I spelled that wrong!). Ulta Sephora Dillard's Maceys. vit c is such a good product but you have to be careful you are getting the good vit c serums. vit c does not stay fresh and can go bad quickly. i use vit c from a very good brand as well as wear sunscreen every day, i usually wear 2-3 layers, b/c the kbb cream has sunscreen, and i wear sunscreen especially made for my eye area as well. thanks for the comparisons on the vit c serums and creams. i know i have brought the powder in the past as well, b/c does not go back as quickly, but i do like the is is clinical and skinceuticals vit c serums, which i have both...
Just curious if any of you ladies have used the c quench by pca Love to hear thoughts as I am using it because I get it at cost. Thx.

Hi Angie, Wow! Very informative, very helpful! I had "Paula's Choice Resist C" on my "To Purchase" skin care & beauty products list... I'm talking days away from ordering. I've used Paula's Choice skin care products as I really trust & have been happy with them... so to me it was a no-brainer. Thank goodness I watched this review as now I will definitely order the "Timeless Skin Care Vit C Serum." A job well done on your research... EXCELLENT!!! :) Thanks again... Debbie.
Have you heard of Vasseur Skincare or For price, ingredients and product packaging since you mentioned oxidation. I really like Aubrey Organics sea buckthorn serum, very effective and affordable.. Don't know if you covered this, anyone can answer it would be very helpful! I am heading on vacation and will be by the ocean. Should I stop using the ferulic acid and matryxil 3000 and any alpha hydroxy creams Sorry if I spelled anything wrong, just in a hurry to pack..
Does timeless vitamin c serum smell like skinceuticals I imagine it does because such similar ingredients. I really don't like that smell.

My sister sent me link to your video. We are both in our forties and have talking about vitamin c serums because all of a sudden I started getting some spots on my face. And I use sunscreen religiously but we didn't know which ones to buy, some were expensive some not. So your video was perfect. I am hopping online right now to buy some Timeless. Question-I use Glycol products for my daily products. How long should I wait to apply those products after I apply the vitamin C.
I make my own vit C using all those same ingredients. The cost is about one dollar. Ohhhh, what am I saying, it's more like one dollar and 10 cents. Silly me. :-) I order the ingredients from a skin care formulation company (I don't think I can say the name 'cause it might look kinda spammy) and I make enough for about 2 weeks, then I know it's super fresh and hasn't oxidized. Works great. I put it on my chest and arms too. I've been doing this for years. Saved a ton of money..
I just bought the Timeless serum and was happy to hear your review on it. Also now I know how to use it! :).
I found your review very informative. I want to thank you for all the information. I love saving money and I need an Anti aging product that works. Want to keep myself younger looking as long as possible. I love your honesty about not wasting money and being honest what works and what doesn't.. I don't subscribe to very many channels after watching 1 video but this video, Vitamin C Serum Comparison, was the absolute best comparison video I've ever seen. Thank you.. Love this video, I'm new to your site. My question the timeless vitamin C do you use it at night or in the morning As for the Olay Regenrist Micro sculpting cream do you us the both of them.and are you using the Olay Regenrist Micro sculpting creamin do you use it at night or in the morning Thank you. Have you ever tried Skin Authority Super C I love it but don't love the price. I just can't cough up $99 anymore and it goes bad so quickly. So thanks for this review. Found it helpful!. From one of my biology classes I remember learning that LAA and Glutathione (I think it was Glutathione) are very good at regenerating each other via redox reactions. Does anyone know of a serum with the ingredients of the three products mentioned with the addition of Glutathione. Angie what do your think of the kakadu plum serum Have you heard anything about it. There is ads that say that it removes age spots and was also featured on Ophra. Please tell me what you think..
Wow! What a great review! What's funny is that I got so excited in the middle of your review and I ordered the timeless serum! So glad it ended up being the winner! I have been researching endlessly for the right serum and I really trust your review as opposed to Amazon reviews I was reading. Glad to put a face to a reviewer:) Thanks so much! .
I want to say thank you for your help as I try to navigate threw this knew aging skin of mine. I have tried so many u tubes and want say thank you for being so clear and down to earth no matter where I go for info I ALWAYS end up here :) I appreciate you thanks again.

Homemade Anti-Aging Vitamin C Facial Toner - DIY Natural

December 24, 2015
Anti-aging Skin Care, Anti Wrinkle Cream, Skin Correction, Vitamin C Infusion Face Cream, Eye Cream. Call for information 1-888-267-4843. i53
Vitamin C boosts weight loss | Simply Anti Aging

January 11, 2016

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Best Anti-Aging Vitamin C Serum by Kleem Organics. Natural & Organic. Get FREE eBook. 20% Vit C & E, Hyaluronic Acid, Collagen formation stimulated by Arginine. Antioxidants for Anti-Wrinkle and Less Age Spots. Give your skin the best care for a glowing youthful look today. 100% "More-than- Money-Back" guarantee. Best Anti Aging Vitamin C Serum - 75% Off - Buy Now! #antiaging #vitamincserum #best #top #natural #organic .

Vital C Hydrating Anti-aging Serum | Hydrating Serum...

November 15, 2015

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La Belleza Love all ur videos. Cant wait for the next "WYT's" video =).

How to Make Your Own Anti-Aging Creams With Vitamin C

December 8, 2015

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Hi, I love the Timeless products! I use the Vitamin C + E + Ferulic Acic, The Matryxl 3000 Serum and the 100% Pure Squalene Oil which I like much better than the Argan Oil. I divide my Vitamin C and keep 1/2 in the frig but I had not thought of wrapping in foil. Thanks!.
Hi Glory, thank you for this review, I do love Timeless products and have been using them for years. Thanks for sharing!!! Have a great weekend!! Hugs, Nathalie xoxo.
+Nathalie TheBeautyDiva Thanks, Nathalie - that company's products is a great find. Looking forward to your video tomorrow. Have a good weekend! ~Glory B..
Awesome video! As someone who has previously used Estee Lauder, Paula's Choice, Lancome, Clinique, Olay, etc. I'm somewhat wary regarding Timeless products. I'm currently using Timeless Vitamin C serum and it is nice but something in me questions the quality of their products based on their customer service. Furthermore, they do not have information where the products are manufactured (besides its made in USA), no direct physical address, etc. That's why I try to stay with mainstream cosmetic companies because information is more readily available most of the time. Again, you are attractive woman who is informative and proactive; I enjoyed your video..

I just discovered Timeless and have been using the Matrixyl serum for about 2 weeks now. Too soon to tell about anti-aging benefits, but I like the consistency and extra moisture boost. Are you still liking the serum.
+Cherylover50 Yes! I'm on my second bottle. I think I'm seeing more difference on my face since using the vitamin C serum. But the matrixyl has hyaluronic acid as one of its ingredients, which I wanted to add to my daily skincare. You'll probably notice more results from it when you're about halfway done using the amount in the bottle. Thanks for watching!.

Nouvebelle Skin | Vitamin C Infused Anti-Aging Cream!

January 6, 2016

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I really don't like mychelle from whole food. One time I bought it and when I opened the box, the bottle was leading and the liquid was discolored. after all my research on BEST Serum. I like Kiehl`s Vitamin C the best. My skin was dry and yellow after having the baby, after using Kiehl`s after a week, I look like I am in my early 20`s again, It is not sticky, nor greasy. .
Facial care companies would like people to give their products a try to show how good they are. Have you ever seen a beauty product section set-up in your local shopping plaza offering free test products Well i just found a website that will send free samples to your home, its the best way to get free skincare products :) You can get them here

Really good information but you should also consider deep meditation combined with this info. This can help you release all of those anti-aging hormones like; HGH,DHEA, and Melatonin..

Anti-Aging Vitamin C Serum - Beyond Complex C | Hylunia...

December 7, 2015

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Vitamin C helps you look younger | Simply Anti Aging

December 5, 2015

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Skin Correction - Anti-Aging Skincare | Vitamin C Infusion...

January 5, 2016

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Homemade Anti-Aging Vitamin C Facial Toner - DIY Natural

December 18, 2015

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Vitamin C boosts weight loss | Simply Anti Aging

November 1, 2015

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if it goes brown it means its gone bad...fresh c is clear! make your own at home for a lot cheaper!!!!.
Guys, completely get rid of your wrinkle does not need to be hard (I used to feel it did). I'll give you some advice right now. Search anti-aging cream known as Natoxoran Secrets (google it). Seriously, I finally eliminated my wrinkle and look younger naturally without cosmetic surgery.. I love Vitamin C! Remember to check the type of vitamin C abscoric acid is not the greatest. I have worked with peptides for the last 5yrs on my clients and it is proven it was created for stretch marks and is excellent in reducing wrinkles upto 70% its like topical botox! .
Your skin is amazing! Is there anything you recommend for marionette lines Also those deep lines from nose to mouth .
Serums are more effective because they penetrate the skin better than would a cream (molecules are generally smaller). The serums don't brown nowadays because they've figured out how to tweak vitamin c so that it's more stable in air and light.. You should really look into making your own Vitamin C serum. It is inexpensive and that way your product is assured fresh and the strength you want it. A lot of vitamin C serums on the market can actually damage your skin because the vitamin C is unstable. A yellow color is one way to know if it is oxidized, but manufacturers started making them yellow to disguise it..

Vital C Hydrating Anti-aging Serum | Hydrating Serum...

October 31, 2015

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How to Make Your Own Anti-Aging Creams With Vitamin C

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January 27, 2016

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The Ultimate Anti-Aging Vitamin - Healthy Happy -

January 26, 2016

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Vitamin C for wrinkles and skin aging - Smart Skin Care

January 12, 2016

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Maple Holistics Vitamin C Anti-Aging Serum

January 24, 2016

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Action C Vitamin C Skincare - Natural Anti-Aging Treatments

February 5, 2016

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Vitamin C for wrinkles and skin aging - Smart Skin Care

February 10, 2016

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Vitamin C Anti-Aging Cream | Groupon Goods

January 18, 2016

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john masters organics Vitamin C Anti-Aging Face Serum...

January 19, 2016

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